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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Me and a friend I met at the gym talked about going fishing for a weekend I have a bass boat and he has a cabin at the lake. We finally got a Friday to Sunday off at the same time, we are both married but neither wife had any interest in going so we loaded up our gear and headed to his cabin it was only about a hundred miles so we got there just befor dark put the boat in the water and got our gear all ready to go fishing early in thr morning.
    We went in the cabin and fired up some good weed and lit up the grill for some steaks opened a bottle of crown and watched some tv and drank and ate and smoked we were toasted. Jim got up off the couch and put in a cd and I asked what was the movie he said some good porn. I was cool with that besides I was fucked up and a little horney so I figured I'd watch some of the movie then take a shower and jack off when I went to bed. We watched te movie it had many different chapters and a big variety of women on women men on women and then some threesoms then some bi threesoms, that's when Jim asked me if I had ever been in a threesom or any kind of groupe sex. I told him that I had a few threesoms with my wife and her girlfriend and one with her and a male friend of mine. Now I was getting really horny but didn't want Jim to see my boner so I changed my position and covered up. Then he asked if my wife got it on with the girlfriend when we had the threesome and I told him that they got it on big time that I fucked both of them and they both sucked my dick and that my wife had me cum in her so her friend could eat her pussy full of cum. He said I bet that was hot as hell I've got a boner just from hearing about it.

    Then he asked if I liked doing it better with two chicks or another guy and my wife? I said to be honest I like watching my wife getting fucked by other guys it's a turn on for me. Does she let them cum in her? I said that's the best part she's on birth control so yes she fucks them and let's them cum in her pussy and I know your next question. Yes I eat her pussy after its full of cum and sometimes I lick her clit and his shaft while her fucks her that's what we do. Now that I have told you more than I should have and have a boner I'm going to take a shower. Jim said I'm going to watch the rest of the movie and do the same.

    I went and took a shower and was horny as hell I have never tried it befor but I thought I have told him every thing about me and my wife's sex life maby I'll try something. As soon as I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my self and looked in on Jim he was watching two guys suck each other then one fucked the other one in the ass. Jim turned and saw me then got up and said I'm going to shower now, when he got up I could tell he had a big boner and he didn't try to cover it.

    So I sat on the couch and watched a little more of the movie but I fell back and fell asleep when I woke up the movie was still playing but the lights were off and Jim was very gently rubbing my thigh under my towel he was sitting rite next to me completely nude and had a very long but thin hard shaved dick, my dick is about seven inches but thick and shaved also. He was at least eight or nine. I couldn't help but stair at it as he pulled my towel back and cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my dick with the other it felt wonderful he was very gental.

    I motioned for him to lay next to me and I took his hard dick into my mouth and he took mine into his mouth we layed in a 69 position and sucked each other I could feel his nuts tighten and he started cumming I squeezed his balls and sucked his sperm down my throat just as he finished I started cumming and he took every drop we kind of smiled at each other and fell asleep..

    I woke up in about an hour and started sucking him he got hard very fast. I told him to get some lube and fuck me he got some lube and squirted it in my ass then fingered me for a few minutes then I felt his dick head press against my butt and I pushed back as his dick went in me very easy, after a few strokes he went deeper and deeper and then he started pumping hard and he reached around and started stroking my dick with the lube on his hand I started cumming and he filled me with his cum at the same time.

    We didn't fish much at all that weekend but I know we both came in eachother at least ten times.
    We are planning another trip soon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I would love to be kept in my full-length rubber-lined bag tied at the neck, waist, and under the feet, for maybe a three-day weekend, by several VERY horny males, who would keep my mouth occupied all the time, turn about, through the small zippered opening right there. Meantime, my goodies would be hauled outside through another zippered opening, the zip snugged tight round the roots, leaving me exposed and vulnerable to CBT, milking, orgasm delay and denial to the point of near-insanity, unable even to protest, with my mouth full, all the time. A refinement, more difficult to achieve probably, would be enough participants to marinate me in cum, from head to foot. Not sure a three-day weekend would be enough, but it's a starting point! Probably pretty much impossible to arrange, but it's a very effective fantasy, which works like a dream! Appreciate any comments from anyone who thinks this would be fun, from the outside!

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    Straight Male / 32

    I just have this massive urge to wank for a hot older guy....maybe 45-55 years old???

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    For somw time I've had a young lad, he's nineteen wanting me to fuck him. I work with Chris who was always giving me sexual hints and innuendo's. I'm a married man and own the company, so I always took his suggestive ways as a bit of banter. However three weeks ago he walked into my office totally naked and sporting a massive erection.
    I'm straight right, or I was. So why the hell did my cock spring to life and become painfully erect in my trousers. Everyone else at work had gone home and I was about to. But Chris had other ideas. Walking over to my desk, he bent right over and told me his asshole was mine to fuck.
    Almost as if in a trance, I found myself remioving my trousers then my boxers, releasing my throbbing cock. Not caring about Chris at this stage, I spat on his rear hole and on my cock and in one long thrust, shoved my cock up his ass. It slipped easily up his hole and as I began to fuck Chris, he turned his head to explain he'd lubed his ass before he walked in. In some ways the conversation we then had about him wanting me to fuck him, was more bizarre than the fact I had my cock buried up his asshole and was fucking him.
    Chris soon went quiet verbally, when I really began to thrust into his ass. His vocals changed to soft moans as I went hell for leather into his fuck hole. Pounding him as hard as I wanted to, he made some loud grunting noises and bucked back onto my cock. His reaction brought me to the edge of cumming, but before I could, he slipped off my cock, got down onto his haunches and took my cock into his mouth. Sucking hard on my dick, I came moments later, with Chris eagerly swallowing my load. Standing up once he'd drained my balls, he smiled at me and said "You don't know just how long I've wanted to taste your cum". Only then did I notice he'd spunked his load all over my desk. Looking where I was looking he walked back to my desk and lowered his head. Every drop of his own cum was licked and sucked up before he raised up.
    Smiling at me, Chris said "Anytime you want to relieve yourself up my ass, let me know". With that he walked out of my office to a pile of clothing which was just outside.
    I sat in my office chair then wondering what had just occurred, and what that meant to me. I've now discovered exactly what it means to me over this past three weeks. In total I've had Chris suck me off three times and I've fucked him on five more occasions. Each I fuck him now, I get right into it and use his asshole as my cum dump. And that young guy just loves having me fuck him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was 13 years old when I got put into Juvenal detention. I always hung around older kids as there were never any my age where I lived. My one friend was a hoodlum from Detroit area his parents had moved out to the country hopping it would change him he was 16. Well one day after school he picked me up in what he said was his new car. We drove around in the small town and he said lets take a road trip. He was like my big brother so i said sure. We ended up in Detroit and stopped at a run down house in a shady area. He told me to stay in the car. Soon he came out and we drove off he tossed a baggy of pot in my lap and told me to roll some joints. He had bought it at the house. So I rolled a few up as we drove around and he told me about living there and how he missed it. We smoked the joints and it was good stuff because I got wasted fast.
    We pulled up to a light and a cop car pulled up next to us I lowered the joint so they could not see. My friend got all panicked and took off running the red light and soon the cops were on us. We were speeding through down town Detroit with the cops on our ass. The chase ended with us hitting a mail box and flipping the car. Since i had the bag of pot in my coat I got it for possession. I heard they really slapped my friend with a bunch of shit and wanted to try him as an adult. I never saw him after that and his family moved away soon after.
    My first few days at the reformatory was normal I guess shown my room given clothing to wear checked me to see if I had anything hidden yep the old finger in the ass treatment. Soon I was falling into a daily grind doing what I was told and keeping a low profile. That all changed when I got put on laundry duty.
    Laundry duty was run by a big motherfucker who was six foot tale and built like a brick shit house. He was fair but took no shit and saw first hand what happened if you pissed him off. One guy was mouthing off and soon was on the floor with one swift punch to the gut. I had been working in the laundry for a month when a new guy came in. He was 16 tall dark hair what some would call white trash looking but hansom rough features very manly for his age. He and I ended up working together folding. I was told to show him how. He did not talk much put caught on fast and soon we were folding so fast we had time to screw off until the next load same. I noticed he kept looking at me with a look I had never seen before. He was always readjusting himself and sort of playing with his cock. I gad never had sex before not even with a girl and was pretty clueless when it came to sexual things. The outline of his cock in his sweats was interesting to me he was very large or what I thought was seeing mine was not that big yet,
    A few weeks latter while folding I just could not stop glancing at his crotch and his obvious hard on. He would push it against the table while folding making it bounce in his sweat pants. he saw me checking it out and smiled at me. That day we started talking I learned of his home life were he came from etc. On our way to lunch he was behind me in the line and kept bumping into my rear with his crotch then would say sorry. We ate and headed back to work. He started talking about sex and the girls he had fucked.How when how hard etc. My little dick was getting hard from all his talk. I could clearly see his was full on hard. Then he talked about some guy in the last reform he was in who would suck gis dick for him. He told the story about the first time the guy sucked him and how it was the best BJ he had ever had, He asked if I had ever had a guy suck me? I said no Shit he said I bet you never had sex at all. I was very still giving him his answer to the question if i was a virgin. The fact I was a virgin gave him much pleasure and started teasing me about it
    A few days later I was moved from a four man room to a two man room. I did not ask why I learned it was better to not ask questions. I had just got my stuff moved in after being inspected when in walk the guy i folded laundry with had ahuge smile on his face and said hello roomy. I was happy to see it was him i was a bit nervous moving not knowing who i would get stuck with. He sat on his bed and slapped my knee and said we can have a lot of fun being roomies. I did not know what he meant but soon would find out.
    That night after lights out I was almost asleep when i heard him get out of his bed. He walked over to my bed and put his hand over my mouth and said this can go easy on you or rough so you decide now how you want things to be. With his hand over my mouth he pulled down his sweats and placed my hand on his hard cock. Funny I did not mind as I had wondered what it looked like etc for a while now, He let his hand slip from my mouth and told me to stay still no loud talking etc or the guard would come and if that happened he would make the rest of my time there hell. He moved my hand up and down on his cock until i understood what he wanted. I started jerking him off and soon he shot cum all over my hand arm and some on my face. He got up and went back to his bed.
    I wiped the cum on my face on my pillow but some had landed on my mouth and ended up in it. It tasted OK and I could smell his cum on my pillow as i fell asleep. That night i had dreams about him and when I woke up I thought I had pissed the bed he told me I had a wet dream and explained what it was etc. He smiled and said i bet you were dreaming about me. That made me embarrassed but I smiled when he said it and he saw me smile.
    That night after lights out he came to my bed and put his cock at my mouth and told me to suck it. i started but was not doing good so he stated to tell me what to do. By the next week i was sucking him every night and learning how better to make him feel good. Hr was never nean to me gut as time went on he started getting more forceful in pushing farther back in my throat I soon learned to take all of him and to eat his cum and clean his cock leaving mo evidence of our acts. i became very comfortable with this and looked forward to making him feel good at night. This went on for a while he trained me to do what it took to make him feel good.
    About a month latter while working in laundry the big guard came over to our work area and asked my roommate if he thought i was ready? My roommate said yes he is the best. I did not have to wonder long what he meant by that as the guard grabbed me by my shirt and dragged me over to the supply closet walked us in and shut the door. He unzipped his pants and flopped out a cock that was bigger than my roommate. Get to it you little cock sucker. I was afraid and hesitated he grabbed my head and soon had his cock plunged down my throat. He pumped his hips and pounded his cock in amd out i was having a hard time breathing but he did not pay any attention to me or if i could breath or not. It seemed to take him forever until he filled my mouth with his cum it was bitter and not sweat like my roommates.I started to spit it out and he said no and clapped my mouth with his hand. Spit that out and i will put you back in a four man room and tell them what you are. I swallowed and was supersized he was still hard and pushing it at my face for another suck. I sucked him off again and ate his cum. that night my roomate seemed even more into it and had me suck him off 3 times that night just as i would fall asleep there he was again for more. Soon i was sucking the guard every day and my roomate at night. I got to like the guards cock and how he used my face to let out his cum.
    The last week I was there the guard took me to the closet and when we got there I was supersized to find 3 other guards standing with their cocks out. i was told it was a going away present to the best cock sucker to ever spend time there. I sucked Them all off one by one and the big muscle guard last. When i had eaten his cum he said I know where you live and will come to visit you soon. After I got back home a laid in my bed hoping soon he would come and visit I really liked sucking cocks. he never did come so when I was 19 and moved away I got a job and an apartment near the reform and started watching as the guards came and went from the front entrance. One day as he was walking out he saw me and smiled yelling across the street I knew you would come back for more. Been in the same town now for a few years and spens a lot of time taking care of the reform guards needs and i am very happy to do so.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Desperate for sex with a companion and not just my right hand, I decided to take up an offer a young neighbor of ours gave me after a barbecue we held. My wife has long since given up on sex, so masturbation whilst watching porn was my thing. However being slightly drunk during the barbecue, I got talking to an old friend of mine, bemoaning my lack of sexual activity. What I didn't know is Simon our neighbors son was listening in.
    The following day he called by, I thought to loan our mower again (He lives with his mom and they don't have one) Answering the door I asked him if he wanted the mower again, to which Simon answered "No, I've come to offer you something". Waiting for him to say what, he pushed passed me and entered my home. My wife had gone over to her sisters for their usual Saturday afternoon card game, so when he smiled at me and asked where she was, I told him.
    Now picture this.
    A young twenty two year old cute looking guy, takes off his t-shirt, then drops his shorts revealing he's naked and then kneels on the rug in the middle of the room. Turning his head, he smiles again at me and says "If you want since you don't get to fuck your wife, you can, and I'd love you to, fuck me".
    Not having had gay sex before, I was a little weirded out when I instantly became erect. I noticed, he noticed and it just kind of went from there. He took out my cock from my shorts and sucked on it and I can tell you after such a long time without anyone giving me a blow job, it felt fucking awesome. Once my dick, which measures seven and half inches fully erect, was hard and throbbing he asked me if my wife had hair conditioner. Retrieving some from the bathroom in record time, I watched as Simon smothered his asshole with some. Looking up at me he said "Don't be gentle, you ain't the first and I love it rough".
    Deny yourself sex for two and half years, and then have a good looking guy offer you his ass to fuck and see what you do. I can tell you now, I had all seven and half inches of my cock straight up his asshole and was fucking him real hard from the word go. I fucked that young man so hard and for so long he climaxed twice. Once on our front room rug and then up on our bed as I had him mount my cock. I'm not joking when I say I screwed that guy for all I was worth and then some. And by the time he'd walked out of our home, I'd dumped two of my horniest cum loads right up his eager asshole.
    Simon is now a very frequent visitor to our home. With him being only a minute away, it's easy to text him when I'm horny for his mouth or ass. And seeing as my wife works and loves being at her sisters weekends, I get to fuck Simon almost every other day.
    Now a very content horny man, who just wishes he'd discovered the delights of gay sex a whole lot earlier.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    The first time I sucked on another mans cock, I was fifteen years old and going through a difficult period in my life. I just didn't understand who or what I was sexually. Girls were and still are attractive to me, but males, especially older men, were and are a massive sexual pull too.
    Taking the family dog out for a walk, I diverted through a park not too far from our home, knowing that sometimes men met there to have sex. Sure enough close to the toilet block, I saw one guy sucking on the cock of another. Walking past closely watching them and becoming erect myself, I came by the toilet block, and heard a guy asking me if I was looking for fun.
    It was one of those times in your life that changes things forever. Tying up the dog, I entered the toilets with the guy and immediately followed him into a cubicle. There was much talking as he dropped his trousers and showed me he had no underwear on. His cock wasn't particularly long, but it was thick. Without any instruction, I dropped down, took hold of his cock and let him slide it over my tongue.
    That first taste and feeling of it sliding over my tongue and deeper into my mouth sealed it for me. His cock tasted musky, yet also sweet. And it felt warm, soft and hard all at the same time. The guy held my head after a few initial strokes and began to fuck my mouth. And I soon learned I could take every inch of his cock down my throat. Not only did I find that I could deep throat the guy, I found I really wanted to. With each minute that passed, I became more and more confident and soon had him moaning loudly. Then without any warning he blew his load into my mouth. Not giving it any thought, but just reacting to his hot cum in my mouth, I swallowed the lot.
    Quickly pulling up his trousers, he thanked me and was gone. I was left stood in the cubicle astounded by just how much I'd enjoyed sucking on his cock. With the door still unlocked but shut, I sat on the toilet seat and took out my own cock and began to masturbate. I was just about to cum, when the door opened and I saw another guy stood there. He was much taller than the first man and much more professional looking dressed in a suit.
    Looking down at me stroking my cock, he said "Want to suck on something as you wank that". I didn't even say a word, I just nodded. Less than five minutes after swallowing my first ever cum load, I was sucking on another mans cock and his cock was much much longer. It kind of followed the pattern of the first man I'd sucked, only this guy didn't last long, only about two or three minutes before I felt him grip my hair and then felt his cock erupt into my mouth. Like the first guy, I let his hot cum slide down my throat as I swallowed his load too.
    Just as quickly, he also vanished with a thank you. I finished off my wank and shot my cum all over the floor in the cubicle and left the toilets. That night at home I relived what I'd done over and over in my head and told myself, I'd enjoyed every second of it. However nothing like that happened for another couple of years. And the reason being, I found out what pussy tasted and felt like, after dating girl I'd fancied for ages.
    The next time I had a gay experience, I met an older man whilst at a gym I'd begin to attend. Only through chatting to him over a three week period, did I eventually discover he'd once had a year long affair with a neighbour of his, a young male neighbour.
    He told me his wife and he had stopped having sex, but he enjoyed sex and was seduced by a younger man. It seems every weekend when she went out to play golf, he had the young guy around and was fucking the shit out of him. Only after he'd relayed his gay experience, did I tell him about mine. Still it took another further six months and my eighteenth birthday, for us to finally have sex.
    I'd had a particularly hard training session at the gym ,and was about to shower there, when he asked me if I wanted to shower at his place. Asking him about his wife, he told me she was away for a few days. Half an hour later I was stood in his shower, with his wonderfully thick long cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Once we'd both become incredibly turned on, and believe me I was after such a long time without cock, he asked me if I'd let him fuck me.
    Lay on my stomach, on the bed he shared with his wife, after he'd covered my arsehole with lube, I felt his uncut bare cock slide up my arse. The pain was as many people have no doubt mentioned before, yet it wasn't so bad I didn't want him to carry on fucking me. And before long his strokes got longer and firmer and my arsehole and I began to enjoy the growing feelings shooting through my body.
    That first sex session lasted an hour with him fucking me until he came hard up my arsehole. I did enjoy it, but there was something missing and that was me climaxing. My cock had become soft the more he fucked me, and it kind of detracted from my total sense of sexual fulfillment. However the more time I spent round at his home sucking and fucking, the more I relaxed and soon I was rock solid as he fucked me. Then the real beauty of being fucked and climaxing became apparent.
    A month after our first fuck, I finished with my girlfriend and had a wonderful three year affair with a married man. unfortunately whilst we were fucking one Sunday afternoon, when she was supposed to be playing golf, she caught us with his cock pounding my arsehole. And that was that
    Again it was a girl/woman who's charms and sexual drive that changed my sexual world. I kind of fell in love with her or moreover her appetite for dirty anywhere anytime sex. We literally fucked at anytime of the day and at some very unusual places, but our relationship was based purely on sex and it soon became apparent, sex with her wasn't fulfilling my other needs.
    Life and time moved on, and I eventually met then married a beautiful woman I once worked with. And that amazing woman is still my wife today. We have a great life in every way, other than sexual. But that particular part of my life is now covered by a person that I used to know.
    In total secret, I've re-met my old married gay lover. He and his wife are still married, but their marriage is sexless. It was the internet that reconnected us and we've been fucking again now for the past year. It's even better now than it was the first time, and our sex is far more intense and knowledgeable. Each wek we find time and a place, my home, a local hotel, or as in the summer just gone, outdoor places, some of which were stunning places to suck and fuck.
    In an utopian ideal world, he and his wife would move in with us and they'd be great friends. Allowing us to have sex whenever we wanted, but I/we live in the real world, so we'll just carry on our affair in secret and enjoy one another when we can.

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    Gay Male / 52

    In my early years we hung out at this drive in hamburger place. We would sit in the car and just hang out and listen to the radio. One afternoon I went to the restroom and ran into this man that owned the local motel franchise. He asked me what I was doing and offered me a ride. In the car he asked me to open his briefcase and get out his sunglasses. As soon as I opened the briefcase I saw a black and white picture of a naked guy about my age with an erection. He mentioned that it was just a picture he had, but that I had to admit it was a great hard on. He asked me if I ever got a hard on like that, he bet it was a sight to see.

    We drove to the office at the motel that he had a lot more pictures we could look at. The pictures were all of naked teens, and he went through them one by one, asking me which ones I liked and if I wanted this one or that one, he would loan them to me and I could beat off. I was holding a picture in my hand when he put his hand on me and felt that I had an erection. He asked to see it, but he was already opening my pants and as soon as he got it out he put his mouth on it and swallowed it and started to give me head.

    He asked me to get off the chair and we went into this back room which had a bed on it, and he got undressed and helped me get undressed. His cock looked enormous, he took my hand and put it on his cock and then he asked me to give him head. We 69d for a while, he rimmed me, and said that he just could not pass up a tight ass like mine, and with the help of some ointments he had, I got my first ass fucking. At that point I was completely into it, it was the best thing I had ever done.

    He took me home and dropped me off about a block from my house. He invited me over often to mess around and look at pictures. It was a different time and place, and he initiated me and showed me the ropes. No regrets.

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    Gay Male / 38

    I arrived in Dallas at the age of 22, still trying to get through college. I needed work and I took a job at a hotel as a front desk clerk. At the hotel was this hispanic man who worked at the hotel and he befriended me. One day he asked me to give him a ride home because his car had broken down. We drove to what was the a low end hispanic part of town. He invited me in for a beer. The apartment was a one room efficiency garage apartment with a space heater but no a/c unit. It was chilly outside. He gave me a beer and went to the bathroom and he came out and got undressed down to his underwear. He sat on his bed and asked me to come sit beside him. I froze, I started to understand what he wanted. He stood up and took off his shorts and stood naked except for his undershirt, his cock was semi hard under his shirt, he told me to come over that he wanted stick his cock in me.

    He walked over to me and started to undo my belt and pants button and reached down and grabbed my cock in his hand and asked me if I liked it. I still had the beer in my hand when he bent over and sucked my cock. He stood up and took the beer out of my hand and told me to kick off my shoes and take off my pants. He took me over to the bed and helped me lay down and he started to suck my cock and to rub my asshole with his finger. He lifted my legs up high and he put his mouth on my asshole and started to spit and fill my area with saliva. He stood and leaned over me and told me that I was going to really enjoy it, but it might hurt a little at first.

    He put his cock up against my asshole and started to push it in. When he broke in it hurt but it felt good and he slowly got his cock in until he was able to fuck in and out. I was holding on to my cock, he pushed my hand away and started to slap my cock with his hand while he fucked me. He bent down low and he pumped.

    I slept with him that night, he kept his cock up against me and would reach around and grab my cock from time to time. In the morning the weather was cold and we stayed in bed. He had me hold his cock with my hand and he held my cock, he told me he liked fucking me the night before. When we finally got up and took a shower he had me suck him.

    For the four months that I worked at the hotel we had sex almost every day. I have been a bottom ever since.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I am 18 years old Everyone thinks I am straight but I'm actually bi. I have hooked up on craigslist a couple of time and sucked cock but nothing more. But i really want to get fucked up the ass. I really want to be a total cumslut. Every weekend my friends come over and we smoke and chill out. And have a deep dark fantasy where they all fuck me bareback and cum all in me. I want to make it come true though I actually want to do it. I just don't know how to start or bring it up. i would only ask one time where i was alone with one of my friends i wouldn't ask or make a move in the group to start. i honestly feel like some of my friends would be up for it i just don't know where to start. If anyone has any ideas I would be so happy. Leave a comment please!! Thanks so much

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