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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Last week wasn't my first gay sexual experience, nor was it the first time I'd been fucked. It was however the first time I'd chosen to have gay sex.
    At the age of sixteen and a half I was a bit of knobhead. Always in trouble and always looking out for the chance to make easy money. At the rear of a closed down church and behind it's grave yard, was being built a new housing estate. I'd left college early and was taking a short cut through the new estate when I saw some electric tools in the back of a van. Taking them I decided to cut through the old church grounds and on through to where I then lived with my parents.
    I'd gotten half way through the grave yard when I was grabbed from behind. I hadn't even heard the man that grabbed me, so I almost shit myself. Then suddenly a guy who was obviously a builder stepped in front of me.
    Taking the punch wasn't something I'd not taken before, so I laughed. The guy holding me, said something about me having to pay for nicking their gear and that's when I found myself face down on the wet grass.
    I'd not said anything to the men and knew by the size of them, if they wanted to beat me up, there was nothing I was going to do to stop them. But the two men had other ideas.
    Pinning me down, and I'm not kidding here, I was practically stripped naked in less than thirty seconds. Only leaving me wearing my socks and my watch. Still pinned down and hardly able to move one inch, I heard one of the men tell me I was going to get really punished for stealing their equipment. That's when I felt a hot wet tongue slide in between my arse cheeks. Trying to tell them I wasn't gay, I was punched in the ribs and told to "shut the fuck up".
    It seemed like ages before I felt a finger penetrate my arsehole, but in reality it was probably only a minute of having my arse licked whe they began to undress themselves and finger fuck me. I began to protest again, but before I could get out what I was going to say, the finger that was sliding up my arse was replaced by one of the men's cocks.
    It was and still is the worst and yet best feeling of my sexual life. I could only describe it now, as abject pain and total pleasure all at the same time. All my sexual experiences had been with girls and I'd already lost my virginity, so i knew what was coming to me and boy did they give it to me.
    Up until the pain ceased I didn't and couldn't fully comprehend what was happening to me. I was in a church grave yard in broad daylight, and I was being fucked to teach me a lesson. And the fucking just got more and more intense. Nothing can and could have prepared me for the feelings that were flowing through my body. Repulsion and pain at first, then a growing want for the strangers cock to drive deeper into my body the more he fucked me.
    All the time I was being fucked, the larger of the two was holding me down and forcing me to almost eat the grass beneath me. As soon as he heard me moan with pleasure, something which just came out after feeling my orgasm rise, the larger of the two released me a little nd lifted my head. He too was almost naked and his cock looked massive. Poking it towards my mouth, I opened it and let him slide his cock over my tongue.
    I'd had enough sluts give me blow jobs before, so I just copied what they'd done for me. Sucking on his cock and having my arsehole fucked was such a surreal event, I kind of distanced myself from the whole thing. Yet the growing feeling of excitement over what his cock was doing to my arsehoole, made me realise fairly quickly, I was indeed enjoying being fucked.
    hearing the one on top me grunting louder and shaking a little, I knew he was close to cumming and I was right. A few harder, more deeper thrusts and his hot sticky cum erupted from his cock, filling my arsehole as he slowly slid out of me. No sooner than he'd flopped out of my arsehole, his cock was replaced by the men who's cock I'd been sucking. And his cock was much thicker, spreading my arsehole even wider.
    There was no time to get to enjoy his pounding though, as he came all too quickly, emptying his balls up my arsehole within a minute. Lay there with two cum loads up my bum, a bruised cheek and sore ribs, I was told not to try and steal their stiff again. I was also told if I wanted to get the authorities involved, they'd say I wanted the sex.
    Anyway I wasn't going to go to anyone, certainly not after trying to steal their gear.
    Later that night, I spoke to my dad, or listened to him, when he was telling my mum how two builders were bragging in his hard wear shop, about teaching a young thief a lesson by sleeping him a couple of times in an old church yard. They didn't mention apparently that they'd fucked him, but then I wasn't going to say anything.
    Fourteen years on and to the very weekend of taking two men's cocks up my virgin arsehole, I met up with a guy who just so happened to be a builder. In his work van down a very dark gravel lane, I sucked him off and allowed him to fuck me for over half an hour. With him fucking me in four different positions, as I came without touching my cock and having his hot cum fill up my insides. The man in question, then man who fucked me last week, just so happens to be the larger of the two men who first fucked me fourteen years ago.
    Contacting him before Christmas on a gay hook up site, we both relayed our lives since he and his work mate had taught me a lesson, with us both admitting we we're now married. He's now fifty four and still just as buff as he was all those years ago. He was however able to last much much longer this time and also able to have my cock exploding in his van as he fucked me missionary.
    We're going to meet again soon and hopefully fuck in the church grounds which we first had sex. It's no longer a church (Wasn't back then) and the graves are now gone. But the church building is still their, if not being used as something else now. Who knows, I might just have invite someone else too.

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    Gay Male / 47

    In middle school my friend and I began peeing at the same time. This led to tasting pee and peeing in our mouths. We rubbed our penises together, peed on each other and poked our holes. We started to kiss and give hickies. We masturbated, 69 and jacked off each other. Drinking pee remained a favorite.

    We graduated to full anal sex and never tired of giving blowjobs and swallowing. Blowjobs gave way to rimming. We had all afternoon to mess around because our mothers worked.

    In high school we recruited another couple of guys and we tried our first daisy chain. I was at the head of the chain so I jacked off while the other guys fucked. By the time I got to college my taste in sex calmed down and I went several years without engaging in gay sex.

    Lately after a trip to Rotterdam where I went to a gay club I have become interested in renewing some of my youthful fun. In Rotterdam I bathed in and drank urine again with the man that went back to my hotel with me. Urine play is my maximum turn on, it was in middle school and it is today.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    That's right. I am at the top of the age scale. 75+. And I am a white, married cock sucker... and especially love sucking big black Uncut cock. I don't know why, but I adore uncut black cock... or white. And while I am not a size queen -- I do like having a little more cock in my mouth than I can comfortably handle. Still -- I suck quite a lot of smaller cock and enjoy it, too, especially if they give me a nice load of cum.
    I only started sucking cock a little over three years ago. It was one of those things on my bucket list that I wanted to do -- but had not done. I believe I have loved looking at cocks from age 35 forward, but never had handled one, stroked one, or sucked one. I must be trying to make up for lost time now... because all I think about these days is sucking cock. Also, a couple of my regulars have convinced me to try eating their ass --- and that has unlocked the joy of tongue fucking a nice ass for me. It's amazing how similar the skin around a guy's ass is compared to the skin below his cock head -- on his frenulum. What I like is -- when eating a man's ass I can usually slide his big cock between his legs and alternate between licking/sucking his ball, his cock, or his ass. It's quite a treat for both of us.
    The wife is out of town today -- and I have emailed the owner of the first cock I ever sucked, and yes it is an uncut cock. It's only about 5.5", nice foreskin, and he loves for me to have a finger in his ass when I suck his cock. He gives me a nice load of cum today -- just like three years ago.
    For you guys thinking about letting a man wrap his mouth around your cock --- consider us older guys. We really appreciate having a nice cock to suck --- and set of balls to drain. We're experienced, don't rush it, tend to worship your cock, and suck and swallow large loads of cum. And if you're freshly showered -- we'll probably eat your ass time and time again. Happy New Year.

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    Gay Male / 47

    When I was growing up we were called queers or homos. My father was posted to Africa so I was sent to a military boarding school in the fifth grade. There were four of us to a room. A Chilean boy used me to wash and dry his dick when we showered. I also gave him blow jobs at night. Sometimes he got on me at night and dry fucked me. One day he decided that we should kiss. Since he was the top he was not considered queer, since I was the bottom I was a homo. Everyone at school knew I sucked his dick.

    In the sixth grade I had a Spaniard as a history teacher. One night after dinner he followed me into the bathroom and sucked my dick. I would go to his room and he played with and sucked my dick and fingered my asshole. One night he used his dick on my asshole. He got the head and part of his shaft in me before he stopped. After that he told me to stay away. But I had tasted it and convinced my Chilean boyfriend to fuck me all the way.

    I did pretty much whatever he wanted. I was his bitch.

    Today we are all gay.

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    Gay Male / 55

    Well first off Happy New Year everyone, I don't normally go out on New years anymore but for the first time in about 10yrs I decided to get a hotel room near a gay club in the city about 90 minutes from me. I am a SWM that is 56yrs old and 5'7 and about 145lbs and in pretty good shape for my age. I also keep my body hairless from head to toe except for my eyebrows and underarms.
    I went to the club about 830 last night and the crowd was small to start with and I will admit it has been a long time since I been to the club mainly because it normally has much younger customers and very few 40 plus men there but I figured being it was New YRS eve there might be a good crowd with mixed ages there. Younger guys are not all that much into older men but should take some advice that someday they are going to be the older men and in the same boat later in life.
    I do understand that most older men get the beer belly and balding hair lines which may not be all that attractive to some I get that but at least be polite enough to carry a conversation which doesn't have to lead to hooking up but don't be that vein. Anyways the crowd was starting to come in slowly and it was getting to be a pretty good mix of all ages and genders. By the time 11pm came around everyone was having a pretty good time and as I made my way to the men's room to take a leak I actually got groped a couple times going through the crowd which actually turned me on.
    I get into the men's room and some other guys are in there and a couple older guys were complaining about the younger guys and a couple younger guys defending the younger guys thoughts about the older men there. While taking a leak I noticed 2 sets of feet in one of the stalls and I know the club does not tolerate that sort of thing and will bar you if the bouncer catches you. I will admit I wish I was in the stall sucking the guy off or having him bend me over but I wouldn't say anything to have their fun stopped.
    I finished and as I was leaving one of the older guys about my age says he needs at least a new yrs blowjob and was looking at me when he said it. I said I could use a nice cock in my mouth and if he had a place to go I would blow him. Needless to say we ended up in the parking lot and I blew him in his car and we made it back inside before the ball dropped. Once the ball dropped everyone was yelling happy new year and hugging and kissing one another and I even got a couple hugs and kisses not to mention a couple grabs on my crotch as well as grabbing a few asses myself.
    I did manage to suck 2 other guys off before heading back to the hotel.
    I will admit it wasn't the best News Year party and I was hoping to take someone back to my hotel room and riding some cock but it didn't happen that way but I at least got to suck 3 cocks and 2 to start out the New Year right. I hope everyone did have a great New YR evening and may everyone have a Happy New YEAR!!!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I've just got home after having a hookup with a older man that talked me into visiting his unit ,I knew he was 80 and I'm 24 but the way he explained his dream to act as a daddy to my needs.This was such a turn on and clean shaved my cock and shopped for boys jocks that just fitted . I knocked on his door all dressed up and entered sitting on the lounge chatting as I was scared to make a move towards starting us being sexual .this felt like hours before he ask me to sit on his lap and I felt his penis grow little by little until his hands moved up down my inner leg getting me excited wanting him to undo my pants now .i'd wait till he was ready having me stand up lifting my tshirt grabbing around my hips bring them to my ankles stepping out to lay over his lap,I got his hands working my bum stretching my legs open grabbing around to my front to hold all my cock balls in his grip smacking my bum red

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    Gay Male / 46

    Been gay since my earliest awareness.

    I guess I was about nine when my parents got this coffee table book about Italian art. I looked through it and I was attracted to all the paintings and statues of naked men. I spent hours sitting on the sofa looking at the book and touching the pages where a penis was shown. I would run my finger up and down the page, touching the page and touching my penis. I started to take my underpants off before I looked at the book.

    I was around twelve when I was at a friend's house, his father was a doctor, and we got one his anatomy books and it had drawings of penises. He and I looked through the book to find all the penises. And then I had to pee and he came in with me and we both peed at the same time into the toilet and we sword fought until we were done, and standing there with our penises out we rubbed them against each other. We did not say a word, we just held our heads down and with our hands we rubbed each other with our penis. I was the first to give in and I got on my knees and put his penis in my mouth and sucked him. He reached out and pushed the bathroom door closed and I sucked him and when he told me to stop I looked up at him so he let me suck him some more.

    We went to the bedroom and closed the door, and I dropped my pants and laid down on the bed and he got behind me and pushed his hard penis against my hole. It felt so good, I kept asking him for more but we quit before we were able to make it work. I sat on the bed and he sucked me.

    We didn't do anything again for several weeks, then one afternoon he was on his back and I got down and unzipped him and sucked him again. His penis was hard, and I wanted him to fuck me. We tried hard, I was so frustrated, until we found some lotion in his parents bathroom and it did the trick and I got fucked. He said he stuck it in all the way and I bragged about how good it felt. After the fucking I kissed him on the lips.

    We became regular fuck buddies, we fucked a lot and he learned to ejaculate. It took some time for us to figure out how to get him to ejaculate from a blow job. I liked eating his semen from the beginning.

    Junior High and High School were rough places during our time there. There was lots of racial tension and we dated girls and at that time if you didn't fuck her you were a loser and if she didn't put out she didn't have a second date. There were lots of parties at kids houses when the parents weren't there and several girls got pregnant. It had been a long time since we had spent time together and although we were friends he and I sort of broke up.

    It was not until college, and this maintenance man was fixing a lamp in my dorm room and he caught me staring at his bulge and he made a statement that I was one of those boys and he invited me to suck his dick. The door was locked and I sucked his dick. It was my first man and it was different. He wanted to face fuck me so I let him, I grabbed his dick hard in my hand and sucked him and he got his load off. I licked what fell on my lips but wiped the rest off. Through him I got involved in this underground gay circle.

    There were professors and some businessmen and some workers, and there were a few of us college kids. We were mostly the girls and we were there to suck them off and get fucked. At those getogethers was a professor in his fifties and I fell in love with him. I became his steady and in addition to party sex, I would go to his apartment for one on one sex. He is the first man I really fell for.

    Somehow, in spite of all the open sex while I was in college I never caught anything. After college it was hard to make friends at that time, especially if you were a bottom like me. I just did not look the part, I dated women, but was always on the look out for an opportunity. I finally broke into a group of gay professional men through a pilot who lived in my apartment complex. Like in college, this group of men got together for open sex, it was all about sex, just sex. You went and you had sex. Being in my twenties I was in the girl crowd along with some other guys and we were there to entertain older professional men who liked open forum sex.

    I am now one of those older men who enjoy a romp with a nice young man. I am still primarily a bottom, but will top as well.

    Our town is not San Francisco or New York, our town is Atlanta, and we have a very active community of like minded folks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Some lucky married men get to fuck their wives every night. Most others get sex maybe once or twice a week. And if you're like me, I was getting sex only once a month if I was lucky. But not anymore.
    Once I got past the first barrier of having a guy suck my cock in a local cruising spot, I found out lots of men throughout the day were prepared to suck on my seven inch cock. After a few months of cruising the natural beauty spot, and having over a dozen different men, young and older suck me off, I took it to the next step.
    Getting knocked back by my wife again for sex in October, I went out and walked the twenty minutes to the area I knew I'd find a guy who'd blow me. Only it was raining and it was quiet.
    Walking further into the area than I'd done before, I saw a young male couple making out at a place I didn't know about. It was an old slate mining hut, which used to house a winch. They didn't even stop when I entered the building so I knew instantly they were up for some fun. Letting the oldest of the two know, I only have my dick sucked and that I don't suck cock (Didn't then, do now) he looked at me and asked me if I wanted to fuck his friend. Tossing me a condom, he smeared lube all over his young friends arsehole, then had him suck on his cock. Inviting me forwards, I was already erect so taking my cock out and slipping on the condom, I got myself mentally ready to do something only months before I wouldn't have dreamed of. Stepping upto the young man, I put my cock head to his rear hole and thrust into him.
    I'd be lying if I said it was the best fuck of my life, as I didn't last too long. It had been so long since i'd last had a fuck, I only managed around five minutes and busted my load up his arsehole, filling the condom. It was long enough however, for the young man to masturbate himself to orgasm as I fucked him, and for his friends cock to erupt in his mouth.
    Without knowing their full names, I walked out of the old building, but not before taking one of their mobile numbers. Back at home my wife was singing on the internet with a group of other likewise folk. She asked me how my walk was. I told her wet and cold.
    Two days later I was back at the old slate building, only that time I took my own condoms and lube and met just the younger of the two. Spending an hour with him inside, I sucked my fist ever cock and delighted in the fact he was such a cock whore. Fucking him twice, as well as performing other gay sexual acts with each other, I knew when he took my second load up his sweet arsehole, I was hooked on fucking young guys fuck holes.
    And so it has been since October. Only I've begun to fuck older guys too, one's who only want brief hard sexual encounters and not all the bullshit which surrounds a relationship. Before October I was lucky to get any sex, other than my right hand. Now I'm fucking at least four times a week and sometimes (Quite a lot really) with really horny cute young lads.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Why the fuck have I waited until now to discover the delights of fucking a guy's asshole. I even get incredibly turned on now from kissing young cock hungry gay or bisexual sluts.
    They're so much more ready to fuck than my wife, or any female I've had sex with for that matter. And to a guy, they've loved every one of my eight inches sliding over their tongues, or up their super tight butts.
    My first encounter with a guy, was being caught stroking myself in my car to straight porn. My wife and I hadn't had sex in months, so driving back from a job o was on, I caught sight of a really good looking young woman, wearing next to nothing. Driving along I couldn't get her out of my mind, so decided to drive to a spot I know. Tossing my cock, I noticed movement to my left and saw a young guy stroking his own tiny cock whilst watching me. Rolling down my window I was going to tell him to fuck off, but he said "Want that thing sucking sir". I was so fucking turned on already, I found myself saying "Yeh, suck it for me". Opening the door, I had his hot mouth around my dick in no time, and boy was he good, real good at sucking cock.
    Taking every inch of my cock down his throat, with me holding his head fucking his mouth, I blew my load after a few minutes. And that young stranger took the lot, swallowing my seed.
    And that was it, I was hooked. Arranging to meet the next day at the same place, I took condoms and lube. After he'd sucked on my cock for over quarter of an hour, I had him lay face down in my truck. Smearing his rear hole with lube, and rolling on a condom, I slid my cock up his hole and fucked him as hard as I wanted to. Telling me he wanted to cum, I rolled him off the seat and dragged him to the back of my truck. Getting in the back, I got him to mount me and fucked him as his cock bobbed all over the place. When he came, his cum flew all over my chest and face. And in a first, I actually licked and then swallowed some of his semen.
    Pulling him down as I carried on fucking him, we kissed and continued to kiss passionately as I busted my nut up his fuck hole.
    We were still kissing ten minutes later, with my cock finally sliding out of his ass, when a woman walked past with her dog. She made some comment about us getting a room, but I ignored her and had the young man lick and suck my cock clean after I'd tossed the full condom away.
    And so it has been over the last couple of months. Not only am I fucking the you g man as much as we can meet, but I've also begun to fuck a family member who I know to be gay. He's nineteen and visits our home quite nowadays. And just like my other young fuck, he's one horny young cock hound. We have to be extremely careful when we fuck, but then seeing as I'm his uncle and that he lives literally two minutes from our home, I don't have to worry too much, especially as his mother, my sister lives him spending time with me.
    Just wish I'd discovered how much fun gay sex is years ago. Oh well, time to make up for lost time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Every Tuesday and Friday I visit Thomas who's my wife's twenty year old nephew, at the flat he shares with his flat mate. I'm never there long, maybe half an hour after work. But in that time I have the cute young slim lad suck on my cock, and then I power fuck him bareback in as many positions as time allows, or I cum deep up his gorgeously tight arsehole. Thomas loves me fucking him hard, and always begs me to piston fuck him until he usually sprays his cum everywhere. Dropping my load up his arse, I take a quick shower and then drive home to my wife for dinner.
    Once a month I have him travel with me as I have to work down south. We spend a whole night together in the same hotel each time. And each time I make sure we have a fantastic time sucking and fucking. Last month was somewhat different however, as the hotel's concierge asked me if my son shared my bed. Telling him it wasn't his business, he responded by asking me if he could maybe join us later.
    Letting him know Thomas wasn't my son, I asked Thomas what he thought.
    In a very sordid horny night, one I'll never forget, myself and the concierge took turns to be pleasured orally, then took turns to fuck Thomas over and over again. We finished the night before the concierge left, by double fucking Thomas's arse. Thomas mounted my cock and then the concierge entered Thomas from behind. It was such an awesome feeling having Thomas fucking down hard onto my dick, at the same time as having the concierge cock rubbing alongside mine.
    We both came up Thomas, and then the concierge did something I'd heard about, but haven't done myself. He got Thomas to sit on his face as he licked and tongued his arsehole, swallowing both of our cum loads as he sucked in all of the fluid.
    Next month Thomas's aunt goes away for a couple of days training with her company. Thomas will be moving in for two days. I've also got another guest staying too. As the concierge will be staying over on the first night. I'm sure by the time he leaves the following morning, Thomas will have had both of our cum loads lining his bowels.
    Can't wait......but in the meantime I'm going to have to fuck Thomas all on my own, starting with this coming Friday.

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