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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I think of "gay" it relates to romantic feelings towards the same sex. In my case it is a matter of pleasure, when I see a hot guy my heart doesnt flutter - - just my dick.

    I finaly got up enough nerve to ask someone I trusted
    if I could suck his dick.. I am sad to say he refused.
    But I would have gladly, and really wished he would
    have let me! I am not going to blow a total stranger
    but I want to know how it feels before I die.

    when I finaly asked I just started gushing, heart racing
    and nerves tingling. When he said no I got pissed.
    but I will probably never see him again so ohwell.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The first time I sucked a dick I never knew how much I would like it, I had watched so many porn films seeing girls do it I was dying to feel one in my mouth.
    One night my buddy was over and we were watching porn smoking pot and after a few joints and watching the video he was passing in and out but his cock was hard sticking up in his pants and I asked myself could I.
    I was sitting next to him nervous but moved closer calling his name, getting no responce from him I reached over lightly brushing it pulling away seeing what he might say, getting no reaction from him I reached over again rubbing it.
    His cock felt wonderful in my hand as I continued for several second getting bolder reaching in pulling it out pumping it up and down looking at it in my hand, my heart was beating fast wondering what he might think if he woke up but I couldn't stop pumping it in my hand I was so hot.
    I couldn't help myself I had gone this far I just leaned over in his lap opened my lips and took his cock inside going up and down on it I couldn't believe I was doing it but I liked how it felt with each pump more of his cock was going deeper in my mouth and I was liking it.
    I let it slip from my lips holding it by the base licking all over it with my tongue then going back up taking it in my mouth again sucking it and his hips began to move with him putting his hand on my head and I knew now he was awake.
    I didn't stop and his hips began to move faster with him moaning softly "I was wondering when you were going to get around to doing this" surprising me I guess he had been waiting for this a long time.
    Him saying that really turned me on so I just gave it my all sucking as hard as I could getting all his cock in my mouth surprising me, I kept my eyes open watching my lips go down to his pubic hair pulling up going back down.
    I heard him beginning to groan and I felt he was ready to cum and I was right to he grunted holding my head and I felt his cock splewing cum in my mouth at first I paused then I just started gulping swallowing each spurt of his juice.
    The taste was different not at all what I thought but I liked the feel of it, I pulled eating it all stopping after I couldn't pull any more out and it soften up in my mouth and I let it go from my lips looking at it then sat up looking at him.
    He had the biggest grin saying "that was nice and you should have done that weeks ago" I just smied back telling him I was too scared to not knowing how he would react, he just smiled informing me now that we have pass that hurdle we will be doing alot more making me feel good I was looking forward to it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My first time with another female was when I was 17. I was the new starter at work and was offered some help from a colleague. We were working well after 8pm when we were due to finish at 5pm. So we were working and I got a couple of questions incorrect, we were joking on and she said there should be a punishment if I get another one wrong and I joked about something like yeah like an embarrassment. My colleague suggested if I get another wrong I would lose an item of clothing like a strip poker game. We laughed about it and carried on. I got loads of questions correct and then a troubling one popped up and I got one wrong. Top off my colleague joked, I lifted my top up to the level of my bra but dropped it again and smiled at her. She said I had a choice of that or it would be my pants. I told her that she wouldn't want to see my semi - naked body. She grinned and said "you wanna bet". I had never been with another women before and suddenly had a rush of excitment.

    I took my top off leaving my black bra on show. She asked me my bra size and I admitted an embarrassingly small 34C. I started to get questions wrong deliberatly and lost my pants/socks/shoes/jewelery. Standing in my bra and panties my colleague said if I got this one wrong I would lose both.

    Yep, I got it wrong, I stood there naked and we made out. She led me to the bathroom and I learnt so much there that night. We carried on the relationship for weeks until she lost she job. I left two weeks later and got another job out of state.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi, my name is _____, can I push in your stool?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I turned eighteen over the summer as I finally graduated high school this year and decided that now that I'm not surrounded by all the high school gay bashing bs that goes on, I was going to experiment with what's out there. I've always had little inklings about other guys but never attempted anything because of the abuse gay guys get in hs. I dated girls and made out and stuff like that and enjoyed the flirting girls did with me, being a high school baseball "star" over the past couple of years. But I had lots of fantasies of me with one or two of the other players on my team over the years. Seeing some of those asses in those tight baseball pants was mmmmmmm.

    So before I headed off to Texas for college this fall I decided to try my luck at trying to get some kind of experience with a guy before I try to conquer some more experienced college guy this fall. So I put an add in a popular site out there (lets say Craig) and in it I put that I would like to meet in a public place with someone first around my age and see where it goes from there. Almost instantly I get an email from this poster who said he was my age and his stats were similar to mine (5'11" 165lb brown/blue and cut). Since I refused to send a pic to him (I didn't want my pic out there on a site advertising men4men) he didn't send me one but said we could meet in person and see what happens. So I told him there is this coffee shop by the strip mall by my house and he said he knew where it was and he would meet me there at 9:00 that night. He said he'd be wearing a blue Badger sweatshirt and I told him that I would be wearing a plain yellow sweatshirt. We didn't exchange names or anything else.

    First off, The Badgers is our hs mascot. So I figured out that this guy either is in my graduating class or one year before or after me. I started thinking about all the guys this could possibly be from my school. I know this is a bullshit move but I didn't wear the yellow sweatshirt. I figured I would see who walked in at 9 with the blue shirt on and I would know who he was. At that point I could either make a move or not.

    As the night came I showered and as hard as it was, I didn't jack off in the shower like I usually do. I dressed and headed out to the coffee shop a little early. There was a little group of people from my school there. I got a coffee and grabbed a newspaper and sat down facing the door. They asked if I wanted to join them but I said no. Everytime the door to the shop opened I looked up for that blue Badger sweatshirt nervously knowing that I couldn't wave 'him' over because there were people from my school there. It was a minute or so past nine and still nothing. Then the guys from my school started heading out the door heading to movie and I nodded as they left, almost thankful that they were gone. Now I'm starting to get more and more nervous and anxious and I would jerk my head up everytime the bell on the front door to coffee shop would open. 9:05, nothing. 9:10, nothing. 9:15, nothing.

    I finished my coffee and concluded that I got stood up. It was already twenty after nine. Just as I was about to leave I feel this tap on my shoulder. I turn back and there stood Jake. "Thought you said you'd be wearing a yellow sweatshirt."

    I mumbled out "What?"

    He said "Damn dude I never would have thought it was you."

    My face got beat red with embarassment. He was sitting with the rest of those guys earlier and I never noticed that he never left when they did. Apparently he stayed sitting in the back of the shop waiting. He said later that he figured it was me he was meeting by my looking up everytime the door opened. Jake was one of those gl dudes on my team whose ass I had admired all year. Wow. What a shock. I was stunned.

    He asked how many times I've done this and I told him this was my first. "Sure," he said. "No really it's my first." He said "it's cool, it's my first time too."

    He suggested we go sit at the very back of the shop so we did. I asked him if he was gay and he said he wasn't really sure what that meant. He said he might be bi. He asked about me and I told him that although I'd never done anything with a guy that I think I'm bi too but I wasn't really sure. He said if he would have known about me he would have tried this earlier. I said yeah me too. "So what do you want to do now," he asks. I just shrug my shoulders. I asked if he wanted to go somewhere else and he said he got dropped off. I told him I could drive him back to my place since it was close or we could just hang out in my car and listen to some tunes or something. He said that was cool.

    So we ended up driving to my house and sat in my car in the driveway listing to music. Both of us were very nervous as our voices began to shake when we talked. I leaned in to change out the CD and he started to rub the back of my head. He kept it there when I leaned back so I put my hand on his leg. I rubbed his leg and made my way up toward his cock. His cock was hard and buldging in his pants. I rubbed my hand over it and he let out a moan. He started to run his hand over my cock and we sat there feeling each other's cocks. I told him that we should head to my room. Fortunately no one was home but I locked my bedroom door anyway. He sat on the bed as I turned on some tunes. When I turned around he had already removed his shirt and was kicking off his shoes. So not knowing what to do next I took off my shirt and shoes. When he saw this he stood up and started taking off his pants. So I did the same.

    We're both standing there with just our underware and socks on. Both with buldging cocks. I said, "well, here goes nothing" and I pulled off my underware and just let my cock spring out. Then I pulled off my socks and stood there naked as the day I was born. He looked at my cock and just said "wow, nice one dude." I said "your turn." He faced away from me and teasingly slowly pulled down his underware. He had the perfect white hairless ass. When his undeware got to his knees he bent over and continued to slowly lower them. I almost came right then when his ass cheeks opened slightly and exposed his pink little asshole. I moved in closer as he then took his socks off.

    We moved closer in. At about the same time I grabbed his cock and he mine. We put our heads on each other's shoulder and I put my other hand on his bare hip. He reached down and cupped my balls. "That feels so good" I manage to say. He whispers "your balls are as nice as your dick." I smile.

    We continued to stand there feeling each other. I too rubbed his balls and at one point or another we each managed to reach around and feel each other's asses. He smelt so good from probably showering not too long ago and his cologne was nice. As I'm feeing every inch of his cock I manage to squeeze out a little precum. With my thumb I gently rub it around the head of his cock. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts to push downward. Without resisting I go down on my knees. I slowly open my mouth and put my lips around the head of his cock. I slowly go back and forth over just the head of his young cock. He grabs the back of my hair and starts pushing farther and farther until my lips begin to slide up and down the shaft of his cock. It starts to become easier for me so I grip his cock tighter with my lips.

    At one point the head of his cock touches my tongue and the taste of his precum was unexpected. I pull back. I let the salty taste sink in. Thinking to myself that it was all that bad I reach for his cock and guide it back into my mouth. We got into rythym of my mouth and his hips moving back and forth. He again grabs the back of my hair and pulls his cock out and grabs it with his other hand. Then he pulls my face in and puts his balls to my lips. It all smelled so clean. So I just opened up and swallowed his balls. Or tried to. "Easy" he says.

    He backs up and I stand up. He points to my bed. I lay down and he crawls up my legs to my cock. He grabs my cock, takes a deep breath and starts to blow me. I'd never felt anything like that. Not even my best jack off was better than this. He starts tickling my balls as he's blowing me and this is blowing my mind. "I think I'm going to cum" I tell him. He keeps blowing me. As I start to pant faster and faster he pulls his mouth off of me and starts jacking me while still tickling my balls. I hold my breath and start cuming all over my chest, stomach and over his hand and down my cock. I think my eyes rolled back in my head. He squeezed every last drop out of me. It was amazing to see my cum all over Jake's hand and there was a lot of it.

    "Roll over," he says. "I want to kiss that sweet ass of yours." I felt exhausted like I'd ran a marathon. I roll over and he gets between my legs and spreads them out. I'm resting my head on my pillow in la la land as he begins to lick and kiss my ass cheeks. He squeezes them over and over. "Nice fucking ass too."

    It's all amazing. As he has my legs spread he says, "don't move." I'm laying there with my eyes closed feeling great. Then I feel his body on top of me. I feel the hardness of his cock hitting my legs and the bottom of my ass. "What are you doing Jake?" "Don't worry," he says, "you'll like this even more." He puts his cock in between my ass cheeks and starts moving up and down. "I'm not into ass fucking dude," I tell him. "Don't worry," he says, "I'm not going to go inside you I'm just riding on top." He starts riding me and it felt great. A few time he would stop and lean up and I would reach back and stroke his cock with my hand then back to running his cock in my cheeks. This goes on for what seemed like eternity. As this his happening, my cock starts to go hard again. "Dude I'm getting hard again," I tell him.

    He kneels up and I do to still facing away from him. He reaches around and starts to stroke me, his dick poking my ass. "Okay," I say. "Okay what?" "You want to fuck my ass right?" "Really?" "Just go slow."

    I lean forward with my ass in the air and I spread my cheeks. He takes his precum and rubs in around the head of his cock and puts in at the hole in my ass. I look sideways and watch in the mirror on my closet door, Jake behind me naked and hard and starting to put his dick in my ass. I wish I could've taken a picture. I take a very deep breath as I feel the head of his cock start to open my virgin hole. "You okay" he asks. I shake my head yes. Over the next four or five minutes my highschool baseball buddy is pushing his cock in my ass. Back and forth. "You have smooth hands," I say as I feel them tightly gripping my hip. He says "oh yeah how's this and he slaps my ass." "OUCH!" "Shut up and take it like a man."

    I could see in the mirror he loves my ass. It hurt I'm not going to lie but not as bad as I thought or as I've heard it would. Once he got into a rythym I closed my eyes and let my friend ride me. He started going faster and pushing farther in and I starting moaning because it was starting to hurt every time he pushed his cock all the way in. We both let out a yell as he pushed all the way in (which hurt me) and he came at the same time. His rythym slowed as he moved back and forth. "Easy" I say. He then slowly pulls out as I reach back and feel my sore ass. He leans down and kisses my ass once more. "Damn that's a nice ass."

    Then like nothing happened we both dress. A messy cum mess all over and the smell of boy cum on both of us. "When you leaving for Texas?" "Tuesday." "Let's keep in touch and whenever you're back in town, we'll do coffee," he says. I smile and then nod. "Definately."

    I had to stay in Texas over Christmas break but I'm coming back home tonight for New Years. Jake is planning on coming over tomorrow and we're going to bring in the New Year together. I can't wait.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    At a very recent Christmas party most everyone was up stairs or out on the deck drinking and smoking etc. I was down stairs sitting at the bar with soft music on. I'm 33 married with 1 child. I workout 4 to 5 times a week so I'm very fit and physical.
    While sitting and facing the bar someone with very strong hands came up behind me and started massaging my back and shoulders. It felt great and I was just melting in my seat. I had my head down with eyes closed thinking it was one of the guys hitting on me again, trying their best to see if my gard was down so they could move in for the quick sex strike.
    The hands continued for some time even reaching into my skirt for my lower back bones and muscles as this person pulled my top out so there would be less in the way I picked my head up. Turned just slightly and noticed it was my boss's wife. Monica, a beautiful redhead, 40 yr old, sexier then the day is long. The men at work trip over their tongues when she comes in.
    She put her quite finger up to her lips, gave me the shhhhh!!
    I was stunned when she reached down and kissed my neck and ran her tongue up the back side of my ear. My legs shook.
    She took my hand & led me to a room in the back of their huge finished basement. With door closed she pinned me to the wall her mouth, tongue, hands all over me missing nothing. My blouse, bra and skirt loosened and moved aside.
    I kissed and touched in return. It felt good. We both were in the moment of excitment. Monica dropped down to her knees, pulled my right hand to me. As she licked me all over I masterbated and shook from waves of enjoyment in minutes. My legs had very little left in them so we traded places. For the first time I tasted another woman. I didn't want it to end. The sound of her fingers & her wettness, well, you know the sound. I inhaled so deep, her sent dove me wild. Soon her voice climbed octives as her hands pressed my head in place.
    In a minute we were dressed again; back out to my seat, straight faced I licked my lips; each finger under my nose. I loved it!!!!!!!!

    It was like smelling sex for the first time. Remember when you didn't want to wash your hands or your face. It was peaceful for a while until several came down the stairs. My husband reached over me, kissed me and said "hmmm, your so warm, I could just eat you up". I just smiled.
    At the end of the evening just prior to leaving Monica and I looked eye to eye while Bill was helping with my coat. She learned in, kissed Bill then me with a strong grip on my arm asked, " would you like to go shopping at that store with me this week". I smiled "oh yes it would be fun".
    As we walked out and down the steps I looked up, her eyes again met mine. A warm smile all over my face.
    Can't wait!!!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am so freakin' angry with my girlfriend right now
    1. she keeps telling me things and changing plans last minute and then just expects me to be ok with it all
    2. I told her all about my bad day and all she said was "oh, ok" and then went on about celebrity gossip and office politics, totally negating the fact that I had said anything
    3. She's going out for lunch with two of my friends and didn't invite me - she just told me this recently

    I love her and I am ashamed that I don't have the guts to tell her how pissed off I am at her sometimes

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    Posted by Anonymous

    You keep pushing back while he's nailing you in the ass doggy style.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 34 and he's 72. After his wife passed away he told he needed a friend. We went fishing a couple of times and then he invited me to spend the night. I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious. We went into his bedroom and started kissing. He told me that I was very handsome and that whatever we shared it would be between us only. He took his clothes off and had the kind of erection I had never seen before, big and curved to the right and uncircumsized. He told me, "this is what you do to me."

    I have a small erection but it didn't matter to him. He just kept sucking it and it felt so good. When I told him I was going to cum he just kept going. I came really hard and he made deep groaning sounds as he swallowed everything. We kissed for a long time and his cock kept growing thicker and harder. He told me that it took him a long time to get an erection with a woman but with me it happened much quicker.

    When I looked down his cock was huge. It was almost twice as long and thick as it was before. He asked me if I would suck it and I told him I would. He sat on the edge of the bed and I got down on my knees in front of him. He told me, "I like having my head worked." My hand could fit only about half way around it and I could barely get the head of his penis in my mouth.

    I must have sucked it for 20 minutes maybe longer. But he finally blew. I couldn't believe how much of it there was and it tasted really salty and strong. I ate everything because he kept telling me not to stop. Afterwards we just layed in each other's arms for more than an hour. He told me he hadn't had an orgasm in over a year. I believed him. That was 14 months ago. We're stilling seeing other and I've never told anybody about him. He tells me that he loves me but I'm still really afraid someone I know will find out.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Girls I want to hear your first times I might even tell you mine

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