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If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 39

    With all the Covid-19 virus stuff going on and required self isolation one of my friends suggested we play online games together. We each logged into a Skype meeting with our webcams turned on so it was like we were virtually together as we went to game sites to play.

    There were 9 of us who played. During one of the games someone brought up playing strip versions of the games. I was surprised when we all agreed because as all of us were guys except my wife and a friend's wife. Most of us did end up naked because of the games we played but soon we stopped playing games and it turned into a masturbation fest. One by one we each took our turns masturbating for everyone. Those who weren't naked before did get naked now. It was weird doing this as we were all guys except my wife and my friend's wife who I thought might refuse but they masturbated too. I was proud but also not too pleased with my wife doing this and all my friends seeing her. They got to see what they were missing but now got to see what they were missing. It was the first time we all ever did something like this and seeing each other naked.

    We are planning to do this again sometime very soon. My friend's wife asked the other guys to invite their wives and girlfriends next time and suggested that instead of masturbating the couples could just do it in front of each other. My friends wife is usually pretty conservative but she was showing a side of herself I had never seen before. I asked my wife what she thought about her suggestion about the couples having sex in front of everyone and was a little surprised by her answer. She said she would do it if at least one other couple did. I don't know if the other guys will actually invite their wives and girlfriends or even tell them what they did and what might be expected from them if they accept the invite.

    Anyways, it's looking like my wife and me will be showing off to our friends soon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I love having my wife tell me about her previous encounters when we are In bed:

    My wife has told me about how she would show herself to teachers in school when she was 13. She said the other girls and she would not wear panties in gym class. When they would stretch before activities, the teacher stood in front of them and could see up those old fashioned wide legged gym shorts we all used to have to wear. He could see their beavers and it turned them On that they knew he was watching. My wife has a thick blonde bush that she got very young and he positioned himself in front of her especially often.

    One day after class, he asked her to stay and help put away equipment. In the locker room, he started kissing her and feeling up her little titties and then started fingering her. He laid her down on the bench and took off her shorts and fucked her right there in the locker room. That story especially gets me off.

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    Straight Female / 19

    This definitely isn't a story, its actually a request. If you want to do my a favor you can in the comments. I'd like some guys with dirty minds to imagine that I'm on the run after having stolen something from you or cheated you somehow. Comment with threatening text messages you would send me. Being threatened anonymously turns me on.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I feel like I made my friends hate me because I ended up caring too much and being either overbearing but that's not why they hate me, it's because I have a habit of blowing off friends after we make plans to hang out, I get depressed and as a result I flake out at the last second. My best friends gets really pissed at me when I do and I try to apologize and he gets pissed off at me saying i'm not a true friend.

    He's right i'm not a true friend and as a result he would rather hang out with other friends instead of me and it's all my fault. I remember calling him on Skype and he refused to answer me and I was very hurt because I really wanted us to call on skype and play games together and he doesn't want to instead he wants to talk and play games with other friends.

    Not only that but he's just a mean spirited jerk now, he gets mad at me over everything. All I wanted to do was to be a good friend to him and help him out I was going to help him find a job because I care about him, I even had the idea of him wanting to move in with me. He said he doesn't want or need my help. Worst of all was when he up and told me he hated me and no longer wanted to be friends with me.

    I'm just depressed because at first we were best friends and I showed my friend nothing but love but now after flaking out at times, he did the same thing to me but worse and I feel depressed because I lost my best friend and it's all my fault.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Hello I would like to confess a story you see i'm a huge Pokemon and Anime Fan and I love to make new friends but now I feel really bad because I made someone I used to be close with hate me. You see he friended me on Facebook and sure he may message me a lot but now I regret not answering him most of the time. I guess it's because i'm too shy around people mostly guys but the thing is once he became friends with my friends I began to wonder why and then the day came when we met in person and he's very quiet and we played some games together but he had to leave and in all honesty for some reason I just feel awkward around him. He even got me a Pikachu Plush and then I guess I felt more awkward I keep thinking he wants to be my boyfriend and here I am single wanting one but then he started to get really angry at me and I guess it's because I said something about not trusting guys because they r**e even though I am friends with a lot of guys but he asks me why I don't treat him the same way I treat any of my other friends and that was the best I could come up with.

    Not only that but now I feel like he really hates me now, everytime I would ignore his messages because of my awkward social skills he would get upset at me and then I one times asked if he wanted to trade Pokemon Cards but he said he doesn't want to come down if i'm there and I was confused I thought he wanted to hang out but then he got mad at me for ignoring a post he tagged me in and then untagged me in it and I told him he didn't half to do that and ask why he's so angry at me. I then asked a friend who commented on my post if she would give me a ride to a convention and he deleted my comment and told me to stop spamming his comments and I was very hurt.

    I have no car and no job and sit at home wishing someone would give me rides to conventions but now my friends no longer will do that for me because everyone says I never do anything for them and I only just use people just to get attention and popularity by being some Womanchild Pokemon Fangirl and that really hurts my feelings. The guy who I used to be friends with was really angry at me after he said I bragged about getting a shoutout from my favorite voice actor and accused me of stealing that from him and worst of all my favorite actor started liking all of his tweets and soon I realized he had blocked me from Twitter and I never once followed him on Twitter so I asked him why he blocked me so he unblocks me and I unfollow him and then several months later he gets very angry and says some very hurtful things towards me.

    He says the reason he unblocked me was he thought I would treat him fairly like I do my other friends but he said I never did he said all I care about is myself, he called me a selfish B word and that I only wanted to follow him was to use him to get likes and attention from my favorite voice actor and that I never did anything back and then he blocked me again and I was hurt.

    He apologized to me after I gave a heartfelt wish to his father who had been hospitalized in an accident and let's just say he wouldn't talk or message me much after and he would a few times asking about conventions and I never responded but the thing that really made him very angry to the point where he hates me now. He messaged me one time to let me know his Grandmother was in the Hospital and was close to dying and he asked me to lend him some support during a difficult time and for some reason I didn't respond back and that made him very angry and worst of all his Grandmother died and he called me an uncaring, selfish b word and that I never wanted to be his friend and says I use people to get attention from voice actors and never do anything in return for anyone and said he hated me and wanted me out of his life and then he blocked me.

    I was very hurt I really wish I had responded to him but everytime I do I just feel awkward and now he really hates me; 3 Years Ago he bought me a Pikachu Plush and now it's the only memory I have of him; he deleted every single picture we took together off of facebook and I was very hurt, we had a lot of fun together and now I ended up making him hate me. I should have replied to his message I should have thanked him instead of questioning him or treating him like he's some creepy guy because he's not and now it's too late now I should have realized he just wanted to be friends with me and instead I kept treating him like some creepy weirdo and that's why he hates me now.

    Not only that but now none of my friends want to hang out with me; I ask them for rides and they refuse to take me; one friend asked me "Haven't I been to enough?" Worst of all one friend who took me to one before said some very hurtful things and said that I never thanked him or did anything for him after he took me last time and then left without taking me and I was so hurt.

    I feel like everyone now hates me, I have no job, no friends, and worst of all no boyfriend; what should I do with my life?

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    Straight Female / 38

    When I was in high school and was with my first boyfriend, I used to take his dick in my ass because he thought if he fucked me in the ass heâd be a virgin. So for 4 years I was getting fucked in the ass a few times a week. I can still remember those big loads he used to blow in my ass. Some days theyâre leak into my panties.

    He had a nice thick uncut dick. We never used a condom since we only had anal sex or blowjobs. I remember how friends would say their boyfriend is nice and groomed or shaved. My boyfriend was all natural, he had a hairy cock! 6â long and 6â in girth, I measured it one day. My mom put me on birth control when I first started dating him, guess she expected weâd have sex. I actually told my mom a few years ago that we only had anal

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    Straight Female / 24

    So, I have a crush on this girl, we were friends for a year or so but our friendship eventually fell apart, it was my fault for being too clingy. And she made it clear that she is not attracted to me in the slightest. I miss her every day, Iâd do anything to repair our friendship, but she hates me because of how much I drained her energy. And I know I should move on, I know I should forget about her but I canât, sheâs in my heart and she will be forever. Anyway, while we were friends I learned of her greatest weakness: she is extremely ticklish, more than anyone Iâve ever known, she cannot handle it without panicking. And it just so happens that I have a fetish for tickling, go figure. Which leads to whatâs been on my mind lately.

    Okay, so my mind has constructed this very dark fantasy. It more or less involves me drugging her and taking her to a far away isolated place where I will then remove her clothes and tie her up so that she can barely move. Then when she wakes up Iâll announce that this is her âpunishmentâ and sheâll look at me with pure fear in her eyes as my fingers start making tickling motions. Iâll then of course tickle her, and Iâm not talking about obvious areas like stomach/feet, Iâm talking about her private areas like her inner thighs, butt, and even vagina. I imagine her screams and tears, I imagine her peeing herself due to overstimulation as she begs me to stop but I wonât. And then afterwards I imagine drugging her again and taking her back to where I found her, thus making her question whether or not it was even real.

    Yeah, I know, thatâs a fucked up fantasy. Let me make it very clear, I do not wish any harm on this person, I would not and could not ever bring myself to hurt her in any way. Quite the opposite. I care about her to the extent that she is basically family to me, and I would sacrifice my own life to protect her safety if it came to that. But that doesnât stop my mind from creating such a sick and twisted scenario. Itâs messed up, that I can feel both unconditional protection and sexual obsession towards a person like that. When I finish masturbating to this fantasy I feel disgusted at my own thoughts, but while Iâm masturbating it feels like ecstasy. Iâm just feeling like I donât know myself, Iâm supposed to be a peaceful kindhearted person, I hate these perverted thoughts but I canât stop them. Am I just expecting too much from myself?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Since we are all home locked on I have found myself thinking of sex, my wife would never have these needs and desires at a time like this, like most women....I normally donât eat my own cum ,but for the last few days I have found myself in the garage with my clock and amazing balls in my hand, paints down around my knees, with kinky thoughts on my mind, I fantasize a hung man is behind me pleasuring himself at my expense ,jacking to the thoughts, then it just happens, I cum so hard...I catch the warm cum and str8 into my mouth, Iâm learning to enjoy the flavor of cumðð

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    Straight Female / 41

    Just before Christmas last year, my husband and I were struggling within our marriage.
    He's wanted far more sex than I ever really felt comfortable with, yet the last twelve month's prior to last Christmas, his desires only increased.
    Telling him I was going to take a break from sex, just for a month or two, he didn't react as I thought he might. Instead he said "That's fine honey".
    Arriving back home from a meeting with a client early, I was about to ask my husband should we go and get the Christmas meal shopping in.
    As soon as I opened the door I could hear the sounds of sex, and just knew he was fucking someone.
    It didn't surprise me, or weirdly make me feel angry or jealous. Walking quickly to the lounge door, I pushed it open and came upon the site that has changed everything.
    My husband was having sex with another person and he was using his large cock to fuck them from behind, as they lay on our huge fireside rug.
    Holding the young individuals hips he was hammering into their arsehole and I could hear them saying "Yes, yes, yes fuck me like that, I'm cumming".
    Then as I watched with a growing feeling of wonderment and a little shock, I saw the young man cum on our rug.
    My husband pulled the teenage looking lad harder onto his cock then, and proceeded to hammer his arsehole.
    Moving into the room, I got an even better view of them fucking and saw my husband face for the first time.
    He was in rapture and grinning so broadly as he announced he was cumming. Then gripping thevyoung mans hair and yanking his head back, my husband cried out and I knew he was pumping his seed up the guys arse.
    Only then did I step around and let them see me.
    The young man uncoupled from my husband and looked frightened. My husband with cum dripping from his cock, simply said "Now you know".
    We talked for about an hour after he and the young man cleaned up. I even made them both a drink.
    As we spoke I made sure his young fuck partner stayed.
    I let my husband know I didn't resent him having sex with another person, or that it was gay sex. I also let him know one more thing after we discussed our marriage and how we went on from that point. And that was, how I found watching him have gay sex, to be extremely sexually exciting for me.
    For the first time in a long time, i let him know I'd felt truly horny and had been touching my pussy through my knickers.
    Sending Alex on his way, my husband spent nearly an hour relieving my tensions by going down on me on our bed. We didn't fuck because I didn't want that, but when he'd made me orgasm for the fourth time, I did suck on his washed cock, making him cum easily within minutes.
    Still to this day Alex is a visitor to our home. They have lots of sex, hard sex and sometimes I watch them fuck. On those occasions I always have my husband go down on me afterwards and make him eat me out until I climax multiple times.
    With the lockdown now in place, Alex won't be visiting, so I've decided to allow my husband my mouth and arsehole. We'll see about my pussy, but I'd much prefer him to tongue me only.

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    Straight Female / 18

    When I was between the ages of 11 all the way to 17, I had a fetish for showing off my body to older men. It made me feel tingles all over my newly budding body. It started when around the age of eleven, my dad's friends would give me a lot of attention I wasn't used to having. They would playfully smack my butt or touch my back. One even put my sunscreen on for me while my dad make a quick run to store for more bbq sauce during a pool party cookout. My dad also noticed I was getting looks from boys and decided it was time I should wear bras. My life was different after that. My body was maturing and my ass and tits were filling out. One day just out of pure horniness that comes with that age, I didnt wear panties or a bra to school. The shorts I wore were loose around the legs and my shirt was Slightly tight. Obviously my Male teachers took notice but didnt say anything. I enjoyed the looks they gave my bare pussy whenever it was exposed. It made me feel sexy whenever a breeze would make it's way into my shorts because I knew my pussy was exposed. I started to get adventurous and wear dresses like that to school and tease the boys, including my teachers. The first time my pissy was fingered was by the school nurse. I went to his office because I wanted to to ditch class, and I used his office regularly for that. He was always extra nice to me when it was obvious I didnt have a bra on. My last year in middle school, I claimed I was cramping and went to hospital office. She asked how I was doing and I told him I was cramping. He said he shsould have a look and pressed on my tummy, I faked a pain and said he needed to be more thorough. He put some gloves on and asked me to lift my dress, I did. When I saw I wasn't wear in my panties, he stopped asked me to lay back and spewaadmy legs. I felt his cold gloves tracing my pussy slit and spreading it open. He was talking to me calmly when his finherbslid inside me. That went on through the last year of middle school. In high school I was trying to seduce my friends dads when I would sleep over. I'd make sure whoever's house I was at, that their dad was the only one awake, and I would "get thirsty" and get up to get water in just my panties. I played with a lot of my friends dads my freshman and sophomore year. I lost my virginity to my best friends dad when I was 15. Yes some were married. Those were the most fun. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

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