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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Male / 39

    I get regular waxings son e my wife likes the pubic are and ass area hair free. And I do it because as a welder it helps keep things cooler in my pants all day. Especially in the summer heat wearing briefs.

    So I've been getting waxed for three years now after my wife finally got me to go because I got tired of shaving every other day. I go to the same woman she'd goes too which is her friend so we definitely got to know each other more over the years.

    My wife called me after work and reminded me of my waxing appointment, I told her I remembered and I was headed there now. She said okay and control yourself before hanging up. I was wondering what that was about.

    I'm going to point out it is perfectly normal and nothing wrong with getting a reaction during waxing, it is just how the body responds and actually makes it easier fir the person doing the waxing.

    So I check in, go back to the room and take my pants and underwear off and toss them in the chair. I'm standing there bare ass and the door opens. No big deal right. Except it wasn't the woman who normally waxes my wife and I. It was her 20 year old daughter! She is smoking hot and so beautiful.

    Did my waxing hard as a rock the whole time as we talked. She was very professional and I had to try to not cum!

    After she was finished I asked her to give me a few minutes longer than normal to clean up. knowing my hard dick wouldn't fit in my briefs, I grabbed some tissues and busted a really fast load. Boy was that a relief!

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    Straight Male / 31

    Because of booze I've gotten myself in a precarious situation where my next door neighbor thinks I am mentally challenged. I do drink a lot mostley shots and beers especially on weekends. She talks to me very slowly like I'm some kind of idiot and a few months ago began having her friend Brenda stay overnight apparently to witness my indecent behaviour. I've been living here for almost a year and although its nothing new to me for some demented reason when I get a buzz on I take all my cloths off. The bad thing is I go out in the yard and all over the house naked after dark. The first few months I was unaware that my neighbor Helene had seen me like that many times until she told me so, mentioning her friend had also seen me numerous times. I was honestly embarrassed when she confronted me about it but oddly she wasn't upset or mad at me. I do stutter slightly and assume she thought I had mental issues. Helene is in her mid 50's as is her friend Brenda. I apoligized to her but before I got a chance to tell her I drink a lot she said she understood my problem and that it didn't offend her. Then she began telling me how she could see into my house from the back and side and blatently asked me if I was comfortable being naked at home. She spoke to me like I was a little kid and even though she never said the word masturbate she informed me how they observed me playing with myself. Our houses are small ranch homes and are very close to each other. All the shades and blinds on my windows are the cheapest stuff from Home Depot and aren't very good for privacy. Helene lives alone and the first month or so I didn't even know who lived next door. It was humiliating the way she spoke to me that day not just because she and her friend saw me naked but the fact she was convinced I was a mental case. She had even made reference to the few times I fell asleep in the yard on my beach lounge chair while holding my penis. She never said anthing in a derogatory way but made it known how often I was undressed and holding myself. Up to that point she had never spoken to when I was in the yard naked but about two weekends after that day she came out in the yard as I stood there beer in hand, drunk and naked. She began talking to me and I suppose because of the booze I had no feeling of embarrassment. She came within a few feet of where I was and just started looking at my body and talking to me. That was the first time she asked if I was on any medication speaking to me like I was a mental patient. I unintentionally began getting a hard on and when I was fully erect I told her I was sorry about it. She smiled at me and just kept talking about stupid things. The next couple months it seemed that every time I went in the yard at night naked she would come out to talk to me and each time I would get a hard on as she did. By that time I began to realize I liked her seeing me naked even though she is much older and not close to being attractive. Nevertheless it aroused me knowing she was looking at my junk.

    Back around the end of May is when her friend Brenda began staying over her house on weekends. By then I just let them think I was a nut case. Embarrassment was long gone and then I found it arousing that these two were obviously intersested in seeing me naked. By the way Helene spoke to me I knew she had seen me jerking off without my knowlege but now I wanted both of them to se me. Whatever privacy my shades and blinds afforded me I began pulling them up so the women could see into my house clearly. It was mostly Friday and Saturday nights that I would go out in the yard naked and they would come out and talk to me. I'd stand there letting them talk sometimes for a half hour or more. Long enough that I would get an erection, have it go limp and get another erection after that. I got brave enough that I would mention the fact I had an erection and apoligize to them. They only smiled and often laughed while I told them it wasn't intentional. I got such a free feeling with them I began telling them I was going inside to masturbate. I always have the blinds pulled up where my recliner is and I just lay back a jerk off knowing they are right outside the window. It wasn't until late July that I began jerking off in the yard. They were both standing there talking to me as I got a hard on and without thinking about it I asked them if it would be alright if I masturbated. It was Brenda who said I guess so and that began jerking off with them next to me. After the first time I did that they started asking me all kinds of questions and most of them have to do with mental illness which I now let them believe. I don't know if they truly believe the things I tell them but don't care anymore. I tell them that maturbating helps me relax and it has nothing to do with them watching me. It really has everything to do with them seeing me. What began as embarrassing has changed into something that arouses me so much. If they want to think I'm nuts its fine with me as long as they continue to watch me jerk off. I still drink a lot but because they are so intent seeing me naked and masturbating I drink less shots than before.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I am so depressed but hide it well. I have incredible back with spine and neck pain I have to hide from everyone. its ruined my work life and love life. I tried to do self sex today and that was not gorgeous event. then finally origami a few times and got up but all day the pain is there to the point I cry from the pain. I have to hide away because of fat ugly appearance that no one likes. but if I do dare go out I have to put on the pretend face and limp in every way limp my poor life and body and heart and empty loneliness that can't be filled for the last 30 years. I hobble around some days and after being out all day fall into bed to ease all the lower vertebrate and that is all my life has been for the last 30 years and I am now turning 47 and too old for a baby and real relationship. not thanking you world.

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    Straight Male / 25

    This hilarious incident happened when my gf and I were about 15 yrs, I was at her apartment for completion of project assignment, her Mom had gone out to run some errands

    Things began to warm up, we kissed hard , my hands all over her body, caressing her boobs , my cock hard and throbbing , we badly wanted to fuck but since I wasn`t carrying condom we decided to do orals ,we relived ourselves from every piece of clothing, went in her Mom`s bedroom where I ate her pussy till my jaws ached

    She then was sucking my cock, cum had reached to the tip of my cock, first spurt splashed in her mouth, suddenly bedroom door opened , it was her Mom ! horrified GF pulled her mouth from my cock, her Mom aghast , me shocked while my cock was spraying cum all over the bed

    We both naked and shaking with fear, with murderous looks her Mom hissed at me â Get out of my house ! â

    I never set my foot again in her house till I married her

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    Transsexual Female / 35

    When I was a 17 yr old male I was all dressed up because I was home alone for two weeks. I had on my matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings with the sexy little black mini dress my sister took me shopping for and I tried it on. I was happy.

    Then the dog ran out back and I went out to get him and I heard a female voice say, "Nice outfit and great job walking in 4 inch stiletto heels". I said thank you. She said if it was ok she would be over later to help me out.

    She knocked on the door and I opened it and saw a man in between us. He said he was here to help me. He asked if I had ever been with a man before? I said, "No I am a virgin". He took my hand and my neighbor said, "Have loads of cum, I mean loads of fun". I was busy with my hand down his pants holding a cock at least 7 - 8 inches longer than my little one inch penis, I smiled real big and said thank you. He asked why and I said for the big size of your cock.

    My penis is easy to hide in panties and it is down closer to where a girls vagina is. I must lay on my back spread my legs and aim a mirror to see my tiny penis. It is also set inside me more than it stuck out. I either don't know how to make it hard or I am not able to get hard, I must sit down to pee like girls.

    I am also 5 feet tall and 94 pounds and curves like a lady and size 6 in ladies high heels.

    He said he was going to enter my ass and I will get hard. It went in nice and deep and hard but still no hard penis just the extreme pleasure of his big cock thrusting in so deep and I was moaning in a girl voice, "Oh baby go deeper and harder I am yours so do whatever you want to me I am the girl.

    My neighbor waited until I was a fucked silly to tell me about the great face shots of me taking his big cock and me begging for more cock is so feminine of me and you are now a princess all the way.

    That night I fell asleep with John's arm around me and his cock pushed at my ass. I slept so good with his manly body against my soft more feminine skin. I still visit him for a great time and he always makes me happy to know him.

    I came out quickly and was dressed up and his arm around me from then on for a long time. One embarrassing day and I am treated as a girl from then on. I am a lucky male to have a penis I don't know how to get hard and it is so tiny.

    Ok any other girls like me find a guy and it is so wonderful to be his sex slave and do anything he tells you to. Men are awesome.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I had to stay in the hospital for a week due to a health problem. I couldn't last that long with out cumming so I was jerking off one night at 1 in the morning and the nurse walked in on me!

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    Straight Female / 25

    My husband and I watch adult films from time to time to spice things up. Honestly I really don't need to watch them if the guy knows what he's doing in bed and works me up, I'm ready to go sexually.

    My husband has a lesbian video in the DVD player and we watch that. Honestly I didn't get turned on by it until a particular kissing scene between two middle aged women. They must have kissed for ten minutes, going at each others mouths like starving animals.

    Halfway through the kissing scene my panties were soaking wet. The two women humped and grinded against each other until they came, at least it appeared that way in the video. It wasn't their bodies against each other turning me on, it was the way they kissed each other that got me worked up. While my husband pounded on me in bed shortly afterwards, I lay there thinking about those two women kissing.

    The next day after work I got home and found the video still in the player. I stripped out of my clothes down to my stockings, bra, panties, and heels. I watched those two women kiss and replayed the video until I pushed my fingers inside my wetness and climaxed like a teenage girl.

    My husband who is great in bed, but is not the best at kissing, leaves me thinking about having a female kiss me the very same way. I'm not a lesbian but that video truly had a sexual effect on me.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my story..........

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    Straight Female / 20

    One of my classmate had invited me for a reunion. We were meeting after like 3years since school days got over. Our former friends' group (six of us) were there. We hadn't been much in contact lately so we came there to catch up. The girl whose house we were in was Reah. She had an older brother who wasn't very attractive last time I saw him. This time, after 3years, I couldn't take my eyes off him. He too seemed to notice me a bit that day (I was wearing a sexy black sleeveless jumpsuit). After a lot of chitchat, I went to the washroom ALONE (we were having a booze party). So I was literally drunk as fuck. To be honest I couldn't keep myself straight. I somehow claimed upstairs and in place of turning left, I turned right and straight into Reah's brother's room (lets call him Sam here). Obviously I made a loud noise and Sam came out of the shower from his attached bath wearing just a towel. Drunk as I was, that fucking attracting Sam made me horny at once and I also had this intense urge to pee there itself. Sam came and helped me up and I held on to him. All I remember after that was I was in his bathroom naked fucking him. I do remember him fingering my pussy and licking it. We all stayed over at Reah's place that night. In the morning I heard that Sam had carried me downstairs to the room I was to sleep in. I also admit that that morning could literally feel the after effects of some hardcore sex. Sam smirked at me throughout breakfast. When I got back home, I found a chit in my purse that said "you are fucking amazing, can't wait to eat more"
    Well, i don't know if I'm embarrassed or what but ya, it does feel strange.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I was working out at the gym when I see this one guy getting chased by a nude guy. I saw the guy getting chased throw something and the nude broke off the chase and went for the thrown item. The nude guy is standing in the gym which had more than 50 people, both men and women, working out stopping and looking at him. He starts telling us the other guy stole his watch and he ran after him to stop him. You could see he wasn't pleased with what happened especially when he started complaining about how his watch is now broken. He is standing there pissed off and venting and telling everyone what just happened all while being be naked. The nude guy then jumps on one of the machines and starts lifting some weights to get rid of his aggression. Finally after about 10 minutes one of the gym employees approached him and pointed out he better get dressed. The nude guy finally left.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My dad walked in on my boyfriend and I having sex. He was laying on the bed and I was riding him facing towards my bedroom door. My dad was sleeping so we were being quite. Well 10 minutes into sex my dad opened my room door.

    He saw me on top of my boyfriend and both of us naked. There I am hairy pussy and all being caught having sex.

    My dad freaked out and told my boyfriend to get dressed and leave! He watched as we got off the bed naked and got dressed!

    I've haven't talked to my boyfriend in two weeks

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