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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Recently, I've been really horny and keep looking on this website for some action, but I keep second-guessing mysel and not go for it. This has lead to me just dreaming of being taken forcefully/r**ed since I can't make myself do it, even though I know I should not be wanting to be r**ed of all things. Still, I keep thinking about it and it makes me want it more! It's pretty taboo and it makes me feel weird but the more I think of walking to the mailbox or being taken at a random time and being fucked and left like trash just gets me more excited recently! The only problem is that I live on a base, and its full of military people that I know can get in a lot of trouble pulling something like that, so I can bet my fantasy of being taken randomly in my neighborhood won't happen.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I smoke Meth and Fantasize about young girls aged 12-15 year old. I see myself smoking with young girls and having sex with them. I get extremely turned on by the thoughts. I know with enough planning I could get away with it. I don't really think that much about older women and smoking with them. Just the thought of doing it and getting away with it is driving me mad and insane. The sexual pleasure on a scale is infinite.I would lick and suck their young anuses before penetrating them and not stopping. They would call me daddy for the time they spend with me.

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    Straight Female / 38

    This is so unlike me, but about two weeks ago I got a new boss and he's just adorable. He's a few years younger than me, white as can be (I'm half Cuban and proud of it), and is a bit of a country boy at heart. But he's experienced and has really good ideas and a good heart, so we've hit it off pretty well.

    I've met his cute little country wife (with that country twang) a few days ago and I thought to myself, wonder what their sex life is like? He's pretty creative so I figure she might benefit from that in the bedroom. I had this mental image of him giving it to her from behind and her skinny little southern belle body just going crazy. It got me hot, and I'll admit I masturbated to it last night and loved every minute of it. Something about the idea of knowing what she clearly knows about his cock and how he might use it just drives me crazy.

    If he ever let me, I would give him a night he'd never forget, and wouldn't tell a soul. Except you guys, of course. If she ever agreed and gave me pointers on what he likes, even better. Mmmm. My God, that made my pussy ache, such a good feeling.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I'm a 68 year old happily married white male who considers himself to be bi,at least in my head,but I've never really had a sexual experience with another guy except one time a few years back when I received oral from someone near my own age. Other than some youthful exploration involving playing with my best friend'c cock and him playing with mine when we were maybe 13 or 14,that's it. My deepest,darkest fantasy though,involves being stripped, bent over,blindfolded and ravaged,anally and orally,repeatedly,by a group of guys until I'm leaking cum out of my asshole and mouth. If anyone reading this has a similar fantasy,please share it with me at roberthsweeny@@g***l.**m. Just puut the word confessions in the subject portion.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Hi everyone,I'm from Ghana Africa and i need help from you all.I live in poverty in here,i am an orphan and i need someone who will take care of me financially.I am willing to do anything for anyone who will help me.

    Please contact me on itony1458@@g***l.**m
    Thank you and may you be blessed.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I lost my wife several years ago and my daughter has allways been there for me, she has a life time friend who is married and hafe my age,and iv allways had thoughts about her, she treats me as her second dad as i allways listen to her and just let her pour out just about everythink and she give`s me a hug and says she feels so much better,Recently she came to a bbq after a row with her husband and had quite a lot to drink and jumped on my lap for this funny photo with her arms round my neck. a few mm of her dress was all that kept my cock out of her it was just a bit of fun but someone said that made you smile and i said pure heaven which made her giggle,she carried on drinking but wispered in my ear heaven,thats lovely, I dont drink so offered her a lift home which hafe way though she said you`v got a spare room and i just can`t face him tonight , I knew it wasn`t a good idear but she seemed able to cover all her tracks and once home she poured out her heart to me,i never took advantage and she did start of in the spare room,but was soon slipping naked into my bed, i just held her and without warning her head slipped under the cover and sucked at my 66 and knew i dare not cum as i may never get another chance to sink my cock into her so i pleasured her for a good hafe hour and only when she had come did i enter her ,being older i take ages to come which she loved afterwards we just lay together and i told her she was a beautifull women and she drifted of to sleep,in the morning she didn`t have no regrets and took my cock up her again,Nothink has really changed between us im still her shounder to cry on and now and then we share my bed, but even without that id still be there for her

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 35

    Senior year of high school I had a English teacher that was beautiful and sexy. Being in my teenage prime I masturbated almost every night thinking about Mrs. Dyer. She wore just enough makeup and her skirts gave me a great view of her sexy legs daily. Even after I graduated and had a girlfriend I would still masturbate thinking about Mrs. Dyer whenever possible.

    About 7yrs later I was at a local eatery when I saw a woman seated alone across from me having a bite to eat. It looked like Mrs. Dyer but this woman had blonde hair, Mrs. Dyer was a brunette when I knew her. As I ate my lunch I kept looking over to the woman eating alone.

    Every so often she would look in my direction, I could swear it was Mrs. Dryer. I had thought about those lips with a hint of lipstick, this woman was wearing red lipstick and a bit more makeup.

    Finally I couldn't contain myself and I walked over to her table. I introduced myself as John Russell and she looked at me for a moment. Suddenly a smile broke out on her face, Mrs. Dryer actually remembered me from her class.

    I stood over her for a few moments talking when I realized I was keeping her from her lunch and apologized for interrupting her. She said no worries and that I should join her so she didn't have to eat alone.

    Mrs Dyer didn't have to ask twice, I brought my sandwich over and sat down opposite of her and we began to talk. Of course she wanted to know what I did after school and I told her I went to school and then I dropped out to take over my Dad's HVAC business. She asked me if I was happy doing that and I told her the business was doing well and I was going to expand.

    I tried not to stare at her, she may be older but her body looked as good as I remembered in high school. I finally asked about her hair color and she seemed a bit uneasy, I wished I hadn't asked. Then she said after her divorce she made some personal changes to make her feel better. I glanced at her left hand and noticed her wedding ring wasn't on her finger any longer.

    She went on to say about blondes having more fun, I would have to ask her husband if I ever saw him. Obviously I had no idea what her ex husband looked like, she was being a sarcastic of course. It didn't take a college degree to figure out her husband left her for another woman. I told her she didn't need to be blonde to be sexy, I almost said too much about having fantasies of her when I was her student.

    The conversation began to get awkward and we both knew it. Mrs. Dyer said she needed to go, she had shopping to do. Just as we were walking out the door she stopped and asked me if I had a business card, she was buying an older home and she may need some heating and cooling updates. I handed her my card and we said goodbye. I watched her walk away, that's when I noticed her skirt was a little shorter and heels a little higher then she used to wear.

    I thought about our meeting for several days, even the urge to masturbate with a woman that was in her late 40's. She still had the face and body that could make my cock tingle just thinking about her. However, long days with the business I was just too tired by bedtime.

    Several months went by and I had all but forgot about Mrs. Dyer, I was working six days a week now the business was booming. I had just got home from work one evening when my phone rang, it was a female voice and she asked to speak to me. I didn't recognize her voice and she identified herself as Barbara Dyer.

    I was really caught off guard and Barbara giggled. She knew I was surprised to hear from her I know. She reminded me about the house she was thinking about buying and that it needed a new HVAC system. She wanted to know if I could come take a look at the current system and give her my thoughts.

    I told her I was busy until Saturday, I could meet her at the house before noon. She seemed thrilled and gave me the address. I asked her how things were going, her reply was a bit lackluster but she said she would be ok.

    I met Barbara at the house about 11am. Barbara was standing by her car in the driveway. It was a nice summer day and Barbara was dressed for it. She had a summer dress with high heel sandals, her makeup was fresh and her blonde hair shined in the midday sun. I thought about the number of times I masturbated thinking of her all over again.

    It was an old Victorian house but well maintained. We went inside and we went from room to room, her heels echoing off the hardwood floors. I looked at those sexy legs in those heels whenever I had a chance as we walked through the house.

    The HVAC system was old and after looking at the equipment I told Barbara that the unit was going to need to be replaced. She asked if I would run some figures and let her know what it would cost to replace and get back to her. We walked out to our vehicles and talked a little longer. I barely heard Barbara, my mind was thinking about her in a sexual way. Those red lips seemed to arouse me as she spoke. Finally we said goodbye and I went home and masturbated.

    Several days later I had the figures for Barbara about the new HVAC system for her home. She suggested we meet for dinner and we could go over the numbers, I agreed quickly and I met her about 2hrs later.

    Barbara was dressed very nicely with a white blouse, black skirt and heels. We were seated and I could barely take my eyes of those moist red lips of hers. I gave her the numbers and she said she would let me know in a few days. We ate dinner and she opened up about some of her personal life. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, she knew I wasn't married. I told her I had one but she dumped me because I spent more time working then I did with her. Barbara had a weird expression on her face for an instant.

    We finished dinner and had a few drinks at the bar. Finally I had to go, had an early day and we walked out to our cars. I stood by her door as she unlocked it. I reached out and took her hand. Barbara looked at me as I stood there with nothing to say suddenly. We just looked at each other for a moment before she turned and put those delicious lips on mine. We kissed gently and then I pulled her against me and kissed her hard. Barbara's mouth opened and allowed my tongue to slip into her mouth, she pushed her tongue against mine at once. We kissed like long lost lovers and my cock was growing rapidly.

    I ushered Barbara into her and I got behind the wheel. The was a nice hotel right around the corner. The door to our room barely closed when we locked in a sexual embrace. We kissed and practically tore each other clothes off. On the bed I had Barbara down to the bra, panties and stockings. I couldn't wait another moment to take her. I slipped her panties down her stocking legs as she removed her bra.

    I knelt between her legs and looked down at the woman I had fantasied about years ago. My cock was rock hard and I entered her, she was soaking wet. Barbara cried out as I entered her and pushed my cock all the way in with a single thrust. I felt her stocking legs wrapped over my back almost at once.

    It took all my willpower to make the sex last. I wanted her more than I realized, my dream was coming true. I fucked her slowly and then quickened my thrust. Her nails dug into my shoulders and my back as I thrust my hard cock into her faster.

    Barbar a came three times and was about to cum once more when I couldn't hold back another second. I came inside of Barbara as she was cumming once more. Her nails were delightfully painful, they dug deep into my back as I pumped my hot cum into her pussy.

    It was over way too soon for both of us, Barbara ask me to spend the night with her. We got little sleep. Barbara sucked my cock and got me hard again in a short amount of time. She pushed me onto my back and straddled my hard cock and rode me until she climaxed again. I did her from behind and couldn't hold back, filling her pussy up once more with my torrent of cum.

    The next morning I left Barbara asleep in bed and went home to get ready for work. A few hours later Barbara called to thank me. She asked if she could come over to my house that evening, I wasn't going to say no to her no matter how tired I was. She was waiting for me when I got home. She looked so fucking delicious in her summer attire and heels. Barbara showered with me and I took her to bed, we had sex until the late hours.

    Since that night Barbara and I have become lovers and I still can't believe that a fantasy that I had about this woman many years ago would actually come true.

    Thank you!...Thank you!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Gay Male / 18

    I want to suck preteen dick and lick balls.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I'm a 23 year old, straight white guy; I've been with my girlfriend for over a year now and things are great between us. A few months into our relationship, she mentioned that I get my good looks from my dad. That comment caught me off guard and it's grown into this fantasy of my girlfriend having sex with my dad. I can't stop thinking about it. I get my hardest erections when I think of them fucking.

    My parents are happily married, but I wonder if he would take the chance with my girlfriend.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    Early in high school I became obsessed with my female classmate. She let me hug her and kiss her cheek, and held hands with me. She would tell me not to do queer things. On a dare at an IHOP she kissed my mouth and I kissed her back. Mouth kissing was definitely for queer girls so we said we were queer.

    In college I fell in with a queer girl who was a journalist major. She was an activist and I was outed by her. My next two relationships were with girls.

    I was working at a major hotel and I met a man. Something about him kept me texting, emailing, phone conversations. After several months I agreed to see him at a restaurant. His kiss on my cheek, his fingers on my hand and my cheek, his words, I was only thinking of him and even contemplated that he was going to screw me.

    Once screwed, I became his girlfriend and moved in with him. I got pregnant as soon as I moved in.

    Certain celebrities turn me on, I dream of meeting them. The ones I feel a connection with are out lesbians or bi.

    He isn't into open relationships, so I have nowhere to live out my dream relationships.

    I am probably bi, the right girl could steal me. But I don't think the man in my life will let me go.

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