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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 24

    I let a senior manager seduce me during an after work happy hour, I left with him and I went home with him. Yes, it may have been him using his position and authority but I never felt that. In fact I testified that I wasn't 'pressured or coerced'. He was fired anyways. I am 'too young' too understand the consequences of his actions. Ha! That is the biggest bull I have heard. I went with him to the happy hour, I left with him and went home with him. What we did after that is no one's business. He was ratted out by another employee and she 'presupposed' that he took advantage of me and that is why she came forward. I turned in my resignation but he won't be hired back.

    Those are the facts, I truly can't understand what happened. I feel bad for him.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I will be honest, I have a difficult time with a man who wants me. I freaks me out. I am not attractive in the sense that men are attracted to me but for some reason men have wanted me, including a man in my family. My mother kept him away with a broomstick but that doesn't mean that she was always there and more than once he got what he wanted. By the time I got old enough to go to school on my own I went to see him instead of him coming to look for me. He was my first lover of sorts.

    I got chased by a mechanic that worked at the gas station on the corner, he never caught me but he scared me several times. I got chased by one of my older brother's friends, he did catch me but my brother got there before he got his business in me. I got chased by my sister's tutor, he caught me but by then my brother had taught me to kick him in the nuts so I got away.

    When I went to work full time at this company the man who interviewed me wanted me from the beginning. I can tell by the way he looks at me. His first move was to ask me to push my chest out because he liked nice tits. His second move was one day when he came to my desk and walked around and looked down at my crotch the entire time asking me how I liked it. The third move was when he took me and another girl to a customer's office and it was right next door to a strip joint and he asked us if we wanted to go in, to check it out and see what whores looked like. He paid for several lap dances and he made sure he got women with large tits so that they could swing them in our face. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me like a whore or a girlfriend, either one was fine with him.

    After the strip joint I just let him fuck me. What was the point of fighting? He fucked me like a whore and put a twenty dollar bill on my lap when he was done, either I kept it or returned it so that he knew what I was, a whore or a girlfriend. I returned it.

    He wants me sometimes too much. Sometimes I don't know if he is fucking me like a whore because he is rough and talks dirty to me. Sometimes he is all sweet with me and fucks me like a girlfriend and calls me princess or sweetheart. I try to be nice to him, but that means I have to get close to him and once he grabs me he doesn't let me go. He keeps an eye on me and he doesn't let anyone else close to me. I like that part, especially you know who from when I was a kid, he still doesn't leave me alone, well now he does because he knows what will happen to him.

    I have tried to be nice and go sit with him but it doesn't work. If I am nice to him I have to do it and keep my distance from him, across the table or something like that. I guess he is my boyfriend now. I like that he wants me but I don't like that he doesn't leave me alone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    M wife talked me into buying a Holy Trainer chastity belt .When it came in she told me to put it on and lock it so I did and I handed her the keys and told her not to release me for a while,make me suffer I told her and she agreed. The first time she made me wait a month before she unlocked me then told me to jack off if I wanted to cum.I was so horny that I did and then I locked myself back up and thanked her. She started tying me up before releasing me then would jack me off,sometimes she would make me cum then make me lick my cum off her rubber gloved hand,other times she would bring me to the edge but stop before I could come and would do that over and over sometimes using ice to make my poor dick shrink before locking me back in my cage. She realized by doing that she could make me so fucking horny that I would do anything she said.She had me buy a big realistic looking dildo and after teasing me id suck it and even learned to deep throat it. Next she wanted me to fuck myself in my ass with it,She had denied me an orgasm for so long that I didnt hesitate ,I lubed it and my ass and shoved it in and fucked myself till I actually had an orgasm . After that sex foe me was her teasing me ,locking my poor dick up and then I would fuck myself with the big cock or ride it till I could come from it like that . One day after hours of teasing me she made a phone call and told me she had invited a man over . She had me tied up still and began teasing my dick again and told me when the man arrived she would have me so horny that I would beg him to suck his cock and she did just that. I was going crazy because I needed to cum so bad that he wasnt even undressed yet and I was begging and pleading with the man to let me suck his big hard cock.While I was sucking on it my wife continued to play with my hard dick . She asked me if I wanted to cum and I begged her to let me and she reminded me that the only way I could have an orgasm was by taking my dildo up my sissy ass and if I wanted to cum it had to be with a real mans cock up my ass and asked me if I wanted that . I immediatly agreed and begged the man to let me ride his cock . I was so horny that I Was begging like a little bitch and was so happy when he told me that I could. He laid on his back and I climbed on top and dropped down on his hard cock and rode and came so hard I almost passed out. Now my chastity cage stays on full time ,my wife has as many men come over as she wants to fuck her and we are so happy.She invites men over and I suck their cocks willingly and cant wait to have my ass pounded by the ones who want to fuck me.

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    Straight Male / 28

    While I was in college I did things with my roommate, I sucked him one night when we weren't exactly drunk but pretty far along. It was a dare thing, I was too bummed and he hung his dick over my face and told me to suck your Daddy sort of thing and well that was all there was to it, I sucked him. So what? So I sucked him, that doesn't make me a queer or anything like that.

    Except now I am 28 years old and I met a guy at the bar where we hang out and he started to flirt with me, touching my hand and my leg and when I got up to go to the bathroom he followed me and he hit my ass with his hand. The bathroom at this bar is a one holer but he got in with me and said he wanted to make sure he had things right. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I felt things and he grabbed my package and when he stopped kissing me he kept holding my package and he asked if I liked that and before I answered he said he had pegged it and kissed me again. I ended up sucking him in the bathroom. He was hard not like my roommate that time in college and I didn't want to quit until he got his load off. We kissed again before going back out into the bar.

    He was leaving and asked if I was going with him or not. I turned him down but not before he kissed me in public. I don't know if anyone I know saw that but it was pretty obvious.

    One time thing? Or something else. I have never been phobic or anything like that but I was never involved either.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Hi everyone, this is Barry again. I am sometimes referred to as Blowjob Barry because I love giving blowjobs. That is my confession and it remains very embarrassing. I love slurping cocks dry as frequently as possible. I wish I could work a 40 hour a week job giving blowjobs all day after another. I really love sucking cocks so much!

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    Straight Female / 19

    I'm not a prude and not a slut either. I have a guy that I've been seeing (ie: having sex with) for the last month and honestly we really don't know much about each other, but I wanted it to go further. On new years eve I ended up not only letting him have sex with me in front of what was still probably about 20 people at the party around 2am but I let 6 other guys have sex with me also, all in the living room of the house. He just watched, a girlfriend I knew in high school watched me and was shaking her head. He took me home and dropped me at my parents house, not even suggesting that we spend the night at his place. He didn't answer any of my calls, and the friend from high school said that she didn't know I was so slutty since I was such a prude in high school. I've only had sex with 2 other guys before this one, and now with him it's 8. I left him a message that before him there were only three. He came by last night and after he came, he got dressed and told me he didn't want a slut like me as a steady girlfriend but to call him if I just needed some cock. I feel terrible, don't know why I did it I'm not a prude but I'm really not like that. I didn't even have sex until about a year ago and now to everyone I'm a slut.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I am cursed with a medical condition that means my body produces too much semen. This causes my hormones to spike and I have days when I need to ejaculate 8 or more times.
    On these days I take whatever I can get. Yesterday I had morning sex with my girlfriend, jerked off in the shower, met 3 men for blow jobs during the day and a girl from tinder at lunch time. Jerked off again in the restroom at work, fucked an old man's ass on the way home in a public toilet and then had sex with my girlfriend again at night in which I came twice.

    Today is a little better but I have already had one blowjob and jerked off twice.
    I have seen a doctor and the only medication comes with horrible side effects. Loss of hair and trouble urinating so I have gone off drugs again. I have a throbbing erection for most of the time. I've tried wearing multiple pairs of underwear but it ends up being too painful.
    Hopefully it doesn't stay like this forever. I enjoy sex but my mind is consumed with finding the next place to dump my load.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Recently, my friend and coworker was telling me how his family would go to this nudist beach. He said that it was a great way of relaxing and destressing. Since I had been working so hard over the past couple of weeks he invited me to go with him and his family.

    So we drove to this beach and got undressed, each bringing only a towel, and went to meet up with his family. There was good amount of people spread out along the beach, all of varying ages. We met up with my friends wife and 14 year old daughter. His wife was tall and blonde with sizable tits and his daughter had long brown hair, also with a large pair of tits, for a 14 year old.

    Seeing my friend's wife naked wasn't a big deal, but his daughter was a problem. Because I was looking a tits and pussy that would in other situations would be illegal, I got a visible erection. My friend and his wife didn't notice, but his daughter stared at my hard cock for a good 3 seconds with an expression of disgust.

    After that, I figured I would have to rub one out to avoid any more embarrassing arousal. So later I found a patch of densly packed bushes to do my business. So I went into the bushes and started to stroke my cock. But before I could climax, I heard a noise. It was coming from the other side of the bushes. I moved closer and looked through the bushes.

    I saw my friends daughter laying on a towel with her legs spread. I look to her side and see a boy kneeling. I see that the boy has an erection, and that his ball sack is being fondled by my friends daughter. The boy then moves his bare body on top of her and begins kissing her on the lips, moving down to her tits, licking her hard left nipple. Then he moves on to her belly and finally her camel toe shaved pussy.

    He then inserts his hard cock into her small pussy. At this point I decided to jerk off since I now have something to jerk off to. The boy barely last 10 seconds before he has to pull out and cum on her body, and I cum along with him.

    I wait till they leave and then get up and pretend that nothing happened. I will remember that as one of the most awkward yet arousing experience in my life.

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    Straight Female / 25

    so when i was 12 years old on a camping trip with my dad and his friends and there kids. we atopped at a site to unpack for the night and i changed into my nighty getting ready for bed.
    One of the young boys secertly went into my bag and cutt a whole in my undies.
    Of course i didnt notice in the excitement of getting changed and having fun.
    i went inside to get a snack before bed where all the drunk men where and sat down- crossed my legs exposing my young hairy bush purtruding out the hole.
    i didnt know why everyone was laughing so hard - i was so embarrassed i left crying. i listened to everyone up for the next cpuple hours joking about the bush hole while i was laying in my tent crying in shame.
    now i always wonder if my dad still thinks about that moment

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    Straight Female / 53

    Strangely erotic. I am an event planner, in my early fifties. I have grandchildren. I was hosting a wedding reception and this man was on his way to the restroom stopped and asked me for directions. I was headed in that direction towards the kitchen and rather than tell him I asked him to follow me. Before going into the restroom he stopped me and asked me to help him. I was floored, but he continued and said that he had never had a nice woman hold his penis, not since his grandmother did when he was a little boy and he was inviting me to go in with him and hold his penis so he could pee.

    After a cold second of silence he told me he found me strangely attractive and that I was his kind of woman and he kissed me on the mouth. He asked me to come in with him, to hold him and make him happy. We went into the bathroom and locked the door and he stood at the toilet and I undid his zipper standing behind him, reached in and took out his penis and held his penis while he peed. He had me shake his penis several times and to hold him with my arms. After I zipped him up he turned around and took me into his arms and kissed me again and told me he would really enjoy being with a woman that night.

    He is the only man I have gone home with like that. He waited until the function was over and I was free to leave and he offered to drive me and we would return later to get my car. At his house he kept the lights off and we had teen sex, furious sex. I held his penis to pee again only this time we were both naked, I sat on the toilet to pee while he stood in front of me caressing my face. I couldn't help but suck his penis a little while I peed.

    I am not a one time married woman, I have been married three times. I have children and grandchildren, but I have never had a night like that, unexpected, late at night with a man I do not know who got me to do things I would never think of doing and allow him to do things I have never had a man do before. I have no regrets, but I do have a form of embarrassment that I haven't felt since I was very young, I did something my mother would never approve of.

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