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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 44

    I got divorced about 5yrs ago and for financial reasons I put an ad on Craig's List for a roommate. I did not mention I was gay and figured it would be for sharing the bills only. I meet a guy that was 36 and pretty fit and very nice looking. He had divorced a couple years ago and was in the same situation. We talked a couple times and even met for dinner a couple times to get to know each other.
    He is very straight and we seemed to get along very well and had numerous things in common so he became my roommate. I never told him I was gay and didn't feel the need to being it was for financial reasons only. Well about 6 months after he moved in he was out of town for work and I had a guy friend over and after we got done having sex and thinking we were the only 2 at home we got out of bed and both being nude we were heading into the kitchen to get a drink and in walks my roommate.
    We all froze in our tracks and there was complete silence for a moment then he says WTF is this. Well it was a bit awkward but I said I didn't think you would be back until Thursday (it was only Tuesday) he stammers WTF does that matter your a faggot aren't you?. I said yeah I'm gay but felt you didn't need to know because I wasn't planning on doing anything while you were here. Mean while my friend ran into the bedroom got dressed and left. My roommate and me argued some then he stormed out. I figured he would be moving out as soon as he could.
    The next day things were very tense and before leaving for work he tells me what I do and who I sleep with is none of his business and as long as I don't flaunt it he was okay with it. I told him I had no intensions of doing that and I mostly go to friends houses for sex because of the fact that your straight and the roommate arrangement seems to be working out other then the fact I like men. We went to work and things seemed fine for the next month or so until one night.
    My roommate was out at the bars looking for a woman to hook up with but come home about 1 AM after striking out. I was sleeping when he came in the bedroom and wakes me. I sit up and he tells me he struck out but was horny as hell and asked if I was willing to give him a blowjob. I was a little confused from just waking up and asked him to repeat what he just said which he did and I said your drunk go to bed. He tells me he only had a couple drinks as he don't like to get drunk and then he opens his jeans and pulls them down along with his boxers and he is semi hard and I must say his cock looked pretty nice. Not real big at maybe 7 when fully hard and about average thickness.
    Well when someone shows me their cock I have a hard time resisting and this was no different.
    I reached for his cock and was stroking it and then moved to put it in my mouth and started sucking his cock. He moaned a little as I started and after a couple minutes he started moving his hips and slowly started fucking my mouth. About 10 minutes later he grabs my head and shoves his cock down my throat and unloads a very large load in my mouth which I swallowed just about all of it except the little bit that spilled out the side of my mouth.
    When he was done he pulled his pants up and said thanks I really needed that and headed to his bedroom.
    The next morning he comes into the kitchen as I was drinking my coffee and he set down with his coffee and stares at me while I was reading the paper. I look at him and asked what? He says he was sorry for last night and that he was just extremely horny and needed to nut and jerking off just wasn't doing it for him. I told him no problem it was jut between us. He asked if doing that made him gay. I laughed and said no it don't make you gay. We talked for a bit about it and I told him I didn't mind giving him a blowjob and if the situation every happens again I would be more then willing to help him out.
    That was about 7 months ago and everything is normal between us and no one thinks anything of it but I have gave him about 10 blowjobs. He doesn't touch me or even think about reciprocating and I am totally fine with the situation and will admit I do love sucking him off.
    So what was really a financial benefit for having a roommate turned into a roommate with benefits and is working out really nicely for both of us.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    My sister in law started to kiss me on the mouth. At first I tried to avoid it, but her lips were soft and sweet and soon I kissed her back. There were times when the kisses took many seconds accompanied by warm hugs. Then one evening when my brother was out of town she came to spend the night with us. She came to my room after lights out, she got in bed with me and put her arms around me. I felt her leg on me, pushing her foot between mine and the her
    knee and thigh. She was talking to me in whispers, kissing me and hugging me. Then she kissed my mouth, a long sweet wet kiss while she put her hand under my top and fondled my breast. Her leg was now completely between mine and her kiss went on and on.

    When she pushed my top over my breast and she latched on to my nipple with her mouth, she put her hand between my legs and felt me up until I opened my legs and I felt her fingers deep inside of me. My eyes watered and I began to breathe hard when she lowered her head down and I lost any desire to stop.

    My sister in law is bisexual, but I wasn't. I fell in love with her, I gave her my life, my love. For the next several years, until I met another girl in college, we were secret lovers.

    We remain close and always kiss on the mouth. She has been my brother's wife, but I know she sneaks around. She knows I keep company with girl, we keep each other's secret.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Nobody who knows me, family friends or work colleagues, knows I love to suck cock. Most days now I cruise for gay sex at a park close to my home (Ten minutes drive). Nearly every day I'll have older men wanting me to blow them, which I do until they cum al over my face. If I meet a guy who really turns me on, I'll swallow his cum or if he's around my age, clean and good looking, I'll let him fuck me (I always carry lube and condoms).
    It's something I've now been doing since I was nineteen, and in that time I guess I've sucked more than fifty different men, and had over twenty different guys fuck me.
    One particular guy, who's a little younger than me, but who's not very good looking, wanted me to suck his dick and then to allow him to fuck me. At first I said no, that was until I saw the size of his gorgeous cock. He's only five feet seven iches tall and a little overweight, but his cock is massive. I've never measured it, but he has told me it's ten inches long and it's so fucking thick too. Since first meeting him at the park last summer (What summer) he's fucked me at least once a week. He's even asked me if I'd like to get a place with him. At the moment I'm considering it as he fucks me so good and I always cum so hard when his cock is pounding me. My only problem is no one knows I like cock just as much as I like pussy (Not that I get much pussy). Wish I knew how to have his cock every day and still be thought of as straight.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Half an hour ago Mike my daughters boyfriend left my home. He called by to receive his weekly pleasure, one which I'm only too happy to give him. Mike's twenty eight and he's been married to my daughter now for two years. But I've been fucking him for the past nine years, on and off.
    As soon as my divorce came through from my daughters mother, I began to really enjoy the carnal pleasures of fucking younger men. It was because of my need to screw slim younger guys, that we got divorced. That and the fact my ex wife was so frigid, it would take an earth quake to move her sexually.
    Meeting Mike when he was nineteen, we soon began to have lots of sex indoors, but especially outdoors, as he and I just adore fucking in the beautiful surroundings close to our town.
    When he called by this morning, we took the small drive to a beautiful spot we know. And with us both stripping naked, I fucked him by the side of the lake after he sucked on every inch of my eight inch cock. It was relatively cold, but believe after screwing his tight asshole in three different positions for over twenty wonderful minutes, I was more than warm enough.
    Seeing a fisherman walking by didn't even stop us, as he instead looked on and began to touch himself. Once Mike had shot his copious amounts of cum all over the ground beneath him as I pounded his asshole, I took my cock from his ass as the guy continued to watch, then fed Mike my cock to suck on until I busted my nut in his mouth. Mike as he always does, swallowed my cum. Totally satiated, I turned round to see if the guy had gone, and saw him tugging one off before he pulled his trousers up and scurried off.
    My daughter and mike are calling by this Sunday so Mike can watch the game with me. My daughter will no doubt utilize my home gym, so when we know she exercising, I'll exercise my cock up mikes ass again.

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    Straight Male / 27

    My girl friend and I sort of broke up she took a job in another state and I wanted to stay at my job so we left it open to see what time brought. I had gotten used to having a steady sex partner and was a bit lost the first week she was gone. I was never into the dating scene bar hopping etc. So i watched porn and beat off a lot.

    I lived in a town house I was buying on time. The whole time i lived there I had not really met any of my neighbors. One night i went down to take out the trash in my pajama bottoms and slippers. As I got near the dumpster i heard noises coming from behind the dumpster. I looked around the back side and saw a guy on his knees sucking off another guy. he was going to town the other guy was calling him a fucking cock sucking fag and telling him to take his cock and soon he would give him what he wanted. They did not see me i left and went back to my Town House. That night I could not get the whole thing out of my mind. The guy standing was well hung and the guy on his knees seemed to have no problem taking every inch of him. I had Bj's before I am almost 8 inches and never had any of the girls I dated able to take it all. Most were not into it and only did it now and then. I went into the shower and beat my meat to the thought of that fag sucking that guys dick. After i shot off I felt sort of ashamed that I had jerked off to that image.

    A few days went by and I put the whole thing out of my mind but every time I went to toss out the trash I got hard. Then one day while taking out the trash I saw the gay guy he was standing at the end of the sidewalk smoking a cigarette. I sort of nodded he nodded back and i tossed the trash in the dumpster. i walked back and he was gone. As I got to my door I heard a voice say hello I am you neighbor Mike. i turned to say hello and it was him. he smiled at me and up close looked not like what I thought a gay guy should look like. i was raised in small town had not met a lot of gays and the ones I had were more feminine. i shook his hand and said i am Andrew glad to meat you. We talked a bit and i said i had to get in early work day and all. Said goodbye and walked in the town house.

    That weekend i was grilling on the back deck and looked up to see Mike smiling holding some beers up. I motioned for him to come on over. It was strange knowing I had seen him sucking down that guys cock and acting like it was not on my mind. We talked a bit and he told me he was married and the wife was on a business trip. i thought to myself oK good cover. We chatted for a while and he left after we ate some burgers I made. A few days later getting out of my car there was Mike getting out of his car he was with a lady who then introduced as his wife. She was hot as hell and i could not stop looking at her rack. He saw me looking and shot me a smile and said she has a nice set doesn't she? i was a bit put off he had noticed but she smiled and said it was a compliment. as she walked away he slapped her ass and said he would be in in a minute. We chatted and then I went in.

    Mike and I started hanging and talking and now and then we would talk about sex nothing heavy I started to wonder if I was wrong and he was not the guy I saw on his knees? It was months later when Mike showed up at my door he asked to come in and we went in to the den I was watching TV I told him to grab a beer. He seemed different tonight on edge nervous about something. We chatted and soon the conversation got around to sex. He was more talkative tonight and went into detail about his sex with his wife. He talked and i felt myself getting hard. I got up and went to the bathroom to put on my pants as I was in my pajama bottoms no underwear and my dick was flopping around. When i got back Mike was gone. I locked up and went to bed. I was asleep and felt someone sucking on my dick it felt so good I lay back and just let it happen. I reached down thinking it was my girl friend come back but it was not her. I jumped and threw back the covers it was Mike. I jumped out of bed my dick hard flopping against my stomach making a slapping sound. He was smiling at me I was in shock WTF was all I could say. He said Oh come on you was liking it. I was but i thought i started to say.He got up and walked over to me and said some on no one will know and looks like you need it bad. I pushed him away and said no but something in me was saying yes yes yes. It had been a long time and I was horned up. he kept talking to me as I went to the Den and sat in my chair. i was still naked and stiff as a board. he came in and said sorry if i stepped over a line I just thought you could use a good blow job. i asked him to leave and he left.

    For days I did not see him but kept thinking about him sucking on me. I saw his wife and she waved as I was going in one day. A while later the front door bell rang and it was Mike I opened the door and he said man I am sorry i hope we can still be friends. I said we could but I was not into it. He said Ok and we had a few beers. The whole time he was there I kept getting hard thinking of him sucking me. I think he noticed and as he left he said you say no but he and pointed to my dick says yes. After he left I thought about it and wondered why he made me feel that way.

    A few days later i was in the hot tub and there was mike I was in speedo swim trunks leaving no way to hide anything that would pop up. He smiled and invited himself in took off everything and got in nude. I did not know what to say I just sat there. He asked how my problem was going I asked what problem? You know that hard thing of yours. It was starting to piss me off so I rose to get out and sure enough I was sticking up again. He smiled and said if you just let me take care of that you would feel much better.

    This went on for a long time I even thought about moving he got more and more bold and it was starting to wear me down. One night I was on the deck in my robe he walked over and started I said fine lets do this so you will shut the fuck up. He looked shocked I got up and walked in the Town house and sat in my chair. He came in and asked you sure? Yes do it I am sick of fighting with you. I was rock hard and needed to get off anyway. He opened my robe and I was nude under it. He licked his lips and went down on me I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it. Soon he was sucking my whole cock in his mouth and playing with my balls with his hand. It actually felt pretty good. I started to relax and enjoy it and he slid his finger in my ass it hurt a bit but what he did with his finger once inside felt good. He sucked and fingered me something i never thought I would like but it felt awesome. He licked my balls and took them in his hot mouth his finger wiggled inside me and he hit a spot that made my whole body spring to life. I was about to come and told him so thinking he would not want me to come in his mouth but he kept me in his mouth and i shot my wad he ate it all and kept sucking until I was limp. After he got up and said see that was not so bad.

    I am not into guys and they do not turn me on body wise but have to say since that night I let a few suck me off and they have a way of making my cock feel better than any women has ever done. mike comes over once in a while just to talk and some times he comes over to suck my cock. I consider him a friend and learned not to mind his obsession with sucking cock. I also like the fact he wants nothing in return I just lay back give him my seed and then we go back to bullshitting about the game etc. If you find a guy who wants to suck your cock I say let him they know what to do and how to suck and you both get something out of it. All that time fighting it I could have been getting great head live and learn as they say.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I do not mean to sound arrogant but I have never had a problem finding some chick to fuck or suck my prick. I am told I am very good looking I guess that is true but i was just born that way no big accomplishment. My dad was a good looking man and my Mom was a knock out when she was young and still looks great in older age. looking at photo albums of family I pulled from a good gene pool. Anyway I was married for a few years but I am just not a touchy feely guy I am happiest just being left alone have sex when the need arrives. My wife needed more feeling something i could not give so we split. i tried living with a few people and that never worked they wanted more form me than I could give. Not sure why i am the way I am i came from a loving family and had a good childhood. I just do not feel that lovey shit people talk about. I love having sex and i am told i am very giving in that respect not all about me but after i return to that roll over leave me alone personality. So that is me in a nut shell and have just not found anyone who could handle sex with no cuddling after.

    I guess i loved my wife or what i thought love was but like I say my kind of love did not work for her. I ran the bar scene after we split and fucked a lot of chicks and got some good blowjobs but it started to feel like I was better off just whacking off and thats what I started doing taking matters into my own hand. i bought one of those flesh lights but never really got into it and it ended up in the trash. I spent a lot of time watching internet porn and whacking off. I like to get off about three to four times a day sometimes more.

    I was taking a long trip for work and decided to drive and see the scenery for a change from flying. I rented a car mine was in for engine trouble something i could not fix myself. So off I went it was mid summer and hot as hell but man the sights were great driving through the Mountains in West Virginia I had taken the side roads so I was able to see more than from the Highway. I stopped in a little town and got a room for the night and went out to see what was there. I went to a little bar and sat at the bar having a few drinks. The people there where townies and very nice played some pool and chatted up a few ladies. The whole time I was there this guy looked to be in his 20's I was 304 at the time. Anyway every time i looked this guy was looking at me and when i would look over he would look away. I had to take a piss and was at the urinal and this guy walked in and stood at the urinal next to me. I looked at him and he was looking at my dick. He saw me looking at him and he looked up from my dick and licked his lips. Now i had guys come on to me before but never even thought much about it. something about this guy made me feel horny. That spooked me and i zipped up washed my hands and went back out into the bar. After a few more drinks I left and was walking back to the motel. i noticed this guy fallowing me.

    I noticed a small park so i walked through there to see if he was fallowing or I just thought he was. Sure enough he was. I sat on a bench and he came up and sat near me. I turned to him and asked what he wanted. He said in a mater a fact way i want to suck that big prick of yours in a country W.Va accent. For some reason his speech and his way of just saying that was making me hard. i am 8 inches and thick so I could not hide the fact i had a ragging hard on. Maybe it was the fact I had not had sex with anything other than my hand or that I had not gotten off that day but in my mind i was actually thinking about him on his knees taking my prick in his mouth. I looked at him he was thin but not skinny good looking I guess for a guy not feminine but not super manly. looked like a regular guy. I asked him why? He said because you look like you need to be taken care of. We talked a bit and I said well were would we do this?
    he said anyplace you want I am game for what ever you want. I had never done much in public but i was fucking rock hard by now. He got up and walked back to a tree and stood waiting for me. I walked back to him and unzipped my jeans fished out my prick from its hiding place and felt the night air on it and it felt good. He went down on his knees and looked up at me taking my prick in his hands fondling it. I looked down into his blue eyes and could see the want in them. I pushed my prick close to his mouth I needed his mouth on it. he said slow down cowboy I like to take my time. I did not want to get caught getting head in a park and by a dude none the less

    He licked my balls and worked my prick with his tongue it felt so good in all the years I was sucked by chicks no one worked my prick like her did. I saw a bit of pre cum leak out and he licked it up. I was burning for his mouth and just when i felt i could not take his tongue driving me crazy anymore he gulped my prick all the way down to the point his nose was buried in my pubic hair. he held there and worked his tongue around damn this guy was working my prick I had to lean against the tree my knees were getting week. he slid my prick in and out of his mouth and when he went down on it I could feel his throat grip it felt better than any pussy I had dipped it in. I had a full days worth of jiz in my nuts boiling at the brink of exploding but just as i was ready he would slow his pace. He worked on my prick for a long time slowing just before and going to town on it then slowing. I had lost myself in the moment was deep into his motions I had never felt anything like this before. My prick came out of his mouth with a pop sound as he sucked in and released me from his warm sucking mouth. he smiled up at me and said he would like to go someplace and take his time on it. I was think damn dude how much time do you need i am ready to shot my load now. I did not even think when i asked him back to the motel i was lost in getting my prick taken care of.

    We went back to the motel and as soon as we got in the room he had me on the bed tore off my pants shoes but left my socks on. There I sat on the edge of the bed my prick sticking up still wet from his slobbering mouth. He stayed dressed i was happy about that and got down between my legs and started licking again. I lay back and just let him do what he wanted. It seemed like hours went by as he took me almost to the point and back down again. i was leaking pre cum like crazy and every time he cleaned it up his eyes lit up like it was Christmas. He sped up and was slamming his head up and down taking me all the way down to the pubic hair he sped up and soon I was fucking his face I stood up and held his head and started slamming my prick in to his throat. I heard him gag and pulled back but he grabbed my ass and pushed me forward telling to go for it and i did he was gagging and gasping and I was pounding away. I felt the most awesome feeling bubbling up from my toes I looked down at him he was looking at me tears running down his face as i pounded him I said I am cumming and started to pull out but he held my body tight to him and made a motion with his hands on my ass telling me to not stop. I plunged in a few more time and soon I was dumping a huge load in his mouth once again I looked down and could see him he looked like he was loving it bright eyes and almost a smile as i pumped spurt after spurt in to his throat and mouth. I swear to all that is holly i never came like that in my life. i fell on the bed spent as he licked my prick clean. I dozed off and when i woke back up he was still there my prick in his mouth and that made me hard all over again. He sucked my prick like a pro 4 times before he left. I went into the shower and on the sink he left a note thanks for the good time if you are ever in the area again look me up. his number and name Dan.

    I am still not real affectionate not sure why just the way I am but when ever I am in that area I call him up and let him have my prick and last time he mentioned maybe i could fuck him I am not sure I was never into ass stuff even with girls but I had never let a man suck my cock and look what I was missing out on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    For the past four years, once a month, I've been paying for and inviting to the company I own and run, a young gay male escort to visit me once the workforce has gone home. On those days I tell my wife it's an audit day and that I'll be home late.
    My office has a large leather topped desk and very large sofa which converts into a bed.
    Every month when the escort arrives, I'll have him strip naked for me. And then have him slowly strip me as I become incredibly horny and erect. With a cock that measures nearly nine inches in length and almost six inches around, I rarely get a guy who doesn't want me to fuck him all night. But I restrict the time we have together, to one hour. In that time we'll kiss, fondle, stroke one another's cocks, suck each other's pulsating dicks and rim one another's assholes. Once fully ready to fuck the guy, I'll either fuck him on my desk if I fancy a quick but extremely hard fuck session, or using the couch/bed, I take my time to fuck the shit out of a guy who's usually very fit and very good looking. Always finishing by cumming in his mouth or up his cute tight ass.
    Around this time of year (Dependent on workload) I'll book my wife into a spa resort over a weekend as a gift to say thank you for her support. When she's away over the weekend I'll give myself a gift for working hard all year. Booking two guys to stay overnight at our home. Each guy will be young (legal) and very cute. They'll both be very sexual and both like to fucked hard, bareback.
    Last week I got my results back from the clinic to prove my STD free state, and booked my wife's spa weekend for next weekend. Yesterday I booked through my usual agency, two very good looking guys who are from previous experience very horny and one who's extremely well endowed. I will be fucking both young men, as I adore screwing a young guy's tight asshole. But for my special present to myself after a tough year, I'm going to have one or both of the young men, fuck me. It's a first for me being fucked, but it's something I've wanted to experience for some time.
    If all goes well, and I don't see why not, I'll get back to you all and let you know how it all went.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My father and i never got along i was never the son he wanted and he treated me as if I was not his son. he was abusive in the fact he hit me a lot often for no reason other than he was pissed about something else and took it out on me, Most of the things I liked to do he felt were not manly in his way of thinking. I wanted to be an artist and he felt that was gay. Hard to believe but at 16 i had never had any sexual contact with another person I sort of knew about sex as far as the mechanics of it but had no one around to experiment with as most did I found out in later years. My parents were not poor but not rich we just made ends meet.

    My Dad liked to hunt and i would go with him but never liked the killing part of it I like seeing the animals but hated killing them. hunting puts food on the table my father would say. My Mom was not very talkative and seemed very unhappy but just did what was needed to feed the family and keep the house clean.

    Not long after my 16th birthday a friend of my parents from school came to stay with us and our house was small with no extra bed rooms so he ended up bunking with me in a full sized bed. He had been there a while and I liked him he seemed to make things fun always laughing a joking even my Mom seemed more alive with him there. After about a month he and my father went out and got drunk came home late and the friend Tommy was his name woke me up flopping into bed. He had half taken off his clothing and half left on and passed out in the bed. I got up and undressed him so he would be comfortable. As I pulled off his pants I noticed his dick was hard he wore boxers. I pushed him up into the bed and put a pillow under his head. he was a big man not fat but big built muscular man. i covered him up but his dick stayed on my mind. I lay there and could not stop thinking about it. I rolled over and slid the covers down and lifted his boxers up so I could look at it. He was not long maybe a bit over 6 inches but it was thick and had lots of hair. i could see it resting against his body by the light on the alarm clock by the side of the bed. Then I reached to touch it I dont know why I just did. i felt my own dick get hard I was about 7 inches a bit longer than him but not as thick.

    His dick warm almost hot in my hand and twitched when i touched it. I held it in my hand and then felt down to his balls they were big like walnuts and hot to the touch. i put the covers back and rolled over and lay there hard and excited about what I had done. I feel asleep. When I woke up he was still asleep cover thrown back and his boxers ere gone his dick was hard. he lay there sprawled on the bed I got a good look at his body he was very well built strong legs and muscular arms. As I dressed trying not to wake him I kept my eyes on his dick. After I dressed I pulled the sheet over him and as i did he rolled over and and wrapped himself up in the sheet. I went to have something to eat before going to school.

    I sat in school in a daze Tommy's dick on my mind all day. I could not get home fast enough I liked being around him and hoped he would be there. He was but Mom had gone to the store and left a note. Uncle Tommy as they called him is sleeping I ran to store be back soon. I went to my room to see if he was nude still only to find my room empty. I could hear the shower running and Tommy humming and as I walked by the bathroom the door was open just a bit and i could see in the mirror him as he washed himself. He soaped up and rinsed off then started playing with his dick. He stroked it and I stood watching I moved closer and the damn floor under me made a noise. He looked up and saw me I took off like a bat out of hell.

    That night when we went to bed Tommy took off all his cloths and got in bed nude something he had never done. He said goodnight and I shut off the light and got in bed. I was just about to fall asleep when he rolled over and pressed his dick against my rump. I did not move at first just acted like I was asleep. He stayed there for a while and I guessed he was asleep so i started to doze off. He pressed harder against me it sent electric shocks through my body and I felt myself or my body become very hot. My face felt flushed He started to grind himself against my rump and soon without thinking i started to grind back. He picked up the pace and made the springs on the bed squeak faster and faster then I felt wetness on my underwear and he groaned in my ear and his hot breath blew out over my neck. he rolled over and feel asleep once I was sure he was asleep I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom and took of my underwear. The back of them was covered in his cum big thick white globs of it. Not sure why but I smelled it and it smelled so manly I played with it in my fingers it was slick and after i played with it got sticky. i beat off on the toilet thinking about it then I washed my hands and underwear in the sink grabbed my robe and headed back to bed. he was asleep snoring.

    The next morning was Saturday no school I was sort of avoiding Tommy thinking he may say something about it but he acted normal as if all was still good. he asked my folks if it was Ok if he and I took a ride that day they said sure and we go in his big truck and took off. He turned on some music and was drove. Soon he reached over and put his hand on my knee and asked If I had fun last night i looked at him and he and a smirked on his face. I said yes and he gripped my knee with his big hand and said then you will love today. I was not sure what he meant but I liked being with him and trusted him. We drove to the woods we hunted with my father and we walked to a hunting blind. When we got there he undid his belt undid his pants and the sound of his zipped coming down made me feel very horny. He lifted his didk out and said I could touch it so I did. I was playing with it holding it rubbing it in my hand. He asked if i wanted to suck it and i did not even think before i had the head of it in my mouth. He had a big head just a bit larger than his dick it felt like velvet i ran my tongue over it and he shuddered. Soon he was telling me what to do and I did it i took him as far as I could in and then out of my mouth. I played with his balls and licked them as he told me. He sat down in an old office chair in the blind and i got on my knees in front of him and worked on his dick. It took a long time and i was liking being there with him and did not want it to ever end. After doing all he said to do I started to work his dick and then I felt him hold my head in his hands and he started working my head up and down slow at first then faster. He said something but i did not hear I was to into sucking him and his warm big hands on the sides of my face. i now know he said I am cumming and that's what he did. The first shot cam while i was at the head and it hit the back of my throat i swallowed it but could taste it and I liked it i had never tasted anything like it.

    The smell of him his manly smell mix of after shave shaving cream and just his own body smelled like flowers to me. Soon he filled my mouth with his cum and I did not miss any something he said he loved that I did as many spit it out and waste it. I lay in his lap as he took a nap and then i felt him soft against my ear. Not sure how long we were there but his dick getting hard woke me up and i went down on him again he said I was getting better and that made me proud for some reason. i think I just wanted to be needed and appreciated for something. He held my head in his lap my ear against his cock still hard and stroked my hair. He said in a deep sleepy voice we sure are going to have some fun this summer. Uncle Tommy appreciated the hell out of me and let me suck him when ever we had a chance to be alone and stayed right up until I graduated from High School. After i graduated he got a small apartment were I spent my time off from school. We did have fun lots of fun he taught me many things and how to take care of a man was just one of them. I loved spending time with Tommy and glad he came to stay with us. Things with my Father got better and my Mom was much happier with him there because my father was not such an ass all the time. I am not sure how it was after he left i did not get home much after i left.

    Uncle Tommy helped me pay for Art School and came to visit on campus often we would spend weekends together. After I was done with school things sort of started to slow down i was working and he started driving trucks long haul and was away a lot soon Uncle Tommy was just a letter in the mail or a phone call but always stayed in touch. I met a girl got married and once i did I stopped hearing from him. My wife knows I told her and she is Ok with it and the fact I have some fun now and then she likes to hear my stories about what I do it seems to turn her on. She said she wants to watch next time I hope its not a bad idea I love her and would hate to break up if she saw me sucking cock and it changed he feelings towards me.

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    Straight Male / 47

    When i was 9 my Mom passed away from Cancer. My dad started working a lot of hours and was not home much. That left me and my older brother alone at home a lot. My older brother was 14 at the time. My dad did not like leaving us home alone so that summer he sent us to Ohio to stay with my Uncle Rowen on his farm. We worked on the farm and that helped my uncle out. My brother and I were not very close he was big for his age and did a lot of the hard labor. I did the feeding of animals and lighter chores. The area my Uncle lived in had a large population of Amish and many worked on my Uncles farm. One Amish kid Tobias who 11 and i worked side by side a lot and became friends. The Amish kids spoke German until a certain age so we had to learn to communicate. He started teaching me some German and I some English to him. Every so often my Uncle would let us have the day off to play and have fun.

    One day off we built a fort in the hay loft a place we could go and get away from everyone. I had comic books Tobias liked to read or look at he told me latter he made up his own stories to them. So went the next two summers working and hanging with my Amish friend. That next summer I had to attend summer school so I did not get to go to the farm i stayed with my dads friends who had no kids. It was Ok but it was lonely for me.

    I was 12 the next summer I got to go to the farm and Tobias was 14 he had grown a lot and i noticed when we went to the swimming hole were we swam nude his penis was very large. it was always bigger than mine but it had grown a lot since I last saw it. We swam for a while then lay in the sun nude. i could not stop looking at his penis it interested me. We got dressed and headed back to the farm we went to the fort it was a new one Tobias had built as the one we built had been taken down to use for the animals. It was roomy and had benches built on the sides like bunk beds. We lay on them and i looked at Tobias he had a huge smile on his face and he took his pants down. He got up walked over to me and put my hand on his penis. It felt good in my hand and I played with it and it got hard as it grew I realized just how big Tobias was. i played with it a bit then he pulled his pants up and we went in for lunch.

    We never talked about what had happened just seemed normal. The next day when we had a chance to go to the fort as soon as we went in Tobias had his pants down and it was in my hand again. I played with his balls they were like bull balls huge to my little penis. I had seen other penises in the shower at school but nothing like this. Soon it was time for me and my brother to go home. that whole year at school i thought about Tobias and could not wait to get back to the farm. A friend of mine had taken a porno from his dads room and we watched it. It was a woman sucking a mans penis. After we watched it he asked me if i wanted to suck his penis. I said no so we played with ourselves I had not beaten off yet but he showed me how to do it.

    Soon it was time to head back to the farm Tobias now 15 had changed a lot he was becoming more like a man had filled out in his arms and body strong firm shape. I had not changed a bunch but my penis had grown. The next time we were in the fort he dropped his pants and i wanted to show him what I had learned so i started to pump his penis and he got hard in my hand. He now had hair it was dark black soft but curly. I had none yet so was so into the fact he had hair there. I kept pumping on his penis he started to jerk and push his hips at my hand soon he moaned and OMG so much cum came out it splatted all over my shirt and pants. Some got on my face I kept pumping until it stopped and he fell back on the hay bench. He had a smile on his face and pulled up his pants and we went for a walk.

    The next day Uncle and my brother went into town and soon as the truck was out of sight we ran to the fort. Tobias dropped his pants but this time I wanted to try something new what I had seen in the porno. I took him in my mouth and he looked a bit shocked but let me do it. I then started doing what I saw in the porno what the lady did to the man. Tobias seemed to like it and soon he was pushing his penis in and out and started going faster and harder. i was gagging and having a hard time breathing he was big. i could feel his penis hitting the back of my throat and it was making me gag. He did not notice he was so into the feeling he just kept stabbing himself at my mouth harder faster then i heard him moan a deep moan like an animal. his cum washed in and spurted in my mouth. it was so much it was spilling out of my mouth and I was choking tears running down my cheeks. i was frightened I was going to drowned. Soon he slowed and left his penis deep in my throat i pushed away coughing his cum up my nose and dripping from my lips. He looked down at me and suddenly realized what was going on. he said he was sorry i told him it was ok. We went to the house so I could get some water and clean up.

    That summer I got better at it and when ever we could we went into the barn and i would suck his penis for him after he would pull up his pants and we never talked about whet we did. It seemed so normal. I hated when it was time to go home and all I could think about until I got back on the farm was Tobias and his large penis. I got to really enjoy sucking on him and he liked it also. this went on until Tobias turned 18 and got married he soon had his own farm and was busy starting a family. we stayed friends over the years but after he married we stopped. I thought often how lucky his wife was. She was nice and they seemed to be in love always playful with each other. i soon got married after I got out of school and had two kids of my own.

    I went to visit my Uncle his wife passed away and he had sold most of the farm off to Tobias family. i took a walk to the old barn now on Tobias land I climbed up in the loft and thought about those summers. i had never sucked another male and never had an urge to do so. It was getting late and I headed down from the loft only to find Tobias standing there he had grown into a very strong man. he had a smile on his face patted his crotch and said he wanted to thank me for what I did growing up I sort of blushed and walked over to him we hugged and walked back to his new house built near the old barn he had his arm around me. We never did anything again but every so often will smile as we both think about it at the same time. I would at the drop of a hat if he asked but that was then i guess. Now i visit off and on and take my kids to see what being on a farm is like. My son and one of his are best buds and i wonder some times if they get up to the same things we did.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    So the other day my fine Mexican self felt horny, but without a girlfriend and nothing to do I decided to do to the gym and hang out in the hot tub and pool area.

    As I was minding my own business I seen this young tall guy walk into the vapor room, right where I was going. Buzzed blond hair, bright blue eyes, fit, good looking man... So there is three of us in the vapor room and he keeps looking at me in the eyes and smiling. He got up and began to stretch. It annoyed the outer guy so he left. It was me and him. Before I new it were having a conversation and I knew he was gay and liked older guys, how big his dick was, etc... so he asked me what I'm into, and I replied that I've tried it all, well_ when it comes to men and women.

    So he gets out to get a drink, I move to another spot in the wood benches inside the steam room with a clear view of the entrance to the vapor room. He walks back in, smiles and flashed me his beautiful cut cock and comes sits by me. (I loved the way his cock looked, beautiful cock just like mine, without the foreskin, and absolutely hairless. One of the jives dicks I've seen, ever) without though of it knowing no one was coming our way I asked him to stand in from of me and show it to me again, he did. And I put his dick in my mouth.

    I asked him to come back to my place so we could get it on without a worry, but declined and mentioned he takes the bus... I didn't want to suck his dick in such a public place, with the lights full on and people right outside the door in the hot tub. He says hoe I'm I going to walk out with this huge thing now (a nice hard dick)

    As I sad there I noticed two guys leave the steam room. The steam room is dark and there is so much steam it's barely visible. I mentioned that the steam room was better we made our way over to the steam room and to our surprise it was only the two of us in there.

    I came in after him and he was stroking his cock, I sat down as he stood up and I took his cock in my mouth and began to give him the best

    blow job he has ever had to this day. I sucked on his clean, great tasting cock, stroked him, played with his but hole, sucked those beautiful big balls he had. All while a few feet outside the steam room sat a few people in the hot tub, which made the more thrilling and adrenaline mixed with hormones filled the air. I tool all of those 6/7 inches down my throat, he was loving it pushing my head down and don't stop until his cock was all the way in my mouth. He gave me passionate kisses. He was close to coming and pulled his dick out of my mouth and started to stroke his amazing cock. When I told him I wanted that load in my mount I took his cock in my mouth agains and stroked him as I sucked his cock. He pushed his cool deep in my mouth and filled my throat with a huge load of cum that I shocked and spit it out and coughed a few times.

    He put his dick back in his shorts and left the steam room. I stayed behind for a while in the steam room... A bit later I went to the showers and as I was showering and cleaning myself I noticed there was a lot of pre cum coming from my dick, I was horny and turned on. I
    put my clothes on and as I walked out shook his hand and left.

    Last night I went to a grocery store and seem him there working, he gave me a hug and went back to work. I'll definitely be shopping there more... He told me he was vers in the steam room so I'm hoping we fuck I don't care if he tops or I do, he's a gorgeous man and I want to fuck. Hopefully he'll give me another big load and I want to swallow all of it.

    I'm sitting here naked, as I masterbated twice to some porn and some of the stories on here. Thinking how manly I feel to bond with another man, I look and and act like a straight normal guy but I like men's company from time to time. I think men like me are super horny because we got a big pair of balls that our good lord Heavenly Father gave is. Hope you all enjoy my story.

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