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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 46

    Finally my divorce is finalized after married to my exwife for 12 years. She was quite a bit younger than me so I guess it was made not to work out.

    But I just told her to take the house in the divorce and I just wanted all my stuff, easy enough. I just moved back in with my mom as I donât plan on getting married ever again. My mom is 71 years old so regardless if I move in or not I still take care of her yard and other household maintenance. Actually feels good living at home with no stress plus home cooked meals and my laundry gets done while Iâm at work. All a bonus.

    Some issues are that me being 46 Iâm still in the position where my mind, body and penis want to be very sexually active. Easy enough to just masturbate as often as I want since Iâm single now. Just feels right being in my childhood bedroom in bed in my white briefs jerking off like old times! Except now I do have a few fleshlights, I mean why wouldnât I have them! I like vagina and the occasional anal sex so those fill my needs to penetrate something. Easy wonton stick them between the mattress and box spring or where ever else I find it fits.

    Now for the embarrassing parts. My mom will make sure Iâm up on time to get ready for work. I get up at 6am and sheâs always up before me which is kinda nice. I usually sleep in just my briefs but I do like naked sleeping too. I kinda like my privacy in the morning especially since I wake up with an erection. But numerous times my mom has walked in on me when Iâm sitting on the edge of my bed naked with an erection. Iâve told her it embarrasses me when she sees me like that but sheâs a retired nurse so she says it isnât anything sheâs not seen before. She doesnât look at it but still makes me uncomfortable. If Iâm soft I could careless if she sees me naked. Or if Iâm wearing my briefs, I walk to the bathroom in the morning in just briefs. Erection or not as long as I got briefs on Iâm comfortable. And my penis isnt big, just average but itâs very hairy. And Iâm uncut too so when Iâm erect my foreskin doesnât cover my gland fully. Stopped grooming after my exwife and I broke up.

    Sheâs also went into my room to vacuum it and pick up any dirty laundry left behind which I donât kind at all. Except once I left my flesh light out and she saw it. Later that even she asked what it was. It was wedged between my mattress and box spring but it had the cap on it so you couldnât tell what it was. I figured itâs best to just let her know so I showed her. My mom was actually intrigued by it, she was amazed by it. She was made aware I plan on never getting into a relationship again so I just bought a few toys to settle my sexual needs. So if my door is closed she knows not to walk in on me. But she has walked in once one morning when I was fucking my fleshlight. She walked back out right away. Very embarrassing to me but I guess I shouldnât really be embarrassed.

    My embarrassing moments happened when I first moved in really. I sleep with my bedroom door open because itâs just a habit. Never slept with it shut. So when I woke up in the morning Iâd masturbate as I found it to be a great time to do it. Have to remember for almost all of my marriage I never masturbated, my wife wasnât a fan of it. Plus we had regular sex. So when I became single I was happy to self pleasure myself again! So Iâd lay in bed in the morning and pull my erection out the fly of my briefs or the leg band and jerk off. That seriously made me feel like a teenager again. In bed in my white briefs jerking off but I was great. That was I was unaware my mom still woke up early and I was laying in bed masturbating when she saw me. That was right when I moved in with my mom, I had my briefs pulled down under my balls abd masturbating. I was still shaved bare as my wife preferred it that way. My moms reaction was where is all your pubic hair! She surprised me! I said I did t know you woke up this early as Iâm pulling my briefs up. Plus I told her lots of people shave it off, itâs a thing to do. She said not to worry about being caught, she walked out and before crossing the door over said for me to finish what I was doing!

    Odd relationship we have I guess but my mom has never been shy to talk about sex or masturbation. That first time she saw me naked sitting on the edge of my bed one morning was the first time she had seen me naked since I was 18. Long time and she hadnât seen me in my briefs since I was 18 also. So when she saw I still wore white briefs she was surprised I never switched. I told her you always bought them for me growing up so why would I switch if Iâm comfortable in them. And she was happy to see I was still uncircumcised because I talked about getting circumcised once when I was married.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I spent two years in a coed boarding school that used spanking and nudity as a form of punishments for missbahaving. The school staff firmly belived that nudity and shame made the punishments more efective and gave teachers the freedom of using it as they thought fit. It was an elementary school for boys and girls ages 6 to 14 and forced nudity wan't seen as sexual abuse in kids that age. I remember they were never used on girls for some reason, spanking them over their clothes or other forms of punishments. Boys on the other hand were forced to drop their pants and underwear and endure the shame of getting spanked half naked in front of a room field with girls and boys. The fact of doing it in front of the whole school, served as an example to others and having girls present made it more efective. I remember the first time I had to stand up and walk up to the principal of the school, that was sitting on chair with a paddle in his hand. Almost died of embarrassment when he dropped my pants and underwear down to my ankles and threw me over his lap. I could hear boys laughing, girls giggling as the paddle landed on my bare butt one after the other, feeling my penis haging out under me wiggling with every stroke of the paddle. I had never been seen like that in front of so many girls and so humiliated I wanted to die. Like that four more boys followed and could clearly see what I most looked like laying up ther with everything on show. The sting on my butt was the least of my worries and didn't even dare to make eye contact with the girls sitting becides me. Then came all the teasing from girls walking up to me in the yard telling "we saw your dick" just to make me blush. There were looking at me as if I had no clothes on a even told me they wanted closer look. That humiliating experience last me a week and couldn't stop thinking about. The following weeks I made it a point to not mess up again only to end up again on the punishment list for not handing in my homework. As if that wasn't enough, it was the third time I had fail to hand it in and I was in deep trouble with my math teacher. I remember she made me walk up to her desk and told me to get undressed. A chill went down my back when she said that. "Put all your clothes on my desk and face the class. I remember stacking my clothes on her desk and the sheer embarrassment of slipping my underwear off. Didn't even dare to make her mad by covering my penis with my hands. Just stood there facing the class with arms by my side, looking at the floor in extreme shame. I was shure she made me do it because she sexually enjoyed. She had the reputation of sexually touching boys in the hallways and know she was getting off on my nakedness. I knew my embarassment was sexually turning her on and she was going to keep me that way till I had no dignity left. The fact that I was 14 and old enough to feel shame made it even more degrading. Not even my sister had seen me so naked and there I was, facing a class full of girls scanning every inch of my body and watching my penis creeping up slowly on me. Nothing could have stopped me from getting a full erection. It was hard not to get one. It was like it had its own brain and just got harder and barder. I was so relieved when the bell rang and every one walked out of the classroom. There was only me and the teacher that now was making me do math problems on the black board with her hand on my butt. I could feel her hand sliding up between my thighs, tickling my balls an jerking my dick with the other. She kept telling to keep quiet, witch I was going to do anyway out of embarrassment. Standing up with her sitting in her desk chair, she began sucking my dick, grabbing me bye my butt cheeks and pushing it in deep in her mouth. I knew very little about sex and what she was doing frankly disgosted me. But secretly I admit the feeling was getting me horny and shocked about what she was doing to me, can't remember if I unlaoded in her mouth or not. All I can remember was my knees shaking, her hard sucking and a contracting feeling of pleasure. If I did or not she most have swallowed it all. I'm now 26 years old and reflecting back on it. I thinking that naked punishments awakens the desire of sex among adults with young boys that they have total control of. At that age most kids just do what teachers tell them and never tell anyone about it and girls just talk about it among them. I think in those two years girls saw most of the boys in school naked and probably saw more penises than in thsir whole life. I think is for sure, they had a great time looking.

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    Straight Male / 49

    This takes place when I was nineteen, and my then girlfriend was fourteen. We'd been going out for a few months, with a bit of kissing and groping through clothes.

    This particular evening her parents were out, and we were (we thought) in the house alone. We sat/lay on the settee together, and the kissing progressed. She took off her t-shirt, and I saw her bra for the first time. It was white, with heart-shaped cups. After a bit more kissing and feeling, she encouraged me to undo it. As I slipped it off, I saw her beautiful tits - just developing, with lovely pink nipples. I've never forgotten that sight - I can see it clearly now!

    After some more kissing and stroking, she encouraged me to take off my t-shirt. We lay there together topless for a while, enjoying the moment.

    Then I stood up, undo my jeans, and took them off. She did the same - and we saw each other in a new light. Her panties were pink, with a little picture on the front (I can't remember what it was). Her tummy was beautiful and flat, and curved around her little belly button. I had white underpants on - with an erection inside. Not only was there a large bulge, but the front was also quite wet - plenty of pre-cum!

    We lay on the settee like that for a while kissing and cuddling, and then I slid my hand down the front of her panties. I ran my fingers through her full bush, and found her damp slit. Kissing me hard, and getting up all her courage (I was her first boyfriend), she pulled down the front of my underpants, revealing my erect cock!

    I am circumcised, and she ran her fingers up and down the shaft, and round the head. I pulled her panties down a bit, and slipped my finger into her slit a little way - she was still a virgin.

    As she gently stroked my cock, and my fingers tickled her clit and virgin pussy - her younger brother (aged eleven) opened the doot and walked into the room!!

    A s he took in the view, she screamed - and tried to cover herself - and I tried to cover my erect cock with my hand.
    All he said was: "It's alright - I won't tell mum and dad!"

    But the mood was gone, sadly. She got dressed, we had a cup of tea (!!!), and then I left.

    There were other occasions later - but none so embarrassing!!

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    Straight Male / 30

    Have to think ð¤ a little

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    Straight Male / 18

    My Mother embarrassed me 2 weeks ago and I don't know if I can go back to school.
    I had 2 friends come over to the house and we were playing cards in the basement when my mom came down and brought us some drinks she was wearing an old dress that she never wears when there is anybody around as you can almost see through it and it looked like she had on no underwear. She went back upstairs and one of the guys said your Mom is beautiful and has a great body. I told him to knock it off and he said sorry.

    At 5:00 Mom yelled down and asked if the guys wanted to stay for supper they said we sure would. Mom said I need to see you so I went up stairs and she said you will have to go to the store and get a couple of things.
    So I said I will ask the guys to go with me she said let them stay and play and you go.

    Now the store she sent me to is about a half an hour away so I told the guys I would be back in an hour or so.
    The guys had no problem and keep playing cards.

    When I came back from the store Mom was not in the kitchen she was in the basement and when I look down the stairs she was on all fours in front of the couch sucking on Hank's cock while Ronnie was fucking her from behind. I dropped back not believing my eyes so I looked down the stairs again and Ronnie said i'm going to cum and Hank said wait and she will fill her up. I just stood there looking at my Mom with my two best friends using her.

    Hank said she is going to suck all the cum out of my cock go ahead and shot in her Ronnie. He grabbed Mom's hips and said here it comes inside you he was pumping her ass as fast as he could and she was sucking Hanks cock dry. Mom just stayed there with the two of them inside her she was still sucking Hanks cock and he was telling her that she had sucked him dry. Ronnie told her she was a great fuck and she took Hanks cock out of her mouth and said you have a big cock and it felt good. Hank told her he would like to fuck her c**t sometime. She said I like that too young hard cocks make me go wild.

    I pretended to come into the house making a lot of noise Mom was at the top of the stairs and was fixing her dress and my friends were a little behind her. What's for supper Mrs. Miller Hank said. I sure am hungry Ronnie said as he walked into the kitchen. What did you guys do while I was gone I asked. Just keep playing cards and waiting for you to get back.

    I wondered if Mom was doing any other young guys so the next day I asked if she liked my friends and she said they are good boys. I told her they like her and think she is beautiful and have a great body does that excite you when young guys think of you as a sex object. She said I am just an old woman all worn out.

    As she spoke I thought taking of young guys will wear out your pussy and your mouth.

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    Straight Female / 45

    I have come to realize when I roll my eyes at my husband I get one hard slap on my bare ass.
    When I tell a lie I get 5.
    But when I get caught smoking a joint out on the street with the neighbor I get my bare ass spanked right there while the neighbor watches. That was the worst and most embarrassing spanking I've ever received. I was never even swatted publicly by my parents.
    He has threatened to spank me at the store a couple times but I didn't think he would. I guess now I know there's a possibility he will do it.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My name is Ana. I'm 18 years old and I find it embarrassing having a poo when I'm out somewhere or I'm at someone's house. I'm OK if I need a wee but a number two is out of the question unless I'm in the privacy of my own bathroom at home. I remember once last year I went to the zoo with my friend Claire and I needed a poo on the train journey there. By the time we got off the train I was busting for a poo and we both went to the toilet to have a wee but I held my poo all day. We got to the zoo at about 10:30 and I had a slight stomach ache and a lot of gas. Claire said she was going to the toilet which surprised me because she only been half an hour ago. I waited outside for her and I used the time on my own to release a much needed fart. I felt a little bit better after that but I had to clench at the end in case I pood myself. After 15 minutes Claire came out of the toilets and i asked her if there was a queue. Her face went red as she said awkwardly "Er yes, and it was a big one!" I though that sounds like a double entendre to me! We walked around looking at the animals until lunchtime and we went to a café for something to eat and drink and I was really feeling the need to relieve my bowels but I kept holding it as I couldn't face doing it in a public toilet with people around me. I had a small snack with a drink while Claire had a quarter pound burger with fries and she super sized it which is usual for Claire as she likes to eat a lot. After lunch we went to the aquarium section and we spent the afternoon in there. After that it was time get the train home and when we got to the station Claire said she was desperate for a wee and I needed a wee as well as as an urgent need to have a poo but of course I online peed which was difficult to do without pooing at the same time. When I came out of the toilets there was no sign of Claire and I knew there wasn't a queue in the toilets so I knew she was having a poo. I was seriously desperate to go by now and knowing Claire was having a second poo made me feel even more desperate and I thought what the hell and I went back into the toilets to have a very much needed poo. Claire was washing her hands by now and she asked me why I was back and I was too embarrassed to admit I was dying for a poo and I told her it was womens stuff. I rushed into a cubicle not realising that made it obvious I was desperate and as soon as I got the door locked I pulled my jeans and knickers down together and plopped my bottom down with a thump and I hear a girl saying to her mum, "She's desperate." I was so embarrassed and I had to hold it until I they left. Only one problem with that plan. I was bursting for a poo and I couldn't hold it any longer and I felt my poo coming out against my will. It stank and I can't even begin to describe how good it felt. The relief of it was nearly as good as an orgasm and I couldn't help sighing with relief. I pushed the last few bits out and wiped 6 times before I felt clean and I quickly left without washing my hands as I just wanted to get out of there. Claire embarrassed me by remarking I was a long time and I got my own back by telling her I wasn't as long her. She said she really had to do a number two and holding it wasn't an option and I told her I knew how she felt.

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    Straight Female / 30

    My name is Stacie and the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was when I pood myself at work. I was on the phone to an important client and I had a stomach ache and I really needed to get to the toilet but the call went on for ages and I had to hold it. I was desperate to go and I sat with my bum on the edge of my chair in a desperate effort to avoid having an accident in my knickers. I was in agony for over half an hour and when I finished on the phone I clenched tightly and stood up slowly trying not to lose control of my bowels. I walked stiffly towards the toilets but I was overtaken by Lauren our manager and by the way she was holding her stomach I knew she had an upset stomach. Lauren made it to the toilet just before me and she shut the door in front of me. Three seconds later she was having some nasty sounding diarrhoea in the toilet and listening to it made me need to go even more. She spent ages in there and I couldn't hold it any longer. I felt a squirt of diarrhoea shoot into my knickers. I clenched tightly but it wasn't enough and I felt it coming out slowly and I relaxed knowing the battle was over. I filled my knickers and it was running down my legs and when Lauren came out she saw what happened and she apologised saying she hadn't realised how badly I needed to go. She let me go home early and told me to take a few days off to recover.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Ok being totally crazy about having a nice piece of meat in my mouth and in my Ass and feelING him cum a gallon is still in my mind I still love checking out cock but I quit 1 year ago because of my age if I got to the glory hole early I'd get alot of cock but if they saw me get in I was too old for them

    I have a friend that I grew up with since 5 years old we'd play doctors she'd pull down her panties and let me look and touch her pussy and would show me how she peed I'd show her my dick and she'd touch it and play with my balls then when I was being fucked by guys she wanted to see the cum drip outta my,ass.

    Anyway she text me and wanted me to come to her stable so i,went she told me she had been having sex with her horse I told her bull and prove it she had a Morgan stallion we had no secrets and she saw a ton of cum fall out of my ass so she stripped and started talking and playing with his cock it didn't look like the weird flat head horse cock it looked like a human cock

    She was stroking it and pulling on it then she sucked on it and put it in her pussy and looked at me my cock was rock hard she kept ducking him then shoved him up her ass and talking dirty I was jacking off to this sight the horse filled her ass and was squirting out of her

    She got up and wiped his cock clean and told me she had been having sex with her horses since she was 13 and she also fucked all her dogs all large breeds then dared me to touch his cock my brain is going 100 mph thinking this is wrong

    So there I am playing with horse cock
    And enjoying it next thing I'm sucking this massive cock in my mouth
    and enjoying it I look at my friend and she's working on another horse so I'm now naked ducking cock for all I'm worth playing with his huge nutsack getting him wet with my spit I put his cock in my Ass she's doing the same thing

    I'd have him in my Ass and in my mouth and Bach in my Ass he came and filled me up to my tonsils I turned around and sucked him clean and watched her finish her horse then she had one more suprise for me

    She thanked me for not letting anybody touch her when we were young and I was taking care of all those teenagers that would duck me in the bushes sometime's up to 13 boys in my Ass and mouth but I'd always meet her under her house take my pants off and let her watch the cum drip sometimes she'd play with my asshole bUT I'd always tell her what happened

    She got off watching me with her horse but the next thing I wasn't ready for this huge dog came in and she played with his dick he was sniffing her and getting hard she sucked his pink dick got on her hands and knees and I guided his big cock into her pussy and she told me to push him in deeper she wanted his knot

    So she had cock and knot in her pussy aND fucking like crazy they were locked up for an hour she asked if I waneed to try it I said no but I'd really like for both of us to work on the stallion together then she brought out a bench she had made we're sucking the horse she puts the bench under him lays under the horse and asked me to guide it in so I did and the horse was fucking her

    I was like a little kid at a carnival saying my turn my turn so I laid on the bench and she guided it into my ass and got fucked nice he shot in me again and his cum was going everywhere I told her my mind was blown and enjoyed watching her and touched her pussy like when we were 5 we'd play with each other in the movies and had no secrets

    She told me to come over any time I like or spend a week with her she lived alone the place was willed to her by her folks so I packed a bag and stayed with her she always cleaned every cock and every animal cock I watched her suck horse till it shot in her mouth and video taped it it was blowing out her mouth with pressure running down her body I got some on my hand and licked it not bad or salty

    I loved being fucked by horses didn't do the dog yet but the donkey 5 times and the stallion 6 times a day and have her watch me squat and see the cum run out so I now suck and fuck animals with my life long friend she wants to see me fuck one but I'd rather be on my back getting cock

    She also got into pegging me with a strapless dildo and I'm ok with that
    The ranch is totally secluded she asked if I wanted human cock o tell her nope I have you and the animals
    And I enjoy talking about everything that happened to me I sometimes wake her up telling her it's time to drain the horses so off we go 10 horny horses to suck and fuck

    And yes I get filled alot and the horse enjoy it squeezing their huge balls and sucking them tenderly we do alot of filming cum shots blow jobs and dog sex for her she likes to play with my dick and fingers my asshole alot but I'm happy and getting ready to go back again for a month she likes my being there and I told her she created a monster

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 26

    I'll call this story "The booze whore" because that best describes the shameful lustful creature that is me.
    Now for the background, typically, in order to have sex, I need to have a few drinks in me.
    There have been a few times though that I got not just buzzed, but kind of OVER indulged.

    One time, after just such an evening of over indulgence, I licked my boyfriend's balls & let him rub his cock on my face. That's to say the least, very out of the ordinary for me. I don't recall everything, but I remember enough to be humiliated thinking back.

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