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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    At the age of 20 I was always horny as hell (still am, I'm 28). Had a sexy ass girlfriend who loved to fuck, but I was still horny often times staying up till the wee hours in the AM jerking off to porn and such on the computer. I started to get curious about getting sucked off by a guy and rimmed so I would get on Yahoo chat and have cyber sex with other guys. One late night after taking a small hit of ecstasy and some drinking I found myself up late once again chatting, and received a message from a guy who was actually near by. He was older maybe 38 or so and after checking him out on cam, agreed to meet him. I was very nervous and drove to the secluded spot we were to meet. I can vividly remember the entire experience, he opened the truck door, introduced himself, and I said, "I've never done this before", he replied by saying "that's OK" and reached over undid my jeans and immediately went down on my cock, and I mean all the way down! Now I had many blowjobs from girls by that time but never felt anything that good, he reached over and played with my balls, and my taint while sucking me, and then drove me crazy as he played with my ass. I wasn't long and I shot my load and he swallowed every drop. he then looked up and asked if I could go again, and I said sure. He then asked if he could eat my ass, and I replied "please!" So i got on all fours on the front seat of my truck and he drove his tongue right into my ass and i was hard again instantly. it felt amazing. I was on all fours with his tongue fucking my ass while he milked my cock with his hands, and I don't know what came over me but I remember just blurting out "fuck me" so he pulled his pants down and sat back in his seat as I sat down on his with my back to him. He tried to enter me, but with no lube and I was so tight It just didn't work out, so he just went black to sucking me as he jerked off and I fed him another load as he came. He then zipped up his pants, said thanks and left. it was the hottest sex experience I've ever had. I'm now happily married but still fantasize about having another experience like it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 20 and straight.

    I have a girlfriend, work a part time job, workout and go to school. I live a pretty normal life.

    I do have a deep dark secret.

    2-3 times a week I have sex with men for money. I built a clientele and now I sleep with the same 6-8 people. 3/4 of the time, I receiving oral for no more then 15 minutes and get 100-150$. These men don't know my real name or anything TRUE about me. Yet I've build a very trustworthy relationship with them. They also give me luxurious gifts. Everything from the ipad, cellphone, clothes, skincare products, sex toys, labtop in which I'm writing this now was a gift from my "clients"

    I collect averagely 1000-1500 a month from this hobby in which I work no more then 4-5 hours combined.

    I dont find men attractive yet, have no problem getting a hard-on. perhaps I'm very openminded.

    I guess you can call me a prostitute. Just think that the guy next door or your best friend for 10 years could be secret fucking men for gifts/cash.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The first time I got fucked, that is penetrated by a penis in my anus, was when I was 13. I was fucked by a boy who lived down the street from us, he was about 17 or 18 at the time. He really enjoyed fucking me, and I waited for him to come to see me. I enjoye every bit of it myself. I enjoyed doing things to him that he asked me, I enjoyed being touched by him, and enjoyed being layed back on my bed and being kissed by him. Sometimes, he would kiss me and undress me and make love to me. I was in love with him and I think he was in love with me.

    He went to the army, and while he was gone I had a difficult time because I was in love with him. It wasn't until I was 15 that I had another lover, a man that worked at the mall where I had a job at a shoe store. For him it was a lot of hidden grabbing and blow jobs and I would ask him to fuck me and he did, but it was different. This was hidden and in the storageroom behind the store after hours. He was about 30 I would guess. I hadn't figured out that for him it was very risky.

    When my friend returned from the army it wasn't the same anymore. We tried, but the spark was gone and he moved on. I was by then a highschool student, and a confirmed queer. I had a lot of sex with guys, some from school, some for fun, and I became a regular with some men from town who liked boys. I much preferred the men than the highschool kids.

    I am gay. I am the passive partner, that is I receive and don't get much out of giving. I enjoy receiving and I much prefer older men, always older than me. I have had two confirmed relationships, but I also enjoy going out on the town. I am 35 now, and my main lover is a man who is 60. He is a very good lover, and very macho, which I love. I am careful, very careful.

    I have never had a relationship with a female, and never had any desire for one. I identify with them as a gender and I often wonder if they feel the same when they are penetrated, that feeling of being so totally owned.

    I know that men who do not feel this way have a hard time understanding why you would want to be fucked, but then again I tell them, they've never been fucked, so don't knock it.

    p.s. I work in the shoe department at N.......

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a straight man and have never been interested in men, i've always had a lot of luck with beautiful women, and the thought of a man never crossed my mind.
    i have a friend, also straight and married, and, with my girlfriend at the time, the 4 of us sometimes would play some erotic games, but NEVER with any interaction between the two men. Clearly this is somebody i was comfortable with given the games with the wife and gf.
    He got divorced, and later i broke up with my gf.
    one night this guy and i were at my house by ourselves, and got really drunk and fucked up, and he suggested we should fool around, which took me completely by surprise, but i was really wasted, and went along with it. we took our clothes off, and next thing i know, i am sucking his cock! and though it wasn't my idea, i must say i didn't dislike it at the time, being drunk played a big part, and i even told him since i was experimenting, that he could come in my mouth, but he did not want to.
    i guess i was excited by the fact that his cock was huge, and i had never held another cock in my hand, let alone my mouth! so i sucked him off for a while, and he loved it, but didn't come in my mouth, he played with my dick, and that was about it.
    when we sobered up we were both so embarassed by what had happened that we told each other we had crossed a line, and we were never able to see each other again because we were i guess both embarassed. i know we shouldn't have, but that's the way it was.
    the following days i felt really ashamed about what had happened, then the thing kinda faded away.
    years after, i have not seen my friend again, and have never been attracted to any other men (infact, i wasn't really attracted to him either, except for his big dick), i would never do this again cause i am not interested, except maybe if it were to happen with him, which it won't. i guess the fact that we are both completely straight is a factor.
    however, when i think about that night now, i find it kind of exciting, and occasionally i watch some gay porn and am reminded.
    i have no interest in men, i don't think that one experience makes gay or bi, but wanted to know your opinion!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My family (Mum, Dad and younger sister) and I (I was 17 at the time) moved into our new house in the summer of 95, the house was elevated from the surrounding houses and bungalows, being on a small rise, my new bedroom overlooked three bungalows at the back of our property and I could clearly see over their rooftops to the country side beyond.

    I'd just got back from football training in the early one evening and took a shower, I walked back into my room with a towel wrapped around me, I looked out across the rooftops, when I noticed movement in the bungalow directly opposite my room (probably 70 feet away), their bedroom curtains were open. (given our elevated position, easily viewable), lying there on the bed was a guy slowly masterbating, he was watching a tv which I could see flickering, he made no attempt to cover or hide himself, he was obviously enjoying himself too much.

    What really suprised me was not the guy wanking, but how I felt and the reaction at my own cock, I knew I was different from the other guys I hung around with and secretly liked watching the other guys get undressed during football training, always trying to get a glimse of their cocks and arses. I was getting turned on and feeling extremely horny, before I knew it I was stroking my own cock through the towel.

    I moved slightly behind the curtain but kept on watching him, reaching into the towel I started wanking myself to the same rhythm as he was wanking, building up pace when he did, slowing down with longer strokes when he did, that's when he came, shooting cum all over his stomach and chest, at the same time he looked directly at me or where I was stood anyway, I shot completely behind the curtain hoping he hadn't seen me. Two weeks later I found out he had.

    We all got invited round to a barbeque at a neighbours house, my parents earger to meet the neighbours, I arrived a little later around 9.30pm. walking into the back garden I could a hear guy playing a guitar, I grabbed some food, then turned around only to see the same guy who was strumming the guitar, was the same guy two weeks previous who had been strumming his cock, to say I was shocked and embarresed is an understatement.

    After the initial shock, I stood there watching and listening for a few minutes, he was quite good. Then I decided to grab a drink, so headed into the house to find the kitchen, as I looked around for a drink, I heard a voice behind me, "hope you like what you saw".

    It was him, this was my first up close view of him, he was around my height, 6 feet, but had a more muscular body, short wavy dark hair and very bright hazel eyes, early 30's (found out later he was 32 back then).

    I must have looked stupid because I didn't respond, I just kept looking at him, but then he said "well did you". I finally spurted out something like "yeah but I didn't mean to be a peeping tom". He reponded "Not when I noticed you watching me wank two weeks ago, I meant now, my guitar playing, mind you I did like having you watch me cum". Now I knew he'd caught me watching him, I didn't know where to put my burning, no dought beetroot face.

    He broke the ice again introducing himself as Sam, and offering his hand, I shook it, we chatted then about his guitar playing, that he taught guitar as a living, I told him about our move to the area because of my fathers work, the chat then moved on to how he'd known the people who's barbeque we were at, telling me he'd been sharing the bungalow with their son, Mike, who's parents owned the bungalow.

    I was just about to walk back out into the garden when Sam asked if I would like to learn how to play, winking as he said it, I said "yeah sure, when", "how about tomorrow morning", he replied, "I've got the bungalow to myself for a couple of weeks, Mike's away on holiday with a girl friend". That night back at home I couldn't sleep, hoping it wasn't just the guitar i'd be learning.

    I got round to Sam's just after 11am, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, Sam answered the door, dressed in a dressing gown, he showed me in, walking into the lounge, asking if I wanted a soft drink. I took in the surroundings as he went to get the drinks, the lounge was quite big, white walls with two large black leather sofa's facing each other, closed vertical blinds covered a large bay window, a large tv in one corner and a row of guitar's on stands along one wall, I was admiring them when he walked back in and offered me the drink.

    I sat down on the couch closet to the guitars, Sam sat opposite, we chatted about his work and how he'd was going to teach me guitar playing, but we both knew why I was really there and conversation soon got round to me seeing him masterbate.

    It was then he told me he was bisexual and that he and Mike had an open relationship, they both had flings with other men and women, that was why Mike was away. I told him I hadn't meant to watch him but had been fascinated and so turned on I couldn't help myself, how i'd imagined since then, it was me who'd been stroking his cock.

    Sam moved his legs apart at this point and his robe opened, not slightly open, but completely open, his cock springing forward, he must have been at least 7 inches ( 8 and half, actually), my own cock was bulging in my shorts now, Sam winked and beckoned me over.

    I walked over and sat down next to him, without saying anything he held my hand and placed it on his cock, wrapping my hand around it, he started to move my hand up and down his shaft revealing the head of his cock each time I stroked downwards, this was the first cock other than my own i'd ever wanked, it felt warm, rigid and was throbbing in my hand, it felt right.

    I continued to slowly stroke up and down his beautiful cock, Sam reached over and released mine from my shorts , I helped him with my free hand to remove my shorts completely, he bent over,lowering himself and enveloped my 6 inches in one go, his mouth sliding over my aching dick as I continued wanking him, his tongue working patterns over and under my shaft.

    He moved in front of me, between my legs, so I no longer held his manhood, still sucking deep and hard on me. His hands worked their way under my buttocks, raising me up until I stood in front of him, his mouth never leaving my cock, he pulled away momentarily, letting my cock swing, placing his middle in his mouth getting it all wet.

    Then at the same time as he slurped my cock back in to his mouth, his hands reach around again to my arse, pulling arse cheeks apart, I could feel his wet finger at my rear entrance, his sucking continued but with more urgency, just then his finger entered me, just the tip, then a little deeper as he sucked harder, my climax was nearing, without notice his finger probed all the way in up his his knuckle, all this time my hands were down by my side, now they were holding his head, as he kept plunging his finger in and out of my hole.

    I exploded like i'd never cum before, I tried to pull away so I didn't cum in his mouth, but Sam was having none of it, his finger buried deep inside me, he gripped my arse tight with his other hand forcing me forward and cock further down his throat, I was bucking from the intense orgasm, but still he just kept on swallowing.

    My orgasm subsided and he finally he released me, but not completely, his finger removed, he gripped my cock with his left hand licking up and the shaft then curling his tongue over the head, his right hand came up to my mouth, it was then I had the first taste of my own arse as he had me suck on his middle finger.

    I stayed at Sams until nightfall, him making me watch from one sofa, as he slowly wanked himself off on the other, (ironic and very horny, i think) he sucked me off one more time that day in the shower before I went home, but he didn't let me suck him, he said we had a fortnight to learn and enjoy each others bodies. We did just that, it was that summer when I learnt all about sharing my wants and desires of male sex and I do mean all, from a guy I still to this day (I'm 33 now) have the pleasure of knowing and loving.

    Oh yeah I forgot, I also learned how to play the guitar...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Two nights ago I had the best sex of my life.

    When I got home from work I was in a blah mood and craving release, so I changed out of my work clothes into a red nightie with black lace, black 4" Nine West pumps, and black VS pantyhose. Then I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a real man to shove his dick in my mouth and fuck my sissy ass.

    After about half an hour a response came through that seemed interesting so I emailed back, only to find out that the would be top lived on my street. For a few seconds common sense took over and I hesitated. Would I really want someone on my street to know I was a crossdressing faggot? But then the urge to get plowed took back over and I gave him my address. Little did I know it was my next door neighbor, who is about my age.

    I invited him inside, and as soon as we got to my bed he whipped out his dick and I went to town on it, kissing and sucking the tip while I worked my hand over his shaft. Then I started deepthroating.

    After what seemed like forever sucking on his shaft, I got up on all fours. I pulled my nightie up and my pantyhose down, and he took me doggiestyle. After about ten minutes I arched my back and he came. Then he went down on me and gave me an amazing blowjob. This got him horned back up too and soon we were once again both fully erect. He entered me again, only this time he put me on my back, ripped my pantyhose open and threw my legs over his left shoulder. Then he proceeded to pound my ass for half an hour. I saw a satisfied smirk on his face as my girly looking legs waved around in the air. Then we both came - me in my pantyhose and him in my ass.

    He's moving in a few weeks. I want to fuck him again before he leaves.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I met a guy a couple of weeks ago at a local bar and started talking to him. He was new to the area, so I told him about some other places to meet people, ones that could carry a conversation. Last night I walk into my favorite wine bar and there he was, so I invited him over to my table. After a bottle or so, it was time for me to leave and he followed me out to the parking lot. There he started telling me he was gay, which i had already figured out, and asked if I wanted to get something to eat and hang out. I ttold him to wait and let me see if my wife cooked dinner and when she didn't answer the phone I asked if
    he just wanted to go back to his place and hang out for a minute.

    We got to his apartment and he poured another couple of glasses for us and we sat next to each other on the couch. He told me that he had been thinking about me since the night we met and he couldn't get me out of his mind. I leaned back,looked at him for a second, reached out , touched him, pulled him to me, and started kissing him. We made out for a couple of minutes before I pulled him in front of me to where he was sitting on my lap.

    As we were kissing, I ran my hand down to his cock and started squeezing him through his jeans. He leaned back and I undid his pants and reached in and pulled out his shaved cock. I didn't even think about it before I had it in my mouth. I went up and down on him a few times, getting more and more of him, until I could feel his head in my throat. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer and he started moaning in pleasure. He then pulled out, stepped back and finished undressing, while I did the same. He laid back on the couch and I got back between his legs, alternating between sucking his cock and his balls. As he got close to cumming, he pulled me up and I took my cock and rubbed it on his before I started to dry hump him. He pushed me onto my back and started sucking my cock, taking my entire shaft into his mouth. He also started to rub my tight, virgin ass with a finger. Before I knew what was happening, he threw my legs on his shoulders, lubbed my ass with some spit and pushed the head of his cock
    in me. I arched my ass to give him a better angle and grabbed his ass to pull him all the way in. I couldn't believe I was getting fucked

    like a little bitch and that I was trying to get him deeper in me. He pulled out before he came, and finished sucking me off swallowing all of my cum. He sat back up, started jacking himself and told me to stand in front of him. I did and he started sucking me again while he finished himself.

    Afterwards, we kissed, dressed, and I went home, kissed the wife and acted like nothing happened. I don't know if I'll do that again or not but it was some of the hottest sex I've ever had!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've experimented with other guys before (in fact, I've even posted here about it before). Last night, I took it one step further; I got spit roasted! I have never had a more intense sexual encounter in my whole life.

    Considering how much more I've enjoyed having sex with other men, I think I really need to have a rethink about my sexuality. I'm not ready to come out of the closet just yet, but I really feel like I was sort of meant to be gay...I feel so lost right now!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been fantasizing about a childhood friend lately. When we were in middle school, we used to expermiment with each other and it was fantastic. I always used to ask him 'How are you now?' and he would answer "Big' or 'Soft.' I would then say 'Let me see real quick' and he would pull out his long, perfectly circumcised dick. I would always reach over and start jerking it. Eventually, we ended up sucking each others dicks. His dick was so big and long it would make me so horny. Whenever we went to a public urinal together, I would always try to peek at his perfect cock. I've recently contacted him but he has a girlfriend. I hope to experiment with him some more because his dick is so big.. It still turns me on. His circumcision scar was perfect and his meatus was very large... Large enough to shoot an enormous amount of cum. His balls were also very large. Wish me luck as I hope to have his big, long, perfect cock in my mouth again.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 19 and went to jail on some stupid shit I did. White, young , slim blonde hair and blue eyes, the inmates running recieving saw me coming and to them I was new meat. I was sent up to a dorm with many rows of bunks, and I am the only white. Lights out except 1 at 10pm, which then is broken out. Now the wolves came for their prey, and I was forcibly escorted to the back in a corner. Within seconds I am surrounded and scared shitless. They order my pants off, I comply. Next I am ordered to lay down, scared, I do. Then they roll me on the floor and I am pinned between 2 beds face down or ass up. within seconds I have a black on my back with a cock in my crack searching for my hole. The dick searches and finds the small spot and with several forceful stabs with a hand covering my mouth, I start to get gang raped. Violent, forceful, pain, burning, nausious, I live and survive, and the next day get sent into pc where for the next few weeks, I heal up.

    Then I am transferred after court and end up with a cellmate in a much older division. There, first night, the cell mate threatens me with a razor and I submit, but this time there is no pain and I am very passive, and from then on, until my release I am a prison bitch.

    Now , many years later, I understand alot better. soft white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, virgin hairless ass, I and especially my smooth tight ass was the ultimate delicacy in jail. Once I was raped, it was a matter of coersion where I would voluntarily submit for passive sex with one, instead of a violent gang bang with many.

    The next 2 years till I was released, my ass saw plenty of huge black dick, and it was always moist and juicy from it. lay down, open up, totally submit to the hot dick slipping in, and I adjust and shift around and totally recieve dick till the load is blown deep within me. In the end , I accepted payment in cigarettes, thinking something is better than nothing, and now consider myself bisexual ever since.

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