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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 48

    I'm the evening and Saturday administrator at a small private university with just over 2,000 students. I work Monday - Thursday from 3 - 11 PM and Saturdays. The administrative staff, whose offices are on the opposite side of the building from upper administrators, leave after 8:00PM break. I'm the only staff member on site for the last 2 classes spending that time in my office, auditing classes and evaluating instructors. Jimmy, our housekeeping supervisor, begins work at 8:00pm in the administrative offices which are empty and his crew arrives at 10:00PM. Three weeks ago my schedule was to evaluate instructors, so I locked my office area due to my being in the classrooms. The 8 - 9 PM instructor I planned to audit had a substitute, so I was free that hour. I walked the hallways looking into other classes, went to the bathroom and headed for my office. When I got off the elevator on the main floor I looked toward the doors to the administrative offices and didn't see a light from under the doors. This was a first, so I became concerned for Jimmy, who is a tall, thin, black man in his 60's. I unlocked the door to those offices just to check and noticed a light reflecting from under the door of the DOA. Now my heart is racing fearing a student has broken into the Director of Admissions back office. The carpeted floor allowed me to walk right up to that door, which I opened without knocking. Standing in front of the desk bent over with his hands holding the other side was my married Director Of Admissions with Jimmy fucking his ass. We were all frozen for a few seconds before Jimmy began to back out the longest dick I have ever seen in my life. How in the name of God did he take something that long? I do not know, but Jimmy was balls deep in his ass and I watched him withdraw that monster of a cock.
    Both of their pants were around their ankles as Jimmy pulled his up it took both hands on his deflating cock to get it in his pants. My DOA, who is 5"8", 145# had two fist of dick buried in his married ass and took it with ease. Finally, I pulled the door too and walked over to my office on the other side of the building. I was at a lose for words; didn't know what to say or do. Shortly, the buzzer went off indicating someone was coming into the lobby area on my side and, of course, it was Jimmy and the DOA. Both are great, loyal and model employees who were concerned they would be terminated immediately. I was so conflicted I was literally shaking. They talked and I listened for 2 hours, learning this had been happening for over 7 years - and in the facility. Two married men, co workers and friends, who I would never have suspected of being bisexual caught fucking at work. I told them what they did was their business, but not on campus.
    I've never been with a man, although I've had opportunities. I'm married, but get my share of strange; not students but been with several females from work. I cannot get out of my mind how Jimmy's big dick was buried balls deep in the DOA ass. The more I think about it the greater my desire to see it again; watch him fuck that ass like I fuck a pussy. I've had lots of M/M/F action, however, the desire for M/M/M is new and increasing. I've beat off several times to what I witnessed; each time throwing a big load. Last night after students left, and Jimmy and his crew were upstairs cleaning class rooms, I went over to the DOA's office standing where Jimmy stood and I beat off blowing all over the DOA's desk - where he lay while getting fucked. I cannot erase from my mind what I witnessed and the desire to be a voyeur with those two is growing stronger everyday. Last night I wondered, for the first time, what that ass might feel like.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My mom recently asked me to make sure everything was ok with her new husband Mark, after he'd been in an accident at work. She was having to take a trip over to see her sister as she'd been diagnosed with a serious ilness, but Mark with his arms in casts, couldn't and didn't really want to make the trip.
    Mark could pretty much do everything for himself as the casts allowed him to. The one thing he couldn't do was shower himself. One the second day my mom was away, Mark wanted to take a shower, but knew he couldn't wash himself. I knew he wanted to ask me, but I also knew, he knew I'd had sex with guys, as well as girls. Making the choice for him, I offered to wash him.
    What I wasn't expecting was for Mark to become erect as I washed his asshole. I'd kept my swim shorts on, but even those showed I'd too gotten an erection looking at his. So with a beaming smile on both our faces, Mark asked me if I could do something about his predicament. Taking my shorts off and showing him I had a similar need, Mark said "Why don't we sort each other out then". I didn't know he'd had any form of gay sex in the past, not until he told me later, he'd played around with a guy in college.
    With the water flowing over me I sank to my knees and took hold of Marks long, but relatively slim cock. Only when I put his cock into my mouth did it begin to thicken. I'd sucked quite a few cocks before Marks, but not once had I had one which already looked fully erect, become far thicker. With his hands being covered by the shower protectors, he held onto my head and began to make all sorts of moaning sounds. The deeper I took his cock, the more Mark moaned and the thicker his cock seemed to get.
    Then all of a sudden Mark stopped me sucking his cock and asked me if I was a top or a bottom. In every sexual situation I'd had with guys before Mark, I'd always been fully versatile, but I somehow knew he wasn't going to allow me to fuck him, so I told him "I mostly bottom". Once again he smiled down at me, kind of lifted me up and asked me to turn the shower off. Leading me into my moms and his bedroom, we lay on the bed together and began kissing.
    Telling me he wanted to fuck me, I first asked him to wear a condom. Motioning towards his bedside draw I took a box of condoms out, unwrapped one and slowly slid it over his wonderfully large cock. Still both dripping wet, Mark lay on his back as I put his cock head to my asshole and then slowly as I could, I slid all the way down onto Marks hard cock.
    It felt weird to have my moms husbands cock in my butt, but it also felt amazingly good. It was obvious right from the start, I wasn't the first guy to have had his cock deep inside them. As Mark knew definitely how to fuck a guy. It was one of, if not he best fuck of my life up until that point. We simply fucked for over half an hour with Mark setting the pace and position he wanted me to be in.
    Finally as my own cock was bursting to cum, he had me lay on my back, put my ankles by his head and then have him slide deep inside me. Meer seconds after his cock bottomed out up my rear hole, I came all over myself without touching my cock. It was a first for me and it felt just awsome. Not missing a stroke, I felt Mark thrust into me harder and then felt his cum fill the condom inside my bowels.
    Pulling his cock out of me, he asked me to remove the condom. As soon as I had, he then said "Now suck my cock clean and make sure you get every drop of cum off of my dick". I did precisely what my moms husband wanted for the next five minutes or so. Licking and sucking on Marks long veiny shaft until it began to become flaccid.
    Lay together he asked never to mention what we'd done to him mom, as she wouldn't understand. Plus he said she didn't know that in his past in college, he'd had sex with another guy for over a year.
    That night I slept with Mark. We fucked once more as he spooned me from behind. I told him I wanted to feel his cock bare abck inside me, but he wouldn't. We've both been checked out from Marks insistance since, and when my moms been at work or sometimes just having a sleep, I've either sucked Mark off, or had him fuck me bare back.
    Every now and then I still hear Mark and my mom fucking. And I smile in the knowledge, I know precisely just what her pussy and asshole are being fucked by. I also know that soon it will be my turn again to feel his cock spreading my asshole, giving me the best orgasms I've ever had.

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    Gay Male / 29

    I was born on a small ranch and I started sucking cock about the time I was learning to dive a tractor.

    His name was Pancho, he was an old ranch hand and he had a big cock. I got my first lesson in the old pick up, in those days they all had bench seats, so he pulled out his cock and pulled me over and down I went and I got a mouth full of cock.

    His hands were strong, and he kept my head down in his lap and slapped my face and my lips with his cock and he kept calling me cabron and telling me to open my mouth. It took a while before he had me sucking him.

    I used to tell him I didnt like it, but I did. At first I sucked him in that old pick up truck, but later I sucked him out by the pond, it was real peaceful out there I really get into it. We had this hiding place, where he could keep watch if someone was coming, no one ever did.

    Old Pancho also introduced me to the other thing you do with a cock. I wasnt so sure, but he eventually got me to like that too. The one thing I never really liked was him kissing me on the mouth, he chewed tobacco and had a mustache and his mouth tasted really bad, but he liked kissing me and it came with the territory.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Im a 55 bi male. On occasion I likes to visit adult theaters. So on a Thursday afternoon I go a theater that has several "private" rooms. I pick out a room that was empty, it had two couches and the video TV. As I put my money in the machine to watch a tranny video. Immediately this guy comes in my unlocked room and cons up to me and takes his dick out and takes my hand and puts it on his cock. A fat cock. We sit the couch in nearly dark room with the video going and I started to suck his cock. I like to suck cock. It felt amazing since it had been a long time since I did this. After a few minutes work on his cock he gets up and takes off his clothes. Wow, that was quick. Standing there, he pulls me up n takes off my shirt and unbuckled my pants and we were soon both naked. I was not expecting this too happen (so soon).

    Both of us were really getting into sucking each others cock, deliberate sucking, taking him all the way in my mouth. We changed positions where I was laying on the couch and he sucking on me and rubbing my shaved ass. I had to slow him down so I wouldn't cum. Now the Big surprise, he lays on me and starts kissing and pinching my nipples. Oh yeah! The comes the French kiss, deep and prolonged. I just let it happen. First time ever for me.

    Our mutual sucking and fingering goes on for a while. Then tells me he wants to cum. He leaned back on the couch with my head resting against the arm rest. He gets above me and starts pumping his cock slowly down my throat. He increased the thrusting motion and I could feel his cock was ready to explode. He pumped a few more times and....

    Just like a guy, he cums, puts on his clothes and leaves. And I end up jacking off to this guy fucking a tranny.

    That was my Thursday afternoon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    When you just can't resist

    I got into business with a Mexican man to sell product in Mexico. He was the macho type of guy, always talking about his success with the ladies, always wanting to go to strip joints, always pinching ass or grabbing tits.

    He had a secretary, about 36 who was big busted, and wore tight skirts. He slapped her ass and grabbed her tits from behind. Here in the states he would have long ago been sued for harassment. Wherever he went he took condoms and Viagra. If you listened to him he always got laid and always by some pretty number with good tits and a pretty face.

    On one trip to Monterrey we got in late and the hotel had lost our reservations. The only thing they could accommodate us with was a two double bed room, at least for the night. We took it because of the hour.

    We were getting ready for bed and I was sitting in the only chair watching tv and he came out of the bathroom with in his tshirt and when he stopped by the chair I noticed that he did not have on underwear, his brown dick was right there, I got this overwhelming urge to suck him. Yes, I suck dick, and his dick was just too good to pass up.

    I grabbed his dick, and held on because he jumped back but I didn't let go. I stood up and holding on to his dick I pushed him back on the bed and I had his dick in my mouth and I started to suck. He kept yelling at me what was I doing, but I was doing it and not answering, I put my finger up against his ass and started to rub my finger round and round on his hole while I sucked on his dick until he just laid back and I could really go to work.

    His dick got so hard, considering that there was no influence by Viagra, and as my finger slowly poked his hole, I started to draw precum and I stroked him hard with my other hand, I took my finger off his hole and sucked and got it wet with saliva and when I felt he could cum, I pushed my finder in his hole and sucked down hard and he started to cum. I eat cum, not often, but that day I did, I ate every bit of his cum while I fingered his hole, I had my whole finger up him and I was getting a hard on and I said what the hell, I don't usually top, but I am going to fuck this dude.

    I pushed my shorts down and spread his legs wide and got between them and put my dick up against his hole and watched his face as I slowly got it in. I fucked him pretty hard, I needed to cum myself and sometimes I have trouble having an orgasm, so it took a while before I was able to empty out inside of him. when I pulled out I slid down between his legs and gave his dick another good long lick and suck and then pulled myself up on him and kissed him.

    We slept in separate beds, because I am not that small and two men in a double bed gets pretty crowded. But the next morning before going down for breakfast I had him give me a treat before breakfast, I sucked him slow and long sitting in the chair while he stood beside the chair in his tshirt.

    57 years he was still in the closet, he had sucked his first dick when he was in grade school, and got fucked soon after that. Now open with me, he let me enjoy myself to my heart's content. Like I said, I am really more of a bottom, and he is really more of a top, so he treats me to some long fucks, and I treat him to some long sucks. Makes traveling more fun, and although we always rent two rooms, he gets naked for me and I go to town.

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    Gay Male / 43

    I had a friend, we were eight, and he had a monkey as a pet. The monkey was tied to a tree and had a dog house for shelter. This monkey would have his penis out, it was pink and long and he would bend over and suck his own penis. We would get in his room and pretend we were the monkey and try to suck our own penis. Although I could get my penis in my mouth, it was hard to hold the position, so we did the next best thing, we sucked each other's penis.

    I loved sucking his penis, I went to his house so that I could suck his penis. I did whatever he asked, no matter how gross or stupid, so that I could suck his penis. Sometimes in the heat he would come around and suck my penis, which felt real good. He sucked hard, real hard, he sucked me hard and he would make me feel like I wanted to pee. I would suck him hard too, and sometimes my mouth hurt from sucking him, but he would remind me to keep sucking, he would hit me on the head and tell me he hadn't give me permission to stop.

    We had turned eleven and the monkey still sucked his own penis and my friend's penis had gotten bigger and one day I was sucking down on him, and he kept telling me to suck harder and harder, and he peed in my mouth. Except it wasn't pee, he had his first orgasm and I tasted my first cum. I ate my first cum. I kept trying to suck his penis, but he had gotten so sensitive that he pushed my head away. It took several long minutes before he let me suck him some more, only this time he wanted it tender and slow with long soft sucks.

    That night I lay in bed thinking about his penis and thinking about his cum and I dry humped the bed and I had my first wed dream. I tasted my own cum, but it wasn't the same as his, but I pushed my penis into my cum on the bed and fell asleep.

    I graduated to cum sucker and would masturbate while I sucked him. He would hold my forehead and put his penis against my lips and ask me to beg, and I begged him to let me suck him and I always had to agree to do something in return for him letting me eat his cum. One day he told me to lick his ass, which I did, it wasn't gross to me, licking his ass and sucking his penis wasn't gross to me at all, by then what I wanted was for him to put his penis in me. I spread out on the bed and he would get on me and put his penis against my butt and I would lift my butt up, almost always while he humped me I was humping the bed and almost always had an orgasm all over the sheets.

    One day we did it, we got his penis in me and we practiced a lot. We used all sort of things for lubrication, including a lot of spit. I knew just how to put my butt up and he got it in. We were regular fuckers after that.

    One day he told me that the monkey had died and I really felt bad. I still remembered the monkey sucking his own penis. By then there was no way I could bend over to suck my own penis, and my friend hardly ever sucked me, I had to rely on masturbation or dry humping the bed while he fucked on me to orgasm. I began to need more, I started to need a man. I started to flirt with men, and men started to flirt with me, first one was the shoe salesman at the mall, he made me orgasm fast. The second man was the janitor at school. My friend had moved on to girls and we hardly talked any more, but he had told lots of his friends that I took it up the ass. Everyone in school knew I was gay and everyone in school knew I was the janitor's.

    In college I got a job at a jewelry store and the manager kept me and fucked me. By then I was pretty obvious and so was he. I learned later to tone down my behavior, and I started to pick up men who stayed at the motel by the mall. I picked up a clientele. It helped pay my way through college, I had referrals and I always tried to satisfy my clients. I don't think I ever went with them for the money, I was pretty choosy and I liked a similar type of man, I went for the sex, and got paid afterwards.

    O ne day you are too old for the game and I had to settle into a routine with a man who runs a carpet store. He's the MAN, I never talk about those days with him when I was in college or after college when I got paid. I satisfy him, he is the MAN.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    This also could have been put into "Revenge".

    From an early age I knew I was different from other boys, as I liked both sexes. At the age of fifteen I sucked my first cock. It was a guy who was in his late twenties, whom I met in a park close to where I lived with my parents. We went into a very dense wooded area, where I spent over half an hour sucking his cock and having him lick and suck on my cock and asshole.
    I had sexual relationships from then on with both sexes and met my "Fuck buddy" Mike twelve months ago. We met at the place we both work part time. It was at our workplace my confession comes from.
    A guy who both Mike and I know (And one who'd previously beaten me up for being bisexual) came in with a bunch of other guys. He started playing up, calling us both "Faggots" and threatening us with a beating if we got his order wrong. Winking at Mike, I told the guy and his friends, their order would take about ten minutes as we'd just put in some fresh food to cook that they wanted. Walking away I smiled at another of our colleagues, a young female called Debbie, who was just as offended as we were.
    As they sat down, I took Mike into the back, made him drop his work trousers and began to suck his vary large cock. When he was good and hard, I turned around, lowered my work trousers and boxers, and told Mike to fuck me. It was such a good fuck, hard and fast and very horny. I came within five minutes masturbating myself as Mike pounded my asshole. Telling me he was close to cumming, I asked him to cum on my but cheeks.
    Scooping Mike's cum off my ass and adding it to the load I'd captured from myself. Dressing I shouted for Debbie to bring in a seeded bun. When she left the back room, I smeared the cum all over the bun, got Mike to take his cock back out and had him wipe his cock all over the cum laden bun, after it had been up my asshole. Laughing we then made up the order for the dickheads outside.
    Making sure I got the right order to the person I wanted to have it, Mike and I watched the homophobic wanker eat every morsel of his order. He even told Mike it was really good, different but good.
    They haven't been back and I know what we did was wrong, but the guy really asked for it. I'd never normally do anything like this, but being threatened with violence and being made to feel inferior had me get my "Revenge" head on.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I didn't know where else to put this, so in the interest of getting it off my chest, here it goes so I can move on!

    Apparently I sent my long time friend a mixed signal, we're both straight (I thought he was anyway). Last weekend he came over to watch some movies, and pig out on pizza and beer, stuff he can't do at home, and just have a guys night while the wives are out of town, and it was normal, but we started talking about sexy with our wives, likes and dislikes, etc. Anyway, he said he liked some butt play, where his wife will put a finger, or sometimes a dildo in his back side, which I didn't know how to respond, so I left it with "that's cool, whatever feels good, that's awesome you guys are that open." That was apparently "an interest" on my part, that he heard anyway, so that was my mixed signal. We talked for a bit, and he asked if I'd ever wondered what it felt like to have something in my butt, and I said no....then it moved into if I ever wanted to, what would it be, and I said probably something with my wife, like a finger or stap-on.

    He was too drunk to drive home later that night, so crashed on my couch, and I went to bed. I took my sleep aid and went to bed, I don't drink anymore, so it was all him boozed up.

    After being in bed for a few hours, I woke up having trouble breathing, and then I realized, I wasn't alone, and my ass was very tight, and then I felt hot lips on my boxers had been removed, and he was on top of me, I was face down, and he was inside me, having sex with me. I wiggled and said something like "what the hell" and he just said my name, and told me I had an amazing bubble butt, better than his wife's, and he's almost done.

    I was mad for a second, but and turned on all at the same time. I quickly realized I was rock hard, and it felt pretty damn good. He kept saying he wanted to cum in me, and I just went with the hormones and said "please fill me up"....which he did very quickly. That was the weirdest feeling ever. I could feel him spasming and each spurt of hot cum squirt into me.

    After he finished, he rolled over, and I turned over. He offered to blow me, and I took him up on it because I felt....turned on still. The next morning, I woke up feeling great, I think I liked this adventure very much, it was a surprise, but I liked it....I asked him if he enjoyed last night, and he said he thought the movie was great, and apologized for crashing on my couch. I probed him, and asked if he enjoyed what we did together in the middle of the night, and he had a genuine blank stare, I really don't think he remembered. I told him we fooled around, it was my first time and it was pretty good....he laughed and said no way, he's into kink, but not guys. That actually made me a bit mad, I thought he was playing....I gave him the details and it slowly came back to him, and he suddenly started apologizing, and said he was horny, drunk, and the sex talk got him thinking about me, and my butt, and he just went for it.

    Now, I'm actually hoping he'll go for it again....whew....that's off my chest!

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    Gay Male / 27

    I've know all my life I was different because I had no sexual interest in females. Not sure but think it was 6 or 7th grades when I first had sex with another boy. Being an only child comes with the burden that your the only one to achieve, so you have to do it right the first time - for your parents. I strived to be a good son, student and especially a good athlete for my college football star father. I appears I achieved that object, because I played football at his almamater. After college I came out, to the shock of my mom and some friends. For those who think gay activity doesn't happen in college sports - your wrong. Not often, and not overt, but it happens more than anyone might imagine.
    For two years I've been in a relationship with a guy I knew from college. We've a strong commitment to each other and are building a life together. We're also open minded and agree to 3sums and 4sums as long as the other is present. It works for us and that's all that matters. When SCOTUS rules for our civil rights we plan to make it legal. Actually, my partner is the one who discovered adult confessions and has encouraged me to share my confession.
    When I was 16 years old I came home unexpectedly to discover my college football star dad and his brother in a 69. My dad was the last man on earth I would have imagined to be bi, but there he was on his side with his older brothers dick fucking his mouth. I felt like I was in a time warp; I was aware of what was happening but I could neither move or utter a sound. Two good looking, married, masculine, muscular, hairy bears into some heavy cock sucking. I remember seeing my dad hairy legs, which I had seen all my life, but this time he and his brother were sexual objects - not my dad and favorite uncle.
    When my uncle saw me standing in the doorway he pulled back screaming my name, backing up as he fell off the bed. Dad rolled onto his back looking backwards toward me. I saw his hard cock sticking up from his thick black curly pubs as it glistened with my uncles slobber. I was seeing this all of this but I was still unable to move or speak. My dad was standing in front of me shaking me calling my name before my uncle was able to get out of the floor and join dad. The next thing I knew dad is shaking me calling my name and my uncle is washing my face with a wet cloth. I do remember gasping for breath as dad was blowing onto my face as I finally shook my head.
    They set me on the foot of bed as they continued to wash my face with the wet cloth and I began to compose myself; regaining some sense of composure coming out of shock. Now dad, my naked dad, is holing my head against his hairy chest as my uncle rubs alcohol on my face and under my nose. I started shaking my head from side to side saying "I'm okay. I'm okay." Now my naked dad and uncle are standing in front of me with flaccid cocks waving wash clothes and alcohol in my face until I pushed their hands away. My dad was saying how sorry he was. How he was not expecting me home for hours. How it was okay to hate him and my uncle. Please, please do not ever tell your mother. They were both frothing at their mouths with apologizes. When I looked dad in the face tears were dripping off his chin.
    Never would I have ever thought my dad was bi and he had no reason to suspect I was bi either. Nevertheless, here I am siting on my parents bed having just witnessed my dad and his married brother sucking each others cocks. Here they are naked bringing me out of shock apologizing for being so careless as to allow their life long secret to be discovered. With the right side of my face against my dad's hairy chest as he rubs a wet cloth over my forehead. My uncle at his side holding an open bottle of alcohol toward my nose, I took my right hand and reached for my dads cock, and my left hand for my uncles. They both pushed my hand away saying, "no", "no". I remember leaning down taking my dads dick in my mouth. This was all reactionary and without thought. I took his cock out of my mouth saying, "I'm gay."
    Now they are in shock as I reach to suck my uncles cock while holding my dad's in my right hand and it was getting hard really fast. With my left hand I started to unzip my shorts. My uncle was pulling my polo over my head and dad was unbuckling my belt and shorts. My uncle put his hands on the back of my head, the other on dads pushing our mouths together for my first open mouth kiss with anyone. We are running our hands all over each other as my uncle is now running his tongue in my mouth and my dad in kneeling in front of my raging hard cock. He blew on it, licked the head, shaft and my balls while me and my uncle made out, and I jacked his hard cock. Then dad put my cock in his mouth and went up and down a couple of times. I screamed as I began to shot load after load into my dads mouth. Afterward they told me my entire body jerked and quivered like someone getting a strong charge of electricity. I know my legs jerked and got weak because I collapsed onto of dad who was kneeling in the floor in front of me. My uncle was trying to hold my up by my chest as my orgasm was so intense; I almost passed out. That's the type of orgasm one experience with family fun.
    They laid me on my back on the bed kissing and licking me all over. My dad pushed me up with my back to the headboard and stood over me with his cock at my face. My uncle lay between my legs with my cock in his mouth and my dad began to rub his cock over my face and lips. He told my uncle to come watch while he fucked his sons mouth. the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth a coupe of times and grabbed the sides of my head blowing squirt after squirt down my throat. My uncle was saying, "eat some of the same cum that made you" and with that, I blew without touching myself (again) my cum shooting against my father's balls and ass. My dad pulled out and my uncle took his place and within a few strokes his cum was filling my mouth and dripping off my chin.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Alright so I've submitted any male on male experiancr on here before but I finally had another one recently and would like to share it so I had a lot of time to kill the other day and well I posted a cl ad looking to be bottomed I've had a craving to try anal in the bedroom as opposed to my first 2 times in a car ad wanted a more quite and stable environment to explore either way it was from another dl guy supposibly who had his own apartment and was really wierd, either way it started with us kissing which this was the first time I actually kissed kissed a guy it went on to become bodily kissing and eventually he started reaching in my boxers and feeling my cock he hesitated to let me feel his and finally I did, we became enticed by it and we'll eventually we were rubbing mutually and I made the move of putting his cock in my mouth and he didn't seem to get hard so what ever we continued and eventually put his back to me and put my cock between his legs not his ass hole and asked me to hump him like the girl in the video which I did and eventually he climbed atop me reverse and put his cock in my mouth we proceeded and suck when he started to ride my cock in between his legs and bam I started to cum he was nowhere near close let alone get it up I felt akward and had to leave after that it was to much, I was beyond disappointed

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