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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 40

    Ive got a couple confessions. I am a 40 year old man, who has had intercourse only one time in my life. That one time only lasted about 15 seconds. It was then, that i discovered that i get off on being teased and humiliated for my small penis, which is about 2.5 inches when fully erect. I enjoy people i know teasing me and complete strangers. ive gone on webcam 1000 of times to show it off, and have even done many things to get a laugh out of the people watching. To name a few, ive worn womens clothing, stuck things up my ass, eaten my cum, etc. Feel free to humiliate me now. I cant wait.

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    Straight Male / 53

    When I was 20 years old I had a job as a delivery driver for an overnight package delivery company, I lived in an area of the south that had several big lakes and lots of marina's and lots of boats, nice big houseboats mainly and I soon learned that they were all mostly owned by the upper echelon of the city, the doctors, lawyers, etc... I also learned that the wives would live on the boat during most of the week and then the husband would come to the boat on the weekend to take it out for the weekend and enjoy his investment.

    well, Victoria secrets and all of the other bikini selling catalogs kept me very busy delivering plenty of new bikini's to all the ladies, not to mention most of the women in our entire region. lets just say that between all the wives and all of the country girls and mostly the little sweethearts that worked at the local businesses at the front desk became my best friends, I saw them everyday, some of them even in their bikinis and most every one of them was as hot as the sunshine!

    well somehow a game got started that the women would all play trying to get me to be their first stop of the day and one in particular that started this took me in the back room and gave me a blow job and told me every time she was my first stop then that is what I would get and maybe more. I was speechless as I walked out the door and one of her co workers was getting out of her car, we almost got caught! I honest to god lost track of how many of those young office girls I fucked at one point or another, mostly in back rooms and some even in a hotel room that they paid for!

    all of the women on the boats always wanted to model their new bikinis for me and I was glad to let them and after the first one seduced me it was like they all knew and I had a stash of sexy mature women whos husbands were always too busy for them so they got what they wanted from me and I was more than glad to give it to them.

    it seemed like every delivery I made there was a woman wanting to fuck, or model a bikini, or suck my cock, I got out of bed excited to go to work each day. keep in mind that each person did not get a package everyday so somedays i might have only got fucked once or maybe not at all, but some days i got it more than once. this went on for over 6 months or so and I got transferred to another route and it was ran by this very cute twenty something with curly black hair and a very nice ass but she was flat in the tit department but still good looking. she was married and from what I gathered her husband and her did not get along.

    I had to ride with her for about a week to learn the route and one day we were out on a deserted road that was a place to cut between two highways and we used it all the time, well she stopped the truck and got out so I got out and she walked around to my side facing the woods and pulled the side door open and got up in the truck and I stayed on the ground as she started restacking some boxes that had fallen over and as I stared at her ass, my cock got hard and she was struggling with a heavy box so I jumped up there to help her and she turned around in front of me and pushed her ass back against my cock and began to rub her ass on me and I reached down and touched her hips, she started to unbutton and unzip her shorts as I did the same and she turned around and I sat her on the box and I stuck my face in her very hairy sweaty pussy and I ate her until she was holding my head and telling me to fuck her, I stood up and she turned around and stuck her ass out and I pushed my cock in her pussy and I fucked her until I almost passed out and I came so hard. we were both sweating as we looked at each other and she said dear god we have to do that again! we got back in the truck and she fixed her hair and makeup and I swear truth to you that one of our other trucks stopped on the other side of the road to see if we needed help and it was our supervisor. we told him that we were fine and were just figuring out where to go next. he said ok and then drove away.

    her and I had an affair for a long time, she was a neglected housewife that just wanted some attention. we had our favorite hotel we met at and always prearranged it because cell phones were not here yet.

    my utmost favorite one out of all the women I had for almost two years total time in that area was when I got sent out to pick up a package, way out in the country. when I arrived I got out of my truck and started to walk up to the steps that led up to the porch and this woman walked out of the house in a tiny little white sundress and I could see straight thru it to her tiny little white panties, as I looked up I saw the prettiest nipples poking thru the thin fabric and could see her areolas also, her tits were rather small but very nice and fit her frame well.

    she had long dirty blonde hair and just was one hundred percent all naturally beautiful, she did not have on any makeup which was perfect, she did not need any, she was the prettiest woman I have ever seen that was all natural with no make up even. she had an envelope that she needed to mail, it was her mortgage payment that she had forgot to mail and she said her husband would be so mad if it was late and wanted to know if I could get it there on time.
    i told her yes that we could get it there and she asked me how much it would be and when i told her she asked me if i would like to come in and have some tea that she would have to write me a check. when she turned around to walk to the door my eyes became glued to her ass, she was wearing a tiny white thong and all i could see was her beautiful little ass cheeks swaying back and forth, i felt my cock getting hard, she walked over to get her purse and i stayed hid behind the island for fear of her seeing my hard on and she wrote the check and gave it to me and as i was about to go out the door i felt her grab my arm, i turned around and she was looking at me, she gently pulled on my arm to go the other way and i let my leg and foot move in that direction to let her know it was ok and she took me down the hall and into a bedroom and off came the dress and she dropped to her knees and was already unzipping my shorts before i knew what was happening, she started to suck my cock and oh dear god did she suck my cock, after just a few minutes she stood up and pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me and slid her panties over and with one motion my cock was balls deep in her sweet little pussy and she began to ride me and ride me hard.

    i only lasted about 5 minutes maybe while playing with her nipples and grabbing her sweet ass, when i grunted she got faster and harder until i blew my load so deep in her pussy and i literally saw stars. she collapsed beside me and started whispering and talking in my ear and telling me that her husband was a truck driver and was sometimes gone a month at a time and he never paid any attention to her when he was at home anymore. she said this was the first time she had done this and hoped it was ok with me because she didn't want to offend me. i assured her that it was ok with me and i started stopping by once or twice a week and she ended up divorcing him a few months later and we dated for a few months after that and then we got married. we were together for about 8 years but she found out that i still had a lover over at the boat docks as most all of the rest of them moved their boats or sold them and the women at the businesses had moved to other businesses or got married or divorced and just moved on.

    every night when i lay down to go to sleep i think about all those times i had with all those women. i was 20-21 at the time and they were 18- i would say mid 40's i guess on the upper side. i cant count the times i had sex during that time, i sometimes wish i would have. i can remember most of them by name or by how good they were in bed or at doing certain things. lets just say i can remember specifically that it was more than 50 but less than 100 in almost a two year period. i ended up moving from the area after her and i divorced. i have never remarried and probably never will. i am getting older now and i may not be as good as i once was but i am as good once as i ever was!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    Hello folks

    Some questions for you in my confession.

    If like myself, you're husband invited two of his so called friends around to have sex with his wife, and then subsequently with those friends having much larger cocks, they fucked her over and over and over again until she'd orgasmed to the point of collapse, would she be to blame for enjoying the sex and wanting more.

    My husband said afterwards I'd enjoyed it far too much and had humiliated him by taking their cocks up my asshole. When I asked why he thought that way, his reply was "Because you never want me to fuck you there". The fact is, I've always enjoyed anal sex, yet whenever I've suggested he fuck my ass, he's always said it's not hygienic.

    He got so heated in the days following, I thought to myself 'If I'm being blamed for wanting more of the same, and him thinking I'm actually willing it, then I might as well be doing it'.

    It was only an angry thought of mine and I wouldn't have gone through with it. That is if he hadn't had mentioned to some friends of ours in front of me, what had happened in detail.

    Annoyed, embarrassed and feeling like his victim. After all he invited the guys around, I phone one of the men and arranged to meet him at a bar. You've guessed it, we ended up back at his apartment and had nearly two hours of awesome sex. It was so good I genuinely thought I'd never experience sex like it again. However I have on many occasions since and it just gets better and better.

    Now I'm thinking my husband has kept me sexually in the dark, and his fear watching me take their cocks that night only made him jealous of what he's not capable of.

    So am I being a terrible wife, or just someone who's chains have been removed and is finding herself for the first time ???.

    J xxx

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I want to go back to the days of the Flintstones, and have a Threesome with Wilma, and Betty.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 43

    Are there any females out there that love beastiality or really wanting to try it?
    What have you done?
    Or what are your fantasies?
    Id love to see a female get excited if the saw a dog cock or even a horse cock n willing to get covered in all its cum.
    If ur intterested let me know.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    My long time partner Victoria is a sexy latina (Puerto Rican) we are in our 50's and after 5 years of very open minded sex together we ended up with experiences neither of us thought would happen.

    We met on line on an adult dating site. Both had been through long marriages and bad divorces. Victoria was married to a black man for 30 years. I was married to a white woman for the same. So neither of us was looking for marriage.

    On the site she mentioned being 5 foot 6 with 40dd naturals. She sent me a pic and she was 54 Carmel skin and big tits for sure. I am 5 10 175 and not bad looking. So we made a nice mature looking couple

    Having met on a sex site we did talk about alot of sexual desires and thoughts. Neither had ever had swinging experiences but we had both fantasized about many situations

    We decided to meet. The first meet started very normal. Met her at public place. She looked great and at the end of the date since she was dropped off I gave her a ride home before she left the car we kissed it was very passionate and she left in a daze and said there will be a second date.

    The next day we texted and tgat night she came over. Over the next 6 months we watched xxx videos chatted with others on the sex site. We started a couple handle. We ended up enjoying video interaction between her and others. Of course we made many friends. It pushed our libido to another level. We started flirting with the idea of meeting other couples and even single men

    She would get excited thinking about it but felt she would never really be able to do it. Should make out and is whisper in her ear now turn your head to the other side. Touching her sensitive dark nipples kissing her neck I said. Imagine this is another man while I'm on this sife of you. She gasped. Her nipple so hard the little bumps around it. We immediately fucked wildly

    We had always imagined these situations but had not followed through on acting on it. But after watching some glory hole videos one night she said. That would be fun. Only catch she didn't want to be in some dirty theatre not kniwing who it was. The next night she came by with a blanket she had sewn. Two hols in the middle. And it could latch on hooks at the doorway. She made a private glory hole. omg

    That night she hung it in the bedroom door. We went online and started to video. She attracted the usual big crowd with her big perfect tits and dark brown nipples. She showed tgem the glory hole and of course they all offered to break it in. She was particularly open this night and started videoing her cleanly shaved pussy. Dark lips pink inside. She as soaked. The comments really made her hot.

    One man in particular had her interest. Rugged handsome type very sexual. And if course a large cock. Over the months she had expressed her x had 9.5 inches. Of course I'm nowhere close to that. This man's cock was actually 11 inches and he was white believe it or not lol. She now liked white men said she wouldn't be with black again. (Story for another night)

    She decide she would like to invite this man for a glory hole blow job only. I said all up to you babe.
    So he was invited over later that night

    The plan is he comes knocks I'll answer the door meet him make sure he's not a freak. Victoria will be behind the glory hole. I'd join as soon as I basically approved of him and set the rules blow job only. His name was sonny. There was a knock on
    the door and I answered. He was about 6 foot in shape maybe 40 years old. Seemed nice. After pleasantries I had to head back to my bedroom through the bathroom entrance so I wouldn't reveal Vicky through the doorway.

    Turns out by the time I reached the bedroom fun had already begun. Just not the kind I thought was happening.

    Victoria has at the gloryhole but not sucking. She has placed both tits in the holes and is pressed against the blanket obviously enjoying one tit being sucked the other felt up.

    We had not discussed anything but a blow job so at first it was shocking but I was immediately hard and jealous at the same time. She was completely enjoying it and I wasn't about to stop her. I wanted to but then again no I didn't.

    She was in a kneeling position and I saw her pull back. She looked at me tgen sucked my cock. As she did our visitor was watching through the hole. She was enjoying him watching. Then you could hear his pants drop to the floor

    Victoria faced the holes as his cock came through. It was very thick as he slot pushed the head tgrough. Then a little more and more. Victoria's eyes bulges as she reaches to touch his cock. She slowly stroked it as he pushed more tgrough the hole. He was definitely as advertised. No doubt 11 inches. She took the head in her mouth. Both hands on his shaft. She moaned and groaned sucking his monster. She was fucking loving it. He put a hand tgrough the open hoke and groped her hit hard she pushed it into him. Sucking him harder. I got behind her and pulled her panties off. As I are her pussy she sucjed that big cock. Her tits felt up at the same time. The bed was right up against the hole so I layed victoria and whispered you don't have to imagine tonight. Sonny arm came through the hole his fingers found her slit quickly as I kissed her. She came hard. My fingers joined the party now two men working her pussy. I could tell sonny had a finger in her ass. Which she loves. She kissed me harder her legs open. Now sonny was fingering that pussy with three fingers. I sucked her tits. She was overwhelmed. She come so many times. I told her to let him fuck her tgriugh the hole. She said no. No no. But she sure wasn't moving. His fingers making her come again.

    I pulled her shoulders down she slid on the bed which positioned her call g hole right at the glory hole. I stood by her head and she sucked my cock

    I looked up and sonny 11 inch thick monster was now through the hole but right above her pussy. She was saying no but she wanted it. I whispered to her show me how you take a big cock and kissed her hard. She hugged me hard and kissed.
    I put her hand on his cock and told her it's up to you. If you want it great if not that's ok we can stop. She looked at me and said (you won't be mad if I stop?) I said no baby it's your body and your decision. She kissed me deep as I pinched her nipple her hand reached down between us and she grabbed sonny cock. Omg. Is she going to do this?

    She the said sonny I'm sorry but thank you. He was a gentleman and said no problem Victoria just one request. She said sure what is it? He asked if he could kiss her through the hole.

    She looked at me and said is it ok babe? Strange request at a glory hole and again not what I thought but I agreed kind of reluctantly. She knelt again at the hole. They began to kiss. It got deeper. His hand came through to her breast. No pulling away. She enjoyed it. Tgen it moved to her pussy. Her legs open and she stood up. His cock now came back through the hole at full erection ready to impale. I saw the look on her face she wanted it. I turned her around her ass now to the hole. His cock in her butt crevice. Sliding up and down. So fucking big. Then it dipped out of sight. I heard her gasp and and knew it was parting her wet dark lips

    I was in front of her she grabbed my arms as he pushed a little more in her. She growled and then went animalistic. She said fuck me now. Sonny took the hint and pushed deep. She screamed in pleasure meeting his pumps. Now in and out. I could her her pussy gushing. She said fuck me harder you bitch. Had started pumping it completely in her. To the balls. Fucking her so hard she took every stroke. I was holding her up. It seemed like forever but after about 15 minutes she was done. She wanted his come. She took his cock out started sucking him again. Before long shecwas ready. He shot 5 or 6 huge dreams covering her tits and mouth.

    As he pulled his cock out of the hole I kissed her gum filled mouth. This really made her hot. As sonny left we fucked harder than ever. Both of us were ready for more future experiences

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    maybe I am a sex junkies cause its summer time once more. All I think about sucking

    some tits and licking between the legs. I suck or lick the whole pussy from top to

    bottom. I eat like it's my last meal also I suck pussy like the way she women suck dick.

    It is just my fetish we all have our own. Wish I had someone near me, Johnson City. Tenn.

    YES, I want to hear you scream cum very hard.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    Im not sure this is the category I should put this article, but here it is. Im not sure if I am at a cross road in my life or just curious. For the last year or so I've been having these weird obsessions about cocks. What I mean is that I have been looking at cock pictures online the bigger and harder the better!Im so into it that I find myself totally aroused by them, to the point, that I masturbate looking at them.Is it possible that I am turning gay? I have never sucked a cock, but must admit ,lately, the thought has entered my mind. Mostly what it would feel like having a cock shoot a load of cum in my mouth, would I spit it out immediately, or would I savor the taste and swallow it? Could it just be a phase Im going through? not sure!Anal sex I have absolutely no interest in period!So is it sucking a cock to orgasm all I require? Having someones cock near me really turns me on! The thought of licking the shaft down to the ball sac really excites me but the frosting on the cake is licking the mushroom head with a steady flow of precum to eat, makes me crave a mouth full of thick white cum to swallow. Not sure I would ever really be able to actually do it, does make for very interesting moments! Any ways it feels good just to be able to write it down for others to read Thank!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 45

    I was a total slut for years before I met my husband. I'm proud that I've been 100% faithful, since the day I went home with him on the first date and fucked his braims out. Before him, there were.over 200 lucky bastards and bitches a taste. What's weird is that he thinks he's.more.experienced than I am. Oh, the memories of the chase/the hunt... sometimes I miss it... sometimes I know better than to dwell in those memories.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 48

    Hi. I've got a secret. From the time I was 13 to 15 I started fucking with my dog. I always wanted Coop and just gave in to it out in a field on our land. I remember everything. I spread my legs so wide for him and watched in filthy pleasure as he began licking and eating my virgin pussy. It felt so fucking good. That day was my first orgasm and a big dog gave it to me. I rocked my hips and grinded against his tongue while I came so hard.

    I felt so amazing and wanted to treat him so I commanded him on his back and started eating his balls. I was licking and sucking dog balls while I gently stroked his dick out. I ate his balls for at least 20 minutes.. Licking licking and so much sucking. Oh man, he loved it. So his hard dick was out...

    I replaced my tongue with my hand on his balls. I rubbed them while I licked his big dick. I continued rubbing them as I closed my mouth around his dick and started sucking. That big fucking dog cock tasted good and I sucked until he busted a nut in my mouth. I drank it and it tasted like candy.

    We just hung out for a while until I wanted more. Once again he was on his back with his balls in my hungry mouth. I enjoyed it even more the second time. His cock tasted even better.. This is when I stopped sucking and decided I wanted Coop to fuck me. I got him up... Got on my hands and knees in front of him and coaxed him up my back.

    I reached back and started rubbing his dick against my wet pussy and then he took over. He shoved his cock in my hole and fucked my pussy good. It hurt but then felt so fucking fantastic. Mmm.. Getting pounded, losing my virginity to my dog. So fucking righteous. He filled me up with jizz and it felt amazing running out of me.

    After that... I would eat his balls, suck his dick and fuck him on the
    regular. I've been dying to start doing it again and I'm so fucking excited because my new Master has a big Mastiff and he's going to film me fucking it, sucking it and letting it eat my pussy!!!!

    I'm a submissive whore and I would SO love to sext with Dom Males!! 479 217 4760 text me!!!!! I'm so fucking hot that I'm going to start fucking a dog again!!!!! Xoxo

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