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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I've kinda become addicted to fucking truckers. I totally didn't intend to, now I can't get enough of it.

    The first time was with a trucker I met on Craigslist back when the personals were still up. He was 57, dad bod, thinning hair and a goatee.

    I was just looking for a hookup, and he asked if I minded fucking in his truck. I said I didn't mind.

    I met him later that evening
    at a nearby truck stop. I parked in front of his truck and climbed in. We went back to the sleeper cab.

    He mentioned I looked good in person, and asked me to get naked. He said he'd been thinking of pounding my tight little pink pussy the whole drive. I felt myself getting wet as I stripped down.

    First thing he did was run his fingers over my nipples, before taking turns sucking on both of them. He proceeded to run his hands over my ass and pussy. He laughed a little
    as he felt how wet i was.

    Next, he put me on my knees and said "ok, now open that slutty little mouth and suck this cock." As he whipped it out. I wasted no time sucking it as deep down my throat as I could, while he rolled and pinched my puffy pink nipples.

    After fucking him for s little bit, he told me to get on the bunk on all 4s. He rubbed his cockhead on my clit a little before grabbing my hips and jamming his hard cock in. I moaned loudly as I began bucking back into it.

    "Mmm, you're such a good little slut. Wish I could take you with me." He said, as he started running a finger along my asshole, before slowly sliding it in.

    Finally, after a few minutes of fucking me, he said "know what? I think I want to cum in that tight little ass." I got wet and nodded in agreement as he slid out and started probing my ass with his cock head.

    I breathed slowly as he pushed into my ass. His fingers went to my clit as he pounded harder and deeper into my ass. It was so goddamn hot!

    Finally he grips my hips, pounds hard into me and shoots a load into my ass. I catch my breath as I feel him slide out, and feeling the warm jizz inside me. I get dressed and get ready to leave. "I'll definitely keep in touch with you" he laughs as I agree before leaving.

    That was about 2 years ago. Unfortunately we did end up losing contact, but not after fucking a couple more times. I've also slept with 5 more since when I can. I'm looking again soon, I just can't get enough.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Hello I recently revealed that a month ago I was seduced by a chubby 68 yr old gay male in my condo building and am now his lover.I am 52 divorced 6 ft 1 tall and fairly slim.Fred my lover has discovered I have become quite the slut which he encourages.I watch lots of gay porn with him now and do poppers every weekend so he can fuck me easily.My straight conditioning appears now completely gone and I find myself checking out older men's bulges on the street and frequently thinking of servicing cock.Fred is in love with me but wants me to experience other cocks as long as I stay with him.
    Last week we were chatting one night at his place and talking about my new preferences for men.I mentioned that his chubby older look was my preferred sexual choice now and made me horny as hell.Fred said he knew a lonely old man in our building who was also gay who had told him he had been eyeing me for years like Fred had been.His name was Tom and he was 70.Fred suggested he call Tom over so that I could please him as well.He warned me that Ton was very emotional and would want to kiss me make out for hours and fuck me as well.And that he had not had sex in years.This talk aroused me and I was soon stiff in my pants.It was a Thursday night and early in the week to do poppers but Fred got the bottle and brought it to me.I was soon poppered up and open to anything.Fred put some gay porn on the TV and I sat back sucking on a Marlboro light 100.I heard him calling Tom on his cellphone.There was soon a knock on the door and Tom came in.He had white hair a big belly and was about 5 ft 9 around 240 lbs so he was heavier and much older than Fred.Instead of turning me off it turned me on and I wondered how this would go.Tom sat between us and nervously began to talk.I could tell he was totally into me as He could not stop looking at me.He described how lucky he felt Fred was to have me as his lover.Fred reassured Tom by saying if this goes well you can come over and have Mark too regularly as he needs some variety.Tom stammered and said what if I fall in love with Mark.I am an emotional guy.Fred said no worries a man can be loved by 2 men and as long as you understand Mark is mine I am cool with it.With that Fred directed Tom to kiss me and get the ball rolling.Tom kissed me nervously with wet sloppy kisses but I kinda liked it and kissed him back.We would kiss for awhile then I would snort some more poppers.Tom started getting carried away and saying I love you between kisses.Fred laughed and said let it go Tom and feel what you want to feel.His expressions of love excited me and i felt this rush of euphoria.Soon I heard myself saying the same thing to him and the necking intensified.By this point going to the bedroom happened very quickly
    Tom lay on the bed and I sucked him like the greedy needy slut I was becoming.He also had a shorter stubbier penis than mine that was maybe an inch longer than Fred's.As I gave him this loving blowjob I was aware he would cum soon if I did not stop.I then got on all fours as Fred greased my asshole with lube.Tom got behind me and moaned as his cock entered me.He grabbed my hips and pushed slow and deep into me back and forth.God it felt so good.I could hear him saying I love you Mark as he thrust back and forth.I love you too Tom darling I replied feeling at that moment i really did love him too.I could hear Tom losing control and ejaculating a big load into me.Oh wow i felt so slippery and slutty with an old man's cum oozing out of me.I then heard Fred;s excited voice telling Tom to pull out it is his turn.Fred was saying knowing my slut is now loved by 2 men makes me jealous and excited in a strange way.I am going to fuck you hard now Mark and blow my load mixed with Tom;s load of sperm.Your ass will be filled with our cum you fucking whore.Fred then pushed in and rammed me good saying I love you Mark you filthy dirty little slut.He fucked me for 10 minutes before he finally let go with a cry and emptied his balls into me.I could feel 2 men's cum leaking all over.I lay back down and both men took turns kissing my mouth slow and lovingly.That night Tom slept over and fucked me again as Fred watched.As Fred predicted Tom became needy and greedy for love kissing me all night long and cuddling.He did it so much I got used to it and felt myself glowing in love as well.The last few days have felt surreal and strange.I have been having sex and loving with both men as Tom has stayed over making up for lost years.As I sit here in the living room smoking a Marlboro I hear my 2 lovers snoring in the bedroom together exhausted from sticking their juicy cocks in my mouth and ass.Now I realize I want to please and love both of them.For the first time in my life I feel complete.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am around 6 ft 1 195 LB professional divorced white male with clean-cut decent looks brown hair mixed with grey and youthful looking.My career is at a hospital locally where as a social worker I work long days but have weekends off.Sexually I always considered myself straight and did not realize I could be aroused by a man.For the last several years I have been dating women in their early 40's to late 50's sleeping with some of them but nothing steady.To be honest I was getting tired of paying for dinners and dates and dealing with all the games women play.
    One Saturday night about a month ago I came home to my condo building after another frustrating night of a woman teasing me but no action.I was horny and frustrated.In the lobby was Fred a downstairs neighbor I had often chatted casually with.Fred was in his late 50"s chubby around 5 ft 8 and 220 with a bit of a gut bulging over his pants.He had thick black hair I was sure was colored.He lived on the first floor was always very friendly and chatty. I knew he would start talking and I was not sure what I would say.He was not handsome but had an easygoing nature and a somewhat soft flashy face with full lips.I sensed he was gay but that did not concern me too much as I never really responded to his teasing and flirtatious manner.This night though I felt a bit strange like I was flustered and uncertain.He must have sensed this because he immediately invited me into his condo for a drink and chat.I have never been in his condo and I noticed it was tastefully furnished with art though a touch feminine.He has me sit on his white sectional sofa and poured us both couple of rum and cokes heavy on the rum.The drink soon gave me a buzz and a warm sensation.He listened intently as I told him all my frustrations with women.He empathized with me and Fred told me I did not deserve that kind of treatment.Gradually he moved closer beside me on the sofa and looked deeply into my eyes.I felt this strange burning sensation inside me and a fluttering and I realized to my horror I was becoming aroused.I tried to fight the feeling but it just grew more and more intense.He started telling me how handsome I was and how he totally desired me.How he has wanted me for years.I mumbled about not knowing what to do and he smiled and said just relax Fred will take care of you from now on.He said he cooks and cleans and can take care of his man better than any woman can.Then he said he loves to make out like a woman does with a man and sex can always happen when it feels right. This strangely reassured me I do not know why.Fred then moved close and slowly kissed my mouth with his full lips.It felt womanly but different.His tongue slowly pried my lips apart and kissed me deeper.I felt myself responding to his kisses and we started necking with increasing passion.MY cock was rigid in my pants and throbbing with desire.We kissed deeply for along long time and it felt incredibly sexy.He led me then to his bedroom and took off all my clothes gasping when he saw my stiff 7 inch cut cock with its big mushroom head standing out from my body.I saw his naked body with a much smaller 5 inch cut cock which though it was short it was thicker than mine.It was rock hard as well.WE french kissed on the bed some more.Then he lowered his body on the bed and wrapped his full lips around my cock.He took it all easily and made me moan as he deepthroated it with all the passion he could muster.It felt so good the best blowjob I have ever received.I felt my cum surging through my balls after afew minutes and warned him I was about to blow my load.He said go for it baby I want it all.With that I exploded into his mouth as he greedily slurped all my juice down his throat.I lay there feeling open and vulnerable but content.Fred kissed me deep again and told me that it was amazing but the best was yet to come.He said that he believed that we were meant to be a couple.Then he said even though he was gay he was more of a top in bed he said he loved to suck cock but preferred fucking to being fucked.He thought that I could become a bottom with the right man and he would teach me. Then he surprised me>he said the trick was for me to lose my inhibitions after many years of straight life.He asked me if I wanted to smoke a cigarette and I said okay.He said smoking is like sucking cock the same basic action and sensation.He handed me a pack of Marlboro 100 s with the white filters. I took one and lit up. As I smoked he described how to suck a cock.I felt my cock stiffen a little again.After I finished the cigarette he took out a small bottle from his bedside drawer.He said these are poppers.When you snort these you feel short bursts of euphoria and lose your inhibitions the more you sniff.And soon your anus relaxes and it is easily penetrated with minimal pain.Without thinking much I snorted the poppers and soon felt this strange intense rush and excitement> he smiled and said let it go baby.I looked at his stiff 5 inch cut cock sticking up and desired it in my mouth.With the poppers in my hand i kissed the head of it and was soon sucking it greedily.As i sucked Fred he was moaning and saying he has been in love with me for years from afar.With the popper high it felt like sucking his cock was the most pleasure I could feel at that moment.Before he shot his load he had me crouch doggy style on all fours with my ass in the air.He shoved his cock into me and I briefly felt a bit of pain before it went all the way in and did not hurt anymore.I moaned and thought what the hell a gay man is fucking me and I love it. I felt like his slut his whore.he fucked me hard for no more than 5 minutes then blew his cream inside me in long spurts.That was a month ago and now I am his.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Finding out that I like cock in a bad way.

    Two years ago I got sent to Africa to collect some data for our company. I would travel like 20km a day and explore the area. I was just doing my job but I wasn't very welcomed everywhere. Two months after my journey started I visited some city in Kongo. Since I was to explore a forest there I got two local men two help me protect myself in case of emergency. Both muscular big guys. All the way they talked to each other in a foreign language pretending not to speak English very well. When we were in the middle of the forest things got weird. They stopped me and asked me if I had money. I told them that I had a small amount with me that day which didn't make them happy. They said that I had to pay them better and one of them kicked me from behind forcing me to my knees. The other one took his pants down and stood before me with his big black cock hanging. They started to speak English out of nowhere and ordered me to do "what is proper for a white boy" they said. I understood what they wanted to say but I wasn't willing to do so. They forced me by hitting me until I accepted to serve them. They stripped me and forced me back on my knees. One started to play with my cock while the other shove his in my mouth. Luckily he seemed pretty clean. He had no mercy and fucked my mouth with all he had while the other kept teasing me. I was getting horny by his touching but also felt very humiliated. He kept fucking my mouth for 10-15 min then he took hick cock out and cummed on my face. I had to clean my face with my hands and lick them clean as ordered. After that I was forced into the doggy position. One of them took my ass and the other my mouth again. My ass was virgin and it hurt as hell in the beginning. There cocks were thick and at least 8" long. Much longer than I was. They laughed at my cock and kept talking shit about black supremacy and black cock. Meanwhile I, being very horny, was starting to enjoy the intercourse. My ass stopped hurting after some minutes and the guy fucking my mouth was pretty gentle. I felt an orgasm building and the idea of cumming while getting fucked like that made me hornier and more humiliated than ever. I could do nothing but let my load out and moan. Some mins later they both came inside the holes they took. The cum didn't feel as disgusting as the first time and the hot load in my ass was some new sensation. I felt my anus gaping and somehow I was willing to try more. I was already humiliated so nothing could happen or make things worse if I enjoyed the sex at least. They said that we would start again after a short break. They wanted me to accept their black supremacy theory and didn't seem to want to let me go without achieving their goal. After the break the second guy, the gentle one, held me up like I was a little girl and pushed his cock inside my ass. I was feeling tiny and weak seeing how easily he could hold me and overpower me. I gave in and accepted the pleasure that his cock gave me so I started to moan. They seemed to enjoy hearing me moan as they said smth to each other which seemed like a celebration. I didn't care what they said I could do nothing so I enjoyed getting fucked. I came from anal sex again and my cum went on his body. He got angry and said that I'd pay for it but kept fucking me like that until he came. I had to lick my cum off his body and then I got spanked. The other one forced my face to the ground and make me hold my ass high for him to fuck. He wasn't gentle but actually better in sex. I moaned really hard and I really enjoyed him. To finish things up they both came on the hole of my penis to "mark" me. Then we went back. They left me at the entrance of the city and disappeared so I couldn't talk to the police. I saw them again several days later which would be two weeks before leaving and I thought that if I wanted to find out rather I was a bi or not, this could be my only chance. They tried to run away when they saw me but when I asked them to "use" me again they laughed and "celebrated" their success. Before saying that they were willing to use me I had to accept their black supremacy theory. Since I would disappear two weeks later it didn't matter so I accepted it. "Black cock is the only real cock and white boys are meant to be sissy slaves to serve black masters anytime they needed" and other stuff I had to repeat. They used me the whole day and it was the best day of my life. I enjoyed being their sissy slave.
    When I came back home I tried the same with a guy in the city but it wasn't the same... Guess I'm addicted to big black cock. They actually made me a bbc sissy slave. Any black man in Finnland? I need my ass stuffed badly and I want your cum. Be my master and use me to please your supreme cock!

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    Straight Male / 18

    I cum in my friend's socks whenever possible. Ive even came inside her socks when they fall off in her sleep. Its always hot having her put on the still wet sock and wear it around. I've also jizzed in her panties, both clean and dirty. She's got such sexy feet, I can't help it~

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    Straight Female / 20

    I guess after reading some stories on here mine isn't all that different from a lot of these, but hopefully reading it you'll find it... interesting? Entertaining? I just hope you enjoy it, I suppose.

    My mom and I moved into a trailer park when I was in my early teens. It was just her and I, occasionally she'd have a boyfriend for a stretch but for the most part it was just the two of us. My dad was around when he was around, but he had moved to another state and married. There was no ill blood between my parents. They just didn't work out.

    So since I can remember I've been pretty interested in sex things. Like if I even watch a movie and the a sex scene happens that's at all intense I often find myself getting wet. So I started watching a lot of porn. I was too scared to actually do it because I was I scared I wouldn't be able to stop. Even touching myself felt too good that it was longer than I like to admit before I finally brought myself to my first orgasm. I was just really nervous. And I kept that side of me hidden. It wasn't that guys didn't ask me out. I went on dates. I mean, nothing has changed other than I'm a few years older now, but I'm a redhead, which means pale skin and freckles. I'm five foot four, very skinny, blue-grey eyes, and wear a B cup bra. I'm not the hot girl everyone wants; in fact I'm actually very shy and considered nerdy, but I was still asked out. I just was scared to go beyond making out because I knew deep down I'm a freak.

    Our trailer was at the back of the lot and just beyond were some woods that quickly broke out to a street that I would often take to walk to school before I started driving. There was a lone house on this street (there were more further up but at the end of this road was just this one house and a lot of trees). There was a guy there in his 40s. He was tall and had a big gut. I don't know that I'd call him fat as aside from his belly he wasn't terribly big, but most people probably would consider him fat.

    I sometimes said hi to him or talked briefly when I walked by (and later when I started driving I would see him through the trees from my place and walk over and talk to him) but it was always just friendly, legit convo. Over the years I never saw him with anyone, man or woman. I felt kind of sad for him.

    Early in my senior year was my 18th birthday and a week or two after that I decided it was time. And as you can probably guess I went over to... I'll call him B... I went over to B's house. He was outside working on the fencing around his pool/hottub and we chatted for a few before I asked him if we were alone. Confused, he said we were. We were standing by the hottub so the way the fencing wrapped around we couldn't be seen unless the person was standing right there. I stepped closer to him and asked if I could give him a blowjob. He was shocked, to say the least, and started hemming and hawing, but I showed him my driver's license and told him I was old enough. We went back and forth and I told him I've wanted to since I first saw him over 2 years ago. He couldn't understand why, as he put it, "an attractive young girl would want to do anything with his fat ass". I asked him "But doesn't it turn you on a lot that I do?" He said it did finally asked if we could go inside.

    I was already excited and could feel the sticky wetness soaking between my legs. I was already standing close to him so I started pulling on his zipper. I kept trying to think of what the girls did in all the porn videos I watched and dropped to my knees. He was like "Ok then". I pulled him out through his zipper and underwear. I didn't know what to expect but I wasn't expecting the thickness. He isn't like crazy thick, but considering I was a virgin it caused me concern.

    B was already about halfway hard and had precum pooling. I took it in my hand and started with licking the precum up. I won't lie I had no idea what I was doing as it was my first time. It must have been a while for B because it only took him about 10 or 15 minutes before I felt his hand grip the back of my head and he pushed his thick cock deeper into my throat, moaned, then started shooting big streams of cum into my throat. His thickness was throbbing hard in my mouth and against my tongue with every spurt. Eventually I started to choke and after a few seconds he pulled back, the last couple shots of cum flying out and covering one of my eyes and splattering across my nose and mouth. I was coughing hard, like when you're swimming and accidentally inhale too much water or something, and B was apologizing and trying to see if I was okay. My hand was still holding tight onto his shaft and I could feel some cum running over it so as soon as I caught my breath I went right back to it.

    He tried to stop me, saying he should get me a towel to clean up but I told him I had to make sure he was cleaned up and taken care of first. I would always get really horny watching videos of girls who are subservient cum dumpsters and... you can probably guess I'm a closet nympho by now.

    Inside he used a warm wet towel to clean all his cum off my face. I thought that was sweet and it made my area down below raging hot and kind of throbbing. He was asking me questions and stuff as we sat on the couch. He asked me why I wanted to do that (give him head) and I just told him I want to do more than that and kind of explained my fetish? Obsession? Addiction? Whatever you want to call it. I also told him I like things that are naughty or, well, not forbidden...taboo maybe? It was hard to explain and I was for some reason kind of embarrassed to say it out loud. I liked doing or having it done to me but talking about it was still weird for me. And I didn't want anybody to know I was like this so I told him if he kept it between us I would enjoy continuing to "play".

    While we were talking I was still running my hand over his open zipper. I reached in and pulled out his now hard again member. He asked "again?" and I stood up and undid my pants and pulled them off so he could see my ass in my panties. I undid my blouse so it was open and he could see my bra. His thickness seemed to get thicker as he saw my body and I knew he was excited by it. I took him in my mouth briefly to slicken his cock with my saliva and then climbed onto his lap. His cock was pressed hard against what would be the camel toe area on my panties and my hand held and slowly stroke his length as I leaned close. I told him that his cock had a nice taste. He asked about the rest of it and I whispered into his ear that I could still feel him in my stomach and I loved it. I kissed him and grinded my spot into him and stroke him. My intention was to get him so worked up that he threw me on the couch, tore my panties off, and shoved it in and claimed me as his. That didn't happen. Instead I kept at it, kept talking dirty into his ear, lightly teasing him by just putting the tip against my hole through my panties, then moving them aside and teasing my entrance with the head of his cock hoping he would just pull me down on it. But he didn't. Finally he thickened and moaned in that way that meant he was about to shoot and I leaned close so my chest was on his and lifted my hips just enough so I could jerk him off. He came all over his shirt, my belly, my hand, and my panties. I took off my panties to wipe my hand and body off then told him he could keep them. I then asked him if he would do me a favor and later that night if he'd wrap those around his cock and beat off in them and send me a pic. He did. I was smitten.

    We have plenty of other stories over the next couple years but this is getting long. If you want to hear more I guess I will share but we eventually moved in together and have a very satisfying sex life. I am turned on like 95% of the time.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I am a Chinese girl who is fortunate to be dating a wonderful, tall, and beautiful white guy. People always comment about what a cute couple we make. But what our friends and acquaintances don't know, is that I kind of... treat him like my bitch.

    I make all the decisions, like what we do, where we are going to eat, and so on. I don't know how it started, but that is definitely the way it is now.

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have despised chores. I hate them! And so, I've gotten him to do *all* of them. When we eat at home, he does the cooking, and the dishes. He takes out the trash, and makes the bed. He does all the cleaning, and the laundry, including all of mine. And that includes folding all of my stuff and putting it away. You would think I would feel guilty, but I don't in the slightest. I feel great! I love it.

    And this dynamic extends to our sex life. If I'm reading or watching tv, and I need to get off, I just have to give him a certain look, and pull down my shorts a bit, so he can see the top line of my pubic hair. That means only one thing, and he gets on his knees helps me out of my pants and gets to work. After I cum I like to watch him clean me with his mouth; then we might cuddle, or, if I need it again:

    pull his head back down, wrap my thighs around, and my fingers in his hair, let the humping start again!

    At this point he has swallowed so much of my cum I don't think either of us can seriously conceive of us as equals. I totally take my privileges in our relationship for granted, and I absolutely love it.

    Other than that, I think we are a normal, affectionate, loving couple. This is our little secret!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52


    I'm 62, married and living a quiet but busy life with my own business and taking care of my family.

    When I was in college, I had a girlfriend who I suspect had PCOS. This made her extremely hairy for a female. She had a fabulously thick black bush and treasure trail leading up to her naval. She was dark and exotic. In the summer, she would stop shaving under her arms and her legs and ass were hairier than almost any man on campus. She would walk around in shorts and get stares from older men trying to sort out the duality of her complete feminene beauty and clearly masculine features.

    She was a liar and cheater but I was enslaved by her non-binary, exotic body. Looking back, I know I confused lust for love. She had even told me that she only kept me around for the sex. She had a cruel streak and I decided then I would never be enslaved by lust or love again.

    We enjoyed a varied sex life. I especially loved bending her over and pounding the hell out of her hairy ass while she moaned. I was skinny and had endless sexual energy and staying power, so I especially enjoyed seeing how long I could fuck her ass and sometimes gave her a good long pounding well over an hour at a time.

    I have not seen her since that time - we're talking about the early to mid 1980s, but later in life, I began to explore my love of non-binary people - transwomen, femmebois, sissies on one end of the spectrum and tomboys, manly girls and transmen on the other end.

    On Grindr, I messaged a younger transman who was in his 30s. He was submissive and looking for a daddy Dom. He had been on T for about a year, was hairy, horny and confessed to masturbating to kinky gay porn. He had a thing for older men that was exacerbated by his step-dad who caught him jerking to porn and threatening to tell his mom when he was living at home at age 19. When we had sex, he always wanted to role play times when his step-dad would fuck him late at night and put his hand over his mouth and tell him, "don't wake up your mother, you little cock tease"

    He also had a thing for extreme insertions. He had a sex toy that I can only describe as a miniature road cone. He would lube that up and squat down on it. When he was so over-the-top horny from edging like this, he would want me to tell him, "you're a bad GIRL." He loved this gender bending humiliation play only during these moments. To me, he was all gay boy, but I pushed him over the edge as often as I could because he'd give himself to me ten fold in return.

    Testosterone gave him a 3 inch dick - on the outside. On the inside, that dick was another 3-4 inches of fat cock root at the core of his boy hole - and this made his already tight hole nearly impossible to fuck with my fat daddy dick. Damn, I miss fucking that little gay T boi.

    There is something about gay transmen. When they start T, they are unprepared for male puberty. Combined with all the dysphoria and repressed sexually affirming unmet needs, made for very, very horny guys.

    He ended up moving to Utah. He's married to a woman but he is a nasty, cheating, Scruff and Grindr slut - just like my college ex. I bet my ex is trans now. If so, I hope he's owned and used hard.

    I sure could use my own non-binary sex slave again to satisfy my fat, mushroom-headed daddy dick. I miss dishing the dirty talk too. I want to go deeper with a slave like that - really push the envelop with deep sexual control.

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    Straight Female / 23

    Hey first of all thank you for stopping by my name is Rae a 23 year old blonde girl from the UK!

    Now itâs time to confess... so I run this adult Snapchat where I post porn basically but I canât exactly talk to anybody about what I do with out being judged and labeled as a slut. My parents would be horrified if they ever found out and I feel so guilty keeping it from them.

    You can add me for my naughty story if you would like! My snapname username is raedeep43 I lookfoward to your adds ;)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    My first sex was in another boys asshole. I fucked him about 12 times over a few months before he moved away. Next was a girl, we were both 15 and she was afraid of getting pregnant so I convinced her to let me fuck her ass. I finally fucked her pussy and mouth as well. I love fucking asses to this day. I prefer smooth ass but don't care if it's a male or females asshole. I love sticking my cock into someones shithole and fucking him or her till I shoot my cum in them. Married to a woman who has understood my penchant and lets me have her holes anytime and anywhere I want. This one actually can cum from getting cock rammed up her shitbox.

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