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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Somewhere along the way I have become an old man. And with accompanying health issues. I have probably already sucked my last big black cock. Still -- I fantasize about doing more--- and really enjoy the cock sucking posts on this site.
    I just wish you guys who also love black cock would post more, interesting stories for me to enjoy. I wish I had a mouthful of black cock cum filling my mouth right now. Thanks. Tell me some stuff, folks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    After reading in a few different places about guys who were able to suck their own cocks by putting their legs over their own heads, I gave it a try. Low and behold I was able to get about two inches in right away once it was fully erect, without much effort. After a few weeks I was able to get almost half my cock into my mouth and began to love giving myself a blow job. At first I spat out my cum, or came all over my face, but when my moaned at me about "Staining" on the bed sheets and pillows, I started to make sure I came in my mouth and swallowed it. I was soon enjoying, then adoring my cum taste and was sucking myself off at least twice a day.
    Then on a very wet afternoon in late January this year, I knew my mom had gone out shopping and my dad was at work, so I got into my regular position and began to suck on my dick. I'd been sucking on my meat for about five minutes when my bedroom door opened. Stood there watching me, was one of my mates Lee, someone I'd grown up with. I was about to unfurl myself and begin to try and explain things, but Lee walked straight over, gripped my arse cheeks, pulled them apart and buried his face into my arsehole. It was so unexpected, I didn't begin sucking on my dick again for a while, not until he broke off and asked me if I'd ever been fucked. Telling lee I'd not even thought abour anal sex, he stuck his tongue right up my arsehole and then slid in a finger. At that point I began to suck on my own cock again as some pre cum had leaked out.
    Without saying anything, Lee broke away again, totally striped off and offered me his cock to suck. In my head it had always been ok for me to suck my own dick, as I didn't think it was in any way gay, but to suck on his cock meant I was at least accepting gay sex, which pretty much meant given I'd already fucked a couple of girls, I was bisexual.
    Moving around I took hold of his rock hard cock, opened my mouth and let Lee slide his entire length over my tongue.
    Lee's cock isn't as long as mine, but it is much thicker, yet I was still able to suck in every inch right from the off. He moaned loudly, gripped my hair and began to force fuck my face. He kept on telling me he'd dream't of the day I'd suck him off, but also added he'd love to fuck me too.
    That crappy afternoon though, I sucked and sucked on one of my best mates cock, until he thrust one last time arching his back and filling my mouth with his cum. There was no way I was going to waste any, as I had my own when I first started. So gulping down each wad of cum, I drained my friends balls and kept on sucking until he could take no more.
    He lay back on my bed and I was going to ask him to suck my cock, but he'd closed his eyes. Instead I reverted back to being in my self suck position and began to blow myself. Closing my eyes I could hear Lee breathing hard still. Then just as my jucies were flowing again, he stuck his tongue right up my arsehole. It sent me over the edge and I came so hard I had cum leaking out of my mouth.
    Swalowing as much as I could, I flipped myself over and saw Lee smiling down at me. Thanking me for such an amazing blow job, he leaned down took hold of my face and we kissed. He kissed me hard and also licked off the remaining cum from my face. Lying together we kissed and played with one anothers cocks for some time. He eventually became hard again and I just had to suck his dick one more time.
    Over the following few weeks, he'd po round when I'd text him to say I had the house to myself. Each time we'd suck each other, and then as the weather picked up, In a small woodland area close to his home, I allowed my long term friend to slide his bare cock up my arsehole.
    That's another confession for another time. Needless to say I'm now a fully paid up member of the take up the arse brigade. Lee and I are lovers and enjoy sex together as many times as our lives allow. We have indulged in a couple of threeways too, but again that's possible for another confession.
    Everyone around us think we're just very close buddy's, and they'd be right. But we're also extremely good sexual partners, who get a lot out of our own little secret gay life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    i no longer allow myself to cum when having sex with wife. i want all for myself...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    She must have known there was a chance I'd enjoy being fucked, yet she still wanted me to go through with her sexual fantasy anyway. She told me, if I wanted to carry on enjoying her asshole, I'd have to give and allow Michael, a friend of hers to fuck my ass. I'd always known he liked me, and I also knew every now and then he indulged in gay sex. So when he just so happened to call by nearly three months ago now, I knew my wife had set something up.
    It was my wife who got things going by sucking on my cock, which she knew would have me ready for anything. then she sucked on Michaels cock, just to show me it was ok to share sexually. Then it was our turn and I took to sucking cock, his beautiful cock, like duck to water. I was so good at it, he even made reference to my wife about how much better a cock sucker I was than her.
    But it was my asshole she wanted to see destroyed by his length, so after he donned a condom and she'd lubed up my hole, I knelt there and waited.
    The sensation was like being filled and hurt at the same time. The pain grew the more he slid his cock into me and then wham. Like a cork popping out of a bottle, his cock fully inserted up my ass and my asshole relaxed. From that point on, it was only pure ecstacy and I couldn't get enough of his cock pounding my hole.
    I'd never felt so sexual in my entire life and Michael knew and sensed it. I'd begun to back onto his cock and he began to thrust much harder into me and before I knew it, we were fucking for real. My wife made a comment about me enjoying it too much, but by then I didn't give a shit what she thought.
    Changing position so Michael was fucking me missionary, he changed his rhythm and style of fucking me. it was more sensual and he leaned over kissing me. My wife made another comment, but we ignored her and carried on having amazing sex. Just as she moaned again about us going too far, I had such a powerful orgasm and kissed Michael harder, my cum spreading out between us. He in turn thrust into me deeper and then arched back, cumming deep inside of me filling the condom and telling me I was a great fuck.
    Over the following few days my wife hardly spoke to me. When she did it was to tell me her fantasy was fulfilled and I wasn't to indulge again. Oh fucking yeh! was the thought in my head. She'd wanted and planned it. And when she didn't like the fact I was enjoying way more than she was, she wanted it to end. Well, it hasn't ended and for the last three months we've begun to have a gay affair.
    Michael often calls round when she's working her late shifts, or when she enjoys her girly nights out shopping and drinking. I make sure the house is spotless when he leaves, and always nowadays have him cum deep uop my ass without a condom. After all those rubbers can into all sorts of places.
    My wife started all of this, and I'm so glad she did. I'm saying it right now, if it wasn't Michael fucking me, then I'd make sure it was another guy, someone else who enjoys screwing the ass off a willing cum slut like me.

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    Gay Male / 52

    The forbidden fruit. I worked for this gallery as a framer and general warehouse support. The gallery manager was a well known man in town, but he had a reputation for the forbidden fruit. There was always some employee or acquaintance of his that hung around that looked the part. But it was not with him or any of those men that I tried it and liked it.

    This man, he was in his late forties, came around to look at the gallery. He was a loan officer at the bank and he was thinking of giving the gallery a small loan to expand the showroom. He was checking out on his loan. He chatted me up and asked a lot of questions about how many people came by, how much was sold, to tell him the truth. We are not talking about a lot of money, it was only five thousand dollars. He went back into the storage room and the work room where I made up the frames. He saw my work and said he had some stuff that he had bought a long time ago that needed to be reframed, if that is something I could do. He invited me to his house to see the work there, he wanted me to get an appreciation of how he had it displayed.

    I was innocent, naïve. I went to his house on the following Thursday evening. He lived alone, his house was very well furnished, it wasn't a bachelor pad, it had nice furniture and the art work he had was original, not expensive but original. And it was very well framed. It didn't need reframing. I told him as much. He came back to me and asked me to sit down, he had me come over because he wanted to know if I wanted to join their little group. Again being naïve I asked what group. He laughed, he said I was teasing him, I knew what group, where boys could be boys.

    He got up from his chair and leaned over me and asked me how I liked it. I got it then and told him I did not swing that way. He answered, how did I know? He didn't think he would like it, not until he tried it, and see he still liked it, so how could I know? He stood up and said he wanted me to think about it, he and my boss wanted to know if I would join their little group. That the best time to think about it was right then. That you started off by sucking on a dick. That's how he got started and unzipped his pants and pulled it out and asked me to consider sucking him.

    He worked himself into an erection. It was quite different when his dick was slack, but it didn't look the same when he was hard. I mean it gave me a different feel. Maybe because he was one of those men who are well endowed, maybe because his dick was staring me in the face, me sitting in that chair and he standing over me. Maybe because I had never thought about it. In any event, I tried it. I liked it. More than one girl had sucked me, but this was different. I started to understand what a girl must feel sucking a hard dick. We went back into the bedroom, he had a mirror on the ceiling. It had to be lust, what else could it have been. I submitted to him, I mean submitted, I liked it, I liked it when he got on me, he told me I had to try it, he liked it better if I was on my back and he was on top. I saw myself in the mirror while he pounded away, while he grabbed my face and kissed me, when he came and let his whole body weight fall on me. This naked man on top of me.

    The group was made up of several men, older men, and several younger men, me included. The older men had boyfriends, I was his boyfriend. My boss told me he always knew, maybe. The boyfriends weren't kids, we were all in our mid to late twenties, with jobs here and there about town. The men were business owners and the banker brought them together. Of the men the only one that looked the part was my boss. The more time that went by the more comfortable I became with it, and I was more than willing to please him in front of his friends. It wasn't a contest, but everyone got naked. It just felt good to suck him until he finished, I got good at it, I knew his spot and I liked to milk him when he was done. Once I got a taste for it, I was hooked.

    It was forbidden, it was against the law.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    When I was about 13 years old I sucked my first cock. To be more specific, it was my first gay experience as a whole.

    I was staying the night at my friends, who we will call Peter, house, and we were just chilling out, playing Call of Duty and eating snacks at midnight. Well I tell Peter, âHey man, I bet Iâm better at trickshotting than you?â To which he replies, âOk, I bet you arenât!â.

    So we make a bet that the first to 15 kills wins, and the loser has to do something for the winner, which we would decide before the game ended. So we get started, and just as I thought, Iâm kicking his ass, 9-3. Then he says, âSo what if the loser has to touch the winners dick? Thatâs gay an embarrassing!â To which I happily agree with since Iâm winning so badly. âThereâs no way I have to be the gay one here!â I thought to myself.

    Long story short, I did in fact kick his ass, 15-6. So as Iâm joking and mocking him for being a âfaggotâ and a âqueerâ, I accidentally poke his, at this point, throbbing hard cock, and just stop.

    He looks at me and I look at him and I start to laugh and call him a faggot even more for being hard at this, and he grabs me and pulls me in and makes out with me! At first I was shocked, and I had never kissed anyone like that and I was confused what and how to do it! Then I registered that I wasnât exactly hating this either, more questioning how I could please him.

    So I relax and we swap spit and he licks me all over the neck and mouth areas, and finally we pull apart and I notice it; heâs pulled his pants down and his cock is double, no more like triple the size of my tiny dick! I was so amazed I got closer, as he starts to stroke. Then I did something I never thought I would ever do in my e tire life; I throw his hand away, and put the entire length in my mouth.

    As I bob up and down I faintly hear Peter say, âYou sure you arenât the faggot? He suck dick better than Mark does, and I know heâs gay!â I laugh as I flick the tip of his dick and do the things Iâve seen only pornstars do till this point in my life.

    Iâm stroking and sucking his cock, until finally I taste the salty explosion of his cum in my mouth. By this point, both of our clothes were completely off, and he was massaging both my cock and asshole, and I was so horny and felt like I had been consumed and taken over by some other force.

    I spit his cum back onto his still throbbing cock, and stroke him some more, until heâs hard again, then I go even further; with no word, I look him in the eyes, and begin to mount his cock. He is shocked, but doesnât stop me.

    As I feel my asshole burning and tearing, Iâm still slowly sinking on his massive cock with tears in my eyes. I finally get the length of his cock in me and lay and hold him in a hug, as he begins to thrust me with his spear.

    After a few minutes, I begin to buck back, as the pain has receded a lot, and we start to really fuck. I bounce up and down, heâs pinching and twisting my nipples while stroking my cock, and we are both moaning.

    Finally, I feel him twitching, then feel his hot cum shooting inside me. This sent me over the edge, cumming so hard it all hit his face. I collapsed on top of him, and licked the cum off his face, and made out with him some more.

    The next thing I remember was waking up naked with him next to me also naked. We kissed good morning, and went and showered together, and then he sucked me to completion. I got dressed and left to head home.

    This wasnât the last time this happened for us, as you can imagine, but this was the best time.

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    Straight Female / 46

    My name is A*****, my husbands name is Mark. We live in a suburbian area which is like any other out of city suburb. Up until only eighteen months ago I had a sex drive which mostly matched my husbands high sexual appetite. Then I got ill and afterwards I not only didn't want sex, I absolutely shied away from it.

    Knowing my lack of libido was nothing to do with my husband, I spoke to him a few times after around six months, about possibly using ladies of the night, or maybe finding a younger woman to satisfy his needs. He told me he'd never do either, and that was that, or so I thought.

    What's changed is walking into our home eight weeks ago and finding my husband knelt up naked on our couch behind a young man I know only too well. Mark was fucking him from behind and by the sounds of it, they were both enjoying themselves immensely. And what's more, I actually for the first time in along time, found myself becoming turned on watching my husbands cock sliding in and out of Ryan's asshole.

    Ryan just so happens to be my husbands nephew and has for at least as long as we've not been having sex, calling by our home quite frequently. Usually it has been when I'm going out shopping, which Mark hates. Or when I've crashed out from my meds. A couple of times I've awoken and thought I'd heard sounds of sex, but I put them down to Mark masturbating in his snug, something I knew he was doing fairly often to porn.

    What I now realize, is Mark and Ryan have been fucking all along. And me catching them fucking eight weeks ago, was by pure chance, and the tip of a penile iceberg.

    Standing there with the knowledge my husband was bisexual didn't phase me one bit, neither did seeing him plunging his cock so hard into Ryan's ass. What did bother me to a degree, was the fact he'd not spoken to me about it. I'm not saying I would have initially approved, and not because of him thoroughly enjoying a young mans asshole. It's a hole and Ryan obviously as I have in the past, enjoyed having it fucked. No, it was just we'd always communicated about everything and my husband had obviously decided not to tell me anything.

    Even so I was enthralled by watching them fuck, and had that old familiar feeling between my legs. My pussy began to get wet, and totally without thinking about it as I carried on watching, I began to touch my pussy after lifting up my skirt.

    Unfortunately they then changed position, with my husband lay on his back and Ryan mounting him. I'd had to move back so as they didn't see me and I couldn't, I thought then, risk being found watching. Moving back out of the house and something I've only done a few times during our marriage, I moved around back of the house, thought about them having sex and frigged my pussy and clit until I had the biggest strongest orgasm I'd had in years.

    Later that day I didn't question my husband about him and Ryan. Nor did I say anything the following day when I'd woken up from my meds, and Ryan was sat in our kitchen looking flushed.

    They've fucked many times over the last eight weeks, now that I know what's happening. And each time, especially if I'm lucid enough to, I've become increasingly horny, playing with myself wishing that I could join then or at least watch up close and masturbate.

    My problem is that Mark hasn't spoken to me about him and Ryan fucking, and he hasn't in any way ever hinted he enjoys gay sex. How do I raise the subject without causing problems and how do I let my husband know, I actually think it's fine for him to fuck guys. Or that I've begun to find the whole notion of him fucking a young mans asshole, a huge turn on.

    Finally yesterday and what prompted my confession, is I found a recording of them having sex on Marks lap top. It shows Ryan with his legs over his head and Mark stood above him pounding his ass. I watched for some time and witnessed my husband cum deep inside of Ryan's ass. Then watched them doing something I'd not seen before, I watched them kissing and felt jealous.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Just passed a mile stone today, one I didn't when all this began ever think I'd get anywhere near. Yet here I am eight years on since my first cock, and I've now reached one thousand different men's manhood's.
    I'm slightly, if you can be that, autistic. So I find it relatively easy to assimilate who, when and how many at any given time. So I know for sure, Frank a fifty six year old huge cocked guy, was my one thousandth male sex partner. I chose him because of his age, (I prefer older men) and because of his sexual stamina, plus the size of his dick.
    Spending over two hours in his home, we did everything together before our final fuck in his hot tub. I let him know before we fucked he was my thousandth guy and he couldn't have been more of a sex hungry man.
    I'll start again tomorrow with a new ish neighbor of ours. He's married, but I know for sure he wants to fuck me. I know this because his wife who's a lazy bitch, told me so.
    So here's to one thousand and one.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Back in 1984 I joined the army right out of high school. I did my basic and Ait and was then sent to Germany. I had not had a lot of sexual experience and was attracted to men and women. Once there at my first duty station I kept to myself and took care of my sexual desires with my hand in the bathroom or shower.
    After some time I made a few friends and started to go out to the clubs and found I liked dancing and having fun drinking etc. One night me and a buddy got real drunk and ended up getting a hotel room for the night to sleep it off. The best morning I woke up nude in bed with my buddy and a bad hang over. I later started to remember bits and pieces of that night as I was showering I had the taste of cum in my mouth I knew from tasting my own. I got done showering and walked out in my towel. My buddy was laying nude on the bed with a hard cock in his hand and a smile on his face. he said come over and do what you did last night. My face turned red I was flushed with heat in my body I wanted to but was not sure what to do. He said Oh now you are shy laughing he said last night you had no problem gobbling my cock. I heard a voice in my head say go for it. I went over and got on the bed and before I knew it was going down on him and felt so normal. I sucked him until he shot off in my mouth. His cum was like a drug and once it was in my mouth I wanted more.
    We cleaned up and headed back to post and did not talk about it. The next few days he would drop by my room and if I was alone I would suck him off. he never sucked me and I did not care I liked sucking him. After we would pal around for a while have some beers and act like nothing had happened. One time he came in with another guy and he asked if I would suck them both off. I got to work and sucked them both and took their cum.
    It did not take long for it to get around I liked to suck and soon I was kept very busy taking care of the guys. I was moved to a one man room by one of the guys that was in charge of the barracks. One man rooms were for higher ranking personnel but I got my own room. I was soon not having to pull much duty as I was needed for other things. I would be in my room there would be a knock a guy would walk in drop his pants flop out his cock and I would suck him until he shot his load down my throat. Some days I serviced 10 and a few returns. This was fucking heaven for me until we got a new company commander and he got wise to what was going on. he quickly cut orders for me to be transferred it was quick and had no time to say goodbye I was taken out of barracks in the night. I had a good two years there and enjoyed my duties and miss it everyday for the rest of my life. I have nor had never had so much cock since then. I became addicted to it and just telling about it makes me long for a line of cocks needing to be serviced. I hate that company commander with a passion but I was lucky to have those two years of a belly full of cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    A few moments ago my father-in-law invited me into his home office. We weren't in there for long, but I am about to sit down to dinner with the whole family, kids and all, with a sticky load of his cum in my ass.

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