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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    So I have something to get off my chest, and I think here is a good medium.

    I was 15 when I realised I like men, older men, and though I couldn't act on it, I would masturbate and think of an older guy fucking me, sucking me & having his own way with my body. I live in a country that is anti-homosexuals like its not funny! That place is Jamaica.

    One day I went into a popular town and I saw a well dressed man staring at me from his sexy Honda CRV & I thought to myself how handsome he looked so I smiled & licked my lips enough so it was obvious. As I crossed the road he stepped out of his vehicle and I could see a bulge in his pants. Maybe I was dreaming.... When I got across I said hi as i deliberately walked by him. This man reached out and touch me, gesturing me to stop. I did.

    One thing led to the next and I was in that van sucking his dick while he drove out of town. He asked if I wanted more and if I had the time & I said yes. So he took me to his place and we had a great day fucking like dogs. He had a big cock that I cried as he entered me and he loved that! He loves when i cry like a bitch for him. He did some wild things to me that had me cumming all over myself and him & I swallowed allll his load without tarrying.

    He became my man & I his little bitch. This guy is a pastor I must say & I love watching & listening him preach because once he's done he wants to force himself up my ass & that turns me on. We have done multiple threesomes, have hosted numerous gay orgy parties and we are still fucking!

    He sent me through school, gave me all I wanted & opened my own business once I finished college. He's my boo! Right now he's in the other room smoking weed & getting his large 12" dick sucked by my cousin as tonight we are going to tear his ass up & laugh about it tomorrow.

    I live with no regrets! I love my Rev. He revs my ass good enough... Amen.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    22216, December 24, 2014.

    I'm a bisexual male who has had all type of sex, with all type of people in my life. Last Christmas I experienced the most amazing sex of my life and wrote about it on December 24, 2014. I love porn, wild uninhibited sex in any combinations you can imagine. However, the night my son and I were our drinking and he got smashed to the point he came on to me on our way home from one on many bars. I pushed his hand back off my crotch 5 or 6 times but I knew he needed some dick and I was not about to wreck on the interstate. He was so drunk I doubted he would remember so I dimmed the interior dash board lights and unzipped. When he took my cock into his mouth it was an electrifying experience I had never known all of my sexual antics and activities. Instead of falling asleep with my dick in his mouth it was like it was a shot of B 12 - he was alive and sucking with enthusiasm.
    My 22 year old son was leaving the first of the year to go back east for grad school and as I watched the hair on his head wave as he moved his head up and down and as he swirled around on my dick....OMG. I don't know when I had been that hard, but I know this my son was giving me the best blow job of my entire life - bare any woman or man. When he raised up and said I need to get off he set back on his seat. His jeans were already around his ankles because he had his hard dick out before he ever reached over the console to grope me.
    It was the wee hours in the morning when I pulled my truck in the lower level garage. His mom was asleep in the Master Bedroom 3 floors up, so I knew she didn't hear us come in. I was helping him out of the truck when he got out he looked at me and said, "dad I need to get fucked...and really, really hard." With that he turned toward the cab laying his head on the seat, he stepped out of his jeans, spread his legs, put his hands on his ass and said. "Ram in it me, dad, I can take it and I need it." I told him to suck it and get it wet then I licked his ass and he resumed the position and I shoved my big dick in my sons ass. It was incredible sex and confirmed my jock son was a power bottom. After I got off we laid on the floor and I fucked him a second time while I jacked his dick. I also sucked him first.
    The next morning his mom left for work and when he came downstairs he came to me, knelt down and took my cock out of my shorts and gave me some head. We did a 69 and I fucked him 3 times within 2 hours. We fucked again that right afternoon lunch and when his mom was driving in the drive... I was unloading in his mouth... again. The next week passed to fast...we fucked and sucked every possible opportunity. The morning before he left I slipped out of bed at 2am and slipped into his room, waking him and we went back to the lower level where he stood spread legged at the front of my truck while I held his hips and piston fucked him until he shot all over the grill and bumper.
    My wife and I flew to see him for a weekend last April but we never had an opportunity to do anything. We talk every few days and we share with the other our sexual escapades while we jack off. I was at a convention in the mid west in July and took 2 days for a quick visit. He was able to arrange some quality time and we fucked and sucked like teenagers. The evening before I left that next morning we had our first 3 way with one of his married professors and I cannot put into words the excitement of witnessing my son in action with another man. To get seconds on his ass after his friend had pounded it for 30 minutes was beyond words. Then the 3 of us went to dinner and a bar and 3 women hit on us. LOL He's coming home in 2 1/2 weeks for the first time in a year and we will have 2 weeks of erotic, nasty, kinky, sex.. and I am so excited, when I think about it my cock gets hard as granite and I have to beat off. My son is the most erotic, sensual, energetic, enthusiastic, no holes barred sex of me entire life and I cannot wait to suck his dick in my mouth and eat his load and then... ram my dick so hard and so far up his hairy ass he screams. He is a power bottom and I am a bull power top - we just happened to be related.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Before I get into this, let me start by saying it was never my intention to cheat on my wife, but through circumstances I couldn't control, I've found myself doing so, but in a away I never thought I would.
    My wife Emma is eight years older than me. She's just recently over the last year or so, begun to put on a lot of weight. Which she says is because she's happy in herself. I think and it's just my opinion, her weight gain and her self contentedness, is the reason she hardly wants sex anymore and now absolutely will not suck on my cock.
    It's major sexual thing for me, as I completely adore having my cock and balls, licked and sucked. I tried to explain my personal needs to Emma, but my wife just didn't seem to want to know.
    Then five months ago I was at a bar with a colleague after work. A bar which was almost empty except for two guys playing pool. It was also a bar I didn't know or usually frequent. He said he was leaving just as a bunch of young guys walked in. I would have walked out with my colleague, if it wasn't for the look one of the young men gave me. I don't know to this day why I stayed, but I did. I found myself moving over a little when the young man came and sat by me at the bar. He introduced himself as Carl, and asked me straight out if I'd ever had a guy suck my dick. Any other time I would have punched the kid, but not having had sex and not having had my cock blown in over eight months, I found myself telling him I hadn't and strangely asking him if he was offering.
    Five minutes later after buying Carl a drink and finishing mine, I found myself outside at the rear of the bar with my trousers around my ankles and a young mans mouth wrapped around my cock. If my wife had always been a reluctant cock sucker, then Carl was the total opposite. Everyone of my eight and half inches was swallowed by his expert mouth. And Carl lavished my cock and balls for no more than five to ten minutes, with his unbelievable oral skills.
    Every vein on my cock shaft was licked sucked and gently bitten on. His mouth worked wonders on the underside of my cock head, making me shake with joy as his tongue lapped at my cock glands. Far too quickly for me, mainly because it had been so long since I'd been blown, I needed to cum. So taking hold of his head, I began to fuck his mouth, making him take every inch. If it had been my wife, she would have been fighting to not have me cum in her mouth. Carl could not have wanted it more. The more I fucked his mouth and throat, the more he wanted me to. Holding him tight I bucked a few more times and let go. Still thrusting into his mouth I sent spurt after spurt into down his throat. Not a single drop escaped his mouth and by the time I was drained, Carl was licking his lips and rising.
    Moving over to where I'd parked my car (I'd only had one beer) Carl asked me if he could meet me again. With my cock still semi erect, I asked him what about another blow job there and then. As I sat on the drivers seat, Carl sat on the passengers with his head in my lap. Over the next twenty minutes Carl performed what I called afterwards, his cock sucking miracle. Each time he brought me to the point of orgasm, he'd suck so hard on my cock head, it stifled my need to cum. Then he went right back to giving me such an awesome blow job. Cumming inside his mouth for a second time was such a relief, I cried out with total joy.
    The answer I gave carl was to arrange to meet him at the bar three night later. It was then I found out the bar primarily catered for gay and bisexual, men and women. We didn't stay at the bar as I'd booked a motel room across the street. The rest is as they say, history.
    I will add, myself and Carl still meet up at least once a week. His mouth isn't the only part of his body I've now fucked. For a twenty two year old young man, he certainly knows how to suck cock and he also takes it really well up his tight asshole.
    If Carl and I stopped seeing each other tomorrow, I know from now on I'll keep on having guys suck me off, and if they want it, I'll fuck them too.
    A happy man, who's found out what true sexual pleasure is all about.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    In many ways I've been lucky in my life. Firstly having the parents I had, then through hard work after taking over my families business from my late father, being as I am now, very comfortable financially. Marrying Kate was also to me a lucky event as she's such a wonderfully beautiful woman inside and out. However marrying someone who's thirteen years older than me, has now played its hand so to speak. As I've said Kate is a wonderful person, it's just that Kate decided this time last year, she's no longer interested in sex. Not that we ever had a nightly sex session.

    Not wanting to ruin our life together, or more to the point, not wanting another woman in my life, I looked through the local "Craig's list" advertisements for a younger man who would accommodate me once or twice a week. I knew what I wanted, I wanted a quick suck, fuck and go. Seeing Billy's ad seemed perfect for me. So I got in contact.

    Arriving at his small apartment across town the following day, as arranged I let myself in after giving him the pre arranged word to buzz the lock. Walking through the small apartment, I found the slim, small twenty year old naked and blind folded on his bed. I took off my business suit, removed my boxers and fed him my already rising cock. Billy was/is a natural cock sucker and he soon had me on the verge of wanting to cum, but his mouth wasn't where I wanted my seed to be. Taking the condom he'd placed on the bedside cabinet, putting it on, I then squeezed out some lube, easing the lube over his beautifully cute tight asshole. Without a word having been said, I put my cock head to his rear hole and pushed in.

    It was such a thrill to be fucking someone again after five months of absolutely no sex. His was the first male asshole I'd looked at closely, never mind fucked, but that first experience was amazing. In all I fucked Billy in three different positions, with us finishing with him on his back and his legs on my chest. I watched him cum hard without him touching his small thin cock and then blasted my cum up his asshole. Pulling my cock and the condom out of his ass, I told him I wanted more of the same. The next day I went back.

    Billy was waiting for me just as he had the day before. But unlike the day before I lifted his blind fold and let him see the man who was about to fuck him. Billy's been looking into my blue eyes ever since, every time we fuck. He no longer lives in that crappy apartment, as I've moved him over to a far bigger much nicer place closer to where I live. His studies have improved too, and he looks as though he'll be a great addition to the business, when he's graduated. I visit his apartment every other day now and have him visit my home at the weekends. Kate knows he stays over when she travels for her photo shoots each weekend. All she says is "Have a good time honey and make sure that boy eats". She thinks Billy's too skinny, but I tell her to look at the girls she photographs.

    It's funny I still don't think of myself as being bisexual, just alternative. But I guess that's just what I am. Billy is a fantastic young man who knows what he wants from life, and with my help I'm sure he'll achieve it. He's also one hell of a sexy guy, one who just loves my cock plowing his asshole. As he often says "I want you inside me, my whole life". I think we'll always find and have time to enjoy one another. As for kate and I, we've worked out our relationship where by we allow each other personal space, but believe me when I say this, I love her with all my heart.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    For eight months it was only oral sex and it was only with him. After being caught (Or so I thought at first) having oral sex eight months ago by a biker friend of his, it's now developed into a three way (Once a month) where invariably I'm the one taking cock in my mouth and up my asshole.
    It started when Frank my father in law walked into the same steam room I was in. At the time I had a mouthful of an older mans cock (I didn't know him). It would have probably taken a course for the worse, if Frank didn't have a younger guy in tow. We did argue (Frank's a big man who is very imposing and has a reputation for extreme violence), which lead to us being asked to leave the gay friendly sauna. Following him in my car as he rode his motor cycle back to his apartment, I then entered his home.
    Frank demanded an answer of me, to why I was cheating on his daughter. The only answers I had, were his daughter doesn't have a cock and that I'd never been with another woman whilst being with his daughter.
    I really don't know why Frank did what he did next, I've never asked him (If you knew Frank, you wouldn't). On the spur of the moment his tone changed and he told me I was only to have gay sex with his cock from then on. He dropped his shorts to reveal a fully erect cock which was already leaking pre cum. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I took my father in laws cock into my mouth and began to suck him off. Over the next half an hour, I licked and sucked Franks cock and balls, and also licked and tongued his asshole when he ordered me to do so. He face fucked me nearing the end of my oral lesson, as he forced me to gag on his large thick cock, thrusting it down my throat. When Frank unloaded down my throat, I thought he'd never stop cumming as his cock spurted load after load after load.
    Finally empty and with every drop swallowed (I wasn't given a choice) he pulled me up to his face and then kissed me with such tenderness it felt as if I was kissing a girl. Before I left his apartment five minutes later, Frank turned to me and said "Now go home and treat my daughter right". I knew precisely what he meant and that evening I made love to my wife, making sure she orgasmed three times from oral, vaginal and anal sex.
    Things settled into a pattern after that day. Each week I'd travel over to Franks apartment and each week I'd perform oral sex on him. Not once did he then want to fuck me, as he told me that's what the sauna was for. Then one afternoon, after only ten minutes of being naked in his apartment and lovingly sucking on his cock, we turned round to see Marcus a friend of Franks staring at us. Frank was so nonchalant, as he held my head and began fucking my mouth again. Marcus said something about him not letting anyone in the club know. Frank TOLD him he would keep it secret, and then ordered Marcus to fuck me. I tried to make some protest, but Frank held me head so tightly and began to ram his cock down my throat. The next thing I felt was a cold smooth substance being smothered over my asshole. A couple of seconds later I felt Marcus's cock driving into my ass.
    I'd been fucked before, but it was long time since the last and in terms of anal acceptance, I was basically a virgin again. The thoughts going through my head at the time were "If Frank can make a big hard guy like Marcus, fuck another guy, then what was I thinking of cheating on his daughter". Marcus had been fucking me for about five minutes with Frank telling him and me to "get it on" when he told Marcus to change positions. Frank had not once wanted to fuck me in the past eight months, but seconds later I had Marcus's anal juiced covered cock sliding over my tongue and Franks cock thrusting its way up my broken in asshole. As Marcus was fucking my mouth, I heard him say "Thanks for the invite, he's so good at giving head". It was then I realized it was all a sham. Frank had invited Marcus around, I think to get past his own guilty feelings over cheating on his daughter. Fucking me was the next step and I now know he'd wanted to fuck me all along.
    Both men took turns over the next half an hour fucking me, having me suck their cocks, or licking their assholes. Something Frank adores having done. They didn't ask and I didn't try to stop them when they both unloaded up my asshole one after the other. Marcus took a quick shower as I made us all coffee. Then dressing after his shower, he told Frank it was the most fun he'd had sexually in a very long time. Frank turned to Marcus and told him firstly to keep it all to himself and secondly I would be at his apartment the same time the following week (It was news to me). The moment Marcus left, Frank put his coffee down, walked to his bedroom, a place we'd never had oral sex and asked me, to please join him.
    The sex we had over the next hour was totally different. It was slower, more intimate in a loving way and the anal sex was more love making than fucking. Franks ability to remain fully erect over long periods is amazing and I now take full advantage on our weekly get together's at his apartment. Marcus does join us once a month, then it's full on gay sucking and fucking. I do enjoy those days as they're always awesome fuck fests, but increasingly, it's the times I now spend with Frank alone.
    Frank knows I treat his daughter right, and in that respect his paternal instincts kick in. Yet when his cock is deep inside my bowels and he's kissing the back of my neck, I know his daughter is the furthest from his mind.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I need someone to confess to, I am a 16 year old girl. Whenever I get a chance I read all these gay stories and think to myself I should've been born a boy because all I want is to experience the closeness of a man to man contact. I want a man to stick his dick in my ass and I stick my dick in his. The thought of a masculine male ass banging one another makes me get so wet. I just don't understand my need for or tranny sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    So far it's worked eight out of the last ten times, mainly because I'm getting better at who I choose.
    The first time I did it eighteen months back I nearly got battered, but that's because I was half drunk, stupid really. Now I make sure I have an exit, or the guy himself is a definite.
    What am I talking about. Well it's revealing to men, mostly older married men that I'm up for sucking them off, or being fucked. My fiancee knows I've enjoyed both sexes in the past, but she doesn't know since moving in with her, close to the park I now enjoy having sex in, that I've met and had, eleven men either have me suck their cocks dry, or in the case of five of them, I've allowed them to fuck me (With a condom).
    She thinks I've stopped having sex with guys because we got together, but she just cannot give me the one thing I also require sexually, a hard thick cock. Don't get me wrong there is nothing I like better than to bury all eight inches of my dick in her pussy or up her asshole, yet I still adore the feeling of a guys cock sliding over my tongue, or up my ever willing asshole.
    The last time was six days ago when I met a large man, who I at first thought was going to take exception to seeing me stroking my cock in a wooded area. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was the one who lead everything, forcing me down on my knees to suck his very impressive cock hard. Then without ceremony, he had me drop my pants and turn around so I was holding onto the lowest branch of a tree. Putting on a condom quickly, he spat onto my asshole and rammed his cock straight up my rear hole. It was brutal fucking, with the guy taking me as hard as he wanted. I was just a warm wet willing gay hole to him and he took every advantage of it. He fucked me for no more than five minutes, but even though I've been fucked for much longer and by guys with larger cocks, his is so far THE stand out fuck of my life.
    I say that because after only a minute of him pounding into me, I came all over the leaf litter beneath me and then instantly because of how he was abusing my asshole, I became hard again. Gripping me tight as if he wanted his whole body to be inside my ass, he began to kiss my neck as he built up even more momentum. I was being treated like a rag doll in his massive arms and I loved every second of it. Finally I felt his cock erupt up my asshole filling the condom, then felt my own orgasm rise again. The feeling of his cock sliding out of me, was the thing which made me flop forwards as I came all over myself. I was dropped to the floor and left to clean myself up as he calmly got dressed and walked away.
    Before he strode off I noticed his wedding band, then turning to me, he told me to be at the park this afternoon. In two hours from now I'm going jogging. I'll take some lube this time as my asshole was sore for a few days after he fucked me so hard last time. I'll also make sure we go a little further into the wooded area, as I most definitely want him to fuck my asshole for as long as we can have time for. I might just put it ll down on this web site if we meet up, lets hope so...Riley

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Any chance we get I bury my cock up his sweet young arse. He's so beautiful and so eager to feel my dick inside his backside.
    Any minute now my wife will leave to go shopping. Liam her nephew will strip and entice me to fuck him. It won't take much for me to shove my cock down his throat and then bareback, fuck his seventeen year old boy pussy.
    It's half time. She's just leaving. Time to fuck the shit out of her nephew. Liam really loves my cock up his tight sand coloured bottom. He loves it that much, he's already half naked. Fuck he's gorgeous. That's it my cocks out and he's just about to suck it. God Liam really knows how to give head.
    Sorry time to go. Liam's arsehole looks too good to ignore. Might get back later and let you know how it went.

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    Gay Male / 19

    I met Troy through work. He and I are both pizza delivery drivers. We hit it off immediately because we like goofing off, smoking weed, and playing video games. Troy is cool. He's got his own apartment.... I still live at home. To describe Troy,26, he is tall, big, black dude, and hung. Meaning nine inches and thick. Me, I'm average height, skinny, ghost color, my cock isn't very long just six inches and narrow.

    Troy and I were hanging out after work at his apartment. Just sitting on his couch smoking. Troy leaned over and kissed me,before long we were naked on his bed giving each other oral. Troy was really good at rimming me. His tongue felt good and he plunged fingers into me. He was powerful. Once he was ready, he flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my hips upwards. Troy licked my ass some more. It felt awesome, Troy soon moved up my backside kissing me. His big body felt like a warm blanket , his weight pushing me into his mattress. Troy rubbed his body into mine. He kept moving, grinding into me.

    Troy started pressing his large cock into me. I reached both my hands back and pulled open to receive him. I was glad I used large dildos before hooking up with Troy. Still Troy's thickness stretched me apart even more. He didn't move slow. Slapping his big belly into my cheeks as he plunged his dark meat into my tight pale ass. He pulled me up onto all fours. Grabbing my hips he continued drilling into me. My head jerked every time he thrusted into me. I was bouncing forward each time Troy smacked into me. I was moaning louder and louder the faster Troy went. He was breathing heavily as he kept his pace going. Then Troy fell on top of me. I collasped under his weight. Our bodies were both covered with sweat. I felt Troy pulsating his cum into my welcoming hole. He filled me up with his juice. Troy laid still on top of me. I could feel his heart pounding. Troy rolled off of me and pulling me into his body. He held me tight and I put my arms over his.

    Troy and I have been hooking up ever since and recently started posting our videos online. So far it has been fun and I'm considering moving in with him since I spent most ever night there already. Still, it is kind of fun to sneak out of my house just to go over to Troy's apartment so we can breed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    It was on a beautiful fall day & I was in a large well known bookstore.--- I have an biding interest in natural medicinal plants, so I was reading in that area !--- After sometime a man of about 40 inquired as to if I might be able to assist him with getting a start in the same field of interest !

    Since I had over they years aquired a far amount of expertise, I thought to myself why not !--- As we perused the wide variety of Books we talked about which ones were actually Scientifically valid & which were just space shot material.

    After an hour or two we had covered many fields of interest & found that we have similar interests ! We gathered our purchases & paid for them, then went to the store's Cafe for a Coffee and a break ! Some time passed & He asked if I would like to come and see His nearby place. I hesitated for a bit, but then decided why not and we were off !

    His place was at a step-up Brown stone with a slate mansard roof, that had been carefully restored & he had an apartment on the third floor. Upon entering it was obvious that it was professionally decorated in fine taste ! After a bit of conversation, he brought out some Cream Sherry ,crackers & fine old bold sharp cheddar cheese. As time passed, I became aware that I was becoming mesmerized by Him & finding Him very attractive.

    He moved closer to me bit by bit over time, all the while gazing steadily into my eyes ! It was like some kind of magnetism & I found that I was loosing control of the situation. Soon, He has ever so subtly caressing me in ways that would not be obvious to casual viewers.I was now for some reason becoming aroused & could not contain that !

    Now He touched my hand & gave it a gentle squeeze while pulling me towards the other room. On the was there was a n alcove passage way & He lead me to a full length Chaise Lounge that was there. Gently He pushed me Down onto it and started to undress me & Himself ! Then He was on top of me & nibbling on my ear lobs & sides of ny neck while telling to let my nature have it's way !

    U was now fast going out of any sense of control and then He kissed me full on on my lips. At first I resisted but soon I started to respond in a positive way as I got Hotter and now lost any control. He now was in control & I loved what was going on.

    Then Her got up and was kneeling on my chest with His knees on my shoulders and His Head was at my lips. Slowly He teased me by moving in and out towards my mouth while telling me He knew I would like it and really wanted it !As He Thrusted forward, I opened my mouth and received Him in. I was surprised How easily I Had come to this and found I liked what was Happening.

    Quickly, I was sucking Him for all I was worth & learned to Deep throat this Cock. I was now very hot and totally out of control. I was now ready to do anything that He might ask of me ! Now He withdrew His Cock and lay beside me. Soon He was massaging between my butt cheeks and gently rubbing my anal ring. This set me on fire with lust ! Gradually He started going in circles & applying more & more pressure ! I was now moaning and gasping with delirious pleasure. He lubricated His fingers and inserted one into my anus with an in & out, round & round motion ! Then after some time in came a second finger to repeat the treatment plus now there was some expansion of the fingers to add to the stretching effect. Time went slowly & joyously by & then in came a third finger & the treatment ramped up ! I was now moaning bucking & pushing back as I floated on His three fingers that had worked slowly into the depth of the third knuckles, deep !

    I was now fully relaxed & stretched for what was about to come & I was begging for it ! ! ! Now,, He moved between my thighs & scooped up my legs onto His Forearms. He lifted my legs & pushed them back as far as they could go as His Head rested on my anus. He started to push in & out as a tease for some time as I begged more & more. Then He drove forward& I felt pain but He was now deep french kissing me to stifle any cry's ! He was putting His tongue way down my throat & I was responding in Kind ! Now He pumped in & out slowly at first but as time went by He picked uo speed . I was now staring to feel the most amazing pleasure spread through out my body & loved it.

    He asked me to give Him more access & I raised my knees all the way back & tucked then behind my shoulders. In went His cock & he pounded it a bit but he has still in about at half his length & meeting internal resistance. I was now asked if He could "make me His" by having an orgasm deep inside of me & I replied with a deep french kiss & YES ! Now he centered me & I snuggled down towards His Cock & He slipped it in again & rammed forward while deep french kissing me ! I saw stars & the pain was sharp, as he went in BALLS DEEP ! Then He told me that I was his & He owned me forever. He said that meant that I would seek Him out always & that He could have me anytime He liked ! I knew that this was now true, as I was forever changed & converted to a very Happy Bottom Pussy & love this new life !

    We waited for the pain to subside & then slowly picked up the pace of the pounding & pushing back ! The Pleasure was so intense that I was on another planet & only wanted to go on forever ! He was fucking me hard & I loved it ! We kept at it for hours until we both needed to sleep for a while ! This was repeated over a long weekend many times &nd
    Juice was flying everywhere ! This was Cosmic Sex & I have never had anything to equal it ! I did my life, my way ! !

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