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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have a cousin, Dave who is the same age as myself. As most teenage boys, he confronted me that he had seen me and his brother naked and watched as I sucked off his brother then continued to watch as his brother sucked me. At first, I didn't know what to say but Dave then told me he would like to try it with me. We spent most of the night sucking each others cocks and swallowing each others cum. We continued to do this every chance we got and I even let him fuck me, taking my ass cherry. It hurt like hell so it was only a one time thing. As everyone knows, you grow and either go gay, bi or straight and slowly, you drift apart, which we did. I went closet bi, getting married but continued to suck a few guys as I got older and had no idea what Dave was doing as he first joined the Air Force then moved out of state.
    Three years ago, thanks to social media, Dave and I became friends on a popular website. We shared photos and stuff then he said his job was sending him close to where I now live for training and maybe we could hook up. I was ecstatic and said he should spend the time at my place and we could catch up on all the times we have been apart. And to my delight he agreed.
    When he arrived, we did the usual introducing to the family. The wife made a nice meal and we chit chatted until the wee hours of the morning then went to sleep. Even though we were alone for a few hours, neither one of us mentioned anything about what we used to do to each other. I figured maybe he moved past all that and let it go at that until 2 nights later. My wife said she was going to spend a couple of days with her sister as she sensed Dave was a little stressed and seemed he needed some relative time. That evening as Dave and I chatted and had a few drinks, he asked if I remembered how we used to act. I'll admit my cock twitched as I admitted I did and told him straight out that I had always continued to have a "special friend" or 2 and even had one today. He was quiet for a moment then said after he retired from the service, he had a few friends himself. Again we were quiet until I asked if he would mind showing me his cock to which he replied only if I would mind showing him mine. We didn't say anything as we both stood and went to the guestroom where we undressed each other and I took his sweet cock into my mouth. He always had a bend to the left and as I sucked him, I loved the way it felt sliding down my throat after all those years. He suggested we 69 and before long, we were both swallowing cum and eating ass like we never stopped. As we recovered, we kissed a few times and told each other about men we had sucked and fucked over the years. I told him about my current suck buddy and he shared that he was servicing 3 guys from the Air Force and had been doing one of them for several years. A little while later, I asked him if he would like to fuck me as I had let a few others do me and could take a good fucking every now and then. It felt great to have him fuck me as he stroked my cock and slowly screwed my ass until he came. We sucked each other several more times on his visit and spent the last day naked sucking cock several times.
    We still keep in touch. We have both shared several pictures of our lovers cocks and a few where we are having sex with them. Last summer, I spent a week at his place and had the pleasure of being in a 3 way with one of his suck buddies. I guess we will always love sucking and fucking guys.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    An overweight drunken wife, who hasn't wanted sex for months, but did because she was drunk. Or a young nineteen year old slim lad, who desperately wanted me to fuck him.
    The choice was made once my wife sucked my cock hard, belched, farted and said she no longer wanted fucking. I text Aaron and our neighbor was round at our rear patio doors literally two minutes later.
    My cock already being hard, I let him in and instantly had him go down on me in our kitchen. It wasn't the first time he'd sucked my cock, as I'd had him blow me at a barbecue we'd had three weeks before.
    On that occasion I'd been drinking and accepted his offer when he cornered me coming out of our bathroom. He was so good then, I came within five minutes and he swallowed the lot. Yet his insistence that I fuck him the following day, to me then didn't feel right. After all I was a straight married guy.
    Aaron's mouth worked it's wonders, and I was soon desperate to be getting off. It was him turning around removing his shorts and boxers and showing me his super cute tight white asshole that did it. That and my throbbing cock. Using hand cream I got from the medicine cupboard, I smeared his youthful rear hole and my cock, and just thrust into his ass.
    It was I have to say, the singular best fuck up to then, that I'd ever had. We fucked with him leaning over our breakfast bar, my cock hammering his wonderful fuckhole. We fucked with me sitting on a stool and Aaron bouncing up and down taking every inch of my cock deep up his asshole, as his small erect cock swayed all over the place. We fucked as I had him lay flat on our kitchen work surface, pounding him as I tossed off his slim member. And lastly I had Aaron lean over the very sofa my wife was sound asleep on. Fucking him from behind as his face was only inches from my wife's.
    Busting my nut up his asshole, as he came all over the arm of the sofa, was immense and so fucking horny. That I found myself at his request, licking and sucking out my own cum from his ass and then feeding him it as we kissed.
    When my stirred Aaron and I were sat across from her. She asked why Aaron was there so I told her he was watching a movie with me. She got up said goodnight and took herself off to bed.
    I got Aaron to give me a very long slow blow job, before I once again fucked him on our sofa. This time fucking him missionary very slowly, but also very deep. I came up him a second time, and for a second time I sucked out my cum from his rear hole and shared it with him.
    Aaron has just turned twenty. He's been visiting our home now for eight months. Probably three a week, more if we can make it. Every time we end up fucking, even if it's a quickie in my garden workshop. My wife no longer says she wants sex and I'm happy she doesn't. Because it means I have the energy and spunk to feed my young gay lover.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I am a very happily married man. My wife is a fantastic fuck but I love to suck cock and doso on a regular basis. I wear my favorite pink panties and eat the cum of complete strangers. I love cum in my mouth and my wife has no idea. Normally the men don't touch me. They just cum in my mouth and then leave. I love men and I REALLY LOVE COCK AND CUM

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    You never know what life is going to throw at you. Marriage, good job, nice apartment and cars, and then bang. My wife loses her job through I'll health, closely followed by a redundancy notice from the form I work for.
    Unsure about which department was going to be axed, I was called into a senior directors office. Straight away the director, a fifty six year old man called Martin, made it very clear, only exceptional employee's would be kept on.
    Walking across from his large desk, Martin, an ex Brit, lowered his trousers and boxers and said "Are you exceptional". It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what he wanted. Nor did I have much of a choice.
    His semi erect cock was already larger than mine when it's fully erect, and for a brief moment I very nearly told him to go fuck himself.
    Yet my financial dilemma put me in the position of necessity. So kneeling down in front of him, I took hold of his large fat cock and opened my mouth.
    What a feeling. What a beautiful taste. His cock slid strangely easily over my tongue and on down my throat. The feel was of warmth, hardness, yet a softness that fooled my mind. When my cock was sucked by my wife, or before by girlfriends, I fully expected it to feel hard in their mouths, but that softness was definitely there.
    And not only did I enjoy the feel of his large throbbing cock in my mouth, I have to say, I adored his musky scent and taste. So much so I found myself literally devouring his cock with great fascination and oral greed.
    His moans grew just as much as my growing delight at sucking his magnificent dick. It was an initial shock to me just how easily I swallowed every inch, right upto the pubic hair, of his huge cock. But once I'd been sucking on his dick for about five minutes, listening to him moan loudly with pleasure, I knew I was going to service him completely. I knew I was going to do what I'd often forced women to do, I was going to swallow his spunk.
    Getting him to his climax took another five minutes or so, but when I felt his large hands grip my hair, and he began to face fuck me, I knew he was close.
    When his cock finally unloaded down my throat, it was a deluge of cum which flooded down my throat. When I cum, I cum a reasonable amount, but Martin had more than twice any amount I'd ever produced.
    Sucking and swallowing each and every drop, I instantly knew I'd do it and Martin again. What I didn't know was just how soon that would be, and what the real test of my families needs were. Martin didn't let me pull away. Instead he continued to slowly fuck my mouth. His cock did soften somewhat, but not enough to reduce to below my erect cocks size. And when I say erect, my cock was achingly hard. Releasing me, Martin said "Undress".
    Before he finished his sentence I already knew where this was headed, so finishing his sentence off for him, knowing I too wanted what he was about to say, I replied removing the last piece of my clothing "So you can fuck me with this". As I finished off my words, now naked, I sucked in my company directors cock, knowing not only was there no going back, but that I didn't want to.
    Leaning over the large desk, one I'd only ever looked at from three feet away, I felt Martin's hot breath on my asshole. He was fully erect again after I'd sucked on his dick lovingly. Now I was being tongued and it felt utterly divine. He certainly knew how to have me desiring his cock even more, and I found myself imploring him to fuck me. The words came from my mouth, but it seemed as if someone else said "Martin, please sir, fuck me".
    I'm thirty one, not a teenager. Yet I found myself truly scared, full of sexual anticipation, but mostly wonder struck, at just how much I wanted his cock inside my butt. Then the actuality of him inserting his full length up my asshole, was both painful and ultra exciting. My asshole initially resisted. It held against the force he tried to push hard into me. Then like a cork leaving a Champagne bottle, my asshole popped and his cock slid right in.
    Again pain was my first experience, but that didn't last too long at all. Once Martin began to fuck my ass, I soon felt the change in my need for him to be deep inside my body. My dick began to throb and my asshole enveloped his cock with a growing pleasure rushing through my entire body. Never not once on my life had I experienced that kind of total rapture. In every way my sexual self was alive to Martin fucking me. His long increasingly faster thrusts, fucking me deeper with each stroke only increased that incredibly strong feeling of a building penile orgasm, and a new anal burst of pure delight.
    Overwhelming is the phrase I'd use to describe the orgasm I had as Martin's cock ripped into my asshole. He'd begun to fuck me as he wished, and trust me, that was literally hammering my asshole. Not being able to move much, what with being pinned to his desk and having a long thick piece of erect man meat being pounded up my ass, my cum just pumped out beneath me pooling onto his oak desk. The sound of me cumming and my asshole tightening as I did, had Martin screaming out he was close. Any pretense to anyone outside, we were just having a normal meeting was gone when he shouted out "I'm gonna cum up your asshole boy". And if anything Martin came flooding my asshole even more than he did my mouth and throat.
    His weight on top of me, as he relaxed from his orgasm, was like an acknowledgement, a seal if you like of our mutual sexual deal. His signature on my retention within the company, was him removing his cock, lowering himself behind me, then sticking his tongue deep up my ass and sucking out his own cum.
    I was still leant on his desk when Martin said "You're definitely exceptional".
    I've more than kept my job. My wife regained her health after a period of time, and was given a position in the company. Martin helped us with some outstanding finances, and has continued this past few months to make sure I'm "Exceptional" for him.
    We often take an afternoon away from work now. And those afternoon's only get better and more horny, the more we fuck.
    I know for sure as he's told me, not only that he's falling in love with me, but also if I could live with him, he'd fuck me every day. But we both know that can't happen. We're both married and besides, I enjoy both sides of the sexual coin, to just want to spend a sexual penny with one sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I am a 74 year old white married male and I really like sucking cock. Problem is -- at my age -- not many guys want me between their knees with their cock in my mouth --- no matter how much I enjoy it. And -- I am told I am a good cocksucker.

    I only started sucking cock about 2 1/2 years ago -- likely for various reasons. And while I love having a nice cock in my mouth --- I have a difficult time finding a regular suck buddy... someone I can suck about once a week or more.
    Over the course of those 2 1/2 years I have probably sucked in excess of 150 cocks -- some good --- some great --- some white --- some black. I do seem to be drawn to a nice black cock.

    And then today. I found Mister X on Craigslist a few days ago. He posted and I responded. He's 36 -- married --- has a good job --- clean as a whistle and his cock tastes great in my mouth ... hard as steel and 8" and quite thick. He loaded my mouth with sweet delicious cum ... and wants to come back for more. My wishes have been answered. He has indicated he will tutor me in having my ass fucked since I am a virgin, And even tho' I have ED -- he will be sucking my cock as his is down my throat soon when we 69.

    Some of you understand how important it is for an older cocksucker to have a regular feeder ... a nice cock you can suck on a regular basis. I'll try to keep you posted , but I sure do look forward to the wonderful things his big black cock have in store for me. Good wishes to all.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I have a friend that I've known for years and one night while drinking, we were talking about gays and I that as a teen, I had sucked a couple of guys off and never considered myself or them gay. We never really talked about it afterward and I figured that maybe he just assumed I was bullshitting since we were both sort of drunk. Then three years ago, something happened and we have had a different relationship ever since.
    I was at his place helping him put in a furnace. The wives were out shopping and we had a hours alone. After we had repaired the furnace, Ron offered a beer and as we drank, he asked if I liked sucking the guys off when I was younger and if they had returned the favor. I have always been honest with him so I said yes, I had liked sucking them and yes, we had even 69'd a few times. Ron then asked if I swallowed and if so did I like it. Again, I admitted I did to both. Ron was quiet for a few moments then I asked if he was hinting that he would like me to suck him. I figured he would either tell me to get out or he would say yes. He looked at his phone and texted something then after a few seconds, he said we had a couple of hours and asked if I would mind doing it to him. I answered by telling him to follow me to the bathroom. Once there, I pulled his sweats down and exposed a very healthy 7" cock. I stroked it a few times then got on my knees and licked then sucked his cock. I had missed the taste and feel of a cock and soon was busying myself with giving my friend a very nice blow job. Ron moaned a lot while I was sucking him and gasped when I sucked his balls then tried to deep throat him. I was able to get all but a small amount of his cock down. Soon he was grunting and he squirted a very thick load of his sperm into my mouth which I willingly swallowed down and kept sucking and licking until his dick was limp. Sitting back and still stroking his cock and balls, Ron smiled and asked if I wanted him to return the favor. Kissing his limp cock, I said there would be time for that at another date. 3 days later, he did just that.
    We still suck each other off but its kind of strange. We will be working on something and one of us will ask the other if they want a load and we service the others cock. We don't feel we are gay and don't tear each others clothes off. We simply wait while the cock sucker pulls the cock out, sucks it and swallows the cum then zip up as though its the perfectly normal thing for two men to do. I hope this goes on for a very long time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    The last time anything remotely like this happened, I was seventeen and only experimenting with oral sex.
    Back then myself and another teenager from college, took along stroll through a woodland. We knew why we were heading that way and sure enough we both gave each other a blow job to completion.
    Ths time was different in every way. For a start I didn't set out to have sex, it just happened.
    I'm a married man with two kids, yet when a complete stranger asked me if I wanted to fuck him, I found myself in another wooded place driving my cock up his sweet tight white asshole. And this all took place on a golf course yesterday afternoon.
    I was supposed to be playing with a work colleague after taking my family out for a late lunch, but he didn't show up. Thinking I'd get some practice in, I went out on my own. It had gotten fairly late and most if not all of the regulars had been out. I'd gotten the eighth hole and was about to hit my second shot, when I heard a guy calling over to me. Walking over to the tree line I couldn't help but see a young man who was naked except for a pair of sneakers. His cock was hard and he was slowly stroking it. Smiling at me and without any hesitation in his voice he asked me "Would you like to unload up my asshole". It was a very simple question and one I deduced he'd most likely asked before.
    Probably on another day I might have driven the cart back to the club house and reported him, but this wasn't any other day.
    You see during lunch with my family, my wife and I had a quiet word about her refusal of sex the night before. I'd told her when the kids went inside the eatery, I wasn't too happy with her getting me all up for sex the night before and then deciding she didn't want any. Her answer was blunt and not very kind. My wife told me if I didn't like it, have a wank.
    Looking at the young man (I later found out he was eighteen) and his hard cock, plus his slim body and tight looking ass, I found myself moving the cart right into the tree line, and walking over to him. He dropped to his knees straight away and had my cock out in no time. I've been sucked off by lots of women in the past and that college friend of mine, but no one has come close to what that young man was like yesterday. He licked and sucked on my cock as if his life depended on pleasuring me completely, and boy did he do that.
    Maybe five minutes later with my cock bursting to let go, he told me to hold off. Moving over to a pile pf clothing and backpack, he brought a tube of something and a condom. He unfurled the condom down my cock and then turning around faced and held onto a tree, but not before he'd smeared his asshole with the lube he'd gotten out of his bag. Tossing me the lube he said "Please use it, I've only been fucked once before"
    So my deduction he'd said it to lots of guys was wrong.
    Standing right up to him and holding onto his shoulders I put my cock head to his rear hole and thrust in. He arched back and told me to slow down. But my dick wanted to be in him and I drove in even deeper. He squealed a little and then went silent. Holding my cock still up his ass for as few seconds, his asshole relaxed and I could feel and hear him relax too. Waiting no longer I began to fuck that young man, and I took out all the previous evenings frustration out on his beautiful ass.
    One minute, two minutes, then a third of grinding his asshole. The nhe turned his head and said "Go for it, really give it to me, I want you to". Red rag to bull, green light for go, or just get the fuck on with it. It was all the same in my head and my cock, and I did just that. I slammed my dick as hard and as deep as I could, and that young guy took it all. Not only did he take it, but he began to back onto me forcing my cock ever deeper into his body. He was grunting loudly and without telling me he was near, his cock erupted all over the tree in front of him.
    Wrapping my arms around him I held him tight to me, just before my cock exploded and I came hard, filling the condom up his cute, sweet and well fucked asshole.
    We stood like that for a minute or so, My cock still inside of him. Then he asked me if I'd possibly see him again. Withdrawing my cock, I let him know I was married, thinking he might not want to be involved with a married guy. His response was "I know, your wedding band". " I had a blonde moment and said "Oh fuck yeh, then the answer is when and where".
    Facing each other he stepped to me, and for the first time in my life I kissed a guy like I'd kissed many many women, passionately and with desire. After we stopped kissing, I watched him get dressed as I too got myself together, and offered to give him a lift. But he pointed through the tree's and told me he lived two hundred yards through the woodland.
    Tomorrow after work, I'm picking him up and have already booked a motel room for us to have sex (Great these smart phones). Telling my wife I've got a late appointment at the dentist, I'm going to see just how hard the young man I know as Alex, can take my cock pounding him.

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    Straight Male / 44

    My friend John had moved away. I was left only with a picture of his huge wet cock on my phone that he had sent me to help me jack off one night. I had left my phone on the counter to answer the door and found my old friend Tony waiting for me at the side door. He was a hopeless pain the ass of a friend. But I secretly loved the dumb shit. So I let him in and we drank several drinks in a very short time. I was lonely and had been looking at John's dick every few seconds while Tony and I sucked down the beers and I listened to his tales of being a hell raiser. I asked him if he wanted a couple of shots of booze and went to go get them. Tony saw my phone and was looking at it went I returned with the drinks. He wasn't just sneaking a peak either. He was starring at the big wet juicy dick on the screen for a while. I even got close enough to see it again myself as he closed the phone.

    "Man, that must have been some bitch you were fucking with when you took that." he said to me. I smiled and said.
    "What makes you think it was a bitch?" Then I saw Tony look down see the outline of my cock in my shorts. Again, I was walking around without underwear when he showed up at my door. My cock twitched when I saw him looking at it. I sat down next to him at the basement table. This was the only room we could smoke in the entire house. I watched him take his shots and noticed a little slur in his next sentence.

    "I guess I just assumed you were talking to a bitch when you sent that picture of your dick to her, that's all." I laughed and said.
    "Yea, well I'd be proud of that if that were my dick. But it's not. It's an old friend of mine." Tony looked confused. Then his face got all serious looking.
    "Yea, now I think your getting it." I put my hand on his leg and noticed that he wasn't wearing any underwear either. Just those same ugly sweat pants that show the outline to his generous bulge. I had my hand one inch from it. I saw the fucker move and start to increase in size. I gripped his leg like I was squeezing his cock several times.
    "After having a kid with a woman outside my relationship, I stopped having sex with anybody. So my friend and I got together and started the old man's club. Just two married old men having a little fun without strings attached. And well, that's his big dick that he sent me after I saw him last time. And I kept it because I will never see that monster again after he moved away."

    Tony looked deep into my eyes and said. "What did you guys do together?" I smiled and said.
    "I sucked his big cock until he came and then I shot my load and nobody got knocked up and nobody got into trouble. It was just two guys helping each other out. I doubt I would ever do it again. Besides, I was on the shit. And you know how I get on the shit. I can't help myself. I loose all control and judgement."

    I could see he was interested, so I showed him my phone again. This time I went to a picture of my cock and said.
    "See, that ones me. I have a nice thick cock, but John had a fucking monster." Tony looked at my cock intently. Then he looked some more. He uttered one word. "Nice."

    "I'm glad you like it." I looked down at his dick again. He was hard for sure.
    "Can I see yours?" I said looking down. He reached for his phone on the table and I stopped him.
    "No, I mean yours." I moved my hand to his leg and squeezed right next to his nice fucking bulge.
    "I really want to see it. I would love to help you out too bro." His eyes got big and stood up fast. I thought he was going to bail. But he must have been feeling good, because he dropped his sweats all the way down to the floor and his big cock sprang to life and bounced right near my face. I put out my cig and took a drink of water and got my mouth nice and wet. I looked up at his eyes and looked down at mine. I licked my lips and reached out and spit into my hand. I stroked his dick until it was shining from my saliva. I tugged it hard and then pulled it down and let it flip back up. I then slapped his cock side to side really hard and told him that he had a very nice hot fucking cock. He had a huge set of balls on him too.

    I toyed with his cock for a while. I couldn't help it. I wanted to enjoy this shit. I then started sucking the fuck out of him. He made a lot of noises and moan like crazy. His balls tensed up on me quickly.
    "Oh fuck dude. your going to make me cum." I pulled back and started jacking his pole rapidly.
    "Let it go Tony. Just let it fly. I want to taste your fucking cum you big dicked fucker. Shoot it at me!" He grunted loud as hell and cum started shooting in all directions. I kept tugging and got a few tastes of flying sperm and a nice splash on my face. I kept looking up at my friend as he stopped shaking and I smiled at him.
    I pulled his sweats back up and I let him go away without complaining. It is a guy thing to run away after you shoot your load. I used to do the same thing. I suppose he wanted to pretend that shit didn't just happen. But it did. I know because I took a picture of his cock with my flip phone while I was tugging his big wet penis. I got a great angle of it with his face up above. I saved it next to John's picture. Too bad I can't have them both over. I think I am going to grab some lube and go back downstairs and think about that one for a while on my knees. Have a good night everyone. Try not to get in any trouble.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I have been with a woman for over half my life. And I have to say that our sex life is not that good. We work different shifts and I am alone most of the time. I met another man in the area who was younger then me. He was nearly thirty and had just moved here with his family. We met by chance when I was outside my house smoking and he walked by and asked for a smoke. Before I knew it, he had sat down next to me. He offered to share his bottle of booze with me, but I wasn't drinking. I was actually just outside to smoke before I went in the house to jack off before bed. I had been watching porn in the house and still had it on the TV when I came outside. I just had some soft silky shorts on me with nothing underneath. I had a half hard dick when John ( Not his real name ) came walking up. I made some small talk with him and shared my smoke, but I really wanted him to go. John wasn't much to look at and he seemed to be a little weird to me. He was even a little impolite and was slurring a bit. Not a good first impression.

    After a second or third smoke, he asked me if he could use my bathroom. I allowed him in and headed in after him. I had forgotten about the TV being paused and walked right by the living room to show him the bathroom. After I did, I went into my room and did some drugs. I won't say what and I am not proud that I did it. I had a problem with that stuff for years, but I figured my night was ruined and it didn't matter now anyway. I did it and knew that I wasn't going to be able to get myself off now, even if John left and went home. By the time I opened up my door and came back out, John had helped himself into the living room and was watching my porn. I have a thing for watching cumshots. So he was now aware that I was watching huge dicks explode just before he stopped by. I sat down on the opisite end of my "L" shaped sofa. That was when he hit me with it.

    "Wow man. You ever fuck around guys before?" John asked like he wasn't even a little scared about my answer. I was quiet for a few seconds trying to think of something to say. I could hardly even think with the sounds of men shooting their big loads in front of us. Hot women covered in sperm. And me, nearly drooling over the hot dicks on the screen. It was hard to act like I wasn't totally turned on by this.

    "No. I guess I never have. But I used to think about it. I used to think about it a lot. In fact I think I am what they call BI Curious." I couldn't even look at him after saying it. In fact, the spit in my mouth vanished and I got up to get a beer and offer John one. As I left the room I looked back at him and say he was rubbing his dick through his short. I decided to have a shot of boozed in the kitchen while I compossed myself.

    "I have." John said from the other room.
    "Really?" I answered back.
    "Yea, really. Say man, you don't mind if I make myself at home do you?" I walked into the room with our beers in hand just in time to see John drop his shorts all the way to the floor. I was about to speak when I looked up and seen his cock. After that I couldn't even get a sound out. I just stopped and starred at him as he sat back down. I had to take several deep breaths to compose myself. I couldn't believe it. I watched his big dick become fully hard and was shocked at how huge he was. He had an amazing cock. Just then I saw him looking into my eyes which were focused on his prick. He shook it like he waving a steak in front of a hungry dog. I think he knew I was drooling over it. Finally I made a sound.

    "Oh my God John. Your fucking huge." I paused again and say him smile and look back at the TV.
    "Thanks buddy. I am really fucking horny. I hope you don't mind."
    "I don't think I've ever seen a cock that big before man. You could be a porn star." Finally I sat down and set the beers down. I sat on the far end of the sofa again, but I never looked back at the TV. I just watched him jacking off. I was so turned on.

    "Your fucking amazing John." He looked at me again and smiled.
    "You can touch it if you want to. Or you can just jerk off with me if you like. I'm cool with whatever you want to do."

    Of course, I knew that I had a shrucken cock from doing my shit. I wasn't about to take my dick out right now. I regreted doing it to. I was feeling like I was going to explode inside. But I could not get it up no matter what happened for at least eight hours or so. I motioned to him to come over to me and he sat right next to me. I reached over and grabbed his big tool and squeezed it. He had to be all of ten inches long. I tugged it a few times before John asked me to suck his big cock. I didn't wait for him to ask me twice. I knew this was likely the last chance in my life to try this. I went down into his lap in a hurry and took him all the way down.

    "Oh, fuck man. Yea, that's it. You got a hot mouth buddy. Taste that dick. " He let me go on my own for a few seconds. I took him into my throat and gagged a little and then spit out his cock and covered it in my spit. I took him back down again, all the way. He grabbed my head and push me down on it. I didn't even gag a little. He moaned. I felt his hips bounce like he was fucking my head. Then he let me up and came up for air.

    "Dude. You like fucking my face? I think you should stand up and cock slap the shit out of me with that donkey dick." He took off his shirt and stood up in front of me. I got on the floor in front of him and started getting his cock so wet it was running off of it. Giant gobs of drool running onto the floor. He slapped me across the face with it. I moaned like I was having an orgasm.

    "Do it man. Fuck my face. Treat me like I'm your slut." He shoved his dick back into my mouth and pumped it hard. The sounds of sucking filled the air. I wrapped my lips at the base of his cock and tightened my grip. I felt him tensing up. Several times I thought he was about to cum, but he just kept right on fucking my hole.

    "Take you dick out dude. I want to see it." I couldn't tell him no. I just did what I was told. I took my shirt off and then quickly removed my shorts. He pushed up close to my naked body and did something I am not comfortable with at all. He kissed me. We were making out. Him standing there with a giant hard cock and me standing there with a soft little thing. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it into mine. I loved the way he felt to me. I started getting hard and he pulled me closer to him. He dry humped me, cock to cock until I was standing straight up and fully hard. Almost six inches and showing nearly no balls. I was so tense. So nervous. And yet so fucking horny. He pushed me back down again and I took him back into my mouth. I reached down and started tugging my cock fast and hard. He pulled out and slapped with his his horse dick again.

    "Do it man! Shoot your fucking cum on the floor if you want me to fuck your slut hole." I looked up at him and moaned.

    "Slap me John. I am going to cum so hard. Your so fucking hot!" I kept going as fast as I could. I just starred at that dick until I couldn't take it anymore and I started shooting it out. One after another, I couldn't count how many times I shot. They just kept coming and coming. Hitting the floor almost five feet away from me. Some on his legs and some on up on his cock. I moaned like a whore and started shaking when I was spent. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. And John was more than impressed. He shoved his huge manhood back in my watering mouth and started pumping me hard.

    "That's it. Take it. Tighten those lips down and suck like the whore you are. Make me fucking cum." He teased up and started grunting.
    "Here I cum man!" He pulled out of my mouth and started tugging it fast. He gripped down and I looked up as the first shot went over my head and missed me. Then he moved closer and I opened my mouth wide. He shot down my throat two more times. He paused for a second and then started tugging it again.

    "Oh shit. More!" I opened up again as the next two shots hit my face. I tried to put the cock back in my mouth, but he wouldn't let me. Instead he slapped his messy cum with his big cock and tried to catch his breath. I savored the taste and cleaned the wasted cum off of my face and licked it all up. I watched him get dressed and before long the night had ended.

    To this day, I still can hardly believe I let that happen. I felt ashamed for a while. And then I thought to myself that it was just a one time thing. Every once in a while, when I am alone, I get on my knees and remember what an amazing experience that was. I think I am going to go and do that now. I have to let it out somehow. I just wish he still lived here. I miss having a friend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Well my wife was out of town and I was cruising craigslist. I ran across an add and this black man wanted a blowjob. I couldn't help myself! His cock was so big, needless to say I sucked him for hours and them got the fucking of a lifetime! He was clean and now I'm his horny slut and my wife loves it! I'll never be able to tell a black man no after this! Wow!

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