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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 34

    When I was 14 I went to the beach with best girlfriend. My Mon had purchased me a new bathing suit and I was anxious to wear it. It was a very hot day and we stayed in the water for well over an hour. When we exited the water I couldn't help but notice the men and boys staring at me. Then I looked down at my bathing suit bottom and realized that my pubic bush was clearly visible through the material. I couldn't make it to the bath house fast enough!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Iâm a 30 year old wife and mother of 2 children. And what happened 1 month ago is something thatâs been on my mind for a long time. At 14 I lost my virginity to my neighbors dog. I was asked to care for Bruno heâs a black Lab for 3 days while they were away. I jumped at the chance it was summer and they have a pool. I was 16 blonde hair green eyes and I was told Iâm pretty hot.

    I fed Bruno and let him out back and I jumped in the pool. I got out and laid out on the chaise lounge to dry Bruno was next to me and licked the water off me, I told him to stop but he came back for more this time he licked my inner thigh and sent a wave thru me and before I could stop him the next lick was between my legs and it pulled the thin material to the side and his tongue ran across my clit. It was electric and felt very good so I let him have a little more and in no time I took him inside and removed my bikini bottom and sat on the floor with my legs spread as far as I could and Bruno was at me in a flash he was licking me and I opened my pussy lips and his tongue was inside me and making me crazy. When I looked at him his penis was out 3 inches and I was fascinated by it so I reached out to touch it it was very warm and wet Bruno had given me a couple of orgasms and I was getting up he pushed me over and quickly jumped me and fucked my brains out.

    After the first time with Bruno I would sneak out at night when Bruno was put out at night I jumped the fence and wait behind the shed for him. He never made any noise when I was there he knew my scent and as soon as he was out he ran to me, Iâd be naked on all 4s holding my hole open and his tongue hit the bullseye every time and have me coooing like a dove. Bruno always knew I was ready for a good fucking. And gave it to me every time. When I was tied with him Mr Albertson called Bruno and Bruno went to him with me being dragged out to the middle of the yard in full view trying to hold back my screams from the pain.

    When Mr A saw and realized it was me knotted with his dog he had Bruno drag me behind the shed so his wife didnât see me. Not saying anything until behind the shed. He told me to be here at 9 am and went back to the house. I was so embarrassed and scared of what he would tell my parents.

    I was there at 9 sharp Mr A opened the door and told me to get in the kitchen I had no idea what to say and was so nervous and scared.
    I asked where his wife was? She volunteers at the homeless center all day today. He asked me where I told my mom I was going? I said to a friends and that friend is on vacation so she wonât find out Iâm not there.

    You like being Brunoâs bitch. I told him it was the first time I ever he stopped me and pointed to something on the carpet look at that, I went to it and saw two 5 inch dark circles about 2 feet apart and knew it from my knees and Brunoâs cum that ran down my legs. I turned and looked at him, he said he knows Iâve been fucking Bruno for a week and when Bruno didnât come and scratch at the door to come in I had to see you and I got more than I thought. I broke down and cryed hysterically and begged him not to say anything to my parents or anybody else about it.

    He said that he had no plans to say anything because what he had in mind was something I was gonna be doing for him.
    Now Iâm getting very scared looking at his smile, first youâre gonna put on a little show he grabbed my arm took me out back to the shed and pushed me in and said get out of those clothes now! I looked around the shed itâs more like a wood shop the center was open and a padded bench in the center with a few chairs.Mr A came back and closed the door. He told me to get on the bench on my back he grabbed some rope and while heâs tying me heâs pointing out the camera heâs put on the wall when he was done tying me up is when he said heâs got a couple of friends coming to see the show and I donât want to use this ball gag I think the cocks in your mouth will keep you quiet so you better be quiet and not scream and everything will be fine and I should enjoy the fuckn Iâm about to get.

    I should be scared and nervous about having his friends there but I was getting hot thinking that these guys were to see me doing something that was so nasty. I asked who they are? All I got was youâll see I think you know 1 or 2 of them. Now my heart is racing and Iâm getting very wet and I say what if they tell someone? I donât think theyâll say anything because itâs not gonna be the only time you do this we have plans youâll see. I was getting so excited and so hot the bench was soaked and my mind was going in all directions.

    The door opened and 3 men came in I recognized 2 of them from the neighborhood they were all Mr A age around 70. Immediately I heard sheâs a hot bitch Bruno is one lucky dog! I like how you got her head hanging off hey look at this the chair on wheels is perfect height for cock to mouth Anderson you think of everything. Bruno came in and the guys took their seats and he was at my dripping c**t licking me into extasy one guy said look at her eyes there rolling around her head gotta be spinning like a cyclone. One guy asked if I was enjoying the dog tongue yes yes I love Brunoâs tongue I love how he gets hips are grinding trying to get that wonderful tongue inside me itâs so rough and he rubs my gspot my legs are so spread Iâm trying push my pussy to the tongue deeper into me and I was babbling Bruno fuck your bitch now.

    Mr A put Brunoâs front paws on the bench and Bruno fucked his bitch and gave a great performance for the audience I have never been fucked like that day. They asked do I like getting fucked by dogs? I screamed I love being a dog whore, they said youâre our dog whore and we think you need 4 or 5 dogs at one time. I said yes yes bring them now.

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    Straight Male / 18

    No school means I just sit at home bored most days. So Iâve been masturbating a lot lately. Normally Iâd only do it a few times a week to once daily. But currently Iâm doing it twice daily.

    I was sitting propped up against my headboard in bed yesterday afternoon. It was around 1pm. Had my AirPods in and porn on my iPad. I grabbed my jar of coconut oil from under my bed and put some in my hand, Iâm circumcised so the coconut oil feels great

    Was really enjoying stroking my dick. My dick is 6â long and completely hair free. Im 6â in girth which Iâve read is good. Iâve been shaving off my pubes since I first got then a few years ago, hate pubic hair! So my crotch is very very smooth. I shave it almost daily.

    So Iâm jerking off and really working my head. My mom walks in with some clean clothes of mine. Took her a few seconds to realize I was masturbating! Her jaw dropped and she said I was just bringing your clothes in. I had nothing to cover up with so my mom saw my hard cock and me naked.

    She didnât leave right away, she said thatâs where the coconut oil went. And then said your bald! Like she had never known a guy to shave. My mom proceeded to tell my that my dad is fully natural down there and itâs very hairy. And my erection is the same size as my dads.

    After that she says Iâve said too much and been in here longer then I should have been. She walks out shutting the door says sheâll leave me alone to finish. But not before she said please donât cum on your tighty whities, use tissues or a old rag.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Drunk Barefoot Irishman

    I was having a few drinks at an Irish Pub until a Man dressed as a Stereotypical Irishman minus footwear walked into the bar completely drunk and began to make a total ass out of himself. First he had a box of Lucky Charms Cereal and placed his nasty feet in the bag while throwing Lucky Charms all over the pub making a total mess, and singing obnoxious song as he went by. The man went inside the restroom and I nearly spit out my drink because the man went inside the restroom barefoot, then the man walked out of the bathroom wearing a green speedo with shamrocks on them and he went over to the bar near where I was sitting and started to smell his fucking feet. I yelled at him that he is disgusting but then he put his nasty foot in my face and I kicked his foot out of my face, the Bartender then told the man he needs to leave the bar, then the barefoot man jumps over the counter and puts his nasty feet in the beer dispenser and began pouring beer on his feet and started sucking his toes. The bartender started pulling the man away from the bar but Mr. Barefoot began punching the bartender and I hit this idiot with a bottle before a brawl broke out in the middle of the Pub. After the brawl was broken up, bar staff began to drag this half naked buffoon out of the bar as everyone on the street all laughed at him, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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    Straight Male / 47

    Guess embarrassing moments is the best place to post this.

    Due to constant infections, my foreskin cracking open and it becoming tight, I had to get circumcised. There was pretty much no choice. My doctor Iâve seen for many years said you need to be circumcised, there is no choice. Especially since I had 7 infections in a three year span and he also said your in here every few months with painful cracks on your foreskin. Plus he said itâs been tight for over 10 years now. After all that talk I said when can you do it? He told me for six weeks after getting cut Iâd have to avoid having sex and masturbating. Easy for me to do because Iâm still a virgin.

    So his nurse scheduled for that Friday, it was a Tuesday when I was at the doctors. Friday I show up and sit in the room where it will be done. The doctors nurse comes in and she tells me to take off my pants and underwear then lay down on the table. Being a virgin I was nervous. I took my pants off and was standing in my briefs for a minute or two. Once I pulled off my briefs I sprung to attention! I was hard. The nurse looked and saw but she was more concerned about my pubic hair. I am all natural, never once have trimmed so it was very bushy. She said normally we donât worry about pubic hair but yours is gonna need trimmed. So I get in the table and sheâs prepping the area. She buzzes my pubes off. I felt like I was bald! But I wasnât, there was still plenty of hair. She said they just needed to make sure no hair was in the way. And that whole time I was still hard.

    She left and came back into the room with a cold towel. She told me that they canât circumcise if I have an erection. She placed the cold towel on my balls and penis. Hoping that would make me go flaccid. But after a few minutes it didnât work. So she graves a towel out of the cupboard, lays it on my pubic area and belly. She then grabs my penis and starts jerking it! I did t know what to do or say. Within 30 seconds I was pumping a load of cum onto that towel. My whole body was tingling. I couldnât believe what just happened. Once cum was done coming out she wiped my penis head off and started to sterilize the area for the procedure.

    I quietly said thanks and she said your welcome. Thatâs when I told her Iâm a virgin and not seen by a woman often.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Caught with the pony and blackmailed

    I was at my step grandparents to help grandma with the spring cleaning sheâs getting up in age and asked me for help. One morning she said her and grandpa were going to town and I was welcome to come I turned her down because I just wanted to relax she told theyâll be back at dinner time and left. I watched as the truck went out of site and ran out to the barn.

    They have horses,ponies and smaller ponies I donât know what they call them goats and pigs. I looked out at the goats gramps put all the nannies and the young billy in the pen the old billy was running around the outside rutting for the nannies in season. I stripped got on all 4s near the nannies and put a blanket on my back that resembled the goats when the billy rounds the corner he slowly walked up to me sniffing the air smelling the nannies scent and Iâm getting very nervous about it that my idea might not be a good one.

    And heâs on my back before I knew it giving me the fuckn of my life I heard gramps calling me and there he was looking at me getting fucked and moaning like a happy whore. Telling me the truck was acting up so we came back home.He said to finish up and see him inside the barn and heâll tell grandma youâre cleaning out the stalls.

    He looked at me I was so embarrassed and scared he broke the silence saying so you looked like the animal fuckn you were getting is the rough kind you like? Gramps please donât tell mom,dad or grandma please donât Iâm 22 but at that moment I felt 12.

    I see your scared little girl and if something like this gets out it will ruin ya for life so this is what Iâm thinking,I gotta tell ya what you was doing got this old man very excited and I ainât felt that for along time.
    So hereâs the thing, I wonât say or tell anyone anything about what I seen and your part is Iâm gonna watch you fuck
    Every animal here thats got a cock! And I just might have a couple of my close buds come by to watch it to.

    And if I do that itâll be over and done? Yup little girl but when itâs done I donât think youâll walk away from the animals youâll like it to much.

    So it started right then he whistled for the dogs told me to lean against the railing and spread my legs so the dogs could lick at me. I never had a licking like this one was at my ass and one on my clit I felt like they owned me and I knew that they did . I was being licked into complacency state of mind after 4 magnificent orgasms pop asked me if I was gonna do everything he wanted I will do anything no matter how degrading and disgusting it was, you gonna drink and swallow horse and pony cum YES YES will you beg me to put you in the pig pen for my hogs to fuck you YES YES I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT YES YES!!! Are you gonna love belly riding my ponies and having my friends watch you doing all that we tell you to do and if any of them want you to suck them you will do anything they want YES POP ANYTHING THEY WANT IM YOUR PIG SLUT FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS TO USE!!!!!

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    Straight Female / 27

    Remembering how it happened, I was at work and one of my coworkers had reached into my purse and 'borrowed' some money. When I caught her I lost it and started yelling at her. our boss walked out of his office telling me to watch my temper, I started to explain and he shushed me, told my coworker to sit down turned to me and told me to sit. He told me to moderate my voice and explain in a calm and steady voice. My coworker interrupted until I lost it and started yelling at her again. Our boss stood up and told me he was imposing his authority over me and if I couldn't control myself he was going to use his Dad voice on me.

    In the end I got my money back, she got suspended. I felt like I did when my father separated me and my sister, his Dad voice did the trick. Now he uses his 'loving' Dad voice with me, he calls me Sweet Pea and pampers me most of the time, but corrects me if he feels I need a strong hand.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Foot Sniffers

    This weird Ass Girl named Catherine in my Class really grossed me and everyone else out in class today after this boy named Jacob who wears sandals over his socks every day to school and his socks are always dirty and his feet really stink. However that didn't stop Jacob from taking off his sandals in class and stinking up the damn room. I couldn't even concentrate on my test because of the smell of Jacob's Dirty Socks.

    Then as a I tried to focus on my test, Catherine purposely dropped her pencil on the floor and actually smelled Jacob's Feet in Class. Me and everyone else including our Teacher saw this and we all yelled EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW in class as Jacob then put his smelly ass socked feet on Catherine's Desk and she continued to smell his Feet and I was about to throw up. Our Teacher made both Jacob and Catherine leave and as class ended I saw Catherine smelling Jacob's Feet in the Hallway. You know what fuck it, they can both have eachother two weirdo's who were made for eachother. I hope Catherine Sucks Jacob's Toes and get's a mouthful of Toejam.

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    Straight Male / 18

    My mom caught me blowing my big thick load all over my crotch and stomach last night. Iâm a virgin so I masturbate a lot and Iâm horny a lot. This happened right before dinner time.

    I was naked in bed around 6:20. My shirt, pants and underwear was on the floor. My skinny body was laying on the bed with my big dick nice and hard till i found some good porn. Iâm gifted and lucky to be 8â when erect! Definitely got that from my dad. Also have nice low hanging balls which kinda look odd on my small frame.

    So I find a hot porn video and start jerking. Takes me anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to cum. Iâm partially circumcised so when Iâm flaccid I look uncut but when Iâm erect I look cut. That was my parents choice, Iâm fine with it.

    So Iâm laying there, stroking my cock. Feels great of course. My cock is bald, I have been shaving the hair off since puberty. I feel my cock start to tingle and knew I was about to cum.

    I started shooting my cum all over my belly as my mom walked in to tell me dinner was almost ready. She kinda froze at first till she realized she had caught me masturbating. She backed out and shut my door. I wasnât too embarrassed by it but definitely felt awkward. Not even a minute later my mom comes back to my door and walks in. She hands me a hand towel and says hereâs a towel to wipe that up. Definitely awkward! I wiped my cum off of me and went out to eat.

    When I was done eating my mom said you should had showered because you smell like cum. Her next question was why I had no pubes, my parents are both very hairy in their pants!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    Drunk Obnoxious Cowboy

    Me and some friends were having a get together at a Barbecue House and then in comes a man with a Cowboy Hat, a vest, no shirt underneath, bottomless chaps, no pants underneath, a thong, and those god awful cowboy boot sandals and had several bottles of Budweiser and a Guitar and started to randomly sing obnoxious Country Music and dancing around like a fool. Not only that but his Exposed Ass was nearly in the faces of other diners and I swear I think I heard him fart, not only that but he also got on top of an empty table to sing Cotton Eyed Joe and he began to strip his vest off and throw his hat around in the restaurant while families were trying to eat and half to deal with this obnoxious asshole. Then he removed his chaps and sandals and was now wearing only his thong as he took bottles of barbecue sauce and poured it over his chest and his feet and began to ask women in the restaurant to suck his toes, then after he got rejected he began to suck his own toes as a waitress came over and told this man that he needs to leave or the Cops will come. He then takes out a Stuffed Horse on a Stick toy and puts it between his legs and then starts to force himself onto her with his stuffed Horse. Thankfully some guy got tired of this asshole and his antics and grabbed the asshole's Guitar and smashed it over his head as the idiot fell to the Floor as Restaurant staff dragged his half naked ass out of the Restaurant as everybody applauded as all of us can go back to eating in peace. It's a shame how some people don't know how to act in public, a grown man getting intoxicated, wearing revealing clothing, stripping and singing in public, and not to mention harassment too; it's people like that should not be allowed in public until they learn how to behave themselves.

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