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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    The wife has gone out because I'm watching the football. As soon as she left I text Adam. He's a nineteen year old kid who loves being fucked. And he just so happens to live next door.
    He's already sucked me off, swallowing my cum. At half time I'm going to have him suck me hard again, then I'm going to fuck his arsehole so hard, I'll have his cock spurting so much cum, he'll be covered in it.
    Going to be a great day.......

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I'm saying I'm bi not necessarily because I am attracted to guys but because I have had two encounters with guys. The second one isn't really worth mentioning. The first one was when I was in 7th grade. I was 13 years old. My best friend in the whole world came out to me as gay, told me he was in love with me and begged me to let him suck my cock. I'd never had a blow job before. I agreed because he was so nice about it and he was my best friend after all and like I said, I'd never had a blow job and now I wanted one desperately. We were in his bedroom and he undid my pants and took it out and sucked me. It was he first time for both of us. He'd seen me naked in the showers in gym class before so it wasn't that big of a deal visually but it's something else to have a mouth on your dick. I was hard in an instant. He sucked me for a while then in earnest started bobbing up and down like he'd seen in some gay porn. He sucked and bobbed and finally I came in his mouth and it felt awesome. I agreed to let him suck me off any time he wanted to. We became secret boyfriends and decided not to come out to anyone. But I also told him that I wasn't gay and wanted a girlfriend. For my birthday he dressed up like a girl and looked pretty hot. He let me fuck his ass and cum in him. For his birthday I surprised him by giving him a blow job. I never did it before and didnt really have a desire to suck cock. I just wanted him to enjoy a nice birthday and after all, by then he'd sucked me off a hundred times. We were secret boyfriends for about a year until I met Wendy and he met Phil. Phil was a gay man twice his age and Wendy was a year younger than me and took my breath away. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was NOT the best cock sucker in the world.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I was so disappointed when he left almost mad at him but it was so strange how he used me because I hadn't experienced anything like this before. Yes I'd had gay sex with a few men I mean I was thirty when I took my first hard cock up my virgin butt and of course completely ruined after that. Being used sexually as if I'm a girl really gets me off and some men really like using a bottom dressed in stockings and panties or maybe a dress maybe even a little make up. I usually make it a couple of years before I give in and find a partner for this kind of sex but it always happens I just can't seem to shake it it's as if I need it and I guess I do. I'd waited long enough this time and the uncontrollable urge for panties and soft girly clothes was pushing me on. It was time to get fucked by a big dick stud so I used a local gay dating hotline to seek out potential hook up finding a guy late one night who just wanted head simply just a blow job and he wanted to watch straight porn while being sucked at my place so after talking on the phone for a while I agreed and made sure he didn't mind if I sucked him while wearing panties and a pretty top not that I'm passable but because it really turns me on. He said he wouldn't mind at all and in fact would enjoy the experience. About 1:00am the phone rang and I was ready as he pulled into my drive way I'd been watching a lot of straight porn but had a anal movie in for him to watch and maybe I was thinking he'd watch some sexy young woman getting banged up the ass while I sucked him and just maybe he'd want to fuck me or at least I hoped he would. Now or never I nervously opened the door and greeted him wearing pink and white cotton panties thigh high socks and a really cute light blue top that zips up the front he smiled right away and sat on my couch in front of the TV. I asked if he wanted a drink being a good host or hostess in this case but he declined and said I'm here to get a blow job come over to me and get between my legs baby. Oh I was so horny and melted when he called me baby he stood up and dropped his pants then sat back down me on my knees between his legs his thick 8 inch cock already hard there was no time to waste he pulled me onto it my mouth watering as he rubbed dick all over my face slapping my cheeks and for head with it and grunting with a nasty pleasure.... He told me to take as much as I could in my mouth at a time and then to pull it out making a popping noise he said that's what he liked so that's what I did over and over stopping to catch my spit as it ran down my lips and his cock and back at it again down on him as far as I could then pop out of my mouth he just moaned and watched the porn not paying much attention to me except for his hand on the back of my head his grip was getting stronger and I was really confused and shocked when he started pulling my hair on the up and shoving my head down gagging me hard. He said bitch look at me you little slut look at me you faggot you like my big cock in your throat! don't you gag bitch! real girls don't like being gagged on cock but you do don't you! It was so insulting how could he call me a faggot why did he do that I'm trying to please him and he's insulting me my mind raced with confusion what the hell? And just then he exploded in my mouth and not a little cum I mean more cum than I'd ever seen his big balls just kept pumping more and more hot cum into my mouth he's holding my head down there's no escape gagging on his cum his cock sliding around in my mouth I didn't want to swallow but had no choice finally he gave me relief letting go of my hair I pulled off of him gasping for air tears streamed down my face. What the fuck! I said. why did you do that as I got up and went to the bathroom to clean my mouth of cum looking in the mirror his juice was running down my neck it was in my hair and smeared across my face. I guess maybe I should be called a faggot if I look like this I thought to myself. Then I cleaned myself up like a pretty girl should and went back to the couch where he was still watching porn but before I could say anything he pulled me down next to him putting his arms around me he said it's okay pretty baby don't be mad I couldn't help it your so hot and sexy just relax let me hold you. We watched more ass fucking on the TV oh my god it made me so horny I wanted to be impaled on his big cock I wanted him to breed me and shoot all that sticky cum in my tight ass the porn him holding me I was in heat so I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock again? He said no but he wanted me to neal down in front of him and play with myself while he watched so back on my knees I went rubbing my smooth cock inside my panties I arched my back and moved very slowly as if riding a cock I wanted him to want me suddenly he sat up on the edge of the couch and unzipped my cute top a little so he could pinch my nipples then as he pinched softly he began French kissing me I was losing it his hand on me his strong kissing sent me into another world yes baby he whispered in my ear one hand holding the back of my neck the other pinching my sensitive nipples. I was rubbing my cock through my panties and precum made my cock easily slide between my own legs so as I rubbed it was more like rubbing my pussy then jacking off Oh yes sweetheart he whispered Oh yes as his voice grew stronger cum for me baby you dirty little faggot you are a faggot admit it to me now and you will cum baby say it now ! Say it now! Just then I said it I'm a faggot and my cum gushes out of me soaking my cotton panties I rubbed harder my sticky treat dripping on the floor oh yes you are a fucking dirty fag. Then he got up and walked straight out the door I haven't seen him since. Honestly what an ass I can't stand him.I don't ever want to see him again But honestly honestly if he would fuck me with that big cock of his he could call me a faggot he wants. That fucking bastard.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Twelve months ago I was a married straight guy. Someone who didn't even know a gay person, let alone fuck one.
    Then around this time last year, I was in work visiting a public toilet. Stood having a piss, a young guy came and stood by me. It was a few seconds before I noticed he wasn't peeing, but he was instead staring at my cock whilst stroking his own.
    I'm still not sure why I didn't react negatively towards him. Maybe it was the fact my wife and I hadn't had sex in months, or maybe I'd always had it in me to want to fuck a guy, I genuinely don't know.
    What I do know, is when he asked me if I'd like to shove my cock up his young arse, I let him drag me into a cubicle. Dropping down on his haunches, he undid my trousers, slid my cock out of my boxers, then opening his mouth, he began to suck on the head of my fully erect cock.
    It felt so good, when he stopped sucking me and asked if I'd fuck him, I didn't hesitate to have him lower his shorts and boxers, then bend over the toilet bowl. Having no lube or condoms I was about to stop when he said "Don't stop now, spit on my hole and fuck me bareback. It was a phrase I'd heard before, but not one I'd used or had used during any sexual encounter I'd had.
    Sliding my cock up his arsehole felt right, it felt no different than fucking any females tight pussy, but I knew somehow the moment my cock bottomed out up his slender arse, my life would change sexually. And so it has proved.
    When my cock plunged deep inside his body, he turned to me through a breathless voice and said "Please sir, give it to me". There was no second invitation needed. My balls twitched and I went for it. Even when we heard someone else enter the gents toilets I didn't let up. I was in a sexual frenzy, and I was fucking loving ramming my cock hard up his young arse. His grunts of pure pleasure told me I was giving him just what he'd asked for, plus I was seriously enjoying having my cock spreading a young man's arse, my first ever make arse.
    Telling him I was nearly there was the catalyst for him to cum all over the toilet seat below him. Then holding onto his hips tightly, I thrust hard one last time and came shudderingly up his gorgeous rear hole. In a series of spasms as my cock continued to unload deep inside his bowels, I leant over him to steady myself. And it was then he turned his head to me. Looking at him, I moved further forward Andrew kissed. It was totally spontaneous and it felt just like having my cock inside his body, perfectly normal.
    We separated as my cum began to ooze from his arse. He made some comment about us doing all again, so as we dressed, he took out his phone and passed me his number. Kissing him hard again before we left the toilet cubicle, I promised him we'd fuck again. And so it has happened nearly every week since.
    The young man now works in the department I've recently been promoted to be in charge of, which gives us plenty opportunities to have sex. Yet I've found as my sex drive has grown dramatically over this last twelve months, I now find I need further spontaneous hookups. And in that regard I've begun to "cruise" a park fifteen miles away from where I live with my wife. There are lots of older men willing to satisfy me orally, and I have taken advantage occasionally. But it's the twinks who I meet and fuck on a casual basis I love to meet. They're always willing to take every inch of my cock up their sweet tight buns, and boy over this last year I've definitely taken advantage of that. Only four hours ago fucking a seventeen year old in a field close to my home. One who I met off a new gay hookup internet site.
    I might be married to a frigid woman, but it no longer stops me getting as much sex as I like. So gents if you like me are stuck in relatively sexless marriage, then get yourself out there and find some willing guys, who just adore having their arseholes fucked.

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    Straight Male / 40

    A couple years back I was traveling quite a bit for work often with a coworker friend who my wife and I went to school with. One weekend trip my wife was along and we ended up having a threesome and have been together several times since which is always a blast. One night he and I were on a trip and were back in our room having a few beers when the conversation turned to sex with my wife and we even called her to tease her. She wasn't amused and cut the call short so there we were, comfortable with each other obviously and the more we drank and talked the hornier I got, I got up to get a beer and my buddy noticed my hardon, asking what I planned to do with it. I dropped my boxers and stroked it a little and asked him if he was hard, he said no and I challenged him so he stood up and slid his drawers down revealing a limp dick. I said it was a shame, he asked why, I laughed and said I might blow him if he was as horny as me. I don't know why I said it because I had never sucked a guy before but he replied what's stopping you, I said I was only kidding but maybe I would. With that he walked over and said have at it so I knelt down and took his dick in my mouth. It was awkward at first but he was getting hard and I was starting to enjoy it and it seemed like a short time passed and he said he was going to cum. I backed off at first but thought what the hell and didn't want to spoil his fun and soon felt a blast of hot cum against the back of my throat then a few more. I swallowed and licked him clean then he returned the favor, we have had fun sucking each other several times since. I don't think I'm gay and don't have a desire for another guy but it is what it is

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I took my wife's 26 year old and at least mild retarded nephew to the movies on a Monday night because she worked and I had a plan. The theater is not crowed on Mondays and there was only 4 other people there besides us. I picked a seat all the way in the back row in the middle just under the projector, after the movie got going I reached over and started scratching his crotch through his jeans, he protested for a second but I continued anyhow after a while I could feel his shaft harden and he laid his head back with his mouth agape.

    I know he was enjoying it now so I unzipped his jeans and struggled a bit but got his dick out and stroked it very gently and spit on my hand to lube it rubbing and diddling with that startlingly impressive fat cock,. I couldn't believe it, "WHAT a nice d*ck" and its in my greedy hands. I jacked him off slowly and softly until he couldn't take it anymore he started breathing harder and shuddering squeezing his thighs together and I knew he was about to bust nut so I slipped down on the floor and started flicking that head with my tongue.

    I was jacking him off and licking the head as he started to pre cum so I had to have it so I put the head in my mouth and I sucked only the head like I was in love it I gobbled that fat fucker in my mouth and sucked that pre cum and probably moaned with delight as he started to bust a load in my very hungry mouth M M m m m m I moaned as he is spurting a heavy load into my mouth I had to swallow a load to keep from choking, but thankfully he is still loading me with that sweet nectar and I am not going miss a drop of it slurping on that fat dick as long as he will let me. when he was done I sat up next to him and didn't say a word, I couldn't I still had a good load of that young cum in my mouth I was savoring it as long as I could stand we sat and watched the movie and I sat there and in total bliss enjoying that sweet spunk tasting it as long as I could make it last it was so tasty I can't wait for next Monday I have plans....

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I have a great job, a lovely wife, three good kids, nice home, etc. For the past ten years I have traveled a few days each month visiting clients. Over this time, and much more frequently the past few years, I've found myself in a hotel room with some guys dick in my mouth. A recent promotion will eliminate most of the travel and provide much less opportunity, which is very disappointing. I have gotten quite fond of being a submissive cum slut, have even been fucked a few times. A local hookup could be problematic in so many ways.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I spend my evenings and weekends locked up in a latex sleep-sack with attached hood. The hood has a small airtight nylon zipper across my mouth, and two tiny nostril holes right above it. Similar zipper at my crotch, otherwise no other contact with the outside. My sleazy landlord is blackmailing me, over an encounter he secretly videotaped, with a large young man who turned out to be still under the legal age, surprisingly. Anyway, he "rents" me out to guys who are mainly much older, financially secure, and addicted to near-endless fellatio, while using Viagra. They insert themselves through the upper zipper, and away we go, for hours on end. Some of them will pull my goodies out through the other zipper, and close it tight round the roots, leaving me exposed and vulnerable, for a Viagra-enhanced session of really wicked orgasm denial, to the point of near-insanity! I probably swallow a pint of semen in the evening, and a quart over the weekend, more on a holiday weekend. I never see any of the money, but my rent is paid, which is nice. Average two guys per evening, and eight or ten over the weekend, and I think he makes pretty good money off me! I enjoy the severe confinement, and the utter submission inflicted upon me, as I seem to have a deep, dark, ever-expanding need for this kind of treatment, and he is making noises about making the arrangement 24/7, giving up my day job, and taking on even more 'regulars' about which I am a little conflicted. Part of me really likes the idea of what would almost amount to permanent rubber bondage, and part of me isn't ready yet to give up what freedom I have. What do you guys out there think? What should I do?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    It's usually all over within ten minutes of me entering his home. His mom leaves for work around seven am. My wife leaves not long afterwards and by seven thirty, I'm skipping over the rear fence and into their back yard. I know the rear door will be open, and I also know when I walk upstairs he'll be naked in a kneeling position and waiting with his asshole lubed up already. By the time I reach his bed I'll be naked too and my cock will be rock solid.
    Inserting my cock up his asshole hard, I will then fuck that young nineteen year old extremely deep and extremely hard, until I cum deep up his wonderful tight fuck hole. Withdrawing my softening dick, the only words we usually have together, is me telling him when I'll be back around. Getting my work gear on, I'll walk out of his home and drive to my work place.
    It's something myself and Daniel have been doing now for over eighteen months. It's always a quick fuck, but occasionally I'll have him suck me off first. His little cock (Four inches) will invariably dribble its load as I'm fucking him, but then I don't really care about his fun, as long as I get to have mine spunking up his asshole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    WOW! What a day.....
    First off my wife actually didn't complain about me wanting to go to the pub, as she was having her pregnant sister and her girlfriends around for a "Baby shower" ?????.
    Secondly I received a text message from someone I'd not heard or seen in over a year. That someone as I was drinking my second pint, asked me if I was free to have some fun. Meeting Dale half an hour later down a country lane, where we'd often met to have sex in the past, we quickly walked the half mile to our favourite secluded spot.
    Immediately he went down on me and sucked in my cock, a cock which used to fuck him almost daily. Then with my dick aching to be up his cute tight arsehole again, he stood up stripped naked and rubed lube he'd brought all over his rear hole. Getting him to lean up against an old oak tree, I slid my cock straight up his willing arse.
    Fucking Dale like that for over ten minutes, hammering away at his gorgeously tight rear hole, I finally spurted my cum deep inside his bowels and waited for my cock to soften before I slid out of his arse, and then had him lick and suck off my dick, until he'd tossed himself off onto the floor of woodland.
    Standing up he smiled at me and said "Nice to see you again brother in law".
    It had been nearly fourteen months since Dale and I had last had sex and he was seventeen then. His sister, my wife and Dale had fallen out over Dale "Coming out" just weeks after their father had died. Long story that, but needless to say I stayed right out of it, mainly because I was secretly fucking the shit out of him each and every chance we got.
    No more than a few minutes later, with my cock ragingly hard again, I walked out into the field with Dale and stripped myself. Lay on my back in the long grass, with my cock pointing directly upwards, I had that young man mount my cock. And then we fucked and fucked and fucked, changing position until I saw his cock explode as I was banging his arsehole in the missionary position. Feeling myself needing to cum again I withdrew and climbed up his body and then let go all over his cute good looking face.
    Watching him and his sister kiss and make up, after persuading him to come home with me was the final WOW of the day. Well not the final wow perhaps, as I had him suck my dick to yet another orgasm just an hour and half an hour ago, before he left to go back to the rented flat he shares with someone I'd love to fuck, but hey, that's another confession altogether.

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