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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    My man, for whatever reason, likes to call me his dirty whore or little slut or other such nasty names during the two seconds of foreplay before he bangs me in under a minute. Now, I often have an orgasm, so I'm not really bitching (mostly).

    Lately, however, as my sex goes unsatiated and I'm tired of the same old fantasy (usually some self-bondage is involved when I play alone) so I've been playing a new game out in my head.

    In the morning, he always gets out of bed first, and heads to the bathroom. When he does, I start my little fantasy. I close my eyes and pretend he has come around to my side of the bed...

    "Good morning my little sexy kitten, I love you" he whispers as he slides his hands under the blankets to caress my breasts. He pulls the covers down to see them and bends to gently suckle each one while he slides his hand down my stomach to my pussy.

    "You are so incredibly sexy, I can't help but wake up and want to please you." He gently pushes my thighs apart, and rubs the insides, seductively moving closer to my naked snatch. I move to his touch, and push the blankets off of me entirely.

    He slides his left hand up to my breasts to squeeze and pinch my nips while his right hand deftly spreads my wet lips and finds my clit. As he starts to rub, he whispers to me. "You are so incredibly hot, I need to make you cum so hard.".

    And by this time, I usually have a damned good morning orgasm and get out of bed to make his breakfast and send him off to work.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 42

    I'm going to get f**ked so hard in my hubby's garage this weekend. My plan is to wear jeans, but no panties, and one of his stripped uniform shirts that got torn so he put it in the rag bag, but I took it out and sewed it up so it's like a corset, tight over my big tits and pushing them up to big round curves. I'll go there, when he's working, to help him with a little organization project that he mentioned to me last week.

    I'll bring him some cold beer, we'll relax a bit and I'll ask him if I could please kiss it. He'll let me, bringing out the kneeling cushion we keep in there for just that purpose. When he comes in my mouth, I'll tell him he needs to prepare for round two while I do the job he wanted done.

    He knows I have a fantasy about his dirty mechanics hands rubbing my breasts, and thighs, leaving smears of oil or grease, or just good clean automotive dirt. I want him to come up behind me and grab my breasts, leaving finger prints on my shirt and cleavage. He'll undo my jeans, while standing behind me and push his hand in my crotch to check how wet I am He'll start to rub my clit with his blackened oily hands, getting my pussy primed for his big tool.

    When I've had my first orgasm, he'll let me kiss it again, but not to completion. After a few minutes, he'll stand me up and walk me to the bay with the lift in it. He'll grab a fender cover from his tool box and dr**e it over the arm of the lift. I'll strip for him and he'll ask me sit on the covered arm. He'll think of safety, of course, and use a tie down to strap my thighs to to the arm, tight enough so I can't move, but no so tight that it hurts very much. He'll raise the lift so that my pussy is at his lips when he's standing up. In this position I am powerless to his desires and can't get down. He'll tongue my clit while shoving his fingers into my dripping sex. when I've cum again, he'll lower the arms just a little, to f**king height. With my thighs strapped open and my pussy in full readiness, he'll put his big gorgeous cock in me and f me hard right there on the lift.

    I am so hot just thinking of the fun we're going to have.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 46

    I have been married to my husband, who is a lovely man, for 25 years. And I have always been faithful, even though I have been very tempted a couple of times.
    I have fantasies about other men having sex with me, but they are just fantasies and I would never....or at least I haven't so far....cheat on my man.
    I met my husband when I was 18 and believe it or not I was a virgin. We dated for 3 years before getting married and he is the only guy I have ever allowed to put his cock in side me. I had given boys handjobs before I met hubby but nothing since then.
    I don't know if it's my age and hormones playing up or what, but the last few months I have had very horny wet dreams almost every nght. I awake and my pussy is saturated and I can't help touch myself and sometimes I have severl orgasms before my husband wakes and then I am all over him. He's loving it.
    My dreams are very explicit and in them I do things that I wouldn't normally do. I give my husband blowjobs regularly but always pull away before he spurts. In my dreams I swallow....several mens semen. Do double penetration, gangbangs and some other stuff that I am not goiung into here.
    I have even started to dream about some of my co-workers which is very disturbing. There are two men I work with who are both a fair bit younger than me, but are nice looking and have good bodies. In my dreams they are very well hung and when I'm at work, I can't help but wonder if they live up to that size in reality. I have found myself staring at their crotch. Not good!
    When I get home I can't wait to get naked and have sex with hubby. He's loving it because i am being more adventurous and trying different positions, different places....we have even had sex on the front lawn in the middle of the night fully illuminated by the street light.
    He says that he doesn't know whats gotten into me but what ever it is he hopes it doesn't stop. He suggested that every 6 days I go without knickers for the wole day and can only wear miniskirts, no trousers or jeans or shorts. I agred and we started on a weekend. Of course pretty soon no knickers day fell on a work day and there I was no panties, short skirt sitting at my desk with a soaking pussy and staring at my co-workers trouser bulges. I'm sure that one of the guys has noticed I have been staring "down there" as he has become very talkative and often sits on th edge of my desk and chats to me. Recently he's been paying me some rather flattering compliments and I am having very dirty thoughts about getting him in the photocopy machine room, exposing my bare pussy to him and letting him eat me to orgasm....and more, much more.
    So far I have resisted these urges as I don't want to cheat on my husband AND the sex that we have been having is currently bloody amazing actually.
    I need advice. Can anyone tell me what to do?
    Problem is that if I do cheat on hubby and find I like having another man inside me, I may want more and more.
    Oh god what a problem.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 19

    My mom is under going surgery next week and even though I am of age, I am spending the week at my aunt and cousins house about 2 and half hours away. Currently my aunt is in between boy friends and I am scheming many scenarios in my brain where I can make a play for her. The last time she saw me she took a nice interest in the results of my body building and squeezed my biceps non stop.
    Ever since I witnessed her in secret, fucking and sucking a younger dude at my grand ma's beach house a few years back, I have targeted a many self made orgasms with her lovely set of lips and round little tight ass in mind. They were in the attached outside shower where there was storage room separated by a see through storm door. I was sneaking a smoke in the storage area behind some hanging bikes close enough for an incredible view of her hairy brown pussy and nice pink nipples. The guy was someone she met on the beach and this happened after her live in boyfriend went back home after the weekend. The thing I remember and love the most way the way this guy talked to her the whole time he pounded her pussy and mouth. He said he wanted her to go out with him and his friends so they could tag team her afterwards and she went along getting off on it too. He also went into shit asking about things she likes and one was how much she likes watching some one get themselves off then watching her too. The one thing I must add is that I have a good two inches on the guy and she easily fit it all down her throat. Ah I am so horny for her right now just thinking how she went from fucking this guy to swallowing his cum and he was so loud I was for sure someone down the street had to have heard him.
    My cousin is a serious swimmer and is scheduled heavy to practice a lot when I am there and I am really leaning on wasting no time and going after it the first chance available. I think I just want to have her see me stroking my high hard one and let the drips fall where they may.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I've always had this dream/wish. First off, I'm 6'1 tan, light brown and red hair, athletic build, blue eyes, I have a mans bubble butt and I've always had a VERY large cock, especially in the ways of girth and dick tip. I've been able to pick up girls just by flaunting my cock. I've fucked girls and guys alike. When my very young mother discovered my tool, she even began trying to seduce me. I eventually gave in and she screamed and cried in pleasure. That's beside the point. I've gotten very bored with sex in general and started looking for new outlets.
    I had this dream once that I couldn't ever let go. In this dream my body began changing. I became significantly more feminine. I changed to be this really cute and sexy woman. My hair turned mainly red and grew length to my back, I had a chest with perky DDs, a rounder bubble but, I dressed seductively and spoke softly and had my huge cock tuck in panties. I would seduce guys with bigger cocks than me only for them to discover I have a cock and then use me as their fuck toy and cum in my ass. I wanted to be used like a slut. All I wanted were big dicks in my holes and hands and for as many big dicks guys as possible to cum their huge loads in my ass.
    I don't know why but I've becomed obsessed with this dream and thoughts. I want to be the one looking pretty getting massively dicked and screamin in pleasure.
    As of this last week, I've began finding woman's clothes that fit and look sexy. My gay friend is h losing me with the look. Thankfully I've always had soft facial features and flawless skin. Tonight he and I did my whole get up with a wig and fake tits and I became hard seeing me dress as a convincing woman. My dream and wishes is to become that slut that the men use and hopefully I can fuck a big masculine black guys ass while dressed as a woman and make him swallow all of my load.

    Thanks for ready
    Big Dick Crossdresser

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    My birthday was coming up in three months and my wife asked me if there was anything special that I wanted. I told her that I wanted her to let her hair grow out "downstairs." She thought for a moment and agreed - with some stipulations. They were (1.) we would not have sex for three months while she grew out her pubic hair; (2.) I would not be permitted to see her naked during the three month growing period; (3.) I was not to masturbate during the three months; and (4.) on my birthday when I would be permitted to see her new crop of pubic hair, I would do as she told me. Without hesitation, I agreed to her terms with my hard c*ck oozing precome.

    The three months passed in one long blur and at last my birthday arrived. The day dragged on, seeming like it would never end. Finally, work was over and I headed home. We had dinner reservations and headed to the restaurant. My wife had mercifully gone out of her way to avoid arousing me during our three months of abstinence but tonight was different. She wore a short, tight fitting cocktail dress, her new black pumps - shiny patent leather with five inch spike heels and no nylons. She word deep red lipstick and matching nail polish and her jet black curls had been coiffed to perfection by her salon earlier in the day. Her pale white skin stood in stark contrast to her beautiful black hair and dark lipstick. I wanted to devour her right then and there in front of every man and woman in the restaurant. I was nearly trembling with arousal; my c*ck dripped precome throughout dinner.

    As we drank wine and waited for our entrees, she began to talk in an overtly sexual manner. She told me how she wore nothing under her dress and that if her dress rode up much farther, our waitress would be able to clearly see her new crop of pubic hair. She told me that it had grown in very thick and black, and how it made her wet just seeing it as she dried off each morning after her shower. She observed that our waitress was quite pretty and had an air about her that made my wife think that perhaps she was bisexual. She wondered aloud if our waitress would enjoy putting her face between my her thighs and dining on her hairy, sweet, wet womanhood. At this point, I was insane with desire; my heart was racing, my c*ck was rock hard and leaking precome like a faucet. The rest of dinner passed with me in a fog of blind arousal, trying to calm down and hoping that the front of my pants would not be soaked wet with precome when we had to walk out of the restaurant.

    The drive home was hell, as my wife sat next to me with her skirt hiked up and her legs slightly spread. If it were not dark inside the car, I'm sure that I would have been able to see her thick, black muff. As we drove home, I could barely keep my eyes on the road. My wife's right hand was on her thigh - and then it slowly inched its way to her womanhood. In the shadows, I could see her hand rhythmically moving; she was pleasuring herself. Her breathing became deep and the sweet scent of her pu**y filled the car. I was about to lose my mind.

    When we got home, my raging hard on was aching to the point of discomfort. We didn't make it to the bedroom before I was on her. She made me stop and with a stern voice told me to sit down on the sofa in the living room. She slowly removed her little black dress and stood there in front of me naked, wearing only her black leather pumps; I was both shocked and aroused at how thick and black her pubic hair had grown in. She smiled mockingly and began to undress me. I struggled to maintain and not blow my load in my underwear.

    When I was naked, she told me that tonight was going to be different; she was calling the shots and I would do exactly as I was told or I would regret my disobedience for a long time to come. In a very stern voice, she said, "Do you understand me?" I was in no position to debate; I readily agreed to obey her.

    She told me kneel facing the couch, which I did. She then sat down in front of me, spread her legs and said one single word: "Eat." I immediately put my face between her thighs and began to greedily devour her sweet, swollen pu**y. She was so wet; she tasted so fucking good. in less than five minutes, she came in my mouth with a shout. I continued to eat her until she had orgasmed in my mouth three or four times. By now, I had lost count and was thinking only of pleasuring this magnificent, sexual being.

    At last she told me I could stop and that it was now my turn. She told me that I was to do exactly as she said - nothing more, nothing less. I quickly said, "Whatever you say - you're the boss." She told me I was to rub the head of my c*ck in her thick, black muffin - and that I was not to even think of inserting it into her pu**y. I was so aroused that I didn't even care that I was being denied entry into her womanhood - I just wanted to be relieved of my three month load that was causing my c*ck to ache like it would explode. I began to rub the head of my c*ck in her thick, black muff, just as I was told to.

    After three months of abstinence, I was not able to control myself for long. After less than two minutes, I shot a huge load of thick, hot come in my wife's pubic hair and all over her belly. She laughed and said, "Now THAT was impressive! But you have made quite a mess. You'll have to clean it up - using your mouth, of course. And swallow that come when you clean it up. Understand?" By now, I was so aroused that I would have done anything this woman told me to do. I went to work cleaning her come filled pubic hair, swallowing my own come as I carefully licked her clean, making certain I did not miss a drop. "How does it taste?" she asked. "Like almonds," I replied. "You like almonds, don't you?" "Yes," I replied. She laughed merrily and said, "What a good husband you are!"

    After her muffin was clean, I licked up and swallowed every bit if my load from her belly. She then told me to service her again, so I dove in to her pu**y mouth first. I ate her as if my life depended on it. As she became more aroused from my relentless sucking and licking, she said, "Okay - now you can f*ck me. I want that big c*ck inside me." I was still hard, even though I had come like an explosion. I pushed my c*ck into her womanhood and began boning away like there was no tomorrow.

    I tried to maintain, but it was a losing battle. Before long, I pumped another hot load deep into my wife. As I went soft, my c*ck slipped out of her. She smiled seductively and said, "You know what to do - be a good hubby and lick mama's pu**y clean." Without hesitation, my mouth replaced my c*ck. I licked and sucked all of my come out of her, leaving her fresh and clean.

    After we went to bed, she held me closely and kissed me softly. She asked if I liked what she made me do. "I loved every second of it" was my reply. She said that she knew I would love it, and that there were many more different and thrilling activities to come. She informed me that from this day forward, every drop of my come that I shot into her or onto her would be cleaned and swallowed just as she had instructed me to do earlier. She said that from now on, she would call the shots with regard to sex and that I would follow her instructions to the letter. She told me tat one of her female friends has expressed an interest in watching me masturbate, and that at some point I would put on a show for her - and that I would clean up my mess like a good husband afterword. She told me that she wanted to see what it would be like to have another woman orally service her, and that she would let me watch if I were a good and obedient husband. I assured her that I would comply with her every wish. She said that she wanted to go to male stripper shows with her single girlfriends, and that on those girl's nights out, "anything goes." I agreed to her assertion. She pulled me close, kissed me deeply and thanked me for being such a good and understanding husband. She then said, "Of course after a girl's night out, I will come home in a very aroused state and I will need you to orally service me. My girlfriends will need servicing, too. And who knows - some of us may bring you home a different flavor than almonds." She asked me if I'd like that; I said that I would love to service her and her girlfriends after their night on the town. She laughed merrily and we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I want to fuck my wife's niece she has grown up into a fin as petite redhead with small breast and a nice little ass.

    She always watches me with her eyes and I catch her looking at my crotch all the time. Now she is 21 and I'm going to take her out to the bar, maybe I will get my dream to come true.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I want to fuck my mom and sister at the same time.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I have the biggest fantasy of watching my wife get fucked by a guy with a big cock. We are in our 40's and our sex life has become boring. I cant stop thinking about a hard cock sliding in her wet pussy. I keep watching videos of wives being fucked by other men and just keep wondering how i can get my wife to do the same thing.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Last night I watched my step father fucking my mom. They couldn't see me from where I was, or so I thought. Watching Danny's cock pounding my mom, I wasn't at all turned on by seeing my moms pussy and ass, but was totally turned on by watching Danny's huge cock sliding up my moms ass, and wishing it was my asshole he was fucking.
    I obviously know it's wrong to think of seducing my moms husband, but after he'd cum up her asshole and they'd begun to get dressed, he turned to where I was slowly stroking my cock, winked and stroked his cock in my direction.
    This morning he said hello, waited until my mom was out of earshot and said "Enjoy the show last night, let me know if you'd like the same thing". Smiling at me, he slapped my ass and went to get breakfast with my mom on the porch.
    Now I'm wondering if he's bisexual like myself, and if he was only teasing me. And if he isn't, should I let him fuck me knowing it would hurt my mom. God I wish I knew what to do................

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