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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Twice a week, usually Monday morning and Thursday evening I tell my wife I'm going in work early, and having to finish late respectively. It's something I've been saying now for eight months. Eight months whereby I've been visiting a flat on my way to work Mondays and after work on Thursdays.
    The owner of the flat, bought by his parents which is in a very wealthy area, is nineteen years old. He's extremely effeminate and loves to dress up in ladies underwear. He also loves every inch of my dick sliding down his throat, and then as hard as I like, up his milky white tight arse.
    We met when I fixed his satellite tv box. He walked into his lounge that day, dressed only in a pink fluffy nightie and pink knickers. I'm not sure how he knew I'd fucked other young men in the past, but he certainly got my attention that morning. Asking me if I'd like to take a break from my job, he slid his hands all over my cock bulge.
    Ten seconds later I had my rising cock out, and had him sucking on it as he squatted down. Harder than I'd been in a very long time, he produced a condom from a bowl in the centre of his coffee table. Then after removing his knickers, he smeared his own arse with lube. Not needing a second invitation when he leant on the coffee table, he told me as I slid my raging cock into him from behind, to fuck him as hard as I wanted. Saying he loved being fucked hard and being treated roughly.
    Twenty minutes I lasted that first time. Twenty in which I absolutely pounded his young white arsehole, fucking him Doggy, missionary and then as I sat on his sofa, he mounted my dick. Tossing him off as he bounced up and down on my dick, he didn't last long and came all over work t-shirt. Feeling my own orgasm rising, I pushed him back, slung his legs over his head as he lay on his lounge floor and thrust back into him. A few wonderfully hard long strokes and I was cumming so much, I was shaking as I pumped my cum into the condom.
    His satellite tv fixed, I accepted and returned a very passionate kiss and promissed to return the following week to check on his system. I stayed an hour the week after and fucked him all over his flat, finishing off in his small shower.
    It was a fortnight on when we go the results back from the clinic, we both attended two days after our second fuck. During that fortnight we fucked with me wearing a condom. After the results and twice every week since, I've fucked him bareback. His parents know he's gay and to some extent ignore his ways. Like last week when I'd only just dumped a load up his sweet arsehole after fucking him for over half an hour. His mother popped round and seeing me sat drinking tea, asked him if his satellite tv broke down every week. I blushed, but he just smiled and told his very posh mother to mind her own fucking business.
    He's such a great fuck, I'll miss him if we stop. But then again if I'm right about our new neighbours, maybe their son Justin will enjoy my cock up his sweet looking arse.

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    Gay Male / 32

    When I was 16 a man moved in next door. He was in his forties and had just gotten out of the Air Force. He saw me in our yard and offered me fifty bucks to help him unload. Once we had unloaded the U-Haul, we were moving furniture around and putting boxes in places for unpacking, he went into the guest bathroom but left the door open. He unzipped and stood there to pee. I stood in the door and watched him with a box in my arms. We had eye contact the whole time, he slowly shook and showed me his penis and asked me if I liked it. I quickly moved on and put the box down in the living room.

    He came out and grabbed me by mi crotch and asked me if I liked that. He didn't let go of me and he asked me I wanted to suck him. He walked backwards and pulled me by my crotch and he sat on the couch an unzipped my pants and took out my penis and put it in his mouth. He sucked me for a good while, until I was completely hard. Holding my penis in his hand, he asked me to unzip his pants and reach in and get his penis out. He was already half hard and I had trouble getting his penis out of his pants. He told me to sit and suck his penis.

    He got hard and he held my head with his hands and I sucked him as hard as I could. He gave me directions, to suck him and use my tongue let him fuck my mouth. After a while, he stopped, my penis was no longer hard and he led me to the bedroom. The bed wasn't made, he got undressed and he helped me to get naked, he sucked my penis again and laid on the bed and told me to lay down beside him. We kissed while we held each other. He asked me if I was ready to experience a man.

    He got up and went to the bathroom and came out with a tube and told of KY Jelly and told me it was going to feel cold at first but then I was going to like it and to get on my stomach. I felt his fingers slip between my cheeks and then into my rectum. He fingered me for a while and asked me if I liked it. He gave me a pillow to hold on to, and he climbed on my back and pushed his legs between my legs and laid down and started to push his penis into me. I don't know exactly when he penetrated but soon he was giving me the royal treatment. I kept opening my legs wider and wider while he fucked me.

    After he was done he found some towels and we took a shower and asked me to wash his penis and he washed mine. We kissed again in the shower. He told me that lots of young men came into the service not knowing what they liked and that I was lucky because I found out early.

    He was the bachelor next door, who lived off his service pension and got a job as a supervisor at the Home Depot. I was his favorite and he always had time for me. I suppose I was in love with him at the time. At the time I was in heat. Even later, long after I had moved on to college and a full time job, we remained close. He likes young men, and I have moved on to a mature relationship, but we remain close friends. And if the time is right, and the mood is right, he lets me give him a long sensuous suck for old times sake.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I have always been Bi. Shes always known. It was a lot of fun at first, her and i having threesomes with other guys, she really seemed to enjoy it. then one day about 4 years ago, she decided to quit, and i guess, i wasn't supposed to be Bi anymore.

    Well, as it turns out i still was. I made it almost a year before i caved to my cravings. If she didn't want it that was on her but i had a right to it. I really preferred threesomes, but if she wasn't going to be there.... I decided to try a threesome of a different sort. I had a lot of time on my hands as she worked nights in the ER. Got me an Adam4Adam account...

    I have hooked up with about 15 different gay couples in the last 3 years. Some more than once. I actually have a LOT more sex with my wife now... she has NO idea tho.

    Currently, i have threesomes with 3 different gay couples. One of them is my brother and his boyfriend. I LITERALLY fool around with SOMEONE pretty much every night shes at work. Once in a while, just because i can, i will play with 2 couples in one night. I have had 4 guys (one being my little brother) cum in my ass in one ER shift.

    Am i a horrible person or what?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Originally I went the the gym I attend just to keep fit. But the more frustrated I became from not having sex at home, (We'd not had sex in months) the more I gave the thought of having my cock sucked by a young guy who obviously wanted my dick, serious consideration. I'd never had any kind of gay sex, so when it happened I couldn't believe just how turned on I became.
    The young guy in question, who'd been checking me out for weeks, just walked in on me as I was showering and took my cock into his hands. Tossing me off a little, I didn't stop him, so he dropped down and took my cock into his mouth. It was such an awesome blow job, I didn't last long, but that was just the start of our four month sexual relationship.
    On certain days each week, I go to the gym after my late shift (I finish at ten pm) and most times when I'm there my young cock sucker is already there training. And every time he's there we end up in the showers or in my changing cubicle having oral sex. I haven't fucked him yet, but he's only just told me he'd love me to be his first.
    But that young man isn't the only young man I now have sex with. I don't fuck him at the gym, although that's where we met, I fuck him at his parents home. He's a college student who gets certain mornings off, which gives us lots of opportunity to fuck as his parents both work. Like my late night young cock sucker (He is so good at giving head) I first had sex at the gym with the young man I now fuck at his home. It was clear he was interested in me sexually, so instead of pussy footing around as he bench pressed some weights, I walked over, moved my shorts to one side and let him see right up my shorts to my growing cock. Putting the weight bar back on the bench, he reached up and quickly felt my cock. Five minutes later I had him sucking on my dick in the showers. Only when I was about to drop my load in his mouth, he stopped sucking stood up and used some hair conditioner to lube up his arsehole. I didn't have a condom, but I knew I was clear, and with his age I'd be okay to fuck him. As he leaned against the wall I inserted my cock slowly up his arse and began to gently fuck him. But my young gay nineteen year old wanted it hard, and turned his head to tell me to fuck him harder. With the shower water spraying over us both, I fucked him as hard and as fast as I've ever fucked anyone and that young man took it and wanted more. Holding his left shoulder and his hair, I really went for it and pounded his rear hole, making him moan out loud. Then after a couple more minutes of screwing him, he let a loud shout of joy and came all over the floor below him. It spurred me on to see his cum splashing everywhere, so I slammed my dick harder into him and took out a weeks frustration (I'd been away with the wife, no sex) up his glorious fuck hole. Just as I was cumming hard up his beautiful tight arsehole, one of the gyms younger managers walked around the shower wall to see me dumping my load up him. All he said was "Have fun boys, but keep it down a little". He'd heard us fucking, or more to the point my young fuck partner screaming out his orgasm and thought someone had slipped.
    It was only a few weeks later that I found out he's fucking an older married woman who attends the gym, when her husband works his late shifts.
    I'm now getting all the sex I want from two very eager young men. I am a highly sexed guy and had a wife who used to be. But I guess she likes younger men, just as I now do. She's working away shortly, or going for her annual training anyway. So it will give me the house to myself for a few days. I've already spoken to my beautiful cock sucker who's agreed it's time for me to take his anal cherry. Perfect timing really as he's just had his eighteenth birthday, and what better present could I give him, than fucking that virgin tight hole as hard as he can take it. Who knows I might even invite my college student to be involved too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    During my last year in high school (I hated school) I was waiting outside the headmasters room to be disciplined. Hearing moaning noises coming from the staff toilets next door, curiosity got the better of me. Pushing the door, it opened and I got the very clear sight of one of the male teachers sucking off our PE (Physical Education) teacher. They both jumped when they saw me, and the teacher who was sucking the PE teacher quickly stood up and scurried out. However the PE teacher stood there holding his very large erect cock. Instead of walking away, I walked in, locked the door and took hold of his cock.
    I'd sucked off a mate a couple of years earlier, but his cock was nowhere near as big as the PE teachers. Squatting down and looking up at the teacher, smiling down at me, he told me we didn't have much time. Opening my mouth, I savoured the taste and feel of his huge cock moving over my tongue. Clamping my mouth around his dick, he began to fuck my mouth and I began to suck it in further and further down my throat. Every vein along his thick cock shaft was pulsing in my mouth, and probably because he'd already had his cock sucked before I arrived, he thrust hard down my throat only a few times, making his cock erupt. Spurting hot sticky cum all over my tongue, teeth and lips. Pulling out, my PE teacher said "Swallow it". But I was already ahead of him letting his yummy cum slide down my throat.
    Exiting the toilets, the headmaster came out of his office a minute or two later. Just as the PE teacher left the staff toilets. Looking at me then his boss, he said "Thank you for earlier ...... that was really nice of you to finish off Mr ..... role. Couldn't have completed it without you". He smiled at me, then at the headmaster and walked away.
    The headmaster looked at me, sighed and told me to return to my class.
    It was just the beginning of my relationship with my PE teacher. Each week from then on we met at different places throughout the school buildings for oral sex, but we didn't fuck until I left school.
    That took place in a field underneath a lone oak tree. I'm going to keep that beautiful experience to myself, for now, as I want to explain why I'm here confessing.
    Two months ago my wife (We married two years ago) and I got a new neighbour. He's a very fit retired PE teacher. When he moved in, he had a younger guy move in with him, but within a week of him realising we were, or more to the point, I was his new neighbour, his boyfriend moved out. A few days later I was in his bed taking his sumptuous cock deep inside my arse.
    Because he's retired now, and that my job allows me to work from home two to three times a week, we pretty much have one form of gay sex every other day. But it's when I'm taking his gorgeous cock deep up my arsehole, that I love the most.

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    Gay Male / 30

    My boyfriend has recently introduced me to something that I'd never considered before open air sex, It started after a party one weekend as we were walking home he suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me into an alleyway pushed me down and pushed his cock into my mouth as I squatted there holding his hips and sucking him hard as the thrill of potentially getting caught at 4 in the morning sucking his gorgeous cock flowed through me even though that was a very slim chance I loved it and it got me very hard, He came as I greedily swallowed every last drop of his thick cum, I almost dragged him home to fuck me that night I was so turned on and hard, We've since fucked in a car park in a park with me bent over a bench that was very hot also in a field and a local wood, I've sucked him off on a bus and on a train too I just love it when he suddenly pulls his cock out in random places and gets me to suck him off, One night he drove me out into the countryside pulled over into a lay-by and fucked me over the bonnet of his car after stripping me totally naked as I lay there feeling the warm metal in my skin he rimmed me deep and hard making me gasp and moan I wanted him inside me badly as his tongue drove me wild as he tongue fucked me getting me wet and lubed up for a good fucking, I couldn't take anymore and begged him to fuck me and boy did he his cock pounced into me so hard I came over the bonnet of his car and when he came he lay over my back and whispered into my ear how much he loved me God it was so romantic I love him and his juicy cock so much.

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    Straight Male / 25

    So I really don't know where else to turn and can't really tell anyone about this quite frankly I'm quite ashamed of it all but I can't help myself and this has always been a safe outlet to just vent, so I've had a few MM experiance a before this I've posted about on here before, since the last time though I don't know how to feel, but I've found myself almost nightly trying to have anon MM experiances and have tried to escalate it, I've been searching desperately for someone to have girls clothes I can wear well in the act to trying to find 2 guys to have a 3 some or run a train on me to be the most extreme, nightly though I'll post on Craigslist looking for guys that'll host that don't want pictures, it's a huge hit and miss mainly miss but so far I found one I've wrote about on here way older, creampied me twice the first time I met him, the second time well I haven't written about till now, well the second experiance we repeated the pick up scenario, and it started the same we got to his place and into a lighted room this time on my knees I went well getting naked, when I feel him thrust realizing I'm getting face fucked at this point when he pulls out he leads me to the bed and pushes me on my back I try to say no but I'm to nervous to talk when I see him putting my dick in his mouth I start to tear up but still can't talk I noticed him looking and smiling while I cry when he finally pushes me back, again I find myself trying to talk when my legs go in the air and I see him preparing and feel something cold on my butt hole, without asking he proped his dick against my hole and I let out a whimper and started to cry more I whimpered "no no please no" when I felt it he was balls deep and wasn't gonna stop I closed my eyes and got. the strength to whisper "please don't cum in my ass please" I let him do what he wanted when he pulled out and climbed on my chest saying "ready baby" and opened my mouth he let out the loudest moan and there it was I had cum in my mouth and he got eye to eye and said "swallow" so I did,,,,.since then I kept trying on Craigslist when the other night found someone else, I asked him to pull his dick out so when I get in his vehicle I can lick it and we would drive off which I did, we got to his place when lights shut off I sucked him for a long time on my knees and on his bed, he fucked me doggy style and then pinned me down, and did me missionary, the intent was to swallow his load yet I got a cream pie surprise, still in on my back with his cock up my ass, crying and feeling ashamed cuz I was just breed he says "my dick stays hard and I won't take it out till you cum, so I laid there dick up my ass filled with cum trying to masterbate luckily I pulled it off and was able to cum....either way I feel like I have a problem idk how to feel about all this

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    A fortnight ago, we went out with friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. About half way through the night, my wife who was in a bad mood to begin with, stormed off saying I was getting far too drunk.
    Ten minutes later after speaking to her outside, she apologized, but asked me if I could stay over at my friends house as she was in work early the following day, and didn't want me drunkenly waking her up when I got in.
    Putting her in a taxi home, my friends and I moved onto another bar. And I soon noticed a good looking woman checking me out. Not paying her too much attention immediately I carried on having a laugh with the guys. Maybe two hours later with only one of my friends left in the same pub, he said he was going. I tried to find the other guys along the strip of pubs along the busy road, but couldn't find them. Who I did find about to enter a small park across from where I stood, was the good looking girl. She waved at me and entered the park.
    Ten seconds later, I found myself following her into the park and catching up as she rounded a bend leading down to a wooded area. Taking hold of my hand she told me she knew I wanted a blow job. Moving further into the trees, he had me stop, lean back onto a tree and undid my jeans as she dropped down. Taking out my already rising cock, she instantly swallowed my cock. For a forty eight year old man to have such a good looking young girl sucking my dick, I felt myself to be so lucky and soon got into fucking her mouth. Holding her head tightly, I really began to fuck her face as she gulped down my cock, but as soon as my cock began to throb in her mouth, she moved away and said "Will you fuck me".
    Producing a condom from god knows where, she handed it me, turned around and lifted her skirt. The small pair of knickers she had on, did nothing to hide the fact, the girl was indeed a boy. As I could easily see his cock from behind. Yet even knowing it was a young guy didn't stop me from feeling incredibly horny. Sliding the condom over my cock, I pushed him forwards so he was leaning onto the tree, ripping his sheer knickers off of him and rammed my cock as hard as I could up his arsehole.
    Pushing further and further into his arse with each thrust, I eventually bottomed out and found myself hugging him from behind as I fucked him. I also found myself kissing him as he turned his head to ask me to fuck him harder. After a few minutes of slamming my cock into his wonderfully tight arse, plus the combination of us kissing made him judder in my arms, as a large kiss stifled groan left his lips.
    I knew he'd cum as I could feel his semen flowing onto my dick, then with him telling me to cum, I shot my load deep up his bum, filling the condom. Stood still inside him, I let my cock slide out on its own as it softened and turned him around. Kissing him again, we stood kissing that way for some time.
    Breaking the kiss, I asked him if I could possibly see him again. He responded by saying "Didn't your wife say you should stay out tonight". Before I could answer, he dropped down again and took my cock into his hands. Taking off the condom, he threw it away and quickly slid my cock over his tongue. sucking on my cock for some time, I'd become hard. But this time instead of carrying on, he stood up and said "My flats over there, want to spend the night".
    It was nine o'clock the following morning when I walked into our home. I'd spent pretty much the whole night fucking Alison as he liked to be called. He'd swapped into another outfit at home and I could resist fucking him in it. It was a schoolgirls outfit and it fitted his small frame wonderfully. Screwing her/him was such a thrill, I actually remained rock hard for over an hour, as I fucked Alison in one position after another.
    Before I left her/him to sleep off our night, I had Alison lick and suck my dick and arsehole, to one of the strongest orgasms I can remember having. Cumming all over her/his face, we then kissed and I tasted myself for the very first time.
    Alison and I have met up three more times. Once for quick suck and fuck at the park. Once in his/her flat for a brief but very satisfying fuck during my lunch hour last week. And once at a golf course earlier this week where I met Andy/Alison as a guy. He works there and we took up the last available tee of the day. It was something else having my cock sucked on the ninth hole, then fucking Andy later on in my car after I gave him a lift home.
    It's not cast in stone that we'll carry on seeing each other, but what I do know, is whilst I'm having so much fun fucking a genuinely horny young cross dresser, I'm going to enjoy every fuck we have as Andy or Alison.

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    Gay Male / 25

    Yeah, I blew up his mailbox just for laughs and I been lifting his packages from his front porch while he was at work. He was an older ex military guy with real short cut hair lots of muscles and tatts. Big and solid. Maybe 6'5" with a big thick muscular butt and a pretty large bulge in his tight shorts. I gotta say he sorta got me hot for an old guy. I was just 2 mos short of 19, wore leather, denim and biker boots and thought I was a hard, tough guy. I was really pretty soft and just an obnoxious pain in the ass.

    It happen3d just I sneaked into his garage. He came up behind me put me in a sleeper hold and it was lights out. I woke up naked ,gagged and hogttied on a dirty hardwood floor. I groaned in pain when I painfully pulled my balls! They had been tied and the rope ends attached to my ankles and wrists along with the other rope attached between them I had to really strain to keep my arms and legs from wrenching my balls! It was really hsrd and the occasional pull on my balls was excruciating! Then he came in wearing nothing but a black jockstrsp. He laughed at my obvious discomfort. "How you feeling boy!" He knelt next to me and I felt his big powerful hands roughly squeeze and grope my big fleshy asscheeks. Then he spread them wide. His thick middle fingerstung a little but easily pushed into my cratered butthole.

    He laughed "Yeah you had your fat guinea butt plundered a few times, huh Tony? I thought you were a player!" He groped my fat swollen balls and squeezed them then stretched them agonizingly far with the rope while I yelped and groaned loud into my gag. He laughed and painfully pulled me up on my knees.I grimaced in agony till I learned quickly to lean uncomforyably bacwards to keep from stretching my balls! He dropped his jockstrap and I gasped at the size of his huge cock and big boulder balls. " you're a good looking dark haired lad, Tony. With a hot, fat guinea, bubblebutt ass and a nice cock. I'd say 7- 7 1/2 inches hard, fat low hager balls too.You jerk it off a lot, Tony?" I just shook my head yes and he laughed.

    "You got nice full cocksucker lips Tony snd I seen you downtown st the bookstore. So I know you suck cock, boy." He flopped his big cock in my face and slapped me across the face with it. Then he lifted it up and pressed his big sweaty balls against my lips. "Lick them balls, boy!" I licked his huge balls like they wrre sweet candy apples and his big cock got rick hard. After a couple minutes he grabbed my hair and shoved his horsecock in my mouth. "You know what to do, boy! Now suck!" It stretched and strained my mouth wide but I took it in deep and sucked him off like a hoover! He big meat blasted a huge load down my throat and I swallowed
    it all! He finally cut me loose and lifted me up by my hair. "I want those boxes you took , Tony!" It was cameras, tabs and pricey electronic stuff and I had sold it. He was pissed!

    "I was a DI in the Corp, Tony, boy! I know how to handle cheap punks like you!" He pushed ne over to some big wooden contraption! He bended me over and locked me in. Head and wrists! It was a pillory! "Hey, wsit a minute! This ain't right!" He grabbed my balls and stretched them painfully rhrough my legs. He squeezed them and smacked my fat butt hard. "You call me sir and only speak when spoken too! Got that!?" He smacked my ass hard for emphasis and I yelled "Ye Sir! He tied my balls again and I said "No, please, sir!" He pulled and squeezed my sore swollen balls hard! "You don't listen do you ,boy!" He tied my ankles to a spreader bar then left for a few minutes.

    I remember this guy now! Boy was I stupid! The guys at the bookstore are all afraid of him! He's an ex marine DI into SM scenes. He's got a huge cock but most guys avoid him cause he's so scary. Now I hot caught ripping him off and he wants payback!

    He came back and set some stuff down. He wrapped cord around my scrotum at the base until he pushed my balls down about 4 inches.Then attached 2 1/2 lb weights to the lead ends of the cord. I moaned when the bastard lifted the weights slightly then dropped them! Then he ssid "Try this one for size!" Oh! Shit ! It really hurt! I think it was a 5lb weight He kicked them with his foot and I howled in agony. The bastard gagged me with his funky, smelly jockstrap! "Shut the fuck up, pussy! Them fat guinea balls can take a lot of pain!" Ha Ha! Now I'm gonna whip that big Italian ass!

    He wailed my plump ass with a leather prison strap that cracked down like a rifle shot! He savagely cracked the vicious strap down on my ass again and again laughing when I tried to twist away and screamed ito the filthy jock gag! He switched to a wooden paddle and slammed it brutally into my hard whipped ass! Each time causing double agony cause it made the weights swing under my balls! He was literally skinning my ass when he started using the strap again. I was screaming at the top of my lungs muffled by the jock gag as he whipped my big ass nearly raw!. He finally let up and cut the weight and unwrapped my bloated, swollen purple balls! I screamed again when the blood rushed back in!

    Before I could catch my breath he started greasing up my asshole! His huge cock was like a forearm with a fist attached! I never had a cock in my ass that was even half as big! He pressed it hard against my anus but it just wouldn't go in. It was really hurting my ass and I was shaking my head furiously! "Oh yeah! It going in boy! One way or another!" He pulled me up out of the pillory and brought me over to a a heavy wooden chair. He sat down and his heavy horsecock stuck straight up like an ICBM!

    "Are you going to take masters big cock ,boy?" "Yes sir" I said feebly and with fear. "You better be more enthusiastic than that ,boy!" He grabbed my big dangling balls from behind and pulled my raw, welted ass right over his cock. I groaned loud. My balls were swollen to the size of large tangerines and were handing especially low after being weighted and hard stretched! "Look at them big swingy balls! You look just like a nasty old dog boy! Ha Ha!" He pulled me down by my balls. Right down on his big lurching cock! Then he grabbed my hips and pushed my savaged ass down. Impaling it on his massive
    meat missle! "Its going in, this time boy!" I felt like I was being split in half as the fist ended flagpole slid agonizingly up my ass! It was not to be denied so I gritted my teeth and took the sharp, burning anal agony! He forced my hips down to his balls. His mutant horsecock was a foot deep in my raw ass!

    "Woulddya think about that boy! I said it'd go all the way in; Ha Ha Ha!" He slapped my bruised buttcheek hard and I yelped and said: "Yes sir, You got it all in my ass, sir!" He laughed loud and his big hands started pumping my painfully impaled ass up and down on his 40 oz beercan thick cock! My big swollen balls bounced against his and my own big cock elongated and swayed in front of me.I felt the pressure build in my
    ass when pleadure started to mix with anal agony. Something started throbbing deep in my ass as he pumped my fleshy ass harder. There was a sweet tingling in my balls that seemed to run up my spine and the length of my cock at the same time! My big cock kicked up, jolted and hosed out a huge copious load in a salvo that went on for nearly half a minute! It splashed down loud all over the hardwood floor. My DI master, sergeant Thomas blasted his big load deep up my tortured ass.

    After, wearing nothing but black combat boots, he made me crawl atound the room and lick up my jizz puddles off the floor. While he laughed and prodded and pummeled my obscenely dangling balls. He said "Your big, tan, girly soft, guinea ass is all mine now boy!" It was. The tough old gunny sarge is my master now and I'm his bitchboi. It took a long time and a lot of pain to accomadate my ass to his and his huge hung msrine buddies big gnarly cocks. The pain is still there but not as intense and I gotta admit I like it case it makes me cum so hard. He still whips my fat butt to keep me in line and I gotta say, that sorta turns me on too. He's even fisted my ass with his huge ham sized fist at a leather club with a couple other guys. My asshole was blistered raw and red swillen for about a week but want to do it again.

    Sarge is a good cook although I make a lot of good Italian dishes that he enjoys.My ass is even fatter rounder and more girly soft than before but master likes it that way and so do I. It makes me feel even more subservient and submissive to master and his friends. Yeah, what I thought was a mistake showed me my true place and what got me off best. Servicing the needs of a hot,rough muscular ex marine master!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    It happened in the changing cabin

    I never had thought about another man sexually, me and my best friend went to the local swimming baths, we always had got changed together, after our swim we were both naked drying off, outside two girls were doing bending exercises there costumes were very brief with watching them bending over in front of me I got an erection, I felt my friends hand on my dick wanking me and he was pressing his dick against my back, he said are you ok with this, am I complaining I said, he moved his dick in the crack of my bottom and rubbed it against my arsehole and whispered bend over, I didn't need telling twice I herd him spit and herd a squelching noise he was lubricating himself he spat again in the crack of my arse for my lube, he said I am going to fuck you now ok, do it I said he just pushed it all the way inside and started pumping it was only about a minute before I felt the hot liquid up my anus, I did him the same favour, we are both married. that's how it started.

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