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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I'm a single twenty seven year old who most probably has more sex than most married people. And practically all of my sex, is with married people, both men and women.

    I deliver parcels all day, twelve hours a day. On my regular routes I visit homes where there are many many many sexually frustrated married individuals.

    With the onset of computerization and home deliveries for everything, and because lots more people are working from home, I get to have fun with men and women who long to be fucked. And a year ago I began to fuck them.

    It's not that hard to distinguish between those who only want a parcel, and those who are absolutely gagging for a fuck.

    My first was a married woman who answered the door practically wearing nothing. She simply asked me if I had time to have some fun, and said her husband hadn't fucked her in months. She wasn't miss universe or anything, but she was in good shape and certainly knew how to ride cock. I left her home twenty minutes after arriving and actually came up her pussy. I fucked her the following day on my way back from the depot, only just exiting her home minutes before her husband got home from work. That day I fucked her asshole over her kitchen table, which gave me an idea from something that had happened earlier in the month.

    A guy had offered to give e a blow job when I found him masturbating in his back yard. I refused but wondered for ages what it would like to be sucked off by a guy. Two weeks after fucking the woman's asshole, I saw his address on a parcel in the depot and added it to my round.

    Getting to his home first, he was only wearing shorts and no top. His married man's demeanor changed when he opened his door and saw it was me. Asking me in to sign my data equipment, without asking him, I dropped my trousers and boxers and hoped he didn't kick me out. Seconds later in his hallway he was on his knees and sucking in my cock. I was so hard and horny from his amazing oral skills I practically forced him to kneel up on the bottom step of his stairway. Spitting on his asshole, I didn't bother to ask him if I could fuck him, I just did it and found myself totally engrossed for the first time in my life, in giving a guy a real good fucking.

    And it kind of went from there. Women, married women, are far more obvious than men who's lies to their wives, about their sexuality is easier for me to see through. The women make hardly any attempt to hide the fact they want fucking and some have been very forward in their actions to get me to fuck them. I admit I now put out the signals and chat to let them know I'm willing to fuck them, but even so some married women are veritable sluts when it comes to my eight inches.

    The married men are more coy, but now I've come to recognize the signs and spoken hints, it's relatively easy to have them holding their ass cheeks so I can slide my cock up their tight holes.

    I've fucked men and women from as young as seventeen, to as old as sixty eight. I'm not too fussy how they look as long as they're clean and relatively fit. I'm not into really fat individuals, but having said that I fucked a guy only last week who was chubby and he was one of the best fucks I've ever experienced. His wife was actually in the house when I boned him in his garage. He's previously sucked me off, so I knew he wanted me to fuck him and boy could he take a seriously hard and prolonged fuck.

    In all over the last year, I've fucked eight different married women and thirteen married men. The last five men in the last six weeks. I now only fuck them with a condom on and have recently been having more than a few married women suck me off, rather than having me fuck them. They say they only want oral sex and I'm only too glad to offer it to them, as they tell me their husband's won't go down on them. It's fine with me as I get to eat pussy and have my cock sucked at the same time.

    It could be my cheeky attitude that gets them sexually involved with me, or my intuition about their sexual status. I am reasonably good looking I guess, and keep myself fit too. Plus I soon discovered my cock bulge is a prominent sight in my work shorts. Two days ago, from a woman staring at my cock bulge, to fucking her on the marital bed she shares with her husband, was only three or four minutes. I was rock hard in seconds and didn't even bother to get undressed. Lifting up her dress and riping off her panties, I slid my cock into her wet pussy and banged away forcefully form the start. She screamed out I was too big for her, but I carried on fucking her until she orgasmed once, then again just as I was cumming all over her ass.

    In a few weeks from now, I will be altering my route to accommodate the early Christmas rush. Maybe I might just be meeting you or your wife, and maybe I just might want to fuck you. Who knows.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Last month I was told by a nosey neighbor, my twenty nine year old wife Ellie, was probably fucking other guys.
    The fact is I know my wife is being fucked by other men, because it's me who arranges, vets and helps out those physically fit, well endowed individuals who fuck my wife like the slut she most definitely is.
    My dick measures nearly four and half inches erect. My bank balance is extremely healthy. My wife is stunningly beautiful and adores rough large cocked sex. So what would you do given her sex drive is massive and your wife NEEDS cock, just like I need my business acumen.
    The other side of this sexual coin, is I also enjoy cock, hence the reason for ME to vet our sexual partners.
    This isn't me being mean or cruel, yet I have to say it, Ellie isn't the most intelligent person out there. In fact she's as bright as a TOC H LAMP(look it up). So I make most, if not all of our personal decisions. She gets to look beautiful on my arm and I get to fuck a woman who never ever has an headache. I also get to share her with large cocked bisexual men, and she still thinks I arrange our sexual nights just for her.
    I could meet up with guys and get fucked away from our marriage, but then I love watching Ellie taking a huge cock too. So I'd miss out.
    This way she gets fucked to her heart's, pussy and assholes content, and I get to share her delights and a large thick cock too. Win win I think.
    Lastly and something Ellie doesn't know, is I'm supporting my extended family in regards to her father. He's a quiet man who just so happens to like men with small cocks. His quiet nature ends when he visits our home and Ellie's out modelling. It's those days I truely look forward to as he never leaves without using my mouth and asshole as a cum dump, at least three to four times.
    I guess his healthy sexual appetite is where Ellie gets hers.
    The neighbor by the way fancies my wife something rotten. He's a bit of a geek, but if he's got a big cock, I might just invite him around. Who knows he might also enjoy fucking a guy's tight ass too.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I have an addiction to pussy and just about anything sexual but, I'm not sure what kind of pussy I prefer. I'm kind of partial to a brunette with lite hair. Super hairy...not so much and bare is OK too. I love the smell and taste of pussy that smelling panties gets me going and I have to cum so how. I either do it myself or I walk up to my wife with a big hard on.

    Also I'm not sure what age girls are the best. 13-19 year old girls have amazing bodies in perfect condition. There pussies are descent and tight as fuck. They just don't know how to use them or do much of anything that can actually get me off. Although, going down on someone that has never been eaten out before and making them cum for the first time is super fucking rad.

    The 20 somethings are a bit better when it comes to fucking. The pussy is a little bit looser and easier on the ol cock. Believe me, super tight does not equal better. They still need advice when it comes to head.

    The 30 year old chicks are a little boring (sorry girls but I went thru this phase with my wife too). There's kids, career etc. Not much time for fucking.

    But, the chick in the upper thirties to 50 is great. She knows just what the fuck to do with a dick. My wife says that she didn't give that much head before because she was bad at it and never got any compliments. She sucks my dick so fucking good and I always make it a priority to let her know how amazing it feels.

    They also know when and how they like to be fucked. The 13-29 year olds don't seem to understand what to even say or ask for. There is definately a time when you have to say to each other "take off your pants, you may not enjoy this but I fucking need it"

    For anal play it needs to be the older chicks. The older ones don't have a problem with sticking a finger up your ass when they are blowing you.

    For the 13-15 girls that have never given head, I like to have them sit on the bed resting against the headboard. I straddle them so my cock is just in front of them then I slide it in. I like to see every detail. They really do try hard sometimes but they just haven't learned how to suck without choking. I have them play with my balls too which makes me cum fast. I announce that I'm going to cum but they have no idea sometimes of what is about to go down. For the most part the young ones think that me cumming in their mouth and face is cool. Rimming these girls after a shower is cool as shit too because they had no idea their assholes where so sensitive.

    The beast is stirring. I think I need to go have some alone time after this...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 31

    Innocence lost. I was an incoming freshman in our small college and my dorm roommate convinced me to go to a party. There were lots of people there and the only person I knew was my roommate. A girl started talking to me and we ended up in this long conversation. When I realized it was past midnight I told her I needed to find my roommate and she asked my why. In any event I didn't find my roommate and I reported back to her worried and she told me to get a grip, she probably had hooked up with some guy and was getting screwed as we talked.

    She asked me if I had screwed and I said no and she teased me that I was a lily white virgin. I said I was and so what and she laughed and came up to my ear and said she was a virgin, she had never been screwed. To tell the truth I didn't believe her and she whispered again in my ear that she ate pussy instead. I really didn't understand what she had said, and she kissed me on the lips and said she liked pussy, she liked girls and maybe I liked girls but didn't know it and why didn't I go home with her and we would find out.

    She was on me holding my face in her hand and looking into my eyes and she said she meant it, for me to go home with her and we would make sweet love and eat pussy all night. Every time I tried to say no she put her fingers on my lips and told me that was the wrong answer, the only right answer was for me to go home with her. I lost my ability to resist and she was so insistent that I went with her. We got in bed and after a lot of prodding she got me to eat her and we fell asleep. We woke up naked and she took me by the hand to the bathroom and we peed and she brushed her teeth and loaned me her toothbrush and brushed my teeth for me. We were still naked and in the light of the bathroom she ran her hands all over me approving of what she saw and she had me touch her.

    She lived with her older brother who was a Vet student and she told him to keeps his hands off because I was with her. Our campus was small and there must have been other girls who were getting it on together but we never met anyone. We just did our thing. She was right, I loved pussy and when I ate her I gave myself to it. The more time we spent together the more and more we got into breast play, laying for what seemed like hours groping our breasts and making out. We left going down until the end, instead of fucking we ate each other out. I fell in love with her and she was in love with me. We had early onset lesbian feelings.

    After we graduated we moved together and set up house and went to work. We were older in our mid twenties and I went to a company after work party and a guy screwed me. It was spontaneous out in the parking lot. I was drinking and I had let him take me out there and he screwed me. I went home and the first thing I did was confess. It was really hard on us, it changed everything. Even if I hadn't cheated on purpose the damage was done and we drifted apart more and more. Lost without her I started to fall into the hands of the guy I had sex with in the parking lot and that just confirmed to her that I was serious about him and we broke up.

    Only two people have been inside my pussy. I live a conventional life, I have a decent job, I have two kids now and my husband and I go to church. When he makes love to me I think about her. I don't let him eat me because when he does I get upset. I go to therapy for anxiety but I am really there because I am in love with someone else. I see her and we are having this virtual affair. She is willing to accept that she judged me when she shouldn't have and pushed me to be with him. What I want more than anything is to make intense love with her and it hurts to have to go home.

    Breaking up my marriage and being divorced with two little kids is something I can't do. Not being with her is something I can't do. I am caught between my feelings for her and my guilt about my family. For now I am emotionally cheating on my husband and family and I feel I am cheating on her by sleeping with him. I don't want him getting close to my pussy but I have to let him. That's what happens when you let a girl take you home, you fall in love with her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    UBER Fantastic!

    I just returned from my last ride and am writing this down. I got kind of a late call and went ahead and accepted it. When I got there, the neighborhood was upscale but very dark. Three women got in - two in the back and one in the front. I didn't really see them but as I started up conversation, they said they were just leaving a party. I could tell that they were younger by their voices. I assumed that it was a college party since there is a campus a few miles away.

    Those three started talking about sex and how these two seniors were doing it. Jokingly, I chimed in with "in front of you?". They said no but, that they had seen people doing it before which got us all talking about the dirtiest things we had done including any dirty uber stories I had.

    I knew what these chicks were doing. Trying to get under the uber drivers skin or make him so horny he was going to go home and beat off thinking about that night.

    The front passenger blurted out we will show you our boobs if you turn off your driver app and don't charge us. Boobs are not enough for this ride I said. How about boobs and bush? Boobs, bush and a handjob from you and we have a deal. Deal she said.

    They all took off their shirts and the girl in the front took off the top and bottoms. I could make out small boobs and some pubic hair. Not it was my turn. She helped my undo my pants and pull my dick out. It felt so good when her hand finally wrapped around me. She kept asking if that felt good.

    I knew I couldn't cum from this so I just said hey, come over here and wrap your lips around this and it worked. She turned to by facing me but on her knees (I have a SUV) then took me into her mouth. It wasn't the best blowjob but still it was a blowjob and that's all that matters. I reached over to play with her bum and found her pussy. I rubbed her clit and she moaned. I pulled my hand away for a moment to smell her scent and her pussy smelled so fucking good.

    My hand found her pussy again but this time I slid a finger in. It was tight as fuck. This got me hard as a fucking rock and I said to the girls in the back "were should I cum". They yelled cum in her fucking mouth and laughed. After a couple more minutes of don't stops and just like that's, I was going to cum and let her know. She didn't stop sucking and I had one amazing orgasm with her lips around my cock the entire time. At home I didn't see any cum left on me so I assume she swallowed it all.

    We all composed ourselves and she directed me to her house. I asked what was their majors and they said we're not in college yet. I was like oh really...are you starting in the fall. They were like no dude we are in 8th. I was like "grade?" and they were like yep...don't fucking sweat it bro. I was like oh shit. I was just taking advantage of.

    I dropped them off and got the fuck out of dodge. Since I was that young, I have never thought of fucking around with someone that age but god her pussy felt amazing. If I ever see her again I won't asked for a blowjob this time but instead I'll ask if I can get her off. I bet she tastes fucking spectacular. I might even ask her to fuck but as tight as she was I don't know if I could take it.

    I think I may have to rub one out.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I feel I discovered my girl power when I was in my early teens, maybe even preteen. I could get my father, my brothers, my uncles and male family friends to do what I wanted or get what I wanted by flirting with them, hanging on their neck, wrapping my arms around them begging for a kiss and being caressed. My brothers are putty in my hands, my boss, my boyfriend will do anything for me if I put on the charm. My boss is a sucker for a skirt, a flash of boob, a hug and a kiss.

    I am a flirt, I love being a flirt.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23

    I was a late bloomer. I did not even date until I was 19. In my freshman year in college I had a very attractive roommate, Mira, who was also a jock and the captain of the football cheering squad. She dated some of the players but never focused on one. In the semi-dark, I used to watch her across the room, fucking dates, making believe I was asleep.

    One time, I was mostly asleep and thought I was having a sex dream. I was kissing someone and their tongue was all over inside and outside of my mouth. I liked it, getting very hot, and kissed back. Our tongues went to town on each other. After a few moments I realized that Mira was on top of me and we were making out like crazy. I did not stop it but kept going on. Mira stopped for a moment, looked into my eyes, smiled, then started on me again.

    I felt Mira's fingers enter my vagina with her thumb on my clit and I let our moaning because I loved it. Mira's fingers were really sliding in and out of me. Then, Mira parted my legs with her own as she kissed me and she seemed to get heavy. Then, I felt a thick cock slide into my vagina and begin to fuck me hard. My eyes darted open and Mira's face was on mine. She giggled as her date for the night fucked me silly with Mira between us. He pulled out of me, fucked her a bit then slid back into me.

    I just let myself go into the scene. We did not talk about it later. I had two additional sex sessions with Mira, alone, not long after. Then, the semester ended and Mira moved on. I missed her but was not really into women.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I crave dick every day. I want help in finding a way to suck my best friends cock. I been wanting it for years. Im dezz, his name is crowe. Any chance u read this, i wanna swallow your cock to your nuts until u explode in my mouth. I'll take that dick too. Balls deep.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    I was still a virgin when I finished my PhD and moved to Chicago to work with an investment banking firm. I met a woman there who worked in accounting and we got along at work. After several months of working there I met her roommate and she told me they were both virgins. I had told her I had dated but never hooked up and my academic work interfered with my social life and I was still a virgin.

    The three of us got together at their apartment and we agreed to lose our virginities together. They flipped a coin to see who went first, I would have sex with both of them in a row. We were 28, 27 and 26. It was mechanical with the lights on but we accomplished our objective. We all agreed it was blah, what had been the big deal.

    But, we had done something and we did it again and then again. The third time the women tried oral on me, first swapping out but then they got into it and I had my first real sex ejaculation. We started having sex, kissing and foreplay and oral sex and intercourse with feelings and sleeping together. Then on one night the women kissed each other and had breast play, more of a kidding breast play but they started kissing and fondling and they ended having oral sex on each other.

    Our lovemaking became the center of our relationship, and sleeping three to the queen sized bed. And we started talking about long term, about finding a bigger apartment so we could live together. Some nights they wrapped themselves together and my place was to wait and hug them when they had exhausted themselves. We found our apartment and initiated our new bedroom with intercourse and game sex. We were a modern trio, living in a relationship that was so far beyond any boundaries we had grown up with. Our friends knew, our parents knew, our lifestyle was not a secret. We had somehow grown up together in a few short months.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I think if there was a place for people who find young girls sexually arousing to express their feelings openly without condemnation there would be fewer cases of child m****tation.

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