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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Im a good looking guy, and so a lot of gay guys tell me is that i have a really nice body.
    Its not all muscle, its not fat, nor chunky just nice and soft with curve which i love.
    I love my booty, its round, soft and looks just like a girls and i love this fact. so my twisted
    confession begins....

    When im turned on to a stupid degree ill go into my room, laying on top of my bed with the lights off and the tv on which illuminates my entire room like a movie theatre wearing nothing but my booty boxers. The shades will be open enough for someone with a good eye to be able to see through, ill rub my body down with my hands until im rock hard and take off my booty boxers to bring out my rock hard penis.

    Ill begin doing really kinky stuff like smelling my own booty boxers, massaging my penis with lotion but never masterbating, teasing until my heart rate is visible through my penis and its beat red. ill just look at it, wishing i could blow myself, or wishing how at that moment i could be blowing a guy with a real nice penis, making love to it with my mouth like my life depended on it.

    Sometimes I get so turned on knowing someone could be watching
    that clearish pre cum runs out and each vein is popping.
    Ill do this for a hour or three, just playing and massaging, thinking someone could be watching
    and how i want them to see everything.

    Ill write erotic, i****teous stories about my cousin and i fooling around when we were in our teens as we have done everything together so i keep a book of explicit, descriptive confessions that anyone could find at any time if they decided to snoop. but when i cant take it no more...

    and my erect penis is so hard and throbbing that it hurts
    i unload a massive amount of cum, just squirting like i nailed the hottest chick and spent hours eating her ass out. The explosion either goes all over my chest, hands and or face, this is my kink rule " If i cum, i must eat what i hunted for so long " I cant help it but moans come out because i spent a long time teasing myself.

    If I decide to go on my own face i feel "uninterested " after, but before i tell myself that ill just force myself to either taste it or fall asleep with it all over my face. Sometimes ill cum in my own booty boxers, or one of the many pairs of underwear i stole from my cousin " most have endured 100's of loads " but in the end i usually taste the fruit of my labor....

    sadly.... im to shy to just hook up with a guy, i have had amazing sex with two guys " one being my best friend "so far but i need that trust.... its nice this way because i prefer no condoms.. Im a bottom only so being ejaculated in is a very intimate bond, i feel like im home when im either riding a guy with only a hoodie on... its so nice... i cant wait for the next time... i have this electrcity that goes through my body when i accept the fact that yes i love women, but sometimes that a nice, clean cutt cock belongs pumping in my mouth or ass.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I am sick and twisted in the head, I accept this and I never act out on it so that has to count.
    But you see I really like watching my neighbor, she is small and petite and she walks around outside all the time in sweat pants and a tank top. She is not attractive at all and this has nothing to do with her being lesbian either.
    I want to fuck her because of the way she moves her body, when she walks the swaying of her hips, the length of her legs and the way she bends over to pick things up.

    I want to take her hard by force and drag her into her shed; there I want to r**e her body hard and for a long period. I want to bind her and gag her and explore every orifice of her body with whatever I can find, I want to torture those little tits of hers and make her scream and cry.

    Then I want to after her long ordeal and knowing that she is forever broken, I tell want to tell her the only way to get free is to either put your hands upon my cock and sit on me while inserting it into her c**t where she will fuck me willingly, or to step up on the box in the middle of the floor and I will put the noose around her neck. Then If she takes that option I will be more then glad to insert myself into her and start fucking her again harder till she falls off the box and hangs herself, either way I want her.

    Sick fantasy glad I am leaving it there, and talking to my shrink in the morning.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I love feeling horny, especially when others make me horny. Even more so when others let me make them horny. I don't really even care if I cum. There's just something about feeling so excited, foggy headed, and hard. I never want it to stop. The horniness itself. Of course, I do eventually finish the deed either by myself or by someone I'm with. I just hate how cumming just crashes it all down.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    First off, I am married and have been for over 30 years. Before I got married I had a secret life. I worked as a male prostitute for big money men. As a prostitute you deal with whatever the client wants, short of something really stupid. I would say that three quarters of the clients were tops and about one quarter were bottoms. I would either bottom or top, whatever the client wanted.

    I met my wife in Las Vegas on one of my trips there to work for extra money. I flashed a role when paying for a drink and she started a conversation. That evening the casino was slower than normal so our conversation kept going, broken from time to time when she went to serve another customer. Like me she worked as a prostitute as well. That evening, maybe just the loneliness or the moment, I asked her to come to my room after she got off. Although there is plenty of security, for the right tip, the girls could go upstairs. This was the first time I paid for sex with a woman.

    We woke up to very bright sun, both naked after a night of fucking. Her rates were pretty similar to mine. I told her that I worked Las Vegas from time to time, but didn't want to stay too long and get unwanted attention from vice. She understood. The week passed quickly, I made a good amount of money, and when it was time to leave I asked her to come with me, to get out of Las Vegas. We got married first, and left back to L.A.

    Back in L.A. she stopped working because I could support her. I worked and along the way I learned how to be bartender and worked for a catering business as a bartender.

    I more or less stopped working as a male prostitute and concentrated on bar tending and made decent money. I opened my own business bartending for parties and my wife worked with me serving drinks.

    Over the years we settled down and our dirty past stayed put away. We never had kids and we are now semi retired living in a no name town not far from L.A. From time to time we will work a party for preferred clients, but part time, we don't want the stress of a full time business.

    I miss the sex. Now that I have more time on my hands I miss the sex much more. Today's ease of accessing porn makes it a normal morning pastime for me. I usually watch gay stuff, which turns me on. If I watch male female porn I am always focused on the guy. Watching a hard dick work a mouth or a pussy is a real turn on for me. Over the years I have stepped out of my marriage and gotten together with a client or two. As a now mid sixties guy what I want is a hard cock to suck and I would love to have a hard cock work me over. I need a good fucking.

    No money involved. Just some guy who can give me what I want so bad. I just want a NSA relationship with a guy like me.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Called my wife at work and she told me that she had to go because she was in a meeting. She thought she hung up the phone but it didn’t disconnect and heard a man’s voice saying Don’t stop sucking. I can actually hear her mouth slurping his dick. The thing is although it’s shocking I started getting a hard on thinking about it. I jacked off thinking about my while sucking a guys dick at work. When she came home found my self French kissing her trying to tell if I could taste come. I really couldn’t taste anything but it was so hot. I never confront her about it I just fucked her brains out that night.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    I have been married for 12 years and mentioned to my wife that my boss seemed to making some sexual advances. My boss is in her mid 50's and would occasionally say a thing or brush her hand across my ass in a way I felt was sexual. I mentioned it to my wife and she thinks she is just being friendly and a little playful. My wife has met her before and thinks she is a great woman. Every time my boss says or does anything it is always when it is just the 2 of us alone. My wife thinks I am just reading things into what she does and says. My wife has made it clear I better not do anything to lose this job or else. I was unemployed for over a year before I got this job and my wife has pretty well made it clear I am to do whatever to not lose this job unless I have another job to go to. She tells me I am reading too much into things and if for some reason she is actually making advances towards me then I will need to do whatever is necessary so we don't end up cash strapped again. I asked her what I am to do if my boss wants sex with me. My wife said she was quite clear that I was to do whatever necessary to not lose this job. If she wants me doing anything, sexual or not, I better do it because she was not going to spend another year with us having no money.

    The months at work went on and my boss still made few sexual comments and has had her hand brush across my ass anytime we would be leaning over and looking at a document together. I just began to accept it and decided to make some sexual comments back anytime she made them to me to show I wasn't bothered by them. I think this was not the best idea because I believe she took it as an full acceptance of her advances. This caused her to make more comments and get a lot more touchy feely with me. She no longer brushed her hand across my ass but just grabbed it and squeezed it. The only way I knew how to get out of this situation was to get a new job or quit. With what my wife told me about not losing this job I knew quitting was not an option. I also didn't have enough evidence to claim work harassment so I was stuck where I was for now.

    More time went on and I put up with the job and my bosses advances while I looked for another job. She began to escalate things and began to tell me how great an employee I was. One time with her I told her my back was a little stiff which was a big mistake. She wanted to massage my back and told me to take my shirt off. I fought her on it and gave in when she asked if I would like continuing working there. It was the first time she had ever made such a comment. She had a couch in her office and had me lay face down shirtless on it as she massaged my back. I didn't want to admit it but she was doing a great job massaging my stiff back. She asked if my lower back was stiff too and I replied it was which may have not been the best reply. She told me to get at all my lower back muscles she would have to pull my pants down a little. She told me to unbutton and unzipped them and she would pull them down as far as she needed. I knew this would somehow end up with me naked but figured why prolong the inevitable. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and she pulled them. She literally only pulled them down a few inches. I was expecting them to get pulled down a lot further and possibly get pulled right off but that never happened. She saw half my bare ass which was my most exposure to her yet and I began to think she was not really out for anything sexual but just liked being a little playful with a guy. I think my wife may have been right and I was just over thinking this whole relationship with her.

    As more time went by she still made sexual comments and still touched me and I even touched her back a few times. I was given a few more back massages from her and even began to lay on her couch in only my underwear and socks when she asked. She said it would be easier to massage me that way. She still pulled my underwear down a little to get at my lower back muscles but they may have been pulled down further than she really needed. She was exposing my full bare ass but I didn't really mind. Once again I have to admit that her massages were great. I think she knew I enjoyed them so I was given a couple of the every week stiff back or not. I never told my wife about any of these massages.

    The more time that went on, the less I minded her sexual comments and touching, and the more I welcomed it. It was during one of my back massages when she asked if I enjoyed her massages. I told her they were great. She reminded me about my first one and how I didn't want to remove my shirt. She said I have come a long way since then and asked if there was anything that still made me feel awkward about the massages. I told her the only thing was I felt stupid wearing my socks with underwear. She took my socks off and asked if that was better. I told her I was feeling less stupid already. She told me I was nearly nude now and asked how I would feel about that. I didn't know what to say and she said we would soon find out as she slide my underwear further down and removed them altogether. I was fully naked on her couch now as she continued to massage my back. I probably shouldn't have been but I was getting very aroused by all this. She finished my massage and asked me a question. She asked if she could stay as I got dressed or if I wanted her to leave. She said she would really love to stay but only if I wanted her to. I probably should have had her leave but trying to be polite said she could stay. I was still feeling pretty good from the massage and didn't realize what her staying would mean until it happened. I stood up and there I was naked in full view of her. She had only seen my backside prior to this and was now seeing my front side in all my glory as I was still very aroused from her massage.

    Her long stare at me said it all. Before this, I never thought about how I would react to her seeing me this way. My reaction was to just stand there the way I was, making no effort to run or hide or cover myself in any way. That night when my wife asked how work was I only told her it was a little better than usual and made no mention how my boss had now seen me fully naked.

    For my next massage session I stripped naked right from the start. She was a little surprised but also pleased. She brought up our last session and commented on seeing me with a erection. She asked how I felt with her seeing me that way. I told her she saw what she caused. She did my massage and when she was almost done asked if she caused another erection. She had and I sat up to show her. She stood and stared for a minute and, being very uncharacteristic of me given my initial history with her, I asked if she was going to finish what she started. She came closer and began stroking me. I laid back as she continued and I watched her. She seemed hesitant about something and then she did it. She had my cock in her mouth giving me a blowjob. I blew my load in her mouth and it didn't faze her at all. She finished and asked how it felt. I said it felt great and I figured I would see something dripping from her mouth but I saw nothing so I asked if she swallowed. All she said was, "Surprised?". I told her my wife always spits and never swallows. She told me if liked that, there was a lot more I will like if I give her a chance.

    Our activities continued but it was a least a few months later when I saw her naked for the first time. She made it clear we would not be having intercourse but in the heat of passion with her it ended up in her. It was even her who got on top of me and slid it into herself. I didn't mention anything about it and it became a non-issue as when we had our future times together it always ended up in there. I never told my wife about how far me and my boss were going and she never asked.

    This ended up being the perfect situation. My wife told me I had to do whatever I needed to do so I would not lose my job and I was doing that by keeping my boss happy. My boss was too old to have kids so I didn't need to worry about getting her pregnant. I was fucking 2 women and was a very happy husband and employee and all I had to do was do what they ordered me to.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I received a call at home from a girl who claimed to have met my husband at a convention. She said she was sorry, but she was pregnant, and she needed to reach out and let my husband know. I told my husband about the conversation and he admitted to having gotten together with a girl at the convention. He told me that she was in marketing for one of the exhibitors and that they had gone back to her room for sex. As to whether she was pregnant, that was something he didn't know. He did admit that he did not use a condom.

    Now I sound like I wasn't pissed, I was pissed, sort of, but I wanted to meet the girl more. I wanted to know what kind of girl would get my husband to take her to bed and get pregnant? I called her back and told her that we were going to need pretty good proof about the pregnancy, that it occurred during the convention and there was 100% assurance this was my husband's doing. I sent her a ticked to come and see us, and if she agreed I wanted her to see my doctor and my doctor could give me confirmation. My only thing at that moment was meeting her.

    I was expecting some luscious blond, but the girl that showed up wasn't blond, she wasn't a model type, she was as normal as me, except for ten years. She brought the papers from her doctor confirming she was pregnant and a letter from him that based upon being her doctor, she most likely got pregnant during the time that she was with my husband. She told me it was only him, she had not had sexual relations with any other man. I believed her and after a lot more questions I believed her even more. This girl did not sleep around, of that I was sure.

    I asked how it came that she and my husband hooked up. She told me that there was a party after the convention, and it had moved to the penthouse room of one of the exhibitors and she and my husband were both there. My husband, ever the talker, had gotten in her head and he asked if she participated, if she wanted to get it on at the party. She told him that she was not someone that just had sex with a stranger, but that she wanted to stay and watch. They watched for a while, and he suggested to take her back to her room, and when he got to her room he offered to stay with her, he would do it, she would be over the hump.

    Well, that all sounded like him. Only this time she was not over the hump, she was with a baby bump.

    I agreed with her that we would pay for all the expenses, but on the condition that she turned the baby over to us to raise. She mentioned an abortion, she was then around 11 weeks along. I said no, no abortions. We would take the baby. She moved to our town before the baby was born. We got the baby after she was born, a nice, healthy little girl. With her mother's OK we named her the same name. We kept the girl with us and raised her at home until her mother got settled enough to be able to take care of her. In practice. her mother has never been able to provide enough as we see it, so we foot the bill for many of the things the baby needed. WE pay the child support as well, but that is never enough.

    This child is now six and I am very close to her. I never once felt any animosity towards her mother. It was and is like a book that you read, not really real. Except of course that it is. Very early in my marriage I knew my husband had a bad habit of circling up with bad girls for rent. Part of the reason that he goes to these conventions to blow off steam and get with bad girls for rent. Only this time he hooked up with a nice girl and she got pregnant.

    As you saw, once confronted he admitted to it all. I don't have any feelings about him hooking up. If he had a girl in the room next door, I would sleep through the night. That has never bothered me, I really don't have any negative feelings about him hooking up. I have never felt any need to see other people, it is just not my make up.

    I won't go as far as to say that we have an open marriage, it is just open enough for him to hook up with a girl for rent when he is away from home. He is supposed to keep his pants up when he is in town. To my knowledge that has always been the case.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Rumor has it that my wife had four men around our home last month, and that she was heard by the neighbors to be screaming out her orgasms. The little gossips also said one of the men was my brother Andy. He's supposed to have fucked my wife from behind in the back yard, as another older man fed her his cock.
    Now I'm not sayig my neighbors are making things up, or that they've been hearing and seeing things. The fact is there were men around fucking my wife, but it wasn't four, it was five of them and I was present the whole time too.
    It was her birthday and by way of giving her what she so desperately wanted, I arranged for my younger brother and a select few of his soccer team to fuck my wife. He brought three of his team mates and also a coach who has a huge cock. It was his cock a neighbor saw my wife sucking happily away on in our back yard.
    It's not the first time my wife has enjoyed being the center of attention during an orgy. But it the first time we've done anything remotely like it at home.
    It's our anniversary soon. No motel again I think, our home is big enough. And maybe she might just want more cocks, we'll see.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    Guess it’s good to say I got out of prison when I was 24. Was in there for two years all because of a fight with my dad a d he pressed charges.

    So when I went to prison when I was 22 I was scared. Won’t lie. Getting off the bus at prion messes with you. Other inmates are standing g near that area saying which young guy they want to fuck and which one they will turn I to a bitch. And yes almost all young guys going to prison will end up having butt sex within the first two weeks. Weather it is forced or the guy just gives himself up.

    After getting booked and what not I was taken to my cell. My cell mate was a older guy. Kinda made me nervous because I was small at 22. No body hair so I was prey for lots of guys.

    Didn’t hear a word from him till we were locked in our cell for a few hours. He got off the top bunch. Reach for something on the shelf and handed me a bottle of baby oil. I looked at him. He said let’s just get this over the first night, you can either put baby oil on your hole or I can just fuck you dry and dry will hurt worse.

    So scared as I could be I pulled my pants off and he Did too. Just my luck he had a big dick. With baby oil on my hole and on his chick he shoved it right in. Nothing pleasant about it. He cummed in my butt.

    So for about 6 months he fucked me every few nights. Till I got transferred to a different cell. Then in that cell I was fine for about a year. No issues till I was given a new cell mate. That guy fucked me till I left prison. Nightly too.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    It's funny, I used to worry he was cheating on me with some young fit pretty girl. I'd get so worked up, make myself all jealous and angry then find a guy to give me sexual release. Only it was just a fleeting release.
    Around Christmas time, I found out he was indeed having sex with a young individual. Only the young person wasn't a fit pretty girl, it was a young fit well endowed teenager who has been fucking my husband for nearly a year.
    They both fuck each other, but my husband appears to receive much more than he gives. That is from the video I've now captured. And to top it all, not only am I not jealous or emotionally freaked out, I'm actually turned on incredibly by watching them suck and fuck one another.
    I'm yet to witness them fucking live so to speak. Yet watching them knowing they haven't got a clue I've had three camera's fitted in our home, to me is just as, if not more of a sexual turn on.
    These past few weeks I've even found out who the young man is and where he lives. He's a neighborhood neighbor of ours, who lives only block away. Asking around recently I've discovered my husband and he are often seen together at the local park. Which marries up with something I caught them saying on one of the videos. They met there and it's where my husband first sucked on Chris's cock.
    I'm not ashamed to say I've masturbated many times now to the sight of them having sex. And I'm going to continue to enjoy their liaisons. My only enigma, is do I let them know I know. Or do I just carry on watching and playing with myself. I'm so tempted to be there, but wouldn't want to spoil the awesome fun I now have.
    By the way, I no longer seek out other men to satisfy my needs, or my jealousy.

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