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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 27

    I was 22 when I had an affair with a girl in college. We went to the bathroom together, kissed me and put her hand down the front of my panties. At first I tried to stop her, but sbe got me so horny fingering me I just gave in. I ended up with no panties, skirt hiked up to my neck and gave me an orgasm sucking my pussy. I remember feeling nervous and embarrssed about getting caught. When she invited me to her place I thought I was crazy to accept her invitation. I remembe we had some wine, told me to take my clothes off and began wetting my niples with wine. I remember the embarrasment of this guy walking in on us witch turned out to be her boy friend. "Don't worry weed had threesomes before" That day I got ravished by both of them like a rag doll. I remember her rubbing ber pussy on my face while her boy friend zucked my pussy, put a condom on and shoved his dick into me. I'll never forget how dirty and horny I felt. It was uninhibeted wild sex and hard not to give in to plasure. It only happen once but I will always remember it as the wildest sex I ever had.

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    Straight Male / 52

    My told me the other night when her son came back from the Marines that she saw him peeking in or room when she was useing her dildo for me to watch.

    Now she says she wants to show him her pussy. And let him watch her use her dildo or watch us fuck.

    I'm not his father.So I was wondering what to do.
    Any suggestions!

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    I did my time and when I was released I got a job to stay on probation. It was a lousy job arranged by my parole officer, I was 32 and I had a bad cigarette habit and if I drank I drank until I passed out. My job was working as a cashier at a gas station. I didn't come from this, I had grown up in a nice home with a mother and father and a nice school but I got into drugs. That is how I got to the gas station.

    At the gas station was a woman, she was in her fifties and she worked the night shift. She was mean but to me she was nice. I had seen her so many times while I was in prison and when she started to eye me I knew what she wanted. It felt good to be hugged and kissed and felt up, she had strong hands and she unscrewed my boob and fingered me so deep it hurt, but it felt good to be naked and it felt good to have her naked too. She likes having her pussy 'swabbed' and her tits wrung out and she likes to kiss and make out. I moved in with her.

    Things went on for a while until one of my 'friends' was let out and she came looking for me and claiming me. She and my now girlfriend got in a fight, it ended up on the street and the cops came and arrested them both. My now girlfriend didn't have a record and she was able to prove that she had not started it and my prison ma'am had her probation revoked. I work and pay my bills and keep my mouth shut and don't drink. I wish I could stop smoking but my now girlfriend smokes and it is not going to happen. I have pictures of when I was a teenager and I don't look anything like her. I never thought I would end up at the bottom of the pit.

    I last had sex with a man when I was twenty three before I got sent to prison. Before prison I only did men. I am not a woman type but that is what I have and it feels good, I am used to it and I don't ever look for a man. In prison it was mostly a head game, there wasn't anywhere to let it out. Now it is real.

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    Straight Female / 27

    During the recent warm spell here in the UK, my husband and I had our first solo rock climb in the Derbyshire hills. Once we'd completed our climb and both looked out over the beautiful countryside, our instructor joined us. So happy with our climb and the gorgeous day, plus the fact my husband knew I liked the instructor, he asked me if i'd thank him properly. Sinking down to my knees, I took out the instructors cock and sucked him off. At no point did he say stop, and no point did my husband want me to stop. Once he'd cum in my mouth and I'd swallowed his wad, I stood up, wiped my mouth and said thank you to them both. Back at the car park, I got into our car with my husband sitting in the driving seat. He grinned at me, but I knew there was something not quite right. Asking him if everything was ok, he said "When I said thank him properly, I meant give him a kiss, not go down on him and suck him off". I'd gotten his intentions all wrong, but I asked him why he hadn't stopped me. My husband replied "Because you looked some damn horny sucking his dick". We're going on a weeks hiking/climbing break soon. I've asked my husband if he'll want me to thank the guide we've hired. He didn't say no, what he did say was "Only if he's got a big cock". Now I can't wait.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Three weeks back, I walked into our home to hear the sounds of sex coming from our lounge. Walking slowly and as quietly as I could, I looked into the lounge and saw my husband being fucked by a guy who looked like he was in his fifties or sixties. They were both naked and my husband was knelt up on the floor with his arms on the sofa. The guy was behind him smashing his cock up my husbands asshole time and again. From the sounds of it and from what my husband was saying, things like "Yeh ,that's it fuck me like that" he was enjoying every thrust of his lovers cock.
    Now the weird bit. I didn't get angry or feel jealous. Instead I became horny and watched with absolute love for my husband. Seeing him take that cock so deeply up his ass and hearing him enjoying what I know to be an amazing feeling from being fucked anally, I wanted if anything, for him to experience the sheer joy of an anal orgasm. It was then they changed position and I moved away listening to his lover telling my husband to mount his dick. I didn't go back and walked back to my car. Driving away, I ended up at a place we'd often had sex at in the past. Sat in my car with the vision of my husband being fucked so gloriously, I played with my pussy and clit until I had such a powerful and all consuming orgasm. The house still smelled of sex when after an hour I text first, then drove home.
    I've not said anything, as I yet don't know what to think about it all. I'm confused as to what I should be feeling and thinking and know for sure, it was a thrilling thing to see. Part of me wants to let him have his gay fun, another wants to challenge him for cheating on me. Yet another though, wants to join in and experience what i saw up close and personal.
    This is one confused, yet sexually turned on wife.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I seduced my nephew, I just reached over and started rubbing his cock, as he protested it got hard anyhow. I laid h down in the back of the van and he pulled his pants down for me. He had a fat dick and I slurped on that fcuker like an expert, deep in the back of my throat is where I keep his dick swallowing the entire thing. I loved it, ate his cum.

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    Straight Female / 30

    On the 26th of December last year (2018) my husband and I attended a party held by a colleague of his. After so long without touching alcohol, I got myself drunk and don't remember much after being kissed by a super cute young guy in the kitchen of the house. My husband had put us together and had told the lad, I was a horny bitch. I swear right now, if I had been sober, I would have told my husband where to go, and probably hit the kid for kissing me.

    Like I've said, that's the last thing I kind of remember, although certain things have come back to me since.
    Waking up the next day at home with an almighty hangover, I also felt sticky and a little sore between my legs and up my bum, plus my hair was matted with something. Not thinking anything of it, other than my husband and I probably had sex, and he'd probably stuck a finger up my arse, as he likes to do, I showered and went downstairs to see my husband looking at his phone in the kitchen.

    When I entered he put his phone down and kissed me. Only it was a sexual kiss and one he normally never gives me in the morning. Nevertheless I went about my day as normal and didn't pay him any mind as he kept on looking at his phone.

    It was in late January that his phone played up on him. He changed it, but before he did, he downloaded some things off of it onto the computer at home.

    In late February I was cleaning round the house, and noticed the computer had been left on from the night before. Pressing a key, the computer ran and I immediately saw myself in a frozen shot, naked and accepting a young mans huge cock up my arsehole from behind on a bed. Sitting down I played the video footage and watched myself having over half an hours sex with not only my husband, but also the young man I'd kissed in the kitchen and the host of the party. All three men had me sucking on their cocks and all three of them fucked me. But it was the young man who had me the most. And his cock was enormous. I wasn't the best participant as I was clearly drunk, but all the same I was fucked, and fucked again and again by each of the men.

    Just when I thought the sex was going to end, as they'd all cum over or in me, my husband came into shot. He held the young mans cock and began to lick and suck on it. Taking the cock out of his mouth every now and then, I heard him tell the kid he wanted him to fuck my arsehole extra hard. Once he was erect again, I watched myself being positioned on my knees on the bed and then saw the lad ram his cock into my arsehole. It was another ten minutes or so of constant fucking and me moaning like crazy, before I orgasmed. I watched as my body shook uncontrollably and then saw the lad pull out of my arsehole, scoot around and cum all over my face and hair. Throughout it all I could hear my husband encouraging him and then saw him come back into shot. I was allowed to flop onto the bed as he sucked in the boys softening penis. A fewe more seconds and the video ended.

    Since viewing the video, I've not said anything to my husband as I'm not sure where it will all end up. I did I must admit, look as though I enjoyed being fucked by the three men. I will also own up to enjoying certain anal play, but hadn't upto that video been fucked anally. My husband doesn't know it, but I have watched the video more than a few times and masturbated from watching myself being fucked so hard.

    What I don't understand and didn't know, is that my husband clearly enjoys sucking cock. And from some of the comments I've now listened to properly on the video, he clearly states behind the camera, he wishes it was his arsehole taking the young mans cock.

    Now I have to decide if I'm going to confront him, or say nothing and put it all down to a one off.

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    Straight Male / 32

    Wife never seems interested in sex anymore, advice?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 24

    Sometimes when i see a man cry i like to take his head and put it on my breasts and caress his hair and his back, while he is in a fetal position on my chest.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    I find myself a little apprehensive now about a situation of my own design and choosing. My wife played the field when I met her, and she continued to do so as we dated. She didn't tell me, but I knew it from being friends with a couple of her bfs and exbfs, and it turned me on to find her pussy fucked before I licked her out, or feeling the cum in her as I did sloppy seconds, and if I caught a whiff or taste of cum on her breath as we kissed, I am sure there were times that a guy finished in her only moments before I arrived to visit.

    She knows I enjoy that little bit of kink, and since we have been married, she has indulged me, at my request and choosing, to her "playing the field" again for my benefit. I make arrangements up to a couple times a month for her to have a guest before I get home, and I take up with her, after the guest has left. I still enjoy the feeling of her being freshly used, and knowing it, when I start to have sex with her. That is not the source of my apprehension.

    I have always enjoyed anal play both giving and receiving, but an repulsed by the thought of a guy actually putting his cock any where near me in person. My wife has always fingered my back door as she sucked me, or on special occasions she has penetrated me with one of her toys. Even recently, early last year, she purchased a "strapless strapon" and indulges my kinkier side to have anal penetration.

    She asked me a few weeks ago, if I would like to join my sloppy seconds with a real cock penetration. I was repulsed at the thought of having sex with a guy, but also very curious. We talked about it for weeks. Really I should say I have fantasized about it for weeks and brought it back up to make sure she really would be alright having a mmf.

    My apprehension still, is that I am not attracted to guys at all, and am still repulsed at the idea of a guy's cock anywhere near me, but I am so turned on by the idea of seeing my wife having sex, and seeing his cum dripping out as he withdraws his cock from her that I asked if next time instead of enjoying a guest she would do a mmf. She has agreed and I have it setup for tonight.

    There is my apprehension, I am still repulsed by the idea of having a guy's cock around me, but I am also incredibly turned on by the thought of seeing his seed oozing out of my wife, and the idea of licking his seed out of her while getting penetrated. I am afraid that I will do something to mess this up and ruin things for my wife, our guest, and my kinky fantasy!

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