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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 22

    In 2016 I was travelling on a bus over to my dads house (He and my mom are divorced) During the five hour journey, a very handsome older guy got on and sat on the seats opposite me. After a few eye contacts and me checking out his gorgeous looking body, he smiled at me and asked if he could sit by me.
    We were the only ones at the rear of the bus, so when he put his hand down to my pussy mound, I let him slip his hand up my short skirt and inside my panties. At the same time, he put my hand on his cock bulge, so I copied his action and slipped my hand inside his boxers. His pulsing cock felt huge as I gently stroked it, as he was very slowly playing with my clit.
    Not saying a word he dropped his trousers and boxers and I saw he was indeed well endowed. Bending me over towards him, I took his cock into my mouth and began to blow his cock. He reached further over and slid a finger, then two inside my soaking wet pussy. We stayed like that for some time, until he asked me if I was on birth control. Nodding as best i could with his cock in my mouth, he had me get up, kneel over him and he inserted his cock so deep inside my pussy. I was facing him and very slowly fucking him, and his cock was sending me wild with lust. I wanted to be fucked harder, but it wasn't easy with the space we had.
    Telling him I wanted it harder, he moved us around again and knelt up behind me as I faced the side window. It didn't last that long, maybe five minutes but by the time he shot his sticky cum deep up my love tunnel, I'd had one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had.
    Cleaning ourselves up, we chatted about who we were and where we heading to. It turned out his stop was only two before mine and only ten miles from my dads place. Before he got off, we swapped cell numbers and I gave him another sneaky suck.
    At the final stop on the route and as I was about to get off, the driver an older guy said to me "Hey honey thanks for the show". Looking down, I saw he was watching a recording of myself and the guy having sex and it was only then I saw the small cctv camera at the rear of the bus.
    Talk about being embarrassed, I couldn't wait to get off the bus, but not before he told me the recording was automatically be uploaded to his companies computer banks.
    So somewhere in a bus company's computer records, there's a recording of me sucking off an older man and taking his cock as I rode him, and then had him fuck me from behind.
    It's an older man I might add, I've had sex with since. Only we've fucked at his home, car and plenty of other places outdoors. He knows about the bus video, but says it won't be a very good image of us. when I asked how he knew, he told me he installed the camera's on the buses a couple of years before. He'd known all along we would be being filmed, but had fucked me anyway. Which each and every time I'm taking his big cock up my pussy and ass, gets me off every time.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I was staying in the hospital for 4 days last week for some tests. So of course I tried to avoid masturbating but having a hard on when you wake up or randomly because your so horny doesnât mix with wearing a gown.

    I grabbed four tissues of the stand beside the bed, uncovered partly to be able to have access to pull my gown up. I already had a raging boner so I flipped the tv to the something to encourage me.

    My room door was shut so I was just sitting there in bed masturbating. Dang that felt so goood! Having my foreskin of my uncut cock slide up and down over my cock head.

    But then the door opens and itâs a nurse coming to check on a few things. She saw me masturbating and I just stopped but she saw me stroking away. She said oh sorry and excuse me and walked back out. 20 minutes later she came back in and I lost my hard on by then.

    I said Iâm so sorry you saw that and she said itâs fine. Iâve seen a lot of stuff as a nurse and what you were doing is only natural to do. She did end up saying a little tip, most guys go into the bathroom to do that here. More privacy that way and easier to hide if you do it on the toilet or in the shower.

    She left the room and returned with some baby wipes and said these are so you can clean up especially since your uncircumcised

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    Straight Male / 34

    Yesterday I started crying during sex, right after I came. I had given wifey one slow orgasm, massaging her lady parts while she vibed and eventually fingering her G-spot to a nice orgasm, her favorite. Then, she was riding my cock while I sat on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor, I had my hands on her ass and was pulling her in perfect rhythm, all the way back and forth down my cock. She started yelping out loudly, cumming her brains out. When I started to cum myself we just kept going, I let out a long moan, and all the sudden I was sobbing. I wasn't upset, sad, or angry, and it was probably one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had (despite jerking it twice the night before). We just held each other until I calmed down, but I was jittery for quite a while and had a hard time keeping it together.

    I'm feeling pretty weird about it now, but my God it is pretty memorable when the pussy breaks you like that. We've been together for 15 years, first time something like this has ever happened.

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    Straight Male / 27

    As a 16 year old boy I got my first taste of playing the female dog to a german shepherd male, and yeah he liked that, and I ended up with his huge knot holding us in the ass to ass position for at least 20 minutes. Not going to say it was wonderful, cause for half of that time it hurt a lot, but the last half felt a lot better, and even though I said I wasn't going to again, a week later he had me in that same position.

    I got bred to him as well as several other larger males, then one night just after turning 18 I got it again from another big male, but never knew which one did it. I was walking back home from a friends house about 9 pm down the alley behind our house. It was trying to storm, and almost behind our house I was met by 4 dogs, one female gsd that was in heat, one big gsd male, and two other males that were at least as big as him, but more shaggy and box headed.

    The female was almost ready, and the male gsd was working on getting her, nobody ever uses that alley except during the day, and that's mostly the meter reader. I felt safe enough so I took off my boots, jeans and shorts, fingered the female and put her scent between my legs and got down on all fours. Instantly there were two noses and tongues on my ass, some growling and a few snaps, then suddenly there was a flash and a bang behind us, and instantly it was pitch dark.

    Before I could even think power outage I was mounted, he made a few stabs at my hole, hitting above and below, one of which hurt. Then he hit the right spot, hunched, I was penetrated, then he went right into flat banging my ass. He was powerful in the way he held me back to him and was putting the dick to me hard and fast. I never did feel his knot swelling, which suprised me, cause I knew he must have a big knot and I didn't want him to hang me. But he had different ideas, and all of a sudden I found out he had done just that.

    He didn't instantly get off, he stayed on, holding me tightly back to him and pushing into me, like he was making sure he actually had me hung. I knew he had me, cause it was uncomfortable, then he got off and we were standing ass to ass and I was feeling his throbbing dick as it squirted his spunk into me. I was thinking and hoping the lights didn't come back on too quick, then it dwaned on me, here I was hung hard and fast to a big male dog in the middle of the alley, and didn't even know which one it was.

    About that time I heard what sounded like humping, then a rucus, and figured one of the others had hung the female. The one that had me kept me for almost 25 minutes, and I could hear people in the back yard across the alley talking about the power company working on the problem. A few minutes later the one that had the female let her go, and them and the others headed up the alley, I was still hung and still getting bred. But then I felt his knot going down, he pulled out and headed after the others.

    It was still darker than hell and I was crawling around feeling for my clothes, then the clouds broke a little and I found them, got dressed and headed to where the crew was fixing the outage, a squirl and shorted things out. Later on thinking about it, I couldn't help but wonder which of those big stud dogs had got the privlage to treat me like a bitch.

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    Straight Male / 29

    My primary care provider is a Nurse Practitioner that runs a Catholic low income and pregnancy clinic in my small town. Beth has been my 'doc' since I moved back after college 6 years ago.

    I have had bad experiences not being well endowed but also find SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) videos online to be erotic and taboo. I have been laughed at but not really teased or mocked outright. My ex used to text, play games and talk on the phone while I had sex with her, but that was back when I could last longer than a minute or two.

    Being both much smaller than average and prematurely ejaculating is pretty much the most embarrassing situation, but somehow it turns me on so much that the mere thought causes me to climax.

    I live in a small town but escorts will travel from the city if the money is right. So Saturday I hired a backpage escort for sex. I have to go bareback, condoms fall right off my half-a-hotdog sized erections. She had turned a few tricks before she got here and reeked of sex, cum and not bathing. I paid her to let me fuck her then afterward she wanted me to eat her out so I did.

    Monday afternoon I made an appointment for yesterday with my 'doc' because I was worried but also because I was aroused by the thought of confessing my dirty perversions to her.

    I told her about condoms being to big and having unprotected sex with an escort. I was nervous how she would respond to such graphic information.

    She told me as a Catholic she doesn't believe in condoms and told me that it was a sin to spill my seed through masturbating or sex with a condom catching my sperm. Weird huh? She went on to mention Jesus was with a prostitute (Mary Magdalen) so maybe sex with hookers is the most sinless way to release tension.

    I was not expecting that reaction, but she went farther. She insisted on a genital exam. I have never had one prior so not sure what to think. I got an erection but she wasn't fazed by it, though she did tell me to wear tight underwear and shave my pubes for "hygeine" issues but had undertones. What wasn't ambiguous was that she talked about my size.

    More than once she told me that I should be much larger but didn't think I was a candidate for surgical enhancement. Beth straight up told me to get used to it.... premature ejaculation she said was the least of my problem so she didn't address treating it. I have a follow up in 3 weeks.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I was busting for a poo in town yesterday and I didn't want to use a public toilet so I decided to wait until I got home so I could go in my own toilet. As I was walking home the need to poo got worse and I was desperate for a wee as well. The more I walked the more I had to go and I was slowly dribbling pee into my knickers. It started to run down my leg as I lost control of my bowels and I just stood there and peed and pood myself. The relief was incredible but it was so embarrassing having to walk home with my jeans soaked and smelling of poo.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I have always had an interest in vintage cars. I bought and refurbished a 1968 Mustang and belong to a club of vintage cars. It is more than a hobby. At the club I met a man who also refurbished a period Mustang. We got along well, when we went to shows for the cars (nothing national, these are regional shows) we went together and showed both cars side by side. We got close and shared other times together, like watching the Super Bowl.

    I was at his house, he has a much better set up for watching the game. We had a friendly bet for a sizable amount of money, and I lost. He told me that I could settle the bet by sucking his cock. He wasn't kidding. He took his cock out of his pants and got himself an erection and offered his cock to me. He kept saying "you know you want to, all you want to do is suck this cock, you want this cock more than anything, come on now do yourself a favor and do what you really want to do". I gave in and sucked his cock. He got me to use my hand and suck him to completion.

    When it was over I was embarrassed, he told me it was our secret, and that anytime I wanted to suck cock to let him know, because he knew I was cocksucker the day he met me. I had never sucked cock before. I have sucked his cock like a dozen times since the game. I can't resist.

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    Straight Male / 47

    As a teen I witnessed a situation that traumatized me at the time. This put me in a relationship with an older man and he settled me down by masturbating me. To comfort me, he held me and took my penis and masturbated me using both his hands and mouth.

    Whenever it was possible he would masturbate me again by using his hand or by using his mouth and hand. It was a long time before I started to hold his penis and put his penis in my mouth. As I grew up, and I went away to college, whenever I was back home I would go spend time with him and we had complete sex, with penetration.

    I am a grown man now and he is a much older gentleman now. We do not have sexual contact any more, we are just friends. He has never married and owns several businesses in town. He asked me to join him and his lawyer and he told me that as he did not have a family of his own he was leaving his estate to me, knowing that I would take care of it and help it grow. For me, it was thing of youth, as I have grown up and now have a wife and family and would never expect anything like this. Certainly I would not want anything to come out.

    I am at a loss to explain why he would leave his estate to me. Not only to myself, but how can I explain this to everyone else.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    Bar Hopping in NYC

    It's been about two weeks since coming back from NYC. I've been there and back and rarely have anything worth writing about, but this trip was something else. Although I am a little embarrassed by this story, I've swore to myself that I would not have any regrets for my life-style. So I hope you guys enjoy, it's as true as I can remember.
    One of my guy âfriendsâ from NYC offered to fund a little vacation to the Big Apple as long as I spent some time with him and brought along my friend D. She is so hot and has the greatest set of tits I have ever seen.
    He took us out to eat at this Sushi place and of course (for me) it was getting boring.
    We got to talking and decided that we should start hopping from bar to bar. I really love the bar scene and was hoping to meet some other guys.
    We went bar hopping. It was very wild. I was dressed in one of my tightest black mini-dresses and tall knee-high boots. My dress is sheer and my lingerie is plain to see. I even had on my black lacy thong! It seemed to being doing the trick cause every guy wanted to buy me a drink. Of course our buddy was sticking close to D. There was going to be some hooking up. I didn't really care, but I promised not to leave her alone with him until we got back to our suite.
    So I'm getting really horny watching these two making out all night so, I start flirting with some of the local talent. I'm really enjoying them trying to talk me into leaving with them. At one point, I had about eight drinks in front of me at my table. I didn't spend a dime that night. I had to slow down, because I was getting really tipsy.
    Thatâs when I was approached by this darling older man. It was well after midnight. The older gentleman bought me a Martini with three olives. If you know me at all, you know I love Martinis, very dry. He was white, a local, a little overweight and slightly balding; he was smoking a cigar and smelled like Old Spice. He seemed harmless though and it was kind of fun talking to him. I love his New York accent. He had great jokes and was teaching me about whiskey. He even got me to drink a Boiler Maker. I never drink stuff like that.
    I started looking around for my friend, D and couldn't see her anywhere. Feeling a little guilty, I figured I'd find her. The restroom was somewhere in the back so I thanked the old guy, gave him a hug, and went to locate my friend. It only took a few steps to realize that I may have made a huge mistake drinking so much. It had to be that damn Boiler Maker. I went over to the bathroom, but there was a huge line and I had to pee so bad, I thought I was going to piss myself. Next think I know, I'm standing outside behind the bar. Fuck-it, feeling silly and smashed, I decide to relieve myself right there.
    I hiked up my dress, squatted (panties pulled over) and went for like five minutes straight. It was so intense and wonderful; I remember I had this real shit-eating grin on my face. I was feeling no pain.
    I was still giggling when I started tipping backward. I was unable to do anything but laugh as I was looking up at the night sky. My eyelids seemed very heavy and the city sounds were so surreal. Just a little rest, I thought. Rest my eyes.
    I remember feeling a cool gust of wind blowing up my skirt, bringing me back to reality. Then I felt a pair of rough hands rubbing thighs and then my hips and then my sides. And then roughly cupping my breasts and firmly pinching my nipples.
    I was blinking my eyes and turning my head trying to make out where I was. I was getting accustomed to the darkness when his tongue started to dart in and out of my pussy lips. I could feel that my legs were resting on his shoulders. He had me tipped up for better access.
    I don't know if it was the alcohol or if I was slipped something but I couldn't move and decided to play as if I were still asleep. I wasnât scared as much as I was drunk.
    I was thinking that my dress will need dry-cleaning. Then I closed my eyes.
    Then the world seemed to turn, and my face was full of tweed. I must have been flipped over onto my belly. At least he had the courtesy of keeping my face off the alley ground. I spent hours putting on my makeup.
    He lifted my skirt past my waist and was working the waist over my tits. He was breathing very heavy when he lifted up, my ass onto my knees. Then, he pushed his fat cock into my wet pussy. I guess I just slept through the foreplay! Shit, Iâve never been this out of it!
    Now, my dress was riding way high against my shoulder blades, my tits were hanging out and my thong was gone but he was tightly holding on to my hips and pumping his cock into my pussy like a mad dog. I was still limp and getting pounded like a rag-doll. It didnât take long before he pulled out and began rubbing his sloppy cock on my ass-crack. I was expecting to feel his hot sperm shooting onto my naked ass. Instead, I felt him spread my asshole open and jam his huge cock in. He must have lubed it with my pussy juice because it went right in on the first try!
    It went all the way to his hairy balls. At first, it really stung like a son of a bitch. I couldnât scream or even breathe. He definitely wasn't circumcised because it really started to glide!
    After a few minutes, I was able breathe again and I had mobility again. Instinct kicked in. I reached my hand down to rub my clit while I pinched a nipple with my other hand. I was moaning, now. He began pounding even harder. I heard him say something like "I knew you were faking". I tried telling him that I was really fucked up, but could only grunt. My throat was really dry and raspy. He didnât want to hear it.
    It was so intense that I had to bite down on his jacket. Then it occurred to me, it smelled like Old Spice and cigars. Was this the nice old dude?!
    I was too far gone to care and couldnât do anything to stop it at this point. He was breathing heavy, maybe hyperventilating. He lost his balance and fell forward onto my back with all his weight!
    He crushed the wind out of me while shoving his extremely thick cock deep into my ass.
    As he catches his breath, he says "sorry honey", and leaves his cock shoved deep in my asshole. I was belly-down in my expensive dress and boots but now I was coming; hard!
    I guess he could feel me tense up because he started really grunting and his dick started to spasm. I could feel my little asshole fill with hot cum. Then it starts oozing out of my hole, drip down and onto my pussy.
    We laid there for a couple of minutes until he rolls off of me.
    I manage to get up on all fours. Thinking heâs coming over to help me up, he walks around in front of me. He reaches out with both hands and cups the back of my head and jams his nasty cock into my mouth. I can taste my own pussy and ass fluids mixed with salty cum for a brief moment. Then he starts hammering my throat until heâs going to break my jaws. Iâm now on my knees with my pussy and tits fully exposed. Iâm trying to pull his hands away but they are locked on like vices. At this point Iâve got tears in my eyes and heâs like a crazy man. âLook at me, honeyâ. âYes, thatâs rightâ. Then he unloads. I have to swallow or choke. How much does this old dude have left??
    As he pulls out, now he helps me to my feet. I can bearly stand so he helps me pull down my dress. He took his jacket back and adjusts his trousers.
    It was indeed the old âgentlemanâ that I spoke with earlier. He handed me my purse and tried to kiss me on the mouth! I think he kind of understood at that moment that I was not pretending to be drunk or playing games. He started apologizing to me then and was saying something about being a widower. He hadnât been with anyone since his wife. She had never let him do to her what we did. He looked at his watch and asked if I was alright. I said don't worry about it, Iâd be okay.
    With that, he was gone. I bent over and immediately began throwing- up my vodka, whisky and beer. All mixed with salty, creamy cum.
    I stood by the back door of the bar trying to wipe off some of the drying cum that was starting to harden on my thigh and started looking for my bra and panties. I found my bra, but the clasp was broken. I had to tie it in a knot. My panties were nowhere to be found. Why do guys like to take them? Trophy?
    I tried to get back into the bar, but found that the door was locked. Was I going to have to walk around the block to get back in? Luckily, a couple guys came out. I was about to give up. They looked at me like I was going to get lucky. I just said âdonât even try itâ! I walked right past them and back to the bar.
    There was D. She didn't even realize that I was gone! She was like "What's up girl. You about ready to head out? It's last call".
    My favorite panties were gone (probably a souvenir), I had cum dripping from my asshole, and my mouth and throat felt kind crusty. At least he didnât paint my face and neck with it.

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    Straight Male / 44

    On weekends I spend time around my house mostly doing repairs or yard work. Once the work is done I usually grab a beer and relax. The wife was out spending the day with one of her girlfriends so I was home alone. I look over into my neighbors yard and I see my neighbor topless with her breasts fully exposed. She saw me looking and thought nothing of me seeing her that way. On her way back into her house we quickly chatted with her breasts still fully exposed to me. She said she didn't want to be rude but had to be going to meet a friend. About a half hour later she comes out of her house and drives away in her car. Thinking about her breasts and realizing no other neighbors were around I decided I might try stripping down. Seeing her nude made me want to try it that day. I have been nude on some beaches but never around the outside of my home so it was going to be a first. I always worried what people would think of me if I was every caught. I went into the house got undressed and came out into my yard naked. There were only two neighboring house that could see into my yard, and with one of them away now, it wasn't too big of a thing to do. I sat on one of my lounge chairs and had a few beers. It was about an hour or so later from the time I went outside naked that my wife unexpected came home. I didn't know what she would say and when she saw me said nothing and came over and sat on one of the other chairs. Along with her was her girlfriend. I was face down so my junk was exposed to them but my ass was. I had nothing to cover up with so I asked my to get me a towel. She dismissed my request with a quick reply that it wasn't required. It appeared she wanted me to remain naked and I didn't know if it was to get back at me for trying this or if she just didn't mind. She then told me she needed to talk to me about something and wanted me to come inside with her. This would mean I would have to stand up and her girlfriend would see my junk. I figured if I got up quickly I could cover myself with my hand and she would only get a quick flash of me. I did it and when I got inside my wife asked why? Before I could answer she said she liked me this way as it was an easy way to let her friend see for herself everything that was said about me. I asked what about me talk about and she wasn't too specific. Before we were about to go back out I told her I better get some clothes on. She very adamantly told me I was going out the way I was and told me to get moving. My hand went back over my junk and she moved it away telling me I had nothing to hide. I walked out more exposed this time and sat there with the two of them and my junk fully exposed. It was embarrassing at first but I soon it was a non issue. My wife and her girlfriend only stayed for about an hour before they left to go out and do some shopping. That night after my wife got home she said it was fun rubbing into her girlfriend's face how I was bigger than her husband by at least an inch. When I asked how she knew, she said she had seen his before. I didn't know if I liked that or not and told her. She has seen him that way many times. She goes on to say he may be smaller but less shy. She even tells me she has seen him masturbate. I really didn't know if I liked her seeing another guy doing that. The more we talked the more I found out things. He walks around naked a lot and has masturbated in front of her many times. I asked how she would like it if her girlfriend saw me masturbate. The reply I was given was that she wouldn't mind and asked if I was offering. She thought it could be pay back for all the times she saw her husband do it. What really caught me by surprise was when she said that maybe her girlfriend would masturbate for me to payback for all the times she masturbated for her husband. I asked about the masturbation and asked if he had seen her naked. She answered he has and even goes naked quite a bit while at their home. I was very blunt and asked if he had seen her c**t. She answered yes and told me he hasn't fucked it if that was what I was worried about. I asked if nothing at all happened? She said no fucking but maybe a little sniffing, a lick or two and some fingering. My wife was getting annoyed by my questions and suggested I visit with her next time. I did visit with her and the four of us got naked. My wife masturbated if front of us and then her girlfriend di the same. Her husband began licking my wife's pussy and her girlfriend got on top of me and we began fucking. My wife was not happy at all, screamed some obscenities at me and walked away. The husband didn't mind and once I was done with his wife he took his turn with her.

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