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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 41

    A couple of months back I was really ill and had to take time off work. We don't have lots of money so my wife had to go to work. As a favour my wife asked her eighteen year old nephew Sean, if he'd call by and check on me.

    Lay in bed, being not very alert, it took some time for me to notice my cock was being sucked, and when I say sucked I was being deep throated. Slightly messed up from the medicine I was on, I didn't at first recognise Seans head as it bobbed up and down on my cock. I actually thought it was my wife as her hair color is the same as Seans. The difference and I don't know exactly how I knew this with my illness, was how amazingly good the blow job was.

    Even being as ill as I was my cock was straining to cum. Holding onto what I thought was my wife's head I eventually ejaculated filling their mouth.

    I remember thinking, WOW! she actually swallowed the lot. Only when Sean lifted his head did I realize I'd just been given a blow job by a guy, and not only that but by my wife's gay nephew.

    Sean smiled a huge smile, said thank you and walked out our bedroom. I was too shocked to say anything. Not only because who it was, but also because I'd enjoyed the blow job so much. When he walked back in with a glass of water he said "I'll call by again tomorrow morning to check on you. You can have me looking after you the same way if you want".
    I was totally awake the next morning, and boy was the blow job awesome. My health had gotten better overnight, so the experience was so much sharper for me. Watching my wife's nephew take in my flaccid cock, then suck on my dick until I once again filled his mouth with my cum was surreal and yet so sexually perfect. We both knew I knew what he was doing, and we both knew I'd have him sucking me off again.

    Now in full health I meet Sean every couple of days to empty my balls. He's asked me to fuck him, but that would mean I'd be gay man or at least a bisexual one, so I don't think I'll be fucking him, but he has got a cute ass, who knows?...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This is all true I am married in the closet bisexual (more on the gay side) cross dresser. My dad died when I was young so mom was working nights at 14 I started dressing in her sexy things and knew my calling. I have a small penis that barely gets to 4 ins when hard. The doc told me my testicals are under developed and small. I have always had male breast. I hated school gym showers as everyone would stare at me. We had to take showers after gym. Some guys made fun of me. At 15 my best buddy next door started jerking together. He was 7 inches and I loved watching him stroke.

    One day he said u like looking at me dick don't u? I said yes very much so. I said wish mine was as big. He asked if I wanted to touch it. I thought it might be a set up and said no but he kept at it. I finely said ok and started stroking him. He felt so big in my hand. He said u like that? I said yea feels good in my hand. He said suck it. We both was virgins and this was a first. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. He didn't last long started shooting in my mouth. I was gaging and almost chocked but made it though it. After that I sucked him all the time.

    My mom found a rich boy friend and went to europe for a month. I was 18 and loved having the place to my self. I dressed all the time. My neighbor Jim was in our back yard and seen me dressed though the slider and knock on the window said let me in. I tried to hide and cover up but it was to late. I let him in and he said what is everyone going to say about this. I begged him not to tell anyone. He said my secret is safe as he checked me out. I was in tan stockings black garter belt black high heels and a red bra pink nylon panties.

    He walked over to me grabbed the top of my panties and pulled them open looking in. I tried to pull away he was having none of that. He said no wonder u dress small clity u have. He grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge and said here's what a real cock feels like take it out gurly girl. My fear turned to excitement as I undid his pants. He kicked his shoes off as I pulled his pants down as I dropped to my knees.

    I pulled his boxers down to reveal a uncut thick veiny cock about 7 to 8 ins long hard as a rock. His ball hung low and were big and hairy. I took him in my mouth he was moaning. Here I was on my knees dressed sucking my married neighbors cock and loving it. He had other ideas and said lets go in the bed room. As we walked upstairs he went in the bathroom came back with a jar of Vaseline. I was scared now. He got naked got on the bed turned me over on my stomach and pinned me down. He pulled my panties to one side and pushed a dry finger in me. I jumped. He got on me and lubed my hole and pushed his cock in me. I cryed out in pain. He said god your tight relax let it just happen and I did. He started fucking me slow the hurt was less but still there. He picked it up and shot in me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Opening their bedroom door and watching him fuck my mom from behind was the start of it all for me. It wasn't their sexual act that got me hard, it was looking at my step fathers massive cock as it pounded away at my moms asshole. All I kept thinking as I stroked my 15 year old cock through my shorts was "I wonder what it would feel like up my asshole". Before they noticed me, I went back into my room and masturbated.

    T he following morning (It was a Saturday) I met Sam, my step father, as I was about to leave the house after breakfast. He smiled at me and called me over as he stood next to his pickup truck. As I got close Sam put a hand on my shoulder, looked down at me and asked me "Did you like watching me fuck your mom last night". I couldn't believe he'd seen me. Stuttering I replied something like "Oh er I er um er um er" There wasn't a reason I could give especially when he said "When you're older, maybe hey" As Sam said it he touched his cock through his shorts.

    We both knew then he'd rumbled me and also I knew right then, I was at least bisexual if not totally gay. For the next two years I held a not so secret torch for Sam. Only his work, my studies and finding out I loved pussy, stopped me from taking advantage of him earlier. As it was, it really began for me when I found him asleep on the couch. My mom was at work and Sams huge cock was poking out of his lounge shorts. It was my turn to look down on him as he lay asleep. It was also now or never.

    Dropping to my knees, I put my lips to the tip of his cock head and kissed his dick. It was the first ever time I'd touched another guys cock let alone what I had in mind, but it didn't stop me from sucking in his cock head. He moved a little, but didn't awaken, so I carried on sucking his cock feeling it grow in my mouth. Sam startled me when he said "If you're going to do it, let me take my shorts off". I removed Sams shorts as he sat upright. His cock was straining as I released it from his shorts and it sprung forwards. "It's all yours, you've wanted it for long enough" Taking hold of my step fathers dick, I opened my mouth and let it slide over my tongue. It was something I'd envisaged a thousand times or more and something i'd written about in my daily diary. Feeling Sams enormous cock fill my mouth, was far better than any imaginings I had. So with his obvious blessing I began to give my first ever blow job.

    Every inch of Sams huge cock was licked sucked and worshiped by my mouth and tongue. If I thought it was big when I saw him fucking my mom from their bedroom door, then having it in my mouth only proved to me it was much larger than I remembered. His size didn't stop me from enjoying every second of licking, sucking and tonging Sams cock and balls. Sam didn't say a thing, he just let me experience his dick as I felt was right. His only comment came after I'd been lovingly sucking down on his dick, taking in as much as I could. My mouth and lips had moved slowly down his cock taking in around six inches, just over half his cock when Sam said " I gonna cum, I want you to swallow it all". Seconds later I felt his cock swell and then his cock erupted in my mouth, filling it and my throat with his hot sticky cum. I gagged a little but Sam held me, making me swallow with his cock still in my mouth. It brought tears to my eyes, but I didn't care. I'd sucked off my step fahters cock and boy was I deleriously happy.

    Finally finished cumming, Sam let go of my head and allowed me to let his cock slip out of my mouth. Lifting me up so we were face to face, Sam kissed me hard. I returned his kiss, the same as I'd done with girlfriend many times before, but that kiss meant more to me than any kiss previously, it meant I'd let Sam do anything to me. Almost reading my mind when we stopped kissing, Sam put his mouth to my ears, as if someone might hear, he whispered "Next time, I want to suck you too and then fuck your asshole". Without looking back at his 17 year old step son, Sam got up walked upstairs and got into the shower. An hour later I was sat at the dinner table with Sam and my mom eating our evening meal. It was if nothing had happened, and everytime afterwards, until I moved out three years later, that was exactly how it went from there.

    My diary, which I still write, is how I remember what was said and when. It also takes my feelings down and what events shaped the person I am. In an earlier diary, the same one I took this extract of my life from, it reads "Sams massive cock pushed past my sphyncter muscles, making me scream out in pain. It was the first time we'd had anal sex, after me sucking his cock so many times before. I'd always put him off as I genuinely didn't think my asshole would take his huge cock. I was so wrong. The pleasure Sam and his cock gave me today was the beautiful start of our full on sexual adventure".

    There are many many more entries in that and other diaries about myself and Sam. All have now been transfered to an online diary as I'm moving in with my fiancee soon, the paper versions having been destroyed. She knows i'm bisexual, but she doesn't know about Sam and myself. As for Sam and me, we still have sex together sometimes when I visit, but my visits have become less frequent, not because I don't like sex with Sam, I adore him fucking me with his massive cock, it's because I love him too much to keep him tagging along after I get married.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    It started as it always does, trolling through craigslist looking for a hookup while I am out of town on business. I had posted an ad the week before, hoping to get a jump on finding some fun while I was traveling. I received several emails, some bullshit, some flakes, but a few seemed very legit. We emailed back and forth a few times and exchanged pictures and tentatively agreed to meet. He emailed for the next 4 days until my flight left "very excited" about meeting me.

    We agreed to meet early in the morning at my hotel. He showed up 30 minutes early. He came into my room and wasted no time at all taking his clothes off and then coming to me and quickly stripping mine. Before I knew it I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. I sucked him long, slow , and deep. Enjoying the texture and the taste of his cock, the feeling of the head sliding in and out past my lips. I took him deep in my throat, running my tongue along the underside of his cock. We changed positions a few times, giving him a break to ensure he didn't cum too fast. After a quick position change, I was on my back and he positioned himself between my legs. He leans in and kisses me, which I have never kissed a guy before and it is usually a rule of mine not to. But in the heat of all that was happening, I couldn't resist. His cock pressing against mine, I take both in hand and stroke them together. He kisses me again and lowers his hips so that his cock is now pressing against my ass. We continue making out, his cock rubbing up and down my crack, pressing gently trying to get inside me.

    I reached back and guided him inside me, I gently bite his lip as i feel the length of him slide into me. His strokes are gentle and controlled at first, my legs are wrapped around his waist pulling him deeper and deeper inside me. He feels SOOO good. His strokes increasing in both speed and depth, he is pounding into me now, I moan as our lips find each other again. My hips rock in time with his strokes.

    He slides out of me and steps away for a second to get some lube and to keep from cumming. He returns and lubes up his cock again. I am now lying on my side and he takes my leg and spreads them and slides his cock back into me. I wrap my arm around his waist and pull him deeper inside me with each stroke. We continue this way for several minutes and then he lays behind me, spreads my legs, and slips into me again. I reach back and fondle his balls and feel his shaft sliding in and out of me. My ass clenching at him, wanting more. The feeling of his cock inside me is exquisite.

    We change positions again, this time with me on my back with my legs on his shoulders. He is now rhythmically slamming into me, his balls slapping my ass with each stroke. His thrusts begin to become erratic and he quickly pulls out of me. I swing around and quickly wrap my lips around the head of his cock just as he begins to cum. He shoots 3 large loads, each splashing against the back of my throat, he cum is slightly sweet, almost tasteless. I keep my lips wrapped around his cock until his spasms subside, I then take the length of his cock into my throat while I simultaneously swallow his load. He kisses me, the retreats to the bathroom to clean up.

    He dresses hastily as he has to work shortly, he kisses me again and tells me thank you. After he leaves, I get in the shower to begin my day. Within minutes, I receive an email from him telling me that he really enjoyed our meeting, and the he would like to come back tomorrow morning with a friend. So now I am looking forward to my first threesome with two men, a fantasy which I have been yearning to fulfill, but have been too afraid to, until now.

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    Gay Male / 18

    i met a guy on a chat line and we agreed to meet at his house. He told me to go through the back yard and get naked on the patio then walk through the sliding glass door and find the bedroom. i got there and stripped naked and went inside. It was dark but i saw a light under a door at the end of the hallway. i walked down the hall, naked and sporting a boner, opened the door and there was eight naked guys waiting. One of the grabbed me and forced me to my knees, shoving his big dick in my mouth. i sucked his cock while the others got round me then took turns making me suck their dicks too. then one of them made me get on my hands and knees on the bed and he shoved his hard dick up my ass and fucked me while the others took turns fucking my mouth. they all took turns fucking my ass and mouth until each one shot his big load. It was awesome!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Today I can't help but reminisce about losing my virginity to a man. You know how society as a whole views that. But I was so horny I couldn't say no because no one would know being in secret. It was kind of like in for a pound in for a penny. So I not only did it but I enjoyed it too.

    So a whole new set of emotions popped up I was not ready for was enjoying sex with a man.

    The whole thing was kind of simple and innocent in that he only asked if I wanted a blowjob?? And pondering the pros and cons I went with his offer.

    So enjoying the company of my very first sexual experience and wanting to be liked I followed his lead which included my turn to blow him as well.

    So wow what a feeling I was a little cock sucker now. I enjoyed it a lot though and felt like a porn star both giving and receiving.

    So now I knew what a blowjob was really like both receiving and giving one. Little did I know his instructions about cum were all very well directed both in swallowing and deep throating too.

    So weekly meeting continued as we got more and more acquainted with each other's body and needs. It was a regular thing now.

    Enjoying our time sharing this way we now became anal with each other which was a huge step forward sexually. So now I was enjoying receiving and giving men blowjobs and also going anal both giving band receiving as well.

    So now I am enjoying being a little oral and anal boy and enjoy his company now too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    This is from a part of my life when I was literally out of control. A time when no matter who or how many fronted me, I'd take them on. It lead to many many fights and lots of time at her majesty's pleasure. Either in youth detention or as in my confession here, in prison.

    Unfortuna tely for me my size wasn't something that went for me, even if my inner anger, fighting ability and non stop ferociousness counted for something on the outside of prison. There were men and con rules inside, that made sure my role in prison wasn't what I would have chosen.

    The very first man who attempted to have sex with me, was a cell mate. We'd both been drinking (Yes you can get alcohol in prison) and he thought because I was so small (I'm 5'4" tall) he could take advantage of me and my arsehole. I put him straight and also put him in the prison infirmary. The bad thing for me was, he was a protected person. Someone who has the backing of a major player in prison. It was that player who had me placed in his cell to be his bitch. Too late for me to find out and I was told I was to be "Shuffled off".

    I had only one choice, find another player and get their protection for a cost. That cost of course wasn't just one thing, it was a number of things. Having items brought in. "Making up" a cigarette ration (from lesser cons) and giving it all to them, working the prison net as a courier and finally submitting to their sexual will. I learnt all this whilst I was in solitary for my violence, and knew when I was put back into the general prison populas I would be someones bitch.

    Meeting Frank was unerving. Even I, had heard of his reputation. Almost everyone in the city I lived in, knew about Frank and his persausive ways. So when I first entered his plush cell I was shitting myself. Not out of physical fear because if I had to I'd fight him too, but from the prison whispers. I'd already resigned myself to the fact that I would be his or one of his minions sexual toy. The rumours of his huge cock though, did have me sweating. He couldn't have been more friendly, yet the menance of the man was there. His massive frame didn't go with his soft voice. But when he spoke, you knew what he said, absolutely was how it was going to be.

    Quietly and smiling Frank said "Open my trousers and give me the best blow job I've had this year" It wasn't a debate, it wasn't a time for me to question what he wanted. So dropping to my knees I opened Franks non conforming prison trousers and released what I can only describe as a snake flopping out of the material. The rumours weren't wrong and I genuinely gulped at the task in front of me. Opening my mouth as Frank pushed forwards, I felt his hot growing cock slide over my tongue, completely filling my mouth. It was an alien feeling for me, but weirdly not too uncomfortable as Frank slowly began to fuck my mouth.

    Every thrust of his hips pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and every time I took it, I became more and more confident. A few minutes into sucking on Franks enormous cock, he was actually leaning backwards against his cell wall and he was moaning out loud, so loud everyone on the landing would have been able to hear him. Of his ten inch swollen thick cock, I was able to take about six inches of it down my throat, something I'd never done before, but something which seemed natural to me. Frank stopped me, let me have a breather as he removed his trousers completely and lay on his bunk. One of his minders Tony, who was stood in the doorway, was grinning like a cheshire cat at me and Frank saw him. Turning to him he said "Not this one Tony, he's all mine, boy can this guy suck cock". Moving over to where Frank lay, I resumed where I'd left off, deep throating his cock for all I was worth. A couple of minutes later, Frank gripped my hair and forced his cock further over my tongue, face fucking me. Then holding me firm, his cock exploaded filling my mouth and throat. He didn't let go until I'd swallowed the lot.

    Releasing me, he told Tony to sort out my sleeping arrangements, telling him "This one's mine, no one has access, and I mean no one" he paused before adding "Tell Terry, I'll square it with him for Barry's trip to the infirmary". That was it, I was Franks posession from then on. I was nineteen years old and I'd sucked the cock of one of prisons most notorious's men.

    It wasn't the only sexual pleasure I gave to Frank. He took my anal virginity with his massive cock a few weeks later, but that's another confession maybe for a later day. I also learnt that pleasing some of his main crew, was extremely beneficial for me too, especially on the outside, as it provided me with the means to start the business I've been sucessful in to this day. I don't like prison and wouldn't advocate it as a career or anything, but my time back then was for me, a total sexual exploration and one in which I totally enjoyed. My life is completely different from back then, as I'm not only married now to a beautiful and wonderful woman, I'm also a father of two great kids.

    My fighting and prison days are over, but having said that, I wouldn't hessitate to suck cock again, if you know what I mean, if my family was threatened.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Ok so here it is ive posted here before about early on gay experiances well I have a new one.... so again im horny and bored posting to craigslist as always I post for women but know a guys gonna hit me up either way I check my email and its a black guy....which doesnt surprise me last time i did this I didnt know what to expect but ya. Either way we make plans to meet at a porno shop, and here I am questioning "do you wanna really go through with this again??" When I got a email saying "im here"... so here I go walking to meet him I was gonna buy a condom but the store was closed, either way I jumped in his car and we drive, so akwardly quite of a ride till we find a dark alley,,,,,immediatly he moves up the center console and out comes this dick I play shy likr I never seen one before. "Come on baby dont be scared"he said I can smell the cum or jack off from half a foot away I lowrred my head and took a gulp I opened my mouth and as soon as his tip hit my tounge a bit of precum came out..I sucked till he got hard and when he did no warning at all I drop my pants and turn around I tell hin "if you wanna bust this cherry do it now "immediatley he is behind me and drops my chair where im laying I feel it I feel the tip pushed against my asshole when...."ah ah ah" im moaning as this cock enters me slowly he rocks it in and idk I told him"Stop no more" when he kisses my ear and says h"hold on baby" so I procceed to let this guy fuck me even slower when his cock starts pulsating I rad away said "don't cum in my ass" seeing how I couldnt get a condom he had assured me he wouldnt when there it goes agaib I feel his dick throbbing and there it is he went balls deep and I realized he pulled back only to leave a little bit of his dick in my ass whenbi felt a river of cum fill my ass I didnt know what to do but finger my ass and jack off when I came he watched dropped me off I never messaged him again. As for him hes begging me to

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    After 30 years of being married and not having sex for the last 5 years with me wife, I am turning gay. It started about 10 years ago when sex with my wife slowed to about 12 times a year. She stopped sucking my cock to. When dating and first married we had hot sex and she would suck me a few times a week. She knew of my bisexual fantasies and would use toys on me as she sucked me. When we first got a computer, I would watch str88 movies. I watched a gay one to see what it was all about. I couldn't believe how turned on and hard I was. I started watching only gay ones and girl on girl ones didn't get me hard any more. I only get turned on by cock now. About 4 years ago met a guy at the gym ended up back at his place sucked my first cock. He exploded in my mouth and I swallowed it all. I was hooked and loved sucking him when ever we could get together. About a year ago got fucked for the first time and I am now a bottom. Now I have to tell my wife her husband is a cock sucking fag bottom and time to end our marriage.

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    Gay Male / 28

    I had a friend who I use to play with all the time and I miss our friendship.

    One time we were at his Aunt's house and she left us home alone for a little bit, we were laying in his Aunt's bed and he took down his pants and started stroking himself. I knew the game we had and what this meant. I took my pants down and started stroking myself so were sitting here stroking and he reaches over to grab mine and I grab his and we are jerking each other off. So he leans over and sucks me for a second so I lean over and start sucking him 2 seconds later he cummed on his stomach.

    another time we were in my bedroom and we were stark naked both of us and im on the floor in doggy postion he is fucking me up my ass and all of a sudden my mom walks in the room and we were so embarrassed.

    the final time we had gay sex and this is my most lusted memory,

    He called me up on a Friday night not as a friend to hang out but as a lover.
    I came over he brought me over to his room he closed the door and he said you know what I want.

    he ripped off his clothes I ripped off mine and we started touching each others bodies. he sat in his computer chair and I had him in my mouth the warmth felt great his cock wasn't that big but its okay. but I remember as I am sucking up and down on him I am jacking off and im so turned on I cummed on his carpet. were rustling around and all of a sudden my legs are pointed straight to the sky and he is riding me good pounding me out once he's finished we take a break and he said im horny again he had a pair of his mothers used panties in his drawer and he made me put them on and he fucked me again

    I miss those days

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