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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 48

    I'm a little sissy faggot. I want to be used and degraded by by alpha men while my wife watches. She lets me wear pretty panties like the faggot I am,but I wish she would let me suck dicks,peg me and watch real men fuck me like a sissy or like a girl. I'm a sissy faggot . I love my new panties. I desperately need some hard cocks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Yes i've got the story about too uncles/nephews who started really young. Anyway me and my 2 friends we're doing cocaine the other day very late in the night, like 4-5 and we're just talking. Decided too go under duvet. Me and 1 other friend started too touch each other and feel up, penis, stomic. And we're getting really horny and i was masturbating him slowly when he tried too get the other friend too go home but he was too tired so nothing more happend. If he had left he coult have done anything too me. I get really nasty on cocaine. As soon i get home and i'm alone i start to watch really hardcore gangbang and bukkake porn(double anal), and wish that i was the girl that was in the video. The nastier the better? But as soon as the coke wears down i'm more interested in girls do you know what i mean?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    One day I hope to watch my best friend fuck my daughter. I get so hard thinking about having a daughter and her being a hot slutty girl and getting to see her fucking someone I know

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I wanted to be a Democrat for Halloween but I couldn't get my head up my ass.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 54

    My Name Is âBabiedâ; In my dream, I am clothed in an adult baby pink fleece diaper and baby pink fleece footed pajamas, lying on my queen size bed. It is late at night, and I begin to hear Slurping, And Gurgling Breathing, And I sleepily glance at the ceiling, and see a giant, Baby Pink Fleece mass of material, all over the ceiling! The mass is Inflating, And Deflating,Over And Over,And With Each Inflation And Deflation, I Can Hear Air Hissing, As She Is Excited To Know That I Lie Beneath Her! I stare at the baby pink mass, feeling my sexual excitement, Uncontrollably Wetting My Diaper And Pajamas, My Sexual Excitement growing, And The Fleecy Baby Pink Mass Senses My Excitement, And Drops Down Over Me, I Go Wild, With Sexual Excitement, And The Fleecy Mass Very Quickly, Covers Me, And Engulfs Me Completely, As I Scream, Kick, Squirm, Scratch, And Claw At The Heavenly Baby Pink Softness! Once Deep Inside Her, I Realize That She Is A Fleecy Hungry Mother Blob, And Wants Me As Food! Then The Strangest Sensation Begins:She Not Only Thickens, And Tightens Over Me, But Seals Air Tight, Intending To First Suffocate, And Then Digest And Absorb Me. My Movements Grow, Weak, And A Camera Is Introduced Hovering Over Us, And Recording Everything! The camera Sees My Hands, Wildly Scratching Pinkness, My Upturned Face Presses Against The Outer Baby Pink Fleecy Blob Layer, My Mouth Opens And Closes, Trying To Get Air, As My Legs Kick, And I Squirm In Ecstacy, As My Air Is Pulled From My Lungs! Mother Fleece Blob Now Gows Wild With Sexual Excitement, Soaking Her Fleecy Interior âWith Digestive Juicesâ, And The Digestive Process Begins! At first there is only Pink Sticky Suction, But,It Now Renders Me Numb, And The Camera âShows my Movements To ResistâBecoming Slower, And The Camera Now Shows my Shape Becoming More And More Faint, More And More Unrecognizable, âAs My Molecular Structure Is Converted To More Baby Pink Fleece! I Scream âOne Last Time, And Lose Consciousness, And Now Mama Blobâs Interior Is Completely Full Of Pink Liquid, And She Puffs Outward, And Sucks Inward, Again, Ravenously Enjoying What Her Digestive Juices Have Given Her: My Fleecy Pink Lifeless, Liquifying Body! The camera âShows My Shape Disappearing Forever, Becoming Part Of A Bigger Mama Blob, Who Is Sexually Satisfied âI Am Now Hers Forever And Ever!!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I am a cuckold. I live watching my girlfriend fuck other guys. Especially older guys, married guys, and most importantly black guys. Sheâs 5 years younger then me and very attractive. Tall, fit, big tits and a great yoga ass. Weâve been together 5 years and from the very start of being together she knew what I liked and was cool with it.

    She knows I fantasize about i****t, and she loves when Iâm eating her out and I talk about my fantasies. One that quickly became her favourite was the idea of us having a daughter and involving her in our experiences when sheâs of appropriate age. I was surprised how much she enjoyed that fantasy and we started building on it and talking about it.

    Currently the fantasy is that our very hot 18 year old daughter would come home unexpectedly with with her best friend, kinda drunk, and walk in the living room to see her mom on her knees with two black guys in front of her and one laying on the floor under her eating her ass.

    Theyâd be shocked and embarrassed and weâd all have to take a break and talk to them and explain how we are. Her friend would ask us lots of personal questions and that would turn me on. My daughter would ask me why I like watching her with other guys and Iâd tell her it excites me and makes me want her more. Her friend would say she thinks itâs super hot and wishes her boyfriend was like me.

    My wife would then introduce the black guys to them and theyâd both just stare at their hard huge cocks. Iâd ask them if theyâve ever seen black dock before and theyâd say only in porn. My daughter would confess to liking black porn and to have gone on webcam before for random guys and one of them was black and they exchanged numbers and sexted. Her friend would ask me if Iâve ever thought about our daughter like that and Iâd say yes, and tell them me and my friends have jerked offntogether to her instagram photos. My daughter would admit to secretly liking the idea of me and my friends getting off to her. Sheâs ask me which friends and Iâd tell her who and when Iâd name my coworker she would tell me sheâs fantasizes about him before. I tell her heâd love that and her friend suggests I send him a pic of the two of them.

    My wife suggests sending one of the three of them between all the black guys. We take the pic and send it off, then my daughter asks if she can watch a bit.

    I tell her she can direct them and see anything she wants. She loves that. She tells her mom to stuff all three cocks in her mouth at once. She then tells us when she was in highschool shebsucked three guys at a party while people watched. Her friend confirmed it. I got so hard hearing that I asked her if sheâs ever done that again and she said sheâs had a few thresomes. A few with her friend that was over. She describes eating her outnwhile getting fucked and scissoring against a cock.

    Her friend asks if I ever join in and I tell her often and I love sucking black cock. Both girls ask to see me do that so I get down beside my wife and start sharing thencocks with her. They love it.

    Her friend starts rubbing my daughters pussy and fingering hereelf. I pull out my 9 inch cock and stroke it. They are both amazed at it. Her friend tells my wife she wants to suck my cock and she tells her to do it. She looks at my daughter and she says do it too.

    I stand up in front of them and her friend starts sucking my cock right in front of my daughter. I ask my daughter if she would want to suck one of the guys for me to watch. She immediately agrees and tells the biggest one to come to her. We stand beside each other while my daughter sucks his cock and her friend sucks mine. Seeing her wrap her lips around it was so fucking hot. She asks me if I like watching her and I say yes. She asks my her mom to eat her pussy while she sucks the cock.

    My wife obliges and goes to town in her pussy withbher tongue. I tell another guy to fuck my wife from behind. Watching my wife eat my daughters pussy while getting fucked while getting my cock sucked by her friend is too much and I cum all over her friends face.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 46

    From reading confessions on here I don't suppose that my situation is all that out of the ordinary. I married young, in my early twenties and went on to have a family. I am now in my mid forties and I feel that I am pretty much through menopause. I notice that I have some vaginal dryness but more importantly I have lost my libido for sex. I am not kidding when I told my husband that it is OK with me if we have separate bedrooms.

    I have also started to experiment with sex toys. I bought two on the internet and I have them well hidden away. The biggest concern I have is if I die and my daughter finds them. But I am not planning on dying. I don't suppose that the sex toys I bought are all that extraordinary but they are different sizes and I definitely get a better feeling from the larger one. The smaller one is tiny compared to the other one, which I bought purely on impulse. I have gone back to the same company and I am considering purchasing some other items, maybe something for anal penetration. My husband never pleased me in that way and I have always found pleasure by using items around the house and maybe I can get more pleasure out of something make specifically for that purpose.

    I have also joined a chat site where I have sex discussions with other women. I am upfront and tell them that I have never been with another woman but I want to think that I do. While I am having these chats I use one of my sex toys and let the other woman talk to me about how she would make love to me. Sometimes these discussions get very hot and descriptive and it drives me crazy thinking about it. It is quite exciting but I would like to try in real life, I think I would enjoy it. I have always wondered what it's like to go down on a woman.

    I want to add that some of the things I read on here make me very hot, some I read several times while I use my sex toys. Mostly I read about other women and their experiences having lesbian sex. Maybe some of it is all made up but I don't think so because many of the feelings expressed I feel right now.

    I never had anyone push me to have any kind of sex when I was growing up. I had sex for the first time in my junior year of college which was quite late. But I can well imagine what it must have been like to have a man take hold of you when you are little and have sex with you. I am older now and nothing like that ever happened to me but I daydream about it.

    Well those are my thoughts and maybe it is a confession or just my rambling. I haven't had sex with my husband in two years, he has his room and I have mine.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 37

    I am a 37 year old unmarried professional accountant. I have never had a boyfriend, and have been kissed only a couple of times and that was a long time ago. I decided to give up my virginity by hiring a male escort. I told him up front that I had never had sex and he took that into account. I feel bad that I gave up my virginity that way, I wish that it had been with someone I at least knew or maybe even cared about. It's over now but everything remains the same.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    My wife has a friend that has come to several of our events plus vacation. She is a married woman whose husband and kids did go on vacation with our family. There is something about her that drives me crazy. She just a plane Jane girl that makes me hard when i am around her. When we was at the beach her top was a little lose enough I could see her nipples. She kept doing it every time I seen her. One day when I had to work and they stayed at the beach when, I seen her bikini bottoms laying on the counter drying, so I took them into the bathroom and jerked off in the area where her pussy would be. I want to fuck her so much I canât stand it. I am working it up to still her panties when I go back around her I cant wait.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have a fantasy, or a dream I would like to see come true.

    First some back story, I am a 53 year old guy, married for 28 years (one marriage) and I have three kids who are all young adults. My wife and I met in high school and we married after she divorced her first husband, no kids. We just fell into it, she may tell you a different story but the truth is that we just kind of came together, she was alone and so was I and we got married and things have been that way since.

    Second part of the back story, when I was in my early teens my older cousin taught me to suck his cock. I don't know if you can love doing something like that, but I certainly liked sucking his cock. He would slap my face with his cock, rub it up against my bare butt, make me hold it and change gears, and of course suck his cock. I liked it all, his hard cock against my face is a pleasure that can't really be described. And of course when he came, sometimes he held his cock in his hand and pointed it at me, other times he held my head with both hands and came in my mouth. Either way, feeling him come made me feel good. I liked it and as long as he lived in our town I sucked his cock.

    I didn't consider myself queer or gay. I never have, I just get off on sucking cock. I sucked cock off and on in college and after college off and on with guys that I met at several places I knew gay men hung out. For a time I hung out at this store where I would go in to read magazines and I waited for a guy to come up and ask me if I wanted a beer or cup of coffee or just to go out to his car. The store clerk helped me out in return for me getting him some stuff from a guy I knew in college.

    Then I ran into my wife. She was 24 and I was 25 and after six weeks we got married down at the county court house. We later had an official wedding with family and all. We didn't fuck for several months until she said let's do it and get it over with. We never fucked that much, some yes, but not really. But during those days I was recently married and especially after we had kids I did not go out looking for cock to suck. I thought about it once in a while, fantasized if I saw a guy sitting alone, but I went without sucking cock for 25 years. I didn't eat pussy either, never turned me on or felt like it. Sex with my wife was preacher sex, on and off and that was it.

    Then I met a guy at Lowes. I was looking for some plumbing supplies and he helped me out and we got to talking and he kept putting his hand on my shoulder and we kept looking at each other and I swatted his behind with the plumbing snake I had in my hand and he said something like if I wanted to play rough and he gave me his card and told me that he usually got together with a couple of friends and they rode their bikes and had a beer later at this ice house.

    I went a couple of weeks later, I hung out there but he never showed. Lots of bikers, but he never showed. I went back several weeks after that and he was there with two friends. I got up the never and walked over and asked if he remembered me from Lowes and he feigned recollection before he said sure he remembered and asked if I wanted to join them for a beer. That evening I went home with a puckered asshole. I had never been fucked and it was both a strange and exhilarating experience. All I could think about is that is how a woman feels the first time she is laid. I wasn't subjected to anything bad, he lubed me up a lot telling me that the first time you have to be prepared because it is a strange feeling getting a cock shoved up your ass. That was an understatement.

    In any event that is how I got back to sucking cock, and getting fucked and other things that you do with a gay man. But getting back to my dream. I would like to go on a cruise, solo. No wife, no kids, just me. On the cruise I would like to meet a guy, some guy who wants a fairly novice guy, a top who wants to fuck. I definitely want a top. I don't want to meet a guy who is into leather, but more of a guy who looks like he can drink a six pack before the game. A guy with a gut is appealing to me for some reason, sort of like my friend from Lowes. But not my friend from Lowes, someone else, someone new. I want to suck his cock, if he wants to piss on me he can, I would like to see what it is like to rim a guy, if he wants to put straps on me I would like to try. And I would like the guy to slap my face with his cock and then fuck me. Obviously I can't do this with my friend from Lowes, he is more into soft loving, kissing, nipple kisses, and soft but steady fucking for as long as he can hold out. He calls me Nancy. My fantasy is to go on a cruise and meet a guy who calls me Brucie or Max or something like that, get face fucked and be his cabin boy for the rest of the cruise.

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