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What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Female / 33

    Does anyone else feel this way?!

    I'm a 33yr old single mother, I work mainly in the fitness and nutrition field. My son is 16 and takes after his mother in fitness and health. He has grown up very handsome, strong and built as well as mature. Him and I often workout together and he is very often hands on as am I. In our home life, we are very open, nothing is too taboo or shameful to talk about. Also no shame in the human body or dressing down in the home. It's not uncommon for him to come home and I'll be outside by the pool sunbathing nude. There have been times where I come home and he is doing the same. I knew when he hit puberty (very young) and the first time he had sex, both with a girl and a boy. Overall we are very close, open and share many of the same interests and views in life.
    Now lately the past four or five months my son has become more hands on with me when we are in the gym. He has been more focused on me in our conversations. He has become very flirty with me and wearing less or less conservative in the home. Last weekend I was laying naked in the sunroom enjoying the rays and the wine when he came in with a towel on and decided he was going to lay naked too. Okay, no problem there. I dozed off after a glass of wine, and when I woke I opened my eyes to see if he was still there. He was indeed, and with a raging hard on. I saw his hand at the base of his penis like he was getting ready to stroke it or as if he just paused. I could clearly see that my son was significantly much larger than his father, and with a greater girth as well. I don't know why but my pussy immediately became wet. I became so wet that I went to my bedroom to rub my tits and clit. I got off to the though of my son fucking me from behind pulling my hair. I know it's terrible. Know I have this ever growing wild chemical reaction to whenever my son is around I get wet and all I can think about is taking that monster inside of me.
    I want to make this happen. I want to please my son, and I want him to fill my pussy. I know I'm terrible. Has anyone else had any situation, feelings like this? Are their any women out there who have had sex with their son?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Every time I see you at the house with my brother my heart races as I pull into the driveway and I check my makeup again and apply another coat of lipstick. I find you so delicious to look at and I have had sexual fantasies about you from the first time my brother introduced you to the family. I want you to look into my eyes and know how wet I am for you. When I know you are going to be at the house I wear my skirts a little shorter and my heels a little higher hoping you will see what I'm trying to tell you without saying a word.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I confess I am addicted to porn and all things sexy. I know many see it as an evil and I still haven't quite made up my mind...

    but if any kinky girls or boys would like an online mistress or just someone to chat to about all things pleasurable, just shoot me an email at caussie7@@g***l.**m

    Luv yas!

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    Straight Female / 20

    I keep dreaming my next door neighbour who moved in my neighbourhood 5 months ago and I shouldn't think think about him because he is married and his wife is extremely jealous. He is 38 years old and he looks very attractive for his age he is tall and brunette with curly hair and dark eyes. We only say hi to eachother because I am kinda shy and I don't want him to see that I am into him. I think at him in the night and I have these romantic dreams where he makes love to me and it feels so real , that I can almost feel his kisses on my lips when I wake up it feels really weird and I hope this would happen for real. I don't know if would be his type I don't look bad I had relationships with gays before but I am really young I am only 20 years old and he is a mature man. I was always into more mature men and he looks really confident and manly. I wish I could do something to get his attention.

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    Straight Female / 22


    We work together, or at least in the same office. I see you every day talking to other people, making them laugh, helping them out with their work. I make up excuses to talk to you, and you know it. Stupid questions about computers so you'll roll your eyes and ask me "what did you break now?" Asking you for music suggestions when you listen to what my Dad likes. Getting you to give me board game recommendations just to get you talking about something personal and seeing that armor you keep up go away for a minute while you talk to me. Making faces at you if you work on any of the computers in my pod so you'll pay attention to me.

    You catch me looking at you pretty much every time you're in the office, and that's so exciting for me, this little game we play, more exciting when I'm wearing something tight or revealing and I know you're looking at my body and thinking about what I'd be like in bed. You know I'd give you the night of your life if I ever got the chance.

    I've met your wife several times, you "forget" you've introduced us. It kills me a little bit every time you do that, she's so beautiful and quirky. And she gets to have you. She dresses up for you every day and looks so sexy and sophisticated, and her smile is ONLY for you. I'll bet she loves sucking you, pleasing you, keeping you happy. I imagine her getting her knees in nothing but those knee-high boots she wears and blowing your mind. Or masturbating for you on the bed you share in something silky and flowy, and you love the show, the fact that she's a completely submissive little slut for you. She'll do anything for you. Your cock has completely changed her, probably from a goofy girl like me to the woman who's with you now.

    I'm soaking wet right now, pathetically rubbing myself again to another frustrating night of orgasms. I'm already a sweaty, flushed mess-I've cum three times now, thinking about trying to go for number four. God I wish I was her.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 21

    i just want to feel you next to me every night of my life, i want to feel your warm body, to hear your gentle breath, to feel your heart beating, my heart is yours and always will be. i want to feel your strong manly arms around my waist, i want to kiss your soft lips, i want you to taste me, i want you so badly because i am madly in love with you. you are the man of my life and i am your woman.i love you...

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    Straight Female / 29

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 43

    I want my wife to have a steady lover on the side.
    We have talked about it, I know she would enjoy it, but so far she is scared to take that
    firs step and start an affair.

    The perfect scenario would be this :
    Lets say its you who is having sex with my wife.
    You are probably a bit longer than me, but you have a very thick cock. My wife is in
    heaven with your girth.

    I know the term "cuckold" but our situation would be nothing like that.
    You would respect me and my marriage, and likewise I would respect you and what you are
    doing for my wife.
    The 3 of us would be friends - it would be so fun to go out together and have my wife
    holding both of our hands, and have us take turns kissing her. The looks we would get!
    But once we got back home, she would lead you to our bedroom where you take care of her
    sexual needs. I am not embarrassed or ashamed at staying in the living room and hearing
    my wife make love to you. I am happy for both of you.
    I leave you two alone, but once the sounds of sex die down, I would go in and kiss my wife
    and tell her that I love her.
    You would not mind seeing me go down and eat her out - your cum is something my wife
    created with her body, and its a beautiful thing to share it with her. You and I could
    even joke about how big of a load you emptied inside her if I seem to be eating more than
    usual. My wife and I would find that so erotic, though, knowing your cum is inside both
    of us.

    I will admit, I find myself peeking at your cock as I enjoy the sloppy seconds. It just
    looks so big, even though its only 1/2 hard after sex. I respect your size, and I understand
    you do more for my wife than I could ever hope to. I wish I was more like you.

    It would be fun to leave my wife in bed, and you and I go out and have a beer together.
    Watch ESPN together, like you just screwing my wife is completely natural.
    Eventually she would join us, wearing only a robe. I am not offended when she sits next to
    you on the couch and you put your arm around her. After all - you guys just made love, so
    its only natural. When you are at our house, she is yours.

    Saying goodbye at the door used to be awkward, but everyone is comfortable with it now.
    My wife gives you a few passionate kisses goodbye, and I shake you had before you leave.
    We are so happy to have you as part of our lives!
    You promise to come over next week to take care of my wife, and she and I both cannot

    We know there is the risk of you getting her pregnant, and we have accepted that.
    You have assured you that you would let her have the baby, and we would bring it up and
    love it as our own. Honestly, with all the sperm you pump into my wife, it is bound
    to happen at some point.

    My wife has been so happy since you started having sex with her. She is absolutely glowing
    with happiness. Thank you.

    I hope you remain part of lives for several years. Would YOU mind that??

    Here is hoping my dream and wish comes true.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 28

    I won't take too much of your time but I'd like to share one of the things that I can't seem to stop thinking about lately. I'm a 28 year old white guy. If I had to label myself I guess I'd call myself straightish lol. I'm talk tall and pretty masculine looking and acting. I say straightish because there are some things in the bedroom I'd enjoy doing with another guy involved but I don't think I could ever have a relationship or "fall in love" with one. Now that you know the basics, let's get to the good stuff.

    One of the things that I've been fantasizing about is finding a male/female couple where the guy is hung. I'm around 8.5" myself so he would have to be at least as big but as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better. Since this is my fantasy, ideally he'd be 10" or bigger. I think I'm pretty open to race and age ranges... but if we're honest here I'd prefer BBC. As long as the lady is pretty I'm good with that. It would be great if she was either fairly submissive or dominant. Bonus points if they'd take pictures and/or videos.

    I want to be on my knees next to the woman so I can go down on the guy with her. I want to get throat fucked and gag on it. The lady would be doing the same with me and, if she was dominant, it would be fun if she could force me down on him. Lots of eye contact and talking filthy to me/her. When he was readu to cum I'd open my mouth but I would want to take most of it on the face.

    I don't know what gave me the idea but I hope to give it a shot soon.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 32

    Linda works for a Real Estate Agency and I watch her leave her house each day. Her hair and makeup are perfect and a sexy body to match. I don't think I have ever seen her wear a pair of flats since they moved in two years ago.

    Linda comes over sometimes to have coffee or maybe to gloat a bit about a house she had just sold. It doesn't matter because I love to see her sitting across from me drinking her coffee as I sit there with a smile thinking how much I want to have Linda and my bed.

    She would be shocked to know how much I want her and to feel her naked body pressed against my own as I taste her lip color she has chosen for that day to wear. I want to taste and tease her breasts until her nipples are hard as stones.

    I lay in bed when everyone is asleep and think about Linda until the urge to masturbate is too much to ignore. I have to be quiet when I make myself cum so I don't wake my husband...

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