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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My girl friends and I returned back from a short Spanish holiday, this time last year. It's in a place where hedonism is kind of expected and sort after. And before we went, we nearly all agreed we'd have sex with as many guys as possible, keeping score. All except my older sister Amy, who was with her boyfriend of two years.

    Within the first few hours I had a Spanish guy checking me out near the pool. We'd not long unpacked and my room mate Lucy was telling me he couldn't stop looking at me as I lay next to my sister. Thinking of our challenge, I walked over to him and told him to meet me in our room in ten minutes. After sucking on his above average sized cock for less than five minutes, he came all over my face and that was it.

    Over the next couple of days, each of the girls, except Amy, went with lads around our age or a little older and had casual sex. My angle was to pick out older men after the debacle of the lad at our hotel pool. And I must say I had some really hard sex one night with an older Brazilian man in his forties.

    The last night there, Amy was ill and stayed in. We all persuaded Ryan her boyfriend to come out with us and he said he would, but only for an hour or so. My friends began their man hunt, drinking in bar after bar, but I really felt bad on Ryan, so I asked him if he'd like to remain in the first bar with me. We chatted as we drank and out of nowhere he asked me if I'd enjoyed having sex with any of the men I'd been with. I told him I'd bragged a lot, but I'd actually only had full sex with one person, explaining the failure to have intercourse with the Spanish guy. Ryan put his hand to my face stroked along my neck line and told me he'd never allow himself to be so selfish with a beautiful girl like me, and if he took me to bed, he'd have me orgasming all night.

    Telling him it was the drink speaking, my sisters boyfriend then told me he'd fancied me for a long time, but never had the chance at home to say anything. Moving closer whlst still holding my face, we kissed.

    We saw the girls in a bar close to the beach as the clubs began to open. Ryan and I were headed to the beach and for only one reason. Outside of the bar we'd been in, we moved around the side of it, kissed some more and then I dropped down to meet the biggest cock I'd ever seen poking out of his shorts. Amy had made mention of Ryan's attribute in the past, but I just put it down to her trying to make me feel jealous. She hadn't been exaggerating. Unlike the Spanish lad, Ryan fed me his cock with confidence and I'd licked, sucked and even bit slightly along it. Sucking in his huge mushroom shaped cock head, I heard him telling me I was much better than Amy.

    Having reached the beach and moved on up past the breakers into the dunes, I was so full of sexual need and feeling so horny for his cock. Sucking it back into my mouth as he'd taken off everything except his flip flops, I greedily sucked on his fully erect cock. His breathing changed and I knew like many before him, he about to cum. So I stopped held his balls and rose up. lifting my short flowing dress up and over my body, leaving it next to us on the sand, I offered up what I knew to be my bare sex.

    The Brazilian guy had been good, really good. Yet my sisters boyfriend when he slid his bare cock into me from behind, was simply on a different sexual level. Right from the first thrust up my dripping pussy, Ryan sank it so deep inside of me, making me gasp with desire and sexual feeling. Everything became focussed on what we were doing and I orgasmed within a couple of minutes. After shuddering through my first, we moved onto the sand itself and over the next hour, we fucked in all kinds of amazing positions. The crunch for me, the absolute sexual mind blower was going to impale myself on his cock and feeling it slide past my pussy into my arsehole. It was a mistake, but one I was never going to let him know. Gritting my teeth, I felt Ryan arch upwards forcing his cock deep inside my bowels. His face changed to, to one of sheer wonder and delight. He knew he was in my arsehole and to him, and me I guess, it was a first.

    Close to three in the morning I kissed him goodnight at his and my sisters room door. I'd orgasmed so many times with him fucking my arsehole, I was literally drained. He'd cum twice and the second time I'd let him toss his cock over my face. Opening my mouth I'd watched as it flew over my tongue and I gratefully swallowed every drop.
    Sat on the transfer coach waiting for Amy and Ryan, being the last of our group, I thought they might have argued. I
    was wrong, as they appeared together holding hands. It made me feel relieved and wanting them to be ok with each other. With Ryan sitting directly in front of me, Amy sat next to me. My sister smiled at me, held my hand and said "Ryan said you loved it up your bum, that's not for me. Maybe you two should be an item".

    I sat in total shock all the way to the airport and on the entire journey home.

    Back at home, my sister explained they'd decided before we went, if Ryan and I had gotten close, she wasn't going to stand in our way. What I didn't know, is they'd been sort of split for a while, using the short break to see if they might want to carry on. Only he'd expressed to her how he felt about me. I also didn't know, the Spanish lad who I'd sucked off in my hotel room, was from the very start actually interested in my sister. I'd jumped the gun thinking it was me who he was interested in. Lucy had gotten it wrong and helped that I suppose.

    The real reason she'd not joined us that night, was she was having sex with the Spanish guy in his home. Something Ryan already knew about. As Ryan and I had been kissing outside their room, she was till bouncing up and down on the Spanish guys cock.

    Myself and Ryan are still together and loving our very sexual relationship. My sister is now living in part, half of her year here in the UK, and part of her year in Spain. It was a funny way for us to find out what we all wanted, but I now wouldn't change how everything worked out.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Iâd like to share an experience thatâs recently happened. After a conversation with my wife, I decided to get a vasectomy. We have three kids and couldnât afford another, and a vasectomy is much less hassle that her being sterilised.

    Anyhow, I spoke to my doctor who walked me through the procedure. She then made me an appointment for pre-op âcounsellingâ. She told me that, because of my age (apparently Iâm young for a vasectomy) they usually like to play devilâs advocate to make sure I understand the permanence of the procedure.

    Fast forward to yesterday, which is when I had my counselling session. I was called through from the waiting room and shown into a consultation room by a nurse. Iâd say she was in her late forties, blonde, with a good figure, though I wouldnât say she had a stunning face. She was wearing blue scrubs and bright pink clogs.

    She sat my down and introduced herself as Michelle. She was going to be the theatre nurse during my operation. She was there to discuss the procedure and all it entailed.

    She picked up her glasses and placed them on...this was the first time I actually thought âyes, youâre sexyâ in an older woman/sexy secretary kind of way...asked me some basic health and lifestyle questions: are you married? Do you smoke? etc. When she leaned forward to write the front of her top sagged open and I could see her cleavage as well as a section of her bra - it was pink and smooth.

    She then pushed a leaflet and a diagram of the male genital region across the desk at me and ask me to pay attention. She described the process of ejaculation. Sat there listening to this attractive woman using words like âorgasmâ, âsemenâ and âerectionâ was quite a turn on. Then she said â...and finally the semen travels down the shaft until it is ehaculated from the tip of your cockâ.

    I raised my eyebrows and stared at her. âIâm sorry to sound coarseâ she giggled, briefly placing her hand over mine on the desk. âI sometimes prefer to use language that patients are familiar with, just so we fully understand each otherâ. I mumbled something along the lines of âthatâs fineâ and she continued.

    The conversation went on for a good five or six minutes, during which she informed me that immediately post-op it would be completely safe to âhave intercourse, both vaginal, oral and analâ and âwanking is also fine, though there probably will be some bruising as the tissue in the genital region is very sensitiveâ.

    I wasnât sporting a raging hard-on at this point, but the language she was using was certainly having an effect.

    She then asked me âdo you wank often?â. I didnât know how to answer that question.

    âHow often is often?â I responded.

    âW ell,â she said, âyou need to come back for a check up 16 weeks after your op to check itâs been a success. Now the problem is, your tubes are pretty much full of come, so you need to make sure that you expel any remaining seamen before you return.â

    &a circ;Ok,â I muttered. âSo...â

    âSo you need to ejaculate at least three times a week for sixteen weeksâ. She motioned masturbation. âObviously your wife can help...Iâm sure that wonât be a problem.â She giggled and jotted something down on the paper in front of her, giving me another brief flash of her chest flesh.

    âRight.â She started. âTime got your examination. Take your jeans and underwear down to below your knees and pop yourself up onto the bed.â

    I felt my face flush. âExamination?â I stammered. âI thought this was just counselling?â

    âYes, silly. But as I explained, the procedure does carry risks and you need to be certain of what to look out for which is why we examine you and talk you through some of the signsâ.

    I gulped. âOk,â I managed.

    I stood and she drew the curtain in case anybody walked in on us. I dropped my jeans and boxers and out flopped my semi-erect equipment. I swung myself onto the bed and lay back, trying my hardest not to become aroused, which was proving very difficult as I knew soon enough this attractive nurse would be cradling my balls in both hands.

    âRight, letâs see what weâve got,â she breathed. She pushed past the curtain and stared down at my naked lower half. âIâm sorry if my hands are cold,â she said and giggled again. âMight be a nice sensation for you anyway,â she laughed again.

    She cupped my balls and her hands were indeed cool. She massages them slightly, tockiling her fingertips around my sac not obviously searching for anything in particular.

    âIâ ;m just apologising in advance,â I said, âyou know, in case I get an erection!â

    âOh donât be silly!â She scoffed. âIt happens all the time! A young impressionable man being fondled by an older woman in a nurses uniform!â

    I could feel myself becoming thicker, more prominent.

    âThat makes me feel betterâ I said, relaxing somewhat.

    âWhat does? Knowing that people often get aroused or the fact an older woman is fondling your balls?â She laughed again, a breathy laugh, almost hoarse. My cock began to swell.

    She eventually found one of the tubes leading from my testicles and pinched it. It was quite uncomfortable. âThese spaghetti-like tubes will need to be checked after your op,â she said âfor little lumps. We call them âgranulomasâ and theyâre usually harmless, but they need to be checked anywayâ.

    Sheâs stopped pinching now and had rested her hand on my sac, cupping my balls. âIs there anything you want to ask or need to know?â She asked, hand still in place.

    âYou mentioned shaving before the op?â I offered.

    âAh yes!â She said. âHere,â she brushed her free hand, palm-down slowly across the pubic hair above my stiffening penis âall of this hair can stay - though I must say, youâre very well groomed.â She looked at me and smiled. Her lips looked delicious.

    â Here, underneath,â she picked up my penis from above in her fingertips, placed all five on the shaft, just like those claw-machines in the arcades, and held my cock straight up to attention. She then drew an line with her free hand directly below my stiff cock, âeverything needs to go. All off.â

    My dick was screaming. Fully erect now, begging to be tugged and played with.

    She then gripped my cock in the palm of her hand and stooped in close to my sac. She brushed her free hand back and forth over my balls, still gently holding my shaft. âLooks like youâre ok I said: well groomed. Do you shave or wax?â She said conversationally.

    & acirc;I...erm...I shave.â I managed. Trying my hardest to concentrate on the question and not the fact she was holding my rock hard cock.

    âI always wax. It is painful, but it leaves a much better feel than shaving. I get it all taken off once a month. You should try itâ.

    I was desperate for her to touch the tip of my penis...a quick stroke, to glide her fingertips over the bulbous head, and she knew it. My torture was pleasing her greatly though. She was smiling away, her gaze flicking between my face and my crotch.

    âAnything you need to know?â She asked, an amused look passing over her face, my cock still firmly rooted in her left hand.

    I thought a long moment, but couldnât think clearly enough to say anything of value. Thinking back now I should have asked her to demonstrate some techniques for alleviating my tubes of excess semen, though Iâd have probably lasted less than a few strokes.

    &aci rc;I donât think so.â I murmured.

    âOkâ she said chirpily. Pull up your clothes and weâll set a date for your op. She turned away from the treatment table slowly, casually stroking her fingertips up the shaft of my cock, up and over the fat head of my penis. It felt electricity firing through my cock.

    I lay still for a few moments. Composing myself. Dick still harder than a piece of iron. Then I pulled up my trousers and met her at the desk.

    She booked my appointment and said she was really looking forward to seeing me again. I reciprocated and said âthank youâ.

    â The pleasure was mineâ she replied with a grin.

    I left and made it to where Iâd parked. I immediately whipped my cock out and wanked furiously to an almost instantaneous orgasm. I cleaned up with some tissues I had in the car.

    When I got home, my wife asked how the appointment went. I told her âit was fine. Iâm booked in for my op in April.â

    Canât wait to see that nurse again!

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    Lesbian Female / 36

    I went looking for an easy job while I was sorting out my life and found this job working as the Personal Assistance to this wealthy widow. The lady was in her 80s and she had a large estate but she didn't have the energy to look after all her paperwork. For background I have a degree in Communications but I am lazy and don't want a full time job working for some corporation, been there and done that and I got turned off. So this job was 10 to 4 and was at her house where she had an office, there was also a full time housekeeper and a man who drove her and fixed things.

    After getting an orientation from her lawyer, also a woman, and meeting her tax accountant, also a woman the job felt comfortable to me. Things got a little dicey when going through her mail I found this bill for a club that specialized in providing assistance during travel. Yes she traveled a lot but I had never heard of this and the bill was for 15 thousand dollars. I started to investigate and I didn't get very far, the name and address matched up and the bill was from a corporation, but I was curious. So I found the moment when I was able to ask her what this was for so that I could record it properly.

    Well that is when it got interesting, she laughed when she told me. This was for an escort service when she felt like going out. This 80 year old widow was paying some 50 year old man to take her out and give her a good time, to use her words, she was old but not worn out and she needed company now and then. I sat in silence and she asked me if I had a problem with that, she needed to have a man fuck her and did that bother me?

    Well, it didn't bother me as much as it scared me, this old woman in the hands of some man who could rip her off, 15 thousand dollars and after researching she had paid him over 100 thousand in the last year. I was looking at it from the point of view of fraud, but she looked at it as cheap entertainment. He took her out, they went to dinner, or the theater, or on a weekend in the country, he had sex with her and returned her home. Money well spent.

    I decided to confront her and just put it all out there and told her that I was gay and I preferred the company of other women and frankly I could not see how she could let some man fuck her. Any man, any time, any circumstance, letting a man fuck you is unacceptable. Personal opinion. I was being over dramatic and she came back with the old tried and true, don't knock till you tried it. I assured her that I had never tried it (not true but that is what I told her).

    In spite of our spat we got along well and she told me many times that I was wasting away and that one day I was going to realize that women were fine but men were better and that I needed to get over my hang up and give myself up and find out what I was missing. When things got heavy or things got on my nerves she would tell me that what I needed was a good fuck. If I argued or went back to her with the fact that I had a satisfying sex life with my girlfriend, she would answer that no dick meant no sex, pussy maybe fine but dick was better so 'get on the stick'. Like I said, we got along fine.

    She came to me and told me that she was planning a weekend at this resort in Canada and she wanted me to come with her, to be aware that most of the guests were ladies with their lap dogs to keep them company and she would get me a lap dog too, she wanted me to try, to find out what I was missing. What did I like? Anything special, young like a boy, or veteran like her escort a man of the world. She didn't like the idea of young women getting with men of the lower classes, she wanted a well educated man to teach me, a man of the world. In spite of my refusal she booked a weekend for the two of us and our lap dogs, both men coming from this escort service. For her, her faithful lap dog and for me a man of foreign birth but a spec****st for ladies on their first adventure. An Austrian man, an Architect by profession.

    My lap dog was kind and generous with his time, he was attentive to a fault and he spoke English like a native with only a slight accent, very handsome and well dressed, after all these men got paid 15 thousand a pop, excuse the expression. We had dinner, we had conversation, both men had been around the world, very well educated and very attentive. But I told my lap dog that there would be no lap, I had a preference for something less intrusive if he could understand me. But he had been paid to push and to accomplish his mandate and in spite of my stated preferences he was going to accomplish his mandate and if that meant tying me down he would tie me down, if meant outright domination then that is what it would be. How did I want it? I didn't want it, but I had no choice and I decided to just surrender to him. Maybe a totally limp uninterested woman would turn him off. It didn't, he didn't care, he had been told to complete his task in me and he meant to do just that. As I lay there totally passive without any resistance to his efforts it dawned on me that I was totally unprotected and in the middle of the act I asked him if he had a vasectomy.

    He withdrew and stared at me and asked why I would think that he had a vasectomy? The answer was no, and I had to tell him that I was vulnerable right then as I had no protection of my own, never having been on the pill or using any other form of birth control. Well then, lay back and let him decided, he was back at it in a flash, this time I was wide awake and hyperaware of what he was doing, he had practice and in spite of my feelings he was getting the better of me and I was going down the route of an uncontrolled orgasm which caught me off guard and sent him into his moment of climax and his complete domination of the moment releasing all his sperm into me.

    I spent a troubled night and the next morning looking for a pharmacy to buy the morning after pill, which fortunately in Canada is widely available. It worked, but I have never been the same since. My employer insists on company, the cost of the lap dogs is indifferent to her, whether it is for an evening at the Opera or a week in the South of France. She absolutely refuses that I bring my girlfriend along, she thinks it is much ado about nothing. She does ensure that I have one and only one lap dog, my Austrian Architect friend who now presumes I am protected because is his world that is not his concern. I remind him that I am not my mistress, I am not 80, I am healthy and I am 36 years old and every time he insists of carrying out his mandate he is playing with fire, even if I have come to accept him and his advances and be his toy for the evening he has no way of knowing whether or not I am a soft target.

    As to my mistress, I don't disappoint her, she is totally of the belief that she has shown me the light, maybe it is only a night light but a light never the less.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    18 year old male from london, looking for a fuck.
    [email protected]@@@g***l.**m

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    Straight Female / 29

    Around a month ago, my husband Tony confided in me that a month before we met, he spent the night in a hotel room with two older men. They all had sex with each other, but it was my husband who was the one that was fucked repeatedly both both guys.

    He said it had been a fantasy of his, and that he'd met them online. The hotel just so hapens to be one of the ones my company services, and I actually know one of the men who fed my husband his cock and fucked him.
    At first I was shocked, as my husband is a athletic muscular man who in no way appears or seems gay. He's never mentioned anything remotely gay before and has always been a fantastic lover with me.

    Previously to his confession, we'd been taking our sexual enjoyment of each other further and further. With one relatively new addition to our love making being when I sucked on his cock and bals, I'd also tongue his asshole. He loved it when I first did it, so I began to spend longer and longer tonguing his hole and he became ultra turned on, fucking me with a passion I adored.

    It wasn't just a one way thing either, as I had Tony tongue my asshole, before and sometimes after he'd fucked me. More and more often after he'd fucked me in the ass and cum, I'd have him tongue out his cream and feed it to me as we kissed.

    The moment he confessed to having sex with the men, everything seemed to click into place and I understood his liking of anal sex both ways. What I didn't understand was my reponse. I thought I'd be a little defensive about it. Almost as if him freeing up his sexual fantasy to me, would make me think he'd run off with a guy. Instead all I could and still do think about, is just horny it would be to see him taking a large cock up his asshole.

    I've not said anything yet, but I have begun during sex when I tonguing his ass, to insert a finger or two up his butt. I know from the noises he makes he enjoys it, yet I still hold back from actually thrusting too hard.
    And again with my introduction of penetration up his ass with my fingers, his response sexually has been so awesome. We've always had a fantastic sex life, but now it's just ultra ultra horny.

    I'm dying to ask him if he'd like to invlve another guy into the mix. Not for me to have sex with, but for him to be fucked by. I've even begun to day dream about someone fucking him over and over and I get so wet, often having to masturbate if he's not around.

    However I do have a slight worry, it could lead to him wanting to take on a gay lifestyle. I know he loves me, and we do have some really amazing sex. It's just that I have new doubts about why he confided in me. Maybe I'm just being stupid.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Southern Germany, January 2016. It's cold, thick snow and we're staying in a guesthouse in a quite village in the mountains. My husband had a sexual vision in his mind of me having outdoor sex with other men in front of him. That's why we're away. Only I don't want to be there and I certainly don't, I think, want to have sex with other men. We argue in hushed tones and I leave him in the bar we've been in.

    Back at the guesthouse, I drink a lot of mulled wine supplied by the wonderful hosts we have, and sit in the warm fire lit lounge area. My husband eventually comes in, moans at me for walking away, when he'd arranged for two men to have sex with me. Then abruptly and drunkenly says he's going to bed. Half an hour later the owner of the guest house comes into the warm cozy room, tells me he's sorry I've got an idiot of husband and passes me some more mulled wine. We sit, chat and I begin to feel completely comfortable with him, talking about our sex life. The owner tells me my husband is stupid to to want to share me with other men, as he thinks I'm beautiful and if I was his wife, he'd satisfy me all by himself.

    It was that phrase that got me horny. I'm not sure even now why. All the same it did and I found myself telling him I'd be more than happy to have a real man to look after me that way. More wine and a little more chat, his wife pops her head in, tells us both she's off to bed and winks at him. A few minutes later with the small talk still going, he stands up passes me yet another glass of mulle wine and I see the huge bulge in his loose fitting lounge pants. He smiles down at me, says sorry, but holds his obviously stiff cock through the cloth. That was the final straw so to speak.

    Reaching forward, I took hold of his cock through the material and knew instantly he had a really large cock. He puts his hand over mine and has me massaging his hard on. Stroking his cock that way for about a minute, he tells me we should get comfortable, and I watch as he releases the biggest thickest cock I've ever seen. At the same time I remove my pants, my knickers and my top leaving on my bra. Sitting next to me, he puts both hands to my breasts, moves one behind me and undoes my bra. It falls to the floor and we kiss. As he puts a hand in between my legs sliding a finger straight into my soaking wet pussy, I grip his cock shaft and gasp at just how thick and hard it is. His fingers move from inside of me to my clit, circling around and around until as we begin to kiss again, I orgasm hard. Still shaking from my climax, he moves us and I sink down onto his cock. He's unsheathed, but I don't care by then as his cock feels enormous inside of me. He guides me to bounce up and down on his cock, using my arse cheeks and me right breast. Already my second orgasm is beginning to build, when he slips a finger up my arsehole.

    It sends me over the edge and I orgasm again. Clinging onto him pushing my breasts into his face, he fucks me as I grind downwards onto his cock. It's a wonderful fuck, an amazing fuck and one I will never ever forget. We fuck in unison and throughout he finegr fucks my arsehole. I orgasm again and still he fucks me. Then as if I'm a twig, he lifts me up, lays on my back on the warm leather couch and re enters me. Telling me he's going to wet his cock, I don't quite understand what he wants. Sliding out my pussy, he takes hold of his cock, lifts me up some and then slides his cock up my rear.

    There's initial pain, but only briefly before he starts to fuck my arsehole for real. It's such an unusual feeling, it takes some getting used to, until my arse kind of gives, and I instantly begin to feel euphoria flowing right through my entire being. Fucking me in long slow thrusts, he tells me if I want to we could stop. Gripping his arse cheeks, I pull him into me and tell him "Don't you dare stop". On and on we fucked like that with ripples of sensations going right around my body like never before. And then wham, his face changes, he thrusts down deep into my arsehole and I feel his cock pulse hard inside of me. His cock lets go and I experience for the first time, a mans cum flying up my arsehole. We remain locked for a while as his orgasm subsides, then he pulls out, I think it's over, but he's not finished. Lifting my legs right up and over my German host puts his face to my arsehole and I feel his tongue lapping away at my rear hole. It's such an amazing feeling, I orgasm in mini shudders before he lets my legs down and kisses me.

    Telling me I can enjoy myself with him anytime I want during our stay. I ask him what his wife will think. he smiles at me, then says "It's my wife who told me to come in here with you".

    That was our only occasion having full on sex. However I did after breakfast two days later, offer to, then give him a blow job in the dining room as my husband slept off a hangover from the night before. When he came which wasn't for some time, I noticed movement to my left as I swallowed his semen.

    My husband has no idea any of what happened took place, and still wants me to satisfy his fantasy. Telling him I might, if we go back to that beautiful place in Germany again, we've gone and booked the same guest house. Our host emailed back yesterday "Looking forward to your second visit with us. Hope you'll be as comfortable and well looked after as the first time". I know perfectly well what that meant and why our hosts wife sent it.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Before anyone says anything in relation to it being a story line heard before, and probably not true. I can assure you it's true and I'm still in this position.

    My husband and I were in a city close to our home, where it's not easy to live in. And the men who we'd agreed to meet up with, were men you don't mess with. My husband had a card game going and frankly he lost all our money.
    I became the bet as a double or quits, and again my husband lost. In that back room I was striped naked in front of my husband and forced to suck on four older men's cocks.

    After each man became hard and leaking pre cum, I was then fucked by each of them in turn, whilst my husband was forced to watch on.

    It would be easy for me to say I didn't enjoy it and it was all over in ten minutes. The fact was after a few minutes of taking their much larger cocks, I was climaxing all over the place and loving every thrust of their older dicks. In total they licked, sucked and fucked with me for over an hour and by the time we left that place, I was sexually exhausted.

    Yet it wasn't over. We both knew one sex session and the money we'd handed over wasn't anywhere near enough to cover the last wager. They'd told my husband it was paid up, but I knew full well they'd not accept him walking away from a bet that size without more coming their way.

    And so it's turned out.

    Each week they call by our home when my husband is at work. And each week I have sex with three out of the four men he wagered with. Working out a system of payment per fuck, I've got another six months of sex with all three men to go. And what's real and way too good to miss, is I'm loving every second and thrust of their cocks inside my mouth, pussy and ass.

    Ps. My husband knows they call by our home and accepts there's nothing he can do about it. He took the bet with extremely violent men, he shouldn't have been involved with. Now I'm involved with them and I absolutely love them fucking me.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Before we married, I told Pat, my husband, that I am oversexed and must have others who are willing, men and women. The single proviso is attractiveness and hygiene. I cannot tolerate others. A year went by with nothing happening but then, I met Dennis, a neighbor of only a few blocks away, in the grocery store and he came on very strong, saying he could tell that I needed it and lots of it.

    Being dusk, and darkening, I was soon riding Dennis real hard on my car's back seat. Of all times, Pat walked by outside but we looked each other in the eyes flatly. I kept moving on Dennis and he did not notice Pat.

    That night, Pat brought it all up and said he could not deal with it. I was serious and am splitting. I told Dennis (who is married)and he said he has some good looking pals, and a knock-out bi-sister, who will provide as much as I want. Call me slut, what-ever. That's what I want while I'm young enough to really enjoy it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Chelsea FC
    I'm a Chelsea fan and have been one for 14 years now. Love my club and would give anything for it. I also brag a lot.
    Last week Chelsea was to play Man City. My best friend is a Mam City fan and since we both have had bisexual ideas he offered me the following bet "If Chelsea wins by 1 goal, I'll suck your cock. If they win by two, you can fuck my ass. If they win by three, I'm your slave for the day. By 4 it becomes a week instead of a day." And he said that I was to do the same if Man City won. Since Man City was in a good Moment and Chelsea not, I knew it wasn't a good Idea and didn't accept. He tried to convince me by making better offers. The last one was that Chelsea losing by up to 2 goals would be counted as a draw, if more than I'd do what I had to do according to the first offer. Since I never thought that Chelsea would lose by more than 2 I accepted it.
    The game started and continued horribly. By the 19' it was 3-0 and it only got worse until it ended 6-0. We settled for a 3 week slavery. I am his fuck slave for 3 weeks now.
    He started enjoying it by ordering me to suck him off. I did and I really felt like a bitch in the beginning but I did like the feeling of making him moan. He fucked my ass and made me a sissy for him the whole first day. The second day we didn't go to the university but continued our play. He used me as his slave and surprisingly I was loving it.
    His cock is good and it gives me much more pleasure than sex with my ex gave me. When he penetrates me my body wants to bend and I feel like moaning all the time. He says I'm a good slut and I think we are going to forget about the three weeks soon... This is gonna last longer than that.

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