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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I am a 36 year old man but virtually all my sexual fantasies are about the idea of a woman with a young guy, teenagers that are just out of their mind horny. Around 14 or so. I feel sexually inferior to teens because of how much energy they have, I miss it. I love hearing about stories in the news like female teacher being with male students and it makes me so jealous.

    My ultimate fantasy would be to marry a woman who is dominant towards me and absolutely keeps me in my place, but sleeps with teen boys, and the more submissive she is to their urges the better.

    I don't know if I could ever confess this to a woman, and I can barely imagine that one would ever be into it. But I fantasize about it all the time. I would absolutely worship a woman that enjoyed pleasing teen boys.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    I have a secret obsession with my ex wifes sister. I fantasize about her everyday and have hundreds of pictures of her. She's incredibly sexy, but in a dorky kind of way. She has a real thin waist and a fat round ass and she's always wearing see through yoga pants and a thong.

    It all started when she came swimming to our house years ago when we were still married and she changed her clothes in our bedroom. I went in afterwards to change as well as they were already outside in the pool and she left this soaking wet black thong laying gusset up, on the bed all by itself. As soon as i noticed it i got instantly hard. You people know what had to happen after that. I picked that thong up so fast and inhaled the scent of that pussy so fast. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum without me even touching it. I licked up all her pussy juice and began shooting the biggest load ever as i swirled it around in my mouth. It's like she was soaking them panties on purpose so she could leave them for me. Ever since then I've sniffed her panties hundreds of times after that and she makes me hard Everytime i see her. Anybody else have fantasies about an in law like that. There's nothing i wouldn't do with her.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 24

    Growing up, I was a different child. I was aware of the sexual parts of my body long before other girls were. I got myself off by rubbing my clit before the age of 8. I didn't know what it was or what it did, I just knew it felt really good.
    Well, I lost my virginity at 15. And I knew that again, I wasn't normal because I had always heard my friends talking about how it had hurt so badly their first time.
    It didn't hurt me at all. The guy didn't have much experience and was average in size, but he didn't last long and so I was left wanting more. I started trying to find things to masturbate with that resembled a penis (I didn't have a job yet, because to have a job I needed a car- I lived in the country- so it wasn't like I could go buy a dildo without my parents knowing what I had done).
    I started looking up pictures to masturbate to. One thing I always loved, was watching a beautiful cock shoot stream after stream of come. More specifically, a fat, uncut cock. I've always wanted to feel one fucking me from behind and eventually filling my pussy. I absolutely LOVE rough sex, the hair pulling, the ass slapping, feeling a man's balls slapping against my clit or ass as he's pounding me hard and deep, biting/kissing/sucking on my nipples, neck, and whatever else they can get their mouth on.
    I'm now 24, married, and feel like a terrible wife. I love my husband more than life itself, and I would hate myself if I ever hurt him. But I have tried multiple approaches with our sex life, and nothing seems to work with him. I've tried being dominant, submissive, different types of lingerie, dancing for him, letting him tie me up and make me beg, I've tried getting him to have sex in the car or outside (he doesn't want any part of that- he's afraid we'll be caught, even if we're in the midfle of nowhere). It's always super vanilla sex, he always has to be in control (even though he doesn't do much) and we always have to finish in the same position, because if we don't he can't come. He's never gotten off from a hand job or a blow job (which is funny, because I've never had an issue with those things before, if you know what I mean). He also doesn't really like foreplay.
    My dream of finding and taking a fat uncut cock has taken hold of me now more than ever, because of the lack of spice in the bedroom I can only assume. I don't want to hurt him, but I also don't know how to resist this desire when it's trying so hard to pull me into its grasp. I've tried everything I know to try, save for counseling, and he refuses to do that too.
    I can only hope I can continue to resist my moments of weakness. There seem to be a lot of big, uncut cocks around the southern indiana area.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Iâve had two sex dreams involving the same unattainable guy this week... I so badly want to live them out. Itâll never happen, but if I wasnât in a relationship... if he wasnât in a relationship... and if he wasnât my boss... Iâd try it on in a heartbeat.

    The latest dream was incredibly arousing. It began simply enough; having a casual chat about self pleasure - as we all do with our employers... right? ;)

    It lead into a discussion about nipples - which by the way, Iâm obsessed with. If thereâs a nipple available for me to touch... iâm in!

    In the dream, he exposed a nipple and dared me to do my worst. Instantly I was leaning over and lapping at it. Did I mention I love nipples?


    Long dream cut short, it went as far as his face in my crotch and me moaning loudly and writhing around like crazy. I woke to my hand down my soaked panties as I flicked my bean myself... hanging onto that dream with all that I had.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Male / 35

    I need my c**t fucked open, but I dunno where to go any more. I used to use CL and had a few good hookups. One had a huge thick penis that really stretched my sexhole. Another had a small dick but I could eat his dick and nuts at the same time and swirl them around in my mouth. Another liked to 69, and would suck my big clit like a wiener for hours. I'd love to try a threesome, suck two cocks at once, and get spitroasted while they take turns fucking my mouth and c**t. Maybe they can try fitting both dicks in my hole at the same time. I'd also really like to suck & fuck outside, in the back yard, or let strangers use my holes through the fence.
    But i don't really go out much, and without CL I dunno where to go. What do people use now for casual? I'm in the pnw.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 45

    I dream of of having a full body massage with an orgasm ending. I live in East Mesa Arizona and cannot find anywhere.
    I'm dissapointed

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 31

    My wife and I have been happily married for 3 years, we are each others best friends and soul mates.
    But we knew, even while dating, that sex between us never "clicked". I know I am not blessed size-
    wise which is part of it, but she has a much higher sex drive than I do to begin with.
    So, we use a lot of toys which is starting to get old for her I know. She has been dreaing more
    and more about a "real" big cock and not just a toy

    Anyhow, lately we have been roleplaying about her having sex with another guy. And I honestly
    do think it will happen at some point. Who it is does not matter - he will just have to respect us
    as a couple, and be there when she needs him.

    We were at a bar a few weeks ago, and the bartender's name was Paul - and he was a good size black
    guy. Race does not mater to us, but for some reason we have been talking about him being "the one"
    all the time noww.

    Here would be our dream scenario....

    Paul would come over maybe once a week to have sex with my wife. My wife noticed his hands were
    enormous and we fogure the rest of him would be the
    But - we would all be friends, too. Paul would come over and talk to us for awhile, have a drink
    or something before taking my wife to our bed here at home.
    I would come in every now and then while they were busy to kiss her, or to tell her I love her.
    But he is there to take care of her sexual needs. Period.
    My wife and I joke about how it will be like she has TWO husbands - one for sex, and one for love.

    I would go down on my wife most the time after they are done. Not in a "gay" way, or a submissive
    way to Paul, but more for my wife and I to share something that is so very personal and special.
    We would both have another guys cum inside us, that her body helped create! That just sounds so
    It would be so casual as I ate his mess, though - we would talk, I would joke about how he seemed
    a lot more potent that day or something. Again, it would just be like 3 friends having fun.

    My wife would be willing to have Paul call her for a quickie every now and then too, which could
    be fun. We want to make sure his needs are met ass well.
    So, if he is driving in the area, he could call and tell me he is horny and to get my wife ready
    for him. He can say how or where he wants her, and she can be naked, on the kitchen table or bent
    over the couch when he arrives. Wherever he tells us!
    He would come in - basically fuck her until he is drained, and leave. Of course both my wife
    and I would thank him for stopping by.

    We talk about taking Paul with us on vacation. Getting a hotel room with two beds - one for them
    to have sex in, and one for my wife and I to sleep in and hold each other after they are done.
    We both think it would be so fun for people to see us out in public, and my wife taking turns
    kissing her "two husbands".

    We know there would be a pregnancy risk, but my wife would have the baby and we would raise it as
    our own. This is probably the only reason a black guy may NOT work out, but again we are open
    to any race as long as the guy is "big" and understands what he is there for. If Paul or another
    black guy did get her pregnant, we wuld say that we had to go to a sperm bank due to health
    isssues that I have or something.

    My wife is very fit, plays tennis and works out just about every day, So, we know there has to
    be a guy out there willing to be my wifes 2nd husband.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I want my wife to fuck two of her ex boyfriends from high school. Her first bf is named John. She told me when they'd was around the age of 14 - 15 they would go swimming in his pool. She said he would finger fuck her and she would jack him off in the pool. She said they never fucked but would go into his room before and after swimming and straddle him. She said she had her bikini on and he had his trunks on. She said she could feel his cock pressing on her pussy lips and playing with her then 36C tits. I want her to finish the job and go fuck him. Second guys name is Thomas from her senior year of high school. I was dating her at this time when it happened. I am so still turned on. We had a small fight and she wanted her freedom and meet this guy at school. She eventually told me she rubbed his cock through his pants and finally admitted she gave him head at a local chain super store. She said she never fucked him but I don't believe her. I was able to get her real horney a few months ago and made her get his picture of Facebook while she gave me head she was so turned on. I was able to convince him that I was a girl on Facebook and he sent me a cock pic. It's a little smaller than mine but not bad. I just want these two guys to fuck her and I want to record it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 31

    Last december we had marital trouble.. My husband was chatting with this girl in his work.. So i confided to a male friend who gave me really good advices.. I fell for him and have a big crush on him.... I enjoy every minute that we talk and go out together.. I always wished that we could be alone and i could show him what i am capable of "doing" to him... But both of us are married.. I do not even know how to initilde it if there opportunity arises... Any advice?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I've noticed this really hot younger woman with a group I volunteer with.
    At first I ignored her (way to young). But over the past couple of years, she's gotten more curves.

    This weekend I was watching her struggle to adjust her tight jeans, she's trying to pull them up, fighting her ass to get the jeans higher, wiggling her hips the way women do.
    Watching her wiggle, seeing that inch strip of bare dark skin above her waste, then looking up to she her round firm and big tits just swaying with her hips. Gave me a semi right there.

    The next day as i am eating out my wife's asshole, face between her cheeks, all I could imagine is this young woman's ass, hoping to feel her large cheeks spread and pressing against my face. Wondering how her asshole must taste like, listening to her squeals as I bury my tounge up her dark black shitter.

    I can imagine her heavy black breasts pressing against my face as she sits on my cock. Her sighing as my thick cock parts her creamy pussy. Her laughing as she buries my face in her tits. I look up and kiss her, slipping her the tounge, just as I reach around and massage her ample ass with one hand, and slipping a finger into her asshole.

    I'm thrusting in her and can feel my dick in her with my finger, she kisses back and purrs "you can have my ass if you want." Into my ear, "Fuck! I yell" as the very thought of stuffing that perfectly shaped Ass makes me blow load after load into her pussy!

    I bury my face in those huge tits, sucking on her dark, erect nipple.
    I wait a bit, then slowly withdraw my cock, I ask her to stay above me. I look Down to see those brown pussy lips, streaked with cum, her bush matted with her white cream my cock brought forth. I eagerly await the drops of cum to slowly ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy.

    Maybe next time her ass I think.

    Where was I? Oh, yes, eating out my wife's asshole......

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