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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I was at church last Sunday is when I found my self looking at the preachers daughter who by the way is only 13. To see her in a low cut shirt so you could look down and see her perkey boobs. My guess a small b cup or a nice Full a cup with a Pink Victoria Secret push-up bra. As I turned back and looked behind me where she was sitting she had her legs just right and you could see her hot ass pink thong. As she moved her legs I was able to see the hottest thing ever, her pink thong shifted just right to see her shaved pussy and see the greates pussy lips I ever seen in my life. She just looked up and had a huge smile and asked if I like what I seen. I nodded and smiled back.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22

    Iâm 22 and Iâm 100% a virgin. As in, never touched anyone never kissed anyone, virgin.

    I didnât plan for it to be this way. Iâm not gay or asexual, Christian or anything else. Iâm just a far, far too good girl. I mean, straight aâs, knee length skirts, went to uni and still listens to my parents level good girl.

    Honestly, I never liked any of the guys I was at school with. Iâm not waiting for the right guy or waiting for it to be special. I just donât want to regret the experience. If a dude I liked came along and treated me property, Iâm 100% sure Iâd be a total slut.

    I want a guy who respects me to take me on like on coffee date, tell me Iâm pretty then eat my pussy, teach me what you like while my mouth is around your cock then fuck me senseles. Iâm not here for a boyfriend, just a guy who is semi decent and knows how to fuck. Why is that so hard to find?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 44

    My fantasy is to watch my wife have sex with another black man.

    When we have sex, we have a large vibrator that i fuck her with that stretches her pussy like a larger cock would. Once she has orgasmed on it. I put my cock in her and feel her stretched pussy and imagine she has been with a BBC. Gets me off everytime.

    Iâve talked to her about this fantasy so maybe one day...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Nude Nude Nude Nude Nude!!!!!!
    Hi, im totaly obsessed with my hot naked body and being nude. I want to be nude all the time and the only reason i put on clothes ever is so i don't get aressted, although ive fantisized being taken to jail nude and have done some crazy shit naked drunk and high risking just that, but havent been caught.

    So im weird and a freak and i know it. Im also HOT and i know that!!!
    Im 6ft. Tall tone slender 180lbs of sclupted white flesh, my ass is damn near perfect for a man or woman. I have a nice cock 7in.errect, and my balls are large. Id fuck suck lick and swallow myself from head to toe if i could and will if ever able to clone myself.

    I have 2 take a break to have doggie sex with my 2 fucking machines because im sooo horney, but i will continue this later with NudeÃ5 pt.2

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Female / 20

    I am married to a woman but she caught me and she stopped giving me sex and I was turned into their maid. I said their because she has a boyfriend and to make sure I don't forget I am a girl she burned all my guy stuff and I must always be dressed proper. She said me quit my job as the secretary of a very powerful and super sexy man.

    He told me that proper dress by me would mean a raise. I excitedly said, "You mean if I wear pretty dresses and hopefully sit on your lap and I get a raise"? I was the highest paid female. I was used to him slapping my ass in guy clothes but when I wear dresses he would pinch me and push his finger through my panties.

    The next day I walked in wear 5 inch heels perfectly. My boss called me in his office he asked me to spin around and stop on my ass. I did and he slapped my ass and said that I have a very girlie ass. He asked if I wanted to sit on his lap and giggled and smiled and said I would love that. I sat down on his half hard monster, but the more I moved my ass on it the harder it became until he got me up and took my panties off and fucked me like I was the biggest slut and God I loved it.

    He said that is a lovely dress and you are so much happier in a dress and with my cock to pleasure you like you want. I said I know but my wife caught me yesterday and she knows I am trans and she cut off her pussy from me. He said that is what I wanted. I said I know but. He took my hand and undressed me and we went into his private bathroom to shower together and feel his lips against mine and his tongue in my mouth. Then I was his cock on my knees and as soon as the soap is gone it goes in my mouth.

    It wasn't long before she made me quit but he said whenever I need to get away call him and a limo will pick me up and take me to him.

    I do all the shopping even tampons but like 5 different sizes, to embarrassed me. The ladies in the store think they are for me and she makes me say they are mine. If I don't she may have a spy that tells her and that means I wear a chastise belt for females so my ass is not accessible to cock or even a vibrator, that is terrible.

    I decide that I would buy myself Ultra Tampax tampons so when I am locked up I can at least put that in so I feel something in my ass.

    I have begged her and my best friend, her boyfriend, to find some men so I can get gang banged long and hard. They said they would find some men who know you are a prostitute and that your wife and I get the money and we will buy your feminine products.

    I was thanking them and asked how long will you let me be a prostitute? They said 6 months and I said I think 2 years and then see how I do. It has been one year and now all my free time goes to making sure my body looks pretty so the men keep cumming. I have 25 to 35 men a week and I happily work 7 days a week. My best friend, her man gave me a $100 bill and said I earned that. I used it for a new hairdo that the men really love.

    Oops my next John is at the door gotta go and make him happy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Lucky Guy

    I was waiting for the bus last night and there was a girl of about 18 or 19 wearing a little yellow crop top that revealed all of her stomach and a pair of white hotpants. She was hoping and fidgeting a lot I asked her if she was alright. She said she was desperate for the loo and she'd been holding it all day because the toilets at work were blocked. The bus took ages to come and it wasn't long before the girl starts wetting herself and it was running down her legs. I got a bit turned on by that but there was a more serious need than just a wee. The girl started to poo in her hotpants and it was a lot. She looked relieved afterwards and I'm not entirely sure it was an accident because she didn't seem that embarrassed. In fact she seemed to be enjoying it. I know I did.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I am a masturbation addict. Proud gooner... My biggest recurring wish and dream I don't really even know if I actually want?! But when I'm deep in a filthy goon state wanking myself I can't help think about the act of being adopted by an older woman! About her becoming 'legally' my Mother. To prove how devoted I am; leaving behind all of my life, friends, family, loves and past ties -- She is in her 50's (preferably) but I'd still do it if she was in her 60's, to be honest.

    She would be an executive woman. With career. Money. Her own house. Her own family w/kids grown up. Divorced, busty and "over men" but have a hole in her heart to continue to be a Mother. But also having conflicted i****t feelings about having a younger lover and calling him "her boy" and wanting to sexualize him. I would be that boy. I would devote my heart, mind and body to Mommy. We could both "turn back the clock"; her pretending to be in her early 40's, me pretending to be 15 again and a horny, hopeless teen boy. Proudly acting out Mother and Son connection. Platonic and sexual.

    Want it to be really fucked up though, too... Like she enables my drug habits. And I enable her co-dependence on motherhood to the point of corrupting those morals. She gets me copious amounts of speed and crystal meth, loving to keep me high and horny to tend to her sexual needs and be a horny little slave. While I enable her unhealthy reliance on babying me and providing for me, despite my age. Promising never to leave her and yet always being on the verge of being "unhappy". Enabling her insecurity, image issues, vanity; to the point she schedules botox and breast lift surgery once every few years. Asking me to help her stay relevant. Going for butt lift/injections, lip injections like a bimbo. She waxes herself bald of all body hair for me. All to keep attracting and keeping her Son happy. Hiring me Asian hookers once a month to spoil me because she knows it will result in such a special bonding time of me massaging her feet that Saturday morning (after my latest bareback Asian pussy stuffing!) with us talking.. Bonding.. Having quality Mother/Son time x

    As I start to indulge in porn use while she is at work, her jealousy and competition rises for my affections. I love it. She loves it. It is a mutually degrading path we are both on. Me to surrender my LIFE to devote to being her Son, for decades. Her to surrender to having a coked out, high, meth abusing Son who she needs desperately to stay, to the point she will be cucked by his pornosexual lifestyle several nights a week -- She'll buy me fleshlights, penis enlargement devices and "love dolls" of the TPE/silicon variety for using while she's at work. Big titty ones with small waists -- A shape she could never achieve!

    The feeling that this could one day happen gives me a nasty, filthy 'hope' for my future. I love being open to it. Mommy are you out there? I'm a filthy, devoted, sweet, decently attractive younger man wanting to be your Son. Open to making it work with this perverted arrangment if you can accept my pornosexual lifetyle, my love of substances and my dirty mind <3

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I woke early this morning and just laid in bed, cozy and lazy my husband out of tiwn. I started to think about sex with him, then the last time I was with a woman.

    I ended up rolling up my memory foam pillow and humping it wildly as I remembered her.

    When I climaxed I squirted. Now I need to buy new pillows before my husband gets back Monday.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    It feels like it is too much to tell in one space. I am bisexual, or lesbian. I live with a man who is not the father of my daughter. He is a good earner and with my salary we rent a two bedroom house. We live in the neighborhood where I grew up. B grew up near me, she was two grades behind and we got together when I was a senior and she was a sophomore. I was working part time at the food pantry and she and her mother came in once a week for food. She had four sisters and her father had left a long time ago. We talked and we became friends. We didn't go to the same school because we lived on opposite sides of the freeway.

    My supervisor at work was a gay woman and she noticed that I liked B. She told me that staying quiet wasn't going to help anything, I had to come out and say something to her. If she was interested she would be ok with it, if she wasn't interested I would know too. Ask her, don't mope about it. The next time B came in with her mother my supervisor got involved and took her mother away to talk to her leaving us alone. I told her that every time she came in I was happy and that I missed seeing her the rest of the week. Maybe we could plan to do something, meet at the mall or something. She was shy but said she liked talking to me and maybe we could meet at the mall but she didn't know when.

    My supervisor fixed that. She talked to B's mother and told her that there was a community service project and that she was taking a few of the girls that worked with her and she wanted to know if B or any of her sisters wanted to come along. There was no community service, but B got permission. My supervisor took me in her car and we went to B's house and picked her up. B asked a lot of questions but my supervisor told her that this was a special occasion, she wanted us to have fun and she was taking us to the movies and she would pick us up afterwards and we would go get something to eat. When we go out my supervisor told me she had done everything she could, hold her hand and let her know I liked her.

    That is how B and I got started. In the movie we held hands, B didn't want to kiss, B got upset when I touched her face, but she held hands. I kissed her cheek because I couldn't resist. In the bathroom after the movie we went into a stall and I asked her for a kiss, a full on mouth kiss. I was anxious and I grabbed her and kissed her mouth. Her lips were hot and sweet and her face so soft and I had to hold her to kiss her. I got upset and told her to stop trying to get away and let me kiss her. Then we kissed. B became my girlfriend and with the help of my supervisor we dated under her mother's nose.

    One of the men who worked in the warehouse took me one afternoon and that is how I got pregnant. I didn't like him, he was dark and I didn't like him. My baby came out dark like him. B felt that I had cheated on her and she and I grew apart. But my supervisor told B that it wasn't my fault, she really tried to calm B down about it. She told B to get on birth control because these guys would take a girl just like I had been taken. B went to college on a scholarship and she met a pretty white girl. B passed for biracial especially if she stayed out of the sun, she was pretty fair skinned and she and the white girl looked good as a couple.

    At a part time job she had this Porto Rican supervisor made her suck him off. She didn't tell her girlfriend but she told me. She knew I had it happen to me too. She started taking the pill but it wasn't working yet and he got her pregnant. It cost her graduating and she had a baby. The baby was pretty white, he was so white beside my girl. Her white girlfriend stopped seeing her because of the baby. White girls from uptown don't have to put up with what we do.

    Well I live with this man, he is a good earner and I look after him. B lives with her mother, she is working for the city and her mother takes care of her son. B and I get together and kiss. It feels so good to kiss. If we have time or if we are alone we do a whole lot more, everything I always want to do with B. She is dark if she is on the street but her skin is so pretty to me when we are together. I know a white man got in there somewhere just like a white man got to her and she had his baby. One day maybe she will have a man to live with, a man who is a good earner. I know she wants to move out of her mother's house.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I feel like I'm living a double life. I'm fit, in pretty good shape and run just about every day shirtless with no worries about my physique. I make good money, or at least above decent enough to have my own place in a hot city. Girls literally throw themselves at me, and I'm not kidding. I've fucked way above what I should be able to get and have been able to since college. But it doesn't matter because secretly, at night after the club girls and gym girls and waitresses have left my apartment, I jerk off for hours to fat girls. Those eyes, those round faces, the huge ass and tits. I check them out in public but I'm not brave enough to have one in real life. It's stupid and immature but I can't help it.

    Chubby and fat blondes are my favorite. And I know that's because back in college I had a real relationship with this fat blonde girl Maggie in one of the sororities and I was too chicken shit to be proud of her and tell folks she was my girl. She was the best fuck I've ever had, the only person I ever wanted to be my real self with, and I fucked it up to make sure my brothers in the fraternity would still respect me. You can't be fucking fatties and still be considered a bro. Of course now she's married, so that's not even a possibility.

    Well my brothers aren't here and neither is she, so guess who gets to be alone? This guy. Fuck. This is not a fantasy, just a sad situation that I regret every day. Folks, be with that girl so you don't end up like me.

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