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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I thought I got away with it

    I'm an only child and was born a week after my parents 7th wedding anniversary. Dad was 8 years older than mom and was the youngest of 9. When my paternal grandmother lost her last leg mom and dad moved into the home where dad grew up so mom could care for my grandmother. I barely remember when my grandmother passed but vividly remember when my papa passed a few year later. Dad inherited the home place and 5 surrounding acres and the rest of the old farm was sold to a developer. When I turned 12 mom went to work at the Mall some 45 minutes away and had to work every other Saturday. Dad worked the second shift at a foundry an hour from the house, seldom getting home before 1am. Friday nights he had a few beers with his co workers so it was real late getting home.
    The summer before I turned 14 in the Fall, my parents sold the house and moved into town. I had mixed emotions but was anticipating being where there with kids my age. On Saturday mornings mom was up early as she had to be at the beauty salon in town by 7am for her appointment so she could be at the mall by opening. It was a hot Saturday morning when mom left and she told me to go upstairs and get in bed with dad and take a nap because the big fan was blowing in their bedroom. I remember looking into their open bedroom door and seeing dad in his white jockeys with his back to me and the sheet on the floor as the fan was blowing over his body. My dad is 6'4", 220# of solid muscle, with sky blue eyes, olive complexion, wavy black hair and hairy legs and chest. Dad is a good looking man and women were always hitting on him. I inherited my mom's blond but have dad's complexion and blue eyes.
    I'd been playing "show me yours and I'll show you mine" as far back as I could remember; I had some horny older cousins who taught me well, and often, on their visits to the old home place. The first time I beat off and cum was in the loft at the barn and I screamed so loud the dog came running the barn barking - he thought I was in trouble. Ha Ha Ha.
    I slide off my shorts and lay beside dad and tried to sleep. Dad was breathing heavy and I knew he was asleep. I kept looking at his ass in his white jockeys and his hairy legs and I was boned big time. For some reason, I turned to so my chest as to dads back laying my hand to his thigh right where his under wear leg was; fingers on his hairy thigh and thumb on his tidy whiteys. He continued to breath deep, so I slide my hand around over the front of his jockey's and touched his soft cock. This memory is so vivid its as though it just happened.
    I began to rub on dad's cock through his jockeys and it began to grow, and grow and grow. The head was pushing at the jockey's elastic band and I lifted the band up loosening his cock head as the head popped out from under the elastic. One of my cousins had the hot's for dad and would talk about how he wanted to blow my dad when we had jerk off sessions. I continued to move my hand up and down dad's hard cock from the head down over his jockeys. I was so turned on I took my other hand pulling my cock out aiming it at dad's jockeys right over his ass and I began to hunch like I did when I fucked my cousins (I also inherited my dad's big dick).
    I was working my dad's cock and hunching my cock at his ass and the head of my cock was hitting between his ass cheeks...through his jockeys. Pre cum was dripping out of dad's cock all over my fingers as my hand could barely hold the bottom of his cock as I jerked his cock. Suddenly, I realized dad was no longer breathing heavy, so I got sacred taking my shorts and tip toeing out the bedroom downstairs. I was so hard I remember standing in the kitchen stroking a few times and I shot half way across the floor.
    While I was cleaning up the cum I heard dad walking toward the upstairs bathroom, so I knew he was awake and not knowing what to expect I ran to the barn. About an hour later dad came out calling me to breakfast. The second time he called he said, "get you ass in here your eggs are getting cold and we have errands sin town." Dad never mentioned anything all day, so I decided he as asleep when I left his room and had no idea I was jacking him off through his under wear.
    That entire summer the same activity repeated itself many times: me jacking my dad's dick through his jockey,, hunching my cock between his ass cheeks through his jockeys, until the last Saturday before we moved the Monday when dad shot all over my hand and the bed. He acted like he was waking up and I was out the door in 2 seconds and down the stairs. The first week in our new home mom was there on Saturday and the next Saturday dad began a part time job and left for work with mom on Saturdays, so nothing ever happened again on Saturday morning's.
    My second year in college I was home for the Christmas break and dad and I were alone after mom left for work. We had finished breakfast and was sitting in the den watching the TV when said, "are you still jacking off guys and hunching fucking their asses through their jockeys, or have you graduated to sucking and real ass fucking." I was speechless that this came from dad and come out of the unexpected. I had settled in my mind he knew nothing and now was faced with the truth. Then dad said, "the first time I thought you were just experimenting, but when you came back I knew you wanted some cock." I was speechless and dropped my head. Then dad said. "it's okay what you did, and okay if you still do it. Your not the first man to grab my cock or give me a hand job." I looked across to dad and he was smiling the biggest smile as he asked , "do you lick sucking cock and ass fucking?" I looked right at him and said, "yours was not the first cock I jerked on, or the first ass I hunched. I had already been sucking and fucking when I played with your those mornings." Dad looked at me and said, "and I have had some great blows jobs from men and some strange pussy and since you played with me. I've never had a woman suck me as good as a man. Is there anyone special in your life". I said, "No, but I suck my share of cock and get pussy too. Why didn't you let me know then you were really awake?" Dad said, "Was waiting on your 18th and an appropriate time."
    My dad slide to the edge of his recliner, spread his legs and put his hands over his cock. I was on my knees between his legs and unzipping his pants before you could blink an eye. It was a mouthful and a hand full and I sucked as his rubbed his hands all in my hair and talked nasty to me. I was so turned on I took his cock, looked up and asked, "how did you know I like nasty talk?" He responded, "you my son, and we are just alike. Lets take this to my bedroom."
    I laid on the bed with my head handing off (his instructions) dad stood on the floor and fucked my face ramming his cock all the way down my throat. He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and licked my balls and ass. he was talking some nasty stuff to me as he fucked my face. He took a picture of me laying on my back on the bed, him sitting on my chest and his cock in my mouth. When dad cum the first time in my mouth it was s big load and as I swallowed I blew my load all over dad's ass and back. For the entire day we sucked and fucked in every possible position and in every room. Every morning we had a fuck fest and I learned my mom had lost interest in sex but dad didn't do without. Saturday when eating breakfast we heard someone pull in the yard and dad said, "it's J_ _ _ _ my bi, married friend. If you like him and the chemistry is there, give me a node and we'll have a 3 way.
    We cleared the breakfast dishes as they laid me on my back hanging my head off the side as they took turns fucking my throat. Then J _ _ _ got in my ass and I blew dad; they split roasted me on the kitchen table and alternated positions. Dad and I D/P 'd J _ _ _ 's married ass and he loved it.
    That night dad and I went to play pool, then a strip club and a bar where we both shared some pussy. Dad took a detour on the way home where we sucked each other again. Dad came to visit me for a football game the next year and we took a 19yo for her fist 3 way. We used her ass and pussy as the same time and she was a moaning as she has orgasm after orgasm. After we dropped her back at her dorm I called a bud and told him to get his ass douched and ready for his first real dad and son tag team.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    There has never been a time when I've considered myself as any form of sexuality, not because I'd indulged or not indulged in kind of alternative sex, but because I always saw and still do view sex as just that, sex.
    The tag I've put at the top of the confession, is for your perception of social sexual intergration and not my own. As I've already said I don't have a sexuality, I'm just me.

    I'm married and happily so, but my marriage would be compromised if my wife knew what I'm about to confess. So I hide it here and express myself through this forum to conform in some way, and it's a way that gives me a chance to re live what happened three months ago.

    Knowing my own body and its flexibility, I knew when watching a bedroom scene a socially immature lonely guy had sent to my computer at work, I'd also be able to do as the person was doing in the scene. The person in question was lay naked on his back with his legs over his head touching the bed behind him. His erect cock was wavering above his mouth, and then he took it into his mouth and began to give himself a blow job. At first I was going to turn the scene off, until I found I was asking myself if I could do the same. By the time the guy had sucked his cock to completion, I was seriously wondering if I should try it at home later. Walking out of work, the young guy who'd sent me the link smiled and asked me if I thought the video of him was good. It was only then I realised it actually was my youthful colleague. But it posed another question, why send it to me?

    Karen my wife, works a late shift in every rotation of her shift pattern. So I knew I'd be on my own for at least four hours. All the way home I'd been asking myself why he'd sent me the video link and if I was going to try what he'd been doing to himself. And all the way home I told myself, no. The erection I got from thinking about it though changed my mind and as soon as I put my coat away and climbed the stairs to our bedroom, I knew I was going to at least try.

    After showering I put a towel onto the bed, lay on my back and then lifted my legs over my head, letting them fall easilly behind me so my flaccid cock was inches from my face. It was a strange sight, but an erotic one and my cock had begun to get hard. There is no sizist in me. I know my cock is large, larger than average anyway, and I enjoy using it to fuck my wifes mouth, pussy and asshole. I'd never once before tasted my own cum or tried to orally pleasure myself, but looking at my nine inch cock growing in front of me, feeling it touch my left cheek, I knew I was going to suck on my own cock. The sensation of it passing in between my lips and on into my mouth was amazing. It was almost as if someone else was sucking me, but my cock was definitely in my mouth and I was sucking on it, the same as I knew I liked my wife to give me head.

    Every time I bobbed my head upwards, I took more and more of my cock, until I was taking about four inches of it. The feelings I was giving myself were awsome. I was getting more of a thrill from actually being able to pleasure myself, than from the sensations flowing through my cock, but those sensations were growing, as was my cock. It was throbbing and pulsing like never before as my tongue, lips and mouth sucked hard on my own erection. Moving my right hand up to my ass, I did something I like my wife doing, I inserted a finger up my asshole and began to finger fuck myself as well as sucking on my dick. The feeling of having my asshole fingered and sucking on my own cock sent me and my cock over the edge a few minutes later. In a series of powerful shudders, my cock erupted and I came flooding my own mouth. My whole body was wracked by the orgasm I was having, but I knew I wanted one last thing from the experience I'd just given myself. Gulping down on my cock, I swallowed every last drop of my cum and totally loved the taste and feeling of it going down my throat.

    Lay on my back, completely sexually satisfied, I thought about my collegaue and knew why he'd sent me the link. He'd wanted to include me in his world, he'd wanted me to know what it felt like to self fellatio. And he wanted to open the door to us maybe sharing our discovery.

    Sat in my office the next day opening my internal mail, his message was simple. "Hope you had some fun, might want to try a double dipping next time eh?". I knew precisely what he meant and what he was implying. Sharing my bed with him the following week, was if anything an even more surreal experience. Both of us sucking our own cocks using each others bodies to support one another as we gave ourselves a blow job. Fucking him took the acceptance of my sexuality to a whole new level. His tight smooth young asshole was perfect for my cock as it enveloped itself around it. And I truely had a great time pounding him the way I guessed he'd wanted all along. But fucking him was just that, a hole to fuck and a willing recipient of the copious amounts of cum I dumped deep inside his rear hole after an hour of sex. It was the young man who told me to lead the way in how, where and the force in which I fucked him. It was a first for me to have someone totally let me call the sexual shots and I strangely enjoyed letting him have his subserviant way.

    He's returned to my home when I've felt like emptying my balls on five more occassions. He knows he's a cum dump to me and I know he and his asshole can take more of a pounding than my wife can. But having said that, I still prefer to fuck my wife and have her peform sexually form me, the way I love her to do.
    So am I Gay, Bisexual or as I see it, a Hetrosexual man who just likes to suck his own cock from time to time, and fuck one particular guys tight asshole as he calls me "Daddy".

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I'm a married man with kids and we live in a mid sized town in the mid west. My work requires extensive travel and depending my destination I may fly in or out on the commuter flights to make my main flight connection. At one particular airport in a neighboring state all commuter flights are the gates on the lover level of the main concourse. That particular Friday night I walked down the concourse to its end went down the steps to the lower commuter gates for my 8:10pm flight home. I'd been sitting there a few minutes when they announced my flight was over booked and they needed 3 volunteers to reschedule to the 11:30om last flight. I was the first at the ticket counter because I knew it meant a free travel voucher.
    With a 2 plus hour delay I walked up the steps to the end of the main concourse where I would go for dinner as I had done many times before under the same circumstances. At the top of those stairs, and to the left, was a wide area with an observation window and chairs looking over the planes. Of all the years of commuter flights I have never looked out that observation window. So, when I got to the top of the steps I turned left to walk to the window and have a seat for a few minute. As I neared the area I saw a door to the left with a sign Men's Room. I never knew there we a toilet there. So I opened the door and found myself in a long hallway, wide enough for two to pass and maybe 50 feet long. At the end of that hallway was a toilet stall facing the hallway and half of another one. At the end there were 8 stalls beside each other on that far wall and a share "U-turn", on the back side of the hallway wall were 5 or 6 wash basins and 8 urinals beside them and 4 urinals on the other side. Directly across from the wash basins was frosted windows and a shelf.
    I heard movement as I walked in the restroom and just as I got close to the end, a man in a tan suit with his hard cock hanging to the left came around the corner on his way out of the bathroom. I knew then there might be activity. Turning on the water at a basin was another man in a business and at the urinals was another man, with his back toward us, who was stuffing his white shirt into his pants, zipping up and re belted.
    I walked to the middle urinal on the side of the basins, put my briefcase/lap top on the floor pulled my coat back with my left hand resting it on my hip for him to view and I unzipped with right an hauled out my cock to piss. The guy washing his hands was now adjusting his tie in the mirror and the other guy was washing his hands as he leaned around the other guy to look at my cock. Now I am just finishing my piss and began to stroke my cock. The guy adjusting his tie looked at me and I looked back, then at my cock then back at him and smiled.
    The guy adjusting his tie moved beside me (on the left) and took out his hard cock. The other guy was unzipped as he walked to the urinal on my right side.
    I'm holding a cock in each head and one hand on my cock and another man's hand on my balls. They took turns sucking my cock and massaging my balls. I sucked on one and was taking the other in my mouth when we heard the bathroom door open and I stood up. The guy to my right turned and walked to the urinal behind us and the guy on my left was zipping on his way to the wash basin. Then around the corner came the man I passed in the hall way coming in.
    When the man at the wash basin recognized the man he knelt at the basing and had that man's cock in his mouth in 2 seconds. The guy behind me walked to the two at the basin and the man who just came in bent over and took his cock in his mouth. I moved and got in line to the new man to suck on my some too. The guy on his knees stood up dropped his pants, flipped his suit coat up over his back and bent over the basin, moved his feet apart and bent over as he handed the guy a condom. I sucked his cock about 2 seconds and he slide on his condom. I had interrupted them fucking when I came in. The guys bent over's ass was already greased and that cock moved right into place...and balls deep. The other guy was sucking my cock and jerking...then he asked if I wanted some ass as he handed me a condom. I gave it to the man sucking me and told them I wanted 3rds.
    The first man tore up some ass and as he pulled out his cum filled condom the second man took his place and was jacking the man's dick getting fucked. It only took a couple of minutes for the second man to unload...and then I shoved my cock in for the 3rd one in 5 or 6 minutes. I was about to blow when the man I was fucking blew his load all over my hands and the basin.
    We adjusted and stood around talking for a few minutes until I got hard again hearing about their many activities in the same rest room. I unzipped then they did and we sucked on each other until we heard the door and all zipped up and left. We stood outside as the observation window until the guy who just got fucked went back in to see what the good looking black man was doing. Me and that man waited about 3 or 4 minutes and we went back and those two were at the urinals be aide each other. When he recognize us he told the guy we had just fucked him as he took that black cock in his mouth. We all three sucked on the black cock and he sucked on us before he torn up some ass on that same guy.
    For a good 20 minutes 4 married, professional bi men sucked and fucked in an isolated, out of the way men's restroom at a major airport. I could have kicked myself for never checking out the observation window and no idea that was the hottest men's room around. That bathroom was designed for privacy, cruising and activities...and an outside door which squeaked when it was opened. Many encountered in the activities were always late nights near the last commuter flights leaving... and arriving.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    There is two sections this confession could have fit into. This one and "My Family". The reason will become self evident.
    My wife Lucy and I have been married for nearly three years. Two of those years she didn't know anything about my true sexual past, or that of someone she knows very well.
    Lucy loves photography and has made a great start at a growing career. It has taken her all over the world with the company she works for. And it was a supposed trip away to shoot some pictures of waterfalls, that eventually caught me and my gay lover out. Not that I knew it when she left that morning, but Lucy's trip was cancelled due to her companies denial of work visa's at the last minute.
    He arrived an hour after Lucy had taken her taxi to the airport. Within five minutes of him entering our living room, I had his ten inch cock in my mouth. A cock I'd been pleasuring for a little over thirteen years, a cock I'd first sucked on my sixteenth birthday, and one which had fucked me countless times over the years.
    He knew as well as I did it had been over three months since we'd been able to have sex and both of us were desperate to see and touch one another. We were lovers in every sense of the word, except because of where we live and who he is, our loving sexual relationship had remained secret all those years.
    That was until Lucy caught us, as I was being fucked on our sofa. He was sat down and I was facing away from him, my cock swaying to and thro as I bounced up and down on his massive erection. I'd already had him fuck me "Doggie style" Stood up leant against the door frame, lay on my stomach on the rug as he pummelled my asshole and finally I wanted him to make me cum so my load would fly everywhere as I mounted his cock shaft.
    His cock was so deep inside my body and I was on the verge of cumming, as was he. He told me out loud he was about to fill my insides, when I saw movement in the doorway. It was too late for me to stop, the orgasm which had been building up inside my whole body, erupted and sent my cum was flying everywhere. That's when I saw my wife, Lucy, staring at her husband being fucked by her father.
    She didn't say a word. She didn't scream or make a scene. All she did was watch. It was sureal as her father didn't know she was there at first and continued to fuck me. His cock drove wave after wave of total pleasure through my body and his daughter watched every thrust, every nerve pleasuring spurt of my cock as I ejaculated.
    Only when he'd finished cumming deep inside my bowels, did he realise someone was stood in the doorway. And even then I don't think he knew who it was at first, as he asked me if I'd invited someone around.
    It was Lucy's voice which brought everything back to reality and in one sentence from her, I knew she wasn't going to end our marriage. Lucy said "Get dressed and tell me all, then my father can go and tend his flock".
    Over the next two hours I went over the whole affair I'd had with her father. From our first time together when I sucked his cock in the fields close the barn my father had just built, to us meeting one another over the years for sex and male comfort. And then on through our marriage. Lucy listened to me telling her about our love for one another and she didn't say one word.
    Finally as I became quiet, she told her father she would speak to him later and calmly asked him to leave. He was dressed in his usual work clothing, if work clothing is the right description of his garments. Lucy told me she'd always known I was in some way bisexual. She also let me know she'd known for a long time that her father had had a lover, a male lover, but didn't know who it was.
    Then my wife said something which I didn't expect, she said "I'm glad it's you, because now I know no one else will ever know". As she went to visit her father in building which he'd spoken to his flock from for over twenty years, she stopped to say to me "You can keep us both happy from now on, but never with my father when I'm in town".
    It's a message she delivered to her father too, and it's something we've kept to from that day onwards.

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    Straight Male / 44

    At a recent out of town business meeting, I somehow was talked into sucking the cock of one of my colleagues.

    I really don't know how this happened. I am married with children, and have never had a gay experience. I don't even particularly like the colleague in question, nor is he particularly attractive. He is in his mid-50s, average looking, and skinny as a rail. He probably weighs 115 pounds.

    What happened was we were sitting at the lobby bar with a group of about 10. As time passed, people began drifting away until it was just he and I. We sat there drinking and watching TV for another 2 hours, and I was beginning to get lit. At this point, the hows and the whys are a little fuzzy, but suffice to say, I wound up on my knees in his hotel room with his cock in my mouth.

    I must have done a pretty good job, because he came in my mouth after about only 2 minutes. What's worse is that I swallowed it. Voluntarily. He hadn't even asked.

    Thank god we were going home the next day. I don't think I could have faced him. Or anyone else.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Don't get me wrong but I still consider myself straight.

    I did for the money guys.

    I'm a graduating college student and a few months ago I badly needed the money for school fees. I guess I'm that stud, I could say with my built and looks, there's quite a number of gay businessman who offers me indecent proposals in a restaurant where I work as a waiter.

    So I really needed the money, my salary cannot afford my tuition. I was considering on accepting an offer but I just couldn't imagine myself being with an older man because most of them are in their 50s. However, if I were to accept it, at least it would be someone not older than 40 and not hairy and fat (i'm sorry for that).

    Someone told me to try modelling but it didn't panned out for me. Back to my work, there's one particular guy probably in his thirties, not fat and hairy, not muscular either,just a typical manager looking dude. While giving him his bill, he gave me a note and I was not surprised to see another indecent proposal with his number. He gave a look and then walkout away.

    Back to my apartment, I think of it whether to accept it or not, so I gave him a call and see what he can offer. The conversation goes on, I told him I needed the money for my school and I also told him about the things I can't do if I accept his offer and that includes no anal sex, I'm aware of it and I just can't do it. He offered 2 thousand dollars for a date and a blowjob.

    I was nervous, never been an escort before. The date goes smoothly, it was some private place kind of an exclusive resort. There's a lot of things we talked about, my studies, his job, even his wife.

    So we went to his room and he begin his exploits. He prefer role playing which was weird. He asked me to sit down in a chair, tied my hands at the back. This made me nervous but he assured me it's just his fetish. He ripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants until I was naked. I'm not getting hard for this, he gave me tease, played a porn on the screen, he talks about how he wanted to suck my dick and eat my cum. I guess that was a good tease because I did get hard. He started kissing me on the neck then forced forced himself to kiss me on the lips. At first, I don't want to, but I just gotta dot it so I did but it was mostly him who did the moves, I was just there accepting the kiss and occasionally answering him.

    He got down to his business and slowly teasing my cock with his mouth. Licking it a bit, my balls then sucking it. I tell you, I hate to admit it but it was the best blowjob I've ever had. Better that any college girls that sucked me before. He was going into it, he was playing with it. He could get an MVP for sucking my dick. He would occasionally suck my nipples then back to my cock. He attempts to kiss me but I'm not giving him a kiss after he sucked my dick. He was probably doing all the tricks because it took me while to cum.

    When I was about to cum, he had the tip of my cock in his mouth while his hand was stroking my cock. I was groaning when I came. I came so hard in his mouth and I've never cum in someone else's mouth. He was still sucking until I was drained. I was grasping for air, and my whole body was shaking.

    I took a shower and he jack off while watching me. It was an exclusive resort after all so I stayed for the night in his suite but in a different bed.

    I don't want to be with a man, I don't want to make love with a man but this guy has been giving a head and few thousand bucks four times already. And I hate to admit, his blowjob is the best. A girl I met at the party sucked me once, and I tell you it's nowhere near as good as a man's blowjob.

    I'm having this confession because I have to admit that it's really good. I'm enjoying it, the money, the satisfaction.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I'm a 57 year old bi-sexual married man. Over the years I've sucked about 35 different men. Each a different age and size. My cock stands about five inches when hard. I've never had any complaints from my wife, but she has lost all interest in sex, and won't even let me touch her tits or c**t anymore.

    What I've found in my discreet dealings is that fat men suck the best cock. I think it's because when you're looking for cock, it doesn't matter about looks or size of the man, just the look and size of the cock. And even the size of the cock doesn't matter. I like to find a fat man with a small to medium cock. First, he is grateful that someone desires him, but a small to medium cock fits nicely in the mouth, and is easy to deep throat.

    The first cock I sucked was that way. I met him when I was 22 years old. He owned the bar I in the hotel I was staying, and offered to suck my cock. He was quite bold. I told him no, and he said that was okay, but if I came to the bar he would buy me a drink. I went down to the bar about 7:00 that night, and he gave me a drink. Then another, and another. After the fifth drink he asked me if I was ready to get my cock sucked. I told him no. He kept buying me drinks, and after each two drinks he asked me if I was ready. After about 10 drinks I was pretty fucking buzzed, and when he asked me, I said okay. He told me to go to my room and get undressed.

    He showed up five minutes after me. I had yet to suck a cock, or have another man suck mine. I was laying on the bed when he came in. He pulled me to the end of the bed so my ass was hanging off the end. He knelt down and put my cock in his mouth. He sucked me like a vacuum. In fact, the next day the base of my cock was bruised, and I couldn't jack off for a whole week. While he was sucking me he started to play with my asshole, massaging my prostate with his thumb from the inside. What a fucking rush, getting sucked with a thumb up my ass. He fucked my ass with his thumb as he sucked me, then replaced his thumb with two fingers. I couldn't hold back and started cumming. He swallowed every drop. When he got up to leave, I said, "I've never done it before, but I'd like to suck your cock." He said okay.

    He got undressed and laid on the bed like I did. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was like I had been doing it all my life. His cock was only about four inches long and hard as a fucking rod. I took him all the way in. He stroked my cock with his foot, and asked if my cock was hard. I only mumbled in the affirmative. I was surprised that it turned me on to be sucking a guy's cock. I did as he did and started to play with his asshole, and finally pushed my thumb in. "Oh, yeah, honey," he said, "Suck that cock and fuck that ass." As I was sucking him he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. A mumbled, and he started cumming. I took his entire load down my throat, and didn't spill a drop.

    He got dressed and left. I was still so fucking horny I had to jack off two more times before I went to sleep, and even licked up all my own cum each time. I discovered my penchant for sucking cock that night, and have been sucking cock on the sly ever since, and even if my wife never sucks my cock again, I know how to get it sucked.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    This all started 2 weeks ago at my friends house party (call him Josh)

    Before I start though, just know that I'm a bisexual make, but I'm closeted and everyone thinks I'm a straight "lady-slayer"

    So Josh had this party, and drunkenly confessed to me that he was bisexual, but asked me not to tell anyone.

    Fast forward about 30 minutes and he's kissing me up in his bedroom. We heard someone coming though so we stopped.

    Later that night though, things escalated. I tried sucking a dick for the first time, and we both lost our virginity.

    In the end we agreed that no one could ever know about it and that it couldn't happen again.

    Well, I then noticed over the next two weeks that I couldn't stop thinking about him. Everything I saw reminded me of him. I would fall asleep at night and dream about him and I being together. Literally every waking moment was spent thinking about him. I accidentally fell in love.

    The only problem was, things were awkward between us. The only time we would see each other would be weekends during the day at work and conversation was kept to a minimum

    Anyways, fast forward again to last night.

    (More back story: I'm good friends with his mother and work with her as well)

    Josh's mom invited me over for some predrinks before we'd go out bowling and then to the pub. I agreed instantly for the small chance that I would get to see Josh.

    See Josh I did.

    He ended up drinking with us, and then asked me if I could go upstairs with him to talk to me.

    We sat alone upstairs and he said "Kenny, I'm not like this. I'm straight"
    (I felt devastated)

    But then he looked at me, leaned in and kissed me hard. I returned the kiss and then he started groping me.

    Again though, we heard someone coming so we stopped.

    Later that night, we went for a walk outside and we started kissing again. (He made the first move), and as shameful as it is, we repeated everything again outside.

    When he finished, he insisted that we walk back to his house in separate directions so no one would suspect anything. I foolishly obliged and when I got back, he was no where to be seen.

    As it turns out, he walked to his cousins house and stayed there with him.

    I saw him at work today and he smiled at me, (my heart felt like it stopped) but we acted like everything was normal.

    My confession is I guess: I can't stop thinking about my friend. I've never been in love with a guy before this and the idea terrifys me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was a teen a best friends big brother m****ted me over the course of 3 nights.

    He use to make this younger guy from the neighborhood suck his cock from time to time.

    The summer I spent the week with NY friend, we were all sitting around in a clubhouse their dad built for us, we were talking about girls and stuff, but at the time I was young and still a virgin.

    The older brother had his licenses and bought beer for us minors and drove us around from time to time, but anyhow, we were sitting around bullshitting and drinking beer, when the younger weird kid walked in.

    After some more shit talking my friends big brother said he needed his cock sucked, and looked over at the weird kid. He told us he was going to make the kid suck his cock.

    We laughed, and stuff, thinking he was kidding, but then he told weirdo to strip. Weirdo told him no, but the big brother threatened to kick his ass, so he began stripping.

    Then big brother unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was huge! A lot bigger than mine, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

    He told weirdo to come over and get busy. Weirdo reluctantly walked over naked and got between my best friends brothers legs and after another threat began sucking him. We all watched as weirdo bobbed up and down on that huge cock but trying to keep his lips from touching his cock.

    I popped off to the weirdo to wrap his lips around that cock and really suck it. Weirdo told me if I didn't like the way he was doing it to get down in his place and suck it myself.

    Big bro said yeah would I like to suck it next, or he could have weirdo suck me after he was done, and I told him " oh hell no to both ideas".

    We heard my friends mother drive up and weirdo began to get his clothes back on in case she came in to check on us, before big brother finished.

    Later me and my best friend were talking about what we just saw. He told me weirdo was always coming over and sucking big brothers dick and had even been in his big brothers room one time and their Mom had walked in them both in bed together.

    I freaked out a little because my best friends room only had a single bed in it so I always slept in the big brothers room when I was over. We were all friends and I'd slept in there before and nothing ever happened like that, but still, I was uncomfortable since watching what just happened. My buddy assured me that big brother wouldn't try anything with me, we were all too close of friends.

    Well at bedtime,big brother was out and after my friend and I got tired, we went to our bedrooms to go to sleep. I laid in bed alone and I heard big brothers car come in and park. I don't know why but my dick got hard as I heard him come thru the door and enter his bedroom.

    I had turned my back to the door and pretended to be asleep. He undressed and got in bed. He laided in bed for awhile and then he shifted next to me. I could smell beer from his breath, and all of a sudden I felt him brush his hand across my ass. He paused and waited to see if I made a move, but I was frozen and continued to pretend to be asleep.

    After a few moments I felt the covers move and his hand began rubbing my ass. He stopped and waited to see if it woke me but I laid there still pretending to sleep.

    I felt him move and I knew what he was doing. He was taking his underwear off and turned and leaned next to me and gently put his arm around me and moved closer to me. I could feel his cock against my ass thru my underwear. He gently brushed his hand against the front of my underwear and brushed his hand against my cock

    He paused to see if I'd move or "wake up" and protest but I was too scared to move. He seemed surprised that my cock was hard, and when I didn't move I felt his arm move and he softly gripped my hard on thru my underwear. He squeezed it and then waited for a response.

    When I didn't move I felt his hand move and he gently moved his hand under the band of my underwear until he had ahold of my cock. He kept gently squeezing it, and it felt good having his hand on my rock hard cock.

    Then he gently turned me where I was laying on my back. He then started slowly working my underwear down. After he had them where he wanted, and I still pretended to be asleep I felt him move and he laid his head on my stomach. Then he moved again all of a sudden I felt a hot wet warmness as he put me in his mouth. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head of my dick. It almost stung as he kept working on my sensitive cockhead.

    He kept doing this until I felt this uncontrollable pain that started deep in my balls, soon I felt my dick spasm and something working its way from the inside of my shaft. Then he started coughing and gagging as for the first time I'd came and it was inside another guys mouth. I didn't even know I could cum, but he swallowed it all and then fell on his back and was panting and smacking his lips.

    He moved my underwear back in place and we both laid there. I pretended to wake up suddenly so I could go pee. He kind of snickered because of my pretending to be asleep act but we fell asleep without the any more experiences.

    The next night I laid in bed thinking about how good it felt to be sucked even tho it was from another guy. I tried rationalizing he was the fag, not me for allowing him to suck me.

    I heard his car pull up and I waited for my blow job with the sane plan, I'd pretend to be asleep. He came in took off his clothes and got in bed.

    Things moved faster tonight. He spooned close to me and immediately stuck his hands inside my underwear and began playing with my hard on.
    He worked my underwear down and eased me over on my back. He grabbed my cock with his right hand and I felt the covers move as he reached inside his underwear and began playing with his cock.

    Then he began jacking us both off in unison all while I played to be asleep. Then suddenly he grabbed my left arm and moved it until it rubbed against his cock. I let him do it but didn't help. So he grabbed my hand and started using my hand to rub his cock and even his balls. Then he moved my hand over his cock, and with his hand squeezed it until my hand was around his cock.

    It felt so weird. It was hot and when he squeezed my hand with his I could feel a layer of softness and then his massive hard on. He continued squeezing my hand, and then with his free hand he began jacking me off again. Then he grabbed my hand again and with his, he began using me to jack his cock off. His pace sped up and suddenly he was breathing hard and stopped. He was cumming but it was going all over his hand.when he was done he moved his hand and brushed his cum covered fingers across my cheek. I panicked and prayed he didn't try to shove his fingers in my mouth and he didn't. He moved my hand from his cock and moved down in the bed and began sucking my dick under the covers until I came in his mouth again.

    The last night I stayed he cane home while I pretended (to myself to be asleep), he got in bed and immediately grabbed my hand and stuff it in his underwear. I had my limp hand on his dick. He became frustrated that I wasn't grabbing him so he turned in bed laying on his stomach and laid his cock on my out stretched hand. He began humping it rubbing his big cock and balls over my hand.

    Then he reached for my underwear and completely removed them, and I didn't understand why. He moved me on my side and moved close to me until I felt his cock on my ass. He began to push his cock in me but I flinched my ass cheeks as tight as I could and that stopped him.

    Next he flipped around in bed and grabbed my hips and picked me up. He laid me down inside his open mouth and began sucking me. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up and down so I was fucking his mouth. Then he stopped and all of a sudden he pulled my hair and shoved my face on to his dick. He grabbed his dick and searched for my lips and when he found them he tried putting his big dick in my mouth. I gripped my teeth as his dick was on my lips. He got his hands and tried to force my jaws open but I fought hard to keep my teeth clinched.

    Just when I thought he'd given up he reached for my nose and pinched my nostrils closed so I couldn't breathe. When I ran out of breath, I gasped for air and he had his cock in my mouth. I folded my lips over my teeth and did my best to avoid touching my tongue against his cock.
    He began fucking my lips and mouth while on the other end he sucked mine.

    My mouth finally failed me from soreness and my tongue finally was against his cock. When he felt my wet mouth he really began pumping that cock in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth and he gripped my hips and started lifting me like he was bench pressing weights. He was fucking my mouth and helping me to fuck his. He was deep throating my smaller cock and it felt so good that I came down his throat for the 3rd time. I was able to move off his awful tasting cock and thankfully before he came in my mouth.

    I got up and looked for anything to get his cock taste out of my mouth. I've felt different from that point and as time has gone by I find myself turned on by thinking of sucking cock.
    As a matter of fact I recently found out that all cock's don't taste as bad as his did, if you know what I mean. I'm dying to suck a nice clean cock again. I wish it was safer so I suck them all the time!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    True Story: The State Trooper

    Last Fall I witnessed a deer running across the highway into the left read door of a car in the lane ahead of me. The deer flew up and back across the lanes coming toward us and the car it ran into swerved right clipping the left rear quarter panel of the car on her right with her right front bumper, and both cars skidded into the grass on the right side of the highway. I was concerned since the vehicle the deer ran into had 2 children sitting in the back seat. Fortunately no physical injuries to anyone in either car, but an emotional trauma for the young mother and her two babies.
    We were attempting to console the mom and babies so I had no idea the State Trooper had arrived until I looked up and he was standing beside us. EMS arrived about the same time so we backed away as the took the mom, babies and other man in to make sure there were no injuries.
    The State Trooper was a take charge individual; very professional, stern, matter-of-fact, grand-father-ish even to be in his 40's. Zero warmth, dull personality and the impression of...just give me an excuse. All the witnesses had given him our license and while he was running us the wrecker arrived. When he came out of his car, he called all the witness together giving us an envelope with instructions and his contact information. Then, in a very stern voice he told us he was taking each statement individually...and alone. One, two, three he called each witness to talk and the witness left rolling their eyes at the rest of us. Now, other than the wrecker drivers, I am the only one there with the State Trooper. I had bad feeling when he came to me rather than beckoning me to him. I was the only witness he didn't call by their last name: he handed me my license and called my by my first name. Then, to my utter amazement he said; "Those children were extremely fortunate. Did you see that deer antler myself. Yes, I saw it and had the mother seen it she would have had a complete breakdown. He said, "I see too many innocent children injured when isn't their fault and every time I think of my kids. I have to distance myself when kids are involved because it rips my guts out." Wow was my first impression wrong!
    When he finished my statement he asked how I liked my new car, which had paper tags. One comment let to another, to another...and as the cars were towed off I was sitting on the side of the highway with a State Trooper who was sitting in my cars drivers seat as I explained and demonstrated some of it features. He declined the offer to take a rest drive as had another cal.
    I'm a 32yo, white, 5'10", 160# good looking, professional, bi male and pride myself on being masculine. By the time I left the Trooper I had developed an... it would be nice to roll in the sac with that one...but knew it would never happen. The following Sunday, 2 days after the accident, my cell rang while I was running and it was that State Trooper. He wanted to know if he could still take me up on my offer to test drive me new car. I said, sure. When is it convenient for you? He said, "NOW". He was sitting in my driveway by the time I got back to my house.
    He was out of uniform and just as nice looking as the day I met him. We went inside and set at the island in my kitchen while I drank some water and cooled down. When I told him I needed to shower and to make himself at home, he said give me a tour first. So, I gave him a tour of the house, turning on different TV's for his choice. I was in my bathroom taking off me sweaty clothes when I looked and he was standing at the door. I looked up and he said, "thought you might need your back washed." I reached for the shower door, opened it and said, "it's a double shower. Let me get you a towel."
    I'm standing in the shower letting the side shower head run over my head and body as I lather. The rain shower head in the ceiling is running between us and he is under the shower across from me. Before I got all the soap washed off good that married State trooper was on his knees with my cock in his mouth. He put my hands on the sides of his head signaling for me to fuck his face, and I did so with passion. I'm thick and his mouth was stretch and only able to get half in...he was like a kid in a candy store. He turned me around and rimmed my ass, licked my balls, set on his ass in the shower floor licking my feet. I pulled him up and returned favor for favor as he screamed profanities. Our mouths had never touched each other and as he pulled me up he said, "No kissing....No love making... Just raw animal lust."
    We dried off and went to my bed where he laid on his back and pulled his hair legs up over his chest and said, "Ram it in all the way." I bent down to rim his ass and got an amazing surprise: His ass hole had opened up and I looked right into his ass...and my beer can was like a piece of steel. I put 2 fingers up his ass with no lube and no pressure. I put on a condom on greased it and it went balls deep with minimal effort. This married, State Trooper, jock man was a power bottom with plenty of experience, and I was reaping the unexpected rewards. I fucked him in every conceivable position, all over my house... the 4th time I got off that evening he was bent over the hood of my the garage.
    It was another week before he test drove my car; driving me to a restaurant where we met one of his bi-married fuck buddies. He followed us to my house and we tag teamed, and split-roast, that jock trooper for 2 hours. I've introduced him to several of my bi buds and another of his... we have managed two amazing orgies. Watching that jock, married, State Trooper get nailed turns me on like nothing ever before.
    Usually, I can look a another man and tell right off if he is a player, but was fooled this time...and in a good way. Glad he felt something from me even when I didn't him. Of course his first impressions is one of a real prick...little did I know, he's been a bottom since he was a teenager and loves pricks in his ass. Nothing like witnessing a jock, masculine, married man being tagged as he screams profanities in his baritone voice.

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