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Anything Goes
If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place!

Did you do something wild on your trip to Europe? Do you fantasize about your therapist ..or your patients? Do you park in handicapped parking spaces? Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Need to get something off your chest, something you did or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes.

Tell us all about your experiences. Tell us your best or your worst. We want to know.
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    Straight Male / 38

    Five mates round watching the football. The wife's upstairs in her slut gear waiting for myself, or any of my mates to go up and fuck her.
    She's there ready, willing and hungry for cock, as she always is. I gave up only a couple of years into our marriage, trying to keep up with her sex drive. So over the last four years she's been having my mates, single and married fuck her before, during and after the match.
    She doesn't know I know, but I've also found out recently she's being promoted at work, mainly because she's being fucked by one of her companies owners.
    I know some people will think I'm a mug for staying with her. Yet if you saw just how stunning she is, and that I literally can fuck her at any time, you'd understand she's well worth it, and allowing other men to enjoy her voracious sexual appetite.
    Tonight I'm going to enjoy the last fuck, but first I'm sure as she usually does, she'll insist I clean her up with my tongue.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I clicked on "That's Juicy" link on all new confessions in Upcoming but in the reverse order just to push many interesting confessions to the back pages hahahahaha and BTW the confessions where not Juicy unless you like pure faggot sex.

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    Straight Male / 49


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    Straight Male / 42

    I recently had a fairly invasive, painful surgery that laid me up for a few weeks. Post-op pain still a daily thing. As a result, however, my hot older sister, who's body was always fit and sexy, has been contacting me very often to check in on me and "see if I need anything". As she's also no stranger to showing off her body, I made a request as I laid on the couch one evening.

    "Not great" I replied to her how's the pain question. "Enough 'bout me, how you doing? Haven't seen you in a bit..Nails done?" I asked, since her 2" long, always polished nails are our thing. She responds with "Good", and a few other comments, and a pic of her freshly-done, burgundy-wine nails.

    "Look great! Hot!" I texted back regarding her nails. That's when I thought..Already have her sending pics..First the killer sexy nails, now..See how far she'll go. I'm in pain, and this is fun. Get a little sympathy skin going on with her.

    We traded a few fun comments, and I asked to see her long nails again, to her body. As in, lift up her shirt and take a pic of those nails against your tummy and tits. At first, she replied with "Lol!", but then..I got my pic. She'd picked her thin shirt up, posed her nails against her tummy, and teasingly tugged on her bra, showing near-full tits. Now, she had me needing a full shot.

    "I'm in pain here..Would feel better if you...Let those babies out" I texted in return, curious if she'd do it but thinking yes.

    "You're lucky I'm taking a shower soon, hun...Fine, give me a minute to take it off...You're a perv, but I love that you still want me!" she replied. Bingo..I knew if she'd send me topless, she'd go nude next.

    The topless selfie comes through. She'd been fully naked, but, the tease that she is, only took pic of her top half, bare tits uncovered and wide smile on her beautiful face. Four more followed, including one of her squeezing her tits together. That one was very hot.

    Last shot, I asked, directly..Give me fully nude. It's only me here, nobody else sees. Just have such a hot body and I need to see.

    Without hesitation, after a few minutes waiting, I received five full nudes in a row, first the top half again, then bottom, tightly-trimmed mound and tanned legs, then two with her legs opened as she sat on the table, long nails atop her mound.

    I thanked her about five times, reassured her they were only for me, and they made me feel much better. She told me "I bet!", and said would try to do more if I wanted her to. Told me it's fun for her, and makes her feel sexy to know I still desire her body like I do.

    May have her drive to me and "take care of me". Naked, of course. I need that body in person, alone.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Some guy just messaged me on Facebook asking for a fuck but I have a boyfriend now I want my boyfriend to bend me over and fuck me hard

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    Straight Male / 40

    I confess all these panty sniffing guys like panties because that's the closest they ever get to pussy.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I work for a small multilingual company (Which spec****se in train repairs) and comprised of eight employees I am the only female working here in administration and mostly the building is empty the managers are normally out for the day and the maintenance is normally out on jobs.

    We had a new employee start around 4 months ago he now works int he same office with me across the room in sales and marketing, He is around 16-17 and an Intern. I'm going to keep this short has I can, but I used to wear trousers and knee length pencil skirts into and I would sometimes wear a mini skirt with black heels If I was too meet a new contractor or client for the company but would keep these in my work locker away from my fiancé at home.

    Last mouth I started to wear my shorter skirts to while management would not be in and I have seen our Intern looking every now and again so I started wearing my mini skirt and fishnets just to tease him, He started asking what I am doing weekends and after work and even tried to add me to Facebook not sure why I'm doing this but i like the frill.

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    Straight Female / 29

    When I caught my husband fucking my younger brother Danny, I didn't react as I thought I might. Danny isn't retarded or anything, but he is or was a loner and sometimes used to get picked on. His size and looks didn't help either, as he's small and some say he looks a bit feminine.
    Watching my husband fucking Danny on our bed nearly nine months ago, I instantly felt an overwhelming love for them both. Danny was obviously enjoying being fucked from the sounds of his constant moaning, and my husband was fucking him like there was no tomorrow. I didn't let them know I was there, and I didn't tell them both later when I returned home after walking out.
    What I did do, was put a camera in our bedroom which was relatively easy to do. And subsequently filmed them fucking on eight separate occasions within five weeks. Only then did I get them both together and show them what I'd recorded.
    They both thought that was that, but I explained to them how much Danny had come out of his shell of late. And that I put it down to them having a sexual relationship with my husband.
    It's now been nine months since I first watched them fuck. Danny no longer sneaks to our home to have my husband fuck him, as I'm now more often than not at home when they fuck. My sex life with my husband has also bizarrely improved and he accepts if I wanted to, I could find and fuck other men. I haven't, as I now adore my family and it's very peculiar interaction.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I have never told anyone this before
    When I was in highschool, three of us guys always hung out on the weekends and drank beers.
    Well one of my friends ended up getting a girlfriend named Virginia and wasn’t always free to hang out anymnore. When I met her, she was the hottest girl I had ever seen. I used to jerk off thinking of her and what I would do to her but it was only a fantasy, she wasn’t interested in me.
    One weekend my parents were away so I had my 2 friends come over and Virginia came too. I couldn’t believe this girl was in my house. I was rock hard just thinking of what I would be doing to her.
    The three of were drinking beer all night but she only drank iced tea.
    The more I drank, the more I couldn’t stop thinking about doing things to her but knew it would never be. Everytime I made her a glass of iced tea, I wished I could have her.
    At some point, I guess the beers took over, I was going to have her taste me.
    When she asked for an iced tea, I put in the mix and instead of water, I filled the glass with piss. I added ice and handed her the glass. I was shaking knowing that she would notice and go ballistic and I had no idea what I was going to say or do.
    I sat there and watched her drink the glass and say that is actually very good and asked for another one. My cock got rock hard, I thought I couldn’t do this again to her could I?? So I went to the kitchen, made another one, again with piss instead of water and was so horny at this point, this time I jerked off in the glass as well stirred it good to make sure see didn’t notice anything.
    I watched her drink the tea and she never noticed anything. I made her two more iced teas with piss and cum.
    In all, I saw her drink 4 teas made of piss and three I came in. My cock was so hard for days thinking of this hot chick drinking my juices and not knowing it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I don't know if this will help, but I gotta tell someone...
    about 20 years ago, I was lonely, alone, a little drunk, and accepted an invitation to a party..I had no idea there were no women invited.
    A couple hours passed, people came and went, guys, and suddenly it was me and the host...all alone.
    He excused himself, went to the bedroom and reappeared ...naked, stroking his cock..
    I told him I don't go that way, his response was,"thats ok" he just wanted to take care of me. He came over to me and knelt down, unbuckeled my pants, pulled them down, rwmoved my shorts and took my cock into his mouth....
    It didn't take long, I came in his mouth and he didn't spill a drop.
    I pulled up my shorts, put on my pants and left.
    I drove towards home......thinking all the was crazy...insane....but I wanted to do him, suck his cock.
    So I went back, knocked on his door, he opened it, still naked.
    I went in, pushed him down on the couch and went to sucking his cock..It was great, he came in my mouth, bittersweet, thick, gooey, and I loved it....
    I got up and conversation....just left..
    That was my first time, but not my last.
    I developed a love of toys, dildos, vibrators and the like. I knew I had to have the real thing. I learned of a hot pickup spot, where all you have to do is park and wait. Guys come to you one by one or two at a time.
    I began drinking, got to felling horny, wanted more than hetro sex with my wife. I went to this spot, it was a rest stop on Hiway 99. I went to the far end of the parking lot, alone, and waited....
    It wasn't long, a guy came up to my truck/rv and asked me waht I was looking for. I just told him I wanted to get fucked and ssuck some cock. I said get in the back, I climbed in, slipped off my shorts,and laid back. I had lubed up before leaving home,I was ready forr anything he wanted.
    He straddled me, pushed my legs apart and inserted his was he fucked away two more guys walked by the open door. One climbed in the truck, crawled up by my face and took his cock out and pushed it into my mouth....the guy fucking me was pumping hard, he came, said thanks and crawled out, the other guy watching all this crawled right in. He lowered his pants, had a raging hard on, he stuck itin my ass justas his buddy was coming in my mouth.....When he finished shooting his load, he said we had attgracted a bunch of guys, watching..
    He got out of the way and another blow job began...................
    I can't remember how many guys fucked me or that I sucked off but it was fabulous..........when I was getting fucked I would cum without any stimulation....must have been a prostrate response,.....whatever it was it was wonderful.......
    So, you might think you're straight, but don't have sex with men if you can't take the truth !

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