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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last summer I was horny and started chatting with a guy online. He invited me over his house and gave me the most amazing head.

    I have a good size cock and he totally swallowed every inch of me and had me moaning and wanting more. I came three times and he totally swallowed every drop.

    I am a straight guy and now I do have an idea why guys like guys. My cock has never been the same since !

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 50, married and very much into men. It started when i was 28. I was in Hong Kong doing a trade exhibition at the Hong Kong Hilton...lovely hotel which was demolished in the 90's.
    I was with a group of colleagues and we went out as a group for drinks and dinner every night. I have always been a gym goer, and make a point of going to hotel gyms and spas when I travel. On the 4th day I was in the gym and a guy I had said hi to the day before in the lobby was working out. He had an amazing physique and was wearing a one piece gym suit. Very tight and i could see the outline of his personal equipment in real actually quite aroused me which was a little strange.I had pretty regular gear on..just shorts, a jock strap and a muscle T. I could feel my cock strirring in my jock so thought I should go and just take a shower and leave. As I was undressing the guy came into the locker room.

    I just had my jock strap on and was still a little boned.I said hi and turned away but not before I noticed he had taken a look at my bulge. He started to chat so I had to turn back to face him. He started to peel off his one piece as he chatted and then just stood there nude putting his gear into his locker. Then he just said shower and sauna? in a questioning sort of way. I said sure and watched him walk off to the showers..he really looked tanned muscled ass and really great legs. I took off my jock strap and followed him. He was showering already, soaped up and working his hands over his body. I really felt turned on and then noticed a white band on his tanned wedding finger. I felt such a fool..a married guy watching another married guy and getting turned on. I had a quick shower and said I had to go and left him.

    That evening I was in the piano bar on the top floor after dinner with my colleagues, on my own. They had gone to a girlie club. The guy and his wife came in and he immediately came up to me and said hi and introduced his wife. I gave my name and offered them a seat. I was having my usual martini so they joined me in one. They were both really great looking. I was 28, and I figured he was about 35 and she maybe a little younger, so early 30's. Then he said to her this is the guy in the gym I told you about. I was a little taken aback but then she said you didn't tell me he was such a good looker..and threw me a really sexy smile. She stood up and said we have a really nice bottle of duty free champagne we need to drink before we go tomorrow so why don't you join us for a night cap and share it? My mind was rather spinning at this point. He gave me their room number and they were gone. I went to my room to freshen up and started to think what the hell was going on..was it just a drink? Did she want me to maybe have sex while he watched? Maybe he was into it too? I was pretty aroused and felt my cock stir for the second time..

    So I put on fresh underwear and went. He opened the door just wearing baggy white muslin pants, and a bare torso. She was lying on the bed in a little g string with a glass of champagne. It was hell of a sexy and really obvious where it was intended to head. He gave me a glass of champagne and then said he was sorry I hadn't taken a sauna with him and kissed me on the lips. Hard and firm. Then he just said we both want you. Really want you. I told them I was married and that I had never done anything like this. He said perfect and started to undo my shirt buttons. She had her fingers in her g string and was feeling herself and moaning. His cock was hard and tenting his pants. Mine was swelling in my briefs. I really wanted this to happen so I let myself go. Once I was nude he knelt in front of me and took my cock down his throat. I filled to its max as he worked his tongue and lips around the shaft and head. She was really moaning and then asked me to join her. He took his mouth off my shaft and stood and led me to the bed. She opened her legs and pulled my head down between them. I licked her wet g string pouch and then worked my tongue under the material and tasted her hot smooth cunt. As I did that I felt his hands on my ass. He massaged my butt cheeks and I continued to give head. Then she pulled me off her cunt and asked me to fuck her. My shaft was totally hard and I had no problem working it past her g string and finding her hot wet cunt. As I entered her I felt his hands move to my crack and felt him lick me. I was so turned on I nearly came in her after only a few driving thrusts but managed to control myself as he stopped for a moment. I continued fucking her and then felt him lubing my hole and entering me. Sheer agony at first as he penetrated my virgin ass. I came in her as soon as he drove up into me and I felt the full force of his massive tool. He continued to fuck me as I continued to work her cunt with my softening shaft. Then somehow we changed positions and I was on my back, with her fucked cunt on my mouth. He continued to fuck me and started to play with my limp cock. I eat her hot wet cunt..tasting her and tasting my own cum as it dripped from her. We continued in a frenzied state as he fucked me and expertly worked my shaft until it was hard again. Once he had me hard he drove deep into me and moaned as he exploded.Then he was out of me, she was on her back, with his cock in her mouth as he licked her cunt in a 69 position. I claimed back onto the bed, my hard shaft in my hand and eased it into his beautiful raised ass. God it was so tight and hot. I fucked him for what seemed and hour..and then erupted in second intense , so hot, so gay..SO much hotter than fucking much more intensity, so much tighter, and a hard beautiful man ass to massage as i pumped was heaven..and the beginning of years of man to man sex for me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My confession is that I am currently getting in shape every day at the gym so I can go online and meet random guys for sex.

    I am recently divorced, very curious and I think 2011 will be a GREAT year !

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a straight guy and always been with girls and last summer I was a bit horny and decided to go online and see if I could meet a girl. I was on a dating site and some random guy sent me a message. We started chatting and he invited me to a pub for a beer so I went along.

    I met him outside and was surprised that he looked so much like a "normal" dude. We were sharing a pitcher at the bar and the guy was actually funny, nice and had me laughing all night. I think at after the second pitcher, I started checking him out and I thought he has nice arms, smelled manly, I liked his jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap style and overall he was quite cute ! He got up to go to the bathroom and I noticed he had a nice butt in those 501's.

    We walked back to his place and we had sex. I had no idea what I was doing but I just went along with what felt right. We made out, exhcanged blow jobs, I licked his nice little but and at one point he fucked me and came on my back. I also fucked him and he was very tight and I flip him over and came on his chest. The sex lasted a good 4 hours into the night.

    I woke-up next to him the next morning and it gave me a better appreciation for gay guys. I had just made love to this guy and the chemistry was very real and powerful.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One summer afternoon, I was in Chapters downtown and had just purchased a coffee and could not find a seat. I saw this young 19ish boy sitting alone and I went over and introduced myself.

    He turned out to be a nice guy and we chatted for sometime. At one point he asked me if I knew how to operate a camera and to make a long story short, invited me to his appartment to take photos. He wanted to send them to his girlfriend that was overseas for the summer. I thought what the hell and went along.

    He lived in an old building and as soon as we got inside his bachelor apartment, he got totally naked. I was like...humm...ok ! Turns out he wanted photos of himself in the nude.

    He was tall, totally smooth everywhere except for his pubic area. He had a nice slender physique, a very muscular butt and a nice average cock. I kept looking at his "peach fuzz" little ass and thought it was quite sexy.

    He gave me his camera and I began this photo shoot. He went from exposing less and less to exposing more and more. We took pics in his bed, by his computer table, on the floor. I noticed that the more we went along the more his penis began growing - at one point he had a full erection. I told him to stand close to the window, I got on my kees and took a few close-up shots. I was about an inch from his erect cock and I thought it was interesting.

    He then reached into some drawer and pulled out some lube. He then sat on this lounge-type chair and began masturbating until he came on himself. I watched the whole thing through the lens and caught every drop of it.

    We chatted for a little while and then I left. Once I got back at the coffee shop I got into my car and I thought,

    "boy, that was weird" !

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I worked as a telephone operator for an emergency service as a summer student and they teamed me up with this new guy on the night shift. He played hockey with the university team and he used to come to work in shorts and sandals exposing his amazing perfect hairy legs and his size 15 feet.

    We used to have conversations about anything and everything especially those quiet nights with not much activity. One night we got talking about sex and girls and he told me that he had received his first blow job a few weeks ago. He was disapointed that he came so fast and although he tried and tried not to cum, it was over in no time.

    We both got aroused that night and we would over the next week, we continued having conversations about sex. One night, between two calls, I blurred out that we could practice oral on each other on those quiet nights. Something happens when you work night shift with someone - somehow you get very close (and horny).

    To my suprise he was excited about this - after teasing and laughing and trying to get to business I finally got between those hairy legs and pulled down those shorts and got my hands on that cock. It was huge, thick and cut, pinkish with a nice bush.

    We sucked each other out almost every shift during the entire summer. His smell became familiar to me and at one point, I began to swallow his entire cum which he blasted down my throat.

    He now plays in the NHL for an American Franchise and I'm pretty sure he is married with kids.

    What a cock !!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am bi and I totally love both girls and guys.

    I love eating pussy and I totally enjoy a nice cock from time to time.

    I totally enjoy being sexual and could not imagine life without both.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 50 year old married guy, living in the tropics. I have avoided sex with my wife for about 3 years..won't bore you with how I have done that.. and travel a lot. When I do, I take with me a complete wardrobe of sexy underwear, tight pants, sheer shirts, t's and muscle t's.
    I should say I am very toned, tanned with a thong tan line, and would love to wax but that would give too much thong tan line is hard enough... I wear thongs and my wife has often commented but....

    When I travel I relax and take on my natural gay personna. I eyeball hot guys, I wear clothes that suggest I am gay, and I frequent gay clubs bars and venues. I ALWAYS have safe sex, I don't even suck a cock unless the guy has a condom on. Mostly I am a bottom..and love to be fucked with a thong or g string on..god knows why but it really turns me on.....

    When my wife is away which is quite frequently, I spend a lot of time in the nude, or just in a thong or sheer see thru sarong. Our garden is very private and of course always swim nude.

    I crave male firm smooth male skin.. erect male nipples male arm pits...and of course hard smooth erect say nothing or the curve of a male back, leading to the mound of a male butt and the treasure of a dark crevass, and a hot warm man cunt.

    My most beautiful gay occassion was recently in Bali..a place I adore and a place I have only ever been to alone, so it has no shared past.

    I was on business and was booked at a Villa resort belonging to my client. He was there and so my gay personna had to be tempered somewhat. We were invited to a dinner with one of his business colleagues and at the last moment my client had to attend another event so his driver took me to the dinner. I was wearing quite tight white pants, a quite sheer white cotton bali shirt, and loafers. when I arrived, my host greeted me at the door. I was taken aback. he was wearing a sarong, bare torso and a gold ankle chain. he greeted me with a kiss to each cheek as he held both my hands. He called me darling, and imvited me into the villa. It was beautiful, seductive and sensual. Candles, soft lighting, mode music, cushions...

    He said what a shame Richard couldn't join us, but said he had had his cook do a great dinner so we should enjoy it .. he mixed a martini and we drank..chatted and had another martini, and another..usually two is my limit..but...

    he then suggested i should perhaps be wearing a sarong, rather than hot long pants and went to get one. I wasn't drunk but certainly 'in the groove".

    He came out with a sheer pure white sarong, with white frangipani flowers on it which you could hardly see..I felt my cock stir..

    I went to the bathroom and undressed..i had a black thong on so had to quickly decide..leave it on..very visible or wear nothing..very visible..I decided on the thong NOT too forward, but hey if he though a thong was gay...well....

    When I came out he passed me a glass of red wine...stood back and just said..oh, love the thong but darling sarongs are to be worn nude, especially that one..

    I just stood there and lifted the srong and took of my thong..and then I boned..all 8 inches of me..that was it we didn't eat dinner just fucked ourselves senseless

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 14 I discovered a gloryhole at the campground shower area. I was a total virgin and I would get blowjobs sometimes up to 4 times per day and my balls were so empty that they would hurt.

    I sat on the picnic table one day to keep an eye on the door and to see who was on the other side and to my amazment it was one of the young jock from the campground. He was about 25ish and had a hot girlfriend.

    I thought that it would be one of the older woman cougars in the park but did not expect that a guy could suck cock so well.

    I nutted there for three summers and at the end, the guy would take me all the way to my pubes.

    I am older now and married and I have never found such a good cocksucker.


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    Posted by Anonymous

    As a teen I was in love with my bestfriend. He was tall, sexy, kind and generous.

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