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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Pretty simple really. I answered an ad on Craigs List, in the Casual Encounters / M4M section. He was looking for a bottom to suck his cock.

    We met up at coffee shop and I followed him home. After a couple of minutes of chatting he took off his pants and I kneeled on the floor in front of him and sucked him in right to the root.

    He grabbed my head and pulled me down hard on him and he came in my mouth. It was so good. I worked on that cock for another 20 minutes trying to coax another load of cum but couldn't get there again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I like girls and I am actually 15, the other day after football practice, i was in the shower and everyone hd left except for me and a friend, I saw him by accident from behind and if he had been a girl I would have fucked that butt it was round and perfect. Then he turned around and I noticed he was hard and looking at me, I thought I would feel grossed out but for some reason it turned me on. When he saw I was hard too he smiled slightly, then we went to change and I tried to dissimulate my erection but he dropped a coin towards my direction, we were still in boxers, instead of picking the coin he took out my boxers to reveal my hard cock he looked at it and then looked at me with a dirty face,
    I smiled and he started sucking my cock, the best sensation I have ever felt. When I was near to come I told him to stop and I sucked his. He moaned loudly but told me to stop and bent over, only to show me his nude round perfect butt, and he told me to put it in, I refused at first but I couldn't resist that butt, I started slowly with just the tip and he moaned in pleasure and pain, I slowly got faster and now he was shouting and I was about to come. He told me to come inside him and I came more than ever before. Then we had to shower again and we went to our homes, but we haven´t spoken since.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I am a generally straight married man. Wife has little interest in sec and love her still, so will not leave.

    I didn't like the idea of cheating on her with another woman so I began reading and watching gay pen about 2 years ago. You could say I brainwashed myself into being able to have a gay encounter.

    I finally did it two days ago.

    I met him on a website that sets up sec hookups for older gay men. We chatted a little and meet near his home.

    At his place we quickly stripped and then I sucked his cock.

    Wouldn't you know it?? I'm a dammed natural born cock sucker.

    I played that instrument like it was part of an orchestra.

    I even loved it when he started to leak precum into my mouth.

    When he got close I started to finger his asshole and he came like firehouse. Next visit he's going to fuck my ass and I may even let him do it without a rubber.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    We married young (pregnancy) and now have two children. My wifes libido has dropped off dramatically over the last three years, to the point we now probably have sex twice, maybe three times a year if I'm lucky. I personally love sex and have a very high sex drive, but not getting sex at home I've found extremely difficult, masturbation being my only release.
    Just before Christmas last year a friend asked me if I'd like to take his sauna and massage day he'd booked, as he'd been told by his wife she'd booked a short break holiday. I told him I would gladly and booking half a day off work, I arrived on the day around lunch time.
    The sauna was a long one and I was relieved to plunge into the cold dip pool. When I was called into the massage room I expected to have a female masseur, but a tall middle aged guy walked in. He introduced himself as Mike and straight away I guessed from his tone of voice, he might be gay. After stripping naked and placing a towel over my buttocks, I lay on the massage bed. First Mike massaged my back, shoulders, arms, legs and then curled his fingers under the towel, after asking, began to massage my buttocks. When he asked me to turn over I told him I'd gotten an erection. I couldn't help it, his touch on my arse, plus not having had sex in a long while, no matter it was a male touching my backside, had made my cock rise.
    Mike told me he was used to it and for me not to worry, but to relax. The massage continued and unfortunately or fortunately as it turned out, so did my erection. When his hands were massaging my thighs it actually started to hurt as my cock was straining for release. The final straw if you like was the towel slipping and Mike commenting on how hard and how big my cock looked. It was obvious or so I thought at the time he wanted to touch it, so ignoring my straight sense of sexuality, I asked him if he'd make it just as relaxed as he had the rest of my body, by massaging it.
    Mike didn't need asking twice and as I'd guessed his innate sexuality took over, and my cock was soon being given an amazing hand job. It had been so long since the last time I'd had someone wanting to pleasure me, that when he bent over and took my cock into hs mouth, I just lay there and let him get on with sucking my cock.
    When my wife had sucked my cock, she'd been very good at fellatio, but Mike was/is on another level. The way he curled his around my swollen cock and how much of my eight and half inches he swallowed in one go, soon had my balls twitching. Almost ready to cum I let him know thinking he would pull away. I was wrong, Mike actually sucked on my cock harder and began to masturbate me at the same time. When my dick exploaded, it was the most unbelievably long and intense orgasm I could remember having. Every single drop was swallowed by Mike and he even lapped up the clear juices which flowed onto my balls, when he let my cock slip out of his mouth.
    A huge thank you later and a invite to a reduced priced massage the following week, I walked out of the place totally relaxed and knowing I'd let Mike suck me off again. Something he's done on many times since. The second time at the place where he works, afterwards at his flat where the cock sucking was taken up a few levels to amazingly new ways of making me cum.
    Three days ago and my reason to confess really, Mike asked me if I'd save my cum to fill his arsehole. After sucking my cock to its full straining length, I fucked my first male rear fuck hole and absolutely loved every thrust of my cock pounding Mikes arse, just as much as Mike did having me inside him, when he came all over his stomach.
    It's been a new chapter to my life and one which replaces the sex I had with my wife. I'll always be married to her, but in future my sexual needs will get met by fucking men I know want all of my eight plus inches.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I have been married for 26 years, my wife has no clue that when she travels for work I am a crossdressing slut! I'll explain.....About 10 years ago I acted on a long curiosity to suck cock,I met a guy from craigslist and I was hooked instantly, loved it! I did about 5 or 6 guys over the course of the first year. I met Ken. I sucked him and for the first time swallowed cum, up till then I was afraid to do it and I was suprised I liked it so much. We met several times. We were chatting online when he proposed I dress for him. At the next meeting, after the usual blowjob, he left me a box. It had hose,heels,teddy and a wig. I wore my new outfit at our next meeting, I was soooo turned on. I was on my knees sucking his hardening cock in seconds. Suddenly he stopped fucking my mouth and pulled me to my feet and said "relax ". He turned me and bent me over a chair. I knew what was comeing and resisted some, I was scarred to death but felt so slutty in my outfit I decided to relax and see what happens. I felt his saliva hit my ass and felt his cock start pushing in a bit painful but after he gently pushed it in he started slowly thrusting and I was soon pushing back wimpering like the slut I had become.
    We met a bunch of times and I got more clothes and loved sucking Kens dick and taking him in my manpussy.
    Ken invited me to his house to watch the Super Bowl. I showed up ,dressed. We were watching the game when the doorbell rings,Ken lets in 3 guys,friends of his he says....I felt stupid. It was obvious I was not a female!After introductions Ken comes over to me unzips and pulls out his cock and says...."its your lucky day" Soon the guys were naked and I was on all fours getting fucked and a cock in my mouth...the four of them used me for hours. Over the next several years Ken set me up with different guys and I became a crossdressed slut!!!!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Hy my name is ronish.i am bisexual.i know it a year ago when i got seduced lookin at gay are the characters.milan-my goes my story.
    Once milan and me were watching cricket late was 10.30 pm at that when our game was over he stayed at my was nearly 12 mid night when the game was completed so we went to sleep.we got to bed.
    We were sleeping in my sis room alice.when we got into bed we saw her bra and panty and we both got seduced.we went into bed and milan turn off the lights.then i told him-''good night milan''.so he replied me-''good night''.we both didnt got sleep so just slept..but we were not asleep.soon he kept his leg on mine.i mistakely touched his thighs.he moaned softly because we were both seduced my our sis bra and panty.'ahhhhhh' he i said-''your thighs are of like my white and creamy thighs''.i was a bit fat and he said-'' ur boobs are too like my sis.huge and soft boobs'',''lets fuck each other''-i said.slowly i opened his pants and panty feeling his thighs.soon he too did it.then he massaged my huge boobs.we started tongue kissing each felt so good.then milan started sucking my god it felt so good.i moaned 'ahhhhhhhhhh'.i too sucked his nipples.then he licked my balls.'ahhhhhhhhhhhh milan it felt so good plz continue'' i said..i too sucked his penis he said''faster ronish faster'' i fasted my speed to suck his penis and balls'' then i massage his sexy ass and boobs..he then sucked my boobs and penis and balls too..i then fucked his ass.he said-''its hurting but feeling so good'' i fasted my fucking speed..after then he fucked my first for 5-10 minutes it hurted but after that it felt so good.after then we fucked each other mouth and slept naked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Submissive bottom, hairless with attractive rear seeking to be fucked anally. My back passage is elastic and tight. I am eager to suck cock and swallow cum. Looking for one, two or even three tops to run a train on my ass. I want to feel my anal hole filled with hot semen. This faggot will suck cock and satisfy your sexual needs. Two lovely holes for you to fill with your swollen cock.

    This whore will be your gay fucktoy. Willing anus ready for you to fuck all night and then lend me to your friends.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Out with some friends recently I was given a bet by two of the guys. The bet was to lick and suck another mans cock and balls until he came. If I performed the task I'd win one of my friends pair of concert tickets (I really wanted to go). If not I'd pay him five times the cost of them. At first I backed off the bet, and only said yes later on when my friend with the tickets and I were the only ones left out drinking.

    The older guy I was supposed to have blown had gone, so we headed off to a bar/club we knew was a gay venue. After only ten minutes my friend had another guy willing to have his cock sucked, so I headed off to a quiet area outside the bar with him and my friend. When he took his cock out I nearly cried off again, but half cut I sank to my knees and closed my eyes. The feeling of his flaccid cock sliding over my tongue was at first very strange, but also wierdly satisfying. In only a couple of minutes his dick was rock hard and I was in all truth enjoying what I was doing. So much so my friend was telling me he was getting a hard on watching us. I didn't have too long to wait, to feel the guy tense up and I knew when his cum filled my mouth, the tickets were mine. What I didn't expect was how much I'd gotten into sucking on this strangers cock.

    Walking away from the bar down the side alley, my friend said to me I was always going to going to the concert as he'd bought one for me. When I asked why he'd made me suck some guys cock, he stopped walking turned and lowered his trousers. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock was far bigger than the guys I'd not long sucked. He said and I will never forget for as long as I live " Always wanted to have your lips around this". I had no idea he was gay or bisexual at least. He'd wanted to see if I'd suck another guys cock, so I wouldn't be offended or lose his friendship, if he asked me to suck his. And in that alley I did suck my friends thick uncircumsized cock, but I took my time and made sure as he was thrusting his hips and fucking my mouth, I had my cock out and was masturbating.

    I came first all over the floor in front of me and between his his legs. When my friend unloaded his massive amount of cum in my mouth, he asked me to swallow it. I've been swallowing his seed ever since, and exploring other ways of extracting his wonderful semen from his large thick cock, using another more pleasurable hole he's taught me to love being thrust into.

    Unfortunately for the time being our sexual relationship will remain between us, as there are complications. But soon we might be informing all about my/our new sexually expressed life.

    Thanks Luke for showing me another side of myself and my sexuality x

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    Gay Male / 50

    Well my first experience with a man I was 35 I was already into gay porn and I would sneak into gay bars on the down low. That's where I met Marcus he was so attractive we had a few drinks and danced I was so nervous more afraid.I hid my secret for years. And I knew it was time to be me. So we went to his place he was a lot younger than me we went inside owe sat in the living room. He kissed me and I got so into it we were making out for a long time. I decided to go for it I unzipped his pants and this semi hard cock was so big I starting sucking his cock he could tell I was new to this but I did my best we went to his room and we both ripped our clothes off he lasted on top of me it was so hot he went down on me n an he could suck a cock I let him fuck me doggy style I have a thing getting it from behind I fucked loved it he was so good in bed. He was my first and my bf for a few years he made me realize I was always gay and not to be ashamed of my sexuality. He moved to new York after our break up im living with my partner we love each other I came out when I was 39 it was for the best it was to hard to hide my sexuality

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    Gay Male / 26

    Before I got high speed internet at home I used to go to my cousins and spend the weekend and play xbox with him online. One weekend I set up a meet with a 58 year old guy and when his mom my aunt left for work I stripped put her leopard skin vibrator in my ass and put on her tiny red g string and waited for him to show up. When he pulled up I crawled out to his truck and lead him back into her apartment I sucked him off in her living room while my cousin was upstairs asleep with her vibe in my ass and swallowed his load. After that he had me jack off and eat my cum out of my hand then we went upstairs to the bathroom and he pissed all over me. For the whole time she lived there after that that is what my Saturday mornings where like when she had to work. I swallowed so much of his cum and piss I should be considered a toilet.

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