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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 40

    I've had the same Gay Co-worker hit on me for the past 15 years. I'm not homophobic in the least, but I'm not attracted to men at all, so this has always just kind of been playful trash talk to me. He's a nice enough guy, but a shitty worker, so they finally let him go. A week after he's let go he starts texting me asking about computer problems. I've helped him with computer problems in the past, so this is nothing new, but in the past he's always brough his computer to work for me to fix it. This time he asks me to swing by his place after work.

    I go by after work and start working on his computer. We have a few beers, I fix the computer, and he keep talking about the good times at work. He's going on about how sad he is he won't be part of the gang anymore. Evidently no one else at work has bothered to keep in touch with him since his dismissal.

    He's flirting with me, and he tells me he would suck my dick better than my wife ever has. I tell him I don't know about that, my wife's a prety talented cocksucker. He's like sure, but when was the last time she did. Honestly, it had been about 6 months at that point. I joked that with a dick as big as mine she needs to recover between attempts to swallow it. He gets all excited by that and starts asking me if he can just see it. He's ,like you can't just tell me you have a huge dick like that and not at least let me see it.

    Whatever ? I spin around to face him in my chair, unzip and pull my dick out. It's flacid and I wiggle it at him. I blink and he's dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock. I realise I've just been suckered, with grade school level of shenanigans, no less.

    None of that matters, because I'm hard as rock within 2 seconds. My cock as buried as deep as it can go in his throat and he's doing shit with his tounge no one has ever done to my cock before. I'm staring at him working my dick, and I'm not enjoying the view, but it felt too good so I let him do it.

    He gives me mind numbing head for 30 minutes straight, before he stops for second to ask me if I'm close. He's getting tired, but I say yes. I feel like I'm going to errupt, but every time I open my eyes and look at him it kills the high just a little bit and I can't climax. 10 mintutes later I can see he's getting ready to give up, but I am determined to cum at this point. I grab his head with both of my hands, imagine the cute 20 something girl they just hired that's been flirting with me, and fuck his skull until I have an orgasm that took my whole body to experience.

    He doesn't miss a beat. My shuddering, moaning, and cumming in his throat evidently turned him on enough that he forgot how tired he was. He swallowed my load and continued sucking my dick for another 5 minutes. I literally layed there incapable of speach, or moving in general, during that period and for a few moments after that as well.

    I was spent. I could hardly move and I had no fight in me. Worry started to creep in. If he wanted me to return the favor he was going to be shit out of luck. There was no amount of alcohol that was going to ge me to put his dick in my mouth. For a moment I entertained the idea of letting him fuck me if it came to it. I'd had an ex-girlfiend who would give me prostate massages, so I figured I might acutally enjoy anal if it came down to it.

    Instead, he asked me to cover up becuase he thought he heard his parents stirring, and they didn't know he was gay. Parents ? PARENTS ? This guy was in his 40's, blowing me in the living room, while his parents slept above us.

    I was too busy enjoying the head to think rationallya bout the comsequences up until this point, but there was no in Hell this guy's parents where going to come down stairs to find their precious 40 year old baby boy fucking me.

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Pulled my pants up, thanked him for the great head, and bolted.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    When you live in the small town we live in, and the next youngest female to your wife appears to be around fifty. And your wife has totally gone off sex altogether, you have only a few choices. Masturbation, fuck an older woman, or do as I did five months ago, let a nineteen year young man suck you off in your truck, just outside of town.
    He's not what you think of as gay/bisexual, as he looks like a rough looking muscled farm hand. However believe me he cannot get enough of my cock down his throat, or as in the last two months, up his super tight cute asshole. And it was he who approached me in a coffee shop in town. He asked for a light and then asked me if I'd like to take a ride. When I asked why, he replied "To suck your dick of course". To cut a long story short, he got the wrong guy, but the outcome was we ended up at our now regular place where we have all kinds of different sex. That night I went home with an empty ball sac and a new found appreciation of what a guy could do for me. On and off over the next three months I'd meet up with him at different places and drive out to have him suck me dry. Then two months ago he asked me if I'd consider fucking him as he pulled off my cock. My dick was so far up his asshole five minutes later, he was screaming with delight.
    He came all over the passenger seat of my truck, seconds before I filled his rear fuck tube. He even licked and sucked my cock clean afterwards, before I dropped him off close to his mothers farm. We meet whenever our work schedule's allow and he's always ready to take my cock down his throat or more often now, up his gorgeous asshole. I'm a definite convert to gay sex and hope to carry on with my young farm hand for as long as possible. But if not to be him from now on, I'm sure there are plenty more young men out here, who'd take everyone of my eight and half inches deep inside their butts.
    Oh yeh! I'd like to thank the guy he was originally planning to meet, from not turning up, cheers bud, you have really changed my sexual world.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I was away on business staying at a hotel. I had just gone for a swim and then went into the sauna for a bit. I then went in to use the shower. It was one big shower room and another guy came in to use it too. He began to talk to me and when he saw I was having trouble soaping my back he jumped in and began to soap it for me. I felt a little gay being naked and having another naked guy touching me. He was soaping my back and to be honest I did still feel gay but him rubbing my back felt rather good. Soon he moved his hands lower and was soaping and rubbing my ass. I think he was testing the waters with me and when I didn't stop him his hands made their way to my cock. He was gripping my cock and teasing me. Soon he was stroking me and did so until he had me cum. He then told me to get on my knees and had me suck his cock. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this but was more surprised when another guy walked into the showers and I didn't stop what I was doing. The guy stood watching me suck the other guy and began to stroke himself. I made the other guy cum and pulled his cock out of my mouth just in time so he didn't cum in my mouth but still his cum hit my face and my chest. I don't know what came over me but I took the hands away from the guy stroking himself and began to suck him. He had his hands on my head and was slowly pushing my head onto his cock a little more each time. He was well endowed and I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat. I could feel him getting closer to cumming and he was pushing my head further onto his cock. He was really close now and had pushed my head further onto his cock which I felt go down my throat and make me gag slightly. Somehow I managed to prevent the gag reflex and now I could feel his cock literally go down my throat. I could feel him about to cum but this guy pushed my head hard on to his cock and I couldn't pull my head away. He began to cum and I almost choked. His cum shot down my throat and I had no option but swallow it even though I didn't want to do so. There I was still on my knees trying to get my breath back as he began showering. He asked how often I sucked cock and I was truthful and told him it was my first time. He said for a cock sucking virgin I did pretty well. He quickly showered as did the other guy and they both left.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Every so often (Once every couple of months or so) my wife visits her friends who she went to university with, in London. It gives me the opportunity to invite a few friends of my own around. They're all large burly men in their mid to late fifties, and all of them adore fucking younger men (Me). I met each and everyone of them on a gay hookup site. And each has now been visiting me whenever we get time, for over two years. I make sure I'm cleaned out and ready for each of them. I also make sure there's enough condoms, lube and blue pills to go around. Normally by the end of the night, in which they tell their respective wives or partners they're playing cards, I've had more than a dozen loads of cum, either over me or inside my arsehole, depending on who's fucking me. This time (Early September) they'll be five men arriving and five men cumming in or over me. As usual one or two will stay the night and by the morning I'll be cum drenched mess, especially if Tom stays over again. He's a real big cummer and loves to have me all to himself. It's Tom who is the only one I allow to cum deep up my arsehole. I do love my wife, but I also love being fucked too. Something I've been enjoying with older men since I was in my mid teens... (I miss those cottages)...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Way before I met my wife, I had a brief but very intense sexual relationship with an older man called chris. I've always been bisexual, or should I say I was until being married. The relationship started with the older man after he approached me in toilets of a bar. We ended up in a cubicle with me sucking on his cock until he came all over my face. Back in the bar I thought that would be it for me and him, that was until he introduced himself and invited me back to the small but very nicely decorated flat he had. I walked out of Chris's flat just after sunrise well and truly fucked. The moment we entered he had me go back down on him and as soon as he became hard, still in the small hallway, he had me bend over and hold onto the coat rack as he slid his condom and spit covered cock up my arse. The sucking and fucking went on for as long as anytime I'd been with anyone before, male or female. So by the time he'd had me mount his cock after sucking it back to life yet again, I'd already taken three lots of his man seed.
    Each week after that for about three weeks, I'd meet him in the bar and then head back to his flat to have the most exhilarating sex I've ever had. Then one week he didn't turn up and that was that.
    I had lots more sexual encounters with both men and women before I met my wife, but as soon as we became serious I decided to stay totally hetro and totally with her.
    Her father wasn't present when we wed, as he and my wife's mother had divorced due to his love of gay sex. I'd not even seen a picture of him, so when he got in contact and re established a relationship with my wife, imagine my and his surprise to see each other. My wife saw the look between us but didn't say anything. I'd already told her about everything in my life up until meeting her, so she knew I'd had sex with males before. She also had my promise it was all finished.
    Then last month as already arranged we visited her father. I was apprehensive as it was the first time we were going to be staying over. It all went well and myself and Chris stayed silent over our previous sexual relationship. It had gotten to nine o'clock at night when my wife's phone rang. She took the call and said she had no choice, she had to dash back to the hospital where she worked. She kissed us both before heading off in my car. The silence it left was awkward, but Chris soon changed that by asking me if I still fucked with guys. I told him I'd been totally faithful to his daughter and at first he seemed pleased. Then he asked me as he got us both a beer, if I'd like to have one more good time. He left it hanging as he passed me the beer and sat by me. His closeness was too much and before I knew it we were kissing. Moments later I had Chris's cock in my mouth and it all flowed back to me. In a little under an hour Chris had fucked me twice, both times without a condom and both times he came deep inside my arsehole.
    We'd not long showered when my wife arrived back, apologising for her absence. She gave me an almighty kiss before asking me if we were going to bed. Before she fell asleep my wife turned to me and said Thank you, but in a way that was totally appreciative.
    Two weeks ago we stayed again and again my wife made some excuse to leave her father and me alone. Only that time I knew she wasn't going back to work, as I'd heard her earlier asking a friend if she could stay over the night. Chris and I were in the middle of fucking when she rang. I still had his cock deep inside me as I was riding his cock, when she told me she might have to stay at work all night, and not to worry. The moment I put the phone down Chris asked me if it was his daughter, When I said she might have to stay over at work, he grinned and began to hammer upwards at my arsehole.
    We fucked and fucked and fucked pretty much all night, and knowing my wife was probably at a friends of hers, I got right into slutting myself for her father. Performing anything gay and sexual he wanted from me.
    The next day at home, my wife once again thanked me as though I'd done the most amazing thing in staying over at her fathers. And then she slipped up kind of, by telling me Chris had told her about a young man he'd had sex with when her mother and he were getting divorced. He'd told her his name was "Kender". Kender was my nick name in school and around the bars I met guys in. My wife knows this and knows I met an older guy in a bar one evening.
    Now I'm thinking my wife knows about her father and me and is allowing him and me to have sex together, or that's how it appears anyway. I'm confused to why she would, but I'm sure she is and don't know what to do from this point on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    This is going to be quick. Every time I go to my bud's house or run into him anywhere, I end up sucking him off. It started at a party at his place when I drank to much and told him I had wanted to suck his cock for a long time when he took me behind his garage and told me if I was serious to go ahead as he already had his cock out. I dropped to my knees and within 5 minutes, he was feeding me his sperm. I sucked him off again in the morning after he crawled in bed with me and have been his cum slut ever since. I have sucked him off at his work, in his car, in every room in his house, in parking lots and even in a church. As long as he wants me to, I'm going to keep sucking his cock and eating his cum! Comment please!

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    Gay Male / 18

    i get pushed around a lot at school, and called a faggot by all the other kids, but i don't care, because when i get home i have a bellyful of cum. That's because every day after school i suck off guys from school. When i walk home make stops and suck cock along the way.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Recently I spent three days trying to get back home after a trip over to Greece with some friends. I wanted to stop on for a few more days after they left, but then like an idiot lost all of my remaining money pissed up one night.
    I'd not thought about the flight back home, and having no money I knew I was stuck. Call it fate, or call it just blind luck, but I got talking to a guy after three days. He was working and driving a truck all the way through to northern France. He asked me if I wanted a lift, but then told me there would be a charge. When I went to tell him I had no money, he told me, the charge would be my mouth and arsehole.
    On the four day trip with him picking up and dropping supplies along the way, I sucked on his fat cut cock over a dozen times and let him fuck me five times. At first I was almost sick sucking on his cock, but once I relaxed and got used to it being in my mouth, I began to enjoy making him feel good. Bizzarely the first time he fucked me, I completely loved the feeling of his cock filling my arsehole. It had my cock throbbing straight away and had me cumming within minutes without having to masturbate. He withdrew from my arsehole and made me eat his cum as it flew from his cock.
    It became a pattern as we slept in the cab, and I even began to offer to suck his dick. On the final evening just outside of Calais, where he dropped me off with some euro's, we had our most erotic fuck in a wheat field. We both got totally naked and I had him fuck me in kinds of positions, the last of which was me mounting him as he wanked my dick.
    I came all over his face and let him cum inside of my arsehole. On the train that night travelling through the channel tunnel, I felt his cum leak out of my arse. Finding the toilet, I scooped it up and swallowed the lot.
    Back home after a long tiring journey, I text him to say I was ok and got this reply "See you in October, can't wait to pick you up, Yannis x".
    I've already let my parents and girlfriend know I'm going away again. What they and everyone else doesn't know, is I'm meeting Yannis and staying at his place for the week. It will be one long dirty week of sucking and fucking, and I just can't wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    The likelihood my wife has been having an affair with a no mark dickhead for some time, is extremely high. I know this because I found a used condom under our bed about five months ago. And noticed a guy looking very much like the dickhead in question, jumping over our back fence with his cock swaying in the wind, as my wife pretended to be showering. I also know he's been stuffing her fat lazy c**t with his puny dick, because unlike my increasingly obese wife, I've had the intelligence to have installed a tiny, but very good secret camera in our bedroom. It's triggered by movement and uploads any pictures to my lap top. Since I've had it fitted, I've caught them fucking on three different occasions. That's how I know he's got a puny dick.
    None of this matters in a way. That's because since the morning before our wedding, I've been fucking her father at least twice a week. I work for Tony and did so before I began to fuck his daughter. You see fucking her was all it ever was for me. Through work and my ever increasing desire to fuck her father, I sort of hung around. One thing lead to another and we got married. However the day before we got married he called by my apartment (One I still have and lease out) He asked me if I genuinely wanted to marry his daughter and when I asked why, Tony stripped in front of me and presented his asshole. Just before my cock entered his asshole, he told me he'd wished I'd fucked him earlier. Smiling at my future father in law, I stuffed every inch of my cock up his ass and told him, I wished I had too.
    The very day we arrived back from our honeymoon, I and his daughter visited Tony. She promptly fell asleep and myself and Tony crept out back into his carpentry shed and had the most intense of fucks. It didn't last long as my balls were full, but fucking him as he lay on his back on his work bench, was simply awsome.
    Ever since then, when we've even had a brief amount of time together alone, we've either had oral sex or I've fucked him as hard as he can take it. And boy can Tony take it.
    Only yesterday after work, Tony asked me to stay back. His office was dark when I got there, but it was just bright enough forme to see he was totally naked lay on his large leather black sofa. His legs were up as he held them and his soft voice said "Make it wet". Removing my clothing, I knelt down by him, put my face between his butt cheeks and began to tongue what I knew would be a very grateful asshole. Reaching up I took what I knew would be a semi erect cock (Tony can no longer remain erect for more than a few seconds) and began to masturbate him. Only this time Tony didn't want me to finish him off by stroking his cock. Telling me to spoon him on the couch, I got behind him and then slowly inserted my cock, reaching around for his dick. Tony turned his head towards me, so we kissed passionately as I gently fucked my my boss, my wife's father and my wonderful older male lover.
    By the time I was ready to cum deep inside Tony's asshole, something I always do, unless he wants it all over his face, I had Tony face down and was pounding into his rear passage. He'd cum underneath himself and was still shaking when I told him I wanted to cum. Tony turned his head and asked me to imagine myself forcing myself on him. It had an immediate effect and I blew my load hard and deep inside his ass.
    Before I left for home and to his fat useless daughter, Tony asked me to tongue my cum out of his hole. I kissed my wife good evening with the taste of of my own cum on my lips and tongue.
    She still has no idea I know about her and her waster of a guy, but soon enough she might. Tony has hinted on a few occasions if we should get together for real. If I do decide to live with my wife's father, I'll first introduce her to a lap top and some very poor sex films. She can decide after that if she's going to make a fuss over our potential divorce...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    CL ad: Family Fun

    I'm a 44yo, good looking, professional, bisexual who is twice divorced - no kids. When I was in middle school my 22 year old cousin talked me into sucking his cock. He came over after he left his job to see I had diner, did my homework and was in bed by 8PM - my parents were at a religious conference out of town and not expected back until midnight. For the life of me I do not recall how it started but I was sitting on my bed while he stood at the side and his (curved to the right) cock was in my mouth. I know he would move my head with his hand so his cock wouldn't go into the jaw with each thrust. Then he pushed to it the back and held my head on his cock as he shot down my throat - I was gagging and beginning to choked. After I regained my composure he told me to lick the sides and top to clean it off, and lick his balls. My first time was not an unpleasant experience, but not one I wanted to repeat. I didn't know what to expect as he knew I had never had sex - even beat off with a buddy.
    My parents were well known and respected musicians/singers in multi-denominational circles in the tri-state area. Being left with a baby sitter was no uncommon, however, this was the first time my cousin was asked. Since his parents lived a couple of miles away and he was just home from 4 years in the military waiting on winter term to start college, he was the most likely candidate. I was old enough, capable and stayed by myself a lot, so my cousin was more to insure I ate diner, was in bed on time and not asleep alone in the house for hours before my parents arrived. If they were too far to drive in, I went with them or slept at my grandparents.
    The next time my cousin looked out for me we went for pizza and a movie. Sitting on the back row, with no one on the back rows, he reached for me right hand and placed it on his crotch - his cock was already hard. He held his open palm on top of my hand... which was on his cock moving it back and forth. Finally he moved his hand and I continued rubbing his hard cock. The movie was not over but we left and as soon as we got in his car he told me to sit back with my head close to the head rest. He unzipped his cock and told me to slowly slide down in the seat, so no one would realize my head was disappearing. Once my head was down and my ass in the floor board he told me to come suck his cock. In the movie theatre parking lot...I sucked his cock the second time. This time because of my position his cock never went into my jaw but down my throat. He talked some nasty crap this time as he held my head hunch fucking my mouth. Not sure if it was the position or the talking, but I was enjoying sucking his cock and was loving feeling it in my mouth. He asked me if I wanted his cum and I shock my head no. So he pulled my head up by my hair as he put his other hand around his cock. I noticed a white rag on his stomach as he blew his load on the rag. That was the first time I ever saw another mans cum. I slowly slide back and up into the seat as he adjusted his shorts and we headed home, where this time, he was to spend the night.
    We went home and watched TV before he told me to get my shower and head to bed. While in the shower the door slide back and he stepped in naked pushing my to my knees. I sucked his cock some more only this time he pulled me up and hit his knees taking my cock into his mouth. I no more than got it in his mouth and I busted a nutt so hard I was weak in my knees. That night I lost my ass cherry and over the next few years learned to rim, suck and fuck and the most important lesson he taught me, "because you like men is no reason to act like a women." That was my introduction for gay sex and it expanded to his brother and their cousin on their dad's side. My first pussy was in a 3 way with my two cousins and we were openly bi with that hooker. For my 18th birthday I had an orgy with my two cousins, their dad, their paternal cousin and his brother-in-law. I was in college before I had gay sex with anyone other than family, or their other family.
    Sex with non consenting adults is wrong and should not happen. Does it happen? Yes. It happened to me, and with relatives. Did it define my life? No. Did I repeat the same? No. Actually, I prefer the a well experienced sexual partner. Did it cause my divorces? Perhaps, because I like variety in my sex life - prefer experience in many different sexual activities - I am a hung, bull, bi-swinger. Does anyone in the family know? Absolutely not. Am I the only one who has experience with relatives. Absolutely not. It is a fact of life (straight and gay) recorded in the oldest documents of mankind's history. Sex with non consenting adults is wrong. Straight, bi or swinger sex with consenting adults is wonderful - even when its relatives.

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