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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 43

    I was bored awhile ago and put an ad on Craigslist with a pic of my cock. A woman answered begging to give me a blowjob and swallow. To make it more exciting we didn't exchange face pics. We liked the thrill. When we met it turned out she was one of my patients. I simply said we had 2 options. We could either go our separate ways immediately and pretend it didn't happen or go ahead and do it anyway. Short version: she blew me and swallowed while her husband watched!

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    Straight Male / 43

    This is less embarrassing for me than an ex. I have no idea why, but I LOVE having my testicles played with aggressively. No pain or injury but my balls just crave and ache for rough play...occasionally bordering on ball torture. I'm straight and sexy, wealthy and attractive and my only vice is sexy feet and having my testicles played with hard and creatively. Literally I would LOVE it if ANYONE came up with a new, perverse, deviant and nasty thing to do to my testicles! Anyway, I had a girlfriend when I was 19 - 23 and she was a virgin when we met. (Although she sucked off a lot of guys before me. Once she blew some guy from her high school home room and 2 of his friends in the bushes in front of our university centre. Oddly I found that hot!) When we fucked I'd have her squeeze my balls as I was ejaculating. After we broke up and she found a new guy and they had sex. Just as he was about to cum she grabbed his balls and squeezed! He yelled and jumped off the bed and stayed in the washroom whimpering and moaning. There's a lesson in there somewhere. I don't know where because I had fun!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I really love to suck black men's cocks and am getting pretty good at it. I think I found my next full time job in applying for, I just hope my wife don't find out.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have a young mistress who know I enjoy being embarrassed by her. She knows I like to be teased and also that I like it when she exposes me publically. She called me tonight and gave me some unusual orders. Something I've never had to do before. I had to shave my body from head to toe. Put on her bra panties top and jeans. Then I have to print off a picture of her that I have, of her tits. Turn on my video camera and record myself pulling my pants and panties down, then jerk off to her pic. She said to send her the video so she can show some of our friends. She will show everyone, I know. But I can't say no.. Wish me luck.

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    Straight Male / 30

    This 30 yr old divorced white male recently had an embarrassing moment that turned erotic.A couple days ago I was in a downtown park with a female date and we were kissing passionately.All that making out and made me horny as hell with my cock straining against my pants.Unfortunately she had to catch a train for the Easter weekend to visit her mother so she left me there high and dry.As I sat there reflecting on what could have been I noticed this older gentleman nearby who kept trying to catch my eye.I thought oh no some old gay guy checking me out.Because he was looking at me so much I met his glance as if to say why do you keep looking at me.He must have misinterpreted my return glance as interest because he got up and sat beside me.I wondered if I should just get up and leave.I noticed he was around 60 white haired not really overweight but definitely packing a few pounds in his midsection,wearing glassed but otherwise ordinary looking.I then realized to my horror I still had a hard on from my date.And it was not going down anytime soon no matter how much I willed it too.He looked down and noticed it.

    So I was sitting there not knowing what to do.He kept staring at my erection and smiled.He must think that I am turned on to him I thought.Instead of getting up and leaving I continued sitting there.He asked to smoke a cigarette and I said sure go ahead.He took out a long 100 cigarette and placed it in his mouth.He lit up and took a deep drag.He then reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small amber bottle.He then said inhale some of this.When I looked at him dumbfoundedly he explained these are poppers silly you snort them.I thought what is that stuff I should stay away from it.He said it will help you feel good.He opened the bottle and sniffed showing me how it was done.I looked around and saw no one nearby so I thought I will try it once and stop if it feels bad.I took the bottle and inhaled deep with my nose like I saw him do.I soon felt this strange rush and hot feeling inside me then my head felt this deepening euphoria.It lasted a minute or 2 then stopped.I inhaled again and the same rush only even stronger.I started feeling disinhibited and my erection felt so hard I wondered if it would burst.I looked over at him and his face had softened.His smoking looked sensual and sexy in a way I had never noticed before.He sucked on the filter like it was a cock.God he looks so handsome right now why is this happening to me.The more I inhaled the hotter his smoking looked.He saw me looking at him and then said I live nearby let's go.He got up and started walking .Every once in awhile I would take the poppers and take a deep snort when I thought no one could see me.I started having all kinds of crazy thoughts like I am walking with my boyfriend, that I am with this sexy old man and I love it etc.Needless to say I was hornier than I have ever been in my life.We got to his condo apartment and I barely noticed the surroundings. All I noticed was him the way he moved his ass his face his smile.It was like I was in love with him everything he did made me glow inside and excited me.What the hell is happening to me.Before I knew it he had taken my clothes off and his and we were standing naked face to face in his bedroom.Our hard cocks were pressed together and both stiff.we both had cut cocks but the head of his cock was fatter than mine while the length was similar.I took another deep inhale of the poppers and heard myself saying kiss me.He moved real close and kissed me deep and passionately as my mouth opened to take his tongue in.It was like no kiss I had had with a woman.It was deeper more insistent.It aroused my whole body.He lay me on my bad and laying beside me explored my naked body with his hamds and mouth.Soon he was expertly sucking my cock as I moaned and moaned.It felt indescribably intense and I was in ecstasy.Seeing his head bobbing up and down triggered me to let loose a huge load of my sperm while I cried out.He greedily swallowed every drop until my balls were emptied.After this we kissed and I could taste my cun on his lips which only made it more sexy.We lay there awhile and being 30 I was soon hard again.Looking at his face now I found him attractive in a way I never felt with a man before.He looked handsome and right for me.I shuddered inside myself realizing Oh god I could fall in love with a man like this.This stiffened my cock and gave me those love tingles I had only felt with women before but this was deeper more insistent.He had earlier told me his name was Howard.Howard then said it is your turn now baby.I knew what he meant.He wanted me to please him the same way and take my first cock ever in my mouth.Deep down I wanted this and without another thought moved down and kissed the head of his cock.The poppers had me me so uninhibited I was soon sucking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could.I felt so alive so sexy and loved that I was pleasing him as I could hear his moans.He soon spurted in my mouth and I found myself needing to swallow his creamy load every bit of it until he was done.I had this soft feeling inside of satisfaction that I had pleased and looked after his cock.For awhile we lay there until he handed me a cigarette and we both lay there smoking contentedly.I realized I loved this feeling and wondered if I would ever go back to women after this.Another though emerged.... what if I am truly gay and this is who I really am.Before I could finish that thought he asked me to return to him in a couple nights so we could resume.I cleaned up and left in this glowing state of mind.Been thinking of him ever since and I am going over to his place tonight.I bought a pack of Benson and Hedges 100 s his brand and been smoking them the last couple days.When I look at my face in the mirror now I see a softening and new recognition.I am starting to look like a younger version of him.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I grew up in a small rural community, pretty religious community and I was brought up as a Lutheran and went all the way through school at the local Lutheran private school. My parents wanted me to follow them to Texas Lutheran in Seguin, Texas. I chose the University of Texas for a variety of reasons.

    However when I got to UT I was a duck out of water. During orientation I met a graduate student from overseas and I found myself with him at his apartment alone. He brought me there for one reason. I wasn't able to get away and he had his way on the couch and we fell to the floor. I tried to crawl away but he got on my back and trying to get back into my V he found my A hole and why not, he ran me through. I later had to wipe him clean, which caused me to vomit all over the floor. I had to clean up the vomit and he had his way again, this time 100% in my V and which caused me to get pregnant.

    The pregnancy was very embarrassing, I could not go home like that so I begged off over and over and begged to spend Thanksgiving with friends, actually spent it alone on campus, and Christmas I went home but stayed one day. I felt like I was so obviously pregnant but no one noticed, it was winter and I wore loose sweaters.

    Back at college I confided in my roommate and she took me to the doctor. Everything was progressing normally and I had the baby in the late spring, giving the baby up for adoption. The father of the baby never found out.

    Moving onto today, I married a man who never knew about my pregnancy in college and I had three kids with him. Last fall the baby I had in college found me and we met and she is a grown woman now of 24. I told her everything, except how I got pregnant, but I did not know her father or where he was. I couldn't help her. I did tell her that he never knew I had been pregnant.

    I fell in love with her in one second. I brought her to my husband and confessed. I know that I am past lucky that he took it for something of youth and he accepted her and we are working on building a relationship with her. My part I have never confessed to him is what happened that night. It was not a one night stand. Some things have to be a secret. I don't care about the guy, he is Middle Eastern and good riddance, I am past glad he never knew and pray that he never does.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Just got done serving two years in prison in Ohio. I was forced to take my cell mates dick the first night there. Then that progressed to me being passed around till I ended up with a Mexican guy that had a big dick. Heâd fuck me a few nights a week but somedays Iâd have to service his friends.

    When I say big dick Iâm talking 8 to 9 inches and very thick. Like a pop can. After my first week in prison I spent a few days in the infirmary because my asshole got a tear from the dicks I took in the first 4 nights.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Humiliating is a better word than embarrassing. I played a ztrip game and my girl friend and I lost all our clothes. We both had to stand on a table and do three naked turns with horny guys lusting over our boobs and pussies. It was the most daring thing I had ever been forced to do. I remember I got so wet down there, I masturbated when I got home.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I once got high on drugs and sexualy forced into sex. It happed when I was 17 in a party that got off hand. I had never done drugs and sure it would have no effect on me till it hit me. There were other girls doing it because it was a good excuse to get guys to fuck them. In fact I saw a few of them having oral sex and fucking not caring if they were being watched. I was so out of it, I ended up with two guys taking my clothes off with girls telling them to fuck me. I remember being held on the floor completly stripped with two naked guys sucking my pussy and fingering my butt hole. No ment nothing to them and got sexually ravished for hours. I remember them pushing their dicks into my mouth and ejacularing on my faces. The worst part was having my clothes stashed away and other guys taking turn on me. It was first grab first fuck and so high, I couldn't do much about. Kept thinking I diserved it for hanging out doing drugs with people I didn't know. Had more sex that night than I had had in my intire life. Even the next mourning I was still high when I got home and had to pretend I was drunk in front of my parents. Thank God they swallowed the story because I wasn't about to tell them the truth.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Live with my mom because life unexpectedly didnât go as planned. No big deal. My mom has walked in on me masturbating which is embarrassing but not really that much. Isnât like people donât know guys do it.

    Whatâs got me embarrassed is I meet this woman. Well sheâs a transsexual so she has a dick. A pretty well sized one. We were having sex one afternoon when my mom was out. I was laying on the bed taking her dick and my mom walked in my bedroom! Not only was my mom surprised to find me having sex but she froze and it took her time to realize that this girl I hang out with has a dick!

    Took us a few minutes to realize she walked in because she was still fucking my ass till she pulled out and I stood up asking my mom if she could give us privacy. Once she left we finished sex then followed by my mom questioning her about being a trans which she was more than happy to answer. Whole time my mom wondering how she fit her big dick into panties.

    Then after she left my mom asking me how it feels to have cum in my butt

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