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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 20

    Last week I was at my boyfriends house taking his cock up my asshole from behind. We were both naked and I'd not long orgasmed. Building upto another climax as he pounded my ass, the door opened to the lounge. His father (His mother and father are divorced) was supposed to be out all night with a new date. It hadn't gone well apparently and he'd returned home early.
    I turned to see him staring at his own sins cock sticking right up my asshole and I noticed straight away a growing bulge in his trousers. My boyfriend jumped up and tossed me my clothing, at the same time getting his own. All this time his dad kept his eyes on me and his cock bulge only grew and grew.
    My boyfriends dad is hot, believe me and if the rumors are correct, he's a well endowed man (It's a long boring story how I know). Much larger I gather than my boyfriend. The thing isas my boyfriend turned to get dressed, I couldn't help myself from flashing my pussy and asshole to his dad as I bent right over to slip on my sneaker socks. The look his dad gave mke was one of "I'd love to fuck you".
    Nothing was said at all, until I said "Sorry Mr ----". He responded by saying "Hey don't be sorry, you're one hell of a sexy young lady" And all this said out of my boyfriends hearing, as he was in his bedroom getting his car keys.
    I'm not sure now why I did what I did next, but just before my boyfriend returned I reached down and gripped my boyfriends father's cock through his trousers, and instantly knew the rumor was true.
    With my boyfriend returning and him telling his dad he was taking me home, I quickly removed my hand and then cheekily gave my boyfriends father a kiss on the cheek. But held the kiss pressing my tongue to his cheek too.
    My boyfriend asked me if everything was ok and if his dad had said anything. I lied and told him his dad was cool about us, and that his dad had asked for me to forget he'd seen anything.
    Next week my boyfriend is going over to his moms house for the weekend. I got a text from his dad yesterday (He got my number weeks ago to ask me about a barbecue he was having), asking me if I'd like to call by and check out his bulge again, when his son visits his ex wife.
    I text back "Yes"...

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    Straight Male / 30

    I didn't go swimming much so I had only one swimsuit which I must have had for at least 10 years or more. It was a navy blue speedo and still fit so I figured why throw it away. Most times when I needed a swimsuit it was to go to a waterpark and I went to a few every year. I did notice my last couple of years wearing it that more people began to look at me in it. I figured it was because it was a speedo and revealed more skin than the swim trunks guys were mostly wearing. My last time wearing them I went to use the washroom and went past a mirror and noticed something about them. The whole back side of them was sheer when I wore them. When they were off you couldn't tell but I guess when the fabric was stretched tight across my ass it made it extremely thin and revealing. You could see all details of my ass including my cheeks, ass crack and even part of my balls. I guess with the age of the suit and all the waterslides I had gone down it wore the fabric extremely thin without it actually putting a hole in it. I guess it didn't help with me not washing them following the care instructions possibly causing them to wear thin quicker. The front side had no wear, and since I never really see myself from behind, I didn't know the suit had any issues so I was just unknowingly exposing my ass to everyone. I don't even know when exactly the material became so thin that the exposing of my ass began to occur but I am guessing at least 2 years at minimum.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Shameful share... sort of...

    Second engagement ended again "because of" my sex drive and painful girth...

    I go out last Friday drinking to wash away my ex. Friends get sent home in Uber. I ended up at my excessively young moms bar for drinks and company.

    Come sunrise Saturday morning, I had successfully by suggestion of my mother, had wild passionate amazing dirty sex with her multiple times, and gave her the load each time.

    By late lunch Saturday, I'm back at my condo with my gay roommates talking about my ex fiancé. Shortly after, im in the middle of a hot muscular gay threesome. I take a load in the ass and swallow a load.

    Sunday, my bisexual buddy from work calls saying he heard about Jess and I splitting. Asks if I want to join him and his wife for lunch. I accept. Three hours later we are both balls deep in his wife's holes and we finish with him cleaning his wife's copious pussy cream off my cock and me cumming on his face since his mouth is too small to fuck.

    I guess everyone knows now that whinny bitch Jess is gone, I'm back in business.

    The shameful part... ever considering getting married.

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    Straight Male / 53


    This happened about 15 years ago.

    My then-wife was a hot blonde 40-year old milf babe.
    We often went to the rooms at the back of the local video store, sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend.

    She never wore panties or bra.
    Nothing but a pair of 6" pumps and a very short pull-over mini dress that clung to her body, made her nipples hard, and barely came to the top of her thighs.
    When she walked in the video store she was always instantly the focus of every eye.

    She loved it, lazily strolling down the aisles, hips and ass in smooth sway, window shopping the toys and movies, bending over to check a low rack, or making some sexy comment to me about something she liked when she fucked that was usually loud enough for for most to hear.

    This time there was something different. She seemed overly exhibitionist.
    I noticed two big black guys that came in immediately after us and who drifted off in different directions.

    We rented the room and she went after me like a vixen, more so than usual.
    She used way more lube than usual and soon had it everywhere..the couch..the TV..the remote.
    Besides on my cock, in her c**t, and in her ass.

    She had me in her immediately, no foreplay, pounded me hard, and made me cum in her with minutes.
    When she did that there was no holding back.
    Her pussy was that good and she could really work it when she wanted.

    But then, she slipped my dick out of her pussy, and while it was still dripping with cum and lube she immediately put it in her mouth and started sucking.
    In no time she had me hard again.
    She lubed it up and this time put it into her ass, working it until I came again.

    I went to work on her c**t, fingering her clit and then her g-spot, to return the effort with some good orgasms of her own, but she pulled away, saying she was fine and maybe we should go.
    I started to protest but she shooed me and said she'd be fine.

    We went out to pay at the desk.
    There was a line, behind where a customer reviewing a video charge on his account with the desk clerk.
    Then the room attendant came out, complaining that we had left our room messy and someone needed to go back in and clean it up before we could check out.

    So I went back in and cleaned up while she held our place in line.
    Upon returning, she excused herself saying she had to go to the ladies room.
    The same customer was still holding up the line, arguing now with the desk clerk over charges on his account he now claimed not to have made.

    This continued while a series of pounding noises began to come from the back hallway.
    My wife had not returned from the ladies room.
    The noises increased and it became clear that they were coming from the restrooms in the hall.
    Finally, I got to the counter and paid the bill.
    I immediately went to the ladies room, which was now silent.
    The men's room door opened and the two black guys I'd noticed come in behind us came out and passed me.

    I watched them leave and then went into the men's room.
    My wife was standing up in one of the stalls, nude except for her pumps, groggily holding her pull-over dress, her skin flushed, cum oozing from her c**t and running down her legs.
    Trying to put the dress over her head, she noticed me standing there and grinned sheepishly.

    " ;I'm sorry, baby," she said. "I just wanted to do something daring... wow... I guess I did.."
    I helped her with her pull on her dress.
    She put my hand on her dripping pussy and pushed her pelvis against it.
    She french-kissed me and clung to me, then was all over me as we walked out, as if to show everyone there she was mine or something.

    She rode home apologizing the entire way.
    She pulled her dress up and licked her fingers after putting them into her wet pussy, then put mine her and licked them too.
    Then she sucked my cock the last couple of miles to the house.

    We hardly got in the front door before she had my cock out and in her c**t.
    She worked it slow and lazily.

    I had been upset at being made to look like a fool in public.
    But the feel of her c**t, wet with several loads of cum and wide open from hard fast fucking felt even hotter than it normally did.
    I came again, fucked her and came in her yet again 10 minutes later, and then stayed in her off and on, slow fucking her c**t for another hour and half.
    She told me just keep fucking her all night.

    The next day, I asked for their names.
    She gave me a guilty look, then shrugged and pulled out her little phone book.
    I told her what to say and she quivered with delight as one of them answered.

    "My husband said I can fuck you anytime I want.
    Just so its here in our bed.
    And just so I call him right after you cum in me."

    There was a pause as she listened to his response.
    She made a face at me like he was a dumb-ass.

    "Yes.. I like the idea. I think it's really hot.
    And no no, he's no cuckold. He.. um.. thinks outside the box... pardon the pun..."

    She was standing there nude with her hand on her hip.
    I got down on my knees and started licking her c**t lips.
    She let her tongue slip out between her lips.
    Then she said, "Ok, that's fine."
    And hung up.

    "They're coming over tomorrow." she put her arms around me. "This is going to be soooo sexy this way."

    The two of them came over twice after that when I wasn't home.
    She called me both times and loved talking to me full of cum.
    The second time she fingered her cum-filled pussy while she talked, giggling and oooing and ahhing.
    Big turn on for both of us and she couldn't wait to fuck me when I got home.

    The second time, she said, they weren't as thrilled, weren't so into it.
    Then they just stopped calling.
    I guess the clandestine turn-on of it all was gone.
    Or the danger factor was gone.
    Or they just didn't like not being in control.

    But it was just the beginning of her new sex phone calls to me.
    It was such a super-huge turn-on for her and for me too.
    We both would get excited when she would call me with a load of another guy's cum in her pussy.

    Now anytime she was not with me she could be totally spontaneous.
    If she got hit on by a hot guy or saw a guy she just really wanted, she could go for it.
    It did not happen that often.
    But it was not a rarity either.

    And it actually deepened and added a creative twist to our own sex life.
    And there was never a problem with secrets again.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 51

    Half a year ago I went to a car dealer to look for a new car to replace mine, now ten years old and o.k. but I worry about it breaking down. I was in the dealer's for a few minutes when a cheap-looking young man came up to me and identified himself as the "used car manager." He talked so fast I had a difficult time understanding him. I was amused by his checked blazer and shiny, plastic clip on bow tie. He reminded me of a ventriloquist's marionette. He was also shorter than I am. I tried walking away from him but he followed me.

    Also, I was turned off by his familiarity and touching and holding my shoulder while delivering his rapid, semi-incoherent speech. I'm over 50 years of age, for God's sake. He followed me half way around the sales floor, making me feel uneasy. The young man had to be 25 years younger than I am, a shorter man, yet he frightened me.

    Deciding to go to the woman's toilet, I was shocked when he followed me in there, continuing his non-stop nonsense. I went into a stall, horrified by this terrible troll. He followed me into the stall and suddenly, started to breathe hard. He was all over me, creasing my dress. He whispered, "Don't be frightened by this, it will look very large but it will feel good," and pulled out of his cheap polyester pants what I first took for some kind of silicone hose. I realized it was this man's penis. It was so large I thought it was fake, but soon enough, he pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties aside and started sliding his over-sized thing into me. I was shocked and also puzzled that I was just taking it.

    I was amazed, also, by how quickly he got it into me. Soon, he turned me around, bent me over and plunged his gigantic thing into me from behind. His strong thrusts shook me down to my heels. Despite my horror, I felt myself becoming wet and excited. I decided to just deal with it and allow it to take place to avoid further embarrassment. Pumping me steadily and strongly for around ten minutes, without asking, he just started ejaculating. I could feel the large pulses spurting as his his sperm fired into me, his large instrument vibrating and shivering inside my vagina.

    Them he pulled out the thick penis with a sucking, sloshing noise and I said, "ARE YOU QUITE FINISHED YOUNG MAN?" All the fight seemed to have flowed out of him and he said, meekly, "Thank you, Ma'm, sorry, I just found you so hard to resist." He sneaked out of the women's toilet and I followed him minutes later, after sponging his leavings out of my female privates.

    Deciding to leave the auto dealer, while walking out I heard the little man in his silly, checked blazer and plastic bow tie say, "I guess a nice used car is out of the question."

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    Straight Female / 25

    Five years back I was involved with a guy, who's father was sooooo hot, I mean this guy was ex military and so fit and muscular. In a girly night with my boyfriends mom drinking wine, she let it out that her husband was huge in the cock department, which only made me want to have him even more. Then during a week where I was stuck in because of feeling ill, he called by.

    Telling me he'd come to se if his sons girl was ok, I instantly knew the real reason. Looking down at his shorts, he already had a boner. Practically dragging him to my bedroom, I let my robe slip to show him I was naked underneath and he quickly followed by removing his clothing. His wife wasn't telling lies either, he was absolutely huge.

    We kissed fondled and gave each other oral sex before I had him fuck me from behind. Taking his massive cock deep up my pussy, I'd just climaxed when my bedroom door opened. In walked my mother and my boyfriends mom.
    At first her husband didn't even register they'd walked in and carried on fucking me. Only when a loud scream broke the horny moment did he pull out of my drippingly wet pussy. My mom went ballistic calling him and me all kind of names, but his wife just laughed a very sorrowful laugh.

    Covering up as best I could, His wife said "You might as well finish off what you were doing, because you ain't coming back home tonight". As if to finalize our embarrassment, he did just that. He slid then turned me over, and thrust his cock back into my pussy. My mom went mad again, but was dragged out by my soon to be ex boyfriends mom. Burying his cock into me over and over again, he finally came deep within me making me orgasm for a second time. When he finished pumping his cum up my pussy he said "Might as well be hung for something rather than nothing".

    My mom didn't talk to me for months. My boyfriend and I finished, but his mom strangely didn't split up with her husband. I eventually found out I wasn't his first extra marital fuck, nor did she think he'd ever stop fucking other women. As for us, we met secretly for about a year afterwards, but I never forgot just how embarrassed I was having my mom see me being fucked.

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    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 14 my sister caught me sitting on the toilette with my pants and underwear down playing with myself. I was sure I had looked the door, but didn't know it could be easily open by pushing pin through a small hole. I just heard a click, walked in on me saying "you horny little boy" while she watched me struggling to pull up my pants and stuff my hard dick back inside. "Don't be in such a rush" she told me, I have already seen it. Getting caught masturbating had to be there worst humiliation ever and all I could do was stand there wishing the earth would swallow me. She stood there grinning at me pleading with her to not tell my parents and all I could get out of her was "I'm not making any promises" That night I was scared shitless sitting at the dinner table, with my sister along side me and our parents across from us. Sat there all tense trying to figure out if she had spilled the beans on me, when I felt her hand under the table squeezing my dick. Couldn't do anything else but pretend nothing was happening while she kept squeezing and feeling my dick growing under her hand. I remember the first girl that jerked me off was my sister. She kept threatening to tell my parents and girls in school. I remember it felt much better than having to do it alone. In fact she was the first girl that gave me a blow job and the first pussy I tasted was hers. I don't know why we never got caught. We both knew we were doing something wrong, but we kept doing because it felt so good.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I was at home having a shower when my mother in law walks in. We have a clear glass shower enclosure and there was no where for me to hide and nothing for me to cover myself with. She came in to use the toilet and with the layout of the bathroom the toilet faces the shower. She was watching me as I showered and I don't know if she knew it but I was getting a rather clear view of between her legs. She seemed to be taking forever so I just continued showering. I was finally done and stepped out to towel off. When I did she chatted to me like it was no big deal. I was naked in front of her and she was on the toilet with her legs spread and making no effort to hide her lady part. I figured it was too late to hide myself at this point so I just toweled myself in front of her. She was seeing all of me and I was seeing her lady part which was making me a little aroused and causing me to grow into a larger more erect state. We saw each other parts but never made any comments about it. We simply did a show and tell but without the tell part.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was the day my mom caught me having sex with my best friend. I was 13 and she was 15 and we thought my mom wasn't going to be home for two more hours but she came home early that day and walked right into my room. We were both naked and my girlfriend was on top and we were licking each other's pussy and I was just in the middle of my second orgasm and was screaming into my girlfriend's pussy from cumming so hard.

    Mom totally freaked when she saw us. At first she was very angry but then she seemed sort of O.K. with it and then for the longest time she called me her little lesbian and did so in front of my friends. I wasn't out of the closet yet so it was really embarrassing.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 35

    I was mortified but after 3 months can put things in perspective. I'm a 26-year-old woman with various physical fitness certifications. My family owns a small gym/spa in a suburban strip mall and on Monday evenings I teach a women's self-defense course. I am physically fit, good at what I do and more than a little boastful.

    Three weeks before Christmas while my husband was home with our daughters I came to the gym early on a Monday evening to decorate for the holidays. It was four o'clock and my self defense class starts at 7:30. At five I ran out to the cafe next door to get a salad, brought it back to the gym ( no more than three minutes) and was confronted by two young men who grabbed me, flashed a knife and demanded money. I am good at self defense but not stupid and there was no way I could fight off two big men with weapons so I complied. They left me face down, hogtied and gagged. Not only was I bound very tightly but I was recovering from a broken arm and did not want to aggravate it so my struggling was minimum and unsuccessful. I desperately hoped someone would find me before my students did but at about 7:20 a group of the girls arrived for class and found me still bound up, gagged and highly embarrassed. When they removed my gag I tried to make a few jokes to cover my agony and embarrassment but I probably just babbled and tried to regain some composure and dignity.

    Class, of course, was cancelled that night but we continued the following week and I started by acknowledging my failure and emphasizing the idea of not being stupid in any confrontation. Thankfully, aside from asking how I was doing, my class did not want to dwell on my ordeal (maybe they were being polite) so things got back to normal but for weeks I wondered what they were saying and thinking. It took me almost until now to stop torturing myself.

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