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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    My wish is that for once people would listen to me. I listen to everyone else's problems, but if I have any, they cut me off to talk about themselves.
    I always help everyone else, but on the rare occasions I need help, no one will help.

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    Posted by Anonymous


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    Posted by Anonymous

    My wish is to be a hidden camera in a toilet for a girl named ALY

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my dreams and wishes is to be the prettiest girl in the world and marry the man that i love and have a wonderful children together and live happily ever after.........

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I guess I was driving a little faster than I meant to coming home the other night. I had to go and I mean bad! I was just nearing my exit when I noticed cop lights in my rear view mirror. I gritted my teeth and willed that he was after someone else. But he followed me off my exit, so I pulled over.

    I was maybe six blocks from home. There was certainly no place around open with a restroom, but I glanced frantically around anyhow. I dug in my purse for my license and insurance card. I squeezed my legs tighter and tried to fight off the feelings of panic. It dawned on me that I might be in pretty big trouble here in other ways. I'd been drinking and was probably over the legal limit. The nervousness that realization brought certainly didn't help.

    I waited for him to approach my car. I half crossed my legs and shifted in my seat. What was taking him so long? I tried not think about the piercing ache above my pubic bone.

    The irony stuck me-- usually I was the one laughing at my girlfriends in this circumstance. I don't think I have any great capacity, but I can hold out for a long time normally, and I'm usually the one ribbing my girlfriends when they're jiggling and frantic needing a rest stop.

    Now we go out to the bars quite a bit, and I'm well acquainted with the feeling of being a bit drunk and suffering a very full bladder. Us girls just can't go anywhere we'd like like guys can. But I'm accustomed to it, and am always able to just cross my legs to squeeze my little pussy tight, ignore it, put it out of my mind. My two best girlfriends don't seem to have that ability. Now I sat remembering all the times I'd teased them about their predicaments, and told them to just not think about it. But here I was, myself well past the point of just putting it out of my mind. Even though I told my self to relax, my body remained tense.

    Finally the policeman approached the car. He asked for my license and I gave it to him. He looked it over, and then swept his flashlight over the interior of my car. I have quite nice legs, and I was wearing a short skirt and dark hose. I know how guys are, and I figured he'd try to stretch this little stop out as long as he could, having gotten lucky enough to stop a drunk girl in come-hither bar attire. Just what I didn't need!

    He told me to wait in the car while he called in my info and he returned to his car. I hoped he hadn't been able to smell the alcohol through the open window. I shifted again trying to find a position that would ease my discomfort. All I could think of was how sweet it would feel to slip my hose and panties down, and feel a cool porcelain seat on my thighs, and then let go.

    Many a night I've driven home with a very full feeling down there, but I can always make myself think about something else, and the next thing I know it, I'm home. But I'd crossed the line tonight. We'd been bought a round of beers at closing time. The image of me guzzling the last whole beer kept flashing through my mind. Here I was already frantic, and I was sure that last beer was still on its way. Again, I felt panic as one part of my mind tried to tell me that this was it, that this time I'd never make it.

    My body went involuntarily rigid again, and I clenched and squeezed for all I was worth. I dug my fingernails into my palms and tried bag. I remember holding onto the zipper of the sleeping bag and telling myself that as long as I held on to that I'd be OK. Finally exhaustion had overcome me and I dozed off, only to awake to the feeling of heavenly relief as I soaked my sleeping bad. I'd tried to stop but the feeling was just too sweet and I went ahead and let it all flood out of me.

    My thoughts were interrupted. He was approaching my car again. He asked the dreaded question. "Ma'am, have you been drinking?"

    "I had a couple of beers officer," I answered as evenly as I could. "I think I'm fine though, really," I added, very convincingly I'm sure.

    "If I could just have to step out of the car for a moment, please." His tone of voice was stern and curt.

    I opened the door and slid gingerly off the seat. I gasped quietly as I stood up, and tugged my skirt back down into the realm of at least semi-decency. He had to be enjoying stopping a young lady thusly attired I thought grimly. My bladder felt like a heavy rock, and it felt like it was ripping and tearing under the strain.

    He asked me to close my eyes and hold my arms out to either side. I stood knees squeezed and complied. A long pause.

    "Touch your nose with the index finger of your right hand, please," he said. I did that. Then the left. I complied. He repeated this a number of times. I could hardly concentrate on what he was saying. His words sounded like they were coming from somewhere very far away. He switched the order a couple of times and messed me up, I just couldn't seem to make my mind focus.

    Next he had me do the dreaded "walk a straight line" routine. I walked gingerly, my heels clicking on the concrete, and every vibration seemed to go straight to the nerve endings in my tortured lower abdomen. As I went to spin around and walk the other way, I felt another intense wave and bent slightly forward. I paused and teetered, helplessly realizing that this didn't look good at all. Then he had me do all that again. He stood there haughty, detached, observing me, and I'm sure drinking in my helplessness, a slim, attractive young female dressed to attract male attention skittering on high heels under the street lights.

    He asked me to wait in the car again. I slid back into the driver's seat, thankful for what small comfort that provided. I found myself shifting my hips regularly, feeling like if I just moved a little this way or that I could find a way to stay outside the still growing reservoir in my body. Another interminable wait. I wasn't even thinking about a DUI now. I just wanted to go somewhere where I could pee, oh to be able to just pee.

    My body tensed again, and I pushed my fist into the car seat on either side of me. Suddenly an unfamiliar feeling. Every nerve in my body felt suddenly on fire as I felt a few drops actually push out in into my urethra. I clenched my teeth and held on tight. A few drops had leaked out, I wasn't even sure if they'd made it far enough to moisten my panties, but they'd made it out of my bladder in spite of my most concentrated efforts.

    Now panic struck. And the police officer was back at my window. He told me slowly and evenly that he'd considered bringing me back to his car for a breathalyzer test, but he said he was fairly certain I would fail. He said that since I was only a few blocks from my home, he would cite me only for speeding and having a tail light out, and he would let me park the car and go home. He said he would call for a cab for me if I desired, or he would run me the few blocks.

    My mind raced, thankful to not be in trouble, but weighing the relative speed of each alternative. I thanked him, and indicated I'd accept the ride. He suggested I lock up the car, and come back while he finished filling out the paper work. Maybe he was going to make a pass at me, I didn't know or care. I had no choice. I got out and walked to his car trying to assume a normal stride. Every time my legs stretched, my mind registered the agonizing need from my bursting bladder.

    He motioned me into the front seat beside him. He made some incomprehensible call on his radio. Unable to shift and wiggle as freely, I settled for biting my lip. He began scribbling on his clipboard. I felt another wave of total body tenseness and bit my lip harder. Again, that unfamiliar feeling, like someone suddenly flipped on all the lights in my alcohol-dulled mind. And a few more drops of my pee escaped my bladder, enough for me to this time notice a little warm, dampness in my panties. I may have even made a quiet sound when this happened, I'm not sure.

    More seemingly endless writing, and then he began lecturing me on the dangers of drinking and driving. It seemed to be a pat spiel that he'd given many times. He finally eased up on the lecture, and made another radio call. Another wave was upon me. I fought it, trying not to appear fidgety or nervous. He was writing again on a new form. I uncrossed my legs, but before I could recross them, another wave hit, stronger this time. And the dam started to burst. I felt a few droplets force their way out. I felt like I could feel every little drop as it squeezed its way to freedom. I clenched and inhaled. Another few drops. They felt more, I don't know, "connected". Frantic squeezing. Another few drops, no wait, this was a small stream, slow, a little trickle. I squeezed as hard as I could but it had absolutely no effect.

    My poor little muscles down there were not listening to my brain anymore. I started to pee uncontrollably, and was startled and embarrassed by the sudden hiss, clearly audible over the sound of the motor running. I gasped audibly a couple of times, pushing my fists into the seat and raising up off the seat, fighting to stem the tide.

    I regained control, but I was soaked. "I'm so sorry," I said. "I'm terribly sorry," I repeated a few more times, not sounding very coherent.

    "Well, ma'am, why didn't you say something," he said. With no further delay he put the car in gear and we began moving. I burst into tears. I sat there sobbing with embarrassment and shame. It only seemed like moments are we were at my apartment building.

    My shoulders shook as I continued to sob quietly. My thighs remained clamped.<p>"Ma'am, can you find your key" he said.

    I dug around in my purse. I finally came up with the key, but I still couldn't move. I was sure if I moved I'd let loose again.

    He got out and came around and opened my door. "Come along, it's going to be fine," he said. And then his strong arm was around my shoulders helping me up the stairs. He took my key and opened the door for me.

    He escorted me inside. Everything was a blur from the tears, from the alcohol, from the mind numbing pressure in my bladder. I just wanted to disappear into a hole in the earth. I put down my purse and slipped off my jacket. He'd disappeared.

    Stepping out of my heels I bolted towards the bathroom. I was still in agony, the few squirts having done nothing to significantly ease my situation. I was startled to see him emerge from the bathroom holding several towels.

    "Come here," he said. "Let's get you cleaned up."

    I was struck speechless by the moment, by his quiet tone of voice. He found the zipper of my skirt and he slid the wet garment down my legs to the floor. My hose and panties were a wet mess. He firmly tugged these down now too. I was standing there, knees together, as he began to gently pat my bottom and my thighs with the towel.

    "C'mon, it's OK," he said, gently pushing the towel between my legs to dry my pubes. Then he took my hand and led me to the couch. "But I still have to go, I still have to go," I was thinking, but his movements were hypnotic. He spread a towel on the couch and bid me lay down. I sat on the couch and he coaxed me into laying back. He gently patted me with the towel again, drying my damp inner thighs and my pubic mound. "We'll get you all dried off," he said, his voice soothing and caring.

    "Ooh, but I still have to go so bad," I found myself saying. My pelvis arched slightly as if to indicate it agreed. "I still have to go," I repeated, hesitantly, feeling almost afraid that I would disappoint him. My hips squirmed again, and I felt a wave of tension building.

    "Is this where you need something?" he asked gently running his bare hand over the flesh above my pubic bone and down lightly over my pussy lips. "Does it hurt a little?" he said.

    "Um hmm," I nodded. Pressing knees tightly and raising them slightly. The wave was building and I was afraid I was going to lose it again, right here in front of him.

    "Oh, please, oh, please," I said pushing up on one elbow. "I have to go," I said. The bathroom seemed so far away. Then that feeling again. He could see me tense up. I felt a couple of droplets push into my urethra.

    He was pushing me back down. "Just let it come," he said soothingly. "Just let it happen."

    Still I fought it, tensing, clenching, squeezing, but the drops kept coming. I felt one run down my bare pussy.

    "Just relax," he said. "It's OK."

    My hips bucked slightly, and a few drops escaped, trickling down to the towel beneath me. "Please," I said, but that was all I got out, putting every last bit of concentration into squeezing. But the drops were connecting again, a small flow, my pelvis arching. Jerky, spurting, squirts of pee emerged, me grinding my hips, refusing to let it come.

    "You have to let it out," he said. "Just relax," he said again. And the fight was out of me. I gave up, and let my stream emerge. It made a shallow arch between my slightly parted legs, landing a few feet down on the towel.

    "That's right," he coaxed, "let it come. Go ahead and finish."

    The stream arched higher and he moved his hand, holding the other towel, to where the stream fell. Sweet blessed relief flowed over me as I lay back and surrendered. Sweet blessed relief. I felt my whole body melt as I let go completely.

    Finally , after it seemed like an eternity, my stream subsided to just a little trickle, and then stopped. "That's a good girl," he said. He dabbed gently at my pussy with a dry towel. "Are you all better now?" he asked. But as he dabbed, I felt my flow start again. A thinner stream formed, more delicate this time. "Oh, you weren't quite done, were you?" he added.

    My body didn't seem to want to stop. Three more times I paused and started again. "My, my, my, we really had to go didn't we," he chided each time I'd start again. But then I was done. He dried me ever so tenderly, pulling the wet towel from under me. Helping me stand up, he led me to the bathroom. "Finally I'm in a bathroom," I thought to myself. It struck me funny and I giggled. He smiled and put his arm around me. I felt woozy, it all seemed so unreal. He found talcum powder in my medicine cabinet, and then he took me to my bedroom.

    He urged me to lay back on the bed, and dried me some more, patting the powder on my now quite happy little pussy. As if in a dream I floated now into a state of extreme arousal. All the attention being given to my pussy was so tender, so non-sexual, and now with the pressure gone, all my pussy could do was tingle and tell me it wanted yet another thing. He finished undressing me and was making like he was going to tuck me in. But cutting through my dazed state was a new need, a new desire.

    He patted me perfunctorily again with a towel. It was maddening, this form of non-sexual touching, when suddenly all my pussy could do was tingle with sexual need, and tingle and tingle. I moaned softly, and told him that it felt nice. I arched my bare breasts, hoping he'd begin to see me sexually.

    "Do you need a little something else," he asked again, that same tone of voice. "Does she still need something," he said gesturing to my pussy.

    "Um hmm," I nodded again, sticking my lower lip out. I wiggled my pussy to indicate it agreed.

    "She might have to wait a little bit again," he said. "She might have to wait until I finish my shift." He patted again with the towel. I was wet again, for a different reason.

    "Noooo," I said petulantly. I wiggled again. "She needs to now," I said.

    "Honey, I have to finish my work," he said, "but I'll come back." He patted me again. I squirmed. I made a silly fake crying sound. I pouted. And I wiggled my pussy again. "She really needs to right away," I said.

    He looked at me sternly, and I thought we was leaving for sure. But he began slowly undressing. He slid into bed next to me, his cock hard and bulging. "It looks like maybe he needs something now too," I said playfully. And then he mounted me, and fucked me. Our bodies melted together, grinding, forcefully and urgently, and then slower and agonizingly slower. And another wave began to build, a more familiar wave. I gave in to this wave more readily, I needed it, I needed that release now just as intensely. My body shuddered with orgasm, and as if on cue, his body answered.

    He left to return to his neglected duty. As I drifted off to sleep, a fantasy flashed through my mind. I knew I would see him again, and I knew what I wanted to do. I was already thinking about what I wanted to wear, and how much I would drink, how long I would hold it for him, and how good it would feel when I finally wet myself, and then surrendered my pussy again to his caring hands and cock.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i always day dream about going out with this guy i like. but now that my friends keep telling me he likes me and that he keeps going with me to places and calling a lot, i'm starting not to like him anymore and getting annoyed. why is this? i'm getting what i wanted and i don't want him anymore. maybe i never did like him in the first place..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i went to get an autograph by amanda bynes when she saw the picture she signaled for some security
    i asked her why she said she never posed nude u pervert and im suing
    then i had a 4some with her and the olsen's and she dropped the charges and screwed me some more

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Fantasy: A day with a six-foot-plus dominatrix, dressed in a black leather bra, black panties, stockings, and garter belt, and four-inch black stiletto pumps. First thing that she would do after greeting me is to remind me that she's the boss: so she'd pull down my pants and underwear, put me over her knee, then give me a good sound spanking...then I'd have to stand in the corner, red-faced and red-bottomed, until she sternly called me. Then taken by her to the bedroom, anticipating sex...but not yet, put on the bed, stripped of my pants and underwear...out would come a diaper, and plastic pants...powdered, double diapered, and plastic pantied, I would then be told to what a bad boy I was....after awhile, nature would take it's course, and I'd be forced to use the diapers for their intended purpose....then chastized for "making a mess" I would be changed...cleaned up, totally wiped...then she would take off her panties, and bra, and mount my throbbing member as I sucked on her voluptious tits....after she gave me quite a ride and I spent my juice, we would both crash into slumber......this would continue for the day, with various other scenarios!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had a dream my mother and i were having sex and my best friend joined in.... what does this mean?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    im 15 years old and im a lesbian twin me and my twin and my best friend have 3 somes and we masturbate eachother one time we made a circle and were rubbing eacothers boobs and sticking our tongues in eachothers pussies it was awesome

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