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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    i am so screwed! my parents were out of town and i had a few of my friends over, all girls. we were drinking and things got silly. we started truth or dare and it wasn't long before we were all naked and totally drunk too! i know we all started making out. the next thing i know is that my younger brother was taking pictures of us sleeping together naked in the sectional. he wants me to suck him off when ever he wants until i go to college in August. he's such a perv, but i'm sure mom and dad will have a major fit and maybe make me wait to go to college "until you can show us you are responsible enough..."

    i am so screwed!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My confession is i have a small cock. 4 inches on a good day. I like small cock humiliation. I like comparing it to black cocks. Its so small compared to them. Then i like taking them deep in my throat as they tell me i like sucking their cock because no woman wants my little cock.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I spent two years in an all girls boarding school when I 15-16 years old. Most of our teachers were also females that dubled as our dorm night care taker except for the director of the school. Girls used to talk about him as a pervert, because he would treat girls in a friendly tuchy maner and others as sweat father figure. I personally didn't see him that way till he walked into the girls dormitory one night just as we were all lined up for shower rapt in our towels. Ofcourse it was all under the excuse of being the director, personally supervising the dorms and getting a cheap look. I'm sure Miss Helen conspired with him by intentionally leaving me and another girl for last, when he walked in and caught us both naked standing in open stoll shower. He just stood there looking down at our pussies, getting sexual charge out of it and bust sat on the bench and kept looking. Miss Helen never showed up and couldn't do anything else but finish our shower in front of him, whiel he lusted over our nudity telling us we were shaping up nicely. Since that day tanking showers became scary because we knew he would show up when we least expected and Miss Helen would conveniently walk away and let it hapeen. The incident was so humiliating the only ones that knew about it were us, the director and Miss Helen that got spacial treatment.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I'm ashamed and embarrassed about this now but when I was in my late teens I not only let a neighborhood boy see me naked but allowed him to watch me masturbate. He was only 11 the first time but I did this up until I graduated from high school and think he was 13 by then. I encouraged him to come to my house after school once or twice a week for a couple years while my parents were still at work. It only stopped when I went away to college. I've been back home now almost a year and every time I see him now I cringe with embarrassment. He's 17 now and I'm sure he remembers everything. He does talk to me sometimes but never humiliates me by talking about it. The other thing that worries me is if he has told his friends about it. At the time it was arousing for me but now I so much regret doing it.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Well, this was kinda embarrassing at the time, but that feeling wore off and it did change me for awhile. I was 19 and a guy, but liked to dress like a girl and tease he older men that hung around the park in the evening. One night I was having some fun with this guy that said he was 71, he said, you know if I could get it up I'd give you just what you're needing. So I bet him 20 dollars that he couldn't, but if he did he could fuck me, we both placed a 20 on the table and I pulled down my jeans and bent over.

    He played around for a little while, rubbing his dick around on my ass, fingering me and telling me how good he was going to make it feel. I was laughing cause I knew he couldn't get it done, he was using his fingers to push his limp dick in my ass. It was funny as hell as I could just see his face wanting his dick to get hard so bad, then suddenly it did get hard, and it felt big and long when he grabbed my hips and hunched it in all the way.

    I was like oohhhh shit, I just got played, but the old guy fucked me like a hot assed girl and planted a load of his spunk in me. He quickly went soft, and as he pulled out he said, thanks for the ass and the 20 bucks, come back if you want some more dick. I did get it from his a few more times as well as from some other older guys, but then gave it up, and since then only think about it.

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    Straight Male / 30

    The neighbors we had back then moved away 9 years ago, it was a rural area and they lived about a mile from us. They only had 10 acres, had a few calves, chickens, a few goats and this spotted miniture jack donkey, when they had to be away they got me to take care of the animals. I'd been doing it for like 3 months, not often just when they needed me to. I was an 18 year old boy and we had several horses, big and some minitures, I also had been mounted and taken by a few of the small studs.

    One day while taking care of the neighbors stock their jack came to me sporting a hardon, so I let him take care of me, and he did put it to me. After he finished and I was leaving the lot, that's when I noticed the game camera. I'd been over there lots of times and never noticed it, I wasn't sure that it had filmed us, as we were almost behind this shed. I was hoping it hadn't, and the guy never came out and said anything, but by the comments he made while we were standing by the lot watching the little jack I knew he had seen it.

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    Straight Female / 24

    Not sure if anyone could surpass this embarrassing moment...itâs not one of those you can push to the back of your mind because the whole thing was caught on my dads cctv.

    A couple of weeks ago I was staying at my dads place while he was abroad. He has a huge place with lots of rooms. Iâd been there a week or so and found myself a little bored? Itâs late afternoon Iâm off work and I decide to get a bit high on my own and make good use of my time alone.

    Itâs not long before I feel really really horny. when I get in this mood I know I have to play with myself and on this occasion I chose the back bedroom to get things going.

    I pulled my pants down and bent over the corner of the bed. I opened my legs and was rubbing my pussy back and forth on the corner of the bed. I was going for ages and came pretty hard with my ass hanging off the end of the bed.

    By early evening I was at it again but this time used the corner of the couch which was rock hard and this was probably one of the best orgasms Iâd ever had.

    Never thought anything more of it.
    My dad came back and that evening he put on his holiday video. I got bored as u do and went to bed. An hour passed and I went to the loo ...then I heard it!! My voice moaning and the bed squeaking. I froze, couldnât flush the toilet. Silent. I crept to the door at the back of the room and there my dad was watching me shagging his couch.
    I didnât know which was worse, me getting caught or him watching and not turning it off!!

    I could see he had every room wired up and recorded. Iâd rather he didnât know I saw and donât think I could ever face him again.

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    Straight Female / 22

    If I play the little girl lost. Roll my eyes a little. Or even flash a stocking top, a possibility of things to come I can usually get my own way, every time. My boyfriend, Frank, is a big softie really. But, when it comes to sex, the roles are reversed. Frank is in the driving seat, he's the dominant partner and I must play the submissive role. There are rules that must be followed. Frank's rules.

    We love doing it outdoors. It's not just the sex itself that's the turn on but the whole thing. The anticipation, knowing what we our about to do. The drive out, usually to the country. The finding of a place to do it, not as easy as you might think. And, of course, there's always that added thrill that we just might get caught. We never have. Well! not until last summer, anyway.

    We thought we'd found the perfect spot. A hedged in, rutted track with barely enough room to get the car down. It led nowhere, a dead end.

    So, there I was, on that hot day in June, bent over the bonnet, little white dress around my waist and bare bum high in the air. One thing I've learned about Frank is that you have to be patient, very patient. So, I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, I sneaked a peak backwards. Frank, shorts around his ankles, cock in hand was rolling the ball of his thumb across his foreskin. Our eyes never met, his head was down, taking in the view. Once, in work, I overheard a guy saying that I had legs up to my armpits. It made me smile. Well, there not quite that long, but the heels helped and I thought the little, white, ankle socks were cute and rather sexy. Frank loved them.

    The first touch was hardly a touch at all. I've felt more when a breeze has blown up my skirt when Frank has persuaded me to go out without knickers. It was all over in a second, but the head brushed the whole length of me. I bit down on my bottom lip to stop myself crying out. I expected another long wait. But, the second touch came immediately, as light as the first, but lingering, a circular motion around my bum hole. Frank knew exactly how to tease. Then, nothing for a long time. I played by the rules, not showing any enthusiasm, keeping my legs firmly together, how I don't know. Then the lightest of touches, outer lips, as light as a feather. God! how I wanted that cock, but I knew if I pushed backwards he would only tease me more. So I waited.

    The head entered me, just the head you understand. My hands had made fists, I bit down on the bone white knuckles, shut my eyes and waited. How long? I've no idea but it seemed like forever. Then, another inch, just a miserable, lousy inch. But, OMG! I wanted it. But, Frank could play this game forever. So, it went on inch by inch, slowly , very slowly, until, at last, he was fully inside me. God! enough I thought, please no more, just fuck me. But no, he slid out, almost to the end, and, fucking Jesus, he started all over again. Just an inch. Just a fucking inch. I wanted to scream out loud and call him all the bastards under the sun. But, somehow, I waited, every nerve in my body singing, but I waited. How? I'll never know. He withdrew again. Oh! God not again, I couldn't take a third time. One thing about sex with Frank is that it's never predictable. Just when I'd expected another stuttering entry he slid the whole length inside me. My eyes flew open and I threw my head back and moaned. Now, we were actually fucking. Again almost out to the tip, but the yes, thank God yes, right back inside, forcefully. I have never wanted anything so badly.

    When the little dog appeared in a gap in the hedge it made us both jump. When, a few seconds later, a woman appeared through the same gap we jumped even more. For a brief second or two she didn't realize what she had walked in on. She brushed leaves from her hair and clothes and, finally, looked around. Gradually she realized and her face began to redden from the neck up. It was as if someone had pressed the pause button on a DVD player. For a brief few seconds all three of us just stared, transfixed. Then, suddenly, I was terrified. What must this woman think. Was I some sort of tart. Doing it for money. For some reason I fixated on the heels and the socks. God! I even looked like a tart. I was horrified. I scrambled to get up. Then, a very weird thing happened. Frank, still fully inside me, held me down. I was mortified. This time I tried more forcibly to get up. But he pinned me down easily, palms pressing into my soldier blades. I looked around, frantically. What for fuck sake was he doing. But, Frank was in a world of his own. The weird thing was he was staring directly at the woman and, what's more, she was staring directly back at him. The bastard was actually enjoying himself.

    At that moment in time I hated him with all my being. Why was he humiliating me like this? Treating me like some sort of common whore. This was the man who told me that he loved me. I felt him pull out, as if taking a perverse delight in showing this woman what he had. All thoughts of sex had left me I just wanted the whole thing over so I could crawl away somewhere and die. I rested my head on my arms, closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands. Frank was loving it, easing out then sliding back in, slowly, purposely. I gritted my teeth and prayed that it would all be over quickly. But Frank was in no hurry, he was loving it, the bastard.

    Why, through my fingers, did I look at the woman I don't know, but I did. She was older than us, early thirties probably, pretty, white T shirt, skinny fit jeans, a figure to die for, green wellies. They both still had rivetted eye contact. And then, OMG!, I noticed something. She was biting down on her bottom lip, her left hand was clenched around the hem of the T shirt, pulling the material taut and, Oh! my lord, her nipples where like miniature thimbles. This fucking woman wasn't disgusted or mortified she was fucking well turned on. The revelation was startling. Suddenly, I began to reignite. If she was enjoying it why couldn't I. Fuck Frank, fuck the rules. I opened my legs for the first time and pushed my bum back into Frank. He sensed the movement. Pulled out, but then in again, with more force, and I responded. He must have sensed my willingness because he let me up on straight arms. I arched my body back I thrust out my bum. For the first time there was a response, he moaned. I looked at the woman, boldly now, and incredibly her right hand was around her breast, thumb teasing the nipple. A trickle of sweat ran down her face. It was a huge turn on. God! I wanted it now and so did Frank, desperately. He pinned me against the car. Staying with me now. We found a rhythm, the car began to rock. I heard someone shouting, fuck, fuck, fuck and realized it was me. I could sense Frank was almost there. I was desperate. My hand slid down and found my clit and squeezed. It moved around like a wet piece of soap. I felt Frank shudder and cry out. Mine wasn't an orgasm it was an explosion and it seemed to go on forever. My left leg began to shake spasmodically. Over and over and over.

    When Frank withdrew he turned and looked at the woman a globule of sperm stretched from the head. She looked down, embarrassed yet still turned on. The little dog barked and broke the spell. A look of thorough disgust came across her face. Suddenly she realized her hand was still clutching her breast. It shot down to her side and she quickly disappeared into a gap in the opposite hedge. Later, we would learn that it was a public footpath.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    I take pride in my vanity. Most the women of my family were small breasted. So was I. I wanted a breast job but couldn't afford it. When I was married I con my husband to pay for one and he did. I liked the attention men gave me and that made him jealous and we end up divorced. I started screwing around with younger men. They always said I look younger than the age I really was. My daughter never liked what I was doing and wished I never had the tit job.
    I decided to take a trip to the east coast to visit her and my grandson, which at the age of 22, still living with his mom. Also to visit other people I use to know while living on the east coast. My grandson turned out to a handsome young man. He carried my luggage into the guest bedroom while I freshened up in the bathroom. In the mirror I could see he was giving me the once with make to him.
    We went back to the bedroom where I started to unpack my luggage. "Grandma, how are you able to manage to be so sexy looking. I know your breasts are fake. Mom told me they are shaped like big gr**efruits. The tan you got is probably when you spend time on the beach on the west coast. You probably tanning in a bikini too!" "I do," I told Robert. I showed him the tan lines on my boobs. "Go ahead touch them. I know you probably never felt fake boobs." I said. As he was feeling my tits, I noticed his manhood bulging. I slipped my hand over it. I knew I got him turned on. He didn't resist when I went down on that young cock. Just then my daughter, his mother, walked in.
    "Mother!" she screamed. "How could you!" I told her it was natural urges like when I caught her doing her brother. "You're just jealous because he desired me over you!" Then I told her not to be and old prude and join me. "You liked it when you did you brother. It's basically no different." I asked Robert if he wanted Barbara, his mom, to suck his dick and told us he would enjoy that. I held his cock and told Barbara to suck it like she did her brother. "Please mom!" Robert begged. She finally went down on him. Watching my daughter got me turned on, that I was fingering myself and rubbing my fake tits.
    Barbara took her clothes off. "Mount your son's cock" I said. As she did that I face sat Robert. Barb and I started playing with each other tits while on top of Robert. I told her I thought she enjoying it too much and it was my go on it.
    Well it was a fun trip for me. A bit of an embarrassment for Barb. When I was visiting Barbara I couldn't have the heart to tell her brother visited me on the west coast and we fucked like crazy.

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    Gay Male / 30

    Back when I was a senior boy in high school I never dated, cause I had feelings for the jock type boys. I tried not to let on, but it was getting harder to control my feelings, especially for the black boys. One Saturday afternoon out at my uncles ranch his neighbors black hired hand was there, alone with his 16 year old boy. He went to the same school as I did, and played basket ball, he wasn't considered a jock, and I didn't know him, other than meeting in the hallways.

    One of my buddys was there also, he was off messing with the horses, and did end up going for a short ride on one, thats when the kid came over and started talking. I caught him looking at me in this kinda embarrassing way, but it got me interested. Shorly afterwards we made a trip behind a hay shed, it didn't take long till he was all over me, and I caved to him, and before I knew what he was fucking me dog fashion. That was embarrassing, but at the same time exciting as hell and I let him finish inside of me.

    When he pulled out I did have mixed feelings, but for the most part I was ok with it, the biggest embarrassing part was on the way back to town when my buddy told me he'd watched the whole thing. I traied to play it off as just something that I couldn't control and it happened, he said yeah, but I didn't see you putting up anykind of a fuss about it, in fact it looked like you may have wanted it. But trying to explain wasn't working, so I gave up trying, but in my mind I did like what he did, and that was just the first time.

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