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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 26

    When I was 18 I'd get fucked by the church pastor. The day I turned 18 he invited me to his office and we talked for whole. He gave me a sex talk too as he wondered if I was still a virgin of not. I thought it was a bit weird but I was a quite shy 18 year old.

    A week later I went back to his office and we chatted again. This time he started rubbing my knee. After a small chat I was sitting on the couch sucking his cock which was sticking out of his boxers. After a while of that he had me stand up, lean on his desk. He pulled my pants down. I was standing there in just briefs since my mother was strict that I could only wear briefs under my dress cloths. He pulled those down and fucked me. At first I didn't know what to think of it but I just let him fuck me. I was a virgin up until that. He fucked me every Sunday till I moved to college. Every Sunday I'd go home with cum in the back side of my briefs.

    Never told anyone. But secretly it's got me craving to get my ass fucked now

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My wife and her sister will be traveling down to a dog show this evening, and staying overnight before driving back late on Saturday night.
    As soon as she leaves I'll be texting Pete, who's a fifty two year old neighbour of ours. And I'll be letting him know she's gone. When he gets the message I expect him to be round within ten minutes, having made sure his disabled wife is comfortable.
    When he enters our home which he's done many many times these past eighteen months, I'll already be naked, lubed up and ready with an open mouth.
    Usually Pete will undress before he enters our bedroom. He'll already be semi erect if not fully erect, and I'll take great pleasure in making sure he is rock hard by sucking on his cock for as long as he needs me to. Which usually is only a couple of minutes.
    His favorite position to have me in, is the doggy position. I'll adopt the position, wait to feel his huge cock head push against my arsehole. Then I'll relax enough for him to drive home his eight inches all the way to his balls. Once he''s fully entered my arsehole, Pete will take his twice weekly pleasure out on my rear fuck hole, and boy does he know how to fuck.
    Fucking me for no more than ten to fifteen minutes, he'll pound my arsehole and have me cumming within minutes as I toss myself off. Knowing he won't and has never worn a condom with me, I'll get myself ready and wait for his cum explosion which will fill my innards. When it happens, it will send shivers throughout my body and I'll listen to him grunting out his orgasm.
    Pete will as usual slap my arse hard and tell me he'll see me next time. Only the next time will be later on tonight as he's going to be revisiting me once his wife is safely asleep. It's only our second time that we've had such an occasion to do so, so we'll be taking full advantage of it. And hopefully because he's already cum, just like the last time, he'll be able to fuck me for as long as I can take his glorious cock.
    Got to go my wife's coming back in from sorting out the dogs.

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    Straight Male / 25

    In 2011 I graduated high school and turned 19 a month later. Then in July of that year I moved to Orlando for two years for school. Now I got all settled in in my apartment and was just going to school and going home. Never went out, I was a complete virgin.

    I used to talk to this older guy as he seemed to be in the laundry room the sane time as me at 1 am since we knew all the washer and dryers would be free at that time. Never thought anything of it. We chatted for like a month and one night he invited me back to his apartment while we waited for our dryers to get done. I agreed and went back to his place. He was a cool older guy, in his early 50s, was a medical assistant his whole life. We sat and talked and watched tv and kept talking.

    Then he asked me about sex. I nervously told him I was still a virgin and he said that's okay. He told me he used to be married at one time but she wanted a divorce so they agreed on one, he had been single since he was in his 30s.

    Now here is where it got weird, he asked if I ever thought about having sex with a guy. I told him no and he said okay. But he made me an offer, he told me he loved getting straight guys to bottom for him and he loved guys my age. He told me no pressure and if I didn't want to just say and we'll just be friends. He proceeded to tell me he'd gift me with stuff if I did have sex with him as he figured there was stuff I was probably wanting.

    I thought about his offer for a night and just figured it couldn't be that bad. I'd just have to lay in bed or be on top of him as his dick was in my butt. So the next day I saw him in the parking lot after he got of work I told him okay as long as he could prove he was std free and hiv negative. Little did I know he had papers on him to prove that. So I went to his apartment with him.

    We'll just cut to the point, I was laying on his bed in my tighty whities as he undressed. He was wearing briefs too and he had a huge bulge! Off came his underwear and he pulled mine off telling me he could tell I was a virgin still for sure. He gave me my first blowjob and I was in heaven. It felt great and I cummed like crazy. Now it was my turn, he told me how to suck him and he grew to be a 8" cock! I was big, I never thought it'd be that big. After a bit he had me lay on my back and put my legs up, he lubed my ass up and his cock. Very slowly he went in, it hurt like crazy. I was wondering what I got myself into. But soon he was in and the pain was slowly going away. Then finally he was fucking me. Long strokes, balls deep. It didnt really feel good to me but whatever, I was getting rewarded for letting him have sex with me. Finally the big moment came and he cummed in me. I could definitely feel it, he cummed a lot. After he pulled out he said don't worry your butthole will tighten back up. I laid there kinda feeling ashamed that I just let a guy fuck me. But I got dressed and went back to my place. I had a sore butt for a few days.

    A few nights later I saw him again in the laundry room. He asked if I was okay after that. I just told him I was having second thoughts. We talked and he said no worries of you do t like it, it's okay. Finally I just told him that'd I'd want anew laptop in return for sex. I just blurted it out. He asked what kind and I told him. The deal was if I had sex with him every night for month he'd buy it. So for a month I was with on my back or in doggie taking his cock. Finally at the end of the month I was gifted a laptop I wanted.

    For my whole two years in Orlando I let that guy have sex with me. I've never to,d anyone but he was very generous and to be honest the sex wasn't really that bad, I just didn't really like a cock in my butt but it's whatever now.

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    Gay Male / 49

    I would say I am currently obsessed with two topics. The first is when did you go gay and I aim really into hooking up with older 50+ men, i've given on the drama, I just want to suck cock and get fucked.

    I am pretty sure I went gay when I was 12. I sucked him the cabaña and he sucked me when we were 9. I made him cum in my mouth and got my first taste of semen. My mouth and face I was sleeping over and when I did we sucked. The next morning when we got up we went to the bathroom to pee and I got the urge for him to pee in my mouth, first time swallowing urine. This opened a whole new game, the feel and taste of hot urine is an over the top turn on. Between nine and twelve we licked butt hole, we put penis and butt hole together, and of course he peed in my mouth and face, usually in the pool cabaña. And we sucked and he would cum.

    I wasn't gay yet.

    One late summer afternoon, we were 12, I was sucking him in the TV room and the pool man saw us. Several days later he asked us if we peed on the cabaña floor, because he noticed that when we swam there was always pee on the floor. He asked us what we were doing, we played dumb. He leaned down and told us he knew we were a couple of little faggots. He said he had seen me sucking him off and he figured we were into pee play.

    He took us to the cabaña and whipped out his cock and we both had to suck him. He had a real erection by then and he asked us who was going first, because he was going to fuck us. And he meant right then. He said I was a good looking boy and he kissed me and fondled me, then he put his finger on my butt hole, he spat on my back, and I felt his finger go in. that felt really good, we laid down on the dressing bench, he got me to open my legs and slowly ever so slowly, every inch followed, and it hurt a little, but mostly it was great and I wanted more and more until he fucked and he withdrew. My butt felt funny but good and after a few minutes some semen came out. When he kissed me again I melted and fell in love. That is the day I went queer.

    My friend didn't let himself get fucked, so he wasn't a queer.

    The pool man was in his forties, and I sucked him, and he got off from time to time, and we fucked and it got better and better. And he kissed me.

    For a while I tried to keep up with younger guys, I'm a bottom and I need to get fucked, but now I am hooking up with men my age or older who just want sex, no strings attached. It feels so much better this way, and if they are tops, the fucking is a lot better.

    So there you have it,

    Bob, Palo Alto, California

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Just about to set off for church. Only I'm not going there to pray, I'm going to suck off the vicar who contacted me on my profile page which is on a gay hook up site. We've met, but didn't have sex the first time. He's just told me he's got the morning clear, so I'm off to suck on his beautiful cock, hopefully inside the church.
    I'll let you all know when I get back, how I got on........

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    Straight Male / 28

    This is something I've never told anyone.
    When I was seventeen I had to have a particularly difficult set of stitches out. I hated the doctors, full of old people, but my doctor had not long changed and I found the younger guy, a locum, to be a lot more relaxed, which helped to relax me. I was told it would be a little painful and obviously a little embarrassing as the stitches were right under my ball sac (kicked with a set of rugby boots, long studs. It fucking hurt). And being a reasonably well endowed guy, I knew my cock would be right in the way.
    I've always hated blood (I know it's stupid, but hey), so I asked him if I could have a sheet put over where he needed to take out the stitches. He agreed and I lay semi naked waiting for him to begin. The thing was I felt my cock rising even before he crossed the room start. By the time he was about to begin taking out the stitches, I was fully erect.
    He told me because my blood was pulsing around the area he needed to take out the stitches, we'd either have to wait or he could assist me in releasing my erection. Totally embarrassed, I just wanted it all over and done with. So thinking he was going to stroke my cock until I cum, I said okay. After all he was doctor.
    Only it wasn't his hand that took hold of my cock, it was his warm wet mouth and if truth be known, it felt fucking amazing. Because of the sheet I could see what he was doing, but I could feel his tongue swirling around my cock head. With each bob of his head, he took in more and more of my cock until he had three quarters of it sliding down his throat.
    Moving the sheet, I just had to see him sucking on my cock and by the looks of it when I did, he was enjoying sucking on my cock, just as much if not more than I was having him giving me head. Like most of my girlfriends before and since the doctor, I took hold of his head and began to fuck his face. It wasn't too much after, maybe five to ten minutes as I'd begun to fuck his mouth, when I felt my cum rising. Telling him, I thought he might pull away and jack me off, but instead he sucked in my cock even more. And before I knew it, I was pumping my cum down his throat, and he was greedily swallowing the lot.
    As a kind of anti climax, the stitches took no more than a few minutes. And shaking his hand, I also took a piece of paper with his mobile number on it.
    The doctor and I met up on five separate occasions, but never back at the surgery. Each time we met it was either in his car or one occasion he drove us out to place he knew. It was a wet day, but I still really enjoyed him sucking on my cock as we stood under a huge oak tree. The difference that time, is he brought condoms and lube. I fucked him as he leaned against the oak tree, and for the first and only time in my life, I came up a mans arsehole and loved it.
    We didn't see each other after that, as I began to date a very pretty and extremely horny girl. He is so far the only guy I've ever had suck me off and whom I've fucked.
    But that's not to say he's going to be the last, and more to the reason why I'm here. I'm engaged to be married next spring. She's a very good looking young woman, and she's very good in bed. But then her younger brother is also very good looking too, and only recently told me he was bisexual. He also told me as he tried to slip his hand into my shorts, that he'd love me to fuck him. So far I have resisted him, but I'm not sure if I could carry on resisting him, especially as I know he has one hell of cute looking tight arsehole.

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    Gay Male / 47

    My uncle was gay, in the closet of course, this was in the mid sixties. He had this friend, a lawyer, and he always seemed to take time to talk to me. One Sunday, we were at my Uncle's house for his birthday and his lawyer friend was there and he sat beside me and put his hand on my thigh while he talked to me. After lunch I excused myself and went to the bathroom, the lawyer followed me and asked if I needed help. When I came out of the bathroom he was still there waiting to go in, he grabbed my crotch and said he was fixing me so that I didn't walk around with my dick in the wrong place.

    Later in the afternoon, we were going swimming and he came into the room where the guys changed and he stripped completely naked. He asked me to compare by dick to his to see if I was grown up already. He rubbed his dick against mine and kissed me. He locked the door and sucked on my dick and got me hard, he stood up and holding my dick he kissed me again. He took my hand and put it on his dick and I held it and he got erect and I sucked his dick. He put me on the bed and got on my back and fucked me. I became his boyfriend, I was 14.

    My uncle had a boyfriend, a small guy who was half black, who worked at the warehouse in his company. My uncle watched me get kissed and fucked and he would fuck his boyfriend at the same time. They liked having us fully fucked with their dicks deep inside of us. They really liked fucking us. I became friends with the boy, my uncle let him drive his car, and he and I would go joy riding and masturbate while we rode around. We sucked each other and gave each other hand jobs, but we never fucked.

    I got to where I really liked being kissed, to be kissed while he jacked me off. Sometimes he would suck my dick after he jacked me off, other times he would just fuck me. Either way, being kissed and feeling his hard dick against me and getting fucked and kissed some more. I really liked getting kissed. My uncle wasn't so much into kissing, he was more into fucking and getting his dick sucked. Usually we went to the lawyers lake house to party.

    After I finished high school I went to college and although I remained friends with my lawyer, after I got a certain age I wasn't of interest to him. I moved on to my kind of boys. My uncle's boyfriend moved on as well and we never saw each other again. My uncle was always nice to me, and he kept me supplied with what I needed. If sometimes he needed something from me, and I wasn't ready to give it to him he would remind me that I liked dick and he liked dick and we had to stay together.

    In a way I feel that his relationship with his lawyer friend was how they got along, they remained friends all their life. My uncle passed first, and his friend the lawyer passed a couple of years later. They never went public, I am sure other people knew, but it wasn't something you talked about. Today it is about being out there, but I am still more comfortable curling up with nice young man, and kissing and fucking, I like hard dicks, a lot more now that it is hard for me to get really hard, I like holding a firm hard dick and sucking it down and getting a mouthful of cum. I am not one to get out there and let everyone under the sun know I like a good hard dick.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    The first time I had gay sex was with a guy a met online. We both had an interest in smoking fetish sex. We set up a meeting time early one morning. I was sitting naked on my couch with a large inflatable butt plug in my ass, And enjoying a cigarette. As he came in I was a bit nervous. I have tons of anal experience but that was with toys and alone, I wasn't sure what to expect.

    As he stripped down naked I immediately started stroking and sucking his cock. I hoped I was doing it good as I never have sucked cock before. I found that a really enjoyed it ! We then both lite up a cigarette. As I sucked his quite large cock he reached down and started inflating my butt plug. OMG it felt amazing ! We chain smoked the entire time it was so great.

    I sucked him off till he was quit hard. I then get on all fours and tell him to fuck me now I need it ! He then slowly removed the fully inflated plug from my very loose ass. As his cock slid into me I moaned with pleasure. It went right in without any resistance as I am quit loose. He worked me doggy style for about 15 mins as we both chain smoked.

    After doggy style fuck I laid back on the bed as he pulled my legs all the way back over his shoulders as he entered me again. I loved being able to see his cock entering me. At this point I am fully hard. He reaches down and starts stroking my cock. After several mins, I couldn't resist any loner and I came all over the base of his cock as he was fully working my ass. I asked if he would be willing to bareback me at this point. He said yes. He pulled out and removed his condom. He laid on his back now and I started riding his large hard cock. He didn't last 2 mins. As I felt the cum rushing into my ass it was the most amazing sexual feeling I ever had. I told him to get it all in me ! As his cock slid out of me I stayed squatted over him as he lay on his back and let his cum run out of me onto his cock and balls. Then I got down and slowly licked it up swallowing every drop. The cum tasted amazing. We enjoyed another cigarette and he soon left.

    That was my first gay sex encounter. There have been hundreds since.

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    Gay Male / 55

    I'm a horny seventy-eight year old man who loves to fuck young panty fags! I guess they're called "trannies" today, but they were just fags in panties when I fucked my first one back in the nineteen seventies. I was a married man almost in my forties, and some sweet young thing in a frilly blouse, short black skirt, and high heels flirted with me outside a men's bathroom one night. I was horny and ready for a fuck, but then I got a peek under that short black skirt and saw a hard cock and balls bulging inside a pair of pink nylon panties. He was a fag in pink panties and a black garter belt! I couldn't hardly believe my eyes! Queers in panties were unheard of around here back then! I was a big, strapping, masculine man, and the fag had to have been in his teens. I figured he was one of those perverts in panties from San Francisco, and I just looked at him and snickered. But you know, that queer boy was femmy and looked sort of cute in those pink nylon panties. I was embarrassed, but I had a big hard-on for that cute boy! I guiltily looked around to be sure nobody was watching, and I showed that queer boy my big hard cock. He squatted down between my legs, and I ended having a panty boy suck my dick.

    I wasn't surprised a teenage boy sucked dick so good. Boys that age are the best cocksuckers. But as much as I liked getting a blow-job from a queer boy, I was surprised how bad I wanted to fuck him! I'm not ashamed to say it, but I ended up taking him into the men's bathroom and I had anal sex with an underage panty boy! I slid down his panties, made him bend over in a toilet stall for me, and I fucked a cute boy in the bottom for the first time. I had my big hard cock up his hot, sweet asshole, and it was sort of like fucking pussy. My balls were snuggled up to a boy's bare buns, and we were grunting and fucking in the men's bathroom just like any pair of fags in love! I squirted in his ass, and he was such a pussy! With his skirt pulled up around his hips and his panties around his ankles, I know the boy loved feeling a man squirting cum in his bottom! I just stood there behind him as spurt after creamy spurt of my warm sperm streamed up the panty boy's asshole. I unloaded my balls in his bare, sweet bottom, and I LOVED it! I liked fucking boys a lot! Femmy boys in panties, I mean. I'd never even made homosexual love in a teenage boy's ass before, but after that I was horny for boys in panties.

    When I was finished, he pulled up his panties and we kissed. I masturbated the boy in his panties until he squirted. His cum was dripping through the nylon when I let go of his cock and told him I wanted to fuck him again sometime. We made a date, fucked in the men's bathroom a few times after that, and then I moved on to other panty fags. I went into Portland where there were boy prostitutes and I could find young panty fags to fuck. After my wife divorced me, I found a boy who moved in with me and I was his fucker for a couple of years. I won't tell you how old he was, but I could've gotten busted for fucking an underage boy! At any rate, when he was all dolled up like a panty fag, I fucked him and creamed in his ass so much! He shared my bed and was like a wife for me. I must've had my cock in that darling boy's ass hundreds of times!

    At my age I'm lucky there are lots of young panty fags these days who'll let me fuck them for a price. But I still fondly remember my first boy fuck in that men's bathroom so long ago.

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    Straight Male / 54

    Cousin Visit

    When I was 15 my cousin Alec was visiting my grandma and I came over to stay
    with him and visit too. He was 13 and we didn't see each other all that much because he lived far away. One night we were in the guest room we were sharing and were up late watching tv when I came across some soft porn on the tv. I don't think my grandma knew she had it with her cable but we were psyched. We watched for a while I was getting really horny and got a hardon. I was only wearing boxers so it was really obvious. I looked over at him and he had a bulge going too. He looked over at me and said it looked like I had a really big dick. I laughed and said yeah and then asked him if he wanted to see it. He said yes and I stood up and pulled down my boxers. My cock was really hard and he stared at it and smiled. Then I asked if I could see his. He said he wasn't big but I said it didn't matter so he stood up and pulled down his shorts. He wasn't as big as me but he wasn't that small. He was kind of chubby and I liked getting a look at his nice round ass. He was standing right in front of me and I was feeling really horny so I reached out and touched his dick. I stroked it a little and asked him if he liked it and he said yes. Then I asked him if wanted to touch mine and he reached over and grabbed my cock. We stood there stroking each other and I was feeling crazy horny so I asked him if I could suck him off. He said yes and I got down on my knees and started to lick his cock. I asked him if it felt good and he said yes so I kept going. I sucked his head and was really liking it. He started moaning and I sucked him even harder. Then he told me he was going to cum and I pulled him out and he shot his load on the floor. I stood up and my cock was aching it was so hard. He looked at me and said he would suck my cock if I wanted. I told him he didn't have to if he didn't want to but he said he did so I laid down on the bed. He bent over my dick and did what I did. Licking it first and then after a while he took it in his mouth. Man it felt good. He was sucking me really good when I pulled out and shot my load. Then we both went to sleep. The next morning my grandma said she had to go out and we'd be on our own. As soon as she left my cock was hard. I looked at my cousin and asked him if wanted to mess around. He said yes and we went back upstairs to our room. We got naked and this time laid down next to each other on my bed. I was feeling him up all over. I grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. He was rubbing my dick. I told him I'd love to fuck his ass and he said I could. I went and got some baby oil from the bathroom and came back. He was laying on his stomach and his ass looked so good to me. I rubbed a lot of oil on my cock and all down his crack. I pushed really slowly and it took a while but I got it in. He made some noises but said it was ok. I started to slowly fuck him. It felt so good. His ass cheeks were like a big soft cushion. I started to fuck him harder and harder. Man it was awesome. I knew I was going to cum so I shoved it deep and blew my load. I told him he could fuck me but he said he wanted me to suck him again. So I did and this time I swallowed his cum. We fucked like crazy the rest of his trip.

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