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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 45

    I am a straight male, but I have worn high heels and have tasted another mans cum.
    How is that possible if I am straight??? lol

    The high heels were my daughters. She just bought them for a family wedding and the straps
    were tight on the top. She tried all kinds of methods to make them looser, but nothing worked.
    So, she needed a volunteer, someone with big feel to break them in! I cant imagine too many
    guys have watched ESPN stomping their feet with heels on!

    As far as me eating another guys cum....

    My wife and I have always "roleplayed" about her having sex with another man. We were on
    vacation in Florida on our own recently and for 2 nights we stayed at a hotel that had a small
    bar by the lobby.
    We went to the bar the first night and it was super slow...the bartender was able
    to talk to us and give us a lot of attention. His name was Robert, he was black, and just so
    nice. Later that night my wife and I were in bed and I admitted to her that I was having
    thoughts about her and Robert having sex. She admitted having the same thoughts! We decided
    that if he was there the next night, we would invite him to our room.
    Long story short, he was working the next night, and he was more than happy to let me watch
    him have sex with my wife.
    And it was amazing.
    We never really talked about a black guy during our "roleplaying", but it was amazing to see.
    My wifes pale, Irish body in contrast with his dark skin.
    Her lips wrapped around such a big, dark piece of was so cool to see.
    I was mostly a spectator - every now and then I would come over and kiss my wife and tell her
    I love her.
    But Robert was a machine - he was just what she needed. His cock was so large and filled my wife
    up like she has never been filled before. He really took care of her. He went two rounds wih
    her... she admitted after he left that she had never been that completely satisfied sexually. EVER.

    This was funny, but after Robert was done and got dressed and was about to leave, we thanked
    him! lol. That hit me shortly after he left - I just thanked a guy for fucking my wife.

    My wife was too sore to have sex with me, so I agreed to wait to make love to her until the
    morning. But a couple hours after she drifted off to sleep, I could not get the vision of
    Robert fucking my wife out of my head. I started poking at her, and she agreed to let
    me go inside her.
    She was so loose and slippery...omg...but it felt so erotic.
    I had turned the night stand light on, and when I pulled my cock out of her, it was
    covered it white, sticky stuff. Roberts cum!
    She ran her finger along side of my cock and scooped up some of the cum and tasted it.
    Then she got some more off my cock and offered it to me.
    And I ate it.
    And I got even harder.
    She could tell I got turned on doing that, so she told me there was plenty more where
    that came from, and she laid back and spread her legs.
    I dove right in.
    Omg...I ate her out like a mad man. I never in a million years thought that would
    happen, we never talked about it, but I had to have it.
    My face was a mess of Roberts cum, but I did not care. He tasted great.
    It was such an erotic, special moment between my wife and I though. We shared
    a guys cum. We tasted it together. We did it as a couple.

    We are going down to the same area again in October, and we already plan on seeing
    Robert again.
    My wife wants his big cock - and I confess that I want more of his cum!

    We are not sure if we should tell Robert about what I did after he left.
    Would that be a turn on or turn off for him if he knew that???

    We just both want him to take care of my wife again, she has been so happy ever
    since that night.

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    Lesbian Female / 37

    I am 37 and have only had two lovers in my life. The first was in high school with the dream boy. Of course I wasn't the only one and he much preferred to find more girls along the way. I fell to the side pretty early and I was hurt bad enough that I had trouble with relationships. Lots of trouble. Enough trouble that I started seeing a therapist when I turned 30, my gift to myself.

    When I told my therapist that I had not been sexual from the time I was 17 she advised me to just do it, troll for a man who is looking for a lay and get laid. Get lucky, is what she said. To be lucky you have to go to the pond where the men are fishing and don't get too interested in their current marital status. Just get laid again.

    Well easier said than done, when I went to one of these so called pick up bars I was surrounded by women, of all ages, waiting for some sixty year old in a Corvette to pick them up. Or, sitting beside you and making conversation and putting their hand on your thigh and realizing it was some fifty year old lesbian looking for a lay herself. In any event trolling at these bars didn't help.

    I was eating alone on Sunday afternoon at the counter at PF Chang's. It was four o'clock and the counter was empty. A woman in her thirties sat beside me and ordered a glass of white wine. I got the urge and ordered one too. The counter was empty, but she sat beside me. We didn't talk, she did her nails for a minute, looked at her phone for minute, spoke to the bartender and then sort of so so she asked me if what I had ordered was good, and she ordered the same. And another glass of wine so I ordered another glass of wine.

    We had three glasses of wine and we got into a conversation and her hand did get on my thigh and she told me that I was pretty, she picked up my face and looked at me and confirmed that she thought I was pretty. She told me that when she turned 30, she was 33 then, she had thought about getting an augmentation. She stopped, she said really women didn't care if you had fake tits. She asked me if I cared and if I thought her tits were fine the way they were. Her hand kept running up and down my thigh and she asked me if I was a runner, because women with strong thighs were usually runners. I told her no, all I did was walk up the steps at my office every day. She laughed and told me she had tried running but her hips weren't meant for running, in the wild she would have been lion prey pretty quick, or maybe for some horrid ape man. Glad we lived today and didn't have to run away from ape men chasing you.

    It was six o'clock and we were still there and the counter had filled up and we decided not to order another drink. We got up and she helped me off the stool. Standing side by side my five foot four was a little shorter than her five foot seven, and she had heels on. She asked me to hold her hand and keep her steady, those glasses of wine had done their thing on her. We laughed and walked out with her holding on to my hand. We stood outside the restaurant for a long while talking, face to face holding both hands. She bumped her chest against me and asked if it wouldn't be funny if our boobs were on the same level. She put both her arms around my waist and pulled me up to her and told me she felt we had known each other for a long time, to hug her tight so she could feel my boobs against her. She didn't let me go before telling me she thought I was pretty.

    We looked at each other for a long time, at least two minutes, eyes locked together, her arms around me and my arms around her and the kiss came. I closed my eyes. Her hands moved up to hold my face and the kiss lasted a long time. My first kiss because my boyfriend in high school never kissed. When she stopped she told me I was just too pretty and if I wanted to go home with her.

    We went to her place, a real nice condo, well decorated. She sold real estate and did very well and she was gentle and helped me out of my clothes, asked me again if I thought her tits were fine, she loved my tits and we lay down on the bed and she showed me there was a different way to make love. I did have an orgasm, I must have been repressed for one, I came very quickly. But she helped me get back into the mood and help her have her orgasm and we laid in bed naked. We did get our boobs together.

    She has a lover man, a man who pretty much pays for most everything for her. She sees him a couple of days a week, but she doesn't have sex with him that often. Once in a while. It is an old affair that started when she was 26. He still pays for everything and she still sees him, has lunch with him and once in a while has sex. I met him, she introduced me to him, he was nice, an older man in his late sixties. His passion is golf and plays at courses all over the world. He has a group of retired executives who travel to play golf. He made love to me one night. It wasn't at all like I remembered intercourse, it was on a bed with the lights off and he was very gentle and played with me until I was 'receptive'. But then when it was over I went back to my girlfriend and we had crazy sex.

    She and I live together, we moved to Phoenix where he moved. She is works in real estate there and I found a job working for a warehousing firm (I am an accountant by trade). He still buys just about everything for us, he is in his mid seventies but is in very good shape. He likes having two women on his arms, he says its better than a new Corvette to impress his friends. We are his girlfriends, just that friends. As to my therapist, I don't need her anymore, I got picked up and laid just like she said I would, just not by a man and not at a bar, at PF Chang's.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    Some mornings I wake up literally gagging to be fucked. But not just any old fucking, I need my asshole pounding. My problem was my husband works away a lot and even though I use lots of dildo's to try and satisfy my urges for sex, they're just not what I need sometimes.
    My husband and I spoke about my sexual urges when he's away, hence the dildo's. Yet I found it was being dominated by a man who knew how to fuck me real hard, especially up my ass. I orgasm so hard and so much from anal sex, I would often crave it like a drug.
    After a particular long period away, when my husband got back, I fucked and fucked and fucked him over a period of four to five days, until he could take no more. It was then he told me he needed some help when he was away, so I wasn't so demanding when he returned. Asking him what he meant, he told me I needed a fuck buddy, someone who would take care of my needs.
    I swear right now, I was against it. But my husband said he just couldn't match my sexual desires. Talking it over many many more times, I finally said yes when he just couldn't fuck me yet again.
    We both worked through my profile page and I was finally satisfied with it. I'm twenty eight now but was twenty seven when I placed the profile on a hook up site. I'm a slim woman with curves who is considered very attractive, I have large firm breasts and long naturally curly brunette hair. I keep my pussy hair well trimmed and my work keeps me extremely fit. We put down the criteria for guys to approach me/us for sex and waited. Withing hours I had pages of guys wanting to visit our home and fuck me. Some were just not what we both envisaged, others were just outright weirdo's.
    My profile showed naked pictures of me, and also one of me taking dildo up my ass. My husband had taken the pictures and we'd had lots of fun doing them. In one picture I was sucking on his cock and in my description I'd stipulated the guy/s must be at least as big as my husband. We'd explained it was just a "fuck buddy" situation and why I needed someone to fuck whilst he was away.
    Then my husband noticed a reply from a guy who said he was forty three, and lived only doors away from our home. Because my husband had photo shopped the pictures to not show my facial features, the guy didn't know who we were, but said he'd worked out I wasn't that far away. His pictures he'd included with his reply had my pussy twitching, as it was obvious he worked out and it was also obvious he had a really large cock.
    It was my husband who got back in touch with the man, and I didn't know until he turned up on our doorstep a few days later, I was going to have sex with a relative stranger. I say relative, because I'd seen him more than once over the time we'd lived at our address and I will be honest, I thought he was an attractive man.
    There was no ceremony involved, no getting to know you first and definitely no waiting around to become nervous. My husband basically told him to take me upstairs and fuck the shit out of me. Entering our guest bedroom, I was about to say something when I turned around. The picture he'd sent didn't do him justice. He'd removed his shorts and had no underwear on. All he was wearing as I turned around was his t shirt and his flip flops. And oh my word did his cock look huge.
    I've always enjoyed sucking cock, which girl doesn't. Yet his cock was so delicious I found myself forcing it far down my throat as I could. He was moaning so much I thought he was about to cum early, but I didn't yet know him. Holding my head he began to fuck my mouth and calling me a slut. I became hornier and hornier the more he face fucked me and the more he called me names. Finally I was going crazy to feel his wonderful cock deep inside of me. It took seconds to slip out of my clothing and to offer up any hole he wanted, as I knelt on the bed.
    I know I should have made him wear a condom and we were chancing it, yet I didn't say anything as his cock slid in between my pussy lips. His cock entered me so deeply I groaned with sheer pleasure of his size and I came immediately. Fucking me doggy for some time I was wild with lust, and made him fuck me ever harder. Then knowing what I needed, I lay on my back, arched it upwards holding my lege practically over my head and told him to take my asshole.
    There is no apt description to how his cock made me feel when he thrust so deep inside of my ass. I very nearly passed out with the anticipation of the total desire to be fucked anally, and to feel his cock so deep up my ass, only had me orgasming over and over again. I lost count of my climaxes as he fucked me like I was a common whore. One orgasm merged into another as he kept on fucking me and I got to that point.
    It's a sexual place I've rarely gotten to with my husband, and that's total sexual exhaustion. To be completely and utterly sexually worn out, and to have no more orgasms left, no matter how hard and how mnay times I'm fucked. But that's what I reached and like it was meant to be, our neighbor who'd we'd lived next to for a few years gripped my ass cheeks and thrust hard one more time, driving his cock as deep as it would go and his cock exploded up my hole.
    He cried out as he came and his cries of ecstasy were just what I needed to hear. They were primal, they were loud and they were real.
    He climbed off of me and it was then and only then did I see my husband stood at the doorway. He grinned at me and said "He'll do I take it". I smiled back at him and told my husband "I love you".
    "H" knows he's a sexual need for me. He also knows when it comes to him or my husband, there is no him. yet we have now over the period of time he's been my lover and fuck buddy, become extremely good together in bed. The only time he's fucked me in front of my husband, was that first time. Every time since he's called by hen my husband's away and we've had amazing sex together.
    I have even spent a couple of weekends away with him, fucking pretty much the whole time. And we've developed a kink of having sex in public places. With my husband away last month, "H" took me to a beach location from Friday to Sunday. During our weekend of sex, he and I had sex out on the beach and then one ofternoon as I rode his cock anally at the back of the beach, a young dude watched us. I cannot tell you just how turned on I was to perform in front of the youth, and how powerful my orgasm was when I saw him tossing himself off whilst watching me fuck my lover.
    I asked him to come closer at one point, so I could maybe suck his small cock, but he came before he got to us and I ground down onto "H's" cock again. However, we both decided when we got back to our accommodation, that it might be a great idea to involve a young guy into our time together.
    The thought of having a young guy fucking my pussy or asshole, as "H" fucks my other love hole, just drives me wild with lust. I have spoken to my husband about it, as I speak to and tell him everything that "H" and I get upto. His response as he was slowly fucking me from behind as we spooned, was to say "Jakes always fancied you, you know that".
    Jake just so happens to be my husband's nephew and he's just had his seventeenth birthday.
    "H" has already said yes to Jake joining us soon. we'll see.

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    Straight Female / 21

    It only happened once. I was sixteen going on who knows how old. My parents were in the middle of getting divorced. The house was half empty because my father had moved out. My brother was going to my father and I was going to my mother.

    It was hot in late July and I had been at Kick Team practice, I was alone but decided to go get in the pool. I put on my two piece and went out and got in and swam a few laps. After I got out I noticed that the man next door was looking at me from his porch. So, I took off my top and showed him my titties. I took off my bikini bottoms and showed him myself totally naked. He looked at me for a long time, I offered him myself, I spread open my legs and held my arms out. I mouthed to him come and get it. But he looked at me for a long time and then went back in his house.

    That was it, my only timed doing something like that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    My wife Chrissy fucks other men because I can no longer satisfy her sexually. The first time anything happened, was when I came home from work and she was riding this guy's cock in our lounge. She simply told me to shut up when I went to protest, and said my little dick was no longer good enough to make her sexually fulfilled.
    I stood and watched as the young guy fucked my wife, and began to feel horny seeing his cock pound my wife's pussy and ass. Chrissy turned around at one point and told me, if I was going to stand there and watch, I might as well be useful.
    I got them drinks, went back and was just in time to see him cum up my wife's asshole.
    Parting, I saw his huge cock for the first time and understood why she'd picked him to have sex with. I'm four inches fully erect (My nickname growing up was, Stubby). Matt is over eight inches and his cock is far thicker than mine.
    They drank their drinks kissed for a while, then my wife took Matt up to our bedroom, where they stayed having sex for over two hours.
    When he left around ten at night, he told me he was going to carry on fucking my wife "As she needs a real man". I didn't argue with him. Why would I, he was right.
    Joining my wife later in bed, I asked her if she still loved me, her response was "Yes you know I love you and the money, but I need men with larger cocks than yours. You'll just have to accept I'm going fuck other men from now on".
    After a hard day at work, I was going to go straight to sleep, but Chrissy asked me of I was ok with her extra marital needs. Before I could respond, she told me her pussy was still creamy. Chrissy knew I loved licking her out. She also knew I'd often cum up her and then enjoyed licking out my creamy mess. It was however the first time I'd ever licked out another man's cum from her love holes, as she squatted over my face and had me tongue out her pussy and ass.
    Matt has continued to fuck my wife, maybe two to three times a week. But he's now no longer the only guy. There's another older man now who enjoys Chrissy's high sex drive. He's known Chrissy all her life. It's his cum I've licked out of her in between them fucking, and it's his cock I've very recently sucked to completion when Chrissy was at her gym class.
    Ken called by to fuck his niece, but she was late at her daily gym session. He told me he was really horny, then said something about me sucking out his cum from my wife's pussy and ass. Smiling at me, my wife's uncle said "Why don't you get it straight from the source".
    He dropped his trousers to show me he was already erect and I took a man's cock into my mouth for the first time.
    I was to my utter amazement, much much better at sucking cock than Chrissy, and Ken told me so. Licking and sucking on his cock and balls, I soon had him blowing his load down my throat. And his familiar taste filled my mouth.
    Afterwards Ken told me to keep it to myself, and so I have. I've also kept the fact he's staying over next month when Chrissy travels over to Europe to do a photo shoot.
    We've already spoken about me giving up my anal cherry to him, and I'm now ready, I think, to fully accept I'm a bisexual man in waiting. Waiting that is, to receive Kens cock deep up my ass.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    For Halloween in 2003 I went to a party dressed as a girl. I had a female friend dress me and make me up, help me with a wig, teach me to sit and walk. I was undiscovered until we all broke character. I started dressing as a girl, I learned makeup, perfected my look, my dress, my act. I love being a girl. Today I never dress as a man, I live my life as a woman. I shortened my name to the androgynous Sam and work in a female dominated profession and have never been uncovered.

    No I don't want a sex change, I enjoy sex with women not men. My sex partner is my friend who first dressed me up.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I am here reading some exciting confessions and felt I should tell mine. It's not as crazy as some of them here but it's pretty exciting that this happened. I was in Mexico for vacation. My wife was getting a massage at the spa, and I stayed in the room. I was a little drunk and very horny and started to masturbate.

    I was laying on my back enjoying myself when the cleaning lady walked in the room. Now I've seen the videos of the maids that turn around and walk away. And the ones that the maid has sex with the guy, which I think are probably fake. This cleaning lady was very young looking. I didn't ask her age for fear I was exposing myself to someone I shouldn't have been.

    Anyway, I was aroused and enjoying myself, and remembering those videos I mentioned, so I continued my stroking. She walked in and saw me. And said something in Spanish and walked back out. I thought, dang I guess that didn't work out to well. About 10 seconds later she walked back in and right to me on the bed. She put a towel on my chest and tummy and grabbed my very hard penis with her small soft hand that had some cream in it. She then proceeded to jerk me off. She was doing an amazing job and her pretty young face and sexy little body were wonderful to look at. I touched her ass as she stroked me. She continued until I had a very intense orgasm. She said.. yay! When it happened. Then she cleaned me up and gave the head of my penis a quick little kiss. Then she cleaned the room.

    Before she left she said in very broken English, I like (as she pointed at my dick) . I be back tomorrow yes?

    I got 3 hand jobs from this beautiful young Latina girl while I was there for 10 days.

    I feel guilty, but I feel more excited about it happening, and I am very aroused telling my story I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading any comments.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    This will sound like an exaggeration but I would not bother posting it here if it was fiction, Once a good looker, I'm now floppy and my tits sag, nipples pointing to the ground. I have a rooming house near a huge university and rent to students, mostly young men. I made a deal with one of the fraternities that part of their hazing is fucking me. Whoever joins, fucks me, even some who can't stand the sight of me until their cocks are inside my vagina where they get a fuck they will never again experience.

    When I was young I lived with a big time prostitute who had secret skills and she taught me Betty Dodson techniques where the real fuck starts once the penis is inserted.

    Due to this approach I have a list of fraternity brothers waiting for rooms and once they move in they get their cocks done as much as they want. The hazing is only a one time fuck and they cannot get more unless they rent from me. I fuck an average of four boys a night. Fortunately, they all come in minutes, short but sweet.

    I lost count how many boys have fucked me but I now have a hard time falling asleep unless I have felt a few pulsing cocks sperm into my vagina. I have a long time girl friend my age always complaining about how long ago was her last fuck. All she needs to do is use her mind. She has no clue about how much cock I get and I keep that a secret as does the fraternity, for obvious reasons.

    I get a few budding lesbians in my bedroom once in a while, unrelated to my boy activities and I dearly love to watch a teen girl down on my snatch, enjoying herself. It's all good.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I used to be the neighborhood streaker. I would get naked and stand in the living room window naked as vehicles drove by. Eventually most cars would just drive by real slow past my house and beep their horns. I loved the thrill of being seen naked and slowly started to venture of out my house during the daytime. I would usually just walk around my house naked. I lived on a pretty secluded street and my neighbors were close enough that they could probably see me at certain angles, but I wasn't in their full view all the time. As luck would have it, the house to my right side had two of the most beautiful sisters in our school living there, and the house to my left had one of the hottest girls in our school living there. That made the thrill even more intense for me.

    I was usually pretty good about getting back to safety if I needed to dash back in the house, but there were a couple of times where I was pretty much caught butt naked in front some people driving by in their cars in the daytime. One lady who I had a crush on was checking her mail (the mailbox was next to my house). I didn't see her there right away so I made my way up the side of my house and hid by the bushes near the end of my driveway, where I would usually lay naked just to feel the cool air on my naked body. The bushes didn't provide complete cover, but enough that I probably wouldn't be noticed unless you were walking by or really looking. The mailbox was really close though. It was only after I heard her car door close that I realized I was a little too close. I peeked my head slightly through the bushes to see who was checking the mail. She was looking right at me and started to speed up to take a closer look. I didn't have time to make it back inside the house and I knew it, so I just lightly ran into my back yard as she rolled down her window and yelled "Whoa!" and beeped her horn a few times. I had absolutely no cover and the thrill of being seen completely nude by this hot woman turned me on.

    I was addicted. I wanted to walk around my entire block completely nude, so I started venturing out at night. I would work late shifts as a grocery clerk, so by the time I was off work at say 4am or so, I would strip off all my clothes once I got home and started walking around my block. I did this a few times. It took just a little over an hour. If I saw headlights I would just lay down in the ditch until the car or truck drove by. I never got caught or ran into anyone during those evening nude romps. It felt so natural to be naked and outside. But I also knew I liked the thrill of being seen nude in the daytime too. So I went back to doing things like checking the mail completely nude. There wasn't a whole lot of activity on my road, but I would still check to see if anyone was coming before I ventured out. If I knew someone was close I didn't always go. But if I saw that someone was at the top of my road I would cross the road to my mailbox completely nude. The girls would usually just point, giggle and stare at me. I would only go back inside if I saw a car coming.

    It lasted for about 3 years, after that I moved away to start University. If you lived in my community and didn't see me nude, you would have heard about me. I was known as the town streaker. I really miss being naked in public.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    Several years back I was with a woman, we really hit it off initially, but the relationship didn't end up lasting because her supposed best friend didn't like me and kept trying to run interference. Finally I had enough of the bullshit.

    The woman that I had the relationship with and I kept in touch as friends even after we split, that was like 9 years ago. She wants me back even after all this time, but I don't need the kind of drama like before (she promises there won't be.)

    I know this isn't exactly an advice site, but if anyone has any I'd appreciate it.
    Should I take her back, or no?

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