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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 30

    I am 30 years old, and have worked with my boss for four years. With all the shit going on now about sexual harassment, I went to him and to make sure this never happens to him. I wrote him a letter to let him know that I have consensually had sex with him, he has my permission to touch me, and if it happens to be that he touches any of my intimate parts, I am there to be touched. He has pictures of me that we took playing around, some of naked me, and some of me with his penis in my mouth, my vagina and my anus. Those pictures are for our enjoyment, for our pleasure, for his pleasure, if he wishes to share them, to be careful but he has my permission.

    I call bull shit on most of the women who are claiming sexual harassment. In my office, in my life, most of the women are far more aggressive than the men. I am in a relationship with my boss because I gave myself to him, I offered to give him oral sex at a party. I give him vaginal or anal sex, which ever he wants. I have gone to his house many times, I have helped entertain guests and I tell guests that I am his pet and office wife. I cook for him, and I have done housework for him many times. He takes care of my car, he has taken care of many activities that I don't want to do.

    We are not married. He is currently separated from his wife. If he divorces her, and he wishes to marry me I will sign up. However, as is the case now, he doesn't want the divorce which makes me his girlfriend and lover.

    I don't need any hashtag group defending me, I can defend myself.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I love to lick, suck, and tongue fuck a beautiful female ass. I'm addicted to the scent, and taste. And women love the attention I give to their luscious little ass. Every woman I've ever done this to always wants it again, every time we have sex.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    when you are down people know how to rub it in. most times when I have been financially or emotionally or spiritually, sexually or academically down people seem to enjoy it then they wonder why as you age you begin to enjoy hearing about others downfalls and failings and defects and faults and mistakes and joy in knowing they are hated and criticised and its not just you who cops it.

    right now I am sad about my life in every area and all I ever see is happy fuckers fucking and people who get riches and jobs and rewards for rudeness and women who are evil get sex and love when they are the most disgusting person you could wish to meet.

    I keep to myself and most of my problems no one ever asks me "how do you really feel inside about the way you have been let down by others when its always you holding everyone up on high to see the stars and fireworks and get their glories off like getting their jollies and rocks down in their pants off", does she ever discus my hurt and anger and write it down and find a way to make change? no. she is a useless person in a glamour job who gives me the creeps now.

    I gave her what she wanted but I won't be going back I think and I need to find a new person to confide in and someone who is not involved with people I no longer want to associate with. the nigs and roasters and the monarchists and richy users.

    poverty does bring purity in all ways, if we only knew half of what the rich do we would be shocked.

    for me I am struggling for the last 30 years to see myself as a human and as a person worth love or income and to be honest it insults me that some one like mehgan merkle can marry up as she does and the onslaught of media coverage about their shitty romance and dirty smut. and baby 5 and 18 kate and will when I am older then them and deserve more then them by age and maturity alone. They have no right being better off then me when I studied and worked so hard to be someone better then the shit they do and have gone on with for decades.

    and your the worst in the world when you can't be happy for them or like them. every time I see them on tv or on mags I cringe in creepy uncomfortableness at their successes and undeserved rewards and look the other way.

    I do this also with other people I used to have as friends who abused me and had kids and several husbands. they sicken me. they disgust me those baby making childish goey scum scuz love making creepy couples who honestly think people care about them is the biggest joke out.

    sorry but I am not sorry to say I think mehgan and harry both are so ugly they deserve each other sort of like rick and katey. and wills and katey a very uncharismatic group indeed.

    I love to hear about their problems and what awful people they are and I feel that way about most famous people and rich people and everyone actually, and I know I am not alone in this feeling so many people have come out in the last 24 hours and the last 7 years expressing a similar feeling about how people who get to the top that don't deserve to be there.

    and she has no shame either that she has already been married as if one husband was not enough so I guess 2 won't be when the next hot guy comes along? its just all the media bullshit of their wedding and babies I am sick of, so many people are sick of this hole FACE ACT they put up and diana was not a quality to the royals but the begining of their downfall so was the queen allowing tv into their worlds, we just don't want to know about them.

    I find it insulting that these rich twats can go to their palaces and riches and parties and wank off on tv about how they know about mental illness and they have no idea, its an insult not a compliment and fewer and fewer people are impressed with a HRH supporter in a charity now days when almost anyone is a celebrity on youtube chanels and tin poke town divas who are trash.

    I seen this guy clarry at kmart and he would suit felicity right, the new odd couple thing is so in. its like putting
    Charlie Sheen in at working at Channel shops and chanel in at walmart or elllen to call at the local bingo club behind the counter and does that guy practice dumb looks or is it just natural like harry and kate and wills and merkles silly hip swing pose that looks deformed. it really is a smelly anyting-aling goes now world crapaprrta.

    its not that I want to be these people or have what they have, I just think if the little mongrels are allowed to get ahead I should have by now and long before them seeing that I am older and better then them and I know a lot of people who feel this way and don't want to like the queen and royals anymore. I don't watch music clips or go to the movies anymore to avoid seeing a face I don't like to see on the big screen everytime he is faceoffing and reminds me of when he pv'd me. and it wonders why I don't like it everytime I see its face.

    that is all i have to say.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    I've been married for 6 years and I've still never had vaginal sex. My husband made it clear when we first started dating that he wanted anal and didn't care about fucking my pussy, so we've just never done it. We do anal and oral and that's about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    Does anyone else insist your wife or GF remain naked when at home? My wife is so hot looking I want and need to see her naked a s s at all times. Watching her firm boobs jiggle when she walks. We have close friends and some of those people can see her naked as well. Sometimes I will just jack off anywhere she is in the house and have her watch the cum shoot out of my dick. I just had her stay naked for the past 4 days we got to stay home.

    Women should stay nude so that us guys can view them in my opinion. I did a favor for a friend of mine and he asked me what he could do to pay me back. I told him to bring his wife over so I can see her naked and he did!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    After a long and fairly explicit conversation with my husband, I finally relented when he suggested I allow two plumbers to fuck me to reduce our boiler installation bill.
    It was going to cost nearly two and a half thousand pounds, so my husband had apparently asked them if they fancied fucking me to cut the cost, all this without even asking me first.

    A two hour sex session in which just about everything was on the sexual cards took place. I was exhausted, yet completely thrilled with just how many amazing orgasms I'd had by the time I took a shower.

    My husband watched for a while, and tossed himself off as both men used and abused all my holes. He even encouraged me to allow the men to double fuck me.

    The job took nearly two days and on the second day my husband had to go into work. Knowing just how good the two plumbers were at fucking me from the day before, I made damn sure their lunch break was taken by eating out my pussy and arse. I was still fizzing with the incredible orgasms they gave me yet again when my husband got home, I had him tongue me knowing I probably still had their cum all over my love holes.

    He didn't say anything, so I didn't mention he was tasting two men's cum on my pussy and arse. When he paid them the bill earlier on, we got a five hundred pound reduction, which had my husband suggesting we should do it more often.

    Early next month we're having some plastering done in the kitchen. I know the young man who'll be doing it, and already I can't wait to see if I can work out another reduction.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    You may have come across my first meeting with Karen. A woman as sexually filthy as myself.
    Not much was off limuts.

    From simple fucking to fisting was amazing.

    Over the coming months we explored our mutual desirez.
    From Karen simply enjoying giving oral and cummming hard with squirt by havin my cock inside her hairless c**t. To fucking her shit filled arse.

    She mentioned early on that she still lactated a little. 11 years on from the birth of her son.
    It was one of the few kinks i wanted to try. And our first meeting gave me a taste of her small round tits with pinky and pointy nipples. Thst when manipulated in a certain way would produce her sweet white milk.
    She love her tits sucked and played with but yearned for a man to suckle in a way so her milk filled their mouth as she enjoyed her c**t being fingsred hard and fast. Making her squirt.

    Well fast forward a few months.
    We had tried so much together. Even getting her tits flowing to the point of squirting milk out had we not met up in over a week.

    We were exchanging dirty text and videos. So of us some from sites.
    Karen said thst she discovered something that might be a bit taboo and weider than even our scat fun.

    After coaxing her for details she said that it was now in her list but maybe in time and even more trustt she would maybe suggest it.
    However this tured me on more. Knowing thst it must be filthy.
    Of the filth we had tried and what became part of our fun together. I tried to figure it out.
    The one real no no we had was obviouz. Kids.

    We had a brief conversation about dogs abd how i reckoned her stretchy twat could take a horse cock. But it was in jest. But i had admitted in my cocaine years i had watched and cum over it.
    Surely it wasnt thay i thought to myself. But i was seeing her the next day at her new house.
    She had the keyz and was itching to christen every room in our unique way. Before her family moved in.

    We met at 10am. We got through the door and it hadnt even shut and we were at each other.
    My 5ft2, curly haired brunette with slim figure and a perfect round arse, was itching to suck me. We 69d as i loved her squkrt in my moouth along with her piss.
    Wasnt long before i gave her a strong violent orgasm.
    Body shaking she needed to calm for a few moments.
    There was a three peice sofa set still in the house fýom the previous owners.
    We sat and caressed each other. But mentioned i was so horny having not wanked in 3 days running up to this.

    She smiled and said that she was looking forward to heavy large load of cum being shot over her face.
    I began to stroke it. Knowing that she loved watching.
    Sure enough it got her attention.
    As hee eyes gazed lustily at my handing rubbing my hard dick i thought id see if she confess her latest sex thought.
    I asked her what it was as it had driven me crazy in wonder.
    She instantly snapped out of her trance and looked at me with a look of shyness.
    She said that its not messy but taboo.
    I assured her that i would do anything she wanted and that i never judge. And thst she should knlw this by now.
    She sat back in thought and asked me to promise not to judge her. Again i made told her thst i was as open as her then promised.
    Deep breath in she told me to lay over her lap facing her with my mouth at tit level.i did.
    She asked how much i loved her milk. To which i told her how fucking hot it was.
    She then had said whilst i had been at a famoly party she had got bored and horny. Watching our vids and scrouring the net for porn. Lactating porn specifically. Saying that although i loved suckling on her teats in foreplay and squeezing them whilst fucking and even pissing. She wondered was there other ways to enjoy it?
    She went on to explain she stumbled across a video that instantly got her wet and cumming in no time.
    I was laying there looking up at my filthy fuck slut. In anticipation. Wanking myself. I leaned in to suck her milk laden tits. But she said not yet.
    She paused briefly in thought ofhow to explain the video.
    Karen then said "fuck it. If i know you youll love it".
    She drived right in.
    She said it was a roleplay vid. But it was not the usual.
    I was now ready to burst. But karen told me to slow up.
    She then just came out with it.
    "Its nd i****t mum son vid".

    Holy shit! Now i had watch a few as they were hot. Especially mother daughter. But i never figured how youd access or approach it.
    Karen comtinued with her description. But then stopped. Ask me to move so she could grab her phone. Eeconds later she was back. With the vid saved in bookmarks.
    We watched as the 2 pornstars acted out a mother moaning her boobs were sore as her youngest child had been weaned off them.
    After much suggesting by the mum that it seemed a waste. Her "son" a young looking skinny actor said maybe he could help and it would be like old times. At first the mum said she couldnt ask that of her son. But after reassuring her the son said they would keep it secret.
    In a slightley reluctant manor the mum undid her shirt and unfasioned her nursing bra to reveal 2 clearly engorged tits.
    Awkwardley they positioned and the son cupped his mouth round one nipple. No sooner had he started suckling and to show it was genuine milk flowing he dribble slightly.
    The mother relaxed and held his head near. Thanking her son for helping.
    As she directed him to switch tits she noticed a bulge in his shorts.
    As he positioned to the opposite tit. The mother kept looking at her own sons swollen pornstar rod making a tent.
    She then had a look of arousel. Looking down at her son, sucking her milk. She smiled down at him as he looked up. Let out a sexual moan.
    "You suck mommys boob milk so good honey. And as youre helping me i will help you. But its our secret" she said in a seductive manor. The son nodded. "I can see your cock has grown baby" she playfully notes then continues to ask if hes secretly wanted this and that it he wanks about it. He sheepishly nods.
    The mum then tells him mommy will help her son with his milk as he helps her.
    She then instucts him to pull his shorts down. Revealing the usual 10 inch plus cock. She gaspsand says its bigger thsn his dads before grasping it and wanking it. All the time saying how shes now turned on that her son is sucking her milk as she jerks his virgin cock. Telling him that she will help him if he helps her.
    As she talks dirty to her son. He begins to jolt and she tells him
    "Squirt that cum for mommy. Next time it could be in the c**t you came out of". Seconds later a load, much like my own, come firing out landing in is stomach.
    The video ends with the mom kissinv her son fully on his milk covered mouth and says next time she will show him more.

    I tured to karen. Who was clearly turned on to the max and said could mummy play with my achy willy as i suck on her tits. She guided my head to her milk spotting tit and i latched on. Feeling hand grasp my cock. It played out like the porno. Me shooting my load but karen had slipped her free hand between her legs.
    We came hard and both agreed thst our i****t rolwplay will only add to our fun.
    We even do dad saughter and brother sister. Incorporating our other messy kink in with it xx

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 24

    Last weekend I spent the whole weekend as a sex toy. For a full 48 hours I was blindfolded, earplugged, and locked in a latex suit with fleshlight stuffed in each hole. I was locked in a box and only brought out to be used. I didn't eat, and I was only allowed to go to the bathroom for half an hour on midnight halfway through, then back into the box until morning.

    I couldn't feel myself being used, only the fleshlights stretching inside of me. I am told that while I was a sex toy, on the second day my "owner" let two of his friends use me as well, which he hadn't told me he was going to do. In hindsight I remember being used pretty frequently that day, more often than the first day by far, but at the time I was completely mentally checked out, I was invested in being a sex toy, the only thing I cared about was that I was being used and it made me happy.

    After I got out of the suit I was starving and needed to use the restroom badly, but once I had taken care of both of those needs I immediately had sex with my "owner" this time without the rubber and had an orgasm almost immediately.

    Being hungry and having to go to the bathroom the whole weekend wasn't fun but I would do that again any time. I might suggest doing it more often but only for 24 hours at a time. Maybe every Saturday? I don't even care if he brings over other people to use me, though being locked in my box between uses is as big a part of why I liked it as being used was.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    Panty pooping girl

    Its Emma again. I haven't posted on here for a while but I'm back now.

    I was walking home from school on Friday and I'd been holding it all day even though I was busting to go. By the middle of the afternoon I was getting desperate but I wanted to wait until I got home from rather than go at school. I kept fidgeting around in my seat during history and the teacher asked me if I needed to go to the toilet which was embarrassing. I said I was fine but the truth was that I was desperate for a poo. I tried to keep still so as not draw any more attention to myself but it wasn't easy seeing as I was about to poo myself. By the end of the day I could hardly move in case I had an accident in my knickers so I waited until everyone else had left the classroom before I got up from my seat. I clenched hard and just about managed to get up without losing control and walked slowly and carefully out of the room. I thought about going to the toilet before I left school but being a stubborn I decided to wait until I got home. The walk home from school was a challenge and the thought of doing it in my knickers scared and excited me and I secretly wanted to have an accident but I couldn't let that happen in public. I got about half way home when I felt a cramp in my stomach and I felt my bowels trying to push against my will. I clenched hard and just about managed to keep control but it wasn't easy. My heart raced in excitement at the thought of using my underwear as a toilet and I couldn't resist the temptation to relax. As soon as I did I felt my poo coming out into my knickers and it felt so good I didn't try to stop it. I peed myself as well and when my pee stopped I was still pooping. I totally filled my knickers and bits of it were falling onto the pathway. It was a big relief and I was horny as hell so when I got home I masturbated before I cleaned up and I had a fantastic orgasm and I got my fingers covered in poo.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    My step sister is 15years younger than me. we were not raised together. I was out on my own by the time she became my step sister. We messed around from time to time. She had a very hungry pussy. In other words she love to have it played with.
    Later our playing around turned to sex. She is a natural squirter. Loads of it too. While licking pussy she would cum in my mouth so much that I couldn't swallow all of it at once and wold loose some. Sometimes I would not swollow right away and I would keep a mouth full to put on her breasts. Wow. such a turn on for me. she would cum again some time 3-4 times. I loved giving her oral sex as much as screwing her.
    Some times her squirting would be partly pee. I found that I loved it when her pee was mixed with her cum. Once in awhile she would be so hot that she would pee in my mouth while I was licking her. I would swollow and loved every drop. It was when her pee was mixed with her cumming that realy got me where I would almost cum just from that. She never would let me pee on her though,
    Thats ok, I enjoyed her pee and cum so much she didnt have to let me pee on her. She would give me extremely good head and swallow. She was not keen on that but when she did she always wanted to share my cum with me. It was kind of like if I wanted her to eat my cum then I must eat it too. Thats ok, I loved it. Many times she would ask me to clean the cum from her pussy after I finished, she found that I loved the taste and texture of my cum from her pussy mixed with her cum. Wow, I want to cum just thinking about it. Yummy

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