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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Female / 22

    I wish I had a bear boyfriend that I could milk every last drop of cum from his cock every night. Heâll wake up in the morning to a warm mouth around his shaft, working it until he shoots his load down my throat.

    My cute fuzzy bear, I wanna kiss him as he explores me with his giant rough hands. Giggling and moaning as his beard brushes the inside of my thighs as he tongues my little cunny, his soft lips sucking on my clit. Soaking wet and aching for his beercan cock to impale my pussy, his swollen balls slapping against me until he dumps everything heâs got. He shoves in all heâs got and we cum together, my walls gripping and molding to the shape of his penis.

    And he collapses on me, a good night. We cuddle with him going soft inside me, leaving it for the time being. As we drift off, I wonder if next time heâll fuck my ass.

    Thank you!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    This may not sound so different in todays world as the term cuckold is a hugely popular fetish, and being a hotwife is right up there with it, everyone has there own variations of the kink that turns them on the most.

    I however have an obsession, but my obsession is that I want my wife to have sex with another man, get creampied and then come home to me and offer her pussy to me to smell and lick and fuck! we have been married for 15 years now and I have tried without success to get her to bring me home a creampie for at least the last ten years.

    to her credit, she did let a man fuck her and creampie her in our early stages of talking but I was away on business and did not get to see it, much less do anything with it.

    I literally begged her to the point of upsetting her before so I backed off, I have never understood why she would not go see this guy again. she claimed that he was great in bed and she loved how he fucked her and made her cum and even told me that she would do it again but here we are ten years later and it has not happened.

    I honestly believe that if something turns someone on and they want to do it that they will do it, which leads me to believe that she lied to me about wanting to do it and told me it turned her on like crazy and it was the hottest thing she ever heard but yet she refuses to do it, I just don't get it.

    I dream and I wish to have a wife that will fuck other men, strictly for the sex and the orgasms and to get her sweet pussy filled up with cum so she can come home and show me her wet panties and give me my treat!

    I don't think she truly understands how bad I want her to do this, I don't have to know who it is or anything like that, I trust her and know that she would find someone clean and disease free. she once asked me about her fucking other married men, she said it would turn her on that a married man is fucking her and pumping his cum into her pussy instead of his wife and she wanted to fuck other womens men, especially married ones.

    she has teased me every way possible about fucking other men, but after about seven or eight years I got tired of listening to her say, "maybe one day you will get it".

    well, about two years ago, I stopped initiating having sex with her, I told myself that I was going to stop having sex with her to see if that may cause her to want to go and have some somewhere else. well here we are two years later and nothing, I thought maybe I could sort of push her into having some extra marital sex but that has not seemed to work either.

    you gotta understand, this woman is a social butterfly, she will openly flirt with men, even in front of me, when she goes on a trip somewhere she will tell me about some guy hitting on her at a bar, she has even sent me pictures of guys she thought were cute. she has had a zillion opportunities some right in front of me and some when alone. she has let men feel her up in front of me, she has let them feel her up when by herself, she has told me about many times she could have very easily had sex with someone, but she swears to this day that she has not and I have never noticed any signs that she has done so and I do honestly believe her.

    I think deep down inside, the only reason I am still married is the fact that she has told me many times "maybe one day it will happen for you". I think deep inside I have held on to this because I am obsessed with it happening, I think about it everyday and I dream and wish every day that she will come home with her pussy full of cum.

    have I wasted so much time for nothing, I mean I truly do love her otherwise, we have a great marriage with the only exception being a sexless marriage. I know she still desires to be fucked because I found a dildo in her night stand so she obviously has been masturbating when I am not around or at work.

    what does a man do when he is so obsessed with his wife voluntarily fucking another man and having a friend with benefits for good sex and the kind of sex she needs. I need a secret friend that I can help seduce her and her not know about it, maybe that would work, only I am afraid that the man would not be able to keep the secret that I helped him get in bed with her.

    there is nothing I want more than for my wife to get in bed beside me and take my hand and put it between her legs and look me in the eye and tell me that her pussy is full of another mans cum! I wish for it, I dream about it, I crave it, I am obsessed with it, I will not be sexually fulfilled until I get it, I am bored otherwise, bored to tears. I want to smell her panties, I want to lick her panties and taste her, I want to slowly slide her panties to the side and dip my tongue in his mess and know that I was not the last man inside her!

    I need to talk to someone about this, anyone? I cant tell her, she may divorce me if she knew how bad I wanted it, I cant talk to any of my friends because I don't trust them that much and I don't believe in therapist because the secret will get out, if nothing more than I am seeing one but then there will be a million questions.

    I guess I will just keep dreaming that one day I will get it as she says, I will continue to dream and wish for it until the point in time comes that I no longer can or I actually do get it..

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 44

    I try to be the cool mom so that I can hang out with my daughter and her friends. I take them shopping just so I can get a peek at there hot bodies. My favorite thing to do is have my daughter invite her friends over for pool parties. I can't hardly hold back my juices when I see her and her friends running around in their little bikinis. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I heard that my best friend, since I was a kid, was going to be traveling through town on his way to pickup a motor for his project car. his wife is at a seminar for her work so he's getting it while she is gone. I invited him to stay in our spare bedroom for the night, we are on the way to where the motor is located--that's where this gets interesting.

    My wife is one of his ex-gfs. They broke up and he moved away. He came back to town a few years ago with his wife and family. I talked to him before I ever took his ex-gf out, and he was my best man at our wedding. I know he's alright with me marrying his ex-gf. I think he would like to fuck her again though, and I think she would enjoy fucking him. I don't have a problem with that. I've talked to the wife and told her if she wanted to, it is alright with me. I don't think she will, but I hope they do. I really get off on thinking I might be hearing them going at it in the spare bedroom while I lay in bed wanking, and even better that we all may end up in the same bed!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 27

    Having read about one other person on here with her dog I thought I would share with everyone and it is anonymous which is most important!

    I have sex with my dog almost every night and have been for the last 6 years, I live alone which helps a lot and I'm a slim brunette, I soon found sex with him was much more satisfying as he got deeper and gave me bigger and better orgasms (something the other girl found out too)

    A friend of mine owns a breeding kennel and breeds purebreds, namely kelp's which is an Australian dog and it's where I got mine from.

    I always wondered what it would be like to have more than one at the same time, a bit like a swingers club really for dogs! There are plenty of videos out there which claim to show this but they are pretty vague and not much help, and in fact the thought was driving me crazy!

    My friend was going away on holiday and closing shop while she was away, as always she asked me to come in and look after and feed the dogs while she was away, it was then I saw my opportunity to find out what it would be like to have more than one dog.

    She left one afternoon leaving me the keys and since I lived pretty far away I always stayed over using a guest bedroom, and in fact this also helped me with what I wanted.

    I didn't do anything that day but I thought about the way I was going to do it and the best way seemed to use the grooming room at the back, it was private and couldn't be seen from the approach road and there was a couch and a chair in there too, so that was it, it was already set up for a orgy!

    I waited until the afternoon the following day and got 5 of the adult males including my own so 6 altogether and I'm rather pleased they all got on with each other!
    We all went over to the grooming room together and I locked the door behind me, they must have thought they were going to gets brushed out but I had other plans and better things to give them, I took off skirt and panties but left my top on, I went into the loo and masturbated to orgasm and when I came I spread it all over my crotch and pubes so my sex scent was everywhere there.

    I went back into the room and sat on the couch, almost immediately mine came over for a sniff between my legs and jumped up on me straight away! his cock found me and he humped me for a couple of mins until he settled down buried inside me and as usual he knotted me binding us together until he expelled all his cum inside me before jumping off, it was exhilarating as usual making me cum really hard.

    I decided to get on floor using one of the cushions to kneel on, almost straight away one of the others came over to lick my pussy which was dripping with cum and liking what he tasted, mounted me from behind, as he humped me his cock was everywhere, banging around hitting my leg! but eventually found what he was aiming for! he humped me for around a minute before settling down, pulling me towards him with his paws getting deeper inside me, his knot and cock expanded sealing us together, my pussy was going into spasms as I felt his cock squirting his cum inside me making me push back in orgasm.

    Eventually he relinquished his hold on me and jumped off with a sort of pop! I stayed there head down arse up and felt all his cum run out of me and almost straight away one of the others was there sniffing and licking me and the whole process started again! and again his knot was in me while his cock squirted away.

    In the end all 6 dogs had me, 3 of then twice making it 9 in total and in the end after the last one I staggered to my feet, my pussy was gaping open pouring out all there spunk, my head was spinning and my legs were shaky! and from the waist down I was covered in cum, it was a hell of a mess!

    I sat down on the sofa and tried to regain my composure but two of them were not finished with me yet, I couldn't fight them off even if I wanted too! again I was mounted feeling his cock all the way inside me and filling me with cum, then again!

    After that I sat up and looked down at my poor pussy, she was wide open oozing cum and standing up the rest poured down my legs, I don't know how many times I came, it was a lot I can tell you and mine and there's was all mixed up together on the floor in a big puddle!

    My top got torn with there paws and I got scratched with there claws but hell I now knew what it was like! I got a shower, cleaned up the mess and bathed the dogs! like nothing had ever happened!

    That night my pussy red and ached! and my lips stayed parted! I could almost put a finger inside with it touching the sides! but I was bloody satisfied, I had been in there for nearly 5 hours getting constantly fucked and stretched with huge cocks!

    In the end they had me 11 times in 5 hours and it was a hell of a session! and messy to boot!

    I will do it again but not yet! and my poor dog will have to wait till my pussy calms down! I think more planning next time and a break in between for a coffee or something!
    For me it was a realization of a dream! a little painful but worth every moment!


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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 49

    Married and raised a family, so things were pretty tight financially, better now as the kids are grown. We never took a summer holiday abroad when the kids were smaller, we used to holiday on he North Norfolk coast and although it is a beautiful part of the UK, it was not as exciting as places I would hear all my married and single girls friends talk about.

    The kids loved it though. Then when they hit the teenage years we ventured to Palma Nova on the Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea. It was a whole new experience for me and the kids, my husband was taken with it as the European beaches were way more liberal than UK ones.

    The nights were warm and filled with great restaurants and bars and the days were hot and made for the beach, the kids were off doing their own thing. Most mornings both myself and my husband would wake long before the kids and would take the opportunity to head to the lovely beach and have an early morning swim. Normally it was almost deserted, only a few stragglers from the previous nights entertainment in nearby Magaluf. Or maybe or or two dedicated swimmers.

    I had my bikini on under a pair of loose shorts and tee shirt, my husband had just worn shorts and carried a tee shirt and both our towels. We made our way to our normal spot, laid the towels on the sand and I took off my tee shirt and shorts. I'm not a prude, but since we had been on holiday I had not gone topless, so entered the sea in my bikini, very skimpy, the bottoms had a tie string at the side and the top part was a normal bikini top. My husband was in the sea, swimming and joking about sharks, not funny, I thought at the time.

    The warm sea and gentle motion of the waves were extremely relaxing, I could feel my boobs rise and fall with the gentle swell of the sea. I called my husband over. He thought something was wrong and was by my side in a flash. He asked if I were OK, I replied "yes, however there is one thing you can help me with", "what's that?" he replied. So I explained that I wanted him to take off my bikini top so my boobs could float free. He quickly undid my top and removed it. God what a difference, the warm water and sunshine directly on my naked breasts felt wonderful, my nipples responded and I watched as they bobbed up and down. I then had a senior moment and untied my bikini bottoms and removed them. I was naked swimming in the sea! I felt so free, I did the back stroke for my husband and he could not believe I was totally naked swimming! I then did the breast stroke and wow how good did that feel, I was opening my legs to do the breast stroke and could feel the warm sea water caress my naked buttox and vagina.

    It felt so exciting I was getting carried away and we both failed to notice an elderly Spanish couple who had come to the beach for an early morning swim, had they seen me, could they see me swimming naked? That thought added to my excitement. Before I got out of the sea I put my top and bottoms back on, but I felt energized and alive and vowed that when ever possible I would swim naked, or a dip in the nip as my more racy girl friends calls it.

    Since that amazing incident, I have swum naked in rivers, lakes, the warm Atlantic around the Canary's, never from a nudist beach, always from secluded beaches, lakes or river banks, always with my husband, in case I was seen and that could lead to a nasty confrontation. How would I defend my modesty when nude?

    Part of the excitement was the possibility of being seen, so made swimming naked in a pool my next objective, this would be difficult, but as luck would have it we were in Lanzarote in the Canary's for a 10 day break and over lapping by 4 days was my older sisters holiday, we were staying in apartments in the new town and she and her partner, as she had never married, had rented a 2 bed villa close by. Now I wasn't going to swim nude in front of my sister and her partner, so we had to be clever about when I would get the chance to.

    They told us they were doing one of the Cat cruises and we would see them later for a drink, so Once they were on their way we headed up to their villa. We made sure no one was about and that the pool was not over looked. Once we were sure all was clear I just stripped off and entered the pool, oh joy! The water was warm and the gentle jets from the side of the pool were at just the correct height to either stimulate my boobs or if I lay on my back, my bottom or my vagina, of course my husband was enjoying watching me nude in the pool. He joined me and caresses my bottom and my boobs. Gently he slipped a finger in my naked vagina and ran it past my clit, the water and the fondling was having the desired effect on me. I was getting really excited and my nipples were large and hard. My husband started kissing me and I tugged his shorts down and took his cock in my hand, we moved to the shallow end and I was able to lie down and let him enter me in the water, wow what a thrill, it felt lovely, I was naked, laying on my back in a pool getting rightly fucked.

    We were enjoying each other so much I didn't want the moment to end. I have now sum naked in the sea, the ocean, lakes, rivers and now a pool. Naked as the day I was born, did I want to be seen naked, part of me wanted it so badly, would I take that risk? I didn't have to think about that any longer as unknown to us, my sister and her partner had come back to the villa as the cruise had been cancelled due to a technical issue with the Cat, they had been watching us for the past hour. I was pretty embarrassed as my sisters partner was staring at my boobs and quite possibly had seen my naked bum and pussy? He did make a comment about my breasts and bottom, which I took as a compliment, my sister commented about the size of my husbands penis and balls, which he didn't take as a compliment!

    After ward we all laughed about it and my sister said if we wanted to come back tomorrow maybe we could all swim in the pool naked!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Iâm a built man, I have a woman but right now I want to suck the huge cock of the guy next to me at work. I want him to face fuck me and break my ass in a leave it dripping with his cum.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 25

    A weird kinda dream I guess

    So I am in a relationship of 2-3 years in the middle and I know I love my gf but I keep having this dream. Where I live with my gf, best friend, amd cousin and I am literally fucking them whenever and where ever I please.

    Its a reoccuring dream, with variations sometimes there is another woman but that isnt the weird my dream my gf always acts like a little girl that loves when I takr care of her, my cousin always acts like am obedient housewife, and my bestfriend always acts like my secretly submissive boss/big sister

    Also I have had sex with 2 of the girls at the same time and they are both weirdly attracted to each other

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 26

    This summer has made me question my sexuality. Iâve spent the majority of it in Florida jumping from beach town to beach town. I got hung up in Miami with this lovely lady I met. Sheâs got the thick body, fit body and DD chest and is professional and exquisite. I decided to hang around here awhile and see where things would go, and weâve been progressing rapidly in our relationship. Well we have plans for tonight where we talked about having sex. Yesterday though she dropped a bomb on me. Turns out she isnât exactly a she. Everyone thinks she, isnât any reason to think otherwise. Turns out she has a penis. I didnât believe her, so I asked her to show me. Well to my surprise and disbelief, she does! The fact too is she is longer than I am. I measure out to a little over 8.25inches, but th biggest surprise is how THICK her cock is. When she first showed me the first thing I thought of was a Pringleâs can. Now even though Iâve never been with, experimented with or even though of being with anyone with a penis I feel very deeply for this woman, sheâs absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, and her large member oddly has me aroused and curious. She told me that she prefers to top, but if we continue that we can make a mutual agreement in topping and bottom. I express to hear that Iâve never anything of the nature, and she says thatâs okay. Sheâs older and sweet and caring, and Iâm convinced that Iâm going to continue forward in this. Iâm thinking about whatâs going to happen tonight, about taking this womanâs large cock in my ass I got a solid erection. I talked to my gay friend, he said the first time is going to hurt. I look to make this great for her/him. Just feel like Iâm treading unknown waters but I think this is going to be awesome.

    Anyone ever been put into a situation like this or want to share their first time taking a big cock?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    We have sex almost regularly. we are both in our mid-30s and have good enough bi-sexual experience. My bf has a thick 7" cock that I admire and enjoy sex with. But soon after he comes into me, irrespective of whether I have orgasmed of not, he disengages and goes to sleep. I wish to have his cock inside me with little movements so that I can feel its length and girth, and go on enjoying it is throbbing as I squeeze it with my pussy muscles. He can take missionary position or I riding his cock to have this sensation for hours before I cannot hold on any longer!

    It is difficult to ask this desire of mine to him as he is more interested to have me getting his cock sucked. I do often dream of being fucked by a big black cock of which I have heard so many stories.

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