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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 29

    Right now I'm just so fed up with my friend, he has to be the most annoying person on Earth, he clearly hates my other friends who i've been closer with for a lot longer than I have known him for. He gets easily jealous of them, talks a lot of shit about why they are not supportive of me, he tries to drag me into shit that I want no part of, he is always spamming my messages and when I don't respond he asks why i'm not responding, he's always bugging me to make youtube videos whenever I don't feel like it, he's always talking about how my other friends suck and how they are conspiring against me, he causes way more harm than good, he is a very poor listener, he never pays any attention to what he does, and is a complete and total pain in the ass, and in all honesty i'm getting really tired of his shit.

    I mean seriously he has become so clingy to me and acts like if i'm his only friend, anytime I hang out with two of my best friends that I have known for years he gets instantly jealous. We try to invite him but he says he never wants to hang out with them and then says shit about them saying that they aren't my real friends and only use me, and says they never show me any support and monitors over all of our social media which he has no business doing because what we do is only our business, but he wants to create drama everytime we're all around eachother. We tried to get him to be our friend but it seems like he just wants me to himself and he's acting very selfish, we even asked him to game but he refused to join unless they were gone and when I say i'm done when they are done, he won't stop asking me to game with him and when I say no he gets upset at me saying i'm not a true friend.

    He also constantly bugs the shit out of me to livestream and make YouTube Videos when I have a life of my own to live. He acts like it's going to affect my subscribers. I tell him I don't feel like it and he won't stop fucking asking me to make one or to stream until I finally do so. Whenever I do try to make a video, he keeps spamming me and it ends up messing up my video, and he asks why i'm not responding to his messages? It's because i'm making the video that you wouldn't stop bugging me to make and now you're messing up the video because you don't know when to stop; I swear he really gets on my nerves so much that I really just want to punch him in the face and beat the fuck out of him because of how irritating he really is.

    He has very poor listening skills, he tried dragging me into some online community game before and I hated it and never wanted any part of it and he keeps trying to get me to keep playing and I tell him no and he continues to drag me into them. Some asshole started cyberstalking and bullying him and I told him to block him but he refused and guess what it kept happening to him. He's always showing me drama all the time to try to get me involved and it's really starting to exhaust me all because he just won't leave well enough alone. He also nearly got himself killed in a car accident all because he wouldn't stop texting me and his phone battery was very low and I told him to stop messaging me and to message me when he got home but as always he doesn't listen and ended up nearly getting himself killed in a crash all because it just kills his soul not to message me he acts like if he doesn't hear from me it's the end of the world for him.

    He's really putting a burden on me and I really don't know if I want to continue being friends with him because it's just draining me and it's causing problems for all of my friends. I believe he needs counselling or something because I honestly just can't take this anymore with him and his annoying habits, he really is a total pain in the ass.

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    Straight Male / 34


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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I broke up with my boy friend and be honest, the only thing a miss was having sex with him. He was a real ass hole but he could fuck me silly doing all kinds of dirty stuff to me. After having a guy drilling me almost every day it was hard sudently not having sex. I was 21 when I broke up with him and so horny I to used masturbate myself with dildo up my ass. So horny I replied to and add of women looking for sex with other female. I'm bi-sexual and have always enjoy sex with males or females. She was good looking, sexy, older than me but that's what sexually turn me on about her. What I didn't know was that she had a male partner and ended up fucking with both of them. He just walked in on us while we were doing dirty stuff in bed completly naked with a huge hard on. I remember I had never had such a big dick pushed into my ass while having a female rubbing her pussy on my face. It was mind blowing, sucked and fucked my way through the whole night, loved it and do it twice a week.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    My wife and I have a pretty tame sex life, but every now and then we become a little more adventurous in the bed room. This is a short story of how she continues to surprise me.

    It was right before New Years which is also around the time of my wifeâs birthday. We usually take a short road trip to small town near water to explore and get drinks and relax. One spot in particular had a lake side hotel with in room jacuzzis. Weâve stayed there before and itâs been a great retreat that usually ends in some more adventurous sex.

    Upon checking in and getting settled in around 3 PM we hear some commotion in the room adjacent to ours. I put my ear to the wall to hear whatâs going on and quickly realize our neighbors are doing some serious fucking next door. I quickly turn to my wife to see if she gathers what I am and she of course does. We sort of smirk at each other and continue unpacking. To be honest I couldnt stop listening to our neighbors fucking, there were lots of loud moans and grunts it turned me on. Sadly we left and did not pursue our own noise making.

    We hit up a few local spots and grab some dinner. We visit a brewery as wel as a cocktail lounge and make our way back to the hotel. My wife insisted she did not want to continue to drink but I encouraged her a bit and she ultimately gave in as she purchased a bottle of wine earlier. We were casually drinking and going in and out of the hot tub where weâd lay on the bed to cool off before getting back in. Feeling pretty loose and warm I start massaging and kissing her butt and pulling her cheeks apart with my hands massaging them and working my way near her asshole with my tongue. My wife flips over and I then begin placing my hands and mouth over her breasts running circles with my tongue around her nipples.
    Things continue to heat up in a pretty standard fashion. At this point I begin hearing our neighbors fucking again loudly like before. Of course I donât mind and we continue on. We begin to 69, but Iâm on top of her. I really enjoy this as my wife pays more attention to other areas of my body this way.

    She begins grabbing me a little more rough than normal around the hips and rocking my cock in and out of her mouth while she squeezes and slaps my ass, all while Iâm licking and kissing and mouth fucking her myself. I am in heaven at this point alone, but then my wife out of nowhere begins taking dirty, something she never does, I of course encourage the style of communicating our desires.
    She goes silent as she take my cock back into her mouth, she pushes my hips down onto her and begins deep throating my cock. Once she could no longer sustain taking all my cock she furiously sucked and pulled on my balls at first it hurt as it was a bit surprising and lacked any sense of gentleness. I quickly get over it and enjoy the sensations.

    I then begin to feel her tongue slowly slide further and further up on each pass as she licks up from my balls and taunt up to my asshole. I am melting now as Iâve never received a rim job, but found the sensation down right amazing. She continues this motion and suddenly stops to say, âwant me to keep going?â âYesâ I reply.
    âGood, want me to tongue fuck your little asshole?â She asks
    ...âSure!â I exclaimed.
    âOk, I want you to beg for itâ she stated.

    This exchange had me so hot Iâd do anything for her, I quickly got on board and said, âPlease tongue fuck my ass babyâ
    âYouâre gonna need to do better than that!â She exclaimed before I had a chance to respond she smacked my ass with both hands and spread my ass apart further and said, âBeg for it you slut, come on I know you want it, youâre always licking mine because you want me to return the favor, beg me and Iâll tongue your virgin little asshole.â
    At this point I beg and plead claiming my slutty desires. I know she was trying to get me to play a role, but I didnât mind, and I really enjoyed the sensation.
    She now pulls her legs out from underneath me and pushes me forward. I almost fall off the bed but she grabs my ass and pushes it up in the air. All my weight is in my shoulders as my ass is wide open to my wifeâs face. She can see that I am rock hard and begins stroking my cock and further tasting my ass. This goes on for some time as i writhe in pleasure. She finally starts attempting to insert her tongue further into my ass, after a few attempts i feel her move away briefly. My ass still in the air I wonder where she had gone, I notice she was reaching into her bag where she pulled out a small strap on dildo. She quickly jumped in the harness and saidâDonât move babe, Iâm gonna fuck you now.â
    I had no choice but to comply, she was back on the bed with a lubed up hand and rubber cock fingering my ass for the first time, and I was loving it. Once I was stretched out enough she lubed up her strap on and gave me a final smack on the ass with both hands before entering me. Once inside me she leaned over my back to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, âI really love fucking you.â She then began pounding me for a few minutes before she stated she was tired and wanted to change positions. I complied and rolled over into my back. She laid down next to me and said, âNo baby, I want you to ride me. I want to see you fuck yourself on me.â
    I straddle her hips and slowly insert her dodo back into my ass, it slides in surprisingly easily. I begin grinding back and forth which I can tell she enjoys, but she quickly tells me, âbounce on it baby, show me how much you like getting fucked by me.â
    I reposition and find good leverage where I can support my weight, ride my wifeâs dildo and see the look on her face as her total change in demeanor and nature sexually was so amazing and hot to me.
    I continued to bounce up and down with my rock hard cock flopping from side to side, all while my wife continued to encourage me in fucking her cock to her liking.
    Soon it became too much for me as my prostate had been stimulated for a good amount of time and I could feel warm sensation all over my body. I began to let out more moans of satisfaction the longer this went on, until i told her I was about to cum. My wife reached up to cup my balls in her hand and hold my cock at the same time, she began to lightly squeeze and move my cock away from my body while I continued to ride her.
    I pushed my hands back into her knees and she began matching my motions by thrusting into me further. I couldnât take it any longer. I let out a series of rather feminine moans while ropes of cum began shooting out onto my wifeâs breasts and stomach. My whole body seized up and I felt waves of pleasure radiate through me for a brief moment.
    As I come down from arguably the best orgasm of my life, I realize how quiet it is around us, and I realize where I am. I sit there completely spent on top of my wife with her rubber cock in me, legs spread apart, cum everywhere.
    My wife looks at me, smiles and says, âSounds like we beat the neighbors.â

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    Straight Female / 42

    My husband became uninterested in me and I found out that he was having an affair with a girl from his office. I got mad and went to her apartment and made a scene. Then, I just sat down and cried. She was taken aback and didn't know what to do and called my husband to come and get me.

    Sometime later my husband told me that he wanted his women close to him, he was tired of having to go to her apartment and he didn't like sleeping there, plus it was expensive paying for her apartment. He wanted me to tell him it was fine with me if he brought her to my house to live. I said no of course but he continued to ask, to beg me really to let him bring her to my house to live. All he did was talk about her, I felt I knew her he talked about her so much. One Saturday afternoon after he went to play golf he showed up and she was in the car with him. He came into the house and said one more time he had to have his women with him, he was dying inside every time he had to leave her, to please let her live with us.

    I agreed, but not because I wanted to. I agreed because I have four children, 13, 12, 7 and 4. I don't work, I can't afford to have him leave me. I agreed but she had to sleep in the guest room and I told him I didn't want her getting pregnant, he had to promise me not to get her pregnant. We had a very strained dinner and I had to tell my children that Daddy was bringing a new Mommy to live with us, they were now going to have two Mommies and their new Mommy was going to sleep in the guest room.

    Well by week four she was sleeping with me in the master and he was sleeping in the guest room because he snores and he couldn't get any sleep if he was with me and she wasn't with him. So now they had switched places. After many nights or rolling around and pretending not to touch, I woke up with her in my arms sharing a pillow and she had the other pillow in her arms. After that we slept like that. If he wanted to visit us he came to the room and felt us up until one of us was got enough and that is the one he had sex with. When he had sex with her I got hot and if he had sex with me she got hot, we wet our pants every time. I won't say that we started having sex all together but it felt like it. For all of my complaining about him loosing interest in me he was now interested in us almost every night.

    Three years past, I turned 40 and she turned 31 and she had a little one. He became the darling of the house, loved by sisters and brothers and mothers and father. When she hinted to me that she thought she should have her kids together and not wait five years I said go for it, why not just add to the family, the more children she had the better it was for all of us. By then we didn't even remember or want to remember those early days when everyone was upset. We had perfected our sleeping arrangement, I opened my arms for her and she backed into my arms and we arranged my pillow for her and she took the other pillow and hugged it and we went to sleep. By then we celebrated birthdays and Holidays. By then we waited in anticipation for the new baby to be born.

    I don't know today what changed. I know that he had been in love with her for a long time and he was about to break if he couldn't have her close. I gave in, at the time I felt totally exposed, I didn't work and I had four children so I agreed to have her live with us. I never dreamt on that evening when he gave me what to me as an ultimatum that my life would be what it is today. Have his women together, what if he had said that he wanted to be with his other woman? I think about that a lot.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I get turned on hearing about the abuse of others. I feel really bad about it, but hearing the details always makes me really wet and tingly, and I fantasize sometimes about myself being abused. Im sorry had to get this off my chest

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    I get turned on hearing about the abuse of others. I feel really bad about it, but hearing the details always makes me really wet and tingly, and I fantasize sometimes about myself being abused. Im sorry had to get this off my chest

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    Straight Male / 25

    I was a senior in college. I met a freshman in her first week, actually week 0 at a mixer put on by the university.

    We danced and she asked for my number. I texted her a day later and we set up lunch, and then ice cream. Parted ways, and then I setup a pool date with swimming.

    She came in only a bra and underwear because she didnât pack a swimsuit.

    We dry humped in the hot tub and I kissed her neck and then her lips for the first time, and grabbed her breast.

    We went up to my apartment and she stripped in the elevator. It was my first time.

    She gave oral and then did cowgirl. I couldnât orgasm because I watched too much porn and masturbated too often.

    I could barely feel anything.

    She got her feelings hurt.

    She didnât orgasm either.

    We meet again the next week and I finally was able to orgasm. She still did not.

    I ghosted her after that.

    The last thing she said to me was âhow often are we going to see each other? And what color do you think I should dye my hair (shoes two photos).â

    I picked one as I drove her back to her dorm.

    I ghosted her because I thought maybe she wasnât hot enough. And I was wry busy with a difficult course load including graduate courses.

    She became depressed. That was her first week of college, ever.

    I feel like an asshole even though itâs clear what she wanted. The way I handles it, and me using her to lose my virginity just seemed fucked up.

    I feel less bad about it now after writing this confessional; but I still think of her now and then and wonder what she is up to. I am nervous about pursuing more women for fear that things will also not go well.

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    Straight Female / 50

    I wish this website wouldn't randomly change the age when chosen. I don't like being called a liar about my confession when I chose correct age and suddenly with the post it is 20 years younger.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I remember senior boys harrassing a young kid in high school calling him gay. One day my girl friends and I saw them chacing him as he left school. He made the mistake of running through a park trail full wooden tables used on weekends for pick nicks. I remember they forced his clothes off and spanked his butt red bent over a table stark naked right in front of us. We could clearly see his dick and balls hanging between his legs as they awatted his butt and fuck his ass with a bottle of beer. It was horrible but a real turn on watching that bottle going in ad out of hid butt hole and the getting his butt and dick spay painted pink. Could never fugure out why his dick got hard. He just gathered up his clothes, got dressed, stuffed his pink dick in his underwear and walked away titally humiliated. Beats me how he managed to wipe all that paint off his entire crotch. Talk about a fucked up kid, the laughing stick of the whole school and having to beep quiet about it.

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