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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 22

    My mom caught me sucking a big black dick on our back patio two nights ago. It was at 1am and she normally is asleep but she must had gotten up to get something to drink.

    Iâm not gay but I owe the guy some money and have no way to repay him currently being that Iâm in college and have no job. So Iâve been sucking his dick for the last two months. So my mom saw me with his big uncut 8 inch dick in my hand and mouth. Of course she freaked out.

    I didnât get to finish him that night so now Iâm probably gonna have to take him in my butt. Something I was trying to avoid doing. I still havenât talked to my mom about what she saw. So as of now she just knows she caught me sucking a guy that is in his late 30s

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    Gay Male / 19

    I've always idolized my dad, following him around and watching him do everything since I was a little boy. We had no boundaries either. I'd stand in his bathroom and talk to him while he was on the toilet and naked in the shower. The shower had a glass door which was supposed to quickly fog up but it was never fast enough to stop me from seeing everything. I never realized why I was so comfortable with this until my dad made me realize it.

    I was 14 when he first opened the shower door, the water still running and steam choking up the room, and pulled me fully clothed into the shower. I was immediately drenched and wrapped my arms around his nude body as we were in a cramped space. My ass immediately clenched and my young dick grew hard in my underwear. My dad felt it and kissed my soft brown hair and told me he always knew I wanted to come in there with him.

    I'd been exposed to.a lot of different kinds of porn by that point and had always gravitated toward gay porn, but until that moment I hadn't realized how desperately I craved cock. Still clad in my drenched, heavy clothes, I knelt and let thr hit water run off of his cock and balls and drench my face. I tried to suck his cock but he stopped me and told me I needed to be naked first.

    I stripped and immediately choked myself on his thick erection. He could tell I was having trouble breathing so he pushed us forward out of the stream and it was easier from there. He blew his heavy load down my throat. I couldn't handle it all so I coughed up some and my dad used his cockhead to paint it on my lips. He told me he had always wanted to see my pouty, girly lips covered in cum.

    He pushed me out of the shower onto my back on the tile floor, where he got down and tongued my ass until I came. It was the first of many orgasms with men I've experienced in my life. But my dad is still the best of them. I keep my body shaved and my hair long enough that he can play with it while my lips are wrapped around his steel rod erection. I'll always be his bitch and love every second of it.

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    Gay Male / 50

    I love big cocks

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    Way back when I was a teen I spent the night with a friend and we did the unthinkable, we kissed each other down there. She went along, I initiated it. Her wet smell that night is a lifelong memory. I enjoyed it and I pushed for it. I just never thought that made me queer. She held it against me for a long time.

    We are adults now and we are friends. I cannot not kiss her, I kiss her with every ounce of my sexual being. She lets me because she knows I love her. I asked her to live with me. She won't because she knows I have to sleep with her. Neither one of us has anyone else. She has never dated and neither have I. She doesn't feel she needs to prove herself with a guy.

    I am tired of begging but I beg. She smiles, touches my face, lets me kiss her, but won't give herself to me.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I used to get my ass fucked by one of my friends. We were curious, well him more and I said Iâd try it. So my 120 pound self was taking my friends thick dick. He is around 7â but very thick and huge balls. He weights 150. My dick is a hair under 6â and average girth. My friend fucked my ass for almost 4 years. And yes Iâm straight

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Not long after breaking up with my gf of 4 years, I started a new job in a small company.

    The owner was a married guy in his mid 50s called Ray. He was a bit of an arrogant ass, but mostly OK.

    One day, it was just the two of us and when I handed him a report he commented on how soft my hands were. Weird to me, but whatever.

    Later that evening, I was staying to finish a project and he was helping me standing over my shoulder. He moved so that he was leaning in with his crotch near my arm.

    I was suddenly very aware of his hardening cock against my arm. He would move to show me something or point out an error just to rub it against me.

    I should have been horrified. I was straight at the time (lol) and a married man twice my age was rubbing against me. Instead I was aroused.

    I shuffled in my seat as my own cock grew stiffer and it was then he knew he had me.

    I heard the faint unzipping of his pants and was suddenly face to face with his cock.

    I knew what to do and took it in my mouth straight away,making him gasp.

    For what felt like too short a time, I kissed and licked that gorgeous cock til I felt him erupt in my mouth. The sensation surprised me, and I went to get up to spit it out but he stopped me, taking my chin in his hands and making me look at him.

    "Swallow it."

    I did exactly what I was told and he leaned in and gave me a soft kiss.

    (I'll continue if you'd like)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    From the time I first began to get sexual erections, I have always been able to suck my own dick.
    I'd really enjoy myself, sucking myself off and swallowing my cum as often as twice a day.
    As I got older I began to enjoy both males and females sucking my cock, but I'd only ever fuck women.
    Then at the end of last year in my own apartment, while I was on my bed giving myself head, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone in my bedroom. Without having the chance to move I heard "Keep it in your mouth".
    The man whom I instantly recognized knelt next to me on the bed, put his mouth to my asshole and began tonguing my hole.
    Thoughts poured through my head. Fear, apprehension, what he ultimately wanted. And given what I knew about him, would I be alive in the morning.
    Lifting up, he told me not to move, but to carry on sucking my dick. He undressed and I saw for the first time up close, the huge cock I'd witnessed being tossed off so many times across at his window.
    My apartment faces another building. It's residential like my own, and I'd witnessed him watching me self suck as he wanked that big cock of his.
    His janitor clothing (He's his own and our buildings Janitor too) were removed, folded neatly, then he resumed rimming my ass. I dared not resist then. I was consumed with a growing uneasiness and a genuine desire just to please him as he wished.
    I didn't have in mind that he'd raise up, put his enormous cock to my hole and deflower my ass in one strong forceful thrust though.
    Telling me he'd wanted my ass for so long, he looked down at me and said "Suck it good boy. I'm a going to get me your asshole pounded".
    He didn't lie. Over the next fifteen minutes or so, he destroyed my ass. It never once felt good. Not until my own orgasm rose. Then like it was choreographed, my ass and cock synced and my whole body went into the most exhilarating sexual rapture.
    I was cumming from my cock, spurting load after load into my mouth, but I was also cumming up my ass and throughout my entire body.
    It was easily the most intense, most unbelievably thrilling sexual experience I'd ever had, and he remained deep up my ass with his cock pulsing away for some time.
    Finally he let me drop down, told me I was damn good, putting his work clothing back on and then left. The only thing he said, was "Tomorrow, same time. You're mine now boy".
    I thought about phoning the cops. I thought about getting my family and friends to help me with my situation, but ultimately I couldn't stop thinking about how awesome it felt to have his huge powerful cock fucking me at the end.
    The following day, Delston, the janitor from the building across the way entered my apartment again and took me like I was a rag doll.
    Only I got to blow that large black cock first. Then he fucked me like a white piece of boy pussy meat.
    Delston to this day visits my apartment. He never stays long and uses me as his personal cum dump. But these days I look forward to him pounding my ass. And I look forward to making that seasoned ex convict have his fun inside my mouth and ass.

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    Straight Male / 29

    On Saturday night I got an uber home at 3am and was pretty drunk. My driver was a middle age guy from Nigeria. We talked the whole way and he asked if I had a gf or bf. I told him no. He asked what I liked and I could see him rubbing his cock at this point so I told him I like whatever he wants me to like. At which point he took his bbc out. He pulled over so I could come up front. I jerked him off until I got home and invited him up. Told him he was my first.

    I was able to deepthroat his whole cock with no gag reflex. He had some toys in his car he brought up and was stretching my hole while I worshiped his cock. Told me once I take the third dildo all the way that I was ready. He mounted me, grabbed me by both sides of my head and pounded me like a monster.

    All that fantasizing finally came true and it was amazing.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    17 male, I put in 18 because that's as low and the age goes. I added bi, but I've never had sex until two days ago. I want to have sex with a girl very badly, and never wanted to have sex with a man. Two days ago I let a man I work with at his house, fuck me. I got a little high he had porn on and started wanking. I did too, then he wanked on me and I on him. He sucked, I shot so I sucked him too. While sucking him he mentioned it would make him last longer when we fucked. He came in my mouth, and I hated the taste but swallowed real quick. He kept on the porn, didn't let me put my clothes back on, and he started playing with me and in the process he eventually got hard again, as I was, and he lubed me. I let him fuck me and he shot off inside me. Then stuck around and he did it again. I promised I'd go back the next morning and I got fucked again before school. I can't stop going to the bathroom now. My shit is very loose, and very soft. I could have sworn I got all his cum out of me the first night then again at his house before I left in the morning.

    I hope this stops soon. I haven't been to his house again, but I have to go tomorrow to do some work. I need the money.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I originally posted this in Women only but thought maybe a gay post is better...

    I am a 37 year old married woman. We recently moved to an island nation in the South Pacific where my husband has a 3 year contract. I was introduced to a group of expat women soon after arriving. None of us are allowed to work so we have a lot of time to ourselves for getting together. About a month into our posting here I was at a mah-jong morning when one of the girls asked the hostess if she could have a swim. It was a very hot morning. I was a little shocked when she casually undressed on the terrace and got into the pool in the nude.
    Nobody seemed to be at surprised. Angela swam around a bit and then another of the girls joined her, also in the nude. There was a bit of giggling going on and I was quite distracted seeing two attractive women so relaxed together in the pool nude. I was also a little stimulated by it, which really surprised me. The mah-jong came to a halt with the girls up from the table and we all started chatting and everyone then agreed the pool was a much better place to be in the heat. With that everyone including me, undressed and got in the pool, without a care in the world.
    The whole scene really turned me on. Seeing the girls undressing, watching them in their expensive sexy lingerie and then in the nude really aroused me. It was bizarre really.
    We swam and chatted and it was all pretty normal I suppose you could say, until Angela who had been the first into the pool pulled herself up onto the pool edge. She looked pretty gorgeous sitting tanned and nude and glistening in the sun. Within a few minutes one of the girls swam over to her and bewildered me by putting her head between Angela's legs and started to lick her vagina. It was then I felt a hand on my bottom.
    Within a few moments another hand was between my legs and I felt a finger slide into me.
    Pam, the second girl to get in the pool, then just casually said welcome to the mah-jong den of iniquity.
    I was completely in a trance but totally turned on and aroused. I climaxed within seconds of being fingered. As I muttered oh fuck, Pams mouth was on mine and her tongue was playing with mine. My first full on kiss with a woman. And I loved it.
    The casual playfulness of the initial pool antics turned quickly into erotic sex. Kissing, caressing, licking and fingering. Moaning and gasping. Orgasms after orgasms. In the pool, on the loungers and then finally, the hostess took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. We devoured each other. I completely let go as she pleasured me with the tongue and toys.
    Turns out the mah-jong is something of a front. I discovered later that as it was my first attendance they had planned to be quite innocent to test my reaction. Yes there is a bit of serious side to the weekly mah-jong gatherings, but really it is all about the sex. Girl sex.
    Funny thing is the sex with my husband is way better than it used to be, and I am happy to oblige in mutual anal antics. The girls have taught me a lot.
    I wonder if my husband has noticed that I only wear my very sexiest lingerie on Mah-jong days.

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