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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I'm sitting here right now wondering if I've gone too far. My father in law is a complete bastard, yet I found out fairly recently, he enjoys having his mouth filled with cock and adores being fucked.
    Having the knowledge, I told him I knew about a guy who'd fucked him (I didn't) and that I wanted my balls drained. Telling me his daughter would hear about it and he'd disinherit her, I basically called him out.
    Not only did he suck on my cock like no one has ever sucked on my dick before, but after I became ultra erect, I had him kneel up on his front room rug and fucked him from behind. To make sure he didn't try to make out I was going to be in trouble, I also took a brief video on my phone of my cock sticking out of his asshole, and his face in view.
    Since I first fucked him that day, he's been totally different with me, and hasn't been the complete shithead he's always been.
    In fact only two days ago we spent the whole afternoon having sex and I must have fucked him in as many positions as I;d ever fucked anyone. I also showed him the small video of me fucking him before. He now says he's true to his family and his daughter, yet he now wants me fucking him all the time.
    That's why I think I've gone too far.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    On a recent business trip I got pretty hammered at the hotel bar with I guy I had just met. We had a great time and related quite well. We are both married with kids, love our wives, travel too much for business, etc., etc. Anyway, as it got late we paid our tab and said goodnight and shook hands. We got on the elevator and I pushed the key for the eleventh floor, I pushed nine for Tom. As he got off the elevator he waved and turned right, just as the doors began to close he stuck his arm through and with an evil grin he invited me to his room for a nightcap. I knew in my mind the split-second before I agreed that I am probably going to be with a man for the first time in my life.

    Looking back on the whole evening I realize now that Tom had been seducing me the entire time. He tapped into my feelings expertly, and made himself very attractive to me. I walked into the room first and turned as Tom closed the door. My desire was frightening and I couldn't help myself so I kissed him softly on the lips. He responded and kissed me, his light stubble felt strangely sensual and my cock was hardening in my pants. He held my face as our tongues swam together, then he placed them lightly on my shoulders pressing me gently down to my knees. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock looked huge to me, tenting in his boxers. I pulled them down and came quite literally face to face with another man's cock. I shocked myself when my first impression was how beautiful and manly, but here I am at a life-changing moment. I took to cock-sucking like a fifty dollar whore. It was so natural to me to love and suck and swallow his thick dick. He came in my mouth with no warning and held my head, forcing me to sputter and choke as his cum slid down my throat. He released my head and I pulled off quickly trying to catch my breath, my head was spinning and I could feel him spew the last few spurts of cum on my nose, cheek and chin. Then he pulled out his phone and took a picture, I didn't know what to think about that.

    I got up to clean myself up but he stopped me and ask me to leave his cum on my face. I reluctantly agreed but truth be told I would have done anything he wanted. He told me undress and sit on the bed. My cock was rock hard and Tom spent the better part of twenty minutes taking to the utter edge of orgasm all the time inching his fingers in and out of my asshole. He got some lube and continued to prep my ass for his cock and again I was utterly shocked at my mad desire for Tom to fuck me. He pushed me back onto the bed and put his hole body on top of me, he kissed me passionately as he lifted my legs over his shoulders. He leaned back and began to work his cock into me. It was extremely uncomfortable and hurt like hell when his head popped into me. He worked slow even strokes until I could feel his balls on my ass. Slow and steady became hard and deep and at one point he just began plowing into me, then grunted loudly and he came again deep in my ass.

    Ten minutes later I was back in the elevator with Tom's cum deep in my ass, my stomach, and dried on my face and a raging hard-on. That bastard had never let me cum! I spent the rest of that night masturbating. This was my first gay sex ever and it was amazing.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I lost my virginity to the neighbor guy who is 68 years old. Heâs retired and his wife past away over 10 years ago. I always have thought he was very sex. I turned 18 in June and had been wanting sex forever. I used to see the neighbor guy walking through his house naked. He never shut his curtains on the one side of his house plus I mow his lawn and he has sliding glass doors on the back of his house so Iâve seen him naked walking past those. Seen him in his underwear too. He wears white briefs.

    Two months ago I was done mowing his yard and he was paying me. I was talking to him and he was only wearing a button down shirt and his briefs as he just got home from a doctors appointment. He had a great bulge and caught me staring. He asked if I had a girlfriend and I told him no. He asked if I was a virgin still. I couldnât deny that and told him I was and that Iâve been attracted to men more.

    4 days past and I was mowing his lawn again. This time when I was finished he invited me to swim in his pool with him. I told him I didnât have a swim suit on. He said just swim in your underwear. So I undressed to my underwear. I wear colored briefs a d he said nice briefs you wear. He took me as a boxer guy but Iâm not. He swims in a speedo always so his bulge was on display! I was rock hard before I got in the pool! He noticed and said looking a bit excited. He came up to me and asked if it was okay if he touched me. Of coup said yes and he started feel my crotch. He pulled my briefs off and tossed them out of the pool. He was giving me a handjob before I knew it and I cummed within a minute. He laughed and said that was quick.

    He then pulled his speedo off and I saw him hard! He was thick and a good 7.5â I bet. Uncut too. I was amazed by it. Never seen an uncut one in person. He told me to jerk him so I did. He came in a few minutes and said thatâs the first time heâs had any sort of sex in 10 years.

    We got out and I got dressed. He put his speedo back on. I was still hard when I went home!

    So a two weeks went by. I was still mowing his lawn and after I was finished that time he asked if I enjoyed the one day in the pool. Of course I did and asked if Iâd like to try more. I was a little nervous about sex but he told me weâll take it slow. That night he popped my cherry. He worked my butt with his finger for a while till he asked if I was ready for his dick. He had lube and a condom ready to go. When he was putting the condom on I told him not to wear it. I want to feel a guy cum in me. He asked if I was sure and I said yes.

    The first penetration hurt. Canât lie about that because he was so thick. But the pain went away and he slowly began fucking me. He cummed in under 5 minutes saying Iâm extremely tight and he hadnât had sex in so long. I was so turned in seeing his hard dick with his head covered hy his foreskin. He made me cum from a blowjob a d that was the best orgasm I ever had.

    He put his briefs on while I sat there naked. He handed me my briefs and said you better put those on just Incase you leak. I got dressed and said I should go home. I was all dazed and happy I lost my virginity. The next day in school I couldnât stop thinking of it. Yes my butthole was sore but I figured itâd be that way till I got used to sex.

    So for the past few months Iâve been letting the old neighbor guy fuck my ass. Whatâs funny even my mom has said heâs a sexy older guy and sheâs seen him in his speedos and says heâs packing! I know he is! He somedays fucks my ass before school. I go to school with his load in me a d I understand why he tells me to wear briefs after sex. It has leaked out a few times! Canât describe how much I love that old thick uncut hairy cock in me! I have a physical tomorrow and wonder if the doctor will notmy butthole looks different

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    Straight Male / 33

    i have fucked lots of girls, old, young, fat, thin, pregnant, gangbanged them, even fucked a couple of friends moms. i pretty much will fuck any woman i see.

    through all the sex ive had the one thing that gets me hard the instant i think about it is the time a black guy fucked my throat.

    ever sinse the first porn i seen ive fantasized about having a cock unload in my mouth. i finally got tbe nerve to meet a black guy at his house to suck his cock. i got there and was nervous so he said to just get on my knees and then grabbed my head and pushed his soft dick in my mouth. it waz not as big as i expected at first but within seconds my mouth was stuffed so full of black cock i had to put my hand around it so i didnt choke.

    all of a sudden he pushed my hand away and shoved it all the way down my throat and told me to just use my mouth cuz im his cocksucker as he began pounding my face like he was fucking a chicks pussy. i couldnt even breathe and he didnt care he was using my throat for his pleasure. it took a long time before he stiffened up and i felt his cock get even bigger as he rammed it down my throat and then without asking me or any warning he filled my mouth and throat with so much cum i couldnt swallow it fast enough so it was shooting out my mouth around his cock. this guy didnt ask if it was cool to cum in my mouth he just expected me to swallow. it was so hot i want to do it again but im not sure cuz now he wants me to drink his piss.

    is that gay? cuz im married and dont even find men attractive i just like a black cock in my mouth.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Iâm a 16 year old with a big ass. Add me on Snapchat cum4medaddy68

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I put bi but haven't had sex with a woman yet. Yesterday afternoon I went to this older guys place, I let him fuck me and he returns the favor with some help sometimes. He buys me things I need, helps make payments etc. I left his place at 9pm and went home to my room at my parents. From 3pm until about 15 minutes before I left I was gangbanged by 5 guys. I was their plaything, one called me a cum bucket and another guy wrote across it across my butt and it won't come off. I got fucked 8 times, sucked them all hard and got 3 loads blasted in my mouth. Since I started having sex a year ago I'd only let that older man, and 1 college guy have sex with me. I spent the night in the toilet, sperm is still making its way out of me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    My business partner of twenty years confided in me that his son Patrick came out to him over the weekend. He was quite depressed about it but not very surprised. He had always suspected Patrick might be gay. I tried to be understanding and empathetic as I had known he was sucking cock since he was seventeen.

    One Saturday afternoon six years ago I stopped by the plant to pick up my golf clubs. Patrick's car was the only one in the lot. I found him masturbating to gay porn on a computer. He didn't notice me at first, but when he did, he literally fell of his chair. He stumbled back up and he quickly cleared the screen on the computer. He forced his hard cock back into his pants and just sat there. He was obviously tremendously embarrassed and afraid. I could have gone a few different ways with the situation, but I decided to just whip out my big dick and started stroking. Patrick's eyes went wide and I swear I saw him lick his lips. Turns out he had never actually touched another guy's cock let alone suck cock. With a little encouragement he sucked my cock like a porn star, a benefit of all the porn he watches. As I peaked I held his head firmly and instructed him to always swallow my cum.

    Since that day we hook up a few times a year. I've been fucking him for about four years and he always swallows my cum if I don't cum in his ass. He is now in a relationship with a guy his own age, and between that and my wife and kids it's been less frequent.

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    Gay Male / 19

    My mom won't give him anal sex anymore because she says his large cock hurts her. It doesn't stop him entering my bedroom these days and offering me the same huge cock. She might have refused my step dad, I'm certainly not. In the eighteen months he's been fucking me, he's hardly fucked my mom at all. She's more than fine with that, as I've heard them talking about the lack of sex they have. Her words were "You're getting what you want anyway". I suppose she's right. He is.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Within the business I'm in, you cannot be squeamish when it comes to getting over the line with a deal. If you are, you'll find there are many others who will underscore your validity and take your potential hard earned money.
    It was a hard lesson I learned three years ago, only months after getting married. I lost a hell of lot of money, money which would have been able to set my wife and I up in a new home. I vowed that day, it would never happen again.

    Eight months after that stupidly failed deal, I was invited to a hotel to meet with a client who knew about my attributes, and who also wanted to settle on a very favorable deal. His proposition basically included me following him up to his very expensive room and using my talents to fuck him.

    I was a straight man who was married and had a wife who was expecting our first child. I also knew if I didn't go through with my part in nailing the deal and his asshole, I'd be back to square one and miss out on the finances again. Finances that would enable us to move from the shitty neighborhood we were in.

    Joining the sixty four year old in his hotel room, I allowed him to lower my trousers, rip off my boxers and then take my cock into his mouth. All the time I had my eyes closed and tried to imagine it was a pretty girl beginning to suck on my cock, but that in itself would still have been cheating on my wife. So I opened my eyes and watched that man lick, suck and practically devour my fully erect cock. He was so good at giving head, I found myself holding his hair and fucking his mouth. Which in turn made my cock respond and want to fuck him. Ordering him to kneel on the bed, I got the lube he'd brought with him, smeared it all over his married ass and plunged every inch of my cock up his asshole in one long thrust.

    In a fifteen minute period I fucked that much older man as hard as I'd ever fucked any female, and it began to feel amazing. He took it doggy, on his back and then I spooned him, tossing his little fat cock at the same time. He came all over the quilt within minutes, but I carried on fucking him. When eventually I did want to cum, I let him know and he told me, ordered me to cum up his ass. In a series of shuddering thrusts, I shot every drop of my cum up his asshole and held onto him making damn sure he took it.

    Five weeks later my wife and I moved out of our then home and into a new one. And I knew right then you cannot be squeamish about getting the job done.

    Over the following months I visited that hotel at least once a week and fucked my business gentleman with every inch of my cock. He loved nothing more than for me to dominate him, and dominate him I did with my oversized penis. Each time I fucked him there would be an envelope on the side for me, plus a new chapter in our furthered deal.
    In all before we settled our final deal with a overnight sex session, I fucked him more than thirty times, and every time he took my entire length up his grandfathers asshole.

    By then I was also fucking another client. Someone who I still fuck to this day. He's an entrepreneur who along with his wife indulges in bisexual sex. His wife never fucks other men, but does enjoy having other women when her husband is being fucked by me. We always have sex in the same room and every time she encourages me to fuck her husband mercilessly. I do so and thoroughly enjoy giving him a rough time. The one part she does include herself in, is having me cum up his asshole, then licking and sucking out my cum from his ass and feeding it to him as they kiss. It's a way I suppose of them staying together during our sex sessions.

    Two and a half years now I've been fucking clients. They've all known beforehand I have a very large cock and they're all married men. My sexual/health status, other than the first time, is now checked thoroughly by the men I fuck. It's not a nice process per say I guess, but then the men who I fuck are very wealthy and powerful, and I always have the results back ultra quick.

    Don't get me wrong here, it's not an every day event and I'm not having gay sex in crappy hotel or motel rooms. The men I fuck are very deliberate about who and when. And it's been a very lucrative way for me to ensure my clients get exactly what they want. And ten really thick inches is precisely what they want.

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    Gay Male / 48

    In February 1974 I was driving from El Paso to Dallas after I was discharged from the Army. I had a '69 Olds 442 and I was doing 95 when I got pulled over by the highway patrol outside of Big Springs. The speed limit was 55 and I was doing 40 over the speed limit so I was hauled in to the county courthouse. The JP was no where to be found at that time of the afternoon so I was put away in the once cell in the county courthouse.

    I won't go into all the details, I got hit up side the head with his fist and fucked by the night cop on duty and fucked good. I got his whole dick shoved up my ass. I had spent 18 months in the Army, seven of those in Viet Nam and the rest in El Paso. I knew a lot of guys who ended up sucking another man's dick and getting fucked up the ass, I just never believed it would happen to me. Of all the things that had happened to me up to that time, nothing came close to feeling so good. That felt good and he knew it and he shoved it in deeper.

    The next morning when I was supposed to go up and see the JP and get my fine the cop told me that I had two choices, face the consequences or suck him off and make him feel good and he would put in a good word for me with the JP and I would probably get off with a fine. If the JP took it upon himself to sentence me he could give me up to thirty days for endangering the public. I didn't suck him because he was going to talk to the JP for me, I sucked him because I wanted to. I sucked him and he got relief getting his stuff all over my hair, face and shirt, my first time. He slapped my wet face with his hand and licked it off afterwards and told me he was going to go see what he could do for me.

    I got a hundred dollar fine, a lot of money in those days, all I had on me was $175 and that had to get me to Dallas, food and gas. I gave the JP the hundred and the JP told the cop to escort me out to the freeway and make sure that I left the county. On the way the cop told me to stop at the Esso station and he got out and pumped a tank of gas for me and told me that should get me to Dallas or close to it if I watched my speed. He followed me until I went past the county line and waved me on.

    It was a while before I met this Kirby salesman in Dallas at a bar and we went up to his hotel room and I got fucked good a slow after a blowing him for a while. That night I got on all fours and let him come up to me from behind and stick his dick in me and it felt so good I whined and moaned for him. He gave me twenty five bucks and told me to get the hell out of there. For the next couple of years I worked at Love field as a baggage handler and sucked and fucked a good number of pilots. For me it was pilots, I never went along with a flight attendant or groundcrew, I had my standards.

    Anyhow, I am an old man now and I still love getting my mouth on a hard one, and when the opportunity presents itself I enjoy getting on all fours waiting for the fireworks to start.

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