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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 35

    My sister-in-law asked if I would take a look at her laptop as it was having an issue and wouldn't boot up. I agreed and she dropped it off for me to have a look at when ever I had a chance. She gave me all her passwords so I could log in. I got it going and logged in to test a few things to make sure it was working properly. In doing so I came across some very sexual video's of her and some of her ex-boyfriend and 4 of his guy friends and one other girl.

    My SIL was naked and posing in ways that showed almost every inch of her body focusing on her naughty bits. In the video the guys tried to get the other girl naked too but she refused but did flash her ass and tits once. She was clothed and kissing and fingering my naked SIL in one video and encouraged my SIL to strip and do sexual things in most of the others. SIL was masturbating in some videos as were most of the guys. It seemed the other girl was there mostly to record video of everyone. These videos seemed to be taken at different times and in most cases it was my SIL being the only naked and doing things.

    One video really got my attention. It was my SIL naked with her ex-boyfriend and his 4 guy friends naked too. They were having sex with her and pretty well poking her any way they wanted. They had her pretty well doing whatever they asked her to do and she seemed to willingly do it.

    It was pretty HOT to watch but I am torn whether I tell my SIL what I saw or do I say nothing?

    I don't know what my wife would say if she knew what her sister did and how she would feel with me seeing her sister naked doing those things.

    In case you are wondering I did take a copy of the videos for myself because they were just too good to pass up.

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    Straight Male / 33

    Ever since I started to workout I started getting hornier than ever...last week at gym I went home with a lady there the afternoon I had sex with another lady and the evening again with another lady and yet I was still gf conplains about why I take so long to cum so I fake it most of the times

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    Straight Male / 22

    I work for a landscaping company. Being that you always work outside in all types of weather and that it is physical labor work I always get very dirty and sweaty. After each day I go back to the office and there is a change room with showers that I take advantage of. Most guys don't shower and go right home. Most times I am the last one left in the office until lately. The business is owned by a husband and wife. Lately the wife has been staying late and walking into the men's change room while I am in the showers. It is one big shower room with no where to hide so with her standing at the entrance to the showers she sees everything you can't cover with your hands.

    The wife is very intimidating. The first time it happened she said, "I hope you don't have a problem with me catching you this way?". She has fired people for many little reasons so I didn't want to anger her and said, "It's not a problem" with my hands covering my cock and balls. She replied, "If it's not a problem, why are you hands where they are?". I knew she wanted them moved so she could see what they were covering. She then added, "Like working here?". I moved my hands and there she was seeing everything. She told me we could talk as I continued to shower. I did as she asked but there was no talking. She just watched me as I lathered and rinsed myself off. She also stayed to watch me towel off. I am not shy about being seen naked but felt a little abused and at the same time turned on being watched by her. Once I began to get dressed she said we can talk tomorrow and left.

    The next day she walked in on me again. She was very blunt and came right out telling me she likes seeing me naked and, since I told her I didn't mind, she will be seeing a lot more of me. I know what she was doing might be considered abuse but I didn't think so. I liked being watched. This became a regular occurrence but a few weeks later I asked her a simple question that may have changed things. I asked her is she had enough of seeing me naked. She replied, "You must be feeling the same way I am. It is becoming the same day after day but you don't need my approval to up the show." I didn't know what she meant. She said, "I didn't think you would ever offer and I am really excited now that you have. My husband has never even done that in front me. Do you cum a lot when you do?". Now I knew what she meant. I wasn't offering anything, I was just asking is she wanted to continue watching me shower and nothing else. She said, "You are becoming my favorite and this may even call for a raise". I was going to tell her I was not offering to masturbate for her but when she mentioned a raise I became more open to the idea. I then began to think more about being watched masturbating and became aroused by the idea. I had someone willingly want to see me do it and I didn't know if I would ever get such an opportunity again. There I was in the showers lathering up and stroking my cock. She was intently watching me and while I was doing it I began to get very embarrassed and wondered what the hell I was doing letting myself be watched doing this. I was getting close but was about to stop to save myself embarrassment when suddenly it was too late to hold back and stop. I began to cum and she watched as it all was shooting out. It was a first letting someone watch me do something I had only ever done in private. She looked very excited with what she had just seen and I now felt very embarrassed. The more I thought about it the less embarrassed I became and turned on.

    The next shower it was expected I would do it again and did. This went on for just over a week when she asked me to turn off the water in the shower. She walked up to me and wrapped her hand around me and began stroking it. I made no effort to stop it and enjoyed the fact she was doing it for me. She had now escalated things further and made me cum.

    A few days later she came in again and tells me to go with her. She brings me into the women's change room and takes off her bottoms. I am seeing her pussy and she says she wants me to watch her masturbate. She sits on a bench and begins to do so as I watch. She stops masturbating, removes the rest of her clothing, lays back on the bench, spreads her legs and tells me to hurry up. I couldn't believe what she was asking but who was I to argue with her. We fucked each other and afterwards showered together. She told me her husband was going away for a few weeks and this was what she expected.

    For the next couple of weeks, at least once a day we fucked. She was very aggressive about it and you couldn't really say NO. Even after her husband was back she would visit me on job sites wearing dresses with no panties. She would pull my pants down, flip her dress up and want a quickie from me. It was like she was obsessed with fucking me. This happened for about the next 6 months before they sold the business and moved too far away for anything to continue.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Yesterday I had a body wax scheduled. I received a call from my waxer to tell me their air-conditioner was broken and being it was an extremely hot day I could change my appointment date with no penalty. When I go for a wax I am naked for the whole time so it didn't matter to me how hot it was but I asked her if it was a problem for her. She said it was no problem so I went for my wax.

    When I did get there it was very hot in the room. I was the only one getting any services done so it was literally just me and her in the store. She is a beautiful Russian women who looks to be only a few years older than me. I have been waxed by her my last 4 times there and, with the exception of the hair on my head, I get all my hair waxed off so she has seen me fully naked and pretty well touched every part of me. She never even bothers to have me covered in any way for the whole service.

    I am laying on the table and I can see she is sweating and using a towel to wipe it off. She makes a comment about being naked like me would be more comfortable. I told her I had no problem with it. She said she was joking and would get fired if she ever did that. She starts waxing me and is constantly making comments about the heat as she keeps wiping off sweat from herself. I reminded her I had no problem with getting naked and wouldn't tell anyone but she once again said she would get fired if she ever did that. My service usually lasts about 2 hours and after about 15 minutes of waxing she stops. She asks me if I really didn't mind her getting naked but was worried if her boss found out. I told her I didn't mind and promised to tell absolutely no one and told her she could just strip down to just her bra and panties.

    She then begins to undress and says she will keep her bra and panties on. She was down to her bra and panties and then said "what the hell" and off they came too. She had a nice figure, with great breasts, nice ass and a perfect hairless pussy. I couldn't hide my excitement because my cock became erect and she noticed and made a comment. She said it was the first time she had seen me that way. I told her it happens when I see a beautiful woman. She said she didn't feel that beautiful and felt old. I told her she was beautiful and she said I must think so because it would be had to fake that referring to my erect cock. She was doing my wax and there the 2 of us were naked just talking like it was no big deal.

    When we were done she asked if I wanted to shower. I was sweaty so I told her it would be a good idea. She asked if I wanted to shower alone or together. I was surprised by the question and told her together would be nice. There we were in the shower together and she was helping me soap my back and I helped soap her's. She had her hands on my ass and I did the same to her and even moved my hands to her breasts. When I slipped my hands lower and put them between her legs she stopped me so I did. She put her hand on my cock and said she shouldn't be doing this and began stroking me. She made me cum so I felt I owed her and tried to put my hands between her legs again. She tried to stop me but then told me she would let me touch her there but with hands only. I had one hand on her pussy rubbing it and the other on one breasts as I kissed her neck. We finished and I could tell she enjoyed what I did. She made me promise again to tell no one and said if her husband even found out her would kill her. I didn't know she was married but I did find out under the right circumstances she might be willing to do some sexual extracurricular activities.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Ever since I was young, I've sometimes to find myself waking in the middle night horny beyond belief. It's an incredible urge, but I'm too sleepy to bother and just want to go back to sleep. Although it doesn't take much to pop one off, it's just kind of annoying. I'm 29, and here I was hoping it wouldn't happen as much after escaping my horny crazed teenage years.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My ex wife and I have been divorced for a number of years now. I never miss fucking her because I have hundreds of nude pics, as well as tons of fuck footage recorded of her while we were together. The pics and vids depict her from the ages of 19 through 30 something years old. I love to stroll down memory lane, throbbing dick in hand, and jerk angrily at her for hours on end sometimes. She's basically built for sex, a squirter, a blonde with a perfect ass and fake tits, and was undressed in the minds of every man who laid eyes on her, since she was very young.
    After our divorce, I shared hundreds of nude pics of her flawless body with one of my best friends(whom she absolutely loathed, and would be mortified if she knew he'd seen every inch of her stark naked body). This increased the "jerk off stock" of these already treasured pics of her, substantially. We texted back and forth about her, objectifying her to great lengths. It always made my dick rock hard to know she was mere pornographic material for us.
    While her and I were together, I was also able to obtain many high quality bikini pics of her sister and several friends of hers. I can't stress enough how beautiful and sexy all of them were. Birds of a feather, all in their 20's. I'm jerking furiously to a gallery of all their ripe tits and asses right now, and these coveted pics of mine have led to the best edge/climaxes ever. If they only knew how many gallons of jizz my trusted friend and I have spewed to their exposed meat, theyed be horrified!
    I wish I had more trusted friends to share all this cornucopia of bimbo flesh with. I feel so lucky, and yet stingy, hoarding all these whorish keepsakes to myself.

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    Straight Female / 38

    To my surprise I ended up marrying a very dominant man. I went through high school and college dating average guys, some were fun, others not. I went into the work force after college and dated off and on. I have always been driven and made senior pretty quick and was on track for manager.

    The guy I married I met through a client. He was quiet when we met, letting me talk. When we were getting the cars at the valet stand I asked him if he enjoyed the meal. He told me the food was good but the bitch wasn't. I turned on him, but he stopped me from talking and told me that in case no one had ever told me I was a bitch and nothing was worse than a bitch that didn't shut up. His car came and he left.

    I chased him for two years. I called him. I asked him out. I sat beside him for an hour and no one said anything. My client helped me here, setting things up. When I made manager I asked him to come to my dinner as my date. I wanted to tell everyone that he was here with me. After dinner, I went to the ladies room and another manager was in there and she told me that was the quietist I had been, ever. Bypassing my rational mind I told her that I didn't have permission to talk. She looked at me and said 'your date? You get permission?'. I said 'yes, don't you get permission?'.

    M y career does very well, I have a different home life than I do a professional life. I really do seek permission, better to have permission than get in trouble. I made partner and have two kids. He doesn't raise his voice or hit you or anything like that. He looks at you, and if you get out of line from what he thinks is appropriate he pulls you over and lets you know that is not the way to behave. We have girls, so we all get lots of parenting. One of our, my daughters and me, looks is that look of listen up and shut up. More than once at our table you will here 'Daddy, can I talk now?', "Daddy, can I get up now?'. It's our mother daughter thing. Asking Daddy for permission. I wonder if he knows how totally dominated he is by his girls.

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    Straight Male / 44

    This is more about my feelings after my wife confessed to something she did Friday night.

    She and her friend Lisa went to a friend of Lisa's house to visit him. Lisa is married and
    the friend, Paul is single.
    Paul said a bunch of people were coming over - but it only ended up being the 3 of them.
    Our teenage daughter was having several friends over here at our house, and since they
    just started to experiment wih drinking alcohol, I volunteered to stay home to chaperone.

    So, my wife, Lisa, and Paul were hanging out, and having a lot to drink.
    I have met Paul before - and I think he is an A$$ honestly. Just very loud and
    very full of himself.

    As the night wore on, I guess the talk became more and more sex related. And then
    it turned to penis size, and of course Paul said he has been told that he is the
    biggest from several women he has had sex with.

    I guess everyone was just drunk enough for my wife and Lisa to tell him to prove it.
    And he did. He just unzipped and took it out right there in front of them.
    My wife said things got real quiet then, they knew they crossed a line - but there
    he was...semi-hard...and BIG.
    Lisa was the first to ask to touch it - which end up being stroking it. So my took
    a turn and did the same.
    At one point Paul said they since they started it, they may as well finish it.
    Again, Lisa went first to kneel down and take him into her mouth. And then my
    wife did the same.
    And they ended up giving him a blowjob together.
    I sometimes wonder what Paul must have been thinking standing there while two
    married women worked on his cock.

    My wife has never had a problem "swallowing" , so she ended up taking about 80%
    of his cum. Lisa took the last drops until Paul was completely spent.

    My wife said as soon as it was over, she knew it was a mistake and felt awful.
    She said she felt literally sick to her stomach - not from Paul's cum - but for
    the guilt in what she just did.

    So, the next morning, she confessed and could not stop crying.
    Needless to say I was pissed.

    But now I find myself thinking more and more about Paul. He is going to have
    such a smug attitude the next time we see him at a bar or something. The whole
    "your wife sucked my cock and you are clueless". I just KNOW that is what
    he will be thinking.

    I am trying to talk myself into how it was somehow less than being cheated on -
    since it was oral sex only, and it was not one-on-one sex.

    But I cant deny that it is kind of exciting thinking about my wife sucking on
    such a big cock. I would love to see that.
    I can't stand Paul - but now I am almost obsessed with seeing my wife give him
    a blowjob (and more!)

    Not sure how I can still be upset with my wife for what she did, but then tell
    her I want her to do it again with me there.
    Not sure how to let Paul have his secret attitudee with me that I know he will
    have now, but then tell him that I know what happened and I want it to happen

    My wife is tiny - so I cant stop thinking about his size fitting inside her.
    How do I tell either of them THAT??

    I cant stand Paul....I wish it was anyone else but him - but I am starting to
    think that I want him to have my wife. Why????

    Maybe these feeling are just my way of dealing with what happened Friday night...

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    Straight Male / 33

    Jean and I met in grade school, became close friends, later would do things together but she and I were never more than good friends. She was cute but neither of us had interest in a romantic relationship. I suppose one can say we "dated" because we got into a Friday evening movie schedule and planned to see a movie each week if there was something that interested us. When I was 15, I noticed Jean's mom staring hard at me as if I had stolen her silver candle sticks. I ignored it for some time then one day when I had arrived for our movie and Jean, as usual, was still in the shower, I asked Jean's mom why the hard looks. She started in on the sex issue and what were Jean and I doing, etc.

    while I wasn't shocked, I became irritated and told her that Jean and I did not have romance on our list. She was not satisfied but stopped her babbling...for the time being. The suspicious arose again and in an instant, Jean's mom offered to give me a hand job if I promised to keep my hands off her precious baby, as she put it. Puzzled by this change (I had known Jean's mom from toddler age) I reluctantly agreed to take my cock out for her and soon, she was fingering and stroking it, asking if that was "o.k.". She pulled me off several times and one night, with Jean's shower running, she said, "I really want your promise, then went down and forced my cock down her throat so hard she gagged. She coughed, stroked my now elephant's tusk hard tool and said, "Has Jeanie seen THIS? Don't you ever show it to her.

    We developed the routine of my coming as Jean stepped into her shower, her mom would phone me, waiting outside in my car and I would come in and get my weekly handy and b/j. Then, one day, I noticed her legs were bare and she wore a shorter skirt than usual. She said, "I thought of a way to guarantee that you'll not touch Jeanie, and with my cock standing like a tentpole, she mounted me and slid me deeply into her soaked vagina. She rode me like a pro and said, "Come on in, I'm safe" whereupon I fired off a volley of sperm strands into her as Jean's shower turned off, giving us at least 20 minutes to tidy up.

    The whole issue evolved in a lusty, searing fucking affair between Jean's mom and I, where I would sometimes sneak into her kitchen dead at night and she would come down in her night dress wearing nothing more, to give me the works, including a rollicking doggy to top it off. The talk about Jeanie ceased and in time I realized..."Shit, NONE of this was about her daughter...DUH!" It was like my brain finally turned on.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I have been going online and showing my ass to other men. Now i keep wondering what it would feel like to have one inside my ass. I am married but very curious.anyone else in my shoes?

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