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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I remember the first time I let another man fuck me. I was on-line, and he was a couple of towns over. His ad said he was a total top. I was really horny that night and my wife had gone to bed early, so I answered his ad. We arranged to meet, so I showered and drove over.

    He was a very large man - 6'4" tall and about 320 pounds with a huge belly. He answered the door in a bathrobe. As soon as I walked in I saw a younger man on the couch. "So, pop, you going to the back to play?" the guy on the couch asked. He was apparently this guy's son, and dad just shook his head yes. We walked into the bedroom and he closed the door and turned off the light. "I like it in the dark," he said. I thought this was fine. "Take my robe off," he said. I reached up and pulled his robe off his shoulders. I'm rather small, so there was a huge size difference. I wasn't sure what a total top was, but I was to quickly find out.

    He had me strip, and as I stepped out of my pants he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me to the ground. "Suck my cock," he said. His cock was bigger than my modest 5 inches, but I was able to put most of it in my mouth. "You really like sucking a big cock, don't you?" he asked. I shook my head yes. It took about two minutes for me to get him hard. He had me stand up and turn around. His cock was in the middle of my back. He reached around and grabbed my nipples and twisted. "Ow, fuck!" I said. I started to move his hands off of my chest, but he said, "Don't fight me or I'll rip your fucking nuts off." I was scared now. He twisted and pulled my nipples until I tried to squirm away. Just then he pushed me forward and I landed half on his bed. I felt a hard slap on my ass. Then another slap, and about eight more. I had tears running down my face not.

    "Aww, did I hurt the little pussy?" I said nothing. He told me to turn around and sit on the bed. I did. He pushed me on my back and told me to hold my legs up. I really just wanted to go home now, but he had other plans. He reached up and grabbed my nipples again, pulling hard. "Don't you fucking let go of your legs!" he commanded. It hurt so bad my tears were flowing now. "I like my c**ts submissive," he said. He let go of one of my nipples and started to rub up and down my ass crack. "Oh, yeah. You got a nice, tight little c**t. I'm gonna fucking rip you apart." He chuckled and pushed a fat, wet finger into my asshole. He still had my nipple stretched as he started to finger fuck me. Then he stuck a second finger in my ass. I hurt quite a bit, but he didn't seem to care.

    "You ready to get fucked by a real man?" he asked. I got bold, "No. I think I want to leave." "You ain't going nowhere until I make you my bitch." With that he pulled his hand out and stepped forward. He pushed his cock up to my ass. "This can go two ways. You can tell me to fuck you and I'll lube you up, or you stay quiet and I fuck you dry." I was shaking now. "I... uh, I want you to fuck me," I said out of desperation. He squirted something cold on and in my asshole and quickly shoved his big cock in. It hurt and I screamed. "Shut the fuck up. My bitches don't scream when I fuck them." He had his cock buried deep in my ass, but didn't move until he felt my ass relax a bit. The pain was subsiding. He then started to fuck me slowly, then faster. After about 10 minutes it started to feel good. "Oh, fuck," I whispered. "Tell me you're my bitch," he said. My cock was hard now, and as he fucked me he gently played with my nipples. He pinched my nipples once. "Tell me," he said again. He slowed down and was fucking me deep with deliberate strokes. "I'm your bitch," I whispered. "Tell me you want me to cum in your man-c**t." I did.

    He fucked me for another 15 minutes. This guy was a fucking stud. His belly rubbed against my nuts each time he thrust forward and I actually started to cum without my cock being touched. He fucked me for another five minutes and I felt him tense up. He stuck a tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it like it was a cock. He started to cum. I didn't want him to cum in my ass, but the warmth of his cum as it hit the walls of my ass felt warm and somehow soothing. He had a big load of cum, and finally pulled out. I thought we were done, but he spun me around so my head was at the edge of the bed. He wiped his cock off and put it up to my lips. "Now, make me cum again," he said. I opened my mouth and he stuck his semi-hard cock in. Slowly he started to get hard again. "Bitch, you're one good cocksucking c**t," he said. It took a long time, but finally, without warning, he started to cum. It was a pretty big load for a second cum, but I managed to take nearly all of it. He kept his cock in my mouth until he was totally spent.

    He finally pulled out and told me to get dressed. I had cum dripping out of my ass and my cum was dried on my belly, but he wouldn't let me wipe anything off. I got dressed and headed for the door. "Hey, c**t, come here," he said. I turned and went back to him. He slapped me across the cheek as hard as he could. "Now, you're gonna be my bitch whenever I say. Got it?" I had lowered my head and just said, "Yes." "Good, now get the fuck out of here." He pushed me down the hall and out the door. I was so fucking turned on that I had to jerk off on the way home. I was humiliated and shaken, but was looking forward to the next time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Just got back home an hour ago after a real soaking. Not only did the rain soak my skin, but after performing my first ever blow job, in the pouring rain, I also made sure my throat got a huge load of cum sliding down it.
    Arranging to meet Pete was easy on the web site we contacted each other on. He's a few years older than me, but has been meeting men older and younger for gay liaisons for years. He loves sex outdoors, so suggested we meet up at a spot he knows close to a reservoir. I told my wife I was going to visit a guy from work who'd injured himself, then drove the three miles to the car park down near the reservoir.
    I'd already seen pictures of Pete and his impressive cock, so when he tapped on my side window, I knew it was him. We walked about two hundred yards to an old half knocked down wall, near a copse of trees. Pete took out his semi erect cock and told me as the rain started to fall, to suck his dick.
    Having never before sucked a mans dick, I hesitated, but Pete practically forced his cock into my mouth after I sank to my knees. Before I knew it, he was fucking my face and I was absolutely loving it. Gripping my lank wet hair, Pete told me I was just another cock loving slut. He didn't know I was a total novice, a newbie to fellatio, so when I began to deep throat him, he just thought I'd done it many times before.
    No more than five to ten minutes of sucking on his cock, Pete bucked hard into my mouth and his cock exploded, sending cum flying down my throat. Not really knowing what to do, I moved my head back and sucked hard on his cock head. His cum continued to flow from his dick and I continued to swallow.
    Finished, Pete pulled his cock out of my mouth, did up his jeans and asked me for my mobile number. When I gave it to him, Pete said "You're the best cock sucker I've had in years, can we meet again". Before I left him to drive home, I tossed my cock off in front of him, told him to meet me again on Friday evening and asked him if he ever fucked any of his meets. With a massive smile on his face he said "I'd fuck you, bring condoms tomorrow, I'll bring some lube".
    I've already told my wife I'm visiting my colleague again tomorrow night. I'll buy some condoms tomorrow daytime and hope the weather improves.
    If not, hopefully I'll be getting fucked in the rain.

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    Straight Male / 35

    About a month ago my best friend and I took a road trip just to get away and go look at some land to buy. We hit a few small town bars shot some pool and drank a lot. That night we got a motel room in a little small country town. Walked across the street to another little bar and drank until it closed at 2:00 AM. We got back to the room very drunk and after we both showered we were laying on our separate beds in our underwear talking and were sharing our sex lives with our wives.
    We both got a little horny and we could see each of us had a bit of an erection and being so drunk everything was funny to us. He told me his wife gave good head and I told him mine did too and that she loved to swallow my cum. He said he wished that his wife would. In our conversation I just had to ask if he ever had sex with any of his friends as a young boy. He admitted that he did a few times and then I said I had done it also. The longer we talked the more we learned about each others private lives and the hornier we got. I couldn`t take it any longer and told him I wanted to try it again if he did and told him we should try sucking each other. He was interested and once I told him no one would ever find out and that I really wanted to suck a dick again we ended up in the same bed stroking each other and couldn`t stop and we both came pretty quick with our hands around each others cocks and cum on our hands.
    He passed out right after that and wouldn`t wake up so I just had to try it and went down on him and had his big cock in my mouth sucking on it playing with his nuts. He got very hard and I tried several times to take him to the balls but it made me gag but it felt good to try anyway. I sucked his cock for a long time enjoyed the pre cum and sucked on his nuts quite a bit then tried to deep throat him a few more times and got close but he was just to long and thick to get in my throat.
    He never came to and when he came he moaned and shoved my head down on his cock and came in my mouth and I was so in to it I swallowed all I could licked his cock and balls and went to sleep on the bed next to him. The next morning we woke up naked and started to talk about last night and he laughed and said "Well I guess we never got those blow jobs last night" I said "Well I didn`t get one but you did after you passed out" He didn`t remember anything and didn`t really believe that I sucked his dick at all. In a few minutes I had to show him and had his cock in my mouth again and not long after I began sucking him he turned his body around so that he could suck my dick and we got in to a good 69 and worked on each other awhile and once he started to cum in my mouth I couldn`t hold off any longer and came in his mouth and we both swallowed most of each others warm load and sucked each other awhile before we rolled on to our backs looking up at the ceiling quietly.
    When we did start talking we complimented each other on the blow job and laughed about it and more or less agreed that if we were ever together again in a weak moment that it might be nice to do that again. We started to share our experiences from our younger days and stroke our cocks and when I told him I let two guys give me anal sex in high school quite a few times he was shocked but wanted to hear all about it so I told him everything including how it felt when one of them came in my ass and how both of them did once I let him cum in me the first time.
    He told me his wife wouldn't let him fuck her in the ass but he wanted to real bad. I asked was it just her ass or any ass. He told me he just loved thinking about fucking her tight ass and then I asked him if my ass would do for now. He got all excited and said "My ass would be just fine if I wanted to give it up" I told him I didn`t have a problem with it at all and that I had wanted to be fucked again for years. He made no bones about it at all and told me he would enjoy fucking me if I really wanted to. I told him I thought his long fat dick would feel good in my ass and went to my shaving kit and got the small jar of Vaseline that I always carry with me.
    He watched me stand at the bathroom sink and shove two fingers of Vaseline up my ass then brought it to the bed and handed it to him and told him to put some on his dick. I got dog style in the middle of the bed and he got behind me holding his big cock and touched it to my tight asshole and I buried my face in the pillow so the people in the next room wouldn`t hear me as he worked his long fat cock up my ass. It stung pretty bad but it also felt very good the deeper he stuck it up my ass and I came in a steady stream the instant his nuts touched mine. He started to fuck me and pushed me face down on the bed and was fucking the hell out of me and asked if e could cum in me and I told him yes please do I really want to feel you unload in my ass. When he did it felt so good I was just about begging him to fuck me some more and he kept shoving his cock up my ass until it was fully erect again and he fucked me for a very long time with cum all over my nuts and between my legs on the sheets and told me he was going to cum in my tight as. I shoved my ass up to him and yelled at him to fuck me harder and cum in my ass and he did. Damn it felt so good and I came again as I felt his cum shoot up my ass.
    He went soft and couldn`t keep it in my ass and when it slipped out a huge stream of cum came out of my not so tight asshole and I just laid there in our cum as he laid on his back next to me rubbing my ass telling me how hot and tight my ass was and how much he enjoyed fucking me. I went to shower and cum was still dripping from my asshole and I felt so good I thought about letting him fuck me again then he came in the bathroom and got in the shower with me and it wasn`t too long before he was fucking me from behind standing in the shower and he shot another huge load up my ass and we decided to pay for another night at the motel and never did go look at that land
    We had a lot of great oral sex and he fucked me countless times that weekend and we are now trying to plan our next road trip to have more fun with each other.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    There are three sections I could have put this in, this one "Embarrassing moments" and "Family".
    Sharing the flat we bought together has been fun. My fiancee and I have loved the fact we can fuck whenever we want, rather than when I stayed at her parents home and we'd have to sneak a quickie.
    It also gave me the chance to indulge in something nobody knew about, and that's every now then inviting an older guy around to fuck me.
    I love my fiancee, truly love her. But she doesn't have a cock and every so often, I get the urge to suck cock and be fucked.
    Five weeks ago I'd invited a guy round who I'd had sex with before. On the two occasions he'd fucked my arsehole before, it had been in his car and it was a little cramped. With my fiancee down south on a course with her work colleagues, I took the chance to invite him to our flat.
    The sex we had was fantastic. No time pressures or having to squeeze into a small car. A large bed, time to suck and fuck, and an older guy who has a large ish cock willing to fuck me for as long as I could take it. We spent over an hour in total having sex before he left to go home to his wife. I'd just about walked out of our bathroom after showering when the door bell rang. I answered just wearing a towel around my waist, to find my future father in law Gary, stood there with a angry looking face.
    I invited him in not knowing why he looked so angry. Getting him to sit in the front room, whilst I put on jogging bottoms and a t shirt, I joined him offering to make him a cup of tea. His response to my offer was to say "How long have you been cheating on my daughter". When I obviously looked shocked he added "Follow me". Gary walked into our bedroom, pointed to the window and then said "You see those flats opposite, the top floor, second window along". When I said "Yes" Gary followed up by saying "Well I've just watched you being fucked on this bed, by someone I just so happen to know".
    I had no response, I knew he'd seen me and I was so embarrassed. I was also shitting myself because of Gary's reputation as a hard hard man. Expecting a punch at any second, I put my face down and just shrugged, I just didn't know what to say.
    Gary stepped up to me as I shrunk back, lifted my face and asked me how long I'd been bisexual and cheating on his daughter. I told him the truth as there was no point in lying. When I finished telling him I'd always liked men and women, I remembered something he'd said, something about him knowing the guy who had just fucked me.
    I asked him how he knew the man who I'd just had sex with. Not moving his eyes from mine, Gary said "That's because in that flat up there, he's normally with me fucking the young man who lives there".
    It took a couple of seconds to enter my mind. I was still waiting for the beating, so my mind didn't register at first what he'd said. Then thinking through, I looked at him and said "What, you're gay". I took a slap then, a hard stinging slap that had me falling onto my bed.
    Gary stood over me and said, "That's for cheating on my daughter and for thinking I'm gay". Gary went on to tell me about his time in prison, time he'd taken a bitch wife inside to get through the five years he'd spent without his wife.
    He told me the young man who lived in the flat opposite ours, was someone he and another guy in prison used to share.
    He'd been paying him a visit, as he called it, when his male friend had seen me being fucked. My future father in law knew this was the flat his daughter shared with me and asked for a set of binoculars the young guy had. They'd watched for over half an hour, as I had sex with someone Gary knew. Someone who he'd shared a cell with, and someone who used to fuck the young guy with Gary.
    The next thing that happened seemed to be in slow motion. I lay on the bed and watched Gary undress. His long fat cock sprang forwards as he removed his underwear. His tattoo's were everywhere on his body and his cock looked like a piece of human flesh in a field of pictures and writing.
    Looking down on me, Gary said "Suck it and don't you dare get your teeth in the way". Cock sucking IS my thing. I'm known for being able to swallow large cocks without teething their dicks. So when Gary asked me to suck his dick, I knew it was my opportunity to redeem myself in his eyes. Shuffling around I took hold of his cock and opened my mouth. Feeling Gary's cock slide over my tongue was not only amazingly sexual, it was also a relief. A relief I wasn't going to be battered to a pulp.
    As I took in more and more of his cock, Gary gripped my hair and began to fuck my face. I began to suck and lick the underside of his dick at the same time, making the large muscular hard man, who is my future father in law, moan with total pleasure. His cock was pulsing so strongly in my mouth, I knew he was close to cumming. So with the undercurrent of threat still in my mind, I took his cock from my mouth and asked Gary of he'd fuck me.
    I'd seen Gary smile and grin before, but nothing to match the one he gave me when I asked him to fuck my arse. Ripping off my t shirt and Jogging bottoms, Gary spun me around, lifted up my hips and spat on my arsehole. Only ten seconds from asking him to fuck me, I had Gary's cock spearing into my arsehole.
    His was the second cock to have been inside my bum that day and it felt delicious. His cock spread my arse so much, I felt it strain against his girth and then give way.
    The pleasure he gave me from that point on was immense. Whether it was the build up to the fucking I took from Gary, the discovery of my bisexuality or the inferred violence and the fact he was my fiancee's father, I don't know. But and it's an absolute truth, I've never been fucked so good.
    I'd had an hours sex with my older friend, Gary's prison friend. Yet having Gary fuck me like I was a rag doll, being used for his pleasure was a complete turn on. That's because Gary didn't make love to me, not at all. Gary fucked me and fucked me for his own sexual thrills. I was there for the ride and what a ride. After fucking me in the doggy position for around five minutes, he had me lay on my back as he thrust back into my body. Fucking me so hard I was being shoved across the bed. My head ended up against the head board, pressed at an angle. Then Gary did something which brought me back to an uneasy reality. Holding my face tight, he slapped me hard across my left cheek whilst still fucking me. He told me I was to be his bitch from that moment onward's, and to be his bitch whenever he wanted sex. My face stung as it had before, but I was still loving his cock pounding me.
    Flipping us both over after a few more minutes on my back, without taking his cock out of me, Gary had me mount his dick. I sat still at first letting his cock sink itself up it's hilt, then as soon as I felt his pubes tickling my arse, I began to fuck my fiancee's dad. And fuck him like I'd never ridden anyone before. I knew he wanted it rough, it was what he was used to. So putting my hands on his massive chest, I pummel fucked his cock. Slamming my arse back down on his thick pulsing cock time after time. It was so violent a fuck I was breathing hard keeping myself going. I was also building up to an amazing orgasm, one of the like I'd not had before.
    Gary put his hands around my neck and pulled me down. My face was next to his, pulling me further he kissed me hard. I took a moment to let the possibility of what this could mean sink in, and then I kissed Gary back. With him pounding my arsehole and his his kisses, I came like nothing I'd ever cum like before.
    Usually the orgasm stems from my cock and stays that way. With Gary's cock so deep inside my bowels, my whole body shook and reacted to the orgasm that ripped through my entire being. My arsehole felt like it was in total rapture. My head was spinning and my cock didn't stop pulsing with cum flying out of me, for what seemed like minutes, not the usual seconds. No sooner than I'd cum, Gary made lots of grunting sounds, pushed me upwards and rammed his cock hard and deep into my arse. His hot cum flew into my arse and deep into my bowels. He shuddered so much, I thought he was having a heart attack. Then when he'd spent his load up my arse, he put one hand up to my head, pulled me back down and we kissed again. Not the passionate kiss he gave me fucking my arse, a kiss full of sexual respect and one which told me he'd want more of the same.
    I lay naked next to future father in law for over an hour. We discussed everything. From where we went with our relationship, to my relationship with his youngest daughter. He told me more about his time in prison and the loneliness he'd suffered at first, not having someone to fuck. Then my older sexual friend had been put into the cell with Gary and also a new young inmate had come into the prison. The older guy, my sexual friend had introduced Gary to him and from the time onwards, Gary had made him his bitch.
    He'd been fucking him when the young guy got up to get a cigarette. He'd noticed us fucking and told Gary. once he figured out it was his daughters flat, he told his friend to get the binoculars. Gary then told me, as I was being fucked, he'd gotten his young friend to stand up at the window, spread his legs and his arse cheeks as Gary entered him from behind. They'd both watched me being fucked by someone they both knew, as they too were having sex. Once they'd seen their friend leave, Gary had walked over to my flat, and you know the rest.
    This last five weeks, Gary has visited me at least once a week when he knew his daughter was working or at his house. Each time he's fucked me like a rag doll, and each time I've cum so hard from his attentions to my arsehole. It's been so good with him, I've not seen Gary's friend again. Although saying that, Gary asked me two days ago if I'd like to have a foursome, with him, his older cell mate and the young man they've both fucked.
    My answer was to tell him as he was fucking my arsehole so deeply, "Yes but only if you allow all of you to fuck me".
    I'll have my answer next week, as Gary's daughter goes back to London to finish off her course.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I live in a very small town where every one knows every one. I own a large piece of land way out in the country and on weekends I have friends out to drink and cook out. we pitch horse shoes hang out at my cabin play poker and it`s just a group men enjoying a day in the country. What no one knows id that one of the men and myself have a sexual relationship that we keep very discrete. We drink a lot there on weekends and he is always the last one there on purpose.
    Once every one has been gone quite awhile we shower together and have oral sex in the shower and always to completion. Both of us are fairly well hung and enjoy sucking cock. After we get out of the shower we get in the back bedroom and most of the time we enjoy a very long slow 69. we take our time and have been doing it so long together that we know how to prolong it so that we both cum at the same time. It is very exciting to do this and having a big hard cock in your mouth and your big hard cock in another man mouth while you both cum at the same time and swallow each others cum is pretty exciting to say the least.
    Then we get to do my favorite thing. I keep a few choice toys in a secret place where no one would ever find them because when I am in my cabin alone I enjoy using the toys on myself. I have several from small to fairly large most with a suction cup base and very life like. I enjoy sticking them to different things then backing up to them down on my hands and knees and giving myself a good fuck in the ass.
    He likes to watch me use the toys and most of the time enjoys using them on me to open me up and work quite a bit of lube in to my ass before he fucks me with his large cock. He is very thick and almost 9" long cut with huge nuts that shoot very large loads. Most of the time he will fuck me from behind to start out but always shoots his load fairly quick the first time he fucks me then after shooting his thick warm load deep in my ass I lay on my back and he will fuck me some more and we change positions a few times and he enjoys fucking me from behind bending me over different things in my cabin and I like to watch him fuck me in front of a mirror in the back bedroom. Once I get used to his large cock in my ass the sex is great and after he shoots a load or two in my ass it always feels good when he is fucking me and his cum is running down my legs.
    I don`t know why I enjoy this but it feels sort of nasty and really makes my insides very slick and his cocks slides in and out easily the more he cums in me. Most every weekend we do this and at night we both enjoy going out on the front porch with the lights off and he will fuck me as I lean on the handrail and look up at the stars with his cum dripping down my thighs. If we have had too much to drink we get pretty kinky and have even tried a little bondage at my request. Something about being tied up and fucked really turns me on and he enjoys it too. We have been too drunk to drive home and spend the night there sometimes and don`t sleep much at all when we do.
    We both enjoy a good baseball or football game so sometimes we watch them naked and I ride his big cock as we watch the game and drink beer. I have this special coffee table that I bought that is perfect for me to kneel and bend forward so he can fuck me from behind with my knees tied out far apart and my hands tied to the other end of it and a rope around my waist around the table so I can`t move much at all. It just excites the hell out of me to be fucked like this and he really gets in to it too once he gets me tied up. He and I have done a lot of pretty kinky things together and it is always fun and enjoyable. He likes to stick a dildo in my ass after he pulls out and leave me tied up then fuck me again later on.
    One weekend I was there alone just me and my dog and he was out of town. I was horny and had been playing with my toys and laying in the floor face down on a blanket when my dog got up came over to me and started to lick on my ass and had his warm rough tongue in the crack of my ass licking me good. It felt good so I spread my ass open and let him lick me good and his tongue actually went in my ass several times and that really did feel good. I must have spent two hours in the floor that night letting him lick and tongue my ass. He stopped and I couldn`t get him interested in licking my ass until I put peanut butter on my ass then he started again and once I stuck a little in my ass he got his tongue inside of me and I pushed my dick out between my legs and he started licking the pre cum off the head of my dick and then went back to sticking his tongue up my ass and made me cum then he licked up my cum.
    By now I am all excited and very turned on and shove more peanut butter up my ass and just let him do what ever he wanted to do. Out of the blue he tried to mount me and had his dick stuck out trying to shove it up my ass. I jumped forward and got up in the chair just thinking about what almost happened. I am still thinking about it and now find myself very curious about letting this happen again but I have not talked myself in to it just yet.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Three weeks ago I entered my fiancee's parents home to pick up a parcel she'd had delivered there. Her parents knew I was calling by to pick it up, but they weren't going to be there as they were away on holiday. Using our spare key we have for their home, I entered the house to hear moaning coming from the lounge. Walking into the lounge I saw Ryan, my fiancee's youngest brother. Ryan's nineteen and normally a quiet shy lad. When I saw Ryan lay naked on their couch naked tossing his cock and finger fucking his arse, his initial reaction was to jump. His secondary reaction was to ask me if I wanted to fuck him.
    There is no explanation to what I did next, other than finding him there naked and erect, wanking his cock and finger fucking his arsehole, a complete turn on. I became erect in my trousers and knew straight away I was going to do as he asked. Quickly taking off my trousers and boxers, I walked the ten feet to where he lay, offered him my cock and let him suck on my dick.
    My fiancee is good at giving head, but as I found out, she's no where near as good as her younger brother. Ryan had me close to cumming within minutes with his amazing tongue and mouth. I told him I wanted to cum, but Ryan had other ideas than having me cum in his mouth. Moving himself up and around, he knelt on the couch so his slim white tight looking arsehole was pointing at me. Not having any kind of lube, I spat onto his arse and my cock, put it to his rear opening and pushed in. His arse resisted at first, then after a few attempts his arse muscles relaxed enough and my cock slid right in. I wasn't the first to have fucked Ryan, that was certain, but he hadn't as I found out later been fucked in months.
    Feeling his tight arsehole envelope my dick was unbelievably good. I'd always wondered why gay men fuck each other. Over the next forty minutes as I fucked my fiancee's brother, I found out. I simply cannot remember being that turned on, that horny and that eager to fuck anyone. Ryan took my cock so well, and even asked me to fuck him harder. I fucked him knelt up, I fucked him as he lay on his back and his stomach. But we finished with me lay on the rug in front of the fire and Ryan mounting my cock, bouncing up and down until his small cock flopping everywhere spurted cum all over my chest.
    When I came inside him, Ryan cried. Not from fear or pain, but as he said, Love. He slipped off my cock when he settled from crying, took my cock back into his mouth and sucked on my dick and balls until I was hard again. Getting me to lie behind him so we were both on our left hand sides facing the fire, Ryan guided my cock back into his arse and asked me to fuck him slowly. Holding him as I would his sister, I kissed his neck as my cock slowly fucked his cum laden hole.
    Holding him tight as we ground together, Ryan began to talk to me, telling me in gasps how he'd imagined me fucking him many times. He cried again then, but as I went to wipe away the tears he said "Don't you dare, leave them to flow, I've earned them".
    I didn't know what he meant until he told me, his sister had once caught him wanking to gay porn and told his parents. He got grounded for a month and a belt or two from his dad. Kissing him again I told him I wouldn't tell. He laughed then asked me to fuck him for real.
    I fucked Ryan for another ten minutes staying in that one position. I came first this time adding to my first cum load up his bum. Ryan had been wanking himself and I felt rather saw him cum. His body shuddered against mine and then he relaxed into me. Turning slightly, we kissed for the first time. Ryan and I then chatted about him, his sexuality and us. I told him right there and then I wanted to fuck him again.
    Ryan and I have fucked on four more occasions. Each time we've had sex, I've found our lovemaking becoming more involved, more intimate. Kissing more, more oral sex both ways and like yesterday, I rimmed my future brother in laws arsehole and made him cum by tonguing his rear hole alone.
    Ryan knows I'm going to marry his sister, but he also knows as long as he wants it, I'm going to continue fucking him too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Business Trip In Atlanta I was staying in Atlanta for work. from the first day i was so horny, i wanted some cock to suck really bad, and started thinking about getting fucked in my ass. I was scanning craigslist, but wasn't getting a lot of responses to the ads i was replying too. I decided to put up my own add, and i added a picture i took in the hotel room. I used the mirror next to the bed to get a nice picture of my plump round ass sticking up in the air begging to be fucked. I got replies immediately, from all types of men. One guy sent a picture that made me so wet. He was a latino guy about 28 and said he had some time before he had to go to the airport to pick someone up.

    He came to my hotel room, where i answered the door in just a tshirt. He got undressed, and i could see a nice uncut 6 or 7 inch dick. He sat in the recliner and i got on my knees and took the head of his cock in my mouth . I licked all around the head, and he was instantly hard and raging. I asked if he wanted me to suck him off, he said no, he wanted to fuck me. I didnt tell him it was my first anal , so as soon as his condom was on, he shoved his cock up in my very tight man pussy. It hurt, really bad, and i told him to go slow. but he started thrusting in and out really hard and fast, which made me bleed a little. Seeing some blood, he got freaked out and left. I was still horny, and now disappointed too.

    I went back to check my email, and a few other guys left a message. One was a young black man about 30. I had to go to dinner with my people from work, but agreed to meet him after i returned. At dinner, my ass was still a little sore, but also getting wet thinking about the next cock that would soon be in there. Once I got back to my room, I got in the shower and washed and shaved all around my ass and hole. I just got out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel, when there was a knock at the Door. It was Andre, the guy I was expecting... I was still nervous. I opened the door, and we made some small talk as he got undressed. When he took his jeans off I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen in person, at least 9 inches, but not too thick. I sat on the edge of the bed, and he asked me what I wanted to do, I said nervously "whatever you want to do". Then he said "So you want to give me that white pussy?". I said "sure".

    He started kissing my neck and sucking on my nipple as he pushed me back on the bed. He climbed over me and his balls were hanging in front of my face. I started licking them, and sucking on in my mouth as he ran his hands all over my body. He rolled over on his back and I started sucking his cock.. It tasted so good, warm and thick in my mouth. i was getting so wet and ready for him . I didnt want to rush things though, so i asked if he wanted to take a shower with me. He agreed.

    In the shower he used the handheld shower head to soap me up all over and then rinsed me off. He had me turn around and hold on to the handicap bar so he could get a good look at my ass. I felt his cock rubbing against me, so I got on my knees in the shower and started sucking him again. He held my head on his cock and face fucked me for several minutes. Then we got out of the shower and dried off.

    we got on the bed and started kissing and i was jacking him off with my hand. He told me to "Get my ass up", and i got on my knees with my face down in the blankets.I could see in the mirror how he was getting behind me, putting the condom on and stroking his cock to get it real hard. I felt the tip of his dick push against the opening. But it wouldn't go in, he had to try a few times, but finally got the head to go in. I loved his cock head buried in my ass. He started to push in further, and I could feel a little pain, but it was a lot more pleasurable. A few minutes later he was past the internal sphincter, and he began pumping hard. He Fucked me so hard for like 20 minutes, and then I started to rub my own dick, and I came in seconds. He was still fucking me after I came, but i collapsed from my orgasm. He laid on top of me still fucking my ass hard and whispering in my ear "Good white pussy,good pussy ". Until eventually he came inside the condom in me. he collapsed on me and kissed my neck and ears, with his soft cock still in me. It felt so good, and i never wanted it out.

    He spent the night in my bed and in the middle of the night i got horny again, so i started rubbing his cock through the gym shorts he had put on. The lights were still off, so i went down under the covers and started sucking his cock again, and licking his balls. He started to cum and i put my mouth over his head and licked up every drop of cum.. It was delicious.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Although born a male and now aged 63 years young.
    And a part time straight crossdresser that as only been with women.
    I have for about 20 years wanted a shaved young male to have sex with me.
    Some Saturday nights I go for a late drive in UK Cornwall wearing a mini skirt or dress, with white panties.
    I keep hoping a gay young man or bi will see me and encourage me to have their cock deep inside of me.
    While I wear my mini dress or skirt and panties.
    The thought of having a male fuck me turns me on-And I keep hoping someone will see me and after a little foreplay,
    Get me to lay over the car front bonnet and then lift my mini skirt up and on pulling my panties to the side.
    Slip his hard cock inside of me.
    It would be my first time and looking for someone to use me after a little encouragement.
    I would love the male to wear white panties too as its a colour that I find a turn on.
    Even in the winter on windy nights after 10 pm I have parked my car in a layby and got out wearing mini skirt
    that rises easy with the winds blowing.
    Love to make my fantasy become a reality.
    And although older aged 63.
    I still think young.
    Tell me your fantasy if we met.
    I would also wear anything you might bring if you wanted.
    I have had gay friends before but at that time I was a little shy and only wanked one gay.
    Some of the places I go to between 10:30 pm on a Saturday night are:
    Newquay-going past Porth.
    Plymouth before Union Street where colleage is.
    Truro Park pass Radio Cornwall.
    Or any layby between St.Austell and Plymouth.
    UK Cornwall near par.
    Make my fantasy come true.
    Not my real name-email address
    Will check emails and reply soon as I can.
    I am fine with friends who are gay too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I know this may be hard for some of you to believe but My brother in law and myself are Ranchers in New Mexico. We both own large Ranches and run a lot of Cattle. He is married to my Sister and I am also married. He and I have know each others for many years and neither of the wives know about this and none of our friends know either. We spend a lot of time together helping each other on both Ranches and years age he and I started having oral sex with each other. We do it often and both swallow. We have sucked each other off in barns in the cattle pens in our pickups out in our equipment sheds even in our own houses if no one is around.
    He and I are often running around together all day long and we both enjoy laying in the hay naked in a long slow 69 and we have done this together for so long we know how to suck each other very good and hold off until we can both cum at the same time in a 69 and it is one of the hottest thing ever to have his hard thick cock in my mouth mine in his and both of us shooting our manly cum down each others throats at the same time. We have done this for so many years we learned a long time ago how to deep throat each others long stiff cocks with no problem at all. we are both 8" or a little over but fairly thick and both shoot very healthy loads.
    Both of us enjoy being naked in a hot 69 taking each other all the way to the nuts often and we both enjoy fingering each others ass when we get close to shooting a load because it makes us cum so much harder and with a big finger in your ass a hard cock balls deep stretching your throat with a huge warm load going down your throat is something you just have to experience for your self to understand.
    The first time we did this was years ago on a hot summer day after working cattle all day long. Both of us were pretty dirty and were drinking beer and had been for awhile when I told him I couldn`t stand it any longer and was going to strip off and wash off in the water tank the cows drank out of. He must have felt the same and before long we had a small ice chest on the edge of the concrete water tank naked drinking beer splashing around in the cool water. I know he noticed me and I noticed him and I just reached over and grabbed his young hard dick. We were about 25 then. It just happened and once he let me stroke it a little he just stood up in the water and laughed out loud and said "Well you went this far why don`t you suck it and if you do a good enough job I just might return the favor" I had his big dick in my mouth in no time and sucked him good until he busted his nut in my mouth and held my head down on his cock thrusting it in my mouth until his big nuts were empty.
    As soon as he took his dick out of my mouth he said "Damn man I hope I can do that good for you and he went down on me and swallowed my entire load. After several more beers he asked if I thought we should try it again to see if it wasn`t an accident so we did. I was even better and after 20 years we are still sucking each others manly very masculine dicks and swallowing big hot loads. About 6 months ago he confessed to me that my Sister wasn`t putting out enough and we talked over a few beers and knowing him like I do and wondering why after so many years we never tried anal sex I just told him "Well that sounds like a problem to me" and he agreed then I asked if I could help out in any way and he laughed and said `I`m open to suggestions" I told him I always wanted to but afraid he wouldn`t think to highly of me if I suggested it but then I asked him why we never tried anal sex.
    We talked a bit then I told him I had wanted it for a very long time just too afraid to mention it. I just told him out right if you want to I sure wouldn`t mind it if you fucked me right now. He thought I was kidding him but made sure he knew I was serious and he didn`t think long at all before he said when do you think we might do this. I told him when ever he was ready. We both agreed that now was the best time and since we were pretty close to the old farm house on my place we both drove over there and went inside and were both naked in a few seconds and we got started sucking each other a little and we both knew there was no way he was ever going to get that big dick in my tight ass without some help.
    All I had there was a little cooking oil in the cabinet and we used it on my ass then I watched him put it all over his big hard dick then right there in the floor by the old fire place in that musty old vacant house he fucked me in the ass dog style and it was no easy chore taking him in my ass at all and it took awhile but eventually he was balls deep in m my very tight muscular ass and told me it was so fucking tight he was going to cum pretty fast. I asked him what he wanted to do and then I just told him to cum in me if he wanted to and he grabbed my hips shoved it in me deep and emptied his huge balls deep in my asshole then fell on top of me in the floor forced my legs apart with his knees and started to fuck me again and he pounded me good as his cum made a huge slick mess on my nuts and in the crack of my ass and he fucked me a very long time then asked if he could cum in me again and I just squeezed his dick hard with my asshole and he knew what I wanted and he emptied his nuts deep in my asshole a second time and thrust it up my ass until it just got o limp to stay in my slick asshole and it came out and I felt a huge stream of warm cum rum out of me over my nuts as we just laid there trying to catch our breath and when he asked if I came I told him almost then he rolled me over and sucked me a few seconds until I came down his throat.
    Every day for the next week he wanted to fuck me so we fucked and we always sucked each others dicks then about once a week he would ask me if I wanted to fuck and I was always ready when he wanted to. Now at least once or twice a week we like to fuck and have done it all over both our Ranches in every position possible and any time he wants to get that big hard dick in my ass I let him and other than getting fucked hard and deep in the ass that I enjoy is when he cums up my ass. He fucks me sometimes at the tailgate of our trucks while we are naked drinking beer. We like to do it in the barn in the old musty smelling farm house that no one has lived in for years outdoors in the wide open or any where else when the urge strikes him. He really likes it when I ask him if he wants to fuck me and we both have Vaseline in or trucks these days.
    The best part about this is not one damn person knows and we have been doing this for over 20 years now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Anyone who knows me, will tell how you how much I love my wife. What they don't know is around eighteen months ago, only eight months after marrying her, any thought of receiving oral sex was gone. She told me she no longer enjoyed sucking cock, something I love having done to me. Yet she still wanted me to go down on her, something I also love doing, as well as fucking her.
    Frustrated and having endless discussions with her about it, I finally gave up. But not on fellatio. That's because I met a young guy who approached me in the park close to our home and offered to suck my cock. I wasn't there for sex, I was walking our dog. All the same the thought of having my cock sucked just seemed to good to miss.
    Following him for about five minutes, to an area of the park I'd not been in before, he asked me to tie up the dog and enter a thickly wooded area. I'll not lie, I was so nervous. Firstly because I didn't know him, secondly because I didn't know if he was genuine and lastly, my least concern I realize, was having another male suck my dick.
    No sooner than we'd walked into the wooded area, he dropped to his knees, undid his own trousers, taking his small cock out and asked for me to do the same. I literally shoved my already erect cock down his throat, not that he minded one bit. In a flurry of sexual tension and fast oral fucking, I hammered his mouth and throat. He for his part took every inch I could give him and greedily wanted more.
    It was like finding a sexual young male fellatist, who genuinely wanted cock to suck. And he was so damn good at it. But within just a couple of minutes I was ready to cum. Gripping his hair tight, I thrust hard into his mouth and felt my cock erupt in his mouth. Sucking ans swallowing at the same time, he enjoyed every drop of my seed.
    By the time I'd got myself together, he'd tossed off his tiny cock and was wiping his mouth with a tissue. Getting back to my dog, he asked me if I'd like to do it again. The next night just as the light was fading I took the dog for a walk. His cock sucking skills were even better than the day before, as we both relaxed in each others company.
    After the oral sex, which was fucking amazing, we swapped numbers.
    I met him over and over again for nearly three months, our liaisons getting better each time. Then walking alongside him to a new place we'd discovered, he asked me if I'd like too fuck him. It's funny, not once had I thought of fucking him. I was still having sex with my wife and didn't think I wanted that with him. But once he'd shown me the condoms and the lube, and he'd been sucking so expertly on my cock, I had him bend over a low branch.
    Putting the condom on, smearing my cock and his asshole with lube, I didn't hink of his pleasure at all. I buried everyone of my eight and half inches, up his tight white asshole in one long hard thrust. He moaned with pleasure even though his pleasure wasn't what I was fucking him for. I took that nineteen year old's asshole and fucked it, just like I knew he liked me fucking his mouth and throat.
    The cold weather has changed where we now meet. The park is too cold for the kind of sex we now have and too public. Instead we meet up at a motel close by to his parents home, or when my wife works her late shifts at the hospital, I spend hours giving and receiving all kinds of pleasure with him in our home. Usually we end our liaisons with him sucking on my cock, but by then I've normally fucked his asshole until he's cum.

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