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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 35

    I was mortified but after 3 months can put things in perspective. I'm a 26-year-old woman with various physical fitness certifications. My family owns a small gym/spa in a suburban strip mall and on Monday evenings I teach a women's self-defense course. I am physically fit, good at what I do and more than a little boastful.

    Three weeks before Christmas while my husband was home with our daughters I came to the gym early on a Monday evening to decorate for the holidays. It was four o'clock and my self defense class starts at 7:30. At five I ran out to the cafe next door to get a salad, brought it back to the gym ( no more than three minutes) and was confronted by two young men who grabbed me, flashed a knife and demanded money. I am good at self defense but not stupid and there was no way I could fight off two big men with weapons so I complied. They left me face down, hogtied and gagged. Not only was I bound very tightly but I was recovering from a broken arm and did not want to aggravate it so my struggling was minimum and unsuccessful. I desperately hoped someone would find me before my students did but at about 7:20 a group of the girls arrived for class and found me still bound up, gagged and highly embarrassed. When they removed my gag I tried to make a few jokes to cover my agony and embarrassment but I probably just babbled and tried to regain some composure and dignity.

    Class, of course, was cancelled that night but we continued the following week and I started by acknowledging my failure and emphasizing the idea of not being stupid in any confrontation. Thankfully, aside from asking how I was doing, my class did not want to dwell on my ordeal (maybe they were being polite) so things got back to normal but for weeks I wondered what they were saying and thinking. It took me almost until now to stop torturing myself.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I was a first semester freshman in college. I was invited to an out of town wedding for one of my older cousins. At the party I met one of the friends of the groom. He was a hard ass and all around jerk and he got his dick up inside of me in one of the closets in the hall by the ballroom. I had never had a dick inside of me and I didn't know what to do. He tried fucking me standing up but his dick kept slipping out so he made me bend over and lean on the wall and he fucked me up until he came. I would not have known that he was coming except that he said it out loud and told me to hold still until he filled me up.

    We went back to the ballroom and he held me by the wrist and told me to stay close to him because he wasn't done with me. We chit chatted with on of his friends, and after a while he put my hand on his pants and he told me to get his dick hard. When his dick got hard he said he was ready and he took me with him to his room. He helped me get undressed and he got undressed and he got on me and was inside once again, this time fucking me on top. After a while of fucking on me, he got on his knees and had me get on my hands and knees and he fingered me and he put his dick up against my ass and told me to hold still and tell him if it hurt. His dick went inside of me, it did hurt but I kept my mouth shut, I just bit my lip until he was all the way in and he could fuck me.

    I stayed with him in his room the entire night and the next morning he went into the hall to see if the coast was clear and then sent me down to my room, where my mother was sleeping. My mother woke up when I went in and asked me what time it was and where had I been. I told her I had gone to a private party after the reception. She turned over and went back to sleep.

    Back in college I was in pain over him. He would not answer me. It took me a long time to realize that I was a one night stand for him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Well, this is Blowjob Barry again. Very embarrassing things keep happening to me. I had a number of strangers contact me, after they had seen my last name on a previous confession, and ask me about my cock slurping habit. I continue to give routine blowjobs, about 4 per week, to various guys. I regularly get deep throated and enjoy it immensely. The craving to have my lips around a big cock is so intense. I swear I would be happy to take mouthfuls of cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...everyday! I was recently passionately involved in a blowjob and several pictures were taken by the guys' girlfriend. So, there are pictures floating around if me slurping cock while wearing only a pink lace thong panty. So embarrassing!!

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    Lesbian Female / 32

    In a committed relationship with my partner I moved in with her. Several weeks after moving in I went to an evening work dinner. I needed a cab, but a coworker offered to take me home. He put his hand on my thigh, I asked him to let me out, he touched my face and kept driving. At our apartment he walked to the door with me. I thanked him, but he kissed me and took my key and opened the door. Sex was on the couch, he left me with a kiss on the mouth. I didn't tell my partner, now I am pregnant. When she finds out I let a man in and he had sex with me on the couch she will leave me. I betrayed her, I don't know what came over me.

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    Transsexual Female / 22

    I am a small guy with a small penis. I am 5'5" with a real slender build. My penis is almost 3 inches when hard.

    I always asked my wife what she sees in me. She says she loves that I am so in touch with my feminine side, and sweet and funny. She never once said that I was masculine. I never saw myself as in touch with my feminine side. I mean sure I have my own collection of lingirie and she lets me wear her dresses, she is a size 6 and they fit me so nice, and my ass looks hot in them. Maybe I am a little feminine.

    When we got married my wife kept telling me to quit my job and be her housewife. She said that I could stay in dresses all the time. She is a lawyer and made more than enough for us. I figured hey I can wear guys clothes or girls clothes the best of both worlds. So I agreed and quit work. She took me shopping for my new girls clothes. I tried on so many dresses and skirts and tops and shoes. I had a great day and she spent $2500 on me that day.

    We got home and she said go be a good girl and change into a dress and put your things up. I changed and open my closet to find it empty. I called my wife. She told me that she had her best friend get rid of them. She said that I wouldn't be wearing guys clothes anymore. Then I said, "Your best friend knows about this". She laughed and said that all her friends know that you are basically a girl.

    I shrunk. Then she talked to me again about cuckolding me. I agreed I wanted to be close to a real man's cock but didn't want her to know. Then she said that she knows I like cock. I said no I don't. She said, "You better teach yourself to stop talking in your sleep if you are going to lie to me". Busted.

    A week later she came home with my best friend. He said that it was true that I was a sissy. All week my wife trained me to be a perfect girl. How to walk talk and be a girl, and I had to do all the time. I greeted them and offered to get them something. My wife said not yet but Bill said that wants to feel your lips on his cock.

    I was so submissive at this point from being slapped around when I wasn't feminine enough. She is stronger than i am.

    I unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge cock. I complemented his big size and dropped to my knees. My wife said, "Careful not to get a run in your pantyhose girl". Bill asked what to call me and my wife said that she is calling "her" Lisa. I was a girl now.

    I was doing everything I was told to on his cock. I was told that the more I made him wait to cum the more I get to swallow. I went slow and he almost came 3 times and I stopped I tried to do it once more and my mouth filled and I suddenly smiled realizing I am a good cocksucker. He said I had cum dripping from my chin and pushed it in my mouth and I began to suck his finger and he loved it.

    I really am a cum loving girl and I am damn good at it. I thanked both of them for showing me that I really am a sissy cum slut.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Because we'd flirted so much over the past six months, when we decided we'd take the risk and have sex, it was extremely rough dirty sex. From me licking and tonguing out her pussy and ass, whilst fucking either hole with a dildo she had. To her probing my asshole deeply with her tongue, before I fucked her mouth pussy and ass in any position we could think of. It was as I was fucking her pussy from behind, at the same time screwing her asshole with the dildo, that her son, my best friend walked in.
    The air could have been cut with a knife when we eventually saw him, as he'd watched me pumping my cock in and out of his mother. But it was only when he moved did we see him, and by then it was too late for me as I came deep inside his moms pussy. Turning around he called us a few choice names and walked out. Not one to miss out on a sexual chance as I've come to find out, his mom said "Oh well he knows now, might as well enjoy ourselves". I spent the next half an hour making her climax, by licking her pussy clean of my cum, and then she had me fuck her asshole once I'd become erect again. What I and my friends mom didn't know, was her son watched the whole thing.
    The way I found out was a series of texts he sent me that night. They ranged from anger and my demise, to understanding why his mom would want and need sex after so long without a guy. The final text before I drifted off to sleep, was him telling me he forgave me. My reply was informing him just how embarrassed I was.
    Three days later I got a text from my friend telling me his mother would like to see me. It turns out they'd spoken and it also turned out, and I'm still not fully understanding why, they'd agreed she should have someone to have fun with.
    So feeling really really unsure the next day, I called by my best friends home. He invited me in, but said he was going to visit his girlfriend. Leaving me alone with his mom, she couldn't have been more calm. Taking me to her bedroom, we had sex pretty much the whole of that afternoon and into the evening. We were still fucking when he got home, and as if nothing was out of the ordinary when we eventually walked downstairs, he got me a beer as we sat and chatted about baseball, golf and his new girlfriend.
    Now most days if I'm not working or indeed sometimes after work, I find myself between my best friends moms legs, fucking her pussy and asshole for all I'm worth.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Last weekend with my wife supposedly out with friends, I invited her twenty four year old sister around, who only lives a couple of streets away. We've been fucking for over a year, since I first fucked her at my thirtieth birthday party.
    With us both naked in the front room, and my cock balls deep up her from behind as she leaned over the arm of the couch, I heard, then saw my wife enter the room. Totally embarrassed I pulled out of her sister just as I was cumming. My cum squirted all over my wife's sisters arsehole and I couldn't help but groan with pleasure. A couple of seconds later my wife shouted at us both, but more at her sister. Telling her to go, she walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Her sister and I looked at each other and I signaled I'd text her later. Pulling on some jogging bottoms and a t shirt, I joined my wife in the kitchen. The only thing she said was "Was she a good fuck, looked like it from where I stood". Nothing and I mean this, nothing else was said after I confirmed her sister was indeed a real good fuck.
    In a way over this week, it has weirded me out a little. That's because if anything my wife has become more sexual with me, sucking me off most days, and has been having perfectly normal conversations too.
    She even phoned her sister yesterday, to tell her she forgave her. And the last part of their conversation over the phone, my wife actually told her sister I'd said she was a great fuck. There was lots of giggling and a remark made which is the reason I'm here confessing. My wife told her sister "Remember me saying when we first got together just how good **** is sexually, well now you know". I'm not sure if my wife knows just how long we've been fucking, but after her phone call, she calmly walked in where I was sat listening, kissed me and without a touch of sarcasm in her voice said "Now you've got two sisters to satisfy". I didn't dare follow up on what she said, but left it at that. Now I'm wondering if my wife has just given me a free pass to fuck her younger sister. It certainly sounded that way.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I fucked so many hard phallic objects on pillows all through my 20s, 30s and 40s and if my walls could talk they would make me a freak whore the way I fucked and fucked for hours alone in my room like heather at the bootcamp told me to every afternoon spent time making yourself more relaxed and calm and sensual she said. I fuck to porn alone for the last 10 years since I turned 35. I used to sometimes drink and get drunk in my room and get on top of my hairbrush that fitted my pussy so well place it on the pillow and fuck and fuck for ages and I would hit and slap and do ugly faces as I fucked away alone at the posters of a band who were taunting me from my local school. the best masturbation fuck I had was I spent a whole night in a storm and the thunder was so loud i could really make the bed rock and no one would hear and I had a portable gaslight on and I pretended I was having a romantic sexy love making night with a hot Spanish man or noble handsome English man and I used to count the slides into my vagina some nights it was thousands for hours and hours in the dim light. I want to do it more. I wish I had a room of my own to do it its exercise to me. I always wanted a guy to fuck with me who was hot as but I didn't have the skills of how to get those ones so I stopped trying with most men after a few set backs.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I am 27. Last year, I spent time with the department head on a special project. Late one night he convinced me to let him take a picture up my skirt, I sat in front of him and opened my legs for him to put his phone under my skirt and take a burst of pictures. My legs were open so the pictures were graphic. He then asked for my panties, which I slid off and let him look up my skirt at my naked pussy.

    I have several pictures of his penis and I let him take a picture of my naked butt leaning over his visitor's table.

    He has sex with me and I try to swallow him but I choke. He is 61 and he is married to a real nice lady.

    His hands touch everything and he likes for me to pose nude for him. He gets sex when he wants it. If I am on my period he gets oral sex, I am on the pill so he knows my cycle and heats me up for two or three days so when my period stops I need relief and I am more than willing.

    I want to stop, I am in a sex haze, I am jealous if he pays attention to another girl, I go to work early to be with him and sometimes I wait till after seven for him to leave and take me to eat and then take me home. He goes home around eleven and I cry because he leaves me alone.

    I am embarrassed at what I do. I was not raised like this. If my family knew I had sex with a boss they would not talk to me. I feel I love him, but do I? Or am I just addicted to being perverted with an old man.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I rented a room from a married couple in their 50's for a reasonable price. I have lived there for over a month they are very nice to me to the point they trusted me to watch the house while they gone on vacation for a week. One day I got bored and decided to snoop around their bedroom. I found adult toys, adult movies and a selection of lingerie it appears they were into S&M too which is okay with me. I figure they were gone for a week and decided to try some of the toys and putting on her lingerie. I have always wanted to see what it feels like dressing up. It feel so good I keep it on most of the time when I know they were gone for a week.

    One night it was late and I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch one of the adult movie to see if I can relax to go to sleep. I got so horny watching the movie I went and got some of the adult toys and took it to my bedroom along with some of her lingerie and dressing up. It made me feel so sexy and good, I feel like a slut. I had one dildo in my ass and one in my mouth sucking and licking just enjoying myself. All of sudden I see this couple right outside of my bedroom door looking at me shocking.

    I guess I didn't hear them come in the house because I was so much into it and the movie was going. They told me the reason they were home early was the weather was bad and they had to cut short of their vacation trip. They didn't want to call me that they were on their way home is because it was so late at night and didn't want to wake me up. I told them I am so sorry they had to find out this way and I will pay or do whatever they want. The couple said we will discuss this in the morning is late why don't we all go to bed.

    The next morning we all sit in the kitchen table having breakfast. The husband said, well since you like dressing up slutty and you were sucking that dildo I think we can work something out here. I said oh what do you mean. He said I like having my cock suck for a long time but my wife can only do it for a short period of time. Because her mouth gets tired and can't suck no more. I said I have not suck a real cock before just dildo I was just curious about it that night watching the movie. He said this is your chance to do it and I agree to suck his cock. Then his wife said what about me? What do I get out of this. The husband said you have always wanted to try threesome so now is your chance. I am thinking wow I get to fuck his wife and suck his cock what more do you want.

    The wife said I have always wanted that and the husband said to me in one condition, you need to dress up slutty wearing her lingerie while we are having sex. I said why? The only reason I wore it that night was to see how it feel. The husband said now you know how it feel and I want you to wear them it make me feel like I am having sex with two sexy ladies. I said fine as long as you don't kick me out of your house.

    We all agree that morning I will serve both of them in sex. Let me tell you sucking his cock was a big job and he is right about his wife not able to suck it for very long. It was my first time sucking a real cock for a long time. I was getting so horny fucking his wife while I am sucking his cock. He doesn't like me to stop until he cum in my mouth and swallow his cum. Now whenever he wants his cock suck I am to serve him until he cum in my mouth and swallow his cum. In return we agree I get to fuck and eat his wife pussy whenever I want. He agree and so is the wife.

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