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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    The first time a guy fucked my arsehole, I was seventeen. My flat mate had done a runner and I wanted to stay in the flat. The landlord who was an older man gave me a ultimatum. Pay him the rent money (I didn't earn enough), leave the flat (I hated my mums new boyfriend) or once or twice a week, let him unload his cum in my mouth and pay only a fraction of the rent. The next day after the ultimatum I sucked on my first cock and allowed the fifty something year old, to cum all over my tongue.
    The following night he called round and gave me another option. Let him fuck me as well as sucking his dick and he'd let me live in the flat rent free for however long I allowed him to fuck me. The weekend after he stayed for two hours. In those two hours I sucked his cock, had him lick and tongue my arsehole and then I took his relatively small but thick cock up my arsehole. It hurt so much at first, but I wanted the flat and the free rent. So I gritted my teeth and let him get on with fucking my arse. After ten minutes my arse just kind of gave way and he began to fuck me much harder and faster. Five minutes afterwards with my legs on his shoulders as I lay on my back, I ejaculated all over myself, closely followed by him shooting his cum deep inside my arse. Twice more over the next hour and a half he fucked me. Both times he fucked me in different positions and both times I enjoyed being fucked more than the last time.
    It became a twice weekly thing and I soon found and worked out, it was when his wife was at her gym classes. The deal changed when I found out he was married. Not only did I get to stay rent free, I also began to get an allowance, which I saved.
    I moved out eighteen months later with enough money to sign for a much nicer flat. I'd been promoted at work and my life was definitely looking up. I'd also began to date a stunning looking girl. However it wasn't the end of my anal drilling's. That's because to get the promotion, I'd given up my arse to a gay company director. He loved younger guys and I fitted his sexual brief. Every Friday lunchtime we'd go over to his private weekday flat, rather than eat lunch. He'd have me perform all sorts of gay sex acts with him and then before heading back, he'd fuck the shit out of me, always in his huge walk in shower and always very forcefully.
    Life, especially when I started my own business, became a series of gay liaisons after that. With a series of girls taking my fancy too. I married one five years ago and we live a good life together. I love fucking her a lot and get great satisfaction from our relationship in every way (She is a dirty bitch in and out of the bedroom). But every now and then I seek out older men to annihilate my arsehole. Each one now, is somebody I know who will fuck me as hard and as deep as I like it. And each one has to be well endowed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    At the start of summer this year, a young nineteen year old guy called Eric took over from an old timer who used to do some of the more mundane tasks at work. Right from the get go he tried to flirt with me, mainly I think because I was the one who didn't give him any shit about his sexuality.
    His feminine ways didn't offend me the way it did some of the older stuck in their ways guys I work with. So with his funny humor and our relatively close working relationship, I began to enjoy company, even if his flirting was a little unnerving. Things changed six weeks ago when we both decided to stay late to finish off an important order.
    I'd fallen behind at work, because I was having marital problems and had taken some time off work to try and resolve them. It didn't work. So back at work, I threw myself into catching up and welcomed Eric's offer of help.
    Around half seven at night, with most of the order completed, I went into one of the back offices to ask Eric if he could provide a closed order sheet. Entering the office I found him naked lay on the cleared desk, stroking his small cock and massaging his cute white tight looking butt.
    Eric smiled a come and get me smile and said "I'm horny as fuck and this (pointing at his ass) needs fucking". It wasn't as though I'd been in that situation before, but everything just seemed to happen. First I took off my shoes, socks, trousers and boxers, then I walked over to where Eric lay and took hold of his face. Opening his mouth I stepped up and just flopped my semi erect cock into it. There was no thought to what I was doing, I just did it. I also didn't stop at fucking his mouth. Reaching over I took hold of his small cock and started to wank it for him. He made lots of grunting noises as I continued to fuck his mouth and toss of his cock. Moving away slightly he removed me cock and told me to fuck him.
    Getting onto his right hand side and pulling legs up so he was in the fetal position, Eric looked back at me and said "I'm clean, you can fuck me bareback if you want". I'd not even thought about it. I didn't think about it, as I put my cock head to his asshole and pushed in. His height on the desk was perfect for me, but my shirt was in the way. Pulling out of his asshole and removing it so I was like Eric, totally naked.
    About to put my cock back up his ass, Eric turned to me and asked me to fuck him as hard as I wanted, telling me he liked it that way. It was giving me the green light. I'd not had sex for over five months and I was fucking horny. His asshole was the first sexual opportunity I'd had in ages and believe you me, I took full advantage. I slammed my cock back into the young man and didn't give him or his asshole a moments thought. I just hammered his rear hole and used him and it like he was a ten buck hooker.
    It was such a liberating fuck. I can't tell you just how much I enjoyed fucking Eric. What I can say, is he responded by pushing back onto my cock as I fucked him ever harder and with longer more forceful strokes. It was an amazingly horny and sexually pleasing fuck. My cock was the hardest it had been in months, possibly years and I couldn't get enough of hearing Eric's pleasurable moaning as my cock went deeper and deeper into his body.
    Screaming out to me not to stop, I felt Eric's whole body shake and then he came all over the desk beneath him. Watching him cum was the signal to my brain and cock to unload and wow did I unload up his beautiful ass. I pumped every drop of my cum up his ass and collapsed onto him. Eric turned his and I instinctively kissed him. Pulling out of his ass, he turned over and we kissed again but with more passion. Finally I pulled away and stared down at the young man I'd just fucked. Eric was about to say something, but I got in there first. I asked him to keep it between us, not because I was scared, but because if anyone found out, I wouldn't be able to fuck him again.
    Eric hasn't said a thing to anyone. I know this because at least three times a week I have Eric suck me off, or if we get time and the opportunity, I fuck him either at work, or at a motel we've found where the owner doesn't give a shit who fucks in his rooms.
    If everything falls into place over the next few months, myself and Eric will be moving to a new town. I've already been promised a job. so if my wife wants her wish, she can have it. I'll give her the house and the dog, and I'll build my life with Eric.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I love sucking random guys off I don't know why but it turns me on. I really am addicted to's like I can't get enough..sometimes I feel like I want to just get used over and OVER again by men..I also enjoy women fucking me with strapons ..why do I feel the need to be dominated

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Not only have I never done anything remotely like this before, but I've never even thought about gay sex.
    Three hours hours ago I pulled up outside our home, after driving from a small market town in Derbyshire. It's been raining all day, so at lunch time we entered an old cafe to eat and have a hot drink. My wife sat down to look at the menu, but I needed a pee. Walking into the toilets there a young guy already stood at the urinals. Undoing my trousers I began to pee, but immediately noticed the young guy was masturbating. Turning to me, he quite brazenly asked me if I wanted my cock sucking, and bizarrely my cock became erect. He smiled, walked into a cubicle and asked if I was coming in.
    Walking after him I closed and locked the door, and he instantly dropped down, took hold of my cock and began to suck on it. It wasn't the longest blow job I've ever had, but it was by far the deepest as he expertly deep throated me. Feeling my cock begin to twitch I put my hands on his head and held him tight, but he pushed up, turned around and stuck out his arse. Looking back he asked me If I'd fuck him. About to say something about a condom, he reached in his trouser pocket, pulled out a condom and tore the wrapper off. Handing it to me, I quickly slipped it onto my cock and without any kind of lube I rammed my cock up his rear hole.
    Again it wasn't the longest fuck I've ever had, yet it definitely was the tightest feeling and the horniest I've certainly enjoyed. I fucked his arse fast and hard for only about two or three minutes before my cock let go and I filled the condom inside him. He stood up once I'd pulled out of him stroking his cock, and asked me to pour my cum over his small dick. Squeezing it out of the condom, it dripped all over his cock. A few seconds after he came all over his hand, his cum then dripping onto the floor.
    I pulled my trousers up, opened the door and walked over to the wash basins. We both washed our hands and he thanked me for giving him such a horny fuck. Walking back into where my wife was sat, she asked me where I'd been. I told her I'd been looking round the old building after going to the toilets. We waited to order and who should walk into the room to take it, the young guy who I'd just fucked. He grinned a huge smile and asked for what we wanted to order.
    Paying the bill after eating, I gave him a large tip and thanked him for such a nice time. My wife thought I'd over tipped him when we'd walked out, but I told her the young waiters only got paid minimum wage. She smiled at me and said "You're too kind, but it was nice of you to look after him".

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    So, I read a lot of these and think a lot of them aren't real. There can't really be that many 18yo girls banging their step dads. Well, I assure you, mine is 100% real, as crazy as it'll sound. It's got two parts, and if enough people like this part, I'll write the second..

    In my late 20's I had decided I'd like to try sucking cock. I had jerked off a few but where I live near Boston there doesn't seem like a lot of quality, safe options. So yeah, I had jerked off a few, and did come close with one guy but chickened out. I had been meeting one guy at his office. An older guy. He liked eating my ass and sucking my cock. He had a big dick I would've enjoyed sucking but he, I don't think, was too honest of a guy. First, he claimed his age was like 12 years younger than he was and thought I didn't know. I also thought he played a lot more than he let on.

    So, I'm home one day, smoking a bowl and a little bit horny. I put out an ad on Craigslist. I was looking for a well hung, older guy. One who had a place to meet up and who shaved his cock and balls like I do. I wanted a guy who would like to get jerked off but eventually would progress to sucking each other. I sat around, laughing at some of the usual responses. Pictures of guys' assholes, offers from "discreet and clean married guys" who still seemed willing to suck and swallow a total stranger. Then I saw it. No way, it couldn't be him. He was 65, lived a few towns over, had a big 8" cock that he shaved smooth. He couldn't host but thought we could work something out. I still couldn't believe the name in the sender's column. I was floored. While maintaining my own anonymity, I asked enough questions to be assured it was definitely him. I should've stopped there and not continued to message him. I couldn't, the game was fun.

    Over the next few weeks we swapped emails. Him wanting to meet and show me his big dick. Me, knowing who he was and fighting the urge. I told myself he was a safe guy. He wouldn't risk my health or pressure me. But it was still wrong. Well, like I said, I should've stopped emailing him. I knew who he was, that I saw him frequently through "real life" and that this could all end badly. I just couldn't help it. After all, he had no idea who he was emailing. Until he did. He eventually, between real life and emails, figured out that it was me. He called my phone and I let it ring. His voicemail assured me it was okay, and that I needn't worry.

    A few weeks later and I'm at his house for something, getting ready to leave. Waving to everyone upstairs I hear a "goodbye" from the lower level and I turn to wave. There he was. There IT was. He waved it at me. All afternoon I thought about how big it was. How fun it would be. That was his plan. To get his big dick inside my head. He emailed later and told me he'd be in his den later on, watching porn and jerking off. Sort of half joking, I said maybe I'd be by to take a peek.

    Later that night, about 10:30, I hopped in my truck, lit up a joint, and headed to his house. Parking a few houses away, I walked up the back steps. There he was. By the glow of his laptop I could see his cock. Nice and smooth and hard. I watched for a few minutes and realized that at this hour, being baked on his back steps with my own smooth dick rock hard, would be tough to explain. It was knock or go home. I knocked. He came and let me in and as I sat on the arm of the couch, he got me some water. He stood next to me with his big dick pointed right at me. I reached out to feel how warm and heavy it was. I stroked him for a bit. I loved his cock. He told me he had to taste me. He laid back on his couch and I fed him my cock. I rubbed his head with one hand and his big cock with the other. I wanted to suck it so badly. I was also really close to cumming in his mouth. Being high like that, the magnitude of where I was, who he was, and what was going on, freaked me out a little. I told him we had to stop and that I'm sorry, but I had to go. He was very understanding. He told me not to worry. I did go, but when I went home I jerked my cock like never before. I also told myself if I ever had the guts to hang out with him again, I was gonna do everything to his big cock that I'd ever dreamed about doing...

    Two weeks later, I was in my basement, slobbering and drooling all over my uncle's thick, shaved, 8", 65yo cock. Maybe I'll tell you guys about that if I get enough comments....

    (yes, this is all 100% true)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Eight years ago I followed a guy through a park at dusk, and on into a gents toilets. Inside I dropped to my knees and sucked on his short but very thick cock. After I'd been sucking on his cock for about five minutes, another man entered. I wasn't aware of him being there at first, but the older man I'd been sucking, did. Asking me to stand up I was introduced to this other man, someone I'd seen in the park when I often ran through training. Like the first older man he opened his trousers and then shuffled about, before pulling forward the biggest dick you or I will ever see. Telling me to suck him, I dropped back down and tried to suck him off too. I found his cock too big, but I tried and tried until he told me I'd be better off taking his cock up my arse. Telling them both I didn't do anal, I was quickly and forcefully escorted into a toilet cubicle and told firmly to strip. I did as I was told and stood in front of them just wearing my trainers and socks. Throwing my clothing over the door, the man with the small but thick cock reached in his pocket, pulled out a tube and told me to bend over and hold onto the toilet bowl. I did as I was told and then felt a cold wet substance being smeared over my arsehole. Not even giving me chance to get ready or get accustomed to his cock, the small fat cocked man rammed his dick straight into my arse. I'd not once played with my arse, so having his cock spreading it wide, hurt like he'd shoved a red hot poker up me. It hurt so much I almost feinted. I wasn't given the chance to feel sexual, as he began to fuck me hard straight from from the word go. It was so horrible I just wanted to cry. Then with one more violent thrust he came up my bum.
    If I thought that was going to be it, I was wrong. No sooner than he'd pulled out, his cock was immediately replaced by the man with the, and I'm not over stating this, massive cock. Like the first man it hurt when he began to fuck me. Then like a sexual light switch being turned on, my arsehole and my cock responded to him fucking me. In an instant the pain turned to abject pleasure. Nothing I'd ever done or had done to me sexually had been anywhere close to the feeling his cock was giving me. I became for the next five minutes a totally eager cock slut and the man fucking me knew my sexual world had just altered. He started to fuck me in longer and faster strokes, building up his own orgasm and new to me, mine from being fucked alone. Just like his friend he gripped my hips when he was about to cum and thrust his cock deep inside me. I felt his cum flooding my bowels and without realizing at first, my cock began to spurt it's seed all over the toilet bowl in front of me.
    When I eventually walked out of the toilets, my clothing was gone. Keeping to the shadows I crept through the park and on towards the flat I shared with another young man. He laughed his balls off when he answered the door to me being naked, and told me my girlfriend had called by earlier. Dressing after I'd showered, I walked the mile or so to her house and as usual waited for her to come out after knocking. But unlike the few times I'd actually been round to her house made to wait for her outside, I was asked to enter as her father wanted to finally meet me. She told me he'd not long gotten in and was in a fantastic mood. Walking into their lounge I came face to face with the man who's cock had driven me to such an amazing orgasm and who's cock was beautifully massive.
    He smiled at me, stood up and shook my hand. As he did so he said "Nice to finally meet you" He paused looked at his daughter and then added in a joking voice "Hope you're going to take good care of my daughter, or I'll have you running through that park over there naked". Just before we left he winked at me, held his crotch and mouthed "Anytime".
    Tha t was eight years ago. I'm now married to his daughter and honestly take good care of her. I also take good care of her father every now and then, especially when he visits and stays over the Christmas period. My arsehole has gotten a little more used to his size now, but when I suck his cock, it still amazes me just how big he is.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    It happened four years ago, I was living in a single bedroom apartment and going to college. I had been curious about having another man's cock in my ass. I spent hours daily masturbating to gay porn. I had purchased some toys to accentuate my masturbation experience. It always helped me shoot cum further. I started small with anal beads, pulling them out one by one when I was climaxing. Soon I moved to dildos. I practiced giving oral on them and used them in my ass. I moved into bigger dildos and ones I could stick on my shower wall so I could jerk off and imagine getting fucked.

    I got bolder with my masturbation. Going for runs, I would go to heavily wooded parks and go into the woods pull my shorts down and jerk off until I cum. I really enjoyed masturbating and worked on my flexibility because I wanted to suck my own cock. I got close but was only able to barely lick my tip. I did shoot loads of cum into my mouth and swallowed. Of course I did do some of my masturbation online. I enjoyed having an audience and got several offers. I started doing shows or posting videos of myself daily.

    One evening I was reading some of the comments on my posted videos. A comment from one guy caught my attention. He asked if he had seen me running through a park. He described what I was wearing and what time he saw me. At first, I was shocked and it kind of creeped me out. After it sunk in, I replied to him saying yes and flirted asking for a picture of him. Within minutes he replied and we ended up chatting on y***o. His name was Mike, he was 37...almost 20 years older than me. He was gay in an open relationship, he was a few inches taller than me, in good shape, top, and hung ( he was nine inches ). I was very intrigued. We talked in depth about what each other's desires. I was 18, I had a nice slim build, not hung...just 6.5 inches, smooth, and a very curious bottom. It seemed like a good match except for his age. But the more we talked the better I felt. Mike even got me to call him and we talked on the phone. After a few hours I agreed to meet him. Mike was very serious that I not set him up and leave him hanging.

    Mike laid out everything in great detail. I was to be shaved smooth all over, given myself an enema, prelube my ass, condoms had to be supplied by me or just bareback...Mike preference but was willing for our first meeting, and I had to be naked at the door when he showed up. I agreed to do it all and I was very excited and nervous. As I waited for Mike, I couldn't believe it was finally going to happen. I nervously shook pacing around my apartment naked. When I heard a light knock on my door,I jumped a foot. I opened the door and Mike came in. He was very happy to see me. We shook hands and sat on the couch. Mike started running my cock with his hand. It felt electric, I was shaking. He took my hands and placed it over the buldge in his pants. He asked me to unzip him. I slid my hand down his pants. Before long we were naked in my bedroom. I asked that he take me missionary style. I laid back and Mike fingered my ass. It felt so good. He used two then three fingers. I was rubbing myself while he worked on me. I opened a condom and was about to put it on Mike. He took it away and tossed it on the floor promising to pull out before he cummed. I was so excited I didn't care. I put lube on his cock. Mike moved in as I lifted my legs up. He pressed against me and I resisted a little. Then he pushed into me. I gasped how big it felt. He pushed further and I placed a hand on his chest asking to go slow. He pulled back so I could catch my breath. Then Mike pressed hard into me. I started masturbating while he pumped in and out of me. The deeper he went the better it felt, it was painful and exciting. The slurpy sounds of him pulling out and the slapping of his balls against my ass cheeks. Mike was going at smooth pace while I masturbated furiously until I shot my cum over my chest and abdomen. Mike ran a finger through it and had my luck it off for him. Mike started drilling harder into me. After I climaxed the pain was more noticeable. I was sweating and grunting louder every time he plunged into me. Mike felt enormous. I was struggling to catch my breath, our bodies slapping into each other. It started to burn. I pleaded with him to stop. Mike slid out slowly. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I lowered my legs and Mike straddled them. I gently rubbed Mike with both hands. Playing with his balls caressing every inch of his manhood. Mike was close. He moved forward pinning it to arms under his legs. He leaned over me and told me to open up. I accidentally bit down on him and he flinched pulling back a little. Then he forced his cock into my mouth. I could taste my ass and the lube. It didn't taste good but in the heat of the moment I went for it. Mike slowly fucked my mouth until his warm goo filled my mouth. Mike pinched my nose which made me swallowed. He filled my mouth twice and I was forced to take it all down.

    Mike looked satisfied. I had tears rolling out of my eyes and salvia, cum,lube rolling out the side of my mouth. Mike got off me and we took a shower. He let me wash him up. As we dried up, Mike was hard again. He sat at the edge of the bed and let me give him oral on my knees. The practice with the dildo paid off. I almost could swallow his entire cock. Mike tried to help forcing my head down on him but it resulted with gagging and a little throw up. He was close and had me get on all fours on the bed. He stood behind me and slapping my ass cheeks with himself. Then he found his target and put his hands on my hips pullpng himself into me. I tried to pull away. I had to bury my face into my pillows screaming in pain. Mike didn't top. It hurt so bad,it felt like he was ripping me apart as he pulled back out of me. Then he grunted as he unloaded into me. It helped with the friction a little. Mike pulled out. I collasped on my side curled up.

    Mike put his clothes on and told me he'd be in touch. It took me two weeks to recover and actually be able to sit down without pain or medication. Sure enough Mike contacted me a few days later wanting to hook up.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My asshole is so sore at the moment, that's because out with a friend I lost a bet. The bet involved the winner taking a good looking woman back to the hotel rooms we'd booked. The loser had to entertain her friend. I lost the pool game and my friend really enjoyed himself fucking the good looking woman. What I didn't tell my friend the next morning, was I'd had the sexual experience of my life.
    You see the person I took back to my room was dressed as a woman, looked like a woman and had real tits like a woman. But she/he also had a cock. If it wasn't for the drink I genuinely would have said no, but I had been drinking and I allowed the transexual called Karen to suck my cock. Then because I'd gotten so turned on, wearing a condom, I fucked Karen. Busting my nut up her tight sweet ass filling the condom, should have had my cock going soft, if anything my dick got harder. (Later I found out I'd been given a cock boost). Still extremely horny I wanted to fuck Karen again, but she had other ideas. Sucking my cock at first, she moved around to my asshole and then began to tongue it. It felt awesome as she stuck her tongue up my butt, but felt even better when she slipped a finger in there. Telling me she going to fuck me, I just said "Yeah baby".
    Rolling a condom down her cock, and finally taking off her bra, Karen put her cock to my asshole and pushed in. Not anything I'd ever been through got me ready for the pain, but it wasn't a pain that had me telling her to stop. It was different and I found myself asking her to fuck me deeper. I don't know how long Karen fucked me for, but we did change into three different positions. Firstly I was on my back, then I was knelt up as she fucked me from behind and finally I was on my left side aas Karen fucked me, spooning me and wanking my cock at the same time. I came first all over the duvet and then as Karen built up speed I heard her telling me she loved my ass. Moments later she came in a long shuddering orgasm.
    We all met again over breakfast, and just as I'd asked Karen told them I'd fallen asleep before anything could happen. That night isn't why my asshole is sore right now though. No it's sore because over the past two months karen and I have been meeting up to have sex at a motel close to where I live with my fiancee. Only two hours ago, she fucked me for over an hour and had my asshole leaking with her cum dripping from it. It might be sore just now, but I can assure you, the next time we meet (Saturday afternoon) I'll want more of the same.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Have you ever wondered ladies what your husbands, boyfriends or lovers get up to in their games rooms, studies and snugs. Watching the game is one thing. Playing pool or video games is another. But for a growing number of us, it's bisexuality. Or in a common wording, wanking, sucking and fucking.
    This has become the case with three of my friends over the last two years. All of us were straight married guys two years ago. Then my friend Alan asked me during a game we were watching in his snug at his house, if my cock bulge was hurting me. He was right I had somehow become erect. I don't know if it was the beer or his close proximity, but my cock was definitely hard. Shrugging, I told him I could use some female relief.
    Not saying a word, Alan undid my shorts, brought out my cock and immediately went down on my cock. The sensation of his tongue wrapping around my cock was so thrilling, I didn't think to stop him. Indeed I put my hands on his head and face fucked him. The blow job he gave me was so of the moment and so erotically gay, I began to cum after only a few minutes. Alan sensed I was cumming, but kept his mouth firmly sucking on my dick. When I did unload down his throat, I could hear him gulping down my cum.
    No sooner than he'd swallowed my spunk, he got up took a swig of beer and said "Your turn buddy". I didn't hesitate one bit. Opening his shorts, I got on my knees as he was stood up, releasing his much larger cock. He slid his large cock head over my tongue and the rest they say is history. I sucked on Alan's cock for far longer than he'd sucked mine and he kept on telling me I was a natural cock sucker. He eventually busted his nut all over my face after pulling out of my mouth. Getting me a towel to clean myself with, we had another beer and watched the conclusion of the game as though it was perfectly normal for us to have blown each other.
    The following week, myself, Alan and another friend of ours Jack, watched the game at Jacks, as his wife was out shopping. Alan nonchalantly told Jack what we'd done the week before, and to my utter surprise Jack who's such a mans man, a real barn door of a guy, and someone I'd known all my life, asked me to suck his dick. In a cock sucking circle on Jacks games room floor, as the game was entering it's final quarter, we all had a cock in our mouths and we all accepted a cum load off one another.
    The difference that day was Jacks total ability to remain rock hard after cumming. His cock which isn't as big as Alan's, became the center of attention for me. Alan suggested I try and let him fuck me and also surprising myself, I agreed. Bent over the arm of an old leather sofa, I felt Alan smear some hair conditioner he'd got from Jacks bathroom, all over my asshole. Moments later my ass was taking Jacks cock deep inside it. Three friends, who only the week before were straight married men, were all taking part in a gay sexual act. That's because as Jack fucked my ass, Alan stuffed his flaccid cock in my mouth.
    It was such a strange feeling having two men, men I'd known all my life, fucking me like a common slut. But once my ass got used to Jacks cock, I became a very very willing partner. As the game finished, so did Alan and Jack, as they both came inside me. Alan cumming in my mouth and Jack thrusting his cum deep inside my bowels. When Jacks wife returned home we were all drinking a beer and casually discussing the game.
    From that point on wards, each week one or all of us, depending if we all got together and had time, would take turns sucking each other off. But it has remained my role only in our threesomes to be the one who's fucked. And that's just the way I like it.
    So ladies when you think your guys are watching a game and having a beer, just remember, they might also be fucking one another too.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I have to say, reading some of these confessions, i am really comfortable to share my experiences.

    I'm a freak!
    Simply put, im just that lady in the streets and freak in the sheets kinda woman and i love staring my own movie.

    I was with Juanell at that time. Tall, handsome, masculine and sexy football player. He was just a very secretive person and just by seeing him, u could tell. None the less, he didnt keep it a secret that he liked me. He was all over my facebook, mesaaging me and while at school he ensure i saw him in his element around those who praise him as a star!

    I soon got interested to see what he had to offer & just by giving him the first kiss, I knew I was going to give him some sensational fucking as I haven't been having sex for a while at the time. I was edgy, horny and miserable! About three days after our kissing & touching in his classroom, we had plans to go to his place for the afternoon. Let's just say, the sex was good except he was so eager that he kept coming so quickly and I was still horny, wanting to let go my juices, wanting to ride on his 7" cock and dying to take his cock down my throat! But he was famished. More than me too. Way more. He was hungry!!

    We continued having sex twice, three times a week at his place. I was still wanting more! Still wanting to climax hard!! He just kept coming so quickly especially if I used muscles to hold his dick or if I wined on him or even talk dirty.

    I spoke to him and he started trying to hold back his climax. I appreciated. He was OK, but I wanted a jock! Not just a cock! Anyways, I wanted adventure with him eventhough he wasn't the longest runner. I had a girl that was crazy over me so we planned a party. Just him, two of my gfs, his friend who is a pastor, me and surprisingly, the pastor's bf- Cruz.

    We watched TV, drank, talked, and got to know each other. After about three hours the drama began....

    Cruz who is a young sexy guy was a eye warmer, as he's very very cute!! He happened to be there like a normal guy just chatting us up. Next thing I know he started cursing the pastor whose name I won't say. It seem some girl was calling up pastor and cruz decided to cause a little scene at the party. So they began arguing. I was turned on by these two men who are clearly in love, arguing a d sounding so much like they just want to fuck each other!

    Next thing I know the pastor just ran onto cruz and shoved him. Cruz started cursing louder saying he's gonna leave. After what seemed like a decade of silence after he mentioned leaving, I heard pastor say, "Yes I will do that to make u happy, and I love u too".

    I was wet!

    Juanell who was with me n my girls in the party area where we were just tuning in to the drama, was just there smiling. After hearing what pastor said I heard him say, "OK well now make it up u two and as a matter of fact let's see u do it!"

    I was wondering if I beard him well. One of my girls got hot When she heard that. I could see her beads of sweat and I knew ahe was horny sitting waiting to see or hear...

    Now, this is the first and the only time I've ever witnessed gays having sex. Of course am bi, so I see girls but I've never seen men. This night changed my opinion of gay men...

    Juanell got up and went in the room. About two mins after he called me. I went in to find cruz sucking off pastor's cock so sexy that my head raised! He was good! Juanell liked what he saw, and I could never tell until later when Cruz was stabbing pastor's asshole, he was giving pastor a handjob! I made him fuck my friend and me, as I watched d gay couple. I was so hot n horny and my gf ate my pussy even more when she realised I was gushing with juices!

    Juanel's cock went limp in my pussy while I was riding him and I thought this was him being tired. Next thing I know after I got off, Cruz touched his cock and he was stiff as cruz took it in his mouth.

    I was numb!
    He was bi all this time!!??

    Cruz fucked him, pastor fucked him and they didn't mind as my gf & I made out with each other while they had a threesome. They filled juanell with cum! His mouth, his ass, his face, his chest, his hair! N he loved it. I later found out that pastor and my bf were fucking a long while now and they still are...

    That was Saturday night.
    Sunday morning we went to church with pastor in our party dresses and no undies. He told us he doesn't do girls so we had a good time kissing n teasing each other to mess with his head.

    After church, pastor met up with asexy security manager guy. He too was pastors man. We all went to a bar, had a drink and they brought Us home. As we were getting out I wished them good luck and pastor made it clear that Andre will want that as he's going to burst his asshole open in the in the next hour and a half When they get home. I just heard Andre said, "It could be way before that cuz I'm stiff right now". I looked at his croych and smiled. Closed the door and walked away. We had each other's # so we spoke via whatsapp. But I've never seen them since and I did leave juanell. I want a stud!!! A macho man!

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