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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My girl friends and I returned back from a short Spanish holiday, this time last year. It's in a place where hedonism is kind of expected and sort after. And before we went, we nearly all agreed we'd have sex with as many guys as possible, keeping score. All except my older sister Amy, who was with her boyfriend of two years.

    Within the first few hours I had a Spanish guy checking me out near the pool. We'd not long unpacked and my room mate Lucy was telling me he couldn't stop looking at me as I lay next to my sister. Thinking of our challenge, I walked over to him and told him to meet me in our room in ten minutes. After sucking on his above average sized cock for less than five minutes, he came all over my face and that was it.

    Over the next couple of days, each of the girls, except Amy, went with lads around our age or a little older and had casual sex. My angle was to pick out older men after the debacle of the lad at our hotel pool. And I must say I had some really hard sex one night with an older Brazilian man in his forties.

    The last night there, Amy was ill and stayed in. We all persuaded Ryan her boyfriend to come out with us and he said he would, but only for an hour or so. My friends began their man hunt, drinking in bar after bar, but I really felt bad on Ryan, so I asked him if he'd like to remain in the first bar with me. We chatted as we drank and out of nowhere he asked me if I'd enjoyed having sex with any of the men I'd been with. I told him I'd bragged a lot, but I'd actually only had full sex with one person, explaining the failure to have intercourse with the Spanish guy. Ryan put his hand to my face stroked along my neck line and told me he'd never allow himself to be so selfish with a beautiful girl like me, and if he took me to bed, he'd have me orgasming all night.

    Telling him it was the drink speaking, my sisters boyfriend then told me he'd fancied me for a long time, but never had the chance at home to say anything. Moving closer whlst still holding my face, we kissed.

    We saw the girls in a bar close to the beach as the clubs began to open. Ryan and I were headed to the beach and for only one reason. Outside of the bar we'd been in, we moved around the side of it, kissed some more and then I dropped down to meet the biggest cock I'd ever seen poking out of his shorts. Amy had made mention of Ryan's attribute in the past, but I just put it down to her trying to make me feel jealous. She hadn't been exaggerating. Unlike the Spanish lad, Ryan fed me his cock with confidence and I'd licked, sucked and even bit slightly along it. Sucking in his huge mushroom shaped cock head, I heard him telling me I was much better than Amy.

    Having reached the beach and moved on up past the breakers into the dunes, I was so full of sexual need and feeling so horny for his cock. Sucking it back into my mouth as he'd taken off everything except his flip flops, I greedily sucked on his fully erect cock. His breathing changed and I knew like many before him, he about to cum. So I stopped held his balls and rose up. lifting my short flowing dress up and over my body, leaving it next to us on the sand, I offered up what I knew to be my bare sex.

    The Brazilian guy had been good, really good. Yet my sisters boyfriend when he slid his bare cock into me from behind, was simply on a different sexual level. Right from the first thrust up my dripping pussy, Ryan sank it so deep inside of me, making me gasp with desire and sexual feeling. Everything became focussed on what we were doing and I orgasmed within a couple of minutes. After shuddering through my first, we moved onto the sand itself and over the next hour, we fucked in all kinds of amazing positions. The crunch for me, the absolute sexual mind blower was going to impale myself on his cock and feeling it slide past my pussy into my arsehole. It was a mistake, but one I was never going to let him know. Gritting my teeth, I felt Ryan arch upwards forcing his cock deep inside my bowels. His face changed to, to one of sheer wonder and delight. He knew he was in my arsehole and to him, and me I guess, it was a first.

    Close to three in the morning I kissed him goodnight at his and my sisters room door. I'd orgasmed so many times with him fucking my arsehole, I was literally drained. He'd cum twice and the second time I'd let him toss his cock over my face. Opening my mouth I'd watched as it flew over my tongue and I gratefully swallowed every drop.
    Sat on the transfer coach waiting for Amy and Ryan, being the last of our group, I thought they might have argued. I
    was wrong, as they appeared together holding hands. It made me feel relieved and wanting them to be ok with each other. With Ryan sitting directly in front of me, Amy sat next to me. My sister smiled at me, held my hand and said "Ryan said you loved it up your bum, that's not for me. Maybe you two should be an item".

    I sat in total shock all the way to the airport and on the entire journey home.

    Back at home, my sister explained they'd decided before we went, if Ryan and I had gotten close, she wasn't going to stand in our way. What I didn't know, is they'd been sort of split for a while, using the short break to see if they might want to carry on. Only he'd expressed to her how he felt about me. I also didn't know, the Spanish lad who I'd sucked off in my hotel room, was from the very start actually interested in my sister. I'd jumped the gun thinking it was me who he was interested in. Lucy had gotten it wrong and helped that I suppose.

    The real reason she'd not joined us that night, was she was having sex with the Spanish guy in his home. Something Ryan already knew about. As Ryan and I had been kissing outside their room, she was till bouncing up and down on the Spanish guys cock.

    Myself and Ryan are still together and loving our very sexual relationship. My sister is now living in part, half of her year here in the UK, and part of her year in Spain. It was a funny way for us to find out what we all wanted, but I now wouldn't change how everything worked out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Chelsea FC
    I'm a Chelsea fan and have been one for 14 years now. Love my club and would give anything for it. I also brag a lot.
    Last week Chelsea was to play Man City. My best friend is a Mam City fan and since we both have had bisexual ideas he offered me the following bet "If Chelsea wins by 1 goal, I'll suck your cock. If they win by two, you can fuck my ass. If they win by three, I'm your slave for the day. By 4 it becomes a week instead of a day." And he said that I was to do the same if Man City won. Since Man City was in a good Moment and Chelsea not, I knew it wasn't a good Idea and didn't accept. He tried to convince me by making better offers. The last one was that Chelsea losing by up to 2 goals would be counted as a draw, if more than I'd do what I had to do according to the first offer. Since I never thought that Chelsea would lose by more than 2 I accepted it.
    The game started and continued horribly. By the 19' it was 3-0 and it only got worse until it ended 6-0. We settled for a 3 week slavery. I am his fuck slave for 3 weeks now.
    He started enjoying it by ordering me to suck him off. I did and I really felt like a bitch in the beginning but I did like the feeling of making him moan. He fucked my ass and made me a sissy for him the whole first day. The second day we didn't go to the university but continued our play. He used me as his slave and surprisingly I was loving it.
    His cock is good and it gives me much more pleasure than sex with my ex gave me. When he penetrates me my body wants to bend and I feel like moaning all the time. He says I'm a good slut and I think we are going to forget about the three weeks soon... This is gonna last longer than that.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    In my last two years of college I rented a room in a private house. From my bedroom window I could see my landlady's bedroom from her wall that had a huge mirror attached to it. From my window I noticed her daily sexual activities that began after her husband left for work. She had almost daily sex with two young, male tenants and some of their friends, boys and girls, quite a lot actually, for a woman in her late 30s. They all seemed to love oral sex.

    One day, she spotted me in her mirror from my room. A day later, she came over with a bottle of some liquor and two tiny glasses. In good time she had my legs spread and was extremely active on everything genital in my body. That was my first exposure to female sex and she was a great teacher. I'm now hooked on it but I favor women who look like her, small boobs but with nice ass, olive skin, dark hair with green eyes. She's also insatiable.

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    Straight Female / 38

    We live in a semi rural area, close to a reservoir which attracts walkers and tourists alike. My husband works long hours and is quite often nowadays not in the mood for sex. Something I adore. The last twelve to eighteen months prior to August last year, wasn't easy for me, as my libido has risen enormously. I bought a dildo to try and satisfy what my husband wasn't providing for me, but a girl needs more than just a shaft to entertain her. Plus I missed the sexual closeness of a man.

    I no longer miss the attentions of a man, as in August I decided I would make myself available to men who walked by our home, and allow them to fuck any hole they wanted to.

    It began with a comment from my husband and from then to now, I've had sex with five different men, two of whom are now very regular sexual partners of mine. My husband's comment was "You'll wear that dildo out if you fuck it anymore". My reply which was "Well maybe you should fuck me more often". received this answer "I'm busy, you know that, get another guy to help out".

    It was as simple as that.

    Only three days later as I watched two young men walk by in the latish evening, I quickly went around the side of our home, lifted my skirt and began to play with my pussy. As they rounded the building, they both saw me and one walked over. In full view of anyone else who walked past (No one did at that time) I sucked on his dick, then knelt up as he fucked me from behind. His friend watched played with his own cock, but didn't get involved. Ten minutes later they were on their way and I'd just taken a cum load all over my back, after orgasming twice myself.
    One of the regular guys who now fuck me whenever their horny and around, is a vet who looks after our animals. He's older than myself and my husband, but boy does he love sex and fucking me. The second guy is a younger man who works as a freelance operative among the rural community.

    To my utter amazement one afternoon, he told me my husband had sent him round to "Look after me". We spent the whole afternoon having sex, and we were stil fucking in the shower when my husband returned home. All he said when we emerged was "Hope you had a good day with her ****". Sitting down and eating our evening meal that night was like any other night, only my husband asked about what we did. Telling him at his insistence, I relayed every detail I could remember and for the first time in a long time, he fucked me, pushing our dishes to one side on the table.

    Two other strangers have tasted my pussy and arse and fucked me too since August of last year. both being older single ramblers. Yet it's my regular sex partners who more often than not keep me happy now. And my husband no longer bothers to be missing. They've both grown comfortable with him being in the house and I'm certainly enjoying the extra attention my husband gives me sometimes, when they leave.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    Theives in the Night
    I was brought up in Liverpool, England. When you went to bed at night you made certain that you had locked and bolted your doors, as housebreaking was commonplace.

    Now I live in a small town in the West Country, crime here consists of teenagers dropping litter on their way to school, dog crap on the pavement and the occasional drunk shouting. I think there might have been a murder here 20 years ago, and I heard a rumour that an old lady in my road had her handbag stolen when, like many people she had not locked her front door. When I go to bed I donât worry about checking my doors and windows as crime is pretty much unheard of.

    I had been away for a few days on a trip and had retired a day early as I wasnât feeling to well. I had told my neighbours that I was going away so they could take in any parcels that arrived. I went to bed early and soon was asleep. At about 11pm I was awoken my a noise, I reasoned that it was the central heating, but then I realised in was summer and it was off!

    I came to my senses and realised that someone was in my house, and that in my hurry to go to bed I had left the back door unlocked. Bravely I crept downstairs ready to confront whoever it was. I barged into the living room and flicked on the light. I was confronted by two young women who gave out a scream. I recognised them instantly, they were the teenage daughters of two of my neighbours.

    They quickly apologised and said that they thought I was away. They confessed they were looking for drink or cash to buy booze. I had to admire their honesty! They begged me not to tell their parents or the police, as they were both on their final warnings.

    I assured them that I would not tell anyone, providing they did what I asked. They reluctantly agreed.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Hi out there, just wondering if any married women living in Calgary AB read these... In any case, I love having affairs with older married women (40-65). If you are looking for a NSA situation get at me on Kik (Rumbero12) and mention you saw my confession here...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I used to use craigslist frequently for hookups with both men and women. With men, I would usually just get a blowjob, I topped a few times as well. I found one guy, much older than me, probably 60 or so, and I was like 21ish. I went to his house probably 3-4 times, and man, he gave incredible blowjobs all the way til completion. I eventually ended up finding a chick, who was 29, and we talked for a couple weeks. I was excited to meet my first craigslist female! We met on a warm summer night at a local park, walked way back on the trail to a small area next to the river. We looked at each other, both a little hesitant to make the first move. We began making out, and I was getting hard pressing against her body. We laid down on the ground, she leaned on me, and I started rubbing her crotch. She took her bra off, and unzipped her pants. I started fingering her, and she was moaning and groaning loudly. While I was fingering her, she started to stroke my cock. After a bit, she laid me back and started giving me and amazing blowjob. After a couple minutes of staring at the stars, receiving great head, she had me put a condom on. She got on top, and slowly moved down on my dick. She rode me briefly, and then laid on her back, having me take over. I entered again, feeling her wet warmth. I fucked for a few minutes and was already close to cumming. I pulled out and waited a minute so I didn't cum. I'm always very considerate when it comes to that. Her pussy felt amazing though! I started thrusting into her again, and she had already came loudly a few times at that point, so I pulled out, and jerked it til I came all over the grass. She was impressed by my cumshot. We met two more times over the next few weeks, both outdoors, to fuck. Both of those times were just about as good as the first. For those next two meetings, she had me meet her at these trails, that sounded familiar. The guy who had sucked me previously, mentioned that we could meet there if needed when his wife was home. The girl also told me that her dad walked his dogs on those trails. The guy also said that's why he goes to the trails. I did a little facebook stalking, and saw that she has the same last name as the guy. I was fucking his daughter, a year or so after getting a blowjob from him! It blew my mind! That's one horny family lolol

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    Straight Female / 35

    I am a male who identifies as straight sexually, however, when Cragslist still had its 'casual encounters' section in he Personal ads, I once ventured out of my comfort zone. I would contact women and couples but that would be it, then I wondered about the t4m section and clicked on it... I saw mostly closeted CD/TV sissies. As i went further into it I decided to contact one, he/she looked alright, on the young side and the ad read ' i love older men'...

    After a few emails and pic exchanges, we decided to rent a motel room on a saturday, i was really anxious and also nervous about it, did my best to hide it though. I was in the motel room first, waiting when i heard the knock, she came into the room and right away noticed that this sissy lived her life as a female 24/7, you couldn't tell it was a guy. she said she was on female hormones too, i could notice her small tits starting to develop (it got me erected right away).

    We chatted, told her i never been with a sissy faggot before. She said i was her third male but the other two were as young as her, she wanted an older man... a daddy. We kissed and got naked, I saw her slim shaven tight body and saw my precum leak out of my dick. The sissy got on her knees as if on cue and took me in her mouth, after a little while we kissed again so i could taste my own precum from her tongue.

    We had our fun for a couple of hours, maybe 3, asshole so tight on her she bit the pillow, hearing this sissy moan was such a turn on I couldn't believe how much i was enjoying myself...

    That was my first surprise that weekend, enjoying sex with a young sissy femboi... the second: he/she was 17! She's probably 22 by now, but felt bad about it then, should've asked her age first even though she was ok with it.

    I've had 3 other fembois since then, over 18 these times... i love sticking my cock in them and having them body worship me... Even though i have a gf nowadays, i sometimes treat myself to a younger sissy from time to time

    p lease don't tell on me...

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