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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 25

    I was with my girlfriend visiting her parents in Texas. The own a nice big ranch there and we stayed a week with them. That was the first time I meet them in person. Surprisingly they let me sleep with her in her bedroom. At first I was like Iâll sleep in the guest room to be polite but they said donât worry weâre not that strict.

    During the dad when her dad was at work Iâd get some of his work done around the property and help him in the evening. I seemed to get along great with them.

    My girlfriend told me before we went down there we werenât going to have sex at her parents house. As much as I wanted sex I was like okay I can respect that. But on the fourth night there I couldnât last much longer, I needed sex. That evening after eating dinner we were back in her room and I told her I need pussy, ass or a blowjob bad. She said I do t know about any of that. Finally I said okay Iâll just masturbate after everyone goes to sleep.

    So it was around 1 am. I was sure everyone was asleep. I walked down the the bathroom and looked for something I could lube my dick up with. Looking around all I could find was some albolene. So that was gonna have to do.

    I let my pajama pants fall to the floor, push my underwear down around my knees and started beating away. I left the lights off to try to hide that I was in the bathroom at 1 am.

    There was no lock on the door so in walks my girlfriends mom! My dick was in my hand and she noticed. I pulled my underwear up after her seeing me standing there beating off and I was wearing briefs so that didnât hide much. She looked at me and said what are you doing! I was like reliving myself. She said donât use the hand towel for that either! Use the toilet when you cum. I about shit she told me that. She shut the door and I finished.

    The next night my girlfriend tells me her mom told her she saw me jerking in the bathroom. My girlfriend thought it was funny. Her mom said I had a nice uncut cock and thought it was cute I shaved for her! I was embarrassed though. Finally that night my girlfriend had sex with me!

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    Straight Male / 55

    This was my first doctor check up since I was 32. Iâve always avoided the doctor

    Well the exam was nothing. The testicle exam was a piece of cake but when he said bend ove on the table I was like what!? He said I need to neck your prostate. I was like okay if it needs to be done.

    He lubed up his finger and told me to breath easy. In his finger went and I tighten up. He told me to relax. He started feeling my prostate and said it feels okay except one little spot sorta feels different. Without warning I just cummed all over the floor.

    I didnât know what to say but my doctor wiped it up. He handed me a few tissues and said the physical was done, I could get cleaned up and dressed

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    Straight Female / 23

    My OBGYN is a female medical doctor. During my first visit exam, she seemed to be going beyond my examination. She had placed a sheet over my legs then elevated them on stirrups. I felt strange things, a soft movement on my clit and felt she was licking me. I shrugged it off, thinking, "impossible" but could see nothing. She seemed to get bolder and I felt fingers probing me, thinking this must be the exam. Then, a lubed fist went up my vagina, the entire latex gloved fist.

    I heard her say, "This is an additional test I have introduced. Just let me know if you feel anything extraordinary." Then, I felt what had to be her nude pussy rubbing on mine. I could see the top of her body moving at the top of my raised legs. She said, "Is that o.k.?" I said, "yes" but puzzled a bit, then I felt myself having an orgasm. She continued until I heard her breathing hard and moan out loud.

    A week later I received a large bill from her office.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My daughter had a few of her college friends come stay for the weekend. She brought 4 girls who wanted to go out and see what life near the city was like. They went out Friday night, slept until 3 on Saturday and went to the mall to shop, then to dinner before going out again. Hey, I was young once, and I understood their need to party.

    Saturday night, I watched some tv, and fell asleep in my chair. I woke around 11pm and decided to go to bed. On my way past the guest bedroom, I noticed the light was on, and the door open a crack. I peeked in and saw Gina, one of my daughters friends topless on the bed with her hand down the front of her, wait a minute, down the front of my pajama pants. I guess Gina took my pajama pants from my room and was busy masturbating on the bed.

    I watched thru the cracked door as she played with her breast, pinching and pulling her nipple as her hand was bust in her /my pants. Her head was to the side and her long brown hair was bunched over her face. You could tell she was trying to be quiet, but I was getting hard watching her. I realized I was rubbing myself through my pants.

    I was so embarrassed and sickened by the thought of peeping in on an 18 year old girl, my daughter's age! I went back downstairs quietly turned the TV up loud and waited a few minutes before going back upstairs. When I came up, Gina met me in the hall wearing her nightgown and robe. She explained she didn't feel well and came to the house early to sleep. We said our good nights and I headed to my room.

    When I got to my room, my pajamas were folded on the pillow like I had left them. I closed the door, and when I went to put them on they were damp and smelled of pussy. I laid back on the bed, wrapped my pj's around my cock and stroked myself to completion, thinking of Gina and her young body! I cleaned myself up and put on a new pair of pj's and went to sleep. Around 3 am, I heard the girls come home and I could hear Gina telling them how she saw me at the door. They were all giggling and laughing. Gina said she had a huge orgasm knowing I was watching her. I thought my daughter would have been repulsed, but she just went along with them.

    They left to head back to college Sunday around noon. They all thanked me for my hospitality and went to the car, then Gina came back in, gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked if she could come again. I just blushed and told her she was always welcome here.

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    Straight Female / 40

    The trouble with being married to a Dr is when you're sick they go over board taking care of you.
    I don't get sick very often but when I do hubby goes over board on caring of me.
    I came home sick from work today and accidentally told hubby he had a package. When he asked why I was home my first thought was shit what should I tell him. I knew better than to lie. So I told him I was sick and I explained my symptoms.
    He said I will check you out when I get home. Dammit.
    Two hours flew by and hubby was home. He asked how I was doing as he feeling my forehead to see how warm I am.
    He checks my ears, nose and throat. Then tells me to lay down so he can feel my stomach to see if it's the stomach flu.
    All checked out ok. But then the dreaded part comes. He wants to check my temperature. I tell him I hate this and he says just lay down and relax. As I go to lay down he says come on cooperate and pull your pants down for me.
    As he slides the thermometer inside me he explains how this is for my own good.
    This is the longest three minutes of my day.
    Slight fever of 101 so we'll check again in a couple of hours.
    My day is ruined.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    When I was eighteen I got thrown in jail for sixty days for hitchhiking in Colorado with a very small quantity of pot in my possession.
    I was so intimidated being slight, white and quite the prettyboy. There was two others sentenced to the county jail, their crimes much more serious.
    We stood before the jailors the other two in briefs and boxers, me in cute tight white bikini underpants. They all were checking out my smoothly fresh boyishly cute body, I felt horrible.
    He said loudly"Drop Um, bend over!" Watching the two drop their underwear,bend over, I reluctantly did the same. I was the first, with a gloved finger well lubed I squeaked in pain as he pushed it in fingering all around looking for contraband he enjoyed that I was so tight, saying so repeatedly. I was so embarrassed, mainly because I uncontrollably got an errection and everyone noticed.
    Yes, I became the cutest boybitch in the county jail for those sixty days. None of it was brutal r**e, I was made love to and what was kinda forceful in the beginning became conscentual. I was kissed and petted like a girl and kinda liked it.
    Two weeks before I was released, because I was a short timer I was given outside details and had to submit to a digital exam daily upon return.
    The jailor noticed the difference right away. "I knew that cute twinkie ass of yours was gonna make everyone happy!" He said as he worked my boy'sass with multiple fingers. It got me excited, I couldn't help it, I'd been conditioned.
    That's when it happened my first BBC, the jailors. I moaned "It's too big, please don't!" "you'll be fine sweetie, so fine." As he slowly worked it all the way in I realized that my boypussy was his for my last two weeks. It felt like the first time all over again!
    I'm back with my girlfriend,
    now my wife, different now for sure. I'm a pantyboy and still like an occasional fucking, still have a body like a high school freshman that attracts all it can handle.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I went to visit a friend in the hospital. My wife works in an office ther with a window. As i was looking out the window into her office I saw her and a co worker walk in. They did't see me and forgot to close her blinds. Next thing I saw was her on her knees with his BIg dick in the mouth. I watched her deep throat him, she was really going at it. After a few minutes, the guy saw me and smiled, he pulled out of her and shot his load on her face. I went down to see her, her co worker was still in her office. He was schocked to meet me for the first time. I didnt know what to say or do.He couldn't leave fast enough . My wife won't let me come on her face, plus she missed a spot cleaning up and still had some in her hair. Hopefully she won't see it until she gets home and has to explain to me what happened.

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    Transsexual Female / 24

    I was 18 and I had never had an erection. I was with a real man who has a 7 inch soft cock and my tiny little penis is just over an inch.

    The man laid me on my back and told me to put my legs on his shoulders. He slowly pushed it in until his balls touched my ass. Then my penis grew to just over 1 1/2 inches.

    I was so embarrassed I cried and said I was sorry. He said I had no reason to cry. It was hard and he kept going until I shot cum on my stomach. He said he wanted to see me eat my own cum. He scooped it up and fed me my cum. I tasted it and said, "That taste so good I love cum".

    He asked how I liked his cock in my ass? I said, "I love your big hard cock so much. He finished and we took a shower together and I washed his cock and got on my knees and gave him a blowjob in the shower. I shot his warm sticky tasty cum in my mouth. I held it in my mouth and got all the taste I could before I swallowed.

    I just loved his big cock anywhere I still wake up if he calls and says he will be right there. I am happy to be his booty call and he never lets me down I get his big hard cock. I am a total cum slut for him.

    Yesterday he brought his friend and I said, "Ohh baby does this mean I get both of you. They said, "yes you are getting one in each end. I said, "Then you men have to undress me". They did and I had cock in both ends fucking me. I asked them to come back as soon as possible for more fun.

    They just called and told me to wear my sexiest lingerie for them to take off me. I did and left my garter belt and stockings on me saying that they liked the feel of my legs in stockings. I said, "I love how their cocks feel in me.

    I have asked for a blowjob where I have 4 or more men to suck and move cock to cock letting the cum build up. I have had lots of experience at sucking cock even after my lips are numb so I won't stop until my mouth taste like cum. I love the taste of cock and sperm.

    I have loved the taste of sperm since my first taste. I am very good at sex as long as I am the only girl. I don't want to have some bitch to compete with for the cocks. I am the only bitch and the more men on me the better I love it.

    I have made my nipples big like a girl using the suction tool from a snake bite kit. They are easy to see in the tight girl tops that make me look very horny. I am lucky to have a penis that only gets hard when I am being fucked so hard his balls keep slapping my ass. I have taken more than nine inches of cock and moaned. I sounded like a girl getting fucked hard. I was talking in a very high pitched voice that sounds like a girl when I begged him to please go deeper deeper and harder.

    I was telling him how good it was and how much his cock made me feel like a girl and his SLUT.


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    Straight Female / 19

    I hesitated posting this and now do it not sure that I should but it seems wrong to me.
    Wrong, weird, bizarre. My b/f and I started having sex some months after we began to date. It was normal until his mom caught us, having come home unexpectedly. We were in his bedroom.

    They had immigrated from Ireland when he was six years old, no father in the picture. I mention this because I am asking if anyone out there has heard if what follows is typical in Ireland, I don't know.

    When she caught us, she said, "I thought I heard noise here, please accept my apologies for not knocking." She sat us in the kitchen table later and explained that they could never afford for Kevin to be a father while he was still a teenager and she did not trust standard birth control devices. She wanted us to wait until she came up with some idea to prevent me from becoming pregnant. At first it seemed reasonable and I found her openness to Kevin and my sexuality refreshing from what I had read.

    What she came up with is why I am posting this on this site: She was beyond her monthlies so she wanted Kevin to fuck her until he came into her, urinate and wash out then he could fuck me.

    When I first heard this I was flabbergasted to say the least. She went on with it and asked me to hold Kevin's balls lightly as he fucked her. She said, "When they pulse, you know he's ejaculating so hold them very lightly so you can feel them." Kevin would proceed to fuck her until I felt his balls twitching.

    Then, I was to hold them while he fucked me and if they twitched I had to tall him so he could pull out fast. Ostensibly, he would have little sperm left after shooting his load into his mom so recently.

    It was either this strange ritual or no sex between Kevin and me. Last week I decided to break it up and find a new b/f without a freaky mother. That might have been her plan after all, I am clueless.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 29

    Home visiting my mom and seeing an old high school friend that got married. I'm single and still a virgin so I do like to masturbate when I can.

    Bring in my old bedroom was weird. Haven't slept in there since I was 18. Even my drawers were filled with my cloths I wore during high school. Even in the bottom of my underwear drawer was my favorite porn DVD I used to watch! Was a funny sight even seeing my underwear drawer filled with white briefs, I have t worn tighty whities since I moved out.

    So I thought I'd jerk like I did in high school. Put on some of my old tighty whities that still fitted great and popped in the porn DVD. Got hard so pulled my cock out the fly of my briefs and blew a load instantly. Tossed my now cummed up briefs in the laundry.

    The next night I did the same thing and didn't think anything of tossing my cum covered briefs in the laundry. Finally a few days later my mom brought in my now clean cloths and said looks as if things haven't changed with you.
    I was like what do you mean. She said I noticed semen on your briefs just like in high school and I've always know about that DVD in your underwear drawer. I got red faced as hell!

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