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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I'm a 54 year old male, and when I was younger,my best friends older brother forced me to hold his cock and eventually forced it in my mouth for a brief minute.

    Since that time I've thought of being with another man, but lacked the courage to go thru with it. That changed about a year ago and this is my story.

    While away from home for work, I sometimes lay in bed and watch porn.
    I love the scenes when a hot chick gets on her knees and sucks on a large porn sized cock. But not like normal people, I fantasize about trading places with her and sucking that cock.

    NY latest crave is to look in the men4men sections on Craigslist, admiring the photos of men with big nice white cocks. I've even emailed some men but never had the type meeting that was agreeable to both of us.

    One night while watching oorn and being horny, I posted an ad looking for someone who would allow me to suck their cock. I waited for replies but eventually fell asleep.

    The next morning as I was driving into work I received a email alert. When I parked I looked at it and a guy about my same age had responded to my ad. He said he would train me to suck cock and included a photo.

    I opened his photo and he had his pants opened and his hard cock sticking out. It was straight and looked long with a huge bell shaped head. His balls were shaved with just a patch of blonde/red pubes on top.

    His nasty looking cock made me crave it. After a few emails he had me convinced into inviting him over for me to suck his cock.

    He was turned on by my suggestion that I'd be in my shower, I'd cut a hole in it for him so I could remain anonymous. He'd stick his cock thru the hole and I'd wash it for him and suck it.

    When he got into town he emailed me and I instructed him where I lived and told him I'd unlock the front door and wait for him in my shower.

    I hurried to my room and took off my clothes went inside the shower, turned on the water and waited.
    My heart was pounding with nervousness on what I was about to do, but he knew where u lived and there was no turning back.

    I heard the front door open and close and his footsteps coming closer to my bathroom. I peaked thru the curtain as I saw his shadow from under the door. Then I watched as the doorknob turned and I closed the curtain as he entered and shut the door.

    I stood behind the curtain as he approached the shower. I could see his silhouette as he unbutton his pants and unzipped his fly. I stuck 2 fingers thru the curtain, inviting his cock thru the hole in the curtain.

    Then he grabbed the curtain and pulled it tight and I watched as his big but soft cock came thru the hole.
    I stared at it for a second then reached for it and gently squeezed it in my hand. I loved the way it felt and then I dropped to my knees.

    I picked up my washcloth poured some soap on it and began gently washing his cock. He remained soft as I bathed it and then I moved forward and kiss his cock. Then I began flicking my tongue on his cum slit, which made him moan.

    I felt so nasty licking his cock, like a porn slut. He kept moaning as my tongue flicked over and over at his cum and piss slit. Then I opened my mouth and watched his cock enter my mouth and rest on my wet tongue. My lips closed around his still soft shaft. My tongue began working inside twirling around his huge bell shaped head.

    I released him from my mouth with a soft pop and as I was about to go for it again. He grabbed the curtain and slid them open.

    There I was naked on my knees with him staring down at me with a smirk in his face. I felt so humiliated as I was now exposed and he knew who is cock sucker was.

    He told me he wanted to watch as I wash his cock this time and I obediently picked up my wash rag. He was hard now and his cock looked so big,nasty and powerful,and I began washing his cock and balls for him

    He grabbed his cock and pressed it into his belly and forced my head into him. I began licking and sucking his shaved balls. When he was satisfied, he held my head and began rubbing his cock all over my face. I enjoyed it so, I helped him by moving my face slowly from side to side until his cock had been rubbed all over my entire face.

    Then like a good little cock sucker, I opened my mouth and wrapped my kips around his hard cock and began nursing his cock head again. It felt so smooth and soft as I was sucking on it.

    Then I grabbed my cock and began jacking off as my mouth began bobbing back and forth on as much of his cock as I could without gagging. As pathetic as it was, I loved sucking his hard cock for him.

    Then he grabbed me and thrusted his filthy cock all inside my mouth. I had to catch my breath and as I did he told me he was ready to cum and asked if I wanted it in my mouth or all over my face.

    I asked for it in my face and reached up and began jacking him off. Soon strings of nasty cum began plastering my face from his filthy big cock. When he was done cumming on me I opened my mouth and sucked his dick 1 final time before he grabbed my towel and dried his cock off.

    Then with a chuckle he handed me the towel so I could wipe his cum from my face and he zipped up and left.

    I can't wait for my next cock sucking adventure. I want a mouth full of cum next tine

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I was catching up my breath, I just had an intense orgasm. Moments later, my man came deep inside me. I felt it when he came. He came so hard that we were both panting. I wrapped my legs around him as we kissed for the next two minutes and stared at each others eyes. I wrapped my legs around him and as my hands reached for his ass. I don't want him to pull out his cock from my ass. He stayed there as we kissed and he laid his head to my chest. We were shaking in pleasure, we just had the most amazing night, the most amazing sex. These things happened after I said yes to him.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I'm a happily married man. I have sex with my wife, we have a life together including a mortage on a home and plans for a family. We're honest with each other about sex, fantasies and such like. We've had a FFM threesome, i enjoyed watching my wife having lesbian sex with another woman, she admitted to enjoying watching me 'fuck' her (the other woman) silly. So what can't i tell her about this...
    For a long time i've been curious about male gay sex. The actual practices, the where, the how and the feelings. I've checked out gay bath houses on line, the unspoken language used in them and read gay confessions to get in the 'head' of what might happen. But i still couldn't tell my wife about it. I wanted this to be secret, under the radar of our relationship. So all i had to do was find the time to put my plan into action. To go to a gay bath house/sauna and see what happened.
    My wife goes out with her friends on a Friday night and generally spends the night at her friends house. I'm at home watching a movie or i go out for a pizza or something else. My wife usually asks when she get's home what i did and i tell her but she never presses for details. So i had a window of opportunity.
    The tingle of excitement as i made through the busy streets of the city on a Friday night was amazing, it was almost a child like excitement at discovering something new, i got to the entrance of the gay sauna and i found my-self at the moment of truth. I pressed the buzzer and i was admitted in.
    After paying my entry fee i made my way into the locker area, much like you'd find in your gym or club, i stripped off and stored my clothes in the locker and wrapped the towel round my waist and went into the lion's den so to speak.
    I found the steam room, the sauna and shower areas and then into the maze of small cabins and a 'dark' area. I wandered round a few times taking in the sights and sounds of guys getting it on, some were oblivious to the prying eyes watching them and happily sucked and fucked each other, others wanted their privacy and closed the doors to the cabin but they sounded out their pleasures loudly enough. The more i saw and heard the more i wanted to experience it.
    I went into the 'dark' area, it is as described, dark ! barely any light so any activity is by feel and sound. I went in and let the curtain close behind me and followed the sound of a cock being sucked in a sloppy fashion and other moans of pleasure. With a hand reaching out in front of me it quickly came into contact with flesh and the sounds were at their loudest. I gently felt the body i'd came into contact with running down the unknown, unseen guys back until i cam upon his ass and felt the cheeks part as my hand slid down. I slipped my hand forwards and found the guys balls and gave them a gentle squeeze as the other guy sucking his cock lips touched my fingers. Acting on somoe unknown instinct i ran my index finger along his scrotum tracing a line to his asshole and started to tease it, in the darkness i felt his or someone elses hands run down my chest to the towel at my waist and pulling it away down to my own cock which was going hard in excitement and started wanking me off. In this darkness the guy who's cock was being sucked and who's asshole i was fingering edged his ppostion so that his asshole was rubbing against my cock which he was now rubbing against his asshole, feeling for the condom i'd picked up and had secured to me via the elastic band of the locker key i unwrapped it an pulled it over my cock and then i guided it towards the guys asshole, he'd lubed it up somehow whilst i'd been pulling on my rubber, and his hand guided it up to his hole and i gave that shove that put my cock in his ass, i was now fucking a guy, i pulled on his hips with my hands and fucked him, giving it omph with every thrust and knowing that someother unseen guy was sucking his cock at the same time.
    It must have been the excitement of the situation because it didn't take long for the cum to explode from my cock, i gave a hell of a groan and that final ecstatic shove and pulled my cock out. Without a thought of anything else i found my towel at my feet and left the 'dark' area, i pulled the condomm off and went for a shower.
    I'd just fucked a guy in the ass as another guy sucked him off and with the darkness i never had a clue what he looked like.
    I left the shower and sat in the sauna letting this thought run round my head, i gave no attention to the other guys in there or what they were doing, i sat with my eyes closed going over in my mind what had just happened, oblivious to my surroundings i was getting hard again at the thoughts, my towel was obviously peaking, which had drawn the attention of one of the other guys in there. I felt his presence and then his hands pulling away my towel to get at my hard cock, i opened my eyes and looked at him, my cock in his hands and his mouth descending towards it, i let my head tilt back and closed my eyes as i felt his lips and tongue do their work on my dick. He wanked and sucked my cock for long minutes as i sat there in the heat and groaned with pleasure and looked down to see his head bobbing away, i hadn't noticed another guy sucking away on his dick or two other guys wanking themselves watching our sex show, my guy stopped sucking and gave the moans and groans of a man cumming and i watched as he shot his load in the mouth and over the face of the guy sucking him off at which point i also shot a load over his chest.
    For the second time that night i was in the showers thinking about what had just happened and finding the whole thing highly exciting. Now i wanted to feel what it was like to have cock in my mouth and up my ass.
    I went to the little cabins and finding an empty one slid onto the rubber mat and lay face down, this i an indication you want fucked, i lay there with a pack of lube and a few rubbers and waited, i knew guys were passing by and looking in, i could feel their stares on my bare ass, their thoughts on taking what was being offered. Minutes dragged by slowly as i felt the anticipation build until finally someoone came in, they didn't shut the door behind them, i didn't turn around, i wanted this to be anonymous, hands felt along my legs feeling their way closer to my ass, fingers kneading at my flesh as they drew ever closer until my ass cheeks were parted and a unexpected jolt as hot breath and a wet tongue touched my ass, it flicked quickly across my hole teasing me until it went in and out in a heavy raipd tongue fuck, my unseen man reached over me to the lube and rubbers, the sound of the warpper being ripped open and the sudden sensation of the lube being slapped and worked into my asshole with strong fingers pushing my hole wider in preparation for the cock to come. Suddenly it was there, the head of his cock pushed at my hole and then it went in hard and deep, the pain was intense and at the same time pleasurable in a way i'd never felt, the more he fucked me the better it got. He had a big cock by the feel of it and he rammed it into me with the fury of a madman, i was being ridden hard and i was moaning like a slut and then i was begging him to 'fuck me hard', 'goddamn it fuck me' and the sound of his balls and thighs slapping against me just made the moment more intense until he started to grunt, his own mumbled words of 'i'm cumming' mixed with his grunts and groans and my own groans came to a shuddering halt as he came, even through the rubber i could feel spunk jetting out of him. Wordlessly he pulled out of me and left, i got up and left seconds later heading again for the showers.
    Standing with the hot water washing over me my asshole felt sore but i felt elated, the whole thing was better than expected, the fEw hours i'd been in the sauna had shown me men fucking and sucking and me being part of it. I wanted to finish the experience by feeling a cock in my mouth, i'd done everything else and i wanted more.
    I went back to the 'dark' area. The noises coming from within the blackness sugested this was a popular place. Again i went forward with a hand in front following the sounds. In seconds i felt flesh and i wasted no time, i followed my hands down the body in front of me until i found his cock, in the darkness i couldn't see it but i didn't want to, i pulled the semi limp cock to my mouth and slid my lips over it, i let my tongue follow it's own path over the unseen shaft, i felt it go hard and stiffen, i started to bob my head backwards and forwards letting him fuck my mouth, my tongue worked the shaft, tasted his bellend, the precum that was swelling from his japs eye, i felt his hands grab my head and start to pull me on to his cock as i pulled back, i was oblivious to anything else going on, a hunger had erupted in me to make this guy cum in my mouth, i wanted him to blow his load, i wanted to make him cum, i started to quicken the pace and i took to wankinig his cock as well, the frenzy starting to build until it happened, he went rigid, his cock shot forward hard and i felt it, the warm spunk shot from him and spattered the back of my throat, i swallowed, and sucked again harder and took it down as more came out and he pulled out of my mouth and slapped his spunky cock over my face a couple of times, the trail of spunk across my lips.
    For the final time that night i stood in the shower and washed my-self off. I'd came here to experience gay sex and i had, all of it, i'd enjoyed the unspoken highly charged sex, the roughness of a man, the desire for the moment, the rawness of giviing and taking. The fact i'd barely seen the faces never mind exchange anything other than guttural grunts of sex made it more intense.
    I went home and slept and the next day my wife came home and asked what i'd done. 'Nothing much, went out for a pizza, had a beer or two, came home' she smiled and life went on. Maybe one day i'll tell her maybe one day we'll do a MMF threesome with a bi guy but for the moment i know what it feels like now to fuck and suck and to be fucked and sucked by a guy

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Up late after helping my wife's uncle, James, with his kitchen renovation, we decided to have a few whisky's when my wife went to bed in his guest bedroom. I must have drifted off to sleep myself sat on his sofa, as the next thing I knew, I had the feeling of a warm wet mouth sucking on my cock. At first I thought it was my wife, that was until I opened my eyes to see the spikey haired head of my wife's uncle.
    The blow job he was giving me was by far in the way, the best head I'd ever been given. A couple of minutes after waking, I swear I would have fucked my gran, he was that good. Not giving me any time to say no, or to readjust to what was going on, James spun around and it was then I realised he was naked. Looking back at me, my wife's youngest uncle asked me to fuck him. Still not fully awake or maybe it was the whisky, I got up, moved over to where he was kneeling up and squatted over his back side. Lowering myself in one go holding my cock downwards, I entered his arsehole.
    It was such an unreal thing for me to be doing, I instantly got fully erect and by the time I'd begun to plow his arse, my cock was throbbing. James began to encourage me to fuck him harder, so I did just that. Pulling my cock almost out and then slamming it back into his rear fuck hole.
    In all the time he'd been sucking my cock and then I'd been fucking him, I'd not seen his cock. I did however see him arch backwards demanding I fuck him deeper, just before his cock let go all over the carpet underneath him. Giving him time to settle a little, I thrust back into him and began to build up my own orgasm. It was James's words that made me cum when he said "Please cum inside me, I want to feel you spunk fill me right up". The man asked for it, and wow did I give it to him. It seemed to me that I just kept on cumming and cumming until my whole body was shaking with the orgasm I was having.
    James pulled away and lay over on his side. It was then I got to see the smallest cock I'd ever seen erect. His cock was no more than three inches in length and it was also quite thin. We lay together talking about what we'd just done and if I might want to make fucking him a regular thing. We only moved because we heard my wife getting up to go to the toilet and by then I was fondling his cock as he was stroking mine.
    His kitchen was finished four weeks ago. In the time it took to complete the renovations, I fucked my wife's uncle three more times. I've since had him perform all sorts of sexual acts with me, and fucked him probably over a dozen times.
    It hasn't stopped me fucking my wife, but I must admit, fucking James is becoming way way hornier.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    My moms latest flame Andrew, isn't all he makes out to her. For instance, she doesn't know his nine and half inch cock likes to fuck mens asses as well as her pussy and asshole. He also loves sucking and having his cock sucked by guys too. A tight ass to lick and tongue has been known for him to take his time with. Also occasionally he prefers to have the guy he's with, to be fucking his tight bubble butt.
    And the reason I know all of this, is, Andrew was only four months before sticking his cock in my moms mouth, pussy and asshole, sticking his beautifully large cock into my mouth and my rear boy pussy.
    We met at a gay bar, where I sometimes cruise for older men. He chatted me up and we ended up having a quick fuck in the toilets. I let him rip my asshole from behind as I leant over the toilet bowl. No fore play, only a tiny bit of kissing and wham! his cock was plowing my ass. It was so horny listening to other guys telling him to fuck me hard, as they stood outside the stall listening in. Andrew had me spin around when he ready to cum. I walked out of the bathroom with a sticky face and a well fucked asshole.
    I've tried to tempt him to fuck me when my moms not home, but so far he's kept up the facade of trying to go straight. It will only be a matter of time though, before I lure him into my bed and have him bury his cock into me again.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I'm what you would call a twink. I'm really thin and I have a long penis. It isn't really thick at all, just about 8.5 - 9 inches last time I measured it. I've only been with 2 guys, my friend who was my first and the current guy I'm seeing. I'm not "out", as you would say, because part of me likes the, I don't know, how erotic it feels keeping it all secret, especially considering the guy I'm currently involved with is 45. The first guy I did stuff with was my age and I was really nervous so it was just oral, which I enjoy giving and receiving, and hand stuff, but I was really nervous about being fucked so he just let me fuck him and he told me that when I eventually do let a guy fuck me and I get used to it I'm going to enjoy it. As it was, I just did him and he had a tight ass and it was really hot how he jerked off while I fucked him from behind and we both finished pretty close to each other, him all over his bed and me inside his ass.

    The guy I'm seeing now is the dominating sort and I just love how horny I get when we're together doing our thing. He's not as long as me, but he's a bit thicker and that had me really nervous when he told me I'd have to give my ass up to him because he's a top. The first couple times he was gentle and slow. He eased me into it, just using either my saliva from sucking him or spitting in his hand and lubing up before he entered me. My first lover was right, by I found it really erotic and I would get harder than I ever thought I could be when he was in me. I mean I was like fully engorged, erect, to the point of throbbing. But something happened the other day that never happened before. He was in me going at a moderate pace and I was at that point of throbbing and never touched myself (he wants to be the one who gets me off so he doesn't let me stroke while he's in me) when all of a sudden I orgasmed. No hands, no touching... just him pounding me from behind and I peaked and then my whole body just shook in pleasure. I shot so damn much. My guy went "Finally" and filled my ass. Then we showered and he cleaned me up as I could barely stand and he was so sweet and we cuddled and he just paid so much attention to me. I ended up riding him cowgirl style, which was new for me, and we both came again. It was like the first time popped a cork or something and now I cum from being fucked.

    This is new for me. Is this normal? Anyone else have this happened?

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    Gay Male / 23

    My boy Izzy and I have been friends since college. He's awkward but kind of a muscle head. He works out a lot and he's really ripped. It turns me on. I don't find him that attractive but his body is just beautiful.

    For awhile I've been trying to get with him, but he keeps telling me he's totally straight. Last weekend he came over and we were watching game of thrones and drinking. I don't have AC in my apartment and it gets pretty toasty, so he takes his shirt off. I thank him for the view and he just giggles. I run my hand down his smooth chest and he gets a little annoyed and tells me to cut it out. I tell him to loosen up, that I've always admired his bod. Izzy thanks me but clarifies he doesn't swing that way. I told him it's cool and nobody has to find out. We don't have to have sex, I just want to suck his cock.

    "You want to blow me? You good at it?" He jokingly asks. I promise him I am, saying there's nothing wrong with him experiencing it. He says all right, and unzips his pants. It was easier than I thought! He took off his jeans but I told him to leave his underwear to me. He wore stripped joe boxer briefs. I licked and rubbed my face on his crotch, hoping to get an arousal out of him. Then I went and pulled off his briefs. Oh daddy.

    I was always curious about Izzy, especially since I had black dudes have big cocks. Wow. This boy was hung! And he wasn't even hard yet. I played with it a bit, he laughed and pushed me off. Easy, easy I said. I grabbed his member and locked my lips around it. Slowly sucking in, focusing on his fat head. The moans were coming out. He liked it. It was tough putting it in my mouth, it was long and thick. I kept gagging. I took a break and focused licking the tip. He was real sensitive there. What a delicious cock. I started up again, slurping and sucking. Izzy moaned louder, pulling my hair, yelling FUCK! FUCK! He came. It shot up in my mouth, it has a bitter taste. I looked up and spit out on his chest. As he was catching his breath, I licked his shaft and sucked on his balls. We cleaned up, laughed and he got dressed. He left immediately after.

    He ended up liking it. Whenever he comes to visit, I usually blow him. Now to see what else I can convince him...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Our neighbours nineteen year old son Kyle asked me last week if I'd fuck him. We were on our way back from the golf club I play at. Kyle works there, although before last week I didn't know that, or him that well for that matter.
    Giving him a lift home on the half hour journey, after a dreadful days golfing I might add, I asked kyle after ten minutes of chit chat, if he was dating a good looking girl yet. He answered by telling me, he preferred good looking older men. When I asked him if he was taking the piss, he told me to pull over and I'd see.
    Where I pulled over was along a country road, next to a wooden gate leading to a farmers cattle field. Before I could say anything, Kyle got out walked over to the gate and signaled for me to join him. No sooner than I'd reached the gate, he dropped to his knees, undid my golf trousers, lowered them and my boxer shorts and in one go put every inch of my flaccid cock into his mouth. I was rock hard in seconds as kyle gave me an unbelievable blow job. Not once in my life had I the inclination to have gay sex. With Kyle's very evident expert cock sucking skills I was more than ready to when he stood up pulled his own shorts down, showing me he didn't wear underwear, then bending over and taking hold of the central spa on the gate, he turned around and asked me to fuck him.
    Purely by sexual action and lust, I put my cock to his rear hole and thrust in, as I would have done one time with my wife (Before she became fat and lazy). Fucking his arsehole hard and fast, I realised it had been so long since I'd any form of sex, other than my right hand. It felt amazing to have my cock balls deep up his hot arse, that I found myself gripping his hair and pulling him back, forcing my cock into him deeper and faster. Five minutes of literally pounding his arsehole for all I was worth, I began to cum. Kyle told me to keep going as he too was close, holding off as long as I could, I felt him shudder beneath me and heard his cries of pleasure as his cock erupted. Only a seconds later I filled his beautiful fuck hole with my hot sticky cum. Using some tissues I had in the car, we cleaned up, got back int he car and I drove us home. The chat from that point wasn't about golf, home, my wife or about his family. It was about when could I fuck him again. Kyle almost begged me to pull over again, but we were too close to home.
    I'm playing golf later today. I've already asked Kyle if he'd like a lift home. Wet wipes are in the car as is a full box of tissues. That's because I've found a nice quiet spot in the countryside, where we can take our time. I'm going to fuck Kyle long and hard today. The weather is fine and I know from his texts all morning, he's looking forward to having my cock deep inside his arsehole again.

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    Straight Male / 24

    It started around the time I hit puberty. I would jerk off to gay thoughts but after I would cum I would feel gross. Like damn what was I thinking. Eventually I got more turned on to the thought of a guy fucking me in the ass that I started fingering myself and jerking off at the same time.
    I stopped for a couple of years. The fingering I mean. But then around the time I was 17 or 18 I started doing it again. This time with 2 fingers. I couldn't help myself. It hurt but felt good at the same time. Then one day I found a butt plug in my older brothers room that he used for his girlfriend.
    I took it from his room one day when he went to work and I spit all over it and tried to stick it in my ass but I was way to tight.I slobbered all over it and pushed really hard until the thickest part went in I was plugged.i felt like I accomplished something haha. I jerked off while pushing the butt plug deeper inside me even though it was technically all the way in. I let off a load like no other and just sat there for a couple of minutes still playing with the butt plug inside me.
    Then it came time to take it out,clean it, and put it back before my brother came home lol. Put when I pulled it out I felt almost sad that it was over haha. So the next day I did it again and it was just as good. And it was a little easier to put inside me. This time I was pushing it in and out imagining myself getting fucked by a random guy.
    But then I stopped doing it again for a couple more years. Now I just go in chat rooms and have cyber sex with gay guys till I let off a load and then block them because I don't want anyone finding out. I have a girlfriend and our sex life is amazing but when I'm alone I can't help but jerk off to gay sex and men telling me what they would do to me. Am I wrong or gay for this?

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    Straight Male / 47

    I'm a 57 year old straight man. My wife has lots of health issues, so we don't fuck anymore. She has even stopped sucking my cock, and won't let me anywhere near her pussy, so I jerk off and fantasize a lot. A couple of weeks ago I was at the local country bar. I had a few drinks when a middle aged man asked if he could join me. I told him okay. We chatted for a bit, and found we had a lot in common. He doesn't get sex at home anymore, either. The drunker we got, the more we opened up about our sex life. He finally asked me if I had ever thought about being with a man. I told him I was straight, but that didn't deter him. He moved his chair closer to mine. He leaned closer and put his hand on my thigh and said, "You know, I suck cock better than any woman ever could. Does your wife swallow?" I felt his hand move up my leg a little, and he said, "I'll take your whole cock in my mouth and drain you like a vacuum." I didn't move his hand away, and even found myself opening my legs a little.

    He asked if I wanted to go out to his camper and experience the best blowjob I ever had. My cock was stirring and I hadn't cum in about six days, so I told him okay. When we stepped into his Winnebago there were two young men on the couch. They were about 25 years old and both built very well. I looked at the dude, and he told me that they were just here to help. I was a little tipsy, so this seemed more exciting than scary. From behind me, the older man reached around and caressed my nipples through my shirt. I felt him kiss my neck. The other two came over to us. One leaned down and kissed me while the other one was undoing my pants. I felt a pair of lips on my cock as I tongued the other guy. I was soon stripped naked and laying on the floor.

    One young man was straddling my torso kissing me while the other one was kneeling between my legs sucking me. My cock was rock hard by now. The one kissing me sat up and the older man knelt down and put his cock up to my mouth. I've never sucked a cock, but I opened my mouth like I had been sucking cocks all my life. I was in heaven, and the feeling increased when the guy between my legs pushed a finger into my asshole. I opened my legs to give him better access. The guy straddling my chest turned around so his ass was near my face and he bent down and started to suck my cock. The guy between my legs pushed my legs up toward the sky and I felt him shove his cock in my ass. About that time the guy I was sucking started cumming. I had never tasted cum before, but I was determined to swallow it all. I did. I kept sucking him until he was completely spent.

    I was being fucked and getting my cock sucked at the same time. All of a sudden the guy fucking me tensed up and grunted. I could feel him filling my asshole with his cum. That put me over the edge and I started cumming too. Holy fuck this felt good. The guy sucking me hadn't cum yet, and he asked me if I wanted his cum in my mouth or asshole. I told the guy in my ass to stay there, and I would take the other guy's cum in my mouth. All of a sudden I realized that this was my first gay experience. I sucked the guy until he came in my mouth while the guy in my ass got hard and fucked me again.

    We were all spent and exhausted. I got dressed to leave, and we made a date to meet here the next Friday again. We did, and have been doing it every Friday since then. If only my cold fucking fish of a wife could see me now...

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