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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    In a bath house I was fucked in a private room, more of a cubicle with a bed I suppose and we had a good time. Kissing,sucking cock and then a nice fuck. He was older, maybe 40, with a married look about him, but nice looking with a thick hard cock.

    When we'd finished, and laid there talking, he confessed he was married but surprised me by saying his wife knew all about his homosexuality and didn't mind him having some gay sex on the side. He even said he'd taken guys home to meet her and they'd had threesome.

    Now I thought he was straying into fantasy and I figured it was time to grab a shower. He said he could fix it so I could join them for a threesome. I was a cute guy his wife would go for, so he said. I said, 'Yeah , yeah' and "See you later.'

    After I'd washed and was in the locker room he tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned he gave me his phone and said 'She wants to speak to you.' It was a video call so I could see her as she said, 'Brett has told me all about you. You look the sort I'd like to see join us.Are you interested ?'

    To say I was stunned would be stating the obvious . She was younger than him, pretty and blonde. I thought she looked too good for him, let alone being a bit kinky with wanting two gays in her bed. I said 'I am now.'

    Well it was a sunday afternoon, their offspring were out of the way and we were stripping naked in the master bedroom . In her thirties her body was perfect, her tits fabulous, her pubes shaved. We got our heads together and took turns sucking Brett's cock. Then they did me, and she was the better sucker. Then I fucked her while Brett rimmed my ass with his tongue. After I filled her c**t with a hot load Brett went down and slurped it all up while I played with her tits. Now she got all excited and pulled me to her and kissed me passionately. I think she came big.

    Brett was as horny as fuck and lubed up. I got on my hands and knees and Brett doggy fucked me. The wife got in close and stroked my cock. I said I wanted to eat her pussy also, so we spread out on the bed. I put my mouth between her legs and licked a lot of juice and sucked hard on a good sized clit while her husband laid on top of me his cock pumping up and down in my ass. When he'd shot his load I rose up, sat on her stomach and jerked another load all over her tits.

    She wiped his cock clean, he hadn't used a condom, and now it was my turn to watch them fuck in a few different positions. I joined in now and again; a three way kiss on the lips, a finger up his ass, a suck on her tits.

    When that was over we took a break, drinks and snacks and a chat.

    The big finale was one more. I fucked her again and Brett fucked me. It lasted a while and was a fantastic way to have fun. Now time was up. They made me promise to do it all again some day soon. I can't believe my luck, it seems there really are people like this in the world. I blame it on internet porn but I ain't complaining.

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    Gay Male / 30

    i confess im a gay sissy and love giving guys free phone sex and anyone guys who wants free phone sex im in uk so drop a line to my e-mail of bernice@@mail2woman.**m to arrange a time and them ill give you my mobile number to .

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I had one occasion of daughters friend being around the house all day and staying overnight. the girl was a junior in high school and I was in my 40's. She was a typical high schooler with a teriffic body. When she came to the house, she was wearing an above the knee, red plaid pleated skirt, a tight white button blouse and white shoes.

    She was giving me upskirt shots every chance she got all day long and giving me that little knowing smile when she knew I was looking. After we all had lunch her white panties disappeared and the upskirt view was dark. I could only guess I was looking at her hairy pussy. She had my cock hard all day long.

    That evening, everyone went to bed . I lay there for 2 hours trying to go to sleep and get those visions out of my head but to no avail. I got up and slipped on a robe to go to the living room and watch television. I was there for a short while before she came into the room. She was wearing a very short almost transparent negligee. She sat down on my lap with her left arm around my neck and both of her legs to the left of mine. She asked if she could sit on my lap and watch TV with me.

    after a short while my cock started getting hard and I was sure she could feel it rising against her. She whispered into my ear that she wasn'nt wearing panties and I got hard as a rock. I asked if I could see and she said OK. I slid my left hand in between her legs and found a naked hot pussy. I stroked her with fingers in and around that sweet thing. She was sitting in just the right place as I slid my robe open and was going to rub my cock head around her entrance, and when I tried my cock head just popped into her pussy. She was moaning and her breathing was very hard. She dropped her gown off her left shoulder and offered me her left tit which I started sucking. With her sitting on me I had only limited movment so when I started fucking her it was only about an 1"-1 1/2". It was slow and easy fucking and she was cumming every few minutes. Not a word was spoken after she told me she wasn't wearing panties until i unloaded in that sweet pussy and she said "Thanks, I needed that"

    I carried guilt from that little session for years but I still run that through my head an it still gets me hard to this day after 25 years.

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    Straight Male / 24

    Hey everyone, today I had the strangest urge and I wanted to talk about it.

    I've always been heavy into women.
    Like love them, everything about them..

    But today I was looking down at "myself" and all of a sudden I had this thought that turned into a massive urge that made me say " Wow, I really just want to be inside of another guy right now, just to feel him"

    Usuall y when I want to have sex with a guy I have sex with my only gay friend and I ride him to feel sexy but right now I would so seriously just love to feel a guy right now from the inside.

    Please :(

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    Straight Male / 53

    Ok so I found this website and thought it kind of cool so I will share the worst thing I have ever done in my life. When my daughter got home from college after her freshman year her and one of her friends went to a concert. The girl she went to the concert with dad worked at the venue so he drove them and brought them home. We agreed to let them have fun and drink a little knowing that he would be driving them home. Originally they were supposed to spend the night at her friends house but my daughter forgot to bring overnight stuff when they left so they stopped by our house and decided just to spend night there because they were tired and obviously had been drinking quite a bit. I was not happy about how drunk they appeared to be but they were in college so I let it slide plus it was really late. To make a long story short, I got up maybe like an hour later to go to kitchen to get water and noticed that her friend was on the snoring. My daughter had gone to her room. Her friend was laying in a fetal position on the couch passed out in a miniskirt so I went and got my phone and turned on the flashlight and looked up her skirt and she was wearing red thong panties. I went to liquor cabinet and took about three shots of vodka and put I dip of snuff in my mouth and got a nice buzz and pulled her skirt up just maybe half way and sat in the chair and started masturbating. Eventually I pulled her thong out of her crack and saw her pussy and asshole and I even put my face in her ass and licked her asshole while I jacked off. Nothing like being old like me being able to lick 18 year old ass and pussy.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I sucked my first cock today. I drove by the AND, as I heard they uncovered their Gloryholes. This was an itch I have been wanting to scratch. As I entered the booth and dis robed, I started stroking to the tranny movie I selected.

    The door in the booth next to me opened and in walked a a guy. He immediately threw his finger around. "NOPE I said I am here to suck." He asked to suck my nipples which I allowed. I pulled away and he put his hard cock through the hole.

    It was not big, kinda of thick. I started by licking the shaft. Up and down. Then I just engulfed that cock. I was small enough to deep throat. I grinded his cock. Pulled out and circled the tip. I then placed my mouth against the hole. He got the hint I wanted him to fuck my mouth. I sucked as he fucked my mouth for all it was worth. I could hear he was ready to cum. I pulled off and stories him off on my face. I loved the feeling if his load hitting all over my face. This was my first, and won't be my last. I only wish my wife had a cock.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I was watching an afternoon baseball game with a friend at a local bar. We were drinking and I guess I was drinking a little more than him. It was around 7:00pm when the game finished and my friend left. The bar was pretty quiet and I was just finishing off my drink. A group of about a dozen older women came in. They appeared they were celebrating something and were led into a back party room they had reserved. It must have been about a half hour later when a woman came out in the area where I was and began talking to me. She invited me into the back party room to party with them. I turned the offer down at first but when she offered to buy me a couple of drinks I accepted. The party room they were in turned out to be in the basement of the bar. They were drinking and I could see some were already feeling good. They asked what I wanted and handed me a beer. They began to do shots of whiskey with me and I quickly began to get even more drunk than I already was. I was slurring my words and having trouble standing up and was literally crawling to get around. I may not been able to stand up but was still aware of what was going on. I found out it was one of the woman's 56th birthday. They began playing a movie and it was a porno and it contained only guys. After the movie, one of them pointed to me and suggested I give then a peek. I tried telling them NO with my slurred words and was told they only wanted to see my chest. A couple of them began to take my shirt off and a couple of them began taking my shoes and socks off. I began to realize that they were most likely not going to stop at just my shirt, shoes and socks. The alcohol was hitting me harder now and I was beginning to even pass out at times. I told them it was time for me to leave. They said I should stick around longer and was told I shouldn't leave before I give them a peek. They began to insist on me giving them a peek and if I took my pants off they would help me leave and get home. They weren't letting up and there I was taking my pants and underwear off in front of them. Once I was naked one of them began putting her hands on me and doing things. I remember camera flashes going off while she grabbed, stroked and sucked me. It was the birthday girl doing this to me and finished off by getting naked and fucking me in front of her friends. After she did what she did some of the others began having fun with me but no fucking. They were even taking pictures of my cock in their mouths and their hands grabbing it. Once they figured they had all the fun they wanted with me they got me dressed and put me in a taxi and sent me home.

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    Straight Male / 55


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    Straight Male / 35

    I was over at a friends house the other night and we were on his couch watching the game. We were shooting the shit and i looked down the hallway and there was his wife standing in just a towel coming down the hallway. She had just gotten out of the shower. When she saw me looking at her she stop, smiled and then opened the towel and flashed me. I could not believe it. I just stared. I got a great look at every inch of her. She just laughed and ran back into her bedroom. I could fell my cock getting hard sitting there. later when i went home i fucked my wife's pussy hard thinking of my friends wife the whole time. Hope she does it again but im sure it was a one time thing.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Before I changed my perception of married, often lonely women, I like most guys my age only fucked girls around our age group.
    Taking a job as a carpet and sofa cleaner this time last year has changed everything. At the same time I also finished a long term relationship with my then girlfriend. I'd found out she'd let an older man fuck her, when she was at her works Christmas party.
    On my third job alone, cleaning a couples carpets throughout their home, the husband made a comment about a young man like me able to fuck lots of married women in their homes. I hadn't thought about it to tell you the truth, but his comment made me think. It made me think even more when he said he was going out to the pub, his wife was aching for a cock to suck.
    Thinking he was joking I walked into the kitchen about ten minutes later to fill up the industrial carpet machines reservoir with clean water. In the kitchen sat on a breakfast bar stool was his wife and she was slowly playing with her pussy.
    I'm no oil painting, but I do have a big thick cock which has fucked quite a few women. Watching her play with herself as she watched me walk in, told me only one thing, it was an easy fuck. Not only did she suck me off, she also had me fuck her from behind as she leaned onto the stool, making us both orgasm.
    Finishing off the carpets, I was just about to shove my cock down her throat again, when her husband walked in. All he said was "Told you she wanted your cock". Over the next few weeks I called by their home to fuck her even if her husband was home.
    I'd had a another close call by then, but the woman's husband arrived home early and the only thing we shared was a long kiss and her tugging on my cock for a short time as I finger fucked her extremely wet c**t.
    Cleaning another home, I was in the master bedroom. The wife walked in, a very pretty slim woman who asked me how long I was going to be. Looking at her I didn't think she asking me because she wanted me to leave, so I said, and it's a phrase I've used lots of times now "I bet that bed/sofa/rug/carpet has seen some action".
    Sometimes the reaction I get back is total ignorance. Other times it's "Mind your own business" but on more than a few occasions, lots actually, I've had lonely married often sex starved women in their thirties, forties and fifties say something like "No where near enough as I'd like". My response has always been "I and my cock are free for the rest of the day".
    The slim married lady who's forty two, replied to my cheeky comment "Well you'd better fuck me then".
    I should have finished their home in a day. It took me three days and during those three days I fucked that lonely bored and under sexed housewife at least a dozen times. She wanted everything, and sex that I'd not experienced before. I fucked her mouth pussy and arsehole and each hole she wanted demolishing. I'm not kidding by the third day I was knackered, yet very sexually fulfilled.
    It became my mantra after that. And you'd be surprised by just how many housewives desperately want fucking, or just a cock to suck. In the area we (The company I work for/subcontract self employed) cover, I've had in just one year, seven blow jobs and I've fucked eighteen different housewives, fiancee's or partners.
    Last week, a Monday morning, I called by a married couples home to clean their sofa's before they got their house ready for Christmas. Calling by as the husband was just driving away for work, I'd been in the house no more than ten minutes when I said to the wife, a really good looking fifty year old, my usual phrase about her sofa. She instantly asked me if I was coming onto her. Telling her it depended on her outlook, she dropped the dress she had on and stood in front of me totally naked. Throughout the year I've fucked some really horny dirty women, but that particular married woman taught me I don't know half of what I should know to pleasure a woman. It was by far the most horny time I've ever spent with a woman. And to top it all, half way through us having sex (I was slowly fucking her arsehole as she rode me at the time) She rang her husband and told him exactly what we were doing. Putting her mobile on speaker, she absolutely went mad for my cock, bouncing up and down making all sorts of moaning sounds. I could hear her husband saying "Oh yeh baby, oh fuck yeh" then I heard him groan and I came up his wife's arse, only moments before she climaxed all over my cock and balls.
    Some of you might think this isn't true. All I'll say is, make sure you're treating your wife right if you live anywhere in the area I work. If you need your carpets, rugs, sofa's or a new service, your curtains, then if your wife wants them cleaning and believe me many many do, and you're neglecting your wife's needs, I might just be fucking her, before, during and after I clean your home.
    Ps. If you're a lonely bored and sexless married woman, and I'm in your home. Don't feel shy about taking my cock down your throat, inside that cute soaking wet pussy, or deep up your tight arsehole. After all if he can't give you what you want and need, I certainly will.

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