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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    ive had a rash/pimple looking growth on the right portion of my penis shaft, and my limpfnodes on my inner right thigh are swollen and hurt. My lower back also hurts, so i went to the doctor and she told me i have herpes. Ive only had sex with one person, and i was going to marry her but now im not, and i am deeply depressed. I feel like she ruined my life, and i dont see how i could ever love her. I think i hate her for giving me this uncureable disease and i feel like i will never be a 'normal' person for the rest of my life. I wish i had never met this woman, i wish i had- had sex with other people also. I will never have sex with anyone because i know how it feels for someone to give a person herpes and i would never deeply emotionally hurt someone it this way. Im a 23 year old man, and i have never cried like i have cried in the past two days in my whole life. My exfiance says she'll kill herself if i leave her. I dont want her to do that, but i dont think the threat of suicide will stop me for leaving, and also hating her for what she has done to me. We have been together for almost 2 years and she has never had an outbreak, so i suspect shes been having sex with someone behind my back.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Thanks to people with vision the internet was invented and the likes of myself, who have spent my almost my 29 years of life believing that I was the only straight guy in the world who enjoyed dressing in girls clothing, were able to discover that we are not alone. Rock on the likes of people like Bill Gates for you have earned what you have made.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am like 17 and it was like last week when i was like hanging with the guys and this like really hot girl who was like 20 or something was like hey your cute and i was like what so she was like i think your hot and I was what what and she says she wants to talk in privat ..................

    Do you understand or be bothered to try and read this crap?

    Do you honestly think that any intelligent person capable of posting a sensible response to your posting will bother to try and read it?

    Think it through and learn a lesson.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The Master Confession Poster Version of;

    The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy

    I was like leaning upon a coppice gate
    When Frost was like a spectre-gray,
    And Winter's dregs were like made desolate
    The like weakening eye of the like day.
    The tangled like bine-stems like scored the sky
    Like strings of like broken lyres,
    And all like mankind that haunted like nigh
    Had like sought their like household fires.

    The like land's sharp features seemed to be like
    The Century's like corpse out leant,
    His crypt the cloudy like canopy,
    The wind his like death-lament.
    The like ancient pulse of germ and like birth
    Was like shrunken hard and dry,
    And like every spirit upon like earth
    Seemed like fevourless as I.

    At once a like voice arose among
    The like bleak twigs overhead
    In a like full-hearted evensong
    Of joy like illimited;
    An aged like thrush, frail, gaunt, and like small,
    In like blast-beruffled plume,
    Had like chosen thus to fling his like soul
    Upon the like growing gloom.

    So little cause for like carolings
    Of like such ecstatic sound
    Was written on like terrestrial things
    Like far or nigh around,
    That I could like think there trembled through
    His like happy good-night air
    Some like blessed Hope, whereof like he knew
    And I was like unaware.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Today in the United Kingdom we stand to order with heads bowed in the memory of 9/11. We will continue to teach our children the poison of terorism and the murderous acts committed in the name of islam.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    met a rape victim. fucking bitch.
    one night she asked me for advise regarding the rape... she started to cry. the whole time, while giving comforting b s, i imagined raping her myself.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    where would a teenager get a vibrator or what else could they use without anyone finding out?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi to all and greetings from the United Kingdom.

    As a newcomer to this site I have read with interest, and a great deal of amusement I might add, the numerous posts relating to an equally numerous variety of subjects.

    Whilst many are serious and qualify for an honest and sensible response, there are just as many which are doubtless composed in the heat of the moment whilst practicing masturbatory techniques and which rarely warrant any response at all, but live and let live I say as long as it causes no harm to any individual.

    So why I am writing this post?

    It would appear that the vast majority of the posts are made by residents of the USA and some of which seem only too pleased to seize the opportunity of ridiculing any post made by someone who is British, and I ask my self why? Is it because we use some words which are different from yours? i.e. the word Mate used in a recent post opened itself to a barrage of insults relating to British tradition. Why provoke any unwarranted and likewise insulting responses from the British? Do we ridicule your term of going to the bathroom when there is no bath in sight? We could argue that it is nonsense to use the term "going to a bathroom" in a restaurant for example is ridiculous, have you ever heard of a restaurant providing a bathtub and or shower for the convenience of its customers? I don't think so! But nevertheless the term is used as it has always been since the puritan days when any mention of the word toilet was deemed unfitting and rude. We could also argue that your language used is English and therefore your spelling of words such as neighbor are incorrect! We British are generally not in the habit of ridiculing Americans and accept that each and every culture has its differences, so get real and accept likewise.
    If you are proud to be an American and for what it stands for then remember that there are others in this world that are equally proud of their culture and heritage.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    a few days ago i was flipping through the radio stations and i heard an instrumental song which included the whole munamina thing and the mario theme song... does anyone know of what song im talking about? its probably new......... anyone? can anyone give me the artist's name?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It being that time of year again it brings back memories from three years ago. My girlfriend and I were going to this Halloween party at a big club and she talked me into dressing as a french maid in a costume she had worn a few years earlier. She thought it would be cool to see how many people we could fool. She had me shave, got me a corset to bring my waist to about 27 inches, stuffed the top to give me firm breasts and did my make up. I wore high heels and carried a purse for money and keys. We got to the club and I thought I had fooled quite a few people. We began having a good time and after several drinks my girlfriend excused herself to go to the bathroom. A guy came up to me and asked if I would dance with him. I told him I didn't dance and left it at that. I looked across the dancefloor and my girlfriend was dancing with another guy. When she came over after the dance I let her have it and she just explained that she couldn't find me after the bathroom and it was just a dance, no big deal. We argued and she left the club and took a taxi home. I was getting pretty drunk and was angry so I stayed and went out on the dancefloor. Before I knew it the guy that asked me to dance was dancing with me. After the dance he offered to buy me a drink and I got scared and told him I had to leave. He leaned in close to me and whispered "I know you are a guy and it's okay." I let him buy me a drink and we ended up making out in the lounge at the club. I couldn't believe I was kissing a guy. I took a taxi home and collapsed in bed. My girlfriend apologized the next day and told me she danced with the other guy to make me jealous because more guys were looking at me then her at the club. To this day she doen't know what happened that night and I've never done it again although I dress in her clothes sometimes when she leaves me home alone.

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