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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    iâm only 17 lol not yet 18, this is more of a want than a confession. iâm latina, 5â10, iâve been told i have pretty nice fat ass (: but guys my age donât know how to appreciate it and honestly iâm just super into older men. i want an older guy to just treat me like a total slut and degrade me while fucking me, it makes me sooooo wet just thinking about it! but iâm too scared to see if any older men want to fuck me

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    Hi, My name's Kim, I'm thirty eight and I adore having my pussy and arsehole tongued. My husband who is a lot older than I, used to enjoy sex, but nowadays he prefers going to his golf club.
    With his full knowledge and consent, I now have a number of girls and young women who help me out with my sexual needs. There isn't a single day that goes by, that I'm not entertaining one of my beautiful females, having them lick me out and worship my pussy.
    It helps now that the weather is improving, as it gives me lots of chances to wear the appropriate clothing to attract other like minded females. I'm a very fit, slim and attractive woman. I know I turn men's heads and would have them fuck me, but I've chosen only to have sex outside of our marriage (For now) with females.
    Wearing short skirts and no underwear, gives me the chance to show girls and women I've learned to know, that my sex is available to them. My pussy lips accentuate my large labia, which in turn show off my larger than average clitoris. To some women, it's not for them, but the vast majority of females who I identify as possible sexual partners, all leer at my naked pussy and drool with sexual want.
    Flashing them my pussy and arse is relatively easy, and I instantly know if they're interested. Since I've been "Allowed" to have sex with beautiful horny and very sexual women outside of our marriage, I've so far had sex with over forty different females. Their ages ranging from mid teens to the oldest (except one) being thirty one.
    Not every one has gone on to be a long term sexual partner, as most are very casual encounters which invariably take place outdoors or at their homes.
    I do have however, four females who regularly visit our home for sex. Ellie is the youngest at sixteen years, and then I'm involved with two young married women who enjoy pussy just as much as their husband's cocks. The final lady is someone I haven't mentioned yet.
    She is the sister of my husband, and is eleven years younger than he, four years older than myself. It was her who first introduced me into lesbian sex, seducing me at a family get together. As her older brother was getting himself drunk, she had her head between my legs and was licking, tonguing and sucking on my pussy and arse. In their large ancestral family home, I lay on the master bed and gave myself totally to my sister in law, and have been doing so ever since. She is such a considerate lover, never once leaving me to chance for the need of orgasm. Always, always giving me the best of times sexually with her passionate sexual skills.
    When her brother caught us in the gardens some eight months after our first wonderful encounter, he simply watched, smiled and walked away. Our conversation later at home was this "Have your fun, but I from now on have mine".
    My husband's visits the golf club for more than golf. There are younger boys who play there, and my husband enjoys their tight rear holes more than my pussy.
    It suits us both and I have the best of both worlds, as more often than not, it's me who's having sex. And sex with lots of younger married women who's husband's just don't know how to fully pleasure their wive's.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    Iâm so panic right now. I was doing naughty stuffs in internet, and accidentally showed my face. Now im afraid that the guy is recording me and will spread it. HELP

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    Transsexual Male / 18

    I'm ftm transgender but sometimes I dream about getting outed and r**ed as a punishment. The thought of a man exposing my big tits and titfucking me turns me on so much it makes me wish it would really happen. I kind of hope a man would do this to me.

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    Straight Male / 36

    My brother-in-law came over to help me with some work around the house. His wife came along too and spent her time with my wife. It was very hot day and we were drinking and slowly getting very drunk. By the end of the day we were very sweaty and our wives told us we stunk bad and should go have a bath. We stripped and literally walked to the bathroom naked. It was the first time either of our wives had seen the others husband naked. Our wives must have been in disbelief and followed us to the bathroom. I would never have done this if I was sober but me and my brother-in-law stepped into the shower together. Our shower is a glass enclosure so you could easily see what we were doing and our wives were watching. I tried to soap my back and had difficulty so my brother-in-law said he would help. Soon we helped each other and were lathering each other up. We literally were lathering every bit of each other up including parts that me should not have been touching but I guess being drunk we didn't even considered how it must have looked. We probably looked very gay.
    Once we were done and stepped out of the shower our wives were in utter shock. It was his wife who first said it was so HOT watching us and my wife quickly added it got her wet between the legs.
    The next day it began to sink in. We didn't actually do anything sexual with each other but anyone watching us would have easily thought we were gay. We did have each others privates in our hands at different times so that in itself most may consider to be a gay act.

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    Transsexual Male / 50

    What the hell is wrong with this site?

    When you try to log in, you see some stupid cam site.

    Get your shit together!

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    Straight Male / 38

    I was at a bar with about 10 of my friends watching the ballgame. When it was over most of my friends left except for me and 2 of my friends. There was a group of women at the bar celebrating on of theirs 56th birthday. A couple of them approached us and asked if we wanted to go back to their place for few drinks and maybe dance for them. One of my friends asked what they meant and she said they were hoping we would go home with them and dance naked to make there celebration more fun. One of my friends immediately said "NO" and the woman said they would pay up $100. He said "NO" again as did my other friend. The women went back to their table. My two friends had to leave and I stayed to finish my drink. The women approached me again and invited me over to their table. I figured I would join them. The women brought up the fact that my friends said "NO" but I never really said anything when they asked about going home with them. Truthfully, I was never asked to do something like this before and was getting a little turned on by the idea of dancing naked in front of what would be 8 women but knew I shouldn't. They bought me a few drinks over the next hour and said it was time for us all to leave. They managed to convince me to go with them but said I didn't need to dance naked.

    We get to their place and we all started drink more. One of the original woman tried to get me dancing naked and I agreed to dance but would not take off everything. I got up and started dancing. I removed one piece of clothing at a time. First my shirt, then my socks and then my pants. I was only in my underwear now and the women were hooting and hollering for me to take them off. I pulled down the back of my underwear a few times to flash them my bare ass and they hollered louder. They then started shouting for me to take them right off. One of them shouted for me to stop teasing them and then took it upon herself to get up with me and began to slowly pull them down. I guess with the combination of being drunk and getting turned by the idea when they first asked about dancing naked, I didn't stop her. I was naked and fully exposed to them and the shouting continued but even louder. Then more fun began. One of the woman got up and started taking her clothes off until she was fully naked just like me. She began to dance with me and was grinding against me. Another woman didn't want to be outdone and stripped naked and now I had 2 naked woman dancing and grinding against me. One then stops and bends over and looks at me. The look she gave me was one of she was ready and waiting. I had a hardon so in it went. The other naked woman bent over too so I pulled out of one and put it in the other. I then began going between both of them. I few thrusts into one and then a few thrusts into the other. I came in one of them and I then put my face between the others legs and finished her off that way.

    It came time to leave and I got dressed and went home. I live in an apartment and ran into one of the other tenants. She seemed amused and mentioned she could tell I had been out drinking and added that she hopes I wont regret it in the morning. I went into my apartment and just crashed on my couch. I woke up in my clothes and realized there were a few issues. The buttons on my shirt were not buttoned up so it hung open. The zipper on my pants was open and the button on my pants was undone. I did have a belt holding my pants up but it was not done up as tight as should have been so my pants were hanging a little low. This wouldn't have as big a deal but I had no underwear on and half my ass was exposed, my cock was hanging out and it was about a 10 block walk from the place were I had been. I wondered if anyone one had seen me. I know the one tenant did and I think I now knew what she meant about regretting it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    PMy slut wife

    Let me start by saying I love my wife she is smart sexy and beautiful. At 45 she still turns heads. 5â9 long blonde hair with long legs and great fake tits.

    Weâve had 3 kids and they are all grown up and self sufficient leaving us to have lots of spare time to ourselves. Our sex life is great, we have experimented with both sexes and have watched each other in our early years fuck other people.
    Nothing better then watching my sexy wife getting fucked by other men.

    Because of kids being around we havenât had the chance to explore sex again until recently when the last child moved out.

    Holly works as a general manager of a large company, she works long hours and has lots of people report to her. She wears business attire every day, knee length skirts and blouses all very professional but still with her body she is sexy as hell.

    There is one guy at her work, Steve. He has wanted to fuck her for the last couple of years since he started working in her department. He always flirts with her and always asks her out for drinks every Friday hoping that one day she may say yes. And up until recently the answer was always no. Steve is a good looking rooster, 30 and single. He is a hit with the ladies, and never seems to have any trouble bedding his share. It seems the allure of bedding a married woman that is his boss is something that he wanted to achieve.

    Holly and I were fucking one Saturday morning and she was really into it and I was talking dirty to her asking her if she wanted another cock in her when I was finished. She was saying all the right things and I said that maybe she should ask Steve from work to come up to our place for a weekend and she could get both of us to fuck her. She went a bit quiet and told me how she always gets asked out by him and she sometimes fantasies about what it would be like to fuck him. She has heard that he has a big cock and she wonders what it would be like to have it up her ass.

    I said to her that she should wonder no more and take him up on his offer to go for a drink after work next Friday. She looks at me with the are you serious look, I said why not. No one has to know. We started planning the logistics of how it would work and once she knew I was serious she went about making next Friday happen.

    Back to work on Monday and once again Steve asks Holly out for drinks on Friday and he was expecting a no as usual, this time she said maybe. He said Iâll take that as a yes. It came to Thursday night just before he was going home and said well Iâll see you tomorrow night. Holly said sure why not. The look on his face was priceless. Nearly 3 years of her saying no he finally got a yes. She took him aside and laid down some rules that he wasnât to tell anyone that she was going and to make sure it was a quiet place. He said he has the perfect place. 5 mins walk from his house and she could leave her car at his and they could walk down together if she wanted.

    Thursday night she got home and was all excited. Freshly shaved legs and pussy and all ready for Friday night.

    I left early for work as usual, I gave her a kiss goodbye and she told me not to wait up for her with a big smile.

    She goes to work Friday morning with a skirt a little shorter than usual, gstring a little smaller then usual, heels a little higher then usual with garter belt and thigh high stockings. She sent me a photo before she left. She was smoking hot.
    The day couldnât go fast enough. I got a txt from her at 5pm saying the was leaving work and she would see me sometime later not sure what time.

    I waited up til 1am and she still wasnât home. My cock was rock hard. I had already masterbated twice and was still horny imagining what she was up to. I eventually went to bed and woken by a phone call at 6am. She said that she was ok and would be home in a few hours, the suspense was killing me.

    Holly walked in at 11am. Exhausted.
    I was waiting, horny with anticipation of what happened. She told me that she will tell me everything. I wasnât to speak. Just listen until she was finished. I wasnât to touch her until she was done. Then she started to undress in front of me. Man I was hard by then.

    Her story.

    She dropped her car off at Steveâs place and met him at the door of his place. He invited her in and she took a tour of his place. Nice place. Good size. Very private. Basically there was no way any neighbor could see into his house and he said it helps when has company. He can relax knowing no one can see in.
    They walked to the pub 5 mins away sat in this quiet pub in a corner and had a drink. He was nervous but still cocky. Second drink down and Holly was starting to loosen up a bit. By the third drink she was fine and he was sitting closer and really putting on the charm. Just when they were about to order dinner in walked 3 of Steveâs friends. Holly was quite tipsy by this stage and starting her fourth drink and welcomed the 3 friends to sit with them. They were in a booth at the back of the bar. She said that all 3 were as hot as Steve and she definitely didnât mind the extra attention. As it turned out this was all planned by Steve.

    After dinner Steve started touching Holly and before long his tongue was down her throat and she as loving it. Hands roaming all over her body before realising there was more than 2 hands. There were 4more. They other guys were touching her as well and before long she was kissing 2 of the other guys as well and their hands were up her skirt and in her pussy. One was playing with her tits before the guy on the other side of the table went underneath the table and took of her g string. He was licking her pussy right there in the pub while she was taking turns kissing the other 3 guys. After a while they decided to go back to Steveâs place. Short walk.
    By the time she was inside she was semi naked. When they got to the lounge she already had 2 cocks out and was sucking each of them while she was getting her pussy sucked. There were fingers and cocks everywhere. She was in heaven. She had both cocks in her mouth while she rode Steveâs cock for the first time. When the last guy guided his cock up her ass. 4 cocks at once. She was in heaven.
    She was fucked sucked double penetrated pissed on fucked sucked and fucked again for 8 hrs. She had at least 1 cock in one of her holes the whole night. She only got a break at 6 am when she called me from the bathroom. After she got out of the bathroom they grabbed her again and fucked her for another 4 hours finally letting her come home at 11 am.

    As she was telling me this story in the morning my cock was throbbing and I was desperately wanting to get between her legs. After she finished her story She made me clean up her mess. I sucked and licked all the cum out of her over the next hour. She had marks all over her where they tied her up and fucked her stupid. We eventually fucked and I came inside her ass knowing that all 4 guys had cum up her ass multiple times over the previous night.

    Now most Friday nights I spend alone while my slut wife goes for drinks. She comes home in to morning with up to 7 different guys cum in her after her nights out. And I get to clean her up.

    I love my slut wife.

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    Straight Male / 48

    This goes back to the 80s. In an effort to find an income producing job for my wife, I bought into a franchise for move rentals. Neighborhood stuff, not Blockbuster. She opened at ten and she closed at ten. We had a Chinese girl working for us. The rental business was good and it made a little money.

    She and I went to a convention for video rental business. At the convention I spoke to a man who said that for every dollar you made renting plain vanilla you made fifteen dollars renting X rated movies. Just partition the store, have a dark room with no windows, and put the porn there. And hire a woman to be the cashier back there. Do not hire a man.

    We found out why you hire a woman. The rental business for porn was during the day, not at night. It was housewives who rented the movies, took them home, watched them and returned them that same day. The Chinese lady spent a whole lot of her time rewinding those movies. Some ladies came and rented the same movie over and over, the Chinese lady pretended not to speak English. We tripled the take on our store. There wasn't any type of porn that rented better than any other, at that time there wasn't that much lesbian or gay porn, but there was teen girl, coed, and of course lots of BDSM.

    Too bad that Blockbuster took over the corner video store, and now you have everything on the internet. But I bet the same housewives are watching porn, they just don't have to feel bad about not rewinding the tape.

    Of course I never asked my wife if she ever watched any of those videos.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    My husband who`s 35 years old while I am 32, mom of one son, he`s a doctor by profession, with a thriving practice he`s very dominating and of possessive nature, he`s nice to me and has provided adequate financial security to me

    Few weeks ago he had invited his friend Sam who lives in other state to our home for dinner, he is handsome as my husband, bought me flowers and bottle of Scotch for hubby , the bottle was opened and we three were talking general stuff , though Scotch whiskey is not my favourite but for etiquette sake I gave them company , during the talks I noticed in spite of wearing long skirt and top Sam was stealing glances at my curves and boobs, again for etiquette sake I ignored

    Two rounds were over , my husband got a call from hospital, there was some medical emergency and he had to be there urgently , he apologized to Sam and asked me to feed Sam well as he rushed out our home, I was used to these kind of emergencies , 2 rounds of potent whiskey made me bit tipsy , I was planning to serve dinner as soon as possible so that Sam will leave soon and I can get my sleep but Sam insisted we have one more round before dinner, reluctantly I agreed ,he began showering me with heaps of praises on my looks, how lucky my husband was to have a wife my me and so on, it felt nice

    Before I could say anything he poured another shot of whiskey in my glass, I said no, he promised itâs the last , in my entire life I never drank this much but I was liking Sam`s praises and compliments , somehow I finished my drink, my bladders were full , I excused myself to relieve my bladders , when I returned I saw Sam was standing, for a second I thought he`s leaving , I said Sam lets have dinner , he replied I will have desserts first and grabbed me in his arms, I was shocked , tried to free myself , he started kissing me , I wanted to free myself from the clutches of this beast but was not able to, he was too strong, he lifted me and put me on the sofa , kept me pinned down, 4 shots of alcohol took my toll, he forcefully began to kiss me , I slapped him few times but didnât have any effect , I was crying and begging him to have mercy on me, he ripped off my top and crushed my breasts in barbaric manner , I began to scream in return he lashed a tight slap on my face, hissed liked a venomous snake that if I utter one more word he would snap my face , I froze , this filth removed his jeans and my skirt and panties , forced himself on my, I was sobbing all the time I was being violated , he ejaculated in me , dressed quickly , took his cell phone and left without saying a word

    I couldn`t sleep for the whole night ,husband returned home early morning asked me why my eyes are blood shot red, I said it was because of excessive whiskey I drank, asked about that filthy person, I told he had to go early, I was feeling dirty all the time , after hubby left I had a shower, I checked my phone for messages, I saw there was one from Sam saying â I don`t know about you but I had a great time in your tight pussy â it was so disgusting , there was a video clip attached , I wanted to delete it without downloading but I still downloaded , to my horror he had secretly recorded the entire act, within 10 minutes I get a call from Sam, he began with pleasantries and I started abusing and cursing him , he was mocking and laughing , he told me he wants me at his apartment at 2 pm sharp, I bluntly refused, he threatened me that if I didn`t come he will send this video to my husband and will post it on internet, he disconnected , I was petrified, never in my life I was such helpless, I couldnât tell this to my husband cause I knew things will not remain the same between us, our son`s future , my security and various other factors , I made up my mind and went , he had this evil grin on his face, saw me as if I was his whore, demanded me to kneel , had to perform oral sex on him and swallow , then he violated me again in bed , I was like vegetable , feeling very dirty and helpless, he ejaculated his filth inside me , got up and went to the toilet, I sat up and was wiping my tears , I saw his cell phone on the table, I got up and dressed in lightning speed , flicked his phone and left his apartment while he was still in the toilet

    First thing I did after I returned home is to clean myself of his filth , his phone was unlocked , found my video and deleted it , formatted the phone wiping off all the contacts and contents, promised myself never to drink with any friend of my husband in his presence or absence

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