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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 34

    I was cruising the city late saturday afternoon. I had already had my cock sucked off twice and I blew four guys. My asshole was greased and ready for some action but it was getting late and I was getting hungry. A big guy had followed me into the underground garage. So I got between two big SUV's and dropped my pants. I pulled my joint till it was almost hard then bended down and looked between my legs. He stopped and turn around as my asshole opened up and winked at him. I just saw his big booted feet as he came closer. I got a little scared thinking he must be huge! I got chicken and started to raise up but his big hand held me in place. "Stay put, boy!" He reeked of b.o. and had a backwoods accent. He was really big and wore a flannel shirt from what I could see in the mirror ,in front.

    Next I felt gobs of greasy spittle slide down my crack and into my puckered asshole. It started burning my bunghole and some of it dribbled on the concrete. It was tobacco juice! He rubbed his huge stormtrooper helmet up and down my crack then pushed it into my asshole hard. It was the size of a small fist and I yelped loud from the sudden sharp pain. His massive meat was like a thick forearm attached to a small fist and he rammed it in balls deep! Oww!! OOOhh!! It really hurt my ass! I hadn't been fucked in a while and never by a cock near that big! He fucked my tight ass with long slow strokes till he opened me up a bit.

    I just moaned and hoped he'd cum quick. I felt like his huge horsecock was splitting me in half! But then he really started piston pummeling my ass fast and hard! He pulled on my long ginger hair and roughly groped and slapped my plump, squishy ass and yelled Heeeeehawwww as he hard hammered my asshole! I groaned loud with each brutal thrust. My ass sorta started to throb and my stiff cock lobbed out big gouts of hot jizz that splashed on the concrete 3 feet away. The big, stinky, redneck retard jammed his horsecock in balls deep and shot a huge steamy load deep up my ass. His fat cock helmut made a loud popping sound when he pulled it out of my hard used asshole.

    I live in a big city not far from the WVa border. He was 6"5" and a smelly, tobacco chewing, red headed redneck, retard from the hills. He said he wss a hillbilly mountain man who "come up looking to fuck some city queer with a soft, fat, girly ass." He slapped my ass hard and laughed when it jiggled. He said "You wuz good boy!" Then spat tobacco on the SUV windshield and walked away. My ass was really burny and sore and spilling out greasy jizz and tobacco juice! But that reeking redneck bastard sure made me cum hard and his cock belongs on a big 4 legged farm animal! I wonder if he'll be back next Saturday!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    When I joined the Navy my biggest fear was having to shower with the other men. I'd never had to shower with other men before, even when I was in high school. I'm bi-sexual but still in the closet. I always had the fear that I would see all these naked men and I would eventually get turned on and be ostracized. Fortunately that never happened but it did lead to one of my biggest gay fantasies. A shower gangbang!

    I'm definitely, without question, a bottom when it comes to men. The thought of a hairy man taking me from behind and shoving his rock hard meat in my ass as his balls slap my taint just does it for me.

    And this is where my fantasy starts.

    There were about 70 to 80 other recruits in the compartment when I was in boot camp. I remember the first time we all showered together. I had never seen so many dicks in real life. Of all shapes and sizes. Of course the black guys usually had the biggest cocks in the shower. I remember one guy's dick had to be at least 6 inches when it was soft. I could only imagine what it was when it was hard. I remember being surrounded by all these beautiful dicks and just wanting to drop to my knees. Without a word being said the other guys instinctively start to circle around me. All their meat just hanging there like fruit waiting to be picked. When all of the sudden one of them steps forward and offers himself up to me. I look up into his eyes as he looks down into mine, giving me his nod of approval. I like my lips as I wrap my hand around his soft cock slowly sticking the head into my mouth. The circle of men tightens around me as the others start rubbing their dicks on my face. I start reaching out for any dick I can to jerk while I'm sucking. The first guy I've been sucking is rock hard now so I switch to one of the others and so on and so on. Each one taking his turn to be sucked by me. I start tasting the sweet salty precum oozing out of their dicks.

    I all of the sudden I feel multiple hands start grabbing and squeezing my ass. One of the guys plucks up the courage and starts to slide a finger up my ass. One hairy guy lays down on his back stroking his cock beckoning for me to come to him. I release the cock I'm sucking and stand up and make my way to the guy on the floor. I kiss one of the black guys as I pass rubbing his rock hard stomach. I straddle the guy on the floor, placing my hands on his chest then slowly lower myself onto his awaiting rod. I feel his mushroom enter my ass, a tinge on pain as I slowly take the rest of his thick 8" cock. I lie on his chest as he wraps his big arms around me driving his cock into my ass. Cheers go out from the crowd of men as the hairy guy ravages me on the floor. I push myself off of his chest and reach out for more cocks to suck. I'm in heaven at this point.

    "My turn." One of the guys shouts out.

    I pull the hairy guy's cock out of my ass and get on my hands and knees as one of the black guys positions himself behind me. He grabs my hips and let's the head of his dick rest on my asshole. Then all of the sudden he drives it in. The feeling of his big black dick is almost too much for me to take. After about 5 minutes of hot fucking I hear his grunts getting louder. I know what's coming next. He's close to nutting.

    "Cum in me!" I shout.

    Almost immediately after he squeezes me my hips as he let's all his man juice into me. Pump after pump of jizz filling me up. This goes on for hours as each of the 80 guys take their turn fucking and cumming in me. About half of them get their second wind and cum again in my mouth. In the end they leave me on the floor of the shower, drenched in cum and sweat.

    This is my ultimate gay fantasy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Going back fours, I met a guy who seemed familiar to me at a music event. Long story short, we ended up moving apart from the people I was with, and I gave him a blow job. His cock wasn't my first and his cock wasn't and isn't the biggest I've sucked off. What it was in my opinion, was the perfect cock to suck. I enjoyed every inch of his dick sliding over my tongue and down my throat. And when he eventually did cum, I swallowed the perfect load of cum, which had me gulping it down and wanting every drop.
    Arranging to meet up the following week, he told me he was in town for a short while, as he'd be visiting his sick sister. The next day, I traveled with some friends to a camping place, to basically give myself some relief from the constant pressure of looking after my mom. (I'll explain soon).
    Back three days later, I got a text from the guy and met him at a motel he was staying in. We had two and half hours of the horniest sex, which simply had me begging him to fuck my mouth and asshole over and over again. At the end of those two and half hours, I'd done things with him, I'd never tried with my girlfriends or the two other males I'd had sex with.
    Afterwards I tried to get him to agree to meet me the following day, but he said he was going to visit his sister, so I left with a promise he'd see me again before he left town. Sat watching my mother sleep the next afternoon, I heard the doorbell ring. Answering the door I came face to face with the guy who'd fucked me so beautifully the day before. I came face to face with my mothers youngest brother, my uncle Danny, who my mother had fallen out with when I was just six.
    Four years ago my mother was fighting cancer, now she's in full remission and Danny her youngest brother, is back in her life.
    Danny is also well and truly in my life too. He's moved back close to the town he grew up in. And once or twice a week, (Work and college dependent) myself and Danny spend a morning or an afternoon, having such an awesome time sucking and fucking one another. The sex we have is always very forceful from his point of view, as he gets off from dominating me. As for my point of sexual pleasure, I couldn't be happier than when his seven inch cock is plowing my asshole, and making me cum so god damn hard.

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    Gay Male / 32

    Well I suppose I should start by saying this is my confession.

    When I was in school (15yrs old) I was picked on because of my looks (chubby, geeky nerd) friends with the openly gay student etc... but to me he was just the childhood friend I grew up with and at this point in time I did not have any feelings sexual or otherwise about men, in fact I did not have much romantic feelings in general. I preferred to study, to go camping and kayaking with friends from outside the school.

    Now most of my friends were older than me, I was quite mature for my age, I suppose that comes from having to grow up early when my parents separated and I had to help raise my little bro.

    Now my feelings towards men didn't start to grow until I was 16 and having just left school to find work to support myself, I didn't want to let my dad support me as he had already given me so much growing up.

    I gained employment at the local supermarket stacking shelves in the evening, as well as a part time job helping with deliveries with the local man with a van.

    I guess you could say working helped me to shed those last social inhibitions as I became more outgoing and started to really enjoy more in life.

    I gained new friends, new outlooks etc...

    I was still a bit chubby but was now growing into both my height and build ( I'm still a bit chubby even now) and was looking less like an awkward teen and more like a strong hard working young man.

    It was as I was working that I grew close to the man in the van, who in this I will simply call Dave. He was in his mid 30's and yes you could look and say that this was grooming or the age difference but I did not act on my growing feelings until I was 18, he was simply at the time a mentor and friend.

    We talked about everything and anything, from books to music, to current events; who says you need college or university to be intelligent.

    Eventually at 17 I went to work full time with him as with the two of us he could take on heavier moving of goods, it was not the best paying job in the world but it allowed me to help out at home and look after myself, I also got him to put some of my earnings to one side to pay for a bike.

    Over the course of the next year I worked hard and Dave helped me learn to ride a bike and get my licence, so by the time I was turning 18 I had my first 125cc.

    Now I had learn to understand and accept my feelings thanks to my childhood friend who was very supportive when I told him how I was starting to feel.

    Now I just had to find out if Dave felt like I did, because I could not remember a time Dave had a steady relationship or if he even dated anyone.

    But before all that happened my friend persuaded me to go to Soho in London with him and for him to show me the sights and give me some insight into his life, and the gay community in general.

    I booked a week off and agreed to go stay with him in London at his flat that he shared with some other students, I will not lie and say I was fine, in fact I was very nervous.

    Matt (not his real name) met me in at the train station at London Paddington on the Friday afternoon and we hopped on the tube over to his place and dropped of my bag, he introduced me to his flatmates who were all a part of the LGBT Students in London and had met through the group and agreed to rent a flat together. There was two women and another male, and this is what Matt wanted to show me, that you can have a life and be open and accepted.

    I sat down as they chatted to me about their experiences and told me about their fears etc... It was towards the early evening when Matt said he was taking me on a tour of Soho and said to the others not to wait up.

    Now getting through London's underground nearly made me lose the patients and manners I was taught to value, it was a nightmare.

    We eventually arrived and Matt first took me to one of the bars he liked to drink at and we grabbed a pint and discussed what we were going to do that night.

    We decided to go on a tour of the shops and then onto one of the clubs, it was at this point I realised just how relaxed I had become.

    Now I will admit laughing my arse off as Matt took me to one of the sex toy shops, and to say I was shocked at what they offered was an understatement.

    As I looked at the 'toys' Matt brought one of the staff over to meet me and I was introduced to Matt's partner, who had a big smile on his face and said he was pleased to meet me and that Matt had told him about me and why I was in London.

    Now at this point we were escorted around the shop as I was given a rather graphic talk of how things worked and what fetishes there were out there.

    They asked what I liked and I told them I did not have much experience and I honestly did not know what I truly liked.

    Matt told me they were into bondage and asked if I had ever thought of trying that, I was very interested and was told I could try some of the toys out if I wanted.

    I agreed and was led into the staff room as Matt selected some toys to show me, as his partner went back to work.

    By this point it was nearly 8pm and Matt was quite excited to show me the ropes lol.

    He came back in with samples of toys and some leather gear for me to try on, apparently they occasionally let people they knew or were known to them to try things out.

    He assured me that the door to the room was locked and it was only him here and to enjoy the experience.

    He started by showing me the gags, the restraints (cuffs and leather) he said ropes were good but if I wanted to stop then simply unlocking the buckles was easier than layers of rope.

    He held up a leather harness, a leather collar and leather shorts that had locks and zips on them explaining what each does.

    He then asked if I wanted to try them and I agreed cos after all this was one of if not my oldest friends and I trusted him.

    So showing me the changing area I eagerly stripped down and pulled on the shorts doing up the belt as Matt said he would correct and tightened them. I fed my hardening cock through the whole were Matt said to put it, encasing it in a leather sheath.

    Now by this point I was very turned on and it was showing through the shorts, which just got a smirk grin out of Matt as I stepped out just wearing the shorts.

    He told me I looked good in them and that I had definitely had lost weight, at this point I was still a bit chubby but more like a rugby build.

    He then began to tighten the buckles and belts pulling them in so that there was no room to move in them, he then showed me the numbered padlocks and asked I was ready at which I agreed.

    Looking back I should have seen how eager Matt and his partner were to have me there (pun intended)

    So there I was now locked into the shorts and really starting to enjoy this experience.

    Ma tt then helped me into a leather chest harness that locked around my shoulders and crissed crossed my chest with it buckled tightly behind.

    I asked Matt if he could take some pics of this and he eagerly pulled out a camera from his backpack (again I should have realised how prepared he was), after all if I did enjoy this then this was something I could hopefully show Dave.

    Now came more leather as he attached leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles, no chains or locks yet :(

    Matt asked how I felt and how comfortable I was, I told him this was fun and I was enjoying myself. My mind was racing with the possibilities and fantasies that were popping into my head.

    Then Matt started showing me more of the toys, talking through the gags, the hood and the leather belts.

    Matt then asked how I would like to be tied, as there was various ways he could achieve this, he showed me anchor points on the wall where I could be tied standing, a set where I would be tied kneeling and a chair with anchor points and a set of belts for my chest, legs and arms and neck.

    He said we would only have time really to do one of them and looking at the them and the pro's and cons Matt said about them I chose the chair.

    Not because of how much extra bondage was involved, I just didn't fancy standing or kneeling too long.

    So Matt lead me to the chair and had me sit down as he locked my ankles to the legs of the chair and put the belts around my shins, holding them in place.

    Now Matt said I had to put the leather hood on as it needed to be in place before the locking belt was put across my head.

    So as I leant forward Matt began to slide the hood on, the smell of the leather was amazing as he adjusted it and zipped it into place, I asked how secure this was and he told me that once the cords were pulled tight and done up then it would not budge, and as he pulled and tightened it did indeed cocoon my face. then finally the collar on the hood was buckled up and I heard another lock clicking into place.

    He asked how I felt and if I could breathe okay, he then told me about using my hand to indicate if I wanted to stop, to continue or to consent, he showed me how to symbolise each with my fingers as he said once the gag was in then I would not be able to talk.

    I agreed and demonstrated them twice to Matts satisfaction, at this point I was feeling very euphoric and extremely happy.

    Now Matt slipped what he called a posture collar around my neck which made my head sit up straight and allowed no room to turn or bend it, I realised as it was locked on that the hood could not be removed without taking this off.

    Now Matt had me sit back and started to secure my chest and arms to the chair, the belts locking in place leaving me very secured and unable to move. My wrist cuffs were locked to the anchor points and finally Matt held up a penis gag, now at this point I had never touched another mans penis let alone had one in my mouth.

    Matt joked that this was a way of keeping me quiet but happy, now at this point he push the head of it into my mouth as he then pushed it all the way in, it filled my mouth and I found it to be very nice. Matt threaded the belt and moved behind me to pull it tight, the gag at this point offered no flex and I could not move my tongue.

    Finally the last belt was locked on, holding my head in place.

    Matt smiled as he stepped back and took some photo's, he then said he was going to go and relax on the sofa for a bit and said he would check on me in 15mins.

    I signed to consent with my fingers and watched him move out of sight.

    I sat there and began to relax into this, determined to enjoy the feeling while I could. I started to count the minutes as best I could as the gag began to make my jaw ache.

    Time seemed to move a lot slower as I started to struggle a bit, testing the strength of the straps, finding it all but impossible to move.

    I realised that 15mins had passed a little while ago and began to get concerned, until I heard a small moan coming from the door.

    Matt had let his partner in in to tell us the store was now closed, so by my estimate it was now gone 22:00hrs.

    He looked to me and asked if was enjoying myself, and then chuckled as I could not really give him an answer.

    He asked Matt how it was going and Matt said I took to it rather well and that I looked really good, his partner nodded and agreed with him on how I looked.

    "so you got him to go full on with the bondage I see, even got him into those tight chastity shorts"

    I tried to indicate that time was up, but they just smiled "So do you want to stop, were in no rush" said Matt as he licked his lips.

    I realised as a big grin came on his partners face that they were enjoying themselves, I tried to ask what was going on and al I could get out was a moan to which they both laughed.

    "Do you want to watch us, do you want to see what it's like?" at this my mind started to go crazy, they were going to fuck whilst I was bound, I was going to see cock for the first time.

    I signed to consent, figuring that they were going to fuck anyway.

    "Good, now so you understand we are going to be at this a while and if you do want to stop then indicate and we will let you out" said Matt as he began to strip in front of me, revealing his slim toned body and his rather large cock standing slightly to attention.

    "So to explain a bit more we are both versatile meaning we like to be top and bottom to each other, we are also switches so both enjoy dom and sub roles" said Alan (partners name) as he began to kiss Matts neck as Matt began to strip him, revealing a more hairy body, toned and a very impressive cock.

    "you at the moment are in a submissive role, one where you have to trust your parter/s" said Alan as Matt knelt down and taking Alan's cock he began to massage it and slowly tease it erect.

    At this Alan went quite and I got to watch my first blowjob that was not a download, I was glued to the actions of it; the way Matt opened his mouth and slowly took it in as far as he could before he began to slide his mouth up and down as his hand took the rest to make sure every bit was acted upon.

    time passed as I watch Matt work, the look on Alan's face as he stood there holding onto Matt's head as he moaned harder and harder.

    I realised at this point that I was sucking on the gag, Alan had noticed the action and smiled.

    "Do you want to try it?" said Alan as Matt slid his mouth off with a pop, I looked at him with surprised eyes and signed ok.

    "No, let him watch you fuck me first" said Matt as he smiled up at Alan "He's not going anywhere for a while"

    Al an laughed and reached down to Matt and stroked his face "get on the couch then"

    Matt winked at me and walked over to the couch as Alan stood in front of me and brought his cock closer, it looked moist and the smell drove me crazy as he ran his hand over my thigh.

    "I think you are going to enjoy your week with us" winked Alan as he walked over to Matt who was now bent over the couch so I could get a side on view of them fucking.

    Alan was putting on the condom Matt had passed him, as Matt poured some lube onto his fingers. I saw him rubbing his arse and then his fingers started to slowly finger himself.

    Alan watched on as Matt got himself nice and lubed, once Matt had pulled away Alan started to push his cock into the waiting hole.

    They were going slow and Matt was moaning as Alan went deeper with each thrust until he was all the way in. He held himself there as Matt adjusted and got used to the feeling, as he explained what was going on.

    Alan then began to slowly pump away as he slid in and out, building up a steady rhythm as Matt moaned; they were getting faster as Alan grabbed Matt's waist and sped up, pushing harder and harder as Matt screamed for him to fuck him.

    I was at this point on cloud nine and I hadn't even gotten to play, I was so tightly bound that unless they choose to let me go there was nothing I could do.

    With a primal grunt I could tell Alan had cummed, his orgasm driving him deeper into Matt.

    "Fuck yes" shouted Alan as he pulled out of Matt.

    Matt turned and grinned at me, "so did you enjoy our show" he asked a bit breathless.

    Al l I could sign was ok, consent, ok.

    "Do you think we should give him his first blow job?" asked Matt as he stood up

    "Yes, I think he deserves it don't you?" said Alan as he winked at Matt

    As matt moved to unlock my shorts Alan undid the gag and slid it out of my aching mouth.

    "Please, please" was all I could say as Alan smiled at me

    "Well as you look so good, but I think you should stay tied up for now" said Matt as he slipped my cock out of the leather sheath.

    "Please, please just teach me" I begged not caring at this point as Matt began to kiss my aching cock.

    I began to moan as Alan rubbed his fingers over his now condom free cock, the smell of his juices assaulting me as he pushed a finger into my mouth, not giving me a chance as he wiped the finger over my tongue

    "Do you like that" he asked as he slid his finger out as Matt bit the tip of my cock, I moaned and whimpered at the same time

    "I think we have a new playmate don't you Matt" said Alan as he watched Matt start to swallow my cock

    At this point I will honestly confess that my mind gave out on me.

    To this day I have never looked back, I spent the week with them and we ended up staying at Alan's so we could carry on my education.

    When I left I vowed to return as soon as I could and I was hopeful of my chances with Dave after Matt revealed that he knew Dave and knew Dave was gay.

    I got back to work and with new found confidence, I asked Dave as we were driving if he wanted me (hindsight don't ask anyone if they want you whilst driving it can be very distracting)

    The smile on Dave's face told me everything and he asked why all of a sudden

    I told him my tale and I will say I happily became his, after a rather emotional coming out to my family who to my surprise had expected this, not me with Dave but me being gay.

    Me and Dave are still very happy together and have a now rather nice collection of Bondage toys and outfits. Me and Matt are still friends and even though him and Alan split up we all have remained close and have had some great nights with each other.

    I felt the need to tell this about me as over time I have seen how hard it can be for others to take the plunge and be open about themselves.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I am going to cut to the chase. When I was eleven I was wrestling with my next door neighbor by the pool, he was nine, and I got his dick out of his swimsuit and sucked him. After that he let me suck him, I also had him suck me. After swimming one afternoon I licked his asshole and tried to fuck him. I had him rub his dick against my asshole. Our place for messing around was in the cabana by their pool. He liked it too, and he liked to suck my dick.

    The maintenance man at their house figured out what we were doing and one day he offered me his dick to suck and he fucked me, he got his entire dick in my ass. It hurt but it felt so good I wanted him to keep fucking me even after he came. I sucked him and he fucked me for a long time.

    Now, I a professional with a career and I ran into my neighbor at a reunion. He is a doctor. I grabbed his dick and didn't let go and reminded him of when we used to suck dick in his pool cabana. We sucked dick that night, we sucked dick and I fucked him. I fucked him and two days later he fucked me. I used to think that when the maintenance man fucked me it was the best, but my neighbor now a doctor running his dick up my ass felt even better. Like me he is totally in the closet, but he admitted he gets around and enjoys getting it on from time to time, and I told him the truth, since I travel I get it on quite often, always out of town. I usually top, but I needed him to fuck me.

    We laughed, he told me the maintenance man sucked him off and he sucked the maintenance man off, but they never fucked. He doesn't know what he missed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I have been married for over 25 years but I like to occasionally have sex with other men. I find it hot and taboo I guess. My encounters have always been 1-1, although I fantasize about group sex. Last week I got an email from a guy that sucks me off a few times a year. He told me to come over to his apartment at noon. Feeling horny I said yes.

    As I was walking up to his building a tall black man was also approaching the door. The guy dialed a number to be buzzed in and I was a little surprised to hear my friend's voice on the intercom. I thought, "holy crap, this guy is going in to get sucked off too". I said to him "looks like we're going to the same place". He kind of smiled and we walked up the stairs silently to my friends apartment.

    When we got inside my friend said, "welcome, there are three guys in the bedroom going at it. Take off your coats and join us". Even though I've never been in this situation before, I said what the heck. I went into the bedroom and found two guys in a 69, and the other laying next to them. One of the guys in the 69 was jacking him off. I approached the guy on the bed who was without a partner and started to suck him off. After a while, I left him suck me off.

    I then stepped back and watched my friend start to suck off the big black guy that came in with me. He had a huge cock that I needed to suck. After my friend sucked him for a while I asked if I could try. Damn, it was big and tasty. I sucked it for a while then had my friend suck me. In total there were 6 of us horny guys in the room.

    After a while I went back over to the bed and sucked on the guy who was lying next to the guys in a 69. I was amazed that the whole time I was there the two guys in a 69 never looked up...just kept on sucking each other. After a few minutes the black guy put on a condom and started to fuck the guy on top of the 69. I went back to the guy on the bad to watch and to have him suck me off while I watched this orgy happen in front of me. After a few minutes I came on his face.

    I stayed a few minutes longer but had to leave. As I left the apartment another guy was coming in!

    It was amazing to be in a group like that - lot's of hard cocks, lots of cum. A very hot time was had by all.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Decision time!
    Next weekend my wife is traveling down to see her sister leaving me alone with step son Alex. Alex is nineteen, slim, very cute and very into me and my cock.
    Over the last eight months or so, myself and Alex have been challenging ourselves not to have full on sex. That's ever since he caught me masturbating to gay porn. I already knew Alex swung both ways and I already knew his on off boyfriend and he, have fucked.
    Instead of telling his mother, Alex waited a couple of days until his mom was out shopping and pretty much blackmailed me into fucking his face. I've had quite a few women suck me off over the years, yet none of them have come close to the oral skills Alex possesses. He took every inch of my eight inch cock down his throat and when I eventually did cum from his wonderful blow job, he sucked down every drop and swallowed the lot.
    And so it has been this last eight months. It's not developed into full on sex just yet, but Alex has become increasingly eager to have me fuck him. Indeed only a few days ago, after he'd sucked on my cock for over half an hour making me cum once already, he told me if I didn't fuck him soon, he'd have to let his mom know I'm twink loving fag.
    As soon as he found out his mom was traveling down to his aunts, Alex let me know he'll be sleeping with me. He also told me to get myself ready to fuck him.
    It's one thing having a teenager blow me every couple of days. It's entirely a different thing having me fuck him. Alex is true to his word always, and I know if I don't fuck him, he will tell his mom we've had oral sex. But if I do screw the young man, where will it all lead, and how do I know it won't ever get out of control.
    Decision time???...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Me and my dad have been going over to my uncle's house every weekend. Me and my cousin were going skating and we got over there and it was closed. We came back home and we found my dad and uncle having sex. We watched for a bit and my dad was dressed up with a dress bra panties wig and makeup. My uncle was fucking him good. We walked in and they both looked at us and my uncle kept on fucking dad. My uncle told us both to undress. My uncle started Cumming inside my dad. He got up and I took his place and started fucking dad. I looked over and my uncle was inside my cousin. My dad looked up at me and we started kissing. He told me to cum inside him. We made love for hours. I must have cum inside him four times. We started making porn videos every weekend we went over there. My cousin started dressing up with my dad. Me and my uncle traded all the time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I met a guy who is my age, married also (to women), children gone from home, and bi. This guy though is unable to get a hard dick and loves being humiliated. In our conversations we got comfortable enough to talk about being bi and some experiences. His all started when he stopped getting hard. He was always a bit of a wimp, his wife made him switch the day they got back from their honeymoon to wearing white women's panties, with a panty liner so he didn't leave any skid marks. She would insert pencils and stuff into his penis if he didn't please her or do something against her rules. Now that he can't get hard she makes him even more of a sissy. So he has started liking rough treatment as the sub in his outside relations. I made up some BS rules while we were talking over a couple of months and he violated a couple of them. We would go into his van and strip in parking lots (no one could see in) and I'd "inspect" him. One of the rule breaks won him a bare ass spanking with my belt, he couldn't strip in front of his wife for a week lest she see the marks. He was adamantly against sucking cock, thought it was dirty and "women's work". So I told him that before I'd meet him at a hotel and really beat on him, abuse him and fuck him as well as make him totally crossdress and make up into full fledged sissy (things he really longed for) he had to first suck my cock. I told him at first he only had to suck it for 10 strokes, each refusal brought 5 more strokes. He wouldn't meet up because he was so afraid he'd have to suck cock. he wanted my cock up his ass but not in his mouth.

    Finally; after almost a year, I'd given up and had no sex talk with him at all. Then one day he said he wanted to meet and his only problem was that people would find out he sucked a cock. He was afraid of that old saying . . . You can build a hundred bridges; but suck one cock and you're a cocksucker for life. Finally he lamented and said that if I abused him well he would do two things, first suck my cock second after two or three sessions working him over, he would wait and call me to his home one night when his wife takes sleeping pills and I could fuck her, even in her virgin asshole. I figured a 57 year old virgin asshole would be pretty good, not to mention pussy that hadn't been touched in more than 5 years.

    He arranged it all, he was blindfolded, lying on the bed in a motel with the door unlocked. I walked in, showered, then came to the bed. I pulled his mouth to my cock and he sucked it until I blew. He gagged and spit, I made him swallow some anyway and rubbed the rest on his asshole and stuck it up there nice and far. I got him up and guided him walking around the room with the window shades open for all to see. As I walked him around I had two fingers up his ass. He was wigged, made up, dressed in garter, stocking, heels, and bra. I got hard again, then laid him down and in front of the window fucked his asshole. I shot another big load and whispered in his ear. "Your a cocksucker, a no good sissy bitch cocksucker" I told him that and fucking was all her was good for. I then whipped him, tortured his little, useless cock, stuck syringes with saline into his tits till they were almost a B cup, threatened to cut off his balls, then made him kneel in front of the window and suck me again. As he was doing it, I yanked the blindfold off and part way through bent him over the table by the window and buttfucked him again. All the time his B cup fake, saline tits shaking like a bitch.

    After we've had many sessions where I tortured him more, even filling his ballsack with saline, and putting needles in his nipples, his cock even through his tits when not filled with saline. I finally got to his house, and I fucked him lying next to his passed out wife. I sucked her tits, licked her pussy, made him lick my ass while I licked hers. Next time I'm gonna fuck her in both holes and leave a huge load of cum. How he explains it is up to him.

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    Gay Male / 55

    I played around with a few friends when I was in my teens but by the time I hit 17 I was into women and enjoyed getting laid by them and didn't think about gay sex for some time but then after I broke up with my girlfriend I was 19. Well back then if you had a fake ID you could get into the bars pretty easy and there was a corner bar a few blocks from my house and I use to go there enough that I no longer got carded.
    I remember this night as if it happen yesterday even though it was 37yrs ago. It was January or February and snowing like hell outside and I was at the bar having a few drinks and there was a black man I would say in his 50's or possibly older sitting a few stools away from me and even though we didn't talk something came over me and after about a half hour or a little longer he got up to leave and I heard him tell the barmaid he wanted to get home before it really got bad out being he was walking home.
    I waited about 5 minutes or so and for some reason I wanted to leave and give him a ride. I left and found him walking about 2 blocks away and pulled over and asked him if he needed a ride. He said thanks and got in my truck. I could tell he was a little intoxicated but other then that he seemed okay. I asked where he lived and he said a couple blocks away. So off we went and chatting pretty much about nothing and then he tells me where to stop. I pulled over and parked in front of his house and he just set there talking. He asked me a couple questions which I don't remember then he asked is this the reason you stopped to pick me up and with that he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock.
    Now I am nervous and was trying to back out and he's trying to tell me he knows this is the reason I picked him up. I remember staring at his cock which was about 4 - 5 inches soft and a little on the thick side. He was stroking it and trying to get me to suck him off and I said something about liking girls and not into that but he still tried convincing me to try it and just put my tongue on it. At first I refused claiming I only liked girls then he put his hand on the back of my neck and started pulling me down to his cock. By this time it was at least 7 inches long and very hard.
    His hand gripped my neck and tells me just lick it once. Well he got my face right down to his cock and I figured if I licked it then told him no that would be it so I licked the head and he moaned a little saying his wife don't do that anymore and it felt good. I tried to pull up but he gripped my neck harder and pretty much pushed his cock between my lips and told me to taste it. My lips got forced open and I now had his cock somewhat in my mouth. By this time I figured I had sucked a few friends off years ago and with his cock partly in my mouth I might as well suck him and was a little excited as it was my first black cock.
    I started sucking his cock and after a few minutes I could feel my nose against his pubs and was going up and down as he kept moaning and started pushing his hips up as I went down and about 5 or 10 minutes later he grabs my head with both hands and forced me all the way down on his cock and started cumming while holding me there. All I could do was swallow and keep him in my mouth until he was done. Once he was done he let go of my head and said that felt really good. Just then the porch light came on as he was zipping his pants up and his wife came out on the porch and as he was getting out he told her he was just getting a ride from the bar.
    Over the years I always would look for cock to suck when between girlfriends until one day I figured out I love cock better then pussy and now I only suck guys off and let the tops fuck me as I love the feeling of cock in both my holes but out of all the cocks I have had I do prefer black cock the best

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