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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 42

    Never wanted to go to the concert in the first place, as it was mainly for women. Yet I tagged along as she'd been to a rock concert with me earlier in the month. Bored with the music, I decided to take a walk out of the arena and maybe grab a beer.
    Walking past the male bathrooms I saw a young guy no more than seventeen or eighteen, leaning against the wall. He smiled as I passed and then said "You just as bored as me. My moms watching that shit, you fancy some other entertainment". his question stopped me in my tracks and had me walking over to him. When I asked him what entertainment, he quickly dropped his loose fitting shorts, spun around and said "How about fucking this".
    I'd not once ever thought of gay sex let alone actually contemplating having any, so it was a shock to myself to find that I was following him into the bathrooms. A minute later we were ina stall and I had my jeans around my ankles as the young guy was sucking on my dick. No sooner than my cock was rock hard, he turned around spat on his own hand and rubbed the saliva over his asshole. Turning his haed he said "You better get on with it, it'll finished soon".
    Not having time to think, I put my cock t his butt hole and pushed in. It was clear I wasn't the first guy to have fucked him, as my cock slid all the way in, in one go. And from that moment I fucked the shit out of the young man. I didn't give a flying fuck if anyone could have heard him moaning out loud, and I certainly didn't care about his pleasure either as i screwed him as hard as could.
    Taking what I was giving him, he told me to fuck him harder and the moment I began to really hammer into him, he shouted out he was cumming. No more than a minute later I was unloading my seed up his ass and jerking all over the place.
    Then exiting the stall we had about ten guys looking at us. One of the guys said "Way to go dude, wish I'd have thought of that, the concert was shite man".
    Joining my wife just before the encore finished, we got our gear together and walked out of the venue. Just as we reached the steps down to our car, we passed the young guy who gave a knowing look and said "Next time man, lets hope it's boring again". My wife asked what he'd meant, so I told her I bought him a sly beer.
    The concert was five weeks ago. Since then all I can think about is banging a young guys asshole again. I know there's a place nearby where gay and bisexual men meet for sex, but so far haven't gone down there. Maybe when my wife's away soon I'll take along walk down there and see where it leads me, hopefully up some young dudes asshole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    God damn my asshole is sore. It's been a day and a half since George left my parents home, and yet my ass still feels like his huge cock is still fucking it. George and I started having sex three months ago after I began fucking his daughter. He caught us fucking in his house and basically kicked my butt. Two days later I was round at their home apologizing (As well as fucking his daughter) and George said I could carry on seeing her if I did him a huge favor. So after screwing his daughter (A quickie) we went to talk in his garage.
    It turned out George not only liked fucking his wife, he enjoyed young men's assholes too. Across the work bench in his garage, I first sucked on his cock and then let him slide every one of his nine inches up my ass. His wasn't the first cock to fuck me. A teacher in my senior school had that particular honor. But George's cock is the largest cock that has slid between my butt cheeks. After fucking me and making us both cum (Me for the second time that evening) he told me he'd like to carry on fucking when and if we got time.
    A day and half ago my girlfriend kissed me goodbye as she left to go on a trip with her mom and sister. My parents were away too, but only overnight visiting my aunt. (I honestly think my pops is fucking her) Anyways, George was round not much after his daughter had kissed me goodbye. Sucking on his cock to get him good and hard, he told me he'd taken Viagra, and boy did I find out over the next four hours, just what that little blue pill can do for a man.
    George fucked me in every possible way and in every room of our house. It was if he was marking his territory and my asshole as his very own. I wasn't complaining though as my girlfriends dad took me to one orgasm after another, even if some were almost dry. Our last fuck before he left to go home in the early hours of the morning, was on our front porch. The sun was just about rising and I was mounted on top of his fuck pole. We fucked naked on the porch and only briefly stopped as a mail van passed by. Letting him fill my insides up again, I took his cum up my ass and then settled down in front of him, sucking his cock clear of the cum and ass cream.
    My girlfriend's calling by later, I just hope my ass has calmed down by then. Because I just know when she gets here, she'll want fucking.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Even though I live with and fuck an older woman, most of my sexual times are with men. Older men.
    After a colleague at work was bragging about all the women he'd fucked, thirty plus, I threw a figure which made all the people listening laugh. You see I'm not what you'd call a good looking guy. Nor am I a muscular Adonis. But what I do have, is a nine and half inch long thick cock and the number I have them was true.
    From the age of fourteen I've been fucking both men and women. My first fuck was a neighbor of ours. I fucked him in his garden shed after catching toss himself off to gay porn. He took my cherry and started my lust for shagging older men and women. The next person to have my cock fucking them, was his niece. She was a slut and only had to be shown my cock, to have her opening her legs.
    Knowing there was an area in the large park where I lived, that men met to have sex, I began to cruise it. It wasn't long (An hour to be precise) until I had two men enjoying my cock, sucking on it in turn. Then the oldest of two leaned against a tree and had me fuck him. I dropped my load up his ass and had the other guy suck off my cock when I pulled out of the guys ass.
    Ans so it went from there. Nearly every day there was someone who'd want my cock to suck or sometimes to have me fuck them. A the m9onths and years went on I became choosy whom I fucked, but would allow most guys to suck me off. And I developed a sense of protecting myself too, always wearing a condom (The older men paid for them).
    The park was replaced by the internet and I cruised that for partners I wanted to fuck. Eventually I had quite a few guys and some married women who I regularly fucked. And that is the cast today. Although I'm now reserving my talents for men who like to be, lets say benevolent. The older woman I live with was my landlady. I fuck her two or three times most weeks, and for that I get to live rent free.
    And the amount I told my colleagues I've fucked, at this present time is 142...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Five months ago I really fucked up at work. It should have meant my dismissal I suppose, but the senior director who was up from London at the time asked to see me.
    After calling for me to attend a meeting with him, I met him in a private office away from all the other company offices. He asked me why I'd made the mistake and what I thought he should propose for me to make amends for that mistake. We spoke for some time with different things being suggested. Then the door opened and the manger of our site walked in to tell us everyone was going home and for me to lock the offices.
    The director smiled when the manager looked at him and my manager gave him, what I now know to have been a knowing wink.
    Saying goodnight and closing the door behind him, the director turned and said "The way I see it the only way we can possibly keep you on is (He paused) is if you do something extra special for me personally".
    Knowing my fiancee and I had just obtained a mortgage, and were going through buying a home together, I knew pretty much whatever he suggested I'd probably have to do.
    Standing up from behind the desk he'd been sitting at, he dropped his trousers, took out already semi erct cock and said "Suck it". There were no other words or even an attempt to see me as anything but a smaler piece of the companies cogs.
    Looking at his hardening cock, he smiled at me held his dick and shook it in my direction.
    Everything went through my head. My fiancee, the house, the job and then something my mother always used to say "Make sure you keep your family together".
    Walking the ten feet between us, I sank to my knees, closed my eyes and opened my mouth. His cock felt warm and hard in my mouth, but also had a silky softness to it too. As he began to slowly fuck my mouth he said "Show me you want to stay with the company". And I did.
    Over the next five to ten minutes I gave him what I thought was an average blow job. It was my first after all. I tried to copy what many girlfriends had done to me, plus what my fiancee loved performing for me, and that was deep throating his cock.
    You could say I got carried away, because I really began to enjoy giving him pleasure, but then he stopped me abruptly, and asked me if I'd like to persue a different role within the company. Looking a little confused, he looked down at me and said "I want to fuck you. It's simple, you let me fuck you and you'll be given the opportunity to prove yourself in a different department". Getting me to take his cock back into my mouth, he then added "And you'll be receiving a far better salary, plus my cock each month".
    I sold my straight soul over the next twenty minutes. Stripping naked as he'd suggested we both do. I leaned over the desk and readied myself as best I could. The lube was in a draw, as were the condoms. I turned to watch him slide the condom down his cock then felt him press his cock against my rear hole, after smearing the cold lube all over my arsehole.
    The feel of his cock entering will stay with me my whole life. It was a mixture of pure pain and total pleasure. The pain took over at first as his cock slid all the way in. Then my senior director let his cock settle up my arse for a minute. My arsehole relaxed somewhat, and he slowly began to fuck me. It wasn't pleasant to begin with, but I could feel something different from the pain trying to surface. He kept on reassuring me I'd enjoy it soon enough and he was right.
    The complete and utter joy when it flowed through my arsehole, was a wonderful shock. It isn't easy to describe if you haven't been fucked. But I would say it's like someone sucking your cock ten fold.
    He knew the instant I'd begun to enjoy the sex and started to fuck me with longer harder thrusts. And that in turn made those feeling much more intensified. It got to the point I turned my head and asked him to fuck me harder. And that fifty four year old did just that. He buried every inch of his seven and a half inch cock up my rear hole, and told me I was his to fuck whenever he was up from London. With a his pounding me, I agreed.
    My erection wasn't even noticed. I was taking too much time enjoying the feeling his cock was giving me, but I noticed when I came all over the desk beneath my body. My cum flowed out of my cock spreading onto the oak surface as he continued to grunt his satisfaction up my arse. Gripping my hair he pulled my head back and shouted out loud he was cumming. I felt his hot cum cum flying into the condom and felt his urgent need to release his pent up sexual energy.
    Flopping down onto me once his cock was spent, he held me tight as I'd hold my fiancee after fucking her.
    It felt like I was his and to all intents and purposes I was. Not only as an employee, but also now as a younger man who wanted his cock to savour. Every part of my self esteem was bruised but not totally smashed and he knew it.
    Dressing, he made good on his promise by telling me I was to be promoted. The mistake hadn't happened as far as he was concerned, and I was to keep it that way each month he was up at our offices.
    Five times now he's had me keep him sexually satisfied. Only once more though at the offices, as he makes sure he has a hotel room booked for us. I spend a whole afternoon making sure he's more than happy with my work, in and out of the office. And he's now got a more than willing younger man to fuck as and when he wishes.
    My manager arranges the hotel and every time gives me a knowing look. He's even suggested I give him oral relief every now and then, as a way of thanking him for not firing me on the spot. That's something I'll have to think about, but having said that, if he's got a nice large cock, I might just have to give him what he wants.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    My wife Cheryl and I hadn't had sex in over eighteen months. She'd told me her appetite for sex had gone, which left me with some serious decisions to make. Don't get me wrong I loved Cheryl and very much still do. I also love our life together. But and it's a big but for me, I adore sex. I have a very healthy sex drive and I really struggled with not having a wife who was prepared to willingly be seduced.
    I'd thought about hookers, or even younger woman, sluts basically, who like older men. Some of my buddy's fuck younger women (Late teens early twenties) occasionally. But a couple of those have gone wrong ending in divorce. I also thought about maybe having a young guy suck me off every now and then, as I had in college a few times. But I knew, or thought I did, I wouldn't ever fuck a guy or even kiss one.
    I'd gotten to the point I was masturbating daily, but desperate to have sexual contact with someone. I'd spoken to my wife about my situation many times over the eighteen months, and she did seem sympathetic, but still didn't want sex. So nearing the point of finding a hooker I was stunned by a neighbor of ours, an eighteen year old male neighbor, who basically asked me one sunny morning if I'd ever fucked a guy. When I asked him why, he responded "My so called boyfriend won't fuck me".
    I didn't even know he was gay, and to all intents and purposes he wasn't, as he was most definitely fucking a young girl a few doors down from our home. I know this because she's pretty much told everyone who cared to listen, Todd has a huge cock. The statement threw me at first, but it also had an effect on me, it had my cock growing. Todd noticed and smiled.
    "Ever fucked a guy" Was still in my head" when Todd stood up to me and cupped my growing dick. It was the middle of a sunny morning and right in front of our house. Luckily my wife was out shopping and it appeared no one had seen him feel me up.
    Moving back I asked him what he thought he was doing, but my cock was reacting in a way that said, do it some more. my life changed in the next five minutes. Moving aside as he walked past me into our home, Todd stood in our hallway and removed his shorts, then his top. He wasn't wearing underwear, so he was naked ten feet from where I stood and the girl was right, Todd does have a really large cock.
    Closing the door behind me, I too undressed. It was purely automatic and within seconds I had an eighteen year old's mouth wrapped around my cock. It had been so long since anyone had pleasured me, my cock was straining within seconds of his mouth sucking on my cock. Releasing my cock quickly, Todd stood up walked over to the stairs and knelt on the bottom step. Looking back at me, our young neighbor said "Now fuck me".
    There was no doubt in my mind, no hesitation to my actions. The moment I closed the door I was going to fuck him. So stepping up to him, I spat on his asshole, put my cock to his rear hole and slid every inch of my eight and half inches up his tight but very willing hole.
    You would have to have been in my shoes to understand, when I say I was so sexually frustrated, fucking Todd that morning was like being a virgin again. I gave no thought to Todd or his comfort. I just went into sexual overdrive and fucked him as hard as I could. And to his credit, that kid took it and wanted more. So being the person I am, I gave it to him all over our home. Fucking him on the stairs, in the lounge as he lay on his back on the rug. Over the kitchen breakfast bar as I hammered away at his small perfectly formed ass from behind. I'd already cum once as I fucked him on the stairs, but my dick remained extremely hard. And so did Todd's.
    We finally fucked on my bed, our marital bed, with Todd mounting my cock. His large thick uncut cock was bobbing about all over the place as I screwed him from below. It was such a fantastic fuck, when he came all over my chest and face, I scooped it up and swallowed some before feeding him some of his own spunk. As I had so eagerly and so desperately done on the stairs, I ejaculated up his sumptuous ass.
    Then just as unexpected as him asking me if I'd ever fucked a guy, he leaned forwards and kissed me. Returning the kiss, we held each other and kissed like long time lovers.
    Showering with Todd was amazing too. He worked his finger up my butt as he sucked away on my cock. It was a first for me and something I now adore having done to me. I'd not had sex in over eighteen months and within one morning I'd cum three times inside another person. That's because when I came filling his mouth, Todd swallowed the lot.
    Todd sat across from me in the kitchen. Sat across the very breakfast bar I'd not long fucked him over. Texting his so called boyfriend he put "We're finished, met a guy who knows what his cock is for..... T".
    Todd has now been visiting our home regularly for some time. It's always when my wife's out, texting him to say it's clear. We then fuck for hours, often sleeping a little then fucking again. But, and this is only recent, Cheryl has spoken to me not long after I'd fucked Todd in our lounge. She said "You don't have to keep on having Todd call by when I'm out. We're not involved that way anymore, just don't have sex directly in front of me. We do have a guest room".
    It shocked to say the least, but it has also opened up all sorts of opportunity's going forwards. We've not had sex yet with Cheryl in the house, but Cheryl has invited Todd round for a meal shortly. After inviting him, she left us both a message, texting "Meal at eight, get to know each other better, then you and Todd can have some fun whilst I take a long relaxing bath, deal ?"
    We both text back "Deal".
    That night is this coming Saturday. If all goes well, I'm going to be fucking that young mans cute asshole, as my wife bathes right next door.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    This past two months I've been fucking an older man at university at least once a week. And all because he caught me whacking one off in the toilets.
    I'd been lusting after a girl for some time, and just before lunch a couple of months back she text me (I gave her friend my number, to give to her) The text said "Meet you at the old library Saturday, bring condoms". Saturday was just too long to wait as it was only Tuesday, so I walked into the toilets and decided to stroke one off.
    Reaching orgasm I heard the toilet door open then heard a male voice say "I hope you're not wanking in there". It stifled my orgasm and had me opening the door, thinking he'd walked out.
    Looking straight into a tutors face, he smiled pushed me back into the cubicle and dropped down. Taking my cock, which was still out and now semi erect, he opened his mouth and began to suck on my dick. No more than a minute later with my cock now fully erect again, he stood up, spun around and lowered his trousers and boxers. Pulling his arse cheeks apart, he turned his head and whispered "Well get on with it then". Not thinking about what I was doing, I tried to slide my cock up hs arse, but it was too tight and dry. "Spit on your cock and my hole". So I did and tried again. This time my cock slid in and I began to fuck a man I'd only met a few minutes before.
    He began to masturbate his cock which wasn't too much shorter than mine, and I really began to thrust into him. We both worked up a rhythm and before I knew it, he was cumming all over the toilet seat in front of him and I was busting my nut up his tight arsehole.
    Getting me to pull out, I was about to put my cock away, but he stopped me, bent over and sucked in my cock again. Slurping away on my dick, we heard someone come in, use the urinal, wash his hands and then leave. All the while he licked and sucked on my cock and balls. Thanking me when he stood up, he said "I'm in here most days around this time, if you like, you can use my arsehole instead of wasting your cum down the loo".
    Three days later, Friday midday ish, I found him waiting for me. I was already erect, so instead of entering a cubicle, we risked him bending over and me fucking him there and then. It was such an instant quick fuck, it really had me cumming bucket loads of semen. We'd cleaned up, after he'd tossed off his cock over mine, by the time another student entered.
    The following day I did go to meet the young girl I'd fancied for some time. But when it came down to fucking her back at her digs, she was all shy and very coy about it. So telling her to find someone who wanted a serious relationship, I left her to decide if she wanted fucking or not.
    I couldn't wait for Monday, saving my cum. And sure enough my economics (Well not mine, I'm not taking economics) Prof, joined me in the gents. Only he told me we'd have to move to another location as someone had reported guys having sex in the toilets. Those guys had been caught (Phew!) so we decided to use the old rehearsal hall. It's got a room at the back, which used to be used for storing props and lights. Now it's just full of old costumes and boxes of whatever.
    Getting him to lay on the boxes naked, I fucked my prof face to face for the first time and took my time to really screw the shit out of him. He orgasmed that way, spurting his load all over himself. It was also the first time we'd kissed, as I reached my climax I leaned over and kissed passionately. I came deep inside him then. No condom to stop my spunk filling up his bowels.
    And that has been the way of it for over two months now. I have dated and fucked lots of girls, but not one of them floats my sexual boat like him. Our sex is needy, spontaneous, and always extremely gratifying. Indeed I'd say he's been my best lover so far, and I enjoy fucking his tight arsehole so very much.
    It's a two way proposition that works extremely well for us both. He's married in a sexless marriage and I'm a horny always hard and up for it student, who now knows fucking guys arseholes is just as much fun, if not more so, than fucking a tight pussy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I got divorced a few years ago and pretty much lost everything except the house as she didn't want it so I had to buy her out. Well I wasn't ready to get into another relationship but I admit I was jacking off a lot and one afternoon I was downtown and just got done having lunch at a local bar and when I came out and was walking to my car I was passing a adult book store and decided to go in and pick up some porn to take home and watch from time to time when the mood struck.
    While checking out the videos I decided to get some change and check out the back where the booths are. I got my change and headed back. As I checked out the small booth I seen a couple guys sitting jacking to the show they were watching. I found a booth and sat down and put some money in the machine and started checking out the movies on the little TV screen.
    I didn't realize it but there was a glory hole in this booth and what caught my eye was I caught movement and when I looked down there was a couple fingers coming through the hole. I never been in this kind of store before but have heard and read about it and knew what the fingers meant. I was kind of horny so I figured what the hell and unzipped and stuck my cock at the hole and ended up getting the best blowjob of my life.
    I left after that but over time I went back a few times to get a blow job then one day there I was but instead of fingers in the hole there was a nice size cock. I started stroking it then heard the guy on the other side say suck it. Nervous being I never did that before I knelt down and started licking the head and after a short bit I took it into my mouth and started sucking it. I guess I was doing pretty good because it didn't take him long before he started cumming in my mouth. After he was done I spit it out but the next time I sucked a guy I wanted to see what it was like to swallow and I did and found it erotic to do.
    Well money was starting to get a little tight with trying to maintain the house so I put an ad on line for a roommate and got a few inquiries about it. This guy in his early 30's comes to look at the room and check out the house. We chatted a bit and seemed to get along well so we agreed on the price and that weekend he moved in. Things were normal and Tom was divorced also and was straight. He was dating off and on and lead his own life as did I. Things were going well for about 6 months.
    One night Tom comes home about midnight or so and I was still up being it was a Friday night and not having to work the weekend. I was watching one of the walking dead series that I had recorded from the previous Sunday and Tom was a little tipsy and sat next to me on the couch. We had some small talk and he told me that he struck out at a couple bars and was horny as hell. I didn't think anything about it and continued the small talk. I was on my 3rd or 4th glass of wine and was filling a little buzzed myself.
    Tom was talking about this 20 something girl he spent a lot of money on buy her drinks and some food from the bar he was at and thought he was going to get lucky but (as he called her a dick tease) she said she was with friends and was leaving and didn't even get her number. While he was talking about her I caught him rubbing himself through his pants. This got me checking his package out and found myself getting hard thinking about it.
    Well not sure how it came about but being a little drunk and fearless when he mentioned he was hoping to get at least a blow job from her I said something that even shocked me. I said well I'm not gay but if your really that horny I'll give you a blow job. There was dead silence for what seemed like 5 minutes but probably only 30 seconds to a minute. Tom said he wasn't gay either and why would I say that to him? I said I wasn't sure but I know how it is to be horny as hell and jacking off sometimes just don't do it.
    Well by this time it was close to 2 am but Tom said well if you want to and don't say anything to anyone he was up for it but wasn't going to suck me. I paused a few seconds and said no problem what happens in the house stays in the house. Tom said okay and started undoing his pants and I nervously got off the couch and on my knees. He pulled his pants and underwear down and I saw his cock for the first time and it was a little thick and maybe 6 1/2 to 7 inches long and his pubes were trimmed very short.
    I reached and started stroking him and then licked the head and he moaned saying yeah that's what I need suck it for me. I licked his shaft and balls a little then started sucking him slow and as I bobbed up and down on his cock taking a little more in my mouth each time he was starting to get into it and then put his hands on my head and started moving his hips up and down. I was really getting into it and about 10 minutes into it he is really moving his hips and made me gag a few times but then he says yeah I'm going to cum and grips my head so hard I thought he was going to crush my head and then he yells swallow it bitch and I felt his cock head pulse and then I felt his cum hit the back of my throat.
    Tom shot a pretty big load and I swallowed almost all of it but some had come out the corner of my mouth. When he finally let loose of his grip and I was able to back off his cock I wiped the cum off my mouth and licked my fingers clean. He finally opened his eyes and said that was the best blow job he ever had and asked how long I been doing it. I lied and said I never did but was just doing what I like to have done. Shortly after that we went to bed (separate rooms) The next morning I was drinking coffee when he came into the kitchen and I will admit the tension in the room was pretty thick.
    I tried to act like nothing happened and then Tom said this is a little awkward but thanks for that awesome blow job last night. I looked up at him and said it was awkward and hope things could be okay between us. He then said well as long as it don't get out of the house he was okay with it but if he gets that horny again and strikes out again that he wouldn't mind letting me blow him again if I wanted to but he also said he wouldn't be able to return the favor.
    That was almost a year ago and I have gave him probably around 15 blow jobs since and I do know that a couple of them he must not have got a good fuck because he came home and had me blow him and I swear I could taste pussy on his cock. But for real I don't care because I am really beginning to enjoy sucking cock and even though I have cut back on going to the book store I am starting to really enjoy being between a mans legs.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I was standing alone pissing in the men's restroom when I felt a presence behind. I turned around and it was the guy I had been chatting with at the pool. His shorts were around his ankles revealing a nine to ten inch cock that was as thick as a Red Bull can. He had a large mushroom head that was glistening. I found myself unable to take my eyes off of this monster dick dangling in front of me.

    He ordered me to get on my knees and suck his dick, but I meekly said no way. I told him I was not gay. However, my now rock hard dick betrayed my words. This time his voice became more forceful and he ordered my on my knees until he came. Within seconds I was on my knees and "face to face" with his cock. As I began to rub up-and-down this monster penis, I wondered what my wife would think if she saw me on my knees in the restroom about to give my first blowjob.

    After a couple of minutes of jacking him off, I began to lick up and down his shaft. I was scared if I put this thing in my mouth I would choke. Eventually I put the tip of his cock in my mouth...and it was awesome! I spent the next five minutes worshiping his dick with my mouth. I forgot about my wife and became his little sissy...and I loved it.

    While I was sucking him, I reached around and stuck my finger in his ass. He moaned and shoved his cock further down my throat. To my surprise I was able to take it deep into my throat. Turns out I am a good cocksucker after all. Just as I stuck my second finger into his ass I felt him tense up. Next thing I new he was shooting him cum straight down my throat. I tried to swallow all of it, but it was too much and it began to seep out of the corners of my mouth. At that moment I was proud of myself of actually following through with this. It would have been easy to run away, but now I have an experience that some married guys think about, but will never do.

    Several weeks later I admitted this to my wife and now she not only wants to see me suck off another guy, but she wants me to become a "bottom." She even purchased a couple of dildos to prepare me for the real thing.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Not straight for long, I think!
    Totally pissed off having to travel on a bus as my car had broken down. I was going to be late getting home and knew my wife would moan at me in stereo.
    I'd been on the hour long bus journey for about twenty minutes when a young guy got on. He had the whole bus to sit in, yet he came and sat right by me. Looking me over he asked me if I was ok. When I told him about my car breaking down and my wife being a nag, he said "How about I give you a blow job to cheer you up, it'd cheer me up too". I had to think about what he'd said, not believing he'd said it. But I did believe it when he repeated "Do you want it sucking or not fella".
    Don't ask me why, because even now I don't know. But seconds later I had his young mouth wrapped around my growing cock and it felt fucking awesome. He took in every inch of my seven inch cock and blew me better than any female has ever sucked on my dick. He was so good, when a couple got on the bus and sat close by, I didn't stop fucking his face, forcing my cock right down his throat.
    Holding his head knowing I was close, i told him I was cumming and to swallow my load. He made some "Ugh ugh!" noises and sucked in my dick even harder. that was it, I busted my nut so hard into his mouth, it felt like my whole body was cumming inside him.
    Sucking and licking in the last of my seed, he slowly rose, told me I was a good face fucker and promptly got up to leave the bus. Looking back he smiled at me and then said Thank you to the bus driver.
    As I got off the driver said "He's really good ain't he, have a good night sir".
    Sat across from my wife as she moaned for England about me being late home, all I could think about was that young guy and just how fantastic he was at giving head.
    Over th past few months I've tried to find that guy, but even taking the same bus route, I've not found him. However I have joined a gay hook up site, and have had quite a few young guys offering to suck me off. One of them even telling me he wants me to fuck him. If I don't find the young man very soon (This week), I'm going to meet up with the young guy who wants my cock up his arse, and I am going going to fuck him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    One of my hottest sexual encounter was with a 19 year old fit, sexy black boy with 10 inch circumsized penis. I was 29 at the time. We met through a craigslist ad and he only lived four blocks away. I went over to his place a lot.

    Once we were in his bedroom, I would get ön my knees and strip his underwear off, licking my thick, red lips which are perfect for dicksucking, making them nice and moist. His thick meat would flop out. I would get really turned on, it looked so delicious. I went to town sucking his dick, my moist lips tight around it, my tongue licking the head like crazy, making cocksucking noises, my head bobbing,
    and my hands gripped his smooth thighs and rubbed his chest feeling his hard smooth body. Swallowing all their cum, licking cock clean, and having the taste of his cock and cum in my mouth long after the encounter.

    I like him to film me with their smartphone as I suck. Im naked on my knees in front of him with his crotch in my face, my tight underwear lying unext to me on floor, which i had hastily stripped off as soon as I had caught a glimpse of his penis.

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