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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I got there right on time and texted him. He came down to the door and I followed him up the stairs.

    He was tall, around 6'2", 180 or 190 lbs, slender and nice looking.

    He led me to an apartment, told me I could leave my things where I was, and where the bathroom was.

    I gave him his money, and got naked.

    He went to pee and I looked around; the place was beautifully decorated.

    He returned and led me out of his bedroom into the "sex room".

    He had a porn on, a n****r fucking a white guy; I thought it set the proper tone.

    He bent down and sucked my nipple while I stood on tiptoes and pulled my dick.

    He lifted his shirt and presented his hairless nipple to me. I sucked it and bit it lightly, and felt his dick through his pants, which I unbuttoned.

    I pulled pants and underwear down, and freed his feet from his pantlegs.

    I wrapped my hand around his cock, and it was huge !

    It was soft, but the head started an inch beyond the end of my fist, and was easily 2 inches in diameter. I licked it and took as much in my mouth as I could. I sucked him harder and harder. I could take about 6 inches until the bend of his cock prevented further travel. I only choked once or twice.

    I stuck my tongue in his piss hole and turned my head, over and over, on the axis of his cock. I was a cocksucking pig there to get fucked by a n****r !

    He bent down, and kissed me with his big n****r lips and tongue, and I kissed him back. I licked his mouth and ran my hand over his tight ass and squeezed his cock.

    Soon, he told me to lay back and lift my legs. I was scared, and I told him.

    I pulled my cheeks open and he looked at my asshole and laughed.

    He told me "it's big", and that he should be able to fuck me.

    He gently worked his fingers into me, stretching me to make it possible.

    It only took a couple of minutes until he was rubbing the head of his cock against me. It was huge, and it took several minutes to get the whole thing in me.

    I asked for more lube, and he fucked me with longer strokes while I watched him make fuck faces as he slid his bare n****r dick in and out of my asshole, over and over. He asked if I wanted to try doggy, and I said "yes please".

    I had trouble turning legs were almost useless from what his dick had done to me.

    Finally, I was on all 4's, facing the TV and he started to fuck me again.

    He went further, deeper into my body, and I told him it felt like I had to go to the bathroom. He told me I was full of his black dick and was going to feel fuller before we were done. After a couple of minutes, it started to hurt (wherever the head of his cock was).

    I clenched down on his cock, hoping he would shoot and he gently pulled me back onto it when I pulled off. I told him to cum, and he said "soon" and kept bottoming his 10" dick inside my body.

    He started to breathe faster, and I pushed back, making sure he came as far inside me as possible. I could feel a pulse throbbing deep inside me, where he was shooting hot thick chunks of n****r sperm.

    He pounded my insides as he shot, over and over, and I could feel the pulse against the head of his prick when he stopped shooting. It was such a good, dirty feeling that I asked him to leave it inside me for a few minutes, and we talked as he got softer.

    He told me he was going to pull out, and I put my hand underneath to catch any drips.

    I missed, and told him I would clean his cock. He said I might not want to, but I licked up a big chunk of clotted semen and deep anal slime on the towel he had laid down.

    His cock was filthy, it looked like it was covered in cottage cheese, but I ate it all. Then I put those undershorts on.

    I'm aching right now, where he rammed me with the head of his dick as he came inside me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Ten years ago tomorrow, I woke up naked lying next to another naked person. It took a minute for me realise I wasn't in my own bed and to remember what had happened the night before. When I did, I turned over kissed the naked person smiling back at me, and before long I had my morning glory deep us HIS asshole again.
    I'd been out with friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. I got chatting to a beautiful looking young girl in a bar, one which I'd never been in before. I saw my friends laughing, but ignored them thinking they were only jealous. Later on I turned round to see the last of my friends leaving. Before he did he told me where they were headed and told me if I wasn't going to fuck the bird (he laughed again) to follow on.
    Less than thirty minutes later I was entering Siens small but modern flat.
    We kissed as we undressed one another in her lounge, and I let her remove my boxers. It was then as she took my cock into her mouth, I knew definitely I was going to fuck her. Her oral skills were amazing for someone who was only 19 and almost came in her mouth there and then. Standing her up to hopefully lead her to her bedroom, I saw the small scars under hers smallish breasts. It appearded she'd had surgery, but I guessed lots of young women wanted a little help with how they looked and thought nothing about it.
    Entering Siens bedroom, she pushed me onto the bed and began to suck on my cock again. I moved her around so her pussy mound was just in front of my face, but she pushed me back and told me I should just let her blow me off. Really wanting to fuck her, I told her it was ok and she took it (I know now she did) that I knew. Allowing me to remove her knickers, I came face to face with her small but erect cock.
    It was about half the size of my cock, at around four inches long, but it looked so beautiful and so perfectly hard. In a moment of total clarity I told myself, I wanted to fuck her/him and no matter what I saw in front of me, I was going to have sex. Opening my mouth I sucked in Siens small cock and so started my love affair with this particular shemale.
    I sucked on Siens cock just as she was doing to mine. I copied the way she was pleasuring me in the hope she too was getting pleasure. After prolonged period of felatio both ways, I was on the verge of cumming again, and I told Siens I was about to. She stopped sucking me and asked me if I wanted to fuck her, telling me she wanted me to.
    Sien got the condom from her bedside draws and the lube. Lay on her back and put her feet onto my chest. Putting the condom on, I smeared some on her cute little arsehole and some on the end of my cock. shuffling forwards I put the tip of my cock to her hole and pushed in. Over the next thrity minutes, I had without any doubt the best fuck of my life up until then.
    Sien pretty much took control and had me fucking her all over her bedroom. On the bed missionary and doggie style, on the floor as she mounted my cock, half off the bed as I fucked her as her shoulders were on the floor, and finally as she stood up holding onto bed frame. I came flooding the condom inside her arsehole and stayed inside her arse until she moved off my cock. She removed the condom and sank to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth again, she sucked out the remaining cum and then stood up. We kissed and I could taste my own cum. Then Sien said she wanted to cum too.
    It was my turn to sink to my knees as I took in her small cock and began to suck on her cock as I'd learned earlier to do. It didn't take too long for me to hear her breathing changing as she held my head tight. I knew she was about to cum, but I didn't care, I allowed her to cum in my mouth and absolutely loved the taste and feel of her cum filling my mouth and throat.
    Joining her in bed, I got behind her and held her tight. We didn't speak much, but I did hear her say thankyou, and heard her say goodnight just before I drifted off to sleep.
    Waking up with my usual hard on, my morning glory, I knew there was only one place I wanted it to be and that was up her wonderfully tight arsehole.
    Even though I'm married now, I still visit Sien every couple of months. Our sexual relationship is solid, in the way that she doesn't want a live in lover. She knows if she needs me or anything, I will be there for her, but if you knew Sien, you'd know she's a free spirit, and one who loves her own space.
    As for my friends, well I told them the bar man had told me who I'd been chatting up, so I left. And then missed them at the bar they were supposed to be in. My saving grace was they'd moved on after only one pint. They still laugh at my near miss, If only they knew...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I was 13 when I had my first time with a guy. I lived in San Francisco back in 1966. I was sitting around the house with nothing to do on a Sunday it was hot. So I told my mom I was going down to Playland to see if any of my friends where there. Playland was an asmusment park down along the beach. When I got there none of my friends where there so I still stayed when I got on to the roller coaster this guy got on it with me we road it around when we got off he asked if I wanted to go on the farris wheel I told him ok we climb on when the wheel stop at the top he reached over and started to rub my thigh at first I told him to stop but he kept it up till he reached my crouch and started to rub my cock it felt so good I got a hard on. when we finished the ride he ask me if I ever had my cock sucked, I told him no that's when he asked me if I wanted to go to his place so he could and if I did he would give me $50.00 so I said ok.
    He lived just down the street form the park when we got into his place he took me to his room and started to undress me. I don't know why I let him but I was getting so turned on. when he pulled down my pants and saw my rock hard uncut 8in cock he just started to fondle it and say how much he loved it. he got undressed and we laid in his bed that when I realize why he loved big cocks his was about 3 or 4 inches. He took my cock deep into his mouth and sucked on it like it was his last one.
    It felt so good he would bring me to a point where I was about to cum then stop he did this about five times before he let me it was the best orgasm I ever had since I started to jack off he took every drop of my cum down his throat. Then he asked me to fuck him in the ass that he had to have it and begged me to do it. so I said ok once I rested. we laid there as he played with my now limp cock. I must have dosed off for a bit for when I woke up he had me rock again and putting some lube on it and in his butt hole he got on all fours and told me to ram it in hard. I got up behind him and did what he told me to do after a few tries to get it in. when I hit bottom he let out this long moan and told me he was so happy he found me.I pounded his ass for about 15min when I dumped another load of cum into him when I pulled out he sucked and licked me clean.
    It was late and I had to get home so he handed me 100.00 dollars and told me any time I wanted to do it again just come by. then he gave me a ride home I told my mom he was one of my friends uncles and that he had some work he wanted me to help him with at his house and he would pay me for it. She said ok that it would be fine. so every weekend I would go to his place and he would suck me and I would fuck him for hours. and he would give me 300.00 on Sunday. then one day he had another guy over so he could suck my cock. This guy asked if he could fuck my ass if he gave me 100.00 my friend said no his friend said what if I gave him 300. just for this one time.
    I told him ok but if it hurt he had to stop. he said ok they lubed me up real good and he slide his cock into me it hurt for just a few seconds then he started to pump my ass. my friend started to suck my cock it didn't take long for him to cum in my ass or me to shoot my load down my friends throat. he asked if I liked it I told him it was ok but not something I would do all the time.
    my friend told me he was sorry that his friend wanted to do it to me. I told him it was ok I was wondering what it felt like to have it done. this went on for two years then we moved to far for me to go see him. but the last time we did it he had this lady friend there also for me to have sex with also. the best day ever.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I thought I'd left it all behind (No pun intended) I genuinely thought when I got married my gay anal sexual urges would cease. That's because my wife and I use sex toys in our love making.

    She knew I'd had sex with men in the past and I'd told her just how much I enjoyed being fucked. So when we got together for real with her moving in, she started to use sex toys up my ass to get me off. After our marriage, if anything her desire to fuck me with dildos, vibrators, but plugs and strap ons only increased. But no amount of fucking using those toys completely satisfied me. I was missing something and that something was a thick hard hot cock.

    It was my wife who introduced me to Gavin. A married hetrosexual man to her knowledge. It was at a barbeque this summer just gone. He works alongside my wife and is a real hunk. I'm not sure if she fancied him or still did, the still DOES is the reason I'm confessing.

    The moment we met and began to talk I just knew he'd fucked men before. My hunch, my assurity he was bisexual was confirmed when he was about to enter the bathroom as I exited. Gripping my hand he lead me back into the bathroom, undid his trousers and lowerd his boxers. knowing we didn't have too much time, I quickly went down on him and sucked in his heavilly veined cock. It soon grew to its full eight inches and I took great delight in making him cum in less than five minutes, as I sucked on his cock for all I was worth.

    When we said our goodbyes later on that night, Gavin handed me a piece of paper. I didn't look at it until the next morning after my wife had left for work. I read the short note which said "Meet me at lunch time tommorow at". There was an number 9 and an address of a motel on it. Finally it said "Bring condoms and lube".

    Gavins car was already there when I arrived and I went straight to the room marked "9". Opening the door I saw Gavin lay naked on the bed, stroking his beautiful cock. I didn't say a word. Throwing the lube and condoms beside him I went straight over and began sucking on his dick. I'd been sucking his cock for about five to ten minutes when Gavin spoke for the first time "I've got to get back to work soon, but I want to fuck you first". Stripping naked without talking, I got back onto the bed and presented my asshole to him.

    Gavin got behind me, slapped my ass and then I heard him tearing at the condom wrapper. The cold lube felt amazing on my butt hole as his fingers massaged it into me. I felt him put his cock head to my asshole and then as he pushed forwards, I pushed back. That hot familiar feeling of a mans cock filling my butt was electric. My dick rose and was soon at its full six inches.

    The urgency of Gaving thrusts told me he'd not fucked a guy in some time. And in truth the fuck was over too quickly for me to get off myself. It was almost like two young men fucking for the first time, and Gavins enthusiasm soon had him cumming up me in no time. Pulling his softening cock out of my ass, he apologised to me for cumming so quickly and added that if we met again, he'd show me just how good he can fuck a man. Kissing me, Gavin got dressed quickly and then scribbled down a phone number on an envelope he had in his jacket pocket. Just before he walked out I smiled at him and said "Your cocks too good to waste, I'll text you".

    I text him the following afternoon. He left work early telling my wife he had to get home to let in some maintenance workers. At his apartment during a two hour sex session, Gavin fucked me to two orgasms and I let him flood my asshole with his cum. His wife was away over the next two days, so we made time on each of those days, and in between my work (I'm self employed) and his commitments at work, to fuck one another.

    We'v e been fucking one another from that point onwards. Then only two weeks ago he admitted my wife had made a pass at him. They were in a conference room when my wife closed the door, took off her top and asked Gavin if he thought she was attractive. He said they didn't go any further as they were disturbed, but he also added if they hadn't have been, he would have fucked my wife. Nothing has happened between them since, although we have met up three times so he could fuck my asshole.

    It was as he was fucking me the last time, Gavin suggested we invite my wife into our sexual relationship. It's a thought that had passed through my mind over the last fortnight. I hadn't said anything because I don't know if or how I should raise the subject with her. It's not as though we don't still have sex, as we fuck two or three times a week. But I'm guessing if we all got onto the same bed together, the sex would be awsome. It's just a matter of how do I tell her Gavins been fucking me since the summer, and that we'd love her to join us ?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Eager to bottom for top. Need my straight anal hole fucked deep and hard, ready to take all of your hot cum in my sweet ass. Turn this faggot out and make him into your receptacle for sexual pleasure.

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    Straight Male / 22

    So I don't know what it has come to am I gay??? I just I don't know I've sucked a couple dicks swallowed some loads all random and well everytime I'm about to go meet them I justbhesitate and procrastinate I ask myself if I really wanna suck another dick? I lie to myself and say it's my first time reality is my best friend in junior high seduced me into sucking his dick one day in my room and when I was younger id convince friends to let me lick there dicks, later on i started using the Internet to find dick and got my ass rammed and learned what it's like to be slapped around and talked dirty to by another man, I snuck into another friends house multiple times sucked him dry and bounced eventually I got the courage to go to an arcade and suck a handful of cocks there like a lot from Latinos to old white guys smal limp dicks to vieny logs, fucked a cross dresser and got fucked by him, also sucked a trannies dick along with 2 black guys and they both buttfucked me raw one cumming in me, my most recent experiance was this fat latino I feel was gay, he drove around and actually talked to me about this and why I wanted to do it, we parked and out came his soft dick for me to get hard and I sucked and sucked as he coached verbally telling me I did so good just kept talking dirty calling me a good little dick sucker he knew I did this before but he went along with the this is my first time story,he came so much and so hard I swallowed every bit so idk how or what to classify this as or what I am but I always regret it after yet here I am, wanting to get butt fucked now

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Since returning from holiday, and having my first real gay experience, I was eager to meet someone. I placed in the FREE ADDS , that I was a she/male, looking for a date in someones car down a dark lane, and asking for replies to my email. I had a good response , but I decided to meet a man who said his name was John. He said he had a large 4x4 vehicle, and he would drop all the back seats, and put a air bed in, which he did. I put plenty of body lotion on, and perfume and drove to the lane in the woods. I was wearing black stockings, white see through mini, loose black top and a little thong what the wife had bought me. My heart was beating loud as I climbed in to his vehicle. He was a stocky man, big hands and a bald head. He soon had me on my back, with my legs in the air, and after removing my thong he began to rim me, and suck my little cock. He gave me love bits at the top of my legs and on my bottom. I put some jelly on his finger, which I had in my hand bag. His finger was soon up my love hole, working nice and slow as he sucked on my nipples. I slid his jumper over him, and undid his belt, to remove his trousers. his cock was nice and big, and taking the shaft I gave it licks and sucks, working the cock till it became hard, I gave him slow wanks as I swore in french, and told him how HOT he made me feel. We were soon out of his vehicle, and he had me bent over the bonnet. He ripped at my stockings in love and lust, and after some more jelly and fitting a condon, he was up my love hole fucking me. I just cannot get enough cock, and look forward to a new encounter.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Years ago when I was in college I met a guy from Honduras. His family had a ranch and he was studying agriculture. I worked through school, but he was totally supported by his family.

    I told him I needed a summer job, I needed to make some money. He came to me with a job I could do, it was a normal run that was made every summer from states to Honduras, where his family would buy several pickups and transport them to Honduras over land. He told me his father would pay me $500 per trip, plus expenses if I drove one of the pick ups. Sounded good to me, figuring that I could make the run in about 4 days, a day there a return to the US, and another trip in two weeks, that would be $1000 per month, plus the adventure. So I signed on.

    I met up with several drivers from Honduras that had been flow up, we gathered at the border in Brownsville at a motel, and went to pick up the vehicles, there were three sets, the way it worked is that they would piggy back three vehicles and they would road trip three at a time, total nine vehicles, three drivers and a mechanic. Because I was new, and a I didn't speak Spanish, the mechanic rode with me.

    We crossed the border and headed south two days to cross Mexico, driving about 12 hours a day. We stopped for a rest, lunch, a rest and found ourselves quite south by the time the sun was setting. We checked into a roadside truckers motel, two to a room. Me and the mechanic and the other two drivers in their room. We ate dinner at a local diner that they knew and back to the room.

    It was dark and quiet, and the only form of entertainment was a small black and white tv with only Mexican stations. The mechanic, a dark man in his late forties, with big hands and a round face, got totally naked and laid back on the bed and started to masturbate. Soon he had a hard dick, he rubbed it up and down, pulling the foreskin over the head, and pulling the foreskin back down. He spread his legs open, focusing on his dick.

    In that small room, all I could do was watch, he would watch me, and then go back to his dick, and then look at me again, and then back to his dick. He was an expert, he knew what he was doing, he would arouse himself, and then slow down, this went on for a while. I was sitting on the bed watching, when he stood up and got in my face, and pushed me back on the bed. It was totally unexpected, I lost my balance and he was on me, with his hand grabbing my crotch, he had me by the balls, and then he undid my belt and pushed my pants open and before I could do anything, he took my dick in his mouth and clamped down with his teeth.

    With one hand he had my balls, with his mouth he had my dick in his teeth and with the other he held me down on the bed. He started to suck me, when I moved he would grab my dick with his teeth, when I laid back he would suck again, until he had me totally erect and he sucked me and massaged my balls. I was getting my first real blow job, he stroked my dick and balls, and fingered my ass hole. He pushed my pants off until he had me half naked on the bed.

    Then, he straddled me and put his dick up against my face while he sucked me, his dick looked huge, up close like that, it had gotten really erect, it was an angry looking thing, he was rubbing it up against my face, pressing down on my face and rubbing it hard against me, until I opened my mouth and he started to fuck my face. He turned over again, and looking straight down on me put his dick in my mouth and pushed as far down my throat as I could take it until I gagged. Something told me that I was going to end up swallowing his dick, he wasn't going to quit, I would take it down, gag, spit up, and then down again, and then it went straight down, down into my throat, he held my head hard against him, I was gagging trying to breathe through my nose, but he was pressing my face against him with his dick in my throat, maybe a half minute, and he released me.

    I breathed a sigh of relief, he was over me now, pushing my legs apart and he leaned down on me, found my asshole and started to push into me. He had my legs spread wide, and over his shoulders, his big brown face looking at me, until he broke in and pushed in a half inch at a time, he pushed hard, until he got himself all the way in and then he slowly fucked me until he came.

    That is how I found out how the rest of the trip was going to be. By the time we got to Honduras, I was much more practiced in taking him down my throat, he fucked me every night, the other two drivers knew, he must have told them, they did not interfere. That summer I made four trips, me and the mechanic worked as a team, by the end of the summer he would lay on me and kiss me and I would lay there and get kissed, I would get naked for him, I was his total toy, I would lay there beside him, my white skin against his brown skin, my skinny body beside his round belly, my skinny white dick against his big brown dick, and I would suck him because I just could not get enough.

    And for that summer I was his boy toy. It was the summer that I woke up. And I got paid for it. A summer that I never forget. The best summer job I ever had.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I've posted on here before a few years ago under the title "Sucking Young Papi" and now want to share my latest experience with cock.

    On New Years Eve I was feeling horny for cock for the first time in a while. Although I'm in a steady relationship with my GF and the sex is great, my secret urge to suck cock sometimes manifests itself.

    That was the case last night before I celebrated the new year with friends. I decided to post an ad on CL looking to suck a guy off at his work (always a fantasy of mine) and have him dump his load on my face. I did not have many real responses except for one guy who responded with this:

    "Latin 40s daddy straight but need a sissy to come suck on me real quick. I'm alone at work today. U can't strip naked u will leave your clothes on just lick my cock and balls. Ready now unless a customer comes in. You will be in back room sucking my dick so no one will ever catch us."

    Instantly I was turned on and emailed him throughout the day setting up the right time. When the time was set, I drove over to the intersection where he said he worked and he made me wait for 45 minutes as he was busy closing up shop. I was so horny for cock that I didn't mind.

    Then I received his phone call guiding me to his actual work. I pulled in and he was waiting by the door grinning. He was a well built gentleman and very masculine which I liked. He let me in and shut off the lights of his shop and locked the door behind him. He started teasing me saying, "do you want to suck me in the bathroom?" He was trying to humiliate me and it was working. He led me to the bathroom and told me to get on my knees to which I replied, "yes Daddy." So there I was, on my knees in a small store bathroom about to suck off a stranger. He pulled his pants down and I was amazed at what I saw.

    Staring me in the face was a 5 inch, THICK, uncut cock that wasn't hard yet. He told me to waste no time so I obeyed and took his monster in my mouth. His thick meat started to grow in my mouth which was hot and then he took it out and teabagged me fully erect at 8 inches. I started sucking his big balls which he enjoyed immensely, then he grabbed my head and started pumping his uncut snake in and out of my mouth making me gag. He laughed at my gagging and told me, "you must be a faggot to suck this good." I moaned at that comment and continued to take his cock down my throat.

    About 10 minutes in he was getting close to cumming and he said he didn't want to nut so quickly so he turned around and said, "eat my ass boy." I was so horny I happily obliged and ate his manly ass which caused him to moan in approval. He then turned around and shoved his cock back into my mouth and told me to get ready for a facial. I opened my mouth and then he shot his load all over my face and slapped me saying, "good job faggot. You are my personal cocksucker from now on." I asked him to take a picture of my cum soaked face with my phone. We cleaned up and he said thanks for
    the service and I was on my way.

    I then went and celebrated the New Years with my GF and we had some great sex. She'll never know that a couple of hours earlier I was on my knees with a daddy cock in my mouth... What a great way to end 2014.


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    In November my future father on law Robert made me a proposition. One I've taken to fully comply with.

    I don't know yet how he found out, (Gonna have to find out how) but when my future mother in law and my fiancee went out shopping, leaving us alone, he told me he knew about my college gay sexapades.

    I was shocked Rob knew, but not as shocked at what he did and said next. Sitting me down next to him he put his left hand onto my lap, then ran it up and over my crotch saying "I know you've fucked older men in the past, so with my waiting blessing to your wedding, I want you to fuck me".

    By the tone in his voice, and what he was doing, I knew if I didn't have sex with Rob he was probably going to tell his daughter all about what I'd done in the past. I definitely didn't want her to know, given her views on homosexuality so I just said "when and where".

    We were upstairs and naked five minutes later with my father in law to be, sucking on my cock. If I thought he wasn't going to know what he was doing, I was wrong. He sucked my dick so good I was almost Cumming within a couple of minutes. Robs tongue was tracing up and down my cock shaft as his lips sucked in all eight inches of my manhood.

    I didn't get to cum in his mouth. No, Rob wanted fucking and he wanted my cock there and then. Climbing onto the bed, he presented his asshole to me looked to the bedside cabinet and told me the lube was in the draw. Smearing lube onto my cock and Robs rear hole, I put my cock to his asshole and slowly pushed in.

    It was evident this wasn't the first time he'd been fucked as my cock slid straight in, right upto my balls. And it was also evident, I was going to be allowed to fuck him as hard as I wanted. His only comment to me over the next ten minutes was "Fuck me real good boy". I gave Rob everything I had and boy did he take it.

    Doggie. Reverse cowboy and finally missionary as he told me to masturbate him, I fucked Rob for all I was worth. Sweating profusely I was hammering his ass when his cock erupted. Making sexual moans as I built upto my own orgasm. Rob told me to stay in him. I filled my future father in laws asshole seconds later. Reaching upto me, Rob pulled my head down and we kissed.

    My cock had only just slid out of his ass, when the front door opened. I grabbed my clothing and headed to the bathroom. Rob put on a bath robe and was downstairs with his wife and daughter when I emerged. His wink said everything was ok, and I knew then it wasn't going to be a one off fuck.

    I was right. Rob and I have had sex each week since then. Mostly when we visit and we grab brief moments (Mostly him sucking my cock). But also when he texts to say his wife and daughter are out shopping. I get to fuck Rob then and as usual we find new places for me to bury my cock up his wonderfully receptive ass. Fucking him over the hood of his car in the garage yesterday was amazing, especially as his wife and my fiancee were watching a movie on the other side of the wall.

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