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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 27

    Ok so this is going to be short but I really need feedback I have no one to talk to that I trust... so I was out drinking with a couple of my buddies the other night and after we went back to a friends to keep the night going and after some heavy drinking I was to wasted to walk so my friend who house we were at put me on his bed and I passed out but I woke up the next morning naked and cum all over me and my mouth full of cum. I was so confused because no one was home and it had been 7 hours I had a good idea what happened but worked up the courage to ask my friend and then he sent me pictures of him giving me oral and his cock in my mouth while he came and said I wonât tell if you donât and most straight guys would be pissed off but Iâm strangely turn on? So my question is how would anyone else approach this situation? Iâm a young good looking male who has no trouble picking up but never thought Iâd ever interact with another male and I feel like my entire world is upside down. Please help

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    Straight Female / 32

    I was 14 at the time and staying at friend's house because my mother was in the hospital. I was so sick one day I stayed in bed in my girlfriend's room. The only one else there that day was my friends dad. I was sick all night and think about 10 am that morning I tried to get to the bathroom but threw up all over myself. To make matters worse it began coming out both ends. Aside from vomit I had the runs and was soaked from head to foot in vomit and crap. My friends dad came to my rescue SORT OF!!!!! He helped me into the bathroom and I was so sick I never tried to stop him from undressing me. As he took my pj's and panties off the tub was filling up. First he took a towel and wiped my body off the physically lifted me into the tub washing off my body with a soapy cloth. I felt weak and extremely tired and didn't experience the embarrassment until he helped me stand up and out of the tub. I just stood there sick and blushing as he dried my body and carried me back to my friends room the entire time naked. He got me my friends clean pj's and help me put them on and tucked me back in bed with a trash can beside the bed. He took care of me the rest of the day giving me ginger ale and making me soup until my friend got home. This man saw me in the most humiliating circumstances I could ever imagine. For years every time I saw him it was embarrassing all over again and although I see him seldom today I am still freaked out about it whenever I do. In reality he was very good to me that day and never did anything close to sexual with me. That day he even apologized to me if he embarrassed me and openly told my friend and his wife what happened. I have had a few embarrassing situations over the years but that was the most horrible experience I can ever remember.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I got laid off after a merger and I could not land another job. In desperation I called my ex boss for help. Help wasn't free, what he didn't get when I worked for him I had to give him after I got laid off. After six months I was living with him, two years later I am still living with him. I never got a job, he likes supporting me, he likes me being his 'work in progress'. All I get from my ex coworkers is that they always knew I was into him.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I never thought I had a problem, I always came like that ever since I first started jerking off or getting some sex. Now I'm on my 4th girlfriend and all of them say the same thing; when I cum I shoot alot and really far, especially if I don't jerk off for a few days.

    My girlfriend, Julie won't let me cum in her mouth after the first time because she said I shot so hard she threw up. She likes to have me lay on my back on the bed and gives me a handjob to see how high it shoots. She started using her phone to record it. I think she likes to try to aim at things as I cum, and I don;t mind because at least shes doing the work.

    Well, I guess Julie showed some of her friends who thought it was photoshopped or something. She told them that it's not a snap filter, it's real. So, last week after we were making out at a party, one of her drunk friends came over and started saying that it was all bullshit and no one shoots that far. The next thing I know, they have a bet going. My girlfriend had me stand with my back against the garage and had her friend Sandra kneel about 6 foot away. I dropped my pants and as my girlfriend started jerking me off , she was whispering in my ear about what I could do to her if I hit Sandra with my cum. The dirtier she talked the more I wanted to cum. When I did cum, the first shot went over the girls head. The next few hit her in the face and all over her shirt. She screamed and couldn't believe it.

    I found out what the bet was later that night. Julie posted the video on her Snapchat of Sandra getting shot with my load.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I had met Barry at the mall. We had hung out a few times but this time we decided to fool around. One thing lead to another and we both had all of our clothes off. I had recently picked up a strap-on dildo and wanted to use it. I put it on and demanded that Barry lay on my bed. I straddled him and slid the dildo into his mouth and rode his throat hard. It was funny to see the look of shock on his face when that dildo pushed deep. I then flipped Barry onto his stomach, this is where something hilarious happened.

    I slid the dildo into his butt and Barry responded with shock and embarrassment. Barry moaned immediately in discomfort. "Ohhh, oh god...oh that god!" I giggled at his discomfort and pushed the dildo in deeper. I noticed that Barry arched his lower back to pooch his ass into the air some more. I pushed into his ass deeper and began to pump my hips. Then it happened...the dildo hit a magical spot in Barry's ass and he let out a high-pitched yelp that sounded like a chipmunk. Barry's eyes grew wide and he clasped his hand over his mouth. I pushed in, hitting that spot again and Barry again helped like a chipmunk. Again, he held his hand over his mouth and looked dumbfounded. It was obvious that the squeal was involuntary and a response to the spot in his ass. I pushed forward to the spot again and Barry let out the squeal as his face blushed with embarrassment. I could not keep myself from laughing.

    I had to continue pushing to the spot and Barry continued to yelp each time. His face was bright red with utter embarrassment. I was laughing so hard and he was dying of complete embarrassment.

    Barry: This is not funny...YELP!...oh my god! This is so...YELP!...embarrassing! I cannot even...YELP!...believe this is happening.”

    A fter several minutes, it was well established that Barry was helpless over responding to that spot in his ass. It is a secret that I will use to my advantage and a secret that will keep Barry blushing bright red.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I watch porn to masturbate and get orgasm. Now days I will play several videos at once because I love the different movements and talk and noises that excite me. The latest one is a guy with a huge dick fucking a melon. I think this is a sign of sickness of the mind or at least what could it lead to? I also watch both men and women fucking sex dolls and sex toys and old porn with huge tits and in barns is a popular one for me. I think its perverse and I don't want to be living this way. I am just so fat and old and ugly and no man wants me and I don't even want shit love anymore just for sex. I don't want that elf back or that potato head useless jackass, that couldn't make a horn blow or make a car light horny, all he did was r**e and use. I am sure I was a very pretty thin big busted titty hot dream for him at his old fat age and he felt he was in a heaven like the guy said to the silicon fuck doll. you are so pretty titties pointed and I am in heaven. but what was I feeling did he stop to think about that? so I goal to fuck a dick and not a dumpling old boiler man can- yeh, can-not! not can hot like next time I wanna get a cutie for once.

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    Straight Male / 49

    Anyone else ever cum while being examined by a doctor or nurse? At the school I went to (boys only) we had a school nurse who was available for medical emergencies, and also full examinations of every boy once a year. As far as I remember, these began when I was about seven or eight years old. There were all the usual medical checks (it was how I discovered I needed glasses at the age of eleven), and the exam would end with your underpants being pulled down while the nurse examined your cock and balls. I am circumcised, and the exam involved a close look at every part of my cock. I know from talking to other boys that were uncut, they would have their foreskin pulled back for the exam.

    There was always the possibility of having a parent (eg mother) present, and that certainly was the case for me in the early years. The last time I remember my mum being there was when I was twelve. The head of my cock has always been very sensitive, and by now the nurse's final bit of the exam caused me to have an good erection. Afterwards I think my mum was a bit embarrassed watching the nurse feel around my erect cock, and said that I was probably old enough to be on my own in future.

    By the following year (at the age of 13) I had begun to grow some pubic hair - and my cock and balls were much bigger. The nurse went through all the usual bits of the medical exam, and then came to pulling down of the underpants. I have to admit that her feeling my tummy had already begun my erection, and as she took my underwear down, it stood straight to attention in her face.

    I'm sure she'd seen thousands of boys naked, but at that moment all I could think about was her hands on me! She gently squeezed each of my balls, and then began to slide her hands up my shaft. By the time she reached the very sensitive head, there was plenty of pre-cum dribbling out of the top. I can remember her gently pulling and examining each bit, and suddenly a burst of white cum came shooting out towards her! "You seem to be perfectly normal," she remarked, as she got a couple of tisses: one for me to wipe myself, and one for her to wipe my cum off her uniform.

    That was the end of that exam - but there's more to be told: one more exam the following the year with the nurse, and what happened after my mum had seen my erect cock at the age of 12. I'll tell them in a future installment...

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    Straight Male / 31

    One of my most embarrassing momments happed when I was 17. I was dating a girl that was 16 and after dating her for weeks, asked me about having sex. I also wanted to do it but we had no place we could be alone. She one day told we could do it in one of her friends home bacause her parents were out for the weekend and showed my the key. I remember we were doing it on the floor, when three of her girl friends popped out of the walk in closet and caught us both naked. My girl friend with her boobs and pussy on show and I with my dick stiff as board as they just stood there looking at us rushing to get our clothes back on. Remember them having a blast before storming out house.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Im 24,a few years back,I was 19 or 20 ,My boyfriend and I were hanging out at his apartment with a few of his male friends,the same guys we are always with,Some HBO movie was on in the background and there was some topless girl and the guys were saying those are the most beautiful tits,,bla bla bla,So my boyfriend says,Nikki,show them yours.I of course said no.Time went on a little,and he asked me again to show them,then the guys were saying come on show them,dont be a prude,something in my mind snapped when I heard prude,because Im not,so with my boyfriend there with his three friends,I decided to give them a great look if i was going to do it,So I took of my shirt completely and let them look all they wanted,and stayed topless,My nipples were rock hard.We drank and smoked a little more,they were still staring at my tits,I was getting super turned on by them watching,I said guys,can you all keep your mouths shut about this,they said yes,of course,I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor,They were shocked,and so was I,I cant believe I had the nerve to do it,they stared at my bald pussy,I turned around so they could see my ass,then sat down on recliner and put my legs up on the side so they could all see my pussy,and sat like that for about an hour.My boyfriend said open it up,so I reached down and spread open my pussy for them to look at,and look they did,one guy scooted up so close I could feel his breath on my pussy.They were all hard as a rock.
    After about 10 or so minutes of that,I said shows over,got up got dressed,they were pissed because they all had hardons and blue balls for sure. And that was that ... True story

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Howdy I'm laying in My bed with a big dildo in my Ass and yes I got fucked real good it always happens when I go to Santa Barbara I fucked and sucked him for 2 days then he asked a favor if I would let his cousin fuck me I told him if he's as big as you sure so he yelled for John to come in I noticed he had a boner turns out he was watching us

    So I told him to strip and then I saw it a cock about 4 1/2 inches long I was hoping it would get harder as I sucked on him but it didn't I managed to get his cock and balls in my mouth
    He told me he was gonna cum after 5 minutes so he put his little smokie in my Ass and I acted like he was hurting me lol I clamped my hole around his smokie and he shot his load he thanked me and went to his room

    I looked at mark and told him he better start getting hard but I helped by sucking his bigcock he got hard and slammed it in me deep we went on for about 30 minutes and he came like a horse I shoved my butt plug in my Ass and came home I feel it sloshing in me so lm off to the bathroom to shower and dump my ass out maybe shove a couple fingers in my ass and lick em clean off I go and if you're ever in ventura county look me up

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