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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 48

    When I was in 7th and 8th grade my best friends were two brothers who lived next door, Billy and Josh. Billy was my age and Josh was a year younger so he wasn't around at school in 7th grade. Billy and I wrestled each other a lot at school but I didn't think it was anything more than that, even though every now and then he would make a comment that seemed odd, but nothing that really stood out. At the same time this was going on I had been getting curious about gay sex and had even snuck into an Adult bookstore and stole a couple of gay porn magazines. I kept it to myself, unsure of what I was feeling about it.

    One night I was sleeping over at Billy and josh's house and we were in sleeping bags in the living room. Everyone was asleep and i was dozing off when I hear whispering. I looked over and I could just make out Billy and Josh between me and the sliding glass doors. Josh was on his back with his legs spread and Billy was sucking his dick, which was long but really skinny. i made a noise thinking they would stop but instead they tried to get me to let Billy suck my dick. Josh told me it felt really good and I would like it but I got a little freaked out and went to their older brother Brad's room, waking him up and asking if I could stay there. He wouldn't let me and I wouldn't tell him why I wanted to stay with him so I went home. Billy and Josh and I never hung out again but I couldn't stop thinking about it. They ended up moving a few months later when their dad got transferred.

    The summer after 8th grade a new family moved it across the street and a few doors down. All the kids from the neighborhood sat across the street one night to check them out. The front door was open and a girl with really big tits walked by on her way to the back of the house. All the guys were excited at the sight of her and wanting to see her again when someone else walked past the doorway. This person was taller with wider hips that swung like a girls but we all realized pretty quick this was a guy. Everyone made jokes about him, tagging him with the name 'Swish'.

    I saw him a couple of times walking up and down the street but didn't talk to him until one day he came over while I was hanging out on the front yard and introduced himself as David, in a soft lispy voice. We talked for a little bit and he was actually pretty cool so we became friends, though I was 13 and he was 17...I made a point of not letting the other kids know. I would go over at night and we would go into the backyard and smoke a joint, no big deal. He came over to my house a few times and we hung out in my room usually listening to the radio after sneaking out back to get high.

    One night we were kicking back in my bed, he was sitting on the edge and i was back on my elbows when he started telling me how much he liked me. I didn't think anything of it really until he put his hand on my stomach. It seemed weird but I didn't make him move his hand, even when he started slowly slipping them into my pants. He got a few inches in then asked me if I dared him to go further. I didn't really say anything and he worked his hand down more until I felt his fingers touch the head of my dick. I pulled his hand out of my jeans and sat up. David grinned and said 'Oh, I touched it!" then I told him he had to leave.

    I still hung out with him and we didn't talk about what had happened for a week or so. Then one night David said he wanted to give me a massage and that he was really good at it. Finally I said okay and he suggested we get into his stepdad's camper which was parked in the street. I followed him in, he locked the door then told me to get up on the bed, which hung out over the cab of the pick-up. I climbed up, he followed and told me to lay face down. He massaged me for a while, mostly my shoulders but then he gave my butt a couple of squeezes. I guess when I didn't pull away or react badly he was encouraged and whispered that I should get naked, that it would be better. I thought about it and I guess there was some attraction to the idea of being naked so I said I would but that he had to get naked too. He hesitated at that but then agreed and we took off all our clothes.

    We lay there a while in the dark and then he told me to roll over on my stomach again. I complied and he began to massage my shoulders again but this time was doing it much slower. His hand felt good and the cold air against my naked skin felt even better so I relaxed to enjoy it all. He moved his hand over my back a few times touching my bare butt cheeks, I guess to see how far I was willing to let him go. He then massaged my thighs moving between them and my shoulders but getting closer and closer to my butt then finally I felt his hand on my left ass cheek. Before long he was kneading my bare buttocks and I was really getting into it. A couple of times his hand 'slipped' between my thighs and I felt his fingers brush against the underside of my balls. the third time I spread my legs just a little and he stopped for a second then whispered I should roll over so he could do the front of me.

    I hesitated because I had a raging hard-on and I had never let anyone see me that way, but then I rolled onto my back, displaying my stiff cock. David gave a funny sound and began massaging my stomach but it was more absent mindedly. He shifted a little and I felt his stiff dick for a second on my thigh, but then he curled his fingers around the shaft of my cock and just held it for a bit before using his thumb to rub my cock head. Then he looked at me and slid down on the bed and I felt my cock engulfed in warm, soft wetness. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced especially as I had no sexual experience at all until then. He worked his awesome mouth up and down my cock slowly, his tongue twisting around it while his hand cupped and gently kneaded my balls. I told him to lick my balls and he didn't say a word, just did as I asked until they were swollen and wet with his saliva then he went back to giving me the most incredible head... even today t was the best I ever had... I soon felt myself getting close and told him I was about to cum but he didn't stop. I wasn't sure if he would get mad if I cane while my dick was still in his mouth so I told him again as I got closer and closer. I couldn't hold back and exploded in his mouth, and he moaned deep in his throat, gulping down each spurt of semen. I came harder than I ever had jerking off and his slurping was loud in the camper. When I was done he milked evert drop then we just got up, got dressed and we each went home.

    Every night after that we would meet late at night in the camper, get naked and David would give me head. Then he insisted we go inside his house where he would pull out the sofa bed, we would get into it naked and he would suck my dick. He was brazen and daring blowing me with his family in their rooms, I was always worried someone would walk in on us but he gave such great head I couldn't say no... Even after swallowing my load while I would quickly get dressed he would walk into the kitchen naked and have a little ice cream, something he did every time he swallowed my cum.

    I got used to it and got curious. I played with his cock and even sucked it a little by but he liked sucking my cock more than getting sucked. We did some 69 a few times but he always stopped before he came... something I was a little disappointed at but he give such incredible head I didn't mind that much. We made out naked a few times before he blew me but then we sort of broke up. He had told me one night in the beginning, when I asked him if he had sucked dick before meeting me and he told me he had an older cousin named Marty started him out being a cocksucker. Marty forced David to suck him off every night and now he loved it. Marty showed up and stayed with David's family and David was sucking his dick every night and not mine. He said Marty threatened to tell everyone David was queer so he had to do what Marty wanted. He suggested we have a threesome but I didn't wan to because Marty was really fat and dirty looking.

    I decided to move on, because of Marty and because I wanted to explore more... the first night David sucked my dick he had said that he would suck me but I couldn't fuck him... Later I made a joking comment about him fucking me but it was obvious he wasn't willing to do that either. I eventually met someone who not only let me suck his cock but he also fucked me...

    Years later I ran into David and we were both single so we hooked up for a while. He had let someone fuck him and loved it but we were both bottoms so we went our separate ways again....


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    My best friends son, Alex who's nineteen, called by a fortnight ago to ask me if I'd drive him over to where his father was playing golf. When I jokingly asked him "What's it worth". He replied non jokingly "I'll suck you off, or you can fuck me". I thought he was kidding until he dropped to his knees, but not before pulling down his shorts and boxers to show me he was already erect.
    There wasn't any time to think as he pulled down my shorts and gripped hold of my growing cock shaft. In the hallway of our home, I had my best friends son give me an awesome blow job. On the verge of cumming with his tongue working sexual miracles on my cock, he removed my dick from his mouth, stood up and turned around to present his tight looking asshole. With his knees on the second step of our stairs, he looked back at me and said "Go on then, fuck me".
    Not for one second did I hesitate. Putting my cock to my first ever guys asshole, I pushed in and just went for it. It was obvious I wasn't his first anal fuck, as his asshole took every one of my seven and a half inches. So hearing him moan with pleasure, I literally hammered his asshole for all I was worth. Pounding his hole hard and deep after few minutes, he let out a high pitched moan and came all over the step below him. Seeing his cum spraying on the stairs, made my own cock throb stronger and seconds later I was spurting up Alex's asshole.
    Pulling my dick out of his ass, Alex smiled a large smile and told me I was the first guy in ages to fuck him. And he also told me if I wanted to, I could fuck him again if and when we got time to have some fun.
    Before I dropped him off at the golf club, I had Alex suck me off in my car down a dirt track adjacent to the golf course. And didn't even care when a dog walker passed the car and looked in.
    Alex has this past fortnight been a frequent visitor to our home. Always when my wife is out, as we now always find enough time to suck and fuck.
    From a straight if not a gay curious guy a fortnight ago. To one who can't get enough of fucking Alex's tight young rear fuckhole. All those years I could have been having guys assholes to fuck. Going to have to make up for it from now on though.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Gave head to a random stranger who had given me a ride home from the bar

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Corey, my wife's seventeen year old nephew has just left our home. His aunt will be arriving home from work shortly, so I've cleaned up and and put the bed sheets in the wash. The reason the bed sheets are in the wash, is one, she asked me to wash them and two, they're full of mine and Corey's spunk.
    He called by a little after eleven this morning, and ten minutes later he was sucking on my cock in our kitchen. It's something he's been doing now for over eight months.
    The first time was at my fortieth birthday party. He cornered me upstairs in our home and asked me if I wanted an extra special gift. Pushing the drunken me into our bathroom, Corey quickly undid my trousers and flopped out my cock. Letting the recently turned seventeen year old, suck my cock was and is the best thing sexually I've ever done. He's so good at giving head, I swear he's been doing it for years. Over the next twenty minutes in our bathroom, my wife's nephew gave me a blow job I still think about today. It was so good, my dick was straining so hard even though I was drunk. And blowing my load in his mouth, I fully expected him to spit it out, but Corey swallowed the lot instead.
    Once he'd gotten my dick good and hard this morning, I had him bend over our breakfast bar, smeared his asshole with olive oil and rammed my unsheathed cock right up his very eager ass. From the first time, the week after my fortieth birthday party, when I first fucked him in my truck, to this morning, Corey has wanted and liked me fucking him hard. And every time since I've not disappointed him or myself.
    He's such a cock whore, he often tells me loudly to fuck him deeper and harder. It's how he gets off and fucking him this morning in our kitchen was exception. We only moved after I'd been fucking him for some time, because the window cleaners were round. Pulling him upstairs, I got him to strip, revealing his tiny cock. Then closing the blinds, I had Corey kneel up on our bed as I entered him from behind. It was an hour and half, lots of different positions and some time kissing, touching, playing and caressing one another later, when I'd dumped two large loads up Corey's asshole, and he'd spunked twice over our bed, that we finally lay next to each other sweating.
    Lay behind him spooning him, I fell asleep to his rhythmic breathing. I awoke to feel him reaching behind himself stroking my cock. I'd become hard again and feeling our body heat being so close, I slipped my cock back into Corey's rear fuckhole. Very slowly but deeply, I fucked him until I heard him groan loudly he was cumming. Then for the third time today, I let my cock explode inside his body.
    Once again lay next to each other, we kissed with passion before Corey got up and walked into the bathroom to shower. I pullled off the bed sheets and put them into the wash. They'd been washing for about ten minutes, when Corey shouted to me if I'd join him in the shower.
    It was in the shower I did something we've not done before. Dropping to my knees and spreading his gorgeously tight ass cheeks, I licked and sucked out my own cum from Corey's asshole, before feeding it to him as we kissed.
    Corey won't be back around until Wednesday next week, after leaving a short while ago. But when he does arrive on Wednesday afternoon, you can bet I'll be balls deep up his cute little ass all over again.

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    Gay Male / 49

    In those days apartments did not have air conditioning, so I would leave and go down to the corner store and read comic books and if I had some money would buy a coke or something. The old man that ran the store at night would watch me and this one night as he was closing he asked me if I wanted to see something. He locked the door and turned down the lights and I went with him into the small office. He reached into the desk drawer and took out a comic book and asked me if I might want to read this instead.

    It was a comic book of gay sex, drawings of guys sucking each other, of guys getting fucked, he ran his fingers over the comic drawings asking me if I liked this one or that one and commenting on how this guy was fucking that guy or sucking his dick. While he talked to me he was grabbing his dick in his pants. I was sitting in the chair and he was beside me putting his hand on my shoulder when he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out and asked me I liked it.

    I had never had a dick that close to my face, it was big and hard and he put it against my mouth holding me by the neck and asked me if I didn't want to try it, to suck him like the comic book showed. He told me to open my mouth, and when I did it he slit it in. He gave me careful instructions about how to suck him, I paid careful attention and he complimented me. His dick felt good in my mouth, it tasted strange, but it felt good and he told me to close my eyes and just suck him and enjoy his dick.

    While I sucked him, he rubbed my head and cheeks, he was standing full in front of me and he was rocking back and forth as he ran his dick in and out of my mouth. Every so often he would pull it out all the way and ask me to look at it, to really look at it and then to open my mouth and he would slide it in again.

    My dick got hard, and then it got soft again, and then it got hard again. He happened to look down when I was hard and he said to let him see what kind of dick I had and he had me stand up and unzip my pants and take it out. He immediately took it in his hand and started to massage it and asked me I liked that, he rubbed his dick against mine to compare the size, then he bent over and gave me a long suck.

    He helped me get my pants down and he rubbed the cheeks of my behind with his hand, he got behind me and told me to bend over like the guys did in the comic book, to bend over and he started to play with my butt hole, asking me if I liked it. When he pushed his finger in I said something, but he told me to stay bent over and he laid his dick up against my crack and the put his head against my hole. I heard him spit into his hand, and then I felt his spit land on my back and he used his finger to rub it against my hole, he put his dick against me and told me it was probably going to hurt, but then it was going to feel real good.

    It hurt, but I kept from saying anything, as he slowly inserted his dick up my rectum. The pain was there, but there was also this pleasure feeling, which got better and better, he got to where he could fuck me and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it as much as I could. He had me clean up with a rag he had in the office.

    When I walked home that night, I could feel my hole with every step I took. At home in bed I gently touched my hole, and in the morning I could still feel it.

    The next night I went back for more. I got better and better, and he got more and more friendly with me. He used different stuff to get me lubricated, and whether he pushed his finger in me, or his dick, I could not get enough.

    I really developed a strong desire to suck him, I always liked to suck him before we fucked. He had a large collection of comics, and magazines, and we would look at them together.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Fuck i want to suck a dick right now then have my ass pouned

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    A very good friend of mine was going thru a nasty assed divorce. Ron and I had been pretty tight since he began working where I do so when he told me about he and his soon to be ex wife splitting up, I told him to call me anytime he wanted as I had been there once and was more than happy to be a shoulder to lean on.
    One Friday night when my wife was out of town for the weekend, Ron asked if I would mind stopping over for awhile as he was feeling a little down. Arriving around 8pm, Ron already had a few drinks so I was playing catchup and after the 6th or 7th, we started talking about sex, or his lack of it. He was going on about not having any since his wife left 3 months ago and when I half jokingly offered to jack him off, he stood and dropped his pants and said if I was serious, to help myself. his wasn't the first cock I had ever touched and before long, we were both naked in his bedroom and I was happily sucking on his very nice 7" cock and licking his fat balls. I remember it was I who suggested we go to the bedroom where I laid between his spread thighs and continued sucking his cock and balls until he started moaning and shit a huge load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed most of it and kept right on sucking away until he was hard again then settled into a nice sucking rhythm as we both drifted off to sleep.
    I woke a few times during the night with Ron's cock in my face and would continue sucking and licking his sweet cock and balls until I would fall asleep and was wakened by him stroking my hair as he rubbed his dick across my lips and after sucking him off again, we both took a shower and he sucked my throbbing cock until I blew a load into his hot mouth.
    We spent the rest of the weekend naked and servicing each other's cock and even though he has since remarried, we still get together and suck cock whenever we can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    At the age of twenty five, I attended a school reunion. My then fiancee didn't attend because of a massive argument we'd had, so I decided I'd stay over at a nearby hotel. During the evening a guy I'd not seen since school showed up, a guy who when in school was a bit of a geek, but nevertheless had in school had told me in no uncertain terms, he'd love to fuck my tight little asshole. Back then I told him where to go.
    Saying hello to Steve wasn't that hard, not looking at him anyway. He'd not only gotten a lot more muscular, he'd also become a very handsome, I suppose attractive young man. Tall, athletic with a muscled physique, and also he had a certain air of confidence about him.
    Lots of the women who were there tried to flirt with him, but Steve just kept on talking to me. We chatted about school, what we'd done since, and then he asked me if I'd ever had sex with a guy. Back in school I'd told him to fuck off, at the reunion I found myself saying no, but I'd always been curious.
    Fifteen minutes later he was following me into my hotel room and we'd already kissed in the elevator on the way up. It had been a tongue twisting passionate kiss, one you know is going to lead to sex. And sex is precisely what we had. I sucked his huge cock hard and had him tongue out my asshole. Then wearing a condom, he got what he'd long since wanted to do. I took my first cock up my ass and didn't Steve fuck me. It wasn't pleasant at all at first, but I'd gone that far and wanted him to at least cum up my ass.
    Then as his cock continued to plow my ass, it gave way, it relaxed and so did I. From being a sexual passenger, I became a very inclussive sexual partner and couldn't get enough of his cock deep inside my ass. As my ass relaxed and began to back onto his cock, Steve said "I knew you'd be a great fuck". A few miutes later he busted his nut up my ass, and then he watched me toss my cock off as he lay relaxing on the bed. with my cum spraying all over his chest.
    That night Steve fucked me twice more and each time I got more and more into the sex. And each time he came hard deep inside me filling the condom. I awoke the next morning to have him feed me his cock. Before I left to go home I sucked off my old school student and swallowed his cum.
    Six weeks later I broke off my engagement, and went to live in another city, not meeting up with Steve again for some time.
    On our thirtieth years, we had another school reunion. Steve was already there when I got there. And we didn't waste anytime with the reunion. Booking into the same hotel as five years previous, we had such an amazing time sexually. We kissed, tongue, sucked and fucked one another pretty much the whole night. He'd gotten hold of some Viagra on the off chance I might turn up, and it was that plus our extreme passion for each others bodies that had us fucking all night.
    The difference last year, as it was a year ago this week, was I wasn't engaged to be married, I am married. It had been a whirlwind relationship with my wife, and we'd gotten married in the four months Steve was away. Once he returned though, we carried on where we'd left off. Meeting two to three times a week at motels, outdoors and in his apartment for no holds barred gay sex.
    And that is the case today. I love my wife, I truly do. Yet I just cannot live now without having Steve fuck me at least two times a week. I still fuck my wife almost nightly, but on those occasions Steve and I meet, he takes complete control, and I let him fuck me anyway he wants.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    So I'm a college student that loves sleeping with women as much as any other guy but occasionally I find myself looking around on Grindr to get off.

    The other night, I messaged a guy who looked pretty buff but didn't reveal his age. We messaged back and forth for a bit and we exchanged nudes. He had a nice cock and he really liked my ass (I workout and my ass naturally is shaped like a girl's). He begged me to let him fuck me and I was resistant because I don't bottom much.

    After awhile I got horny enough that the thought of being fucked really got me going. He told me he was 44 and the thought of being with an older man made me even more excited. We eventually agreed to meet.

    He told me to loosen myself up before he came over so I got in the shower and lubed myself up with body wash. I worked one finger in there and then slowly got the second one in. After pumping my fingers in my ass for a few minutes I got out of the shower and told the guy to come over.

    When he arrived, I was already naked and hard as a rock. He asked to go to my bedroom but I told him to take me in the living room.

    I got on top of my ottoman and dropped to all fours, arched my back and raised my ass towards him.

    He spanked the shit out of me and I moaned in satisfaction, squeezing my ass muscles. He kept spanking my ass until he heard me breathing heavier and he knew I was turned on.

    He aggressively grabbed my ass and spread it and starting licking it. His tongue going into my hole made me shake and I started stroking my dick to add to the pleasure. He munched on my ass for a few minutes until I was thrusting my hips back and forth, begging for his cock.

    He pushed me onto my stomach and placed his dick in between my cheeks and pushed back and forth. I rocked along with him and knew he was about to go in.

    He grabbed the lube and a condom and spread a good amount on my hole. After spanking me, I was so excited that I came before he even stuck it in! I didn't tell him and kept acting really into it.

    He spread my cheeks and slowly pushed his cock in. It was WAY bigger than I thought. I winced in pain as his manhood went deeper into my ass. He told me that daddy was taking care of me and that I'll be ok. He eventually worked into a rhythm and his balls slapped against my jiggling ass. I was euphoric because I could hear his balls smacking my ass while he fucked me and he kept spanking me, hard.

    After minutes of relentless fucking, he pulled out of my ass, took the condom off and came on my back.

    He asked if I needed to finish and he was shocked to find out that I came when he was lubing me up.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I heard from a few friends that craigslist is the way to get laid so I posted an ad in the personal section and had no luck so I quit checking my fake email, A week later I randomly checked my email and noticed I had 2 new emails, one was spam, one was from a man in my town that was explaining how he could do anything a woman could do. I laughed and closed the email. The next day curiosity got to me so I emailed the guy and agreed to meet up for a bj, I figured why not, no one will know. We meet at the hotel room and I'm surprised to see he looks better in person. We go back to the room and he holds me close and what he tells me next changed my life forever. He said damn you got a hot fem body, I bet you have a tight boy pussy and he grabbed my but and my cock instantly got rock hard, I had just realized I was a hot little bottom, he showed me an amazing night and I've never went back.

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