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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife and I work rotating shifts at two different companies, this makes it so we are frequently on very different schedules. Probably needless to say, I have a drink or two at my local bar on the way home.

    Right now we are on schedules where I am in bed asleep when she gets home. So, after a couple drinks, I thought I'd be a bit cheeky and text her to climb on when she got home and we could have a nice late nighter.

    In bed I started to wake realizing she really had climbed on and I was about to go off. I grabbed her tits and let go. I'm squeezing her big tits in my hands pumping her full when I realize it's not my wife.

    I had texted our nineteen year old daughter by mistake!

    I freaked! I had already done the deed. The discussion that ensues was frightening and hot all at once.

    If my wife finds out...

    Dead Man Walking

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    A couple months ago I got too drunk at a college party. When I woke up around 5am I felt very uncomfortable and didn't immediately realize why. First, I was totally naked, no clothes in site; second, I realized there was a beer can inside my vagina. As I pulled it out so much sperm poured out of me, it was then I realized that there was already a giant wet spot on the sheet of the bed. I have no idea how many times nor how many guys fucked me. I'd only let two guys put fingers inside me before, a girlfriend I was having oral sex with stuck her fingers in me too, but that was it. I was so sore from that big can I just started to cry. I went to the bath to clean up and then found a pair of sweats and a tee shirt and finally found my shoes. I never found my actual clothes. I went to my dorm room which I share with my girlfriend. She and I are in love, or so I thought. Her only words on my coming in, as I was about to tell her I was r**ed . . . "so the slut comes back".

    She dumped me, and everyone around the dorm was telling stories about me and how many guys I let fuck me. I'd never been fucked before and I have no idea who was first, nor how many followed him. My former girlfriend says she left after 14 guys had fucked me AND I was awake at the time, she says! Then the pictures of me naked, getting fucked, and passed out leaking, as well as the can inside me started being tacked on the bulletin board. After that I just let guys fuck me. If you take me out, you get to fuck me. I've been gangbanged at 3 other parties since. I just don't care anymore, I'm naked at parties in front of up to 100 people and they all know what a whore I am. My ex makes a point of kissing her current love in front of me, and even brought her into our dorm room and made love to her with me in the next bed. I just wish I could at least get an idea of who did it to me first, just so I know who it was. What kind of slut can't answer the question as to who was her first?

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    Straight Male / 35

    I was 16 at the time my girlfriend was 14. We were walking home from school and Claire kept complaining that she was desperate for a poo and it turned me on. I had a hard on and when she noticed the bulge in my trousers she called me a pervert for getting off on her being desperate for a poo. We kept walking slowly as Claire was to desperate to walk any faster and I realised she might not be able to make it home in time. I was super horny and when Claire stopped walking I knew she was losing control and I could smell poo as she pood and wet herself. I got so excited I came in my pants in a series of powerful spurts. I had a big sticky wet patch in my trousers and my pants were swimming with my cum. When we got to Claires house there was no one home and she asked me to help her clean up and I couldn't say no to that!

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    Straight Female / 48

    In the tenth grade our group decided that no one should be a virgin. We were paired up, a virgin boy with a virgin girl, and the remaining virgin girls given to the experienced boys. The boys got to pick the girl, the girl didn't get to pick. The event was scheduled for Halloween that year. We all went to this boy's house whose parents were out of town.

    The virgin girls were lined up, and first the virgin boys picked, then for the rest of us the experienced boys picked. We were told to undress and lay down on the sheet on the floor. The boys unbuckled their pants and got down on their knees in front of us. We were told to open our legs and the boys got on. In a minute we weren't virgins, every girl had to swear we had been 'vaccinated' against virginity. After it was over a couple of the girls cried quietly, they were hugged and held by the stronger girls.

    No one had to become boyfriend/girlfriend and we weren't expected to give ourselves to the boy who had vaccinated us, but we clung to the boy, it was impossible not to fall in love. Some boys went on to college and some of us followed them, some boys went to work or into the service, the girls got married one by one with the college girls getting married as we graduated.

    I never had eyes for any other boy. He felt trapped, but he kept me honest and married me.

    It was a really bad idea, really bad. You fell in love in a minute, the minute you received him. The boys talked tough but we were their sisters, cousins, neighbors. My brother married his girl of that night and he made sure my boy married me. No girl got left behind.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I never had a real boyfriend before and I never been in a relationship with a man before and I never been kissed by a guy before because I am really really shy and introvert. So I have been single all my life, I wish I would find a man that would love me for what I am. I think there is nothing wrong with my appereance, I am self conscious that there is a problem about my attitude towards men, I blame myself for being shy, and I think I push men away acting like this not being very friendly. Honestly I don't know how to talk with guys how to arouse them with my charms which I don't have. Perhaps I am not interesting enough to make a guy want me, desire me and fight for me..I don't know really what the problem men probably don't want a boring gf. I was always the type of good girl that always did what others expected from her to do, respected everyone and talked only when I was asked. So I have grown into an adult with emotional problems, an adult who has fears and panic attacks thatI will be forever alone, I guess I don't have faith in myself I need to believe that everything will be ok eventually...

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    Straight Male / 47

    My mom caught me masturbating over the weekend. Talk about embarrassing.

    Was visiting her, staying in my old bedroom. I sleep in just my briefs, have done so all of my life. So it was in the afternoon and I was laying in bed in my underwear, hard cock out the fly going at it. Then she walks in. She looked at me and said oh no and left the room.

    I couldnât finish so I put my junk back in my underwear and walked to the bathroom to shower. After a shower I got dressed and her first response was I should had knocked. I didnât figure youâd still be doing that. I said still masturbating, everyone does it. That was all that was said except her asking where my foreskin went. She didnât know I got circumcised 15 years ago.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    When I got up into my later teens I went crazy for my classmate. I liked this certain girl and she was straight and she told me to get lost. I trapped her at a birthday party for a mutual friend of ours and forced myself on her and kissed her and felt her up. If I would have had a dick I would have been able to fuck her. I did manage to finger her and get a tit out and suck on her pretty hard.

    The next time I fingered her was at our lake house. She agreed to come for the weekend. She let me kiss her and start touching her, boobs and ass, and then my hand between her legs and then off with her pants and my fingers deep inside of her pussy. I put her on the bed and I ate her, my first ever pussy. I didn't know what to expect, I just did what I wanted to do, lick her and tongue her hole. With her legs spread open she let me touch her butt hole. This was my first conquest, my first ever pussy, my first girlfriend, my first deep lust.

    It is embarrassing today as to how much PDA we exhibited at parties. I kept my hands out of her pants but otherwise all over her, but as soon as I got her off to a quiet place I humped on her as hard as I could until I went into frustration frenzy and ate the shit out of her and fingered her hole and chewed on her clit. She took it all, no matter where we were, she never took my hands off of her. We were eleventh graders and we had never had pussy before.

    She found this apparatus at home, a vibrator and she brought it to me and we tried it out. It made you cum quick, but all the kissing and grabbing wasn't necessary when you used it so we stopped using the vibrator. She may have been straight when we first met in the eleventh grade, but with a bucket full of lust for her I turned her around. The good news for me is that I got to her before she tried dick.

    No matter how much we try we can't build up the lust we had back in the eleventh grade. If I didn't have my hand in her pants I wasn't happy. She says she wasn't happy either, but I think she is just trying to make me feel good.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Got a video from my girlfriend of her getting fucked from behind by a guy with a much bigger dick than me while she moaned how much she loved his big Dick. I just texted back âwowâ and then a minute later âobviously sheâs yours after seeing that obviously I canât competeâ
    She just responded an hour later she was so sorry and that she loved me but I just wasnât big enough to fully satisfy her and she was sorry it had to end like this. I weirdly was turned on by the fact my girlfriend actually left me because my dick wasnât big enough which was humiliating.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I had been dating my girlfriend for about a year and we decided we wanted to have a 3some with one of my buddyâs. Now my buddy had actually had sex with my girlfriend 3 years prior to us dating and I wasnât a jealous type so it didnât bother me. Now I have a small dick and I know that, itâs about 4.5 inches and itâs not that Iâm not good in bed my girlfriend cums every time we have sex if not multiple times but I understand Iâm not hitting some of those deep areas that someone with a bigger dick can hit. And the best way to keep your girl happy is to make sure she is totally satisfied and I told her this and she was surprised but loved that Iâd be willing to let her have sex with someone else. She had told me before that the time she had sex with my buddy was honestly the best sex sheâs ever had so I told her we could have a 3some with him she was so excited of course. Now when the night came I realized quickly why the sex had been so good, my buddy had an 8 inch dick with a perfect girth and my girlfriend looked so happy being able to actually put her whole hand around a dick while she gave her amazing blow job. She is on birth control so me and my buddy both were gonna be hitting it raw but it ended up being less of a 3some and more of me watching my girlfriend get her brains fucked out from behind while yelling out stuff like âI missed this good dick so muchâ âI forgot how good big dick feltâ âthis your pussy now, you can have it wheneverâ. And to be honest I understood why so I didnât make a big deal about it. The embarrassing part is my girlfriend fucks my buddy no less than 3 times a week now and she constantly sends me pictures of her face covered in cum and videos of her getting fucked. She laughs and tells me thatâs how a real man fucks a girl. And reminds me all the time during sex that Iâm just borrowing his pussy and that he is daddy which turns me on knowing my buddy has literally stolen my girlfriends pussy

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    Straight Female / 26

    My girl friend and I went skinny dipping in a small lake. Told me it was safe because it was in her mother's property. We went down there wearing shorts, t shirt and no underwear. I was a little embarrassed about getting naked in broad day light and out in the open. Only did it beacuse there were no house nearby and no one in site. Stacked up my clothe on the ground next to my girl friend's and walked into the water. It felt good against my bare skin and soon felt confortable about having no clothes on. Swam for about 15 minutes and then the shock of my life when I saw five young boys on shore with our clothes in their hands. My girl friend and I just tood there in chest high water looking at them having a blast. It was obvious they wanted us out of the water naked and sooner or later we would have to do it. Walking back to the house naked through an open field horrified me. I remember getting out, standing in front of them with arms in the air, legs spread apart watching them drewling over our tits and pussy.I remember we were forced to finger ourselves to get our clothes back and then never got them back. They just sat there waving their dicks at us and jerking themselves off. We were both 24 years old when it happed. I remember they were all boys in their late teens and sexualy horny. We both got our tits grabbed, pussy fingered a and touched every where. Felt more degraded than humiliated and never could really do anything about it. We got caught, they had a blast doing it, ran away and found ourselve stranded stark naked thinking about getting back to the house. That trip back, running and squatting through that open field, was an experience I will never forget. We did it in panic and fortunatly no one saw us, then had to call my sister to bring us clothes. I remember the laugh she had when she saw us both sitting on the poarch rapt in a towel. Of course our story was loosing our clothes because someone had stolen them and every thing else didn't happen.

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