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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 28

    I saw the cutest guy at the gym today. Blonde, lean thing, with a bit of an ass. I kept checking him out on the treadmill. He came into the locker room shortly after I was done showering. He quickly stripped down and hopped in a shower. God, his body was beautiful and his ass looked delicious. I felt so privileged being able to see this Adonis. He left all his dirty clothes on the floor. I walked over, made sure nobody was around, and sniffed his underwear. God, they stunk so good. So wet. I gave around look, then went and started kissing and licking them. I could feel myself getting wet. I wanted to steal them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Before the Internet porn was something you had to leave home to get. So I hadn't really seen any until I went to an adult theater shortly after I turned eighteen. When I first entered the theater and saw what was happening on the screen I was hooked.

    I made of habit of going at least once a week. (Probably would have gone more often if the movies changed.) Didn't want to be around the other guys so I always looked for an isolated seat. And I didn't just whip it out and jerk because I was afraid of the police.

    Eventually I found a place next to the left wall where two of the seats in the next row were missing. I figured the missing seats would keep someone from sitting in front of me and for a long time I was right, until one night a boy my age took the last seat in that row.

    Since I was sitting against the wall I had a good view of the newcomer. Not that it mattered, I just ignored him and watched the action on the screen. When the movie ended and the lights came up, to my relief, he got up and left. That gave me a better look and I could see he must be barely 18.

    Intermission always felt like it went on forever and I didn't like sitting there exposed in the lighted room. But there wasn't much I could do about it so, as always, I just slouched down and waited for the next movie. Finally the lights dimmed and the coming (cumming?) attractions started; I put my hands back on my lap and started slowing rubbing my cock with a finger as usual.

    Guys were filtering back in so I didn't noticed the kid was back until he was entering the row in front of me. I froze my finger hoping he didn't notice the rubbing (not that anyone could really tell, but I was shy and a bit paranoid back then).

    This time the kid didn't just sit there, he actually took his cock out to play with. This surprised me since he must have known I could see really well with those two seats missing.

    I tried to ignore him but the motion of his hand kept stealing my attention from the movie. Cock wasn't my thing but looking at his started changing something in me. It fact it started looking really hot to me. I actually was disappointed when his cum flew out and he zipped up and left.

    The next few visits I sat in my usual place but nobody sat in the row in front. It was a good three weeks before the kid returned and took that seat. And this time he didn't wait to unzip.

    He didn't stroke fast like he had done previously. His hand moved slowly up and down; sometimes stopping at the bottom exposing most of his erection. Cock had been on my mind a lot lately and seeing his sticking up like that wasn't helping. The thoughts were scaring me but I couldn't help noticing how much they turned me on too. Finally I convinced myself there was nothing wrong with enjoying what I was seeing. So I continued to watch and did my usual rubbing.

    When the movie ended he zipped up and left. I hoped he would return but the seat was still empty 15 minutes into the second feature. That was disappointing but the action on the screen was very good and my rubbing felt very good. So good, in fact, I didn't immediately notice when someone entered my row heading towards me.

    I was relieved to see it was the kid; but kind of scared as it became clear he was going to sit next to me. Saying hi to me while sitting down he pulled his zipper open freeing that cock I had been watching. That made me very nervous, and very excited too.

    The view was amazing but I didn't want him to see me looking. I almost jumped when he turned to say something to me just as I was sneaking a peek. But all he did was to ask me if it hurt my cock to be locked up inside my pants and I replied that it did until I got it adjusted right. Then he tried to talk me into taking it out; I told him it scared me but he insisted guys do it all the time.

    I had to admit to myself they did and that the back row was especially full of guys openly jerking off. So I let him talk me into unzipping and feeling the air on my erection almost made me spurt.

    He wasn't shy about looking at my cock and I found I liked being looked at. This also got me to be bolder at looking at his. Then he asked me if I liked cock. I didn't know what to say other than I really hadn't thought about it much.

    He claimed to not been thinking about it either. But he had started to after seeing the action on the screen. Turned out the time I had seen him before was his first and he'd almost left when the first movie had ended. It was seeing a guy openly jerking that made him decide to return and to jerk off himself. Having me able to watch was a turn on for him too.

    On the screen a young woman was giving a blow job. The kid sighed and asked me if I'd ever had one. He said "me too" when I told him I'd never done anything with another person. We quietly laughed at that one.

    The thought of getting a blow job was amazing, but I started wondering if the woman got anything out of giving one. I looked over at his hard cock realized what I was really wondering about was would I get anything out of it. It was hard to picture myself doing it; it was also turning me on to wonder.

    It was about then that the kid reached over and touched my cock while asking if it was okay. I nodded, barely able to speak due to the new sensations. He told me if felt really different to touch mine and that I could try touching his if I wanted. Yeah, I wanted and I nervously moved my hand over and for the first time in my life touched another cock.

    He was right, it did feel strange. I stroked him while he leaned back telling me how good it felt. So I leaned in for a better grip and jerked him while he rubbed my back. The view of his cock so close was amazing and that thought about sucking crept into my mind again.

    The kid must have read my mind: the hand rubbing my back moved upwards to my neck and gave a gentle push. I let that push move my head down as a rush of excitement filled me. When my lips touched the tip I opened them a little letting them slide around the head.

    Something exploded in my brain and I felt a weakness flow through my body; I heard a rush of air as the kid suddenly inhaled. I opened my mouth and let my lips slide to the shaft as he whispered how good it felt. I realized I was sucking cock and I was loving it.

    He didn't last long; I doubt I would have either. Cum wasn't something I liked dealing with and I knew he'd be squirting soon. Not sure why, but I just didn't care. Or maybe I did care and wanted it in my mouth. Either way his hips lifted a bit and the first blast coated my tongue. I swallowed but there was a lot of cum and some must have dripped out.

    When it finally stopped I sat up thinking about what I had just done. I felt guilty about it; I also wanted to do it again.

    I returned to a sitting position and looked around to see if we had been watched as the kid zipped himself up and we talked a little about what had happened. He promised to do me sometime in the future and I let him know I liked doing it and wanted to do it again. Then he got up and left leaving me to think about what had just happened.

    I didn't see him again for about a month. He was walking up to the theater entrance just as I was. We talked and I asked why I hadn't seen him lately. He said the blow job was so good he kept jacking off thinking about it. That got us talking about doing it again and we ended up going to his place instead of the movie.

    It felt a lot better to be in a private place with no chance of being caught. It was also good to get completely naked. He had me lie on his bed and then got on his knees between my legs. Moving forward he put his hard cock on top of mine. He kept it there for a couple of minutes only moving a little. It was a strange but wonderful feeling.

    Then he moved back and brought his mouth down to my erection. Then I finally experienced the warm wet feeling of a blow job. The feeling was almost too much so I stopped him. He asked what was wrong and I told him I didn't want to cum too fast. Then when he started again it was just as good but I was able to control myself.

    Eventually I stopped him again and said it was my turn. We switched places and I took a cock into my mouth for the second time. Again I felt a wave of weakness and a thrill that's hard to describe. Maybe it was due to the taboo nature of the act, but I loved sucking him.

    At first I just explored the head of his cock enjoying the feel of its shape on my tongue. Then I worked down the shaft. As I continued my world became just that cock and the reactions of the guy it was attached to. As I moved my head faster he started thrusting upwards. That allowed me to slip my hands under his butt so I could pull during each of his thrusts.

    This time cum wasn't just something that would just happen. I wanted it. I wanted to feel that splash of warm, sticky liquid. Trying to encourage him I put a hand around his cock and moved it in time with mouth, jacking him as I sucked. Everything was going faster and faster until, finally, he tensed, gave one more thrust and held my head still.

    Since he was fully in and holding still the first spurt hit the back of my throat, as did the second. I pulled back a little and the third flooded the surface of my tongue. The tasted of his cum drove me over the top and my cock spewed its own orgasm onto the bed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Despite being a bit shy I found out hanging out naked at hot springs could be a lot of fun and soon found not being naked was what would make one stand out. Besides the feeling of freedom from being in the sun with nothing on is great. And it doesn't hurt to be able to check out the other naked people.

    Keogh Hot Springs (the free area, not the silly resort) has a creek of hot water that flows through several pools as it descends a small slope. It makes a nice stop driving up 395 and the hot water feels great on ones stiff muscles after all that time in the car.

    I pulled into the hot springs shortly before dark one time. The pool I like best was available so I parked next to it and quickly got naked and hopped in. As usual the warm water felt amazing as did being out in the vanishing sun without clothes.

    Whil e I was relaxing another car pulled in and a young man got out and walked over to my pool. He said hi and that he was disappointed I had the good pool. But I told him there was plenty of room and he was welcome to join me. So he stripped off his clothes and in he came. I only saw his cock for a second but it looked very nice and it was already partially erect.

    We talked a bit about nothing that mattered and as the conversation faded I rested my head on a rock at the edge of the pool and shut my eyes. My arms floated off in the water as I drifted a bit. Then I thought I felt something touch my hand for a sec.

    The touch came back again, very light and soft. Then again but more this time. Then a hard cock went into my palm. At this point of my life I had already sucked a few cocks but I wasn't all that experienced. So a hard cock that wasn't my own was still extremely exciting. I wrapped my hand around it and sat up a bit.

    The kid asked me if I liked his cock and I truthfully said it was one of the best I had ever touched. He started making little pelvic thrusts as I played with it and soon started asking me to suck. He sat on a rock and I moved so I was between his legs. Putting my mouth around the head I tongued the sensitive part causing him to inhale sharply. Then I slid my lips down the shaft as far as I could go. He put his hands on either side of my head as I got really into sucking. I just wish it had taken longer before his cum splashed my throat. He left soon after cumming and I relaxed again enjoying the after taste.

    It was a slow day at the hot spring and the sun had dipped below the Sierra before another car arrived. It parked next to the pool downstream from mine and a young couple got out. They were wearing swim suits so I quickly dismissed them and relaxed again. A few minutes later I peeked over my pool's dam and saw they were kissing and both had wandering hands.

    The action was getting very heavy when they suddenly stopped and left the pool. I was thinking how disappointed I was when they came around a bush. The girl then stepped close and asked if they could join me. I told her I had no objections but made sure she knew I was naked. Instead of being put off by my nudity she questioned me about it being okay and when I reassured her it was the normal thing to do at the springs and they both quickly stripped.

    She looked great naked and her boyfriend had a long thin cock that was already on its way to being erect before he could get in the water. We talked with me mostly answering questions about the hot spring area and about the acceptance of nudity and they both seemed to be very relaxed now that they knew it was accepted.

    As we chatted in the fading light I could see she had her hand around his hard cock and stroking made the head break out of the water once in a while. I couldn't see all that much but what I could see looked really good. In fact I rolled over so I was face down so they wouldn't be scared off by my cock becoming erect.

    They both had been sitting up but when I rolled over the boy stretched out and put his head back using a rock for a pillow. Of course this helped expose more of his erection and the slow hand job he was receiving. The girl just smiled at me and said she hoped I didn't mind. I smiled back and let her know how much I was enjoying the view.

    She beckoned me close so I slid over so the boy was between us. When I got close she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. I had seen girls giving blow jobs before but never this close. Leaning closer I could see a shine from the saliva she left behind as her lips traveled up the shaft.

    I was surprised when she removed her lips from his cock and motioned for me to suck it. Of course I had no problem with that and accepted her invite. She had a hand between her legs as she intently watched me suck.

    As I sucked a felt a hand caressing my butt. Although I'd never had a guy fondle my rear I found it to feel really nice and continued to concentrate on sucking while his girlfriend kissed his mouth and played with his balls.

    He ran a finger along my crack and I found the feeling amazing. I had never before thought of that area being erogenous; I had learned something new. The feeling was amazing when the finger started lightly circling my hole. I didn't want that to stop but eventually he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat up.

    There is a large flat rock in the middle of that pool that he had me climb onto. With my butt on the edge of the rock and my legs pulled upwards his tongue went right to my hole giving me my first rim job. As he licked me I was enjoying myself too much to notice he girlfriend getting something from her purse.

    The rimming had me wanting something more. So when the girlfriend rubbed lube on my hole I was more excited than scared. My excitement increased even more when he stood up and placed the head of his very hard cock right where it could gain entry.

    I felt heat from his cock as he rubbed the head around. Then as he settled on target the pressure slowly increased. When the pressure reached a level where I wondered if it would be able to get in he backed off the started doing a small thrusting motion. Relaxing as much as I could I began to feel a little penetration with each thrust. His girlfriend bent over and kissed me just as the entire head popped in.

    He stopped thrusting and just let me get used to the feelings. After a bit the small thrusts started again and I felt the shaft sliding into me. Soon he was all the way in.

    When he asked me if I was ready the answer was an enthusiastic yes. As the fucking started I began to feel something deep inside radiating pleasure each time his cock rubbed it. I could also feel some fluid rising up my own cock which felt strange but really good.

    The world faded away as he started thrusting in earnest. I was just my ass and my cock and a cloud of pleasure around them. It wouldn't even be possible to tell you how long the fucking went on. All I can remember is his girl taking my cock into her mouth just as the biggest, hardest orgasm of my life started.

    When it was over we talked a little. The girl was surprised it was my first time. They had stopped at the hot spring because they had read it was a gay cruising spot and she wanted to see her boyfriend fuck a guy. I hadn't noticed but while I was being fucked she had been masturbating to a number of huge orgasms.

    I let them know it had been great as they got out to leave. They agreed and were soon off to continue their trip. After relaxing and letting myself recover I also got out and continued my own journey.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I went to a small porn theater awhile back. It wasn't crowded and I took a seat in the back row away from the entrance and settled back to watch the fucking on the screen. It's hard to believe now how naive I was. There were a few guys near me that had their cocks out and were busy jerking off. That seemed weird and dangerous to me at the time.

    One of the guys that was jerking off was sitting just a couple of seats over from me. At that time I considered myself completely straight but I couldn't seem to stop looking at his cock. Since I didn't want him to catch me looking and get the wrong idea my looks were furtive and I thought I was getting away with them. Then he suddenly moved over and took the seat right next to me.

    I had no idea what to do. This was an entirely new thing for me. So I just stared straight at the screen and pretended he wasn't there. I started a bit when I felt his hand feeling my cock through my pants. Of course it was already rock hard and even though I thought being touched by him was somehow wrong it felt really good so I didn't stop him.

    He whispered to me asking me if I thought his cock looked good. So I turned my head and got my first really good look at it. My voice didn't seem to want to work so I just nodded and kept looking. The long shaft and the shape of the head looked like they were made for penetration and I found I liked that look. Then he took my hand and put it right on his cock!

    I had expected it to feel like touching my own cock; it didn't. The shaft seemed to have a different shape or something. But whatever it was I loved the feel in my hand. My fingers went over the head and the smoothness it felt great as well.

    He didn't let me play with it very long. A hand went behind my neck and with a little pressure he guided my face towards his cock. I wasn't real sure about doing what he wanted but there was little time to think. There was a hard cock right in front of my face. I took a good look before touching the head with my tongue. Not sure what I was expecting but nothing bad happened so I moved on to putting my lips around it. Then I just started sucking like the girl in the movie was doing and I was loving it. Finally he thrust up a bit and held my head down. I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat and swallowed.

    Finally he stopped cumming and let me sit up. Without a word he stuffed his cock back in his pants and left the theater. I sat there a bit thinking about what I had just done. Guilt welled up at first but soon the guilt was pushed away by horniness. Pulling my cock out I quickly jacked myself off while watching yet another blowjob on the screen.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My first sexual encounter happened at a ripe young age of 9 I was m****ted and sodomized by a 17 year old Hispanic.
    We lived in the same neighborhood one day he took me to the side of the garage took of my clothes said I was his to experiment on over the next year I was r**ed m****ted sodomized, I know after awhile it wasn't going to stop.
    At nine years old I became an object of pleasure for a Mexican male.That year I found myself alone in a fifty year old homosexuals apt finding out later he was a child m****ter and pedifile,
    Being exposed to rueben for a year I new what was coming and played with my little boner he of course noticed and became full erect over 10 in in length and round as a Coke can I endured 6 hours being sodomized.
    I new my place and God's purpose for me even though I married had children I never stopped doing what God intended, being a white sex slave for a Hispanic male, and a fuck toy for a demented gay male.

    I always asked the Lord for men to dominate abuse and take my innocence through sodemy I loved being pass around.

    By the time I was 15 I'd had several hundred men. To this day I still offer up to other men

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Married str8 very much a man's man...

    I have had a few gay exploits over the years but mostly str8 here.
    Iâve been married two times, both to very beautiful women, Iâm still married to a beautiful woman,
    Itâs a shame but she has always had a low sex drive, I finally after years of stress and anger just gave into the easy sex rout, MEN....
    THE WIFE WAS GOING OU OF TOWN FOR 4 nights,I had found CL and enjoyed checking out the post of all types..
    I found myself thinking how good a great BJ would be, posted an ad myself, I had tons of responses ,I picked one that sounded good and he posted as married also with his wife out of town, I got ready and nervously found my was to his very nice home in a upscale area of town, we had swapped a few pics,I sent him a cook pic and he sent me a clothed body pic!

    I found that odd but he was in good shape, once he opened the door I was pleasantly surprised,
    45yo very well kept handsome man, again Iâm not into men at all, but I was taken back, knowing Iâm just an average
    JOE... we ask if I wanted to go out to the pool, he fixed us two cold drinks and we sat and just talked, he was easy to talk to and, soon he just ask, you ok? Sure!!!

    I wasnât really but he stud up and I followed him inside and up to the master bathroom , when he removed his cloths I was taken back by his body and when he turned to open the large shower door I saw his cock hanging limp ,OMG
    I had never seen anything like that,
    I came to get a BJ but here I was lusting after another manâs cock...
    Once in the shower he dropped and took me in his mouth, I almost shot my load just sliding in his mouth,
    He was hottttt, and I was on fire, I had to pull away to keep from cumming !

    I wanted what he had between his legs ,I pulled him up and dropped to my knees ,as I worked him ,he became forceful ,calling me cocksucker, fag,,he told me I was going to be his submissive bitch, it scarred and aroused me!

    He pulled me up and turned me around, sliding his 9â cock between my cheeks, pinching my hard nipples sent me into space!!! Then he turned off the water and told me to dry off and wit in the bedroom at the end of the hall.

    I was very nervous ,I stood naked in the large room with huge open windows, when he entered he had a large box he set on the dresser, he then told me not to be afraid ,he said he would not hurt me but that her was going to dominate
    Me in as many ways as he wanted and that before it was over I would submit to anything he wanted and I would love it.

    Part of me wanted to leave but I just couldnât ,his Demeanor changed as he placed toke out ropes and cuffs,
    I was so scared that he might kill me, but my cock took over my body,
    I watched as he tied ,cuffed ,gaged me with a ball gage, that night this man uaed me for 3 hours,

    For the first time in my life I came without touching myself,I was spanked while bent naked over his lap, hard cock touching my skin, I fucked my face with me on my back and head leaned back over the edge, it was the first time a cock had ever been in my throat....
    He took my ass two times, I submitted to everything he ask, I now know I would submit to strong dominant men at any point I could...

    I went to him all four days for submissive training, the best sex of my life.

    Unfortunately I was busted by my wife on my email after letting two men dominate me in a threesome where I pleased them booth at the same time, two of my young Doms ,both in their 30âs, ummmm

    I have never had gay sex again ,but wow what memories

    I want so dad for my wife to dominate me and become my strap on femdomð

    P.s she will spank me from time to time and she has bought me some great annul sex toys and a great prostate massager
    But has problems being there when I use them, ð¿

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    Gay Male / 20

    Before you read, I'm awful with words so don't judge me on my bad story telling, also I am a virgin. So I have a straight friend (I'll call him Jay) that's notorious where I live for fucking almost every girl in the city. He's a really chill dude and me and him hang out and smoke weed a lot. He's a little chubby but the curves are in the right places and he has an amazing face and really good hair so I can understand why so many women fall for him.

    A few months prior to the sexual shit that happens in this story, me and another one of my friends bought some shitty $15 inflatable boxing gloves and we got bored of them after like 10 minutes so they just ended up sitting in the corner of my room for a few months. Fast forward to yesterday, Jay was spending the night at my place so we could get high off of some good weed he got from his brother. We get super baked and Jay starts making jokes about how the opening on the boxing gloves looks like a vagina. It sounds really stupid but it actually kind of did look like one and the jokes started getting less jokey and more serious as time went on. Eventually Jay made himself super horny from joking about the gloves that he wanted to try fucking one. He was obviously super uncomfortable and probably would've just given up on trying if I didn't say anything but at that point, him being horny made me super horny too so I tried to encourage him to fuck it by telling him I'd fuck the other glove in the other room while he fucked his. This plan worked and 5 minutes later we were both in separate rooms fucking inflatable boxing gloves.

    It wasn't that bad honestly, but after we both tried for like 10 minutes and neither of us could cum we gave up. We were both still super horny since neither of us could finish so after we finished cleaning everything up I gathered up some courage and went up to him and said "hey I'm gunna say something weird and if you're answer is no you have to promise you'll just forget I ever asked". Jay was just like "uuuuuuh ok shoot" and I said "We're both still super horny so if you want I can suck your dick". He didn't answer the question and instead said that he wanted to watch an episode of spongebob (this was actually a pretty normal thing for him so I just took it as a no).

    After we finished the episode he looked at me and said "when you first offered to suck my dick my brain was just like "hell yeah dude free blowjob" but I forced myself to think about it for a bit, and I decided that it would help me out by making me feel good, and it would help you out cause you could get some practice for if you ever actually get to hook up with a guy, so yeah I'm down".

    I can't remember much of the shit we said after that but I was hella nervous and he said that he'd have to take a minute to get himself hard so he had me lay on the bed facing away from him while he jerked off on the mattress we pull out for when I have friends spend the night. After like 8 minutes of waiting he finally said he was half hard and that I could come look.

    His cock was fucking huge. It was like 6 inches half hard and it was super fucking thick. I grabbed it and it was super warm and soft, but still really hard if that makes sense. He told me to put it in my mouth so I listened and just put it all the way in to the back of my throat first thing. This was when I learned that I don't really have a strong gag reflex. I started going to town on his dick, moving my mouth all the way up to the tip, then all the way down to his balls. It felt fucking amazing, and he obviously thought so too. He started grabbing my head and pushing it down onto his dick and holding it there. I loved it. At this point he's fully hard (probably close to 8 inches). Then he started thrusting into my throat in addition to that. It didn't even hurt me it just felt amazing. After what felt like forever he ended up shoving his dick as far in as he could and let loose a fuckload of cum into my mouth. I kept sucking him off with the cum in my mouth for another couple of minutes before I stopped and swallowed.

    This was one of the most fun experiences of my life tbh. After it was all done he told me that I gave him the best head he's ever had. I said "you don't really mean that you're just trying to make me feel good" and he said "do you really think I wanna admit that the best head I ever got was from a dude?"

    After that I went to the bathroom so I could go jerk off since I never actually came. I was having a lot of trouble finishing when I heard him call my name through the bathroom door.

    I threw my underwear back on real fast and went outside and he was hard again. He wanted me to suck him off a second time cause he got horny when I was jerking off.

    I honestly can't remember as much of the second time than I did of the first, but I do remember he was a lot rougher and it was amazing.

    After he came and and I swallowed his second load he went to bed and told me to go finish jerking off, which I did. I never have cum so much in my life. There was so much cum that I couldn't hold it all in my hands and I ended up having to clean it up off the floor.

    The next morning we promised each other that we'd never tell anyone that this happened unless it was something anonymous and that we'd try not to talk about it much so it doesn't make our friendship weird. I told him that if he ever wants me to suck him off again I will in a heartbeat though and I really hope he'll let me do it again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I am a married father of two. I have to travel all the time for business and I travel alone there is no one from the company with me. When I'm out of town I turn into a total crossdressing, bottom sissy. I can't get enough of cock in my mouth or in my boipussy. I don't know what's wrong with me. No one in my "at home" life would ever think it of me. I love other men pounding in and out of me, using my body for their pleasure.

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    Gay Male / 47

    My birthday came and went and no one said a thing. Not my brother or my mother or anyone at work. I was feeling really low and I went on the internet and found myself gazing at gay porn, something I did from time to time. Between one thing and another I had decided that young gay studs were not my thing, I just couldn't put up with their attitude. I had gravitated more to men my age or older who were looking for someone to hook up with. That's why I had joined a couple of the mature gay men dating sites and that night I went to one looking for a man who wanted company. I found a man who said he was traveling and I sent a hello and asked if he wanted to meet. He gave me his location, a motel on the highway and I went there and met him in the lobby. He was a college professor, in town for church meeting with other members of his church organizing a church building project in South America. He didn't look the part, a bit too pale and too professorial and his church connection didn't seem like the right vibe. And he seemed like an ordinary man, five seven or so and 175 pounds. But he had answered my connection, but he gave me the motel where he was staying. Too many flags, I asked him if he had eaten dinner and we went to a small restaurant a couple of exits down the highway.

    He was definitely professorial, he was inquisitive and soon it was pretty clear that he wanted to be the one to talk and ask questions. I told him the truth, divorced, boring job, birthday depression. We ate and went back to his motel and he wanted to suck cock immediately. He was hungry, he went at it pretty fast and it took a bit to get his clothes off, his cock was semi hard from sucking mine, I grabbed it and it got hard, I got into a position where he could suck on my cock and I could suck on his. As soon as his cock was in my mouth he started shoving his hips against my face. His cock was big for his size, and he was circumcised which I prefer and he was holding on to my cock and sucking me. We got straightened out and jerked each other for a while, he was ready to rumble and wanted to kiss so we kissed for a few minutes but he wanted to fuck. To my surprise he had condoms and lube and I let him go for it, he fucked hard and with even strokes, long and deep, he got tired of the condom and stripped it off and went it naked like the day he was born and with renewed vigor he fucked me until he came.

    It was over, he was done. I got dressed and said good night and left and went to a bar that I frequent and sat there thinking about that night. I could feel his ghost cock in me, his mouth on my cock and my mouth on his. I was daydreaming sipping my drink and a man sat beside me and started a conversation. It was late by then, around 11 at night and I wasn't in the mood but he pestered and I followed him into the men's room and sucked his cock in the stall. He was a big man over six feet tall and heavy build, at least that night he seemed really big and he was hard. When he was done and unloaded his cum he pulled out his badge and said he was vice, but he was letting me off because I had done a good job and I hadn't hit him up for money.

    That's how I spent my birthday.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    This happened about 2 years ago. I by chance caught the sight of what was the largest cock I've ever seen in the changing rooms of a swimming baths. I was transfixed and he knew it. There was nothing special about him but that cock! it was hanging down to just above the knee. Mine is 8'' but was a toy in comparison. Because he'd spotted me I blurted out, 'that's an impressive weapon you have there'. He asked me if i'd like to touch it and without hesitation nodded. I watched as if in a trance my hand reach out and grasp it. It was full but not erect. I sniffed it and then my tong left my mouth making contact with it. 'Have ever tasted precum', he asked, 'wank me'. The tip was glistening and my tong darted out to taste. I masterbated him as I enclosed the gland with my mouth and drank from the pump. I remember looking up to see him smile, 'Now it's time to do me a favour', he exclaimed. He wanted to cum in my mouth and for me to swallow. Wanking his meat and playing with his balls did the trick and as he pumped I eagerly drank. That was it he'd done with me.

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