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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    This one is not about me so much as it is about my uncle. This man is what I aspire to be. While it may sound like he was a small time hustler and pimp, this man had a good life, no real worries about anything, and lived on his terms.

    I'll talk about some of his time in the 70s, and if people want, I'll make other posts about his life through the years. So he was in his 20's back in the 1970's, and lived in a trailer park. This was by his choice, he grew up in a nice suburb, and when I asked about it, he told me living there was cheaper and had better opportunities for him. He was a hustler all the way, never worked an honest job in his life; but he was always willing to bust his ass for a dollar. He did cigarette smuggling, late night break ins, loan sharking, ran women, and all kinds of work. He shied away from violent crime, said it brought too much attention. And his area was a bit more rural, and he didn't have to deal with organized crime too much. He was living not too far from an interstate highway, so the rural organized crime guys did not get too close for fear of bringing down the mafia from the cities.

    So, while living in the trailer park, his steady everyday source of income was selling weed and running an illegal bar. Illegal in the sense that he never asked anyone for permission and had no permits nor paid any taxes. he paid local women to be bartenders, with the uniform being a bikini. If you were a customer and felt the need, you could arrange for some private time with the ladies. Some of the women worked for him on their own. Others, were the wives or daughters of men he loaned money to, and they worked for him until the debt was paid. Let's just say he never asked fro proof of age. He eventually expanded his services to include being able to hire a bartender to work at your trailer for an hour or so. He really started running women a year after he started running the bar. He told me the best way to get women for that was to get them or their man into debt. My uncle could pay a local tough guy to beat the shit out of them, and intimidate them into working for him. He made sure to loan money to women or to men with wives and daughters.

    He went on about how great the 70's were for him. The trailer park owners never cared about what went on, so long as everyone paid up on time. Cops rarely ever bothered him, and on the rare occasion that they did, he bought them off, and he had all the pussy on tap that he could ever want. What he said was a godsend was when he was able to get heroin from contacts in the mafia. That cinched his control over the park's women. People would eagerly give him their daughters, women would do anything for the next hit. However, when he eventually moved away from the park, he got away from serious drug dealing. Said the drug game was getting too dangerous.

    But think about how great that life was, work when you want to, making enough to never have to worry, and the whole area is your personal harem, to use or sell as you pleased.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 44

    I have done this four times now, the last time was this past weekend on Saturday night. I picked up a young, but very used street hooker and went to a notel/motel. I gave her $40 to get sucked hard, then fuck her. She had no tits, was thin as can be, tiny outer pussylips, but a really big gaping fuckhole. Her pussy had wisps of black hair growing out. I got on top of her and was fucking that used up cumhole, and asked for anal. She got adamant that she didn't do that and I asked her to go doggie. She got on all fours I stuck it up her useless, gaping c**t again and with all my weight pushed her down on her belly. I pumped a few times then pulled out, held her head down and took off the rubber and rammed my cock up her shit hole. By now my hand was on her mouth and I covered her screams. I pumped her about 3 minutes and shot my rocks off in her pooper.

    I got up, smacked her one on the back of her head and told her not to say anything. I pulled up my pants and left the whore with my cum up her ass.

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    Straight Male / 45

    My wife and I divorced just over 3 year's ago. No problem we went our separate ways. There week's ago I had to ask her if I could stay in her spare bedroom for awhile until the house I just purchased was ready. I was laying in bed bed the other night and listened to her new boyfriend pounding her I mean he was destroying her pussy. The sounds were so intense I couldn't handle it and started getting hard. Then I jacked off listening to them. Since then I have been standing right outside their bedroom door and filming myself jerking off listening to this guy go at my ex-wife. The sounds in the back ground are amazing. I hope they take forever to finish my new house.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    Well I guess I could start by saying I should have put bi but havenât got to experiment much since.

    Started out a few years back my now ex wife and I were having problems and had been for awhile. Of course the sex was slim to none. Finding myself at home alone drinking one night the thought of getting a man off kept crossing my mind. So what is a man to then to buy craigslist.

    After a post and a few emails I find myself in the shower and then in the car headed to a local hotel. My heart is pounding and I keep asking myself am I really gonna do this. The throbbing in my cock kept saying yes. I arrive and as Iâm riding the elevator up Iâm shaking with nervousness. The door opens and there is the room. I hesitate and ask one last time do you wanna do this. I reach up and knock on the door.

    A tall bald headed man answered the door. He had a dad bod but looked like he kept up with his hygiene. He led me in to the room and sat on the bed. The room was lit by only the bathroom light. I told him this is my first time I have no clue what to do here. He asked me to step over as he pulls his shorts down revealing a shirt but very thick cock very well shaven. He reaches up and in Huttonâs my slacks letting them fall down. Iâm canât look away from his cock standing so hard. Heâs rubbing my balls trying to get me to relax.

    Heâs starts stroking his cock and I sit down next to him transfixed. After a few moments I nervously ask if I can touch it. He says go ahead. What I didnât know is when I grabbed his cock for the first time it would be a turning point for me sexually. I gently rub his cock enjoying the feel of another cocknother than my own. I caress his balls while looking at this thick cock.

    Not sure what came over me at this point but I leaned down and began sucking his cock. A few seconds after the adrenaline clears i realize that I have a clock in my mouth and I like it. I proceed to suck his cock the best I can. Thinking of the ways I love my cock sucked I gave it all i had stopping momentarily to pay attention to his balls. By this time my 8 inch cock is raging hard, my heart is pounding and I canât get enough.

    He pulls me away and lays me back and asked me if Iâm ready. He then leans down and starts sucking me. I was apprehensive at first but he proved he was as good or better than any woman I had had. Feeling my nuts tighten up I stop him I had to have that clock in my mouth again. I push him back in the bed and engulf his cock like I had been doing it for years. We traded sucking each other for about an hour when he went down on me the last time I couldnât hold it anymore I emptied into the back of his throat as he swallowed every last bit and cleaned it up.

    This was my first experience ever and have been hooked since. Iâm always looking but have not been able to find anyone close since I live in the middle of no where.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    This is the next part from story #44076. Or as I said in the comments I'd label it as Cherry Red or something.

    I guess some of you really enjoyed my last entry. That makes me feel good. I wasn't sure what to go into next as the next couple days after the first time I pretty much just spent a few hours in the evening sucking his cock. He'd sit there in his chair, at first with everything off, but then I told him he could watch something if he wanted so he started turning on the TV. I liked spending my time on my knees between his legs, though because of his belly he'd have to recline a bit in the chair so I could take it all in my mouth easier. I would spend this time practicing my technique, focused mostly on licking his thick shaft and getting better at deep throating. I swallowed a lot of cum in this time.

    Then one day I had an idea. I stood in front of him and slowly stripped to my bra and panties. B looked confused but also really turned on. I laid on the floor in front of his chair and asked him if he liked. He told me that I knew he did. I asked him if he'd take it out and stroke it and show me how much he liked it. He did. As he did so I removed my bra and eventually my panties so I was laying on the floor, leaning up on my elbows, legs spread, smiling. I bit the tip of my index finger watching him grow in his own hands. I saw the tip start to glisten with precum and it was all I could do to not take him in my mouth.

    I started to squeeze my nipple and let out little moan/gasps as he stroked and I started to see it get to be a bit purple. I knew he'd shoot soon, but what I didn't expect was B going "fuck it!" and bolting out of the chair and on top of me. I let out a giddy little squeal which quickly became a gasp as he shoved it into my moist pussy. His pants were barely down over his ass as I couldn't really reach around to pull them down more but he didn't care. B thrusted hard into me over and over. It was slow, hard pushes that slowly started to get faster as he got closer. I won't lie, it hurt. His thickness spread me open, his weight pinned me to the floor, and he kept going faster and faster, grunting and groaning loudly in my ear, until he gave one final shove and let out a long, loud groan... and I felt a rush of hot, sticky wetness fill my pussy and I moaned in content pleasure, too.

    And that was how I lost my virginity.

    After he was drained and starting to go limp he kind of fell out of me. I could feel his sperm starting to drip a little from my pussy, but not bad, but he didn't get up. He kissed me and asked how I was and I told him I was amazing and we need to go again ASAP! He told me he was old and to give him a bit. I told him we could go in the bedroom and I could "clean him up with my mouth" until he was ready again. But no, instead we showered together and I headed home. It was probably a good thing because as great as I felt, I also was really sore. Eventually I became able to handle his thickness and now it doesn't hurt me as much.

    That's it for now, but don't worry. I have more.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 19

    anal doesnt hurt! ive been lied to forever and now im addicted to fucking myself in the ass.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    What little I remember is of no real significance. It's all sketchy and besides my husband says I enjoyed everything and everyone. What I'm talking about, is a long long night of sexual debauchery to which I cannot remember a thing hardly, and a night where my husband had three strange men fuck me in our hotel room. It was whilst we were away on holiday on our last night there. And a holiday we've just returned from. I've now seen the video he took of me sucking cock and being fucked by all three men and I will admit to looking like I was enjoying their attentions. What I can't get past, is my husband is usually a very jealous individual. To the point of him almost beating someone up as we entered the airport to fly out, just for looking my way.

    The video clearly shows him masturbating as the men fuck my mouth, pussy and arsehole and it also clearly shows him encouraging them to fuck me harder. I don't remember going back to our room from the night club we were in, and I can't recollect the men before viewing the video of me taking all their cocks willingly.

    When I've spoken to my husband since, all he'll say is "You wanted it, don't you remember". Yet I know I wouldn't have wanted anything like it. Or at least I don't think I would. Besides if it wasn't for another comment he made on the flight back, one where he said it was such an amazing night he'd set up, I'd think it was me who arranged the whole thing.

    And to put it all into some kind of reasoning for me. I've now copied the video and find myself wondering if i'd like to do it again, only without my husband being there.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    My relations with my 2 lovers Tom and Fred have settled into a nice pattern.Most weekday mornings before I do my afternoon shift at work Tom drops by my condo for some loving and sex.At 70 he takes his time with it.On weekends Fred who is chubby and 58 will have Tom and myself at his condo and I will take turns satisfying both men and we will all sleep together on Fred's king size bed.

    As time goes by Tom is ever more happy and loving and I find the sex very satisfying and complete.When Fred is around it is more sexual and wild as I am mainly servicing 2 men.What happens with Tom kinda builds things up for the weekend.

    So what I do when I get up and Tom is coming over is have some coffee and breakfast and lay in my bed with my black thongs on.I will smoke a Marlboro light 100 and wait expectantly for the door to open and Tom to arrive.He will kiss me deep and tell me how much he missed me.After some love talk I will go down to his cock and pop it in my mouth.I will give him a long sexy blowjob and either take his load or spread my legs with a pillow under me as he fucks me from on top.If I need it he will masturbate me or suck me off.On weekends I will have my ass filled by both men's cum 1x or 2x .A new twist in this last weekend was a fag hag named Susan who is a full figured blonde of 55 came over and watched us all have sex as she touched herself.She finds me attractive and sucked me for awhile but I found I could only stay hard if Tom took over the sucking.I realize now I have turned completely to men.However it does excite me to have a woman see how much I love men and cock now.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I've kinda become addicted to fucking truckers. I totally didn't intend to, now I can't get enough of it.

    The first time was with a trucker I met on Craigslist back when the personals were still up. He was 57, dad bod, thinning hair and a goatee.

    I was just looking for a hookup, and he asked if I minded fucking in his truck. I said I didn't mind.

    I met him later that evening
    at a nearby truck stop. I parked in front of his truck and climbed in. We went back to the sleeper cab.

    He mentioned I looked good in person, and asked me to get naked. He said he'd been thinking of pounding my tight little pink pussy the whole drive. I felt myself getting wet as I stripped down.

    First thing he did was run his fingers over my nipples, before taking turns sucking on both of them. He proceeded to run his hands over my ass and pussy. He laughed a little
    as he felt how wet i was.

    Next, he put me on my knees and said "ok, now open that slutty little mouth and suck this cock." As he whipped it out. I wasted no time sucking it as deep down my throat as I could, while he rolled and pinched my puffy pink nipples.

    After fucking him for s little bit, he told me to get on the bunk on all 4s. He rubbed his cockhead on my clit a little before grabbing my hips and jamming his hard cock in. I moaned loudly as I began bucking back into it.

    "Mmm, you're such a good little slut. Wish I could take you with me." He said, as he started running a finger along my asshole, before slowly sliding it in.

    Finally, after a few minutes of fucking me, he said "know what? I think I want to cum in that tight little ass." I got wet and nodded in agreement as he slid out and started probing my ass with his cock head.

    I breathed slowly as he pushed into my ass. His fingers went to my clit as he pounded harder and deeper into my ass. It was so goddamn hot!

    Finally he grips my hips, pounds hard into me and shoots a load into my ass. I catch my breath as I feel him slide out, and feeling the warm jizz inside me. I get dressed and get ready to leave. "I'll definitely keep in touch with you" he laughs as I agree before leaving.

    That was about 2 years ago. Unfortunately we did end up losing contact, but not after fucking a couple more times. I've also slept with 5 more since when I can. I'm looking again soon, I just can't get enough.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Hello I recently revealed that a month ago I was seduced by a chubby 68 yr old gay male in my condo building and am now his lover.I am 52 divorced 6 ft 1 tall and fairly slim.Fred my lover has discovered I have become quite the slut which he encourages.I watch lots of gay porn with him now and do poppers every weekend so he can fuck me easily.My straight conditioning appears now completely gone and I find myself checking out older men's bulges on the street and frequently thinking of servicing cock.Fred is in love with me but wants me to experience other cocks as long as I stay with him.
    Last week we were chatting one night at his place and talking about my new preferences for men.I mentioned that his chubby older look was my preferred sexual choice now and made me horny as hell.Fred said he knew a lonely old man in our building who was also gay who had told him he had been eyeing me for years like Fred had been.His name was Tom and he was 70.Fred suggested he call Tom over so that I could please him as well.He warned me that Ton was very emotional and would want to kiss me make out for hours and fuck me as well.And that he had not had sex in years.This talk aroused me and I was soon stiff in my pants.It was a Thursday night and early in the week to do poppers but Fred got the bottle and brought it to me.I was soon poppered up and open to anything.Fred put some gay porn on the TV and I sat back sucking on a Marlboro light 100.I heard him calling Tom on his cellphone.There was soon a knock on the door and Tom came in.He had white hair a big belly and was about 5 ft 9 around 240 lbs so he was heavier and much older than Fred.Instead of turning me off it turned me on and I wondered how this would go.Tom sat between us and nervously began to talk.I could tell he was totally into me as He could not stop looking at me.He described how lucky he felt Fred was to have me as his lover.Fred reassured Tom by saying if this goes well you can come over and have Mark too regularly as he needs some variety.Tom stammered and said what if I fall in love with Mark.I am an emotional guy.Fred said no worries a man can be loved by 2 men and as long as you understand Mark is mine I am cool with it.With that Fred directed Tom to kiss me and get the ball rolling.Tom kissed me nervously with wet sloppy kisses but I kinda liked it and kissed him back.We would kiss for awhile then I would snort some more poppers.Tom started getting carried away and saying I love you between kisses.Fred laughed and said let it go Tom and feel what you want to feel.His expressions of love excited me and i felt this rush of euphoria.Soon I heard myself saying the same thing to him and the necking intensified.By this point going to the bedroom happened very quickly
    Tom lay on the bed and I sucked him like the greedy needy slut I was becoming.He also had a shorter stubbier penis than mine that was maybe an inch longer than Fred's.As I gave him this loving blowjob I was aware he would cum soon if I did not stop.I then got on all fours as Fred greased my asshole with lube.Tom got behind me and moaned as his cock entered me.He grabbed my hips and pushed slow and deep into me back and forth.God it felt so good.I could hear him saying I love you Mark as he thrust back and forth.I love you too Tom darling I replied feeling at that moment i really did love him too.I could hear Tom losing control and ejaculating a big load into me.Oh wow i felt so slippery and slutty with an old man's cum oozing out of me.I then heard Fred;s excited voice telling Tom to pull out it is his turn.Fred was saying knowing my slut is now loved by 2 men makes me jealous and excited in a strange way.I am going to fuck you hard now Mark and blow my load mixed with Tom;s load of sperm.Your ass will be filled with our cum you fucking whore.Fred then pushed in and rammed me good saying I love you Mark you filthy dirty little slut.He fucked me for 10 minutes before he finally let go with a cry and emptied his balls into me.I could feel 2 men's cum leaking all over.I lay back down and both men took turns kissing my mouth slow and lovingly.That night Tom slept over and fucked me again as Fred watched.As Fred predicted Tom became needy and greedy for love kissing me all night long and cuddling.He did it so much I got used to it and felt myself glowing in love as well.The last few days have felt surreal and strange.I have been having sex and loving with both men as Tom has stayed over making up for lost years.As I sit here in the living room smoking a Marlboro I hear my 2 lovers snoring in the bedroom together exhausted from sticking their juicy cocks in my mouth and ass.Now I realize I want to please and love both of them.For the first time in my life I feel complete.

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