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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 19

    I was staying over at my friends house one night when this happened. I had never had a gay experience, and really had no attraction to my friend, but a unique set of circumstances resulted in this occurring.

    We were drinking beer and watching sports on TV. After a couple hours, we had had several beers each, so neither of us was feeling any pain. At some point, he had taken off his shoes, and was laying on the couch so that his feet were hanging over the end, pointed towards me. The smelled bad, so I asked him repeatedly to put his shows back on or at least move them, but he wouldn't, seeming to find it funny and telling me just to deal with it.

    I was sitting there getting more and more irritated, as the smell of his feet was filling up the small room. Then a weird thing happened. I found my eyes moving back to the soles of his feet again and again, for longer periods of time, until I couldn't stop staring at them. His soles were perfect, pale pink with high arches. I started to get a massive erection.

    Eventually, he fell asleep, which was good because if he had looked at me, he would seen me with my mouth hanging open, panting, with my hand on my cock. After he was asleep a few minutes, I pulled my cock out. It was throbbing, harder than it had ever been in my life, and getting harder with each whiff of his feet. I knew what I was going to do and didn't care about the consequences. I shakily crawled over to the end of the couch and pulled my pants down.

    At first I just smelled them, and each deep whiff made me lightheaded, and so horny I was afraid I was going to pass out. Then I began to lick them, starting at the ball of the foot all the way up to the toes. Every inch of the sole of both feet was covered with saliva. This didn't last too long, as I was jacking off while doing it, and soon came to a shuddering orgasm. My entire body was twitching and trembling as load after load of cum kept spurting everywhere. When I was finally done, I surveyed the damage. There was cum all over the couch, the carpet, my pants and my hands. I didn't care. I had just had far and away the most intense orgasm of my life.

    My friend never woke up during all this, and never said anything to me about it. Nor did he act strangely in any way. I had gotten away with it.

    I can't say this never happened again, it did, this time with a roommate. But these have been the only "gay" experiences in my life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    We have been happily married for a little over twelve years, my wife has no idea that I am a closeted crossdresser. She travels overnight for business a couple of times a month and I take those opportunities to indulge my fetish. I've had a couple of close calls over the years but she has never caught me. I am slightly built and I have little trouble fitting into her things. I have been meeting regularly with a married man for the past few months. I suck his cock and love to swallow his sweet cum. He has wanted to fuck me but I have resisted until this past week. What was I ever waiting for? I was afraid it would be painful, but the pain only lasted a few minutes. He fucked me silly and when he was about to cum he pulled out and sprayed his load all over my wife's panties, hose, and dress. The amount of cum was unbelievable. I washed her panties and discarded the hose. I hung her cum stained dress back up in the closet. I'm praying she doesn't decide to wear it before I can get it dry cleaned.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I'm a happily married man who likes some bi action occasionally. I had worked through my lunch 4 times over the last 2 weeks, so I arranged with my boss to take Friday afternoon off - to look for some dude action. My first stop was a book store across town. I'd been in the video area a few minutes not seeing anything of interest. Then this nice looking guy (about my age) came in and cruised me as he stepped into a booth. I walked by the booth and the door was open. I went in the booth and as he reached for my cock I noticed he was wearing a wedding band too. He was blowing me when he looked up and said, that is the biggest cock I ever seen. I told him I was 10 1/2 inches. He said, my wife would love that. I was surprised, but not shocked. 10 minutes later we were standing in his bedroom with his naked, petite blond wife sitting on the edge of the foot of their bed waiting on us.

    Before going to his house he gave me the ground rules: I can only unzip my pants; they cannot be removed. I cannot kiss his wife or touch her at any time. She will suck my cock and I can fuck her (with a condom.) but cannot touch her at any time. If I need to hold something or someone it had to be him and he will guide my cock where they want is...and they both share me. I respect anyone's boundaries and was looking forward to an unexpected m/f/m three way.

    I stood facing her as he unzipped my pants and pushed his beautiful petite wife's head onto my cock. The entire hour I was there she never spoke to me directly; they talked about me and my cock to each other...he was the only one who directed any conversation to me. She told him I was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Then he told her, I been telling you that black men have the biggest, hardest cocks, they last the longest and reload fast. This one was a surprise for us both...HUH? He set beside her coaching her and taking his turn on my cock too. They got on their knees facing each other with my cock between their lips.

    With my suit on, my cock out the zipper of my pants, I stood at the foot of their bed for an hour with my hands/fist on my hips (holding my suit coat back) experiencing some amazing action with a husband and wife. I fucked her missionary while she blew him. I fucked her missionary while he stood over her and I blew him. I fucked her doggy while she blew him and while I blew him. I fucked him on his back while she set on his face and sucked his cock. I fucked him doggy while he eat her pussy. He lay on his back on the edge of the foot of their bed with his knees out and feet on the floor. She sit with his cock her ass leaning back onto his chest while I slow fucked her pussy.

    They knelt doggy side by side on their bed...their asses out and kissing while I stood at the foot of the bed (only moving a few feet left or right) taking turns on their asses. Back and forth, back and forth with both of them moaning and a groaning. That hot petite blonde with her tight pussy got off so many times I lost count and he got off 3 times. I told him, now its my time to cum. They knelt beside each other at the foot of the bed and told me to take off the condom and blow my load on their faces. I blew a big load all over both of their faces while they swapped tongues. With his right hand he waved good bye and point toward the door. I took my que - put my cock in my pants, zipped up and left them alone.

    I drove straight to the park by the lake and within 15 minutes was getting a blow job sitting in another married mans truck. I went home yesterday evening changed clothes and my wife and I took our kids Christmas Shopping. Last night I fucked my wife with some major intensity, then I ate her into another major orgasm as I relived my afternoon with the man and his wife, and the good looking, jock, married, construction worker who blew me in the truck at the lake.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Okay well let me start this off with saying that this is my first confession and I haven't talked to anyone (except the people involved) about this. The story I'm about to tell is about my first sexual experience in high school that wasn't with a girl but rather experimenting with close friends.

    The night started out pretty normal just me and my friends hanging out, now I for one indulge in the use of marijuana here and there but that'll be important later. Anyways we were sitting around venting about the stress of school and people that pissed us off when suddenly my one friend (we'll call him D) goes "wait your internet doesn't have parental control right?" Now I was already thinking what he meant by that so I shyly went "yeah...." And he proceeds to go to pornhub and starts looking at videos.

    My other friend (let's call him T) immediately goes "what you gonna start jerking off?" But he replied "No I just wanna watch, I can't get pornhub on my internet."

    So after a few minutes we were all on the same couch watching pornhub videos together ooooing and ahhhhing when I decide to ask if any of them would like to smoke the .5 g I had, hoping to change the subject. "Sure I'll have some." T said

    "No!" D said, kinda panicked. "You guys aren't smoking with me here."

    So back they went to watching porn, I got up and just to piss D off started making a bowl out of an apple. In the process of doing so the two had gotten horny enough to start jerking off. This is where it got weird....

    " ;D, you wanna feel how it is to get a handjob? I'll do it to you if you do it to me." Said T

    "Uhhh sure." Replied D. And thus began my to best friends jerking each other off as I sat there and watched while making a bowl.

    Here's some quick info so you can understand what was going through my head. I for one am not circumcised and for any of you who don't know this in America that's pretty fucking weird and both of my friends are. Here's another fact that I'm a measly 6 inches while they're both in the 7's.

    Anyways I'm sitting there as they jerk each other off when D asked "Do you want me to suck your dick?"

    T gave a little bit of a panicked face but then replied with his own question. "Do you want to?"

    "I'll do it if you also suck mine."

    "Okay." T replied. D and him kept jerking each other for another few seconds before D started to lean down to suck but then sat bolt up right and said.

    "It's not going to make this too weird is it?

    T looked at him for a few seconds before replying "No." So D went in, first placing the head inside his mouth before putting the whole dick into his mouth and sucking for almost a minute while T made a shocked yet pleasured look.

    D took his mouth off of T's dick and almost immediately T was sucking D's dick. As I still sat there with the now completed bowl.

    After the two had done it twice they called me over to try it out but being the self conscious kid I was and am I said no to which they both replied "It's weird if you're not included."

    The two of them kept on getting madder and madder at me for not joining in. Finally I confessed that I had an uncircumcised dick and that I thought they'd be weirded. Both agreed they didn't care so I got in on it and man was it great. I had not expected how different a handjob would feel compared to masturbating, it felt as though it was moving itself. And the blowjobs felt even better most likely due to the wet feel it gives you and every stroke that happened made me want even more.

    I was beginning to get that feeling you get right before you climax to warn you that you're almost there when suddenly the floor above me began to squeak indicating that my parents were now awake. We all hurried to a respective place as though to act we were sleeping there. My mom walked down stairs and started to go through her morning activities, thus ended that horny filled moment of pure ecstasy. Thank you guys for reading this, sorry for any errors I'm writing this on my phone at 1 in the morning and refuse to read the whole thing.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I first met Father Michael when I was an altar boy, I was eleven. He was a real nice guy and was quite kind to me and my family and friends. He always seemed to be around, he would show up at parties, holidays, weddings and the like. There was never any indication he was gay, he was never inappropriate to me in any way. Until I turned eighteen when he gently seduced me one afternoon when I was home alone. He sucked my cock and had me suck his. When he was nice and hard he pushed me back on the couch, he put my ankles on his shoulders and after lubing me up and finger fucking me, he slowly buried his cock in my ass. He fucked me like a girl and we began to kiss as he pumped my ass. He is in his mid sixties now and we still manage to get together about once a year. He fucked me the morning of my wedding almost twenty years ago,h which he officiated. He is the only man I've ever had sex with.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I was in Las Vegas attending a Seminar when I was called to get back to the office ASAP to fill in for my boss who was having emergency surgery. The office got me a seat on the red-eye special with me and 11 other passengers. The last one to board, most of the first class seats were taken on an open seating flight. I walked to the very rear of the plane and took the window seat. I planned to push up the seat arms and lay on the 3 seats as I slept the 5 hour flight. When I set down I realized there were only 3 other passengers in the back section and they were all at the front with their own individual rows.

    I'm a bi professional man in my early 40's who is seldom attracted to gay men. However that male flight attendant for my section was charming, funny, and good looking as any man in any magazine. He reminded me of Will on the Will and Grace soap opera. He seemed to be paying close attention to me, the only passenger who was still sitting upright 30 minutes into the flight. He set in the aisle seat on my row as we chatted and flirted. I rubbed my cock and he smiled. He winked and went to First Class for a few minutes. When he came back he closed the curtains, checked on the 3 sleeping passengers in front and walked back to me with his hand on his cock and a smile on his face. He turned the lights out, set down again and reached for my cock. I unzipped and he bent over taking my cock into his mouth. I was rubbing his back, my hand on his ass while he sucked my macho cock right down his throat. He raised up and said to follow him.

    The rear kitchen was behind the row of seats across the aisle from me and the bathroom were behind the row of seats I was on. Not sure where he was headed, with my dick hanging out my suit pants zipper, I follow the cock sucking male flight attendant. As I turned into the kitchen he was getting on his knees and told me to stand at the edge of the aisle facing him so I could watch down the aisle to the front. This way if, by chance, someone from First Class came back, it would look like I was standing part way in the kitchen. I could warn him, he would get up and hand me a drink. That is exactly what we did for probably 15 minutes. This guy was good, he was hungry and I was horny. He told me he didn't swallow so when I cum to let him know and he would take it in his hand. He sucked some more as and I rubber his face, head and neck. We were both getting hot an heavy into our sex. When time came I told him I was ready and this guy, to my surprise, put his hands on my hips, took lock-jaw on my cock and sucked my cock head to his throat and I unloaded.

    He stood up took a towel and wiped my cock and put my cock back in to my pants (down my leg) and zipped me up. That was a first for me. I was so turned on I told him we were going to swap places and we did. I got on my knees in the planes kitchen and tried my best to give that guy the best head he ever had. He sure was moaning and I was loving it, too. Then, he took a step into the kitchen causing me to sit back some as he grabbed my head and gave my mouth a major hard fucking; tears streamed down my face as he held my head tight. I had a lip lock on his cock and kept it there. When I sensed he was close I pulled off and told him to shoot on my face and he did; all over my face, in my hair and some splattered on my shirt. He leaned down and licked it off. I stood and we kissed the first time.

    I looked at my watch and knew we had 3 1/3 hours before we landed. I asked...seconds? Yes, and thirds and fourths was arising when the Co-Pilot called him up front. When he came back he told me we were headed for turbulants and he had to wake the passengers and have us sit upright and belt in. For the next hour he set in the aisle seat on my row, belted in, as the plane bounced and we rubbed each others cocks looking a the 3 people 20- plus seats ahead.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    At home with my wife and kids, I'm the strong husband and assertive father.

    In work I'm the muscular boss who runs a successful business and employs eighteen staff. I'm an alpha male, a dominant man with an authoritative outlook.

    In Tom's or Jason's home I'm their subservient oral or anal cum dump. Both men are much shorter than me. Both are a lot younger too. And best of all they've both got a much larger cock than my six inches.

    I'm not exclusively theirs as they both invite "friends" to enjoy my talents. I can deep throat and have to with Tom's and Jason's cock being nine and nine and a half inches respectively. I can also as I'm often forced to, take two cocks up my asshole at the same time.

    It's a part of my life I keep secret, obviously, but it's a growing part of my sexual world that I lust for with increasing joy every time I'm made to accept a man's cum filling my well fucked rear fuck hole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I'm a divorced, bisexual male who prefers the company of masculine men. I inherited a full head of thick, wavy, dark black hair which requires a skilled hairdresser otherwise I look like an old spiral perm or one cut to short. When the barber my dad and I used retired the search for someone who understands how to tame our type of hair began. Finally dad referred me to a middle aged Asian male who owned and operated a salon/spa in town. I had been going to the guy for just over a year and had a standing 6Pm (last) appointment every 3 weeks. I went in for my standing appointment to a waiting room with only one patron...a uniformed officer waiting his appointment with the same hairdresser. The receptionist explained that the hairdresser was running late apologizing and offering to reschedule with a complimentary service. The officer and I both opted to wait.

    The officer and I began to chat and I learned he was there on an off day appointment for himself and felt he was infringing on my standing appointment. However, he was there for a cut only and I got a facial before each service. Let me tell ya: my hairdresser gives a facial that has put me to sleep while he massages my face and neck and when he applies an herbal wrap...whoooo... its great. This readjusted appointment was to be the officers first facial. Our hairdresser came out to the reception area apologizing offering us a facial with his Estician while he finished his last clients. We both accepted and were ushered back to an area with 4 chairs where we met the Estician who began the hot steam warp on our faces. After the 15 minute steam towel wrap the Estician began the officer's facial massage as I watched. This cop was so relaxed his hand slipped off the chair sides. Finally she applied the herbal treatment just as our hairdresser began my facial massage. The Estician and other employees left to go home with the three of us in the facial area.

    I knew my hairdresser was gay but I never revealed that I was bi. While laying in the facial chair with the herbal pack on my face, the officer was now getting his hair trimmed in the adjoining area and I could hear their conversation...which was sexual. Finally, my hairdresser came to wash my face and invited me to site in a chair near his station as he finished the officers hair cut. I knew they had been playing around and didn't care. He apologized again for being so late as he finished the officers hair cut. I decided to go for it as I knew the hair dresser had been feeling up to cop. So I said, "you owe me no apology. I heard your conversation and know you were playing around. I cool with it and its fine. Just cut my hair and I'll go so you can have some privacy. I am really fine with two enjoy yourself when I leave." They both looked at me...the uniformed cops face turned white and my hairdressers face turned beet red. Dead silence filled the shop as the officer moved to a chair and I set down for my haircut. Nothing else was mentioned and I left the two of them in the spa alone. I went out to an empty parking lot... other than my car, the spa owners and a county car.

    My next trip to get a facial and hair cut the spa/salon owner apologized again and thanked me for my understanding. He opened up and I learned the cop was his Ex-lover, even though the cop was a divorced dad who was living with a local judge's youngest sister. Knowing they were former lovers and they both did their own thing, as I was paying my tab, I whispered to my hairdresser that I was bi but was only attracted to married, divorced and jock single gay men. We laughed, he hugged me and I left. The next week I received a call from my hairdresser inviting me to dinner with he and his Ex-cop friend. I accepted as this cop was one hot hunk!

    A few days later I was sitting at a local Chinese restaurant across the booth from my hairdresser and his uniformed cop buddy. We had a cocktail, a good meal and conversation as they explained their relationship which was now one of close friends. During the meal I felt a foot touch the side of my leg. Unsure whose foot it was and not interested in beginning a relationship with my hairdresser I pulled my foot back under me. As soon as dinner was finished our hairdresser friend excused himself going to the john...but he never returned to our table. I knew he wanted me and the cop to have some alone time. We made a date to meet in a few days after I was off work and he was off the late evening shift.

    We met for dinner a week later in a nice restaurant with private eating areas. I was impressed at how handsome the cop was out of his uniform as we ate and established a strong bond. After dinner I knew he had to get home to his girlfriend but was anxious for another date. I waited for him to ask for one, but nothing happened until we walked into the parking lot. He asked for a date and I was giving him my business card and writing my home address on the back when he suggested we ride by my house so he knew for sure which house it was. I agreed and he asked for my car keys, which I gave to him. He drove the 15 minutes toward my house and when I pointed it out he turned into the driveway and turned off the engine at the garage doors. That is when he reached for my head and pulled me to his mouth gently kissing my lips just before he pushed his tongue down my throat. This guy used his tongue all over my teeth, across my palate. He was breathing through his nostrils with a major lip lock. I'm 8 years older than this guy but he has some major experience and a technique which had my cock straining against my zipper.

    After some heavy making out he pulled the keys out of the ignition and opened his door. I opened mine and we walked to the front of the car where he returned my keys. I have a remote on my keys to open the garage, so I opened the garage and we walked around my SUV toward the door to the mud room. I opened the door... stepped in turn on lights and he followed. I closed the door turned around and he was on his knees reaching and unzipping me suit pants. This guy was like a dying man finding water as he pulled my suit pants and silk boxers to my knees and devoured my big ole cock. He was grinding his finger tips into my ass as he ran his hands over my ass cheeks. He was gagging as he attempted to deep throat my 9er. He sucked my balls turning onto his back sliding between my legs as he pushed them apart...and began to lick my hairy ass. With my suit pants and boxers now around my ankles, him laying on top of them, my legs bowed and bent out at my knee to accommodate him being between them to rim my ass. My tie was choking me, my suit coat tight on my body I had to grab the wall to balance myself as this hungry cop was devouring my ass, balls and cock. I knew I was anxious for some action but he was starving... and I knew and it was going to continue right there in the Mud Room on the tile floor.

    I took my suit coat off tossing it into the kitchen floor so I could bend down and massage his cock and have the maneuverability to unzip his pants. With my hands on the tile floor between his spread legs and him eating my ass. I finally got his cock out and it was a nice 7 1/2 incher, hard as steel and leaking like a sap out of a Maple Tree in Spring...and tasted even better. I knew he scooted back and up for better access to rim my ass, and I was happy to avail him that opportunity. Finally I told him I had to get out of my pants. He crawled out from between my legs, and on top of my pants and boxers as he slide off his pants and jockeys sitting on the floor... with no indication he was going to move. I slipped off of my shoes, stepped out of my suit pants, and silk boxers, kicking them out of the way. He reached up grabbed my ass as he laid onto his back and he guided my ass onto of his handsome, cop face. I put my knees on the floor beside his waist and lowered my ass on his tongue. My hands now on his hair knees for balance as he rimmed me into utopia. He was moving his hands all over my ass, lower back, legs and was getting really, really turned on. I felt his tongue all over my ass, circling it like a kid licking an ice cream cone and I was into another dimension - happy to have such an unexpected pleasure. I wanted some of his cock really bad, but due to me being taller I was not able to bend down in that position. So I rolled off his face onto my side into a 69 position and returned the favor devouring his ass...his cock...his nuts...and he was returning the same to me with great passion and enthusiasm. We were the only two people on the face of the earth and we were devouring each others bodies.

    The first words he spoke since coming into the house were, "finger fuck my ass. PLEASE!" I didn't need a second request. I licked my long middle finger and pushed it into his jock, 26yo, hot, cop ass and he was moaning and pushing against it. I knew then I was going to get me some jock ass before the night was over. I fingered him and he sucked my cock and I sucked his. We made out like wild... I was about to explode. I pulled back a second and that's when I realized just how hard and cold the tile floor was. I stood up and pulled him up to me. We kissed passionately as I guided him into my dark house. Nothing on but my socks and white shirt...him in his sport shirt and socks...the Mud Room floor littered with out clothes. I stopped into the kitchen to get us a beer as I threw my tie onto the island pulling him down the dark hallway to my California King bed.

    Standing at the foot of my bed we chugged our beers with one hand exploring the others body with a free hand. Then he drank a mouth full of beer pulled my mouth to his and pushed that beer into my mouth. I was so turned on. We swapped beer from each other mouths for the longest. Then... he took another mouth full of beer and knelt taking my cock into his mouth full of beer. OMG.... what a feeling. This cop was erotic, sensual, passionate, wild and I was loving it. He got up and I returned the favor as our hard cocks drooled all over each other.

    For the longest we gave each other tongue baths, 69'd our cocks and asses. It was clear to me he wanted to be the bottom. He told me to "nail my ass". As he laid back onto my bed pulling his legs up to his chest and giving me a look at his love tunnel. I grabbed a condom from the night stand put it on and began to spread Anal Ease on my cock. As I was about to put some on my finger he said, "NO. I'm a natural born bottom and I'm already self lubed." I looked at his ass and his hole was quivering and already opening. This cops ass was like a real pussy...he was so turned on for my big ole dick. I pushed the head to his ass and it slipped right in....he pushed his ass up taking me to my pubs in one push. My hands were on the back sides of his legs, which were on his chest, and I was long dicking this jock cop. His eyes were closed and his head was rolling from one side to the other as he grunted, moaned, and begged me to "RAM ME HARD...I WANT IT HARD. Make my your bitch! Fuck my cop ass with your big ole dick. Fuck me hard and long." I grabbed his hands into mine and pushed them back beside his head holding them firm with our fingers interlocked. His legs were now wrapped around my waist and I was deep in his ass and working him like I knew he wanted, needed and desired. He began to curse as he hunched up to meet my thrust. Then he said. "I LOVE it in the ass... I can't get enough. I fuck myself with several different sized dildos....and love every.....second." Suddenly the cursing and dirty talking got him so turned on he began to dig his finger nails into my back. He pushed his ass up to meet every thrust, eyes open now and rolled up like he was in a trans...his head turning side to side, moaning, cursing and screaming. This is exactly the type of sex I like but didn't expect any of what was happening, but I was in heaven. He screamed "I'm cumming" as he shoot a hugh load all over my hairy chest and belly. His ass ring clamped down on my cock like a vise grip and I was about to loose it too. I had fucked this cop into an orgasm without him touching himself. Sensing I was close he told me. "Pull out, rip off that condom and shoot in my mouth...and I flooded his mouth with my baby making batter. He grabbed my head and pulled me to his mouth where we snow-balled my jizz until he swallowed every drop. He pushed me onto my back... got over me and licked his cum off my hairy bell and we kissed some more. Without a doubt, I knew this guy was one of the most erotic, sensual, passionate, wild, kinky men I had ever been with... and I was one satisfied dude.

    We became very close talking frequently and he visits every couple of weeks. We have had some wonderful times together, as well as some hot all male 3ways and tagged some females, too. No one would ever suspect either of us of being bi, must less that hot, newly married cop of being a power bottom.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I turned 21 I finally worked up enough courage to give in to my desires and find a guy to suck his dick. The weird thing is that I have no attraction to men, only to cocks. Well it happened that there is an adult store in town and that is where I went for my first time. I had heard that they had booths with holes and I thought it would be best to sick a stranger's cock than someone who could possibly tell people about my secret.

    Now I have been married four years and continue to frequent the adult store and other locations that I have learned about. My wife knows nothing about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I'm a 38yo, 6'2", 210#, bi divorced, full Italian. Although I like pussy, I will only have sex with a female when a bi male is present...and participates. My preference is married, divorced and single jock guys. I am above average with an amazing sex drive and I am not part of the gay community. I cast no stones at gays who are active in the gay community/circles...its just not my thing. Neither is dating a chick, or getting involved in a one-on-one relationships with a female, or male. I work in a family owned business with international clientele with periodic trips to Europe, South America, and Asia. I like my life as it is and not looking to change any manner. No one would ever suspect I am bi. Yet, for some reason, I have become a magnet for bi and jock men.

    When I was in my early teens I jerked off with buddies but never more than hand jobs. When I was 10yo my sister left for U of Penn; my older sister was already a student at Sanford U; and my oldest brother was at the U. of Fla. I was an only child for over 3 years. I had the entire upstairs to myself and like it. My dad is in the legal field; my mom was a CPA.; PhD in Finance and an auditor who specialized in colleges and universities. Needless to say, for 9 months a year it was mostly dad and I. He would drop me at school in the mornings and someone from his office would pick me up in the afternoons and I would go to his office until we went to dinner, met a client for dinner, or home. When I was 13yo dad allowed me to ride the city bus from my school to his office. The next year he was going to allow me to ride the bus 8 miles home (with one transfer). Then, I was told my mom's nephew (my 22 yo, recently discharged Marine cousin) was coming to live with us to attend a local community college, and he would pick me up every afternoon from school and take me home with him.

    Upstairs our house had 2 bedrooms on each side of the house with one bath between each bedroom; my brother and I had shared a bathroom since my parents allowed me to sleep upstairs. My 2 sisters' bedrooms were across the hall from ours, also with a shared bath. The upstairs den was on the other side of my bedroom, over mom over mom and dad's master bedroom. Although my brother and I kept our hall bedroom doors closed, the bathroom doors were never closed. I grew up observing my brothers swinging Italian Sausage in many different stages... and never had an interest, even when I was participating in circle jerks with other guys my ages. I was 14 when this change occurred with my cousin. My brother was now in grad school and would not be home as often. So my parents put my cousin into my brothers bedroom to keep our sisters bedrooms for them when they came home for summers, as my brother was now in a three full year grad program. I expected some change in living arrangements...but not to the extent I experienced the next few months.

    My mom's schedule was the same: drop mom at the airport early Monday mornings and come back Thursday nights. I loved being at dad's office and was happy to forego that joy in exchange for the opportunity to ride a bus 8 miles and having the house to myself. Already use to only having my brother home summers and at breaks, the adjustment e see him boned. Yes, as the days turned into weeks, he became more and more interested in being in my room half dressed and especially when he came out of the shower naked. It started him coming into my room right out of his showers when he was soft, then semi and now he was coming in with a full boner. Each time he got closer and close to me and I was becoming interested as I viewed him differently as I did my brother, who still is my hero.

    Dad had branched his practice into International Finance in a move to bring mom off the road and to work with him So, dad was spending more and more time in the evening with clients and on around the world conference calls. I was missing dad being home as much and not seeing him as often. So, my cousin fulfilled a need for someone to be with me, giving dad more freedom to expand. My cousin and I were home alone a lot and I was getting to enjoy seeing his hot naked body and his boner. I would beat off thinking about his cock. I never thought he was teasing me as I had seen my brother boned before and it was just a guy thing. One night my cousin came out of the shower and walked into my bedroom where I was sitting at my desk studying. He was right beside me...his curved cock was inches from the side of my face. I was looking out the corner of my eye... I wanted to touch it, kiss it, put it in my mouth. My cousins sensed I would never make the first move, even when I turned looking directly at his cock. He asked me if I liked seeing his hard cock. I was motion less and speechless. Then, he put his hands on the back of my head and pulled it to his cock... and I opened my mouth. He turned my head to face him holding the sides of my head and slowly moved his cock in and out of my mouth. Then, suddenly he grabbed my head and began to curse and say dirty things as he blew his load down my throat. I thought he was pissing at first because it happened so fast. I beat off a lot then, still do, and I takes me a while to blow a load. I was wrong... he was cumming down my throat and in my mouth; squirting hot, heavy, shots over, and over, and over. His body quivered, he sucked in air, gasping real loud... and he slumped over my head as his left hand grabbed the back of my desk chair. His cum was dripping out the sides of my mouth and down onto my shirt. Finally, he got his breath, raised up and walked over and fell back onto my bed. He said it was such an intense orgasm he thought he was going to pass-out. He called me to the bed where he had me lay down beside him as he reached for my cock. I undid my shorts and he was on my cock like white on rice. Here was my macho, Marine cousin sucking my dick and l was in heaven. It took me a while to blow but he never took it our of his mouth even changing to get over me.

    I remember watching him sucking my cock and he was jerking his hard cock. When I blew, he raised up. ...looked at me and said: "man juice will put hair on chest, steel in your cock and fire in your belly." With that he slide up, sitting on my chest, and pulled my head up as he pushed his hard cock back into my mouth. Fingers interlocked and around my head, he was hunch fucking my mouth and I was boned again. He got off me and stood beside my bed...reached for me and pulled up and onto the floor on my knees. Then he said: "I'm a gonna fuck your face, baby,"...and he did as I jacked off shooting a second load so far it hit his ball sac and between his legs. He reached down wiped some of my cum, putting it in his mouth and them mine.

    The next 2 years I received my PhD (Plenty Hard Dick) Degree on how to service a jock man...and how a masculine, jock man attracts jock men. It was at least once a day I serviced him and he took care of me too. About a month after our first encounter he took me cherry ass. Oh, who I remember how he worked my hole for days with a finger, then two fingers, then three. The evening he took my ass I knew it would hurt, and knew what he had been doing was getting me ready for the real thing. Although I was almost the same height as him, my cock was a little larger. ..but when he got the head in my ass, it felt like a hot poker. He coached me on breathing deep and relaxing as I felt his cock splitting me into. The pain was intense to say the least, but I wanted to please him and wanted to feel him in me. When I felt his wiry pubs against my ass I knew he we in. He told me to breath deep, relax and get used to it and to tell him when I wanted to try him moving in and out. With a quilt folder under me, I was laying in on my back own my parents California King size bed with my legs up and my cousins cock in my virgin ass. He held the back sides of my legs for leverage as I lost my cherry ass to my Marine cousin. When it was over and he pulled out I looked at his cock and there was a streak of blood on the sides. He got scared and so did I. He took me upstairs where he ran some hot water in the tub and told me to get in. He ran downstairs and came back with the salt box and poured salt into the hot bath water for me to soak. Then he told me he lost his cherry at 12yo to his dad's brother and he bleed too and that a hot saltz bath helps...and it did.

    That was the point where he started to share with me his experiences as a teen and those in the military. Over the next 3 months we boned big time. He would even sleep with and I got to where I would go into his bedroom and wake him with his cock in my mouth. He introduced me to water sports, rimming, how to focus on a guys ass to intensify his orgasm and increase his pleasure. How to massage an ass with your mouth, tongue, hands, arms, elbows and how to cork screw, long dick, and donkey cong an ass and a pussy. My cock sucking skills seemed to come natural. He taught me to lock lips with a guy and exhale while he inhales and vise versa and how to gently hold a guys tongue in my mouth with my teeth while making out and during sex.

    When he came back after spending Christmas with his family in Jersey I was disappointed when his brother rode back with him for a few days. When we went to bed that night his brother was to stay in my sisters room across the hall (she went back to California the day before they arrived). I was anxious to get me some cousin dick but they stayed in my cousins room talking until it was late, so I went to bed. I heard the toilet flush and then realized someone was standing beside my bed. I rolled over and there stood BOTH of my cousins with their hard dicks in their hands. Like lightening, I was sitting on the side of my bed with my other cousin's cock in my mouth (he was 20yo) and my 22yo cousins cock in my hand. I sucked one, then the other. I stood and they took turns sucking my cock and putting it between their mouths as they knelt beside my bed facing each other. We went into the other bedroom where we laid on the floor and did a daisy chain suck and ass rim. I got one in my ass and one in my mouth and they swapped holes several times. Then my 22 yo cousin asked me if I wanted to fuck his younger brother. That was my first 3 and my first time tagging another jock guys ass. Needless to say the next 2 days was one hot sex session after the other.

    During the week my cousins was always close to me, but on the weekends he was out with his buds. So when he came home a night he would slip into me bedroom and tell me about the pussy he fucked, the jock ass he fucked, or the cocks he sucked. More than one time I sucked dried pussy juice and ass juice off his cock. In the Spring he invited me to a Saturday afternoon fishing trip with him and some of his buddies. I was thrilled and my parents delighted he was taking me so they had some time. We left to go to one of the guys apts. to pick him up. We went in and there were 3 guys waiting. They were all macho, blue color jocks. As soon as we got inside and the door was closed, my cousin dropped to his knees and started unzipping one of the guys pants. I was thrilled that I was now going to be part of some of his weekend activities. I went to kneel beside him but one of the other guys told me to come there and I did. He was sitting on the sofa and I knelt between his thick, tan, hairy legs and he pulled out a nice uncut cock (my first uncut). I was bobbing up and down when he pulled my head back and the other guy was standing beside me. I took his cock in my mouth twirled my touch around it. He was already naked so I was massaging his balls and then started to lick and suck those big hairy balls. I was so hard I thought I would burst the zipper on my shorts. About that time the uncut guy was taking off his clothes and he was beside the guy I was sucking so I was going from one to the other. I was excited to be here servicing these jocks.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw my naked cousin and the other guy moving the coffee table into the dinning room and pushing 2 chairs in there too. I knew I was in for my first orgy. The guys I was sucking pulled me up, stripped my clothes and were sucking my cock and eating my ass. Then my cousin and the other guy replaced them and I was in heaven. I knelt down with 4 hard cock in my face going from one to the other. I was so turned on and so were they. Each of us took turns on our knees servicing the others as we edged, and edged, and edged. All 4 got in a line and bent over and I went from one to the other rimming their hairy asses as I stroked their cocks and massaged their balls. They had bi and gay porn on the TV and stopped me once to watch this real hot blonde guy take a big black cock in his ass. My cousins asked my if I wanted to try some black dick and I said, "YES."

    I had eaten 7 loads of cum and got off once myself when the door bell rang. My cousins told me it was okay and... in came 2 more jock guys. I was naked, kneeling on the floor sucking one of the guys when the 2 came in... unzipped and I was presented with 2 more hot cocks (one uncut). I sucked some before they undressed and I sucked both until I got 2 more loads of jizz. My cousin had me stand leg apart in the middle of the floor as each of the guys took turns sucking my cock and rimming my ass. I remember I was so excited and turned on I thought I was about to fall. That is when I realized one of the guys had picked my up and was walling down the all with me. He laid me on my back on the bed as he bent down and took my cock in his mouth. Another guy set across my chest with his cock in my mouth, I felt a cock being placed in each hand and my legs lifted up against the back of the guy sitting on my chest. My cock sucker moved to my ass and he began massaging, licking and rimming my ass. Someone else took my cock in their mouth. For the next few minutes it was a blur as they all swapped placed, over, and over, and over. I wanted to cum so bad I was about to scream when I felt a wet finger going into my ass. I wanted it bad...I remember that was the first time I ever screamed during sex. I found out going home they were lubing my ass with Oral-Jel as it helps with pain and deadens the nerves on their cock head so they can last longer. They asked who I wanted first and I said, "the closest one to my ass." I'll never forget that. I am no longer a bottom but I loved being fucked by those jock married men. Now I am a big dicked top who wants my bottoms to have the same joy I experienced.

    As the uncut guy I sucked first we going in my ass first the others were all around me kissing, coaching me, rubbing my chest and tits and sucking my cock. It hurt like hell and burnt, but I got use to. For, as I was told, the next 2 hour those men took turns in my ass... a few minutes at a time each. No one was ready to cum, but I had shot off 3 times all over my chest and did so without being touched. I recall those were some intense orgasms. I think because I started out as a bottom I am more sensitive to the needs of a bottom and, therefore, do everything in my power to insure the bottoms I fuck get the greatest amount of pleasure possible. I give a wild prostrate and ass massage with my finger, fingers, hands, arms and elbows....this is before I tongue fuck that ass...and, yes, I eat cream pie...s when I know the guys is safe.

    All but 2 of these guys were married and we were suppose to be fishing. So, around noon we went out on the boat for a couple of hours; long enough to get some sun and a few fish. Then, the hormones kicked in and we went back to the apt. where they ran a train on my ass and I love every minute and dick that fucked me. My ass and mouth were filled with cum and I was initiated! When my cousin and I got home my parents left a note that they would be back late that night and left us money for dinner. My cousins took my hand and led me into the dinning room where he pulled the end chair out. Set down in it...pulled me over and took off my clothes. Then he laid me on my back on the table, where dad sits, set in dads chair ate my ass and sucked on my cock. Then, he stood and shoved his curved cock in my used ass and began talking dirty as worked my ass for a long time. We put the dining table and chair back in place and went upstairs. We got naked and got into the shower were he knelt and I pissed on his face, chest and in his mouth. He stood up, bent me over, shoved his cock in my ass and pissed. I remember his piss running around his cock, out my ass and down the insides of my thighs while talked nasty. Then... he grabbed me by the hair of my head for leverage giving me one of a most memorable fuck session.

    My cousins got me my first piece of pussy that summer. After he fucked her he pushed my face into her used c**t to eat the cream pie and then I fucked her and he ate my cream pie. He paid her, she left and we were in a 69 before she got her car out of the parking spot at the motel. I wouldn't change anything about my that part of my life if I could. I've been with 3 cousins, an uncle and at 24yo I got my married brother's, jock ass. We are very close and I plow his ass as often as we can arrange s "safe time" together; usually when were out of town on business together (But that's another story...or two dozen). Both my cousins got married had children and both passed in separate accidents a year apart. I still miss them both, especially my Marine cousin who got tag teamed by 7 Marines while he was in Japan. My dad found out I am bi and seemed shocked. He has no idea about my brother but knows my cousins were my first. Had dad suspected he suspected anything he would have stepped in to stop it. However, he says there is a lot more bi activity than straight people think.

    The entire 2 years I was married (no kids) I got plenty of cock and jock ass. I divorced her because she was overly possessive, and started using her c**t as a motivator to get me to do want she wanted. I still wear my wedding band as it is a signal "I am taken", so it cuts down on some hits by the chicks. When I travel alone I met the most interesting, professional, married bi men who go nuts when we get in bed and I get at their jock asses. I've a gay friend who tells me I have more luck in straight bars than he does in gay bars. I have to take his word. but I know this he loves to hear about me experiences. Says they are Jack Off material when he is home alone.

    Perhaps when I have another slack day I can share some of my other experiences with married,, divorced, and jock gay men.

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