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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a happily married man with a preteenage child living in a densely populated family neighborhood section of a major city.

    I have a beautiful divorced Chinese-American woman with two teenage boys living directly accross the street from me. I've had the occassion to talk to her every so often on the street while walking our dogs, although half the time she scurries away at the sight of anyone walking the street and runs back into the house. I think she may have depression on some days when she avoids to public, but on other days when she is taking her happy pills she is very personalable.

    One thing is for certain, she does not trust men, period. You see her ex-husband left her and the kids about 6 years ago for some bimbo white woman who is about a foot taller than he is. In the Chinese culture it is the woman who typically receives the brunt of shame from her family, thus she is scorned. Which is a shame because she is soo hot! I mean she is tall, beautiful long black hair, outstanding body with full breasts, hips and thighs that men dream about and carries herself with great confidence. It is an absolute shame to the male species she makes herself difficult to deal with and distant to any male who may want to approach her and know her better.

    Sometimes after 11PM on evenings when my wife and kid are fast asleep I will go out to the front door to have a smoke. I look directly accross to her house and will occassionally see some lights on. She is a very private person and will sometimes get my attention with the doings around the neighborhood such as break ins, who is letting their dog piss on the lawn and so on.

    Lately I have been wearing nothing but a unbuttoned long-sleaved shirt and thong underwear outside when I have my smoke. I wish one of these evenings she would open up her curtain ever so slightly to catch me in the act. I would like to think I have a nice package to show her being a 6'4", 220 lb. white male. Not that this would change her mind and have some interest in men, which it will most likely not. But rather see a man, a bigger and fitter man that the one that scorned her and give her something to think about for a awhile.

    Not entirely sure what would happen after that, but would be fun.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in love with Martha Handoko Jennings. Not so much love, but if I could have sex with anyone in the world, it would be her. I just want her to know there is someone out there who wants to fuck her brains out in every way. My fantasy is to suck on her big puffy nipples and cum in her butthole and watch her squeeze my cum out. I stare at her butt every time I see her at work and sometimes I see her big, puffy nipples down her shirt. I love how big her areolas are and how the tip is a little darker. Her nipples are so puffy you could tell they're puffy just by looking at her top. I wish she would just have an open mind so I could give her the best fuck of her life. Also, I jack off to her a few times a week. I want her to know this so someone please tell her.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a woman, 33, and i have been friends with my best friend for more than 20 years. I have always considered her pretty but lately I keep thinking she is sexy as all get out and i just want to fuck her. What makes it worse (or better?) is that she is bisexual & up until now i always thought i was straight. I can't stop fantisizing about her, How the fuck the do I remedy this without screwing up my friendship?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was a fool so many years ago and walked out of her life. I have thought of her, loved her and missed her for all these years. A few years ago, I looked for her, found her, saw she was married, and decided to stay away. Suddenly, today, she found me online & sent me an email. I replied and simply asked her how she was doing. I wanted to tell her I've loved her all these years, I'm sorry for the way I was all those years ago.

    I want to tell her I'd like to see her.
    I don't want to see her.
    Nothing good could come of it.
    Either we'd spend some time talking then walk away, which would make me miss her even more, or, even worse... we'd realize we want to be together and should always have been together, creating a mess of her marriage and mine. Or, maybe, we'd see each other in secret now and then, and that would be as bad as anything else.

    We're both different people now. We both have our own lives. Nothing good can come of this.

    But I love her, I miss her, and I want to be with her.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a really big crush on one of my old friends. I never thought he was hot, until later on in the school year. I started to realize how fucking sexy he was.

    He has such a cute face, but it can be really really sexy too. He can go from cute boy to tough guy in a second. His face is so cute! Just want to hug it and squeeze it.

    His body is just mouth watering. I love a boy with a butt, and oh boy does he have a booty! Its so big, round, and juicy. I'd love to grab his cheeks. No that isn't enough, I want to spank them so hard. Spank 'em until their red and throbbing. That's my biggest fantasy.

    I also want to jerk him off. I figured his dick must be big, so it should be fun to play with. But I really just want him to breath harder, and harder and let out a great moan when he finally comes.

    His has really nice big lips, and I have a feeling they'd feel so good on my cock. I'd really love for him to suck me off. He needs to be punished for looking so fine. Me coming in his mouth should be good enough. He should have to swallow too.

    I even given it some thought, and I think I could even suck him off. I never wanted to do such a thing, but I think I would for him. I'd love to make him happy, and I would fuck his dick up. Besides the thought of him moaning in pleasure as his cum serges in my mouth just gets me excited.

    I know this is sick, but I even wanted him to pee on me. I've never engaged in such a vulgur activity, but I would for him. I could just see him looking down to me, grinning, as his thick dark cock sprays me down.

    But most of all I just want that ass of his. I want to spank it. I want to bite it. I want to kiss it all over. I want those giant delicious buns! I want him, I want him, I want him! I have never seen a man with something as big, and delicious! I want it with a side of whip cream!

    I find myself too crazy for him. I save most of his pictures, all of which I masturbate too. Just thinking about him makes me dick hard. Looking at his pictures makes my dick wet with precum. I only added him on myspace so I can have pictures of him. Truth is, I'm not even his friend anymore. I just stick around so I can look at him.

    Recently he's joined a site where you can send him questions at random, without telling him your name. I've sent a bunch of flithy ones, mostly complimenting his yummy ass. I'm glad he knows someone appreciates that amazing thing he carries around.

    Please come to me. I want you, I need you. I love you Gabriel.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a neighbor that is extremely hot... I'm close in age to her... In our early 50"s... She could put some younger "cougars" to shame...And she has the most ROCKIN body! She's married. I'm married. I think of her when i masturbate... I lust after her camel-toe in her tight jeans... and her gorgeous ass! Sometimes I masturbate outside by the fence when I hear her. Usually, when I masturbate, I think of her. Although, I have other masturbatory fantasies... But, there's something special about her. I'd love to fuck her. mmmmm god

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i dream of getting caught wearing a diaper in public by an older women who will humiliate me.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night I dreamed about one of those fantisy creatures that were part horse and part human. the horse part was a very pretty pony, with a long flowing golden brown tail. The human part was a beautifull young pixie with long golden hair. In the dream this creature was in a meadow with another fantisy creature that was half horse and half man, there were also some very lovely regular horses around them. The man horse creature and at least two of the equine species were showing sexual interest in the horse pixie creature. While the man horse creature was keeping one of the equine away, the other one mated with her, just them I woke up, I know it was just a dream but it sure seemed real.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend is a crack whore. Give her a few bucks and she "puts out" like no other female I've ever known. Yes she's hot of course; about 5'4, 105lbs, brunette with amazing blue eyes.

    She's almost always broke and in need of a few bucks which is ok with me because I have more then enough for the rest of my life. I just wish she loved me, like I love her, but sometimes I suspect she's really only in it for the money.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a desperate housewife I guess, but this isn't Wisteria Lane. My husband wanted me to quit working when we started a family. I knew it would be a financial sacrifice, but I didn't realize I'd be living in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house with 4 kids under 10 in a neighborhood that's so sketchy that my kids can't even play in their own yard without me supervising them.

    We don't go on vacation. I buy my kids' clothes at thrift stores except for 3 new outfits a year one for the first day of school, one for Christmas, and one for Easter. I haven't seen a movie in an actual movie theater in 6 years. My younger kids have never seen a movie in a theater. We wait until friends or family members buy or rent tapes and them we borrow them. My oldest son saw a movie on DVD at a friend's house and came home crying because he really wants us to have it at home. I use coupons and only buy store brands of food and toiletries, but even then I often buy dented cans or day old baked goods from the discounted aisle. We don't have dessert unless its a holiday because I can't afford it. The two older kids get reduced price lunch at school and the two little ones eat ramen noodles with a canned vegetable or canned fruit with me at home.

    At this point day care would cost to much for me to go back to work full time, but I'd like a part-time job. My husband feels like I am backing out on the agreement. Plus he wants another child. My sister paid for me to secretly have the birth control shot, but it's making me sick and I'm afraid about having another.

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