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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 27

    Hello there!
    It's the first time when I am posting on such a place I am not the kind of woman who can easily confess a personal thing to a bunch of strangers but here it goes..
    My story is that I am a 27 year old woman with a good job, went to college, I am happy because I am independent I love what I do but there is one thing that is missing in my life:love!
    To have an actual partner that loves me, a gentle and caring man to hold me in his strong arms, I feel the need to be protected by a man and so on.
    I realised how lonely I feel when my best friend asked me months ago to be her made of honour. I am really nervous and excited at the same time that I will be there for her at the wedding and I am really happy that she found a good guy that loves her very much but this situation overwhelmes me.
    I often cry sometimes in the night because her wedding made me realised once again that I am really lonely and sad and that I will be probably one of the few people from the wedding without a date.
    I blame myself for chosing career over a boyfriend, most of the times I declined love for my job, I was so absorbed by my work that I completely forgot that I need some time for my soul and heart that needs to be healed.
    My previous relationships were nothing serious and were nothing at all called a relationship I actually haven't been in a relationship with a man before, only went on a few dates with some guys, mostly guys I knew from work but that's just all,nothing happened between us, I was too innocent and scared and with this attitude I pushed guys away.
    Over the years I tried to become more confident trying to be more strong, sometimes I can, sometimes I can't be that woman.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Last year, while we were both seniors, my bestie, Annie and I started playing card games on Wednesdays, that her little 14 year old brother, "Vinnie the horn" used to call "hump day." When Annie left the room, Vinnie was sure to unzip and flash me with his large tool that looked a lot like a water hydrant. I had seen a few cocks but this was the Alpha dog of what I had seen. It looked especially large because he was skinny and shaved his sparse puboc hair.

    Don't ask me how it began but soon enough, after his begging I told him he could eat me out. It was my first time but he never knew that and he made sure I knew I was his first. He would eat me, mostly under the table as Annie and I played cards. Once in a while I would let out a loud moan but I would cover it up with the card game. Vinnie learned how to slide between my legs to eat me and place his hard cock under my left hand so I could play with it and jerked him off.

    In time, Vinnie sprayed a lot of sperm on my hand and wrist, sometimes while I came to his active tongue. Annie, to my best knowledge, never found out. Vinnie's begging never stopped and I finally told him he could fuck me when he turned 18. His cock spilled in my hand so many times I actually look forward to have him slide it into me. I might be my first time as never knows.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    We both chose the destination, both knowing and understanding what we were getting into. It advertised as a Hedonistic place to stay. And we knew from internet research, both sexes had their opportunity to indulge in extra marital sex. There also was if you required and wanted it, a place further up the coastline, that would cater for purely gay individuals who wanted to experience partner swapping, or a black male that would satisfy your urges to be fucked by a large cocked man.
    The first night on the island, no problems. And we both indulged in sex with other holiday makers. My husband fucked an older woman whilst her husband watched and masturbated, and I had a wonderful time with a teenager who took a bee line to me the moment we got there.
    Each afternoon or evening afterwards, I progressively had more and more sex, as my husband took a kind of back seat. Sometimes it was with other people holidaying on the island, other times it was a black guy who either worked there or associated with someone who worked there.
    Sometimes my husband watched for a short time, other times he'd be gone and I indulged fully then. Taking cock deep up my pussy and arsehole, something my husband didn't like me to do.
    On our last night I invited two black males and one of their girlfriends over to our room. My husband sort of took part for about half an hour, then left saying he'd be back later on. I had a fantastic time licking, sucking and fucking with everyone, then spent the rest of the night with the beautiful female having lesbian sex, as the men went off gambling.
    When my husband got back in, we were licking each others pussies and he kind of joined in for a time, sticking his cock up her pussy as I licked her sweet pussy from below. He only lasted a few minutes though, and almost passed out beside us. It was then I noticed just how "puffy" and red his arsehole looked. Not saying anything as I was too busy enjoying myself, I later kissed my beautiful lover goodbye and joined him in bed.
    The following morning I asked him where he'd been the night before and he got defensive about my question. Not thinking anything of it, I later saw a guy I knew frequented the so called gay section of the resort, and he told me my husband was a cute guy. (My husband is three years younger than me). When I pressed him, he said he and two other black guys, plus an American holiday maker had all fucked my husband the night before, on the beach as a farewell to him for all the good times he'd had with them over the fortnight. He told me as if I already knew my husband was having specifically gay sex. Before he left me, he off the cuff added in his local accent "Great ass your husband has. But boy can he suck cock like no man I've ever known". Smiling his huge black smile, he left kissing me telling me he'd see us next year.
    Because we were, like we always are packing up, hectic and late. I totally forgot about the guy and his comments, but remembered on the flight home. I asked my husband about what he'd said and he told me "It's just Leroy being Leroy, making things up again". I didn't press him, but I knew Leroy would say something like that if it wasn't true.
    Like I've said at the start, we both knew why we were going and what was there. So I didn't and don't understand why my husband hid what he was upto at the resort. After all he knew all about me fucking other guys and women.
    The reason I say all this, is over the last year, he's I believe, been seeing an older guy who he works alongside and I'm sure the guy is fucking him.
    We're going back to the island again soon and I plan on having a great time again. The only difference is, my husband has booked us to be much closer to the "gay" section of the resort. The question i have, is why doesn't he just tell me he enjoys being fucked and why doesn't he trust me to accept it. After all, I am openly having sex with his sister every week, whether he chooses to acknowledge it or not.
    Ps. He knew when we got together I enjoyed and wanted an open marriage. He was only too happy to marry me, believe me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am telling this because it happens all the time. My father, our father as we are five sisters, ran off with another woman and we never spoke or saw him after that, to this day. Our mother has very little education and cannot really read or write and she doesn't speak English. She has this job working for a cleaning company which primarily cleans offices at night. I am the fourth of five. My older sisters all got sexually active very early. When I was seven or so my sisters were having sex with some guy in my mother's room or on the couch. They were still in high school but these men came and had sex with them. All of the men were Mexican or Central Americans like us and worked construction or yard work. They all got pregnant and had kids. They all dropped out of high school.

    I turned fourteen and a man came to see my mother and they talked about me and the man asked me to come over to him and he grabbed my tit. He grabbed it really hard holding me by wrist. He stuck his hand down my pants and pushed his finger into me. He agreed with my mother and he told me that he would be sending some men over and that I had to have sex with them. He asked me when my periods were and told me that he was sending a woman over to put me on the pill. He told me that these men did not like to use rubbers, so no matter what I was told by the other girls at school he didn't want any complaints about rubbers.

    My first man was so ugly, fat and drunk. He hit me and I ran away. I got beat up later by the pimp. He sent this older woman to my house so that when the man came I would behave. I didn't wait, I went to the bathroom and jumped out the window and ran away and never went back to my mother's house. I got picked up in the driveway of the McDonalds by a woman and she took me to a shelter. At the shelter I was told to tell them what happened, but I didn't. I wasn't going to tell on my mother or my sisters. They knew but stopped asking. I went to live with a foster family who put me into another school, I was dropped a grade and they got me a teacher after school to help.

    I graduated from high school. I also got into college. My foster parents paid the tuition and I lived at home.

    I don't speak Spanish, I know some words but I don't use it. I am a white girl now, I am not that dark so maybe my father wasn't my father. I pass as white and went to Presbyterian Church. I know about my sisters and about my mother, they live their life which I would never want to live. I never go see them and if I did they would not want to see me. I know the difference. I am a white girl now with a college education and I work for a large employer in a professional job.

    A white man with blue eyes from church has asked me to marry him. I told him that I don't know much about my family because I was in foster care. True and not true. My foster parents will stand in for me, they don't know why I ran away. Only I know why I ran away. I ran around in high school and college and had sex with various guys. I went boy crazy for white guys. I don't want to ever have sex with a Mexican. I want a nice white boy with blue eyes. Like the man that asked me to marry him. The only thing is that he is studying to be a minister and I have lied to him about saving myself for marriage. I haven't answered him, I told him I wasn't sure.

    I am really not a good girl, I have sex with guys all the time. We just date to go out and have sex later. I like sex and tend to like guys who are aggressive and dominant. The man from church is not aggressive and he is definitely not dominant. I guess I am saying I am going to say no to him. I am currently dating an engineer who is an a ex-marine and he makes me want to pee for him. He is always ready and I like that. He is white but he knows how to make you want to be woman.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    Back in my late teens I had a threesome with two very well endowed older men. They took me to new heights sexually and I was used orally, vaginally and anally for over two hours. Both men came in me, or over me twice and I orgasmed at least a dozen times or more. The sex was so thrilling and so debauched, I would say it's easily the best sex I've ever had.

    The fact I have such a clear memory of it isn't because I'm especially focused on the night in question, but because one of the guys video'd us having sex throughout. I've watched the video many times since, even though I now don't have a copy. And just love how I react to their ways of fucking me so hard and for so long.

    You think of a position or a scenario regarding two cocks and all my holes, and you'll understand when I say, my mouth pussy and asshole were sore the following day.

    It wouldn't be a problem as such. And hopefully won't be. Yet in a months time I'm getting married and one of the men in question will definitely be attending. The other can't because he's no longer with us, but my husband to be knew/knows both of them anyway.

    He doesn't however know about them fucking me, or the video. And I've never told him just how awesome it was to be fucked like I was that night by two such powerful men.

    My husband knows the remaining one who has still got a copy of the video, because he's met him many times recently. That's because my uncle Rich, the wonderful man with the video, is helping set up and arrange my marriage.

    I just hope uncle Rich doesn't get too drunk and reveal what he and his younger brother did with me when I was nineteen.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 49

    As kids we grew up in Toronto. My parents weren't rich, but they were well enough off that we had a lake cabin for the summers. In late spring we went up with our father to get the place in order for the summer. Once school was out we went up with our mother and spent the summer at the cabin, my father came up every other weekend. It was a glorious time, lots of good memories.

    Right around the time I turned thirteen a family bought the cabin next door. I say next door but really it was about a half a mile away. They had a couple of boys and we soon found ourselves spending time together. The older boy was sullen, withdrawn but he paid attention to me and whenever he was sent to do something he had me tag along. The afternoon when he had me suck him the first time we were in the boat house. He had to pee and he got his dick out and stood there beside me and peed into the lake from the slip. He asked me to pee, I took out my little dick and peed. After I peed he took my dick in his hand and asked me if I liked that. He told me to hold his dick and to jerk him. He jerked me too and we both got erections. He pulled my swim trunks down to my ankles and had me kick them off and got behind me and humped me and asked me if I liked that, because I was never going to find something better than that. He poked up into my ass and pushed against me butt hole.

    He then got his swim trunks off and bent over the container that held the boat cushions and asked me to poke him with my dick. While I poked he jerked himself, asking me to poke hard, harder and I got passed and he said to poke it all the way in. More he said, more and more. I ejaculated, I came inside of him, and I pulled out my dick, it came out and it was sensitive. He had not been able to jerk himself off and asked me to jerk him and suck him, but to do it hard and fast. After a minute he ejaculated I tasted my first cum. He told me would do it again, only the next time he was going to fuck me.

    We spent a lot of time together. We found this secluded place and would lay there and jerk our dicks. He liked being sucked and jerked and I sucked and jerked. From the very beginning I liked the taste of his cum, I ate it all, off my face, off his pants, off his dick. We fucked out there, he was right, I liked it, I liked getting fucked more than I liked fucking him, but he liked getting fucked so we did both. And we jerked and sucked off each other.

    The summer went fast and soon we all left and went back to school, the winter and growing up. We saw each other during the summer, no one ever found our place, we got naked and had great sex. He brought along some cream from his mother's makeup kit and we buried it and left it out there. It made fucking that much easier. I didn't fear his dick, I loved his dick, I loved jerking him off and getting my mouth and face up close. We peed together, crossing streams, and I started to let him pee in my mouth. At first it was take it a little bit, but I went ahead and got down on my hands and knees and he paid straight into my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest just poured out of my mouth onto the ground or down my chin and chest.

    We grew up and he went off to work for the summers and couldn't get together. I stared working a summer job and the days of getting together at the lake became a memory. I had a job delivering packages for a while and I met a banker who liked me and that is how I broke into the gay scene in Toronto. He took me, I was his boyfriend. I got a full time job at another bank on his recommendation and I moved out and lived with a couple of other boyfriends. It was the life. The parties, the good times. Everything as underground. I heard about boyfriends getting together for sex parties, but I also heard of all the breakups and fights. I stayed out of that, and it was good that I stayed out of that, you wanted to be sure of your partner. My banker partner also kept himself away from others and we stayed clean and didn't mess around. Not thinking about it, but I stayed with that one man for over thirty years.

    I have a lover now, a boyfriend that I look after, a guy who grew up in the nineties, I tell him about the times in the sixties when I was a new teen and my times at the lake. He disbelieves me, that we fucked all those years through our teens. I tell him about all the wild parties of the seventies and having to stay underground. Fortunately I found a career in banking which kept me on the quiet side, the conservative side, and I avoided the party scene with my long time lover. He and I are the same age difference as I was when I was the boyfriend being looked after. I tell him its OK to have someone pay the bills for you, just remember to stay clean and not mess around.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I once fucked my girlfriend's mother!!! - so let me tell you how it happened. I was about twenty at the time, and my girlfriend was 16 or 17. I used to go round her house some afternoons, and wait for her to come home from work.

    This particular afternoon it was a very hot day, and I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of swimming trunks/shorts. As usual, her mother let me in, and made us both a cup of tea while we waited.

    As we chatted, she made some comment about her daughter being quite shy and naïve, and she hoped that I would treat her right. Somehow this led on to her saying that she wanted to check what I had got, to make sure that I didn't hurt her daughter. Before I noticed, she had pulled down my shorts, revealing my cock! As she felt it, and it stood up to attention, she said she wanted to check my technique, so that she could advise her daughter.

    She stood up, and took off her blouse and bra, and then lowered her skirt, and took off her panties! I was speechless. Then she lowered her c**t onto my erect cock, and started moving around. All I could think was: what would happen if my girlfriend came in, and saw her 40-year-old mother fucking her boyfriend.

    As I remember, her tits were large and bouncy, and it wasn't long before I was cumming inside her! We both got dressed before her daughter got home, and neither of us ever mentioned it again. I wonder if she did advise her daughter on anything!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 38

    I am a 38 year old lesbian. I got used the idea when I was in my early twenties. At that time I had joined the Air Force and stayed in for four years. I had my first lesbian girlfriend there. My girlfriend wanted to stay in and I wanted to get out. We broke up. I still miss her.

    I moved back home, I confessed my preferences to my parents and siblings. Everyone accepted it, but things were never the same again. I met a woman who worked at the county library and had a short affair with her. She was older and behind closed doors she was very controlling and quite frankly a bitch. It was hard breaking it off with her, she didn't want to let that happen. That relationship affected me a lot and I stayed single for several years.

    Lately, in the last two years, I have been seeing a girl who likes to paint and sculpt. She makes very little money, so giving her a place to stay is a real help. She likes to record us. I don't like that because one day she is going to lose control of all those videos. She watches the videos and masturbates. Her paintings have become very suggestive, lots of nudes, lots of women in grotesque erotic positions. She is very obsessed with my vulva. Over and over again she paints my vulva, she is very detailed, she uses the videos and the stills. At times her paintings get me aroused. She doesn't try to sell those, she says those are for us. She does produce some very nice paintings, and she sells those at fairs and a couple here and there to a referral.

    I never wanted to be a lesbian, even after I slipped past the point of no return. As a girl I imagined I would get married and have a normal two or three kid family. Instead here I am, supporting my 23 year old artist lover who is obsessed with sex and painting my vulva. She decorates our room with these paintings, all sizes, all colors, all live and in your face, she gets naked on the bed and asks me which I like best, that I have to pick, one of the paintings or her. I always pick her. I can't resist her, not ever. And I love those stupid paintings, making love surrounded by her art all around me. Stupid me in love with a girl fifteen years younger. I live in fear of losing her. I try never to be a bitch, to not be controlling, but it is hard, she is so young and I don't want her to get hurt.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I retired last year and took a part time job as a property manager for real estate broker. I got along well with one of the agents we became friends. He is retired from his career and is doing real estate as a way to stay busy. We went to see this house that just got listed, it had some problems that needed to be fixed before it could be shown and he wanted my opinion. The house was still partially furnished, had some leaks around the fireplace and the carpet was in pretty bad shape. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but the yard needed work, the repairs needed to be done, painted, replace the carpet, and get into show condition.

    Dur ing the walkthrough we found ourselves face to face in one of the small bedrooms. His belly against mine, he put his hand on my belly and I didn't move back. He said that maybe I wanted to play rough and we started to wrestle, more or less and ended up on the small bed in the room. His face was an inch from mine and we just kissed, a short kiss and then a long kiss. He sat on the bed and I sucked him on my knees. It is not that I had experience, it is just that is what we did. That afternoon I felt drawn to sucking him, his hard penis in my mouth, his penis in my hand felt so good. It took a while before I was able to get him to cum. I looked at his sperm and tasted it with my finger.

    We became fuck buddies after that. We had the day to mess around, we were both part time and controlled our hours and we got together and enjoyed the time together. He has a pool and a jacuzzi at his house and we spend some afternoons naked in the pool and jacuzzi. I got to be real good at giving him oral, I definitely felt my sexual appetite for him was on all fours. Full in my mouth or full in my ass. He wasn't sure about being the man on top, but after a while he found his rhythm and we found our place with each other.

    We would have thought that him being the salesman and me being the handyman that the roles would be backward, but they aren't. Not that I haven't gotten on him, once in a while he needs it, and not that I don't enjoy it when he gives me oral, I enjoy it. But when you are so hot that you want to bring it home, then the right thing to do is get on all fours and let him go to town.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    I seduced a very attractive, rugged and hung male student, Ted, when he was a senior, not long ago. At the time I was having an affair with Don, the history teacher. Unknown to me just then, Don was bi. Toward the end of the term, Ted and I were hot and heavy and would find ourselves fucking two or three times a day. We got caught by Don, who said, "Go ahead, don't worry about me." Ted could not continue so Don got on me and fucked me hard. I saw that this finally got Ted hot again and Don saw it and moved over for Ted as I remained spread widely.

    While Ted fucked me, Don got behind him and slid his hard cock up into Ted's asshole. Ted moaned but continued fucking me while Don nailed him up the ass. Don cried out that he was coming and Ted got hotter and started to come in me as Don came up his ass. We laughed after that but the next time we got into that combo the three of us came together. We really enjoyed it and tried it again but managed a three way come only once again.

    Ted graduated and moved away. We began to look for his three-way replacement but we're still looking. Ted set a high standard.

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