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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 55

    I purposely put holes in at least six condoms and know at least three woman I knocked up. I tend to fuck bar tramps. I like how they are sluts and pretty much fuck someone different every night. My best fuck was with a bitch named Amanda. She was a bar troll who flirted for free drinks and would go home with someone different every night. It happen to hear her talking to a friend about how she made sure she always had condoms. She would go down to the free clinic and get them. I went to the clinic and got several, went home and doctored them. It took a while of buying her drinks and getting myself with her at the right time but finally got her. We both did some serious licking and sucking and I moved to fuck her. She reached in her purse and handed my a condom. I dropped the one she gave me and pulled my doctored one out of my sock. With a grin on my face I slid my cock in her c**t and fucked her hard. I knew I was going to shoot a thick load so when I came I shoved in deep. After laying there catching my breath I got up and went in the bathroom. I was shocked. The hole I had put in the rubber had stretched. The head of my cock was fully uncovered. I pulled what was left of the rubber off and dropped it in the toilet and flushed. Several months later Amanda was pregnant and stressed out wondering who the father was.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I am a Latino girl, 50% Colombian father and 50% Mexican mother. I was born here while my parents were in graduate school. I grew up in Colombia with my father's family. I went to college in Boston and I am currently working in New York.

    Whereas I am assertive and outgoing publically I become totally submissive to older Latino men, especially men who have money. I am very submissive to my father, so it fits. Part of me wants to scream and part of me wants to be hugged and petted. Being petted makes me want to go further, get kissed and worse. After I let myself be petted and more I scream (when he is no longer present).

    There is one man, an old friend of my father's who pets me and I go to bed with him. I have been in love with him since I was three. I first went to bed with him after I graduated from college and moved to New York. When he talks to me or wants me to be with him I am totally submissive, emotionally, socially and sexually. I love being submissive sexually, he is a dominant man and that includes making love. With him I never feel like screaming. Being his feels good, but I know it is because I am in love with him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Hey Iâm so horny right now! Last night a friend of mine give me a little bit of speed. itâs made me so horny. All day Iâve been pulling my hard cock. 3 loads so far. Does anybody else get crazy horny when on the gear? I would love to send a few dick pics or sext with someone

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    Straight Female / 54

    Because my second husband no longer desires sex (Loves his fishing) and I still do, he has no qualms about me entertaining much younger men. The young men I have sex with, are friends of my nineteen year old grandson Edd. He's such a dish himself, and knows two of his friends are my regular sex partners. And that to him is fine. Yet we both (Edd and I) know soon enough it will be him and me who are fucking to our hearts content. He's staying over more and more these days and only a fortnight ago I caught him sniffing some of my used panties, as he stroked his cock. He made out it was just him masturbating without my underwear, but we both knew I saw him. He didn't however hide away from me as he lay on his bed, and even let me watch him cum. His step granddad will be taking a fishing trip soon. I've already made my mind up, it will be then when I offer all of myself to my grandson.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I have been reading Adult confession for 4 years or more. Just wanted to know if

    there are people in my area that are also been reading those confessions to. The

    the area is Johnson City Ten. hello.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Sex with my coworker. He came to work after I did and I was given the responsibility of showing him around, including how to access department files on the computer. We were together all day. He suggested that we go out, I told him no in a polite way but he insisted so we went to this small wine bar close to the office. We had a few glasses, I suppose too many glasses, he was holding me, his arm around my waste, then his two arms around my head against the wall, he leaned in and kissed me. All my bells sounded but he held me there and kissed me again. We went outside behind the bar and I gave him a blow job.

    He took me home and fucked me as soon as we got in the door. I got eaten later on and fucked again in the morning before we had to go to work. At work I felt I had to go to lunch with him, on the way back to the office he insisted on holding my hand to cross the street. He came over to my place that afternoon after work and he fucked me without even taking my clothes off. He fucked me again after dinner and in the morning he asked for a blow job.

    Third day he was at work and he took me back to his place instead of mine. He only had rented furniture and he didn't have anything there to eat or drink. We just picked up his clothes and we went back to my place to fuck, eat dinner and fuck again. This time in the wee hours of the morning he woke me up and he was hard and started to mess around inside my pussy, but my back was to him and he slipped his dick out and found my butt. I said no but then I said go ahead and I got my first ass fucking. After he finished we went into the shower to wash off and he turned me against the wall in the shower and got down and ate my ass, I also had to swallow his tongue right after he licked my ass.

    On the fourth day we went to this hamburger place for lunch and this cashier had tattoos all up and down her arms and he asked me if I had ever thought about a tattoo. I said I hadn't really, but I didn't think it was bad so that night after work he took me to a tattoo parlor and told me it was going to be a surprise and he had my panty line tattooed with something to remember him by, his name. I could only see it in the mirror but his whole name, first middle and last was tattooed on my behind. That way if someone got close to me I would show them his name and they would know I was spoken for. That night he went straight for my ass and this time he gave me a new asshole. I also got another ass eating in the shower and sucked his dick in the shower, I didn't even think about it but he had just fucked me in the ass.

    Day five and it was Saturday and I woke up with a dick on my mouth. I had to swallow his dick, I wasn't very good at it and gagged but I got it down. He told me he wanted to tattoo me again so after lunch he took me down to the same tattoo parlor and tattooed me with Chinese characters on my spine that say I am a given woman. We went out to dinner, this time to a nice place and he had me wear an open back shirt and keep my hair up so anyone who knows anything could see that I was given. I don't know how many people speak Chinese but I did it anyway. That night we fucked normally and he ate me normally and I sucked him normally, just like two people should, no ass fucking or ass eating or anything like that.

    I am more or less stuck to him, his apartment is an address only, he pretty much lives with me and he has the run of the place, and he has full access. My tattoos have healed, I can't see them but he says he likes them. My hair covers the tattoo on my spine and my clothes cover the tattoo on my behind, but I know what they say and he likes to look at them when he is washing my back or getting on me from behind. It must be a man thing, labeling me like that. I just wish I could see them without a mirror, I just can't turn my head around to read my backside tattoo, I know I can't ever see the one on my spine without a mirror and I can't read it anyway.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    It was late evening, my parents were on vacation , my younger brother Carlos who is 16 was studying in the drawing room with his classmate Nicola, it was a tiring day for me so I told Carlos that I am taking a long nap , I must have slept for an hour or so and was woken by sounds of giggling and laughter , I had left the door ajar , I tiptoed to take a peek, what I saw left me aghast

    Carlos was naked his penis was erect and huge { never seen him naked since he was a toddler } Nicola was on her knees and was preforming oral sex , my heartbeats raced while my eyes was glued on Carlos`s cock, I never had seen or had such huge and fat cock in my entire life, after a while Carlos asked Nicola to be on her all 4`s, she complied and Carlos entered her from behind , he was fucking her hard and expertly , my cheeks were redder than ripe tomatoes and was all drenched down there , he kept on fucking her as if there`s no tomorrow , since he was doing bare-back pulled his cock out, stroked it few times and came on her buttocks , his cum spurts were never ending

    I quietly closed the door lay in bed smiling, feeling happy for my brother and his massive cock as he`s going to make lots of girls happy

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    Now I'm wondering do all mothers do this when I was younger I came home from school to find the living room empty I lived with my mother my younger sister and my mother's boyfriend at the time I will walk towards the bathroom and see the door kind of crack to the room I Pekin with one eye to see my little sister with her panties pulled down underneath gagging on my mom BF cock and my mom pushing her head for him I couldn't believe what I was seeing I mean here's my sister little sister being m****ted and my mom participating and I felt guilty because rather than put a stop to it I began to jack off I watch until my sister made a loud gag reflex and I see a bunch of white slimy substance spew on the side of her lips and rather than do anything about it I went to the bathroom to finish what I was doing to the memory of what I just saw and Tool the thoughts of it being me instead of him later I would talk to my sister starting off sounding concern but ending up putting my cock in her mouth but I gave her anything that I would do to her I would also have her get a return to so when she said cock I ain't pussy when she swallows c** I'll let you know needless to say just became my favorite activity and she would constantly make up reasons for my mom to have to dude house and then walk up to be and asked me if I wanted her 2 suck my dick in exchange for me 2 make her pee pee she said constantly to where I began to feel m****ted later on in life we attempted to talk about the situation that I originally saw but every time we begin to subject we end up without Parts attached to each other not that I'm complaining but I'm just wondering if it's normal to react to the abuse of one sibling by arousal and to all mothers approve of these situations because it's not the first time that I have such things

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    Straight Male / 29

    We're away on a short trip to Prague. My wife as usual is feeling horny, so knowing there is a small balcony outside our room, even though it's cold, she wants me to fuck her outside. She's braver than me, taking all her clothing off, after we've had a long period of oral sex on the bed. Stepping outside completely naked, I follow her out wearing a t-shirt and sporting my rock hard cock. She leans over the balcony rail and spreads her legs inviting me to fuck her from behind. Just as my cock bottoms out up her hot soaking wet c**t, we both look to our left as we hear noises and see and older man on the balcony next door. He's stood semi naked like myself, jerking off the biggest cock I've ever seen and he's looking directly at us fucking. I go to pull out and begin to apologize, but my wife tells me to carry on fucking her as she's close to climax. I do as she asks and sure enough she orgasms on my cock. Again about to pull out, she holds me into her by reaching back and gripping my arse. At the same time she shouts over to the older man "Do you like what you see". In a foreign accent, he replies "I'd fuck you deeper and harder". My wife turns to me and asks if he can fuck her.
    I'm now stood in the doorway of the balcony watching a strangers huge cock spear my wife's pussy and arsehole from behind, and it looks fucking amazing. His cock is far larger than mine and his cock has my wife orgasming over and over again, as he fucks both her holes extremely hard. I haven't cum yet myself, so my dick is pulsing like crazy as I play with it. Then screaming out another orgasm, she tells the man to cum if he wants, and he promptly like its all been planned, cums deep up my wife's dripping c**t. No sooner does he pull out, she tells me to slip mine in and informs him, it's time for him to go. As he leaves telling my wife she's one dirty bitch, thanking her for the booking, she leads us both back into our room and onto the bed. Laying on her back she has me enter her again and I fuck my wife missionary until I drop my load up her already cum filled hole.
    It's not over though. Pulling out, I'm about to lay next to her, when she gets up, has me lay back and climbs up to squat over my face. Sinking down, she smothers my face with her pussy and arsehole and orders me to lick her out. I spend the next ten to fifteen minutes tonguing my wife's cum laden pussy, and then we kiss like new lovers for the next ten minutes. By then my cock is hard again and my wife mounts me and rides my cock anally, ever so slowly. Once I cum in her again, she does the same thing, squatting over my face and having me tongue out her love holes. Only then does she tell me Thomas the man next door is her birthday present from me, even if she did arrange it all herself.
    This all took place last December in Prague. In a weeks time were flying out to Germany and it's her birthday again. I know as I've checked the area we're going to, there is a well known club, for couples who like to share. Or more to the point, It's a place where married men take their wives to be fucked by men who have much larger cocks than they do. I checked it all out because she left the page up on the internet last week. Since then we've fucked every day and night, and she's only getting hornier and hornier each night.

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    Straight Male / 29

    Well I went and did it. I have in to my carnal side. I signed up for get life and posted the ad Iâve always wanted to.

    Hereâs what it said. Only I took out the locations.


    Single 29yr male living in the cbd. Right near xxxx park

    My apartment has a sauna in the gym that no one ever uses.

    Looking for casual/ongoing arrangement around the pool and sauna.

    There are so many legal firms around my area and Iâm always seeing stunning woman dressed up and walking around. A fantasy was bound to happen.

    You take a lunch break and meet me at my apartment. Catch the elevator with me to the gym and we go for a swim. Pretending to be just about our regular lunch time routine. Then move to the sauna where I would go down until you moaned.

    Open to females and couples. But no single males please.

    Actually itâs a fantasy of mine to watch a couple f**k in the sauna while I watch.

    Iâm open to any stories/suggestions/comments that anyone wants to share also.

    Donât be shy


    Iâve been so aroused all morning waiting for a reply or for anything at all to happen. I donât want to masturbate at all because itâs not even as close to the excitement of the real thing. Hoping some exciting stories will follow. Iâll comment them if they do.

    Sincerely yours gaffa

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