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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I got introduced to sucking cocks and getting my ass fucked last weekend in front of my older woman friend. She and I have had sex since I was 15. She watched me have sex with one of her gay friends, an older man. She made me up, and got me dressed in sexy undies to do it. They guy called me again yesterday, and I went to his house, I got fucked 3 times, sucking his cock hard each time. Today he had two more guys over and I let them all fuck me multiple times. I've only had cock since Sunday and now here it is only Tuesday afternoon and I've had 4 guys fuck me already.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My steady fuck is a woman in her late 40's. She and I have been fucking now for 3 years. She was my first. She has always been very dominant and I am sexually the "follower". I do things for her, and she lets me have any kind of sex and do anything to her and we have as much sex as I want, and I want a lot. I was straight until this weekend. Now I have to list bi. Weekends is usually her time to get fully dominant. I'm usually naked weekends the whole time I'm at her house, and now sometimes when not naked I'm dressed up in girls underwear and stockings, heels and stuff like that; not often but sometimes.

    Sunday we fucked like crazy, we started at about 5 in the evening and she couldn't get enough. The only thing is that I had a mans cum in my ass while I was fucking her. She watched as a gay guy she knew fucked me for the first time. Well, our first time fucking, but also my first time getting fucked except by her and her progressively bigger strap on dildos. I'd never had sex with a guy before, and really never wanted to. She will often use her strapons in me while facetiming with friends of hers and she shows them my face, my ass with her "cock" going in and out of me. Most of those women I've had the pleasure of fucking or at least licking and nursing on. Most have seen her fuck me in person. Last Thursday it was a gay older man who was on facetime, I didn't realize it was a guy, and by the end of the conversation she had invited him over to lunch on Sunday and offered my services to him for sex. We all went into the main bedroom and she stayed and used a vibrator on her pussy while I blew him then he fucked me. He made me suck him off first so he would last longer in my ass, I didn't like the taste; I've tasted mine before, and often have to eat my womans pussy with my cum in her, but never liked the taste. I did like feeling it shoot and the precum buildup in my mouth. Knowing I was getting him close was exciting in a way. I got fucked for over 40 minutes that first time and I could feel every spurt as he came inside me as it pushed out of his cock.

    I actually got very horny, he wanted to suck me off but I wanted to fuck my friend. She had him stick around for a while, I fucked her, then he fucked me again for another 40 minutes or more, then left. She got a few of her friends on facetime and showed them my big, stretched hole, with sperm leaking out of it. Then we spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking and she took her turn in my well lubed ass with her biggest strap on. I don't like the whole stigma of having been fucked, but in actuality I really liked the feeling of it, especially when towards the end he would pump those last few minutes so hard and fast and then push it all the way in and I'd feel him spurt in me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Never been one for many words, so this isn't easy for me writing down what has recently happened.
    Increasingly over the past few years, I've been more and more attracted to the thought of, and the idea of fucking a young guy's arsehole. I knew what I wanted or thought I did, yet nothing or no one fitted that criteria, plus being married, it was never easy.

    Then a couple of months back a new neighbour moved in next door and their seventeen year old son Keiran moved in with them. What a sexy looking young man he is and what a tease he instantly was with me. Within a few days he'd already asked me if I thought I could slide my cock up his bum. He even asked me when my wife was present, if I had a bigger cock than smaller men, as I'm six foot four tall and muscular. My wife's answer was "He's big enough for me and you shouldn't be asking". She saw it as banter, but I knew different and only hours later Keiran was flashing me his arsehole as he went back into his own house, through their rear patio door.

    The following morning, a Sunday morning, my wife as she normally does most Sunday's, went off to play golf in her Sunday comp. I saw Keiran's family drive off too, but without him. Within minutes there was a knock at the door and I saw Keiran stood there. Asking me if I wanted to empty my balls up his arsehole, I found myself letting him in and watching him strip as he walked into our kitchen. By the time I caught up with him, he was fully nude and stroking his tiny cock. Looking back at me as he turned to kneel up on one of our breakfast bar stools, he said "They'll be back in about half an hour. Come on then fuck me".

    I'm not kidding here, my cock was rock hard and out of my shorts in no time. I'm a well endowed bloke who doesn't normally mention anything about anything. But that morning with his cute tight arsehole ready and waiting for me, I took control and forced my bare cock up his beautiful shit hole.

    It was awesome to coin an American phrase. The feeling of his tight arsehole surrounding my cock, plus his obvious enthusiasm to be fucked, all added up to me wanting to be as deep up his arsehole as I could. My wife loves me slowly thrusting into her pussy and occasionally her arse. But Keiran right from the off, wanted nothing less than to be fucked hard. Twisting around he looked right at me and almost shouted out "Well fucking give it to me then".

    Th e dam broke for me. That was it, that was the final hindrance to me enjoying a boys bum. Gripping his hips and his hair, I pulled the young man onto my cock and saw him and his rear hole as mine. I gave him one last little thrust, then drove my cock so deep inside of his body, I saw him wince with blissful pain.

    Believe me ladies, men can take a whole lot more anal punishment. And Keiran proved it that morning and many many mornings since. I battered his arsehole for well over half of an hour. I gave that young man everything I had, fucking him doggy at first, then dragging him into the lounge to have him bounce on my cock as I sat on the couch. We saw his parents and older sister get back from shopping and I still fucked him. Then with his legs on my shoulders as he lay on his back on my sofa, I slammed into his hole one last time, making us both cum at the same time.

    Keiran made all kinds of moaning noises and shook beneath me, but it was my own orgasm that surprised me the most. Normally once I've cum, that's it. But with Keiran, I carried on fucking him, I carried on forcing my cock deep into his bowels making my cum seep out all over our cocks and balls. He reached up, pulling me down and as my cock slid into him again, we kissed.

    The kiss was something even then I didn't expect and I certainly didn't see myself as a loving gay man. Yet we did kiss and I did respond kissing him back with passion and with lust for his sex. Fucking him continually whilst kissing, I became erect again and Keiran broke off the kiss to tell me to "Give it to me". Lifting away, but still fucking him missionary, I thrust my cock into his arsehole with longer slower movements, making him moan with each and every insertion. Looking at one another, I sank down and kissed him, moments before my cock let go and I came for a second time, filling his gorgeous boy hole.

    We lay togethwer for some time, kissing and talking about nothing. Then his phone beeped and he got up to see who it was. It was his sister asking him to get home. She added in her text "Tell me about it later, I'm sure he fucked you like you wanted it".

    That comment scared me at first, but I soon learned Keiran's sister is as much of a slut, if not more so, as Keiran is. And so it has proved with his sister sometimes covering for him having sex with me. My wife has no clue as to why we've become good friends, as I tell her it's just Keiran wanting to know how to build himself up like myself. Fucking him in my man cave, my gym, is always a pleasure and somewhere I've now had placed an old leather sofa. His sister knows full well I'm fucking her brother from what Keiran has told me, but then if you're getting fucked off the college's English teacher, you don't rock the boat about others, do you?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    There are moments in your life, whereby you feel if something had changed only slightly, you'd be a completely different person.
    A had one such moment at the age of fifteen.
    Myself and a school friend were eating our school lunch up a tree, with our legs swinging free from the branch we were sat on. It was a relatively hot late spring day and lots of people were walking through the woodland area close to our school. Hearing the bell ring for the ending of our lunch hour, my friend and I began to climb down, only I noticed movement to my right. Before I could say anything to my friend, he was gone.
    I moved right instead of left trying to see what was there. I could have gone straight back to school, I could have easily followed my friend, but I didn't and came across a man with his erect cock out stroking it whilst looking at a magazine.
    Again I could have run away, it would have been easy for me to so. But instead I stood transfixed by the sight of his stiff erect cock.
    Not at any time up until then had I wanted to, or even thought about touching or looking at another males penis. yet there I was already late for afternoon school and I wanted so much to stroke the mans cock. He smiled at me and told me I should go into school. But I'd already moved much closer to him by then. He told me again to go and went to move away. But before he could put his cock away, I closed the gap between us and gripped his cock.
    He moved my hand off his cock and told me I was too young for him, but I was fascinated by the look, feel and the pre cum oozing out of his large dick. Taking hold of his cock again, I instinctively knelt down on the leaf littered floor and put my lips to the head of his erect penis. It was purely spontaneaous and not in any way taught, or previously imagined, when I let his cock slide over my tongue.
    I'd licked and sucked all along his cock shaft, feeling each raised vein along his cock. And was about to see if I could take it all into my mouth, when we both heard a dog running through the undergrowth. Standing up quickly, he put his cock away and I walked away in the direction of school.
    Throughout the rest of the day in school and all night long after getting home, all I could think about was what I'd done and why! I'd not said a word to my friend, but he had wondered where I'd gotten to. I told him I went straight to class, something we never did.
    The following day, I went into the woodland area on my own during lunch and walked right over to the farmers side of the woods. Waiting impatiently I decided to take out my cock and began to stroke it. I knew people wouldn't be likely to be in that part of the woods, but I also knew if you were from the area, you'd use this as an alternative entrance.
    The voice I heard startled me, but I turned to see the man from the previous day. He immediately took out his cock and I instantly dropped to my knees. Sucking in his flaccid cock felt weird at first, but it also felt so right. He then placed me hands ionto his buttocks as he began to fuck my mouth. I wasn't ready for his cock forcing its way down my throat and his cock made me gag. Even so, I enjoyed giving him pleasure and soon was able to take every single inch of his cock and had him moaning loudly from what I later learned, was his favorite sexual act.
    When I felt his cock twitching in my mouth, like I had many times before myself, I knew he was about to cum. But instead of cumming, he slid his cock out and had me remove my school trousers and underpants.
    Bending me over the low fence, he got behind me and I felt his hot wet mouth surrounding my arsehole. His tongue probed inside of my arse and I became enthralled with how good it felt. He carried on for a good time and I knew when he asked me if he could, I'd let him stick his penis into me.
    The pain is something if you haven't been through it, it's hard to describe properly. What I will say, is to me it felt like heaven and hell all at the same time. The agony of his cock spearing my arsehole was intense, but so was the pleasure his hard pulsing cock gave me as well. It was a totally mixed feeling and the more he fucked me, the more the pain subsided and the feeling of pure pleasure grew.
    Aching for his cock after about five to ten minutes, I began to back onto him and found myself wanting and needing him to fuck me harder. Telling him just how good it felt, he started to fuck me harder and the feelings of immense pleasure only increased. To the point of m telling him, somehow, I was cumming.
    When my orgasm struck, it was the most profound part, feeling, revelation and utmost transfixed climax of my life. Even now with my two male lovers, I have never replicated that first orgasm from being fucked. It changed my life and I found myself totally his.
    So when his cock exploded up my arsehole, I cried out with a passion a fifteen year old kid shouldn't know about. But one that struck a cord throughout his life.
    Throughout that spring and on into our school summer holidays, I met that man, that beautiful kind loving man most weekdays. I'd go off into the fields or woods with him and we'd suck and fuck until we were both drained of passion.
    No one has ever known who it was, or how many times he fucked me over the next nine months. Al I know he wasn't around one day and I didn't see him for nearly a year.
    By then I'd begun to have sex with a boy around my age. He too loved my youthful feminine looks and he too fucked me outdoors a lot. Although we did have sex in an abandoned industrial building for months.
    Then walking down into town one afternoon, I came across my first lover. He was with his wife and young daughter, younger than me. He winked at me, but didn't say a thing. I knew then he'd had a change of heart, a change of his priorities, and who was I to interfere with his family.
    However a fortnight later we met as I was about to board a bus. He offered me a lift and we ended up at a well known place where meet up for sex. He fucked me over the bonnet of his car with two other men watching close by wanking. It was a wonderful fuck and I climaxed so quickly with his large cock pounding me.
    Unfortunately that was the very last time I ever saw him. He dropped me off where I was originally heading for, after pumping his cum deep up my arse and I nver saw him again.
    One turn, one minute earlier finishing off our lunches, or just him being fifty yards further over and my life I know would now be different. I'm not saying I wouldn't like being fucked by men, but along with my wife who I love deeply, he's the only true love I've ever had.
    I do have two guys who I meet up with once a week, and we all have a great time sexually. But it's not the same as the bareback sex I had back then, feeling his cum coursing into my body from his wondrful frantic fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    So this story could have vast amounts of detial but im not a writer trying to make it sound better this is all true. Im a complete nympho as long as i can remember. I was masturbating more and more multiple times a day by the time i was 9 or 10. We lived on a dend ens sgreet witb lots of kids between all the houses. I was hanging out playing nintendo lots with a girl in my class brother and his friend who were both 16 this is were it started long story short i was suxking and stroking there cocks in return for the same cause it felt so good that some one else was doing it

    It felt wrong but also so good. I did it about a dozen times. Then a coupem years later me and a kid that had moved a couple blocks away became good friends. He was half black. I never really carried on any urges to have cock ever. We were 12 in gr 7 and computers staryed having the early stages of porn. After only a few times our cocks were out in the open and jerking. He had a much bigger cock then i had seen and it turned me on. We sucked esxhother as many tines as we could for about 6 months. His dad and mom were split and he loves at his dads house which he rented the basement to. At this point i knew it was our secret so i didnt hold back and we both became really good at giving head and loved it. One afternoon we were both balls deep in eachothers throat when his dads friend innocently innocently opened the bedroom door just checking if we were there so he knew to somewhat look after us since his dad was still at work. We both stopped and were very embarrassed knowing we were exposed. He immediatly made sure. We knew he didnt care and told us that every kid has that one friend. He then half hard pulled his cock out and told us to continue we both looked at eachother and i went down on him really turned on and put my best sluty skills in that we learned from porn. Lets call his dads friend "Dave" his dick was the biggest i had ever seen. We measured it in future sessions and it was 9 inches of mature cock. Before my frie nd could get it in his mouth i sat up with drool on my chin and grabbed that monster cock. Thats the moment i officially became a cock slut. It took me a few weeks of practice but i. Could deepthroat the whole thing. Ok so long story short again for the next year or so me and my friend would suck his huge cock and sometimes his work friends.

    Fast forward 10 years with no real cock craving. Started using cocain and having orgies. I would use craigslist to try and get couples or girls for me and my 2 roomates. Well that got hard to get eveytime we partied. I siad fuck it one morning about 3 am. It took 15 min to have 2 roomates to invite me over. I wanted to go all out thinking it was the last time to get it out of my system. I never been fucked or liked any touching just pure sucking and the bigger the better. So i had them feed me cocain rails off there cocks and i sucked for a few hours with an additional 3 cocks joining. I was so horny and siad i wanted to try more cocks. They happend to live a ahort walk from the gay bath house. I ended up sucking 15 cocks that day... Since then i have become an addict which no one knows and i ashamed of until i get high. Ive sucked over 200 cocks easily. I organize lots of blowbangs in hotel rooms where i tell them to be there at a certian time and i tell thwn i will be there exactly at a certian time. I like to knock on the door walk in drop my clothes and drop to me knees and suck every last cock and get increxible facials. If only my friends and family knew...

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    Gay Male / 51

    In a time long, long ago, in a town whose name is lost due to the bypass, when you got around on bicycles and hung out at the fishing hole, in that time, when summer seemed to never end, in that town, I had a friend whose father owned a bookstore. It was where you went to get the books you had to read for school. You bought the books because if you took them from the library his family didn't have a way to live. It was that kind of town.

    In the bookstore, up in the second story where the inventory was kept, there were some old boxes. And in those old boxes were some magazines. And in those magazines were men in black and white posing, with little ling cloths on, there were men who were posing like Greek statues with their penis showing, there were men who sat beside the pool with their penis out. We would sneak up there and look at those magazines. We weren't supposed to know about those boxes, they were hidden away behind a whole lot of other boxes. That is where we would go and our penis would get hard. That is where we would go and when our penis was hard we would touch each other.

    There were these magazines in foreign languages, with broken backs and pages torn out, black and white picture of men holding each other's penis, of men sucking penis, of men on their hands and knees and other men behind them. It was with these foreign language magazines, with men sucking men, that we got a hard penis and we would suck each other.

    But that was a long, long time ago. The small town is now just a part of the city that moved out and took it over. The old people like us know why the area is called what it is, that was the name of our town. Now it is where the new houses are being built and the new families are moving. But before that the town died and when it was time to go get a job we had to leave.

    My friend who I would masturbate with, suck his penis, jack off, and spend hours going through magazines in languages we could not read, my friend whose penis I loved to suck, that friend gave me one of those magazines to take home with me and put under my mattress and look at the pictures of a man having his penis sucked by a man with a mustache. I still have that magazine. It is one of my favorite possessions and I still get a charge out of that long ago man who had a huge penis and a man with a mustache had his hand around his shaft and his mouth around the head of his penis. That is what I like to do. I always saw myself as the man with the mustache, not the man with the penis.

    My luck was that I went to bookkeeping school. At that time most of the guys went to work in industry at the plants, I went to bookkeeping school because I wasn't the type to work at the plant. My teacher at bookkeeping school was an Italian man, and he liked to have his penis sucked and I liked to suck his penis and I passed and got my certificate. I learned over time to be a good bookkeeper, but when I got my certificate I was pretty useless. I have fond memories of my Italian teacher, he was the first real man who I sucked. He is also the first man to take a turn at getting behind me and helping me cross the last barrier to being a full blown queer. My friend from school, the boy with the magazines, he stopped short of getting fucked. He didn't get fucked until many years later, to see what it was like.

    My Italian teacher got me a job working for the bank. At the bank I was put in a training class and that is where I learned how to be a bookkeeper. My Italian teacher had a friend at the bank and he told him about me, and he liked to fuck and I liked to fuck, so we got along fine and I got promoted and was put in charge of the books for the bank. The banker and I became lovers, true lovers, sleeping together lovers, kissing and hugging lovers, making dinner together lovers, buying gifts for each other lovers. He was my first real love affair. Our love affair lasted for many long years.

    After my lover died, he was much older than me, I spent a lot of time depressed. A friend of mine, who I knew from my job at the bank, suggested that I take a tour, a tour of Italy. He suggested I go, to see the statues in real life, those statues of boys with penises. He knew that I like pictures of penises, and he sent me to Italy to go look at those statues, stand under them and imagine those penises in my mouth, like those pictures of Roman nobles with boys dropping gr**es in their mouths, which he and I concluded were really symbolic for a penis. In the end my friend and I went on the tour. A couple of gay guys, who both liked the same thing, but in all our years of knowing each other we never liked each other, not for that.

    After we got back he got me back into circulation. I had several lovers, short term stuff, until I met the man I am with now, John. John is a stylist. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Cal Tech. He is a man with a large libido and I am a man with need for man with large libido. Sure it is a sex thing right now, but John and I have a lot more in common. He likes to stand over me and pretend he is feeding me gr**es. He liked the story I told him of my trip to Italy. I love having his penis delivered to me that way.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Woke up around three am and heard someone definitely downstairs in our home. My wife was out of the country and I'd locked everything before going to bed. Rushing downstairs naked except for my trainers, I opened the lounge door, flicked on the light to find a young guy kneeling in front of our music system. He tried to bold through the lounge window, but I caught hold of him and threw him onto the sofa. As he landed he instantly looked at my flaccid cock and grinned. I took his smile as him taking the piss, so I grabbed hold of him spun him over and told him I was phoning the police. He struggled but not overly, then said "If you don't phone the cops, I'll suck you off".
    It's a moment in life I won't get back, but its also one I don't want to, as I fed the young guy my dick. It was done within seconds and I didn't think about it. Looking down onto a total stranger giving me head, made me feel dominant. It also made me realise I'd crossed the line of sexuality and legality. Even so I let him carry on sucking on ym cock and I got myself a dirty thought.
    Not giving him any chance to say no, I struck him, spun him around and literally ripped his jogging bottoms and boxers down. His little cock was already hard and he again didn't fight back. Positioning him across the arm of the sofa, I spat on his arsehole and rammed my cock straight up his young arse.
    His moans weren't ones of desperation, or ones of sheer pain, so I knew my cock wasn't the first to have penetrated his rear hole. Yanking his head back by his long shaggy hair, I spat into his face and called him a robbing bastard. He grinned up at me and replied "Just get on and fuck me, you twat". That was said with malice and I had to hold him tighter then. His anger had reached its limit though and he soon settled down and my cock eased deeper into his bowels.
    It was furious fuck. One of those you have just to cum, not to pleasure your partner. And cum I did as he moaned about me being too deep inside him. When I was spent, I pulled out and watched him rise. keeping myself over him, Isaw he'd cum too, all over the arm of the sofa. Gripping his hair again, I pushed his young face into his cum and made him lick it all up.
    Suitably punished in my eyes, I walked him to the front door, opened it and booted him out into our garden. He turned around and smiled at me, then said "Knew you'd be a faggot".
    I didn't tell my wife anything, as nothing was missing or ruined, other than the damage to the window, which I had fixed without her knowing. I also didn't inform the police, as I thought he might counter me with a sex claim. However he did call by around a week later wuith another young man. I thought it was going to get violent, but he'd called by to say sorry. Once he knew I wasn't going to hit him, he sent the other youth away telling him he'd meet him later on. Inviting himself in, saying he'd seen my wife driving off, he asked me if we could have a repeat performance.
    Himself, his mouth and arsehole have been a very frequent visitor to my home these past eleven months. And I did fuck him like he wanted me to over the arm of the sofa. What's more, he wanted it rough and for me to hit him a little bit. After cumming up his arsehole for the second time that morning, he confessed who he was.
    Not every policeman's son is an angel, and not every young man like him turns out to be a really bad person. I was genuinely a straight guy before he came into my life. Now I'm so glad he did.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    We all have our crosses to bear. Some of us have more skeletons in the closet, so to speak, than other's. I'm probably one of those.
    Inside I was just another prisoner, doing time for something I genuinely regret. But hey that's now water under the bridge. Serving my sentence wasn't easy as I'm a married father of two and I have a very high sex drive. Plus a big cock. The thought of fucking another mans mouth or arsehole just didn't appeal to me, so the two years sentence, to me, was going to be hard.
    And so it became. I battled through many doubts in my mind and battled other cons for the right to left in peace. After nine months I became my own person inside (If you've been in, you'll know what that means) and was pretty much left alone. My only concern, a growing concern was a kid who'd pretty much attached himself to me. He obviously was looking for physical protection, but also it seemed right from the off, a sexual relationship. One I imagined at the time, to deflect any other inmates from his very cute and slim body.
    His, then my request to get him bunked in with me, worked and within hours of his stuff being transferred into my cell, he was offering his mouth. I at first, and I mean for days refused. But the more he wanted it, the more I saw myself giving him and myself sexual relief. Then I had a visit from my wife.
    I told her about my new cell mate, plus I confessed to having thoughts of fucking him. To my utter amazement, my wife very calmly said "When in Rome". I knew what she meant, but it still shocked me. She then added "I don't want a disease when you get out, you understand".
    The same day I quietly asked a screw I trusted, about getting condoms or a test done. Within an hour he visited my cell and I had more than enough rubbers to last for weeks. And in that one act, I decided Mark, my young cell mate, when he got back from his lessons, was going to be fucked royally.
    Mark's reaction to seeing the condoms I showed him, was to strip naked, release my cock from my trousers and slowly let my hardening cock slide over his hot wet tongue. Our cell dorr was still slightly open, but no one would enter without permission. And no one hearing the sounds of sex, ever disturbed another inmate.
    We weren't quiet and we certainly didn't keep our voices down. I kept on telling him just how good it felt after so long without, to have a willing mouth sucking on my cock. I also told Mark, I WAS going to fuck him, and fuck him hard.
    My dick was throbbing the like of which I cannot ever remember it before. I was so enraged with sexual desire, I would have fucked my own gran by then. Mark released my cock, placed himself on his bunk and pulled his arse cheeks apart. He then told me to use his hair conditioner as lube and grinned as he said "You ain't the first, but you are certainly the biggest". The condom was unwrapped and unfurled along my cock in no time at all. His rear fuck hole looked so inviting as it literally winked at me, and I remember now thrusting my cock into his star not caring how he felt. To me right then and there, all that mattered was to drive my cock as hard and as deep into his bowels as I could. And I kept on doing so until I realised he'd cum all over his bed covers beneath him.
    I was sweating by then and had gone crazed with lust for his arsehole. It felt like no other sex I'd ever had, and it also gave me the enpowerment to trat him him a common slut. That young man took one of the hardest fucks I've given anyone and he took it with only a few strains of backing away from me. Even so, I didn't let him move away and battered his fuckhole with total abandon.
    When I came stil fucking him in the doggy position, I unleashed one of the most powerful, vocalised and sexually emotional orgasms in my entire lifetime. It reached every part of my being and I forced my cock so deep into his body, I swear I could feel his ribs on the tip of my cock.
    Drained of cum, and of my own need to sexually feed, I withdrew from marks cock. He spun around like he was on hot coals and yanked off my condom. Tilting his head and lifting up the condom, he sucked out as much of my love juice as he could. Swallowing every drop that he managed to squeeze out.
    Lay on his bunk with him afterwards, he asked me if I enjoyed his body. My reply was to lift his head and kiss the young man. It was my first male male kiss and I can honestly say, it was joyful to feel his lips part as we began to kiss passionately.
    The very same night, He slipped under my covers and we kissed again. Only when it came to sex, not only did he suck on mym cock, I took his into my mouth in a sixty nine and loved the feeling of his little penis hardening in my mouth. I fucked him again, but slower spooning him and with more concern for his sexual needs. Reaching around, I tossed him off as I matched my own rhythm. Mark told me then he had feelings for me. I told him I wanted him to be my lover on the outside.
    It was another eleven weeks until he was released. We had sex each and every day until then. Not always with me fucking him, sometimes we just sucked one another's cocks to completion. But I still had a healthy desire to dominate his arsehole, and did so on many many occasions after our initial cumming together.
    I was released not too long afterwards on good behaviour, under license. My wife picked me up in her car and with her was a young man sat in the back seat. Mark smiled his usual large wide smile and said hello. My wife told me she'd contacted him after only a few days of him being released. (Don't ask, I don't know how she found his address) and they'd chatted about his time with me in prison. She was extremely calm throughout her conversation, but right at the end she said "He can continue to be your deviation from our marriage, but only him. And you make damn sure you're both clean". That night my wife and I made love. And I can honestly say, it was perfect to feel her flesh, her being and her love surrounding me. Yet two days later in his new flat, I slammed my cock so hard into Marks flesh, I made him cry out with pain and desire all at the same time.
    Mark and I are still very much gay lovers. My wife never mentions him and they've not actually seen each other since the day she picked me up from prison. She has however spoken to him a few times by text, something I've only just found out about. And they're topic of discussion apparently, is how, what, where and when I fuck him. On the days she's text him, I've now realised we've (My wife and I) have had some of the most rampant sex we've ever had. often with her wanting me to take her anally.

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    Straight Male / 55

    One day I decided to go into an adult book store, that I had drmen past many times. I went in and behsn looking at toys and then to the adult movie section.
    I was approached by a middle aged, heavy set guy who told me about their room where I coul watch some movies before buying one, so, I bought some tokens and went inside. I was going through a menu to pick something to watch, and a man came in the bootj and put a gay movie on the screen and stood beside me rubbing his seemingly erect or semi erect penis, and asket "do you suck"? He moved closer and then asked if he could suck me.
    I guess that deep down I had always wanted to find out how it to have sex with a guy, ever since I was approached as a young teenager, and refused. The guy sat and unzipped me and I got really turned on. Now, as you see, I am over 75, but can still get a decent erection, which popped up very soon after my zipper was going down.
    I began getting the most satisfying head job of ny adult life. Believe me I have many good blow jobs from females, but this one, for some reason, was superb. I nearly lost my balance while ejaculating, and had to sit for sometime before leaving the store. It was absolutely the most satisfying thing that ever happened to me, that guy was a real pro!!!!
    Many times I have thought of returning to that store, but have not done it. If I do ever return, I sure hope he is there. I may consider givng a a hand job just to keep him there longer.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    None of my friends know I have sex with men. I have absolutely no desire to kiss, or even hug with a man. I do suck cocks, but only occasionally do I really make love to a cock with my mouth. I absolutely love receiving anal sex, and can't get enough of it.
    If you vacation near Glacier National Park, contact me, and I will make myself available for you to fuck, or just ask for my nude pictures, and pictures of me sucking cock and being fucked. I will fuck groups.
    I like my pictures to be shared, as long as my name and location are always included. Help me come out as a cock sucking anal slut faggot.
    Ric Carter Somers, Montana rcriccarter@@@@g***l.**m

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