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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 18

    Hey, same twink from #23802 here. Just wanted to share a couple new developments that happened with my guy :) I just got done spending the first complete weekend with him (like staying the night all weekend instead of just going home). I'm proud to say that Friday night I gave him oral for an hour and a half. I took my sweet time and really enjoyed having that meaty cock in my mouth. When he finally came it was intense. There was so much I actually choked on his load because he thrusted up so far while orgasming and he was holding my head at the time (I managed to swallow most of it, though) and it must have been pleasurable for him because he moaned so loud it might as well been a scream. All he could say afterwards was "Holy sweet fuck". We cuddled naked in bed and watched movies and I played with his cock and balls, not in a deliberate way, just enjoyed them because I love his thick cock. Seriously, he may only be the second guy I been with and my first "boyfriend" and I may be still in the closet and not wanting people I know to know about him and I, but I'm such a submissive slave to him and I'm infatuated with his cock. Once he was hard again and ready to go (it took a couple hours) he fucked me for a long time. He was in me for so long he made me cum twice on the bed. I love how I cum just from getting fucked by him, not needing to touch myself. It is so intense. Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, we had sex all weekend. I even spent Saturday on the couch next to him just gently massaging his cock with my mouth and tongue, not trying to get him off but just enjoy taking him in my mouth. I get so turned on by serving him that I nearly orgasm just from getting too turned on. Has anyone have this happen? Where you're so turned on by something you just cum?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    As a seventeen year old kid, before I started to get into body building, I was a skinny, small and relatively shy person. I was also stupid, as I got put on remand in a young offenders unit for, well lets say for being a total prat.
    To cut a long story short, after a few days I began to get picked on by the older bigger lads. I wasn't a fighter back then and as I've said, I was too slim and small anyway. One lad suggested something to me, he said it would keep the bullies away. So the following day I approached a member of staff and told him I'd be his new kid.
    The smile on his face was massive, as was his cock twenty minutes later in a side room to the gym. Kneeling on the floor as he sat on a long bench, I had the first ever taste of a mans cock and his pre cum. To his and my amazement I was what he called a natural cock sucker. His cock was so big I had trouble at first just getting his cock head into my mouth. But once he taught me how to relax my mouth and let his cock slide over my tongue, I soon got the knack of sucking in around two thirds of his pulsating dick. About five minutes after I'd started sucking in his cock, he gripped my hair and told me I was to swallow every drop of his cum as he was close to cumming. I was too scared not to anyway, so when his cock let go and his spunk flew out from his cock, I just allowed his hot sticky cum to flow down my throat.
    Not even bothering to look at me as he walked out of the room, he told me to be at the gym the following morning after breakfast. He also told me not to worry about the lads who'd been bullying me.
    He was right. No one tried to steal my breakfast the next day, nor did anyone as usual, slyly punch me in the back of the head as I was walking along the corridors (Your hair covers the bruises).
    There was murmur as I walked across the gym, but that was about it. The officer let me into the side room, where the staff member was waiting totally naked sporting a huge erection. I went to get onto my knees, but he told there wasn't enough time as he had to attend to a problem inmate. Telling me to get naked, I was made to lean across a pile of mats. I knew what was coming, as I'd been warned by the lad who first told me to seek out the staff member. Feeling the cold hair conditioner he used to lube my arsehole, I then felt his cock pressing against my rear hole.
    Tears flowed from my eyes, but I didn't make a sound. I knew if I gave him any trouble and that meant letting everyone in hearing distance know he was actually fucking me, I'd be back to square one. Taking his cock fully up my arse took about five minutes and it hurt like nothing else I've ever felt. He didn't care though and soon began to fuck me for real. It became a matter of endurance for me, that was until his cock began to feel amazing up my arsehole. It actually if I had to describe it, felt like the start of a really strong orgasm building up. And to his total pleasure, I started to push back onto his cock. Bending over me, he took my erect cock into his right hand and as he continued to fuck me, he kissed the side of my head.
    Wanking my cock and having his cock pound my arsehole, soon had my cock ready to cum. I told him I wanted to cum but he told me not to. Then moments later I felt and heard him orgasm. His cum spurted from his dick, filling my arsehole. For a breif moment he collapsed on me and held me like a lover. Then just as quickly, he spun me around dropped down and took my cock into his mouth. Sucking hard on my dick and stroking it at the same time, I began to cum. His mouth gripped my cock and sucking hard on it, he drained my balls completely.
    Standing up, he took hold of my head, turned it and kissed me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth. My cum was passed to me and I knew what he wanted me to do. Breaking off I showed him my own cum in my mouth and then swallowed it.
    I was back on the general wing five minutes later.
    It became a pattern for me over the next two months. Every second morning I'd either suck his cock until it exploded in my mouth, or if we had time, he'd fuck me in ever more different positions. And I soon learned to take his cock as hard as he could give it to me. By the time my release happened, I was a fully cooperative cum slut for him.
    No one bothered me once the whole time, and I knew it was because of him. Having said that, no one bothered me afterwards either. As I built up a relationship with him out of the young offenders remand centre. For a year and a half I stayed as his new kid, living with him on and off in his flat.
    The discovery of how nice a pussy tasted and felt wrapped around my cock ended our relationship. But it didn't end my love of taking a hard thick cock up my arsehole. To this day I enjoy older men, especially ones who know how to fuck a younger man.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Any minute now, my wife who's become a lazy fat boring bitch, will finally fall asleep from her excessive drinking. When she does, I'll make sure she comfortable by covering her up. I'll then make my way over the forty yards or so to her brothers home. He'll be as usual rock hard and ready, and within a minute I'll be either sucking on his eight inch cock, or I'll be moaning sweetly from having him bury every fucking inch of his beautiful cock, deep deep deep up my ever eager asshole. Here's to a certain bourbon distiller, who keeps my wife's drunken habit going.
    Time to get my asshole drilled again. Oh fuck yeh!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Myself and my wife Jenny married young, too young really. I hadn't fully discovered if I wanted to experience sex with women and men by the time we married, but I knew I wanted to experience gay sex one day.
    Where I work, we are given two health spa days a year. It's a thank you for the hard work we all put in to achieving our targets. The last two years I've given over my spa, health and fitness days to Jenny as they're not my thing. or I thought they weren't.
    Two months ago Jenny couldn't take up the spa day, so I reluctantly went. And that day has changed my life.
    I did all the things most people do, massage, steam rooms, swimming, relaxing and then a guy who worked there, asked me if I wanted the ultimate internal detox.
    Following him into a part of the hotel/spa/ golf resort, I'd not seen before, he showed me a room set up for what looked like massage and a shower room all in one. That's when he told me it was room to perform enema's or as he put it, internal detoxification.
    I was about to say no when he said "And if you're lucky you'll have THE best orgasm of your life". It was as if he'd flicked a switch in me when he said it, as I instantly said "Ok".
    Disrobing and lying on the bed, I let the warm water from the shower head flow over me. His strong muscular arms, but soft hands massaged my body all over, and then he asked me to turn around. I saw what looked like a long thin lance with holes at the end. Telling me he was about to probe my anus, I told him I might not like it.
    Getting me to lay on my right side, he very slowly inserted the warm metal probe up my arse. Then all of a sudden as if having a metal tube stuffed up my rear wasn't strange enough, I felt warm water flowing into me.
    It filled up my inners and I soo felt uncomfortable, but didn't need to worry as he pulled the probe oput quickly. the mess wasn't pleasant, but the shower did it's job and everything was washed away.
    He repeated the process twice more and then said he was going to go onto the next part. Looking around I saw another probe. This one was thicker almost as thick a cock when erect. I began to ay something about it being too thick when he smeared my rear with some lube and in one go inserted the tube. It hurt a little but as soon as the water flowed, the feeling changed to one of total relaxation.
    With no more mess to come out, I felt my bowels being washed and cleansed thoroughly. Completing what he was doing or so I thought after all the water had flowed from my arse, I heard him undressing. I didn't turn around as I already knew what he wanted to do. His cock bulge had given him away and I knew once he began to probe me with the thicker more cock sized lance, he wanted sex.
    Getting on the wash bed behind me, I felt his hot cock against my rear opening. It felt different entirely to the metal probes, Obvious I know. Yet I didn't expect the sensation of his cock when he enterd me, to feel as wonderful as it did. I hadn't seen his cock, but I knew it was larger than the thicker probe and I knew as soon as he began to fuck me, I'd want him to cum inside me.
    My own cock became as hard as it had ever been. Not once in my life had I imagined the feelings would be as strong as they were as he continued to fuck me. I was in a half sexual dream almost as his cock plowed into me time after time. His grunting became louder and more eager and I knew he wanted to fuck me deeper. Telling him it was ok to do so, gave him the go ahead to move us.
    I was made to lay on my back and it was then I got to see the size of his cock for the first time. It was huge. Easily a few inches longer than my six inches and far far thicker too. Making me put my ankles on his shouldrs, he re entered my arsehole and told me to watch him and his cock fuck me. I became intent on him bottoming out up me and I also became intent on him cumming inside my body.
    Before he even got anywhere near to cumming, my own orgasm built up like nothing else I'd ever experienced. It was if my whole body was on sexual fire. Like he said, I did have THE best orgasm of my entire life. It started at in my head flowed through my body, with my cock as the epicentre and then on down to my toes. By the time my cum had spurted all over my stomach and chest, I was sexually exhausted.
    Leaning forwards, he kissed me. It was my first male kiss and it meant at that time, everything to me. He kissed me as a lover and when he came thrusting his massive cock so deeply up my arse, I gently bit his tongue. Pulse after pluse of his cum flooded my arsehole and I truely loved it completely.
    He lay on top for a few seconds before he asked me if I had to leave for home shortly. I told him I had the rest of the day and an extention if I wanted to take it up. Phoning Jenny, I told her I was staying for a while to play a round of golf.
    In my hotel room, he and I took our time to explore my new found sexuality. I also found out just how good I am at taking a large cock down my throat. His half day leave gave us more than enough time to enjoy a truely wonderful afternoon sucking and fucking. And I learned I should have had gay sex earlier in my life, as I knew then if I had, I wouldn't have married at the age I did.
    Jenny doesn't know about my liaisons with my health spa guy. Nor does she know her husband has since the spa day, had two men satisfy his growing need to be fucked. it's something as a younger man I should have done, but believe me I'm more than making up for it now...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    One time when I was out riding my bike, I had to take a leak. I was out on some country road and found a small clearing that I could get far enough off the road so if someone drove by they would not see me.

    I dropped my bike shorts and leaned against a tree and let it fly. When I got done I shook it off and stretched and gave it a few strokes. That is when I heard the cough. I turned around and there was a guy all dressed in camouflage and carrying a shotgun. I pulled up my shorts and was totally in shock.

    I immediately apologized and told him I really had to take a piss. Unfortunately, he had been across the clearing in a small blind hunting Turkeys. I said I was so sorry and hope I didn't ruin his hunting. He said I was trespassing and he should call the authorities. I told him that wasn't necessary, and that I would do anything for him not to call the cops.

    That is when he got that grin on his face and said that he could really use some head. I was kinda of flustered and asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock? He said if I didn't want to get into trouble that it was the least I could do since I ruined his hunting.

    My fucking dick betrayed me as it got hard in my lycra shorts. He came up to me pulling his dick out with one hand keeping the shot gun in the other. As he got closer, he told me to get on my knees and suck it. I squatted down as he placed his penis in front of my face.

    It was a nice looking cock that was getting bigger every second. He said to go on, it's not going to suck itself, and no teeth boy. I don't know why but this was so hot.

    Now this was not my first cock I sucked, but the situation was intense. That's when he started talking saying I knew you were a fag when I was watching you, and you better be a good boy and swallow it all.

    It didn't long for him to cum while I was getting face fucked, and I rather enjoyed the force of it and the taste. He shook his dick off in my mouth and put his cock away.

    He said to go on now git, and don't ruin my hunting again or I will fuck you in the ass.

    I got on my bike and got the hell out of there, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get hard again while writing this.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    In my 26 years of marriage I have sucked more cock, swallowed more cum, and been fucked in the ass more than my wife ever has or will. And I look forward to even more.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    A long time ago when I was younger, I returned home from college. My mom had a new boyfriend and we got along great. One hot summer night my mom was at work and me and âDavidâ where watching a movie.

    We were both drinking Jack Daniels and Coke, and having a great time joking about the movie we were watching. It was a war movie and David had been a Marine. I was sitting on the couch wearing shorts and a tee shirt, David was in jeans and a tee shirt, sitting in the recliner next to me.

    At college I had fooled around with a few guys, and I was 5â5â tall and about 150lbs. Women and men were attracted to me, and I think it was because of my demure and slightly feminine actions. David was all of 6â and 190lb. He was the true definition of tall dark and handsome. He exuded masculinity.

    While the movie was on, he was talking to me and telling stories and I would look at him in his eyes and smile and laugh at his jokes. He would also be placing his hand right in his crotch and cup his junk. I would steal some glances, and became curious about his cock.

    As a different scene of the movie came on where the soldiers were at a stripper club, he started talking about the stripperâs ass and how he was horny and sure could use a blow job. He said mom wouldnât blow him. This was totally embarrassing me and making me horny at the same time. He said maybe I should blow him since mom wouldnât. He said it in a way that was or was not a joke. I was really flushed at this point.

    The scene had changed in the movie to a scene where David said if he were the soldier he would put the gun in the guyâs mouth, at that point he said âlike thisâ and made his hand into a gun shape and put his pointing finger at my lips.

    I donât know why, but I just wrapped my lips around it and swallowed his finger. He let me. So holding his hand with my hands, I began to blow his finger. This only went on for a minute when he abruptly stood up, dropped his pants and put his semi erect cock right in my face.

    I instantly started sucking him as he got rock hard and big. I would say about 8 inches, standing out at a 45 degree angle, and thick, a really nice dick. He let out a moan and grabbed my head and face fucked me. I gagged and slobbered, he didnât stop and told me he always thought I was a âfaggot cock suckerâ, and to âtake that cock.â

    My head was swimming from the booze and the lack of oxygen as he pumped my mouth. It wasnât long before he let out a groan and filled my mouth with semen. He sat back down and I just laid there and passed out. It wasnât long before I felt my shorts being pulled down and I was being turned onto my stomach. I felt all his weight on me and his cock probing my anus. The moisture, jism, and sweat allowed him to push his member into me. He worked it in real good and it really did not hurt, but made me feel real feminine.

    As he pinned me to the couch and humped my hole, he whispered in me ear that mom wouldnât even let him fuck her ass. He said that is ok, because now he would be fucking my ass.

    This went on for most of the summer. Mom would go to work and he would violate my mouth and man pussy. Telling me at times that I am a better fuck than my mom, and sometimes asking me how my mom tasted as he had just fucked her pussy.

    The guy was a totally over sexed perv, sometimes making me wear her stuff, creeping me in the middle of the night, groping my ass when mom wasnât looking. Not that I minded too much. I do not know why I didnât mind. I just felt like he owned me.

    When I went back to school that fall, he and mom split up and I never saw him again. I wish now that I had done more with him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I've always had a liking for both sexes and have had fun with both sexes, until I met and then married my wife Jessica.
    Her father Frank is the antipathy of a masculine muscular dominant male. So after being married to his daughter for two years (Fourteen months back) Imagine my surprise to hear him ask me at a family party, if I still liked sex with men and if I did, and get this, would I consider fucking him.

    Me, his son in law, the person who's married to his youngest daughter. I must tell you I got all defensive telling him that was all in the past, until he literally dragged me into the bathroom and kissed me hard full on the lips. I was still in shock when his tongue entered my mouth and his hand reached down to play with my growing cock, through my shorts.

    Thinking any minute he's going to start telling me it was a test of my faithfulness to his daughter, I tried to back away. It only had Frank drop to his knees, open my shorts and pull out my now fully erect cock. Not saying a word, my father in law, who's six foot three and two hundred plus pounds, took my cock into his mouth. As he sucked on my dick oh so expertly, he undid his shorts and with my cock still being sucked, he took them and his boxers off.

    My dick was throbbing by the time he stood up, leant over the tub and told me to feed him my cock. Not wanting to disapoint a man who could easily crush me. I gripped his ass cheeks and then in one long movement, I entered a mans asshole, who I never thought in a billion years I get to fuck.

    It was obvious I wasn't the first to fuck Frank, but it was also obvious, no one had fucked him in some time as his ass was so tight wrapped around my seven and half inch dick. In a out of body experience almost, I fucked my father in law for over ten minutes. Each time someone wanted to use the bathroom, he'd bellow out he was using it. When they went away, he'd tell me to carry on fucking him. Telling Frank I wanted to cum after about ten minutes, he said "Good, so do I" As I was about to pull out Frank said "Don't you fucking dare boy, I want your seed in me". No sooner than I'd begun to come, Franks cock let go without him touching himself. He came all over the tub in front of him, as I came filling his asshole.

    Once we'd gotten dressed, he told me he wanted more of the same sometime. Walking out of the bathroom with my cum still deep up his ass, Frank turned to me and said "Oh yeh boy, this never happened, you hear".

    It still never happens fourteen months on. Each time he visits our home and his daughters not in, he asks, or tells me more to the point, to fuck him, or has me fuck his mouth. Only last week when my wife was at her gym class, Frank turned up and had me fuck him, which I did for over an hour. I came once up his asshole as he lay his back. Then after sucking on my flaccid cock for about twenty minutes, he had me fuck him in our shower. We'd not long gone downstairs and dressed before his daughter walked in all sweaty. The shower I'd only just fucked her father in, saw his daughter wash away her exercise class sweat.

    When she wanted some fun late that night, I made out I was tired, which I was. And took my time giving her a long slow pussy licking. Franks asshole is devine don't get me wrong, but I'm going to have to slow him down. Either that or start using dildo's to satisfy a man who loves me fucking his ass.

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    Gay Male / 41

    As a child I spent several years in Mexico. My father was on assignment there and my parents had an extensive social life. I was left alone at home with the caretaker. He was real nice and spoke enough English and my parents trusted him. He liked to suck my penis. The first time he sucked my penis he was helping me get out of the shower and he was sitting on the toilet drying me off and he latched onto my penis. He sucked on it real hard, he was able to get my entire penis into his mouth and hold me by my buns and he sucked me for a long time, my penis got real hard I stood there while he sucked and sucked. He made me feel like I wanted to pee, but I didn't pee. After a good while, it was a long time, he put the towel around me and took me to my room and laid me on my bed naked and started to suck my penis again.

    That night he also put his tongue into my butt hole and motor boated me. He took his penis out and had me suck him and he laid on top of me and put his penis against me.

    It was obvious to my parents that I liked him and he was left to take care of me whenever they went out. I loved sucking his penis as much as I loved him sucking mine. We used to play puppy and get down on all fours and then we would bark and bark until we got a penis to suck. After my shower he always licked my butt, something he didn't let me do to him. We would lay naked with each other, later we would kiss.

    I was 13 when we returned to the states. I thought of him and wrote him letters and he would send me letters, which I have kept. I am really sentimental about this. I remained loyal to him for several years until as a 17 year old I was talking to one of the guys that mowed the lawn and he held his dick in his pants and offered it to me and went off the deep end with him. He was in his mid twenties and spoke English more or less and we would meet at the mall and I would go to his pick up and he would let me suck him. One night he took me to his apartment and he took my virginity. By then I had fallen in love with him and I had begun to forget my lover from Mexico.

    My new lover and I stayed together until after college. I quit him because he was always asking for money and denying me sex unless I gave him some.

    Living away from home I frequented clubs and bars and met guys, but I never got off to anybody except Latinos. At this one bar from the neighborhood, frequented by gays, I was introduced to this one ex-serviceman from Laredo. To say he fucked me every way to Sunday is not an exaggeration. He had come off duty and a white boy like me turned him on and he fucked me and fed me his penis. He made me his toy boy, and by made me his toy boy, that is exactly what he did. He was 36 and have been in the service since he was 18 and now he was out and he was horny as hell and a 23 year old college boy was exactly what he needed.

    It was with him that I came into my own. With him I experienced my inner self. With him I knew why I was gay, why I loved penis and why I loved getting fucked. I became his toy boy and moved in with him. I would vacuum for him in my underwear and he would slap my ass and bend me over the sofa for a quick fuck. I sucked his penis constantly. I was his man servant and his toy boy and I was madly in love. It was with him that I called myself sissy.

    I am well along now with experience and enjoy my very naught relationships and am totally ok with my preferences. But, I still think about my days in Mexico. Those were the best days, I keep my letters, although I have lost complete contact with my caretaker. I think of him often. I have fallen in and out of love so many times, each one for a different reason and experience, but the one constant in my mind is my days in Mexico. I miss those carefree days and nights. I miss at night when I go to bed his arms hugging me and his hands and mouth on my penis. Him I liked when he sucked me, now mostly I give head, but with him it was different. With him it was the most special time of my growing up days.

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    Straight Male / 23

    So the person that convinced me to put their dick in my mouth when I was in junior high contacted me, now I've jumped at every chance I've gotten to suck his dick and almost took it in the ass from him but I think the condom was making him soft, anywho found out he has his own place but really sucks becuz he admited to me that he does drugs and his problem sounds bad quite frankly I'm not sure if I can go through with it knowing he has such a problem he openly admited to, he did admit if I went over he would finally do as I wish and penetrate me no matter what and do anything possible he offered a shower being there and even suggested that if I liked taking it in the ass if we can roleplay a shower r**e situation but again it bothers me he is a drug user, idk what to do becuz this is my secret and honestly he's the only guy who knows and that's becuz he had convinced me to stuff for him

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