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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 54

    I had sex with only one guy in my life it happened at football camp my senior year of High School. My best friend and I roomed together and one night after a rough day of practice we came back to the room and stripped off our gear I jumped in the shower. As I was soaping up my friend stepped in with me we had a bathroom attached to the room so it was just us two in the room. at first I was a bit shocked but we had showered together before but it had been a few years so thought nothing of it. Then I heard him say damn bud you have gotten ripped you been working out without me? He took hold of my shoulders and spun me to face him saying he wanted a better look. I playfully pushed him and we started playing grab ass like we had many times before. This time it was different he was touching my ass my balls. I jumped out of the shower and said what the fuck dude. he laughed and said now I have the shower to myself dumb ass laughing. I dried off and combed my hair. His touching me had lit something in me I looked down and my dick was hard. I could se in the mirror my buddy shadow on the curtain and he was beating his meat. I stood there watching and soon I was stroking mine watching him. it did not take me long to shoot as I had not blown off in a week. I rushed cleaned up and walked out of bathroom. Put on my sweat pants and hopped on my bed.
    my buddy spent some time in the shower and I started to dose off it had been a long rough week of practices and drills. I woke up to something warm on my cock and as my eyes opened from my sleep I looked down to see him sucking my cock. I am not sure why maybe because it felt good I just lay there and let him do it. He licked my pecks my under arms and then he kissed me. I was kissing him back our tongues swirled and my hands started to explore his body. he was firm had a bit of hair on his abs and his cock had a dark full bush. My hair was reddish blonde I could see his backside in the mirror over the dresser on the other side of the bed. His ass was so perfect his muscled ass started to move as he ground his cock against mine. he sat on my crotch and reached for something on the nightstand. He put his hand back to his ass and whipped something on it. Soon I felt his hole against my cock head and with a swoop motion slid down on me. I just lay there and let him do as he wanted. soon he was bouncing up and down my cock pushing farther into him. God damn it felt so good so hot and squeezing my hard cock so tight so hot. I got caught up in what was going on I flipped him over on his back and started to drive myself into him rough then slow then rough. He lay there looking into my eyes and cooing and moaning saying how good it felt. I have always taken a long time to come when fucking but could feel my juices bubbling but I did not want to rush this feeling. I slowed and he tried to hump my cock by pumping his hips. I said dude you are going to make me cum. he slowed and said don't want that been wanting this for a long time and don't want to rush it.
    He pushed me back and I popped out of his ass he pushed me on my back and took my cock in his mouth again then my balls then started to lick my ass. Fuck that was awesome that feeling of him licking my ass was like nothing I had ever felt. he munched on my ass and my cock started to leak he saw that and licked it up. he had me so wound up and I was loving it. he positioned himself so his ass was up in the air and with his hand guided my cock back into his hot hole. I popped in with ease and started to fuck his ass. I heard him say CUM IN ME BUDDY! soon I was my whole body was on fucking fire as I drove my cum deep into his tight muscled hole. His ass seemed to suck at my cock like his mouth had earlier. The first shot I could not help but yell out OH FUCK YES! I kept fucking that ass until I had emptied every drop into him he was jerking his own cock and was Cumming at the same time all of my bed. We fell down on the bad my cock still in him. He lay there for a bit and then pushed me up off him and lay next to me his head on my chest. My heart waa pounding.
    I said so what does this mean we are gay? hE said well I am but the jury is still out on you. We talked there nude next to each other and he told me how he had wanted to be with me since freshmen year. I had never really thought about it I told him. We feel asleep there and I woke up the next morning to him sucking my cock again. he sucked me off and we got ready for the day of last practice.
    We had one more night and a wake up before we headed home. I fucked him again that night twice and he sucked me off before we packed to get on the bus for the trip home. He and I sat in the back of the bus and talked. He stopped over to my house two days after graduation and he sucked me off and after told me he was leaving for the basic training the next day. It was the one and only time I had sex with a male it was wonderful. I got married bought a house job etc and went on with my life. he did a 12 year stint in the service and we kept in touch. He has never talked about having a partner and we don't talk about what happened just about people we know etc. Our High School reunion is coming up and I am nervous to see him again but a part of me really wants to see him and yes a part hopes maybe just maybe we can have some time alone. I have never wanted to do such things with any other man but over the years he has always been in the back of my mind. I have kept in pretty good shape over the years and from his on line profile he still looks good. Why do I want this man so bad?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Every Tuesday morning on my way to work, Friday lunchtimes when I take an extra half hour, and every Sunday afternoon on my way home to my wife from playing golf, I call by Erica's flat. She's a twenty year old beautiful cross dresser who adores my seven and half inch cock fucking her mouth and super smooth arsehole. We've been having sex (I've been fucking the arse off of him/her), ever since I discovered one of my clubs young golf members enjoys dressing up as a feminine young woman and loves being fucked, hard.
    It began when I played a round with him and he bent over to pick up his ball. He basically caught me looking at his rear and asked me if I liked what I saw. When I said edging my bets "I'd love to score a hole in one". His reply was "You can fuck my hole in one anytime".
    That afternoon he sucked me off in the woods next to the course, and we set up a time for the following Tuesday for me to visit his flat. When I turned up as arranged on my way to work, Erica was stood dressed in lingerie and high heels just inside her doorway. We both knew I didn't have that much time, so after he/she sucked on my cock hard in her hallway, I bent her over, played with her tiny cock and slid my cock up her gorgeous tight arsehole. Fucking Erica for only around ten minutes max, it was enough to have her cumming all down her tights, and then had my cock erupting up her hot creamy boy pussy.
    After that amazing morning, we set a time and days when I could reasonably guarantee I'd be round to enjoy her mouth and tight arsehole. Tuesday's because my wife leaves for work early that day. Fridays because his flat is only a two minute walk from the head office I work from on Fridays. And Sunday afternoon after playing golf, because by then we're both gagging for a fuck as we've invariably been teasing each other for hours.
    Erica's is by no means my first young mans arsehole that I've fucked, but, and his is a gorgeous butt, I've never fucked a cross dresser before and someone who turns me on so much.
    Some people might think it would be wrong of me to fuck a young guys arsehole behind my wife's back. But then they'd be totally wrong to think my wife doesn't know and accept I fuck young men. Indeed when she leaves for work early on the Tuesday, it's my wife who drops me of at his flat, before I walk into the main office later on.
    After all, I don't stop my wife licking out her cousins pussy almost every other day, do I!...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I spent the night with an older man. I stayed in his bed with him. I've never had anything to do with homosexual actions before. By 7pm I'd shot a load into his mouth and sucked him hard by 7:30 I had his load in my ass. I sucked and got fucked three times. The last one was at 6:30. I loved it, I feel totally empty inside now that his beautiful cock isn't inside me anymore. I want more cock, and I feel like a total slut.

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    Gay Male / 27

    After I got out of the service I moved home before deciding what to do. My father suggested that I take some courses at the junior college and get at least an associates degree and I could live at home as long as I was working towards a certification or degree. I had some savings and I had a car so I got a part time job waiting tables and enrolled towards some sort of business degree.

    There were maybe twenty five people in class, men and women. One guy came on to me in the beginning finance class and he broke the ice and we talked every Tuesday and Thursday night when we met. He told me he burned hair. We went to eat after class a couple of times and he invited me to his apartment. His apartment wasn't like any other one I had seen, it was fully decorated and on the side hutch in the dining area was an 8X10 black and white photo of an erect penis. As I looked closer you could see the precum drop. He saw me looking and he told me it was him and he just loved the picture it was taken by a close friend of his who did erotic photography.

    He offered me a beer and we sat on this overstuffed love seat, he sat beside me and put his hand on my knee and welcomed me to his house. To break the silence he told me he had binder with some more pictures if I wanted to see them and before I answered he got up and went into the bedroom and came out with this binder. Each picture was an 8X10, each in its individual sleeve. Each picture was a penis picture, from soft to hard, to fully erect, to a fully erect penis with an asshole under it, moving on to pictures of a naked ass, hairy and each capturing the asshole with several close ups. All him, he was proud of them. He had his arm around my shoulder and his other hand on my crotch as I was going trough the binder, he had me in an erection and after he put the binder down on the coffee table he undid my pants and zipper and took out my cock and leaned over and sucked me.

    He was very experienced not like the guys in the Army, he helped me get my shoes off and my pants and he undid his pants and took them off and his erect cock shone in the light, my hand reaching for it and my mouth starving for it. I hadn't sucked a cock in a long time, since I was discharged. The last cock I had sucked was a Sergeant who was a known mother fucker. His cock pictures didn't do him justice, he really had a picture perfect cock. By then we were totally nude and we went into the bedroom and he offered for us to take a hot shower and in the shower we lathered each other down and he paid a lot of attention to his anus, asking me to wash him carefully because he wanted me to enjoy myself and he did the same.

    He said he was a rimmer, he really enjoyed having his ass rimmed and enjoyed reciprocating. It had been some time since I had rimmed a guy, going back to my first month in the Army and it wasn't pleasant and it wasn't my choice, but now it was my choice and he had a sweet ass and I rimmed him for a while and he returned the favor. We went back to sucking cock, and then to full body contact, making out and getting ready to fuck. He offered to fuck me and I accepted, I was so hot right then that I really didn't want to miss out. He had a nice selection of lubes and after discussing it a little we settled on one he recommended and it was so nice, he glided in and I was back in heaven. During my stay in the Army I had this one fellow who really knew his business and my new friend was living up to that reputation. We laid back afterwards and told stories of prior encounters going back to our first time in our early teens. He liked my story of my friends Dad who did me in, and he told me about his first time with the track coach in school.

    He and I have stayed together now for two years, I finished my certification and am in college working on a degree in Finance. He opened his hair salon where he burns hair all day and sucks cock all night. Our joke but not far from reality. Meeting up with him helped me transition out of the Army where I had been lucky to find lots of guys who liked the adventure. I keep that picture of his penis on my nightstand, it is such a great picture to wake up to even if he is laying right beside me. I never had a boyfriend before, in the Army everyone is out for themselves, no one expects to wake up next to the same guy every day.

    One funny thing, at least to me. Before my boyfriend became a hairdresser he worked as horse groomer at this horse farm where he grew up. We joke about horse cock, but he knows what he is talking about.

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    Gay Male / 50

    My mom had gone to visit her sister who had just had a baby and was not feeling well. That left me and my Dad home just the two of us. My Dad was a jerk drunk most of the time and mean always knocking me around and calling me a pussy girly boy etc. I was skinny and small for my age at 15 I was what some call a pretty boy not manly but not fem just skinny and clumsy. My Dad never seemed to have anything good to say about me and let me know every chance he got what a disappointment I was. He had been a big jock in school football star basketball and forced me to join the teams I sat on the bench most of the time. The thing I liked most about playing sports was the locker room I got to see all the boys nude and check out their bodies.
    Well Mom was away and the old man was off to the bar leaving me alone in the house. I had hidden some Playgirl porn mags I had found in an old abandoned house with nude men. I would get them out and look as I jerked off. I was just about to get down to it when I heard a knock on the door. I freaked pulled up my pants hid the mags and tried to push my hard on down. I opened the door hiding behind it. Standing in the doorway was one of the jocks on my football team we will call him James. The light from the porch made him glow almost standing there looking so well hunky is the word that comes to mind. I had secretly had a crush on him and would always wait to shower until he got in after practice and always take the shower next to him. I had watched him soap up so many times and wanted to take the soap and help him but all I could do was suffer in my mind the torture of just being able to look at him.
    I must have been lost in thoughts about him there had been a long pause. It was raining and he was soaked his shirt and pants clung tight to his body outlining every muscle and bulge. I blurted out what is up? He looked out of sorts and said his car had stalled down the road and he remembered I lived just up the road. I opened the door wider and motioned him to come in he entered dripping wet. I said I would get him some towels. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed some towels and returned to find him standing there in his underwear his clothing in a ball on the floor. I handed him the towels and he dried himself. I said I could toss his clothing in the dryer and left him in the living room in his underwear. I hurried to get back to him he was now wrapped in a towel and setting on a chair legs spread like guys do when they sit. I asked if he wanted to use the phone he said man to tell the truth I am a bit drunk and went off the road I don't want to get busted for drinking and driving. He asked if maybe he could stay over and get the car in the morning. OMG he was going to be staying at my house I felt a shiver run up my spine as I said sure that would be cool. In school he was always nice to me but never talked to me much other than to say hey or what's up as he walked by.
    So here I was alone in the house with my crush in his underwear legs spread so that from where I sat I could see his bulge under the towel. My mind raced so many scenarios went through my brain. I said do you want some dry clothes? Hve to be some of my Dads cause you wont fit in mine. He smiled and said that would be cool. he followed me to my room I grabbed some of dads clothing and brought it into him he had stripped down and was standing there nude. I stared at him for what must have been forever it felt before I handed him the clothing. he grinned at me as he took them and slid them on. he said thanks and plopped on my bed. He had only put on the pants I gave him he sat there with no shirt his arms and chest not overly pumped but toned just right. we chatted a bit about school people in school etc. He lounged on my bed bare foot and shirtless took two pillows and propped himself up. I kept glancing at him trying not to look to long.
    He told me about a party he was at and how the girl he was dating had a big fight and she had left with some other guy. He seemed very relaxed he was one of those guys that seemed so chill and comfortable to be around. I asked if he wanted something to eat and went to the kitchen and made him a sandwich and brought it back. he had flicked on the TV in my room and was clicking the channels. I came in with the sandwich and he said dang bring me dry cloths and a sandwich you would make a hell of a girl friend if you only sucked dick and he laughed. I turned red blushing and could not think of what to say. As if he picked up on it. He said I was just yanking your chain buddy. I laughed and gulped and climbed on the bed setting Indian style. he said man thanks for being so cool I got a bit buzzed and should not have been driving. I asked him about the party and as he talked I felt so at ease with him. He soon got around to talking about sex and that he was one horny guy started talking about how many times a day he beat off and how he fucked this chick or that chick. I had not done anything other than suck on my cousins dick once. He finished his sandwich smiled and said well that was great now how about that blow job? I sat there not sure he was joking or serious. He then unbuttoned the pants and pulled them down and that's when I knew he was not joking. he smiled and said go ahead buddy I know you want to I see you checking me out in the shower. I sat there frozen he reached over took my hand and placed it on his now semi hard cock. I did not pull away as my hand touched it it felt warm in my hand. I looked in his eyes they seem to plead me to do this for him. I started to said I never but his voice interrupted me as he said its ok buddy we can go slow. My hand started to fondle his balls and ran my fingers over his now swollen shaft. He lay back spread his legs and let me feel him up. I stroked him a bit and then leaned in and licked the head. he said of yes buddy so I licked down the shaft and licked on his balls stroking him with my hand. He made moaning noises and started to tell me what to do and what felt good. yes do that oh yes right there. I soon got up the nerve to take him in my mouth he was thick not huge maybe just short of 7 inches. he started to run his fingers through my hair and guided me to go down farther on his thick cock. he had a mushroom head cut but still had some skin that hung over it so as I sucked the skin pulled back and his cock head swelled even more. OMG my mind was in a spin was this a dream or one of my jerk off fantasies no it was real. His voice was husky and hushed and made me so horny as he talked to me as I did my best to suck his cock. I had been sucking for some time and was lost in his scent my hands exploring his body his arms his legs his six pack. He started to thrust his hips and hold my head soon he was pumping in and out of my mouth and groaning I was gagging a bit but that did not seem to slow his thrust. He called out he was going to cum or as he said I am going to cum in your hot mouth. I braced myself not knowing what to expect I had never had cum in my mouth I had tasted mine but here was my jock crush about to flood my mouth with his cum. He thrust deep and I felt him release the first shot it struck the back of my throat and before I could react he pushed his cock in shoving the cum into my throat. Then the cum seemed to cum in waves some as he went deep some as he was pulling back. When he shot pulling back the taste filled my mouth it was sour and sticky and choked me I gagged a bit and felt as if I may throw up. He held my head down all the way on his cock as he emptied every last drop. When he let up I pulled back chocking and I had tears running down my cheeks. He looked at me and said oh god buddy sorry it felt so good I lost it are you ok? I swallowed and said yes with a raspy response. Suddenly I started laughing AND kept saying wow. he smiled and asked if I liked that. I said yes I did and could not stop laughing. I looked at him and said that was awesome. He said yes it was you just gave me the best blow job I have ever had. I sat back up Indian style and looked at him laid there nude on my bed his cock still hard as a rock. I started telling him how I had been thinking about doing that for a long time. Damn he said wish ya would have let me know sooner could have been doing this a lot more. he asked if I had gotten off? I had not noticed but I had my pants were wet in the front wow I had cum and was not even jerking myself.
    We went into the bathroom and got into the shower and at last I was able to soap his body. Me soaping him had him ready for more in no time. he leaned back I went down on my knees and sucked him again this time he let me have control. We must have been in the shower a while as we ran out of hot water. as we were getting out of the shower he told me by the way I been thinking about this for a while also. He dried me off and we walked back to my room. I went to check on his cloths they were dry. I brought them in to the room but he reached for me and pulled me into the bed. He snuggled up to me and said buddy I am not gay but something about you made my cock hard. We feel asleep him holding me spooning me his cock resting between the cheeks of my ass. I could not sleep I lay there in his warm strong arms and never wanted that night to end.
    I finally fell asleep when a woke the next morning he was gone. I could hear my father snoring in his room. I got up thinking did I dream that? I made something to eat and still could taste him and smell him on me. I had not noticed but the shirt I threw on was his he had wore my Dads home and left his. The shirt hung on my small frame in the pocket was a note. Thanks for saving me last night buddy cant wait to spend some more time with you. We did spend time together and got up to all sorts of fun things. he was such a sweet guy but upfront that what we had was buddy sex not gay. So I took what I could get and inside had fallen in love with him. I knew he did not feel the same I was more than a hole I was his buddy. he was my first in many ways and will always hold a special place in my life and heart. after he moved away I went with many guys and men one night stands and what I called regulars that would come to me for release then get up and leave. I liked being free to suck or fuck who and when I wanted but as you get older you feel a need to have someone there all the time. They call it cum and go pump and dump etc not until many years later that I found a man like him and that one I would spend my life with. I spent so long looking for someone like my first but there can never be another like him and that's ok with me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I was 19, and a very sheltered shy person from the south. I grew up in Christian conservative values. So struggling with my feminine side always made me feel guilty. I had a camera, and a personal computer, and took pictures of myself mostly bent over in a doggy position. I loved receiving praise online over my fat bubble butt.

    Craigslist m-m personals was something I engaged in for over a year. Until I finally decided to meet up with a man I been talking to a while. He was 6'4 48 years old with a huge mushroom, and girthy cock. It was like a soda can in circumference. I was a virgin at the time.

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I drove to his house. He answered the door naked, and immediately started grooming, and complimenting me. I removed my pants at his request, and sat on the couch. Gay porno was playing on his T.V. he jacked off... I tried to but couldn't erect. I was very timid, and nervous. Though I somehow managed to ask him if we could do our business in the bedroom.

    He laid down on his back, and I tried to blow him. He couldn't fit in my mouth, so I turned around in doggy position. He left the room to get his lube, and came back. My head was at the edge of the bed, so he stood at my face, and slid his cock in my mouth. I opened as wide as I could to accommodate his wide circumference. His cock sat in my mouth, as he grabbed a handful of my hair. I moaned, and rubbed his cock with my tongue. He entered, and exited my mouth a few times before going around to my rear.

    Liking cock in my mouth was a surprising revelation. At that point I knew I was now gay.

    I was equally surprised by a flick of his tongue against my taint, and hole. He fingered me with a lot of lube to stretch me out. He was massive in every way. Tall, fat, huge cock. I was the opposite. A short twink at 5'3 and 130 lbs.

    His cock pressed against my taint for a few minutes. He had trouble finding my hole. My butt was really big, and his gut was really fat. I looked over my shoulder, and felt dread he was going to do this raw... I was too shy, and timid to speak up for myself..

    After a couple tries his cock slid in stretching my tight hole to a gaping "0"

    I moaned to every thrust, and was turned on by the sounds of squeaky bed springs, and my ass clapping against his thighs, and hips.

    I was both... Fearful that I was now a homosexual subject to Gods wrath. But in bliss over getting my prostate milked by a fat cock.

    After he came in me he rubbed my butt, and thighs with a warmly damp towel, and dried me up with a clean towel.

    He was so big, and the sex lasted so long I felt his cock still inside me for days. Even a week.

    That was my first time

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I only recently participated in homosexual relations. I've always had women or girls as sex partners. I am married but my wife is away for many weeks on business. I went out with some gay friends from work, after a few evenings with them, they invited me to a party and this past Saturday I went. In a couple of the rooms there were guys who were naked, on beds and sometimes guys would go in there and get sucked or fuck one of them. Sometimes they closed the door other times left the door open so we could all peek in whenever we wanted. I must say I peeked in several times. The young man getting fucked in that bedroom was dressed in a see through nightie, wearing no panties, but a garter belt and stockings. He had black hair past his shoulders and though his lipstick was rubbed off from cock sucking he was made up and really attractive. The other guy was in leather that left open his ass and cock, he was very hairy, the fem boi had no body hair except for a perfect heart shape above his cock.

    At the end of the night, almost everyone was gone, the leather guy came out pulling a sheet with him holding it to his ass to catch the dripping cum that was coming out of his ass. He had cum all over his cock, his nipples, face, in his hair. He took the sheet to the laundry room. After sitting in the toilet for a while he got dressed in jeans and left. There was only myself, the guy who owned the house, and the crossdresser still waiting on the bed in one of the rooms. My friend told me not to drive, and to go into the bedroom and enjoy myself. Stay the night we'd have breakfast in the morning.

    In my current state I went in and stripped, got next to the crossdresser and started kissing. She had small puffy little nipples like a pre-pubescent girl gets before her tits grow in. I was sucking them, pinching them and he/she got even with my cock, me on my back and started sucking. I blew after about 10 minutes right into his cute little mouth. He kept kissing, moving my hand to his cock and I jacked him off. With some sucking again, I was hard and he was begging me to fuck. I fucked his used asshole and loved it. The next morning I sucked him, then fucked him again. He got up got a shower, and in a different nightie made breakfast for me and my friend who owned the house. When my friend announced that our guest had to get home, I volunteered to drive. She, came out fully dressed as a HE this time. For the first time I noticed that he was young, probably 19 or 20. I took him home, when I asked, he answered that he'd been fucked or sucked 12 cocks last night including mine. He said he liked having sex with me and made me promise to pick him up Monday night, tonight, to bring him back to my place and fuck some more.

    My older gay friend from here at work told me today that he is just 15. DAMN!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    In November this year, I passed a mile stone in my sexual life. My wife who's eight years older than me, stopped sucking my dick and wanting sex in a general sense about two years ago. I have an very active libido and love having my cock sucked, so I had a problem. My dick when erect measures a little over eight inches and is fairly thick too. In my younger days I had no problem getting girls and women to suck me off. Yet with experience and not wanting the head ache of another serious relationship, plus having a work mate who never stopped extolling the virtues of gay and bisexual men's abilities to blow cock far better than any woman, I relented one evening as I walked through our local park.

    A guy around my age just propositioned me, asking me if I was out for a good time, saying he loved eating cum. I'd just had yet another refusal from my wife and my cock instantly sprang to life. In the bushes like a pair of dirty old men, I allowed him to suck on my dick and it was the best head I'd received up to then in my life. He was so good, I thrust down his throat after only a few minutes and made him swallow my seed. Once he'd drank down my load, he stood up, told me he really enjoyed my dick and said he'd be back the following evening, if I wanted to empty my balls again. Over the next couple of weeks I met Rick each night and each night he sucked on my cock like no one had ever blown me. One night he didn't turn up and I've never seen him again. I did find out later on though, his marriage failed when his wife found him sucking off a teenager in their home.

    Determined to change my way of achieving the sexual satisfaction I wanted, I joined an on line gay contact site. My wife works funny hours and she's a stickler even to this day, for arranging me to pick her up after work. I knew it gave me time and the opportunity to find the right man or men, who enjoyed giving fellatio. Literally within days I had a number of men of all ages wanting to call by my home and suck me off.

    109, that's the number of men who have visited our home offering their mouths for me to fuck. Nine of whom I sent packing as they were dickheads, or dirty filthy idiots.

    The 100th man to suck me off, was in November, two years on from Rick and his amazing mouth. His name is Neil, he's thirty two and he's recently gotten divorced (August). His divorce present to himself, was my cock and it took place over the entire weekend. My wife was at a concert over in Germany with her sister as Neil slept in our bed, sucking on my cock whenever he wanted to.

    The real reason for me confessing, other than him being my 100th male to suck me off, is for the first time I not only fucked his mouth, I also fucked his gorgeous tight arsehole and did so after a long time kissing, sucking each others cocks, him rimming my arsehole and then me fucking him bareback. Neil gave me the choice, telling me it was something he'd always wanted sexually, but like me had never chanced before. It was and I say this with an open heart the bnest sex of my entire life. It was perfect, and so natural between us. We were so in sync and so ready to pleasure one another, I was still fucking Neil when the sun rose on the Saturday morning. It was a total exploration for the both of us, and we both found in each other the right person to exchange our desires.

    On the Saturday night after we'd returned from eating out at a local bistro, we didn't fuck, we made love in the true sense of the word. It was so passionate, and so natural, we even knew it seemed, what the other wanted before it happened. Yes I gave Neils arsehole a damn good fucking, but I also kissed, licked sucked and fingered his hole too. By the time it was time for him to leave on the Sunday morning, we'd both decided we were going to carry on seeing each other. It wasn't going to be a one off event between us, and so it's become.

    I know it's only been a few weeks relatively speaking, yet everything between us is just so amazing. Neil has this past couple of days asked me if I'd like to begin a life with him. I think it's time for me to start a new chapter in my life, and release my wife from her vows. I still love her in many ways, but I'm no longer in love with her. And discovering just how much I love gay sex now, there is no going back...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Back in late 2014 my future father in law, asked me a very personal question. He was dying and had set in motion my marriage to his youngest daughter Katy, before he passed away. Katy and her mum were out buying all sorts of thing for the wedding and the hastily arranged engagement function, so John and I sat in my flat, drank beer, watched football and chatted. His question was "Is it true you've sucked cock". Not wanting to lie to a dying man, I told him it was true, and it happened in my college years. The next question or request came immediately. "I've always enjoyed fucking younger men, would you consider allowing me to fuck you".
    Long story short. We ended up in bed and my then fiancee's dad had me suck on his dick, then as I knlet up, he fucked me bareback from behind until he busted his nut up my arsehole. It hurt throughout, as he was my first, but I stil managed to cum myself as he got close to orgasm.
    At the engagement function, which was held at a hotel with a golf course attached, we snook out for only twenty minutes, but in that time I sucked Johns cock to its full six inches, then in one of the eighteenth bunkers he fucked me from behind, again cumming deep inside my bowels.
    John escorted his daughter up the aisle and watched us marry ten days later. Six day after that he passed away.
    Moving onto only two months ago, my wife came home from work telling me there was going to be redundancies at her workplace. In a total separation to our conversation I got chatting to old school friend on social media and he asked me how things were going. I mentioned my wife's, our predicament and where she worked. He asked me if the boss there was still a guy called Harry. When I said yes, he let on Harry enjoyed fucking young guys and had done all his married life. It immediately gave me an idea, and one I enacted upon the following day. Waiting until lunch time, I called by his office making sure my wife didn't see me and waited for him to receive me.
    The moment I sat down in his office, I let him know who I was and who my wife was to him and his company. I then gave him an option. That option was to remove my wife's name from the redundancy notices and I'd give him my mouth and arsehole to enjoy. His fly on his trousers were open in less than five seconds and his long thick cock was already hardening by the time he rose up and walked around his desk.
    He closed his blinds, locked his door and then offered me what by then was a fully erect eight inch cock. No stranger to erect penis's, I took hold of his cock, opened my mouth and gave him what he later told me was an awesome blow job. He didn't fuck me that day, but I did suck on his dick until it exploded in my mouth and I was forced to swallow his cum. Telling me to call by on the Friday, I knew what he wanted and made sure he knew he'd have to promote my wife, if I allowed him my rear passage.
    The following day my wife returned home from work and told me, not only had she not been short listed for redundancy, but if all things turned out right for Mr C (Harry) then she was in line for a promotion.
    Friday came and I met Harry in a cafe. We had a coffee, then he told me he'd booked a room locally. The whole of that afternoon I sucked, was sucked and then fucked by probably the most rampant person I've ever had sex with. He came three times in total and every time it was after a prolonged fuck session where he literally fucked me all over that hotel room. By the time I got home my bowels were full of his semen, and Harry had handed me an envelope.
    My wife has been promoted. Harry's envelopes are still handed over every week as a bonus for our continued support to him and his business and Harry never ceases to fuck me like its his last day on earth. He really is a very active man at fifty two, and his large cock never ceases to have me orgasming every time that wonderful man fucks me.
    To this day my wife has no idea, two men in her life have demanded of a kind, my arsehole to fuck. And I'd willingly fuck them all over again if I had to.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Sat here bored and horny. My fat sexless wife is scoffing more food, as she lies back watching another tv soap programme. Won't be bored for long though. My step son Alex is calling round. He's seventeen, lives with his nan and is a very effeminate gay boy. And Alex simply adores all seven inches of my cock. Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I've been fucking him most weekend's for nearly eighteen months. His mother, as she does most afternoons, will soon be asleep and snoring. When he arrives (He's just text to say he's on his eay) he'll be desperate to get my boxers off and suck my cock into his mouth. I'll then take him up to bed, his mothers and my bed and fuck him until we're both empty of cum.
    It matters not that his mother wakes up. It shouldn't, she's heard and often watched us fuck many times before.
    Which to Alex and myself, is just perfect.

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