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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Before I tell you about my dreams, let me provide some background dynamics: My parents divorced when I was 4 sharing equal time custody and living 8 blocks apart for my convenience of being in the same school. Mom re married shortly after the divorce and I have 2 half-sisters who are arrogant bitches. Dad had 2 different live-ins and dozens of girl friends, but never remarried. Dad was a high school and college athlete - your all a American, handsome, very masculine, jock. I followed in his footsteps through high school opting not to play sports in college.

    I had became sexually active in my early teens having a 2 years relationship with the same girl the last 2 years in high school. It was Spring vacation my 11th grade when I went to visit my mom's parents in a neighboring state that I had the first dream. When I woke, the dream was very vivid in my mind and it bothered me something terrible. My grandparents asked what was wrong at breakfast before I realized the dream was having an unconscious impact. Over the next few months similar types of dreams occurred, each being very vivid with detail recall. It was mid summer and I had began football practice when the coach asked me what was wrong as my game was way off and I seemed preoccupied. He was the first person I told that over the last months I had been having (occasional) weird dreams which would lay heavy on my mind for a few days. He asked but I didn't give him any details of my dreams. I snapped back for a few months and he called me in again to ask if I was still experiencing odd dreams. That is when I told him they were sexual dreams not sinister.

    A few weeks later, while staying my week at dad's, that he told me the coach had called him expressing concern that I am having dreams which seems to take me off my game. Then dad said, "when did they start and what type of dreams are you having - sexual ?" I had reservations but finally told dad they were sexual. Dad said, every man has sexual dreams at some point in their life beginning in their teens and they never stop. Your dreams are telling you something - maybe you need to talk about what type of sexual. I told dad they were of me and different men engaging in gay sexual activities. I will never forget the smile that came over dad's face when he said he was afraid i was going to be kinky or into pain or some really bizarre kink. What really surprised me was when he asked if I had ever had sex with a male friend or a man. I told him I was not gay and had never had gay sex and never considered it and was bothered why I was dreaming I was. Dad asked if I had wet dreams or woke from the dreams with a really, really hard dick. I told him no wet dreams but really hard. Dad said, do you think about those dreams when you masturbate and I said, yes and that bothers me too. Dad got up from his chair came over to me on the sofa pulled me to my feet pulling me into one of his bear hugs and telling me it would be all right, I love you very much.

    Dad took my hand and walked into his home office set in his desk chair and told me to bring a chair and sit beside him. Before I set down dad was on a porn site and opening the gay section. He asked were my dreams more oral or anal, and I said oral. He opened hundreds of gay videos of guys sucking cock. I looked at porn too and had gay porn pop up, but never saw a full gay video as I focused on straight sex. To my surprise over the next few minutes dad and I looked at 5 or 6 gay cock sucking videos (4 or 5 minutes each). During these videos dad told me I was not different than him or any other honest man on the face of the earth who - at some point in their life every man, had experienced sex with a man or wanted to but never acted. Then dad typed in bisexual married men and up came hundreds of selections of bisexual men and bisexual men with women. That is when dad told me the best blow jobs he every had were from men. I remember saying, "BLOW JOBS- as in plural?) Dad told me one of his married buddies had sucked his dick a few weeks ago and, perhaps, it was time I tried what I was dreaming I was doing.

    That Friday night dad his date and a friend of dad's and his date came to my football game. Me and my girl friend went to eat with dad, his friend and their dates. I dropped my date at her home after she gave me a blow job and when I got to dad's and opened the door dad's friend was sitting in the family room. That is when he told me dad would be home later offering me a beer. I went to the bathroom and when I came back he saw sitting in dad's chair naked stroking his hard dick. I was shocked - literally frozen in my steps. He got up came to face me taking my hand placing it on his hard cock. I was in my dad house holding his best friends hard cock and liking it. He reached for my cock, which was hard a steel. Without a word he placed his hand on my shoulder with a gentle push and I knelt facing his hard cock. I didn't need any encouraging as I guided my first cock to my mouth. After a couple of minutes he took the sides of my head and began to slowly hunch his cock into my mouth. That is when I shop all over myself while I was still still zipped in my pants and both my hands on his hairy legs - I cum without touching myself.

    He continued to hunch fuck my mouth while I unzipped taking out my sticking cum covered cock stroking my semi hard cock. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and he took it as a sign to skull fuck my face and that he did. I sensed he was getting close as his cock got really hard and when he said, you want me to cum in your mouth, I grabbed his hips firm and he unloaded down my throat and I cum again all over his legs. He pulled me up running his tongue down my throat and rubbing my semi soft cock. My girl friend gave me a blow job and hour earlier and I had just gotten off 2 times in 5 minutes and I was getting had again in his hand. That is when he knelt taking my cock in his mouth placing my hands on the sides of his head, his hands on my ass cheeks and I skull fucked him for 4 or 5 minutes and shot off in his mouth again.

    Until I started having those dreams, I have never considered myself bi or gay and had never had sex with another man. I had been jacking off with buddies since I was 13 or 14 - while watched straight porn or pictures. I am not the stero-typical gay guy, rather like my dad, his friend and the vast majority my men in the world who enjoy both sexes. My dad and I have both had sex with a half a dozen different men but not at the same time and even 2 different females but never at the same time. We have discussed a threeway together (with a man and a women) but, as of yet, that had not occurred. Yes, once I experienced what my body was telling me it wanted and needed the dreams didn't stop they only heightened my sexuality.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22

    High School. Tenth grade. My folks had been posted overseas and I was a new kid and didn't fit in. Some kids asked me if I wanted to join them after school. We went to a lake house an hour away. There were some college kids there. I was pushed into a college kid. The crowd started chanting 'virgin', 'virgin', 'virgin'. My pants were pulled off and I was thrown on the carpet, with the college kid on top. After he got done and stood up the crowd clapped.

    I found my pants and pulled them on. A girl came and sat beside me and asked me my name. She had a car and took me home. A lot happened after that, she and I became friends, I met a lot of kids through her. I met the guy who had sex with me that night.

    In that school he had dibs on me, and he chose to keep me. I know my new friend was behind it. If he would have dumped me? Being with him meant I had to become sexually active. He was in college and I was a sophomore in high school.

    I am not complaining about what happened. I grew up, that's what happened. I was a private school kid overseas, and then I was the 'party entertainment' for the public school kids.

    I am a senior in college, I am still with him, he talks about getting married when I graduate.

    That's where I am.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 41

    I was not sure what category to put this under, since it deal with sex and cheating....
    But I have not cheated. Yet.

    I will start by saying that I do love my husband. He is a good man and a good father
    to our 2 children.
    But for the past few years, our sex life has been very "blah".
    I have kept myself in shape, I try to talk to my husband about it, but he is just very
    old fashioned and mellow.

    I want to be "taken". I want sex to be forced on me.
    I know its wrong, but when I am taking care of myself alone, some sort of r**e scenario
    is always my trigger.

    Years ago, I tried to get my husband to be more forceful, and really be aggressive with me.
    But we both just started laughing since its just not him at all.

    This is bad, but I find myself parking farther away from a store than I need to, and
    sometimes even off to the side where it not so well lit, just hoping.

    I don't want to make love. For once (or I just want to be used.
    No kissing, just a strong man to rip my clothes off and penetrate me.
    My body would explode.
    I have even started wearing a skirt without panties when I go out just to make
    things easier for whoever makes that move on me.

    I just know as I am saying "No! Stop!" I would be pulling my rapist towards me closer.
    I would quietly ask him not to cum inside me, but at the same time I would be delighted
    to feel his sperm empty in my body.
    I would have his baby.

    I hate the idea of cheating, so I guess being r**ed would be my way of cheating and
    having it NOT be my fault.

    Sometimes I think about what dinner would be like that night. My husband asking me
    how my day was, and I respond with the usual "fine". But secretly I am thinking to myself
    "I was r**ed, and I loved it!!"

    And later that night, I would initiate sex with my husband.
    He is very good at giving oral sex, so in a way I would be sharing another man's cum with
    him. That is just so wrong, but it sounds so exiting.
    But I would want to make ove to him, just to know that we are still "ok". I want to fall
    asleep knowing I have the mixture of two guys in me.

    And then the next day, I am out again. Hoping.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 37

    Love sex enjoy eating pussy!
    If you are from boise Idaho
    Let's play 2082542938

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hey, I'm pretty underage but for some reason, I want someone to fuck me, maybe someone thats 15. Someone that would kids them then pick me up and throw me into the bed and undress me, then kiss me every where, and then lick me and finger me until I'm shaking, until I'm screaming for u to stop, then to be fucked, idk. I'm sick I shouldn't be thinking this but idk

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I fantasize about my mom getting fucked hard. i want the sex to start non consensual with her getting forced but finally submitting and giving in completely, where she licks the doms asshole and drinks his pee

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Female / 50

    I am a transgender woman pre op. I want a man who can bring out my very submissive side and dominate me for both of us to have great sex.

    I need to be taken care of by a real man and be ready to give him sex when he wants it. I want him to make me his full time slut and give me his cum anytime I need it, so very often.

    I have been a good girl for a couple of men at different times. I have been trained to be a good girl and I need to please men to feel like I have a reason to live.

    I love men so much and their cum.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 26

    Any ladies of fucking dogs and want my email address ? Ot phone hmu , I'm horny ssf

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was thirteen I was taken away from my parents and sent to live with my grandmother. She is a religious freak and she insisted that I be one too. She bought me these terrible clothes and forbid make up and shaving my legs. I needed glasses to see and she bought me these ugly frames from Walmart. Everything was in Spanish. I didn't understand Spanish very will because as a little kid I didn't live in a Hispanic neighborhood and my parents didn't speak to me in Spanish.

    We lived in this older neighborhood, at the time there were not many kids and many of them were like me, living with their grandparents. In the neighborhood lived a man who would talk to me on the street and ask me to come over to his house. He would tell me I was a pretty one and he wanted to give me 'moronga', which means dick. He would call me over and show me his dick and ask me if I wanted it and tell me he wanted to stick it in my 'cuquita', which means pussy.

    I would stand against the wall of his house and he would lean over me and touch my pussy and ask for a kiss. One day he opened the door and I went in. The room was dark, he had curtains over the windows and the only light on was in the kitchen. He sat down on a chair and called me over and said he wanted to see my cuquita and kiss it and show me how much he liked me. His hands were warm as he pulled my pants down and he put his mouth on my pussy and sent his tongue into me, he held my hips and began to eat me standing up.

    He asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom so he could fuck me. He pushed my pants all the way down to my ankles and I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and he took me by the hand to the bedroom. The bed wasn't made, so he straightened it out and showed me on the sheets where he masturbated thinking about how he was going to fuck me. He got undressed and had me sit on the bed and suck on his moronga. It was dark in the room and when I put his dick in my mouth it felt really good. He told me to go to the bathroom and take a shit in case he wanted to fuck me in the ass.

    When I was done he went and got a wet towel and washed my ass and started licking me. He kept asking me if I liked him to lick my culo. He told me that when I came over I had to make sure I cleaned my ass really well because he liked licking a girl's culo because it got them really hot. While he licked me he ran his fingers up and down my pussy pinching my clit and fingering me. He would stop for a minute and ask me if I was ready for him to give me moronga.

    I know that everything happened fast, it just felt like forever, when he licked my ass it always felt like forever, but that was my first day and didn't know when to ask for him to fuck me. He got a little frustrated and said, well I am going to fuck you so open your legs and show me your tits. The fucking was so hot, I wanted him to grab my tits and kept putting his hands on my tits, but I was too smaller than him and he would put his hands on either side of my head and fuck me telling me to let him enjoy it and that he would play with my tits later.

    I went to his house a lot after that. It wasn't news in the neighborhood that I went to see him and I was his girlfriend. My grandmother warned me that going there to see him I was going to wind up pregnant, I wasn't going to be any different that any of the other girls and I wasn't. One day I heard that he had another girlfriend, she was a girl from Puerto Rico that had moved in and worked at the CVS.

    He wasn't mean to me, but he told me that he just needed her and that she made him feel good inside. That I was still his favorite girlfriend of all time but that now he needed to give her moronga and she needed moronga and what was there to do about it.

    When I moved out of the neighborhood to go live with a friend, I went back to see him for a long time. For two years I went back to see him, I needed to be with him, but in the end my time with him was over and the girl from Puerto Rico was pregnant.

    I have had several lovers, some nice and some not so nice, but not like my boyfriend from the neighborhood. He just has a way of making you feel good, he made me want him to fuck me. When I go see my grandmother I stop by and see how he is doing with his new girl and their baby. My grandmother tells me that I will never forget that man. I don't think I will.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 34

    A Mild BDSM Fantasy... I've been a good girl all my life. I even waited until marriage for sex. But, I often fantasize about what it would be like to have been more naughty.

    One of my favorite fantasies is to be paraded around in only a small pair of white panties by my Dominant (male) in small group of men where my hands are bound together with soft, velvet rope. My dominant invites the different men to tease and fondle my breasts and then suck and play with my nipples. The combination of gentle and firm stimulation would make my nipples so hard. I would cream through my panties and be so uncomfortably wet that my pussy would swell and I would beg to be fucked.

    But my dominant won't let me get fucked, he won't let me have the hard, throbbing cock I need to satisfy my now squirming, hot and bothered pussy. He inserts a single finger into me and slowly begins pumping it. It only increases my sexual tension and frustration. I want more. It drives me to the point of gasping and in a soft, low voice, "Its not enough Sir, please...I need more, please fuck me, Sir."

    To which he would say, "Oh, you will get fucked; but I'll chose when and how", as he more aggressively pumps his finger in and out of my wet c**t. Then he invites the men to continue to suck on, grab, and play with my breasts while he continues to thrust his finger inside me.

    As I my cream starts to drip down his hand, he says "You're a naughty cock hungry girl; but you won't be getting any cock tonight." He then shoves his three middle fingers into my wet pussy and begin ramming it inside me over and over. "Is this what you wanted? To feel more and be fucked? Take it, Princess." I gasp, scream and within seconds my sloppy wet pussy is cumming all over his hand. I am almost screaming with each powerful thrust.

    When I've cum, I fall to my knees out of exhaustion and realize just how sore my pussy is (in a good way) then he gently grabs my hair makes me clean up my mess, licking one finger at a time before dismissing our friendly audience.

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