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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in gym one day and I am really small chested and the girls make fun of me while I am in the showers. ( at least there are curtains!! ) Well, we have to take showers no matter what because we have gym 3d hour. So it literlly sucks. Welll, during class the girls were playing with my crush's camera and flirting really bad and when she snotted to me in front of everyone I slapped her. I should have done it after gym........ cause while I was in the showers.... they had his camera and snapped 3 pictures of me in the shower. One of my screming my hand in front and one of me falling on my behind because I slipped ..... which made them laugh harder. To make mattters worse.... when my crush Jon got them developed he was more then surprised..... he got more copies and handed them to his friends. I couldnt have been more humiliated.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, this was some 2-3 years ago. I was walking into the grocery store with some new jeans. I walked into the grocery store and got some interesting stares from total strangers. I shrugged it off and went to look at something on sale. A cashier coming in to work saw me and said, "Hold still, Honey." She peeled off the size sticker off of my pants and gave it to me. Apparently I had forgotten to remove the sticker from my pantleg. Talk about humiliating....oh, and I'm not telling what size pants I wear.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I experienced something stupid today. I was reading a magazine on the couch and got very
    interested in the article. I had to go for a pee real bad, so I took my magazine with me to the toilet while
    I kept on reading it. I sat on the toilet doing my pee, still engrossed in the article, when suddenly I felt a
    warm wet feeling spreading over my pussy. Suprised, I looked down and saw I had forgotten to pull my
    overalls down.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Me & my bud were having a soda at the neighborhood KFC.
    All of a sudden we got a whiff of bananas.
    We were like, Do you smell that? It smells like bananas.
    Like, do they have banana shakes now?
    I looked over, and a mailman was eating a banana.
    My face was soooo red!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It was a week before Christmas when I received a call from my friend, April. In past years
    April and I traveled home to New Jersey together during the holidays. When she called we
    discussed our options for that next week. With everything being so hectic on the airlines
    these days we opted to drive home this holiday.

    So, on that day we were to drive home together April was actually running late. She lives an
    hour south of me these days and made the trip to my apartment that morning. By the time
    she arrived I was anxious to get on the road. She didn't need the restroom or anything so we
    got right in my Jeep and we were off. After a short while we reach Interstate highway 95,
    which takes us directly home. In the past April and I hardly ever had stopped for breaks.
    Basically we stop whenever we need gas, and that is when we grab a snack and use the
    restroom. We have always made good time on our trips home.

    April and I had some brief sexual encounters while at school. They were basically a result of
    our drunkenness, and we had never gone as far as actually having sex. She was very hot
    and popular and always had a boyfriend to keep me from really pursuing things further with

    Back to the ride - after maybe two hours or so we passed Richmond and I stopped for gas.
    We made a really quick stop and neither of us used the restroom, not to my notice at the
    time, though. We both grabbed a quick drink. April got a huge 44 oz. Bottle of water, and I
    got a 32 oz. Coke. Neither of us ever really ate a whole lot during our drives either, just a
    drink or two.

    Things were really cruising along on this day. A couple of hours after Richmond we passed
    through Washington with very little traffic, which is quite amazing actually. April had always
    been good at asking me to stop if she absolutely had to pee, but she hadn't said anything
    yet, even though she had finished every last drop of her water. Being that she was fine I
    pressed on towards Baltimore.

    About an hour later we reached the outskirts of Baltimore. I didn't want to stop before the
    city. I planned to get through the tunnel, pay the toll and stop shortly thereafter. I was
    beginning to feel a need to pee, but no real emergency, yet. I could last until after the tunnel.

    We got to within a mile when I saw the last exit before the tunnel. I didn't think much of it, but
    I sure did when I drove a little further and saw a long line of taillights. We had hit a real traffic
    jam. The first thing I realized was that I really needed to pee now.

    "Gosh, this looks pretty," chimed in April.

    "Yeah, I've never seen traffic like this here before. I sure hope there isn't an accident in the
    tunnel. That could back up everything," I said.

    We both got pretty quiet for a couple of minutes as we stared at the long line of cars
    extending into the tunnel. In the last couple of minutes we had only moved maybe 30 yards,
    things weren't going anywhere; traffic behind us was backing up quickly.
    I began to get curious if April was getting as desperate as I was. If she was, she wasn't
    showing it. I decided to bring it up casually, "Gosh April, I hope this gets going somewhere
    fast, I really need to go. I didn't use the bathroom when we stopped in Richmond".

    "Oh God Mikey, me too. I haven't gone since I left my house this morning. I really gotta go

    Well, at least I had company, but I wasn't feeling any better. Thinking about it constantly
    wasn't helping. Added to that I had to keep constantly braking and clutching due to the stop
    and go traffic. This was making it hard to keep my legs pressed together. I kept looking over
    at April who seemed a bit nervous suddenly. She was bobbing her legs together while
    massaging her thighs. She had never gotten openly desperate on our previous trips and this
    was starting to turn me on.

    Ten minutes later we had moved maybe a quarter of a mile and we were still another
    quarter of a mile from the tunnel entrance. I began to wonder what would happen if we
    entered the tunnel and one of us couldn't hold it any longer. The tunnel is maybe two miles
    long and surely we would be in there for quite a while. Thinking of that was killing me. My
    need to go had tripled in the last ten minutes. April and I weren't talking much, she was
    staring out the window, but I noticed that she was changing her position about every thirty
    seconds. Every time she changed positions I noticed she would casually slip her hand past
    her crouch for a quick squeeze.

    Noticing this was turning me on, even though I probably needed to go more badly then her. I
    wanted so bad to get a grab at my cock, but I couldn't do it without being obvious. I was
    dying from the pressure building up.

    A minute or so later I pressed the clutch and I felt a couple of drops squeeze out. I squeezed
    as hard as I could without grabbing myself and I was able to stop the flow. I looked down and
    luckily nothing was showing through on my jeans. I was very worried and began doubting
    that I would be able to hold on much longer. I began thinking about pulling off to the shoulder
    and just letting go. The very thought of relieving myself was making it harder to hold on. I
    was dying to let go.

    I was moaning under my breath and I noticed April was doing the same. I looked over and
    she had her legs crossed tightly while bobbing her right leg. She had her hand held between
    her thighs. I looked at her and rolled my eyes. She moaned in agony. I believe she was
    about as desperate as I was.

    A couple minutes later I thought I had lost it. I had again pressed the clutch when another
    squirt escaped, only this time when I tried to stop I couldn't. A quick jet of pee escaped and I
    looked down as my crotch began to darken.

    "Shit!!" I muttered as I grabbed my cock. With my grab I was able to again stop the flow after
    maybe three long seconds of pee. April looked at my crotch and instantly grabbed her crotch
    as well. "Oh God, Mikey, are you wetting your pants?"

    "God April...I can't hold it much longer. I'm having an accident. I just let a little out. I must pull
    over. I'm just gonna have to go on the side of the road!"

    "Mikey, what about me? I gotta go just as bad! I can't just go on the side of the road like you!"

    "April, I don't know how good you are at holding it, but it's gonna be like another hour before
    we have any chance to exit. So, if you really gotta go you'll get out and do as I do."

    "Oh God, all these people will see! I can't just pull down my jeans in front of all these cars!
    Oh God!!! But I can't hold it another hour!!!"

    "April, after I get back in the car just get out and wet your jeans. You won't have to pull your
    pants down. I have towels you can sit on until we get somewhere we can change."

    "Oh Mikey, I don't think I can do that."

    "Well, do whatever, but I'm pulling over."

    With that I pulled onto the shoulder and jumped out. I began squirting in my pants as I
    rushed to right outside April's door and turned my back to her. I quickly unzipped and pulled
    out my gushing cock. Thirty seconds later April rolled down her window a crack, "Ok, Mikey
    hurry up and finish and get back in the car!!! I'm gonna get out after you and wet my jeans.
    Hurry!!" The sound of my pee hitting the pavement had to be making it tough on her.

    I kept right on peeing for another thirty seconds when I heard April open her door. "April, hold
    on! I'm almost done!" I turned my head and April opened her door and hopped out. She
    stood next to me and got locked in a stare with my huge cock as my last squirts were
    escaping. She was bending at the waist with both hands buried in her crotch, "Oh shit.... I'm
    gonna do it. Oh fuck! I'm going...oh shit...shit!!" I quickly shook and buried my cock back in
    my damp briefs. I stared as she spread her legs and squeezed them together again, "It's
    okay April, just let it go."

    "Oh God, here it comes!! I'm going to wet my pants.... oh god, oh...ohhhh!!! Mikey please
    don't watch!! Oh shit!!" She unzipped her fly and shoved her hand in her jeans. She closed
    her eyes and tilted her head back. She was breathing heavily as I watched the flow begin. At
    first it started slowly down her legs and it stopped briefly, "Oh God!! I'm going, I'm
    going...ohhhh!!" With that, the pee poured out. Her ass was soaked in two seconds. It
    quickly got wet all the way up her butt crack almost to the top of her jeans. She spread her
    legs a little more and her legs were instantly soaked. Watching this, combined with the
    warm dampness in my own briefs was giving me wood. April peed for maybe a minute.
    When she finished she gave herself a quick rub and zipped back up. She turned to me,
    obviously ashamed of herself, not looking me in the eye, "It's Ok April.... these things
    happen, let me get those towels real quick and we'll get out of here". Her jeans were
    completely soaked and clinging tightly to her legs.

    I spread the towels on her seat and we rejoined the traffic.

    We really didn't say too much to each other for the next forty-five minutes that we sat in
    traffic. I'm sure she was quite embarrassed, as was I. But I was also turned on. That was
    hotter than seeing my neighbor Casey wet herself.

    After passing the tollbooth we turned off at the first rest area. As we got closer we realized
    there were a lot of people around.

    "April, if it's Ok with you I'm just gonna park off in the distance and we'll have to change here
    in the car. I really don't feel like walking in there with soaked jeans, do you?"

    "Yeah, that's totally fine with me."

    I passed all the parking spaces and headed to the farthest corner of the parking lot, maybe
    fifty yards from the nearest car. After I parked April reached into the backseat for her bag to
    grab a dry pair of jeans and panties. As she was reached back I had my head about a foot
    from her soaked ass. I could smell the pee from her jeans. She had such a gorgeous ass. I
    began getting a wicked hard on instantly. She sat back down in her seat after grabbing her
    jeans and panties. Immediately she took off her jeans and I was now caught in a stare with
    her soaked black cotton jockey briefs. She caught me as I was staring, "Come on Mikey, I'm
    not the only one getting naked here."
    "Right! I'm right behind you!" I reached in the back for my bag and got a fresh pair of jeans
    and briefs as well. I could hear her as she was changing panties. I had to hurry; I was
    missing all the action. I turned back around with my clothes as I saw her pull up her jeans
    over a light blue thong. Oh it looked so good!!

    I had a problem though. I was now totally turned on and I couldn't shake my huge hard on.
    I'm sure April could notice the bulge I was sporting. "Well...come on Mikey.... time for you to
    change...let's go," she said with a huge smile.

    "Right..." I said with hesitation. I had no choice; I only hoped somehow she wouldn't stare. I
    wasn't that lucky. I unzipped my jeans and took them down to my knees. I was screwed
    when I saw my soaked briefs clinging to every inch of my hard on. Christ, I was almost
    popping out of the top of my underwear. I quickly covered my cock with both hands...

    " you kinda excited?"

    "Sorry babe...I don't know why...but..."

    "Mikey, it's okay... just let me help you out."

    With that she reached her hand over and held my hand that was covering my cock. She slid
    over the console and sat right next to me. She began massaging my thigh and blowing in
    my ear. I turned my head towards her as she stuck her tongue down my throat. As we were
    kissing she began to massage my hard on gently over my wet briefs. She withdrew her kiss
    and went to my cock. She took down my briefs and began jerking my cock and hard.... It
    didn't take but a minute before I shot hot cum all over the steering wheel and dash. We
    kissed again for another minute...

    I proceeded to get changed after that. We got back on the road after our short delay....

    We didn't make it all the way home without another couple of stops...but that is between the
    two of us!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is part - a history of my life when I was a kid and part a confession of one of the most stupid things I've ever done.

    I felt like such an idiot - and still do. I only get by now by pretending it never happened and hoping like crazy that the other person who was the witness of my stupidity does the same soon.

    But first - a look at my past...

    I was the child of two mentally ill parents. At one point - I was placed in an orphanage. Despite the fact that my home was about as dysfunctional as one can possibly be - the orphanage scared me. It was horribly lonely - despite the other girls who were there. They didn't let me get my own clothes but insisted that I wear what they had in this huge storeroom. The first night I was there, I remember staying up all night, clutching a threadbare rabbit to my chest and crying. When my mother finally showed up - I allowed her to lie to take me back home. She physically abused me and it got much worse when I was taken back - but it was the evil that I knew as opposed to the uncertain and sterile environment of the orphanage.

    I've been tested extensively and the only thing that the doctors have figured out is that I have a tendency to get depressed. Given the circumstances though - that's considered normal.

    So I was "blessed" with sanity in an insane environment. Sometimes I think it would have helped if I were mad. I felt so little connection to my parents - they treated me so terribly. But I never gave up trying to win their affection. When I was really young, I always thought that the way they treated me was because there was something wrong with me. I did something wrong and I had to make up for it somehow.

    When I was very young, the only positive thing in my life was my teachers. I have to say honestly that I don't think I would be alive today without them. Currently, I supposedly suffer from moderate depression. Back then, I didn't feel like I had a reason to live. No one seemed to want me and I seemed to be in everyone's way. Before any of my teachers really took notice of me, I had tried to kill myself three times. The attempts became more serious each time. I seriously doubt I'd be alive if I didn't find some kind of positive inspiration to live.

    My teachers knew nothing of my depression, my suicide attempts or even my home life. (though some of them suspected that something was wrong...)

    The gift they gave me was to simply believe in me and convince me that I had something to offer the world.

    The first teacher who did this for me was Mrs. Payne. I think I can fairly credit her with saving my life - quite seriously.

    There were other teachers who took me under their wing. They became my fathers and mothers. Granted - some were more like my weird uncle or strange aunt - but nevertheless they were the ones who provided the strength, encouragement, inspiration and courage in my life. I looked up to them and modeled my behavior after them. In some cases I was guilty of hero-worshiping them. They were my heroes - in a literal sense - more so than any cartoon image of an icon in a cape. This was never taken in a bad way and it was never a negative thing for me (or them as far as I know). The teachers who were there for me genuinely seemed to care about me and often invited me to visit them later on and let them know how I was doing. They were quite literally all I had. I loved them as if they were my family and I guess they really were - more so than my parents at any rate.

    Fast-forward ten years...

    My parents are still both alive. My mother is severely paranoid schizophrenic. My father is bipolar with paranoid tendencies and a terrible obsessive/compulsive disorder. Despite any other successes I've had in my life, I never gave up trying to win their approval. That probably proves that there is some kind of part of me that isn't well adjusted still. They both have the mentality and emotional maturity of a twelve year old. My mother won't talk to me at all. The only communication I have with her is when she pesters me twice a year to send her a present. That's the full extent of my relationship with her despite my best efforts!

    I tried hard with my dad. I made excuses for his illness - claiming that it was nervousness or too much caffeine - anything... He seemed more on the planet than my mom for a while - but I was terribly wrong. He had me visit him in the middle of midterms last semester. It was against my better judgment. Dad was acting manic and he was over the edge - even threatening me. But it seemed that he really wanted me to be there and so I drove the two hours to see him. The visit was emotionally exhausting. My dad has a tendency to talk very fast non-stop and order me around quite a bit. He was acting more erratic than ever. Yet by the end of the visit - I was convinced that he had a good time (despite the fact that I didn't). He even wrote other relatives and told them that he had a great time. This was a typical pattern for him - so I knew what to expect. He gave me gifts. I really didn't want any of them - but he insisted and I thought it would make him happier if I just accepted them graciously and thanked him.

    A week later - he wrote me the worse piece of hate mail I ever received in my whole life. It had an entirely different version of events than what I remembered them. It even contradicted e-mails we had exchanged earlier. Every line of it seemed to be his way of convincing himself that I owed him an awesome apology in order for him not to disown me. When I was younger and he did similar things - I would just apologize and be done with it. But this letter was so mean and hurtful and so uncalled for - that I couldn't do it. I talked with my counselor about it and it was decided that it was best if I not speak to my father for a certain period of time 'till he got better.

    I couldn't think straight for the rest of that week and did terribly on my exams.

    He never got better.

    I don't think he ever will.

    Christmas was dismal. I didn't dare go visit my Grandmother because I was afraid of running into my father. I felt very much as I did when I was eleven years old and was in that orphanage. I felt once again, lost and alone without a real family.

    It's true that I am now engaged and that I do have friends - but even a fiancée and people I talk to can't replace my parents.

    So I did something very childish. I started to hero-worship my Physics teacher.

    I wouldn't have done it if my father hadn't so recently rejected me in the way that he had. He really did break my heart. I needed so desperately to feel like there was someone to take my father's place....someone who was better than my father...

    He was everything my father was not and everything that I hoped to become. He was what I wished my father was. He was compassionate, kind, patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and funny. I looked up to him so much that it was starting to become a problem for me. I got nervous around him because I felt like I wasn't good enough to be his student.

    I feared him discovering this childish thing. I mean - I'm far far too old for this sort of thing and I knew it. If I was to tell him out-right - it would be like my telling him that I believed in the Easter Bunny or that I slept with a teddy bear. I was afraid that he would loose respect for me. But of course this only made me more nervous.

    But I can live in my own little world and the desire to tell him how much I thought of him overcame my common sense. I tried to send him things anonymously to let him know he was appreciated. I worked somewhere that was giving out flowers and I sent him anonymous flowers. To make matters worse, I followed that with an anonymous letter from an e-mail account I set up with a fictitious name in yahoo.

    Well, I wrote in a way that was far too flowery and elaborate and I think he got the wrong idea entirely. He wrote me back a lengthy reply talking about proper teacher/student relationships and propriety. I was very confused when he started to talk about the law and stating that the law required that teachers and students keep a distance between each other. I asked my fiancée if there was a law against a student wanting to talk to a professor as a human being or even if a student hero-worshiped a professor. Of course there isn't one. It took a while for me to realize that the good professor thought that I was propositioning him!!

    It was by far my most embarrassing moment. Here's a professor that I look up to and admire and respect and he is thinking that I'm so immoral that I would hit on a married man and my professor to boot. It wasn't what I was trying to do. But I don't think he'll ever believe me.

    It seemed like the more I tried to explain, the worse it sounded. I finally abandoned the whole thing and closed down the account.

    When I woke up the next day, I decided that writing him that letter of admiration was the eighth most stupid thing I've done in my life. When I was child and I looked up to a professor, my intentions were never misunderstood. I was so very stupid not to realize that that couldn't be the case now. It wouldn’t be taken innocently now by default as it was when I was a child. If I have to have a hero now, I'll have to make sure that that person is safely in their grave. If I worship Albert Einstein, he really won't mind - now will he?

    Lab was awkward. When I walked up to the professor, I realized that he knew who I was despite my efforts to keep it anonymous. (he must have recognized my writing style or perhaps I gave it away in some other way) He gave me the worse look I've ever seen him give me. All the natural trust and willingness to help me was gone. It really startled me into stuttering silence. He gave me this look that bordered on disgust. His entire body language seemed to say, "I'm warning you." I felt so wretched. I wish I could explain - but I didn't dare.

    So the only option I had was to press on and ask the very legitimate question that I had. I can only hope that he eventually realizes that I'm not a threat and stops treating me as if I'm carrying the plague.

    The odd thing though, is that I could think more clearly. When someone you think well of thinks the worse of you - there's really nothing else you have to worry about. I just tried to be a good student and bent my attention to the course work. I was determined to act as if the whole thing never happened and hope that he forgot about it too.

    I guess it's taught me a valuable lesson though - and one I'm not likely to forget. I can't afford to hero worship anymore. It only makes me depend too much on what others think and it effects how well I'm able to do my work. Also - it makes others uncomfortable. Despite the fact that I meant everything innocently and only with the greatest respect - I can understand entirely why it was misunderstood.

    No one can take the place of my father. I wish someone like the good professor cared about me as if I was his daughter - but I have a good home and a fiancée who loves me. I have people who care about me. It's good enough to go on.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day before school,I decided to eat a full breakfast.I usually didnt eat breakfast,it made my cramps even worse.but I was hungry.I got up an hour earlier to cook.I had a big glass of cool orange juice,a steaming cheese and pepper omelet and several hot brown sausages.I felt great as I jogged to high school in my hot pink tube,and cute ass pedal pushers.
    during first period ,I noticed some suvier cramps.The kind that make you haunch over,and hold your stomach.I forgot to use the toilet that morning because I was cooking,so it was obvious what I had to stomach cramps were so horrible by 4th period,I thought I would stomach got tight and achey and my butt was sore.It was impossible to sit through spanish,without tilting,shaking and bending.lunch was the next period,so maybe I would get the nerve to use the toilet.
    when the bell rang,I ran to the second floor girls bathroom,almost forgetting,that was where Matilae and her senior clique hang out during 5th period.When I was situated in a stall I heard them coming in,talking,gossiping.I was already sitting on the seat,when I got the worst cramp.I was sure they could hear my stomach rumbling because they stopped talking.they knew I was there.I was so scared and embarrassed.maybe I could wait them out.all of a sudden,I got the was the loudest thing ever.they snickered.I was was even worse when I had to leave for 6th period when the bell rang.they all saw who every one knows that I got the runs .

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In the second grade I had an "accident" when I waited too long to ask to go to the bathroom. I wet my pants, and the girl next to me saw they were wet, and told the teacher. I was real embarassed, and the teacher then told me that I had to go to the nurse for some dry clothes, and the class started snickering. The nurse wasn't too sympathetic either, and told me that I should know better than to pee all over myself like a baby, and do I need a diaper? I started to cry, then she was OK and got me some dry clothes. I made sure never to wet myself again.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at sleepaway camp when this happened.
    I was backstage,because it was the night of our big camp talent show.Me and 3 other friends were going to do a dance/gymnastics routine.I had to pee unbearably because I never got a chance to pee in the cabin.Our act was 2 away and I couldnt stand up straight.I was pretty sure I was wearing a pad,so I gave a few short jets of pee,into my panties.That only made my need to pee worse,because now I knew how wonderful it felt.Our act was next,and I was in a corner,jamming my hand into my panties,trying to hold my pussy lips closed.It got even harder,because they began to get wet from pee,making the pussy lips slip out of my fingers.It was our turn,and I was just hardly able to walk.we got on stage and I stood haunched over,then the girls gave me a signal.I had to do a cartwheel over them,they were in bridges on the floor of the stage.I took a deep breath and started the cartwheel.when I was in mid air I had to spread my legs.I managed to hold it in until I hit the floor,my legs still spread.It started with a few short hard splurts,but I couldnt stop.The splurts of pee got longer and harder,until my pussy gave up completely and golden pee came gushing out of the crotch of my uniform white capris,on to the floor.Flowing and splattering like a huge waterfall,on all of the disgusted kids in the front few rows.I was so embarrassed and had to sit in those smelly wet pants for the rest of the night,the girls in my cabin hated me because I made them lose,the whole camp hated me because I was the "pee"girl,and to make it all worse,I had to mop the stage afterwards.ICK

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Lately I've been staying up late and so I have two cups of coffee every morning and then go for my daily pee around 10:00 when I have a free period. Sometimes I have trouble waiting that long, but I can't leave a class to use the bathroom and so that's my only option.

    Last Wednesday happened to be one of those days which I wasn't having the easiest of times waiting. By 9:30 I was almost bursting and still had half an hour to go! I crossed my legs tightly and stuck my hand in my crotch, fairly certain I could hold on.

    After what felt like an eternity the bell finally rang. I leaped up and ran to the bathroom. I turned the knob and the door was locked! A tiny spurt of pee shot out into my panties just out of the shock of the locked door. Fortunately it didn't go through my pants so no one would notice. I looked up at the door and noticed a sign on the door said:


    Port-a -potties are on their way to the school and should arrive by 1:00 this afternoon."

    I flipped out!! How was I going to wait another 3 hours? I almost began to cry. I didn't know what to do. 1:00 was also a problem time for me since I had a class then, which didn't get out until 1:45. I said to myself, "Ok. You can do this. Just concentrate!" The rest of that period was torture! I sat in the back of the lunchroom with my legs tightly crossed and my hand jammed in my crotch.

    When the bell finally rang I hobbled over to my math class. I sat with my legs crossed as tightly as possible for the entire period. I noticed a few of the other girls also had their legs crossed perhaps also in desperate need of a bathroom. When the bell rang I could hardly get up. I finally managed to stand up straight, well slightly bent over anyway.

    The following period I had gym. In the girls' locker room when everyone was changing I noticed I wasn't the only girl there with a small wet spot on her panties. One girl, went over to the sink, pulled down her panties, and peed to her content.

    At that moment some of the other girls cringed at seeing someone else's relief. The splatter of her pee on the sink and her sighs of relief weren't doing me much good either. In fact, another spurt came out just then. I jammed my hand into my crotch HARD. Fortunately that stopped the flow.

    Gym was going to be especially tough because I had to wear my leotard, which not only means I have to take off my panties (and thus have no protection in case of an accidental spurt), but my leotard was a bit small on me and squeezed my bladder fairly hard. Putting it on reminded me of that embarrassing day I had at the track meet, something that I didn't want a repeat of.

    I'm in the gymnastics gym class and every time I landed from a flip or cartwheel or something I cringed and jammed my hand in my crotch. Between the pain of the leotard pressing on my bladder and the movement of doing flips I almost lost control. A spurt of pee shot out, but no one noticed and since my leotard is black no one noticed the wet spot.

    There was a new student, Julie, who landed after doing a flip and suddenly lost it. A huge dark spot appeared on her white leotard and she ran out of the gym crying with her hand jammed in her crotch and leaving a trail of pee behind her.

    Back in the locker room I happily removed my leotard and replaced my panties and pants. In case of an emergency I took and bunch of tissues and jammed them in my panties so if a few more accidental spurts came out nothing would show. The feeling of my wet panties against my desperate pussy really made things more difficult, but I managed to get to my next class without any further accidents.

    I walked in to social studies not knowing how I was supposed to make it through this class and then one more. I was bent so far over as I walked into the room I could hardly see where I was going. I hobbled over to my desk and sat down. I was constantly shifting position and crossing my legs back and forth. Ten minutes into the period a spurt came out and wet some of the tissues I had jammed in my panties. The wetness made my desire to pee completely irresistible. I intentionally let out a small flow of pee, trying to just soak the tissues, but stopping was harder than I had expected. I crossed my legs quickly and HARD and the flow stopped just a bit late. I had left a small puddle in my seat, but there was no visible wet spot on my pants since the area where I had peed through wasn't really visible.

    My soaking panties and the soaking tissues were giving me a hard time, but I still had an hour to go. I jammed my hand back in my crotch desperately awaiting the bell. It finally rang and I got up to go to my next class. I noticed that a couple of guys had noticed the puddle I had left on the seat, but at the point I didn't care anymore. I noticed in between classes that some girls had completely soaked pants and I was just glad I wasn't one of them!

    I walked into my next class feeling a little better, first because I had relieved myself to an extent, and also knowing it was going to be my last class before I could pee. Things got harder as the period progressed however. I was really desperate about halfway through the period and thought I was going to burst. I actually jammed my hand into my panties and squeezed my pussy as hard as possible.

    I had to make it through one more period. I knew I could do it. My bladder was bulging as I was usually up to my third pee of the day by that time. I knew I had to hold out just a bit longer so I would avoid the embarrassment I experienced at the track meet. I now had my hand in between the lips of my pussy and my legs tightly crossed. After much distress the bell finally rang. It was now 1:45 and I was finally going to be able to relieve my aching bladder.

    I dashed out of the room not really knowing where I was going. I saw a teacher and asked her where the port-a-potties were and she said, "Oh I don't think they've arrived yet." I was in shock. I didn't know what I was going to do. I asked a few more people and they also said they hadn't come yet. I ran all over desperately looking for a place to pee. The college campus was nowhere near a store and I knew I didn't have time for the long walk it took to get off the grounds. After 20 minutes of excruciating pain I saw a truck drive by that said "PoRt-A-pOTtIeS" on it. It was like the sight of gold, or of water in the desert.

    Then I had to find out where they were putting them. After speaking with a few people I found out that they were out behind the school. I rushed out there and noticed there were only three and one said "TEACHERS ONLY-NO EXCEPTIONS!!!" It also had a big padlock on it, I suppose the teachers were to be given keys. The line for the other two was already about 60 people long. How were two supposed to be enough for over 2,000 students? I asked a teacher desperately if I could use the faculty one and she said, "Sure, if you can figure out how to get in, we don't have a key."

    I said, "But this is an EMERGENCY!! Please?" She told me not to worry: that three more port-a-potties would arrive within a couple of hours, and as soon as she could get a key she would let me in, but right now she was off to teach a class and couldn't go stand in line in the administration office to get her key. I looked at her and almost began to cry. I got on line and wondered how I was going to manage to wait for 60 people to go before me. I looked at my watch and noticed that I had a class that started in 5 minutes. I decided to wait for the bathroom instead of going to class. Although I didn't know how I was going to possibly wait for all the people in front of me to go first. The line was hardly moving. I waited and waited, as more people lined up behind me. I had my legs crossed as tight as possible with my hand jammed in my crotch and my knees bent so I was squatting down. I felt almost more desperate than the day at the track meet. I was squeezing with all my might, but I just couldn't take it any longer. Pee suddenly started gushing out in all directions and everyone was staring at me. After about a minute I was finally able to stop the flow; the problem was I was soaked and still really had to pee. The young women waiting behind me looked at me in disgust and pushed by me.

    "NOoooooo" I said. "I have to go again!!!" They pushed me away and said, "You've had your pee, just finish in your panties, what's the difference? You are all wet anyhow. It isn't going to make a bit of difference now. We really have to go and we haven't wet our panties at all!" I went over to the side of the line, behind the one lone skinny tree, humiliated, and let out some more pee. No other bushes were around, nowhere to hide. I let out some more and then noticed people staring from the other direction. I hobbled into my classroom with everyone staring because I was 20 minutes late and absolutely soaked!

    The pain was now worse than ever since I was all wet and it just made me more desperate. Once again I found myself bent over in the double in my seat. My teacher came over and said: "Are you all right?" I moaned and forced myself up, but I couldn't handle it. Once again pee shot out in all directions uncontrollably. I ran out of the room crying leaving a trail behind me. It was so much worse than the track meet!!!

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