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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    Over Christmas, without even realising what I was doing, I slapped my mums bum.

    My girlfriend was staying with us and whenever she's bent over, I slap her backside. It's basically a reflex now (so I found out!).

    Anyway, She was in the kitchen bent over, I grabbed a drink and walked past her, and without even knowing it I just slapped her on the bum.

    It took a few seconds to register (I think for both of us!) and she gave this excited little jump and laugh and then kind of caught herself mid smile, and I just stood their mortified.

    She turned to look at me and we just kinda stood their for a what felt like forever, and then she just kinda smiled at me and laughed as we both realised what I'd done.

    It was clearly unintentional and she stood up, and just got on with what she was doing, and I left still feeling pretty embarrassed.

    I think it was the next day, or even the same evening when I came into the room and she was bent over again, this time clearing something up.

    She turned round as I came in and make a joke about having to be carful in that position around me, and we both laughed a bit.

    As I walked past into the kitchen she made this kinda disappointed 'awwww' noise and I turned round to see her grinning at me. She was clearly joking so I threatened I'd come back... Raising my hand.

    She said 'chance would be a fine thing!' and even as she said it I saw she regretted it. Her cheaks went read and she looked away from me clearly embarrassed to have just said that!

    Partly cause I felt bad for her (I'd keep the joke going so she would see I wasn't feeling weird by her remark) and partly because I felt this weird rush at the though of her wanting me to slap her bum.

    I walked back past her and as I did I bought my hand down on her right cheek.

    She definitely gave a jump and a groan. I felt a massive rush again hearing that. It had 100% just turned her on.

    'how's that!' I said as I went to the door. She looked up and a little shocked, said 'well, thank you!' in a weird way. I coukdnt place it, but the smile she gave me was so amazing and sexy I went straight to the toilet and started to wank.

    And I SWEAR I heard the downstairs bathroom door close, and then faint sounds of a woman moaning (the bathrooms are above eachother) and even if I imagined it I came SO hard, and I know she did too...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Well after I had been married to my second wife for 25 years, many ,many sexless years.....
    When I say sexless I should say 5-6 times a year, when we first got married we were in our 20-30s
    It started out great, but almost as soon as we got home from our honeymoon the sex became one excuse after another.
    We went many years of driving me crazy, she loved to travel and we did a lot, most trips were sexless, most of the places were romantic places like Niagara Falls, nothing, I would get up in the night and sleep on the couch ,
    It tormented me for years, we fought, we argued, she told me many times it would change, finally I went from str8 to bi, going against everything I ever believed in, but the sex was easy to find,
    I would allow men to give me blow jobs...going to adult book stores
    One day I entered an adult book store that I passed on the way home from a job,I saw the sign as I passed and in a few miles I turned around and went back.
    I was afraid someone might see me so I parked behind the building and darted inside .
    Once inside I looked around the store and looking to see if I knew anyone!
    My heart was racing ,checking out the sr8 mags ,then I noticed the video booths, the guy behind the counter spoke and told me I needed a min of $5 in tokens and I could get them from him.
    I lowered my head and bought them and headed for the booths, once in the hallway a looked at the guys standing around, the lighted box on the wall with vhs video box's showing the movies being played,
    I walked past all the men in the dimly lit hallway and entered the first door, I didnât know what the light over the door was for, when I opened the door I saw a man getting his cock sucked through the wall, I shut the door as fast as I could, and looked for a door without a light on, wow it scared me, I stepped inside and locked the door,
    I dropped some coins till the video started, than scrolled through, so hot!!
    I watch a str8 video but seeing this guy getting his cock sucked turned me on,
    I heard a few times someone twisting the mob , I decided to go back out and check out the men in the hall be looking at the video box again, but really they were checking me out, I tried to not make eye contact but as I walked back I
    Saw a very well built bald headed black man, very well built and tall, in gym shorts and a t-shirt
    Once inside I left the door unlocked on purpose, I started a gay video and pulled out my cock,
    The door opened and in stepped this very hot black man, he put a few tokens in and turned to me, I was scared but excited, he pulled up my shirt and leaned and took my nipple in his mouth, OMG I became so hard......
    He placed his hand on my hand and guided it to the biggest cock I had ever seen on the screen, maybe 11â , and thick...
    He placed a hand on my shoulder and put me on my knees, it was amazing to touch it, I leaned in and let my lips touch this huge cock, I tasted his pre-cum and I wanted his cock!!! I put mouth around it and went to work,
    I came hands free while bobbing on this nice cock, not sure I was doing I right? But soon he begin to moan then
    He put his hands on my head and face fucked me till he filled my mouth,

    My only regret was I was married and scared out of my skin that I might catch something and I spit his cum out...
    Today I still will I had made a connection and he had made me his bitch in trainingâ¹ï¸

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 24

    Whoo-hoo, AC is now fixed!! ==)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    My biggest fantasy right now, or should I say for as long as I can remember, is for my phone to get full of messages from strange girls that sent pictures of their knickers to me.
    Just the thought of opening my phone and see message after message from unknown females and their underwear, I find them all sexy, big ol´plain white ones to sexy little g-strings and everything in between. Bbw´s are especially welcome <3

    My kik, Meatballsurgery.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    Went to Catholic school in Chicago. You could say I was the class clown & got sent to the coat room a lot. One day in 6th grade I was playing with my dick out of boredom, got it hard and happened to find a girls bobby pin on the floor. I bent the bobby pin straight & pushed in my urethra. Wow, the feeling was electric. Still insert things into my penis today, feels good when you cum.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I have been on vacation for almost 4 weeks now and am not looking forward to going back to the university.

    I just can't find another room in the place where I am studying and that means I have to go back to the room I rent from that fat, old landlady. Sheâs a widow, 60 something and is very nice and very good to me, often make my favorite food but there is also something else.

    When I lived with her for about 2 months I had sex with her. Don't ask me why, it just happened, just say out of curiosity.
    In the beginning it was actually pretty horny, I had already had sex with a few girls my age (18) but they were slender types. Having such a fat woman was a special experience, especially her strong reactions when I had sex with her. I had to make sure that the windows were closed when having sex with her because my landlady is quite noisy. Sheâs also in favor of everything, so thatâs not in order.

    But she's actually insatiable and that means she wants sex with me almost every night. When I say that I have to sleep because I have to get up early or have no time, she starts to cry and complain that she is no longer attractive, that she rejected by men and that life isnât good for her and things like that.

    Eventually I give in again and sheâs happy again. I can't stand crying women because I was already upset when mom had to cry again, then I tried to calm her down but mom kept going and then I became hopeless. Anyway, my landlady expects me to do the entire "repetoire" with her, at least twice because then I will prove to her that sheâs worth it and still wanted.

    The next day she pampers me enormously, makes my favorite food, takes care of my clothes, cleans my room and gives me a delicious lunch that my fellow students envy and things like that.

    Anyway, my parents know nothing and regularly tell me that I have to behave well with my landlady, help her with things at home if necessary, and things like that, because they know how difficult it is to get a room. They insisted that during our two-week vacation trip I send a postcard to my landlady, I did that last week. And now she apps me that she misses me a lot with a kissy smiley.

    I still have 4 weeks to find another room or else I have to go back to her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I'm 62, Married since 18 and bi since I was mid 40's. I have always has a super high sex drive. I started jerking off spying on my older sister, or into a pair of her underwear at 13. I enjoyed oral sex with my girlfriends in school, but my first real sex was with my passed out older sister.

    At 18 my girlfriend got pregnant and we got married. As much as I wanted to have sex all the time, she wouldn't do it every time I wanted. Many times she would say, " just go jerk off "
    Then I would go in the bathroom or bedroom and do just that, sometimes up to 5 times a day.

    It was a problem, and one that continued thru our marriage.
    We did move back to where we grew up and I started to have occasional sex with my Married older Sister again. She was in somewhat of the same boat, and it has worked for us to this very day. We get together atleast once every 2 weeks

    I always had the hots for one of my Wife's younger Sisters, and I'd always flirt with her, rub or grab her ass, and many times think of her while having sex with my wife.

    Finally on vacation in 2000 she got sick of me bugging her and did give me a handjob in the condo kitchen, but that's as far as that ever got.

    In our mid 40's My Wife got colon cancer and had surgery and treatment. Ever since then, she will no longer take part in sex. The radiation along with menopause has dried her up, and with an ostomy bag, she no longer feels good or attractive enough for sex. I pleaded for years, and there's no convincing her.

    Meanwhile I'm still flushing cum 4-5 times a day down the toilet.
    Once when I think I was 45, she walked in and I was looking at porn and jerking off.
    She stood and watched until I was done, and then said " If you need sex, just go and get it, just don't get anyone pregnant".

    I think she was just sick of me being in the other room doing it.
    By the time I was 50, our kids were all gone from home, I had been picking up random women, both single and married.
    Married was better as there wasn't as much drama.
    The best was a Married Coworker of my wife's, but after about a year, she said she couldn't do it anymore.

    I started going to the Adult book store and hanging out in the booths watching porn and jerking there.

    It was there I got my first sample of gay sex. Great no strings sex.
    It started with getting blowjobs, then giving blowjobs, to fucking these young guys asses.

    It's a College town and I have been busy for over 15 years now hooping up with young 18-22 year old guys that want to be bottomed.
    I have no interest in being a bottom, but love to have sex with these guys, some are very muscular tight football players. A few I've had 4 year relationship with until the graduate.

    I still have sex with my Sister and an occasional lady friend.
    My Wife and I both agreed for me to have a vasectomy when this all started, of course back then I was only fucking women.

    Well this almost came to a head last weekend, as I had fucked one of my wife's best friends husband. I got him going to the ABS and he has started to like it too.

    Anyways his Wife called my Wife last Thursday and told her she thinks her Husband is seeing guys. She found dried semen in his underwear!

    My Wife came right out and asked me if I have ever fucked a guy?

    I told her that I had, I enjoyed it, and that I didn't want to stop. She didn't say much else, I didn't lie to her, and time marches on.

    I don't bother her for sex, I'm hardly jerking off anymore, maybe once a day, but getting sex 3-4 times a week when school is in session.

    I never thought my life would ever be like this, but it has and I'm ok with it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 39

    My occupation is a detective in my home towns police force. I am independently very wealthy from inheritance. Some people know, but most don't. I have a couple of expensive cars and several expensive watches, and I live in an apartment in an expensive part of town. I am better than most at my job, I have an undergraduate in Political Science and a masters in Criminal Justice. I am very qualified for my job, physically, mentally, attitudinally, IQ wise, academically and have fifteen years of experience.

    But the thing I am known for is that I am gay. Frankly who gives a shit, being gay is absolutely the least important part of my life. It is irrelevant. But somehow my position is mine because of affirmative action for gays. Bull shit. I don't hide that I'm gay, I just don't care to flaunt it. I got my job because of my qualifications, aptitudes, scores, etc. There was no gay box on the application. I sometimes feel that people are stupid.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    A friend of the family has a daughter sixteen years younger than I that is very mature beyond her years. Looks, walks, talks, and acts like a much older woman. Incredibly articulate, intelligent and talented.

    I have never been attracted to younger women at all so I find even more odd that I'm finding myself fantasizing about her coming on to me and having a sexual encounter.

    It will never happen but even thinking about it, I feel perverted and ashamed and repulsed that it had entered my mind.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 54

    My name's Grace, I'm sixty four and recently my husband arranged and then watched me being fucked anally by a twenty two year old, extremely large cocked young man.
    He did it because his cock will no longer perform and just cannot these days become erect. We've tried everything and nothing now works for us.
    I'm even now a very highly sexed female and have always since my first time at the age of fifteen loved, adored, craved anal sex. If and I always do, orgasm, it's ninety nine times out of a hundred more powerful for me through anal sex. And I missed it dreadfully when my husbands cock gave up the ghost.
    Dildo's, vibrators, sometimes items or vegetables have been used to satisfy my anal fixation. yet I wanted the real thing and my husband knew it all too well.
    Then at the start of April he told me he had a surprise for my birthday, and within hours I had a young mans hard, throbbing thick cock up my rear love hole. My husband watched, briefly became semi erect and had me suck him even though his cock softened. It's now the single most sexiest thing I've ever done and adore my husband even more because of it.
    Since then our home has become an open door for young men who wish and want to fuck an older woman like me. From the beginning of April until now, my husband has arranged for five different young men to fuck me, and especially my arsehole. And what's more, just last week with a nineteen year old dep inside my backside, my husbands cock rose, became hard and stayed like that until they'd both cum up my bum.
    We decided there and then it's going to be our way of life from now on, and I'm so happy to say, I cannot get enough of the young cock cumming my way.

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