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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Traffic during the Christmas holiday was always hell. Jen sighed, looking at herwatch, stuck in the middle left lane on the interstate as traffic crawled along. HerHonda Accord looked like an ant in the middle of an ant farm, insignificant whenviewed from above. Another three exits ahead and she'd be at the airport, shethought, running late as usual. The airlines had been saying to get to the airporttwo hours early because of all the increased security, and she wasn't going tomake that.

    "Oh well, they probably are making it out worse than it really is," Jen spoke outloud, to nobody in particular. Traffic stopped again. Jen turned down the heat inthe car. It was a decent day for once and not as cold as usual. The dry car heatmade her thirsty, so she finished up the last of her liter of bottled water.Along with the traffic jam and the impending flight, Jen really needed to use thebathroom; she had rushed out of the house without thinking, her bladder alreadyfilling from the water she drank during her aerobics class earlier that morning.

    "Come on, Come on people, lets go," Jen sighed out loud to herself, feeling herbladder tense up as it swelled further. First order of business, she thought, was toget to a ladies room when she got in the terminal building, as she was starting tofeel uncomfortable sitting there with her bladder filling by the minute. She shiftedher position in the seat to try and decrease some of the discomfort and silentlywondered how long it had been since she used the bathroom.

    " Oh my God, I haven't been since before class, and that was two hours ago," Jensilently pondered, mindlessly starting on another bottle of water without thinking ofthe situation. Traffic started to move again, and her mood improved. Two moreexits to go, park the car, get to the terminal, and find a restroom... and quickly.She clenched her knees together slightly at a pang of pressure as her bladder'sdiscomfort grew more. With one hand on the steering wheel she used her freehand and lightly smoothed out the fabric of her light gray business slacks alongher thigh. She almost had the desire to grasp her crotch with her free hand buttried to keep her mind off her impending desperation to find a bathroom. Onemore exit to go. Traffic was crawling, but still moving.

    "Ok, almost there, almost there. I gotta pee, I gotta pee!" Jen said out loud,feeling all the sillier talking to herself. Her bladder was demanding relief now,swollen with the near half gallon of water she had drank between aerobics classand now. She got off the exit only to find a jam of cars heading onto the off ramp.She clenched her legs together, trying not to think about the increasingly painfulpressure of her abdomen. She had to really go, and was consciously aware nowof how bad she had to use the bathroom.

    "God, please don't make me wet my pants right here, please God, please," Jenmumbled to no one in particular. Finally she arrived at the long-term parking lot.Driving around the lot trying to find an empty space on the holiday weekend wasan ordeal. Every minute that went by just increased the fullness Jen was feeling.Finally she found a spot in a far corner. She locked up, and immediately uponstanding up out of the car felt the immense fullness of her swollen bladder.Standing up was much worse. Jen had to go pee, very badly and right away.Putting her jacket on, she opened the trunk, got her bag out, and headed to thebus stop to catch the shuttle to the airport. The cooler wind didn't help. Jen pacedback and forth in the bus shelter, fully realizing how badly she needed to relieveherself. How she wished there was a bathroom out here, she thought, but thenrealized how silly that would be. Just a few more minutes, and she'd be inside theterminal, head to the bathroom and could finally release the torment of pee thathad been building up the past few hours, she thought.

    The bus slowly appeared in sight, and finally made its rounds to the bus stopwhere Jen anxiously waited. She boarded the crowded bus, took a seat in theback, and subconsciously pressed her thighs together in an effort to relieve thepressure. She patted down the smooth thin fabric of her light gray silvery coloredslacks, fitting somewhat tightly against her body. She unbuttoned her jacket,showing her lime green blouse and her moderate boobs off a bit as the cold airoutside stimulated her nipples. Jen felt trapped, sitting there in the back of the buswith a throbbing bladder, desperate to get to a bathroom. When the bus went overthe speed bumps on the road leading to the terminal building, the shock causedher to gasp suddenly as her bladder shrieked in revolt, almost losing control.Clenching her muscles, she looked out the window as the bus moved inseemingly slow motion to the terminal building. She had to pee so badly; shecould hardly concentrate on anything but her desperation.

    &qu ot;Terminal 1. USAir, Southwest, United", the bus driver yelled. Jen stood up, againfeeling the massive increase in her bladder pressure when she stood, againaware of how acutely desperate she was to pee, and quickly walked off the buswith her bag while heading rapidly into the terminal building with the aim ofimmediately finding a bathroom before she wet her pants.

    "Bathroom. Bathroom. Bathroom," Jen thought silently to herself, totally desperatenow. 30 years old and acting like a desperate 13 year old, Jen scanned theterminal area and in shock noticed the long line for the security checkpoint. Shelooked at her watch and knew she'd barely make her flight, but also knew that shewas on the verge of having a huge accident in her pants at any minute and HADto find a bathroom, NOW. Heading towards the end of the security line, Jen didnot see any restrooms.

    "Where the hell are the bathrooms?" she spoke under her breath, struggling withthe burning sensation in her abdomen as the walking and standing made herbladders struggle worse. She approached the security guard near the end of thelong line through security.

    "H i, excuse me, can you tell me where the restrooms are please?" Jen pleadedwith the officer.

    "I' m sorry madam, due to the security restrictions; the ones in the waiting areaare closed. You can find the men's and woman's restrooms once you passsecurity in the gate area."

    Jen looked in disbelief at the officer. "You mean there's nothing up here?" Thepitch of her voice was rising as her bladder's desperation increased.

    "No madam, even the ones in baggage are closed. Don't worry; the line looksworse than it is. It's only about a 45 minute wait through the checkpoint", theofficer replied, not really noticing Jens look of panic on her face.

    "Oh my God, 45 minutes", Jen thought in panic, not sure she could hold out thatlong. But she didn't seem to have any options, so she took her place in line, puther bag down, and paced nervously trying not to think of her totally swollenbladder. She distinctly felt the stinging pressure as her pee filled it to capacityeven more. She hadn't had to pee this bad since she had an accident in danceclass as a young teenager, and worried that she could not hold on until she got tothe gate area.

    "God, please, let me hold on," she silently prayed to herself. By clenching herlegs together and bending forward slightly, she managed to reduce the pain a bitto make it manageable, but each time she had to walk, it seemed like the entireburden of her distended bladder worsened, bringing her ever closer to the pointwhere she would no longer be able to control her bodily functions. The thought ofbeing 30 years old and wetting herself terrified her. She remembered peeing inher dance clothes 15 years ago and shuddered at the thought of having anaccident as an adult. Worse yet, guys were checking her out. At 5'7 and areasonable size 6 wearing somewhat tight fitting thin slacks; Jen wasn't bad tolook at. Her darkish almost auburn red hair, a fine texture and shoulder lengthglowed in the interior lighting. The light freckles on her skin made her anappealing subject in the female race, although she certainly wasn't a model oranything. Her nipples, stimulated by the sheer desperation in her bladder, pokedthrough her thin bra against the fine thin fabric of her blouse, which was a bittight fitting itself. Amazingly, fifteen minutes passed, and Jen still was able tocontrol her bodies' incredible urge to void the bladder. Oh, how she had to pee.Every step was torture. Her womanhood was clenched shut as she valiantly triedto maintain her dignity, each step and each passing minute reaching further tothe loss of control she feared. Her bladder would be fine, and then throbincessantly, causing her to tense up in pain as waves of pressure spread throughher abdomen and crotch, her pee built up seemingly to the edge of her lips, dyingto escape her tortured urethra. Closer yet, with the pressure building all the time,the line crept. Time to show the first security officer her ID and ticket less travelprintout.

    "Is this your only bag, Madam?" the office asked, noticing Jen fidgeting as shedesperately tried to keep from wetting herself right there, her need to urinate soimmediate and strong.

    "Uh, yes", Jen replied sheepishly, suddenly trying to clench a huge wave ofpressure off in her bladder. Her bladder screamed in agony. A huge burningsensation spread throughout her crotch, and she could feel her pee rush to thevery edges of her crotch, on the verge of escaping into her clothing. Never in herlife had she had to go this badly, only minutes away from loss of control, and sheknew it. Sweat beads formed on her forehead, and slowly she inched forward.

    "Oh god, I have to peeeeeee", she thought to herself in agony. She leanedforward, and suddenly felt another huge wave of pressure overtake her poortortured body. She instinctively bent further forward and jammed her free handimmediately between her legs and pressed, valiantly trying to keep her surgingpee from escaping. The pain was white hot, her need to pee so immediate, Jenalmost fainted from the intensity of her bladder's urges. Thankfully, the wavepassed, and Jen stood up straight, dizzy, her bladder still throbbing strongly, hermuscles clenched. Amazingly, it was almost her turn. She paced back and forth,unaware of the blurred surroundings, while totally concentrating on her burstingbladder.

    "Just a few more minutes, please God, Please dear holy God, please, please,please," she begged silently as she realized she was within minutes of totallyhaving an accident in front of everyone. She straightened up to put her bag onthe conveyer belt. A huge wave of pressure quickly arrived. The pain in Jen'sswollen crotch was immense, her bladder stinging. She nervously fidgeted; tryingto maintain control, and thought for a minute she had it under wraps. She couldbarely hold back. She could now clearly feel the impending rush of pee held backonly by the last fibers of muscles clenching her womanhood tight closed. Anysecond, and she'd lose the battle with her distended swollen bladder. Her urethraburned in protest, desperate to release its contents, and way, anyhow, and soon.

    "Madam, please take off your boots and pass them through the x-ray machinetoo", the officer said.

    "What?" Jen replied, half in panic, half in confusion. She didn't expect to have tospeak. Her mind was totally concentrating on her total and absolute state ofdesperation and still nervously paced.

    "Take off your boots and pass them through the conveyer, Madam", the officeranswered again, this time a bit louder and suddenly aware of Jen's nervousnessand pacing.

    "Oh please, I really have to use the bathroom, can I just go through and youcheck the boots later?" Jen begged, her voice rising to a higher pitch in a mixtureof sheer fright and desperation.

    "No madam. Do it now please!" Jen bent over, struggled to take off her anklelength boots. Her bladder stung, her body tormented and in pain, while shesuffered through the most intense agony of her life trying to stand on one leg,take off her boot from the other, and not totally wet her pants right there in front ofeveryone. She managed to get the first boot off. Working on the second, shesuddenly felt the hugest urge overtake her, her bladder violently throbbing in utterdemand for relief. Her clenched tensed muscles could not totally hold on. A quicksharp jet of pee violently escaped Jens tortured body, maybe just a 3/4 secondspurt. Jen clenched in total panic and lost her balance, falling down. Anotherquick spurt, maybe a 1/2 second this time. Jen started shaking, trying everythingto control the losing battle with her violently contracting bladder. She stood up,and immediately felt another small jet spray into her fine string bikini panties. Shepanicked as she felt the sudden warm wetness in her underwear's fabric and feltthe slight spread of warmth on her right inner thigh, just below her crotch. Shemanaged to stand up, both shoes off, and snuck a tense look at her crotch. Sureenough, a small 3-inch dark wet stain appeared near her right bottom of hercrotch, and she could feel the wetness of her underwear cling to her torturedvulva. Clenching her legs together, she went through the metal detector, when herbody violently throbbed again. Another small jet of pee violently escaped the poorwoman's tensed body. Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. She feltthe jet of pee flow through her thin underwear and into her thin slacks. She lookeddown, and sure enough, the wet spot grew and was slowly starting to spreaddown her thigh, not totally obvious yet, but obvious enough to anyone that lookedthat she either dropped water on herself or was starting to wet on herself. Shereached for her shoes and tried to put them on when the chief security officer, ayounger girl around 25, came over and asked if she could come this way withher.

    "What?" Jen asked, in total panic, trying to hold back the impending waterfall ofpee about to burst loose from her weakening crotch muscles.

    "Please Madam, you've been acting nervous the whole time and you've beenselected for a personal search. Please come this way", the officer mentioned, aNational Guards man trailing Jen as Jen blindly headed after the officer.

    "But I didn't do anything. I mean, is there anyway I can use a bathroom please. Ihave to go to the bathroom really bad. Please, it's an emergency and I have to golike really, really bad please", Jen begged.

    "We can't let you do that for obvious security reasons Madam, you'll have to waituntil we're done searching you. Please come this way", the officer continued.

    " Oh God please, I really have to peeeeee," Jen begged, asking mercy on herdesperate situation, feeling and just stopping another jet of pee before it totallysoaked her pants.

    "Come this way Madam, quickly please". Another wave of pressure overtook Jensuddenly. Her bladder screamed with agony. She tried with all her might and allher effort to contain the urgency, and her bladder, her urethra, her entire crotchburned with urgency as her pee desperately wanted to escape, and now. Shedoubled over, her pee starting to seep through her clenched muscles. Eventhrough her valiant attempts to control herself, she felt a slight amount trickle free.The warmth spread through her panties, which now clung tightly against hercrotch. The wet spot slowly grew in her crotch, appearing now on her left innerside too. The guard motioned her on, and Jen stood up straight.

    "Please, I'm wetting myself, please please let me go to the bathroom, I can't hold itplease, please, please... uh er uh I gotta pee, please I gotta peeeeeee ahhhhhhh,pleaseee, i gotta go so baddddlyyyyyyy," she pleaded, her words turning intosobs as her body throbbed massively. Tears streamed down her cheeks, herbladder pulsing violently every half second, the impending waterfall of pent up peeseconds away.

    The officer looked at her, standing straight up, tears running down Jens eyes,and sarcastically giggled, saying "nice try, but we have to still search you." Jencouldn't believe her luck. She was about to miss her flight, she was slowly wettingherself at 30 years old in a nice expensive outfit, and they wouldn't even let heruse the bathroom before she embarrassed herself in front of everyone. By nowthe entire group of people near the security checkpoint stared at her. This poorauburn haired woman stood trembling about 15 feet away, and suddenly ithappened. Jen tried with all her might, but the next wave of pressure tortured herbody beyond anything before. The pain intensified and the pressure built furtherthan ever. Wave after wave of screaming throbbing pain racked her abdomen,and her urethra a

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    Posted by Anonymous

    There was this hottie that lived next door. I was totally falling for him... but he was dating the most popular sophmore and I was a freshman. So I was totally bumbed. Well, one day he was outside mowing the lawn so i put on my bathing suit and went to tan. I hadnt relized his girlfrind was there and was watching me trying to get his attention. I layed down and the sound of thw lawnmower put me to sleep. I woke up to his voice sating..... Becky?? I woke up and hopped up and said hi when he was looking at my chest I looked down to see I didnt have anything on... at all. His girlfriend undid my straps. I was so embarrassed I rean inside and he calls me bongo Becky

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at a pool party with my friends and I was wearing my new bikini and well it was off the hook!! Anyway.... I was in the poool and my crush came in. Well, we were flirting and I knew I shouldnt have becasue the most popular girl there had a crush on him also. Well, A lot of the peopl stayed the night at the house and I fell asleep right next to Mark. The hottie I like!! Anyway. I wore my new Pjs too becayse I went on a total shopping spree with my friend Alexia. So..... I was sleeping and when I woke up in the morning my eyes were still droopy and I just kinda slowly walked to the bathroom. all of a sudden I heard someone giggle then more peopl woke up and started to laugh well, I thought nothing of it and got into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and well, i was butt ass naked!!! From head to toe...... oh they left a sock on.... but I mean...... OH GOD! There were no towels in the bathroom so I had to run out fast to grab clothes while covering myself up. My crush stared at me and well, was laughing too. I think he like it cause..... he seemed happy. That still didnt scre with him he went out with Kate the next week at school and I get a lot of comments on my nice ass but...... still.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I and a whole group of my friends went to the beach. Well after running like maniacs thru the waves and stuff for a while...i retired to my catch the rays.

    There i am laying face down..nice warm sun caressing my back and i dozed off..i guess.

    I felt some one touching my neck and my back but thought nothing of it much.

    Well the guys grabbed the ends of my blanket and I woke up being tosses up and down on my blanket .

    now that would not be anything but crazy fun EXCEPT
    someone had untied the neck and back i slept..( the touches i felt on my neck and back ) ..

    I am trying desparately to grab my top , keep me covered...
    impossible !!... and turning beet red as my boobs are bouncing up and down.

    I CUDDA DIEEEEEEED !!!!!!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One time when I was showering after school at school the cheerleaders took me out to the gym nude and made me run around tne gym while they videotaped me then they brought in the football team then the cap. of the cheer team had me do a handstand on the wall then she tied me to the door and let the guys do whatever they wanted any revenge ideas

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    Posted by Anonymous

    when I was at my house asleep my sister striped me then took me shopping and took pictures of me while I was in the nude and gave them out at school.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in gym one day and I am really small chested and the girls make fun of me while I am in the showers. ( at least there are curtains!! ) Well, we have to take showers no matter what because we have gym 3d hour. So it literlly sucks. Welll, during class the girls were playing with my crush's camera and flirting really bad and when she snotted to me in front of everyone I slapped her. I should have done it after gym........ cause while I was in the showers.... they had his camera and snapped 3 pictures of me in the shower. One of my screming my hand in front and one of me falling on my behind because I slipped ..... which made them laugh harder. To make mattters worse.... when my crush Jon got them developed he was more then surprised..... he got more copies and handed them to his friends. I couldnt have been more humiliated.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, this was some 2-3 years ago. I was walking into the grocery store with some new jeans. I walked into the grocery store and got some interesting stares from total strangers. I shrugged it off and went to look at something on sale. A cashier coming in to work saw me and said, "Hold still, Honey." She peeled off the size sticker off of my pants and gave it to me. Apparently I had forgotten to remove the sticker from my pantleg. Talk about humiliating....oh, and I'm not telling what size pants I wear.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I experienced something stupid today. I was reading a magazine on the couch and got very
    interested in the article. I had to go for a pee real bad, so I took my magazine with me to the toilet while
    I kept on reading it. I sat on the toilet doing my pee, still engrossed in the article, when suddenly I felt a
    warm wet feeling spreading over my pussy. Suprised, I looked down and saw I had forgotten to pull my
    overalls down.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Me & my bud were having a soda at the neighborhood KFC.
    All of a sudden we got a whiff of bananas.
    We were like, Do you smell that? It smells like bananas.
    Like, do they have banana shakes now?
    I looked over, and a mailman was eating a banana.
    My face was soooo red!!

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