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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Male / 18

    I have been dreaming about eating my own cum after I masturbate. These dreams are very hot and I want to do it, but when I tasted my cum, it is horrible. That hasn't changed my dreams and desire to do it. How do I get better tasting cum, or is there a way to lean to like it?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    My heart was broken when the girl that I had a crush on said she wanted to land a dick. It has been twelve years and I still have a crush on her and every time I go home and see her I get those same feelings. Sitting in a pew three rows behind her and she is there with her family and I get that rush that won't go away.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 44

    I am shopping at Christmas time. I take my purchases up to the clerk and she is strikingly attractive, I was going to say beautiful but you would have to know me to know what I consider beautiful. 22 or 23, short hair, long arms and legs, to me a tightly bound chest is a turn on especially because I can see the bindings, she has on straight jeans and boots, blue eyes and a tattoo on her hand and her shoulder, and the daintiest collar you could pick, big dollar collar like a momma buys for her puppy. I am trembling while I try to talk to her, she stops and looks at me and says she is taken and points to her collar. I know she is taken I can see that I saw the collar it is just if for one minute she would want to talk with me and give me a chance to show her that I can take care of her probably far better than her current momma, considering the clothes she was wearing.

    I can't stop thinking of her, she worked for the season only so I have no idea where she went so if a puppy dog is looking for a momma I am looking for a lost puppy. I can feed you and take care of you, I promise.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    We see each other daily. I know for certain he wants me sexually, just as much as I crave his hard thick cock. Yet we're family, close family and so far we've denied what we both want.
    He's so masculine, so athletic and makes me shake literally with sexual anticipation for him. I've seen him naked more than once, and I've even witnessed him fucking a girl my age a year ago
    When I was younger, I suspected him of taking and using my panties to masturbate with. Often finding them back in my room with cum stains on them. But all this is just wishful thinking, as how can you have your older brother fucking you.
    If I had my way, he'd be between my legs right now licking my pussy and ass, as I sucked on his delicious cock.
    These are my dreams and wishes.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I had to confess, that l would Love to see My Wife flash her Breasts for a Stranger. And outside..
    She is a BBW, and it would give me so much pleasure to watch her taking out her Breasts, and especially for a Muslim man or men..
    If they could touch or Kiss
    I hope one Day she Will do it for me. I had a man that l showed a pic for, and he asked if we could meet in the woods, but she wouldnt do it.. but maybe one Day...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 44

    I've been dating Joanne since August and she stays at my apartment every weekend. I'm convince by now she has a fetish for my penis. Its not that I am well hung and I am probable average size but its like a dream the way she treats me sexually. We do have straight sex and oral sex all the time but she constantly plays with and holds my penis and scrotum while in bed. She is the first woman who has ever even touch my anus and the area between my anus and balls which is very arousing. She is relentless in trying to make me get an erection and is very successful at it. There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night with a hard on the way she is playing with me. Its a dream come true and she is also the best blow job I've ever had not to mention the terrific hand jobs I receive.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I have come here many times but it is hard to talk about my life and I end up deleting everything. I like what I read here, mostly because it makes me feel normal, I am not sick as I am accused of being, I was labeled dick crazy in high school, slut in college and now I am called similar names, like the One Night Stand Princess. I like guys enough, well I like their dicks I really don't like them. I just need to get fucked and then adios and get the hell out of my bedroom. I don't go out with anyone I know and all of my one night stands are pickups. I live in a large city and there are more than one place to go to get picked up. I usually let men with money pick me up because they are not interested in me they just want to get laid.

    I have one close girlfriend. She is married to Joe, the proverbial Joe who is always around, he fixes things, he baby sits while she and I go out for a drink, he does the laundry and gives her his check. Joe to me is so boring I can't stand to be around him for ten minutes. I've checked him out and there is nothing attractive about him either, I would not let Joe take me home. But my friend married him and she is stuck with a kid so let's say that she is day and I am night.

    Once long ago when we were both single I sucked her pussy dry. We were just kidding around and we talked about it, she had actually been to a workout class at the gym and she told me that the instructor was a butch and the thought of her eating pussy turned her on. So I offered to eat her pussy, maybe she would like it and she could then work on the instructor and get the instructor to eat her pussy. I have only eaten her pussy, completely until she got off, I did it all fingered her, suck her tits, kissed her mouth and sucked her pussy and she got off. She did get it on with the instructor and she told me that the woman was way too aggressive for her. I don't understand then why she can take it from a man, men are way too aggressive when they want to fuck.

    Lately I have been thinking about her like that, I would like to eat her pussy again, to kiss her and make love to her tits and just give it to her until she gets off. I want to make her cum, I did once I don't see why I can't make it happen again. I know she is bored with Joe, like I said he does laundry, and he has never chased her around the house to fuck her. I know a lot about their sex life because she tells me about it, every time they have sex she tells me, she grades it a 2 or maybe a 3, even on her honeymoon she texted me 2s and 3s. Most guys I go to bed with are 2s and 3s, but some are 5s and 6s. With her I know I can be a 9. She is shy about it and she is married so she doesn't want to do something that could be a problem. Joe is her problem not me.

    I am definitely not that instructor who went too far with her, I can measure myself and I know her intimately and I want to be her 9, to make the stars burst. I am tired of one night stands, she is my life but Joe is in the way and he will never leave her. If she wasn't married I would get down on one knee and propose to her, you can do that now and I would certainly do it. I know myself, I am not dick crazy anymore, I just do it out of habit because being alone hurts. I have not hidden my affection for her or failed to tell her out right that I am in love with her and as far as I am concerned she is my significant other. I just need her to say goodbye to Joe.

    I am going to sign off with Waiting to be her 9.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 18

    To start off, it's been a few months since I got my first boyfriend, and he is the sweetest and most handsome guy I could have ever asked for. Our relationship is currently long distance, but we will be much closer after I move into college.

    I've never done anything past kissing a guy on the cheek, not a single thing, and sometimes I regret that. However, I think my bf finds it cute and adorable how innocent I come off in that regard. The closest I've ever come to sending him pics was when I took a picture of my hair in the shower to show him how my curls looked, haha.

    I get really turned on when he calls me things like "baby girl" or "babe", but it might be just because I'm not used to being in a relationship.

    Just recently, he called me his "little kitty" (too much context needed to understand), but my heart soared. I seriously can't stop thinking about him. I've masturbated more in the past 2 days than I have in the past 2 months. I keep imagining what it would feel like to lose my virginity to him, to just give all of myself over to him. I can't even fathom how badly I want him to take me over and have total control. His dominant and guiding presence in person really awakened this desire in me, but I don't know what else I can do about it.

    I really want him to talk more passionately about this kind of stuff, but I'm afraid he thinks of me as too innocent to want to talk about this kind of thing. I have no idea what to do to initiate it or get him to know that it's okay with me, so instead, I'll just spill my emotion out here I guess.

    He has an athletic build with defined and lean muscle. He is about 6'3, and very strong. He has sharp, masculine features, and just the cutest smile. It is really hard not being able to see him often in person, but I think that it is sooooo worth it. The last time we met up, I gave him my scarf to keep, in case he felt like he missed me, and because he told me it smelled nice. He told me that he has slept with it nearly every night since then. In my head, I keep imagining him pleasuring himself with the scarf nearby, and sometimes even while he smells it. I get so turned on just from that thought alone. I want so badly to feel his weight on me. Ugh, I just need him to be more sexually expressive just once, and I'll be in heaven.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 22

    I've been this way longer than I care to admit. I am turned on by women, I use to say I am turned on by girls but I got in trouble one day and accused of things that aren't true. I have always only been turned on by girls my age or now that I am a bit older I am turned on by girls in that sweet age group but I only act out on girls that are old enough. Over Christmas I spent some time with my maternal aunt and she has a girl who is fourteen and she had both tits and ass and she and I shared a room and all I could think about all night was seeing her braless in her tight panties putting on her nightgown and her being asleep in the bed beside me. But like I said I don't act out with girls unless they are old enough, plus she is my first cousin so that would be i****t.

    This one time only I convinced a guy I know to take me to a strip joint. The girl that danced for us, I guess she was like nineteen and she had these tits that drove me crazy, but the rule is no touching so I sat on my hands. She bent over and let us see her ass crack with nothing but a G-string and her sweet pussy cupped in her thong and it was all I could do to restrain myself from grabbing her and go for her pussy right there. But again, the rule is no touching. When we left I was so turned on I would have gone for any pussy I could find, but the guy I was with wanted to go to a bar so we went to a bar and I had to stand around looking because I was with him and he doesn't know about my proclivity.

    I t is not that I am a pussy hound, I am not but when I get past horny and I was over Christmas I was so horny I couldn't sleep, my little cousin is so ripe it hurts to see her and not pull her down and eat her pussy all up. I can just imagine how sweet she is, I could lay her down, spread her out and start with her tummy and work my way down over her mound while I fingered her and then take her clit and suck it hard and twirl it with my tongue and then lap up her pussy once the wetness is running down her ass crack. At least that is what I thought about all night.

    It is not my fault that I am a lesbian and it is not my fault that I like girls, especially if they are so nice and sweet and young, for me nineteen is too old but as I said I can't act out on what I like so I keep myself away from girls like my cousin, except when I have no choice but to sleep in the same room with her.

    So I needed relief and that is why I asked this friend of mine to take me to a strip club because where was I going to meet a girl on Christmas Eve. I am away from home, and I am surrounded by my cousin, surrounded by her and she is so nice I get wet just thinking of her, I got to hug her when we first said hello, her tits are nice and firm and her butt is nice and firm, and I have to let go. Really, it is like a game that is being played and all I can do is call out No Fair. And she is my cousin, which is double No Fair.

    When I got home after Christmas I went trolling down to this bar that I know always has lonely lesbian girls, except they are not girls they are thirty something and they are no longer sweet and their tits aren't firm and their ass isn't firm but they do have pussy and sometimes I just want pussy like right after Christmas. I went trolling and I didn't land anything, so I went home and had to content myself by Face Timing my cousin. I shouldn't feel like this, it is both a sin and it is illegal but I can't help feeling like this. All I wanted for Christmas was for her to come over and sleep with me but all I could do was lay there and listen to her sleep.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 35

    At my wife's office holiday party something interesting happened which ended up in me taking her home and smashing her pussy like my own personal pinata. My gorgeous latina, born in Mexico and working here for the last ten years (seven of which we've been married for) has a thick accent, slim tits and ass, and the most beautiful long hair I've ever seen. I love her like no woman I've ever met before and she's a great mother to our daughter. I can't ask for more, really. My family wasn't too happy when we started dating (I am WHITE, like comically WHITE) so for a few years I got the "well she's just with you for the green card." No. She's seen me at my worst and stayed with me. I'm the luckiest SOB you'll meet with my head to the of a wife and my perfect family.

    But that's not why we're here. At the office party, drinks were being poured and folks are getting loose and I'm really getting to know people as their inhibitions melt away. People are sneaking off to the supply closet and coming back a mess, so that looks like a pretty good time. I take my wife in there to a group of cheers and we have a sloppy fun make out in the dark where I'm groping her heavenly ass and she's jerking my cock like there's no tomorrow. We don't finish as we start laughing hearing everyone outside goofing around but it's a fun time nonetheless.

    As we exit, one of her female co-workers who was late and was already sloppy drunk yells "Maria, THIS is your husband?! You'd better suck his dick before someone else does here!" Awkward. She's follows up with "you're too much of a goody two shoes, bet you don't even do it how he likes it. Maybe I'll show you how you keep an American man. Who needs the wall!!!"

    My wife was humiliated, but it was clear that most folks didn't find this little observation all that funny. My wife's other friends comfort her, take her away, and cheer her up. Later on, they present her to me like some kind of gift, one girl on each side. They've put a cute little bow in her hair and someone styled her hair a little bit. For some reason this reminded me of a high school dance I went to where my date got upset and ran out crying only to come back like this, presenting her underage pussy to me like an offering. Very random thing to remember at that moment.

    My wife's frenemy kept making comments like that, and for some reason it made my hornier and hornier toward my wife. When we got home, I had her panties in my pocket and spent the whole ride back stroking her pussy with her dress hiked up. I got that blowjob and let me tell you, it was fucking amazing. And when I hit that pussy, finally, after hours of teasing and playing back and forth, that was my Christmas present, my baby in that cute red sweater dress with black boots, bow in her hair, little bit of running mascara, getting her a white Christmas while I bellowed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

    God bless America.

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