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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 26

    My girl friend and I got caught by four teenaged boys in a sport complex shower we used to go too. We were both standing bare ass naked in open stole shower when we saw them sitting on the bench looking at us. When we found out our towels and bags were gone, we knew they walked in for a cheap thrill. I remember them laughing and making comments about our tits and pussies whiel pointing their cel phones at us. There was nothing we could do but stand there spread out in front of them getting touched and fingered. It was that or being left stranded naked brain storming about how we were going to get home. I remember thinking it was better to get fingered rather than shouting out the door for help and save ourselves from public humiliation. I think giving us our clothes back was a way to get off easy. Smart because we both weren't about to tell our story.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    A few years back when I was living with my mom and step-dad an embarrassing moment happened. My good friend Becky and I was wanking my little brother on the sofa. We was bored and thought it was kinky cool thing to do. My step-dad came home real early from work and caught us. My little brother scooted out of the house quickly. "What in the world was going on girls!" he yelled out. "Especially you Sarah, you was performing an immoral act on your brother!" He said when mom comes home he was going to tell her about me. He went to take a shower as usual when he gets home from work.

    We didn't know what to do. Becky was afraid she would be banned from seeing me at my house and I was afraid I would be grounded for a long time and really get hell from mom. We figured we offer a hand job to my step-dad to keep this quiet. We went into the bedroom where he was putting clean clothes on. "What do you want?" he said to me. I told him what if I and Becky stroke him, will he keep quiet about what he saw to mom. "Are you nuts, no way! he answered. I didn't know what possessed me but I removed my top and Becky's top. He stared at our breasts. "That's not enough to keep me quiet." Then Becky blurted out, "What if Sarah and I put a show on for you?" "What kind of show?" he asked. Becky told him girl to girl play and I nodded. "Alright, but a real good one." he answered.

    Becky and I undressed as he looked at my fuzzy snatch and Becky's smooth slit. We started to kiss and fondle each other. I went down and started licking Becky's slit. My step-dad lowered his pants and was stroking a good size dick that I didn't know he had. Becky was eating me while I was laying on the bed. My step-dad took off his pants and offered it to my face. I grabbed it and started wanking it. "Suck it, suck it good, don't stroke it!" he yelled. While I was giving him a blow job, He told Becky to sit on his face and started on her kitty. I stopped giving him head and wanted to try his dick in me. I had to slowly and carefully lower my self on that shaft, while Becky facing me, watched me take it in me. Becky and I started fondling each other tits as I slowly started bouncing on the shaft. He told me he was about to explode and for us girls to lay close side by side to each other with our legs spread slightly. We watched his junk shoot out onto our kitty.

    I knew then that my step-dad was putty in my hand. He couldn't say anything to mom because I threatened him that I would tell her what he has done. For a period of time there, Becky and I would wear a strap-on and bang him with it saying abusive things to him.

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    Straight Male / 55

    Have you ever had a moment that you REALLY wanted things to go right , and it didn't ?

    Well , it happened to me . I've been doing on-line dating for years now . Maybe I like the mystery , not knowing what will happen on any date . This story is about my most embarrassing date .

    Some dating websites will offer a free messaging to others and you don't need to be a paying member . I took advantage of it a few times . The only problem with it , that most free messaging are only at late nite hours ( like : 10pm - 3am ) and one nite only . So , I came up with ( I thought ) the perfect plan to get the word out to others that I'm available . Just send them a quick and simple message : My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx , and email address is [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@xxxxx.**m , and move on to the next one . I was typing like " The FLASH " . All I had to do was wait and see who would respond , I kept checking my phone for any missed calls .

    Then one took a chance and text me , BINGO . We chatted for a few days , then she wanted to take it to the next level . We planned to meet on one Friday evening , the date from sexual-hell .

    I've always let the women pick and choose as to how they want to meet . She chose 8pm at the local Starbucks . I was there a bit early ( as I always do , I hate being late...for anything ) . But she didn't seem to care about being on-time for any dates . I sat in the truck and waited...and waited ...and waited . Nearly an hour later , she texts me that she'll be there soon . It was already passed 9pm when she finally drove up ( not a good start ) . I brought flowers and offered them to her , as she quickly jumped into my truck ( she was already acting like she was in a hurry to get this over with ) .

    We did the usual " 50 Questions " game . But , I started to lose focus as I noticed her huge rack ( my bad ) . Trying to behave like a true gentleman and not stare at her big boobs , I suddenly said " damn , I really want to kiss you " . She didn't hesitate and lean towards me and joined in a full-mouth kiss . As soon as her juggs touched my chest , I lost it . I just had to cop a feel and she knew it . " you want to kiss them too " , she said sarcastically . " Sorry , I didn't mean to..." I tried to apologize for my staring . " It's ok , honey...all the guys want them too " as she lifted her shirt off and exposed the bra-less knockers . And they were HUGE ( guessing about 44ddd's ) , as I enjoyed massaging them . She seemed to enjoy my hands too , as she just let me had my way with them .

    I remembered the guys from high school saying " anything bigger than a mouthful , is a waste " , about women's breasts . But , I never saw it that way , and that's why I got more dates than the rest . I've always enjoyed women with big boobs . As soon as she let me " kiss " one nipple , she planted her hands behind my head and drew my face into her cleavage ( almost smothering me ) . She had to be the most aggressive and horniest woman I ever met .

    When she finally let me up for air , " you want to fuck now ? " she asked . I always try to approach all first dates with the thoughts of " ok , we're not getting any sex now , just meet and greet...keep the subjects away from anything sexual...and hope for another date " . She was already trying to get undress in the passenger seat , and we're still in the Starbucks parking lot . Thank god they was closed for the nite .

    I was stunned a bit as to how this so-called " meet-n-greet " was going . I decided to take advantage of her need to get fucked right now , and started to undress myself . Moving the seat back as far as it will go , I saw that fucking in here was going to be cramped and very uncomfortable . She wasted no time , as soon as I got my pants off and my semi-erection was exposed . She dove down on it , with her mouth wide open ( like a shark that is ready to chomp down on some unsuspecting swimmer ) . Damn , that felt good , as she sucked it till I came in her mouth . Then , it got ugly .

    She tried to get positioned in the seat so I could return the favor and go down on her . My truck didn't have the room , like my " 62 " Cadillac from high school ( the girls love that back seat in my " Cad "...plenty of room for any sexual action ). I just couldn't get in the right ( or any comfortable position ) position to return the favor for her . The best I could do was to finger-fuck her already moist pussy with one hand and massage one boob with my other free hand . She got off from that and squirted her juice all over the seat ( like a whale breaching and blasting water from it's blow-hole ) . " oh yeah , baby...fuck me now " she demanded . But , no matter how I tried ,
    I just couldn't get into that position to accommodate her .

    She finally said " we need to take this outside...maybe in the back " as she pointed to the truck-bed . I just went to the dump that afternoon and I haven't hosed off the dirt from that adventure , so , " oh hell no " I wasn't about to fuck any woman back there in that filth . Then she said " I know a place , where we can get plenty of room " . I thought we might go to her place as she started giving me driving instructions ( as I tried to put my pants back on , in a hurry ) . But she lead me to a nearby park / soccer-field . It was late at nite now , and the park was totally emptied . I parked the truck , and quickly slid out of the truck ( butt-naked ) and motioned her to bring herself and spread her legs on the driver seat . So I could fuck her while standing outside and her pussy close to the open door . That proved to be a bad idea , the truck sat-up too high and I didn't have any running boards to stand on . And to make it more uncomfortable , some high school kids came driving by .

    So , back inside , we both knew that this wasn't going to happen tonite ( as she noticed the time on her cellphone ) . We decided that we want to make this happen with a better choice place ( her home , maybe a motel , get an air-mattress for outdoors in the woods ) as she rambled on a few options . By the time any of you will read this , we already made for another date...wish me good luck...PLEASE .

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    Straight Female / 18

    I can't wait until I leave for college in 3 weeks! My "friends" are teasing me horribly about having sex at our graduation party last month. Not that I had sex, but who it was with. The guy is kind of a geek,but has always been nice to me.

    When I drink I get very slutty. He was there and I was drinking. He has such a nice cock! I sucked him, then he put a Trojan on and rode me hard, he made me raw! He turned me over and threw his condom, and got me anally. He was a fucking machine!

    After he shot into my butt, he collapsed onto my back. That's when I noticed the bedroom door open and everyone watching and taking pics and vids.

    My friends call me "geek girl" now.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I grew up in a small town, single mother who worked as the secretary for the School Superintendent. During puberty and for fifteen years later I suffered from Acne. That and very low self esteem. No wonder that I never dated, never got kissed, never got felt up. Except in my dreams. In my dreams I was hot, and fantasized I was the main character of the lovelorn novels I read and devoured.

    I got a certification in elementary education and thanks to my mother's boss I got a job in the school district. I actually started making as much as my mother, enough for me to move into an apartment. I supplemented my income working part time at the Christian bookstore. But now that I was living alone I ordered my first sex toy. So much better than my household inspirations. I also ordered some graphic sex novels. The Princess stolen from her father's tent and ravaged by the outlaw under the desert moon. And with my toy it all came alive.

    I was never fat or skinny, too tall or short, a bit tall at five six, and solid thighs and butt. My boobs were never an item for me, I liked my ass, a woman's ass like the novels said, childbearing ass.

    I went to look at a furnished garage apartment in the nice part of town. The lady was widowed and she liked I was a school teacher and Christian bookstore clerk. I got a reduction in rent, bigger and furnished apartment and I could use her washer and dryer. I looked out my window the first Saturday I was there, the man was mowing the lawn, it was hot and he took off his shirt, I found my trusted toy and stood at the window with my toy up my pussy. I was in dreamland when he pushed the mower past my window and saw me going fast and strong. He just stood there, I came out of my dream standing there with my silicone dick in my pussy.

    We stared at each other for that minute while I pulled my toy dick out and covered myself with my dress, turned and walked into the bedroom and screamed. My embarrassment was so bad that I missed work for a week.

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    Straight Male / 41

    This embarrassing moment took place many years ago I was 17. I was reading a penthouse magazine article about self sucking your cock, until that article I never imagined that such a thing was possible, to make a long story short it really made me horny, by the time I finished reading the article, I found myself with a rock hard cock, so I decided to see if it was possible to get my lips around my cock. try as I did, I was only able to get it about 2 inches from my extended tongue before I needed to stop. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I tried again a couple days later.This time I propped a pillow behind my head, to my surprise it worked! I was able to get over 2 inches of my cock in my mouth, so I licked my cock and jerked off till I came in my mouth it tasted awesome!
    So the next day, I had to try it again, but in my haste to do it, I didn't check my door to the apartment, to make sure it was locked! You guessed it, my girl friend came over, as is normal she just entered, I never heard her come in,she called out my name just as she entered my room, at that exact moment I started cumming in my mouth, when I caught a glimpse of movement, as I tried to stop, my cock came out of my mouth and I finished cumming on my face! you can imagine the sight, what could I say, she caught me dead to rights, she just stood there and stared at me, embarrassed to say the least. she turned around and left, but returned 20 minutes later, I explained as best I could why I did it, to my total unexpected surprise! she just laughed at me for some cum I didn't notice left on my face she wiped it off with her finger and ate it,
    After that day a whole new adventure started in our relationship, she would come over to my place and help me to suck my own cock, it was so much easier with her help, she would jerk my cock until I shot huge loads of cum in my eager mouth then we would kiss as I gave her my cum, by the way we are now married and living happy lives together.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    Have you ever got caught up in a moment and so into something that nothing else matters? I am married, and yes have enjoyed female closeness on a few occasions, we have been discreet until a small Halloween fancy dress party we all attended. In total I guess there were 20 couples and a few singles there, we all knew each other and got on well, so far so good.

    My husband had been reluctant to really get into the whole spirit of the party, however he did make an effort and eventually decided to go as a Monty Python Lumber Jack, he looked cool and was pretty convincing. I had thought long and hard about it and had talked to one of my closest girl friends about what I should go as. We eventually decided on a naughty school girls combination. I still had my old school blazer and it still fit me, I would match it with a white button down blouse, a red mini skirt that matched the color of my blazer, white knickers, black stockings held up by a white garter belt and a quarter cup bra, which would push up my breasts and keep my nipples exposed, hopefully it would be a cool evening and they would remain hard and visible through my white blouse.

    My friend had decided to go as a very strict head mistress, which I didn't know about until the party, I was under the impression she was dressing similar to me.

    Anyway the day of the party arrived and as I dressed, my husband was watching me, he could not keep his eyes off me and said how absolutely sexy I looked as a mature school girl, I told him to keep his hands off until we returned from the party!

    We arrived and of course when I saw my friend I was a bit taken aback she was not dressed similar to me, however we both got a drink and we mingled with the other guests, my husband was busy chatting to a Mermaid, so I was walking around with my strict head mistress. We stopped to chat with another group and yes it was a cool evening and yes my nipples were hard and yes you could see them through my white blouse. We were chatting and I though a breeze had lifted the hem of my skirt, I paid no attention to it until I felt a hand caressing my bum, slowly and gently at first, working it's way under my knickers and onto my naked bottom cheeks, I wasn't sure where this was going until whoever it was slipped a finger between my legs and began to slide it through my lips. I bit my lip as I began to moisten but protest I must and protest I did. The finger and hand were quickly removed.

    As the party wore on and a few left, myself and my friend decided to head indoors for a nightcap, once inside my friend turned on me, she became the strict headmistress to my naughty school girl, she suggested in a very stern manner that someone other than my husband had touched me up in full view of the whole school, I protested my innocence, but she was having none of it and said I should be punished for being such a little tramp. We were both getting into the zone and I could feel myself getting damp again at the though of my friend punishing me.

    She ushered me to the bedroom she shared with her husband and locked the door, instructed me to bend over a chair, asked if I knew why I was to be punished to which I gave a nod. I felt her lift the hem of my skirt and expose my bottom, I was still wearing the little white knickers however they were damp between my legs. At first she just slapped my bottom through my knickers, then she told me to take them off, I slid them down my legs, now my bottom was naked and she slapped it a few times with her hand. It felt good, not to sore as she was not hitting it very had.

    Then I heard a swish and the cane she had made contact with my bottom, wow that was painful! I pleaded that she not do that again, she told me to remove my blouse and skirt, I protested, but the thought of getting another slap from the cane convinced me otherwise! I removed them and stood before her in just my quarter cup bra and garter belt and stockings, I was excited and scared at the same time, this was my friend making me stand there in front of her, why?

    She turned and unlocked the bedroom door, in walked our respective husbands, I was still in the zone and so was my friend, she declared to my husband what a little slut I had been allowing for some boy from the upper 6th to touch me up. She asked my husband for permission to discipline me, I could see him looking at me and he nodded his approval.

    What next I thought? Well my headmistress ordered me to strip fully, I was a little concerned as her husband was watching me, I was OK with my friend and my husband but wasn't into showing everyone I like a nice clear shaven pussy! Anyway I protested and was pushed back over the chair and received a slap from the cane!

    I removed the remaining clothes and was now totally 100% naked. I did feel like a little slut at that stage. My husband was in shock, seeing me naked in front of two others, I think the penny dropped for him at that stage and he looked at me and asked if I were having an affair with my friends husband! I said nothing could be further from the truth! At that my head mistress approached me wrapped me in her arms and kissed me in front of our husbands, she caressed my boobs and bottom and declared her love for me, that was the end of us being discreet!

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    Straight Female / 26

    During the summer months in college I worked as a maid at a tourist hotel on the beach. I got a room and meals and a paycheck, I shared a room with another girl, but we had a good part of the day to hang out at the beach. I was cleaning rooms one morning, it was around eleven and I knocked on the door as we had to, no one answered, I used the pass key and called out and no one answered so I walked it and there on the bed was a woman naked spread eagled with a dildo in her. She was passed out, thank God she wasn't dead.

    My first instinct was to leave, but I realized that she hadn't moved so I went over to check, she was breathing. She had a couple of other dildos on the nightstand, one of which I would later find out was a butt plug and some stuff that turned out to be drugs. I called the front desk and asked the front desk to send up my supervisor and call an ambulance.

    I stood in the room the whole time, the woman just there, naked with a dildo in her. The paramedics examined her, got the dildo out, moved her onto a gurney, collected her ID and she was taken to the hospital and had her stomach pumped.

    That night I was with my roommate and I talked to her about what I had seen that day and she quizzed me. She had a dildo, I didn't know that until that night and she said she wanted to use it and she spread her legs and stuck the dildo in her and asked me to come over and fuck her with it. That night we used the dildo on each other, in one and then in the other one, we never cleaned it we just kept shoving it inside and then trading places. We tried sitting so we could have the dildo inside both of us at the same time, and we even tried by backing up to each other butt to butt. It turned out to be the nastiest night of my life, nothing was off limits and we used out faces, mouths, fingers and the dildo to fuck each other and make out and sixty nine. Why it took so long before I was able to finally orgasm is a mystery, we were exciting our love buds just as much as we were fucking ourselves. But I finally did orgasm and she put her arms around me as I shook all the way through it.

    That was my one night stand with a girl, we never did that again, the lady's room was cleaned and rented to someone else, she left town after recovering overnight. I have a dildo of my own and from time to time I lay on my back spread eagled but I don't do drugs, I don't want someone to find me naked like that.

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    Straight Female / 50

    Married almost 40 years and in all that time I have enjoyed my life with my husband. I am ashamed to admit to 1 transgression many years ago, back in the 1980's we were friends with a couple, I worked with the other lady involved, no names as I am mortified to think of what happened and I am embarrassed thinking about it whilst I type.

    It was a summers day, my husband had gone to work, however myself and my friend and her husband were all still in my home, as it was a warm summers morning I had worn an orange summer dress that laced up at the back, exposing my back through the lace, so I was not really able to wear a bra with it. It offered plenty of support to my breasts, which was good as I am a 36C! Anyway sitting on the couch with my friend the 3 of us were all laughing and joking over a morning coffee. I was not paying attention to what my friend was doing and if I had been I would not be writing this, I would have stopped her immediately. Unknown to me at that time, she was deftly loosening the lace which was tied in a bow at the back of my dress.

    After a few minutes, the top of my dress felt loose, by the time I realised the bow was untied and the lace was working loose, I stood up to re-tie it, however as I stood the dress fell from my shoulders, exposing my ample bust, I tried to cover my modesty with my hands, however as I did this I felt the dress sliding down my body and on to the floor.

    I stood naked, except for my red French Panties, in front of my friend and her husband, I went scarlet, by breasts flushed and my nipples became erect, I don't know why as I felt so silly standing there with my hands trying to cover my bust. I didn't think my situation could become more compromised, but just then I felt hands either side of my panties and yes I felt them being lowered, I tried to keep my knees together, but foolishly of me I never said "Stop."

    Eventuall y I was standing naked in front of another man, other than my husband and this mans wife. She is a brunette and I am still a natural blonde, so her husband was staring at my naked form, admiring my breasts and my neatly trimmed lady garden. I don't know why and to this day I can't understand my reaction, other than running from this scene, I let my arms fall to my side. This was the sign my friends husband was waiting for. I felt him fondle my bottom, my breasts and run his finger between my legs, I will admit to being wet there at this stage, I love my husband dearly, but at that moment, he was totally out of my thoughts. I was naked, I was being touched, fondled by my friends husband and her as well. I didn't know why I was allowing myself to be in the position I was in, I only knew I was and I was enjoying the abandonment of the moment.

    I stood still allowing hands and mouths to explore my naked body, suckle my nipples, I watched as my friend and her husband undressed, I watched in awe as his penis came into view, it was quiet a considerable lot larger than my husbands, my friends breasts are much smaller than mine, so I guess that evened things up! I could feel her hands on my bottom and running up and down my back, his hands and lips were on my bust.

    I was getting more aroused and at that moment all I wanted was for him to mount me and make me his for that brief moment. I laid on the carpet and was asked to open my legs, I did as requested. I felt wanton, totally free as I felt I had no control over what was about to happen. Why I don't know, I just lay there and said "mount me and fuck me," my friend was holding my arms above my head, her husband positioned himself between my legs, his penis was erect and large and had no difficulty in penetrating me, it felt good, my nipples were erect and huge at this stage, bright red on top of my white breasts.

    He started with slow deep thrusts and quickly began to quicken the pace, I have never climaxed on my husbands penis, however I came quickly, followed by another. I urged him to keep his penis inside me when he came, which he did, I felt every spurt. He withdrew, I was then over come with embarrassment and sadness for betraying my husband in such a base way. I have never repeated this and I have never divulged this to anyone. I am totally ashamed of myself

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Driving home this afternoon the girl down the street was walking home from school. What she hadn't realised was that the backpack she was carrying on her back had tugged her skirt up leaving her ass visible to everyone she passed. Poor girl

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