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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I have a quite new g/f and we have been having great sex. She went to stay with her family over the holidays and I was left on my own for a week or so. I had Christmas with my mom who is on her own but the rest of the time I was on my own.
    After having had sex pretty much daily with my g/f I got very horny and after about 4 days was really craving sex. We had a couple of phone sex sessions and both got off but it wasn't really doing it for me.
    I decided to go and have a massage. As in no strings attached opportunity to get off, at least with a chick rather than masturbating, so I choose a studio and went in. Being the holiday period they were short staffed and so they said I would have to book and come back later, unless I was ok with a guy doing the massage. My first reaction was no way but then I thought I had come a fair way and since I was there may as well at least have a massage.
    I was shown to a room and the receptionist told me to undress and put a little disposable paper g string on. The pouch barely covered my junk and the little string felt weird in my trench but I was cool and lay face down on the massage table.
    The guy came in and I lifted off the table to say hi. What I saw was probably the best looking guy I have ever seen up close and personal. He had model looks, perfectly brushed long wavy hair and an incredible body. He just had little shorts on and he was perfectly shaped without being over the top. What I could see of his body was totally hairless and smooth as.
    I lay back down and he started the massage. He did my back, arms and neck and then started on my legs. He gently spread my legs and worked on my thighs. When he got to my inner thighs his hands worked up onto my ass cheeks. It felt really good and I was enjoying the whole deal. The he ran a finger down my trench between my ass cheeks. I said hey man that's too close there, or something like that. He stopped massaging and asked if I had a problem with being touched in personal places by a guy. I said I had never been in that space before . He said just relax and enjoy the privacy of the moment. I calmed down and lay down again and let him continue.
    He went back to my legs and thighs and then to my ass. His finger ran down my trench and the little string got pushed a little inside me. after a few moments he pulled the string from my crack and I felt a finger rest on my hole. It felt so hot. I moaned a bit and then felt embarrassed but then felt is finger gently enter me. I gasped a bit but didn't stop him. He started to massage the inside of my anus and I felt my cock becoming erect under me. After a while he softly asked if I was ok. I just moaned. Then he asked me to turn over. I turned and my erection had pushed way out of the paper g string. He suggested he remove it and I didn't protest as he slid them off me and lay nude and erect on the table.
    H then removed his little shorts and exposed his full erection.
    He asked me if I would like to take the massage to a different level and said he was available to have a full sexual session if that was what I would like. Looking at his seriously hot nude body and erection I just gave in to the temptation and for the next hour had some of the hottest sex of my life. We sucked each other, made out, and then fucked each other. We both ejaculated twice and by the end of the session I was completely exhausted.
    He led me to the shower and we showered together kissing and rubbing each other.
    He then left me to relax on a lounge in a room with soft music. I lay there in the nude wondering what the hell had I just done. I became erect and started to masturbate. I didn't give my g/f a thought. I just recalled the sensation of taking his penis up inside me.
    My g/f came back and we went to bed as soon as she was in the house. Our sex was as good as always, but my mind wandered. Images of his body filled the spaces. When I ejaculated in her I was ejaculating in him.

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    Gay Male / 33

    One weekend when I was 10 years old, I was staying at my grandpaâs house. As a widower, he regularly babysat me when my parents were away or out for a night. On Saturday night, my other granddad dropped by for dinner and a visit as both of my grandfathers were very good friends, although I was to find out that they were more.

    I woke up during the night and wandered down the hallway to the living room as I could hear the television going. As I turned into the living room, I stalled as I saw both of my grandfathers naked, with granddad sitting in a chair as grandpa sucked his cock. I could see his cock sliding in and out of my grandpaâs mouth and as I watched, I felt my cock harden. I slid my underpants down a bit, playing with my cock and as I did, they slid to the floor and I stepped out of them. Grandpa must have noticed my movement at that point because he suddenly stood up and yelled Shit! My granddad bolted up from the chair saying What! and then he saw me.

    I walked towards them as they both covered their cocks with their hands and grandpa said, hey you should go back to bed. I came near and tugged at grandpaâs hands and his erect cock sprung towards my face. On impulse, I took his cock into my mouth and he groaned as I started sucking and he laid his hand on my head saying fuck it feels so good. In a few minutes, as my grandpa started moaning, saying my god, Iâm gonna cum. I gagged on his cock as my grandad grabbed my head with his hands and pushed my face down on my grandpaâs cock, saying drink his cum as my grandpa shot his load.

    My grandad then sat in the chair and beckoned to me and said my turn now. I knelt before his cock and took it in my mouth and started sucking. My grandpa said spread your legs a bit more as he put his hand between my legs from behind and reached for my cock and balls and started massaging my balls and pulling on my cock. My grandad laid his hands on my head as I sucked, saying it felt so good. I startled a little as grandpa applied lube and inserted a finger in my arse and my grandad pulled my head back to his cock and said keep sucking. As I sucked, my grandpa played with my cock while fingering my arse, increasing the speed as he repeatedly inserted more fingers inside me. I felt a strange, tingling sensation in my cock and arse and as I started breathing heavily, my grandad came in my mouth. After I finished drinking his cum, my grandad lifted me on to the chair and started playing with my cock as my grandpa continued fingering me saying now lets get you off. As they both continued playing with me, I started moaning and gasping as I orgasmed. My grandad held me as I relaxed after the orgasm and my grandpa stopped fingering my arse, saying we can fuck him tomorrow and my grandad said, great plan.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Working afternoons into the early hours doesn't do much for going out for fun, so it's a lonely time when all you do is work and sleep. Often I'm going home round 2 am, and more often than not I pull into an open all hours service station where they have an all night cafe. I'm not much for hamburgers and chips so I always look to see if they have a stew or casserole or thick soup of some kind, something to fill me up before I sleep.

    I sit and eat and look out of the window at the big semis coming and going. There's a big truck parking area out back, and facilities for the truckies.

    This one night, first time ever I see this woman loitering around. She sees me and comes in, strolling casually and looking around. She asks in a croaky voice if I was looking for some fun. I says no thanks babe, I prefer something a little different from pussy. I know straight off the bat this ain't no woman, a sissy with a cock but a feminine one, so I thought I'd pretend I didn't know just to flatter her.

    She sits at my table and wants to know what sort of things I like and I answers if she had a cock I'd be interested. Maybe I have she says. I said I wasn't buying and she pulls a face and says she ain't in it for the money. I told her she could pass for female and she nods. She says would I like to fuck her up the arse and I say you're making me horny. I point to my big white van and say would you do it in there and she said yeah that'll be ok.

    My van ain't in the way, tucked away in discreet corner, and I slides open the side door and we get in the back. There's a mattress on the floor and she says I bet that's seen some action and I said it'll see a bit more tonight.

    When she slips off her coat I couldn't be happier. She's done up in black stockings, red corset with black lace, garter belt, red knickers, the lot. Her long hair isn't a wig and her makeup isn't heavy.

    I grab her backside and pull her into me and we pash on the lips for a while. Then I put her on her hands and knees and pull her cute panties down. I had some lube and I oiled her up. My cock went in slowly but firmly far as I could get it and then I fucked her hard as I could. Reaching under often as not and stroking on a cock sometimes flabby sometimes stiff. I was so horny I did her twice.

    She was pleased saying I was a good fuck and I said this was a regular stop for me on my way home so I hope to see her again. It's nice to have a good fuck after a long day.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I noticed other men admitting to this here. I'm married, straight & really do love pussy but I do something in secret which is letting a gay friend suck it for me. I'd like to get it sucked more often but I work a lot of hours & my wife always wants details of every minute of my time outside of the house because every woman who flirts or even looks at me or me them, she thinks I'm having a fling with. We have three teen boys so & spend a lot of time with them taking them places & playing sports, teaching them things like a dad who loves his kids should. I do love my wife but my kids are my world. My youngest son confided to me he thinks he's gay. I assured him it's okay if in fact, he is but to be careful at school & try to hold off on sex with another boy at least one more year as he's only 14. That's some about my home life.

    As for my gay friend, I've known him a long time but my wife doesn't know him. I keep our friendship secret because it's a special friendship that helps meet manly needs. Early years of marriage, I was visiting him a few times a week especially when my wife was pregnant. My wife has hormone problems & when pregnant she never wants sex. These days, I visit him about once a month. I wish it were more often. I saw him three weeks ago. We don't communicate on the phone but I know the hours he's home & he always told me to just show up anytime I wanted. Those evenings my wife thinks I'm working out in the field late. I can't say what my job is here but she can't locate me even when I'm really out in the field working late. She will text me. I usually spend a couple hours at my friend's place. I don't just show up & drop my pants. We do talk a lot about many things that have nothing to do with sex. We have a few beers. You'd never know he's gay. He's just as masculine as I. The difference is he loves to suck my willy. I love how he sucks it.

    The last time I saw him, he got me off twice. He does the type of things most women won't. I don't understand women too well like why they don't get turned on licking around the balls & those areas under the balls but he likes those special areas. That last visit, I got on his bed with my ass in the air. I spread my legs enough for him to fuck my ass with his tongue. I mean he fucks it sticking is tongue in & out of my asshole. We started out like that last time. My willy was so wet from that it was leaking cum on his bed. It felt like it was going to cum hands & mouth free. I turned over & he sucked on my balls & his lips made their way to my willy which is mouth soon consumed all the way to the base. He sucked it good a while on that edging style getting it so close then stopping. It ended with me on top of him fucking his mouth while he continued to suck. My meat blew a massive load for him deep down his throat. We stopped, had a beer together & he did it again. I came hard two times. I felt so relaxed afterward. His got his off when sucking mine that last round & he let his load blow on his bed. There's always a lot of wet spots on his bed before I leave. He told me he likes that & he gets in bed to sleep in it after I leave. It's a huge turn on for both of us. There's nothing selfish about any of it. He loves to do what he does & I love to get it.

    I decided to confess this because I'd read where a couple other men had admitted to a similar situation but they seem to be meeting up with their special friend more often. I envy them for that. I do love gay men who love straight men but I'm always accepting of any gay, bi or transexual person. If it wasn't natural for there to be different orientations, God wouldn't have created it is how I feel. We are all equal in the eyes of God. I suggest other straight men act more kind towards people even if they don't understand things well. No one is perfect.

    I'm not sure if my confession is a turn on to anyone or just informative but I hope you liked it.

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    Straight Male / 24

    I've been reading a lot of stories on this site tonight & noticed this area has similar experiences to me. I thought I was a tiny minority of straight men. I have a girlfriend but we don't live together. We have sex a couple times a week & have dated almost a year. I don't masturbate much because I like to build it up since it feels better when getting off then. I don't even look at porn much like most guys do. In fact, most of my friends think I'm the conservative jock. I'm not really conservative but my parents are in the Church so I think it's assumed I'm a certain way. The jock part has to do with I've always been into a lot of sports. It's not that I'm a player or man hoe. There is a guy I met six years ago who is 38. I'm 24. His house is on my way home from work. He texts me a few times a week to ask how things are or if I need any help with anything. He never says other things since I'm paranoid about my phone. I try for once a week after work on a day I've not had sex in a few days to stop by his house so I'll say yes when he wants to know if I need some help. It sounds crazy probably like CIA or something with how it has to be but I just work at a dumb job working on cars mostly to change oil & no I don't rip people off.

    It's usually the same thing but it's always good. I'll drive to his house after work. On the way, my cock gets hard & stays hard because I know how good it's going to feel soon. My mind goes right to what's going to happen & how it's going to feel. When I get there, we talk a few minutes & I drink some water. We sit on the couch & then he gets real quiet. I do too. I'm always in a uniform from work with a certain type belt that he with undo & then take my pants down. He gets on the floor between my legs & always leaves my briefs at my ankles while he starts to suck my cock. I don't say anything at all but he always knows when it's close so he stops. I think because the head swells up bigger when it's about to cum. He will do some licking & on & off sucking a few minutes. It feels good like I'm going to cum but I don't. He will take my underwear all the way off then & I lay on the couch while he gets up & goes back between my legs. He sucks on my balls some which I like & he messes around with my butt some with his tongue. I like that too. He will suck on my cock a lot. More light sucking & some licking until I can't take it anymore. In fact, he knows if it goes on too long, I'll start to ejaculate even if nothing is touching my cock which happened a few times so when at that point he starts to suck it hard. He can go all the way down on it. I've been sucked by girlfriends before but it's not great. He knows how to do it. I don't like it getting jerked or the sucking to stop just as it's shooting but ex girlfriends always ended up doing that while sucking or stopping as it was cumming. I hate that. He only uses his mouth & he goes at it hard. It's like when you edge your cock but a lot better. He knows that my instinct is to hump when it's really about to cum so I do hump his face at that time. He always puts his hands under my butt with his finger right over the hole not trying to put it inside. I like that too but I never told him that I like his finger just at my butthole. I do that when I masturbate. When I start to cum, it's intense & he keeps going. I am still cumming after ejaculation a few seconds & he knows that so he keeps going & after I get off, he doesn't mess around with it since the head area gets real sensitive for some reason a few minutes.

    He has no boyfriend but he's gay. As far as I know, I'm the only person he's getting off. I hope that's true. I'm not gay but I'd get mad if I thought some other guy was getting his cocked sucked too. It's as if that's only for my cock. I hope so. I do like how it feels & I never want to stop getting my cock sucked by him. It went from a feel good thing to I need it now. I have to have those times. I know he loves to do it. I love how I get an hour of full attention just for my cock from someone I know loves my cock. That's important to me even if it sounds crazy. My girlfriend doesn't like to suck which is good since I try to save that one thing for him. I'm glad I'm not the only guy getting his cock sucked by another guy. I really did think I was the only straight guy doing this kind of thing until reading things on here & one other place.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Am 28, straight/curious. I've been married 9 years & we have two small boys. I love my wife & I'm a good dad but late last year my wife & I were having big problems on finances. She took it out on me & was using no sex to punish me. I have a very high sex drive & was used to intercourse most nights at bedtime. I didn't jack off much but I did need that real sex at night. By Thanksgiving, I'd gone 4 weeks without. I was jacking off but that doesn't give me the release I need. I'd never cheated on her. I'd never had any sexual stuff with another guy either. By December, I was horny out of my mind. There were a few Christmas parties. Some with friends & two from work. I went to my work party by myself. Our kids were staying with grandparents & my wife stayed home likely using her dildo that I found she'd hidden.

    I went with a friend to the party & was a little drunk before I left. I was drinking beer & not driving. At the party, someone gave me a drink with vodka & roses lime. I forget what it's called but it's strong. It was another guy that I knew was gay from what co-workers said. He's a really nice guy & I never had problems with gays but I have a hard time knowing who's gay or not unless someone tells me. He talked a lot & I was spending more time with him but I was noticing a woman I work with who has large tits. I was so damn horny ready to just cheat with her but she had a date. That guy kept giving me those drinks & my friend who drove us there wanted to leave while I wanted to stay. The gay guy offered me a ride home which is 45 min drive so I stayed longer. When we finally left, he asked if my wife would be pissed I was drunk & yeah she was going to be. He offered for me to stay at his apartment a while then take me home in morning. I said sure. Got there & we even watched a movie. I was drunk but not so drunk I didn't know what was going on. He has a sofa that opens & he got out a blanket etc. He only has one bedroom. I was set to sleep in his living room. All seemed okay & I figured I'd jack off after he went to bed. I got undressed for bed & used the bathroom. I was stumbling around in semi dark when he turned the bathroom light on for me. My dick was semi hard but I needed to piss. I just stood there over the toilet trying to piss while he stood there at the door saying he didn't want me to fall. He even helped me back to that sofa bed even though I didn't need help.

    He then said he could help me out & make it feel good. I knew then he meant BJ. I told him I'd be okay was just gonna jack off but he said how better it would feel. I said sure do it. He got on that bed between my legs & went down on it. Not only that, he was lifting my legs up some doing something I never had before between my legs. It shocked me but felt so good. He went back & forth from doing something with his tongue to sucking my dick. I kept feeling my dick was going to cum so I kept telling him he better stop. I didn't know if he wan't me to bust a load in his mouth so I was warning him. I knew it was going to be a huge load. He sort of edged on it over a half hour it seemed. I knew I couldn't take it longer so I was saying how he better slow it or it's going to happen. He kept going that time. I started to blow. I could feel the semen literally blowing out in a pulsing way each shot. It was so intense I actually moaned which I never do. He sucked my dick two more times that night & again later morning before he took me home. After that, we started hooking up some. To this day, I go to his apartment once a week. He sucks my dick but he really doesn't care that I don't want to mess with his dick. He even keeps his pants on but I can tell his is hard too. I know it seems selfish but I really only want to get sucked off not mess with other stuff. I am cheating on my wife with a gay guy & yeah it's gay sex to get sucked by a guy but my wife is still mostly pulling the no sex in January. I feel guilty some but I really love how he makes my dick feel. I've never felt anything like it. He works on it like an hour each time then it goes really hard. I'm a little embarrassed that I can't help it but I moan when it starts to cum. Other than that it's really great. He did tell me he doesn't want or expect me to mess with his dick. I think he's telling the truth but I don't understand how that works. I'm just glad it is how it is.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Married male here. About a week ago for the first time I fucked this twink. So smooth, so nice, so young, so feminine, I thought maybe he was a virgin but the way he was ramming his ass back on my big cock I knew he wasn't. It's so much better than my wifes pussy or ass. I have met him three more days since and gotten my nut in his ass or mouth 7 more times.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Truck stops are always fun, it's a place where you can get your fill of as much hot thick jizz that you can handle. Nobody should have to drive cross country with a full load. I am willing to do my part and help them out. If i can drain 5 or 6 cocks so they have a easier ride so be it, plus it curbs my craving for cum. I enjoy being a cum whore. It's like coffee you just want to drink it all day long. To the 3 guys last night. I hope i made your drive a little easier. And thank you for you load.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Just had my arse fucked dy an above average cock , we met in a public toilet and I bent over and he had trouble but with some lube he got it inand pumped hard till he shot his load up me

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    Straight Male / 28

    After my mom passed away, medical bills meant stepdad & I had to move to efficiency 1 RM apt. That June was hard in that new small Town. At 18, I'd been used to regular sex with then ex GF. I was horny but my stepdad was out of work & I didn't start college until the fall so we were together all the time & no privacy for me to fap.

    Even the bathroom didn't have a real door. It was a folding type cowboy door. I guess, they figured only 1 person would live there. I had a good relationship with stepdad as he was only 9 yrs older. Like a big bro but I'd never even seen another dude hard before let alone hear one fap yet that first week, I heard him fap in his bed just feet from mine. I figured he thought I was asleep since he'd moan then say, "it's gonna bust". I didn't fap out of worry he, another straight dude would hear it. Not to mention he was an out of work construction worker macho dude.

    He'd always just wear boxer briefs around our old house but now he was often hard at night in them in front of me while walking around or watching TV. I pretended not to notice.

    After 2 weeks, I couldn't help it. I needed to fap. I tried to do it quietly that night after thinking he was asleep but midway through in the dark, I felt him sit on side of my bed. "He said, "I know what you're doing". He mentioned how we were both horny, adults & in private. "Let me suck it for you", he said. I was shocked. Next, he got between my legs & went down on my dick. First BJ I'd had. My ex GF never did that. It felt so good but I felt so ashamed & then I heard his own slapping sound as he pounded his dick while sucking on mine. My stepdad gay? No way. He must just be horny or maybe bi. As we both were nearing busting, he stopped & pulled me on top of him. He wanted my dick up his ass. "Fuck my butt like you used to fuck ur GF", he said! I nearly busted fast, my dick feeling a very tight hole but he warned once close let him know. He had me pull out in time so he could get his mouth around my big dick in time for that hot cum to blow inside his mouth.

    The next few months, I spent every night fucking my stepdad up his ass, trying to pull out in time so he could get what he wanted. It would sometimes start spurting before reaching his lips & those first spurts would blow in his face instead. I tend to blow 9 hard spurts in an orgasm so he'd always get the bulk of what he called, my sperm batter. He had a thing about getting the cum in his mouth but feeling my big dick pound his ass a while first.

    I ended up feeling more manly tho knowing my dick was up Mr. Macho, the construction worker's ass. I'm still not sure why that turns me on.

    That was ten yrs ago. Since then, married to female but I still poke him on visits.

    True story.


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