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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    We only married six months ago, but already my pre existing sexual perversion has taken hold and has lead to where I am today. That perversion was to use ordibnary everyday items to fuck my asshole with.
    I genuinely didn't think I was attracted to men, and only thought I wanted the sexual satisfaction that anal stimulation gave me. The first time I did it was with a cucumber at the age of 17, I remember cumming so hard I was shaking vioelntly. After that I'd use all sorts of things to get myself off.
    Meeting my wife at the age of 25 stopped my urges as our sex life was amazing. After marrying her six months ago she and I were having sex on our return from our honeymoon. I was fucking her in the missionary position when she reached behind and slipped two fingers up my butt. When I came deep inside her pussy, I came like I had before I met her and it kick started my anal urges again.
    I'd find time when she ws at work to anally pleasure myself. A couple of months in I ordered a dildo on line and started to use that to have longer and longer sessions fucking myself. It was during one of those sessions I was disturbed by a guy selling items out of bag going door to door. He saw the large bulge in my bath robe after I'd answered the door and the rest they say is history.
    He basically asked if I was horny. I could hardly deny it, so when he asked me if I liked sex with guys I didn't hesistate, I invited him in. The man who's name I didn't get had his cock out within seconds and I was on my knees sucking on my first ever cock in seconds too. He was horny, I was desperate by that stage and it seemed totally normal to offer him my asshole to fuck. Now inside our bedroom, condom on, the one I'd taken from the bedside draw, he bent me over the end of the bed and thrust his cock into me in one go.
    Nothing, not one thing I'd used before, prepared me for how much I was going to adore having his cock being thrust deep inside my butt. It felt totally fucking awsome and I told him so. It only made him begin to fuck me harder, which in turn made me want it more. As his thrusts began to get deeper inside my body, my orgasm began to build and his cock started to throb.
    I came first, my cock erupting all over the quilt on the bed. He was litterally shouting at me that he wanted to unload up my butt, I told him too and even with him wearing a condom, I could feel his hot cum shoot from the huge head of his dick filling the end of the rubber.
    I knelt down removed the condom from his cock and took his shrinking cock into my mouth. The taste of the condom and his cum mixed in my mouth, and it's a taste I now love.
    Five minutes later he was gone, minus his cum load and a few items he sold me. I've had two other experiences since then, but neither matched that first fucking I recieved for real. I don't know if I'll ever stop wanting to have my asshole filled from now on. I still love fucking my wife and everything else we do sexually, but I also have my secret need to be fucked too.

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    Gay Male / 18

    hey i am a 17 year old male. i have been considering making an account on an online sex webcam site called chaturbate. I realize i am only seventeen and you are meant to be 18 before you do that. but i was wondering what are the real possibilities of me getting caught as long as i don't say my real age on the website. i look older than my age. is this a safe thing to do or could i get caught.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I'm naked as I write this and I'm horny. My back passage is lubricated with baby oil as my lover strokes my buttocks and pushes his finger into my anus, readying me for a bout of anal intercourse. I've sucked him to full hardness and now he is pressing his erect penis against my boy pussy. Stretching my pouting anal slit wide as he enters my willing body. I'm such a gay whore. I fuck for free and love the sensation of my partner achieving orgasm and Cumming deep in my ass. Is your penis hard as you read this?? Do you want to buttfuck my fag ass?? Come over to my place and my tight rubber hole will grip your shaft as you fuck my anal hole.

    I love pulling a train, and I am your ever-willing gayboy fucktoy. Come over and bring a friend. I promise to suck your cock and bend over so you can mount me and push your swollen manhood into my soft white ass. Fuck me. Use me as your pleasure object. Satisfy your sexual needs and leave me with a semen-filled ass. My crush has just finished and he is watching his sperm dribble out of my ass. He tells me he's going to rent my anus out and teach me to be a 5 dollar fucktoy. Tell me how you would like to satisfy yourself in my oiled cummy anal c**t...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Last night my landlord [Name Redacted] snuck into my room and woke me by sucking my penis. Once I was fully erect he turned me onto my belly and pressed his finger up against my anus. He lubricated my rear by rimming my pouting sphincter. Once I was juicy with his saliva he pressed his glans up against my anal slit before pushing his hard 6 1/4 Inch cock all the way into my asshole. Then he fucked me up the ass, his thick shaft violating my hole, all the way in until I was crying out from pleasure and pain. He fucked my anus deep and hard for some twenty minutes before ejaculating into my widened orifice.

    I was pleased to satisfy my landlord's needs as I love being a bottom. If anyone would like me to suck them off or would enjoy buggering my anal c--t lease let me know. I enjoy being used as a fucktoy for group sex, you can cum up my arsehole and watch your hot sperm dribble out of my butt. I love being anally fucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Submissive bottom, hairless with attractive rear seeking to be fucked anally. My back passage is elastic and tight. I am eager to suck cock and swallow cum. Looking for one, two or even three tops to run a train on my ass. I want to feel my anal hole filled with hot semen. This faggot will suck cock and satisfy your sexual needs. Two lovely holes for you to fill with your swollen cock.

    This whore will be your gay fucktoy. Willing anus ready for you to fuck all night and then lend me to your friends.

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    Gay Male / 20

    im 20 now, but when i was 18 i was working out at the gym (i know so cliche, but hear me out) and it was a time where there was pretty much no one except a couple people in the back and this one... GORGEOUS, tall tall tall guy working out across the room from me but still pretty close.

    im very masc acting but everyone in my area knows im gay because im out and i dont give a shit. i dont mean to sound conceited but i consider myself attractive. i work out a lot, ive got a deep voice, nice features, clear skin, six pack, big cock, broad shoulders things like that.

    so anyway there was this guy working out across from me and he wouldnt stop staring and it creeped me out. i was worried that hes heard that im gay and hes some sort of homophobe or something, because he was so macho and manly looking, so it kind of threatened me. he moved over to a machine next to mine and smiled at me which put my mind at rest that he wasnt going to beat the shit out of me haha.

    he was grunting and making noises and i was trying to stop my cock from going hard especially since he was so close. i shit you not, he looked at me and said "god im so sweaty" and smiled. i smiled back but that just pushed me over the fucking edge. my cock was throbbing and i felt so embarassed because it was really hard to hide especially under my shorts. as we kept going i knew hed seen it and thats just what made it harder. he kept smiling at me and he got up off his machine. i thought he was leaving but he came up to me holding all his stuff and said "do you want me to take care of that for you?"... i couldnt fucking believe it. this guy was so macho looking he didnt look gay at all. i kind of paused and he apologized for being inappropriate. i said "no no, its not" and he told me to follow him. i held my stuff in front of my junk so people wouldnt see haha.

    we went into this disabled bathroom in a remote part of the gym, it was pretty basic but it had a shower, a toilet and this kind of wide seat thing (that id later find out was perfect for fucking on). he asked me if i was a top or bottom or if i was new at this. i told him im a top and oh my god... he taken off his clothing and i could have cum without touching myself. its like one of the dudes from the porno i watch jumped out of the screen and offered themselves to me. his cock was enormous, low hanging ballsack with 2 massive nuts, and he was fucking ripped, he has huge pecs, nice nipples, some chest hair, a six pack, crazy BROAD shoulders, his face was gorgeous, he had a square, wide jaw and a big nose (i secretly love big noses haha), but most of all, what made my cock start pulsing was his huge, ROUND, high, tight ass, it was like 2 massive beachballs, i could feel my heart beating in my cock and it was twitching. i wanted it to disappear in that huge bubble butt.

    do you ever get so horny that your nuts start aching, your asshole loosens and the area between your asshole and ballsack starts aching and you feel it in your stomach. i felt that X10! he pulled down my shorts and started deepthroating my dick without even saying anything. MAN could this dude suck some good dick and im pretty damn big, so he was obviously experienced. he said something like "fuck i cant wait for you to shove this up my ass" but i was just hazed by his incredible cock swallowing skills.

    after i was done fucking his face, he sat himself on this wide chair. its hard to explain, but he sat his ass on the seat, spread his legs and put his feet up on it, so his legs were bent, at his sides, with his feet on the seat if you can sort of imagine. this drove me crazy, because it given me the perfect view. his scarily huge cock along his sixpack, his nutsack hanging down by his perfect asshole, his BIG feet (love big feet), his asshole perfectly on display SO inviting and looking perfect to just bury my cock in. it was stupid, i didnt even know him and i didn't use protection. luckily he was clean, but i think we were just both so fucking horny, we didn't think about using protection.

    this seat was pretty high up, so i walked over, he wrapped his arms and legs around my back and grabbed my ass and i started thrusting into his fucking perfect ass. his sexy little c**t was pumping my throbbing dick like a sex machine, it felt SOOO good. he was moaning and grunting really loud, which was turning me the FUCK on, but i kept covering his mouth because although we were in an area of the gym that was pretty quiet and there was almost no one there at that time, i was still so paranoid and scared of getting caught, so i kept covering his mouth.

    while i was fucking him real deep, and i mean balls deep (so hot), he did something to me that shocked me. he was squeezing my ass but then he started rubbing my hole. at first, i didnt think much because it felt SO fucking good and brought me closer and closer to cumming in his ass, but then he stuck his finger it. at first it shocked me and it kind of hurt, but the deeper i got into pounding him and the more he did it, the more fucking good it felt. this kinky bastard, no guy has ever done that to me before, and it was HOT.

    i felt like i was going to shoot my load, and as much as i wanted to, i just wanted to enjoy fucking him for a little longer. we switched positions where i was sitting on the seat and he mounted my cock while facing me, i think its called the cowgirl (or the cowboy in this case) so basically our abs were touching and his face was in mine, and he climbed on and mounted my cock. his face was so fucking gorgeous and manly, i was kissing him while i had his enormous asscheeks in my hands. i felt like such a MAN, it felt so fucking sexy to muscly beach balls in my hands, feeling it go up and down up and down, getting my cock pumped by his TIGHT hole. i was ready to blow any minute.

    it sounds kinda gross, but it was fucking hot the way his six pack and huge cock were bobbing up and down in my face as i fucked him, the smell of his cock and the smell of our sweat and man sex was just soo good. i was getting pretty tired, it had been like 10 - 15 minutes of raw pounding and even my cock was starting to ache and so were my balls, because i just wanted to empty them in his ass. i told him i want to cum and so he started to squeeze my cock with his asshole. it actually hurt a little, but it also felt good. i winced and he laughed. i was pounding pounding pounding, we were so sweaty and out of breath. the quiet noises he was making and the sounds of my thighs slapping his asscheeks were making my dick THROB and ready to shoot my huge load.

    i said i was about to cum and asked him to whisper dirty in my ear to help me shoot. such a slutty stud, knew exactly what to say, but i cant remember all of it. my dick started to pulse, pleasure shot up from my nuts to the tip of my cock. i pushed in as DEEP as i could, i have this thing about cumming as DEEP as i can in a guys ass, it just feels so manly. i was grunting and just wanted to scream as i felt a ton of semen jet out the end of my dick into his rectum. he said he could feel it, and i believed him. id never came so hard in my life. i kept thrusting for a little while and jerked his dick so he could finish off, but MAN that was the best sex i ever had. now im sad because every guy ive ever fucked since him (i didnt even know his name and i only saw him once after that [we didnt fuck]) is just NOWHERE near as good as he was. i need a powerbottom that fucks ME. he made me feel like he was fucking ME rather than me fucking HIM. i just wanted to share this story on here, because when im jerking off, i still think of that fuck to this day. hottest fuck of my life.

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    Gay Male / 53

    When I was fourteen I was sent to a military boarding school to man up. I was a pretty big sissy at the time and I guess my parents felt that I should be in an all male environment to become a man. As a sissy at a boarding school you stand out as soon as you arrive and you become the girlfriend of an older dominant male. It hurt, it hurt like hell, but you don't complain. You take it because complaining will not help. You know from the moment that you show up there that you're the sissy and that makes you the girfriend.

    By the time Christmas break came, and I could go home I was broken in and was all girl. I got home and was even more of a sissy than when I left. But now I was experienced. I hooked up with my older sister's friend, he was a real jock, but he liked sissies. And he was experienced, he knew what he liked and after a couple of times I was pleasing him. He was the perfect jock, so I was sworn to silence or he would hurt me. I wasn't going to tell, I liked being his girlfriend.

    B ack at school I went back to the being the girlfriend of my upperclassman. At school you were divided into sissies and non sissies, and as I was a pretty overt sissy I could act any way I wanted. Uniforms were the order of the day, but not pajamas or underwear. My boyfriend bought me things to wear and I wore them for him. There were other sissies at school, and some like me wanted to express ourselves and others kept it bottled up, suffering terribly when they were taken out for a joy ride. But for me, boarding school was made to order.

    As I moved through school I was the girlfriend to several upperclassmen, and in my senior year I was the girlfriend to one of the DIs. He was Mr. Macho Man, a tough no nonsense DI, with a lot of appetite for a girl friend on campus. When I graduated, I joined the army. This was before don't ask don't tell, so discretion was important. But all good boys want girlfriends, and I was never alone. I had dates every weekend and some were bang up weekends.

    After I was discharged I went into insurance sales, home, auto, life, stuff. I had an office in a class c building and an active social life. Across from my office was a Hyatt Hotel, and Friday and Saturday nights you could always hook up in the bar. These were blind hook ups, no real names, as these men were married with families and discretion about their activities was the order of the day. For some I would dress and for others we were just two buddies sharing a drink, until we went upstairs to the room. My thirties were a forever fun filled time.

    My forties were tough, an older sissy just doesn't get respect. And forget your fifties. Now I live on my memories, but finding a casual acquaintance for an anonymous hook up is near impossible. I mean a real high end hook up, there are creeps out there on the internet, but who wants to wake up with surprise that ruins your life.

    I am looking for an older descent man to hook up with, sure the spark of adventure is more difficult to start, but maybe a good time can be had, although the action would be more subdued.

    Some time I think of my mother's old song, the Old Gray Mare, except I am the Old Gay Mare. My memories are vivid, and my heart is in the right place, but who wants an old sissy to spend time with. Now I have said it all.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I've kept this secret now for exactly twenty years. Too long.

    At the age of seventeen I had a fight with an older guy who'd been giving me some grief in the showers after football. I have a larger than average penis, that when it's erect, it measures around nine and half inches. He thought it would be funny to let all the older women who were around the club, enter the showers to see my cock. To cut a long boring story short I got angry, he kicked me bare footed, trying to boot my balls, but missed. The nails on his toes caught the skin near the top of my leg and cut into it. I punched him and got suspended from the team.

    It got infected around the site of the kick and I had to go and see the doctor. After two visits, I had what I thought was going to be my final visit, but with a younger doctor. Still older in his mid thirties, but younger than the ones I'd seen previously. As with the other doctors, because of where the cut and infestion was, I had to remove my underwear. Unlike the other doctors I got an erection as he inspected the wound.

    I was totally embarrassed, but he told me not to be as he'd seen other mens erections before. He did add however "But not one as big as yours and not one as beautiful either". I was a little shocked to hear him say "beautiful" but also strangely turned on, as could be seen by my cock pulsating. Looking at the doctor, I told him my erections usually last for some time and knowing I had a pair of fairly tight fitting shorts to put back on, it would show as I left.

    I didn't ask him, I didn't encourage him, in fact I didn't say or do anything that would have given him the thought to do what he did next. Taking hold of my cock as he was knelt in front of me, he opened his mouth and tried to swallow my cock in one go.

    He was a doctor right, someone who shouldn't be doing what he did. I should have stopped him, I should have called out for him to stop what he was doing. I didn't, not because I was scared, but because he was so fucking good at sucking on my dick. Each time his head bobbed down to take more of my cock into his mouth, the more I actually wanted him to be sucking on my cock. His tongue worked a up and down my cock shaft as his mouth enveloped my dick, and it felt awsome.

    I was sexually gone by the time he put his hands onto my ass cheeks and began to pull me into his mouth. I'd been sucked off by girls before, but nobody and nothing was like the head he was giving me. Eventually I was holding his head, forcing him to suck my dick. I was literally fucking his mouth, using it as I'd fucked girls pussies in the past. His moaning told me I was in control and it only encouraged me to fuck his mouth faster, which in turn brought on my orgasm.

    When I came I didn't even let him pull away. I ejaculated filling his mouth and throat. Totally spent with my dick going limp in his mouth, I let go and he rose. Walking me over to the examination table, he told me i'd need to see him a couple more times at least, and to specifically ask for him.

    I saw him three more times at the doctors surgery. Each time he sucked me off and each time it got better and better. So much so, I agreed to see him outside of the doctors. In his car I let him blow me off twice more. When he asked me to fuck him though, I got scared. It was something new and different to let a guy suck me to completion and swallow my cum. It was something else entirely for me to put my cock into a guys asshole and fuck him.

    I didn't see him again and I've never had a gay experience since that time. I'm married now with kids and don't envisage letting any man suck me off. But as they say in life, you never know what's around the corner. Who knows if I met him again tomorrow, I might just let that doctor examine me all over again.

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    Gay Male / 20

    I had a friend when I had just become a teenager who I sometimes hung out with, but not much. That might have been a good thing because I thought he was hot as hell.

    I had never felt this way about any other boys at that time. I liked girls more. Still, he had long (for a boy) straight and soft brown hair, blue eyes, and naturally puckering lips. I think I liked him because he looked so much like a girl.

    In fact, I could tell he liked me too. Sometimes, while we'd be watching TV, the side of the couch I'd be on would give me a view of his reflection on the sliding door window. I would see him sometimes look sideways and check me out.

    Well, this kind of sexual tension eventually becomes unbearable. We were playing N64 at his house one afternoon when his mom got a call from his older sister. She was borrowing their older car and it broke down. His mom figured it would be less expensive to take their truck and tow it to a repair shop than to have her daughter call for a tow. As she left, she told us to be good. We didn't respond, since we were so engrossed in our game. In fact, we hadn't even realized she was gone.

    It only took a power outage to break our eyes from the screen. After the usual curses and expressions of frustration, we realized that his mom was gone. So, we went into his room to see if we could find his Gameboy Pocket. We figured we could clone pokemon or something.

    As we did our thing, we made different remarks, like why anyone would legitimately try to trade a Pidgey or a Rattata for a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur. One thing that slipped out of my mouth was "Cloning pokemon is like having sex and pulling out at the last second!" I chuckled for a second as did he, but it was very, very short lived. We awkwardly glanced away from each other and when I looked back over, I saw a bulge in his jeans. I just stared at it. He must have seen me staring because he eventually put his Gameboy down. He scooted a few inches toward me, took my Gameboy and started kissing me.

    My stomach leaped. This wasn't happening! I couldn't believe this was happening, but it was, and it felt good. Mind you, this was our first attempt at kissing and we basically pressed our open mouths against the other's, but I was getting hard very quickly. He reached down and started rubbing my legs, putting his hand up my shorts and rubbing my quads.

    I was getting butterflies. I laid back so that he could play with the rest of me. He started rubbing my crotch and I started feeling his fingers going up my navel and under my shirt. I helped him get my shirt off and I pulled down my shorts and whitey-tightys. I laid sprawled back on the carpet so he could get a good view. "Oh, man..." he whispered. I started tightening my groin repeatedly, causing my penis to move up and down. I knew he would get off to that. And he did. He had that shirt and pants off in about 3 seconds. He approached me on all fours, looking me over. He started kissing my chest and nipples. He also began to play with my scrotum, feeling my testes in his hands. He eventually straightened on his knees and pushed my legs apart. He looked at me, and I barely nodded my head, letting him know that I was his to have, but still very nervous about it.

    What he didn't know was that I would often fantasize about being penetrated and I would practice with our plunger handle at home. So I was as ready as I was going to be. I felt him nudge against me. I got goosebumps and took a breath. I put my hand down and guided him the rest of the way.

    It hurt a little at first, and I had to remind myself that I wasn't really about to start shitting everywhere. It took a few minutes, but he finally stretched me and got far enough into my rectum to start getting busy.

    "Ohh. Ohh, that feels so good..." he whispered, moaning. He leaned into me and hooked his arms around my shoulders, taking me in. I could feel his torso against mine. He still had a little baby fat on his stomach, which made it soft. I was starting to get so erected that I had to shift a little to get comfortable again. He went along with it and kept pushing his boyhood into me. He kissed me many times and stuck out his tongue into my mouth on many occasions. We were getting better at this.

    Then, he started stiffening. With every thrust, his body started shaking and his breathing getting heavier. He was getting ready to cum. I was mentally preparing myself for the fact that I was about to lose my virginity to a boy.

    When it happened, he stuck his dick so far into me that I nearly screamed. I could feel it pulsating inside of me and his warm cum squirting into my ass. I could feel his hairs on his body sticking up. Then, they went back down and he collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

    Hearing him pant, I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. Wow, climaxing really did take it out of a guy.

    After several moments, he finally lifted himself off of me and pulled out. I could finally breathe again. He was heavier than I though. He quickly grabbed the tissues off his bedside table and caught what must have been his juices slipping out of my anus.

    After tossing the used tissues into the garbage, he laid face down on the floor, still panting a little.

    I approached him on my knees and started massaging his butt cheeks. He let out a small, relieved sigh, and I could feel him relaxing. I rubbed his legs and feet to warm him back up a little more.

    Just from looking, I knew I was never going to get inside of him. I was ok with that. All I wanted was that ass of his and humping it was good enough for me.

    I wrapped my cock in his crack and slowly started moving back and forth. He was a little sweaty from before, which made it easier. His head turned and he began to sit up. I gently pushed him back down. He submitted, knowing that I had met his needs and now it was his turn to take care of mine.

    I pinned his wrists to the floor and took him from behind. His ass was so cute and I was really enjoying the fact that I got to rub my dick all over it. It took a while, but it was like a rocket. I felt a small tightening on the right side of my groin and I knew it was going to happen soon. I started rubbing harder against him till I couldn't take it anymore and released, spraying my semen all over his clean, hairless backside. Some of it even flew to his mid back area. My balls must have produced a huge load of cum just for this occasion. This was the most I had ever let out.

    I let go of his wrists and admired my work. He looked so sexy with all that white stuff on his ass and back.

    It took me a few seconds to realize that he was waiting for me to clean it up, which I did.

    We both promised ourselves that we would never tell a single soul about this. The last thing a couple of junior high school kids needed was for everyone to know they were gay. Thankfully, no one did.

    I haven't seen him at all since high school graduation. He still looks a lot like he did before. I'm pretty sure he shaves his hair because his arms and legs are always so smooth and he's still maintained his sexy figure. I'm thinking it might be time to get together again and do a little more "pokemon cloning" if you snatch my drift.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    four days before we got married I cheated on my then fiancee, but not in the usual way I suppose.

    I'd been working away and was waiting for my flight home. It was late at night and I'd gone through security already. Needed a pee I entered the mens room and knew straight away people were in there having sex. Walking past a cubicle I was shocked and surprised to see the door wide open. Inside was a young guy bent over the toilet and an older guy around my age was behind him, fucking his ass. They were both in uniform and both looked at me as I past.

    Stood having a pee I heard the older guy say "If you want some action he's willing to take yours". I'd never thought about sex with a guy, never mind actually fucking one. It made no difference to my cock though, because no sooner had I stopped peeing, I got an erection. Looking over my shoulder I could just about see the cubicle they were in and they were still fucking. I really really still don't have the answer why, but not even bothering to do myself up I shuffled over the cubicle and went in.

    There was no ceremony, no questions, all that was said was "Put this on". I was handed a condom and within a minute I had it on and was about to put my rock hard dick into a young guys asshole. With the older man watching, I slid my cock easilly into the younger guys ass and started fucking him. It didn't take me too long to cum with lots of encouragement fro the older man, probably around three or four minutes. But it was three or four minutes of the best fucking I've ever had. When I blew my load inside the young guys ass, he groaned and I saw he'd cum all over the toilet seat in front of him. Slipping the condom off and moving aside the older guy said "Enjoy that, right sir be on your way".

    Fi ve minutes later, after cleaning myself up, I was sat at the gate waiting to board. When I did board, the person who took my boarding card was the young guy. As I passed him he said thank you and then added "Daddy bear said you can cum back anytime". He enthasised the word cum as if to make the point, but I was too embarrassed to reply. The look I got off his female colleague who was stood only a couple of feet away said "I know what you've been doing, you dirty bastard".

    It has been the only ocassion I've ever had any form of sex with a guy. In fact it's the only time I've ever cheated on anyone. We've been married now for two years and the reason I'm confessing now, is next month I'll be travelling through he same airport with practically the same flight times. How life seems strange sometimes.

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