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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I was still a teen I used to hit coffee shops in Greenwich Village hoping to meet someone I found attractive to get laid for the first time. I was 17 and all I ever had was Mary fist and her five daughters. I got hit on a lot but I wanted the first time to have more meaning than a warm body. I met some fellows that were likable and we traded numbers but there was no score to be had.

    An invitation came for a party on Perry Street in the heart of the Village and this gave rise to the thought that I might meet someone. I took an enema, showered and powdered myself determined to maybe bend my ambition a bit if the someone was half decent in looks. I realize I ask for a lot but that's who I am. I had a six-pack, wide, muscular shoulders and so forth so I just wanted to get someone closer to that.

    The party was held in a fairly large apartment for the Village. Nicely furnished, they had deep carpeting and large couches here and there. By the time I arrived some party-goers were already sucking on each other. Looking around, I noticed what I first thought was a little girl sitting in a corner all by herself, sucking on a large dildo. She was cute with a little blue ribbon tying off some of her light blonde hair.

    Making a bit of noise sucking on that giant thing, she remained --- steadily squatting on the floor. As I strolled closer I could see that she was a sissy twink, not much younger than myself, and the biggest shocker was that she was not sucking on any dildo but her own cock that had to be over eleven inches in length and fairly thick. She was nearly naked and I noticed small boobs. The word Tranny came to mind. I moved near her, bend down and kissed her on the forehead as she sucked on her whale-cock. I was moving on sensations only and not thinking.

    She was holding the cock with both hands and there was still room enough for my hand so I grasped the free part and the two of us stroked her slowly. Then, I squatted in front of her and she held her cock out to me so I sucked on it as well. I could only fit the glans into my mouth and that forced me to open wide. Between sharing her cock with me and my holding part of it, I kissed her all over her darling face and neck. In just a few minutes, she was really into me and we were making love.

    She reached into her small backpack on her left side and pulled out a tube of lubricant. I took the tube automatically, not realizing that I was about to get my first, long awaited gay fucking. I had done some girls but I ached for a hard cock. Nothing the size of the sissy lover occurred to me but I wanted a real stiff one. I stood up momentarily and pulled my jeans off. My cock, now stiff as a diving board, bounced out. Still standing, I fucked her mouth a little and then squatted down, facing her. Her knees were at the sides of her head so I squatted as well and tried to assume a position where my cock would enter her little twink hole with ease.

    Squatting face to face, we both started fucking and continued to share her stupendous cock head. We fucked and kissed, tongues swirling on each other, and time disappeared. The light lipstick she had on her lips more or less faded into our passion for each other. After a time I told her I was getting close and she said, "Try to hold off for just a bit." I slowed my cock down, thrusting into her Tranny pussy slowly. In a couple of minutes, she said, "Ohhh, ohhh, I'm coming...ohhhh," and her cum shot into her mouth as she greedily swallowed it. I could tell this was not new to her She held her cock toward me a bit and gave me one solid shot into my mouth.

    Almost simultaneously, I began to fire off inside her Tranny pussy. I could feel heavy pulsating even better than my best lone wankings. When we finished cumming we heard a loud applause and realized that a small crowd had gathered around us and were watching us fuck and suck each other. Two good looking young guys, both naked, came over and licked us both up. I relaxed and lay back on the thick carpeted rug and on of the young strangers turned me over, went down on me, began to rim me, then slid a fairly impressive cock into me while my new, little sissy lover watched, smiling. She came up to me as I was being fucked and started kissing me. We remained lovers for three months and both had to leave the city for schools.

    In time, we learned how to get her entire cock up my asshole, something I thought impossible, but that's another story.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Just then I was pissing at a mens bathroom at the local park.
    As I'm urinating I notice the older man next to me is staring at my cock and jerking his. I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist so this started to turn me on. I started giving him a bit of a show jerking my swelling cock. I noticed an Asian man was also watching and running his crotch too. I was getting so horny knowing these dudes were getting off looking at my long thick 8 inch cock which was now fully hard. My hard on was for some reason the invitiation the older man was waiting for and he stepped over grabbed my dick bent over and began to suck me.
    I've never had a man suck me before and this was up there with the best blow jobs I've ever had. He was amazing hungrily bobbing and slurping away. As he did I felt his hand on my ass squeezing and exploring my hole. Again a new experience and fuck it felt good. I pushed back on his fingers as he slipped them up my ass hole I began to rock my hips, my cock sliding in and ok of his mouth and his fingers sliding in and out of my ass.
    After a bit he stood up and said now do me and guided my head down to his cock. I took it in and sucked it it felt great I could feel pre cum flowing into my mouth. As I'm sucking he pulls my pants right down and continues fingering my ass. This is extasy. I notice the Asian man now standing closer jerking his small dick. The older gent pulls his dick out of my mouth and steps behind me. As he does the Asian man puts his dick in my face and I receive it into my mouth. As I'm sucking I feel the older man's cock slowly slide into my Virgin ass. The Asian doesn't last long and spurts jizz into my mouth I swallow it down. Lent up on the urinal I focus on my ass as it's being railed from behind. It feels so good. The Asian gets on the floor and takes my dick in his mouth. I'm being fucked and sucked like a whore it feels amazing.
    I feel my balls tighten and know my load is on its way. Oh fuck I can't hold it mutters the voice behind me and as I feel hot cum filling my ass I let my load go all over the Asian guys face and in his mouth. I can barely move I feel the cock exit my hole and cum sliding out with it. Without a word the Asian guy begins cleaning the cum from my ass with his tongue and the old guy smiles thanks me and leaves. I'm now sitting in a cubicle gathering my thoughts and writing this to you. Hope you enjoyed it like I did.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Back in 2007 I was down on my luck and without a place to live. Living/existing in a large city, I soon found all of my money gone and I was sleeping rough. Cold hungry and feeling like giving up, an older guy in a similar boat to me told me when he was younger, he used to suck off business gents in the public toilets for money.
    I let it pass, and didn't think of it until three nights later. I'd managed to stay at squat but it had been closed, so I was on the street again and it was cold. Thinking about what the older guy had said, I found myself outside the public toilets he was referring to. Stood minding my own business, an older suited guy approached me and asked me if I was doing business. Before I could answer he said "Ten pounds for a suck and swallow isn't it". Ten pounds was to me back then at that time, a lot of money. More than enough to eat for two to three days, if you knew where to get your food.

    Walking past the attendant, he smiled at me and said "ten percent". Not knowing what he meant, I followed the business gent into a cubicle and watched him drop his trousers and boxers. His cock was already semi erect and it looked strangely welcoming. It was almost like he was giving me some humanity back into my life.
    It wasn't too difficult at all to open my mouth and let him sldie his cock over my tongue. I'd squatted right down and he'd taken hold of my head. Fucking my mouth for only a minute or two, I felt him jerking and then his cock exploded in my mouth. I didn't need to be asked to swallow, as his cum tasted and felt so good flowing over my tongue, that I swallowed the lot anyway. But his warmth, his human touch meant everything right then, so I carried on sucking on his dick. He went to pull away naturally, but I held him until his cock began to rise again. With his cock fully erect in my mouth again, I began to suck on his cock as ex girlfriends had done to me in the past. Taking all of his cock as far down my throat as I could, I finally relaxed and began to really deep throat him. It became totally natural to me, and before long I was making him moan out loud.

    He began to fuck my face again and I found myself enjoying the whole experience. I actually found myself thinking of giving him as much pleasure as I could. Releasing his cock, and I don't know where this came from, I wet my middle finger, took huis cock back into my mouth and then slowly inserted my finger up his arsehole. He lade lots of low groaning nioses, but didn't have me remove my finger. Fucking his arse slowly, I sucked on his cock harder and felt his cock twitching in my mouth again. When his cock erupted the second time, his cum was more watery. Even so I swallowed all of it and drank it down with the knowledge, I'd sucked on my first cock and enjoyed the experience.
    Getting ourselves together, he opened his wallet and passed me three ten pound notes. Whispering to me he really enjoyed the whole thing, he also passed me a business card with a number on it.

    Walking out, he then gave the attendant way more than he should have, indeed it should have been myself who paid the attendant the five pounds. The attendant smiled at me and said "Seems you're a born cock sucker kid".
    I'm not boasting here, but I will say every guy over the next four weeks paid me much more than the going rate for a blow job. At one point the attendant told a very wealthy guy, if he wanted a fantastic blow job, he should wait for me. I gave that gent the same treatment with my middle finger, as I had the first man I sucked off. And he couldn't have been happier to cum in my mouth, paying me the most I ever received for sucking cock during those low days in my life.

    In one month I'd made more than enough to move back to the town I grew up in and find a place to rent. It kick started my life that toilet block, and in many ways it proved to me I could and would do almost anything to survive. It's not easy living on the streets of a big city. Most people pass you by as if you're nothing, yet underlying everything there is sex. And if like me you can and will enjoy the men you're pleasuring, then it helps to block out the real world for those brief but enjoyable moments.

    I'm a reasonably well off man now with a growing family. Part of my earnings go to help other people who don't have the means to live as I now do. And every couple of weeks, I drive over to a place I know to give pleasure to older married men, who like having a guy like me suck them off. It's funny as they've all got money and apparently enjoy hitting a small white ball around some tree lined big fields.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Connie, Douglass and I have been best friend since we were in 3rd grade and grew up in the same neighborhood. Connie and I found out Doug was gay before his parents knew about it. We were teenagers at the time and once we knew he was gay for a couple years the three of us would skinny dip in the lake. It never bothered me or Connie that he is gay and we are still best friends now. They both come to my apartment every other Friday since I moved in here last year. Doug lives with a guy and one night at my apartment with Connie and Doug, about six months ago, we started asking him questions about the things they do when they have sex. Doug was hesitant but finally told us how they masturbate each other, have oral sex and also anal sex. He said they often use sex toys on each other and that he is real attracted to this guy. He said a few things that grossed me out which I won't mention. Connie has aways been bossie and very out spoken and all the sudden she looked at Doug and asked to see his dick and thats the word she used. Doug said no way to her and she reminded him of all the times we skinny dipped when in high school. He said no again but Connie is not the type to let up. She finally got him to pull his pants down then she told him to show us how he masturbated. To egg him on she told him he could not get hard in front of girls. I was suprised and I'm sure Connie was when he said to just get him some lotion and a peice of newspaper. I went and got my hand lotion and Connie handed him the newspaper which he put on the floor. He squirted some lotion on his penis and masturbated right in front of us. True we did see him naked many times when swimming but this was the first time we ever saw him with an erection. We got a good chuckle out of it and Doug said he just thought about his boyfriend watching him when he did it. Two weeks later Connie got him to do it again. It was probably the next time they were here that when Connie asked him to masturbate again he asked why we don't masturbate. Connie the instigator looked at me and I thought what the heck and the three of us masturbated together which was another first. Now we do it every other Friday night and I put a blanket on the floor and we all take are cloths off now and masturbate naked. It is weird because to me its arousing seeing Doug masturbate but I know its not Connie or I arousing him. Doug is a good looking guy and none of my friends or family have a problem with him being gay. Thankfully his mom and dad excepted it well also because he is a very good guy and would do anything for us. We have a lot of fun when we masturbate together joking around and talking to each other as we are doing it. Doug likes cutting up Connie because she has real big breasts and tells her things like she don't have to worry about drowning. We cut each other up and its just in fun even when we cut up each others bodies.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    In September 2014 I went working over in Split for eight weeks. It was part of an expansion the company I still work for was carrying out. Along with a another older colleague, we were given a flat to live in, but it was mostly work and very long hours, so we hardly stayed there. After five weeks, my colleague went back to the UK as his mother was seriously ill. I remained, just as the workload eased off, and I was able to relax more in the flat.

    Asleep one late afternoon, I was awoken by a loud noise and rose up from my bed to find a huge guy stood in the doorway. Before I could say anything, he was on top of me and ripping off my boxers. The guy was really big and with me being five feet six and only one hundred and five pounds wet through, I had no chance of pushing him off me. Before I knew it I felt his hot wet tongue licking at my arsehole as I was pinned to the bed. I tried telling the man I wasn't gay, but all I got was a sharp crack to the back of my head. Totally aware of the size of the man, I shut up and told myself to let him do as he wished. Let him finish and see where it lead from there.

    The tongue licking of my arsehole lasted a long long time. He kept on pulling my arse cheeks apart, shoving a finger up my arse, then bending back down to lap at my hole. Finally he pressed my head hard into the pillow, and I felt his hard cock pushing against my rear hole. I made some sort of noise and it was greeted by yet another crack. Any pretense to the fact he might feel sorry for me, went. Saying something to me in Croatian, there was a sharp pain in my arsehole and I knew his cock had entered me.

    There isn't a description that defines just how much pain I felt for the next five to ten minutes. It was abject and it was the worst pain I'd ever felt, but it was mixed and that's why I can't find the words. It was almost you could say, pain with hidden pleasure, but then again it hurt like nothing before or since.

    Feeling his weight on me only added to the whole experience of helplessness. I was being fucked and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. Then like a switch going off in my brain, the pain went to be replaced by the most wonderful of feelings up my arsehole and all along my cock and balls. It was and I'm not over exaggerating here, the most special of feelings I've ever had. From total misery, to absolute joy and I let him know by shouting out as best I could "Oh yeh". Those two words changed everything. Moving us into a spoons position, I had his arm wrap around me as he began to masturbate my already hard cock. At the same time his other hand took hold of my chin and I had my head turned to his. From being an unwilling sexual partner who was asleep in his own rented flat in a foreign country, to a twenty two year old hetrosexual man who began to be kissed, and kiss back a guy who had taken him violently and sexually.

    I'm not sure why I reacted the way I did. Someone I've spoken too since, has told me it's a away of giving out messages to your attacker, you're going to give them everything and more, if they release you from any further hurt. And to that point, I eventually moved around and over his body to mount his cock. He was smiling from ear to ear by then, but also by then I was a willing partner, no longer caring about our initial start. With him thrusting up into my arsehole, I leaned over and we kissed again. In all we had sex for over an hour, and most of it was consensual sex. Finally with my legs up onto his massive hairy chest, he pummel fucked me to orgasm just before he spurted every drop of his cum deep inside of my bowels.

    Yannick stayed that night, and visited me in the flat over the next three weeks. Again I'm not sure why I didn't tell anyone. Probabaly because by the time he left the following morning, I was greedily sucking on his large fat cock, getting him ready to fuck me all over again.

    I no longer work over in Split, but I do fly over every six weeks or so and stay in a hotel. I'm normally there for three nights and each night I have a visitor who no longer see's crime as his way of living. To the outside world I am a hetrosexual man who works hard. But when I'm with Yannick, believe me I become his cock loving slut and I couldn't be happier that we met the way we did.

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    Gay Male / 22

    My boyfriend likes to drink a lot when we go out. So sometimes he's not able to keep himself up, let alone his his cock. Occasionally he'll invite his brother Callum to join us when we got out, and sometimes Callum will turn up without his girlfriend. Callum hardly drinks at all, but does every now and then smoke weed like myself.
    Five weeks ago, I invited Callum to join us back at our apartment, to help me with his wasted brother and to enjoy a smoke. Once we'd put my boyfriend to bed, I joined Callum in our kitchen to have a smoke. As we shared a joint, I couldn't help but notice he'd gotten a hard on in his shorts. Asking him if he wanted to get comfortable, he asked me what I meant. I told him I could have seen his cock his cock bulge from the other side of the kitchen. He blushed, but then admitted he'd wondered what it was like to fuck a male, as his brother often related how he'd fucked this guy or that guy in the past.

    Taking off my top and dropping my shorts (I never wear underwear) I told Callum he could find out for himself if he wanted to. My boyfriend isn't slow at coming forward, but Callum is in a different league. Within seconds he was naked and pushing me up against the work top. I told him where the lube was, but he was in too much of a horny state to worry about me and my comnfort. Spitting on his cock (It's a little larger than his brothers) and my arsehole, he got up behind me and buried his cock deep inside my arse in one long thrust.
    It wasn't the best fuck I've ever had, as it didn't last too long. But it was long enough to have me orgasming all over our kitchen floor and long enough to have me knowing he really knew how to fuck someone. Cumming up my arsehole without asking me, I felt every burst of cum flying out of his cock. Once he'd finished cumming, he slid out and told me it felt amazing. The moment his cock fell from my arse, I spun around and did something none of his girlfriends had ever done for him. I knelt down took hold of his cock and sucked it into my mouth, licking and sucking on it to clean it of his semen. Callum shuddered as I devoured his cock and eventually told me it was too sensitive for him.
    I joined my boyfriend in bed a little later, but not before Callum asked not to say anything to his brother. Just before day break, I was awoken by my boyfriends cock sliding into my arsehole from behind as he spooned me. I took my second load of the night/morning, and smiled knowing it was two brothers who'd given me their seed.

    Callum and I have fucked again since, as he's called by knowing his brother was out at work. During the four times we've fucked, it's gotten better and better. To the point I now adore having Callums cock fuck me, just as much as I do his brothers. It was a secret that we we're fucking, or that's what I thought. But the other day after having a really good long passionate fuck with my boyfriend, he asked me if Callum had fun with me. When I asked him what he talking about, all he would say was "We used to share girlfriends". I've not said anything else, but now I think they've arranged this all along, and that I've been the one who been kept in the dark. I'm not complaining, but it seems a bit strange if they both accept they're going to be fucking me, that they don't just come out and enjoy the fact.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Every other Friday afternoon I take a few hours off work and book into a cheap hotel. My wife doesn't know I do this, nor does anyone else other than the guys I fuck obviously. Contacting young men (Sometimes one guy my age too) through various online sites, I arrange to meet them at the hotel and fuck the shit of them.
    I've always had a thing for screwing guys, and screwing them hard. I'm not into love making with guys at all. I like my "Boys" to be able to take a really long hard fucking, and they must be able to take every inch of my nine inch cock down their throat, as I make them gag. Some have said they could, but have disappointed me and those guys I just have a quick suck and fuck with.
    There is one man I meet on a regular basis who absolutely can take my cock down his throat and loves me fucking him as hard as I can give it to him. But he works in London a lot and is not always available when I'm horny and ready to fuck a tight willing arsehole.
    Throughout my sexual life, I reckon I've fucked well over a hundred and fifty different guys. Most of them have been younger than myself, and most of them have wanted more sex. On rare occasions, I will meet up with a guy more than once, but he must be extremely horny to me and have the sexual drive to want sex for hours, as I often want to fuck my younger fuck buddy's the whole afternoon.
    This coming Friday I've arranged to meet up with two young men, which will be a kind of first for me. I've had threesomes before (Parties), but never as an arranged thing. And what's special about these guys, other than they're horny good looking young men. Is that they are nineteen and twenty year old gay brothers.
    Friday is going to be one hell of a good fuck fest, and I simply cannot wait.

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    Gay Male / 48

    Looking back it was all so ho hum. I was 19 and I was working with a construction company. My foreman was a heavy set Mexican man named Carlos. He was dark and had a mustache and a big beer belly. We were in the trailer getting changed to go home, he was in his pants only, no shirt, no shoes. I was on the bench getting my socks on. He stood in front of me, opened his zipper and pulled out his cock. I sat up and looked up at him and he smiled and nodded his head. He moved his hips and swung his cock around a bit.

    Well, I opened my mouth and took his cock and put it in my mouth and I sucked him. The more I sucked him the more I wanted to suck him, he got hard and I was holding his cock with my hand and sucking him. He stopped me and started to masturbate, hitting my face with his cock as he did, when he got ready to cum he put his cock up against my lips, I opened my mouth and put my lips on him and he held my head with his hands as he came. Three or four quick jerks, his cum was in my mouth and I swallowed like when you have to swallow spit. I sucked some more, he retreated and put his cock away.

    The next great excitement, when I got a raging boner, was when he humped me hard against the work bench in the warehouse, and he kissed me. His lips tasted sweet and wet and his mustache tickled me and he held my cock through my pants. I was so hard, he used his hand to masturbate me through my pants and I came and while I was coming he kissed me and when I was done he slapped my face gently, unzipped himself and turned me around and we lowered my pants and I felt a warm smooth jelly on my ass and then he got his cock into me. My head kept telling me no, but my ass kept telling me don't stop. He didn't stop, he finished in me and I pulled up my pants, with a wet ass and a wet pair of pants up front.

    College came and went and I got a job in operations for an airline, met a pilot and I lived with him for several years. Off and on, over the last twenty years, I have had long term affairs and many short affairs. But when I look back the best affair was the summer before I went to college and Pancho Villa in the flesh fucked me in the warehouse. Oh yes, Viva Mexico, I still work for the airlines, my friends and I travel to Mexico on short stays all the time. We make arrangements before we leave and hook up with some Mexican hombres and we fuck away our weekend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I used to fantasize about having sex with two women but now I fantasize about having sex with two men their dicks bigger the better I want one to fuck my asshole While I suck the other cock I get such a fucking boner when I think about men with a hard dick

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I went to the adult bookstore yesterday morning and they have rooms to view porn videos. Men were walking up and dowm the room peering in and I thought how gross. As I was about to leave a man came into my booth and his cock was hanging out his pants. I could not stop staring at it as it suddenly appeared good to me. Probely from watching the porn wich was gay porn. He asked if I liked it and I told him that I did. I reached out to touch it and started to stroke it. Then he told me to suck it so I decided to try it since I was so worked up by then. I sucked on it while working it with my hand for about 10 minutes until he grabed my head and forced his cock dowm my through and then he filled my mouth with sperm. It really did not taste that bad so I swallowed it. He told me to come back next week at the same time if I liked it. I think my new desire for cock will have me going back.

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