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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I am a married in the closet cross dressing bisexual. This is a true story that just happen a few weeks ago. My wife has no clue her husband in a sissy. I haven't been with a guy in years till this happen. I been chatting with a married guy around the same age as me for the last 8 months. We ha phone sex and we even have been on cam watching each other stroke. As we chatted he told me he has never been with a guy but is very curious. About a month ago we met for the first time and had a beer. He liked the idea of me cross dressing if we did anything. We met about 3 more times and finely set a date were we could be free of our families. I got a motel room called him to tell him the number. He was to show up 2 hours latter. I took a long shower shaved my cock, balls, ass cheeks and my hole. I got my black stockings on, my red garter belt on, I slide on my hot pink nylon bikini panties over my garters, one size to small to push my tiny cock in me. (my cock is small only 4 ins hard and when soft less than a 1/2 inc while his is uncut 7 1/2 incs, mine is cut) I put on my 48 b black sheer bra. I have male tits. I put on a very tight wrap around dress that didn't cover my ass well, then put on my women size 15 red 5 in heels. I put red bright lip stick on my lips and painted all my nails bright red. I had butterflies in my stomach. He finely knocked, I opened the door he said wow and walked in. After the door was close I put my arms around his neck gave him a kiss on a cheek. He said he was nevious but glade he came. I said lets have drinks and poured us a shot. He drank his down asked for another. I felt him watching my ass as I walked over to get a drink. He downed that one fast as well. I went over and started kissing him on the lips. U could tell that surprized him, but he returned his tongue. As our tongues were dancing in each others mouth I started to unbutton his shirt. I took his shirt off and started sucking on his nipples. He was moaning and rubbing my pantied ass. He un did my dress letting it fall to the floor. I dropped to my knees and started taking his shoes and soaks off. I rubbed his cock though his pants feeling he was hard. I undid his belt then his pants pulling them to the floor. His boxers had a tent I rubbed it for a while then pulling them down he stepped out of them. He cock was hard and leaking. I grabbed it sticking my tongue out licking the tip. It jumpped as I looked up at him licking the head like a lolipop. I slide it in my mouth licking and sucking on it. He was now moaning and telling me I suck good. His strong musty smell hit my nose and made me hard. I lifted his cock started licking his big hairy balls one at a time. I suddenly stopped and stook up he said whats wroung. I said nothing baby as I put one knee on the bed my other standing half on the bed.I put my chest on the bed my ass high in the air looking over my shoulder said come fuck me. A big smile came over his face. He walked over feeling my ass pulling my panties down. I handed him a tube of lube. I felt him put the lube on my hole looked over watched as he put it on his cock. He said bareback?? I said is there another way. He smile got behind me. I felt him at my hole. He said never fucked a ass before not even a womens. I said well baby it's about time go for it. I felt him going in me slowly till he was balls deep in me. He said wow this is so good. He started to pound me, I was moaning telling him deeper faster fill me up. I said fuck me oh yes your so big. The room filled with the sound of his thigh slapping off my ass. He suddenly pulled out and he said get on your back I want to watch your face as I fuck u. I got on my back took my panties off. He grabbed my legs putting them on his shoulders and rentered me. He had his full weight on me as he was fucking me. I was rubbing my stocking covered legs on his face. He looked at my flaccid very small cock and said u don't get hard?? I said not when I get fucked its a leaky clity. He started poundind me hard his breathing was getting heaveier. My cock started leaking I scooped some up and licked my fingers as he watched. He said your a true slut aren't u. I said yes hun all yours here for your pleasure. He started cumming I said thats it baby oh yes yes do me. After he went soft and fell out of me with his cum running out he laid on his back said wow that was great. I laid down next to him and started stroking I shot a big load all over my stomach. We rested for round two.

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    Straight Female / 21

    The only lesbian experience I had itwas when I was 8 years old whith an older cousin of mine(she was 13 years old) that came to my house wanting to learn me to have sex.So she pushed me into the bed pulled my top of and my skirt and panties and starting kissing me and touching my breasts rubbing his crotch to mine and inserting a finger into my vagina.This experience didn't affect me much,I didn't turn gay or bi ,many people will think that if you'll have a lesbian act you'll turn gay,so very wrong I wasn't into girls,I only like men and had a relationship with a man.Haven't told anyone what happened back then though.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I live in a small town some 30 miles or so outside of a big city in Texas. I've been a closeted BI male since mid 40s, now I'm in my late 50s.

    One nite, while the wife was out of town, a answered a CL M2M ad. We met on a dark road about 100-150 feet from a major highway. We got out of our vehicles, talked for a few brief seconds, and I proceeded to drop to my knees and give him a blow job, right there in the open, away from the lights of the speeding cars driving by.

    I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, and he did, so he went and got some lube and lubed his cock and my asshole. He tried to put it in, but I was too tight, and he wasn't hard enough so we stopped trying and I took him back into my mouth and sucked hi til he came.

    It wasn't my first gay experience, but it was my first one out of doors, and it was awesome!

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    Lesbian Female / 18

    I guess this is where this goes. I never had a boyfriend, not that I didn't try, but they were always just best friends. Maybe they knew something. When I went off to college I had never had a personal romance, my dates to the prom were with boys from our group, we were friends. I left for college with the biggest dream of being able to find a boy friend, I also wanted so bad to have sex. The thing was that I wasn't an ugly or bad looking girl, but I just could not get or make a boy want me physically.

    At school all freshmen had to live in the dorm. In my case, the rooms were for two, each with its own bathroom. Laundry on each floor. My roommate, which I signed up for random pic, was a blue eyed, blond atheltic girl. She was into sports, and she was good at it, she had boys lined up to take her out. I didn't even get the leftovers, she would not introduce me to them. She went out almost every night.

    One night, she came back late, I was studying and I asked her how things went and she told me about how much fun she had and I made the comment that I had never dated. She looked at me with a stupid look and asked if I had ever been fucked. I said no, she asked if I had been kissed or felt up, and I said no. She said that what I needed was a good fucking and she would arrange that for me, but that after I got fucked she didn't want to hear anything about it, because she was going to get me fucked the hard way.

    She got undressed, and so did I. I was standing in my underwear, took off my bra to put on my nightgown. She said she could not believe that my pussy had never been fucked, and she grabbed me and pushed me down on my bed and took my breast in her mouth and bit down on my nipple while she pushed her hand down my panties and pushed two fingers deep inside my vagina and finger fucked me while she rubbed my clitoris with her thumb. I felt she was going to bite my nipple off so I kept holding on to her head, until her thumb rubbed me so hard and fast that I had my first induced orgasm.

    She took my panties off, and took hers off too, and she straddled my head lowered herself on to my face. She rode my face for a bit, before turning around and going down on me in a 69 position while she pushed herself on my face. I wasn't eating her, and she got back up and told me to eat her, to get my tongue in her vagina and fuck her with my tongue, then to suck her clitoris and for me to finger fuck her like she had finger fucked me. That night she licked my ass and pushed her tongue down my throat. She made me kiss and eat her and lick her ass too. By the time we stopped to go to sleep it was after five, she spooned me and that is how we woke up.

    She turned out to be a confirmed jock lesbian, and I turned out to be her type. The guys she dated were cover. She got fucked a lot, because that is why guys dated her, but what she did with me that first night, that was all her. And that was all me. I took to it, I became real good at it, we became sexual lovers, experimenting with every position and everything we could think of, sometimes settling down for long marathons of kissing and groping. For the rest of the semester we slept together, for the rest of the semester we were insatiable. We had both found out something about ourselves, we had found out what we really were. We were both lesbians, from different sides of isle, but both lesbians.

    I went on later to fall in love with another woman, older and more experienced than me, it was my first true love crush, and later to meet the woman I live with today. She is my same age, we are both in our mid thirties now and we are neither in or out, we don't care. As to her, she ended up being a teacher and coach. We stayed in touch for a long time, and then it just died away. I imagine that if I were to run into her my heart would run away because I still have these strong feelings for her. We just aren't the same on other planes, we could never be a couple.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I'm a Virgin. I've never had sex with a guy before and I really want to do it so bad. The thing is, I have been watching porn a lot lately and I wanted to be the lucky bottom. I want my top to be around 30-40 years old, like a Horny uncle who wants to fuck me but at the same time makes sure I am not gonna be in so much pain. I want this horny uncle to take my virginity and fuck me until I cum while he is still fucking me.

    I am a nineteen year old virgin and horny and I want to to try it so bad I need help.

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    Gay Male / 24

    I am 24 and gay.

    Three years ago I went to a gay bath house. It had only been a few weeks since I had first visited an adult book store with video booths and glory holes and I kind of fell in love with the idea. I sucked off my first cock and a few more after that at the glory holes and got my own cock sucked and I was hooked. But then I found out about gay baths and thought I would check them out. I had just turned 21 a couple of months earlier which meant I met the minimum age and that also meant that everyone there was older than me. Some were quite a bit older. They had a place they called a maze and it was dark and you go in naked and guys grab you randomly in the dark and I found that quite hot. But what I found was a lot of guys wanted to take me back to their room to fuck and once we got out of the maze they didn't look particularly sexy. Some guys were old fat and nasty but many in that category had some really nice cocks so I would ignore their bodies and concentrate on sucking their cocks. While I loved the maze and we could play there it was not the most comfortable place to have sex.

    So I went back to the adult book stores to suck cock since they at least had a seat I could sit in while choking on a nice big one. Keep in mind even someone who is young and in good shape gets tired of kneeling on a concrete floor for hours sucking cock. I kept wishing that there as another venue where I could suck cock for hours but do it more comfortably and exploring the internet I came upon a brainstorm. It wasn't my brainstorm, it was some guy had his own private glory hole in his home. The way he had it set up was there was a vestibule (a type of entrance where there is like a small room between an outer door and an inner door which some homes have to keep out cold drafts and sometimes acts as an extra layer of security.) and he cut a glory hole in the inner door and mounted a video display within the vestibule and guys could come in, lock the outer door. take off their clothes and stick their dick in the glory hole while watching gay porn on the display. The guy had a comfortable chair and one of those kneelers you see in a Catholic church. It looked and sounded like a very cool set up.

    So not being above stealing good ideas from people who are smarter than me I made my own glory hole. I live in a big old tenement apartment building where there are 4 floors and three appartments per floor. Mine like his have vestibules in both the front and back entrance. My front entrance was shared so that was out of the question but my back vestibule was private. I lived on the top floor so a guy could go in the back door, go up three flights of stairs, open a door, go inside and close and lock the outer door for privacy. Like what I saw on the internet I cut a large keyhole shaped hole in my inner door. It is an old paneled door so the panels are thin which means more of the cock sticks out the hole on the other side. I bought a cheep 19 inch TV at the thrift store and hooked it up to my DVD player. Now I have my own glory hole. So I put an ad on Craigslist inviting guys to come to my glory hole. My back entrance goes into my kitchen so I now have a red light in my kitchen window. This tells guys that the glory hole is open. If they find the door locked that means they have to wait their turn. Some guys like to make an appointment but I find that more than half of those end up never showing up so I decided that I would only do walk-ins.

    I was excited about the whole thing but the first three days I got nothing. As I said a few guys wanted to make an appointment but only one showed up after a week of negotiating. Finally I just reposted my craigslist ad and posted the new rules. I also posted hours I would be available. Then within an hour of that new ad I got my first visitor. I was so excited. He seemed to be in a hurry so he came in my mouth in about five minutes. He didn't say a word and just left. His cock was average but definitely nice enough to suck. Almost as soon as he left another guy came in and unzipped his pants and pulled out an immense black cock. Soft it was about nine inches long and nearly two inches thick. It was uncut and he just shoved it in the hole. I spent about an hour worshipping that beautiful monster with my mouth. I had made my glory hole big enough so that I could play with balls and so I reached in and played with his and he moaned in pleasure. It didn't take long for him to get hard and I was not disappointed. I have no idea why a man with a twelve inch long and very thick cock would resort to going to a glory hole, I don't care. I sucked that thing for all I was worth and finally he shot a massive load down my throat so hard and fast I felt like I was being waterboarded in cum. He let me lick him clean for about ten minutes before he withdrew. I was shocked when he slipped a twenty dollar bill through my glory hole. I took it and that covered the cost of the TV monitor. I waited a while and a third guy came by about an hour later. This one was white like the first one but a little bit bigger, maybe about 7 inches long. I sucked him for about half an hour and he came in my mouth and zipped up and left. I had two more visitors that first evening before I shut down the glory hole that night. I went to bed satisfied with five delicious loads of cum in my belly.

    I decided to keep my glory hole open most nights from sun down to about midnight, later on weekends. That first night was a little bit of a fluke. On average, over a 6-8 hour period I would get one or two cocks come by to suck. It was a very pleasant hobby. Also about 10% of the guys wanted to suck me off and if it was later in the day I would let them make me cum. Once in a while a guy wants to come in the house and fuck. I have done this with a couple of cute guys (I installed a peep hole so I could tell if the guy was cute) but most of the time they don't look especially appealing so I decline.

    One day about a month after I got my glory hole running I heard a commotion. Usually the guys were very quiet and I would only know they were there because of the bell I put on the outer door which rings every time it is opened or closed, like what many retail stores have. But this time there was a loud commotion and so I went to check out what was going on and there were three kids whispering and laughing. I looked out the glory hole and found the kids were all young boys around 11-13. They were all very cute but also quite illegal so I opened the door to tell them to come back when they are older. But when I got out into the vestibule to confront them they all had their cute little dicks hanging out and the older one who seemed to be the ring leader said that they wouldn't tell anyone if I sucked them all off. I told them we could still get caught and said no and he suggested that I would not get into trouble if they gang raped me. I told them no and the older guy smiled and before I knew it the three of them grabbed me and demanded to know where the bedroom was. They took me to the bedroom where they took off their clothes and mine and raped me, mostly they raped my mouth. When they were done unloading in me they just got dressed and thanked me for a nice time and left. Almost right after that, the big black guy was back for his weekly blow job and paid me $20 for choking on it.

    On Labor Day weekend I had 26 visitors and that was my best weekend ever. On Labor Day itself I swallowed twelve loads.

    I have kept the glory hole open since. Once in a while an under aged kid shows up and I tell him to leave but that same gang of three boys come by about twice a month, usually on a weekend and gang rape me. They are now 14 to 16 years old and their cocks have grown very nicely in the last three years. The black man with the massive cock comes buy nearly every week for his one hour long $20 blow job. I get a surprising cross section of society. Most of the guys that use my mouth are repeat visitors. Two are lawyers who have slipped me their cards. One told me that if I ever had legal problems related to the glory hole he would represent me pro bono. He said that while I was choking on his lovely 8 inch cock. I get a lot of blue collar types and a surprising number of college and even high school boys. My attorney has informed me that I can do guys over 16 without getting into trouble. He says I can't get into trouble over prostitution if they don't give me money and most don't but two or three times a week somebody slips me some money, usually about $20 though one guy who comes buy about once a month slips me a $100.

    One guy who comes by likes me to hurt his balls. One day I pulled his balls through the hole and tied them to a stick so he couldn't pull them out. I then beat them with a ruler for an hour. When I am done he usually thanks me for "castrating" him. Most of the guys who visit never say a word.

    So as I said, I have a nice hobby now, I work at it for about 30-40 hours a week. I get to suck about 10-15 cocks a week. I get about 4-5 blow jobs a week and I get about $50 a week average in extra spending money. Not too bad for a horny pervert.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I came out at 15.

    My Dad is a marine drill instructor. My Mom teaches Sunday school. We have lived near the base all my life. My parents met when my Mom was also in the marines but she only stayed in for a few years whereas my Dad is a career marine. Both of my grandfather's were marines as well. My Dad's Dad was in Korea and my Mom's Dad was in Viet Nam. Between my parents and grandparents we could decorate a Christmas tree with all their ribbons and medals.

    So needless to say, coming from a military family pretty much everyone I knew, family an classmates were all either in the marines or were married to or were the children of marines. Growing up I never met a gay person. Growing up I was raised by people who believed and taught that people were gay because they had fallen from god's grace and chose to embrace Satan and thereby chose to be gay and that anyone could be cured of being gay if only they prayed to their savior hard enough. You get the idea.

    I was pretty much expected to either go right to boot camp after graduating high school or even better, get a degree, preferably from a military academy and become an officer in the marines. Honestly, I would have preferred the Navy despite family tradition. I kept that to myself. In my family it was unthinkable for anyone not to serve in the military. My uncles had all served in various branches but mostly the marines. I was the only boy and the oldest so I was the one who was expected to set an example. My father had often told me that it was his wish that he one day would salute me.

    Gay was not a topic of conversation common to our family or home. It simply was not an option. It was also incompatible with military life (until recently). The few times gay was mentioned in my family it was to point out the evil sins of gay.

    I realized I was gay when I was about 10 years old. I saw a boy in my 4th grade class and didn't understand why I wanted to kiss him and be with him. I also realized I didn't feel that way about any girl I ever saw. I knew this meant I was gay but the details were blurry to me. By the time I was 12 I had a stash of magazines under my mattress that usually 12 year old girls like, you know, the ones with all the hot boys posing inside. I would jerk off nearly every night imagining me being with them. At 12 I was also watching gay porn whenever I figure out how to access a computer, something we didn't have in our home.

    Then when I was 15 I found a video on YouTube made by a boy my age who just came out to his parents. They were very conservative and didn't take it well and he was crying in the video. That made me very scared to come out to my parents.

    What I have not told you so far is I have a younger sister who is two years younger than me. We are very close and have talked about everything except my being gay.

    One day while still 15 and while my sister was 13, we were sitting around playing video games, she was beating me and the game ended and we were both home alone, Dad was at work and Mom was out grocery shopping and she turned to me very nonchalantly asked "why don't you come out to Mom and Dad??"

    A chill went down my spine. I thought I would piss myself. It felt like I was sucker punched. We never once talked about it. I was never asked about my sexuality. It was always assumed there were no gay people in our family. It was assumed since we were all good saved Christians and good saved Christians didn't choose Satan. So the question floored me.

    Then noticing the stunned look on my face she that she knew I was gay and had known for a few years. I was only 15 and had only known for five years. She pointed out that I kept "borrowing" her magazines and that only girls and gay boys liked a magazine filled with photos of hot looking boys. She pointed out my feminine mannerisms. She pointed out that I was always checking out guys. She pointed out that I never dated girls. She pointed out that I was the only guy she knew with perfect hair and perfect wardrobe. She pointed out the fact that my bedroom was always neat as a pin. She pointed out that I plucked my unibrow and my eye brows like a girl does. She pointed out that I had confided in her that I didn't want to go in the military that I wanted to be an artist.

    She had me. She knew it. I asked her why she never ratted me out and she told me that she loved me and that she could not do that to me and that she figured I would come out when I was ready but also thought that my fears about our parents were unfounded. Amazingly wise words from a 13 year old.

    So bravely, that night at the dinner table, sitting next to my sister who held my hand under that table, I took a deep breath and told my parents I had something very important to tell them. I must have had a terrified look in my eyes because my Mom, Who was sitting across from my sister turned to me and put her hand on my hand and told me that no matter what I had to say, she and my Dad loved me know matter what. With that she caressed the back of my hand reassuringly. My Dad was sitting across from me. Suddenly the look in his eyes were softer then I ever remember seeing them. His eyes were positively affectionate. I don't remember seeing that look in his eyes before. He almost always had an authoritarian harshness on his face.

    Mom, Dad, I'm gay.

    Mom Squeezed my right hand on the table and just gently smiled. My sister squeezed my left hand under the table. I tightened my stomach muscles in preparation for a metaphorical sucker punch from my Dad. I half expected him to stand up and up turn the table and commence to kicking my faggot ass.

    My Dad took a deep breath as I held mine and he asked "Does this mean you're going to join the Navy because I was really hoping you would be a marine??" There was a twinkle in his eye but he said nothing more during dinner. It was almost as though I had asked if I could go out to a movie. Mom just smiled gently at me again and my sister let go of my hand to eat. I was trembling from all the adrenaline pumping through my body. I was prepared for the worst and it was almost a let down from the total lack of drama at the dinner table. It was almost like "Mom, Dad I'm gay" "That's nice dear pass the salt."

    Dinner concluded without any indication of the bombshell I dropped.

    After dinner we had movie night which usually meant my Dad would play some old war movie. Nothing was said yet and no mention of the choice of movie but that was not unusual. What was unusual was seating arrangements. Mom and Dad had their own chairs and my sis and I usually shared the sofa. I didn't mind because that gave us easier access to the coffee table where we would put the popcorn, candy and soda. It also meant a better view of the TV. My Dad had just bought a 42 inch TV to replace the old fat 32 we had. So we were eager to watch a movie on it. My dad had already watched some games on it. But this time Dad and Mom sat down on the sofa flanking me while my sis sat in Mom's recliner. I hadn't paid attention to what disk went into the player so I didn't notice until the title came up. My Mom took my left hand in her right hand. Then my dad put his hand on my knee and I turned to him. He took my right hand in both of his hands and gave me a look of parental love I don't remember ever experiencing. He then told my sister to hit play and the movie title came up. It was "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar" Except for passing popcorn and drinking soda and eating candy my parents both held my hand through the entire move with my dad switching to putting his arm around me about half way through. It was all I could do to keep from crying.

    Not a word was spoken about my announcement.

    The next day at breakfast my Dad reminded me that "don't ask don't tell" was repealed so there was nothing to keep me from joining the marines. Then my Dad turned to me and looked in my eyes and said, "I'm sorry I don't say this to you often enough. I just want you to know that no matter what, I love you and always will, even if you join the Navy."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I'm a 53 year old married male who has been married for 30 years. I love my wife and pussy, but also love sucking a hard cock and licking a nice set of balls. It all started 14 years ago my wife was working nights and a lot of over time, she was always to tired for sex. One night she went to the movies with the wife of a friend of mine from work, as we drank beer at my house. I brought up that we just bought a new computer and if he wanted to check it out. He said sure so I turned it on and started showing him some websites that I liked, after awhile he asked me if I looked at porn, since i had been drinking I said yes. He asked me to show him what I like to look at so I went to one website and put on a girl sucking a huge cock. Little did he know that I really liked looking at the cock and thinking how much I wanted to suck a cock. After sometime he asked me how I was doing and if me and my wife did that, I said no that it's been sometime since I had a blowjob. That he asked me if I was horny,I said yes and that I really wished that I was by myself because I felt like playing with myself. He surprised me by saying go ahead because he was horny also, I couldn't get my cock out fast enough. I started jacking off as he watched me, than he pulled his cock out and started telling me how hot it looked as I stroked myself. I guess because of the beer I reached over and started stroking his cock and playing with his balls. He asked me if I ever did this before and I told him no, but I always wanted to, so I kept on. He didn't stop me so I bent over and started licking his cock as I played with mine. He sat back and asked me if I was sure about sucking him. I just started sucking him as far down as I could and playing with his balls. I was enjoying myself when he told me that he was about to cum and that I should stop, I just kept sucking him as he shot his cum down my throat. Right than I knew that I loved sucking cock and swallowing cum. Later that night when my wife got home I was so horny that I almost ripped her clothes off and fucked her like crazy, as I thought about how I sucked my friends cock earlier. Needless to say we got together often so I could suck his cock. Too bad I got another job and it became to hard to find the time to play. I sure do miss those times.

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    Gay Male / 18

    Okay, I'm mad that I can't suck a cock. You may be wondering on how so. Welp, let ol' uncle faggot enlighten you on the matter. You see, on June 26th, I have sucked a straight 33 year old cock. It was fucking amazing. Long ago, back in the beginning of summer, I graduated and dated LOTS of boys. I had an account on OKCupid, and wanted some friends to kill off my boredom. However, temptation called me over. Cute boys near my area, weeelll, why not just fall for it. I ended up dating 6 guys. They all had the same thing; "I don't know", "I'm in the closet, I'm sorry", "I can't see you", blah, blah, blah. They all bored me pretty much. And they ranged in ages. 18-23, in fact. I've been with older although. Like virtual dating with a 55 year old guy. I know. Ew. LOL. I was kinda into him, and his sexual talk was amazing. He knew how to make me a bitch. Made this cocky and playful guy his "kitty." However, after our little virtual camera fucking, he just.. Well.. Left me. Ohhh, the tragedy!~ lol I honestly was becoming bored of him. He never wanted to expand his mind in cultures and was kinda too much into the "married" thing when we just started talking in 1 week. But, I was game. I always am. But, sadly after forcing the overly polite crowd of closeted dweebs, I was done. However, there was this guy that had me interested. Jim. That's his name. Jim was a quite man; blunt and quite. Just the way I like it. He was awkward, but in a way, it was cute and funny. He always tried to play the "I'm gentle, and I care" card when I knew he didn't, and I always called it out. And he knew it. He appreciated.

    So, onward into our little game of me being a mouth-watering slut. You see, Jim had thought he was bi, but I cut the bull shit with telling him he was straight, but liked some dick. Again, appreciated me addressing the bull shit. He and I didn't talk for a while, and I deleted my account. Fastforward to the good stuff, I was deleting numbers of people I didn't talk to anymore, and I saw my boy jimmy's number. He asked me dick pics in the past, and I was always flattered. I, feeling pity that I didn't get to taste his amazing cock, I sent him a text saying if he didn't respond in a certain time, I will delete his number. He texted me saying he was on VK with his bro. We talked more, and turns out Jim had 7 GIRLFRIENDS! I was so turned on! I always liked guys who like girls. Guess I like straight/ bi guys because of this. I'm kinda interested in girls too, in a way, but, ehh. So, after a week of waiting, and talking, he texted me saying he's back home, and horny. I was just working out. I read the text and asked if he wanted me. He said yes. So, since I lived 10 minutes away from the airport, he drove by, and I left a note to my mom that I went out for a jog. I do that from time to time, and managed to have them stalled for a bit. So, in his car we went, and BOY, let me tell you, he was nervous as fuck. He stuttered, "Um-ed" a lot, and I was cool minded. I just said, "if you wanna turn back, it's cool." But he denied, and wanted to bust his nut. Me, excited and filled with joy quietly went into his apartment and chatted for a bit.

    I was soooo happy! But he was scarred. I talk dot him saying we could just chat and go home. But he was conflicted. He said he knew what to do with girls, but never knew what to do with guys. He only had 3 other experiences, and only sucked. I said I can try to get him out and bothered, but he didn't know how. So, I just said to him to whip out his dick and let me suck it. I was actually weird out; his dick didn't have a taste. I later learned that's normal. I continued to blow him, and refused to use my hand, thinking that's a pussy move. We went into the bedroom and he laid down and I sucked him off, and he forced my head down, and I almost threw up a bit, but mustered my way through. I sucked him off, breathed, sucked him off, breathed, etc. Then he had me lay down and sucked my dick. HOLY SHIT! I knew why guys always talked about BJ's as though they were talking about some cult god. It was warm, slimy, and he sucked my balls, I was in heaven. I was literally about to cry tears of pleasure, and wanted to scream his name. I demanded to suck him off again, and he complied. He fucked my mouth in every position, and I fell in love with his cock. I 69-ed him, and didn't care for my dick, all I wanted was his dick to cum. I wanted to taste it. Through the weird smells, the gigantic balls, and large cock (6.5, with balls the size of size D batteries) I couldn't help myself, I was unerected the whole time and loved it. I wanted him to finish the deed and fuck me raw, but he said that was for girls. I was kinda pissed about that, but I didn't care. using the new lessons I learned from his dick sucking abilities, I mastered sucking his cock without my hands. Deep throating it, and having my saliva bath it. I asked if it was gross, he said he liked it. I gave him the wettest BJ he ever had. 3 guys, 7 girls, I'm better than 10 people, and it's my first. He fucked me with gusto, man. He had me in this one position where he was fucking me and my head was at the edge of the bed and he fucked me standing up. His balls on my nose, me entailing his smell, I started to like that and wanted to taste his ass. I kinda stopped it due to his sweat getting in my nose, preventing me from breathing well. But, he finally did the manliest thing; fucked my mouth like a pussy! He had me laying down, and raised himself where his top torso was above me, with his cock fucking my mouth. This cock fucked pussy. Is that of a real man, a fucking hetreosexual. I was in heaven. I nearly threw up though lol a little rough, but he was near cuming lol. So, with one final thrust, He shoved it all the way, and I felt a warmness in my throat. I was a bit mad. I didn't taste him. As I got up and licked his dick for remains, the clock was near 4:13 am. I left at 2:03 am. I had to leave, less my mom will be worried. I didn't cum, but he drove me to the car wash so I could run home and make it look like I was really jogging. I washed myself to make sure I didn't have "dick and balls" smell. He told me he should be more careful, thinking I could've been a victim and that he could have been killed by me, thanks to us being strangers. I was fine with that. He then went into guilt-mode, feeling bad he had sex with a guy. I told him that's a bit normal for straight guys and that I could be his "gay" buddy to limit the chances of STDs. Better yet, offered him resources to find better ways to handle his "gay" urges. I told him I can also be an ear for him if things go sour. But, he didn't pay much mind to that, he just wanted me to leave. He felt bad that I didn't came, but I told him I loved it, and wanted to do it again some time. Hell, he even was scarred about me and him with the police. I kept telling him I'm 18, and even added I was friends with the police. He was set at ease with that. he left and I had to do chores, in which I didm;t really do lol.

    So, I texted him one say, (2 days after the event: Tuesday) and he told me we may not work out. I was kinda hurt and mad at that, but I felt I shouldn't try to hurt him, and complied with it. Later on, I had sex with some fat asshole to experience anal. It was horrible and he was just clearly unaware about sex. "Experienced cock-sucker" my ass. Bitch champed my dick! I just had to deal with him and made him came 2x's. I'm actually pretty skilled with cock-sucking now, I barely have a gag-reflex, and can master breathing through my nose. No hand usage though, still think that's for weak bitches lol. However, on August 3rd, he texted me with "hi."

    I was so happy! I wanted his dick again, and I wanted to suck him so bad! But, he was just checking on me. I admired that… But let's be fucking real, I wanted his White cock fucking my Greek mouth. I asked him to fuck my mouth again before college started he made no reply. He never did. Last night, in desperate hopes, I gave him a text about this site about bisexual girls. I wanted to have him be tempted by me, in a way, having him with a chick, and me be with him to suck his cock, while getting ready to fuck a chick. He texted back at 9:49 today, and I asked him about himself. I was jokingly saying I wasn't going to tempt. But… I really want to. His cock is amazing, and I don't want gay cock. Gay guys can get a bit too much, and since lots of gay guys my age don't know shit, and not so many in my area, I can't help it. I want my straight older guy, not some annoying twink who can't do shit. I even just want to be friends with him. He's fun and really cool. But, idk. Maybe there will be a window in the future, but for now, as school begins, I gotta just live with never having Jimmy's amazing cock. :( But whatev's wish me luck! Going to UCLA, and all this happened in Cali by the way. TTYL

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I was a 24 year old college student at Illinois University and had started doing jiu jitsu and had really gotten interested and my lead instructor offered me a chance to train in Brazil for the summer and I jumped at the chance. He hooked me up with a man named Rodrigo and his wife who allowed me to stay with them. I really enjoyed my time there and learned a lot more jiu jitsu than I thought possible. While I was there I met another guy my age named Antonio. We spent a lot of time together training and surfing. I begin to have a man crush on Antonio as he seemed to have such an easy way of being very good at everything, surfing, jiu jitsu, picking up girls. Plus he was so handsome, there was no denying it. He had beautifully tanned , dark olive skin, curly black hair, deep green eyes and a big flashy smile and a very lean, nearly hairless body. Everyone just sort of gravitated towards him. I became his sidekick and we did a lot of running around together. I noticed that the more time we were together the more I began to fantasize about him. I'd never felt affection for a man before and didn't believe I was gay but I knew that he was turning me on more and more. Things became much different when won night we went out and met several girls. We brought them back to Antonio's small apartment and began drinking and smoking weed with them. They were very hot typical Brazilian beauties and we were sure we were going to get laid but about an hour later the girls suddenly announced that they had to go and left over our strong objections. So Antonio just drank some more and smoked another joint. We were laying on bean bags on his floor when he suddenly said to me " Could I ask you something??" I said for him to go ahead and he reached down his board trunks and pulled out his very long, uncircumcised cock.

    He then said "Do you want to taste my cock" Without giving it much thought I said "I've thought about it, do you want me to?? He then got up, walked over and put his semi-erect cock in my face. I took it in my mouth and started rolling my tongue around it and taking it as deep as I could in my throat. He moaned and moaned and his dick got huge and hard, I t turned me on totally and I remember thinking I didn't care if it made me gay I thought I might be in love. I wanted to make him scream and strated gagging myself on his big dick while he moaned and begged for me not to stop. I felt him rubbing something wet on my butthole inside of my shorts and that anal stimulation made me almost cum while I was sucking him and I began to get very excited about him shooting his cum in my mouth. He had other ideas though because he pulled his cock out of my mouth and though I complained he pulled down my shorts and got behind me. He said " I want it, I want you to be mine" He then put his face between my buttcheeks and started tonguing my asshole. It felt so unbelievable that I just moaned and raised my ass to try and push his tongue deeper in my hole.

    Just as I started to jack myself off and think I was going to have my best orgasm ever he pulled his face away and reached around me from behind a kissed me. The combination of knowing his precum was on my tongue while smelling myself on his nose was an incredible turn on and I moaned " What ever you want" He took this to be exactly what IO thought and placed the head of his cock on my asshole and began to push. I leaned forward with my head down and my ass up. I wanted it bad but knew it was going to hurt. He pushed and pushed gently. I was so turned on that I got a bit to excited and pushed my ass hard back into him which cause his huge fat cock to plunge deep into my ass. I screamed and felt a searing pain rip through my body and collapsed. Antonio stayed on me though and kept his cock deep isnside of me. In a short time my ass started to adjust and he began to fuck me. It still hurt at first but he was biting my should a growling lowly in Portuguese in my ear and I was so turned on I just wanted him to fuck me until he exploded and he began to jack hammer his hips into me and I felt his huge dick plunging inside of me over and over. At some point my prostrate must have started getting massaged because it felt so good the my cock got hard and I started jacking off while he was fucking me. Very quickly I felt an orgasm coming on and when it did it was unlike anything I had ever felt. The combination of my ass being stretched so far by his cock and the sexiness of what was happening combined to make me scream like a teenage cheerleader when I started to cum. This was all it took for Antonio too because I felt him buck, plunge deep inside of me and scream. I then felt several heavy, warm squirts of thick fluid deep in my ass and I realized I had just let another man cum in my ass. I was so post fuck turned on and dizzy I took some of my own cum off my leg and put it in his mouth and kissed him deeply. We finally collapsed and napped for an hour or so. When we awoke I took his cock in my mouth again and he turned around and got in a 69 position with me. We both came after a while.

    We played the rest of the summer out that way. He must have fucked me 20 more times. After about the 3rd time he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. He did not let me fuck him until the night I left to go back to the U.S It was very good, his ass was super tight and sexy and I got very turned on dropping my cum deep in his ass and taking his Machismo manhood from him.

    He begged me to stay and then promised me he would move to Chicago to be with me. I think had he done it we might be together today. He never did though and I was never with another man. I've only been with girls since. (Many) But I think if I saw him again to this day I'd be naked as quick as he could get that cock out haha

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