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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 24

    I may say straight male, but in my horniness, after a posting online, in a city where I do not reside but have to work, I am in my hotel bed, with a fresh load of a mans sperm inside my rectum. I let a guy fuck my butt. I've never done anything with another guy except when I was around 9 or 10 showing my cock to a playmate and he showed me his. I have a naturally smooth face and body, I can barely grow any hair except above my cock. To make matters worse I bought lipstick and put it on my lips, and on my nipples at his request, and was wearing; until he ripped them off me, a pair of lace panties which are now shredded and lying next to me. I let a stranger cum inside me, it hurt a lot getting fucked but he wasn't about to stop. I am 24, he is 47 and married. He is staying in the same motel but we met via an online posting. I don't even know why I posted that I wanted a man to have sex with me. I have 3 girls that I sleep with, each prettier and sexier than the next. I think of all the times I fucked them in the ass, and wonder if they experienced the same thing I did. Two of them were anal virgins, I think I was very gentle but not sure, especially when I would get close to shooting off.

    I don't know this guy, and now I'm coming down from the high and bliss of having lost my anal virginity, my gay virginity (I sucked him also) and wonder what mistake I made. He said he has an appointment but will come back later tonight to go again. This time he wants me in a mini skirt and blouse with matching panty and bra. I will go to the big store across the street and buy something cheap to wear, as he'll probably tear the undies off me again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    A business acquaintance invited me to go fly fishing in Arkansas. We stayed at a local motel and the next day we went out to the river. He was an expert, and I was a novice. He had promised to show me, and he got behind me to help me get down the throw. We practiced for quite a while in an open field, his body against mine. I swear I felt him hard against me a couple of times. After spending the morning fishing, we went back to town for lunch and a rest.

    He came by my room a little later and asked if I was into watching a movie. The room was small and there was only one small chair, and we both got on the bed. I was sitting with my back against the wall and he was on his side holding his head up and all of a sudden he just put his head in my lap and rubbed his face into my lap. His hand on my penis he said he would really like to give me a blow job. I sat there while he opened my pants and took my penis out and started to suck on it and to rub it down with his tongue.

    He asked me lay down and he opened my pants and completely and I pulled them down to free my penis completely and he have me a long blow job. He used his hand to masturbate me and he got me to climax, which he gently lapped up until he was 'full'. He told me that he had been wanting to get together with me for a long time, that he had enjoyed showing me how to fly fish and he felt we fit nicely. He took his pants off and he asked me to grab his boner. He helped me out of my pants and he searched through his pockets and asked me lean on my side and he said I needed to try and see if I liked it. He used his fingers and then he got behind me and used his penis. That day in that small motel room it felt amazingly good.

    He suggested I get on my back and I lifted my legs and he got his penis all in and slowly fucked me until he was done.

    We spent the rest of the long weekend fly fishing and enjoying some quality time together. Although married to a woman and enjoying that, I have always enjoyed playing the role of the receiving partner, all the way back to high school. He told me he figured out that I was going to be willing when he spent extra time teaching me how to through that first afternoon. He was right, feeling him up against me got me in a receptive mood.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    As a kid, I had my first gay experience at about 11. I had a friend who was over my house and I don't even know how it started but we played this game where one of us would hide and then when the other found him, he would lie face down while the other one rubbed his dick against his ass. This was done fully clothed and then eventually it turned into bare Dick on bare ass.

    We only did it for a little bit to stroke our cocks against each other. That stopped very quickly and then we slowly stopped being friends.

    I was only with girls after that until in my 20s when I started to think of how hot it would be to go to a gay bar, get picked up by a really good looking guy and then blow him in the parking lot. Thinking about taking a hot load in my mouth was such a turn on.

    That never happened but I started to wear my girlfriends clothes and fantasize about stripping for a guy and then having him fuck me.

    During that time there was one night when I emailed What I thought was going to be a tranny from an ad to come to my apartment. I loved looking at pics of really feminine ones with big fake tits.

    This one came over but was really just a cross-dresser. He wouldn't blow me but jerked me off. I asked to suck his cock but he couldn't even get hard so the whole experience wasn't good.

    I tried putting up a Craig's list ad to blow someone but never went through with it. Probably because what I wanted was a really good looking muscular gay guy and wasn't guaranteed I could find one.

    Have been with women only since then but occasionally suck on pickles like it was a dick and sometimes I jerk off with something in my mouth.

    Can anyone related to this?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I always dated feminine guys. For the longest time I just thought I preferred somewhat girly boys. It never occurred to me that I was a lesbian until I met Jane. I was 16 and she was 30 and my Gym teacher. Of course I called her Miss Andersen like all the other girls did. She was way younger looking than 30 and extremely athletic. I was a slender waif with blond hair and not athletic. My latest boyfriend had just broken up with me and I had really fallen hard for him and she caught me weepy in the corner of the showers by myself and offered to comfort me. I was naked and wet and she didn't care. she hugged me tight and I just melted when she grabbed my bare ass. In an instant I needed her. We spent an hour licking our way down each other's throats and feeling each other up. I'd never touched a girl before but I wanted to touch her so badly. She ate me out while I laid on her desk and then I ate her out and we were all of a sudden dating.

    Of course we had to keep our relationship a secret. I moved in with her after graduating and we married the first day it was legal.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    As a teenager I was struggling with my education, and wanting to enter a specific college, I reached out to a teacher who I knew didn't like me. I'd been a bit of a dick in his lessons, but knew he'd helped other students improve massively. His initial answer was to say the least blunt, as he told me to fuckoff. But I pestered him and then found something out. I found out most if not all of the male students who'd made the grade with his extra tutelage, so the rumors said, had sex with him.
    There wasn't anyone else I knew who'd put up with my cocky youthful self, so I gave it a lot of thought before I entered his class room that day. After all I was a bad boy, a gang member and someone most other teens didn't fuck with. Walking in as he was marking students papers, I was as blunt as he'd been. I told him I was desperate and then let him know I was willing to do anything, anything to improve my prospects. His look was still of one who doubted my will to do everything needed to get the grades I so desperately needed. So closing and locking the door I walked back over, dropped my trousers and underwear and leaned across his desk. His demeanor changed instantly. "Well. well. well, you really do want to change". They were the only words spoken over the next fifteen or so minutes. Moving around from where he'd been sat, he placed a large warm hand on each of my arse cheeks and pulled them apart. I didn't see him do it, but I did feel his hot breath, then his warm wet tongue probing at my arsehole. It felt totally alien to me, yet not unpleasant. And the more he lapped away at my arsehole, the more I knew I was prepared to fully engage with this man sexually.
    There was no lube, no time to protest and no going back once I heard his zipper being opened. Within seconds his cock head was nudging my rear hole, and only seconds later I was completely impaled on his wonderful cock. I'd not even seen it, I had no idea how big it was or if I could take a cock up my arse. Yet there I was a young supposedly hard gang member taking his teachers cock, and unbelievably taking it right up his arsehole straight away.
    There was some discomfort, but nothing like what I read about subsequently. For me it became pleasurable almost from the moment his cock bottomed out up my rear fuck tube.
    Hearing me gasp with pleasure, my teacher held my shoulders, pulling me back and began to slam his cock into me. Every single nerve ending in my lower body became alive and I cried out with joy, relief and with a knowing feeling of acceptance. I shouldn't have been in that situation, or so my peers would have thought. Yet there I was leant over his desk, taking a pounding and totally loving every thrust of his cock up my arsehole. Each time his cock entered me I felt a rising sense of complete fulfillment, a realisation of what my true sexuality was. All those years I'd fought against the "Gentler" side of my true self, leaked away in those beautiful minutes of being fucked.
    Then he pulled out suddenly. Moving us around and clearing one side of his desk, he removed his clothing, so I copied him. We still hadn't spoken, but I did let a gasp escape my lips as I saw for the first time, his extremely large cock. It was glistening with his saliva and my anal cream, and the large purple mushroom shaped head looked commanding at the head of a heavily veined thick cock shaft.
    Climbing onto his own desk, he lay back and pointed at his cock. The point of no actual verbal communication, only highlighted I was doing everything by choice and not persuasion. So knowing what he wanted, I climbed up with him, then facing him I lowered myself, impaling my arsehole onto his glorious cock.
    It was a totally different feel to our fuck then. I was in charge. I was the one who set the feel, pace and depth of how he fucked me, or me him for that matter. And only then did he speak.
    Telling me to drive myself to orgasm he also said "You'll learn everything I want you to know, everything".
    I'm not sure how much longer I fucked my teacher for. What I do remember is the growing feeling of utter joy. At no time in my life up to then had anyone given me so much of themselves to pleasure me, and I took that pleasure to its fulfilling end. Grinding down onto his thick cock shaft, I built up to what I now call my seminal orgasm. It was so beautiful, so magnificent, I actually cried as I came all over my teachers stomach, chest and partly his face. The huge grin on his face as my sperm flew out of my cock, told me he enjoyed my orgasm just as much as I did.
    Once I'd calmed down, I slumped forwards and that's when we kissed for the first time. It just seemed right, it felt right and I knew then, anything this man wanted from me, educationally and sexually, I'd perform for and with him, with everything I had.
    Sliding out of my arsehole for a second time, he turned us over so I was beneath him. Moving up, he presented his anal cream coated cock to me and I instinctively took it into my mouth. Sucking on his dick as though I'd done it my whole life, I tried to suck on his cock, the same as I'd had two girls suck my dick in the past. And it wasn't too much after I'd begun to suck on his cock, that he gripped my head and forced his manhood further down my throat. Fucking my mouth now, I was given no choice but to gulp down his dick, and then to swallow what erupted from his fuck tube, as he pumped his cock dry down my throat.
    We sat naked together at his desk. He asked me if I was prepared to put as much effort into studying with him, as I had in allowing him to fuck me. My response was to prove it to him over the coming months. Studying hard to obtain my grades, I left the gang and promised myself I'd become the person I should have always fought to be.
    My wonderful life changing teacher, not only took me from the brink of a life of crime and possibly prison, but he also made me into the man I am today. And throughout our discoveries, educational and sexual, I fully engrossed myself into each role. I became his cock whore and enjoyed every single second of our time together. The sex just got better and better the more we experimented with what we both liked. By the time I graduated, we were having sex at least three to four times a week, and each time I gloried in his sexual presence.
    But as many things in life, all good things come to an end. Our liaisons became less frequent, and I began to date a very special and beautiful young woman. He accepted our relationship was nearing its end, but decided we'd have final fuck. Taking me on a drive out, we had an amazing time having sex on the top of a very famous hill, which overlooks the whole of the city I now live in. I took his magnificent cock deep up my arsehole until he'd cum twice. By then I was orgasmic wreck.
    My life with his enormous incalculable help went from strength to strength, even though my relationship with the beautiful young woman ended a year or so later. Even so two years ago after dating a few more girls, I met and subsequently married another wonderful woman. Our sex life is fantastic as she enjoys time between the sheets just as much as I do, but she also knows about and completely accepts a part of my life that doesn't include her. And that fantastic added benefit, is that her uncle is called Pete. A gorgeous man, who who just so happens to be my ex teacher.
    Pete's now fifty six, yet his sex drive hasn't diminished one iota. We get together at least once a week at his place, and spend extremely happy hours sucking and fucking. My wife knows about what her uncle and I get upto, as I tell her everything. She doesn't want to be involved, which suits me, but does insist I tell her every detail as we me make out. It's something that works for us, and long may it last.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I had the day off from work so I spent the morning watching porn and​ getting horny. I started out with straight porn but watching those girls sucking cock got me in the mood to suck one myself. I placed a couple ads on Craigslist saying I was looking to give blowjobs and started to watch some gay porn. A couple hours went by with no replies. It was getting late in the day and I really wanted a cock, so I placed another ad asking if anyone wanted​ to get rimmed. I got an almost immediate response. It was from a guy that lived only a few minutes from me he sent pics of his cock and ass he looked like he had a decent body.
    He told me to give him 10 minutes to shower. I headed to his place​ he buzzed me in, he opened the door he was about 6'3 nice​ bod he face was ok nothing great but I wasn't there for his face. He told me to sit in a chair turned around dropped his sweatpants and put his ass in my face. I spread his cheeks and gave his hole a lick it was clean and tasted good. I started going in circles around his asshole, he was moaning I reached around and started stroking his cock then I started plunging my tongue in and out of his hole. He turned around and stuck his cock in my mouth. After a few minutes he wanted to lay down so we went to his bed he stroked his cock while I licked his balls and taint. He blew his load all over himself. He told me I gave great oral and to hit him up anytime the mood struck but he moved an hour away shortly after that

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    Gay Male / 37

    Spending an empty weekend in Houston I went cruising the Galleria. I stopped to get some lunch at the food court and a Hispanic guy started up a conversation. I wasn't in a hurry about anything so we kept on talking, he moved and sat across from me. After a while he asked me where I was staying and I told him I was just down the street at the Double Tree Inn. We went back to my hotel and we fucked. We fucked until we couldn't fuck any more. We spent the rest of the weekend together, took in a movie at the IPIC, had dinner at a Vietnamese place, and we went back to fuck some more.

    I have never made it back to Houston.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Two months ago I got into a fight with a group of youths outside a late night shop. One of the lads who I got into confrontation with was someone I kind of knew. So it was surreal to find myself taking a punch off him as his other mates tried pile in on me. Cut a long story short bit.
    About a week later, I was walking up to the gym I attend and saw him coming out. He made to run off, but I told him we needed to talk. I knew he'd only joined in because of his mates and peer pressure and truth be told, I'd given a couple of his friends a bit of a pasting. He apologised for the punch and for their behaviour, then said something which has altered everything for me. He said something like "I hit you because I fancy you and didn't want them to think otherwise". He then added "I'd love to make it up to you".
    Maybe someone can tell me why a previously hetrosexual married man, found himself not only in bed naked with a twenty year old lad, but totally enjoying firstly having his cock sucked and then fucking that young man until we'd both ejaculated. Him all over my stomach and chest as he rode my cock, and then me deep up his arsehole as I fucked him missionary, whilst kissing him hard.
    Not only did I fuck him in our home that day, but I also fucked him in my car, on the way to giving him a lift to his uncles flat where he lived.
    My amazing secret bisexual young lover has changed my whole world. I cannot get enough of his gorgeously tight arsehole and cute wet mouth, and find myself wanting to fuck him all the time. I've left work lunchtimes and early finishes to fuck him. I gone out late evening jogging to meet him in the park close to his uncles to fuck him outdoors. And only recently, I met him with my wife sat waiting for me in the car, thinking I was picking something up from work. I fucked him as he leaned against a wall and dumped my load deep inside his rear fuck hole. Back in the car with my wife, she asked where were the files I'd gone to get. I told her they'd been locked away and I couldn't get them.
    I'm not sure where we'll be in six months from now, but I certainly hope I'm still fucking my young friend for as long as were enjoying one another. Because believe me, I've never felt so good fucking anyone in my life.

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    Gay Male / 19

    Gay male here. I crossdress and live as a sissy 100% of the time now. I have several lovers, one of whom is very dom and doesn't like me being with other men. He likes to hurt me and embarrass me as well as show me off to strangers. He's fucked me in front of straight couples and gays many times in clubs and spas. Last night he had me tied down spread on the bed, and after 2 other men took turns fucking me he took his turn and after they left, I was still tied up in my garter, stockings, heels and a cute lacy bra. He took he padding out of the bra, then injected saline into my pecs and made large A cup tits out of them. He put so much in that some fluid was actually shooting out of my aureolae and nipples. Some would come out as he sucked them or squeeze too hard but that ceased and I had A cup tits and he fucked me like crazy until they went down. I guess it absorbs into the body but they did go down after a while. He was calling me baby, sweetie, honey, darling, in addition to his normal - cumbucket, slut, whore, sissyass.

    I am afraid of needles and didn't like that but I did like having boobs for a while. He wants to do it regularly to me and I want to let him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I started masturbating to orgasm when I was 12. By 13 I wanted to fuck, and got to fuck someone but it was another boy. I fucked him and he would fuck me. We'd also suck each other. We did it because we couldn't get any girls yet and just wanted to be inside someone and cum. Eventually he turned into a jock and stopped having sex with me and started with girls. I still couldn't find a girl to be with me, they and other boys teased me because I was so small and thin with long black hair.

    My old friend would come over sometimes (I guess when he couldn't get any pussy) and would fuck me sometimes, but always threaten me to keep quiet about him doing it or he'd beat me up. He didn't need to worry. But his fucks were less caring and slow and turned into very urgent, rough fucks just to get him off as quickly as possible and ten he'd make me suck his cock clean and he'd pull up his pants (he never got totally naked anymore) and would leave me with a gaping butthole full of his cum. In the meantime I was now 15, with a tiny 4" cock that has never even seen a naked pussy or tits in person. Unknown to my old friend, I was then getting fucked by 3 other guys, ranging in age from 19 to 42. The older two were married men and were bi, as I'm assuming they fucked their very attractive wives. One of them, the 37 year old would show me naked pictures of his wife, some posing, some getting fucked, even anally and a lot of pictures of her peeing, and some pictures showed cum leaking out of her just fucked pussy. I liked the creampie pictures most. He would take pictures of his creampies in my behind almost everytime.

    I am now 17 and still see the two older men though the older one and I did get caught by his wife fucking in a motel. But he still keeps seeing me. I also see another man who is 50 years old. He is divorced, and lives in a huge mansion in the rich area of town. We've been having very nice sex, very slow, patient, and he will even let me masturbate sometimes while he is inside me, and sometimes he will use his hands on me and a few times his mouth to make me cum too. He is a very sensitive lover, who though pinching my nipples very hard, doesn't cause me any pain when making love to me. He is a HUGE cummer, even at his age he cums about 3 to 5 times as much as a typical teenager does. He loves the way I suck him. Last weekend was a bit different. I went over to his place, he gave me a car to drive, it was Friday afternoon, and he had asked me to stay until Monday morning with him, spending the night in his bed and in his arms. All the while making my butt and my mouth available to him.

    He took me immediately to the bedroom so I thought he was horny and turned to kiss him, and he moved my body around facing the bed. He had several wardrobe selections of women's clothes for me to spend the weekend in. He didn't want any "boy" clothes. A woman came in and he told me to strip. Very embarrassed to be naked in front of her I did it and she took me naked into the bath and taught me to use make up, and put some body in my hair, and brush/dry it with headbands so I looked like a teen age girl. Then she selected a set of stockings with garter belt, and a pretty pair of panties with matching bra. The bra as padded and she showed me how to put on stockings and garter first, then panties so I could take them off and he'd have access to me whenever he wanted and I'd still have sexy garter and stockings on while I was getting fucked. I put on a slim black dress, a diamond necklace, and passed his inspection. She then showed me other things to wear, including sexy undies and lingerie for bed time. As soon as she left I got bent over the sofa and fucked for 30 minutes with him screaming in orgasmic delight and I felt as if I'd truly found myself. That night in sex lingerie I got a mouthful of cum and a butt full of cum as well as the next morning getting the day started with a large cock pistoning in and out of me. I spent the entire time dressed as a girl, we even went on dates outside to restaurants and the theater. On Saturday afternoon Kyle said he had to leave, but was having someone over to take care of me. I thought it was all over as he was passing me off to another guy and he didn't want me anymore. But that wasn't the case. It was Donna, the woman who put me in the clothes and taught me some makeup tips.

    She came in and immediately got naked. The first time I'd seen a real pussy and tits in person. She took me into the bedroom and over 3 hours I got sucked by her, licked her pussy, fucked her pussy and also fucked her butt. Kyle had this planned the whole time. He just wanted his turn first. After a while I recouped, fucked her with my little cock (she and he call it my clit) and then she left showing me her hairy creampie several times before she left with no panties on, and cum dripping down her leg. Kyle came back I thanked him with the best sex ever.

    I love this and I now feel as if I don't belong back in my "boy" clothes. I got fucked by one of my married guys this morning and he liked me in bra and panties too. I really want to be fucked and live as a girl. Kyle I think wants it too. He is having me over again for a long weekend, Thursday through till Tuesday. The whole time I will be his girlfriend.

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