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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I've always had a liking for both sexes and have had fun with both sexes, until I met and then married my wife Jessica.
    Her father Frank is the antipathy of a masculine muscular dominant male. So after being married to his daughter for two years (Fourteen months back) Imagine my surprise to hear him ask me at a family party, if I still liked sex with men and if I did, and get this, would I consider fucking him.

    Me, his son in law, the person who's married to his youngest daughter. I must tell you I got all defensive telling him that was all in the past, until he literally dragged me into the bathroom and kissed me hard full on the lips. I was still in shock when his tongue entered my mouth and his hand reached down to play with my growing cock, through my shorts.

    Thinking any minute he's going to start telling me it was a test of my faithfulness to his daughter, I tried to back away. It only had Frank drop to his knees, open my shorts and pull out my now fully erect cock. Not saying a word, my father in law, who's six foot three and two hundred plus pounds, took my cock into his mouth. As he sucked on my dick oh so expertly, he undid his shorts and with my cock still being sucked, he took them and his boxers off.

    My dick was throbbing by the time he stood up, leant over the tub and told me to feed him my cock. Not wanting to disapoint a man who could easily crush me. I gripped his ass cheeks and then in one long movement, I entered a mans asshole, who I never thought in a billion years I get to fuck.

    It was obvious I wasn't the first to fuck Frank, but it was also obvious, no one had fucked him in some time as his ass was so tight wrapped around my seven and half inch dick. In a out of body experience almost, I fucked my father in law for over ten minutes. Each time someone wanted to use the bathroom, he'd bellow out he was using it. When they went away, he'd tell me to carry on fucking him. Telling Frank I wanted to cum after about ten minutes, he said "Good, so do I" As I was about to pull out Frank said "Don't you fucking dare boy, I want your seed in me". No sooner than I'd begun to come, Franks cock let go without him touching himself. He came all over the tub in front of him, as I came filling his asshole.

    Once we'd gotten dressed, he told me he wanted more of the same sometime. Walking out of the bathroom with my cum still deep up his ass, Frank turned to me and said "Oh yeh boy, this never happened, you hear".

    It still never happens fourteen months on. Each time he visits our home and his daughters not in, he asks, or tells me more to the point, to fuck him, or has me fuck his mouth. Only last week when my wife was at her gym class, Frank turned up and had me fuck him, which I did for over an hour. I came once up his asshole as he lay his back. Then after sucking on my flaccid cock for about twenty minutes, he had me fuck him in our shower. We'd not long gone downstairs and dressed before his daughter walked in all sweaty. The shower I'd only just fucked her father in, saw his daughter wash away her exercise class sweat.

    When she wanted some fun late that night, I made out I was tired, which I was. And took my time giving her a long slow pussy licking. Franks asshole is devine don't get me wrong, but I'm going to have to slow him down. Either that or start using dildo's to satisfy a man who loves me fucking his ass.

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    Gay Male / 41

    As a child I spent several years in Mexico. My father was on assignment there and my parents had an extensive social life. I was left alone at home with the caretaker. He was real nice and spoke enough English and my parents trusted him. He liked to suck my penis. The first time he sucked my penis he was helping me get out of the shower and he was sitting on the toilet drying me off and he latched onto my penis. He sucked on it real hard, he was able to get my entire penis into his mouth and hold me by my buns and he sucked me for a long time, my penis got real hard I stood there while he sucked and sucked. He made me feel like I wanted to pee, but I didn't pee. After a good while, it was a long time, he put the towel around me and took me to my room and laid me on my bed naked and started to suck my penis again.

    That night he also put his tongue into my butt hole and motor boated me. He took his penis out and had me suck him and he laid on top of me and put his penis against me.

    It was obvious to my parents that I liked him and he was left to take care of me whenever they went out. I loved sucking his penis as much as I loved him sucking mine. We used to play puppy and get down on all fours and then we would bark and bark until we got a penis to suck. After my shower he always licked my butt, something he didn't let me do to him. We would lay naked with each other, later we would kiss.

    I was 13 when we returned to the states. I thought of him and wrote him letters and he would send me letters, which I have kept. I am really sentimental about this. I remained loyal to him for several years until as a 17 year old I was talking to one of the guys that mowed the lawn and he held his dick in his pants and offered it to me and went off the deep end with him. He was in his mid twenties and spoke English more or less and we would meet at the mall and I would go to his pick up and he would let me suck him. One night he took me to his apartment and he took my virginity. By then I had fallen in love with him and I had begun to forget my lover from Mexico.

    My new lover and I stayed together until after college. I quit him because he was always asking for money and denying me sex unless I gave him some.

    Living away from home I frequented clubs and bars and met guys, but I never got off to anybody except Latinos. At this one bar from the neighborhood, frequented by gays, I was introduced to this one ex-serviceman from Laredo. To say he fucked me every way to Sunday is not an exaggeration. He had come off duty and a white boy like me turned him on and he fucked me and fed me his penis. He made me his toy boy, and by made me his toy boy, that is exactly what he did. He was 36 and have been in the service since he was 18 and now he was out and he was horny as hell and a 23 year old college boy was exactly what he needed.

    It was with him that I came into my own. With him I experienced my inner self. With him I knew why I was gay, why I loved penis and why I loved getting fucked. I became his toy boy and moved in with him. I would vacuum for him in my underwear and he would slap my ass and bend me over the sofa for a quick fuck. I sucked his penis constantly. I was his man servant and his toy boy and I was madly in love. It was with him that I called myself sissy.

    I am well along now with experience and enjoy my very naught relationships and am totally ok with my preferences. But, I still think about my days in Mexico. Those were the best days, I keep my letters, although I have lost complete contact with my caretaker. I think of him often. I have fallen in and out of love so many times, each one for a different reason and experience, but the one constant in my mind is my days in Mexico. I miss those carefree days and nights. I miss at night when I go to bed his arms hugging me and his hands and mouth on my penis. Him I liked when he sucked me, now mostly I give head, but with him it was different. With him it was the most special time of my growing up days.

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    Straight Male / 23

    So the person that convinced me to put their dick in my mouth when I was in junior high contacted me, now I've jumped at every chance I've gotten to suck his dick and almost took it in the ass from him but I think the condom was making him soft, anywho found out he has his own place but really sucks becuz he admited to me that he does drugs and his problem sounds bad quite frankly I'm not sure if I can go through with it knowing he has such a problem he openly admited to, he did admit if I went over he would finally do as I wish and penetrate me no matter what and do anything possible he offered a shower being there and even suggested that if I liked taking it in the ass if we can roleplay a shower r**e situation but again it bothers me he is a drug user, idk what to do becuz this is my secret and honestly he's the only guy who knows and that's becuz he had convinced me to stuff for him

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Any other guys out there that have had bi lovers in the past and now want to get together with another man? I have a friend I want to suck off and have him fuck me so bad but I don't want to make the move and have it end our friendship if he doesn't feel the same as I do. Any suggestions?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Waking up a little over an hour ago, I could still taste his cum in my mouth. It had been the most intense sexual thing I'd ever done and one I knew I wanted repeat. His warmth was right next to me, as was his erect cock. He was asleep, yet his dick was pulsing. Remembering the feeling of his cock sliding up my asshole the night before, I lowered my head to his cock and took it into my mouth. He stirred a little then fell back to sleep, but I wanted him awake, I wanted his cock back inside my body again. I wanted to feel like I'd done a few hours before, as he'd fucked me so hard and for so long. Every inch of his cock slid over my tongue. I'd practiced using his daughters dildos to train myself to be able to take all eight inches of his cock down my throat. When he stirred the second time I'd just had his pubes tickling my nose as I took all of his cock.
    He woke up fully, held my head and asked me if I wanted fucking. Releasing his cock from my mouth, I shifted up the bed and kissed him good morning. Thirty seconds later I was lay on my left side with him behind me, slowly entering my asshole as he kissed the back of my neck. It wasn't like the night before as he didn't hammer away at my rear hole. Instead he took his time by slowly fucking me. My cock became so erect as he reached around to stroke it. Every nerve in my body was alive from being fucked. Every sense super keen to have him deeper inside me.
    Masturbating me faster and with more grip, I began to cum. Telling him I was on the brink, he quickened his pace, fucking me harder and deeper. With his breath in my ear I hard him tell me he was going to shoot his load up my asshole. Just as I orgasmed I screamed out to him to fill my hole. His hot cum flooded my rear passage and we both relaxed into one another. Turning my head, I gave him a kiss true lovers give each other when they know they're in love.
    Showering and then making him breakfast, we spoke about the night before and how he really enjoyed fucking me hard the way he had. Telling me his wife wouldn't let him fuck her like that. Smiling I told my father in law he could fuck me anyway he wanted.
    In half an hour I'll pick his daughter up from her place of work, and then tell her our nights fishing trip was a laugh. As ever, she'll tell me I spend to much time trying to please her father and that I hate fishing. I'll smile and nod, then think of just how much I adore her father fucking me.
    Until next weeks fishing trip, I'll have to be the dominant sexual partner.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    At the age of 13 I was fascinated by porn, but after 2 years of watching all kind of straight porn from amateur to kink and I loved it trust me but I got bored. So one day While watching a certain video I notice a girl fucking a guy with a strap-on and it had me erect as fuck.

    This got me interested in watching porn where guys were getting fucked by girls or male solo porn. Their asses just looked so beautiful. Now at the age of 15 I was curious and set up a gay profile on twitter and all I did was masturbate to pics and vids of gay men fucking. All I wanted was a cock to suck or a ass to rim I was so horny for these sexy men.

    Just a while after I started searching gay porn online and masturbate to men sucking dick and it made me so horny I was in love with gay porn and cock. Not wanting anyone to know I adored cock I kept it to myself and everyday or so I would masturbate to Gay porn. I went from being a straight teen to bi-sexual cock lover in a few months.

    About a year has gone by and I just loved gay porn ,but now and then looked at some straight shit. But something was missing and one night while watching some gay porn I made a game out of it(I would watch a group of men fucking but in the beginning of the video I would choose a guy and imagine I was him and anything that happened to him I had to do as well) so watching this vid I see him being fingered by a guy and this make me curious so anxiously I suck my finger and stick it in my ass , was a weird but pleasant feeling at the same time. And this is where my life changed , being in high school I always had a friend that kept pinching my nipples as a joke and for some reason I knew he liked me.

    SO One day I decide to invite him over to stay the night and smoke a joint or 2 while my mom was on holiday. The night was chilled until I broke the Ice by saying "I have to show you this porno I watched last night" he immediately had a smile on his face. Now Joey was bigger than me in body size and I was hoping to see if his dick was also large. Putting on the porno (bi-sexual porn) I saw his bulge grow larger when the guy was getting fucked. I knew this was the opportunity and I suggested that we take our pants off and start masturbating abit. He took his pants off and out popped a 7 to 8 in cock , all I could do was stare in amazement. Fuck I was horny and he knew it, he never touched his cock but I was busy masturbating mine he caught me looking and he told me "well it wont jack itself" shocked all I did was grab his cock and jack us both. after a while Joey turns to me and asks If I had any lube I said yes and put my mouth on the tip of his cock, it felt amazing! Musky , Big balls and huge dick all mine. Sucking him for about 3mins he groans and says he cant hold any longer and all I feel is a warm liquid substance squirt in the back of my throat and in shock I swallow the salty cum.

    All worn out with his dick still in my mouth he asked if I have ever sucked dick because I was a true cocksucker. and all of a sudden he lifts my legs and put me on all 4s and starts licking my anus. Being my first time i was scared but it felt so great and moist. As he stops i turn around and see his cock is up again, feeling his head rub on my anus I submit to him and said stick it in gently , No one could have braced me for the pain I felt next and it lasted about 10 seconds before all I felt was Pleasure. now knowing i can take his dick he thrusts it in me and against my prostate because my dick was never that hard and from being fuck as well? After about 8 to 10 minutes of taking dick , my dick just gave in and squirted all over my bed. And Joey says "fuck im cuming" and that same warm liquid enters my anus. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep so we slept in the same bed.

    The morning I woke up with him sucking my dick and I loved every moment of him being here

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    Gay Male / 26

    Late in the summer as a rising seventh grader my parents took me with them on a holiday to Maine. We stayed at a motel. At the swimming pool I met this other boy who was staying at the same motel. We stayed at the pool until after dark. We had been in the pool for a long time and I needed to pee and got out to go the restroom. He followed me claiming he needed to go too. Since I was in my bathing suit I had to push my suit down, I had my suit just below my butt and he got behind me and pushed my suit further down and held me and started to hump me. He had his suite down and his penis was hard and he kept bending me over and poking my butt with his penis. He was real strong, much stronger than me and maneuvered me into a stall pushed down my suite until he got it off and then me bent me forward over the toilet and started to hump me. I guess because we did not have any lubrication he wasn't able to penetrate me, so he turned me around and sat me on the toilet and had me suck his penis.

    By then I was real horny and I sucked him, it was my first time, but he started to tell me what to do. Once I got started I didn't want to stop, but we weren't going anywhere with that, so I got up and turned around and opened my legs into a semi squat and he was able to penetrate me. Whether it was half an inch or his total penis I could not l, I do know that it was the best feeling I could imagine, I would guess that he managed to get a good amount of his penis inside of me, all I wanted was more, and for him to fuck me.

    That was my total first time, the next morning at breakfast we saw each other and totally ignored each other.

    I was a long time before I had my second experience, this time the guy used a lube and I was forever hooked.

    I am a total penis addict, and I take risks, hooking up with guys at bars or clubs. I carry around condoms and lube, but I don't always get my way with that. I moved to NYC and am active in the scene. I have not met anyone that I want as a boy friend, right now I want to enjoy being out there.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    My wife of eight months told me in December last year, If I wanted to fuck her asshole, I'd first have to see what it felt like myself, by letting her fuck me with one of her dildos. She did and I secretly loved every thrust she gave me with it. I let her know I'd kind of enjoyed it, but not the extent I actually had. Fucking her that night as my cock was pounding her asshole, I knew I'd play with her dildos again, but on my own.
    I did so for a few weeks, getting deeper and harder with each session I had on my own. After around five weeks I'd started to make myself cum by just fucking myself alone, and not touching my cock. Then one evening after she'd gone out with her sister, I decided I'd like to try the real thing. Actually I'd been thinking of it for a while. Taking a short walk to a local park which is known for gay, bisexual and married curious men to seek sexual release, I cruised the park looking for a guy (I didn't know what type then) That would maybe want to fuck me. I took condoms, a small tube of lube and some wipes in a man bag I always carried.
    At first I thought it was going to be a hopeless task, as most men I met only wanted to suck me off or have me suck them off. Then as I was about to give up, I met an older guy called Alex, who not only wanted me to suck his dick, he asked me if I was up to it, that he'd love to fuck a younger guy like me also.
    For the first time in my life I let another man put his fully erect cock in my mouth. It felt completely strange at first and once again I nearly gave up, but as I relaxed a little and heard just how much Alex was enjoying me sucking on his cock, I got right into it. By the time his cock was literally throbbing in my mouth, I wanted him to cum right there and then. Alex though had other ideas. Pulling me up and moving us over to a set of trees, he got me lean against one. Opening my loose fitting jogging bottoms, Alex dropped down and immediately spread my butt cheeks. he feeling his hot tongue gave my asshole will stay with me forever. No one had ever tongued my asshole before and it felt devine. The sensations his tongue was giving me was totally amazing. In the end it was me who begged him to fuck me. Passing him a condom I watched him put it on in almost over eager anticipation of what i knew was about to happen.
    Alex is forty nine, extremely fit, given he's a pipe layer (Yeah I've heard the jokes before) and has an eight and half inch fairly thick cock. Without any hesitation I knew it was going to hurt, I also knew I wanted him to fuck me so bad.
    Pushing hard against the tree with one hand, he guided his cock to my rear hole and ever so slowly entered my body.
    If having my wife's dildos to get me off was one horny thing, then having another human being fuck you because he too was horny as hell, was something else entirely.
    In a series of gentle probes, Alex finally bottomed out up my ass. It hurt like nothing I'd experienced before, but at the same time I knew from experience it would get better. What I didn't know, was just how intense and how much better that it would become. Three or four minutes after he'd entered my asshole, I heard Alex tell me "Now I'm gonna fuck you for real boy".
    The fucking he gave me was nothing short of complete and utter sexual pleasure. I'd always felt since I began to fuck myself I'd take another mans cock, but I really envisaged it to be in a hotel room or in another mans bed. Having another man fuck me so amazingly outdoors, just heightened every thrust of his cock up my asshole. I was a cock slut at that very moment, i knew it, Alex knew it and someone I didn't see until it was all over knew it too.
    The powerful strokes of his cock pounding into me, soon had me on the brink of cumming, I told Alex who told me to wait. It was hard not to cum I was so in tune with what he as doing to me, but I did wait somehow. Then when I heard him tell me to spill my load, I felt his cock twitch so hard inside me and felt his cum fill the condom which was deep inside my bowels.
    Leaning into me, Aex turned around and asked a guy to step forward. Introducing me to another guy around his age, he asked me if the other man could fuck me too. Not over my orgasm as such, I just nodded. One very large thick cock, was replaced after donning a condom, by a smaller thinner cock. Unfortunately it was all over in a matter of a minute.
    Within five minutes I'd swapped and taken Alex's phone number and was stood with my asshole out in the breeze.
    Since that very first time I've continued to see Alex, Only I now more often than not visit him at his home. The home he shares with his older lover. They're both versatile, but Alex has told me he's not been fucked in years. They'd been out that night to get his lover laid, to have him able to fuck someone. It turned out he isn't set out physically to really fuck a guy. Alex most definitely is and has enough staying power to indulge himself with us both.
    Alex isn't the only guy to have had my asshole to use though. I've met another guy my age who adores fucking me, to the extent he's asked me to break things off with Alex. He knows I won't leave my wife as I enjoy that side of my life too, but he does want my asshole exclusively to himself.
    Last week I told him I'd see Alex again one last time. That will be tomorrow night after my wife leaves for work. It will be in the park again as we've already arranged to meet there. Alex knows it's our final fuck, so he's promised me he'll be more than ready to fuck me until I cum the hardest I've ever cum. I hope so too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Hi my name is Susan, and I live in south Yorkshire England. I am both A/C D/C. When I meet men, I like to wear stockings and girly clothes. I place an advert in the free advertisement section, saying that my name is Susan, and that I am slim, long legs firm tits and bottom, with a small cock , looking to meet men. I also say that I can entertain at home, or meet out doors in private places. I also say that besides wearing sexy clothes, I am red hot. I leave a email address, and wait for a reply. Yesterday a man called Gary from Doncaster replied saying, that If he could meet in the afternoon? With his email he sent a photo of his cock, which was very large. How could a girl refuse. We agreed to meet in the woods I know. The afternoon weather was wonderful with a slight breeze. I stood on the cinder path waiting for him. I was wearing green bra and matching cameo knickers, what my wife had bought me. My short dress was brown and cream, and was see through nylon. My legs were bare showing my lovely sun tan. The gentle cool breeze, and my heart beating with anticipation, I stood there waiting. Suddenly this man appeared walking down the path, I hid behind some trees , just letting him see a glimpse of me, in case it was not him. Stood there like a tart, could be bad if it was not him. He introduced himself as Gary , and I said I was waiting for him. My heart began to beat, as this man was beautiful . His hair was short , and he had wonderful looking eyes. He was tall and handsome, and he had lovely soft caring voice. We stood there under the old beech trees, were lovers in the past had carved their names. The sun was hot, and the breeze was cool, as my new found friend started to take his clothes off. First his vest, showing his big man chest . Then his shorts, leaving him with just his underpants on. My heart started to race again, and I turned to face the tree. I could feel his hands on my buttocks, as he reached under my skirt to pull my little panties down. He knelt down and kissed my bottom, first the left cheek biting lightly and then the right. I bent over and his lips were on my love hole, sucking. I could feel his cock pressing in my back, and I had to turn round to look. His man hood was very large, with thick blue veins. He was completely naked, and his cock stood proud. I told him to lay down, and I sucked and licked his weapon while he kissed my love hole. He took my dress and bra off , and I was completely naked, just the warm breeze for company. He had me on all fours, and this time he bit my buttocks hard. His finger was up my hole. He put a condom on and before I could stop him he held me around the waist and buggered me. At first it hurt , then it felt so nice. We crossed the cinder path , and he finished me off in the corn field. After I lay on my back, and before he left he shoot his cum all over me.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I'm the evening and Saturday administrator at a small private university with just over 2,000 students. I work Monday - Thursday from 3 - 11 PM and Saturdays. The administrative staff, whose offices are on the opposite side of the building from upper administrators, leave after 8:00PM break. I'm the only staff member on site for the last 2 classes spending that time in my office, auditing classes and evaluating instructors. Jimmy, our housekeeping supervisor, begins work at 8:00pm in the administrative offices which are empty and his crew arrives at 10:00PM. Three weeks ago my schedule was to evaluate instructors, so I locked my office area due to my being in the classrooms. The 8 - 9 PM instructor I planned to audit had a substitute, so I was free that hour. I walked the hallways looking into other classes, went to the bathroom and headed for my office. When I got off the elevator on the main floor I looked toward the doors to the administrative offices and didn't see a light from under the doors. This was a first, so I became concerned for Jimmy, who is a tall, thin, black man in his 60's. I unlocked the door to those offices just to check and noticed a light reflecting from under the door of the DOA. Now my heart is racing fearing a student has broken into the Director of Admissions back office. The carpeted floor allowed me to walk right up to that door, which I opened without knocking. Standing in front of the desk bent over with his hands holding the other side was my married Director Of Admissions with Jimmy fucking his ass. We were all frozen for a few seconds before Jimmy began to back out the longest dick I have ever seen in my life. How in the name of God did he take something that long? I do not know, but Jimmy was balls deep in his ass and I watched him withdraw that monster of a cock.
    Both of their pants were around their ankles as Jimmy pulled his up it took both hands on his deflating cock to get it in his pants. My DOA, who is 5"8", 145# had two fist of dick buried in his married ass and took it with ease. Finally, I pulled the door too and walked over to my office on the other side of the building. I was at a lose for words; didn't know what to say or do. Shortly, the buzzer went off indicating someone was coming into the lobby area on my side and, of course, it was Jimmy and the DOA. Both are great, loyal and model employees who were concerned they would be terminated immediately. I was so conflicted I was literally shaking. They talked and I listened for 2 hours, learning this had been happening for over 7 years - and in the facility. Two married men, co workers and friends, who I would never have suspected of being bisexual caught fucking at work. I told them what they did was their business, but not on campus.
    I've never been with a man, although I've had opportunities. I'm married, but get my share of strange; not students but been with several females from work. I cannot get out of my mind how Jimmy's big dick was buried balls deep in the DOA ass. The more I think about it the greater my desire to see it again; watch him fuck that ass like I fuck a pussy. I've had lots of M/M/F action, however, the desire for M/M/M is new and increasing. I've beat off several times to what I witnessed; each time throwing a big load. Last night after students left, and Jimmy and his crew were upstairs cleaning class rooms, I went over to the DOA's office standing where Jimmy stood and I beat off blowing all over the DOA's desk - where he lay while getting fucked. I cannot erase from my mind what I witnessed and the desire to be a voyeur with those two is growing stronger everyday. Last night I wondered, for the first time, what that ass might feel like.

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