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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Male / 32

    My girlfriend is blond, blue eyed, thin with a great set of tits.
    My dad is older, probably can't even get a boner but i still see the way he looks at her, he makes funny comments to her and she laughs and blushes. She's loves it..
    She flirts with him cause she knows he likes and he obviously thinks she's as hot as I do.

    My mom's is there, I can't just fuck up the whole chemistry of my family.

    But I kinda just wanna pull her tits out when she's talking to my dad.
    Pull down her jeans and let him finger her in the living room while he watches TV.

    If his dick did get hard I'd get her to down on her knees to suck his cock while he plays with her perfect tits at the same time I contue to play with her pussy from behind in the middle of living room.

    I'd stand up and pull her uo by her hair and direct her pussy over my dad's cock while he sits in his chair
    If guide her to reduce the weight on his body while she rides his cock with her wet young pussy until he cums in side of her.. I'd let them stop so he can lick her tits s few last times before I pull her pants up and take her to my bedroom as if nothing happened.

    Then I'd undress her and finger her with my dad's cum, asking her if she liked what she just did.
    I would make her cum and make her like it so she would do it again and again.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 20

    I am a submissive with a lot of kinks. Most of them are normal, i.e. bondage, edging, teasing, but I have one most would consider weird and that is tickling. Now, that doesn't mean I get turned on or orgasm every time I'm tickled. In fact, specific circumstances must be met beforehand for it to do anything more than just make me happy. That being said, though, when those circumstances are met I am the horniest mess and have the best oegasms of my life.

    My ultimate fantasy is to have a pair of beautiful dommes subtly tease me in public, whispering all the dirty things to me as I try not to react, and always doing /something/ to get a reaction from me. By the time we get home, I'm a mess and basically begging them to make good on their words, but first I need to prove myself. So I get my mistresses off and let them both use my body as they see fit until they're satisfied I've done well.

    After that, they take thier time stripping me and tie me up, making sure all my sweet spots are vulnerable to their whims. They cover me in bites and hickies, play with my nipples, always gets close but never give me real satisfaction, and all the while I'm being praised on how well I behaved for them. On how I was such a good girl. And they make sure I hear all these praises and can't argue them any.

    As much as I love praise, I get flustered and try to argue it, so they'll start playing lower, teasing all my sweet spots and cooing at me as I beg and plead for more, but I get nothing until I've accepted and agreed to the earlier praise. They smile. I'm a good girl. One starts eating me out as a reward, but I also took too long so as slight punishment, while I'm being eaten out the other starts tickling my hips and thighs. I can't focus too well on the pleasure. She stops eating me and pulls away. The tickling doesn't stop.

    They claims I must not be enjoying my reward if I can't focus on it. I'm too whiney to argue. The tickling stops and my mistresses leave. When they come back, they focuse on tickling my clit and pussy with some feathers and (clean/unused) paint/makeup bruahes. It tickles so much but feels so good. I'm moaning and laughing, begging for more while begging them to stop. I can only writhe side-to-side in my bondage.

    Even tually they stop and tell me they'll let me cum but there's a catch. They don't go into detail yet. They leave again, and I'm whining and writhing, humping the air for some sort of contact. Then, I'm blind. Mistress has put a blindfold on me so I can't tell what they're going to do. One comments on how wet everything has made me, and I hear a faint buzzing.

    A vibrator is pressed against my clit on a medium setting, and all is bliss and arousal. I'm getting close, about to cum, and as suddenly as the pleasure had started, it stops. To calm down my aching pussy so I don't cum right away, I'm distracted by tickles alternating my worst spots. Different tools and methods, I never know what's going to happen when. All the while, there's more praise mixed with some teasing about how I enjoy every second if what's happening. How I'm getting off on what a lot of people wohld consider torture. How I'm a good, kinky little girl.

    The tickling stops and I'm given a chance to catch my breath and collect myself. The cycle starts over with me getting edged and then tickled in a cool down. Eventually the ticking only makes my pussy ache more, and I'm begging for an oegasm, making promises that I would never otherwise make. A deal is struck.

    The vibrator is turned on again, but is just resting on me now. If I move too much it will fall. The tickling starts up again, but now it's all light. Just enough to make me titter and squirm. More bites are made on my body, and my nipples get more attention.

    I'm allowed to cum, but now I have to work for it. Will it be from the vibrations on my clit, or will I move too much and make my favorite toy fall so now I have to lay there until my body eventually lets me have an unsatisfying orgasm from all the teasing mixed with tickling? Nothing changes until I eventually orgasm. If it's not satisfying, the vibrator is once again held on my clit, firmly, and on its higheat setting as I cum again and again and again.

    My current fiance knows about my kink for tickling and my want of her to completely dom me, but not like that. We are (somewhat) looking for a third at the moment, as we're pollyamorous, and I have no idea how to bring up this fantasy of mine once all the pieces are in place. So for now it's my kinky little secret, a dirty little fap fantasy to get me off. A desire that will, maybe, be fullfilled in the future but not for a long time.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    âI just wanted to see how this workedâ, she said as we spoke for the first time. It suffices to say that I met someone. I wasnât looking for anything. I wasnât on the make. But now I have this feeling in my gut. This feeling that she might be here for a reason. We started talking and she seems cool. Sheâs smart and pretty in a way that makes me crazy. Highly neurotic, a great deal of maintenance required. And to be honest I really like taking her tantrums. She is sexy. She is cool. Sheâs a mix bag with a whole lot of stories. She is you Mehek.

    I saw her small and perky figure on my phone as I super liked her. Call it fate or coincidence she liked me back. There was this growing sense of attractiveness that she emitted and I was getting pulled into her experiences woven with mine. But heres where the real story began. We decided to call our situation pussy 101 tutorials. These tutorials as she liked to call them gave an idea of how she likes to be eaten. I was on board because I was a huge fan of eating pussy. I liked how her hair was not fully trimmed. All I could do in that moment is to imagine her gorgeous pussy lips on my face. The day finally arrived. I was ready for the big day. We met, we drank, we chilled at the beach. She suggested I take her home for a glass of wine. I complied, like a slave to her beautiful body. âIâm feeling kind of horny!â she whispered in my ear right before we entered the elevator. As soon as we stepped in she grabbed me by the neck and we made out vigorously. I felt her tongue move around mine her hands slowly grabbing my balls. She stepped back just to catch her breath and came back with double the force. But the lift had other plans. Floor 7: Someone walks in on us and we pretend to check each otherâs outfit. She smiles at me. Iâd kill for that smile, I think to myself. We finally reach my floor and walk into my house. My mind is full of possibilities. She slowly puts her hands on mine. Again I comply like a slave. She slowly goes for the side of my neck and I do the same. Our lips moving randomly and touching all kinds of body parts. âShe smells beautifulâ, I think to myself. She takes my hand and puts it on her breasts. Theyâre small and perky but firm and lusty. I almost blew my load when I was fondling her breasts. âGo for itâ, she said in the sexiest voice I have ever heard. I move on to unexplored areas of her body. I start licking her from the collar bone to her navel, the whole time fondling her breasts with her nipples hard as rocks now. âDonât stopâ she says as she pushes me closer to her magnificent vagina. I open her zip with my mouth, use my teeth to take her panty off. She shrivers as her ass cheeks touch the cold bed. I put my hands there so shes warm. I start by teasing her in between the thighs. I lick her everywhere but the clit. Shes longing for my tongue on her lips. I bury my face in her god like vagina. Everything about her vagina from its smell to the hair drives me crazy. Before you know it Iâm insterting 2 fingers in that tight hole. She shivers because of the sudden entry and I kiss her. She moans softly while I undress her, 2 fingers still planted well in her pussy. We finally get to her seeing my dick. Shes surprised by the size of my penis. Her lips touch the top of my penis. She says shes had bigger and I believe her because she sucked my dick so goddam well. She went to the base of the shaft while sucking on my balls the whole time. I had never had such a blowjob in my life. I was feeling a thousand emotions but âdonât stopâ were the only words coming out of my mouth. She doesnât stop and soon I blow my load in her mouth. Surprisingly shes not grossed out. She swallows it and says softly,âis it my turn now?â Yes maâam I say sheepishly. I pick her naked body and place it on the bed. I slowly start eating her out again. This time shes wet with desire. My penis is hard as a rock. She whispers in my ear,âI want you inside me nowwwâ. Wait, She doesnât have a condom! I mwan she cant possibly mean that. âThankfully my bag always has a condomâ, I say as I wear the condom. She doesnât seem to care and puts my throbbing penis inside her tiny vagina. There is a little discomfort and I pull out so that shes okay. She says Nooo bring it back in and we start moving slowly to the beat of the movie.

    We do it in all possible positions and she makes me cum thrice. Her vagina doesnât hurt and we continue devouring each other bodies, till she cums. I taste her pussy juices and work those lips with my tongue. She lies there tired and sweaty from the amazing session. âThis wasnât a bad ideaâ, she says.

    Maybe we could fuck more often. Hell Yeah! Is what I think. That beautiful small body gave me more pleasure than anyone Iâve ever hooked up with before. Shes a mystery that my penis longs for, my body craves for and my balls twitch for. I keep my hands on her breasts, her heart is racing. We complete the movie and I drop her home, promising to meet next week. I spend the next week reading about how to make girls cum and we experiment.

    Her naked body, and moreover her naked soul is the lust that my body craves for.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 32

    My ex girlfriend was really hot and with that grew up with lots of men wanting to fuck her that probably shouldn't fuck her like her dad's friends, her uncle, her cousin etc.
    Sometimes it even got to the point where she would have to tell them to stop texting her inappropriate things, even tho I knew it turned her on but at the same time have her anxiety and made her feel uncomfortable.

    Now that we're broken up I have a bunch of sexy photos of her and perfect tits. I have a fantasy of sending the photos to all the men that dreamed of fucking her but to my knowledge never have.

    I just imagine being her dad's best friend, watching his hot daughter develop over all the years since she was born and all the fantasies he had but obviously never could go through with such a thing and then finally being able to sexy photos of her naked.

    I wish had videos, I wish I took more photos. I wish I pushed her into fulfilling their desires when they were texting her while we were dating.

    She told me a lot of shit but I still think there's a lot of untold stories, just thinking of her getting drunk with her uncle, teasing him and finally pulling out her tits, letting him lick them while she feels his cock then unbuttons his jeans, kneels down and finally sucking his cock after all these years makes me so fucking horny.

    I wish she didn't let her self go, she's still only 32 but she put on some weight. They'd probably still want play with her pussy but it's not as hot as when she was like 22 and in her prime.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have been single for over 5 years. I miss having a partner but I don't want to waste my time and energy in a relationship that will not last. I have sex with my ex whenever he wants but it's not enough.

    I sometimes fantasize about having sex with multiple men, being tied up and fucked out of my mind or being blindfolded and taken by a stranger.

    I'm extremely shy so I have never told any of my partner's my fantasies. None have ever fully satisfied me sexually and I have almost always resorted to faking an orgasm or helping myself to one.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 37

    I saw pictures of my ex girlfriend today on her twitter page and to be honest I got very horny just thinking how she used to suck my cock and how I used to fuck her 7 years ago.

    I fucked her like an animal for my own pleasure many times, meaning I just took her and sexually used her, she knew it and I knew it, and she just let me have it. That doesnât mean it was always like that, I made sure I please her when we had sex, but sometimes just sometimes she knew I wanted to just be a man, just fuck her hard and cum like a damn animal, and she let me have her body to use it. Oh she let me have all of it!

    We broke up for personality issues and thats just another story but when it came to sex, oh she was good, fucking her like an animal was always good and she let me cum in her mouth many times as well. She was good.

    I saw pictures of her today and she is still hot, oh I would fuck her brains out within a second again, however she is far and we are both in different relationships now, but oh I would so so fuck her!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 55

    I want my wife fucked by 3 or 4 big black cocks. She's always had a fantasy of being r**ed by bikers & lately we have not been intimate.
    I would like to have her r**ed by a group of 3 to 5 big black dudes and have them fuck the shit out of her pussy and make her suck them off & swallow their cum.
    I just like to see if she would tell me about it after the fact.
    Bitch needs to be taught a lesson, but she might just like it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I was around 12 or 13 when I started to fake I was a boy. My mother had enough of it but I never wore girl clothes, I was slight and narrow hipped and small breasts, I wore all boy clothes including boxer shorts. Periods were my nemesis, my mom flat out refused to buy me tampons, she bought me camisoles, no bra I wore a camisole and band aids on my nipples.

    But every one I knew I had grown up around, brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and I went to school with the same kids. Everyone new I was a girl. So I had to wait to go to college. I was the smoothest cheeked freshman, I looked a 15 year old boy, and my hips may be small for girls, but they are definitely there, girl hips, girl buttocks, girl arms and girls eyes and girl ankles and hands and voice and periods. I bought a pack of panties at Target, bought a sundress and went public.

    I got so much attention, hits. Even interest from a girl. I dated so carefully, what if the boy wanted a kiss or worse? Better stay away from boys, better just have girlfriends. Fortunately that's what happened, other girls, no queer girls, just girls.

    I took a job as an accountant, passed the CPA, specialized in Financial Reporting, had a boss who gave me visibility, I was finally in a world where I could be masculine. Well, as long as my boss put up with it, but he didn't. Assertive was ok, masculine was not. And why not? Look between your legs, that's why. He sent me to the bathroom to check. I didn't go, I sulked. That did it, men like girls that sulk, wear dresses and nice shoes. And girls who will sit in the right seat, hold their arm, bring them a glass of water. I had to let him kiss me, and hold me and not get away.

    My wedding was pretty big, my parents were so relieved I was marrying a man. At least a dozen friends asked me if I remembered when I wanted to be a boy. Being a girl is ok, but sometimes I want to be a boy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I want to confess that if I could get away with it i'd suck a juicy fat cock. If no one would know i'd like to dress up like a gurl and maybe for the right guy offer my ass. Rough would probably be my favourite with a lot of face, arse and ball slapping. I'd like to know what guys think of me!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I want to have sex with my best friends wife. She is so beautiful, and sweet, I can't stop thinking about her. I know it will never happen, and I would never risk trying. It's not worth losing a good friendship for my own personal satisfaction. But, I can dream.

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