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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I woke up, I wasn't looking at the face of my wife. I was looking at the made up face of Lucy, a young transvestite.
    The memory of the night before rolled through my mind and I instantly became hard.
    Moving so I was behind him/her, I put my cock head to Lucy's asshole and eased my dick up her cute ass. She protested a little, but soon backed onto me, making my cock sink deeper up her backside.
    I fucked Lucy then. Not bothering to register any of her needs. I wanted to fuck her as I would any common slut, and I did so.
    It gave me such a thrill to be fucking Lucy in our home. To be pounding her asshole and knowing I'd be cumming bareback up her/his gorgeous ass.
    The bedroom door opened just as I switched to pulling Lucy up to a kneeling position and me behind her, forcing my cock deeper into that gorgeous ass.
    The comment came from the doorway "You guys want breakfast, I'll cook us something. Pound that ass honey, he looks like he wants it so bad".
    I told Sarah my wife breakfast would be nice. As she turned to leave us to fuck, she said "Maybe tonight".
    Fucking Lucy harder and building up to my orgasm, I told Lee my wife's nephew I was going to blow up his hole. Lucy replied "Cum up me please. Then eat my ass".
    Lucy always came from me fetching her cum filled ass. As soon as Lee's balls emptied over the sheet, we moved together and kissed.
    "Breakfast's almost ready" was my wife shouting to us. We quickly showred and went to eat.
    Lee kissed his aunt good morning and then kissed me hard before sitting down.
    "Tonight really" was my opening statement. "Depends on Lee, sorry Lucy".
    Lee smiled at us both, then said "You'll have to teach me how to eat pussy. I've never been with a female".
    This was all two years ago. My wife, Lucy and I spent that night having hours of fun.
    Lee/Lucy is here right now staying over with us. My wife no longer joins in, but sometimes watches and masturbates. Mostly though, I get to fuck her nephew in our guest room whenever we're horny.
    Which right now, is pretty much every night.

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    Gay Male / 30

    I need a man to put my worthless little dick in a cage and bind me tightly to keep me from playing with myself. I'll be an obedient little pussyboy for him. I belong in chains with a big gag set deep in my mouth.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was a kid I had a few iMessage when someone showed me their cock, I did touch and older boys cock and the age of 10, at age 14 I junked off with anther boy a few years Oder, I ask him to let me put it in my mouth, but he said no,

    A short time later my best friend and I were at his house and no one else was home,I donât remember why but he came out of the bathroom naked, he was a small framed young man at 14, but well built and cocky...
    He had a huge cut cock, I was taken back to say the least ,his cock was at least 2 times as big as mine...

    He taunted me with it, I know he wanted me to have it but I think because we were such good friends he stopped short of giving it to me, at the time I didnât know I would have loved t too, I didnât discover my bi side till I was 18
    At an adult book store were I let a man suck my cock,, he was great at giving head, and I went back many times for head, much later in life in my 50âs I discovered how great a cock feels in my mouth..

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    25th March 2018, I booked myself into a hotel room, got myself prepared and waited for the first guest.
    Four hours later I'd been fucked by eleven men, mostly married men and all of them what most would consider burly men.
    My arsehole was dripping cum and I'd gotten the taste of semen in my mouth too.
    The first to arrive was a regular of mine. Someone who's wife no longer engaged sexually with him. As always with him, it was his shorts and boxers down, me kneeling on the bed and him thrusting his fat cock into my arse straight away from behind.
    Fucking me for no more than five minutes, he'd build up to his orgasm and then blast my insides with masses of hot sticky cum.
    He'd be dressed and on his way a minute or two later.
    One of my invitees, a gent in his mid sixties, arrived with his wife. It's not the first time I'd been fucked in front of someone's wife, but never in that kind of setting.
    She took pictures of him fucking me missionary, and then cumming over my tongue and face.
    There was a double fucking too. Not something I usually agree to, but they'd arrived within a minute of each other. Not wanting to miss Andy, the second of the two to knock on my hotel door, I agreed they could use me as their fuck boy together.
    Their session with me lasted nearly an hour and for the first time in my life, I was double fucked at one point.
    With Andy's larger cock, I mounted him. Then the other chap, the youngest of the day, he slid his dick up my arsehole too. It hurt at first, but by then I'd had seven men fuck me. My arsehole gave a little and I had my second orgasm of the day as Andy and the young man pounded my hole.
    The last to arrive, a guy I've had sex with away from my fuck sessions, is a man who just loves a sloppy well fucked hole to dive into.
    He loves to tongue and rim my hole and I oblige him usually by sitting on his face.
    His cock was also the smallest, yet thickest of the men to fuck me that day, around five inches. But then with his stamina and his ability to last fully erect, he eventually fucked me all over the room and in the shower. Once he'd cum up my arse, he put my legs over my head and tongued out my hole of his own cum. Still rock hard his thick cock was thrust into me again.
    He also drove me to my intense orgasm, with his cock slowly grinding into my arse as we kissed in the missionary position.
    Eleven men serviced and totally energised by the sex they mostly are denied by their wives.

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    Gay Male / 50

    I am a married, closeted, homosexual.
    I have travelled a great deal, alone and sometimes with my wife, over my business career and enjoyed many men sexually.
    Today we are grounded and will be for the foreseeable future. No more business trips, no more encounters with men, young or old. No more cocks to suck or take in my anus. No more opportunity for me to wear lace lingerie under my suit or in bed during sex. No more cum down my throat. No more sensual prostate massages. No more beautiful male bodies to admire in hotel gyms and spas. No more air cabin crew guys to flirt with and exchange phone numbers.
    No more cocktail bar seductions.
    I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of men there are just like me?
    Unbearable to even think about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Over the past eighteen months, the neighbour next door, a married forty four year old, has been fucking me nearly every day in his garden work building.
    It's not a shed, being built of brick and it has a section in it he's converted into a seating/fucking area.
    I suck him off, and love it when he rims me, getting my hole ready for his large dick.
    We always fuck bareback and he always comes deep inside my arsehole making me cum hard in the process.
    His wife couldn't care less that he's fucking me, as long as she gets her wine or gin.
    He's even fucked me in front of her a couple of times, and all she says is I'm a cock whore.
    Now with what's happening in the world and our isolation from each other, we video message each other and I use a dildo he bought me, so he can masturbate as I fuck myself.
    It's not the same obviously, yet we both know once things improve, I'll be lusting after his gorgeous dick again.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I returned home from a business trip a few days early and caught my husband in bed with a neighbor boy. John, my husband was fucking him and I stood in the doorway to our bedroom and watched my husband cum in that boys ass. I was disgusted and backed away unnoticed and hurried back outside and drove off. I know the boys parents and wondered should I tell them. He is seventeen. My God.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I was such a horny boy when I was young. When I was alone in my room the dirty thoughts that crossed my teenage mind were so intense that my masturbation took new forms. I'd crawl around on all fours with a hairbrush handle up my ass and my skinny prick leaking on the blue carpet. I'd tie my ankles to a desk chair, put clamps on my nipples, and tape a wadded up sock in my mouth to simulate captivity. I'd put a pillow case on my head and choke myself with a belt until I was dizzy. I'd shoot my cum in my own mouth or slurp it off my hands or smear it on my face while imagining being surrounded my men jerking their cocks.

    In the chat rooms I'd pretend to be or roleplay as anything that would allow me to feed my dirty fantasies. I created an entire female persona so I could consistently fool straight men into britalizing me online. In the gay chat rooms I'd be a neighbor boy, a homeless boy, a prostitute, or even a man's nephew or son in roleplay if it helped me to vividly imagine hard, fat cocks using me.

    I even joined a gay meet-up website for doms and subs, pets and masters, etc. I'd post pictures in my profile of my boyish, naked body with a jockstrap crotch covering my face to protect my identity. I'd revel in the attention of the top men who wanted to use my ass. The more depraved their profiles, the more bondage gear they owned, the more testimonials from satisfied total bottoms like myself they had, the harder my prick throbbed and the more thickly the drool flowed from my mouth.

    The closest I came was a man in Pittsburgh who wanted me for a long weekend as his pet dog. He called me "Pup" and promised nice, soft mitts for my hands and feet, a heavy leather dog mask with a thick ball gag for my mouth, a tail plug to anchor deep in my ass, and a cage for my little prick. God, how bad I wanted him to own my stupid teenage ass, to show me what it was like to beg to kiss his feet and slurp his cum from a dog bowl. He was going to call my cell and we would get to know each other a bit more. I was sitting there bare ass naked with my phone in my hand...but when he called me and said "Hello" I freaked out and hung up and blocked his number. I apologized via e-mail and he forgave me and said he would be around if I changed my mind.

    Its more than a decade later now. I just turned 30 and my boyish body is quite a bit hairier and thicker. I still masturbate to the same fantasies of submission but I could have had more than fantasies when I was young and fresh. Who would want to own my ass now compared to the horny boy I was? I'll always regret not being a cute young boy whore when I had the chance.

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    Lesbian Female / 35

    I am a single 35 year old lesbian. I live alone and have a small pool in my very private back garden. I swim and sunbathe nude all summer.
    There is an old house next door with an attic. The attic window is dusty and grimy so I figured it was unused and didn't think anybody could see me or any of my friends nude and enjoying our bodies from time to time.
    The family next door in the old house keep to themselves and we don't socialize except on one occasion when I asked them over for a drink on my birthday. I was surprised they came actually.
    David and Amelia have two children at home and one who is a flight stewardess and lives away. She was home for the week on leave and came over with them.
    I immediately felt something for Karen, the stewardess daughter. She was gorgeous looking and looked amazing in her jeans and blouse which was open one button more than was probably standard and exposed her smooth cleavage and the top of her very sexy bra.
    She came with me to the kitchen to freshen the drinks and when I turned around to pass her the ice she had undone another button. Her breasts were beautiful, held in her very gorgeous lace bra.
    I felt tingly down where I love to feel tingly just looking at her. Then she casually said now I live away from home I prefer not to share Anne's room anymore so mom has set up the attic for me while I am here. My mind raced. Mid summer, the last two days mostly in the nude, inside and out. A girlfriends head between my legs yesterday afternoon.
    I was very casual and said oh that's nice. Best to be a little private.
    She said oh yeah, way better. The view is nice too, and slid her hand inside her blouse and cupped her breast. I felt wet between my legs. OK I said, let me get these drinks out to your folks. Stay there.
    I took the drinks and said what a help she was being in the kitchen and that we would be right back. Always the stewardess her mom said and laughed. OMG yes I thought.
    I went back and right up to her and kissed her mouth then whispered I hope you enjoyed the view. Come on over anytime.
    And she did. I was able to look up at her attic window while her head was between my legs pretty much for the next two days. Garden sex is lovely.

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    Lesbian Female / 36

    I am a thirty something unapologetically gay woman. My boss, the silver haired big Daddy boss, gave me 'permission' to be gay, on one condition. Don't act gay at work. I asked what that meant, maybe if I stopped breathing. He said, 'no, you know that gay thing you do'. What gay thing? 'Being gay around other people'.

    I took my hot date to the Christmas party, a twenty six year old pretty blonde, his very preferred type. I did it on purpose, he was not amused. He wanted to know if I did that 'stuff' with her. I didn't want to go down the 'stuff' rabbit hole so I told him she was a date, it wasn't his business what 'stuff' I did with her. Before he could open his mouth I reminded him she was my date, respect that.

    When I announced that my pretty date was going to be mine, that I had proposed, he offered me his house to get married. His pool, his back yard, his home. He walked us both down the isle, his friend the Minister at his church married us, I'm agnostic but he insisted that we have a Minister. We got a honeymoon trip as a wedding gift, and he bought us our wedding bands. In all his days he had never had so many gay people in his house.

    I don't act gay, I don't think I act gay, around him I try not to be gay, but if by chance my hottie and me are at his beach house, and he lights the fire box, and we put our arms around each other he pretends not to notice. He is the Daddy any gay girl wants to have, and he is our Daddy. That's why I love him.

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