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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 40

    I was overly sexual at a young age. I had fooled around with several of my friends. Mostly just hand jobs and sucking each other off. I fell in love with masturbating and cleaning out my hole to finger. I had a close friend that I played with a lot. He told me how good it felt to stick your finger up your bum. He would not do it to me, but we had a lot of fun together.

    Not long after I found an older boy in my neighborhood who said he would try it. I was out in the older boys garage and sucked his dick for awhile like I had promised in exchange for him fingering me. I bent over a bench, and began to rub my hole in anticipation. He had stashed some vaseline in a cupboard. He put it on my hole and pushed in. It did not give much resistance since I had been playing with it so much. I felt so good. It felt kinda naughty and really really good. I saw him stroking his cock with his other hand. When he started to rub his engorged mushroom head against my hole I knew what was going to happen. I did not say anything, but as I pushed back against his cock he knew I wanted it. He blew his load in me, and then we really did not say much about it. He fucked me a lot after that and it always felt very casual.

    My favorite experience involves going to the Y when I was younger. I got a hard on in the steam room while two older men were in there. One was older and bigger dicked than the other. They were talking and kinda motioned at my erect member which embarrassed me at first. The older of the two actually got up and started stroking his cock in clear view of me. As he did it he kept an eye out the tiny porthole window that looked into the hallway leading to the steam room. He looked at me and asked if it was all right. I did not know what to do so I just nodded yes. After a short time the older one said something to the younger one. The young one got up and started to slowly fondle himself. The older one still masturbating walked right in front of me. Cock at eye level. Stroking back and forth. I began to sit up sheepishly. He took that as a que to stick his dick up to my lips, which I opened for him. Not long after I began to polish his knob his friend motioned someone was coming. The dick left my mouth and we all tried to hide our hard-ons. After I was flacid enough I went out to shower off. The older man followed me out. We saw each other in the parking lot. He pointed to an old chevy van. I think he might have been living in it. He drove me to the back of a walmart parking lot pulled the blinds and fucked me hard. I was moaning and pushing back as he came inside me. I kept squeezing down on his dick milking the cum out. We swapped numbers and the next time I met him at an adult arcade. He fucked me while I sucked a random cock at the glory hole.

    I went through several adult book store phases. We had several in our town with gloryholes. One even had the arcade in a basement level. It had a separate entrance and nobody checked IDs like they did upstairs where they sold porn. The first time I went I picked a booth some where in the middle. A dick came in from both sides. I was a little unsure what to do, and was paranoid being in there, so I just jerked them both and sucked on the heads. It took me less than a a few months and I was pretty comfortable. There was one booth that was the perfect width for met to take a dick in one glory hole while sucking a dick from another. It became addicting to just go in put $10 in the machine and then let dick after dick pummel my hole. Often I would meet a guy from the internet there and then stay to play longer. One of the most memorable was when I had gone into a larger room with a guy I had chatted with online. He fucked me and left me dripping cum laying naked on the bench I was tired and enjoying fingering his cum when another guy came in. It was one of the two employees working that night. He said I need to put more money in the arcade or go. I said sorry and started to get up. He walked over and said I could give you more time while he rubbed his dick through his shorts. I reached forward to grab at his waist band. He pushed my hand away and motioned me to bend back over. He pulled out his cock and put a condom on. His dick was not that big and I had just got fucked, so I did not mind that he just rammed it in and got to work. After he came I could feel him brace his dick and hear him pull at the condom. He zipped up and left making sure to leave the door propped open. I reached back and felt the lip of the condom he had left full of cum in my ass. I thought it was kinda hot I played with it a little in my hole then pulled out and threw it away. As I fingered my now very wet hole I heard the door close and a belt buckle undo.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Have been reading these confessions since I've been 14 years old, and it truly fucked me up...

    I'm a 19 year old mixed race guy from Cape Town South Africa...

    Totally straight... Or so I thought, I've never done anything with a guy yet, but I can't stop thinking about dick and having a dick throbbing in my hand, at the back of my troat, making me gag.

    Having a dick press against my lips and forcing me to foken choke on it.

    Having a guy hold me down sucking his dick while he fingers my hole, and prepares my ass for that hard Cock.

    Rubbing his dick head across my wet hole and giving me chills as he forces it inside me deep, fucking me till I can't take it anymore and am finally a Cock sucking fag.

    I hate that I feel like this, but absolutely love it.

    I can't wait for my first time, but am absolutely terrified of what may happen once I do it, will I be a Cock addict or will I hate it?

    What's wrong with me, anybody?

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    Straight Male / 52

    I was curious to know what itâs like to take a dick in my ass. Have been getting more curious as I got older. Well my wife and two daughters went out on an all day shopping trip and I stayed home. I had such a strong urge to take cock that I found the Grindr app in the App Store. Downloaded it and within minutes of making an account I had a few people message me.

    After 30 minutes I decided to meet up with this 44 year old guy. Gay guy that lived 8 miles from me. Told him my ass was a virgin and Iâm married and curious. He told me he topped married guys often, thinks they make better bottoms. He invited me over and I got dressed and went over.

    Got to his place and he took me straight to his bedroom. I told him no kisssing and he was fine with that. He started getting undressed and I followed. He was standing in some boxers and I was standing in just my white briefs. He looked at me and said white briefs, I can tell your married for sure. He proceeded to say take off those manties and Iâll show you how your wife feels when you fuck her ass.

    Took my underwear off and I was very hard. And so was he. He had a nice thick 7â cock. My cock is 6â and thick and very hairy. His cock was shaved bald. So I got on the bed in doggy style with my face resting in the bed and my ass up in the air.

    He put lube on my hole and started fingering me, I was used to being fingered by my wife. He said oh yeah your tight and it will be uncomfortable at first. He asked safe or bare. I said you proved your clean, just go bare.

    He started to push his cock in my asshole and it was uncomfortable and hurt. He got it in a d started fucking me. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes before he came in my ass. I could feel all of his hot cum spraying in my asshole. Once he pulled out I got up. My ass was sore! We cleaned up and I went on my way.

    At home I was sitting on the couch watching tv till my wife and daughters got home. I got up to go let them in and my ass was still sore. Hopefully I wasnât walking funny. And even worse I could feel some of his cum leaking out of me and into my briefs, good thing I wear briefs. And Iâm glad I tried bottoming

    For a while I was talking to my wife and daughters and in my head I thought about how they had to take a guys cock during sex. And them doing anal. Now I know what it is like to take cock like a woman. Kinda felt sorry for them.

    Later that night getting ready for bed I stripped down to just my briefs in the bedroom. My wife was in the shower. I changed my briefs since the pair I was wearing had some cum in them. Laying on the bed in just my briefs my wife came in. She was naked as usual but got on top of me. And she got her bush waxed off that day. So we proceed to have sex. The whole time I was thinking about bottoming again because it was quite enjoyable after a while and just felt so dirty wrong and sexy. Fucked my wifes ass that night too and cummed in it. We both had cum in our ass when we went to sleep

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    Gay Male / 19

    In the four years I've been going over to his home, I've never once had to touch my own cock to have it exploding all over the place. He fucks me with such power and force, he's never failed once to have my orgasms ripping through me with such awesome ferocity. Occasionally he'll invite Zack over to indulge, and he's even more of an animal when it comes to fucking my asshole. He's so big though, it often takes days for my asshole to settle down, and my uncle doesn't like to have me out of action for too long. Not when he's such a highly sexed man with a frigid wife. I'm happy she's as she is, because it means my uncle can fuck me as often as we get his house to ourselves.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Gay stories or my family, this applies to both.
    The first time there was any sexual interaction between us, I was fourteen and he was sixteen, very nearly seventeen. He'd not long gotten out of the shower and I was about to get in when he saw I had an erection. He asked me why I was turned on, and at first I wouldn't say. He persisted, so I eventually admitted watching him wash his cock had made mine become hard. His smile and his lustful look, plus his comment "I'll get back in if you like" all made for my penis to become even more achingly hard. It also had me saying "Okay".
    Our parents were out and we had the house to ourselves, so we knew there wasn't any pressure on us to hide our intentions. As soon as we stepped into the shower together, Tommy held my cock and put my right hand onto his growing penis. We stood slowly stroking one another's cocks for some time, before Tommy pushed me down so my face was level with his then fully erect manhood. His cock was a similar length to mine, but it was so much thicker.
    Not being asked to, or never having had sex before, I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed my older brother to slide his cock over my tongue. It felt hard and soft all at the same time, and I marveled at myself for being to take nearly all of it down my throat.
    Tommy began to fuck me mouth holding my head tightly. As far as I was concerned, it was just two young guys enjoying one another's bodies. I didn't even see it as gay sex, only sex. After what might have been five minutes or so, he began to buck harder and his cock pulsed so much more in my mouth, Then without telling me, he came in my mouth, holding me fast making me gulp down his sticky hot cum. It tasted awesome to me and I couldn't honestly suck it out of his cock fast enough.
    Tommy shook a few more times, then released my head. Getting me to stand up, he then sank down and took my cock into his mouth. It was all I could do not to cum straight away, but even so within only a few sucks on my dick, I did cum and watched Tommy spit it all out.
    We stayed in the shower washing each other, then Tommy's hands roamed around to my asshole and he inserted a finger. It felt weird, yet not too uncomfortable. And it began to feel amazing the more his finger slipped in and out of my rear. Putting his head next to mine, he kissed my neck and told me "Next time I'd like to put my cock in there, is that okay". I nodded to my brother, my hero and the one person in my life I'd do anything for.
    We didn't get time alone for over a week, but in the meantime every chance we had, I found myself with his gorgeous cock in my mouth. I sucked him off lots of times, growing with more confidence with each sexual encounter. Sucking in every inch of his cock as if my life depended on it, and Tommy gained more confidence in my ability to pleasure him.
    Then on the following Sunday with our parents driving out to a DIY center, Tommy and I took another shower. Only once his cock was hard in my mouth, he used my moms hair conditioner to smother over my asshole and got himself behind me. Telling me to relax, he first slid in a finger, then two, fucking me the whole time until I was backing onto his digits. Getting right up close, he put his mouth to my ear and said "I'm going to fuck you now". As he aid it, he thrust forwards and my asshole became impaled on his thick seven inch cock.
    We stayed still for well over a couple of minutes as my asshole got used to his size, then Tommy moved in and out a little, getting deeper with each thrust. His cock hurt somewhat up my ass, yet I wanted him to enjoy me, plus it had begun to feel sort of nice.
    Like a cork popping out of a wine bottle, my asshole let go. His cock slid in much easier and I felt his pubes on my butt cheeks. My brother was fully inside of my asshole and his cock head was in my bowels. And that young fourteen year old couldn't have been happier.
    Leaning forwards a little after Tommy asked me to, I felt him fucking me harder and harder with every shove into my body. It became a kind of knack to get in rhythm with his thrusts, but I managed it and we were soon fucking one another with just as much gusto. I cannot really describe what I felt throughout my body, other than it was like small climaxes everywhere all at once. The more he fucked me, those feelings grew and by the time his cock was pounding my asshole, I was begging him to give it to me harder.
    It wasn't announced at all. There was a build up, yet when my cock exploded, it did so with a force and eruption I'd never experienced before wanking on my own. At the same time Tommy cried out and I felt his cum rushing up my ass, and filling my insides.
    It was such a seminal sexual experience, I still remember it today as though it was only hours ago. With us both panting under the shower water, Tommy spun me around and kissed me hard on the mouth. It took me by surprise, yet I found myself responding to my brother's loving and passionate kiss.
    Tommy's birthday was the following day, mine was two days later. Our birthday celebrations were taken together like never before. Yes we had a party and yes all of family and friends took part. Yet it was when we were alone in Tommy's bedroom a few days later, we gave each other our presents to each other. And those were our bodies, sexual and loving. Tommy fucked me on his bed, then we both exchanged blow jobs. He finished by fucking me again, as I rode him for the very first time, then spun me around to fuck me missionary. As he slowly fucked me so deep, he leaned down and we kissed for such a long long time. I took his second load of the afternoon as we continued to kiss.
    Each and every time we could from then on over the following years, myself and Tommy had sex. It has never once grown old and stale between us. It's always exciting and it's always extremely sexual, sometimes brutally sexual between us.
    These days we're both involved sexually and emotionally with females. Even so when we get together which is usually around once or twice a week, depending on our work patterns and life events, I take my brothers awesome cock up my asshole and delight in just how much love we have between us.
    If we ever stop having sex, which I personally hope we never do. Then I think my gay sexual indulgences will stop too. I don't and cannot perceive myself sexually with another guy, but then I've never had another man fuck me. Even though recently I have sucked off another guy in work a couple of times.
    Tommy is such a large part of my life. I love him to bits and hope we're still fucking one another, well into our old age.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Two years ago, myself and a friend of mine (His idea) visited Brighton for a specific reason. We'd arranged/organised for at least nine men to visit us both in a hotel room, so they could fuck either or both of us.
    Basically we would book a room, let everyone know which room number it was and prepare ourselves. Lube and condoms were all provided, as were wipes and some cheap towels we'd bought.
    My friend looked his age, nineteen, but I definitely only looked to be around my early teens with my boyish looks and body. I'm slim, still almost hairless, and I've still only got a tiny penis.
    In all eleven men turned up throughout the evening and early night time. And I received the most attention having seven of the men fuck my arsehole, after first sucking on their various sized cocks. It was a suck, fuck and go session, so none of the men were in the room more than twenty minutes total. Most of them wanted to remain anonymous, and some covered their faces with the scarfs we laid out for them near the door. But to a man they all pretty much forgot to hide their wedding bands, or the obvious mark their wedding rings left.
    We didn't care as we had a fantastic time getting fucked, with my friend taking the largest of the men's cocks. Which must have been ten inches in length, if not more. By the time we took a shower, my arsehole was well and truly fucked, yet it didn't stop my friend from fucking in the shower as our hotel door was knocked upon.
    We didn't answer and were glad in a way we didn't. As we later learned it was group of pissed up guys who'd seen our invite on the internet and decided to have some fun. Instead we settled down to spending the rest of the night reliving what had took place, and then giving one another a long slow blow job whilst in a sixty nine.
    In five weeks from now, I'm going back to Brighton on my own. But to a much more salubrious hotel which caters for wealthy clients. I've already had interest from eight men and surprisingly a transsexual. I know I still look very young for my age, so I've played on it and have asked to be paid for my services, which to a person they've agreed. I'll be doing the same as before, only I've allotted time slots for the men, starting at six pm. The earliest time slots I've set a premium for as my arsehole will be really tight then. Yet even so, most of the men want to fuck me after I've had sex a few times already. Two of the men have even asked me if they can fuck me bareback, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. But I'll see on the night.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    I am a grad student at a large state university. My lab partner, and fellow grad student, is more open with me talking about sex. She has pulled her shirt open and asked me if I like her nipples.

    She told me that what she wanted to do is lay on her stomach in the dark, have me open her legs by holding her ankles, gently massage her feet, her calves, her thighs and her butt. During the massage of her butt to reach under her and find her clit and stimulate her into an orgasm. I can't tell you the number of times she gets behind me and cups my breasts and kisses me. She knows that I can't resist her holding me like that.

    Yesterday we had to go into the lab, it was just the two of us, she lifted her dress up to show me that she didn't have underwear on. She said she wanted confirmation, to go home with her when we were finished and consumate what we both want. When we got to her apartment unit, she blindfolded me with a night mask and had me hold her hand to walk me in. When we were inside she got totally undressed and then took my mask off. She said she was offering herself to me.

    First of all I have very little experience, and I don't deny that I am attracted to her and what she what she says and does makes me feel horny for her. But I am also a lot more reserved, getting naked and offering myself like that would never cross my mind. We did do the massage thing, which made me want to be with her and I massaged her butt with my breasts (this is a first for me). I also performed oral sex on her which is a first for me. I spent the night.

    I am writing this because it was my first overnight with a woman. My first time getting in bed to have sex, up to now I have kissed with her and she has cupped my breasts. I am truthful in that I am attracted to her, this is not a mystery to me or to her. Of the things we did that I really liked was laying on my back while she touched me all over, and she kissed me with small kisses. She is definitely more aggressive and she initiates everything.

    I have had fantasies since I was going through puberty, mostly about being abducted. In my fantasies I always get r**ed. So why in real life have I always been attracted to other girls and women? This is not my first falling in love experience, but it is the first going to bed experience.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    They say you shouldn't look through key might not like what you see...
    I live in an old bungalow with an attic room in the roof...three floors above the ground. There is a small window which is very dirty and has cobwebs around it. The view from the window is across my boundary wall and into the "private"...not... garden of my neighbor. There is a small shelf by the window and on it I have high powered binoculars. I have cleaned a very small area of the glass through which I have a perfect line of site to my neighbors pool and terrace. He is a bit under 40, quite stunning to look at and has a great body...**mplete with a superb penis.
    When my wife is away which is often I venture up to the attic, strip into the nude and watch and wait, and hope. We have lived in the house for 6 years and during that time I have seen some of the hottest live sex imaginable. The temptation to cross the line and become sexually involved with my bi neighbor has been huge but I so get off watching him and his sexual partners...both men and women...that I have resisted.
    I am married, with three early 20's aged children...twin girls and a 20 year old son, all of whom are living away from home most of the year. I am 45, very gym fit and enjoy sex with men when I travel. Sex with my wife is fine, about twice a week or so, and she does enjoy anal sex which suits me fine...
    My son is very good looking, very well toned has had a string of girlfriends.
    You can imagine then my utter shock last weekend when I saw him walk out onto the neighbors terrace in the nude. I didn't even know he was in town. He stood in the sun looking at the pool and then my neighbor...Kirk, BTW, was behind him, also nude, and started to kiss his neck. I watched as my sons penis became erect and felt my own do the same. I was shaking. My son leaned forward and arched his back. He grimaced as Kirk entered him, holding his hips and pulling him close as he started to fuck him slowly. I was stunned...but intensely aroused.
    I stroked my erection and watched as Kirk gathered momentum and the sex became more intense. In time...I had lost track...Kirk tossed his head back and ejaculated, still deep inside my son. I too ejaculated, and sprayed cum over the wall that has been the landing strip for many big loads.
    Kirk pulled out and, thank God, pulled a condom off his beautiful penis. They then stood kissing for a while and went back inside the house. I was left in total mental chaos, with a limp dripping penis having watched Kirk devour my son.
    I went down and showered and got dressed into little bikini briefs, shorts and a tee...the usual weekend attire for me.
    I hung around the house and wondered if Kit, my son, would appear. He did, a good two hours later. We hugged and I said what a surprise to see him and stuff and got him a coffee. I was looking at my son, now, in a totally different light. I had watched him have intense sex with my male neighbor. What scared me was that I wanted penis swelled in my briefs and shorts...I was looking at a beautiful young man I had raised and nurtured, wanting to make love to him.
    My wife returned and Kit had a bite to eat then headed out to meet some "friends". My wife went to the bathroom and I quickly went to the attic. Kit and Kirk were nude on the terrace, candles lit. Kit was lying across the settee with his head in Kirks lap while Kirk stroked his hair and massaged his chest, playing with his nipples. Hi semi erect penis lay across his upper thigh. I ejaculated within 5 minutes of starting to stroke my very hard penis.
    God knows where this will lead.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Usually once a week, but sometimes twice if my wife's doing something, I call over to Cal's, my buddies home to have a few beers and just hang out. Cal hardly ever has just a few beers though and often crashes out on his sofa. When he does myself and Adrian his seventeen year old son, sneak off someplace in their home so I can fuck the shit out of him. He's such a horny little bastard, he never fails to get my cock achingly hard. And I never fail to enjoy his tight ass. Even if Cal is awake and Adrian and I see an opportunity, I'll chance a quick fuck, often dumping my load up his fuckhole, leaving him to clean up. I know I shouldn't be fucking my best friends kid, but he really is such a cute looking horny bitch, I just help sliding my cock between his tight buns.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Back In June 2016 I was out drinking with a couple of friends whilst on holiday abroad. They decided to go to a club, but I'd not long been chatting up a beautiful older woman. So I stayed where I was, hoping to get her back to our apartment and fuck her. Only I didn't know one of the guys who'd just walked in, was her fella and the bar owner.
    No sooner had my friends had gone, I was dragged out to the rear of the bar and thought I was about to get a kicking. Instead, I literally had my t-shirt, shorts and boxers ripped off of me. Shitting myself stood naked in front of three men (Even now I'm only eight and a half stone wet through) I expected the punches to start flying, but I was only slapped hard. It stung like crazy, but once I'd recovered enough I saw all three men had dropped their shorts and were telling me to suck their dicks.
    I had a choice I thought at the time. Fight them, not much chance of that. Scream like a girl, or try and run. I thought this until I noticed one of the men was the bar owner. Someone my friends and I had noticed earlier outside another bar, and I remembered thinking "Fuck me he's huge". And he wasn't just huge in his stature either from what I saw in front of me.
    I was slapped again and by total instinct, I sank down opened my mouth and let the first man slide his cock over my tongue. The other two spoke to him in their language and he began to fuck my mouth. Thankfully I thought, he came within a minute then pulled out quickly, as I began to spit out his cum. Only to have the other shorter older man stick his cock down my throat. He made me gag a little at first, but I soon found I could handle his cock in my mouth, and I'm not sure what made me do it, but I started to hold his cock and suck on it for real. The other two made some sort of comments, but I didn't understand what they'd said.
    After I'd been sucking on his dick for about five minutes, I was lifted up into a standing position, but still had his cock in my mouth. All of a sudden I felt my arse cheeks being pulled apart, and had a hot tongue licking away at my arsehole. And truth be known it felt amazing. Still with the older mans cock in my mouth, I heard a wrapper being ripped open, then heard something being unfurled, or rolled.
    Seconds later with my arsehole covered in spit, my body was entered through my arsehole and I knew the bar owner was thrusting his cock up me. It was such a surreal moment, I kind of forgot where I was and what was happening to me. I'm not sure if that helped, but I only felt pain briefly then all kinds of wonderful feeling began to flood though my arsehole and my entire body.
    It wasn't as if i'd been fucked before, because I hadn't. Yet the feeling his cock ws giving me, was like someone providing my arsehole with mini orgasms. It felt so good, I found myself sucking harder on the older mans cock, and pushing back onto the bar owners.
    The older man came in my mouth shouting things in his language, and forced me to take everything down my throat by holding onto my head tightly. But I didn't care by then. The fucking I was getting was so good and so intense, I felt my own orgasm growing and screamed out in total pleasure when my cock erupted all over the floor beneath me.
    The bar owners thrusts became longer and more forceful, then all of a sudden he let out a cry of joy, and I felt his cock pumping out it's cum filling the condom deep up my arsehole.
    When I looked round, it was only the bar owner and myself left at the back of the bar. The other two had gone back inside and let his wife know they were finished with me. I knew this because she came out, kissed her husband and told me in perfect English "The only person who fucks me is him". She laughed a little, then added "But now I guess he fucks you too, eh!"
    My friends didn't find out then and don't know even to this day, that I've grown to love a thick meaty cock up my arsehole. They also don't know for the remaining four days of our holiday, when I said I didn't want to go clubbing on two of the nights, I was taking a bar owners huge Greek cock up my bum. Not at the rear of the bar, but in his beautiful villa only a mile away from his bar, and his wife knew only too well why I sat at the end of the bar waiting.
    The caveat to all of this, is I still visit that island and have done so twice a year, every year since. I don't have to pay for accommodation, or food, only my flights. His wife picks me up from the airport and tells me her mouth, pussy and arsehole can have a rest for a week. At first she was never around when he fucked me, but nowadays its as if they've agreed he can fuck me when and where ever he wants. So believe you me, he does and sometimes so do his friends.

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