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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    Karla Ludlow

    I am ashamed want to fuck Karla Ludlow in Mt Vernon Indiana. She is 52 year old chubby grandmother and married. I can't help it but I know it's so wrong but I will fuck her if she ever let me. Her husband cheats and has for years. Karla shouldnt feel bad about doing same. . Karla's hairy pussy will get wet and horny seeing this. She probably knows who I am know who amd she wants it. She's ashamed and scared to let me take off her pants but she is a horny lady. Karla would be embarrassed I seen heer naked several times and one time masterbateing with her purple dildo. Jesus it was the hottest thing I ever saw too. It me hard immediately. Please Karla, It will be our nasty secret. I wont ever tell anyone. Just tell me you want it and don't be ashamed. Comment here or text me. Call me private or just come in person. Tonight or anyrime. Anything you say I'll do to please you. Text Karla 812 568 7670 and show her this.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I have always been very sexual, as has my husband. Unfortunately we live in a very small, close-minded town so we have kept the more open parts of ourselves locked away, even from each other. Up until very recently I kept my desire to see him sleep with another woman completely locked away. I have to preface this by saying I have absolutely no desire to have sex with another man.
    To start, I have ALWAYS loved the thought of my husband getting off to other women. Something about it fills me with some sort of weird, jealous passion and I get off like no other. One of the most exciting experiences I had was when he thought I had fallen asleep on the couch and he went over to the computer and started stroking himself to porn. My pussy swelled and I got instantly wet as I studied him, watched what he liked, when he stroked his cock faster, what he looked at. I about lost it when he erupted all over the place. After that I signed us up for a porn dvd subscription and opened up about my desire to watch porn with him. It was at that point that I really let myself start to explore the things that *I* liked - see through clothing, panties, micro-bikinis. I found out that I liked looking at naked women A LOT...I think this sparked in me when I was making him watch porn and he came to a picture of a girl in a wet, nearly see through bikini. He begged me for permission to cum to her, I couldn't resist. We finally started allowing ourselves to be more open about things, and we spent many nights watching porn together. I loved when he described what he liked, how nice someone's pussy was, how he'd love to lick and suck them, play with their tits. I don't know what it is about it, but it gets me off knowing he's getting off to someone else.
    About two years ago he was gone for work-related training. After a few days he confessed to me that he visited the strip club with some of the guys. I told him I wasn't upset and encouraged him to go again. I told him I wanted him to get a lap dance if he felt inclined. The next time they went, he purchased a lap dance from an absolutely gorgeous girl and told me all about it, especially how he went back to his hotel room and smelled her pussy on his pants and jerked off. After that, it was a dry period with nothing exciting happening like that, until he left about 6 months ago for more work-related training.
    We had discussed the possibility of him hooking up with someone while he was there, but I don't think either of us expected anything to happen. His last night there I get a frantic phone call at midnight saying he had been invited to a woman's room. I encouraged him to go and he asked for permission to have sex with her if it came to that. I told him yes. He was extremely hesitant so I didn't expect anything to happen but as soon as we hung up, I masturbated at the idea of him having sex with another woman. Just the mere thought of his cock getting hard for someone else drove me insane.
    A few hours later I got a call back from him saying he was back in his own room. I asked him how things went and he said he didn't have sex with her, he couldn't bring himself to do it. He did say that he enjoyed touching her, that he sucked her tits and let her feel his cock. I asked him if he was hard and he said yes, and that he was open with her about masturbating when he was going to go back to his room. I thought this was so strange, if his cock was hard, how difficult is it to sink it in to her pussy and use her to cum? She begged him to fuck her and he just couldn't do it. He asked her if she would masturbate with him, they could touch and watch each other, but she refused, saying he can fuck her or nothing. He ended up going back to his room and jerking off, cumming hard thinking about what had just happened. Ever since then I cannot stop thinking about how I'm damn near desperate for this to happen, and I feel awkward about that. He didn't have a lot of sex before we met so he opened up to me that he felt like he missed out. I fully support him if he wants to have sex with other women, he'd probably do it frequently if we didn't live in such a small town. To this day I masturbate to the idea of him fucking other women, we've even discussed taking a swingers cruise.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My dreams and wishes included learning how to find another man that will let me explore being a cock loving submissive ! Iâm married masculine ,nice ass, decent shape, no one would ever expect I dream about serving cock...

    I am happily married but crave cock, I have given a few BJâs but not enough to be great at it yet, I have given my ass to a few men, and been told I have a great ass!...

    I live in Nashville Tennessee area ,but I have no idea of how to find a safe clean DDF SECRET MORE DOMINANT



    I confess I would be a great submissive cock servant ð

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I want to be fuck by 10 BBC for them to use me and let pimp my out and make me do shows for there friends and tell me what my c**t is only good for a fuck and yet on my knees and let them deposit my mouth and I been use for a fuck anal and pussy

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 27

    The wife, and I are looking to add another woman to the mix to have fun. [email protected]@@@@@@@g***l.**m

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 40

    He is snoring. I am trying to get wet. Wish he would, from time to time, be rough with me, pinch my clit, spank my pussy, lick, bite and suck on my big pink nipples...I wish he would tie me, spread eagle and rub my clit until I hard, and then slip his big cock into my mouth and cum all over my face while finger fucking me as deep as he can.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I have so many sexual fatasies about my colleague. Shes a woman in her mid 30s and a mother of 2. She wears skintight pants every day, and i can clearly see her thong line. Her ass looks amazing.
    I want to pull her pants down and worship that ass with my face. Then bury my dick inside it. It is driving me insane.
    Some times i think, that she wants my dick. but that is probably just my imagination.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I fantasize about becoming a bi submissive cuckold husband ,three years ago my wife discovered that I have a bi side to me, we have been married now for over 30 years,I have had different kinds of kinky sex over my lifetime,Iâm highly over sexed by nature.
    There truly is very little that I wouldnât try or enjoy, poo or blood being in those limits!!!
    But Iâm wired to explore .....I find myself dreaming at night and in the early mornings that my wife will set me down and tell me she has read something I left open on my iPad about femdom life styles and sub bi cuckold men that find themselves sexually controlled and used by both the wife and her lover, I have tried to get her interested in some of these activities , I have eaten my own cum from her as well as eaten my cum from her boobs,I truly love eating her out after I cum in her,I would be such a great cream pie eater and clean up husband!!!
    I often lock my own cock up in a chastity cage,I HAVE ONE ON RIGT NOW!!!
    I love to have nipple torture performed on me,spankings,and anal play, prostate massager are killer!!!
    I love pleasing her, and fantasize when Iâm between her legs and my ass is in the wit, that her lover is deep in me taking what he wants!!!
    She has ties me up, used hot wax on my nipples and body...Iâve love being blindfolded, I have allowed anther dominant man piss down my throat,,, amazing.....
    I wish in so many ways that there was another well hung man involved in our bedroom...
    I would enjoy seeing her being pleased by a much better lover ,humiliated and used by the two of them in any way the can think of!!!! Iâm not into cross dressing or fim play, but when she has ordered me to wear her panties it turns me on, I think itâs because she told me to and the fact she knows I have them on, she has had me go out on public wearing her panties only a few times, she has had me go go to dinner with a butt plug in and or caged...
    She does know I have had gay sex, got me in hot waterðI want so bad to for her to be alright with my bi side and to
    Watch and get turned on seeing me TOTALY submit to a very hung BULL,,,

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    My girlfriend is blond, blue eyed, thin with a great set of tits.
    My dad is older, probably can't even get a boner but i still see the way he looks at her, he makes funny comments to her and she laughs and blushes. She's loves it..
    She flirts with him cause she knows he likes and he obviously thinks she's as hot as I do.

    My mom's is there, I can't just fuck up the whole chemistry of my family.

    But I kinda just wanna pull her tits out when she's talking to my dad.
    Pull down her jeans and let him finger her in the living room while he watches TV.

    If his dick did get hard I'd get her to down on her knees to suck his cock while he plays with her perfect tits at the same time I contue to play with her pussy from behind in the middle of living room.

    I'd stand up and pull her uo by her hair and direct her pussy over my dad's cock while he sits in his chair
    If guide her to reduce the weight on his body while she rides his cock with her wet young pussy until he cums in side of her.. I'd let them stop so he can lick her tits s few last times before I pull her pants up and take her to my bedroom as if nothing happened.

    Then I'd undress her and finger her with my dad's cum, asking her if she liked what she just did.
    I would make her cum and make her like it so she would do it again and again.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 20

    I am a submissive with a lot of kinks. Most of them are normal, i.e. bondage, edging, teasing, but I have one most would consider weird and that is tickling. Now, that doesn't mean I get turned on or orgasm every time I'm tickled. In fact, specific circumstances must be met beforehand for it to do anything more than just make me happy. That being said, though, when those circumstances are met I am the horniest mess and have the best oegasms of my life.

    My ultimate fantasy is to have a pair of beautiful dommes subtly tease me in public, whispering all the dirty things to me as I try not to react, and always doing /something/ to get a reaction from me. By the time we get home, I'm a mess and basically begging them to make good on their words, but first I need to prove myself. So I get my mistresses off and let them both use my body as they see fit until they're satisfied I've done well.

    After that, they take thier time stripping me and tie me up, making sure all my sweet spots are vulnerable to their whims. They cover me in bites and hickies, play with my nipples, always gets close but never give me real satisfaction, and all the while I'm being praised on how well I behaved for them. On how I was such a good girl. And they make sure I hear all these praises and can't argue them any.

    As much as I love praise, I get flustered and try to argue it, so they'll start playing lower, teasing all my sweet spots and cooing at me as I beg and plead for more, but I get nothing until I've accepted and agreed to the earlier praise. They smile. I'm a good girl. One starts eating me out as a reward, but I also took too long so as slight punishment, while I'm being eaten out the other starts tickling my hips and thighs. I can't focus too well on the pleasure. She stops eating me and pulls away. The tickling doesn't stop.

    They claims I must not be enjoying my reward if I can't focus on it. I'm too whiney to argue. The tickling stops and my mistresses leave. When they come back, they focuse on tickling my clit and pussy with some feathers and (clean/unused) paint/makeup bruahes. It tickles so much but feels so good. I'm moaning and laughing, begging for more while begging them to stop. I can only writhe side-to-side in my bondage.

    Even tually they stop and tell me they'll let me cum but there's a catch. They don't go into detail yet. They leave again, and I'm whining and writhing, humping the air for some sort of contact. Then, I'm blind. Mistress has put a blindfold on me so I can't tell what they're going to do. One comments on how wet everything has made me, and I hear a faint buzzing.

    A vibrator is pressed against my clit on a medium setting, and all is bliss and arousal. I'm getting close, about to cum, and as suddenly as the pleasure had started, it stops. To calm down my aching pussy so I don't cum right away, I'm distracted by tickles alternating my worst spots. Different tools and methods, I never know what's going to happen when. All the while, there's more praise mixed with some teasing about how I enjoy every second if what's happening. How I'm getting off on what a lot of people wohld consider torture. How I'm a good, kinky little girl.

    The tickling stops and I'm given a chance to catch my breath and collect myself. The cycle starts over with me getting edged and then tickled in a cool down. Eventually the ticking only makes my pussy ache more, and I'm begging for an oegasm, making promises that I would never otherwise make. A deal is struck.

    The vibrator is turned on again, but is just resting on me now. If I move too much it will fall. The tickling starts up again, but now it's all light. Just enough to make me titter and squirm. More bites are made on my body, and my nipples get more attention.

    I'm allowed to cum, but now I have to work for it. Will it be from the vibrations on my clit, or will I move too much and make my favorite toy fall so now I have to lay there until my body eventually lets me have an unsatisfying orgasm from all the teasing mixed with tickling? Nothing changes until I eventually orgasm. If it's not satisfying, the vibrator is once again held on my clit, firmly, and on its higheat setting as I cum again and again and again.

    My current fiance knows about my kink for tickling and my want of her to completely dom me, but not like that. We are (somewhat) looking for a third at the moment, as we're pollyamorous, and I have no idea how to bring up this fantasy of mine once all the pieces are in place. So for now it's my kinky little secret, a dirty little fap fantasy to get me off. A desire that will, maybe, be fullfilled in the future but not for a long time.

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