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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Lesbian Female / 27

    My neighbor and her girl friends watched me jerk off. They sat in front of me and watched me jerk off and cum. They liked it. I could hear them talking about me and laughing as they watched me beating off, so I jerked off in front of them three times. Each time I came real hard. They watched me cum and it felt great. They were all gorgeous brunettes. I loved it :)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I got back from golfing this afternoon and found my wife in bed with the neighbor boy, graduated this year. We often have a 3some, but this is the first time I caught her in bed. She said he moved the grass, it was rreshly cut, but then she found she didn't have cash, so she offered to let him spend time in bed with her.

    She is a great looking 37 yo 36c 118 lb 5'4". When I got home he was balls deep in her and cumming. He pulled out when he saw me, and I told him it was fine, my wife could choose who she wants to fuck. When he stood up I went down on my knees and took him in my mouth. He was still rock hard!

    I sucked him for a few minutes and could feel him getting read to shoot. I slipped my shorts off and got on the bed, my wife lubed me up good and told him to fuck me deep. She encouraged him and I soon felt that kid's long thin cock slides all the way in.

    He started pumping me and had a great angle, my cock dribbled and squirted the entire time. He shot his load into me and my wife can around and had me clean her out. This kid dumped a lot of cum in her.

    We ended up inviting him to join us until he heads off to college the end of next month.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Step sister pood in front of me.

    I was 14 at the time and I was walking home from school with my step sister Stacie when she said she was desperate for a number two and a wee. I got quite aroused and I soon got a raging hard on. She couldn't help noticing the bulge in my trousers and she asked I fancied going to the woods which were on our way home. I guessed she was planning to go in the woods and I followed her. As soon as we got into a secluded spot, Stacie pulled her skirt up and her knickers down and squatted right in front of me. She wasn't bothered about me watching her her and I could actually feel my penis get even harder in my pants. She peed a long forceful stream as a large amount of semi solid poo piled up under her bottom. She wiped with some tissues she had in her school bag and she stared a the bulge in my trousers and said she would help me take care of that. I felt my heart racing with excitement, not really knowing what she was going to do and she took her knickers off and unzipped my trousers and took my erect penis out of my pants and I got so excited I nearly came in her hand. Stacie wrapped her knickers around my penis and I could feel her wetness as she rubbed me off to the most intense orgasm I've ever had. She told me to keep her knickers and I didn't hesitate to take them.

    When we got home Stacie went into her room and closed the door and I went to my room which is next to hers. I could hear her masturbating and after a couple of minutes she was moaning as she orgasmed. I started masturbating in her knickers and she walked in on me. I carried on as I couldn't see much point in hiding it and Stacie closed the door and got on my bed with her legs open. She whispered to me to f@@#k her and she said she was on the pill so it was safe. I got on top of her and slipped my erect penis into her wet vagina and as soon as I started thrusting she came hard and I came inside her. Then I hear her mum walking up the stairs and we quickly got dressed but her mum didn't come into the room and she went to the toilet so we had time to compose ourselves so no one would know what we were doing.

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    Straight Female / 24

    Floating through college I graduated with a degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Social Services. The job I got was working for the Social Services department in my city in the department that dealt with teen pregnancies in the Latino community. The person in charge that I reported to is a Latino lawyer, Yolanda. Yolanda is 32 at the and she is a butch lesbian but she passes for a fem. I found it funny that a lesbian was dealing with teen pregnancies.

    I got to know some of the girls, one of the big issues is child support, but the girls don't name the fathers so that the boys don't get in trouble. Many are dealing with more than one kid and most drop out of high school. Yolanda works to get them on welfare, to get them to the food bank, to provide well baby care, and my job was to try to get them back into school or to try and get their GED.

    Everything was ok until the day that Yolanda felt me up. I was bent over picking up a paper and she ran her hand up between my legs. I snapped up and she apologized. She touched me again, this time from the front looking into my face. She told me she liked girls and that it would really be nice if I liked girls too. Her hand went over my breast and then to my face and she asked for a kiss and kissed me. While she kissed me she put her hand hard up between my legs and felt me up. All during this time I was not able to speak or take her hand away from me.

    When it was time to punch out for the day she asked me to go out with her, she wanted to show me where she lived. We went out for Italian food and she asked me if I had experienced multiple orgasms. When we were at her house she undressed me and got undressed and we got on the bed and true to her promise I had multiple orgasms.

    The next morning I didn't feel the same. I felt like I had masturbated the night before. I didn't like her touching me and I was cold to her. I went to my apartment and called in sick and didn't go to work. I called a friend of mine, Mike from college and I went over to see him and told him about what had happened with Yolanda. I told him I needed to know and if we could have sex. I gave him the longest blow job and let him go after me without any boundaries. In the end it felt better with Mike and I asked him if I could stay the weekend with him.

    My relationship with Yolanda didn't work out at work and I quit that job and went to work at a bank as a teller.

    Truthfully Yolanda wasn't the first time I had sex with another girl. I like having sex with another girl, but I guess it is more about having fun than it is about being lesbians. I suck Mike a lot right now, I guess I need to feel his cock in my mouth. I am pretty sure that I am not a lesbian and never have been. I guess I am remembering those nights in college when we got under the covers and snuggled and kissed and made out. Nobody was a lesbian, it just felt so good to cuddle up naked, make out and fall asleep.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I have always been the person that would always do it on a dare, the girl looking for the endless party, and not taking a care in the world until my college graduation celebration: I drank way too much, the last I remember from the party was doing tequilla that's and doing some coke. After that I just have fleeting glimpses of the night.

    When I woke I had seamen drying in my hair, caked on my face, and dripping from my holes. Cum was heavy on my breath and taste. 3 days later my best friend talked me into getting testex--no std's. I read the report and sat weaping from relief.

    By the next day I was starting getting back to normal, I put out a few resumes and as they say: "the other shoe dropped".

    I was late.

    I got the other test, and it was positive.

    New out of college, pregnant and trying to make it on my own. Realty hit me. It hit me hard; .y life was going to change. I quit drinking, flushed all my drugs, and started eating right and taking prenatal vitamins. For the first time in years,I was sober and drug free for more than two days in a row.

    I woke cramping and bleeding. It was a miscarriage, 10 weeks late and lost the baby. The mass came out in the bed. I could only lay beside it sobbing.

    The guilt and sadness that wracks my soul now is that I don't know if my tears were for what was lost or relief. I am not a bad person, but who is received at the loss of an innocent life. I know I cannot go back to what I was, but I don't know who or what I am any more.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I work for a demolition company. One night when my crew and I were on a job we decided to have a little fun. This was around the time that Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus came out. So my coworker dared me to swing from a small wrecking ball we had completely naked. Before he had finished his sentence I had pull down my work pants and underwear exposing my cock.

    I climbed on top of the wrecking ball. As I sat down I felt the coldness of the metal spread up into my ass cheaks, between my legs, and through my ball sack, causing my balls to crawl up into my crotch. My penis was now the size of a golf ball, but as I got aroused by all the people watching me, bloob rushed back in, hardening it to it's normal 9 inches.

    My coworker then rose the wrecking ball about ten feet in the air and allowed it to swing a little as I acted out the movements that Miley did in her music video.

    That is probably on of the most embarrassing, yet enjoyable things I have ever done with my naked body.

    Do you have any stories of being naked at work before?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    This may sound a bit strange to some people, but to me anyway, it's perfectly normal.
    Late last year I finaly got my wife to admit to fucking other men. I'd suspected she was having sex with other guys for some time. I mean if I was her, I would have been thinking along those lines sexually.
    Let me put it this way, if you're husband only has a four inch cock and it's spindly, would you seek out other men for sex.

    The smell of sex was sometimes overpowering on her after her girly nights out, plus I'd heard rumors she was fucking at least one other guy possibly in our home. The final seal of proof came when I got a friend to put in some digital camera's in our home. They're so small and absolutely awesome at image capture, she didn't know they were there, but picked up everything.

    Confronting her with the proof of her being fucked by two different men in our home, she wept a little, but then explained she needed more than I could give. I think she thought I was going to divorce her, or get physical after we both watched her having really hard sex with both men.

    What she wasn't expecting, was for me to show her another recording. That recording was of me masturbating whilst watching her being fucked on our huge tv. I actually showed her four such recordings and the last one had me using a pair of her used panties, the morning after I knew she'd been fucked all night as I worked my shift.
    My wife looked at me for an explanation, and the only one I could give her was "I love watching you being fucked".
    And it really was and is true.

    She's a beautiful, vibrant sexual woman. She's extremely attractive, slim and so sexual, I often wondered why she wanted to marry me. love I guess. So when I let her know how I felt, and showed her my reaction to seeing her being fucked, she wanted to know where we went from then on.

    Where we have gone, is one of her regular fucks Ray, who's in his mid forties, was invited round. My wife stripped in front of him and I and he looked at me as if to say "What the fucks going on". I looked over at my wife's lover and said "Fuck her Ray, fuck her real hard".

    I watched them having sex over the next hour and tossed myself off twice. When Ray had cum up my wife's pussy and ass and had squeezed out the last drops over her tits, I did something I'd been wanting to do ever since I saw her first fuck buddy cum up her ass. Making my wife straddle my face as I lay on my back, I licked and sucked out her pussy and ass, slurping down ray's cum and her cream. then I licked off his cum from her tits just before they showered and fucked once more in the shower.

    Ray is an almost permenant fixture in our home most weekends now. I've watched them fuck many many times since last year, and have even sucked Ray off a few times. But that's not where this all ends.

    The past couple of months my wife has been seeing a young buck who's large cock drives her wild. Yet her mouth, pussy and asshole aren't the only holes he now fucks. Codey is as I've recently found out, bisexual, and has introduced me to swallowing his cum straight from his massive cock, and amazingly also introduced me to anal sex. We've not had sex in front of my wife yet, as believe it or not, she's jealous that way of me.
    Having said that, I still prefer to taste his hot sticky young cum from my wife's pussy and ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I list as bi-sexual but that's new for me. I thought I was heterosexual all my life until recently. I'm married with one child, a boy. My husband is fine but after the birth of our son he seems to have retired his sexuality. Recently, my company hired Penny, a new editorial assistant. She's pretty, feminine, and looks even younger than her 23 years. Not long ago, she dropped some files on my desk and stopped to make a remark about my perfume. We chatted about it and the use of perfume, going on to cosmetics and other things.

    In a short time I found Penny to be fairly bright as well. She told me that a perfume smells slightly different depending on who is wearing it. She asked for me to dab some of mine on her neck to show me. I did. When I smelled it on her I realized she was right. What happened then was very unexpected. As I sniffed her neck I felt electrified and even the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The closeness had a powerful effect on me. I had never felt anything like that before.

    In the following days, we touched each other, slightly, when passing work to each other and we looked into each other's eyes and both, of us knew that something was going on. Not long ago, she said, "Oh, is that a new perfume? I said, "No," but she insisted on coming closer to sniff. I let her. When she was right up to me, her face almost touching mine, she said, "Oh, shit, the hell with it," and grabbed my head with both her hands, giving my mouth a deep kiss with a wild tongue. I found myself kissing her back. I closed my office door and we started to embrace and grab each other's bodies everywhere.

    I said, "We can't do this here." She said, "I know, but where?" On the following Saturday we met in a hotel where I had taken a room. We went slowly, removing our clothes. When we were naked, both of us were breathing like Marathon runners and I told her I had never done this before with another woman. She said, "Not to worry, I have, and plenty." So we had woman to woman sex, as I learned and enjoyed. So far we've kept it out of the office except for after a party last Friday where I had pulled my undergarment off so I could fulfill Penny's request to go down on me under my desk. We plan to avoid discovery but I wonder if anyone could believe it of me even if they saw us in a 69 on the carpet.

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    Straight Female / 22

    My friends always badger me about not going out most Friday's with them. I tell them I need to save money now I'm privately renting. Which in some ways is true.
    The reality of it though, is I'm having the landlord visit me most Friday's and some weekday afternoons, to fuck me with his super fat cock.
    He's no oil painting, and he's a little overweight. At forty eight he's also the oldest guy I've had sex with, yet by a long long way he's got to be the best lover I've ever had.
    We worked out a deal within weeks of me moving in, when I defaulted on my first months rent. I'd spent too much going out enjoying myself and was nearly half as short as I needed for my landlord. Telling me his wife was out shopping, he gave me two options. See out my notice of tenancy and leave, or suck him off and then let him fuck me.
    I swear once I'd seen his awesome thick cock, there was only one choice in my mind I had.
    He fucked me for over an hour making me orgasm countless times with his amazingly fat cock. It's only, I say only, seven inches long, but it's how thick it is that really stretches my pussy and asshole. I've had a tape measure around it, and it measures just over seven inches around.
    Right from sucking on it that first time, which took some doing until I got used to it's thickness, I have to say I've totally been enthralled by his cock. At first it was he who was pursuing me for sex. Calling by to fuck me when he wanted to empty his balls. But it was me who was soon seeking him out for sex, once I knew how wild his cock drove my pussy and ass to orgasm. And he seems to be able to fuck for as long as he wants too.
    Only last week with his wife asleep in their apartment, he called by and we had sex for over an hour and a half. He got between my legs and licked and sucked on my pussy and asshole for nearly half an hour, making me climax over and over again. Then like many times since I began to pay for my rent with my body, he fucked me senseless, driving me crazy with sexual lust for him and his gorgeous cock.
    He might not be Mr Universe and the best looking guy out there, but my landlord is to me, the best god damn fuck ever.

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    Straight Male / 32

    This is not about me but. Jim, a close friend who got married, much to my surprise. we grew up together and he always said marriage was not for him. I met her and found her a bit cold and aloof. I lived in another city so I did not see him often. We communicated by phone and email. The last time I was visiting, he told me that his brother-in law, his wife's brother was in town. He would come in and be put in the guest room. Late at night my friend Jim wold often wake up, his wife missing, and from the guest room down the hall, he could clearly hear fucking noises, sometimes her muffled moans.

    Then he would feign sleep and his wife would sneak back into their room and slide under the covers next to him. He said, "I'd lay there, hard as granite. I'n the morning, once in a while, I would pull the covers off my stone pylon and she would see it, gasp at its size, then automatically spread her legs wide open. Then we would have a massive fuck. Sometimes I could smell her brother's sperm on her, knowing I had fucked her while it lubricated her vagina." I looked at Jim closely and said, "Man, weirdness has become you. Are you going to tell her anything? He said, "No, I don't want to rock the boat. I just really get off on what they are doing and no doubt did for years. I get giant boners thinking about it. Yes, I suppose I'm weird" Jim said.

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