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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 27

    Well, this may be embarassing for a woman at my age but I am willing to confess that I never had an actual boyfriend, never been involved into a romantic relationship with a man, never been kissed by a man and so on.
    I was always too busy with school and now with my job that I can hardly make time to go out anymore.
    Maybe I was too stubborn to admit that I want a man in my life to love and take care of me when in fact I was crying inside, I felt often depressed and felt to be loved by a man. I am actually kinda shy and reserved at first so I might have a bad vibe and push man away, I don't know really..
    The thing is that I don't want to sound desperate or look vulnerable being single I always wanted to be independent and I am now the only thing that is missing right now in my life is a good and caring man. And what I know for sure while I am geting older is that I should have been more open and stress free.
    This is my punishment for not taking care for my love life...maybe my man will appear someday in my life, I just don't know when.. :(

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    First, i have to say that i am a "pervy" guy with an extremely high sex drive. I've been having fantasies about i****t since i was 10-11...I used to watch TONS of porn, reading all sorts of magazines (usually ones my father stashed) and i****t stories online, thinking about sex with my mom while jerking off 24/7. Seriously.

    I function as a normal guy i guess, i have a steady job, friends, and nobody knows what's really going on inside my mind or in my life. My mom found out about my hidden desires long time ago, when i was in my teens. She caught me playing with her panties, caught me JO while watching porn, she even found some i****t stories & photos of mom/son action that i actually printed and kept stashed in my closet. It was quite embarrassing at the time, but i thought she never shared it with anyone. To keep it short, when i was 20, 3 years ago, my feelings and desires didn't change at all, in fact, they were only stronger. Mom became more open towards me, more receptive and kind of openly sexual. Again, too keep it short, i had sex with her, few days after xmas 2014. It was great and awkward at the same time, i guess for both of us. But we repeated it few more times in the next 2 weeks and i really started loving my life. After few more sessions, she told me that someone would like to join us and then i saw my dad watching us, while he was supposed to be out. I was shocked and embarrassed at the same time, so we took a break and talked about it. Apparently, they both knew everything about my hidden desires, since i was a teen. Mom shared her discovery with him. They were both convincing me that it's ok and normal, as long as we keep it a secret. Soon enough, dad showed me how open minded he is, he sucked me off and i honestly enjoyed it. Three of us started having sex from that point, sometimes we're in threesome, sometimes other combinations, but we're still doing it like there is no tomorrow. Of course, nobody else knows anything about it and three of us are enjoying it as much as we can. I'm 24y single guy now, having sex with both parents and i enjoy it so much i don't want it to end ever. My friends are teasing me because i don't have a girlfriend, but they aren't really aware that i'm getting all the sex i can possibly take. I never shared this with anyone, not even online, so i'd just like to hear other people's thoughts or experiences on the subject . Thanks

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    Straight Male / 35

    Me dick rules my life and is starting to also ruin it, I need help I cannot stop jerking off and I'm almost married I'm ruining our sex life, I cannot get any work done I'm failing help me.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Me and one of my friends went out for a few drinks one night like we regularly do. This night we ended up in a strip club. A few days later I am at his house and his wife had found out about our night at the strip club. Nothing out of the usual happened at the club except my friend did get a couple of table dances. I didn't know how his wife found out because I didn't tell her but my friend admitted he told her. When I asked why he told her, he said they had a very trusting relationship and he didn't want to lose that. I called him stupid for telling her and he then told me she caught him looking at porn on the internet and she wasn't too happy and he just sort of blurted it out. I am not married but I know how women can be. I tried to tell her we just had a couple of drinks there and nothing else happened. She then asks me if he was lying when he said he got a few table dances. He admitted more than he should have. His wife starts to get very angry with both of us and basically calls us assholes for looking at naked women. I tried to calm her down and reassure her that it wasn't a big deal. She then asks him how he would like it if she had guys give her a table dance. He said it wouldn't bother him. With that she starts yelling at both of us to give her one. That was unexpected and my friend turns to me and tells me we better do what she wants. I could see she was extremely angry now and she was serious about us giving her a table dance. We both started to dance and his wife asks him what he was doing. He said he was starting to dance like she asked. She said she only wanted me to do it. My friend said I would be going it alone and then went and sat down beside his wife. His wife is pretty good looking and I truly didn't mind giving her a dance if she wanted one but I was worried about how my friend would feel about me doing it. I continued dancing and took my shirt off. She told me to remove my pants which I did. I was in socks and underwear and decided to remove my socks. I danced for a bit and she told it was time for my underwear to go now. I didn't know if she really was going to want me to go fully nude but I guess she did. I didn't know how my friend would feel with me doing that but when he said to not keep her waiting I knew he was accepting of it. Off came my underwear and I was dancing nude for her now. She wanted me to come closer to her and my friend had me sit on her lap. She began rubbing her hands all over me avoiding nothing except my privates. He tells her I don't have a problem with her touching me anywhere she wants. He didn't ask me first but I truly didn't mind if she did. Her hands did end up on my privates and she was gripping my cock. He was watching all this and didn't seem to care his wife had another man's cock in her hands. I had an erection and she tells me to stand up and takes me by the hand and leads me to the kitchen. She has me stand at on end of the kitchen island, while her and my friend stood at the other end, and tells me she got me stiff and now she wants to watch me finish the dance. Stuff like this doesn't happen at strip clubs but given she wanted to see it, and my friend didn't mind, and I didn't mind that much in doing it, I did it. I never thought I would have a chance to masturbate in front of anyone but I always had a fantasy about doing it since I am a bit of an exhibitionist. They watched as I cum and his wife said the punishment was over. She said if I ever go to another strip club with him we would be doing this again but next time it may be more than just 2 of them watching me.

    I find out later from my friend that he told her that I dragged him to the strip club which wasn't true. He was the one who suggested it and he was the one who ordered the table dances. He said he couldn't take the blame for it and apologized about me having to put a show on for his wife. I told him I would survive but thought about this so called "very trusting relationship" he had mentioned. If his wife knew about some of the tables dances and how close his face was to each of their pussies she would have killed him. These dancers were pantyless, legs spread, lips open and his face only a couple of inches from them. Truly I was hoping she would catch us going to another strip club and so I would have to do this but for a larger audience. She has some very cute single girlfriends and would love to have them watch me.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Mom passed when I was six so I really never knew her and I grew up with a dad who was always there for me and whom I trust without reservations. A year ago, he took me to dinner and explained that Diane, the woman he was dating and planned to marry, was a highly sexed woman and she had drawn him in with her sexuality. She said she has a daughter, Nan, who is the same and that they were lovers besides being mother-daughter.

    Dad said that he does not want to give up Diane but it would be my choice to either befriend her or avoid her. If I befriended her, she and Nan would try to seduce me and have already said so. I thought about it for some time and decided to go along with dad's advice, to which he said that he would not advise me. It would have to be my choice.

    I had a long talk with Diane and feel she is not crazy. I decided to befriend her and let what comes come without resistance. Dad and I are now entering a brave new world (to us). Wish us good luck.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Who the fuck would not only watch, but also actually encourage their husband to be fucked by an older man ?.......Me!!!
    For months before he even interacted with any male, I was using my fingers, then a small dildo to fuck my husband Nick during our sexual times together. He loved the feeling of it and it just made sense to me, to move onto a strap on dildo. So I bought one through the internet and he was ecstatic, once he got used to the size. It also had his cock so hard and so ready to fuck me.
    One night as I was slowly fucking him missionary, I asked him if he'd ever let a guy fuck him and his response was "Only if you're there". That was it for me and within days, I had someone in mind.
    Taylor is my moms oldest brother, my uncle and is built like a barn door. Six foot four, two hundred and twenty pounds of pure man fucking muscle. He's fifty one and adores younger men's assholes. Once I told him about our sexual situation, he really got on board with the prospect of fucking my husband.
    The first time it all happened, Taylor came by and I'd say fifteen minutes later I was watching Nick sucking on his first real cock. It was so fucking horny watching them make out, I couldn't help but play with myself and had a huge orgasm listening to Taylor dominate my husband.
    Yet it was seeing his massive cock slide up Nick's ass that first time, and every time since, that really got my juices flowing. However the one sexual position I absolutely adore, is the view I get when myself and Nick sixty nine, with Taylor's cock pounding his Nick's rear hole from behind.
    Most wive's wouldn't entertain a man who likes being fucked by another man, but I simply cannot get enough of watching my husband taking a thick meaty cock up his ass. Then seeing his cum arc through the air as he's having his asshole pummeled.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Iâm only 15 but I love to have boys at my school touch my ass. Idk what it is about it but itâs just so nice when a guy comes up behind me and just grabs it it makes me so horny. Iâm on the cheer team so I canât let them do it very obviously but I have this one guy that will just come up behind me and grab my ass and rub it and heâs a good foot taller then me, Iâm only 5â3 and heâs 6,3 so heâll lean his head down to my neck and rub on my ass and it feels so good.

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    Gay Male / 33

    We have this ritual, cleaning out the pipes. First a healthy prostate massage, followed by a great blow job. Cleans out the pipes really good.

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    Transsexual Female / 21

    I'm not the hottest I know but still get photo gigs because of my instrument's size and the amount of cum I can toss. The demand is up 100% since I was 19 just two years ago.

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    Straight Male / 45

    When my daughter was 12 she always went around in tight everything, you know black leggins, tight top. She looked very sexy. I commented one day saying daddy likes tight things. The a short time after i joked with her saying i have to check everything fits well, this led to a day where we were alone and i asked her how do you like your boyfriends, to my big supprise she said Big. I didnt expect that but maybe im a bit behind the times. a week later we were alone again. we were playing around and i got her to get on her hands and knees, i was behind her. i leaned over and said will you tell me if you like something, she stayed there and okay. I took my tool out ahrd and put it between her legs asking her do you like to feel this. She just said yes and stayed in that position. I said after a moment, your a little low can i lift you up higher, again just a yes. So i lifted her HIGH so just her hands were on the floor and let her balance on my tool. She said i like this game. Game hmmm. Nothing came of it at all of course but it was VERY horny. We have a great relationship these years later, no sex for the warpped minded by the way, just a gorgous father daughter relationship.

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