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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    just re-read your email, got me hot for your mouth, I was hoping you will swallow my cum especially the first time I have a large load for you, for the other part of your question I have fucked my gf in her ass, matter of fact every time we made love I would always enter her in the rear, it was a silkier feeling than her c**t she loved it....she would always lick and tongue my asshole as a signal for me to know she wanted me to cum in her ass. sometimes I would do her in the ass when she wanted it in her c**t, once she was pissed at me one morning about getting fucked in the ass and said that I was gay because I would always fuck her asshole instead of her c**t that very night I blew a load of cum in her mouth had her lick my asshole and then I fucked her asshole again doggie style, little does she know I have had thoughts about taking a man in the ass, in a way she gave me the green light by saying I could be a gay man as many times I put it up her ass. she will suck my cock anytime I want it, reason I want to have you suck me is that she will be having an operation next week that will end my sex for at least the next several months with her. so if I do feel comfortable and protection I may slide my cock into your man hole , I probadly won't fuck a manly man but more of a fem are you more of a fem? I'm stroking my cock now for you, I think for the first time just suck my cock, you know I use to suck my brothers cock as many times as I could, I feel I would like to suck another man, I did once this summer and got so hot I came while I was sucking him he was laying on his bed with his feet hanging over the side and I knealt between his legs with my knees on the floor like I was praying I sucked on his ball and then he uses his hand and spreads his cheeks so I could like his asshole which I did sticking my tongues in to his asshole and licking him while jerking his cock, this was to make up for our first meeting where I had him suck my balls and finger my asshole as my cock was pumping in and out of his mouth grabbing the back of his head and shot spasm after spasm of hot cum down his throat that when I got dressed and letft him hot and horny so to make it up to him for our first meeting I let him dry hump me, he had a really nice cock very thick and long atleast seven eight inches if he had put a rubber on I would have let him enter me, I could feel his hard cock pounding my asshole, just a little more pre cum on his cock and he was going to cum in, I laid on my back and he had lift my legs up around his waist I could see the lust in his eyes knowing I was a novice it was if his cock knew were to go hit my asshole at every pump and hit my hole right on each time that big cock spreading my ass cheeks, he was looking me in the eyes his cock and balls slapping against my ass the strokes became faster and faster and at the same time the strokes became shorter and shorter, he was now ready to cum he grabs his huge cock and with a couple of short strokes and then cums all over my stomach leaving a nice puddle of white hot cum. and with that he leans down and takes my soft dolly in his mouth, sucks my balls and licks my asshole, he was sitting on the side of the bed naked catching his breath so when I stood up to put my shorts on to leave I made sure to lean over right in front of him so he could see my virgin asshole which was only inches from his face so he could smell my man hood and to give him a chance to lick me before I left.but to night I want you only to suck me and see if we click, ok.

    On â10â/â1â /â2015 at 6:53 AM,
    Very nice surprise to hear back from you and very encouraging too. You sound like a nice guy and we seem to be on the same level as to
    wanting to share some male intimacy together. Please don't worry about my wife. She is down in...... and out of the picture as far as
    we meeting and introducing ourselves. Today and this evening I am free as a matter of fact. It would be really arousing to know I'm going
    to be with you this evening. I''ll be nervous I hope you don't mind me saying but so hot to get naked with you know how much we want to
    share this with each other. It's been awhile since I've been with a nice guy just to suck on his hard cock and make him orgasm his warm,
    sticky cum all over each other. And hopefully we can find sharing this to be very natural between us. That's the hard part to know now. Do
    you ever have thoughts of going further with a male and explore probing his bottom side? I don't mean to be too forward but am just curious
    as to your fantasies. We could also meet later Friday evening if you are so in the mood for me to put my warm, moist mouth around your
    standing cock. I'd love to get you so hard that it arches and starts to twitch and ooze your clear, slick, pre-cum all over my lips. Please
    tell me your first name and let's see if we both want to share this discreet male bond together. This could be very nice with each other, XXX

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    Lesbian Female / 20

    I am 20. Very petite . Very skinny. I am a runner so I am very fit and in great shape. I am 5'1 a latina. I am also a lesbian. I always thought of my self as open minded but believe me what happened to me the other night really opened my mind :).

    i cant believe i did this . i cant believe I am even telling anyone but this but here it is a few nights ago i had sex with a dog for the first time. hereâs how all this strange night happened . I was bored and started looking through craigslist ads for women seeking women . I read this one that caught my eye and decided to respond to it. Her name was Jessica . She had no pic but I liked what I read and thought id take my chances. If I didnât like who I met I would just walk away no loss. After a few emails we decided to have some coffee together. We met up at local starbucks and I new right away I was going to have a great night of sex with Jessica. I just had no idea how great it was going to be.

    Jessica was just the kind of woman I like. First off She was older then me which I am into, dating women older then me .In her mid 30's I was guessing. She was taller then me with long back hair, Beautiful green eyes and a very fit body with nice perky tits. I am definitely a tit girl. She was very girly wearing nice makeup and looked like she just had her nails done. She was wearing a very pretty summer dress that really showed off her figure I thought I was in heaven sitting there with her. We sat there for a while talking and getting to know each other . After about an hour or so she invited back to her house to have some drinks and see where things go. Of course I said yes without hesitation. Before we got back to her house we stopped at a liquor store and picked up some tequila and margarita mix. I knew it was going to be a fun night for us .As soon as we got to her house we started mixing margaritas and drinking . A lot actually . Then Jessica opened a lil box on her coffee table and we started smoking some pot together. We were having a fun time kissing each other in between the drinks and joints .we went thru a full pitcher and 2 joints before we finally went to her rm and had some great amazing sex together but thatâs another story. Afterwords we went back to her living room . Jessica went to the kitchen and made a sec pitcher of margaritas and started drinking some more. I was just sitting there on her couch enjoying my drink as I noticed she had this nice dog there . A German shepherd that was really friendly . While I was petting him we sparked up another joint . I was feeling good by then . Just had sex with this beautiful woman ,had drank more then I probably should have but I didnât care and was definitely high from the weed. Out of no where she just said it.

    Jessica said to me she always wanted to watch a girl get fucked by a dog . At first i was grossed out. I didnât know what to say. Then she asked me if i ever saw any videos like that. i told her noway. She got up and put a video on her computer and we watched this video of a girl getting fucked hard by a dog .she looked like she was really into it .I have to admit i got really wet watching it. By the end of the video i was really drunk really high n very very wet . before i could even stop myself i told her id try it for her. She acted like she was surprised maby she was i donât know .

    She told me i have to get him hard first so i got on the floor and started stroking him . That felt so weird . I have to admit I never thought id ever give a dog a hand job but there I was doing just that. It wasnât long before his cock came out of its cover and started getting hard for me. I just sat there staring at this warm hard dog cock in my hand as I stroked him. She told me to taste it , by then all my inhibitions were gone so I just did it. I layed down on the floor an took his cock into my mouth and started giving this dog a blowjob..i admit giving head is probably the only thing I miss most being with men and I know I am good at it. .i couldnât believe how it felt in my mouth or how it tasted very salty but i worked it for a few min moving my mouth up n down his shaft sucking as hard as I could . His cock was fat and long .it felt so great having a warm cock in my mouth again. i took as much as i could in my mouth .trying to deep throat him. It took a while but finally i did it . I had all of his cock up to his ball thing in my mouth..

    Before he could cum in my mouth I told her I was ready .i got on my hands n knees . Its called it doggie style for a reason. I started thinking to myself ,,god i am going to get fucked good and hard tonight .Knowing that fat pink dog cock I just had in my mouth will be enjoying my by then soaked pussy. Jessica helped him to get on top of me then she went to the couch. She started rubbing her pussy while she watched the show I was giving her. At first he just pounded at me looking for my wet pussy then he found it , Omg did he find it. he drove his cock into me hard . I remember screaming holy shit as loud as I could as he buried his cock inside me . There was no slow start for him . It was hard and rough .the feelings my body was having was amazing. I couldnât believe how much of his cock my pussy took. He fucked me hard and fast. My pussy has never been stretched open like that before . The fuck was amazing . He just kept driving back and forth inside me and I just stayed there taking it . I was his bitch .

    My pussy was so wet just dripping with juices . The sounds i was making even surprised me . Screaming and moaning loud as I could . he didnât just fuck me he pounded my pussy for about what seemed like for ever. He almost got his big ball into me but didnât thank god. I am sure that would have hurt me. I could feel it tapping my pussy with each thrust this dog drove into me. I had no idea how many orgasms I had but my body was shaking so much from the pleasure I was having.

    I didnât think he was ever going to stop fucking me. Then I felt it . He exploded his cum inside me . And dam did he cum . i felt every bit shooting out of his cock, filling my pussy .I remember thinking crap theirs so much, I felt it spilling out of my pussy and dripping down my legs.

    After he pulled out of my sore well fucked pussy Jessica got off the couch, and cleaned some off my leg with her fingers . I just opened my mouth and licked all the dog cum off her hand . She did that a few times until most of the cum was off my legs..She even dipped her fingers into my pussy and i licked her fingers clean after that. I even enjoyed the taste of that.

    I couldnât move for what felt like for ever. My body was racked and spent .It took a while for me to even breath normal again. Afterwords she told me she couldnât believe what I just did and how wild it was to watch us as she handed me another well deserved drink. I told her I needed another joint as my body started to relax. She just smiled and handed me one.

    i still cant believe i did it and I would never really tell anyone around me about it but my god it was the best fuck this lil girl had n a long long time. And I will probably try it again. :)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Megan and I had been best friend for ages. It took just a few drinks for us to push that relationship even though I had a long term boyfriend.

    My boyfriend and some of his friends where playing a drinking game downstairs when the (already drunk) Megan showed me to her room.
    Unexpectedly she shoved me onto her bed and kissed me. I did not stop her.... Her body was so hot on mine and her lips as soft as ever.

    Out of impulse I let my hands run over her sexy, curvacious body. As she started to undress me I reached under her skirt to pull her black underwear aside exposing her wet, throbbing pussy lips- shaved and delicately pink. I slowly pulsed my index finger into her tight pussy, she was dripping wet.

    She let out a powerful moan that the boys downstairs must have heard. But we didn't care, my slim tan body was sweating over hers already, I lifted her skirt, spread her legs and plunged my tongue into her sweet pussy. Licking around her clit as she moaned and clawed her nails into my back out of pleasure. Licking and fucking her with 1..then 2 fingers in her tight hole.

    A creak of the door told us that someone was watching but we didn't stop. We kissed and she sucked my large breasts, my nipples hard as I was so horny, as I fingered her harder but I could feel my own pussy getting wetter . I felt someone standing behind me and before I could look my boyfriend had shoved his thick, long white cock into my hispanic pussy as I bent over Megan.

    As he pulsed I pulsed and both megan and my bodys began to stiffen , I sped up my fingering and my bf rammed his cock harder and harder into me causing me to let out a big moan. Just then, Megan also moaned and we both came. And then I felt the warm oozing out as my boyfriend had cum in me.

    Her body twitched and shook as th orgam overcame her- I licked up her pussy juices and she flipped me over licking out my boyfriends cum sensually and playing with my clit.

    After that Megan and I have fucked often even without my boyfriend

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    After roaming around with much direction I got a job at the front desk of this dental practice. The dental hygienist, I will call her Kate, was a mid thirties, tallish, slim, workout, tanned, very masculine looking woman who wore her hair short and always wore dresses and high heel shoes, painted her lips and wore big earrings. The other women at work told me she was a dyke.

    One day I was in the bathroom and she walked in and closed the door and asked me if I could give her my opinion. She pulled up her dress and pulled down her thong to show me a large piercing she had gotten on her clit. She was totally shaven, waxed really, and she had a protruding clitoris with this piercing. She was totally tanned, and it was obvious that she was totally toned because you could see the ripple of muscle up her belly. I stood there, really what do you say? She waited a minute and asked me if what I expected was a dick, because, she told me, if she had a dick she would definitely fuck me.

    She pressed for an answer and I told her the truth, I didn't think it was feminine at all, that it was obscene and I didn't like it. She reached for my crotch and asked to see my pussy, to show her my pussy to see if she liked it. She told me again that if she had a dick she would fuck me right there and that she wanted to see my pussy. I let her undo my belt and pull my pants down and she looked at me and told me that definitely she would fuck me and she would like to eat me out if I would let her.

    When I fixed myself up again, she told me that I liked girls, and I told her no, and she said yes, that I liked girls, she could tell.

    After that we became work friends, we talked a lot and we lunched together and she would show me pictures on her phone of dicks she found on the internet. She was always looking for pictures of dicks, I told her to just get laid and get over it, but she wanted a dick for herself, she wanted to fuck a girl. She wanted to fuck me. She had taken the piercing off because I didn't like it and she showed me her pussy often to get me in the mood and when she got the chance she would put her hand in my crotch and rub me gently and tell me she really wanted to fuck me.

    At one lunch she asked me to describe the girl of my dreams. By then I had pretty much admitted to her that I did like girls but that I had never been with a girl, but I did describe my dream girl. About my age, she had to be white, and have pale skin, she had to have big eyes and big lips and she had to have boobs, I liked boobs and I liked a girl with cleavage, and I wanted her to be well groomed but not shaved. And I wanted her to be a girl who liked kids and family and Thanks Giving and Christmas, I wanted her to be the girl who sat beside me at Christmas after we opened gifts for the kids.

    After several months, she came by my desk and told me that she had seen the girl I had described. She worked at this art shop and she was exactly what I had described to her. So that Saturday she and I went to the art shop, and there she was. Kate pushed me to go talk to her, but I couldn't, I had never approached a girl like that. So she went over and told her that I wanted to talk to her and go on a date with her. Kate came over and took me by the wrist to her and asked me if that wasn't the girl of my dreams, there she was in flesh and blood and I was acting stupid for not asking her out. With Kate's intervention, we agreed to meet for lunch when she was on break.

    We talked, Kate listened, and at the end of the lunch break Kate got her to accept seeing us later that evening.

    She was more than any dream, she came dressed in a simple dress that flowed around her, her boobs pressed up, her hair pulled back, and every step she took her whole body moved. We had a glass of wine, then went to this pizza place and ate, and Kate invited us over to her house, and she told me to just make a move and get some pussy.

    She kissed me, and she got naked for me, and she laid back on the bed and she opened her legs for me, her pussy was perfect, and I did what I had dreamt about since I was a lot younger, I put my face between her legs and started to put my mouth and tongue in her and she held my head and asked me to put my finger on her anus and suck on her while she played with her clit and she had this orgasm. It was my first experience, the first time I had touched a girl like that and the first time I had eaten a girl. After she recovered she told me to lay back and she ate me, it was long and soft and she used her fingers to penetrate me and she played with my anus and she locked on my clit while she fingered me and I had my first ever orgasm with another person.

    We are so close, we share so much, and the sex is so much more than I ever imagined. Kate is my friend, and she is happy for me, but now I have a girlfriend and I don't spend so much time with Kate. I hope she meets that someone that she can fuck, because she really needs to fuck someone, someone who likes getting fucked by a woman like her. It is not me, I need someone soft and gentle, someone like my girlfriend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    In three days from now my wife will be visiting some friends of hers in another state. I told her I was too busy at work to accompany her. The fact is, we aren't busy at all and I've taken some leave myself. Not so I can surprise my wife and go with her. No it's so I can share our home with another member of her family, her older brother Ian. You see long before my wife and I were ever an item, Ian and I were gay lovers. We've had to keep it quiet and so secret because of who our families are. Both are very prominent in our home town, a town where everyone knows everyone else's business. Once I learned as a fifteen year old boy, how to suck Ian's cock to completion, I've continued to do so to this day. Only not only do I still suck on his beautiful cock as often as I can, I also have him fuck my asshole as deep as I can take every inch of his eight and half inch dick. In three days from now Ian will be plowing my asshole as many times as he likes. And I simply cannot wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I work at a company where we travel to do jobs and spend months on projects before going back home. I have been lucky enough to have a couple of very close friends in the company who, like me, don't mind having hot man to man sex when we're on the road. I hooked up with first Darryl when we were on a 3 month job and ended up spending almost every night sucking each other's cock and swallowing sperm. The next job was a 5 month project where I ended up taking Brucie's nice thick cock down my throat or up my ass on a daily basis. But this confession is about my current man lover Tom. He started as an engineer but quickly worked his way up to sales then ended up on a year long project with me. The first couple of weeks, we would see each other and say we needed to get together for a few drinks some time but never did. Then as luck would have it, we had a weekend off and he called my room and asked if I'd like to meet up that night for a few drinks after he was done entertaining the client. I said sure and asked what he liked and then went to the liquor store for some Jack Daniels. About 10 that night I heard a knock and opened the door to see Tom smiling and telling me he could really need a drink. We had a couple then Tom said he didn't know how I could take being on the road so long without company. I said that you learn to manage then noticed he kept rolling his head around and hunching his shoulders. Seeing a chance, I asked if his neck was sore and offered to rub his shoulders for him as I have a reputation of being a pretty decent masseaus, so he agreed. As I rubbed Tom's neck, my boner was starting to grow when Tom asked if this was how I always got my men. I stopped rubbing his neck and asked what he meant by that when he said Darryl had told him that I was a really great cock sucker and if he wanted to hook up with a guy, he should try me. with that, I reached down and was glad to feel Tom's already hard cock sticking out of his opened zipper and as I stroked it, I told him to follow me to the bedroom. Once there, we wasted no time getting naked then I pushed him onto the bed and began to feast on his hard cock and balls. Tom moaned as I assailed his 7 incher and pulled on his fat cum filled ballsac as he thrust toward my willing mouth. Tom grabbed the back of my head and said thru gritted teeth that he wouldn't last long as I let his cock slide down my throat and gulped down to massage his handsome dick. Tom's balls drew up and he locked his thighs around my head as his dick spit cum into my waiting mouth as I swallowed his hot seed. Tom moaned as I drained his balls then kept sucking until he gently pulled me up and hugged me saying Darryl was right then, after a long passionate kiss, Tom said for me to lay back and relax as he went down to empty my balls. We laid there for a few minutes kissing like lovers when I told him I was glad Darryl told him about me then he said he was glad he would have a man he could be a fag with as he stroked me now growing cock. I ended up spending almost every night of that year in his room and since all 4 of us have had many enjoyable projects together with all of us living in the same apartment and spending the nights switching off with a different cock every night. I love eating all the different cum and feeling a different cock on different nights!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I'm a young single guy, I live alone and have few responsibilities. I know this and I take advantage of it every time I can. Earlier tonight I was feeling horny and decided to post an ad on cl to see if there were any guys out there who were feeling the same and wanted to hook up.
    I posted an ad looking for a bj and hopefully more, I received several responses and ended up choosing a guy who lived alone and relatively nearby. (less than 5 min) He was also one of a few guys who replied quickly, and typed in complete sentences. But the biggest reason I chose him was because he is in his mid 50s and I have a thing for mature masculine guys.
    I arrived at his house and was ushered straight into the bedroom. He told me to undress and lay on the bed. It was a little awkward. I usually like to make out and get aroused before getting naked, but this was a casual sex hookup, so I obliged. He started kissing and fondling my cock, and before long I was hard. I watched as he stroked his cock while sucking mine. He had a firm, tan, body with almost no hair to speak of. After a few minuted I leaned over and started sucking his cock. We 69ed for a little before I took over and he leaned back and let me work him.
    His dick wasn't very big, but it was clean, smooth, and really hard. His precum tasted sweet too. I've fooled around with several guys, but I've never swallowed another guys cum, and I was really curious.
    So I resolved to suck him to completion and swallow his load. It wasn't long before he came, he moaned and warned me, but I was so determined I kept my lips wrapped tightly around his dick. I felt him twitch and cum came spewing out of the top of his penis. It was hotter than I anticipated, that threw me enough that I panicked and didn't swallow his cum, but he kept cumming. Eventually I gasped for air and it all came out around his dick, and my mouth. He fell back and thanked me as he caught his breath. I nodded and immediately made my way toward the master bathroom. I wanted to wash off my face, but I looked at myself in the mirror and admired the cum splattered all around my mouth.

    I still want to try swallowing cum, but I don't know if I can tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

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    Straight Male / 35

    My wife was delighted when I suggested we invite her father to come live with us. He was widowed, living alone in a tiny apartment, and lonely. She thought I was a saint! Now, I am what is called a "house-husband" as she has a really good job, pays well, but demands many business trips, and overtime. What she doesn't know, and probably never will, is that the minute she leaves, her father ties me up in a rubber bag, totally inescapable, with zipped openings at mouth and crotch, and we spend days at a time with him wanking me to the point of near insanity, with much orgasm delay and denial, plus constant intrusion of his sizable member into my mouth, via the other zipper! He is utterly merciless, and enjoys the power he has over me. He swears his daughter would quickly be okay with the arrangement, since it "makes him happy" and she's always been a "daddies girl"! Unfortunately, all he has to do is keep me like that, until she actually gets home, and present her with a "fait accompli" which he swears, she would quickly be okay with! I hope he's right!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    1500 mile road trip home

    My 84yo widower father-in-law had a bad flying experience a few years ago and now refuses to fly. For the last 3 years every fall my wife and I drive him south to his condo for the winter. Last week my wife was unable to make the trip so I loaded the SUV and took Pops to his 2 bedroom condo for the warm winters sun. I got him settled with groceries, his prescription transfers, cash and headed out on a 2 day drive home.
    It was 7pm and I knew if I wanted a nice room I needed to stop and check with plans to leave out at 5 am for the last 10 hours of my trip. I stopped at a name brand, middle of the road, nice hotel but was 5th in the check line. There was a really good looking, early 30's, middle eastern guy behind the counter who, when he would look at me, would smile. I got the feeling he might be bi too as I was not seeing the same kind of a smile to other guest as me. I was horny for some pussy or dick and not sure if what I was seeing was wishful thinking or if there were some chemistry. I was the left to check in alone and he became very talkative and friendly. He wore a wedding band, but so do I, and of course with SSM he could has been married to a man. As I was about to walk away he said, again, if there is anything you need or I can help to make your stay more enjoyable, I will be at the desk until 11pm and smiled really big.
    After settling in I decided to test him, so I called asking advice on a restaurant. He asked me to wait until he checked in another quest or stop by the lobby. I was getting off the elevator as that customer was walking away from the desk. He asked what was my pleasure to eat...I wanted to say your ass and dick, but answered Italian. He named a restaurant and provided directions - a few blocks away. I was about to walk out the lobby door when I turned and wet back to the counter. I leaned over and whispered are they any bars, clubs or places where a man can score - since my wife is at home. He whispered, what is your fancy for tonight as you can find anything you desire within a mile or so. I said, a hard dick has no conscious, so I am open. He told me which bars were the pick-up bars were located (for women), the adult books stores, and a gay bar if I were interested. I said, I've never been to a gay, bar but have no problem with gay sex. He smiled and said, and neither do I, sir. We are looing at each others eyes when he finally said, I can call my guy to come in an hour early if your interested. I said, I'm going to eat some Italian - you have my room number.
    Around 8pm I walked back into the lobby to see a different middle eastern man behind the counter. My heart sank not sure what that meant as the other man didn't get for another hour. As I walked into my room I heard my TV and sitting in the chair was that Middle Eastern man with a smile on his face. He said, I am anxious for you. I brushed my teeth walking back into the room to a naked, hairy masculine man with a nice, thick, dark brown cock in his hand. He undid my shirt and shorts, which he dropped in the floor. He pushed me on the foot of the bed as he knelt to remove my shoes and socks. Now he is massaging my feet and legs and up to my dick which he takes into his mouth, running his hand all over my hairy bear chest. He climbs up, with a knees on each side, as he slides his cock head to my waiting mouth. He hunch fucks my mouth a few minutes before he laid on top of me and we begin to make love. We lip locked running our tongues all in each others mouths as his cock drooled all over my hand and hairy abdomen. we made love, 69ed, rimmed each other before he pushed my legs up on my chest, slide on a condom, greased his cock and my ass slowly pushing his cock in my hairy hole.
    For an hour we fucked and sucked each other and the 2rd time he blow his load he asked, would you like some more? I said yes. So he picked up hotel phone and said, I will be there in 5 minutes to relive you - this is some sweet ass. Sure enough, within 5 minutes the other Middle eastern guy opens my unlocked hotel door. As soon as he locks the door he is taking off his pants, shirt and shoes. A thinner guy with a smaller, version of the cock I just sucked, we are into some heavy making out sucking and he fucked me with some major passion. God was it good! He cum the second time and asked if I wanted the other one to come back and I said, yes. He left me alone for some time. My phone ran telling me to sit tight. Right at 11am there was a knock at my door, when I opened it there stood both guys. For another hour plus we sucked and fucked each other with them then taking turns on my ass and mouth. When the finally left they told me they hoped I the enjoyed myself and would stop in again. They handed me a card with their names and a single email address and cell phone. They are the co-owners and a married gay couple. That fact would torque into a new dimension the Conservative, Religious Right, Tea Party Republicans. God, do I ever need to talk my wife into me driving down for Christmas (for some extra time with Pops)...and she can fly down and back.

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    Gay Male / 54

    Next door to me lived a doctor and he had son my same age. We were still in the sixth grade when we found this book in his dad's library that had pictures of gay sex. There were a whole boat load of pictures of men sucking dick and men fucking men. All the pictures were in black and white.

    We decided to try, he took his dick out and I sucked it. The more I sucked it the harder it got, the more I sucked it the more I liked it. From then on we would take that book and we would go to the pool house and we would look at the pictures and then I would suck his dick. He sucked my dick too, but really it was me sucking his dick. We finished going through puberty and by then we were ejaculating and trying each other's semen and I was eating as much of it that I could. We were no longer boys, our dicks were fully mature and I would jack off while I sucked him.

    One day we tried the holy grail. I got down on my knees and he got on my back and using some hand cream we had our first ever fuck session. To me it was like the first time I sucked his dick, it was instant like. We were hooked after that and we went to a pattern of sitting with the book between us finding favorite pictures of dicks or men fucking while we masturbated each other until I just could not hold off any longer and I would suck his dick until he was totally hard and then we would fuck.

    Those days of growing up still hold a special place for me. He grew up to be a doctor like his father and I became a swim and track coach and all these years later I still get that feeling when we are together. In the end he gives in and lets me suck his dick, and sometimes he give in and we go all the way. I don't have a problem with who I am I knew way back then and I know now, but my friend has a problem with his desires and only gives in to them with me.

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