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Embarrassing Moments
We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants.

This section of is here just to chronicle those most embarrassing moments. Let the whole world know your bad habits, and when you got caught committing them.
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    Straight Female / 33

    single mom of 1 (teen boy)

    i was picking up dirty clothing in my son's room to do laundry and i found one of my lace panties. i didn't notice it until i was separating the colors for the wash. it was obvious what he had been doing with it as it was very "soiled". i know my younger brother did the same thing with my mom's and my panties when i was teen.

    i had noticed that occasionally one of my panties would disappear and i thought either they were ending up with the odd socks or maybe our dog was packing them off. i was more at peace with the thought of them living with the odd socks and not hanging on a neighbor's hedge or roses.

    when i saw them i thought, "well, that makes sense."

    i washed them and put them back with his things with a small note that said, "i understand. please do not steal them and throw them away. you can put the soiled ones in the laundry and i will wash them." nothing more has been said by either of us. i find a pair of my panties in the laundry every few days. they are very "soiled" and i wash them and return them, or a less favorite pair, when i set his clean clothes back out.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Last year I went on vacation to the shore with my entire family, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. The one day the water and under toe was really rough but we were having a great time fighting the waves. I guess I went out a little to far and got hit by a high wave I didn't see coming. It tossed me up and down and around all the wayto knee deep water. As I stood up I was choking on salt water but soon realized my bathing trunks were down at my ankles. Aside from my entire family seeing me nude there were hundreds of people on the beach. Tons of girls but also families with kids. To make the embarrassment worse as I tried to pull my bathing suit up I fell backwards and had to stand back up again a struggle to cover myself. Even now I still get teased about it by my entire family.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I was 15 years old when my 18 year old sister picked the lock of the bathroom door while I was in the shower. When I turned around she was sitting with her girl friend looking at me standing there stark naked. She had removed the towel from the hook,told me our Mom had popped into the neighbour's and sat there with her girl friend looking at my dick, It was embarrassing because I was stuck in there not knowkng what to and sufferd the humiliation of getting a hard on. It just creeped up on me and couldn't top myself from getting a full erection. I remember feeling so much shame I never said aything to my Mom. To top it all I had a terrible crush on my sister's friend because she was the cutetest girl in the neighbourhood.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    I am a bi-sexual woman and a model, I travel all over the world with my work but this does not concern any of that!
    Around 5 years ago my best friend had sex with her boyfriend, not the first time but it was almost certainly the last!
    She came round to my house one day, she had just had sex with her boyfriend when her mom was out and was in a little bit of a state, I asked her in and what the problem was, I should explain I have known her all her life and used to change her nappy's!
    She said while they were having sex the condom had come off and instead of stopping he had continued and shoved right up inside her! and it was leaking!
    I said we should go to the doctor to see the nurse and see if she could get it out but she did not want to do that, she did not want to do that or go to the hospital so I asked what she wanted to do and it came as a little bit of a bombshell what she asked, could you get it out she asked!
    Ah yes well, was my immediate thought! I had not seen her naked for a long time! yet alone try anything like this! I don't know I said, I knew she knew I was bi-sexual so looking at a woman's pussy was nothing to me but this was my friend and I did my upmost to keep that side away from her, after all she was straight!
    Ok I said come up to the bedroom I said, I did not have anything like rubber gloves or anything like that so I would have to try and do this without!
    I asked her to take of her panties, lay on the bed and spread her legs wide, and for gods sake relax and I'll try and get it out!
    Her pussy was gorgeous and very tight, I inserted a finger then two going deeper inside her, she was all wet with his cum so it did help as I used it as lubrication!
    After about 5 mins of probing about I could just about feel if, I asked her to push and help me and could feel her pussy contracting on my hand but there was something else too, she was beginning to enjoy it! as she lay there with my hand inside her i just about managed to feel the collar of the condom and with clever manipulation, got my finger tip on it, then she surprised me, she had an orgasm! a big one, squirting on my hand, I ignored it and gently pulled the condom out of her, empty!
    I was covered in her boyfriends cum and her cum! so much so I head to change the bedding!
    I gave her a fresh pair of panties and said come with me, we got into my car and I went and got her the morning after pill, she did not argue with me and took it!
    Our friendship changed after that, she gave up her boyfriend, not surprising really, and we started spending more time together, she did what she used to do and started sleeping over in my bed.
    One morning I noticed she was touching me, she though I was still asleep but I wasn't, I continued with the deception I was asleep, I felt her hand on my thigh stroking me, I shouldn't have done it really but it felt so nice and in fact I helped her, I opened my legs in my sleep!
    I waited till she was almost touching my pussy and I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her, she didn't know what to think but to diffuse the situation I said that was nice, and to continue if she wanted, I lay there while my best friend continued to move her hand up my leg and onto my crouch, then put her hand down my panties!
    I felt her fingers slowly feel around me, go in between my lips and stroke my clitoris, she gently worked her finger inside me and by this time I was hugely turned on.
    I started touching her stroking her pussy, next thing I knew she was over the top of me, I opened my legs for her giving access to my pussy, her pussy was over my head, I started licking her putting my tongue inside her, she did the same with me and we had some wonderful orgasms, she tasted sweet and lovely, the line had been crossed, we became lovers.
    I got her a job as photographer and after a while she became my photographer, we have a wonderful relationship and live together as partners, If someone had said one day my friend would be my partner, I would have laughed, strange how these things start.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I really don't know why I enjoy it so much but being seen naked, embarrassed, teased humiliated, dominated by girls is my biggest turn on. I started by telling a girl about this and she said she would make me suffer. She was correct. Probably thousands of girls have seen my pics or seen me naked. Also I'm usually ordered to remain in panties etc at all times so most pics involve that. So many of the girls I knew before all this, have learned about my fantasies and have dominated me. For example, one girl knows I'm not gay but almost daily she sends me cock pics and makes me look them over just so it embarrasses me. She also posts my pics all over and doesn't care who sees them.
    I love it when some girl I don't know, sends me a text or email and says it's so and so, send me pics of.... Whatever... Now. Anyways, had to share that. Keep it up girls.

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    Straight Female / 22

    This is about my mother's aunt. She is an unmarried virgin and about 69 years old. This just happened and I'm writing this as I sit in the room with her and it's 1am at night. She is still sleeping, wearing a night gown that is raised upto her stomach because of her sleeping posture. Her legs are still wide apart. I was on my phone when I realised my charge dropped so I turned on my flashlight as the room is dark to go to my table and get the charger. The flashlight directly fell on her exposed hairy vagina and I was shocked. I haven't seen another (adult) girl's vagina before. Even now I'm shocked that I got a little turned on and couldn't look away. I froze there for a min before I went closer with the light to have a better look. Before I knew what I was doing I gently touched the parting with a finger and immediately took back my hand. I rushed out of the room to regain my breath. I felt something rushing in me. I washed that hand and came back to the room and rubbed myself for a minute to calm myself down. Then I switched on the flashlight again and went closer. I wanted to touch it again but I felt scared so I jumped back into my bed, and here I am , very embarrassed at what just happened and still longing to look at her vagina. What the fuck is wrong with me because she is old. I am never attracted to old people. I have encountered lewd old men in my life trying to show their dick to me but it never resulted in a reaction like this.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I was 17 when I saw my Mom punish my 15 year old sister by laying her over her lap and spanking her with her sweat shorts and panties down. She was so mad at her she didn't even care that I was in the same room. I just watched my sister's shorts and panties slowly slide down her legs with every stroke of the paddle. !Damn! did she have a nice pussy. Just sat there getting a hard on looking at her pink pussy and butt hole, while my Mom toasted her butt cheeks red. I remember her face was also red when she got up all embarrassed, pulled her clothes up and ran to her room crying. Never though I would be jerking off that night thinking of her. I wish my Mom would spank her naked the next time, so I could see if her tits are filling up.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I can't remember not getting bullied in any of the schools I went to. There were always groups of girls that seemed to entertain themselves by shaming other girls just for fun. The truth was it only got worst in high school because it turned into zexual harrassment. I was 17 at the time and will never forget going from class to class with out panties under my skirt, because a group of black girls had forcefully stripped them off in the girls bathroom. Spent the whole day feeling embarrassed about not having anything under my skirt and terrified about having it lifted in front of everyone. The worst was I couldn't say anything, because teachers usualy would turn a blind eye to these sort of things. I was stuck between the embarrassment of telling teachers or having my skirt lifted up when I left school. Heard them asking boys if they ever saw a white girl's pussy as they held me up with my whole crotch exposed in front of bunch wide eyed boys. Went home that day thinking about going back to school the next day without blushing.

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    Straight Male / 20

    This took place 2 years ago when I was 18 and still living in the family home. One weekday I got home early and didn't see anyone else was home so I took the opportunity to strip off my clothes, lay in the bed, spit in my hand, and went to work on my shaft. It's a regular, like daily thing for me, but this was earlier than normal since I seemed to be home alone and why waste the opportunity?

    I was going at it and feeling the build up in my groin. I had my balls in one hand and my cock in the other working that precum soaked shaft now. I always make sure there are tissues near my bed for these occasions and had a few setting next to just for this occasion. I felt the knots starting pushing cum out of my dick with tight orgasmic trust. I love it when I feel that. One problem.

    Just as that knot hit deep in my groin and the cum was starting, I hear my door open and there before me is my mother and a female next door neighbor friend standing in it. My mother was saying something about I was thinking of this color when she seen me and stopped any other words from coming out of her mouth. They stood there and my cock was spewing cum. I didn't get to the tissues with the surprise standing before me, staring at my cock shoot all over me and the bed. They waited for it to finish but while it was still throbbing my mother says, you better clean up that mess you're making. I could only look at her. Our neighbor stood totally silent.

    They exited without another word to me like they were finished now and closed the door behind them. I did hear them laughing as they walked down the hall towards the stairs. That was rather humiliating. I laid there frozen. WTF just happened? Finally I could move. Of course the cum on my body had now run down my sides and onto the bed. I guess I had some cleaning to do. I stayed in my room the rest of the afternoon to try and avoid my mother even though I did know eventually I would have to face her.

    That evening she said nothing about our encounter and I sure wasn't going to bring it up. I was afraid it would be my father who addresses it and that wouldn't be good with his straight religious type of family things went. The next day I found myself in the kitchen alone with my mother. She tells me that she is planning on painting my room thought of a couple of the colors. I chose one and she agreed that she thought it may be best. I was going to head to the living room when she added that she would make sure I wasn't in my room when she painted. I turned at looked at her. Again she started laughing and I said i didn't think it was that funny. She told me that if I could have seen my face and watched me totally lose control when she opened the door, I would be laughing too. I asked if she told dad. She asked why, it isn't his business.

    I guess my Mom is a lot cooler than I ever thought.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I was 15 when four boys caught me and my girl friend naked in the school's shower. Thought they were other girls walking in till I saw them sitting on the bench looking at us. I remember they most have quietly sneaked in to remove anything we could use to cover ourselves. The shower didn't even had curtains and basically we were stuck standing there starck naked with our arms crossed in front of us facing the wall. In the end we had to turn around, swallow our embarrassment exposing our private parts before becoming the laughing stock of the whole school. I remember them comparing witch one of us had bigger breasts and threatening to lieve us with no clothes if we did spread our legs. Watching them squatting down looking up at us was the most bood rushing shame I had ever felt. The whole incident went unreported and we both kept that way. No teacher our school staff ever found out. But boys talk and we both knew what other boys in school were giggling about.

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