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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 35

    Not overly exciting as some of the confessions but I will share none the less. Over the weekend the wife and I were heading to a friends birthday party. I had been hard all day and my wife knew she better fuck me before she got ready to go. My pretty wife who is a petite size 5, blond, smooth shaved pussy with a gorgeous rack of firm tits came from our bedroom dressed after our sex. My mouth fell open when I saw her. She had red yoga pants showing off her stellar ass and long legs. A tight white shirt with her breast lifting out of the top.

    I thought fuck me Im going to be proud showing her off tonight. I didn't know how the night was going to go as the birthday girl has gone pretty straight the past year. There were 8 people there and I loved the guys and girls both couldn't stop looking my wife over. That's when the hosting wife disappeared and reappeared absolutely naked. I took that as her invite to get in their hot tub perhaps?

    Next the blond birthday girl did the same. I looked at my wife and she knew I wanted her to expose herself. I also knew everyone there wanted to see her naked and I so wanted them to get a very good look at that rockin body.
    We went to the other room and stripped down. One single guy there who was doing a whole lot of gawking at my wife almost ran into her as she rounded the door so he was the first to see her naked. His mouth fell open and he stuttered trying to say something to her.

    Soon everyone was stripping as fast as they could when they saw her. I loved her being exposed to starring eyes.
    My wife is dreadfully faithful to me so there was no chance anyone was going to fuck her so it would a night of sexual tension especially for the guys. She stayed nude the rest the evening which was fun to watch. How the hell I ended up with this woman I will never know. I did keep her naked at home the entire next day and fucked her until she was sore.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I love being told I'm a "good girl". I don't know why but nothing makes me wet faster. It doesn't matter who says it, how they say it, or in what context. Tell me I'm a good girl and my heart skips a beat, I want to make you happy, I want you to tell me I'm a good girl again. I'm not saying I'd definitely have sex with you at that point but I'm like a million times more likely than I was before you said it so if you play your cards right...

    But if you tell me I'm a good girl and put your hand on my head? I'm absolutely yours, I'll spread my legs in a second. I'll suck your dick in a walmart. I'll forget I'm straight if you're a woman and you do this, I know that from experience. If I'm in the right mood I'll even beg you to fuck me.

    On the other side of that coin, I can't even really describe what telling me I'm a bad girl does to me.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I live with my brother and we live as man and wife. But first some backstory.

    We are the offspring of two mothers, so at best we only share half our DNA. Our mothers met in college in their freshman year and found out that sleeping together was a whole lot better than sleeping alone. I suppose that in the mid eighties girls just didn't come out and say they were gay and that they sucked pussy, but it turned out that our mothers were really gay, for real lesbians.

    A couple of blocks from the college where they attended was a sperm bank and the male students would sell their sperm. It was kind of a joke and I mean, what boy with all the girls around him would go jack off in jar and sell his sperm. But some boys were hard up for cash and I imagine others were hard up for girls. In any event, in our mother's sophomore year the two girls went and did something stupid. They went to the sperm bank and asked to be made pregnant. They gave their specifications, in those days interracial was not accepted, and they wanted sperm from a male with higher education. The two girls were inseminated and they both became pregnant and nine months and a bit later, my mother gave birth to a girl and my other mother gave birth to a boy.

    Two new mothers making it alone was hard, and they hooked up with a man who gave them room and board in return for housekeeping and stuff. They were upfront about their proclivity, they didn't do dick and he was ok with that. Doesn't mean he didn't try giving them dick, because they both had to fight him off and although we have been told that he never got into their pants, why are they still close with him? Or better said, why is he still close with them, I can tell you that he does not pleasure himself.

    My brother and I grew up and shared a room until we were eight. We got separated because I started to suck his pipi. Sure he liked it, he gave me his pipi and I sucked it, but I liked it, I love giving him head and I liked it just as much when I was seven and eight.

    At twelve, we were messing around on his bed, grabbing and rubbing and he was humping me on my stomach, and I got him off, took of my pants and opened my legs and we had intercourse, full blown intercourse with male ejaculation in my vagina. That he liked, he liked ejaculating with intercourse so we just kept on doing it. Well being a female in transition, I got sort of pregnant. I say sort of, because I did get pregnant but I had miscarriage.

    This was a problem, the end result was that I was put on the pill, this was in 1998, supposedly to regulate my periods, but really because I was going to my brother's room and sleeping with him and having intercourse.

    In college we rented an apartment and I took up serious wife duties at that time. I told everyone I was his wife, and I lived up to it. I got a lot of shit from other women students, because I was into the Suzy homemaker thing, I love to cook and I get more pleasure out of taking care of him that I do from anything else. I know that none of the women I met at college knew that I had been sleeping with him since I was 12 and I was pregnant early on. I guess the idea of wanting to iron his clothes and fix him dinner just went against the grain. It didn't matter, that is what I want to do.

    We are 31 now. I am a stay at home wife with a two year old. My brother works for a large construction company, he is a civil engineer and he has his MBA (thanks to our hero 'dad' who has looked after our mothers all these years). I have a bachelor's degree in communication. I just never got the bug to be academically inclined.

    Back when it was important to get married we went to Mexico and got married., We have different last names because our mother's have different last names and for fathers we filled out 'unknown'. I am his wife, we have a two year old as normal as normal can be, and we are looking forward to adding a new baby next year.

    Somewhere in our growing up years we became permanently attached. Our mother's go with the flow, not that there is much else for them to do, and our particular history is really known only by a few people. We have never tested whether there was one donor or two donors, I have always believed that our mother's, inseminated the same day with sperm from the same bank, they were inseminated by one DNA. My brother and I are just too much alike.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    When I was still living with my parents a few years ago our house was broken into while I was home alone. I didn't know anyone was in the house, I was enjoying being alone by hanging around naked. While I was standing in the living room deciding whether I should watch TV or if having the TV on would make it harder to hear when everyone got back, one of them grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth.

    One of them had a gun, the other 2 had knives and they threatened to use them if I didn't stay quiet and do as they said. The first thing they wanted was to know where my parents' safe was, so I took them to it, but I didn't know the combination so the one with the gun kept asking and slapping me when I said I didn't know until he believed me.

    While one of the two with knives worked on the safe, the one with the gun and the other knife guy brought me into the other room and forced me to suck them off while he worked, then they tied my arms behind me and taped my mouth shut while they gathered up other stuff from around the house.

    Once the three of them were done with that they took turns fucking me, vaginal and anal, squeezing my breasts, pinching, pulling, and sucking on my nipples. If I moved around too much they would start threatening me again, putting a knife to my throat or on my belly talking about cutting me open if I became too much of a hassle. And the gun, the guy with the gun put it up to my forehead between my eyes and told me he was going to shoot me because I could identify them even though they were wearing masks and I couldn't even make out their eye color or hair or anything. I screamed and wet myself when he actually pulled the trigger, but he had taken the bullets out when I couldn't see, and they laughed at me while I cried. Then he reloaded the gun and shoved the barrel into my pussy. It was cold and the edges hurt while he fucked me with it and told me that if I tried anything stupid the gun was going to blow its load inside me too.

    After that I was afraid to do anything, I just laid there. They eventually left me alone to carry out everything they were going to steal, loading up a truck I heard them say. While they were in the next room I overheard them talking about kidnapping me, but not for ransom, just to keep as their sex slave. And I was terrified, but I couldn't help but think of everything they might do to me and I remember I felt really warm suddenly and I thought "well, if they do, it wouldn't be the end of the world, I'd just have to make the best of it" and shaking my head to get rid of that thought.

    They didn't, though, they took what they came for and left. I passed out at some point exhausted from crying and being terrified and when I woke up my family was home and they untied me. I didn't tell them I was r**ed, I told them I had come out of the shower when they grabbed me and tied me up, but that was all they did to me. We called the police and I gave as much information as I could, which like I said wasn't much, and they were never caught. We didn't lose too much, and the more expensive things we did lose were insured.

    I never really felt traumatized by what happened. It took me a while to admit it but thinking back to it actually makes me more turned on than anything else, especially the thought of being kidnapped by them. I used to have nightmares reliving it where they do actually stab me or shoot me, but even those stopped being necessarily nightmares after a while, which makes me feel like even more of a freak.

    In fact since I'm confessing this I want to ask. Guys (or girls, I'm not a lesbian but I wouldn't have to be) what would you have done to me if you were one of them? Or what would you have wanted to do to me, even if you wouldn't have actually done it? Anything at all, I won't judge. And for that matter, anyone else been in my shoes or wish they were? Feel free to tell me about it, fantasy or reality, I'd love to hear it.

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    Straight Male / 49

    She dominates me and loves doing it. I love being humiliated and get off obeying a much younger girl 22 who really doesn't care if I'm embarrassed or not. The deal we have is that I will obey her 100 percent so I can't say no. I've given her tons of blackmail pics and videos to use if I disobey her or if she just wants to have fun and share them anyways. I was at her place the other day doing some cleaning for her. Her friend, who I've met a few times before, showed up. The two of them sat and watched me then my domme decided to have some fun. She came right out and asked me if I was wearing a bra or panties like I usually do. Her friend laughed our loud. I said no and was told that I had to go buy some and put them on. She told her friend all of my secrets and showed her the blackmail pics while I was shopping apparently. I bought two pairs and came back. My domme took one pair and gave them to her friend and said I should really buy her all of the panties she wants. I was going to put mine on but someone showed up. I had to send pics of myself in them. Now I have to go back and model her friends lingerie for them, get naked in front of them, put on lipstick, mascara, blush, everything in front of them and their cameras. I'm scared to death but I can't back out. I've got about three days until it happens.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I have been bi since I aged into sexuality and love fucking women as well as men in whatever way they like. My true interest in cock, however, came through a surprisingly unorthodox way. The husband of a female friend of mine (yes, with benefits also) was having an affair with a She-male and I was talked into a group grope with them. She was hung and I mean HUNG. She's feminine gorgeous until she speaks. I became addicted to her cock and she really knows how to use it on me. I have been with a few men but she out-fences all of them.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Not long ago, I read about the shortage of truck drivers and the fact that women earn as much as men in the profession so I quit teaching and took a truck driving course. Now, I drive cross country for a company with view to someday owning my own truck. What I had not counted on is that for some reason, I get super horny on trips and there are no male prostitutes available at truck stops at this time.

    I hand picked a b/f with benefits not for his brain nor how tall he is (he is 5'8" not too short but I am 6'3" (and no, I did not play women's basketball in school) but he is hung like a stallion. He calls me his sex-mountain and our fucking has doubled in number since I have been driving a truck. He climbs all over me and shouts the Tarzan call when he climaxes. I love his big tool and then some.

    He's a lawyer with his own practice so he can take off now and then and will go on short hauls with me. He gets fucked and sucked multiple times as a reward. It's all good. Men, find a woman truck driver and check this out.

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    Straight Male / 24

    After being with my girlfriend for just over 3 years I have started to have fantasies about her being fucked by another man or woman. From before we were together I know that she had a lot of sex when being a student. However over the last wifeâs years although we have and still do have mind blowing sex the thought of her cumming because of somebody else has started to turn me on. I have never suggested anything like this to her? How do I bring it up and get to see my fantasy come true?

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    Straight Female / 18

    My name is Sharon and I know I am not attractive or popular. I am considerably overweight, plain, and my family is pretty basic so I donât have much in terms of fashion to put on.

    I use to get picked on a lot, name called, bullied, you know the drill. I thought was bad until I went I highschool and just got ignored all together like I was not even there, or if I was nobody cared if I was.

    A couple months ago, I did go to a school party with one of my only friends. We went late, sort of to sneak under the radar and because we knew most people would be drunk or high already and not call to much attention to us.

    I think my friend ditched me. She was talking to a guy then was gone. It was so awkward just standing around and watching everyone else have fun but nobody would talk to me. I stepped out side to have a smoke and there was some people toking and this one guy who was kinda of miss fit and over weight ask me to come over to a bench and toke with him a bit. I donât toke a lot but a guy was actually talking to me so I was in. And before I knew, we were only several drags in and he was all over me feeling me up, fondling my boobs, and I mean right up under my top undoing my bra and everything and I did not even know his name. It felt so good when he pulled on my virgin nipples and soon he was literally rubbing my crotch right through my leggings, it was incredible, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

    Heaven did not last. His friend came yelling about needing his pot and just like the the guy was up, and leaving but was like, âstay there, Iâll be right back.â Yeah right, he got to feel up that fat girl and now he was getting out. Still in all my years in highschool this is closest I got to sex so I waited, when over 45 minutes passed I was about to leave in shame, when suddenly we was back, and with two friends.

    âSo my friend, knows where there is an empty room not taken, and we where wondering if you want to hang?â he said.
    âHang?&acir c; I said. âHang with you?â I was in shock.
    âWell, itâs a big room, maybe you could hang with us all?â
    âHang?&acir c; I said in sock and beat red in the face.
    âYeah hang.â Said one of the other boys. âWe got some blunts to smoke, and who knows, right?â

    I went, and Iâll just say two things about it 1) more then blunts went in my mouth that night and 2) I did not go home a virgin, not even close.

    It did not stay there, why would it, it is highschool right? Now guys come up to me all the time at school when nobody else is around or when I am walking home. And they are like, âHey Sharon, Will says you like to hang, wanna hang with me? Our secret right?â
    I know I am getting used. And let me tell you it is degrading to be screwed by guys who walk right by you the next day at school and ignore you, like your nothing. But it is my senior year, I am finally the farthest thing from a virgin, and I am getting all this attention. Plus sex is amazing and I am getting really good at it. Yes, I am ashamed, but you know what, I got over it, when even some of the hottest most popular guys screwed me because they knew they could, and Iâd not tell a soul. I use to use condoms but one of the guys took me to a free clinic and I got the pill, but I only go raw with the good looking guys. If the guy or guys are hot enough I am up for just about anything.

    Yeah I am that girl. I am the fat girl, that everyone who gets in on the secret at least takes for one ride, because I let them, and keep the secret, so no one knows the fucked the fatty. Donât tell me to get self respect, or that is need to have self esteem, I am having the time of my life, and I know it will end when I graduate. I am getting all I can.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    Itâs early and Iâm all alone beating off if anyone would like to join feel free to comment and we can hook up

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