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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Female / 43

    I have a sick attraction to some of the boys my son plays basketball with. I brushed it off at first but Ive really come to enjoy how dirty it makes me feel.

    They play basketball in the driveway and boys will occasionally pop in, one or two at a time, to get water or plug in a cell phone. For a brief moment Im alone with them, sweaty and sometimes shirtless. Those thin basketball shorts leave little to the imagination and it feels wrong to look but I do.

    I fantasize about it when Im alone with my vibrator.

    I imagine wearing only a bathrobe in the kitchen and feeling as undressed as they are. Maybe accidentally flashing some skin to get their attention, or mistakenly brushing my hand against the front of their shorts as I reach for a drawer.

    I imagine seeing them get visibly aroused by me.

    I imagine them going to the bathroom to relieve their erections while they picture my tits, my mouth.

    I imagine secretly touching myself while theyre in the room, hoping they donât suddenly turn around and catch me.

    I imagine my husband coming home and finding me getting fucked by three teenage boys.

    I imagine everyone finding out what a sick perverted slut I am. The shame turns me on.

    You are sexually attracted seventeen year old boys?


    You like to perform oral sex on athletic high school students?


    You allow these boys to penetrate you, sometimes simultaneously?


    You let them ejaculate inside you?


    You are disgusting, exploiting an adolescents hormones for your own perverted pleasure.


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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am house sitting my neighbors house and I have the hots for their son, I was thinking about leaving my panties in his room. Its his parents house, but what would he do tell them?? It would just be between us, I am married or I would throw myself at him, he is very attractive and works hard. I wonder what he would do.....

    If he didnt see me that way before, Im sure he would after he found my panties on his bed. Or in his work truck..... I am attractive so I dont think he would be repulsed by the idea. And like I said who would he tell about it, his friends? I dont know them so I dont really care. My husband? There would be no proof they are mine, I will buy some my husband hasnt seen before.

    I posted this on another confession site so sorry if youre reading it again, I just need opinions on this.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I would love my MIL to suck my Cock, I fantasize about her walking into the bathroom again and catching me as I was stepping out of the shower, She did it before and just stopped stareing at my Hard 8# slab that I had given a pounding while in the shower. I just froze I hadn't locked the door as no one was supposed to be home for a few hours, We'd had a few awkward moments in the past but this was a highlight. I didn't try to cover up and eventually I dropped the towel I had reached for as she walked in, She never looked me in the eye, She was fixated to my Cock, I finally said are you OK Lorraine ?. Nothing, so I stepped closer to her until her hand was touching my throbbing Cock, She tried wrapping her cold fingers around it and whispered OMG it's so big and warm. Then there was a noise outside she let go spun around and bolted for her room. I closed the door and started drying myself off. Turned out it was nothing, She Never said a thing about it since. Damn it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 35

    I always had this fantasy about being caught somewhere and having my clothes either lost or removed from me and having to make my way home that way. I doubted this would ever happen.

    I used to do shift work so some of my shifts didn't have me get home until midnight. I liked to stay in shape so I did a daily jog which at times I did after midnight. Usually I left home around 1:00am and did my usual route which consisted of running through a park and then through an industrial area. At that hour there was usually no one around but this one night I hear a boy pleading and almost crying to stop. I headed that way to see what was going on. It was a group of about 10 older teenage girls and a boy who looked about 13 years old.

    The girls were trying to pull his jeans off and as I was getting closer managed to succeed. I see the girls try for his underwear and his shirt next which they successfully got off. The boy was trying to cover himself with his hands the best he could with the girls telling him to show it to them. He was crying and telling them "NO". The girls told him to do it if he wanted his clothes back. Some of the girls had their phones out taking pictures. I decided to step in to save this boy and told the girls to give the boy his clothes back. At first the girls thought about it but then threw him his clothes. The boy just grabbed his clothes and ran away without putting them on first. I asked the girls why they were picking on the boy and they said they were just having some fun. I told them the boy didn't think so and the girls began to apologize for what they did.

    I suddenly feel a tug on my shorts and realized one of the girls had come up behind me and pulled them, along with my underwear, down to my ankles. I bend over to pull them up and in doing so get pushed from behind and fell to the group. The girls were now doing to me what they were doing to the boy. They managed to get all my clothes off and then even pulled my shoes and socks off leaving me literally naked. I see some of the girls taking pictures and told them to stop which fell upon deaf ears. At this point one girl shouts to the others to get his clothes and to get out of there. The girls were running away with all my clothes and I tried to follow. I was in the industrial area and the road was littered with rocks and other things that made it painful to run and walk on in bare feet so I watched as the girls ran off into the distance with all my clothes and shoes. My fantasy became a reality now but it wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be. I was about 2 miles from home and had to get there somehow without being seen naked. I figured if I was seen or caught by anyone they would not believe my story and would probably think I was some sort of pervert out for his jollies and I would get arrested.

    I made it to the park which had no lights and gave me some cover. I knew once I got out of the park I was going to need to run about 4 blocks in a well lit area that had a usually had some cars travel on it even at this hour. Before I got there it began to ran which was a blessing to me as I figured the rain would provide me some cover. It began to rain hard which was even better for me so I just ran out of the park and made a run for home. I had only gone one block when the ran suddenly stopped. I was very exposed but had no choice to just keep heading home. One car saw me and honked its horn at me. I only saw one other car which was headed towards me. Just as it passed me it did a U-turn and pulled up right beside me and followed me. I hear shouting and comments from the car about how I had a nice ass and cock and when I turned my head towards the car saw two guys in it with the passenger recording me. I was ignoring them so I guess they got bored with me and drove away after only following me for about 2 blocks.

    I finally made it home and my heart was really beating. I was still in shock with what had just happened and realized how my fantasy had actually really happened. Once I calmed down I realized how far I ran naked and began to get turned on by it. The only thing that worried me were the pictures the girls and the car took. I didn't know what would be done with them and if I would be further embarrassed should people see them. I decided to call the police to tell them the story just in case the photos would get to them and I would somehow be arrested for some nude in public offences. The police basically said it would be hard to prosecute the girls if they were under 18 and suggested I just accept what occurred. They opened a file just to list what had happened and clear me of any wrong doing. I was surprised about 2 weeks later when the police asked me to come down to the station. They showed me a website and asked me to check a video on it. It was me running along the street and was what the car must have recorded. All they then said was they wanted to rule out if that was me in the video so they wouldn't proceed with any charges.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I am 21, a virgin, and have had a total of one lasting relationship that ended when my partner cheated on me. I think that largely the reason this is the case is because what most don't know about me is that something is... different about me. I'm still not sure if what I am should be called a sissy or trans. I love being girly, and being treated as such, but I'm completely comfortable not having surgery on my already-small penis.
    I have this fantasy, about being completely owned by someone else. Wearing a collar all the time, spending most of my time at home for them, cooking and cleaning. When they get home, I'd jump into their arms and kiss them and talk about their day, before they took me however theyd like--in the bath, the bed, or even right there at the door. Theyd control when I got to cum, and how.
    The longer I think about this fantasy, the kinkier it gets. Maybe we'd do things in public sometimes, like I could wear a remote control vibe, with which my Owner could tease or punish me. We could go lingerie shopping, where my Owner could pick out clothes for me, and then we could have sex in them in the changing room. If my Owner got bored at work, they could ask me to send them a picture, doing whatever they wanted. In exchange for being theirs, they would take care of me, buy me cute things to wear, cuddle with me, and love on me always. I'm not really interested in a relationship where the care isn't mutual.
    Recently, I've kind of got myself sucked further into this fantasy. I frequently wear a collar when I'm home alone, and crossdress for fun. Feeling a little daring, I finally drove over to a sex shop in a nearby town and bought 3 toys--a dildo, a buttplug, and a tail. I've not yet used any but the tail anally (apparently, I'm too tight, and need to stretch more before playing! Embarrassing.), but I frequently practice blowjobs on my dildo. I've been working on keeping myself shaved, and have been considering more permanent hair removal to lessen the nuisance. I take pictures of myself too, pretending that I'm sending them to my Owner.
    I'm not sure what I'll do with all these fantasies. If you have similar ones, or just want to chat, my email for adult-related things is [email protected]@@@g***l.**m

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 30

    I am 30 yo single f, still virgin, live with my widowed mom under strict control. I have a modest job and financially well off but has not yet been able to come by a male partner whom I can put trust on. I do have a GF with lesbian orientation with whom I spend holidays and have physical relationship. BUT I do long for a cock, a hard cock that could fuck my brain out. Sometime I cannot sleep at night and think myself abandoned naked in a forest, hands and feet spreadeagled tied to trees, and frequented by some strangers. Anyone passing by would touch me, fondle my body, examine my boobs by fondling or massaging, pussy fingering, mouth kissing deep making me ready for fucks. And finally, the others would fuck me one after other for whole night till I pass out and at dawn, people walking dogs would rescue me. I masturbate while fantasizing this, reach orgasms and have some sleep at the end.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 25

    If I could get away with it, I would be such a slut. I get so horny sometimes I feel like men can sense it. Like they can smell the wet readiness of my pussy and know I want them badly.

    Not just any of them. I like the manly, much older, country type men. Men who know what to do with a little slut like me. Iâm black, but my preference is for white men, I donât know why.

    Iâm married, and my husband is this and does do it for me. I just know that if I had two lives to live, I would be such a little slut and all the men would know it. I wish I could live out my fantasies.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Last night my gf lay me on my back kissing and wanking my cock. She started to edge me then at the last minute stopped. 'No please don't stop', I begged. Back at my cock she edged me again then stopped. 'Please don't', I pleaded. She smiled and said, 'Say what I want to hear'. 'No'. 'Say it', she said softly. Bringing me to the edge again. 'This is your last chance'. At the crucial point she slowed. 'Alright, alright'. 'Say it'. 'You can see other men baby'. She laughed and brought me off kissing me passionately. 'Now who shall be first', she smiled as she fed me my own cum. I think she was joking but can't be sure, what have I done?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    Always wished my ex, a gorgeous BBW would tell me about her bigger and better former lovers while I was trying to please her with my below average cock... My fantasy dream was that I would be on my knees for her sucking and tonging her wet pussy to an orgasm and then tonging her asshole while I jerk myself off onto the floor like a wimp, asking her to tell me about the bigger cocks shes been satisfied in the past, in the fantasy she says.. In the past ? Baby, I've been satisfied by a bigger cock than yours today !

    Makes me cum hard thinking about that.

    Dreasm huh ?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 27

    i'm a liberal and everything i know about ben shapiro is the complete opposite of me but i just want him to dominate me

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