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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I rented a room from a married couple in their 50's for a reasonable price. I have lived there for over a month they are very nice to me to the point they trusted me to watch the house while they gone on vacation for a week. One day I got bored and decided to snoop around their bedroom. I found adult toys, adult movies and a selection of lingerie it appears they were into S&M too which is okay with me. I figure they were gone for a week and decided to try some of the toys and putting on her lingerie. I have always wanted to see what it feels like dressing up. It feel so good I keep it on most of the time when I know they were gone for a week.

    One night it was late and I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch one of the adult movie to see if I can relax to go to sleep. I got so horny watching the movie I went and got some of the adult toys and took it to my bedroom along with some of her lingerie and dressing up. It made me feel so sexy and good, I feel like a slut. I had one dildo in my ass and one in my mouth sucking and licking just enjoying myself. All of sudden I see this couple right outside of my bedroom door looking at me shocking.

    I guess I didn't hear them come in the house because I was so much into it and the movie was going. They told me the reason they were home early was the weather was bad and they had to cut short of their vacation trip. They didn't want to call me that they were on their way home is because it was so late at night and didn't want to wake me up. I told them I am so sorry they had to find out this way and I will pay or do whatever they want. The couple said we will discuss this in the morning is late why don't we all go to bed.

    The next morning we all sit in the kitchen table having breakfast. The husband said, well since you like dressing up slutty and you were sucking that dildo I think we can work something out here. I said oh what do you mean. He said I like having my cock suck for a long time but my wife can only do it for a short period of time. Because her mouth gets tired and can't suck no more. I said I have not suck a real cock before just dildo I was just curious about it that night watching the movie. He said this is your chance to do it and I agree to suck his cock. Then his wife said what about me? What do I get out of this. The husband said you have always wanted to try threesome so now is your chance. I am thinking wow I get to fuck his wife and suck his cock what more do you want.

    The wife said I have always wanted that and the husband said to me in one condition, you need to dress up slutty wearing her lingerie while we are having sex. I said why? The only reason I wore it that night was to see how it feel. The husband said now you know how it feel and I want you to wear them it make me feel like I am having sex with two sexy ladies. I said fine as long as you don't kick me out of your house.

    We all agree that morning I will serve both of them in sex. Let me tell you sucking his cock was a big job and he is right about his wife not able to suck it for very long. It was my first time sucking a real cock for a long time. I was getting so horny fucking his wife while I am sucking his cock. He doesn't like me to stop until he cum in my mouth and swallow his cum. Now whenever he wants his cock suck I am to serve him until he cum in my mouth and swallow his cum. In return we agree I get to fuck and eat his wife pussy whenever I want. He agree and so is the wife.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Yesterday, I was on Tumblr just checking out pages when I saw my friends mom. She was on a MILF site, in her bra and panties, naked and with a dick in her mouth. Now, all I can do is think about her.

    I followed some of the shares, and she must bring men to her house because I recognize the furniture. I want to try to fuck her, but I'm afraid my friend will find out.

    oh, she is still married and her husband might be taking the pics!

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    Straight Female / 22

    When a guy looks into a woman's eyes  steadily, intently, and with fixed attention  more than 3 seconds what does it mean?
    This happens to me from time to time from male strangers but I feel  embarassed and look away because some of the men creep me out by staring at me. But don't get me wrong I like men who i find attractive to look at me and if they smile at me I sometimes smile at them back. I wish I could get this eye flirt but I can't really tbh I don't know what guys are thinking at that moment when he stares at a woman, does he like her and wants more from her or he is just looking like men often do? I never had a boyfrind before so I am really bad at guessing body language and it gets me so frustrated, ughhh. :(

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    Straight Male / 34

    2 nights ago, my wife, Donna and a few of her friends went to a party for one of the girls they work with who was leaving the job to be an at home mom. They went to a neighborhood pub and then came back to our house for a few more drinks. There were 4 girls other than Donna in the livingroom and I headed to my shop in the basement to do some projects. I could hear the girls laughing and telling stories, getting louder and louder as they drank more. Around 1am, I came upstairs and Donna and Kristen were the only two left. There was an empty bottle of vodka on the counter and they were now just talking as they worked on a bottle or wine we had. I excused myself and headed for bed.

    Around 2, Donna came to bed telling me Kristen was too drunk to drive home and was going to sleep in the guest room. I told her it was fine and I watched as she changed into her nightgown. The room was pretty dark, but I could see her shape as she lifted her arms over her head and slid the top on. Her tits still drive me wild, and as she laid next to me, my hand slid right under her top and I started playing with her nipples. When she went to stop me, I kissed her, and I could taste the alcohol. The more I tried to seduce her, the more excuses she had. Kristen will hear us, I'm too drunk, in the morning, she had plenty of answers; none of which I wanted to hear. We fell asleep fairly quickly and soon she was snoring, flat on her back.

    A little while later, I heard noise in the hall, so I got up to find Kristen, drunk as hell looking for the bathroom. She was wearing one of my white "wifebeater" tee shirts and her panties, and I showed her where the bathroom was. After about 5 minutes, I went to check on her and she was passed out, sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles. I thought about grabbing my phone for a pic, but thought better of it. I went in and started stroking her head to gently wake her. She was was just mumbling about something I couldn't understand so I helped her up and started pulling her panties up. I put one arm around her and started walking her back to the guest room, and as she slumped a little, my hand was around her tit. She has larger tits than Donna and they way they filled out my t shirt while keeping the material from her stomach was mesmerizing. I struggled to keep her upright, the shirt raising up as I got her towards the bed. She obviously worked out, her stomach was flat and hard. She fell back onto the bed, out cold.

    I know I shouldn't have, but I started rubbing her stomach and worked my way up to her tits. She moaned a little but didn't wake, so I pulled my cock out and started rubbing it as I played with her. I started rubbing it against her tits and soon was rock hard.

    I'd love to say how we fucked, but I'd be lying. I came all over her tits and belly, pulled her shirt back down and went back to be with Donna. In the morning, I tried to get Donna to fuck, but she wasn't having any of that. When Kristen came down around noon, she was dressed in the own clothes and we sat at the table and made some small talk. Donna told me she was going to drive Kristen home and went to start the car. Kristen opened her purse, showed me the t shirt and told me she was going to keep it. If I ever needed to stop by, she'd be happy to model it for me with the stain. She winked and gave me a kiss and left.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I have gone to websites where you can cam naked and have done so myself. I basically only show myself naked from the neck down so my face is never shown. I noticed there was a setting on the site that asks if you want your cam shown on other sites. The default setting was to allow this and I had never changed it. I decided to do a Google search on my nick name just to see if my cam was appearing on any other sites and which ones. I was surprised to find many sites mentioning my nickname and that I cam naked giving my details and also the last time I was online doing camming. Most of these sites had at least one still shot of me naked from my past shows. One site had at least about 20 still shots from my past shows with 2 of these stills showing my face. A few times while camming I had accidentally shown my face for maybe a second or two and they had posted these. It was embarrassing and nerve racking to now have myself so exposed where people I knew may see them. There was a bio included on myself, that was a lie and not written by me, stating I was a Bi guy who liked sucking cock and getting ass fucked. After some more Google searches I found video posts of my shows, never approved by me, available for download. I downloaded a few of them and viewed them. I had only once ever cum on cam and that was one of the videos. I didn't realize it at the time but being so into it I had kicked my webcam and was now masturbating and cumming with myself being shown from head to toe with my face fully exposed along with everything else. I do remember just after I had cum that day I quickly got up to clean myself up so it wouldn't get it all over the couch that I just shut my computer off as I left to clean up. I didn't even realize I had kicked it and it re-aimed the webcam to show my face and everything else until I saw this video. I was thinking about asking for the videos to be removed but I don't know successful that would be and I dont want to give them my name. For now, I have decided to just accept they exist and if I am recognized by people I know then I guess they will see a very surprising naked video of me doing some very unexpected sexual things. They basically will be left with no wonder in regards to what every inch of my body looks like along with what it and I look like cumming.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    Julie and I were the last two in the office, everyone else had gone for the day. Julie and I have been having sex for a few months now and no one at the office is aware that Julie and I swing both ways.

    I was so horny for Julie and she had been teasing me at work all day in very subtle ways only I would pick up on. I went into her office and we started to make out almost at once, there was nobody around to see us, right?

    Within moments our lipstick was gone, our lips swollen from the intense kissing. Our hands were all over each other, lifting our skirts and squeezing each others breasts. We began to rub each others pussy, our skirts up over our hips now.

    We were both soaking wet and our panties were proof of it too. I just went into Julie's wet panties when suddenly I heard a noise from behind. I turned and Julie saw her too, it was the Janitorial crew and Isabelle, one of the cleaning ladies was standing there looking directly at us.

    Isabelle's Eyes were open wide with disbelief on what she was seeing. She quickly turned around and hearing her saying something as she went down the hall quickly.

    I was so embarrassed and Julie was too. We were both so worked up and ready to cum for each other, now we were trying to get out of the building as quick as possible.

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    Straight Male / 54

    This happened back when I was about 16 years old.

    My brother had split up with his wife at the time and it was his week to have his two daughter's. For some reason I don't remember he had to work the day he brought them over to our house. My mom worked at the time and my brother was staying with my older sister for a few days. So he left them with me for about 5 hours that day. I was a responsible young man and the girls loved their uncle and the swimming pool that we had.

    It was summer time and it was another warm California day. The girls and I went to the pool and swam and played for about two hours and then I told them that it was time to go have some lunch. We headed back into the house to change and then have lunch.

    My niece's were about 5 and 6 at the time and they loved to barge into any room when the door was closed. I told them to get changed and then I went into my bedroom. I started to slip off my swimsuit and no sooner than I had it about mid thigh, my door opened and in pop my two niece's. I told them to get out and pulled my suit up. I waited a little to see if they were going to do it again, then when I thought it was ok I pulled it down again. This time the burst in again and saw me naked. They giggled and I picked up the towel I had from swimming and covered up my cock. I yelled at them again and they ran away leaving my door open. I walked around my bed and close it. It had no locks, so I had to just close it.

    I drop the towel and I'm getting my underwear out of a drawer and in the burst again. With all this going on I am starting to get aroused. I cover myself with my whitey tighties and turn and tell them to stop it and get out. They again run away leaving my door open. I walk and close it again.

    By this time my cock is fully erect and I am sitting on my bed thinking about jacking off but knowing they will burst again at any moment. As I talk myself into not jacking the door opens again and this time they run into my room right in front of me. I'm sitting on my bed with my two niece's standing right in front of me. I decided if that is what they wanted to do and see well let them. They are giggling and staring right at my fully hard cock. They one of them says, "Wow uncle Steve, you have a really big wacker." I told them yes I do but you have to leave now or I will tell your daddy what you have been doing. They said ok and started to leave then stopped and looked at my cock again while I was standing up. It was just about the height of their heads. The oldest said again, wow it's really big!" This time they left and didn't come back in again. Which was great because I really needed to jack off. Which I did and it didn't take long at all.

    Never happened again though. I often wonder if they remember that day. They are in their 50's now and I remember very well.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Met a gal many years ago. Not only did we have great and kinky sex, she wanted to have it on video. Oh boy did we make some hot videos!

    Fast forward 20yrs. Old Video cartridges stashed away in a box. That sexy bitch and I parted ways a few years later. A new gal comes along and marriage with kids follow, those video tapes pretty much forgotten, right?

    Then one day the wife decides to go through boxes that had been gathering dust and taking up space in the spare bedroom closet.

    Imagine my expression one day when I come home to see those forgotten video cartridges and camcorder sitting in the garage, with a note from my wife. "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS AS LONG AS THEY DON'T COME THROUGH THIS DOOR!!!

    I took the box and put it all in the car and drove down to a strip mall with those dumpsters behind their building. I read the titles I had written years ago on the cartridges and those times with that gal came rushing back instantly. Nothing like having your wife read the title called HOT ANAL SEX, or BDSM GIRL.

    I don't know if my wife actually watched any of them because I sure as hell didn't ask when I returned home. She never said another word about the tapes but for several days my wife wasn't her usual friendly self either.

    I don't regret anything because I was single at the time. However, it is embarrassing for her to have found them.

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    Straight Male / 29

    Alright try and follow my weirdness .I always got off on the thought of being caught jacking off or wearing panties . so when I knew I was moving cross country the next day I planned out a way to do all that .
    I had a habit of sneaking in the neighbor girls house and taking her panties and jerking off . the day before I left I said screw it my only chance to do something this crazy .
    I know when they come home from school everyday so I planned to be caught by them . I went in lindseys room and I was already shaking thinking about what I was gonna do . I got completely naked and went into her underwear drawer and pulled out these see through pink thong panties and matching bra . turn to see myself in the mirror I get hard . I hear voices and look out window and its them I start to get scared and go for my clothes but so I don't chicken out I throw my clothes out the window so now I know there's nothing I can do but get caught in the girls panties as they laugh .
    In so scared adbi hear door steps so I just clothes my eyes and start jerking . I see them walk in and they gasp , www gross , it's the wierd kid next door playing in .... Interupted Lindsey goes in my panties ! I'm almost twitching , as they pull out their phones to take pictures I flip upside down as they all start laughing and freaking out ! He a trying to suck his little dick ! And I moaned I love your little panties as I twisted my nipple and squirted a load of cum in my face and mouth as all these girls screamed ! .but as soon as I came I looked up and saw my reflection sitting there in little girls pink panties my own cum on my face with all these cute young girls looking at me in disgust as I my dick shrivels up . I feel stupid now and try to leave as they keep filming saying look he's gonna cry . sara said I would cry to if this was gonna be out on the internet for everyone to see ! Brad wears 13 year old girl panties and jacks off in his own mouth . I can't get past them . look his tiny penis shrunk into your little panties . by now the rest of the school had gotten word and had gatjetef outside the house . I turn and grabb one girl and pull her skirt up and pull her panties down and take them off start taking the pink ones off and putting on her baby blue string satin thong panties and they push me outside and I fall spread eagle in front of the girl I've always had a crush on . seeing he horrified face shaking her head one girl says your on Facebook live as girls panties are being thrown at me a girl runs up and sticks a sharper up my ass as two girls hold my legs b,my dick gets hard and they laugh as I jerk off into my mouth again then run . out clothes in hip in cab never to return . the video still turns up on random open sites but no one knows it's me . I'm straight by the way .

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    Gay Male / 37

    To start with I am a closet gay man and have been for about 10yrs now. The only people that know are really the only ones that I have played with. I do have a friend that is bi and that I have sucked off numerous times and let him top me a few times. Well just the other morning Super Bowl Sunday he texted me asking if I was doing anything for the super bowl. Being I really didn't care who won (although I really didn't want the Pats to win) I said no not really but might go to the club to watch part of the game.
    He says he was going to a friends house as he was having a party and they are normally pretty good parties between the playing cards and pool as well as an indoor golf range as well as a pretty good food spread. I said sure sounds like fun. Later that afternoon he picks me up and we head over there and once there he introduces me to his friends and we sat down to play some cards while others played pool and a few were playing a round of golf. So fast forward to half time.
    I was watching the half time show and had to use the bathroom and after being told where it was I go take care of business and as I was walking back my friend was in a small room and called for me. I go into the room and he tells me he is really horny and asked if I would give him a quick blow job. Not being one to turn down sucking a nice cock which his is about 7 inches and a little thick but perfect for deep throating and getting face fucked with. I close the door and dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out that was pretty much already hard and started sucking and licking it.
    We were in there about 10 minutes or so and he was getting close then all the sudden the door opens and the guy started coming in and stopped, says whoa! sorry I thought this was the bathroom and stepped back out. We decided to get out of there and hoped that he didn't really see who was in the bedroom because of how fast it happened. We went back out as if nothing happened and when the guy came back from the bathroom he was looking around and kept looking at me (which made me feel like he knew it was me on my knees and made me nervous)
    Nothing was said that night and when we left I gave my friend road head on the way home and he must have had a huge load because I had a very hard time swallowing all of it and cleaned a lot off my chin and mouth because I couldn't swallow all of it. So the next evening my friend texts me saying he got word that someone was giving a blowjob in the bedroom and some of the guys were pissed (even thou there was no women there) because they said they wished they would have walked in because they would have got a blowjob also.
    I told my friend I think that would have been hot to be in the bedroom and having guys coming in to get blown as I would have loved it but being closeted I was embarrassed we got caught

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