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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was 15 years old a good friend and I would go window "peeping" in my huge condo subdivision. We would go at night and wander behind the buildings looking for women and couples who didn't understand that people outside can see into their homes when it is dark outside and bright inside.

    We saw a few naked women, men and couples but because we were together we didn't jerk off. We both just stared with hard ons lusting after the scene in front of us. Oh, and both of us were virgins so seeing nude women was really arousing.

    One couple would sit naked on the floor of their living room watching TV with the lights out. The TV was like a spotlight on their nudity. We never saw them have sex but she would casually play with her pussy and he would massage her naked body and touch her pussy. Very exciting. I went right up to the window and watched. I really took a lot of risk that someone might see me but teenage hormones are so strong and I could not turn away from a naked woman. She was a bit chubby and probably in her late 30's or 40's. But it was very hot.

    One night I went by myself peeping. Actually, now that I think of it I went out many nights. But on one night I went behind a condo building that was backed up to the woods. There was no way anyone could see me as the trees were like 6 feet away from the building.

    I found a bedroom window with the blinds not pulled all the way down. About 4 inches of viewing space. I kneeled down and discovered a young couple - probably in their 20's - laying on the bed. I was literally feet away from them. And she was really beautiful. I watched for maybe 20 minutes while they caress and kissed and started to get naked. I couldn't believe my luck. I was about to watch them fuck right in front of me and I could hear every single word because the windows were cheap and thin.

    I had my cock out and was stroking it when suddenly I heard a deep voice say "Hey!"

    Holy shit.

    I pulled my pants up and zipped my fly as I took off running.

    Behind me I heard the sliding glass door open and a man yelling obscenities telling me to "fucking stop right now" as he chased me. I ran as fast as I could with my heart beating out of my chest. I was a super skinny weak teenage kid and I just knew I was about to get my ass beat. We ran out from behind the buildings into the parking lot and as I ran around a dumpster he used his hand to swing around the dumpster and redirect towards me. But I guess the dumpster cut his hand really bad.

    He caught me by my shirt and forced me to stop. I was scared shitless. Definitely the scariest thing to ever happen to me. We were both panting and he was demanding to know why I was back there and what I was doing. I told him nothing and I was just looking. He seemed to have figured it out as my fly was still partly down. He said there have been burglaries and he is calling the police. I begged him and said I was just "looking through the window. I heard voices and was looking."

    The guy was bleeding profusely and wasn't apparently going to let me go. As a last ditch effort I said "You cannot hold me against my will. This is assault and you will be in trouble..." He quickly let me go. Those words seemed to work.

    A few people were watching in the parking lot but from a distance. He ended up letting me go telling me if he ever sees me around their condo again I am going to jail. I promised him I would never do it again and we both parted ways.

    I wish I had something more erotic to say about the event. I have all sorts of fantasies about how he would pull me back to the condo and knock on the other couples door and tell them he caught me peeping in the window. The other guy would tell him that he will take care of me and they bring me into their condo. Then they force me to get naked... But none of that happened. I was being a teenage pervert and I was caught. Very embarrassing.

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    Straight Female / 24

    When I was 16 this girl in high school acuse me of trying to steal her boy friend. I was just another high school girl looking for a date and din't know that the boy that was flirting with me had a girl fiend. He never mentioned her and I went on date with him. One day a girl invite me to her bith day party. She said she lived in my same neighbouhood. I remember we walked home together and show me to show me where she lived. Half way there she took a short cut though a field telling me it was a quicker way. I never dreamed walking with her through that field I was going to bump into the girl that had acused me of stealing her boy friend. She was standing in the middle of the trail with her usual girl friends and a group of boys, when her girl friends grabbed me. Told them "you know what to with her" They held me over a wooden pick nick table telling me "this is what happens to boy friends stealer" pulled my skirt and panties of and humilited me in front of boys with my legs held apart. I remember boys watching her exposing my intire crotch, telling her "srip her let's see her naked" Humiliated wasn't enough to discribe how I felt being bent over that table, in just my shoes and hiked up shirt and bra up to my neck. I could only hear her telling me if I liked boys looking at my gaping pussy and hanging tits and laughing about boys grabbing my tits and tuching my pussy. They were all from my high school and had to eventually go to another school bacause I couldn't bare the shame of those boys seeing me stark naked and having to keep quiet out of sheer embarrassment. It was the worst thing that ever happed to me and know every girl and boy in the whole school are probably talking about the girl that got stripped.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I was 19 and this man asked me to marry him. He was a guy I knew but in no way in a romantic sense. But I went along and got married. Sex was often and then once in a while and then only once in six months. Two years after I got married it turned out that he was sucking this guy at work and he told me that he wanted a divorce. Being replaced by a gay man hurt. I started fucking anyone I could, sucking guys off that I met at the hotel bar, I let this old man screw me in the ass. I met this girl who also worked the bar at the hotel and we had a fight over a guy and she called me titless, maybe because I am sort of flat chested, but I have a nice ass.

    She grabbed me and kissed me and told me that she could go either way, dick or pussy didn't matter to her and right then she was horny and she would suck my pussy if I would suck hers. She had real tits and her pussy was so wet that I had her juice all over my face, she barely got a chance to suck my pussy. I left her at the hotel and went off to this bar and fucked a cop who was working that night. I told him to fuck my ass, I wanted his dick all the way in me and I told him to slap my face and I would suck his dick. Anyway I went home with a bloody nose, pussy juice on my face and my ass still throbbing from getting fucked by the cop.

    I called my ex-husband and told him to come get me and I went back to his apartment where he was living with the queer guy from work. I sucked my ex off and he fucked me and we went to sleep.

    In the morning I told him about the night and he called me stupid and I was. I ended up with a herpes from it, I don't know if it was from the girl or the cop.

    Now all I do is fuck my ex-husband, we stay real careful because of the herpes and he uses a condom on me. Sometimes I look a some girls and wonder what it would be like to suck their pussy, but I go home and fuck my ex-husband. I like taking it up the ass and I like getting my ass slapped. I guess I shouldn't complain, I am back with my ex-husband and I stay loyal to him. The herpes is a bummer when I break out, but he hasn't gotten herpes because we are careful.

    So there we are, 23 and my life is forever fucked up.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I was 14 when I caught my 17 year old sister having sex with her boy friend in the garage. Her panties were on the ground and her boy friend was sucking her pussy. She didn't know I was watching everything hiding behind one of the cars. That's when I accidentaly kicked a can that was behind me saw me runnig back in the house. I threatend to tell my Mom about it because I knew she was going to do something bad to me. Only threatend her to keep her away from me. Weeks passed never saying a word about it and one day she humilited me by stripping my clothes off in front of her boy friend when my mother was out of the house. I remember her boy friend taking naked picture with his phone while my sister held my legs spread out saying "now everyone is going see how small your tits are" if you tell my Mom about what you saw. I had never felt so bare and embarrassed in my whole life. 7

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    Straight Male / 37

    I am married to a wonderful woman, our sex life has always been great, but I have always had a fantasy of getting my ass fucked. I enjoy getting enemas since I was young over moms knee, and I fake stomach problems so my wifewill do it for me.
    One day when she was out to lunch with friends I was watching porn and saw a guy getting it from a woman with a strapon, I got hard and jerked off while watching.
    about a week later I went to a sex toy shop and purchased a 6 inch dildo. the next time she was out shopping with friends I decided to try it. I knew she would be gone for hours so I filled the enema bag and gave myself a goodcleaning, then I laid on the rug in the bathroom and lubed up the dildo, on my back with my legs up I put it againt my rectum and slowly pushed it in, it hurt a bit, my cock started getting hard, I pushed until it was all the way in, then I began slowly fucking myself, just about this time the door opened and my wife was standing there. I didn't know what to do so I just pulled it out and started saying I'M NOT GAY I'M NOT GAY. She started crying I held her and she said then why? I told her I always enjoyed ass play since my moms enemas, but I don't want to be with a man. she said she believed me, and it was/is true.later we talked about it and she said she thought I was satisfied with her/sex. I was very, but still had the urge, she agreed it was ok but only with her present, the next week I brought a strapon home she reluctantly tried it on, I put the dildo into it
    I got naked and put a lot of KY JELLY on it. I got on my hands and knees and directed her into me. she timidly pushed forwar I wanted it so I pushed back hard and fast, taking it all in, she started fuking me and she started liking that she was in charge. that was 12 years ago and we still enjoy all forms of sex.she even gives me an enema over her knee before she fucks me.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I am going to college so I still live at home with just my mother. My mother was out so being home alone I was surfing porn on our big screen TV. I was surprised by my mother and 2 of her friends when they suddenly arrived home. There I was caught looking at naked women on the big screen and no quick quick way to hide it. My mother hated me looking at porn and had told me many times before not to do it. She begins yelling at me and tells me how embarrassed she is having her friends seeing this. She is yelling at me more and getting angrier with every second that passed. She goes on to say porn is demeaning to women and I guess i stupidly decided to argue that point with her. I told her the women choose to do it and get paid for it. My mother tells me the women only do it because they have no other choice. I argue back that they have choices. My mother yells back at me to shut up and is now extremely pissed off. Her friends are just standing there listening to us. My mother then really begins to let me have it. She is screaming at about how if I really want to look at naked women maybe she wants to look at naked men. It then seemed like she became possessed because I had never seen her this way in all my years and she even seemed like she could kill me. Every second work from her mouth is a swear word and she is demanding to see a man naked right this instant. I didn't know what she wanted at first until she was screaming to take all my FUCKING clothes off. I was terrified of her in her state and did it. There I was naked in front of her and her friends. She starts enjoying my situation and is making comments to her friends about we now have a live nude porn star. She tells me to get it up for them. When I hesitated she got terrifying again and I did as she asked. Now I was naked with an erection in front of her friends. She then tells me she wants some alone time with her friends and for me to wait outside. I reminded her I was naked and all she said "SO". I was now on our front porch naked praying no one else would see me. About 10 minutes later she comes out and says they would be watching a movie and I could come in after that and locked the door after she went back in. Two hours later she comes out and her friends leave. She tells me I wasn't coming in until morning. I spent the night outside naked and luckily I don't think anyone noticed me.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife and I work rotating shifts at two different companies, this makes it so we are frequently on very different schedules. Probably needless to say, I have a drink or two at my local bar on the way home.

    Right now we are on schedules where I am in bed asleep when she gets home. So, after a couple drinks, I thought I'd be a bit cheeky and text her to climb on when she got home and we could have a nice late nighter.

    In bed I started to wake realizing she really had climbed on and I was about to go off. I grabbed her tits and let go. I'm squeezing her big tits in my hands pumping her full when I realize it's not my wife.

    I had texted our nineteen year old daughter by mistake!

    I freaked! I had already done the deed. The discussion that ensues was frightening and hot all at once.

    If my wife finds out...

    Dead Man Walking

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    A couple months ago I got too drunk at a college party. When I woke up around 5am I felt very uncomfortable and didn't immediately realize why. First, I was totally naked, no clothes in site; second, I realized there was a beer can inside my vagina. As I pulled it out so much sperm poured out of me, it was then I realized that there was already a giant wet spot on the sheet of the bed. I have no idea how many times nor how many guys fucked me. I'd only let two guys put fingers inside me before, a girlfriend I was having oral sex with stuck her fingers in me too, but that was it. I was so sore from that big can I just started to cry. I went to the bath to clean up and then found a pair of sweats and a tee shirt and finally found my shoes. I never found my actual clothes. I went to my dorm room which I share with my girlfriend. She and I are in love, or so I thought. Her only words on my coming in, as I was about to tell her I was r**ed . . . "so the slut comes back".

    She dumped me, and everyone around the dorm was telling stories about me and how many guys I let fuck me. I'd never been fucked before and I have no idea who was first, nor how many followed him. My former girlfriend says she left after 14 guys had fucked me AND I was awake at the time, she says! Then the pictures of me naked, getting fucked, and passed out leaking, as well as the can inside me started being tacked on the bulletin board. After that I just let guys fuck me. If you take me out, you get to fuck me. I've been gangbanged at 3 other parties since. I just don't care anymore, I'm naked at parties in front of up to 100 people and they all know what a whore I am. My ex makes a point of kissing her current love in front of me, and even brought her into our dorm room and made love to her with me in the next bed. I just wish I could at least get an idea of who did it to me first, just so I know who it was. What kind of slut can't answer the question as to who was her first?

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    Straight Male / 35

    I was 16 at the time my girlfriend was 14. We were walking home from school and Claire kept complaining that she was desperate for a poo and it turned me on. I had a hard on and when she noticed the bulge in my trousers she called me a pervert for getting off on her being desperate for a poo. We kept walking slowly as Claire was to desperate to walk any faster and I realised she might not be able to make it home in time. I was super horny and when Claire stopped walking I knew she was losing control and I could smell poo as she pood and wet herself. I got so excited I came in my pants in a series of powerful spurts. I had a big sticky wet patch in my trousers and my pants were swimming with my cum. When we got to Claires house there was no one home and she asked me to help her clean up and I couldn't say no to that!

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    Straight Female / 48

    In the tenth grade our group decided that no one should be a virgin. We were paired up, a virgin boy with a virgin girl, and the remaining virgin girls given to the experienced boys. The boys got to pick the girl, the girl didn't get to pick. The event was scheduled for Halloween that year. We all went to this boy's house whose parents were out of town.

    The virgin girls were lined up, and first the virgin boys picked, then for the rest of us the experienced boys picked. We were told to undress and lay down on the sheet on the floor. The boys unbuckled their pants and got down on their knees in front of us. We were told to open our legs and the boys got on. In a minute we weren't virgins, every girl had to swear we had been 'vaccinated' against virginity. After it was over a couple of the girls cried quietly, they were hugged and held by the stronger girls.

    No one had to become boyfriend/girlfriend and we weren't expected to give ourselves to the boy who had vaccinated us, but we clung to the boy, it was impossible not to fall in love. Some boys went on to college and some of us followed them, some boys went to work or into the service, the girls got married one by one with the college girls getting married as we graduated.

    I never had eyes for any other boy. He felt trapped, but he kept me honest and married me.

    It was a really bad idea, really bad. You fell in love in a minute, the minute you received him. The boys talked tough but we were their sisters, cousins, neighbors. My brother married his girl of that night and he made sure my boy married me. No girl got left behind.

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