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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Jack isn't like any other person, male or female I know. He's fifty two years old, extremely muscular, relatively small at five feet seven and has to be the most virile man ever. His libido is endless it seems. His wife who's a lot younger than Jack just cannot keep up with his sexual appetite, so he looks elsewhere. He won't fuck other women, as he says that's to risky (Pregnancy, them falling in love with him, or just being dependant on his time) Men however are different, especially young men like me. That's because we don't want relationships per say, we just want sex.
    All my friends and family think I'm straight, as does my girlfriend. In fact since the age of fifteen I've been having sex with men much older than myself. At first it was meeting them in a park close to my parents home, to suck their cocks. And believe me there are lots of men, gay, bisexual, but mostly married closeted older men, who adore having their unloved dicks sucked until they shoot their load.
    After a couple of years of sucking mostly strangers cocks, I met a guy who was in his early forties, married and very fit. His job enabled him to travel around and he always stayed at hotel not too far form my parents home. Having sucked his cock in the park, he asked me if I'd meet him later at his hotel. His cock was the first to fuck my arsehole and it fucking hurt like crazy. But I went back a week later to try again and my anal heaven was reached. With him fucking me hard and fast from behind, I had my first ever anal driven orgasm. And it was so incredibly strong, I actually cried tears of total joy. He became my first regular gay sexual partner and for a while, we were having sex once a week at his hotel.
    I met Jack last year (Mid July) at work. He doesn't work for the company I work for. He was delivering a large parcel. Taking the order at the rear of the building, Jack asked me straight out if I fancied taking his cock up my arsehole, in the back of his van. I couldn't understand how he knew about my sexuality as I'm very straight acting, or I didn't know until he later told me. All the same I followed him to his van and jumped in, Closing the doors, he told me to suck his dick. Getting onto my knees I helped him lower his work trousers and came face to cock with a really thick cock. It wasn't/isn't too long, about seven inches, but it is truly one very thick heavily veined cock. I struggled to open my mouth wide enough to have him slide his cock over my tongue, but I managed it and began to give him a blow job.
    Sucking on jack's cock for about five minutes, I heard rather than saw him tearing open a condom packet. Pulling me up he told me to turn around and drop my trousers. I did as he asked and hoped he'd at least spit on my arsehole. He actually did much better. Reaching into the front of his van, he brought out a large tube of lube and smeared my arse with it. He also covered his cock too. And then Jack tried to drive his lubed up cock straight up my waiting hole. We both struggled at first. Him to force it far enough into me, and me to take it. But Jack being the horny bastard I now know, he persevered. And soon I was being fucked in work time in the back of a van by I guy I thought I didn't know.
    It was a crazy fuck. Very hard and very fast strokes at first, but also because of his cocks girth, it was also very very enjoyable. I came without touching my dick within two minutes, a first for me. And then I actually felt his cum shooting into the condom up my arsehole. I thought that was that, but Jack wasn't finished. Sitting on top of a large box, he told me to ride his dick. I knew he'd taken off his condom, but I desperately wanted him back inside of me again. Sitting down onto his still erect cock facing him, my arsehole enveloped his hard dick and I began to bounce up and down on his super thick shaft. Jack reached up, took hold of my head and brought my face next to his. As he continued to fuck me, we kissed. Jack's thrusts became longer, but slower. He was grinding his cock into me and it felt utterly amazing. Still kissing, he gripped my arse cheeks and pulled them apart hard. With another hard deep thrust up my rear hole, Jack spurted his second load deep inside my bowels.
    With his cum leaking out of my arsehole, I'd just taken his mobile number when my manager walked up to us and asked where I'd been. I made some story up about having to sort through the order and he walked away happy enough. I didn't tell him thirty seconds earlier, I'd just jumped out of Jack's van after being fucked twice.
    That was ten months ago. Every other day almost from then to now, I've met up with Jack at various places for sex. He's always ultra horny and he always fucks me at least twice. Some times we fuck in his van, other times we'll go back to his place and fuck there, but obviously only when his wife is out. And when the weather has allowed, we've also fucked an awful lot outdoors. And it was outdoors I actually first met him. It was in the park close to my parents home. I'd drank half a bottle of vodka like an idiot. (first time drinking alcohol and I soon realised I wasn't very good at taking my alcohol). A guy who's cock I'd sucked off a couple of weeks prior to the drinking session, wanted me to suck him again, but I wasn't feeling well. He tried to force me and I being only seventeen and slightly built, tried to tell him I didn't want to know. Then he just disappeared, or so it seemed in my very drunken state. In his place was a heavily muscled man who kind of lifted me out of the bushes I'd been pushed into, and escorted me home. That man was Jack and he'd heard me trying to resist the guy. The reason I thought he'd disappeared, is Jack had thrown him out of the bushes, down a steep bank and into what was at the time a high running stream. I didn't remember much the next day as I had the mother of all hangovers and my parents weren't sympathetic either. It was Jack who filled me in with the memory and also filled in my arsehole at the same time. We were at a place we know outdoors. I was leaning over a felled tree, somewhere Jack and I have fucked quite a few times now, and Jack was pummeling my arsehole from behind. It was moments before he came up my arse, when he told me how he first met me. I do remember some of it, but not all. Having him fill in the pieces helped, as has his ever needy libido in giving me the best sex of my life so far.
    Jack really is insatiable and always wants to fuck me whenever were together. We're not a couple and never will be. I know I'm his young fuck piece, his daily male bitch who helps him get his rocks off. And am I glad he asked me to get into his van that day.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    Every week, usually twice a week for the past four months, Sam has been visiting me at work. My colleagues think my nineteen year old nephew is calling by to pick up information and knowledge for his business studies. When in fact as soon as the door to my office is closed, he's on his knees, opening my trousers and sucking on my dick.
    I face fuck him each and every time he arrives at the office. And always have him swallow my cum when I eventually unload down his ever eager throat. I did at the start of all this, once fuck him in the office. But we very nearly got caught by a cleaner as Sam was moaning out loud as I drilled his arsehole.
    Fridays are always good days for us too, as his girlfriend has to leave early on Fridays to catch the train. My wife thinks I leave early on Fridays so I can take her out each week for an early evening meal, which I have been doing now for four months. The real reason I leave early, is to be round at Sam's flat for about seven thirty. He lets me in and is always ready for me. His arsehole is usually lubed up and within minutes of entering his flat, I'm entering his arsehole, either missionary or his and my favourite, doggy.
    I don't have too long to fuck him, so I pound away at his beautifully tight arsehole, making sure he cums himself by reaching around to toss off his large veiny cock. If I do arrive a little earlier, or decide to get into work late, we'll make the exception and have prolonged sex. Often taking time with lots of foreplay. Kissing, massage, lots of oral before I fuck him face to face.
    And it all came about just over four months ago when he walked into our home to find me balls deep up a male escort, someone I'd booked for the night. The escort was twenty years old and I'd paid for him to stay over the night. My wife was holidaying with her sister at the time, something she does every year on their birthday (Yes they're twins). When Sam walked in on me, I at first thought he was going to tell me I was dirty gay cheating bastard. Instead he got himself undressed, lowered his head and began to lick my arsehole as I began to fuck the escort again.
    That night I had two young men sucking on my cock and I fucked them both on my bed, with the help of a little blue pill.
    The following morning, after the escort had left, myself and Sam had two hours of sex which is still amongst my most memorable sexual occasions of my life. It was then we decided we'd carry on having sex and it was then I discovered just how much Sam loved sucking my cock.
    There is no right or wrong about us having sex. We both know it's just that, sex. And we don't take our other relationships for granted either, far from it. It's just that we're both bisexual and get great joy from the roles we take with each other. Sam loves my larger than average sized cock fucking his mouth and arsehole, and believe me, I love giving it to him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    My wife has just started to watch an hour long episode of her favourite soap. I'm in the garden just about to go into the large shed, myself and my step son Luke built two weeks ago. Already in those two weeks in the shed, I've had Luke suck my cock three times and I've managed to fuck him once.
    As soon as he joins me, leaving his mother and sister, Luke who's nineteen will be taking my cock up his beautifully tight arsehole again. I've been waiting all day to fuck him and he told me quarter of an hour ago, he's already lubed up his lovely rear hole. My dick's hard right now, and I simply cannot wait to stick my cock so deep up his gorgeous young slippery gay arse.
    He's just opened the patio door, and is smiling right at me. Here we go.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    This time last year I was in a sexless marriage, but still loved my wife in a companion type way. We still laughed together, enjoyed nights out and still holidayed. Yet there simply was no sex as she had no desire to be fucked anymore.
    I definitely wanted sex, but I din't wan the baggage of another relationship with a woman. Or the complications of having an affair.
    Working where I do in a distribution warehouse as a manager, I get to meet lots of younger men and women. Some are casual workers, doing the job they do to support college or university. Others are more long term and don't have the financial or mental capacity to work anywhere else really. And then there are people like Tommy, a young guy who floats through life and doesn't take most things too seriously.
    Tommy is also very free spirited when it comes to sex as well. He leans both ways and has had many girlfriends, but Tommy's favourite sexual thing, is to be fucked and fucked hard. And that's what he was doing when I caught him and another young guy at the back of the warehouse one lunchtime. He was lay a pile of cardboard boxes and was having his arsehole fucked from behind when I noticed them having sex. The young guy fucking him was a complete numpty, a real lazy bastard, and someone I'd wanted to get rid of for some time. So seeing him fucking Tommy gave me the opportunity to fire him. The bizarre thing was watching them fuck, I got boner and incredibly turned on.
    Sending a junior clerk to get them both later in the afternoon, I first saw the numpty and showed him the cctv footage of them fucking. Without having to say he was sacked, he threw down his work badge and told me he resigned.
    When Tommy entered he already knew what it was about. But rather than do as the other young guy had, Tommy pleaded with me to keep his job. Telling me he really needed the money, and that the job supported his mother and him.
    I genuinely don't know why, but I told Tommy to come back at the end of the day. His plea was heart felt and it was completely out of character to see him so upset. Phoning his home, his mother picked up the phone and I spoke to her about their financial position. I knew putting the phone down I should fire Tommy, even if his mother told me his job kept them both. But unlike the numpty, Tommy hadn't resigned and it gave me the chance to give him just a final written warning about his conduct.
    Getting him back into my office at the close of my day, I was about to tell him he was going to be given a final written warning. But before I could, he dropped down on the floor in front of me, unzipped my trousers quickly and took out my cock. (Yes I had time to stop him). Putting his lips to my growing cock, he let my dick slide over his tongue and I closed my eyes. It had been so long since I'd had my cock sucked, it felt divine. It didn't matter at that time it was young guy sucking my dick. All that mattered was, I was having my cock sucked and it was fucking amazing. Tommy gave me a ten minute blow job that simply put, was seriously awesome. His oral skills were and are the best I've ever had performed on me. I was in total rapture with him licking and sucking away on my throbbing cock, I almost forgot about my secretary. She buzzed my phone to let me know she was going and Tommy just about got to the seat and I slid myself and my chair behind my desk, before she popped her head in to say goodbye.
    The moment I thought was gone, but Tommy had other ideas. No sooner than she'd shut the door, he removed his own trousers and underwear and bent over the front of my desk. Looking directly into my eyes, he said "You can fuck me whenever you want, just let me keep my job". Shuffling around my desk, I looked at his rear fuckhole, spat on it and then buried my still erect cock straight up his arse. There was no forethought to my actions, just pure animal lust for his back hole. I'd not had sex in I don't know how long, and there was a young man willing to let me fuck him. And I took complete advantage of the situation.
    Slipping off my shoes, then my trousers and boxers, I slid my aching cock back into Tommy again, as he turned and pleaded with me to fuck him hard. Having more maneuverability, I slammed my cock harder up his arse and gained more force being able to spread my legs properly. Tommy felt my cock slam into him harder and said "Oh fuck yeh, just like that, don't stop". So for the next five minutes with sweat pouring of my face, I didn't.
    Tommy made a muffled comment about him about to cum, and then spurted his cum all over my desk. Seeing his creamy white cum going everywhere, had my cock and balls ready to explode and they did right up his arsehole. I pumped and pumped and pumped what seemed like gallons of cum up his arse and then finally finished, I slumped onto his back.
    Withdrawing, Tommy pulled up his underwear and trousers, and turned round. With my cock still dripping some cum, he lowered himself, put my cock to his mouth, but before he swallowed my softening dick again, he said "I take it I've still got a job then". As he sucked in my cock again, I told Tommy for the record he was on a final written warning, but the record would get somehow lost in a weeks time.
    His record has been lost and Tommy has moved up in the company. He's junior manager now and has a section he's in charge of. He's been brilliant with his new role and he's also been wonderful at keeping me and my cock happy this past year.
    Three to four times a week I have sex with Tommy. It's mostly a quick suck and fuck with Tommy accepting my cum deep up his arsehole every time. But at least once a week, either lunch time or mostly after work, we book into a hotel nearby. It's a hotel that doesn't ask questions of it's clients and allows short term/time bookings.
    In the hotel room Tommy and I have more time and more privacy and it's there where we now have the most passionate of sexual times together. We've become very close and it's probably his wish we get together permanently. but as I pointed out at the start, I do love my wife in my own way. So Tommy, my twenty year old sex machine (He really does love having me fuck him hard) at this moment in time, will just have to be gay lovers and secret ones at that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Taking up an offer I was given by a guy I'd only met twice, I moved out of my mums home, who she shared with her new fella Brian. Brian and I had had a bit of a misunderstanding. That's because Brian is secretly bisexual, and had walked into my bedroom when I was asleep, moved my boxers to one side and I awoke to find him sucking my cock. Ironic really as you will see.
    Moving to London wasn't what I had in my mind, but the offer of a job and a neat place to stay at nineteen years old, was too good to miss.
    The second week at the large shared house, my friend (Loosely put) had invited round two older guys, both in their forties. He'd bought a load of beer and Tequila, and it was the Tequila I got drunk on. (Bad bad decision). I'd fallen asleep and found myself on a bed without covers and by the feel of it, like Brian had done, I could feel my cock being sucked. But I could also feel something way way different. My arsehole was being played with, or that's what I thought at first. What I didn't know, my arsehole had gotten used to having a cock in it, and the feeling I had was one of the older guys spooning me, and fucking my arse.
    It was the other older man who was sucking my cock and between them I was taking a sexual lesson in not falling asleep with men around you, you don't know.
    This is exactly how it then went. I was about to tell them both where to go, but I got an amazing feeling in my groin and right along my rock hard cock. As the words were about to be said about them leaving me alone, I had THE most intense of orgasms and came in the guys mouth. At the same time, my arsehole convulsed and knowing now it's possible, I felt the orgasm flowing through my arse and on throughout my body. The guy fucking me didn't stop thrusting into me, until the older man sucking my cock rose up and was instantly replaced by my younger so called friend. Renewing his pounding of my arse, i held tight and then received an almighty load up my bum.
    All three of them got off the bed and I was left to wonder what the fuck had just happened. Still very drunk, I eventually got up to find all three of them naked and talking about me in the lounge room. I also saw on the tv in the corner a video running of me being fucked.
    Without letting them know I was stood there, I watched myself sucking on one of the older men's cocks, and then saw him feed me his dick as I sat down hard on it. As I started to fuck myself with his cock, the other older guy got onto the bed and offered me his cock to suck. And greedily I took it.
    The video in total lasted over an hour, and I watched myself being fucked by all three of them in turn. The final ten minutes was what I've just explained. I'd passed out from the drink and they'd just carried on having their fun.
    Listening to them talk, I heard my younger companion tell the men it would be a hundred each and they'd get a second night at seventy five each if they wanted a "second helping" the following week. Both men said it was a definite, only if I wasn't so drunk next time.
    Getting myself to bed, I tried to think about what I'd just seen and done, but I couldn't get my head around how compliant I'd been. Falling asleep I woke the following morning to the smell of a cooked breakfast and a radio playing tunes. My house mate welcomed me to the breakfast table and handed over one hundred and fifty pounds. He smiled said I was delicious and offered me plate of food. I knew there was two options. Try to confront him and maybe punch him. But knowing his reputation, maybe not. Or take the money and ask him what, why and where it goes from there.
    I took the second option, as we spoke about me entertaining the men with a fervor to please them. As we spoke my house mate began to undress slowly, and by the time we'd gotten down to why he'd chosen me (He basically fancied me) He was erect and asking me if I'd have sex with him alone.
    I stayed in the shared house for another two months. I did have another eleven "parties" all with different older men. Men who all took delight in fucking a five foot four inch slim lad from the north. I earned quite a bit of money and didn;'t actually work at the job I was first supposed to do. My friendship with my housemate fizzled out as he just didn't have the attributes the older men had (Large cocks).
    It was Brian who picked me up from London to drive us back up north. Half way up the motorway I got Brain to pull off and drive into a service station. It was dark and there wasn't many cars and trucks about. So lowering my jeans, I had my mums boyfriend give me a blow job. Cumming in his mouth, he swallowed my load not wanting to get any in his car. I then offered my arsehole to him and was pleasantly surprised to see he had a nice thick longish cock. As cars pulled in and out of the services, I had my mums new fella fuck me on the back seat and enjoyed his hot cum filling my arsehole when he came hard up me.
    I still enjoy Brain's cock every now and then. But his desire to have sex with me or my mother has almost gone. I'm now in a three year long relationship with a wonderful woman. Someone who knows I like to indulge my gay side every now and then, and someone who has been there only recently, watching me have sex with an older man I met from the internet.
    If I hadn't of moved down to London, I doubt I would be bisexual now. And I would have missed out on all those wonderful hard older mens cocks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    The very fact I work for Rodger and that he's such a violent man, also means I know him when he's being the real Rodger. If he knew I was typing this about him and me, I'd be in big trouble (Sort of). But with his illiteracy and his dyslexia, he wouldn't probably understand what I'd put down anyway.
    To the outside world Rodger can be a very intimidating man. He's thirty seven years old, six foot three, eighteen stone of pure muscle and he's got a short fuse. Yet to me this past eighteen months, he's been my gay lover. We make out in work and in public, I'm there to satisfy his lack of aptitude with computers and finance. But in reality this past year and a half, he's outsourced most of the work, and has me around to satisfy his carnal sexual need to fuck a cute younger man.
    He knew before we had sex that first time, I had a girlfriend and indeed I knew he was married. All the same when he asked/told me to suck him off in his car, I carried out his wishes and had him fuck my face with his nine inch fat cock. He came flooding my mouth with his copious amounts of semen, and then told me from then on, I was going to be his fuck tool. The following week he booked a hotel room in a very expensive hotel in the countryside and taught me the pleasures of gay sex. I'd already experienced his cock orally, but having time and room to maneuver was much much more pleasing. I enjoyed the whole experience of him dominating me and knew when he said he was going to fuck my arsehole, I was just going to have to get to like it. It was by no means a pleasant experience at first, especially the first five to ten minutes as his cock, unsheathed, entered my rear hole. I'd already sucked on his large dick for over a quarter of an hour, taking him close to orgasm and then stopping when he pulled out. During those moments I had my first experience of having to lick and tongue probe his arsehole, and strangely enjoyed giving him pleasure that way. But having his cock penetrate me for the first time, hurt like a bitch.
    Rodger wasn't gentle either. His approach to me sexually, was I was there to ensure he had a great time. And have a good time he was going to have, with or without my consent. Each thrust, further and further inside my body at first, was sheer hell. Then after those first five to ten minutes, my asehole just kind of accepted his cock. It was if it had it's own agenda from then on. I was a willing partner in most ways and knew entering that hotel, why I was there. Having his cock so deep up my arse was not only weird at first, so was Rodger kissing me passionately in the missionary position we were in. The moment my arsehole got used to his cock, I got it. I understood why some men love to get fucked. The feeling changed from abject pain to unbelievable joy. Any sense of not wanting him inside of me went and was replaced by needing him to fuck me harder to achieve even greater pleasure. And looking into my employers eyes, I told him so.
    The gates or my arsehole opened and Rodger fucked me piston like, for an eternity of sexual positions and wants. I could not get enough of that feeling, the near orgasmic feeling of his cock pounding my arse and thrusting past my prostate gland.
    As for Rodger, the moment he knew I was his for the taking, he went sex mad. I became like a rag doll to him. I thrown this way and that, as he searched for different ways and positions to fuck his new lover in. I'm not sure now how many positions, or for how long he fucked me for. But by the time he was ready to cum, I'd already shot my load at least half an hour before. He'd been fucking me stood up as I was made to lean forwards holding onto the door frame leading to the en suite bathroom. My cock was bouncing all over the place as Rodger pummeled my arsehole, and I had only seconds to et him know I was about to cum. When he heard me say it, he re doubled the force and depth of his cock fucking me, and I was almost lifted up by his powerful strokes. Without the need to touch myself, I shot everything I had all over the floor beneath me and onto the door frame in front of my face.
    I was then lifted and thrown back onto the bed, had my legs pushed over my head so they were either side of my head, and had Rodger slam his cock back up my already well fucked arse. He really went for it in such a way I had trouble staying in that position, but Rodgers strong arms and hands held me like a vice. And with a few more hard deep thrusts my first ver experience of being fucked was over. Rodger came filling my arse and stayed in me for a age afterwards.
    Pullng out, but keeping me in the position, my boss, the thirty seven year old muscled huge man, gently put his mouth to my arsehole and began to lick and tongue it. Almost it seemed at the time, as if he was making love to it tenderly with his mouth. Rodger carried on licking and tonguing me letting my legs fall back down and sucked in what was his cum and my anal cream. Moving up my body, he kissed me and we shared those juices.
    We stayed kissing for some time with Rodger gently kneading my arse cheeks, as his tongue wound patterns over mine. Waking up some hours later, I felt his cock enter me from behind. He was spooning me, quietly and softly fucking my arse as he reached around to stroke my growing cock. With Rodger kissing my neck and his large hand wanking me, I came not too long later. Closely followed by his cock letting go up my arsehole. We showered together which is something I now adore doing with him, dressed and then left the hotel.
    It was the start of a very close and extremely sexual relationship with my boss, and one I know I have to keep private. And I have done in the main. Only I had to express to someone, just how joyous it's been having someone like Rodger, someone who the rest of the world don't get to see. And someone who recently told me, he loved me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Over the past five months I've tried to convince myself I'm not gay and only curiously bisexual. The fact is when men who you've sucked off and swallowed their cum, tell you you're the best cock sucker they've ever had, and keep on coming back for more, then by definition, I am at least bisexual, if not totally gay.
    There are no fewer than thirty men who I've now had fuck my mouth and throat. Some have been one offs, some have just been passing through the area, and knew of the gay meeting place I now frequent most afternoons. But there are lots of men, gay, openly bisexual and married who now love to have me on my knees sucking on their varying sized cocks. I insist that they are extremely clean, and have told men to fuck off before now for being nothing short of unhygienic.
    If you can call it a speciality of mine, it's that I can deep throat the largest cocks out there. And have them cumming so strongly, they often shake like a leaf in a storm, when they shoot their load down my ever eager throat.
    I did a couple of months ago meet a guy at his place to have sex and he tried to fuck me, but it wasn't for me. Since then I've made sure I get them off, by ensuring I give them one hell of a blow job. And sometimes have more than one man waiting to experience my particular oral skills.
    If my girlfriend or my family and friends found out, I'd be mortified. Yet I just cannot seem to stop servicing the men I do, and love their reaction time after time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Trevor is your stereotypical looking bank manager, but he's not anyone's stereotypical gay top, not with his cock anyway.
    Without me knowing, when myself and my girlfriend approached him for a bank loan to buy a truck to start my own business, we'd actually briefly met before. But as I found out, he certainly knew.
    He stalled on our loan and asked if I could maybe call back later at the end of the day. He'd specifically asked for the end of the day, because my girlfriend had already said she had to go into work on her late shift. (She's a nurse).
    I did call back at the end of the banking day, but only he and myself were around by then.
    Not wasting anytime with flowery bullshit, he told me he'd met me before. When I asked where he said "At the sauna, the gay sauna five years ago".
    It was at a time when I was experimenting with my sexuality. I'd gone to the sauna knowing gay and bisexual men met there for sex, and it was whilst I was sucking off a much older mens cock, that Trevor had watched me swallow his cum. He'd not taken advantage as he now says, of my asshole stuck up in the air, because he thought back then, I and my tight asshole wouldn't be able to take his very large cock.
    When the realization of what he'd witnessed sank in, I understood why he'd asked me to call back at the end of the day. Telling me the loan could be ours, he unzipped his trousers, lowered them and his boxers and let his semi erect cock flop forwards. It was fucking massive. At first I was going to tell him I wasn't interested in men any more, but my cock bulge told him and me, I most certainly was. When I went to kneel down on his very thick office carpet, Trevor said "Oh no, I just want to fuck you today".
    It wasn't that much of a transition to drop my trousers and boxers and lean over his oak desk. What was a huge transition was accepting his enormous fuck tool up my asshole that first time. It took what seemed like forever for him to finally penetrate me, after he lubed up my asshole with a cold wet substance. And I knew as soon as I lay on his desk, my acceptance of him fucking me was absolute. I wanted and needed that loan and I was prepared to have a fifty one year old bank manager fuck me to get it.
    What I wasn't expecting, not at first anyway, was to be feeling the way I was. Maybe two minutes of pain turned very quickly into unbelievable pleasure. I was so in rapture I began to back onto his cock and that inevitably told him I was his. Slapping my ass, he told me I was going to get it, and get it I most certainly did for the next ten or so minutes.
    Each time I thought he was getting close to cumming, he'd only increase his pace and the depth he was fucking me. And that in turn had my cock aching to let go. When it did, I wasn't even touching myself. I came all over his desk, squishing the cum out of my pressed down cock. Then not asking me if he could, Trevor thrust into me one final last time burying his cock deep up my hole and his cock exploded, filling my ass with his hot mess.
    Leaning onto me, Trevor said "The loans yours, want to repeat this sometime".
    My business with Trevor's ongoing help, is flourishing. As our liaisons. We do still meet at his office for a quick fuck, but more often than not, we meet up on our lunch hours. He books a motel room and we make sure we have as much horny dirty fun as we can in the hour we have together.
    There is no way we'll ever form a serious relationship as I only enjoy the sex with Trevor, but maybe one day I'll be able to be out and not have to keep it secret from my girlfriend. Who knows?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Meeting Owen was by pure chance. But what we did together that first meeting, was actually started by what my then fiancee did to me during sex one afternoon. I was fucking her missionary in her parents home, and as she got more and more excited getting close to orgasm, she slipped a finger into my arsehole. It felt utterly amazing and as she climaxed, I came hard filling her pussy with my seed. But I also had a very peculiar feeling shoot through my arse, as she was still finger fucking me.
    That first anal stimulation lead to me experimenting anally with various things when I was alone. And eventually to using dildo I bought from the internet. I found the more I fucked myself and the deeper the dildo went, the more heightened my orgasms, yet I still loved fucking my fiancee as well.
    Then around that time, the company I work for wanted me to visit five different places in North Wales, to audit them and to asses/help their ongoing profitability. It meant staying over in a little place close to Betws y Coed on Thursday nights and sometimes on the Friday night too.
    After my first visit I discovered from the B&B owner there were some great walks close by. Walking had always been a way for me to de stress, so on my second visit I took my boots and walking gear. It was during that first walk I met Owen.
    He was inside an old slate mining shed masturbating when I ducked in out of a very hard rain shower. He didn't notice me at first, but then he wouldn't have expected anyone to be out in such weather conditions. When he did look up, I wasn't as he might have thought, shocked. I was in fact horny as fuck watching him toss off a huge cock.
    His accent fooled me at first, because I thought he told me to fuck off, but what he actually said was "You wanna suck it for me". The second time he said it, I got what he meant and found myself on the wet floor, taking hold of his cock and letting it slide over my tongue. Five minutes before I'd been walking along a beautiful lake and on up to the slate mining area. Taking in more of his cock into my mouth, I knew at that moment I wanted to walk back past the lake having had his cock up my arsehole.
    We'd only met each other ten minutes before and having had his cock fuck my mouth as he held my head, I'd stood up, lowered my trousers and turned to him, to ask him if he'd fuck me. It was only the third time he'd spoken to me when he said "Thought you'd never ask boy" in his thick Welsh accent.
    If I thought being fucked by a dildo was pleasing, then having his long thick cock push past my sphincter muscles was amazingly good. It felt right, it felt so perfect and I let him know as I asked him to fuck me hard. His large size over powered me, pushing hard into the steel wall and his cock slid further deeper into my body. It was everything I thought it might be and then some. So with a complete stranger, someone I didn't even know the name of, I urged him to pound me and that's exactly what the forty eight year old did. Every stroke of his cock slamming into me was pure joy. Every inch of his magnificent manhood felt ultra horny and I soon began to feel myself on the verge of cumming. Turning my head to tell him, he must have thought it was an invite for him to kiss me, so he did. The moment out tongues intertwined, I shot my load all over the cold steel wall in front of me. He felt me shuddering and no more than a few more strokes of his cock fucking my arsehole, he came too, filling my rear fuck hole with his hot sticky cum.
    I was so taken with being fucked, I nearly told him I loved him. It was that strong an emotion for me. parting, I pulled up my trousers and introduced myself. Owen told me his name and said he lived and worked close to Betws y coed and like me he loved to hike around beautiful places and also like the very new me, he liked oral and anal sex with men.
    We both walked back along the trail I come along, and Owen asked me if I'd be visiting the area again. Each week for the past two years, his cock has fucked my arsehole at least once a week. We meet every Thursday afternoon after I've finished with my work and we also have a drink in the local pub close by where I stay. Usually after our evening meal and some beers, he'll have me suck him off in his van, before he walks the half mile back to the home he shares with his wife.
    My wife has no idea I'm having a gay affair and that's how I'd like to keep it. I still enjoy immenesely our times together and fucking her as often as we have time. But the last two years having Owen fuck me all over the North wales area, has been a sexual breath of fresh air. Plus unlike the first time with him fucking me, I have now told him I'm actually in love with him and his gorgeous cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    This isn't an excuse, as you'll see why soon, but I was drunk when all this started.
    When I arrived back from the party, my wife went immediately to bed. She'd been ill all day and I tried to get her not to go, but she'd insisted. Arriving back with us was Ben my wife's twenty year old nephew. He wanted a lift and my wife offered him one, but once he got to our home, he decided he'd rather stay over than wake up his friend. Thinking he too had gone to sleep, I opened another beer and sat down to watch a really raunchy late night movie.
    Taking my cock out to stroke it, really turned on, I'd been pleasuring myself for about five minutes when a face appeared to my left. I swear I nearly jumped right out of my skin. Stood watching me masturbate was Ben, but he wasn't just stood there, he too was stroking his small erect cock.
    There wasn't build up to what he said next, he just said it "I'd love you to fuck me with that". And in truth, there wasn't any hesitation with me saying "Suck my dick then".
    Ben's ability to keep me on the edge of cumming for a long time was superb, and sexually frustrating all at the same time. But he wasn't lying when he said he wanted fucking. Taking off his boxers, the only thing he had on, he knelt up next to the couch and presented me with at the time, looked like the sweetest looking asshole I'd ever seen.
    It ws Ben who spat on his fingers and coated his ass with his spit, I did the same to my cock and without even thinking about a condom, I buried my cock up his fuck hole in one long thrust. I'm not over exaggerating here, Ben's ass was perfect in every way. Tight, yet giving. Warm wet and inviting, yet also had a musky smell to it. And best of all, it looked so damn good accepting my cock up it. I just went for it. A male anal novice and someone who wouldn't normally consider sex with a man. But there I was balls deep up my wife's nephew's asshole, and fucking loving every stroke up his gorgeous ass.
    I'm not sure how long we fucked, but changed position twice. First changing from doggy, to me being behind him lay on the rug fucking him as well as tossing off his cock. Then moving him onto his back with his legs on my shoulders. As I fucked him that way, I was able to watch his cock bob to and thro, and to see his face as I pounded his ass.
    Ben was in complete ecstasy as I continued to slam my cock into him over and over again. And soon I saw his cock jerk upright and watched his cum fly everywhere. Looking directly into his eyes, I bent forwards, took a hold of his face and kissed him deeply and with passion. He returned the kiss and as he did, my cock exploded up his asshole.
    We were still kissing when I'd emptied my balls.
    Lay next to me on the rug, he asked me if I'd have sex with him again sometime. Kissing him again, I pushed him downwards and had him suck on my cum coated cock. The answer I gave him as he gave me a wet blow job, was to say I talk to his aunt about him stopping over the next night. Unfortunately she was too ill, so we arranged to have him stay over the following week.
    We now make out he's going playing golf with me the following day, but instead, if we don't manage to fuck at our home because of my wife, we book into a motel the next day and have such amazing times fucking one another. It's been eight months since the party, and in total I've fucked Ben over fifty or sixty times. And each time it just gets better and better.

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