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Dreams And Wishes
What are your dreams? What are your wishes for the future? Share them all here!
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    Straight Male / 18

    I'm a senior in high school. When I was 13 in the 8th grade my art teacher had sex with me, a lot. She got caught. I wasn't the one to rat her out. She is very beautiful and I wanted her ever since I was in the sixth grade. I flirted with her the first day of school when I was in 8th grade and she flirted back. Two weeks later we were in bed together. She taught me tons of stuff. I'm one of those dorky nerds that girls my age find repulsive. But my beautiful teacher wanted to fuck me. She took my virginity and gave me my first blow job, taught me how to eat her out and how to kiss.

    It all ended when her nosy neighbor saw me coming out of her front door, get onto my bicycle and left. She thought something strange was going on so she called children's services. They interviewed me and asked if we ever did anything together. I played it cool and said "EWWW!" But they interrogated her for hours and she finally broke down and confessed. The cops tried to get me to tell them she'd fuck me even threatening me with jail time but I kept my mouth shut. She went to prison. She was ordered by the judge to have no contact with me. She is up for parole next February. I'm going to go to her parole hearing now that I'm 18 and I will do everything I can to get her out.

    My wish is that she never got caught and that we remained lovers and that we got married and had kids. I wish I'd met her years before and that she took my virginity when I was a little kid. I first felt interested in girls when I was 7. That would have been a good age for her to take my virginity.

    I hope I can convince the parole board to release her. I hope she still wants me. I've saved up and have a ring for her. I hope she says yes when I propose.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 55

    This is a message for someone I met on here on adult confessions last year.
    The name she used was maisie.

    She is 19, very sexually inquisitive.
    What was most attractive about her was she was very open and unashamed.
    She had discovered something that really turned her on and wanted to know how to proceed.

    It had happened to her at a party.
    She went with a guy she had been seeing in her home town.
    They went to a drinking party at a house where there were a bunch of his friends.
    After drinking some, he began to talk in a loud voice about how she said she had this certain fantasy.
    He brought her up in front of a group of his friends and told them how she wanted to be stripped, roughly, then paraded naked in front of a group of guys, preferably strangers, then groped and inspected like meat,
    and then passed around in a gangbang until all were done with her.
    As he said all of this, it happened right there at this party.
    She got so turned on by all of this that she immediately wanted to do it again the next weekend.

    She posted this asking if what she felt was ever felt by other women,
    and also if anyone with experience in this area help her with suggestions or encouragement so as to avoid mistakes or bad situations.
    So many comments put her down for being a slut.
    But I didn't. Because I saw her as exceptional.

    So I responded and we traded emails for about 6 months and I enjoyed it immensely and I know she did too.
    She was very sincere, very honest, and absolutely fearless to try new things.
    Being old enough to be her grandfather, and retired with my best years behind me,
    she was a breath of fresh air for me and I was a source of insight and experience for her.

    She lived half way across the world and was starting college.
    If I'd had the money, I would've gone to meet her.
    She was that special and would've been very much worth the trip.

    Then after continuing her explorations at school, one day it was done.
    No warning, no ending, just no response and then her email was gone too.
    I just hope you're ok, maisie.
    Would love to hear from you again.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I masturbated like I was being gently made love to and it felt so beautiful without stress it just felt so good when I think of him. I came and it felt so beautiful and natural.

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    Straight Female / 46

    After 2 failed marriages and a cheating bf, I've really been searching hard to find myself. I have thought about what it is that i want and i finally realize exactly what it is. I want a guy who is willing to explore my freaky side. One who won't have to cheat because I'm pretty open minded.

    After searching locally and coming up short, i decided to join a dating site to see if i had any luck there. I met a man thru the site that i felt a connection with so we talked everyday for a while. He is tall, good looking, funny...
    During our getting to know one another he had a few days off and took a mini vacation out of state. While on vacation he was drinking and decided to text me. Under the influence of alcohol he was pretty loose with his thoughts. I wasn't drinking at all.
    It was during this conversation that we began really talking about our sexual desires. I thought mine would shock him but decided to tell him anyhow. I confessed to him that i wanted to do a 3sum M/M/F but i wanted the men to be bisexual. I then told him the things about that scenario that i found to be the biggest turn on.
    He actually shocked me when he then told me that he was bi-curious but had never had the nerve and opportunity to act on it. He also told me that he was turned on by the thought of his woman using a strap on, on him, which i find sexy. We both enjoy outdoor sex and he enjoys the risk of getting caught. I'm a squirter and he said that is a huge turn on. He enjoys water play which is something i would love to experience.
    We talked a lot more about things we would enjoy and found that we are very compatible. We share porn that We think will turn the other on. He is well endowed so the men in the porn images are also.
    We met on a dating site and both claim to be looking for a long term relationship. He said on a scale from 1 to 10 his desire to find a relationship is a 15 but...we have been talking for 2 months and he still won't agree to meet me.
    I'm beginning to wonder if instead of him being straight as he claims or even bisexual, if he isn't gay instead and seeking a relationship with a man instead of a woman.
    What puzzles me is he was the one who first contacted me on the dating site.
    We are suppose to meet tomorrow but I'm almost betting he backs out.
    Guess he isn't the one after!!!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    This isnât a made up story like most posts instead itâs my truth my dirty secret Iâve had for years since she was about 17 and I was 24 I admit that I wanna fuck my sister like crazy I want to lick and eat that sweet pussy I wanna taste her juices I want to grab her tight little ass and tongue her asshole I wanna fuck her deep in that sexy ass I want her to suck me off and look up at me and beg for me to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow every drop I wanna suck on and play with her nice tits and kiss her so deeply and passionately I secretly love her and fantasize about her all the time I canât stop jerking off to all the ways weâd fuck like animals I have a girlfriend but would prefer my sister any day all day sheâs so fucking hot.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    My secret is that I am very attracted to being around hard body girls. I work out and I am very toned myself. I have always liked the look. Starting in college I have kept it up now that I am working. I don't wear make up and cut my hair short and wear mostly pants and shirts, I rarely wear a dress and never wear a skirt. As far as jewelry goes I only wear small earrings, and I never go out without earrings.

    I am a pussy girl. Most of the girls that I work out with, including me, are not big boobed. I am very attracted to Latino girls who are not very dark and have nice faces. I wont say that I don't like hard nipples because I do, but my favorite anatomical feature is definitely a nice pussy. Of course we are in a gym, so mostly I have to make up in my mind what their pussy really looks like because only a few of the girls shower at the gym. If I am lucky and she is willing to get naked for me, and when she lays back and opens her legs her pussy is dark against her skin I really like that. A white girl doesn't do anything for me, much less a white girl with a little white pussy.

    I know I am the dyke and most of the girls who work out with me are dykes. We talk about our girlfriends. I make up a girlfriend, I use one of the girls I work with to make up my stories. She is definitely not gay, she is soft and nurturing. Her name is Anita and she is Latino with a fairly light complexion. Thinking about her right now, she is pretty and her mouth is well formed, she has a heavy bust and her hips are definitely wide. And her eyes dance when I look into them.

    We had one girl who came to the gym, she wanted to get in shape and I took her on as a trainer. I worked her ass off and made sure we showered together. I was pretty obvious that I wanted her and stood naked with her when she was getting dressed. I complimented her legs and her butt, both favorites for me, and even told her she had nice boobs. When I tried to kiss her she didn't come back.

    I go out with a couple of friends from the gym and we try to hook up at a dance club for women. We always get to dance and we pretty much guarantee we get to make out, but getting a girl to go home with you is hit or miss and getting her to see you again is almost always a miss. It seems everyone there is there for the moment.

    I would like a full time girlfriend. As I said earlier at my gym mostly all the girls are dykes looking for the same thing. On the confession stage, I have thought about dating my work friend, Anita, but when I get close to her and try to get friendly I get nervous and I just can't pop the question. I don't think I could stand being rejected by her and I am 99 percent sure she is straight. Falling in love with a straight girl is the worst thing in the world. I know, I am in love with her even if she is not the gym type.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am 26 and in love. He is 49 and divorced. He doesn't know me. I have baby fever real bad. My mother is much like me, my father is 33 years older than my Mom, she always only loved an older mam. I spend my days planning how to let him know I picked him to be the man I have chosen, that I am in love with him and I dream about getting pregnant with him. It is just a dream, but maybe he might like me too.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 24

    Well, last night I had my first sex dream in almost 2 years. I am in a happy, loving relationship with a gender-flexible individual whom I sleep next to every night, and yet last nights dream shook me. As most dreams are once you wake up, it is pretty hard to remember all the details, but the focus was impossible to forget.

    For years, I have been a pretty kinky individual, and have experimented with a lot of different things, very few of which I didn't enjoy. My S.O. tries their best to support me with my fantasies and desires, however they are pretty vanilla sexually.

    Last night, was amazing: the kind of dream you never want to wake up from. One of my biggest kinks I enjoy is "stretching", I even stretch my ass whenever I get a free chance. I'm nowhere near the extremes though, if you were a doctor and weren't privy to my predilection, I doubt you would even be able to tell. My problem is that no-one around that I have been able to communicate with is into the same thing.

    I was dreaming, and before me was a wonderfully beautiful woman, legs spread yet relaxed, completely naked. There was foreplay, as there always should be, but every time I dipped my fingers into her felt like magic. Soon, I was nearly fisting her, and it was amazing. The first time my knuckles slid inside, it felt unlike anything I had ever experienced. She felt so soft, and yet squeezed with an amazing amount of strength. It felt as if her muscles were pulling my hand inside her, like there was a suction. It feels like when you put your hand against a vacuum cleaning tool as a child and it just pulls you to it.

    I awoke craving that experience so much that it's almost depressing. I know it is never going to be a possibility with my current partner, and that is the part that kills me the most. I can see myself marrying them, but should I forever deny myself my biggest desire?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    This is not fiction this also never happened but itâs the most accurate truth I can give of my fantasies I had. My sister is about 6 years younger than me. We had a good brother sister relationship but as we got older that drifted away do to certain factors. Nothing like youâre probably thinking but still. When she hit college she really became a woman, she always was but she was my sister. Whatever may have been going on in my life though led me to see her as a sexual being though when she went to college. I would basically what you might call stalk her Facebook page and look at her pictures of partying and other stuff. She had a really nice body and was thin but still had everything a man would want. Nice legs, firm looking tits (not huge) but really nice looking and a cute ass. She was a good shape as she was a cheerleader. Anyway these pictures really turned me me on, along with seeing her in her bathing suits especially wet from the pool, or getting ready for bed when sheâd be on break for a semester and have in little booty shorts with like a mans wife beater on as a top. Needless to say she became the main focal point of my jerk off sessions. I would fantasize greatly about fucking her, eating her pussy, her teasing me in skimpy clothes, her sucking my dick, us kissing and touching each other. It was like an everyday sometimes multiple times a day dream I had as Iâd jerk off. Iâd even make up story lines and scenarios of how it happened. Iâd pretend she got scared and would ask to come sleep in my room, that sheâd end up with her arm around me and head on my chest. Leg dr**ed over mine and Iâd wake up by her reaching for my hard dick and kissing me. I even tried one time and one time only to get her in my room when I knew she was out drinking earlier. I probably wouldnât have had the balls to make a play at her but still it was on my mind but I tried. She said no though, I was gonna smoke weed after our parents went to bed and I wasnât sure if she still smoked or not. I asked if she wanted to come in my room and smoke with me, watch a movie but she declined. Nothing ever happened between us, havenât even thought of her like that recently. After reading some confessions here though it sparked up my interest again after quite awhile and I am searching for pictures of her. Itâs never gonna happen even if I tried sheâs married now and is for the most part a model citizen nothing like me. Sheâs never do something like that but the fantasy is something I enjoy a lot. By the way I have a girlfriend and have amazing sex I just like forbidden things I guess.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 34

    So there is this guy at work, I normally don't go for the ripped guys but this one is so nice to look at. We are both in serious relationships, we flirt a lot.

    I can't help but wonder if it's more than just flirting for him. I don't know if I would risk it all to see what his hand felt like on my freshly saved pussy.

    It's hard to tell if he's just "being nice" or he has the same fantasies as I do....

    He's told me about how him and his girlfriend got together, he was pretty much a knight in shining armor. He takes her dancing, how sexy is that?

    He's commented on my looks only once though, and one day I asked him if he needed anything and he said "you", don't forget this is at work. He is a "funny guy", so he could just be kidding around, but aren't guys not suppose to say things like that to women unless they mean it??

    I think he goes out of his way to talk to me, or just see me....I don't know, I guess time will tell...

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