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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Before anyone has a go at me, I know it's not easy for everyone during this lockdown.
    For me its been amazing. In the sense, I've never had so much fantastic sex.
    My wife works still. I'm working from home, but I start early (International time differences) and I'm finished most days for around lunch time.
    Which has given me and a young neighbour of ours, whole afternoon's of the best gay sex.
    I have a Very high libido. One which enables me to still have more than enough to fuck my wife three to four times a week, that she likes.
    It also enables me to have Thomas suck on my eight inches and receive my cock up his sweet arsehole.
    He's pretty much on his own during the day, as his mum works at our local clinic. And she's working extra shifts right now.
    From around midday to five o'clock I have his undivided attention, and believe me, I've been fucking the shit out of him.
    It was Thomas who approached me. I was painting the garden wall a few weeks ago, when he made a comment about me in just my shorts. He wanted to know if my semi tanned skin extended below my waist band.
    I told him if he joined me in the garden shed, he could find out for himself.
    He found out alright. Sucking on my dick until I busted my nut in his mouth. I fucked him the following day in their house, after he sent me a text of him naked and massaging his arsehole.
    And so it has gone on. Only we now fuck mostly in our guest bedroom. Or my favourite at the moment, in the shower.
    He's doing an online college lesson at the moment. But at three, he'll be calling by. I'm so fucking horny, I'm going to fuck him bareback and cum deep up that beautiful shoebox of his.

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    Gay Male / 19

    Nineteen now, but was only seventeen when I first sucked off a married neighbour from our village. He and I began a gay affair and it was he who first fucked me.
    On one of occasions he was fucking me from behind, with his wife at work, when another neighbour called by his home to bring back some tools. He caught us, but instead of walking away offended, he fed me his small fat dick as I was being fucked. That tool return day started lots of gay threesome liaisons.
    About nine months later with all three of us having gay sex, the second neighbor asked if he could invite a golfing friend of his. Someone he sometimes had sex with.
    I kind of knew this guy, and I knew like the first man, he was married. It didn't matter. Three days later in the second neighbours home, I sucked off and was fucked by all three men.
    Within a few months, the third man moved into at cottage with his family, right on the outskirts of our village.
    Now I have three neighbours, two married, who regularly fuck me. The youngest at forty two, is the neighbor who moved in. The oldest is the second neighbor, single, at fifty one. And it's his home we now have sex in all the time.
    However it's my first lover, at forty eight who has the largest cock, that I enjoy having sex with the most.
    We often meet apart from the others, but have to meet mostly outdoors. In the surrounding hills and countryside near our homes, he fucks me because his wife has been born again.
    Her loss and definitely my gain with his huge cock.

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    Gay Male / 30

    I am a voyeur. I love watching videos of dudes in the locker rooms. I go to gay saunas and watch dudes fool around. Iâve paid guys to just let me watch them undress and shower. Itâs my thing.

    I live in an old apartment in Jersey that I found on Craigslist. Moved in with total strangers. Shortly before the pandemic, my three roommates moved out. So it was just me for a minute. A month into quarantine, my landlord moved a dude in. Average fella. A little bearded, average height, okay body. He was cute. He had a nice ass. Straight though. We hit it off pretty quickly. He kept to himself, but every once in awhile weâd watch TV and smoke.

    A few years ago I had bought a hidden camera off amazon. I never got to use it. I decided with my new roommate, now was the time. It was pretty discreet. It looked just like a normal towel hanger. I put up in the bathroom. Couple of days passed by and I checked the recordings. I was so anxious. Boy, did it pay off. I got to see everything. Undressing. Pissing. One day he even jerked off before going in. I hit the jackpot.

    This went on for a few weeks. It made for great spank material. Then one day I got a text from my roommate. Said he needed help hanging something in his room. As I entered his room, I see him just sitting at his computer desk. With the camera. I hadnât checked it in a few days, but somehow he caught me.

    âWhat the fuck is this?â

    I was scarred shitless. I didnât know what to do. I was so fucked. I didnât even know what to say. He asked if I posted the videos anywhere, and I promised he no. I showed him what recordings I had, and I deleted them infront of him. I promised I didnât have anymore. I begged him not to tell my landlord. He told me to close and lock the door. I was so fucking scared. He told me to take my clothes off. I was shocked. I kinda just stood there and then he pulled his phone out. He told me to do what he said or heâd call my landlord and then the cops. So I undressed.

    It turned me on, but I was trying so hard not to get aroused. He started to record me on his phone.

    âGe t on your hands and kneesâ

    My heart was racing. I did what he said. I tried to look down, but he yelled at me. âLook up. Look up and barkâ. I begged him to stop, but he said this is the only way I could make it up to him. So I did it. I was on my knees, totally naked, barking for him.

    âYou&ac irc;re hard. You fucking like this?â. I said yes, and he yelled at me. âYouâre a dog, you canât talk. Do you like this?â. I barked.

    He started to unzip his pants.

    âGet the fuck over hereâ

    He crawled over. He shoved his hard cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me. He recorded it the whole time. As humiliating as it was, it felt good. I hadnât had sex in months because of the pandemic and he had a nice cock. He came in my mouth and made me swallow.

    âYouâre my fucking property now, do you understand me?â

    He told me if I ever said anything heâd tell my landlord, and heâd release the video online. And that was the start of this relationship.

    Itâ s been about a month, but I actually enjoy it. He makes me do everything. I clean. I cook. Sometimes heâll even ask me for money. Iâve been doing it all. I know it sounds bad, but I actually enjoy this. I never realized how submissive I was.

    We donât really have sex. I blow him whenever he wants. Usually a few times a week. The entire time he has me act like a dog. He even bought me a collar. It has my name on it. Whenever he has to pee, he takes me to the bathroom so he can piss on my face. Sometimes he makes me eat his ass.

    He hasnât hold anyone about this, and neither have I. Iâm happy being an object. I love making him happy. I finally have purpose in life.

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    Gay Male / 55

    Well here I am, I had to retire because of the Covid (got retired after 33 years) because I am over 65 and I can get the retirement package. I worked in the gas utility industry as a field engineer for many years and then in the office approving plans, installations, etc. I made a good living. But that is just where I am today.

    All my life I have been a cock sucker. I started when I was eleven with a school friend also eleven after we had been swimming and we were changing back into our clothes. His pecker just looked so delicious and I was able to get his pecker into my mouth and suck on it. He didn't want to at first but after a short minute he liked it, I held his naked little ass in my hands and I sucked on his pecker. He got really hard and had his first almost ejaculation, it tasted good in my mouth. It is my memory of memories. I sucked his pecker off and on for several years after that, even after he had gone through puberty and his pecker had gotten big and he had pubes. I loved sucking his pecker and running my hands across his naked ass.

    After high school I went into the Coast Guard for four years and the man I sucked was a career Machinist, he was forty at the time and in addition to having his cock sucked he liked to kiss me on the mouth which I admit I liked too. I was pretty young, nineteen. He got his cock up my ass when we went on leave in San Diego, God I liked that. I think he liked it too, he and I fucked around a lot during our time together on that boat.

    After the Coast Guard I went to college on the GI bill and got my Mechanical Engineering degree. During college it was hit or miss, I sucked off several guys but never had someone who thought of me as his fuck toy. I wanted to be a fuck toy at that time, sort of like my relationship in the Coast Guard. I got busted one night for showing myself on the balcony of the apartment I lived in, busted but all I got was a warning. I needed to be fucked so bad at that time and the most I got was to suck off a few guys now and again.

    After graduation I went to work for the Gas Company in my home town, I had to be careful there and I sucked off a man or two when I went out into the field and had to stay in a motel. At one motel, a Ramada Inn, I sucked the cook, a heavy set man with a hairy belly and a hard cock who called me a sissy queer, and let me suck him of to completion. He didn't go beyond that and I checked out the next morning and never saw him again, but I remember him.

    When I moved to the big city and got away from home I had more liberty. I met a cop who liked to fuck and I became his fuck toy. It lasted for a little over a year, then he dropped me like a hot potato and I had to go find someone else. I found the man I would be with for the next twenty years. He worked in Accounting and he was pretty stuck up, he came from a big family and he was real private about his need for a man, so it was all under cover. Few people knew we were friends and even fewer knew that maybe we had a thing going. But once a year we went on Holiday together, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, far off places. In Greece we got along with a man who invited us on board a big boat (partly because I had told him about my years in the Coast Guard) and he had an all gay party, with Greek boys for the men who liked Greek boys. It was one time when we were able to just hang out and have fun. But we kept our hands of the Greek boys.

    As I said I am retired now and my relationship ended about seven years ago. I had a man come out to my place to work on some things, general contractor type of stuff. I wanted to fix the place up before I had to settle down for the long run being retired. He was hungry for work and he talked a lot and I took a stab at it, I told him outright that I was a cocksucker and I knew I could give him a great blowjob. Hesitation aside, after he got done I sat on the couch and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. A very blowjob worthy cock, thick and hard and hairy and he let me get his pants and boxers down so I could hold on to his naked ass while I sucked. It took a while, for him to relax and let things go on before he reached the point of having to let go. I did my best to catch as much of it as I could, I love the taste of cum, I liked his cock clean, rubbed my face with his cock. I offered him dinner and after dinner we went and got naked and made out on the bed, he held my cock in his hand, it felt so good, I kissed his cock and he let me kiss his ass, something I do when I am really hot. He got hard enough, I lubed up and I got a good old man screwing out of him. All in all it was the best night of this Covid thing.

    Unfortunately it was a one night thing, he cashed his check but hasn't returned my call. So, when I am lonely and horny, I think back to that day when my friend and I were cold and wet from swimming and I sucked his pecker for the first time. It really is the best time, his cold hard pecker in my mouth and his smooth naked cheeks in my hands.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I have a warrant or two for failure to appear. Probably going to turn myself in here in the next week. Had dumb friends long story, thatâs how Iâve got in trouble.

    But anyways, I know Iâll have to go back to prison which Iâm not looking forward too. I got out two years ago and my time in prison wasnât fun. I was getting my ass fucked by cell are pretty much nightly. And he didnât have no little dick.

    I know theyâll send me back to the same Prison and Iâll probably end up in a cell with him again. And heâll be using my ass till Iâm released again. While I was in prison he did say itâs my fault Iâm getting fucked, which I guess is true. My dumbass ended up in prison.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    His arse is perfect. Everything about it is just beautiful. Its shape, its size and how firm it is.
    There's nothing I won't do with it and I practically worship it.
    I love kissing it, licking it, tonguing it and of course fucking that gorgeous fuckhole.
    We know we shouldn't be having sex, but ever since he began working for me, I've been fucking that beautiful arse of his.
    He's not that bad at sucking on my cock either. Yet it's his arse that I drool over and fuck as much as I can.
    He knew I was bisexual, after all I got divorced because my wife found me fucking a seventeen year old in our bed. We could have stopped, got downstairs and made out he was in our home because he worked for me. But then I was close to orgasm and the lie had to end sometime.
    But now another young man works for me and we fuck every day, most days more than once.
    Now that his young wife is pregnant, he's even more horny for my dick and if it wasn't for the virus, I'd probably be fucking him right now.
    Before he goes home, the home I bought for them, he shows me that arsehole of his, and each time it makes me incredibly horny for the following day.
    Time to facetime my heavily pregnant daughter and her husband. We're about to reopen my business, and soon I'll have his gorgeous arse to lick, suck and fuck again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    So stopped at a local book store yesterday. Was wanting to get a toy or two for masturbation. Plus wanted to use a video booth.

    I guess with all this covid stuff they are trying to be more cautious and masks are required in the booth. But what made me surprised it said that condoms are required too! That surprised me. It said a condom must be worn while inside the video booth.

    I did t have one on me obviously so I went up to the counter and asked when did that become a policy? I was to,d when they reopened. The guy working told me they sell individual condoms. So I asked for a magnum. He gave me one, I gave him the 75 cents for it and I went to use the video booth. I wasnât the only guy in the store either.

    Once finished, I pulled the condom off, pulled my underwear and pants back up and walked outside the booth. Wouldnât you know it, a trash bin was close by. Honestly I think itâs good they require condoms in the video booth now, cleaner

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    Gay Male / 49

    Finally found me a regular. We both are versatile. Just Iâm not used to big dick! Heâs 9â uncut. Hes 54.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Was a nice warm day out yesterday. Letâs start by saying that I still live with my mom, just comfortable living with her. No real reason to move out yet.

    So I got done mowing and trimming the lawn yesterday around 2 pm. I was all sweaty and was outside without a shirt on. I got a decent body because Iâm into rode biking.

    As Iâm working on cleaning up part of the yard near the neighbors house, their son is outside and he starts a conversation. Heâs 20 and is a college student. Good looking too. I asked him about college during these times and he asked me about where I went to college. And what I did for work. Told him Iâm an aviation mechanic. He said so thatâs how you afford the nice vehicles and other stuff you got plus the big shop you built. I laughed and said I guess so.

    As weâre talking I could tell he was checking my body out. All I had on was shoes, shorts and white jockey bikini briefs under my shorts to support and hold everything still. I could obviously tell he had on no underwear under his shorts. Could see his penis outline and could tell he was getting erect!

    So I asked if he had a girlfriend, he said no. He asked if I had one and I said no, I normally swing the other way. I think that made him comfortable and he said Iâm closeted and never knew you were into guys. I to,Ld him I realized I like guys way back when I was in middle school.

    So I invite him him to come inside with me. Told him I needed to shower since Iâm all sweaty. So I showered in the basement, there pretty much is an open shower in the unfinished part of the basement, it just drains into a drain on the floor. That part of the basement is sealed off with a door but the shower in that part has no privacy. As Iâm showering heâs right there talking to me. I was naked in front of him, I think he was surprised I was so comfortable being naked.

    He asked me if I was worried my mom would ever see me. I told him no, she knows I shower down here after doing yard work and sheâs seen me naked so nudity isnât a big deal. Then I told him and she knows I sometimes have a guy over for sex. She doesnât care, she knows a guy has needs.

    As Iâm showering heâs checking out my bald dick, I shave my pubes. I have nothing special down there, 6â cut with low hangers. As Iâm showering I can tell heâs really hard. I turned the shower off and grabbed a towel. I had him follow me into the basement bedroom. As Iâm drying off I told him to strip. He took of his shirt then shorts. His dick stood at attention! Nice thick dick! Iâd say the same size as me and it was hairy. He commented saying he should had shaved, I told him itâs fine. My dick got hard.

    I had him sit on the couch and I started sucking his dick. I could tell he enjoyed it. Then I stuck my dick in his face and he started sucking it, I could tell he wasnât very experienced. Then I moved to eating his ass. Tight butthole and very pretty it was! MY finger was a workout for his hole! I asked when the last time he got fucked was and he said I never have. I said your a virgin!? He said Iâve only sucked dick.

    So I toLd him to wait a second and I went up stairs to my bedroom real quick to grab better lube. I didnât have any condoms so he was gonna get fucked bare. Took a good 20 minutes to get my dick in his butthole to the point where I could fuck it. So I was slowly fucking him. In missionary while he just laid there and enjoyed it. I was edge fucking him, pulled my dick out a few times too see that hole gaping!

    As Iâm fucking him my mom comes down in the basement to see what Iâm doing. The bedroom door was closed so she asked if everything was okay. I said yes a d she asked if I had a guy over and I said yes. I could tell he was nervous that sheâd find out it was him. But my mom just said okay have fun. He looked nervous and embarrassed but I told him see I to,d you sheâs cool with it.

    Eventually I cummed deep in his butt. A big load! He really enjoyed it saying heâs glad I took his virginity. As were standing in the living room part of the basement for him to get his clothes and get dressed my mom walks down, weâre both naked. She looks at him a d calls him by his name asking how he is. And says I didnât know your into guys. Lol made him so embarrassed.

    He got dressed and went home. I told him the door is open anytime if you want more sex. And what do you know, Iâve fucked him 7 times so far.

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    Straight Male / 19

    Well lockdown has been pretty boring, but not all bad. Feeling safe with each other, a friend and I started getting together. This was nice, although both of us still were feeling bored. So one day, just for fun, we decided to get naked. It didnât take much for both of us to get an erection and we started playing around.

    I was feeling pretty uninhibited and daring, so I let him butt fuck me. Neither of us had ever done anything like that before, and we were surprised by what a turn on this was. We did it right there in the kitchen, and as he was fucking me I started ejaculating all over the place! It was such an incredible experience. Of course after that we have continued and now weâve been doing this regularly for almost two months and it is so great! Neither of us had any idea what a terrific way this is to be friends together.

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