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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 55

    When I was in college I had a professor that looked at me in a way that told me all of it..I new hed never day after class I followed him into the bathroom...I pulled my jeans down and the stone panties I had I'm aside....I had a buttplug in my ads....I told him if he took me somewhere private I'd let him turn my was home into a c**t ..although I didn't want to risk being caught...I let him fuck me bent over a toilet...he came in me in seconds...he plugged me back up...and used me in a motel for 2 days

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Some year ago, in 2006, I flew to France for an exhibition. The three flights took almost 24 hours and ended in Nice, France. From there I took a taxi to Cannes where I was to stay for a week and attend the exhibition. It was 7am, and my body clock was upside down so I decided to go for a walk. I am 61, married and have been enjoying men sexually since I was 28. I was very much planning to enjoy the men of Cannes during my stay and had packed some of my "gay wardrobe" as I call it, for the trip. So for my first outing I wore tight black leather pants, a sheer black thong, a sheer see though black body hugging top and because it was cool, a short black chintz jacket. I looked ok. I walked around Cannes for a while and was on a street one back from the waterfront when a very attractive guy in, I guessed, his mid 30's came towards me on the other side of the street. As we passed, he crossed over and walked behind me on my side of the street, going the other way. I turned and found he was looking back at me. We smiled, he tilted his head in gesture, and walked on down the street. I felt my cock stir in my thong and followed him. He walked on and came to an antique shop. He unlocked the door and went in leaving the door ajar. I followed. He stood near the back of the shop and smiled as I entered but didn't say a word. I closed the door behind me and walked towards him. My cock now straining in my thong as it hardened, bulging in my skin tight leather pants. When I reached him he put both hands inside my open jacket and caressed my breasts and erect nipples...then he kissed me...removing my jacket as he did so, which fell to the floor. Our kiss was warm, firm and passionate. We still hadn't spoken a word. He got to his knees, after sliding down my body and unzipped my leather pants. He slid the off my hips to my ankles. My bulging cock filled the sheer thong pouch which he kissed and licked. I ran my hands over his shaved head and pulled him into my groin. He pulled my throbbing cock and balls out of the pouch and pushed the thong up under them, leaving the string still in my ass. He gave me awesome head and pulled off me as I was starting to moan loudly, about to cum. He stood up and removed his jacket and t shirt to reveal a body of steel. Smooth, hard and ripped. I reached for his belt, and unleashed it, followed by unbuttoning his tight 501's and sliding them to the floor. He was commando. Nude under his jeans. His huge cock sprung from his jeans as I slid them down. I took off my black boots, and socks, and stood in front of him...nude except for my thong...he kicked off his loafers and stood nude and erect in front of the open shop...and still not a word. I closed in on him, caressing his steel body before going down on him. He played with my hair as I put my hands around his hard ass and pulled him into me...taking his cock down my throat. I sucked him as well as I knew while he gently moaned and massaged my head. Before he came I pulled off him and walked with him to a velvet chaise. I bent over it, hands on the seat, my thonged ass in front of him. He knelt, and started to kiss and lick my ass, playing with the string with his tongue. I felt his tongue on and in my now wanting hole...then he stood, and pulled the string aside...and I felt him enter me. I gasped as his cock head entered my chamber. He held my waist and pulled me into him as his cock went deeper and deeper inside me. Then he started to work his hips...fucking me...pushing deep so I could feel his balls against my ass and then pulling back...then going deeper ad deeper. he fucked me for and age, until I felt his body shudder. He groaned and panted...and then he came in me, thrusting his body as he erupted deep inside my fucked ass. He pulled out and went down to my open hole and sucked his cum squirted out of me. Then he turned me, and took my throbbing cock in his mouth. I came in seconds, adding my cum to his in his mouth. We stood and firm mouths covered in hot thick cum. We kissed, and caressed each other. Our semi hard wet cocks against each other. And still not a word. He watched me tight jeans over my cum soaked thong...he sat massaging his beautiful cock. Fully dressed I went to him and took his cock in my mouth...I felt it swell as I sucked, and sucked and sucked, until he came for the second time...filling my mouth. We kissed again...a long passionate kiss. Then I left, through the unlocked door of the shop. The beginning of a week of French sex with some of the hottest guys on the planet...including another three visits to my hot antique dealer

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was in my late teens, as I was waiting for a train late at night, a man, who looked about forty something, approached me and asked if I was John or somebody. I wasn't but we got chatting. He was waiting for John and he hadn't showed. They'd planned to go to this party together.

    We got to chatting, and I was so young and gullible I didn't realize it was all bullshit. Or maybe I was bored and wanted to know what it was all about. I can't remember the details of our talk, but in the end he said would I like to go to this party with him and I said okay.

    The surprise was, it was a real party in a upmarket part of the city. But it was mostly all men, I noticed about three women. I'll skip the long version. Anyway, it was a long time ago to remember everything. The men were hugging each other and kissing, It didn't take long before they were getting their cocks out.

    I'd made eye contact with a woman, who smiled at me and came over. It took me seconds to see it was a man in drag, very feminine but not female. It didn't take long for her to suss out I was virgin meat, even if I'd bragged I wasn't. She was excited and wanted to debauch me.

    When I said I was completely straight she said why hadn't I left, and I said I was just checking it out. She came close and pushed her body next to me. Oh darling she said, that's a massive hard on you've got.

    In a corner of the room, I sat in a large armchair and she gave me a blowjob. It was so good I was shaking uncontrollably . I was scared of blowing in her mouth,holding off as long as I could, but it was just impossible. I think I blew all the harder for trying to stop it.

    Afterwards she took me to a bedroom. As the bed was occupied we passed the time touching each other and watching the two men go at it. I had my hand on her cock and it felt nice. I believe we even kissed.

    Finally she got the kneel on the bed and I got behind her. The man who had brought me here helped me. He gave me a little suck and lubed me up, then guided me in. I sank a shaft deep into her and it was the most fabulous feeling .

    I was so turned on I came and stayed hard, so kept going. She kept moaning and groaning and saying I was a great fuck, and played with her cock. My new found friend got in there somehow and gave her a suck as well. In fact after I'd finished he finished her off with a bj.

    Well satisfied I had a throbbing cock.

    She was pleased. You're not a virgin any more, she said. I'm still straight, I said. Why didn't you leave, nobody was keeping you here ?

    Amazingly my friend drove me home. We stopped for another suck but I couldn't come and I , sitting in the car was nervous we'd be discovered. About 3 am I got home.

    I always thought that if I hadn't gone to that party I wouldn't have become bisexual. But it ain't true. As she said, I hadn't left. I had seen what was going on and it had given me a solid erection.

    There' s no arguing with that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    After twenty something years working as a Customer Adviser in the airline industry I was made redundant. Lots of job applications later, I decided to have a complete career change and took my heavy good vehicle licence. Passing first time I took on a job driving for a local haulage company, but after some time (The company was terrible), I realised I wanted to drive for myself and not to have a boss anymore, but myself. With most of my reduncancy money and some money I'd saved up, I bought a second hand, but almost new truck.
    All throughout my career change and on through the buying of the nearly new truck, my wife kept on telling me how stupid I was and how she should have had more of the redundancy money to enjoy herself with, rather than me invest it in OUR futures. We stopped making love and I soon found myself masturbating to relieve my sexual tensions.
    During one haulage job late last year, driving across France delivering car parts. I stopped at a truck stop overnight.
    After eating and having a quick brew in the truck stops cafe, back in my truck I was feeling lonely and horny. Putting my computer tablet on, I found a porn website I liked and began to masturbate in the back of my cab. I was nearing orgasm when I heard a knock on the door. Fastening myself up, opening the blind, I saw what I at first thought was a young woman. Partially opening the window, I soon realised it was a young guy who had been sat in the cafe. I'd not said a word when in broken English he said "Hi, If you don't want to be alone stroking your cock, I could help you out, I could suck it for you, or if you like it, you could maybe fuck me".
    I Instantly told him to go away, but the moment I closed the window and blind, I found myself regretting it. My cock was still painfully erect and the thought of having some company, even if it was male appealed to me, but strangely to me at least, mostly my cock. Opening the blind and window again I was about to shout across to him, but he was till stood there. He looked up at me and said "Hi I thought you might change your mind".
    Two minutes later, I was lay back on my small bunk with a young mans mouth sucking away so wonderfully, I came within a couple of minutes. His oral skills were amazingly good and I was about to thank him in what little French I knew, when he after swallowing my cum, took my cock back into his mouth and began to lick and suck on the very end of my cock head. Taking my softening cock back into his mouth, he began to let it slide all the way over his tongue, deep throating my cock as it began to grow to its full size again.
    It was obvious my cock wasn't his first to have been sucked, and it soon became very apparent just how good he was, as all eight and half inches of my throbbing cock began to disapear down his throat with ease. I held his head as my cock was being sucked and licked in ways my wife had never been able to achieve, and then began to fuck his mouth. Only a couple of minutes later with me moaning from his superb oral attentions, he quickly removed his mouth from my saliva covered cock and asked me if I wanted to fuck him.
    I was that horny with his cock sucking, I would have fucked my mother at that stage. Telling him I wanted his arsehole to take my dick, he quickly removed his shorts and underwear, to reveal the smallest erect cock I'd ever seen. Just as quickly he took out a condom from his shorts pocket, undid the wrapping and unfurled it along my cock.
    Moving across me and onto my bunk, he turned around and said "I like it rough, fuck me as hard as you want, I want you to".
    As I've mentioned my wife and I hadn't been making love for a while. So his small soft tight white arsehole, looked so inviting. Hearing him tell me I could basically fuck the shit out of him, had my balls aching to have my cock deep inside him. Putting my condom covered cock up to his rear hole, he looked back at me and smiled. It was like giving me the green light and in one long hard thrust, I inserted my cock for the first time in my life into another mans, a young mans arsehole.
    It felt like and I can still remember it so well, like a tight hot pussy. But it also felt, if anything much much better. Definitely more horny and oh so special. Taking hold of his hips, I told him, not asking him "Your going to get it fucking hard". In Fench he replied "Oui baise moi".
    In a furious five to ten minute fuck, I slammed my cock into him over and over again. I gave no thought to his enjoyment, although by his moaning he was totally enjoying the fucking I was giving him. Around half way through, he told me to fuck him on his back. Taking my cock out of his joyful arse, he spun over, lifted his legs up and out and gave me the most inviting look. I smiled at him put my cock just slightly back into his arse, smiled at him again and then powerfully pounded my cock deep inside his fuck hole. The sound he made as my cock bottomed out was so horny, I took hold of his small cock and as I began to fuck him as hard as I could, I also began to masturbate him.
    A minute later still stroking his cock, I leaned over him, put my lips to his and we kissed. My cock was pounding away at his arsehole. His cock was slippery in my hand from pre cum and our kiss had become passionate.
    Seconds before I let go with an almighty strong orgasm, I felt his cock pulse in my hand and felt his cum spurt out between us. Still kissing him hard, I came filling the condom which was so deep up his arse.
    I fell on top of him. We kissed each other differently, small kisses which lovers give each other after sex. And I realised just how needy I'd become.
    He stayed with me overnight, sleeping next to me as I spooned him. As morning arose he woke me by taking my cock into his mouth and gave a long slow suck. Making my cock ooze its cum into his mouth. Once again he swallowed my seed, and once again we kissed that soft loving kiss afterwards.
    We said our goodbyes and then he got into small car and drove off. I'd told him what my schedule was for driving that month, and what times I'd be in and around that part of France. Over the next five months we met each time I drove into his area, and each time he stayed in my truck overnight as we had ever better sex with each other.
    Recently he asked me if I would make him my only sexual partner. When I asked why, he told me, he'd not slept with anyone other than myself since we first met, and then added "Je t'aime".
    Right now, I'm seriously considering leaving my wife, setting up home with him in the south of England and carrying on with my increasingly prosperous haulage company. I know my wife wouldn't care one bit if we ended our marriage, so it seeems to me the best and most obvious thing to do, After all, I think I'm in love with him too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I just sucked and swallowed my first cock. I always wanted to suck a hard cock and taste the hot cum but i had not met the right guy until today it all fell into place on cl. I was trolling for some ads when I came across young guy needs cock sucked with a pic of a large hard cock, I emailed him and said I was a rookie but willing to try so we set up a meeting at a local coffee shop, I was very nervous about the whole thing being only twenty but excited too, we met at the coffee shop he was very handsome and thin clean shaven and about twenty eight years old so we sat down and chatted alittle at the table about cocks of all things the whole time I was watching his eyes and mouth as we talked I was getting horny and was ready now to suck his cock and said so, but we had no where to go I did not want to suck his cock in my car so I suggested we go to this park down the road so as we walked along I could see his big hard erect cock out lined in his jeans. We walked along and talked about where we should do this and as we talked it occurred to me that I was in total control and what ever I wanted to do was fine with him. When we got to the park nobody was there at all, so I said lets just sit on the bench and see if anybody is walking as we sat down I started to rub his hard cock over his jeans he kinda pushes his hips up so that I can grab his cock a little better, we had sat on a bench that was off the walkway and out of the way unless you happened to look up a little hill, from the bench you can see the whole area and nobody could see you. I unzipped his pants and slid my hand into his jeans and felt his hot hard cock, no under wear on, that is when I leaned over and pulled his pants down so his cock would be free, it was beautiful at least seven inches his pubic hair was cut short and no hair on his balls. I just leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and started to suck him, I enjoyed it, as I was sucking his cock I started to feel up his balls and how nice they felt, that is when he moans a little and his cock head got really big and then my mouth was full of his cum, I swallowed all of it. I sucked him a little longer and cleaned up his crotch with my mouth from the over flow of his cum going down his shaft to his balls. He zipped up and we walked back to my car, I got in and drove home, how great was that. I can not wait to suck and other man, maybe his cock would be bigger and maybe he could last a little longer before cumming.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I once met a guy online in a mall. The first we saw each other, lust is all over the place. He's a good looking man and so am I. Some talks, you know the smile and the smirk and then we head to his car. Our plan was to go somewhere but we are just both horny and aggressive. We ended sucking each other in the mall car park. There's one instance where I saw the security guard walk towards our car, so I had to stop from sucking my dick because I don't to get caught. Good thing the security guard didn't continue walking to where we're parking. We were exchanging kiss and suck each other off. I came first in his mouth. I returned the favor and sucked him till he exploded in my mouth, I swallowed it of course and we both shared a kiss and have him a taste of his own cum. After some mouth freshener, we decided to go back to the mall and have a coffee.

    Since we've been seeing each other exclusively. We're both versatile but most of the time he enjoys fucking me something that I truly enjoyed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm Matthew, I'm recently 18 and thanks to my academic skill I'm already burning through college.
    I'm 6'4 and 230lbs. I have a measurable penis at roughly 10.2 and it is uncut, Enormously vieny and wide, with a sometimes painfully thick head. When I climax it resembles a firehose, and my balls are like massive low hanging stones.
    I've always been very sexual since I was 13. Thanks to my older brother I lost my virginty before my 15th birthday. I find joy in bringing bringing women to climax, and making them squirt when they say they can't. I've always felt like sex with woman has been a duty, a chore or a service that I'm suppose to do. My brother when he couldn't get his gf off would have me take care of her. Our single mother did the best she could for use and taught us to always take care and make women happy. By highschool that had taken a different meaning... By the time I hit ninth grade I was "pleasing" my mother regularly. I didn't find myself till I started college.
    It was at a Halloween party that my friend in college was hosting, he was the odd sort, but he was a clean cut professional caring person who is deeply devoted to charity. At this point that's about all I knew of him. Any how, he was hosting a Halloween costume party that I was excited to go to. I dressed as Thor primarily because people told me I resemble him closely. My friend when in as a drag queen. The party was very well done and everyone had very elaborate costumes. I didn't recognize many of people there. I spotted two gay guys from school and many of the woman I knew were rumored lesbians. It wasn't until after that I found out that it was a homosexual Halloween party.
    The event that took place was later in the evening after most people were drunk or high and or both. I had danced with a feel folks, both man and woman when that song my Ying Yang Twins came on, pull my hair I believe that my friend who invited me came up and was dancing on my like a dirty stripper. I have to say, for the masculine man that he was it was hard to tell he was a man that night. As the song played he grinned on me passionately making my cock swell. I'm sure he felt it as he looked back and grinned at me, he pressed his body back onto me rubbing his big firm ass around my dick. He smelt of sweet purfume and I couldn't help myself from a full erection which was easily noticeable in my outfit. In a quick instant I felt him grip my tool as he whispered for me to follow him. Reluctantly I did, I followed him to a darked screened in porch not to far from the party. In the dim light of the moon, I felt him quickly remove my bottoms as began to stroke my member. I thought it was only going as far as a kind hand job when unexpectedly I felt his lips wrap my tool as he sucked and slobbered wildy. It drove me wild, it was so strange to have been serviced my a guy, but he sucked so much better than any woman I had ever been with. I was about to lose control when he stopped, bent over the wooden table lifted his skirt and pulled my cock to his asshole. I stopped short saying I couldn't but he said no one had to know, and that it would be a waste to let my hard on go. I began to push my mushroom tip in hearing him moan like a woman, before too long I was sliding my pole all the way down till are balls slapped together. At this point on he was at my mercy. I drove into him like a jackhammer to asphalt. I grabbed his hips slamming him back as I thisted forward. I could feel his ass chocking tight on my dick. His hands tried to brace him but I continued to beat him down. He let out a moan and I felt him cum hard leaving a puddle on the ground between his legs. I felt him go weak in the legs so I put him on the table and I fucked him while watching his cock flop around. Soon after I shot my load which squirted out of his tight little hole around my penis. This climax was so much more intense than anything I had done before. He smiled at me and thanked me and said we should enjoy the rest of the party. I washed my dick in the bathroom and went back.
    This was all very exciting to me and as the night went on, I couldn't help but wonder why he enjoyed it so much. I caught up with him later and discreetly asked how he got off with just me inside him, to which he replied that it was something I just had to experience. I'm not sure if it was the sexual excitement or the amazing weed we were smoking talking but I quickly snapped back saying that I wanted to find out. With that he smiled and disappeared into the crowd of high and drunk horny party goers. Shortly after I was grinding with a gifted lesbian from school getting a solid erection on when I felt a hand grabbing mine guiding me from the party. I was pulled into a bedroom with my recently fucked friend and a well manner man dressed like he was Sherlock Holmes. My friend very quickly introduce us and began sucking me off again. With my pants at my ankles, amazing lips around my cock I felt the other man spread my ass and dig his long powerful tongue in my ass, I couldn't help by shake in the knees from this unspeakable pleasure. Moments later the sucking stopped and I was being forced face down on the bed partially against my will. As I tried to stand I was pushed back down. Then I felt it! It was the massive, bulbous hot round object pressing forcefully at my wet back door. In this moment I felt fear and wild anticipation swirled together. I fought to stand up but then I felt the Seering pain of being penetration. I gave up at this point fearing more pain, try as I may, I couldn't stop myself from tearing. It felt like I was having a wide baseball bat jabbed into me. I was being torn by an large coke can in my ass. NEVER have I ever seen a cock so girthy! I cried as he continued to push himself inside of me. I felt an enormous pressure inside and I could feel my cock twitching and dripping lots of cum even though I hadn't climaxed. As he began to stroke back in forth in me I realized I had just been r**ed and there wasn't anything I could do to stop the sexual pleasure I was beginning to feel. My friend that I had fucked earlier climbed on the bed and put his very long but skinny dick in my mouth. As the beast behind me drive harder at me I could feel cum drip with every movement. I don't why I liked it but I did. I could feel every detail of this mans horse cock in me, I could feel my friends dick swelling in my mouth as I sucked frantically. Soon they were both going full speed on me, there was no escape. My face was forced down to my friends stomach as his long cock penetrated the back of my mouth and down my throat. I thought I would suffocate. My friend came quickly with his dick feeling like it was in my stomach. I could feel him jolt and shoot his load. He pulled out in time to spray a little across my face. The man behind me grunted heavily, smacked my ass painfully hard and began to choke me. Right before I was going to pass out I felt a hot river flood my inside causing me to violently and unexpectedly bust my load. I laid there silently on the bed, as up dripping cum, breathing heavily trying to catch my breath with cum still on my face. The big dick man left and my friend asked me how I liked it. I admittedly expressed to him the joy and pleasure I felt and how I've never felt such greatness.
    I must have fallen asleep right then and there. When I woke I was still in the same position, but I heard many noises. As I realized what was going on, there was two lesbians pleasing each other looking my direction from the top of the bed. They were getting off to the sight before them. Then I felt it, I was being fucked from behind again. I could felt my face, ass and the backs of my legs were all wet. There was 8 naked guys in the room with erections to last. I felt hot juice spray my ass and then the pounding continued. My hands had been tied to the underneath the bed and I was having a train run on me. One after another I felt different dicks bury themselves in me and then cum. I have become the centerpiece of the party. I was covered in cum. My ass was dripping in massive quantities as the next guy pushed into me. I was being r**ed my the majority of the party goers. It seemed like hours of penetration, I could say anything with a hand towel stuffed in my mouth. I passed out while still being drilled into after climaxing again.
    When I awoke the next time. I was laying in that very same bed, naked, sore and covered in dried juices. My friend came in which Tylenol and water. The memory of the night was hazy, and I had sleep most the next day away. He asked me if I had had fun to which I said reluctantly yes. He said I was a champ and he envy me. I asked him why and he explained that I had a bottoms dream come true. Still lost he put a DVD. It was a recording from the night before from the timed the three of us walked into the room. To my gratifying horror I watched. I watched as I was bound, and gagged and how as the whole night went, almost every guy at the party some more than one took turns breakin in my ass. I could help but get hard, as I watch me be used as a cum dump. My friend took light of the moment and mounted my cock. We fucked passionately until I let off inside him. With that I took the video and proceeded home.
    I had found what please me most, sex with men. I love to fuck them. My friend has arranged more parties since then where I am tied down and everyone takes turns in me.


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My name's Jacob, I'm 29 and before a fortnight ago I was a straight guy, but secretly wanting to discover and explore my gay feelings.
    I got the very oportunity in a way I never envisaged. I don't see myself as someone who'd just have sex with anyone, so when it happened I was confused and shocked afterwards. Even so, it did happen and in a sordid way.
    I'd dropped my wife off at her sisters and was taking the three hour drive back home, so I could sort myself out for work the next day. Unfortunately or fortunately, depends how you look at it, my car started playing up. Pulling into a small town and up to a small garage still two hours away from home, I was told the car needed some parts which they'd have by the morning. Stuck with the knowledge I had to get to work the next day, I asked the older of the two mechanics if there was any way I could have it fixed that afternoon. Promising to pay the older mechanic over the odds, I had to wait when he said he'd see what they could do.
    About two hours later, and as it turned out forty minutes before my car was fixed. I needed the bathroom. Walking into the old dirty toilet, I was immediately followed by the older of the two mechanics working on my car. He stepped into a stall and as I peed, I thought I heard him peeing too. Turning around when I'd finished, he wasn't peeing at all, he was stroking his cock, a cock which was fully erect and a lot bigger than my own. All he said was "Your car COULD be fixed today, if you know what I mean".
    All my senses told me to turn around and walk out. All that was, except the one which said "Suck his cock, you know you want to". The stall door was closed, I was sat onto the closed toilet seat and his cock slid over my tongue as if I'd sucked on many mens cocks before. In fact I had in my head a thousand times. And a thousand times in my head, it was with a guy who was my age, physically fit and on a clean bed in some hotel room.
    Each and every time his cock slid over m tongue, I gained more and more confidence. I became whatever he wanted me to be andI started to enjoy what I was doing for him. His cock had become so hard, yet it felt soft in my mouth, it felt so right, so perfect I wanted it where I'd always a cock, up my asshole.
    Taking his cock out of my mouth, I stood up undid my trousers, moved him aside and turned around. Holding onto the coat hook on the stall door, I asked a guy I didn't know, someone I'd only met two hours before, to fuck me. There was a slight hessitation in him, but he didn't say anything. Spitting onto his cock and then onto my asshole, I felt him put his cock to my asshole and push in.
    Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that shot through me. In one go he'd somehow impaled me onto his huge cock. I stood there, half not being able to move and fully not being able to scream. The pain held my breath until eventually my asshole just accepted his cock. One second it was the most intence pain imaginable, the next it went to a growing feeling of total pleasure. When he moved easing his cock out and then back in again, my cock became the hardest it's ever been. It was so hard after a few minutes of him fucking me, it was hurting as it strained for release.
    He'd stood upto me by then, holding my chest as if my chest were breasts. Squeezing my nipples as he pumped his cock in and out of my asshole. All of a sudden there was a knock on the stall door. I was moved back, but had his cock still in my ass and the door was opened. Looking at me was his younger assistant. His cock was out and it was becoming erect.
    Pushing my back dwonwards I was forced to waist level, and to hold onto my knees. Opening my mouth I took in the younger guys cock and knew I was in for whatever they had in mind.
    As my mouth was fucked hard and fast, so was my asshole. They kind of got into some sort of sexual rhythm, one entering me as the other withdrew. And in that grotty toilet with the pair of them fucking my orifices, I was totally enjoying myself sexually being what it seemed to me, their cock slut.
    I came first. My cock just exploaded without warning and it felt devine. All the sexual pressure and my cock being amazingly hard, just let go in one big spurt of cum. The younger guy saw my cum spurting onto the dirty tiled floor and unleashed his cum into my mouth. He was closely followed by the older of the two who pulled out of my asshole, spun me like a top and came all over my face. When his cock stopped spurting cum, I instictively took it back into my mouth and sucked his cock until nothing was coming out. His younger fiend spoke for the first time since I'd gotten there. He said "Hey Hank, he sure is one fine cock sucker". They both laughed and then as if it was an every day event, they just walked out, leaving me to get myself together.
    I paid him the amount we'd agreed and drove out of the small town, full of the knowledge I'd been completely used and probably ripped off. It made no difference to me, because in that small town, in their grubby little bathroom, I truly was their cock slut and would be again tomorrow.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    This isn't bragging, nor is it me trying to escape my marriage vows. The reality is I'm not an overly handsome man and I don't have a figure like a body builder. My wife doesn't like sex anymore and I used to get sexually frustrated. The one thing I do have, well two actually. Is a very large thick cock and the ability to remain hard for a long long time. My cock is just shy of ten inches in length and has a six and quarter inch circumference.
    Because of my age and my less than flattering looks, most young women aren't interested in me, but after advertising on a gay contact site just showing my erect cock, lots and lots of younger men wanted to meet me, to either suck me off, or have me fuck them.
    It's just coming up to a year since I first fucked a young guy who was nineteen at the time. He was my first ever gay sexual partner and even though he was young, he taught me many many things about gay sex. I've since met over twenty young men, who have either sucked me off or I've fucked them until we've both cum.
    Sometimes at our home when my works her Saturday or Sunday shifts in our local pub. But other times, especially in the good weather, I've met guys outdoors and fucked them in a few beautiful places over looking the Peak District close to our home.
    My last venture outdoors was only the other day. It was a bright day when I met Jake, a twenty two year old guy who loves being fucked long and slow. But the weather soon turned nasty, so I slowly fucked him in my car as walkers were scurrying by to shelter under a large cliff overhang. I came all over his cute young face after removing the condom I had on. Some of it must have splashed onto the seat beacuse my wife mentioned it yesterday. I told her it was something which must have leaked out of the bag of rubbish I took to the tip. She smiled and told me to be more careful. As soon as she said it, I was thinking to myself "You're right, I'll make sure he swallows it next time".

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    Gay Male / 18

    well to start im actually 16m and im on here cos im secretly gay but i really like older guys. if anyone older than 30 is reading this hit me up in the comments. im keen for skype sex

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