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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I've been a widow about five years. It's difficult for me to find a man to date. I'm tall and stocky with thick thighs. I dreamed of finding a tall rugged guy that's endowed and able to push the right buttons. One that has stamina, also a sweet talker. Willing to make my dreams and wishes come true. Able to handle some of my kinks.

    I was bored and decided to visit Beth a dear friend of mine. She had company. I was introduced to Rick who she just meet that evening at the dance club. He spent the night there. He seemed out of character for her. She was 5'4" and he over 6'. "Well who's this pretty filly darling", Rick said. Told him I was her dear friend Linda. He seemed to undress me with his eyes. He was bold and forward. "Nice breeding stock and wears nice saddle bags", he jokingly said. I didn't like where this was leading to, so I excused myself so Beth could be with him. I thought to myself, he must be a Texan.

    Some time went by and I called Beth if interested in some fun that afternoon. While in bed with Beth after a romp with her pet, I asked about Rick if she's dating him. "Hell no! he's obnoxious and his dick wouldn't fit in me. It was like playing with a horse. Lick and stroking it until it came all over you. "I enjoyed how he talked and his boldness", I said. Beth got out of bed. I called her pet onto the bed. As he was licking me, the thought of a horse cock excited and had an orgasm.

    That weekend I stopped at the dance hall. Rick was there. He approached the table, "Well hello pretty filly who's wearing pretty saddle bags. Care to dance?" He was younger than me but I felt his strength and being rugged as we danced. As we danced several times that evening he kept sweet talking me. Finally he asked if I desired to be mounted by a stallion. I followed him to his place. He had all sorts of leather lying about. He pulled me into him and we kissed with passion. We practically tore off each other clothing. "Baby girl, you may not be able to handle me, I can't find a filly that can", Rick said. He didn't know I've been using huge dildos in me, so my vagina is stretched. "I think this old mare might be able to", I replied. We went into the bedroom.

    There he straddle across me fucking my mouth between my saddle bags. I grabbed that cock with two hands and rubbed it across my face. "Well let's see if that monster will fit in me" I told Rick. I guided it in me while he eased it in. "Damn girl! I finally get to breed a filly!" It felt so good in me. I started yelling in pleasure, "Yes, Yes, Yes,". As we laid in bed I said, "Too bad you aren't a real stallion, I would of liked that".

    We dated for some time until he had to go back home to manage the ranch. I visited his folks once while we was an item. His sister had a surprise for me in the stable. Found out his sister trains certain horses for special activities. My fantasy came true.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    I'm a white young lady now, but I started to get some interest in mature colored women when I was about 12. Something about their breasts. Especially big jello ones. It seems to be in their genes to have oversized breasts. I noticed some of the black girls already had good size breasts at the age of 13.
    Our fairly new neighbor, Hazel, around mom's age was black with them oversized boobs. My brother has a fantasy of being with her. He would tell me how he would screw her. The part of him sucking those big melons seem to excite me a bit. He kept trying for me to notice his bulge he had in his pants at times but I ignored him.
    I started to earn some money towards purchasing a vehicle when I was 17. I help clean people's homes. Hazel's place was one of the homes I help clean. In the bathroom Hazel would hang her bras over the shower rod to dry. The size of her bra cup could fit a cantaloupe in them. As time went by while cleaning her home, I found her sex toys. It explained why I never saw men at her house, only women. Then one day when I was 18 and over to Hazels place cleaning, she came in from shopping. She went into the bedroom. Then she called out my name. "What do you think of my new outfit?" she asked. Her breasts seemed like they wanted to erupt from her top and the bottom of the dress was skin tight over her hips and ass.
    She saw how I was looking at her. She pressed me against the wall with those black tits. "Your mom tells how you always talk about my breasts to her. Want to feel them dear?" She put my hand on them. They was soft and swishy like water balloons. She lifted them out and held one tit up for an invitation to taste. This was my chance to make my dream come true. AS I was licking and sucking her tit and nipple, she undid my shorts and started to finger my moist kitty. Told me to remove my shorts while she undressed. As I was removing my bottom clothing, Hazel, that thick mature black woman was naked on the bed holding those tits up for me. I laid on top of her licking, sucking, squeezing them balloons. I started grinding my kitty into her. She pushed me off her. Taking her tit and rubbing it up and down my vagina. She moved up and dangled those breasts over my head and slid them down across my face. She took a dildo out of the night stand and worked my vagina with it while I was busy with her tits. Then taking that dildo out of me and licked it as if was a lollipop. When she pays me the money she owes, she made sure I got a little extra.
    I earn enough money for a vehicle to head out to college. While at the college town, I made a good deal on a room. All I had to do for my ebony landlady is pound her with a strap-on. My brother wrote to me, while at college, mom rented my room to a black girl who enjoys her ass pounded and he sent me a picture of her. She looked young and innocent. But I would do her in a three way with my brother.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    It happened when I was visiting my cousin in the fifth grade. We had gotten ready for bed and were wearing nightgowns and we were out watching television and I pulled my legs up on the chair. Across from me was her father and he stared at my legs, well actually my underwear which he could see clearly under my nightgown. He stared and I sat frozen. I want to swear that I got moist, what I do know is that was the first day that I felt the girl thing, I felt his wanting me, I was all of a sudden keenly aware of my pussy. Actually up to that day I never called it my pussy, I still used my mother's expression hooha.

    That night when my cousin and I went to bed she asked me if I noticed that her dad was looking at me, staring at me. I didn't say anything, I do know that I felt the strongest urge to touch myself. I wont say I masturbated that night, but I sure felt the need to do it. From then on until this very day my uncle has the ability to make me sweat, to look at me and reduce me to a spoiled little brat that he can play with. He has very strong hands and he can still lift me over his head, my pussy aligned with his face. He can hold me in a grip that makes my nipples get hard and my pussy get wet. Sometimes, he just holds me with his arm around my shoulder and I can't help it but my head falls on his shoulder, if he turns me around into his chest and his hand falls on my butt cheek I put my arms around his waist and hold onto him. Everyone notices, my cousin, my aunt, my mother, anyone watching notices that I am his little girl.

    I have opened my legs up wide for him, like when I am standing from a chaise lounge or getting up off the beach. I have laid in nothing but my panties when I am visiting so he can see me half naked on the bed. I don't wear any kind of bra or support when I go downstairs for breakfast when I am at his house, and I have a lot upstairs, I can feel my boobs bob up and down under my nightshirt and my nipples get rock hard. I sweat so much my panties are always pretty moist or wet. I want him to fuck me so bad but he won't because I am his niece, at least by marriage.

    My cousin is always on my case about me throwing myself at him. I wish one day he 'caught' me and took me with him, I dream over and over about how he will put me down on his bed and reach under my nightgown and pull my panties off and open my legs and stare down at my naked pussy. After that part I usually am already so far gone while masturbating that I just have cloudy feelings of him fucking me. But of course that has never happened, it is just a day dream that I masturbate to. Call me frustrated, call me stupid, call me anything you want but as far as I am concerned he is the man to take me first, I don't want to lose my virginity to any other man, or guy or classmate or random date. I am saving myself for him.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 49

    69 year old male here. Have lived in SE Asia for the past 10 years with my SE Asian wife of 43 years. My wife has no interest in having any kind if sex with me. I mean I need to beg for a hand job and while she will say wait till later or tomorrow, it just doesn't happen. Ever. I am left to myself for any release. It isn't sonething that needs to happen often and many times when I am ready, I get the later or tomorrow message and put it off with the hopes she will follow through. Sometimes I wait quite a while for that promise that never seems to come.

    A couple days ago things changed for the positive. No,my wife didn't suddenly change. That doesn't seem in the cards. What happened is my wife went into town to do some shopping. She normally drags me along but not this time. Home alone with our housekeeper we have had for 2 years now. Nice girl, 31 years old, great body but not much on the pretty side to look at.

    I was sitting on my back patio having some tea when my housekeeper came up to me and asked in her broken English she has been learning from me, Mr OK? Mr. Happy? I asked why she asked and she tried to tell me that I didn't seem happy and that I was horny. I didn't quite understand her and told her I wasn't sure what she was asking. She gets a little frustrated when she can't get something across when she trues to explain something so this tine instead of her keep trying to explain, she walks up to me and just reaches up the loose leg of my shorts and grabs my penis. I was a bit startled but not for more than a second. I asked what she wanted and she said, I help Mr. Never has she ever showed any interest in me previously.

    S he was right. I was horny and as soon as she touched my dick it began to harden. I thought for a fraction of a second about this and replied that, yes, Mr. wouod lije some help. She grabbed the sides of my shorts and started pulling them down. I lifted my ass so it was easier to get off. She pulled them down and over my feet. She folded them and placed them on another chair. She is a Muslim girl that normally wears a hijab in public, she covers her hair with a tight stocking cap thing when she works out if the publics view. After removing my shorts and exposing my hard dick, she removed the stocking cap and undid her hair. It fell down to one side and it almost reached her waist. I told her that her hair was beautiful and I wish she showed it more often. She just moved her finger in a negative way and said, too messy.

    She stepped up to me and spread my legs apart and moved in closer. She had to use both her hands to address my dick. Not because I am big but because she is pretty tiny. That tiny hand with tiny fingers working over my dick's head was really exciting. Then, her mouth was around it and she was moving slowely up and down the shaft. Her hands were moving my nuts and tickling them. She removed her mouth after a few minutes and went back to skillfully using her hands around and over my dick's head. I could feel the build up from within me. The balls were tightening and I was ready to let go. I blew my load with force and I mean force for me. I haven't seen cum shoot out in years. Normally it would just come out and drip off me. No, this time the first shot actually shot out. She moved a bit to the side so it didn't hit her. The following shots went back to dripping off me. I leaned back in my chair fully pleased. She run off and got something to clean me off. Once that was finished she went and got something to clean up the cum on the floor.

    After all was clean I tried to pull her close and put my hand on her breast. She pulled away. I asked if I could do for her. She refused. Said, I help Mr. I offered her some cash knowing she really didn't make that much. She refused and just repeated, I help Mr. It is OK. We have secret, OK. I told her yes, we have secret and we will tell no one. She smiled and handed me my shorts.

    Looking forward to my wife leaving us alone soon. I have no idea how my housekeeper knew I was in need of that type of assistance. Was my frustrations that obvious? I'm happy soneone recognized it and more happy she did something about it. Right now it's just duty as normal for her 5 hours at the house.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Hi I am a reasonably youngish looking 50 year old guy who would love for wife to watch me being fucked by large cock both in ass and mouth , she thinks I am a hard macho type but secretly Iâm a submissive bitch .. itâs just fantasy and I know if it happened I would be single and broke but hey we can only dream .

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Years ago when I was at puberty age and living behind my grandmother's house my grandmother started dating this guy. Us grand kids played in the yard and in the woods behind her house. I was coming out of the woods and the new boyfriend was pissing behind the shed. Besides seeing my brothers penis's and my father's, grandma's boyfriend was the biggest.

    One day I sat on his lap and asked him if he was going to be our new grandpa. I started to feel something underneath me. I didn't know then that it called a boner. I started to sit on him more often knowing I was giving him a boner. As I got a bit older,(14-15 yrs. of age), my breasts started to come in. They were pointy and cone shaped. I ask him to feel them, "No, it's not proper. I'll go to jail if I did because you're under eighteen." he said.

    Then I started to tease and taunt him when I was between 16-17 yrs. of age. I wore skimpy bikini when using grandma's pool. My breasts never filled out. They still look like rose buds. My red pubic hairs would sneak out of my bikini bottoms. This must of drove him nuts, because one day behind the shed I saw him stroking off. It really was big when hard. I started to dream about his cock. I had to get something out of the garage. There he stood humping and jerking. "Jon, I'm almost eighteen ,I want that dick. I have dreams about it!" I said. "I have dreams about you too, Tara. Your freckled rose bud tits and your ginger pussy." I was going to him to reach for his dick and he pushed me away. "A couple of months more, then you won't be jai bait." he said to me. I couldn't wait till I hit legal age. I started taking my mother's dildo and pretending it was Jon's cock. The idea of taking away grandma's boyfriend excited me. I wondered if I could take it all in me.

    Couple of months after my eighteen birthday Jon asked me over to his place. There I found pictures of me all over the place. Told me to dress in a school girl outfit wearing white leggings. I told him to leave the door unlock so I could catch 'Grandpa' stroking. We played out our dreams and wishes. Wasn't sure I could fit him. He made sure I was good and wet. Then slowly edged it in me. It was a bit painful put got use to the pain. He started calling me 'Little Princess'. He taught me how to suck cock properly.

    I have a steady boyfriend around my age now. But 'Grandpa' taught me how to please a man. I recently learned that grandma was teaching someone near my age how to please a woman and 'Grandpa' watched. I guess they are a dirty old couple. Good for them.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Thomas P. from Ohio I know what you and now my wife Daisy did several years back, when you two worked the summer job for the school. She told me about it and I think she should finish the job. She said she gave you a blow J O B. I want her to finish what she started and have S E X with you. She told me about how you had an thick cock at the base Which I love that part. She prefers condoms so I want you to go bareback. If you can get her to do it take some pictures or let me watch it. I would even do a 3 way with you guys after you have your way with her. I know to recently got married but inwant Daisy to fuck your brains out. Listen Thomas we can work it out just get a hold of Me I know you can ask her mom for my phone number. I noticed she added you as Facebook friend in the last several moths and Sseen you not to long ago and thinks your still hot. I just want you to fill her hole full of your cum.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Iâm angry with the world right now and just want to get fucked hard by a fat dick and to deepthroat another at the same time. Reality of it is being used as a group of menâs fuck toy would make my world much better right now. Just saying...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    Since I was a teenager I dreamed of being used. I always was a heavy set female with big knockers. I got knocked up at eighteen to a guy named Jamie. He was a wimp of a husband. For years I wished he was more forceful and took control. When I was in my thirties, I started dreaming about an older father like figure using me. Guess because I adored my dad when I was a child.

    Jamie's aunt started dating someone named Jon. He looked younger than he actually was. He was muscular and good looking. Joked around a lot. I started to get fantasies about him, him treating me like a slut slave. When we had family get togethers he didn't hesitate from slapping my ass when I wore jeans. I decided to try to get his attention after Jamie's aunt disclosed that he was endowed and was too forceful in the love making department.

    I made sure my ass was available to be slapped. When I served him a plate, made sure he could down blouse me while I touch his man hood. For a Christmas present I gave him a pair of hand cuffs. Everybody laughed thinking it as a joke. He gave me a blind fold. We started groping when someone wasn't around and he would say that I was 'Hot'.

    Finally the day came when he slipped me a note saying to meet him at a certain motel and he'll bring the play toys. I almost changed my mind, but I needed excitement. Sprawled over the other bed in the room was rope, hand cuffs, blindfold, and other BDSM stuff. "We'll have fun Baby, and you'll love it!" Jon said. He said he could tell I was someone into kink and wanted adventure. He admitted to me he has a fetish for younger BBWs and I'm just the women he was looking for. "Let them tits hang freely Baby, don't hide them," Jon said. He pulled out his dick. It sure was big! I was told to get down and suck 'Big Daddy'. He slapped 'Big Daddy' across my face. "You're a naughty girl", he said. Then he told me to lift and suck on my tits. I laid backed on the bed sucking my breasts while he pulled off my pants and shove his face hard between my legs. While nibbling my clit he inserted a butt plug in me. It was a sensation I never felt before. He undressed and ordered me to rim him. I hesitated and he started to call me dirty names. "You want me to tell your hubby about this?" he said. He bent over and licked his behind and sack.

    He was so forceful and dirty to me that it was what I always dreamt. I started sneaking to his place. He and Jamie's aunt broke up. Jon had and still has a special play room. I was surprised he asked me to marry him. I divorced Jamie and married Jon. After all these years married to Jon is an sexual adventure. We are presently training Mary, a forty-one year old BBW divorcee who lives with us. 'Big Daddy' stays happy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 26

    My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We never dated anyone else. We lost our virginity to each other. shortly after graduation we got married. Few years into the marriage the sex between us got stale. I started dreaming about men other than my husband. Began to dream what it would be like to be with my sister's husband or my cousin's husband. Even my good friend's husband. I asked my husband his thoughts about wife-swapping. He got furious. We both are devoted church going Christians. "No way!", he said. Other husbands would jump at the chance if their wife told them they were interested in swapping.

    I kept on dreaming about sex with other men. Maybe it was because I never dated anyone else but my husband. Dreamt about guys with fat dicks, big dicks, dicks with foreskin. Guys with small sack, sacks that hung low and was the type that slap your pussy while screwing. I kept wishing he would change his feelings about wife-swapping.

    I kept probing his mind, hinting fantasies while we made love. Told him love and sex were two different feelings. You can love someone very dearly like the way we love each other, but have sexual lust and desire for someone else. He then admitted to me he dreamt about the neighbors wife. Caught them nude using their hot tub. "I too spied on them while they was using their hot tub.", I told him. "Who would you feel comfortable swapping with?" I asked. Then he told me no one that we know and try to find someone on the internet. While surfing on the net to find a couple near our age, to our surprise my cousin had posted on there. We smiled at each other telling each other this would be a great opportunity to get involved in partner exchange.

    I called my cousin inviting her and her husband over for drinks and conversation since it's been awhile and we needed to be updated about each other. We greeted them in a very friendly way. I was dressed in hot pants and rolled up tight blouse. We drank and talked. We told them about our neighbors. They seemed interested. Told them they was an older friendly couple just enjoys nude hot tubbing. I asked her if we had a hot tub, would she and her husband go nude with us in the tub. "Sure, it would be fun." she said. While chatting, I kind of loosen my blouse and her husband nudged her. My husband was running his hand up and down my leg. I guess it was a hint by her husband. I was asked by my cousin to join her in the powder room.

    "What's going on?" she asked me. I told her we were surfing the internet to find our first couple to wife-swap and come across their profile. Told her we felt it was more comfortable to try swapping with people we know that has done this. "Guess we was trying to send you two signals that we wanted to experiment a bit and see if it is for us." I told her. I warned her my husband wasn't to keen of people in the church knowing we wife-swap. "Leave that to me and my husband", she said. Told me to sit by her husband. They have a signal system.

    I sat next to Dave, my cousin sat next to Tom. My cousin nodded her head. Dave ran his hand under my blouse, Tom watched but didn't like the idea. My cousin saw that in Tom and started rubbing his groin. She unzipped his pants and went down on him. That took the jealousy out of Tom. Dave stood up and showed me his dick. It was big and uncut. I had to touch it. Meanwhile my cousin dropped her shorts and rubbed her hairy pussy in my husband's face. I started to envy my cousin. My husband seemed to enjoy her beaver too much. I pulled my hot pants down so Dave could see my shaven slit. Dave went down on me, his tongue working on my clit got my juices going. As Dave was pleasing me I saw my husband's dick in my cousin's beaver. the sight of my husband cock in another woman made me rethink the idea of wife-swap.

    Instead, when we need a little s spice in our marriage we do nude hot tubbing with our neighbors.

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