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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 33

    I have several dream and wishes that I dream about doing. But scared to do so.

    1. I want to dress in short dress with just above my butt cheecks with tiny thong and bra, I want to go dark movie theater and I want to take my bra and thoung off exposing my breast and pussy and touch myself. After I'm done leaving my thong and bra behind for someone to have.

    2, I want to ridevon very crowd train very short dress with no panties and bra and want someone to grope me and strip me naked completely, to everyone to see.

    3. I want to dress like a total slut and go to the park want to have my photos taken of me stripping my clothes one by one.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife carol had a friend a fine looking brunet come over one night .i was laying on the couch naked under a blanket.i waited till carol went in the kitchen the girl was sitting just across from me. i have a very big 9 inch cock . i rolled over like i was asleep and let it hang out in front of her. figured she may see something she likes. carol came out and saw me . she said i know your awake Gregg your such a pervert.i guess she busted me .

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 38

    i have a compulsion to go naked out in the moon lite during each full moon its like something is controlling me. i cant stop doing it . ive done it since i was in grade school i stand in a clearing and let the full moon lite cover my nude body i turn and bend my butt over toward the lite and let it shine on my cock and all over me. why i do this i have no clue

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 54

    Straight male, experienced in various areas of alternative relationships.

    I live on social security and do odd jobs to supplement.
    I am extremely liberal, very accommodating, and I love making women who have no shame laugh.

    I DREAM and WISH
    That I might meet a younger female, maybe in her forties, who needs a new start.
    She should be fundamentally promiscuous, a natural exhibitionist, preferably bisexual, and real ready for a new arrangement tailor-made for her libido.

    She can do anything, anywhere, with anyone.
    I request and will trust her to be fair, trade a dick for a dick by relating to me all the juicy details later while I fuck her.

    She can bring anyone home she wants.
    She will be sure to make any partners aware of our arrangement before they come here.

    She can do them in front of me or privately.
    I can participate or not depending on the situation.
    If not, she will compensate me fairly, after he/she leaves, or in any way acceptable.

    I would provide free overhead, liquor, party favors, and most of all friendship
    I will take her to buy sexy clothing and shoes. (6" pumps, thigh highs, mini dresses)
    I will provide a dancer pole.

    In return I want:

    Input from her clarifying her specific desires, how best to satisfy them, and what she wants from men.
    Two nights per week of her undivided attention.
    Spontaneous sexual favors to be creatively negotiated for fun and as they arise
    No lying, no stealing, no drama, be an adult.

    No clothes worn any time at home.
    This is so toys can be used openly.
    This is also so I can lick her pussy at any time while at home.

    An honest and concerted attempt at a friendship.
    A promise to accompany me to the following just for the experience of going:
    to an opera
    to a rodeo
    to a swingers club
    to a symphony
    to a nudist colony

    If this works, we shall be secretly married in Vegas before I die so that she may receive income on my behalf for the rest of her life.

    If you are out there anywhere, BABY, I meant every word of what I just wrote.
    You want to be a fun bad girl?
    Be one with me !

    Leave me your contact info.

    How's that for a DREAM and WISH

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I would have written this a few days ago when my desires were still fresh, but I didn't have time until now.

    Three times a week, I go to the gym. After three months, all I have to show for it is a bigger booty and a crush/sexual attraction to a guy twice my age. I have never liked someone who is in their late 40's or their 40's for that matter. Mr. Not-So-Tall (but taller than I am), definite tan, nearly-white teeth (because I only know one person with teeth whiter than his) that are noticeable due to his tan, and defined biceps that are almost as big as my head. I have had four dreams about him. The third dream involved him fondling my C-cup breasts and me on his lap grinding against him.

    Despite him being unaware of my attraction to him (or he keeps his mouth shut about it), five other people in the group exercise class could easily notice I have a crush on him. Hey, subtlety was never my forte.

    But since this is supposed to be about dreams and wishes, I have many desires that I want fulfilled. I want to tie him up on a chair and sit on his lap while kissing him. I want to lick and suck on his neck while doing a body shot on him. I want him to host a housewarming party so I can show up and we can sneak off to make out. I want to give him hickeys. Heck, I even want him on top of me and inside of me.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 40

    40marries hot wife here with a steady black bull. It's my biggest fantasy to watch him fuck my 18 year old daughter. They have never met but he's seen pictures of her and finds her very sexy.

    I also fantasize about getting fucked by her boyfriend and my husband st the same time.

    I'd love to watch my husband have a threesome with my sons girlfriend and my daughter best friend. I did watch him get a blowjob from one of my coworkers daughters once that was super hot.

    I've always wanted to fuck a delivery guy or room service guy or something. My husband also really loves this one.

    I have seen private chats between my son and his girlfriend containing dick pics and jerk off videos. I saved them and my bill and I watch them together.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 23

    I left home so a friend of mine could rent a garage apartment from a retired couple. The building was totally separate and we had independent access, kitchen and bathroom. One day the toilet backed up and the husband came up to the apartment to fix it and he saw that we only had one bed. He fixed the toilet, but he also gave us a lecture about sleeping together and that he was going to get two beds up to the apartment, but he wasn't going to let two girls sleep together, not under his roof. We tried to explain to him that we weren't lesbians, we were lifelong friends and we would just a soon sleep in the same bed as not. He wasn't convinced and he bought two single beds and took out queen bed out and put it in the garage downstairs.

    He started to baby us, I mean really baby us and spoil us. He started to parent us and when he told us to do something or another and we thought it was a bit ridiculous we would say things like 'yes daddy' or 'your the best daddy in the world'. We started to spend a lot of time in their house, and to do things together, going out to eat, or spending the weekend together going to some activity. We called him daddy in public, at first to tease him but soon we called him daddy all the time.

    On the 'evening' that he came up to our room, I was alone. He had been upset with us earlier because we had borrowed their car and dented the fender. When he sat down and held me by my hips I stood there and let him bawl me out. He told me I couldn't be a little girl anymore and that I had to be a woman. He held me at arm's length and looked at me and told me to hold my shoulders back and he said I was a pretty good specimen of a woman, and if I was a woman yet. This is like your real dad asking you if you had sex, I was embarrassed right then, he took my silence to mean no and he said it was about time I became a real woman.

    He disrobed me until I was completely naked, he admired me for a long time, he ran his hands up and down my thighs and then around my butt. He cupped my breasts and said 'let's get it over with' and he sat me down on my bed and he took off his clothes and stood over me with an erection. I laid back and opened my legs and let him get on me and he had intercourse with me. I held on to him as hard as I could, I kept my arms around his neck and didn't want to let go. He managed to get off of me and he told me I was a good girl but that I was a woman now and he expected me to behave like one. I laid naked on the bed for him for a long time while he sat beside me and caressed my face and my breasts.

    He stood up after a while and went to the window, I stayed on the bed and followed him with my eyes. He came back to the bed and motioned for me to open my legs again and he got on me and had intercourse again, only this time he was real slow and he kissed my neck and then my mouth. He kept telling me that getting an old man to have sex with me twice was a real treat, he buried his head in my neck and he just had intercourse until he finally couldn't hold it any more.

    The bed was too small for us to lay side by side, so I laid on top of him with him on his back. I just lay there while he ran his hands over my butt and kissed me.

    I don't know what I am to him anymore, when he has intercourse with me all I want to do is be close to him. I can have intercourse whenever he wants, I can tell he wants intercourse by the way he puts his hands on me, he has a way of holding me. I don't feel he should be my play daddy anymore, I call him John now although my roommate still calls him daddy. In a way I wish I hadn't become a woman with him, and in a way I can't imagine not being a woman with him. I was happy not having to grow up.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 54

    my sexual wish and dream is to be able to eat and lick a pussy each day. love to suck a

    hot pussy after you wash it clean, make me your pussy slave, lick it clean. also let me

    suck those tits soft. love a BBW OR A CHUBBY LADIES. you may ask do I love to fuck, yes I

    do very much. Thank you very much. is a females near me who would me make me her lick slave.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife and I "roleplay" quite often about her having sex with a few guys at the same time.
    That is her number 1 fantasy.
    My dream would be to go down on her after another man has emptied his cum inside her.
    The closest we got to actually having that happen was a couple years ago at a New Years Eve
    party when she made out with two guys at the same time. To see those 4 hands groping her
    body all over still gives me a hard on to this day just thinking about it.

    So, until she is actually ready to go through with it, we dream about it together.
    Here is latest story we use for our sex talk.

    My wife still gets emails every now and then from 3 of her old boyfriends. More just like
    "hi, how are you doing" kind of emails, but I think its pretty obvious that there is still
    some interest there on their part. My wife always said if and when she ever does this, she
    would want to know the guys a little at least, so ex boyfriends might be a solution.

    We talk about what if - some night she invites Kenny, Tony, and Paul over. She would
    not tell the other guys that they are all coming over. As far as they know, she would
    be just inviting them over individually, with me the husband being out of town.

    Of course they will be very surprised when they see that I am there, and then to see other
    guys there as well!

    Rather then beating around the bush, we would just come right out and tell the guys about
    my wife's "multiple-male" sex fantasies, and that is why they are here.
    We would NOT tell them about my sloppy seconds desires, I would be too embarrassed to
    admit that to them.

    We tell the guys that they each get to go into the bedroom with my wife one at a time,
    and to be fair, they will go in order of who she dated.

    First up would be Kenny, who my wife has told me has a slender but a long cock.
    Me, Tony and Paul would be able to hear the sounds of their sex as he fucks my wife.
    After he is done, my wife would call for me to come into the room as Kenny climbs off
    our bed. I tell him to join the others and that we would be calling Tony in shortly.
    I would just about dive between my wife's legs once we were alone and eagerly suck all
    Kenny's' cum from her just-fucked pussy.
    After telling my wife that I loved her, I would call for Tony to come on in.
    I would leave to give them their privacy, but I can picture Tony's cock going into
    my wife. I know he has a very noticeable "curve" on his cock, and my wife has told me
    it felt so wonderful inside her. Moments later, I hear her moaning as Tony makes love
    to my wife.
    After he is done, my wife calls to me again. As soon as Tony leaves the room I am back
    licking and sucking her pussy that is now overflowing with the cum of TWO men.
    Once I have had eaten enough , I call Paul into the room.
    I tell him to enjoy himself - and shortly after I leave the bedroom I hear the bed
    squeaking and rocking to the sounds of their sex.
    As soon as Paul is done, he leaves the bedroom and I get my alone time with my wife
    again. Paul has the fattest cock of all the guys, and I can tell that my wife's
    pussy is stretched out much father than it was after Kenny and Tony. There would be
    so much cum there for me to enjoy!
    I would be so aroused though, I would have a quickie with my wife, but I am sure
    I would not last long. I think about how wet and slippery her pussy would feel after
    3 guys just got done with her. Within minutes I would be adding a 4th load of cum
    into the mix.
    I would ask my wife how she is doing - and she knows she would tell me she wants more.

    I would go back to the guys and tell them that she is ready for more - and Kenny would
    start things up again.

    By the time the night is over, my wife would have 8 loads of cum emptied inside her.
    6 from her boyfriends - 2 from me.

    I would have eaten so many mouthfuls of their cum, but the guys would not know this.
    It would be so wild to be sitting with them while they are waiting for their 2nd
    turn with my wife, and me knowing what each of their cum tastes like.

    My wife will joke abut how much her pussy would be oozing cum well into the next day.
    We talk about what if she ends up could be one of 4 different guys!
    Would it be Kenny since he went first?? Or Tony's since he seemed to unload the
    most cum?

    I just hope and dream that my wife and I do more than always just talk about this....
    She deserves more cock!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 53

    Ok ... well here goes.

    My ex-wife used to love to fuck other guys for cash.

    She always made sure, insisted even, that they cum in her pussy.
    She got really turned on by that.

    And that was because of the anticipation the huge orgasms she would have coming home and fucking me with cum already in her pussy while telling me all the naughty details about the guy (or even hotter for both of us) the MULTIPLE guys she had just fucked.

    That was years ago.
    Her conversion to Christianity ended that and eventually the marriage.

    Soooo.. here I am now and I have not changed.
    I know what I like.
    And it is what I just described.

    Are there any women in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area who are maybe single mom's behind on their bills or something similar who would be interested in a mutual friendship involving these things?

    I'm very open, respectful, flexible, and if it made you feel more comfortable even encourage you to bring your boyfriend along so I could watch him cum in you first.

    If you are interested, leave me a comment with your email.
    BTW, I'm not a cop, perv, scammer, etc.

    And I do actually make a great friend if you give me the chance.

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