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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 32

    A couple years ago I found out my wife was cheating, I have reason to believe she may be again.

    My suspicion arose when I found out the guy she cheated with was reconnected with her on FB despite her saying she had nothing to do with him anymore.

    I am regretting giving her another chance after the 1st time. Starting to wonder if there's truth to the adage "once a cheat always a cheat" things seem great with us in general, but almost too good to be true you know?

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    Straight Male / 54

    One wild-n-crazy summer nite

    I never thought of myself as the world's greatest lover , but , there was a time that some women thought I was . A family with 4 girls lived across the street from me . I was 17 at the time , strong , athletic , and always willing to help any women in distress .

    All the girls were teen-agers and really wanting to explore the wonderful world of sex . Billie ( the youngest at 15 ) , was the most daring and the horniest , Wendy ( 17 ) , was just as horny , but , more level headed and the one that I was attracted to , and Jackie ( 19 ) , the most experienced among the sisters and becoming more picky as to who she jumped into bed with . There was another sister ( the oldest , at 20 ) , but she was engaged and wouldn't even notice me ( nor did she care ) . To top off the list of women in that horny household , the mother ( and her name escapes now...damn ). The mother had to be the most beautiful , the most voluptuous woman I ever knew . Whenever she ventured outdoors , men would dream about doing her . And to my surprise , she was married to an alcoholic and he was losing his sex-drive .

    Wendy would always be looking for any opportunity to get laid by me , whenever and where-ever . One wild-n-crazy summer nite , things got real hot . It started near evening , Wendy invited me over and quickly rushed me to her bedroom . " mom and dad are working late , the house is all ours " , knowing that , you don't have to ask me twice . I lost track of time , as we fucked for awhile . Then Billie just walked in on us , as I was on top of Wendy and giving her my best . Wendy was the first to notice her , just standing there and watching . " get the FUCK out of here , you stupid bitch " , which scared the crap out of me . Billie just yelled back at her : " try this one on , you stupid bitch ...I want some too...or I'll tell mom " . Wendy told me to get off of her as she got up and talked to Billie for a few seconds . I just layed there in bed and watched them converse and wondering what was they planning now . Wendy and Billie ( both smiling ) came to bed , I can see the look on Billie's face that she wanted to fuck me too . " we can have some real fun tonite , if you want to...she said she'll keep it a secret ". I just looked at Wendy ( still standing there naked ) , and at Billie and her " fuck me now " look on her face . The only thing I could do , was to slide over to the far side of the bed and pat the bed like : " come-and-get-it " .

    Billie was like a wild animal , that had to be tamed . Wendy just enjoyed being made love to , while Billie just wanted to be fucked ( fast and furious ) . I kept trying to get Billie to slow down and told her it would last longer with me if she would . She would try , for about 30 seconds . She remained calm as we kissed , and I slowly entered her . But , as soon as I deep into her , her " animal " came out . Even tho I was on top , she began bucking so much and hard , I didn't know who was fucking who . It was nice to get back to Wendy . Until...Jackie walked in .

    I was on top of Wendy ( again ) when Jackie showed up ( doesn't anyone knock anymore ). Jackie didn't say word , she just stood there with her arms folded in front of her and had this look of disappointment . Wendy was first to notice her , but , surprised me with " you want to join the party ? " ( as I continued fucking her , never pulling out that time ) . Don't ask me as to how the 4 of us stayed on her bed . Thank-god Jackie liked it slow-n-easy , and she liked anal too ( as did Wendy ). When Jackie rolled over to allow me to fuck her ass , Billie got excited and yelled " do me too...fuck my ass next " . Without missing a beat , Wendy rolled over and stuck her ass up a bit ( laying next to Jackie ) and Billie followed suit . There was any anal-lover dreams , 3 asses , all waiting for their turn .

    I really don't remember how many times I fucked their asses , but the hot-summer nite was starting to zap my strength . I was so sweaty , I needed a cool shower , Good idea , but too late to move for it . Jackie had the same idea , as did Wendy and Billie . " Ladies first " they all yelled . Then it hit me , the pool...Hell , I helped install their pool last summer , but never got invited to use it . As the girls fought over who was next in the shower , I went for a swim instead . After splashing about for a bit , I rested myself by half-floating back against the pool-wall and my arms stretched over the edge . It was so relaxing that I almost dozed off...almost . Just as I was thinking about which one I wanted to fuck first , when they all got done showering , I heard " can anyone join this party ? " .

    It was their mother , she was still fully dressed . I had some wild-n-nasty ideas about doing her too , and here was my chance . That chance was spoiled , when Wendy came out ( still naked , her hair wet from the shower ) . She was surprised as I was , to see her mother there . Her mother didn't even make any sarcastic remarks to Wendy , about her being naked in the backyard at nite . Wendy just slowly climbed in the water and her mother turned away and walked ( a bit drunken ) back towards the house . Wendy didn't waste anytime as she quickly swam to me and started kissing me . Her hand just started jerking my cock , when there was alot of yelling going on in the house . Their mother was pissed about something and Wendy decided she better go and investigate the trouble .

    I never left my position from the pool wall and I was about to get out and just call it a nite . Wendy's mom came sneaking back out ( by not letting the screen door slam shut ) and this time she was just wearing her bra and panties . As I said before , she has the figure that would even make the POPE get a hard-on . I just froze there , standing in the middle of the 4ft deep above================================groun d pool . She slowly entered the water , and walked up to me . Standing there naked in the pool , under the stars , she never hesitated as she calmly grabbed my limped cock and began stroking it . " the girls will be busy for the rest of the nite " , she said , starring into my eyes . Her stroking , and I'm seeing her wet bra and those big beautiful boobs that I always dreamed about jugg-fucking them , I couldn't resist her . I never saw the girls the rest of the nite , and their mother was worth the effort . My only regret was , she was drunk ( I could smell and taste the vodka from her ).

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    Straight Male / 54


    I'm born-n-raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest . I've always been very active and love the outdoors . I would rather hike and camp from off the beaten path . I enjoy swimming in lakes and rivers , than a public swimming pool ( I hate the chlorine ) . I love camping , with an open fire , tent and sleeping bag ( not in a public crowded campground ) .

    During my horny teenaged years , I got most of my dates to enjoy sex in the outdoors ( day or nite ). But , as time went on , I was finding less and less of women that would fuck outdoors at anytime . I guess as we grew older , some got more " civilized " than the rest of us . They just wanted to be pampered with motel-rooms , room-service , wine-n-dine , etc. . This was trying my patience , I was missing the " good ol-days " .

    When on-line dating was just getting started , I had to give it a try . Whenever I met one and we would openly ( and I hoped , honestly )discuss about our " favorite " things we like most , out-door sex was not among most of them . I would try to introduce the idea at times , but only found few ( very few ) that would try , and they would only do it once .

    I longed for the outdoors so much , I decided to start hiking and camping on my own . My job was very physical ( lifting heavy products , running up-n-down stairs ) and long 12hr shifts . It helped me to stay in good shape .

    I made plans to hike and camp around the base of Mt.Rainier on a long weekend ( 3 days ). When I got to the start of a hiking-trail , I was surprised to see how many others were there too , some were there for just a day-hike and some actually were back-packing , like me . Saw small groups , a few couples ( some men-n-women , and some were just guys ), and some single guys and some single women . Seeing a few single women hiking and back-packing got me to remember the good ol-days again . As most of us took up the trail , I noticed that most would hike off the " beaten-path " and disappear into the forest . I decided to do the same , but was looking for the perfect camp-site . My adventure brought me near the base of the mountain and the glacier ice-pack . It was early September ( just after Labor Day ) and the summer temps were near perfect then . My " path " brought me to glacier-fed spring , where I decided to stop and take a taste of some actual " fresh " water . I was about to pick-up and move-on , when a petite gal came back-packing . Her back-pack was bigger than she was , she looked like she was climbing Mt. Everest , not Mt. Rainier . She looked like she was struggling with too much back-pack and weight . I thought she was going to fall into the spring as she tried to cross over it at the fallen tree that layed over it , the same route I took easily . I offered some help , she accepted and took off the heavy pack and trusted me to carry it over the log . She sat and rested a bit , we chatted for a awhile and I helped her up with her overly-loaded pack , wished her good luck and hiked on .

    I eventually found my perfect camp-site : a few trees , open and leveled grass-covered area , with great view of a small pond and the valley below . I set-up camp , built a nice campfire , pitched the tent . After dinner , I made some hot-chocolate and added some of my favorite " mixer " ( whiskey )to the whole pot . As it got dark , I noticed it was going to be a clear nite . I was instantly in awe of the amount of stars that came out , amazing what you can see when you get above the city-lights . My drink was starting to take it's effect on me , as I just layed there and enjoyed the show of stars .

    I was really into the peace and quiet that I miss so much , when I heard " hello ? ". It was that petite gal with the bigger than life back-pack . When she came close enough for me to notice her from the camp-fire light , I sat up and almost spilled my drink...almost . She giggled and apologized for interrupting me from my " peace-n-quiet " . I invited her to my camp and offered a drink of my " special " brew . I told her it was hot-chocolate made from the glacier-fed spring near-by . She liked it , never commenting on any taste of alcohol .

    It wasn't long that she too was enjoying the show of the star-filled nite sky . She joined me by laying down and starred at sky , as we continued to chat . I learned that she was sort-of new to hiking and camping , first time on the mountain . She did some camping in a few K.O.A.s over the years , but , this was her first time totally alone . I kept re-filling her cup with the whiskey-added hot chocolate . And I think it was starting to take effect on her as she kept thanking me for helping her in her " hour-of-need " , over and over ...and over again . The hike up here , really gave her legs a work-out and she started massaging them . But , she looked clumsy at it...not really getting a good leg massage . I got tired of seeing how poorly she was trying to relieve her leg pains and I offered to help . With her " ok " and she just fell back and wouldn't allow any hot chocolate go to waste , I began to massage her legs . She really enjoyed the " pampering " I was giving her : warm fire , star-filled clear nite sky , my " special " brew , and strong hands . I started at her calves and worked my way up . When I reached her thighs , it was hard for me to act like a gentleman and just stop there . But , she surprised me with : " don't stop now " . I could barely see her eyes as the campfire was slowly dying . I grabbed a few more large pieces of tree-limbs , that I collected earlier and soon the fire grew again . When the campfire lite was glowing enough , I noticed her face completely . She had that look that I use to see alot , back in the good ol-days . She wanted to get laid , as she indicated by holding my hand on her thigh and guiding it around her crotch . I couldn't let this go by , even tho I knew she was a bit more drunk than I was , I wanted her too . She finally let go of my hand as I groped around for a feel of her crotch . She moaned and grind with delight . Memories from my dates from the past came to my mind . I took a chance and leaned down and kissed her , she quickly threw her arms around me and kissed me back . When our tongues touched , we both lost control and the " wild animal " in us took over .

    We were undressing each other , kissing all over each others body . As soon as I got her pants off , I discovered she had plans for this all along ( no undies , no bra ). I'm 6ft. , 180lbs , strong...and I'm guessing that she was 5ft. , 110lbs , petite , cute , and extremely horny . She was more of an animal than I was that nite , her arms wrapped around me tight , digging her short finger-nails in my back and clawing at times . I don't have the biggest cock on the planet , but she was surprised to see that she could hold my cock with both hands ( like you would hold a baseball bat , one hand over the other ). Her eyes really became more focused when I slowly entered her , her eyes widening more with every inch she took . " Oh MY GOD , you're huge...oh FUCK " she claimed . I just looked into her eyes and smiled : " I'm not that big , you're just that small ". She managed to giggled a bit , and went right back into the action . All of my past girl-friends were BBW's ( full-figured , big boobs and ass ) , and she was not . But , she didn't stop at anything that nite . She scared me when she asked me to fuck her ass . When she rolled over and I just looked at her tiny ass-hole and I looked at my hard cock and thought : " oh shit ...this will not work...there's no fucking-way I'll get it into her " . Her hands were actually shaking from the fear of the pain that was about to come , when she reached around and spread her ass-cheeks wide-open for me . " Are you sure about this ? " I asked . I love to do anal , whenever I can get a gal to allow it ( which was about as often as they would agree to fuck out-doors...not often ). " Fuck , Yeah...just be slow at first...don't slam-it in...PLEASE ", she begged .

    I know it was past midnite when we started fucking , the sun was rising when she finally collapsed from exhaustion and fell asleep . Because of most of my jobs were working nite-shift , I was still wide awake . I re-stoked the fire and watched the sun-rise . A bit of fog covered over the small pond , down hill from us . Saw a small herd of Rocky mountain-sheep drinking the water , as the fog slowly lifted . Then I gazed at my sleeping " petite " camper and noticed her contented smile .

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    Straight Female / 23

    I am almost 24. Clearly i am an adult but i can't feel like an adult at all. I feel like a child or a teenager. I am stll dependent from my parents. I like to watch cartoons and listening songs that meant for children. I am sure a adult-child. My parents tell me to grow up but i don't want to. I like to behave like a vulnerable child. I am enough immature and childish for my age. I believe someone very easily and i afraid easily. I prefer to close myself in my room and never have to face the world of adulthood.

    I am socially awkward. Right now i listening the song of smurfs. It's more easy to connect with cartoon characters than human beings. At the same i feel like an aged child because i feel like something missing from when i was really a kid. Is missing the ability to feel happy or to feel in general. There is so much emptiness and apathy in my life. The only thing i have and it's fit for my age is my sex drive. I masturbate, sometimes everyday. When i was a kid i was masturbating more often.

    Sometimes when i become sensitive and alone in my room i fantasize i had a grown woman who was kind with me and loved me and be a mother to me. To show me the world and to accept me as i am. And to find me men to have sex with them. Other times i fantasize to had a grown man to be my daddy. To buy me candy and protects me from bad people and went anywhere together. To hug me and be his sweet little girl. And if i had sexual needs he could help me by having sex with me. It's cute to think a handsome and kind version of a daddy and have romantic cute sex with him. And sometimes fast and wild.

    I am very egocentric person, exactly like a child. I only care about my own needs and feelings and i don't really can feel others and understand their point of view. I don't even try. If i was very close to someone i would propably disappointed because nobody is going to love me like a parent, nobody is going to pay his/her attention to me like a parent. Many times i feel like noone likes me and if someone speak to me nicely deep down he/she doesn't want me. I like to get lots of attention from people and at the same time i want to be invisible. I want to belong somewhere and find a self.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Years ago i moved to and set up business in south Florida. I hired a very attractive older women to be my secretary and property manager. Her husband died several years before and her kids lived in other states and seldom visited her. She was tall, intelligent and classy. I was dating a women that lived two hours away so we only saw each other on weekends. Our jobs kept us from getting any closer. I started flirting with Barbi and she was more than happy to respond in any way I wanted. I told her that I liked her to dress up for the office, she gladly did. Pretty dresses, gorgeous lingerie and makeup like magazine quality. She took off for a long holiday weekend and came back with a face lift and barbi Doll breasts.

    She would invite me to her condo for dinner and a lingerie fashion show and fucked her in every possible humanly possible. In the office, she would wear full skirts, crinolines, garter stockings, very pretty makeup and bras that would push her tits out of her dress. Some Times would sit in front of me wearing a mini skirt pulled up so I could see her panties. I was making plenty of money and it had a lot to do with her connections and her wanting to please me any way she could think of. Once in a while I would lock the office door, out a “gone to lunch” sign up and take off her dress. Watching her walking around my office wearing only lingerie and gorgeous makeup still gives me a hard on. I knew she was too old for me but playing with her was something I couldn't and did not want to say no too. This went in for several years until my girlfriend quit her job and moved in with me and I sold the business. Years later I was riding my bike and saw her...O MY GOD, did she get old. I really liked her and the sex play was o so exciting but I'm glad it ended and I'm married the right partner.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Strange, but true.
    I was out with my husband shopping last month. We're both in need of a coffee, so we go into a little cafe by the sea front. After about five minutes in the place, I get up, go to the ladies and take a pee. Washing my hands afterwards, I'm about to walk back past the cubicles, when I feel strong arms wrap around me. The scent of my husband's aftershave fills my nostrils and he gently, but firmly ushers me inside a stall. No sooner are we inside, he lifts my short skirt and pushes my knickers to one side. Seconds later with some shuffling about, I feel his hot rock hard cock slip inside my pussy from behind.

    His cock feels larger than usual, but I put it down to us fucking in a public place, again.
    He fucks me much more roughly than normal, but again I see it that we're having sex in a cafe's toilet. Just as I hear his breathing get louder, I climax, then feel his cum spurt all over my arse as he pulls out.
    Before I get chance to turn around, there's noise as another female enters, and my husband exits quickly as she enters the cubicle next to ours.

    Only a minute or so later after cleaning myself up, I go back into the cafe to see my husband outside smoking his E Cigarette. Walking out to him, I tell him "That was amazing". He looks at me funnily and replies "What was". Thinking on my feet quickly, as I realise he hasn't got a clue to what I'm talking about, I tell him I'd just seen a seagull pinching someone's lunch on the beach. My husband looks at me with a face of "Yeh, ok if you say so", and walks back inside.

    While my husband drinks his second cup of coffee, and talks to me about his latest rare golf club find, I see a young guy stand up, smile at me and watch as he exits the cafe. Only before he passes, he winks at me, touches his crotch and points in the direction of my pussy. I say nothing to my husband, nothing at all. And the reason why, it was one of the best spontaneous fucks I've ever had.

    On our return home, I was about to take a shower but my husband decides its then he's horny. He pushes me onto our couch, lifts my legs, moves my damp knickers aside and buries his face into my already soaking wet quim. For the second time that day I have an almighty orgasm, but one my husband will never know, it was as I was thinking back to being fucked in a cafe's toilet.

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    Straight Female / 26

    Coming straight out of college I went to work for a large conservative corporation in public relations. My boss is a woman in her late thirties, she is the VP of Public Affairs. Her boss is the CEO. I know when she was younger he fucked her, that is how she got the job she has. She worked in sales at the time. For all of her stories of pulling herself up from the bottom the truth is that she sucked his dick to get to where she is. I should be pissed but I am not. I know this because my dad is the CEO and my mother keeps score.

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    Straight Female / 20

    Most girls my age are looking for the next best lay, the college hunk or definitely a guy our age.
    I'm totally different, as I much much prefer older men and men who most females wouldn't look twice at. So far since I lost my virginity at the age of sixteen, I've had sex with fourteen different guys. Not always full on fucking, as I've also developed a kink with the guys older than me. And that's to have them lay down as I sit on their faces.
    Believe me they're just as much into it as I am, and girl do they know how to tongue pussy and ass. Some of the men who have especially thick cocks, I'll mount them and ride that hard shaft. But the vast majority, just love me sitting on their faces as I get off squirting my juices all over them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Any UK dads wanna share their experiences with their daughter/son? K I k - k1nkydadd.y

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    Gay Male / 48

    hi my name is Cassie i am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl. I have sex with men and last night i had a guy come over and we talk a little bit then he ask if i would suck his cock i said yes and he took his clothes off and when i seen his cock soft it was 6 inches but when i started to suck it started to grow and when it got hard it 12 inches long and as thick as a coffee cup he told to bend over and i did he took that huge cock and slowly put it in my ass and i felt my asshole stretched to my limit and felt so good inside me i had several orgasms he fuck me for hour before he cumed and when he filled me completely up never had that much cum inside me ever felt so good we did this 5 more times i had so much cum in me it fun and i enjoyed every minute we are going to meet up and fuck in a public place never done that but i am am going to do it i love being a crossdresser and love who i have become

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