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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 30

    I am up for promotion, I've been offered a partnership position. I am thirty and alone, I want a husband, children, a house and not to work. I want my sister's life. I hate my job, I hate my life, I regret so much thinking I needed to be a feminist, I don't hate patriarchy, the women at work don't impress me or make me happy, in fact I am sick of them, I prefer to be with my sister and her friends. I asked my sister to set me up, to help me. I told her I am quitting my job, I am going to get another job at the museum, at least until I get married. I have enough savings, that's all I have.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Female / 18

    I wish I was brave enough to tell my boyfriend that my cock is bigger than his. He doesn't know I was born a boy. I'm naturally petite and slender and have a naturally soft high pitch voice and I have always been girly looking so it has never been difficult for me to pass. He wants to fuck but so far I have been able to satisfy him buy sucking him off which I love to do but he really want to fuck me and I really want him up my ass. I just hope he doesn't get mad at me for not telling him.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I have a fantasy about having a family role play threesome. My husband is 23 years older than me, and I love him he turns me on very much and is a wonderful lover. But I also am curious about being with a woman, and sometimes I tease him and turn him on with the idea of another girl joining us. But secretly I would love it if another woman his age would join us because that would be so hot, and I would love to play family. But I don’t really know if I want that because they might fall in love and shut me out.

    But I still think it would be such fun

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 31

    We cant help what we dream about right? For me, at least twice a week its anal sex. And about 90% of the time its with my ex wife. I have not been with her for 4 years, and have been with my current girlfriend for 3. Our sex life is good. But twice a week or so I dream about fucking my ex and worshipping her ass.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I am divorced and semi retired. I work partime for my old company in an advisory capacity and get paid decently well for it. To be truthful it is part of the retirement program. You get a package, you officially retire, you get to work part time as a consultant and after a couple of years you are out on your own. I know that so I am not complaining. It is the divorced thing that I am complaining about.

    When I was married and I worked the proverbial sunrise to sunset I was never alone. Now I am alone, and I don't work sunrise to sunset and I got home and I don't have anything to do. I am not a hobby guy and I don't play golf, or fish or any of those outside activities. What I do now is masturbate. I find myself masturbating. At first it was like wank off, but now it is a whole planned event. I am right now trying some anal lubes and plugs, I find it very enjoyable and it really helps get me in the mood.

    For a while there I watched porn but pussy doesn't do it for me anymore. Panties do and I have tried wearing panties to masturbate and that helps. And a mirror helps and a video helps. I can masturbate better if I watch a video of myself in panties masturbating. I masturbate a lot, I buy anal lube by the gallon and I have several plugs of different sizes and I use a nice sized dildo to fuck myself. I have an overly big mirror in my room on a wall where I can enjoy watching myself. It is pretty sick.

    Now to add to the mystery of getting old I met a guy who has a small business distributing products for an internet sales company. His business is packaging and delivering. The internet company gets the order, they pass it on to him and he puts together the product (things like honey, chocolates, nuts) and send them out in a nice neat packages. His work hours vary. In any event I met him and he invited me to his warehouse. He has a nice setup, he calls it his get away mancave. He has a nice sofa, a full screen TV, a nice computer setup and the warehouse in the back. No one bothers him.

    We sat there and watched a ball game and we talked. All during the ball game I thought about what a neat set up, and I thought what if I offered to suck his cock. I am open to it, we could put on a movie and I would suck his cock for him. Crazy stuff, thinking about sucking his cock. But since I went to his mancave I have thought about it every day. I masturbate to the idea, I watch videos of men sucking cock, and I think of myself sucking his cock. I lube myself up, use one of my plugs, use my dildo and I suck on it and masturbate dreaming of being in his mancave, sucking him while he sits on the couch.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Gay Male / 45

    So deep in the closet you can't see me. I come here and read the stories of men who get to suck cock or fuck with other men. That is my dream come true. All I do now is read and jack off, I have never gotten the nerve to actually suck a cock, but I dream about it and jack off.

    I love seeing naked men, the gym is a place I can sometimes see naked men. To me it doesn't matter if they are fit with a six pack, or fat and ugly with a small cock. I like naked men. I went on a trip to Scandinavia and went to a sauna in the hotel and there was another naked man there. I masturbated all night.

    I use to know this man who insisted on peeing outdoors. It never bothered me.

    But the sad truth is that I have never been able to get close to a man and suck his cock. I don't know where to go or how to break the ice. I am 45 and I work for the same company I went to after college. I am not married because I am obviously not into women, I just don't have any feelings for them. I can honestly say that I have never had emotional feelings for a man either.

    I have flagged a couple of websites where I can read gay stories or spend the evening viewing videos of stills of naked men. To be honest I get off reading stories more than I do seeing a picture of a naked cock, but I do like naked cock pictures, and I have developed a taste for pictures of naked assholes. Pretty gross in a way, but to just think of how he likes to get fucked turns me on. I could do that now more than ever. I could see myself with a man getting behind me and fucking me.

    I would like that very much.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Gay Male / 23

    I want to have the craziest anal ever. I wanna suck a massive cock till im literally being throat fucked. Tap and rub it all over my lips as my tongue feels you throb... Slowly rub it all over my tight boy pussy, and begin to stick it in me.

    I wanna feel my ass stretch as you enter me slowly, and begin to go faster and faster. Fuck me till I shit, and don't stop. My cock will throb with each thrust in me. I wanna feel it so hard in me till my stomach protrudes as you fuck me. Go deeper and deeper till youre all the way in me. I wanna feel my ass over flow with all your cum.

    Ram your massive cock in my tight ass till I shit every where, and keep fucking me till I cum. Slap my balls as you fuck me in my boy pussy and make me scream and moan. Shit fuck me as hard as you can till my ass prolapses hard, and ram my pink sock as I shoot loads of my cum.

    Fuck my prolapsed ass so hard while I cry and scream while holding my girly feet up. You can see my feet bounce as you fuck me deeper again. My ass is so loose by now, and I begin to fart as you fuck me. So, you stick your fist in me and wiggle it so hard my cock can't take it anymore and I cum and scream for more...

    You then throw me over doggy style and thrust it in my boy pussy so hard I cum again and prolapse with you in me and fuck all the juices out of me. Hear me scream and moan helplessly for more and more, so you begin to fist me as you fuck me. I can feel your fingers first around your cock as you go in, and slowly ball your fist as you begin to thrust it in my ass. Im gasping for air and squeal as I feel your swollen massive cock in me.

    All your cum is squeezed out of my boy pussy, and my prolapse is massive now. I push harder and harder to make it bigger and bigger as you fit both fists in me. You stick your veiny cock in me once more, and fuck me so hard it makes me piss uncontrollably. I feel you fill my boy pussy with your piss till my stomach protrudes, and you fuck it all out of me. I suck you off while your fisting my ass. I slide my tongue all over your tip and shaft and deep throat you till I suck all your cum.

    You then fist me so hard, I piss all over myself, and lay there covered in pee and cum. I feel you squeezing and rubbing my prolapsed ass as you eat out my boy pussy one more time, ending it all by sticking your cock in me, and fill me with all of your piss. I lay there, filled full of piss and cum, and slowly let it all out in short bursts as I pee on my face and chest.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Looking for an older bi curious married guy in Kent county RI for a jerk off buddy and some oral.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    Hey so this is something I have been having on and off again feelings about for several months now.

    I get extremely turned on by imagining my girlfriend fucking other men.

    We have great sex but when we do not get to, I find myself jerking off frequently to mental stories of her sucking dick or getting fucked by other guys.

    She is a total freak in bed with a high sex drive. She is not perfect but some parts of her body are beyond blessed. Plus like I said the sex is absurd. Anything goes. Choking, hair pulling, the more rough the more turned on she gets. Anal, great blowjobs, great pussy, you name it.

    I have shared pictures of her in the past and I know many men would be beyond happy to fuck her. I am torn though, I do not know if I try to set up this happening if I would be upset or if I would be even more turned on.

    I am pretty sure if the situation was right and she did not think I would ever know that she would fuck or suck someone else. She used to be that way before we met, so I am sure buried inside she still has it in her.

    I do not want her to know I fantasize about this. I would want the guy to film it too on his phone because I would wanna watch it and jerk off to it. That would have to be the deal.

    I know this sounds fucking horrible but it really gets me so excited to play this out in my head.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 34

    My dream and wish would be to stroke it for my wife's mother and sister. I know it's wishful thinking because I don't believe my wife would let me do it or even get naked in front of them.

    Recently the 4 of us went out to dinner together and I wasn't feeling too well afterwards. When we got home I was very light headed and my wife helped me get into bed to sleep it off. My wife removed all my clothes in the presence of her mother and sister. It was a complete surprise as I had never been naked in front of them before but more so having it be my wife stripping me naked. So part of my dream has made some progress but the stroking would be difficult to pull off.

    After resting for about an hour I did feel better and my wife's mother and sister were still over. I decided to come out to where they were and play it up like I was still not feeling well and thinking properly. I was wearing nothing to judge how they would take it. They casually asked how I was feeling and I noticed them looking me over but they didn't make any mention of me being naked. Before I went out I did make sure to give myself an erection so when I was out there they were getting a very unexpected and unique look of me. After standing there like that for a few minutes I went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I hear her mother mention to my wife about my erection. My wife mentions it is just morning wood and I usually get one after sleeping. Her mother asks her how she thinks I will feel after I realize I was naked and hard in front of them. My wife says I seem to be so out of it I most likely won't remember much. Her sister say she thinks it's funny how when someone is not feeling right how they can act unexpectedly different. She then asks my wife how she feels with them seeing her husband this way. I was listening to all this from the kitchen and waiting for my wife's answer to this question. She says I walk around the house naked most of the time and doesn't mind them seeing me and reminds them she undressed me in front of them. Her mother asks about seeing my erection and she replies its just a part of my body in a different state. She then asks them what they thought about it. Her sister says to be truthful it's big and very nice. Her mother says it very big and very nice and very tempting. Her sister then adds is tempting and apologizes for having these thought to my wife. My wife says it is a bit of a turn-on they feel that way and doubts they will ever see me this way again so they better enjoy it while they can. She then admits she always wanted them to see me naked but didn't how they would feel and how she could convince me to do it. Her mother and sister laughed and called her a sneaky little girl. After hearing this I went back into where they were but not before stiffening myself up again. I was turned on and enjoying posing with my cock the way it was. I then decided to go back to bed. After I am walking away I hear her mother say that even though I'm her husband I am getting her very aroused. Her sister says then says I have her wet between her legs. My wife begins laughing and thinks the whole situation is funny.

    They left before I woke up but at least now I know my wife doesn't mind me naked in front of them and they don't seem to mind seeing me. I will need to plan out my next steps because I now think I might be able to actually fulfill my dream of stroking it in front of them.

    I will posted updates if I have any.

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