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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My name's Connor, I'm nineteen and for the past four years I've been allowing much older men to feed me their cocks and to fuck me. Overall I've had sex with nearly eighty older men and some guys my age. Most of the men are involved, as I am, in sports and most of them are married.
    I'm a swimmer, field athlete and recently began playing golf. If the wives knew just how much their husbands fuck young guys like me, they'd be no married women in the area I live.
    Having an older man fuck me, to me is simply the best sex you can have. Feeling his cock slide up my ass knowing he's probably not getting any at home with his prudish wife, makes me want to service them any way they want.
    Am I a cock hound, yes I am. Do I love older men fucking me and shoving their cocks down my throat, fuck yeh I do. And what's more, it seems to me anyway, there are more and more married men willing to fuck a good looking kid like me.
    I put it down to women having careers and working much harder. They don't have time or the energy to give their husbands what they need. So I provide the men with a tight willing asshole and more than enough energy to have multiple married men fucking me each and every week.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Got my ass fucked by a 21 hear old for almost 2 hours last night. Average cock but it hit the spot, I also realized I have a pretty big and fat cock compared to the average man. And to think I thought I was small. I had no idea he was 21 I was thinking he was 24. I loved it and came twice as my ass was being pounded, I have been successful in turning my ass into a very effective and stimulating sex organ. Met him, said hello, exchanged number, had him over my house naked in 45 minutes, is that called skill or what.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Ten years ago this coming weekend, was the start of a relationship that's lasted and gotten better each year we've fucked.
    I'd called by my girlfreind's parents house straight from football, to go out with them all to celebrate her mum's fortieth birthday. It was going to be a large family meal, and afterwards her parents were going to be staying over in hotel, before flying out the next day to the Caribbean.
    I was covered in mud and grass, and my girlfriend had to pick up her mum from the hairdressers. Telling me to get a shower and changed into the clothes I'd brought round earlier, I'd just turned on the shower and stepped in, hearing my girlfriend going out. That's when I saw Andy my girlfriends dad entering the bathroom. I was naked and had just gotten wet. He was wearing shorts and no top showing me his very muscular build. Within seconds he was naked and stepping into the shower with me.
    Before I could protest, he turned me around, soaped up his hands and began to wash me. His hands roamed all over my body, from my shoulders down to me knees and back up. Once most of the mud was gone, he reached around and began to wash my cock.
    All this time I was too scared to say a fucking thing. Andy is not someone you say no to, even now, and I was shitting myself. I was seventeen and my sexual hormones were raging through me, so when he gripped my cock and began to wash it with soapy hands, my dick became hard and Andy changed tack. Bringing his hands back, he started to soap up my arsehole and I stood there too frightened to tell the ex forty one year old boxer to stop.
    Eventually I did manage to say I wasn't gay and he shouldn't think I was. His response and I remember it like he'd said it just now, was "You fucking are now son. And I'm avin your arsehole, do you hear me boy".
    At that point I knew there was no going back and no stopping him. So as he reached around me wanking my cock again, I felt what seemed like a huge cock nudging my arsehole. His mouth kissed my neck and then he bit me a little. It was then he thrust forwards and I felt a cock enter me for the first time in my life.
    Andy was like a run away freight train and there was no stopping him. No matter how much it was hurting me and no matter how hard I then tried to wriggle off his cock, he held me tightly and carried on fucking me.
    I'm not sure now just how long he hammered away at my rear hole, but it seemed like hours. Even so, his thrusts became more rhythmic and like a switch going off in my brain, the pain stopped and I only began to feel euphoria throughout my entire body. I became so overwhelmed, I even began to back onto Andy, which made him redouble his efforts and begin to fuck me much much harder.
    The sensations going through me were all new and all ultra intense. I'd totally given myself to his sexual dominance and didn't Andy take advantage of it. Pulling out of me, he spun me around, lifted me like I was a rag doll and shoved that beautiful hard thick cock back up my arsehole. Wrapping my legs around him, he held me easily and fucked me to his own pace. With my back on the tiled wall, he leaned in and he kissed me. Returning the kiss as I would with his daughter, Andy fucked me until an almighty surge ran over me and my cock exploded between us. Not once did he pull out or stop kissing me and ramming his cock upwards he made some grunting noises and like a jet of hot liquid filling me, his spunk erupted deep inside my bowels.
    letting my legs fall to the shower floor, he held me tightly, told me I was going to be play thing from then on, and then kissed me again.
    The night was a great success and my girlfriend promised me a night to remember once we got back to her parents house. And it was a night to remember too. We tongued sucked and fucked pretty much all night, once we'd gotten back. And I have to say by the time the sun was coMing up, I was the most tired I'd ever been in my life.
    I had nine wonderful days of sexual exploration with my girlfriend until her parents got back. Her uncle was supposed to be looking after things, but he was always too stoned to care about anything.
    Once home Andy told his wife and his daughter he was taking me out for a pint, to thank me for looking after his girl. We ended up in a hotel room, and I ended up taking two cum loads up my arsehole as the ex boxer fucked the shit out of me.
    To this day, my wife's father fucks me whenever we get the opportunity to have sex. At fifty one, Andy is just as horny as he was at forty one, if not more so. I love him fucking me and some degree I suspect his wife knows he and I are having gay sex. She doesn't say anything as such, but she does get out of the way some evenings, leaving us to suck and fuck as she visits her daughter. Which helps I suppose, that we live around the corner from my wife's parents home.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I never told any one about this tell now.

    I lost my job wife had one but we where just scr****g by are son got really sick we fell be hind on rent by 2 months are landlord showed up demanding rent.

    I told him what was going on that i lost my job and i was looking for a new one and it would take us some time he was mad then he made me a deal if i let him fuck me he would take that for the 2 month we owed and give us 2 more so 4 free months he said i had 2 day to think about it.

    I didnt know what to do because i have never been with a other guy before and i looked at my kids who where only 1 and 2 i told myself i can't lose my place only other place we could go is my moms but she lived a state away so still thinking about it would give us 2 months to save to move.

    The next day i took his deal my wife next day off i told my wife i was going to help the landlord to work off some of the debt i never told her what the real deal was she thought i was helping him clear trees off his property i left at 8am.

    When i got 2 his house he was waiting outside for me he escorted me to his bedroom now i was scared cause i never thought i would have to give up my ass for a place to live he must been able tell i was scared he handed me a drink and a joint we smoked and had some drinks i started relaxing then he kissed me i just went with.

    Then he we undressed each other he kissed my neck and rubbing my nipples then i felt a finger in my ass the he had me get on all fours as he lubed my asshole and his cock then i felt the tip of his dick entering my ass it hurt alot then after a few minutes it turned to pleasure as he fucking me i start cumming as he is still hammering me i cumed 2 more time before he finely cumed i felt his warm jizz in my ass.

    A little after noon he made us lunched we eat then blow me on his sofa i cumed in his mouth he swallowed my huge load then i sucked his dick he was giving me pointers 10 mins of sucking his cock he pushed his dick down my throat as he cumed forcing me to swallow it tasted really good then he fucked me 2 more time when i left his house it was 6pm wife waa happy we didn't have to worry about rent for awhile.

    2 months later we moved out back to Minnesota i was just happy are lease was month to month but i really enjoyed it when he was in Minnesota just a week ago i meet up. Hope you enjoyed my true story

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    Straight Male / 25

    Just a week ago my buddy Jay stoped by for a few drinks we where hanging out in my basement playing some card games after a couple hours go by Jay out of know where tells me he's gay.

    I'm happy for him I asked when he know he told me when we where kids and he had a crush on me I thought to myself well Jay is good looking he asked if he could suck my cock I let him we moved to the sofa as I watched him blowing me I think I want to return the favor so I tell him he smiles now we are 69ing after while I cum in his mouth he swallows then few mins later he cums in my mouth and I swallowed.

    I could not believe we just blow each other Jay asks me why I wanted to blow him I tell him I always wanted to try it since I was a kid when I found my dad's bisexual porn when I was 10 Jay laughs couple mins later he had me fuck him so I pounded his ass for hour and ten mins I blow a huge load in him then I had him take my virgin ass this was the first time so he started slow and soft for the first 15mins then told him harder and faster he pounded my ass for almost 2 hours.

    We fell asleep on the sofa holding each other the next morning I woke up to Jay blowing me after I nut I let him fuck me again he destroyed my anus it took a few day tell it felt normal again it was the best sex I have ever had I got to check that off my bucket list.

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    Straight Male / 45

    A couple of months ago, I wrote about my memories of watching a room-mate, Jon, being regularly forced to have sex with an older boy, Billy, and I mentioned that a few of us were planning a surprise for him at the next reunion. Well, the reunion was at the weekend. As it got dark, a few of us got him outside into the hotel gardens. It was only when Billy turned up, grinning, that he realised what was happening. He tried to walk away, but we blocked him. Once we explained to him that any fuss would just draw an audience, including his wife, his shoulders slumped and he gave in, just as we knew he would. We went over to where there was a small wall. He unbuttoned his pants, dropped them and bent over, leaning on the wall. I swear, every cord on his neck was standing out as Billy mounted him. He winced but sensibly kept his mouth shut during the sex. I nearly came in my own pants watching them. As soon as Billy had ejaculated and withdrawn, he pulled up his pants, tidied himself up and marched back to the hotel. I was told he left with his wife minutes later, but I was off masturbating on my own. We filmed it all on our phones, so he's already been told that he'd better turn up next year for another fuck or his wife will be sent a very interesting mpeg!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Recently finalized my divorce, still get along with my exwife but we just didnât work out being married after 20 years. We have three kids that we share custody with which we worked out just fine. Let my wife keep the house since itâs remodeled and paid off. So I bought a different house and in the process of remodeling it.

    The neighbor boy is a 19 year old twin, so skinny, so smooth and Ute looking. Now Iâve never been one to think Iâm bisexual or gay but I was craving sex and he was hitting on me. So one day after a trip to Loweâs two weeks ago he was talking to me as I was unloading my truck. I had on shorts and there was an obvious bulge in them. I asked if he had a girlfriend and he said Iâm gay. Took him inside, pulled my shorts down so he just saw me in my Calvin Klein hip briefs. He said I looked hot then pulled my underwear off and I sat on the couch as he sucked my thick 7 1/2 inch dick. I have big low hanging balls so he had his hand holding those. I think he wanted me to fuck him but I didnât have lube or condoms so I just blew my load in his mouth. A nice long kiss afterwards made me think Iâm bisexual. That was a Friday night, the next morning on Saturday I went back to Loweâs for some stuff and stopped at Walgreens afterwards. Got a box of magnum condoms ( yes Iâm that thick) and a bottle of lube that I thought would be the best for anal. The cashier woman surely was looking at my bulge because I had no underwear on, I was hard and you could see the outline of my cock in my shorts. Could make out my cock head pointing across my right thigh.

    It was 9:30 in the morning when I bought the condoms and lube. My exwife only did anal maybe 6 times a year and she always bought ky jelly which I thought was bad lube. Got home and the neighbor boy was outside. He came over to talk, I made it obvious I was hard with no underwear and took him inside. I was fully naked before we got into my bedroom. I tossed him on the bed, pulled his shorts off exposing his Hanes tighty whities. I thought they looked so cute on him. Just seeing his smooth skinny body on my bed got me harder. I pulled his whities off and saw he was completely bald in them! Now that was a turn on. I have a bush, have never groomed it my whole life. Except shave my balls every once in a while. But I started to suck his dick, nice 6 in her he has. Then lifted his legs up to eat his ass like it is a pussy.

    Walked to the kitchen, got the condom and lube. Tossed the bag on the bed and started eating his ass more. As I was opening the condom box and lube bottle he told me this will be my first time. Turns out heâs blown a few guys but hasnât had anal yet. I sat down and asked if heâs ready to have anal sex. Just wanted to make sure a d he said yes. So I took my time fingering him with lube. I made it clear it will hurt a little at first and heâll be sore after sex. He was okay with it so my dick was in him in no time and I cummed fairly quick. He was tight and I hadnât had sex in a year.

    When I pulled out of his butt his eyes lit up when he saw how much cum was in the condom. I took it off, sat it on my night stand and got in bed to give him a handjob. When he was about to cum I put my mouth on his dick and swallowed his cum. Tasted fine to me.

    So this definitely made me realize Iâm bisexual. Ever since that first time I let him heal up for a few days, he was sore the next day and weâve been having sex 4 times a week. Already burned through a box of condoms and two bottles of lube with him. He especially likes sex when I come home from work in my uniform. He loves seeing me in my white Calvin Klein briefs I wear to work. If only I could post pics of my cock in his tight ass on here! Heâs so nice and hair free and I have a hairy bush! But he loves that. The woman cashier at Walgreens probably wonders how I use so much lube and condoms lol.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    There's this guy where I live who makes out he's some kind of hard man. He has got a reputation for violence and for being a bit of a meat head. He's six feet four and has muscles on his muscles. He's married and his young boys think their father is the bees knees.
    I know differently. Each and every week for the past eighteen months, he's been round at my flat at least three times a week, to take my nine inches up his arsehole. And not only do I fuck the huge mans man, I fuck him as he wears the female clothing, make up and lingerie I provide for him to dress up in.
    What's more, he is by a long way the best cock sucker I've ever had drain my balls with their mouths. When he's with me, he's as gentle as can be and often submits totally to my whims. Only last week I had him licking my arsehole, sucking my cock and then catching my pee in his mouth before I fucked him in the shower.
    Before he went home, I had him clean, vacuum and do my ironing. All this before fucking him again as he knelt up in his lingerie leaning onto my leather couch. The one I made him buy for me.
    He might be the hard man in his household or elsewhere, but in my home, he's my bitch and I use him to satisfy my needs.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    October of last year (2018) my wife and I had a huge bust up over finances and sex. She moved out for nearly a fortnight, and during that time I invited a few mates around to watch the football. On the sixth day she was at her parents home, two of my mates turned up, one with his young nephew Jamie. Throughout the game I caught Jamie eyeing me up and asked my friend quietly in the kitchen if his nephew was gay or something. His response was to tell me Jamie was bisexual and obviously liked me. When I asked him what he meant, he said "Fuck him, he'll enjoy it and you'll get your rocks off". Telling him I wasn't gay, he replied "Neither am I, but I fuck him every now and then". (If his girlfriend was away).
    At the end of the match (Our team won for once) my friends said they were going, but Jamie was staying if I wanted him to. Literally the minute they walked out, Jamie who's now nineteen (Birthday last month) removed his shorts and t shirt to show me he was naked underneath. Sprawling out on my couch face down, he told me he didn't do kissing and he only sucked a guys cock, if he liked the look of it. But he would love me to fuck him, as he was as he put it "Horny enough to receive a horses cock".
    My dick was rock hard within seconds and without getting too much into how I felt or what went through my mind, I removed my jogging bottoms and boxers, used some hand cream all over his arsehole and slid my cock up his backside. It had been nearly three weeks since I'd last had sex with my wife, and having a huge libido it didn't take me long to forget it was young male I was fucking.
    I went hell for leather, fucking Jamie as if he wasn't a young boy, but just a sex thing. He moaned and groaned, told me I was a sexual animal and then blew his load all over the couch beneath him. I fucked him for no more than five to ten minutes and then busted my nut up his arsehole, with Jamie screaming out for me to cum up his bum.
    Withdrawing my dick, it was still rock hard and throbbing from the orgasm. Jamie spun around gripped hold of it and said "Should have sucked this one first". With that he opened his mouth and sucked in my cock.
    Over the next hour or two I learned all about the enjoyment of gay sex. I had Jamie sucking on my cock, licking my balls and licking my arsehole. I too learned not only could I suck his dick, but also how much I enjoyed the sensation of having cock in my mouth.
    Taking him up to our bedroom, I fucked him again and again, and again until I'd cum in him three times. Doggy, spoons, cowboy, reverse cowboy, other strange positions he taught me and liked. And then missionary before my cock erupted up him for the third time. And during the time I was fucking him missionary, Jamie reached up, pulled me down and kissed me. He didn't do kissing he said, but there we were kissing passionately as I pumped my cock deep up his arse.
    Once I'd drained my balls up him the last time, we lay there together with his head on my chest. He told me his uncle had fucked him very occasionally over the past year, but he hadn't for some time, as his uncle now had a girlfriend. Jamie doesn't think of himself as purely gay, but loving the best of both worlds if he likes a girl to have sex with.
    Finishing off our long bed chatter, I invited him to have a shower with me. We spent an age in there washing each other and kissing, a lot.
    Jamie visited my home more than half a dozen times in the remaining time my wife was at her parents home. Each time our sex got more and more involved, with me learning Jamie liked to be fucked rough. I met his demands and then some, fucking him sometimes until he was urging me to slow down or ease off. But I'd found my mark with gay sex and loved dominating him.
    When my wife finally came back home, that sexual need I had to fuck her hard and without cause to consider her feelings, stopped. We began to make love in a more controlled and loving way. And so it has been since then with my wife. However I still fuck Jamie as much as we can spare the time to have sex. He still visits my home as my wife works funny hours for the NHS.
    As for his uncle, he doesn't mention the fact I'm fucking his nephew, but every now and then tells me not to hurt him. Deep down he knows I wouldn't and only says it to remind me he's looking out for him. The fact is, me and Jamie know it's only sex between us, and extremely good sex it is too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Both of them act as if they're straight and love to fuck girls. But I know different when they're with me. They're both teenage golfers, both seventeen years old (One's eighteen next week) and both take free adhoc lessons with me twice a week or so. It's under a plan to encourage new young members into the golf club. Each lesson they have, we always finish off with me either feeding them my cock to suck, or if it's quiet enough and we've gotten time, I'll fuck them.
    They do know about one another having sex with me and often they practice together, but I'm yet to fuck them at the same time. I'm not the club pro, but I once was a scratch golfer and might I say, a better putter than lots of pro's on tour. Pity the other parts of my game no longer match my desire for young gay/bisexual guys, who adore my large thick cock.
    I never approach them for sex and I never make it part of the deal that they get the free lessons. It's become relatively easy for me to pick out those who are gay or bi curious. And since I've decided that fucking a guys asshole, is just the same as fucking my wife's pussy and asshole (When we had sex) then I make it known to them if they fancy eight and bit inches of pure man meat to suck on or take up their cute backsides, I'll accommodate them.
    In the eighteen months I've been helping out, I've fucked five different guys and had another three suck me off fairly regularly. There is an older member who seeks out my ass fucking skills too. He's fifty one and was the person who caught me fucking Adrian, a young golfer last year in the changing room. Since then I travel over to his apartment about once week and fuck him silly, until we're both worn out.
    Yet its the young bucks who I enjoy boning the most. And the two young men who I'm fucking most at the moment just cannot get enough of my cock. Now all I have to do, is get them together sexually and lets see where that will lead.

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