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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Female / 23

    I never did anything with a guy until I was 18. I wasn't cute like a lot of my friends. I wasn't popular. I was in band, but not a total geek like most people think. I got along with everyone, but I always wanted to be one of those cool people who could do whatever they wanted.

    Right after I did something with the first guy I ever slept with (if you call sleeping with him some heavy making out, and about 2 minutes of him fucking me, cumming and apologizing for being so quick), one of my friends was spending the night. We grew up together, and knew each other for a long time. That night, I remember she was getting dressed, and I couldn't stop looking at her. Even now, i have small boobs for my size, kind of a big butt, and a bit of a stomach. I'm not ugly by any means, but I know enough to know someone good looking.

    when she was getting dressed, she had this cute pair of underwear on and this white bra. nothing like really sexy or hot. but i was looking at her boobs. and she saw me, and i got really embarrassed when she said to me with a smirk "what are you looking at?" I shrugged and said "I dunno. just looking. sorry to be a creeper"

    She took off her bra. and walked up to me and said "well you can look all you want". Without warning, i reached out and I put my hands on them. She looked at me with shock in her eyes, and said "woah" and just kind of backed off. I said "sorry. shit. I'm sorry. didn't mean to creep you out" and she kind of laughed and said "I dunno, not freaked, but just never thought you know, you were into chicks" I just laughed and said "I'm not. but i dunno, something about you is different". Her eyes got really huge and she says to me "really?" I said yeah.

    She was standing there. And I never know why she did it. she pulled down her underpants and took her bra off again. I was standing there in my pjs and my top. And I was looking at her amazing boobs. she said "take yours off" I said "nah. it's ok". She said "no come on. take yours off" so I did. I have small boobs. Did back then. And she looked and went "wow. fucking sexy boobs babe". I just laughed. She said to me "I'm serious" and said "ok, how about the rest?'

    I took off my underwear. She had it shaved down there. I hadn't. I had my hair down there, and I just had never done anything about it. I never really worried. She came up to me and pushed her body against me, and all of the sudden, we're making out. I mean, really making out. I'd never touched a girl before, and Jade was kissing me. I felt myself getting horny. I had only been with two guys at that time and never a girl.

    That night, Jade and I ended up doing shit together. She ate me out, for like forever. I had never done anything like that. She ended up showing me how to do it, and I licked on her, and I gave her two or three orgasms, and she gave me at least two. The funny thing is, we've been together with us, and with two different guys before. We have also been together just us. And I don't think I'm a lesbian. Not sure I'm even bisexual.

    Btu when Jade has said "do you wanna fool around" I always say yes. I live out of state from her now, but when I come back home, we usually hang out at least one or two days, and every time, even though I'm married, she's married, and we both have kids, we end up doing stuff together. I feel bad for saying it, but the last time I was in town visiting, we ended up fucking someone we should not have. It was really dirty and taboo. My husband doesn't know about it, and I hope he never does. Jade wanted to do it, said she was bored with her husband, and had a chance to try something really dirty and perverted. So we did.

    I don't know. I think I'm wrong, but I can't help it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    My wife left me because she caught me fucking our neighbor. It was a messy divorce, and she got pretty much everything. I'm 51 years old now, but this happened when I was 32.

    A few months later I decided it was time to start dating again. I worked with a guy named Steve, and we used to talk about everything. I never guessed he was gay. Anyway, one night he asked if I wanted to go out with him and get laid. It had been a while, so I said okay.

    He picked me up at 8:00 and we headed out of town. I asked where we were going, and he told me it was a place he often went to on Friday nights. We got there shortly before 9:00. The club was called the Saddle 'n Paddle. We walked in and paid the cover. I looked around and found that there were no women. "Is this a gay club?" I asked him. "Of course," he said. "But I'm not gay." "That's okay," he said, "It'll be alright."

    We sat in a booth along one wall and started drinking. About six drinks in I was getting pretty tipsy. A large man walked over and asked if he could sit down. Steve said sure. The guy sat next to me in the booth. Steve said he had to piss, so he got up and walked away. The guy's name was Dale. We chatted for a bit, and after a couple more drinks I noticed his hand was on my thigh. "I'm not gay," I said. He just nodded, but said, "Is this making your dick hard?" I looked away, and he leaned in a little and I felt his hand rub my thigh and land on my cock. "Your cock feels really nice." I didn't say anything, but didn't move his hand away. "Ever had a man suck your cock?" "Um, no," I said. "That's okay," he said, and rubbed my thigh a little more.

    He grabbed my hand and said, "Come on, I want to show you something." We got out of the booth. I was pretty drunk, so I let him lead me to the back. There was a row of curtained booths. These booths had two benches but no tables. They were set up for only one thing. He opened the curtain on the first booth and I saw a guy on his knees sucking another guy's cock. "Does that make your dick hard?" he asked. Before I could say anything he closed the curtain and we moved to the second booth. It was empty, so he pulled me in and had me sit down. He sat next to me and put his hand back on my thigh. He rubbed up and down, staring at my cock. "Can I suck your cock?" he asked. I didn't say anything, but just put my head back and opened my thighs a little. He fished my cock out through my zipper and bent down and started to suck me. I was drunk, but still coherent enough to feel his lips on my cock. This was better than anything my wife would do.

    After sucking me for a couple of minutes, he came back up and turned my face toward his. "Can I kiss you?" he asked. I nodded, and our lips met. I was surprised at how soft his lips were, and when he pushed his tongue past my teeth I responded. I felt my cock twitch. We kissed for a few minutes and he broke the kiss. "You want to suck my cock?" I looked down at his crotch and nodded. He undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. I was amazed at how a cock can be so rock hard, yet so soft at the same time. I didn't notice right away, but at some point Steve entered the booth and was kneeling in front of me sucking my cock. I was being sucked and sucking another man's cock at the same time. I tensed up and started cumming. Steve never missed a beat, but kept on sucking until I was spent, then kept sucking until I was getting hard again. About that time Dale started to cum. I tried to take it all, but some dribbled out of my mouth. I sucked him until he was spent, then he just got up, thanked me and walked out. Steve was still sucking me, so I decided to relax and enjoy it. I leaned my head back, and within minutes I came again. Once again he took my entire load.

    We decided it was time to leave, so we headed back to town. He drove straight to his place and invited me in. When we entered he got us a couple of beers. "So, what do you think?" he asked. "Well, it was pretty good, I must admit." "Good," he said. "I want to show you something else. Take your clothes off." I was a little nervous, but I stripped. He did also, and had me lay face down on the carpet. He started at my feet and gave me the most sensual massage I ever had. When he reached my thighs, I parted my legs a little, and he reached under and pulled my cock back so it was pointing at him. He massaged my butt cheeks, and occasionally ran his hand up and down my ass crack. I tried to open up a little and give him more access, and I felt his tongue start to lick and circle my asshole. I moaned and leaned back into him. This was another thing my wife never did.

    He tongue fucked me for a good 15 minutes, and I was hard again, even though I had cum twice already. He pulled off of me and told me to get on my hands and knees. I raised up and he reached around and stroked my cock a few times. I felt him put a finger up to my asshole and push it in. This felt great. He gently finger fucked me, first with one finger, then with two. I told him how fucking great that felt. He fingered me for a number of minutes, then pulled his fingers out. I felt him scoot forward and place his cock at my asshole. He gently pushed in until I felt a 'pop'. He was in, and started to slowly fuck me. It was a little painful at first, but after a few minutes it started to feel good. I was moaning with pleasure.

    He pulled his cock out and had me roll over onto my back. He pushed my legs up a bit and said, "I really want to fuck you like this, but you have to tell me you want me to." "I really want you to fuck me," I said. Again he gently pushed his cock into my asshole and started to fuck me. He leaned forward and we started kissing. Gently at first, then with full tongues. We kissed and fucked for about a half hour. My lips were getting chapped. "You want me to cum in your ass or your mouth?" he asked. "My ass," I said. He started to fuck me in earnest. He stroked my cock as he fucked me. Each time he pushed in he rubbed against my prostate, making my cock twitch. I started to cum. There wasn't much there, but just enough to know I was cumming. My cock started to soften, and I felt him tense up. He started to cum. When he was spent he pulled out and bent down and started tonguing my ass again. He was licking his cum out of my hole. He leaned up to me and kissed me. As his lips parted I tasted his cum mixed with our saliva.

    We got up and showered together. He invited me to stay the night. We went to bed naked and kissed some more. I woke up with his cock hard and between my legs. As I rolled over to face him, his eyes opened. "How do you feel?" he asked. "Okay, I guess." "Do you remember last night?" "Um, yeah." "And you're still here," he said. "Yeah, I am." I leaned forward and kissed him. "I want you to suck my cock," he said. I thought for a moment, then scooted down and took him in my mouth. After a minute or so he had me turn around so we were in a 69 position. We sucked each other to orgasm, then showered again.

    We had a great summer together, both at work and at play. He moved on after that. That was 21 years ago, and I've been sucking cock and getting fucked ever since. Who needs a woman when you have a willing mouth in a man - and one who can cook, too?

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    Straight Male / 25

    I'm my best friends best man this year.

    At his engagement drinks his future father in law cornered me and we got talking.

    It turns out that he works near where I live.

    He looked me in the eye and said "we should go for a drink.....alone" and gave me his card.

    I've text him a couple of times and we're meeting tomorrow.

    I don't think I'm gay but I am absolutely attracted to him and jerked off thinking about what might happen.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I had never identified myself as a lesbian or a bi-sexual female. I have always enjoyed sex with males and never crossed my mind about doing it with another female till this girl invited me to her bed. I guess a women knows what makes another women tick. I've always preferred oral sex instead of penetration. I have better orgasms having my pussy sucked than having a dick inside me. Well I ended up naked in bed with this girl that gave me the best pussy sucking of my life. It was also the first time I tasted another female's pussy and I admit it takes a little getting used to, but the heat of the passion makes you do thing you never thought you would do. I guess that makes me bi-sexual because I liked the fact that I didn't have to tell my sex partner what to do to me. She knew exactly how to make me go crazy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Gay, Queer, Puff, Faggot, Shirt lifter, Uphill fudge packer. All of those terms apply to me when I stay over each Monday in a city which isn't my own. I have to travel to work there as our companies bastherein that city.
    Also in the very heart of the city, there is a gay village, one I visit every Monday and pick up men to share my hotel bed. There is no shortage of younger men who want to experience what it's like to be fucked by a man who's cock is as thick as mine. It's not overly long at eight inches, but it definitely is much thicker than your average erection, being nearly seven and half inches in circumference.
    Most men who say they'd like to be fucked by me, actually cannot take too much of my cock pounding their arsehole, but a certain amount of cock hungry sluts, can take my super fat cock to the hilt.
    My wife no longer wants sex, and being realistic I knew my older grandfather type looks, would deter most younger women, the ones I'd have loved to have fucked. So after meeting a young gay man in the hotels lobby one night, I took up his offer of sex. He still visits the hotel every now and then, but no longer works nearby. I fuck him every time he's in town and he is one person who does have my cock bottom out up his sweet arsehole.
    In a first for me last month, I flip flopped with a young man who I met in the gay village. His cock was the first to penetrate my arsehole. It was such an amazing experience to be fucked, making me cum from anal stimulation, it's now given me a whole new perspective on the gay side of my personality. And it also means I can have twice as many men to choose from.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I was 12 years an older boy fucked me in a bathroom of a game room. It may sound like I was taken advantage of but I assure you it was one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences of my life. I was very much a willing participant.

    I had already gone through puberty, with full pubic hair and penis growth. I had already noticed a strong attraction to men and and at the time, images of cocks I saw in porn mags. I had seen scenes of men and women having sex and I found I normally climaxed while looking at the mans body, be it his body in general, his butt, or cock and balls while playing with myself.

    One afternoon I walked up to a gameroom near our neighborhood during the summer. We were left alone at that time while our parents worked. I was playing a game for a while when this guy must have been watching me. While playing, he eased up to the side of the game and watched for a while. I did not really notice him and then he made a few comments on how I was playing. He then leaned in and whispered in my ear, close enough to feel his hot breath, that I handled the joystick very well. He then changed my life forever. He told me he would be waiting in the bathroom for me and if I wanted to join him, we could have a lot of fun together if I knew what he means. I was old enough to know what he meant. My cock flew straight up, raging hard. My heart began racing. He kissed me on the cheek and said he would be waiting for me.

    I turned my head and made eye contact with his deep blue eyes briefly. He smiled, winked and then turned and walked toward the bathroom. There was no one in the place. He was wearing short frayed cutoff jeans and a tank top. I was too young to know why, but as he walked off I looked at his body, his legs, and his butt and I melted. I wanted that, why, I did not know. But fuck I wanted it and my heart fluttered even faster. My mind went crazy, what do I do, am I gay, am I in danger, etc... Being gay at that time was so damn stygmitixed. The ultimate insult amongst boys at that age. My instincts just took over, I turned and walked towards the bathroom to join him.

    I abandoned the game and walked toward my fate. I was in a daze as I approached the bathroom door. He was all I could think about. I opened the single bathroom door and walked in. He stood there naked and said I knew you would come. He rushed over and closd and locked the door. He nestled up behind me and I could beel his cock on my butt. I melted in his arms and pressed backwards. He held me and I turned my head back to see him. We kissed deeply. My first kiss. He pressed his tongue into my mouth which was foreign to me but felt awesome. I tried to reciprocate. I was in heaven.

    I think he knew we did not have much time and he swiftly ripped all my clothes off. He pushed me to my knees and faced his cock. It was so beautiful. I wanted to please it so bad. He put his hands on the back of my head and I took him in my mouth. It was wonderful. I sucked it like crazy. He must have laughed at me I think now. I was in a frenzy. It felt so right so awesome to suck him. It must have turned him on but at the same time not been that pleasurable as I had never sucked cock before (I am a much better cock sucker now).

    He pulled me up swiftly and bent me over the sink. He spit on my ass hole and pressed his cock up on me. All sorts of doubts went through my head. Am I a fag, boys don't do this, what would ny friends think? As he pressed into me, all those thoughts faded. It felt awesome and I wanted this. As he slowly pumped me I cannot tell you how much at that time I knew this is where I wanted to be. I was born gay, this is what I am. He was so kind to me. He took his time filling me and obviously knew this was my first time. He kissed me, told me how cute I was, how good my butt felt, and just made me feel so beautiful. I think he fucked me for like five minutes. He reached around and jacked me off. I came very quickly and he did soon after.

    After cumming, he quickly dressed, kissed me on the lips, and left abruptly. I slowly dressed. I was in a daze, I had just lost my virginity to an older boy. I have so much to thank him for. The incredible sex for one. But removing any doubt that I was gay, that my attraction for men and not women was my destiny, was something I could thank him for forever. I would love to find him again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I like getting fucked in the ass. There, I said it. I like the way it feels when a man probes my asshole with his hard cock, the odd feeling, a mix of mild pain and pleasure, as a dick head enters me, spreading my willing sphincter and slowly sliding up inside me. It feels good, warm, full...hard to describe, but those of you who also like being sodomized know the feeling. The sweet feeling of being stretched by a hard cock, the wonderful sensation as it slowly moves around inside me, thrusting and pushing while its owner makes little sounds of pleasure while he's inside me. His hands on me, feeling manparts rubbing on me, legs touching, his balls swinging, the sweat we share while taking mutual pleasure from one another...
    It's sexy as hell knowing that my partner enjoys my hole, likes being inside me, and that it feels good enough to him that he can explode in me, sharing his pleasure and shooting his cum inside me. Now that I've written this, I'm horny as hell and need to go find some cock...

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    Gay Male / 47

    I cannot explain it...

    I recently experienced the most profound event of my life, which has left me dumbfounded and in awe!

    Background to better understand the gravity of what I have experienced and my need to share it with someone: I'm a very masculine, professional, gay man who knows the pain, agony and hardships of being exposed as a gay man in a community and time when being gay was likened to being a leper. I was a prayer answered, late-life only child to my loving parents. When I was in my second year at a local college one of the guys I had been in a closet affair with decided to come out to his parents and he exposed me in the process. It was an extremely challenging situation complicated by Bible-Belt religion in a very conservative town. One of the boys I grew up with (a few years older than me) was married with 3 kids and a newly elected Elder in our church. When he heard I was gay, the very next Sunday morning before Morning Worship he stood and "brought formal denominational charges against me" classifying me and evil and demanded a "Called Conference" for my public humiliation and dis-fellowship from that congregation. My parents were humiliated, walking out of that church and never returning. They remained friends with some in the church where they were members and had attend since they were dating teenagers. Many of those members never spoke to my parents again because the dared to stand with me.

    My dad had a nephew in the Navy stationed on the west coast who he called and asked to meet me at the bus station and help me find a car and an apartment, which he did. I missed one semester during my relocation while my distant cousin helped me get settled before he was discharged and relocated back east. I worked hard, graduated college, found a more accepting environment and made lots of friends. I missed my patents and we visited each other as often as possible.

    I went back for 2 weeks when mom suffered a serious stroke. It was a long process of therapy, rehabilitation and a difficult time for her, dad and me being 2,000 miles away. I used every day I could to go home to be with she and dad and considered relocating back, but they told me to never move back. A couple of years after moms' stroked I was home for a week when one of her friends from the "old church" passed and she wanted to attend the funeral. I took mom to the funeral home for the service. The chapel was packed but seeing mom was disabled in leg braces and with a walker, the mortician found us a 2 seats half way to the front. He ushered us up the aisle and I went into the pew first so mom could folk her walker and put it in the aisle. I never looked to see who I was sitting beside as I was looking out for mom. We had just settled in when the man to my left leaned over me and told my mom, "Ya gonna have to move to let me out. I will not sit beside a faggot"...and he didn't whisper. I'm gay, to the shock of some people, as I am very masculine with a baritone voice. That man was the very same man who brought charges against me at my home church. Mom was inconvenienced, we were both humiliated, including the man's wife who followed him out apologizing to me and mom.

    My passed away a few years later and dad was left alone. He came to stay with me during the cold winters and we were back and forth the other 6 months. I lost my dad 12 years ago and have not been back to my home town since I closed his estate over 11 years ago. I have one older cousin who relocated to Florida and I lost contact with her 7 years ago.

    I have never experienced issues with sleep; seldom wake during the night and when I do, I am back to sleep fast and my partner of 27 years sleeps like a log. Last Saturday morning I woke up at 4:05 AM and was not able to go back to sleep. So at 4:30 I went into the kitchen made some coffee and turned on the TV. A strange feeling had overcome me since I woke; like something was wrong. I wasn't able to focus on the TV so I walked outside with the dogs for some fresh air but that dread felling of anxiety was intensifying. After I brought the dogs back in I decided to turn on the computer as I read several national newspapers which I read on line every day. I scanned the local paper first and then, for some strange reason, I typed in the name of the newspaper of my home town. Thinking my subconscious was telling me maybe my last cousin may have passed. I immediately found and opened the tab for Obituaries. Sure enough there was the obituary of one of my mom and dad's old friends who passed in her 90's. I had not seen or heard from her since dad passed. As I read her obituary that feeling was still knawing at me. I closed out the obits returning to read the papers home page. I noticed an article regarding a new company moving into the area, so I opened the article. When the page came up it was not the article for the new company but was the "arrest report" for the pervious day. My cursor has mistakenly moved to the arrest record which was just below the article I wanted to read and I was staring at 10 names when one name jumped out at my like a Red Light flashing. Not sure the home address on the man arrested some 7 hours prior, I did a yellow/white page look up for the same name and those addresses were the addresses listed on the arrest record of the very same 63 year old man... who had brought charges against me at church for being a queer, and the same man who had humiliated my mom, me and others at the funeral home. At 63 years of age, that married, father, grandfather, well known business owner, pillar of the community, Deacon and leader of the church was arrested for "Prostitution: "soliciting sex from a male under officer in a public park bathroom" during a sting.

    I cannot explain and neither do I understand why I woke with that feeling. Why I looked at my home town newspapers web site when I have not been there in 11 years. The glitch regarding accidently opening the local "arrest records" for that town where I have limited knowledge of people who live there, and no motivation to search arrest records. I've never held any ill will toward that man forgiving his ignorance, lack of understanding and had not thought about him since I was home 11 years ago. My heart goes out to him, his wife, children, grandchildren and that church. My mom taught me to forgive those who transgress against me; not to hold a grudge for they would be measured by the same measure which they use against others. My dad always told me. "water seeks its own level". I am still in awe has to how this was brought to my attention so far away and so soon after it happened...knowing there is no one in that town who knows how to contact me, or would even contact me regarding any issue... much less this man's arrest for prostitution.

    T hank you for allowing me to share my most amazing, awesome experience.

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    Gay Male / 27

    There's about 3 gay sauna places in the city I live in. I've been in all of them, and it's becoming addictive. My girlfriend knows there's something wrong because we hardly have sex any more, and frankly, to my surprise I've started to dream of nothing but men.

    I thought I was bi and would grow out of it. Wrong!

    Lately I've been doing top and bottom. I find it so easy, so satisfying to be fucked. And oral. I'm a gloryhole junkie.

    But what I want to say, well brag about, is when I was fucking a guy in the orgy room, nice and dark and sweaty it was. He was on his back and we were kissing. Some guy put his cock between our mouths and that was fun, we licked and sucked. Then some one was behind me, playing with my ass. He asked if he could fuck me and I said yes. He barebacked his beautiful cock deep into me and it was unbelievably good,having my cock in a sexy young guy and then feel another inside me. It was the first time and the pleasure was divine, so fucking great I can hardly describe it.

    I had cum in my mouth, cum in my ass, and the most perfect orgasm I've ever had in my entire life.

    I guess it's nothing to a lot of you, who have done it all, but I'm loving every new experience, and I want to shout about it.

    Thanks xx

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    At the age of seventeen, I became an orphan with no brothers and sisters. By the time my nineteenth birthday rolled by, I was living in a crappy apartment hardly able to make the rent, or feed myself from the part time job I had. I'd enrolled in college and wanted to improve my life, but costs, even though I worked part time, were mounting up and up.
    Out walking through my local park as a short cut one evening, desperately trying to think of a way to earn more money, a tall well built muscular guy approached me and asked if I was cruising. When I asked him what the fuck was he going on about, he said "You know, do you want to have some fun, I'll pay you twenty bucks to blow me".
    If you could see me now, you'd think I was still just into my twenties, back then I looked about fifteen. My height hasn't grown much, I'm five feet, seven inches tall and have a slim athletic build.
    His suggestion didn't make me back away, not because I was bisexual or gay, but becauase I really was desperate for money. Not thinking, I reponded by telling him, I'd suck his dick and swallow it for forty. Twenty bucks was in my hand seconds later and as I followed him to a nearby wooded area, he promised me if I could deep throat him he'd pay extra on top of the forty.
    His cock was nothing like my own, the only cock I'd seen since the showers in high school. It was shorter than my eight inches, but it was so thick, I could hardly wrap my fingers around it. He'd dropped his shorts and had no underwear on. His cock was already fully erect and I had second thought about what I was about to do. The thought of the money kept me there. And it also opened my mouth to recieve his fat cock.
    There was no finess about what I did. It was my first time after all. The strange thing was, I took his cock over my tongue and on down my throat with relative ease, even though it was so damn thick. My mouth just seemed to accept his cock shaft, so I began to suck on it as hard and as fast as I could. The moans coming from the forty plus year old were telling me I was doing something right. So was the fact he'd put his hands onto my head, and was holding me to fuck my mouth. Perfectly naturally after about five minutes of having my face fucked, I took his cock out of my mouth and began to lick up and down his meaty shaft. When I reached the bottom, I lifted up his cock and started to lick and suck on his hairy balls, masturbating him as I did. At his insistance when his balls were dripping with my saliva, I put his cock back into my mouth and only seconds later as he held my head tight, he came inside my mouth, filling it with masses of cum. There was only one place for his cum to go and that was down my throat.
    I swallowed every single drop. Not one tiny amount left my lips as I sucked on the head of his dick, milking his cock with my tongue. Satisfied I'd drained his balls, I let his cock slip from my mouth to hear him say "Boy that was the best god damn head I've ever had".
    Sorting himself out, he passed me a slip of notes. I unfolded them to find another fifty bucks. When I looked at him, he smiled and told me I'd earned it. As I stood up, he asked me if we could meet up again. I was back in the park two nights later. We found a more private place and I took my time to give him exactly what he said he wanted. making sure to once again swallow his cum down my throat.
    The stakes changed when he pulled up his shorts. He wanted to know if I lived local, as he was still horny. Earning three hundred bucks for a relative amount of pain. And being able to fall asleep with the knowledge I had enough to live on for over a month, was to me, the justification for allowing him to fuck me for over half an hour.
    My asshole hurt for days afterwards, but it didn't stop me from arranging to have him stay over the following Thursday night. And every Thursday night after that for over two years. He taught me everything about gay sex and how to totally please a man in every way sexually.
    I didn't have gay sex with anyone else at that time. And throughout our sexual reolationship I didn't want or need to. He pretty much financed me through college with some of his mothers inheritance. I became his gay sexual release from his wife at home. Thursday night was the night each week, he supposed to be in another city working. The only thing he worked on, was my mouth and asshole.
    It's funny looking and thinking back to what I did. As a thirty two year old married man, with his own sucessful business, I'd never now contemplate what I did back then. Having said that, I still ocassionally maybe three or for times a year, when I feel the need for a cock to fuck my asshole, have a guy I trust, visit me at work when all my staff have gone home.

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