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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My parents were never home. It was always me (16) and my younger sister (15) who were always left by our selfs.

    My sister and would always wrestle but she was always more powerful than me. The constant embarrassment of being pinned by my younger sister made her grow a bit of an ego on her.

    One day out of intimidation, she forced me to be her sex slave. She made me into her sex slave.

    She would constantly r**e me. Force me in her bedroom, she would then tell me to remove my shoes and socks. She never allowed me to wear any types of shoes because she had a weird love for my feet to be shown and my nails painted red. Next bending me over her bed. Sticking her fingers inside of me with one hand and jerking me off with the other. I could only refer to her as Mistress Sis because she found it to be cute. At first I was so scared of her making me her slave, but over time I grew more and more in love with the idea. Licking her c**t when demanded, putting on her clothes, painting my nails, having my nipples and penis pinched and my balls completely owned by Mistress Sis.

    One day she comes home with a very effeminate pink dress and what comes next actually made me cry. It was a 10 inch strap-on dildo she stole from the next store over. I begged Mistress Sis that this was too much. She grabbed my balls and said "you only speak when spoken too". She then smacked my ass as hard as she could. Taunting me she teased my ass by hot dogging the rim, making me beg for Mistress Sis's little Sister cock. "You are so pathetic, letting your little sister make you her bitch". What was about 3 hours of Mistress Sis's discipline, left me in a cum puddle above the foot of her bed.

    For the rest of the night, I was to be used as Mistress Sis's personal foot stool. Any movement and she would pinch my penis with her feet.

    The next morning, she demanded me to go in the shopping bag for her second set of clothing. A maids dress. She demanded breakfast as usual and for her feet to be rubbed. As well as forcing my cock to be exposed. She reminded me the whole time that her new cock was far bigger than mine.

    This went on for a couple more years in our parents house. Until the day I moved out. My parents had the bright idea of getting both of us out of the house by agreeing with my sister to let her be my roommate. I had no choice.

    And to this day, I belong to Mistress Sis. She even bought a new leash for me. Thank God we haven't been taken for a walk yet.

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    Straight Male / 18

    The other morning I woke up and my boxers were full of cum coming out of both sides and my arsehole hurting still. Iâve always been curious about having a encounter with another man but it happened when I was asleep so I have no recollection of it

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    For months after watching porn portraying it, I tried to convince my wife to engage in a threesome, or even a mini gang bang with two other guys I knew wanted to fuck her.
    She resisted for some time saying if I loved her, I wouldn't ask. Then only a couple of months ago, she did an about turn telling me I should arrange for the two men to call by and have sex with her. It was out of the blue as I tonguing her pussy and asshole.

    On a Friday night, both of the men I had in mind turned up and my wife and they immediately stripped and got straight into a long period of oral sex. Both men who are a little younger than both my wife and I, are more well endowed than me. And both men went about using my wife like a common whore.

    After they'd had her gagging on their cocks for some time, they took turns fucking her pussy and ass. It went well beyond what I'd imagined, yet my wife got more and more into having them fuck her harder and harder.
    I'd just begun to say something about me feeling uncomfortable about them double fucking her, when my wife told me to "shut the fuck up" then added "Go and toss yourself off downstairs if you're going to moan".
    Her voice and her assertiveness, gave my already hard cock a twitch, and that was it, I came.

    Over the next hour or so I then watched as both men came in or over my wife twice. And I watched every thrust, every lustful orgasm she had and listened to her total enthusiasm for being used as a slut.
    When the men left, I saw my wife kiss them both passionately and also invite them round again whenever they wanted her. I protested, but again I was told to "Shut the fuck up".

    And so it has been over the past couple of months. Sometimes both guys turn up and spend an evening fucking my wife. But mostly they turn up at all times on their own, providing my wife what she now craves. And that's younger men with larger cocks giving her a damn good hard fucking.
    At the start of all this I was a more than willing partner. Now I'm an observer to my wife's sexual desires. And I've only got myself to blame for opening Pandora's box. In other words, be careful what you wish for,because you might just get it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My husband is very horny and he gets really excited when I tease him by talking dirty to him including other people in our stories. So we made a tumblr account and I made a friend cld James on tumblr with whom I used to do dirty talks. He used to share his pics and kinky stuff he used to do with his girlfriend. He also gave me sex advice lot of times which was quite useful. I also shared with him few of my pics to tease my husband, and seeing all the chats my husband used to get very excited and fuck me very wildly whenever I used to do any naughty things with James. It was all virtual fun so no complications. One day James asked me to do video chat with him, he wanted to show me how his gf rides him. I got convinced to do the video chat because I thought I'll learn few tricks from them and might be fun. We started the video chat, they both showed their face but I didn't show mine as that was my condition to agree for the vc. Jame's girlfriend Emma started stripping her kinky lingerie in front of me. I got so excited by seeing her sexy curves, tight ass and perky cute nipples. Then they both got fully naked and James tied Emma's hands with handcuffs. He started using ice all over her body and started kissing her everywhere. Then he started doing very wild things with her body. He gave very very wild love bites to her, spanked her so badly that I could feel the pain. Seeing all that I got so excited and wet, that I also stripped and started using my dildo and showed them how wet I was. He fucked her in front of me and came inside her ass. Everything was so exciting but then I got scared and felt guilty. If I would have done this with my husband, it would have been so much better. Now I didn't know how he would react, whether he will get angry and upset. I didn't want to take any risk so I made it look like I had a fight with James on Tumblr. My husband still asks me why I don't chat with him as it was so much of fun and every time when I ignore his questions, I feel so bad. I wish I could have waited for my husband to come and then have this vc. I wish I can tell him everything and he would say let's compete with them on vc :p.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    Question for you married guys out there.

    I'm a twenty four year old geeky games loving dweeb, who enjoys nothing more than beating my online opponents to pieces. I also enjoy being on a site which brings like minded adults together for sex. More to the point, I enjoy meeting up with often very attractive married women, who's husband don't have or don't know how to fuck their wives.

    I might be a dweeb, but I've always had an athletic body and a huge cock. And it's my profile page that attracts the married women to contact me for sex. I've got quite a few pictures of me in various states of arousal, but most showing off my nine and half inch manhood.

    I'm very frank with the women, telling them it's only sex I'm after and not a relationship. I also tell them I like the sex to be rough and for them to be able to give everything up for me. Other than one married forty something, who's asshole couldn't take my cock, I've now met up with and fucked over twenty different married women. Some I meet weekly for sex, others have been just a few times and more still one off's.

    The ones I meet weekly, I meet at a motel, book two hours and have a great time giving them what their husbands won't or can't give them. Each one of them is a complete whore when I'm fucking them and give up their mouths, pussy's and assholes.

    One of the married women did become too attached and wanted more from me, but I told her she'd better realize I only wanted her for her fantastic body and her dirty ways. Her response was "I'll divorce my husband and you can fuck me anyway you want". Her husband just so happens to be a divorce lawyer. She and I still fuck, but she's backed off somewhat and now I only fuck her outdoors as away of satisfying her kink.

    I'm not unusual from what I've now found out. there are lots of married men who can't satisfy their wives. So my question to those and other men is "Why did you marry your wife knowing you were incapable of keeping her happy sexually".

    I know most men don't have a cock my size, but believe me when I say this, the women I've fucked and are fucking weren't looking for a guy with large cock like mine, most if not all were looking for guy who'd fuck them, full stop. You married your wives, you don't own them and you don't have the right withhold their enjoyment of sex either. So guys, get your wives back in the bedroom or wherever they want fucking, and fuck them. Fuck their mouths, fuck their pussy's and if they want it, fuck their gorgeous tight assholes too.

    Either that or someone like me will fuck them for you.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 37

    I had wanted to experience a shared wife situation for a long time which I had been open and honest with my wife about for a long time. She was into it as a fantasy not so much reality. In Florida for a week and she brings up maybe now's the time where no one knows us and we'd be completing anonymous. I'm all for it. I scour the internet trying to find bar or club to go where this activity is expected. No luck. Hit a few bars with her looking great. Three nights in a few men have approached her but she was only interested in one and he turned out not to be interested once he found out she was married.

    We had lost hope feeling dejected wondering where all the horny guys were and took a night off. On Friday we went back out, her sitting at the bar, me at the other end watching. This time a guy hit on her right away. Not the type of guy I would have picked for her. He was about 35, white, beefy, kind of a biker looking guy. The guy started buying my wife drinks and I saw that she started really flirting with this guy. I could see was turned on. I was surprised she was going for this type of guy but I could tell she wanted to fuck him but her body language and the looks she was sending my way. The pit of my stomach was in knots. Here we were, finally in a position to live out my longstanding fantasy and I wasn't sure anymore. Maybe it was better staying a fantasy? It was too late regardless this guy was starting to touch her. I saw his hand on her shoulders, thighs, disappearing under the bar. She went to the bathroom, he paid the bill and when she came back she stood there waiting then handed him something. She later told me it was her panties. He had told her to take them off. Then off they went. They got into his truck and were gone. I was able to track her phone. I followed way behind, saw them going into a small apartment building and saw them through the slider, he was all over her. Then they disappeared I assumed into the bedroom. I was still thinking this was a mistake but my dick was hard as rock wondering what they were doing. A few hours later I got a text from her saying she was ok, having fun and would be staying the night. I went back to our hotel and I stroked myself and fantasized all night about what she was up to with him.

    She showed up the next day around noon. Very tired and very happy. She said she had the best night ever. Said she'd tell me about it later. She showered and we went the beach. She gave me some hints, yes she fucked the guy, yes she sucked his cock, yes she came, many times. On the beach she said she wanted to see him again that night since it was our last night and because had really enjoyed herself. I said it was ok buy I wanted to know what happened.

    She said the guy turned out to be very aggressive and not a gentle lover by any means. He was very rough and demanding, the type of guy she'd never been with. He had a big dick and he was almost abusive in how rough he was with her, slapping her face with his dick, slapping her ass, face fucking her. I was surprised she enjoyed that but she said, apologetically, that she'd never cum so much. I was hesitant to let her see him again but she really wanted to and said that outside the bedroom he was a nice guy, it was just inside the bedroom where his aggressive side came out.

    She spent the night with him again, and dropped off by him again a little before we had to check out. WE were busy with that so all she really said was she had the best time. Later she told me that while she was fucking this guy two of his friends showed up. She was sucking his cock when they walked in. He head her head in place and made her continue sucking while they watched. Then he invited them to join on. The three of them played with her all night. She said they were all rough in the bedroom. She said it was like being in a porn, going from cock to cock to suck, then sucking while one guy fucks you and playing with the other guy. One position followed by another then another. She said she fulfilled more fantasies and doing more things she never would have expected. Sucking two cocks at once, taking two cocks in her pussy at once while sucking the third. Taking one up her ass and pussy at the same time and sucking the third. Which surprised me she's never been big into anal but I guess she didn't have much choice in that situation. She said that the most amazing orgasms she had was when the two newcomers pinned her down with her legs spread and the original guy fingered her pussy hard, grinding deep into her making her cum and cum and she couldn't take it but they held her there forcing more orgasms from her. She said she almost passed out and had to take a break after that while the guys drank beer. The part that got me was she said she ended up swallowing each of these guys loads and that by morning they'd all came in her at least once. This part really hit home for me, the whole sharing thing had happened and god I was desperate to cum. I was horny our whole flight home and finally jumped on her when we finally got to our bedroom. She was tired but I was desperate. I gave her a good hard fuck and even got a little aggressive myself both physically and verbally. She got turned on and starting fucking me back with gusto. Unfortunately it wasn't a long session but we both came pretty hard.

    Thinking of her adventure has fueled many a good sex session since then but the best thing is she's dying to fuck around again. Even to the point of suggesting we give it a try at home as long as it's not close to home.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    So I recently trimmed my hedges on the boundry of my property with the help of the neighbour boy (18).

    Little did we realise but where I sit in the sun I can now see through the fence into their garden where they've put up a pool. Yesterday evening I could clearly see him walking around the pool naked. I have to say I was impressed by his shaved physique & length. His girlfriend was with him & was swimming topless with an ewually impressive physique.

    After about 30mins of enjoyment I had to come clean so I text him telling him to look up. We made eye contact through the hedge until my phone buzzed his reply... Come over then - no swimming costume!

    I hopped the fence (wearing some swimming shorts) only to notice they were both totally naked. Expecting shock from his girlfriend (I didn't really know her) she replied "those will have to come off"

    As she yanked them down I felt rather liberated & we drank, smoked & had a generally "good time"

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    Straight Male / 44

    BBC takes my wife My wife of twenty years of marriage had sex with her young black co worker recently,my name is Jo and my wife's name is Polei,we are both 49 years old of age, Polei my wife is a nurse at a rehab center in northern NY . last week Polei came home and was visible upset about something normally she is home around 5 pm but she has been coming home around 6 or so within the last week,I asked her what's wrong she responded that she doesn't know we're to start at so I sat her down and said let's start from the beginning were ever your coming from. Polei said there was this young intern that she has been working with that was hitting on her and making sly sexy remarks to her but she did mention that he was really polite and a nice young man.i asked her did you tell anyone she said no be because it made her feel good ,I was confused by that response Polei went on telling me that she finally started giving in to him and going to lunch with him and even getting a quick bite to eat after work ,(that explains the lateness) and that she went to his house after work yesterday and today ,to do what I asked she looked down at the floor and said to have sex which they did both days and that she really enjoyed it and wants to see him more because he makes her feel so good and that he is extremely large in the cock department and he is black! I was speechless I didn't know what to say or do she grabbed my arm looked straight into my eyes and said let me have more of him please and kissed my forehead and said she still loves me very much as she went into the bathroom to shower up as she needed to get his cum off her body she said. I guess my question is should I allow her to be with him more or no I,m so hurt but also turned on by it also and I really don't know what to do she wants an answer soon and I'm lost for words I'm scared if I say no she will do it anyway need some guidance in this situation thanks. Jo aroused and confused hubby."

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    I'm 63 years old and had been married for 40 before my wife passed away last year. For the last six months I've be picking up young ladies in their late teens / early twenties. Most work at fast-food restaurants or other stores that I do business with. I'm not the best looking guy but I don't look my age and I've done well over the years financially, plus I'm a good talker when it comes to getting something. What I've discovered is most young ladies have a price when it comes to posing nude for pictures along with oral or straight sex. I've set aside $600 a month for my goodtime days, I've paid as little as $25 for a hand-job and as high as $100 for a 18 year old to stay the night with me for sex. I pick-up at least 2 a week. It's not hard, just have to know how to listen and make small talk to find out if their in need of some cash. All have not been that hot but for a blow-job / Hand-job it's ok.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Anyone else have days where after a few orgasms throughout the day, you're still horny as all hell? It doesn't happen as often as it used to. Usually, it's I jerk it once a day if even that. Then there are days like today, where I've jerked it four times today, and I'm still horny out of my mind. I don't get it. I hope I'm not alone on this.

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