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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Usual weekly routine for the past five months.
    Monday morning. Kiss the wife goodbye, walk to the train station, say hello to Gavin and board the train. Visiting the toilets, I'd let Gavin in and have him drop to his knees. Then as the train journey'd on, I'd fuck his face almost certainly busting my nut into his nineteen year old mouth. He'll get off first, then I'll alight two stops later.
    Most Tuesday mornings. Kiss the wife good bye after fucking her, knowing I'll be close to being late for work. Tuesdays are our morning fuck days, as my wife has time to face sit me. I just adore her sweet pussy and arsehole.
    Wednesday. Day off from sex as Gavin is in college and my wife leaves for work earlier on Wednesdays. It's also audit day at work and I inevitably have to stay late.
    Thursday afternoon. I'll meet up with Gavin at his tiny bedsit and fuck the shit out of him for as long as he can take it. My wife works late Thursdays and I often stay later in his flat doing all kinds of dirty things with Gavin sexually. Normally leaving less two or three loads of cum.
    Friday. Meet up with my wife Friday late afternoon, take in a show or a good meal at a fine restaurant, then take her home for a nights long fuck fest. Anything is on the sexual menu and I do mean anything.
    Saturday. It's our day for ourselves. Usually my wife visits her friends or family and I sometimes play golf. But other times if he's not with his family, I have Gavin visit me at home. If he does visit, I'm still invariably fucking him when my wife gets home. She'll shout hello and start to cook our evening meal. Gavin doesn't like that she knows we fuck, as he gets very shy and coy about it. He shouldn't as it's his aunt who I'm married to. And who knows all about my sexuality and us fucking. That's because I tell her everything we get up to together.
    Sunday. Well it's for my wife and I to do as we wish. Normally eating out for lunch, then downing a few drinks before finding an outdoor spot to fuck. Something my wife adores. If there's someone watching all the better for her, as she's a definite exhibitionist.
    You can probably tell I've got an enormous libido, and only my wife has ever come close to matching it. As soon as I let her know about my past relations with men, she suggested I have some fun with her gay nephew, but he was only fifteen then. It was at party I first had Gavin give me oral sex, as my wife was elsewhere engaged with another woman.
    we're not swinger per say, but we both don't get jealous if the other has some fun on the side. It's worked for us and now Gavin's become a regular sexual partner, and someone his aunt loves dearly.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    In the building industry here in the UK, you'd think it was a very macho dominated workplace and for the most part you'd be right. But since having my cock sucked one afternoon nearly eighteen months ago, by a young lad training to be an electrician, I've come to learn just how many single and married men like to suck on my large cock. Most are married and enjoy nothing more than having me face fuck them, some of them are older than me and have been secretly bisexual all their lives. And a few especially recently have wanted me to fuck them.
    It's fairly easy too now I understand certain signals. The main one is how they react to my cock slipping down out of my shorts. I've stopped wearing underwear for that purpose and wear loose fitting shorts. My cock which measures around nine and half inches fully erect, either makes them shy away, or in many cases lately has them drooling. The question i usually ask them is "Do you want a closer look" If I get a negative response, I get all macho (I'm six foot three and sixteen stone) and tell to stop fucking eyeing up my dick. But if they respond in a positive manner, I'll ask them to wait until lunch and either have them suck me off, or increasingly, I'll fuck them where and whenever we can.
    In the last couple of months alone, I've fucked two guys. One married guy who was installing all the doors on a site, and who couldn't wait to have my cock plowing his arsehole. And one who repeatedly this past month or so, on a major building project, has had me screwing him every chance we get. He's such a cock slut, he has had me fuck him with clients surveying their prospective homes. Last week I was banging his twenty year old arse, as our boss was walking about on the floor below.
    My wife has no idea I'm bisexual, and I'm not rushing to tell her either. As for the guys I have oral and anal sex with, they're not going to be shouting about me fucking them either, not if they want to remain in the industry. So I get all the willing mouths and arse I need to satisfy my growing delight of fucking young men.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Previous Posts: Gay Stories


    Good evening all,

    I just wanted to share with you my most recent cocksucking adventure that happened earlier tonight. I have others as well but this one is short and to the point. Happy reading :)


    Today started like any other Wednesday. I woke up around 8:00AM, caught up on emails, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Headed out to the gym and got into the office around noon. However, unlike most Wednesdays... I was once again in the mood to suck a big cock. My cocksucking urges have been getting more and more difficult to ignore and I've come to accept that I am a cocksucker. Plain and simple. Although I have a GF and we are very happy, at my core: I love sucking cock.

    So I of course browsed the various platforms one does to get some dick: Grindr, Hornet, Craigslist, etc. I ended up responding to an ad on CL for a daddy who was staying in my city for the week on business. The gentleman was very direct and stated in the ad, "Total daddy top here looking for a ****** to drop to his knees and suck me to completion. You will be facefucked, dick-slapped, teabagged, and I will cum all over your face. And you will leave." I was immediately hard and my inner cocksucker took over and I replied that I could be over after work and we exchanged stats, pics, and he told me his hotel. Once I arrived at his hotel, he sent me his room number of 408. I feel like people at a hotel know I'm there to suck off a guy, although that is obviously false... the thought of that always gets me horny.

    I went up to his floor, knocked on room 408 and he let me in. He was a very manly daddy... very burly, hairy chest, tattoos, and had a real sense of power about him. I saw his wedding ring which always is a plus. He told me to get on my knees and he immediately unleashed his cock. At full erection it was 7.5 inches and surprisingly thick. I started sucking and took the entire cock into my mouth as I have gotten quite good at giving head. Daddy agreed with that and soon was thrusting his cock into my face harder than any guy has before. I was gagging and trying to pull away but this was one of the few men I've sucked that I could not overpower. I was at Daddy's mercy and he knew it. He pulled out and rubbed his saliva covered cock all over my face and started dick-slapping me HARD. I had entered my sub-space completely at that point and was begging Daddy for more cock. He obliged having me lay on the hotel bed on my back with my head hanging off the edge...

    From there, Daddy absolutely destroyed my throat as he pinned my arms to my side and fucked my mouth like a cheap pussy and I was in a state of submissive bliss. As Daddy got closer to cumming he put me back on my knees and told me to suck his balls as he started to stroke his meat furiously. He then ordered me not to move as he unloaded a massive amount of cum all over my face. I sucked Daddy's cock clean and he went to the bathroom to clean up. I took my mandatory selfie of my cum soaked face and then went to clean up with a towel. However, Daddy wasn't having that and said, "You are leaving this room with that cum plastered on your fag face. People need to know what you are boy. Now get out."

    I obeyed as I was still in a complete sub-space but I couldn't let another person see me with cum all over my face. I managed to reach the ice room unseen and cleaned up my face with my sweater. I then drove home, showered, ate dinner, and sat down to type this confession.


    I've gotten positive feedback from my writing and I have about 4 other confessions to make on here which are much longer and more erotic. I posted this one just to get back into the groove of penning my confessions and I hope you all enjoy this writing.

    Lastly, I'm thinking of opening up a blog with my stories (Tumblr probably) and perhaps my cum soaked face selfies for all to enjoy. If you guys want to see that... leave some comments and hit the "That's Juicy" button.

    10 Comments + 25 That's Juicy == Tumblr blog with stories and facial selfies (:

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    My first real gay sexual experience happened only five weeks ago, and lasted less than ten minutes. But it wasn't my first time experiencing gay curiosity as at the age of seventeen, I watched two guys fucking one another in a park and wondered if I'd like to have a similar sexual encounter.
    Five weeks ago I was out with my wife shopping for shorts, for a week long holiday we'd booked on the island of Palma, Spain. The flight left the following morning, so we headed out to buy me some shorts and to get my wife lots of clothing. Half way through the day, we stopped to have a drink and it was then I noticed a young guy looking across at me, as he was sat with what I presumed was his girlfriend. I presumed that because she kept on kissing him.
    Back shopping I finally found two pairs of shorts I liked and wanted to try them on for size. Entering the men's changing area, I was about to walk past the second to last cubicle, when I looked left to see the same young man I'd seen earlier, half naked stroking his cock. I stopped dead in my tracks, watched him wank a little and then looked up to see him wink at me, and signal for me to join him.
    There are many excuses I could make why I entered his cubicle, but the main and real one, is I was fucking horny. No sooner than I'd walked in, he shut the door, dropped to his knees and undid my trousers. My cock was by then bursting to be released, so when he got hold of my dick and let it slide over his tongue, I didn't think twice about fucking his mouth. I'd not been receiving an amazingly good blow job for more than a couple of minutes, when he stood up, turned around and pulled his arse cheeks apart.
    I might not have had any gay sexual experience, but I knew when a guy offers you his arse like that, it means only one thing. And that's what I gave him. Spitting on my cock and his arse, I put my dick to his hole and pushed in. With him wimpering softly as I fucked him, I built up enough rhythm and speed to have my cock bottoming out up his arse, and to have him shaking a couple of minutes later as his cock exploded all over the wall and floor in front of him. Hearing him cum and feeling his arse squeeze down tight on my cock, I came seconds later filling his arsehole. A couple of minutes after that, I was out of the changing area without trying on the shorts and bought them with my wife asking me why I'd taken so long.
    On the flight over to Palma the next morning, I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd done and had a go at myself for not wearing a condom. Checking in at the apartments, I instantly knew when a young local lad was looking at me, he was looking at me in a sexual way. He showed myself and my wife to our room and when I gave him a tip, he shook my hand in a very suggestive way, or that's what I thought.
    Two days in and my wife and I had fucked on both nights. I'd worn a condom each time as she didn't and doesn't like taking birth control pills when we're away, as she says she forgets. I'd also bought far too many condoms for the length we were going to be staying, and that's because in my head I wanted to experience another time having sex with a guy.
    The third day on the island, I was as I usually do most mornings, out running early. Maybe five minutes into my run, not really knowing where I was going, I ran along the side of the beach and into a tree lined area. It was beginning to get warm so I stopped to take on water. Turning around when I heard footsteps, I saw the young guy from the apartments. He didn't say anything, he didn't even ask as he stepped over to me. Lowering himself, he pulled my shorts down and sucked on my cock in seconds. Knowing I didn't have condoms again, I didn't waste time thinking of fucking him. Instead I took hold of his hair, gripped it tight and began to fuck his mouth. He made lots of grunting noises, but ones that told me it was ok for me to be fucking his mouth hard the way I was. All too soon and not able to hold off for long, I shot my load in his mouth and watched him spit it out onto the sandy floor, once I let him remove my cock from his mouth.
    Standing up next to me, he told me his name and asked me how long we'd be staying. Telling him my name and we'd only be there another four days, he smiled at me, said he'd get condoms if I wished and that I could fuck him.
    The rest of the week, I didn't fuck my wife once. I did give her cunnilingus and finger fucked her arsehole doing it, but I saved my cum for the young man. Who I met each morning by the beach. Fucking him outdoors each morning, in the warmth of that island was simply and utterly fucking amazing.
    The last time we fucked, I had him leaning up against a tree. A dog walker walked past and didn't say a thing. It was as if he saw that kind of thing all the time. My young Spanish fuck tool also didn't flinch either, telling me he was used to having men fuck him outside.
    Back home and buzzing from my new found love of fucking young guys arsehole's, I put myself, my profile onto a gay hook up site, but found most of the younger men were a waste of time. I showed up twice to meet them at a countryside location to have sex and both times they didn't show. Then by pure chance, I bumped into the young guy who'd shared a stores changing cubicle with me. I was at work and he was delivering a parcel on his motorbike. I took the parcel and his mobile number.
    In the three weeks since taking his number we've met up five times. Each time I've taken him to outdoor locations and fucked the shit out of him. I even fucked him totally naked in the rain last week. It was such a wonderful fuck with the rain hammering down onto us, and having him beg me to fuck him harder.
    I know from how we've been together, we're both of clean health, but to be on the safe side we've both been checked out. Tomorrow we'll get the results back. I know they'll come back clean and when they do, I've arranged to meet him at a beautiful spot I know. Getting us naked, I going to fuck him and make sure I feed his arsehole with as many loads of cum as I can muster.
    Five weeks ago I was a married straight guy. Now I just cannot get enough of fucking tight young arse and won't ever stop, I don't think.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I have an uncontrolable paranoia of herpes. Yeah, yeah. I get it. You came here to get your rocks off, and here I am talking about an STD. Okay, I'm just here to actually CONFESS something, and not just say "I was so straight, but I had gay sex, COCKCOCKCOCKCOCKCOCKCOCK." But, don't worry. I got some fap material for you guys.

    Now, I highly doubt anyone here has told an actual true story, as of late. However, here's my little sketch. I used to be a full blown bottom. Just loved sucking cock and getting fucked. When I turned 9, I tried to kiss a boy. By 13, I thought I was gay. By 18, I already did cam shows through gaycam.**m or something, an dgot this old dude wanting to fuck me. Was into him, too. But, he and I ended, and my first was a 33 year old straight guy who pussied out of ever going further than wanting to fuck me. Pansy.

    However, by sophmore year of college (just gotten through my sophmore year), I been with over 50 people sexually. One girl (I ate out and loved it) and the rest were men. About 6 of them were guys my age (18-23). However, most of them were men old enough to be my dad (33-65). Through the process, I learned that I love rimming an ass, sucking cock, some times like getting fucked, LOVE getting fingered, and slowly becomig a dominant top. I also like the fact that I'm kind of becoming daddy material myself (nice facial hair, cocky grin working, getting some strength, and being talented in bed (learned to to fuck someone and suck their cock at the same time too, but that needs some flexibility)). But, there's on guy who I fuck with the most.

    I love rednecks. Maybe it's their casual ways of living, or some masculinity gender conformity. Or, hell, could be the porn that I watched that caused me to be like this. But, I love redneck men. Sure, they can be idiots and too playful, but they can be some great fucks. But, I like my men hairy, tall, and muscle-gutted. I instead, got a tall and athletic 51 year old dad with an 8 incher.

    We met through CL, and he needed a queer to take his cock. I sent him pics, and he was set on meeting me. At first, we were kind of awkward, since he couldn't hide himself well with being a cabbie. But, the night we met at the Motel 6 was something. I gave him a nice sloppy BJ, that made him go nuts. He wanted pussy then, and I was there for the taking. He got the condom on, and tried to fuck ne with the lube. Funny thing about me: I never used actual lube. I use my spit, since I make so much salivia, due to a medical issue. Besides that, I never taken a dick with a condom. Has this gotten me in trouble? Well, whenever someone fucked me, I trusted them, and knew them through multiple encounters. But, I had gonorrhea before, and currently have genital warts. However, I never had any problems, besides the one incident at the time. So, when he tried to duck me with a lubed condom covered big dick, you can say that my insides were is severe pain. I couldn't do it. But, with being horny, he took the condom off, and fucked me bareback. Things frlt less painful, and I moaned like a girl. He thrusted in my guts like a real man, and painted my insides white. And after a bit of me bleeding in the bathroom, we held each other in a loving embrace.

    Fast-foward to now, we still fuck each other. I sometimes fuck him, but, I've been known to be too gentle. But, I still dlobber his cock, and still ride that fucker bare. However, this where the confessions get a bit sentimental; I kind of want someone else.

    True. I want a daddy to fuck me. To rough up my guts, maybe call me names, then bend over for me to make his ass a creamy seclusolion. But, I kind of want someone I'm into. Maybe someone my own age. I'm still care about him, and I really think highly of him. He's an amazing a great guy (a bit racist and too full of himself, but, I clearly got my flaws). But, he doesn't really do it for me. I just kind of see him as a friend who I like to have sex with a few times, here and there. But, he sees me as something different.

    Years ago, by the time I should be around 8, he had a divorce with his wife. His wife held him accountable for making her pregnant, and she mentally abused and financially manipulated him. Fast-forward to where I should be 14, he met his first male lover, who was an alcoholic asshole, who suppressed his homosexuality by hitting women and being homophobic. This led to the man I'm with now being very cautious with trust, and making wanting a relationship with me.

    So, yeah. A fuck buddy who's old enough to be my dad, wants to be my boyfriend. I thought about it, and am willing to date him. But, I honestly can't go through with that. He's too old for me to be romantically involved, because my parents would lose their shit. My friends know about him, but feel uncomfortable with me doing this. I just don't want to do it, simply put, he just isn't al that for me as a boyfriend. Sure, he has a house, money and is agreat guy. But, I just want his friendship. I can have moments of loving him. But, they're just moments, which follow up by sexual lust. I'm not attracted to him, I just like being in something sexual, and having that option. He deserves a twink/jock who would really be in love with him, and there's a lot to love. But, I'm not his man.

    Now, back to the beginning sentence. Sure. I could go back to CL, Growlr, Grindr, or Adam4Adam. But, I'm scared of getting something. Yes, condoms are helpful. But, they cna only go so far. I have HPV, which should go away with meds, and me being single for a bit. However, I'm scared of getting something again. I'm scared of having to deal with men I' not attracted to, in order to bust a nut. But, I'm really scared of hurting this guy.

    I want to have a boyfriend of my own, one day. One who can play some sports with. Work out. Talk about girls and maybe sput-roast one. But, also be in love with, and spend our lives together. Bot half a life (I really don't mean tk sound cruel). But, the guy isn't doing it for me. But, I also want sex.

    The guy offers great fucks. He also is an amazing friend. I want to be there for him. I want him to have some help. I really wanna be there to encourage him to find a boy-toy for him (I knew a 65 year old guy who got a 23 year old twink to fall in love with him. And they're both broke, but, it does happen. However, the man is kind of too chubby for my tastes, and twink is really femme).

    But, that's it. Plain and simple. I want to have sex (he probably has HPV thanks to me, too. And it is safe to fuck each other if you have the same type. Also, it does go away and makes no pain whatsoever. He also agreed to still have bareback sex with me). But, I don't want to hurt him, or catch something. If only there were sexy men in St. Louis.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Twenty nine years apart from my last sexual encounter with another male, and it just so happened to be the best sex I've ever had.
    It was totally unplanned, and in many ways, pure chance. I was supposed to be playing golf with a couple of pals, but one decided at the last minute he wasn't playing and the other had come down with man flu. Having booked the late tee time, I decided to play on my own.
    Walking down the eleventh fairway after hitting a really good drive, I couldn't help but notice a young man masturbating completely naked just inside the tree line. Any other time I might have walked the half mile back to the club house and reported him, but not having had sex with my wife for over a year, my dick became rock hard in seconds.
    He eventually saw me walking up and just carried stroking his small cock (A really small cock). As I got upto him, he smiled looked at his dicxk and asked me If I fancied fucking him. As I've already mentioned it had been twenty nine years since I first had any contact sexually with a guy. That first time I'd been drinking and was given a blow job outside a pub, then fucked the guy in a park as he leaned over a swing.
    I knew from the time of day (It was fairly late) that no one was behind me and the last three ball was easily five holes in front. So looking around, I put my golf bag into the tree's undid my trousers and asked him to suck on my cock first. He shuffled over, took hold of my cock and swallowed my cock head in one go. It had been so long, it felt wonderful to be having my cock sucked. But I was still aware we were on a golf course. When he'd been licking and sucking away on my dick for about two or three minutes, I had him stand up and present me his arsehole by leaning against a tree.
    His slim frame and white skin looking amazing against the trees, as did his tight looking arse. I'm no idiot and know about the chances of sexual diseases, but his arsehole too fucking inviting and I was desperate to fuck him. Spitting onto my cock and his arse, I put my cock to his rear hole and pushed in. He made lots of groaning sounds as I pushed my cock deeper into his arsehole, then his arse let go and my cock slid easily up his bum.
    All the times I'd wanted fuck someone over the last year was pent up in me and not knowing the guy at all, I went for it. I fucked his tight little arse for all I was worth and loved it. Holding him and the tree he was leaning against, I pummeled his fuck hole. I paid no heed to his enjoyment at all, only my own and plowed his arse as deep as I could drive my cock into him. Then without any build up I came deep inside him. He made some comment about staying in him as he was close, so I carried on fucking him and realised my cock was still rock solid. Seconds later, he shouted out he was cumming and sprayed his juice all over the tree in front of him. Horny as fuck, I pulled him down as I lay on the leaf litter and got him to mount me. His little cock began to sway as he took every inch of my dick up his hole, then as he built up a quick rhythm, his puny dick hardened again and began to bob up and down. As it did, I started to thrust upwards enjoying the sight of another males cock in front of me.
    Reaching up I put my hands onto his chest and pinched each nipple in turn. He reached down and did the same to me through my top. Asking him to wait a second, he stopped fucking me, so I moved my golf top up to reveal my hairy chest and nipples. Fucking him harder we both took each others nipples and began to squeeze relatively hard. It heightened my sexual need for him and I decided I wanted to fuck him in another position. Pushing him off violently, I got him to lay on his back, put his ankles on my shoulders and drove my cock back up his arsehole in one long thrust. leaning forwards i got him to almost have his legs over his head and I was able to fuck him deeper. I was also able to do something I'd not before, I kissed him passionately just as I would a woman.
    He really began to moan sexually then and feeling him shake and then buck upwards I knew he'd cum again. I could also feel the warm sticky mess all over my stomach. It gave me further impetus to fuck him harder, much harder and looking into his eyes as our tongues intertwined, I shot my second load up his delicious arsehole.
    I was spent or so I thought. But he had different ideas. Keeping his legs up as I moved away letting my cock slide out of his fuck hole, he asked me to clean him up. When I looked a little confused, he said "Lick out my arsehole and feed me your cum". It woukld have seemed rude not to, so I bent down, pushed his legs apart and buried my face into his arse cheeks licking and tonguing his sweet arsehole. I'm not sure how long I spent tonguing him out, but it was quite some time and he was moaning and groaning the whole time. Finally hearing one of the groundsman's machines, I moved up his naked body and we kissed again as I passed him my cum to swallow.
    I'd just walked out of the tree line when the groundsman drove past. He had a smile on his face which said he knew what I'd been doing, but he couldn't have. Missing out on the rest of the round, I walked back to my car with a young nineteen year old lad in tow. Giving him a lift I learned his name, that he was in college and that he adores older men. I also swapped mobile numbers and enjoyed a final long passionate kiss with him tasting my cum in his mouth. The following evening he text me to ask me if I'd see him again. I text back with my wife gently snoring on the couch "How about now". In my car at a place I know, I fucked my young bisexual friend again and again. And I've been fucking him now for over a month.
    If I wasn't sure about my sexuality in my earlier life fucking a much older man in a park, then having sex with my young male lover now, has shown me, I am bisexual and I'm more than happy to be so.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    For the past four years I've not worn any underwear after having an accident on my motorcycle. It was that and the wearing of button fly jeans which has changed my sexuality.
    I was in a Chinese fast food shop waiting for my order eight months ago, when turning around a young guy smiled at me, looked at my groin area and grinned a larger smile. I looked down and realised my fly was not only open, but my cock was showing through. I'm not going to boast or say that I'm the biggest guy around, but my wife used to love how big my cock is (Shame she still doesn't). It's a little over nine inches fully erect and I would say fairly thick too.
    Just as I noticed my predicament, the Chinese lady serving asked the young guy if he wanted salt and vinegar on his sausage and chips. Quick as a flash, he looked at my cock again and told her "I'd rather have his sausage to suck on". It went straight over her head, but I got what he said and felt my cock twitch.
    He took his order, paid and left the shop smiling at me. A couple of minutes later after sorting out my jeans, I took my wife's and my order and was about to jump in the car, when I heard a young male voice say "I was serious, I'd love to suck on that cock of yours". It took a split second to invite him into my car and drive us five minutes down the road to a business park, which I knew would be closed. Pulling up next to an older building, I opened my jeans fully, flopped out my cock and said "Go on then".
    I know many people will say this, yet I'm not kidding when I say that kid, that eighteen year old guy certainly knew how to suck cock. He was and still is the best cock sucker I've had give me a blow job. Every single inch of my cock was worshiped and I mean worshiped. He knew just how to have me moaning and groaning with total pleasure as he licked, sucked and gently bit on my shaft and cock head. It was so exquisite, I found myself beginning to fuck his mouth as I would a woman's pussy. And it gave me the impetus to ask him if he'd let me fuck him.
    I'd said it in such a way, it probably sounded like a sexually desperate man asking, as when he released my cock from his mouth he said "Your wife not letting you have any then" It was a simple statement with a simple answer "No". Telling me he had no condoms or lube and he didn't like to fuck bareback without first really knowing a guy, I shoved my cock back into his mouth and had him take each increasingly hard thrust, deeper down his gorgeous throat.
    He'd been giving me felatio for over quarter of an hour in total by the time my orgasm built up, and it was such a strong climax, I literally flooded his mouth and throat with my cum when I violently unloaded my seed. It was then we finally introduced ourselves as Ryan swallowed my cum.
    Our second meeting didn't take place for a fortnight as my wife and I took a holiday, and I'd hoped she might find herself wanting sex again. Alas she didn't, so by the time we got back, my balls were aching to unload. Texting Ryan I asked him if he'd like me to get condoms and lube. He text back "No need, I have both. My parents are away too if you'd like to call round". An hour later I was lay naked on his single bed as he mounted my condom covered cock. It felt weird at first to be fucking a guy, even if Ryan is a good looking young man. But as soon as he began to fuck me in earnest, I got right into pounding his tight arsehole.
    I spent nearly two hours having kinds of gay sex with Ryan and fucked him in some positions I'd never had sex in. He wasvthat day, and still is now a dirty horny little fucker. We no longer use condoms as we've both been checked out at Ryan's insistence. That's because and he's definitely right, it's far far more enjoyable fucking him bareback and feeling my cum fill him inside. Plus I now love doing something with and for him. I lick and suck out my cum from his arse, then we kiss passionately so I can feed him every drop of my warm sticky load.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I was always curious about what it would be like to be with another guy. I would always go to chat rooms talking to older men, telling them how badly I want to suck their cocks. Sometimes if I felt bold I would post on craigslist saying that I wanted to hook up with some stranger. I was always way to nervous to go through with it so I usually just left the men who responded to my ads hanging.

    One day while looking through my email I found a response from someone close in age saying they would like to experiment too. For a few weeks we kept emailing each other back and forth talking about hooking up with each other. He told me that a big turn on would be if I was wearing women's clothes. I got excited by that idea because I always liked getting dressed up in my mother's or sister's clothes and acting like a little slut when no one was home.

    We decide that we should exchange some naughty pictures of ourselves, to make sure we would be into each other. I sneaked into my sisters room and put on some of her underwear and a pair of fishnets I knew she had hidden in her closet. I took a few pics of myself in the mirror(not showing my face) and emailed them to him. He sends me a picture of his thick 7in(he told me how big it was) hard cock.

    I was so turned on by his pictures that I asked if we could meet soon. He told me that he would have the house to himself tomorrow night and that would be the best time to meet. We realized that we only lived a few blocks away from each other, and agreed to meet on the golf course before going back to his house.

    Throughout the night we decide to get to know each other a little better. He tells me his name is Tyler and says that he's lived on the island his whole life. I start running through all the people I know in my head but nothing is ringing any bells. He asks what my girl name is and I said I liked to be called Jessica.

    The next day while my parents are at work I sneak into their room and raid my mothers underwear. My sister's clothes were way sexier but my mom did have a black lacy garter belt that I thought would look good. I then make my way over to my sisters room and take the black bra, panties and fishnets that I wore in the pictures. Along with that I grab a black skirt and some of her make-up.

    At around ten at night I log on to my email and wait for him to email me saying we should meet up. While waiting I decide to get all dressed up. Thankfully since I've been dressing up for the past two years doing my own make-up has gotten pretty easy for me. I grab one of my white button downs from my closet and tie it a knot kind of like daisy duke. I take a look at myself in my mirror and damn do I look sexy.

    After thirty minutes of waiting at my laptop watching porn, I get an email from him telling me to be on the golf course in ten minutes. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie so that no one can see what I'm wearing and start walking towards the golf course.

    The whole way over there my hands are shaking, I'm incredibly nervous. Part of me wants to turn back, I mean what if I'm not really gay. As I get closer to the meeting spot I can see that he is already there and that he sees me. There's no turning back now.

    I walk up to him and say, "Hi I'm Jessica." "What's up Jessica I'm Tyler." When I finally see his face it all clicks. Back when I was in middle school this guy would always make fun of me. He used to tell me that I was gay and if I was ever eating anything phallic shaped he would say I was imagining that it was a penis.

    "Tyler... we went to middle school together, you used to bully me." "Oh shit James I barely recognized you. If you feel awkward about this we don't have to do it?" "I mean we are already here so why not try it out."

    We start walking towards his house in complete silence. I think we both realize that his really awkward but neither one of use want to break the silence. That's when he says, "So are you wearing girl's clothes under your sweats?" "Yea I didn't want anyone seeing me wear this." After a few minutes we arrive right outside his house and he tells me to take off my sweats the moment we walk in his house.

    I do exactly as he asks and he says, "Damn you went all out with those clothes." I giggle a little bit and then ask him where to go. He leads me up to his room and tells me to get on my knees. The moment I get on my knees he whips out his cock, without being told I start sucking on it.

    I start to feel it get hard in my mouth and I begin to really enjoy myself. I never could have imagined that dick tasted this good. While I'm sucking his dick I start involuntarily moaning. He grabs the back of my head and shoves his cock as deep as he can down my throat.

    While this is all going on I start taking off some of my clothes. "Do you wanna try going all the way?" "MHM." He takes his dick out of my mouth and tells me to get on all fours on his bed. While walking towards his bed I slide my panties and skirt off and kick them to the side.

    While I am waiting on his bed I can hear him grab something off his dressed and then squirt something. He starts slapping his hard cock against my ass and tells me to take a deep breath.

    I breath in deeply as I feel his penis touch the my asshole. He starts to slowly slide it and at first it's very painful. "Be gentle." I moan. He doesn't respond at all he just keeps pushing it in. I start letting out these loud moans, he pushes my head down and tells me to be quiet.

    After he get's balls deep he starts getting really rough. Sliding his cock in and out as fast as he can. When I start getting a little to loud he slaps my ass hard and tells me to keep my mouth shut.

    After around 15 minutes he pulls out and tells me to get on my knees. I quickly get on my knees and he bust a huge load in my mouth. "Alright you can get dressed I'll meet you downstairs."

    He quickly runs downstairs before I have a chance to say anything. Before putting my clothes back on I take a look in his mirror to see if my make-up got fucked up. Surprisingly it stayed together nicely, my lip stick got a bit smeared but I still look good. While I'm putting on my clothes I start thinking about why he was so quick to run downstairs. I try not to give it much thought but I feel like he is up to something.

    When I get to the door, I go to pick up my hoodie and sweatpants, only problem is that my sweatpants are missing. "Tyler, where are my pants?" "I'm gonna hold on to them, walk home like that." After a few minutes of arguing and a threat made by him I gave up on trying to get them back. I put my hoodie on and walked straight out the door.

    Even though I only lived a couple blocks from his house, it was still a pretty long walk. I pull the hood over my head in hopes that it my disguise me a little better. My hands are shaking uncontrollably in fear that someone might see me like this.

    I get halfway home and I start hearing a car engine coming from behind me. I start looking to see if there is any where I can quickly. Sadly all that are around me are fences I am completely fucked. I can hear the car getting closer and closer, at the same time though it sounds almost like it's slowing down. As the car is passing me the person driving honks and says, "Nice ass slut!" I look in the direction of the car and I don't even recognize the driver.

    Thankfully for the rest of the walk back to my house not another car passes me. Everyone is still asleep in my house so no one will see me like this. I run to my room, lock the door and hop right back on to my laptop. There's an email waiting for me from Tyler saying, "That was fun we should do it again, also you should buy a wig."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    We married too young, or that's what I now believe. My wife became pregnant after only a couple of months of marriage, and as soon as our daughter was born, any chance of the spontaneous hard and dirty sex we had, and I loved, disappeared.

    It got to the point eight months ago, I was begging her one evening when our daughter had gone to bed, if she'd suck my dick and then I wanted to fuck her asshole too. She told me in no uncertain terms, I had more chance of fucking a guys ass that night. As she was too tired to even think about sex.

    Walking through the scrub land close to our home which is adjacent to a national park, trying to calm down sexually (God was I horny as fuck) around twenty minutes after my wife point blank refused any kind of sex, I saw a young guy walking over to me. Not wasting a second as he got right up to me, the young man (I later found out was eighteen) asked me if I was looking for some fun. When I naively asked him what sort of fun, he told me he'd give me blow job, if I wanted one.

    A blow job, without any kind of pleading, or any type of payback. But it was with a guy.

    Didn't give a shit I can tell you. My cock was out and in his extremely wet mouth in seconds. And boy what a blow job. Every single inch of my eight inches was licked sucked and gently nibbled on. His tongue worked wonders on the underside of my rock hard cock shaft and I found myself fucking his face, as he took more and more of my dick down his throat.

    Not holding back at all, I told him I wanted to cum. He made some kind of grunting noise, but didn't pull back. So I busted my nut straight down his gorgeous throat.

    Ten minutes later I was back outside my home, wondering if it had all just happened. Entering my home, my wife said she was going to bed just as I slipped a piece of paper back into my pocket.

    The next day, I text the young man, Gavin, to ask him if he was up for a repeat performance. An hour after dark, I took a ten minute walk back to where we'd first met. Sure enough he was there waiting and not only did he say he'd love to suck me, he produced a tube of lube and a box of three condoms. The look on my face must have said something to Gavin, as he told me, if I wanted to, I could fuck him as well as have him suck me hard.

    What's the old saying "In for a penny, in for a pound". Gaving did suck my cock to it's full hard length. Then in a first, I donned the condom, lubed up his super cute looking tight asshole and my cock, then slid my dick up his awesomely tight ass. It had never felt so good to have my dick fucking someone. I realized it had been two months since I'd fucked my wife. Even though Gavin had sucked me dry the night before, nothing comes close to fucking someone, especially when they want it just as badly as you do, and as dirty and as hard as you can give it to them. Gavin was no shy young eighteen year old either. He kept on telling me to fuck him harder. Changing position from fucking him from behind, I got Gavin to mount me as I lay on the dirt. Pumping upwards as he sank down on my cock time after time, we had such a fantastic fuck, I just didn't care he was moaning so loudly, anyone close by might have heard.

    Then all of a sudden Gavins little cock let go and he began to cum all over my stomach. It turned me on watching his cum spurt out of his dick, I doubled my fucking of his asshole and came myself, filling the condom inside of him.

    After telling each other just much we'd enjoyed the sex, Gavin let my cock slip from his ass, moved down and then took off the condom. Lowering his head, the young man took my cock back into his mouth and began to suck and lick my dick clean. The last remaining drops of my cum were sucked out of my cock and swallowed by Gavin.

    Over the next few months we'd meet up whenever we got the time, and he had the chance to visit his grandparents who lived near to us. It got to the stage where I began to much prefer fucking him as I'd ever fucked any girl. Indeed his tight asshole became such a turn on to me, I found myself tonguing it before I fucked him, something I now adore doing to any of my male lovers.

    And when I say gay lovers, I mean Gavin who I still see and have amazingly hard sex with. But also a guy older than me. I met him off the internet and who lives not too far from where I live. He's married but in a sexless marriage and has a thing for younger men. The thing is, he likes to flip flop. So it's not only my cock that gets drained up a tight willing asshole. I've also learned to take his large fat cock up mine too and really enjoy feeling him climax hard up my asshole with his hot sticky cum.

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    Straight Male / 25

    6 months ago a friend and I got pretty drunk together and some how we began talking about sex. That was pretty normal but this time we talked about sex with each other. I guess we were both curious enough that we didn't mind too much talking about it and the more we talked the hornier we got so we agreed to at least suck on each others dicks a little just to see how it felt to get sucked by another man.

    We both took off our clothes and since we couldn't figure out who would suck who first we tried a 69 laying face to face on our sides on his bed. Once we held each others dick in our hand we both started to lick on each others dick then suck on the head and slowly took in as much as we both could take without gagging. It was pretty casual and we were both very relaxed so we just kept sucking each other and both got a pretty good taste of each others pre cum and that just seemed to make things more exciting.

    I know I thought about it and wondered what I would do when he came. we were both really getting in to it so I decided to at least let him cum a little in my mouth just to see what it would be like. I didn't have to wait very long at all and just as he started to cum in my mouth it excited me enough that I started to cum also. I guess he wanted to be fair and like me he let me cum in his mouth and we both took it all in our mouth then started to try to swallow it and it wasn`t bad at all and we sucked each other until we couldn't take it any longer.

    We laid there talking playing with each others dicks awhile and both agreed that we really should do it often and we started to get hard again and that's when he really caught me off guard and started to tell me about how he fucked a guy in the ass several years ago not once but several times and he really liked doing it. He described it in great detail and had me all excited telling me how it felt and how this guy liked it as much as he did if not more.
    He went on to tell me how often they did it and all the places they did it in and positions they tried. He told me the guy always wanted him to cum in his ass and he liked that part too. Then he really shocked me when he asked if I wanted to try it. He had me all worked up and excited just listening to his story and I was really thinking about doing it at least to just see how it would feel. I knew my finger always felt good in my ass when I jacked off so I told him I wanted to try it but he had to take it easy on me.

    He went and got some Vaseline then asked me to put it in my ass which I did while he was watching me stroking his hard dick. He then coated his dick with it then we both wanted to do it with me face down in his bed so I rolled over and spread my legs and found myself very excited to feel him penetrate me. The second he got on top of me rubbing his dick on my ass I knew I was going to enjoy it if I could take his long fat dick in my ass.

    He touched the head to my asshole with his hand around his dick and told me to just relax. He started to push slowly and I felt my asshole begin to open up to accept him in my ass and then it began to sting pretty bad so I asked him to go slow. He was gentle and pushed until it slipped past my tight opening. Right away pre cum started leaking out of my dick as it went deeper and deeper up my tight ass. The last couple of inches were uncomfortable for me and difficult to take but soon his nuts were firmly pressed to mine and he kept moving his hips to thrust his hard dick in to me and asked me if I was OK.

    He left it all the way in my ass a little while then slowly eased it out until the head was pulling on my asshole then slowly shoved it back in then repeated that several times as I came all over myself. My asshole squeezed his dick several times as he began to moan and swell up deep inside of my ass. He grabbed me real tight then asked me what he should do when he was ready to cum. He kept shoving his dick up my ass pretty hard staying as deep as he could go and it felt so good I told him to cum in my ass and in a few seconds I found out what it felt like to have a man cum balls deep in my ass. It was wild as hell and felt like nothing I had ever felt in my life and I knew I would be wanting it to happen again very soon.

    We were both too excited to stop and he laid on top of me for awhile humping on my ass and getting harder by the minute and I had already asked him a couple of times to fuck me again if he could. Once he was hard as a rock he started to pull out slowly and I felt a huge amount of cum being pulled out of my ass running across my nuts and on the sheets all around my nuts as he started to fuck me good. It seemed like forever this time and he fucked me fast slow hard and stopped several times so he wouldn't cum. I came once again just before he emptied his nuts deep in my ass the second time and he really shot a lot of cum in me that time. He laid on top of me as his dick got soft and eventually slipped out of my ass and I felt a stream of cum leaking out of my ass and there was a huge mess between my legs and all over my ass and as I laid there in my own cum I couldn't wait to be fucked again and it was so much better than I ever imagined it could be.

    Some how I seemed to like having all that cum on me and between my legs and I just laid there letting it run out of my ass and it felt good. We both took a shower after that and never put any clothes on and as we sat around talking drinking beer I had to keep a wash cloth in the crack of my ass to catch his cum that continued to drip out of my ass. It got late and we went to bed and fell asleep pretty fast. I got up to go piss some time in the night and couldn't stop thinking about him fucking me. When I got back in bed I couldn't stand it and went down under the covers to suck his dick and he woke up shortly after that and I asked if he wanted to fuck me again. This time he put me on m y back and had my legs up over his shoulders and I looked between my legs as he shoved his dick up my ass and quite a few times while he was fucking me I looked down between my legs to watch his big hard dick go in and out of my ass. He fucked me hard and deep for a very long time and I was looking right at him when he came deep in my ass.

    I slept with a towel between my legs that night and not long after we woke up I was sitting on his dick with my back to him bouncing up and down on his long hard dick playing with his nuts and mine stroking my dick until we both came. I forced my ass down hard on his dick when he came and enjoyed ever minute of it. I still had two days before I had to go back to my job so I stayed there and we fucked like crazy right up until I had to leave and we are still getting together often to fuck. No one knows and we plan to keep it that way because neither of us want a divorce.

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