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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    I wish my big brother never stopped sneaking into my bedroom late at night. I miss sucking on his cock. I miss it inside me as well. I was 9 the first time and he was 17. He stopped the day before I turned 13. I was pissed at first but I guess he only likes little girls. He married a dwarf a few years after that. She's about 3 feet tall, weighs about 50 lbs and has no tits.

    I ended up dating one of his friends a couple of months later, He was a bit younger than my brother being 18. My parents thought he was younger which helped, he looked 14 or 15. It took me months to convince him just to feel me up. He was shy as hell but cute as hell also. So I patiently worked with him until I finally took his virginity. Yeah I know, I was only 13 and he was legally an adult which meant he could go to prison but nobody was going to tell on him, so it worked out for a while. We dated until I went off to college. I had outgrown him by then. He ended up married to a former cheerleader only a couple of years younger than him. Meanwhile I ended up marring a man 30 years older who, like my brother, liked little girls but since our age difference was so extreme, that was enough to satisfy his urges. As for me, his huge cock was enough to satisfy all of mine. He is nice, kind, loving and satisfies me sexually. I don't know by what miracle he can keep hard for hours but he can. He calls it his "problem." He always complains about having a difficult time cumming. I call it staying power. He fucks me hard and fast for about the first half hour then slows down and then does a slow hard fuck for about an hour. Meanwhile I cum about five or six times. He prefers I just lay there so I just relax and take what he gives which for me makes him the perfect lover. Sometimes he just gets tired and stops fucking without cumming. Other times he cums in me then rolls off. So my point is I am sexually satisfied and have a happy marriage but I do miss my brother and often fantasize about being 9 again and that first night he snuck into my room, felt me up and began rubbing his cock all over my face.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Since October last year I've listened to and on several occasions, watched my moms new husband fucking her. His cock is massive and his muscular body as he fucks her, turns me on so much I always play with my clitty, making myself orgasm.
    Earlier this month he caught me watching them having sex, as he was drilling my mom from behind on the couch. She couldn't see me as her head was buried below the arm of the sofa. But when he was fucking her so hard, I moved my panties to one side after removing my skirt and let him watch me play with my pussy. It seemed to spur him on as he began to really pound my mom. And after only a short time of him screwing her hard that way, I heard my mom climax and then watched him cum up her. I didn't cum then, but did when I got to my bedroom. We didn't say anything then and haven't really since. But we're now flirting like mad and always putting across sexual innuendos to one another. I know it would be wrong of me to fuck my moms new husband, my step dad. But I really really want to so badly. And taking what he said last night about my body just ripe for a good fucking, I know he wants to slam that huge cock into my pussy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 29

    My wish is to have sex with my mother in law, who is a chubby widow for 7 years. If only once!

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    Straight Male / 55

    I am thankful for my wife, a 5-5 woman who had a breast reduction to keep her from falling forward. She had 38 HHH bra with thumb size nipples and very large dark areolas. Blond hair and thick curly pubic hairs.

    That was 26 years back, today she's still a beautiful woman. Areolas were reduced when they did the breast reduction. She now a DD and still sexual.

    I miss watching her ride and those massive breast swing.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I would love some feedback on this.

    I'm married and jerk off about once a week when I'm stressed and can't fuck my wife because we're too busy.

    So lately, every time I jerk off I watch pornhub and search for women that look like my wife did when we first met. She is blonde, has big tits and back then she had a small waist and such a great firm ass.

    Some of the pornstars bodies she used to resemble are Brooke Banner, Nadia Hilton, Nicole Anniston. Basically really fucking hot blondes with perfect bodies and big tits.

    So I make up stories that go along with the porn clip and pretend it's my wife but it's always that she's with some other guy or a girl. Basically a scenario that I'm not involved. Sometimes it's an ex of hers or sometimes it's based on a story she's told me like the girls she's hooked up with. My cock gets so hard thinking of these stories. It's like I get to be a voyeur on my wife without her ever knowing.

    The stories range from her getting picked up by a guy at a bar and him fucking her in a car or back at his place. Or in public somewhere. Or her hooking up with a girl at her place or a threesome with a girl and a guy. Sometimes it's a black guy or a gangbang.

    So I'd love to know if anyone else does this or am I just fucked up?

    I don't want to see my wife in real life do all this when I think about it in actuality. But it gets my dick so hard and I definitely cum harder when I think of these stories.

    I'm definitely not into cuckolding, it's just that I love thinking about her being wild and pleasured. It's also a challenge sometimes to find the right video clip that I can put a story to or that the blonde in it looks right.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions to make my jerk off sessions hotter or if this is not mentally healthy. I don't think it's a problem because I still fuck my wife. It's just not as often as we'd like with our busy schedules and raising kids.

    If you do think it's ok behavior, I'd love to hear hot scenarios I can put my wife into or other blonde pornstars I should check out. Or maybe even what you would do to my wife 15 years ago.


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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 25

    Every time I see my old roommate I have a dream about him, most of the time a sex dream. It's awkward because he's my husbands good friend. I would be fine with not having them any more.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 39

    I have to write this down so I might be able to stop obsessing on it.

    I love my fiancé but I've learned that she had an affair about a year ago and I'm not sure what to do.

    I also was the one who encouraged it.

    On one hand I'm upset but on the other it really turns me on and I end up jerking off when I think about it.

    I'd love to hear some advice if anyone would like to share.

    At the time she was a bartender and she was always getting hit on. She's 5'6", blonde hair, full 34C tits, small waist and great ass.

    When she would bartend she would wear tight low cut shirts to show off her tits and it would drive me crazy before she went to work and we'd always have sex.

    One busy Saturday night, a friend of a friend came into the bar with some of his friends. She started talking with them and they were all flirting big time with her. They kept buying shots and getting her to do them with them.

    He knew we were dating but still kept flirting with her and being pretty bold.

    Late into the night, she said she was feeling horny and kept getting these intense looks from this guy she knew. She was staring back at him and smiling whenever their eyes locked.

    He had said to her that they should hang out and for her to call him so he had her number. She did and said that alone gave her a rush since she hadn't given out her number in a while.

    About an hour before closing she said she couldn't take his sexual advances anymore. To be secretive, she texted him from behind the bar to meet her in the downstairs single room bathrooms when she was going to take a break.

    She saw him get the text and get this mischievous smile on his face and then he went downstairs.

    She waited a minute and she said her pussy was wet thinking about what was going to happen.

    She went downstairs, grabbed his hand and went into one of the bathrooms.

    They immediately started kissing and she said it was so exciting having a new guys hands all over her ass, then grabbing her tits.

    She said to him, We don't have long and started undoing his belt, pulled down his pants and got even hotter seeing the size of his cock. She
    started blowing him and feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter.

    When he was really hard, she stood up and said I can't wait for that big dick in my pussy. She then turned around, pulled up her short skirt, pulled her thong down and held onto the sink while bending over.

    He immediately stuck his hard cock into her tight pussy. She said it felt so good having a big cock filling up her pussy.

    They were able to stare at each other through the mirror as he gripped her hips and fucked her so hard.

    She said she was dripping at this point and he said, I'm gonna cum baby and she replied Yeah baby, cum in my pussy.

    He grabbed her big tits as his body tensed and he filled her with his cum.

    She cleansed up quickly, gave him a kiss and said, Let's do that again soon...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 37

    A few years ago I told my wife that I have had sex with black girls.

    She said that she always fantasized about being with a black guy but the closest she ever got was flirting.

    She said she was on the train once and started flirting with these two good looking black guys with really good bodies.

    It really turned me on and have often thought of her being with a black guy.

    She is about 5'9, blonde with big tits and a tiny waist, nice firm ass.

    So my fantasy is that she continued flirting with these guys and this happened:

    They continued talking and one guy says, You're pretty sexy for a white girl. They all start laughing and she says, Yeah? For a white girl? What's the matter, you usually don't find white girls attractive?

    His friend says, No, he's never been with a white girl.
    What about you? She asks.

    I've been with a white girl before but not as hot as you.

    The train slows down and she says, Sorry guys but this is my stop so I guess you'll never find out how good this white girl is in bed. And she starts laughing.

    This is actually our stop one of them says! So maybe dreams can come true! And they all laugh.

    They get off the train and start walking.

    She starts to get turned on thinking of kissing the taller guy who is wearing a tank top and very muscular. She thinks, I hope he asks for my number.

    At that point the other guys says, Hey, join us for a drink?

    Ummm not sure about that, She says trying to play it cool.

    Come on, one drink he says, you're funny. Hang out with us, we promise we'll be good, he says with a smirk.

    Ok, one drink.

    The bar is a local dive, somewhat empty, dark and loud classic rock blaring. They get a booth.

    I've got first round one guy says, what would you like?
    A beer and a shot she says.
    Wow, you don't mess around, I like that.
    No I don't she replies with a sexy smile.
    She's in the booth with the guy she really likes now.

    So, you got a boyfriend?
    Not right now she says. You got a girlfriend?
    Yeah, but I always keep my options open.
    Her pussy starts to get wet thinking of his tongue in her mouth.

    After a few rounds of drinks they're all feeling good, lots of flirting, sexual overtones and now the guy she really wants goes to the bathroom. The other guy says, Come on baby, let's get out of here. She leans in towards him and says, How about all three of us get out of here? And she grabs his cock, feeling how big it is.

    The other guy comes back and sees them close and says jokingly, Oh look at this, I leave for one second and I'm the odd one out. She grabs his shirt and pulls him towards her and whispers, You think you and your friend can handle fucking me? I've always wanted a black dick in my pussy and now I've got the chance for two.

    They leave and on the way to her apartment, they periodically stop to do tag team make out sessions, her pussy dripping now.

    They get to her apartment, walk in and she says, You two better rip my fucking clothes off get your cocks out.

    One goes in front of her and the other in back, one taking off her shirt, the other taking off her pants. One pulls down her thong and the other takes her bra off. The guy she really wants has his tongue in her mouth, the other grabbing her ass and licking her back.

    She unbuckles his belt and unbuttons his jeans, pulls his boxers down and grabs his thick cock. She thinks, this is the biggest cock I've ever felt, and she's unsure if it can even fit in her pussy. She turns around and does the same to the other guy. She can't believe it but his cock is even bigger.

    Both of you sit on the couch, this is something I've always fantasized about. The two guys look at her body in awe of her perfect shape. Big tits, tiny waist, perfect ass and a perfectly trimmed blonde pussy.

    She starts to tease one cock with her tongue and rubs the other with her hand then switches. She's always wanted to give a double blowjob and now she's doing it with two black guys.

    She teases each cock a few times more, running her tongue up their massive cocks and swirling around the heads. Then she takes the the first one fully in her mouth. Pure ecstasy for her. She goes back and forth until she can't take it anymore. She gets up and says, Fuck me now.

    The guy she really likes grabs her and pulls her towards his dick.
    Wait she says, im not sure it's gonna fit.
    Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle. She begins to sit on his cock slowly working her wet pussy on the head, slowly taking more in. The other guy stands next to her and she takes his dick in her mouth.

    She stops sucking the one guys cock because she is Cumming so uncontrollably and screaming. She's shaking and then lifts herself up. She turns to the other guy and says, Now it's time for your dick in this little white pussy.
    She bends over and he enters her as she starts sucking the guy on the couch.

    They continue like this and she honks this is the greatest sexual encounter she's ever had. Their dicks are so big, she loves the way they fill her pussy up.

    The guy ducking her from behind says Oh shit, I'm gonna cum baby.
    She says, Yeah baby cum in my pussy, let me feel you cum inside me.
    With that he explodes inside her, filling her up with so much cum. It's the biggest turn on to her.
    He falls on the couch in ecstasy. She leads the other guy into her bedroom.

    She says, I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you. He says, Same here, you're so fucking hot, I can't wait to cum inside you now that it's just you and me. She lies down on the bed and he climbs on her, kissing her full lips, grabbing her big tits and then putting his cock in her wet pussy.

    They fuck and fuck, in a rhythm that she's never experienced, his intense look into her eyes making her cum even more.

    Finally she says, Come on baby, cum for me, cum for me, I want you to cum in my pussy and make you feel good.

    His muscles tighten around her body and he he lifts himself up slightly, thrusting his hips more intensely until finally his whole body tightens, he looks into her eyes and let's out a guttural sound as she cums again, feeling his big cock explode into her pussy.

    He rolls over and she lays on top of him, knowing that this was definitely her greatest sexual experience ever.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Gay Male / 32

    I keep having very intense dreams about bondage, I have always enjoyed it and have amassed a fair few pieces of gear but I have had few too many experiences.

    Not every partner you have nor fuck buddy's are into it and I do not get enough to fulfil my need to be bound tightly.

    So without any action my dreams are becoming more and more intense, both day dreams and when I am flat out asleep.

    My dream keeps featuring me being restrained heavily, locked into a leather sleep sack with my head firmly sealed into a tight leather hood.

    My mouth is filled with a penis gag and I cannot see or hear, I am just left there waiting to be touched or used.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Female / 22

    I am transgender mtf pre-op. I only wear dresses and skirts and I always wear pantyhose and heels.

    I was 3 when my sister helped me put a dress on and heels and I walked in the living room and announced that I was a girl. Mom said that it was about time I figured it out. She let my hair grow and she fixed it and everyone said that I was a pretty little girl.

    I tried on my first pair of pantyhose when I was 6. My mom talked me through putting them on and she told me to put on a dress or skirt. I did and she fixed my hair like a girls. Then she told my daddy we were of to buy me girl's clothes. I was so excited and mom put several dresses and she bought me dresses and skirts and panties. I asked for pantyhose to be more like her. No pantyhose but she bought me tights and told me that they were just like pantyhose but they are stronger. I felt like a big girl in my new dress and tights and my pretty shoes. Then mom called me and put lipstick on me.

    I was telling everyone that I was a big girl in my new clothes. My sisters were so happy that I they finally had their little sister.

    I was really not happy with my tiny little boy parts. When I was 9 I tried to cut off my testicals and I damaged them to the point where they were not able to produce any testosterone. I had my hormones checked and I no testosterone but I was getting estrogen somehow. When I was put on estrogen I only had to take a little less than half of what a man would need to become a girl.

    Without testosterone and having estrogen I did not develop any male characteristics at all. I felt like a girlie girl. When I started estrogen I felt even more feminine. I was happy and since I started school as a girl named Lisa. My parents picked it out when it was clear that I was not a boy. I had a lot of girlfriends and they liked coming to my house because I had more dolls than the other girls. I had a baby doll that drank her bottle and then potty and I would change her diaper. I was able to change even real babies diapers when I was 7. I wanted to be like mom and my sisters and I began to help clean the house. When I was 7 I asked if I could take over the house cleaning and dishes to be like a big girl. She said sure but if I could not do it all. I never needed help and mom and dad said that if I liked doing all the housework it was all mine. I was 8 and I was finally a big girl. My girlfriends asked why I wanted to clean the house. I said that I loved it and I felt like a big girl.

    I was 10 and I talked my sisters into teaching me everything they knew about sucking dick. I was given a banana and I practiced deep throating. I was going through a lot of bananas. I was able to deep throat by my 11th birthday. I was not able to try it on a real dick. I was 12 when the boy I had a crush on began to talk to me. He was 14 and he is the reason I learned to suck dick. He called it his cock I didn't know why at the time. He invited me to his house. His parents were gone and he lead me by my hand to his room. I kept holding his hand because I had dreams about him and me. We sat down on the bed and he asked if I knew how to give blowjobs. I told him that my sisters taught me but I have not had the chance to try it out.

    He asked if I would like to try it on him. I said yes before he finished talking. My hand found its mark, his cock and it was growing fast. He opened his pants and I got on my knees. I was looking him in the eye the entire time that I was sucking. I did like my sisters said and went slow for his pleasure. They told me that I also got the pleasure of tasting his cum, and the longer it took the more cum you get. When John shot his load of cum he said that he had never had so much cum shoot out. I was quite because I was enjoying the taste then I swallowed and told him how good his cum tastes.

    He went soft. My sisters told me that once a guy cums he goes soft for 15 miniutes to an hour. At 15 miniutes I began to lightly rub his cock. It took another 5 miniutes and I felt his cock come to life. I asked him this time to make love to me. He knew that I was transgender and he still liked me. He put me on all fours and he got behind me and then he did something that made me feel pretty and feminine. He leaned forward and turned my head towards him and kissed my lips but no tounge, he said that he could not use tounge until I brush the cum away. I told him that cum tastes really good. He said no.

    He hugged my body and told me that I was going to hurt a lot when he first entered me. He said to get ready. My ass was relaxed and he slowly pushed it in. I said that he had to stop. He promised that I would love it when he finished. He held me and pushed. His head entered me and all of the sudden I felt so wonderful. He slowly pushed his cock in until I felt his balls on my ass. He said that he was going to start. He pulled almost all the way out and then he thrusted forward and I didn't hurt I was loving it and I began to push back as he pushed in, it was magical. When he finished my ass was stretched and I was in heaven.

    He said that he really liked me and we became secret lovers. At school he held my hand and carried my books. We were free to be girlfriend boyfriend at school. We had to hide it from my parents. When I reached 14 I begged my parents to let me date. They thought about it for 2 days and said I could date but they had to approve.

    I was so excited I ran to John's and told him that my parents said I could date but they have to approve the guy. I took his hand and we walked hand in hand the whole way even in front of my parents. They knew him already and really liked him and they said that we could date. He was 16 and his parents let him drive on our dates.

    He treated me like a princess and I treated him like the king. I realized that I was very submissive and he took control. I was very happy to be submissive to John it made me feel like I was the one he loved. He could ask and I would do almost anything for him. He got me to suck him or him to make love to me even if I didn't want to. Me being so submissive made it easy but I always really loved it when he got me to do things. I wanted something exciting to happen so as he was driving I scooted towards my door and I laid my head on his cock and said that I want to suck your cock right now as drive. I opened his pants and pulled out his big cock and I took it in my mouth and he began to grow. I began to bob up and down slowly I don't use my hands that makes guys cum sooner and less cum. I took over 10 miniutes before I let him cum.

    Then I sat up with my mouth almost full of cum and I held it to get all the flavor before swallowing. He loved seeing me with a mouthful of his cum. He said that he feels powerful when I am sucking him. I told him that I feel powerful when I suck him. I feel powerful because I am in control of his cumming. It feels great to be on my knees with his cock in my mouth. I was giving him at least 1 blowjob a day but more often I would 3 a day. I did it right before I ate and I tasted his cum with every bite. Then I asked him if he would let me jack him off on my food. He said it would ruin it. I said that I love tasting his cum on my food. He let me and my food was so much better than having left over cum in my mouth. I had cum on my food and it was great.

    We dated all through school and after for another year. We broke up and dated a little bit. We stayed good friends after our breakup. 2 years after the breakup John came over with a dozen long stem roses. I was very excited about the flowers thinking that he wanted to get back together. I was right he asked if he could be my boyfriend. I began to cry and hugged him and said I have wanted this since we broke up. Just like that we were boyfriend girlfriend.

    We were back together for a little more than a month and I heard what I wanted to hear. He asked me to be his loving wife. I jumped on him, good thing that I am such a small girl. I am 5'2" and I wear a size 4 dress and size A in Leggs pantyhose and my shoe size is 6 in high heels. Their was only one girl smaller than me. I was small and feminine I am happy.

    I really want to have my sex correction surgery before we marry. My driver's license shows that I am a female and I am seen and treated like the girl I am. John is my entire world and making him happy is my job. The more manly I make him feel the better the sex and he does his thing making me happy. He is 6'2" and 230 lbs. He does not put all his wieght on me because I am a small weak girl. I have been in one fight because the bitch tried to take John from me. I was pissed and she beat me up. All I know to do is close my eyes and slap. She punched me like a guy punches. I wish I could beat
    her up. It is okay my best friend Sarah caught her and beat her up and she said, "Lisa is my friend you better leave her alone and don't try to take her man again or it will be worse.

    Sarah asked if she could teach me to fight. I said no because I am scared to death about fighting. She said that she would not let any bitch hurt me. John can take care of any guys who give us shit. I have seen him in 4 fights with bigger guys and he flattened them without hardly trying. I feel so safe and protected with him and that makes me feel more feminine. I walk holding John's arm and feeling like I am the luckiest girl in the world by far. He makes me want to make him feel like he's the luckiest man in the world. I just love him feeling so strong and very manly. He loves me to be so ready to tell him how much I love being with him.

    All the housework I did as a little girl was my training to be a good housewife. John says that sometimes I go to far. He has never yelled at me even when I was a bitch and being mean to him. I never yelled a lot and I would be crying and telling him how sorry I was for being a bitch. Then he would hug me and tell me that he knows I am not mad at him. He is so sweet and never mean to me. I can't wait to say I do and get my first kiss as Mrs John Entwistle or Lisa Entwistle. John put me on his bank account the day he asked me to be his wife. He knows that I am a good girl and would not mess up his I mean our bank account.

    He told me that I could spend $5000 on my wedding gown and everything else I need. I have it narrowed down to 3 gowns. My mom and sisters were busy when I picked them out. On Saturday all of us girls are going to pick out the perfect wedding gown for me to to take John's breath away. All 3 gowns are gorgeous and expensive. John said to pick out a beautiful wedding gown for a beautiful girl. He is always saying things like that and it makes me feel so loved.

    I am already a good house girlfriend soon I will be a great housewife. He wants to get married soon but I have so many things to take care of. We have a friend who makes wedding cakes and she is making our cake and giving it to us as our wedding present. My mom knows a man who is a professional video recording guy and he is recording the wedding for free.

    I am the luckiest girl in the world. I can't wait to be Lisa Entwistle. I will be a beautiful bride in any of the 3 gowns I picked out. They have long trains and I picture my niece holding the train for her aunt who loves her so much. John wants to marry in June but I told him that I need more time to get everything done.

    He said that he wants a big wedding with all the family and friends. I am happy to hear that because I want everyone to be there and see me all pretty in my beautiful wedding gown and all made up to be the prettiest girl to ever get married. How did i ever get so lucky to have a wonderful man who has never cheated on me. He is the best husband any girl could have.

    I think it will be closer to December to get everything ready.

    Wish this girl luck in getting my wedding all ready.

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