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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was younger my parents moved and just like in my old school there were vey few blacks. At my new school there as only one other blac boy. He was tall and good looking. He did well in school and everyone liked him. It was sort of only natural that the two of started to become friends. He was nice and his family was very religious and he was going to become a preecher.
    One afternoon I was over at his hosue and it was just the two of us. He strted being kind of chummy, telling me how nice it was to have a black friend. I agreed and he surprised me and said how it would be nice if the two of us were closer. I wasnât quite sure what he meant, and then he kissed me. Of course that told me xactly what he meant. For some reason, with him, I sort of didnât mind and I kissed him back. The two of us sort of mildly made out for a little bit and actually I thougth that it was sort of fun doing that together as boys, although I had never thought about doing anything like that with another boy before.
    Over the next week or so we got together at his house and we made out some more, and enjoyed being loving and affectionate with one another. It wssnât like I had this desire to be gay with another boy, just that I liked doing that with him.
    After we had done this a number of times, one day he told me what a boner he was having, and I admitted that I was having one, too. So we took our clothes off and got naked. While I was lying there on the bed starting t jack off, he sat astrid my legs and started to jack off his large penis, too. It was pretty exciting doing that together and I ejaculated. Then he ejaculated and he put his wet seed all over me and I loved it. It was a feeling of privilage doing that wih him as another boy.

    It was maybe a week later the two of us were naled and playing around, and he was fndling my balls. Then he slipped his finger down to ickle my buut hole, and he gently pushed in a little eays. I found that quite stimulating. After a moment he got up and came back with a small bottle of lubrication which he slicked his bner with. I was lying on my back and he had me put my kees up and my laegs apart. He got on his knees between then and slowly started o push his erection into my butt. I was surprise and I just laid there letting him doing that. He pushed slowly and gently all ghe ay in and ghen he started to fuck me. It was really incredibly looking up and seeing the smile on his face and letting him kae love to me like this.

    He fucked me for several minues while e mastrubated my erection. Finally Ie jaculated and then he ejaculated in me. It it was wonderful and I was mezmorized by the maleness of the mment.

    After that the two of us started to fuck pretty regularly and we both enjoyed it. He told me how his parnets, being very religious, of course, would have never appraoved of his doing something like this with another boy. I knew hat parents would pobably be shocked if they found out. So the whole time that we were in school together we remaned secret lovers and it was so neat and so nice.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I âve been having a male affair for over a year now with an older man. Iâm twenty-four and heâs fifty-six. Dave is divorced and has been a friend of my parents and Iâve known him for years.

    I stopped by his house one morning to tell him that mom and dad wanted to invite him to a barbeque that week. He said how that would be great, and he invited to hang around for a while after he went and took a shower. So I did, and I was a little surprised when about five minutes later he came back from his shower and walked into the kitchen naked. He just grinned and said how it was nice to be relaxed and I grinned back and agreed. As he was standing there having a mug of coffee he started to get an erection. I just watched as his penis stiffen handsomely. He grinned some more and asked if I felt like getting naked too and having some fun.

    I guess that I was feeling in an uninhibited mood, because I said sure. So I got my clothes off and was quickly having an erection as well. We smiled at one another and we did a naked embrace which felt good, and then he kissed me. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I did the same to him. I had never done anything like this with another guy before, but with him it felt really good and there was a genuine sense of privilege in getting to be male like this with him.

    Well, he sucked on my dick a little so I tried sucking on his. Then he told me how he would really like to get his dick into my butt, so I let him. There was no rubber or anything, he just used some lubrication. It was so incredible letting Dave fuck me like that. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this experience and especially his ejaculating in me like he did. Afew days later I went back over to his house and let him fuck me again.

    Now this has been going on for a little over a year. My mom and dad have no idea that Dave and I are having sexual relations, and Iâm not sure if they would approve. But since I am over twenty-one I figure that itâs really just my business and no one elseâs. I had never thought about having an affair with another guy before, but with Dave itâs so wonderful.

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    Straight Male / 44

    Got my ass fucked for the first time today. Was at harbor freight buying some car polish and wax and struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. One thing lead to another and I was at his house looking at his old car. It needed a bit of paint correction.

    Just talking to him I noticed that he was fully erect in his shorts! I wear briefs with shorts so my dick wasnât visible as I got hard. He invented me inside his home.

    15 minutes later heâs naked and Iâm on my knees sucking his dick. Isnât the first dick Iâve sucked, Iâve sucked a few in the past.

    By that point all I have on is my briefs and heâs telling me to take them off and lay on my back on his couch. He walks into another room. Comes back with a bottle of lube.

    His dick is big so it hurt going in! But once it was in it felt amazing. 5 minutes later he was cumming in my butt. Damn it felt great!

    As Iâm driving home I can tell some cum was leaking out into my briefs. And as Iâm buffing my truck I could tell it was definitely leaking out of me!

    I eventually went in and fucked my wife real good

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    Gay Male / 39

    When my neighbor moved in next door, I like everyone else believed the man of the house, Chet, was one hunky heterosexual virile man. Mainly because you could hear them having sex all the time.

    What everyone, including his wife doesn't know, is Chet's one hunky muscular bisexual cock slut.
    I'm a gay top. And I just love fucking muscular men. Even better if they're married. I'm not sure what it is about married fit men, but I just adore sticking my cock down their throats and deep up their ass. And Chet is definitely no exception.

    It was he who approached me actually. I was working out in my yard, when he made a comment about my physique.
    It was said in such a way, it was obviously a gay come on "I bet they're not the main muscle you work out".

    I can't remember the exact reply I gave him, but it was something like "Would you like to find out".
    In less than a minute, he hopped over the low fence, we'd moved behind my log store, and Chet was on his knees sucking in my cock.

    He made a comment about my cock being really thick before sucking it in, then I was given one of the finest blow jobs any man has ever given me.
    He took me to the point of orgasm many times, working his lips and tongue all over my cock. Sucking hard on the head as my orgasm approached, then easing off to lick and tongue my balls and asshole.

    When I did cum in his mouth, I fully expected him to spit it out. He didn't. Chet let me see it swirling over his tongue, then swallowed the lot.

    He rose up and asked me if my work out was complete. I told him, it and I also like to fuck ass too. Chet smiled, kissed me full and passionately on the mouth, then said "Next time neighbor".

    They've lived next to me for eighteen months now. He and his wife still fuck like rabbits, but when he's hungry for cock, just like yesterday, I feed Chet my dick.

    His wife was at one of her gym classes, so he text to ask if I was horny. I'm always horny, but I was going out within the next half hour. Telling him it would have to be a quickie, he called round in just his shorts and flip flops.

    A long groping kiss, a quick cock suck and he knelt up on my sofa.
    His ass is perfect. So damn perfect I love to rim his butt cheeks and asshole. I knew it would probably make me late, but I had to tongue that hole. Once I'd indulged myself fully eating out his ass, I slid my cock into his saliva covered hole and fucked him hard.

    Chet moaned a lot yesterday, probably because we haven't fucked for a fortnight (Covid). Even so I screwed him deep and felt him orgasm below me after a few minutes. Thrusting with longer deeper strokes, I finally came filling his asshole as he wanted me to.

    Unable to resist, I felched him. Tonguing out my own cum from his asshole, then feeding it to him as we kissed. He told me his wife's working pattern was back to normal now, so he expects to need fucking a lot more often.

    I'm more than ok to be fucking my neighbor for as long as he wants my dick. It's all great sex, believe me and we're only on this rock for a brief time.

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    Gay Male / 40

    I submitted this a few moments ago, but it hasn't shown up, so I'm sending it again.

    I read a story on here that inspired me to share my similar story.

    I first realized that I was gay when I was 10.

    My cousins had come over to my family's house for a spring break trip. I had to share my room with all the boys, the oldest of whom was 17. There were 3 of us in total. The trip went well and we had huge fun. My cousins left and a few weeks later, I found my oldest cousin's gay porn magazine. I was curious about it. I saw straight porn mags from my best friend who stole them from his 21 year old brother, but I never saw pics like this. I spent so much time running my fingers along the naked men's figure. It stirred something within me. I felt more aroused (as aroused as a 11 year old can be) looking at those pictures than looking at naked women. I had just started to masturbate and that magazine quickly became my favorite magazine to jerk to.

    I was about 12 when I had my first sexual experience. My best friend and I were neighbors, and so, we would always have sleepovers every weekend, ever since we were young. It was at these sleepovers that we looked through my friend's older brother's magazines. We'd talk about sex and women a lot. It was all stuff that he had learned from his brother, either through conversations or spying on him, that he then passed onto me. We used to masturbate together to the magazines, sometimes too. This particular weekend, however, I decided to bring my gay porn mag. I wanted to see what he'd say. I wasn't expecting him to be super into it, like I was, but to my surprise he was! We spent that night going through the magazine. The next day, we woke up super early. He was using the bathroom, when I walked in on him and we both started to pee together. He was making a little bit of a mess, so I leaned over and held onto his cock and helped him aim. When we finished, I continued to hold onto his cock. We didn't say anything, just staring at each other as I held onto his cock. I leaned in for and kissed him on his lips, my hand still on his cock. I started to rub his cock and he started to reciprocate by rubbing my cock and kissing me back. After kissing and rubbing for a bit, he pushed his cock head against mine and rubbed our tips together. It felt so good.

    We decided to leave the bathroom and went into his bedroom and locked the door. Inside, we swordfought a bit more before he pushed me to my knees. I took his cock and put it in my mouth and started to suck on it. I blew him for some time, before he told me to stop. I stopped and he told me to stand, as I stood, he dropped to his knees and started sucking me. Being sucked felt so good, but not as good as it felt to suck on his cock. After some time, I stripped down and climbed onto his bed and got on all fours. He got behind me and rubbed his cock against mine before pressing his tip against my hole. I loved the feeling, but he couldn't push into my hole. Luckily, he had some lotion that he used, letting him penetrate me fully (at least, he said he went in fully). We fucked for some time, with me alternating between doggy to missionary, before stopping. He felt so good in me. It did hurt a bit, but the pleasure made it worth it. We couldn't stop talking about it with each other all week. The next weekend, we continued fucking as before.

    This started our relationship as fuck buddies in junior high, before it turned into a full on relationship in high school. Most people didn't know about our relationship, including our families, apart from a few of our close friends, who were very supportive of us. That time was amazing for the two of us. We spent so much time together. We were at each other's houses almost every day and there were weekends where we would only be in either person's bedroom, only coming out to eat. I'm surprised our parents didn't know (They probably knew, or had a suspicion at the very least). We both learned to ejaculate and we explored our sexual identities more and more. I learned that I love eating and being filled with cum and that I love being a sub. He learned that he was bi and that he was vers. This didn't change our dynamic though. He was still the best dom and best top that I had. Our relationship lasted from freshman year up until the end of junior year, where we realized that we were drifting apart, romantically. Our split no longer meant that we could remain best friends, but we were still friends. We did meet up for a fuck once in a blue moon, but those hookups couldn't hold a candle to what we were like before.

    In college, while living on dorms, I cruised a lot and hooked up a lot. It wasn't until my first semester in my second year that I met someone like my ex, in bed. He was a plumber that came to fix a leaky shower in my dorm. I kept checking him out, by staring at his bulge and biting my lip while rubbing my crotch. He noticed and asked if I wanted to suck his dick. I answered his question by nodding and I blew him in the shower. He wanted to fuck me, and I let him. The bathroom door was closed and luckily, there was no one in the dorm at the time. This started our relationship together. He wasn't my first older man, but he the first older man that made me want to return for more, like my first. He gave me his number and we would meet up, either in my dorm room or at his house and he'd fuck and breed me, while I sucked him. He introduced me to his little underground sex group.

    My college was in a college town made up of other small colleges. The group was made up of professors from the different colleges, different staff (like maintenance men, plumbers, janitors, line cooks, etc.) from the different colleges, and a few local men. There was an okay amount of us college students (okay, being enough to please all the men in the group). We were the ones being fucked and sucking the men off. I had an amazing time in that group. The group turned me onto orgies and gangbangs. I really clicked with a professor in his forties, and would meet up with him or the plumber for one-on-one sex outside of the orgies.

    I felt amazing in college, especially after finding that group. With the amount of time I spent being a bottom (which was basically all the time) I'm surprised and lucky I didn't catch anything, especially because I loved going bareback and getting bred. In my twenties, I found a group through a friend I made in my college sex group, where I could be used like before again. There weren't any orgies or gangbangs, since it was really just a sharing group where the younger men would be shared between the older men on weekends.

    Currently, I'm still a bottom, but I now top the right young man from time to time. I'm not a part of any groups either. I'm still in contact my first, and though we don't talk much or fuck anymore, its nice to have a chat with him and reminisce.

    Thank you for reading this long confession!

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    Gay Male / 54

    The year was 1976, I got a summer intern job working for a major hotel chain assigned to the front desk. A cashier befriended me and told me of places to go where other young people hung out. I took her advise and headed for TGI Friday's which at that time was hopping with young people. Being a college kid I was not embarrassed by being turned down and I hit on several women who told me to bug off. Then a woman sitting at the bar asked me what my name was.

    It turned out she was a school counselor in her mid thirties, divorced and having a drink. We sat at the bar and she asked me to watch her purse so she could go to the ladies room and on the way she ran her hand up my thigh and over my bulge. After a couple of drinks she asked if I wanted to blow the joint, we could go to her place and talk about whatever came up. We went to the parking lot, she was driving a green MG and we went to this apartment complex about a mile away.

    Inside she asked if I wanted another beer, and handing it to me told me that she wanted me to show her what I had, not that she was that particular but size mattered and she wanted to make sure I didn't have a hood on my dick. I stood there, in the middle of kitchen and she unzipped my pants and took my dick out and was very happy that I was properly circumcised and after a couple of long sucks she got my dick to come to attention. Holding me by my dick she asked how I liked my pussy, wet, dry, hot, cold, did I like to suck, did I like to fuck, how about fucking her bent over, she said it went in all the way that way.

    About then I started to feel real inexperienced, I tried to fake it but she knew and asked if I had ever really fucked a woman, to describe the pussies I had fucked. Or maybe I really liked dick, some guys really like dick, which one was it. She caught me, I had to confess that I had never really fucked a woman and I had never really seen a pussy like that, the most I had seen was a pussy in a picture. I had never really seen a dick up close, except mine. By the hand she led me to her bedroom, a big bed with lots of pillows on it.

    She sat me down and sucked on my dick for a few minutes, then went to her nightstand and pulled out a large dildo and brought it over to compare. Showing me the dildo she said that was what she expected a man to be, but I was boy and I had to grow into it and she sucked my dick again. She told me to get naked and get in bed and she went into the bathroom to change. She came out in a negligee, and turned off the lights and pulled the curtains shut and there was hardly any light. Beside the bed she slipped off the negligee and got into bed and grabbed my dick which was hard as hell. The kiss was intense and she rubbed my dick and she told me that what she really liked was hard boy with a nice ass, and holding my hand she put it on her hard dick. At first I thought it was the dildo, but it wasn't and climbing on me he told me that I was really going to enjoy it and so was he.

    I could fell his hard dick against me, my thigh, my stomach, my hip as he worked to turn me over. Once on my stomach and he was totally on my back he told me that it was going to hurt, but I had to take it like a man, his knee worked itself in between my legs and his dick was all over me until he found my anus and he started to mount me and get his dick into my ass. It hurt a little but not as much, and once he got it in he worked it in until he said he was balls to the wall and for me to relax. He fucked me, shoved in and out, he fucked me and my dick was rubbing against the sheets and I got hard as ever and I came into the sheets, after a few minutes he came too and pulled his dick out.

    He had a small towel beside the bed and wiped his dick with it and told me to wipe my ass. He held me down and kissed me some more, told me that being queer was fun, her really liked young college boys. I slept in that bed with him, naked with his arm around me. In the morning he took me into the shower and had me suck his dick and he sucked mine, he poked my ass with his finger and asked how I liked it and if I wanted another good one because he was horny as hell. Back in the room he kissed me holding my dick in his hand and told me to lay down. I got on my stomach and he got on top and his dick found my anus and he worked it in, this time I felt it, every last inch, this time I really enjoyed being fucked, like the one that night I came into the sheets again.

    After that we lay naked in the bed, hands touching everywhere, kissing away, sucking dick until around ten when we got dressed and went to breakfast at Denny's.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Before anyone has a go at me, I know it's not easy for everyone during this lockdown.
    For me its been amazing. In the sense, I've never had so much fantastic sex.
    My wife works still. I'm working from home, but I start early (International time differences) and I'm finished most days for around lunch time.
    Which has given me and a young neighbour of ours, whole afternoon's of the best gay sex.
    I have a Very high libido. One which enables me to still have more than enough to fuck my wife three to four times a week, that she likes.
    It also enables me to have Thomas suck on my eight inches and receive my cock up his sweet arsehole.
    He's pretty much on his own during the day, as his mum works at our local clinic. And she's working extra shifts right now.
    From around midday to five o'clock I have his undivided attention, and believe me, I've been fucking the shit out of him.
    It was Thomas who approached me. I was painting the garden wall a few weeks ago, when he made a comment about me in just my shorts. He wanted to know if my semi tanned skin extended below my waist band.
    I told him if he joined me in the garden shed, he could find out for himself.
    He found out alright. Sucking on my dick until I busted my nut in his mouth. I fucked him the following day in their house, after he sent me a text of him naked and massaging his arsehole.
    And so it has gone on. Only we now fuck mostly in our guest bedroom. Or my favourite at the moment, in the shower.
    He's doing an online college lesson at the moment. But at three, he'll be calling by. I'm so fucking horny, I'm going to fuck him bareback and cum deep up that beautiful shoebox of his.

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    Gay Male / 19

    Nineteen now, but was only seventeen when I first sucked off a married neighbour from our village. He and I began a gay affair and it was he who first fucked me.
    On one of occasions he was fucking me from behind, with his wife at work, when another neighbour called by his home to bring back some tools. He caught us, but instead of walking away offended, he fed me his small fat dick as I was being fucked. That tool return day started lots of gay threesome liaisons.
    About nine months later with all three of us having gay sex, the second neighbor asked if he could invite a golfing friend of his. Someone he sometimes had sex with.
    I kind of knew this guy, and I knew like the first man, he was married. It didn't matter. Three days later in the second neighbours home, I sucked off and was fucked by all three men.
    Within a few months, the third man moved into at cottage with his family, right on the outskirts of our village.
    Now I have three neighbours, two married, who regularly fuck me. The youngest at forty two, is the neighbor who moved in. The oldest is the second neighbor, single, at fifty one. And it's his home we now have sex in all the time.
    However it's my first lover, at forty eight who has the largest cock, that I enjoy having sex with the most.
    We often meet apart from the others, but have to meet mostly outdoors. In the surrounding hills and countryside near our homes, he fucks me because his wife has been born again.
    Her loss and definitely my gain with his huge cock.

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    Gay Male / 30

    I am a voyeur. I love watching videos of dudes in the locker rooms. I go to gay saunas and watch dudes fool around. Iâve paid guys to just let me watch them undress and shower. Itâs my thing.

    I live in an old apartment in Jersey that I found on Craigslist. Moved in with total strangers. Shortly before the pandemic, my three roommates moved out. So it was just me for a minute. A month into quarantine, my landlord moved a dude in. Average fella. A little bearded, average height, okay body. He was cute. He had a nice ass. Straight though. We hit it off pretty quickly. He kept to himself, but every once in awhile weâd watch TV and smoke.

    A few years ago I had bought a hidden camera off amazon. I never got to use it. I decided with my new roommate, now was the time. It was pretty discreet. It looked just like a normal towel hanger. I put up in the bathroom. Couple of days passed by and I checked the recordings. I was so anxious. Boy, did it pay off. I got to see everything. Undressing. Pissing. One day he even jerked off before going in. I hit the jackpot.

    This went on for a few weeks. It made for great spank material. Then one day I got a text from my roommate. Said he needed help hanging something in his room. As I entered his room, I see him just sitting at his computer desk. With the camera. I hadnât checked it in a few days, but somehow he caught me.

    âWhat the fuck is this?â

    I was scarred shitless. I didnât know what to do. I was so fucked. I didnât even know what to say. He asked if I posted the videos anywhere, and I promised he no. I showed him what recordings I had, and I deleted them infront of him. I promised I didnât have anymore. I begged him not to tell my landlord. He told me to close and lock the door. I was so fucking scared. He told me to take my clothes off. I was shocked. I kinda just stood there and then he pulled his phone out. He told me to do what he said or heâd call my landlord and then the cops. So I undressed.

    It turned me on, but I was trying so hard not to get aroused. He started to record me on his phone.

    âGe t on your hands and kneesâ

    My heart was racing. I did what he said. I tried to look down, but he yelled at me. âLook up. Look up and barkâ. I begged him to stop, but he said this is the only way I could make it up to him. So I did it. I was on my knees, totally naked, barking for him.

    âYou&ac irc;re hard. You fucking like this?â. I said yes, and he yelled at me. âYouâre a dog, you canât talk. Do you like this?â. I barked.

    He started to unzip his pants.

    âGet the fuck over hereâ

    He crawled over. He shoved his hard cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me. He recorded it the whole time. As humiliating as it was, it felt good. I hadnât had sex in months because of the pandemic and he had a nice cock. He came in my mouth and made me swallow.

    âYouâre my fucking property now, do you understand me?â

    He told me if I ever said anything heâd tell my landlord, and heâd release the video online. And that was the start of this relationship.

    Itâ s been about a month, but I actually enjoy it. He makes me do everything. I clean. I cook. Sometimes heâll even ask me for money. Iâve been doing it all. I know it sounds bad, but I actually enjoy this. I never realized how submissive I was.

    We donât really have sex. I blow him whenever he wants. Usually a few times a week. The entire time he has me act like a dog. He even bought me a collar. It has my name on it. Whenever he has to pee, he takes me to the bathroom so he can piss on my face. Sometimes he makes me eat his ass.

    He hasnât hold anyone about this, and neither have I. Iâm happy being an object. I love making him happy. I finally have purpose in life.

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    Gay Male / 55

    Well here I am, I had to retire because of the Covid (got retired after 33 years) because I am over 65 and I can get the retirement package. I worked in the gas utility industry as a field engineer for many years and then in the office approving plans, installations, etc. I made a good living. But that is just where I am today.

    All my life I have been a cock sucker. I started when I was eleven with a school friend also eleven after we had been swimming and we were changing back into our clothes. His pecker just looked so delicious and I was able to get his pecker into my mouth and suck on it. He didn't want to at first but after a short minute he liked it, I held his naked little ass in my hands and I sucked on his pecker. He got really hard and had his first almost ejaculation, it tasted good in my mouth. It is my memory of memories. I sucked his pecker off and on for several years after that, even after he had gone through puberty and his pecker had gotten big and he had pubes. I loved sucking his pecker and running my hands across his naked ass.

    After high school I went into the Coast Guard for four years and the man I sucked was a career Machinist, he was forty at the time and in addition to having his cock sucked he liked to kiss me on the mouth which I admit I liked too. I was pretty young, nineteen. He got his cock up my ass when we went on leave in San Diego, God I liked that. I think he liked it too, he and I fucked around a lot during our time together on that boat.

    After the Coast Guard I went to college on the GI bill and got my Mechanical Engineering degree. During college it was hit or miss, I sucked off several guys but never had someone who thought of me as his fuck toy. I wanted to be a fuck toy at that time, sort of like my relationship in the Coast Guard. I got busted one night for showing myself on the balcony of the apartment I lived in, busted but all I got was a warning. I needed to be fucked so bad at that time and the most I got was to suck off a few guys now and again.

    After graduation I went to work for the Gas Company in my home town, I had to be careful there and I sucked off a man or two when I went out into the field and had to stay in a motel. At one motel, a Ramada Inn, I sucked the cook, a heavy set man with a hairy belly and a hard cock who called me a sissy queer, and let me suck him of to completion. He didn't go beyond that and I checked out the next morning and never saw him again, but I remember him.

    When I moved to the big city and got away from home I had more liberty. I met a cop who liked to fuck and I became his fuck toy. It lasted for a little over a year, then he dropped me like a hot potato and I had to go find someone else. I found the man I would be with for the next twenty years. He worked in Accounting and he was pretty stuck up, he came from a big family and he was real private about his need for a man, so it was all under cover. Few people knew we were friends and even fewer knew that maybe we had a thing going. But once a year we went on Holiday together, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, far off places. In Greece we got along with a man who invited us on board a big boat (partly because I had told him about my years in the Coast Guard) and he had an all gay party, with Greek boys for the men who liked Greek boys. It was one time when we were able to just hang out and have fun. But we kept our hands of the Greek boys.

    As I said I am retired now and my relationship ended about seven years ago. I had a man come out to my place to work on some things, general contractor type of stuff. I wanted to fix the place up before I had to settle down for the long run being retired. He was hungry for work and he talked a lot and I took a stab at it, I told him outright that I was a cocksucker and I knew I could give him a great blowjob. Hesitation aside, after he got done I sat on the couch and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. A very blowjob worthy cock, thick and hard and hairy and he let me get his pants and boxers down so I could hold on to his naked ass while I sucked. It took a while, for him to relax and let things go on before he reached the point of having to let go. I did my best to catch as much of it as I could, I love the taste of cum, I liked his cock clean, rubbed my face with his cock. I offered him dinner and after dinner we went and got naked and made out on the bed, he held my cock in his hand, it felt so good, I kissed his cock and he let me kiss his ass, something I do when I am really hot. He got hard enough, I lubed up and I got a good old man screwing out of him. All in all it was the best night of this Covid thing.

    Unfortunately it was a one night thing, he cashed his check but hasn't returned my call. So, when I am lonely and horny, I think back to that day when my friend and I were cold and wet from swimming and I sucked his pecker for the first time. It really is the best time, his cold hard pecker in my mouth and his smooth naked cheeks in my hands.

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