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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 51

    I grew up in a semi rural area before it became part of the city. After school we rode our bikes around or went to this pond and fished. We were eight and nine and my friend and I were fishing and there was just the two of us and we agreed to pee in the pond and he asked me to suck him so I did. He sucked me. We became suck buddies and found our favorite spot for sucking was in this abandoned shed. We would ride our bikes out there and we spent an afternoon sucking. We weren't old enough so mostly we had dry orgasms, but we came.

    He had a neighbor, a retired man, who would let us swim naked in his pool. As we got older he gave us real blow jobs. I am talking about being around him until well past high school, he gave us blow jobs and we gave him blow jobs. By then we had learned that he was a homosexual and we were homosexual and we integrated into the homosexual club in the area.

    The area had many homosexual men, most of them married with families and everybody kept everybody else's secret. We had parties, pool parties in the summer or living room parties in the winter. And some of those parties became hedonistic and lots of fun.

    The AIDS epidemic put a halt to all that. Unfortunately my growing up friend succumbed to that scourge. I had paired up with my partner, we owned an antique furniture business and avoided the worse of the epidemic.

    I see lots of homosexuals who have a need to exhibit their lifestyle. That is not for us. We are discreet, I suppose much of that comes with our age.

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    Gay Male / 55

    The first time I ever had a dick in my mouth was when I was 12My friend and I were hanging out at a local park that never seemed to be busy. We were standing by the root tree (as we called it because most of the roots were above ground and very large) As we stood there talking about the new movie Jaws when Steve kneeled down (which I thought he was going to sit on the root) he was facing me and shocked me when he pulled my gym shorts and underwear down and hurriedly had my dick in his mouth.
    I was shocked and when I realized it (a few seconds later) I pulled away and asked him what the hells he was doing. He said he wanted to see what my dick felt like in his mouth but was afraid to ask me so he just did it. I felt a little funny about it but asked how it felt and he said he didn't know because I pulled it out to fast. Not sure why but I asked him if he wanted to try again and he said yes. I pulled my shorts down and let him put it back in. He just held it in his mouth not really doing anything but I started getting hard and felt a tingling feeling which kind of tickled but felt good. After about a minute or so I pulled away and he said he liked it then asked if I would like to try.
    I said I wasn't sure but he bugged me a little and talked me into it. Our dicks were about the same size with his a little bigger. I got on my knees and pulled his shorts down and got a funny feeling about doing this then I leaned forward and put his dick in my mouth and did the same as Steve did to me but he put his hands on my head and moaned "your mouth feels Soooo good" and slowly started moving his hips. My own dick was tenting my shorts and his did felt good sliding in and out of my mouth and after maybe 3 minutes he pulled out and stroked his dick and shot a load of cum just past my face as I stared at his dick.
    The next day I was over his house and we were playing pool in his basement as it was raining out, his parents weren't home and Steve asked if I wanted to bet on the pool game as we were just about to start another game and I said sure what's the bet? Steve says the looser has to suck the winners dick. I was hesitant but said okay. I won the first game and Steve pulled my shorts down while I leaned against the pool table and started sucking me instead of just holding it in his mouth. I got that tickle feeling again but fought it as it did feel good. It only took a few minutes and I tried to push his head away because I felt the orgasm coming but he forced his mouth on my dick harder by grabbing my hips and pulling me into him and I let go and felt the cum shooting out into his mouth and Steve swallowed every bit of it. When we were done he got up and said another game. I said no I want to suck his dick like he just did for me. He leaned against the table and again I got a funny feeling as I pulled his shorts down and then started sucking his dick.
    It didn't take him long before he started cumming and I felt his cum filling my mouth just as his brother came down the stairs, I pulled away from Steve and some of his cum hit me in the face so there we were Steve against the pool table with his shorts down and me on my knees with cum on my face. Stan just froze at the bottom of the steps and a few seconds later blurts out "were you just sucking Steve's dick. My face turned beat red and Steve said "yeah not go away" but instead of leaving Stan says no way I want a blow job or I will tell. The next thing I know Stan leans against the table and tells me I better suck his cock or he would tell everyone. Stan was 2 yrs older then Steve and I and I didn't want anyone to know so I reached for his shorts and again got a funny feeling as I pulled them and his underwear down and got an instant hard on. Stan was about an inch bigger then Steve's dick and thicker. As I put his dick in my mouth Stan says "that's it faggot suck my cock" I felt my cock jump when he said that and started sucking his cock which got hard and he got a little rough and fucking my mouth calling me a cock sucker and faggot as he held my head and fucked my mouth. Maybe 5 minutes later Stan says " I'm gonna cum faggot and you better swallow my cum" and with that he pulled my head into his pelvic and started cumming. He was a big cummer and some dribbled out the side of my mouth because I couldn't swallow fast enough to get it all.
    After he finished he pulled his shorts up and says he won't say anything but when he needs a blow job I better do it and then left. Steve says sorry about that and said he would talk to him and try to get him to let it go. I looked at Steve and said "it's okay in fact I kind of liked it" Steve said it did look hot watching you suck his dick and watching the cum come out the sides of your mouth.
    From that day on for about 2 yrs I sucked Stan"s dick at least once a day or at least every other day and Steve and I sucked each other pretty much daily and we advanced to fucking but Steve didn't like getting fucked but loved fucking me so we would 69 a lot and he would fuck me a couple times a week. That funny feeling I would get when pulling their pants down I later found out that I like being submissive and I also like being verbally humiliated and I have been pleasing men in many places and both public and private ever since 1972.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Where I work, you can have a mixture of staff and the general public all mixed together. It's a vibrant place and always lots going on. Yet around this time of year it becomes absolutely hectic.
    Working through my lunch a few weeks ago, I also didn't go to the bathroom which I desperately needed. Finally forced to as I was bursting, I decided to use a little used restroom at the rear of the massive building, as it was closer to where I needed to work later on.
    Stood having my pee feeling that ahhhh moment, the bathroom door opened and in walked a young guy. Straight away he began watching me pee and made a comment about the size of my penis. I have a large penis which doesn't grow much from it's already seven inch flaccid state. Turning to him, I saw he had his cock out and it was already erect. His much smaller penis was also a lot thinner than mine and looking up, I saw it was a really young looking guy who was coming onto me.

    Telling him I wasn't gay, he responded by saying "Your loss dude, I give the best blowy out there".
    This is where it got all out of hand for me, as my cock hardened. He and I both saw it and he made some comment about my cock wanting pleasuring. Trying to put it away after the usual shake or five, it only made my cock pulse with desire. Often in the past it had been a prelude to me seeking out my wife for a blow job, or to have a "Quickie" fucking her where she was at the time.

    Stood in the toilets with a young man, and my cock rigidly and proudly throbbing it's full eight and bit inches, I found myself saying "Fuck it why not".

    We entered the stall and immediately he sank down and took hold of my dick. His cock was still out and he was slowly tossing himself off. Looking down at him taking my full length, I instantly knew he was going to be good at sucking cock, and I was totally right. It was I have to say right now, the best head I'd ever experienced, and I've had lots of females blow me in my time. He literally made love to my cock with his mouth. And by that, I mean he took every inch of my cock and balls and gave each inch the kind of attention I would and could only dream of. It was in my opinion, the perfect way to suck a cock and I wasn't gay.

    For nearly ten minutes he took me to the brink of cumming and then slowly had my cock relax back. It was torture, but a sublime and sexually exhilarating torture, and one I found myself telling him he was soooo good.
    On the brink of orgasming again, he suddenly stopped and stood up. Smiling at me, he took hold of my cock and slowly wanked it. As he did, he asked me if I'd ever fucked a guy. Shaking my head unable to speak from the sheer delight he was giving my cock, he said "You're going to fuck me, and I'm going to take every inch".

    There was no argument from me, as I watched him completely lower his trousers and underwear. Taking out a condom from his jacket pocket, he asked me to put it on and then took out a small tube of cream. Telling me it was a sanitizer and a lube, I quickly slid the condom over my cock and became utterly turned on.

    I have in my life fucked lots of females. Both their pussy's and assholes, but I'd never once come close to thrusting my cock up a guys ass. That wonderful and life changing day I slid my dick up that young mans ass, and I knew from that moent from that day onwards I'd want more.

    His ass enveloped my cock. It took it with relative ease and I knew I wasn't his first by any stretch of the imagination. Yet with his soft words telling me my cock felt so good up his ass, and that it was the perfect size for his tight hole, I felt like we were first lovers and it was our mutual loss of gay virginity. Thrusting increasingly hard and deeper, his moans got louder and more guttural, then like a bell being rung, he cried out and his whole body shook on my cock. He'd cum all over the toilet seat beneath him and I strangely wandered if he always came from being fucked.

    Turning his head, he grinned a lustful grin and told me to "Please fuck me as hard as you can". Hearing his words and feeling his ass tighten on my cock, I gripped his shaggy hair and pulled his head back. At the same time I also gripped his left hip, pulling him backwards onto my cock. Looking down on my asshole to do as I please, I hammered into him and force fucked him until I felt my own orgasm rise. Telling him I was going to cum, he began to back onto me and like some sexual ballet, we both orgasmed.

    As my balls emptied up his ass filling the condom, he shook all over again and I couldn't help but lean over him and kiss the back of his neck. Moving up and back, he nearly straightened with my cock still very much impaled up his ass. Spining his head, he smiled and like we'd done it a thousand times before, we kissed. I held him tightly and carried on kissing him, as my cock softened and slipped out of his ass.
    Finally we parted and I found myself saying "That was absolutely amazing" He smiled again and then said "I knew you'd be a great fuck".

    We got ourselves together and I flushed the full condom down the toilet bowl. Stood in front of the mirrors washing our hands, he told me he'd not had sex like that in a long time. He also introduced himself, telling me his name Aaron and his age, nineteen. Walking and tyalking as we moved out of the bathroom I found out he was at my place of work for a job interview which was dur to start in half an hour.

    It was exactly half an hour I had to prepare myself to take five interviews that day. It's funny Aaron got a job with the company I'm a senior manager with. He's been accommodated in my department too with his extra role of temporary assistant to the head designer, me. We don't as some might think fuck every day. That's because I am a bust person at work. But when we do fuck and it's getting better with each sexual encounter, I'm finding I'm becoming more and more attracted to the nineteen year old.

    Things have changed very recently too, as Aaron and I have begun to book a room at an upmarket motel. I know the owner who I've done some outsourced work for, and he's more than willing to make sure we're not disturbed during our time at the motel. He also never registers our two hour stays either.

    My life changed that lunch time, and in many ways I'm so glad it did. Don't feel sorry for my wife either as she has her little flings with a neighbor of ours. She thinks I don't know about it, but then given partly what a division of my company does, it wasn't that hard to have camera's fitted in our home. It's a turn on for me to watch her fuck this neighbor of ours and I've kept a few copies of the best times they've had together, just in case. But this confession isn't about them or that part of my life. It's about a very special young man who's shown me I can still love another person and feel so sexually alive once again.

    Aaron has given me a new perspective on life and one I wish I'd have grasped a long time ago. I'm not saying gay sex is for everyone, as it most definitely isn't. Yet I now fully understand what gay men and probaly gay women have in their day to day sexual lives. It's not about the sex that fully drives the passion. It's the passion of giving yourself to another person male or female that drives the sex. I get it now and long long may I have the passion to be the person I know is right for me to be.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I am 15 (not 18 but the age wouldn't let me go lower), my fried is now 17. This summer when he was still 16 we were in my room with no one home. We were changing to play some ball in my backyard and while naked, my friend asked about my mom and her panties. We went (still naked) into her room and in her bathroom found her hamper and she had some worn panties in it. My friend showed the crotch to me, and we both sniffed them to see what pussy smelled like. My friend got very hard and we looked at moms panty drawer, and under her panties were some naked pictures of her and what I assume was my Dads cock inside her pussy, her mouth and even her butt. My friend got even harder, and I did too, even though it was my mom. Back in my room I was standing by my bed looking at my shorts to put on, and he came up behind me, pushed me over to my arms were on the bed and with me not knowing he had put some lotion on his cock. He slipped it into me and I let him. He kept sniffing my moms panties and when he would push it to my nose I'd sniff. I got hard, and he rubbed the panties on my cock. It didn't take too long, after about 5 minutes he pushed in really hard a few times and I could feel his sperm shooting into my butt, while he was breathing really hard in grunts almost. After he pulled it out of me, we didn't say anything. He put my moms panties back in the hamper, and I put on my underwear and my shorts. He did the same when he returned from the bathroom where he cleaned his cock. Again, we didn't say anything, just went outside like nothing had happened and played some B-ball.

    The next day he came home after school with me again, and my mom was home. We went to my room, and he took out some Vaseline, set it down, locked the door, and took off my pants and underpants. He laid me on the bed, rubbed some Vaseline on my butthole, then pulled his pants down to his knees and spread my legs, lubed his cock and stuck it in me again. He fucked me with me laying on my back like a girl does. We stopped quickly and he jumped off me and started to pull up his pants as my mom was walking down the hallway. She went into her room and I stopped scrambling to find my jeans and put them on, and he laid me back, took his pants off all the way and re-inserted his cock. Again, he fucked me for about 5 minutes or so, and then pushed into me with muted grunting and shot inside me again. After that he got dressed and left. Again, we didn't talk about it.

    The next day he picked me up in his car for school and we didn't say anything. After school he came by after we did our homework and he told me to put on my loose shorts and no underwear. I did it and we went to his car and he drove out to a dirt road back in the woods, and pulled down his pants and told me to suck his cock. I did it. After another 30 to 40 minutes, he got hard again, used his Vaseline, and bent me over the hood of his car and had his way with me again. We drove back and stopped at a burger place, where he bought me a burger, fries and a drink. We talked like nothing had happened.

    Over the past months I've been like his girlfriend or something. He fucks me all the time, always shooting off inside my mouth or my butt. He likes me to lay on my back when he fucks me, and this afternoon had me wear a pair of my moms panties that he pushed to the side and entered me. He spread out her naked pictures on my bed and we both looked at them while he fucked me. He has started at least letting me use my hand on myself, and sometimes after he's done he'll use his hand on me. We never talked about being gay, and I don't feel like I am, this all just happened, and he's too big for me to refuse. I want to go out and fuck this girl in my French class, but I can't drive yet. So for now I'm sort of my friends girlfriend, and I get his sperm loaded up my butt, in my mouth or both, almost everyday.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Coming upto a nearly a year since my wife and I had an argument about my over active sex drive. I went out that night and played pool with some friends in my local pub. After being in there for about an hour, an old college friend called Steve walked in and said hello. I'd not seen him in over five years and he'd not changed much from the skinny yet cute looking guy. We got talking as you do, and I told him about my argument. Without batting an eye lid Steve said "You could always fuck me". I knew he was gay, or had heard he was anyway. Yet I wasn't gay, so why was I so turned on by his suggestion. Telling me he lived only five minutes away, Steve kind of challenged me to make him cum by fucking him as roughly as I wanted to. Making my excuses to my mates, telling them I was going home, I instead walked the five minutes with Steve to his flat.
    No sooner ahd the front door closed he had my cock out and was on his knees sucking on it. And it was easily the best blow job I'd ever had. After such an wonderful blow job, he ushed us into his bedroom where we both stripped. Tossing me a condom and smearing his arsehole with lube, he knelt on his bed and told me "Fuck me as hard as you want, I love it that way". In seconds I had the condom rolled along my cock and I was presenting my cock to his arsehole. Looking back at me, Steve said "It'll be our secret".
    Driving my cock into him forcefully, I was surprised by just how good it felt. I'd fucked my girlfriends arse many times, but Steve's rear hole felt so much more horny. From the word go I pounded his fuckhole and carried on fucking him in lots of different positions he moved us into. Finally with my balls aching for release, he climbed on my cock and impaled himself facing me. As I drove upwards he sank down and then we did it. Steve leaned forwards shouted out he was cumming and promptly kissed me. As his cock pumped out his semen onto my stomach, we shared such a passionate kiss making his cum spread out in between us. Kissing him turned me on so much, my cock exploded and I found myself sucking in his tongue.
    Pulling off my cock he moved down, removed the condom and sucked my cock back into his mouth, Tasting my cum off my dick, he licked ans sucked on it until I was rock hard again, then he did something I wasn't expecting. Steve rolled off me, sldi alongside and spooned me. I'm not sure why I did it, because I know about STD's but I slid my dick right up his arse again. We fucked like that for an age with Steve turning is head so we could kiss again. When I came fro a second time, I kept on thrusting into him and we both knew then, it wasn't going to be a one off fuck.
    I struggled for a while with myself, and took myself off for checks. Luckily they came back clear and I contacted Steve. For his part he told he already knew, but was glad I was clear in my mind. My wife and I continued to have sex, but I made sure I wore a condom during that time. Stating that I felt better about her not taking birth control all the time.
    Yet i was missing something and that something was Steve and his wonderful mouth and arsehole. Contacting we met and I fucked him in my car. I fucked him again the following day in a car parks stair well, and then again three days later in his falt as it pissed own outside. We stayed having sex for over three hours and it was one of the best sexual times of my life.
    Steve and I have been having sex ever since, and it only gets better and better between us. We both know at this present time it's only sex, but I know I'm falling in love with him. It's getting harder and harder to leave him when I have to go back home. And during this Christmas period I know I will miss him. Mind you if my wife visits her mother, (We don't get on) and I can avoid going round, I will pay a visit to Steve who I absolutely adore being with.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I'm a supervisor where I work and have been a closet cock sucker for all my life. Tonight, one of the guys (my age) is staying over to let me suck his cock and swallow his cum. He confided in me his wife does not desire sex anymore and I hinted that I might be able to help him get some relief. I know I'm going to be sucking his hard cock soon after the rest of the employees leave. I hope he cums a lot!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I just wanted to make a quick confession before I went to work this morning. I am an older married white man and I live life as a heterosexual male. However the one thing that I love is sucking cock. The only people that know this about me are the men I've been with. Most of them strangers. At least since my youth that is. In the small town I grew up in a few guys I knew would let me suck their cocks and never told anyone, as far as I know. I have been married twice and have one daughter from my first marriage. I am still married to my second wife. She has cheated on me several times. I never tried to stop her. I took advantage of her extra marital activities to indulge in the one great joy I get. That's being on my knees in front of a viral guy with his cock in my mouth.
    You have a great day while I go to work with this secret. Yes I do check out the hot guys where I work very discreetly though. I don't want my secret to get out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    My wife stopped giving me blow jobs quite few years ago, and it's something I adore having done to me. I also love fucking too, something else which only happens with my wife once every blue moon.

    Joking with a pal of mine at a pub around June time this year, he told me if he was stuck for a blow job, he'd often get young guy around to suck him off. I couldn't believe he'd admitted to it, but the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. No relationship, yet he had a willing cock slut to empty your balls. He lived on his own so I suppose it's easy for him, but I had a wife. Chatting to him again, he told me he didn't start off having blow jobs at home, it began by him being approached in a public toilet by a guy his age, someone wanting to see if he was there for sex. He got his cock sucked that day and it went from there for him.

    The following week I was working at a library. Taking my lunch break I went into the gents and found a younger man lingering in there. After taking a pee, I asked him if he was waiting for someone. His instant response was to say "I'll suck you off, or you can fuck me if you've got condoms". Stepping into a stall, I took out my cock and watched his smile broaden. Squatting down the man who I guessed was about thirty ish took my cock into his mouth and it felt absolutely wonderful. Holding his head, I began to fuck his face and the more he sucked me in, the more I wanted to thrust my cock down his throat. Alas it had been a long long time since my dick had been serviced and I found myself ready to cum. Letting him know, he carried on sucking on my cock, and if anything he sucked it in harder and deeper. Then with a strong thrust of my hips, my cock let go and I was dumping my cum down his very willing throat.

    We parted, exited the stall and both washed our hands. Walking back into the library to collect my lunch, it was as though nothing had taken place. Which only gave me confidence to try it again.

    The following week I was in town and saw a young man enter a public toilets. I'm not sure how I knew, but I sensed he was entering for sex. Sure enough as I stood next to him at the urinals, he looked at my cock and asked me if I needed any help with it. I'd never heard the term or anyone ask a question like that, so I knew it was key to sex. Putting my hand down I gripped his and placed it on my cock. He tossed it off a few times and then walked into a stall. Again I had a stranger sucking on my dick and again it felt utterly amazing. Only this much younger man wanted my cum all over his face. Taking my cock out as I told him i wanted to cum, he milked it all over his face and hair and only then did I see him tossing himself off. With a couple more jerks he came all over the floor and we both made comments like "Fuck yeh". Cleaned up and outside of the toilets he gave me his mobile number. Telling me if I fancied fucking him to get in touch.
    Since June I've met up with my young fuck buddy quite a few times. We always have sex in my van and now I fuck him every time. Over all in the last six months I've had sex with eight different men, all willing to empty my balls by sucking on my cock, or in the case of two of them, with me fucking their arseholes.

    The second young male I fucked was firstly at a car park near to golf club. We'd arranged to meet after he'd sucked me off outside of a shopping centre (Long story). Meeting him just before sunset, he joined me in my van and he began to suck me off. Knowing we were there so I could fuck his cute tight arse, we got into the back of the van. And in there I had my first ever taste of a mans arsehole. I tongued and kissed it and couldn't believe at just how horny it made me. I fucked that young man twice that hot and steamy night, both times with him licking and sucking on my dick afterwards.
    And so it has and will carry on. My wife still refuses me a blow job, but does very occasionally have me fuck her. But I know find I enjoy a guys mouth and his tight arsehole to my wife's loose sloppy c**t anyday.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Just served 180 days in the county jail. Not a serious crime just some dumb shit I did. Driving under a suspended license for a while and didn't renew it when it became available.

    I knew going in I’d definitely have to figure out how I'm going masturbate because I have a high sex drive. Luckily for me for 90 days out of my time in there I had this 18 year old guy in my cell. Pretty little thing! He was in for underage consumption. The judge has been making all underage consumption charges served 90 days in jail to teach them a lesson.

    A lesson in deed he did get. He became my tight little bottom I fucked every day fir his 90 days! Popping his cherry was the tough part, he was tight! He was scared at first of being in there but I told him not to worry no one will touch you.

    His first night in I got off my top bunk at night and sat on his bunk. Told him it's gonna happens soon or later so it's best he just picks a guy to take care of him. He was kinda reluctant and didn't understand. I had him lay on his stomach, pulled his pants down, spit on his hole a bunch of times and in I went. Slowly trying to make it as comfortable as I could for him. Fucked him till I cummed him him then got off. Told him every night I'm going to want some ass.

    His last night there I fucked him twice and by that time he was used to it. Said he was glad his time was up and he now knew what kinda lesson the judge wanted to teach him. Said he wouldn't ever be back in jail

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Four months ago I was a straight married man who'd never once thought about gay sex. Now four months down the line, I'm fucking an eighteen year old lad most weekdays and sometimes when the wife's out, also at the weekends too.
    He's a neighbour of ours who lives behind our property with his parents. Basically because my wife and I were hardly having any sex, I was masturbating most days when she was at work. One afternoon whilst tossing myself off, I noticed him watching me. But he wasn't just watching, as he too was wanking. This carried on for a few days with him masturbating along with me. Then one Friday morning he put up a sign in his window saying "Do you fancy fucking my arsehole". The hand written sign also had a mobile number on it. Texting the number I got this reply back "I'm on my own parents out all day". I text him back telling him I had the house to myself too, and within five minutes I was answering the door to Alex. We went straight back to my guest bedroom and Alex stripped off. Seconds later the young man had my throbbing cock in his mouth and was sucked on it for a long long time. Sliding my cock up his arsehole from behind as he knelt on the bed, was a first for me. But I later found out I wasn't Alex's first fuck.
    So most week days from then to now he's been calling by our home and I've been fucking him to my hearts and cocks content. He's such a dirty little bastard too, with his mouth and arse always ready to take my cum deep inside. I'm not sure how many times we've fucked as we've often fucked more than once in a day, but I guess it's well over a hundred times since that first wonderful fuck.
    No matter what happens in the future with Alex and my wife for that matter, from now on I'm always going to find young willing men to take my cock up their bums, and make sure they let me cum deep down their throats or deep inside their bowels.
    My only regret, is not fucking a young mans arsehole a whole lot earlier in my life.

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