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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 18

    im a 14 year old girl and for the past few days i have just been craving cock. every guy i see just turns me on

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    Straight Female / 37

    During a very hot time with my lover I let him tattoo me with his name. I have been his lover for a while now, I see his name every day reminding me who I need to be with.

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    Straight Male / 29

    During our senior year in college we drove to Las Vegas for a wild weekend. Wild enough for college kids without money. My roommate got hooked up with this cocktail waitress/hooker and in the morning he had married her. She was now married and insisted on going back to college with us, anything to get out of Las Vegas.

    The poor sucker of my roommate tried to talk her into not being married, getting it annulled or something, but she wasn't going for that. She took her place in his room, and started to run the place. At one point I told her that if she was going to stay she couldn't be a hooker, not that she was mind you, I just wanted to make sure she wasn't doing stuff out of our apartment. We found out that she was 26 from Kansas City and we were 22ish at the time.

    I guess sunlight does its thing, at first she never went out during the day and when we went out at night it was pancake face time, but after a while we got her to stop putting on so much make up. She got a job as a hostess at Denny's. We left college and my roommate was still married to her. I had moved out of the apartment with him by then, but we have remained friends all these years.

    There is no way we can know for sure that she was a hooker in Las Vegas, but the odds are so stacked in favor of that we have to assume she was. My wife, who from time to time, has to associate with her reminds every time that she is doing me a favor. Mind you my wife is a Christian girl.

    Other than she is four or five years older than him she pretty much goes along with being his wife. She is not dumb, but she is not educated so more often than not we have to swallow something she says. I know pretty much for sure that she never had a boob job, she just naturally has the greatest boobs you can imagine which kind of fits in with why she went to Las Vegas, to be a dancer. Also sort of the reason my roommate fell for her that night in Las Vegas.

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    Lesbian Female / 46

    I am a 56 year old lesbian with issues. Aren't we all. I do some sculpture, some painting, some decorating. I don't make much money and I live in a one room garage apartment in a nondescript older neighborhood. I work a few blocks away at this gallery which sells local painters, sculptors, and other artist. I have some of my work there.

    The man that came in to browse was talkative and I wanted to sell something, if I sold I got a commission. He went back to this small sculpture that I had made many years ago, about five inches tall of a naked girl. The model I used was a naked picture of me reaching for the sky when I was nineteen. Nothing outrageous, a naked girl reaching for the sky. He toyed with it and carried it around. I watched how his thumb moved over and over the space between the legs of the sculpture. He would shift and run his thumb over the breasts. The feelings I was feeling were unreal.

    I asked him if he liked it and he said yes, but how much. I told him I didn't know, I had to ask the owner. When I came back to him he was staring at the statue, touching its face, its breasts, its legs, caressing it. My mouth was dry and I told him that if he wanted I could show him the picture of the girl I had used for the sculpture. But the sculpture was $350. He agreed to the price and I told him I had more to show him but it was at my apartment and that is where the picture was.

    I drove with him to my apartment. I had a small settee to sit on, the bed and a dresser and lots of paintings on the wall, mostly mine with a few from friends. I went and got the album with the picture. He ran his finger over the picture looking at it and asked if it was me and I told him it was. There were other pictures in the album, it was a spread I had done in college with a professor who took pictures of naked students. Nothing outrageous but definitely naked and he took his time with each picture, looking at me and then back at the picture. He touched my breast.

    Then he touched my face and told me that he thought I was beautiful in a different kind of way. His hand went back to my breast, this time caressing it with purpose. He told me that he found me strangely attractive and right then he could really use a kiss. Lesbians don't kiss men, but I let him kiss me and he really felt my breast. He stood up and took off his shirt and told me to stand and helped me take off my shirt, baring my breasts to him and he played with them for a while bending over to kiss my nipples. Lesbians don't think that they are going to be screwed by a man, but when his hand went down between my legs and he held me and kissed me I felt that he was going to screw me.

    I had not been around a naked man for so many years, since my college days. I had not been naked with a man for many more years. He touched me gently, he sat on the settee and touched my delicate private parts using his fingers to press and to open, he slipped his hands onto my hips and pressed his lips against me and his tongue shot in me and around my clitoris. He stood and took me to my bed and laid me back on it and stood at the foot of the bed and asked me to gently open my legs for him. I could see his erection as I opened my legs and when he crawled onto me I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down and I felt him find me and penetrate me. Lesbians don't get screwed by a man, but right then I wasn't a lesbian I was in heat again and for those few minutes I went off into space with no time and felt him penetrate and penetrate and penetrate until he was done and he released me slowly.

    I fixed tea, we got dressed later. We went through all the paintings on my wall, through my album again. He offered to buy it but I said no. It was too personal, it was enough that he was taking the statue of me.

    He comes to see me and we go out to dinner, dating stuff. We have made love many more times by now. I know him and I know what to expect and I wait for it. He introduces me to some of his friends, some more of my work is now sold. I like that he likes me, I have never been wanted by a man before. We are old, he is in his sixties and I am in my mid fifties. The sex is good, it is actually very good. I like how he holds me to have sex, I like the feeling of him penetrating me. Maybe I am just getting old. I believe that I am a lesbian, I have lived all my life as a lesbian, but for right now I am enjoying this time with a man.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I've been conflicted. Like my mind is arguing with itself over right and wrong. But I'm being a lil dramatic, let me start at the beginning.

    I've always prided myself of being a good man. A man of moral authority. I believe that when you find the right woman, she it is your moral obligation to love and cherish her. That's where I'm at with my gf. She is my life. I love her to hell and back. But I've had conflicting thoughts.

    We've been together for six months. (May seem a lil soon to call her my life but when you know, you know.) something about me is that I use to look up r**e scenarios on porn. I never wanted to actually r**e anyone. I want to dedicate my life to stopping this kind of crime. So why do I get hard over it in porn? Especially if my gf is a r**e victim? (I haven't had the heart to watch any since she told me. About it.) is it normal? Some subconscious desire? Will I eventually want to take it further then just watching it? One thing I've learned is that good men spend alot of time questioning whether they're a good man or not.

    I also enjoy other questionable genres of porn. Cheating wives/husbands ect. When I hit the clubs I cant help but look at other girls dressed in skimpy outfits with their ass and tits out. I think about fucking them. Does this reflect who I am? I don't know. I don't want it too. I want to be a good man and a better bf.

    My gf often tells me that I'm the sweetest guy or the best bf. And I know I put alot of time, effort and money into our relationship. But I don't feel like a great bf. I just feel like a man doing the things he should for his woman.

    I love my girl more then anything but these things have me doubting and questioning my status as a good man and by extension a good boyfriend. Any advice from a neutral party would be appreciated as I don't feel worthy of this amazing woman.

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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband and I take in lodgers every now and then, to help with bills and so I have someone at home when my husband goes away on his two month long exploration trips.
    When my husband's at home we have a regular style marriage, if we're not having anyone stay. If we do have a lodger, it's because my husband cannot match my libido and we advertise for young guys to approach us with a certain set of "Gifts". Firstly they must be able to meet the financial commitment of being a lodger. Secondly they have to be reasonably attractive and physically fit (As I am). But most of all, they have to have a large cock and be wiling to fuck me whenever I need their attentions, making sure they can keep up with my over active sexual demands.
    In the last two years of our six year marriage so far, my husband and I have sought out and taken in nine different lodgers. Eight of whom have been my short term lovers. With three of them staying during the periods when my husband takes his trips.
    They have been and are all short term sexual partners, and we both make sure that they know that before I let them get into bed with me. On a few occasions my husband has watched me fuck with the young men, but mostly he's at work or tinkering in his sheds when they screw the shit out of me.
    It was kind of weird at first, but I soon found the sex with my husband, was far more intense and often more frequent after the lodgers had left.
    When he's away for the longer time slots, I have the lodgers sleep the whole time with me and enjoy being their fuck slut. I fully indulge in many of their fantasies, and have had frequent threesomes without letting my husband know about them.
    We've just a period of no lodgers, but only because my husband had been ill. He's now well again and about to go off on a month long journey over to Europe. I've already decided on who is going to stay this time, and it's a past lodger who's fucked me many times before. He's by far the best lover I've ever had in my life, and we have recently been meeting outside of my arrangement with my husband.
    There is nothing I won't do with the young man, and he often has me performing sexual acts I wouldn't normally do with anyone else, including my husband.
    I'm not sure what the future will have for me. What I am sure about, is my libido just seems to get higher and stronger with each year that passes. I wouldn't say I'm a sex addict, but I'm not far off.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Hey i'm A blonde 22 year old female from the UK.

    I have post nudes on my snapchat and I have a private story. Just wondering if anybody is up for adding me ;)

    Add me on my snapchat!

    Userna me: snap43deep

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    Straight Male / 47

    My wife and I have been married for three years and can't get enough of each other, though we have had a circuitous sexual route to get here that started over 15 years ago.

    Ashley was 25 when she started working at the business I worked. I was 42. She was, and still is, incredibly attractive and fit while I'm active but carry a few extra pounds. I was a little surprised when after talking a few times I offered her my phone number and she took it. She was part-time and worked in a different department than me, while I worked until midnight. That night when I got home my phone was ringing as I walked in the door and I thought it was work calling with an issue (I'm upper management). To my surprise it was Ashley. We talked for about 10 minutes or so and she asked if I would like to come over for a beer. She added that it was just to talk and get to know each other. We sat on her back patio for hours talking and I found out she was separated after being married for only 10 months. As I was leaving she gave me a kiss goodnight that led to a long make-out session on her couch and us going down on each other.

    The next day we decided to meet up after work but somewhere that would not lead to sex. After I got out of work we met at a park that had lots of summer activity well into the night so there were lots of people around. She told me how she and her husband only had sex three times during their message and all three were in the first couple of months. He worked weird hours but never seemed to want to have sex. One day she checked the computer's history and she found he was looking at anal sex videos, first just women and then progressively changing to gay porn. She was not interested in anal sex and then when it became gay sex she was heartbroken. Then one day when she came home early she found him having sex with his boss in their front room.

    We hooked up a couple of other times for oral sex but that was it. She preferred oral sex and it was something I liked so I wasn't disappointed. She told me she wanted to date a lot and didn't want to get tied down to one person for a while, so we kind of went our separate ways. I started dating a much younger woman at work who was 19 for a while and thought myself lucky. In the meantime Ashley dated one guy, making the mistake of meeting his kids and really getting attached right away. Anna, the young woman I dated, eventually decided to date someone her own age and I needed to find someone older.

    Ashley wound up having a one night stand after moving in with her boyfriend and his kids, getting pregnant (her boyfriend had a successful vasectomy). She had to move out and eventually wound up moving in with her boss, who she had gone out with a couple of times after me. The wound up getting married and he treated her daughter as if she were his, but adopted her. This actually hurt the daughter's feelings. All the while Ashley and I would harmlessly flirt and stayed friends. One day she came to the office (she was now working from home) to see me and asked to talk. She said she was having problems with her husband because he kept trying to finger her ass while she slept. It always woke her up and she was tired of it. She even talked to him about it but he kept doing it. About a month later she came in again and told me she and her daughter moved out after she woke up to see him standing over her in bed wearing one of her bras and jacking off into her daughter's underwear. Her daughter was about nine at the time.

    Eventually she and I became sexually active again and we clicked, liking the same things and trying things that appealed to both of us. We married shortly thereafter.

    About six months ago while fucking her from behind she stopped me, asked me to fuck her in the ass but to be gentle. She decided she wanted to make sure it didn't appeal to her. Well, it did and we added that to our routine. Our sex life continues to evolve and a couple of weeks ago she told me that she has started to fantasize about her daughter's best friend ... they are both 15. Her daughter's friend is gorgeous and is at our house all the time swimming in the pool. Ashley has been flirting with her for the last week and hasn't been entirely shot down. Our sex after her flirting is incredible. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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    Straight Male / 44

    More than 20 years ago when Merideth and I were first married we ended up at a crazy party. Meri’s friend Had ecstasy and we had never done it before (or since). She warned us it would make us extremely horny. As the stuff began to kick in and we started feeling wild. My teeth started chattering and I became unquenchably thirsty. There was this feeling of loving everyone and everything. I asked Meri if she was feeling the same way and she said she was.

    As we got more carried away we found a room to go in to and start making out. We undressed each other and began having sex, all the whole people came in and out of the room. It felt like hours drug by and I wasn’t able to cum, even though Meri had a bunch of times. I must have been complaining about it because I remember Meris friend tha had given it to us suggesting I take a hot shower. I did and the water felt so good, I stood in there forever.

    When I finally came back in to the bedroom, It took me a minute to adjust. There was a bunch of people on the couch making out and watching Meri fucking some guy I didn’t know. I found out later that she knew him. Somebosdy said, your husband is here. Meri non-chalantly opened her eyes and invited me on to the bed. Patting the space next to her. It all seemed perfectly normal in that moment. I lay down next her and she Said she wanted to see me jack off while I watched her. Meri came and came again, but still I couldn’t. Finally the guy came all over her tits. Meri got up to go to the bathroom and wash off. I was laying there naked in a room full of people and it didn’t even seem strange.

    Meri had been gone too long, so I walked in the bathroom to find her. She was bent over the counter with yet another guy fucking her doggy style. Meri could see me in the mirror, I started jacking off again. Meris friend that had given us the stuff came in too and pumped soap on to her hand. She said something like this will help. Before I knew it, she slid her finger up my ass and I almost instantly erupted all over the counter. Meri and the guy both started cumming about that time too.

    To this day, that is still and probably always will be our craziest night.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I recently saw that my wife had received a late night IM from another man. (How it happened is, I saw a chathead pop up on her tablet, I wasn't looking to catch her in anything,I actually thought we were doing great lately and hope we still are.)

    Anyway, seeing the chathead got me curious (because he was unfamiliar, mostly, and I know her friends) so I kind of decided to investigate.

    I drew the conclusion that he was evidently responding to something she had sent, because his message was "ok, can we talk on WhatsApp?" but her half of the conversation was gone, deleted,which I found strange.
    It was also weird to me that he'd ask to talk on WhatsApp when they were already on the other IM service, but I've heard that some people use WhatsApp for online affairs.

    Maybe there is nothing going on, but she's had online affairs before so I have to admit I can't help but be a little suspicious at least, and even though I wasn't initially looking to catch her in anything, if there is something going on I feel I should know for my own peace of mind.

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