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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 24

    This is something I've never told anyone.

    Five years ago this coming week, I woke up in a hotel room to totally naked. My head was fuzzy, but not hurting, and next to me was a note. It said "Thanks for the awesome night. Watched the video on your phone and we look amazing fucking. Hope one day to see you again N x".
    I instantly thought I'd gotten off with some horny girl and rushed to look at my phone.

    I stopped before I looked and saw two obviously used condoms strewn on the floor, and I tried my hardest to remember something, anything about the night before. All I could remember was booking into the hotel, which had been paid for by the company I then worked for.
    Opening my phone, I clicked on what I knew to be a new video and was instantly gobsmacked.

    There I was naked on the bed sucking on the cock of a much older man. Putting the phone down I couldn't believe what I was seeing, yet it was definitely me sucking on his cock, and I looked like I was enjoying it.
    Too curious not to look, I picked the phone back up and continued to watch. Over the next twenty five minutes I watched as the man fucked my face, then spun me around with one hand as he held my phone. The phone was pit down briefly, then I saw his condom covered cock poke at my arsehole and slip inside my hole. Making all kinds of noises as he began to fuck me, I saw myself backing onto his cock and even heard myself say "Yeh, that's it fuck me hard like you did earlier".
    Harder and faster he fucked me for some time until I cried out I was cumming. He then bucked deeper into me, the picture shot up to the ceiling and I heard him cry out as he'd obviously cum himself.
    One more shot appeared of him pulling out of my arsehole, and I listened as I told him "Your cock feels so good".
    The film ends and so did any doubt in my mind I'd been a willing gay partner. It was obvious he'd fucked me more than once, and it was also obvious I'd gone along with the man who was old enough to be my father.

    Back at work the following week, my boss told me I'd been excellent in helping the company obtain an important contract. He also quietly said I should be expecting a large bonus for going through with what he'd suggested in the hotel bar. The thing is, I couldn't remember being in the hotel bar with my boss, let alone agreeing to anything sexual with a stranger.

    What I do know now, is the man was a client and an influential one at that. He also I now know enjoys fuckung young men like myself, and enjoys them compliant.

    I've since moved on from that company and have never spoken to anyone about my sexual hotel night. What I do know and understand about it all and myself, is I looked like I thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock and being fucked. And I've kept the footage which I sometimes watch and whack off to.

    Now I have to decide if I'm going to maybe take another dip into gay sex. Or if that night, a night I simply cannot remember, is going to be my one and only gay sexual experience.
    That's because the more I watch it all, the more aroused and needy I become.

    My girlfriend wouldn't have to know, would she.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I posted this story a while neighbour left town some time ago for a new job...I have really missed him. He got back for a weeks holiday last night. I picked him up from the airport and we went straight to his hotel. As soon as we were in the door we undressed...he had a thong on for me and looked stunning. I rimmed him in it then he took it off and fucked me, long hard and very deep...

    Was as good as the first time...

    We have a new neighbour...I am married but gay...totally closeted and until last night only a few guys who know me know I am into men. My sex with men is mostly random and anonymous.
    The new neighbour is probably the hottest guy I have ever known personally...I had assumed he was str8...girlfriend until recently and very masculine. He is early 40's and as my wife says...drop dead gorgeous.
    Last night he came for dinner as he often does. My wife is away and so I did the meal. After dinner and a few drinks we were chatting about life in general and he said he has done a massage course as an extension of his yoga class. I was quite surprised. He told me about it and then in a very matter of fact way offered to give me a massage. We have a day bed by the pool so he said hey why not do it here...if you like. I hesitated a bit, knowing how much he turned me on and wondering how I would control myself being touched by him. But he sort of took over and just got a couple of towels from the towel basket and laid them out on the daybed. He got me to get some coconut body oil which we all use here.
    I just had a thong on under my shorts which I was a little self conscious in him knowing I wore one. But I was in the space and so thought ok what the hell. I stripped to my thong and he just said hey looks good...get on here. So I did face down.
    He massaged my back and legs...not getting too close to my inner thigh area. Then I heard him take his shirt off as he said hot work and laughed a bit. I lifted my head and as soon as I saw his bare muscled torso and big nipples I felt my cock start to stir. He was so damn hot. He casually said flip over and I did. My thong bulge was reasonably serious although I was only a little boned. He massaged my shoulders and upper chest touching my nipples occasionally which had become rock hard. I was a little tense wondering what would go on in my thong if I let my imagination run...
    He just told me to relax...he then did my stomach. My cock started to expand. He asked if I was ok and was I happy he continued. He could see my increasing bulge. I stuttered sure and said err sorry about my junk. He said hey perfectly natural and all good. Then he started on my legs and thighs. My cock really started to swell and I felt sure I could sense and feel a little pre cum had oozed out wetting my thong pouch.
    He then unzipped his shorts and let them fall, and stood in very brief tight bikini underwear...his bulge more than matching mine. See, perfectly natural he said with a grin and a little laugh. He continued to massage me and I felt his bulge brush against me a couple of time. That did it. My cock became fully erect and he just pulled it out of my thong pouch. I felt his warm lips envelop my rigged shaft and a hand slide between my inner thighs...then a finger sliding up into me. I gasped and reached for his bulge. He slid his bikini underwear off and let his huge shaft stand fully erect for me to stroke.
    We didn't speak again...we just became engrossed in hot passionate bare animal sex. First on the day bed...then in the pool and finally spent the night in my bed. He ejaculated in me 3 times. I managed a second ejaculation once we were in bed and again in the morning when we woke up and I took his beautiful ass. I finally have a discreet fuck buddy close by. He confessed to being bi and that he was a huge fan of older fit guys and found me very attractive. He wants me regularly, as much as I need and want him. Bliss.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I think gay area is ok to post. I wasn't sure if men only or gay area but it's gay theme.

    In the ten years I've been married, we always had nights out on our own. Every two weeks, she'd hang with her best friend & other women would go there on Sat nights for a girls night as she calls it. I'd do the same with my best bud from HS days. His house with friends or drinking beer while out bowling & sometimes to titty bars. Back in October, it was titty bar night. My wife thought we were just hanging out at his house. She wouldn't like it if she knew I was at a titty bar but I'd never fucked another woman in those places so I'd not cheated. I usually never drove since it's closer to my buds house & we'd go back there & I'd pass out from my one night drinking hard. I'm sure a lot of gay men have been to places where there are nude men dancing & other straight men who have been to titty bars so you know, any healthy man gets hard in his pants when he's seeing what he likes in the nude. I'd seen in before. Other men obviously hard from nothing more than looking at titty dancing. In the restroom, stalls fill fast because when you have to piss, you're usually hard but if no stall, you use the urinal & it takes a few seconds for it to go down enough to piss. I think there's a secret code that men pretend the guy next to him isn't hard too so you don't look over if there's no little divider. Maybe that's more a straight thing but there's always a couple who check you out. I think to compare notes on size. I was used to that sometimes but I always kept my eyes forward looking. I could still tell if someone was checking my dick out.

    In titty bars that are open late or even round the clock, you're going to hear some familiar sounds sometimes in restrooms even over the music because some men have to masturbate after a few hours of what goes on in titty bars. Some men pay to get pussy but it's not allowed & I'd never pay for sex. If I get so old or ugly to where I'd have to pay if I wasn't with my wife, I'd not have sex but some guys have a fetish to pay even if they look okay. I'm not one of them. I was a little high from some drinks. My bud wanted to stay longer. I thought, as usual, I'll masturbate once at his house in the room I sleep in alone but I couldn't wait anymore. My dick wasn't just semi hard. It was staying fully hard & I was horny out of my mind. I'd masturbated in a stall but this was different. The fucking wall behind the toilet is marble & it's like a mirror. You can stick paper in cracks of the stall for privacy but you can't do anything about that wall. I noticed the guy in the stall next to mine was masturbating so I thought it's okay if I do it fast in mine but he started to signal me with his hand. I heard him whisper he'd help me out. I was so horny & a few drinks, I thought head is better than just masturbating it. I gave him a thumbs up, put my dick back in my pants hard & went out of the stall. He came out too. We went back in the club area. I told my bud that guy was an old friend from HS who was going to take me home since my bud was staying longer. I ended up not far away at an apartment where this guy lived. We got in the door & as soon as he closed it he was getting my jeans off. He'd rubbed on it some in his car. He sucked my dick. It was the best head I'd ever had. Afterward, we had some beers & later, he sucked it off again for me. I slept on his sofa & the next morning he was sucking it again. I visit him once in a while to hang out with in a different kind of way. He sucks it off for me. He swears he's straight too but likes to suck sometimes. I don't buy that. I think he's bi or gay & we are both doing gay stuff. Even I am having my dick in his mouth so I'll call it bi since I still love sex with my wife. My wife & I are fucking more than ever now. It has helped me at home somehow. I'm in a better mood all the time. I'd never fooled around with a guy before but I like what happens on some nights out now. I don't have interest in fooling around with his dick but he likes to only suck so everything is great for how it is.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Over the past four years I've hardly ever paid a regular or Uber taxi driver for a ride. That's because I'll either toss them off, suck them off, or in some cases allow them to fuck me for a distance fare.
    Quite a few of the guys are now regular sex partners, with only one of them NOT being married.
    Believe me the married drivers are only too eager to have my mouth or asshole around their married cocks. The one regular driver who isn't married, still has a girlfriend and he and I fuck at least twice a week in his cab.
    On New Years Eve, I sucked off three drivers, one being new, and had a married regular Uber friend fuck me in the early hours of New Years day, as I traveled between parties.
    The men are not in any way sporty hunky guys, but they all adore getting off with me, through hand, oral or anal. And I get pretty much free transport around the city I live in.
    It's awesome.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I am in my mid fifties and I work as a plumber. I have my own shop and for a while now I work alone, too much headache dealing with men who don't show up and clients that are upset because I can't get to their home and fix their problem. I have a retired lady in a wheelchair that manages the phones and we make a good team. In any event, this is my first cock experience.

    I go to this man's townhouse. He has a problem because his shower pan is leaking. I agree to fix it, it is a job that takes about three hours and I quote him and he accepts and we schedule it. He stay home, he works for a flooring company, and when I get there he wants to help. It is man work and its dirty, tearing out the tile, and setting in the new shower pan and retiling the shower, but he wants to help so we work away in the bathroom.

    We take a break, the job is going faster than I had budgeted to do it alone, and we are standing in his bedroom and I notice this framed drawing on his dresser. It is a drawing of man sucking off another man. He sees that I am staring at it so he gives it to me, he says that his friend took a picture of him sucking off his then boyfriend and used it to make the drawing. He liked it and kept it, usually you don't keep pictures of your last boyfriend, but he liked the drawing.

    We went through an totally uncomfortable talk about a man's man, about don't knock it till you try it, good hard cock is hard to find, men make it so hard to find each other, thankfully now there are places where you can go and meet men who like men, but it is still hit and miss. All this as natural as talking about going fishing. I try to be non judgmental, but I am anything but non judgmental, I am standing there in his bedroom holding a drawing of him sucking another man's cock and talking about gay men getting together. Well the conversation took its course and he put his arm around my shoulder when he put the drawing back on his dresser and suggested we finish the job.

    He did good work, he was good with his hands, he talked about how everyone expected him to be some sissy furniture salesman, but he liked hard work with his hands. He just liked cock and wrestling with a naked man. We got finished early, with his help the job took about two hours, not counting the time in the bedroom. He got his arm around me again and it wasn't like he was just being friendly, he invited me to this happy hour that was held at this bar in his neighborhood and how I needed to stop by. I gave him a bill for the two hours but he insisted on paying the quoted price. I stood there in his foyer with his arm around my shoulder for what had to have been fifteen minutes. Before I walked out he made me agree to meet him at the happy hour.

    The happy hour was a happy hour except that he told me about all the gay guys there, this one was gay and a lawyer, this one was gay and an assistant principle, this one was gay and he worked for Walmart and he was gay and he wanted us to be friends. He introduced me as his buddy. The night got along and he suggested we walk down to this pizza place and get something to eat. It never crossed my mind I was on a date and I was his date for the night and he was working me, no matter where we stood he kept his arm around my shoulder and I was his buddy. During the pizza he asked me to come over, for some man to man time. Don't knock it till your tried it, some man to man time would do me good. He told me he wasn't necessarily a top, he was what they called versatile he went both ways, top or bottom whatever made me more comfortable.

    Two middle aged guys in their fifties, each coming in at over 230 pounds, naked on a bed is not what anyone ever thinks about as sexy. Cock sucking does not come natural, neither does nipple pinching or licking, neither does mutual stimulation, two big naked men on a bed is not what I had ever imagined, and cock sucking was so far from my mind or experience, and man mounting was the last thing I ever thought I would do, but I did it all, and I agreed to go out with him again, and we ended up right where we were that first night, wrestling naked in bed swallowing cock and getting man mounted for good measure. Maybe it was my total judgmental self, maybe my idea of what a man should do got in the way of what a man can do, and sucking cock is something I never thought I would enjoy but here I am, a cock sucker and a bottom fucker and one of those guys that they point out at the bar, a gay plumber. Well maybe not yet gay, but definitely a cock sucking plumber and a bottom fucker. I am not versatile, I don't get on top.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was younger we moved my freshman year of High School. I was sort of alone sis not know anyone and my parents worked jobs that kept them away from home a lot. I decided to got out for the football team a kid down the street was a football player and his father convinced me to go out for it. I was not a big kid kind of skinny but still tough.
    At the try outs I felt like a little kid up next to the other guys and I really did not know that much about football. Anyway I got out there and did my best not expecting to make the team. At 15 I had not had many sexual experiences with guys or girls do lets just say I was pretty clueless about those kind of things. Try outs started before school started that spring and as I said felt I had no chance to make team. The next week I got a letter in mail said I made the team and when practices were etc. We lived about 20 miles from the school in a new area that once was a farm field. I walk down to the house of the man who had said I should try out. I told him I made the team but had no way to get there I did not drive yet. He said his son would pick me up and reached out and ruffled my hair with his hand. He was a very good looking man very muscular and had a wide smile that made me sort of vibrate inside all warm. I walked home thinking about this man but not sure why I was. I kept picturing him standing there in my mind. Anyway the son picked me up for practices and dropped me home after he did not talk to me much and acted as if the whole thing of driving me was putting him out.
    I did ok at practices and held my own with the much larger guys. A few days before school started the man came over and rang the bell. He said he wondered if I would like to do some weight lifting with him. I said sure interested in bulking up. He stood in the doorway as I ran to change. He was in small tight shorts and tank top. His arms were very toned and his body was hairy not ape hairy just on chest arms legs and I assumed other places I could not see. we walked to his house and out to what he called the man shed. There he had a weight set and other work out machines. he showed me how to use them and we worked out. My eyes kept looking at him I was in awe of his body. he said he was small like me once and built himself up. I tried not to have him catch me looking at him. Soon he took off his shirt and wow he was in great shape. he had a scent to him that smelled of man sweat and fresh soap after a shower. After we got done he asked if I would like something to drink soda or pop water etc. We sat and talked and drank I excused my self to go home s the folks would be calling to check on me. He said cool and told me to come down anytime use the man shed or if I just needed to talk.
    Once again I walked home I could see his body like a movie un my head. I shook my head and said to myself stop it your acting like a fag. The folks called and all was well. I hopped in shower and the door bell rang. I put on my robe and I went to the door and there he was the man standing there smile on his face. He asked what I was doing as I stood there in a my robe looking like a drowned rat. I said I was taking a shower. He said don't let me stop you. I did not know what to say he piped in saying he could wait in the living room. I ran back to shower and felt my body tingle and shiver I rushed and dried off then tossed on some shorts. I walked back to living room to find him in my dads chair laid back relaxed his legs spread wide at that time I noticed a very large bulge in his pants. he smiled when I came in the room and said he thought I could use some company I looked lonely. Truth be told I was in hat house alone all the time. We talked for a bit and played some video games. He was fun funny and sat very close to me on the couch. I noticed our knees were touching I looked down I looked so small to his muscled thigh and leg.
    He beat me on a few video games and would always sort of ruff me up each time. His hands touching me sent jolts trough my body. I liked him touching me. he stood up and said he need to take a piss. As he stood I could see the bulge bounce in his shorts my eyes locked on it. I looked up from it and he was looking right at me gave a smile and walked out to the bathroom. I sat there feeling hot my skin felt warm and my pecker had sprung up. I pushed it down in my shorts tried to hide it if he came back.

    He was gone a long time I started to worry so I went to see what had happened. The bathroom door was open and I could smell he had pissed it was a very strong smell walked in and he had not flushed so I did that. I looked for him but no sign of him strange he would just leave that way. I blew it off grab some food ate watched tv and then got ready for bed. I slept in my boxers so just tossed my shorts on floor and got into bed.

    I was just about to drift off to sleep when I felt someone get into bed with me It frightened the crap out of me and I froze there. I felt warm naked skin against mine then a hand and an arm wrapped around me. The person pulled me to them I then knew who it was I could smell him. He placed his hard cock right in the crack of my ass like a hot dog in a bun. he snuggled close to me and held me. I lay there not knowing what to do. He held me so tight I could not move. I could feel his cock pulse and lurch as he lay there holding me. I did not move and soon fell asleep in his arms. I woke up next day he was gone. He left a note that said thanks for keeping me company last night I was feeling lonely to.

    His sleeping over became a regular thing he would lay with me nude and hold me resting his hard cock on my rear. I felt so safe in his arms. I noticed my own cock getting hard one night I started to wiggle a bit and push against his cock. He jumped up walked out and never said anything about it again. Well I was confused I was feeling he wanted something more even as a clueless teen and in my mind I was wanting more also. I did not see him much after that his son still picked me up and drove me to practices,

    One night we got back late after a late practice school had started and I had met a few kids. The son asked if he could come in and hang out. I said sure not sure what had changed he had not said maybe 20 words to me in all the time driving me. We got in the house I got some pop and chips and we sat on the couch. I was just about to open chips when this guy kissed me right on the lips. I was shocked but did not pull away. He stumbled with his words as he blurted out he had wanted to do that for a long time. I said I did not think you even liked me. he smiled a shy smile much like his fathers and said no I liked you but I am not gay or anything thought you would laugh at me or tell people if I did anything. I asked what changed? He said what you did with my Dad. I looked at him and said I didn't do anything the said yes you did or he would not of stopped sleeping with you. I looked at him WTF are you talking about. he told me his Dad used to hold him until he made a move for more then it stopped. he told me how much he missed it and felt bad that he had tried to do something sexual and then it stopped. He looked so crushed I just felt like hugging him. I hugged him and soon we were kissing. we made out for a long time and he stayed over that night and I held him both of us nude and we feel asleep that way.

    We did this often that freshman year make out and hold each other at night that's was all we did hard as rocks but we never went past that point.

    That summer we went camping together in the woods near or homes for a weekend. I made the first move we were making out in our boxers and I slid my hand down his and felt his cock as it flopped into my hand. he was large like his dad bigger than me in body and in cock size. He moaned and kissed me harder. I really did not know what to do but as I moved my body just seemed to know what to do. I kissed down his chest tell I got to his cock I pulled his boxers down with one hand and slowly licked the head of his cock it seemed so unreal and so natural. He started to shake I laid him down and ran my fingers over his body and kissed him again. we had never even jerked off together and here I was wanting to take care of his every need. I felt a want inside that burned. Once he was laid back stretched out I got between his legs and started licking his balls he let out small moans so I would do what I was doing more thinking he must like that. I licked his balls for a long time then licked up his shaft then down again. I took my time I was not in a rush. He bucked his hips now and then thrusting his hard cock toward my face.

    I licked his cock head and sucked on it for some time he was moaning and begging me to suck him. So I did I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him his hands clamped on to my head guiding me as his hips started to thrust his cock in to my mouth and soon my throat. I thought for sure I would gag but I did not. He fucked at my mouth slow at first then he became like a wild animal pounding at me I gagged a bit but that did not seem to slow him any. I felt his cock swell bigger and then he let loose cum gushing into my mouth he came like a race horse my throat tongue lips were coated with his juice. he slowed let up on his grip on my head and slowly slid in and out of my mouth giving me every last drop. As his cock slid from my mouth I started to laugh so did he. that was amazing he said I was thinking the same thing. I felt so relaxed so alive so filled with love I was in another world and I was happy. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I had shot off my load as he was pumping his into me. We lay there kissing for a while then he asked if we could do it again. I said yes with a huge smile. I sucked him off 4 times that night and fell asleep my head on his cock.

    I woke up next morning to his morning wood ready for me to suck some more and I did. He tried sucking me a few times but just was not into it. We spent that year playing football and I sucked him and we made out it was a great year.
    The next summer he met some girl and soon our times got less and less then stopped we stayed friends but no sexual contact. I felt lost I guess I felt more for him than he did me. I ended up dropping out of football in the middle of the next year. I was kind of a loner after that. I just went to school came home and felt lost.
    Mom and Dad were off on some work related stuff I now had my license and a car so could drive around. I started taking drives just to get out. I found a park with a river that ran through it. I liked to walk and look at nature I would read or lay in the grass and sun. One time while there I went to the outhouse to piss the park was busy so could not just do it in the open. I got in close the lock and as I did I heard the door next to mine open a light glowed from a hole under the toilet paper role hanging on the wall. I heard the door lock and the light went away. soon the paper roll was moving I reached over to see why and that when I saw a cock poke in under it. The cock touched my the back of my hand as I was moving the roll. The role holder could come off so I removed it. The cock was pretty big an adult mans cock. I heard a voice say please suck it. I held it in my hand and without a thought I started to lick it slow I heard moans in the next stall. I licked the head for a bit then sucked it in my mouth. It tasted of sweat. I sucked on it and the moans became closer together and soon the cock was pulling in and out of the hole I grabbed it at the shaft and sucked on it for all I was worth soon I heard an OH FUCK yes suck that cock you cock sucker. Oh my god I was in to this I sucked and loved the names he was calling me made me work harder. Soon I heard him say you want it? I made a mmmmm sound and with that he let it flow omg yes it was wonderful I loved the taste I sucked it dry then it pulled out I heard the door open and he was gone. I was there in awe of what had happened. Just as I was getting ready to leave I heard the door open again and once again a cock popped into the hole. I heard him say suck it not asking but telling me. This one was fatter mot as big but a huge head on it.

    I licked it sucked it and took every drop of its cum. I heard him say thanks and he left I sat for a while hoping for another. None came in so I left. The next day I went to the park again walked around looking to see if there maybe anyone there wanting cock sucked. I saw a man after seeing me head for the stall. I followed and in no time a real nice cock poked in for me to suck. this one took some time and he did not make noise or say anything he cam in silence and dropped a large load off in my mouth. That day I sucked 5 and left just as it was getting dark. I was there again next day there were many more men walking around it was a Friday I would learn best day at the hole. That day I sucked 14 cocks different sizes ages shapes etc I wanted to just stay there and keep sucking but had to get home.
    When I got home I noticed I had some cum on my shirt so I changed grabbed something to eat and took a shower. I heard something like footsteps so I turned off the shower. I dried off and looked around thinking all clear as I walked in my room there he was my friends Dad the man who used to hold me. he was standing there nude and with a hard on. I dropped my towel and climbed on my bed thinking he was back to hold me. He sort of grunted walked over and shut my door he grabbed me and started kissing me holding me so tight. I herd him say you nasty little fucker you made me want you. I was ready to suck him had dreamed about it but that's not what was going to happen. He opened a jar and put something on his cock grabbed me and put it also on my asshole his hands felt great on me. He pushed me on the bed on my back and before I knew what was happening he was at my hole his cock head easing in me. The head at my hole felt strange but nice but as he worked it in inch by inch it began to hurt he was slow but it still hurt. I could not get loose from his grip so I braced myself, He said relax let it happen I tried but felt tense. As the last inch was in I screamed he was a big man thick cock and around 7 or 8 inches. he held it there wriggled it a bit inside me he kissed me to keep my mind off of it and he started to inch in and out OMG I had never felt such pain in my life. I felt as if he was pulling my insides out each time he pulled back from a slow thrust. I begged him to stop your hurting me I cried he did not hear me his face had a wild look on it and soon he was poking in and out of me the pain was less but still there. I stopped fighting as I knew it was not going to stop. He grunted and moaned and said ho tight I was how hot inside I was. My ass felt like it was on fire. then his cock hit a spot in me that felt like you do when you come. I relaxed and hoped he would hit it again and he did oh I said out loud. He slowed and as if he knew started to jab at that spot. I felt weak like a rag doll I still felt pain but also the new pleasure from him hitting that spot. I got lost in that feeling but came back when he started to drive into me like a jack hammer sweating dripping all over me his muscles all tensed up his arms squeezing me so tight I almost could not breath. I was praying for him to cum so the pain would stop. It seemed to last forever but at last he grunted thrust hard and fast and then he fell on me crushing me under him. He kept saying you made me do it you slut you made me. His hard cock stayed in me for some time. At last he slipped out pulled me to him and held me curled against my back. I lay there hurting but also feeling empty inside my hole. I fell off to sleep and woke to him gone. I got up my ass still hurting and sat on the toilet as his cum came out of me. I look and there was a lot that came out. I cleaned myself up and went about my day. I would not see him for a few weeks but he came back for more soon I got used to it and even wanted it and liked it. It would not be until many years later I was made love to by a man that really knew how to work a hole. So that's my story and how I started I still hang at the park now and then maybe I sucked your cock wouldn't that be wild.

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    Gay Male / 53

    Why do people read confessions only to comment nasty rude comments I confessed something that I had held in for years and one person was nothing but an ass in comments. Confessions are not always meant to get another excited etc it is that persons story they can be some deep secret that helps to air. Have you own way of seeing things but keep your cruel BS to your self.Me to that person I am not your punching bag and would love to meet you in the open world I am sure you would not be so mouthy with me then. Hiding on the net thinking you are a bad ass well I will let you know I am no weak little kid anymore like I was then so bring it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I'm 26yo bi guy and i've been having gay sex with my dad for almost 7 years now. I've been a total sub/slut for him and i enjoy pleasuring him in every imaginable way. He's the only guy i've ever been with and we've been having sex on regular basis, sometimes almost daily. Of course, it's our secret and our family and friends don't have a clue about any of it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I have a quite new g/f and we have been having great sex. She went to stay with her family over the holidays and I was left on my own for a week or so. I had Christmas with my mom who is on her own but the rest of the time I was on my own.
    After having had sex pretty much daily with my g/f I got very horny and after about 4 days was really craving sex. We had a couple of phone sex sessions and both got off but it wasn't really doing it for me.
    I decided to go and have a massage. As in no strings attached opportunity to get off, at least with a chick rather than masturbating, so I choose a studio and went in. Being the holiday period they were short staffed and so they said I would have to book and come back later, unless I was ok with a guy doing the massage. My first reaction was no way but then I thought I had come a fair way and since I was there may as well at least have a massage.
    I was shown to a room and the receptionist told me to undress and put a little disposable paper g string on. The pouch barely covered my junk and the little string felt weird in my trench but I was cool and lay face down on the massage table.
    The guy came in and I lifted off the table to say hi. What I saw was probably the best looking guy I have ever seen up close and personal. He had model looks, perfectly brushed long wavy hair and an incredible body. He just had little shorts on and he was perfectly shaped without being over the top. What I could see of his body was totally hairless and smooth as.
    I lay back down and he started the massage. He did my back, arms and neck and then started on my legs. He gently spread my legs and worked on my thighs. When he got to my inner thighs his hands worked up onto my ass cheeks. It felt really good and I was enjoying the whole deal. The he ran a finger down my trench between my ass cheeks. I said hey man that's too close there, or something like that. He stopped massaging and asked if I had a problem with being touched in personal places by a guy. I said I had never been in that space before . He said just relax and enjoy the privacy of the moment. I calmed down and lay down again and let him continue.
    He went back to my legs and thighs and then to my ass. His finger ran down my trench and the little string got pushed a little inside me. after a few moments he pulled the string from my crack and I felt a finger rest on my hole. It felt so hot. I moaned a bit and then felt embarrassed but then felt is finger gently enter me. I gasped a bit but didn't stop him. He started to massage the inside of my anus and I felt my cock becoming erect under me. After a while he softly asked if I was ok. I just moaned. Then he asked me to turn over. I turned and my erection had pushed way out of the paper g string. He suggested he remove it and I didn't protest as he slid them off me and lay nude and erect on the table.
    H then removed his little shorts and exposed his full erection.
    He asked me if I would like to take the massage to a different level and said he was available to have a full sexual session if that was what I would like. Looking at his seriously hot nude body and erection I just gave in to the temptation and for the next hour had some of the hottest sex of my life. We sucked each other, made out, and then fucked each other. We both ejaculated twice and by the end of the session I was completely exhausted.
    He led me to the shower and we showered together kissing and rubbing each other.
    He then left me to relax on a lounge in a room with soft music. I lay there in the nude wondering what the hell had I just done. I became erect and started to masturbate. I didn't give my g/f a thought. I just recalled the sensation of taking his penis up inside me.
    My g/f came back and we went to bed as soon as she was in the house. Our sex was as good as always, but my mind wandered. Images of his body filled the spaces. When I ejaculated in her I was ejaculating in him.

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    Gay Male / 33

    One weekend when I was 10 years old, I was staying at my grandpaâs house. As a widower, he regularly babysat me when my parents were away or out for a night. On Saturday night, my other granddad dropped by for dinner and a visit as both of my grandfathers were very good friends, although I was to find out that they were more.

    I woke up during the night and wandered down the hallway to the living room as I could hear the television going. As I turned into the living room, I stalled as I saw both of my grandfathers naked, with granddad sitting in a chair as grandpa sucked his cock. I could see his cock sliding in and out of my grandpaâs mouth and as I watched, I felt my cock harden. I slid my underpants down a bit, playing with my cock and as I did, they slid to the floor and I stepped out of them. Grandpa must have noticed my movement at that point because he suddenly stood up and yelled Shit! My granddad bolted up from the chair saying What! and then he saw me.

    I walked towards them as they both covered their cocks with their hands and grandpa said, hey you should go back to bed. I came near and tugged at grandpaâs hands and his erect cock sprung towards my face. On impulse, I took his cock into my mouth and he groaned as I started sucking and he laid his hand on my head saying fuck it feels so good. In a few minutes, as my grandpa started moaning, saying my god, Iâm gonna cum. I gagged on his cock as my grandad grabbed my head with his hands and pushed my face down on my grandpaâs cock, saying drink his cum as my grandpa shot his load.

    My grandad then sat in the chair and beckoned to me and said my turn now. I knelt before his cock and took it in my mouth and started sucking. My grandpa said spread your legs a bit more as he put his hand between my legs from behind and reached for my cock and balls and started massaging my balls and pulling on my cock. My grandad laid his hands on my head as I sucked, saying it felt so good. I startled a little as grandpa applied lube and inserted a finger in my arse and my grandad pulled my head back to his cock and said keep sucking. As I sucked, my grandpa played with my cock while fingering my arse, increasing the speed as he repeatedly inserted more fingers inside me. I felt a strange, tingling sensation in my cock and arse and as I started breathing heavily, my grandad came in my mouth. After I finished drinking his cum, my grandad lifted me on to the chair and started playing with my cock as my grandpa continued fingering me saying now lets get you off. As they both continued playing with me, I started moaning and gasping as I orgasmed. My grandad held me as I relaxed after the orgasm and my grandpa stopped fingering my arse, saying we can fuck him tomorrow and my grandad said, great plan.

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