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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Close to eighteen months ago, I finally got my wish, my deepest sexual desire fulfilled and now wish it had never happened the way it did.
    That wish, desire, or fantasy was to be present when a well endowed man or men fucked my wife, who had for so long refused to entertain me.
    It all began well enough with an ex colleague of mine visiting our home. He and my wife made out for a while, then as I watched him fucking her asshole, tossing myself off, he suggested I lick his asshole at the same time. I told him where to go, but my wife said if I wanted to see her carry on, or have other guys in future, I was to do as he wished.
    So as he fucked her doggy style up her asshole, I got down and began to tongue his rear hole. I hated it and tried to use a wet finger to simulate I was doing it. But I got caught as they switched position. I was then challenged by my wife to suck his cock which had just slid out of her asshole.
    Again I did it with huge reservations and felt his cock pulsating in my mouth. Then throughout the whole evening I was made to pleasure them both orally as they continued to fuck.
    When he left nearing midnight, I'd watched him cum in or my wife three times and each time she'd had me clean her up with my mouth and tongue.
    It was weeks later when I came home to find her talking to two men in an open chat on her Ipad. They were using split screens, and both men along with my wife were naked and masturbating. She said hello, like it was perfectly normal for me to find her masturbating in front of strangers. When I appeared next to her, both men laughed and called me cuck.
    Angry and belittled, I was about to toss her Ipad into the wall, but she reminded me it was my fantasy, my wish and that she'd gone along to fulfill those desires. Both men made a comment about me helping them out in future, but I swore to myself that wouldn't happen.
    Two day later, it did.
    On our living room couch, I witnessed my wife being double fucked for the first time. It was the same men who had called me a Cuckold, and both men in the flesh so to speak, were much bigger than me in every way. Taller, more muscular and with cocks that made mine look positively minute.
    I didn't interact directly with them, but I was made to strip, then lick out my wife's pussy and ass when they'd both dumped their loads inside of her.
    And so it has gone on now for almost eighteen months. Its not like a carnal frenzy or anything, yet every month or so she has a man or men around to fuck her, and I'm made to watch, sometimes participate if the guy wants his cock sucked or ass licked. But each and every time I'm told to lick and tongue my wife's holes clean of her lovers juice.
    The real change though has come this past few months. A guy who she's previously had sex with I'd found out, outside of our little arrangement, wanted to fuck me. I said no instantly, still pissed off she'd been having him fuck her at work. But he'd been told of my lifestyle change in terms of sexual attention to men.
    On Tuesday of that week, he was at our home when I got in from drinking and playing cards with the guys. My wife and he were in a sixty nine when I walked in. As soon as I stepped through the door, he told my wife, then me, my asshole was his.
    My memory of it was and is a little vague as I'd drunk a lot of beer at the card game. What I do know is his cock tasted of my wife's pussy, and it's huge. It also hurt like crazy at first as he slid it up my asshole in our shower. They'd continued to lick and tongue one another until my wife had orgasmed, then with him insisting I try anal, we moved upstairs.
    My wife was stood there naked, playing with herself and holding my hand encouraging him to fuck me as the water sprayed over us both .
    It's not what you might think it's like at the beginning. Not for me anyway. It hurt and it continued to hurt for some time as he hammered into my asshole. All my wife said was "You take it you bastard. All those years you fucked my ass, now it's my turn to see you take it". Only I didn't enjoy it mmmm. Or that's what I told my wife.
    I was too ashamed to say how much I'd loved the feeling of his cock up my asshole in the end. Even when I came, I put my cock into the water spray to hide that I'd cum. Yet he didn't hide the fact he'd cum, as his cock spurted his seed deep up my asshole.
    They fucked again and again for the next hour or so as she took him to our bedroom. I collapsed on our guest bed and was awoken by my wife who said I was becoming a true Cuck. I was also told he was going to call again the following
    night. He did and this time I wasn't drunk as he and I had oral sex in our guest room, with my wife licking my
    asshole to get me ready for his cock.
    The reason I stated at the start I wish it had never happened the way it did, is because over the past couple of months I've become more and more needy of his cock up my ass. It's no longer my wife he see's on the side. And it's no longer my wife who enjoys the vast majority of sex in our household.
    I might not be the person who controlled the situation for a while, but I am the one who is meeting with my wife's ex lover regularly. And also the man at this very moment who is receiving a slow anal tonguing by a sixty two year old, getting me ready for his very thick cock.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I cleaned out my family's attic last year and found my great-grandmother's journals. What I discovered could horrify my family, so I've kept it secret.

    My g'grandmother was named Rebecca and was born in 1905. She became a 5th grade teacher, starting in 1926 and worked until 1967, and she died in 1980. She had four kids and was married to the same man from 1924 until his death in 1955. She won citizenship awards and was voted Favorite Teacher five times.

    All of the above is a bluff. Rebecca became a teacher because she liked young boys. I mean she was a boy-humper.

    Accordin g to her journals she had affairs of one to two years with 41 boys, short relationships of two to four weeks with 62 more, and over 200 one-night stands with boys, and even had relations with 20 girls, none over the age of 13. She married a homosexual and was a "beard" for him; three of her children were fathered by students of hers and the fourth was fathered by her oldest son. She managed to have orgies at least once a year, several times a year during WWII. She even had three second-generation lovers and one third generation.

    I might have brushed this off as a colossal fantasy but journals from 1923 to 1975 is a lot to brush off. And she kept love letters from her lovers and sexy photos showing her with the boys, which is impossible to ignore. It's weird knowing that sweet smiling old lady in the photos was a colossal pervert. And that the grandfather I admired was a literal mother-fucker - and father-fucker, too, I saw the pictures and read the journal entries.

    There is no way I can tell my family about this. And there's no way I can get rid of the evidence. I've scanned it all and it's my favorite stroke material. And it's made me look longingly at the ass of my favorite cousin, who is the grandchild from that inbreeding-conceived youngest child (she and I are technically third cousins, but what I know makes her look lewd to me.)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    So about 2 years ago I was at a friends house in queens. His name is Mike and we used to work together so he asked me to hang out. I went over and we had fun but then he asked if I had seen this crazy documentary on youtube about how the men in columbia pretty much fuck donkeys and horses. We watched it laughing at first but I felt something stir in my pants and I new that as soon as I got home I was gonna look up men fucking animals. It is not that I am into to the animals but I find the site and idea of a guy doing something so taboo. The thought of a guy being so devoted to giving his cock pleasure that he would even fuck an animal turned me on and it surprised me. I really only like watching men fuck horse and pony pussy and cow c**t.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    Fairly recently a colleague of mine told me he'd watched a amateur porn film showing a woman who looked so much like my wife, getting fucked by a guy in an English looking woodland area.

    I told him it couldn't have been my wife, as she's totally against any form of sex like that. The fact is I knew different, as she'd already told me she'd done an amateur sex film (ONE) with an ex of hers.

    My colleague described the site he'd been on and what section the porn movie was in. It took me some time, but I eventually found the movie, definitely showing my wife being fucked hard from behind as she leaned against a tree.
    Not only that, but there were many many other amateur porn films with her in, in a different section of the porn site. That section was for married women who's husbands allow their wives to be fucked by very well endowed men, often two at a time.

    Over a period of around a week or so, I watched every one of the porn films twice over, not saying a word to my wife, but masturbating to each and every one of them. By the time I'd watched what I could find twice, there were eleven different porn films with her being fucked by in total seventeen different men.

    In one film, she was in someones back garden and four men took turns to fuck her mouth, pussy and arsehole over and over and over again. By the time they'd finished with her, she was covered in cum and had the sticky stuff oozing out of her fuck holes.

    Not content finally with just watching them, I challenged my wife as to why she hadn't told me about the extra porn films. Her answer was "You've probably only seen half of what I've been involved in". Before I could say anything else, she added "I didn't think I'd ever go back into that life. Not now I'm with you".

    It was then I openly admitted how turned on I'd been all week watching her being fucked. And how much it had made my cock rock hard seeing her take huge cocks up her pussy and arse. I even put one one so she knew which ones I was talking about.

    We sat and watched her in a guys beautiful house, being fucked by two men at once. She told me it was one of the men in the film who got her all the work, and it was him who she was eeing just prior to us meeting. Not able to help myself, I got erect watching her fuck, and just had to have her suck my dick, still watching her take another mans cock up her arsehole.

    We sucked and fucked all night and by the time I'd cum for the third time, my wife and I had watched four of her porn films. Licking out her pussy and arse just before we showered and went to bed, she asked me if I'd like to be there for real. My reaction and it was of the moment, was to say "Of course".

    We've not not indulged as yet, but my wife has been in touch with her ex, and he's more than eager to visit our home and share her with me. Indeed I met him a few days ago and he's even more muscular now then he was in the films. Or so it seems.

    I'm not gay or thinking about having sex with him. But the thought of his cock touching mine as we fuck my wife, has had my cock twitching all week since meeting him. The evening is set for the middle of July when he gets back from his holiday. Now I can't wait to see up close what I just know will be a great evening of sex.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I was talking with this girl I met on a date site, she was younger than me. She sent me some pictures of her. She was so beautiful. I never dated a black girl before, she had an amazing body. Beautiful breasts, nice thighs.

    She invited me to come over for a night. I was nervous when I was walking towards her house. I walked up the stairs and knocked a few times. Her lights were on. She answered the door, she was wearing her shorts and t-shirt, and I noticed that she was not wearing a bra. I could see her nipples through her shirt.
    We sat down on her couch for awhile. We watched a movie together. She got up and walked to her room, while I was watching tv.
    It was about 25 minutes, so I walked to her room, and opened her door. She was laying in bed on her back, eyes closed.
    I laid beside her, slowly put my hand in her shirt, and on her soft breasts, she moaned a little, grabbed my hand and pushed into her shorts.
    Her pussy was hairy, she held my hand against her, slowly pushing her hips up against my hand. I could feel her getting wet. She gently pushed my hand away and took off her shorts. She laid there with her thighs opened.

    I lifted her shirt over her breasts. I went between her thighs, pushed my face against her soft pussy,
    She held me against her. She whispered, let me go on top of your face. I laid on my back. She rolled over on top, her pussy pressed on my face, my hands on her soft ass.
    She whispered to me, no tongue, ok?
    She started humping my face gently, and of course I tried to slip my tongue into her pussy, she pulled away for a few seconds, No tongue I said! She lowered her pussy on my face and started humping again.
    She was going on my face for almost an hour, I slipped my tongue into her, she started cumming. The bed was rocking.
    She came again, and her pussy was on top of my nose.

    She slowly got off me and laid on her back, falling asleep. Thighs open.

    I slowly undressed and crawled on top of her, pushing my hips into hers. First she tried to move on her side.
    When I finally had my penis inside her, her thighs loosen and I made love to her.
    Her hips pushing up against mine, her eyes closed.
    She opened her eyes, whispered to me, no condom babe, I whispered to her, I'm not wearing any.
    She said she was not on the pill.
    I was ready to cum in her.
    My sperm shot inside her.
    After I laid beside her, she held her breast to my face, I was suckling gently.
    I told her I was wishing for her breastmilk.
    She smiled, soon baby, I'll give you my milk. She was falling asleep as I was attached to her breast.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    I found out my boy friend had cheated on me with another girl whiel I was spending a week at my parents. We were both in the same college, lived together in rented apartment near campus. Having an affair in college is like fucking in public. Every body finds out who is fucking who and where do they go do it. After a week away from each other, I figured he would be as horny as I was and steamy sex for hours. I felt like shit discovering the mext day that every one knew about it but me. Breaking up with him or moving out was to easy. I wanted to go out with bang but couldn't figure a way to do it. Hardest part was prentending not being aware of it when I was with him. I knew he was going to go kinky on me sooner or later and looking at the hancuffs in my box of sex toys, I knew I just had flirt my way into using them on him. Guys are such sukers when it comes to kinky sex. I remember hand cuffing him naked to head board of the bed and confronted him about cheating on me. Didn't even bother to hear his lies. Just picked up the phone and told him "just wait for my girl friends to see this" I remember the humiliating expresion on his face when they walked in on him. We even had a drink whiel watching him trying to cross his legs in an attempt to hide his erection and in a way felt vindicated. My embarrassnent every one knowing that I got cheated seemed nothing compared to his loss of his dignity. Now girls are going talk less about me and more about him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I have tried to understand why someone is gay or Bi. sorry to say its not for me. I still

    get a hardon when I see a woman. She may be thin, chubby, and so on. I see a pair of

    breast that needs to be suck. kiss, lick. No other male will touch my black dick.

    sorry, he will not. If a male wants to be a cock sucker go right ahead. If you say he

    is bi go right ahead. You want a male to fuck and suck. In the time you do, I will be

    over or have your wife or girlfriend with me. She sure has a tight pussy and sure suck

    a great dick. For all gay and bi guys thanks for leaving her all a long. Like I believe

    all women will find another male to love them and fuck them. Thanks for all the free

    pussy or should I said married free pussy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 23

    I am 23 and I am out on my own, renting my own apartment. I graduated last year with my Master's degree and I have an entry level job at one of the top three companies in my field. All is well on that front.

    I am the first one in my family to go away to college. I left home because I just could not stay home. While I was at home and after I was gone my mother accused me of being a pervert and she was convinced I would never find a man and I was going to hell anyway. I am not a pervert, I am a young woman who has male tendencies and likes female company. I'm a butch. For a while I dressed the part, mostly in high school and the first few years at college but have moderated my look and now I dress more feminine and wear some jewelry and can pass myself off in a crowd as being a professional woman.

    I took the job I have because of the career opportunities, not because it is in a city where a lot of perverts live. But of course a lot of perverts live in this city. Maybe I have just gotten older, now I am looking for the right person, I really don't get anything out of a one night stand which was the normal college experience.

    I am going back to my sister's wedding in September and I am going to be the Maid of Honor. I am letting my hair grow out, my nails grow out, I am buying and wearing much more feminine clothes and I find that I like it a lot. As a side benefit I get invited to more office parties and get togethers. I am not changing my stripes, I am still looking for the right person, I know she is out there. I am just not going to carry her off on the back of a motorcycle.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 43

    I was invited over to a guys house I meet in a bar. He said he and his wife like to party. So I thought so do i, so I went over to their home. I met his teen age kid who he sent to bed? He was standing with all his clothes of and his wife has a sheet nightgown on. Laying in the bed. So I removed my clothes and he watched me play with his wife's pussy. So I picked it and it seemed to make him happy, because while watching us he was masterbating. Finally he had me lay on my back with my legs hanging over the bed. He had his wife straddle me So The her legs open and my cock inside of her pussy. I started ducking her and he came over and started licking her pussy while I was ducking her. His tongue was kilometers from my cock.
    He asked her to blow him, which she started why I watch. After a short time e have up and said he couldn't get off and went into the kitchen. I put on my pants and followed him. I asked what was wrong and he said he couldn't cum and his cock went limp. He said do what ever I wanted to to his wife. So I pulled off my pants and started fucking her until I came. We did it several times and I came every time. I'm guessing that's why the had me over. I asked her to suck my cock which she did for a while never talking the entire time. She wasn't that great looking, however she was a good luck with small breasts. Fucking another guys wife get a person a little horny, more than usual. She was hot and wet so I ducked her one more time. The funny thing is I never went back, although I enjoyed it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 39

    When I was 17 I got an invitation to be a Playboy Bunny. I was not Bunny material and we all had a good laugh. Later when I was in college and I wasn't wearing my mother's idea of clothes I sent a letter to Playboy and asked if the offer was still open. They answered and sent me a questionnaire and asked for a couple of photos, clothes on, I wasn't asking to be a Playmate. I went through the interview process and got hired as a Bunny in Los Angeles.

    I wasn't the only Bunny who liked what she saw, the only Bunny that enjoyed being half dressed with the other girls, the only Bunny who had no problem with people seeing her boobs. I had a friend and we had just about the same measurements and we would stand side by side to compare boobs and have the other girls vote on it. We stood face to face and pushed out pussies together. We stood face to face and pushed our pussies and boobs together and started kissing. We got a lot of applause.

    It was a couple of weeks later that we pushed our naked pussies together, we felt each other up and kissed and made out. We slept together that night and we tried the forbidden fruit, we went down on each other. We were identified as lesbians and fired. There were a lot of other lesbian Bunnies, lots of them.

    Later on, after college I became a women's coach at a small private college. We had a few very good players and a few not so good players. By good I mean girls that had all the right parts and the right look and the tits and the ass. I did my best to recruit girls who were good looking and I got to enjoy looking at them in the showers. I figured out a couple that were lesbians and invited them to my house and we had our own mini orgies, two or three girls and me. One of the privileges of being the coach.

    I got this one girl, I had been coaching over ten years by then and I had a couple of steady girls that I got together with and the college girl had lost most of my interest. This girl came to practice and she was wearing a pair of running shorts and she sat down straddling the bench and she didn't have any panties on. Her naked bare pussy split open from top to bottom, pink and wet and she let all the other girls see her. When she showered she flexed, when she walked her tits were a mile out in front of her. She liked this senior girl and I caught her with her eating her out. I didn't call them out, I just let them have fun. She was oversexed and she needed to be put down and I took her in and we had sex.

    I was the first woman she had sex with, all of her other activities were with girls her age. She is easily the sexiest girl I have ever had sex with. After college she got a job for a Marketing company. She had a way of standing that made every man who saw her get hard and every woman that saw her get wet.

    I am currently running a sports program for high school girls, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball. I work on team work helping them develop confidence in themselves. Showers are now more discreet, but there is plenty to look at. I have something for a loose boob or a naked crotch. There is something about a college girl who flashes and doesn't even notice it. I observe from afar. There are a lot of girls who are inbetweeners, maybe yes or maybe no, but there are girls who are definitely there because they are girls only. It is the way they look at the other girls. Go to a gym and watch for yourself. The lesbians look at the other girls differently.

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