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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    This was some years ago I was laying naked at the edge of the sand dunes watching the sea .When a young lad walked past. He came back a minute later closer this time asked me the time i got my phone told him the time. I asked if he had to be somewhere No he said ,would you like to join me I asked.He said he would , when I said he could strip off if he wanted he went bright red.

    I realised he had a hard on, I told him not to worry I was starting to get hard too.He stripped revealing a beautiful c
    ock I reached over and slowly stroked him then got down and suck him till he came in my mouth.That didnt take long,

    I lay stroking myself then he just started sucking me he wasnt the best but he made me cum.We met at the same spot till he must have found better he fuck me but wouldnt let me fuck him.That didnt bother me as even now I love to be fucked.

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    Gay Male / 48

    In my former job I traveled to Porto Alegre Brazil three or four times a year. I had a cab driver there who I got in with and told him I liked men and I needed his help to hook me up. He was my first in Brazil, he was so good. And through him I met several other men who liked being together. Brazilian men are very affectionate, they like skin and hugging and kissing and sucking and fucking. Not like Americans who just want to get to the act and get it over with. The men my cab driver friend brought to the room were like him, working class who wanted to have fun, and free beer or a drink, some stuff to nibble on and a naked get together was enough.

    We had foursomes, that was the magic number, I rented a room with two double beds and we spent the evening together. In Brazil you can get Viagra off the shelf and my friend made sure there as a good supply of Viagra and we could stay up for a good long time, even after we ejaculated, we could keep a hard on. But it wasn't only about the hard on, it was about getting naked, about laying on the bed and being rubbed down, feeling a man on your back humping your crack, about kissing and jerking off together. And the best part it was a party, no one got paid for it.

    I miss those parties, I have not been able to get anything similar going here. Like I said, Americans are in it for the moment, the specific act and then it is get the hell out of there. Not much for all nighter parties.

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    Lesbian Female / 52

    I followed my aunt and went to Parson's School of Design in New York. My family had a small apartment there, a one bedroom but it served them when they traveled to New York on business. I roomed with three other girls in a small two bedroom apartment. My roommate came from Massachusetts and liked to party. She and I ended up in the smaller of the two rooms and after a week of crawling over the two single beds we agreed to swap out and take a double from the landlord and we would sleep together.

    She was a busty girl and it was hot during the late summer and we went topless in the room. I loved her breasts, she had a full set, with brown nipples. I stared at her breasts all the time. One night I was already in bed and she came out of the bathroom and took off her robe and was completely naked. She came over to my side of the bed and took the covers off of me and got on the bed straddling me and lowered her breasts into my face. She rubbed my face with her breasts and asked me to open my mouth and she put one of her nipples in my mouth.

    After letting me suck on her nipple for a while she moved down on me and asked to see my pussy and took off my pajama pants and panties and ran her finger up and down inside my pussy. She told me to open up and she got down between my legs with her arms around my thighs and ate me into an orgasm. She then asked for me to go down on her and we became lovers and roommates.

    She knew she was a lesbian and had been in an affair with our English Lit teacher. She told me that they had talked about me and wanted to know if I was one of them. After than night she knew I was one of them. My only early experience was with a French nun in high school. What made this different is that we were both the same age.

    We enjoyed being together, making love and we lived together and had the same room and one bed. Something many young lesbians just didn't have and it was all acceptable because we were going to college.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I guess I am still bi but no one knows it. I've been married for 8 years, and she is very sexual, does anything and everything possible, and in any place possible. My sex life is very exciting but I still miss getting fucked in my ass. I was 19, my first job in New York, I got out of college early, and when I interviewed the owner who was very attractive, very fit said that he would fuck me, did I still want the job. He made it clear that he figured I wasn't gay, and that he was bi, but he didn't make it a condition of employment that I was going to get fucked. He said I would ask him to fuck me and he would oblige.

    In the meantime I met his incredibly gorgeous wife, and couldn't believe that with this pussy, ass, mouth and those D cup tits that he would still fuck a guy. After a few months and many times being alone with him and no problems, we were the only ones at the office. I went to the toilet and was standing at the urinal and he came in and pulled out what can only be described as 2 beer cans stacked on top of one another. This was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. He left it out in the open, and I couldn't help but stare. "Hold it for me" he said. With a little more coaxing I did it. I could feel the pee coming out from this monster. I commented that I'd never seen one that big, and he said that once I have it I wouldn't want anyone else, they'd never "measure up". He took me to his office we had a couple of drinks with his cock hanging out, then he stripped completely. I told him I didn't want to, and he said that he knew I really did want to. I don't know why but I stripped and he looked me up and down, turned me around and played with my ass. I told him that I'd never done anything back there and that there was no way a cock that big could get in me.

    "leave that to me" he said as he pulled me down onto his lap. He started sucking and pinching my nipples and it felt great. I couldn't believe it but I knew I couldn't get fucked by that monster. Soon I was getting my prostate massaged by 2 thick fingers, while he was jacking my little thing off with his other hand. My orgasm was the best I'd ever had, I shot all over the place. I told him again that he couldn't get that thing into me. He pushed me down on the floor and spread his legs and I got between them and tried my best to suck this thing. I licked, and jacked mostly, putting my mouth over it as much as i could. All he said was "This is the first step, I'm gonna fuck you". He warned me he was cumming and told me to put my mouth over the head and I swallowed as much as i could. I don't know if it was his size, the size of his balls, or what but he came so much it was incredible. What dripped out of my mouth I licked up and I swallowed it. He pulled me up on the couch as I laid on top of him my little cock against his growing set of beer cans. I drifted off a bit, came too as he woke me. "Tomorrow night we're checking into a hotel" I again told him that his cock wouldn't go into my virgin asshole. "It will, and it won't hurt, you'll end up begging me for it".

    The next night at 7pm we checked into the sheraton with his arm around my waist like I was his girl/boy friend. Once there I sucked him again, he used his fingers on my prostate and jacked me. He gave me a muscle relaxer and I was feeling really good. I was naked on the bed, on my back with him on his knees feeding my willing mouth and hand his cock. He was lubing me I knew that, but didn't really feel it too much except when he'd hit my prostate, unknown to me it was with 3 fingers this time. He spread me finally, pulled up my knees as he got between my legs and after some discomfort and slow going, I could feel his cock hair pushing against my balls, and ass. He was inside me totally. I'd never felt anything like it. He fucked me for 30 minutes then shot that huge load inside me. He pulled out and I was gaping open, and his sperm was flowing out of me. I got up, emptied myself, and took a wash cloth out to clean him up. After a warm shower, I went back to bed and he was there, hard again. I got on top of him facing him and reached behind me to get his cock and put it in my ass. "Not yet, you're not ready" he said. I replied I was more than ready, and he said no. I literally begged him for his cock "Please fuck me". "NOW, you're ready he replied. He reminded me that I would be begging for hit like he told me 6 months before. Here I was the fucktoy, former virgin, of a married man.

    He fucked me for about a year, then turned me out to 5 of his friends at different times. A couple had pretty big cocks but nothing like his. I kept going to his office begging him to fuck me. He finally consented but only at his house, in his bed, with his naked wife watching. He knew his wife got me hard all the time, and he knew she'd never fuck me if she knew I took it up the ass. I did it anyway.

    I only fucked two other guys after that, one for a couple of months the other for about 9 months. I fucked a girl who was very adventurous, had a virgin butt,at least for a little while and was a bit demanding. She liked me to beg for it, especially to fuck her ass. We got married, but I still dream about the magic of having that huge cock moving in and out of me, making me orgasm from the inside and outside.

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    Gay Male / 52

    Finding that I liked it came as a surprise. I grew up in a conservative middle class home and I never expected to find myself doing what I did. I went to the local college and got a degree in business and after a couple of jobs I went to work for one of the large auto parts retailers as a junior internal auditor. The company had stores all over the country and audit teams of two were sent out regularly to test for compliance and from time to time to deal with a possible theft or other unwanted activity. I was assigned to an experienced auditor a man in his late forties who still wore a suit everywhere he went.

    My first assignment with him was to the Florida panhandle and we started in Tallahassee and would move east as we completed the store audits which usually took a day or at most two days each. Once on the road my mentor and teacher told me that we would be sharing a room at the various motels along the way. I didn't know any different and it didn't really surprise me. After we completed our first audit we spent the evening going over the paperwork at the diner so that I could learn how to prepare the reports. We got along fine, we sat in the booth and he sat beside me and with his left arm around the back of the booth he used his right hand to point things out to me.

    When we were done he affectionately gave me a hug with his left arm before we got out of the booth and walked across the street to the motel. In our room he turned the television on a bit too loud and quickly took off his shirt and pants and stood in his underwear asking me if I was going to get ready for bed because we had a long day coming up. He went into the bathroom and peed and brushed his teeth without closing the door. I was a shy, I had just gotten shy and all I had taken off was my shirt when he came out and he saw me still with my pants on and he asked me if I had a problem.

    I took off my pants and took my toothbrush and toothpaste out of my suitcase and went into the bathroom and closed the door to brush my teeth and pee before bed. When I came out he was laying naked on the bed with the covers pulled back stroking himself. He asked me what took so long, to come and sit on the bed with him, if we were going to be together for ten days then we needed to get to know each other better.

    His dick was hard and he was stroking it, he had a tube on the bed and while he looked at me he squeezed some of the lube out and continued to stroke himself. The whole scene was out of this world for me, the television still on too loud, he was naked and I was standing at the foot of the beds and he told me to take my shorts off and to come over so he could show me how much he enjoyed being with me. I stood there and he got up still holding on to his dick and came over and took me by the shoulders and walked me to his bed and helped me get my shorts off. He took my dick in his hand and sat down and started to suck me.

    He sucked me for quite a while, getting me into a full erection before he started to rub his hands up and down my thighs and then he took me with his hands on my naked butt and pulled me closer to him as he swallowed me making noises as he sucked. He stood up and grabbed the tube and said he was more than ready and lubricated his dick and reached behind me to lubricate my ass. He told me it wasn't going to hurt, those were lies, it was going to feel good and he promised me that I was going to like it. He had pushed me onto the bed and he was pushing his finger in and out of my ass when he put his dick against me and he slipped it all the way in asking me if I liked it.

    At that point all I could do was like it. We slept in our own beds because the beds were small but from that day on he and I fucked and I learned to suck him and he sucked me. He was a good mentor to me and he made sure that I was promoted to auditor and eighteen months later to senior auditor. We were a team and from time to time when there was a difficult situation we were sent out together to look into the problems. For those years I was exclusively with him, we kept our activities to ourselves, but we had so many opportunities to travel together that we were able to fulfill our needs without anyone being the wiser.

    Careers being what they are I moved on to an internal audit job with an aerospace company and he and I remained friends but we grew apart. On one assignment I took a young man with me. He reminded me of myself. He was easy to talk to and after a long day on the road I invited him to my room to go over the day's activities and plan for the next day. I told him I was going to get comfortable and I got undressed except for my shorts and undershirt. I went to pee and brush my teeth and I walked out with only my undershirt on and walked over to his chair. My dick was getting hard and I stood close to his face and I told him to do what he wanted to do, to be a good boy and show me that he appreciated the attention I was giving him at work. By then my dick was erect and I was touching his face with it and I moved his mouth over and put my dick on his lips and after a telling him to open up a few more times he did and he tried his first dick.

    I knew that night that he was as unprepared for it as I had been that night so many years ago. He just needed help to get over his inhibitions. I was prepared, always travel prepared and I got him on the bed and sucked him almost too much and just like had been done with me I lubed him up gently reassuring him that he was never going to regret it, that I liked him very much and we were going to be friends. He was my first totally inexperienced young man, my first virgin and I have to admit there is a buzz when fucking your first virgin. He stayed with me that night, I got him into the shower with me and we had a very good time. He is my favorite auditor and he travels with me all over the world. He's my boy and he knows that I like it too and he is more than willing to help me out. Maybe because he is a young man but he gets a real hard dick and a real hard dick feels so good.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My name is logan, I am 18 years old and I am a bisexual white male. I am more attracted to females though. I have black hair, tan white skin, brown eyes and a slim body, most girls have a crush on me in my college.

    I have this bully turned friend, his name is Bobby, he is 19 years old and he is straight but he is a closeted bisexual. He has ginger red hair, blue eyes, freckles everywhere around his face and nose,pinkish white skin and he has a built body.

    So me and my ex bully have become really close friends now, what started out as going to his house and playing video games, turned into him doing some kinky sexual activities on me.

    First he started to kiss and lick my belly and armpit because he has these type of fetishes and then he started to get my cock and got his big red freckly nose and rubbed it all over my cock. I could see his nostrils rubbing up and down on my cock head, making him look like a pig. I could also feel the heat coming from his nostrils warming my cock

    It feels so ticklish and arousing, I once cummed so hard on his face, that I had to cover my face with a pillow because it was that intense, the orgasm

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    Straight Male / 45

    So a few months ago i decided to act on my fantasy of sucking a cock.
    Much to my surprise i really enjoyed feeling a dick get hard in my mouth.
    So since then i have become quite the cum dumpster for guys i pick up at bars.
    It took a few dicks but now i can deep throat like a champ.
    I dont care if i go behind the bar. Or out to someones car,
    I crave a big load every day. What is fun is there are no names no talking
    Just give me that cock and let me suck it dry.
    Today i went into this bar seen a guy that i wanted to blow. So i sat next to him at bar. Had a beer and a shot, he had on some gym shorts that were a little revealing i could see he was packing something good. So me not being shy i put my hand on his thigh. He looked and smiled so i knew he did not object to me touching him.
    So i orderd another beer and continued to slide my hand up his thigh.
    I could feel his big head i was getting excited. I may have been salavating a little.

    By this time my dick was rock hard, i took a handful of his dick. And it was very large and thick. I contiued to play with it for a while then i looked at him and said lets go outside
    I have to suck that big beast.
    At this point i was pre cumming in my pants. We went out to his car. He wanted to drive. I could not care what he did just so long as i could engulf that beast.

    He hardly had it in reverse before i had his dick out. I was thrilled to finally suck a big dick. I did not hesitate to take that big head in my mouth. I teased him a little by licking around it sucking it in and out of my mouth. Then i would take it down to his balls. He was finally starting to get hard. I was having a tuff time taking it all when he got hard.

    But i was determined to take it. I got about half of it down but thats as far as i could go.
    So after about 10 min. Of that i came up for air. We were on some country back road. I said find a place to pull over.

    He found a nice little spot just off road. I got out layed on hood of car with my head hanging off. He slid his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. I just let him do his thing. I figured in this position he could go deep and deep he went.

    I was gagging and my eyes were watering. But i was enjoying each hard deep thrust.
    After that it was not going to be long before he gave me what i was craving.
    I felt that big beast start to throb i knew it was coming. He let out a huge spurt followed by at least 6 more good blasts. He filled my mouth up so much it almost started coming out.
    I squeezed every drop out. Thank you stranger for that big delicious load.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    When I was seventeen I went over to the United States with my dad to visit his best friend. I thought at the time I was pretty street wise and smoked weed. I also thought I could look after myself. So when they went to watch a baseball game, I stayed back and decided to score myself some Cannabis. Thinking I knew the area, I went the wrong way and ended up in a right shitty neighbourhood.

    After I'd been walking around for about quarter of an hour, four older black guys walked up to me and asked who I was. My English accent made them curious at first, and I thought I was going to be ok when they said they could sell me some weed. Entering an old derelict house, I was instantly gripped and within a matter of only seconds I had my clothing tore off me as I tried to fight them. Two huge knives were shown to me and one guy told me if I didn't suck them all off, I'd feel the blades enter my asshole.

    Shitting myself, I went down on one guy sucking in his cock as best as I thought I could. The others watched and took out their dicks, encouraging their friend to fuck my mouth as they laughed. One after another I sucked on their black dicks. None of them was really big, but one guy had a really thick cock, and I struggled to suck his cock in. He got angry and said my asshole would be better. That's when I began to fight again.

    I was hit several times, and kicked hard in the head. Kneeling on the rubble strewn floor as blood flowed from my nose, I felt the black guys cock touch my arsehole, then his cock entered me. It hurt like a bitch and I tried to move. But the other men held me and my arsehole began to receive a very fast and hard fucking. It wasn't pleasant and I didn't at first enjoy any of it. To be honest I was in that much pain, I didn't even know he'd withdrawn and cum on my back.

    I did know though when each of the other men entered and fucked me. It did strangely get easier as the second guys cock seemed to enter my arsehole with less pain. By the time he pulled out to get me to open my mouth to receive his cum, I was actually beginning to like the feeling his cock was giving me.

    The third guy lasted only seconds and he came on the floor behind me, but the last man, the youngest of the gang took his time and fucked me in long slow strokes. by then the others were bored and had wandered off into another room. Yet I wasn't going anywhere, as my arsehole was feeling alive, making me want him to fuck me deeper. pushing back onto his cock, he told me my asshole was his and he thrust into me harder. Not able to stop myself, I came without even touching my cock and he yelled out he was cumming too. Pulling out at the last minute, he spun me around and he too came all over my face and into my mouth.

    Minuts passed as I collected my clothing and I thought they'd gone. About to get up and walk out, the youngest guy walked back in, tossed me a clear plastic bag full of weed and said "This didn't happen white boy. But if you want that ass fucking again, you know where we are".

    By the time my dad and his friend arrived back at his friends home, I'd taken a shower and had smoked two joints. My arsehole was sore, but and I genuinely mean this, I'd at the end of my ordeal, thoroughly enjoyed being fucked. It messed with my head for a few days, and at one point I very nearly told my dad and his friend about what had happened. I was already in trouble for smoking weed and for supposedly fighting with a guy in a park over my accent, so I let it go.

    I didn't return to the neighbourhood, but I did see the youngest guy in a grocery shop two days later. He bolted when he saw my dad and my dads friend, and my dads friend asked me if he was the guy who I'd fought with. I lied and said he was with the guy who I had a fight with. My dad's friend said I was lucky as they were real bad guys.

    Back at home weeks later, I got a text message from my dads mate. He wanted to know if I'd really had a fight. When I asked why, he replied "The young black guy called by and gave me some money. Said to send it to you" It wasn't much, but it did come with a brief message "Sorry dude".

    The experience that day made me realize some things. It made me realize I wasn't a hard person. It made me realize I wasn't that street wise either, and it also made me understand I ultimately really enjoyed being fucked. Nearly a year to the day we came back from the States I met a black guy who I'd connected with off the internet. We booked into the hotel around lunch time and didn't come out until it was dark. I spent hours having amazing sex with him, and took every inch of his eight inch black shiny thick cock, deep up my white boy arsehole. And it's and arsehole and mouth, which has now enjoyed many a hard cock, both black and white.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I'm at home right now, sat on my bed recovering from a morning of intense and very hot gay sex. I've just had a shower, my second in an hour and I feel sexually drained and ecstatic all at the same time.
    My wife is in work, which gave Nathan and I the whole morning to kiss, caress, play with each others cocks and to suck each over off. Because Nathan is just as large as me, and is also totally versatile, we both fucked one another. The only difference, is I'm forty four and he's seventeen.

    Nathan is my wife's nephew and I've been having sex with him since the beginning of the year. I asked him to call by to pick up my old play station he wanted, and he arrived early. He caught me tossing myself off to gay porn and the rest as they say, is history.

    Instead of walking out, he asked me if he could take over from my right hand. I'd not had gay sex in years, but I knew given the opportunity he'd offered, I'd say yes. Nathan gave me a blow job and had me cumming in his mouith after only a short period of time. Wanting to reciprocate, I had him remove his trousers and boxers, only the young man didn't want to have me suck on his dick for long. I was already naked, so when he spun me around, I knew what he wanted and went to get some hand cream. The then sixteen year old fucked me on our couch from behind and it was absolutely awesome. It had been years, yet my arsehole still accepted his cock like it had only been the day before.
    And Nathan and I have been sucking and fucking ever since.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    July 2014
    One of my neighbors Veronica a retired nurse aide like myself is friends with this older man who is 72 and in a wheelchair. I talk with him on occasion and Veronica told me his name is Bill and I never knew which way he flew. It was in July when Veronica and I spent an hour talking and then we shared some of our work past and then I told her how I used to get it on with the old guys in the nursing home either giving them happy endings or sucking them off. I knew I could talk to Veronica because we both had some things in common.

    We were talking outside but where no one could hear us in the grocery store parking lot early in the morning. So she asked me âSo you are ok with older men doing you?â and I said yes. And she said âYou know Bill has done a few guys and would it be ok if he did you?â and I said âI am glad you said that because I have been trying and I could not figure him out. Sure I like for him to do meâ and she saidâ I will tell him and whatâs a good time for him to come over?â So I said in the morningsâ and she said she will tell him and we left.

    On Saturday morning at 915am I get a knock on the door and it Bill and so he comes in and I lead him to my bedroom and we undress and he lays on his back on my bed and I suck his cock getting it wet and then I turn around letting him get a good look at my white bouncy ass and he holds his cock up as I rub it in my ass crack several time before getting it stuffed in my ass. I ride up and down on it letting him watch my ass bounce off his things and he rubs my ass when he can. Finally after a few minutes I get off and get a wash cloth and clean his cock off and then come back and frot fuck him in missionary position making the bed squeak as I fuck him. Finally after 30 minutes I roll to the side and let him play with my dick and he gets it hard again and I lay on my back and then I cum on my stomach. I wipe the cum off and help him dress and get in the wheelchair and walk naked with him to the door and thank him.

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