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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 24

    Hi. So, I needed to get this off my chest. Iâm a girl, twenty-four, but have been having a weird fantasy for a few years now and was hoping to get some thoughts on it. I think I first started having it when I was around twenty. Basically, in my fantasy, Iâm lying on a table completely naked in a room with my arms and legs tied down. My head is put through a hole into a completely separate room so that I canât see anything on the other side where my body is. Then an army of men enter the room my body is in and take turns having sex with me without any protection. All of them finish inside of me to get me pregnant, leaving me to carry a complete strangerâs baby. I know it sounds really messed up, which is why Iâm looking for otherâs opinions. Iâm making this confession anonymously because of how weird it is. Since Iâve had this fantasy, Iâve watched a lot of porn displaying what I had envisioned, but there isnât a whole lot exactly like I pictured. Does anyone have the same fantasy or something similar? Am I just unhelpably weird? I would like to hear thoughts/opinions about this from anyone.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Just before the whole world seemed to lock down, I had a whole afternoon of sex with our neighbour, Tom.
    He's in his early fifties and a real sexual man. He fucked me like my husband never could with his huge cock, and the ability to fuck all my holes for such a long time.
    By the time he left that afternoon, I guess I'd orgasmed over twenty times, with Tom cumming in or over me, three times.
    The isolation of lock down has obviously meant no physical contact with Tom, so we began to video message whilst masturbating. And that's when my husband caught me in our guest bedroom.
    Instead of going crazy and shouting at me, he laughed such a deep booming laugh.
    Unable to fathom what was going on, I approached him in our bedroom.
    Cards on the table time, my husband said, knowing I'd been cheating on him with Tom.
    He turned his phone to me and over the next five minutes I watched my husband sucking cock, and then being fucked on our bed by none other than our neighbour Tom.
    It appeared we'd both been cheating on one another with the same man. I didn't know Tom was bisexual. Nor did I know my husband was too.
    What's crazy, is I'm more affected by my husband's indiscretion, and him enjoying Tom's large cock, than I got pleasure from the very same penis.
    Tom has since spoken to us both and promised he'll fuck us both after the lock down eases.
    I'm not so sure I now want that.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Continued from #46454

    A month has gone by from when My husband came home and found his wife on the floor of the garage getting fucked by strange dogs that were brought in when his father had taken his dogs home. There were 3 strangers and his uncle making crude and nasty comments about what to do with the dogs and what a dog slut I am. When my husband saw me he didnât know what to do or say he was in total shock!

    When he snapped out of it he grabbed the dog I had been sucking on and put it outside then went to pick me up and seen the other dog was tied with me he took the hose and sprayed me and the dog and his knot shrank and popped out with a gusher of cum. I was totally humiliated and destroyed I was so lost in my weekend of being dogged by a bunch of dogs and havenât been used like that in a long time I remembered how much I loved it the thing I loved most was being degraded by the men watching.

    My husband threw the men and his uncle out then dragged me to the shower. I went to the kitchen he was sitting and drinking a cocktail didnât say a word kicked out a chair and pointed to it, I sat down completely Shamed and humiliated . When he spoke he said I guess all those rumors about me are true and that he didnât believe it at the time but they were fuckn true he said his mother and father are coming over and will be here soon I looked at him in horror that his mother knows. He said youâre worried about my mother thatâs the least of your worries you should be worried about you and what your future is going to be and I think you should have several cocktails before they get here!

    I put down 4 shots and 2 drinks before they got there and we sat at the table I couldnât look at them when his mom said the rumors were all over town for years about you but we never believed them. But now itâs all real and true that youâre a fuckn whore and dog slut and who knows what other animals have fucked that c**t of yours? She looked at her husband and said If she likes fucking dogs and entertaining men maybe we should take her out to your cousins farm and have her fuck the animals and weâl Sell tickets to watch.

    My husband up to now had been quiet said I donât give a fuck where she goes cause sheâs not staying here and sheâs not going to mother my kids she out of here tonight. His father made a phone call and was talking to his cousin about it. I knew my marriage was over and thereâs no coming back from this one. The three of them were talking so I went to pack a couple of bags and I come back for the rest. I joined them in the kitchen my husband said to sit then put paper and pen and told me to to say, itâs Thursday and when I get home youâll be long gone that you left me for a man youâve been seeing for over a year and tell the kids that I love them and you will be in touch with them someday. I wrote it and asked whatâs going on? He said that the boys are going to a private school so they donât hear that you fuck animals and be bullied and made fun of, and you will be paying for it because itâs your fault we have to do this.

    I told him I have no money and no job and the job I could get can never be enough for that. He said I didnât finish dad talked to his cousin and they have a plan for you and you leave tonight. I said what plan what the fuck you talking about. He told me ok here it is uncle ##*## is going to train you to fuck animals and dogs will be trained on you for sale to other women like you he said thereâs a great market and a lot of money to be made. You will also be put on stage having sex with a variety of different animals for an audience that will pay big money to watch you thatâs the general picture the details will be worked out. And you will do this for 5 or 6 years until the boys are done with private school and then you can go wherever the fuck you want If thereâs anything left of you after all the those animals have fucked you like a rag doll.

    Iâm at the farm now and Iâm going through the training Iâve had my labia pierced and at night they chain me to the post and put a lock thru the piercing and lock it

    If you want to email me itâs ( [email protected]@y***o

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    Straight Male / 35

    Being house quarantined has me realizing that there are some absolutely stunning "Plain Jane" gals out there if my PornHub searches mean anything. Curvy Housewives, flat chested milfs, glasses, chubby chicks, hairy pussy, gorgeous eyes, hairstyles. Hell, I got off yesterday morning to just listening to a gal with a southern drawl talk about how much she likes to suck cock.

    Who needs fake tits and a makeup artist moaning like damn banshee when a real gal with a huge smile and a regular-sized cock in her hand will do...?

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    Straight Male / 39

    With all the Covid-19 virus stuff going on and required self isolation one of my friends suggested we play online games together. We each logged into a Skype meeting with our webcams turned on so it was like we were virtually together as we went to game sites to play.

    There were 9 of us who played. During one of the games someone brought up playing strip versions of the games. I was surprised when we all agreed because as all of us were guys except my wife and a friend's wife. Most of us did end up naked because of the games we played but soon we stopped playing games and it turned into a masturbation fest. One by one we each took our turns masturbating for everyone. Those who weren't naked before did get naked now. It was weird doing this as we were all guys except my wife and my friend's wife who I thought might refuse but they masturbated too. I was proud but also not too pleased with my wife doing this and all my friends seeing her. They got to see what they were missing but now got to see what they were missing. It was the first time we all ever did something like this and seeing each other naked.

    We are planning to do this again sometime very soon. My friend's wife asked the other guys to invite their wives and girlfriends next time and suggested that instead of masturbating the couples could just do it in front of each other. My friends wife is usually pretty conservative but she was showing a side of herself I had never seen before. I asked my wife what she thought about her suggestion about the couples having sex in front of everyone and was a little surprised by her answer. She said she would do it if at least one other couple did. I don't know if the other guys will actually invite their wives and girlfriends or even tell them what they did and what might be expected from them if they accept the invite.

    Anyways, it's looking like my wife and me will be showing off to our friends soon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I love having my wife tell me about her previous encounters when we are In bed:

    My wife has told me about how she would show herself to teachers in school when she was 13. She said the other girls and she would not wear panties in gym class. When they would stretch before activities, the teacher stood in front of them and could see up those old fashioned wide legged gym shorts we all used to have to wear. He could see their beavers and it turned them On that they knew he was watching. My wife has a thick blonde bush that she got very young and he positioned himself in front of her especially often.

    One day after class, he asked her to stay and help put away equipment. In the locker room, he started kissing her and feeling up her little titties and then started fingering her. He laid her down on the bench and took off her shorts and fucked her right there in the locker room. That story especially gets me off.

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    Straight Female / 19

    This definitely isn't a story, its actually a request. If you want to do my a favor you can in the comments. I'd like some guys with dirty minds to imagine that I'm on the run after having stolen something from you or cheated you somehow. Comment with threatening text messages you would send me. Being threatened anonymously turns me on.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I feel like I made my friends hate me because I ended up caring too much and being either overbearing but that's not why they hate me, it's because I have a habit of blowing off friends after we make plans to hang out, I get depressed and as a result I flake out at the last second. My best friends gets really pissed at me when I do and I try to apologize and he gets pissed off at me saying i'm not a true friend.

    He's right i'm not a true friend and as a result he would rather hang out with other friends instead of me and it's all my fault. I remember calling him on Skype and he refused to answer me and I was very hurt because I really wanted us to call on skype and play games together and he doesn't want to instead he wants to talk and play games with other friends.

    Not only that but he's just a mean spirited jerk now, he gets mad at me over everything. All I wanted to do was to be a good friend to him and help him out I was going to help him find a job because I care about him, I even had the idea of him wanting to move in with me. He said he doesn't want or need my help. Worst of all was when he up and told me he hated me and no longer wanted to be friends with me.

    I'm just depressed because at first we were best friends and I showed my friend nothing but love but now after flaking out at times, he did the same thing to me but worse and I feel depressed because I lost my best friend and it's all my fault.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Hello I would like to confess a story you see i'm a huge Pokemon and Anime Fan and I love to make new friends but now I feel really bad because I made someone I used to be close with hate me. You see he friended me on Facebook and sure he may message me a lot but now I regret not answering him most of the time. I guess it's because i'm too shy around people mostly guys but the thing is once he became friends with my friends I began to wonder why and then the day came when we met in person and he's very quiet and we played some games together but he had to leave and in all honesty for some reason I just feel awkward around him. He even got me a Pikachu Plush and then I guess I felt more awkward I keep thinking he wants to be my boyfriend and here I am single wanting one but then he started to get really angry at me and I guess it's because I said something about not trusting guys because they r**e even though I am friends with a lot of guys but he asks me why I don't treat him the same way I treat any of my other friends and that was the best I could come up with.

    Not only that but now I feel like he really hates me now, everytime I would ignore his messages because of my awkward social skills he would get upset at me and then I one times asked if he wanted to trade Pokemon Cards but he said he doesn't want to come down if i'm there and I was confused I thought he wanted to hang out but then he got mad at me for ignoring a post he tagged me in and then untagged me in it and I told him he didn't half to do that and ask why he's so angry at me. I then asked a friend who commented on my post if she would give me a ride to a convention and he deleted my comment and told me to stop spamming his comments and I was very hurt.

    I have no car and no job and sit at home wishing someone would give me rides to conventions but now my friends no longer will do that for me because everyone says I never do anything for them and I only just use people just to get attention and popularity by being some Womanchild Pokemon Fangirl and that really hurts my feelings. The guy who I used to be friends with was really angry at me after he said I bragged about getting a shoutout from my favorite voice actor and accused me of stealing that from him and worst of all my favorite actor started liking all of his tweets and soon I realized he had blocked me from Twitter and I never once followed him on Twitter so I asked him why he blocked me so he unblocks me and I unfollow him and then several months later he gets very angry and says some very hurtful things towards me.

    He says the reason he unblocked me was he thought I would treat him fairly like I do my other friends but he said I never did he said all I care about is myself, he called me a selfish B word and that I only wanted to follow him was to use him to get likes and attention from my favorite voice actor and that I never did anything back and then he blocked me again and I was hurt.

    He apologized to me after I gave a heartfelt wish to his father who had been hospitalized in an accident and let's just say he wouldn't talk or message me much after and he would a few times asking about conventions and I never responded but the thing that really made him very angry to the point where he hates me now. He messaged me one time to let me know his Grandmother was in the Hospital and was close to dying and he asked me to lend him some support during a difficult time and for some reason I didn't respond back and that made him very angry and worst of all his Grandmother died and he called me an uncaring, selfish b word and that I never wanted to be his friend and says I use people to get attention from voice actors and never do anything in return for anyone and said he hated me and wanted me out of his life and then he blocked me.

    I was very hurt I really wish I had responded to him but everytime I do I just feel awkward and now he really hates me; 3 Years Ago he bought me a Pikachu Plush and now it's the only memory I have of him; he deleted every single picture we took together off of facebook and I was very hurt, we had a lot of fun together and now I ended up making him hate me. I should have replied to his message I should have thanked him instead of questioning him or treating him like he's some creepy guy because he's not and now it's too late now I should have realized he just wanted to be friends with me and instead I kept treating him like some creepy weirdo and that's why he hates me now.

    Not only that but now none of my friends want to hang out with me; I ask them for rides and they refuse to take me; one friend asked me "Haven't I been to enough?" Worst of all one friend who took me to one before said some very hurtful things and said that I never thanked him or did anything for him after he took me last time and then left without taking me and I was so hurt.

    I feel like everyone now hates me, I have no job, no friends, and worst of all no boyfriend; what should I do with my life?

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    Straight Female / 38

    When I was in high school and was with my first boyfriend, I used to take his dick in my ass because he thought if he fucked me in the ass heâd be a virgin. So for 4 years I was getting fucked in the ass a few times a week. I can still remember those big loads he used to blow in my ass. Some days theyâre leak into my panties.

    He had a nice thick uncut dick. We never used a condom since we only had anal sex or blowjobs. I remember how friends would say their boyfriend is nice and groomed or shaved. My boyfriend was all natural, he had a hairy cock! 6â long and 6â in girth, I measured it one day. My mom put me on birth control when I first started dating him, guess she expected weâd have sex. I actually told my mom a few years ago that we only had anal

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