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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I want to belong to a really evil, crazy young girl. We could do horrific crimes together. FTW, we can do whatever we want. The 11th commandment is Ye shall not be caught. Seeking the girl who wants to give in to her selfish impulses.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I really want to meet a woman who loves to suck cock, and swallow. But I don't want to stop there. I want a woman who loves to come up from draining my cock into her mouth, and kiss me passionately with the taste and scent of my cum on her breath. And I wouldn't mind at all if she still had cum in her mouth, and on her lips. All of this would make my cock hard as nails again in no time at all. Then she could lower her wet juicy pussy down onto my cock, and fuck me until we both cum. After that I want her to climb up and lower her pussy onto my mouth, and grind it on my lips and tongue, and make me eat my own cream pie. Then maybe a nice 69 to round things out. I guess you can tell I love oral sex, both giving, and getting. And I love a woman who loves to taste her own juices, as much as I love to taste mine.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I am a mostly straight guy with a chastity fetish. When I am locked and can't cum or even get fully erect I start to enjoy fingering my butt and then using toys. Then I start to dream about pleasing other men.

    My desire to stroke my cock transforms into a desire to stroke and taste cock.

    I like watching the gayroom massage videos. I want to get a massage from a hung horny man while wearing chastity. I want to be held down and rubbed by a strong man with a big hard cock. Have him rub his cock and balls all over my face. Be told to suck his balls and stroke his cock. Have him push his superior cock down my throat while rubbing my body. I want to feel him massage my butt cheeks and finger ass and rub my balls. I want to feel him stretch my ass with his cock while groping and massaging my butt cheeks. I want to feel his hard cock pump in and out rubbing against my prostate. I want to feel my locked dick ooze cum while his big dick slides in and out of my butt.

    He can put me in any position he wants and fuck. I want to feel his cock throb and shoot his warm cum inside me. If he wanted to pull it out and make me suck his orgasm or cum on my face I would also be thankful.

    I would definitely be a regular if I could find a massuse like that.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    Isn’t a confession but more an invite
    Any girls who want to send dirty messages and pics add my snap and tell me you added me on here

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    Isn’t a confession but more an invite
    Any girls who want to send dirty messages and pics add my snap and tell me you added me on here

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    Isn’t a confession but more an invite
    Any girls who want to send dirty messages and pics add my snap and tell me you added me on here

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    Isn’t a confession but more an invite
    Any girls who want to send dirty messages and pics add my snap and tell me you added me on here

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    Let me know what you think

    So I'm starting to feel a little hopeless in finding a hot chick to fuck that's has the similar fucked up fantasies as I do

    Even if they're really hot I still have trouble getting off just having sex

    The only kinks I seem to be able to come across is rougher sex and some bdsm
    I find that boring to be perfectly honest but I may have found a solution tho it will take careful planning and patience

    I am going find younger hot girls to fuck and in going to try film it or at least get some pretty good pics of their tits,freshly fucked puss,ass and mouth etc

    Pics that would turn on anyone that is forbidden to see her that way.

    Then I would create a fake Facebook page and try to find a person she's friends with
    Like a cousin, brother, dad, grandpa, or the most likely the creepy guys that like too many photos of theirs.

    Someone who would absolutely love to see erotic pictures of her without her knowing.

    It would take some work but imagine how much exciting for me it would be to have sex with her knowing that I could be showing her uncle who has wanted to fuck her for years and jerks off to the idea but knows he can't really fuck his brothers daughter pictures of her freshly fucked pussy and cum glazed lips

    Imagine some guy offering you a chance to watch your niece all tied up get her face fucked

    Then that can make rough sex a little more interesting.

    Gotta see if I can find some more forums and communities where we can exchange ideas and even trade images

    I have a bunch of my really hot and young at the time highschool sweetheart. We haven't fucked in like 2 years but we're still friends. I don't want to hurt her by sending her photos to the wrong person and ruin 25 years of friendship.

    But I would trade them for equal sexiness.. maybe a pic of someones hot little sister from the brother or brothers friend. Maybe even just a topless pic of your girlfriend when she was 20 who is now 34

    Who knows maybe ill even meet a girl on their that wants to fuck her dad but hasn't even tried.

    I did cuck her so she would somewhat understand.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    (True recent thoughts about my sexy young ex)I should have shown my dad my skinny sexy young girlfriends big fat tits when he was alive and I was dating my girlfriend during her hottest years (16-29) She was a huge slut and I look back now and wouldn't even be surprised if she did givehim a show she would always sit on his lap and be overly flirty when she was drunk. It made him clearly uncomfortable when I was around which
    made me get mad at her for annoying
    him. He wasn't in the best health but
    he was filthy minded man and I know he would have loved to play with her
    tits or at least see them.
    I knew was impotent at that stage of his life so i felt bad for him in that

    I did always get fed up and leave her alone with I would not be surprised if maybe she went a little further than I know of.

    And thoughts would cross my mind but looking back I should have influenced her and even told him it would have been okay.

    During those years was very promiscuous and cheated on me a lot, she lied a lot and she drank a lot.
    I still loved her a lot and loved fucking her.
    We were pretty open about our fantasies. I couldn't cum unless I got her talking about her with someone else.
    But I I almost developed these fetishes as a means to cope with the amount of infidelity.i never cheated on her but I was sickly in love with her best friend.

    However her cheating isn't what twisted my mind, I was watching explicit porn since I was a child, no it wasn't because of my dad or anything I had Limewire when I was 9 or 10 and I was attracted to girls my age so I searched for and looked at girls my age at that time.
    So naturally I was exposed to extreme taboo situationd at very young age even tho there was nothing going on at home. And I used to look at pornos when I was in Kindergarten so I was exposed early

    From the age of 5 to 12 I did jerk off with a lot of my friends when we'd have sleep overs and we'd even have some pretty wild fantasies about their sisters . No gay shit , didn't feel gay.
    We used make weird fake pussies out of egg cartons all kinds of craft
    I never once thought about doing something gay with one of my friends but I do think I was turned on by their hard dicks but I definitely wanted to fuck their sisters

    My brother made me put his dick in my mouth once I quickly spat it out and probably laughed but I think that was mainly out of curiosity of what a mouth would feel like on his dick
    We both never mentioned it again and it didn't seem to phase us.

    We were athletic competitive popular kids and my brother beat the shit out of me daily and he does feel.terribke so I imagine if he does remember that he made me put his dick in my mouth and suck he probably feels bad..oddly
    enough I dont
    Look back in horror and as I've developed my sexuality as adult I probably would have tried to finish him off and I would have done it again. so that's kinda Weird.

    My mom is a sweet sweet lady but I do wonder. My parents were probably

    pretty fuckin weird too. I just

    didn't know it but my dna does.

    I started dating my first real girlfriend when I was 16 she was my friend since we were really young

    She was incredibly hot and had huge tits even at 14 she had cans
    The crazy thing about those tits were that they were perfectly shaped and perfect nipples

    She had her nipple and tongue pierced before we even started dating so probably 14 or 15 years old and that gave her a perfect excuse to talk about and show her perfect boobs to just about anybody she wanted.

    Men wanted to fuck her, my friends wanted to fuck her, her uncles, teachers, dad's friends would want to fuck. I bet her dad had thoughts about her. I don't really know how couldnt have. She probably had her tits bouncing around every morning and walking around with her tight perfect apple butt in her underwear.

    Her dad was definitely the type that would burried those thoughts as far down as possible but we all know that he enjoyed the view and took extra glances.

    She once said to me when she was nine she was doing something with her pussy muscles and she came for the first time.

    I would say just about anything to her but I left her and my dad out of it. I definitely thought it. And far removed from it and sicker in the head I think she probably fantasized about it too.

    She used to love it when I'd fantasize with her about her uncle who very obviously had an attraction to his young niece.
    And she would intentionally try to get him to look at her tits n stuff she admitted that she liked to do it especially at backyard fires with the entire family. She said he's probably saw her tits and nipples a few times on different occasions but I couldn't ever get her to tell me the facts of what he's seen and done with her.

    I would say you should show him your tits and then suck his dick , let him.fuck you when you guys got some alone time. Which she was very good at doing with men.
    I especially wanted her to do it before she turned legal age.
    The thought of being an uncle with an extremely hot 16 year old slutty niece and having a chance to fuck around with her drove me crazy. I wanted her to fulfill his fantasy and over the next 10 years I feel like there must've been something.

    It was always strange.

    She clearly knew I wanted her to do things with older men but she would always say nothing happened but the we'd be fucking and she'd say a little more than nothing happened but then go back on it and say she was just doing it for fantasy sake cause she knows it made me cum.
    So it's really hard to know what the hell actually happened with that amazing slut of girl

    It was a very stressful chaotic relationship and lots of bad stuff happened in those Who years but the experienced we had together are incredible.

    But now we haven't fucked for a few years and she's in her first committed relationship with a good dude. She also let her looks go as well as age is age.
    Every girl I'm with now arent into that kind of kinks are more into bdsm and just rough boring crap.

    Sorry to say but the only bondage or rough porn that actuallystrikes a dick vein would still be taboo and the only super rough shit I like can't be staged. Legit has to be a video of a girl kiddnapped and getting violently gangr**ed not vanilla porn.

    And the girls that are into it think it's sooooo hardcore but the fact is. I cant even let them know what I want or what will make me cum.

    Sex has been boring so I've been reading confessions and relfecting on what happened throughout an extremely sexy long term messed up relationship with a really hot girl. I wish I could post you guys photos of her.

    I never once thought of myself as gay or even bi growing up. I have learned that I would do some shit but only under certain circumstances.

    There were many times we could have done some really dirty fun shit but I always chickened out when the opportunities presented themselves. We still did do some stuff but there were some very sexy and rare scenerios that presented themselves and my mind wouldn't let itself go into deep dirt fantasy mode.
    Things that I longed for and I still shut down.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    I fantasize about finding a super hot girl between 18 and 25 who secretly has a dirty perverted mind like my own but completely unexplored in real life.

    Would be so hot to find a girl who wants to tease and fuck her dad, uncle, brother, grandpa, teacher, doctor or whatever but all have a perfectly normal relationships with her.
    She'd get hit on by family friends frequently because she's sexy and a slut but she's never crossed that line yet.

    Similar fantasy as above, but she's just your normal horny hot young chick in her early 20s, no known kinks. Then after getting to know her dad who, through discussing her when he's drunk and she's not around I eventually learn he finds her incredibly attractive; so we come up with ideas and plans on how he can see a little bit more and maybe get a taste of his true desires with his daughter.

    I would love to be in a relationship with a girl that has really dark desires she's not comfortable about expressing only slowly revealing more and more over time as we learn more and more about our twisted fantasies hiding in shadows of our thoughts then help eachother accept and eventually fulfill

    Plans like;
    me showing him hot photos of her that she's sent me or I take of her myself.
    Pulling her tits out of her shirt when she's passed out drunk so he can see and maybe even touch or lick them if she's out cold.
    To even convincing her to let me blindfold her and getting strangers to fuck her but secretly I let her dad fuck her anyway he wants until he cums inside his daughter for the first time and her having no idea she just fucked her dad.
    The next day he makes us pancakes and she's none-the-wiser. She thinks her dad has no idea what crazy shit she got up to last night but he actually was that crazy shit last night.
    I would eat her tricked and abused pussy for as long I could
    Or even getting her drunk and horny

    enough for her to straight show her

    daddy the beautiful young titties he

    helped create.

    Be so sexy finding out your girlfriend used to fuck her brother as curious children but almost just deleted those memories stored deep at back of her mind so much that they both pretty much forgot but then now getting high on hard drugs and restimulated she now kind of wants to fuck a kid as as her brother was when he took her.

    Or that she got m****ted by her uncle for years and still nobody knows but them
    Learning she was inappropriately touched as child by a teacher that
    still teaches at the same school many
    years later then going behind her
    back to him through a fake account on
    Facebook and asking him about it and
    sending the teacher that touched her
    recent photos of her exposing

    Then her becoming a hot young teacher and showing teenaged boys her hot tits, letting them fuck her wet pussy with their small rock hard cpenises and filling her with massive teenaged sized loads
    I would totally eat that creampie

    Or even a traumatic gangr**e by some thugs in highschool that she has only just now kind of accepted and even gets turned on by

    I would love showing off a beautiful girl to a disgusting old pervert.


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