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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 45

    ok, I confess. I do not have a huge dick. I would like it to be bigger at times but for the most parts its the right size.

    I love blowjobs, but most girls can't deepthroat most things over 7 inches so if I can't get a good blow job then what's the point. Also, most girls don't want to be fucked in the ass by a giant porn star dick however, I can do it and most girls don't complain.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I am taking a semester off from school and staying with my parents. We live in a rambler in a gated community where your neighbor's house is literally a few feet away.

    Well, my bedroom looks into the master of our neighbor, they are mid 40's with 3 kids the oldest in high school. The mom is totally a babe, soccer mom, definitely the milf type. I watch her as often as I can, and she caught. She looked out her window and saw me at mine staring, she was already down to her bra and panty, and motioned that it was my turn (this part took a couple minutes for me to understand what she was trying to communicate, but she was in her bra and panty so I kept watching).

    I started a little strip show for her that ended with me naked and jacking off for her to see. I shot my load on the window and she stripped for me and gave me a show of her rubbing herself and playing with her nipples until she orgasmed too. This became a regular morning occurrence, she would get back from dropping her kids at school, then our sexy shows for each other. I have even watched her and her husband fucking--I never turn my light on and she leaves her curtains open now since she knows I am watching.

    One day at our normal morning show time, I was ready in the window and her husband shows up naked in her room, not her. He gives me a show and his cock is huge! He shot his load on the window, then motioned that it was my turn. It didn't take long and my load was all over our window.

    Now when he and his wife fuck, he always kneels over her so I can see him stroking, and shoot his load on her, then they fuck.

    I have never been in a 3some or had sex with a male, but I so want to get into bed with these two before I go back to school--even if it means he wants to have sex with me, I would do it. I really want this.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I'm a 21 years old boy who lives in Germany. Two years ago I took a trip with my family in Kenya. My father was to work there for a year so the rest of us chose to spemt the holiday there. I found some local friends there who spoke English and spent some good time with them. The problem started when they found out that I am a little porn addict. One of the guys took my phone and looked at the browser. He found the tab with IR porn I had forgotten open. He asked me if I wanted to bang a Kenyan girl and the idea drove me crazy. That night we went to a that girl who was willing to have sex with us. We had protection so we were free to go. I started to fuck her and loved the sensation (it was my 3rd time having sex). The idea of fucking a black chick made me horny and I came after 2-3 minutes. The girl seemed totally disappointed. The guy who brought me there said that it was embarrassing and the he would take his turn. He fucked her for a good 15 min before he came(she came two times) and I couldn't believe how long this guy could keep it going. The girl seemed pretty satisfied (while didn't even moan with me) and was giving me a look like I was a total loser. When they finished the girl ordered me to clean up her c**t. I didn't want to taste the cum of us three so I rejected but the guy put his arms on my shoulders and said that I had to think that again, because if I did I would probably like it. His words seemed like a threat. Since I was so horny and in the same time afraid to say no again, I gave in. I put my tongue as deep as I could in her and tasted our juices. She pushed me head deeper and seemed to enjoy my oral. When I finished with her the things got worse. The two of them told me that having black cum in my mouth, and being such a loser, I was already gone too far so I had to taste the real Kenyan treasure. The guy came closer and pointed at his cock. I looked at it, big, thick, lasting. I felt a little embarrassed with my 5'5" penis. Didn't want to accept again but they argued that I had to and that no oe would know since I was to leave Kenya two days later. I dropped on my knees and submitted to my Kenyan friend who shove his cock in my mouth. During the act they kept talking making me hornier. Things like: "Another white guy, paying for the sins of the past" or "Beta sucking a real good alpha" "Doesn't the black cock inside your white mouth makes you feel like a princess. Sucking his cock I did felt feminine, but somehow I liked it. Since my time in Kenya was almost finished, this was the best opportunity to try new stuff and let them behind afterwards. So I asked his to take my ass. They both laughed loud at my submission but I really wanted to try it, and this could be the only opportunity. He took me doggy while I sucked her pussy again. My cock was moving wild on its own and I came without touching myself. They kept humiliatung me but I didn't care, I just wanted him to keep fucking me hard, which he really did. That day I found my feminine side and my weakness for black cock and submission. I told my gf about it and she left me but that doesn't matter. After she left me I had a much better sex life with men(mainly) and woman. Even with couples. It feels great to get hit in that deep point of your ass

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I know sex dreams are a common thing among many people, but damn, does anyone ever get some really vivid ones? I feel like I woke up from one reality to my own reality feeling like my dream actually happened. I can literally feel what her skin is like, how hot we were, the intense sensations as we were wrapped in each other. If I was still in a relationship, I would be sure as hell I just cheated on them. I woke up in a ball of sweat and some messy boxers.

    Don't get me wrong, it was fantastic. It was just so intense. Why did it feel so real?

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    Straight Male / 45

    I am 45 and my wife is 50. We have been married for ten years and on our tenth anniversary, she announced that she wanted to relax some of the rules of marriage that we and everyone else abides by in the area of sex. I was wary but curious as to what she had in mind, so I asked her what she wanted to do differently in our marriage.

    She said that she wanted to take control of our sex life and all our sexual activities; in other words, she wanted to have a woman led marriage in terms of sex, and that anything goes in terms of what she wanted to try sexually. She said that this arrangement would not be all about her, but that if I would agree to her proposal, she would see to it that I would experience some of the most unbelievable sex I could ever imagine. This sounded extremely exciting to me and I immediately agreed to her terms.

    A few days passed with no sexual contact and then she called me from work. She said that she had arranged a sexy surprise for me but would say no more. The rest of the day dragged by with me on pins and needles, wondering what was coming. When she arrived home from work, she told me that my surprise would be arriving shortly. fifteen minutes later, the door bell rang. My wife answered the door and let in one of her coworkers, a woman that was around my age with dark blonde hair.

    My wife announced that her friend wanted to watch me masturbate. I was shocked, but aroused and my heart began to race. My wife proceeded to undress me and leave me standing there in front of her friend with a raging erection. Her friend took my cock in her hand and gently rubbed it all over. I thought I was going to explode then and there but I bit my lip and kept control of my load. Her friend said I would need a place to shoot my load to keep from making a mess on the carpet and she began to undress. When she was naked, she sat on our sofa and spread her legs. She told me to stand between her spread legs and masturbate. She directed me to shoot my load on her belly when I came.

    It had been several days since I agreed to my wife's proposal and we had not had sex at all, so I knew I would not be able to last long; I told my wife's friend this. She smiled sweetly and said she understood and just wanted to watch me relieve my backed up load on her belly. Who was I to argue with her? I began to slowly stroke my cock in front of her.

    I went slowly, so as to not explode right away. She watched me intently and then began to finger herself. After a couple of minutes, she was very wet. Her pu$$y made slurping sounds as she plunged her fingers in and out of it. Then she put her two fingers in her mouth and sucked the pu$$y sap off them. This was more than i could take. I shot a huge load of my thick come onto her belly and into her brown pubic hair.

    My wife laughed at my lack of control and said, "You made a royal mess of her - now clean her up using your mouth." She was in charge so i knelt between her friend's legs and did as i was told. I licked up and swallowed every gob of my come, cleaning her belly and her pubic hair with great care. She was gasping for air as I cleaned her; my wife said "You have made the poor girl horny, so use that mouth to satisfy her." I did not need to be told twice. I went down on my wife's coworker, sucking her sloppy wet pu$$y like my life depended on it. She squirmed and moaned as i drank he sweet juices. She had a gut wrenching orgasm, filling my mouth with her sap.

    A few nights later on a Friday, my wife called me from work to tell me that she was going out with her woman friends from work for drinks and dancing and that she would probably be coming home very late. I wished her a good evening and told her to enjoy herself. She said, "Oh, I will - and when I get home, I will have a surprise for you." I began to tremble, knowing what that surprise would most likely be.

    My wife arrived home at 2:00 a.m. I had not been waiting up for her but had not been able to sleep due to anticipation of what was to come. She came in and we chatted as she got ready for bed. As she undressed, I saw that there was a large wet stain in the crotch of her panties. She sat on the edge of our bed, spread her legs and told me to kneel between her legs and sniff her panties. I did as she directed, since this was part of the deal we had agreed to. She had total control of our sex life and I was to do as i was told.

    I began to tremble all over as I sniffed the crotch of her panties, knowing well the aroma of her just f*cked pu$$y. There was no doubt about what had transpired during her girl's night out; she had been f*cked by another man. This thought - and the aroma of her well used pu$$y - gave me a raging erection. She asked, "You know what happened ronight, right?" I replied that I did. She said that another man had f*cked her and filled her with his come and that this would become a regular event. I stammered that this was extremely arousing and that she had my blessing to continue doing this. She then pulled aside the material of her panties, revealing her just f*cked pu$$y. "Now lick me clean - and do a good job," she said. I meekly complied, my face turning beet red with shame and arousal.

    I cleaned my wife's pu$$y for about 20 minutes, tasting her womanhood and her male friend's come, lapping it all up and swallowing it. The taste of their combined sap was quite pleasant. being subjugated by my wife in this way was insanely arousing. She began to writhe and hyperventilate. She had a shattering orgasm, shouting so oud that i thought the neighbors might hear her and call the police.

    As i finished and stood up, the head of my painfully erect cock had turned purple. My wife said, "here, let me fix that for you." She took the head of my cock in her succulent mouth and began to suck. I lasted less than a minute, blowing a huge load into her mouth. She caught it all and rather than swallowing it, gave me a deep kiss - pushing all of my own come into my mouth. "Swallow it. Swallow it all," she hissed with desire. I complied.

    In the few months since I agreed to my wife's proposal to submit to her sexually, our sex life has been revolutionized. Every other Friday, she has her girl's night out and comes home to me filled with another man's come. She instructs me to lick her clean, which I do. Once or twice a week, one of her girlfriends drops by to watch me masturbate. They always ask me to clean up my come with my tongue and I do. Afterwords, I lick them to orgasm.

    My wife and her female friends have converted me into their pu$$y cleaning man and I could not be happier. I would encourage any woman - married or single - to follow in my wife's footsteps and transform their husband or boyfriend into their very own personal come lapping pu$$y servant.

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    Straight Male / 28

    After graduating college I took a job at a home for kids that have been screwed over by the system for one reason or another: kicked out of their house; drugs; no parents; foster kids etc. I work mostly in the young woman's wing which are girls ranging from 13-17. Once they reach 18 they're out. From time to time we will get someone 11 or 12 if that wing is full and we have room however, they will only be mixed in with the older girls for no more than a week.

    If work in two departments. 1) Art 2) Home Ec which means we teach the girls how to basically live and do things on their own. Things like laundry; doing dishes; changing light bulbs; making beds etc. All things that most of us learn as we grow up.

    These girls have no filters. I've caught girls making out and other things. I am usually never alone with one girl in a room, but that doesn't stop them from trying either embarrass me or get me to get or do things for them. They will walk into a room with no top, masturbate with their room door open. I've had girls walk by and grab my crotch, ask if wanted a blowjob or fuck even.

    It's very hard to keep my hands to myself. Anyway, that is my confession.

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    Straight Male / 55

    like to see ladys haveing k9 sex its such a turn on wish more ladys would try it its very good to ass some ladys have tryed it tell me and so hot to see dogs cock imbedded in thier pussy and of course like people dog come in different size cocks too any one care to talk about this been long time since my dog has had some

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    Straight Male / 46

    I just read confession #42187 and I'm not sure what to think. At first I thought this guy was cool and a little more right than most of the leftist dummies out there, but as I read more and more I can't be so sure.

    One guy that I love to watch speak is Jordan Peterson who said something like "to think, you have to be willing to be offensive".

    I love a good argument or debate. Especially when it's an interesting topic, but free speech doesn't really give me the go ahead to tell someone they are wrong and need to be punched in the dick for actually having an opinion. OK, so I can say that, but what I can't say is "I don't like his opinion. Someone please go over there and punch him in the dick".

    This place is a great example. If you go to the kid section, you know what you're going to find there. I love reading the remarks people leave and it's somewhat fascinating. I mean can't people actually think about it then deliver an opinion that holds some kind of intellectual content. In my mind just contradicting something or saying that's gross is not an argument. So, back to the kid stuff. I might say I know she's only 12 but she looks 14. I would get so many responses and I wouldn't give a shit about most of them, but I may just get the one that says "I know. You have a dick and she has a pussy...what could go wrong. I know it's going to feel amazing but I encourage you to rethink it and here's why". So the point was don't go to the kid section. Turn the fucking channel...turn the radio station. etc.

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    Straight Male / 40

    What is the deal with the whole age of consent thing. It's mostly for chicks. I think it was just a bunch of fucked up guys making these laws that decided they wanted to keep their girls "pure" or some shit. It's just a bunch of shit if you ask me.

    For me, my first real girlfriend was when I was 17 and she was 15. We fucked every way you can think of. Had oral...tried anal (unsuccessfully) and I was not her first. It's fucked up that just one year later I could have gotten into some deep shit over it.

    Seems so strange that society says that at 14 or 15 a girl can fuck anybody that is relatively the same age but that's it. But the day she turns 18 she can fuck a 99 year old if she wants to.

    So for me personally, I remember what 15 year old pussy feels like which is the exact same as just about any other pussy. Feels just as smooth, just as wet, smells just as sweet etc. So why the fuck can't I enjoy that now from time to time.

    I've discussed this with Chicks my own age. Like a 26 years old dude is fine for an 18 year old chick but a 30 year old dude is not. However, this age gap is not linear. Once the chick pass 30 lets say then she is fine to fuck a 40, 50 year old or more.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    We have a great sex life, but it's not enough. I am addicted to masturbation. Actually, it's orgasms. I like to cum at least once per day and I'll do it any way possible. Sometimes she watches me jack off and will play with my balls so she can participate. Left handed, right handed...doesn't matter. Holding panties and smelling pussy while doing it. My asshole is very sensitive so playing with it or fingering myself makes for an intense orgasm. I do like fucking my wife's ass so from time to time I will try to see how much I can take but I guess I'm not meant to be gay cuz I can't something as big as a dick. Regular porn, girl on girl, some gay but I can't handle watching dudes kiss, home made pocket pussies...whatever helps.

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