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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 23

    I always had a love for looking at dicks. Even at a young age I'd stare at mine and any friends who would pull out theirs. When I was a teen and my buddies would show me porn. I'd be checking out the guy's cock and not the girl.

    Once I started having sex I was addicted to cock. I was an outlet for many classmates curiousity then. I didn't mind the name calling as half of the bullies were the ones approaching me for sex later.

    Now in my 20s I'm an even bigger cock slut. I post adds on Craigslist, back pages and any online source I can find. I just can't get enough. Dicks are so amazing to look at, taste, ride.

    I love how many married men meet me in my town. Being a slutty faggot doing thief wife's job better than she does turns me on.

    I even managed to get fucked by my uncle last year. I don't care who's cock it is. I live to serve any cock.

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    Gay Male / 22

    Iâm probably one of the most straight acting bat guys youâd ever meet. Iâm very masculine but when it comes to sex I sure love taking a cock.

    Iâve had sex with three guys in my life, each had a smaller cock. Guys in my area must all have small cocks so Iâve always wanted to try a bigger one.

    So Iâve been on the look out for a big cock to try. I have a craigslist ad up plus I use Grindr and scruff.

    Back on Monday a guy hit me up on scruff. He lived 35 miles away. He was a black guy who was 32. Up until that point I only have been with guys my age and they all were white guys with small cocks. So I asked this guy how big his cock was, I told him I bet itâs big because I hear you black guys are packing! He tells me 9 inches and thick, enough to tear my tight little white ass up he said.

    We kept chatting and I told him about sex I have had and what Iâd like to have. Thatâs when he said he has two other friends that would love to join. A three sum I replied? He said yes but they had a fantasy theyâd like to try. I said okay. It was pretty much like a prison r**e thing. Theyâd walk ink force me to suck them then bend me over, plow my ass till itâs stretched and drippping cum. The one guy was 9â, the second guy was 10â and the third guy was 9â. So I definitely found some big cocks. He understood my asshole was tight and he said Iâm prefect for this. They wanted to treat me like I was the new cute young tight white guy on the cell block. I agreed to try

    He to,d me theyâd each be wearing blue jeans and white boxers with a button down shirt. He told me to wear blue jeans, a button down shirt and white briefs. The white briefs would make me look like a new young cell mate to them. So I said okay, I have all of that a bad can wear it.

    So last night on Saturday they came over while my mom was at work. I let them in and they were tall. Each over 6 foot and Iâm only 5â9. They each pulled their dicks out the fly if their pants and boxers and each took a turn shoving it in my mouth. They had huge cocks! Long and thick! Finally one picked me up, turned me around undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor. Each of them said look at those cute tighty whities this young white ass has. Then the one guy said Iâll stretch that hole out so bad heâll be wearing those the rest of his life. Plus I was shaved smooth so they all took a liking to that. Said I was definitely a mamas bit since my pubes were completely shaved off. Finally one bent me over the arm of the couch. The 10 inch guy said weâre the lube at tight ass, I told him sitting right by you on the coffe table. He grabbed it, put about half the bottle on his cock and my asshole. Then he just rammed his cock in. I Screamed! He said it only hurts for a minute plus my big one will break you in for the other two guys. For an hour all three took turns plowing my ass till each of them blew massive loads in me. Finally each wiped their cock off as Iâm still bent over with my stretched out hole leaking cum down into my tighty whities around my ankles. The one said mommy is gonna be washing cum out of your whities for weeks since you white asshole now has had some good real black cock.

    I stood up and boy my ass was sore! The one guy said look at his cute little hard on. My 5.5â cock was hard as a rock. The other one said have mommy jerk her little boy off when she gets home you hairless sissy. They all left.

    So the fantasy got played out. I went to take a shower, push as much cum out of my ass as I could, washed all the lube off and after showering looking in the mirror I could tell my ass was stretched big time.

    I put on a pair of clean briefs and a shirt and went to clean up the mess in the living room. Got the messed cleaned up, and sat on the couch watching tv. My mom was home them. I got up to walk. To the kitchen to talk to her and she said you look like your walking funny. After that she said your only wearing a shirt and briefs, okay whoâd you have sex with tonight. Thatâs when I told her I only had sex with the black guy with a 10 inch cock. She just said oh my! I bet your ass is sore and stretched! She told me she would never take a guy that big let alone up the ass. Well being that I only have one hole in my pants I didnât really have a choice lol.

    Now this morning I woke up and my ass feels great, itâs a bit sore but Iâll live.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I lost my virginity tonight to a older guy. I meet him on Grindr. My parents were away at my grandmas house for the day. After I got out of school I went to meet the older guy I meet on Grindr

    We chatted at first. Then his cloths came off, he instructed me how to suck him.

    Then my cloths came off, well most of them. I was on my knees in only my red fruit of the loom briefs sucking him.

    Finally he pushed me off his cock, took me to his bed, he pulled my underwear off and started sucking my cock. I cummed so fast it wasnât funny. He then moved to licking my asshole.

    Then he walked over to his dresser, grabbed a condom and some lube. He rolled the condom on and lubed up his clock then started fingering my ass with lube

    Finally he told me to breath slowly and he pushed his cock in. At first it hurt really bad and I put my hand out to stop him. He moved my hand as kept pushing in. Finally after his head popped in he left his cock set. After a few minutes I felt my hole relax and he pushed his cock in farther.

    After 10 minutes of playing with my hole he started to move in and out faster. Finally I was getting fucked. And it actually fairly good. I was moaning a bit and he was too. We must have had sex for 30 minutes till he finally came in the condom. He pulled out slowly and I could tell my hole was stretched. He told me itâd tighten back up in a little bit.

    As I was getting dressed I was standing there in my red briefs and he said how sexy those are. I kinda laughed and said they are just underwear.

    I drove home and have been laying in my underwear all night and my ass is a little sore but Iâm so glad I lost my virginity finally. Iâm definitely wanting to have sex again with that guy so I plan on texting him tomorrow to see when we can have sex again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I live in a college town. Itâs a small town but a great college is here. Itâs in Ohio.

    Iâve been bisexual for all of my life. Iâve never been married and very rarely hook up with a woman for sex.

    Now my thing is to get the new college freshman that are 18 or 19 in my bed. Most are easy to get via a gay sex app or craigslist or chatting with them. Youâd be surprised how many arenât virgins. Almost everyone Iâd got in my bed to fuck has admitted that they tried anal sex once or twice during high school.

    The one I had tonight was 19 and a virgin. He was so tight and my thick hairy cock stretched that hole out nicely! Iâm sure this one guy will return for more sex. Seeing him sitting there on my bed in his tight white briefs is so sexy. His smooth shaved body too! He told me his is gay and was always nervous about sex. Glad I could help him out. Heâs gonna be here the next 4 years and for the first time Iâd like to keep him as a regular. Heck Iâd let him move in!

    I weight around 170 and he only weighs 120! Damn he makes a great bottom! Iâll be calling him tomorrow for sure

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Completing a job for a client three days ago, I'd just taken another job from my wife phoning me the address. Cleaning up as I took the call a young lad walked into the kitchen totally naked with his cock was fully erect. Trying not to look putting my tools away and finishing the call, I couldn't help myself and asked him if he was looking for sex. Smiling down at me, he told me his mom was in the shower and if we were quick, I could fuck him. It had been over twenty years since I'd last had sex with another male and that was only mutual blow jobs.
    Watching him bend over the kitchen table, then pull his ass cheeks apart, I stood up lubed up his rear hole with some olive oil which was on the counter, yanked my work shorts and boxers down and sank my cock up his young ass. The fuck wasn't a long drawn out thing, but it was intense and forceful enough to have him cumming in no time. Hearing movement upstairs, I busted my nut up his ass and quickly got dressed. With my cum leaking out of his ass, he grabbed a bathrobe off the kitchen door and walked upstairs. Moments later his mom came down and paid me what I was due for my work. Her smile when she goodbye was such a knowing smile. But all she said was "You will be back next week won't you". I'd already agreed to fix the connections on her shower, so I said yes. She smiled again and said "I might not be home, but Kyle will let you CUM in" Stressing the word "CUM". It's one job next week I'm definitely going back to.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Cock ... My addiction ... I can't get enough ... I've been told that my mouth was built for cock ... I suck cock at rest areas truck stops glory holes in the park late at night basically anywhere I can get fed ... Lately I've been drawn to small cocks of big fat older men ... I have a regular that I service three times a week and he shoots a massive load of cum ... He's only about 3 inches when hard, I like the fact that I can get his whole cock in my mouth as well as his balls ... That gets him so hot and bothered that he shoots huge loads of cum down my throat all over my face on my tits on my feet and enjoys taking pictures of me soaked in cum ... Last month he invited five of his friends over and promised them that I would suck all thier cocks and eat cum loads ... One by one, they face fucked me and treated me like a cum slut ... The pictures were awesome with cum dripping off my face and onto the floor ... When they left, I ate all that man cum off the floor while my friend jerked his tiny cocklet till he came in my mouth ...
    I spent the night with him and fell asleep with his cock in my mouth ...
    I woke up a couple of times during the night with him fucking my throat and mouth again ... Next morning, I sucked him off another two times ...
    I'm on my way to his house right now and have been craving cock and cum all day ...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    In a weeks time I'll be flying over to Ireland to play golf with three friends. Or that's what I've told my wife anyway. In fact there's only going to be one other person with me. He's twenty years old and he's someone I've been having gay sex with for eight weeks now. We met online after he contacted me. I'd uploaded my profile onto a hook up site where I stated I wanted to meet up and fuck twinks. On my profile I added pictures of myself, naked and sporting my erection. I'm reasonably well endowed and he wasn't the only young guy to get in touch, but he was the only one who didn't get too pushy.

    So far we've had sex in my car and at a place I know. It's not always been comfortable or private when he's sucked me off, or when I've fucked him. With one occasion when I was balls deep up his tight arsehole in my car, we had two guys watching us only feet away and tossing themselves off. Only the fact I was nearing my orgasm, is the reason I carried on fucking him. The men jerked themselves to orgasm too, with one guy cumming on my passenger side door.
    Next week, we will play golf as he's a really good young golfer and I play once a week. Only we'll be playing with each other at night having booked a double bed for us, and probably whenever else we get the chance to fuck. I've even wondered if we get the opportunity to, would I fuck out on the course.

    This is the second time during our marriage I've gone on to meet other males for sex. The first time I nearly got caught as my wife came home early from work one afternoon. That time I was fucking a young neighbour of ours on our bed. We just about got dressed and I was making out he was helping me move things around in our bedroom so I could decorate it. I never invited anyone back to our place after that, but I did carry on fucking the neighbour in his parents home for over a year. unfortunately they moved and that was it for my fun with the seventeen year old.

    Next week is something I've been looking forward to ever since I booked it. I'd probably not have the urge to fuck other people if my wife hadn't put on so much weight. But she has and I find it a total turn off. Mind you I do enjoy fucking a young mans tight arsehole, and have done so since I was sixteen. That's another confession maybe for the future. One where I met a teenager who taught me all about gay sex whilst I was holiday with my parents.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Iâm a single father. My wife died in a car accident four years ago. I have two teen daughters in high school.

    I have no time to date a woman due to work a d taking care of my kids.

    I had never thought about gay sex ever in my life till about 8 months ago. My one daughter showed me a picture of this hot country boy type guy on Facebook. Not gonna lie, that pic turned me on a lot. Being busy often I rarely masturbated so I was usually laying in bed Sunday morning beating my meat. Thatâs when I happened to stumble upon Grindr. I chatted on there with a few guys telling them my situation.

    Finally one dAy when my daughters were staying over at friends houses I built up the nerve to ask a 19 year old I had been talking to to come over. I had already bought condiments and lube so I was ready.

    It went pretty quick. He came over and got undressed as soon as we got in my bedroom. He pulled my pants down revealing my hairy cock that hadnât been groomed in like 20 years. He started sucking. Then I go on the bed, put a condom on and he rode me till I cummed. That being my first gay sex I was hooked. I loved being in a guys ass.

    The great thing about that 19 year old is he loves my hairy cock and balls and he became my regular. One or twice a week he will come over after my daughters go to bed and Iâll either have sex with him in my garage or in my bedroom. Over the last 3 months Iâve went bare and been cumming in his ass which only makes it feel so much better!

    My daughters have took notice that I seem more relaxed lately and I just say do I. Having sex has really helped me not stress out as much! Plus thinking about that 19 year old riding my cock as I hold and spread his cheeks!

    He loves pulling down my white briefs saying heâs had a fetish for an older hairy guy that wears white briefs! Perfect match we are. But just thinking about my cum dripping out of his ass into his tight Hanes colored briefs make me horny too.

    Iâm typing this just after we had sex this afternoon. Thought Iâd share my story. Iâm thinking I may ask him to fuck my virgin ass so I can feel what itâs like

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    Straight Female / 46

    I came home early from work this afternoon only to find my husband of twenty years in our bed with the eighteen year-old son of his business partner. I watched from the hallway as he furiously pounded the young man's ass. Initially shocked I became more turned on as Tom relentlessly shoved his big dick into the young man. His name is Kevin and he moaned and begged for Tom to fuck him hard. After at least ten minutes of hard pounding I watched as Tom arched his back as he ejaculated deep in Kevin's bowels. I quickly made my way out of the house and drove to a nearby shopping center. I sat in my car and rubbed my clit as I relived the stunning scene. Not sure how I'm gonna handle all this, but for now I'll let it play out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My first confession is about 6 down from here, #37334 I had previous experience buttfucking a boy (my cousin) many years ago, and let an older boy jack me off a few times. The first time I got buttfucked was only a short while ago when my wife was out of town and I spent the weekend letting a wonderful cock fuck me over and over again. He wanted to "turn me out" to him and 5 or so of his friends. He wanted to turn me from a freshly fucked virgin to a whore.

    This weekend with my wife away Saturday night I went back to his place. I sucked him hard then he slowly fucked me, taking over 40 minutes to spill his cum inside me. Then he sucked me completely and we smoked a joint. Within an hour 7 of his friends were over, we were all getting high and drunk, I was the only one naked, though my lover was only wearing a pair of boxers and a tee shirt. They all got naked and I had cocks in my mouth, in my ass, on my feet, in my hands. Over the next 3 hours 8 men including my friend came in my mouth, and fucked me in my ass. I had cum leaking from my loose, whore fuckhole, and cum all over my face, in my belly from swallowing and on my nipples.

    I only a few days I went from never having had a cock in my ass to being an opened whore who has had 8 cocks inside him. I was fucked 11 times, gave head to everyone 4 came in my mouth all the way down my throat. My lover made love to my loose hole slowly kissing me in missionary position after they were all gone. The next morning he did the same and I went home.

    Sunday night as I was roughly fucking my wifes asshole with her lying on her belly, I remembered all the cum that came out of my ass the night before.

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