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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 47

    All through junior high and high school I hooked up with my pal and fucked and sucked each other off. Part of the fun was getting a dick inside of you and then calling your mom and talking to her while you were getting royally fucked. Really, we were a couple of pretty fucked up kids.

    After high school I hooked up with this guy who worked at Sears in the appliance department. He was a mean s.o.b. and he liked to fuck you and hurt you, and I hurt a lot. But I went back for more. He had a way of getting his dick hard and hard fucking you with out any lube, I had to learn to push out real hard so when his dick went in it didn't hurt so much. But I liked the pain, I liked the way it hurt after he finished fucking me.

    Along came college and I didn't meet anyone there, I just could not get off to college kids, that s.o.b. from Sears had changed me forever. I went for older guys, especially older guys who worked labor. I got hooked up with a couple of executive types, but they always wanted to kiss and shit, and all I wanted was to either suck them off or get fucked.

    My main hook up was with this welder guy, he was married to this real pretty girl, she must have been around 19 or so, younger than I was, and he told me how he fucked her. He was always comparing me to her, how good I sucked him off, how good I was to fuck. He told me that he fucked her up the ass too, and she took it better than I did. Even if he had his pretty wife, he still looked me up and we hung out together for about five years.

    I had learned IT stuff, and was working with this company setting up their servers, and I got sent to Puerto Rico. I went trolling, looking for some action. The guy that picked me up was a dock worker and he worked me over pretty good. I woke up with a hell of a bruise on my side from getting fucked in a parking lot. All in all he was the biggest bruiser I have ever had. He made the guy from Sears look like an amateur. He is my gold star experience.

    I'm older now and I mostly have to remember how it was when I could hook up with an older guy and just get down and dirty. Now it seems that I am having to do the pickups, and I don't really like younger guys and I surely don't like to top. Right now I could really use that bruiser from the docks to take me around the block. I need it bad.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    In eighth grade, my best friend and I would sleep over at each other's houses all the time. We would get high smoking pot and have all kinds of fun. The very first time went like this. We were in his bed talking about the girls we liked, then started talking about how horn we were. My friend Jeff said, "I wish you were a girl, I have a raging hardon". Me too I replied.

    Jeff says he really needs to beat off. Again I agreed. We started stroking our cocktail and it wasn't long before we were pumping each other's cock. I then tell him I want to suck his cock. Jeff was very OK with that. I am ducking his cock and loving every second of it. We move positions so that I am on my back and he is on top face ducking me.

    When he said he was going to cum, I grabbed his ass in my hands and sucked him even more aggressively. He then spurts a nice big load of cum in my mouth, much to my pleasure. After he recovers, he returns the favor and sucks my cock to heavenly orgasm.

    We did this a couple more times that week, then Jeff said he wants to fuck me. I was so into that as well. He gets some Vaseline and mounts me as I wait on all fours. It was awkward and hurt a little at first but being so horn and high, I took to it emmediately. Being the romantic, passionate young guy that I was, I said I wanted to get on my back. I laid back and spread for him.

    As soon as he resumed fucking me, I said I wanted to make out with him. Kissing another guy felt more taboo than having his cock in my ass. It was wonderful. He didn't last more than a minute as we were lip locked in deep wet kissing before he exploded inside me. I was hooked for life on sex with guys from then on.

    We were secret gay lovers for about a year, then drifted apart in high school. I didn't have sex with a girl until I was 19. I continued my sexual exploits with my schools friends vigorously throughout high school.

    Unfortunately, my fun time with men ended when I married at 25. Man do I miss it bad too.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I did it again recently....I couldn't help myself....I arranged to meet a small group of men at a took me almost a year to find the right men.
    All married....all primarily straight...all with a minimum of 8 inches in length....
    I asked each of them to refrain from ejaculating for at least 5 days....
    I began by licking one as one entered my rear....of course he unloaded in me in less than a minute....then number 2 filled me as I licked number took about 8 minutes from start to finish

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    When I was in middle school I started cutting grass to make some money. My dad was older and traveled all the time so when he was home he was exhausted and not interested in leaving the house. The man who lived next door taught me the difference between cutting someone's yard and manicuring their lawns. My second summer of yard maintenance I was turning people down and working dawn to dusk 7 days a week. I raked leaves in the Fall and shoveled snow the few times we had winter snow. My neighbor, who was married and 45yo with 2 daughters. owned a construction company and was a cabinet maker. In the evenings after he got home, on weekends and days off I was at his workshop learning how to make cabinets and furniture - and I am damn good. When I started high school I gave up all but a few of my lawn customers to work as a laborer on home builds. Two summers of grunt work, cleaning up and listening I had a good foundation as a construction worker.
    The summer before I began my senior year I was assigned to the framing crew and loved every minute. The guys were all age ranges and the talk was rough, raw and sexual most of the time, and that turned my on. One day I was assigned to work with a man in his late 40's at a site in the next town. On the way there he told me the other worker there was a married cock sucker and if I wanted some head he would oblige. I had been in a few circle jerks with some buddies, got head from a girl and pussy a couple of times, but never had a man blow me. I was upstairs in that house when I ran out of nail strips so I went down stairs to go out to the truck. There on the main floor was that married man on his knees blowing the man I rode over with. They knew I was coming down the steps but they didn't care - the one sucking the cock looked at me, took his mouth off that cock and said, "give us five and its your turn." By the time I got to the truck my cock was hard as a rock and I was considering getting some head.
    When I went back inside he was getting his face fucked with a vengeance, and I was ready for my turn. I unzipped and as soon as the older man stopped blowing he was on me...with a mouth fill of cum and it was such a turn on. That was my first experience with a man and learned those two, and the my neighbor, had arranged the day and my exposure to sex on the construction site. On the ride to work the next morning my neighbor asked how I like my blow job and would I like another one. I said I loved it and asked if I was I going back out of town again for work... and some head. He said, you are working with me today and with that he reached over for my cock.
    Do not misunderstand my confession: not every construction worker plays pitch and catch, and it takes a while to learn who does, but when you do there are some private christening times on all projects. That was 20 years ago and today I own a small construction company and nothing turns me on like a construction worker with his jeans on hanging on only one leg, the other leg spread wide as he is bent over a saw horse - with his hairy ass sticking out a begging to be fucked... rough, hard, deep, wild, often and by many.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I'm a bisexual, married father of 3 who was 32 years old before I let a man suck my cock. Not like I hadn't had the opportunity many times before it had never appealed to me. I was at a trade show and sharing a room with a colleague from another district, who I had know for years. We have shared rooms before and had shared pussy on several occasions. We went out bar hopping and taking in the strip clubs our last night in town. We were drunk and as we left the last strip club he wanted to walk next door to an adult book store. I was looing at magazines when he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the back where the video rooms. It was dark but I did see some guys hanging around, but we went into a booth marked "double" and he started the porn - which was a pussy gangbang. After a minute my eyes adjusted and I saw a hole in the wall beside me with a finger sticking through. He laughed and whispered "some dude wants to blow you." I said, "I do not do dudes" He said, "I need to blow man...hope it doesn't offend you as he stood up unzipped, whipped out his soft cock and stuck it through the hole. He stood at my feet and pushed his cock through the hole.. began to moan and his eyes rolled in his head. In a minute he pulled back and he was full hard and began to hunch fuck the mouth on the other side. He told me I was missing the hottest mouth on the planet and he backed out and told me to give it a try. I refused so he put his cock back in the hole moaning some more as he hunch fucked the mouth. I was drunk enough and horny enough that my cock began to stir to the point I had to adjust my pants. He realized I was turned on and pulled out offering me the hole. I was frozen and didn't know what to do. About that time a great big old long dick stuck itself through the hole to our side and his eyes got wide. Without a word he reached for the strangers cock sticking through the glory hole and began to jack it. He looked at ma and said, I am not gay... but I have to taste this dick....sorry . And he bent down taking that cock in his mouth right at my knees. I was never so shocked in my life.
    I was also conflicted as what I was observing and not sure what to do. Then he reached his right arm and his hand grabbed my cock; he began to rub my hard cock while he sucked the stranger's cock through the glory hole. He pulled off the cock in the hole turned and began to unzip my pants and before I knew it my hard cock was in his mouth - I was receiving my first blow job from a man. With his left hand he stroked that other cock and rotated from my cock to the one in the hole. I was so turned on I blew in about 2 minutes and he swallowed every drop. He turned to the cock in the hole and devoured it while I watched with my cock laying on my pants (he would not allow me to zip back up). I realized the guy was cumming as he backed off allowing him to shoot in the floor at my feet. Told me he did not eat strangers cum.
    The cock disappeared and as we heard that booth door open...then close again and lock. He was sitting beside me with my soft cock in his hand when another cock came through the hole. this time he leaned over my knee to suck it as he played with my now hardening cock. Then, he stood up and pushed his cock through the hole and pulled me up beside him. He was holding my cock and with his right arm pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear , "touch my cock for me. Just take it in your hand. If you do not like it let it go and I will not ask again." He pulled back and I grabbed his wet cock for my feel of the first hard cock I had ever touched; it was like steel in velvet and I liked it - even if it was foreign to the touch. he pulls my cock to the hole and I turn while a stranger takes my cock it in his mouth. I was in heaven it was wonderful.
    He stood behind me now with his hard cock at my ass (pant only unzipped) and he began to blow into my ear and lick my ear lobes... and neck while I got head from a stranger. I was lost in a new sexual passion and before I knew it my head was to the I side and his tongue was down my throat. I backed out of the hole and turned my back to it as we were face to face and we began to make passionate love. I was drunk and high on sexual passions when I felt him push me down by my shoulders...and I knelt and took his cock in my mouth - the first cock I ever sucked. Then he turned me to the side where he guided my head to the cock sticking through the glory hole. I am sucking a strangers cock...loving it and cursing myself for not allowing a man to blow me before. He knelt beside me as we shared that cock like to Saturday night whores. The guy blew right between out mouths onto the floor and pulled out. He stood and took the sides of my head and held it tight as he fucked my mouth pussy while tears and slobber dribbled off my chin...he blew big time in my mouth and told me to swallow - and I did.
    we had started sucking the 3rd cock through the glory hole when we ran out of time in the booth and left a cock sticking through the hole. We went back to our room where we slept in the same bed and made passionate love the rest of the morning. I was exhausted when I got home that next afternoon. I lost my cherry ass the next time we shared a room and we always find a way to get involved in a three-way or some group action. I've never had a women suck me as good as a man... and I had rather suck cock that eat my favorite food. There is noting more erotic than married men having all male, wild, unhibited sex.

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    Gay Male / 25

    My husband and I are gay and we got married a few months ago. Him and his gay uncle were planning on going to France for vacation before I met him, and a few months after we tied the knot they went. I couldn't go because of work and money.
    A couple months after the vacation my spouse told me he let his uncle suck his dick one night and then later admitted he let him do it a few times. I couldn't believe it because I thought we were in love and it hurt my feelings so I told his uncle I better never see him again. Well now I can't stop thinking about how hot it is that they did that and I don't know what to do because it still hurt my feelings but it's hot thinking about them doing that. Is this normal?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    The moment he said "You'll be the one gets the promotion if you come across", I knew I would walk the hundred or so yards across to his private office. Frank isn't what you would call the definitive gay man, quite the opposite. Mean looking from years of amateur boxing, muscular, tattooed and very certain of himself. To the outside world and to his wife, he is indeed a straight man, but after working beneath him in many ways for over six months, I know different.
    Lying naked on his desk as he smeared my asshole with his saliva, gave me a real sense of vulnerability. All the same I let him get on with tonguing my rear hole and stroking my erect cock. He was naked too except and he still insists on wearing them, his cow boy boots.
    That first time I didn't get to see his cock at all. We both knew the other employees would be making their way into work shortly. So Frank had me strip, lay on his desk face down and then got himself naked. I did hear him putting on the condom and then felt for the first time in my life, real pain. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that ripped through my body, and I nearly told frank to stop. Only his mouth clamping down onto mine as he turned my head stopped me.
    One more thrust and Frank was fully inside my body, so deep I thought he was in my stomach. Then holding me tightly he began to move in and out of my ass. The pain remained for about five long minutes. Then as if he'd ordered it, he told me the pain would go and the joy of being fucked would start. It was so instant I nearly cried with relief. Yet his cock filling my asshole, began to hammer into me. Reminding me, a straight guy with a girlfriend, that I was allowing a guy to plow my asshole for essentially money. The whole thing changed when my cock began to pulse from his strokes up my butt hole. Pleasure, amazingly strong pleasure, ran all the way through my cock and on throughout my entire body and mind.
    Frank was fucking me like a man possessed and I was loving it. Not just loving it in a passive way, because I'd begun to push back onto his cock. That only encouraged him and Frank grabbed my hips and told me I was his fuck tool from now on.
    Leaning onto me again, I heard his breathing quicken and I knew he was about to cum. Punching my right buttock, Frank came hard filling the condom inside me. His shudders as he came sent me over the edge and as my cock rubbed on his desk, I came spurting my cum underneath myself.
    Hearing one of my colleagues entering the floor, we both hurried to get dressed. Frank made out he was interviewing me when the door opened, but he'd missed one thing, my cum was all over his oak desk. I put my hand directly over it and smiled back at Franks secretary. She looked at me then back at Frank and said "I'll get his application then if you're interviewing him for real".
    We both laughed and five minutes later with a comment from Frank, to say the job was all but mine. I went into the bathroom to clean myself up. The following day I got not only to see Franks cock after work, I got to suck it to completion, swallowing what I've come to enjoy, his beautiful cum.
    Every week at least twice a week, Frank has me drain his balls. Either by sucking on his eight inch thick cock, or when no ones around, he fucks me like I'm his personal slut.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I am a married father of three, successful pillar of the community type. I travel for business two or three times a month, usually overnight sometimes a few days. A couple of years ago I was having a drink at my hotel's bar and struck up a conversation with a guy about my age who was on business as well, sports, work, family, same old stuff. We hit it off and after a while he asked if I'd like to smoke a joint. We went to his room and out to the balcony. We got really stoned and raided the bar. We went back on the balcony and I took a seat, he knelt before me and rubbed my cock through my pants. I was so fucked up I didn't give a shit and pulled out my cock. he sucked me off like a $100 hooker. I came in his mouth and he swallowed my cum. Next thing I know he is standing next to my chair and his hard cock is inches from my face. He motioned forward and I instinctively opened my mouth. In a million years I would have never believed how much I enjoyed sucking cock. I felt a little sick to my stomach, maybe a little guilty, when he started to cum in my mouth. I swallowed his load too.

    Afterwards we talked about it and he said that there are a lot of mature married guys who like to get some cock on the road. Two years later I can tell you that he was right. It is ridiculously easy to hook up with other business travelers. Most guys suck cock better than my wife and I love to reciprocate.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Until this year I still did not have my drivers license so I relied heavily on other people to get me to and from places. Well the summer before I went to college there we so many parties and get-togethers that I didn't want to miss I had to bum a lot of rides from my friends and classmates.

    After a party at the beach I couldn't find a ride from any of my friends because they were either to drunk or lived too far from me. But my friend Grace introduced me to a guy named Tyler, he's a little over 6 feet tall, he has a decent body and long dirty blond hair that almost covers his green eyes. She knew him from middle school and my house was on his way home. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask him for a ride and I was ecstatic when he agreed. So I finish my drink and follow him to his car. It's a dark jeep that's a little lifted. Anyway the ride was pretty awkward because this guy and I didn't really know each other and I was using him as an Uber. So we do some small talking which only made the silence in between words more uncomfortable.

    When I finally say "Hey I didn't bring my wallet to the party cause I'm always paranoid it's going to get stolen, but if you need some gas money or something I'll pay you for the trouble" he's like "nah, you're good bro. The only thing I really need is my dick sucked and you can't help me with that." and he laughs. This might have been the booze talking but I look at him and say "Well I could if you really wanted me to." I started to regret saying that before I was even done. I'd only really explained my being Bi to a few close friends and now I'd just blabbed it to a total stranger. He just looks forward at the road and continues driving. After a few minutes he turns the radio on and then after maybe 30 seconds he shuts it off again and says "If you were being serious I wouldn't actually mind that." I had no clue what to do because I'd only ever been with one guy before and I still and no clue who this kid driving me really was. But I figured I'd already offered and he'd already accepted so it was time for me to make good on it.

    I undid my seatbelt and leaned over the center console. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock through the opening. The position was weird, and I felt pretty cramped so I worked him with my hand while I got used to it. Feeling his dick harden made me have a similar reaction and I shifter again to give myself some space. Once it reacted it's full length it had to be about 7 inches long but pretty skinny. I spread my lips and take his head in, I hear him inhale deeply once my mouth surrounds him. I suck hard and come up with a pop, lick it a few times and then take him as deep as I can. I manage after a few attempts to get him all in my mouth. My nose is buried in his hip and I feel his pubes on my lips. I come up but one hand leaves the steering wheel and slams me back down. I gag and feel a gush of spit pour out of my mouth. I pull up hard and push his hand away. I give him a glare while I catch my breath. His dick is glistening as we pass the highway lights and I dive back in. I bobb my head quickly now as I work towards his climax. I've only got about 10 minutes before I'm home and I don't want to be sucking dick in the driveway.

    I reach up his shorts and work his balls gently. I'm starting to use any and all techniques I'd ever seen in porn before. The sounds he makes, the sounds I'm making him make are so sexy. Making someone moan in pleasure, pleasure you're causing is the best part. I never thought I'd have a strangers dick in my mouth while they moaned my name.

    When I feel his hand on the back of my head again I know he's close. I start moaning and humming as I work his dick. I feel him thrust his hips up, feel him throw my head down, and feel him shoot his cum into my mouth. He cums in a couple of blasts, my mouth was full so when I pulled off the last one caught me by surprise and almost went up my nose. I swallow what's in my mouth sit back in my seat.He huffs for a few moments while I wipe my mouth and try to get his jizz off my face and fix my hair. We sit in silence again. He keeps his soft, spit covered tool out of his pants.

    We pull up to my place and I hop out. I say "Hey thanks again for the ride" he puts his cock into his pants finally and says "Have Grace give you my number. Anytime you need a ride I'll take care of you...if you take care of me." I smile, close the door, and walk into the house. I actually did end up riding with Tyler a few more times that summer. I blew him evertime, we even went to his place one time and swapped oral. He wouldn't swallow I nutted on his face. After that we both went off to college and haven't spoken since.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    During my senior year of high school I started to branch out my friend group. I met this guy who had brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. We were both athletes and began to work out together and then hang out after. This increase in getting sweat and shirtless during work outs led to a lot of sexual tension between the two of us.

    One night he invited me over to his place to just hang our because we both had big competitions coming up and could go partying and his father and mother were out of town. We planned on staying up late because it was still the weekend and we wanted to enjoy it, so I convinced my parents to let me spend the night. It was very typical in the beginning, we played video games, watched some stupid videos, and then he decided to go for a late night swim.

    We both put on our suits and jumped in the pool. After sometime of splashing around we started wrestling. Having his body against mine was so hot and I started to get a huge boner. So I suggest me stop and just go back inside so I don't embarrass myself. He had just ended his relationship with his girlfriend so I knew he wouldn't be interested. When we got inside we dropped his shorts immediately and started to walk around with his beautiful cock swinging freely between his legs. He went and got us both towels but he simply dr**ed his over his shoulders while he dried his hair.

    This was the first time I really notice his body. He had amazing abs and you could see his arms and pecs we really beginning to become defined. He was a runner so his legs and butt were also incredibly tones. As a swimmer I had always has the swimmer physique so I was somewhat more built in the upper body and my core more defined. As he began to dry off I realized I'd been staring at him and his dick for an extended period and broke my gaze. We made eye contact and he smiled and laughed at me. He said "What? Never seen a dick before dude?" I rolled my eyes and managed to get out "Not like this one." Oh no fuck that's not what I meant. I scramble " I meant like not like in this situation. You know like no ones ever so..." He cuts me off " Yeah I'm sure" grabbing his dick at the base and shaking it "if you're really so interested come get it" then he walks away laughing. I hope he hadn't notice my erection poking through my shorts. While is back is turned I really stare at his pale muscular cheeks and it makes my erection strain.

    We return to the living room to resume our game and decide to watch a movie. While the movie is going he dozes off and I look at him and think of how horny I am and how hard he made me that day. I start to miss the sight of his dick and decide I'll have a quick peek at it while he's asleep. I pull his pajama bottoms down and before I know what I'm doing I'm running him through his boxer briefs. I feel him stiffening under my strokes and I get turned on at feeling his warmth and firmness. I work his underwear of and I'm in awe at his member that is pointing right at me. He's a solid 6 inches with an average width. I grasp his tool and start to jerk him. I'm really working it before I look and see his open eyes staring at me with a grin. I'm sure he was never actually asleep in the first place "I think it's time you put this thing in your mouth" he says to me.

    I get on the floor and kneel in front of him. I cup his balls with my left hand, grip his base with the right and then lean forward. At first I just place my lips over his tip and use the tip of my tongue and lick the pre cum that is pouring out. I work my way down to half of his shaft, making sure to give him some long full length licks and suck on his balls. Once I'm half way I feel his hands on the back of my head, he grabs my hair and thrusts his hips. I feel him hit the back of my throat. He gives me a second to recover before he simply fucks my face. He is incredibly vocal "mmmmm yes, take it deep bitch" "you love sucking this dick don't you?" His thrusts are so violent and he has such a hold on my all I can do it try not to throw up.

    I grab his ass and squeeze his beautiful cheeks.
    I feel his ass tighten and I know before he says it. His final thrust is followed by "fuck fuck fuck FUCK!" He pull halfway out of my mouth and delivers a mouthful of cum. I fight to swallow it, I wasn't ready for the taste, temperature, or texture of this new fluid. But once I get it down I go back to his semi-erect member and give it a few more licks and bobb my head a few more times. The reality of what just happened starts to creep into my mind, "did he call me a bitch?" "Why'd I swallow he didn't even tell me to" and I look up at him. " Dude that was so fucking awesome! Holyshit, I've been so horny ever since the break up that was so needed." These words of encouragement only made me more uncomfortable and he could tell.

    I figure I should just leave sand head home but as I'm getting up he stops me, "Hey wait it's your turn" I don't remember the exact look I gave him but it must have been a wild expression because he follows up with "No, dude seriously that was great I gotta help you out to" "But you're straight, why would you suck me off?" I say kind of annoyed "Because we're friends and friends help each other out" he answers. I'm already standing up so I pull my pants down and he scoots to the edge of the couch and starts to manipulate my already hard dick. I'm a little longer than him but the same girth. He dives right in and starts to blow me like a pro. He keeps his tongue going constantly and handles my balls. I feel him take me to the back of his throats over and over again. The sensation is amazing and I move my hands from his shoulders to the back of his head. I start to hold him down longer when he deep throats, I love the sound of him gagging on me. I get an idea and I stop him. I say "I want to fuck you in the ass" he looks up at me with his piercing blue eyes, that look alone almost makes me cum all over him. " So bend over" I command.

    He is still in somewhat of a shock when he leans over the couch. I'd taken my ex's virgunity the previous summer so I assumed it was almost the same thing. My cock was plenty wet from his spit so I positioned myself and started to press in. His head shot back as my head passed his opening and he grunted before biting one of the cushions. I got a bit further and placed my hands on his hips. I got my rhythm and started to pick up the pace. It felt amazing, I loved my dick bouncing between his firm ass cheeks. I felt myself beginning to climax to I pulled out and pumped my cum on his back and crack. I'd hit his spot as well and he'd cum again on the couch and floor. After we had taken showers and cleaned up we both went to bed. In the morning we ate breakfast and talked normally. There was some awkwardness between us for a while but after a few weeks he texted me and asked if I'd sleep over again. Now we jerk, suck, and fuck each other regularly and are as close of friends as ever.

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