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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I am very thin, wider at the hips than the waist, only 5ft 8in tall, and I have an older man as a lover currently. I am pretty effeminate, he asked me several months ago to grow my hair long, and now I have shoulder length brunette hair. I wear make up for him and almost all the time when I'm with him I'm dressed as a girl for him. He gets very excited by that and at 55 he has trouble getting his cock hard for his wife, but not for me. He enjoys my mouth, my clit, and my boipussy. He has cum buckets in me in the last 18 months.

    With bikini weather upon us, he took me to the islands to show me off. But before he did, he had a friend who is a doctor, who has prescribed hormones for me the past 12 months, giving a bit of a blossom to my little boobies, come by the house to do something to me. I have no ideas where his wife was, I think out of town as we've been fucking in their bed for over a week. They told me that the doc would be mounding me for my trip and all the bikinis I would be wearing.

    I had no idea of what they were talking about, I though maybe he was going to try to cut my parts off but that wasn't it. They explained and I agreed. Using some clamps, and super glue, I look like I have a pussy mound now. He pushed up my testicles inside me, pulled my very small cock down to the back between my legs, and then as my sac was held together he put a kind of skin glue, like super glue along the "seam". After it was all over my sac looked like a pussy, and my little cock head was peeking out the bottom so I could pee. I gave the doc 1 of 2 blowjobs he gets for his trouble, and then my lover fucked me silly.

    I now am totally passable, can't get hard as it hurts, and I sit gingerly but I look really good in a bikini and can go to the womens room and not worry about someone seeing me. It looks like I have a pussy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I grew up in a well to do suburb of Dallas, my parents were both doctors. Pre teen I had a crush on this girl who went to school with me and one afternoon while she was at my house I got between her legs and humped her as hard as I could. We both got aroused because I could really feel her mound under me as I rubbed my mound on her. After a while of humping on her and getting nowhere I took her panties off to examine her.

    Post puberty, I was fifteen a girl moved in next door, she was twelve and she had just started to bloom but she wasn't menstruating yet. I was and I showed her my menstruation and how much blood there was. I examined her pussy real close to see if there was any signs that she was going to menstruate and when I was looking at her I was overcome with an urge to eat her and I did. It was my first pussy and I ate her until it hurt to continue. I'm afraid I wasn't gentle and she was always hesitant to let me eat her again, but with time we got to the point where I could eat her really well and we had figured out how to make her really enjoy it and ask me.

    We went way past eating pussy, we got to the point of making love, lots of kissing and breast play and lots of 69, getting in the shower together and getting naked in bed. I didn't really know the meaning of slut then, but I guess we were both little sluts, we had to have sex and we had to be together. Until we got caught. We were naked in bed and I was doing what I liked best which was nosing around in her when my mother came in unexpectedly. It was a mess, never ending interrogation, her parents were called over, we were both yelled at and screamed at and told we were filthy and when they found out we had been at it for over a year all kinds of shit came out of her mother and they decided to accuse me of doing things to a minor because she was twelve.

    The end result, was that we were both sent to counseling, we were prohibited from seeing each other and they moved to another part of town and I got sent to my grandparents house to cool off and think about what I was doing and if this was something I thought was appropriate for a girl. My mother told me in a moment of reason that if I was a lesbian I would break my father's heart.

    At my grandparents' there was a house on the block with a college student. He was back in town for the summer and he fucked me the first day he met me. The next day I got my first mouthful of penis and got fucked again. Getting fucked felt good, I liked him on top of me and I liked it even more when he fucked me on my knees and elbows. I really liked sucking him off, so we fucked and fucked like crazy, and after a couple of months I realized that I was not only late I was real late and I was feeling nauseous in the morning and it was confirmed I was pregnant. We had never used any kind of birth control, no condoms, no pill, nothing, we had just fucked to fuck.

    I spent my seventeenth year pregnant, I went to a private school which had an outreach program for pregnant girls and I managed to graduate from high school, with a baby. My mother thought it best that I learn my lesson real well and that I breast feed, take care of the baby and go to college the next year. Deep down inside she was so relieved I wasn't a lesbian, that she forgave everything, this would make me a woman and teach me responsibility and she was so excited with her grandson. My dad was more reserved, he wasn't aware of the lesbian stuff, but he 'understood' but wasn't pleased with me.

    I went to college, I met a boy there and we got married after graduation and I got pregnant immediately, I had no wish to work, my only wish was to be a mom and take care of the house. We hired a nanny to help, she was from Chile. With her living with us it became really apparent to me that she was a lesbian girl and she was in love with this other girl also from Chile. This is why she was here, she followed the other girl. I won't say she was pretty in the pretty sense but she was very sensual. Around the house she wore jeans and shirts, but more than once I saw her in nightgown and I could see her body flow under her gown. I started to look for the shape of her breasts under her shirts and the flow of her butt under her shorts. I started to get wet looking at her face and desiring her lips, cleavage was all over the place, she wore lose tops and I could see the tops of her breasts.

    I kept silent, until I had to say something to her and complimented her face and her hair and I touched her lips with my finger. She stood there and didn't move and I touched her breast with my hand, she asked me in Spanish if I liked that, if I liked women's breasts. She let me feel her, she didn't move she stood there while I felt her breast until I kissed her on the mouth. She asked me in Spanish again if I liked women, because she was a woman and she thought I was pretty.

    The children were asleep and we stood there and kissed several times and she let me feel her up and she felt my breasts and she undid my top and she leaned over to suck my nipple. I ate her pussy, I didn't want to stop, she pushed my head away, but she kept her legs open, she asked me to get naked and lay on the bed and she at me and I had an orgasm.

    My husband doesn't need to know, and neither does my father. It is just that making love with her feels so good, I love her naked now, she is far less inhibited than I am, while the kids are in school we use the time to be together. We have been making love for a month now.

    I guess I have lesbian tendencies, strong lesbian tendencies. I have always had strong lesbian tendencies.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I'm m 20 yo and i have a girlfriend. We've been together for a year and a half and i love her with my whole heart.

    One day she confessed she had sex with some girls before me and i thought it was so hot. I told her i wanted to see that and she told me she wanted to see me suck a cock and get fucked by it. (I kinda have a round nice booty although im not fat).

    I didnt say anything but it got me hard. And i started thinking about it. For days i was thinking about it. Then i started looking at erotic gay stories online and jerk off to it. Gay men in love fucking, a gay guy seducing his straight neighbor, two strangers at a public pool, I've read them all. They would get my cock rock solid and throbbing at the idea of living those stories. I would jerk off and release so much cum all over my body. Then i started jerking off to some gay porn whcih had the same effect...

    One day i was walking down the streets after getting high. I went to some restaurant to get wifi and i typed in sex shop. So i went there and i went downstairs and i saw "cruising area, 7â¬. So i was curious and with my heart racing i paid for it and entered the area. It was very dark and the hallways were not spacious. I chose a cabin and closed a door and started taking my cock out and jerking off. Some dudes looked at me through the hole connecting to the other cabin.

    I could see them stand there. I was so nervoys i wasnt even fully erect. I waited 10 mins then started looking for another cabin. People were following me. I looked in a room and saw something to attach someone, a guy looked at me to make me understand he wanted to fuck me in there. I went to another cabin with a hole and started jerking off. A guy entered the other cabin and put his cock in the hole. It wasnt longer than mine but maybe a bit thicker. I was jerking off, and my hand went automatically to touch his dick. I spit in my hand and started jerking off this stranger. I could tell he liked it. I didnt like the size of his cock but it looked fine and i felt a burning lust inside of me. So my lips moved like a magnet to this cock. I started kissing it. Slowly at first but then with my tongue, before i knew i was sucking this dude while jerking myself off. After a bit i stopped and had enough. So i just looked at his dick and came on the tissue i put over me. I came for so long and released so much sperm. Then i started to feel guilt and left fast.

    I was so nervous but decided to tell my gf and she told me she wasnt mad at all and thought i was crazy and maybe liked it so im relieved. I told her i'll do it in front of her if she wants to. On one hand it kinda grossed me out but also i wish i went further and maybe have him cum in my mouth or just fuck my ass...
    i kidna wish his dick was bigger.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I was raised by a single mom along with my three brothers. I can remember from the time I was just a kid my mom saying "I ain't raising no pussies" What she meant by that was that she expected us boys to stick up for ourselves whenever someone gave us a hard time. She was successful. Not one of us four boys where ever afraid to do what we had to in order to stand up for ourselves or each other.
    I do believe however she would have been terribly disappointed if she had ever known what I became when I hit my late twenties. That's when I discovered the joys of cock. Especially large cock attached to a take charge aggressive man.
    Back then, long before cell phones, they had sex chat telephone numbers you could call for a fee. I used to call and talk sex with the women that would go on there. One night I got curious about the gay option, so I tried it. I started talking to the men about what kind of things they liked. I started getting aroused by their comments. One night I got on the phone with some guy that sounded like a really masculine rough man. I told him my name was Bruce and we started exchanging scenarios of what we liked. I had no experience with gay sex, so I just made things up. I told him I liked to get fucked. That's when he asked me if I had ever come just from being fucked. He went on to tell me he fucked so hard that he could make a guy come just from his fucking. I started stroking myself as he continued to tell me how big his cock was and how he could fuck for a long time. He heard my breathing quicken and asked me if I was jacking off. I told him yes I was. Then he said "wouldn't you like my cock in you right now"? "Yes", I said. "I want to feel you fucking me". Then all of a sudden he said he had to go and hung up. I quickly finished myself off as I played back in my mind what he said to me. I had plenty of jack off sessions playing his comments back to myself.
    Once the idea of having another man fuck me got into my head, it wasn't long before I went out looking for my first cock. my first time wasn't earth shattering, but it was fun enough I knew I wanted to continue down this path.
    As began my journey into the world of cock, I met and sucked a lot of different men and different size cock. I had a few of them fuck me, but it was kind of painful, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
    Everything changed when I met Ronnie. Ronnie and I met at a local pool hall. We played a few games and when they closed for the night. I asked him if he needed a ride and he said sure. I wasn't sure if Ronnie was gay or not,so I was careful with my conversation on the way. But I couldn't get the image of him leaning over the pool table and checking out his really cute ass. I finally threw caution to the wind and asked him if he wanted to come back to my place. When he asked what I had in mind, I told him I liked sucking dick and if he was at all interested I'd like to suck his. Absolutely he said. Then he told me I should know that he had pretty big cock and he liked to top. I just smiled and told him not to worry, I'll take whatever he has to offer.
    When we enter my place he grabbed me and began undressing me right away. With my shirt off he started licking my nipples and I immediately was aroused. He unbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor. I wasn't wearing any underwear so I was naked now. I stepped out of my pants and he pulled me into him and began rubbing his hands all over my ass and telling me how nice and firm it felt and that he was going to enjoy fucking me. The more he man handled me the more excited I got. Just when I thought I couldn't feel any more lustful, he started kissing me. There was something about the way Ronnie kissed that just sent me over the top. I was eager for his cock.
    I dropped to me knees, unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock. He wasn't lying about the size. It was 10 inches and not completely hard yet. I couldn't get it in my mouth quick enough. I sucked him until he came in my mouth. He was just to big to fuck.
    He stayed the night and we quickly started seeing each other on a regular basis. Eventually with time and patience I was able to take Ronnie's cock all the way in my ass. I fucking loved it. I had never felt anything like it. I really couldn't get enough of him. That's when I knew mom would have been disappointed. All I wanted was to be Ronnie's pussy. I loved pretending to be a girl when I was with him.
    Sorry mom, but I guess you did raise a pussy. A well used pussy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    First cock I sucked, 1985 in Boarding School. One of the older boys, very tall and with a much bigger cock than mine. I had knickers on and lippy, we were in a dorm room and I was basically asking for it. I licked it an kissed it for ages while he told me how much bigger than mine it was, and how mine was tiny and I could find my little one to play with it. He likes rubbing our cocks together, and mine looked so silly and small.. I love that feeling. I loved sucking juat the tip while he wanked into my mouth. When he came... I had my hand in my knickers round my little cock, and I came SO hard tasting and swallowing his thick spunk.

    It became regular until he left school. We met up a couple of years later and fucked in his car, but it wasn't the same, I think he was married and didn't seem interested in talking, just fucking.

    I love guys who's cocks are bigger than mine, love being out gunned and told about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    From a relatively early age, I knew I was sexually attracted to men and women. At the age of fourteen I lost my virginity to a married woman who found out from her daughter no less, that I had a large penis. Although the daughter who was fifteen at the time, wouldn't let me fuck her, her mother certainly didn't have any hang ups about me sliding my cock right up her pussy and arsehole.
    Five days later, I met up with guy who I'd already had suck me off in a park, and fucked him at his marital home, on his marital bed. Fucking him in many ways was to me much hornier and much more instant. Once I'd dropped my cum up his bum, I left him to clean himself up and was playing football an hour later.
    Over the next few years I fucked my way through lots of men and women. Some around my own age, but most older than myself. One such guy, who was much older than me, was a real horny bastard and it was he who really taught me all the delights of gay sex. We'd meet up at a car park at a well known beauty spot, take a walk and have amazing sex outdoors. Our affair if you'd like to think of it that way, lasted over eighteen months. In which time I'd also begun to date a fiery Irish girl who absolutely floated my sexual boat. She didn't give a shit that I was bisexual and knew to some extent I was fucking a married man. To her, to have me and my ample sized cock to play with, was all she wanted and needed. So at least three days a week we'd have sex, and sex that most people even today wouldn't have with their wives or girlfriends.
    The affair with the married man ended, when a neighbour of his caught me fucking him in his garden shed. I was horny as fuck as my girlfriend was away in Ireland, so I called by his house and nailed his arsehole as he bent over his wheelbarrow. Only thing was, his neighbour was a nosy twat and saw me screwing him.
    I was named in the divorce and so as it turned out, we parted when he moved away.
    A few weeks back I met and had some of the most intense sex of my life. It was with a nineteen year old lad who quite frankly took every inch of my cock down his throat and deep up his beautiful arsehole. We met online and I was delighted we got together, as he is in my eyes the most perfect, most handsome, slim horny and extremely sexual young man. We did practically everything and then some, you can think of sexually over a three hour period. As I've alluded to, I'm a well endowed individual. It's not a boast, it's just the way it is. My cock is very nearly ten inches in length and as thick as most peoples wrists. I've never ever had problems getting girl and boyfriends. But my taste in the sexes is different. With females I like them to be around my age or slightly younger. With men, I much prefer them to be older and to be of a burly hairy type. However my young fuck is only nineteen, yet he's an amazing cock slut.
    We've fucked all over the place. In my car, outdoors, in a cinema, even at a charity football match where I screwed him in the changing rooms during the second half. But it was whilst I was fucking him in his parents home on his bed, that I noticed a picture of him with another much older man. I was balls deep up his arsehole at the time, so when I saw the picture of them stood together proudly supporting a fish they'd caught see fishing, I had to take a double look to conform exactly who it was he was stood right next to. Thrusting into him even harder than I had been, my cock erupted as I screamed out in ecstacy. Lay with him after I'd sucked him off, swallowing his watery cum, I asked him who the man was in the photo. His response was to tell me, it was his grandfather.
    His grandfather just so happens to be the very same man I'd fucked years before in his garden shed. Witnessed by a nosy twat of a neighbour. Small world.
    I'm still fucking that young man, and hope to be still fucking him for as long as he wants my cock up his arsehole. As for his grandfather, I guess given te chance to, I'd love to bury my cock deep into his bowels and cum up him, knowing he loves me felching him out afterwards.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Sucked my boss off today to help me gain a promotion. He's told me, because I sucked him off so good in his office and swallowed his cum, if I meet him tomorrow instead of seeing my girlfriend, and allow him to fuck me at a motel, he'll make damn sure I get the job. I think I'm going to motel after work tomorrow, hope his big cock sliding up my ass doesn't hurt that much.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Today was the first time I finally got to bury my cock up his sweet looking ass. For weeks we'd been secretly flirting, ever since he caught me looking at gay porn on my phone. It's something I'd been doing for some time, looking at guys fucking, but never actually doing it myself.
    Well today that changed. He'd suggested we book a room, but I wanted it to be more raw than that. So once our lunch break started, I drove us both over to a spot I know and got him to suck on my dick. Feeling ultra horny, we both stripped off and I had him suck on my dick again. Suitably hard and leaking pre cum, I took out the lube I'd bought last week and smothered my cock and his youthful asshole.
    My six and half inches slid right up his well lubed hole and before I knew it, I'd broken my gay anal virginity. His wasn't the first ass I'd fucked, but all the rest including my wife, who won't now let me fuck her there, were all female.
    The feel and look of my cock sliding up his tight ass was for me, just perfect. I'd longed to fuck him for some time, so to actually have my cock deep inside his ass, only had my balls twitching for release. As you're probably aware right now I didn't wear a condom, as we'd both attended a clinic recently. Today we put into action our desires after getting those results back. With him sprawled over a rock, I pummeled him from behind and loved hearing him moan was delightful pleasure. Every thrust of my inside of his asshole, brought sounds of need, sounds of pure unadulterated joy and I knew then he was getting just as much from our experience as I was.
    Being able to cum up his ass, filling his bowels with my seed was amazing. He'd asked me to feed him my semen up his ass and I gave him every drop, spurting my heavy load withing his fuck hole. I then did something I'd never contemplated, I went down on him. I sucked in my first ever cock and devoured his little dick, amking him cum within seconds of me wrapping my lips around his cock shaft. His cum tasted divine, so I kept his cock in my mouth until every drop had ben sucked out of his penis.
    Dressed and back in my car, I drove my wife's eighteen year old nephew back to our place we work, back to the company I own. And back knowing in future I'm going to fuck him whenever and wherever I want to.
    This is one lucky guy, who's actually so glad he got caught tossing himself off to gay porn.

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    Gay Male / 54

    I went to Rome to study a masters in early Roman history. The girls, wow, sensual, made your dick get hard just watching them walk. So much pussy, everywhere. I masturbated every night, with a different girl. The sad thing was that you are a foreigner and the girls blew you off, never wanted anything to do with you. Masturbation.

    I went on a trip to Pompeii with these two Italian guys that were in the program with me. Lots of fun, we ate at local places, they ordered and I ate. We spent the day walking around the ruins, they were so slim, and the girls smiled at them. In the restroom, he dropped his pants down to smooth out his shirt and his dick was right there for me to see. I had never seen an Italian dick, I was embarrassed of my dick, side by side he had a dick. That night I imagined what his dick would look like when he had a hard on. I masturbated thinking about his dick, wondering what his dick would feel like when he fucked a girl, or when he fucked me. I actually thought that, how would he fuck me.

    I didn't think about girls anymore, I hung around him and his friends, they let me hang with them, and they got girls, they had money, and they were young and they got girls and I got what was left over. I saw his penis many times, because I moved in with him and another Italian friend, and they didn't have an issue with being naked, and at night I could dream of his penis, of being able to stroke his penis, of being able to suck his penis, of having him fuck me with his penis. It was during our time living together that I dreamed of kissing with him, of having him run his hands all over my body as we kissed and he would grab my penis and stroke me and I would hold his penis and stroke him. I masturbated almost every day.

    But he fucked girls, and I got what was left over, some not so pretty, usually older girl, and she let me fuck her because her pretty friend was being fucked by him, she let me fuck her. I got the leftovers and she got the leftovers.

    Part of my coursework required me to work with this professor. He was a fat Italian man in his forties, knowledgeable, but fat and he liked to eat, so it seemed that every time I had to have a conference with him we went to some restaurant. One day, we were in small restaurant and he was explaining something to me and he put his hand on my thigh and he rubbed my thigh and he talked to me and he rubbed my thigh and he rubbed my thigh, and I got an erection he passed his hand over my erection and he gently squeezed my erection and when we walked out of the little restaurant he ran his hand over my rear end.

    We walked to his apartment and he offered me some wine and he got naked and laid back on his bed and invited me to come over and get naked with him. He sucked my dick, my first man sucking my dick, and he put my hand on his dick, the first dick I touched and he got hard and he got me naked just like him and he had me suck his dick, and then he laid me back on his bed and he kissed me while he played with my dick. He licked my asshole and pushed my legs up over my head and took his dick and put it up against my asshole and he dropped spit on his dick and he slowly, shoved his dick in my asshole and when he got it in he leaned over me and kissed me and fucked me.

    For the rest of my program in Italy he was my lover, I didn't fuck girls anymore, no more left overs, I sucked his dick, I kissed with him until my dick was so hard I would cum all over him, I would lay back on the bed and he would fuck me, and he would kiss me while he fucked me. I didn't masturbate any more, I sucked his dick instead, I loved sucking his dick, he was always so hard, and I loved getting ready for him, waiting for him to fuck me.

    Leaving Rome to return to Ohio for my Phd was like tearing out my fingernails. I am a tenured professor in History now, and I have a young lover now, a grad student of my own, he has a nice dick which I like to suck and he fucks me, I fuck him too, but he is willing to fuck me, and I need to get fucked, I need it, and when he is fucking me I imagine my Italian friend from my studies in Rome, I imagine his dick, what would it have been like to have his dick fucking me.

    One thing I did get from my studies in Rome, a deep appreciation of the phallus, I love dick, I can't live without it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My boss is a neat fellow, married with two kids in college. Almost every morning, he and I go to the men's room where he sucks my cock off in one of the stalls, behind the closed door. Then, we go to the employee's snack bar and sit down with some hot coffee. Sometimes I can smell my seed on his breath, across the table, just before he washes it down with hot Java.

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