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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was visiting friends on my way to Florida and they invited me to use the guest room instead of a hotel. I welcomed the idea and said goodnight. We planned to meet for breakfast. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. A few hours later I was awakened by soft lips kissing my hardening cock. The room was pitch black and I made no effort to know who was sucking my cock. I thought it might be Kim, Tom's wife, but I wasn't sure. It was a sensational blowjob and soon I came in what I thought was Kim's throat. Whoever it was quickly left and I was soon back asleep. That morning at breakfast Kim acted quite normal and it was then I noticed their daughter Katie sitting at the table eating some yogurt.
    She grinned at me and while he parents weren't looking she open her mouth full of yogurt and gulped it down. My head felt like it was going to explode. Katie is only twelve years old. I feel sick to my stomach. I know in my heart I would never have allowed it to happen if I had my wits about me. Tom and Kim left for work and I was home alone with Katie. She came on to me but I made it very clear that nothing else was going to happen. But she was a persistent little slut so I let her blow me again and she begged me to fuck her. I ate her sweet little pussy and she came hard three times. I rubbed my hard cock on her pussy and and shot my load on her tummy. I feel terrible about what happened.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Most of the people that know me call me Barry Blowjob. That is because my name is Barry and I have my lips wrapped around other guyâs cocks almost constantly. I love sucking cocks so much. I love the feel of a big cock sliding deep into my throat. I also love the yummy taste of cum. Itâs embarrassing but I canât stop it.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My brother's best friend has become part of our family. I think he espends more time at our house than he does in his own home. I was showering in the up stairs bathroom like I do every day, but that day would turn out to be an embarrassment. I don't know why my brother's friend decided to use the up stairs bathroom on day I had forgotten to lock the door. There's a bathroom down stairs he could bad used. Till this day I can't figure out if my brother told him to used the up stairs one because he was going to the one down stairs, or intetionally picked the lock to play a prank on me. I always lock it but maybe I just forgot. Any way, I was stepping out of the shower when the door flew open and there was his friend saying "oh shit I'm sorry" giving me all sorts of excuses, looking me over and taking his sweat time doing it. Never felt so naked and embarrassed in my life. He finally closed the door and stood there thinking "oh well these things are bound to happen" Going down stairs and facing him proofed to be my second embarrassment. Had he told my brother? Had my brother and him planned the whole thing? Had I really forgotten to lock the door? The reality was that I had gotten caught bare ass naked and nothing was going to change it. For days he kept coming to our house acting like it never happed. One day he told me to not worry because he would never tell anyone. I'll never forget his answer when I asked him how much he saw. He said "everything" with a smile on his face.

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    Straight Female / 47

    i play with my tits and pussy all day everyday for the past 30 years and so ugly can't get a man. fuck you world. you gone and cop a punching face full soon. very soon! for this.

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    Straight Male / 46

    A few years back, my mother in-law was visiting us like she did 4 times a year. One night I had to work late, by the time I walked in everyone was laying down. My MIL slept in the guest bedroom on the other side of the house. She was deep sleeper and she wore hearing aids which she took out at night. My wife was feeling risky when i walked in. Needless to say i wasn't going to turn her down. my wife over the years had developed a love of me licking her ass. During our session I was working her ass hard with my tongue, she started up saying loudly yes eat my ass, stick that tongue into my ass, fuck my ass with your hot tongue. You like my taste don't you, suck my ass. At some point she called out now fuck my ass with your cock i want to feel you cum in my ass. We ended our night a while later. In the morning I got up and headed off first to my office having an early meeting at 8:30 am. My wife must have followed a few minutes later to have her coffee. It was during that time her mother came out and asked her about what kind of woman she was? My wife asked why? She plainly told her I was up last night with indigestion I was sitting on the sofa, and I heard you calling out to have your ass eaten, and how you wanted to feel his tongue in your ass, then you wanted him to fuck your ass. My told me she dropped the cup. Her mother just stood there looking at her. My felt like a little girl who was caught being bad. Her told her she didn't raise her to a slut. She told her mother that she enjoys our sex life and left for work. She emailed me and said to call er at lunch time. Which I did. She informed what had occurred. We agreed to say nothing more to her about it. By the time I got home they had talked some more and she going home early. I played dum. She went home. It was about 5 years later I had to go and over see the replacement of my MIL water heater. While I was there after the work was done she took a hot bath. When she came out she was wearing a wrap around towel. walking back to her bedroom past the kitchen where I was sitting. It was barely covering her cheeks. i could see a lot more than I wanted. She stopped at her doorway and she asked me "want to lick my ass"? Then she dropped her towel. She actually had a nice ass, and very nice hairy bush, plus those large breasts. I got up and went in behind her. Within the hour she was saying the same things my wife had. It was fun and lasted only a few months after that. She would go on and suffer a heart attack. I guess like daughter like mother. And yes I did admit it all to my wife when I got back. she mad at first but then figured her mother needed some pleasure after years of nothing.

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    Straight Female / 47

    i prank called a company that ripped me off and wrote to a hooker store for some sex toys from one the managers just to piss them off. I hope they get got the dick up the ass !

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    Transsexual Female / 24

    Jail bait
    19, female. From ages (14-17) I used to talk to older guys, sometimes as old as 45. I had naturally big breasts for my age and I would talk sexually and exchange pictures or videos (nude). Iâve done this hundreds of times (not meeting in person) although I wanted too. And Iâve finally realized how wrong it was at the time that I was basically talking to *p**ophiles* but I liked it..CARLSS

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    Straight Female / 20

    Mom, who was supposed to be gone over night, walking in while one guy just finished cumming on my face and in my mouth and the other one had just starting cumming on my face with me there holding my mouth open to catch his cum. The threesome my mom is never going to let me forget.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 46

    I went with Mom to the Beauty parlor to get facials and our hair done for my recent birthday.I had my shortish hair styled a little straighter so it hung down a couple of extra inches down, A little more of a feminine style for me. We were both so happy with the way we looked. I put my gold Granny glasses on and looked in the mirror at Mom and me and felt so good about the way we looked,A little bronzer for me and a little light pink makeup made me look very sophisticated.Mom looked fabulouse too! I was wearing a little shirt dress so before we left the salon I too off my jeans. I wanted to show my legs off on my special day.I think I have nice legs a little on the heavy side but sexy enough. When mom saw me with out my jeans she nearly shrieked at me at how short my dress was, It covered my white panty crotch in front, In the back however about five inches of my white cotton panties were exposed.I guess my ass had grown a bit since the last time i had put it on years ago.. "Oh 'don't worry so much mama""I can pull it down a bit in one'll notice'' Patrice the Salon owner sided with me.She looked my exposed legs over with interest "OH Let Penny wear the dress.she wants to Experience her day...." "Yes Mom let me experience today. You know with my legs free to experience the cool air, I feel incredibly liberated." Patrice Told me "You Go Girl!!"m I pumped my fist with bravado and yeelled out"Wooo,Woo Whoo!"in response. Patricice arched her brows on her lovely face in a quisical manner. "I smiled at her and said Thank you Patrice" "I pulled my shirt dress down in back a little and said I cought my breath excitedly and said "Well wish me and Mama well Patrice" "I hope we don't need it Mabey I'll find a husband out of this"I winked. I gave Patrice a hug and we left. I was wearing a pair of tan clogs with chunky heel that clipped and clopped as I walked. We first went to a lovely little florist shop. where I picked out a small bouquet for mom and I bought myself a little paper of flowers. The Lady was very nice to us.I had brought my little blue cart for our planned shopping expidition So I arranged the flowers in my cart. After the Florist shop we went to our local grocer and picked up some fruits and vegetables. In the grocery there were a couple of women who spoke to mom and about things. One said "your daughter is gracious and lovely is she looking to meet someone?" Mom perked up and said " "Oh, Penny is still very single".Mom looked me over"Do you know someone for her. She keeps talking about how she woul like to meet a nice man, And about how good a mother she would be...." I shot her a look and smiled "T.M.I. mom TMI. Too much Information."I went over to the fish counter wher Benny the fish department man was. he must have heard the ladies conversation because he said "Single a lovely girl like you,Penny"? He never coplemented me before. As a matter of fact we never really noticed each other before today. Yes ,sure Benny I am. "You look lovely today Penny"I noticed him looking over my exposed legs. I eyed him with new found interest and said "Really Benny?" I rubbed my legs protectively a bit and said"THank you so much! Did anyone ever tell you you are so sweet?" I let my smile linger on him a moment. "Say Benny ,how is the Salmon today Is it Fresh?" :Ohh Yes it is as fresh as you after your morning shower,honey: I cought my breath at that and mock scolded him,"Benny,Benny,Benny what am I going to do with you"? I turned around and walked over to mom and said. "Mama,the salmon looks nice and fresh today.I think I'll pick out about four pieces for us" As I walked toward mom I looked back at Benny. He was talking to another custemer but he was watching me walk. So he saw my little pantie show.....good. The elastic waist band of my panties was becoming a little loose so I had to either walking in very mincing steps to keep them from falling or walk in a very wide legged slow manner to keep them up . I chose the wide legged method. Ishoul have put new panties on this mornig. It would have made a better impression. I slowly made my way back to Benny."Well Benny,pick me out four nice slices for mama n'me for the week' "Hey Benny,it's my birthday today" "I'm taking my mom to the cafee to have a little cofee and cake ,perhaps a salad and then we hit the Thrift Shops. Hey Sounds very excitiing,I'm happy for you kid,You know Penny Birthdays agree with you, you look younger then ever!!!! "I beamed up at him in appreciation...I sort of said in a tentative voice "Maybe next time you can take me thrifting?/ Wec'n see huh Benny?" I can cook good too.... "We see kid We'll see...: " I looked up at him and Said"That I smiled and mama and I said good bye to the guys and Benny.'d be nice my Benny" I turned my back to him and carefully put the groceries in my blue cloth cart. I placed our flowers on top. I could only hope Benny liked what he saw.:) I had to do my slow wide legged walk to the door, If he wanted I let Benny see my loose paities... I was getting a little moist and excited down there. I hadn't felt so good in a long time I could almost burst out crying. Next we walked over to the cafee and I asked Mama if she knew if Benny was Single.She would try to find out . Besides, I would talk to him again myself!!! Along the way a couple of rowdy kids seem to have noticed Me. "Hay look at that old Whore doin' that slow walk in her big noisy shoes . She must think She's sexy!! "I'd play connect the dots with my tongue on them big thighs and end in her P---sy" "I'd eat that old Whore Out!!! and she'd beg me for more!!!" The young man was reffering to the beauty marks I have all around my legs. A former boyfriend once called me spotty when we went to the beach.. I looked at mama and said "Ithappens every time some one comes arounnd to rain on my parade. I'll handle this Mom. Don't you worry.: I turned around to smile at them. Thay saw my face and yelled"Whoa,and with a face that looks like a soggy bowl of Cornflakes!!!" "hey guys please walk away from us and don't follow us." "You don't want me to call the cops do you?" Don't ruin you'r afternoon guys. You don't know me, I can take care of you guys. I studied Karate andd fought a few matches.!!!!'''" "Have a little respect for my mom. "Well Why are you walking around in your panties? Your panties look like they can fall down any second bitch!!! And look she has a tattoo of a teddy bear and balloons on her ass. Ha ha ha. Stupid candy ass slut. She dosn't even bother to change her panties,,, Bet you wore those panties for the last week."Well Maybe'i got problems"I shouted I said a little more gently, "Hey guys I'm sorry if my legs and exposed panties offend you. But We are gonna need you to leave us alone. Mom and I were very frightened at this point.. "Just go guys,don't ruin your lives and get a police record. Have a little respec
    fort for a couple of older ladies . You lives have your whole lives ahead of you. IGo out and make something of your lives better. In a few years I want us to see you made a suceess of yourselves.... We can pray for you guys.... Say Guys okey. They stopped in their tracks and watched us go.... A half a block ahead I saw them still standind there . They flashed us the Peace sign. I Peaced them back.... I turned to mama and told her I was sorry She had to go through that. I lookes down and realised that my panties were saaking wet I peed my panties.... I hope to write again soon about out little at this point more somber and quiet private birthday party and our trip to the thrift shop. Thanks guys Allthe Best Peace Out!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    We were posted to West Africa. I won't say the country because everyone thinks all you do is make them look bad. But think bad, and that is what it is like in that country. My husband's job was pretty intense, it was office work, executive work. I was at home in a compound. Nothing to do.

    This secretary of his office is a woman who is half and half. In America or Europe you would still call her black, but in her country she is half white, which makes her white. She is the queen of the office. Not because she is talented, but because she is half white, and that makes her white. She is very attractive, she has western features and her skin is a nice shade of brown. She isn't chocolate like most of the people here.

    My husband has her help me with all the things we need. We can't go out alone, so she went with me to the supermarket, or to any other function. I am going to skip to the part that got me in trouble.

    She has these breasts, they are not white person breasts at all, they are so full, so round. I wish I had breasts like that. Because they are not exposed to the sun her skin on her breast is this beautiful honey color and her breasts are so soft, and she has these nipples that shoot out, dark and big, and if there is anything that I have a weakness for is breasts. This is something that I kept to myself, I played around when I was single, but kept it to myself when I got married.

    She let me play with her breasts, fondle them, suck her beautiful nipples, lay my head on them, and she brought them up for me to suck and play with. When I play with breasts I can't help it but I start to look for the girl's pussy and I like to finger her gently, and to play with her clit. I fingered her, my white hand in her brown pussy, we laughed at how it looked. She fingered me, her brown hand in my white pussy. She asked me if I had ever had a brown penis in my white pussy and I told her no, never. I couldn't to that.

    She was hesitant to have me go down on her. We did it only after we had been bathing together on a hot afternoon. I didn't know that Africans don't do much of that. She wasn't too keen on eating me, but I had done it and she did it. I get bored with just feeling and fingering. Her pussy was dark inside, dark like dark Africa. My pussy is very pink inside, and she was uncomfortable with that. I think that having our pussies open caused her to think she was black and not white.

    She was cool to me after that afternoon. She did what she had to, took me places, but wouldn't give me her breasts anymore and wouldn't get naked with me. I told her I didn't mind that her pussy was so dark. It was her heritage. But she didn't want to hear that. She thought I was calling her black. She complained to the company that I was racist. She told me out loud, after the driver had dropped us off at the compound, that she was not black, she was white.

    The whole thing caused my husband to be reprimanded on my fault and transferred back to the States. Like I said, she was the queen of the office and I had called her black.

    Sometimes I think of her. I have written her but she doesn't answer.

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