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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 28

    Stuart my husband and three of his friends were round our house one night supposed to be going out for a drink and as usual before going really flirting with me with the usual comments about my love handles and with me being on the chubby side they always go on about there is plenty to hold but this time I felt naughty myself and actually taunted them saying they wouldn't know what to do with a proper woman flashing my knickers as I went upstairs to the toilet but this is when it all went pear shaped because when I came out of the bathroom I was faced by all four guys including Stuart telling me that I shouldn't have teased them because now they wanted me to prove that I was a proper woman and its no use arguing because apparently I've always given sexy signals so now's the time of reckoning. I thought that they were joking but they seemed to act as one person all grabbing my arms and legs marching me to the bedroom where I was thrown on the bed at the same time Stuart mockingly saying I shouldn't have teased the others so much in the past so now it is time for one of my fantasies to come true telling the guys about me always fantasising about having a gangbang also saying that I couldn't get pregnant. I couldn't believe what he was saying and feeling very embarrassed but at the same time getting strangely excited knowing what was about to happen because I was obviously still pinned down and within seconds it seemed I was now stripped so I was lying there spread-eagled naked. Already my nipples were sticking right out and between them now they were pinching them and feeling how wet my Fanny was which was in their words "sopping" but now it was George I think which actually got out his dick making me start to suck him with the others fingering both holes this is when about now the first orgasm starts to hit me much to the jeering of the guys and also they were holding my head making me actually wank one of them until he came over my face. Over the next couple of hours I was repeatedly fucked even taken doggy style with one in my bottom and one in my fanny while having to suck one of the others even with having my bottom slapped and my tits pulled while I was in the doggy position but not once any of them actually stripped off they just made me pull their trousers down and when they finished they actually got me to lick them clean just in case their wives noticed and actually thanked STUART not me for using me but while I was made to clean myself in front of the others Stuart actually invited them for another show when they want. Incidentally we are in our late 20s not schoolkids

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    Straight Female / 20

    My first day of kindergarten I met Cin, Cindy, and we just hit it off. We were inseparable at school, and used to spend a lot of time at each other's homes after school and on weekends. She still is a best friend, but when I was 15 Cin's parents divorced and did the school time with mom and summer with dad split. Our first Summer we did the whole tearful good-bye's at the airport and called each other almost every night, but a call that I hadn't expected came about 2 weeks after Cin left for her father's.

    Cin's mom Gina called me and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. She said Cin had always helped her with a second opinion about cloths to buy, and if I wanted to join her, then she'd get me some stuff too. That was fine with me, Gina had always been the coolest mom. I told my mom I was going shopping with Mrs Carson and headed for Cin's house.

    Out shopping was great Gina was updating her wardrobe to fit her "new single" status--ya, she was getting some cooler stuff and not "mom wear". Skinny jeans and heels, some nice tops that didn't look like she should be home with her 10 kids and tractor driving husband, some naughty lingerie just in case, and a final stop in cosmetics to get her "war paint", as she called it, changed to a little more glam than boring. After we were all done, Gina noticed that I had not bought or asked for anything. She told me, "Young lady, this will just not do! Next time we are shopping for you." True to her word next Saturday, Gina called and asked, "Are we still on?"

    All of my teasing Gina the week before came back to haunt me on this trip, I needed new shoes, and to most of my selections Gina commented, "What, old lady shoes again?" She finally talked me into a pair of red Stewart Weitzman's and I almost died when I saw the price! They were gorgeous on my feet and I loved the feel. She told me, now let's get you an outfit to match! Silk and lace panty and bra set, real silk stockings with garters, a mini, and a gorgeous red silk top. My head was spinning by the time we were done shopping and heading back to my house. I suddenly realized that no way my mom was going to let me keep this, let alone wear it. We had almost 2000 dollars of the greatest clothing I'd ever seen in my life. When we got to my place, Gina could tell something wasn't quite right. She asked me if she went overboard? I told her that it was the coolest stuff I had ever seen, and it felt sooooo good wearing it, but I knew mom was not going for it. She gave me a smile, and said, "That's OK. You can wear it when you're with me." I gave her a huge hug, then grabbed a bag with a couple pairs of skinny jeans I knew mom would be OK with.

    A couple weeks later she called and asked if I wanted to go to the show. I told her sure, told my mom I was off to the movie, and ran down the street to Cin's house. Gina greeted me at the door, and with a rather puzzled look on her face asked, "Are you going to the show like that?" She had, unknown to me, invited me to a play and not to a movie. She smiled and said, "Well, it'll give us a nice outing so we can use your new cloths."

    She took me to the guest bedroom and helped me get ready. I was powdered and perfumed, then dressed in some of those magnificent cloths she had bought for me and yes, the red heels too. We stood in front of the mirror as she finished brushing my hair. I was gorgeous!

    The play was strange, "Sweeney Todd", but I didn't care. I was literally dressed better than I had ever been dressed in my life, and I was enjoying it. Gina even let me have 1 glass of wine at intermission as a celebration. It was the best night I had ever had. When I got back to Gina's, she helped me get back into my regular cloths. I couldn't contain myself, and as I she helped me start taking things off, my blouse and mini at that point, I turned and kissed her full on the lips.

    I didn't mean anything by it, other than a huge THANK YOU for everything, but before I could back off she started kissing me back! When I realized what was happening, instead of pulling away, I melting into her. I literally almost fainted, so she had to wrap her arms around me to hold me up, and I wrapped my arms round her neck and kissed her deeply. We stood there for several minutes, our hearts racing, our rapid breaths teasing across each other's necks, then it happened. We really kissed!

    Our lipsticked lips pressed together, our bodies intertwined, her hands caressed my bottom, then her nails pressed tightly drawing me even closer to her. In that instant we became lovers. More that we had could not be that night, but our hearts had touched. My best friend's mom had become the passion of my soul.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I'm 26 and was having trouble making ends meet for college so I became a sugar baby for a old wealthy man in Dallas TX, he owned a ranch with lots of animals on it. One particular night he had friends come over after dinner and several hrs of drinks and small talk beastiality came up. The men placed an envelope full of money on the table and asked me if I'd fuck one of the dogs as they watched. I was hesitant until I saw how much was in the envelope....I'll admit that when they brought the dog in I was disgusted with myself and almost decided against. I was shocked to find out how much I enjoyed it, first off the dogs penis was much warmer than a man's going in and also he fucked me with a vigor that no man ever has and lastly when his penis started to swell in me I immediately came uncontrollably. Ever since that night I visit every weekend, I've had a sexual experience with nearly every animal on his ranch. They even few me to a ranch in mexico where these men paid me to get gangbanged by their pet chimpanzees. I'm not ashamed to say that the sex I've had with animals is without a doubt some of the best sex I've had.

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    Straight Male / 48

    Most weekday mornings this past four months (Except for a two week break, my vacation) I answer the door to my neighbor Lisa. She's twenty six, married and from what I now know of her, a total slut. Up until four months ago I hadn't had my cock sucked or fucked anyone since losing my wife five years ago. Masturbation was my only sexual thrill and that was wearing thin. Then driving home four months back in the pouring rain, I saw Lisa walking along the sidewalk. Pulling over I offered her a lift and she climbed in. I'd been driving about five minutes when she asked me to pull down a small side street. Pulling up, she immediately bent down over my lap and took out my cock. Looking up at me, she smiled and said "This is for the lift". Sucking in my cock, there was no way I was going to stop her, so I sat back and enjoyed the best fucking thrill I'd had in years.
    That young woman slurped, sucked, licked and sometimes bit on every single inch of my cock and boy can she suck cock. Holding her head after a time, I started to fuck her mouth to her ultimate satisfaction it seemed. Moving herself a little, she shoved one hand up her dress and inside her panties and began to play with her own pussy, whilst still sucking on my dick. I didn't last too much longer and came flooding her mouth with my cum. Moaning loudly she swallowed my cum and at the same time orgasmed from her own attentions.
    Sitting up as if it was perfectly normal to blow your much older neighbor, she asked me to drive us home. Thanking her when she got out on my driveway, she said "No probs H, same again tomorrow if you're up for it" She laughed at her own joke and walked to her own front door. All night I thought about what had happened and thought it was just a one off. A slip of her mind because she was getting soaked. But about ten minutes after I saw her husbands car pull away from their driveway, there was a knock at the door. With a huge smile on her face, Lisa asked me if I wanted a repeat from the day before. Sat on my kitchen breakfast bar stool, I let the young woman blow me again. Only when she wanted to satisfy herself, I instead had her lay on my breakfast bar as I ate out her very sweet tasting pussy. It had been so long since I'd tasted pussy, I literally devoured her extremely wet folds and clitty, and had her orgasming multiple times. Then to top a totally bizarre yet ultra amazing sexual time for me, without asking her if I could, I slid my unsheathed cock into her pussy. Fucking her wasn't the best that first time as I was to excited and came all too quickly. But even so with Lisa wanting more, I did something I'd never done before in my life, I ate out my own cum from her pussy on her insistence and had her cumming like freight train.
    And so it has gone on. It's not normal I know and I also know at any time it could and probably will all stop. What I do know or suspect at least, is Lisa's husband knows all about us. I say this because last week when he got in from work, I was out in my back yard. He leaned over the fence and said to me "Hey H, Lisa said she'll be around a little later tomorrow, have fun". Grinning at me he turned and walked into his home.
    If it all ended tomorrow I wouldn't mind at all. I've had four amazing months fucking a young woman (Not the best looking I will admit, but has a stunning body) who simply from what I can tell, loves my older cock fucking her mouth, pussy and recently, her asshole.

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    Straight Male / 27

    I finally got to use a great line from more than one comedy I have seen.
    For a few years, the wife of one of my friends has been hitting on me and I just do not do
    friend's wives. The other day we were having dinner and my buddy was dancing with
    my date, a cute gal.

    My pal's wife whispered in my ear..."You know, I have fucked 300 guys."
    Without a beat I responded, "Nobody is perfect."

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    Straight Female / 41

    I had seen him a few times in the waiting room. We all had a relative in the pediatric ICU, for almost a week, no one looked good. One night it was late, the stress had gotten to me, and I decided to slip out for a smoke, which I hadn't done in years.
    I slipped in to a stairway, and was reaching in to my pocket when I saw him, the man from the waiting room. He was large, wearing flannel and jeans, a regular working guy. But he was there, on the step, just crying. We'd never talked before, but I sat beside him, put my arm around him, and pulled him in to let him cry on me. At first it was just tears on my shoulder, then sobs on my chest. I rocked him, let the tears flow...
    Then, I don't know why, it was like instinct, I pulled out my breast, and pressed his face to it. His mouth opened and took in my nipple, and like he was working on instinct as well, he latched on.
    My mind was gone, I didn't want to cheat on my husband, especially not during such a stressful time... but I couldn't help myself. It was like my body took over. I took his hand and put it up my skirt, pushing my panties aside. I knew he could feel how wet they were, and with every pull of his mouth on my nipple, I was getting wetter.
    I was bouncing on his hand as he fingered me. I didn't even notice his other hand unzip his pants. Suddenly he pushed my legs apart, and drove his cock in to me. He hadn't even undone his pants, the button was rubbing on my clit. He kept squeezing and biting my tits as he pumped. I came quickly.
    Sobering up almost I realized I was fucking a stranger in the hospital stairwell. That's when I felt it, his final push. His cock twitched and he bucked a little at his huge load of cum went rushing in to me. It was obvious he had needed to get it out for awhile.
    He apologized at first, saying he'd never done anything like this before. But he withdrew so slowly, saying he didn't want me to lose any of his cum. We stood up, brushed ourselves off, and went about our lives. We saw each other a few times, but it was just our secret. Something we did to cope.

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    Straight Female / 48

    My son a his father, my husband, went on a fishing trip. I know my son told his friend, but he came by, saying he thought my son and him were going to practice baseball together or something. He's over all the time, sleeps over , all that, so even though I was naked underneath, I didn't change out of my robe. I made him breakfast, I was serving him more eggs when I felt his hand up my robe, between my legs. I dropped the pan on the table, and felt his finger enter me.
    I started to ask what he was doing, but faded off as his other hand pulled my robe open, my breast right by his face. He began to grope and suckle, I couldn't help myself, I began to moan.
    The next thing I knew I was off the floor, against the sink. His head was buried in my neck, and his cock was buried in my pussy. I realized I was being fucked by my sons best friend. And came the hardest I had in years. He responded by dumping a huge teenage load in me.
    We fucked a few times that day, then a few times after, but never like that first day.

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    Straight Male / 50

    A very close friend of mine husband passed away for over a year she lived by herself, we known each other for years. She called me one day early in the morning that she doesn't have hot water to take a shower and asked if I can come over to check it out. I went over to find out that her hot water heater pilot was out not sure what happen. I do know it was very windy that night. I light the pilot back on and told her it would take couple hours or more to have hot water. She thank me for coming over and invite me to have coffee with her.

    I took the offer as we sat in the kitchen table I notices she didn't have anything on underneath of her nightgown. She had on a white lace satin almost see through nightgown on. I can see her saggy tits and her bush pussy. I try not to stare at it but I couldn't help myself because she was sitting in front of me having coffee. She realize I was staring at her tits and said do you like what you see. I said yes and she said would you like to see more. I was shock didn't know what to say and she said here let me just take it off so you can see more of me. She took off her nightgown and expose her nude body right in front of me.

    By now my cock was hard and is causing me un-comfortable to sit I keep moving around. She said what is the matter. I wasn't going to lie and told her my cock is hard because I am staring at her beautiful nude body. She laugh and walk over to me, told me to take off my pants. I wasn't going to say no. So I quickly took it off and she kneel down and giving me the best blowjob I had for years. After she made me cum in her mouth and she swallow it all. She said now is time for you to take care of me.

    We were both standing up. We slowly tongue kiss each other. I have one hand squeezing her tits and the other hand fingering her pussy. I have my middle finger in her pussy and the thumb rubbing her clitoris. She was squeezing my balls with one hand the other hand stroking my cock. She was getting so wet she whisper in my ears and said eat my pussy then fuck me. I wasted no time but to have her lay on top of the dinning room table with her legs strap over my shoulder and I sat in front of her eating that sweet bush pussy of her. It tasted so sweet and good. She said I want you to get some whip cream from the refrigerator and a banana so you can fuck me with the banana and lick the whip cream off my pussy. I did what she wanted. I smear whip cream all over her pussy and fuck her with the banana. I was taking a bite off the banana each time I fuck her with it. She was so wet and it tasted so good with her white cream on the banana.

    After I got done eating her pussy now is time for my hard cock to fuck her good. She was still laying down on the dinning room table and I just fuck her hard and fast. I told her I was about to cum she said cum deep inside of me. So I grab her butt and push my cock as deep as I can and shot my warm cum deep inside. She waggle her butt as I was cumming inside of her. I can feel her pussy muscle was tighten up and she said she can feel me throbbing inside.

    After I finish cumming I pick her up with her legs wrap around my waist with my cock still inside of her pussy and sit her down on the couch. She wants to ride my cock and I want to suck on those saggy tits of hers. We were doing that for awhile and we both cum again. It was great. I told her to call me if their is anything she needs from now on. She said anything and I said yes. So we will see what happen the next time.

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    Straight Female / 20

    Our newish neighbours John and Michelle are a little odd, but then Michelle who's forty one is very attractive and very fit. They'd only been living next door around two months when John asked me if I'd call by later on when Michelle got home. Thinking it was something purely innocent I called round twenty minutes after she arrived home. John asked me to wait in the hallway for a minute and shouted out, telling Michelle I was there. Ushering me into their lounge I immediately saw a very naked Michelle lay on their large leather couch playing with herself. Turning to John he smiled at me and said "I'd like you to fuck her" before I could say anything Michelle added "And so would I".
    Over the hour and a half I spent in their home, I licked, was sucked and fucked with Michelle three times, cumming each time. Twice over her tongue and face and once with John's very insistent encouragement, up her arsehole. The whole time John sat or lay naked close to us having sex, and watched whilst stroking his little cock.
    Once I'd cum the third time, Michelle got up, bent over to kiss my forehead and said she was going for a bath. Before she left the room, she smiled at me and said "Call by anytime, John loves watching me being fucked". The very next day I fucked Michelle again, but it was a relative quickie, as I had college to go to. Again John watched me fuck his wife, and again he masturbated his tiny cock until he came.
    As the months have gone by, I've fucked Michelle four or five times a week. Sometimes it's the full on lick suck and fuck session with John present. Other times it's a quick fuck with him beating his meat furiously. But more frequently of late, I've been fucking Michelle alone, as John's new job takes him over to Spain for days at a time.
    There's been a twist to our sexual times together, which happened only last week. As I was fucking Michelle from behind on their bed, I felt John get up behind me, open my arse cheeks and begin to lick my arsehole. I was going to stop him, but it felt so fucking good. Letting him carry on encouraged him to probe deeper with his tongue and believe me it was amazing. When I shot my load up his wife's arse with him still tonguing mine, Michelle said "Maybe next time you could fuck John's arse".
    That next time was two days later. I didn't fuck John as Michelle and myself were enjoying ourselves too much. But with Michelle watching on I did allow john to lick and suck my dick clean after I'd finished cumming up his wife's pussy. It felt and looked weird at first, but John is a very very good cock sucker and I soon got into fucking his face. Michelle was shouting for me to cum down his throat, so after some considerable time with John taking most of my cock into his mouth, I came for second time, this time having Michelle watch her husband take my load.
    John's away at the moment, and I've just got back from fucking Michelle. It was a quick fuck as she's going out shopping with her sister. But then she's asked me if I'd stay over tonight. She also asked me as she mounted my cock on their stairs, if I'd consider fucking John when he got back. Telling me it's something they'd both like to happen. Pumping my cock hard up into her arsehole, I told her I would.
    John's home in two days time. I'm definitely thinking of fucking him as it means I can still fuck his wife. But it will mean my description of myself will change. It will obviously mean I'll become a bisexual man. But a very happy one, if it means I get to carry on fucking such a horny bitch as Michelle.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    My parents were nudists, we went to alot of nude retreats

    At 9 i had sex,,intercourse
    At 10 i had experanced group sex
    And at 11 i was into milf's and was dating one with my parents blessing
    Well the truth was she was paying me to work at her place on the weekends and after the only the first 3 hrs i was banging her and did such a good job of keeping her cumming she paid for yrs after that,

    She was 52 i was 11

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