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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    When I was seventeen I went over to the United States with my dad to visit his best friend. I thought at the time I was pretty street wise and smoked weed. I also thought I could look after myself. So when they went to watch a baseball game, I stayed back and decided to score myself some Cannabis. Thinking I knew the area, I went the wrong way and ended up in a right shitty neighbourhood.

    After I'd been walking around for about quarter of an hour, four older black guys walked up to me and asked who I was. My English accent made them curious at first, and I thought I was going to be ok when they said they could sell me some weed. Entering an old derelict house, I was instantly gripped and within a matter of only seconds I had my clothing tore off me as I tried to fight them. Two huge knives were shown to me and one guy told me if I didn't suck them all off, I'd feel the blades enter my asshole.

    Shitting myself, I went down on one guy sucking in his cock as best as I thought I could. The others watched and took out their dicks, encouraging their friend to fuck my mouth as they laughed. One after another I sucked on their black dicks. None of them was really big, but one guy had a really thick cock, and I struggled to suck his cock in. He got angry and said my asshole would be better. That's when I began to fight again.

    I was hit several times, and kicked hard in the head. Kneeling on the rubble strewn floor as blood flowed from my nose, I felt the black guys cock touch my arsehole, then his cock entered me. It hurt like a bitch and I tried to move. But the other men held me and my arsehole began to receive a very fast and hard fucking. It wasn't pleasant and I didn't at first enjoy any of it. To be honest I was in that much pain, I didn't even know he'd withdrawn and cum on my back.

    I did know though when each of the other men entered and fucked me. It did strangely get easier as the second guys cock seemed to enter my arsehole with less pain. By the time he pulled out to get me to open my mouth to receive his cum, I was actually beginning to like the feeling his cock was giving me.

    The third guy lasted only seconds and he came on the floor behind me, but the last man, the youngest of the gang took his time and fucked me in long slow strokes. by then the others were bored and had wandered off into another room. Yet I wasn't going anywhere, as my arsehole was feeling alive, making me want him to fuck me deeper. pushing back onto his cock, he told me my asshole was his and he thrust into me harder. Not able to stop myself, I came without even touching my cock and he yelled out he was cumming too. Pulling out at the last minute, he spun me around and he too came all over my face and into my mouth.

    Minuts passed as I collected my clothing and I thought they'd gone. About to get up and walk out, the youngest guy walked back in, tossed me a clear plastic bag full of weed and said "This didn't happen white boy. But if you want that ass fucking again, you know where we are".

    By the time my dad and his friend arrived back at his friends home, I'd taken a shower and had smoked two joints. My arsehole was sore, but and I genuinely mean this, I'd at the end of my ordeal, thoroughly enjoyed being fucked. It messed with my head for a few days, and at one point I very nearly told my dad and his friend about what had happened. I was already in trouble for smoking weed and for supposedly fighting with a guy in a park over my accent, so I let it go.

    I didn't return to the neighbourhood, but I did see the youngest guy in a grocery shop two days later. He bolted when he saw my dad and my dads friend, and my dads friend asked me if he was the guy who I'd fought with. I lied and said he was with the guy who I had a fight with. My dad's friend said I was lucky as they were real bad guys.

    Back at home weeks later, I got a text message from my dads mate. He wanted to know if I'd really had a fight. When I asked why, he replied "The young black guy called by and gave me some money. Said to send it to you" It wasn't much, but it did come with a brief message "Sorry dude".

    The experience that day made me realize some things. It made me realize I wasn't a hard person. It made me realize I wasn't that street wise either, and it also made me understand I ultimately really enjoyed being fucked. Nearly a year to the day we came back from the States I met a black guy who I'd connected with off the internet. We booked into the hotel around lunch time and didn't come out until it was dark. I spent hours having amazing sex with him, and took every inch of his eight inch black shiny thick cock, deep up my white boy arsehole. And it's and arsehole and mouth, which has now enjoyed many a hard cock, both black and white.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I'm at home right now, sat on my bed recovering from a morning of intense and very hot gay sex. I've just had a shower, my second in an hour and I feel sexually drained and ecstatic all at the same time.
    My wife is in work, which gave Nathan and I the whole morning to kiss, caress, play with each others cocks and to suck each over off. Because Nathan is just as large as me, and is also totally versatile, we both fucked one another. The only difference, is I'm forty four and he's seventeen.

    Nathan is my wife's nephew and I've been having sex with him since the beginning of the year. I asked him to call by to pick up my old play station he wanted, and he arrived early. He caught me tossing myself off to gay porn and the rest as they say, is history.

    Instead of walking out, he asked me if he could take over from my right hand. I'd not had gay sex in years, but I knew given the opportunity he'd offered, I'd say yes. Nathan gave me a blow job and had me cumming in his mouith after only a short period of time. Wanting to reciprocate, I had him remove his trousers and boxers, only the young man didn't want to have me suck on his dick for long. I was already naked, so when he spun me around, I knew what he wanted and went to get some hand cream. The then sixteen year old fucked me on our couch from behind and it was absolutely awesome. It had been years, yet my arsehole still accepted his cock like it had only been the day before.
    And Nathan and I have been sucking and fucking ever since.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I have to say that i am mostly straight. I love girls, i lovee breasts and pussy and i love the feminine form.

    Having said that, i have a few interactions with men and i didnt enjoy it. I have many interactions with shemales that i really enjoy it. Of course i enjoy the company of woman. I have had a few interactions with a hetro couple (male + female) and i enjoyed those experiences as well.

    I am usually a very safety conscious person, especially with paid sex. I have never done bareback with anyone other than my girlfriends.

    Last week, however, i let my horns get the better of me. I allowed a very cute shemale escort fuck me bareback. Her cock went into my ass probably 3-4 times maximum. She did not cum in me. Prior to this, i have never been fucked bareback before. My last receptive anal sex was probably 2 years ago.

    I am now very worried. I am afraid of diseases, especially HIV. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thank you

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    July 2014
    One of my neighbors Veronica a retired nurse aide like myself is friends with this older man who is 72 and in a wheelchair. I talk with him on occasion and Veronica told me his name is Bill and I never knew which way he flew. It was in July when Veronica and I spent an hour talking and then we shared some of our work past and then I told her how I used to get it on with the old guys in the nursing home either giving them happy endings or sucking them off. I knew I could talk to Veronica because we both had some things in common.

    We were talking outside but where no one could hear us in the grocery store parking lot early in the morning. So she asked me âSo you are ok with older men doing you?â and I said yes. And she said âYou know Bill has done a few guys and would it be ok if he did you?â and I said âI am glad you said that because I have been trying and I could not figure him out. Sure I like for him to do meâ and she saidâ I will tell him and whatâs a good time for him to come over?â So I said in the morningsâ and she said she will tell him and we left.

    On Saturday morning at 915am I get a knock on the door and it Bill and so he comes in and I lead him to my bedroom and we undress and he lays on his back on my bed and I suck his cock getting it wet and then I turn around letting him get a good look at my white bouncy ass and he holds his cock up as I rub it in my ass crack several time before getting it stuffed in my ass. I ride up and down on it letting him watch my ass bounce off his things and he rubs my ass when he can. Finally after a few minutes I get off and get a wash cloth and clean his cock off and then come back and frot fuck him in missionary position making the bed squeak as I fuck him. Finally after 30 minutes I roll to the side and let him play with my dick and he gets it hard again and I lay on my back and then I cum on my stomach. I wipe the cum off and help him dress and get in the wheelchair and walk naked with him to the door and thank him.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I am putting this confession under Gay stories because that is what this story is about. I had a very good friend back in my younger years. He and I had been friends for about three years and we were together almost every day. We were in the 7th grade and always at his house after school and both of us were always horny and talked about girls all the time and liked looking at his fathers dirty magazines and on several occasions we had showed our dicks to each other and even liked touching each other so we were able to talk openly about being so horny and one after noon we took turns jacking each other off and made each other cum.
    After that it was normal for us to jack each other off every day. He was Hispanic and his dick was dark brown and looked pretty hot in my white hand and he had a pretty big dick and he came a lot more than I did. We talked about sucking each other off pretty often but neither of us would actually do it.
    He asked me one afternoon if he could lay on top of me and rub his dick on my ass. I thought it would feel pretty good and he wanted to do it until he came and I told him we could try it if he really wanted to. It wasn't long before I was face down on the carpet in his bedroom both of us naked and his big dick was in the crack of my naked ass and he was humping me like crazy and just before he came he held his dick to my asshole and shot a huge load right on my asshole and it felt so good I pushed my ass up towards him and we were both moaning out loud and next thing I know his dick is going up my asshole and he is telling me over and over to "Take it"
    My ass is on fire and it hurts a lot but he keeps pushing and I have tears running from both eyes as he is shoving his long thick Mexican dick up my ass until I can feel his nuts pressed to mine and he begins to really shove it in me hard and force it as deep in to my asshole as possible and after quite a few really hard thrust up my ass he starts to cum deep in my asshole and it was hot and I could feel it shooting up my ass and it felt damn good and I kept shoving my ass up towards him wanting him as far up my ass as I could take him and he really shot a lot of warm cum in my ass. He raised up off of me supporting his upper body with both his arms and was looking down at his fat brown dick stuck up my ass then he started thrusting it up my ass telling me it felt good and he liked watching it going in and out of my ass.
    I liked hearing him talk to my and with all the cum in my ass I was nice and lubricated and enjoying the feel of his long fat dick slipping in and out of my asshole and I asked him if he could do it to me some more. He got all excited knowing that I was enjoying it enough to ask him to do it some more so he started to fuck me again and right away I felt his cum dripping out of my ass and covering my nuts as he fucked me really good and we were both moaning and groaning and really going at it and it took him a very long time to cum and when he was real close he held on to me tight and asked me if I wanted him to cum in me again. I told him Yes! right away and he rammed his hard dick up my asshole and shot another huge load deep in my asshole and later when he went soft and slipped out of my ass I felt a huge amount of warm cum run out of my ass and run over my nuts and puddle between my legs.
    We just laid there quietly for awhile then I asked if we could do it again tomorrow. He said "Sure any time you want to" For the next two years he fucked my ass almost every day and some times more than once a day and on weekends when we were around each other all day we would go to different places where we knew we would not get caught so he could fuck me in the ass.
    All good things come to an end and a few months before he moved away his cousin came to stay the summer wit him and he told his cousin how he had been fucking me in the ass and his cousin wanted to fuck e too so the next day he told me and talked me in to letting both of them fuck me and right away I liked it and having two big hard Mexican dicks fucking me and having all that cum in my ass was even better. By the end of the summer I was getting fucked while I sucked the other one and could get them both off every time and it always felt good and it was a huge turn on to feel a bunch of warm cum shooting up my ass while the other came in my mouth. I liked getting fucked and being watched and one big hard dick after the other in my ass and the more cum they shot up my ass the more I wanted. We even talked about more guys joining us and it excited all three of us to think about a group of guys fucking my ass and we all wanted to get me gang banged but we never did.
    After he moved away it was a few years before I had another friend fuck me one weekend while his parents were out of town and he was very well hung and once he fucked me he wanted to fuck me all the time and Our Senior year of high school and almost a year after we graduated he fucked me all the time. After that it was years before I ever got fucked again and over the years until I was in my early 30`s I let several other men give me anal sex and the really well hung ones really felt good. I let 3 different married men fuck me several times over the years and let them cum in me a few times since they were married I felt they were safe and I really liked the feel of a big dick going off deep in my ass.
    One man I had sex with a couple of times was a very thick 9" and he came a lot and could do it 2 or 3 times when we met. He filmed it two different times and I watched it over and over for years. Now I have been married for 15 years and haven't done anything with Men since I got married but there are times when I have the privacy I still enjoy sticking things in my ass and I enjoy fucking myself hard and deep and when I cum I like putting it in my ass and fucking myself some more. Maybe some day I can meet a nice married well hung man that would enjoy fucking my ass in a very private place and my wildest fantasy is to go on a hunting trip with a group of very masculine men like myself and for a week or so they all fuck the hell out of me and make me take their huge dicks all the time and gang fuck me every night and day and I finally get to try a DP with two very big dicks in my ass at the same time. I have not had sex with other men for years but I think about it very often.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    As a fifteen year old I discovered I could suck on my cock. I also learned that my penis was much larger than most guys around my age. And in later life I found out, it's much bigger than most men's cocks.

    Most days I would suck myself off, getting at least three inches of my dick into my mouth. It never failed to have me spurting my load into my mouth and I soon began to love the taste. When I was sixteen I admitted to a close friend what I could do, and he wanted to watch me do it. So at a place near to a reservoir we used to go to, I let him watch me suck my own cock and saw him become erect in his shorts. He took out his dick after I'd emptied my balls down my throat and asked me if I'd suck his cock too.

    His was my first, and I enjoyed taking every single inch of his cock down my throat. He told me I was the first person, male or female to suck on his cock, and it became a very regular thing for us. Each time with me swallowing his cum.

    During a long mutual suck session in his bedroom (69), his uncle caught us and threatened to tell his parents. He bottled it and began to cry saying his father would go mental. So looking at his uncle I said i'd suck him off too if he wanted to. With a huge smile on his face, he took out his cock and almost rammed his hard on into my mouth. I sucked him off to the point of cumming, only for him to say sucking his cock wasn't good enough. Spinning me over, I knew what he wanted and prpared myself to take his cock up my bum. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends how you look at it, my friends parents came home, and we had to stop.

    He never did fuck me, although I did suck him off a few times whenever he was around at my friends home. My friend and I became extremely close for a couple of years and we eventually ended up fucking. It was never a main part of our sexual relationship, as I was the one doing the fucking. And his arsehole just couldn't take my cock too much.
    It was all innocent enough, except for his creepy uncle.

    These days I really enjoy fucking younger guys who can take every inch of my cock up their arseholes. I'm a married man so I have to be careful who, where and when I fuck them. But most weeks I have eager young men drooling to get my long thick cock up their rear love holes.

    And believe me there is no shortage of gay, bisexual and so called straight young men who want my dick buried deep up their bums.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    They've gone now, but only an hour or so ago I had my son in laws mouth wrapped around my long hard cock, then had his tight cute asshole speared by my mighty thick shaft, as I fucked him over my work bench.
    I've been fucking him over the last eight months. Ever since I saw his reply to a gay ad I'd put out on my hookup profile. I guessed it was him and sure enough when he met "Frank", not my name, he was surprised to see me.
    He tried to make all kinds of excuses, but I knew the young man who wanted to suck on Franks cock and let Frank fuck him, was indeed my son in law. Finally admitting it, we drove over to place I knew near to a rocky outcropping. Getting him to show me his oral skills, I then lubed up his ashole with my spit, rimming him, and buried my thick length up his ass. He yelled out a few times about my cock being too thick, but I carried on fucking him until I busted my nut up his ass.
    And ever since that sunny evening I've been fucking him whenever we've had the chance. I'm not ashamed of my sexuality one bit, and my wife knows I fuck men outside of our marriage. The only thing she tells me, is never to bring anything home. In other words keep it safe and clean. The fact is I knew A was clean and so we've always fucked bareback. I no longer cruise for other guys as A gives up his mouth and ass when ever I want him. My wife and our daughter have no idea I'm fucking A, as I did an hour ago in my shed. Or at least I don't think they do.
    Mind you the reason they were round, was so A and I could finalize a trip we're taking together. My wife and my daughter seemed only too happy for us to go, and my wife even offered (Which is as rare as hens teeth) to pay for the four day hiking and fishing trip.
    Needless to say when we're away, I'll be fucking the shit out of my son in law. Only nine days left until I get him, his mouth and his beautiful asshole all to myself.

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    Gay Male / 48

    I have a friend, not a lover just a friend who asked me about how it was when we were growing up and we first found out we were gay. He is quite modern compared to how it was fifty years ago, in those days it wasn't quite legal.

    I spent my early years in a mid sized town in during the late sixties and early seventies. My father was the Police Chief during that time. Next door to us lived a family that traced its ancestors to the town founders and they were very proud of it. They had a boy who was my age and we rode the school bus together so we got to talk a lot and became friends.

    He had Great Dane. One day while I was over at his house he asked me if I had ever seen a Great Dane's dick. He got the dog and started to pulse his sheath and after a bit the head came out, then the long dick. He told me to touch it, he wasn't going to do anything. I had never touched a dick of anyone else or of a dog. The dog's dick in my hand felt strange but pleasurable and he started to get going and my friend held on to him. He calmed the dog down and we took our dicks out and touched them to the Great Dane's dick and then we touched them to each other.

    He took my dick in his hand and started to stroke me and asked me if it felt good and to do it to him. We were soon stroking each other and we were both hard and the Great Dane was back laying down on the floor with must the tip of his dick sticking out. My friend gave me his dick standing up and asked me to suck him and said that he would suck me next. His dick felt good in my mouth, I sucked him for a while and then he sucked me. It was the beginning of my first gay relationship.

    I loved sucking his dick, it felt good to me and he would lay on back and I would suck him. He always got hard which I liked and sometimes he got horny and would thrust into my mouth. I liked having him fuck my mouth and with a bit of practice we got to the point where we could ejaculate. At that age we could ejaculate and get hard again after a little bit of time. For eighth graders we were quite active, we kissed a little but mainly it was oral sex and hand sex.

    In college I met a couple of other guys who fooled around and we would get together and have gay parties. I was experienced by then and I could get most guys to ejaculate with a blowjob and a hand job. It was during one of these parties that one of the guys took out some Vaseline and I took my first dick. There were a couple of other guys who took it in the ass as well. During that period of time I let several guys fuck me and who knows how many I sucked.

    For a relatively small town we had an active community, men of all ages and walks of life. The secrets had to be kept, at that time it was pretty bad news if you were considered to be queer. There were a couple of established relationships, but mostly it was a case of moving from one to another and then to another. Relationships were fluid, and I don't remember ever falling in love. I loved the sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Got myself semi drunk when my wife stayed over at a hotel after a concert with some girlfriends. Around eleven at night I called by a friends house and ended up, then waking up the following morning in his bed. He was kissing my neck from behind when I woke up, and very slowly inserting his hard cock up my arsehole, fucking me in the spoons position. His cock felt amazing in my arsehole and I was soon becoming erect. Reaching around me, once he knew I was awake, he began to toss me off whilst still fucking me. It was my first ever gay sex and for a first time, it was absolutely perfect.
    I came with him still kissing my neck, and forcing his cock deeper into my arsehole. A couple of minutes later with him telling me he wanted to, he came up my bum. Turning to face him with cum leaking out of my rear hole, we kissed and I found I really enjoyed the sensations of kissing another man.
    I stayed in his bed over the next hour or so kissing, touching, sucking one another's cocks and then taking a shower with himm, where he fucked me all over again up against the shower wall.
    Nothing and I honestly mean this, was pre planned or thought of. It was purely spontaneous and we'd not even spoken about gay sex before that night. He told me every detail of what we'd done the night before, after we'd showered and gone back to bed. I'd become hard again and he sucked me off until I came in his mouth. Sharing a long intense kiss, we also shared my cum.
    All this happened just after my wife's birthday in June, and since then I've visited his flat at least three to four times a week to have sex with him. What's really weird, and we've been quite open and honest with each other about this, is neither of us had had gay sex before.
    It's been new to us both and for me it's been simply amazing, learning new and sexually exciting things about myself. The mian things being I have the abiluty to deep throat his seven inch cock, without gagging and also that I adore being fucked as hard as he can give it to me.
    In a couple of weeks from now, my wife will be taking a short five day journey to the states for her company. When she does, I'm going to be inviting my friend to stay and making sure he fucks me raw/bareback over and over again...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I like cross dressers, meaning I like to fuck them. I have several that I fuck on a regular basis. I love the way they dress, most of them dress like whores. They wear their very high heels, boots, etc. Most of them I fuck are submissive as well, I admit I get off on that kink too.

    I hooked up with a black gurl recently that really blew my dick and my mind. Dressed in a sexy vinyl skirt, stockings and boots. I really enjoyed fucking that nasty talking slut. She begged for my cock if her life depended on it, I could really do some nasty things with her and she loved all of it.

    Then last week I was fucking her black ass, cumming a bit sooner than I had wanted. I wasn't worried too much because I recover pretty quickly. I stayed in her ass for a while and then had the urge to pee. I told "her" I was going to pull out but I would be right back.

    She reached around and put her hand on my ass so I couldn't pull out. She turned her head and told me to piss in her ass. She was still on her fours and a very erotic sensation came over me. I got up on my feet sort of, pushing my spent cock into her ass. She told me to fill her ass up with my pee, almost begging like she did for my cum.

    I began to fuck her ass again, the feeling was different since I had already cum. Now I just fucked her ass and waited for the sensation of needing to pee. Her voice got louder, screaming for me to piss in her ass. Finally I gave her what she wanted, I could feel the pee flowing into her asshole.

    Her ass bucked, she cried out with pleasure as I filled her hole with my warm pee. By the time I was done peeing I could feel my cock growing rapidly, she could feel it growing too as well. I began to thrust my growing cock into her ass again, I could feel my cock drenched in my own pee.

    Faster, deeper, harder, I slammed my cock into her ass. She was almost screaming with pleasure and I grabbed her hips tightly and fucked her savagely. She reached back and brought my hand around, placing it around her thick cock. I knew what she wanted and I began to jerk her black cock as I fucked her ass.

    She cursed and screamed "fuck" over and over until I felt her cock spasm in my hand. Just as she began to squirt, I felt myself cumming in her ass once again. We exploded together, the moment was more erotic than I had ever experienced. Finally she collapsed on the bed and I fell on top of her, my cock still buried in her ass.

    We see a lot of each other now, pretty much a repeat of what I have already described. It excites me to cum in her ass, fill that ass with my pee, then cum inside that black ass again before we are done.

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