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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Gay Male / 38

    Iâm not out, but Iâd like to say some things outloud. Publicly I guess.

    I am a homosexual. Secretly. I think men are so beautiful and attractive. I dream of making out at a movie with a man. I also dream of sucking dick. I think about that all the time. I want a boyfriend.

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    Straight Male / 24

    I was 25 years old when this happened.

    I had just finished up university and was still living at home. My mom and me where next door visiting the woman next door one night. She is a single mom, 28 years old, with a 7 year old son. Her son hated taking baths and had recently been really refusing to do so. His mother was trying to get him to take a bath that night and he kept refusing like usual. My mother even tried to convince him with no luck. One time he said he would but only if I had a bath with him. My mother and his immediately said I would but without asking me if I was willing to. The boys mother went off to run water for the bath and he went with her. My mother were alone and I told her I didn't know how I felt about bathing naked with her son and also being seen naked by them all. My mother assured me we would have privacy and not to worry. The mother returned a little while with the boy and told me the bath was ready and we could go to his room to get undressed.

    There I was in this boys room undressing and soon walking down the hallway to the bathroom. It was just us there so only he was seeing me naked and we both got into the tub. About 5 minutes later our mothers come in to ask how things are going and there we are both exposed to them. My mother had not seen me naked since I was probably about 15 years old and the boys mother had never seen me naked. The water was very clear so my junk was very exposed to them both. They stayed and talked to us while all the while we were very naked and exposed. The doorbell rang at this time and the boys mother went to go answer it. She returned along with the boys uncle, aunt and his cousin who was a 15 year old girl. I have met them before but never like this. I was getting looks by everyone and the uncle who can be a bit of a joker turns to his daughter telling her to get a good look at me because he doesn't want her looking at another of those until she was married. The uncle left to go watch TV but everyone else stayed.

    Until now me and the boy were just soaking and his mother grabbed some soap and began soaping him up. While he was being lathered up he tells his mother she had to do me to. I was a little panicked by that thought because I didn't know if she was actually going to do it or not and how I would react. She told her son she would take turns soaping us. I was in shock and when it was my turn she told me to stand up like she had made her son do. I did and there I was now on full display to the aunt, the cousin, my mother and his mother who had her hands on me. She did his arms, shoulders and neck and then did mine. She did his chest and back and then did mine. She then moved below his waist, doing his bum, penis and legs before moving to me. I didn't think she was going to touch me in certain areas but she was soaping my legs, and between them, my ass and had her hands on my penis. She wasn't avoiding any areas and this was happening while everyone watched. The uncle returned and once again made a comment. He basically said the boys are giving you ladies quite a show and the boys aren't shy. He then turns to his daughter and tells her its her best view ever and she better enjoy it because it was going to be her last before she gets married and then leaves once again.

    The boys mother finished soaping me but not before it caused me a more than slight erection. It didn't help when the boy pointed out to everyone my penis was getting bigger. I tried to think of other thoughts to hope it would stop growing but the more I did the bigger and harder it got. She washed our faces and rinsed us off with the handheld shower and she went and got a towel and began toweling off her son. I grabbed a towel to towel off myself. We finally left the bathroom and we all went back to our clothes. The boy put on his pajamas and was put to bed and I put on my clothes. We all went down to the TV where the uncle was. Right away when he saw me dressed he turned to his daughter and asked if she was disappointed that the show was over. She told him to shut-up. His daughter was giving me a lot of looks and smiling for the rest of the night.

    I was getting late so my mother and me left. When we got home one of the first things she said was that things had changed a lot since she saw me naked last. She then mentions she had ever seen me with a hard on before and goes on to say I am very large and would be very satisfying. I told her a mother shouldn't say that to her son. She said she just wanted to give me a compliment because it looked like I enjoyed showing it off. I told her I didn't have much of a choice. She then tells me she was surprised by me when I didn't ask for anyone to leave. She thought I was comfortable with it and just liked the attention. She goes on to say the boy's mother, aunt and cousin all thought I had a nice body and was well endowed. She also wanted me to know the boy's mother was very grateful with me helping her out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Just few weeks ago my trans girlfriend was fucking me in mine and her house she fucked my brains out and shoot her load on my face as we just got done my step mom walked in and she seen my face covered in cum and my girl holding her cock that was a very awkward dinner trying to explain what just happened we laugh about it now

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    Straight Female / 26

    I was 21 when I had sex with a guy I met in a party. I remember we had sex for two hours in a motel and then took a shower. When I came out I discovered he was gone and had left me in a motel room with no clothes. I remember having to call my sister crom the room, telling her to pick me up and bring clothes. She laughed her head off when she saw me standing in that room in a towel telling her "not a word to my parents"

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    Straight Male / 54

    A few years ago I had this embarrassing moment. Iâll start off explaining to those who might not know. When a guy cums there is always some residual sperm in the penis until they pee; so this is what happened.

    One morning I got up for work and i took off my pjs, because I like walking around naked. I had breakfast, make lunch and at the same time playing with my penis and stroking it. Some of those news girls are awfully cute these days. As I am watching the news or actually watching the news girls I am starting to leak some precum, so I get my cereal spoon and scoop it up to lick. Now I am really getting excited and the precum is leaking more making my penis so slippery I canât take it anymore. I grab a towel and while watching the traffic girl I vigorously jerk off, coming on the towel.

    Itâs time to go to work. I finally get there , the boss hands out the work, but tells me I have to go to the clinic for a drug test. No big deal. I drive over there, the young nurse calls me in, and hands me a cup to pee in. I still donât think anything of it. I go in the bathroom, everything is taped closed, toilets, sinks, so that you get do anything illegally.

    I open the cup, pull out my penis to give a pee sample and when I look inside the cup there is a white cloudy substance in the sample. I just thought, damn itâs the sperm from the earlier jerk off session. I canât dump it anywhere and try to pee more. What are they going to think when they see that. They definitely canât miss it, no pee looks like that.

    With nothing I can do about, I just hand her the cup with my pee and sperm floating inside. Maybe the girls got a good laugh that day.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Young and stupid dad says. Guess he is right.

    Well once you are a freshman in college ya got it all figured out. Just have fun when you are away, whose gonna know.

    Lesson learned, make sure you are way far away!

    Myself and one other girlfriend got hooked up at the lake with some older men that really were fun and we enjoyed teasing them to be honest. They were all in 50's and up.

    So we are at one's lake house, been boating all day, some drinking etc. Feeling free, So me and friend figure let's give these guys something to remember. In the house after dark, still in bikini's, hands start really finding their way to places.

    We both kinda liked it. These guys were safe so if gonna do something like this this would be the place.

    It was maybe 6 men there, long story short, we were walking around naked and sitting on laps, being felt off etc.

    SO some one made up a game, draw from paper out of bowl. BJ, get eaten, HJ, sex wasn't one. Then go in bedroom with what you drew and then they draw a guy.

    Well, why not. My friend Susan, took a room and I took a room. First guy for me drew eat me. Must say, no problems there, this ain't bad.

    No one was pushy. Then there seemed to be more guys arriving, some from the golf club house. Oh boy.

    I had given maybe 4 BJ, eaten a few times and some HJ's. I go out of room to get some Dr. Pepper, and I see....a friend of the family, my cousins husband and a guy that coached my sis in soft ball. I kinda didn't stare but I knew one recognized me right off, dads friend. Oh shit, to late, maybe he will go to Susan, maybe he wont be sure its me.

    As my luck would have it, Dave the friend, comes in. Right off he says sexier than I imagined, guess neither of us will ever breath a word of this. I said you got that right. He drew BJ, I stroked him as he stood there, it was a huge one, I made sure I did a good job, he got off and I swallowed. He said he would like to do this again sometime our secret.
    As my luck would have it my cousins husband comes in next. I said you sure you don't wanna go in with Susan? He said hell no! He layed me on my stomach and ate my ass for a long time, he did finger me.

    Susan got coach and the family friend went in there too.

    I must say, at this time we were both enjoying being hot sluts for these old guys, it wasn't bad at all.

    Around midnight there was the only family friend ( Rob) and cousins husband ( Steve) left with the owner of the house.

    Well the hell with it, Rob picked me up and took me in the bed room, he went down on me this time then got between my legs and worked that big thing in me, I didn't mind. He told me he had noticed my ass since I was 10 and always wanted to pound it. I talked nasty and asked him if my little pussy was worth the wait.
    When Rob finished Dave came in and this time he got on top of me too, not a 9 incher like Rob but a nice one.
    Rob basically said same thing about wanting to fuck me for a long time and couldn't believe this was happening.
    I didn't realize old guys lasted this long. David was very rough with my boobs, twisting and pulling my nipples, slapping them HARD. He wanted me to just open my mouth and let him shoot off in it. I did.

    Susan said most of her guys broke the rules and got in her. We figured maybe 6 or so each and half had seconds.

    So now I see Dave at family reunions, and Rob comes by the house. I have been with both since.

    So imbarrassed but worked out ok.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My most embarrassing moment in my life happened the other day. My parents were at work , my friends were busy my brother was out with his friends and I had the whole house to myself. I was watching some porn on my phone in the bathroom , it started getting really intense and was making my juices flow. I moved to my bed and was laying on my tummy when I continued watching it. I became concentrated on it and was reaching between my legs masturbating furiously. I could feel it building and building oh god it was so great. All of a sudden I felt my body releasing and it was explosive I was having a orgasm and it was spraying all over. Then I heard cheering and laughing. I panicked and turned over to see my uncle and two of his friends standing there with there phones out , telling me what a slut I was and how hot it was to watch me get myself off. Now when I see my uncle he gives me a knowingly look and wink.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I stopped by a favorite local bar, Smitty's, renowned mostly for its' wildly diverse crowd and famous ribs. Everybody likes cold beer and great BBQ. Anyway, I met this handsome older guy sitting at the bar and we watched the ballgame and chatted over a couple of drinks when he abruptly invited me up to his hotel room. It was only late afternoon and I was enjoying his company and knew immediately his intentions, yet I agreed and we made our way a couple of blocks to his motel. Once in his room he became quite aggressive and offering little resistance, in a few minutes his cock was hitting the back of my throat. It had been ten years since I had any gay sex. I am married now with two young kids and just never pursued it. I loved having a big dick in my mouth again and he was hard as a rock. We were both naked by this point and laid together on the bed, he went down on me and I blew an enormous load in his mouth after just a few minutes, he swallowed all of it. Then he spun me around on my stomach and began eating out my asshole. He was an expert at it and in no time I was begging him to fuck me. He was an absolute wizard with his big dick and drove me to the edge of pleasure for twenty minutes. Without any warning he drove hard into my ass and held it there as he grunted loudly with each spurt of cum deep in my bowels. Then it was over, he just said thanks and jumped in the shower.I laid on the bed absolutely spent for a few minutes the got up dressed quickly and left. His cum leaked out of may ass for a couple hours, what a mess.

    The next day, Sunday my wife and I got the kids ready for the nine o'clock mass. I almost fainted when I saw the priest on the altar, it was him! A few times during the service I noticed him smirk after giving me the eye. He nearly stuck his finger down my throat during communion. The following week he was introduced as the new pastor.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I was back then Sales Manager for a manufacturing company. We wanted to break into the Asia market and our first effort was to attend a trade show in Taiwan. My team followed but I went first to meet a couple of potential customers. It was me and the daughter of the founder. She had finished college, didn't want to work. She was a socialite, except her Dad insisted she earn her allowance. She flew first class, I flew coach.

    We arrived after our long flight, checked into the hotel where the trade show was scheduled and I went to hit the sack. An hour after we checked in she called, she was bored, she hadn't showered, she was actually just uncomfortably scared. But when she called I didn't know that. When she called she was the whiny daughter of the President so I got dressed and went to see what was the problem.

    A 22 year old very attractive rich girl in a long T shirt and panties. Really? She sat on the bed and her pantied pussy was in plain view. My eyes failed me, I stared until she noticed and closed her legs. She said we should go over the sales calls for the next day, her nipples hard against her shirt, her panties ass and long naked legs impossible to ignore. Her pantied pussy in plain view again.

    She leaned over to get the presentation, her naked breasts in full view. She caught me again, she asked if I was married. I was but my boner betrayed me. She got on her knees and crawled over to me and grabbed my boner. What do you think you are going to do with this? Her hand held my boner and didn't let go. I leaked, lost control and leaked out in my pants. To say you are embarrassed is not fair, you're humiliated. And she humiliated me. She got up, took her shirt off and turning her back to me and took off her panties and went into the bathroom.

    The shower ran and I got up to leave, she stopped me completely naked, asked what I was going to do with her. My forty year old head was spinning, jet lag, bosses daughter, wet pants and she said she wanted me bathe her, show her what a man does, she wasn't in college any more. The shower lasted a few minutes, we got out and she laid out on the king size bed, spread her legs trying to touch the sides of the bed with her toes. Fuck me. And not withstanding my earlier humiliation I fucked her. We fell asleep and slept for hours.

    She acted spoiled and demanding, she wanted to fuck, straight up fuck. She wanted to kiss and be felt up. Back in Dallas she kept me on a string. We never fucked in the office, but I saw lots of tits and ass, she loved to flash her ass at me. I was in love like I couldn't believe, my wife got wise and it was either her or divorce. I divorced my wife for her and we had several months of exclusive dating. Then it cooled off, it just got to complicated, marrying an underling man twenty years older scared her. Like in Taiwan she was scared but this time she reacted by moving to New York.

    I'm sixty, she's forty, we see each other often, sex is much more tame, she needs to be kissed and held. But not tied down, the most she can muster is fixing ham and eggs and straightening out the bed. She tells me that no matter the place and time she has never been able to fuck anyone else. I believe her. By the way, when her Dad retired I got his job, I had an inside connection.

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    Straight Female / 33

    single mom of 1 (teen boy)

    you are right. i didn't believe you, but you are right. i don't know why comments to my previous post bothered me so much. i couldn't accept the truth, but every time i did laundry i was faced with it. what was said frustrated and angered me, sometimes for days at a time. i kept my part of the agreement and so did he, i laundered them and he didn't throw them away after he soiled them. still, i had to know. i asked him.

    we were talking at dinner, i asked him if our arrangement was still OK with him. he said that it was, and a few moments later i right out asked him if he would prefer getting them before i did the laundry. afterward our discussion really surprised me. both of us had difficulty talking about it, but i assured him that it was alright and that i would abide with his decision.

    everything suggested was "better" to him than a freshly laundered panty. he liked the idea of getting a used pair, before i laundered them. i then asked if he would like me to wear them, the clean ones, after he soiled them. he looked up in disbelief to what i had just asked, but the expression and blush on his face betrayed his thoughts even before he told me his part truth--that he would like it if i were to wear the ones he soiled. that is were we left our discussion of the matter.

    there is a new agreement. one worn, but not laundered, and one freshly laundered. he leaves the "clean but soiled" ones on the top of the hamper. i put them on after my shower, and let him see that i am wearing them when he comes down to breakfast.

    what i saw in his face, i didn't not ask, and he did not hint. i doubt i ever will.

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