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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 27

    I suppose this is as good a place to spill the beans about a bizarre relationship going on. After college I spent a lot of time searching for a clean apartment (sans roaches and rats) in a building not made of cardboard where I could hear the entire constellation of biological functions of my next door neighbor. Against the warnings of a few friends I walked into the rental office of an ugly building that I heard, despite the fact that it looked like a coffin from the outside, that it was a good one.

    The rental agent, Liz, was around 50, a shapeless woman who wore silly, over-sized glasses that looked like they were falling off the ridge of her nose. She was around 5'7" and badly needed to spend time at a gym. She showed me one of the apartments and I noted the building was steel and concrete with large cinder-blocks for walls. I signed up. A month later the rental agent showed up, unannounced and asked me how everything was going on, if I had any complaints. I said, "No, it's all good."

    She informed me that her husband (whom I had not met) was part owner of the property so she took "special pains to check things out." She was, as I experienced, a nasty lady, ready with some negative remark, some slight or put-down. She inserted herself into my space when talking to me and while I expected to be turned off by stench, she actually smelled of some exotic aroma unknown to me. Out of nowhere, she cam out with the comment, "A good looking hunk like you, at your age, you must be getting tons of ass." Startled, I had no idea how to respond.

    I finally let out a weak, "I'm fine." She developed the habit of coming by weekly and more or less pestering me,
    asking for a cup of coffee. She also sat in my couch with a leg up on it and I asked her to please do not get her shoe on my couch. Eventually she stopped doing it. One day, I came out of the kitchen with her coffee and she was sitting with her leg up again but no shoes. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and she had a serious look on her face. "Give you any ideas?" she asked. I could clearly see her entire camel toe and gash. She was not shaven but well trimmed. Her genitalia was large and magnetic, something that surprized me.

    My cock took over my brain and began to rise up, so I unzipped to give it space. Feeling somehow out of control, I walked up to Liz and she spread her legs wider. There was no foreplay (other than a dozen or so boring coffee chats in the past, and I held my cock with both hands and aimed it toward her gash. As it slipped in, I smelled her perfume again and was really ready to fuck the nasty bitch. Slipping in easily, I felt her vagina clutching me like a hand. She said, "Get ready for the treat of your nothing life, kid." My thrusts and pulls were met with a real gripping action from her vagina. She started the most obscene banter I ever heard. She instructed me on rolling my hips as I thrust in and out, moving my hard cock from side to side while she "jerked" me with her vagina.

    In my mid-twenties I really did not have much experience and certainly nothing like this. That first time was a marathon, lasting around 45 minutes where we shifted to several positions. In the meantime, she regaled me with stories about how good her husband was before coming down with E.D. She said, "Too bad for him, the old fucker, but I'm still getting what I need." She got on top of me and rode my but not up and down, just sliding over me so my cock could feel her entire vagina she slid on me front to back...and she could demonstrate her muscular control. In a few weeks, she announced that she had stopped fucking two other young tenants and wanted to concentrate on me, for various reasons.

    She said, "You throw a terrific hump, kid." We began to do it daily and she would show up wearing nothing under her skirt. We always go for it minutes after she walks into my front door. We're still at it. Where she stops, nobody knows. It's completely unexpected but we actually make a great couple of fuckers. There's much more detail but I'll spare you that. My message is, "Never judge a book by its cover" an old cliche that happens to be true.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I let a 44 year old woman (really hot) buttfuck me with her strap on. She calls me names, laughs at my opened "boipussy" and demeans me the whole time she does it. She fucks me with it about 4 times a week, gotten bigger and bigger ones through the 2 months after she initiated me into her doing that to me. I get to fuck her anytime, anyplace, and in any hole I want. So I let her do it. She likes being dom and actually cums from fucking me.

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    Straight Male / 33

    Her name is Stephanie. She was sixteen and we met at a party. Like her I had not really wanted to go to the party, it was for adults only, but I went because my parents took me. Stephanie was not like any other girl I had ever met. She was so different.

    We ended up sitting together. We wandered off into the garden outside and we sat and talked. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, to which I answered no, she told me she didn't have a boyfriend. She put her hand on my lap, grabbing me and asked me if I had ever had a blow job. She got up and walked over around the side of the house, and she told me to take off my jacket, that she wasn't going to kneel in the wet grass. She got down and gave me a blow job. I had never had a blow job, I had never had a girl touch my dick. I was hard when she stopped. She held onto my dick and told me to fuck her.

    She got her dress up over her waist and got her panties down and leaned against the side of the house. Her command was not to try and be gentle, to just ram it in. I had never seen a naked girl's behind, much less a girl's asshole. She was impatient, she wanted it rammed in, to pull it out and ram it in again. This time I came and bathed her all of her insides. She told me I was stupid, I was supposed to pull out and let it out on the ground, not in her.

    Stephanie was in charge. I was her boyfriend from that night on. She liked it rough, she wanted to be mounted, to show her who was the man. I guess we were lucky because she didn't get pregnant. She wasn't on the pill and we never used condoms. If she gave me a blowjob and she got me to cum, she would let me cum in her mouth. She told me she was doing this for me, she would never let some other guy shoot in her mouth. We took lots of risks, on her back she always wanted me to cum inside.

    As we got older she wanted it more and more. Just shoot it, if I am pregnant I am pregnant, just shoot it, she would say. "For God's sake, just shoot and get me pregnant and get it over with". She wanted to get pregnant real bad. She wanted to get married and she knew that unless she was pregnant they weren't going to let us get married.

    After we graduated from high school she focused on her tits for a while. She was always asking me if I liked her tits. Hell I had never seen another girl's tits up close, I had never touched another girl's tits. She would stand back and have me pinch her nipples and pull her forward against her will. And then she wanted to get fucked, to just fuck her real bad, for God Damn's sake show her I was the man.

    On our wedding night, after we were done with college. On our wedding night she confessed to me that she was a one man woman. That blow job and fuck at that party was her first ever. She thought I was supposed to fuck her and when I didn't make the move, she did. She used to read these steamy novels that she found in the attic of her house. She got on top of me that night, our wedding night, and she told me that she was my virgin and to fuck her and get her pregnant, we had been fucking for eight years. To get her fucking ass pregnant, she wasn't ever going to use anything and I wasn't ever going to pull out of her again. She had the ring and she was a Mrs. Fill her up to the top, she wanted it so bad she got me to want it too. A baby right then was stupid on all counts, but Stephanie had waited so long for it, I said yes baby and fucked her that night, that first night she was my wife, I fucked her so that she would get pregnant.

    And she got pregnant. If not I may not be here telling the story.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I am a very young 23 year old maiden when I took the job. I work for a small company in town. My boss, who owns the business, asked me to go with him to a luncheon fund raiser for cause. It was my first time out with him and he insisted on grabbing my hand in the car, when I refused he looked at me with this look that I just let him hold my hand. At the luncheon he put his hand on my thigh, when I tried to remove his hand, he grabbed my hand and I had to hold his hand in my lap, up very high, and hold on so his fingers wouldn't explore.

    The speaker at the luncheon was a classmate of mine from high school. She went to journalism school and was trying to be an anchor on the local news. She had changed from what I remembered, she was beautiful, beautiful in a way that all I could do was stare at her. My boss kept telling me to cool it, people were noticing how I was looking at her, that if I was going to look at anyone like that I should reserve that for him.

    To make matters worse, after her speech, she came to our table to sit down because my boss had paid for the table with the speaker and the head fundraiser for the cause. After she and I hooked up again as old high school classmates, he had her sit beside me so we could talk. He kept his hand in my lap, he used the opportunity to get his hand up between my thighs, up against my crotch and wiggled his fingers and would whisper to me if I was wet yet. And on the other side I had my ex-classmate who talked and talked and she was very touchy feely with me.

    When we left she and I had this great big hug and she asked me if I was his lap princess. I said no, but she told me I was because he had his hand in my pussy.

    The next several weeks were sort of normal, except that my boss talked to me a lot and insisted on me telling him all about me and my love life, which wasn't much, but he wanted details. I ended up in bed with him.

    He invited me to a party one weekend, he told me it was going to be very intimate. I agreed, I knew what he meant and when I got dressed to go I made sure I was dressed correctly, I even left food out for my cat because I knew I wasn't going to be returning to my apartment that night. When I got to his place he wasn't alone. My ex-high school friend was there, she was as surprised as I was. We had a small pleasant hello and he asked us to sit down. After getting us a glass of wine he said he was getting straight to the point.

    He had noticed that we had hit it off, and here was his offer. He wanted to have sex with both of us, not one at a time, together. If she agreed he would use his influence to get her on camera. He didn't offer me anything because he said he wanted me either way.

    There was a long silence, he wasn't asking me, he was asking her. She kept looking at me, what was I suppose to say? I said the only thing I could say, if she wanted to get on camera here was her chance. She asked me if I was ok with it? I said yes, getting a chance to be with her, I was ok with it. She asked me if I was gay? I told her the truth, I didn't know, sometimes I was but not always. She told my boss that she was gay, that if it was ok she would sleep with me, she was sure we could be together. She turned and asked me if I would sleep with her, and of course I said yes.

    His offer stood, she had to sleep with him, what we did afterwards didn't matter to him, as long as we stayed in bed with him. She wasn't as composed as she had been, she wanted to say no but I convinced her to agree, it was her chance. She became the morning anchor and later the evening anchor in our town. Today she is all over the place, she has a great following and great ratings, she has the magic as a public speaker. Our affair is pretty hidden, in town I am seen as being with him, which I am. But from an affair point of view, she and I are have been having an affair, financed by him. After that first intimate party, I told him she was all one way, and not to put her in that situation again. So he let me have her as a gift.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    How many of you, or people out there will be able to say, they've fucked three people from the same family within twenty four hours.

    My girlfriend Amy is a really nice girl, and so so fit. Yet she's a little dull when it comes to sex. No really out there positions, hardly any oral and definitely no anal. So when I was fucking her during the early afternoon, in the missionary on her bed a fortnight ago, and her mom "K" popped her head in to ask us if we wanted some food (She did knock. I heard it but carried on) I saw the lustful look on her face. I withdrew, knelt there with her daughters pussy juices dripping off my cock and let her see just how big my erect cock is. She smiled a very dirty smile, winked at me and silently closed the door. Amy asked if everything was ok, but hadn't seen her mom. I said "Every things fine" and slid my cock back into her creamy pussy.

    Later on with Amy taking a bath, I was sat in their kitchen drinking coffee, when Amy's mom walked upto me without saying a word. Putting her hand down to the cock bulge in my shorts, "K" squoze my dick a little and asked me if I'd like to "Entertain" her. Taking my hand she lead me into her husband's snug at the rear of their property and dropped her dress. She was totally naked underneath and I didn't need to be told what to do, or what she wanted. We spent at least ten minutes giving each other oral sex on the carpet, then she had me fuck her in four or five different positions making her climax twice on my cock. Finishing off by offering me her asshole from behind, as she knelt in her husbands comfy chair, I fucked her as hard as I'd ever fucked anyone before. She came for the third time, then I came deep inside her ass. It was then we both heard the snug door closing.

    Amy didn't say anything when we emerged into the lounge, but she give me "That" look, and then told me we were going out early. Bizarrely she kissed her mom lovingly before we went out.

    I was supposed to be going home after our concert, but Amy persuaded/pleaded with me to stay over. In bed that night Amy came alive so to speak sexually, and we did almost every position myself and her mom had done earlier and then some. Then my girlfriend (Sorry Amy is nineteen) told me to take her anal cherry. I'm not joking here, my girlfriend went cock crazy. Not at first as she complained a little about the pain, but after maybe a few minutes, she backed onto my cock and SHE then lead the fuck. By the time I'd cum up her asshole, I was literally drained and Amy was having yet another orgasm.

    Both Amy and her mom were out when I woke up. I took a shower and was about to get myself a coffee when "F", Amy's dad appeared into the lounge. He asked me if I was okay, then half asked, half told me to sit down. Pulling his lap top in front of him, he messed around with it, then turned it to me. On the screen I could clearly see Amy's mom and me making out in the snug, and I could easily see myself cumming up her asshole. "F" sat there without saying a single word, not until I looked up and over at him. His face was like thunder and I genuinely thought "Here comes the beating" or worse. Instead he very calmly said something I remember very clearly "You've fucked my daughter, you've fucked my wife, now you're going to fuck me. That or my friend here is going to say hello to you". Looking at where he was pointing, I saw he had a baseball bat close to him.

    This isn't me saying I enjoyed sliding my cock over his tongue, I absolutely loved it. And it isn't me saying I'm some kind of sexual beast. I'm not. I was just put into a set of circumstances which I found I couldn't get out of, or resist. And the biggest and by far the best sex I had in those twenty four hours was easily with "F". We sucked on each others cocks, we played with each other's assholes and then in a flip flop, "F" and I fucked one another without waering a condom. It wasn't the first time i'd been fucked, but I hadn't had sex with a guy since I was seventeen. "F" took his time to enter my ass, but once he knew I was taking his shorter but thicker cock deep up my ass, he went for it and fucked me as hard as I'd fucked his daughter and more over, his wife. Even when we'd both cum, we carried on having oral sex and I got his cock rock solid again. "F" practically dragged me into the snug before having me kneel on his comfy chair. Just as I'd hammered his wife's asshole, "F" went at it hammer and tongue, and destroyed my asshole. I came without touching myself and then felt his cum erupt into my bowels, before he withdrew.

    When first Amy, then "K" came home, we were both sat chatting about football (English football. "F's" from England) in their lounge. Amy gave me a massive grin and kissed my cheek. "K" when she came in said hello and kissed her husband first, kissed Amy and then finally walked over to me and hugged me like she'd never ever done before. I looked round at Amy and "F" who were chatting, and it was as if absolutely nothing had taken place between any of us. And so it is to this day. I've not had sex with "F" again, but I have fucked Amy's mom on three more separate occasions. Amy says nothing, but I'm damn sure she knows I'm fucking her mom. As for "F" He's invited me and me alone upto a fishing place he loves to fish. It's a three day trip and he's already hinted by saying "Won't just be catching fish either", that' we'll be having sex.

    At the moment I'm having the time of my life fucking three very different people. They just happen to be from the same family and of different sexes. Amy has become just as much of a sexual delight as her mother, and I'm thinking of saying something to "K" about stopping. But then again if they're all happy and I cetainly am, then possibly I should say nothing and keep the whole family happy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    I was 28 and I had a pretty bad crush on my boss. A girl was hired and she started to flirt with him and I got really jealous, and it showed. One day my boss grabbed me in his office and kissed me really hard and asked me if that is what I wanted, then he kissed me again with a strong ass grab. He told me that all he wanted was really hot pussy and he wanted to know just how hot my pussy was.

    He came to my apartment that night unannounced and said he had come over to see if my pussy was worth having. He left immediately after he had sex, leaving his watch behind. I slept on the wet spot on the bed totally naked, I rubbed my face in it and smelled the pillow he had used. I did not change the sheets for three weeks and when I changed the bed I kept the sheets and would sit and watch television smelling him. At work things were really different with him, he kept his distance and told me that when he wanted pussy he would come by. I finally washed the sheets but felt really bad afterwards.

    The girl who was flirting with him wanted to be my friend. She just sort of pushed her way in on me and we became office pals and lunch partners. She is one of those girls who is perfect, with a perfect body and face and attracts a lot of guys and looks. One hot Saturday, she more or less invited herself to come to my apartment so we could sunbathe by the pool. The swimsuit she brought was small, I even asked her if she really meant to go outside like that. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric and her crotch left no doubt that she was female. She wanted me to touch the fabric to see how thin it was.

    Out by the pool she paid absolutely no attention to these guys who kept trying to get her into a conversation. She sat beside me, oiled my back, arms and legs, and had me oil her back, arms and legs. She was very free when she was oiling me and put her hands under my bathing suit and rubbed my bottom. When we went back up to my apartment she suggested that we take a shower to get the tanning oils off and she got in the shower with me.

    After the shower, after we dried our hair, she just went into my room totally naked and turned down the bed and laid on it told me she wanted to feel the love. I was getting dressed but she told me to keep my bra off, not to cover my breasts. I asked her what she was doing, because at that moment I was totally clueless, she was on her back, totally naked, heaving her hips up and down calling me to lay down with her. When I asked she just said she could not care less about guys, she wanted to be friends with me, bosom buddy friends, ass to ass, pussy to pussy, lips to lips, tits to tits. I didn't know what to say so I stood there, I put on my bra and put on a pair of shorts and a shirt and went to the kitchen.

    She came out totally naked, I had to run over and close the curtains, she told me she was staying the night, that she didn't give up easily. She got down on her knees in front of me and grabbed my ass and put her face up into my crotch. She sat back and told me she had never tasted dick, she was all into girls and she wanted to show me why I should, to just take off my shorts and underwear and go lay out on the bed and she was going to show me why I was never going to want dick again.

    She didn't leave, she spent the rest of the afternoon with me wearing one of my nightgowns. She did not go home, she got in bed with me and her hands were all over me, she kissed me until I let her take my panties off and let her eat me. After she ate me she asked that I eat her, it was like a badge, you eat me and I eat you. I ate her, because I did, and I let her kiss and suck my titties and I kissed and sucked hers and we kissed and fingered each other. And she spent the night.

    I had been intimate twice, once with her and once with my boss. She found the watch which was in my dresser drawer, she grilled me until I confessed whose it was. She told me to keep it slow with him, not to let it get out of hand. She moved in with me. I continued to have sex with him at our apartment. He knew about her and she knew about him. When he was there she waited until after we had sex. When she got to bed she had fetish to eat me and clean me out. It didn't work, I still got pregnant.

    I don't work with him anymore and we are married. We live together with my son who is three now. There are days when she is with me that I really need to be close with her. That I am confused as to whether I am hetero or homo I can't decide. For me if she lived with us it would be fine, in fact it would be better. But he doesn't want our son to get the wrong impression about me. But the truth is that I sleep with a girl, I have sex with a girl, I spend most of my free time with a girl, my son spends lots of time with her and me. And my son has seen us kiss many times, and he has seen us in bed when he gets up from his nap. And he has seen us in bed when he gets up and she spent the night. Believe me, my son has gotten in bed with us in the morning. He may not know that we have sex, but he knows that he has a father and that he has two mothers.

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    Straight Female / 39

    My husband works away for 6 or 8 months each time and when home its only a month .
    He taught me very good sex and i miss it so much ..he had shared me before a couple if times so i decided ask if i can be his sex slave .
    He was happy and told me to go to another town ..and dress nice but srxy see who approach me and i must not say no to their demands .

    I went a couple of days later and showered and dress nice and bit srxy and go sit have coffee .
    2 men come and sit near and after time one speaks so i answer .
    Soon both join me , they are drinking spirits but i never drink alchohol so i have still coffee .
    Soon they get little naughty talk and say i got nice figure and look pretty and will i go fof a drink and chat to their room .
    I said as long as you treat me good yes , they smile say yes we treat very good .
    Once in room they like octopus try dance and touch me , i allow them to undress me and i excited very much at the touches and soon im naked on bed.
    I could not believe im doing this but it feel good as both them work on me i cum very much .
    After i leave i spend long in shower shaking but i love doing as he instructs now .
    Im asian he english and its right what friends say ..westsrn men love sex sharing haha

    There has been many things happen as i do things he say do and some i cant write on here as so bad .
    I dont mind share in private chat on kik ..secretlife4me1

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    Straight Male / 40

    hi guys not sure why but want to tell any guys about a married slut i know here in uk , as id like to see loads of guys e-mail this slut . her name is linda and her e-mail is femlady@@mail2lipstick.**m honest ive never met such a slag, had her loads let alone all the other guys i know who used her to , love lots of guys to call her a whore .

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    Straight Male / 50

    once more I am back.looking for the women who answer my post number3964. wish we could meet.

    if you read this, your email would help. looking for a female that loves to fuck as

    much as me. that love to suck a lean black cock and get fucking nasty with your words.

    here is what I love about a woman. tits big or small it's all the same to me will suck

    them dry. so you can have a breast orgasm which is a great happen, so many women have

    not ever had one. the size and shape of all women are great because every woman is

    diffrent then the other. I never judge you by the way you look. some guys say, man,

    she not good looking but i say bring it on to me. I have fuck many women big, small,

    the every day women, the ones who get a no but i sais yes. all female will get wet and

    ask for more. to all the young men who read my posting. try eatig that pussy out , she

    will come back for more. one last thing, i don.t fuck with children, no fucking my mom

    and other things like tha. . pov from a older black male who love fucking women of all

    colors .

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    Straight Female / 18

    I admit that I have problems with intimacy and sex.

    When I was a young girl, I had a sexual relationship with an older man.
    I really can't go into too much details, right now. Because of that time, I can't have boyfriends or even friendships with guys my age. I can't help it but I only enjoy the company of older guys. It only feels right when I'm being dominated or if they guy thinks I'm unwilling.

    The story I want to share with you is what happened when I stayed at a girlfriends house. This is by far the most erotic and exciting sexual encounter I've had. You can judge me for selfishness but I don't care. Some of you will understand the hunger I have and the passion I feel.

    I'd been casual friends with Amy for a couple of years. We have similar interests and some of her friends are mine too. We really started hanging around together around the time her parents divorced. I'm kind of an expert with broken homes so it was a perfect match. We could relate and I really like her a lot. Fortunately she stayed in town with her dad and her mom moved East.

    That summer, we spent much of the time going to movies, eating ice cream and lots of sleep-overs. Her dad was so apologetic he was almost pathetically trying to win her over by buying her anything she wanted. I even got the benefit of his deep pockets. I really enjoyed the mountain of cookie-dough ice cream and peach wine coolers that he kept the refrigerator stocked with. I basically lived with her every weekend. We would eat pizza, drink coolers and hang out by her pool. She would sometimes open up about how shitty she felt and how much she was pissed at her dad. I guess it all started when he cheated with some lady at work.

    As the weeks passed, things seemed to get better for her, but she wanted me to spend more and more time over. Her dad started spending more time with her and invited me to hang out with them. At first, he would drop us off at the mall and drive off. Then he was buying us food first and then take off. After a few weeks, he was buying his own ticket and joining us. It was okay, but he started sitting close to me and paying more attention to what I was wearing. Comments like, did you change your hair? I like what you did with your makeup. Sometimes it felt like he was brushing up against me in the theater. If she notice anything, she didn't say anything.

    Movie finished and it was dark outside. We went home and ordered Chinese noodles and pizza. I love pizza. We were drinking wine coolers when her dad said that this was a great night. Such a great time with his lovely ladies that he wanted to celebrate a little. He went into the kitchen and came out with tequila shots. Tall shot glasses with cut lime wedges. My friend was pretty adamant about not drinking to-kill-ya. I wasn't so concerned and drank mine without lime or salt. With a little prodding, we got her to drink up a few. The food came and we were watching movies on cable and to some youtube channels. I noticed that her dad was really staring at me. Almost like he was hungry. When his eyes caught mine, he looked really embarrassed and excused himself. He said that he had an early day tomorrow and he would have to hit the "hay". Who says that? Well we stayed up till about three or so.

    I was dreaming that I was in our old home holding my stuffed bear. I was sad cause I was alone. Something like that. It couldn't have been more than a couple of hours when I felt a light touch on my shoulder. I was awake. I was spooning Amy with my arm around her waist. We both were dressed in panties. She was wearing a large t-shirt and I was in a loose tank top. When I didn't move or jerk my arm away, her dad began to softly stroke my shoulder. Slow and light first and then he stopped to see if I was awake.

    To me, this kind of advance turns me on. I don't like traditional come-ons. When he was sure that I was out, he slid his touching fingertips to my side. His breathing was really raspy and that made it so much more exciting. He traced my side with his hand from my shoulder blade down to my hips. While he was doing this, he was pushing the blanket down at the same time. Again, he stopped and was really quiet to see if I noticed. When he was satisfied that my breathing hadn't changed, he moved the blanked completely over my hips exposing my ass and thighs. I made a small moan and lifted my leg, overlapping Amy's. I know I heard him gulp. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He went silent again and I could tell he was taking this all in. Both of our asses were exposed. I thought he was having second thoughts, but then I heard him rubbing his cock. It was a wet, slapping noise and his breath was short and raspy. I was really hoping that he wasn't planning on spraying my ass and thighs with his spunk.

    I don't know if I moved or something, but he stopped moving and breathing. At this point, I think he's left the room until I feel the bed sink with his weight. My heart starts racing and it takes everything I have to stay calm.
    I can feel him slide right up next to me until he was right against my back. My pussy starts to get wet. I can feel his bare skin pressing on my back and rock hard penis pressing against my lower back. Lightly he lifts my tank top so that his hot bare belly starts to stick to my back. With one hand, he adjusts his cock so that it is now pressing between my ass cheeks, resting right under my wet pussy. He then puts his hand on my belly while he uses his knee to separate my thighs. His cock is now fully pressing against my pussy and the heat and wetness make me lightly gasp. He whispers into my ear, "Please, don't say anything. I need this. I love you. Don't tell, I'm so lonely. Shhhh. I love you sweetheart.

    I didn't know what to say or do. I was so horny and wet. I also knew that this was really risky, but Amy was definitely put. So I didn't do anything. Her dad was satisfied that I wasn't going to say anything cause he was kissing and licking my neck while his hand was sliding from my stomach and tits. The whole time, his daughter was lying right next to me. Amy's ass was pressed against me. Her dad was sliding his cock between my thighs pressing up against the fabric of my panties. Amy was snoring when he decided he couldn't take it any more. He started pulling on my panties. The way he was doing it, it was pinching my pussy lips. Without thinking about it, I reached down to fix them. He almost hissed at me. Don't you move! I froze. Quietly he says, You like it when I tell you what to do, don't you. Don't you? I whispered, yes.

    He told me to reach down and take off my panties and then take his cock and guide it into my pussy. Do it now. Amy was still snoring and her dad was slowing fucking me from behind. He was sliding in and out of me very slowly. The bed was moving only barely noticeably. It was so erotic. Just to think I was being sandwiched between my friend and her father. My hand was on her hip and it felt good there. He reached over and interlaced his fingers with mine and then said, "let me move your hand, don't fight me." He puts my hand on my breasts and then says that I have to play with my nipples. So I do. His cock was going deep. My pussy was vibrating, my nipples were hard and the smell of Amy's hair was in my nostrils. It was so sweet. He was moving a little faster now.

    It was really good that I really didn't notice when he moved my hand again. This time he placed it on Amy's hip. He was very stern when he said "Don't fight me" again. With his hand interlaced again, he used my hand to lift her shirt up enough to get our hands under. Now, with our hands resting on her bare belly, he gets me to trace her navel with my fingers. I could feel her shift a little and so does he. Like he did to me, he stops until he is sure that he doesn't disturb her. After a short time, he slides my hand up to his daughter's tits. I have grabbed them before, we were wrestling and she had me in a head-lock. I had to use my patented nipple crunch to get out. Well this was not the same. Her breast was cupped in my hand with her hard little nipple poking out between my fingers.

    He was so turned on by this that he started going deeper and harder. I accidentally pinched her nipple in my hand. That made her inadvertently push her ass back into my crotch. It was heaven. I didn't fight it at all when he guided my hand down to her panties. He held up the material while I slid my hand down into her soft silky pussy mound. I wanted to hold there and wait, but he was not having it. He pressed my fingertips slowing but firmly into her pussy. She was definitely not aroused yet, cause her pussy lips were soft, smooth and dry. He clit was not on fire and swollen like mine. Not at first. He went straight for her clit. My fingers parted her warm pussy lips and found her sexy button. She stirred lightly in my arms as I started rubbing. Lightly at first and then as she started to get moist, he had me pressing more firmly. Her body started responding to our hands and her ass was starting to press against me harder. He made me concentrate on her clit while I noticed that his hand was working on it's own. He was fingering her. I know it was all wrong, but it felt so right. This has to be something that he fantasized about because after a few more strokes, he exploded in me and he was groaning. I came, hard. That's when he pulled his hand back and slid out of me. He whispered for me to please don't tell and then he left.

    I was left humping Amy with my fingers on her clit and my wet pussy pressed up against her ass. He breathing was now heavy and she was moving with my hand. I started to take my hand away to pull up my panties. I then felt her hand on mine. She says, "I'm not done yet." For real. Now she moved her hand to her pussy and helps me rub out an orgasm and then she rolls over again.

    The next day we talk about the night before. She wanted to know if I was gay and if I was attracted to her. I just told her that I was dreaming about and old boyfriend when I started and that I just got carried away. She told me that she was Bi and that she has always attracted to me. We decided that for the time being we should stay just friends. She did not know what happened with her dad or she was pretending that she didn't. Either way, I wasn't going to say anything. Either way, neither one of them act like anything ever happened. I do catch him checking us both out from time to time.

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