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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    Since I was a teenager I dreamed of being used. I always was a heavy set female with big knockers. I got knocked up at eighteen to a guy named Jamie. He was a wimp of a husband. For years I wished he was more forceful and took control. When I was in my thirties, I started dreaming about an older father like figure using me. Guess because I adored my dad when I was a child.

    Jamie's aunt started dating someone named Jon. He looked younger than he actually was. He was muscular and good looking. Joked around a lot. I started to get fantasies about him, him treating me like a slut slave. When we had family get togethers he didn't hesitate from slapping my ass when I wore jeans. I decided to try to get his attention after Jamie's aunt disclosed that he was endowed and was too forceful in the love making department.

    I made sure my ass was available to be slapped. When I served him a plate, made sure he could down blouse me while I touch his man hood. For a Christmas present I gave him a pair of hand cuffs. Everybody laughed thinking it as a joke. He gave me a blind fold. We started groping when someone wasn't around and he would say that I was 'Hot'.

    Finally the day came when he slipped me a note saying to meet him at a certain motel and he'll bring the play toys. I almost changed my mind, but I needed excitement. Sprawled over the other bed in the room was rope, hand cuffs, blindfold, and other BDSM stuff. "We'll have fun Baby, and you'll love it!" Jon said. He said he could tell I was someone into kink and wanted adventure. He admitted to me he has a fetish for younger BBWs and I'm just the women he was looking for. "Let them tits hang freely Baby, don't hide them," Jon said. He pulled out his dick. It sure was big! I was told to get down and suck 'Big Daddy'. He slapped 'Big Daddy' across my face. "You're a naughty girl", he said. Then he told me to lift and suck on my tits. I laid backed on the bed sucking my breasts while he pulled off my pants and shove his face hard between my legs. While nibbling my clit he inserted a butt plug in me. It was a sensation I never felt before. He undressed and ordered me to rim him. I hesitated and he started to call me dirty names. "You want me to tell your hubby about this?" he said. He bent over and licked his behind and sack.

    He was so forceful and dirty to me that it was what I always dreamt. I started sneaking to his place. He and Jamie's aunt broke up. Jon had and still has a special play room. I was surprised he asked me to marry him. I divorced Jamie and married Jon. After all these years married to Jon is an sexual adventure. We are presently training Mary, a forty-one year old BBW divorcee who lives with us. 'Big Daddy' stays happy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 26

    My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We never dated anyone else. We lost our virginity to each other. shortly after graduation we got married. Few years into the marriage the sex between us got stale. I started dreaming about men other than my husband. Began to dream what it would be like to be with my sister's husband or my cousin's husband. Even my good friend's husband. I asked my husband his thoughts about wife-swapping. He got furious. We both are devoted church going Christians. "No way!", he said. Other husbands would jump at the chance if their wife told them they were interested in swapping.

    I kept on dreaming about sex with other men. Maybe it was because I never dated anyone else but my husband. Dreamt about guys with fat dicks, big dicks, dicks with foreskin. Guys with small sack, sacks that hung low and was the type that slap your pussy while screwing. I kept wishing he would change his feelings about wife-swapping.

    I kept probing his mind, hinting fantasies while we made love. Told him love and sex were two different feelings. You can love someone very dearly like the way we love each other, but have sexual lust and desire for someone else. He then admitted to me he dreamt about the neighbors wife. Caught them nude using their hot tub. "I too spied on them while they was using their hot tub.", I told him. "Who would you feel comfortable swapping with?" I asked. Then he told me no one that we know and try to find someone on the internet. While surfing on the net to find a couple near our age, to our surprise my cousin had posted on there. We smiled at each other telling each other this would be a great opportunity to get involved in partner exchange.

    I called my cousin inviting her and her husband over for drinks and conversation since it's been awhile and we needed to be updated about each other. We greeted them in a very friendly way. I was dressed in hot pants and rolled up tight blouse. We drank and talked. We told them about our neighbors. They seemed interested. Told them they was an older friendly couple just enjoys nude hot tubbing. I asked her if we had a hot tub, would she and her husband go nude with us in the tub. "Sure, it would be fun." she said. While chatting, I kind of loosen my blouse and her husband nudged her. My husband was running his hand up and down my leg. I guess it was a hint by her husband. I was asked by my cousin to join her in the powder room.

    "What's going on?" she asked me. I told her we were surfing the internet to find our first couple to wife-swap and come across their profile. Told her we felt it was more comfortable to try swapping with people we know that has done this. "Guess we was trying to send you two signals that we wanted to experiment a bit and see if it is for us." I told her. I warned her my husband wasn't to keen of people in the church knowing we wife-swap. "Leave that to me and my husband", she said. Told me to sit by her husband. They have a signal system.

    I sat next to Dave, my cousin sat next to Tom. My cousin nodded her head. Dave ran his hand under my blouse, Tom watched but didn't like the idea. My cousin saw that in Tom and started rubbing his groin. She unzipped his pants and went down on him. That took the jealousy out of Tom. Dave stood up and showed me his dick. It was big and uncut. I had to touch it. Meanwhile my cousin dropped her shorts and rubbed her hairy pussy in my husband's face. I started to envy my cousin. My husband seemed to enjoy her beaver too much. I pulled my hot pants down so Dave could see my shaven slit. Dave went down on me, his tongue working on my clit got my juices going. As Dave was pleasing me I saw my husband's dick in my cousin's beaver. the sight of my husband cock in another woman made me rethink the idea of wife-swap.

    Instead, when we need a little s spice in our marriage we do nude hot tubbing with our neighbors.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I suppose everyone has fantasy's about a teacher at school, I was no exception to the rule, I always fancied my math's teacher!
    Of course being only 16 all I could do was wank over her! I jacked off many a load thinking about her! probably many boys did at the time she was fucking gorgeous!
    So I left school wondering what to do so I decided to join the RAF as a pilot which meant getting a degree and the like, I could have done with her help I can tell you but eventually qualified and was posted to Waddington.
    I was walking round Harmston village this day and I couldn't believe my luck! over the street there she was, just standing there, and I had to look twice to be sure but she had not changed, still gorgeous with long brown hair and beautifully dressed, I just stood there looking in civvies and eventually she saw me and gave me an uncomfortable look!
    I had no choice, I had to walk up to her and ask even though it felt a little weird! I said excuse me but are you........ she said yes but I could see she was a little puzzled, I said who I was and she used to be my maths teacher, Oh my god she said! how are you! it been a long time and what are you doing here, do you live here! I mean for a second I thought she was going to hit out at me thinking I was some king of pervert!
    The ice broken I asked if she would like a coffee and she said yes, at least 4 coffee's later we were still talking, I said everyone thought you left to get married, Oh thats right I did but it didn't work out so I'm on my own now, I just stayed down here with my mother and still teach at the local school.
    I said after I left school I joined the RAF and became a pilot and I'm based just up the road at Waddington, so my life had been rather busy just trying to get through all the training.
    I decided to ask if she was doing anything later on as I was on leave and she said no nothing so I asked her if she would like to meet up later at the Thorold arms later on, she said yes and gave me her address to pick her up.
    I felt like I was walking on air, after all this time meeting her again and she still looked the same as she did back then!

    So later that day I went to pick her up and she looked wonderful, boy we had a wonderful night, talking about the past and what we had done since, she started talking about her marriage and why it failed, it would appear he had her but couldn't keep his dick out of other pussy's! and to tel the truth I was shocked at that, here was this absolutely beautiful lady and her husband was fooling around with other girls!

    I said if it had been me I would never stray, Oh really she said and why would that be? I said she was beautiful back then and still was a beautiful young lady, Well he didn't seem to think so she said, he strayed everywhere!

    I said I was sorry for the way he behaved and he was a poor excuse for a man and changed the subject!

    A few drinks later, around 23.30 I think I said I would drive her back home and thank you for a lovely evening, and with that she collected her things and we left, arriving back at hers we got out and I saw her to her door, Oh just a minute she said I have t pop next door to see if my mother is Ok, fine i said I'll wait here for you but I felt really awkward, I wanted to go in hers but I didn't really have the nerve just to assume, after about 10 mins she returned and thanked me for waiting, he would never have done that for me she said, I thanked her again for a wonderful night out and said I hoped we could do it again sometime and said goodnight.

    She just looked at me, would you like a coffee or something before you go, I would love one I said, come on I'll put the kettle on she said.

    I sat there with all the old feelings going through my head of when I was at school! I couldn't help it I still wanted to have her! but now all the things I had become stopped me! Here we are she said coming in with two coffees, So you are a pilot she said, yes on Vulcan's at Waddington I said, I never thought you would become anything like that! well neither did I at the time but while my friends were busy fighting and drinking I wanted a life and Career I said, I want to ask you something she said, did you fancy me when you were at school? I think all the boys did I said, well I'm not asking about them I asking if you did she said! Of course I did I said! but there was no way you could have fancied me at the time I said! Oh you would be surprised she answered!

    We talked for what seemed ages sitting next to each other, eventually we just looked at each other, we had our first kiss! then another and another, eventually our hands were touching each other on her sofa, I slipped her blouse off her shoulders and undone the front clasp on her bra, her breasts were all I though they would be as I caressed them, her hand reached down to undo my belt and trousers, hold on she said and stood up, letting her skirt fall to the ground exposing her g string which she stepped out off too! I followed suit taking off my trousers and underwear.

    Our hands explored each others body, seeing her beautiful dark haired vagina for the first time gave me an enormous erection! which she lovingly touched and stroked and after a few minutes, started kissing and sucking, I responded in the same manner and we ended up on the floor in a 69 position! with her over the top of me, that first lick of her vagina was heaven, my tongue parted her lips and went inside her as she rode it, her sex smell was overpowering, my erection was so big and hard it was beginning to actually hurt!

    I really couldn't take anymore! her mouth was to much as I felt my cock begin to twitch, she obviously knew I was about to cum and waited for me to shoot, she locked her mouth over the tip as I let it all go and she drank every single drop! and when I was done she sat up, still over my face, rubbed her clitoris while my tongue was still in her, her vagina tightened, and released a stream or warm liquid into my mouth, her orgasm tasted great.

    We were not finished yet though, she lay down next to me, I climbed over the top of her, her legs parted naturally, I still had an erection and it found her warm entrance, slowly my cock pushed it's way all the way inside her,her warm vagina around my cock was the most wonderful feeling in the world, we lay there making love properly for the first time, my cock and balls were covered in her cum, I was cumming again, I was about to pull out and cum over her but she said no, please cum inside me, I push all the way inside her and had the most orgasm I have ever had, my cock twitched away inside her for what seemed ages, I pulled out feeling at last I got my fantasy!

    She was not finished though, for what happened next took me back a little, as I lay there on the floor she got over the top of me again, she started licking my cock and balls clean, he vagina was over my face as she lifted up and pulled my head towards her crotch, I lifted my head up towards her and gingerly gave her vagina a lick, then another, she wanted me to lick her clean! as she was doing to me!

    My tongue slowly licked her, gently parting her lips, my sperm was starting to leak out of her touching my lips, I didn't care, one push up and my tongue was covered in my cum, I imagined it would have tasted horrible, you know something the girl gets but not us, but the combination of my cum and hers was heavenly as my tongue slip around her vagina swallowing all that came out of her.

    We eventually stopped! but it was not over! I stayed the night at hers and we made love all night, fucking sucking and licking, I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams she would have been anything like this!

    All that was a long time ago now, we are still together in fact we are married, she was the perfect girl at school and she still is for me.

    I have read another story on here of a guy who did have sex with his teacher at school, I wish I'd had the nerve back then.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    Recently I set two of my friends up with each other, and they both seem to be getting along great. Let's call them Alex and Lilian for the sake of this story So all should be good right?

    At first I thought I would be upset because they would be paying attention to each other more than me, and I have a little bit. But more than that, I've become so invested in their relationship I want them to tell me all of the details about their relationship

    This has led me to become obsessed to the point where I get off on the idea of the two of them fucking in front of me. I imagine they'll degrade me for being a crappy lesbian who is willing to get off to a man fucking my friend. They call me a bitch for wanting to watch while they fuck, because I'm not good enough to fuck anybody on my own.

    I love the idea of them degrading me, I want Alex to pound Lilian in front of me as she moans for him, and as I sit there pathetically rubbing one out instead of joining them on the bed. I want Lilian to tell me how good it feels for her boyfriend to fuck her while I can't do anything but watch helplessly.

    It' s extreme cuckolding, to the point where I'm getting cucked out of a relationship I never even had. It's so hot. Every time they even so much as mention their sex lives to me this fantasy plays in my head and I can't help but get wet. I hope one day they'll thank me for hooking them up by letting me be their third!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Ok this is weird but I have a weird kink.

    My wife and I were talking about celebrities we would love to fight and my wife mentioned Ariana Grande and Emma Watson.
    When I thought about my wife fighting those two I found myself getting really turned on.
    In my fantasy Ariana Grande/Emma Watson beats my wife in a fight where they're rolling around wrestling on the floor and makes my wife her bitch. She really humiliates my wife with sitting on her face and getting her in really embarrassing holds/chokes, all the while rubbing it in that my wife lost the fight.

    It's super weird but gets me hard as a rock!
    What kink is this and am I going crazy?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 21

    My Crush Fucked My Friend

    So I have a friend whom Iâve known for a long time. He was pretty fat back then but heâs been taking care of himself lately and heâs gotten better looking and muscular. I helped him get a job with me at some store and after a while of hanging and working together, this new girl appeared.

    Sheâs Arab by the way and has a very nice body, big ass and C-Cup size boobs.

    She was gorgeous and well Iâve became her friend and gotten to know her and such. Then a couple of things happened and we donât talk anymore but I still had feelings for her at the time.

    Later on as months pass by my friend decided to chill with her and so they did. Theyâve became pretty close, when I hang with him theyâre always texting. Which made me very upset and boiling.

    He also told me heâs fucked her in his dream before and that he would eat her out.

    One thing that stuck in my mind is that we were out one night at 2AM and she messages him saying âAre you home?â Iâm pretty sure he noticed I saw it and hid it till his ride came to pick him up. So pretty much at that point Iâm assuming theyâre fucking.

    I couldnât sleep that night but then the night after I had a dream of her giving him a blowjob in his car as I watched. She kept sucking him and heard the slurps and the smacking of her lips off his cock. Then she got on him in cowgirl position and just moaned and eventually he came inside her. I saw her pussy oozing his cum and yet I just watched.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Since splitting up with my BBW partner three months ago after discovering she had cheated on me, I have been fantasizing about watching her with her new boyfriend, as he fucks her with a much bigger cock than mine. I am dressed as a girl, and in chastity and have nipple clamps on that she has made me wear.. Once he is finished giving her a huge and satisfying orgasm, and cumming in her hot wet c**t, I get on my knees between her chunky thighs and lick all of his cum out of her, as she pushed it out for me to lick and swallow...
    My chastity prevents me from playing with my little cock, but once I am done cleaning her, to entertain them I have to squat by their bed and milk my self with a prostate wand until I have a pathetic feminine hands free cum... And yes, I have to clean that up too, while they laugh and verbally abuse me.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    'You like to party'?. I nodded submissively. Soon found myself naked being ass fucked and spanked. I love being a dirty used gurl.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I want to watch my wife get fucked by a young guy with huge cock. I want him to fuck her pussy balls deep and i want to see her pussy lips slide up and down his hard shaft. I want to see his balls pulse as he cums deep in her pussy.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 44

    MY wife has been fucking since she was in high school. In fact she was known as the school slut. When I met her she told me all about how she just loved fucking and didn't want to stop. I thought that was great and told her that I would let her fuck as many as she wanted when ever she wanted and even gang bangs since she had told me she had been in some during school and work.

    This has been great and our love has grown stronger over time since we hold nothing back and she tells me all about her adventures while we make love. The one thing she has mentioned to me is that she wonders what it would be like to see me suck a cock until they cum. I finally told her that if we could get two or three shemale's that had great bodies but with big dicks I could suck their dicks and she could take turns fucking them as she watched me. I think now I would love to see her being fucked by some shemale's and me sucking their dicks getting them hard for her. I know that it wouldn't be long before I would suck one off until it shot cum in my mouth and she would love that.

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