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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 22

    We moved into our new house, I sat on my bed and I could see the guy across the street getting dressed. It didn't dawn on me that he could see into my room just as easily. Being on the second floor I never bothered closing the blinds. I was seventeen when my brother casually said if I understood if I could see him he could see me. I never spoke to our neighbor again, I had a habit of dancercising naked in my room.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My best friend was hanging out with me a few weeks ago, we did some homework together and of course we were horny. Been a few weeks since we had sex. We stripped down and I got on my back on my bed, lifted my legs and he put his cock in me.

    Switched positions so that my face was on my bed and my ass was up in the air. We were being a bit loud but trying to stay quiet. His balls slapping me was making the most noise. Then we heard my mom say what are you two doing! My friend pulled his cock out and stood up and I turned over to sit on my bed. My mom still looking at me mainly.

    Not knowing what to say really I said we were having sex, she replied I saw that. I saw his dick in your butt. She then said well you two finish up, get cleaned and dressed. When she left my friend was still hard so I got on the edge of the bed and he came in me fairly quick.

    He wiped his dick off got dressed and left. I was wiping the lube off of my butthole and putting on underwear when my mom came to my room. She asked how long we had been having sex and some other details. Plus she said my friend has quite a big dick and asked if I could handle one that size? I told her heâs the second guy Iâve had sex with and I prefer his size, it leaves me gaping for a bit but I tighten back up. It just crossed her mind at that moment and asked so thatâs why you wanted to switch back to briefs a few years ago. I said sorta, wearing boxers let cum run down my leg if I leaked

    We talked about sex and she talked about her and dad doing anal. Awkward! My friend is too embarrassed to come back over and we havenât had sex since. I told him Tuesday after school letâs go to my place and have sex, Iâm craving it bad. He asked will your mom be home. I said as usual but sheâs okay with us having sex and she knows to knock first. No idea why heâs embarrassed, my mom saw his cock in my ass! My mom saw my gaping hole for a quick second!

    My friend has a 7.5â cock thick and uncut. Weâre both shaved smooth too. That was also something my mom saw and wanted to talk about. Turns out my mom hates pubes and even makes my dad shave his off.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Ow I super embarrassed. My dad walked into my room without knocking and I had my dildo in my ass. I was horsy and masturbating but was craving anal so was laying on my bed naked and fucking my own ass. Just what I didnât wa t to happen happened, now I canât look my dad in the eyes. Oh not to mention I have a big bush since Iâve been too lazy to get waxed in almost a year so my asshole is also hairy.

    Well I did catch him masturbating a few times in the past few years so I guess weâre even now. Iâm more embarrassed because I had my dildo in my ass, if it were in my vagina I wouldnât worry. Itâs been a week and he hasnât said anything about it. Maybe Iâll mention it tonight to him

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife and me went out to dinner with her mother and one of her mothers friends. After dinner I wasn't feeling very well. I was light headed, my stomach was very upset and I even threw up a couple of times. My wife suggested we go to nearby medical clinic to get it checked out. I remember the clinic wasn't too busy and the nurse told us she would take us to a room. She said only 2 people were allowed in the room with me and it had to be close family. My wife told her she was my wife. Her mother immediately told the nurse that her and her friend were my mothers, which was a lie, but all of them wanted to come in. The nurse said it wasn't the norm but allowed it. She handed me a gown and told me to strip out of everything including underwear. I began to do so with my wife helping me since I was a little light headed and having difficulty. I remember my wife stripping me down to my underwear and expecting her to put my gown on before removing them so I wouldn't be exposed to everyone but she didn't. She pulled off my underwear leaving me fully exposed in front of her mother and friend. While waiting for the doctor I felt like I was going to throw up and actually did. It landed all over the front of my gown. My wife removed my gown and put it in the sink that was in the room. She then goes to ask the nurse for another gown leaving me naked with her mother and friend. My wife and nurse return which exposed me to her too. She had another gown and also gave me a pan to throw up in should I need to again.

    The doctor finally came in and said it could be slight food poisoning and told me I could get dressed and we could go. The gown comes off and once again her mother and friend see me naked again.

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    Straight Female / 27

    Drunk I pooped in my friend's car. He got me into my place, in the shower, undressed and dried off and in bed. He stayed on the couch and got me over my hang over. He made me clean his car, which was beyond disgusting.

    To say he owns me is an understatement.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Last summer my wife and I were up at her parents house. They have a country house and it is quite lovely. They have a swimming pool and my father-in-law suggests we go for a swim. I told him I didn't bring swim trunks and he said I didn't need to wear any. I didn't know what he meant at first until he added that no one else was around and we are all family. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of my in-laws and didn't know how my wife would feel with me being naked in front them especially her mother. My wife then adds for me to just swim naked. I look to her mother to see her reaction to this comment and she comes out and says basically what her husband did in that it is just us there and we are all family now. I felt pressured from the three of them to do it, and even though I didn't feel comfortable doing it, I stripped out of all my clothes.

    There I was the only one naked with my in-laws seeing me this way for the first time ever. I had been naked on nude beaches before but the fact it was my in-laws seeing me naked made it very uncomfortable. Me (naked) and my father-in-law (in swim trunks) went for a swim but the ladies didn't. As time went on I became more comfortable and it wasn't such a big deal. It was almost 4 hours of me being naked when my father-in-law made a realization. He said he just realized that he could have loaned me one of his swim trunks. I didn't know what to say or if anything I said would have said would have mattered now. I was a little upset with having myself exposed like this when this option was available. Technically it was my own fault because ultimately I was the one who undressed myself. I just accepted they have seen me naked and nothing could be done.

    On future visits things were a little less stressful and it just became the norm that I swam naked. I figured they can't unsee what they had seen so I figured why even bother being dressed.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I have been spanked, because I refused to obey. Getting spanked changed me. I didn't disobey again. I do well, I do my chores, I behave now, I don't want to be spanked again. It is not that it hurt, I don't remember it hurting like physical pain, it was upsetting, embarrassing that I needed to be spanked. It hurt my feelings.

    You're not taught to obey your husband, you obey your teachers, the police, your parents, no problem. But for some reason obeying my husband was not something I wanted to do. So I rebelled, and he lost his temper, he lowered my pants and spanked my bottom with a wooden spoon. I know now that I should obey my husband like my father, but no one told me. When you are married you are not dating. Girls should be told this before they get married, a lot of hurt feelings would be avoided, and you don't get into trouble so he has to correct you.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    For the third time I found myself in our bedroom closet, secretly watching my wife being the perfect slut for two big cocks. This time it was her boss, Mike, he's about thirty with a real cute wife and a wine salesman Eddie, in the area for a few days from California. His dick is bigger than Mike's thick eight inches by a couple. It actually made me salivate as my wife Kim tongue-worshiped his balls working her tongue up his shaft then his thick head into her mouth, her lips seem to reach for more as he slowly fucked her throat.

    I was already rock hard as Mike mounted Kim from behind and he leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Even with Eddie's cock halfway down her throat she was able to nod at whatever he said. Eddie pulled his cock out of Kim's throat and he laid back on our bed. Kim immediately straddled him and rode him gently, long slow deep penetrations,she came on Eddies big dick and rolled off. She looked right at me in the closet as Mike penetrated her tight bum.

    Kim loves to be ass fucked. She says it started when a friend of her father who was visiting for a weekend got real drunk and confused Kim for her mother, whom apparently Alan been fucking for years. Anyway, she was sixteen and he fucked her ass and pussy repeatedly until he sobered up, and after realizing what he had done Alan never came back. But she was hooked and through college more guys got her ass than pussy. Before she had caught her breath Mike had worked his big dick deep in her ass.

    Kim was bent over ass up with Mike's cock pounding away as Eddied stood there playing with his big cock watching.
    All of a sudden Kim looked over at me again and told me to come into the bedroom. I was mortified. This was a bit of a betrayal because no one other than Kim had seen me dressed as a woman. It was a tremendous turn on for me to feel utterly humiliated as I watched in my 4-inch heels and tight skirt from the closet. Kim had helped me with the wig and makeup. But I never wanted anyone, especially her boss to know.

    It took no coaxing at all for me to kneel in front of Eddie. Kim just had to tell me to. She told me to suck his cock, lick his balls, and tease the big head of his cock with my tongue. And she told me to me not to let him cum in my mouth. Because today I was gonna be fucked in my ass for the first time. I was surprised at the sensation of being fucked in the ass. Now I've had dildos up my ass but never the real thing. OH MY GOD! I completely understand how Kim feels. There is a lot of pressure at first, not really pain, Kim had put a lot of lube in my ass on on Eddies cock. He persisted and when he finally plopped into me and penetrated deep in my bowels and did that repeatedly I almost passed out form rapturous pleasure. He came inside me. Kim says it is a huge turn-on for her to out me as a sissy slut.

    more to come

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    10 yrs ago my wife and I had moved to Fla we were 50 at the time and our neighbors on both sides were inthier 60s, we became friends.

    My wife Dawn became very close to Sara And Lynn who were 10to 15 yrs older than Dawn and both married to men that at the time were close friends so it was like a big family.

    Dawn my wife had become very sick and I had to work so Sara and Lynn were there to help with taking care of her while I worked.

    After a year Dawn pasted away from her illness , I was lost with out my best friend. She knew everything about me, Things I wouldn't tell anyone, But when I told her it would turn her on and she never felt theatended because it was I was young I was a cum pig for the old man next door and his 2 buddies. I came to find out that during Dawns illness she had told Sara and Lynn all about how I enjoyed sucking old mens cock and how I liked swallowing cum.

    When Dawn died I was depressed and I was invited to dinner with the 2 neighbors it was then that I found out that Dawn had told them about my past and I became their cum pig.

    there is more to this I'm just not ready to say

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    Straight Female / 42

    I'm not proud of this and I haven't told anyone about it, but I feel like I need to let it out.
    To make a long story short, we have a neighbor that we don't get along with. Mostly my husband.
    Sometimes I lay by the pool topless and he would poke out the wooden knots in the privacy fence and watch me. My husband kind of caught him, but couldn't really prove it.
    So we put up one of those white plastic fences. Well there is some kind of pine tree on his property that drops all kinds of branches and every time they fall on the fence it falls to pieces and my husband has to kind of snap it all back together.
    My husband offered to have the tree removed at our cost, but he said something like that we don't need a fence. He doesn't mind seeing me naked. This really ticked off my husband.
    Well my husband went out of country for work, he's usually gone for 30 days. This time was longer. Since he goes places he can't always call, I hadn't heard from him in a few days and our account got hacked. I had to file a report and ask the bank to investigate, etc. what's worse is that my only credit card was frozen for fraud protection because my husband tried to use it in Northern Africa.
    I didn't have any money, so I went to a money lending place, but since I don't work and can't prove income they refused.
    Anyway so the neighbor, we'll call him Sam, saw me come home with an Amscot pamphlet my hand.
    He asked me if I'd gone to Amscot to get a loan, because he would pay me to clean his house.
    I told him how grateful I am and explained my situation. He said sure no problem.
    An hour or so later what I went over to clean he just yelled come in.
    When I came in he told me that I understand he's doing me a favor and he needs me to be naked while I clean. I told him no. So Sam just said, maybe this isn't a good idea after all. I started to panic, what if I didn't hear from my husband soon, there were hardly any groceries, I needed gas, etc. I said alright, I would do it.
    He sat there and stared as I stripped my clothes off.
    He said, if it makes you more comfortable, I'll join you.
    Sam took his clothes off too. I told him, I'm not going to have sex with him. He said he wasn't looking for sex. But he had an erection.
    So I cleaned his house and he followed me from room to room, both of us naked. He was playing with himself the entire time and it creeped me out.
    Finally when we got to his bedroom I bent over his dresser to dust it. He reached around and started to play with my breasts. I don't know why I didn't stop him right away, I just King of froze. He slid his hand down to my crotch and started to play with me. That's when I stoped him.
    I demanded that we agreed to no sex. He said I was right and just asked me to stay bent over the dresser.
    He had his hand on my back and I could hear the smacking sound as he played with himself.
    Then suddenly I felt the warm squirt on my lower back and he stuck himself in my butt crack. He rubbed it around as he finished orgasming. Again I don't know why I didn't stop him.
    I took a towel and wiped myself off, took the money and went home to the longest shower I've ever taken. I still don't feel clean after that.

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