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If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I watched a show last night where there was a hidden camera in a taxi. The driver wasan actor making racial slurs. The point was to see what way most people reacted to his chattering about blacks, jews and so on.
    Some of the people agreed with the driver, such as Arabs should be sent back to "AliBaba" and so forth.
    When the unknowing passengers got out of the car they were interviewed by the host of the show and questioned about their "racism and bigotry" most were made to either feel badly or eat thier words, others stood up for their right to their opinions.

    While I believe that people should be treated according to their merits, I also beleive that people absolutely have a right to their opinions. If people don't like blacks...SO WHAT...if people don't like Asians...SO WHAT!!
    Being entitled to and voicing your opinion is freedom of speech. Why must we all feel the SAME WAY about everything????
    I would be horrified if a black man or woman was beaten or treated badly just because of their race, but at the same time I am entitled to want to stick with "birds of a feather" and have the right to like and not like whatever I choose.
    Why do people feel that we all must "conform" to meet politically correct social standards in our opinions for fear of ridicule. In a way that is no better than bigots and racist themselves!!
    Either learn to like and accept blacks,Asians, Hispanics or you will be socially ostracized is the general message.

    I beleive you must TREAT all people with respect, unless they have wronged you, but to force people into accepting all cultures and races unconditionally into your heart when you feel otherwise is just as wrong.

    If I see a young black man that is an upright and dignified person, I would not think of him any differently from any other neighbor.When I see a thug looking young black man, swearing and being ignorant I immediately think "nigger". Before you get your panties in a bunch I would absolutely feel the same way if I saw a white young man acting and looking the same way...I would think "white trash".
    The problem in my case is this.
    I grew up in a middle class ALL white community.I had never even seen a black,Asian,Hispanic person until I was about 13 when I went to Jr. High. When I did meet a black family, I was scared to death. They talked different, were loud, swore and were just scary to me. Later we found out that 2 members of this family went to jail for drugs..fighting ect. That has been my only firsthand impression of blacks. I had a preconceived notion already at 13. It didn't help that I grew up with my grandparents who were haters of most races other than Northern European.

    I feel slightly guilty about my feelings and opinions because I know the notion of all races getting along is intended for the "greater good" of man.
    However, I am still afraid of black people. I only like blacks on an individual basis. I don't like Mexicans when they come to my country and all you hear is ..abada abada, and I don't understand them. I don't really know many Asians, but never met one I didn't like. I like Jews, every Jew I have ever known I have LOVED. I don't know any Arabs, but one and he is a great guy.

    So, I guess it's not different races I hate, but the subcultures within ALL races that I am afraid of...BAD PEOPLE.
    I am still entitled to my opinion..I should be able to say whatever I choose, even if it is not in keeping with todays social acceptance rules.

    If I offend you with my opinions, do not befreind me. If you don't like the clothes I wear...well, you're not wearing them. If I must accept you in your cultural diversity opinion, you must accept my "birds of a feather" opinion. Who is to say whose opinion is right or better than another.

    Everybo dy is trying to put a lid on people that have an opinion that may be offensive to others. You can't stifle me with your opinion. I have a right to feel think and say what I want even if it offends.

    Imagine what the world would be like if we all looked felt and acted the same....AN ANT COLONY! I beleive in keeping the integrity of race to a large degree. It makes the world more interesting.

    This country was founded apon a notion that people were allowed to feel and think in a way that they choose even if it was not in correct social standings of their day.
    You like this...I like feel this...I feel that.
    You cannot impose your feelings and opinions apon me, just as I cannot upon you. That is why our religions are diversified. I will kost likely feel this way until I die.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    while i masturbate, i think about fucking pigs, goats, sheep, and dogs.
    i've never fucked an animal before, i'd like too, but i will NEVER do it. never.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've got this good friend, me and him are buddys, last week he had to drive to texas for two weeks, and asked me to check on his place. He gave me the house keys because he had been having trouble with the furnace. One cold day I went into the house, all was ok, but I snooped in his personal things, in the dresser I found all womans panties, not lace and frilly ones, just plain fruit of the loom and hanes, with some jockey bikinis. I always wondered about his jeans, they look good, but something about them was a little different, and I found out why, all of them were size 13, thats womans size, and they had all been modified to fit him, and they do fit and look good on him, I even found some of the tickets from the local lady that modifies clothes for people. He's single and I've never known him to date, he's always around other guys that I know are straight, I looked in other things also after finding the clothes, but I didn't even find any fuck mags or pictures, now I feel like a damm heel.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I drove one and a half hours to see him. I wish we would have talked.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok, this happened last year- I was working at a company, and they had a coworker showing me around the first day and stuff. She was really pretty and had a cute and friendly personality, and I wound up getting a huge crush on her. Problem was I am a straight girl. It also turned out she was married which made it worse. I think she may have realized that I liked her, cuz every time she looked at me I turned bright red! I think it affected my work too, I couldn't concentrate on the work whenever she was around, cuz I got so nervous around her.
    Although I don't work there anymore, and haven't seen this girl in nearly a year, I still think about and fantasize about her.
    Has this ever happened to anyone?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in a relationship where we don't have sex. Everything else is good but we don't have sex. I crush out on this myspace profile and send it to my hot, single friend. She meets him and posts pictures of the two of them together having a really good time and looking adorable. Now I totally want to die.

    I should be happy for her, but instead I was childish and told her he was fugly and looked like a junky.

    I'm pretty sure she saw right through that.

    So now I'm avoiding her calls, not leaving the house, and making anonymous confessions.

    Oh, and wishing I had actually offed myself in high school when it was all chic to be suicidal.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I think I'm pregnant. Im going to name my baby Allyson Starr, and then call her Alystar as a nickname.

    But sadly, Im too young to have a baby, so I have to have an abortion. This tears me up inside.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    if i didn't know how hurt he would be, i would kill myself right now. i have the razor. i've been cutting myself all day. he's going to call me in 6 hours and i'll tell him that i'm fine, that i really think this is a good idea, that we both really need a break to get our lives in order. i'll wait for him to tell me he loves me. if he does, i'll say it back. then he'll hang up first, and i'll cry until i fall asleep. i want to die and i don't know what i am supposed to do. i have no one. he has run off to stay with friends, he goes to work and has people to talk to. i'm here, working at home, all alone with no one. and all i can do is hope that if i pretend i'm ok for long enough that he might come back.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Me and Sophie always read grouphug, and try to confess there, but tonight we cant because its broken.

    Anyways, last night i got more drunk than i ever had.

    So this morning, on my way back from being vaguely raped by my cousins 18 year old friend, I found out my friends mom had drowned in the bathtub.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy, but I like wearing womans lowrise jeans, no not the ones with the 8 or 8-1/2 inch rise, but the ones with the 10 inch rise, these ride the same place on my hips as do regular mens jeans. The zippers are shorter whitch make them look a littel different in the crotch area. Yesterday I was in wall mart and this lady said, do you know you are wearing womans lowrise jeans, I said yeah I know that, she said why in the world would a man wear womans jeans out in public. I said well just look around at other people, look at that those 3 people over there, 2 woman and 1 guy, all three had on sweats, the guy was wearing flip flops. A guy in a baggy suit, made him look like a clown, younger men wearing loose fit jeans, some teenagers wearing pants 8 sizes too big, some fat slob with a tee shirt and his pants half way down showing 6 inches of ass crack. Then I said to her, these jeans I'm wearing are womans, but they fit me just right, their not skin tight, I'm wearing boots, not flip flops, my shirt is clean and it fits good, my belly don't hang down to my knees, you can't see the crack of my ass, you can go right over there and buy clothes that are made for both sexes, so tell me whats so wrong or shamfull if I wear womans jeans. She looked around for a few seconds then said, well now that you've pointed out a few things I can see your point, its just that when I was younger girls wore clothes made for them, and the guys did the same.She said thanks for opening my eyes, and walked off.

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