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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had problems so my shrink put me on Lithium. Man, that stuff makes you fart one after the other all day long. I worked full time and took college courses at night. I used to sit next to this large slovenly looking girl who always had bags of snacks from the vending machine. If the farts came from our direction, I figured everyone would blame her, being that I am all cute and petite and she just looked like the type that would fart around anybody, anywhere, and not care. I don't know how she could continue to eat with all that stink I made. I used to wave my hand in front of my nose and give HER dirty looks as if she should go to the bathroom and blast that stuff out. Fortunately, I have good sphincter control and mastered the art of the "silent but deadly" I kinda felt sorry for my classmates, because the teacher kept the windows shut as long as he could, until everyone complained that the stench was unbearable.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The other day, while shopping at the mall, I needed to use the Ladies Room. After walking a little bit, I finally found one. When I went in, the Ladies Room was full of ladies waiting in line to pee. While waiting to get into a stall, another lady came in the restroom with her little boy. Another lady that was waiting, went over to the tampon machine and put a quarter into the coin slot, turned the handle, and received a tampon. She, then went into a stall, that became empty. My turn was next, and finally a stall became empty, so in I went. While in the stall, everybody heard the little boy ask his mother, "May I have a quarter for that 'Candy Machine'." Everyone in the Ladies Room started laughing. When I came out of my stall, that lady and the little boy were next in line. They both went into the stall that I just used. I could tell that lady was embarrassed. However, little kids say the funniest things, usually at the wrong time and place.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In gym we HAVE to... and HAVe to take a shower. Most of the girls wet their hair... like me and act like they took one till they get home. I am really flat chested and well, my bottom half isnt pretty either. To me. Well, one day I thought I smelled relaly bad and snuck into the locker room to take a realy shower 10 minutes before the bell so no one would be in there. So I was naked and showering when the tornado drill went off and boys and girls ran screaming into our locker room into the shower where you are supposed to go when there is one. So I was standing there naked while evry on piled in . A few snickered. A few were grosse out and a few were saying wow. I had so many comments.. trying to cover myself up. I was very cold. Very naked. And very embarrassed. I havnt lived it down.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My brother had his hott friend with him at our house one day and my borhter always likes to embarrasss me. One day my friend told him I like his friend and he teased me forever. One day when he came over we were totally flirting and My brother said he had to go to the bathroom. I thought wow. What a nice guy! Leaving me alone wiht my crush!! Well, He came out about 2 minutes and said " hey Josh? You better think twice about dating my sister shes fake. She s14 wihtout a period yet!!" I justlooked at him in shock like how could he. But Josh just laughed and kept talking when my brother did the worst thing in the world!" JOSH! Listen to me! Or look!" He held up one of my padded bras and my pink barbie underwear I got as a joke.

    " Josh? Do you want this as a girlfriend? A fake?? And a Brabie hoe?? I ran out of the room and Josh goes YUCK No way! She wear padds?"

    " The worst thing is Josh stayed for dinner!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    She was my best friend! We were at the lake and these guys were totally flirting with me.
    She must have been jealous. I was standing onone of them buwe things and she came up the ladder. I was like hey arnt those guy hott? She goes sure they are. SO I turned to wave at Dave who I liked the most cause he was saying Hey. . Right when I turned to face him she untied my bikini string and my swimsuit fell into the water. He started laughing as I tried to cover my self up.
    I went to get the bikini top and she pushed me into the water and then she grabbed the bikini and swam off. I was stuck half naked, cold, and embarrassed in front ov everyone. I still haad to go to shore and get the top from her. I am still not talking to her.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    one time in 8th grade we were doing pull ups and earleir on that day i got into a fight with my friend. so while i was doing pull ups he pantsed me and my boxers came down to and they fell to the floor. i was so embarrassed so i jumped down but tripped over my pants !

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was really sedperate to find a stall so I could pee. The mens was taking at our all guy camp I went too. So I went in the girls. ... for privacy. All stalls were open. I took the end one so that noone could hear me as much. ( I dont know if it helped but it did to me ) WHen I opened the door one of our counslers had her leg on the toilet and I got a clear veiw offffff...... ummm. yea that. Well, she was chagning a tampona nd I just stared at her in amazement! SHe yelled get out and i did. I told all the guys I saw her puss. THey all call me the daredevil. But It was embarrassing for bothe me and her!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey Gang,

    Just wanted to share a juicy payback for my most
    embarrassing moment last summer .The full details are
    under the title "skinny waterskiing" dated 10/13/2001 below.

    Heres a quick snapshot of what happened to me.
    I and my girlfriend, Tina, met this really drop-dead gorgeous guy on the beach and he asked us to go waterskiing on his boat.
    We did and i wore a hot pink bikini and my girlfriend wore a one piece tank suit. She got pissed and decided to embarrass me by asking me to tandium ski with her (both of us skiing behind the boat at the same time.) Then while we were skiing ..she skis behind me , unties my top and yanks it off and as she fell into the water , yanks my bottom off too
    I died of embarrassment and they both got pix of me topless and in a tee showing my bare butt (_)(_)

    Well here is the update.
    He was really a nice guy and after talking to me for a bit got me to realize it was kinda funny tho a bit cruel and i have a great bod and to let it go. He even worked it out to get the pix and negs back to me. and celebrating our 6 mos anniversary and its true love.

    Well , it still bugged me that Tina got away scott free and with a help from my true girlfriends ...we finally got revenge..and it is soooooo sweet.

    My girlfriends invited Tina and a date to a party , dancing, drinking, and some games. Tina's date, tho she didnt know it , was my boyfriend's cuzin. Well after drinking and dancing for a while , they announced they were going to play some games. Tina was feeling no pain.

    The first game was for the girls and their date to retreat to pitch black room and in 10 minutes to exchange and put on each other's clothing. If they couldn't make it in 10 mins, we all would come in. Guess who was picked to go first...Tina and her date. Tina goes in the room with my boyfriends cuz, not able to see him . She strips to her birthday suit and asks him for his clothing and hands him her clothing. He sneaks out another door with her clothing and locks it behind him. She is stuck in the room with nothing on but her smile.We all yell---"Times up", burst into the room , turn on the lights.. snap pix of her trying desparately to cover up. I yell..."GOTCHA". We proceed to spray her head to toe with pink , blue and green silly string. It was great. She was hysterically laughing afterwards and we made up.
    A saturday later, she snuck in my apartment and as we came out of the shower, she and her boyfriend , my boyfriends cuz, covered us with silly string. Hey fair is fair.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    friends over. i had to take a shower., I had y boyfriend and a friend over to watch moveis. i like to look at my vagina dn stuff on the mirror so i climbed up and was touching my self and all of a sudden my bf walks ain and is like Hol? what are you doing/? I wals so embarrassed . he caought me with my legs spread.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was babysitting for 3 little boys one day and the child had 2 friends over. So i was getting paid extra. Problem! I had my period and with 3 kids I didnt have much time to change. So one time I ran in the bathroom ( these kids are about 6 or 7 ) I rean into the bathroom and began puttin in a new tampon when all of the sudden The three boys ran in and saw me. Legs in the air with them getting front row seats to a vagina show!! I go ummmm leave. When they just stood there and asked questions. The oldest kept saying ewwwwwwwwww and finally they left. I finished and thought they would tell. WWhen there parentscame hom the little boy said MOMMY! MOMMY!! DO you ahve what Erica has?
    What hun?
    A bagina?
    I could have died right there.
    Yes hun but you wil have to learn about that later.
    But mommmy I already saw one!! I got in the car with the dad and he goes what was that about?
    the boys walked in on me.
    Oh. THe dad could picture eveythihg and was more uncomfortable then I was. I never babysat for a while.

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