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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I am married to a great woman, but I have always had gay bottom urges. Recently I was home for the day and I managed to convince a good looking 38 yo man to come over. We went to my bed and I sucked his cock for a while. Then he pushed me face down and climbed on me. His body felt so good on my back and I could feel his erection pressing into my ass crack. I felt some cool lube and then he started rubbing his cock in my crack. Eventually, he changed the angle and began to press into my ass. It hurt a little at first when the head popped in but not too bad. He then slid himself all the way in. It hurt a little too, but the feeling of being filled up was amazing. He started thrusting faster and told me he was gonna make me his slut and cum inside me. It was so hot. I felt him thrust deep and hold it and he came in me. I loved it.

    I feel really guilty about cheating on my wife but it feels so good to get fucked by this man. I went over to his house later that week and he bent me over the couch and fucked me again. He also took me in the shower. Each time he filled me with cum. I can feel his cock pulse when he cums in me and I love it. After he fucked me bent over the couch, his cum ran out of me and that was hot too.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I had always wondered what it would be like to do it with another man but didn't think I ever would because I would never know how to approach another guy to ask if he wanted to. One night I was out with friends at bar and I was feeling a nice buzz. It was about midnight when we all left the bar to go home but I was still up for drinking more even though everyone else wasn't. They all lived the opposite way as me so I began to start my trip home alone. I had to pass a few bars on my way home and thought I wanted a few more drinks. There was a nearby bar that was rumored to be a gay bar so I decided I would go in and have a drink. I walked in and grabbed a seat at the bar and almost immediately had a guy come over and talk to me. It was mostly guys in there and with seeing a few guys open mouth kissing I knew this definitely was a gay bar. He asked if I had ever been in here before and I told him I hadn't. He asked if I knew what kind of bar it was and then asked if I was gay. I told him I was straight but curious which peaked his interest in me. He sat closer to me and put his hand on my thigh. Soon his hand was rubbing my inner thigh including going over my cock. As he did this he asked if it was OK to continue. It felt good so I told him he didn't need to stop so he continued. We moved to a more private area towards the back of the bar that had a few couches. There were 2 other guys sitting on one couch with one of them having his fly open and the other having his cock in his hand. We grabbed our own couch which was nearby and sort of in view of the other guys. We could sort of see each other which made it arousing for me to see the one guy stroke the other. My guy went back to rubbing my thighs again but soon took it upon himself to unbutton and unzip my jeans and pull my cock out. The other guys were watching us now. My guy began to unbutton my shirt exposing my chest now. He was running his hands over my chest and soon decided to remove my shirt altogether. This were getting heated as we began to open mouth kiss. This was my first ever kiss with a guy. He then told me to kick my shoes off which I did and he then pulled my jeans and underwear right off me. Next thing I remember was him between my legs giving me a blowjob. Once he made me cum he quickly left. I realized at this point that, except for wearing socks, I was naked in a bar and just had a couple of guys watch as I had my first gay experience. I quickly got dressed and went back out to have a drink. The guy who just gave me a blow job was nowhere to be found but it didn't take long for another guy to hit on me. He bought me quite a few drinks and I accepted. I was rather drunk now and felt I had to go pee. He helped me to the bathroom as I was having difficulty walking and came in the stall with me. I went pee and he asked if I wanted a blowjob. I told him some guy just gave me one. He told me to pull my pants all the way down and bend over. I began to feel him in me which hurt a little when he started but soon didn't feel too bad. The next thing I remember is waking up in the stall with my pants still down and some guy asking if I was OK. I pulled my pants back up and left the bar. Next day I looked back at what happened and didn't mind how sex with other guys made me feel but got very worried that I literally was nude in a bar and was witnessed doing sexually things.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Im a girl. Im relatively pretty, 19 years old. I have a nice tight body. I like being a girl. But I fantasize about having a dick. At first it was like I would masturbate with a big electric toothbrush and pretend it was my dick and I was jacking off. I would do that but pretend I was fucking a girl and imagine her tits bouncing. I would say im mostly straight I mean like I want to be with a guy. But woman have nice bodies so I used to masturbate to them alot. Not so much anymore ...
    yeah but I would think about fucking guys in the ass, too Nd that was really hot. I would pretend I was jacking off and when I came I would imagine jizz running down my hands. I stoppes doing that so much cause I was afraid that I was messing up my hormones and my boobs seemed to get smaller and I just was manlier. So yeah I like being a girl. I always thought I was like a bisexual man in a girls body, which is okay. I dont know. I grew up with three brothers so I didnt have a huge chance to be girly. Specially since we lived out in the middle of nowhere none of us went out much. ... so anyway. Haha
    now when I masturbate and wanna pretend to have a dick I just imagine im wearing a strap on. I would love to put on a strap on an fuck a girl and see her tits bounce. And fucking a guy in the ass, but it would be lame if he was all gay about it haha.
    I have put my finger in a guys ass before. It was really hot actually.
    I masturbate alot. Like alot. And over everything. Like I masturbate thinking about having a dick, just about tits or this guy I like or fucked up things like my dad fucking me. Or porn about alien sex and father daughter sex or girls getting fucked by machines of hentai rape and like ill masturbate to gay sex and pussies rubbing together, and squirting and double penetration ..peeping toms. Lately I've been thinking about fucking my dad alot. Ill masturbate to it and come really fast. Right now it makes me wet. I think about him alot. I hate myself for it and it pretty much ruins my life. But sex pretty much ruins my life so. I feel like I was molested as a kid by my dad but im suppressing the memory. And thats why my past seems blurry and I cant seem to recall details. And why im so sexual now And even now like I had a dream a couple nights ago about him fucking me. But it was like im not sure if it was real or not. I hear about that people fucking people in their sleep. Maybe he's done that. I dont know cause I have dreams of the same thing. And I swear sometimes i can he a him listening at my door for me to like start masturbating. Cause I do it alot someone must have heard. I think I see him looking at my boobs and ass and stuff. I really wish these weird thoughts would go away. That seems to be all that makes me really horny lately. I kind of want him to die. And I want to move out. We dont really talk much except for small talk but he makes noises when im around and its really bothersome and annoys me. I kind of feel like stabbing him sometimes. And he smokes weed all the time and he's uses less. He coughs a whole bunch to get higher and he doesn't do anything except watch tv. I kno he wants to fuck me too. I want to fucking kill him. Really. He compliments me more than my mom. He really only compliments me. And then my moms like seems jealous of it and its just fucked up. I feel like everyone in my family wants to fuck me. And I hate it. I can handle being with my brothers cause its not as prominent but I cant stand being anywhere close tp my dad. I really really wish he would just die. I hate him so much. I've told him that before and all he said was okay. All he does is stare at my ass and chest and I wanna punch him in his stupid uneducated face. He's a disgrace of a father. He's a pervert. I walked in on hom watching animal porn. And he's always putting my mom down. And he's so stupid like all he does is smoke weed. Why cant I have a smart educated father who's not a perv who makes money amd doesn't spend all his money on weed. He fucked me up. First by not giving me love but then giving me love when I was finally developed and attractive. I hate him so much I get filled with rage every time.I hear him cough out his stupid weed. And he's to blame for my shitty relationship past. Now I look for guys who dont get me affection but are hungry for me. I dont wanna be like either of my parents. Nor do I wanna know anyone like them.
    I went way off track with that. I dont talk about myself alot.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I'm a 31 year old guy. I'm normal in every way. Married with kids and a long list of ex girlfriends before that.Ever since I was 16, I've had random sexual encounters with guys. First when I was 16 I was watching porn with my friend when we agreed to give each other blowjobs. He sucked me first and swallowed my cum. I started to suck him but got nervous and stopped. I didn't want to leave him hanging so I lubed up his dick and gave him a slow handjob until he came all over my hands.

    When I was 20 and in college I got the craving again. I went to an adult bookstore and back to the booths. I got in a booth with a glory hole and watched some she make porn as I jacked off. In seconds there was a guy at the hole motioning for me to come to the hole. I put my dick in and he started slurping. After a couple minutes he came into the booth with me a sucked me until I came and he gagged on the huge load and spit it on the floor.

    About 4 years later I found an ad on Craiglist. It was a 60 year old man who wanted to get naked, suck and rim a younger guy. I went to his house and he put on a video of him being fucked by a young guy. We got naked and he licked my asshole before inserting a dildo into me. He gave me an expert blowjob and swallowed every drop. We did this off and on for a few months.

    I met another guy on Craigslist about a year later. He was an army guy and we met up. We exchanged blowjobs and came on each others cocks.

    A couple of weeks ago I did it again. I met another guy on Craigslist. We met and both took our pants off in my car. We gave each other handjobs but I wanted more. I leaned over and let him
    Face fuck me until he came down my throat. The next time we met I got a hotel room. I dressed in my wife's thong, stockings, and corset. We sucked each other until I begged him to fuck me. He fucked me for a long time and then came all over my face while recording it on my laptop PC. Now when we meet, we fuck while watching that video. My next craving is to find a shemale to dominate me.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Once my best friend had come over my house to hang out. After her mum had got here, she gave me a hug as she usually would, but then she did something different. She asked if she could have a kiss. I mean I love her as a friend so I had no objection and she's been with her boyfriend for years. So of course I gave her a quick kiss so that my parents couldn't see us. On other occasions when we've hung out we have also kissed and I like kissing her. She's had a couple of problems with her boyfriend so once she said "Hey if me and ... ever break up, would you be my girlfriend" and I at first thought she was joking, so I said yes. But then she told me she was being fully serious. I still said yes. Some of these things conflicted me for a while but now I'm all good with this and I just feel I need to get it out somewhere.

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    Gay Male / 18

    btw im only 16. i have a question. it really turns me on to think about guys jerking off to me and i want to post nude pictures on tumblr but im afraid ill get in trouble for my account is set so im 27 but im still worried. my question is whether or not i could get arrested for doing that or if it is impossible to catch me?? thanks for any comments.

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    Straight Male / 30

    When i was in college i had a party at my brothers house while he was on vacation. We were all pretty hammered and after most of the guest left there was just me my gf at the time my friend and his girl friend. We were all doing some drugs and they all passed out naked on the bed. I fucked my passed out gf for a while then his. I noticed he did not budge so i propped his ass up and fucked him and came in his ass. It was the first time i ever fucked antoher guy. I think i came harder in him then his gf.

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    Gay Male / 29

    hello everybody . i am tabitha a gay man who also loves crossdressing in womens lingerie panties and bras dresses and makeup . i have been gay and crossdressing in to a woman since i was eight yrs old . i put on my first pair of panties and bras at eight yrs old , later i put on dresses and makeup and perfumes my mom had. till i got cought whenever i was 14 . i was severely beaten by my father for it but he cought me having sex with my first boyfriend while wearing my mothers wedding dress and high heels . then i was made dress and act as a woman afterwards for 2yrs because of it . i even was sent off to for it . i guess they thought it would change me . but it didn't . my therapist told me if being gay and crossdressing in to a woman made me happy that i was the only one who had to accept it and be true to myself as a gay man and a crossdresser . and i am . but someday i am going to have a sexchange in to a woman i am inside so everybody will have to see me happy as a woman inside out . boyz i cannot wait . love tabitha

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Ok so I'm actually 15. My parents don't know that i was very close to trying gay sex with a dude who was actually willing to do it with me. I backed out when i was a foot away from his dick. We go to the same school and one time stayed after school to try it in the school bathroom. I was scared that i backed out. I want it to try it at the moment because i was so fucking horny. The thing that really stopped me from doing it was that my dad absolutely hates gay people. I was proud that i didn't do it with that asshole. He wanted to try anal with me and he wasn't using a condom. I was also thinking about having gay sex because all my life i have been bullied and called gay and made fun of. I think that my memories about my childhood encouraged my acts as a 15-year old. I am currently confused about my sexuality. I seriously wish i could know my sexuality. I am a nice person but people always looked at me as an object that you can make fun of. I have never had a girlfriend but i want one. I don't ever want to have gay sex or wish to try it again. I just wish i could find a girl to share this with and i wish she would help me. Everyone thinks im a weird person but i just have my ways of working with people at school and interacting with others. I wish someone would understand me. I am going to 10nth grade and i will probably see that asshole again. Nobody at school knows about this i just want to let it out here.(i found this website a couple of weeks ago). I went to summer school at another school and i met a beautiful girl there. I asked her for her kik and we have been friends since then. The problem is that i fall in LOVE with girls that i don't get to see again. Like u guessed it. I fell in LOVE with this girl. I haven't seen her for a month now because summer school is over. I really love her and i don't know what to do because i feel that i won't be prepared for a girl one day. The girl doesn't know about my experience with that asshole. I feel bad because i promised to be honest with her. I wish i knew what to do. I hope that who ever reads this confession shares their suggestion. I really want people to comment on my story. I need help. I think it would be really helpful if you guys share what you think on the comment section. Thanks for taking your time to read this story. I swear everything i write really happened. Thanx again for reading and i hope to be reading a lot of comments soon. :-)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I got started out pretty young in life with my step cousin. We were 8 or 9 when we first started playing around back in his bedroom late one night and once we got started we progressed quickly. We had to be quiet and that was very difficult but soon after we were stroking each other he was sucking on mine and then I sucked his and we figured out how to suck each other at the same time which we know now is a 69. We sucked each others nuts licked each others ass sucked each other for most of the night. Neither of us could cum but there was a wonderful sensation that each of us felt that sure felt good.
    The very next day we were out behind the barn in the bushes out of sight with our jeans down taking turns getting on our knees sucking each other and having a lot of fun with it. We went out to the equipment shed sucked each other some more then decided we should go up in the hay loft together. Once we got up there we both agreed that we could take all our clothes off up there and not get caught so we got back in one corner took off our clothes and started sucking each other and he was on his knees sucking my dick with his hands on my ass and stuck his finger in my ass and it felt so good after a minute or so I was face down in the hay with him on top of me trying to stick his dick in me and I was so excited and just the feeling I got laying face down underneath him letting him try to stick his dick in me was so damn exciting that I reached back and spread my ass cheeks open wide and pushed my ass up slightly and he got his dick started into my hot little asshole and pushed it all the way in and he started humping my ass like crazy and we both liked it very much.
    Just that first day I couldn`t tell you how many times he stuck his dick in my ass but it was a lot. What we did together was so casual and open that we were always relaxed and both of us enjoyed it so much that we tried every thing we could dream up and it all felt great. Seems like it wasn`t even two months before we let a friend of ours watch us suck each other and he tried it and we all sucked each other and then when he didn't believe that I let my cousin stick his dick in my ass he dared us to do it in front of him and we did and as soon as he saw my cousins dick go in my ass he wanted to stick is in me and we spent the afternoon in the bushes down on the creek with both of them taking turns on my ass.
    A few months later we had two other boys that joined our private little group and we all sucked each other all the time and they even liked letting the others fuck them but never as much as I did so most of the time when we were all together they all fucked me and it was the most exciting thing for me to let them all fuck me as much as they wanted to while the others watched. All 4 of them would take turns on my ass and they would all be around me naked playing with their hard dicks watching me get fucked in the ass waiting their turn and them sticking their dicks in me one after the other for as long as they could last. Once we all got old enough to cum it really got exciting and it felt great when they came inside me 2 or 3 times each when we were together.
    We always took our towels and blow up floats to play with in the creek and I would always lay face down on a blow up float and let them get on top of me and fuck me cum inside me and use me all they wanted and they liked doing a 69 with me while I was getting fucked and they even fucked my ass and mouth at the same time. We just had a lot of fun together and there was nothing we would not try. For 12 or 13 years we had sex together and there were alloy of guys that I let fuck me back then some just a one time thing but a lot of them fucked me pretty often and in high school I got introduced to my first very big dicks and after football practice in the showers I liked looking at all the other guys dicks and several of them liked fucking me but no one ever found out about it.
    I only had a few adult experiences and they were all very good. I am a very masculine straight acting happily married white male that no one would ever suspect that I enjoy having sex with select men. It has been years since that has happened but it has all been very good and my senior year of high school a close friend of mine and myself got very drunk at his house one weekend while his Parents were out of town for several days and we played football together and he had the biggest dick of any one on the team and we were so drunk that we shared the fact that we had both had sex with guys before and when I told him I had jacked off countless times thinking about his huge dick in my ass he couldn`t wait to fuck me and we ended up in the shower with him sucking me off and swallowing my cum. I sucked on his dick a little but it was too big and thick. He was 10.5" long and very thick big mushroom head and huge nuts that hung down a very long ways.
    It took a lot of Vaseline to even get him started up my ass and it was pretty painful and he made me cum with not even half of it in my ass and that made him cum inside me and in the heat of the moment he shoved most of it up my ass and it took awhile to get the rest of it inside me and the last couple of inches had to be in my stomach. It was a good thing that they lived way out in the country because I made a lot of noise while he was fucking me. he came inside me two times and I came on myself two times without even touching my dick. We stayed together for 4 days and fucked all the time and I got used to his huge dick and it was so damn good once I got used to it I wanted him in my ass all the time and if you never had a thick 10.5" monster dick balls deep in your ass when it explodes and fills your insides then you should try it. Damn it is very exciting and feels so damn good. For 4 years he fucked me almost every day and sometimes several times a day.
    He and I went fishing and hunting a lot or just camped out on weekends and we fucked all the time and sometimes we would get a case of beer and a hotel room for the weekend and just have sex. Several times other guys would drop by just to fuck me in the ass and I always liked the group thing.
    I still have fantasies and enjoy watching bi and gay porn but never really go out looking for men that will fuck me but I do think about it often. Wouldn`t mind having a very discrete friend with a big dick that would drop by and fuck me on occasions. I really would like to find a guy that owns some land so we could fuck outdoors or in his barn.

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