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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    After all his talk of beating the shit out of gays, and of hating anything homosexual, I'm now fucking my neighbor. He lets on to the world he's straight and he's a mans man. Which when he's not with me, he probably is. He's also married and brags how his wife loves his large cock. And again I guess she does, as he does have a huge cock.
    Yet I know different about him, after I caught him tossing off, then sucking on a guys cock in a park notorious for men picking up other men for sex. I was there to meet a guy to fuck him. Only he didn't show. Some married men don't. Watching him suck cock and knowing it wasn't his first timeas he expertly sucked the guy off to completion, I waited until he'd licked his lips from swallowing the mans cum. Walking up to him, I asked my neighbor if he liked younger guys cocks too. He was so shocked to see me, but being caught out, he only had one real answer, and that was "Get your dick out then". He sucked me off as the other guy got himself together and then watched for a little while. Holding the forty one year olds head, I fucked his mouth, then let him know I was about to cum. He held me tightly and accepted my load like he'd done to the previous guy. Two days later, I got the first text off him. We'd swapped numbers in the park, and his wife he said had left for work.

    In his front room, I had him licking my balls, my cock and my asshole. When I was as hard as rock, I didn't bother to ask him, but instead turned him around, smothered his ass with anal lube he already had and plunged in. Fucking him doggy for a long long time, he came as he beat his meat, then watching his cum spray everywhere, I emptied my balls up his shitter. He absolutely loved it and told me to keep my cock inside of him. Working his ass, he ground onto me slowly for some time. long enough to have my cock rising again. Once hard, he pulled of my dick, told me follow him and lead me upstairs. On his marital bed I had sex for over an hour with him, culminating with me kissing him as I fucked him missionary. Once more I came inside him, this time only seconds after he came all over our stomachs as we squashed together.

    He still makes out he's a tough guy, and looking and knowing him, he most definitely is. Yet most weeks from our first fuck, I fuck him at least two to three times a week. And each time he wants me and my dick more and more. Last week as I fucked him spooning him from behind. kissing his neck as my cock slid in and out of his hole, he told me "I'm falling in love with you". I already kind of knew, as I'm beginning to feel the same way.

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    Straight Male / 26

    My future boss (Complicated and boring) told me last week, if I transfer over with everyone else, he's going to be looking forward to fucking me. When I told him I wasn't gay and have a girlfriend, his response was "That's fine, I don't mind fucking cute straight guys like you, too". The thing is I got incredibly turned on by his comments, and I also overheard him later telling someone over the phone, he didn't think I'd be able to handle eight and half inches. After a brief pause to whoever he was chatting to, he then added "He gets a boner when I'm around him, and he's always looking at my cock bulge". Thinking about his words, I realised he was correct and that I do check out his package. Truth be told, I have had thoughts in the past about gay sex, and also rugged looking handsome men like my future boss. Like some of those times before, I'm now going to masturbate imagining my possible future.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I went to Denver and called Uber to pick me up at the airport. The man was nice and polite and handled my luggage and drove me into town to my hotel. He gave me his card and offered his services if I needed him while in town or for a ride back to the airport. I had my meeting the next day, went to dinner with the businessmen, and in the bathroom I called the Uber man and told him to pick me up at the restaurant to get me to the hotel. I thanked my guests and they were on their way and the Uber man showed up and I got in.

    On the way back to the hotel he asked me if I had anything I wanted to do. I laughed and said thanks but truthfully I was a cock man, strip joints were not my thing. He laughed and said well as things went he was a cock man too and he knew of a couple of places where I might hook up, what did I like. I told him I was pretty low key, to me a man of words, older, heavier, non smoker, top, my age or older. He laughed and said that he thought I was describing him and I said well as a matter of fact I was, from the time I had met him at the airport the day before.

    My Uber guy turned out to be the best one night stand I have had. He dropped me off at the hotel, turned himself off for the night, parked his car and came up to my room. We were without anything to drink but then again we were not there to drink, standing he was a couple of inches taller, heavier by some 20 pounds, my age with large hands, I have a thing for large bellies and hairy chests, for a man that likes to kiss. We stood in the middle of the room and kissed for a good long while, first with small kisses to get started but then with a long French kiss and some belly rubbing.

    For an Uber man he was endowed with a wonderful cock, he was hard and he was big and he was sure to let me know what it was all about. I sucked him, savored him, I love big cocks and hairy balls and a hairy ass. I love to stroke a cock and kiss around under his balls and lick and smell his ass. I guess I was just about as horny as you can get, I licked his ass and he liked that and turned over and let me stroke him under his belly and lick his ass to my heart's content. More than kissing ass makes me horny, makes me want to be nasty, makes me want to get fucked. And he enjoyed it.

    We cut off and kissed some more stroking our cocks, and slipping down for some nipple kissing now and then, some fingers slipping in between my legs and anal massages with deep French kissing. There was no hurry but it was building fast, his cock was rock hard and I sucked him as hard as I could but that wasn't going to do it, I gave him some of my anal lube and he lubed me up and fingered me and pressed me hard he could tell I like that, having my prostrate massaged, but that night was about something more than that. Usually I prefer to start in the face down position, but that night I got on my back for him and took him all in. You want to believe that his size made a difference but the truth is it more about just how hard he is and how he maneuvers, and he was hard and he maneuvered and he was a big man and he fucked with pleasure and he came with pleasure. Later, when we were both recovered and laying there just talking about how good it was to meet up with a stranger, he gave my cock some attention and he got me to cum slurping it down.

    I had a flight the next morning, but not until after breakfast so we enjoyed a cup of coffee at a Denny's on the way to the airport, I kept his card but my travels never took me back to Denver. But I remember him, I remember that night, a chance encounter, a one night stand, sex with a total stranger, all of it is true. But the truest part it was just about the best sex I have had, if not the best.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Just a quickie for you.
    I'm forty three, very fit and big. My cock that is. I'm also a highly sexed married man who's wife can't match my need for anal. Mind you even before I met her I was fucking guys.
    During a few days off last week, I decided to go into town and do some shopping for clothes. Whilst trying on some trousers in a shop, I noticed through the gap in the curtain, a guy who I guessed to be about my own age, staring at my cock bulge.
    Never one to be shy, I popped my head out and asked him if he'd like to join me. Within seconds I had my cock out and in his mouth. He'd sucked cock before, even though I saw his wedding band and believe me he was good.
    Asking as he sucked away on my dick, if he'd like to take it up his arse, he stopped sucking me, looked up ans smiled.
    Removing his own trousers and lowering his boxers he turned around and offered up his hole. I spat on my cock, then on my fingers and wiped his hole with them. He shuffled about, but I wanted to fuck him and just put my cock head to his boy pussy and thrust in.
    It was furious, fast and it was rough, yet I didn't care what he wanted and took him. We both moaned with lust, but kept it as low as we could. Even so I heard a young shop worker say "I think he's fucking him". I still carried on though and heard him groan again as he told me it felt amazing. Gripping his hair I pulled his head back, kissed him and shot everything I had deep up his arsehole. He pulled off my cock, spun and tugged his won dick a few times and shot his load all over the floor.
    A few minutes later we both walked out with him wiping his hole with a tissue I gave him. Passing two young male shop assistants as I'd paid for my clothing and was exiting the shop, the youngest looking said "Call in again soon sir, you can fuck me next time if you'd like". I smiled and said I'd be in next week.
    I'm back there tomorrow.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Last summer I attended a music festival and had a great time. Not only listening to some amazing music, but also hooking up with a young guy (17) who lives close to my home town. He was in college at the time, but told me he was starting with his uncles company at the end of summer. On the first night there, I had him sucking on my cock, before fucking him as he had his head out of the tent. Passers by knew he was being fucked, yet the freedom the festival gives people, nobody gave a shit. Over the next two days I fucked him during the day and at night, and during one part of the last day, I actually fucked him right next to one of the out lying stages.

    In work in October of last year, my boss told me he was having a real problem at home. He kind of broke down letting me know he'd been found watching gay porn clips by his wife, and she was thinking of ditching him. I responded by telling him I'd take the flack for him, by sending him some more gay porn clips, and then apologize for sending it out to the wrong person. It worked when I sent the email admitting my error which his wife read. She apparently persuaded him not to sack me, as I'd been open and honest.

    The following day, after the email, he called me into his office when everyone else had left for home. My boss asked me if I'd done what I had for a promotion or his favour. My response was very of the moment and totally ad lib. I told him if he bent over his desk and allowed me to fuck him, I'd be thrilled.

    Not only did he rise up from his desk and then strip right there in front of me, he had me do the same, before he expertly sucked in my cock and blew me for over ten minutes. It wasn't by any stretch of the imagination the first time he'd had cock in his mouth, and his talents were obvious.

    With him bent over his desk, then as I lay on his office floor rug and him mounting me. And finally as he lay on his back on his office sofa as we kissed, I fucked him until we both came. Him in between us as I buried my cock up his beautiful arse, then I came filling his backside with long shuddering cum spurts.

    I've continued to fuck him most weeks when and if we get time to indulge. There is nothing arranged as our work commitments only allow us to have enough time when things are fluid and clear.

    What has emerged fairly recently, is a young man who I fucked at a festival last summer, caught us fucking in a side room. He's started work later than expected, as he wanted time off to go enjoying himself around Europe and America. When he caught us, he didn't scream out how wrong it was, he closed the door, locked it, as we should have and removed his clothing.

    It was my first threesome (Gay) and one that all three of us had a wail of a time sucking and fucking. It was kind of strange watching an uncle and nephew fuck, but then again I'd fuck mine if I knew they were open to receiving their Uncle B***'s cock.

    All three of us indulge as much as possible now, and it's become a grat place to work and have fun. We're very conscious to keep our professional heads on when we need and have to. But in those moments of fun we do have, it's very sexually intense and always a fantastic fun fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I got a job the summer I finished high school working at the country club in the accounting department. I filed and did menial paperwork. The only other male in the department was an old man who was called the auditor, I had no idea what he did. He smoked, which in those days was permitted and he always had an ashtray full of cigarettes. His office was a small room next to the office supplies, he was the only one other than the controller that had an office, everyone else was in an open room at desks.

    I had worked there maybe three weeks and the auditor called me in and said the controller had given him permission to help him and he gave me this large box of receipts and told me to go through them and organize them by date and by department (he showed me the department number on the printout). I spent all day doing that and when it was time to leave I went to him and told him I wasn't finished and he told me that was tough but I had to finish because the outside auditors were coming in the next day. So when everyone left the only two people in the office were the auditor and me.

    It was late, around nine and I hadn't finished and he stood over me. He pushed some of the papers on my desk aside and he sat back on the edge and unzipped his pants and took out the ugliest, longest, fastest, hairiest penis I had ever seen. He told me to suck on it and it was going to make me feel good. He put his big hand behind my head and pulled me towards him and he bent down and whispered that he wanted me to do it right, and right meant to take his penis in my hand and hold it while I sucked him, to suck him steady and softly, savoring what I had in my mouth and if I did a good job he would take me to get a hamburger.

    His penis was much bigger than my hand, at first I barely touched it, but he kept insisting that I take in my hand and put my hand all the way around it and hold it up to my mouth like an ice cream cone and suck him gently like he had said. His penis felt like a large hot worm, soft but also firm and his naked penis head was large and he had this drop fo what I thought was pee coming out of the slit. I closed my eyes and started to suck him softly and he kept talking to me and telling me what a good job I was doing and if that didn't make me feel good nothing would make me feel good.

    He lit a cigarette and leaned back and kept my head down with his and after while I was sucking much more of his penis and he was no longer firm, he was hard now and his penis felt like a monster alive in my hand. Softly he would tell me, use my tongue, suck and lick, he took my hand and he started to jerk himself up and down. He got hard, harder than he was earlier and he was starting to move back and forth when he stopped me and he said it was going to be a whole lot better if I just let him fuck me. He stood up and stood me up and said to push my pants down and lean across the desk and hold the other side of the desk, the papers fell to the floor and he got behind me and rubbed his penis against my virgin hole. He tried several times to get it in but he wasn't successful.

    He left me there and told me to wait and not pull my pants up and he went to his office and came back with a jar. He took a large amount out on his fingers and rubbed it into my crack and my anus hole and he took some more and he greased up his pole. He got behind me again and this time he got it in and he fucked me for a long while, whistling and stopping for a moment and standing up straight and then leaning over and fucking me again. He lit another cigarette and fucked slowly in and out, asking me from time to time how I liked it, he said he was famous, he had fucked cowboys and truckdrivers and sissy ass queers at the hotel. It felt good, the more he did it the more it felt good, he put his hand square on my back and held me down hard against the desk and he shoved in and out real fast and he came.

    He pulled out and sat back in my work chair and told me to stay still, gently rubbing my cheeks with his hand, and then he announced 'here it comes' and he took his finger and wiped some of it up and showed me his cum. He kept me like that for a few moments and told me to get dressed and we would go get a hamburger and come back and finish and then he would take me home.

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    Gay Male / 53

    No kidding, my mother made me a queer. She always wanted a girl and that was me. She dressed me as a girl and treated me as a girl and I learned to love being a girl. My first cock was when I was fourteen and a man talked to me at the bus stop and took me with him to this construction yard and I got my first cock. I am a cock lover, a lousy dirty cock lover. I guess that I had to grow up, and I had to get out there and dressing up as a girl got more and more difficult, but not being in love with cock. That was easy, still is. I do dress up from time to time, but I do that for me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    At the age of sixteen I let two men fuck me, so they wouldn't inform my parents I'd tried to rob items from their car. They caught me in their garage and within minutes I was sucking on the older of two men's cock. Telling me it was either that or the police, I chose their dicks. I didn't initially choose to be fucked, but once they striped me, had me bent over a work bench and applied hand cream, I didn't really have much choice. The stupid things was, I'd picked the wrong house to try and steal anything from, as the men were door supervisors/bouncers at a gay club.
    I was taught a lesson over a half hour period, with both men having me suck on their dicks and fucking me until they cum all over my face and hair. What's more, is I enjoyed them fucking me after the initial pain. So much so, they both told me I could visit again once they'd made me shower and clean up. Eight years on, even though I now have a girlfriend, I still visit one of the men who fucks me regularly. And just to set the record straight, I'm now a reformed character who after that first garage fuck, has never been in trouble since.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Wife away so i invited my fuck buddy over,we hadnt fucked or rather he hadnt fucked me for ages Just the feeling of his cock sliding slowly up me felt so good. My first experience of being fucked happend when I was a young teenager in England I helped a milkman deliver milk in the days when it was delivered to the house .He started to put his hand on my leg, then after a week or so of this he moved his hand higher until he could feel my young cock getting
    hard .He didnt do anything for a week then one day he asked if his hand felt good,I told him it did so he covered the bulge in my shorts with his hand and rubbed it.This happened daily for a while till he finally slipped his hand up the baggy leg of my shorts .He wanked me daily for weeks then one day he got his cock out and asked me to wank him ,I was happy to at the time I
    thought his cock was huge but I know now it was small .He asked me to fuck him and my boyish cock slipped right up him I came after a few strokes ,
    Another week went by of me fucking him when he asked to fuck me,He had vaseline and fingered me till I was well lubed he took his time getting up me funnily it didnt hurt too much he went slowly for a while then he got real fast and shot a load up me, from that day on Ive loved the feel of a cock up me and even better when that cock cums

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    So despite 40+ years of denying it... even when I had the occastional gay experience... I am ready to tell the world! I am a bi-sexual man. I have sucked cocks, had anal sex (both giving and receiving) and I also like women! I am bi!

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