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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a completely straight man with no attractions or interest in men. After a nasty divorce and lengthy sexual dry spell I needed some release. I began searching through CraigsList the other day and came across the following short ad in the M4M section:

    "Married white male with a few extra pounds looking to give you no strings attached oral. No recip wanted. No touching me. No talking. Just walk into my unlocked hotel room and let me service you. Straight men only."

    After a few short emails covering expectations and limits, I went to his hotel room, lightly knocked before walking in.

    The room was dark and quiet. I saw him laying on the bed through the darkness. He was already nude and stroking his cock. No words were exchanged. He got up, walked to me and forcefully turned me away from him. His hands started at my shoulders then moved to my chest, pinching my nipples before unbuttoning my shirt.

    When he reached down and began to undo my pants, I was embarassed that I felt no arousal at all. I tried to imagine sexy women I've been with, but even as his hand slipped into my underwear and cupped my balls, I remained soft. It felt nice, but I was hoping I would get hard and be able to fully enjoy it.

    While still exploring my cock, he pushed my pants and underwear down enough so that I can step out of them. When they were off, He stepped closer, pressing himself against me.

    I could feel his cock was completely hard and laying in the crevice of my ass. He rubbed himself up and down my ass which made me a bit uncomfortable. In our previous emails, one of the limits we set was that he could rub against me, but he wasn't allowed to fuck me. That kind of touch was prearranged, but it still worried me that he would try to get more.

    After a few minutes of him touching me, he guided me to the bed and lay me face down. He straddled me and again pressed his cock against my ass. He leaned forward and spent a few moments smelling my hair and shoulders before giving me the most incredible neck and back massage.

    When he finished massaging my lower back, he scoot himself down leaving a trail of his precum on my ass. He put his hands on my hips and pulled with gentle pressure guiding me up onto my knees. Again uncomfortable with the position, he pulled me up more forcefully until I complied. He then took a few pillows and placed them uder me making me comfortable with my ass up and face down.

    He continued the massage on my ass, but it was more pressing with his hands. His hands moved down to massage my inner thighs before reaching my cock. His touch was very gentle. Almost feminine. It felt amazing, but still I remained soft.

    He was pulling my limp cock backwards between my legs, stroking me. I could feel his breath very close to me. As he stroked me, I tensed as his lips first made contact. He began to lightly kiss my balls. First little pecks all over my balls before lighty licking them. The feeling in my balls was so intense that it was slightly painful deep inside.

    That pain quickly went away and realized I was now leaking precum heavily. He spread my precum over the head of my cock and milked more from me and spread it down the length of my shaft.

    After giving my balls a good, aggressive sucking, he began to lick down my shaft to the dripping head of my cock. When he took the head of my cock into his mouth and used his tongue to massage it, I completely forgot it was man giving me that much pleasure and felt my cock begin to harden. As I thickened, he began to suck me deeper into his mouth, moaning onto my cock.

    Getting my cock sucked from behind, between my legs was something I never felt before and it was the best head I've ever experienced. He replaced his mouth with his hand and again took my balls into his mouth. His nose was against my asshole and the tickling from his breath made me self conscious. I could hear him inhaling deeply, so he didn't seem to mind.

    When he let my balls fall from his mouth, I felt them recoil from the cool air. He was licking a sensitive spot behind my balls that was so sensitive it made me want to pull away. After the intitial shock subsided, I realized that he was licking my ass and I completely enjoyed it.

    I began to shake with pleasure when he pressed his tongue into my asshole. My whole body was twitching and I could feel his tongue being squeezed out each time my asshole tensed.

    He quickly took my cock into his mouth and pressed the tip of his finger into my ass. As he took me deeper into his mouth I began to feel my orgasm building. He felt it too and took my deeper and faster into his mouth while pushing his finger deeper into my ass.

    I came so hard, it hurt. My ass ryhtmically gripped his finger as I shot stream after stream of cum into his eager mouth. I was so deep in his throat that I could feel him swallowing my cum.

    It took a few minutes to catch my breath and the whole while he never stopped licking and kissing me from front to back.

    Still not saying a word, he got up to get my clothes. He helped me with my shirt and lowered himself as he buttoned my shirt down. He held my underwear as I stepped into them. As he lifted them up, he again took my cock into his mouth possibly to see if I had anything left or to say goodbye before packing me away in them.

    I felt like I owed him something, but he said thanks and held his hand toward the door and I left.

    Now I feel extremely guilty and ashamed of the whole thing. I know I'm not gay. I wouldn't even say I'm bi. I just wanted my dick sucked and he was willing to help. At some point, pleasure is pleasure and it doesn't matter who is giving it. That's wht I keep telling myself.

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