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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 35

    This is a question about something that happened and I need some advice or answers.

    I go for full body waxes which includes a Brazilian. I went to one place and the waxer would always tell me to get undressed, lay face up and put the towel over my privates. The only time my privates would get exposed is when she needed to wax that area. This place closed down and I had to find another place to get waxed at.

    The woman at the new place told me to get undressed. I asked how she wanted me. She told me we would start with the front so to lay face up. I asked if I needed to cover myself with the towel. She said it was up to me so that day I left it off. She waxed with me fully exposed to her the whole time. Nothing sexual happened as I didn't expect it to.

    A couple of months go by and I go back to the same place and have the same woman waxing me. I ask how she wants me and once again she says face up. This time I decided to use the towel and covered my privates. She now is ready to begin waxing me. The first thing she does is removes the towel I used to cover my privates and puts it off to the side. I was expecting her to start with the Brazilian part of my wax since she removed the towel covering my privates but instead she starts waxing my upper chest. She then does my arms and other areas like even my back but not my Brazilian yet. I am laying there with my cock fully exposed to her the whole time. She finally does my Brazilian and it is the last thing she does.

    My question is why did she remove the towel covering my privates right at the beginning of the service but not do anything in that area until the very end? Was she just wanting to see my cock throughout my whole time with her? Did she take my towel off because she was planning to start with my Brazilian and changed her mind and just forgot to put it back the way she found it? Was she hinting that she was willing or wanting to do more with me? Maybe it is no big deal to her and I am just reading too much into it.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I didn't know if I should post this in the "Anything Goes" or in the "Embarrassing Moments" section so I decided to post it here since it is more "Anything Goes".

    I get contacted by the police a week ago. They ask if I was ever a member of this one gym, I won't mention the name of the gym, but I told them I was a current member. They mentioned there have been some complaints and they began asking me some questions. One question I was asked was if I ever voluntarily posted nude pictures or video of myself online. I have gone nude on cam to a few adult websites but never showed my face and didn't tell the police this. They then tell me someone had put hidden cameras in the change rooms and showers at the gym and pictures and video have been posted to some adult websites. They told me they know I didn't put the hidden cameras in the gym and I was just a victim. They gave me a list of sites they have found to contain some of these pictures and video and told me that I should request they remove any images of me. They said the removal request can only be submitted by me but they can assist if the websites refuse to. The police said they had other gym members to contact so they couldn't stay long and had to go.

    The list had close to 50 websites on it and after the police left I quickly got on my computer to check. I began to see people, both men and women, I recognized from the gym showering and changing naked including myself. I then began to think with the police contacting other gym members that a lot of us gym members will now be seeing each other naked. In particular, the opposite sexes will now be seeing each other naked. Seeing myself naked out there and thinking how many people have or will see me was very embarrassing but at the same time a little arousing. I downloaded every picture and video I saw of someone I recognized figuring that they may be doing the same with my pictures and videos. I was thinking everyone's future workout sessions would be interesting since you may give or get longer that usual looks from people who you have seen or have seen you naked.

    I went through the websites and noted which ones had nude images of me. There were 22 of them. I am still embarrassed with nude images of me on the websites but also very aroused by the thought of being seen nude. Some of the websites allowed people to comment on the images and the comments made to my images were very positive which was the possible cause of my increased arousal. It is not in my nature to expose myself fully, face and all, whether it be sexual or not. Having pictures and video of me naked out there has caused a change in me. I waited 4 days before I contacted the 22 websites to have my pictures and videos removed just so they would be out there longer. I guess my fear was always what people would think of me if I ever posted nudes of myself but now I have the excuse that it was someone else who did it. Most of the sites have replied that they will remove them but it could take up to a week to do so. So far only 2 sites have actually removed them and now I don't really care how long they take.

    I did one thing recently. I went back to one adult site and went on cam fully exposed including my face showing. It was very arousing and for the first time I did something very sexual. I masturbated with 300 people watching and gave them a show I never thought I would ever give. I regret doing it now because a video of it has been saved on the site and another 400 people have watched it. Since I agreed to terms that allows the site to record my shows they won't remove it immediately. They agreed to reassess their stand after a month which basically was them telling me if no one accesses my video after a month they will remove it.

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    Straight Male / 47

    The Bible is a weapon directed to the weak and desperate. Containing the right formula of words to totally control those weak and desperate.

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    Straight Male / 29

    There's a lot to desire with teenage girls. Their bodies are firm and tight in all the right places, they're suggestible, and they are mostly carefree when it comes to fucking older guys.
    But in my experience they're also pretty gross. A lot of them don't pay strict enough attention to personal hygiene. They have smelly pussies and don't wipe their assholes properly.
    I happen to actually quite enjoy this about them. I like a filthy girl and the smell of a girls asshole that hasn't been washed in a day or two is lovely to me. I love spreading a girls legs and being hit in the face by stale pussy. It's almost like a direct challenge, like they're daring me to continue. Which I always do.
    It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I make a mess of a girls pissy or asshole with my semen and they get dressed without showering to go home to their boyfriends or parents. I love the idea of a girl walking around in public with my grotty spunk festering in her panties, mixing in with sweat and discharge. Or the idea that when a girl goes to take her next dump, she'll have to push out some of my seed first.

    If you're into dirty girls too, leave a comment and we can swap stories

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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband's new turn on is peeing on me. I'm not into it, but I let him do it. At first it was only in the shower, but now he's getting kinky about it. He likes to do it secretly in public places. Like sneak behind the restroom in a park, have me kneel down, and then he pees on me. Do other men get off on this?

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    Straight Female / 33

    I know this is insane and perverted but I've been getting spanked by the pastor of my church. I know what we are doing is borderline sexual. I know it's wrong. I'm not going into the details of how it started. It started under the auspices of him giving me pastoral counselling. I like getting spanked, okay? I'm a perv. And I guess he is a perv too because here we are doing this. It's getting weirder and weirder and worse and worse. Once a week I come to his office. We don't even pretend councel anymore. I just pull up my skirt and bend over his desk. He uses his belt which he folds in half. He gives me twenty swats, very slowly. I cry and beg and plead for more. God help me, I do. I know it's wrong to be doing this. I get so wet. And he gets hard.

    Okay, I wasn't going to admit it, even here anonymously, but we had sex. A month ago was the first time. He was spanking me and it was faster than usual. And when he finished I started to get up, but he pushed me back down. I turned to see and he was fumbling with his pants with his free hand. And it was so fast. I knew what he was going to do and I spread my legs apart and he grinded up against me, pushing inside me. And it was hard and fast and I cried the whole time, and begged the whole time for him to keep going. After we finished, he was upset by what we'd done and prayed for forgiveness. And then I asked him to spank me again, severely. So I bent back over the desk and he whipped me til I had welts. And I thanked him and got out of there in a hurry.

    I didn't go back for any more appointments for councelling but today I got a call from him. I shouldn't have answered but I did and he asked me casually if I was coming to be councelled. And I said that I would. And tonight I'm going and I know I shouldn't because I know we'll have sex again and I know its wrong. And I hope he whips my ass til I have welts again because looking at them in the mirror was such a turn on and I am such an awful person. He's married and a pastor!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    Planning sexy times with the wife tonight, forgot about piano lessons for the kids.

    "You said you wanted some tonight" she says.

    "D on't worry," I say "I was planning to wake you up with the Crystal Bullying."

    I reach in and pull out the silicon penis extender.

    She smiles and says "ok".

    We have used this a couple of times before, her snug pussy becomes even tighter with the extra girth this sleeve adds.

    Looking forward to getting her nice and wet Going down on her. Nice orgasm, then ridding that pussy til
    I cum.

    Better than a cup of coffee!

    Even better, as she walked away with a smile on her face, she said "I was worried, I thought you wanted to put it in my ass." (Which she immediately refused when she first had it in her.)
    "Nah" I said, "that'll be in a couple of years."

    My wife can take a cock up her shitter without conplaint. But even that sleeve is a bit daunting to her. Hell, it scares even me when I have it on.

    This time she looked at me and smiled as she walked away.

    Slowly wearing her down on that one....

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 33

    I mean, the whole thing seems so bad right now.

    I was out with my coworker, we were in a no name Mexican restaurant in a booth. These two girls walked by and I commented that they looked good. He made the comment that they looked like wild pussy. I asked him what the hell was wild pussy. He said it was pussy that wasn't owned.

    The conversation didn't stop there, he pointed out several tables, owned, wild, owned, owned, wild. The owned pussies were women with rings on their fingers, the wild pussies didn't wear a ring. I didn't have a ring so I told him that in his mind I was wild pussy. He answered, your problem is you don't know that you are a pussy, you think you have a cock and balls.

    He went on to tell me that pussies get fucked and when was the last time my pussy had been fucked. He told me to go into the restroom and have a good look and come out and confirm to him that I had a pussy, to admit to him that I did not have a cock and balls. But first to tell him what color panties I had on. I told him to fuck off. He leaned over the table and told me that I thought I had a cock and balls and I was scared to prove to him that I didn't, that all I had was a pussy between my legs. He demanded to see.

    When you are wet like that you don't thing straight, I was so damned wet right then, I went with him to the restroom, pulled my pants down and let him look. He said, fine. When we got back to the table he took out a dollar and put it on the table and said that was consideration, he was buying my pussy. No consideration, no contract.

    I let the dollar sit there and asked what he meant by he was buying my pussy. He said he was going to own it, if he wanted to he was going to display it like a work of art. Or he was going to use it like a lawnmower, or he was going to ride it like his motorcycle. He owned the pussy, he decides what he wants to do with it. It was just the way it was, he had the dollar, he had the cock and balls and he was buying my pussy. He looked at me and he said in measured words, I own this pussy, this is my pussy. He made me put the dollar in my purse.

    On the way out of the restaurant he pointed to women and girls and told me that he didn't own any of those pussies, but he owned my pussy now. He took me to a church, he told me that we were going to go in there and I was going to tell God that I had sold my pussy so He could mark His registry, Pussy Owned. I was not loud, I could barely get my voice to make a sound, he had me stand there in front of the Cross and tell Jesus that he now owned my pussy, he made me use the word pussy in church.

    He called in to the office and told his secretary that he was taking the rest of the afternoon off and to tell my supervisor that I wasn't coming back to work either. He took me to his house and told me it was time to give it up. It was all his and for me to give it up. He wasn't gentle at all, I was expecting him to be gentle, but he wasn't gentle at all, he just got his business done, sealing the purchase. He got off me and told me now your fucked, that's my pussy, those are my tits, that's my ass.

    We got married several months later, it was a formality for my family. That is not the day I got MARRIED to him, that's the day that the register in town was updated. The day I recognize is the day he took me into the church and had me tell Jesus that I was no longer available. I don't ever use the word pussy, except with him. And he expects me to use it with him, when I refer to myself. I wear my rings and when I am in public, and men are walking by, I know that they are checking me out, is she owned or she wild? I'm owned and I have the rings to prove it.

    Tenth anniversary,

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    i am a married white male, 53 years of age with two children. I am a deacon in the local church and i volunteer at a local high school. this may come as a surprise to some, but i am a PRISSY, CROSS DRESSING, PANTY WEARING, HIGH HEEL STRUTTING, NUTT SNIFFING, ASS RIMMING, COCK SUCKING, CUM GARGLING, SISSY FAGGOT!! There! i said it. I AM A FLAMING HOMO-SEXUAL. A GAY MAN, A QUEER. dont get me wrong.... i still love my wife, and everything about her. her gorgeous face, her banging body, her voluptious boobies, her succulent pussy and that hot, tight firm ass, BUT..... i also LOVE COCK!! the look of it, the feel of it, the smell and then there is the TASTE. and when that HOT, YUMMY, DELICIOUS SPUNK cums flying out and hits me in my face, on my cheek and chin and then on my lips and tongue.... i MELT!!!
    i have kept this secret for quite some time now, but i think i need to get it off my chest. well... i would LOVE for some ON my chest. and my belly and every where else that is. CUM... thats what i am talking about. SHIT!!! i cant even get through a confession without thinking about COCKS and CUM!! it drives me crazy and keeps me up at night. i try to think about females so i can drift off to sleep, but that COCK comes creeping into my thoughts right before i drift off and then i am dreaming of being on my hands and knees, all dolled up in one of my many teeny tiny g-string panties, with my thigh high stockings hooked to my garter belt, one of my very short very revealing skirts and one of my very high heeled pair of shoes with a big ole COCK in my mouth, a BIG DICK in my ASS, my face is already covered in JIZZ and there is a line of guys waiting their turn on that PRISSY, SISSY BOI WHORE!!
    i CANT let this get out or it would ruin my chances of becoming a Preacher at the church AND it would destroy my reputation as the boys wrestling and swimming coach. what am i supposed to do?

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    Straight Male / 33

    I am a muslim male from india. I remember when i was young, i used to like being touched or touch others. There were times when the cab drivers used to touch me and ask me to feel them. I used to be scared and mostly run away. Never realised i started liking it. We had some family friends (different nationality since we dont live in India) and i used to try to groupe their youngest daughter (they had 3 daughters and i used to have crush on 1st and lastdaughter) who was 1 year older to me. She used to be scared and hardly allowed me to touch her.

    I used to spend time in their toilet going thru their used panties and dress from the laundry and smell their armpits and used to wear them and jerk off. Had stolen some panties too. Later as i passed the age of 18, and not having any girlfriends, i started chatting online and many times used to chat as a girl and used to get a lot of attention. Pretented to be a pious muslim girl who loves inter-religious sex and used to do a lot of sex chats.

    Then in 2009 and as i was browsing porn, i ended up in a live cam site and tried the fetish live cam. I became a paid member and started talking to a mistress and came to know a lot of thing in this fetish. Then i felt i liked being a sissy and used to spend money buying and throwing lingeries as i could mot keep at my home (being a muslim and staying in a country where this lifestyle is considered to be a taboo).

    Now i am more inclined to have inter-religious sex chats and love showing off my wife and some family members (non nude pics) to non muslims and hear dirty and humiliating comments from them. Sometimes i wish i could live as a sissy for atleast a week without anyone knowing (obiously in a different country).

    Thanks for reading. I know its not very erotic but this is the first time i have spoken about my fetiah or fantasy in a platforn like this.

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