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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was in the Army, one of my duty stations was Korea. I had a friend there. An Italian named Augustino who everyone called Augie. I had met Augie in Basic Training then he went to Ft. Benning for Airborne Training and I went to Ft. Knox for Cav Scout training.

    I was at Ft. Bliss with 3rd Cav for a while then was sent to Korea. A couple of months after I went to Korea, Augie showed up at my unit. My roomate had just been shipped shipped back to the US so he was assigned to my room.

    Augie and I ran around quite a bit together. And at least a couple of times a month would go to Hooker Hill in Itaewon and fuck a whore or two.

    One night we went to Itaewon and got into a craps game behind a club. Wound up losing most of our pay. Luckily we had rented a room before then.

    As we lay in our room, on the one bed, lamenting our luck, I commented on how horny I was. Augie got up on an elbow, facing me and said, "We could take care of each other, you know?"

    I was shocked and said,"Are you nuts?"

    His answer was, "Who would ever know? Who else is in here besides me and you?"

    "I would not even know what to do." I said.

    "Handjob?" He said.

    We decided to flip a coin to see who would touch the other one's dick first. He lost and started to stroke my dick. After a while, I reached over and started pulling on his. It felt strange. Hard but with a bit of give.

    When a few minutes passed, Augie asked, "Do you want me to put it my mouth?"

    I nodded and he said, "Only if what I do to you, you do to me." I wanted to say no, because I was not really thrilled about sucking a dick, but I was so damned horny. I agreed.

    Augie went down on me. Tenatively at first, then more confidently as he learned what he was doing. I warned him that I was coming and he pulled it out of his mouth and stroked me until I came. When I was done, he squeezed one last drop out of me, looked at it then tasted it. He shrugged then put my whole dick back in his mouth for a few seconds.

    He rolled over on his back and I did him. I sucked his dick like I was starving to death. He warned me that he was cumming and I did him one better. I let the first spurt of cum go into my mouth. It surprised me and I pulled away, he spewed on my hand and I went down on him again, catching the last bit of cum. I stayed on his cock until it went completely soft.

    Augie's first words were, "Think of all the money we are going to save."

    I gave him a dumb look.

    "Why pay for a blow job now?"

    "Look Augie. This was a one time thing. It was fun, It was coolm but way too gay for me."

    The next night in our room in the barracks we blew each other again. We were fucking each other a week later. Best tour of duty I ever had.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am married and have met a guy at my gym. He is married too and our wives don't know. We get togeather about every week to suck either others cocks. It is soooo hot!!! I look forward to working up a nice sweat and then exploding! He feels the same way. It is sooo nice to have a blow buddy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In September last year mum,dad,myself, aunt and uncle S on dads side and uncle C who was dads half brother all went to Florida for 10 days. Uncle C had booked a bargain on the net for us with good flights and two large caravans in a large trailer park.
    Dad had asked him to do it as they were celebrating their 20th anniversary, so it was for a celebration and a holiday which we had not been for three years. The caravans were huge and lots of space for the three of us on both of them.
    We rested the first day, then went to disneyworld the following day and had a great time.The next day dad uncleC and i wanted to go to wet and wild a water theme park for swimming and fun rides but the others wanted to go shopping, so thats what we did.
    The three of us had a great time swimming and every so often the big waves would come on ,and the rides were great too. It was a really hot day and after 3hrs of fun we were all knackered.
    Off we went to the changing rooms and picked up a towel from our locker and went to the showers. In the showers they were 2 circular things and 4 shower heads from each, we went under the same one as on the other one was another guy, a young black guy. while showering uncle c began to laugh, and whispered to the two of us to look at the guy, he was washing his hair and his cock was standing proud a thick black one, we all lifted our eyebrows in expression to one another ,i was getting hard at what id seen and noticed the other two were quite big too.
    Uncle c turned to dad and said ....reminds you of school days dosnt it, dad just laughed.I said well what happened in schooldays and uncle c said well when the two of us were at school, there were a group of us boys who like schoolboys do,and im sure you did it too, had some cock fun with each other, I said ok i know what you mean, he turned to dad and said go over im sure you could blow each other like schooldays, to which dad was not amused, steady on he said, well its true uncle c said all the boys always liked to play or blow your big cock in those days. at that the other guy went out passed us and as we looked at him go out, he turned and looked back and gave us all a wink and a cute smile . Looks as if he'd blow us all uncle said. we all laughed. Finishing showering I looked to get a glance at them and they were both fully hard as i expect i was, christ said uncle c look at him , his cock is as big as yours, takes after his dad anyway and he said to me as i passed i bet you get a lot of fun with that .I just laughed and said mm, He was so forward uncle c and i dont think it was appreciated by dad.
    While drying myself they came out with their towels around them and began to dry themselves. Uncle c asked me if i had a lot of boy fun at the school like he did and i said i guess so ,all boys go thru that phase, though i did not tell him i was sure i was gay.
    We all went to the restaurant at night on site and they had entertainment on and it was a good night and we all had a few beers and a wee dram too. All three of us felt a bit done in ,i think it was getting the sun at the water park and the drink at night that was going for us .we left the others enjoying themselves and walked along the long path back to the caravan, we were passing the communal toilets and dad said he had to go or hed piss himself, so we all went in , pissing away uncle C having a sly look at my cock i made sure to over shake it as i finished. he looked at me and gave me a wink sticking out his tongue and licking his lips. i just smiled. he then said to us all on the way out that no1 and no2 cubicle had a glory hole between them. He had noticed it the prevoius day, so you guys can go in there to have a blojob if you want, dad laughed and said trust him to find that out.
    The following day we all went to Seaworld and had a great time. At night again we went to enjoy the good food and entertainment, Uncle c had drunk a bit much and had excused himself and went on his way, Ten minutes later i left also and just had to go into the toilets as i noticed two guys go in. They were pissing away, and i noticed no1 door was closed and it was empty next door.I went in wanting to see if there was a glory hole in there and sure enough one big enough to take any size cock. the lighting was a bit dimmer over the cubicals but i could still make out someone standing as if they were pissing so i did the same keeping me eye on the hole. He began to move back showing a nice hard cock, so i did the same hoping he would see. Sure enough he kneeled down and stuck two fingers thru telling me to shove my cock thru and i wasted no time in doing that. Immediatly i felt a warm mouth and tongue work on me and i think it would be for about a minute then he pulled off it and began to lick the head tongueing all around it teasing me. He then stopped and eased my cock back thru the hole to replace it with his nice thick hard cock. I must have sucked on it for 2 minutes and he pulled it out and started wanking off. I guestured for him to put it back thru and i would wank him, he did and in a few seconds later his load came belting out nearly hitting the other side of my cubicle. i kept wanking it until he drew it away. He then went down with his mouth open and tongue out to finish me off and sucked me good and proper until i drew away and he then put his hand up to finish wanking me off and i nearly exploded and it was the best orgasm id had in months. Wiping up the mess i pulled the plug and went out to wash my hands. a guy was having a piss and didn t look round .I heard the other flushing and thought to dry my hands slowly and get a look at the hunk i just blew, and out came uncle c.He just looked at me and said nothing. I went out as he washed his hands, and he caught up on me and said here lets sit on the bench and have a smoke handing me a cigarette. Nice night he said staring at me,Yes and weve seemingly both had a very exciting night un beknown to ourselves who was doing us. i said He burst out laughing OH Fuck it was great, your a natural born cocksucker, does your old man know you suck cock. I told him no and that id just went in to explore and really got caught up in the moment when i saw his big cock, and thought well what the hell, lets have some fun. I pleaded with him to keep it to himself as i didnt want anybody else to know, he agreed and said shit your a 20yrold grown man not a wee boy any more, its your choice.
    On the way back to the caravans, he was filling me in with the fun dad and he had a the school. Somedays he said a group of boys usually 6 went the long way from the school thru the hairy woods as they were called as they were so thick in the middle you could not see much for the trees and bushes. That was our wanking and sucking ground. All of the boys wanted to see your dad come and play with his as it was well known hed the biggest cock in school. we would gather in a circle some days and one of the boys would go round us all sucjking each of us in turn until we all had come , then we all got on with him to he came. Other days we had a wanking competition usually on the friday and the first guy that shot his load won £1 from all the others. A lot of the time it was your old man that came first and all the boys were mad, but they kept wanking to get the pleasure and your old man went round them a rubbing their nuts to make them come . He said when he was young he once thought that my old man was gay , but he met my mum at 20 and was soon married. I asked him what he was and he said he was bi. we parted and went into our caravans i went to bed right away.The next few days i had the pleasures of the glory hole as much as i could and noted it was various types young,old , middle aged, and one time it was a married guy who was 2 caravans away from ours. No words was ever spoken between us ,who needs words to get a blojob. Soon it was our last day and we went for our final dinner and drinks. Dad left early to finish the packing. When i left i had to go one final time to the glory hole. Sure enough no2 was occupied but no1 was open. In i went and kidded on i was pissing in the bowl I noticed the guy next door was wasting no time in showing what he wanted as he was waiving his long cock at the hole. I put a finger thru and crouched down to suck it.god i was nearly coming with this big one i thought i took it out and began to wank it but he pulled it away to put a finger there for me to go.I pulled down my jeans fully as they were a bit tight around the nuts and i wanted to enjoy myself. Fuck did this guy know how to suck cock. He was great, sucking hard then gentle and then tongueing around it then sucking again. I pulled out and beconed him to give me his cock. I sucked like crazy for a good two minutes and then heard a groan and felt a slight saltiness in my mouth and he with drew and wanked himself off . he did suck me off and as i tried to pull away as i was coming he held on for a couple of seconds and then i shot the rest of my load down the side of the hole which id had to clean before i left. What a fucking great end to the holiday i thought.
    I wanted a look at this good cocksucking guy so i could think of him when i was having a wank back home ,so i waited until he flushed and i heard the door open, not wanting to miss him i didnt flush and opened the door quick.What a fucking shock i got when i saw my old man closing the door and looking round at me as i came out from next to him.
    Nothing was said and he went right outside, i washed my hands to put some distance between us on the walk back to the caravan. He was sitting on the bench and as i approached he said sit down with me and lit a cigarette, i did the same. It seemed like ages until he spoke and he said im sorry what happened there, it shodldn't have. I said none of us were not to blame we didnt know who was next door and i felt sorry and quite embarrased at it too.He admitted that he went in for a piss but went in there as there was nobody there and he wanted to see if anything happened as he felt really randy that evening All uncle c's talk of the old school days had got him really hot and he thought what the hell agood suck off is what i need a holiday bonus. . I said the same and that id never experienced sex in a toilet like that before (I lied) and its just one of those things that happened not intentionally, and well we both should just have a laugh at the situation and remember that we both got something enjoyable out that one off experience. He told me that i really had an adult brain on me to think of it thatway and maybe thats the best way of looking at it, and that we both know that one another would not be spilling the beans to anyone. We lit another cigarette and had a bloody good drink from his whiskey flask.I think that helped us relax.
    Well i said it could be worse after all some of us could be lying in hospital after an accident, what would that be like. Yes your right he said , and fuck sake man your a good cocksucker he said laughing. I laughed and said thanks but hey old man it was a lovely big cock to suck and your a star at it too. Thats because i had a good fat one to suck on he replied
    . What are we like the two of us i said, weve both ,at least ive had the best blojob and orgasm ive had in months and hope you enjoyed it too, and here we are feeling awkward with each other. Forget it and lets be mates. Ok he said and yes it was fucking beautiful though i don't want to forget it its too good to forget, c mon lets get back before the others and you can help me finish packing. We left the following morning and all split up in London to go to our homes. Life at home was ok and we often gave each other a little smile as we all watched telly.

    Some months later, I went around 6am in the morning for a piss and found the old man having a wank over the toilet, sh its ok i said quietly knowing mum was in bed sleeping. I pulled my cock out and grabbed his and it ended in both of us wanking off each other and i came first and he a few seconds later as we shot our loads ofer the toilet and the top of the cistern. I cleaned it all up as he cleaned himself and i said to him hey that is one of those occassions when we both needed a helping hand he nodded and said your right and went out the door. I then had the longest piss i think i ever had as i was holding it all back during the wank. Wow was I a lot easiier after that.
    The months have passed and unfortunatly mum died and we are all devastated, but recovering.I gave dad all the support and love and help i could and i think it helped him top cope, in saying that there were no sex involved then just genuine affection.I told him last month that i was gay and i dont think he was surprised, He said he thought he was too when he was young but then he met mum and they were in love and sex was good, though he could still enjoy the very rare occassional bit of cock fun . Now iam living in my own flat and dad has a new woman in his life. He likes her a lot and he said to me with a smile that sex is great too. and he would leave all the cocks to me. My sex life has improved also as i can bring guys home with me for all nighters. wow im sure you can imagine. so thats it my big secrets

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    Posted by Anonymous


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    Posted by Anonymous

    If there are any young guys reading the confessions or anyone that has any good hot stories i would love to read some new one please post them if you have one. makes me so hot and hard to read about young guys and there frist time

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I left college this year and last month mum and dad went on holiday for two weeks . i was left to get on myself. My papas friend who was single , a few streets away said to mum and dad he would look in on me and make me a meal from time to time and not to worry. True to his word he did on the evening they went away. He was a kind guy and was in good shape for 62 and good looking. We had supper together and he said b4 he left to go to his house the following evening and he would make me a nice dinner.
    After the meal and wine, we went to watch the telly, and he opened another bottle of wine . He started asking me if i had a girlfriend ,which i did have two ,and asked all about them , and how often i had sex with them. All the time he was sipping the wine and his other hand was gently touching himself .i began to get a bit hard, and i asked him why he had not married.
    he had a girlfriend when he was young he said but he then found out that his best pal was fucking her too and he gave her up. As the night went on and the wine was finished, I went to make a coffee as i was quite pissed. He said i would be better staying the night there and going home in the morning so i said ok. he showed me his spare room with the single bed, but it was bloody freezing in there i told him. The radiator was not working he said and if i wanted i could sleep in his room as he had a kingsize bed. I agreed. So off i went to finish my coffee, and then went for a shower. As i entered the bathroom he was standing at the sink with a towel round him ,shaving. He said he always shaved at night and had to shave with a blade as the dark bristles looked as if he wasnt shaven.
    I slipped off my boxers and went into the bath and pulled the curtain over some of the way and began to shower. I looked over to see him at the mirror shaving and realised he could see me in the shower.I began to lather up my equipment and rub well getting nearly erect but not quite, i tried to make it look as if i was just washing, and i could see him glancing in the mirror at me while he shaved.He had a real hairy chest ,a mixture of black and silver hairs .When i finished i stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry myself. Seeing i was done, he took off his towel and wiped his face and said he would get a shower now i was finished. as he stepped towards the bath i dropped my towel to reveal my half hard cock which he looked at and he turned enough for me to get a look at his which was also half hard.
    I went into the bedroom and put on my boxers and sent into the bed which was nioce and cosy. ten minutes later he arrived with his towel on and the remains of the bottle of wine. I had two mouthfulls of it and he finished the rest. He then rubbed his arse thru the towel and picked up a pair of pyjama bottoms and dropped the towel facing me as he put them on. they were the old fashioned type with the open slit in the front and im sure he meant it when he put them on to let his cock and balls stay out of them as he pulled them to his waist , he then tied them with the cord and put his tackle inside giving me a slight grin. He got into bed and run his hand over me and over my boxer front asking if i was warm enough, i said yes and said are your jamma bottoms warm to wear at the same time running my hand over one leg and slighly over his crotch. he said good night and we both were on our sides facing each other. A few moments later hemoaned slighly and moved his hand to between us and the back of it was slightly pressing on cock.
    I didnt know what to do and after about 5 minutes i did the same and moved my hand to gently press on his. I began to get hard which he must have felt and i was beginning to feel he was getting hard too. then he sighed and shuffled a little closer to me and turning his hand so his palm was on my ever getting hard cock. I thought well 2 can play at that game and did the same. I could feel he was really hard and wished that he would make the first move as i didnt want to , but nothing happened and finally i turned over and went to sleep. In the morning i went to the kitchen where he had made some toast and asked if i slept well. On hour later i said i would have to go home,thanked him for the nice night and he said why dont you come back tonight as ive a nice bit of beef there enough for the two of us, so i said i would , thinking that was a clue to what was in store. That evening was a repeat of the previous one , nice meal with wine, him having a shave as i showered, we were a bit more intoxicated though and i showed more cock as i stepped out the bath, which im sure he appreciated and in turn his towel was off him when he walked past to the bath showing me a beauty of a big cock really hard. I had seen the big bulge thru the towel while he shaved and he was looking at me rubbing the soap over my cock and pumping it well ending in getting the shower head and washing it and playing the hot water on my balls. Nothing was said and again we lay in bed, him with his jammies on and me with my boxers. the same ritual commence with hands pressing against cocks and i was getting pissed off as an hour later nothing had happened, then he groaned and eased back his arse taking his crotch away from my hand only to return it later right up to my open hand with his hard cock and balls out the slit of his jammy trowsers, I made a moan and slowly let my fingers reposition on the cock and could feel it throbbing as he flexed his big muscle, I was rock hard and decided to do the same and with my spare hand moved back my arse and undid my buttons on my boxer front pulled out my cock and balls and moved forward to have it resting on his palm.I felt him quiver a bit and we stayed like that for over 5 minutes with both our cocks moving on their own against our hands. I was pissed of and i knew he was not sleeping he was randy like me and i took the matter in my own hands, or in other words i took his hard cock in my hand and started wanking him and feeling his balls , he moved slightly over onto his back and i said to him , come on now this is what you want and stop kidding around and he said "thats fuckin good can you suck my cock for me, Sure i said and gave it a go for a minute. The night went on with us both in 69 sucking away and us coming all over each other. Thru the early hours of the morning I slid down and started sucking his big shaft again and he woke up groaning saying dont stop , he came and then he sucked me off too. In the morning he said what a night it was and he didnt a want to make the first move in case i didnt like it, good thing i did. I could go on with what happened the rest of the 2 weeks, but thats enough for now.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ive just returned from a week in one of Germanys big cities. On my first day i went a walk about and found a toilet which was down steps under an arcade in one of the side streets. There inside was 6 old fashioned urinals on each side and a lot of guys with their arms moving. I went between two and looked over and they both were hard.After about 30 seconds when they all knew i was ok, the fun started some sucking and some wanking. When someone opened the door up top you could hear it and act as if you were pissing until the new guy showed off his dick and it was fun again. I found out from a local that the toilet opened at 6.30 in the morning and it was busy with guys of all types allgoing to the railway station. The next morning i rose early and went the 5 minute walk from my hotel. I was there 2 hrs and wanked and sucked off a good20 guys, train drivers business men ,ordinary guys and all ages. It ended with a guy giving me a bj and off i went for a shower and breakfast. This was my venue for the next few days, mornings and nights and in the week i came 29 times. Im such a slut i know but back at home im not out and do nothing so i made up for lost time, cant wait until next year to visit. Am i the only one who enjoys this?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When i was younger 14 to 23 i would mess around with guys. We would jack each other off. I have even put one of there cocks in my mouth but no more than that. I meet a gril and we get married and had three kids. I am now 46 years old and like looking at guy on the internet and reading gay stories.My wife does not know this. I so bad would love to meet some young hot guy say about 18 to 23 that would like to help me have a frist time.I would like them to take my cherry ass and see what it would be like to be fucked in the ass. I would do what ever they liked. I am very good at making love i make my wife so hot and i love making her that way, I would do my best to do that with that guy.
    Please help me if you can. ( white males only) sorry

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I started work on a farm in Ireland when i was 19 and i was always looking at the farmers crotch cos it was always a big bulge then one day the farmer and I was in the byre cleaning when he said im ready for a piss and moved to the inside byre wall .I joined him and was pissing away when i noticed him looking at me, his cock was a beauty and he began to shake it as i did too both of us getting bigger. He asked me if i liked girls and i said there ok but guys are more fun.He then pulled his jeans down showing a full erection and a big pair of balls and told me to wank him. when he came he then gave me the best bj ive ever had. I was warned to say nothing, though he was married he said he liked cock just as much. A week later and he asked me in to the house one afternoon when the wife was away and we both stripped off and i run my hands thru the thick black body hair and played with him b4 giving him a bj. By then i was nearly coming but he got my cock in his mouth and gave it a good sucking until i came.
    to this day sex is still good. I think its surrounded by all the animals that makes us randy.
    a contented irish farm worker

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my freshman english teacher wasnt really all that hot but i had a huge crush on him. i carried that crush on to my junior year.. becuase it had been a long while since i had a class with him, i changed my schedule to incorporate one of his elective classes, shakespear tradgedies, into the new semester. class started.. i went, he taught, and as the weeks went on my crush for him only got bigger.
    at that particular time in my highschool career- because of the number of credits i had earned- i only attended half of the school day, 2 classes on A day and 2 classes on B day, all classes before lunch. A days were the days i had class with the teeeeacher, B days i had gym.
    on one b-day about mid way through the semester i participated longer in gym than usual. on most gym days i would hurry thorugh everything until the locker bell, then i'd rush to grab my things and sneak out 5 to 10 minutes before the lunch bell rang ( i didt this to avoid the lunch crowd and car traffic so i could get home sooner to shower).
    well, on that one b-day,, i guess i was just really feeling it. im not much of a person who really enjoys running, but that one day it felt sooo good, so so good that i wanted to run a bit more, past the locker bell, past the lunch bell. i probably ended up running for a good 20 to 30 minutes after the initial bell had rung when i decided it was time to go. so i went down to the locker room, gatherd my stuff and realized that i was totally alone! i could shower there at the school which is something i had always dreaded==== all the people, possiblities of stiffies, you know.== and now was my chance to have a calm and private shower.

    so that's waht i did. i showered. i lathered myself up with the dispensable soap on the wall, i scrubed and rubbed, i realxed. i thought about sucking off my teacher, thought about his cock sliding between my cheeks. ..and i just could help myself. i had to do it. i had to jerk it. i soaped up my hand and went for it. im guessing about 3 minutes into it i was really getting close so i went faster for the fucking kill when all of the sudden someone cleared their throat, i turned, i saw! it was my teacher! I THEN BLEW MY LOAD onto the tile wall, i RAN out without turning off the water, washing off the soap, politely wiping my seed from the wall-- NO! i ran into the locker room, put on my sweats and got out! holy fucking christ, that was the most embarrassing moment of my life...

    for 2 school weeks i skipped my A-days. when i finally decided it was okay for me to go back to A-day attendance, i never ever looked at my teacher in the eye again.. i often thought about the whole event IN his class and would blush excessivly! it was horrible! thhere was s day when i was supposed to read aloud. he called my name, i started rreading, started blushing and nervously laughed so much so that i had to excuse myself from the room and not return until the next a-day. oh it was terrible. he never spoke to me privatley about the whole thing, never talked to me about my dropping grade.. he didnt give me anly slack. i ended up gettning my FIRST Cs EVER both in that class and the other class i had skipped for 2 weeks. worst event of my highschool career= ever!

    he never spoke to me about it, though i wish he wouldve. it probably would have aliviated all that humiliation.

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