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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 40

    It's not about fucking a guy up the ass that gets me off, I love cock play and cock fucking tremendously. Cock rubbing, docking, feeling our cum drenching each other cocks is what really satisfies me mostly.

    I met a guy recently at a gym, his name is Tom. He is about 10yrs younger than me and he is bisexual. Tom is married with kids, he loves getting off as much as I do, and it doesn't have to mean fucking.

    Our weekly jerk sessions seemed to get a little mundane and Tom wanted to try something a bit different to spice it up. Tom brought box of Magnum condoms, cutting the tip off and making a sheath. We get our cocks nice and hard and slide into each end of the condom.

    Jerking each other until we explode into the condom, our hot milk drenching each other cocks inside the condom. Since we both can shoot a heavy load, it's fucking exciting to see the amount of cum inside the condom between us.

    This became a routine for us and I never got tired of it. Then one night Tom brought over a silicone tube. It was about 6in in length and what a fucking pleasure that was. A bit of lube to get the tube and our cocks nice and slippery, inserting our cocks at each end. Trapped within the tube, our cocks together in the confines of the tube, each of us blasting our hot loads all over our cocks.

    I was at home one evening and I needed a flashlight. As I was using the light I suddenly remembered that I had stashed away in a drawer a fleshlight, I used to fuck quite often to get me off.

    Suddenly I had this idea of Tom and I using the fleshight together. I was actually getting hard at the idea of it. I text Tom later and waited for his response. About an hour later he texted me and said he was going to make an excuse to get out of the house, he wanted to try it out that night.

    When Tom arrived I had already had put the lube inside the opening. I told him to lay at the end of the bed and I would stand between his legs and get his cock hard. I jerked his cock, getting him hard in no time. I worked my cock up and now for the big moment.

    I inserted his hard cock inside the fleshlight and pumped the fleshlight up and down his big cock, he moaned in no time and I was almost jelous seeing him having so much pleasure. Then with a bit of work, I shoved my own raging hard on into the fleshlight too.

    Omg, the fucking pleasure of our cocks inside the fleshlight was off the hook. We took turns working the fleshight up and down our throbbing cocks inside. It didn't take long before I had the urge to cum, and soon I was blasting my hot load of cum inside the fleshlight and all over Tom's hard cock. This sent Tom over the edge and quickly I was feeling his thick warm load of cum all over my cock too.

    Tom and I have been doing the DP on the fleshlight for a while now, we absolutely love fucking that fleshlight with both of our cocks trapped inside together. Last night Tom sent me a picture text of a silicone sex doll. His idea that we can DP the doll in the same manner as the fleshlight.

    I'm so fucking excited about the idea, I cannot wait for the doll to arrive........

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    At home last month, I'm absolutely pounding a young seventeen year old neighbor of ours, Sam. He's been taking my cock now for a little over five months and he's a very fast learner. He's also a real live wire slut who adores my thick cock thrusting into his mouth or asshole.
    We're in the basement, it's just after noon and my wife is out shopping. Or that's where she should have been. My cock is on the verge of exploding up his asshole and we both hear "Hey honey, you exercising down there, forgot my money". There's a pause then we both hear her walking down the stairs.
    Sam just about gets to the far end of the basement where there's a pile of houseold things he dives behind. And I sweating from the sex, just about get my shorts on and begin to lift the dumb bells off the floor. My wife pops her head round the bottom post and tells me, she's going to be a little late as she's going out with Michelle (She loves shopping for hours). I tell her to take extra money from my wallet, which is in the kitchen.
    A minute or so later listening to her car start up, Sam kneels back in front of me ready to take my cock again, and says "Didn't she notice that thing then". Only then did I notice I hadn't put my shorts on at all, but slid my boxers on and my still erect cock is poking right out of the front hole where the buttons are.
    We both laughed, but then looking at his gorgeous young ass, I slid my cock back up his tight hole and fucked him leaving my boxers on. It was a really hard fast fuck after that, and one I will never ever forget.
    Oh yeh, my wife bought lots of clothing and shoes, and even bought me some new boxers. Her comment was, "You don't half get worked up exercising honey".

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Five to six times a month, depending on his pilots flight schedule and stop over plans, I visit a hotel close to the airport and fuck the shit out of a fifty two year old married father of two.
    We first met at a food establishment I once worked at, and he was soon hitting on me. I hadn't had sex with a guy before then, but we got along great and he was and is a real nice nice guy to talk to (And fuck).
    As soon as he found out I'm well packed when it comes to cock size, he offered to let me stay over with him and buy me some new clothing.

    He's a real kinky guy when it comes to me fucking him, and he never fails to have my cock rock hard and straining these days to be up his eager asshole. He tells me he never fucks his wife anymore, and she kind of knows and accepts he's now bisexual and passive.
    This past couple of months I've even taken flights with him, and stopped over in the same hotel as his colleagues. He really looks after me when were together, buying me presents and giving me money to look good for him. But it's when we're naked kissing, sucking and fucking, I love it the most.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Sucked off a taxi driver down a country lane because I didn't have enough money for my fare. He gave me two choices. Suck him off, or take a beating and be left in the middle of no where in the pouring rain.
    Sucking on his dick wasn't as I expected it to be, as gross as I thought it would be. In fact I found after a short while of getting used to his fat cock in my mouth, I enjoyed giving him oral pleasure. So much so, I tossed myself off at the same time and even swallowed some of his cum, letting the rest flow over my face and neck.
    He dropped me off and told me, anytime I wanted a taxi from then on to ring him and he'd take me where I needed to go, within reason. That was as long as I sucked his dick. I've now been sucking on his cock for nearly two years and no one knows about it. With my family and friends all thinking I'm totally straight.
    His cock isn't the only taxi drivers cock I'm now sucking either, because when he's not working I give head to another younger driver who's cock is much longer but not as thick. He's been asking me of late, if i'd let him fuck me, and I'm seriously thinking about it.
    I swear I've not had to walk or take a bus anywhere for ages, and if I give up my arsehole, I doubt I will for years to come.

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    From my experience, talking to many girls, things start to happen when you are in your early teens. Certainly that is when I started. We had a sleepover in the eighth grade. Some of the girls slept on sleeping bags in the den, but I slept in the bed with the girl that owned the house. Pushing and kidding around she shoved her hands down my pants and started to feel me up. She had me on my back and her whole body was on top of me and she was feeling me up, pushing her fingers around until she found my vagina and she slipped a finger in and fingered me. During the fingering she kissed me all over my face, my mouth, my chest, she wanted to get fingered real bad and we didn't relax until she was fingered and I was fingered. We laid back to go to sleep with her head on my chest and her hand between my legs.

    In the morning we woke up in a spoon. We went into the bathroom together and we peed, first her and then me. While she sat on the toilet she rubbed my pussy pulled me to her and kissed me. After we brushed our teeth she said we should kiss and we held each other and kissed in the bathroom. We touched our boobs, touched our pussies some more and then broke it off because we had to go join the other girls for breakfast.

    We became tight, we hung out together and we had sex together. We got over our inhibitions and we ate pussy, fingered, kissed and made out. I loved sucking on her boobs, caressing her boobs and grabbing them hard. One afternoon when she had to pee she took me into the bathroom with her and when she started to pee she told me to put my hand down and let her pee on my hand. Her pee was hot and I held my hand between her legs the entire time. When she was done she told me to lick my hand. She did the same with me, holding her hand tight up against my pussy and the pee running all over the place between her fingers. She loved to have her hand up against my pussy, she kept her hand in my pants and she fingered me a lot.

    But when we got real horny, we ate pussy.

    The ninth and tenth grade we hung out. In the eleventh she got infatuated with this girl who played on the softball team. We plotted and plotted how to get her off from her friends. We weren't jocks at all, if anything we were dweeb girls who got good grades. One afternoon I noticed that she had a sticker of Baptist church on her mom's car. I went up to her and asked her if she only hung out with girls from her church, or if she was willing to hang out with Catholic girls. We didn't bite, but my friend and I liked her a lot and wanted her to hand out with us. I called my girlfriend over and we introduced ourselves, told her we liked watching her play we wanted her to be our friend.

    We kissed in front of her and asked her if that was a problem. My girlfriend put her hand between my legs and asked her she wanted to feel. We were looking for a girlfriend who wanted a girlfriend. Through those few minutes she stayed totally quiet, my girlfriend stood up to her and put her hand on her pussy and told her we wanted a girlfriend. We were in a corner talking to her and asked her if she wanted to be our girlfriend. We were serious, we had been girlfriends since the eighth grade but we like her and wanted her to be our girlfriend too. That she was queer we figured out, but she was scared too. We kissed her gently and told her that we didn't bite, all we wanted was a girlfriend. We wanted her to be our girlfriend, that's all.

    We got her to agree to go to the movies with us, at the movies we held her hand. During the dark scene I kissed her. I put her hand in my lap. We told her queer girls didn't date like straight kids. We were girlfriends and we wanted her to be our girlfriend. After the movies we needed to find a place where we could make out and get serious. She suggested that we go to her lake house. She knew where the key was and we ate pussy, God her pussy was so fresh, her tits were so fresh, her mouth was so fresh, we tore the bed apart, we gave her pussy, she was so hesitant, reminded me of my first time, its not until you really taste pussy that you get a hunger for pussy.

    After we were done we made the bed and we had her pee in front of us, we touched her pee and tasted it, we kissed her on the toilet. We cleaned up the bathroom and we closed up the house and left and dropped her off. We were convinced that she wasn't going to go out with us again. But we were wrong, she wanted to be our girlfriend and her lake house let us get together and really have sex with her. We kept her as a girlfriend until we graduated. By then she was totally out of her shell, she knew what her pussy was for and she knew how to use her tits. She was going to be fine, she found a tenth grader as a girlfriend.

    We have stayed together, way up into our early thirties. The flame burned out, we found ourselves in these long never ending kissing sessions, sleeping together but the spark was gone. We grew into sisters, and who wants to eat her sisters pussy? I need a girlfriend. It is just that when the day is over all I want to do is go home to my sister and let her pamper me and watch her move around. I can sit on the couch and watch her clean up, prepare dinner, fold the clothes. I love kissing her, even if she is my sister now. And I don't think I could sleep with someone else.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Forty six years ago I walked into another young guys bedroom, had him first suck on my large dick for some considerable time, then getting him to kneel up on his bed after us both stripping naked, I fucked him bareback ending both of our virginity's.
    We fucked for over twenty minutes ending up with his ankles on my shoulders as I buried my length deep inside his arsehole. He'd cum by then, spurting his semen all over me as he'd rode my cock minutes earlier. He smiled at me as I built up to my own orgasm and told me to cum up his fuck hole. So I did.
    Every day it seemed after that during our school summer holidays, I fucked Michael and we soon became inseparable young fifteen year old lovers. Unfortunately his father lost his job only weeks into our last school year together and his family moved. Although I did see him at school, it was never the same and we seldom found time to have sex after that.
    Roll on twenty two years later. I'm in a pub with a straight biker mate and a young guy walks in looking to kick the shit out of someone, anyone who's knocked his motor cycle over. Being a biker myself, I walk outside and see his motorcycle on it's side and scratched. Knowing lots of people in the motor cycle game, I arranged for Andy to get it sorted for next to nothing, and had some extra work done for him, for free. After picking it up, he contacts me and we arrange to meet at a well known pub up in the Derbyshire national park close to my home.
    It's obvious to me, Andy's not only interested in meeting me to say thank you for the work done on his motor cycle. And within minutes were riding off to a place I've fucked many a guys arsehole. He's such a cute looking guy, I get so horny when he's sucking on my dick, I cum all too quickly. But Andy just carries on sucking on my dick after swallowing my load. Fully hard again, we strip almost naked, then I get him to lean face down over a large flat rock I've enjoyed over the years, and thrust my cock up his beautiful backside. Having cum already, I was able to fuck him over and over again and then have Andy mount me as I lay on top of the rock. He came not long after tossing himself off as I fucked him, spurting his cum all over my chest. And seconds later I came for a second time, filling his hole with my watery cum.
    The eighteen year old and I meet up several times after that. Each time with him wanting my eight and half inches buried deep up his behind. We usually fucked outdoors at places I knew, but sometimes he'd take me to place he said he used to fish with his father.
    Five weeks back, I'm meeting a young "friend" I'd met online at a cafe who doesn't turn up, when I get a tap on my shoulder. Turning around I came face to face with Michael after not seeing him for nearly forty four years. It was he who recognized me and we embrace after he told me "Hey it's Michael". With him, is a young guy I think I recognize who looks a bit nervous. Michael and I part and he introduces me to Ryan his grandson. Sitting down with them both, I learn he's in the area to visit his son and grandson, but wanted to show his grandson where he grew up and the places he used to hang around.
    There's an undeniable chemistry still between us, yet I also sense somethings a little amiss with Ryan. No sooner had Michael gotten up to go to the loo, a little later after us chatting, Ryan puts his hand onto my lap and tells me he's the young man I should have met, but he couldn't come alone as his granddad turned up unannounced. Ryan looks different to the pictures on his gay profile page, and tells me he's had his cut short.
    When Michael gets back, we chat some more and Ryan puts a piece of paper in my hand under the table. We'd only contacted each other via the internet before, but Ryan's given me his mobile number, which I immediately text "Hi" to. Now I'm left with knowing, I'm with the grandson of the man I used to fuck in my school days, and he's gagging for me to have sex with him.
    We go our separate ways with Michael promising to keep in touch, but telling me he's only going to be in the area for so long. No more than half an hour later with me arriving back home, I get a text message from Ryan asking me to please meet him back at the cafe an hour from then. I do so and listen to the young man almost beg me to stuff my cock down his throat. He knows I know his granddad, but he has no clue to what we were in our youth. If he did then maybe twenty minutes later when I fucked his mouth in my car, he might have thought differently about sucking me off.
    If you're wondering if I had a pang of guilt about sticking my cock into his young mouth, you'd be wrong. Ryan is nineteen and old enough to know if he wants cock, pussy or both. Ryan and I have met more than a few times now, each time I've fucked his face and each time he jacks off his little cock and swallows my cum.
    I did meet up with Michael again once, but nothing happened sexually between us. Not because I didn't want to fuck him again, because I would have, but because of something else that happened.
    Dropping Ryan off a fortnight ago, he leapt off of my motor cycle after we'd been sucking one another off in the woodlands close to the hills near to me. I was going to fuck him that day, something we'd arranged to do, but I'd forgotten the condoms. The reason he leapt off my bike, was he'd seen his father walking along the street close to their home, with his girlfriend and didn't want them to see us together. And I'm so glad he did so.
    Ryan's father just so happens to be a biker himself. And he's someone who enjoyed fishing with his father. He also liked having an older man fuck him over a flat rock and was as I remember a fantastic energetic fuck.
    I'm not stupid, and I'm not going to let any of them know what, who and when, trust me. Ryan's dad was what it was, when it all briefly happened. And so was Andy's dad too when I was a kid myself. As for that young horny little bastard Ryan that contacted me last week, I am going to fuck him soon. And I'm going to enjoy his gorgeous looking and feeling arsehole as much as I can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I retired last year, or better said the company chose to package me out so I am retired whether I want to be or not. I got around to doing lots of chores around the house, small stuff that had been put off, getting the plumber to come in and change out some of the faucets, getting the sprinkler people to come out and check out the system. Same with the A/C unit. All these things carried out by regular guys.

    It is when I got to my roof that things got more complicated. I knew I had a couple of leaks, one by the chimney and one over the kitchen. Not bad stuff, but when it rained hard I got water spots on the ceiling and my wife wanted that fixed. It got complicated because the guy that came out, Orlando, from the roofing company was really friendly. I showed him inside and he did a walk around to see if there was anything else. Orlando put his hand on my shoulder while he showed me the probable leak near the chimney. He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder comforting me and letting me know he was going to take care of everything. His arm around my shoulder felt good. He whispered to me in Spanish and laughed and he put his hands on my stomach which is way too big telling me he was going to go out and get on the roof.

    I held the ladder for him. He did what he needed to do and when he came to edge to come down he asked me to catch him if he fell. Once on the ground he stood and talked, it was hot and I offered him something to drink so we went inside. In the kitchen we were standing across from each other and he put his hands on my stomach again and repeated what he had said in Spanish. I asked him what that meant and he whispered that it meant I was a handsome man. I told him he wasn't bad looking either. His hands started to run across my stomach while he talked asking me questions interjecting again and again in Spanish that I was handsome.

    Not long enough there in the kitchen he told me he had to go, they kept a tab on his time and he had to report it. He said maybe we could see each other. I told him I was free all day, we could meet for lunch he just had to tell me where. We met at a roadside Mexican place, not a chain restaurant. He told me again that I was handsome, when we got back out to the cars he ran his hands all over my stomach and asked for a hug, man to man. He said maybe we could meet later, in the evening when he was off. He worked late so it would have to be around nine.

    He told me where, a small restaurant bar off the main streets. I had to work things out with my wife and I told her that I was going to go meet an old friend from work and get drink and dinner. In the bar Orlando was happy to see me, a good hug, we stood at the bar and had a drink. We went to a booth and he was direct, he asked if I liked being with him. He got in the booth on my side, our backs were to the restaurant and he asked to let him kiss me. I never had a chance to answer, he kissed me with along kiss and his hand on my dick. He suggested that we go to his place, it was not too far, we could leave my car. We went to a trailer on a large otherwise empty lot.

    Once inside he drew the blinds and said he wanted to hug me again, and we kissed in the small kitchen. He undid my pants and sat on the chair and swallowed my dick. He stood and undid his pants and asked me to suck him, and he wanted to feel me sucking him, no kisses he wanted me to suck down hard on him. His dick was surprisingly thicker than mine, dark skinned, with a big head. After several minutes he invited me back to his room, a small bed, unmade, with clothes on the floor. He showed me his computer and brought up a page of man with a large naked dick, so that I could see that he liked men. We toyed and sucked in 69, we kissed and touched our nipples for a while, he got up and went for a condom and some lubricant jelly. I sucked him while he was standing and got him hard and he put on his condom, I turned and waited for him to lube me up and felt him break in and fuck me. He was big right then, but it felt good. When he finished fucking me and he had pulled out he offered me the condom as a souvenir.

    We cleaned up and had to get dressed and went back for my car. I meet Orlando once or twice a week, I signed up for some classes at the junior college to cover for me meeting up with Orlando. I have never been with a Mexican man before, and certainly never expected a heavy set middle aged man. From time to time when I was working I found time to hook up with an escort service, always a younger guy. I always asked for a top, I am totally a bottom when it comes time to messing around with a man. Orlando has made my retirement much easier, much more fun. I ask him to go bare on me know, I don't like messing with condoms, plus I like to suck him right before he performs his magic on me. I was tired of messing around with all those household chores, but without that I would not have met up with Orlando. I am just having so much fun right now. I have a picture of his dick in my hand and my mouth hidden away in a folder on my computer. In case I get lonely.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I have a younger brother who is 20, me being 24 and and elder brother who is 29 and married.. I have a gf and very happy with her but I confess at 16 my elder brother introduced me to porn.. Which soon ended up convincing me to jerk off and later making me sucking his cock while he watch porn.. It became a normal routine he would watch porn while I suck and sometimes he would pundits my ass and fill it.

    After few years when my younger brother was 17 I guess, I remember my elder brother saying to him how I was a fag and love to choke on cum and been his bitch for years.. He told me to suck my younger brother, he was intimidating and I compiled.. I sucked him for few mins a day he came filling my mouth which I swallowed. Once I was done my elder brother bent me over removed my track shorts and fucked me so my brother can watch how he cums in my ass. Watching it my younger brother got hard too and pounded me so hard that my ass was all sore..

    The same is going on till now.. Though elder brother don't stay together anymore.. He visits at weekend and make sure he and my brother take turns filling me all night..

    Though many won't agree.. But it's the best feeling to feel my brothers cock inside me and eat their cums.

    It will always be our family secret

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    Gay Male / 48

    I had a job working as a night clerk in college, the night manager introduced me to cock. I took to it like fish to water. Made him happy I guess, a college guy who enjoyed sucking him. Many nights I held on to the small desk in the front office and took it in the ass.

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    Straight Male / 51

    My wife died 2 years ago and both of my kids are in college so they live in dorms. I’ve been single since then and sexless too. Figured it’d be a good time to experience sex with a guy.

    Meet a guy around my age a few weeks ago, we hung out and I knew he is gay. So this past weekend I told him my desires and that my ass is a virgin. Well other than prostate exams.

    So we went into my bedroom. Stripped down to our underwear and then got naked. He had a nice 6” hairy cock. My cock is 7” and shaved smooth ( wife preferred it that way) Then I laid on the bed and he penetrated my virgin ass. It did hurt at first but felt so good once I relaxed. He came in my ass in a little under 10 minutes then gave me a blowjob till I cummed. Such a great experience

    Though I had a sore butt for a little bit afterwards and had some cum leak out of my ass into my briefs. We hung out, I cooked a few steaks on the grill and after he left I masturbated to the thought of what happened. Noticed quite a bit of cum dripped into my briefs. Had to bleach those underwear!

    No I definitely know what my wife felt when I was in her ass and I actually feel weird talking to my daughters after getting fucked for some reason. Planning on doing it again tonight

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