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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 18

    i took a dare and ran about 700 ft from the house totally naked except my tennis shoes on . i was to circle the mail boxa and run back it was about noon time . theres usually no one around out here where our farm sits but as i got close a car was coming i hid behind a tree then waited then ran out in the road to my shock another car about 100 ft away i just ran stark naked away into the field no place to hide the car drove past no one yelled it didn't stop nothing there was no way they hadn't seen me, my little naked butt fleeing away i was really embarrassed my lady friend who dared me laughed and laughed at me . she was to do it next but didn't

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    When I was younger I had a few friends that I hung out with after school and on weekends and we always were betting and daring each other from mild to wild. One of my friends Steve was dared to streak through the park one evening which never really had a lot of people in it but cars were always going by and could easily see in the park. Well he did the dare and for the first time seeing another guy naked like that got me hard and for some reason seeing his cock turned me on.
    I shook that feeling off and tried to put it out of my mind but at night when I was in bed I found myself thinking about him naked and jerking off to the sight of him and his free swinging cock. I don't remember how it happened but a few months later we were partying in the park and I had a pretty good buzz going on and not sure how but I managed the courage to ask him if I could see it again (actually dared him to pull it out. Well one thing lead to another and we went off to the other side of the park away from the others.
    We were talking and I was looking at his cock and the next thing I knew I was on my knees playing with his cock and soon was sucking him just about the time he started cumming the others found us with me on my knees and his cock in my mouth. By the end of the night I ended up sucking off the other 7 guys while the others watched. Being I never did this before it was really embarrassing and after that the word kind of got out and although we never hung out together as a group anymore these guys would secretly find me when no one was around and had me suck them off numerous times until I went off to college.
    I consider myself Bi because every once in a while I will hook up with a woman but I much prefer sucking guys off and I do love the feeling of a cock riding my ass and the best times are when others are watching as I suck or take a pounding

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    A combined end of term (and graduation) plus coincidental birthday party was thrown and I was invited. I can't describe the details by once more identifying myself but to make it short, someone spiked my drink and then took a series of photos of me getting as many as three cocks in my pussy and ass. These photos made it to every damned cell phone on campus. They did not show my face but the cartoon tattoo on my right shoulder was clear in many shots and until graduation day, it was hell. Even the janitor flashed me with what looked like a 12 inch hose between his legs.

    On top of it all, I am not that not into men as I am into women. What a bunch of pissants.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38


    They call it Sharking. I was walking down a street in Berlin on a business trip. It was a weekend, so no work, and in the middle of the day near a park. I am in a lesbian relationship now, but am definitely not a butch woman, neither is my friend. I was alone though, and even at my age I do have a nice body with naturally blonde hair. I came out of a store and walked along the street. I didn't look around and didn't notice but someone was following me, and there was another someone with a camera nearby. Out of the blue, the guy behind me, in a hoodie and sunglasses, moved up and ripped my loose blouse down exposing my breasts. Then he pulled my skirt all the way down to my ankles and ripped my thong off me and threw it in the street, a worthless rag from a $ 50 pair of undies. I wasn't wearing a bra either, and was now totally naked on the sidewalk. I know the camera and about 30 people around got a full view of my body totally naked.

    I screamed, he laughed and ran away, then the camera person ran off. I pulled up my skirt which had a ripped waist, and then pulled up my blouse with one strap broken. In my purse I had a pin and pinned the blouse, and just held the skirt up while I went back to my hotel. I wasn't r*ped, but definitely was violated in public. To make matters worse, my friend/lover wrote "Connie's Pussy" across my lower belly in black, india ink before I left as a reminder of she and I being together. Everyone got a view, they all knew I was lesbian (really bi) and all saw my blonde hair between my legs, and my dark nipples. I go straight into a taxi now to go anywhere.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I was was 16 and my step sister was 15 at the time and we were walking home from school when she said she was desperate for a poo and it turned me on so much I got an erection. After a while she said she couldn't hold it any longer and I heard a faint cracking sound as she filled her knickers and peed all down her legs. I got so excited I came in my pants! She asked me not to tell anyone she'd pood herself and I said I wouldn't as long as she didn't tell anyone I came in my pants.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I got home early friday and walked in on my younger sister using a huge cucumber as a dildo. She was running herself through, moaning and talking to herself about her wanting our dad to fuck her. I watched for a bit and she was going wild with that veggie. I waited to she finished, listening her talk about dad. When she finished I walked in doing a slow clap. She panicked. I thanked her for the show and told her I couldn't wait to tell dad at dinner and walked out. Almost as soon as I walked in my room, she stepped in and shut the door saying I could never tell dad. After bickering a bit she suggested a blow job if I promised never to mention it ever again to anyone. (Guess I broke that promise). I told her she'd have to work for it, nothing half assed. Soon my little devilish sister was stroking my cock with both her hands. I had her strip down revealing the large, plump perky tits of hers. She proceed to jam my cock into her throat. She turn straight slut, spitting on it, licking it, sucking it, moaning and occasionally rubbing her self and grabbing her pierced nipples. She moan and shuttered and squirted a bit wetting my floor. I stood up and went to straight face fucking her. Ah, soon I came her perfect tits. She quickly cleaned up and asked if were good. I said yes, that she did great and I look forward to tomorrow since mom and dad would be out of town. She gave me the dirty look and rolled her eyes. As of Saturday at roughly 11:48 am, I was pushing my cock deep into my sisters tight, perfect creaming pussy. This was the first of many.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I caught my neighbours wife useing a dildo and allthough she is really nice, she was so mad at me for walking in on her with her legs wide apart pushing this dildo up her,that there was no chance she`d have a mad moment and let me take over,so i left rather rapid and said nothink to no one,After a few hours she caught up with me and said sorry as it was her who had left the door open ,i assured her her secret was safe and said you looked lovely.which brought a smile to her face ,i wanted her even though she was nearly fifty and im 18 and knew her husband would batter me if it went wrong but i tried my luck and she tried to laugh it but after a few days i managed to get round her and ended up in her bed fucking her ,i knew her husbands job took him away weeks on end but her gasps ,and moans made it clear she wanted it as much as me,when he`s home she acts as if butter woundn`t melt in her mouth ,but after he`s gone a couple of weeks im back fucking her,its not easy with my parents about but sinking my cock into her is heaven,

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    Straight Female / 24

    This is just to unload a few things off of my chest that I've never told any one. They involve sex and coming of age but aren't earth shaking to any one but me. So let the confession begin.
    I was nine soaking in the bath tub with the lights off only because the power was off. I was partly hidden by the shower curtain as my older brother came in and locked the door. There was an open window and enough moon light for me to watch my brother enjoy himself moan slightly and dribble his love drops into the toilet. Then a minute later he relaxed and peed. Wow I thought as my mind filled with questions. Then I believe I was almost fourteen on my girlfriends Dads sailing boat when I peeked in a window from the outside deck and saw my friend with her daddy's thing in her mouth . Wow flash backs of watching my brother and I knew what was going in her mouth. What's it like I asked her later? It's not good and a bit salty but since Moms gone it makes Daddy calm down. I'm still a virgin she exclaimed , me too I replied.
    I was babysitting a 7,8 & 13 year old boys when the youngest boy comes out with a dirty magazine he found. The boys giggled as I set the dinner table for them. Then they whisper and make plans as they were practical jokers. I had already been locked in closets and water cups over the doors you know. So as I served the mac and cheese I took the partly hidden magazine and opened it. Does that really happen asked the youngest? Look at page ()is that you? I looked and said heck no! Do you really have a place to put my willy in asked the 8 year old? I red faced said of course it's standard equipment now stop asking questions and eat. They looked at me with X-ray eyes. It was warm and I was only wearing a short summer dress and tiny lacy panty. As I was washing dishes with the oldest the other two were looking up my dress. They ran off to get crayons and scissors . The oldest asked to touch my breast a hundred times. He was so immature only 6 months younger than me. The youngest grabbed the confiscated magazine and ran and I chased him he crawled under his bed and I followed with the other two right behind me. When I grabbed him under the bed they grabbed my legs. I was belly down holding the 7 year old who was now holding me. I felt my skirt flip up and listened to the snip snip of the scissors and felt cool air as my panty was removed . I fought to no avail as the bed was a perfect trap. They just want to see it for real said the youngest. It's mine it's not theirs I struggled. What are you doing as I felt something nonhuman go in me? Then I felt something getting crammed up my anus. It's just a crayon said the middle child. Stop you dummies I'm a virgin still fighting and hurting my back on the bed frame. Then another crayon and another and another. The youngest got away as I squirmed with the boys on my legs. The younger boys succeeded in spreading my legs even further and I was being filled with crayons. At this point nothing hurt by my pride. Ok I'll play your game what ever you want , the bed is hurting my back. Two more crayons and the pack is finished I tried to relax as two more went up my anus. My ass was stretched and it hurt. I grunted and pushed a few partly out. Your hurting me I cried pounding my fist on the carpet. Honest I'll do what you want. Hand cuffs were tossed to me put them on and we will pull you out. I cursed and put them on. I could hardly stand up loaded both ends with crayons. Like a cowboy I pulled out the painful ones up my butt first. I should put these up yours I said. We already have they replied. What the heck I said I couldn't get my fingers up my twat to grab any thing. Damn I said I can't get to them. Get on all fours I'll get them they asked smiling. The closed had a full lenght mirror and I sat in front of it and parted my lips and got my first view of my intact hymen and a crayon deep inside me. I need tweezers that's a small spot to get to. So I got one. And the seven year old said I'm the king of operation let me do this? No I said. Put her back under the bed. Ok ok and I let a seven year old empty my vagina. Then he put his finger in searching for more. That's sensitive I said as he kept digging around. Wait he said I feel the short broken one. I have a short one? I asked . Only three he said but I found one. I pushed on my belly as he reached up his finger . A little more he said and he took the tweezers and got it. There are two more he said. I reached my finger in my self for the first time feeling my cervix and not finding the crayons. Maybe if you jump. So I jumped and squatted and searched and nothing. Worried sick it was way up my uterus I didn't know what to do. Lay on the bed let me check said the oldest so like a dummy with my rear on the edge of the bed I lay back and he put a finger deep in me as I pushed down on my belly. Wow I can feel everything , the two young boys grabbed their bodies around my legs ,we were teasing there aren't any more crayons. I opened my eyes to see a fully hard penis with a clear drip on the tip of it at ground zero. Your such a sneak I said as he placed it at my wet open vagina. I was duped and tried to push back with my hand cuffed arms but I had given position and was very warn out and I tore and he entered me so easily. Oh my gosh this feels so good he said as I cried silently in pain. Let me try said the brothers . When I'm finished he said . No they are so young I said between grunting and trying to think. He lasted forever but he said it was four minutes. And pulled out and squirted on me and not in me thank goodness. They wiped the blood and the both of the younger boys got r**e experience. They didn't ejactulate but they took ten minutes each in me and even though I didn't want to my body responded and I liked it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I am a 18 year old bicurious male. For years i have been stealing my mom's lingerie and wearing it around the house when no one is home. Yesterday she came home early and found me in her bed in her black silk thongs and fishnet thigh highs.
    As if this wasn't bad enough i was sniffing a pair of her dirty thongs and jerking off as well.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I came home from a party a little drunk and, upon getting up to my room, could hear my parents having sex.

    Instantly hard, I got close to the wall and started masturbating - listening to my mum's moans and my dad's grunts.

    The hornier I got, the more I wanted them to know I was listening - so I began to moan. First it was subtle but then I got louder and louder.

    Not long after, I came pretty hard with a loud "uhhhhh, mummy!" A little after that, they finished.

    After about half an hour, i was horny again so I went into the bathroom and got a pair of my mum's dirty panties from the hamper.

    I got right up to their door, sniffing her panties and pulling on my dick. Again, I began to moan.

    "Uhhh, mummy! Daddy! Uhhh! I want to lick you both clean! I want to smell your assholes!"

    To my surprise, I started to hear soft moans from my mum. Then my dad. Then the familiar creak of the bed. They were fucking again.

    At that point, I lost my mind. I wrapped my mum's panties around my dick with one hand, and my fingers on the other went straight up my ass.

    "Uhhh! Fuck her, daddy! Fuck her!"

    My mum came pretty hard, it sounded like. Then me. Then my dad. But I still wasn't done.

    I plunged my fingers into my ass, forcing another erection out of myself, and my moans continued.

    "Mummy! Daddy! I need to taste you! I need your smell!"

    The door opened up and my dad was standing their in his underwear, erect bulge on display. I glanced over to my mum who was under the blanket. I couldn't tell for sure, but it looked to me like she was masturbating.

    I didn't stop. I just stared at my father's crotch and kept moaning until he calmly said, "I think that's enough."

    He lead me to my room and lightly pushed me towards my bed, saying "try to sleep it off."

    I just looked at him and said "I want to smell your dick." He said nothing and instead just turned around and started to leave. As he did this, I ran towards him and pushed my nose against his ass and inhaled slow and deep. He did nothing to stop this, whatsoever.

    This lasted for a few seconds, but when I reached around to touch his dick, he grabbed my hand and lightly pushed me back into my room , before closing the door.

    In my room, but against the connecting wall- I masturbated one last time, moaning as loud as before. After I came with a loud "daddy!" I practically passed out on my bed.

    For the most part, our relationship didn't change much after that, although the loud masturbation is still a thing, and I always moan for them. They also start fucking after I start masturbating, quite a lot - but we never talk about it.

    I do a lot less to cover up when I'm looking down my mum's top or staring at my dad's bulge, and I'm sure they notice but never say anything.

    Only time my obsession with them was ever out in the open again was also when I was drunk, and they were still up. I grabbed some of mum's underwear and brought it down into the living room, sat on the sofa next to mum, and stared sniffing them and rubbing my dick through my jeans. My mum cleared her throat and my dad said, "maybe you want to take that upstairs."

    I said, "maybe. Are you two coming up?"

    My mum asked my dad, "did you want to go up to bed?" He did, and we all went up.

    I tried to follow them into their room but my dad pushed me back, saying "let's not get carried away."

    I stood by the door and the night went as many did.

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