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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 31

    During the summer months, my husband works many hours. I was a lonely housewife who, for fun, got onto a hookup/ flirt site. Foolishly I used my actual picture. I had many exciting exotic chats with people I never imagined I knew as the site wasn't local.

    Fast forward six months and imagine my shock when someone I know, which is much older, sends me a happy birthday wish using my CHAT NAME! Apparently they did not know how to address the situation and let me know that they had chatted with me.

    It turns out he has wanted to fuck me since the day this happened. Imagine my surprise when he went as far as to ask me to have a threesome with him and his girlfriends and HIS shock when I suggested we include my husband in our nonsense.

    Long story short, never assume you are in a place where noone knows you! Now I'm left embarrassed AND horny ;)

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    Straight Female / 20

    I have a puppy dog I sleep with and lately I have him licking my pussy to make me cum. I have a set time every day for him to lick me. I put peanuts butter on my pussy and he just come over and lick it, is like clock work. That is what I feed him every day along with dog food. I have a friend over to visit me the other day and my puppy keep coming up to me to lick my pussy. It was so embarrass I didn't know what to do. He know is that time and he wants it. I have forgot about it. We were so busy talking. I keep pushing my puppy away thinking he would go away. Oh no my puppy keep coming back and get between my legs. I finally told my friend she has to go because the puppy need his nap and he usually want to cuddle him. She said okay and left. Little does she know as soon as she left I strip down. I rub peanut butter all over my pussy and he just go right at it. I lay their with my eyes closed and enjoying it. When he finish licking I put on more peanut butter and he continue until he didn't want it anymore and walk away.

    Has this happen to anyone, is so embarrassing knowing your dog want to lick your pussy but you can't do it in front of your friend.

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    Straight Male / 23

    My gf and I were on the way back from a movie and had to go right past my mom's house, so we decided to drop in and see if she needed anything. We let ourselves in and made our way towards the back, family room, where we could see the TV was on. We got to the kitchen and were about to announce ourselves when we noticed mom was not alone, Aunt Cindy, her older sister, was working her over with a rubber cock.

    Lesbian porn was playing on the TV, both of them were naked, and Aunt Cindy's toy was one of those harness type where she was the guy. Mom was bent over the arm of the couch and Cindy was really giving it to her. About that time my gf reached her hand around behind her and started rubbing my crotch.

    We were both just frozen there watching my mom and aunt go at it. My gf pulled both of my hands around her and placed them on her breasts, then started grinding her ass against my raging hard-on. By her breathing I could tell my gf was about to start moaning, so I decided it was time to leave.

    I literally had to drag her out of my mom's house and force her into the car. She took her panty off and openly fingered herself and played with her boobs all the way to our apartment. She actually leapt out of the car and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She was way past needing any warm up!

    I opened the door and we fell into the apartment. I didn't even get the door shut before my gf was on top of me. We didn't even make it back to the bedroom for over an hour, all the time fucking with the door wide open. We were at it in the bedroom into the wee hours of the morning. I know I've never seen my gf that turned on before.

    I know my gf totally enjoyed what she saw, I even think I heard her say, "Fuck me Cindy" and "Lick me mom" during the night.

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    Straight Male / 26

    14 and Horny

    I was 14 and horny. I hadn't quite entered puberty yet. I had been camping out the warm summer night before, and a neighborhood boy who was about 10 years old came over to my campsite just to check out where I had camped out. I got to talking with him, and I took a chance by asking him if he'd ever been curious about seeing another guy's Dick before. Fast Forward, we walked to his house which was close by, there was nobody home, so I was getting excited to go through with my perverted plan. I told him how big my Dick got, and how it stuck straight out, bending upward, when I know someone is staring at it. I was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts no underwear, and a t-shirt only.

    He sat down on a couch in the living room. I told him we would play a little game. I'd pick a number between 1 and 10, he'd get 2 guesses. If he picked the right number, I would have to remove my shorts from the next room, toss them to him from around the corner, then parade into the living room from the next room without any pants on, if I wanted to get my shorts back from him. I made sure he guessed the right number on his 2nd try, then I acted reluctantly embarrassed that he won. Excited and shaking I walked around the corner sporting my young hard on, and 'Scott'(the 10 year old boy, began to laugh). That just added to my excited humiliation as my young Dick bounced up, down, and flopping around, as I glanced over at Scott to watch his focus on my stiff Dick, which I remember at the time was probably about 5 to 6 inches long, with a particularly fat circumference, and a large protruding well defined head(helmet). I paraded back and forth, to make sure he got a good show in profile. I pretended to be gazing into the distance as if I was unaware I was naked from the waste down flaunting my stiff Dick pointing up toward the ceiling for my young neighbor boy's eyes only.

    After his initial laughing, he said something like 'Woe! that is a Big Dick!' 'Walk that Big Dick over here so I can get a closer look at it'. I was anxious to comply. When I strutted over to the couch, I was now close enough for him to notice a couple of small tufts of pubic hair that were growing exclusively on both sides of the base of my Dick. He instinctively reached up with his thumb and forefinger to tweak a number of my long red pubic hairs, as he said 'Ewwww, Little Hairs! I was so excitingly humiliated, I felt like I was going to come for the first time. But it didn't happen. As he continued to stroke with fascination my long reddish orange pubes, I suggested he take his other hand, and with his palm, run it along the length of my stiffened Dick, over the top, underneath, and along each side, then wait about 10 seconds before repeating each rub of his palm, 'just to see what happens'. He was only to eager to do so. As soon as his palm brushed over the top length of my teen cock, my Dick jumped noticeably to an even stiffer stand at attention, pointing even more towards the ceiling, while also causing me to quite involuntarily, buck my hips back and forth, almost in slow motion with each stroke of his hand. I heard myself sighing out loud with a long drawn out Ooooooooo! Because I couldn't believe how good that felt.

    Scott began to recognize that with each delayed stroke of his flattened palm, he was in control of making my hips involuntarily thrust and buck back and forth by his touch. He laughed aloud with each thrust of my hard on. Once when he brushed his palm under the length of my Cock, I bucked forward and almost hit him in the face with my Cock Knob, but he just chuckled and ducked out of the way. Whenever he laughed or chuckled, I felt my face burn red with humiliation. This was new to him too, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. From his sitting position on the couch, he inspected me closely as I stood there bottomless. He then pointed out my Dick was actually quivering, which it was. Just then I suddenly became ashamed, and said ok, that's enough. I grabbed my shorts which he had set down next to him off the couch, quickly put them back on, then left his house hoping he wouldn't tell anyone about the little game we just played. I told him if he ever wanted to do something like that again, he could just say to me 'want a banana?' the next time I saw Scott playing in a field near my house, I was shocked when after a short conversation he asked 'Want a banana'? I told him 'nah, that's nasty', and that we weren't going to do that anymore. I lost touch with Scott after that. That was my only homosexual experience in my life. As humiliating as it was.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I went on a job interview during my lunch break today and it wasn't what I expected at all. I'm so dumb and hate myself sometimes, it pays more than my current job but the guy on the phone interview said it's for admin work but I'm the face of the company for his clients so I need to look good and dress flirty but professional. So I dressed what I thought was flirty and professional and during the interview he stops and just flat out says I'm not showing enough cleavage and need to unbutton two an ass I did...the the guy goes you know, most clients are standing at the front while you're sitting, I need to see what you look like up close...he comes around the table and stands with his crotch like a foot away from my face and says hey, look up at me....I know I looked uncomfortable so he asked me to smile, I did and he no kidding whipped his dick out and just said start sucking....I was shocked and numb and I just did it, I took it in my mouth and sucked him off....he totally got his stuff all over my shirt and boobs and said like, I'll call you and let you know about the now I'm at work pretending I spilled coffee on my shirt because it's all stained...ugh!

    For the record he was hot, but damn it I can't believe I just did that!!

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    Straight Male / 29

    Apparently, jizz is a decent nasal decongestant...

    I kid you not.

    My wife had a runny/stuffy nose while she was blowing me.

    When I was ready to nut, I told her I was going to give her a big facial.

    I started stroking it and told her to open her mouth because I wanted her to taste my cum.

    She stuck out her tongue.

    Then I started to bust.

    My cock pulsed and the first couple ropes burst into her mouth, she started to grin.

    But the next shot went right up her left nostril... and then straight into her right.

    By the end she had spunk dripping down her forehead, cheeks, lips, and chin... and out her nose.

    We went to get her cleaned up, and slwhen she blew the sperm out of her nose she looked at me in surprise and said it cleared her right up, and that now she could breathe.

    Maybe this was a fluke, or maybe we discovered some free nasal decongestant.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I was living with my boyfriend for almost a year when I found out he was cheating on me. I left him right away and moved in with my mom who unfortunatly lives 42 miles away from my job. It was a nightmare the next few months and with heavy traffic took almost two hours sometimes not to mention the parking fees in the city. Then Victoria, a lady I work with offered me a room in her house. Vicky, as everyone calls her, is 35, divorced, has two sons 15 and 13 and a four bedroom house. She made me feel very comfortable living there and I got along well with her two sons. I didn't have a private bath but did have a spacious bedroom which I was very much pleased with. I could well afford the rent she charged me and the best thing was I got to work in less than 15 minutes with Vicky. When I think back now her two sons were very sneaky with the things they did. My room was next door to the 13 year old and my bedroom door was always locked. It never accured to me that the small roof outside my bedroom window went across the back of the house. With out my knowledge the boys would go out on the roof at night and peek into my room. I was only 24 at the time and admit since the breakup with my boyfriend that I did masturbate excessively and probably every night. I not only fingered myself but bought a vibrator I used more often than not. I had curtains on my windows but rarely paid much attention to them. In hindsight there was a few times I noticed them open more than usual but I just moved them back in place, never thinking it was the boys who opened them. Another thing I found out is that somehow they managed to make a opening where the bathroom door closed by prying out the wood stripping on one side. I supposed when they finished looking in the bathroom at me they pushed the stripping back in place so no one would notice it.

    I lived there 9 months and a week and remember it was a Monday night when I heard Vicky screaming at her sons in the kitchen. When I went downstairs and walked into the kitchen the boys were crying and Vicky continued screaming at them as she was holding two phones with a laptop on the table. She just looked at me and all I remember her saying is "I can't let you look at these". I juat said what are you talking about and thats when she made the boys go to their rooms. Vicky started out apoligizing but not telling me why or what it had to do with the boys. She finally just said she was sorry but the boys have been taking pictures and videos of you. Thats when I insisted she show me what the hell was going on. With that she opened the laptop and told me to sit down. I started going through pictures at first and there were still photos of me naked in my room and in the bathroom. Some where pictures of me in the shower and even some of me sitting on the toilet. Then I saw pictures of me masturbating naked in bed with my vibrator. The worst was yet to come when I started looking at the videos. Most of them were either of me getting undressed and many of me masturbating. The entire time I am watching this Vicky is telling me how sorry she is which didn't help the histerical state I was in. I wanted to kill those two kids and aside from the anger I was so humiliated I couldn't talk. As I sat there drenched in tears Vicky left for a moment and all the sudden the two boys were there apoligizing which had no affect on me whatsoever. I was devastated and never so violated in my life. How could I be so stupid not to know what was going on or were these two boys that smart and vicious. They were both standing there crying and I told them to get out of my sight and never talk to me again. When they left I looked at Vicky and said I'm leaving, just as she was saying she would delete everything. I looked at her and said the hell you will and picked up the two phones and laptop. I went to my room got my coat and packed my bags taking everything to my car. Vicky also was visibly upset but not nearly as much as me and continually apoligized.

    I got in my car and drove to my mothers apartment and she knew something was wrong right away. I just told her that Vicky's sons had taken nude photos of me on there phones never mentioning the laptop or how they had pictures and videos of me masturbating and showering in the bathroom. My mother told me to call the police but as I thought about it it only meant more people would see the pictures and videos as evidence. Not only that, they are both minors so what would actually happen if I did call the cops. I sat up until about 4 in the morning looking at the pictures and videos they took which was extensive. There were hours of video which was mostly taken of me in the bedroom 70% of which were videos of me masturbating. They not only watched me many times but I began wondering how often they watched the videos and then began to wonder if they showed them to their friends. I called in sick for work for three days and during that time Vicky called me 7 or 8 times begging my forgiveness. I told Vicky I forgive her but will never forgive her boys. I also told her I am destroying both phones and the laptop and I think I put her mind at ease slightly telling her I wasn't going to call the police. She promised me she would punish the boys severely but that had little meaning to me at the time. The following week I finally did destroy the phones and laptop after looking at the pictures and videos several times. Each time I watched them just made me feel humiliated all over again. I still see Vicky at work everyday but now we only say hello to each other. It embarrasses me when I see her knowing she watched those videos and saw all thos pictures. Its been a long time since that went on but I am still mad at those boys and still feel humiliation about it and still cry sometimes just thinking of it. I never let my mother see any of them and now live closer to town in my own apartment.

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    Straight Male / 24

    I was waiting for my food in my local Indians a couple of years ago when I woman came running in holding her bum and she asked to use the toilet. The owner said he couldn't let her use it because of some insurance issues but before he could finish talking she said it didn't matter now and she walked out leaving a smell of poo behind her. When I got my food and walked around the corner to where I'd parked my car she was leaning on a sign. Her jeans had a wet diarrhoea stain spreading in the the back and down her legs as she continued to go and I guessed she must have eaten something bad earlier.

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    Straight Female / 24

    So this is really embarassing but I actually never slept with a man before, I never been kissed by a man,I never had a boyfriend before because my family is religious so I shouldn't been fooling around with men before marriage.But I always wanted to know what a woman feels when she has sex for the very first time with a man, how much is pleasure and how much is pain and what to expect when you are fully naked in front of your man?How intense is that feeling when he first enters you?
    I actually want to hear the experience from both sides what do men feel when they have sex with a virgin woman?How do you guys act when your girlfriend never had sex and she is freaking out?I really want to find out how many of you guys would you sleep with a virgin, I read that the older you get the painful deflowering will be, is this even true?There are so many things that I wanna know so please tell me your love experience from your first time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    A few years ago during football season a buddy and I that liked different teams were playing each other one weekend and we were going to make a bet on the game. We bickered about what the bet would be, Loser buys 3 cases of beer, buys pizza for a week, Streak through the neighborhood or give the other a blowjob. To my knowledge my friend was not gay and I never really thought about sex with another man. Anyways we couldn't decide to we wrote the bets down on separate pieces of paper and put them in the bowl and mixed them up. Which ever one was picked out that would be the bet. We had his sister pick it out but she didn't know what the bet was as she was in a hurry so she grabbed it and handed it to us and left.
    Well she picked out the blowjob one so the bet was set that the loser had to give the winner a blowjob to completion. Well that weekend came and my team lost. Now his sister is over at his place a lot and pretty much comes and goes at will, he had remodeled his basement into a man cave which was awesome with a 106 inch big screen, pool table, bumper pool and a couple pinball machines. Anyways reluctantly we made arrangements to pay up the bet and I was not really looking forward to paying up. So the day came and we were in the cave and I finally got up the nerve to pay up and got on my knees and he dropped his pants and started stroking his cock. After a couple minutes and building up the nerve I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking. It felt like forever but probably 15 to 20 minutes he finally is ready to cum and just as he was in walks his sister and because she startled us I pull off his cock just as he shoots a stream of cum into my face as I went to look at her.
    She spun around and headed upstairs. It kind of ruined the moment and I know she seen the cum on my face as well as me holding his 7 inch hard on in my hand and on my knees. I say I am bi only because I didn't mind sucking his cock once I got use to it and would suck cock again.

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