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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 40

    Now I'm wondering do all mothers do this when I was younger I came home from school to find the living room empty I lived with my mother my younger sister and my mother's boyfriend at the time I will walk towards the bathroom and see the door kind of crack to the room I Pekin with one eye to see my little sister with her panties pulled down underneath gagging on my mom BF cock and my mom pushing her head for him I couldn't believe what I was seeing I mean here's my sister little sister being m****ted and my mom participating and I felt guilty because rather than put a stop to it I began to jack off I watch until my sister made a loud gag reflex and I see a bunch of white slimy substance spew on the side of her lips and rather than do anything about it I went to the bathroom to finish what I was doing to the memory of what I just saw and Tool the thoughts of it being me instead of him later I would talk to my sister starting off sounding concern but ending up putting my cock in her mouth but I gave her anything that I would do to her I would also have her get a return to so when she said cock I ain't pussy when she swallows c** I'll let you know needless to say just became my favorite activity and she would constantly make up reasons for my mom to have to dude house and then walk up to be and asked me if I wanted her 2 suck my dick in exchange for me 2 make her pee pee she said constantly to where I began to feel m****ted later on in life we attempted to talk about the situation that I originally saw but every time we begin to subject we end up without Parts attached to each other not that I'm complaining but I'm just wondering if it's normal to react to the abuse of one sibling by arousal and to all mothers approve of these situations because it's not the first time that I have such things

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    Straight Male / 29

    We're away on a short trip to Prague. My wife as usual is feeling horny, so knowing there is a small balcony outside our room, even though it's cold, she wants me to fuck her outside. She's braver than me, taking all her clothing off, after we've had a long period of oral sex on the bed. Stepping outside completely naked, I follow her out wearing a t-shirt and sporting my rock hard cock. She leans over the balcony rail and spreads her legs inviting me to fuck her from behind. Just as my cock bottoms out up her hot soaking wet c**t, we both look to our left as we hear noises and see and older man on the balcony next door. He's stood semi naked like myself, jerking off the biggest cock I've ever seen and he's looking directly at us fucking. I go to pull out and begin to apologize, but my wife tells me to carry on fucking her as she's close to climax. I do as she asks and sure enough she orgasms on my cock. Again about to pull out, she holds me into her by reaching back and gripping my arse. At the same time she shouts over to the older man "Do you like what you see". In a foreign accent, he replies "I'd fuck you deeper and harder". My wife turns to me and asks if he can fuck her.
    I'm now stood in the doorway of the balcony watching a strangers huge cock spear my wife's pussy and arsehole from behind, and it looks fucking amazing. His cock is far larger than mine and his cock has my wife orgasming over and over again, as he fucks both her holes extremely hard. I haven't cum yet myself, so my dick is pulsing like crazy as I play with it. Then screaming out another orgasm, she tells the man to cum if he wants, and he promptly like its all been planned, cums deep up my wife's dripping c**t. No sooner does he pull out, she tells me to slip mine in and informs him, it's time for him to go. As he leaves telling my wife she's one dirty bitch, thanking her for the booking, she leads us both back into our room and onto the bed. Laying on her back she has me enter her again and I fuck my wife missionary until I drop my load up her already cum filled hole.
    It's not over though. Pulling out, I'm about to lay next to her, when she gets up, has me lay back and climbs up to squat over my face. Sinking down, she smothers my face with her pussy and arsehole and orders me to lick her out. I spend the next ten to fifteen minutes tonguing my wife's cum laden pussy, and then we kiss like new lovers for the next ten minutes. By then my cock is hard again and my wife mounts me and rides my cock anally, ever so slowly. Once I cum in her again, she does the same thing, squatting over my face and having me tongue out her love holes. Only then does she tell me Thomas the man next door is her birthday present from me, even if she did arrange it all herself.
    This all took place last December in Prague. In a weeks time were flying out to Germany and it's her birthday again. I know as I've checked the area we're going to, there is a well known club, for couples who like to share. Or more to the point, It's a place where married men take their wives to be fucked by men who have much larger cocks than they do. I checked it all out because she left the page up on the internet last week. Since then we've fucked every day and night, and she's only getting hornier and hornier each night.

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    Straight Male / 29

    Well I went and did it. I have in to my carnal side. I signed up for get life and posted the ad Iâve always wanted to.

    Hereâs what it said. Only I took out the locations.


    Single 29yr male living in the cbd. Right near xxxx park

    My apartment has a sauna in the gym that no one ever uses.

    Looking for casual/ongoing arrangement around the pool and sauna.

    There are so many legal firms around my area and Iâm always seeing stunning woman dressed up and walking around. A fantasy was bound to happen.

    You take a lunch break and meet me at my apartment. Catch the elevator with me to the gym and we go for a swim. Pretending to be just about our regular lunch time routine. Then move to the sauna where I would go down until you moaned.

    Open to females and couples. But no single males please.

    Actually itâs a fantasy of mine to watch a couple f**k in the sauna while I watch.

    Iâm open to any stories/suggestions/comments that anyone wants to share also.

    Donât be shy


    Iâve been so aroused all morning waiting for a reply or for anything at all to happen. I donât want to masturbate at all because itâs not even as close to the excitement of the real thing. Hoping some exciting stories will follow. Iâll comment them if they do.

    Sincerely yours gaffa

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    We were both aware of each others fantasy's, so when we both turned thirty, two days apart last month, we agreed we'd fulfill them whilst the other watched.
    I watched my husband share a bed with two younger females, who both enjoyed lesbian sex, before he fucked them both. He had a good time, but I kind of guessed he held back a little because I was there.
    My fantasy and one I'd had since I caught a brief section of a porn film at the age of fourteen, was to be taken and fucked extremely roughly by at least three much older men, in an outdoor setting. And men who had really thick cocks that weren't overly long, but fat cocks that would stretch not only my pussy, but also my asshole.
    After some arranging, and only two days after my husband shared a hotel bed with the young girls (17 & 18)), I was lead into a woodland by three complete strangers (To me) and stripped naked. Over the next hour or so, I was forced to suck each of their cocks, then still sucking the other two in turn, the first of the three entered my pussy from behind.
    My husband watched it all from a little distance away and told me later, how I absolutely slutted myself for the men. And so I did. Each of the men fucked my pussy and my ass, and each man came in me, or over my face at least twice in that time. My mouth, pussy and asshole were still quivering from the constant fucking and orgasms I'd had, when I was lead to the river to bathe. One of the men in particular Ron who's fifty two, has an awesomely thick cock, and it was his beautiful cock that I climaxed the most on. Ron was also the person who fucked all my holes and came in me three times, using he told me afterwards, a little blue pill.
    It was an amazing experience and one which kind of changed my perspective of things, including how I reacted to what my husband said a few days later. His comment was "You fucked with that Ron, far dirtier than you've ever had sex with me".
    My husband is right, and only a day later I text Ron after going through the correspondence he'd had with my husband to find his number. We met at a cafe and fifteen minutes later I was walking into his apartment. In all, I spent two glorious hours having the best sex I've ever had with anyone. The way he licked my pussy and ass for such a long long time, to the way he forced his cock down my throat and had me craving for him to fuck me. It all had my pussy and asshole shaking with anticipation. By then I wanted him so badly, I let Ron fuck me like I was a common whore. And it was awesome.
    And Ron and I have continued to meet for sex. It's nothing more than that. We're not suddenly going to run off together, and neither do we want to. It's sex and fantastic sex at that. Sex my husband couldn't match or get anywhere near to. But then you don't meet men like Ron everyday of your life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    My gf and I rented a condo in Costa del sol in Spain right on the beach and we lived among the locals. One night, she sent me out to get some bread down at the small bakery on the corner and I went down just wearing board shorts and flip flops.

    On my way back up I rode the elevator with this nice looking spanish girl - it was obvious she was checking me out - the space felt small all of a sudden - and I realize that I was commando - and that my bulge was showing - she was staring down at my belly button area lol

    The elevator stopped - she stepped out and smiled - I decided on a whim to get off the elevator too - she look behind and smiled again - I said you like ? she smiled again and came my way - I undid the cord from my shorts to get a reaction - she just pulled my shorts down got on her knees and before I could say anything, she had my salty cock in her mouth.

    She sucked me really well and I came all over the floor lol

    She then got up and started walking away - I pushed the elevator button and got back on to go to my floor.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    OK, here I go. my sexual goals are I am total into women's pussy, tits. I am not into

    the gay, bi, or other things I have read on this website. What you do behind your door

    is your own sexual thing. No gay guy will every touch or suck me off because I am not

    into that Ok so don,t ask. I am not fucking my mom. sis5ter, dog, brother or my friends

    I am total into women and a wet pussy, hanging tits or half an ass. To me, there is too

    much pussy walking around that is free, so why pay for it. So to all the gay or bi guys

    who aren't fucking the girlfriends or wife? Let me fuck them for you. Here are a few

    things I love the most 100% chubby women, tits of all kinds big and small. LOve to

    fuck deep slow and log. Hell no I do not rush when I am having sex. I love to eat a

    wet pussy not one time but many times. I love the way the womens face looks I am banging

    them slow. it's great. LOve an open minded woman who will try many sexual ideas like

    let,s find a place and fuck outside. So once more all you gay guys who want to suck a

    dick go right ahead while I am fucking your wife or girlfriends, Thank you very much,

    her pussy is so wet.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    My confession is that I read these stories not to get off, but because some of the comments are hilarious.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I am in a unique/weird relationship, am Bi who`s in open relationship with nice & loving guy Dan , his sister Sarah is also Bi , she and I have been intimate on several occasions , since there`s no secrets between Sarah and me , she confessed that during her teens she and Dan got naughty, except for Vagina sex brother & sister did everything sexual ,even today both of them are very close to each other

    It was lazy Sunday morning I was at Dan`s place, we had some incredible sex on Saturday night , he was resting on the sofa while I was watching TV and fondling his cock, the doorbell rang and it was Sarah, she said she was in the neighbourhood and just wanted to say Hi to us,I made coffee for Sarah and myself , Dan was still lying on the sofa, Sarah got engrossed in watching TV, Dan too my hand and placed it on his cock, in other words he wanted me to keep on fondling

    Dan was just in his boxers, my fondling graduated into stroking which made Dan`s cock hard and throbbing , all this time Sarah was watching and smiling , I wanted to test the water, I pulled out Dan`s boxers and began to suck his erect cock ,as I was sucking my eyes met Sarah`s, I winked at her , she got up and knelt near me, without a word she grabbed her brothers cock and pulled it out from my mouth and took in her mouth, since there was not element jealousy , we sucked him in turns

    Dan was shaking an shuddering, whimpered that he`s going to cum any moment , Sarah pleaded me to let him cum in her mouth, I had no problem with this , Sarah began to suck him ferociously while I licked Dan`s balls , with muffled moans Dan came in Sarah`s mouth, she swallowed every drop of his cum, thereafter I milked his cock for the remaining and ended with French kissing Sarah

    Had a memorable Sunday

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I met Vince, who was a few years older than me in a park just on getting dark. He was standing there like he was waiting for a bus. He called me over so I went and we chatted about this and that. He asked about what kind of sex I did and I said whatever. You like cock ? and I said yes, it's real good.

    So we found a quiet spot so I could kneel down and suck his cock. I'd played with cock before but this was the first time I'd took one in my mouth. An older guy had sucked me off a week or two before so I copied what he had done to me and Vince shot his load all down my shirt. It made me so horny. Then Vince sucked me off, I was so worked up I couldn't stop from blowing too soon and Vince took it all in his mouth.

    Afterwards we walked to his house so he could show me where he lived with his mother, just the two of them. When she's out you can come around he said. You've been fucked ?

    I said No, but one day I wanted to try it.

    We kept in touch and one day he invited me round. When I got there his mother opened the door. I was shocked because I was so horny and looking for sex and here she was, but I acted like I was a friend who has called round.

    I went in and his mother called out Your friend is here. Vince appeared and said to his mother that me and him were going into his bedroom for a bit.

    His mother gave Vince a big beach towel to lay over the bed and two clean normal towels so we could wash afterwards. I said to Vince she knows what we are going to do and he said Of course, she's cool about me being gay.

    Vince got undressed and he was the first man I saw completely naked in the flesh with a hard on. His mother was Italian so he was black haired and good looking with it.

    He was proficient when it came to sodomy and taught me a lot. He was the first to fuck me and it was pain and ecstasy all in one go. I loved the feel of it. Vince had ripped open two condoms but we never used them. He said his mother wanted him to be careful so he left the wrappers about so she would see them.

    After an hour or we used the bathroom and dressed. We went in the kitchen and had tea and cake with his mother at the table. Vince told his mother it had been my first and she asked me how I felt and I said it was really good. Vince said we had had some amazing sex and his mother smiled and said she was happy for us.

    I fucked his mother many years later. We had got to be real friendly over the years as I'd gone over there many times to get my rocks off, and she knew Vince was fucking around, I wasn't his only one.

    So it happened when Vince had gone on holidays with some mates and I was driving around ( I was old enough to drive now ) and I saw the car of Vince's mother was outside so I knew she home, and I got to thinking. I thought it over a good while feeling nervous before I actually rang the doorbell. She answered the door and I asked if Vince was home and she said Don't you know ? He's on holiday with so and so.. etc.

    Any way she invited me in and I acted reluctant but went in. She was about my size, smaller than her son, big eyed and with the same black hair and we had tea in the kitchen.

    I'd given up trying to suggest something naughty, completely chickened out and amazingly she began asking me questions about my sex life. She knew me and Vince weren't a couple, it was in her words only a bit of sexual gratification. Now she was curious about if he'd had a girlfriend or was interested in women, because she knew some of Vince's fuck buddies were bisexual, even married. I said I'd never been with a woman but one day I thought I might try it.

    She said Would I like to try it today ? I said do you mean me and you ? and she said Of course Darling. Come and see my bedroom.

    Inside her bedroom she lay me on the bed opened my jeans and started on sucking my cock saying I know this is what you love. Now she was the first woman I'd ever seen naked and in the flesh, nice soft tits with big brown nipples. Her body looked so good for her age. She showed me how to play with her pussy and other things. I fucked her and she said you keep going as much as you can so I cum three times in her ( no condoms ) and she said I can tell you really loved that and I said I must be bisexual after all. I loved sucking on her tits.

    It didn't last long, our affair I mean, because Vince found out, either my big mouth or his mother let the cat out of the bag somehow. Still, that's how I fucked both of them.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    The world has gone mad. That's mine and my husband's opinion. And it's based on the fact everyone is too possessive over their husbands, or moreover their wives. We do not own each other, but share one another's lives. We are separate human beings, who through an old tradition (Marriage) decided to share our lives together. It doesn't mean I can order him to do as I wish, or vice versa. And we both set out understanding that premise.
    We're both bisexual, and had sexual relations with other people during our pre marital relationship. I fucked other men and women, and my husband did exactly the same. I was I'll admit, much more prolific sexually with others than he, but mostly with other women. My husband happens to have a massive cock, and sometimes I need rest from his constant needs. In other words his cock and his sexual appetite are so large, I often need to take a break from his large phallus fucking my mouth pussy and ass. He on the other hand finds younger men are more than eager to allow him to fuck their assholes with his huge dick. And he does so in the comfort of our home, whether I'm here or not. He does have a regular girlfriend too, but she's only around during the winter months as she's a microbiologist and works mostly in the tropics. I say he has a regular girlfriend, she's actually my first ever sexual partner and we're still sexually involved whenever it takes our fancy. The only difference now, is she shares my husband when she's spending time at our home. As I've said, in the past I've had far more partners than him, and as month by month basis, I still do. I say this because like right now I'm watching him fuck a man and his wife, the second couple in less than a week. To us it's all fun and it's done safely with the full knowledge of each other. So if I had a message to you all, it would be enjoy your life. You only have this one.

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