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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 26

    I may be straight but when I was 22 I hitchhike to get to Florida. Rode with three different truck drivers. All three fucked my ass each night when stopping for the night. First one popped my cherry, that was not fun. He had a big cock. The last truck driver had a big uncut one. He plowed my ass twice a day. Took me two weeks to get to Florida, spent a week with the uncut guy. Not ashamed of it either. Just don’t prefer a dick in my ass nowadays.

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    Straight Male / 43

    Just after I turned 18 I did something stupid and was put in state prison. Had I still been a juvenile I would not have been sent up. But it's not like I planned it. I was big for my age and nobody messed with me in county jail. After I was transferred to prison I was assigned as a cellblock porter for my work detail during orientation. The detail sergeant was a retired veteran. He stayed fit and carried himself like he was still in the military. He was black and didn't show any favoritism toward black prisoners like others. One day he told me that he was going to make me a night porter for some projects. I was tasked with cleaning some storage rooms and offices. During count I had to stay wherever I was and he would guard me. The first couple of nights were normal. After that he started talking a lot about dicks, cocks, queers and other gay stuff. He said stuff like how many guys he has known to turn into cocksuckers after getting locked up. Several days later he asked me if I have got my dick sucked yet. He told me to be honest, it's nobody's business what's said or done between us. He then asked if anybody has wanted me to suck thier dick. I immediately said no. He shocked me by asking if I am interested in sucking a dick. He said it's okay, tell him the truth. I admitted that it has crossed my mind. He asked how much I peter gaze in the showers. I answered some. He then asked me what dicks I look at. I was too embarrassed to answer. At that point he pulled out a magazine from his desk and told me here are some dicks to check out. It was a gay magazine. Out of reflex I took it from him and checked it out. I had never seen a gay mag before. I forgot about him, I was getting aroused checking it out. When he spoke I realized that he was standing next to me. He asked me to show him a dick I like. I wasn't in the mood to lie. It was a black guy's. He asked if I peter gaze in the showers at black dicks. I was honest and said yes. He asked if I want to suck a black dick. I shook my head yes. He told me to say it. Being turned on I said I want to suck a black dick. He told me to tell him more. Being turned on, I let it all out of the bag. I told him that I have wondered how it felt to get a dick in my mouth. I like the idea. Ever since I got locked up I started fantasizing about it. I want to suck a dick. I really want to suck a black guy's dick. Without really thinking about it I blurted that I would suck his dick. He said say it again. I was getting off on talking about it myself. I said put your black dick in my mouth and let me suck my first cock. I was hoping that you would want me to suck your dick when you started talking about queers and cocks so much. I said make me a queer with your black cock. As soon as he pulled out his cock I did not hesitate sucking my first dick in prison. I engulfed it. I put my hands on his butt and made my fantasies come true. There was no way I was going to let him cum anywhere but in my mouth. In my fantasies what turned me on most was having a dick cum in my mouth. The real thing was even more amazing. Talk about super hot. After that I sucked his dick a lot. I confess that being put in prison turned me into a cocksucker.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    continuation from previous (yesterday).

    Yes terday I let a 45 year old man I knew fuck me. It was my first time getting fucked. I date girls and have a girlfriend that I fuck. After I came back to my room in my parents house I wrote the confession. I liked it, it hurt a bit going in, but he gave me time to get used to it and it was a really nice feeling having his long cock, but thin, moving in and out of me slowly at first then faster, and then ramming into me and holding it all the way in while he shot his sperm into me.

    Last night I went out with my girlfriend and we were back at her parents in her room, her parents weren't coming back until very late. As I was fucking her I kept thinking that I had a mans cock inside my body just 10 or 12 hours before that. I kept thinking of the feeling of his cock moving in and out just as I was moving my cock in and out of her body, though in her pussy. I was sucking on her tits and my nipples could actually feel him sucking on my nipples, gentle suction in and out, I was repeating what he did to me. I had given my 17 year old girlfriend one orgasm with my mouth and tongue, and she'd just had another being fucked, I asked her if I could put it in her butt. That is nothing strange for us, I've been fucking her in all three of her holes for about 10 months now. she agreed and asked if I wanted her on her back and pull up her legs, or roll over on her stomach. I asked her to roll over. Now I was doing to her exactly what he did to me and it's all I could think about. I came inside her butt in a few minutes. All the time thinking about the feeling of him doing the same thing to me. I love fucking girls/women, I always have preferred it to the one guy I fucked 3 times, but I couldn't shake the feeling of him sucking on my nipples and actually fucking me.

    This morning I went back to his house, he invited me in and I was hemming and hawing, not knowing how to ask him if he wanted to fuck me again. I asked if I could go to the bathroom and I came out naked holding the tube of lotion he used as lube on me yesterday. In his bedroom he started with me on my belly, then asked me to roll over. I pulled up my legs like my girlfriend does to give me access to her asshole instead of her pussy. He was on top of me, between my legs which I wrapped around him as she does me so often, his mouth began the slow, in/out sucking that I found I really like on my nipples. I got fucked for a glorious 45 minutes before he blasted inside me. During the sex I found myself tensing up in my abdomen twice. I felt like I was cuming but nothing was shooting out of my cock. I was actually having an orgasm internally with a cock fucking inside my body. Using my body for his pleasure.

    After, I went to the toilet and was sitting there emptying myself of his sperm and he came in, started the shower.
    While the water was getting warm he took a small Fleet bottle and had me stand up and gave me a small enema, saying it would clean me out best. I evacuated the water and all else, and he opened the shower door inviting me in. We washed each other and with some soap on his middle finger, he got on his knees in front of me and sucked me with his finger in my butt moving along my prostate. I had never had that before, and it was incredible. I came like never before and he swallowed it all. After, I was sucking him on the bed and he fucked me again. I didn't empty this time, I came back home and in my room am here again with a 45 year old mans sperm inside my body. I don't have to hem and haw anymore, he will fuck me everyday I want, anytime I want. When I go with my girlfriend tonight I'm going to get her to suck me while her finger moves on my prostate. He's asked me to come to his house after I'm done tonight, and not to wash my cock off from her pussy juice. I want his cock so badly. I need it, I need to feel that internal cum again. I'm going to spend the night with him, but he warned me in the morning he'll want to be sucked and I must swallow. I will . . . another first.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I was helping an older man I know with some stuff around his house this morning. I don't have an attraction to guys, though my first sex was with another 15 year old boy that I fucked staying overnight at his house. His sister went on to be my first piece of pussy. I've fucked 4 other girls, and only fucked the guy 3 times and never again after that. It wasn't forced today, but this 45 year old man I let fuck me. He started off sucking my cock and fingering my ass, then after about 15 minutes of having 8 inches of thankfully thin cock moving in and out of my asshole, he sucked me to a finish in his mouth. I'm not back in my room with a mans sperm inside my belly. I didn't mind doing it at all. I would let him again I know I would.

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    Gay Male / 48

    I posted this about 8 years very hard reading it for the first time since then...not much has changed...I am older...have a little less sex but still love my gay on if you like...
    I am a 50 year old married guy, living in the tropics. I have avoided sex with my wife for about 3 years...won't bore you with how I have done that.. and travel a lot. When I do, I take with me a complete wardrobe of sexy underwear, tight pants, sheer shirts, t's and muscle t's.
    I should say I am very toned, tanned with a thong tan line, and would love to wax but that would give too much thong tan line is hard enough... I wear thongs and my wife has often commented but....

    When I travel I relax and take on my natural gay persona. I eyeball hot guys, I wear clothes that suggest I am gay, and I frequent gay clubs bars and venues. I ALWAYS have safe sex, I don't even suck a cock unless the guy has a condom on. Mostly I am a bottom...and love to be fucked with a thong or g string on...god knows why but it really turns me on.....

    When my wife is away which is quite frequently, I spend a lot of time in the nude, or just in a thong or sheer see thru sarong. Our garden is very private and of course always swim nude.

    I crave male firm smooth male skin.. erect male nipples male arm pits...and of course hard smooth erect say nothing or the curve of a male back, leading to the mound of a male butt and the treasure of a dark crevasse, and a hot warm man c**t.

    My most beautiful gay occasion was recently in Bali...a place I adore and a place I have only ever been to alone, so it has no shared past.

    I was on business and was booked at a Villa resort belonging to my client. He was there and so my gay personna had to be tempered somewhat. We were invited to a dinner with one of his business colleagues and at the last moment my client had to attend another event so his driver took me to the dinner. I was wearing quite tight white pants, a quite sheer white cotton Bali shirt, and loafers. when I arrived, my host greeted me at the door. I was taken aback. he was wearing a sarong, bare torso and a gold ankle chain. he greeted me with a kiss to each cheek as he held both my hands. He called me darling, and invited me into the villa. It was beautiful, seductive and sensual. Candles, soft lighting, mode music, cushions...

    He said what a shame Richard couldn't join us, but said he had had his cook do a great dinner so we should enjoy it .. he mixed a martini and we drank...chatted and had another martini, and another...usually two is my limit...but...

    he then suggested i should perhaps be wearing a sarong, rather than hot long pants and went to get one. I wasn't drunk but certainly 'in the groove".

    He came out with a sheer pure white sarong, with white frangipani flowers on it which you could hardly see...I felt my cock stir..

    I went to the bathroom and undressed...i had a black thong on so had to quickly decide...leave it on...very visible or wear nothing...very visible...I decided on the thong NOT too forward, but hey if he though a thong was gay...well....

    When I came out he passed me a glass of red wine...stood back and just said...oh, love the thong but darling sarongs are to be worn nude, especially that one..

    I just stood there and lifted the sarong and took of my thong...and then I boned...all 8 inches of me...that was it we didn't eat dinner just fucked ourselves senseless.

    Well I hope you enjoyed my story...I am very cummy...

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    Gay Male / 33

    I grew up with my mother and my grandparents in a small beach community on the Gulf coast. The main business was fishing/shrimping and tourism. When I was fourteen my grandfather got me a summer job working with a friend of his who would go out shrimping for the day. Out there it was just the two of us and he had sex with me. I became his boy toy and went offshore with him two or three days a week that summer and every time we went offshore we had sex. By the end of the summer I needed to see him every day. My grandfather was very happy with me that I liked to go work on the shrimp boat, I really didn't I just like to have sex.

    During the school year I saw my grandfather's friend off and on by going to his shrimp boat when he came back in and we usually had sex on board. He kept several cushions that we used because the bunk was hard and the floor harder. One day late in the year I went to his house when his wife was out of town and we had sex in a bed for the first time. That time sex lasted a long time, it was the best experience I had up to that time. By then I was thoroughly in love with him.

    During my college days I had a hard time accepting that I was gay, I had a crush on one of my classmates I couldn't shake and I blamed my grandfather for that and it strained my relationship with him. I don't blame my grandfather now, he never knew that I am gay. I spent a lot of time when I was young believing that I had turned gay because of my experience shrimping that summer, until one day I realized I was gay all along and all I did was follow my nose and having sex was a natural step. Like my grandfather my first lover has also now died and the secrets of going offshore with him are forever hidden from those close to us.

    I have come to terms with being gay, I live in Atlanta and work for a corporate communications company. I have crush after crush, most of those I never act on because I know the objects of my affection are straight, I have sex because I need to have sex, but I can honestly say I never have any feelings with men I have sex. I never have sex in a bed. I have never felt close like I did during that first summer I went to work on the shrimp boat.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    The first time I entertained myself with a young man, I'd not long returned back from serving three years of sexual servitude. I say this because when you've been given the choice of being fucked by one man, or the whole fucking prison, you choose wisely.
    Size, strength and your reputation count for nothing inside. Only who you know and who keeps your back. I had no
    one, I was with no one and I was only one. I was fit, strong and handsome. That I was in prison for violence, mattered not. What mattered when I was approached was my decision, a decision after long hours in my cell, I knew I had to take.
    Sucking his cock was nothing. I'd sucked dick before, but only for a jest. Having seven inches thrust up your virgin arsehole was something totally different. I was in a foreign country with absolutely no one to turn to, and I soon learned it was better to serve one master, then be fucked by everyone who wanted fresh meat.
    As the months passed by, I began not only to enjoy his ways of fucking me, but I was the one seeking out the sexual gratification. Eventually his charge of me was challenged and he had to respond. Unfortunately I thought at first, he lost.
    The man who took on my sexual mantel was everything I feared in prison. A nutter, someone who's mind was completely resigned to his fate, and someone who didn't give a rats arse about anyone or anything. Yet he wanted me, he wanted me more than I ever would have guessed.
    Straight away it wasn't a normal, I fuck you, you take it sexual relationship. From the off he kissed me and wanted kissing. He also wanted long long sessions of sex and I gave him everything he wanted. Our relationship grew and soon it became a two way flip flop when we fucked. Everyone knew I was his and everyone except one man in there kept their distance.
    Stupidly I thought I'd serve my sentence under his wing and only have to take his six inch cock nightly. I was wrong.
    The night my lover was killed, I knew why, power and drugs. And I also knew my arsehole was up for grabs.
    It was nearly five weeks later when everything kind of settled down. Everything and everyone had been on "Watch" and I'd become blase. Then I was given to my new master.
    As crazy as it may seem, the prisoners of a certain ilk ran the prison. The time I'd been given from my last charge, my lover, was only to allow me to think I was safe. Being placed with A taught me who ran that part of the prison, and who held the power right then.
    In his cell I was brutalized by him and his long meaty cock. I was made to service him and his "Boys" every single day, both orally and anally. My arsehole bled for weeks until my body got used to the constant fucking. And then when I thought it couldn't get any worse after almost six months, I was loaned out to a man whom I truly feared. Not for his violence, but his reputation for splitting men's arseholes.
    He'd wanted me since I'd entered the prison, yet he knew he couldn't have me until he was "Passed" me. I was to my last charges, spent. A used up sexual item, and they'd already chosen a new eighteen year old.
    Seeing his fully engorged cock the first time genuinely frightened me. I thought I'd be used to to cock by then, but his erection doesn't fit in the true sense of men's manhoods. I will not describe it here, but let you imagine the sheer size of a man's cock that can and had split other young men's rears. I was in dread and he knew it, yet he still had me strip naked for him. It was then he smiled and I knew maybe just maybe I'd be ok.
    It hurt, by Christ it hurt. Yet my arsehole stretched and stretched some more. I was kneeling on his bunk and he'd plied my arsehole with lots of lube, which in there was hair conditioner. That alone told me I wasn't there just to satisfy him the once, but to become his.
    The very depths of my body was where his enormous cock sought to be, and eventually after long long minutes of urging his cock inside of me, he reached. I was fucked like never before and he carried on fucking me way past his first orgasm. His cum already filled my bowels when his cock released again and he finally withdrew. I'd by lying to say I'd enjoyed any part of our initial fuck, but then I was physically ok, and afterwards he had us kiss.
    Some prisoners fuck you, some have you suck them off. Not many, if hardly any ever kiss you. Those who do want you for their wive's, their prison "other halves". And once you become theirs, they'll fight to keep you.
    Over the rest of my time inside that corrupt and violent place, he made me his and I became untouchable. Everyone who was anyone knew not to bother me, and that's how I grew to love that man. In time I even began to take his cock fully,and orgasm every time he fucked me.
    My release came, and we fucked the last night of my sentence. We both knew we'd never see each other again, so we were still having sex (I was sucking him off) when they came to release me.
    Back home in England it took time to settle back into being a "normal" human being again. And I found having sex with the women I did, totally alien at first. I knew why and I also knew it would probably take some time to readjust. Then out walking my new puppy, I was approached in a park by a young lad. He wanted to know if I wanted some fun. He wanted to know if I had reason for him to suck on my cock, and if I really wanted to, to fuck him.
    Choices choices.
    You know the rest. Or do you ?

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    Gay Male / 49

    I had a sleepover with a new friend that had moved to our town. We lived in Biloxi Mississippi when I was growing up.At night before bed my mother told us take a shower before going to bed. We decided to take a shower together and he peed in the shower so I peed in the shower and he touched my penis and I touched his penis and we stood close up and touched our penis together. It felt really good having my penis touched and I liked touching his penis. When it came time to dry off he asked me to dry his penis and he didn't want me to stop and he dried my penis and that felt really good.

    In bed we kept on playing with our penises and we got hard and I sucked his penis under the covers. Sucking his penis felt really good and I didn't want to stop. We were both pretty horny by then and he was humping his hips as I sucked him so I had to hold onto his penis I must have rubbed him just right and he had his first wet experience. His stuff was really clear but sticky and I rubbed my fingers in it and tasted it. Later that night I held onto him and humped his side and then his back.

    We were hooked, we saw each other after school, at my house or his and we went into the bathroom and helped each other pee holding each other's penis, or we sword fought, and we sucked each other in the bathroom. Somewhere along the line he started getting on my back and humping me which I liked. At a sleep over several weeks later he humped my bare bottom with his bare penis and he ejaculate.

    We were pals for the longest time, bike riding out to the end of town and hanging out in this pasture by the creek, hiding out in the tool shed behind his house, reading comic books in the attic, and every opportunity we had we sucked each other. And every opportunity we had like when we had a sleep over we humped with him on top. He got to the point that he ejaculated every time we humped and it felt good to me that he ejaculated. I had started to ejaculate and while he rode my back my penis rubbed the sheets and I would ejaculate into the bed.

    We were both driving and by then we both had grown man dicks, hairy man dicks, and we ejaculated in gallons of ooze which felt really good on my back or my face and it felt good to ejaculate into my pants. I loved watching his penis ejaculate, I held his penis in my hand in a tight fist and his squirts went high in the air and fell back down onto the bed, ourselves or the floor. It was during that time that we found a book about homosexuality at the library. The book had no illustrations, it was hidden in the Anthropology section but we knew exactly where it was and it was never checked out. We would take it and go hide in a corner and read passages and get hard. It was one of those passages which described how the characters had anal sex, it was called sodomy. We read it until we had memorized the paragraph and decided to try. We used Crisco and it worked. It opened up a whole new world to us.

    Once out in the world, I was in college in town and he was working for his father he heard from this man that there were magazines of naked men. The story was that the conversation was about magazines of naked women, which we all knew existed, you just had to go down to the 7-11 to see them. But magazines of naked men weren't there. It was at college where things were a bit more liberal that I found out that you could buy these magazines down on the docks. We went down one Friday night and wandered around and this guy asked us what we were looking for and we told him that we had heard that you could buy these magazines. He looked at us and made the comment that we must be queer and he left and came back with a man and we followed him to a car where he had a box of magazines. We went through several until we agreed on one, black and white, men with erect penises having sex. The magazine was expensive, fifteen dollars which at the time was really expensive and we bought the magazine and we read it, masturbated to it, and dreamed to it. Everything we saw in the magazine we did, everything no exception.

    We became customers and found out that if we returned the magazine to him after we read it, dog eared and I would think not pristine, he gave us a discount on the other magazine. He told us that he had clients, mostly sailors onboard ships who couldn't afford the new version and paid for the used magazines. It was during that era that I became a penis nut, I have never been able to shake the desire to admire naked penis pictures, something you can get a lot of on the internet today. This is how my day started, cruising for web sites of naked men. But getting back to my boyhood friend, we remained friends and lovers until well into our late twenties when a job moved me to the West Coast and he stayed to help his father with the family business. We both lived in the closet, at the time we didn't call it that, we were just not out and kept our activities to ourselves. On the West Coast I saw more and more homosexuals revealing themselves but that was never for me and I have stayed in my comfort zone, I have never come out preferring to be called a confirmed bachelor.

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    Gay Male / 20

    I am 20 years old and go to a college in Michigan. I am about 5'6. 120 pounds and basically cleaned body. Not a lot of hair. I'm a "twink" basically. I wasn't gay until recently. I live with 7 other men, one night it was your usual bs. It was me and two other guys just drinking and shooting the shit. As the night went on I got so drunk that since I was the new guy these two other dared me to dress in this "slutty" bunny costume one of their ex left. I did ran down the street and when I came back one of them was laughing while the other one was jerking off. I asked what was he doing and he told me he wanted to fuck. He was so drunk he said I looked hot. I told him no. This isn't funny and went to bed. They kept drinking. Eventually I woke up with him in my room trying to shove it in my ass. He was black out drunk. He finally got it in and I instantly loved it I stopped fighting and felt every last bit of my manhood leave. I let him fuck me for a good while that night. That was last year. I still meet up with these guys and suck their dicks often. Well 3 of the 7.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When i was twenty i probably thought that by the time i was fifty my sex life would have been pretty much long over.

    I've been with a respectable number of women. Hardly stud material but a good few. Some just once, some as long time girlfriends.
    I've always been attracted to men for sex, but it took anonymous internet dating to give me the impetus to actually give it a try and for the last four years i have done this off and on when i haven't been seeing a woman. My sex life is probably more prolific than it has ever been as i find it much easier to find men to hook up with

    Sometimes it can be ok. Sometimes it's not ok at all, either just a waste of everybody's time with no attraction there or even worse maybe a refusal as the other party seems not to know what soap is or has a house that feels like it needs to be disinfected. Sometimes though, it's really good and these are the ones that get you hooked and keep you trying.

    Last night i arranged to meet a guy at his home. He was a few years older than me, looked like he had a good physique and seemed like he wasn't a nutcase. When i got there he lived up to the pictures and profile and he immediately told me that he'd been contacted by a friend who was looking for some sex and was local. He said there was no pressure but if i was up for it the guy could be here in a few minutes. I've been with two guys before and i said ok.

    When he arrived the feeling was good and we went upstairs, got naked and started some nice, unhurried three way sex. I like it when it gets quite intense but still remains unhurried. This happens infrequently but there it was. We all seemed to be happy to engage with both of the other two with nobody left out and nobody trying to monopolise one person.
    After quite some time there was a point where the unexpected guy started to fuck me in the ass. He was a nice size and he was doing it quite slowly but with purpose, just how i like it. While he was doing this i was slowly kissing the first guy and thinking it was all very horny. Then he pulled away for a second. When he came back he offered some poppers up to my nose and let me have a long blast on it. Then he got into position pushing his hard dick into my mouth while grabbing mine with one hand and sucking on it himself. We were sixty nining on our sides with my ass at the edge of the bed. The other guy was stood at the end of the bed and had kept his rhythm up all through. He seemed to sense how i was feeling when the poppers kicked in and increased the force of his thrusts deep into me. So as my head spun and body coursed warm with the vapour, I thought to myself that this was by far the best sexual experience i had ever had. A few moments later I started to cum, seemingly forever, into the mouth of the original guy as i bucked onto the cock of the my other lover. It was nice that i think they had both sensed what sort of a place i was in and had allowed it to become all about me for a while. I was feeling like both a stud and a slut as they pulled out and after removing the rubber, both jerked off over me coming one after the other into my face with some going into my mouth.

    I've got a feeling that this won't be the last time that we three meet. I don't know if we will ever get it so good again but i do know that as soon as the bruising on my hole eases a little i will be back on the internet looking for more cock

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