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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    When I was 14 in high school my best friend was a girl in my grade. She started dating a 28 year old drug dealer in grade 9. The first night I met him he got me to watch my friend give him a nlowjob and he had a massive dick. We remained friends for many years. When I was 15 he took me to a house of a couple in their 40s to sell them coke. They cooked it into crack and smoked in front of us. They made me try it to. His wife stood in front of me and held the pipe and lit it for me.

    As I exhaled and felt insanely high his wife kneeled between my legs and stated rubbing my cock. Her husband said he wanted to watch me fuck his wife. I got turned on by the thought as she was very gorgeous. Long brown hair, big tits and nice curves. She took my cock out and started sucking it. Her husband was loving it and took his out too. She asked me if I ever sucked a dick before and I said no. She asked to see me suck her husbands dick. I agree and moved onto the couch beside him. My friend with the big dick also took his cock out and she started sucking him watching me suck her husband. After about five minutes he had to cum. He sat up and straddled my thighs and jerked his load out all over my cock which I thought was super hot. I suggested my friend do the same so he did.

    Laying on the couch having my rock hard cock covered entirely in two guys hot loads made me so horny. His wife straddled me and started riding me, using their cum as lube. It didn't take long for me to cum too. I blew several hot loads into her pussy at her husbands request then he ate her out.

    Again I was only 15 and they were in their forties so this was exciting. I started visiting them almost every weekend. Sometimes sleeping at their place all weekend in bed with them. one time had a party at their place and me and about 10 friends gangbanged her while her husband watched.

    I had experiences like that all through high school, now in the older guy with younger people. My gf is still in high school and I love watching her fuck guys she goes to school with on my bed. I even once invited her gym teacher over to fuck her.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Being married sex is not as commonplace as I would like. I like to come on here and read the Gay and bisexual stories. Hearing guys first gay experiences gets me horny as hell. A part of me wonders what it would be like to give head, what was your first time like?!

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    A while ago I was hanging out with my friend who I had a crush on and we were chilling on my bed, just talking and joking as you do. I left to go to the toilet and came back with my laptop moved. I thought nothing of it and we continued talking.

    A few weeks later I was watching porn and mastubating when I saw the little light that tells you your webcam is on was on. I didn't know what to do. I was scared that some creep was watching me. So I turned off the computer and called my friend (the same one) for help but she didn't pick up, I texted her asking her for advice and she responded a few minutes later with "its probably nothing but bring it round and I'll have a look" so I did and she said the light was just turning on for no reason so I went back home.

    A few days later I masturbated again and the light was on but I ignored it until the computer went thump and some girls voice went "oh shi-" before another thump. Someone was DEFINITELY watching me and had accidentally in muted themselves! I called my friend and they told me to not put my computer on and come round hers so she could tell me something.

    When I got round she looked really upset. I asked what's wrong and she explained how she felt really guilty but she had messed with my computer and she had been watching me get dressed, maturbate, sleep and read!

    I didn't know whether to feel scared, angry or weirdly turned on...
    She explained how she was desperate to see me naked and how she was incredibly sorry.
    Some people might say I'm stupid or messed up but I said it's fine and that she can watch and film me masturbating and it evolved into a sexual relationship. We now film sex tapes and watch them.

    Does this make us weird? I'm not sure.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I love having my asshole licked. I have no interest in anal sex per se. I just love having my asshole licked. My wife wants nothing to do with that activity. I can't really blame her. More people like getting their asshole licked than like licking it. we've been married for 7 years and dated for three years before that. It's been 11 years since anyone licked my ass.

    So my wife and I got a new neighbor. She's a widow in her fifties who moved into the house next door. So we invited her over for dinner. After a lot of conversation and a little drinking and more conversation and more drinking somehow we got to the topic of various sexual activities that we enjoy and my wife volunteers that I adore having my asshole licked but she thinks it's disgusting and won't. That is when our new neighbor confesses that her favorite thing in the world is to lick a guy's asshole and she adds "especially if he has an ass as sexy as yours."

    Well the conversation didn't really go much further than that awkward part and being married I'm used to having to live without some activities that I enjoy. Any guy who is married knows what I'm talking about. Then a few months later at the conclusion to my birthday party, my wife told me she had a surprise birthday gift or rather our neighbor had one. Turns out the two have been conspiring and so my wife told the neighbor that she could borrow my asshole for the night. That's right, my special birthday gift was that my wife let the woman next door spend the night licking my asshole. I couldn't do any other sexual thing with her which is just as well as she isn't my type otherwise. But boy her tongue was amazing. I fell asleep after a few hours, woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night with her tongue still going at it and then she woke me up in the morning with her talented tongue and I just lay there for a few more hours with her tongue blissfully licking away at my asshole. She didn't even complain when I farted a few times and in fact that seemed to make her lick all the more enthusiastically.

    That was the best birthday gift ever.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    A couple of months ago I went to my senior prom, in drag. Let me explain.

    My girlfriend and boy friend are also dating each other. We're a triple. Not a couple, a triple. I've been dating our girlfriend for two years and a year ago our boyfriend joined us. It was our girlfriend's idea but it was a good idea. We both think he is gorgeous and when we found out he was bi we just had to ask him out on a date. Now I've always been a bit fem, short, skinny and long dark brown hair. Our girlfriend is a blond and is taller than me and of course much curvier. Our boyfriend is much taller than us and very muscular.

    Everyone knows we're a triple. We hang out together all the time and go on three way dates all the time so nobody was shocked when we went to the prom together. But since I'm very feminine both in looks and size and shape and manerisms our girlfriend suggested I go in drag. The moment she said it I said "FABULOUS!" And so we went shopping for prom dresses together. She helped me pick out mine and I helped her pick out hers and our boyfriend was bored because he doesn't like shopping but we picked out a pink tux for him to wear. He looked fabulous in it a well.

    So on the night of the prom our girlfriend and I both put our names in for prom queen and we almost won. I came in second and she came in third but another girl won. That's O.K. we didn't mind since she was disabled and most people voted for her because we wanted her to have a really good prom. But we were part of the court and got to have the prom court photo taken so we had that and lots of other pics of us. The photographer was a bit confused when we got our official prom photo taken with the three of us. That was a bit funny.

    That night we had a hotel room that our parents got us for the weekend. We had a blast and of course we enjoyed our first all night sex session without having to worry about parents being around. There were lots of other students in our class who were staying at that hotel since it's the nicest one in town and a few came knocking on our door to find out if we wanted to play with them. One cute boy and two cute girls joined us but we are selective of who we fuck. It was a nice orgy for a while. One of the girl spent Friday night and had breakfast with us but the other two were a couple and they had their own room and disappeared around three am.

    Anyway I thought I'd share my prom experience being a girl for the night with my two prom dates.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    Three or four times a year dependent on finances and time off work, my wife Julie who's thirty two and I will travel down to a caravan park and stay for a week. We used to have to pay to stay on the site, but these days we get one of, if not the best static carvan there. And we pay nothing. The reason for this over the last four years, Julie has been fucking the owner of the site with my permission and usually with me watching. As he's married and his wife knows nothing of our deal (I think), it's not always possible for him to fuck her every night we stay, so some nights I give her a free pass to fuck anyone she wishes. There's a few pubs close to the caravan park and a night club. Guaranteed every night, if she's not fucking the site owner, Julie will end up with normally a younger guy to have sex with. She's an attractive woman with a very high sex drive, one which I cannot match anymore. So speaking openly four years ago, we decided and agreed each time we visit the adults only caravan park, she can fuck who she likes.
    In those four years I've watched over twenty different men fuck my wife, with one evening last year, her taking on three young men at the same time. They were all older teenagers and each one fucked her mouth pussy and arse. The following night and the reason I now put myself down as bisexual, one of the teenagers stayed overnight with us. During the time they were having sex, Julie had me lick her pussy as he carried on fucking her arsehole. His cock slipped out and I instinctively sucked it into my mouth. He didn't seem to mind, so every so often I slid his dick out of Julie and sucked it clean of my my wife's juices. When he eventually came up Julie's gorgeous arse, my wife asked me to do something she'd never asked before, she asked me if I'd lick her out. For the next ten minutes I licked and sucked on my wife's pussy and arse and drank down any cum that flowed out of her rear hole.
    The following morning it was pissing down, so I offered the local lad a lift home leaving Julie to her hangover. Half way to his parents house, we stopped in a lay by and I sucked him off, swallowing his cum as I didn't want any getting on the seats.
    In a fortnights time we're travelling down to the caravan park again. The owner has already told us his wife will be away for three days when we arrive, so I guess for three nights Julie and her mouth pussy and arsehole will be all his. And for once I'll be leaving them alone on one of those nights, as I've got myself a night with a young man who's cock I've already sucked. Not sure yet if I'm going to let him fuck me, but hey, you never know...

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    Straight Female / 53

    My name is Marian, I'm fifty three, married and have three grandchildren by two daughters. My husband's libido and ability to even get an erection went about six or seven years ago, yet my sex drive has never once dropped.
    When we first stopped having sex, I'd use all sorts of things to fuck myself with, but I missed the human contact and if I'm honest, I also missed being down right dirty. Dildo's, vibrator's and my imagination was all I had for some time. Then out of the blue two years ago, my semi retired husband took up golf and I found myself with lots of time on my hands. Messing about on the internet one afternoon after I'd just dropped one of the grand kids off at nursery, I looked through some porn sites and then looked at a contact site. Deciding there and then to chance it, I joined, putting in my profile and then did something I'd never done before. Getting naked I took some very horny pictures of myself and uploaded them to my profile. Within half an hour I had five men wanting to contact me. Within two hours I'd swapped some more pictures I'd taken fucking myself with a dildo, with a young guy called Tom. He sent me pictures of himself masturbating and also of himself cumming onto what looked like a computer desk.
    Before I logged off, I asked him if he'd like to meet in person. We set a date for the very next day, knowing my husband would be out playing golf and I didn't have any parental responsibilities. Tom arrived just before lunch, and ten minutes later I had a twenty four year olds face between my legs and he was lapping at my pussy and clit as if we'd been having sex for years. It felt divine after so long, so it didn't take me too long at all to climax, and I kept on climaxing as Tom didn't relent once, from licking and sucking on my huge engorged clit.
    Yet I wanted the ultimate sexual act, I wanted fucking and I'd already seen his beautiful cock in the pictures we'd swapped. Removing the rest of his clothing and his boxers, we moved into a sixty nine and I spent an absolute age sucking on my first cock for nearly seven years. By the time Tom wanted to bury his cock up me, I must have licked kissed and gently bitten every single inch of his long throbbing cock.
    Tom got me kneel up on the couch. Standing behind me, I thought he was going to thrust his cock straight into my pussy, but I was wrong. He did enter my pussy but not with his cock at first. Sliding what felt like his whole hand slowly into my soaking wet folds, Tom began to finger fuck me and fuck me hard. He absolutely pumelled my pussy with his fingers, making me shake violently with yet another orgasm. Then quickly removing his fingers, he replaced them with his cock.
    Keeping still inside my pussy, I wondered what he was doing. That was until I felt his wet fingers, two I think, enter my arsehole. As soon as his finger slid right up my bum, he began to fuck my pussy. As one hole got fucked the other hole was almost pulled out of, and so on and so on for easily fifteen minutes. I was in sexual heaven by then, and had cum again. His cockmwas driving me wild with lust and his fingers just brutilised my arsehole. He didn't go easy on me at all, and I loved it. Tom might have looked geeky, he might not be anyone idea of an Adonnis, yet that afternoon in our loung, that beautiful young man made a grandmother extremely happy.
    Telling me he wanted to cum, I told him to replace his fingers with his cock. Slipping out of my pussy, he instantly fed his cock right back up my arsehole. Shagging me for all he was worth, I felt his cock explode up my bum and it was the best feeling I'd had in years. Rubbing my own clit as he fucked me, I came only moments after he flooded my rear with his hot sticky cum.
    From then on Tom became a very frequent visitor to our home. I always knew the day before when my husband was playing golf, so it made it easy to text Tom to tell him when he could call round. For eighteen months we had an affair and with each day of sex, we only got more and more lurid with each other. I truly love hard dirty sex, so it was a shame when Tom's work moved much further away. We did occasionally meet up for sex, often outdoors, but those times became less frequent. Eventually we stopped seeing each other. But it didn't stop me from having more fun.
    Instead of using the internet, fearing someone might recognize me I began to become more bold when I was out and about. You'd be surprised or maybe you wouldn't, just how many married men are out there are willing to have a quick no strings fuck, with a very horny slim reasonably good looking grandmother. Believe me I've met men in supermarkets, walking my dog, at a bank one day and the usual, at a bar I like every now and then going into.
    Over the past twelve months or so, I've had sex with eight different men. Ranging from seventeen to fifty eight. All of them have been more than keen to fuck me as I like to be fucked, and all of them to a man have fucked me more than once. At this present time I'm involved with two men. Both of them are in sexless marriages and both of them know about the other. I've not yet had a threesome, but then again I suppose I haven't asked. Maybe this coming weekend when my husband plays in his society game, I'll invite both of my lover around.
    So my advise if anyone wants it, is to go out there if your horny and wanting fun. Get chatting to people depending on your sex and what you like. And make damn sure they know you're up for a damn hard dirty fucking. It works for me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    How fucking weird is this shit.
    Two days ago I was fucking a very horny dirty bitch who I knew was married, but not who to. Fucking her asshole after nearly an hour of sex with her, her husband walks in. Not seeing or hearing him, I came up his wife's ass.
    He goes ballistic, and everyone jumps. Then he shuts the fuck up as our eyes meet. His wife begins to make excuses, but he tells her it's ok. He walks out of the room, she shrugs at me and asks what has just happened. I dress quickly, kiss her and leave.
    Around thirty minutes later I get this text "You dirty bastard. When you said you were fucking a married slut, I didn't expect that slut to be my wife. Meet you later, hope you've saved some cum for me".
    In a car park by a lake, I have the husband of the wife I've earlier fucked, sucking my cock. I've not even showered, so he's tasting his own wife's ass on my dick. Then telling him exactly what I did with his wife earlier, I fucked him in the back seat of their car.
    He's since told me I can carry on fucking his wife, as long as she doesn't find out about us.
    Totally wierded out by it all, I can tell you.

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    Straight Male / 52

    The year was 1984. I had just been released from prison in Florida. I did the entire 5 years I was sentenced to so there was no probation and they don't do parole in Florida. My crime? Fucking my underage girlfriend. Yes I like them young but she came onto me so I figured if they want it they are old enough to get it. That, by the way, is the opinion of the majority of people on this planet albeit not in this country.

    So they released me. I took the bus to the Salvation Army 150 miles away near where I used to live. They first helped me get a job which paid twice minimum wage. Having worked in the machine shop in the prison helped. Then they helped me get a place to live. After a few weeks I got settled in and had my first pay check where it wasn't all earmarked for bills.

    I checked the local paper and found an ad for the nearest strip club. I had 5 years of pent up sexual frustration where my only sexual relief was the occasional wet dream. In that particular prison we lived in dorms of 300 men where the latrine was open to the dorm and so there was ZERO privacy. NO jerking off. If you are caught jerking off you get written up and spend the rest of your time doing punishment duty. And there was no place else to jerk off.

    I cashed my pay check and took the bus to that nearest strip club and paid the dollar cover. It was 5pm and Friday so the place was filling up quickly. I hadn't been in a strip club since I was in my twenties. I usually didn't go to them but I was desperately horny and I didn't have time to seduce a woman.

    I settled down in a quiet dark corner where I could scope things out and check out the girls and see which one I might want to take to the back room where they did private booth dances. some girls would give you a blow job. Some would fuck you and some had a hands off policy. I wanted to observe some and how they interacted with the men before picking one because I didn't have enough money to take each one back one at a time until I found the right one.

    Sometimes you have to lower your standards a little in the looks department to find a friendly one who would fuck you. There is no point picking a pretty flower if it has no smell to it. So I concentrated on women a little older than me and less pretty. One stripper, a reasonably pretty brunette with sagging tits and a bit chubbier than you usually find at strip clubs looked somewhat forlorn. She approached one customer and tried to give him a lap dance but he shooed her away. She whispered into another customer's ears while feeling him up and he took her hand off his crotch and told her to get lost. I think he might have been slightly drunk, something no stripper want to be because that causes them to lose control and that means less money for them and the club. That was the perfect girl for me but I wanted her to approach me. Five minutes later she had made her way to me, plopped down in my lap and asked if I was fun. Yup, she was tipsy. I asked if she was fun and she licked my ear and told me I'd have to find out. She didn't even wait for me to say yes. She led me to the back where there were private dancing booths and I paid the bouncer his five dollar tip and we locked ourselves inside. I barely had time to sit down when she removed her bra and panties leaving her only in garter belt, fishnets and matching pumps. She climbed in my lap and squirmed around to the beat of the music the DJ was playing, took my hands and placed them on her tits and asked me to massage them. I hadn't had tits in my hands for more than five years. I played them like a fiddle. Then she guided one of my hands to her pussy. I immediately stuck my finger up inside her. She said it felt good and then began undoing my pants. In seconds she was kneeling on the floor giving me head while I played with her hair. One thing about older plainer women, they give better head. She sucked my average throbbing cock for the rest of the song and then got up on me again and sat down on my cock until I was all the way inside her. She forgot to put a condom on me but I didn't care. I was desperate to cum in her. She kissed me while I was twisting her nipples. Strippers NEVER kiss you. We fucked through five songs before I came in her. I don't know by what miracle I held out that long. I had a five year pair of blue balls. It was the best cum in my life period. It was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had. For a moment I thought I might have blew my balls off I came so hard. When she got off me there was a puddle of come in the chair and it was dripping down both thighs and dripping out of her onto the floor.

    "Wow baby, has it been a while?" I told her I just got out of prison and hadn't cum in years. I thought she was going to cry hearing that. So we cleaned up and she led me back to the lounge. I could have been done right there but my cock was still hard and I knew I'd be good for another go in an hour and since she was so good I was willing to have another go at her if she was still there. Then she wandered off the the dressing room dripping cum on the floor on the way back. That's when I remembered I had forgotten to tip her. What surprised me was she also forgot and strippers NEVER forget to ask for their tip which by my estimate should have been about $20. So far I'd spent $6 for the best fuck of my life.

    So I sat there to watch the show as the strippers all eventually made their way around to me to collect their dollar tips after a minute of squirming in my lap or bouncing their tits in my face. Then a pretty young brunette with perky B cup tits sat down in my lap. "Hiya sweetie. Are you fun?" Well that sounded familiar. She looked vaguely familiar but by then I'd had two dozen girls take a seat in my lap so I was having a difficult time figuring out why she seemed familiar. Another thing about her is she seemed a bit young to be stripping. Had I seen her on the street or in the park or grocery store I might have guessed she was no older than 15 or 16 but I also hadn't seen a girl in person in over five years so I attributed my observation of her age to my incarceration.

    As she was squirming in my lap doing far more to earn her dollar tip than any of the other girls, the tipsy brunette whom I had fucked the hour before strutted up to us and said "I see you've met my daughter, if you're nice to her she's more fun than I am." And with that she leaned in and kissed me full on the lips then turned to her daughter and kissed her daughter full on the lips and obviously slipped her some tongue and took a feel of her tit while she was at it.

    Her Daughter asked if I'd like to go to the back room and naturally I said yes.

    She was even faster than her mom. She didn't even wait for me to sit down before she was completely naked pushing me into the same chair I'd sat in before and she climbed into my lap and began licking around in my mouth. I felt her up and she pushed her wet pussy onto my fingers. Unlike her mom, she was tight, very tight, almost like a virgin. I played with her wonderful tits and she reached between my legs and felt me up. She skipped the blow job and climbed aboard sinking down on my cock taking me all the way inside. She was way way tighter than her mom. She was even tighter than my old underage girlfriend I went to prison for fucking. I could barely hold back before cumming after about five minutes of her cervix strangling my cock while she tried desperately to lick her way down my throat. Even after cumming in her she didn't want to stop but instead kept fucking me until she came. Good thing she was lubed and I was still horny. We emerged from the booth to find her Mom waiting for us outside. We kissed good night and then her mom kissed me good night and then the daughter didn't wait for her mom to finished and she slipped her tongue back in along side her Mom's tongue. After another minute they finished and said a final good night before heading off to their dressing room.

    AS for me I took a piss in the men's room before heading out. I didn't expect to see any girls as friendly as that mother and daughter team and two cums was a pretty good Friday night even for an ex con fresh out of prison. I decided to call it a night and went out to the bus stop to see if there were any more buses that night or if I'd have a long walk home. I was there for about twenty minutes beginning to think I was going to walk home when a sedan pulled up to the bus stop, a window rolled down and a young brunette with perky tits asked if I needed a ride home. Me being no dummy, I said yes and got in. There was another brunette in the back seat and he looked like the younger version of the one sitting in front of me. We exchanged greetings and it was about then when it dawned on me that I hadn't tipped the daughter for fucking me either. I was a little nervous having a tipsy woman drive us home. We pulled into a driveway before I realized I hadn't told them where I lived.

    "Well you coming sweetie?" The mom asked. I got out and followed them into the house.

    "This is my daughter Amy and Sandra you've already met" she said with a giggle. In the light of the house Amy looked about twelve and now with the brighter light her sister looked even younger than I though, fourteen maybe. "And I'm Amanda, Kitty is my stage name." I hadn't known her or her daughter's stage name. Maybe they told me but I was too horny to file it away in my memory banks.

    I had no idea what was going to happen. It was around 8 O'clock and the girls worked the day shift which ended around 7 pm. Usually the best time to go is late at night because the girls who didn't make much money get desperate and start offering sex favors for cheap but I hadn't spent $30 for the night. That's a really cheap night at a strip club.

    I was offered a seat on the sofa and then the two sisters sit down on either side of me while mom disappeared. Sandra told her sister that I was a really good kisser and a good fuck. I was an average fuck. A desperate fuck but an average one. But Amy didn't want to take her sister's word for it, she climbed into my lap to see for her self. In went the tongue and back up went my cock. I heard a throat clear and tipsy Mom had returned wearing the same lingerie she had on when she gave me a lap dance. Amy made no move to remove her tongue. That's when her mom took my hands and placed them on her daughter's ass, you know, the 12 year old's ass! She was totally O.K. with her preteen daughter tongue fucking a much older man.

    "So how long were you in for?" Mom asked. I was surprised that she asked that question.

    "A little over five years."

    That's when she leaned in and first whispered something into Sandra's ear then Amy's and in a flash both were naked crawling all over me. As for Mom, she got on her knees and started sucking me again. Both daughters licked their way back into my mouth while I reached for their pussies. A few moments later Amy climbed into my lap and gave me her hymen to bust through. I didn't even last two minutes with those flesh covered vice grips crushing my cock milking the sperm from my balls. The youngest fuck I'd ever had before that was her sister. Now Amy was filled with my cum. I had worked my way down the family tree and now Mom was trying to lick my ear drum while Sandra was giving my other ear a blow job.

    Later the next morning at breakfast they explained that they do this once in a while when they spot a recently released ex con they like to have fun with him but Amy hadn't participated before. I had been her first. I spent the weekend with the three of them cumming in all their holes before I got done and then they gave me a ride home and told me to not be a stranger. So they didn't forget to ask for a tip. They were deliberately fucking me for free. Mom pointed me out to her daughter in the club and she found her way to me and fucked me for free on purpose. What a welcome back to freedom!

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    Straight Male / 19

    I've been dosing my Mom with ghb when she gets drunk and fucking her. I've even dressed her in lingerie. I always put her clothes back on and she just thinks she had to much the night b4.

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