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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 47

    My wife and I have been married for three years and can't get enough of each other, though we have had a circuitous sexual route to get here that started over 15 years ago.

    Ashley was 25 when she started working at the business I worked. I was 42. She was, and still is, incredibly attractive and fit while I'm active but carry a few extra pounds. I was a little surprised when after talking a few times I offered her my phone number and she took it. She was part-time and worked in a different department than me, while I worked until midnight. That night when I got home my phone was ringing as I walked in the door and I thought it was work calling with an issue (I'm upper management). To my surprise it was Ashley. We talked for about 10 minutes or so and she asked if I would like to come over for a beer. She added that it was just to talk and get to know each other. We sat on her back patio for hours talking and I found out she was separated after being married for only 10 months. As I was leaving she gave me a kiss goodnight that led to a long make-out session on her couch and us going down on each other.

    The next day we decided to meet up after work but somewhere that would not lead to sex. After I got out of work we met at a park that had lots of summer activity well into the night so there were lots of people around. She told me how she and her husband only had sex three times during their message and all three were in the first couple of months. He worked weird hours but never seemed to want to have sex. One day she checked the computer's history and she found he was looking at anal sex videos, first just women and then progressively changing to gay porn. She was not interested in anal sex and then when it became gay sex she was heartbroken. Then one day when she came home early she found him having sex with his boss in their front room.

    We hooked up a couple of other times for oral sex but that was it. She preferred oral sex and it was something I liked so I wasn't disappointed. She told me she wanted to date a lot and didn't want to get tied down to one person for a while, so we kind of went our separate ways. I started dating a much younger woman at work who was 19 for a while and thought myself lucky. In the meantime Ashley dated one guy, making the mistake of meeting his kids and really getting attached right away. Anna, the young woman I dated, eventually decided to date someone her own age and I needed to find someone older.

    Ashley wound up having a one night stand after moving in with her boyfriend and his kids, getting pregnant (her boyfriend had a successful vasectomy). She had to move out and eventually wound up moving in with her boss, who she had gone out with a couple of times after me. The wound up getting married and he treated her daughter as if she were his, but adopted her. This actually hurt the daughter's feelings. All the while Ashley and I would harmlessly flirt and stayed friends. One day she came to the office (she was now working from home) to see me and asked to talk. She said she was having problems with her husband because he kept trying to finger her ass while she slept. It always woke her up and she was tired of it. She even talked to him about it but he kept doing it. About a month later she came in again and told me she and her daughter moved out after she woke up to see him standing over her in bed wearing one of her bras and jacking off into her daughter's underwear. Her daughter was about nine at the time.

    Eventually she and I became sexually active again and we clicked, liking the same things and trying things that appealed to both of us. We married shortly thereafter.

    About six months ago while fucking her from behind she stopped me, asked me to fuck her in the ass but to be gentle. She decided she wanted to make sure it didn't appeal to her. Well, it did and we added that to our routine. Our sex life continues to evolve and a couple of weeks ago she told me that she has started to fantasize about her daughter's best friend ... they are both 15. Her daughter's friend is gorgeous and is at our house all the time swimming in the pool. Ashley has been flirting with her for the last week and hasn't been entirely shot down. Our sex after her flirting is incredible. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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    Straight Male / 44

    More than 20 years ago when Merideth and I were first married we ended up at a crazy party. Meri’s friend Had ecstasy and we had never done it before (or since). She warned us it would make us extremely horny. As the stuff began to kick in and we started feeling wild. My teeth started chattering and I became unquenchably thirsty. There was this feeling of loving everyone and everything. I asked Meri if she was feeling the same way and she said she was.

    As we got more carried away we found a room to go in to and start making out. We undressed each other and began having sex, all the whole people came in and out of the room. It felt like hours drug by and I wasn’t able to cum, even though Meri had a bunch of times. I must have been complaining about it because I remember Meris friend tha had given it to us suggesting I take a hot shower. I did and the water felt so good, I stood in there forever.

    When I finally came back in to the bedroom, It took me a minute to adjust. There was a bunch of people on the couch making out and watching Meri fucking some guy I didn’t know. I found out later that she knew him. Somebosdy said, your husband is here. Meri non-chalantly opened her eyes and invited me on to the bed. Patting the space next to her. It all seemed perfectly normal in that moment. I lay down next her and she Said she wanted to see me jack off while I watched her. Meri came and came again, but still I couldn’t. Finally the guy came all over her tits. Meri got up to go to the bathroom and wash off. I was laying there naked in a room full of people and it didn’t even seem strange.

    Meri had been gone too long, so I walked in the bathroom to find her. She was bent over the counter with yet another guy fucking her doggy style. Meri could see me in the mirror, I started jacking off again. Meris friend that had given us the stuff came in too and pumped soap on to her hand. She said something like this will help. Before I knew it, she slid her finger up my ass and I almost instantly erupted all over the counter. Meri and the guy both started cumming about that time too.

    To this day, that is still and probably always will be our craziest night.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I recently saw that my wife had received a late night IM from another man. (How it happened is, I saw a chathead pop up on her tablet, I wasn't looking to catch her in anything,I actually thought we were doing great lately and hope we still are.)

    Anyway, seeing the chathead got me curious (because he was unfamiliar, mostly, and I know her friends) so I kind of decided to investigate.

    I drew the conclusion that he was evidently responding to something she had sent, because his message was "ok, can we talk on WhatsApp?" but her half of the conversation was gone, deleted,which I found strange.
    It was also weird to me that he'd ask to talk on WhatsApp when they were already on the other IM service, but I've heard that some people use WhatsApp for online affairs.

    Maybe there is nothing going on, but she's had online affairs before so I have to admit I can't help but be a little suspicious at least, and even though I wasn't initially looking to catch her in anything, if there is something going on I feel I should know for my own peace of mind.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I got an unexpected ride to my friend Marcy's house so I was a good hour early for her Friday dinner invitation.
    Wanting to surprise her, I tip-toed in through the kitchen door in the back of her house. I was going to just make myself a nice cup off coffee as I had done before.

    Than, I heard stuff that shocked me, like "Ohhhhh, daddy, harder, faster. Do me like you do mommy." Then I listened to coital, slamming sounds and more "Fuck me, Daddy, you know I love it." I could hardly believe what I was hearing and that it was Marcy's voice. I did not know what do do so I sneaked out and walked all the way back to school, called Marcy and told her I was running a bit late. I could tell she was short of breath but she said, "All good."

    This is a lot to think about but I will never speak of it beyond this anonymous posting that I had heard about. This is too unexpected, really.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    Sucked my husband off twenty minutes before he had to set off for work. Had him cumming all over my face and hair, then sucked out the remaining jizz from his cock, before I took a shower.
    My boss Adrian was horny as fuck and told me he was uncomfortable, so before we got our day started, I got between his legs, undid his trousers and took out his fat cock. Within five minutes, just as usual, I had his spunk filling my mouth and swallowed what I could before wiping up what had flowed from my mouth. Re applied my lip stick and then sat down with him to take notes.
    Because it's Friday, I walked over to the tech department before lunch, to get their plans for the following week. Met Chris the young junior clerk and loved the smile he gave me. Taking my hand he moved us both into the small side office, used now only for storage, and released my new favorite cock. His dick is enormous and for a seventeen year old, he certainly knows how to feed it to me. Spending a good twenty plus minutes sucking and licking on his cock and balls, I also for the first time with him, slid a finger up his back passage. It made him cum immediately and I just had to feel it all over my face. Visiting the ladies after we'd clean up what we could, I washed my face and the went for lunch.
    Just over an hour ago my husband ripped off my knickers, as he bent me over the arm of our sofa. The reason he got so horny, was I'd just told him every detail of my day. Just as I got the part of Chris cumming over my face, re telling him yet again, he came up my pussy, but not before I'd orgasmed as I'd saved my own release up all day.
    What a day, and what a wonderful understanding man I'm married to.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    When I got married, my wife was a vaginal virgin, and anal virgin, but an oral virgin? I doubt it, to say the least. The way she knew her way around my cock with her mouth makes me think either a. she watched a hell of a lot of porn (and don't lie, I know women do it, so it's plausible) or b. mine wasn't the 1st cock she had her mouth around.

    Some women say that it's not "real" sex if it's oral, assuming she did suck a dick before mine, and based on the fact that she was otherwise virginal, that was probably her mindset at the time if I had to guess.

    On the other hand, it is possible (remotely) that she DIDN'T watch porn or suck a dick before mine and is just superbly skilled...guess we'll never really know.

    Either way, I gotta admit, I'm not complaining.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    I started a relationship before ending the old one. Obviously fucked up. But the issue is that I slept with New BF right after work for a quickly and slunk home to Old BF who out of nowhere got all frisky. I panicked and let him touch me as I tried to figure out how to get out of it. But he ran his hand under my skirt and slipped a finger in and started moaning about how wet I was. Which turned me on. I have no idea why. He fucked me right on the table all excited. Two men in less than 90 minutes. Officially a slut now I guess.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    For me I've always liked older women. I have fucked girls my own age and younger, but I much prefer to fuck older women. Which invariably means they're already married. It helps I'm athletically built, and am considered good looking for a guy. My cock measures just over eight inches, yet it's the circumference that thrills the people I have suck on my dick, or whom I fuck. As it's very nearly seven inches around.

    Over the years I've been fucking older women, I've learned to read the signs of those who want to do more than just look. Supermarkets, libraries, work, even the local park where mum's bring their kids to play, I've met and picked up horny unsexed married women. And if not directly then, I've later fucked them in my home.

    Mobiles make it easy to arrange and I've got lots of married women's numbers, who I text when I'm horny (Every day) and want a fuck. I'd say on average I fuck about two to three women a week, all of whom crave my cock and sometimes want more than an afternoon of casual anything goes sex. That's the thing with married women who's husbands are now fat and sexually lazy, when they get and have sex, they want it all and are prepared to do almost anything to have a horny dirty time with me. Lets put it this way, out of all the married ladies I've screwed since I was seventeen, and there are now well over eighty, I would say there's only about six or seven who wouldn't let me fuck their arseholes. And most want to suck on my cock afterwards, whether it's been up their pussy or anal passage.

    There are times when either I am or the woman are busy, or I just don't fancy some of the women who give me the look. There are also times, which seems to be most of the time, when I want more sex in a day than fucking a dirty thirty, forty or even fifty something married woman in my or their homes. On those days I invite a gay friend of mine around. He's always up for sex, being only eighteen and he adores my cock. Mostly I'll have him suck me off, making him take his time to blow me. Occasionally, if I'm horny enough, I will fuck him. But I have to be extremely turned on to stick my dick up his arsehole.

    Married older women are definitely my thing, and I think I'll always look out for women of that ilk. They're just so much more horny and diry in bed. And I can honestly say, they never complain when I want to fuck them over and over again. Indeed it's me who's more often than not, who's left worn out by women who's husbands just don't take care of their sexual needs.

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    Straight Male / 29

    For a long time now I've had a sexual thing for asian women. Usually married asian women dressed in their religious clothing. I'm a mixed race Christian who just so happens to have a really large cock. My father is black and my mother is Irish Catholic white.

    It didn't take me too long to figure out which of the muslim married women wanted sex outside of their marriages, once I knew how to distinguish those who were god squaders and those who followed their husband's/family wishes.
    My work and social life brings me into contact with many many asian women, and through a little easy questioning, I soon find out if they're up for some fun.

    And believe me the married muslim women I've fucked, are really really horny bitches. It's like they don't get to have rough, dirty and satisfying sex at home. So when I fuck them, they go crazy for my cock fucking their pussies, but strangely and mostly their arseholes.

    In the last couple of months I've been fucking a muslim woman who's husband thinks she's such a devoted wife. Yet I can tell you she is one hell of a sexual deviant in the bedroom. We met through work, with her commenting on my muscular build. I knew from her comments she found me sexually attractive, so I basically asked her if she'd like to see my body naked. Forty minutes later she was removing her muslim clothing to reveal such a beautiful body. We licked, sucked and fucked for nearly an hour before she had her last orgasm. Dressed and more than happy to arrange another visit to my home, she drove off to her home and her (her statement) boring fat husband.

    In all I've now fucked over twenty different asian women, and all of them have been amazing sexually. It's almost as if the shackles have been removed, and they just adore my big black cock fucking them.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    My husband, Frank and I married due to the fact that we were both highly sexed and enjoyed sharing our mutual sexual adventures. Frank would locate pleasant, attractive men or women and invite them to our home for "dinner" of course ending in romp or two. Frank, for example, befriended a handsome junior executive, Dennis, and before long began to share his stuff with him. He found Dennis to be equally hot, sexually, (out of a wide group) and before long Frank started telling Dennis about how I, his wife, loves fucking and with every word, getting Dennis hot for me.

    To shorten the story, Dennis came for dinner then I served brandies and took off my tops to reveal my pendulous breasts that, when hot, always had spiked, wide nipples. The two had taken off their bottoms and I placed them on the bed, on their back, with their balls against each other and their cocks, now rock hard, standing up from their prone bodies. I caressed them together with my finger tips, rubbed them against my nipples and sucked on them. Both were around 7 inches or more with Dennis being thicker.

    I jerked them both at the same time, together, and Dennis said he could feel Frank's hot ball sack against his. We had a crazy threesome that night and more later. Eventually, Frank brought in a wild girl from the office whom we had both fucked in the past, and gifted her to Dennis. They started fucking immediately. In time, we had a close knit group of sexed hotties in the office and met at someone's home on weekends. Some folks collect stamps and/or coins. We collect hot memories and are still at it.

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