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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Married guy here who doesn't get anywhere near enough sex from his wife. Once a month if I'm really lucky (She's becoming one lazy fat bitch). That doesn't mean I'm not fucking someone though.
    Definitely twice, but more often than not three times a week, depending on time and his parents working, I visit a young guys house who lives only a few minutes drive from ours. We met online and I soon found out he lives close by. Basically I call by his home where he'll already be waiting for me. If we don't have much time, I'll get him to blow me until he swallows every drop of my cum. If we do have time which we usually do, he sucks me first then I'll bury my cock up his cute arsehole. He likes it rough and quick, so I waste no time in fucking him hard, normally as he kneels up for me. Holding his hips I pound his fuckhole and enjoy hearing him ask for it harder. Most times he cums as I'm still fucking him. Other times he tosses himself off after I've unloaded up his bum. But everytime he licks and sucks my cock clean before I leave him to clean himself up.
    It's suits us both right now as he doesn't want a boyfriend (College work) and I definitely don't want another girlfriend. He calls himself a cun dump and I'm quite happy to oblige him whenever I'm horny. Which is most days.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    On average every other day my ass takes a real good pounding from a married man. Most of them are in their forties or fifties. Some older and younger, but not many. The vast majority have been or are married men, and most if not all claim they don't get any sex at home. Over the twenty four months I've been meeting men at the motel (They pay for the room) where I know the owner who takes advantage of my love of cock. Some have become regular fuck buddies and even offer me presents, or money after we fuck.

    I know I'm a good looking guy who doesn't look his age. Indeed I know from their estimates I look around the mid teen years. I'm slim, yet not skinny. My longish blonde curly hair and my ultra bright blue eyes, plus my eight inch cock all help to entice men to fuck me, and I adore this part of my life. I do have a girlfriend and enjoy fucking her, but I get more enjoyment from taking a real hard fucking from a man, someone who has saved up his load just for me.

    Without going too much into it, I've known the motel owner all my life. And he's very laid back about me using one of his vacant rooms. If and when he's full, which he gets sometimes during the summer, he lets me use his back room to his office. It's just as comfy, probably more so than the motel rooms themselves. And for letting me have fun as I do, I give him frequent blow jobs and paint the rooms as and when required.

    In all over the two years I've been seeing married men, I guess I've had over thirty different men fuck me. As I say all of them have been married men who get their rocks off up my rear hole. It's a mutual thing for all of us. They get to fuck a very eager willing young man, without having the hassle of having to date or risk a relationship with a another female. And I get to have my asshole drilled by some very horny ordinary working guys, who would normally get frustrated at home.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    For allowing us to live in his home and support us, my moms brother Eric has been fucking me for three years. Dad left us, which meant my mom and I couldn't afford to live at the place were in. Eric said we could stay, but something would have to be worked out. Mom goes to work part time, and services some of Eric's friends orally once a month for free, when I'm at college. Each night because Eric likes boys, I sleep with him and he fucks me knowing my mom can hear him pounding my ass. At first I hated the sex and him, but I've learned to suck cock and to take his large cock up my ass, and now enjoy how he fucks me. It's not always anal sex, as I've learned how to deep throat his cock, which he says is like fucking my ass. But I much prefer to have his cock up my ass, as it always makes me cum that way. Mom says we could move out soon as she's been working extra hours, and has saved enough money. But I'm more than happy to stay as I think I'm in love with my uncle.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    From my late teens up until now I've enjoyed sex with both males and females. I have a nine inch cock and a sex drive to match. It's always been relatively easy for me to get women and men, my age, younger and older into bed. And I've fucked many many married women and men in my time.

    This morning was one of those occasions, but with a bit of a difference. Shopping at my local supermarket I saw a young guy who's wedding I attended only this July. He's twenty five and married a stunning looking older woman, who's in her early thirties. She's a dirty bitch and enjoys lots of cock from what I now know. I know this because five weeks before the wedding, I screwed her in their home during a whole morning of sex. I'd gone there to fix their shower and ended up fucking her for nearly two hours.

    At the supermarket, Jacob approached me and said hello. I didn't recognise him at first, not until he told me I'd attended his wedding. Finally saying hello, he held my elbow and moved us over to a doorway which went into an office area at the rear of the store. Speaking quickly, he told me he'd found out I'd fucked his wife before they married. Not knowing what to say or where the conversation was going, he added "I'd love you to fuck me".

    Before I knew it, we were through the doors and into a side office. No sooner than I'd followed him in, he dropped to his knees, took out my cock and began to suck on it. From entering the store to having him suck on my dick was about five minutes, but I wasn't complaining. Holding his head and fucking his mouth, he started to make all kind of moaning sounds and then he abruptly stopped. Someone was trying to get into the room, but he'd locked it. Moving over to an empty computer desk, he dropped his trousers and boxers and told me we didn't have much time. I was about to say I didn't have any lube when he produced a small jar from his trousers. Smearing the substance all over his arsehole and then passing me the jar, I followed what he'd done and smeared the jelly type lube onto my dick.

    Bending right over the desk, He pulled his arse cheeks apart and said "Come on I need you to fuck me". Not wasting anymore time, I buried my cock up his arsehole and fucked him senseless for about five minutes. I pounded that young mans arsehole and he absolutely loved it. He came well before I did tossing his own cock as I thrust into his fuckhole. Hearing his moans of pleasure eventually had my cock pulsing up his hole and before I knew it, I was cumming deep inside his bowels.

    Finis hing off my shopping, I paid for my goods and was walking out of the supermarket fifteen minutes after entering. However I left minus a ball sac full of semen, but with a number to ring if I wanted to fuck him in future at their home. What I didn't tell him, is the day before during my lunch break and working close to his house, I decided to call in and took advantage of his wife's eagerness to have me fuck her. I'm not sure which one is the better fuck, what I do know, is I'd love to get them both in bed at the same time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I was married for 3 years, been divorced for 2 years now. Havenât been dating, just working and paying off the financial mess my ex left me in. My sex life has been porn and jacking off. For the last year itâs been gay porn as my favorite. I have collected quite an assortment of dildos, I suck and fuck my self with them. I started small, but my current favorite is an 8â suction cup base black dildo, Iâm white, I love thevthought if taking a black cock in my mouth and my ass. Last weekend I got up the nerve to go to a bar known for gay/bi guys and girls, I was looking for a black guy, but immediately a tall, well built white guy came over and asked if I wanted a beer and talk. We got a couple brews, sat down at a high top table and started talking. He asked what I was doing there, and I said probably the same as you. We cut to the chase then, heâs a top, looking to get laid, itâs been too long and he has blue balls. I told him I was an oral bottom, didnât bother to tell him I was a virgin, I said Iâd be glad to help drain his full nutsack. He wasnât the black stud I was looking for, but at least I was on my way to sucking and fucking a guy. We went back to my house, I got us a couple beers, lit the tiki torches on my back deck and turned on some music, I thought itâd be like with a girl and weâd slowly move into sex, he had different plans. He took one sip, walked over to me, set his beer down and kissed me. I didnât plan on kissing, but it wasnât bad, his tongue darted in my mouth and I returned the favor. We started full on making out, my cock grew rock hard and I was more excited than Iâve been in years. He started unbuttons his shirt, I helped him and started licking his nipples as he undid his belt and jeans, his cock popped out the top of his boxers and it was magnificent! He pushed me down from his nipple and I eagerly dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. Right there on my back deck I worked his cock like Iâd been practicing on my dildos for the past year. It was very easy to manage his big cock and in about 3 minutes he came in my mouth. Without saying a word he grabbbed my head, held it in place and jumped my face as he filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, I was really loving it, lots spilled out and down my shirt because of the way he was pumping in and out of my mouth. I sucked and licked him til he was done, I licked every drop off of him and told him thanks, that I love the taste of cum. We then went inside, drank some of our beer and went to my bedroom where he again took control, we made our, undressed, got into bed and I was all over him, kissing, licking his nipples sucking his harding cock, he asked where my lube was, I told him ânightstand, condoms in there tooâ Jew grabbed my KY and a rubber, tore the package and slid the condom on, lubed my ass good with his fingers, rolled me onto my back and got on top of me, pushed my legs up and pushed into me, he wasnât too rough, but wasnât too gentle either. It hurt like hell for a couple minutes but then the pain eased. I expected my first time to be doggy style, which is how Iâve been fucking myself, but this was missionary, he was fucking my ass while kissing me like I was his girl, this felt really good. I started to moan, which he seemed to really like, so I moaned louder, and a higher pitch like a girl, the more I moaned the faster and harder he fucked, the deeper in my mouth his tongue went and the hotter this sex was! He lasted about 10 minutes, by the time he came I was moaning like a bitch, rubbing his ass cheeks and back begging him not to stop. He came powerfully, groaning loud, arching his back and convulsing, I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. He stayed in me for a couple minutes while we kissed and caught our breath. Then he rolled off me, stood up, came to the head of the bed, pulled the condom off and stuck his soaked, semi hard cock in my mouth. I sucked him clean, he poured the cum out of the rubber on his cock and I swallowed what made it into my mouth, a lot went all over my face and pillow. After I cleaned him up, he went and cleaned his cock up, got dressed and left. I asked him to stay with me, but he said he had to work early and had to go. After he left, I laid there and jacked off. I love my first time! I was a one night stand but I donât care. We exchanged numbers, if he calls Iâm willing, if he doesnât, im calling him and asking him to come over and fuck me again, what guy can say no to an invite like that!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    My first intense experience with masturbation happened in the attic. I jacked off while I looked at a gay magazine I had been given by a friend at school. I went through that magazine page by page, admiring, touching the pages, kissing the pages, and then jacking off. I still have that magazine, it was my introduction into gay sex and gay porn.

    My first real man was this foreigner who worked the register at the Sack N Pack down the street from our house. I would put together whatever change I could find, ride my bike down and spend it on candy. My folks worked and came home around seven, so in the afternoon I would go down to the Sack N Pack and read comic books, and the clerk let me leaf through the girlie magazines. One afternoon he followed me into the bathroom and locked the door. I got my first cock. He wasn't like any of the men in the magazine, he was older with a hairy chest and belly and his cock was dark and he was uncircumcised, but he was hard and once I took it into my mouth all I could do was stay on him. He checked out my cock, gave me a hand job and sucked me off. I came while he was giving me a hand job.

    I took my magazine to show him. He had a source of gay porn, and he would let me look at it in the storage room. If the store was quiet he would come back to back and give me a quick hand job or suck my cock for a minute, and once I a while he gave me his cock to suck for a few minutes. It was a year before he had me lean over some boxes and I experienced him all in.

    Between college and retirement I lived the life of a straight man, searching for adventure in the dark areas of town, getting blow jobs in the car, following a guy up the back stairs in low end motels. In those early days I found a man who worked at the bank who liked to get it on in sleazy motels, he was there for the fuck, and I met up with him on a fairly regular basis. We never saw each other in real life.

    In my mid forties I met a man and in a discussion with him I related how much I liked those early days of underground magazines that the clerk in the Sack N Pack shared with me. He hooked me up with a man who worked at a seaman's store and he was my source for underground gay porn. I went back to masturbating, enjoying the pictures and the narratives.

    Retired now, we have other sources, but really the magazines offer a lot more. You can hold the magazine, worship the pictures and masturbate slowly to the image and the thoughts that fill your head. You just don't get that with the online experience. I miss those days, the clandestine pick up of the latest issue, the adventure of finding a new face and cock to jack off too.

    I have my collection, safely hidden away in the shed out back. I go out there, and pretend that I am going to work in the yard and jack off to some of those old magazines. It has been a while since I hooked up and got off to it in the flesh. I watch the lawn guys working the yards up and down the street. Which one of them would get it on with me? Unlikely, just too old for them. But I bet I can give them a pretty good blow job.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I just gave my first blowjob, Iâm divorced, been fantasizing about sex with a man since I was a teenager but thought it was just a fantasy. Now with the wife gone, no real girlfriend in sight, Iâve been watching gay porn and jacking off for months, I even bought a real cock dildo to practice with. I know a openly gay man, we used to work together. I have always found him unattractive. Heâs shorter than me(Iâm six foot) heâs probably 5â7, about 200lbs and balding, graying. Just not who I ever thought Iâd have my first with, but, heâs the only gay guy I know. So, over several months we talk a lot, mostly Facebook messages. Iâm a mechanic, this afternoon I did a side job for him on his car, took it back to his apartment. We had a beer, started talking, moved to the subject of gay/bi very quick, he asked me if Iâve ever been curious, I said sure. Things moved along way quicker than I ever could have expected. He knew all the right questions to ask me, soon Iâd agreed to touch his cock. He dropped his shorts and sat on the couch, his limp cock was HUGE!! Bigger limp than mine is hard. I was mesmerized by the size, I started to touch it, stroke it, it started to get hard, the head is super fat, very bulbous, the doc who circumcised him gave him one hell of a mushroom cap. Soon he was rock hard, it stood like a telephone pole with this incredible arc upward. Sitting there on the couch it was over his belly button. He said nothing as I stroked it, just said that with his eyes closed smiling. My mouth got dry, my own cock was rigid hard, I thought âthis is itâ I bent over and licked it. He just moaned âyeah, thatâs it, suck itâ I started licking up the underside of his cock as it payed against his stomach, I kissed and licked his balls as I stroked and licked his cock, I kept taking the head in my mouth but it was so fucking big, just the head filled most of my mouth. I told him itâs so big, but he said âyouâre doing fine, donât stopâ and put his hand on the back of my head and guided me back down. I continued to lick him, taking my time, tracing the contours and curves of his incredible tool. He asked me if I wanted to line him, I said yes, he pulled a jar of coconut oil from the table next to the couch, pulled the lid off and tilted it towards me. I scooped some out, it looked like crisco, but as I spread it on his cock it melted as was very warm and slick. I softly stroked him, the full length of his amazing cock, I took his cock head back into my mouth, coconut oil has no taste, I sucked and licked his cock head as I stroked him. I stuck my tongue in his piss hole, I licked all around the cap of his cock head as I stroke him. He was now breathing heavy, moaning and giving me encouragement. I now had a rythym going with my hands and my mouth, I moved my head in a circular motion up and down on his cock head as I stroked him, I was now taking his entire head and maybe an inch ofcock into my mouth, stroking quickly bringing my hand to my mouth, he was breathing really hard, his stomach heaving and he groaned âIâm gonna cumâ with my mouth full of cock I hummed our mmmmhmmmm, and sucked/stroked even faster swirling my tongue around his cockhead, then he tended up, groaned and I felt the first shot of hot, thick cum hit the back of my throat, I swallowed but another one followed, I pulled back on his cock realizing that his cock took up to much space in my mouth to handle the cum, I puckered my lips around the tip, stroked fast with a twisting motion and sucked in every squirt. He pumped at least six big shots, they were pumping so fast it was hard to count but I swallowed everyone like a pro. then it just started to ooze cum and I went back to sucking it and letting him leak cum into my mouth. I continued to suck, stroke and lick him, milking little drops of cum to the tip and tonging it off. This was amazing, his clock was incredible, feeling it explode in my mouth was surreal, he tasted pretty good, the only problem I found was that cum doesnât go down easy. This was over an hour ago and I still have cum at the back of my throat that wonât go down. After I finished him, in between breaths he told me that was a fantastic blow job and that he canât believe it was my first, I told him Iâve been practicing. He asked if I wanted to go further, I told him i do. We talked about sex, this may sound crazy, but Iâll suck him and swallow anytime heâll let me, but I donât want to kiss him, cuddle or anything I would do with a woman, I just wanna suck him off! He asked about anal, Iâd love to be topped but damn, that cock is insane, itd be like a billy club up my ass. He told me he could be gentle, I told him Iâd think about it. Iâm supposed to go over to his place again this Friday night to suck him again and maybe let him fuck my ass. Iâm excited at the thought, definitely canât wait to suck him again, scared of taking something that big in my virgin ass, but something tells me Iâm gonna go for it. Iâll keep you posted in a couple days.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    17 m here in middle America. I let a 48 year old man use me for gay sex all weekend in return for some pot. He kept me high, and even gave me a couple of lines a few times a day. I was a virgin not only with men but with women too. I put bi in because I want to be with women. He dumped loads in my mouth, my butt on my chest and face. He put make up on me, and around the house I wore panties and stockings. I wanted to be stoned, and I got to keep over an ounce for myself. But it wasn't worth it. Now I'm not stoned, I realize what I did, and I don't go to the bathroom right anymore. Things inside me feel twisted up, I hope it will go back to normal.

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    affireeLAr Ditaks zemy

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