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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Nearly every time my wife Sarah goes out to bars with her girlfriends, she brings back a man to fuck her. She's almost certainly already had sex with him and persuades them they need more of her stunning body. Around thirty per cent of the men she brings home won't allow me to be involved as they fuck. But nearly two thirds accept me into the sexual melle, as my wife really is a very beautiful woman.
    My problem is I only have a four inch cock, but lots of money. My desire during sex then, is not to pleasure my wife myself, but allow other more well endowed men to fuck her.
    It also increasingly it seems, means I get to watch them cum inside my wife's pussy and ass, which in turn means I get to lick and tongue their cum from her fuck holes afterwards.
    However also increasingly my wife has me sucking on their cocks before, during and after they've had sex. It was strange at first sucking cock. Yet now I love the fact most of men think I suck cock better than Sarah.
    It's by no means a fixed thing sexually, but I have to admit I'm now loving the interaction I've been involved with. Sarah is a very fine looking cock hungry slut. But then I suppose these days, so am I.

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    Straight Female / 30

    First of all it is not i****t, he is not related to me by blood. He is my uncle, married to my mother's sister.

    I was in a hot tub with him on one of our ski vacations, I was still in high school and he pulled me over by the wrist and told me to sit beside him because he was cold. He started talking to me and he said he wanted to see what kind of nipples I had and he pulled my top down leaned down to kiss them. He put my hand on his swim trunks and asked me what I felt. I was squirming but not pushing away and he told me that what I had in my hand was what every woman dreamed of, a hard cock up her ass. He kissed me.

    He stood up and took my arm and told me to get out of the hot tub and we went into his condo and he told me that my night had come and to lay back and enjoy it. I got kissed again and he untied my top and slapped my hands away when I tried to cover myself. He sat on the chair and pulled my bikini down and immediately pushed his face into me, slapping my hands away as he ate me. On the floor on my back he stood beside me and told me to remember that night and he lowered his trunks and then stood over me again with his hard cock and he asked me how I wanted it, medium, hard or real hard that I could pick how I wanted to cross over.

    Since I hadn't picked he told me he was going to start medium but he was going to end hard. He kicked my legs to open them and he got down on his knees and ate me for a minute and then laid on me and slipped his cock in me telling me that was medium, medium was for sissy girls, after a few strokes he got hard and started to really fuck me and between breaths told me that only his kind of girls took it hard. By then I was pretty wet and he was sliding in and out without any problems, shoving me hard into the carpet. He pulled out and kneeled and told me to get on my stomach so he could fuck my little jewel, he didn't want any screaming or whining or crying, he was going in and to spread my legs. He picked up my hips and he positioned his cock on my butt and with one thrust he went in until he got it all the way in and fucked me while I tried to keep my hips up for him. When it was all over he had me turn over again and lay there naked on the carpet and told me I wasn't his niece anymore, from now on I was his little 'puta'.

    I got a lot of sex from then on, mostly quickies when we were alone, but sometimes he took me to this motel. I was pretty good by then and I played with him as well as let him fuck me, we didn't do anal very often but when we did I enjoyed it but mostly I enjoyed oral sex the most, when he quit to fuck me I always just resigned myself that he needed to fuck me to cum. Then one night my mother came into my room to talk to me and told me that I had been seen going into the motel with a man. I didn't know it then but that motel had a reputation for secretaries and prostitutes. After an hour long interrogation I confessed and told her he was my uncle.

    I guess that made it impossible for my mother. She couldn't go to her sister and tell her that her husband was fucking me, and she couldn't go to the police and tell her that I was being fucked by an older man, so she told me I had to break it off. Well I couldn't break it off and we continued to sneak around but we didn't go back to that motel. We never figured out who tattled on us, but from then on we went to this apartment that he rented in this old apartment complex, with nothing but a bed and a pillow and a couple of towels.

    I found out when I was 22 and I had moved out of my parent's house that my mother had told her sister but they decided to keep quiet and let it run its course, that eventually I was going to meet a young boy or he was going to get tired of me. But that hadn't happened, I was 22 and we had been in an affair for five years and he was by then not interested in hiding behind bushes so he parked in front of my apartment and came up to see me and the conversation with his wife was open and closed. For family reasons it was in everyone's best interest to just ignore it, or hide it, but just not talk about it. Everyone knew, it was an open secret in the family.

    I am turning 30 now and I am openly involved with my uncle, I am called his favorite by everyone and it seems to be one of those things that no one knows what to do, so no one does nothing. Of course we don't have sex in public, we have sex in my apartment. His car is here out in the open, I see him for lunch out in the open, he buys me nice gifts out in the open, and from time to time when there is a social event that everyone has to attend both my aunt and I are gracious in public and if need be we sit beside each other and talk.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Ok here it is! Iâm a 50-year-old bi married man! Iâve been playing with men ever since I learned about gay sex when I was 13! Now when I say learned about gay sex, I mean was shown how to please a man and to be pleased by a man! Witch worked out very fine for me because I did not have much luck with the girls and could always find a guy that was looking for a good time! Weather it be sucking cock, getting my cock sucked, fucking or getting fucked! Just good hot man sex! Yes, I said Iâm married but the lure of bi sex is still a real turn on! Safe sex only! Not going to bring anything home, other than a very good feeling!
    Now what I want to ask you is. Does any know of a web site that has is filling the space for Craigslist? I had very good luck finding other married man that have the same itch to scratch but have not found a site that works anywhere as good as Craigslist and the sites you must pay for just do not work!
    Does anyone know of any sites that do work?
    Thanks hope to hear from someone that does!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read this :)

    Iâm Rae 22 from the UK, so here is my confession!

    I run an adult snapchat and itâs starting to get kinda big. My parents would be traumatised if they found out but that kinda makes it feel more hot to do...

    You can add me if you want to be updated daily with my story.

    My username is: snap43deep

    I lookfoward to hearing from you!

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    Straight Male / 40

    Confessions of a sex god. Part 1

    Iâm different than most men. Most men I think want to fuck as many women as possible. They want to rack up the notches. Not, me. Not because Iâm a particularly nice guy. I just believe that EVERY woman has a breaking point, a point at which she is so turned on she will become a willing sex slave. So for me the thrill isnât in the notches, itâs about the degrees. You canât master the degrees with casual sexual experiences.

    I donât know where to begin. My very first sexual experiences involved sisters. I wonât talk about that because we were young, but it did undoubtedly start a powerful theme in my life. I wonât talk about the neighbors wife with the huge tits that she used to shove my face in them when she was cutting my hair and smiled at my erections, remarking once, âWow, thatâs bigger than my husbandâs.â

    I will start with Darius. When I was young, I worked with a guy named Darius. Darius gave me the most powerful sexual advice I would ever get. You see, Dâs girl was HOT. D knew it. Everybody knew it and we told him this a respectful way. D, smirked and said âI turned her out. No one had hit that properly before me.â

    My ears perked up, âWhat do you mean?â, I asked intrigued. He told me as sexy as she was, she refused to give head or have sex doggy style because she thought it was degrading. âSo, what did you do?â D told me as he wanted to hit it from behind so he told her to flip over. She said, âNo, I donât do that.â So in a commanding tone he told her, âI said, turn you ass over and put your fucking head down.â She gasped, followed his command, and had a screaming orgasm. D, said she loved it. This classy beautiful woman got off on his control.

    I had to try it. It just resonated with me. I was only 18. I had lost my virginity right after my 18th birthday and the sex was lousy. She was classy, cute, but very conservative. We had just broken up and I was seeing a new girl.

    We met a college. Iâm a pretty charming guy and I hit on a lot of the women. One day as Iâm walking out of the quad. I hear this accent, âHey, whatâs up? Are you just going to walk by and not say hi?â I start to laugh, because this voice was mocking me. Thatâs MY line. I turn and there she is, posing in my signature stance with a smirk on her face. Iâm impressed. I donât know who she saw me hitting on but she nailed it. Her name was Elizabeth, everybody called her Queen.

    I remember being impressed. She was pretty, a solid 7. She had a great athletic body and a big smile that matched her personality. She was Kenyan and she spoke with a fantastic but mild accent. I canât recall our first date or what led up to our first sexual experience, but I do remember the sex. I also remember her telling me her first love had to wait a year to be intimate with her and that I should expect a long wait.

    Fast forward two weeks. The first time we tried to have sex was after class. We went to my place and ended up with her straddling me on my couch. We kissed, I kissed her neck. I took my time and caressed her body until she shuddered. We took off her top, she said âNo, sexâ. I smiled and sucked her nice tits. They were full C Cups. As I licked and sucked her nipples she started to make this low whining sound, almost a quiet whimper. I squeezed her ass over her jeans for a while as the soundâs she made became louder. I told her to take off her pants, âOk, no sex.â I smiled.

    I had been teasing her for two weeks. I knew she was ready to break. When she took off her pants she straddled me again and I went to work on her breasts. I reached around from behind and touched her pussy every so slightly and stopped immediately. Her hips were grinding she need more. I whispered in a mocking tone, âNo sex.â She shot me a dirty look. I finally gave in and touched her again. I slid her aside on to the couch. I turned to her and unveiled my dick. She didnât say anything but she got a WTF look on her face blinked a lot for a couple of seconds. Without a word she started to awkwardly suck it. She lacked rhythm and the technique but she was very enthusiastic.

    I pushed her back and ran my tongue over her clit. Her entire body fucking shook. I turned her so I could enter her from behind. I placed my engorged dick near her wet pussy and she tried to push back. It wouldnât go in. She told me, itâs been a year since sheâs had sex and Iâm much bigger than her ex. It wouldnât go. She literally would not open up and we tried for a good half hour before we gave up. She was embarrassed, but I was cool. The girl had really tried. Besides it took forever to open up my first sexual partner, so it was nothing really new.

    She came back two days later after class and she told me to shove it in, no matter what. That time we did get her open and it was good. The tension from the previous attempt fueled a vigorous sex session. From that point forward all we did was fuck. She had her first orgasm, right about the time I had my fateful conversation with D.

    I had to test Dâs theory. I was afraid. I knew our sex was really good and I knew this intrigued me to no end. I was on my couch when she came in. She kneeled in front me and pulled out my dick. She started sucking. I stood up when I got excited. She looked up at me and said âIf you cum in my mouth, Iâm going to kill you.â This was it, this was my moment. My heart was racing, but I kept my cool. I looked her in the eye and said, âWhat did you say to me?â She looked shocked, her mouth agape, hand on my dick. âSuck that fucking dickâ, I barked in a stern voice. For one maybe two seconds which felt like an eternity, I thought she might flip and punch me in the balls.

    What happened next was a game changer. She let out an audible almost orgasmic sound and proceeded to inhale that dick, sucking for all she was worth. She didnât have the skill to get that cum out but she wanted it so desperately. I bent that round African ass over my couch. She was soaking wet and panting like a fucking animal. I barely got it in and she came. I kept fucking her wet wet pussy until she was screaming and she came again, shaking and shuddering. The second time I followed her closely with my own orgasm.

    Fucking D!!! It worked, it really worked. Not only did I not get punched in the balls. She loved it. She was more hooked than ever before. I loved the rush. I loved the control. I didnât fully understand the transformation to come but my journey to becoming a sex god had begun. Part 2, cumming soon.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Iâm sure this site is great unless you have something you want to talk about and donât want anyone in your life to know or donât want someone to get hurt or in trouble.

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    Straight Female / 19

    The other day I walked into my mother's room to grab something while her boyfriend was getting out of the shower. He walked into the room completely naked and I saw EVERYTHING! His penis is HUGE, it felt like I was staring at it for a long time but it really was probably only a second or 2 before he covered up. I cant stop thinking about it and when I see him I feel my face go red and my skin gets hot.

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    Straight Male / 40

    This site should now be renamed Long ass Stories. My gawd it has turned into a novel writing contest. One dude in here will type out the allotted 25.000 word limit and then continue on another page of 25.000 word blathering essay. Do I read these over long pages of drivel? Hell no, when I catch on it's a endless snore fest and scroll ahead only to find there is no end in site.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    So I get really turned on by sending photos of my feet or random pay pig videos to strangers for money! If anyone would like to pay pal me in exchange Iâd be more than honoured to serve you daddies! (Both males and females)

    Email me at â[email protected]@@@g***l.**mâ

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    Straight Female / 29

    So my husband and I are spending the holiday week with my in-laws and have been staying in their guest room. No biggy there. We have stayed in the room before and it is plenty private.

    This morning, my husband rolls over in bed and tells me he would like to give me my Christmas gift now. I thought he was just making a sex joke but sure enough he jumps out of bed and grabs a package from our suitcase he had smuggled in there without me knowing. I unwrap it and find that he got me a little bondage kit. It was two spools of rope, a ball gag, blindfold, and anal plug!

    I am pretty sure I was redder than the wrapping paper, as I am not the most sexually overt person in the world. I asked him why he brought this here to his folks' place and he said he wanted a kinky Christmas. I told him no at first but he reminded me that people were sleeping in today as his sister had yet to arrive until noon and they wouldn't start the festivities without her.

    So I relented and he immediately started unspooling the rope and undressing me. He tied my hands up to the headboard and tied my knees so they were fully bent and tied each knee to the bottom corners of the bed. He blindfolds me and puts the gag in my mouth.

    Now I may not be super sexual but I have allowed myself to get kinky so this wasn't my first time trying this with him. The plug was new and the environment was different but nothing I was extremely nervous about.

    He started to lick me and got me really worked up but would spank me if I ever came close to orgasm. Then when I was extremely wet and wanting it, he surprised me with the anal plug up my ass. It wasn't huge, but when you aren't expecting it, anything feels gigantic. He then proceeded to fuck me for a bit when we heard the front door open and his sister call out.

    She apparently got bumped to an earlier flight or some shit, but either way my husband got dressed and went down to go greet her. All the while I can hear the rest of the family waking up and coming down to greet her. Where was I? Still tied to the fucking bed!

    It felt like at least an hour, not even joking, before I hear the bedroom door open. And nothing. My husband doesn't say a thing. I couldn't hear him even move. I pulled and whined trying to signify "I am fucking done!" but he just stares on at his masterpiece or something.

    Finally, I hear the door open again and he runs out and slams the door, only for it to open again. I am severely confused. My husband starts to ask me if I am okay and what happened. Once takes out my gag I tell him he fucking left me.

    He asked, "What about just now?"

    I asked what he meant and he told me that his brother came running out of the guest bedroom. His younger brother who just got his driver's license. I was so mortified that I couldn't look my brother-in-law in the eye all day even though he seemed to be even more interested in me than usual.

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