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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    My wife and I have been together for about 14 years and married for 12 years. She is still cute as hell, natural blonde, 5'1" about 105 lb, great ass, 34b breast. I am wm, 6' 200, with a 8" cut cock.
    We met while we were in our early twenties, we had been together for about 5 years and I was miserable. The longer we were married the less sex we had. I couldn't figure it out.
    When we dated we fucked like rabbits, she was adventurous, we even had a few fmf threesomes. I asked her if she wanted to have a mfm and she always said no. She would blow me a few times a week, nothing reciprocated, just a nice suck off. She would even do anal on occasion, even though I knew I liked it way more than she did.
    But, after we married, sex became less and less frequent, anal went away, eventually the blowjobs did too. In the last year before this, we had sex maybe 3 or 4 times.
    I started to think she was cheating and I couldn't figure out why, we had discussions about outside partners and she always said no.
    Eventually I found out she was cheating and had with at least 2 different men.
    So, I decided to fuck around also. I had some fun with a few ladies and one incredibly sexy 21 year old who interned in my department. This girl, Ginny, was fucking gorgeous, one of those women who just had everything. Tits, ass, face, everything.
    Now I ran a small department in my company, and reported to my new boss, who over a short time had become a good friend, he was a bit older, but stayed in great shape. He was a former college football player, about 6'4", very fit and muscular black man. We went to the same college and got along really well.
    After work we were at the local bar that some of us would go to and Ginny came in, she said hi and chatted for a minute then left and that's when my new boss, Sam, blurted out that he wanted to fuck the hell out of that girl. So, we talked about it and he kept saying that he has no regular contact with her but every time he sees her he can't think about anything else.
    I went home that night thinking about it, I knew that Ginny had never been with a black guy, but was attracted to Sam. So, I came up with an idea.
    Next day I gave Sam my proposition, I would convince Ginny to sleep with him, if he agreed to fuck my wife, in a way I would catch them and try and convince her to open up sexually.
    It didn't take much convincing with Ginny and afterwards she told me all about it. She had said that my cock was the biggest she ever had, until Sam. It was humungous, Sam told her it was 12 1/2 inches fully hard and she believed him.
    So, I gave Sam a few pointers to flirt with my wife, Sara, but mostly I told him to make sure she saw his bulge. She had dated a black guy just after high school, and it was one of the few exes she ever carried on about, how it took several tries to get it all in etc.
    A few weeks later I told Sara that I had invited my boss over for dinner and she seemed happy to finally meet him. We had dinner, drinks and sat around and talked. We had more drinks, and I suggested to Sam that he stays the night so he didn't drive home drunk. He agreed and a bit later I gave him a pair of sweats to wear to sleep in. They were a bit of a tight fit
    It didn't hide anything, in fact it was so obvious that I made a comment that I my pet anaconda had escaped and was in my sweat pants.
    Now we kept drinking, except Sam and I were dumping them out when Sara wasn't looking, eventually I acted like I was totally smashed and was getting sick. So I went into the bathroom and acted like I was throwing up. Now Sara knows that when I drink that much I will pass out and sleep for hours. A bit later she came in and checked on me, I acted like I was out, but I was able to notice that she had changed into some pajamas, ones she hadn't worn in ages, short little top, barely covered her ass, when she bends over not at all, nice opening to look at her tits. She used to wear it when she wanted sex.
    From the bathroom door being open slightly I could hear some of the talking, then about ten minutes later Sam came in and needed to use restroom, I whispered to him to turn off the music so I could hear better.
    He did a few minutes later, they carried on talking for a while, I could hear Sara giggling and laughing, I could hear the conversation turning to comments about her appearance and body and Sara commenting on his. Then it became very quiet, but soon I could hear heavy breathing and Sara gasping severaltimes. Then Sam telling her to suck his cock.
    I made my way quietly to a point that I could see, my wife trying to suck his cock as best she could. I didn't stay long as I was worried she would see me, so I stepped back and listened some more. He then told her to bend over the couch and telling her that he was going to fuck her tight little pussy and she then began to beg him to. I could hear him working on her, her begging and then him pounding her. This went on for a while, I could hear them saying dirty things to each other and I was stroking my cock but not letting myself cum. I decided to go watch again but openly, and when I came to the living room, he had her on the floor on all fours, head down on the floor and was pounding her in the ass. She was crying but telling him not to stop. I stood there and was stroking my cock and then she looked up and saw me. She stopped for a moment, then turned her head back telling Sam to fuck her ass harder and to fill it up with his cum.
    She turned back to me, opened her mouth and stared at my dick. So, I came over and shoved my cock in her mouth and she began to devour my dick. It was intense, a few minutes later Sam said he was going to cum and that set me off and I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock down as far as I could and we both came inside her at nearly the same time, Sara later told me that she realized we were both cumming and it set her off to an intense orgasm herself.
    We all ended up in our bedroom for the rest of the night and on a regular basis. Eventually even including Ginny.
    Sara and I figured things out sexually and there were no more secrets after that. She still says that was the best night of sex she ever had.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    Wife Beth gives a sleeping hand job.

    My ex-wife, Beth, was an alcoholic. She drank wine by the box-full. One night at home she got pretty drunk and we went up to the bedroom and had sex. Pretty much our usual routine â¦. missionary, then her on top, etc. She then passed out. When she was passed out almost nothing could wake her. Later on in the night I got aroused again with her lying next to me. Beth had the nicest, natural tits I had ever seen and I started feeling them up from behind her. She was totally out and didn't move a muscle. I tried fingering her vagina and clit but she still wouldn't wake up. I really didn't want my big, hard cock to go to waste so I got out of bed, turned on the light, went over to her side. First, I lowered her nightie so I could see and squeeze her wonderful tits, which made me even more aroused. Next, I positioned her right hand and arm so that her fingers were wrapped around my cock, just like when she would stroke it on her own. Her hand cupped my cock just perfectly. I then moved Beth's arm back and forth, stroking my cock, having her give me a hand job. Back and forth, in and out, her hand jacked my cock off. I was really getting close to cumming when she stirred a couple of times, but after I paused she went back into her coma. Beth's arm stroked my cock faster and faster. Finally, I let loose. Cum flew all over her hand, arm and nightgown. I lowered her arm, got a towel and cleaned her up, went back to bed, with Beth none the wiser.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Iâm horny almost all the time. Now itâs gotten to the point where Iâm watching anything on xvideos. HMU on kik please anyone. Kik-ryuget

    He lp me cum

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    Straight Female / 18

    My b/f is crazy about hand jobs and has me stroking his cock in his car, cabs, dark bars and other places. He has an amazing amount of sperm and shoots hard shots mostly into his handkerchief when getting it under the table cloth. He's not a giant but goes to eight inches and is thick. I enjoy the feel of it in my hand. We started fucking only recently but the hand-job still rules the day.

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    Straight Male / 39

    My wife had an office get together last night after work. After dinner she went to a hotel room with a co-worker for a couple drinks and ended up getting laid!

    The last text I got from her was around 2am:

    "Hey babe, Sorry Im not ignoring you weve just beem kind of busy and my phone is dying. Yes it was fun, yes he came in me and no, its just us here. I'll tell you all about it when I get home tomorrow. Try to get some sleep, Love you"

    I haven't slept a wink and I think I've jacked off 6 times thinking about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I was 29 the first time I ever went to a strip club. The club was located in a very rural part of the state and was out in the middle of no where. It kind of reminded me of Porky's from the movie.

    Most people in the area knew about the place and they had a lot of out of state clientele. I heard about the place from friends but I went alone that first time. I went there on a Saturday afternoon about 12:30 and there was almost nobody there. There was no cover and no bouncer at the door so I went up to the bar. They checked my I.D. and told me I could sit anywhere. There was one bar tender and over in the corner there was one stripper on a pole and three customers but none close to the stage. I took my drink and sat right at the stage. The drink was a diet cola. The girl had on a bikini and had just started dancing. She wrapped herself around the pole and danced for a few minutes gazing into my eyes the whole time then she danced her way around to me and put her legs on my shoulder and pulled aside her panties to show me my very first view of a vagina. She held herself wide open so I could see deep inside her gaping fur framed hole. I was in lust.

    So having a vague sense that at that point I was supposed to tip her and having a hundred one dollar bills in my pocket I slipped a couple of them under her garter and she moved forward and pressed her wet pussy against my face. I took my very first sniff of a really pussy and then she whispered "eat me" and while I had never even seen a pussy before that, not even a photograph of one, I understand she meant lick her so I did. She tasted amazing. Then she pushed away telling me the bar tender was looking our way and she didn't want to get caught.

    After her set was done she disappeared off stage and was replaced by another girl. Five minutes later, while the second girl was making love to the pole, the first girl came around and sat down next to me to watch for a minute and asked if I wanted a private show in the back. I had $500 in mixed bills in my pocket and was prepared to spend all of it to lose my virginity.

    I followed her over to the bar where she told me I had to pay the bar tender $5 to go to the back room area. So I pulled out a five and gave it to him then followed her to the back room. It was a long hall next to the dressing rooms where there was a row of booths. She took me to the one at the far end furthest away from anything. She invited me in and had me sit down in the huge over stuffed club chair. She turned around and locked the door and slid two dead bolts across. Then she took off her bikini and stood there completely naked. She had a very pretty face and long strawberry blond hair, nice well shaped tits with big puffy nipples that pointed up and very high and a narrow waist and an ass that inspired sodomy. She sat down in my lap and ground her ass into my groin. I got a throbbing erection from that. Then she simply danced in my lap for about half an hour before turning around to straddle me. I found out later that strippers don't kiss. This one did. She said I was cute and licked her way down my throat. She guided my hands to her tits and pussy. I needed no further encouragement. then after a while she reached into my pocket and pulled out my wad of bills and pulled out a $20 and told me it was for the half hour of dances we had just completed. She asked if I wanted to continue. I said "yes." so we did.

    Next she undid my pants and pulled them off and put them on the other chair. She asked if I would like to eat her out some more so I did for a while this time without fear of getting caught. It was like heaven. Then she got on her knees and sucked me. That was my first blow job. The pain I felt in my dick from throbbing so hard was wonderful. Finally she lowered herself on my and milked my cock until I came in her without a condom. She told me she was on the pill and I had nothing to worry about.

    That's how I lost my virginity.

    I went there every week for a while and I found out I brought WAY too much money that first time. I left fully satisfied for under $100.

    A few weeks later on a subsequent visit she was dancing there as usual and I took her to the back room as usual but she told me to wait in booth for her and she would be right back. So I waited a couple of minutes and she came back but this time she wasn't alone. Now all this time I figured she was somewhere between 18 and 21 give or take. So I was astonished when she returned with a girl of around 12 years old who she introduced to me as her daughter. I never asked either of their ages. The girl was a stunningly beautiful smaller younger and way prettier version of her mother and I think the mother knew it. She told me she wanted to train her daughter and said that my tiny pathetic little clit dick was the perfect starter size for her daughter to lose her virginity on. I was hurt by her description of my genital but got over it as the girl sat down in my lap and followed her mother's instructions and began a very sexy lap dance. 45 minutes later I was ejaculating sperm into her 12 year old uterus while sucking on her tongue and playing with her hair and baby boobies as her mother was giving my left ear a wet sloppy blow job. That girl was way way tighter than her mother was. Her mother was right, we were a perfect fit and after that I was never fully satisfied with the mother's older stretched out pussy.

    After that I returned every week for three years fucking that devastatingly beautiful little girl while her mother used her mouth on other parts of my body. She has always been the very best fuck I ever had. The next youngest girl I ever fucked was her mother. All others have been far older than me. I was never satisfied with grown up pussy but was so excited by the prospect of my cock being in a pussy that made me horny enough to cum without the physical stimulation of a tight pussy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    Iâ m Rae 22 from the UK.

    Iâm your basic âwhite girlâ but I have a confession I post naughty adult things on my Snapchat..

    I love being watched so I post on my Snapchat story and make adult content.

    You can add me if you want?

    Snapchat username: snap43deep

    I hope to see you soon :)

    All the bes Rae

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    Lesbian Female / 38

    I got laid off and decided to drive for Uber or Lift. The busiest time is between like 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. I live near downtown so I take fares that are in the vicinity which includes lots of visiting businessmen and women. My thing is to talk as little as possible, do my job and hopefully get a decent tip for being efficient, on time and with a clean car. But not all passengers want you to stay quiet.

    For example, I picked up a forty something woman who was in town on business and she was going to meet some friends at this club. I know the type of club it is and I commented to her if she was sure she wanted to go there, because to be honest it is pretty much a club for lesbians. She pestered me until I told her and she asked me if I had a problem with lesbians, I said no of course and asked her if she was a lesbian, she said no and I asked her then why was she going to a lesbian bar.

    At a light I turned and told her it was none of my business but if she was looking to get some pussy for the night that was not the bar for her, that place had become strictly a butch bar where the girls that got picked up were looking for a woman eater but if she was looking for some young woman to meet and get together with there was a nice wine bar where she could maybe pick up a nice office girl who was looking for a nice night out. She said to take her to the wine bar, she confessed to me that she wasn't going to meet any friends and she appreciated me setting her on the right track.

    Look when you drive at night you get to know what is going on, which corners have hookers, which bars are gay or lesbian, which restaurants are pricey and not worth it, and where you can go and have a nice time. I know about that bar, the one she was referred to by the front desk lady, you don't find nice girls there it mostly for druggies and butch biker types. I've been there and its rough. This lady looked like she needed a nice little office girl who wanted a woman with money to show her a nice time.

    I picked up another fare one night, a girl who was obviously drunk. I got her home and I took her upstairs to her apartment and I helped her get in bed. A pretty girl like that could only get in trouble. I went back the next morning to check on her. If I have a male fare I don't talk, but with women I talk, especially if I suspect that they are women friendly. For example I got stopped one night by a woman cop, she was very strict and she went through my car looking for something. Seems like some report was out that someone was using Lift to peddle drugs. She did something for me in a romantic way and I hit on her, she came back at me pretty angry but I complimented her and told her that I was always open to having a relationship if she wanted to call me. I have a weakness for lady law enforcement officers.

    That fare, the lady that had been sent to the wrong club asked for me the next time she came into town, she was very generous with a tip that night and asked me to take her back to the wine bar. The night I took her there she had scored, just like I said a young office girl who needed to be shown around that night. She called me to come and get her after she met her date for that evening and I took them back to her hotel. She has good taste, and expensive too.

    I did get together with the lady cop a couple of weeks after she stopped me, we went to eat Italian and she spent the night. I like lady cops.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    Wife and I visited a nude beach which is sorta common for us. This time we ended getting invited to a house party near beach. It was a very large nice home with lots of guests I figure were also from nude beach.
    During this party some were swimming nude or half nude. We were swimming nude. After being in pool we sat at a picnic table in yard while still nude. We didn't know anyone there which was fine with us. We started to just fool around a little.
    A younger girl came over and started to feel up my wife so wife laid on table and I stood and began to fuck my wife.
    While we fucked a large crowd surrounded us and everyone started to grope my wife as I fucked her. In no time she was getting fingered while my chick was in her and men were rubbing their cocks on her tits as they fingered her with their female friends.
    Well before long my wife is sucking on any random cock as I fuck her. We continue to fuck and I came in her hearing one. guy tell his wife he just came in her. I stayed hard awhile and continue to fuck for a bit.
    When I pulled out they all started spreading my wife wide open showing off her pussy with cum in it. She was fingered by a few women then and orgasmed as she suck some cocks and let them cum on her face and tits.
    Afterwards that we just sat on table top wife with legs wide open as ppl took pics of her hole and groped her.
    Was a great unplanned night that I got to see my wife be a real whore we will sometimes notice some ppl from party at beach but haven't spoken to any of them since.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    For a while I struggled meeting willing partners for sex after my divorce. Not because I'm not willing to engage with people, but because my approach was always too tentative. Let me make this clear first, I didn't want a relationship and I definitely didn't want to be moving someone into my home. I'd had my fill of being beaten down mentally by a demonstrative woman, and for me I wanted some sexual freedom.

    What changed my perspective, was listening to two married women talking in a cafe one lunch time around a eighteen months ago. Both women were calling their husband's and both were saying they'd love to find a fuck buddy. What really peaked my interest though, was them agreeing the guy didn't need to be an Adonis, just someone with a big fat juicy cock, who was cocky enough to approach them and offer sex.

    I went home from there, and gave what the women had said some thought. I am no Adonis, and I wasn't the most forward of men either. What I do have, is a very thick meaty eight inch cock, which is like me, always horny.
    Only a few hours later sat in my local waiting for a mate, I decided to try out what the women had said. The bar maid was someone I'd fancied for ages. She's married, yet I knew other better looking men had fucked her. Going to the bar she asked me if I wanted my usual. Instead of my normal answer "yes please Fiona" I just said "I'd rather be fucking you at my place". My stroke of luck, you might think was that her shift was about to finish, but only moments before I went to the bar, I heard her telling the pub owner she was finishing in five minutes.

    Fiona phoned her hubby, told him she was doing an extra hour to cover someone and then walked with me to my place. Even in my home I changed how I approached her. Instead of being my normal "Lets get to know one another first". I pushed her down once the front door closed and forced her to suck on my cock. And it just went from there. It was a blur of hard and wonderful sex. No love making was involved and we fucked all over my small home. When I booked the taxi to take her home and hour and a half later, I had Fiona sucking on my balls before dumping another load all over her face.

    It was like someone opening the sexual door for me. The following week in my local supermarket I bumped into a young woman and was told where to go, when I asked her if she did it on purpose to get me into bed. The very next aisle I stepped aside as another woman almost hit me with her trolley. Usually I would have apologised for being in her way, but I didn't, I asked her if she was trying to capture me in her trolley to take me home to bed. Within fifteen minutes I had my head between her legs in her home and we were on her and her husbands bed. She was insatiable and had me fucking all her holes as she orgasmed all over the place.

    My lesson was learned with her though, as she wanted way more after that initial fuck, than I was prepared to give. It didn't however stop me from my new approach. Supermarkets, my local library, work, my local pub and even the football club I go to most weekends. They were/are all places I tried out my new way of having sexual fun. I was never, and still am not, over the top asking directly if they want to fuck, but I let them know I'm definitely up for fucking them in a more reserved way. And believe me the vast majority of the fifteen women I've fucked over this past eighteen months, have been married women.

    Most have been one off's or maybe a couple of fucks, but like the married woman I'm fucking now, we've been having sex a couple of times a week for over three months. Her husband works in finance and is a bit of a nerd. He's got one hell of a sex hungry wife though, who adores having me fuck her arsehole. And I fuck that tight hole every time we meet.

    Teachers, secretaries, bar staff (Fiona who I'm still fucking), a gym instructor, housewives and the cafe owners wife where I first heard the two married women bemoaning their lot. And as I've just mentioned, a financiers wife who told her friend in a cafe she'd love to find a fuck buddy. Well now she has.

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