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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 21

    I like to show my tits. Im usually wearing a top you can see through and i never wear a bra. My titties are pretty big with big pointy nipples. I like it when my nipples are played make comments about my titties to me everyday. I just pull my up so they can see and touch and suck. I like it when they take pictures cuz i know that there going to jack off Later lookin at my big tits. And show all there friends.
    I like making men all horny and crazy, like they have to fuck me or rush to jack off. I want to see guys jacking off

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    Straight Female / 43

    Once in a while, living alone, finally, I get very horny. I started to finish my degree after 20 odd
    years just raising my two children. Hubby left for greener fields when they were tots. Soon, I found myself sitting in a class with an instructor who was a handsome young man, perhaps 20 years younger than me. I
    determined to have him and I moved to the front row, having removed every garment under my skirt so I flashed beaver to the man when he was in the right part of the front of class.

    At one point, he seemed to notice me as I crossed my legs and flashed naked thigh. After a week of waiting for him to respond, at the end of a class, another handsome young man poked his head in the classroom door and my instructor walked over to him. They kissed full mouth and walked out together. I realized my once keen powers of observation had gone bye-bye with my youth.

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    Straight Female / 30

    When my husband asked me a simple question recently, I didn't want to answer him. The question which he asked after we'd just had an amazing afternoon of sex, one which involved another younger male, was "How many men have you had sex with".
    The youth involved in our threesome, was someone we both picked from the internet. It was my thirtieth birthday and my husband wanted to fulfill one of his fantasies by arranging a fuck session I wouldn't forget. What shocked my husband, was how ready I was two receive two cocks fucking all my holes, mouth pussy and ass. Even having them both slide their dicks up my asshole at the same time, sending me into orgasmic overdrive.
    There was no recriminations from my husband as such, only a quizical pondering of my past sexual life. The thing is I lied to him, telling him I'd slept with eight different men, including Sam the youth we'd just entertained.
    In reality I've had sex with over fifty men. Some have been in threesomes like with Sam and my husband, Lots have been one night stands, and a couple have been family members.
    The only reason the figure isn't much higher, is I was chastened after a very strict religious upbringing. The shackles of my sexual urges were finally obliterated, when a specific older man showed me precisely what a man with a large cock could teach me. I was twenty then, and my teacher in sex was my families church leader.
    After him, I went cock crazy for a while and experienced many forms of sexual depravity. Yet when I met my husband everything changed. Until the Menage a Trois with Sam, I was more than content with how we kept each other happy sexually.
    After experiencing the threesome and my husband's obvious enjoyment of seeing me being fucked by another man, I've lusted after the feeling all over again.
    My problem now, is do I tell my wonderful husband about my whole past, or do I keep it secret and hope my lustful thoughts recede with time.
    Or is it I'm just kidding myself, and should lead my husband back into that seedy world I once loved so much.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Good day y'all i am a 25 year old male escort in Jamaica yes the island of the hood and water and i say "hood" i started loving sex at a very young age i think at abt age 11 i had my first real intercourse with a female i was in grade school with bfore that it was dry hump and touch me touch yours.

    My first sexual experience with a girl my age was very awesome we did it every chance we got i started fooling around with much older girls at age 13 i ate my first pussy and that was it i loved sucking pussy i am told i am very good at it and i love tasting and smelling pussy juice on my lips At high school i was i known fuck boy all the girls wanted a piece of my dick or the feel of my tongue, at age 15 i tried out Master bating with my causing that was my first gay experience it stop by 16.

    At age 18 i stared to get much older ladies cz i was well endowed and the bulge is always in my pants u started collecting money for sex from rich housewives and horny milfs and i become i popular escort fucking and sucking these horny females for cash.

    I started having gay tendency at 21 i seduced my friend into letting me suck is dick and i started loving it i don't get much dick to suck because i am not considered a gay but i love to duck Dick's. I recently encourage my friend into fucking my as and he did and from that night i have been craving Dick's up my ass.

    I want to feel a woman with a strap on up my ass, been thinking to expand my escort service to both male and female cz i crave both pussy and dick i love sucking both and for the right price i will. Welcome to jam rock land of hood and water.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    this is a long shot, just wanted to know how many reader are around the area of Tennessee. just wanted to say hello >

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    I was stoned out of my mind, and drunk on top of that and I'm a real lightweight drinker. My much older husband who is great to me, I let him do things sexually I've never let a guy do to me before, put me on the spot and I got on my hands and knees and let him watch, take pictures, and video while 2 male dogs fucked me. They went several times through only about an hour or so. One of them took me 3 times, twice it went in my ass, the other was in my pussy and only twice. My husband loved it, I hated it, I feel like total shit because I let not only one but two dogs fuck me several times. He wants to get me on my hands and knees again this weekend. I live in a fucking mansion with sports cars to drive, and the only thing expected of me is to look good, stay in shape, and have sex with him however he wants it. I just feel terrible that my husband had me do this and I went along and let dog cocks inside me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    I am in my backyard and when the weather is warm I go out there naked to get some sun. The yard is private enough for me to do so. I hear some sounds and get surprised by a guy who is now in my yard. I had nothing to cover up with so I was out there very exposed but at least was face done so all he saw my my ass. I wondered who this guy was and he tells me he is there to cut my lawn. He was from the company I hired to cut the lawn so I now knew who he was but I was still caught in a nude state. He seemed not to mind and even told me not to bother getting dressed as he had no problem with it. I was still very embarrassed but figured it best I stay where and how I was to reduce my exposure. He began to cut the lawn and then took a quick break. During his break he tells me that I have a nice well developed ass. Not knowing how to take the comment I thanked him for it. Before he went back to work he took his shirt off.

    He finishes his work and is standing in front of me. He is talks to me while he is collecting his tools and tells me again I have a great ass and says he will see me next time and leaves. I waited a few minutes and then stood up to make my way into my house. He was still there unexpectedly and there I am full frontal in front of him. I was shocked by him but more so by how he was and what he was doing. Not only was his shirt still off but so were his pants. He was stroking himself and when he saw me he just continued and says I have a nice ass again and mentions I have a nice cock to match. I stood there fully exposed as he continued to stroke himself. When he finished,he put his pants back on and left.

    It was all surreal. I couldn't believe everything that just happened. I am not gay but did get an erection watching him which he must have noticed.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    My name's Andy, I'm twenty four and and I'm a sex addict. It helps I have a really large penis and it also helps now, that I'm divorced (I married way too early). The reason I'm divorced, is my ex wife caught me fucking two teenage girls in our bed nearly a year ago. The girls just so happened to be my wife's younger cousins.
    It wasn't the first time I'd cheated on her either, as throughout our marriage I'd fucked numerous females of all ages. They nearly all to a person, I've found, enjoy a confident, extremely fit and large cocked individual like me.
    Most of the women I fuck are married, and nearly all of them have been from places I've worked, or the local gyms in the area's I've lived in.
    You'd be surprised by just how many wives and girlfriends are open to a quick fuck, if they know you've got a cock the size of mine. They're extremely inquisitive and before you know it with my cheeky charm, it's them asking me if I'll show it to them, or if they can only just suck on it. Invariably they want more, and I end up nine times out of ten fucking them.
    Lots of th married women I've fucked, I screwed them in my car, or at places either I or they know outdoors, as they don't want to risk their husband's or neighbours finding out. But there are many who just don't care and I've fucked them in the same bed they sleep with their hubbie's.
    Since I began fucking my co female colleagues, I've moved jobs twice. Having fucked most of the eligible and needy married women I worked with. Two of the women have even been married to one of the companies bosses.
    They're not all married though, as was the case last month when I fucked two really dirty sluts, going straight from the gym to one of their flats. Only after I'd fucked them both most of that Friday afternoon, did I find out that one of them was getting married the following day.
    I've just passed a test at an airport to train in a new job. Already during the inital interviews I've chatted up two married women. One who's going to be doing some of the training and one who's been on the same induction as me. When I say chatted up, what I mean with one of them, the married future colleague, is I've had her suck me off in the gents twice so far, and once in my car.
    It's going to be a fun summer this summer and one I and my cock are really looking forward to. Especially if all the married good looking women, are just as slutty as the bitch who blew me yesterday.
    Here's to men who can't satisfy their wives, I say.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    i really love when married men check me out in public it really turns me on. i wanna get fucked by a married guy and have him tell me how he loves how tight i am. how much he loves fucking me compared to his wife. soo i mean if any married men wanna fuck an 18 year old latina from new mexico, feel free to comment and let me know (;

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23

    I was hot, driving long distance, my pussy hot as hell once, pulled over and fucked myself with the shift stick until I found relief. Thank God it fits. I've done it more than once.

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