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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 29

    Seriously now what the fuck do I do ???

    My husband is a wonderful man, a very sexual man who loves fucking me. And we fuck a lot. Yet a fortnight ago I came home early from a business meeting and found the man I love, taking a large thick cock up his asshole from behind on our bed.

    If that wasn't bad enough, the man fucking my husband was my father. Great just fucking great. There I was stood watching my own dad screwing my husband and they both sounded like it wasn't their first time together. A comment from my husband kind of gave me that impression when he said "That's it Frank, fuck me like you did in your shed last week. I came like a freight train then".

    What's more bizarre was my reaction. I say this because they still don't know I know. I watched them, I actually watched them fuck and became horny. Seeing my dads cock actually had my pussy twitching and wet, and hearing my husband take his cock made me feel like playing with myself.

    I didn't as I walked away, but it took some forcing to move myself away from what I later realized was a beautiful sexual act to watch.

    My husband has been round to my dads place a couple of times since. Supposedly for work related stuff. (They work in a similar field of work). And each time he's returned home he had that smell about him. you know the one I mean, sexual.

    I'm not saying here I'm mad at him or even thinking of outing them. But I'm confused about my own feelings and my reaction. Surely I shouldn't be turned on by my dads cock, or by seeing them having gay sex. But the truth of it is, I was and am when I recollect them fucking. I've even masturbated remembering seeing my fathers cock burying itself up my guys ass.

    So as a confused, turned on and somewhat freaked out wife and daughter, what the hell do I do now ????????

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Choices choices choices, now who do I pick to fuck this coming weekend.

    My wife who I've been married to since I was twenty two. She's now put on some weight and doesn't let me fuck her asshole anymore. But she can suck a football through a straw.

    My wife's best friend who's just turned twenty four and is a real hottie. She adores anal, loves my cock and is crazy for a fuck anytime anywhere with me.

    Or my final choice is someone I've been fucking now for over a year. He's, yes it's a him, twenty two, absolutely craves my cock up his tight asshole, and is the by far the dirtiest of the three. Plus he's my wife's younger brother.

    I could fuck all three in theory, but I really enjoy going to town on one of them, fucking them until I have them literally begging me to shove all eight inches of my cock up their fuck holes (Except my wife's ass).

    There is is however one caveat here, and that's all three now know about one another. It was my wife's idea for me to fuck her best friend when she wasn't able to have sex due to surgery, and she knew I'd find a willing pussy anyway. Then one evening with my wife at work, as I was fucking her best friends asshole from behind, her brother walked in on us. He genuinely thought he was getting one over on me as he threatened to spill the beans. Sending my wife's best friend home, winking at her as I did, I persuaded my wife's brother not to say anything by fucking him, after he'd sucked on my dick for quite some time.

    He thought for some time he was having a secret affair with me, as I continued to fuck him for months. Then when his sister finally told me enough was enough, and to let him know she knew about him and I, I arranged for him to visit with him thinking she was away. I swear I was balls deep up his asshole when he noticed his sister watching us from the bedroom doorway. He tried to bolt away, but then he noticed us laughing. With his sister downstairs making us all a coffee, I finished off fucking him, cumming deep up his cute ass. And then explained everything downstairs including me having free range to have sex with my sisters best friend whenever she was around (She's got a new job working away a lot).

    So my question is, who do I fuck for my birthday weekend. One of them, my wife and her best friend together maybe (Never done it). Or all three, fucking her brother in private as he hates his sister being there.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions mmmmmm ???

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    Straight Female / 52

    Hello my name is Kassandra, some call me Sandra. I've been married to Kevin since 1995.Kevin and I work as vendors, traveling each week, one to the next. We have learned that sex sells,I'm 5'4" weigh 130lbs,long blonde hair,blue eye's,shapely ass and big boobs with large areolas. Kevin likes me to dress wearing a loose fitting halter top, that shows most of my areola,except my nipples, when I bend over. I like wearing a pair of cut off jeans with legs cut short in the front and back,exposing some ass cheek,and darkness area of my crotch. Older men spend money every time that I wait on them. Kevin was always saying.. He wants to fuck you., that guy licked his lips at you. So much of hey he wants to fuck you. So when we closed and went to take showers. When we walked to the shower rooms, I reached and grabbed the men's door handle opened it and walked in. Kevin was speechless,in seconds I was surrounded by men of all color.. So he wants to fuck me, I thought it wasn't long before I was laid on a big padded bench and fucked my pussy numb..view my body at 6013411649. My pussy red and swollen..

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    Straight Female / 44

    We've been married for over twenty years and have a very good relationship. Other than having sex with each other. Our children, our parents, family, friends and colleagues, all think we're the perfect married couple. When in fact for the past two years he's been receiving a fucking from a man I know all to well, and I've been educating various young men in the delights of extremely hard rough sex. My uncle who's a wonderful caring man, has been having sex with my husband ever since they went away on a fishing vacation. I found out about it and quickly realized I didn't want to lose either out of my life. And I also knew I wasn't going to stay sexless myself. A few months after finding out, so not straight away in anger, I drove over to motel and met a nineteen year old who I'd been contacting over the internet. In the two hours we spent in that room, I learned a whole new appreciation for being fucked. And I learned I adored being fucked extremely hard orally, vaginally and anally. Nothing, other than scat and absolute pain, was off the sexual table and indeed he fucked me anally over the table in the room. Going from that point, I let my husband know about what I'd done and he actually drove me over to a another meeting I had with another older buck. It was a quickie in relative terms, with the young man fucking me for half an hour in his car, as my husband sat only yards away. His cock was so big, I had trouble walking back to my husbands car, as he'd fucked both my pussy and asshole so deeply. And so it has gone on from there. My husband and my uncle have their fun most weeks, but then so do I with young men who know how to pleasure themselves and me, taking a horny dirty married mom to ever new heights of sexual depravity.

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    Straight Female / 34

    Three years ago my husband stepped out of our marriage and the woman had a love child with him. Now she is here wanting to be accepted, live here in town, right here. She showed up with the baby, handed the baby to me and walked into my house. She is looking for a job, I am looking for a job for her so she can move into her own apartment. My husband found a job for her but it is on the other side of town. It is really not a good job and seeing the baby is going to be hard. And being selfish my husband would have to spend more time commuting to go see her. That is why I said no. I will find her a job, a job that works for all of us. We missed the first two years of the baby.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I work 37 to 40 hours a week and let my wife spend all of my money. The only family I have other than her are my mother and my brother and they seem perfectly fine not talking to me unless they absolutely have to. They only talk to me if I contact them first. I hate myself for literally everything I've ever done. I've never been good enough for anyone. I'm not a good enough brother for my brother, I'm not a good enough son for my mother, and I'm not a good enough husband for my wife. No matter how much I care and how much I am willing to sacrifice to make other people happy, nothing is ever enough and I still feel like I am a piece of shit in the end and I've never once in my life not ended up disappointed with the outcome of literally everything I've ever fucking done.

    In 2006 my mother was diagnosed with a dissected aorta, meaning she couldn't work anymore, and we were homeless at the time, temporarily staying in a house of one of her friends while he was out of the country. Since then I've been under immense pressure to make money and be the fucking savior of the universe. I wanted to be able to pay everyone's way and keep everything afloat single handedly and I've never been able to fulfill even my own expectations. I am worthless and no one really needs me, yet here I am living for people to don't even fucking need me. Wasting my own life trying to make other people's lives easier when I know they will never pay me back or even give me credit or how much I fucking suffer so that their lives can be easier.

    In 2013 I got married to a girl who literally chose her family and friends over me, as well as choosing drugs over me, but I loved her so much that my stupid ass married her anyway, because she literally threatened to leave me if I didn't marry her. I already planned to marry her, because I am the one who proposed, but we were engaged for a long time and she didn't want to wait until we were mature or financially stable, she'd rather do shit prematurely, so we didn't have a wedding or anything, we just went to the courthouse and had a sad marriage ceremony because god forbid she wait until we were actually ready to be married.

    The day after we got married my mom kicked me out of her house, because she didn't want me to get married, even though I sat down with her before I did it and had a real, honest conversation with her, where she concluded that I am going to do what I am going to do regardless of how the conversation goes, and even though she didn't seem that mad about it before I did it, she clearly was after I did it. She used my bathroom sink being clogged as a reason to threaten to kick me out. We were sitting on the back porch and she ranted to me about my bathroom sink being clogged and said a lot of shit that made me feel horrible. So I (crying because of how much what she said hurt my feelings) called my wife and had her pick me up, and I moved out that day. As I was packing my shit, she had the nerve to say, "I don't understand why you are crying, you were going to move out anyway." Because I planned to move out in February, when she kicked me out in November, when she told me it didn't make sense to be married unless my wife and I lived together, and that I should want more than living with my mother my whole life. Basically contradicting herself and making herself not the bad guy. So her roommate talked shit to me in a facebook message as if I moved out and screwed my mom over on the bills, when I didn't choose to move out right then. So, you see, from my mother's perspective I am the bad guy.

    I raised my brother from the time he was born until my mother got a dissected aorta, because my mother was always working and when she was home she was extremely mean because she was tired and I could never do anything right by her. She was addicted to meth and that is probably why she got a dissected aorta in the first place. So when she became disabled she took over raising my brother and when she kicked me out, now he and I barely kept in touch, and I tried to explain to him that I didn't leave willingly, even if that is what my mother told him, but I don't know if he believes her story or mine, but I've tried to let him know that I love him and want to spend time with him, but my life has been so busy that I don't get to spend a lot of time with him and it breaks my heart.

    Anyway, I've spent the last 5 years, I've literally put my entire life aside to cater to every single desire my wife has had, I work and give her all the money while she sits at home and literally does nothing. She is a drug addict and even though when we met I was straight edge and had only ever drank alcohol occasionally, in order to make my marriage bearable I gave into the peer pressure and also became a drug addict. She would rather spend her time with people who drink and get high with her than spend it with me, if I wouldn't drink or get high with her. So I literally went against my own desires, against my own beliefs because I wanter her attention so much that I started getting drunk almost every night and smoking weed, which escalated to snorting coke, molly, taking LSD, and snorting/smoking meth. So here I am following in my mother's footsteps, because I am too stupid to leave a girl who emotionally manipulates me and makes me feel like a piece of shit.

    Earlier in our relationship, she baited me into being in a relationship with her by giving me oral sex all the time and vaginal sex whenever she was in the mood, but once she was confident she had me hooked, she cut me off and deprived me of intimacy until it fucked me up mentally. I blamed myself for her not being attracted to me anymore. My infatuation for her was extremely alive and she cut me off overnight, and it broke me somehow where my whole life became a desperate attempt to be good enough for her again so that she would love me like she used to. Still to this day she doesn't show the same level on interest in me that she did when we first met, and still I feel like a piece of shit. I admittedly cheated on her before, because I was so depressed and neglected that I was borderline suicidal and did anything I could just to try to feel like I wasn't worthless and that maybe there was a chance I could possibly feel happy again someday. But that was a horrible mistake, because now she can use it against me to lock me in even harder, because I really do love her, still, and now I hate myself even more than before because I know I fucked up and am even more of a piece of shit than I was before.

    After years of repeating the same cycles which crush me emotionally and make me feel like I am giving everything I have to get nothing in return I am still here doing the same shit. Our air conditioner broke and she can't handle being in the heat for too long or she gets nauseous and very mean to everyone around her. So we (her brother-in-law and I) put the fans on her, it wasn't enough. She used my most recent paycheck to pay for a hotel room for 2 days so she could be in the air conditioning. Well, those two days are over and we're back home and the air conditioner is still broken. Her brother spend his money on buying more fans and even buying a window A/C Unit to try to cool down the house and it didn't make much difference, it's still hot as fuck in here. So I moved her chair literally right next to the window unit so she could feel the air, after I installed the window unit, in a broken window, where I had to half-ass/jigga-rig the shit in there in the first place, just so she wouldn't have to be hot, and it's still not enough, because it's still hot in here, and she argued with us that she's not as spoiled or selfish as we think she is, as if she can read our minds, when I know she is exactly as spoiled and selfish as I think she is and I am fucking demolished emotionally, enough to write this fucking anonymous confession.

    I passed out on the couch, while using my laptop. Woke up, she was gone, I went to the bathroom, thinking she'd be in there, she wasn't, she was in the roommate's room smoking meth with them. The roommates who don't pay their rent. And it triggered me, because the only reason I ever started doing drugs in the first place was because she would run off to whoever had/was doing drugs because she wanted to get high instead of being with me, and now, when I fall asleep, she still wants to run off to whoever will get her high. I feel completely worthless and I really, honestly do not see a reason to keep living, I want to fucking die. But I am a glutton for punishment because I don't want to be the ultimate failure and give up, so I'll be the second worth failure and drag my fucking body around until I die naturally, though I never expect to ever find happiness and life literally feels meaningless. All I've ever felt was suffering. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Why the fuck am I even here right now?

    Thanks for reading if you did. I just needed to vent.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Walked into my wife's place of work two weeks ago as a surprise lunch date. Only I was the one being surprised by the sight I got when nearing her office. Usually there's a couple of people around at that time, but no one was on that office floor level, other than my wife and her boss Gavin.

    Gavin is fifty one, a fit man who plays lots of tennis and golf and from the looks of it, he's got a huge cock. From the distance and angle I was looking at them, I could clearly see his large cock fucking my wife's asshole. She was moaning out loud telling him how good it felt to have his dick in her ass. And then wham, my wife climaxed on his cock, and I could see her beautiful breasts heaving as she shook.

    Moving a little, not wanting to get noticed, I found myself fascinated by seeing his cock disappear up her ass. It was almost as if I was watching a film of her having sex, rather than being there. And it was horny as hell.
    Thinking to myself what I was going to do, I took out my phone, then took some pictures as best I could from where I was of him fucking her. I text my wife I was on my way and about to pick her up for lunch. I heard her phone beeping away and heard her say "J**** on his way, cum in me baby I want your cream".

    I've heard my wife make that statement countless times, but never before had I realized how fucking dirty it sounded as she received his cum deep up her asshole. Once Gavin had finished cumming up her ass, he slid his cock out and I thought they'd rush to get sorted. I was wrong, as my wife dropped and turned around, took hold of Gavin's still erct cock and sucked it into her mouth. She licked and slurped away on his dick for some time, making sure she cleaned from what I could see, every drop of his cum from his cock.

    Moving back down the stairs, I stayed there for about five minutes and then walked up as though I'd just arrived. My wife was sat very calmly across from Gavin, as he noticed and smiled at me. Reaching them both, I bent to kiss her cheek, but my wife took hold of my neck and kissed me for real. Our mouths opened as we kissed and I could taste his cum in her mouth. And I guess that was the point.

    Out at lunch I was dying to tell her I'd seen everything, and to show her the four pictures I'd taken of them fucking. I didn't, instead I let her kiss me full on the mouth and got a boner tasting his seed over her tongue all over again.

    It's something we used to do when we first dated but hadn't done in along long time. I took my wife into the restaurants toilets and slid my rock hard straining cock up her pussy. She didn't even object or try to persuade me otherwise. And it was the best quickie sex we've had in a long long time.

    Once she got home from work, I was again so horny, as I'd been looking at the pictures I'd taken, uploading them to our computer. Panning right in, I could see Gavin's cock right up the hilt deep inside my wife's ass and it looked amazing. We fucked again on the kitchen table and then the floor, before she showered with my cum all over her tits and face.

    I know for sure they've fucked again, as I've tasted his cum in her mouth. In the four occasions I've tasted it since that first time, I've become incredibly turned on every time. And I've fucked my wife right there every time. She's told me only a couple of days ago I'm becoming the horny guy she married again. I very nearly said in reply "Well you won't need Gavin's cock anymore then". The only reason i didn't, is I'm enjoying them fucking one another, just as much as they are.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I have been very close to your my younger sister Susana who is 5 years younger than me and even more closer to her husband Paul, the both make a nice couple in spite having opposite attitudes, Susana is introvert while Paul extrovert, she is more of a book worm while Paul outdoor guy

    As for me , I have been happily married with the same guy for past 12 years , we have no kids and our sex life is kind of ok but far from spicy ,husband more in Vanilla sex , frankly speaking its boring to me
    Paul and I are very open about everything including sex, he has shared with me all his pre-marriage sexual experiences which were wide and colourful, I had listened to them with lots of interest , many of them made me blush too

    A while ago I had read a line or two in Cosmopolitan about Rimming , though I never had either received or given in my whole life , this rimming thing was stuck in my mind , since Susana and Ilive in the same block , I visit them often without pre intimation , last week afternoon when I went, Paul was having a day off and Susana was at work, Paul & I began to chat general stuff, in reality I was very eager to ask Paul about Rimming , anyway I blurted and asked him, he smiled and replied “ A person`s sex life is kinds incomplete if she/he hasn’t experienced Rimming “

    I asked him if he has experienced, he said he loves both giving and receiving , sadly Susana only likes to receive , then I asked him how does it feel to get rimmed, his reply was “ There no words to describe, one has to experience in real “ he asked me if my husband had ever done to me, I said no way, it’s out of question, he asked me if I would be the game for rimming , I said yes but my husband would never do it , Paul looked straight in my eyes and said “ If you ok I would love to volunteer “ I was bit shocked but then Paul never beat round the bush, I thought for few seconds and said fine but it will be conditional, first neither of our spouses should know about this, he will just rim my butt hole and nothing else, no sex, no pussy licking or fingering , these terms were acceptable to Paul

    He asked me to use the washroom and clean myself there thoroughly , I quickly rose up and went to the washroom ,cleaned my butthole well , when I returned my heart was racing & face flushed, Paul asked me to go to their bedroom, remove me jeans and be on my all 4`s, he will join me once am in position

    There I was in bed, my ass in air , heart fluttering , I didn`t know what came over me , suddenly I felt Paul`s hands grabbing my buttocks and spreading them , his face shoved in my butt crack, moment the tip of Paul`s tongue touched my butt hole I felt electric current pass through my whole body, I gasped and let off a loud moan, in return Paul handed his tongue and tried to push it in my asshole, my whole body clenched , the feeling was divine , his tongue licking the inner walls of my asshole, his strong hands stretching my butt cheeks to enable his tongue to probe deeper , Paul was man of his word, he `s didn’t even touch my pussy which was drenched, from below I began to play with my pussy while Paul ferociously rimmed my asshole, wriggling his tongue deep in me , consistently removing and shoving it , he was officially tongue fucking my asshole

    I was enjoying every second of my asshole getting devoured, my finger ferociously rubbing my clit ,my buttocks wriggling , my eyes tightly shut , huge orgasm building in me while Paul`s tongue was worshipping my asshole

    I violently shook and shuddered as I orgasmed , a loud and long one , all the time Paul glued him mouth over my asshole, I fell on the bed panting for breath

    I got up and pulled up my jeans, I felt I was the happiest girl in the world, no guilt no remorse, I hugged and kissed Paul, promised him that next time I will Rim him

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    The day my wife and I divorced, I went to her sisters-in-laws house and told her that I have wanted to fuck her ever since I met her. She was surprised. She felt the same way. So I pulled my pants down and my underware and started masturbating. She watched for a while then asked if I wanted a BJ. I said yes and stripped off my shirt. I was naked, she was fully clothed. She sucked my dick. While she was sucking my dick, I said "because I am naked, and you are not, I was hoping I could at least see your tits." She took her top off, and she wasn't weatring a bra. I started sucking on her tits and she asked my if I really wanted to do this. I said yes and she took off all of her remaining clothes and pushed me down on the recliner, crawled into my lap, and started fucking. I had no condom and I stated cumming inside her a tinuy bit, so I asked her to stop. I didn't lose my erection! She did notice the cum! We went to the bed and I felt back in contol and realized that if she was going to get pregnant, than she already was because I came, so I figured why not continue to fuck. I got on top of her and fucked her hard. I then pulled out and came all over her tirs by jerking off into them. We agreeed it was a one time thing, but when she had her period the next week I knew she wasn't pregnant and started regularly coming over to fuck. Imagine what my ex would have thought if I had gotten her sister pregnant. I met someone and decided to get msrrierd, so I stopped coming over for sex. She told me she didn't mind sneaking around my wife if I wanted and I didn't because I didn't want to hurt my new wife. Last summer I came by, and confessed my bi-sexuality to her. Aside from a few men, she is the only woman that knows that I like cock too! She suggested a bi mmf, and I was so turned on that when she went to the bathroom to pee I started masterbating. She came out and I didn't hear her and she caught me doing it. We then got naked and started masterbating togeather. I was thinking that it would be just masterbation and not sex, until she sucked my dick. We now regularly make plans to screw. I love my wife, but my sister-in-law is a great fuck. We havn't done a bi 3-way yet, but I hope we do! I want the two of us to make out with a cock slipping in between our two kissing tongues. I want her to see me take it up the ass. I want her to lick his cum off my face. I am masterbating as I type this.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    There needs to be a bisexual section on here. The reason I say that, is more and more men are seeking out other men for sex as I've now come to notice. Or in my case, my wife Helena is seeking them out and watching them fuck me.
    I'm not yet sure if I'm her cuckold, or she's mine. As she never joins in, only watches and masturbates.
    It began when I told her I enjoyed her tonguing my asshole. She became incredibly turned on, and we ended up fucking all night that particular night. Two weeks later, and I'm not overly sure why I agreed, I was receiving a guys hard cock up my ass in a motel room as she plunged a dildo up her pussy.
    It's now been nearly two years sonce the first man who fucked me in the motel, and in that time I've had over twenty different men fuck me in front of my wife. I never orgasm from being fucked, but do have the most amazing orgasms when my wife subsequently sits on my face. I don't even need stimulation as my cock erupts all on its own.
    Occasionally the men will fuck my wife too, but on the whole I'm the main attraction and my wife loved it to be that way.
    So who's subbing who, and who is getting more enjoyment. I suppose she is, but I'm beginning to lst after large cock. Strange...

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