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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Recently an older man, a neighbor named Phil who's fifty six, has had me sucking on his gorgeous cock. My wife obviously doesn't know about it, and I don't want her to either. I don't want to get into why, where and when. But I do want to ask other men who have been fucked, just how painful was their first experience. Phil has asked me if we can take our sexual relationship one step further, by me allowing him to fuck me with his eight inch cock. It's quite thick and has a large mushroom shaped head.
    I'm so tempted to have him fuck me, as it was my intention in the first place to have an older man fuck me. I'm hoping to hear back from men who can give me some advice, as it's not a matter of if, but when.
    Thanks Josh...

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    Straight Male / 23

    I got this girl from a club and think got hotter between the two us. She invited to a nearby motel so that we could fuck. However, she brought along another man from the club and she wanted to have threesome.

    We got down to our business, both of us taking turns to fucking her while the other gets her dick being suck. That was my first time seeing a guy with a hard on cock. A little bit awkward but I was more on the girl.

    Something happened along the way, while the other was fucking girl (she was on all fours) when he suddenly grab my cock and suck. I was stunned but he grabbed my butt and pushed his cock in him. Before I knew it, I already had this guy suck my dick and he was very good in doing it. He sucks probably better that girl I have been fucking.

    The night ended, the girl went home, left her number to the both us. He got my number. Now he's been texting me about how great my cock was. I am straight but I wanted to see that guy suck my dick again and I wanted to cum in his face and let him swallow it.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Lately things have gotten crazier I've been messing around with guys on te downlow for a while now and sucks becuz I can never get fucked long enough to decide wether I like it or not, I'm hoping that in the next few days I can arrange to have a discreet meet but I'm gonna make it different this go around I wanted to try something different and idk if it's going to far but I really wanna try dressing like a girl, I would t be a convincing one but I wanna try, I really wanna try it with more then one guy as well it seems like 1 dicks just not enough maybe that's just cause the guys I've experimented with didn't last to long, I've been considering a creampie I've had an unwanted one before but wanna know what it's like to feel a load deep in your ass try missionary style, and be someone's bitch

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I have gay sex with my best friend. Ron and I have been friends for years but have been having sex for the last 12. It all started when we were looking at the porn he had on his computer and there was a file I opened that had nothing but cocks in it. Ron was embarrassed and hurried and clicked out of the file but I told him I was cool with it and admitted I had some on my computer as well and didn't mind looking at them with him. Ron didn't say anything but when I reopened the file, he made no attempt to close it. As we looked thru a few photos, I made comments on how nice a few of them looked stood up and said my cock was stiff and needed rearranged and asked Ron if he'd ever jacked off with another guy. Ron admitted he had and I asked how about if we do it now as I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. Ron stood and after undoing and pushing his pants down, slowly started stroking his cock with his legs spread wide giving my a full view. It had been a few years since I had pleasured another man's cock but I got on my knees and started licking Ron's dick and tasting his precum. Ron grabbed my head and stopped me and I thought he was going to get up and tell me to get the fuck out but as he stood up, he said we should do this right and said follow me as we went to the guestroom. Once there we both got naked and I resumed licking and sucking his cock and balls as he sat on the bed. Ron's 7" fit nice in my mouth and as I sucked up and down, he was telling me how great it felt, only making me suck faster. Ron grabbed my head and said he was going to cum but I kept blowing him until he had emptied his balls in my mouth as I swallowed his sperm. I kept playing with his balls and licked his cock as he caught his breath then asked how he liked his blowjob. He said he never thought of me as being a cocksucker but was sure glad I was then asked me what we should to do next as his cock was starting to grow again.
    Now I stood up and said I was sure he could think of something as my hardon was now even with his face and watched as he slowly sucked my cock into his mouth. Ron grabbed my hips and gently rocked me, telling me to fuck his mouth as he expertly slurped on my throbbing cock. I ran my fingers thru his hair and told him I was sure this wasn't this first time he'd sucked cock. Ron pulled my cock from his mouth and admitted I was right then gently sucked my balls as he slowly stroked me and asked if I would 69 with him. We both laid on the bed and sucked, licked, and slurped until we had both sucked each other dry, swallowing every drop. We fell asleep and started the next day by 69ing and eating cum before showering and me sucking him off one more time before I left for work enjoying the taste of his cum in my mouth.
    Since that time, we have sucked each other off every chance we get. We have tried ass fucking with me being more of the receiver than him which is fine by me. We continue to try anything that each other wants to try sexually and neither one of us can think of any reason to stop.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    After a motor cycle accident, I began to suffer badly from Sciatica. A friend from work was talking to another colleague one day, about a guy he knew who was having "alternative treatmaent" for his Sciatica. I listened in to find out this other guy was visiting a masseur who offered deep anal probing to allieviate back pain and in my case, Sciatica.

    After some digging around, I found out who the guy was and booked an appointment. If I wasn't gay, bisexual or otherwise before I visited him, I was after my third session. The first two were done using a warmed up dildo. And believe me the Sciatic pain was dramatically reduced from his anal probing. When he offered me the most intense treatment, one he hoped would help to end my pain, I told him he coud do anything.

    Arriving early, I was his only client that afternoon. Naked on his massage bed, he oiled first his hands then my whole body, including my asshole. Starting with a warmed dildo, he worked my asshole until he asked me if I was ready for his intense treatment. Climbing onto the massage bed with me, I heard him put a condom on then felt his hot cock enter my ass. It was much wider than the dildo and it went in way deeper. It took my breath away at first and it took some time to get used to his size. Once I did, in a weird almost buzzing type feeling, my Sciatica went. The pain was replaced by a surging feeling of total pleasure. Each time his cock entered me deeper and deeper, my whoe body relaxed and I found myself willing him to fuck me.

    Gently putting his weight down onto me, he built up speed, rhythm and penetration of my ass, and it felt unimaginally fan fucking tastic. The pain was totally gone and it was all I could do to not tell this guy I loved him. I'd put up with cronic pain for so long, I'd have had the man fuck me all night if he wanted to. Moving us over so I was on my left side, it gave him and his cock easier access to my rear hole. It also gave my own ccok chance to rise, and rise it did. Taking hold of my dick with his oiled up hands, he began to wank my cock to the same rhythm he was fucking me. Arching my head back, he cradled it on his shoulder and with us that position he carried on giving me my first ever gay fuck.

    Not more than five minutes after he began to masturbate me, my orgasm built and my cock erupted, sending cum all over the massage bed. It spured him into an even more forceful fucking of my ass and seconds later I felt his hot cum filling the condom deep deep inside my body. We both lay there not talking but not moving either. His cock was still inside me and it felt womderful. Just an gently as he'd first entered me, he slid his cock out of my ass and moved off the massage bed.

    We chatted in his reception room about further treatments. I asked how many he throught I need. His reply was to tell me "If you think you enjoyed being fucked, as many times as you like". I'm still visiting my masseur a year on. He makes sure we have the whole afternoon to ourselves and I make sure I'm ready to take his amazing cock.

    As far as I know, no one, including my finacee, knows I visit my masseur lover. As that's what he's become. I don't pay anymore and our sessions are mostly to do with mutual sexual pleasure. I say that because, from that first anal fucking, I've only had one bout of pain and that was because I'd overdone it paving my brothers driveway. It was worth it as I got to have an extended fuck the day after to relieve my symptoms. It might not work for everyone, but having my asshole fucked by a man who knows just how to fuck a guy, was for me well worth the initial money.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    One night I was driving home from a cl encounter. It hadn't gone well; the guy wasn't as attractive as his picture, and he had a tiny dick. I love sucking dick. I ended the meeting quickly and headed home. In my frustration I didn't notice I as going 20 over the speed limit until the cop was pulling me over.

    He was a handsome older guy, slim but muscular. White hair in a crew cut, and deep blue eyes. He asked where I was going in such a hurry as he took my license and insurance. I told him I was headed home after a booty call that ended up not panning out.

    When he came back he gave me the typical speech about paying a ticket, but at the end he said "If you'd like to make this go away tonight, do a lap around this block and meet me behind the library across the street." My heart raced as I lapped the block. When I pulled into the library parking lot I saw his car in the back. I pulled behind the building, it was perfect. Surrounded on three sides by a thick row of trees and a privacy fence. The cop was standing at the back of his car, leaning against the trunk.

    I parked and walked over to him. I was going to ask him what I had to do to make the ticket go away, but he pulled me in and kissed me, then he pushed my head down to his crotch. His pants were unbuttoned, I unzipped them and reached in. I pulled out a nice semi-hard cock. I heard him whisper the word "Suck", so I obliged.

    He wasn't fully hard when I started, but he was after a few minutes. I sucked him until he busted his load in my mouth. It came without warning, a twitch of his cock and he exploded. He held my head down so I was forced to swallow. I had never swallowed before, but the risque nature of the encounter had me too aroused to feel grossed out. I swallowed every drop. He zipped back up and I handed him my ticket. He tore it up and we parted ways.

    And that's when I sucked a cops dick to get out of a ticket.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I just got back from the gloryhole and suck my first cock. In fact i sucked 4 of them. It was pretty good. Got my dick sucked too

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    There's a young guy in work called John. He was the most arrogant self important dickhead you'd ever care not to meet. He was also a homophobic bully, who liked to pick on two other guys his age, both of whom are gay and proud to be so.
    They both asked me if I could do anything about John and his bullying ways, to which I told them I'd think about it and what I could do without having to resort to violence.
    John being John, he invited himself to a party I was going to, and made it perfectly clear to everyone there, even though lots of people who were there, were gay or bisexual, that he hated gay men and what gay sexuality stood for.
    About two hours into the party I couldn't find him, but just thought he'd gone home as he'd become very tipsy and no one it appeared wanted to talk to him. Then after leaving the bathroom upstairs, I noticed a bedroom door was ajar and inside the bedroom it sounded like two guys having sex. Peering in I saw an older man called Larry, someone I knew from having previously had some oral fun with. Larry was naked stood up holding the head of a guy who was obviously giving him some head. Looking closer, I saw it was John, who was also naked. He was taking what I knew to be a long thick cock into his mouth and by the sounds of his moaning, he was loving every inch of it.
    The two young guys came to mind, so I stepped inside, dropped my trousers and underwear and walked over to where John was sucking my older friends cock. I was hard within a minute as I stood up close watching John having his face fucked. Then signalling to Larry I took out my camera phone, pressed record and had Larry make John raise his asshole up.
    Filming it, I spat on John's ass and without pausing, I shoved all seven inches of my dick up John's peculiarly easy to enter asshole.
    He jumped from having me enter him but he didn't stop sucking on Larry's cock. Indeed if anything he only began to suck harder. So I began to fuck him harder.
    It wasn't John's first fuck, that much was clear. So why all the bullying, why make out even at a party where a third of the attendees were gay or like myself, bisexual, that you hated gay sex. I thought about it for a few seconds, but John's ass felt so good wrapped around my cock, I just got into fucking him as hard as he could take it.
    Over the next ten minutes myself and Larry swapped from mouth to asshole twice. John became a two hole fuck piece. And as we continued to enjoy his orifices, I continued to film us fucking John's mouth and ass.
    Within a minute of each other, Larry and I dumped our loads all over John's face. He acted and looked like what he is in reality, a cum drenched young man who adores cock. Not the vision he showed the outside world, but the one I'd captured on my phone.
    I was back in the party when a cleaned up John approached me and apologised. I told him not to apologise to me, after all I'd just had a great time fucking his hot fuck hole, but to apologise to his two young colleagues he'd given such a bad time to.
    I erased the film of me and Larry fucking him, off my phone, but not before I'd stroked a few off watching it over the following week, I told John that it was deleted, and strangely he said he'd have love to have seen it. That gave me an idea.
    John has since watched himself sucking cock and being fucked. His whole attitude has changed, as has his relationship with the two young guys in work.
    Early last week, John, myself and one of the two young men from work, all attended a private party at Larry's home. John and his new best friend were both fucked all night long. I ended up watching John swallowing his young friends cum, as I was fucking his friends asshole. The sun was rising, as was Larry's long thick cock who was readying himself to fuck John again.
    The video we'd shot on the night will be kept, along with some of the others I've kept and shown John. Work has never been a happier place to be.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This is a true story that happen in 1971. I was 16 years old he was 52 years old. First some back ground. My dad died when I was 12. At 14 I started sucking my best friends (Jimmy) cock when ever he want it. That was around the same time I discovered cross dressing. My mom found a good paying job at a factory working second shift. I was home alone nights and would dress in her sexy things and masturbate. I was a shy plump small dick kid growing up. My dick was and is only 4 ins when hard. When soft luck if it's 1/2 ins. Plus to top it off my balls are tight and do not hang. I all so had man boobs that are even bigger now as I gotten older. ok the story.

    My mom finely got a new man in her life and was away on vacation for 2 weeks. It was play time. I got to wear mom's things. She had lots of stockings and garter belts. I was enjoying wearing her garters and stockings jerking off. That buddy I been sucking since I was 14 gave me some very hard core magazines from his fathers stash. These were not like playboy but very hardcore with nothing but pics in them. Gave me 2 str8 ones one gay one. They showed everything and lots of cum shots.

    So it was just getting dark out I was in the den wearing my mom's tan stockings with her red garter belt and her black bra. The cups on the bra were to big but I enjoyed the feeling. I got her big 10 in dildo in me slowly masturbating looking at the gay magazine. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a knock on the window. To my horror there was my next door neighbor Henry looking right at me. I tried to cover up as I heard him say to late all ready seen you let me in. The curtain on the window was open just enough for him to see. I walked over to the door opened it a little and said what's up. He said let me in want to talk. I was so scared and nervous my hand was shaking. He walked in shut the door behind him looked me up and down smiled then walked over to the coffee table picked up the dildo looked at me smile then picked the magazine up looking at it said why aren't you a fag. He said how long you been doing this? I said first time he yelled don't lie to me. I told him then he seen my face and said don't worry it will be our little secret. I said really! he said yea. He looked between my legs and said you are small. I whispered I know. He was looking though the magazine he said this get you hard hun. I nodded my head yes. He handed me the magazine said here get your self hard as I watch. I said it might not be a good idea. He said if you want your secret to be safe it is.

    He walked over to the window pulled the curtains closed so no one could see in then went over to the door locked it looked around making sure we were alone. He pulled the chair in front of the sofa and sat in it. He said well get it hard. I sat on the sofa started looking at the pics of gay sex. I asked him if he wanted to look at a str8 magazine. He said you have one! I got up and went to get one came back handed it to him and noticed he undid his pants and zipper. U could see his blue plaid boxers. I started stroking looking at the guy on guy sex. I was taking peeks at his crouch wondering what his cock looked like. I only played with Jimmy's cock but often jerked-off thinking about other cocks.

    I was now hard as a rock he said you are small no wonder you dress like a girl. He was now rubbing his cock looking back and forth from my cock to the magazine. He asked me if I ever sucked cock. I didn't answer and he kept asked. Finely I said yes. He stared in my eyes as he pulled his cock out started stroking it. He said u like sucking. I nodded yes, He said did you swallow his cum, I nodded yes staring at his semi hard cock. He kicked his shoes off and asked if I let anyone fuck me, I said no. He seen I was staring at his cock.

    He got up walked over to me stood right in front of me dropping his pants stepping out of them then dropping his boxers. Right in my face was my first look at a uncut cock. It was thick very veiny lots of hair with big I mean big hanging balls. I watched as he stroked it. I liked watching how the fore-skin slide over the head then back like a peek-a-boo show. The head was very pale and shinny. The shaft was darker in color and veiny. I looked up he smiled then grabbed the back of my head gently pulling my head to his cock. My hand replaced his and my mouth opened wide taking him in my mouth. My tongue danced all over and around the head tasting very salty. He was now fully hard and moaning. He said thats it suck it oh yea fuck your good. My head now bouncing up and down his shaft. My sucking became stronger and my tongue was licking harder. He said oh you cock sucker that feels so fucking good. I reach up with my other hand played with his nuts. He started shooting in my mouth. Globs of thick cum hitting my throat I was gaging. After he was done he pulled out. His cock was covered in cum. He grabbed his cock started rubbing all over my face said a good cock==sucker wear the cum to. He said did u like it, I said yes. He said want to suck me all the time I nodded yes he said good see you tomorrow ok I said yes and he dressed and left. I jerked-off a big load tasting his cum on my tongue.

    I didn't sleep that night and jerked-off about 5 times. The next day just before he was to come over I showered and got dressed in my mom's black stockings with her black open bottom girdle that had attached garter straps. I wore her g-string black lace thong that barely covered my cock and balls. He asked where my mom kept her toys. I lead him to her bedroom and pointed to the night stand drawer. He looked in pulled all her vibrators and dildo's alone with lube. He started to get naked then got on the bed. He said come suck me hard. I got between his legs started to work his cock hard. He surprised me pushed me away the flipped me on my stomach started rubbing my ass. I was shocked more when he stuck his tongue in my ass. He got on top of me I felt the cold lube on my hole then his cock was at my opening. It hurt like hell going in he said relax let it go in don't fight it. He finely was balls deep and took my cherry that night. He shot a big load in me. It never did feel good that night. After about 5 times of him fucking me on other nights, It started feeling great. We did it for 4 plus years. His wife and my mom never found out or did anyone find out I was a cross dresser.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Hi everybody I just got back from getting my dick suck at the glory hole. got suck off by 3 different guys too. It was pretty good. Tommorrow I'm gonna back and try to suck my first cock. Gonna try and swallow the cum too wooo hooo! If i have the balls too lol

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