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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I received a call early one morning from Bill, the husband of a good friend. They both worked at the same place but he worked 7-3 and she worked 11-7 so they meet up at work as one is coming on and the other leaving.

    Seems that his battery was dead and he wanted me to come over and give him a jump. My daughter, 10 years old, was getting dressed for school so I took a chance and ran over, jumped his truck off and raced back home.

    When I got home my daughter met me with the message that someone had called. I ask her who? but she just said "Some man". I ask her what she told him, terrified that she had told a total stranger that she was home alone. She said, "I told him that you went to jack Mr. Bill off". No one has ever admitted to being the person that called me that fateful morning.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    once I was at a pool. Then my friends though it woould be funny to give me a see threw bathing suit. So i wlked around the pool all day showing my tits. I wondered y the guys kept staring at me

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years back me and a few of my buddies decided to take a road trip up to Newport, Rhode Island for a little mountain biking, beachcombing and relaxation. The second night we were there, we wound up heading out to this night spot for a few drinks. Bear in mind that this is high summer in a resort community, so, needless to say, there were many other twentysomething men and women out for the same brand of enjoyment we were.

    As was often the case with my group and I back then (before we all decided to grow up and get married!), the evenings ended with one or more of us meeting a young lady and slipping away to spend the rest of the evening in relative privacy. On this particular night, I happen to have been fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with one such young lady and we spent the better part of the evening at the bar. Things close up a bit early up there (or at least I thought so at the time...I seem to remember last call at around 1:15 AM or so), so my new found friend and I agreed to continue our conversation elsewhere.

    Luckily, the place at which she was staying was not too far from our hotel, so we set up a meeting spot down near the marina and parted ways for about fifteen minutes. I was still dressed in my khakis and plaid shirt from dinner (typical New England J. Crew stuff, you know). I decided that I wanted to appear less buttoned-up for our rendezvous, so I put on an old pair of jeans and polo shirt. Since we agreed that we would simply take a stroll down in the marina and sit somewhere to chat, I decided to go barefoot...a big mistake, as it turned out, which I'll get to in a moment. It was summer after all...a season when I wear shoes only when I absolutely have to. Plus, my bare feet I thought added to my self-assuredness and easygoing appearance.

    We met down at the marina...right off she asked, "where are your shoes?" to which I replied the whole "I like going barefoot in the summer" thing, which she seemed to understand. Anyway, we began our little stroll down the narrow boardwalk that allows access to the boats in the marina. I learned the hard way that evening that the boardwalk is made up of sections between which there are spaces...spaces just large enough to slip through if one isn't paying attention. I, for one, was not paying enough attention to where I stepped, as I was pretty focused on my lovely companion and not on the smooth boards beneath my unshod feet.

    We rounded a corner and I began to walk backwards a bit so I could face her when my foot slipped between a space in the boardwalk. It didn't go down but a few inches, but all my weight was on that leg when I stepped, so my foot got wedged in pretty tight. I stopped walking, of course, and tried flexing my ankle in an effort to free my no avail. I was trying to keep a straight face for a few moments while I attempted to extricate myself...she hadn't noticed I was stuck since my my foot had barely disappeared between the boards. Finally, after a few seconds (which seemed a lot longer), I said, "hold up a minute...I'm stuck." "What do you mean?" she replied, still not noticing. I pointed towards the ground when she asked, "your foot's stuck?" I replied in the affirmative, and refused help. Only I needed foot was really stuck, and the fact that I was barefoot didn't help. Those boardwalk planks are nice and smooth on the surface, but the sides of the boards are unsanded and rough...yanking hard was really painful. Finally she said, somewhat impatiently, "here..let me help you." She pointed out that had I been wearing shoes, I simply could have slipped out of the trapped one to free myself...this, of course, I knew, but wasn't in the mood for advice at the moment. I felt really helpless and clumsy...she even muttered, more to herself than me, how I managed to get myself into that predicament in the first place. Finally, after five minutes of tugging on my ankle and reaching beneath my now aching foot to push upward, the boardwalk floated out a bit with the wake of a passing boat and I managed to pull the foot free. (Both of us had seen the small craft pass by, but she took credit for getting my foot out). It looked red and swollen on the sides and, though we continued to walk and talk for another few minutes, she couldn't help but notice that I was distracted by the condition of my foot...I kept stopping to point and flex my toes, rotate my ankle and so-forth to see if everything was all-right.

    We went our separate ways a little bit later on that buddies asked what, if anything, had happened as we sat down to breakfast the next day, and I didn't get into detail. She and I were from different states and didn't see each other again. We did correspond by telephone from time to time, though, for about another year after we met. She never asked to see me again, but she always asked if my foot ever recovered!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a teen mother and the only school for teen mothers is an hour and a half bus ride away. I loaded my three and a half year old onto the bus into a seat infront of a guy who had extremely buck teeth that stuck out of his mouth. Not thinking anything of it. All of a sudden, my son pipes up in a loud voice while facing the guy, "Mommy, his teeth are out of his mouth?" Not knowing what to say, I said, Matty, turn around, and then he said "I want my teeth out too mommy!" I was so embarrassed that I could have died!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    OK well some friends and I went out on a Saturday night to go Disco dancing! Dancing is the bomb and we love to boogie to those 70 songs. My friend was anxious to meet an onine friend there that night but when we finally met him he asked her about me! I felt really stupid but anyway we were dancing having a good ol time I had on my cool platforms on and was dancin up a storm when I guess I had been boogie'n too long and lost my balance on those dumb shoes and fell backwards into some guy that was dancing! Oh boy did I feel dumb, poor guy I bet he thought I was plastered or something! Well guess I won't be wearing those shoes out the next time I go!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    SigHz... I slipped and fell flat @ taman Jurong bowling centre.. SO paisei... My ball when straight into the long kang... I swear never to visit tt bowling alley again :(

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The Scene: Several friends and I are drinking at a beach on some rocks. This girl (lets call her "Susan") that I liked is there.

    I some how manage to be holding "Susan's" lighter. She goes to light a cigaratte, "Bob, could I have the lighter?"
    My drunken reply "I'll trade you for a kiss"

    (Now by this time I have had queit a few shots and can barely see straight.)

    Susan's reply "alright"
    I am exicted! Nothing like daring yourself to do something and having it go in your favor. We stand up begin a nice french kiss...

    and the next thing I know I'm face down on the rocks with a throbing head!! I had fallen mid-kiss and slammed my head on the rocks!

    That was embarrassing enough plus all my friends had to witness it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once I fell asleep on top of my boyfriend after making love. We were both beat (exhausting love making). I woke up about an hour later, I think he was snoring, and realized I had drooled an enormouse pool on his chest. I quickly tried to grab the sheet and wipe him up but he woke up and saw it all. He doesn't like me to fall asleep on his chest anymore. Too bad, it's quite a chest.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok, let me set the scene. My good friend got married at her house in her backyard. After the pictures were over, I ran upstairs to change out of the bridesmaid dress. It was dark outside and the lights were on inside. I'd just put on a rayon knee-length dress and without realizing what I was doing, stopped in front of a window to buckle my sandal. I wasn't thinking about the fact that my panties showed when I bent over and I also didn't think about the fact that my rear end was inches from a curtain-less window. As I stood up after suddenly realizing where I was, I saw my Mom frantically waving to me in the midst of a large crowd. She was trying to tell me to move away from the window. According to her I managed quite a thorough panty shot. UGH!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Being a dumb freshman in college, I actually took my English professor seriously when he said to everyone, "please come to my office hours so we can all discuss your individual progress, or the next paper" or whatever.

    So I did. And soon I was going there every week. We'd spend 5 minutes talking about class and the next hour talking about me. And even though I sensed he was taking more than a passing interest, I didn't say anything.

    And so it was, since I was looking for part-time work, he said he knew people, give me your resume, I'll see what I can scare up for you. The next week he said, let's meet my friend downtown for lunch, we can talk about work.

    I should have known this was all a ruse. I thought he was serious. So I went. When he got there, no one met us. He excused himself to make a phone call, and he said his friend had to cancel.

    Then we had lunch and Kir Royale the rest of the afternoon. I think I had about six of them. He wanted to go to this dive bar afterward, but I said no cause I was too drunk.

    When he dropped me off, he gave me a hug. For some reason, I agreed to meet him for dinner again the following weekend. But after a week of major angst over the whole situation, I didn't go. He showed up at the appointed time wearing a tuxedo of all things, and I found the balls to say, No, this was inappropriate. I wasn't interested.

    Tru ly embarrassing for me the rest of the semester. He never gave me shit about it, and I still got an A in the course.

    Later on I found out the school made him take a sabbatical because he was seriously hitting on the students, took them to bed, until finally one girl complained. Another said he attacked her.

    I feel bad for never having said anything. I should have, but I was embarrassed, and I was being an idiot. Even if I was naive at the time.

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