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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Transsexual Male / 32

    im just confessing as to the sissy fairy i am, i live in the uk and my name is bernice broedriek , and i wear womans , pink lingerie , stockings heels , carry pink handbags
    and guess its time to let the world know what a sissy fairy i am . i live cardiff way and ok if you want to tell your friends and spread the word on sissy fairy me . if you want to have a laugh and drop a line to my e mail its [email protected]@mail2woman.**m well to late for me now as i hit the send buton , now youll all know of this sissy fairy but have to let the world know

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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. Weâve done many exams and the most probable cause is that his sperm count is very low. Weâve tried vitamins, positions and so on but its not working, artificial methods are very expensive and the insurance doesnât cover it

    We had a serious conversation a few days ago where we actually considered the idea of another man being the one who gets me pregnant. I know this is something extremely hard for him to accept but we also know that its one of our lifeâs dreams to have a kid.

    We actually considered several guys like if it was a menu. At one point we just laughed about what we were talking about. The 3 more serious prospects that we came up with were his cousin, his uncle and a friend from his work whom I know.

    We originally had 5 names but my husband asked me straight up âfrom those 5 who would you like to fuck betterâ⦠I answered sincerely and we came up with those 3 final names

    I would never say this to my husband but even though I understand the practical reasons why we are doing this, I admit its kind of a turn on to think about having sex with another man with every intention of getting pregnant.

    We agreed that to be certain the sex encounters would have to be between 3 to 5 times and we even agreed that he would have to be very turned on so he would make a âlarge depositâ

    This is all very weird and I even admit we are not even sure if at the end we would go through with it, but we did have that conversation and as I said I did think about it and it was kind of a turn on

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    Straight Female / 34

    I am currently 34, in good health, have a college education, I am a licensed Pharmacist, gainfully employed. I have this discussion from time to time, with other women of course.

    A. Abs do nothing for me, neither does any form of muscle definition. To me it screams narcissist.
    B. No job means go away.
    C. Bad job means go away.
    D. Sensitive, emotional, caring means girl. I have girlfriends.
    E. Under 40 means looking for a mom.
    F. No smarts, intellectually stunted, low I.Q. means go away.
    G. Mature, self aware, self supporting is a minimum requirement.
    H. Executive, boss, business owner, well to do means you can support me properly. I will need you to do that when I have your children.

    It's not your looks, its your attitude, your maturity, your self supporting ability that gets points.

    And last, but a must have. You have to walk, talk, live and believe you are looking for me to be the mother of your children.

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    Straight Female / 26

    To all the men who made that special eye contact with me today (you know the look I mean) I just want to tell you that yes I would have loved to let you fuck me. My inner slut was longing to group suck your cocks and listen to your appreciative moaning.

    I know my husband was there so you couldnt say anything, but just so you know the answer was yes. xoxo

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    Straight Male / 36

    Dumb Ass.

    Don't call me I will call you. That's how she left it. I went on with my life, took a promotion and moved to Singapore. I met a young girl from the Philippines and had her as a house guest. It was then that I got the call from her. She started with all this about when we were in college and how much fun we had and how she missed me. Slowly she told me she was in trouble financially, she was divorced and they had declared bankruptcy and she needed financial help. I said so why is that my business? Because of how we felt for each other in college.

    I got soft and invited her out to Singapore. She had a fight the first day with my Philippino house guest. She did not like her sleeping with me. I asked her that was her business? You got it, because of how we felt for each other back in college. Kick the maid out, she said. I didn't kick her out, she did. As soon as the 'maid' was out she got in the bed with me and said let's just do what we used to do. Time is not a defense for your lust. I fucked her as hard as I could, in my mind breaking her to what I always wanted from her. She took every bit of it and offered herself up for more.

    So to cut to the chase, she got my money and she left. She is now living in a nice little place in Connecticut and I am working my ass off in Singapore to pay child support and pay her support. She doesn't like Singapore, it's too hot. She also hired this older woman from Malaysia to be my maid. If I want some I go to Connecticut where she is, if I get some over here the screws get tighter, she uses my son's visitation as leverage. I'm not married because of her bankruptcy, but she still has all my money.

    I am a dumb ass, and she is kicking my ass, but I go to Connecticut four times a year to see my son and she gives me all the pussy I can handle. Because of how we felt when we were back in college.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My manhood if we can call it that is not very impressive 4" and a bit, and currently secretly self locked in a CB6000s cage. Over the last few years I have developed an addiction to all things sissification and feminiseation. It started with BBC porn somewhere along the Tumblr line changed to trans porn and ended on me wanting to be taken, feminised and brainwashed into a thing made to service real men.

    All this despite being in a streight relationship for 5 years now. One that I feel I am doing all the work in, more out of obligation than love like I once had. I still feel sexually attracted to my girlfriend (even though she puts little effort into her apperance other than very specifict times), and she acts like she is too (Until its time to actually do anything) and even then I still do all the work, in truth its a relationship that has gone on for 5 years but has only had about six months worth of actual sex or sexual activites if even that. Honestly its more like I'm looking after a family member than in a relationship with her.

    Before meeting my current girlfriend I had a bad breakup, and decided to live one of my fantasies, so I met up with a guy I had been messageing and we went back to my house. There in my bedroom I gave his eight inch black cock all the attention it was needing. I wanted him to force me down and fuck my throat but thinking back on it I was serviceing his manhood and should have done that myself. At the end when he came I tried to pull away but thankfully he grabbed my head and held me there, forcing me to swallow the river of cum flowing into my mouth. I wish he and I had exchanged numbers but we both made it clear that at the time it was a one and dome thing. As he left he gave me a "Naughty boi" and that was the last I saw of him. I think back on that day offten, wishing I had done more.

    I have come to the realiseation in the last four or five months that If the opportunity for me to follow my fantasy arrises, I wouldnt be able to fight it. I would fully submit to it and them.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    This is a bit of a strange one, and one I'm not sure there are too many women who indulge, if that's the right word, in my sexual deviancy.
    Inviting a well endowed guy around for a threesome a few months ago, my husband Tony and he eventually got into a sixty nine at my insistence. I then had the guy fuck my husband, as I'd always wanted to see him take a cock up his gorgeous ass. Tony was so sceptical at first, yet once our guest began to fuck my husband, Tony began to really enjoy it. So much so, that when he came with the guy fucking him missionary, Tony's cum pumped so high and so much, it looked like a fountain of sperm.
    The morning after, with our guest sleeping and fucking with me alone, he admitted he'd loved fucking Tony. I made him promise to visit again, but Tony kind of backed out so it never happened. Or so I thought.
    Recently I've found out, they met on several occasions for sex, with my husband taking a rough fucking each time.
    It's over now their little gay affair, but I feel cheated. Not that my husband had sex behind my back, but because I was unable to watch him enjoying gay sex. I'm so into watching men fuck, that having my husband at the centre of it, makes me so sexually charged.
    The reason I now understand he had gay sex apart from me, is that he feels it makes him less of a man in my eyes. That could not be further from the truth and if anything I find him to more of a man by admitting his joy of receiving a damn good fucking.
    Tony doesn't know I know he had the brief affair, or that I'd love for him to enjoy that side of his sexuality again. And the reason for that, is his determination to have me see him as the powerhouse of our marriage. The fact is I do, yet I need to persuade him, without making him feel awkward, that seeing being fucked is such a huge turn on for me.
    Told you it was a strange one,and not a normal situation.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18


    Spe nt last week at a friend of families condo at S.C. beach.

    Me and a girl friend. We knew we were going to get into mischief, that was the plan.

    Flirt, flash, be sexy and maybe seduce some older men. For fun time, why not.

    Well didn't take long to get hit on. We were at pool and some guys down for golfing week got to talking with us.

    Next thing they were in our condo and me and Hanna were getting felt up, sitting on laps etc. quick.

    Hanna was against wall getting her boobs sucked, then next thing I know gone to bed room.

    My guy asked if I was a virgin, I told him no but have only done it with my boy friend.

    He asked if older guy would be alright, I told him lets find out.

    Nice guy, late 40's, handsome, fit, gorgeous cock. Big.

    To summarize week: we did it most of the day till around 4pm. Then switched guys. It was awesome.

    They came back later that evening and we did it till late. I was thinking I have got a handle on this.

    Next two days others from their club were coming by, and yes we did.

    Then we met some guys on the beach, got invited inside to cool off.

    I was so horny I was being forward.

    The last two nights, Thursday and Friday, was totally amazing. I have experienced everything I have seen on porn sites.

    But there is a problem. I'm home now and not much happening. I'm so horny and so is Hanna.

    I seduced a friend of mines dad yesterday. He told me he has been wanting to get in my a** for 5 years.

    I f****d him like he never has been before.

    I hope this drive I have now dwindles away, I can hardy think of anything else.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    My husband Brad wanted me to and gave me the go ahead to have sex with other men. At first he wanted to be present, and on the four times he was, I had really rough and very engaging oral, vaginal and anal sex with different men.
    It was entirely different to the type of sex I had with Brad, and I found I loved being dominated that way. Another bi product if you like, was having Brad tongue me out afterwards, or on one occasion actually licking my pussy as my asshole was being fucked.

    On the fifth occasion, I told Brad he had to wait outside and I'd give him permission to enter only when we'd finished having sex. This was the trend setter and it's been that way since. Only Brad stays at home these days and I have sex at a motel, or at the men's homes.

    I'm a good looking woman who loves to stay fit and healthy. So its no problem finding willing men to have sex with me. In all but two cases, I've let them know I'm married and that my husband likes me to fuck other men. Usually bars, cafe's, sometimes work and generally when I'm out and about, is when and where I hit on men and give them the come on, especially when I see them checking me out.

    In total since I've been released from my marital vows, I've had sex with eleven different men, with three of those now becoming regular sex partners. Each and every time I have an afternoon of debauched hard sex, I let my husband know and he's always waiting to give me the tonguing I now know is the seat of his true desire.

    Often I'm still sat on his face with no cum juice left for him to lick and suck out of my love holes. Yet he stays there until I allow him to cum. And if he's been a good boy, I might sometimes allow him to fuck me. Sometimes.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I guess this is like the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

    The Good. I was born into an upper middle class household, three brothers and sisters, professional parents, good schools, the whole white upper class experience. Life was good all around and I went on to a really nice private university where I graduated with honors.

    The Bad. I was a goodie two shoes in high school, never smoked or drank anything and no one ever got in my pants. I got felt up a couple of times, but noting beyond second base and I never touched a cock.

    The UGLY. I met a girl in college. She and I became friends and we stuck together and most everyone saw us a unit. One day we went with some friends to this lake that was an hour away from campus and took some grills and hot dogs and stuff and had a picnic by the lake. After the picnic we laid out some blankets on the ground and she was sitting on her legs and when I sat down she offered her lap for me to rest my head. While we talked she caressed my face and right there in front of our friends she leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. No one said anything and I said nothing hoping no one had seen that. It was my first kiss from her and it was public. Of course the other kids saw it and said nothing. In our day girls kissing was not an open thing but still no one said anything.

    After we got back to our dorm, everyone lived in a dorm at our university, she said nothing about the kiss. It was like nothing happened, except my insides were exploding and it hurt that she wasn't following up. I had never felt anything like that, rejection. When we got ready for bed I stood in my underwear in front of her, six inches in front of her, I put my pussy in her face, I was already sweating so profusely and I could smell myself. I felt like screaming to her to grab me and put her face in my pussy. Finally I just lost it and grabbed her head and shoved into my pussy, she fought back and asked me what the hell was I doing? I told her she kissed me and I wanted to be kissed and fucked by her, to just do it. She yelled at me and told me she wasn't some freak queer.

    What about the kiss?

    I broke down and cried on my bed and apologized. I laid back on my bed and let my legs fall open, I had my underwear on, and I said eat me. She didn't, I took my panties off and opened my legs again and said something like 'eat me bitch'. She answered with what did you just say and I said again loud and clear 'eat me bitch, eat my fucking pussy'. And she did. And she ate me, she couldn't quit. When she finally got her head up she told me she wasn't my bitch. That night I ate her pussy and fingered her and we were totally naked together and we had complete sex and I told her she was my bitch so get used to it.

    After that we had our roles and we both carried out our roles, she was the bitch and I was the dominant one and I ate her pussy at will and she ate my pussy when I wanted her to and I grabbed tits and kissed her and shoved my tongue down her throat and got on her ground my clit into her and demanded that she call me ma'am when I was fucking her and she could only refer to herself as bitch. I got her nipples pierced and had a gold chain hung between her nipples, I bought a dog collar at PetSmart and put it on her with a leash, I put my tongue up her asshole, in public she had to call me ma'am and she had to let herself get kissed and I kissed her everywhere we went. We were the first openly gay couple on campus. We got expelled. The year was 1983 and we were 20 years old.

    Without a college degree, gone crazy into the gay underground, leashed and bitched, we got jobs working as clerks in a record store and an erotic paraphernalia store and I took home on discount a variety of tools of the trade. I never uses a strap on, but I fucked her with various life imitating art dildos. We were the crazy ones. But we were both pretty girls from upper middle class backgrounds and we liked nice clothes and making ourselves up, we both had nice jewelry and we had manners and stuff. We led double lives, our parents providing us with support for our deviant lifestyle.

    The Good again.

    Then I got fucked. I was 23. I got fucked by this lawyer. I was drunk enough and he was drunk enough and he pushed me against door and we fell into the laundry room and he fucked me over the washing machine. It was my first fuck and it turned out to be a moment when I was very fertile. I found myself on the other end of the leash, kept in an apartment for his pleasure, to cook and clean and have his babies and serving him hand and foot. I crawled for him, cried for him, kissed the ground he walked on, I gave up my ass to him, I sucked him until he couldn't cum anymore, I dressed for him, I became a little miss moppet for him, I was cock crazy and didn't let anyone else serve him. That was my job.

    And my girlfriend found herself out in the cold. She eventually met a guy and married him and had a couple of kids for him. But she ran the house and the money and he worked to support her. Our roles turned upside down and she told me that he fucked her the way she wanted, she kept it away from him until he was on his knees asking for pussy. Maybe true maybe not true but that is what she said and when they were together she had the leash in her hand.

    You don't know how you are going to turn out, because you are a wild one in college doesn't mean that you won't be a model mom and wife, because you are a little miss moppet growing up doesn't mean that you won't hold the leash in your hand. Did we ever kiss again? A couple of times but it just died away. We grew up to be cock worshippers, it just feels so good to get fucked by a cock, no offense to lesbians. I know what we did when we were playing games, but I can't really remember ever having the feeling I get when I pull my husband down on top of me and I am not a young woman anymore.

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