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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Male / 37

    I always wanted to take my clothes off in front of a bunch of women but knew I never would have the nerve to do so. Also, it would be difficult to get a bunch of women together who would be willing to see a guy naked without being offended. It's not like you could just walk up to them and ask without them possibly calling the police on you.

    Being away on business I always visit strip clubs and watch women dance naked. I am in one club and once you walk in the main door there is another entrance to another club. I asked about the other club and was told it was a male strip club. The doorman says he doesn't judge people's based on their sexuality and asked if I wanted to go into it. I told him I wasn't gay but was curious. I told him I was only curious in seeing men dance not in the bi-curious way. I know that didn't come out right but the doorman said it was all good and told me just to go in for a while to check it out.

    I go into in the male strip club and it was a pretty small room. The smallness of the room had the strippers in pretty close proximity to the audience. There were about 50 women in the room but I only ever saw 2 same male strippers. I ordered a drink and when it came the waitress asked if I would be dancing. She told me the stage doesn't open to amateurs for another couple of hours and I would have to sign up at the bar. I told her I wouldn't be dancing and was just curious about male strip clubs. She said everyone would enjoy it if I did but it was all up to me. I finished my drink and went into the other part of the club to watch women dance.

    I watched women dance for a couple of hours and was curious how many amateur guys would be dancing at the male club so I decided to go back to the male club. I ordered a drink and the waitress recognized me. She asked if I had changed my mind and was quick to tell me to go to the bar and sign up as they were to start shortly. I told her I wasn't going to be dancing. She told me 5 guys had already signed up and the more the better. I told her I would be uncomfortable going nude on stage. She tells me I didn't need to go nude and a lot of guys don't. She tells me to watch and I would see for myself.

    The show begins and a women introduces each amateur dancer. The waitress was right in that a lot of guys don't go nude. Two stripped to their underwear, two stripped to their underwear but did a couple of quick flashes of ass and their junk and only one took everything off. After seeing these guys I thought about dancing. I knew it wouldn't be bad stripping down as I could keep my underwear on. I began to think about how I may never get the opportunity to get women together like this who were willing to watch and not be offended. I went up to the bar and signed up. I was told there would be one more guy before me and to wait until I was called up.

    I get called up and begin my dance. The audience was very welcoming. They were yelling and cheering me on. I took my shirt off and was welcomed with cheers and yells. I took my shoes and socks off next which started the crowd yelling for my pants next. The song ended and once the next one started I began to remove my pants. I had done it. I was now on stage in just my underwear. The crowd begins yelling for them to come off. I wasn't planning to go any further but the crowd was still yelling to remove them. I decided to give a quick flash of my ass which had them yelling and cheering louder. The crowd was making it very difficult to stop. I didn't have the nerve to go further but began thinking. I was thinking again about probably never having an opportunity like this again. I decided I had to at least flash my junk to the crowd once to fulfill my dream. I grabbed my waistband and quickly flashed my junk. I don't know what came over me but in a split second decision I pulled my underwear off and tossed them into the crowd just as the song finished.

    The next song started and I was on stage wearing nothing and everything exposed. The cheers and yells were louder now and I was getting turned on by it. I moved closer to the audience and I felt hands on me in places they probably shouldn't have been. I don't know if the club had any rules but no one was stopping anyone. I had an erection through most of the last song and even stroked myself a little on stage. The song finished and that was it for my performance. It felt both great and unnerving at the same time knowing what I just did. I was told I broke a couple of rules but no one seemed to mind so it wasn't a big deal. When I asked what rules I broke I was told erections were not allowed and no sexual acts like me stroking myself.

    I got dressed and didn't stay long before I left.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I have an urge to be held down. To feel I am held down. It is not like you can talk to anyone about this. How do you tell someone that what you want is some guy who is strong enough to grab you by the neck and get you on your knees until he shoves your face into the ground. The man that does that can fuck me.

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    Straight Male / 22

    okay this is my confession I'm a 22 year old male living in the North of England, last year around November I started a beginner salsa course. Many of people who attended are actual partners but does have an minority of single people mainly females, I was paired up with one girl for a couple of weeks then she decided It was not for her and quit.

    I found a new partner 2 months ago to a girl who Is 27, her dance partner was not her (Fiancé, I found out she was engaged later) he was a guy who was involved In a car accident and was no longer able to attend. Well this girl at didn't put much into her appearance for class but was an good dancer she's been doing it for 5 years.

    Last week at salsa class It was an event party fund raiser fancy dress the theme was clergy, nuns and bunny girls.
    She came as a bunny girl and looked amazing her black hair was down and curled, purple eye liner and mascara, her outfit was one of the most daring I've see there a strapless playboy bunny with no tights or fishnets(amazing natural legs on display)and could she the side of her but alittle from behind and black strap heels she is 5'7 but easy another 4 inches from them.

    so the question is she is engaged, looks hot when she dresses up how do I get to sleep with her.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Was in an all-girls' Catholic school for most of my highschool life. I'd had a bit of a crush on an older girl who was perfect- pretty, sweet, all that sugary shit. Initially it horrified me at first but I fantasized about her secretly being very dominant and aggressive, especially towards me. I'd have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom from how wet and horny I got thinking of it, and when I did I'd shove a hand down my panties, close my eyes and let my imagination go wild.

    I imagined her excusing me out of class before shoving me into a stall and pressing up against me, rubbing me through my skirt and whispering unspeakably dirty things in my ear. She'd grope at my breasts through my blouse and kiss at my neck, taunting me on how much I sounded like a dog with all the panting that I was doing. She'd lift my blouse up and push me onto the toilet seat, unhooking my bra and hungrily sucking at my nipples like a baby would for milk while her fingers slid my shorts down and into my panties.

    I'd whine, telling her to stop- but before I can even finish my warning she slides a finger in me and pokes at my clit. I'd yelp in surprise, and she'd stand up and silence me with a long, hard kiss- trailing down until she removes her fingers and buries her face into my pussy, slobbering her tongue all over it, lapping at it and poking again at my clit teasingly. She'd taunt me again and tell me to keep quiet, her hand practically digging into my thigh to keep me from rocking into her tongue all that much. I'd be so far gone I practically bite into my skin through the sleeve of my jacket to keep my screaming muffled, cumming and practically pissing all over her face- but she'd just smile and kiss me again, sweeter this time; before leaving a hickey on my neck that forces me to wear my hoodie despite the heat so no one would see.

    I haven't contacted her in a while now and it honestly embarrasses me to know my supposedly innocent and naive ass would ever come up with such dirty thoughts- but I have to admit, even now I find myself crossing my legs to contain my excitement reminiscing on the old times.

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    Straight Male / 38


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    Straight Female / 24

    I was 21 and still in college with a part time job. I met a guy at the place I was working and we more or less had a thing going, but nothing serious. He was divorced and there was still a lot of anger and hurt and I wasn't old enough to help, and I was too young for him anyway. But I was seeing him and he got into my pants, and that is why I still spoke to him even when I returned to college full time.

    I was at home, my apartment, I was washing my hair when he knocked on the door unannounced. He came in and sat down. I was in gym clothes and my hair was wet and I didn't have on make up and the apartment was a mess and I didn't have anything to offer him. He told me that his company was transferring him to South East Asia, to their office in Singapore as Marketing Director. He didn't want to go alone, he didn't want to be alone, and if I wanted to go with him.

    I sat down on the coffee table and I was honest, I told him he needed to go back to his wife, make up, apologize, whatever he needed to do and ask her to get back with him and go with him to Singapore and have a new baby over there. I was 21, I still had a semester to go to finish college, I wasn't ready to go off with a man, and he wasn't even free, he was in love with his ex wife.

    We did have sex, and I was as giving as I could be, I felt for him, he was mourning the loss of his wife and kids, I had sex with him and I told him to go back to his wife. His wife, suck it up and get her back, take her back if he had to, have sex with her, get her pregnant again, whatever he had to do, but he needed to go back to his wife.

    In the middle of this thing, he asked me to speak to his wife for him. Speaking to a 31 year old woman with two kids, that a man I had slept with, wanted her back. That is what he asked me to do. I loved him, I never told him that, but I did, so I went to her. I introduced myself to her, told her I was his girlfriend of sorts, that we slept together, and that I loved him, and that is why I was there. That it was a mistake for them to be divorced. He needed her and she needed to put away her anger and feelings and go back to her husband, get married again, and go with him to Singapore.

    She did get pregnant in Singapore.

    I have not been able to break it off with him. I am still in the wings waiting for my grand performance opportunity. While they are in Singapore I am in graduate school. He comes home for work related matters and he stays with me. I sent her a gift, and I sent a gift for the new baby. Also, when he came back the first time for a couple of days I told him I was in love with him.

    We saw each other during their annual leave. She and I share our current lives via skype, social media or on the phone. The time difference puts her on the phone early in the morning and later in the evening for me. We like it better than skype. We talk for an hour or more every week, plus the quick skype calls and emails. They will finish their assignment next year, in time for me to finish my degree.

    She is anxious to return. She has a maid to help, but three kids in an apartment is too much. We talk that when they return, we have to sort things out. We talk about that a lot. How we are going to sort things out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My dream, wish, call it what you like is to dress as a girl, and have an older guy with a much bigger cock than me give me a hard fucking. Not just firm, but hard and deep. I want my inferior cock bound up with cord so tight so I cant get hard, and absolutely not be able to cum... I'd want to suck him first to get him hard, then let him take me hard and deep anally. I want to feel his big balls slapping against mine as he drills deep, and I so desperately want him to cum an absolute gushing torrent deep inside me, want to hear him groaning and grunting as he empties his big manly balls into me... Marking me, owning me.

    I don't get to cum though. Just him. He's the man, not me.

    I know it's a short post, but I live with a woman (for how much longer I don't know LOL) and I'm a bit short of time between her nagging me and being a massive pain in the ass... And not in a fun way.

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    Straight Female / 45

    "sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". I want to start a female only speciality business. there is a need in society for it.
    paying a male model gigolo for massage therapy and sex .its ther**eutic treatments right safe sex comdons and sex health checks. what is so wrong with opening a massage parlour that is private and caters for women without lovers or in need of some handsome stud beautiful sexual massage and sexual relief. Men have them so why can't women? there is nothing wrong with it and why can't the govt help fund it in health care. "sex lives matter" forget "black lives matter". want not waste not! principle applies here. Want in this proverb == need or lack. So, the meaning is that if you don't waste X, you can avoid lacking or needing X. It is advising against waste because you might want it in the future. It was allegedly first recorded in 1772 but had an earlier willful waste makes woeful want version recorded in 1576! its as old as the hills. well it certainly would calm anxiety levels down and depression, in the moment you can save a lot more on govt paying out for all these depressed separated and divorced women. I don't feel bad about going to one. its a public need. its relaxing and calms you down. I think its as important as gym or social life and all kinds of things. its just a service contract and business what is wrong with it? nothing!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    -Always wanted older race play-
    Being black and bi sexual my whole life, there is still an itch that has never been scratched. It's my darkest kink and my most perverted fantasy and I've only came close to having it satisfied.
    My early boyhood gay experiences where with white boys my age. I don't know why, but that's just how it happened. They were nothing special, just touching and a little tasting but by the time I was in my late teens I had two ongoing was cum and the other was white guys older then me.
    With today's political and racial climate I'm walking a tight rope in my mind because although I despise racism I crave sexual domination by a white man. And I'm not talking just getting fucked or sucking a dick, I really want racially humiliation. The thought of a big cocked older guy, throat fucking me while panting, " Suck that cock, you fucking n****r" , really turns me on. Even writing this has me so GD hard!
    I really want the most humiliating race-play imaginable. Why? Why do I want a white man to literally spit in my face right before he cums in my mouth and orders me to swallow? It's mind blowing to me and I doubt I will ever find a guy willing to but being racially degraded with sex involved really drives me crazy. I pre-cum in my boxers with the thought of being fucked in my ass while being called a worthless black POS. I fantasize about relaxing my asshole so I can be pounded harder. I need to jack off, but if any can tell me why I enjoy this fantasy so much, please do.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 48

    For a long time now ive had this want for a young teen girl, preferably a cum slut.
    I was thinking about asking my daughter if she can recommend any of her friends, I know one of them likes this stuff. Im not into the young underage thing im not saying that, 18 is good. Where i come from its in the country and the schoolgirls are mostly innocent and they are bored out there heads too. I just wanna have one, slim for the moment. Fuck here from front and behind, Fuck her face and cum on her, pretty sure shed like it. Anyway we see lol

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