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    Straight Male / 19

    Once I fucked my bestfriends girlfriend..she left him and one night me and him did some crazy MDMA..I told him I slept with was then he told me I have 2 choices..get beat the shit out of..or be his slut for the night..i did a fat line and thought to myself women do it all the time there must be some sort of joy in it..I got on my knees and began sucking his dick, it felt so natural that I started deep throating it like a pro..I watch a lot of porn so I know how it's done but idk if it was the MDMA or what but I started to enjoy his dick..more and more I sucked he began face fucking me for 3 mins befor he told me I'm gunna cum in your mouth. He shoved it back it now fuckin my face twice as hard I could feel the pressure build and the pulse in his dick..he was very large it was hard to fit it in my mouth, when he yelled I'm gunna cum I Dident even try to stop him..I took it..and it shot strait into my mouth..I swallowed it all..then licked the remains off his big cock..that was the moment I think drugs changed my life for a worse cause now all I can think about it getting high and sucking much so I stole a pair of my best friends cloths thong bra yoga pants and a tank top.. I went to my buddy's house..we got really fucke up on coke this time and I told him I had a fantasy, I wanna pretend to be a girl and get fucked like one to, I am a man so that means I must take it up the ass..I showed his the clothes and he said he had the perfect finishin touch..a nice blonde wig...he made me strip made me suck his dick and then halfway to the anal pounding I wanted I pussyed out..I ran out of his place still wearing the clothes some random guy picksd me up..and asked me to blow him..I live 2 hours out of town and it's 2 am..I'm dressed like a slut and this random guy wants me to blow I start and realize he is very small..He started feeling my ass telling me how nice it is and how he would love to fuck me, then he felt my balls...he freaked out but I looked at him and said you thought I was a girl for the last ten minutes and where loving it..he looked me and demanded I bend over in his truck..I did he piled the pants down the thong up and began fingering my ass eating it and fucking it hard..these 2 men said I was better thn a real women..I think drugs made me bi sexual..cause I like dick

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    Straight Male / 35

    I'm straight, by which I mean that I've only ever had romantic feelings towards women. As a teenager, I was only aroused by women, and I found gay sex, honestly, disgusting. I did a lot of masturbation to internet porn over the years, and as is often the case, it started to become boring. So I decided to push the boundaries and get a new thrill by forcing myself to jack off to pictures of men instead of women. The first few times, I had to get myself to the edge of orgasm by looking at straight porn, and then switch the pic at the last second in order to say I'd jacked off looking at a guy. Pretty silly, I know.

    When that got boring, I forced myself to look at male pics the whole time, though I actually had to think of women to get hard. As that got boring, I went from pics of naked men to pics of naked men doing things to other naked men. Pics of a guy sucking another guy's cock were shocking enough for a good thrill -- good enough in fact that somewhere around this time, I didn't have to think about women to aroused any more. I felt new shame at realizing that I really had jacked off to gay porn, no tricks involved.

    I did this stuff off and on between mostly straight porn use. But I kept coming back to it.

    A disturbing revelation came after a few more years, when I realized that I didn't think cocks or sucking cocks or even cocks sliding in and out of asses were disgusting any more -- on the contrary, I found them quite beautiful and indeed arousing in themselves. I noticed that just thinking of a naked man, his cock, his abs, his biceps even, would get me hard as a rock. Harder, and faster, in fact than thinking of a pussy or tits, or a woman's ass. It was like my heart was still straight, but my cock was bisexual -- and leaning to the gay side.

    Today I still find women sexy and arousing. But judging by my cock-o-meter, I find a oily naked bodybuilder with his thick, uncut, half-hard cock hanging out in front sexier and more arousing than a naked supermodel with C cups. I still wouldn't want to date him, and if here were really standing in front of me like that, I'm not sure that I'd take him in my mouth. But I'm pretty sure I would, and that I'd cum without touching my own dick.

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    Gay Male / 21

    An Interesting Night.

    It all began with an app. One single app that couldnât help change the world, but could definitely help change a person... and that app is Grindr. A gay app for meeting new people close to your location.
    After planning to go out for drinks, I was instead asked to go meet a uni student for âa cuddleâ because he was lonely⦠so off I went on my tod down some gay bent streets and across dark empty roads. There I stood, outside some large gates, waiting for my cuddle.
    He arrived. A gay dancer named Ben, in jogging bottoms and a jumper. We said our hellos and made light conversation until we made our way up to his apartment in which I was told to âkeep quiet because my flatmates are asleepâ. Sure. I can do that. Or at least thatâs what I thought.
    Soon I realised (the moment he started undressing me) that I wasnât just here for a cuddle. So, I undressed him, and then he gave me a bit of a blowjob and wanked me off. Then, as common courtesy, I returned the favour. He got in bed, and told me to lie next to him. We cuddled (FINALLY â Jeez... thatâs all I wanted... at first)!
    Then (after some kissing and snogging and tongues and after he attempted to snog my neck but failed to make any purple mark appear *phew*) he reached into his drawer and got a condom (to which, for some reason, I came out with âooo... this is interestingâ), put some lube on (took him about fifteen seconds to open the packet of lube, how arousing), and put me into the doggy style position. BAM. In it went, like a rabbit down a hole... except with less thumping and more bumping, and he forced my head into the pillow. This must have been due to the fact that I was trying to groan quietly just because thatâs what one does when one has sexual intercourse with another, right?? Sure.
    It was painless, but I couldnât help feeling bored... but it was soon over as he flopped onto my back and pulled himself out. He must have been at it for about two minutes. Donât know whether I was just that good or whether he was just that shit but weâll stick with the first one for purpose of pride.
    He went into the bathroom and reappeared a minute later and said âthe bathroom is just there if you want to clean yourself upâ and this being my first time I had no idea of how to do so... so I just turned the tap on, wiped my bum with toilet paper and flushed the toilet (which he had thrown the condom into) to make it sound as if I was doing something. I returned out through into his little room and he was dressed. So I got dressed too. He said âI feel so bad because you havenât been here long. I donât usually do this sort of thingâ and I was thinking two things here. The first being âneither do Iâ and the second being âprobably lyingâ. However, I think I managed to convince him that it wasnât my first time because he didnât seem to think I was a virgin.
    That, was basically that. He showed me the way out, I kissed him on the cheek and that, ladies and gentleman, was how I lost my virginity... and how I became a possible candidate for the title âslutâ.


    A Better Night.

    One day after my previous âlove affairâ with nobody, I decided to go at it again, this time an Asian. An Asian, has probably been one of my dreams for ever. Donât know what it is about them but they just make me want to run towards them and... Iâll stop there before I get too excited (again).
    Finding the apartment was difficult (although literally two roads away from the hotel I was in). In the end I had to take a picture of what I was looking at down the road, send it to the guy and ask him where I needed to go. Conveniently it was right behind me (just like he would be soon).
    As I walked upstairs and approached room number twenty-five, he opened the door with âSee, that wasnât so difficult, was it??â and kissed me. I walked in, he showed me the way to the bedroom (in which he had to remove the dog from), and then lay down on the bed with me. He unzipped my hoodie, snogging me. He took his top off and jeans off. He unbuckled my belt and pulled it off, threw it on the floor and undid my buttons on my skinny jeans (so gay).
    When all my clothes were off we lay there snogging for a while with tongues (he was a far better kisser than the dancer) and he was biting my lip too. I may have been turned on. When he had felt my penis long enough for it to get erect (which wasnât long considering how sexy the mood felt with the lovely green glowing atmospheric lighting), he sucked it. And by god, he was again way better than the dancer. There was a moment where he put it all in, and sucked hard. That was a tingly moment. Damn! If I could relive a moment from this night it would be this moment, as well as the rest of it of course!??!??
    I returned the favour and then he got himself ready with lube and etc. He put my legs up in the air, and inserted it into me. That image, of him right in front of me, pushing and pulling, was lovely. This was a good position to snog at the same time also *insert sexy wink face here*.
    He pulled it out and the next thing that happened was a new experience. Hello finger number one. Hello finger number two. Oh, and hello I think to number three as well! At this point I murmured an embarrassing âThis is better than I thought it would beâ but it made him giggle. So yeah, that happened. Then he went back into fucking me with his penis but in a different position, which was similar to that of the dancer in which it was doggy style except this time my mouth wasnât full of much pillow or bed sheet and I could actually breathe. He groaned and nibbled on my ear and then licked the inside of my ear. This would usually make me flinch but, at this moment it just made me more aroused. I put it down to the whole Asian dream moment.
    Then, he put me back into the first position we did and snogged me, said âIâm going to cumâ and then did as he said. Then, he wanked me off whilst he was still in me, really fast. All I could do was lie there in that position in awe and amazement and in a hot flourish and just feel so great... but I didnât cum.
    However, as soon as he put his face above my penis with his mouth wide open and his tongue out, the moment came and so did I. That, yes that, was my favourite moment. Iâm lying. Or am I?? I donât know. I canât decide what my favourite part of the night was, so I think it may have been all of it. Especially this next bit, the bit where he lay next to me, snogged me for a while and then said âThat was so hotâ.
    Why thank you. No, not in a big headed sarcastic way, seriously... thank you. You sexy hot Asian you. You can cum again.
    Clothes on, a goodbye kiss and then out the door I went. I must have had the biggest grin on my face walking back to the hotel. Still do. Right now, writing this has brought back that grin. Nom. What a night.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I just sucked off 14 cocks!!! Got a belly full of jizz and a reamed asshole

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Never told ANYONE about this before but I am just gagging to get it out and tell someone and this seems like a pretty good place to do so :)

    I'm a 22 year old straight guy, fairly good looking, had a couple of girlfriends and I love women. However for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the idea of having sex with other guys. I'd never told anyone, or tried to act on it, but a couple of years ago when I was 19 curiosity got the better of me and I posted an ad on craigslist.

    I got a bunch of replies (probably because of the pic I posted with my ad lol) but most were either one liners or pretty aggressive seeming guys who seemed to be into some weird shit, but this one bloke stood out and seemed to be a nice genuine guy who also wasn't that experienced, so after a couple of emails and picture swapping he gave me his address and within an hour I was knocking on his front door.

    It hadn't really seemed real up until then and as I suddenly realised what I was getting myself into and was half considering weather or not to turn around and run away the handle turned and the door opened to reveal a fairly relaxed, friendly guy; about 35ish, quite chubby, and wearing a dressing gown. We shook hands, said hello and he invited me in.

    I followed him through the hall and into a long narrow room. At one end was a couch and a tv and at the other a dining table, and the floor was covered in kids toys. I noticed a photo of him and a women on the wall and on the table lay a laptop open with gay porn on mute.

    We made some awkward small talk for a couple of seconds and then he blurted out, "well, shall we get to it??". I loved how direct and blunt he was being and I slowly pulled my shirt over my head. He stood and admired my smooth white body for a few moments as I undressed before undoing his robe. I was bent over pulling my jeans from around my ankles when I looked up and saw his cock for the first time. It was shorter than mine but much thicker, but was dwarfed by a pair of big juicy balls. As I looked at them I couldn't wait to taste the cum inside.

    He walked toward me as I stood back up, both of us completely naked now and I couldn't take my eyes of his cock bobbing gently between his thighs, the first one I had seen in real life, other than mine of course. He stopped inches away from me and lifted his hand up, taking my dick in his palm.

    I feel myself getting harder as he played with me and I took a deep breath before reaching my hand out and grabbing hold of his now erect penis. He let out a deep groan as I stroked his dick and when I pulled his foreskin down between my finger and thumb he pulled me closer and started rubbing the tips of our hard cocks together. It started getting wet and slippery between our dicks and I couldn't tell if it was his pre cum or mine.

    He leant forward taking my nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently biting until I moaned out load and he started to leave a trail of kisses and licks down my body until he was kneeling with my cock in his face. His tongue slowly reached out to me and softly ran up the underside of my shaft and onto the head, tickling the hole with the tip of his tongue and flicking it back and forth on the end of my cock as if it was a just a big clit and I was his little girly slut.

    He grabbed hold of my balls, squeezing and fondling in his hand as one finger started cautiously creeping up my crack towards my ass hole. I didn't stop him so before long I had his finger firmly rubbing around the entrance of my ass hole and his head bouncing up and down on my dick so deep I could feel his chin stubble on my balls. I knew then that this was by far the greatest blowjob I had ever received.

    In fact after about 30 seconds of this I already felt like I was about to cum so I pulled out of his mouth and then pulled him up to his feet as I sank to my knees and without a moment of hesitation ran my tongue right around his head making him nice and wet before greedily sucking almost the entire length of his fat, hard, manly tool into my mouth. I loved it! The taste, the smell, but mostly I just loved feeling like a dirty little whore. Kneeling between his legs licking, slurping, and sucking right down to the base just all felt so natural to me. I was sucking on his balls and jerking his cock with my hand when he told me to go and lie on my back on the couch.

    I loved having him tell me what to do and feeling so vulnerable at the hands of this big strong man whose balls lay in my mouth so I did as I was told walked over to the couch and lay down, even swaying my butt a little for him when I walked over.

    He followed me over and when I was on my back he put his knees either side of my head and bent forward to my suck my cock as his swung right above my face. I stretched my neck up, desperate to taste him again. We sucked each other like this in a 69 position for a while and I loved it; his weight on top of me, his balls flapping in my face and the smell of his ass hole twitching right above me. I was loving sucking cock so much I wasn't even thinking about the fact that I was getting a blowjob as well.

    After a little while of this he started to fuck my face, slowly at first but but gradually harder and faster until suddenly and without warning wave after wave of his hot cum burst into my mouth. I swallowed the thick creamy goo as fast as I could but so much was filling my mouth that I let quite a lot spill out my mouth and down my face and neck.

    I lay back to enjoy this man's lips around my cock with a mouth still half full of cum and his cock above me still dripping on my face and chest. He picked up his pace, sucking me like I've never been sucked before or since, and then I began to feel a wet finger prodding against my tight little hole, and then popping inside of me, first one knuckle deep, then two.

    By the time he got three knuckles in I lost control. With this big, strong, older man finger fucking my little boy butt and his lips locked around my dick I turned my head and buried my face in to the inside of his big hairy legs and shot load after load of my hot cum into his mouth.

    He got off me and stood up and just looked down on me laying there with legs wide open, his cum all over my face and my cum dripping down my softening dick into my pubes.

    He eye balled me laying there from my feet up to my head and as we made eye contact I wiped up as much cum from my face and neck as I could with my finger before licking off every last drop.

    would love to hear what people think about my first gay experience and if anyone (M or F) fancy's a bit of erotic chat then message me at

    Thanks for reading xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I am attracted to cute men with mid length to long hair but was always in denial about it. A guy at work hooked his brother up with a job in my department and he(the brother) fits that description. Soft facial features, tanned skin, tall, slender had smooth. He has innocent-looking brown eyes too but I hid my attraction and hung out with him and his family. One day, his family went to the beach and I went over to play video games. I stayed up late and eventually threw off my clothes and slept on a bed. I tend to sleep naked and I have the body and face of a model. I felt someone kissing on my back and opened my eyes. It was him. I told him I wasn't interested and he just kept kissing on the parts of my body that I didn't cover in sheets. I covered my penis up and he slid his hands under the sheets and rubbed all over me and kept trying to gently move my hands while kissing on me. He said he'd change my mind about being interested. I rolled over to protest but he kissed my lips and kept on kissing them. I breathed heavily . He said, "mmmm you like that." I denied it and then let him guide my hands away from my penis. He then took some aloe lotion and lubed up his hands before he began to stroke my cock. He stroked me while sliding over the he'd in a circular motion. I was beginning to love it and he kissed me again. I kissed back and came close to cumming. He stopped and we kept kissing. He tried to skip his tongue in my mouth and I stopped him. He gently grazed my lips age said, "Open your mouth. You'll like this." I did and he slide his tongue in. I dropped my guard and slid my hands up and down his body. He kissed on my neck, sending me to the edge. He then kissed all over my chest, biting, licking and sucking my nipples. I almost came from it so he began kissing me until I cooled off and then worked his way down to my cock. He teased the head and I begged him to take it all in his mouth. He only took in the head and it felt amazing. He then took it all in and I nearly exploded but held my cum back. He sucked me a while and began to lick my asshole. I said I wasn't ready and he just kept licking. I got up and ran some bath water and made sure I was clean then climbed back into bed with him. I laid face down and let him rim me. He jerked me as he did it. I loved the new sensations. He told me to wait and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had Vaseline. I said no but he rubbed my body until I relaxed and then lubed up my ass. He worked a finger in and it was uncomfortable but I started to like it. He kept adding fingers until he slipped in 4. I was in pain gut then it felt really good. He stopped and rolled me over on my back. He said he wanted to look into my eyes as he fucked me. He then slipped his cock in me in place of his fingers. It hurt although I got used to the fingers. I screamed in pain the first few thrust and it felt good as I got used to having him inside me. I was in ecstasy, growing more and more attached to him as we went. He then gripped my cock and jerked me as be fucked me. I felt pleasure all over my body and came hard shooting rope after rope of cum. It was that biggest load I have ever blown in my life. He then came inside me. We both were unable to get up so we laid there holding each other and kissing. It was a highly emotional experience and I sucked, rimmed and fucked him later on. We still see each other and have sex every chance we get. Our coworkers and families don't hand the slightest suspicion of why we hang out so much either. He grew up in a Christian home and was homeschooled as a teen so I was his first experience while He was my first gay experience. Lovin' it!!! ;)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Lean, petite bottom with shaved backside seeking top to train me to give anal and oral pleasure. Love to feel a cock spurting into my mouth and swallow the cum. Love to feel cum ooze out of my sore asshole.

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    Gay Male / 20

    It was mid summer before my 15th birthday and right before the start of 8th grade. My father had forced me into playing basketball, but due to my height at the time- (5' 10") -I was put on a team with the high schoolers. Most of them were pretty cool about having a younger kid on the team and tried hard to boost my enthusiasm about the sport.
    One guy in particular, let's call him James, was a 17, much taller than me at 6' 5", and had one of the greatest bodies I had ever seen on a guy. He tried incredibly hard to hone my skills and make me a better player. But my body type didn't really suit such a game.

    You see, despite being tall, my body was a bit odd, considering I was going through pubrity. I was very slender from head to toe, hairless, but my chest was slightly puffy, to the point where it looked like I had small breasts. My shoulder length brown hair didn't help me look any more masculine either.

    One day after practice James commanded me to stay longer and work on my re-bounds. I obliged and practiced for about half an hour more before he said it was time to hit the showers. James went to the mens locker room door, but said it was locked. Shrugging, He said that we could use the girl locker room since there was no female practices on that day.

    I followed him into the girls locker room and stripped down, turning on one of the showers and rinsing the sweat out of my hair and off of my body. James walked in next to me, naked, with his cock semi-erect. There was something in his eyes that I couldn't really place.
    As I was washing my stomach James slid his fingers across my neck. I shivered slightly at his touch. He told me it was time to dry off, but that he'd be back in a second.

    As I rubbed my body clean of all water I head James rummaging through lockers. Which was quite odd considering his street clothes were in his bag.
    He came around the corner holding one of the high school cheerleading uniforms. Sitting next to me, he cupped the back of my head in his large hands and guided my head to his bulbous dick. I resisted, telling him that I didn't want too, but his strenght was greater than mine, and soon my lips were curled around his thick rod.
    My eyes were tearing up, I couldn't breath. But his cock tasted so good for some reason. Slightly salty with a light hint of soap from just washing.
    He curled his fingers through my long hair and bobby my head up and down. I could feel my own penis stiffening up, which was a new sensation for me.

    James pulled his cock from my mouth, drool stringing off from my lips and the throbbing head of his shaft.
    He laid me down on the wooden bench we sat on and began to slip the skirt up my hairless legs. I could feel my face turn red with embarresment, but at the same time I was excited to wear girls clothes. I had always found them much more appealing than the boring options that guys had.
    After the skirt was snug on my slender waist he pulled the crop-top shirt over my head, my puffy chest, mixed with padding in the shirt, made it look like I had very tiny breasts.

    I looked at James and asked him what he was doing. He leaned down, kissed my exposed stomach, and told me that I was a girl now, and that men like to play with girls.

    He ten lifted my legs up past my shoulders, my ass cheeks spreading apart to reveal my freshly cleaned hairless hole. Tears were beginning to fall down my face as he pulled a bottle out of his backpack and squirted to gooey fluid onto my ass and his cock.
    He slowly began to push his dick against my hole, it was painful beyond words. This massive rod of skin trying to invade my virgin ass.
    Eventually my muscles gave way and his cock slipped deep inside me as I let our a loud girlish scream.

    My back arched with the sensations that were coming from inside me. My nubile cock as hard as it had ever been. James began to ram his cock farther inside me until his hips touched my butt. It hurt so bad but I couldn't help but moan at the sensations that were flowing through me.

    He began to thrust his hips back and forth, my body jerking with every pump of his massive rod. His breath was hot on my neck and his body looked amazing. His abs were hard and chiseled and his chest looked so perfect, gleaming in sweat. I curled my arms around his neck and told him to do it faster. I'm not sure why. I just couldn't help myself.

    James turned me over so I was on my hands and knees then inserted his dick into my hole once again. It felt deeper than before and I could feel it hit something deep inside me that sent a wave of excitement to my cock. I drooled erotically as ropes of white cum began to shoot out of my penis. Drenching my cheerleading skirt in creamy jizz.

    I breathed heavily as James began to fuck me harder than before. My first ever orgasm seemed to ignite a fire inside of him, his muscular thighs slapping against my firm ass, making my cum drenched skirt flap back and forth, and my small chest bounce slightly with every thrust.
    He let out a fierce grunt and then stiffened up. Suddenly I could feel liquid bursting into my sex hole as James moaned loudly. I whimpered slightly as my ass became even more full.

    James pulled his cock out of me, cum dripping from my ass, and my long hair once again drenched in sweat.
    He then put on his street clothes and left me alone in the girls locker room, laying on my back, panting on the bench like a dog.
    My cock twitched once again, launching cum into the air, it splattering on my face in in my open mouth. It was creamy and luscious. I rolled off the bench, exhausted. Taking off the cheer uniform and looked at it fondly. After wiping the wet jizz off my body and putting on my street clothes, I proceeded to roll up the uniform and shove it into my backpack.

    I walked out of the gymnasium, my ass sore, but somehow so satisfied.

    I never saw James again. but upon learning what the word 'Gay' meant, I instantly knew that it applied to me. I had never been attracted to girls. All that could make my loins ache was the thought of James' muscular body ramming against mine, his cock shooting jizz deep inside me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    When I was 18 I worked nights at a gas station. It was usually pretty dead with only a handful of customers before the morning rush started but there were a few regulars that would come in around the same times a few times a week. One of them was a gay guy probably not much older than I was. He was really gay. The kind where you can tell just at a glance. Almost a living stereotype.

    He was very talkative and would hang around for a while, usually only a few minutes but sometimes up to an hour. Most of the time it was just normal chatting but once in a while he would talk about some guy he was with or outright hit on me. I would act grossed out but he would tell me I was blushing but he would leave it at that but one night he didn't let up.

    He asked me if I'd ever been with a guy, then what I would do if I was. I was completely flustered so he answered for me and said I'd be a bottom, that I'd make a great cocksucker and started telling me things he would do to me. He got close and asked if it sounded good and I was hard and couldn't hide it so I just went along with him. He was ready to do it right then and there but there were cameras all over so we went outside around back between the dumpsters.

    He immediately took his dick out. It looked bigger than mine, but it wasn't huge. I was frozen while I watched him wrap it up. He asked if I liked it and I was sure he wanted me suck it but I just stood there shaking and made him make the move.

    He undid my pants and pulled them down just a little below my ass and got behind me. I did everything for me. He put my hands on the wall, bent me and spread my legs to where he needed them and slowly worked the head of his dick into my hole. One arm around my waist and one pushing on my back to keep me in position he started making thrusts, each time only getting a little deeper into me until he was balls deep. He rested for a moment before he started really fucking.

    It was slow, deep and hard. He pushed into me while breathing down my neck telling me how good I was while I was whining and struggling to stay up. His pumping started getting faster and more intense and he started trying to get me to talk, asking me if I liked it but I couldn't answer so he started telling me to SAY that I liked it. Then he started telling me to say what I liked and I was struggling for words so just started repeating that I loved his cock at which point he started moaning and shaking and I could feel him jizz into his condom.

    It couldn't have been more than a couple minutes but it felt like forever. I was really shaken up and he couldn't really calm me down so he said he would seen me tomorrow and left.

    Unfortunately he didn't seem me the next day because I was fired as soon as I got to work. I didn't ask why, I just assumed there were cameras by the dumpsters after all.

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    Gay Male / 18

    Hi, my name is Billy and, well, I guess I am a faggot.
    I mean, I am, because I am really into guys and have been as long as I can remember. I have always been a little different from the other kids and everyone picked on me because I am a little chubby and shy, I never knew how to make friends and spent all my time in my room smoking pot and imagining what it would be like to have a boyfriend. I knew that it wasn't normal for a guy to like other guys, but there was nothing I could do about it, it was just the way I was. I didn't have a problem being like this, and starting doing things I thought someone like me should do. I started shaving my legs and armpits and pubes, which made things worse for me at school the first tome I went into the showers in gym class. The guys laughed at me and called me names, but it didn't bother me because they had always done that, and now it was just new names. I got beat up a couple of times for being a 'faggot' but I didn't stop being the way I am. the only thing that bothered me was I was very lonely, and thought I would never have one.
    One day just after the start of summer before I was going to start High School, I was walking home from the store... when I saw someone was moving into the house at the end of the street.. I watched for a few minutes and saw this guy come out of the house and go get a box from the pickup in front. We made eye contact and said hi then I went on my way. I didn't think about it again, because I didn't expect he wouldn't be like all the other kids but a few days later I ran into him on our street and he invited me to his house to smoke a joint. Normally I would have said no, expecting him of setting me up to mess with me, but I went along with him, and we became friends. We would hang out, usually he would do all the talking, at his house where he lived with his aunt. I really liked him and trued hard to ruin our friendship, doing my best not to be too obvious looking at his bulge, which was really hard, coz it was huge! But I started thinking about him up I my room at night and jerking off.
    A few weeks into our friendship, he invited me to stay the night, saying his aunt was going to be gone for two days. I got my parents to say okay and went over there. We smoked some pot and hung out watching some movies then went up to his room to crash. when we got up there he undressed down to his boxer briefs and I couldn't help but his big dick and balls. I went into the bathroom and changed into a tank top and pajama bottoms and when I went into the bedroom he was in his bed, covers up to his waist, smoking a joint. I realized that there was no place for me to sleep and he seemed to know what I was thinking and said it was alright to crash in his bed with him. It was exciting to think about but also scary because I was afraid I would do something stupid and mess it all up. he convinced me to get into bed so I laid down next to him but on the covers. He laughed and told me to stop being stupid, pulling the covers out from under me and helping me get under them. We lay there smoking the joint when he said it was too hot to wear anything and said I should get rid of my pajamas and tank top and started pulling a them. when he did that the covers slipped down and I saw he was naked! It took a little a little convincing from him, and I gave in... then freaked out because he was going to see I shaved, but it was too late. He had grabbed my pajamas and pulled helped me out of them and saw my hairless body.
    'Dude, that's wild!' he said laughing, but not in a mean way, and before I knew it he was running his hand over my body 'That feels crazy!' he added. I didn't know what to say or how to act. I knew what wanted to do, but didn't know if it would be okay when he pulled me over and kissed me on the mouth, sticking his tongue in my mouth. I couldnt stop myself, and kissed him back. 'I knew you would be cool' he said in a low whisper, pulling my over on my side so we were facing each other. He slid his hand over my side and cupped my right butt cheek, and I pressed up against him at the feel of his hand on my bare skin. we kissed again, tongues in each others mouth and I felt myself get hard, and then something else and realized he was getting hard too. We made out for a while, grinding our cocks against each other then he rolled onto his back and guided my head down to his crotch as he kicked the covers off his legs and used his free hand to raise his cock straight up.
    I could smell his heavy musk and caught my breath at the sight of his huge cock up close. He pushed my head closer and I took hold of the base of his dock... I could barely get my fingers around it! Knowing that I was about to do something there would be no going back from I ran my tongue over the fat head... my first taste f dick and I loved it! with that I slid my lips over it and down the thick shaft, only managing half way... at first. I couldn't believe I was sucking cock! It was even better than I imagined and got really into it. I licked ands sucked that hard cock eagerly, loving his moans. I licked his huge balls, gobbled up that big cock wildly. He raised his hops, fucking my mouth and grunting. I couldn't stop, the more I sucked the more I wanted. after a long tme, I looked up at him.
    'you can cum in my mouth if you want' I whispered
    'do you want me too??'
    'Yes.. I do' I said
    'Okay, then I will' he said.
    I took his cock back into my mouth and slid my lips up and down his long shaft, playing with his meaty balls. I really wanted him to cum in my mouth, wanted to taste his cum and got my wish. Suddenly he moaned 'Oh fuck! Get ready... I am going to cum!' and then a hot fluid gushed into my mouth, flooding it with his sperm. It was hot, wet and had a salty taste that eagerly gulped down, barely in time before another gush shot from his cock. there was more than I ever shot and I could barely keep up, some leaked down his shaft and coated his cock and balls. I kept swallowing, never wanting it to stop! A guy was cumming in my mouth!!! when he finished cumming I milked his cock of every drop, wanting all of it. when there wasn't anymore I finally let his cock fall from my mouth and licked the sperm off his balls. that's when I realized I had shot a big load when he shot his!!!
    ' that was awesome!' I said smiling. ' It tastes so fucking good! I came all over the sheets!'
    'Yeah?? I thought you would like it' he said
    'I do! I want some more!'
    'Yeah?? Theres other stuff we could do, you know...'
    'Yeah??' I asked
    ' Yeah' he said,

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