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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Lately I cannot control my sexual desires. I'm horny all the time. So for my hour lunch I went to my usual place picked up my food . Got in the car but I was not hungry but horny as hell. So I didn't want to look obvious. I pulled the car to the back of the parking lot near the garbage. Climbed in the backseat the 3rd row of my SUV. Looked up a hot nasty porn video with 3 women 1 man and a whole lot of tongue action. My windows is semi tinted I didn't think nobody will notice as I pulled out my my titties started to rub my nipples, my fingers traveling down rubbing my pussy through my pants. I was really getting into it and just wanted to rub my wet juicy pussy until I orgasm but next thing I know I hear a knock on the window. I look over one of the young boys that work at the restaurant was standing there. He had a bag of garbage in his hand and he was looking through the window. I was so shocked. I quickly put my titties back in my shirt. He had a big smile on his face. I said I'm sorry I'm about to go. He said I'm not mad I just wish I could climb in and help you. Then I climbed into the front to the driver's seat startd the car sped off. I haven't been back to the restaurant since.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Last summer on our boat my wife and I were fishing with two of my friends. It was blistering hot and my wife was wearing a bikini. I noticed my friends were sitting across from her and not paying attention to their fishing poles. I glanced over and realized that her bald little pussy was completely exposed. She was unaware of this. I didn't say anything about it at first. Then I said hey baby why don't you lay down on the other seat so you can tan easier. She did once the guys moved. This gave them a perfect view almost inside her. They were doing everything to hide their hard-ons but they were still noticeable. I told her about it later , at first she was upset and mad but eventually got over it. I have been begging her to go to the next step since. She's having a hard time with it. But admits that it did turn her on to know they saw her pussy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    My husband's sister came to stay with us. She was distant and kept to herself. After several days I decided to go talk to her. She broke down, told me she thought she was a lesbian and she had her heart broken.

    Comforting her she opened up to me and she touched a part of me that had been suppressed for many years. I am not proud of losing my self control, of cheating on my husband with his baby sister, of putting my life and home on the line. My husband forgives us but everything has changed. My feelings for his sister are raw and overwhelming. I am dealing again with my feelings. She is his sister, that is why I am in love with her, they may be male and female but they are so alike. Still no excuse I am in love with her and I want to stay married too. If I wasn't with his sister I am pretty sure my marriage would be over by now.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Say what you will I was young barely 14 and my best friend was staying with me all weekend. Well on Saturday my parents left us home alone well the embarrassing moment came when it got dark and me and her were having fun playing truth or dare, and we left my neighbors dog in my house which was normal on the weekends for him to be out roaming the street. Well my parents asked someone to check up on us my aunt caught me mounted while my friend watched since she went first....
    She didn't stop it instead lectured me and my friend while I was still being humped. She started calling me Scooby snack after that.

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    Straight Female / 19

    This isn't about sleeping with my boss. It is about sleeping with my mother's boss. I have known his since I was nine. He takes care of my mother, she is the queen bee in her office and everyone knows she is his favorite. She got sick so he came to see her and brought her flowers. When it was time for him to leave he hugged me, but tight. I had my hands on his arms trying to keep my distance and he pressed me closer and told me that I he liked feeling my boobs against him. Now, now just let me hold you and you show me why a young woman likes to be held. Hell, I pushed but he held me and didn't let me go.

    When he finally let me go he took some money out of his wallet and pressed it into my hand and told me that I needed to go get my hair done that he wanted me to pretty myself up for him, and he wanted a good night kiss and to take care of my mother. My mother was in her room so she didn't see anything.

    Next time I saw him he grabbed me again and told me to give him boobs and why hadn't I gone to the hairdresser like he had asked. While he held me he told me to rub my boobs against him, and he pulled me close by the waist and then my ass so I could feel him against me. To get pretty for him and he was going to take me out and he wanted a nice pretty girl, that he wanted tits and ass and he didn't want a long face, he wanted kisses and hugs. He took me to his house and he fucked me. It wasn't anything like a long seduction or anything, it was an outright fuck, he expected me to be hot for him. After he fucked me he had me lay on his chest and tell him why I wanted to be his girlfriend.

    My mother's boss is 48 years old, I am 19 going on 20, my mother has worked for him for over ten years, I know she was his girl way back then and she is his at work wife sort of. He is the main man in her life and knowing that he is fucking me is going to hurt her. Now that he has succeeded I can't stop thinking of all those times when I was growing up, when I had just barely started to become a girl, when I was a teenager, when he gave my mother a car as a gift for me, when he hugged me and had me stand beside him at the table and put my arm around his neck, when he had me kiss his cheek, when he just patted me on the rear to say good night, those stupid moments when he accidently kissed my lips. Now he us fucking me outright.

    I never put two and two together, he ran off this boy that was trying to see me because I wasn't old enough to date. I know now that he has had his eye on me since my mother first went to work for him and she was his girl at the time. Now he is fucking her daughter. I live with my mother, when he came to dinner the other night I put my arms around his neck to give him boobs while he hugged me. He kissed my lips when he said good night. We cleaned up the kitchen in silence. I don't think I can have a rational conversation with her about this.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I went to Kohlâs today to buy some new pants. Iâve been there many times before and I was always surprised that the dressing rooms werenât really seperated into âmenâ and âwomenâ. The small rooms are private, donât get me wrong, but anyone can go in them.
    So I found some clothes I wanted to try on and went to the dressing room closest to the menâs department. The store wasnât crowded and I was killing time, so not in a hurry to do anything really. I casually tried on several pair of pants, then I heard someone going into the next fitting room. A phone rang and I heard the woman answer it. I felt kind of strange at first eavesdropping on someone while standing there in just my underwear. But I admit, I got kind of turned on by it.
    And then the person she was taking to (a boyfriend or husband) must have asked her to send pictures!! I listened to her giggling and my head filled with all kinds of naughty thoughts and my cock was hard as a rock. I tried on another pair of pants... obviously, this pair was a bit tighter in the crotch! Feeling extra bold, I decided to step out of the dressing room with my dick hard and totally visible through the fabric.
    I stepped out into the common area, pretending to check myself out in the bigger mirror out there when the woman emerged from her room. She looked directly at my very noticeable cock and froze in the doorway for a second. I smiled, not saying a thing and went back into my fitting room. Damn she was a looker!!
    Iâm not some good looking hunk, but I do have a nice cock. Iâve never been ogled before or into exhibitionism, but I think I might do more of it soon!!
    Back in my fitting room, I jerked off and came right there in the store.

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    Straight Female / 44

    I watched porn twice today and masturbated x2 as well. I felt I needed the release and it does relax my body having an orgasm. I am so desperate and I want a new man. oh god send me a cute rich one now please.

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    Straight Male / 42

    My Asian gf and her 19 year old son moved in 11 months ago. Within no time I could tell her son was a bit crazy when she wasnât around. He is in college and a good kid but his sexual energy doesnât seem to have a release. Heâll get out of the shower and walk around in his boxers, couple times he was popping a tent and trying to get my attention. At first I was like this kid is messed up but itâs entertaining to me know.
    I guess heâs bi, or something.

    One day about a month ago, im Just getting out of the shower and he walks in, yet I know I locked the door because I know when heâs coming home. Whatever I think, and just cover up, he said sorry and went to the other bathroom.

    Two hours later Iâm having couple drinks watching TV laying on the couch relaxing and he comes into the den and asked if I could get up so he could sit down, Iâm like no sit somewhere else.

    15 minutes later heâs lays on my back, i thought it was a joke and Iâm like wtf is this fool doing on me,

    Iâm just about to flip out on him, then just took a deep breath and relaxed for a few sec, and he is actually dry humping me, and I could feel his cock right between my ass, and it felt really good. So good I just pulled my shorts down for him, he pulled his down and slowly worked it in, now he is always pounding on my man pussy.

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    Straight Female / 50

    I was the secretary to this department head who one day told me that when he was in Vietnam a landmine exploded nearby and he got hit by shrapnel and he had his package torn off, balls and all. He had reconstructive surgery and he has a penile implant but he said he had no feelings. Quite a head trip for a 26 year old. I did feel sorry for him but I could not understand it. I guess I still don't understand it because I still keep thinking of him. I don't think a woman could ever understand what it is to have your package torn off. He must have been a very young man then, because this was in the nineties when he told me about it.

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    Straight Female / 52

    Back in the early eighties when I was sixteen I was with my mother in a store and these two men came in and threw me on the floor and ripped my menstrual pad off me and took it with them.

    No one ever offered a good explanation for why they would do that.

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