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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    In my college freshman year I was pledged by a sorority that was known for its wildness and it would always try to keep the reputation going. A small fraction of the girls decided to have a contest to see how many of the football players they could fuck and each had to take a cam photo for proof. I was not chosen nor volunteered. I did some goofy things but that was beyond my last pale.

    What puzzled me is that the girl who out-fucked everyone was mostly Lesbian. I know because she went down on me a number of times. She used to tell me that her tongue made her hotter than her clit. I used to hold her head tight when I got close and I could feel her teeth on my pussy when I pushed down and gripped her head. She loved being down on me when I came.

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    Straight Female / 32

    It was one of those things where impulse takes over. I went to the movies with my husband to an action movie, which I dislike. Too often, he gets to pick the movie. The place was about half full and we were all happy to get seats. Outside was a freezing rain.

    We spotted two empty seats and I sat next to a fellow that looked like a college student athlete. We locked eyeballs as I sat down and the spark was not imaginary but real.

    The lights went off and the movie started. In a few minutes, I put my head on my husbands' shoulder, which I sometimes do. Without a thought, I slowly placed my left hand on the student's lap. He turned slightly toward me then looked at the screen but did nothing about my hand. I probed his lap then his crotch. He shifted in his seat a bit then startled me a bit when I felt his hand take mine and pull it through the two way pocket on is coat. Before he let go of my hand, it was sitting on his hard erection that was out but under his coat.

    I stroked his hard cock. It felt marvelous and started to have to control my heavy breathing with my head still on my husband's shoulder. I was giving the student a first rate hand-job, sliding my hand up and down the full length, sometimes gripping it a bit.

    The kid shifted again and I felt a large handkerchief cover my hand and the top of his hard cock. I realized he was about to come then he spurted out a good eight times while I held it tightly. I managed to sit up straight and wipe some of the sperm off my hand as my
    husband was engrossed in the movie. The student whispered "That was great" and it fit into the action that was going on but I knew he was thanking me for my little intimate surprise gift.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My sister and I were turned bi in our early teens by Billie, a school teacher who was an insatiable lesbian but a fantastic lover. Margie and I loved making love to each other and we thought we had it made until Margie brought home this dude who looks like the statue of David. We do it all to him and can't get enough of him. So far we've been lucky to meet people who love to fuck and that are above average in appearance. Billie, for example, is a living doll. We still do her a lot.

    We also know that the fun begins to disappear with age so we are taking advantage of our young age.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I am 56 and I am trying out a new life. I got divorced some years ago and my children all grown so I moved to Arizona to be close to my sister. She introduced me to some people and I got a job in logistics for a warehousing company. The manager of the warehouse is a guy in his early sixties and we got along fine and he invited me to join his poker group. He also invited me to join him for a weekend in Las Vegas.

    We gambled a little at the black jack tables, we ventured out and walked around and he suggested we catch some shows, strip joint shows and we started to invite this girl and that girl over to dance for us and soon we had spent over four hundred dollars on dances and drinks for the ladies. When we left we were a bit drunk so we decided to walk back to our hotel which was a couple of miles away. When we got back to the hotel, we had side by side rooms so we were both walking down the hall and we got to my room and he pushed his way in and into my room asking for a drink.

    His next statement was repeating the What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas and he walked over to me and he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me and he got down on his knees to suck my cock. He was aggressive and taking his shirt off and kicking off his shoes and pushing me on the bed. Somewhere in the conversation he told me to shut up and go with it and not say anything if I hadn't sucked cock. He had taken all his clothes off and was totally naked and he wanted me naked. The whole scene was unreal except that he kept grabbing for my cock in his hand and he was unbuttoning my shirt and rubbing my chest. He got me to kick off my shoes and let him pull my pants off and that is pretty much where it turned into lust.

    After we had both had our moment and I laying on my back while he massaged my legs and kissed my cock from time to time, he told me that from the day I had walked into his office for the interview he had set his eyes on me. He wanted to get dressed and go to a gay club that he liked and we spent a whole lot more money there. We came back and we got naked and went to bed.

    We are good friends and we keep our affair under wraps at work, sometimes we go back to Las Vegas and we skip the girly shows, spending a good amount of time at the gay clubs and go back to our room and get together, or at times we just spend the weekend 'tooling' around while we watch sports on television. The heat is off, the lust of that night in Las Vegas, but the moment comes back after some petting, massage and cock sucking.

    I'm learning, having found a side of my life I didn't appreciate before.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Every Friday night without fail, my wife invites her lovers both male and female over to our home. Once they've gotten to a certain sexual point, I'm invited to join them naked. Only then do I see, smell and taste the sex that is in the house. My job from then on is to lick, tongue suck and receive.

    I lick cum filled pussy and ass, and suck on cocks that have delivered their cream to every orifice. Once they get hard, I guide those cocks back into my wife, her lovers and if they want it, into me.

    At the end of the night I clean up, bathe my wife and cook us a midnight meal. If she's happy with me I'll sleep in our bed. If not, I sleep outside no matter the weather.

    I am her cuckold and I am whatever she wants me to be.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Hey Iâm Rae 22 in they UK!

    Iâm looking for a pay pig so if findom is something your into add me on Snapchat and we can discuss an arrangement...

    My username on snapchat is: snap43deep

    I lookfoward go hearing from you soon losers.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My "bestie" Jim, has been close since we were kids. He married then it all began to weird out because his wife, Tillie started fucking all his friends (I use the term loosely). All the guys talk about it and they are all nailing her. I'm tempted to tell him but find I just can't do it. I never nailed her, either. All I can think of doing is putting space between Jim and I for the first time. The stress bothers me.

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    Straight Male / 34

    My wife had her Arab Doctor who is also her lover castrate me so I could not get her pregnant. She has now had his baby, and is pregnant again with his second child. I was reluctant to agree to this at first, but the ultimate in submission and dominance was at once both scary and erotic.

    I am now resigned to being a Dad, but not a father, and am happily castrated and impotent. He has a much thicker and longer cock than me, so it seems like just punishment to know he now possesses my wife's married c**t whenever he wants.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    I need to confess frustration, I'd do anything for my wife, but my wife won't suck me off, she won't even have sex (of any form) without some "liquid courage"
    She says it's nothing personal, but it sure as hell seems personal. Advice?

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    Straight Male / 28

    Diving across country, I was tired and hungry. Especially, I was dying for a hot cup of black coffee. I was in my own car, a four door sedan, and I spotted signs for a truck stop ahead. I parked and was walking to the combo restaurant motel in the middle when I heard a woman's voice coming from a truck cab.

    She said, "Hey, pal" I just drove 1400 miles and I'm dying to get fucked." I looked up and she was a dyke-type, with a thick neck. I could tell she was a good ten years older than me. I told her I had to have some black coffee immediately, but I will be right back, She said, "O.k, get me some too, light, some sugar.

    Sitting there, drinking coffee and eating fresh rolls, She started to roll her hips in a coital movement and
    said again, "Wanna fuck? I need it on these long drives." I looked hard at her and said, "Sure, let's do it." She loosened her pinned back, auburn hair, took a moist towelette from a canister and wiped her face then slipped off her denim jeans. Just a few touches and I was no longer looking at a dyke but a hot mamma already in motion. Her breasts were large but firm and with freckles over large, erect nipples begging to be sucked.

    Dropping my pants I noticed she was all eyes and she breathed out, "Ah, a nice thick one, good." She slid down on her seat and spread her legs. She was so wet I slip-slurped right into her. Her vagina held unto my cock like a tight fist as I moved in and out of it. I loved it. We went for a good hour changing positions, and she carried on a vulgar, erotic sexual monologue and started having orgasms, announcing each one until she counted 16. She said she wanted my phone number so we could keep fucking if geographically possible. She was so hot that I dd not lose an erection after coming until I had six separate orgasms. I had never encountered anything like this before.

    When I got home I recounted the entire event to a good friend and he said, "Yeah, how long did your day dream last?" I just shrugged my shoulders. I did not get the woman's name but I did get her landline number and email address and she lived near enough to make the worthwhile drive.

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