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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Last weekend after my bachelor party my best man and I were chatting and drunk. He asked if I still wear panties like I did as a kid. I said sometimes. He asked if I still sucked cock when I do and I laughed and said no. He walked out and came back quickly and tossed a pair of sexy hot pink panties at me. I don't know why but I put them on. He came over and pushed me to my knees and put his cock to my lips and I don't know why but I opened up and sucked my best mans cock hard. He pulled out and said bend over the sofa. I went total submissive ad I did as a kid and asked him to be gentle it's been a long time. He was and did me like a pro filling me 3 times. Next morning I woke up in bed next to him wearing the same panties and him grinding me. I pulled my panties down and he did me twice more. My fiancé was coming over later that afternoon to pick me up. He fucked me twice more before she got there and once in the garage while she waited. Since last Friday night he has totally owned me. My fiancé is smoking hot and great in bed but I only want my best man/friends cock to suck on and fuck me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    From the age of 15 myself, I'm Tim and my bisexual teenage friend Simon have been having sex together. At first it was just kissing and caressing. Then he offered to give me a blow job. I finally let him perform fellatio on me and things went from there. Only three weeks later I was on my knees in his parents bathroom, taking his cock up my asshole. We've been fucking one another secretly ever since. We're still best friends and our wives don't know of our sexual relationship, and neither does anyone in our familes or the small town we live in.
    Each year, the day after our birthdays (they're a week apart) we spend the whole day at a motel in another town, having what we call our fuckfest, going home as usual as if we've been to work. We're both well and truely fucked, but ready to sneak in our secret sessions whenever we can, the whole year afterwards.

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    Gay Male / 18

    Ok lol so im not really 18. Im between 15 n 17(16 lol). So im gay n want to see wat sex is like. A lot of guys r straight in my skool but there couple gays too. ik 2 of them like me but theyre fucking uugghh. one of them is like a fucking twig n the other a fucking blue whale so i dont like them. there is this one senior football player at my skool thats SOOOOOO fucking hot. ik hes gay but on the dl. he likes me but im pretty sure he wont come out or do anything cuz hes afraid of being judged. anyways, everytime he sees me around the hallways he gives me this sexy ass look n kinda moves his eyebrows up. Once i was in the bathroom checking my face n hair when he came in. he smiled at me n i said hello. he pissed n then came to wash his hands n saw me putting lotion on my hands (my lotion smells so good). he asked me if he could have some n i was like uuummm sure. I was like here but he said "can u put it on me. i dont want my palms to be all slipery." so ik wat he was up to. he gave me his hand n i started rubbing the lotion on it. he told me i had nice hand. i was like thank you. So when i finished he said his knees were kinda ashy n if i could put sum lotion on them.(he had shorts on) i was like uuuummmm. then he said he couldnt really bend over n do it himself cuz his back hurt from football. i started putting lotion on his knees. he told me my back looked so perfect n i just said thanks. i looked up n could see the outline of his hard cock on his shorts. i looked at his legs n told him his leg muscles looked really hard. he said he liked being hard. i paused for a moment. then got up n said see ya later n he said "when??" as i left n i just giggled n said idk. idk y i didnt touch his cock that day. ik he wants to fuck but im just kinda nervous to do it. sometimes he makes a 'come here' wave with his hand when im walking pass the place he parks his car. hes so hot. hes black but lightskin like chris brown. hes muscular n really nice 2 me. he compliments me on my looks and my clothes n says im so unique bcuz im Greek mixed with spanish n stuff. n lmao his meat is BIG!. I'd say about 8.9 inches minimum. imma get with next time.. yolo right.....

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I'm a married man and have been for over eight years. All of which I've had gay affairs on the side. It started with a friend of my wifes who stayed with us for a while, just before we got married. A drunken night and a chance to explore sexually, happened because my wife was working her night shift. Purely by chance I flicked onto a gay soft porn film, we watched some of it and her friend asked me if I was aroused. I couldn't hide the fact I was really, as my boner was obvious in my shorts. Swapped blow jobs and my asshole being licked, I fuzzily accepted his invitation to try anal sex. And boy did I fucking love it. Every inch of his eight inch cock found its beautiful way up my rear and by the time he was ready to cum from ramming his cock hard up my butt, I'd already shot my load all over the sofa I was lay on. Him filling my anus was the start of five weeks of gay sexual exploration with him and five weks of daily longing to be fucked and fucked hard. Eight years on and over forty different men later, I still get the exact same thrill from having a guy fuck me as hard as he can give it to me. I always play safe now until I know I can fundamentally trust a guy, even then I only swallow their cum and won't have them cum inside my asshole. The one guy I do allow to fill my bowels after all these years, is my wifes friend who continues to fuck me when he's in town.

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    Straight Male / 30

    One day my supervisor Ian told me that deep down I want him to call me a ni99er. All i could say was wow... He later on told me I was the color of shit. I was really angry but could do nothing. It was too humiliating to report and he said it in a way that was hard to prove. One day he asked me for a ride home after work saying he'd pay me gas later on. When we got to his place he grabbed in a headlock and dragged me out of the car to his backyard. He began taking my clothes off and roughing me up. i fought back when he suddenly abbed my throat and looked at me with a look that could kill and said "Don't touch me again boy,". Instantly imfroze and allowed him to strip me. he stood and unzipped his fly and began to urinate on my naked black body. he then put his foot on my head and began whipping me with his belt calling me the nword. I dont know why but I got a raging erection. Wich he noticed and mocked. he next day at work we closed together. After the clients left he called. He back of e storeminto the bathroom. When I got in there his spants were down and his penis was erect. imwas terrified but at the same time strangely aroused. He pointed down, and I sank to my knees hesitating. But i knew it and he knew it, and his next words were impecable. "Your mine ni99er now enjoy your new job," he whimsicly ordered. With that I began feverishly sucking his Mr. McKinder white dick. After he came he pushed me to the floor and order me to strip. With that he began once againurinating on me aiming for my face ordering me to open my mouth. He then told me to clean up the mess and let with my clothes in hand. This went on for abo a year until i was fired fo being tardy. I wish I could have not done that, but Master McKinder knew that deep down I was already his bitch and that I wwanted to be slave to his superior cock. One important detail is at he told me I would no longer be called by my name Chris. i am just the white man''s bitch. I am massa ian's toilet.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I'm an asexual and I am afraid of telling.
    My father would shun me and hate my guts, while my boyfriend would leave me.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I've just been trying out my new laptop webcam. I went into a gay chat room and pointed the camera towards my body. I was wearing a thong of my wife's and a matching bra. I was getting a lot of attention from guys and eventually wanked off together with another married guy. Funny thing is, my wife is just upstairs and has no idea how much I love her underwear. Or other clocks.

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    Gay Male / 19

    i met a guy on line at men4sexnow and he sent me a message to come to his house Saturday night. He said to pull up in his driveway, strip naked and to go through the backdoor. i did what he said and walked into his house naked and he was there naked with another guy watching a video of two guys 69ing. they got up and met me as I walked in and we all kissed and stroked each others cocks, then i got down on my knees and sucked their dicks. then they took me into the bedroom and one sucked my dick while the other licked my naked smooth shaved body. next i got on my knees and elbows and sucked one guys cock while the other one ate my ass. they swapped places then they took turns pounding my ass with their big dicks.. i left there the next morning with a butt full of cum

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    Gay Male / 40

    My boyfriend is tall and extremely well hung. Every morning when I am in the shower, he comes in allready erect. He places my hands on the wall and slowly forces his dick into me. He chokes me, and rams hard, and cums vioently. We have sex all different ways, but none as intense as the shower. I wonder if he has some sort of fetish about that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I have a friend in my apartment complex. He came over one day, and saw I was on the internet. He said he had a date with a hot chick and wanted to show me. He told me to go to craigs list, and when I did, he saw my browsing history. He said look at all that gay shit, and laughed. He told me where to look, and we found the picture of the chick. She was hot, and he said he was worried because she wanted a well endowed guy. He asked if I had seen a lot of dicks, "you know...up close and shit". He kinda grinned and i was embarrassed, but he got close to me and put my hands on his junk. It was starting to get hard, and he quickly pulled it out. I couldn't help but stroke it and look at it. He asked me what I thought, and I told him it was quite large and thick. He asked me if I wanted to put it in my mouth, and I hesitated. that is when he grabbed my neck forcing me down and said, "suck it!" I went to town on his dick, and he didnt last long before he burst in my mouth. I looked up at him, and he had photographed the whole thing. Now he gets a lot of dates with woman, because he never has to worry about getting off, and the chicks like that. I blow him before dates, and after dates. Sometimes he has me wear lipstick, and even shoved it up my ass. He always thanks me and tells me what a good cum dump I am.

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