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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Lesbian Female / 52

    My name is Kathy. My daughter and her daughter are both thirty this year. The two girls have one father, they are 26 days apart. We as mothers were both 22 at the time, we were both Catholic girls, we were both virgins that weekend, we were both boring, we both worked together. He, their father, was Mr. Stud, 29 years old, good looking, handsome, friendly, nice, a prince among princes, and he paid attention to us, both unworthy of his attention, Catholic virgin girls.

    We were at a happy hour for one of the girls at work that was getting married. We, the two Catholic girls, did not drink, and we stayed together as always, just her and me, talking and gossiping about the girls that were drinking and letting the guys kiss them. He, the father of our daughters, came up to us and started talking. There were lots of single girls at the happy hour that night, but he insisted on talking to us. He bought us a glass of wine which we sipped, he stayed with us the entire evening, it was kind of exhilarating in a way, here we were with Mr.
    Stud himself, the prince among all the princes.

    After a while he suggested we go get something to eat. He had a great big car, one of those that makes lots of noise, blue green, with white bucket seats, I sat up front and my other mother to be sat in the back seat. We went to eat at this Italian restaurant, he ordered another glass of wine for us, and instead of taking us back to the restaurant where the happy hour was to pick up our cars, he took us to his apartment. He lived in one those new apartment complexes, with swimming pools and tennis courts, we lived in this older apartment unit that didn't even have washer and dryers.

    His apartment had a great big bed, he showed it to us and asked us which one of us wanted to go first. He was taking his clothes off, he stood in front of us naked, he told us he wanted a piece of ass and which one of us was going to go first. He turned down the bed, and told my other mother to be that she was going first and he wanted to see it all, none of that shit about staying half dressed. He wanted tits and ass, and he turned to me and said from both of us. Get those tops off and show him our tits.

    He was naked, he was in a hurry, get naked and get on the bed, to get our naked asses on the bed, he wanted to fuck. Maybe, probably, only because we were together that we got naked. We had never seen each other naked, and now we were both naked and he was naked and we were about to lose our virginity. Get on the bed.

    Being naked was one thing, but when he spread our legs open to see our naked pussy, and when he put his face in her pussy we knew that it was for real. We were getting fucked that night. He stopped eating her and told me to get on my back and spread my legs he was going down for seconds. I had never been touched there, and now he was eating me and his hands were reaching up to grab my tits. My other mother was sitting beside me, naked, and I grabbed her and told her to hold me, he finished eating and he pushed her aside and I was the first to lose my virginity.

    Whe n he was done we didn't know what to do. He was on his back, naked, his penis was still full but limp like a great big worm, he kept feeling our tits, he asked my other mother to give him oral sex which she did. After a while he got on her and she lost her virginity too. Now the three of us laid back naked on the bed, my other mother and I embraced naked. After a while we pulled the covers up over us and we fell asleep, my other mother and me naked as naked can be, embraced in this tight spoon, with her hands cupping my breasts. It was our first night together like that, being naked with her felt so good, we tightened our grip around each other.

    The next morning our father to be was all over the place, he had things to do and he wanted to take us to get our cars. We wanted more sex and he had to comply before we all got bathed and dressed. Even if he had been dared to take one of us out, and he had been bet that he couldn't get one of us in bed, having both of us made his life impossible. Once Pandora was out of the box, we were not content. We never had sex alone with him, and when we had sex we were open to any and all things, our inhibitions completely lifted, and we found out that it was more sexy and arousing to love on each other than just with him.

    But we were Catholic girls and inexperienced and we both wound up pregnant. That's how it is that our daughters are both turning thirty this year. Their father never was able to get his life back on track after us, he lives close by and we have a full relationship with him. My other mother and me, we found that we liked being together, getting naked and bathing together, sleeping together, we discovered that kissing and making love together was something we had to do. We sinned and once I confessed to our priest, but never again.

    Today we cut our hair short, we wear the same clothes, we live in the same house, we swim naked together in our pool, we make love in the afternoon. Their father, in spite of all of his complaining to the contrary always gets seconds. Once we discovered that we could give oral sex to each other his services were no longer needed. But he is the father, and he has needs, and his needs should only be fulfilled with us, as the mothers of his daughters. So, although we are a whole lot older now, and he is approaching sixty, we still have long afternoon sessions with him, and when we are done we embrace into our favorite position, with her arms around me and cupping my breasts and we let him sleep with us and treat him to oral sex by the two of us in the morning. He is the father of our daughters.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 29

    Yes, well I am the stereotype lesbian girl's coach. I am from Michigan, of German descent, five foot seven, 155 pounds fit, blue eyes, blonde hair and I like girls. I liked girls when I was the kid in school soccer practice. I liked girls when I became my coach's helper. I liked girls when I went to college and got a degree in English and later in physical therapy. I just like girls.

    I have been in love, in college with a girl who played intramurals. But mostly I am in a state of lust, desire. When I am coaching I can pick a girl out and I can watch all her muscles work, I imagine her private parts and what I would do with them. I am a pretty forward person and I am in the locker room when the girls change. I have open discussions with them and I have had more than one girl come out to me first.

    I have never acted out my desires with pupils. Unfortunately for that I have to play the field with older women. I have little if any interest in a relationship, I go out for sex, one night stands. I am the stud so I do the pursuing. Mostly I focus on recent college graduates, I just don't seem to be able to connect with girls who never went to college.

    I am 29 and I know my window is closing on me. I looked up the girl I was in love with and we went out for a while, but in the end we are better friends than lovers. If I was going to fall in love I would look for a girl who is into something like interior design, fashion, I like girls who turn heads when they walk in, I also like a girl who isn't scared to take off her panties and give them to me as a prize. I just haven't met that girl.

    Well I have, she is just not into a woman, she teaches seventh grade where I work, she is beautiful to me, and she is a natural artist, everything she touches she makes beautiful, she dresses and leaves people, mainly men speechless, and when she walks into the room I stop talking and sit beside her. If only she stopped saying we can only be friends. I don't have the guts to ask her for her panties, I barely can ask her to spend the afternoon with me helping me on some lame school project I make up for us to spend time together.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    1 / 28

    ÐÑо&E TH;±Ð¸Ð&s up2; инÑÐ¾Ñ Ð¼Ð°&Ntild e;ии по абÑ&ET H;¾Ð»Ñ ÑнÐ&f rac34; лÑбÑÐ&frac 14; гоÑÑÑÐ ´Ð°Ñ&Nti lde;ÑвРµÐ½Ð&frac 12;Ñм баÐ&middo t;ам, а Ñак же банка м и ÑоÑ&E TH;¾Ð²Ñ м ÑеÑÑÐ& frac14;.

    ÐоÑ&Nti lde;ан&E TH;µÐ¼ Ð´Ð»Ñ Ð²Ð°Ñ Ð¸Ð½&Ntild e;оÑÐ ¼Ð°Ñ&ET H;¸Ñ из баз ÐÐÐ, ÐÐÐÐÐ, ФССÐ, ФÐС , ÐалогÐ& frac34;во ;й, ÐÐРÐ, ÐенÑÐ ¸Ð¾Ð&frac 12;но& ETH;¼Ñ Ñон&ET H;´Ñ
    Ð Ñак же до&Ntil de;ÑаÐ&f rac12;ем ; паÑпо ÑÑн ;Ñе дан&E TH;½ÑÐ&micr o;, Ñдела& ETH;µÐ¼ деÑ&E TH;°Ð»Ð&cedi l;за&Ntil de;иÑ, Ð¾Ð¿Ñ ;едР;µÐ»Ð&cedi l;м меÑÑ& ETH;¾Ð¿Ð ¾Ð»Ð&frac 34;жеР;½Ð¸Ð&mic ro; абонÐ&m icro;нÑ&ET H;° ÑÐ°ÐºÐ¸Ñ ÑÐµÑ ÐµÐ¹ как ÐТС, Ðил&E TH;°Ð¹Ð&frac1 2;, ÐегаÑÐ&fr ac34;н, ТелРµ2 и доÑ&Nti lde;ан&E TH;µÐ¼ инÑ&E TH;¾ÑÐ&frac 14;аÑÐ&ce dil;Ñ Ð¸Ð· лÑбÑÑ ; ÑоÑÑиР¹ÑкР;¸Ñ банÐ& ordm;ов.

    Так же имеÐ& micro;м мно& ETH;³Ð¾ воз ;мо&ET H;¶Ð½Ð&fra c34;ÑÑÐ&mi cro;й доÑÑ& ETH;°ÑÑ Ð¸Ð½Ñ ;оÑÐ& frac14;аÑÐ ;¸Ñ из баз УкÑÐ&d eg;ин&N tilde;, ÐелаÑ&N tilde;Ñи, Ðаз& ETH;°ÑÑ&Nt ilde;ан& ETH;° и дÑÑÐ&s up3;Ð¸Ñ ÑÑÑÐ&d eg;н блиÐ& para;не го заÑ&Nt ilde;бе ;жÑÑ .

    ÐплÐ&de g;Ñа в болÑÑ Ð¸Ð½&Ntil de;ÑвÐ& micro; ÑлÑÑаР;µÐ² поÑÐ »Ðµ вÑпÐ&f rac34;лн ;енР;¸Ñ закÐ&de g;за, ниÐ&or dm;акÐ& frac34;го ; обмаÐ&fra c12;а, не ÑÑеб&Ntil de;ем пÑÐ&mi cro;до& ETH;¿Ð»Ð& deg;Ñ!!!
    Ðе ÑÑеÑÐ& frac12;Ñй&Nt ilde;еÑ&Nt ilde;, пиÑи&Ntild e;е, ÑпÑа&N tilde;ив Ð°Ð¹Ñ Ðµ, помÐ&f rac34;же& ETH;¼, оÑве& Ntilde;иÐ&frac 14; на вÑе вопÑо ÑÑ.

    ЦÐ&mi cro;Ð½Ñ Ð½Ð° пÑоР;±Ð¸Ð&sup 2;Ñ Ð¾Ñ 500 ÑÑб!

    коР½Ñа&ET H;ºÑÑ:

    +79180589706 Ðле кÑÐ&micr o;й (Ñеле ÑоÐ&fr ac12;, viber, whatsapp, skype)
    Telegram @@alekseydetectiv
    поÑÑ Ð° alekseydetectiv@@g***l.**m

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Iâve wanted to be someoneâs slave since I was like 8 watching Aladdin. Never consensually walking into the situation. I wish someone would grab me off the street and here is a brief description of what I canât get off my mind.

    You donât have to be handsome, not well built, you should not be kind. I want to be grabbed off the street and choked while thrown into your car. A dog cage waits to cage me while you drive to your home. Iâll only ever see the light of day under your terms again.

    I scream and cry. I plead and beg giving you a massive erection. So bad you pull off on the side of the road. Come back into the back seat and cream over my face and body from the other side of the bars. Than screaming still you drive off.

    I have weeks of little interaction from you. Just a basement, a cage, freezing showers, and food scraps covered in your cum. Than surgery day comes.

    Done with my caterwauling still wishing for freedom the process starts. My vocal cords get surgically altered. Gone conversation and hello moaning, whimpering, groaning...if Iâm lucky Iâll learn to bark you tell me. Your displeased to find out In not a virgin so I must be punished. Whimpering and paddling at every few hours paired with no food. Iâm weakening. Becoming less troublesome.

    Next my legs have the tendons severed at the knee so I can never stand again. Iâm your pet not a human. I have lost 50 lbs and Iâm loosing increasing levels of my humanity. The ass plugs increase in size as you battle with âwhatâ I am. A small kitty one with a long soft tail. A dog one with a short upright one. You whip my still tender ass till I learn to shake excited for your arrival. I get to keep this one in a few days while you inject hormones for my ass and breasts to grow. Milk starts leaking and I cry at the build up of new forced milk. Tattoo on the ass with your marking. Your nameâs property: âCunt 23â. How many more have you had?

    The dog tail doesnât last, I get a cow tail next. That pleases you. A nose ring, nipple rings, clit rings. A thick collar you enjoy pulling tight so I feel as if Iâm choking. Only dressed up do you finally relieve yourself. Constraining me so I can hardly move while you r**e my throat. Giving me tree food you have been training my tastes buds to savor over the last month. You last long enough to see me cry than your seed spurts over my face and encouraged breasts. Only than do you take me up stairs to begin living with you as your c**t cow.

    Iâll never be found. as long as I have a nice ass and c**t for your fucking; and supply enough milk for your coffee and morning eggs I can stay with you and not be sold to the farmer down the street who is playing mad man science to turn the harem of 22 others into breeders for his animals.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I am 31 years old and I still remember the day that changed my entire life.

    Im unsure of the exact age I was but I calculated to about 5-6 years old at that time.

    You see unlike most kids who's best childhood memories are based on the time spent with friends and playing in the sand.

    My favourite memory as a small child was to sneak out of my room late at night and get as close as possible to my mom's bedroom door.

    There I would sit and listen to the erotic moans of pleasure my mom made.

    Yes I loved secretly listening to my mom's sexual moans of pleasure when she and my dad had sex.

    Time went on and as a grown man today I download 'mom and son erotic moments'

    I fantasize about her daily.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 48

    I am 48 and married with a couple of kids,and a wife i love so much yet i crave to suck another guy of like i once did when i was 18.Iv never forgot the crazy moment i found myself down on this young guys cock sucking and licking the full length while he stood over me pulling out and enjoying me pulling at him to carry on.deeper and faster till he`d come.Its never gone away but only now have i again dared to look that bit longer during showers yet i risk everything if i get it wrong. He waits till last and stands inches away from me drying,last time it was near enough in my mouth when someone walked in and i turned away leaving him semi hard .Hes half my age with a lovely girlfriend iv seen many times,I am going to do it i just know i am.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    I had always wanted to get naked in front of a bunch of people. I have been to nude beaches before but I mean naked in a sexual way.

    I was on a business trip that had me away for two weeks. Near my hotel was a male strip club that advertised they had an amateur hour every night that allowed guys to get up on stage and strut their stuff. I seriously thought about doing it but knew I would never go through with it. One afternoon I did get up the nerve to go in and ask more about it. It was a woman who managed the place and she told it was a very simple process. Basically I would get up on stage and take off my clothes. She went on to say that most guys just strip to a G-string or thong while some take off everything. She had me take my shirt off and remove my pants. I wasn't expecting to do this but there I now was in just my underwear. She had me stand up and spin around for her so she could check me out. She had me stop with my back to her and asked for me to pull down the back of my underwear so she could see my ass. I wasn't prepared to do that but I figured with it just being me and her there I didn't think it could hurt. I did as she asked and had my bare ass exposed to her. She stood up from the chair she was sitting in and approached me. She told me I had a nice body with a very nice ass. She stood in front of me now and took it upon herself to take a peek into the front of my underwear. She said if I was thinking about doing it to come back and watch the other amateur guys to get a real sense of what it was all about before I commit to trying it. She handed me a release agreement to look over and told me I would need to agree and sign it before I would be allowed up on stage.

    I went back to my hotel and looked over the agreement. It basically said I voluntarily agreed to dance naked with no compensation. It also said that they could not be held liable should anyone take or use my image and that I agree to let them use my image to promote the amateur hour should they want to. Along with having to provide ID to prove my age and identity it all seemed like regular contract stuff. I wasn't going to do it so it didn't really matter.

    I was curious about the amateur hour and did go in to check it out first hand. I did feel a little uncomfortable being a straight guy going into a male strip club alone to watch guys dance naked. I watched the amateur guys and most did only strip to a G-string or thong but a few did go fully nude. The woman who I met with earlier saw me and came over to talk. She bought me a drink and asked if I was going to do it. I told her it would be too nerve racking. She told me I was worrying about nothing. She tells me I don't have to go naked and to look around at the audience. She says everyone is cheering the guys on and just having a good old fun time. She told me I should give it a try just once and said to let her know my decision. I watched the reactions the guys were getting and how comfortable they seemed on stage. I was getting jealous. I left right after amateur hour.

    The next day I thought about the night before. I was warming up to the idea of doing it and that night went back to the club with the signed agreement and my ID. The woman saw I was little nervous and bought me a few drinks to relax me. I then made it up on stage and with the crowd cheering began removing my clothes. Prior, I had already made my mind up if I actually got up on stage to do this I was going to take everything off and did. I was dancing on stage in front of about 100 people and once I was naked all my fears and nervousness went out the window. I enjoyed all the attention I was getting and displayed myself in some positions and poses that most would have considered very explicit. When it was all over it was quite a rush knowing I had completed a dream of mine.

    I was done my business trip and was back home. I looked up the website of the strip club and there was a section about their amateur hour. It contained pictures and video of some of the nights and it contained some of me. The pictures did not hide any parts and literally all one me could be seen. The video was the same. I didn't want everyone to witness that night and asked the club if the pictures could be removed. They pointed out the agreement I signed allows them to use my image to promote amateur hour and that's all they were doing. They told me they would not be removing them.

    My dream came true about wanting to be naked in a sexual way in front of a bunch of people but now that dream is causing me a bit of a nightmare as I only wanted it to be for one night. Now my one night can be lived over and over again by anyone who visits their website.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 54

    I don't know what category this falls under. I am 64, I was born in California and raised there. From the time that I was old enough to go out and play I never played as a girl. I was an outdoor type, I liked sports, I liked horseback riding, I liked jeans and shirts. I forced my mother to cut my hair short. I hated pony tails or pig tails. My mother had five kids and I was the difficult one.

    When puberty struck, it struck with a vengeance. I grew wide hips like my mother, gone forever was my boy look. I grew large breasts, by the time I was fourteen I was pretty much fully developed. And worse that all that, I had a pretty face. I inherited my mother's looks.

    I got sent to Home Economics, not to shop. I was put as an aide to the second grade teacher, my job was taking the little girls to the restroom. When I was seventeen and the prom came along I was forced to go with Horace. Horace was my older brother's best friend. Horace didn't know the rules, you don't fuck your best friend's sister. Until that night I had never contemplated that I was going to get fucked. I was going to loose my virginity. I was going to have suck a boys penis. None of that had crossed my mind. After the prom I had done all that.

    I wanted to go into Medicine. I went to nursing school instead. In nursing school I learned that there were girls/women like me. Women who did not want to be a woman. But most of the cases I saw did not have women like me, so obviously a woman, you cannot hide hips like mine. And if you have hips like mine, they look totally out of place if you don't have boobs like mine. You have to have both or you look like a bowling pin. And if you have a pretty face, then you have to have long hair. And if you are a pretty woman with long hair and have big hips and nice boobs guys chase you down until they can fuck you. That is what happened to me. And if you get fucked and you are young and you just aren't thinking like a woman you get pregnant. That also happened to me.

    Your whole body is changed when you are pregnant, and giving birth is not a picnic. And your boobs become mammary glands and you are sitting at home with a baby who is lost in her own world taking your milk from you. None of this is what I was expecting. But this too happened to me.

    I had three kids, and when all three kids were in school I went back to college and finished my nursing degree. I went on the pediatric floor to look after sick children. And when I got home to my healthy children I would hug them too much. And then I had my husband. And my husband was one of those men who truly wanted his wife to cook. I don't mean heat something up, I mean cook. His wife was going to be a cook. And all the other things that come with being the woman in the house with three kids and a husband.

    I didn't look at my body any more. I showered, and got dressed. Why stare at what was so obviously a mistake. I didn't so much love nursing as I loved taking care of those sick children. You do that, if you are a woman. The doctors were fast and sure of themselves and gave orders. We sat with these children and read them a book. They were so young and they were so sick, when their mothers weren't there, then it was our job to the be the mother. That is what happens when you are woman. You get to be a mother.

    After my three kids were gone, out of college, making their series of mistakes, I started to look at myself again. To look at myself in the mirror. I was a nurse with over 20 years experience by then. I knew when I saw a woman. In the mirror across from me was a woman, mistake or not. You don't study it per se, but you are very much aware of people who have surgery to change them from man to woman, and less often from woman to man. The idea that someone was going to cut off my breasts, well I couldn't have that. And between my hips, how ridiculous it was going to look to have a manufactured penis there. So, I gave up.

    I am 64 now. Still a woman. Still dealing with my wide hips and my larger even than before breasts. And I have gained weight, easily 25 pounds. And this face, even for a 64 year old woman it is pretty face. And my husband of these 40 or so years, he still brags that he has a wife that can cook. It was all a mistake. I know that. But no one else does, not anyone close to me. I volunteer my time now at the grade school, I particularly like looking after the girls. Someone has to help look after them. One day they are going to be the new mothers.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    It seems like there are ten thousand dramas in my life. My sister is my number one drama. My older sister was number one in her class, got a full ride scholarship to a prestigious university, graduated with honors, has a masters and is now working in New York. She is a virgin, she has never been fucked. I am ten years younger and I fucked in the eighth grade.

    I am a freshman in college, I go to a non prestigious state university and my parents with the help of student loans are paying my way. I have fucked three guys since I got here. To me if a guy can't get to me and fuck me, then he is not dating material. Needless to say my sister is wholly against this, she thinks that I am ruined for life, and that no sane man will ever want me. All the time she is working 70 hour weeks and she is still a virgin.

    My dream is to hire somebody, like a sex hitman. Some guy who works on the docks, or is a bus driver, or some other similar low end job. Some guy who is not circumcised, so maybe an immigrant. Pay him to stalk her and fuck her. Just fuck her with his nasty old penis and make her shut up.

    That's it, my confession.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 35

    There's a couple that run a food truck on the corner near my workplace. The woman who works there has a fantastic ass, a pretty sweet little body and her face is good looking too.
    Every time I pass and she's turned away from me I stare at her ass. Then my thoughts turn to giving her anus a good tongue fucking. I want to toss her salad while she tells me how her husband fucks her anally and she loves being stretched out by his big cock.
    I would be totally sexually satisfied simply masturbating while eating her poohole.

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