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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 18

    So I turned 18 at the end of December, and I had my first full on sexual experience last week. It was with a 52 year old guy that I had been chatting with on Grindr. We met each other while I was still 17. We used to meet up and I would blow him and we'd give each other handjobs and swordfight, but he'd never fuck me because I wasn't 18 yet. Last week, as my birthday present, he fucked me. He made me into his cumdump. I loved it. He deposited so many loads inside my ass. Just him fucking me made me cum multiple times on myself. He even brought in his other friend who was about the same age as him (maybe older) and the both of them bred me multiple times. In the three hours that I was there, I was covered in cum and my ass was constantly dripping out cum. I want to fuck him again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Hey Moderator: What's with all the gibberish being posted on this, my favorite, site? Can you please remove that stuff? Thanks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    The last few months have been a sexual whirlwind for me, and a real sexual turn around. This isn't me boasting, it just happens to be true. I have a reasonably large cock which enjoys or enjoyed solely, pussy and female ass. My cock measures nine and quarter inches and is six and half inches in circumference. I'm not what you'd call the most handsome of men, but I do look after myself physically and if I say so myself, have a rugged look about me. One which is what my wife I suppose, was initially attracted to.
    In September last year I took on a job/contract (I'm a plumber, joiner and general handyman) which entailed working at a series of apartments which mainly housed young professional people. Being called out to one guys apartment, I was instantly aware of him checking me out. Half way through sorting out his problem, he asked me if I knew someone. When I said I did, he told me the person we'd spoken about had told him I was well endowed. I smiled as he told me, but couldn't get the feeling out of my head this gay was really interested in me sexually. Finishing off his plumbing problem, I shouted out to him I was done, and for him to sign off my work. Getting mo answer I walked further into his apartment shouting out his surname. Still getting no answer, I walked into his lounge area to find him knelt up naked on his rug, and was slowly stroking his cock and finger fucking his own asshole.
    Normally that would be the cue for me to leave. But strangely I found myself fixated with watching him play with himself. He looked back at me, grinned a huge grin and said very almly "It's all yours to fuck".
    There isn't a description as to why I found myself naked, or why I decided he was going to be the one individual who I was experience gay sex with. It just kind of happened. I didn't wear a condom and there wasn't any pre sex, no foreplay at all. I was stripped and fully erect in no time and knelt up behind him knowing all too well I was going to fuck him. He stared at my cock before I knelt behind him. And leering at it and me, he told me to fuck the shit the out of him.
    That first moment, that first sight of my cock sliding up his asshole will stay with me forever. And it was luscious, sexually awesome and everything I didn't think it might be. I couldn't stop myself from grinning at the sight and feel of my cock spearing another mans ass. It looked and felt so right, so perfect and I absolutely battered his rear hole. Over a period of around three quarters of an hour, I obliterated his asshole. Taking him from his rug, to his couch and eventually having him lay on his back on his bed, as I fucked him with his legs over my shoulders, burying my cock deep up his oh so beautiful ass.
    Gripping his small cock, I tossed him off as I fucked him and marveled at how ell he took everything I could give him. He wanted and received all I had and when I eventually came far into his bowels, he'd already cum spewing his creamy load all over his own stomach.
    Finished and breathing heavily, we lay next to each other. Only then did he take my cock and began to lick and suck on it. Cleaning off any remnants of my cum.
    As he signed my report sheet back in the kitchen, he told me his lighting wasn't working correctly. So we scheduled a morning the week after for me to attend his apartment. He took the morning off work and I took my pleasure in his mouth and deep up his asshole all that morning. Fucking him again and again until we were both spent.
    His asshole hasn't been and isn't the only male asshole I now fuck. He apparently told another younger guy in their block, how I like to service everything they need fixing. So a couple of weeks later down the opposite corridor, I entered another apartment where the client didn't just want his services sorting. And if anything he was even more of a slut when it came to my cock. I did wear a condom with him (His condoms) and have done since with every guy I've fucked (I've also had myself checked out and I'm clear, stupid of me not to wear a condom I now realize). Those two aren't now my only sexual liaisons with young professional men. In all I service six apartment blocks, and in nearly every one I've discovered young guys wanting to experience my credentials.
    It's opened up a whole new sexual world for me and bizarrely, it's coincided with my wife's early onset of menopause. She still likes sex and my cock, but it's generally just oral sex now. Most weeks I'm now fucking at least two young men in their apartments, which suits me and my growing libido for horny young male sluts.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    i was working at a factory and had moved up to day shirt foreman over the years. i spent a lot of time at work we were on 12 hour days 7 days a week and I often had to cover for the the guy on nights he was often late or never showed he was the bosses son in law so i often worked double shifts.
    the company was growing and there was a new section being built on for a new paint line. I often went out the side door to smoke a cigarette and watch the guys pore cement for the footings. I had let a guy in school suck me off now and then he was on my football team and i caught him checking me out in the locker room. at that time my dick seemed hard all the time and it was nice to have it sucked when I needed better than jerking off all the time. And the fact my girlfriend then would not do anything sexual so for 3 years this kid sucked my cock and ate my loads. Last time was a few days before I graduated he was a year behind me. I dumped 3 loads in his mouth that day in my car at the lake he was good at it and i was going to miss his lips on my cock. I never felt i was gay I just liked having my cock sucked.
    Anyway one night I was sitting out smoking and watching the workers and two of them started playing grab ass and acting like they were fucking each other the others guys whooping and cat calling. i sat and watched and for some reason got hard as a rock. I slipped to the back of the building and took my cock out and pounded it tell i shot my load. just as i was zipping up I heard footsteps walking away. I got myself together and went back around to the side of the building. One of the grab ass guys waved and had a huge smile on his face.
    The next night when I went out for a smoke the one guy walked over and asked for a smoke he stood there looking at me with a huge grin on his face as I handed him the smoke. He hung around and chatted for a while. I went in to tell the workers to take a break and set up the line for when they got back. After break was over and they started the line I slipped out again for another smoke only to find the van the two grab ass guys drove parked close to the building where I smoked. When I came out the door to the van opened and the two of them came out and sat on the back of the van with the doors open. I smiled and said hi and they sort of laughed and said hi back. i lit my smoke and took a drag and leaned up against the brick wall. The one guy I had talked to stood up walked over and said i saw you the other day beating that big cock of yours and if you want I can help you out. I was a bit shocked but my cock was growing in my pants just thinking about it. I smiled and said how can you help me? He moved close went down on his knees and freed my cock from its hiding spot. Before i could say anything he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. i leaned back and let him work me over. He licked my balls sucked them his mouth was hot as hell. He was hungry for my cock and started moaning as he sucked. His buddy sat on the back of the van watching with his cock in his hand jerking slowly. He sucked me for a while then I said i was going to cum and he grabbed my ass and pushed me deep in his throat and as I let go of my load he took every bit of it I am a heavy cummer and thick so it surprised me he was able to eat it all with out pulling off of my cock.
    He kept my cock deep in his throat until I was ready to fall over from the feeling he was giving my cock. He pulled off smiled up at me and said thank you sir you made my day. I told him he had made mine and I had to get back to work. I zipped up and went in and finished out the work shift. When i left that night on my car was a number and name and said anytime anyplace thank you again for lunch.
    I was not getting any at home and working so many hours I had been jerking a lot so to have my cock sucked was like heaven. The guy sucked me off every night for a week until he and his crew working doing the cement was done. It was a couple weeks after the work was done I gave the number a ring my cock was throbbing and needed some attention. A woman answered the phone I asked for the name on the card and soon he got on the line. I could hear him talking to what I gathered was his wife telling her it was someone from work. i said I was sorry did not mean to cause problems he laughed and said no problem and was hoping i would call. I said i was in need and he asked where and when? I said now and where ever you want. Meet me at the Mall parking lot told me what area etc. I told the wife I had to run into work and would be back late she nodded and said fine and went back to a movie she was watching. I got in my car and took off to meet him. He was already there when i got there with his work van he smiled as i pulled up and i saw him licking his lips and that made my cock jump up in my pants so when I got out of the car he could see my bulge clear as day. He looked at my bulge and smiled said looks like you are in need bad. i said yes and climbed into his van. His buddy was there and that made me a bit nervous.
    He must have noticed my nervous look he said he comes with me so i keep safe he likes to suck also so its up to you me or him. I said both with a grin feeling a bit naughty as I said it. i always wanted two mouths on my cock. so I took my pants off and lay in the back of the van and let the two of them work my cock like it had never been worked before. They took their time working me to the point and backing off. I was lost in pleasure for what seemed hours. they started almost fighting to get thier mouths on me when I finally started to cum I shot in ones mouth then the other I shot about 5 huge globs of cum and they ate it all slurping my cock up and down to get every drop. I lay there loving the feeling as they kept licking my balls and sucking me. I started to get soft but they kept at it and soon I was hard and ready again I fed them 3 times that night and came home very happy.
    I have been in the van a lot about 4 to 5 times a week and those two get me off at least twice each time. I just love the feel of a hot mouth on my cock and they sure know how to work my cock.

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    Gay Male / 27

    Last August I was invited to a coworker's barbecue/going away party. Since it was out of town, and I don't drive, I hitched a ride with my other coworker "J". J was a couple of years older than me, almost six foot, black, glasses, short hair, a kind of dower expression, goofy mustache and goatee. J and I worked together for about a year, and we've had our ups and downs. His ex-girlfriend was a good friend of mine, but he didn't seem to like me for awhile. He was always really nasty to me at work, and usually made me feel awful. As time progressed, he opened up more and became a lot nicer. I was there for him when he went through his breakup. We kind of became friends around that time, and we chatted a bit more. I knew he had messed around with a few of the girls at work, but I didn't see the attraction for awhile. I didn't understand. When he started to be nicer, that's when the veil was lifted and I saw just how attractive he was. I kept my thoughts to myself, for professional reasons, not to mention the fact he was straight and his ex was a good friend of mine.

    J came to pick me up at my house in the early afternoon, and we headed to our friend's place. The entire day was fun. We all laughed, partied, ate, and drank a little too much. Not J though, since he was the designated driver. Around 9 p.m. everyone started to head home. Before we got ready to head on the road, J had to take a piss. He had parked out in an empty parking lot a few blocks away from our coworkers place. It was dark, but he asked me to keep watch. He walked over to the grass and started to piss. I stared the entire time. I wanted to get closer and see. I had heard from my friend that he had a huge cock. Plus I love seeing guys pee. I was pretty drunk, and I didn't want to go home. I asked J if he wanted to hang out anywhere. He wasn't in the mood to go out, but invited me over to watch some TV. I wasn't ready to go, so I was all for it.

    We went back to his place across town. He lived in a huge apartment with three other roommates. Perhaps somebody upstairs was looking up for me, because nobody was home. We went up to his room where he turned on the A.C. and pulled out some beers. He was anxious to change out of his stuffy dress clothes. "I'm just gonna go change" he says, holding a worn out ACDC shirt and blue gym shorts. As he goes to leave, I yell "C'mon! You can't change in here?". He turns and glares at me telling me he's not about to give some gay guy a free show. I tell him I'm not just some gay guy, I'm his buddy. I stick my tongue out and call him chicken. He laughs, and shuts the door. He just stares at me. I admit, being drunk gets me so horny. I was just looking him straight in the eye, trying not to jump out of his bed and just rip his clothes to pieces. He turns his head and goes "Are you fucking hard?". I guess I couldn't hide it. He threw his shirt and shorts on the ground and walked towards me. I was sitting on his bed, and as he approached me, I was head level to his crotch. "Did I get you hard?" He asked. I was nervous. The heat in the room seemed to raise, I couldn't even feel the AC. He looked down at me like a tyrant. I was scared as hell, but so excited at the same time. "Did I get you fucking hard?" he said in a more aggressive tone. The boner in my pants was about to rip the fucking zipper open. God, this man was such a turn-on. I hesitated, and replied "You've always made me hard". J looked around the room, walked to the door and locked it. He turned around, and started to undo his belt. He told me he was pretty horned up for awhile, he hadn't had sex since his girlfriend left him. He unzipped his pants and stood right in front of me. I asked if he could show me. I wanted to see it so bad. "Do you want to see it?" he said, looking down at me. "Please". That's the only word that could come out of my mouth at this point. I wanted to see it... no, I wanted it so bad. I knew it was getting him horny too, his breaths were getting deeper and deeper. He reached into his black boxer briefs, and pulled out his huge dark member. He was semi-erect. His cock was a decent length, thick, slightly veiny, and uncut. His large, dark balls were prominently dangling behind. "May I?" I asked, looking up at him with hungry eyes. He didn't say anything, he just looked down at me. But I knew what he wanted. I knew what I wanted. With my sweaty pale hands, I grasped his cock and began to pull his foreskin back and forth. His head was so big and pink, much like my own. However, the contrast between the shaft and the head wasn't as noticeable as my own. Comparing his great pink head to his thick black shaft was well... adorable. It was like a party hat. I gently pulled it back and forth, he started to precum. His cock looked clean, but it was a little bit smelly. I figured this, since the boy has smell feet and usually sweaty. I focused in and placed it in my mouth. He was so big. He tasted so good, so manly. I took it in deeper and deeper in my mouth, the more I did, the more my eyes watered. J started to moan, he liked it. I took a breath and started to give some lovin' to his balls. I played with them, and started to lick on them. He pushed me off, giggling. "It tickles". It was like a dream, holding his wet hard cock in my hand as he looked down at me with the biggest grin. I apologized, and went back to sucking. I loved playing with his dick. His foreskin was so flexible and fun. God, it was heaven. I pulled down his pants and started to grab his cute bubbly cheeks. I sucked harder and deeper. He pulled my hair so tight, I thought he was gonna rip it out. I could feel it, his big black cannon was about to fire. He let out a firm "FUCK" as his milky cum shoot in my mouth. He pressed his hands hard on my hand. He wanted me to swallow. I gladly accepted. It was a bitter but still satisfying taste. Kind of like when you bite into a lime. After I gabbled it up, I licked his head, and his shaft, making sure I got every speck of nut.

    We laughed about it, and started to talk about work immediately after. We both laid on the bed, completely distant from eachother. He had taken his shirt off, and was laying with his boxers down to his knees. When I went to go play with his cock again he told me to piss off. I told him I would do it again. He insisted he's not gay, he was just really horny. He needed to get sucked off. I had no problems with that. I'd gladly do it again. He asked me when I was free again to do this. "Was he making this a regular thing" I thought. J said he doesn't mind if we're fwb, as long as it stays a secret at work. He reached his hands over my waist, and grabbed my ass firmly. "You have a pretty fat ass for a white guy. I want to fuck it". I knew this was all the making of a horrible, unhealthy relationship, but I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me. I would let him put his big black snake in me anyday. J laughed and called me a freak. I paid no mind to him, but I asked him for something. Since he was essentially making me a sex toy, I wanted atleast one kiss. "C'mon J, you let me suck your dick, you made me eat your cum, and now you want to fuck me. You atleast owe me something". He argued with me over it, saying it wasn't fair because I wanted all the things he did, and wanted to do. I told him he was completely in the wrong, and had no understanding of compassion. He said "whatever" and put on the TV. Eventually we fell asleep in his bed together.

    The next morning I woke up to him getting out of bed. It was beautiful watching him get up, completely nude and walking to the bathroom. His fully nude body was adorable. Barely any hair at all, and he had the cutest bubble butt. He came out brushing his teeth and I took in a full frontal view. His chest was so skinny and unimpressive, but I did enjoy watching his flaccid dick flap up and down as he brushed. His cock was really cute when it was soft. It's still a nice size, and the foreskin hangs a little over the head. He got mad I was staring and put his underwear on. He flapped on the bed, and turned me over. He pulled down my briefs forcefully and smacked my ass. "You have a really nice ass". He gave me that mischievous grin, and started to work his hand down. I felt him run a finger up my taint and near my asshole. I was so sensitive there. "Come on. Let me fuck it". I sat up and leaned in for a kiss. He pushed me down. I cried bullshit. It wasn't right. He wanted to atleast put it in. I told him no. He got up, picked up my clothes and threw them at me. He told me to get the fuck out. I didn't move. "Dude, get the fuck out or I'm gonna get you the fuck out". I looked at him and laid on the bed. I turned around. "It's been awhile, we can try to do it for a little bit". He smirked again, and pulled his underwear off. His cock was hard. It was massive. He walked over to his dresser and grabbed a condom. As I waited, I buried my face in his pillow, I wanted to smell him to get into the mood. He got on the bed, and came in closer. "Come here...", he whispered. Slowly he started to work his way into my hole. "Slow! Slow!" I kept telling him. Truthfully, he was the biggest guy I let in the back. It hurt. We kept trying, he'd have to put a new rubber on, or we'd adjust positions, etc. I just couldn't do it. It hurt too much. "I haven't used my dildo in awhile, I've just been figuring myself. I can try to be looser for you next time". He started to rub my shoulders, and came in closer. He gave me a quick smooch, and pulled away. He smiled awkwardly at me, and got dressed. I got up and did the same. I took an Uber home, and we didn't speak much at work after that. A month later he got another job. He ended up getting a girlfriend and we lost contact. I know it's a fucked up situation, but I really loved it. I wanted him to fuck me, and it's still a big regret of mine. Everyday when I go on facebook I try to work up the courage to hit him up. I want to taste his sweet cum again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Right now I'm in the departure lounge of my local airport. My wife is sat slumped asleep nearby, and has been asleep for over half an hour.
    Our flight has been delayed for two hours, which gave her the opportunity to sleep. It also gave me the opportunity to say yes to a young guy who's dealing with our flight. He asked me at check in if I required absolutely anything else, to let him know. At the gate he approached me and enquired if my wife was a heavy sleeper. When I told him she can sleep on clothes line, he smiled, winked and asked me to follow him.
    In a small side room next to the gate, he immediately sank down opened my trousers and took out my cock. Not wasting any time, he sucked in my growing cock, and began to give me one hell of a blow job.
    With my cock pulsing in his mouth after a few minutes, he released my cock, stood up and slid down his trousers and boxers. Looking at his tight looking arse as he bent right over, I knew perfectly well what he wanted.
    Fucking him without a condom at that time didn't even cross my mind. I'd already sunk my cock deep up his arsehole, before I thought about protection. And by then I would have fucked my gran, as his fuck hole was so nice.
    There wasn't any chance sexually to deny what we both wanted, so I just went for it. Knowing it was a free fuck I absolutely hammered his arse. Every thrust, from the first to the moment he begged me to cum inside him, I sank every inch of my cock up his boy pussy.
    Not caring about him and his orgasm however, didn't stop him from cumming in a series of shallow jerks, which sent me over the sexual edge, making me cum hard up his sweet bum.
    Still coupled, he turned to me, smiled and asked me what date I was due home. Telling him, we separated and we both got ourselves together.
    He's stood now only ten feet from where we're sat. He took himself off to the gents after we'd finished fucking, and I discovered my wife still fast asleep.
    She's still asleep now, but won't be for long as our flight has just been announced.
    In a few moments time we'll go through the gate and board our flight, but not before I let Daniel know when we'll be back. How else will our next door neighbours son know when to call by to receive my cock up his arsehole again.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    My first sexual experiences were with my girlfriend. We were late bloomers at 15, still a little chubby and awkward,that never got asked out on dates, so on sleepovers we would talk about the studs in our class and what it would like to go out on a date with them. Then we came up with this idea about practicing kissing so we would know what to do. It was pretty non sexual in the beginning as we would kiss and the discuss how it felt and how to avoid awkward or uncomfortable positions, it usually ended up with us giggling about the whole thing and just talking.
    One night we were laying in bed, talking about how we overheard a girl in our class telling her friends about her date. We thought some of the stuff she said sounded sort of gross, especially the part about Frenching and did all boys expect that. Curiosity got the best of the both of us and we started to make out, just lips at first and the our tongues found each other. It felt heavenly, and I kissed her back aggressively my tongue explored hers, around her lips and it seemed natural to put my arms around her. Her hands began to explore my body and cupped my breasts, gently pinching my nipples. I thought oh my goodness this feels great, it seemed so natural as I rolled part way on top of her and began to grind my pussy on her thigh. It didn't take too long before our nighties rode up and our flesh was pressed together, she was grinding against my leg, feeling her wet bush against me made me all that more aroused.
    We paused for a moment to slip off our nighties, it was such natural reaction, as we didn't need to ask each other. Our hands roamed over each other, and we began to finger each other while we kissed. She began breathe deeply and push her pussy so my finger slid in deeper, I picked up on her rhythmic grinding, each time sliding in deeper. I felt her body start to tense as she simultaneously squeezed her legs around my hand, sucked my tongue in her mouth and let out an almost animalist moan. I knew she was having an orgasm, I'd masturbated and recognized that but I had never experienced on that deep and so raw.
    We rested a bit just looking at each other, lost in the quietness of the moment, each waiting for the other to speak. Then she laughed and said that it felt amazing and wondered if it felt that way with a boy. We lay there, now that the silence was broken, talked about what happened and how it made us feel. She asked me if I wanted to have an orgasm, I sort of blushed but she started feel me, working kisses from my breasts to my pussy.
    She got between my legs and started to give me oral, her tongue darted in and out and her fingers massaged my labia. The newness of the sensations had paralyzed in the beginning but soon I moving with her, wiggling and drew my legs back for her. I stated hearing that same grunting I heard when she came, and realized that it was me. I had never given myself such a powerful orgasm as she gave me. We ended up sleeping naked in each other arms.
    We had several other encounters during our high school years but then like I said we bloomed the weight fell off as we both started to play sports, both of us developed really nice breasts, we started to get noticed by boys and then got boyfriends that took all of our time. We maintained our friendship, but our experimentation with each other ended.
    I had grown up thinking that it was just some sort of phase that every goes through. I got married right out of high school and while my husband wasn't my first man, I guess that somewhere in my mind I decided that I liked men. I have had a very happy marriage to him for the past 30 years, that is until last new years eve.
    We attended a party at our neighbors, she had a big blow out. I was feeling no pain, I had been doing shots with my neighbor's sister-in-law. She was perky little blonde about 10 years younger than me. It was after midnight, I was out in the kitchen looking for something to drink and she came in. She said that she hadn't given me a new years kiss, and told me to pucker up. I thought what the hell and prepared to receive her kiss, I thought that it was going to be just a brush on the lips, but oh my she threw her arms around me and gave me a sloppily French kiss. I kissed her back, but what made me so eager is that as her hand brushed my arm if felt like an electrical shock passed between us and those warm memories of high school days flooded into my head. I guess that we kissed a little longer than both of us realized, because when we parted she looked at me slyly and whisper, wow girl I haven't had a kiss like that in years. I guess that I gave her a sheepish confused look because she quickly responded for me not to worry as it was all good.
    I spent months reconciling all of these confusing feeling in my mind. I don't know if it was luck or a curse but my neighbor and her brother are close so I got to see my little blonde friend at least monthly. memorial day was another big party at her house. All day of drinking, volleyball and horseshoes. It was funny as I didn't see much more of her except to say hello. It was night fall, the men were all playing a heated game of horseshoes, and she came up to me and asked if she could use our bathroom, as there house was crowded, I said go ahead, but she didn't want to tramp in a strange house and would I go with her.
    I walked with her, we exchanged small talk about our children along the way, when we finally got in the house and closed the door she threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss, shocked as I was, still I kissed her back with equal passion. We were both pretty drunk and while she slurred her words, she blurted out that she'd been waiting all day to kiss me and all she wanted to do right now was rip my clothes off and love me. I being the sober one said that while I wanted her too that someone would probably come looking for us if we were gone too long. We contented ourselves with more passionate kissing, I played with breasts and went straight to my pussy.
    It was very hard to break that embrace and head back to the party. We have since had several hookups, and they have been extremely hot and more than satisfying. I have begun to ponder my own sexuality, I still enjoy sex with my husband, in fact sex with him after she has made love to me is absolutely out of this world. My husband is a very liberal free thinking person, but I am not sure how he would react if it was his wife that was bi. I know that she feels the same way and she is very happy in her marriage, I have to smile because she can be very graphic when she says things, but told me that while she loves our interludes and they meet needs that her husband does not, she couldn't live without cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I moved away from home when I was 20. Living so far away I had the chance to try things I had only dreamed of for years. I am a very masculine straight acting man muscular and have a huge anal fetish. I love playing with sex toys and love taking things in my ass. As a young boy I had several experiences with other curious boys who just wanted to get off. I enjoyed the sex and liked the feel of their hard dicks in my young hot ass.
    I knew what it felt like to get fucked god and take a big load deep in the ass by the time I was 16. MY best friend was a Mexican boy with a huge brown dick that was always hard and horny. Almost every day after school he fucked me in the ass.
    Now that I had my own place I started to try out some of my sexual desires and my first experience was with this older married man that liked fucking young hot men in the ass. He was very long and fat and came very heavy deep in my ass about once a week or so. Weeks after our first meeting he wanted to bring different friends along so I let him a few times and before long we were having private gang bangs at my house often. His friends would show up and fuck me good for hours then after a long hot shower he liked for me to suck his big dick naked on my knees while he talked dirty to me. He brought two older black men one time and both were very large and I could hardly walk the next day. I have had many other sexual experiences with bot men and women but I will always remember my older friend and all his well hung friends.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was a teen in high school me and two buddies fucked tag teamed a girl in a car on a dirt road. We went one at a time and I was last. She was loose and dripping with cum.i ate her pussy and gobbled up all the cum then I came in her too. When I got done another one got back in to fuck her again. The other buddy said he saw me eat her cum drenched pussy and asked if I would like some more as he pulled his dick out. I dropped down and sucked him off and swallowed his load. That started years of sucking my friends dick. Often we never let anyone know.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    So, just wanna get this off my chest: I fucking hate gay men, I fucking hate men in general, and yes, I'm bitter and salty.

    I don't get it. Everyone keeps saying that gay guys and men in general have "high sex drives," and are wanting to hook-up and shit. Well, where? I'm freaking pissed. Here, let me explain myself.

    Now, I have a record of hooking up, but, with only people who use me, and then kick me out. I didn't hold it against them back then,because I didn't want to come off as an ass. But, now, I'm starting to realize, no fucking guy is good in bed, have a decent sex drive,nor, does any guy want me.

    Now, am I ugly? I don't know. I'm 5'11, 165 pounds, am mostly skinny, have black hair and somewhat facial hair. For body, think of a satyr - shinny, smooth top and hairy bottom. I got a decent looking cock, and know how to pleasure others. Hell, I at least know how to use my mouth,making 5 guys cum multiple times in a day. But,when it comes to me, I never get attention, nor anyone really into me.

    Dating is a joke, since women tel me I look hideous and to never talk to them, but, the older men told me that I look too feminine to take seriously. So, girls think I'm ugly, but older (and desperate) older men say I look too feminine to fuck. So, I'm ugly and girly. Whatever.

    I'll cut to the chase, and tell you what's been up. So, it all started in September, where I wanted to finally get a blow job (never had one), and I went on CL to find someone to get some attention. The entire CL board was bombarded with POZ loads and shit, and I didn't want any of that. And my regulars don't want to do anything for me sexually. I'd rather not get anything, and do all the work in the bedroom again, only to be told to jerk off in the bathroom. So, this trucker ad seemed okay, I replied, and he responded. He said he wanted someone to fuck him and he had condoms. I was happy and drove immediately."Finally," I thought, "I can have someone focus on ME"! I drove there with a smile on my face, and a skip in my step, to find his truck parked by a rest stop. I walked by and opened the door,and immediately wanted to kill myself. The fat fuck was disgusting, selfish, and made me give him head, and left me pinned against his smelly body all night. Okay, strike one.

    Then, after that, I figured I'd keep to myself. But,then my roomate in the dorms wanted to bang. Now, this was a surprise, and I thought he was drunk texting me by mistake. Put it delicately, my roomate is gay as fuck, and taller and stickier than me. He's not bad looking, but, you can tell he's flamboyant and all, while also not my type (like older guys with a little gut, lot of body hair,lots of facial hair and loves to make out and bottom. Don't mean, I'll say "no" to a guy my age necessarily, but, I likes daddies - but daddies don't like me).

    So, I get in the room, he's jerking it, I ask him if he was meaning to text someone else this lewd shit,and he said he wants my cock. Now,this is where, it's semi-my fault. I said yes to everything, and finally got someone sucking my cock, but, I didn't want to be selfish. I have him head and fingered his hole, and tried to fuck it (weird angel troubles), and even offered my hole (his cock is puny), and it all ended up me sucking him off. Now, me being incredibly generous, I just expected a lick there too. Nope! He said "Once I cum, it's all business. It's gross now." I honestly wanted to square him in the fucking face. I left to do homework, and lose sleep. After that was a long string of gay guys my age saying sucking dick and fucking is gross,so, I'm not even gonna jump into that wagon, so, I'll just say that this is strike two.

    Now, here it is, the one fucking tease. I couldn't take my regulars being one sided, so, I cut ties with them a little, and was hunting new tail. There, I came across a married man on CL, looking for younger and horny skinny guys. I sent him a reply, and was expecting him to not do so, or to tell me "You look like a faggot, I only fuck REAL MEN,GROW MUSCLES AND BE A LUMBERJACK" or some shit. No, he actually sounded genuine, and wanting to meet. I was actually having smiles, and really wanting to meet him. I wanted to kiss, to give mutual pleasure, and make him enjoy himself. So, we tried meeting a fee times, but holidays got in the way. I understood. Then ill timed events of me trying to show up, then him cancelling on me. I understood. But, now, FUCKING NOW, we didn't meet up last night, because he had to teach a kid sister few lessons (a teacher), which he now says he was fucking some dude from the gym. I was done. No, I am done.

    I'm sick of it. Every guy either sucks in bed, or doesn't wanna meet, and drag me along. When am I gonna get my suck off? When am I gonna get someone wanting to be sexual? When am I gonna get someone, who'd take me in consideration? Welp, no one. Women hate me, and no guy wants me. Dating or hooking up. Well, I'm done. I'll be fucking asexual from now on, since every woman in the world, and every guy who likes straggling around boys, never wants to make me fucking cum.

    To me, no beer is better than bad beer.

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