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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 40

    I bought a pair of 4 inch heel leather knee high boots from ebay. I tried them on in the car they fit perfectly.
    I wore them home from work driving. I had to make 3 stops. First was at a gas station. I left them on and pumped gas. Second was at a deli for bread, I left them on, third was a supermarket. I shopped every aisle in a supermarket in 4 inch leather boots and no one noticed. I came in my pants

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Well this is a question that bothers me, am I normal.

    I am in a boy/girl relationship with a guy at work. I live with my roommate who is a girl. We just don't live together, we sleep together, we spoon, cuddle, horse around, we trade off playing boy on top, we shower together, we kiss, make out, have breast play when we are watching tv, we write love notes, texts, we kiss so much, she has nice breasts and she cuddles my face in her breasts, I can't resist sucking her nipples and we have lots of oral sex, especially after we take a bath. We are not new to this, we have been messing around since we were in the fifth grade. We stared having oral sex in the fifth grade.

    All through high school, college and now we have had boy friends. Neither one of us a virgin and we both suck cock.

    All said and done this is my problem. I can't see myself living with a guy and not living with her. My current boy friend can't understand why he can't spend the night at my apartment. I am not going to sleep with him, I can't. He can fuck me, I like being fucked. But I don't like sleeping with a guy. I only like sleeping with my roommate. I have never slept with a guy, a little nap after sex, but then I go home to sleep in our bed. Guys are not welcome in our apartment.

    If all the guys in the world dropped dead we would continue to live happily ever after. This is not a put down on guys, but boy/girl sex is good, but nothing is better than being with her and no one can kiss like her. I fuck with a guy, but I make love with her. I can tell a guy I like him, but I tell her I love her. She doesn't see guys right now, she is not in the mood. She wants to buy a house and adopt a kid or have one ourselves. I vote for having one ourselves, why adopt if we can make one of our own.

    We are young, 24, but we have been together for so long it feels like we are older.

    I want my boyfriend to understand that she is first, always will be. He can fill me and I will be a good girlfriend, but I am not going to live with him or sleep overnight with him. I miss him when I don't see him, I like going out, but then I am going home and he can't come in.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I was 16 at the time and my step sister was a couple of months older than me. We'd known each other since we were about 3 and we were like real sisters as well as best friends. Anyway we were walking home from school and we both had to poo really badly but there was nowhere to go so we had to wait until we got home. I couldn't wait and I started pooing my knickers and I wet myself at the same time. I was so embarrassed but the relief was incredible. Lucy could tell I was embarrassed and she said she was too desperate to wait either and the next thing I knew she was pooing herself and a dribble of pee ran down her leg. I felt a lot better for that and as soon as we got home we ran the basement bathroom as it was more private than the upstairs one and we helped each other clean up. No one to this day knows what happened and it will always be that way.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My name is Lorraine. I was 15 at the time and I was desperate for a poo as I was walking home from school. I had a 3 mile walk home and my friend lived about half a mile for my school so I decided to drop in to use her toilet as I was about to poo myself. By the time I got to my friends flat I bursting to go and just my luck she was out. I couldn't hold it any longer and I just pood myself on her door step. I even wet myself and I was so embarrassed but the relief of it was heaven. Once I finished I turned around to leave when my friend came home. She saw my leggings were all wet and she could tell I'd pood myself as well. She let me change into a pair of her jeans and knickers and I was so grateful to her. She told her mum I'd spilt a drink on myself to explain why I was wearing her jeans but I think her mum knew what really happened although she never said anything. I think she was sparing my embarrassment which I thought was so nice of her. Her mum even drove me home afterwards and only the three of us knew what I'd done.

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    Straight Female / 38

    While out for a walk though a large area of woodland i wondered down a path and ignored a sign saying Private woodland.After walking about 10 minutes i found myself looking down on a lad about 18 wanking himself over this magazine,He never saw me up on the higher track and common sense told me to get out of there and report him.but i just stayed hidden and watched ,He was a nice looking lad who as he got more excited pushed his jeans and pants further down his legs giving me a clear view of his cock which i admit i enjoyed to the very end.Iv seen him on a mountain bike several times this year and he.d smile as he shoots past on the normal tracks but iv never told anyone or reported him ,Id enjoyed it and neither of us should have been there.Recently i saw him shoot down into the private woodland on his bike and had a good guess at where he was going and sure enough by the time i caught up his cock was erect but this time i walked right in on him. Sorry came out of his mouth several times then smiles when he realized who i was and that i was looking at his cock.I sound a slut but this sort of mad moment was new to me and him by how hard and fast he was thrusting into me and quickly coming.But being young and with my blouse open and my skirt up my waist he was soon erect and fucked me long enough for me to come .Maybe i was just a bored housewife and he is so young.But now with a much safer meeting place and a bed i am going to take advantage of his young cock while it lasts.

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    Straight Male / 53

    1980 I was 15 years old and jerking off anywhere and everywhere. Staying at my uncle's place in Maine I found his stash of titty books in his shed. I was in there jerking off three times a day. One day just as I start cumming my fat loudmouth man hating aunt is just standing there watching me jerk my load out with a disgusted look on her face. She just watches and as I finish she says "disgusting" and then says "clean up that fucking mess." The rest of the time I'm there she makes comments to me about it and says I'm a pervert and tells me she better not find any of my "nasty mess" anywhere. She emasculated me long before I knew what that word even meant. I've always been submissive to women ever since. Especially bigger women who don't like men. Sometimes when I masturbate now I fantasize about some other fat overbearing bitch catching me and belittling me until I cum and then makes me clean it up while she humiliates me.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My wife told me her most fucked up sexual stories one night when we were drinking. She had a one night stand with a black midget with a huge dick because she felt bad that he caught her giggling at him in a bar. He confronted her, she felt bad (and was drunk) and the next day she was doing the walk of shame from his place. She said that fucking him was creepy at first but he had a huge dick and he could fuck her doggie while standing and she said it was amazing.

    She also once gave head to a dude dressed as Abraham Lincoln at a Halloween party.

    That's about it.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I was working on my uncle's farm until college starts in August, mom arranged it. This place is 20 miles from no where!

    The only thing I found good about the experience was my uncle has a handyman for the farm and he has a daughter. She is rather plane in the face, but tight body and huge "banana" tits.

    It didn't take long to figure out Paula was tired of the secluded life. My second day, she got real chummy talking and watching me work. She invited me to a "roll in the hay", literally, after supper.

    Before we even hit the hay, she had my belt loose and my pants open. As soon as I was down, she pulled my jeans and boxers down and climbed on. No panties, she just sat down on my cock! A few bounces and I was busting into her. She told me I'm hoping you are good for more than that.

    I stripped her down and pushed my cock between her big tits and my snake was back ready for more. I climbed between her legs and started pumping away.

    I was really starting to get into it and all of a sudden I felt a cold pipe push between my ass and heard, "Boy, you go off and I'm fixin to give you a 12 guage castration. You got 10 seconds to be gone."

    I jumped up grabbed my pants and jumped in my car. I didn't stop until had to buy gas.

    No way I wanted to be around when he found out I was on my second time in his daughter.

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    Transsexual Female / 28

    When i was 19 and trying to be a "man", and a girl was interested in me. I undressed and turned to her and she busted up laughing. She told me that my penis is the size of regular sized tampon. She pulled out a tampon and took it out of the inserting part and held the tampon beside my penis and said, "Oh I guess your penis is a little smaller than my tampon". I began to get hard and when it was done she put the tampon next to it and my penis and hard i was about a 1/2 longer than the tampon but still the same diameter as the tampon.

    She pulled out a different an 8 inch long and very thick realistic dildo and she told me to use my hand and pretend it is a man. She asked me to bend over as she put some Vaseline on it. I did as she asked and she said, "Ok girl here comes what will become your favorite toy". She had me pull my ass open for some fun. I did and she slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper and told me to describe how it feels for me. I said, "That feels better than anything i have ever had. When she pushed it in hard I began to moan and push my ass towards her. She said, "I can see now that you are gay". I said, "I'm not gay i am transgender". she told me to hang on and she will fuck me like a man, then she pushed hard. I was breathing heavy and sounded like a girl losing her virginity.

    She noticed my little penis shooting cum as she went deeper, so she went deeper. afterwards she said, "Now get your face down there and lick up every last drop of the cum you left. Be a good girl and clean up". I went to the biggest part of cum and I slowly licked it up and after I swallowed she asked how i licked it. I said, "It's great but I'm not done". I went back down and licked it up and held it in my mouth. She said, "Good girl, now we know that you will be a cocksucker and swallow cum". I asked how i will get a man to suck. she said, "I know a guy i will call". He came right over and they both were telling me what to do with his cock, i did as they told me and finally i felt a warm feeling in my mouth and then i tasted his cum and it was so good. I began to see him often and suck him or bend over for his enjoyment.

    I was lucky that both of them knew a few guys and on the one month anniversary of my first blowjob 6 men came to my house. They wanted me to wear girls things so I went to my room and changed. I put on stockings and garter belt and sexy lingerie and high heels. I walked out and my high heels were clicking on the tile floor. I slowly undressed them one by one and gave each one my mouth for a quick suck to start them getting hard. I got on my knees and i sucked until my head was pulled to another cock. I sucked and sucked and finally my tummy was happy to have all that cum. I made us something to eat and after eating they told me that I earned a nice hard fuck. I used my mouth to get them hard, I laughed with my mouth full of cock. They said, "She is loving our cocks, right girl"? I nodded yes without stopping.

    I am now living as a woman and i am on estrogen and testosterone blockers so their is no hiding my fast growing boobs and curves. I am so lucky to be me, life would be terrible if i was into men sexually.

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    Straight Male / 25

    It never lasted long but he`s knows what i did when i was 18 and it is embarrassing when my little group of friends talk of there mate with 8 inches being so popular with the women .He`s come in the cafe and straight way remembered me.but treated me as if we`d never met.Years ago when curious id gone down on this guy only to realize his cock was 8 inches and he could make me come just by fucking my mouth and all though my jaws would ache id carry on till he`d come He never fucked me but he sometimes used my thighs to grip his cock and ram it between my felt massive under my balls and id have to come while he kept going or id finish him with my lips,I was hooked for a while but have now married ,Hopefully that is the end of it.

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