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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 22

    Any women who wants to fuck each others brains out and help each other release their sexual tensions and explore any fantasies, please comment below. I live in Philly but can travel a little. Im just extremely horny

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My girlfriend has a horse. She doesn't know it, but I go out in the barn and suck his cock. Sometimes I catch the semen in a beer mug and drink it all. I'm going to try to get him in my ass sometime. I hope it doesn't kill me. It may be worth it to have that cock in my ass, though.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Last night I caught my 12yo daughter fucking my husband (her stepdad) they donât know I saw them. I was turned on seeing her ride his big dick (8 inches) like a pro , when he blew his load she let out a little squeal, I know the feeling when he cums, itâs usually a big load and feels so good. I went down the hallway and made enough noise for them to hear me, I saw her run in her room naked, I went to my room and shit the door, my husband was pretending to be asleep, I pulled the covers back and grabbed his half hard dick and started sucking it, I could taste her pussy and his cum was still leaking from the tip of his cock, I whispered in his ear if my daughter pussy was as good as mine, he started saying I was crazy, I explained to him that I had watched her riding him and he blew his load in her only minutes before, he admitted she had really good pussy. I went in her room and closed the door, I told her she had something that belongs to me, she said what, I told her the load of cum in her pussy was my husband cum and I wanted it back, at first she was shocked but relaxed when I started eating her pussy and sucking the cum from her, she did have good pussy. I told her she could fuck him whenever she wants to but I get to watch and clean up her creampie, she agreeed if she can eat my pussy when they fuck, letâs just say we are one very happy and satisfied family.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Got to watch my wife get fucked by her first BBC. She was unsure about the black/white thing, that is until he had all 9" inside her. She did not seem to mind after that. It was great watching his big cock slide between her wet pussy lips and then seeing the look on her face when he slide all the way in. He fucked the shit out of her. It was great to watch. I blew my wad all over her in a matter of minutes but he fucked her for about 45 min. She came 3 times. Cant wait until i can talk her into letting him fuck her in the ass.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    For the last six months I've been sleeping with my 60-year-old and her boyfriend's 50-year-old sister. My neighbor, Cindy, is a petite brunette who looks 15 years younger. Her boyfriend's sister Maggie is a tall, thin blonde who usually sleeps with women. She and I get along really well and she will text me when she has a new woman she is taking home so I can log in to her webcam and watch them fuck. I feel blessed to know such interesting women.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 37

    I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist as I always got a rush by being naked and the risk of being caught. On a vacation a few years ago I went to a resort that had a clothing optional beach. I know going nude on a clothing optional beach isn't a big deal but on this one I felt it was. Over my week stay at the resort, and on one day only, I only ever saw one case of nudity which was a topless woman. Every other day people were clothed except for me. I walked the whole beach naked with it all hanging out. Even though I was allowed to be naked I felt like a true exhibitionist as I was the only one doing it. People had no problem stopping and talking with me and I felt such a rush as I was in front of them fully exposed.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    I feel really depressed because tomorrow it's Valentine's day and I will spend it alone because I am cursed to be single for ever. I don't even care that much fo this holiday but this year I feel kinda sad. Last month a guy from work was flirting with me and I thought that he might like me, because he was always trying to be around me, he even asked me out for a coffee but he was only looking for sex not for a serious relationship. I can't find not a single serious guy, the decent ones are taken. I'm curious if there are any single folks like me and how do you cope, what do you do to feel better and try to forget that you don't have a partner to share your life with him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I knew I was bisexual at a young age (12), I sucked my first cock and he was black, I loved the way it felt feeling him squirting his warm creamy load down my throat, he didnât want to suck my dick but let me fuck him in the ass, I shot my load deep in his ass , moving on, last night my wife brought home 2 black guys, and they were down for whatever, I asked my wife what she wanted, she said each guy had to blow their first load in my mouth before she fucks either one, we all got naked and I went for the biggest dick I have personally put in my mouth, he was 11 inches hard and very very thick, I could hardly get it in my mouth without my teeth dragging, so I lightly sucked the head while my wife stroked his long shaft, felt him throbbing and knew he was close to cumming, I pulled back and my wife jacked him off he sprayed cum everywhere, most of it in my mouth down my chin, I cleaned his beautiful cock off and started on the other guy, he was big, about 8 inches hard but not very thick, I easily deep throated him, by now Iâm laying on my back with my head hanging over the edge, my wife is sucking my cock and me huge cock is pounding her tight pussy and the other guy is fucking my mouth, he buried his cock deep in my throat and blasted the largest load I have ever taken in my mouth, I gulped 3 times to swallow it all, I shot my load in my wifeâs mouth and mr huge cock blew his load deep in my wifeâs pussy, which I cleaned up. We all took a break and smoked a bluntness I watched as they took turns fucking my wifes ass and pussy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    I'm 33yrs old and still a virgin, due to trust issues and high levels of anxiety in social situations. At this point I don't really care about the sex, I just want someone to care about me and share life with. Honestly just someone to cuddle with would be fine. I'm so tired of being lonely and having no one to connect with.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I am real. This true. If u have any questions let me know. I had sex with my cousins. Different ones. And many times. She understands too. If any way it may have been her fauy but it did happen. My phone is about to die so again if any questions hit me up. I have other stories too

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