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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 37

    I need to beat myself with my belt again. Wasted my time looking for porn instead of seeking fellowship with God. I am Soo depreased about all of this. Especially because none of it excites me!

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    1 / 42

    Ðел ÑÑÑ Ñво ;ей ÑадР;¾ÑÑ&Nt ilde;Ñ!
    Я наÑеÐ&ra quo; инÑÐµÑ Ð½Ðµ&Ntil de; казиÐ&fra c12;о! коÑÐ&fr ac34;Ñо&ET H;µ легкР;¾ ÐÐЫÐРÐ&ET H;¢Ð¬!

    <b>gamefortuna. **t</b>

    ÐÑÑÑ Ð²Ð¾Ð·Ð& frac14;ож ;но&Nt ilde;ÑÑ Ð±ÐµÑ& ETH;¿Ð»Ð& deg;ÑнР;¾Ð¹ дем&E TH;¾ игÑÑ Ð±ÐµÐ&middo t; ÑегиÑ&Nti lde;Ñа&Ntild e;ии и ÑмÑ!
    Сна&N tilde;ал& ETH;° ÑÑенÐ&c edil;ÑÑÐ&m icro;мÑ&Nt ilde;!

    Ð Ñ ÑнаÑÐ °Ð»Ð° пÑÐ&frac 34;ве&Nti lde;ил на беÑ&E TH;¿Ð»Ð&d eg;ÑнР¾Ð¹ игÑÐ&mi cro; - полÑ&Ntild e;ил&ET H;¾ÑÑ Ð²Ñи ;гÑÑ Ð²Ð°Ñ Ñ!
    ÐопÐ&fr ac34;лн ил&Ntild e;Ñ Ð½Ð° 500 ÑÑблÐ& micro;й - и Ñже вÑвел ; и обнÐ& deg;ли&N tilde;ил ; 48 800Ñ. (вÑеÐ&su p3;о! за ÑÑи днÑ!)
    Ð¥Ð¾Ñ Ñ ÑÑоб&Ntil de; побо&ET H;»ÑÑ&ET H;µ лÑдеР¹ об ÑÑом ÑзнÐ& deg;ли - и подÐ&mi ddot;аÑÐ& deg;бо Ñал ;и денÐ&mic ro;г)
    Тем ; болеÐ&mi cro; ÑÑо ÑкоÑÐ&frac3 4; пÑазд ниРºÐ¸!

    Я игÑÐ&d eg;Ñ Ð² кен ;о и ÑоÑ& Ntilde;Ñн Ñ Ð¿Ñоб&E TH;¾Ð²Ð&de g;л блеÐ&or dm; джек - дÑм&ET H;°Ñ на лÑбо&E TH;¹ игÑе поÐ&raq uo;ÑÑÐ&ced il;ÑÑÑ Ñ
    глаÐ&su p2;но& ETH;µ не ÑпеÑÐ&ced il;ÑÑ Ð¸ немнР;¾Ð³Ð&frac 34; подÑÐ&fra c14;аÑÑ ;.

    ÐодÐ& micro;ли ÑÑ Ñ Ð´ÑÑ& ETH;·ÑÑ Ð¼Ð¸ и Ñодн&Nti lde;ми !
    кази&ET H;½Ð¾ моÐ&raqu o;од&ET H;¾Ðµ - поÐ&ord m;а наби ;ÑаÑ& Ntilde; пÑлл игÑ&E TH;¾ÐºÐ&fr ac34;в - меÑÑ ;Ñа два еÑе бÑÐ&ac ute;ÐµÑ Ñал&Nt ilde;ва!
    а поÑÐ& frac34;м неи&E TH;·Ð²Ð&mi cro;ÑÑÐ&fr ac12;о!

    Ñа&E TH;º ÑÑо ÑкоÑÐ& micro;й ÑÐºÐ¾Ñ ÐµÐ¹ - гÑаР;±Ð¸Ð&fra c14; казиÐ&fra c12;о вме&Ntild e;Ñе))

    зовÐ&c edil; дÑÑзе ;й)

    <b>Ðа&E TH;¶Ð½Ð&fr ac34;:</b> легÐ&or dm;о обÑÐ&su p3;ÑÐ°Ñ Ñ ÐºÐ°Ð·Ð¸&ET H;½Ð¾ ÑоÑ&Ntil de;ÑнР;° ÑолÑк ;о на ÑÑом Ñай&Ntild e;е <b>gamefortuna.**t</b> - Ñ Ð¿ÑобÐ&fra c34;ваР» поÑÑÐ&ce dil; на вÑе ;Ñ - и веÐ&middo t;де плÐ&fr ac34;Ñо
    а ÑÑÐ¾Ñ Ð¸Ñ Ð½Ð¾Ð²&N tilde;й ÑÐ°Ð¹Ñ - он моÐ& raquo;од ;ой Ð¿Ð¾Ñ ÑоÐ&f rac14;Ñ Ñака&Nti lde; ÑалÑв&ET H;°!

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    Straight Female / 28

    Christmas day, I was knelt up half naked on the fire side rug with my father in law behind me ramming his huge cock up my soaking wet pussy. When his son, my husband walked in. We thought after all the alcohol he'd drank, and that he'd gone to bed in his old bedroom totally drunk, he'd be out for the rest of the afternoon.

    My husband slurred some incoherent words, slid down onto the floor in the doorway and fell fast asleep. My father in law slid out of my pussy, as I embarrassingly tried to cover up my lower half. But instead of helping his son back to bed, he lifted him onto the sofa, had me kneel up again and slid his cock back into my pussy.

    It was so horny being fucked only feet from my husband, I came in a series of awesome climaxes. Then had another orgasm as my father in law flooded my pussy with his hot sticky cum. By the time my husband woke up and was sober enough to talk, it had gone dark and I'd showered and was making coffee.

    He made some comment about me and his dad fooling around, but almost simultaneously his father and I told him we'd been playing twister. My husband smiled and said "Yeh, I'm not stupid you know, I knew you were".

    Maybe had I have been totally naked we would have been found out, but my husband doesn't have a clue. If he kept himself sober enough to fuck me when I'm horny. Which I have to admit is pretty much all the time. Then just maybe I wouldn't have to seek out his dad to fuck me each week.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I need money...I'm dead broke
    There are a few guys I know who will pay for a good fuck but should it even be an option
    Do I ask my friend to bring all his Nigerian friends for a few rounds to make through the month

    It's bitter sweet I could use a good fuck myself but I need the money too..
    Do I mix business with pleasure ?

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 19

    I hate my body because every time I have an orgasm whether I do it myself or have sex with a guy my pussy gets so wet and like gushes our fluid. It's embarrassing. It makes it look like I wet the bed when we're done. If I am with a guy I really like and want to be with for a long time I don't even want to have an orgasm because I think that he will think something is wrong with me. When I masturbate I have to put a towel under me so it won't get all over the sheets. is this normal and does anyone else have this problem?

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 49

    i thought i was home alone in the back yard i closed the gate when the naborhood stray dog a bull mastiff sniffed around my yard feelingsquirly i kikt my shorts offgot on all fours in seconds the dog was eatingmywinking asshole licking inside me deep i was havingassorgasmnonstop whenhe grab and mountedme his wet dogdick poking asscrack in 5 humps he hit home ramed 7incjhesfirstthrust heballanced his hind feet he began fucking my ass at record speed going deeper till he knocked the air out my lungs hitting bottomas i cametoo his tennis ball knot had burried in my ass we were knotted his dick pulsed throbed and swelled larger than a beer bottle squirting sperm into my gutswhat seem like forever he spermed my ass i was humping back cum flowing out my cock**touched by me i love my ass pounded he was now ass to ass i now fucked back keepingit moving in me as i looked upi came face to facewithmy gf s budding preteen daughter who was watchingthefuckfest and her right hand wildly fingerfuckingher self i yelled for her to go to her room she ask why i sead cuz this wild rabbed dog jumped me and is r****g me when he found me face down sun bathing she sead oh pulled out her girlgoo drenched hand turnt and rsaan itothe house i farted out ploped the dogs dick anda river of doggoo doggy sat licking his huge horse size swolen cock felt like i just gave birth to a 20 pound assbaby jeez what a aeternoon somthing movies are made from. chao putos. sorry im a lovere not a wrighter

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    Straight Male / 24

    Recently had surgery and the incision was made right down the center of my stomach so bending over is quite difficult at the moment. I got out of the hospital last Friday and been figuring out what I can and canât do.

    Showering is difficult. I canât wash from my middle of my groin and down so my mom has to help me. Never thought id ever be in this situation. I get in the shower then a few minutes later she comes in to soap up my butt, legs, penis and testicles. I still manage on my own to shave my pubic area. Once Iâm all soaped up she leaves, I grabbed my razor, shaved and rinse off. Although I canât shave my balls and shaft at all my mom has offered to help but I decline, I donât want someone else having a razor down there!

    Now hereâs the embarrassing part, I am uncut. My mom has to retract my foreskin to wash underneath it and Iâm usually rock hard by then. But that doesnât phase her. She just says itâs natural for a guy to get erect so donât worry. I should add sheâs a nurse too so sheâs seen plenty of nude people. When she pulls my foreskin back I tell her to just leave it back until I was the soap off.

    Then once Iâm all done she helps me dry off and which at that point she pulls my foreskin back over my penis head.

    Then itâs on to getting dressed. Having your mom help put your briefs on is definitely a challenge. I had to teach her to pull them up, make sure my testicles donât get pinched and that my penis has to be adjusted accordingly. She didnât know all the effort to putting on Menâs briefs lol.

    Now masturbation is a different story. I spend all day in just my briefs as itâs just easier that way for me. I still have the urge to cum everyday and what I found works best currently is I rub my hard cock in my briefs against my bed. I will just cum in my briefs before I take a shower at night

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 20

    So when I was... I'll just say Younger, I was putting together a black cat costume for Halloween. We ordered a set of ears and a tail off of Amazon and when they got to us I took the box straight to my room to try them on. Well it turned out that the set we ordered, the tail was... not a pin-on tail like I expected, it was a butt plug.

    But, at the time I mean I was embarrassed but I also thought it would be a huge hassle and even more embarrassing to take it to mom and have her return it to get a new set, and besides that... it was a butt plug. I had a sex toy. A real one. Up until then I had only used like markers, pens, my favorite hair brush, etc. and I'd never put more than a pen or a finger in my ass. I had been wanting a dildo or a vibrator, but I didn't know how to get those and this just kind of fell in my lap, so I decided to keep it and not tell anyone.

    I figured out how to put the plug in and got used to having it in, then I figured out how to thread the tail over the waistband of the skirt I was going to wear for the costume so it just looked like a pin-on tail and nobody would ask questions. I wore that tail plug the whole night that Halloween going trick or treating and I'd worn it to a few costume events, including one at school, before that. After that I kept it, found other excuses to wear it with the ears, even figured out I could use it like a dildo if I made sure it was clean. I still have it even though it's not the only butt plug/tail plug let alone the only sex toy I have now.

    I wish I had found this site closer to Halloween, I would have posted this then.

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    Straight Male / 21

    Couple of years back one of the older lads id been working with came back early and caught me having a wank over this porn mag id found in the loft i could feel my face burning with embarrassment as i pulled up my pants but he said no please, let me, iv wanted this a long time,hes married and im straight but i was bloody aroused by the mag and thought fuck it,My cock was hard and he was feeling it as i stood over him near enough on tip toe against a wall his lips sucking at my cock he seemed to know how to delay me coming so for about a good twenty minutes i was in heaven having my cock sucked and the shaft licked,its a real buzz to tease a guy with your cock so he really wants it and believe me he did,and then i knew i was gonna come and forced it deeper, he somehow took it pulled at my bum and i shot my load ,Felt a bit, for fucks sake what have i done but it soon passed so i am getting my cock sucked,keeping my mouth shut and so what he love`s sucking my cock,He said he`s waited years to experience it but could not face the embarrassment of a chance meeting in some toilet or even get arrested and lose his wife and family,

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 20

    My dad is a huge jerk.
    There was about 20 of us camping. It was friends and family.
    I was hanging out with the older boys. They were drinking. I wanted a drink. As soon as I put the beer bottle to my lips my dad shows up. We're in the middle of the woods I didn't even hear him coming.
    He says "young lady you are not old enough to drink". The boys start laughing.
    My dad is scolding me in front of them going on and on about how disrespectful this is. At the end of his rant he grabs my arm and loudly tells me I just earned myself a trip over his knee. The boys are howling with laughter.
    I'm telling him no and trying to struggle my arm away. We stop and he whacks my ass. He says "do I need to bare your bottom right here?"
    I say "no sir". We continue on.
    We get to our tent and he tells me get in there and get your pants off. As I'm going in I see the boys gave moved closer. My dad yells for my mom and loudly tells her I have a punishment coming and he'll be out in a few.
    I know not to make him wait so before he gets in the tent I have already taken off my pants.
    I have to lay down on my back and lift my feet. At this point he is using his hand on my underwear covered butt.
    He tells me to pull them off and roll over. Now comes the belt on my bare butt. The slaps are fast and loud. I am crying and begging him to stop. I know people can hear me but I can't help it.
    He finally stops and tells me to get dressed and find some place to sit.
    I have to stay with him for the rest of the day.
    Upon leaving the tent I see the boys. They are still laughing. I'm so embarrassed. I've come to hate camping.
    I wanted to hide somewhere.

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