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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Right now I'm sat on my sofa contemplating over the events that happened last night. Upstairs on our bed lay fast asleep, is an eighteen year old boy who I fucked mercilessly over and over again, with my wife watching for, and sometimes joining in, over the first hour or so last night.
    Jay was a birthday present from my wife to me, as it was my 40th birthday yesterday. After a party with friends and family, we arrived home for me to find the young naked man with a pink ribbons in a bows around his neck and penis on the same sofa I'm now sat on.
    Before I could say anything my wife said "Happy birthday" then added "I've always known you enjoy fucking young guys". I was shocked, but not as shocked as when she stripped off, had me strip off, then asked her nephew Jay to give me my birthday surprise.
    I'd wondered why he wasn't at the party, and feeling his mouth wrap around my cock, I knew why.
    Licking, sucking, tonguing, and then fucking both my wife and Jay for some time, we eventually moved upstairs. My wife stayed with us for a while, then when Jay who's gay, had taken my first load up his cute tight ass, my wife went to sleep in our guest bedroom.
    It was like giving me the go ahead to really enjoy myself with Jay, and believe me over the next few hours, I certainly did.
    It had been a couple of years since I'd last enjoyed myself with a young buck. And having my wife's knowing permission, I really went for it.
    Jay was simply amazing in how much he knew, and what he wanted from our sex. Not shy in any way, my favourite member of my wife's family, I fucked him time and again until I literally had no cum left to give.
    My wife and everyone else I've fucked, now including Jay, knows that I can and do have the capacity to fuck for a long long time. Cumming again and again until eventually my balls dry up and I can't cum no more. Only then does my desire to have sex diminish.
    We showered together in the early hours of the morning with Jay's cock getting a blow job from me in the shower. Then after changing the bed sheet, we slept.
    Jay is still sleeping. My wife has just gone out on her morning run after kissing me good morning. And I'm writing this before I go up to wake my wife's nephew, so I can fuck him all over again.
    My takes about an hour on her run, so I'll have enough time to enjoy Jay's holes if his little ass can take it.
    We'll see. Bye for now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I've done it before, and sometimes I feel like crap about it. I fucked a homeless woman, probably in her 30's but looked 40's. I had a rubber and offered her a meal from McD's and $ 25. I got her the meal, we went behind some dumpsters in an alley and she bent over pulled her sweatpants down and her panties down to her knees and offered herself to me. I made her stand up and face me. I opened her blouse and pulled out her saggy tits. I sucked them, then bent her back over and played with her tits while I fucked her. I pulled off the rubber and came on her pussy and pushed a lot of my sperm into her just fucked hole. Then I left.

    I know people will say what an A-hole I am, and I guess I really am.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 20

    I met a girl who lives pretty close online. She was a bit chubby, but was working on it which was good. She also valued relationship and love a lot. After awhile of being with her and chatting about our kinks, I managed to make her into my sex toy pretty much. Kinda started when i began telling her when she can masturbate, then as time went on she asked to be more forceful, hitting, chocking, she is quite into masochist. She gets extremely wet from it.

    Well basically she no longer sees us dating but sees herself as my fuck toy. And when asked if she wants considers us dating she says all she wants to be is my personal fuck toy, for me to use as i like. I have her now in a collar and leashed. Im also dating someone else now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    When we were kids we used the ditty 'enie, menie, minie, moe', you know the rest. My mother called Hershey kisses '* tits'. No one ever put two and two together. There was us, and them.

    Go forward and we are all supposed to not notice. Doesn't really work but we pretend. I suppose we should pretend to not notice, but it doesn't work like that. Then I went to one of the countries we resent being taken from. All I can say, I do not want to go back there. I came home and I hugged one of them.

    I got my flag, I got my lawn chair, I got my shirt. I am going to the parade, I am going to the fireworks, I am going to sing the Star Spangled Banner, and I am going to the game.

    Ain't it great to be an American.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I have a fantasy where I come home from work and my wife is on the dining room table, naked legs in the air, getting the shit fucked outta her by some dude. When she sees me, she says to the dude, "Go slower, pound harder" and yells to me, "Come close! I know this is what you like, you nasty fuck! Put your face right here and look!"
    He pounds her some and before he's about to cum, she says, "Stop!" She turns to me and tells me, "Suck his dick" He pulls his dick outta my wife, dripping wet and just before he puts it in my mouth she tells him, "Slap him with it. Slap him with it hard! Now shove it down his throat!"
    I suck him off till he's just about to cum, then she yells, "Stop! Fuck me again" She turns over and gets off the table. She wants it from behind. He smashes the pussy and just when he's about to cum, she says, "Cum in his mouth" He cums in my mouth, hard. As he's cumming, she tells him, "Now, fuck me. I want some of that nut too." and he gives her the leftovers.
    Afterwards, she rides my face, so I can get all of what I missed. She then commands me to bend over as she pulls out a 10 inch strap on and commands the dude to fuck my face. And there I am, spitroasted and cucked getting jackhammered in the ass by my wife and my throat fucked out by her lover until he nuts in my mouth again. My wife tells me not to stop, to keep sucking. "Suck harder! Faster! Make his dick hurt from cumming! Then make him cum again!"

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 45

    I watch porn. I don't know if its normal but I find some porn things disgusting. I have seen some worse stuff with asian porn and they like to dress up in lolita dresses and look young and lollypop like and do scat and squid and fish sex that must smell disgusting and it just sickens me. I was completely shocked to see a woman fucking a toy boy doll and all these kid dolls. Both men and women was so completely shocking. fake dead body porn. has to be the limit. it is foul. who the fuck makes this shit? who the crap would enjoy watching this shit?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    Last week I received a dozen pictures of my wife sucking and fucking random cocks. The guy who sent them apparently has been fucking my wife for a while now. He calls her "his slutty toy."

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 21

    I convinced my 18 year old, cute but chubby girlfriend to let a couple of dogs fuck her. I guess it's been about 4 times with each of them by now. She screams and moans and really seems to like it. I thought it would be really hot for her to do it, and I talked her into doing it . . . for me. She doesn't scream like that when I fuck her, and honestly her pussy has really been showing it's use. She wouldn't let me fuck her butt however; the second time with one of the dogs he was inside her butt and that time she was screaming in pain but there was no stopping him. She's now had 3 times when the dogs have knotted in her ass instead of her pussy. Yet she still doesn't want me to fuck her in the butt. Both dogs have really, really big cocks. I know she did it for me, but she's just a slut whore, a dog fucked slut. I don't eat her pussy out anymore. She asked me why and I told her, that dog dick has been inside her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Close to eighteen months ago, I finally got my wish, my deepest sexual desire fulfilled and now wish it had never happened the way it did.
    That wish, desire, or fantasy was to be present when a well endowed man or men fucked my wife, who had for so long refused to entertain me.
    It all began well enough with an ex colleague of mine visiting our home. He and my wife made out for a while, then as I watched him fucking her asshole, tossing myself off, he suggested I lick his asshole at the same time. I told him where to go, but my wife said if I wanted to see her carry on, or have other guys in future, I was to do as he wished.
    So as he fucked her doggy style up her asshole, I got down and began to tongue his rear hole. I hated it and tried to use a wet finger to simulate I was doing it. But I got caught as they switched position. I was then challenged by my wife to suck his cock which had just slid out of her asshole.
    Again I did it with huge reservations and felt his cock pulsating in my mouth. Then throughout the whole evening I was made to pleasure them both orally as they continued to fuck.
    When he left nearing midnight, I'd watched him cum in or my wife three times and each time she'd had me clean her up with my mouth and tongue.
    It was weeks later when I came home to find her talking to two men in an open chat on her Ipad. They were using split screens, and both men along with my wife were naked and masturbating. She said hello, like it was perfectly normal for me to find her masturbating in front of strangers. When I appeared next to her, both men laughed and called me cuck.
    Angry and belittled, I was about to toss her Ipad into the wall, but she reminded me it was my fantasy, my wish and that she'd gone along to fulfill those desires. Both men made a comment about me helping them out in future, but I swore to myself that wouldn't happen.
    Two day later, it did.
    On our living room couch, I witnessed my wife being double fucked for the first time. It was the same men who had called me a Cuckold, and both men in the flesh so to speak, were much bigger than me in every way. Taller, more muscular and with cocks that made mine look positively minute.
    I didn't interact directly with them, but I was made to strip, then lick out my wife's pussy and ass when they'd both dumped their loads inside of her.
    And so it has gone on now for almost eighteen months. Its not like a carnal frenzy or anything, yet every month or so she has a man or men around to fuck her, and I'm made to watch, sometimes participate if the guy wants his cock sucked or ass licked. But each and every time I'm told to lick and tongue my wife's holes clean of her lovers juice.
    The real change though has come this past few months. A guy who she's previously had sex with I'd found out, outside of our little arrangement, wanted to fuck me. I said no instantly, still pissed off she'd been having him fuck her at work. But he'd been told of my lifestyle change in terms of sexual attention to men.
    On Tuesday of that week, he was at our home when I got in from drinking and playing cards with the guys. My wife and he were in a sixty nine when I walked in. As soon as I stepped through the door, he told my wife, then me, my asshole was his.
    My memory of it was and is a little vague as I'd drunk a lot of beer at the card game. What I do know is his cock tasted of my wife's pussy, and it's huge. It also hurt like crazy at first as he slid it up my asshole in our shower. They'd continued to lick and tongue one another until my wife had orgasmed, then with him insisting I try anal, we moved upstairs.
    My wife was stood there naked, playing with herself and holding my hand encouraging him to fuck me as the water sprayed over us both .
    It's not what you might think it's like at the beginning. Not for me anyway. It hurt and it continued to hurt for some time as he hammered into my asshole. All my wife said was "You take it you bastard. All those years you fucked my ass, now it's my turn to see you take it". Only I didn't enjoy it mmmm. Or that's what I told my wife.
    I was too ashamed to say how much I'd loved the feeling of his cock up my asshole in the end. Even when I came, I put my cock into the water spray to hide that I'd cum. Yet he didn't hide the fact he'd cum, as his cock spurted his seed deep up my asshole.
    They fucked again and again for the next hour or so as she took him to our bedroom. I collapsed on our guest bed and was awoken by my wife who said I was becoming a true Cuck. I was also told he was going to call again the following
    night. He did and this time I wasn't drunk as he and I had oral sex in our guest room, with my wife licking my
    asshole to get me ready for his cock.
    The reason I stated at the start I wish it had never happened the way it did, is because over the past couple of months I've become more and more needy of his cock up my ass. It's no longer my wife he see's on the side. And it's no longer my wife who enjoys the vast majority of sex in our household.
    I might not be the person who controlled the situation for a while, but I am the one who is meeting with my wife's ex lover regularly. And also the man at this very moment who is receiving a slow anal tonguing by a sixty two year old, getting me ready for his very thick cock.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I cleaned out my family's attic last year and found my great-grandmother's journals. What I discovered could horrify my family, so I've kept it secret.

    My g'grandmother was named Rebecca and was born in 1905. She became a 5th grade teacher, starting in 1926 and worked until 1967, and she died in 1980. She had four kids and was married to the same man from 1924 until his death in 1955. She won citizenship awards and was voted Favorite Teacher five times.

    All of the above is a bluff. Rebecca became a teacher because she liked young boys. I mean she was a boy-humper.

    Accordin g to her journals she had affairs of one to two years with 41 boys, short relationships of two to four weeks with 62 more, and over 200 one-night stands with boys, and even had relations with 20 girls, none over the age of 13. She married a homosexual and was a "beard" for him; three of her children were fathered by students of hers and the fourth was fathered by her oldest son. She managed to have orgies at least once a year, several times a year during WWII. She even had three second-generation lovers and one third generation.

    I might have brushed this off as a colossal fantasy but journals from 1923 to 1975 is a lot to brush off. And she kept love letters from her lovers and sexy photos showing her with the boys, which is impossible to ignore. It's weird knowing that sweet smiling old lady in the photos was a colossal pervert. And that the grandfather I admired was a literal mother-fucker - and father-fucker, too, I saw the pictures and read the journal entries.

    There is no way I can tell my family about this. And there's no way I can get rid of the evidence. I've scanned it all and it's my favorite stroke material. And it's made me look longingly at the ass of my favorite cousin, who is the grandchild from that inbreeding-conceived youngest child (she and I are technically third cousins, but what I know makes her look lewd to me.)

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