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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was having a fight wiht my younger brother because he wouldn't leave me alone. he finally said that i will make a bet with u. the bet was that whoever could make the other person fall to the ground first wins. if i one he would become my slave for a week and vice versa. now i think i should mention that i had a bunch of my friends over who were watching this. well when the match started i went to push him to the ground but he ducked. when i turned around he kicked me right in the groin. that hurt so much but i didn't want to lose to him but he was fighting cheap. well i was bent over and he ran behind me. i moved my hands away from my crotch but just as i stod up he gave me a low blow from behind and then pushed me down since i was in a weakened condition. well he won the match and my friends made fun of me for the next couple of weeks. my brother made me do all of his chores and he would boss me around. on the last day though he made me do something totally embarrassing. my girlfriend came over that day at 10:00 but i was still sleeping because my brother shut off my alarm clock. well i heard a knock on my door and woke up. i said come in. it was my girlfriend. my brother came in and told me to get out of bed with a mischief look on his face. well i got out of my bed to put some pants on thinking i had boxers on, but when i got out of my bed i realized that he took them off. i quickly put some clothes on but it was too late. the embarrassing part about that was that my girlfriend was 15 and i was 13 and i started puberty late so t was small if u know what i mean

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a singer. This past 4th of July, I was asked to sing the national anthem at a scrimmage Youth Baseball Game. I was in this little outdoor stadium filled with 200 people. The city manager introduced me. I dressed up nicely. White shirt, tie, khaki pants. As I was introduced I had to walk from the dugout to center field. Halfway there I tripped and fell HARD flat on my face! Half the crowd said "OOHH" the other half was laughing. I got up and walked to center field to the mic. I had a HUGE dirt stain on my shirt. I had to sing the national anthem dressed up, but looking like "I slid onto home plate." The singing went OK. At the end I got a big ovation.-Not because of the singing, but because of patriotism and my foible.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i had my boyfriend over and some friends ... huh friends ..yeah right...

    we were fooling around, catching rays etc

    well i decide to work on the tan on my back
    lay face down on our blanket ,my boyfriend next to me ..

    well he is giving me wonderful soft touches on my back
    since i was in my bikini and saying he just loves my soft skin and he is just mellowing me out to a soft relaxed
    almost sleep like state , enjoying the whole experience/

    well, i am sooo relaxed. Didnt feel him gently untieing my whole bikini the strings of my bikini top (at my neck and back)and my bikini bottom .

    Next thing i know, I am engulfed with a wave of ice cold water and ice cubes from my boyfriend and my friends.

    I jump up and i am standing in front of them ..totaly
    neked trying desparately to cover up and they are laffing hysterically i was beet red.

    My girl friends are running around with my top and bottom
    and throwing them into the trees

    I grabbed for the blanket and they yanked it away

    finally grabbed a beach towel and covered up

    as they all started tickling me

    i cudda died.......
    soooo embarassng

    suddenly i am engulfed i

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I go to my best buds house a lot to play vidio games, but when I am there I usually have a wweak bladder! Thats because the bathroom is right next to his hot sisters room and I can see her in there is she is home. Well one day she was swimming and I was wathchin her out the window. My friend was like do you like my sister?
    " dude, is it that obbvious. ?"
    Well , he took me into her room and showed me her underwear drawer.
    " here look"
    He handed me her bra and black panties.,
    " can I keep these? " I said and put them in my bag.
    Well, when I got home I layed the underwear and bra on my bed and started masturbating. I loved thinking of her in them.
    Well, the next time I was at there house she was in this short little tube top and short shorts. Her sexy tan legs were beautiful and her butt looked fantastic. She was a beautiful teenager. She was 15 and I was 14 .Then, later that day she told us she was taking a shower. She said dont bother her. we bothes agreed and my friend knew that we would lie.
    " let me show you something else!"
    He took me by the bathroom window outside and we stood on a ladder. there she was. naked in the shower scrubbing down with her boobs so gorgeous and her ass as tight as wood! She was hot and I was getting really horney. I just walked into the house and the bathroom door and knocked. My friend watched from the window. She yelled. WHO IS IT?? I was like SCOTT! ( thats my friends name and her brother ) Hold on!! She yelled.i heard her yell damnit! no towel. I then just flew the door open to see her standing naked. I was so horny and she could tell, I never got to se eher agin cause whenm I was there she wasnt. but it was worth it!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 14, my parents left town on a business trip. My 17-year old sister invited a bunch of friends over to go swimming in our pool. When they thought I was gone, they decided to go skinny-dipping. But I wasn't gone. I snuck outside and hid in the bushes. I watched them take off their clothes and go swimming. My sister's friends were soooo hott and I got a boner. Then I heard, "What the hell are you going?" There were 3 girls wearing bras and panties glaring at me. They dragged me over to where my sister and he other friends were. They pullled off all my clothes except for my briefs. Then they threw me in the pool. WHen I got out, they pulled off my undies and tied me to a tree. WHile I was tied up, they took pictures of me naked, threw water balloons and shaving cream balloons at me. Then they put some girl's underwear on me and took picutres of me like that! Finally, they left me out there naked until about 10 PM, when they finally untied me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was really bad sick, but I had to go to work. Two sales reps came in my department for an overview/ training session.
    I spent all morning hacking, sneezing, sniffling, & coughing.
    Finally, one of the reps just looked at me wierd. I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror. I had this HUGE green booger on my shirt. It was about as large as a thumbnail, and really thick.
    I was really embarrased, as these were two of the hottest women I've ever seen.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    On the day of this job interview, I woke up late. I quickly took a shower and got dressed. When I got dressed in my suit, I put on new boxers, but the same pair of dress pants I wore yesterday. I was in a total rush and wasn't thinking. When I was in the Human Resources office being interviewed, I was sitting in front of the boss dude's desk, I crossed my legs-my right over left-and my crusty tightie-whities I wore yesterday were stuck and wrapped around my right ankle. The boss dude then said, "Uh you have something stuck on your leg." I took it off my ankle, folded the briefs up and put them in my pocket. I didn't get the job.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i had gotten my period awhile ago and i didnt like to change my tampon at school, so i would wear a pad too. dont ask me why i was afraid of changing it because id ont know. well anyways one day i went into the bathroom and needed to take my tampon out. i heard someone come in so i had to be carefull of not letting the gross thing slip out of my hands from there to the bin. i grasped the string and started to yankit came out and i heard a little noise like a pop. "i hope she didnt hear" i thought to myself. then i was about to put it in wen it happened I DROPPED THE NASTY THING ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!. it rolled into the nest stall she said EWW GROSS WHO IS THAT?!?!?!?!?. i said uh... no one. then i got out of the stall(i had to face my fears) IT WAS MY WORST ENEMY i new she would tell everyone, so get this I STARTED TO CRY. i went in to pick it up and i thought i never would hear this,"its ok i know you didnt mean too." i said "have you gotten yours yet?" "no but im really scared. you think we can do something this weekend?"
    "sure i dont have any plans at all!" we became best friends. oh ya at the resteraunt where we went that weekend it happened toher i gave her a pad and we both laughed. we havnt been out of each others sight since that time in the bathroom

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This happened a few years ago. I was at this huge state dinner and got sick on the Japanese Prime Minister. Boy, was I emabarrassed!

    he hehehehehehehehhehe

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One night at I was at this bar slash club where the tables and chairs sat very low. I was bent over with my hands on my knees, talking to this girl who was sitting down. While I was talking to her, my gum fell out of my mouth and down her blouse. When she thought I did that so that I could go and get it, she slapped me and left the table.

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