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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Female / 53

    I have a great set of pendulous knockers and an eye-rolling ass to boot, even today.

    My original pizza delivery man is a husky, horny Greek man who owns the pizza parlor. Early on in his deliveries I noticed a large crotch, bulge in his pants when he looked me over, and it lead to my allowing him to fuck me. In time, he told his two sons who are built like him. The would both deliver at different times, if you understand the full meaning of "deliver." They each told friends and at some point I counted 38 different men who have dipped their wicks into me from the one Greek pizza man. I'm now 63 and some still come by for a pleasant,, hot fuck. All I ever had to do was answer the phone.

    Oh, yes, the pizza has always been free. They dare not ask for money. There are other men from other sources, but I don't want you to think I'm just a slut. :(

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    Straight Male / 42

    The neighbors have 2 boys who are 16 and 14 years of age. A lot of times they play ball and the ball goes over the fence into my yard. I have seen them climb the fence to get into my yard to retrieve it on many occasions. Over the weekend at noon I hear them playing and see some other boy who I had never seen before. The ball went over the fence a few times and they climbed over to get it. A few hours later I hear the parents tell the 16 year old to watch the other 2 and they would be back around 8:00pm. It was mid-afternoon now and I hear the boys playing. I look out my back window to see the one boy who I had never seen before climbing over the fence into my yard. Once in my yard I am watching him and he begins taking all his clothes off. He then climbs the fence and is sitting on top of it naked. The other two began laughing at what he did and with him daring to do the same all 3 of them were now naked. They were running around in their yard as well as in mine. They could have easily been seen by other neighbors but they didn't seem to have any concerns. I wondered what their parents would have said if they caught them this way. It all seemed pretty innocent until all three of them began stroking themselves. They were out there now masturbating and one by one watched each other as they shot their loads. I couldn't believe it happened but it really did. They stayed naked a awhile longer before they finally got dressed. It was a little amusing seeing them the next day, as I saw and knew what they did the the day previous but they had no idea.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    My wife invited two of her friends around a month back and they all drank Bacardi and Coke's watching some chic flick. I disappeared into the garage as you do when you're the sober one. Walking back in after some time, I saw my wife knelt down in between one of her friends legs and she was licking her pussy. They looked round when I entered, and instead of making excuses and apologizing, my wife simply said "Great, now you can taste us all".
    I still don't know if it was pre planned, but all three women took off the rest of their clothing and began to play with themselves. My wife smiled at me, asked her friends to open their legs and said "You choose which one first".
    Trying to be diplomatic, I chose my wife first and buried my face up her already extremely wet pussy. Over the next half an hour I spent time in between all three of their legs, and watched as they all took turns pleasuring each other too. By the time they'd all orgasmed at least once, my wife asked me which one would I like to fuck.
    Not knowing what to do or say, Kay one of her friends said "You said I could have him tonight". It was plain all three of them were drunk, but I didn't care and got Kay to kneel up as she faced my wife. As she began to tongue out my wife's pussy, I slid my cock up her well greased c**t and went at it like a kid.
    I didn't last too long, but long enough for Kay to climax on my cock, then with her permission, I came deep within her pussy. My wife laughed and told her friends "Any time you want his spunk from now on, he's yours.... Nah just kidding girls he's fucking mine", and laughed again.
    For the next half an hour I sat and watched them interacting sexually with each other, and became rock hard again. Fucking my wife first missionary on our couch, I then switched to Amber her other friend and dumped my second load of the night.
    They carried on drinking as I showered and I could hear them giggling when I got out of the shower. I then distictly hard my wife say "It was a one off, mind you that's the best sex we've had for a while".
    The girls left about another hour later and my wife joined me in our bedroom. I did ask her what it was all about, to which she simply said "We were horny, that's all".
    The following morning she had a massive hang over and wouldn't talk. She did however say later on, that it was indeed a one off and her comment about taking my spunk more often was just a quip of hers. Non of my wife's friends are stunners or slim or particularly sexy, but the alcohol freed their inhibitions, and my tongue and cock certainly enjoyed fucking their juicy c**ts.
    Although my wife has said it was a one off, Kay has visited our home twice in the last month without my wife being present. I've fucked her both times and had a real good time screwing not only her pussy and mouth, but also her tight ass. I don't know what's going to happen long term, but what I do know is, my wife has purposely told me to be home next Friday night, and has invited Kay and Amber round again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    I manage a small diner for two lawyers who own it. When I was a kid, with a face that looks like it belongs to tugboat Annie, I was soundly rejected by everyone. Even my own family kept their distance. When I reached my teen years, I blossomed with jaw dropping tits and ass, a rigid, D-cup and an ass that stops clocks. I began to have all kind of reactions from men, mostly silent ones with long glances followed by obvious pants bulgings.

    Both of the ambulance chasers that own the diner have fucked me (how I got the job) and hit me up for a piece of ass now and then. I like being lusted after. It beats rejection. I was able to have a comsmetician help my face so I don't look like a beat up long shoreman any longer.

    No long ago, a teen boy came in applying for the dishwasher job. He is well over six feet tall, gaunt and muscular, with huge hands and a beak for a nose. He also could not stop looking at my T&A. I hired him. After checking him out for a week or so and looking down at the giant tent in his pants, I waited until after closing and met with him, thanking him for a job well done on the dishes. Just getting close to him caused him to breathe harder. I had taken off everything under my dress so it was clingy to my shapely form. I pulled up my dress and flashed him and he almost passed out,

    Then I unzipped him and I had guessed correctly, there was a Louisville slugger hidden in his pants. I took it in one hand but it was too large to grip it. I managed to wet it against my vulva and soon it all slipped into me and he was soon fucking away. I have no idea how long this hot body is going to last but I have been taking full advantage of it. Thank you, mother nature. Remembering my years of rejection now is uplifting and keeps me hot.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Because we've already had a FFM threesome, and because my wife knows about a liaison I had with an older man when I was teenager, she's now proposing I allow one of her uncles, Mikey, to fuck me.
    He's always been good to us and he's always kind of flirted with me. His obvious gay nature sometimes belies his extremely muscular body, yet I know from things his niece has told me, he's a very dominant top, and apparently he's very well endowed.
    Each week that passes my wife encourages me more to have sex with her uncle. And has this past few weeks been getting me ready to receive his cock, by using a small vibrator up my ass. It has I'll admit, been horny. But what my wife doesn't know yet, is the older man I had sex with when I was younger, was someone she knew all to well.
    He was (He's passed away now) my wife's father. Her uncles older brother.
    My concern is that she doesn't know about her father and me, and having recently found out, her uncle very much does. I'm not saying he'll tell her, but then Mikey isn't the kind of man to hide anything.
    After all he said yesterday in front of his niece and myself "I can't wait to stuff my cock right up his sweet ass, I'm not the first am I".

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I work with a sexy woman colleague who is 10 years my junior. She is gorgeously built and loves her short skirts.

    Regularly she flashes when wearing skirts and just has a naughty smile when I cannot help but look at her crotch. Once there were no panties !

    I always get a hard-on while she sits or stands in my office, and she is not at all shy to look at my bulge. When she leaves I jerk off, and I think she knows this. I asked her if she would be interested in some fun, but she said no, and just laughed naughtily and said she loves playing games.

    My kinky revenge was to wait for her to go to lunch one day. I then jerked off and jizzed onto her desktop. She often has a slab of milky bar chocolate on her desk which I then coated with my cum and let dry. The balance of the cum I sucked up into her hand cream tube.

    The following day she dropped in again to chat, wearing denim jeans this time, and was nibbling on THE chocolate ! My cock almost exploded out of my pants. She left and I opened up and in 3 to 4 strokes while sitting, shot my load as she walked back into my office. All she did was smile and say "yummy" and walk out again. My first cum squirt actually hit my chin, which is what she saw. If I can get her to suck me off I will confess to the chocolate coating !!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 21

    I like to show my tits. Im usually wearing a top you can see through and i never wear a bra. My titties are pretty big with big pointy nipples. I like it when my nipples are played make comments about my titties to me everyday. I just pull my up so they can see and touch and suck. I like it when they take pictures cuz i know that there going to jack off Later lookin at my big tits. And show all there friends.
    I like making men all horny and crazy, like they have to fuck me or rush to jack off. I want to see guys jacking off

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 43

    Once in a while, living alone, finally, I get very horny. I started to finish my degree after 20 odd
    years just raising my two children. Hubby left for greener fields when they were tots. Soon, I found myself sitting in a class with an instructor who was a handsome young man, perhaps 20 years younger than me. I
    determined to have him and I moved to the front row, having removed every garment under my skirt so I flashed beaver to the man when he was in the right part of the front of class.

    At one point, he seemed to notice me as I crossed my legs and flashed naked thigh. After a week of waiting for him to respond, at the end of a class, another handsome young man poked his head in the classroom door and my instructor walked over to him. They kissed full mouth and walked out together. I realized my once keen powers of observation had gone bye-bye with my youth.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    At 13 i was busted fucking my girlfriend, her aunty was pissed off at us and made us get dressed, my girlfriend was sent home, as i went to shyly walk out the door i was pushed back inside, the door was closed

    In a stren voice i was told to undress and sit, while she made a phone call,!,,all i heard was her saying,,,,get home now ive got a monster cock,,,,, my dick went hard, she hung up and came on over and undressed her self while putting on a show, once naked she jumped on multi postioned foreplay at one stage my fingers were up her arse while i sucked her clit as she was tounging my arse hole and pulling my ball sack so hard and wanking me, it just kept going,,,,,,just before her husband got home she was squating on my cock taking it anally while spreading her pussy, he walked and she squirted it was fucking orgasmic

    He wasted no time and got his gear off and rammed his cock straight up her wet c**t as i pumped her her arsehole,,,,he blew quick so i flipped her over and hammered her untill she cum,,,and by that time he was good to go again so slipped back into her arse while he smashed her pussy, top dp as it turned out

    After i cum he positioned himself at her gapping arsehole and quietly licked at my returning load while she got me up and suckex me dry then hard so i could go back to drilling her c**t properly which i happly did,,,,my balls were slapping this guy in the hezd but it didnt sway my lust for that long hard ramming,,,,.and for the next 2yrs i filled that c**t 2 to 3 times weekly

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    When my husband asked me a simple question recently, I didn't want to answer him. The question which he asked after we'd just had an amazing afternoon of sex, one which involved another younger male, was "How many men have you had sex with".
    The youth involved in our threesome, was someone we both picked from the internet. It was my thirtieth birthday and my husband wanted to fulfill one of his fantasies by arranging a fuck session I wouldn't forget. What shocked my husband, was how ready I was two receive two cocks fucking all my holes, mouth pussy and ass. Even having them both slide their dicks up my asshole at the same time, sending me into orgasmic overdrive.
    There was no recriminations from my husband as such, only a quizical pondering of my past sexual life. The thing is I lied to him, telling him I'd slept with eight different men, including Sam the youth we'd just entertained.
    In reality I've had sex with over fifty men. Some have been in threesomes like with Sam and my husband, Lots have been one night stands, and a couple have been family members.
    The only reason the figure isn't much higher, is I was chastened after a very strict religious upbringing. The shackles of my sexual urges were finally obliterated, when a specific older man showed me precisely what a man with a large cock could teach me. I was twenty then, and my teacher in sex was my families church leader.
    After him, I went cock crazy for a while and experienced many forms of sexual depravity. Yet when I met my husband everything changed. Until the Menage a Trois with Sam, I was more than content with how we kept each other happy sexually.
    After experiencing the threesome and my husband's obvious enjoyment of seeing me being fucked by another man, I've lusted after the feeling all over again.
    My problem now, is do I tell my wonderful husband about my whole past, or do I keep it secret and hope my lustful thoughts recede with time.
    Or is it I'm just kidding myself, and should lead my husband back into that seedy world I once loved so much.

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