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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Meeting him that first time was easy. I went to the beach with my girlfriend and saw his gaudy towel. The one he said head have. His wife was, is pretty, but I now know Robby likes to fuck younger guys much more than he does, his forty four year old marital spouse.
    I chose the beds next to him and within ten minutes we were all chatting. Around an hour later inside the gents toilets as we'd gone up off the beach to get drinks, I sucked on Robby's cock. It was a brief taste of what we both wanted and definitely something we planned on having much more of before our holidays were over. His cum when it spurted into my mouth felt amazing and I greedily swallowed his seed. Getting the drinks we headed back to the girls and acted like we'd had a drink at the bar. It felt immediately we'd known each other a long time. When in fact he'd contacted me that morning on a gay website which locates like minded men who are looking for sex.
    You may think that it might be difficult to meet men, married men who desperately want to fuck cute, slim, boyish looking guys like me, but you'd be wrong. There are lots of very well hung married men out there, usually older who's wives have gone off sex, and they've always wanted to fuck a young guys rear hole. Since I turned fourteen I've been satisfying older men one way or another. Sucking their cocks mostly at public toilets, or outdoor hookups, but occasionally when I met someone really nice, I'd arrange to meet up again somewhere and have them fuck me. It got to the stage at one point in my life where I was taking a guy's cock up my arse once or twice a week.
    Meeting my first girlfriend curtailed my gay needs, but didn't fully stop them. And that's where I still find myself.
    Robby, his wife and the pair of us met up that same night. The women got on great, which enabled Robby and I to slip off, to so call watch some football. Instead we went back to Robby's apartment (The closest). I instantly got naked showing Robby I have a decent sized cock, then proceeded to suck his large length of meat. As I was sucking in his balls whilst stroking his rock hard dick, he asked me if I "took it up the arse". Letting go of his cock then walking into the bathroom, I came back out smearing his wife's hair conditioner all over my rear. Kneeling onto their bed and looking round at him, I said "What are you waiting for".
    It had been five months since my last fuck, so his cock was tight up my arse at first, but once my sphincter let go, Robby began to pound my arse and I got that all too familiar feeling of a rising orgasm building right throughout my body.
    I wasn't his first male fuck and it showed as he took complete charge, screwing me in every position he wanted. Then with me on my back, Robby's cock buried deep up my arse and him tossing off my cock, my dick let go and my spunk flew everywhere. No more than minute or two later, he grunted loudly and his cock spewed it's contents deep inside my body.
    After checking the score of the football, we joined the women, with Robby's wife giving me a wry smile. It was then I knew she knew her husband enjoyed extra marital gay sex.
    The following day we met them at the beach. His wife asked me quietly if my girlfriend knew, so I shook my head. She was about to say something but my girlfriend dragged me up and we went into the clear warm sea to swim. Later Robby's wife told me her husband was horny as fuck. Taking my girlfriend with her, she told me they were going shopping. Moving over the beach we headed for the sand dunes at the rear. Robby had been to the place before and lead us into a grove of low trees. Getting me to bend over a tree, he yanked down my shorts, smeared sun oil all over my hole and drove his already erect cock up me after dropping his shorts. It was a quick, hard fuck and I didn't get time to orgasm. But that didn't matter as soon as Robby came up me and withdrew, he spun me around, knelt in front of me and took my cock into his mouth. He licked, sucked and gently bit every inch of my cock. Then on the brink of cumming he stood up, leant where I had and told me to fuck him. I'd never once fucked a guy. Even though at s guess, over twentyy different men had fucked me.
    Putting my cock to his arsehole, I pushed in and went for it, fucking him as hard as I loved being fucked myself.
    I didn't last too long, but that wasn't the point. We'd both emptied our cum inside each other and that for the first time in my life, made it something extremely special. Something I suppose I'd always been looking for. Turning around Robby took hold of my neck, brought me to him and we kissed, and we kissed and we kissed. Some time later we walked back to our sun beds to find the girls still gone. In a sneaky quick covered way, Robby had me suck him again, but we didn't dare take it too far.
    Over the remaining four days, Robby and I had sex five more times. Each time his wife knowing what we were upto. Before our flight home we swapped contacts. Phone, email and another form of direct contact.
    Last week I booked into a hotel. It had been five weeks since our holiday. I was only expecting Robby, but his wife was there too. Kissing them both in greeting, she turned to me and said "On holiday, he plays alone. At home I choose if I join in".
    It was my first threesome, but that's for another confession, maybe. As for Robby and me, we've fucked twice more since the hotel, with Robby keeping g me all to himself.

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    Straight Male / 30

    My girlfriend is a fashion designer. She is just starting out but has got the attention of people in the business and was recently picked up to do some designs. The last few months she has been invited to parties and get together's. Obviously it's about getting noticed and the chance to move up within the fashion world.

    Since I'm her boyfriend I have to go along to these parties. Sometimes it's not bad, lots of food and drink for sure. Lots of Gays in the fashion industry, I don't mind them at all but the "Flamers" just give me the creeps. All of their actions is over the top and so dramatic I just don't like being around them. For the most part I can always find someone to hang with since my girlfriend is being pulled here and there to talk with people, the reason for being at these things.

    One night we got invited to this very large house that was owned by some rather bigwig fashion expert. Although the Host was pleasant and low key I could tell he was checking out every guy under his roof that night.

    My girlfriend was hauled away and left me on my own. The house was huge with two levels and a big staircase going up to the second floor. After two beers and basically walking in circles I decided to go upstairs, anyone asks I was looking for the bathroom.

    At the top of the stairs the hallway went to the left and right, bedrooms and a bathroom I figured either way I went. A large window caught my attention at the end of one hallway and I went in that direction.

    I looked out the window wishing I was anywhere but here when I heard a door open behind me and a guy came out of one of the rooms, I could hear other voices since the guy didn't close the door completely. Finally I decided to go back downstairs and find another beer, maybe I could find someone else to bullshit with also.

    As I walked by the bedroom door I heard some voices and couldn't resist taking a peek inside the room. From what I could see through the narrow opening there was a guy seated with his back to me. Next to him I could only see the back of someone's head, that person seemed to be laying back slightly as the guy seated appeared to be doing something with his hands.

    Suddenl y the door opened and a rather scruffy guy was trying to leave. He looked like as if he belonged in a grunge band. He grinned and walked past me leaving the door wide open. There were a few guys standing around looking at what was going on. One or two quickly looked at me and then their eyes went back to this guy that was seated. I came in and closed the door slightly and walked over to where the other Three guys were standing.

    I had to look twice to make sure what I was seeing. There was a young guy in his very early Twenties laid back in this narrow chair of some sort. The back was reclined slightly and I noticed his arms were secured to the sides of this chair. The most shocking part was the fact that he was stripped naked and he had this massive cock between his legs.

    The guy seated next to this young man was older but well built for his age. He wore slacks with a black body fitting T-shirt, his muscles made the short sleeve bulge. The man had both hands around this young man's cock and he was milking him. The young guy was moaning and squirming as the older guy slid his hands up and down slowly along his engorged cock.

    His cock glistened from the oil that the older guy applied earlier, the bottle seated next to him on the floor. On a table there was a small pile of cash, $20's,$50's and a single hundred dollar bill. The guy next to me whispered if he didn't cum within the next Five minutes that hundred was gone. I couldn't help but look at my own watch.

    Then suddenly I'm thinking what the hell am I still doing here, not into this and never did I watch gay porn to capture my attention. The entire time I thinking this I'm still not going to the door to leave.

    The young man's cock was a color of red and purple almost, the veins protruded through the glaze of lube. The older guy stretched the young mans balls as his other hand slid up the length of his engorged shaft.

    The guy next to me said "shit" and looked at his watch. I got the nerve to ask the guy how long had they been at it. He looked at me weird at first and then said almost twenty-five minutes, I assumed that $100 he had wagered was lost.

    I couldn't fathom that anyone could hold back that long being worked that way. Regardless of what my sexual orientation, having your cock worked like that is going to make most guys cum pretty damn quick. I didn't know what stake the old guy had in this but he wasn't holding back a bit. He was rubbing every nerve in that big cock, precum flowed from the tip and made that huge cock even more shiny.

    Suddenly I had a sensation between my legs, I was starting to get hard by watching all of this. Now I should have left but I didn't because I realized that I was more than just curious. For a fleeting moment I thought what it would be like to be in that young man's position, a huge throbbing cock and being milked that way.

    I had been there almost twenty minutes when the young man grunted, his hands balled into fists and this rope of cum exploded out of his cock. The thick stream hit the young man on the chin and his neck, the next bursts of cum landed around his nipples. The old guy began to jerk that huge cock fast and cum seemed to go every where.

    I walked out of the room with a hard on from hell. I found a bathroom down the hall and ducked inside and locked the door. I rinsed my face with cold water, anything to get the excitement between my legs to go away. I was so fucking horny I thought about what I had just witnessed, wishing that could have been me in that chair.

    I almost r**ed my girlfriend when we got back to my place. As I came inside of her I thought about that huge cock erupting like a volcano. We have been back to that house a few times but I have never seen that again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I had an unexpectedly good time in Rio. I rented a car from the hotel, the driver was a man in his late 50s, about my age. He was to drive me downtown to a meeting, wait for me and bring me back to the hotel. In the car he asked if I had plans while I was in Rio. I said, I had this meeting, and from that meeting I may have another, but at that moment I didn't have any plans until the next day when I had a meeting at 9 a.m.

    He asked what I liked to do, Rio had a lot to offer. I answered that what I liked to do was difficult to find, I wasn't into clubs or anything like that. He asked, he said he could fix me up, a lady? or maybe a boy? I said I don't do boys, which he corrected and said that there were many young men who I could find interesting. I asked him if he thought that is what I wanted, and he said maybe, lots of men who came to Rio liked young men. How about a travesty, half girl half boy?

    I said ok, I like a man, 45 to 60, strong, who wants a sex date. Just sex, who likes to fuck and have his cock sucked. I asked him if he was surprised. He said he would let me know after my meeting, he would call around.

    After my meeting he asked me if he should be bring the man to my hotel. He asked me if the man should bring anything with him, maybe I liked that. I said no, just him, clean, nice and wanting to fuck. I didn't have any lube.

    At nine that night I got a knock on the door, a man was outside, dressed as room service, he came in, he spoke broken English, sat me on the bed and undid his pants and let out his cock. He was big enough, uncut, he pulled back his foreskin and I grabbed him and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked hard, it had been a long time, I settled down and started to suck him off. I kept my hand tight around his cock and savored the moment. As I was sucking him, he took off his shirt, and then he stepped back and pulled on my shirt and I took it off, and then our pants and shoes, and I got on the bed naked and he came down on me.

    It had been a while since I had a blow job, he was good, and he stroked me and sucked me. He maneuvered around until we were side by side and we could suck each other. His cock was hard, I didn't need to pull his foreskin back, and he sucked me and got under my balls and nibbled up to my asshole. He spat on my asshole and he rimmed me, I pulled my legs up for him, he grabbed me hard with his arms and rimmed me. This was my first time, it was everything I had been told.

    He reached for the lube, and he lubed me up and used his finger to loosen me up. He put my legs in the air and got in front of me and slowly inserted his cock in me. I was trying to remember when, it was at least fifteen years. He was a master of the moment, he rammed hard and withdrew soft, and rammed again. I tried to yank my cock, but he took my hand away, he leaned over me until our foreheads were together and he let go.

    He got up, took the hand towel he had brought with his uniform to clean up. He got dressed and left me naked on the bed and left. Fifteen minutes and he was gone.

    The next morning I paid the driver gave him a good tip. Next time I am in Rio I will look him up. I have his card.

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    Gay Male / 45

    I have a serious thing for Nerdy guys you know the type glasses always reading or doing something technical, I've been with quite a few and I love them skinny and we'll hung I've never had one that was under 8 inches they usually have thick cock too,I've had this thing for them ever since my first boyfriend at school he was the studious type who kept to himself mostly, I started to fancy him as I got talking to him this lead to us meeting up after school and it was in his room one day that he first kissed me I was lost and wanted far more he asked me if I'd suck his dick as he'd alway's wanted someone to do it to him, I agreed and when I saw it I was amazed at how big and thick it was the head was wet as he pulled his foreskin back for me to see it I took my first taste of it that day and ended up giving him a full blowjob although I could only suck the head I loved it especially when he came I swallowed as much as I could, Afterwards he laid me on his bed and sucked me fully until I came hard, We lay there panting and stroking and kissing each other, Our relationship lasted right up until he emigrated with his parents to Australia, My present boyfriend is in his mid twenties and as Nerdy as he'll but I love him very much he's an affectionate guy and he's great in bed I often ride his thick cock at night and think how lucky I am to have exactly the type of man I want,He knows when I'm especially horny as I ask him to keep his black rimmed glasses in he looks so hot in them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I would love to tell you how young I was when I had my first gay sex with a mature man. I am bisexual not gay. However I love having sex with men, it's much more exciting to me.

    I was 12 years old and my best friend Windell came over to my house, and my parents were out somewhere.
    Anyway they would not be back for hours. We were in my bedroom with the blinds open.

    Wendell said he wanted to tell me something about my next door neighbor, Mr Heart. Wendell told me that Mr Heart was gay, and Wendell was kind of jelious of me due to Mr Heart always paying special attention to me.

    I had no idea what he was talking about, Wendell explained it to me. Then I understood, I was shocked but also excited about it too. Wendell said Mr Heart was out side and wanted to give him a show. Wendell stripped his clothes off, I had no idea why.

    Wendell said he wanted to show me something that felt real good. Wendell came over to me and put his hand down my shorts and grabbed my dick. I pulled away and he assured me that nobody would know about it.

    Wendell said it would be better if I took my clothes off as well. So I stripped, Wendell got on his knees and started sucking my dick. It felt great, after a while mr heart was looking in my bedroom window. I pretended not to notice, pluse I didn't want Wendell to stop.

    The next day my parent went somewhere and I was outside playing, Mr Heart came over to the fence and asked me if I would like to come inside his house and have a soda. I said sure, once inside Mr Heart said have a seat on the sofa while I get us a couple of cokes.

    Mr Heart handed me a coke and sat next to me, and said I saw you and your friend yesterday, I saw him sucking your dick. Did you like it? Yes I did, and I knew you were watching. Well I sure think you are a very handsome young man and what you were doing is only natural, it's how you find out things so don't be embarrassed by it. I see you walk home with the girl down the street Darla. Is she your girlfriend?

    Yes kind of i think. Has she ever sucked your dick? No. Well she is kind of young, but she might one day. But you like girls? Yes I do. Well back to what I saw yesterday. I noticed that you have a big dick for a young man. Will you take your clothes off so I can see it up close? I was kind of embarrassed and felt my face redden.

    With some encouragement I stood up and took my clothes off. Mmmmm Mr Heart said, very handsome. Would you like to see me naked. Yes I would. He took off his clothes, his dick was already hard and huge. At least eleven inches long super thick and shaved crotch.

    You like it? Yes I do. It was obvious because my dick was hard as a rock. Mr Heart suggested we move to his bedroom where we can be much more comfortable. He took me by the hand and lead me upstairs to his bedroom.

    I looked around his bedroom and he had pictures of naked men having sex framed and hanging on his wall. They were professional pictures, not out of a magazine. He lay on the bed and patted his hand on the bed, letting me know that this was my spot.

    Well if you want to learn more about Mr Heart and I let me know. Our sexual relationship went on for years and included Wendell and other grown men. These are true stories.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I would love to tell you how young I was when I had my first gay sex with a mature man. I am bisexual not gay. However I love having sex with men, it's much more exciting to me.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I have a addiction about having sex in front of people. I have gone to gay cruising places and adult book stores. I guess most are semi public and I do make sure that the sex won't get anyone thrown in jail. At 56 it seems I am as horny as when I was a young teen.A little about me, I am 5'7", 145lbs and have a pretty flat stomach and I do ride mountain bikes which helps to keep my ass looking pretty tight. I shave my body head to toe because I am not a fan of hair on my body (some men don't like it but some love it).
    I have been with a few women over the years but can't resist having sex with men and I am to the point that I don't care what others think about me being gay and if I hook up they find I am a real slut and seems I can never get enough cock. I have been in a few 3somes and 4somes where I have actually wore them out which puts a big grin on my face knowing I satisfied them fully.
    I have gone to adult book stores and enjoy sucking guys off and it always seems that one or 2 guys will stand and watch while they stroke their cocks and on more then one occasion when the guy I am sucking nuts and moves away someone watching will take his place and I get to suck a few cocks. If I am looking to get fucked (condoms required) I always go into the bigger booths and it starts out with me sucking him then him bending me over and taking my ass, I always shift around in the booth so that I am facing the doorway of the booth and almost never fails while a guy is fucking me someone will stand in the doorway to watch and then moves in with his cock out and I end up getting spit roasted.
    I do enjoy one on one sex but just something about being used in front of others that really gets my juices going and when my juices are going I can't seem to get enough and I never care if I get to cum until everyone involved is drained and totally satisfied.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I had a normal life growing up and considered myself straight but as a teen I experimented with a couple other boys but nothing much more. when I was 18 ( I remember it as if it were yesterday) it was a Saturday night and all the local kids would hang out at the gravel pit around the bond fire and drinking.
    There were a bunch of us both girls and guys, I was getting pretty drunk and decided to stop drinking for a while and one of my so-called friends comes over to me and asked why I wasn't drinking which I said I was getting pretty drunk and just stopped for a bit. Well he said don't worry about it as we are all staying here the night and no one is driving and with that he handed me a beer. Needless to say I got pretty hammered and at one point I remember going into the bushes to take a piss.
    Well my friend said he needed to piss also and followed me in. We were talking and when we finished pissing he turned towards me with his cock out and said he needs a blow job bad. I laughed and said I am sure you can find a girl to do that. He told me that would be work but I could do it. I laughed and said I don't think so. He then said I heard about you and a couple of your other friends use to suck each other off.
    I asked where he heard that and said Jimmy told me when he sucked me off one night behind his house (which is where we had played before) I said well I don't do it anymore. He said I better suck him off or he would tell everyone when we go back out there. I said you can't prove it and then he said everyone knows Jimmy is gay as he came out in school last year so people know you use to hang out with him and a couple others. Well being as drunk as I was I figured they might believe it and said okay. and got on my knees and started stroking his cock and then started sucking him.
    Not sure if it was the drinking or what but it seemed like I was sucking him for a long time and then it happened, another guy walked in the bushes and caught me on my knees with Don's cock in my mouth. When he seen what was going on he started yelling to everyone that I was sucking a cock. I stopped and went to get up and Don smacked me and said he needed to cum and finish what I started. I was never a big guy and most kids my age were almost always bigger then me. He then bunched me in my stomach and made me bend over then pushed me to my knees and grabbed my head and forced his cock back into my mouth.
    After the yelling calmed down I was dragged out of the bush and placed back on my knees where Don started face fucking me. People were yelling again and saying things to encourage him on. When he finally shot his load most went into my mouth and the rest on my face. When he backed away and started zipping up his pants another guy said he needed a blow job also and dropped his pants and had me sucking him. I think I ended up sucking 6 guys off in front of everyone and as everyone was passing out from drinking the ones that were still awake I found myself asking them if they wanted a blow job.
    A couple pushed me away calling me a faggot and a couple let me suck them off. 2 of the guys said I could suck them while the other one fucks me. Well when I woke up the next morning (surprising before most others did) I was in the bed of my truck and naked with another guy naked. I looked around and everyone I could see was still sleeping. I looked at this guy's soft cock and started playing with it and then started sucking him when he woke saying that feels good. I sucked him off and then told him I had to leave and he needed to get out of my truck.
    He said I was wild and he wanted to fuck me again sometime. I was not sure about it and told him I never did anything like that before and I would let him know. Over the course of that summer it got out what I had done and anytime I asked a girl out they just laughed and said no way so after a few turn downs I decided being everyone says I was gay I did start sucking cocks and became a bottom to a few guys but none of them wanted it to get out that when they couldn't hook up with a girl they came to me to suck them off or fuck me.
    I am okay with being gay, My parents didn't like it but didn't give me a hard time about it and it amazes me now thinking about the 5 or 6 guys that I regularly sucked off or let fuck me that summer and the following year.

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    Gay Male / 43

    Volcanic Seduction

    My family invited our neighbour’s son to camp with us. The location is beautiful but isolated and sparsely populated, the coastline and beach totally rugged. I usually got bored after a few days, so probably thats why they asked him to come. I must have been early teens he was three years older. I was a lean, fairly handsome young man, played tennis, swam, and jerked off with any man I could at the nude beach near my home town. He was tall, pale, played cricket, and smelt of (what I’d later learn) was foreskin and teenager. I was obsessed with him, and by the massive bulge in his grey summer school shorts.

    The upside of this place, solitude …

    We walked about 30 minutes away from camp, the country I grew up had seen extensive volcanic activity, before us was an expanse of flat rocks. Pock-marked where boulders landed in soft molten rock, some near perfectly round swimming holes were formed. I knew the area well, and there was one hole my dad had shown me with a ledge, you could sit there neck-deep in water, and it was lined with slimy kelp.

    We had our speedos on, too coy to get naked and had been in the water a while, we just hung out and chatted. There was no surreptitious touching of legs or hands, he just put his hands around my waist, pulled me to him and firmly sat me on his lap facing the same way he was, and hugged me. He was a big uncut boy, and was rock hard. He said he'd show me something so we got out of the water. Now we were naked, and he jerked off for me, the first time I’d seen someone cum.

    I’d had a few hook-ups in the past but they were probably married guys; too quick and too guilty.

    We never ever fucked, but we had three years of being at the same college, being next door neighbours was convenient, and we had time in the morning before class. In fact whenever we could. If our mother’s were driving us someplace, we’d sit forward and lean on the front bench seat, chatting. He’d have my cock out jerking me off!

    On Saturdays he played cricket, it bored me but after he’d be sweaty and horny. He’d hold his stinking cricket box over my nose and make me breath through it, taking in the ripe smell of a sportsman’s balls. I guess thats why I’m kinda kinky.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    The wife has gone out because I'm watching the football. As soon as she left I text Adam. He's a nineteen year old kid who loves being fucked. And he just so happens to live next door.
    He's already sucked me off, swallowing my cum. At half time I'm going to have him suck me hard again, then I'm going to fuck his arsehole so hard, I'll have his cock spurting so much cum, he'll be covered in it.
    Going to be a great day.......

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