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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I must travel extensively for business. Our clients are demanding and we are very well paid for our security consulting services. I love what I do for a living and my company saves our clients millions of dollars a year. We also design protection protocols for executives and their families. I am on the road about ten nights a month. My wife and kids live a privileged and comfortable life which I love to provide. My wife Kim is a wonderful lover and terrific Mom. I'm a lucky guy.

    There is always a catch however.

    When I'm on the road I often enjoy the company of young men in my hotel room. I'm in my early fifties and I'm a well maintained 6' 2", 205 lbs. I like guys early 20s mostly, the more inexperienced the better. I love nothing more than taking a young man's cherry. I love to to watch his eyes go wide as I cum in his mouth. I like to help them get through the worry and guilt afterwards, often having him suck me off again and I love to clean my dick off on his face. I'm not looking for love, just some intense man-sex with young men.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Three weeks ago I'm sat on the balcony of our apartment in Greece. My fiancee is asleep in bed and I'm just watching a young Greek guy kissing his latest tourist slut. He breaks off from her, tells her he'll see her the following night (Maybe) and looks directly up at me. She walks away smiling to herself, and you just know she's got a pussy full of his semen.
    He walks over to the flowered hedge in front of our balcony, asks me if I'm busy, then tells me as I shrug my shoulders, he prefers to be fucked.
    I'd never met him before as far as I knew, we'd not passed glances or comments and I've never told anyone about my time in college.
    He smiles up at me, tells me I want him and then tells me he'll wait at the apartment entrance for the next ten minutes, whilst he smokes.
    Sitting there thinking if I should go back to my old ways, I tell myself I'm engaged. That's when it hits me. In August this year, I'll be married and I know then I'll probably never fuck another guys arsehole.
    He's casually stood leaning against the rail as I approach. He knows why I'm there and so do I. Leading me into a small field on the opposite side of the road, he enters and old block building which hasn't been used for it's intended purpose for a long time.
    Turning around he drops his shorts and reveals he's got no underwear on. Stepping upto me, he kisses me and I return the kiss. Holding him now, I kiss him harder and grip his firm bronzed butt cheeks. He reaches down and lowers my shorts and boxers. My cock is already fully erect and I'm so horny for this lad.
    In a split second he stops kissing me and drops down. My cock is in his mouth and he's already taking every inch down his throat. It feels wonderful and just how I remember my last boyfriend in college sucking on my cock.
    I don't remeber now how long he sucked on my dick, but it seemed like forever as he took me close to orgasm a few times, before letting me and my cock relax.
    Standing up as if he's done this lots of times before, He reaches for his shorts, takes out a condom, unfurls it along my cock and then tells me to rim him.
    I loved rimming guys arseholes when I was in my teens. It always always got my cock raging and ready to fuck them. So tasting his musky scent from his rear, I went for it and gave that young man one hell of an anal tonguing. By the time I rose up, my dick was aching for sex and he knew it.
    Holding onto a low wooden plinth, he turns to me and says "I like it bang bang". Grinning back at me he adds "Fuck me hard".
    My dick is up his shitbox in no time, and I'm thrusting away at his arsehole as if we've always fucked. It had been so long and I'd almost forgotten how fantastic it feels to be deep inside another guys backside. He's moaning and pushing back, so I renew my efforts and fuck him harder, which in turn makes him cry out his enjoyment.
    We fuck like that for some time before he moves off my dick and walks casually outside.
    Laying himself on an old piece of plastic sheeting, he puts his legs over his head almost and offers up his hole. It's too much of a good looking fuck hole to miss out on, so ignoring the fact people walking past could see us, I plunge my cock deep inside his arsehole again and don't stop.
    I fucked him like I'd never ever fucked anyone before. Maybe it was the thought of people seeing us, or just how sexy he was, I don't know. What I do know is I went for it and fucked that young Greek boy mercilessly.
    When his cock erupted all over us both, it set off a chain of things. Firstly my own orgasm rose, and then as I came deep up his arse filling the condom, I heard someone close by saying something in Greek.
    Looking round I saw another young guy watching us and tossing himself off. There was cum all over his fingers and his smile couldn't have been wider.
    Ten minutes later I was sat back on the balcony with my drink, and I could not have been happier. The young Greek boy had told me if I wanted to, I could fuck them both. His friend who had watched us, was quiet up until his friend mentioned being fucked. Only then did he say in perfect English "My arse is much tighter".
    Unfortunat ely I didn't get to fuck either of them again during the holiday. I did however get to have my cock blown by the same young man in the toilets of our apartments, as my future wife sunbathed by the pool.
    I know I've already said it's the last time I'll get to fuck a young guys arsehole after I marry. However my future wife has just told me, hence the confession, that she'd love to have our honeymoon at the same place. She changed our booking this morning to the ame place and were going to be there in August.
    Now I just hope he's still wanting an older guys cock deep up his arsehole when we get there. Who knows?.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I live in MD, and i wanna get fucked. Reply to this story for my email.

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    Gay Male / 21

    Sometimes I don't even get the chance to fully prepare before I have a guy burying his cock up my asshole. Usually I've already blown the motel owners cock by then, but I then get the room for free for two hours. The "open door" I then message out, meets with a regular crowd of married men who love fucking a cute young guy like me. It's guilt free fucking on their part and they get a very willing partner in me and my ass. Some guys only want sucking off, so I'll give those men a deep throat they don't get at home. Every guy that fucks me, I make wear a condom and use the lube I provide, and every guy I suck off I make damn sure they're clean. I hold my sessions most Friday afternoons and I've had as many as eight, usually married men, want to fuck my ass. The norm is around four to six, of which I'll suck off one or two. You name them and I've probably had em fuck me. From the average working guy, right up to top high ranking CEO's and everything in between. All the public services and even some armed service guys too. I know I'm cute and very young looking, plus I know my butt is a very fuckable ass too. So I have fun most Fridays and sexually service men who probably aren't getting any off their wives.
    You'd be surprised by just how many dads I've fucked since I was sixteen. One's who make out they're totally straight in their own world.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Six weeks ago I fucked a young male colleague at work out of pure sexual frustration and absolutely loved it.
    He'd been coming onto me for months before anything happened, with innuendo's and outright open invitations to suck my cock, and sometimes for me to fuck him.

    It was banter and I kind of liked the kid, so I never let it bother me.

    Before and during all this my wife and I were having less and less sex. Then my wife tells me out of the blue, she's being re baptised as a born again christian. I knew she was going to her new church more often, but it still came as a shock.

    The sex totally dried up and I became more and more frustrated.

    Oliver, the young lad, pulled me to one side in work pretty much after everyone had gone home six weeks ago. In a side office, he told me he was desperate for sex and I was his pick for the day.

    Usually I would have, as I had many times before, fobbed him off. Instead I opened my trousers, took out my cock and told him to suck it. His face lit up and he asked me if I was being serious. Gripping his hair, I yanked him down, and rammed my cock into his mouth.

    Oliver sucked on my dick a bit naively for no more than five minutes, before I pulled him back up, spun him around and literally ripped his trousers and very tight looking underpants off. He began to sound all concerned, but I was too far into it by then. Spiting on his arsehole, I forced him over a pile of boxes, and as if I'd done it countless times, I thrust my cock up his tight arse.

    Oliver made lots of crying sounds and turned his head as if to say stop, but no words came out. I didn't care though and carried on fucking him. It felt amazing, it felt like it should always feel, like I was the dominant person taking out my lust on another willing lover. All the weeks and months of having no sex, I took out on his arsehole and eventually Oliver, crying a little, began to back onto me.

    His sounds of pain I guess, changed to moans of pleasure and then I heard him saying "Oh yeh, that's it I'm cumming". Fucking him even harder, he shook violently and I knew he'd cum all over the boxes. Thrusting deeper into his gorgeous arse, I built up to what turned out to be one of the strongest orgasms I've ever experienced.

    Blowing my wad up his arsehole, I carried on pumping my cock up his hole until every drop had seeped out of my dick. Pullng out of his hole, I saw my cum beginning to leak out and scooped some up. Lifting him up and turning Oliver around, I force fed him my cum, then did something I thought I'd never do in my life, I kissed Oliver passionately.

    After cleaning up as best we could and getting dressed, he joined me in my office. Sitting down gingerly, he smiled at me and then said "I was a virgin up until fifteen minutes ago. You've taken my cherry and I'd like us to be, you know". He left it that as the office cleaner knocked on the door. But I told him we'd speak tomorrow.

    All that night, all I could think about was fucking his beautiful arsehole. I sat and questioned my sexuality, and I figured because I'd enjoyed it that much, and I had, I must now be bisexual. The realisation and admittance gave me renewed confidence in my sexual prowess, and it also made me see there were other avenue's if my wife no longer wanted sex with me.

    The following day and over the last six weeks, Oliver and I have had sex whenever we can. It's not always been anal sex, as his arsehole was sore for a while. I apologized to him for taking him so roughly, but he told me someone would have eventually fucked him, and he wanted it he thought, to be me.

    His words in my office that early evening were to say he'd like us to be an item, as he see's it. He's eighteen years old and not the best looking kid out there. But as I've learned over the last six weeks, his slim body, his little cock, which I've now sucked off a few times, and his enthuasism to be fucked more than make up for his plain looks.

    Oliver I know will move on to have sex with other lads his age. it's inevitable. But until then I'm going to enjoy him and his arsehole, fucking him as often as he can take it. We've even this past couple of weeks, began to fuck in my home when my wife goes to her church evenings. Oliver lives only a ten minute walk from my house, so it's relatively easy for us to plan it with texts. Plus with the weather being so nice of late, I've driven him to a place I know and fucked him outdoors.

    My life has changed so much in the last few weeks, and in some ways, I'm sad for my old life with my wife. Yet being positive, I now know no matter what, I'm going to continue enjoying fucking younger males and dominate every willing young arsehole I can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    He's married, as am I. He has a family with his wife, as do I with mine. Yet we both seek out each other for sex.
    My wife who's older than me stopped wanting sex years ago, which left me, someone with a massive libido, a problem. My neighbour Alex, who's still in his mid twenties, also had a problem. From an early age he's enjoyed a cock up his arsehole.
    My way of resolving my sexual needs, like many men in my boat, was to find and fuck younger males. However it was getting a little problematic, as some of the young men I'd fucked became a little clingy. Not what a married granddad needed.
    Having a barbecue last year, we invited Alex, his wife and his two young kids around. After only an hour Alex cornered me and asked me straight out, if it was true that I liked to fuck young guys.
    Thinking the worst, I thought he was going to let everyone know because of his wife's view on homosexuality (Long story). Instead he looked down at my cock bulge and said "Love to find out if it's true".
    Taking him into our home on the pretense of showing him my football programs, I lead him into our bathroom and dropped my shorts. Even though my wife doesn't want sex anymore, the reason pretty much we got together was the size of my cock. I'm no oil painting, but I do have a generously large penis. When erect it measures just under nine inches and it's wonderfully thick too. The main reason I attracted so many willing young men off the gay contact site I once used.
    Alex's face was a picture of pure lust and he instantly dropped down to take my cock into his mouth. It was plain I wasn't his first, so I relaxed back and allowed him to give me one hell of a blow job. Thinking he was going to take me all the way, I got on the verge of cumming when he stood up, removed his own shorts and boxers and told me in no uncertain terms, to fuck him.
    When he bent over the bath tub, I spat on his arsehole and heard him say "I want it bareback, I want you to cum inside of me".
    My cock was up his beautiful hole, like a rat up a drain pipe. He took every inch of my dick and backed onto me, turning his head at one point to tell me to fuck him harder. It was so good to have a guy who enjoyed the type of sex I did, and I gave him everything he wanted.
    Alex began to toss himself off after about five minutes, and soon came all over the bath tub. Moments later I felt my cum rising and told him so. Alex turned again and said "Give it to me daddy". Hearing those words made my cock explode, and I came the like of which I'd not done so for years.
    Cleaning up we joined everyone out in the garden and we spoke as if we'd just gone through my entire collection of programs. My wife made some comment about me boring him and Alex very politely said "He's not boring me (but under his breath which I heard him say) only with his cock".
    The following day with my wife at work, I answered our front door to a very excited looking neighbour. He told me he had the afternoon off, and did I want to explore our sexual boundaries. Over the next two and a half hours, myself and Alex kissed, fondled, licked, sucked and fucked. With Alex taking three loads of my cum up his extremely willing fuck hole.
    Most days from then until this very morning, when I fucked him in our garden shed, Alex has called by to enjoy a chat. His pretty wife thinks we've become very good friends, and has even drove us over to a fishing spot I invited him to. We stayed overnight fishing and fucking and I even fucked him in the river as the sun began to break the following day.
    His wife is correct in her assumption, as her husband and I have become great friends. But we've also become extremly close lovers too. He enjoys having his mouth and arsehole fucked, almost as much as my cock loves being in his hot wet holes.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    For years I used to go round to a neighbors house, and suck on his cock for as long as it took to make him cum inside my mouth. It was strange at first, but I soon began to enjoy sucking on his huge meaty cock, and his home gave me refuge from the bullies in our neighborhood.

    Most times I would kneel up between his legs as he sat on his favorite chair. Take hold if his flaccid cock and suck it into my mouth. Working on it until it hardened then began to leak pre cum, I then lovingly licked and sucked on his entire cock shaft and balls. Sometimes if he was feeling extra horny, he'd have me wet my middle finger and insert it up his asshole whilst carrying on sucking on his cock. I loved that the best, as it never failed to make him cum in huge loads.

    When I reached a certain age, he asked me if I would like to learn how to take his cock up my asshole. I was very skeptical at first as his cock was so big (Around nine inches and very thick) but one afternoon with his cock sliding over my tongue and his middle finger sliding over my rear hole, I released his cock and said yes to him.

    Oh boy!, did it hurt. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced, but I wasn't that old to have experienced much by then. Even so I told him to carry on and my asshole soon began to relax. Slowly but surely his cock slid all the way in, and by then I was actively backing onto his mammoth prick. Turning my head I smiled at his gnarly face and told him to dump his load inside my ass.

    A few more pumps of his cock, and his cock released it's beautiful cum and I took my first ever cum load up my fuck hole. From then on, it was me driving the anal sex, and I soon began to orgasm as he fucked me so deeply up my ass. We moved from his favorite chair to his bed and his shower, always having him fuck me the way he wanted sex.

    The only time we stopped having anal sex, was when he had to go into hospital. But even then I visited and sucked him off in his private room. He even joked one day, that having me suck on his cock helped him recover much sooner from his heart attack.

    When I left school, the sex became much more intense, more dynamic in as much as he began to dominate me more. He'd found out when he was in hospital, I'd been chatted up by a male nurse and that nurse had fucked me a couple of times in a side room. It mnade him realize I wasn't going to be his alone forever, and in turn he wanted to prove to me in a way, he could fcuk me just as hard and just as rough as any man.

    But to me, I just loved him. If he took forever to fuck me, or if his cock wouldn't have become erect anymore, I would still have wanted him sexually and emotionally. Telling him that as he fucked me in the shower one afternoon, kind of relaxed his demeanor and we got back to the type of sex I thoroughly enjoyed with him. Each day I visited his home, he was always horny for me and some days I swear he'd wear me out. One particular morning and on into the afternoon, we had sex non stop for over three hours, breaking only to eat, then back to having sex until the sun began to fade. By the time I walked up my parents path, he'd cum deep inside me four times, making me love him all the more deeply.

    His death crippled me for a long time. I missed him dreadfully and still do, and not just his huge meaty cock too. Everything about that man I loved, but then how do you not love your greatest lover, your best friend, your granddad.

    Nobody in the family knows about our secret life. They all thought we were close because of the bullying, but then they didn't bother much with him, even though he only lived a few doors from his daughters home. I'm tearful now just thinking about him, and he's been gone now for over twelve years. He would love the man I'm involved with now, as he too is much older than me. I'm not living with him or anything, as he's got a family. But has to scratch that homosexual itch, and does deep inside of me.

    I'm a much happier, more levelled individual because of my sexual relationships with men, but I couldn't live with one. Not since I lost the one man I know for sure I could have.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    We're in a northern European city, I'm not feeling well and my wife wants to go shopping. She leaves me in the hotel and says she'll see me later that afternoon. Around lunch time, I hear a knock at the door and answer it to a really good looking brunette, who's wearing very revealing clothing. The woman smiles at me, says she been sent by my wife J*** and walks past me.
    My wife and I have in the past hired sexual partners for one another for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So to see this stunning looking woman two days before my birthday, I honestly thought J*** had sent her.
    I'm instantly feeling much better as she opens my bath robe, drops down and begins to suck on my cock. She's absolutely awesome at sucking cock and I'm soon fucking her mouth, making her gag a little.
    Looking down I can see the top of her breasts, and ask her to strip wanting to see just how gorgeous she is. She stands up pushes me back onto the bed and slowly strips off for me. By the time she'd gotten down to her knickers, I'm completely sold, as her body, face and breasts are so fucking perfect. Turning around I see her beautiful arse and I'm dying to bury my face between her tight buns, but she's not finished and takes down her knickers. Putting her hands in front of her pussy, she turns around to face me.
    Telling me to take off the robe and to stroke my cock, I do as I'm asked and then watch her move her hands away.
    Not only is she not a she, she's also got an erect cock larger than mine.
    I'm about to tell her there's been some mistake when she squats down and takes my cock back into her mouth. Struggling with what's happening for a monute or two, I soon forget it's a man who's sucking on my dick and allow him/her to carry on.
    After a few more minutes, she rises up, gets a condom and lube out of her bag and enrolls a condom along my cock shaft. Kneeling on the bed and applying lube to her rear fuck hole, she turns her head to me and tells me to fuck her, and to fuck her hard.
    By this point I am what you might all, over the edge. I'm too far gone sexually not to indulge. So putting my dick to her arsehole, I push in and have the next forty minutes of my life, as the best sex I've ever had.
    Fucking his arsehole was utterly amazing, and utterly the biggest turn on ever. I fucked my shemale lover in the doggy position, standing up from behind, missionary kissing one another as you would any fit attractive female, and then having her mount my cock as she looked won on me, riding my dick for all she was worth.
    Screaming out her orgasm as her cock let go, I thrust upwards and my cock exploded. Cumming deep up her arse, I filled the condom and let her bend over to kiss me again.
    With my cock softening and slipping out of her gorgeous arse, we lay together and kissed some more. Finally she got up and told me my hour was up, but that she'd had such a fantastic time, she'd willingly come back and fuck me for free.
    Opening the hotel rooms door, still a little overawed, I saw the guy across from us staring out of his room. He said something in his native language, then the woman turned to me and said "Your not Michael".
    I'm not Michael and the shemale wasn't meant for me, and wasn't booked by my wife as a birthday present. Closing my door quickly, but not before she'd winked at me, I went and showered.
    My wife walked in about an hour later with lots of shopping bags and asked how I felt. I told her I felt much better, then noticed a piece of paper I thought she'd dropped near the door. picking it up, I saw it a phone number on it and a short message. The message said "Meant what I said, I'd love to see you again x free xxx".
    I never did call the shemale again, as my wife and I enjoyed the rest of our short break. And I've not told my wife about it either.
    In a bizarre twist, the company I work for have just told me they're sending me to the very same city we went to. And if I wanted to, I could choose the hotel. I'll be flying over every Monday morning and flying back on the Wednesday. I haven't had my first trip yet, that's starts in a weeks time. But I have already text my shemale friend and told her I'll be staying for two nights each week.
    Her response was to text this back "I'll make every Monday and Tuesday night free then". Yesterday she sent me some very revealing and horny naked pics of herself. One was her tossing off her cock, the others showed her plunging a dildo up her gorgeous tight arsehole, with the comments "Can't wait for it to be your cock".
    I know it's cheating on my wife, but believe me, if you'd seen just how beautiful my shemale lover is, you'd fuck her as well.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Just a quick confession here.

    Always been bisexual and adore fucking a tight pussy or a young tight males arsehole. Which was the case recently at a family birthday barbecue.
    During the recent hot weather (Hot for the UK) My wife's nephew Aaron turned eighteen. His mother held a barbecue for him during the daytime, with his mates arranging a party for him later the same night.
    We attended the barbecue and after being there about an hour, Aaron approached me and asked if he could have a quiet word inside. Up in his bedroom where he lead me, he asked me straight out if he could suck on my cock, and then if I'd fuck him.

    I was about (Honestly) to say no, when he dropped the shorts he had on to show mt his gorgeous tight looking arsehole. I swear within ten seconds I was rock hard and horny as hell. Whipping out my cock, I gripped his shaggy brown hair, pushed him down and sighed as his warm wet mouth enveloped my cock.
    Aaron sucked greedily on my dick for about five minutes then quickly rose up. Telling me we didn't have much time, he knelt on the edge of the bed, turned his head and said "Fuck me *** I've wanted you to, for such a long time".
    Not even thinking about protection or lube, I spat on his arsehole and my cock, then buried my cock hard up his arse in one long thrust.

    Fucking Aaron for all I was worth, I gripped his hips and pulled him onto my dick. He in turn backed onto my cock, then moaned out loud telling me he was cumming. Pounding into him alll the harder after hearing him, my own orgasm rose and within seconds of each other, we both came moaning out loud.
    His cum sprayed all over his duvet, mine filled his back passage and dribbled out as I withdrew from his rear hole.
    Aaron didn't bother to clean himself up, as he pulled up his boxers and shorts. I followed his actions and joined him to walk back downstairs and rejoin the barbecue.

    The only comment came from his mum and my wife who were talking together. They both asked Aaron if I'd given him his birthday present. His reply was "Yeh, too right he did. I'm going to have a wicked night tonight now".
    My wife and his mum smiled at him, then turned to smile at me. My wife winked at me, blew me a kiss and drank the rest of her glass of wine.

    Fucking young men isn't an unusual thing for me. Nor is my wife making remarks which I thought were close to her knowing. But later on at home my wife said something which has changed the goal posts "Aaron will be calling by this weekend, I'll be at Joe's (A female friend of hers). Make sure you don't hurt him".
    She left the comment at that, and I didn't dare to respond. But now I'm thinking she knows all about me and the young men I've continued to fuck during our marriage.

    My wife did go out to her friends home and Aaron did call round. We spent the best part of two hours having sex, and I fucked that young man like I'd not had sex in years. When he left taking a taxi home, he couldn't walk without wincing a little. Something I asked him to hide from his mum and his aunt.

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    Gay Male / 28

    I watched as the one guy got on his knees and the other one unzipped his pants and he got his cock sucked. I stood by my bicycle under the tree and watched. They were up the hill, where the trees were heavier, away from the road and the traffic. If you didn't know about the place you didn't go there. I watched. They saw me when they were done, they looked at me. I got on my bicycle and left.

    I went again several days later. One of the guys was there and he came over and asked me what I wanted. I tried to leave but he held onto the handle bars. He asked me if I liked cock, if I wanted to suck his cock. He unzipped his pants and told me to suck his cock right there, if somebody saw us I was the one that was sucking cock. I really had no choice, the bicycle was on the ground and I was on my knees and I was sucking his cock. I couldn't hear anything, I didn't hear the other guy come up until he put his hand on my shoulder and told me that was his cock and he got down on his knees and started to suck the guy.

    I sat there on my knees watching this guy suck this other guy. Watching his mouth go over and up and down the other guy's cock. Watching his hand go up and down as he sucked his cock, watching him as the guy shot it out and he kept his mouth open.

    I had gotten my first lesson, which I practiced when they gave me the opportunity. They let me practice, on one of them, or both of them. And they practiced on me. Like I said, you didn't go up there, on the side of the highway unless you knew it was there.

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