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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 37

    It was just after my 20th birthday I found myself in a situation for which I was totally unprepared. Never in my life had I dreamed I would be faced with a circumstance which would alter my life forever. By no means do I mean altered in a bad light but it took my down a road which I had never considered. Nevertheless, I am/was deeply involved before I realized the uniqueness of my circumstance - then and it has carried through today.

    I was working the graveyard shift at a manufacturing plant near my home. It was a full time summer job and part time during school. it was a 8am Saturday morning when I went out to my car and it would not start. I knew mom, my sister and 2 nieces had left a 7 to spend the day with my grandparents some 2 hours away. My dad and brother-in-law always left for fishing before the sun came up, so there was no once to call. One of my co workers tried to start my clunker with no luck. He offered to drop me at home - which he did.

    I hit the bed for nap knowing dad and Robert would be home around noon and he would help me. I woke to the sounds of Robert and dad talking in the kitchen. I turned to my back taking a deep breath when I heard Robert ask dad when would I be home and did they have time. Dad told him if I didn't come straight home I was working over or out at my friends apartment. Then my brother-in-law said, you got really turned on when he started calling me a cock sucking, faggot, bastard. Dad said, seeing his dick going in and out of your ass while he was talking nasty...I thought I would shoot that's why I pulled out of your mouth so much. He surely put a mean fucking on you, Robert.

    I shook my head for a minute thinking I was dreaming. I could hear voices (softer) but not make out what they were saying. I set on the side of my bed as I heard them coming down the hall. I quickly moved behind the open door to my bedroom as they walked past into my parents bedroom. I could hear zippers and movement so I knew they were taking off their clothes. My heart was racing as all doubt had been removed that my dad and brother-in-law were having sex. I was bisexual but only a few knew, and certainly not anyone in my family.

    Every kid has fleeting thoughts of their parents having sex but never in my entire life had I seen my dad as a sex object. My cock was semi as I tip-toed from behind the door out into the hallway and down a few steps where I saw my dads naked ass as he was on his knees sucking Roberts dick (who was laying on their bed). Dad's hairy balls hung low as he jerked his dick with his right hand. Suddenly dad raised up and backed up several feet as Robert came off the bed onto this knees as my dad fucked his mouth.

    I backed up the hallway making sure no one saw me and my dick was so hard it was hurting. My dad was now calling Robert nasty and kinky things and moaning between comments. Dad told him to turn and bend over the bed he was going to seed his ass - AGAIN. I hear Robert moan and so did my dad as the fucking sounds began. My dad was pile driving his dick in and out of my brother-in-law while the slapping sounds of flesh camouflaged my unzipping.

    It took me only a couple of minutes before I pulled my tee shirt tail over my cock to catch a heavy load of cum. My cock is still hard and my dad is still talking nasty and power fucking Robert. I started to walk in but thought as excited as they are if they saw me it might give dad a heart attack. So as much as I wanted involved I tip toed back to my bed room. The fucking did not subside as I thought how to deal with the situation.

    Finally I laid back (zipped up) and laid on my bed listened to the last few minutes of a hot fuck session, and not their first time. I heard dad scream I am seeding your as sonny boy and Robert screamed too. Their conversation was intimate and sexual as I heard the sounds of zippers and watched as they started down past my bedroom with my laying on my bed, fully clothed and my eyes open. Dad was past my room before it was the back of his heat turned and Robert stopped at the door and looked right straight into my room.

    It was as if they had been frozen in time because neither could move or make a sounds. Robert looking into my room and dad peeping around the door. I raised up and said, you two were so horny you didn't see my when you went down the hall. I set on the side of my bed as Robert finally walked over to me begging me not to tell anyone and dad right behind him. Robert hit his knees in front of me begging me not to tell and dad's olive tan skin bleach white. Robert was beginning to cry and so was dad when I asked, how many men have fucked you today Robert? He said, your dad fucked me once at the lake and just then. The other guy fucked me once. I looked down at him and said, would you like a 4th? That is when I lifted my tee shirt to show my hard dick in my jockeys.

    I found myself sticking my dick into my brother-in-laws used ass - I could feel my own fathers cum in side and a drip came out as I was shoving my dick in. I had jacked to the thoughts of Robert never believing it would happen and there I was fucking his ass while I sucked my dad's dick. Had no idea what ATM (Ass To Mouth) meant as I was so turned on I never thought about it until dad's dick hit the back of my mouth.

    I became a new member of their fishing and hunting club and found out several of my dad's best married friends were bi too. I have a partner and live 2 hours from dad and Robert but we get together as often as possible - that includes my partner. No one in the family is any wiser that my dad and brother-in-law suck dick as good as me.

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    Straight Male / 45

    When I was in High School I had a best friend that was on the football team with me. He was hung like a horse and had the biggest dick of all the guys in the locker room. He and I drank a lot when we could and we were very close friends so we talked about every thing when we drank and both of us were crazy as hell when we drank.
    One night out by the Lake we got drunk as hell and like always we were talking about sex and I jokingly made a comment about his huge dick. He laughed out loud then said It`s gets a lot bigger when it`s hard. I told him I bet it does. Then I just had to ask him how much bigger does it get? He said a lot bigger. I told him to show me and he said OK but you have to get it hard yourself. We both laughed and I told him to take it out and I would. He looked at me and said are you serious? I said why not I really would like to see it if it`s that damn big.
    He thought a minute then said OK and started to take his pants down then I saw it just hanging there. I went right over to him and put my hand around it and it started getting hard right away and it was huge once it got hard and I put both my hands on it and pre cum started dripping out the head.
    He said Damn that feels good why don`t you go ahead and jack me off. I said OK and started to jack him off and I never knew any one could shoot so much cum as he did. It shot out all over the ground and of course some got on my hand. I didn`t think he was looking so I touched my hand to my tongue to lick off a little of his cum because I was pretty turned on from jacking off his huge dick and I had tasted my own many times and he saw me.
    He just watched and in a minute he told me if you were going to do that why didn`t you just suck my dick. We had a few words and laughed about it then I asked him if I did he had to promise never to tell any one. He said he wouldn`t tell and later on I ended up sucking his dick on my knees out in the bushes in the dark and let some of his cum go in my mouth. He shocked the hell out of me right after that when he asked if I wanted him to suck my dick. I said sure that would be great. So we went back down in the bushes and he sucked my dick.
    The next weekend we were back there drinking again and after several beers he asked if I was in the mood to suck his dick again. I said I was then asked if he wanted to suck mine. He said it might be a good idea if we did since we liked it so much last week. I wanted to tell him what I had been thinking about all that week but decided to wait until later to see how the blow jobs went. We sucked reach other off after a few more beers then after several more beers I got brave enough to ask him. I told him right from the start I had some thing to ask him but didn`t want him to get mad at me. He said go ahead and ask me I won`t get mad.
    I began to explain to him what had been on my kind all week and then when I told him I wanted him to fuck me he laughed like hell and asked me several times if I was serious. I then told him something only I knew about and began to tell him that I liked playing with my ass and had tried fucking myself with a few things before and it felt good. He said he didn`t think I would ever do anything like that and I just told him I did it sometimes and really liked it. After we talked about it awhile he said well if you really want to try it I don`t mind. I made him promise to go slow and take it easy on me and he said he would but couldn`t believe we were really going to do it. I assured him that I really wanted to try it and then we started trying to find a private spot where there was no chance of anyone catching us. We took a couple of beers each and started to walk around in the dark until we came upon a spot we both thought was hidden well enough to get naked in and we started to take off all our clothes. It was way after midnight and no one was any where around so we decided to try it.
    I got down on all fours and he got in behind me and pre cum was dripping from the huge mushroom head of his dick already when he started trying to work it in to my ass. We were both pretty drunk and laughing a little until it went in and it started to sting like hell and he had to take it out. Several times it started in but hurt too much and he took it out. Once there was enough pre cum on my asshole and in my ass he tried again and I tried my best to relax and get his dick in my ass and this time it went past my tight opening and the head was in far enough that he was able to leave it in me until my asshole stretched out enough to keep it in.
    He asked if I was OK a few times as he slowly eased it in me a little at a time but it still hurt bad. He was about half way in when cum started pouring out of my dick and I never touched myself at all. It felt so good I started to push my ass back on his dick until I had taken most of it but it felt like it was hitting something deep inside of my ass and it hurt pretty bad. He was holding my hips pushing and I couldn`t stand it any longer and pushed my ass back on his dick taking it all the way up my ass but almost had to scream out loud as it felt like it was up in my stomach.
    About that time I felt his dick get even bigger in my ass and he started squeezing my hips poking his dick up my ass and then said he had to pull out because he was about to cum. Really quick I had to decide and told him No! Don`t pull out it took too much work to get it in just fuck me a little and go ahead and cum with your dick in my ass. He made sure I wanted him to cum in me then he said OK I got to I can`t hold off any longer. Once again I told him to cum in my ass. He pulled on my hips really hard then pushed his huge dick up my ass and started to cum. Once I felt his warm thick cum going in my ass I shoved my ass back on his dick as hard as I could and just moaned out really loud as his cum shot in my guts like hot water and he came for ever filling my insides with a huge amount of thick cum.
    We both lost it and he kept shoving his huge dick up my ass each time his cum shot out of his dick up my ass and I kept shoving my ass back on his dick telling him to cum in my ass. Once his huge nuts were empty he fell on top of me and now I was face down on the ground with his big dick throbbing balls deep in my asshole with both of us breathing very hard and we were covered in sweat. He kept thrusting his dick in to my ass and told me he wanted to fuck me again and I told him to go ahead and fuck me again.
    He started to ease his dick out of me and cum went every where as he pulled out just far enough to keep the head in my asshole an it felt like he was going to turn my asshole inside out as he slowly pushed it all the way up my ass then did it again. By the time he did that four or five times I was begging him to fuck my ass and he started going faster and faster doing it harder each time he shoved it up my cum filled asshole. Cum was all over my nuts and ass and in the crack of my ass and he was fucking the hell out of me when I came all over myself laying there on the ground getting my asshole pounded by my very well hung best friend.
    He fucked me hard and I almost passed out a couple of times and I thought he would never stop fucking me before he told me he was going to cum again. I started asking him to cum in my ass again and couldn`t wait to feel his huge thick warm cum shooting deep in to my ass once again. I think he came even more the second time and it was leaking out of my ass before he was finished and there was a huge mess between my legs and I could feel his big heavy nuts jump each time he shot his cum up my ass until he was finished.
    He stayed on top of me for a very long time as his dick got really limp and started to slip out of my stretched out asshole and when it came out a huge stream of cum ran out of my wide open asshole and now not only was I laying in my own cum but there was cum between my legs and all over my ass and nuts when he rolled off of me. Neither of us said a word for awhile then I told him I was going to jump in the lake to clean up. We both did and then we drank more beer talking about it and he wanted to fuck me again an hour later but this time we did it right there with me naked bent over the end of the concrete picnic table in the dark. His cum ran down both my legs as he fucked me good and unloaded deep in my ass again.
    After that first night we fucked a lot almost every day and more than once a day if we could until we were out of high school a couple of years then we moved away and lost track of each other. To this day I know taking his huge dick in the ass has made me always enjoy the feel of something large deep in my ass and the reason why I still enjoy using a big huge long thick rubber dick up my ass from time to time and I always think about him when I`m doing it even after all these years.

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    Gay Male / 18

    His cock feels amazing slipping into my mouth. It's so big and is lined from tip to base with wonderfully pronounced veins. Everyone of them has become familiar to me over the past year, a year that has seen our relationship grow from a one off blow job I gave him a family party, to us meeting up two or three times a week to have awesome sex.
    He doesn't treat me as family member when his cock is deep inside my asshole. On the contrary I become his slut, his little cocked bitch and occasionally someone who dresses up like a teenage girl for him. I'm also someone he loves to dominate and has me begging him to fuck me. And I've come to love the pain he drives into my asshole with his ultra thick cock shaft. It's a kind of pain some people get pleasure from and I'm one of those. That pain turns from hard to take, to, and this isn't exaggerating, absolutely phenomenal orgasmic ecstasy.
    We met up two nights back at his house. His wife was out with some friends of hers playing cards, so he invited me round. Straight away he had me gagging on his cock, even before I got in the door. On his front porch as a neighbor of his walked past, he force fucked my mouth and had me gasping for breath. Dragging me inside before the neighbor saw us, I was thrown onto rug in front of the fire and told to strip. Naked and erect, I wasn't given a chance to decline, not that I would, as he spun me over and buried his face between my small tight butt cheeks. The sensation of his hot breath, then his wet warm tongue lapping away at the hole I knew he was going to fuck. Then like many many times before, he took off his shorts (He always wears shorts) and feeling his weight press on top of me, His cock, his delicious cock entered my asshole.
    The pain was there, it's always there, but I knew if I took the pain, the feelings would rise and they and my desire to be fucked, did. There wasn't any slow build up, no comforting words from his lips. Only the knowledge he wanted my asshole and he wanted it so badly two nights ago. Fucking me as hard as he's ever done, I pounded and used for his sexual gratification and he and I loved it.
    Cumming beneath myself, telling him I'd spoiled his rug, only made him more aggressive. His thrusts became much more powerful and I knew he was on the brink. Pushing me hard into the rug, his beautiful cock exploded up my rear fuck hole and he and I were spent. laying on me, he told me he loved me and let his cock slide out of my ass. Letting us slip apart, he pressed me down and just before I took his cum covered cock back into my mouth I said "I love you too grandpa".

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I was a groomsman at a friend's wedding recently.

    Part of my job was bringing presents to the bridal suite all night.

    The hotel was massive and oddly laid out, so this took about 15 minutes per round trip.

    On one occasion the bride's father offered to help. When we got to the room, I said it was a nice room. He made a crack about it at least seeing some action because his wife wouldn't even suck his dick tonight.

    I jokingly gave him a hug and when I did I felt him get hard.

    Before I knew it, I was taking his six inch dick out of his pants and stroking it, then taking it in my mouth.

    It was the first time I'd done it, but he moaned that I was doing good, so I got more enthusiastic and even swallowed his load.

    We went back downstairs and said nothing.

    We're meeting at the same hotel this week where he has asked if he can fuck me. I'm nervous about that, but will probably let him.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I'm straight and I've had a girl give me a rim job and put her finger in my ass and I have tried a but plug but today I bought a big fat 9 inch dildo and I don't know how to use it can somebody comment and tell me what to do?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I have been married to my wife for over 23 yrs now, and I own more dildos than she does, ive got 4 butt plugs and 5 dildos, I luv sticking a big fat dildo in my ass, I think about fucking my self a lot, there is just something about a big hard cock that really turns me on, my wife don't know it but ive cheated on her with men, I luv sucking cock, I luv the feel of a big hard cock sliding into my asshole, although I haven't had sex with a man for a number of years, I still want to please men, suck their cocks and let them fuck my asshole, I just got done using my favorite dildo, its 9 inches long and 2 inches wide, if my asshole can handle that, my ass is ready for any big cock that may cum along, Everytime I masterbate, I will eat my whole load of cum, I luv eating cum. my ultimate fantasy is to be pissed on and cum on by several men at once, that sounds so fucking hot to me, have a cock in my asshole while I suck another cock at the same time, yummmy

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    The easiest thing for me to have done, was to follow my natural path in life and accept the norm for my family. Lead a religious christian life as all my family and friends do. Marry my fiancee who is also a christian and who's father is a preacher. It was all set out for me. My job in finance, my marriage to my fiancee and even down to the home we'd be living in. One built by my family to house yet another generation of christian followers.
    Yet that isn't the life plan I have set for myself. Not after meeting Andrew, a carpenter who finished off our would be marital home. He too is part of our community and has a successful business, a wife and two children. At forty seven he's still a very fit and athletic man. And he's also like I am now, secretly bisexual.
    My fiancee had taken a trip over to the city with her and my parents to choose things for our wedding day, and I'd stayed to help Andrew with a few things that needed doing. During our lunch time break, I couldn't help but notice Andrews cock peeking out from his shorts leg as we sat on the porch steps. He didn't even try to hide it when he knew I'd seen it either. Which got my attention in lots of ways. My cock grew for one and my curiosity, one I'd had all my sexual life was driven to distraction by his beautiful looking cock.
    At first he didn't say anything but I knew his cock growing right there next to me wasn't a chance occurrence. Once it had grown so much half his dick was showing, Andrew looked at me and said "You want it, don't you". I had the chance right then to deny what I'd wanted all my life and follow my chosen path. But and it was a life changing but, I bit the bullet and said "Yes".
    Taking me by the hand, Andrew lead me back into our home and walked into the kitchen. Leaning onto the newly finished work tops, he dropped his shorts to reveal he wasn't wearing any underwear and to show me his long fat cock. Even though I'd thought about it thousands of times, I'd not once touched, let alone sucked on a mans cock. Yet seconds later I was on my knees, almost in worship to his dick, letting his cock slide over my tongue. And I found out fairly quickly I was a natural cock sucker. Andrews cock felt just so right in my mouth, so perfectly normal and so delicious too.
    Holding my head, our carpenter began to fuck my mouth, to pleasure himself by sliding his large cock over my tongue time and again. And it also pleasured me. I became ultra hard and removed my shorts still sucking on his dick. Tearing off my flimsy boxers was the last devide to my acceptance.
    Standing me up as his cock was throbbing so much, I was turned around. But before the most wonderful of things happened, Andrew put his mouth to my ear and whispered "Are you sure you want this". I whispered back "Fuck me".
    From the time it happened to now, I have read about other mens first time experiences and discovered they had difficulities in accepting another mans cock up their asses. I had no such problems. Again it appeared I was meant to be fucked. Andrew's cock speared my rear fuck hole with one long forceful thrust. There was some resistance at first, but no pain. Only a feeling of being full.
    Then leaving his cock to settle in my ass, Andrew leaned over me, put his fingers onto my nipples and squeezed hard. The shooting pain from my nipples his in some fashion the first motions of his cock fucking me. By the time he'd stopped playing with my nipples, Andrew was power fucking me and I was in heaven.
    The moments of sheer and undiluted pleasure were absolute. There was no harsh misunderstanding of what I was becoming as he fucked me mercilessly. I was his fuck slut, his play thing and anything he wanted really. And it was perfectly alright with me.
    Pushing me down, forcing me to take him ever deeper up my asshole, only increased my desire to have him as far up my ass as possible. Another man was inside my body, his cock was pounding my rear fuck hole and I could not have been happier. It was everything I'd always wanted, dreamed of and needed, and then some.
    Andrew with his cock still in me moved us over to a breakfast bar stool. Making me lean over it, it really exposed my ass to him and I had no control over the depth or pace of his fucking me. Andrew took that opportunity to fuck the shit out of me. I'd heard of men being power fucked, but usually when they were experienced in gay sex. Andrew gave me no quarter right from the off, and I took it as through I'd been being fucked all my years.
    Then as he was pulling my hair back and telling me I was such a bitch, my cock began to pulsate and I felt an orgasm the like I'd never had before. It started in my cock and balls, but flowed through my entire body. When I came, my cock literally erupted spraying cum all over the fake leather seat I was pressed onto.
    I was still reeling from the most powerful of orgasms, when Andrew bucked inside me extra hard and then I heard him groan with pleasure as his cock let go up my ass. Every sticky hot drop of his sperm entered me and filled my asshole. When he finally pulled his cock out of my ass, he'd been cumming for something like a minute.
    Andrew leaned over me again and kissed my ear, then said "Your mine from now on boy".
    And his, is just how I've been since our lunch time fuck. I will marry my fiancee and I will attend all the services in church to follow my life's laid down plan, but I will also carry on meeting up with Andrew to have the most amazing times, as he fucks me to sexual oblivion.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Ten minutes. That's all it takes to have my cock, mind and asshole in total sexual rapture.
    He knows when I text him "OK" it's safe for him to call by on his way to work. By then my fiancee will have left for work and I'll be lubed up and waiting face down naked on our bed. He'll enter our apartment, probably already erect, but if not he'll make himself so after getting himself naked.
    Then I'll feel his enormous fifty two year old cock enter me. Over the next ten minutes he will drive me to an amazing orgasm where my cum will spurt out onto the bed, and he will pound away at my asshole. Eventually he will make some grunting noises and I'll feel him shuddering on top of me, then his cum fill my rear hole.
    I won't turn round unless he asks me to clean off his cock with my mouth, which he's increasingly now doing. When he's done, he'll say the same thing he always does "Thanks for the fuck young man", and walk out. I'll shower, get dressed myself and like my fiancee half an hour previously, I'll go to work.
    It's something we've been doing for over a year now and nearly every week I'll have him unload up my asshole at least twice a week.
    I love my fiancee, but I also love being fucked too...

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    Lesbian Female / 18

    All along since I can first remember noticing I have had a desire to touch myself and other girls. Yes, as girls we did touch each other and let ourselves be touched. We experimented with kissing and caressing and as we went through puberty playing with our boobs.

    For me this one girl in particular was my focus, day and night all I though about was her. When she slept over we slept naked in bed trying to get as much sensation as possible. We played with insertions, how big, how much, what else could we use. We declared our love for each other. But at puberty she backed off saying it was wrong.

    I won't hold back, I was crushed, my whole world ended and I went on a rampage with other girls, to hurt her, to show her. She said she didn't care. When she started to date this guy and she told me she had kissed with him, I went and let this guy who was always coming after me fuck me, and I told her I had let him fuck me. She told me fine, if I fucked a guy, we were over.

    For prom in our senior year, she said she was going with this guy Joe. I told her I wasn't going. I didn't want to go with a guy, she knew how I felt. She said fine, stay home. On prom night, she called me and asked if I had a date. I said no. So guess what? She cancelled her date and came to stay with me. Out of the blue after treating me like shit for two years, she comes over and wants to make up. That guys suck and she wants to go back with me, that she was still really hurt I had let myself get fucked, she promised over and over again she never let herself get fucked. I asked her why? Why did she drop me like that.

    Now we are going together again. I love that she has never let a guy fuck her and I feel bad that I let a guy fuck me. I just wish she had been honest with me and told me that she was never going to let that happen, I would never have let that happen if I had known she was always going to be mine regardless.

    When you love someone as much as I love her, it hurts to be pushed aside. I am glad she recognized that she is meant to be with me. And I am oh so glad that she never let a guy fuck her, I don't think I could have gotten over that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    My flight leaves in two weeks time. When I arrive on the island I'll be met by one of Nikos's staff who'll drive me to his villa. He'll know why his boss won't be available for the next few hours, so he'll drive back to Nikos's apartments and put my bags inside the best room Nikos has there.
    Entering the villa of Nikos and his wife Andrea, I'll say hello to her and she'll smile her knowing smile. Nikos will greet me and we'll head straight off to bed. Over the following two to three hours, I'll have some of the hardest sex I'll have all summer.
    And it all started when I was over on Crete with some friends two years ago. I wanted to stay longer after the fortnights break we'd had, but my friends had no money left, and some had to get back for work. So telling my friends I was staying another couple of weeks, I phoned my family to tell them what I was doing. Phoned my workplace and told them I was leaving, then watched my friends board the coach to the airport. Getting a taxi, I had him drop me off closer to the beach and booked into Nikos's apartments. Putting my clothes away I then went looking for work.
    Bumping into a guy called Yannis, I asked him if the apartment owner had any work going. He told me he needed and wanted a night barman, but then asked me if I was gay or straight. With the way he asked, I lied and told him I was bisexual, but had had only one girlfriend. Asking me to wait, he disappeared for about ten minutes, then asked me to follow him on his return.
    Walking into a very expensive looking office, I met Nikos for the first time. He'd not said a word, when he stood up opened his trousers, lowered them and dropped his boxers. I heard the office door close behind me as I watched his heavily veined thick cock spring forwards, already fully erect. Looking down at his cock he said in perfect English with a Greek accent "You want a job and free accommodation, then suck this dry for me".
    Previously to going on hoilday with my friends, I'd just split up with my girlfriend of two and half years. Not once in my life had I had any kind of gay contact with another male. So to look at this guys thick throbbing cock only feet away from me, and to be actually contemplating doing what he asked, was totally strange to me.
    All the same, I walked around his desk, got onto my knees and took hold of his meaty cock. Closing my eyes I let Nikos's thick cock slide over my tongue, and loved it.
    It was completely head shedding that I should enjoy sucking on another mans cock, but I did. Not only did I enjoy the feel, the taste and the hardness of his cock in my mouth, I found I was really fucking good at sucking cock. And didn't Nikos let me know. He began to talk to me in Greek, then changed to English letting me know just how good a blow job I was giving him. His eight inches easily slid over my tongue and down my throat, and I found I could swallow every inch of his cock with a growing hardening cock myself.
    Letting his cock slip from my mouth with Nikos about to complain, I told him I was rock hard and needed to relieve my dick by wanking. Nikos had other ideas. Getting us both to lay on the marble floor. He got me to take off my shorts (I had no underwear on) and then moved us into a sixty nine.
    Taking his delicious cock back into my mouth, I felt his mouth and tongue envelop my smaller dick. We sucked licked and stroked one another's cocks, then after not too long at all, I needed to cum. Taking my cock out of his mouth, I came all over my prospective boss's face. Nikos didn't cum all over mine. That's because he held my face to his groin as he began to shoot his load and came flooding my mouth and throat with his hot sticky cum. And once again I loved it. The warmth, the sticky feel to it, but mostly the taste of his thick jizz sliding down my throat.
    I took the job he offered me, and really enjoyed working in the bar. Most of the guests were German, yet I found myself able to have a laugh with them. Which in turn pleased Nikos. After two days I got an invite to go up to his villa. A beautiful large villa outside of the main resort I'd been staying in. I'd rode out to it on a moped I'd hired and was looking forward to the conversation I knew what was coming after speaking with Yannis. He'd told me Nikos was about to offer me a better job and far more pay, if.
    It was Andrea who let me in and who lead me to the giant pool at the rear of their property. She went to sit on a sun lounger as I walked over to Nikos, who was sat in the shade on his massive day bed. Getting up close I saw he was naked and sporting an erection. Smiling over at Andrea, he said something in Greek, then looked up at me and asked me a simple question "Did you enjoy my cock the other day". When I told him I did, he replied by saying "Do you think you'd" Before he could finish, I took off my shorts, t shirt and flip flops, handed him a condom and said "Yes".
    With his wife looking on, Nikos had me suck on his cock for some time, then had me join him on his day bed. Spooning me, I took a fifty two year old condom covered mans cock up my arsehole for the very first time.
    Nikos fucked me like it was his last day on earth and it hurt like a bitch for some time. But eventually just as I'd enjoyed sucking on his thick veiny cock, I began to enjoy having his cock pounding away at my rear fuck hole. It became so enjoyable, my dick became so hard it was leaking pre cum like I was pissing. Then all of a sudden with any warning my dick erupted and I was cumming all over his day bed. That's when I heard Andrea say in Greek, but later found out what she'd said from Nikos "That was so beautiful honey". Nikos continued to slam his cock into me time after time and then holding me tightly with his massive arms, he ejaculated up my arse totally filling the condom.
    The clincher if I'd not already done that was doing something my ex girlfriend used to do for me when I'd cum up her pussy. I waited until Nikos pulled out of my arsehole and took off the condom. His cock was still coated in cum, so moving myself around and getting him to lay on his back, I lowered my head and took his cum drenched cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked off every drop of his gorgeous cum and then swallowed everything.
    I ate with Nikos and Andrea that night, and stayed over in their villa. Again Nikos and I had sex, but Andrea made herself scarse. She did however enter the huge bedroom later on as Nikos was fucking me from behind as I knelt up. She'd entered to tell Nikos she was going to sleep in one of the guest bedrooms. Nikos answered by cumming inside of me for the second time that day.
    I stayed for four months. Sometimes working in the bar as I really did enjoy it, but mostly I was Nikos's driver and daily cock sucker. We never fucked during the day, but I always found myself sucking him off at least once a day. His undeniable lust for sex and his massive sex drive was the reason Andrea allowed him to fuck other men. As well as the fact he kept her in relative luxury.
    Back home I told no one of my secret gay life in Greece, and over the winter had two brief affairs with married men. I also got temporarily back with my ex girlfriend and enjoyed fucking her, but missed having my older Greek cock pounding my arsehole.
    Last year I could only go for six weeks because of family reasons (parent Ill health) yet Nikos and I had sex pretty much every day. Like the year before, I stayed in the apartments rather than his villa, as I saw it as Andrea's place to be with Nikos. I told her that's what I thought and she and I have become extremely close without being sexual at all.
    So in two weeks time, I'll be flying back out just work as my family and friends will think. But in reality I'll be driving Nikos around and having him fuck me whenever he wants my tight little white arsehole.

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