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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Next July Im getting married to a beautiful woman. She's a real head turner and a horny bitch in bed, someone I'm genuinely in love with.
    Then why after our Christmas party last week, did I allow my manager and his assistant to fuck me. My first ever gay sex. And why did I thoroughly enjoy taking both their cocks so deep up my asshole. It wasn't as if I was drunk or not fully understanding of what was happening. I actually knew they wanted sex at the start of the night and agreed to go with them to a motel, in the full knowledge both fifty plus men were going to fuck me.
    It was their discription of the orgasms I'd have, and I suppose if I'm being truthful the promotion on offer, that swayed me to at least try male male sex. But it certainly doesn't explain why I became so cock hungry, sucking greedily on their dicks and then wishing for each of them to bury their cocks up my tight ass.
    From the get go I cannot relate to you just how much I enjoyed being fucked. Almost as if I was born to be fucked. Every nerve eneding up my ass was firing and making me want to be fucked harder and for longer, as each man took turns to feed me his cock.
    At the end of the night it was me who was asking them to fuck me to yet another anal orgasm. Something I now know to be a totally different type of cumming to me fucking my fiance or by masturbation.
    I'm still don't fully understand what and why it all happened. What I do know, is I want it to happen again. And I'd love to be fucked by a man or men with larger cocks.

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    Gay Male / 22

    I feel a little bashful about confessing this. I guess there isn't any way of making this sound less sordid and perverted than it is. When I was a young boy, my Uncle Jack who I adored used to take me into the back of his garage and fuck me. He was in his fifties, was a very masculine John Wayne male figure in my life, but he thought I was sort of girlie and not like other boys. He teased me about it mercilessly. I wasn't into sports and guns and all the other things he expected little boys to like. He just sort of scoffed and dismissed me, but watched me out of the corner of his eye all the time.

    I wanted my Uncle Jack to like me. He was manly and strong and very handy, and I idolized him even though he teased and belittled me. Like a puppy dog, I followed him around everywhere. I made the mistake, though, of letting him catch me playing with a little girl's Barbie doll one day. I tried to hide it behind my back, but my uncle shook his head and grinned at me. He took me by the hand, tugged me along behind him, and pulled me into a little cubbyhole of a room he had at the back of his garage. The walls were plastered with calendars of big-titted naked ladies. There was a tiny fridge stocked with beer and a sort of day-bed shoved up against the wall next to it.

    I adored my Uncle Jack and liked to be around him, but the next thing I knew he pulled down my pants and underpants. He fondled me between my legs and hurriedly unzipped his pants. He pulled me over to the day-bed and sat me down with my pants around my ankles. "You're a little boy who likes to play with dolls, huh?" he said, looking down at me and grinning. He yanked down his underpants in front of me and his huge dick and balls swung in front of my face. "Then you're the kind of little boy who should like to play with my cock!"

    My innocent eyes were like saucers! I was just a young boy and I'd never even seen a grown man's big hard penis and balls before! They looked HUGE hanging between my Uncle Jack's legs! He pulled my head between his thighs. His huge pink cockhead rubbed over my boyish lips. He forcibly pressed the head of his penis between my lips and told me to lick it. I submissively did what I was told. I'd do anything for my Uncle Jack! His hard penis filled my mouth up and stretched my lips. I started licking it and sucking on it for him like I'd done with lollipops.

    My Uncle Jack held my head between his legs and moaned. He liked what I was doing for him! I was just a young boy, and I so wanted my Uncle Jack to like me! I sucked on his big hard dick for him. I ran my tongue over the big, soft head and got a little taste of something salty and juicy. I was just in grade school, but I was getting my first taste of a man's cock! I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I liked it! I liked having my Uncle Jack's cock in my mouth, and I was just a boy and didn't know how nasty it was!

    I sat on the day-bed in the back of his garage and sucked my uncle's cock for him. He taught me how to do it, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot! It was the nicest he'd ever been to me! He finally liked me! I sucked on his huge penis as he fondly stroked my head and told me what a "good little boy" I was. My Uncle Jack was really fond of me! He pulled his hard meat out of my mouth and grinned down at me. His cock seemed as big as a summer sausage wagging between his legs in front of my face.

    He looked down at me and told me to be a good boy and suck harder, a lot harder! He told me something nice was going to come out of it. He told me it would taste like candy and that he'd squirt it in my mouth. He asked me if I wanted some. I eagerly nodded my head, and he told me I'd have to suck his dick really good to get it out. He smiled down at me and told me to be sure and swallow it when it squirted out. I was an excited little boy! I was sharing an intimate moment with my Uncle Jack, and he was going to give me something I'd always remember him by.

    I was just a young boy, and I sat on his day-bed with my underpants around my ankles, and my Uncle Jack got his first blow-job from me. He held my head between his thighs and squirted in my mouth. Creamy spurts of something tasting salty and slippery like eggwhites filled my mouth. He grunted and squirted it between my lips. He was enjoying it a lot! I never saw my Uncle Jack enjoying himself so much! He gave me my first taste of cum, but it didn't taste like candy. When he was finished, he pulled up his underpants with a smile and told me not to tell anybody about it.

    I'm blushing right now just thinking about it! I was my Uncle Jack's cocksucker when I was a young boy, and I was a really good cocksucker too! He told me I was. He never looked at me the same way after that either. My uncle treated me more like a little girl. He took me out to his garage to get his dick sucked lots of times after that. I adored my Uncle Jack, and I got so I loved that big hard cock of his. I'd suck on it for him and he'd come in my mouth, and he'd give me a little pat on the bottom affectionately. Little did I know those pats on the bottom would turn into something else ... but that's another story.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I'm a physically fit, well built happily married individual, who loves the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. I'm 6'2" tall with a defined muscled body and a not too slight eight inch cock. In my career I'm a responsible hard nosed business man, who takes no bullshit from anyone. And someone who often wins through with assurity and a steely determination.
    Having said all that, four months ago I attended a competion with another Mixed Martial Artist, where we stayed overnight in a motel close to te event. Sharing the small room was a real eye opener in many ways. Seeing my training partner naked as he was about to shower had a strange effect on me. I couldn't stop looking at his ass or his huge dangling cock. He saw me looking and asked me if I wanted a closer look.
    We didn't speak for the next ten minutes. Me because I had his growing cock in my mouth, and him because he was moaning from the attention my mouth was giving his dick. My own cock was fully erect and throbbing by the time he asked me if he could fuck my asshole.
    Knelt up on the bed with him behind me, I felt his large thick cock penetrate my virgin ass for the first time only seconds after he spat on my rear. It was a mixed feeling of pain, eroticism and stark wonderment as his cock bottomed out up my ass. In all my days I'd never felt anything as pleasurable as his cock fucking me. For me it was heavenly to feel him sliding his cock into my asshole and deep inside my bowels. In no more than a minute I came, but remained rock hard as he continued to fuck me.
    With a growing euphoric feeling, my cock began to pulsate as he drove his cock into me time after time. And for the very first time in my life I orgasmed again, only minutes after my first cum load, and just moments after he filled my rear passage with his beautiful hot seed.
    We seperated as though it was normal for two married men to be fucking one another. I even took a shower as he watched me wash myself. It was when I was drying myself he said "You can be my bitch from now on".
    Four months on and many many more fucks, I am just that, his cock loving bitch.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I started sucking cock really young around 7 or 8. I am not sure how it happened but I sucked a couple of my friends, and my best friend alot. It was also his older brother who taught us it felt good to put our finger in our ass. My best friend was not that into it but I got hooked. I would clean my self out every day when I took a shower, and sometimes I would take multiple showers a day just so I could finger myself for hours through out the day. It started with a finger, than handles of brushes, and various small bottles. I grew up in a rural area on acreage and I would sneak off and find places to fuck myself.

    One day when I was maybe 9 I got caught by the neighbor. I had been out back behind an old storage shed. I was jerking off with one hand and fingering myself with the other. I was leaning against the building with my pants around my ankles so when he walked up and started talking I was more or less frozen and beyond embarrassed. As I pulled my pants up over my boner he watched and explained I should not be doing this out here where people could see. He told me to come over so we could talk about it inside so I would not be embarrassed. I walked with him through the back gate connecting the properties and up to his house. My parents would not think anything of it since I always spent the day out in the field or up in the barn playing ( usually with myself ).

    We went in through the back door. He was a nice guy in his 50s who lived alone on a small farm next to ours. We sat down in the den where there was a large tv and a big cushy couch, but just the one couch. He asked me if I liked to play with myself alot, and I blushed as I nodded. I started to apologize and told him I did not want to get caught inside. He told me he understood, but said I should find a better place to do it. He then asked if I liked to play with my bottom and again I turned red as I nodded yes. He again assured me he understood. He followed it this time by telling me most people think that is bad though and it would get me in trouble if others found out. Somehow from there he offered to let me do it there. I really just clammed up at this point and giggled a little. He stood up and began to undo his belt. He said he did not mind at all and he would do me a favor and not tell anyone. He said in fact we can help each other out, and just as he finished he pulled his pants and boxers down to show a semi hard penis.

    He asked if that sounded good. I did not even have a chance to answer or nod in my usual fashion. He was already stepping in placing my hands on his dick. I knew what he wanted. I kinda wanted to try sucking a bigger penis anyway. So I moved in and let him stick it in my mouth. He slowly and gently face fucked me until I could taste the precum. Then he laid me back on the couch and took off my pants. He began toying with my little dick in his mouth, but soon began massaging my hole with his finger until he worked it in. I had been a relaxed mellow participate but this woke me up. I loved it. I had been playing with my hole for awhile but could not get my best friend to do anything for me. It was hard to really get off with just my fingers or the small poorly shaped objects I had at home. This was incredible. I could not help but moan when he massaged my insides just right, or stop my hips from grinding on it. He asked if I liked and for the first time since in the house I said something. I only said yes but I said it three times. When he started to rub his cock on my hole I knew what was going to happen, and I was genuinely excited. It was bigger and longer than anything I had put in myself, but I knew I would like it. I was not disappointed. He gently pushed against the outside until it made entry and began sliding in. Once he realized he could fuck my young little hole with out breaking it he began pounding until he filled me with my first load of cum.

    He fucked me alot over the years. I would sneak over to his place, and maybe take a shower. I would wait for him in his room with my ass up in the air usually with me already fingering myself for fun. We did have some uniquely fun times. He liked to hear about me sucking my friends dick. It did not take long before I snuck my best friend over to the neighbors house. The first time he just watched as I sucked on my friends dick, and then we both played with his. The third time I brought my friend over I was sucking him while the neighbor watched, and then he began fingering me, and then fucked me infront of my friend. He was a little shocked by how into it I was, and I think he thought it was gross the way I liked to play with the cum in my ass hole, and playing with my hole in general.

    In my early teens he started having other guys over sometimes. It usually turned into him beating off while watching me get pounded by some other guy. The good old days oh how I miss the simple times.

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    Straight Male / 27

    This last week my bosses son, who's in his late thrities, had me suck him off and then turn around to receive his long veiny cock up my virgin arsehole. It was after he caught me taking some materials home, materials he knew I wanted for an extension on our home I'm building. Not only would I not have had a job, he said he was also going to ring the police. When he suggested we could work it out, I instantly knew what he wanted. He'd made reference to wanting to fuck my tight ass on a few ocassions before, as well as mentioning I had a mouth perfect for his dick. It wasn't as bad an experience as I thought it was going to be, especially sucking his cock. So to "keep him sweet" from now on, as he put it. I'm going to make sure he's kept happy. Either with my mouth or if I have to continue to, my arsehole.

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    Gay Male / 41

    I'm a professional gay man who works for a Management Consulting firm and my partner works in finance. We have a great relationship and love each other unconditionally. My work requires traveling 2 to 3 weeks a month, a few days a week. One Saturday morning my boss called my cell (very unusual) and told me one of our clients had a mass rebellion and walk-out; his entire administrative management staff; the sales force; some rank and file employees and; even this custodian had walked out. My boos told me I had to fly out Sunday morning to met the owner for a briefing and would serve as interim CEO until...

    That Monday I entered the most challenging time of my professional life and the worst day of my entire life. Monday night the temp custodial company came for a thorough cleaning. Tuesday was so hectic I couldn't take a pee break without someone wanting me. At 4PM the supervisor of the custodial company came in and brought the custodian who would be assigned to us. I looked up and there, with his hand out, was this drop dead hunky Puerto Rican. His name was J, 29 years old had he spent 8 years in the Marines. He was married, attending morning classes at a local University, worked as a part-time Strength Trainer in the early afternoons and Saturday mornings. He would be our custodian from 5 pm until finished Monday thru Friday and Saturday evenings and night for heavy cleaning. This guy was 5"11", 210# of solid muscle with broad shoulders, bulging arms, a tiny waist and a bubble butt. I told my partner, J was the only bright spot in my day.

    Weeks passed as the situation stabilized. However, I was still working some really late nights so I was there when J cleaned the offices. One evening around 7PM he came in with a note he found folded on his cleaning cart on the 9th floor area. The outside read: Janitor please READ. Inside it read: I will give you 20 to let me see your cock. I will give you 50 to let me blow it. I will give you 100 to fuck my ass. Then it gave instructions on what he was to do to indicate his interest. Just what the hell I needed: employee sexual harassment of a vendor. I apologized and vowed to get to the bottom. J said, we are in a city with one of the largest gay populations in the nation. No big deal! I get hit on all the time, don't you? I told him no. Then he said, I'm surprised. A good looking married man like you. Plenty of chicks and gays would like some. I could not say a word I was shocked and tongue-tied. He laughed and said, thought the note might give you a diversion for a few minutes. Don't sweat it big guy.

    A week later around 8pm J and I were in the supply closet taking inventory of supplies he needed when he said again, have any of the gay guys hit on you yet? I laughed and said, at the book store. We laughed as he asked which one. I told him how to get there. He gave me another location where the professional hang and where he goes for action. Oh no! Does this guy want me to blow him? Then when he grabbed his cock and said, women are not even in the cock sucking contest in this town. I was numb, exhilarated, frustrated and scared at the same time. He reached around behind me and locked the storage room door. Then he whispered in my ear, I wrote the note to judge your reaction to gays. I thought a married man away from home, with the way you look at me, might like some down-low. I was frozen at that very moment not knowing if to kneel or run. I told him I was married to a man. he smiled and said, he is a lucky man to have bagged you. (Bagged me, that's hunting terminology). I was beginning to sweat. There was dead silence from us both as we looked into each others eyes. Just then, J knelt in front of me unzipping my pants, took my cock and gave me some intense head. He pulled my hands to the back of his head and told me, fuck my face pussy. I fucked it hard for sure white washing his tonsils, throat and all and the way to his belly. He stood up and thanked me. I knelt to unzip his pants and out came a cock as thick as my wrist. I had to stretch my mouth wide as he gave me as good as I gave him.

    J and I had many adventures my remaining weeks there. My partner came up to visit one weekend and the 3 of us fucked every minute J could spare. For 2 straight hours we took turns on his power bottom, body builder ass. His body is like a piece of steel covered in soft velvet. Well, his mouth was soft, hot, wet and his ass was like a quivering oven inside. Anyhow, when my partner told him he was in the Navy for 4 years J told us he was 20 years old and on his first deployment to the middle east where he had his first sex with a man. We received a Christmas card yesterday with a picture of J, his wife and 2 kids. He graduates in May and starts his MBA program in August.

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    Gay Male / 44

    All through high school I was my boyfriend Victor's fucker. We were horny fourteen year old boys, and we were queer for each other from the time I pulled down my underpants in front of him in his bedroom and showed him what I had between my legs. My darling Victor was the first boy who sucked dick for me. He was bashful and didn't want me to put my penis in his mouth at first. I had a big pink boner sticking up between my legs for Victor, and after I lovingly rubbed it over his lips for awhile, he opened his mouth for me. He sucked on my penis for me and made me feel really good between my legs! I got my first blow-job from another fourteen year old boy, and I liked it a lot! I squirted in his mouth and watched him eat my cum for me.

    After that, I spent a lot of time in Victor's bedroom with him! We pulled down our underpants in front of each other and took turns sucking each other's dicks. We liked licking each other between the legs, playing with each other's balls, and of course, sucking cock until we came in each other's mouths. Boys will be boys, after all! We ate each other's cum, and I got so I liked the taste of what Victor's cock squirted in my mouth! I got so horny for him at school that I was walking around with a big hard-on bulging in my levis for him sometimes! I used to make him sneak out of classes with me so Victor could give me a nice blow-job in the boys' bathroom and put a smile on my face for the rest of the school day.

    My cock and balls were much bigger than Victor's, and one day in his bedroom when I had a really big hard-on for him, I pulled down his underpants and made him bend over his bed for me. He was sort of bashful about it, but I pulled down my underpants, snuggled up behind him, and fondly rubbed my big hard cock over Victor's creamy-soft buns. I hugged him from behind and squeezed my cock between his buns. He fussed a little, then spread his legs for me. I grabbed him around his hips and tried to squeeze my penis through his anus and into his body. We were just young boys and didn't know about vaseline from his mom's bathroom yet! My cockhead was oozing just enough juice that I finally was able to fuck it into his asshole. I'd never had my penis in a boy's asshole before, and I was so excited!

    Victor grunted underneath me, and I instinctively started fucking him. I was cuddled up to a boy's bare bottom and anally fucking him doggy-style, and I LOVED it! I hugged Victor around his hips and lovingly fucked my cock in and out of his fat, jiggling ass. We were just young boys, but we bounced around on his bed together, grunting and fucking just like any pair of fags in love! He reached behind to spread his buns and strained to make room for my big hard dick in his bottom. I liked fucking boys! I liked it a lot, and I still do!

    When I squirted in Victor's bottom, it was the most heavenly feeling! Spurt after creamy spurt of my warm sperm streamed up another boy's asshole, and I was in ecstasy! I hugged him from behind, held my squirting penis up inside him, and made wet, creamy love in a boy's bottom for the first time. We were just junior high school boys, but he put his face over his shoulder and we kissed on the lips as I lovingly unloaded my balls in his bottom. With my hard cock up inside him, we were like a boyfriend and girlfriend fucking and making nasty love.

    When I was all finished, Victor blushed and pulled up his underpants. Some of my creamy-white sperm dribbled out from between his soft buns and hung in gooey strands from his bare bottom. I leered at the creamy proof of the perverted fuck as it dribbled off his ass into his underpants, and I felt so proud of myself! I fucked a boy! I came inside him and popped his cherry for him! I told Victor I was his "boyfriend" now and he was my "pussy." I was the boy with the bigger cock, so I was the one who'd fuck him from then on. Victor was very submissive about it, and I teased him about the "pussy."

    I was Victor's fucker after that, and I'm the one who told him when to pull down his underpants for me and take my cock in his bottom. We laid on his bed together and sucked on each other's cocks until I was good and hard and ready to fuck him. We were young boys and fags, and we made homosexual love together until his mom caught us at it one day.
    His mom was horrified when she caught us naked together and me cuddled up behind him with my hard dick up his asshole, making nasty love in her boy's bottom! His mom just stood in the bedroom doorway with her hands on her flabby hips as I was fucking him. She made me get off him. Then she looked at my big hard pink cock and just shook her head.

    Victor's mom was a nice lady. She sat us down like naughty little boys and talked about it with us. She told us it was sinful for boys to fuck other boys. She asked us why we got so horny for each other, and we blushed. I bashfully told her how my dick got really hard for Victor. I told her it was like he was a girl and I was his boyfriend. We bashfully admitted we sucked each other's dicks, and she told us that was nasty, but not as nasty as me putting my penis in her boy's bottom! She told us that if all boys were queers, there wouldn't be any babies anymore. She told us about fags and perverts and older men who'd want to fuck our bottoms. She told us to be careful of dirty old men who liked to fuck little boys. She was really nice about it.

    Victor's mom didn't mind us being fags so much after that. His mom came into his bedroom one time and caught me sucking on his dick. I was down on my knees, and Victor had his hard penis in my mouth and was smiling as I cocksucked him. His mom smirked, I guess pleased to see that her boy wasn't the only cocksucker! But the next time she barged into the bedroom I was squirting in his bottom and enjoying a really juicy fuck up Victor's asshole. She finally just quit coming in, and we were left to make love together.

    I never did have any pussy in school. I fucked boys, and eventually I got fucked too. One of those dirty old men she warned me about fucked me and popped my cherry for me. I was just a teenage boy, and he was in his fifties, but he was my fucker and he liked my ass a lot! I don't know how many times the man came in my bottom, but everytime his huge cock was in my ass, I fondly longed for my Victor. My fucker came in my ass, and I longed for my Victor! But I don't know whatever happened to the boy who was my first love. My cock still gets hard when I think of Victor! Boys will be boys!

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    Straight Male / 51

    I am married for 20 years now and my wife knows all about what I am going to confess to you all and comments are very welcome!!!

    this is when I was 13 or 14 years old I do know I never had a girlfriend as far as that goes I had never seen a nude girl at the time!

    well four friends of mine and I went fishing and I had one friend that everyone called cockes , well he went over to the bushes to take a piss witch was to my right and I got caught looking at a huge dick look to be around 10 or 11 inches, now as for me I measured and still hard as a rock I am only 4 and a half inches! there's a few things I have not said such as I was 17 before I even seen a naked female!

    well anyway they started making fun of me for looking and the next thing I knew they was holding me and cockes started mouth fucking me as soon as he cum one of the other guys who had I guess a seven incher put his cock in and this went on through all four of them, my first sex was a gangbang on my mouth with four guys with cocks at least seven inches!

    after a couple of weeks I went back fishing with them and ask if they wanted to do it again, I just didn't want them to hold me down well as time processed we wound up bring friends of there's I guess I should mention they was late teens or early twenty's there was one time that I gave nine blowjobs in one day I did have a close friend who I told this to and he said he has never had a blowjob so I said what's one more hell even he was much bigger than myself he was a solid nine well on more lead to many many more just added a couple of guys my age who wanted to bring friends and the four that I started with and there friends now don't get me wrong there was a lot of one on one!

    then a few years latter I got married went to work made a friend and he kelp flirting with my wife so I talked her into giving him some after around a year of threesomes and letting them have some alone time and me eating my wife's pussy after he got through we finely talked him into letting me taste the inside of my wife's pussy and the best way to do that is to pull it out and let me go down on it I told him I would go all the way down on it still much bigger than me another nine or ten he finely said one time and if I cant take it all he wouldn't let me no more well I gave him three different blowjobs one that night one while we was here alone and one while my wife watched well this was about eleven years ago he had to move and we have not done any thing like this sense! now please let me know what you think now when I said I gave nine blowjobs in one day I may have been more ! thank you for reading hope you enjoyed ....I know they did

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    When your new boss asks you if you're prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your continued and improving employment, in a area where unemployment is rife. And where new jobs are as rare as rocking horse shit to come by. Plus your fiancee is set on marrying you next year, your only answer should be "I'll do whatever it takes".

    Wha t it took was to accompany him to a large hotel to meet another man. From the moment I walked into the hotel room, both men took turns fucking my mouth as the other prepared my asshole by tonging and fingering it. Before walking into the hotel room I'd not once in my life thought about sex with a man, let alone actually contemplating allowing the two men to fuck me. After they were both suitably horny and erect from my growing oral skills, my new boss asked me to get on my knees. He got behind me and slowly slid his short fat cock up my rear hole.

    It stung and burned like a bitch for some time. It only seemed to ease as I was given the other mans cock to suck again. Once it did ease to allow my bosses cock easier access, my asshole began to feel pleasure instead of pain. In a series of first one man then the other fucking me in various positions, I became fully erect myself and without touching myself or having the two men masturbate me, I came all over my stomach as the other older man was fucking me. My boss was masturbating at the same time and as my cum landed on my stomach, his landed all over my face and neck.

    An hour later I walked out of the hotel room, having sucked off both men again and again. And took my first ever cum load down my throat, as my bosses friend emptied his balls in my mouth. I was sat on my bosses cock at the time and felt his hot spunk spurt into my bowels as he too unleashed his second load of the evening.

    The whole event was pure sex. No kissing or tnderness, just two older men fucking a youger guy who really needed to keep his job. I'm still making sure I keep my job to this day, as there are plenty of men who would eagerly take my job where I live. Would they as I do, meet both of the men once or twice a month and let them both fuck them, I don't know. What I do know is I've come to enjoy the times spend with them, especially as I now know who the other man is. He's the man who owns the company and he's assured me I'll be in management shortly. If only to give them more oportunities as to when they can fuck the shit out of me at the hotel.

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    Straight Male / 24

    This happened nearly 10 years ago, when I was 15. There was this guy called Jordan I didn't talk to him that much but I spoke to him sometimes at our lockers. He always had long hair, tied back in a ponytail. He looked quite feminine and cute for a guy. We were both straight at the time, and I still am and I'm fairly sure so is Jordan. One time during the exams I made a joke about masturbating, and he ended up surprising me by actually taking out his dick and masturbating. I really didn't know what to say, but I'm fairly sure I was harder than I'd ever been before. Almost immediately he put it away, and stepped in closer to me and grabbed my crotch. I whispered to him "bathroom" and we went.

    Once in the stall, he took off his pants and I did the same. He knelt on the toilet and bent over. I grabbed his dick and licked his balls, then he turned around and took of his shirt, stretching his legs as far as they would go and I shoved his cock in my mouth. I had never done anything like this before. I remember his dick tasting really good, although I can't think of the specific taste anymore.

    I licked from The tip of his cock up to his neck and then got on the ground. I put my feet up and fondled his dick with them and he did the same to me. His socks on my balls was and still is one of best feelings I've experienced In my life. I got up off the ground and we switched sides. I was on the toilet now. He was on his knees with my dick in his mouth, going up and down. He looked at me with his big eyes, which always made him look innocent but I wasn't being fooled. I let put some kind of impulsive moon and I he took his mouth off me, opening it. I came all over his lips and mouth. He licked his lips and swallowed it all.

    Next I lay down on the toilet and spread my legs. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. He rubbed my asshole with his finger and in return I wrapped my legs around him and managed to get my toe in his ass. Soon he came, his hot semen gushing all over my balls and asshole. He started licking it off.

    We used tissues to clean up the mess and we both just left. We just continued as usual, and nothing happened between us again, as if it never even happened I the first place.

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