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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 46

    My neighbour has a son he's in his thirties and doesn't work as he's very slow witted almost childlike but he has a kind heart and often does jobs for me, One day while he was moving a load of books in boxes for me i had just brought him a cola and as i walked into my storeroom i found him looking at a gay magazine of mine and to my amazement he had his cock out slowly stroking it, As i came into the room he froze afraid i'd freak out i put him at his ease and started to look at the mag with him he slowly got hard again and i took hold of it and he groaned, That was it i nearly dived onto his quite thick veiny cock and sucked hard on it until he shot a lovely big load into my mouth, Ever since he comes round often but not to work i just take him to bed he even knows how to fuck me now and he does just as i like it rough and hard, He loves me teaching him new things and he's got very good at sucking cock now too, He's a very good pupil and his mother has told me he's much calmer at home now though she has no idea why, Her big dumb boy is now my private fuck toy and better still he hates girls as he says they tease him so i have a clear field and very regular sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I am a married bisexual guy. My wife has no idea what I get up to behind her back.

    Right now I'm parked in a petrol station car park waiting on a phone call from my 63 year old married male lover. He will call when his wife is gone to work and the coast is clear for me to go to his house. When I get there we will have unprotected anal sex (him fucking me) and he will ejaculate in my ass, just like he does every time.

    I always feel guilty after but I can't resist that satisfying feeling of a large dick in my ass.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I work as a heating engineer and as such it sometimes takes me to a place which is frequented by gay and bisexual men. The sauna is open to all, but everybody knows it's mostly men who want sex that go there. One of the three sauna rooms they have wasn't working properly and unuasually for the place, they wanted me to sort it out during opening times.

    Attending to my work, I couldn't help but overhear two men next door having sex in the next sauna to the one I was fixing. From what I could hear, one was definately fucking the other. In a first for me I got an erection listening to them. listening more intently and seeing the door to the sauna I was in was shut, I took out my cock and began to stroke it. No more than a minute later the door opened and I was joined by a guy who was around my age, if not a little older.

    I mustn't have locked the door or put a sign on it saying "Out of service". He took one look at my erect cock. got down next to where I was lay and promptly took my cock into his mouth. I didn't say yes, but I also didn't say no. And am I glad I didn't say no. Because it has got to be the best fucking blow job of my life. For about ten minutes the man, licked sucked and deep throated my dick until I was on the verge of cumming time after time.

    Shoving a finger directly up my arsehole and sucking deep and hard on my cock, I came in a powerful burst of cum as I thrust into his mouth. Not once did he try to pull away and to his credit, he swallowed the lot. Sucking out the last drops, he let my softening cock slip out of his mouth, smiled at me, got up and walked out.

    When I finished the job to go home to my wife, he was stood in the foyer talking to a guy who works in the bar. I overheard him telling the barman "That newbie dressed as a workman has got a gorgeous cock". Needless to say I shuffled past trying not to be seen. I've not been back since I fixed the sauna, but have very fond memories of the place. And who knows if I'm ever desperate to empty my balls, I might just go back.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Have you ever met someone that reminded you of someone from your past?? Someone that made you bring back memories??

    This happened to me at a tax convention (yes I am a tax guy). This man sat at my table, and he looked so familiar, was attracted to him instantly, I am sure I made him uncomfortable looking at him like that. When he got up I looked at his zipper, I felt I could see his cock move under his pants. I followed him to the men's room, and watched him from a couple of urinals away. I am not an aggressor in relationships, I am very much the passive partner, I am not very good at starting conversations, conversations that lead to something. I guess my style is to look at a man until he makes the move, but this man did not make the move.

    At the table during the conference I went in and out of the man he reminded me of. He reminded me of that Mr. Jones that we all got to know in school. The one that gave us to try that first real man smell, that real man cock, that man, the one that fucked you for real. That is who he reminded me of.

    For me I was a precocious and had been messing around with boys since I was in the seventh grade. I was in a boarding school for boys in the south of England while my parents were stationed in Africa. That is where the older boys first introduce you to the pecking order in life. Some boys like me take to it like fish to water, having an older upperclassman have you as his toy. You learn to suck him off, to fold his socks, to wash his butt in the shower, to jack him off, and to lay down and give up your butt. For me anyway, it was all natural. But for other boys, it was hard as hell having to take it, and they became the worst when they got older on the younger boys. I never liked them, except for the one that was in charge of me.

    But back to my Mr. Jones. I was sucking dick one afternoon, not because he had asked me, but because I had finished folding his clothes and putting them away, and I was on my knees, and I just looked up and pulled down his zipper and sucked his dick. I loved his dick. Mr. Jones was doing hall duty and he came upon us. I could see him, and he could see me, and he watched me for a minute and then left. I finished sucking and became very nervous. I knew we were in trouble.

    We had homework hour after dinner, and he was the proctor than night. After he sent everyone off to their rooms he asked me to stay. He pulled out one of my assignments and started to talk to me about it. He asked me to come around behind his desk, and motioned to me to listen to a whisper. He told me he had something very special for me, and he unzipped his pants and showed me his dick. It was big, and thick, and dark, he pulled on it and exposed the head from behind the foreskin and asked me to show him that I liked him.

    I was so nervous I couldn't talk, but he put his hand in my crotch and cupped me and squeezed my balls and dick, and I got a hard on. He said, 'see you like it, now make me happy'. What words can describe that feeling of that first real man in your mouth. The smell is with me to this day and look for it every time I suck cock. It was so hard, and so big, my hand wrapped around it was not big enough. I had my eyes closed, I just had to eat it all. He held my head back, and got up with his dick hard as a rock poking out of his zipper, and went to make sure the door was locked.

    He came back and helped me out of my pants and had me bend over the desk while he ran his dick against my ass. He would poke at it, and reach around under me and jack me off, and poke again, he would rub the whole shaft up and down my crack, he reached around me and pulled my face towards him and gave a full lip kiss and then pushed me down on the desk and spit in his hand and wet my hole. He got his dick in the right place, and he pushed and poked until he managed to get me to let him in, and then he pushed himself all the way in. I realized I had cum all over the desk, I don't know when he came, I was glazed over just enjoying the most wondrous feeling imaginable. If it hurt, I can't remember, when he pulled it out I felt cheated, I wanted more.

    Mr. Jones and I became good friends. He was of middle eastern descent, with a darkish skin and a heavy beard. He loved to kiss my lips and his mouth tasted so sweet to me. I became quite good at doing my part, and he would from time to time, give me the whole treatment. I just can't forget Mr. Jones and my encounter that day at the tax conference with that man who reminded me so completely of my school days. Of course Mr. Jones' real name was Amir, but we had to call him Mr.

    Memories are sometimes even better than the real thing, don't you think?? Especially those early memories that are so cemented in your being.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I went into a sex shop one Saturday afternoon, decided to check out the video lounge and paid to go in.I knew it was a cruise area for gays. In the video lounge I saw a guy with a girl and they were fondling each other as they sat and watched the porn on the screen. It took a while to adjust to the dimness but finally I made out her hand playing with his cock. He had his pants pulled down.

    Some guys came and went but it was basically a quiet time. I moved to get a better view of the pair as it was a better show. After a while they gave me a look and stood up and moved to the rear area, where there were glory holes and very small private rooms, containing nothing but a bed.

    He was a twenties guy,slim, tattooed, in jeans and a leather jacket. She was in a skirt, a top and denim jacket. She didn't have a wig but wore her hair black and long. And she wasn't strictly a female. I was sure she had a cock.

    They went into a small room but didn't shut the door all the way. I lingered outside a while then eased the door open some more. The guy saw me looking but just smirked. She was bent right over, elbows on the bed, head down. Her skirt was up and her knickers were down,legs spread, and he was fucking her ass, pumping hard.

    I stood inside the room by the door, took out my cock and stroked it softly. She sensed I was there, stole a look at me. Nobody said a word. The only sound was of her ass being fucked.

    He fucked her good, ten minutes, who knows. But he finished, grunting happily. He let a few long moments pass as he came down from his sexual high, sighed and let his cock plop gently out. He had no condom to remove, put it away, and zipped up. Then strolled out, saying "your turn"

    She sat on the bed as I approached her, then took hold of my cock and sucked it as she stroked herself. We never spoke. Next I sucked her, a small uncut penis that was solid as wood.

    I knew she been fucked without a condom, knew the guy had shot his load in her, but I was horny for a fuck. She laid on her back and let me enter her. I should have put one on but I didn't. She said I was a nicer fuck because we were like lovers, me on top of her and kissing her. I put two loads of cum in her ass, I was enjoying that much.

    Afterwards we went for coffee and she gave me her number, and I'm meeting her Saturday.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Many years ago, a neighbor had regular access to me for extended periods of time. I was 9 years old when my education began, ever so slowly. We became friends and spent time doing interesting things together. Some times we would go out for a treat or movie & other times it was canoe & beach trips! We also went fishing too ! As time went on we grew closer & closer together.
    One day he asked me if I would like a nice massage & I thought that I would try that out. He used baby oil and was very gentle and smooth. I could sense the power in his hands and liked the feeling of a whole body massage. It was warm & very sensuous and I liked it very much!
    This went on for a couple of weeks, every afternoon after we had done other things of the day. Then one afternoon as he was giving me a whole body massage, he started to pay extra attention to my buttocks and crevice. This felt very good in a strange way, but he did not go any further than that for a week or more. By now, I was looking forward to our massage sessions and way excited by them but was not aware as to why or where this was headed.
    Then one afternoon near the end of our massage session, he worked on my crevice much more and started to flit his finger across my anus ever so lightly for a few minutes and I really liked it. This became an addition to our regular sessions and made me feel relaxed. Now he made a new move, he started to press on my anal sphincter strongly but gently in a pumping motion. I was very excited by all this and thought I was about to fly !
    The routine stayed the same for a couple of weeks and then he slipped a finger in me ever so carefully. Once in he went in & out slowly and also in circles that seemed to get wider and wider. After a week, he added a second finger to the routine and also went slowly in deeper. soon an other week passed and he added a third finger to the routine. Now I was beyond excited and was not sure as to why ! But, I knew that II did not want it to stop.
    At this point my friend did not add anything new to our massage routine for quit a while until I asked if he could think of more things to add on. He said that I would need to be "cleaned out" & he would help me with that. We went into the bathroom where we had a rub down table and he asked me to lay down on it facing down. I did, all the while anticipating who knows what !
    Soon he was massaging me again, but mostly on my crevice and rim, which was driving me wild. Then he inserted a large size tip of an enema hose into me and said hold your checks tight. soon the warm water was flowing in To me and I could feel being filled up slowly. As the pressure built up so did a kind of pleasure. Then I insisted in stopping because I now felt the need to evacuate urgently. This I did in the hopper and then he asked me to get back on the table as before. This time he said he would give me the whole bag slowly, if I could handle it. I said I wanted to try to take all of it this time.
    The slow and pleasurable fill up began. He was all the while massaging my back, nibbling on my ear lobes & kissing my neck and shoulders. I was now very aroused and had a woody that seem to get bigger by the minute! Now I was filled & had taken it all so I went and evacuated completely which took about 10 minutes to get the last of the water out.
    We both took a joint shower together & toweled off till dry. Then we went back to the bedroom and the massage started up again with a lot of work on my nipples too ! Soon he was penetrating & stretching me slowly but firmly as I got hotter & hotter ! I was now crazy with lust and desire! I had put aside any thinking or reasoning and was ready for anything ! What I knew was what ever it was to be, I wanted it now & badly !
    He now stopped and got up, my heart sank as I thought that this was the end for today. I swung my legs over the side of the bed & sat up. He came in very close in to me and looked deeply into my eyes for a time and then rubbed the nap of my neck slowly and gently with both hands then cupped my ears and jaw as he tilted my head up. Now he planted a very firm, aggressive and sensuous French kiss on my mouth which lasted for what seemed a long time as I became crazy hot !I did not want this day to end and wrapped my legs around his so he could not leave. I thought that he might finish up for the day and he took my move to be a signal for what would come next !
    He finished up his French kiss & his long, large, rock hard penis hard came on in as his lips left my mouth !I was surprised but gobbled it up and started to work on his head as intensely as I could. The more I did it, the more I loved doing it and I gradually took it down deep throat ! The sent & taste of this made mw so horny that I thought I might just pass out. I wanted to such it forever, but after some time he withdrew my treat to cool us both down.
    Now he pushed me back onto the bed and resumed the full massage and after some time started to focus on my buttocks and crevice. Soon he was penetrating my with his fingers and rimming my anus until I thought that I could jump over the moon. I was now fully stretched, expanded, relaxed and willing to try anything that he had in mind.
    now, he found a firm wedge pillow and placed it on the bed next to me and then rolled me over on my back on top of the wedge which was now under my bottom. He spread my legs as laid on top of me while working on my nipples & French kissing me ! Then he slid his arms under my knees and lifted my legs all the way up to my chest. I could now feel his raging hard-on tapping at my anal sphincter in a slow ever more insistent rhythm. Gradually it went just a bit deeper and II loved it ! I knew that I really needed what was to happen next.
    We were exchanging French kisses, nipple sucking and he gave me a small hickey or two on each side of my neck. All the while his shaft is moving forward & in very slowly until I felt some discomfort and he paused the advance for a
    bit. He hissed me with great passion & sent his tongue down my throat until I was panting and nearly breathless.
    Now he explained that he wanted to make me his and that it might hurt for just a bit but he promised that if I could take it the great waves of pleasure would quickly follow and send the both of us to "cloud 9" ! I whispered in his ear, O.K. !
    Now, I could feel the pressure building & he locked his lips onto mine with hot, sensuous, deep French kissing that made my mind float and he went forward firmly. The pain made me Gaspe and my eyes water, I held on and a wave of the most intense pleasure flowed over me to the point that I thought I was in paradise ! Now wee rested just a bit to adjust to the new condition that I have received. I was opened up & no longer an unknowing virgin.
    Slowly, my friend started to move in & out all the while going deeper and deeper until he touched the bottom of my well. We both were beside our selves with lust ,heat and pleasure and I did not regret what it took to get here one bit! I loved my new condition and promised to make the most of what it portended for my new life !
    We worked at this for quit a while trying to find the solution to our fire. Then he started going faster, deeper and stronger all the while French kissing me. This made me shaking, crazy with passion & lust ! All of a sudden his tongue went down to the deepest it could while he rammed me deep and hard. We both had a massive orgasm together, his was a flood and mine was small as I was new at this & that left us drained for a time. I now knew what I had been searching for and I was now 9 years old, Opened up wide, happy, satisfied & full of cum ! We managed to keep our relationship going hot & steady for years, during which I got good at sucking cock too! No one ever discovered anything about our secret life.

    satisfied & full of cum ! We kept this relationship going hot & steady for years of joy

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    It's true that I knew I was lesbian at the age of 11. I had no doubt about it. I had the hardest crush on my p.e. teacher, she was the perfect spesimen, tallish, blond and blue eyed, with the best legs and breasts you could want. She was always tanned to perfection, and her smile and white teeth were perfect. And I knew she was a lesbian, because we were girls and knew exactly what she liked.

    Unfortunately I wasn't what she liked. Her type were the cheerleader types, and I was a bit shorter and rounder and I was still fully undeveloped. But that did not stop me from crushing on her and being her total bitch and doing whatever stupid chore she wanted done. She was the queen and I was her servent.

    Later at 13 I had developed more and my hips were coming in, and one day I just blurted out to her that I loved her. He she told me that was nice, but left me standing in the cold. Her current pet was a 9th grade girl who was junior varsity cheer leader. She was perfectly shaped, and had a real pretty face. Although I knew the minute I declared my love for her that it was the wrong thing to say, I said it and had to live with it. I decided that the right thing to do was to hate her pet, and I hated her with all my heart.

    It was at 16, by then I had changed and grown a bit taller, although still only 5 foot 3, had developed a nice set of tits and slimmed down. That is when she began to pay attention to me. When I was finally taken by her, I cried. I had been in love with her for five years, and now finally she paid attention to me. I was now her pet, and I was so proud I wanted everyone to know. Let some other girl twist in agony, while I got her attention. My time in the sun lasted until the summer break, and when I returned the next year there was another girl who was the object of her affections. I was crushed, but got over it pretty quickly as a new underclassmen came to our school who became my girlfriend. This was my first real girlfriend, and to her I was the queen and she was the servent and I liked that very much.

    Today I definitely do not like women who look like my p.e. teacher. I am very much into girls who look like me, soft skinned with round features, full breasts with a pretty enough face. I like longish brown hair, and brown eyes. And I like her to like me. I like to sit by the lake and hold hands, I like to walk downtown and windowshop, I like to eat at corner Italian restaurants, where we can hide in a corner table and hold hands and I can tell her I love her. I am a romantic, and I am glad I got over the sport athletic stage. Frankly, I don't even understand why I was so hung up on my teacher. Oh well, time to run and get my kid and then we are going to meet my girlfriend for pizza and go to the movies.

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    Gay Male / 48

    I was an average guy in my early twenties with long bleached hair, no facial hair, long nails and very little body hair. Other than those things and a love of being a bottom for masculine men of all types over 21 I was just as much a man as any other guy my age, especially back then when long hair was just about mandatory on guys under thirty. My lover at the time was a decade older than me, more masculine looking and was more a Top than a bottom so we had a decent relationship. Back then barebacking was the norm, as HIV & AIDS hadnt made its appearance yet.
    However, we had our spats and ended up breaking up a couple of months later. One reason was his excessive jealousy and double-standards. it was OK for him to talk to other men but if talked to someone he thought I was cruising and making a date. One man I exchanged greetings with was a somewhat ugly old janitor at a shopping center. We became quasi-friends and one day my lover and I were shopping there and the janitor and I said hello and my lover made a few snide remarks.
    I hid my anger but decided that I would give that homely old man a try.
    The janitor was in his fifties but looked older, graying, balding, mustachioed, slender, somewhat wrinkled, wore old-type hornrim glasses, sported dirty nails and had nice salt&pepper hair on his chest from what I could see peeking out from his collar when he unbuttoned the top button of his blue-gray workshirt.
    The shopping center was on my way home from work and my lover got off an hour and a half after I did so one day I stopped by and caught the old janitor on his afternoon break. We went into a seldom-used mensroom nd got to know each other much better and I explained my snotty lover's rude behavior and he said his wife no longer put out and he was tired of masturbating and couldnt even hide a sex toy at his place. I asked him when & where I could blow him and he said he could make time by rearranging his cleaning schedule so he'd be cleaning this mensroom when we could get together.
    We hugged and french kissed. He smoked so his breath wasnt the best but it was still better than kissing a fem.

    A few days later on a Wednesday we met and got right to work in the last toilet stall. I knelt while he opened his fly and took out his over 6" cut cock. His crotch smelled but it was a manly sweaty smell and I inhaled as I sucked his cock into my mouth. Within less than a minute he was hard and I was pumping my head back & forth on his meat while holding his hips. A few minutes later he held my head and fucked me in my mouth for about ten minutes before releasing my head and letting me fellate him to orgasm. He told me to pump my head on him faster. A few more minutes he began taking short thrusts and whispering he was about to cum. He then grunted, his cockhead swelled alittle and he rewarded me with half a dozen strong rapid-fire spurts followed by another dozen lesser spurts as he unloaded in my mouth while I sucked his cum out of his dick. I sucked for another couple of minutes while he enjoyed having adding me to his list of conquests.
    I then sucked off of his cock leaving it clean and dry and kissed it and his hairy wrinkled ball sack. He said I was one of the most respectful cocksuckers he'd cum across. I thanked him and stood up. He surprised me by hugging me and throwing a loving passionate french kiss into my mouth which I gladly returned.

    We had a second oral session a couple of weeks later. It was much like the first but after I finished swallowing his cum he held my head and told me to drink his piss. I drank it and was thankful I had drank piss from mens cocks before. He enjoyed using my mouth as both a c**t and as a urinal and then told me how it built up and restored his ego. I was glad and also pleased he wanted to french kiss even though my mouth tasted like his piss.

    The third time which occurred a month later he wanted to fuck my ass. I had a couple of buddies fuck my ass so it would be well-lubed with cum before heading to the shopping center. Back in our usual stall I sucked his cock to hardness and left it wet with my spit. I then dropped my pants and bent-over for him, holding my knees. He spat on my hole, put his dick to it and shoved it right up my ass. Holding my hips he fucked me. I enjoyed getting fucked by him, glad a deserving manly man was getting a piece of my ass as well as my mouth. I didnt think I could cum from getting fucked by him but he was intriguing and I cummed from his dick frigging on my prostate. I caught my cum in my hand and licked it off while he finished fucking me. Another five minutes later he repeatedly rammed his dick in me as he unloaded inside me, is dirty nails digging into my hips. he then held himself hilted deep in me for about a minute, then slammed it home a few more times and yanked out of me leaving me feeling empty and wishing he was still inside me.
    Fortunately his dick came out relatively clean. he still made me suck it clean and then pissed while I drank. I then sucked off of his cock and kissed it and his balls, thankful for the cleaning effects of his piss.
    We hugged but didnt kiss that time. I told him that very time my lover and I had a falling-out or he was on the rag for some ridiculous reason I would come to the shopping center. He liked that.

    We had sex another dozen times until our schedules changed. I still fondly cherish those nice sessions we had and getting jacked off by one of his fat bear friends. Even though I was a twink or at least that age I still preferred masculine middle-aged and older men to guys my own age. I still like older men but sometimes fantasize joining a team of older Tops gangbanging a twenty-something twink's ass & mouth the way I was gangbanged a couple of times back when I was in college.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I had enjoyed sex with men as well as with women starting in college. The guys I had sex with had assholes ranging from tight virgin asses to holes as loose as a woman's vagina. The blowjobs ranged from mediocre to excellent whereas the blowjobs from women ranged from mediocre to terrible. Before I got married I had fucked and been sucked by about 25 guys. I also learned not to let guys with long nails wank my dick thanks to one punk who cut it and put me out of action for a couple of weeks.

    After getting married I stopped fucking other women due to pregnancy risk but I still needed the good blowjobs, the tight asses and the rimjobs my wife couldnt or wouldnt give me. Of course I still had to worry about STDs but I had a few regulars who were also married and/or were very careful.

    After the AIDS epidemic hit I stopped straying from my wife for a few years. It was either her c**t or my hand until a few years later when it turned out that getting sucked off was quite safe. I resumed letting three of my regulars suck me off but no longer fucked ass. One of my regulars was a nailbiter who stopped blowing cock as well as taking it up his ass but he was glad to masturbate a man's dick. He masturbated mine and it was one of my best cums, his hand was excellent, made for masturbation.

    I made frequent use of his masculine hands at least a couple times a week and had consistant good orgasms, shooting off my load into his open mouth. I was also screwing another guy's mouth.

    In time I met a second nailbiter who was also into mutual masturbation. He was a large balding bearded man in his forties. His hands werent as soft as the other nailbiter's but he made up for it with his big hands with thick fleshy fingers and thumbs and like the other guys I used, he didnt demand reciprocation. It was fortuitous because the first nailbiter got a job transfer and had to move out of state. The first nailbiter would kneel before me so the back of his fist faced my crotch and his thumb side was at the head of my cock. That kept my dick aimed at his mouth so when I cummed I shot directly into his mouth. It was absolutely safe for me while he took whatever risk there was in swallowing a man's cum.

    The second nailbiter was more adept at standing behind me and reaching around than at kneeling before me. He also had a little punk in his twenties who was his bitch. Our sessions started with the punk sucking my dick to hardness although just the big man's hand on my dick got me just as hard just as fast. The punk's spit, however, was good lube to get things started.

    My cum went one of two places: either into the fairy's mouth or into my big manly buddy's hand. The man then had his prag suck on his dick and leave it wet with spit, then he'd smear my cum on it while the punk bent-over or assumed another position of the man's choice, the man and I spat on the fella's asshole, the man entered him and had a piece of the little asshole. I loved watching my fellow sex hero have his piece of the fella's hole and how the fella then sucked the stud's dick clean and kissed it and his balls. One time I took seconds since I was quite sure they were HIV-negative as well as dd-free. Taking seconds after my manly buddy was heaven and I let the prag suck me off once but his manly stud boyfriend's hand was still better.

    That relationship with the second nailbiter and his punk ended when I got laid off and we had to move for my new job.
    Following those relationships I was able to go to a smut shop and buy some of those masturbation c**ts which filled in for my former sex buddies.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I am straight, but my parents gave me the middle name of "Gay". I have sex with any girls that find out just to shut them up! I've had sex with 20 girls.

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