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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    In my last two years of college I rented a room in a private house. From my bedroom window I could see my landlady's bedroom from her wall that had a huge mirror attached to it. From my window I noticed her daily sexual activities that began after her husband left for work. She had almost daily sex with two young, male tenants and some of their friends, boys and girls, quite a lot actually, for a woman in her late 30s. They all seemed to love oral sex.

    One day, she spotted me in her mirror from my room. A day later, she came over with a bottle of some liquor and two tiny glasses. In good time she had my legs spread and was extremely active on everything genital in my body. That was my first exposure to female sex and she was a great teacher. I'm now hooked on it but I favor women who look like her, small boobs but with nice ass, olive skin, dark hair with green eyes. She's also insatiable.

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    Straight Female / 38

    We live in a semi rural area, close to a reservoir which attracts walkers and tourists alike. My husband works long hours and is quite often nowadays not in the mood for sex. Something I adore. The last twelve to eighteen months prior to August last year, wasn't easy for me, as my libido has risen enormously. I bought a dildo to try and satisfy what my husband wasn't providing for me, but a girl needs more than just a shaft to entertain her. Plus I missed the sexual closeness of a man.

    I no longer miss the attentions of a man, as in August I decided I would make myself available to men who walked by our home, and allow them to fuck any hole they wanted to.

    It began with a comment from my husband and from then to now, I've had sex with five different men, two of whom are now very regular sexual partners of mine. My husband's comment was "You'll wear that dildo out if you fuck it anymore". My reply which was "Well maybe you should fuck me more often". received this answer "I'm busy, you know that, get another guy to help out".

    It was as simple as that.

    Only three days later as I watched two young men walk by in the latish evening, I quickly went around the side of our home, lifted my skirt and began to play with my pussy. As they rounded the building, they both saw me and one walked over. In full view of anyone else who walked past (No one did at that time) I sucked on his dick, then knelt up as he fucked me from behind. His friend watched played with his own cock, but didn't get involved. Ten minutes later they were on their way and I'd just taken a cum load all over my back, after orgasming twice myself.
    One of the regular guys who now fuck me whenever their horny and around, is a vet who looks after our animals. He's older than myself and my husband, but boy does he love sex and fucking me. The second guy is a younger man who works as a freelance operative among the rural community.

    To my utter amazement one afternoon, he told me my husband had sent him round to "Look after me". We spent the whole afternoon having sex, and we were stil fucking in the shower when my husband returned home. All he said when we emerged was "Hope you had a good day with her ****". Sitting down and eating our evening meal that night was like any other night, only my husband asked about what we did. Telling him at his insistence, I relayed every detail I could remember and for the first time in a long time, he fucked me, pushing our dishes to one side on the table.

    Two other strangers have tasted my pussy and arse and fucked me too since August of last year. both being older single ramblers. Yet it's my regular sex partners who more often than not keep me happy now. And my husband no longer bothers to be missing. They've both grown comfortable with him being in the house and I'm certainly enjoying the extra attention my husband gives me sometimes, when they leave.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    Theives in the Night
    I was brought up in Liverpool, England. When you went to bed at night you made certain that you had locked and bolted your doors, as housebreaking was commonplace.

    Now I live in a small town in the West Country, crime here consists of teenagers dropping litter on their way to school, dog crap on the pavement and the occasional drunk shouting. I think there might have been a murder here 20 years ago, and I heard a rumour that an old lady in my road had her handbag stolen when, like many people she had not locked her front door. When I go to bed I don’t worry about checking my doors and windows as crime is pretty much unheard of.

    I had been away for a few days on a trip and had retired a day early as I wasn’t feeling to well. I had told my neighbours that I was going away so they could take in any parcels that arrived. I went to bed early and soon was asleep. At about 11pm I was awoken my a noise, I reasoned that it was the central heating, but then I realised in was summer and it was off!

    I came to my senses and realised that someone was in my house, and that in my hurry to go to bed I had left the back door unlocked. Bravely I crept downstairs ready to confront whoever it was. I barged into the living room and flicked on the light. I was confronted by two young women who gave out a scream. I recognised them instantly, they were the teenage daughters of two of my neighbours.

    They quickly apologised and said that they thought I was away. They confessed they were looking for drink or cash to buy booze. I had to admire their honesty! They begged me not to tell their parents or the police, as they were both on their final warnings.

    I assured them that I would not tell anyone, providing they did what I asked. They reluctantly agreed.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Hi out there, just wondering if any married women living in Calgary AB read these... In any case, I love having affairs with older married women (40-65). If you are looking for a NSA situation get at me on Kik (Rumbero12) and mention you saw my confession here...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I used to use craigslist frequently for hookups with both men and women. With men, I would usually just get a blowjob, I topped a few times as well. I found one guy, much older than me, probably 60 or so, and I was like 21ish. I went to his house probably 3-4 times, and man, he gave incredible blowjobs all the way til completion. I eventually ended up finding a chick, who was 29, and we talked for a couple weeks. I was excited to meet my first craigslist female! We met on a warm summer night at a local park, walked way back on the trail to a small area next to the river. We looked at each other, both a little hesitant to make the first move. We began making out, and I was getting hard pressing against her body. We laid down on the ground, she leaned on me, and I started rubbing her crotch. She took her bra off, and unzipped her pants. I started fingering her, and she was moaning and groaning loudly. While I was fingering her, she started to stroke my cock. After a bit, she laid me back and started giving me and amazing blowjob. After a couple minutes of staring at the stars, receiving great head, she had me put a condom on. She got on top, and slowly moved down on my dick. She rode me briefly, and then laid on her back, having me take over. I entered again, feeling her wet warmth. I fucked for a few minutes and was already close to cumming. I pulled out and waited a minute so I didn't cum. I'm always very considerate when it comes to that. Her pussy felt amazing though! I started thrusting into her again, and she had already came loudly a few times at that point, so I pulled out, and jerked it til I came all over the grass. She was impressed by my cumshot. We met two more times over the next few weeks, both outdoors, to fuck. Both of those times were just about as good as the first. For those next two meetings, she had me meet her at these trails, that sounded familiar. The guy who had sucked me previously, mentioned that we could meet there if needed when his wife was home. The girl also told me that her dad walked his dogs on those trails. The guy also said that's why he goes to the trails. I did a little facebook stalking, and saw that she has the same last name as the guy. I was fucking his daughter, a year or so after getting a blowjob from him! It blew my mind! That's one horny family lolol

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    Straight Female / 35

    I am a male who identifies as straight sexually, however, when Cragslist still had its 'casual encounters' section in he Personal ads, I once ventured out of my comfort zone. I would contact women and couples but that would be it, then I wondered about the t4m section and clicked on it... I saw mostly closeted CD/TV sissies. As i went further into it I decided to contact one, he/she looked alright, on the young side and the ad read ' i love older men'...

    After a few emails and pic exchanges, we decided to rent a motel room on a saturday, i was really anxious and also nervous about it, did my best to hide it though. I was in the motel room first, waiting when i heard the knock, she came into the room and right away noticed that this sissy lived her life as a female 24/7, you couldn't tell it was a guy. she said she was on female hormones too, i could notice her small tits starting to develop (it got me erected right away).

    We chatted, told her i never been with a sissy faggot before. She said i was her third male but the other two were as young as her, she wanted an older man... a daddy. We kissed and got naked, I saw her slim shaven tight body and saw my precum leak out of my dick. The sissy got on her knees as if on cue and took me in her mouth, after a little while we kissed again so i could taste my own precum from her tongue.

    We had our fun for a couple of hours, maybe 3, asshole so tight on her she bit the pillow, hearing this sissy moan was such a turn on I couldn't believe how much i was enjoying myself...

    That was my first surprise that weekend, enjoying sex with a young sissy femboi... the second: he/she was 17! She's probably 22 by now, but felt bad about it then, should've asked her age first even though she was ok with it.

    I've had 3 other fembois since then, over 18 these times... i love sticking my cock in them and having them body worship me... Even though i have a gf nowadays, i sometimes treat myself to a younger sissy from time to time

    p lease don't tell on me...

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    Straight Male / 38

    This an update to post #43143

    Thanks for your comments, and you were all right about me talking to her about it. I finally confronted her.

    On Friday she had stopped again at the bookstore, and of course, I went in when I saw her car in the parking lot. But before I went back to the booths to get more of her "anonymous" pleasure, I talked to the guy behind the counter. He apparently has been really enjoying her visits. I asked if he could tell me more about her visits to the booths but he was pretty adamant to keep her privacy. So I fessed up and told him that I knew her and she was my wife. Surprisingly he opened up after that point. He even apologized for messing around with her.

    She had been starting to visit last month. Not sure if I am comforted by the fact it was only a month, but that is what it is I guess. He said she started visiting more and more often, and he even started to let her in for free for some fun here and there just the two of them. Mostly just oral sex.

    I went to the booth and stuck myself through the hole. She was eagerly sucking on someone else on the other side I waited until I felt her hand and lips take me. I came pretty quick and I waited for her to finish. I heard her leave and I opened the door to the booth and saw her. I confronted her. She was mortified that she got caught, and started to cry, and we had a little heart to heart. I told her I wasn't as mad, more curious as to why she started this. She said she saw my browser history and that I had watched some gloryhole videos. She was curious and wanted to try it and found it to be a lot of fun. She said she is still very satisfied with our sex life, she just wasnt sure how to go about saying "Hey by the way I am blowing anonymous dicks."

    Not sure what about all this crying and sincerity made me feel this way, but I got really turned on. I told her I would need to punish her (in a semi-playful manner of course). She didn't resist at all. Just nodded and as we walked back out into the store, I opened her blouse just so her tits could be on display. Sadly, no one was in the store other than cashier, but it it was hot anyway. I asked her if she had paid for her visit and she said she hadn't. She was blushing pretty hard. I told her to settle up with him. She started to reach of her purse to pay. I corrected her and told her to pay as she had been.

    She sheepishly asked him where they should go. He ran over to the front door and locked it while turning the sign from open to closed. He walked back over to her and said that right there was fine. She got on her knees and pulled him out and started going to town. I asked him what all he has done with her. He said handjobs, blowjobs, and letting him fondle her. I told her to bend over the counter and she did. I pulled down her pants and panties and gave her ass a good smack before telling him to have at her. He put on a condom and fucked her hard.

    We ended up leaving the store as very happy and satisfied customers. We agreed that we would look into options that were safer and we both have an appointment to get tested for STD's just in case.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I've been married to my wife for 27 years. We have two adult children, one of which my son just graduated from high school this past year. With more time to ourselves, my wife and I now occupied a empty 4 bedroom house. While I'm at work and nothing to do with her day.
    My 42 year old wife, got herself a gym membership and started dieting.

    My wife, lost around 40 pounds in 5 months. She is by no way skinny , if anything voluptuous / plump.
    The type of women who's fat cells goes straight to her legs and butt.
    She has these natural big heavy breast, with pepperoni sized oriolus.
    One of the main thing that attracted me to her .
    Anyways she looks better than I have seen her in years.
    Compared to me and my man tits, I am beast too her beauty.

    Wanting to throw a small bachelorette party at the house ,for her friends 23 year old cousin.
    I told my wife I'd get lost ,then check myself into a hotel for that evening.
    Thinking the last place I want spend my night ,was with a bunch of drunk Latinas.
    Going on and on about their kids, as they gulp down Margaritas from red solo cups.
    Thinking of course there would be male strippers entertaining the bride tobe at the her party. I trust my wife to not do anything.

    Instead of checking into the hotel that day, I hung out at a bar.
    Leaving around 11:50 that night. Deciding to drive by my house on the way to the hotel.
    Immediately noticing only my wife's car in the driveway.
    With no other vehicles around, I'm thinking the party must have ended early.
    At this point I'm not spending any money for a hotel.
    The first thing I do when I get out of the car.
    Is get the recycling in the backyard ,to bring to the front, for curbside pick up.

    As I'm entertaining the backyard , I can hear music playing from inside the house.
    Seeing the lights on in our bedroom, with the blinds to the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard open. I was in complete shock .
    Standing outside, looking at my Mexican wife, getting fucked by some black 19 year old kid . With her legs spread and a uncut cucumber size dick.
    Raw dogging her into the mattress. His ball bag slapping up against her anus, with every thrust. My wife, with an intense look on her face.
    Her eyes locked on the large penis, penetrating her fat slit.
    I could tell how wet she was , just by the shine on the young man dick, from drilling in and out of her. If that wasn't enough, the sheets underneath her bottom, was soaked with her vaginal juices .

    While her mouth opens to let out a moan, her fat pussy lips opens as wide to swallow his cock. My wife, was getting her brains fucked out by another man, and absolutely nothing I could do about it.
    The way she twitched and curled her toes. Mouthing the words, " fuck me, like you own it!" He then says, "who's ass is this?" My wife response "your's."
    Glaring into her boyfriend eyes, I come to find out later.
    With the same intensity, when she was watching his 10 inch cucumber, make mincemeat out of her guts. He then says, "who's pussy is this?" My wife moaning "your's."
    He then yelled ,"your my what ,bitch?" As my wife shouted " fuck toy!"
    Her boyfriend then said ,before digging in deep ." Time to fill up this puffy taco with some meat." With his mouth completely around her pepperoni sized oriolus .
    I'm sure her large erect nipple was poking the backs of his teeth.
    As my wife said, repeatedly , "I love you."

    Hearing that, was the cherry on top of a bowl of cow shit.
    As both my vision and hearing was subjected to digesting.
    Because of the music , I couldn't hear most things that was said. Relying on lip reading.
    The last time I fucked my wife was about 3 weeks before then.
    Only thing she said to me, while mumbling was, " hurry up and finish.
    Like get to the Gym, so my boyfriend can hit it." I of course replied with "what did you say? "
    With a big open mouth smile, she says in a sarcastic and loud manner.
    " I like you to cum already, so me and my girlfriends can hit the Gym!
    Your making me 20 minutes late, and he doesn't like it, when I'm late!
    Still need to take a shower before I go." I then said, " what do you mean he doesn't like it?"
    She responded with , " the guy who stretches me out in yoga class.
    The instructor, likes to wait for me before starting class. You know what, fuck it, I'm done! Beat off into my pillowcase, for all I give a shit! Just get off me, so i can go!"
    She then ran into our bathroom, for a quick shower.

    I'm reminded of the words of F. Gump, "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is, Jenny ."
    Love is a battlefield, loves is blind. Love is stupid, moronic, and dumb.
    Love ,is falling for the same April fools joke, year after year. That was me, I was in love.
    Recognizing all the Freudian slips ,but refused to see them as is.

    After a few minutes, her boyfriend pulls out, kneeling over her stomach.
    My wife mouth wide open, with tongue out, squeezing her heavy breasts together.
    As two pumps of jizz land on her toung, chin, and neck.
    He then said, " just dropping off the kids."
    Before gently thumping her on the forehead, with that cucumber of his.
    As they both start laughing. My wife responded with,"your fucking stupid, dropping off the kids. Now I'm all sticky. I told you to cum inside me."
    He then wipes his dick along with his ball bag on her face, chin, and neck.
    Getting the extra baby batter off my wife, so she can suck, and lick it off him.
    After my wife's 3 minute make out session with his cock.
    She heads into the master bedroom ,bathroom, as her boyfriend took off from the room.

    Hearing the shower turn on , noticing on the dresser there was a lipstick staind glass and half a bottle of champagne on ice.
    Thats when my son friend, that lives a few blocks down, enter the bedroom.
    He heads straight for the glass on the dresser, pulling out a small plastic bag from his pocket. Then putting what look like a gram of what ever it was, into the glass ,before pouring in the champagne. My wife comes out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later ,with only her bathrobe on. Smiling, while entering the room sluggishly .
    Reading her lips ,as she tills my son friend, "no sweetie, i'm done partying. You can't be in here." She then starts sipping the glass of champagne, while they both start talking for a few minutes sitting on the bed.

    Then out of nowhere he grabs my wife by the back of her ponytail .
    Stands himself up, pulls out his dick, then shoves it in her mouth.
    She just sitting there, with arms at her side, looking like she was in a trance .
    About a minute, into fucking my wife mouth, I could see her get into it.
    She got his dick at one point, all the way down her throat. Her lips ,and nose, smashed up against his pelvis. I'm talking, chin to balls. With her cheeks puffed up like a blowfish.
    If it wasn't for my wife's long bangs running down the sides of her face.
    Might have been able to see more. Holding that position, for a few seconds.
    I can't remember the last time my wife went down on me.
    With my adrenaline pumping, my heart in my throat.
    Almost like I could feel, what my wife was feeling, at that moment.
    Pumping, and pulsating lump, wiggling around the inside of her neck.

    Eventually having him lay down on the bed as she disrobes . Perhaps ,because she came out of the shower ,her natural tan body was glowing. Along with erect, inch and a half nipples, that could cut glass. Seeing my wife standing there, large heavy breast hanging free, and her bush trimmed down to a landing strip. Hair tied back, and bangs coming down both sides of her face. Just the way I like it. Big open mouth smile, with her tongue out, moving it slowly up and down . Looking as cute ,as could be. While gently rocking her uper body in a twisting motion. Remembering who she was looking at. Thats when I came back down from the clouds. She wasn't smiling, doing a come hither ,with her tongue for me.
    My wife's eyes where locked, on my sons friend, slowly pulling on his dick.
    She turns to open up our closet, bending over, to touch her toes. Showing him the full moon. Long with pre fucked puffy pussy lips, that where already sweating.
    Turning back to face him . She holding three different fuck me pumps in her hands.
    A dark red open toe high heel. A pair of black designer steel spiked heels, with open toe, and three straps that went around the ankle. While last but not least. A pair of white roller skates, with light up hot pink wheels ,and pink laces.

    After my wife , put on the pair ,he pointed too. She got on her knees, crawling over the bed ,stopping half way between his legs. Then slouching over , so her mouth can resume giving him head. My wife's firm round butt cheeks in the air, and her big pillow tits, rubbing between his thighs. With my wife's knees bent, and ankles crossed.
    The pair of fuck me pumps, where pressed against her butt cheeks, poking over the full moon. As her tongue flickered across his genitals, drooling all over his balls.
    My wife's face then disappearing into the nother regions.
    Holding his legs up in the birthing position, knees to his chest.
    Now laying on top of her nose, was his ball bag. As both nuts, drooped off each side.
    The fact I could only see her eyes, I'm assuming she was eating ass.
    Then again from the pressure he was applying to the back of my wife's head.
    He also could have been trying to shove her head up his ass, mouth first.

    What ever he put in her glass ,made her extremely horny, and wired out of her mind.
    She starts riding him in the reverse cowgirl position facing the glass sliding door.
    My wife laughing, moaning, thumping on his lap like a crazy woman.
    Her big Mexican long jumping tits, bouncing out of control.
    Because of the lights be on in the bedroom and the backyard being pitch black.
    I wasn't afraid of anyone seeing me.

    Rolling my wife over, on her stomach, laying her flat on the bed .
    He spreads her round C shape butt cheeks apart. Then only using spit ,and grit.
    He shoves his skinny 8 inch dick up her ass. While she , biting down on her pillow, squealing like a wild animal. I assume, this was her first time taking it up the shitter.
    My wife's boyfriend enters the room with 4 other guys. Holding up cellphone cameras, singing happy birthday. My sons friend, now pounding away, pulling on her ponytail, like it was a leash. As if lit birthday candles where up my wife's ass, and he needed to blow them out with his ejaculate. With her ankles crossed in the air. Every time he pulled back, to thrust forward. My sons friend, would bumped up against the roller skates, spinning the wheels, lighting them up. Yeah, my wife picked the skates out herself. She always loved fucking in those things. With my wife's head being forced back, face pointing up to the ceiling, and how her legs where position. It look like he was straddling a human Viking boat.
    From everyone else filming from all angles, and singing Happy Birthday loudly.
    I couldn't hear what my wife was screaming.
    She did puff her chest up, and her tongue out, to look more like the front end of a Viking ship.
    So she had to be in to it if she was posing for the cameras.

    Finally making his wish with his last thrust, slowly pulling out his long dick from her ass.
    My wife trying to catch her breath moaning into the pillow. With her shit smeared on his helmet. He moves over to her mouth for oral cleaning. Even from were I was standing.
    I could see the coin sized hole, that was the rim of my wife's sphincter .
    When she tucked her knees under her stomach , cream pie jizz started dripping out of it.
    That when one of the other party goers in the room, ask my wife's boyfriend, if he can have a go. Soon as he nodded yes, guys started dropping their pants. Then getting her in position, before deciding what hole they wanted to fuck. None of them looking older than twenty one.
    For my wife's sake at least, I hope they where all legal age of consent.

    After watching my wife become a human Chinese finger trap, I was done.
    Deciding the hotel was the best options for me, hopped in my car, and got the hell out of there .My emotions where all over the place. From being angry, emasculated, and very much so turned on by the whole night. I didn't want a divorce, yes I was upset with her.
    But in my mind I justified it as a one time thing. Besides that, I've had my own affairs through out my life.God only knows, the number of countless hookers I've been with.

    So the next morning around 10:Am . I get home, pretending that I know nothing about the goings on in our bedroom the night before.
    My wife looking like she was still partying , wearing the same bathrobe.
    With her makeup on , walking around the house in 6 inch heels.
    She looks at me , sips her wine glass, sits on the couch smiling, not saying a word.
    I then enter my bedroom, immediately seeing 2 guys sleeping in our bed.
    Then turn around and head back to the living room to confront my wife.
    Like an idiot I say," who are these guys sleeping in our bedroom? Is that you friends gay cousin." Trying to help her come up with any excuse ,to why their would be 2 guys sleeping on our bed. She then said " no they are my boyfriend, friends.
    My boyfriend is the guy who fucked me, before I saw you watching though the glass door last night, when I was fucking our sons friend. Thats why I was laughing so hard.
    I don't know how long you where standing outside in the cold ,tugging on your dick like a pussy. But I enjoyed both the fucking, and the fact you found out about it this way. "

    Basically what happened, my wife met her new boyfriend a month after starting at the Gym. Telling me she been cheating with him for the last 3 months. Our sons friend, who is also friends with my wife new boyfriend. Was celebrating his 18th birthday.
    Thats who the party was for. Mentioning she had no idea the party would be for him.
    Now that he knew she was cheating.
    Our son friend barged into the room, attempting to blackmail her into sex.
    Saying it was her boyfriend idea, sending him to her bedroom.
    I'm guessing my wife was the birthday boy's present / entertainment.
    She had her suspicions, but never knew the fact she was drugged.

    My wife said "I don't know what came over me.
    Never would I have fucked that little shit. When our son finds out he never going to for give me. I can't lie about it either, there cellphone footage, with his friends dick up my ass.
    With out a doubt, somebody slip me something last night. Because I ended up fucking every guy at the party. By the way, now everything out in the open.
    I told my boyfriend he can move in tomorrow, if you don't like it you can always move out.
    Just get your thing out of my bedroom." Apparently their was around 6 guys at the party.
    They parked their car at the birthday boys house, and walked 3 blocks to ours.

    Sadly it would be a couple of months before I could afford to move out.
    On occasion I would get sloppy seconds and nasty thirds.
    I stood my ground, when it came to cream pie clean up.
    I'm lying about the sloppy seconds and nasty thirds. She never let me fuck her again.
    Every time I entered the same room she was in. My wife, would start giving head, and fucking what ever guy was next to her. No bullshit, I ordered a pizza for delivery .
    Soon as I pay the guy, she comes walking out stripping off her top and bra.
    Gets to the front door top less, before the guy leaves, brandishing a condom.
    Asking him if he wants some extra tip. I go to the kitchen to eat my pizza, while she sucking off the pizza delivery guy, inside our front entrance.

    Eventually she bends over the kitchen table were I'm eating . As he starts fucking her from behind. I said, " Jesus fuck Crisis, you don't even know this guy!"
    My wife replies, "I know he still in high school. He told me that ,when I had his nuts in my mouth. Oh , I'm also his first fuck ever, and seven years older than his parents.
    Fuck me harder Derrick !" The pizza delivery guy then said ," that's not my name. I had lost my name tag couple of days ago. They wouldn't allow me to deliver pizzas without a name tag. So they gave me this one ,that's been sitting in the lost and found for a couple of years."

    Moving to eat my pizza in the living room. As they fallow close behind, and start fucking on the couch next to me. At this point, I don't care anymore.
    Pull out my cock beating off to my wife deflowering a virgin. I'm pretty sure deflowering a virgin when talking about a guy doesn't apply .But what else was I going to say.
    My wife laughing, saying, "I knew you liked it. Perverted little pussy. Hay Derrick, you like fucking, what my husband can never have?" Pizza guy then said, " My name is not Derrick."
    In the the end, he was sitting next to me, as my wife was blowing him without the condom.
    Pizza guy, for his first time, shot his nut ,down my wife's throat.
    While I nutted on my shirt. I can truly say, it was a day, all three of us ,would never forget. Soon as he left the house, my wife turns to me screaming.
    "Get the fuck out of my house! " Over and over again.

    I immediately got the hell out of there , then was divorced a year later.
    Seeing my X wife photos ,on the Social Network recently, she looks fucking amazing.
    She lost even more weight. Making her breast, thighs ,and butt, look more shapely.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I am a married woman and have just discovered lots of photographs and vid clips on my husbands computer profile. he is dressing as a woman in my panties and stockings and clearly wants to be a sissy..... I have decided that Im going to post these things all over the place.....humiliate the wanker.... can anyone advise me where to post these pictures and are there any chat rooms where I can expose him

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    Straight Male / 45

    This is 1/2 confession and 1/2 looking for advice.

    Married male here - recently my wife agreed to let me watch her have sex with another guy.
    (long story as to why we even considered it...too much to write here)
    She has only been with 2 guys total in the past 2 years, so its certainly not a "lifestyle" for
    us or anything.
    Both guys were black and well hung, it was a treat for my wife as well as for me to see her
    that content. We were not looking for black guys specifically, it just kind of fell into place
    with them.
    Honestly, that fulfilled every last fantasy I ever had.
    She sucked both our cocks at the same time, we "took turns" with her, there was alot of dirty
    talk about how big his cock was.
    And yes, after they left I would go down on her. I could not help it, I was drawn to her
    sloppy pussy! My wife and I shared another mans special of a bond is THAT??
    My confession is that I ate another guys cum out of my wife (twice) and it was very exciting
    and erotic.

    Now the problem...
    My wife and I had the best sex life planning and talking about the "what ifs" of her having
    sex with another man. And everything worked out perfectly.
    But now that we did what??
    We can't talk about the "what ifs" since its already been done.
    We both fulfilled every fantasy we ever had.
    For the past couple months we have talked about what DID happen to get us excited,
    but that's getting old.

    We said after the last time with the 2nd guy that we would not do it anymore.
    But we both seem to not care about being intimate anymore with each other. We don't have
    that added "spark" that another guy gave us.

    I never considered the letdown after you have done everything sexual you ever fantasized
    For my wife and what??

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