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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Male / 28

    It is a miracle... I went outside and just happened to catch my neighbor watering her flowers. For the past few months, I have tried to be outside early when she waters her flowers. As is usually the case, she is braless. Today she was braless with some skimpy thin Greg shorts and her ass cheeks were hanging out. We stood at the fence talking and before she left, she joked that I always happen to catch her before she can put on a bra. I just smiled and said that is by design.

    She is mid 30âs with a very nice set of tits and amazing hard nipples. Sure hope this can turn into something more...

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    Straight Male / 30

    I'm just here to shout my most recent cringe-worthy fantasy scenario into the wind.

    Sometimes I find myself really into diaper porn, usually of women getting embarrassed and forced to wear diapers (preferably after a kinky discipline session or so). I like the humiliation aspect, or even the secret thrill of a girl who is forced to degrade herself by messing the diaper in public.

    That is NOT the most recent cringeworthy fetish-fantasy that's been plaguing me. No, instead this one is about to get a whole lot more cringe, primarily because of the person involved.

    As of late I've been joining a few Facebook groups mocking the shit out of right-wing memes. A frequent target of these groups is the notorious right-wing student organization "Turning Point USA" or TPUSA for short. TPUSA spokesperson Charlie Kirk is often the butt of these jokes, and both he and the organization are routinely mocked (much to my amusement) for their infamous 'diaper protest' at Kent State. Kirk and company were so thoroughly lambasted for this stunt that the fellow conservative student org Young America's Foundation used it as a point of critique against the man. So far, so good, a few chuckles at the expense of TPUSA and Kirk were had.

    Then I found out about Candace Owens, a black Conservative vlogger who later joined up with TPUSA and seems to be at least professionally close with Clark and Shapiro. Now, at worst I find her politics repulsive, consisting mostly of talking down to others and towing party lines. Let me clear that if I met this women in real life, I would quickly find excuses to exit her company. Unfortunately, Candace is reasonably good-looking, at least as anybody who presents themselves as a public figure.

    So we come to my politically compromised boner.

    In full confessional mode, I wish to take Candace Owens and diaper her. I want to plug her mouth with a ball-gag, stopping that torrent of filth she spews forth, and strip her down to her panties. I yearn to wipe that condescending, smug, obnoxious look off her face by spanking her on the ass. I want to tie her up helpless and slowly take off her panties, and to fuck her right in both ass and c**t, until she's left with a filled gooey cream-pie. I want to diaper her, lifting up her legs to slide a girly diaper underneath, plopping her butt down and wrapping it up tight in plush, crinkly, absorbents.

    I wouldn't put Candace (assuredly mortified by this point) in those ostentatious puffy pieces, though, I'd find something a whole lot more subtle. I've always been more of a fan of diapers which upon first blush can be mistaken for panties or something like that, so that there's more of a thrill in the girl going undetected or hiding her embarrassing undergarments. I would want to place her spanked, punished ass in a pair which couldn't be easily seen or detected underneath a tight pair of jeans or a skirt.

    I'd force her to mess them, or to walk around all day with a plug up her ass. I'd want to tease her, strapping a vibrator where she couldn't easily reach it, keeping it on until she came for the umpteenth time. I'd like to keep her tied up, bound and wrapped, until her diaper fills with poop or pee. Then I'd change her, smacking her ass all the while. The point stands: there are many humiliating things I want to have done to Candace Owens, all of them diaper related. Last but not least, I want to see her admit to a self-loathing diaper fetish, hating herself for being exactly what led to widespread ridicule of her organization.

    It's all sorts of fucking cringe, not in the least to myself. Thank goodness for an anonymous forum such as this, because typing it out really did help a lot!

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    Straight Male / 40

    I can't stop thinking about it. I want this to happen so badly and will do anything to have it happen. It's simple,I want a girl or several girls even, to take me to the beach and walk around first to check out who's there and show me how crowded it is that day. Then they take me to the women's change room, they strip me completely and make me watch as they cut my clothes to shreds. Then they just walk away and leave me like that. I asked a few girls to do this and they said they would love to but never have. One girl even said she would help me our even more and tie my hands behind my back so I couldn't get dressed even if I did find clothes. She has at least taken pics of me naked and passed them around but I still can't get her to leave me naked somewhere. I could do it myself but it's not the same.

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    Lesbian Female / 30

    A Mexican girl came to work at our company. She started as a clerk in the warehouse. She was pretty in a Mexican girl way but she was really quiet. I wanted to make friends mostly because she was the only other person my age.
    She was very reserved and I found out she had a child. She also had a man. He was a lot older than her, she lived with her mom and her daughter and her man came to see her and she cooked for him. Counting back she had her child when she was sixteen.

    I guess I pried, I had never met a girl who had a child when she was a teen and I didn't understand how she had a man who was so much older than her. I also had to be close to her, she was Mexican but she was so pretty, I loved just looking at her. I forced the friendship, she never said anything voluntarily but the more I asked the more she told me. I also found a tattoo on the inside of her wrist, it was a shape like Gothic or something. Her mother worked in housekeeping for a hotel downtown and she had five kids, four daughters and one son. Her brother was in jail after a break in where a man was shot. Her father was in jail as a habitual offender. Her older sisters had dropped out of high school and went to work at a men's club. Her man was the landlord of the house she lived in with her mother. She was rent.

    She had been the rent since her father was sent to prison. Her man didn't want her older sisters because they were whores and in any event I imagine because she was the prettiest girl. Her man put her tattoo on her so that everyone knew she was reserved. He has the same tattoo on his arm.

    I worked with her for four years and I have been in love with her the entire time. It wasn't a puppy love either, I fell in love with her so deep it hurt. Maybe three times since I met her has she let me hug her. She wasn't very affectionate with me or her man. She cared for her daughter but only after we started hanging out did she start hugging her. I longed to be able to kiss her but the opportunity never came up. I went to her anyway and declared my love to her. When I told her out and out that I loved her and not as a friend she stood and looked into my eyes until I had to break away. I never wanted to hold her so much as I did that day. She quit work after that.

    Her daughter is now twelve and she stays with me after school. I guess I want her to have the experiences I had growing up. We go to the museum, and I took her to the zoo for her first time. Every time I see her I tell her I love her. I tell her mother I love her too. I am not shy about that anymore, I want them to know that I love them from the bottom of my heart. The good thing is that her mother let me put the girl into a parochial school where she is getting a good education.

    She has to look after her man. She is not just rent, she is his woman. I know that just because I love her doesn't mean that she loves me, not in the same way. But she let's me help with her daughter, put her in a good school and help raise her. I see her most days because her daughter goes to school in my neighborhood and I pick her up after school and look after her until her mother comes to get her, so I get a chance to see her mother and tell her I love her.

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    Straight Female / 31

    The cute guy in the cubicle next to me is going through a divorce. We've worked next to each other for nearly two years now, so I'm overhearing some of his phone calls and it seems pretty much a done deal.

    My dream, turning into a regular fantasy and ruining a couple pairs of panties, is to go to his house, get naked in his marriage bed and wait for him to come home. When he gets us to me, I would throw the covers back and show him everything. Of course I'd be soaking wet, have orgasmed dozens of times, and be ready to go wild on him. I'd say "I'm your wife now. Get over here and take it."

    And then you can pretty much figure it out from there. And I would just stay, that's it. He's mine and we live our best life, just like that. I've even fantasized about her trying to get him back and telling her the same thing. It's so empowering to me, getting a finders-keepers husband like that. It's so not me, either. When it creeps up on me at work I have to try really hard not to masturbate at my desk. I have jilled one or two out in our staff bathroom and once in my car in the parking lot over this.

    I know where he lives thanks to us carpooling together eight months ago. I want to do this. It makes my girl ache when I think about it! Should I do it?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My husband and I just got married 2 months ago. We have been together since senior year in high school. He is the eldest and has 3 brothers and one sister. His sister Katy is 19. She is stunning. Everything about her is beautiful. I've always wanted to be alone in bed with her my fantasies are wild but I've never let them be anything but fantasies.
    I love porn, I watch a lot of girl on girl whenever I get the chance. I spend a lot of time on Chaturbate and love seeing other people cum.
    Anyway husband and I were visiting his family home one evening and when I went to use the upstairs bathroom I heard the familiar coin sound from chaturbate coming from Katys room. I listened and I heard her thanking people for tipping her! OMG she is camming in her room while I'm downstairs playing board games with 2 of her brothers and parents!!!
    I login to chaturbate in my phone and sure enough I find her cam, I saved her user name to check out later.

    A few nights later I found her online and cammed with her (I didn't show my face) but I came so hard knowing she was my sister in law and I just paid to see her masturbate on cam.
    I asked her in the chat if she'd ever cam with another girl and she said yes. Now I don't know what to do. Tell her it's me 1st or organise the meet up and show up and pretend I didn't know it was her? Or should I remain anonymous in the hope this doesn't wreck my family situation? Please help!

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    Straight Female / 26

    Going back a little while. I was dating a guy who I knew was dating this other girl. I spent the afternoon at his apartment and I lost one of my earrings. His other girlfriend found it and called me and asked me what I wanted her to do with it. I asked for it back, they are nice earrings. She decided that I lived on her way home so she stopped by to give it to me. We talked for a while, and then she asked to leave so we stood in the doorway and talked for another hour. We didn't talk about the obvious, we got lost in other topics.

    When she finally left it was with a kiss on the cheek.

    She works as a server at a bar and grill where he works as the bartender. I met him because I frequent that bar and grill. That is where I met her too. Since that afternoon she always comes over to my table and she takes care of me, there is always a lot of small talk and she won't take a tip from me. She doesn't live far from me and she jogged over to my apartment and we spent a couple of hours talking and she helped me clean up my place. Only when we were making the bed did she bring up the elephant in the room and she told me that she never let him sleep over.

    She is in my head 24/7.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I saw this movie where this man fucked his wife in the kitchen while she watched tv. That's the way I want to be fucked.

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    Last year I lost my job and a friend allowed me to stay with her. I am still with her and I don't have a job. I take care of things like housework, cooking and cleaning and she works. She tells me I just have to get used to being the wife in the house. I don't do well working but I do well in school so she let me register at the university to get a masters degree.

    Not long ago, about three weeks ago we were with some friends and we met a new couple and she said 'Marsha is my wife'. When we got back home I asked her why she said that and she said 'well your my wife aren't you?'. That night before bed she told me to make up my mind. As far as she was concerned I was her wife, she didn't need a different wife or another wife, she had a wife and that was that. She also told me that it would be nice if I told people that I was her wife because lots of people ask about our relationship. I asked if that meant that she was my wife too, I mean how can I be her wife and her not be my wife. She said yes, that is exactly what she meant.

    She never asked me to be her wife, she said I was. I know that I am the wife of the two of us, she works and supports us, so that means that I am the stay at home wife. If I am the wife why do I have to initiate everything between us? She is so passive when it comes to being affectionate. She says that she wants to be the girl, to feel like a girl.

    When I moved in we were just friends. We weren't even sleeping together. Now we are telling everyone that I am her wife, and I guess I tell everyone that she is my wife too.

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    Transsexual Male / 42

    I have a dark fetish for tiny teens with no tits and smooth pussy, I know its wrong but can't help looking. I think I'm Turning into a p**o recently I stole my friends young daughters used panties the pair she took off after school and took them home and cum in them and masterbated over her lots. My wife found them along with lots of porn and a conversion with others like me. She said I'm a p**o and is going to leave me but I can't stop it turns me on and today I met a guy the sane he showed me pics of his daughter we both got off over it and his daughters panties. I think I'm supposed to be like this as I can't stop

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