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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 33

    Hi everyone, I'm a horny Gujarati girl from Leicester. My confession is I've been having wet dreams about my sisters husband. I'm sure I caught him looking at my peachy ass and sexy body last time they came to visit.
    My sister thinks he's such a decent man but I reckon if I showed interest that I could fuck him. What you guys think? Should I fuck him and make my sister regret ever introducing us? I've fingered my self many times imagining us going at it without anyone ever finding out.

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    Straight Female / 32

    Used, abused and very much so far, loving every second of it.
    Once Billy my husband invited two men around to have sex with me, the whole sexual power base in our marriage changed. He knew I'd had sex with men who were far larger, cock wise, then him. So after he'd pestered me for month upon month about having someone round to fuck me, I relented.
    Chris and Josh weren't what I expected once Billy had told me to get ready to be fucked. I expected men around our age to turn up at our home. Chris eighteen and Josh had just had his nineteenth birthday. Both boys are extremely fit athlete's and both believe me, are what you'd describe as extremely well endowed.
    Five months this coming weekend Billy invited them both into our home. And ten minutes after they'd said hello, I was sucking on their impressive cocks alternatively as they sat naked on our couch. I was treated to two hours of literally non stop sex. Oral, sucking on their beautiful cock. Them taking turns to feast on my pussy and arsehole, licking me the like of which I'd never experienced before, as my pussy and arse were spread wide with their fingers probing each hole. And when I'd reached my multiple whatever climax it was, Billy had them first fuck me in turn as he took pictures, then in a first for me, I was double penetrated. Sitting on Joshy's cock and then having Chris slide his huge dick up my arsehole from behind. I went orgasm crazy and carried on reaching that wonderfully strong climactic zenith over and over again.
    Then if the sexual landscape wasn't altered already, it certainly changed when both boys empted their balls deep inside my holes. I was literally oozing cum, when Chris who's a big guy ordered Billy to lick me out. My husband balked telling them it wasn't something he did. But Chris insisted and so did I. I basically told Billy if he wanted my pussy ever again, he'd have to lick and suck my pussy and arsehole clean.
    With Billy lay on his back on the rug, I had Chris and Josh help lower me over my husband's face. Squishing down onto it, I forced my husband to tongue me. And it wasn't a quick fix for him either. That's because both boys decided I'd suck them off as I stayed planted on Billy's face.
    Suitably satisfied and having cum all over my husbands face, Chris and Josh took me up to bed and had my husband drive out to get us all food. By the time he got back, I had another cum load up my arse from Chris, and had Joshua's watery cum sliding down my face onto my medium sized breasts.
    Both young men left just before eleven that night, with assurances from me we'd do it all again soon. But no sooner had they gone, Billy told me that was the only time anything like what we'd just done would happen. I agreed, but inwardly I smiled. That's because upstairs after they'd fucked me again, I put in both boys numbers into my phone.
    Billy I thought, believed I'd stayed faithful to him and our marriage. But then it was Billy who opened Pandora's sexual box for me. I was an extremely faithful wife to him, even though I'd often get chatted up by men of all ages. But in my eyes Billy's changed all that, and so far I've met the boys together around half a dozen times, and met up with Josh at least once a week since our first night where my husband was sexually humiliated.
    This isn't a confession of cheating though, as I've recently found out Billy's has been in contact with Josh this past couple of weeks, and from what I now understand he knows we've carried on having sex. Three days ago with Josh fucking my arsehole from behind in my car, he told me it's time to fuck in our home again. Telling me just before I began to orgasm, he might just cum in my husband's mouth directly. Now that's something I'd love to see.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Ashtyn Yazzie from Tuba City is a hot slut. Damn I love to watch her as she works at MCDS. She has nice young titties and a smooth legs. Damn. I'd love to her in bed for a night.

    Ashtyn plz give me a few hours?

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    Straight Male / 25

    I know this girl who works as a teacher in a small reservation town. Her name is Thaylia Keetso. Facebook her. Omg she is fucking hot. She teaches my child. I would so love to have her for the night. When I come to pick up my son I watch her.

    I can see that she has regular sized titties and a nice chubby pussy. When she bends down to pick up something I gaze down her blouse and wow - soft tits.

    Thaylia I'd love to have you for a night. I would suck your pussy for a whole hour teasing you and then move up your beautiful body kissing and licking. Yummm. Thaylia Keetso, I want to fuck you so bad mmmmmmmm


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    Straight Male / 33

    A couple of months back, maybe more recently, I posted about being worried that I couldn't make my wife cum with just my cock anymore and that she was on the way out the door to other guys. It pissed me off, made me feel super anxious, moody, and she even noticed in the bedroom I was a bit more reserved than usual. We had some conversations, she told me I was being dumb and she was satisfied, but I still couldn't get her there like that so I was still having some trouble. Something has changed in me this past little bit, and, after what I just did to her this afternoon, I don't think I have anything to worry about.

    Lately, I've been talking a lot during sex, telling her what to do and being really forceful and loud about it. While she sucks me, which she loves, I've been grabbing her little pony tail and forcing my cock into her mouth, trying to see how far I could go a few times. She's gagged a little bit, but tries to take it all nonetheless, especially when I tell her "take it, suck it now." Interesting, not the reaction I expected at all, her willingness to be submissive to me.

    I decided I was going to emulate the only male porn performer I've ever seen that I don't mind being in the scenes, this guy named Tony that creampies all these first time girls before they go into regular rotation. He moans a lot and tells them how good a job they are doing, hell he moans like a wildebeest when he unloads in them and you can tell what girls he actually likes I think (we have similar tastes). My wife has been eating that shit up, she sucks harder, faster, and jerks my cock like the little slut she was when we first got together. Again, interesting, very exciting for me. It's hard to keep from cumming all over her when she gets like that.

    Today, I flat out told her "I'm going to fuck you" while I had a handful of her hair and I had just helped her have a manual orgasm (vibrator on her clit, my fingers in her pussy, stroking away). When I slid into her, facedown ass up on her favorite sex pillow, she was soaking wet. Something came over me, and instead of being gentle like I usually am, I ended up fucking her as hard as I could after about three pumps in, the whole time moaning and breathing in her ear.

    Hard. I had ahold of the bed and was giving her everything I had, and I could tell she was loving it. She started losing it and making sounds like some kind of animal, multi-octave stuff that only meant one thing - she was cumming all over my cock. Once she hit those notes, I was over the edge and fired into her hard with a loud yell (I leaned back a bit to saver her hearing). She was still wiggling her ass and moaning, clearly coming down off her orgasm. "So much cum," all she could say while I pushed her hair back from her sweaty red face. She was drooling, not lying one bit here. "Did you get another one?" I asked her, genuinely shocked, but also fairly certain I knew the answer. "Yeah," she breathed out. I pushed that cock just a bit further in and squeezed, feeling a little cum leave me into her.

    We cleaned up, had a good dinner. Feeling pretty damn good about life right now. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much, "fragile male ego" shit for sure here. It does seem the more I focus on how good she's giving it to me instead of trying to make her cum, the better experience we're having. Hmmm...

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    Straight Female / 20

    Quite often I am home alone in the mornings as I work early or late shifts and spend some time chatting with people from around the world sometimes Australians who are up late or Americans who are up early. However a while back I chatted with an English guy who seemed to be online quite often, especially when he knew I was about.

    He was a lot older than me and seemed to like the naughty stories I would tell him about stuff I did with my friends. Sometimes if I was naked he would dare me to stand by the window and show myself to guys going past, I hid from kids and Mums. I would pretend to be involved in a call on my mobile and be distracted.

    One day a delivery man came and I had to quickly cover up to answer the door in my undies. My friend then dared me to answer the door naked the next time. I said No Way, but he teased away at me and in time I came round to the idea. I guess the mail man or a delivery guy knocks maybe two times a week as my folks shop online a lot.

    So, this day comes and I am naked in the lounge at home chatting with my friend on Messenger and I saw the mail man leave his little cart in the road and walk up our driveway with some letters and a parcel. He is a guy like my dads age, maybe a little younger and is fairly regular on the round. It just clicked and I thought, Yeah, this is the day. Itâs today or never. The bell rang and I didnât have time to tell my friend what was happening. I went to the door.

    I opened the door a little and took the parcel and letters and he said he needed a signature. My mind was like completely blank even though Iâd planned it in my head loads of times. I blurted out something like, I canât open the door, youll just have to come in, so he stepped inside. I signed his tablet and he smiled and said that this was the first time this had happened to him in 15 years and we both laughed and I said it was the first time for me too. He was cool, he certainly looked but didnât touch.

    As he was going, I just said, Iâm making tea, do you want one? He said he had to finish his round but would be done by 11, about 20 minutes later, if that was okay. I just replied âSureâ and closed the door behind him.

    I quickly messaged my friend to tell him what Id done but didnât get a message back, he must have been busy. I slipped on a sundress and got ready for the mail mans return.

    Right on time the bell rang again and I answered the door. The mail trolley was parked discretely in the drive and I invited the guy back to the kitchen and sat him at the table while I poured the tea. I took it over to him along with a plate with a couple of biscuits on and a condom in its silver wrapper. He didnât notice, or at least didnât say about the condom but sipped his tea and looked up at me. You got dressed, he said disappointedly. I told him I could take it off if he preferred, he didnât answer but just looked at me. I pulled the bodice down and exposed my titties for him, then slowly and as seductively as I could pushed the dress down till it was on the floor. He reached out and touched me as I stood in front of him, facing him with my feet a little apart all exposed. "Whats this for" he asked picking up the condom. "In case you get lucky", I replied. He looked me in the face and said, "I already did, didnât I ?" and I replied "Yes" and kind of giggled

    He sat me on the edge of the table and pushed my legs apart and stood between them. I asked him What about the condom as he rubbed the head of his growing cock up and down my pussy crack. He said he already had the kids and his wife and made him have the snip, and anyway he guessed I was already protected and I shouldnât play stupid fucking games if I wasnât prepared. He changed as he pushed me back flat on the table and his bare cock went inside me and called me very rude names, said I was a dirty little slut and worse. After a few minutes he shot a big load inside me and said I was a great fuck and had a tight little c**t .

    When he pulled out I got on my knees in front of him and licked him all clean and pulled up his pants. As he went towards the door he looked back at me with my now dripping pussy and just said Good Job and left.

    We have never repeated and if we meet in the street just say a polite Good Morning, but I know he will never forget me. My online friend was pretty shocked when I told him, I think he thought I was just bluffing. I dont bluff lol

    I just checked through this and it reads like it was really smooth and orderly, well it wasnât, there were plenty of awkward and embarrassing moments itâs just my memory kind of tidies them all up. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reliving it
    Comments Please. I love comments. I will reply ;-)

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    Straight Male / 19

    This past couple of weeks I've been fucking the shit out of our next door neighbours wife. Nothing exceptionally special you might think about that, as many horny wives are fucking younger men. Not until I tell you, I'm fucking her in front of her husband who films us having sex. She's by far the dirtiest slut I've fucked and she's always up for anal sex, something non of my previous girlfriends would let me have. That's because my dick is much larger than average. It's non of these things though that I'm here confessing. Three days ago after screwing her arsehole, making her orgasm over and over, I came up her shit box. As soon as I pulled out, she ordered him to suck my dick clean. At first I told them both to fuck off, but she told me her husband could suck cock for England. Relenting, then standing in front of him, he took hold of my dick, and I swear that man gave me the best ever blow job. For over twenty minutes he sucked on my dick so fucking amazingly until I could hold off no more, then busted my second nut of the day down his throat. Before I left their home, they told me from now on I could fuck either one of them if I wished to. Tomorrow night I'm going round to find out if I can make myself fuck another guy. We'll see.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Most weekday mornings (I worked a late shift back then) as soon as I saw his car leave for work, I'd jump over the small rear fence dividing my parents home from their neighbors, enter the neighbors home and invariably find Kim who was thirty four when we first started fucking, playing with herself in their lounge, getting herself ready for me to fuck her.
    We hardly ever from what I remember, fucked for more than thirty or so minutes, but in that time she'd cum multiple times as I pounded her mouth, pussy and asshole. I was twenty at the time, full of testosterone and couldn't get enough of the super fit, beautiful looking horny bitch. She really was one hell of dirty slut who adored my much larger cock. Telling me her husband Jack just couldn't keep her satisfied sexually.
    Every time we fucked she made damn sure I filled either her pussy or asshole, and always insisted I try at least to fill both. Some days I left my loads, fucking her twice, up both her fuck holes, other days I just came inside her pussy or ass.
    This went on for nearly two months before I discovered why her husband was so punctual. Fucking her in the kitchen, she desperately wanted to move back into the lounge, or their bedroom. However I wanted to carry on slamming my dick up her cute tight ass. She got a little annoyed and almost dragged me into the lounge, then getting me to lay down on the huge rug they had in front of the fire, she mounted my cock anally. It was then I saw the flickering of a light coming from the book shelf. Not saying anything right then, as Kim was riding my dick so good, I watched her cum on my dick and then gave her everything I had. Kim got up to answer the phone which had begun to ring, so I went to see what the light was. Noticing we'd been fucking for over an hour, I moved a book slightly and saw instantly a small camera pointing to where we'd been having sex. Putting the book back where it was, I walked out into their hallway and could hear Kim talking to her husband.
    She was telling Jack I'd cum inside her ass, and that she'd orgasmed twice. She also said "You watch him pound me later honey, and then I'll let you lick my cum soaked holes".
    Back in the lounge I didn't let on I'd discovered they were filming us fucking. And that he was using the recordings to get aroused, before eating her cum tasting pussy and ass. Over the next week I carried on fucking her, but couldn't decide if I wanted them to know, that I knew about their sexual kink.
    That decision was pretty much taken out of my hands. Fucking Kim on a very wet and windy morning, her husband walked in just as I was cumming up his wife's ass. I was so scared I almost shit myself, but Jack saw my fear and told me to calm down. He went onto tell me, they'd seen me approach the camera and knew their sexual game was up. They'd decided to see if I'd be into sharing Kim with him present. To prove the point, he got undressed quickly, lay on the rug and got Kim to sixty nine with him. With her asshole dripping my cum, he began to lick her pussy and clit, making her cry out, even though she had his smal cock in her mouth. Watching them have oral sex, plus seing him lick out my cum everytime some dripped down onto her pussy, had my cock hard in no time. Turning his slightly to look at me, he told me to slide my "length" up his wife's pussy. Not thinking but just reacting sexually, I did as he suggested and felt his tongue slide along my cock shaft as I inserted my dick back inside his wife.
    With my cock pounding into Kim, Jack began to flick his tongue over my cock and balls, as well as licking Kim's clit. Then like it was totally natural to do so, he slid my cock out of his wife's soaking c**t, and slid it right into his mouth. It was completely out of the blue and not what I'd normally find horny. but in that moment with Kims tight loking asshole pointing up at me, I allowed a man to suck on my dick and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Hearing me moaning, Kim removed herself from between us and went to sit on the sofa, playing with her pussy as her husband continued to suck on my pulsating cock. Urging him on to make me cum, I couldn't hold off anymore and pumped my seed right down his throat. Jack took every drop I had and swallowed it all. As my orgasm subsided, I looked around to see Kim reaching yet another climax from frigging her clit.
    And so for us that was it. The secret of them filming us fuck was out, as was the fact Jack had always wanted to try sucking dick. Kim couldn't have been more enthusiastic to see us having gay oral sex and even hinted at me fucking Jack some time.
    The sneaking about stopped too. I openly fucked Kim whenever wanted. Calling by whenever I was horny, or when she text me to say she wanted my dick. Some times jack was out, but more frequently he was at home and wanting to be aprt of the sex me and kim were having. Eventually it happened. Like before, Jack was sucking on my cock after I'd been fucking Kim for some time. It was Kim who suggested I finish off emptying my balls by fucking her husband.
    Jack jumped up, placed himself over the arm of their massive couch and pulled his ass cheeks apart. The invitation was there, as was the lube which Kim threw at me. My dick was aching for release, so without thinking too much about it, I lubed up y dick and his rear hole, put my cock to his asshole and thrust in. I saw Jacks face scrunch with joy, but heard Kim's voice I heard shouting out, just how fucking horny it looked to finally see her husband taking a cock up his ass.
    Twenty, twenty one, twenty two and into my twenty third year I fucked both of our neighbors, whenever I was home. Some days I'd find Jack alone and horny for my dick. We'd have mutal oral sex, something I really began to enjoy, and then I'd fuck him all over their home. Kim and I were like really cool lovers who fucked in front of Jack all of the time. She'd sometimes get me ready to fuck him too, yet after a while, the threesomes kind of stopped. It wasn't because they became jealous of each other, it was because I was getting utterly knackered. Plus my education was taking over, making our times together less frequent.
    Walking into their home one afternoon, I came across Jack being fucked by one older guy and sucking off another. That was it for me. I didn't want to risk an STD, so I got myself tested and then stayed away. Kim wanted to know why, but I avoided her. Then thought I'd better tell her in case she caught something. Again I didn't need to, as Kim had already filmed her husband being fucked by three much older men in the lounge. A few weeks later they moved out and I lost my frequent fuck partners.
    About five weeks ago, my wife (Yes I'm now married) told me we had a new neighbor. A new really good looking forty five year old finely dressed woman. The woman had bought her new apartment right opposite ours, and seeing her move some stuff in the following day, I couldn't help but be impressed by just how much she'd taken care of herself. Kim still looked as though she was much younger and her figure as always was stunning. My wife caught me looking and told me off, but also added "I found her attractive too".
    Kim and I haven't said a thing openly about our past liaisons, but we have spoken privately about our times together. She's admitted she missed me when they moved, and told me they'd now divorced as Jack was living with a guy as a gay man. She told me she was genuinely happy for him, but had to move on herself. Hence the move to area we live in now.
    In a bizarre twist, I caught my wife a few days ago leering at Kim and touching herself. Kim was bending over doing some exercises, when I caught my wife definitely rubbing her pussy, watching the woman I would still fuck, over and over again.

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    Straight Male / 36

    some friends introduced me to a girl they called big mary the only thing big about her was her huge set of tits. she was Chicago bears fan and would invite the guys and girls from our favorite watering hole to her house on sunday for the bear game and her famous spagittie dinner she always cooked she asked me to come . i said oh ya ya sure but didn't go my buddy saw me Monday he said mary was soooo let down when you didn't come over she really digs you a lot. so i went by there a few days later i ended up fucking her every which way there was. and then shes down there sucking my hard cock and next thing i feel her face between my legs she taking my big set of balls in her mouth real gentelly she did it just sucked my balls sack was a real turn on . i stayed till the next day just fucking her over and over . yeah what a nite that was .

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Aged fourteen, I licked and sucked on my first vagina. She was a lot older than me and married. And it took place at a barbecue her now ex husband held.
    At the age of fifteen I fucked my first real girlfriend, who just so happened to be the daughter of the married woman I'd tongued. We fucked on her parents bed and I couldn't help but look at her sexy mothers picture as I fucked her.
    Precisely five months later, in an old mill building being renovated, I had anal sex for the first time. Again it was with the married woman, but by then her daughter was living with her father, back in Wales.
    The following weekend in the same building, I allowed a man who is still a "Friend" of mine to suck me off until I filled his expert mouth with my sperm. He'd traveled from Wales to see his soon to be ex wife.
    Reaching nineteen years of age, I had my own place by then and was shagging the married woman two to three times a week, and on a few drunken occasions, having sex with her with a male friend of mine too.
    Life moved on as it does, and I got myself a regular boyfriend. Women and their pussy's seemed to be a thing of the past. Then late last year, the young girl I'd lost my virginity with, came right back into my life. Her mother had passed away sadly, and she wanted to know certain things. Over a very intense and long conversation, I revealed everything I thought she could handle. If anything knowing the truth about us having sex, only helped her with some knowledge she required. Over the Christmas period she moved in with us, but as I expected it might happen, I ended up in bed with her and we got caught by my then boyfriend. He wasn't into sharing (Shame), so he moved out.
    We began a very horny sexual relationship, whereby almost absolutely no boundaries were put in between us enjoying one another's bodies. And so it is today. Our relationship is still extremely sexual, yet we have to temper our lust when her father visits. And I have to make sure she doesn't find out (Although I suspect she knows), that her father still very much enjoys sucking on my cock from time to time.
    We all also have to careful, that no one outside of our sexual circle suspects I'm fucking my beautiful horny cousin, and every so often feeding my dick to my uncle.

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