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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am so fed up with the politicians who act so high & mighty, only to be shown to be corrupt.
    I don't care if a politician screws around - just don't air it in public.
    I also want to confess to hating the legal system. A rich person gets a slap on the wrist for drugs, and a poor person goes to prison.
    I'm sick of celebrities getting away with crimes, up to murder.
    This may not be the right forum, but everyone needs to speak up. Get out & vote at election time!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I think that Ginger Lynn is the hottest porn star EVER. I used to watch her videos a lot.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Girls love to fart too (well I do anyway). I don't like to do it in public, but I love to fart on my own. I like to fart in bed and then put my head under the blankets to smell it. The ranker the better, especially if it smells of eggs. I also love to fart on my hand and then sniff it.

    There's also nothing like having a really good crap either, especially just after breakfast. I can really leave for work with a smile of my face then.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Whoever posted the fart story is just telling the truth. Really, all us guys enjoy ripping them in public, around friends, cover our wife's head with the blanket, etc.
    Remember the campfire scene in "Blazing Saddles."?
    One can say it's gross, but it's a reality.
    Farting is like masturbation. Whoever says they don't do either is lying to you.

    On a final note, pull my finger!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have to admit I LOVE to fart. Loud, silent, smelly, or wet farts.
    The best is to let out a nasty one in the store, and watch as someone walks into it.
    I'll even let out a silent deadly as I leave a crowded elavator.
    Another good one is to fart in the area of a baby. Mom or dad will be like,"baby needs a diaper change. Yes you do!" and all that. Only to realize it wasn't the kid they smelled.

    I enjoy eating beans, broccoli, drinking cheap beer. Anything to get the rumble action going. If I'm going to be around someone I don't like, I plan my meals ahead to build up the right amount of sound & odor.

    Face it, I love to fart!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I masturbated.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I saw that confession about the guy wearing pantyhose at work. the way I look at it, it's no big deal. I love pantyhose-and stockings and thigh-hi's and bodystockings-just about anything made of nylon. I'm not gay and absolutely love women, but I have a thing about nylons. I love to look at them on women, especially womaen in business suits and pumps. The classier, the better! I also enjoy the way they feel, both on my wife and sometimes on me. I know it sounds wierd and all, but I just get extreme pleasure from the look and feel of nylons, both sheer and opaque. There's just something about them that adds mystique to a womans body.

    Does any one else just love the look and feel of nylons and pantyhose? or am I the only one with this fetish?

    #332 — Comments (3) — Sep 18, 2002 at 11:15 PM — That's Juicy! (2) Remove This.
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