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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I've had an on going gay affair with my coworker for 20 years. It began one night when a few of us on a work crew were drinking a few in his motel room. At the time, I never suspected that Jay was even remotely gay even tho we all constantly joked about sucking cock all the time but that was as far as it went. One by one, the rest of the crew went to their rooms until just he and I were left. Jay kept stretching his left side and said his back was extremely tense and then just came out and asked if I would rub his back for him and even offered to pay me for it. He was wearing a t shirt and sweats so I told him just to roll over and I'd do it. After he rolled over, I sat beside him on the bed and massaged his shoulders then suggested he take his shirt off since it kept bunching up and asked if lotion would make it easier. I agreed then after he laid back down I resumed rubbing his mid and lower back feeling his muscles slowly relaxing and feeling my own cock starting to get hard. I continued working down his back to his belt line then asked if he wanted me to go lower to which he quickly said yes and I took that opportunity to both rearrange my boner and pull his sweats down to his ass crack. I was now kneeling between his legs as I resumed kneading his ass muscles and kept pushing his sweats lower until his ass was almost nude then he reached down and pushed them down completely to his knees. Now I was rubbing his ass and thighs and was taking chances feeling between his legs to feel his balls and the head of his cock which he had pushed down earlier. We were both breathing pretty heavy as now I was openly caressing his balls and I told him to roll over. He hesitated but as I stood up, he rolled over, took his sweats off and laid back down as I again knelt between his legs and looked at his throbbing 7" cock. As I reached out and cupped his balls with one hand and squeezed his cock with the other, I asked if he was going to tell anyone about what we were doing and his answer was "Who would I tell?" With that, I leaned down and licked the head of his cock then wrapped my lips around it and slowly sucked on him getting a nice slow rhythm going that soon had him moaning. It had been about 5 years since I had last sucked a cock and man, had I missed it. I was really enjoying the taste and shape of Jay's boner and the way it was throbbing and leaking his salty precum, I could tell he was enjoying the blowjob I was giving him. I was sucking steadily as I worked my head down his shaft, twirling my tongue along the shaft then sucking hard as I made my way back up to the spongy head and letting my tongue tip into his piss slit then repeating until he softly started to pull away. His balls were tightening as I heard him say thru gritted teeth that he was going to cum but I kept sucking away wanting to feel him empty his balls into my mouth as his cock spasmed and a jet of man juice shot out into my mouth quickly followed by a series of more as he pulled my hair and writhed on the bed thrusting in and out of my willing cocksucker mouth. I didn't let off until he had regained his composure then I let his goo slowly ooze out of my mouth back onto his softening cock and sagging balls as he gently stroked my hair and face. I should have wanted to take out my own cock and ram it into his mouth but for right now I was feeling like the worlds greatest cocksucking slut and so I told him we could talk about it later as I let myself out and went back to my room.
    Since that night, we both have given each other mind blowing blowjobs always ending with swallowing the others seed and have fucked each others tight asshole several times and helped each other live out all of our gay fantasies and continue having man sex whenever we get together.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I have a confession to get off my chest.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    This started almost seventeen years ago and how I be came a cock whore. My mom and dad always argued as long as I can remember and always seemed to make up at some point, well I happened to walk in on them when my mother was making up with my daddy, she had his huge hard cock in her mouth, I was dumfounded an amazed. I never saw such a thing and could not believe at how big my Daddy's cock and balls where and that mom had it in her mouth. Mom was on her knees and daddy was sitting on the edge of the bed with no pants on, I'm standing in the doorway which was open, she takes the cock out of her mouth and is holding it in her hand and says get out, daddy just smiled, a kinda wicked smile at that. I went into my room and sat on my bed trying to figure out what had just happened and what was going on, at the time I was no more than fourteen or fifteen. Sitting on my bed and thinking about how big a daddy's cock was when my mother all red faced goes by the door into my bed room and says daddy will talk to me. She just sucked my daddy's cock. My Daddy comes into the room and sits on the bed right next to me, he starts off telling me that when mommys and daddy's who get married like to make each other feel special and sometimes to show how much they love each other that they do things like what you saw. So daddy was like do you have anything to say or do you want to talk more about it, I just nodded my head no almost couldn't talk, it wasn't because I couldn't it was because I could not get over at how nice his cock looked. Daddy was like okay then Mommy is down stairs cooking something to eat for dinner so let's go down. When I came into the kitchen Mom acted like everything was normal and the meal went on and we never spoke about it.

    That night Daddy was tucking me into bed so I figured after spending all night thinking about what he said earlier about how people show each other how much they love each other was to do what Mommy did with his cock. When I said that he comes over and sits on my bed and strokes my hair and leans over a little bit and says yes that is what Mommy's and son's do for Daddy's to show how much they love him. I laid there for a couple of seconds and said you know I love you the most and I want to show you how much I love you if you let me. With out a word Daddy un-snaps his pants and un-zips his fly and with no under wear on his seven inch cock pops out right by my face, so I lean on my elbows like I was watching tv and put my hand on to his cock and holding it with my left hand I opened my mouth over his cock and started to suck him. It was not bad tasting or yuckie in anyway at all, I could feel Daddy's hand on the back of my head and with a gentle push on my head I went down a little deeper on his cock, I really wanted to show Daddy how much I loved him and really wanted to do a good thing for him, as I continued to suck his cock I could hear Mommy coming up the stairs I wanted her to see how much I love Daddy too, so she standing at the doorway and says good night my darlings and then goes into the master bedroom. The whole time Daddy is stroking my hair and how much he loves me and how good a job I'm doing sucking his cock and how Mommy is so proud of you. That really made me feel special, Daddy then moans a little and then peed into my mouth which tasted salty and creamy at the same time, I did not want to swallow that at all, he was like swallow it son, swallow it, but most went down his shaft on to his crotch and balls, he lifts my head off his cock and with a little disappointment on his face says if you love your Daddy that you will drink his sperm. I didn't know it was sperm and then Daddy tells me it was man juice and it will help me have a big cock like his some day and wants me to always swallow his man juice because he wants his son to have a big cock too. So now Daddy wants me to lick Daddy's balls off of his sperm, he shifts a little on the bed so I could get between his legs and get to his big balls a little easier and I started to lick up his balls of all the sperm that was on them. I really, really wanted a nice big cock like his from then on I always swallowed every drop I could from any body I could get it from and from that day I would suck ?Daddy almost every night un-till Daddy and Mommy got separated I really wanted to stay with Daddy he had to move out I was sad until I met my new next door neighbor. Looking back on it now Daddy had no hair on his balls or around his cock, completely shaved just like mine was at the time, being a kid and all.

    The next morning at breakfast we did not talk about anything that happened the day before and my Mommy cooked some eggs and bacon and kissed my fore head as usual and I went off to school.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    A number of years ago I used to go every Friday night to the drive-in theater. My wife would stay home, as she didn't like watching a movie from the car. I liked to sit near the back left, just in case I needed to jerk off or something.

    On one occasion I was there watching a double feature, and during the intermission I was sitting in my car, and this good looking younger man walked around the perimeter and happened to glance at me as I looked at him. He turned toward me and put his hand to his crotch. I shook my head yes, and he walked over to my car. It was very dark, so I figured we were safe. He walked to my window, and to my surprise just stood there with his zipper down and his cock poking out. I glanced around to make sure nobody was looking at us and leaned out and took his cock in my mouth. It was actually quite large, but was delicious in my mouth.

    I sucked him for about 10 minutes, and just as the second movie was starting he said he was gonna cum. I took a chance and clamped my lips around the head of his cock just as he started cumming. He had a pretty good load, but I managed to swallow it all. I kept his cock in my mouth until he was completely spent. He then zipped back up and walked away.

    I have no idea who he was, and never saw him again, but it was a night I'm sure to remember.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I'd always hidden my curiosity for gay sex. Never having actually had any form of sexual contact with guys, I only fantasised about what it would be like to have a guy thrusting his cock inside my mouth, or having him fuck my tight arsehole.
    My job includes delivering replacement products to our customers. Some are happy to see me, other are annoyed they'd had to have replacement items. One such guy called Paul, an older man, was the latter of the two at first. He shouted at me for being as he said, late. Then the replacement part wasn't the correct one so he shouted at me, the messenger if you like, for getting that wrong. After another complete mess up with another product, not associated with our company, I visited his home again.
    He couldn't have been more different. He apologised for shouting at me previously and asked me if I'd like to come in as he'd just put the kettle on. I was genuinely about to say no, when I saw the massive bulge in the front of the bath robe he was wearing. With only one more item to deliver after my lunch, I said "yes".
    Paul was so hyped up, he almost couldn't control himself as he busied himself around the kitchen making the tea. He passed me my drink as I sat at his breakfast bar, then Paul asked me if I was gay. I told him with surprise on my face, I had a long term girlfriend, but he then went on to say "Yes, you probably have, but I've just seen you looking at my cock bulge, so do you have sex with men or not".
    It was seminal moment for me. Like I've mentioned, I'd always been curious, and being in a guys home with him having what looked like a large hard on, I had a choice to make. I made it, hence why I'm here confessing.
    I told Paul what I've just put down here. Taking my drink and putting it down, Paul stepped upto me, held my hand and told me he'd popped a blue pill that morning, hoping it would be me who delivered the item. That explained the bulge I suppose. Moving the bathroobe to one side, he put my hand onto his straining cock inside the robe and had me start to stroke him. His cock was the first other than my own to be wanked by me, but it just came natuarlly for me, as I held onto his hard thick cock when he let go of mine. At the same time Paul leant towards me and we kissed.
    His goatee beard tickled my face as our tongues explored each others mouths and I soon found myself becoming erect. Paul lifted me off the breakfast bar stool I was sat on, moved us over to a small cushioned seat and had me sit on it.
    Untying his robe, he let it fall to the floor and I saw just how big his cock was for the first time. Mine is around six inches when fully erct, Pauls was at least three inches longer and far thicker than mine. I didn't need asking, I did something I'd always sexually wanted to do, I put a guys cock into my mouth and began to suck on it, as I like mine being sucked.
    It was so "normal" for me. It seemed I'd always been sucking on mens cocks, as his dick slowly slid down my throat. My girlfriend couldn't deep throat, but it came totally naturally for me and I sensed paul was surprised. Non the less, it didn't stop him from starting to fuck my mouth and throat and before long I heard him begin to pant and moan loudly. He gripped my face hard telling me he wanted to cum down my throat. I could hardly say no as I had his thick hard cock fucking my mouth, so I just made a sound of approval. Moments later he came filling my mouth and making me swallow. His cum didn't taste as I thought it would, salty and a bit acidic. It actually tasted quite sweet and I couldn't help myself as I swallowed the lot, telling him I wanted more.
    paul had me undress slowly for him. We'd moved to his front room and onto the setee. It was my turn to lay there and have a man suck me off. And what a blow job. I've been sucked off by more than twenty different girls and then women since I lost my virginity at the age of fifteen. But no one and I do mean no one, has sucked my cock as good as Paul did that day. Every inch of my dick was kissed, licked, sucked and gently bitten. His tongued worked it's way all over my cock, tracing every single vein and then over my mushroom shaped cock head. Then just as I tiold him I wanted to cum, he stopped, and told me he wanted to fuck me. I was so sexually charged, I just said "Oh fuck yeah".
    I was turned over and I heard him pulling a condom over his cock. Then I felt a cold slippery substance being smeared all over my arsehole. The cold feeling was replaced by a burning sensation as his cock slowly entered my arse. Nothing could have prepared me for the intial pain, but I was too fucking horny to stop him, and I really really wanted to fucked at that point. Paul took his time knowing from my moans and my screwed up face, I was feeling pain. He also knew because I'd told him, he was taking my anal cherry.
    With each slow gentle thrust into my arsehole, my rear began to accept his cock a little easier. Then as if the dam walls had broken, my arsehole gave and I began to feel unbelievable pleasure up my arse. The feeling was so strong it felt as if I was cumming up my rear hole. The moans of pain were soon replaced by moans of pleasure and Paul being an experienced gay lover, knew that was his que to begin to fuck me for real.
    We didn't swap positions until Paul was pounding my arse like I'd always been fucked. And when we did, he had me lay on my back so I could watch him fucking me. He took hold of my throbbing erection as he slid his cock into again and this time I shivered with joy as he began to fuck me in a fast rhythmic way. His cock nearly plunging out of my arse each time he fucked me in long quick strokes. The feeling had built in my arse so much I told him I thought I was about to cum. I say thought because I'd never ever felt the sensations I was having and I didn't fully understand then how my arsehole could make me cum, but when I did, I came so hard and so much, my cum spurted into Pauls face and onto his chest.
    Seconds later, Pauls face screwed up as his orgasm shot through him and he came flooding the condom deep inside my arsehole. Both sexually knackered, with pauls erection finally becoming soft, we lay together on the setee naked and kissed.
    He told me as he had me stroke his cock back to life, he knew from our first meeting I was at least curious about men, if not having already had sex with some. How he knew then I didn't know, I do now. It seems easy for me now to spot guys who have least wanted to have had sex with another guy.
    Eight months on and I've continued to visit Paul. He;s just as horny now as he was eight months ago. We don't have a "relationship" as such as we get together and fuck when we can. For a fifty two year old man, he puts other younger men to shame, even if he does have to occasinally use those little blue pills. My girlfriend and I are now engaged and I don't see myself as a gay man (bisexual definitely), just someone who now knows the best of both worlds can be right for some people. People like me.

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    Gay Male / 29

    By the time that I left for college I had sucked several guys, one man and the others were boys from school.

    I left for college in my car packed with my things, expecting to arrive within the six hours that it normally took to get there. I had a flat on the interstate and I was not able to change the tire. A man stopped to see if I needed help and told me that one of the lug nuts was stripped and that I would have to get the car towed to the next town. He offered to take to the town, and I could arrange for the car to be towed.

    On the way to town he started talking about girlfriends, and if I had ever gotten laid, and if I liked pussy, I guess from my evasions or bad answers he asked me if maybe I liked dick instead. He took his dick out of his pants and started to masturbate himself while driving and his dick got hard. He told me to finish jacking him off and to give him a blow job.

    I reached over and got his dick in my hand and started to jack him off, his dick was real hard, and I started to get a hard on of my own, and he reached over and grabbed my dick and told me to pull it out of my pants, and while we drove down the interstate, we were jacking each other off.

    When we got to the town, we went to this gas station and asked if they knew of a tow company, and after arranging for the car to be towed back to the gas station, we drove over to Sonic for lunch. After being served, and while we were eating I jacked him, and kept his dick hard, I tried to lean over, but the console was to high and I had to just jack him. I was so horny to suck him.

    We left the Sonic, and he checked into a Motel 6 and he hardly let me suck him, before he turned me around and he fucked me. It was my first fucking, I don't recall if it hurt, I recall how good it felt, I think he fucked me for a long time. We then took a shower together, and I sucked him in the shower, and he sucked me and ate me.

    We went back to the gas station and waited for the tow truck to arrive, and after he made sure that they got done what they needed to do to get me back on the road, he said goodbye to me.

    My first time, that is what I call it. That was my first real first time.

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    Gay Male / 54

    I use to be bi and sucked my first cock when I was 12, Well over the years when I was in between girlfriends I would get the urge to suck cock and in my early 30's (before aids) I would go to the adult book stores and sit in a booth and watch gay porn and guys would come to the doorway with their cocks out and wait to be asked to come in. The book store I went to did not have any glory holes. Sometimes I would suck them right there and other times I asked if they had a place to go.
    There seemed to always be some older guys in their 50's or older (or at least looked older) sometimes I would suck them and other times I would tell them I wasn't interested. Guys in their 20's and 30's even 40's would complain because these older guys wouldn't leave them alone. Now I am one of those older men at 54 and very seldom I will go to the book store which now has a glory hole.
    I will go in and cruise around and the booths do not have doors on them so it's not hard to see who is in a booth. There are some younger guys there but mainly older men. When I am cruising the booths and see a guy jerking to gay porn and doesn't look to bad and looks clean (not like he hasn't showered in a week) I will stand there a minute and might ask if he needs a mouth or ask if he would like help with that. If he says no to either I cruise on by and do not bother him again.
    A little advise for older men (any man for that matter) if you see someone you want to suck off or more and the person tells you he is not interested or shows no interest LEAVE him alone, He might just be there to bust a nut and go or he may not be looking for older men and by going back to his booth numerous times it only ruins he's night because someone (mostly older ) keeps bugging him. If he is not interested just leave him alone period. if by the end of the night if he doesn't find what he was looking for he might just come to you. So for older men that bug guys quit being trolls as they call it and let it go.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    For the past 10 years I have used craigslist to cruise for gay sex. I use the sight infrequently as my cravings and desires for man on man contact increase and decrease.

    One of the more sexy encounters happened when I stepped out of my comfort zone and perused the posts of a nearby city. Surprisingly I ended up finding what I was looking for! I was in my early 20s and had a fetish for men 45-70. I never realized it before I ended up hooking up with an older guy but there was something about how passionate they could be that turned me on. I responded to an ad and ended up hitting it off with the guy. He was an older professional, handsome with short salt-and pepper hair. He also sent me a picture of his cock and body. he wasn't too hairy, and his cock looked amazing. He claimed it was 9 inches, but I didn't believe it until I saw it in person later.

    I didn't visit the city he lived in often, but since I preferred to travel I got an address from him and headed out. I arrived at an office building, one that had a number of different businesses renting space. He arrived a few minutes after me and parked next to my car. I thought we might head somewhere else to have some fun, but he bid me follow him and we headed inside the office building.

    I felt my heart racing as he led me up to the third floor and into the first door. I felt awkward, since I was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts and he was wearing slacks and a nice button-up and a tie. Fortunately we didn't encounter anyone else. I wondered what someone might have thought if they saw us together, would they not think anything of it? Or would they think something dirty and sexy might be going down? I have to admit; the public nature of this hookup is part of why it was so sexy. The office we entered was empty and clearly for rent. There were sinks along the wall and a few built-in partitions, it reminded me of a dentist's office, but I didn't have much time to ponder that.

    He led me into an empty office and closed the door behind us. The warm afternoon sun was beaming through the windows, and before I could say or do anything he pulled me in close for a passionate kiss. I eagerly reciprocated and before long I had his shirt unbuttoned and was running my hands down his chest. He pulled off my shirt and lightly bit my nipples. My cock pressed against my shorts, and I could feel pre-cum dripping from the tip of my cock. He moved down my body and unzipped my shorts. My cock popped out and he smiled up at me. "No underwear?" he said, grabbing the base of my hard dick. "I like it." And with that he took me into his mouth and started sucking.

    I could only take a few moments before I pulled him up and dropped to my knees. He pulled down his pants, and I slid my fingers into his waistband and pulled his underwear down. His cock was all he had promised. 9 inches long, he wasn't fully hard, but hard enough to make my mouth water. He smelled good, and his pubes matched his salt-and-pepper hair. I stuck out my tongue and traced the head of his cock before taking him in my mouth.

    His pre-cum oozed out and I eagerly sucked it up. I felt him get harder as I sucked, and I in turn sucked more vigorously. I can vividly remember looking up at him with his dick in my mouth. I felt like I was in a porno, and desperately wanted him to take a pic of me, but felt too embarrassed to ask.

    Soon he pulled me off his cock and knelt down. He kissed me some more as we laid on the floor. It wasn't super comfortable, but after I was laying on my back, he pulled back and bit my lip as he did. He swung around to the 69 position and I eagerly helped guide his dick back into my mouth. We sucked each other for a few minutes more until I felt myself getting close. I moaned and told him I was close. He responded by taking as much of me into his mouth as possible. I responded by cumming in his mouth and crying out as I did. He spun around and told me to open my mouth. I did and he slid his cock back into my mouth and started face fucking me. I was worried that I wouldn't like it since I had just cum, but he must have been close too because after less than a minute he looked like he was about to explode.

    He told me I could spit or swallow as I pleased. I had never had a guy cum on me before and it was a major fantasy of mine. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, hoping he had a big load for me. He didn't but it was okay. He came on my face and tongue and collapsed next to me. We dressed and I cleaned myself up in the bathroom down the hall. I was anxious about running into anyone before cleaning the cum off my face, but when I got to the bathroom the cum wasn't as visible as it felt.

    We left and I never saw or talked to him again, but I still have his emails and have masturbated to pics of his cock.

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    Gay Male / 31

    I always get an annual pay raise and a big bonus and I always can take off any time that I like to. I work for a fortune five hundred company and now am second in charge of a group. I have been working here for almost five years, and in that time I have sucking my boss's cock at least twice a week for the last five years. This all started when we were working on a project that just had to get finished.

    He is about fifty married with three kids aged eight to sixteen, he is in pretty good shape with dark hair and a flat stomach, am in my early thirties with dark hair and in great shape, at our office fridays you can wear casual clothes but during the week it is suit and tie.

    Any way this project was an upmost to be completed I was running the numbers and Paul was looking over my shoulder to see the out come of every run when completed, he was so close I could feel his breath on my ear, he said something like what kind of after shave I was using because he liked the smell---I told him the brand and said I splash some on my stomach in the morning also, he said that he would like to smell that also, so I said when we are done we could go into the mens rooms stall and i'll rise my shirt for you, my cock is getting harder by the second, he was like lets go now. I could barely walk, my cock was ripping into my leg and push my pants out like you wouldn't believe.

    It was late and almost everyone was gone so I went to the last stall and my boss followed me right into the stall and he sat on the can while I locked the door I undid my belt and pulled my shirt up and he leaned in and took a big wiff, then ran his hands tightly over my hard cock. Without a word I undid my belt and let my pants slide down a little letting him see my hard cock sticking out of my boxers, I slide my shorts down and my hard cock was standing straight out and then step forward a little letting my boss know it was okay to start and then letting my boss suck my cock, he slide his mouth over my cock and went all the way down to the root and then started to bob up and down, he had to have sucked other cocks before he was a real pro and really seemed to enjoy my seven inch cock buried in his mouth. Looking down and watching an older man (no less my boss) sucking my cock was a great feeling, he starts fondling my balls thats when I let out a soft moan and filled his mouth with a hot stream of my cum, I could hear a little like moaning as he swallow my fresh load. He sucked my cock until it was soft, then I said let me smell your after shave and we switched positions he undoes his pants and a beautiful six inch cock flaps straight out into my mouth. His cock and balls are shaved and very clean looking I remember how it felt to have his cock in my mouth for the first time and how he was starting to pump his hips when he came deep down my throat. I could taste a sweet salty cum load after load shooting into my mouth, I could not stop sucking him and started to suck on his big balls and I was ready right then to stick my tongue up his ass hole and lick him deeply then too. but we had to wait until next time. That is how it started and now I can pretty much do anything as long as am available for his after lunch blow job or my end of the day sucking, am not sure who looks forward to it more me or him. So if you want to get A Head do what comes natural to you.

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    Gay Male / 25

    This happened when was heading into HS School, my mom and dad split up and being the only child I went to live with my mom, she sold the house and we moved to other side of town. I will be starting high school and will be able to see my friends again. My mom works a 9to5 job, she leaves at 8.30 and gets home at 5.30 five days a week.

    I got so bored sitting in the house that I went over to my neighbors house and watched him put cement down at his front door. He lives alone and is pretty good looking for a man about fifty, he still has dark hair and is thin about 6.2, I'am about 5.6 and thin. So here I'am talking to this guy about the neighborhood and how my mom and me moved here etc. While he was trolling the cement I could see right up his shorts and see his cock hanging out of his boxers, so I stayed longer than planned, Paulie realized his watch was on so he takes it off and puts it on the bottom step and goes back to the cement thing, we keep talking and I keep looking up his shorts at his cock and how nice it looked. When he finished the workand cleans everything up he was all sweaty and says that I can stop by anytime but he was going to take a shower, he goes into his house and I noticed he forgot to take his watch with him, so I figured I would take it to my house and look at it. About fifteen minutes later I hear the door bell ringing and it my neighbor who wants to know where his watch is.I tell him that I didn't take it but he wasn't buying the story and comes into the house and goes right into my bedroom and has me sit on my desk chair. He says he would rip my room apart to find his watch so I told him where it was hidden under the mattress which is where my porn mag is hidden.

    Paulie finds the watch and takes my gay porn mag and stands right next to me while I was sitting in the chair and starts flipping through it and says you like this stuff, I was so embaressed and just nodded"yes". I could see his shorts starting to tent so I figured it was now or never and said don't tell my mother that I swiped your watch. He was still plenty pissed and now he knows that I like to look at mens cocks pictures, right after that going through my mine he starts rubbing his cock through his shorts and without any warning he takes out his eight inch boner and tells me to suck his cock to make up for stealing his watch, I have already sucked a man's cock before so it was no big deal to suck his cock as long as my mother doesn't find out. I nodded yes and took his cock into my mouth and sucked his man meat,it was nice to have a full grown mans cock in my mouth, that I started to rub my hand on to his balls I must have only sucked him but a few minutes when he says thats enough and with a slurp pulls his cock away from my mouth and tells me to write a letter to him and bring it to his house in thirty minutes or else he would call my mother at work to tell her that I stole his watch. So he leaves and Im sitting at my desk with a boner writing a letter to some guy that put his cock in my mouth for stealing his watch. I make it saying that I was sorry about stealing the watch and lieing to him about not having it and i would help him with any yard work he would have me do and if he didn't tell my mother I was willing to do other odd jobs which pretty much said I was thinking he would want me to finish sucking his beautiful cock again. I went to his back door and knocked he was like that didn't take long and he let me come in. So I hand him the letter, Paulie was like you need to finish the job you started while I look at your letter and with that he un-zip his shorts and pulls them off and his big cock is standing out hard as a rock and he is patting the couch so I knealt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth again, this time I wasn't going to let him pull out until he cums in my mouth so I fondle his balls and started bobbing up and down on this man meats shaft waiting for his sperm to shoot down my throat.

    It was great having his cock in my mouth again nothing beats a nice hard man's cock in my mouth and when he started to shoot his cum, with a soft moan his body twitched and then erupts with a mouthful of cum, which I swallowed. It looks like this is going to be a pretty good summer and a good neighbor after all I can't wait to tell daddy about sucking my new neighbors cock. He might have me suck him again, it has been a couple of weeks since he moved out and I know how much he loves me. Daddy really wanted me to live with him, but I couldn't and I can only "visit" one weekend a month.
    Since then I have gotten out of HS school and have sucked Mr Paulie like he was my own Daddy.


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