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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I awoke in a motel three mornings ago. I'd been stranded overnight trying to get home to my wife and family, but the weather had defeated me and many others. I literally got the last room available, otherwise I'd have been staying in my car. With nothing to do, I ventured out in the stormy weather, walking about a block into a bar. I had probably one too many drinks and don't really remember walking back to my motel room in the snow. The following morning I woke up having my cock sucked, and it felt fucking awsome.

    I knew it wasn't my wife, and looking down I came to see a young mans head bobbing up and down on my dick. I started to think about the night before and kind of remembered talking to him. I didn't however remember seeking sex or offering any. All the same he was giving me one hell of a blow job and I wasn't going to stop him. Holding his head I began to fuck his mouth and was very nearly on the verge of cumming. He pulled away, leant over to the bedside draw, took a condom off the top, opened it and then unravelled it down my cock. He didn't even ask me if I'd fuck him. All he did was slide upto me so I was spooning him, gripped my cock and put it to his asshole. I pushed forwards and my cock slid easilly into his rear hole. I didn't even know his name and didn't remember how or why I'd decided to fuck another male, but fucking him half asleep and still half hung over, was amazing. Each time my cock bottomed out up his asshole, he cried out, not in pain, but in pleasure.

    It was he who came first after I'd been fucking him for about ten minutes, as he'd been masturbating his small cock. His shaking as he orgasmed tightened his asshole around my cock and I flooded the condom up his ass. Moving himself off my shaft, he spun around lowered himself, removed the condom and took my softening dick into his mouth again. It was covered with my cum, so he greedily licked and sucked off every drop. When my cock was free of my own goo, he flopped onto his back and I saw him properly for the first time. What a very handsome young man. We spoke for the first time, that I remembered anyway, and I found out having not remembered hardly anything, what had happened the night before. How he'd come onto me, knowing I was drunk and knowing I was from out of town. How we'd fucked all over the motel room and in the shower. And how I been only to eager to do so. I also found out he'd only just had his eighteenth birthday. Apparently I was his present to himself

    For what it all was, not more than twenty minutes of remembered sex that morning, it was such an awsome time. And truely one of the best spontaneous times sexually I'd ever had. Before he left, he asked me if I passed his way often. I didn't as it was a detour to try and get out of the traffic the storm had brought. But I told him if he wanted to, I could meet him earlier in the day, as I had to be at head office twice a month. Swapping mobile numbers he smiled and walked out.

    I'm back at head office in a fortnight's time. He's already messaged me to tell me I'm more than welcome to empty my balls up his asshole again. I replied by letting him know what time I'd be at the motel for. I won't have been drinking then, so I'm going to make sure I understand what's going on and to explore my new found gay sexuality in every way I can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My wife Abby and I were about to watch a porn film I'd loaned off a guy from work. It turned out the porno was a gay film which had mixed up in the box. We sort of watched a couple of minutes of it, with us both decrying the scene that was on. But secretly I found it a turn on. Turning it off, opening her legs and spreading her pussy lips, I went straight down on Abby and began licking and sucking away at her large clit, like it was a small cock. The sex we had that night was amazing and I knew in the back of my head why. It was because I couldn't get the scene of the older man in the porno, fucking the younger one out of my head as I fucked my wifes mouth, pussy and asshole.
    Abby went to work early as usual the next morning. I woke up with a hard on as usual. But unlike most times, I didn't masturbate straight away. I went downstairs, put on the gay porno and took out my cock. By the time I'd gotten five minutes into the film, my cock was ragingly hard. Copying what the older guy was doing to the younger man, I wet my middle finger as I continued to wank, put the finger to my asshole and pushed in. I swear I only probed my asshole a few times, when my cock exploaded sending cum all over my stomach and chest, I came so hard and for do long, I was actually gasping when I stopped.
    The same thing happened the next morning. Only I watched more of the porno and stroked my cock for longer. Insteasd of using one finger to fuck myself with, I used two. The feeling was even better than morning before, making me buck violently as I came. At work later I lied to my colleague, telling him I'd forgotten the horrible dirty gay dvd he'd mistakenly given me. Far from it, I wanted to watch it all the next day, knowing Abby would be visiting her mom, and knowing I was going to try one of Abby's dildos.
    Abby left our home at eight in the morning. By nine I'd showered, gotten the dvd sorted and had brought down Abby's smallest didlo (Still 7 inches long) into the lounge. Every scene had my cock pulsing with delight as I played with my cock and balls. Then using some of Abby's hair conditioner as lube, I inserted her didlo up my asshole. It felt and I can remember the sensation, so fucking awsome. My dick hard litterally begun throbbing and my asshole enveloped her didlo as if I'd always fucked myself. It would be difficult to explain fully the feeling I got when I came. All I can say it was like cumming in every part of your body, all at the same time. And with every nerve wanting you to carry on fucking yourself, so that's just what I did. And that's how Abby found me.
    Knelt up, using the dildo in my right hand to fuck myself with. My body shaking from the orgasm I'd just had and the dildo flashing in and out of my rear hole, I turned around to the sight of my wife stood watching me.
    Abby wasn't looking at me with disgust. She was actually smiling the dirty smile she has before she knows I'm going to fuck her asshole. Stepping towards me, I expected a tirade of abuse and hatred. No!
    Bending forwards, Abby took hold my hand, the hand that was holding the dildo and began to make me thrust it back into my asshole. Bent over our couch with my knees on the carpet a few minutes later, my cock had risen again, my wife had removed my hand and was ramming her skin colored dildo up my ass. It was so surreal, so out of character with what she'd said about gay sex a few days earlier, I had to look over at the mirror to make sure it was me taking a fucking and that it was Abby who was doing it.
    The constant rubbing on my prostate from the dildo, had my cock ready to burst again. And burst forwards it did, but not before Abby has striped herself. I was given no time to rest after my orgasm as my wife, the person who should have been half way to her mothers, sat on the couch, pulled her legs up and ordered me to bury my face up her unbelievably wet pussy.
    Both of us were shattered, both lay naked holding each other on the rug in front of the fire. I asked Abby why she hadn't gone to her moms. She replied by asking me if I'd remebered where her mom was going to be. We'd both forgotten Abby's mom was going on a cruise with friends. She'd gotten half way there, looked down in her car and saw the brochures her mom had given her the weekend before.
    Facing each other we talked about our marriage and us as individuals. Abby asked me if I loved her and if I was gay. I told her Yes and no, as I Love her without exception and that I adore sex with her. She asked me if I'd been fucking my self for long, so I told her everything. Then my wife asked me if I had the chance to be fucked by a guy, would I take it. When I asked why, Abby shocked me when she said "Because I'd love to watch you being fucked".
    The charade of her disgust over the gay porno, was just that, a charade. From Abby's own words, she said she'd really enjoyed the start of the porno and had secretly hoped I had too. It was only my defensive remarks about gay sex that had discouraged her. Seeing me using one of her dildos to fuck myself had been an ultra horny experience for her. Fucking me had taken it one step further and that's why she asked if I could, would I have another man fuck me. My response was "Yes, but only with you there".
    It hasn't happened as yet. Not because we both don't want it to happen. It's because Abby's mom was taken ill on the cruise. When my wife gets back from looking after her mom next week, Abby said she wants to watch the porno, but for real.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    A long time ago when I was in the Army, I was stationed in Panama. In our barracks, we had relatively large rooms and ours could fit 4 guys. Only me an Nick where in ours. Nick was a big guy who liked to go out to strip bars and see prostitutes. He would drink almost every night. I would go out with him some times and we would have a great time fucking around with strippers and normal straight stuff.

    Before I had deployed to Panama, I had been with an older dude one time. He made me suck his dick and he fucked me in the ass. I was very drunk at the time, and told myself I would never do that again.

    The reason I tell you this is because Nick was very horny all the time. He had girly mags around the room and would always be saying stuff to chicks on the tv to suck it, and told me a couple of times to suck it.

    Hanging in his locker was a G-string from some woman he had been with. One day when he was out, I was so horny looking at porn mags and stroking. I saw that g-string and put it on. I was standing all girly and moving around and I felt real feminine. That is when I heard the door lock start to turn! I jumped into my bed and pulled a blanket over myself. Nick entered the room and started talking to me, telling me how hot it was out and started to take off his shorts and shirt.

    He went over to the desk ans saw the porn mag open, and some lube out. He asked me what i was up to laying around all day. That is when he looked over at the locker and saw the g-string wasn't there. He smirked and grabbed a cold beer.

    He sat in the chair with no clothes on and started to look at the porn mag. I rolled over and looked towards him. He turned the chair and faced me spreading his legs apart. I was looking right at his junk when he dropped the mag down and said how horny he was.

    He got up with a beer in his hand and came over by me and said what are you doing under there? He grabbed the blanket and yanked it off. I was like Hey, and tried to cover up, but he was too quick and sat on the bed and said what do we have here? He got in real close to me sitting on the bed and instantly started talking to me like i was a chick. For a second I tried to resist, but when he put his hands on my ass and body, it sent electricity through my hole body and all i could do was let out a moan.

    He grabbed one of my hands and placed it on his dick saying, don't worry sweetie, its ok, grab it. I started rubbing his cock and balls and it started to get hard and jump around. He laid on the bed with me and licked my ass cheeks pulling on the g-string, and putting his cock right up by my mouth.

    I continued to stroke him with both hands, when he stood back up and said go ahead, suck it. I let him push into my mouth and tasted his saltiness. He tipped his head back and said yes. After several minutes he pulled out went to the porn mag and lube, grabbed both and came back to the bed. He took a big drink from his beer, put some lube on his dick, and placed the porn mag on my back. He got between my legs and pulled my ass up towards him. He pulled the g-string aside and began to force himself into me. As his cock slid in he bent over me and said, don't worry sweetie, this wont take long.

    After about 20 strokes, i felt him spurt into me. He got up drank some beer, and said he was going to take a shower. I was petrified and laid there until he returned. He said wow you are a sweet whore, and made me get off the bed and kneel before him and suck him off again.

    For the next year, he would cum in my holes and treat me like a bitch. When he went back to the states, I didn't know what I was. I do now, and it makes me so hard thinking about him fucking me.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I had my 1st gay experience at a health club this week. I went to a gym that is part of the chain that I belong to but one that I only go too occasionally. I am thin and more of a swimmer's build than a weightlifter but women like me and I get laid when I need too. I've never been with a man and never gave it a lot of thought but I am guilty of checking out mens packages in gym locker rooms. I figure that most men do that though for comparison if nothing else.

    So two days ago I'm in the gym and had finished up and was getting ready to shower and a Latin guy came into the locker isle near me and started undressing too. I noticed he had a perfectly lean muscular body and when he pulled his shorts of his cock popped out and I couldn't help but stare at it. It was long, very thick and just hung from his body like a missile. I looked away quickly when I saw him look at me. He smiled and turned toward me so his cock was just a few inches from my face. I am embarrassingly got up and grabbed my towel and began to walk toward the shower. As I walked by him he rubbed my ass. I just pretended not to feel and walked into the shower.

    The showers are large tiled, spa style showers and I began showering. I felt my cock stir and for the first time thinking about the dude and his perfect dick. I thought about how good he must fuck the girls and I stared stroking my cock thing about him laying it to the little cute blonde I had been fucking recently.

    With my face in the water and my head against the wall stroking my cock I'm not sure I even noticed the shower door opening. But I remember feeling something beside me and I looked and there was the Latin guy. Naked with his cock very thick and hard. he put a finger over his lips and slid in and closed the door behind him. I started to turn around but he stopped me and placed his hand on my back, pushing my gently back towards my head being on the wall.

    I felt him kneel down behind me and suddenly felt his hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue on my asshole. It felt so incredible. He reached through and started stoking my cock. I was glad the shower was on and the music was blaring because I started moaning loudly. Just as he was about to push me over the edge he stopped, ran his hands up my thighs and stood behind me.

    I felt him placing the head of his cock on my asshole. It felt very sexy but I was startled and I thought to myself that this was very hot but I really didn't want to be fucked by another man. Again I started to turn but he must have felt my hesitation because he gently pulled my hips back and leaned his upper body into mine pushing my ass back toward him. I heard a squirting sound and I looked back and he was rubbing a thick white lube over his hugely hard cock. I remember thing "This is really going to happen?" in my head. He then rub his very lubed cock around my asshole and the sensation was great. I let go and bent forward. He said quietly in my ear "Good, papi"

    He then began to firmly push the head of his cock into my asshole. It stretched and stretched and it began to sear in pain. I said "Too big, too big" and started to pull my hips forward. He said No, no papi, es ok". I think he thought he was about to lose me so he firmly grabbed my hips and with one strong forward thrust my ass gave and his cock plunged deep inside of me.

    I gasped loudly and moaned. He reached under my arm around my chest and whispered in my ear "yes, papi, yes". The immediate pressure and pain passed quickly and he began slowly fucking me. The sensation of my ass being stoked and the knowledge that I was letting another man, especially this incredibly hot one fuck me was overwhelming. I braced my hands against the wall and pushed into him. He bagen fucking me hard and the size of his cock was just stretching my ass so far that I was getting dizzy. It occurred to me that he was not wearing a condom and I thought he shouldn't cum inside of me. But when I let it go for several more seconds and stared getting really turned on by letting my head get wrapped around the fact that I was getting fucked. Suddenly though he stiffened and said through gritted teeth behind me "Oh yes my papi!" He then thrust deep inside of me and I felt a warm squirt and realized he was cumming deep in my ass. Despite my self I started jacking my cock and almost immediately I had the single most intense orgasm of my life, screaming and squirting loads of cum all over the shower wall and floor.

    He pulled his cock out of me and the sensation caused me to go my knees. I sat there for a second on the shower floor with the water running over me. He smiled at me and placed his cock on my lips. I looked up at him and he said "please papi" I opened my mouth and he slid his now semi hard perfect dick into my mouth. It had a strange fleshy feel and he stroked it a little and I felt a small amount of warm, bitter fluid in my mouth.

    He pulled his cock out and turned, opened the shower door, looked around and then walked out. I sat for several moments on the floor trying to grasp that I had let another man fuck me and then let him take his cock out of my ass and put it in my mouth.

    I felt somewhat shameful and got myself together and washed off. I walked out of the shower and hoped that no one had heard and half hoped he was gone. He was and there was no one else around so I dressed quickly and left.

    As I was about to get into my car when silver Lexus pulled up beside me, the window came down and I saw the guy who had just fucked me inside. He handed me a piece of paper with a phone number on it. He said "Please call me, papi. I really like you body". I just took the paper and said nothing and he drove off.

    I spent the last few days torn between being embarrassed and very turned on. In the end I guess I liked it. Anyway, I just texted him and he'll be here in a little bit so I guess I'll find out.

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    Straight Male / 51

    I have mixed feelings about this. Today, I sucked my first cock. I was on my way to work, but pulled over to have a cigarette because traffic had trapped me in the car for over an hour. I pulled into some strip mall and parked. When I got out and lit a cigarette, there was a black guy standing there, probably in his 20s. He was watching me, and I figured he was going to bum a cigarette, which he promptly did. I gave him one and he walked back to the abandoned storefront he had been standing in front of.

    I had had it in my mind for some time that I wanted to suck a dick, just to see, but the opportunity had never presented itself. I find the idea of sucking most guys dicks to be repulsive, but there was something about this guy that was making me want to do this. I keep sneaking peeks at him as I thumbed through my email on my phone. He continued to stand there, either talking to someone on his phone via bluetooth headset, or he was insane and babbling to himself. In either case, he noticed that I kept looking at him.

    After I finished my cigarette, I lit another one, becoming more determined to see if I would have the guts to go through with this. Or try to. A few minutes later, he came up to me and asked if I had any money for bus fare. At this point, my heart was racing. I put my hand sin my pocket to pretend I was searching for money, but in reality it was because they were shaking. I could feel my face totally flush. After coming up empty, I help up a shaky finger and got into my car. I looked in my wallet. $60. Do or die time.

    I got back out of the car and told him in a shaky voice that I would give him $60 if he would let me suck his dick. He considered that a moment, and then said right here? I replied that I was hoping he could tell me that. He said ok, pull around back and find a spot. I did that, barely able to function, and a minute later he came around the corner.

    He got in the back seat and I did as well. He pulled down his pants to his knees. His cock was not some monstrous 10 incher as think as a beer can, in fact, it was about the same as mine (6 inches, maybe a little less). Normal thickness. and he wasn't hard yet.

    I wasn't sure what the fuck to do at this point, so I reached over and cupped his balls and bent down and ran my tongue around the head of his dick. It started to get hard. When it started to get even harder, I began licking the front of it and taking the head into my mouth, again running my tongue along the head. My own cock was now the hardest it had ever been in my life.

    After he was completely erect, I began alternating between stroking it, taking as much as I could in my mouth, and licking his balls. I was slobbering all over it, and apparently not doing too good a job, because he told me to go back to the ball cupping/shaft licking/head swirling, which I did. About 2 minutes later, his cock began to swell, so I knew he was going to cum soon. I began stroking the shaft and took the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue. He stiffened and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but some was dribbling out. When he was done, I licked up the rest.

    He pulled up his pants, did them up and got out of the car. I did as well, and gave him the $60, hands shaking. He asked for another cigarette, which I gave him. He told me he was there in the morning every day of the week, but said next time, it would be $100. I mumbled there wouldn't be a next time. He just walked away. I drove off, stopping at a McDonalds so I could jack off in the bathroom.

    I felt sick and ashamed of myself all day, and vowed that I would never do anything like that again. I am married, with children, and I have a great job. I would be ruined if I were arrested or something in the middle of it. What if he tried blackmailing me? He had my license plate number. Can an identity easily be found that way? The thought of going back though, makes me hard as a rock. God help me if I stop at an ATM on Monday morning.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    It was pure chance that I found myself in the situation I did last summer. My wife bought the soddin dog (that's how I felt at the time) as I didn't want one. She was the one who was supposed to walk the thing as it was her dog. But only a month after getting it, she had a freak accident at work, badly broke her left leg and right wrist, which meant I was left to walk it.

    It was a hot summer last year. so I decided as each day went by, I'd choose a different direction to walk the dog, knowing the weather would be fine late into the evening. Choosing a totally new area to walk it nearing the end of the summer, I ventured out towards the hills and fields at the rear of our property. We'd been walking with the dog off the lead for about half an hour when I walked into a small wooded area. Turning around a large dense bushed area I came upon two young men. Both were around eighteen ish. Both were naked and one of them was fucking the other up against a tree.

    I stood still rooted to the spot, not out of fear (I'm much bigger than the pair of them) but from a growing feeling of lust and a growing cock. I'd been watching them fuck for about three or four minutes when the dog came bounding in. They looked round and I was seen. The young man doing the fucking didn't miss a stroke. As he carried on fucking his friend, he shouted over for me to come closer. putting the dog back on the lead, I tied it to a branch and slowly strode over until I was about five feet away from the two teenagers fucking.

    It was obvious to me I had a boner in my shorts, and it must have been obvious to the lad being fucked, because he asked me if I'd like my cock sucking. No discussion, no introductions and no hessitation fom me, I had my dick out in no time and had him swallowing as much of my cock as he could from the position he was in. Looking up I came face to face with the young man fucking his friend. Reality of the situation I found myself in and realisation of who he was struck me. It was my neighbours son Anthony. He smiled again, gripped his friends hips and really began to fuck him hard.

    My cock was on the verge of letting go when Anthony thrust hard one more time up his friends arsehole and came. With each thrust afterwards, some of his cum leaked out, smearing his friends arsehole with hot sticky cum. Anthony pulled out, looked up at me and said "You wanna fuck him". As he said it the dog barked. I looked around still having my cock sucked, and saw it wagging its tail. Thinking back now if hadn't I might just have had the lad blow me. The dog barking and looking at its face, sounded and looked like it was saying "Go on fuck him". So I did.

    Moving around to his sloppy arsehole, I put my cock to his rear hole and thrust in. Even though he'd already been fucked and was full of cum, his arse was tight around my cock. Holding onto the tree and his hair, I fucked the young man as hard and as fast as I'd ever fucked anyone. I was so turned on I didn't care if it was my neighbours son watching me fucking his friend. I don't think I would have stopped if my wife had hobbled into the woods and saw me fucking him either. Not long after starting to fuck him, I felt my orgasm rising and buried my cock hard and deep up his arse. When I came, it felt so good and so strong, I almost collapsed. Only holding onto the tree stopped me from doing so.

    Pulling my shorts back up, my young neighbour asked me if I always walked my dog in those woods. I answerd by saying "I will be if you guys are here from now on". That was the start of me discovering the gay side of my sexual personality in many ways. Even after my wife got better, I volunteered to walk my new best friend. The dog got all the exercise it needed and I got to fuck two very willing young men a couple of times a week.

    My neighbours friend has moved away and i do miss his expert cock sucking skills, but Anthony and I are still finding time to meet up. It's not as comfortable in the winter time fucking his tight youthful hole, but we do still fuck outdoors on dry days. When my wife's at work (She went back in late November) I invite him over if i'm off work and he's not in college. This last month or so I've been discovering the delights of anal sex myself as Anthony has been teaching me how to accept all seven inches of his cock. It's not favourite sexual thing at the moment, as I enjoy fucking his arsehole much much more, but who knows I might just grow to love it.

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    Gay Male / 20

    Omg so I was just awoken to my boyfriend shoving his huge cock in my ass. Damn what a way to wake up!! It felt so amazing having that cock stretch my hole open as I fucked myself on my ass his cock. He plowed so Fucking hard I almost passed out from pleasure. oh and how I love when he says he bout to nut!! When he fills my ass with his hot load I get high just from feeling it shooting into my and hungry hole. Such a great way to be woken up

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I'm 22 years male and I just had my first gay sex encounter a couple of weeks ago. I came from a very conservative town so coming out was very hard. SO me being bisexual is totally a secret. Ever since, since the time I learned to watch gay porn, I have always been fantasizing about fucking a guy. Not that I am total top but I just wanted to be top although it also occurred to me what it would feel like to be bottom.

    So here's my confession, I met this guy online. He was about the same age as me, same built, almost same height. He was very attractive. When we first met, we like each other already. So we set a date and agreed to go to the hotel.

    It was the perfect first time, He was a total pro at sucking dick and he taught me how to suck. The kind of sex we were doing was totally amazing. But after all the kissing, hugging, cuddling and some 69, the best part was when I finally inserted my penis onto his hot bubble ass.

    I'd fucked girls before, but the feeling of having your cock inside a beautiful man's ass was way more intense. I love going it slow, then when he beg to go fast, I go faster until he ask me to go slow again. I enjoy fucking him from behind while squeezing his cock. I enjoy it when we were in a missionary position and I was kissing him while trying my best to continue fucking him. I love it when he moan in a mixture of lust and pain.

    The best part was when we was on top of me and humping up and down. I love seeing him enjoying himself while riding on my cock.

    I came first then I helped him finished off. We rested and cuddled more before we took the shower together. I wanted to fuck him again but I though it would be uncomfortable for him so we had dry humping twice that night.

    I'll be seeing him again in a couple of days so I am really excited.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    You never know what life is going to throw at you. Some choices you make have very little impact on others, some choices alter lives. As has been the case with myself.
    My wife wanted Kim to us to share our sexual lives with others, I didn't. She was quite happy to indulge herself with men who have larger cocks than mine, I wasn't. Yet I went along with her wishes to not seem like a kill joy, or an old fashioned dweeb.
    Then we met Mark in July last year. He's a great guy who desperately wanted me to be more inclussive in our arrangement. Kim hated the idea as it took away her control, her singular sexual need, and the fact I think her need to humiliate me sexually.
    It was happy accident that I ended up with his cock in my mouth, as he was fucking my wife from behind. His cock slipped out of her pussy as I lay beneath and I ended up with a mouthful of prime white ten inch cock. It was so normal to me to just suck in his cock and from his words, "To give me an unbelievable blow job". It seemed I was a natural.
    Kim became pissed off and left us alone as she stormed out to sit downstairs. I spent the next half an hour learning how to pleasure Marks wonderful cock. He later made it upto Kim as he went downstairs and fucked the shit out of her, but not before we'd arranged to meet up the following afternoon.
    The motel was clean enough and cheap. There was nothing cheap about how Mark taught me to accept his cock deep up asshole. We spent an hour over our alotted two hours as Mark introduced me to gay sex.
    I went from a hetrosexual man, to a man who kissed another, was rimmed and rimmed another mans. Sucked in his cock and enjoyed every inch of his hard throbbing cock. And finally one who lay on his side as a huge cock was slowly slid up his ass.
    The thrill, the enjoyment and the total acceptance of another man taking me anally was instantly awsome. Mark had known he'd wanted me more than my wife and had as he's said "Fucked kim to get to you". There was never ever going to be a situation in my life where I woud meet another man for sex before Kims insistance.
    Now a very happy husband of kim, has found a life and sexual preference which goes from strength to strength. Since July ,ark and I have been having an affair. It's got to the stage where he's asked me to move in with him and to leave kim. On the other hand, Kim has gone completely th opposite way. She's now saying we shouldn't, we shouldn't, I think she means she shouldn't have gone down the sexual sharing road.
    Well it's too late for that, as I think I'm going to accept Marks offer. It would hurt Kim, but it would free an increasingly gay sided bisexual married man, me.
    Kims choice, is now mine to make.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Eleven years back I was in the showers after doing some gym and weight training. One of the older guys who attended the fitness centre, walked in as I'd only just begun showering. He was much larger than me, as I'm only five feet six inches tall and was much more muscular. Like most guys (Those who admit it), I looked down at his cock and couldn't help myself when I saw it, as it looked so small compared to the size of the guy. I smiled and he knew what I was smiling about. Then he said something I'd not heard before "I'm a grower, not a shower". I must have looked dumb and disbelieving as he said "Suck it you little dickhead and you'll see just big it is". Before I could say anything he walked over to me gripped my head and forced me down, so my mouth was inches from his cock. Squeezing my kneck hard, he told me to suck him. Opening my mouth I took the older guys cock into my mouth and hoped no one else walked in.

    I'd been sort of sucking on his cock (It was my first time) when someone else did walk in. It was one of the instructors and he wasn't pleased we were using his showers to have oral sex in. When he saw who the the older guy was though, he changed his attitude completely. He apologised, almost grovelling, like he'd just offended a known gangster or something. Leaving us to it, the older man stopped me sucking him and stood me up. It was then I saw just how big his cock had grown. I'm six and half inches erect, the man turning me around to face the shower wall, was at least a couple of inches longer than me.

    I didn't get chance to say no, or to protest at what he did next. With one huge hand wrapped around my chest and his body pressed up against mine, he thrust his cock straight up my soap covered arsehole. I couldn't protest as I was in too much pain. My arsehole felt like it was on fire, and at the same time it felt as though it was going to split in two. I was stood with warm water spraying over me, and a large man who I was beginning to guess had lots of influence, fucking my arse and I couldn't do a thing about it.

    His words broke my thoughts and funnily enough, so did the pain, as he said "Not too small for you is it". I wasn't gay, I'd not thought about gay sex before, or even knew someone that had. As soon as he spoke about his cock, all I wanted was for him to carry on fucking me. The feeling had totally changed and it had started to feel so fucking amazing. My whole body was shaking with something, a feeling I didn't understand. I'd masturbated before, I'd fucked girls before, but nothing came close to the feeling that was building in my arsehole and around my cock. I don't know if he knew what was happening to me, but he began to fuck me harder and faster. Then as I was about scream my delight I ejaculated all over the shower wall in front of me. The orgasm was so strong and so long lasting, I was still cumming when he thrust hard one more time and filled my arsehole with what felt like litres of cum.

    The only thing he said to me before he let me fall to the shower floor was "I'll be in here same time next week". I sat there letting the water flow over me for some time, going over what had just happened to me. The following week after a whole lot of thinking and without telling a soul, I went back at the same time. I wasn't forced to suck his cock then, or any of the other times afterwards. Without saying who or what he is, I will say he or his friends aren't anyone you'd like to get on the wrong side of.

    My fiancee doesn't know of my ocassional liking for cock, and being fucked. And I'm not going to reveal it to her either. That wouldn't be a good idea, as her uncle is the man who still, every now and then, plows my tight, supposed hetrosexual arsehole.

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