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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am a 62 year old retired truck driver. I retired because of my back and to top it all off I tripped and broke my ankle. My wife works downtown and I am home alone all day, still walking on crutches. I got tired of television and started cruising the internet and looking for naked girls. To be honest during my forty plus year career I fucked a few along the way and none of them looked like the girls on the internet. When you get them to crawl up into your cab your aren't really looking for a model, a wet hole with do. I had a few that wanted to suck cock but not fuck and I had few that got mad after they got fucked and I had a few who wanted to get paid.

    Out there on the road, after ten hours of driving and stopping for something to eat you get to talking to guys and we all had the same experiences. This one driver told me that he took a young guy up into his cab and greased him up and fucked his ass and he was tight and it felt real good. In the darkness of the cab who cares what hole your fucking. He told me it happened at a rest stop, but who knows. In any event he said that fucking a tight hole like that was a whole lot better than a floppy hole of some truck stop whore. And he whispered to me that sucking a young hard cock was something I had to do at least once in my life, once you do it you won't settle for some used pussy. As a matter of fact if I was up to it he was happy to suck my cock and show me how good it was.

    Your instinct is to say fuck off, but he has his hand on yours and he is offering to give you a blow job and you really could use a blow job so you go out to your truck and crawl into the back and he knows his way around a hard cock and he sucks you dry. He says if you want to suck, go ahead he likes it both ways and you suck the guy's cock that night. You just don't tell anyone that you did.

    That was twenty years ago, a little more to be exact and now here I am sitting in front of the computer telling you about it. Between then and now I guess I sucked a couple of dozen cocks, you have to offer and get refused, but some say yes and you suck cock that night and you get good at it and you milk them and suck up all their man milk because why else would you suck their cock. Not everyone that gets his cock sucked is doing it the first time, most of them have been doing it for a long time and some want to suck your cock and get naked, you always have some of that KY Jelly handy in case they want to get on, because in my experience it is better to have them get on and than it is for you to get on, but that's me.

    But if you are stuck at home with crutches all you can do is think about the time that you let this redneck in Alabama fuck you and you squealed like a stuffed pig for him because he said he really liked that movie Deliverance. I found this place where I saw that some posts were about when and where to meet and I posted one for me, meet me at Walmart in the Auto Section at 3 p.m. I will be the one on crutches and say 'sorry' when you go by and we will go back to the men's room and I will suck your cock. It was that easy, that first time. I stood in the Auto Section for about twenty minutes and this guy came along and said 'sorry' and I followed him into the men's room, into the stall and sucked him dry. If you can't milk them why try?

    He gave me a card with a number on it and told me to leave a text and he would see if he could meet me but someplace else, not at Walmart. We met at McDonald's and we went for a drive in his truck and I jerked him off while he drove and when he was going to unload I got my mouth on him and sucked it all down. The next time we met up at the John Deer dealership and we went to his house and he got out lubes and greased me up and I buried my head in the pillow and he fucked me and left his calling card up my ass. After that he wanted to jerk together and make out and he fucked me on my back. We got together at his place, by then I was on a cane and I liked getting my pants down in the kitchen and holding on the corner of the counter while he fucked me and I looked outside. I sucked his cock a lot, and jerked him off a lot, and he fucked me a lot, and we got naked on his king size bed and jerked each other off and made out, sucking tongue.

    I can't say that my wife knows where I go during the day, he is a retired county Sheriff, seventy three and he gets a mean erection, much better than mine and he likes good old boys and a retired truck driver is right up his alley. I guess I never did try one of those young guys like my first friend told me, I still don't know if I believe him but that doesn't matter, that first time sucking his cock after he sucked mine made me a believer and now that I'm retired and have the daylight hours to myself I meet up with my new friend and we spend quality time together. I told him about that Alabama redneck and squealing like a pig and he laughed and ran it up my ass like he always does. My wife is just happy that I met someone to spend time with, watch a game, or have coffee and talk about when we were young.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I don't know why I chose this direction at this time but I did. I've played around but never any actual sex with other boys or men. I have been curious, though not attracted to other boys or men. I am very attracted to fit women, especially older women, and have a girlfriend who is 24 and a "piece on the side" who is 56. I travel all the time for work and I just got back from an assignment in Holland for 8 weeks. I had a corporate apartment and one evening after a meal felt like hitting one of the hash bars, got stoned, and on the way home stopped in a pub for a beer. It was a gay bar. I was hit on, felt up, danced with guys all things I'd never considered doing before.

    It was that night I decided that for the next two months I would be gay. I didn't know what that meant, hadn't considered being the bottom, top or both. I went for it the next night and in the back room at the club I gave 2 blowjobs the first one swallowing it all, the second an hour or so later, came on my face. He wouldn't let me clean up though. He took me back to the main room sitting at the bar with his sperm all over my face. He kissed me in front of everyone after which I took my finger and wiped up a glob of his cum and pushed it in my mouth. Guys were buying me shots like crazy. I thought he would be my first gay sex partner anally, but he left in about 30 minutes. Another guy took me out on the dance floor with a very slow number and had his hands down the back of my pants grabbing my bare butt. Soon my pants were over halfway down my ass and everyone was hooting at us. At the bar he kept my pants down, and stood behind me dry humping me as we has our drinks. Within an hour I was on my back in his bed with his probably 9 to 10 inches pounding in and out of my formerly virgin ass. This was his second time, he took me first when we got to his place. We walked in, only one small lamp on for light, and he grabbed something then bent me over pulling my pants the rest of the way to my knees. I had walked to his house with my ass exposed on the street and his hand mauling his conquest. He lubed me as I was bent over the back of the couch and he finger fucked me, which was pretty painful. Then he slowly inserted his cock and in about 10 minutes the pain was gone, and I was his piece of fuckmeat for the night.

    I walked home at 6am, I should say hobbled home, my ass had been fucked by this monster cock 4 times during the night. I was very sore and walked like a man who'd just been fucked all night long. I saw him at the bar a couple of times, he fucked me once back at his place, and another time took me in the back room for a blowjob. I turned into a total gay slut. Sucking and getting fucked a lot, some guys would suck me and they were much better than my girlfriend but not better than my 56 year old. I did meet a guy at a crossdresser friendly club and fucked him during my stay but that was the only one with whom I was the top. I was a bottom, sissy, fucktoy for other mens' cocks for the 2 whole months.

    Now I'm back and my girlfriend is great, I love seeing her naked, and fuck her a lot. My older woman is a constant source of sex and sexual inspiration. I told her what I did over there, and she brought out a strap on and got me dressed in a sexy nightie and her in a tee shirt and mans white undies, she fucks me. She also has encouraged me to continue with men. I miss it terribly, the feeling of a cock cumming in my mouth, filling my mouth with their sperm is incredible. My ass feels empty when there isn't a cock in it. I don't know but I think I prefer being a gay fucktoy for me over fucking my incredibly beautiful girlfriend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Years ago there was a porn theater a couple of miles from my house. They had two different rooms, one showed straight films and the other was gay. Past the movie areas, there were a couple of aisles of smaller booths with locking doors and basically a TV sized screen where they looped videos. The booths were supposed to be for one person but actually had room enough for three or four. Or plenty of room for two people to get nasty.
    I was married and reasonably happy with the sex I had with my wife but I was a young man and had sex on my mind a lot! Once in awhile if my wife was doing something with her friends or out for whatever reason, I might take a ride to the theater and watch some porn and jerk off once or twice.
    Sometimes I'd sit in a rear corner of the room and just idly stroke off. Sometimes another guy would be nearby and I could tell he was doing it too. Occasionally a guy would sit in the same row, maybe a couple of seats away, and take out his cock and start to stroke. Sometimes they'd sit close and reach over for a feel. I had guys jerk me off a few times and had a couple who'd stroke it and when they sensed I was close, they took my loads in their mouths. I was happy to have a chance to get anonymously and without any cheating on my wife. I guess today you might say that any sex without your spouse is cheating, but in my simple young horny mind, as long as I wasn't fooling around with women, going out drinking or partying with them and sleeping with them, then the movie theater sex was basically just jerking off.
    The time came when I went into the private booths so I could just jerk off in peace sometimes. One time I went into the booth and a guy I'd seen around the theater before asked if he could come in and watch a flick. I wasn't born yesterday and didn't wanna get into anything gay, but like I said, I semi-knew the guy and being young and in good shape, I figured I could handle myself if I need to throw him out.
    So we start a film and both of us are rubbing our cocks through our pants at first, then we open our flies and pull our cocks out and start really stroking. The guy has a pretty big cock, maybe nine inches vs my average six or so.
    We're watching some slut take on three guys at once and talking about how hot she sucks cock and takes it in all her holes. Next thing I knew he started to rub my balls and said he liked my hairy sac. I don't really remember but I might've said that he sure had a big cock. He asked if I'd like to rub it and I surprised myself by reaching out and wrapping my hand around it. He looked like he was getting ready to move in close for a kiss and I put my hand on his chest and said I'm not gay and I don't kiss men. He backed off immediately and good naturedly and said that was cool and we went back to kind of fondling each other's cocks and balls.
    After not too long he asked if I ever did anything more with a guy, like if I ever got a blowjob. I told him sure, I came in some guys mouths and was cool with it. I figured he'd be sucking me off any minute and was surprised when he said,"Yeah, but did you ever suck a guy's cock?"
    I said no and while I was rubbing his cock he kind of gave me a look and next thing I knew I was licking the head of his big dick. This was many years ago and while there was certainly STDs at the time, there was no HIV or anything deadly and easy to get, so no one really thought much about safety when it came to blowjobs. These days I think I'd use a condom with a stranger even for oral. Anyway, I found that I liked his salty precum and by stroking and licking and sucking the head, I was really getting hot and my cock was leaking plenty too. Eventually he was really groaning and seemed close and when he did cum, I didn't take it in my mouth, I held his cock out to the side and made him cum on the floor of the booth. He quickly pulled himself together, said Thanks and left the booth. I locked the door and turned to the video and finished myself off by hand.
    Later I didn't get any guilty feelings like I expected and I figured it was something I'd take one step at a time and see what happens. I still never wanted any romantic or kissy stuff with men. I don't get turned on by men, so I figured I'm straight and just an oversexed guy. I don't think it's important or relevant to put names like gay or straight or bi or whatever on it. Just do what feels good and avoid doing what doesn't feel good seems like the best advice to me.
    Over a lot of years I have gotten a few blowjobs from both men & women and given great head to a few men and women myself.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I put bi but have not had any sex with a female, other than feeling up one of my cousins once when we were about 12 and she was getting hair on her pussy.

    I have always been very small in height, weight, and general size. Even now I'm 5ft. 7in tall, weigh 120lbs, and only have a 26 inch waist. When I was a young freshman in high school I had a super crush on this blonde freshman and was making some progress talking with her. One day, I was coming in to the showers after having to run laps after school as a punishment from the gym teacher. Some of the older JV kids from the team hit the showers when I did. I only had a little hair above my little cock, which is about 5" long and an inch wide when I'm fully hard. The guys teased me about it, and even took turns coming up to me and rubbing their big cocks against my "pussy" or against my ass. I told them to stop but they wouldn't. Two of the guys were really hard. One of them soaped up his cock a lot and as he walked over to me told his friends his girlfriend dumped him and he needed some pussy.

    Before it was over, I'd been fucked in my ass by 3 of the guys. The next day the first guy who initiated my ass, told me I had to meet him behind the school. I was forced, punched, and stripped and had to suck his cock in his car, then got fucked in the backseat by three other guys who were watching. After that it was spread all over school that I was a faggot and took cock in my mouth and ass. The girl I was interested in just outright asked me about it and I told her it wasn't my fault the guys just made me do it, after beating me. She stayed away from me and even told the other girls that I admitted it to her.

    After that I became anyones fucktoy, mostly guys who were jocks and would get me away from everyone so no one would know that they "fucked the faggot". I had at least 10 guys who were coming around all the time, I was getting fucked every day at least once, giving at least 2 BJ's and on weekends I was passed around like a softdrink with a straw. Within 3 weeks I had sucked 13 different guys, and 18 guys had fucked me, all multiple times.

    There was nothing I could do, I couldn't defend myself, no one else was going to do it. So I just became everyones cum toy, their sperm bank, their faggot sissy. I now dress as much as I can as a girl, have shoulder length hair that is conditioned and styled just right, I wear makeup and I go on fuck dates a lot. With my small cock, and my small body I don't think there is a choice.

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    Gay Male / 49

    The days of our lives. Sixth grade friend had a swimming pool and we spent a lot of time in it. After the pool we went to his room to change. Why that day his boy dick was hard as a rock was a sign of the times. It just looked like I should do something, so I leaned forward and just put my mouth on it and sucked on it like a lollypop. That was a cross over experience. From then on it was a regular thing to do, and we spent a lot of time at his pool. He reciprocated, but that was not as good. One afternoon, the water was a bit cold, we slipped off our swimsuits, being in the water naked feeling the water jets on your dick and against your ass was a top line thing to do. He sat on the edge, I was in the water, sucking his hard cold dick, my eyes closed when he peed in my mouth. It wasn't pee, it was my first mouthful of crème de boy. What a treat! We also played a game where I held on to the side of the pool and he poked his dick against my boyhole. I liked it from the first time, it is just about the best feeling you can have. For me, my pool days were my moment of truth, and there wasn't turning back.

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    Straight Female / 39

    I have posted this in women only too...

    I am the 39 year old wife of a younger man I am pretty sure is bi and has sex with men when he travels which is a lot. I have no proof but I read lots of gay stories on here trying to find out more about what seems the thousands of married men who have sex with men when they are away on business. He is very good looking and has a great body. Almost too great if you know what I mean. He buys fitness and mens fashion magazines and works on his tan every weekend, in little tiny skimpy briefs, in summer. He shaves his legs, he says for cycling which he is very competitive in, but really is that necessary? I notice gay looking men looking at him a lot. He will let his guard down one day and let something slip or I will find evidence. I read all about the men, but no women ever comment on here about the terrible lie their husbands might live. All these bi married men have wives. No, I haven't asked him straight out. I am not really sure I want to know the truth. How screwed up is that? He is 6 years younger than me and all my friends think I am lucky to have such a hot husband. At least our sex is good. Tell me if I am really screwed up or should I take the risk and ask?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I read a story on here about a guy who had a stop over at the Hyatt Incheon Hotel at Seoul airport a couple of years ago and it really turned me on so of course when I went to South Korea on a business trip I stayed at the Hyatt on my arrival night. I was working in Seoul itself and the Hyatt is a way out of the city so more than a night was impractical. Of course I went to the pool and male facility as soon as I could after checking in. It was quite busy. Maybe 13 or 14 guys spread around. I put my speedos on and went to the pool. I did a few laps and took in the sights. Two especially attractive guys got a tick so I made sure I had some eye contact with both. One seemed to take a while to avert his eyes from mine. I discreetly gave my cock a few rubs and then got out of the pool with a nice but not OTT bulge. I dried off making sure I was visible to the guys. I then went to the locker room and stripped off. there were a few guys coming and going and in various states of undress. A couple were in tight skimpy briefs and one was in a thong which he removed and pulled a towel around him, but not before I had managed to review his package. Tick. Good that he was arriving not leaving. I got a towel and walked through to the large wet area where the showers and wash buckets are along with the sauna, steam room and large plunge pool. As I only had one night I thought I needed to be quite bold and obviously gay and available so had put three gold neck chains on, of various lengths and styles. One had an ingot. I also wore a fine gold anklet. I walked around in the nude rather than covering up with my towel and then took a quick shower before going into the sauna. Some guys I had seen were busy minding their own business but I noticed a few taking a good look at me and the others. My cock had swollen a bit and was in a state of slight stiffness but not erect. I went into the sauna and straight into a scene. Three nude guys all erect standing and making out. They didn't try and hide the fact but just kept going. one dropped to his knees and took a cock down his throat. I became fully erect and started to rub a very hard muscled ass that was in front of me, finding his anus in his trench and pushing a finger slightly up into it. He turned his head towards me and moaned and said fuck me. He arched his back and pushed his ass out. I pushed up into him and started to pump his ass. After about 10 minutes I had another guy eating my own ass and that did enough to bring on a very intense ejaculation. After pulling out I bent down and put my hands on the wooden seat and offered my ass. I was entered in a few seconds and fucked long and hard. He came in me and then the party dissolved. We took showers and I got into the plunge pool. It didn't take long to become erect again looking at the array of nude guys. The thong guy, who hadn't been in the sauna, was showering. I made eye contact and got out of the pool, almost fully erect and went back into the sauna. I was alone lying face down on the bench seat when he came in. He said hi and sat close. I said hi back and turned over, fully erect. He reached out and started to stroke my cock. I asked if he would like to come up to my room. He stood and kissed my mouth. I gave him my room number and half an hour later we were in bed. I left for the city the next morning, but not before booking two nights at the Hyatt to tack on to my trip. I had more sex over those two nights and days than I have in a month in NYC

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the adult book store, where the young clerk gave me an awesome handjob, and swallowed every drop of my cum. Well as I was leaving he gave me his number, and today I called him after my wife went to work.
    He told me he had some running to do with his Mom this morning but would be here by noon.

    He Must of been anxious because he was here by 11:15. He was also planning ahead because he came prepared.

    He brought a tube of lube, a couple sizes of butt plugs and condoms.
    He came in and we talked for awhile, I told him my concerns with him graduating with my Grandson, and knowing his folks and all.

    He assured me that this will remain private and that he wanted me to take his cherry.

    We got naked, he has a long but pretty thin cock, and we took a shower, at which time I taught him how to get clean and soaped him up good.
    Both of us got hard and I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. He let out a moan and almost collapsed.
    I licked the head and underside to his balls, so young and balls up so tight.
    Then I took him all the way in and bobbed my head up and down the shaft while jacking at the same time for several minutes.

    My own dick was hard enough I thought I'd bust.
    I ran my left hand around his ass cheek and started to circle his tight hole with a finger. He tightened up and said he was cumming. I held him in tight, just as he had me, and felt his cock in the back of my throat when he shot off. It was real thin almost runny, and went down in a couple swallows.

    I turned him around and ran my cock up and down his ass and started to jack off. I wanted so much to fuck him right there but I knew if I entered his tight hole I'd be done in 2 minutes.

    It only took a moment looking at his little ass to blast a load on his back. I wiped it off with my hand and we shared it.

    We finished our shower and dried off. I took the towels in and started a load of towels, so I wouldn't get caught with a bunch of dirty towels, and we came out to the living room.

    We talked for a little while, I was playing with his balls, and soon he was pretty hard again.
    I grabbed the lube, told him to bend over a little,and smeared his ass all over. I asked him which plug he wanted to try, he said the bigger one.
    I lubed the bigger plug and after licking a finger and teasing his ass, I slid the plug in slowly. He gasped and said oh god take it easy. I've never had anything in my ass, and this plug while tapered was big around.

    Once it was all the way in, he relaxed and I rubbed his abdomen and tugged a little on his dick. By now he was completely hard again and I moved behind him and started giving him a reach around. I edged him 3 or 4 times, stopping right before he was gonna come, until he couldn't take it anymore.

    We were standing between the center island and the leather sectional, I bent him over the back of the sectional and grabbed for a condom, and he said just do it! I grabbed the tube and shot a bunch on my cock, some fell on the wood floor and my foot

    I turned to him and with my hand on his back, I took my other hand removing the plug, I let it fall to the floor and got the tip of my head in him.

    I could feel the heat coming from him, and I slowly started to enter him. He said oh god
    OH GOD! I just got the head in and just waited for him to adjust to it.

    We should have left the plug in longer but neither of us could wait. I rubbed his back and slowly rocked my hips a little, entering him slowly while he moaned so softly.

    After a few minutes I was resting all the way in, his ass bottomed on my cock.
    I stood him up a little and reached around and started jerking him off.

    He actually started to rock a little on my cock so I bent him back over the sectional and started to fuck him. Slowly going all the way in and pulling it all the way out except the head, then all the way in again.

    Oh he was so tight, but it felt so good. He was moaning with every stroke in and out. He was loving it as much as me.

    I grabbed his waist and started a good rhythm bottoming out, my balls slapping on his ass.
    This is why I jerked off in the shower, I would have been done already. I started pulling way out and slamming in hard, a couple times he jerked and winced and told me not so hard.
    I went back to a good pace and just kept pounding him for awhile. A couple times I stopped and jerked his cock while I was balls deep in him.

    His legs would get weak and I had to push him forward so he didn't fall off the back of the sectional.

    I figured that was enough and I just went at it, a fast pace bottoming out for several minutes, I had to stop pull part way out, add more lube and get back after it.
    The crack of his ass, my cock and pubes were all white from lube, I had been fucking him
    so long!

    I kept pumping his ass and soon he said he was coming. I didn't stop and sure enough he blew a load all over the sectional.

    When he came his ass tightened on my cock and I couldn't hold out either. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed as far up his ass I could get and unloaded in him. He turned to jelly and more or less collapsed. He said he could feel the warmth and my cock twitching in him.

    I bent over him, holding him until my cock shriveled and popped out with a splat on the floor.

    I turned him around and just held him, my wet cock touching his belly.
    He said he never imagined it could be this good. He was asking when we can fuck again, I said don't worry, it will happen again.

    He asked if he could take another shower, I said go ahead I have some cleaning up in here.

    He looked at the clock and was surprised we fucked for almost 45 minutes. Time flies when your having fun.

    He took his shower while I cleaned the floor and the sectional. I'm glad I reclined it back to check closer as some of his cum had run down the back side of the cushion.

    I went into the master and grabbed some clothes, stood at the sink and washed my cock as he got out. He dressed, and I said we have to talk. We sat on the bed and I told him that I would love to hook up with him again, but I also hook up elsewhere.

    He said he knew I did, there's a camera in the back corner behind the booths, and he has watched me fuck a few guys before at the book store.

    I was assured this would all be kept quiet, he said if I never told people you were fucking guys before, I'm not gonna now. We hugged and he put on his shoes and left. It was a good afternoon for sure.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I've gone from totally straight, to being a proud cock sucking anal slut faggot. There is nothing wrong with that.

    The problem is I'm also a compulsive exhibitionist. I can't stop myself, I don't want to. Expose me as the faggot I am.

    I've been posting pictures of me sucking cocks and being fucked on the internet for years.I'm disappointed more of my friends and family haven't seen them. I need your help to share my pictures and identity more.

    I know I will be terribly humiliated if and when they see them, but that doesn't matter. It's only fair they should know I service cocks with my mouth and ass.

    If you visit the Glacier National Park area, I will suck your cock and you can fuck me.

    I can't help it.

    I'm addicted to cock.

    My name is Ric Carter, from Somers, Montana. Email me at [email protected]@g***l.**m for my pictures to share.

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    Gay Male / 22

    Looking back I could see what I was tagged as "Gay-boy" or look its "Cock Lord". Though I was not gay when they all began, I was just picked on.

    I wasn't exactly one of the lads, I had more girls in my group and only one other boy that I hung out with; I wasn't sporty or well-read so I didn't fit in academically with the jocks or nerds. I was just me, a slightly chubby teen with issues.

    I was soft, quite timid and did not stand up for myself unless truly backed into a corner. I didn't wear fashionable clothing, I wore what my father could afford.

    Now the boy I hung out with Matty, he hid that he was gay even from me when my own bullying began; though when I did cotton on I didn't blame him.

    Now Matty was slim and tall, well spoken with a love of theatre and acting; I was often conscripted to help with his little productions and usually I was the back stage help at school shows.

    Matty and I spent a lot of time together, probably too much but his mom didnt seem to mind me being at their house and I think she was glad we had each other to hang out with.

    Over time our adventures went from simple boy-hood games to more risky thrills.

    We liked fantasy games, roll play etc...

    So we started tying each other up, daring the other to escape nothing sexual just see how far we could go.

    We often just used things like some bits of rope, some tape or a belt etc...

    Now we were in our later teens, 17 and still acting like kids until one night where it all changed.

    I'd lost my baby fat and was now quite healthy, not toned but I had worked hard to be more fit; one of the things I did was kayaking and rafting so I dressed in a shortie wetsuit, which fitted me well.

    Matty dared me to let him tie me up in it; nothing unusual we had been playing houdini for years.

    It was as he tied me to the chair, I realised just how rigid the ropes and belts were it went far beyond our old games and I really struggled.

    Matty started rubbing my cock through my wetsuit, I begged him and pleaded with him to stop but he kept going.

    I really was uncomfortable as my cock grew harder, I was wierded out that I was becoming turn on my begging turning to moans as he kept on stroking it.

    Matty was licking his lips as he stood and stripped off, taking his cock and beginning to wank he kept on smiling.

    He brought his cock right up to my lips, pressing its tip as he pushed it through my squirming lips until I parted me teeth and then he basically fucked my mouth.

    I sawllowed a lot of cum that night as he kept me like that, fuck my mouth, suck my cock until I was a moaning mess.

    WE ended playing lots of different games over the next few months and despite how it began I'm still a cock sucking whore.

    I got bullied a lot during school but in college I embraced who I am, I am a big supporter of Pride both in life and work.

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