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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day at school In was really sleepy cuz i had a awesome party the night before complete with mega stereo system drinks and everything and I danced the night away if ya know what i mean and the next day at school

    We had a test and my crush asked me If he could barrow a pencil.

    I said sure and reached into my backpack and pulled one out and handed it to him.

    To my very luck, he blushed and said "Um I think this is something of yours" I looked at it and was mortified when I found out I had given him my old bloody tampon from the night before!!!

    At lunch I walked by and I heard him and his friends pointing and snickering at me!

    Another thing like that also happened to me once. I was cramming for a test al least thats what my parents thought and I was really at a sllepover with guys andgirls! and The next morning I was late for school so i just stuffed

    All my stuff in my backpack. When I came to school the next day I noticed everyone laughing and pointing

    ----I had my paddded bra snagged on the keychain of my backpack for all to see! I was so embarassed I bolted from the classroom only to late to hear my crush say

    " I knew she was full of it"! TOTAL HUMILITY!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once I was in school when I was younger, I had to pee really bad. I was in 8th grade and the class smartie. I always had "A" Honor roll and never did anything wrong. WE were working on a science project in the gymnasium.

    I was almost finished way ahead of all the other kids. So I offered to help a kid who needed a volunteer for his project.
    First he had me drink coke and take a test. then i had to eat a cracker and take a sip of water.

    Then I drank pepsi and took another section of the test.

    I drank 7 different liquids. Ms. Tomas tells us we have 1 hour left to work on our project. So another boy asks me for help. so me being so close to being done offers to help.

    "Uh... Annabelle since your so smart and perfect and stuff yo might mess up my project.. but I'll try anyway." Andy Yelner says/
    He tells me to say the first word that comes to my head when he shows me pictures.
    I don't remember all the pictures he showed me but i remember what I said.
    "maki ng"
    "potty&qu ot;
    No not really. but thats what I was thinking.
    1/2 an hour left.
    I thought I could make it. After all I was perfect right?

    I sat working on my project, my bladder fuller than it ever had been before.I was jittery sitting on the edge of my chair.
    when the teacher told us it was time to leave I could barely move. Sure i was jittering and dancing, but I mean how much could an eighth grader hold?

    I was about to find out. I slowly packed up my science project. I thought momentarily about letting the urine flow in my pants but then thought about my status as and A student.

    Jitter ing uncontroloby, I tried to run to the restroom 4 stories above without my teacher seeing me. but she caught me.
    Annabelle, she said "I am ashamed"
    I told her embarrassed,
    "I need to use a restroom very badly"
    "Annabelle you'll have to wait until the end of school. It is only 2 more hours. You are a very bright girl"
    I mumbled to my self, So what if I'm smart? it doesn't mean i can control myself from pissin my pants.

    My bladder was contracting 500 times a minute.
    I knew I was going to pee my pants and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
    I was in the young child stance. Knees locked together and hand cupped. I shifted my wieght and hovered to the ground.

    We walked out side. I stayed. Hidden behind a tree in the snowy weather I struggled to get off my pants. But I couldn't. I strained my muscles and tried to squeeze back the urine that was forcing push out from inside me.

    I gave my self a purposely wedgie also going up my lips to hold back. It helped me run to my math class. I sat down and quietly hoped and prayed that i could hold it back for just 20 minutes. my prayers were not answered. I was called up to do a problem on the blackboard. I asked if I could please use a restroom. He allowed me to... after I finished a problem. I was under stress which made it worse. here was the problem:
    7+9to the 9th power(2*92)sqared/16=?
    I worked for maybe 3 minutes. I could absoulutley not hold it anymore. I begged for him to let me. I was not allowed and was forced to let my pants be soaked. It spread all over my pants and made a pool on the floor. I was crying and was still forced to do the problem. I n my last class I was still having trouble concentrating because everyone seemed to be staring at me. all of a sudden diareah comes squirting out of my shorts. I cry and run out of the school all the way home. I was suspended for 3 days and lost my title as "a smart kid" and became "a whiz kid"

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a cheerleader for basket ball. Well... at one game, i decided to throw some popcorn at one of my team members. well instead it accidently hit my coach and she made me go down in front of EVERYONE and clean it up. So i said i wasnt going to. One of my team members got a broom and handed it to me and then the janitor came and said that he can do it. My coach then said, "no she can do it! She did it!" I was so embarrassed and to this day I laugh about it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was home alone and i just got through taking a shower. Well while i was in the shower my girlfriend came in my house and went in my room. Since i was alone i just dried off and left the towel in the bathroom. Well, i walk in my room butt naked and theres my girlfriend sitting on my bed. KILL ME NOW!!!! But when i thought it was bad she said, "its ok, ill pay you back" and then she took off her clothes, yet i was still embarassed cause i was naked then she got naked, so naturally i was getting turned on. So before i "stood erect" i ran out of the room as fast as possible. She said she was embarassed by taking her clothes off, but since she saw me naked it was the least she could do.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Yeah all yer guys stories are true and i am the Queen of Persia

    I mean really yer gonna hafta make me believe all that junk!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girl friend and i met this really cute guy at the beach.
    He is drop-dead gorgeous

    He tells us he has a boat and asks us to go water-skiing.

    Well, we meet him to go waterskiing ... she is wearing a pretty basic swimsuit ..nice , flattering one piece and I have put on my hot pink tie bikini ...cut right in all the right places.

    She is pissed because she thinks i am trying to steal him from her.. hey alls fair in love and gorgeous hunks

    After us individually waterskiing for a while, she suggests... why don't we try tandem... both of us skiing ... and I say sure..

    Well , i should have seen it coming... we are waterskiing and of course i am really showing off ... 0she crosses behind me and yanks at the strings of my bikini top ...grabs it off me ... and lets herself fall into the lake ..

    There i am ....topless on the tether and bright red and dying of embarrassment

    He is in hysterics and whistling at me and even snaps a picture of me...i could have died... ... i try covering up and fall into the lake....

    He picks up my girl friend and she had conveniently "lost" my top when i fell and it gets worse...

    As I go to scramble into the boat,I have him turn around so i can put the teeshirt on he offered me

    My girlfriend is still facing me and is in hysterics ...tells him...quick turn around ..and she snaps another pix there
    I am wearing a tee-shirt on the side of the boat and my bare butt (!)(!) is on view for them to see bikini
    bottom was gone too

    i drop to the floor like a caught fish ..not knowing what to cover up first... and which way to lay down...dying of embarrassment....and them in hysterics..... i cudda died

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Here is an april fools joke that my husband played on me this year .

    Dan and I used were executives at the same company . After a year , they had moved the office so that it was about an hour and a half from our home.

    So each day we would take turns driving . One of us would drive and one of us would nap until we got close to the office. My hubby and i are really deep sleepers .

    Well , Dan arranged the schedule so he would drive on April 1st and I would nap. He also knew that he had an visit with one of the company's clients for a couple of days and he would be out of the office but he agreed to drive me in as promised then head to the client's office.

    Well, we had stayed up late the night before and that morning i was really tired and was glad for the nap, never giving any thought that it was April's Fool's day.

    Well Dan dropped me off at the office and then went on his way. As I came into my office section, all the girls in the secretary pool began to giggle as i passed them.

    Finally, reaching my office, my secretary broke into a giggle. I asked her what was so funny and she said let's go into the bathroom and and you will find your answer. So i went in, and looked at the mirror ...and gave out a shriek ... there in the mirror was my face and a little art work had been added by Dan. On my face was drawn a big black mustache and a little goatee.

    Dan later confessed that while he was driving and i was fast asleep, he had pulled into the rest stop , pulled out a washable marker he had hidden in his pocket . He then drew the mustache and goatee on my face and the brat never said a word. He also sent me a bouquet of flowers ..with a card saying "april fools ... funny face.

    But I wasn't mad , in fact, had my secretary take a picture just for posterity and wore his design most of the day...
    When i got him on the phone... i warned him..
    Don't even think about sleeping .... you will know when or where but i will get you and get you good i will... thats a promise you can count on.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a early morning delivery man and leave each morning around 4am . So as not to wake up my sweet wife , i usually lay out my clothes the night before , then dress in the dark. After work , I go to the gym and take with me my sweats and stuff , to change from my work clothes.

    Well, one night , I went as usual to the gym and as i started to change , all my friends started to laugh hysterically and whistle at me
    I asked them what was so funny and they said "go look in the mirror" ... I did and there i saw what they were laughing at ...

    Apparently my wife had pulled a "switch" on me after i went to bed ... for there i was ...wearing a pair of pink see-thru silk boxers ..instead of my usual Joe boxers.

    She confessed later that she had switched them to give me a laugh...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It happened this summer when my girlfriend,diana, was hosting a pool party for some of our friends.
    I was laying on a lounger , catching the rays half-asleep.
    I heard sounds around me but not really wanting to disturb my relaxed mood.

    Well i hear my girlfriend giggling and she is in a mischievous mood.
    I hear the kitchen screen door and soft steps next to me.
    and Diana is softly saying ... ARTY...ARTY... are you awake...and she is touching my hands and the top of my swimtrunks .. not sure if i am dreaming but got me tingling.

    I just layed there enjoying the sun on my face.

    Then giggles and weird sounds ... PSSSSSHT .... PSSSSSHT ...

    Some stupid bug is using my face as his landing zone ..on each cheek then my forehead...dern bug.. and i take my hands and brush my face AND
    i wake up startled .. my face feels all mushy and i jump up and everyone around me is laffing their heads off and had a great kodak moment

    There I am .... face covered with whipped cream, which was in my hands , and my swimsuit , was down by my ankles and I am neked as a jaybird ..
    Diana had filled my hands with whipped cream and opened the strings of my trunks and loosened them so they were just hanging on me .. then she had tickled my nose with a piece of grass ... I did the rest..... could have died...

    Diana is doubled over in laughter and my face is red as a beet ...trying deparately to cover myself up ..but spreading the whipped cream all over me ..
    An then genius that i am .. tried to chase her and get even and tripped with my butt sticking up. (|)(|)
    Very em-bare-ass-ing ...though i laffed evently too



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    Posted by Anonymous

    Oh, the horror. I was a dorky, awkward, chubby, hormonal 8th grader, who of course, was best friends with the school hottie that everyone adored. She was a 7th grader, naturally blonde, innocent, hilarious, good-natured, just too perfect.

    Well, I was a habitual masturbator, I'll admit it. I could barely contain my horniness as a preteen. I would please myself with whatever I could find-a plastic bag-covered lotion bottle, my finger, whatever. I came across one of my sister's pom poms one day, and noticed it had a dick-shaped, soft plastic handle. I stole it and tried it immediately. It became my favorite dildo.

    Well, I was masturbating in the bathroom when my mom yelled from upstairs that my perfect friend had stopped by to visit me. I was almost coming and didn't want to quit til I was finished, so I shimmied over to my nearby room and closed the door, leaning against it to finish the job. There I was, up against the door with this fluffy white pom pom between my legs, moaning with pleasure. I orgasmed, pulled the pom pom out, and tossed it behind the dresser, and pulled my pants up, thinking I would run upstairs to greet my friend. Suddenly, she jumped out from UNDER MY BED, yelling, "Surprise!!" My mom had let her come in before I could. I nearly died. Had she seen me??? I couldn't tell for sure, because she did not let on that she knew. I think she was just being nice, not letting me know that she had witnessed my horrible act. Maybe it scared her to death, too!! That was one of the most mortifying experiences of my life!! After that, I made sure to always look around the room before playing with myself.

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