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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    The Park after Dark

    One time I was at the park after dark and a guy was giving me head. Another guy came up behind me and started playing with my ass. He wet his finger and slid it into me. The guy sucking me didn't seem to mind and just kept sucking. I wanted this to last so it took some real effort to not blow my cum right then. It did not take long before the guy behind me was pressing the head of his cock against my asshole. I arched my back which made my hole a little easier to get into and he slid right in. It hurt a little and he waited for me to relax a bit. I began a rhythm with my hips that pushed my cock into the suckers mouth and my ass onto the fuckers cock in alternating thrusts

    I thought it can't get any better than this when another guy walked up and stood beside the sucker and started stroking a nice 7" cock. I bent down and took him into my mouth. The sensation of being fucked in the mouth and ass while being sucked off was just too much. I started to cum. My grunting and moaning must have set off the guy in my mouth and the one up my ass because they both started cumming at the same time. That was probably the most satisfying park sex I've ever had.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Once or twice a week during the winter (More if we got time), but far more during the summer, I have a young neighbor called Kyle cut my lawn and do some general work around the house and garden. He always waited in the past until my wife has left to do some shopping, play cards or when her work shifts rotated through the weekend. Four years ago I had an accident in work, which means I can't use my right hand much at all. But it doesn't stop me getting horny most days. My wife prefers shopping, cooking then eating fine food. And playing cards with her female friends, to sex these days (Or so I thought). But Kyle loves having his asshole fucked, and I love giving him exactly what he wants.
    Out of ten times he's called round to do some things for me, he probably does something once. The rest of the times he's had his mouth wrapped around my cock, or it's been buried deep up his twenty year old ass. Over the three years I'd been fucking him upto a fortnight ago, I reckon I'd fucked him well over seven hundred times.
    Sometimes quite recently, we'd even risk a sneaky suck or fuck with my wife at home. Like a fortnight when Kyle called over desperate to feel my cock up his ass. He literally begged me to fuck him as my wife made all of us dinner. Taking him out to my man shed to fix this or that, I had him bend over my comfy chair I have in there, and fucked him bareback until I busted my nut up his gloriously tight hole. He'd already cum by then, and we were both just in time to hear my wife shouting us both to come in for our meal. I ate the meal knowing my cum would probably be leaking out of his asshole, and sure enough when he got up to go to the bathroom, his shorts were wet cum stained.
    My wife saw the wetness and said "Make sure when you fuck him, to clean up afterwards. He's embarrassed now". She looked back down and began to eat again as if she'd said nothing. I cannot tell you how embarrassed I felt right then, so I started to make up an excuse. My wife shushed me and said "I've known for years honey. Me and the girls don't just play cards you know".
    So it appears as I've been fucking the neighbor over the years, she's been having her female friends licking her out. Myself and Kyle had our first fuck knowing my wife knew we were fucking four days ago. It was a weird at first. But once I got my cock deep up his fuck hole in our guest bedroom, I went for it and knew she'd be able to hear us having sex. All she said when we reemerged an hour later was "Had fun boys. I'm off over to play cards in a minute. Honey don't wait up, there's four of us". She winked at me, bend over to kiss me and then told Kyle "He used to like me fingering his butt hole every now and then".
    Isn't it strange how life can work out sometimes........

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    Straight Male / 46

    A friend of mine pestered me into getting a massage. I had never been and it was quite intimidating, the masseuse was a young man, maybe 30. He told me to get undressed, no need to be shy, that my friend had paid for an hour. I lay naked on this table with a small towel over my back side and he started with my shoulders and back telling me how tight I was. I relaxed as he worked my neck muscles. After a few moments he took the towel off my back side and said he was going to work my glutes.

    He leaned over me, with both hands on me, it felt good, his fingers reaching deep, he told me not to get excited, it happened every time I went to see my doctor. He lubed me up and stuck his finger in me and said he was going to massage my prostrate. He fingered me for a while, several minutes, and he told me to turn over. I had a half an erection, he told me to lay back and he put his mouth on my penis, with one hand he held my penis and with the other he massaged my prostate.

    He continued to massage my prostrate while he worked my penis with his other hand and mouth. Between using his mouth on my penis, he would tell me to relax, he wanted me to relax until I let him get me to cum. When I did, he pushed his finger hard against my prostrate and kept his mouth tight around my penis. After he sucked out everything he could, he smiled at me and said now that I was relaxed we could go on with the massage.

    The hour went by fast, when he was done he gave me one last long suck on my penis. Now I knew why my friend was into massage. I pay for my own massage now.

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    Straight Male / 34

    She is a South Sea Islander, coffee brown skin and black frizzy hair. Stocky built too but not too tall or overweight. The first time I fucked her she wanted me to cum all over her face. This was only the start.

    I went to her place with her. The house was half empty and packing cases all over. She said he moves out on Saturday and she meant her husband. He won't be home she said, he's at work, not that he'd do anything, it being all over.

    After washing we fucked standing up in the shower, against the tiles. When I jizzed in her pussy she said are you ready and I said yes but it didn't happen, I went soft. So we rested and did some oral. I got a hard on and she said this time.

    We fucked in the bath. Not much room but I got her feet up on my shoulders and pumped her pretty solid for a while. Are you cumming she asked. I said no but I think I'm ready. OK she said, do it. And I did, pissed into her pussy. I thought I couldn't piss with an erection but I was wrong. It came out. She screamed out like I'd hurt her but she said it was just so fucking awesome.

    Then I wanked over her face and she said this was what turned her on big time.

    Thing is I don't mind doing it.

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    Straight Female / 35

    All the video stores are now gone, along with the few glory holes.

    When my g/f and I turned 18 we got up the courage to browse porn videos and check out the
    glory hole. Neither of us had any interest in sucking off some hobo cock but we were curious.
    The store manager, laughing at our youth and innocence, followed us in and whispered, "Watch this" and he went up to a very large, hard pecker sticking out of a hole. He gave it one stroke
    and it started firing off seed.

    We ran out of the store and never went back but later we heard it was closed.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Earlier this year, my husband Kane asked me as we having sex, if I'd love to have a younger guy with huge cock fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole. My answer as he knew it would be "I love you honey, why would I want anybody else". I also knew what his next reply would be "Because I'd love to watch the video of you being fucked".
    It's something we'd been going over for the last four years, on and off during our marriage.
    Last month he told me about a work trip he had to take in March. That trip is next week. Yesterday my husband introduced me to a twenty year old neighbor called Jack. Without talking to me first, he told Jack I wanted a younger man with a huge cock to fuck my pussy and ass. Then as if they'd agreed to do it, Jack exposed himself to me in our hallway.
    Jack's cock was flaccid, yet even being soft, it was still much longer and far thicker than my husband's dick when erect.
    I saw the smile on both their faces, and they must have seen my jaw drop as they both then laughed. Jack pulled his shorts back up, grinned and said "It's all yours Mrs R*****. I'd love to fuck you".
    Kane and Jack shook hands, then my husband as Jack walked away, said "I've told him to call by when I'm away. He's already told me he fancies you. Please think about it honey. I'd love you to fuck him and film it".
    On Monday I'll drop my husband off at the airport. Monday night he's asked me to let Jack enter our home. He's also just this past hour, set up three digital cameras. One in the lounge, one in our bedroom, and one in our bathroom. They're both linked to the computer, and then to his lap top.
    He's desperate for me to be fucked by Jack, and to watch it live, as if he was there. I was totally against it, but now think I should do as my husband wishes. My only concern, is will I then always want to have Jack or someone like him, fucking me in future ?...

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    Straight Female / 42

    When I was 18 my parents did not know what to do with me so they sent me to spend the summer with my grandmother in France - just around the corner from her house was a nude camping. I started hanging out at the beach and made some great friends.

    I was a skinny feisty red hair girl and the boys seemed to like me.

    It all began, when I sucked a cute boys cock ! He told a friend and a few days later, I sucked one of his friend. Then a friend told another boy and I was being approached to suck more cock. Within a week, I had performed oral a dozen times on five boys.

    French teenage boys are horny !! God !

    I was sucking cock in the beach change rooms, in the woods, at the showers, at the park and at one of our hangout place which we called "la roche" the rock...because of a large rock.

    After a few weeks of sucking, I began craving cock as soon as I get up in the morning ! French boys are sexual and their attitude, their smell, their ability to look at sex as just what it is...was intoxicating. I have to say, there were a few fine specimen that were beyond beauty.

    I began to let boys cum in my mouth - some I would swallow - most I would spit out - some insisted on cumming on my breasts. (I refused to let anyone cum on my face)

    It was an endless summer of boys, cock, cum and exploration. Sex is supposed to be fun and not taboo - oh my mother would have a fit if she ever found out ;)

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    Straight Male / 19

    Last year I was on a cruise with my parents and I thought that it was going to be boring. On the second night, I went for a walk on the deck at around midnite and met this 30 something girl. She looked like one of my teachers but just sexier and more daring. We chatted for a while then went back to her cabin.

    I discovered BLOWJOBS - I was a virgin with a big cock and crazy horny !! I would blow my load in 30 seconds or less but then, I was good for an hour of sucking and fucking.

    We fucked in the afternoon and evenings for the next five nights. She was AMAZING ;)

    I am still masturbating when I think of her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My English teacher, as I found out, she is only ten years older than I am. After two semesters of glancing at each other we found ourselves going down on each other after the last class. I love it. Where we go from here, nobody knows.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I love seeing and talking with trans people it gets me so hard I want to have a secret email buddy to always talk to and fall in love,show me your body I'm at madmcurie@@@@g***l hit me up and have an online love

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