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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    A few weeks ago my 13 year old son approached me and told me he had a serious conversation he wanted to have with me and his mom. So we went up with him to his room and he closed the door. My wife and I sat down on his bed and he took the chair at his desk. It took a few minutes of mumbling and stammering and trying to work up the courage. My wife and I sat patiently there having a pretty good idea what he was going to say. Finally he just says it.

    Mom, Dad, I'm gay.

    Yep that's what we both thought he was going to say. We'd known he was gay since he was about 4 years old. I mean how many 4 year old boys put that much time and effort into making their bedrooms neat as a pin. Neither one of us ever had to tell him to clean up his room. In fact he goes around cleaning the whole house arranging everything just so. He insisted on a sewing machine for his tenth birthday and goes shopping with my wife to pick out clothes for her to wear. Yep we've known he was gay forever.

    So we just sat there stone faced waiting for him to finish. He was staring at us for a moment and then

    "You're awfully quiet. Are you mad? pissed off? disappointed?"

    It was at that moment my wife and I both at the exact same time burst out laughing. We didn't mean to. We weren't laughing at him or his being gay. We were laughing because he actually thought it was a big secret. I don't think anyone who has ever met our son thought he was straight. He's about the most flamboyant 13 year old boy you'd ever meet.

    So we both apologized for laughing and hugged our little gay son and told him we loved him and then burst his bubble by telling him we'd known since he was 4.

    He had a speech prepared and memorized but couldn't quite deliver it. He was already to defend his orientation with a list of successful famous gay people. We didn't need convincing. We hadn't told him we were both bi and had more than one sexual encounter with the same gender ourselves and we shouldn't have needed to remind him that he has a gay uncle whose wedding to another man we all attended five years ago or that his cousin is a lesbian and just enlisted in the Navy along with her wife.

    I know there are horror stories out there of gay kids coming out to their parents. But his mother and I just found it amusing that he had to work himself up to tell us something that he should have known we would have accepted effortlessly and how could he not know that everyone already knew.

    Of course like the good parents we are we keep pestering him about when he's going to bring home a nice boy to meet his parents.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I am a sissy faggot. I've always been a sissy even as a little kids I adored my long pretty hair and all the girl's clothing my mom bought me. When I was 7 it was time to remodel my bedroom and when she asked what color I wanted I said pink. She modified it and made it white, pink and lavender but it was very pink all over and I loved it.

    At 11 a 17 year old boy who lived in our neighborhood caught me while I was skipping around the block in my pretty pink dress and pig tails. He grabbed me and pulled me behind the garage that was behind his house. He took out his gigantic thick uncut cock and slapped my face with it until it got hard then he told me to swallow it. Instead of finding it gross I fell in love with it instantly. I did my best to swallow it but I only managed to get it half way down my throat. I sucked and sucked just like I'd seen in all the gay porn I'd seen on the internet. finally he came in my mouth and I gratefully swallowed every drop and licked him clean. But there was one thing that I found I did not like at all. My teeth made it difficult for me to enjoy the experience. I knew I needed to cover them to make it comfortable for my beautiful oral rapist but that took a lot of extra work. Even though that was my very first experience enjoying the pleasure of choking down a cock, I knew right away I needed to get rid of my teeth.

    I approached my parents about my desire to rid myself of my teeth and as you can imagine they were not enthusiastic. So I had to wait seven long years until my 18th birthday which was 8 months ago. I'd already made the appointment with my dentist. I'm glad he is gay and understood why I wanted no teeth in my mouth. It actually took four appointments to get them all out spaced a week apart as it is a very difficult process when all your teeth are perfectly healthy. Now I have dentures that I can pop out every time I want my mouth pussy to be fucked.

    I have spent the last seven years perfecting the skill of covering my teeth while getting my throat fucked and it's damned hard and inconvenient even for an expert cock swallower like myself. But after a few weeks of healing up I could finally enjoy completely relaxing my mouth and let a guy just grab hold of my pigtails and fuck the living shit out of my throat.

    I also discovered a few gay cruising places courtesy of the internet and have found all I need do is sit there on a bench licking my lips and staring at crotches twirling my waist length pigtails and a line forms at my face. I have about thirty regulars that know they can get a really good blow job from me though for the most part that juts means I relax my mouth and let them fuck my face pussy.

    One of the things that I discovered a few months ago is that despite my lack of teeth I still have one difficulty. Breathing ha become a bit of a hassle. Some of the larger cocks require me to hold my breath for up to a minute or two at a time. That's fine, its part of my fantasy to be orally gang ra*ed roughly to choke to death on massive cocks but of course I'm not THAT crazy so I did till have to push away a little when I needed to take a breath. But then after a conversation with my dentist one day he told me about a doctor friend of his who could help me out. A week later he had performed a surgical procedure on my chest. I now have what is called a trach tube in my upper chest with a valve. Most of the time I wear a frilly lace collar to cover it up but when I give head I open the valve and breath directly out of my chest. I now can go completely limp and let a guy fuck my throat for as long as he wants without being worried about breathing. You can't imagine how liberating it is to be able to experience an oversize erect cock completely stuck in your throat and just relax and enjoy the sensation and pretend you can't breath and that you are choking to death on it when in reality you are quite comfortable. Sometime I do that and close the valve just to experience for a minute or two what it is really like to be choking on a massive cock stuck in my throat but when it gets to that point where I absolutely need to breath I just reach up and open the valve.

    One other procedure I have had done a few weeks ago which really has nothing to do with sucking cock is I had the tendon under my tongue snipped so I can stick my tongue out a little further when I lick a guy's asshole. I do wish my tongue was a couple of feet long. Another fantasy is to lick my way up a guy's colon and just lick around in there. But I only gained 3/4 of an inch which made a world of difference but no where near enough to make my fantasy come true. It has made me a better kisser though.

    Now I'm saving up my money to have other surgeries done. I want facial feminization surgery though everyone says I already look like a girl. I'm getting implant for my tits though they are up to a size C from three and a half years of hormones. Then there is hair removal though I don't have much of that and I'm blond so what little I have isn't highly visible. Then I'm getting my bottom surgery but I have to find a doctor who can do vaginoplasty but leave the balls in there some place. I love having them hurt while I'm getting fucked. I'd miss having guys bust my balls hard and you can't enjoy testicular agony if you ain't got testicles.

    Of course once I have had my srs gay men won't be as interested in my any more. But as pretty as I am, not to sound conceited, I don't think I will have a lot of trouble finding lots of guys with big cock to gang ra*e me at both ends and make me choke on their huge cocks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    There are four of us who regularly meet up once a week at one of two addresses, and one guy who "plays" once a month. We tell our respective wives (We're all married) it's our card night. The two places we all meet up at, the wives of the men are both part of an amateur dramatics club, which they attend on our cards nights.
    No sooner than the wife of the guy who's home were "playing cards" in goes out, we all get comfy by stripping naked. The age range of the guys is me, thirty three, to the oldest, Larry, who's fifty one. When it's just the four of us, I'm the only bitch. In other words I'm the fuck pig cum slut, I'm the one each of the men eventually stick their cocks into, fucking my asshole in whatever position they want me in. Although we all suck cock and have eaten each others cum loads, it's always my ass that gets the majority of the spunk they produce. Our monthly play mate is also an anal loving cum slut, but he's nearly as old as Larry.
    All the other men, except myself, are all on the large size. Not overly fat, just well built and sporting a pot belly, something that really turns me on. And it's the kind of man who's been fucking me since I was fourteen.
    I'm an athletic slim guy who just so happens to find "Burly men", bears if like, such a turn on. Although they don't have to be hairy for me to want their cocks up my asshole. Our "Card games" usually last a couple of hours and we always have the beer in. The same pot of money has been doing the rounds for nearly two years now, as one of us pretends to have won the money by the end of the night.
    Friday night is a special night for me, as it's twenty years to the day that I was first fucked by a guy in a park. The guys have arranged a little surprise for me, although I know who it is that'll be attending our "Card game". He's a guy who'd quite well known in the area, among men who enjoy cock that is. And it's his magnificent fat cock that will be fucking my asshole as the guys watch on my birthday. The man in question was thirty eight when he last fucked me, a year or so after he took my anal virginity in the park.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I was in basic training at Fort Dix. Me and another guy pulled latrine clean up duty. He was dark haired blue eyes and just the handsomest guy I had ever seen. he was funny and fun to hang with even though he was gorgeous he was not stuck up. I was blonde and told I was good looking whatever I never thought so. We stayed behind one morning to clean latrine as the rest of the barracks went to chow. We had been cleaning for a while when the other guy said damn I am soooo horny. I laughed and said aren't we all. he smiled cracked some jokes but kept saying he was horny. I was cleaning the sinks he was cleaning a shitter I could see him in the mirror and he sat on the shitter pulled out his cock that was hard as a rock and started playing with it. I stood at the sink starring at him in the mirror it was amazing he was not huge but nice size and thick with mushroom head and a black patch of pubic hair that framed his cock and balls perfectly.
    He looked up and noticed I had not moved or taken my eyes away. He smiled at me and said maybe you could help me out? I blushed I had never had sex before even with a chick. I had beat off a lot but that was it. For some reason I wanted to help him out I noticed my mouth watering thinking about it. I told him I had never done anything with anyone. That seemed to perk his excitement and he said god damn a virgin i would never of taken you for one. I bet my face was beat red by now and he said it was cute how I blushed.
    Come over here and touch it for me I need it soooo bad. With out thinking I walked over and placed his cock in my hand. It was warm almost hot to the touch and it jumped when I touched it. I played with it and stroked it. Suddenly we heard a door so we scrambled back to work. I could not get his cock off my mind I kept watching him all day how he stood how he smoked his cigarette etc. Suddenly I was drawn to him I wanted to feel his cock again and be close to him. Every time he caught me looking at him he would smile and wink at me and adjust his crotch.
    By the end of the day I was so pent up thinking about his cock. I got to see him nude in the shower and the rest of his body was amazing muscled hairy legs muscled arms not like huge just toned right. He had a trail of hair from his belly button to his cock and some hair on his chest. We talked showered laughed then dried off as he was walking out of shower he brushed his cock against my arm as I was drying of my legs. I looked up he smiled down and winked I blushed again. He was in another room from mine and another platoon so I only saw him now and then the next few days.
    Early one morning the Drill Instructor came in and told me my bunk buddy or ranger buddy had been let out on a medical and i would have a new bunk buddy. I was thinking who the hell will I get stuck with? In walk the gut from the latrine smiling from ear to ear. he walked over shook my hand and wiggled his finger in my palm. I blushed again he said i will call you Red you can call be Meat. I was sooo hapy but frightened at the same time with him in my bunk how could I keep my hands to my self.
    That night after light out he woke me up and said follow me. I followed him in the dark down the hall way to the laundry room. He went behind the last row of machines and called me over. In no time his cock was in my hand and before i knew it I had my mouth on it. Soon he was sliding it in and out almost choking me I tried not to gag I wanted to please him to make him feel good. He pumped in and out for some time I started tasting something it was not bad not sour not sweet and thick sticky. I later found out it was pre cum and he did a lot of it. Soon he threw his head back told me to look in his eyes and as i locked eyes with him the first splat of his cum hit my tong it tasted good and I wanted more he let me have lots more so much I did not know if i could keep it all in to swallow it. He smiled down at me and said damn buddy thanks that was great. He put his cock away and we went back to our bunks. I was hard as a rock but some how knew he would never return the favor and also I did not want him to. I lay there that night hard and smiling about what I had done. It would be 3 days until I could get away alone and jerk myself off and when I did it was explosive. We spent a lot of time in the laundry room me on my knees. He was such a cool guy and treated me great I think i was a bit in love with him.
    Last day of basic I was depressed that he would leave and i would never see him again. Two days latter I got to my AIT Training same post Fort Dix and Ill be damned if he was not there. We quickly set it up to share rooms. And so it went for Ait me on my knees keeping him smiling that bright white smile and those blue eyes looking down on me as he dumped his seed in me. I do not know why but I loved it and loved the fact he never returned the favor I liked being his cock sucker and loved the taste of him. We said goodbye at the end of Ait and figured i would never see him again.
    I was in my forth year and had four more to go. I was stationed in Germany and had put cock sucking to my past and figured it was just part of growing up. I was working in the office of the company commander my job was to file and check in new people to the company. One day in walks this dark haired guy to check in. I looked up and damned if it was not him. He smiled and said damn Red I have missed you I blushed he laughed and said still the little virgin I love that about you. I worked it out so we shared a two man room just him and I. Those next 3 years were awesome and we had some good times. Christmas day he told me he was being sent to the states to another post. I tried to get sent there but did not work out.

    Years past and lost touch I got married had kids etc and had put it all in the past. And then along came facebook. One day I wa searching names and just for kicks put his in and clicked. I had found him whith in a few min so I sent him a friends request. A few days went by no answer I was a bit bummed but sort of figured thats how it would go. One sunday I check my page and there was a message from him.
    Hey seems we are in the same state and only about 50 miles apart. My heart jumped in my chest. we made planes to get together with the wives that weekend. Once we pulled up to meeting place and he stepped out of the car he was still gorgeous he smiled at me winked and adjusted his crotch. His wife hugged me and said she had heard nothing else but stories about me all these years and she winked at me in a knowing way.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    When I was seventeen, I stupidly walked into a guys open garage and tried to steal his bike. Before I got ten feet I was grabbed, punched and then pulled by two men into the kitchen of the house. Forcing me down, I was pinned. The two men discussed whether to call the police, but decided on something else. Within seconds I had practically every shred of clothing ripped off me and was stood in just my sneakers and socks.
    Pushed violently over a breakfast bar, I was held tight by the larger of the two men, whilst the other guy got up behind me, spread what I later found out was margarine all over my asshole and then his cock entered me. I tried to shout out as it hurt like holy hell, but the pain was too much and I then had a hand cover my mouth.
    I was fucked in that position unable to move for about five minutes and in that time the pain went. It was replaced by a very real growing feeling of utter anal ecstasy. My moans changed from ones of pain to ones of pleasure and they both noticed. The guy holding me began to call me a cock slut, then told his friend to cum quick as he wanted his turn.
    A few seconds later my asshole was filled by the first mans hot cum. Then as quick as a flash, I was re entered by the second older bigger man. And not only bigger in height either. His cock was much thicker than his mates, yet my asshole surprisingly accommodated it relatively easily. He fucked me like I was just a hole to bury his cock up, and to him I suppose I was. With each thrust of his cock deep inside my ass, the feeling of pleasure grew in me and without wanting it to, or meaning for it to happen, My cock erupted and I came all over the floor below me. the man fucking me saw and heard me cum, making him fuck me even harder. I was being fucked so hard, I was literally bouncing off the breakfast bar. He made a series of loud groans and then shuddered inside of my body as he too unloaded up my ass.
    Pulling out, he kept a firm grip of me, spun me around and told me to clean them both off. For the next five minutes or so, I was forced to lick and suck their cocks clean.
    Telling his friend to get me something to wear, I was given a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Then told in no uncertain way, if I told anyone about them fucking me, they'd make sure they put it out there, I wanted it. Then just before I was shown the door, the older guy told me "Anytime you want to call by and get fucked again, feel free to do so". They both laughed, but they weren't laughing when I called by a few days later.
    For two and a half years I has sex with both men. Not always together, as the younger of the two worked away a lot. But when we were all together, we had some extremely wild times.
    Girls, the discovery of pussy, life and eventually marriage ended my gay experiences (So far). But I've never forgotten how I was initiated into having my asshole fucked, by two very active large cocked bears.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I was in the public library this afternoon, it's the main one, in the rundown part of downtown. I went to the rest room and there were about 12 guys waiting around, watching this young twink kid getting fucked bending over and resting his hands on top of a urinal. I watched as 5 different guys fucked him, and I saw at least a dozen used rubbers tossed on the floor next to him. The next guy finished and the kid looked around and since I was the only one left, asked if I had a turn yet. He gave me a rubber, and I got behind him and fucked him too. I think he was underage, but I got so horny watching him get fucked, and he asked so matter of factly, I just did it.

    He picked up all the rubbers, and put in the can, then pulled on his pants, shirt, shoes and no underwear. I saw a torn pair of jockeys in the corner which I assume someone pulled off him when the gangbang started. He said thanks, and left.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Between the ages of seventeen and nineteen whilst at college, I used to go and visit my nan at her bungalow every week day. I'd make her her lunch and make sure she was comfortable, as she wasn't very mobile at all. Once she was comfy, I'd go into the "Annex" a side building my granddad and nan had had built when he was alive and capable.
    I'd tell my nan it was to revise my college work, but in reality I was inviting guys around who wanted their cocks sucking, or if they paid the right money, to fuck me. It was five pounds for a blow job and depending on who they were, either ten, fifteen or sometimes twenty pounds to fuck me.
    At first it was mostly other college kids wanting their cocks sucking. Then one lunch time, a stand in teacher turned up with a young guy who's cock I regularly sucked. Sucking them both off, I actually sucked the supply teachers cock, then sucked the young guys cock for free.
    Whilst sucking off an older student for the first time one lunch time, a bloke turned up who knew the older student. He had me suck him, as the student watched and then wanted to fuck me. Asking him for more money, he threw it my way and that was that. I took his cum all over my face, after he'd fucked me for only a couple of minutes, pulled out and had me toss him off opening my mouth.
    Word got about and before long, I was sucking cock or having my arsehole fucked at least three times a week. One older bloke, a much older businessman type guy, would even enquire about my nan as he knew my grandparents whilst he fucked me. He paid well and I always licked and sucked his cock clean after he'd cum inside of me.
    The strangest person, or the guy who really shocked me, close to the end of my time at my nans bungalow. Was a man who I at first was there to beat me up. The night before I'd been at his house fucking his wife when he was on his night shift. She was and still is from what I can gather, a right slut. But she wasn't anywhere as near a slut as I was with her husband. He fucked me for nearly half an hour and was at the time the only guy to ever make me cum from being fucked alone, without touching my cock.
    Once my nan passed away my money earning sucks and fucks ended. But I did carry on seeing two of the older married men for some time. And that's why I'm here.
    I'm married now and haven't had gay sex since I met my wife three years ago. However last month we got a new neighbour next door. He's married like me, and in his mid fifties. I know he loves younger men, slim men like myself and I know his cock measures nearly nine inches. I also know he absolutely loves rimming a cute tight arse before he fucks. I know all of this because he's one of the men who I carried on having sex with after my nan died.
    We've obviously spoken since he and his wife moved in and during our conversations he's asked me if I still "Indulge". I told him no at first, but a few days back they had a barbecue and we were invited. My wife got blind drunk and fell asleep in a chair, and his wife just didn't seem to care we disappeared for half an hour. In a guest room full of packing boxes, he had me suck his cock, then using two of the boxes, he fucked me until we both orgasmed. He absolutely filled my arsehole with his cum, then proceeded to lick and suck it all out before passing it to me as we kissed. He'd never rimmed me after sex, before the other day, but it totally turned me on, and still does now thinking about it. I'm not sure if it was a one off, but I'm definite in my mind, if he wants to carry on fucking me, he most definitely can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Unable to lose my job as my new wife had just become pregnant, and we already owed back rent, I was shitting myself as I'd fucked up on an order.
    The main boss at our site, a guy named Phil who I hardly ever saw, called me into his office. We spoke about the order and then about other people being able to perform my role. I knew where the conversation was going and I also knew I couldn't afford to lose the job. Desperate when he began to talk about the possibility of letting me go, I told him I'd do anything he wanted to keep the job.
    Telling me to call back at the end of my shift, I went to see him at two o'clock. Phil told me to follow him to the rear of the building. In a seldom used part of the building complex and in a office I didn't even know was there, he dropped his trousers and underwear and told me to suck him off. Looking at Phil's angry looking rising large cock, I very nearly told him to stick his job where the sun don't shine. But then I thought about the rent and my pregnant wife.
    Squatting down, I took hold of his pulsating cock shaft, opened my mouth and let Phil push his hot cock over my tongue. It actually felt and tasted okay. And as soon as he began to fuck my mouth, I found strangely I could take most of his long thick cock down my throat without gagging. Telling me I was a born cock sucker, he gripped my hair and literally face fucked me.
    After maybe five to ten minutes of fucking my mouth, Phil grunted loudly a few time and then I felt his hot cum flying out of his dick. Half shouting at me to swallow his cum, I did as he asked and gulped down his seed. Sucking out the last drop sof his cum, I swallowed that too and then stood up. Thinking it was over, I went to exit the room, but he told me stay where I was.
    Undoing my trousers and lowering my boxers, Phil sank down and instantly took my already hard cock into his mouth. It took no more than a couple of minutes before I blew my load into his mouth. Letting it dribble out of his mouth and ont his chin, he told me to lick it off his face. Again doing as he asked, I licked and sucked in my own cum from his chin and neck before he turned his head quickly to kiss me full on the mouth. Taking the back of my head, he forced our tongues together and we began to kiss for real. It was the kind of passionate kiss I give my wife when we're having sex, and it felt just as good. Pulling away, phil told me "Same time same place tomorrow, only I might want your arsehole. Still want to save your job".
    I was back at the abandoned office at ten past two the following afternoon. I'd told my wife I was doing a little extra overtime to try and get the money for the back rent. And it was something I worked out with Phil as we walked back to his office the previous day. He'd agreed I'd not only save my job, but also I'd get paid two hours overtime each day, if I did as he'd asked, and had full sex with him.
    Sucking on his cock on the second day, wasn't as nerve wracking as it had been the day before. And in truth I began to really enjoy sucking on Phil's much larger cock. Only this time before he had chance to cum, he had me stand up and lean over an old computer desk. With my arsehole up and out, I felt him smearing a cold substance all over my rear hole and then felt his bare cock nudging at my hole.
    I've never felt pain like it. It was so intense, it literally took my breath away as he slid his cock straight up my arsehole. Yet there was also another feeling beneath/behind the pain. So gritting my teeth and through gritted teeth, I turned my head and told Phil to fuck me. His slow shallow thrusts, became harder longer and deeper thrusts. And then in a flash everything changed. The pain went completely and my whole body became alive with a growing feeling of pleasure. Every sense, every nerve ending was on fire with each thrust of Phil's thick cock slamming into me, and I became his fuck piece right then. Holding onto my shoulders Phil fucked me (He told me later) as hard as he'd ever fucked anyone, male or female. And by the time he was ready to cum, my own cock was straining for release.
    Feeling his semen spurting up into my bowels, my own cock erupted and I heard him saying "Now you're all mine boy".
    Over the next few weeks and having lots of sex, oral and anal with Phil, Phil's role and job in the company changed and my position did too. He moved into a directors role and took on a new floor manager, me. It meant we had to work together more closely, and often we'd find time during work hours to suck and fuck.
    The money was much much better, and after only a few months our debts had gone. We were able to move out of our rented accommodation and into a new mortgaged bought home just in time for the birth of our child.
    Our little one has just turned two, and at work I've become a very eager Director's cock slut. We often fuck outside of work now though, as Phil now likes and very much encourages another company director from down south to join us. I'd say over the last four months, usually every Thursday evening, I join Phil and another older director in a hotel room. We usually spend a couple of hours where both men have me sucking their cocks and then if I haven't drained their balls already, they'll both take turns fucking me. It's secured my job no matter what now, and they know it both being married men. And the "Bonus" I now receive in my monthly pay almost pays for our mortgage payments.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    With women and I include my wife. It's dating them, paying for drinks and meals, lots of chatting and flirting and then actually down to it, it's kissing foreplay and finally, you get to fuck them.
    With Chris my twenty eight year old neighbor. It's walk around to his home, let myself in and walk upstairs. He'll already be waiting ready for me, lubed up wanting my dick. Mostly I like him to be knelt on his bed, but sometimes, depends on my mood, in other positions. Each time though I'll be hard already, or maybe have him suck me a little, then it's time to fuck him just how I want. Which is usually power fucking the willing married guy until I drop a load up his tight sweet ass, or in his cute mouth.
    I'm never in his marital home more than fifteen minutes and it's so fucking easy for me to text him to tell him I'm horny. He'll let me know when his wife's out or drunk, and I'll pop round for a fuck.
    Beats having to bother my ever fattening wife, and also I get to fuck, dump my load and go. Perfect!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Back in July 2016 my friend Alex was having his bachelor party. Afterwards he/we decided he'd have to stay at my apartment as he was wasted. Drinking another couple of beers as you do, he asked me right off the bat if I'd consider letting him fuck me. Even being half drunk it still made me check what he'd just asked, and Alex just repeated himself.
    A little back tracking here. When we were fourteen, Alex and I went though a phase. We were both masturbating by then and outback of our baseball grounds we decided to have a wank off. Only the wank off turned into a "I'll suck yours, if you suck mine". It turned out I was a far better cock sucker than him, so for a while each time he got horny, I sucked his dick for him and invariably swallowed his load. Eventually we both got girlfriends and the cock sucking stopped.
    Back to July last year.
    Alex undid his trousers and lowered his boxers. It had been nearly fourteen years since I'd seen his cock and it had grown somewhat. Telling him I'd blow him, he grinned but then said something like "Hey man, it's going to be my last time. I'm getting married, I just want to know what it's like to fuck a guy, actually you". (The "actually you", I do remember). Kneeling in front of him I decided if I could suck him off, he might just fall asleep. But Alex had other ideas. Lifting me up, he shuffled me and him into my bedroom and had us crash onto my bed. Getting me to remove his clothing, I too undressed and lay next to him naked on the bed. Turning me over with I must admit, not too much of a fight, he stuck his face between my butt cheeks and began to lick at my asshole. It felt fucking awesome, and if I was feeling slightly drunk before he started to lick my ass, I sobered up very quickly.
    Alex's tongue was working wonders on and up my ass, so before long I couldn't help myself from pushing back onto his face. He obviously noticed and rose up. Spitting on my hole, I then felt his stiff hot cock enter my ass. It wasn't pleasant at all at first, yet I knew my friend wasn't going to stop. So biting the pillow below my head, I resisted the urge to tell him to pull out.
    Alex began to fuck me after a minute or two. My asshole relaxed and from then on he went at it like a freight train up my rear hole. Ping!. Like a light switch being turned on, so was I. The pain went to be replaced by a growing feeling of utter pleasure. I've orgasmed countless times before, but never had I felt such a wonderful amazing feeling as Alex's cock was driving me too. Totally sober by then, I heard myself telling Alex to fuck me harder, and my friend since we were six, drilled his uncircumcised beautiful cock deep into my bowels.
    Cum, climax, orgasm doesn't describe the feeling I had when my semen erupted from my cock. Alex was still fucking the shit out of me and I realized why his wife to be, always said he was like a bull in a China shop when they fucked. Alex and his cock went on and on and on. It wasn't just an orgasm, it was emotional, amazingly pure and ultra horny all at the same time. We'd moved so Alex was spooning me, mainly so I could breath from his constant fucking of me. And my cock exploded with semen flying all over the place. Alex said something unintelligible, and then his cock burst out his cum, filling up my insides with his fluid.
    That was it as far as I was concerned. Anytime he wanted my asshole again, it was his. Turning me around, my life long friend, told me he'd always wanted since we were kids, to fuck me. Alex stayed with me in my bed that night, although we didn't fuck again. However the following morning before he left to home, I did suck him off as a final sexual gift from myself.
    Yet that wasn't and hasn't been our last liaison. Alex's wife works away a couple times a month. And has done so since only a month after they got married. The past ten months Alex and I have been having sex twice a month, sometimes more if we've got the time and a place to do so, at my apartment. She knows he's staying over anf thinks it's a guys night in watching baseball, football or what ever. Only the only balls I'm watching are his as he fucks my mouth and asshole. The sex and I suppose many people say this, has become utterly amazing between us. We and mostly I know it's only ever going to be sex in it's rawist form between us. But if that's all I have with Alex, then I'm happy to carry on as we are. And happy to be his fuck toy whenever his cock demands a male asshole to fuck.

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