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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 52

    When I married my second wife a few years back, I was in my 40s and living and working on a livestock farm, and she was a slim attractive city divorcee with 3 kids and she was looking to settle into country life. A couple of years later, we were drinking and talking about sex and she told me about when she was a young wife and mother in the city and her hubby would go to work each day, and when the baby was asleep she would let their old dog lick her pussy on the back porch nearly every day until the dog died.
    Her story made me so fucking horny that I couldn't forget about it, and eventually, with alcohol, I talked her into doing it with my 2 male farm dogs on a rug in a remote part of that farm. What started as a licking session moved to her sucking their cocks, and ended with me helping both of the boys get inside her one after the other, and her pussy was on fire for dog cock and cum. After the dogs had emptied inside her, I climbed on her too, and fucked her red hot pussy until I blew my load, then she rubbed herself in a drunken frenzy until she came loudly.
    It happened several more times over a few months, and always with the help of 2 bottles of wine, but it was the craziest, wildest, kinkiest and hottest thing that I've ever been involved in. We divorced over other things a few years later, but those memories are wonderful.

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    Straight Male / 33

    So been reading this site for a bit but never written so bare with me.

    I want to fuck my sister-in-law, my wifeâs older sister. She has a great ass and a flat stomach and smaller boobs. I feel like she flirts with me in front of her husband and would love to ask if she would act on an advance but Iâm too scared she would shoot it down and it would ruin a lot.

    Wish I could find a way if she would, it would be hot to just know. Heard drunken stories that she want rougher and better sex. So of course I want to oblige since I feel like I can provide that.

    A guy can dream, right?

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    Straight Female / 18

    Last summer I hung out at our pool in our backyard waiting for summer to go by. The lady next door asked if her five year old son could come and swim. My mother said he could but I had to babysit. That summer I saw my first penis. Sure it was a five year old's, but it was a penis and he got little erections. You see I let him swim naked. I never touched him, except when I dried him off and helped him get his clothes off.

    He is six now and pipis in our back yard, he pushes his pants down and leans back to pee. He targets some of our flower pots I point out to him. When he is finished I tickle him before pulling his pants up. Even now I have only seen his penis, and let my hand brush past his penis when pulling up his pants.

    Not yet 18

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Bi married male here i have been going to the adult bookstore for many many years hanging in the booths some had gloryholes must didn't. About six months ago i finally got my wife to come with me. Acting like i really wasn't sure what goes on other them what I've seen online. We arrived alittle after nine the parking was fairly full. We park and enter the store browsing around looking at the toys and stuff we a few guys hanging around i know the booth area has to be packed. After about 15 or 20 mins she says ok lets go are you happy now i came to the bookstore with you? Not knowing how to get her into the back room we slowly start to walk when one guys walks out. I say hey lets check out whats back there and she answers with probably the bathroom. I start walking that way her following. My heart is racing we are so close. As we enter the sound of the movie you can hear. I take her hand and we duck into one of the booths. I put some money in and the movie starts playing pushing the button to change movies. She is now sitting and I'm standing i have a feeling. Yes my feeling was right a guy was standing there with his hard cock out he asked do you mind? I look at my wife and before she could say a word i answered no. He moves in closer and adds some money. Hunny show this gentleman your tits. In my head says she wouldn't do it. But next thing i know she pulls up her shirt and out her tits come. Wow this is what i want he asked her if he could touch them? I then say hunny you came touch him if you want a few seconds go by and she reaches for his cock. I kinda kneel down so i can see better. My cock is rock hard my heart is racing faster and faster. She is stroking him he is moaning omg its driving me crazy. Nows my chance i reach out and place my hand on hers we are stroking a cock toghter. I can tell he wants to cum but seems like he's hold back. Its now or never I'm telling myself so i make the move to put my mouth on his cock my wife still stroking him and I'm licking and sucking his head. Now the moans are louder he's going to cum mmmm he then shoots in my mouth a few seconds go by he pulls and sticks his cock in his pants and walks out. I look at my wife and say holly shit i can't believe that just happened. Her with a little giggle and a smile i stand up jack my hard cock and cum all over her tits. The ride home was a bit awkward i say did you have fun? With a big smile she replied yes and you sucked a cock did you like that? Thinking a second i guess. Well from that day she has let me eat my own cum out of her off her and has stroked me shooting it in my mouth and we have been back to the abs many of times.

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    Straight Female / 19

    So basically this dude who was my fuck buddy laid out the rules and terms of noncon and I agreed to them. So the day finally came and I drove to his house, I undressed and wore my virgin killer sweater basically a turtle neck with no sleeves and it shows back, side boobs and ass crack. He had whipped cream and chocolate syrup ready, so I jumped in the bed to cuddle with him and immediately be starts groping me and rubbing his dick against my ass cheeks. He pushes me off and legit sprays whipped cream on his body all the way down to his dick making me suck and lick all of it off and in the end giving him a blowjob. I did as told and he said he was going to eat me out and I don't like that so I refused but he reiterated that it was noncon so I had to obey, in the end my struggles made him not eat me out (thank god) he assumed missionary position and started fucking me and he ordered that I opened my mouth and he sprayed a shit ton of whipped cream in my mouth and started sucking off the whipped cream from my mouth then spitting it back in like Snowballing. He ended up finishing inside my ass and I thought it was over but after 10 minutes of cuddling he was hard again and wanted to fuck me again and I was afraid that I was sore so I begged him not to and when he was about to get on top of me I ran out of the bed and ran to the other side of the room( he had a master bedroom) , he slowly followed and was walking really menacingly like in those horror movies n dragged me back to the bed and I literally was struggling to get him off me but he pulled open my legs and got between them which was already a game over. I started begging him to not do this and I was scared and he said if you hug me I'll think about it so I did hug him but two minutes later I felt him ram his dick up my pussy n started thrusting hard and fast inside me , I legit cried. He kept groaining in such a deep voice and kept taunting me saying shit like why are you saying no if your pussy is so wet? And then he finally finished by pulling out and Cumming all over my body. I felt annoyed and hurt but I was so tired so I didn't move but then he was like you're so tired I could fuck you again and when he said that I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom lol. So after another 30ish minutes of cuddling he makes me hug and make out with him and pulls my hand down to give him a hand job to which I refused and he was like oh ok then I'll just fuck you since I'm hard again to which I get up and ran to the closet to hide and I hid in the back literally hugging my self and soon I saw a dark shadow over the closet door and I peeked out and I saw his figure smirking and jerking off with lube and I already knew he was gonnna do anal so I legit ran again and he caught up and spanked my left cheek so hard I went down to the floor howling n then I started to crawl away and he tried to stop me but I kicked and bucked and he cornered me to his desk, he bent me over and started fingering me and taunting me about how wet I was to which I denied then I ran to the bed and hid under the covers so then he tried to pin me down and we kept wrestling until he cornered me and he was between my legs again. I kept begging for him not to do this but be said he was soft and that I should hug him so I did but I soon felt his dick throbbing against my thigh and I knew he was hard again but it was too late because then he jammed it into my pussy and started pounding me hard again and then he shoves it inside my asshole which was still sore mind you and came inside there. And that was it and I was pretty annoyed at him cuz then afterwards he kept teasing me and acting all cute and lovey dovey to me

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    Opinions please.

    I am 31F and married. Theres this guy at work, he always gives me a hug when I get there and when I leave. He is in a serious relationship, lives with her and her kids. We flirt a lot, I talk to him about my personal problems, he always listens. He never talks about his relationship, even though I know they are having a rough patch.

    Today he walked by me and winked at me and make a kissing face, it was in front of many people.

    My question is how do you know a guy is willing to have an affair or just flirting? Is this some kind of game to him? I guess it is fun, but sometimes I just want some dirty love affair sex in the work place ya know?? I dont like not knowing his true feelings towards me. This has been going on for about 1 1/2 years.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Stopped in a rest area late last night with my girlfriend. Things got a little crazy as we had a couple of drinks after dinner when she started to go down on me. Off with all her clothes and she started giving me head leaning over the console of my truck with her ass in the air. After about 5 minutes another car pulled in right next to us and parked. At first she was a bit nervous but I assured her everything was cool and that i thought it was hot to have someone watch us ! She was into it to my surprise and continued going to town on me . I was watching the other car when i noticed a man get out and walk over to the window of my truck. He dropped his pants and began masturbating while watching my girl deep throat me. I was so turned on by this i told my girl he was watching and jerking off to her . She was wet and moaning as i fingered her i asked if i could open the window and let him touch her , she approved and i lowered the window and he reached in and started to finger her then asked if he could fuck her! She let out a loud moan and i unlocked the door. as i watched him standing in the moonlight i noticed how big and hard he was and told him to use her like a dirty whore. He shoved his throbbing cock deep in her hole and she screamed fuck me ! ! I was so turned on i shot my hot load down her throat while he pumped furiously in her wet pussy. She was loving every second of it and i sat back and watched him fuck her for 15 minutes until finally he shot inside her as she moaned and squirmed . After he finished he thanked us and asked if he could fuck her again sometime ,she replied how about tomorrow night same place and bring a friend or two if you like ! I can't believe what I've gotten into but i'm loving it and can't wait until tonight ! I'll keep you all informed on how it goes !

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I will be turning 62 of age very soon.good to be a live and in good health. one thing is true.

    I still love pussy and tits big or small. I know things have change sexual for people.

    But there are things that I won,t do,I will not fuck with another male sexual its not my

    thing and i have no desire to. no other male will i let suck or fuck me. I am only into

    pussy be it thin,heavy,bbw,chubby, its all women that need the same thing as me. can,t

    understa nd the bi thing, to me if you say you are bi that to me you were gay all the time.

    maybe i am from the old school but that is just me, I love to suck a clean fresh pussy

    yes i do. my dick still gets up when i see someone ladies only showing some leg or dress

    nice. Never judge a book by its cover. I have fuck many church females and nice mothers

    behind close doors , touch that pussy or rub that ass and its all your. I am not into

    little girls or under age girls sorry that wrong. my list is very long so i will stop

    for now. have a safe day.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    I'm the bitch men are warned about.

    I use sex, compliments, love notes, hand-made gifts, whatever I can to make men fall in love. I make them as obsessed as I can and delude them into thinking I'm the one.

    I make love to them like so many men are too scared to ask for: kissing them all over, keeping eye contact, softly rubbing my fingers on every inch of their skin, whispering how handsome they are, whatever makes them feel special. Then I find their fetishes and make their favorite dreams come true.

    I do this just to drive them into obsessive and leave them bleeding in their heaven.

    But I don't mean to break so many hearts. I always warn them that I am a monster and that I will hurt them, but they think they can change me or that they can't be hurt. I start off just trying to fool around to satisfy my bottomless sexual appetite but, before I am even aware, I'm toying with them again.

    I don't want to be a heartless bitch but sex means nothing to me, it's just a pleasure and conquest. And love... Well, I can't be in love for more than a week.

    No, I'm not proud. I just don't think I can change.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    About five years ago, I worked as a waiter at a restaurant in the city. A brand new employee who had just moved there from the suburbs was fired after his first shift for attempting to sell drugs while on the clock. I looked him up on Facebook to see if he shared any details about the incident, but found something else. He had an incredibly hot mom, and I got an idea.

    I don't remember how I got her phone number, but I called her and told her that I had evidence which, if given to the authorities, would lead to the long-term incarceration of her son, and I would give it to said authorities unless she followed my instructions. I had gotten a room at a hotel in the suburb in which she lived and told her to be there at a specific time. There would be a key card for her under the door and, inside, she would find a young man handcuffed to the bed, as well as further instructions on the bedside table. I told her she would be recorded via hidden camera, not only to make sure that she followed the instructions, but also so that the recording could be used to extort a large sum of money from the man. If she didn't do exactly as instructed, her son would go to prison.

    There was no camera, of course. I was the man on the bed, and the plan worked. She thought I was just as much a victim as her. I pleaded with her to let me go, but she just kept telling me not to make it any harder as she did everything that I wanted her to, forcing me to eat both of her holes until she came on my face, and finally blowing me until I exploded in her mouth. Only then did she uncuff me with the key that I had left with her instructions. It was my final written command. I never went back to that suburb again, nor did I ever see her son afterward. It's a big city.

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