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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Male / 30


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    Straight Male / 40

    I manage a small team of 6 people. One of the lady's I supervise is only 19 years old and I wish I could spread her legs wide open and eat her young pussy. She has such nice titts and a very hot ass. I would never try anything because I won't put my job in jeopardy.

    I want to put my cock in your mouth so bad. Any young lady's into older men?

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    Straight Male / 48

    I have a lovely looking wife who is 8 years younger than me. She is now 50, but could easily pass for 40.
    She's a blue eyed blonde with shoulder length hair, 34DD breasts and a slim figure. She doesn't shave her completely natural down there. I worship her and love to fuck her. I love going down on her and would gladly do that for her every day....more than once a day too.
    I have no idea why I feel like this, or why the thought excites me so much, but I fantasize about my wife cuckolding me.
    I have a great desire to watch my wife with another man.....or men. To see her naked with another guy, kissing him passionately while he has his fingers in her wet pussy is a dream of mine.
    To then see her being brought to orgasm on his fingers, tongue or hear her moan in passion as she comes is something that I desire so strongly.
    To have another guy or better still guys ejaculate into her would be even better.....and to hear her say to me, after the last guy has just pulled out of her wet dripping pussy "hey hubby, come here and go down on my now....lick my pussy clean". Would be the ultimate turn on.
    She works for a company which is very male dominated. A staff of about 20 and she is the lone female.
    Tomorrow is the staff Christma break up party. It's staff only. No partners.
    There will be a fair bit of alcohol drunk and my wife being so attractive and sexy......I am guessing that at least a small percentage of the guys present will be having immoral thoughts about my wife.
    I certainly hope so anyway!
    She has, as far as I know, always been loyal to me. I hope that she changes this.....
    It would be a dream come true for her to come home from the oarty, rather tipsy....,.to come into the hous and tell me that she's going to have a shower and off to bed. (not because she's tired, but because she needs to shower off all the cum from in her panties).
    BUT I would follow her into the bathroom and insist on going down on her.

    Am I sick to have such toughts?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 42

    Don't know if this is a dream or wish, more of something fun that kept going through my head at the time. I've messed around and had sex with my hot older sister for years, so, that wasn't it. She and I are great in that respect.

    When we moved our niece and her friend to college, it was a steamy, sweaty weekend, and my hot sister dressed accordingly, wearing her short, white shorts and low-cut, loose black tank top, that she'd often tie up to her boobs if she got overheated. So, we had a sexy, beautiful woman, showing off a lot of skin, in a dorm room with no air conditioning. Besides myself eyeing her up at every turn, and playfully handling her, most every guy who passed the room looked in at her, said a cheesy hi, or made conversation. Not surprisingly, a lot of guys stopped when she was bent over, ass facing the door. Was a good show.

    We had to switch out some bed hardware on one bed, and, not being familiar with the dorm building, I asked two passing guys (students) about it. They got one look at her, in those shorts and tied-up shirt, tits practically escaping, and offered us both to walk with them to an unused room that had beds in it. I wasn't surprised they wanted her, too. If not, only her, alone.

    As the four of us entered the room, presumably used for storage, a third guy stopped by, so now, we had three, good-sized male students, myself, and Denise as the only, and well-exhibited female. They chatted, hit on her, threw out compliments and comments that had her smiling, and all I kept thinking about or forseeing was these guys closing and locking the door, trapping us inside, and trading her off on one of the beds. One guy on top of her, another on bottom as they pumped her from all angles, just using her. The thought wasn't violent or by force; In fact, I kind of thought she'd really be into it. Thinking of this happening once was one thing, but, my mind kept thinking of it, adding other guys into the mix and things they'd make her do.

    On our long trip back home, we talked about the weekend, moving stuff, and all that, and Denise, who also loved driving comfy and had taken off her shirt to drive in a half-bra, mentioned "How about those horn dog guys when we got the bed rails? I thought they were all going to jump on me in that room!". I didn't want to tell her that was exactly what kept going through my mind. And more.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Even when I'm in church and trying not to think about pussy, I can't stop thinking about it. I'd like to fuck the majority of the women at my church.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I just random got a view up the skirt of a smoking hot college girls skirt and saw it all. I was in the parking lot of a shoppers just eating my lunch and listening to the radio and a car full of 18ish-20 year old girls pulled up. The driver got out and since it was only a two door car she bent down in her mini skirt to pull the seat up to let the people in the back out which made her ass basically fully exposed right at my window. She has thong and i saw everything including the total shape and tight outline of her c**t and slit. I mean it was practically in my face with only my window between us.

    I gawked, and gawked for all i could take in. When she turn around she saw me gawking and a first did not get why then as they were walking away she got it and looked back blushing at me.

    I am a faithfully married 50 year man, but i would have cheated to tap that. Sigh, i know that is not gonna happen but i am so hard for seeing it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I admit that I stare at all the girls asses on my daughters high school volleyball team in their little spandex shorts. One girl in particular has such a cute little ass and perfect legs. When she bends over you can see the outline of her pussy. Couple times I've laid in bed at night fantasizing and jacking off that when she's 18 she will come over and let me lick her pussy and fuck her. That little pussy has to be so tight. Especially when she's on her knees. I've got a hard while typing this just thinking about it.

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    Straight Male / 45

    It's really disgusting I know but I admit that my teenage daughter had some friends over to swim and one of them is a really sweet and nice girl but has an incredible body and a nice ass like you cannot believe. Our master bathroom overlooks the pool and one day this summer I looked out the window and she was right below me sunbathing on her stomach laying in the chair and I jacked off while I stared at her ass and came all over the floor and had to wipe it up.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 42

    Two weeks ago my best friend and me took naked pictures of our wives while they were asleep and traded them with each other. They live across the street so we went out with them and had a lot to drink then stayed up drinking on the front porch. After our wives went to bed we stayed up drinking more and after a while came up with this stupidly brilliant idea. His wife is so hot I have jacked off thinking about her so many times. Now I know what her pussy and ass look like. To be honest she doesn't look as great as I thought she would. She looks so much different than I envisioned. Like I thought she would be a woman that would shave but she has a hairy pussy and the pubes are much darker than I thought. I wank all the time looking at the pics of her pussy and asshole. Now when I see her in those tight jeans I know what she looks like underneath. He thinks my wife is hot as well so it's also kind of hot thinking about him getting off on my wife. I would let him fuck my wife if I could fuck his but our wives would never be up for that. And they'd be pissed off as hell if they knew we took and traded pics.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I don't masturbate a lot, like maybe 2 times a week seriously at most. But when I do I think about other women. Is that weird? I have never been with a woman and don't know if I would. On the rare occasions I watch porn while I masturbate I look at lesbian porn. I am married with two kids. I guess it's just some weird fantasy I will never follow thru with. That's my confession.

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