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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I really wanted to fuck the photographer who took pictures of my kids the other day. While she took all the pictures and placed them in all their poses, I couldn't help but gawk at her sexy body from behind while she worked.

    The best part was that she was totally posing for my enjoyment. She would bend over in front of me in her tight black pants so that her thong would show, then look back at me and offer quick smiles. At one point she was even laying on the floor posing the kids and I could see right down her shirt.

    I was happy that the kids were only half-cooperating with her, so it took even longer than it was supposed to. I didn't mind, because I just let my mind wander into fantasyland where it was just the two of us.

    I would take control of the camera and then she would start doing her poses and allow me to take pictures of her. Slowly she would start taking her clothes off, starting with her sexy jacket, followed by her tight pants, revealing her gorgeous black ass. I would then capture her in all of her naked beauty before crossing over to the other side of the camera myself.

    Then, right there she would slowly unbuckle my pants and pull them down, and out would spring my...


    Back to reality. As I paid for the pictures, she gave my cute little glances from across the counter. In my continued fantasies, she was thinking about one thing: my hard cock slipping inside her tight pussy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i want to fuck my sister's husband. she is pregnant and after a couple of months she wudn't be able to fuck. That's my chance. i feel wicked but hey so what!!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I wish that sex in public was legal. The idea of sitting on a park bench riding a huge black cock in broad daylight completely turns me on.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i love this one man...i love him so much..i want him so much...i wrote everything on my was all about him...he read my tumblr everyday..he knows that i will write everyhting about my feelings towards him...but i wonder if he has the same feelings with me or not??or maybe we are just friends...i think about him everyday...i never meet gonna meet him someday...i cant forget him....i believe that he is my soulmate..i have cried so much...i want to build a new life...sometimes i dont understand why that im falling in love with someone that i never met...this is crazy...the distance makes me so crazy....i know this is a hard situation..but i cant let go of this love?crush?infatuation?i dont know...ebu,i love you so much..i did everything that i could....i have told you that i will leave you..but i have no streght to leave you...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Recently I was masturbating in the shower and out of nowhere had a little fantasy about my mother-in-law. The minute I pictured her nude and implaed on my cock I exploded. Since then my fantasies have featured her and gotten more elaborate; sucking, fucking, long plots and stories of situations that might make it happen. I even visualize her while I fuck my wife. My MIL is 20 yrs older than me but fit and has huge succulent boobs and a tight ass. She has no idea how badly I want to suck on her nipples_ eat her pussy and fuck all her holes. I cannot stop thinking about having her.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy and I have a fantasy/day-dream where I'm in a position to save a girl from danger. Usually it's with a girl I know, and I imagine her in some sort of danger/peril, where she's about to be robbed/murdered/raped, etc. and I go appear and save her. What happens exactly might change, but it's always that same concept, of me saving a girl. I also occasionally have it as an actual dream, while sleeping.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My dick gets hard looking at my step daughter. I love her ass, I am watching her litttle ass right now. She has a tahirt and panties on. I can't help but to look at her. I can see thru her panties. I can tell she keeps her pussy clean and shaven. She is 19. She is petite and small and she knows how to flirt and tease with her body.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm constantly having sexual fantasies about Colin Morgan. I had to get this off my chest somewhere because it's driving me mad. I've just been imagining him giving me oral for the past hour. I'm throbbing and desperate to have sex with him. It makes me feel bad because most of his fans want to marry him or be his best friend but I just want to fuck him, even if it's just the once. What makes it worse is I have a boyfriend but think about Colin Morgan when I'm having sex with him and I just can't stop myself.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    After my girl and I had been together for about a year and our sexual desires were now wide open with.respect to each other, I started opening the door of her past passion.
    Before long she was referring to her body in the third person as we made love. Now describing the different sensations of her past lovers.
    We were now buying vibrators that closely matched her past conquests, sometimes she would demonstrate laying back or on her knees and sometimes she would have me "learn" and fill her pussy at first with our new toys.
    Then she started describing how each man tasted so different and how much she enjoyed her teens and twenties having a dozen or so regular lovers mixed with her one night stands.
    As time progressed she admitted having more then one man's cum inside her womb felt so good that she often dreamed about it.
    I asked her how I would like her to satisfy her multi lover urges.
    Within a week she had made contact with two of her past flames and we made a plan.
    First she wanted me to meet them and second she wanted me to make love to her immediately after her lover filled her bareback.
    She wanted me to experience her different post sex scents and aroma.
    Not being shy we met them both about an hour away at a downtown hotel bar.
    She looked beautiful in a sheer top, short skirt and tall boots with serious heels.
    I had already reserved a suite upstairs without telling her. As the drinks flowed I came right out and told Jeff and Wayne why we were here. She blushed got up and headed for the ladies room with a wink. While she was gone I explained how she wanted one lover at a time and then me for starters and after that it was all up to her.
    When she returned she slid into the booth between them and after a few more shots of patron deftly pulled her panties from her purse and handed them to me brushing them over my her hands were under the table and her friends were leaning back smiling
    I was so hard it hurt. As soon as I pulled out the key card we were all on our feet and to the elevator. Inside the room she ordered her three men to undress and sit on the couch, as we obeyed she started to strip and with her back to us gave us each a taste of her sweet on fire she sat on one cock stroking the other while. Kissing me after a few minutes she got up to push her pussy back in my face moaning out loud as she came she moved over and sat on her second cock again while kissing me.
    This time she rode him till he came then pushing me down and firmly straddling my face with her freshly creamed pussy.
    In a flash she was now spread wide guiding hard cock inside her in only a few minutes he came also and once again she pushed me down to sample her gooey box, now sixtynine style she turned around and rode me to climax. Now letting them go down on her in turns.
    We repeat this every few months with new and old lovers, she really likes the twenty something guys for there staying power and they. Can cum several times in a few hours and she says there cum is really tasty.
    This has made an average sex life totally incredible. Satisfy your woman's desires and you will always be happy!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 22 and dating a married man (30 yrs old) who is in an open relationship. His wife is fully aware and supportive of us. He's someone I didn't expect to fall for... I thought we'd be friends and fuck buddies at most. We have gone on two dates ending in the most amazing sex I've ever had. I cansee myself with him forever... He's got every quality I could ever want. I'm torn between seeing if this turns into a poly relationship or ending it and hoping I can avoid heartbreak. Im already hurting. We talk every day, all day via txt and I just want to be with him.
    I hate that I've found the most amazing mañana he can't be mine. He makes me feel like the most special person in the world...I feel like a million dollars with him.
    Sleeping is lonely...I just wish I had someone to cuddle with. I wish it were him.

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