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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Transsexual Male / 28

    Hi everyone I'm sissy "girl) andrea I confess that I want more black men to fuck my pussy and lock me up permanently in chastity I also am going to get tattoed with the queen of hearts on my ankle and ass I mean my sissy pussy ..I will have permanent makeup tattoed)on my face I don't have a cock its much to small its a clitty ..when master decides he will out me to my friends and family..I have suck cock ,,but master is going to have me suck more cocks ..

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Journeying with my very annoyed wife down to see her mother last month, we stopped off at a service station as we were early. I didn't want to go with her to her mothers, hence our little tiff, and her annoyance.
    My wife went to order our food after first going to the ladies, and I took the chance to visit the gents.
    Right away I couldn't help but see the young guy stood in the cubicle. He was half naked, fully erect and tossing himself off.
    Years earlier I'd had oral sex with a guy outside a toilet block, when camping overnight with some mates. The guy was in his mid to late forties, and I was seventeen. I'd sucked him off after he'd offered me money, money I desperately needed to attend a rock festival we were all travelling down to.
    Seeing the young man obviously out for sex, I became instantly turned on. Peeing but letting him see my cock he grinned so widely. After finishing I stroked my dick a little and became rock hard, which again had him grinning at me.
    Walking into the cubicle then closing the door, he immediately dropped down and sucked in my cock. It felt amazing and I was soon hoping he'd let me fuck him. Sure enough after only a couple of minutes, he stood up turned around, and in a foreign accent asked me to fuck him. Looking around, he said something else in a language I didn't understand, then passed me a tube of something.
    Opening it, I smeared what turned out to be lube, on my cock and then on his arsehole. Turning his head he said in somewhat clearer English "Please fuck me Mr".
    My cock was up his arse in no time. Fucking him as if he was just a hole to enjoy, and it didn't take too long for me to build up-to a strong feeling of needing to shoot my load. He began to grunt loudly as he kept on tossing himself, and promptly came all over the toilet seat. I followed within seconds, forcing my cum deep up his juicy arse.
    As quickly as I'd entered the toilet with him, I left him there dressing himself. Washing my hands, I exited and joined my wife.
    Half way through eating my breakfast, I heard a guy shouting at an employee. Only when I looked up and around did I see the service station manager shouting at the young Polish guy I'd just fucked. He was telling the young lad, if he wanted half an hour for a break, he should fuck off back to Poland. It was then I got up, walked over and shouted at the manager. I told him it was me who'd delayed the young man, as I'd been ill in the toilets. Saying the young man had helped me clean up as he didn't want his service station looking a mess. I went on to tell the manager, the young man was a credit to his employer, and that he should be thanked and not bullied. The manager shrank when I shouted at him, but agreed his junior employee was a credit to his staff, and would recommend him for a time bonus (No I don't know what that is).
    Sat back with my wife, she apologised to me, saying she didn't realise I wasn't well, and asked me if that's why I didn't want to visit her mum. I nodded my head and told her I'd be ok.
    Before we left, I walked over to the young man and scrawled down my mobile number, just on the off chance. Later in my mother in laws house I got a text message. It said in a scrambled way "Thanks for today, free tomorrow x".
    With my wife and her mum going shopping, then staying out to watch a movie they both wanted to see the following day. It left me on my own feeling sick (Not). I text the young man, I now know to called Mikal and arranged to meet him. Picking him up near to the service station, he guided me to a really quiet spot out in the countryside. Stripping almost naked in my car, we had fast hard sex for not more than twenty minutes. Him sucking me hard, then fucking him on the back seat, as his feet were on the roof lining of my car.
    Half way to driving him home with me telling him I was still horny as fuck, he had me drive down a tight dirt road which lead to an old closed down mill.
    Getting out we walked along the mill and into a smashed open side door. Mikal instantly stripped and squatted down. I took his cue and stripped myself. Feeding him my cock, I took my time to face fuck him, and had him in a first for me, lick and deep tongue my rear hole.
    A little lube and we were at it again, fucking in a grotty damp dark mill, and it couldn't have been hornier. I fucked Mikal in lots of different positions, finally cumming up his gorgeously tight young arse, with him perched on a window sill.
    When I dropped him off at home, he asked me if we could see each other again.
    We're at my wife's mums house right now. I've already text Mikal after keeping in touch with him these past few weeks. In around an hours time, I'm supposed to be playing golf with a colleague who lives up this way. Instead I've booked a hotel room. The whole afternoon I plan on screwing Mikal and filling both his mouth and arsehole with my cum. Hope the girls enjoy their shopping, because I'm certainly going to enjoy being balls deep up Mikal's sweet bum.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    She's still in bed snoring away. Yet I've been awake and up now for over an hour. Only I haven't been alone. Hearing me get up, Scott her son followed me downstairs. I'd just made myself a brew in the kitchen, when I felt his hand reach around me and fondle my cock through my shorts.
    Knowing he was horny for it again, I quickly became hard and had Scott release my cock and go down on me. As I drank my tea, my seventeen year old step son for the second time in less than twelve hours, sucked on my dick.
    Releasing my cock from his beautiful mouth, he asked me if I'd "Give it to me". I didn't need asking twice.
    Pushing him over the kitchen table, dragging his loose comfy shorts down, I told him to wait. Going to the fridge, I took out the margarine, opened it and smeared some all over his arsehole. Using it as lube, I slid my dick up his hole and fucked Scott just the way he likes it, rough and hard.
    Like many times before when I've fucked him, he came within a few minutes, his cum leaking onto the kitchen table. Gripping his hair and yanking his head back I pounded into him, making him cry out. His cries of lust heightened the moment and brought me to my climax. Pumping my load up his sweet arse, I collapsed on top of him and stayed like that for a minute.
    Sliding out I told him to take a shower. He's in there right now washing off the marg and my spunk. As for his semen, I greedily licked it off the table and swallowed it. It's something I've been doing for over a year now, swallowing Scott's sperm.
    I did consider joining him in the shower, but that's too risky. Instead when his mother goes out shopping later, I'm going to take my step son to bed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    There's a plaza overlooking the East River in NYC where gays often gather. Often it's extremely crowded and if you make your way to the center, surrounded by bodies watching and chatting, you get to see stuff. I was 18 and had very little experience, just a few blow jobs with pals in school. What I saw going on was a guy would unleash his cock and if it was big he'd get an applause. This one, tall, good looking guy around 30 or so, standing near me asked me if I had been there before and I said, "no." I had heard about the spot and thought about it but shied off for some time. Now, here I was. The fellow said, "I'm going up, why don't you trail on, I like your looks."

    The guy went to the center of the crowd where two guys were getting blown and opened his pants. Out came this fantastic work of flesh art. His cock was cut with a giant Star Wars helmet that looked almost unreal. I never even imagined anything like that. He was looking straight into my eyes so I feebly went down on my knees, placing my folded jacket under them. He started fucking my mouth and I swirled my tongue. He breathed in and said, "Ahhhh that's it, that's it." Another guy went down and started sharing the cock with me. Seeing his boner, I took a hold of it and jerked him off while I continued to share the majestic cock as I beat on the other kid, a guy around my age.

    Then the tall guy pulled his cock in and zipped up his pants. He reached down and pulled me up, saying "I wanna fuck you real bad. Want to?" I said, "Never tried it but if I can suck you again..." He said, "done." I'm not exclusive to him but he and I have been at it for the past three years. I guess I'm spoiled. So far he's been the only one. I'm not in love but so far I have not met anyone who inspires me. He is also my first. I'll stay until the relationship has a natural end. I just graduated college, so I'll meet plenty of others. In the meantime, I will focus on that mouth watering cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Who would have thought after what happened six years ago, I'd be fucking a very horny slim twenty year old lad.
    Because six years ago, I had the mother of all fights with his father, over a fence they were erecting on part of my property. Nose, teeth, a rib and knuckles were broken in a fight which lasted around ten minutes. Like Corey's father I too had something broken, but it was Corey's father who ended up having to go to A&E with teeth missing, a nose broken and a rib which apparently causes him problems in cold weather.
    The police were called and it all got a bit out of hand, but needless to say, I had the fence line put back to where I knew it should be.
    Five years down the line, I discovered I enjoyed sex with younger guys. It started at a party where a young man I'd once worked with, gave me a blow job. We were both relatively drunk and I can honestly say, it was one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had. Agreeing to meet him again, we ended up in his flat and in his bed. I had my first taste of fucking a guys arsehole. And it just went from there.
    Even though I was married, I found I wanted far more sex than my wife, but didn't want the hassle of another relationship with a female and everything that could entail with it. The party situation was after being denied sex for weeks. Letting him cajole me outside I had him suck me off as I leant against the owners garden shed. As I've said the blow job was amazing and I definitely wanted to have him suck me off again. Only when offered his arsehole to fuck and to fuck as hard as I wished, I literally jumped at the chance, flipping him onto his stomach and burying my cock deep up his arsehole in one long thrust.
    Earlier this year, now six years on from the fight, I was slowly masturbating in our guest bedroom to gay porn on my lap top. I didn't figure I'd be seen, so left the curtains open. Having a really nice wank, I was licking off the remaining cum from my right hand when I noticed movement from the property behind ours. Popping my head up further, I saw Corey's flushed face staring at me from his bedroom window, and he was naked tossing himself off whilst watching me.
    Embarrassed, I quickly darted out of the room and went to take a shower. It was in the shower I went over what had just happened. And realised the son of the man I'd beaten up six years ago, who would have been fourteen at the time, had just masturbated using me as a turn on.
    Five days later as I was about to drive out of our gates, Corey appeared in front of them. Getting out I asked what I could do for him, thinking he might be pissed off with me. Asking me if my wife was home, I told she was at work. His smile made me relax a little and so did his comment next. Again asking me something, he wanted to know if I was busy and going somewhere (Dumb question seeing as I was driving out of my driveway). When I asked him what he wanted again, he grinned and very quietly said "The same thing you gave Ryan".
    Ryan was the young man who'd sucked on my dick at the party, and had been having me visit his flat to fuck him on a weekly basis. That was until he moved away late last year to go to university. It appears Ryan and Corey had some fun together and Ryan had told him, I'd been fucking him.
    The paper, milk and lottery could wait. Inviting Corey in, I instinctively knew he wanted my cock up his arse. Not waiting to see if he'd be coy about sex, I kissed him hard in the hallway and put my right hand down to his cock bulge. The kiss was returned, as was his hands cupping my cock and balls through my shorts. We took turns to seek out each others tongue, and the kiss became a torrent of breathless desire. Unbuttoning his top, I stopped kissing him and slid it over his head. The look between us told us both the same thing, get naked. Still stood in the hallway, I saw him remove his boxers and knew I'd want to suck on his tiny slim cock. His eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped too. My dick was pulsing as I stood there wanting him and wanting his mouth around my dick. Taking his hair in my right hand, i forced him down and practically rammed my cock into his mouth.
    Ryan's good, real good at giving head. But Corey is on an entirely different level of cock sucking skill. My cock balls and arsehole were all given "The treatment" as Corey likes to call it. I was in sexual nirvana with his mouth, tongue and sometimes teeth working wonders on my cock, balls and rear. Knelt up at one point on the bottom step of our stairs, Corey pulled my cock through my legs and alternately began to lick on my cock and arsehole. At the same time and a first for me, he slid a wet finger straight up my bum. Knowing I couldn't last too much longer with his amazing oral attentions, I told him to stop, grabbed his hand and lead him upstairs.
    Taking Corey into our guest bedroom, the one he'd watched me masturbating in, I closed the curtains and told him to lay down. Getting into a sixty nine with him, I sucked in the smallest dick I've ever seen and fucked his mouth as he took in mine. The sensations he was giving me with his mouth, were so unreal. I'd never had someone make my dick pulsate like he did and it made me want to fuck him all the more. Finally not able to resist, I stopped him sucking on me and moved us around. Lifting his legs and not asking him if I could, I first dipped my head and tongued his beautiful tight rear hole. Corey made lots of sexual whimpering noises, then with his arsehole suitably wet, I placed his feet onto my shoulders, put my cock to his arsehole and thrust into him.
    His arsehole resisited at first, but eventually my cock slid right in and his eyes bulged with desire. His cock began to sway as I started to fuck him, and I knew the moment he reached under himself to pull hs arse cheeks apart, it was time for me to fuck him as I wished.
    We stayed in that one position, as I piston fucked my neighbour's son. It wasn't anything planned or thought of as a way to get at his father. It was pure sexual lust between us, and Corey wanted it just as much as I did. Telling me to fuck him harder, I pounded his hole making myself sweat with the speed and force I was fucking his gorgeous backside. Every thrust gave me thrills I'd never experienced before, and I knew it was because I'd somehow found the right person for me. Corey too was crying with out with sexual intensity, and it became a rush of animal longing as to which one of us would cum first. Corey did, as his dick unloaded all over himself. I didn't stop fucking him and marveled at the ease in which we'd become sexual lovers. Then with Corey begging me to, I came oh so hard up his arsehole. I filled that young mans hole and kept on thrusting to empty my balls.
    Dropping down once my cock had unleashed everything I had, I kissed Corey again, but this time with more tenderness. Keeping my cock inside his body, I positioned us sideways kissing him all the time. It was a long time later when my cock softened enough to slide out, that we stopped kissing. Corey told me something which has stuck in my head. He told me for the past couple of years he'd longed for me to fuck him like that.
    And fuck him like that again and again and again, until as of this morning when he left our home with my semen deep up his arsehole. Corey and I know we have to very careful about what we do, and what we might say to anyone. We know his father mustn't find out and I know my marriage would be over if my wife ever got to know. But even so, I cannot resist having that young mans arsehole to fuck, and his wonderful mouth wrapped around my always ready cock too.

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    Gay Male / 47

    I took a summer job during college working for the highway department. At first my job was working in the warehouse. The foreman of the warehouse kept knocking up against me and one day he grabbed me from behind and just humped the hell out of my ass while he grabbed my dick. We sort of walked until he had me against the work table and he told me to get my pants down so he could get some sweet ass.

    When he shoved himself inside of me it hurt to the point that I had tears in my eyes but I kept my mouth shut and just took it. It was a cross between the best damn thing and knowing that I was getting my ass fucked like a queer. That man fucked me a lot that summer, I knew exactly where to go where we couldn't be found and he gave me a mile of dick by the time the summer was up.

    Back in college I sucked the store manager of the local A&P in the stockroom. I didn't flirt around or anything, he was back there and I went up to him and offered to suck him off. He sat in a chair, I got down in front of him and I just sucked him until I couldn't keep going. I told him he could fuck me if he wanted to, but that was too much for him.

    I sucked the A&P Manager a lot, he introduced me to the driver of the produce delivery service and he liked to fuck and I got it whenever we managed to be at the A&P on the same day. Once you break the ice and you get into the right group, there was more dick than I could handle. College was good to me, I learned a lot, how to navigate the underworld and improve on my technique. All lessons I have managed to use all my life.

    Queer is good.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Walking into the gym I attend three months ago, I was a straight guy, genuinely straight. Walking out of the gym, I genuinely didn't know what to think or what me sexuality was.
    Stood in the gyms showers at ten o'clock at night, I'd just lathered up my hair when I felt huge arms encircle me. I was pinned to the wall and was about to protest, when I had my mouth clamped by a massive hand. Seconds later I felt a warm hard thing push against my arsehole and then before I knew it, I had a hard long cock deep inside my body.
    Moving to get away, I heard a muffled voice say "Oh fuck yeh, pretend you want to get away". But it was no pretense at all, as his cock plowed into me over and over. The more I tried to move, the more he seemed to enjoy it and fucked me even harder. The pain receptors up my arsehole were going into overdrive and I very nearly passed out. Yet somewhere deep inside myself, there was also a funny growing feeling of pleasure.
    He leaned harder onto me forcing me up tighter to the wall, making it much more difficult for me to move. Then in a brief release of my mouth, I was about to tell him I wasn't gay. But instead of words coming from my mouth, only a sigh of total sexual relief came out. That's because every nerve ending up my arsehole had changed from pain to pleasure. And on hearing me moan with joy, he absolutely hammered my rear hole.
    The more he pounded away, the more the pleasure intensified and the more I cried out. Then without realising my cock had grown, I felt myself cumming and almost dropped as my cock erupted. If it wasn't for his enormous arms holding me so tightly, I would have.
    Telling me he was close, I heard his voice clearly for the first time and knew who it was. His name is Grant, he's a well known man in our town and not someone I for one could handle physically. His size, power and reputation preceded him and so did the knowledge he liked both women and boys to fuck. I'd seen him enter earlier as I was about to walk into the changing area, and felt it funny then he'd let onto me. I didn't know him to speak to, but I did know of him. So when he waved at me, I felt obliged to recognize him and waved back. That wave bought me my fist ever anal fucking.
    Grant with his dodgy eyesight, thought I was a young guy he'd been fucking for some time. Thinking I was him and about to leave, Grant wanted to fuck instead of going into the gym. Seeing me stood with my back to him in the shower and shampoo suds all over my head, he still thought I was his fuck boy. Sticking his cock up my arsehole with relative ease, and then having me trying to escape his powerful arms and hands, he thought like many times before in role play, I was trying to resist, which I genuinely was.
    Grants cock pulsed so hard up inside me and I instinctively knew he was about to cum. Rather than fight him, I told the huge man to cum up me. His eyes might be fucked, but the forty two year old's hearing is fine. So once he'd heard me telling me him to cum up me, he knew but all too late, I wasn't his male play thing.
    He didn't however pull out straight away. Instead Grant turned my head, moved the shower head and washed off all the suds. Smiling at me, he moved forwards and kissed me. It was unexpected, not only to be kissed by a man, but because I returned the kiss and enjoyed the moment.
    Breaking apart with his cum leaking out of my arse, he asked me who I was and why I'd not stopped him. Not wanting to get into it, I simply remember saying "Because it felt so good". And in truth, it had. Telling Grant my name, I asked him not to say anything to anyone as I'd not come out yet. He laughed and told me "Neither have I".
    Stood in the fresh night air, I'd earlier exchanged phone numbers with Grant, if only to play the game with him. To me at that time, it was a one off, a mistake, something I could forget and learn from, and ultimately move on from. Yet my emotions were in a total spin. On the one hand I was a straight young man, who'd been mistakenly sexually taken by a huge muscular man, and could get past the ordeal. On the other hand I had to understand and recognize I'd thoroughly, eventually, enjoyed having his large thick cock fucking me.
    Ignoring his texts the next day, yes I did give him my real number, I resolved to out it all behind me. But I didn't bank on bumping into him the following day. He asked if I wanted to have some more fun. I wanted to say no, I wanted to get away from the notion I could be gay.
    Sucking on his dick in his 4x4 down a dark lane told me I wasn't going to free myself from my doubts. Neither did leaning over his still warm bonnet, feeling his tongue lapping at my arsehole, with my clothing strewn inside his car. I was naked in the cold night air and about to have his cock slide up my arsehole again. And I wanted it so badly.
    Grant fucked me twice that beautiful star blazoned night. Once over his bonnet making me cum all over his paint work. Then again as I mounted his cock in his front room. I'd agreed to stay the night, but we never made it to bed before he had his cock pounding me.
    No one except one person, knows about us. Certainly not my girlfriend, family or my mates. We keep our times together as private as we can, and in many ways he's very protective of that. I told him I wanted it that way and to his credit Grant has proven to be a man of his word. His other young fuck piece has been politely told to move on, and I have his cock almost exclusively to myself. That is other than his wife, who knew I was in their home that first full night together. It would have been hard for her not to know, as she was sat only feet from her husband watching him fuck me as I sat on his pulsating dick.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    A year ago this coming weekend, I like most weekends spent part of it shopping with my wife. Buying shoes and a new dress for her, we entered shop after shop after shop, only to end up back at the very start in a shop I'd noticed a young guy eyeing me up. It was clear he was bisexual if not gay, but I'd ignored him earlier.
    Back in his shop, my wife wanted to try on four dresses she'd seen. Getting a female assistant to help her, I settled down on a couch purposely set up for male partners to rest on. Just as my wife went into try on her first dress, the young guy walked over and very casually asked me if I'd like some real entertainment to keep me happy. When I just smiled my "I'm resigned to sit here for the next hour". smile, he repeated himself, but then added "How would you like a blow job".
    It took some seconds for me to compute what he'd just said, but when my numbed shopped out brain did register what he'd said, I found myself becoming erect and totally turned on by the thought. Whether it was out of absolute boredom, or just his very cute boyish looks I don't know. What I do know is, I found myself saying "Where".
    Foll owing him through the store weended walking through a set of doors and into a side room. Before I could say anything in the room, which was full of cardboard boxes, the young man dropped his trousers and boxers, opened mime and sank down. Starting to masturbate his own small cock, he took hold of my fully erect dick and sucked it straight into his mouth. Only then did I fully register what the fuck I was really doing. I was about to pull out of his mouth, but he pushed forwards and took nearly every inch of my dick down his throat. And in doing so had my balls twitching with desire. Instead of pulling out, I found myself holding onto his shaggy hair and forcing my cock further down his throat. In a matter of minutes, I'd gone from a faithful straight husband, to one who having such a fantastic blow job from a young gay man.
    Getting right into fucking his face, I couldn't help myself calling him a slut. When he heard me, he stopped sucking on my dick and rose up. Turning around, he bent over a little and pulled his arse cheeks apart. Smiling at me he said "Fuck me, and I'll show just how much of a slut I am".
    You try and have someone suck on your dick and offer you the chance to fuck them, and not want to do it. I didn't even try to hold back. Spitting on his arsehole, I stood up to him, put my mushroom shaped cock head to his hole and thrust straight in. Fucking him with as much passion as I'd ever fucked any female, I had him moaning out loud with pleasure, telling me just how good it felt to have my dick so far up his arse. On and on I fucked him, forcing my cock deeper and deeper up his hole and then as quickly as I'd begun, he howled out and his little cock spewed out cum load after cum load all over a pile of boxes beneath him. Seeing his cum, had my cock pulsing and my mind thinking of giving him everything I had. Seconds later I told him I wanted to cum.
    Pulling off my cock, he dropped down took hold of my anal cream covered cock, and slid it over his tongue. Closing his mouth around my dick, I came in his mouth as I held onto his hair tightly. Sucking and gulping down my semen, he didn't stop until every drop of my cum was sliding down into his stomach.
    Just as my wife was trying on her third dress, I was sat back on the couch with a very happy and flushed looking young man smiling back at me from the cash register.
    Buying two dresses (They weren't cheap), we were walking out when I heard the young lady who helped my wife, telling my young cock slut "You look like he gave you something to remember". Just before we exited he responded by saying "He gave me everything I needed honey, and his phone number".
    Two days later I answered a text message and met a young man outside of a bar. Having a quick drink, w then booked into a hotel room and fucked a whole afternoon away. And I've been fucking that young man on and off for the past year. He's now twenty four and very much into older men. He's also from a long list of times fucking him, told me he's falling for me in a big way. Only last week as we're fucking outside close to a woodland area, I told him I thought I was in love with him. He replied by smiling and kissing me passionately.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I forced another boy who is younger to let me fuck him.
    I was so horny I couldn't stand it, and he was changing in front of me.
    He had such a cute butt, very feminine and he looked feminine with very red lips.
    I took off my pants, bent him over and using spit as lube, I fucked him.
    He just laid there and whimpered while I did it.

    I've gone to his house now twice more, each time I fucked him. Once we went to his room, I put it in his mouth and got hard then fucked him. The other time took him out and fucked him in my car. Each time he just lays there and whimpers while I fuck him when I cum he grunts due to my rough thrusts.
    He just gives it up now, I have someone to fuck.

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    Gay Male / 22

    I was 18, and my boss, was 49 and married, with grown children, used to take me out in his Lincoln Continental after work on Fridays and suck the beegeesus out of my cock. He was happy only after he'd drained my balls out completely. Then he would sometimes fuck me. Usually, he parked at the local movie-plex, in the back rows. He was a competent cock-sucker so I was hard and standing out by the time he parked in one of the back rows.

    One time, a cop patrol car stopped next to us and my boss did not notice since he was down on me and busy. My heart pumped a bit harder but the cop held his finger to his lips and said, "Shhh, Not to worry, I just want a blow job if someone's willing. My boss sat up, hearing that and said, "Oh, hell, yeah." The cop walked over to the driver's side and my boss sat up and opened the door. Standing, facing the open door, the cop dropped his pants but curiously, his heavy gun belt was still around his waist. Without thinking I said out loud, "Officer, I'm gonna fuck you with your gun on." I reached in my pocket for a lubed condom, went behind the cop and slipped into him as easy as pie while my boss sucked hard on his stiffie. The cop began to moan, and I said, "Not too loud, the gun might fire off." I grabbed the cop by his gun and bullets and slammed my rock hard cock into his hot ass. My boss had to stop sucking for a few minutes to laugh.

    Slamming my cock fast and deep into the cop's asshole I said, "I'm close" and he said, "Shit, come ahead, I'm ready." Both of us came almost at the same time. He started just seconds earlier, moaning loudly, then I came. My boss swallowed and sucked on the cop's shot. Then, the cop pulled his pants back on and said, "That was great, thanks guys," and left. My boss went back to work on me and after another cum I handed him one of my lubed condoms, as I did sometimes. He fucked me and came in less than one minute. I used to call him "Minute man." We never saw the cop again although my boss blew me and fucked me in the lot for another year or so until I left town for college.

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