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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is a follow-up post to the recent near-gay experience post, and all of the exchange that followed. I promised I would post what happened, (if anything), between my buddy and I. Fortunately something did...I still feel a little strange because I just got back from his house. But, things got very interesting earlier this evening...

    I mentioned that my buddy and I, (Tony's his name, incidentally) had tentative plans to go mountain biking this evening or next. We wound up scheduling for this evening. I got back from work, changed and immediately biked over to his apartment complex, which is very near where I live. I thought that if I was going to try what I had planned, I better introduce the subject before we go...otherwise we'd be a sweaty mess after we had biked around for awhile.

    After getting there and chatting for a few minutes, I suddenly brought up the subject of our road trip way back when. I asked if he remembered that he took advantage of me when my foot had gotten stuck, that he had tickled my foot and so-on. He did remember and laughed a bit and asked why I brought that up now. I remarked that I had never gotten any payback for that. He smirked and asked what I wanted to do about it now. I thought I might actually be getting somewhere! I suggested a wrestling match (taking the advice of an anonymous poster in my previous message). I said that I didn't want to do anything too crazy...just a one-round submission match. When one person is pinned or gives up, match over. He didn't see how this would offer me any payback, given that I might not win. But he nevertheless agreed.

    I took off my shoes, socks and shirt. He did the same. He joked that if I insisted on wrestling in my bare feet, he would visit the same torture on me as before. I told him that he would never get the chance. Tony's in good shape, definitely taller and leaner than I. I am shorter and stockier, but in decent shape myself. I knew if we went all out, he would probably win. But I had a hidden agenda and I sensed he had one too. We moved some furniture out of the way in the living room to clear a space, put on some decent music and got to it!

    We started off standing up , but found that we didn't have enough space to move around without the risk of crashing into a bookcase or something. So we opted to start off on our knees, facing each-other. We locked up and I was surprised by his upper body strength for a skinny person. Long story short, we grappled around and he got me in a headlock. He succeeded in locking an arm behind my back and slowly forced me to the floor, face-first. My face was sort of buried in the carpet and he placed a knee into my back. He then pulled one of my legs up to expose my sole and the next thing I knew, he was at it, tickling my foot again! I was angry and disappointed. I was able to resist it a little and wasn't laughing quite as much as if I had been taken by surprise. But he had me and I was eventually laughing pretty hard and struggling to free my foot from his grasp. Eventually, he asked, "give up?" I had to, but I wanted another shot at him. I composed myself and asked for a double-or-nothing round. "Suit yourself," he said, and it was on again.

    I employed a new strategy that worked beautifully. Instead of reaching for his body, I interlocked my hands with his, weaving our fingers together in a sort of test of strength. We were sort of deadlocked in a struggle for a few moments, then I began to let up. I fell down onto my back and he got on top of me, going for the pin. He had almost forced my shoulders to the floor when I quickly snaked my legs around him and trapped him in a body scissors. He didn't seem initially worried, but I then locked my feet at the ankles behind his back and began to straighten my legs towards the ceiling. This caused my thighs to cinch inward, squeezing his waist and lower ribs. Luckily, Tony's got a relatively thin waist, because my legs aren't long and would not have otherwise been able to encircle him. He let go of my hands and placed them flat on the floor on either side of me. Although he had technically gotten my shoulders on the floor, I was controlling him with my crushing hold, so I was clearly winning at that point!

    I saw him wince and turn his head to the side. I eased up just a bit, not wanting to hurt him. I guess my thigh muscles are stronger than I had initially thought! All that biking, running and Tae Kwon Do had paid off. I was now alternating between letting up enough to give him a bit of a breather (without letting him escape), and squeezing with more intense pressure. I quickly discovered that just pointing my toes and straightening my legs would cause my thighs to flex and further squeeze his taut midsection. I was getting really turned on by the sight of my lean, muscular thighs squeezing around my buddy's waist and ribs. My skin is really fair and my buddy is really tan, so the contrast of my legs against his skin was somehow sexy. I even managed to glance to the side and see our reflection in the darkened television screen. We were like two warriors locked in combat; my legs looked great and the fact that I had Tony squeezed between them looked even better.

    He was now breathing through clenched teeth and was starting to fade. Earlier attempts to separate my feet and/or legs did not work at all. He was on all-fours as I scissored him, so he could not use more than one hand at a time. All he could do was wait for me to free him. He finally gasped, "release win." I replied that I would not.

    Finally, then, success! He started to caress my thigh muscles, saying that they were so strong and powerful, strong and sexy and that he loved how I was dominating him with them. He referred to them as "python legs" and asked me to flex them around his midsection a few more times. I complied and was getting more turned on my the second. I knew this was getting somewhere, but I had yet to see where. I had planned on making the move on him, but I got caught up in my scissor struggle. He then slowly moved a hand from my flexing thigh to my sorts and began massaging my crotch. Of course, I could feel everything through the light shorts I had worn to go biking. I was really, really nervous but let him continue. Ultimately, he was at a bad angle to do anything further so he asked me to release the scissors hold. I did...I had been squeezing him so long that my sweaty legs sort of peeled off his waist! Immediately, one of his arms encircled his body to massage the soreness out. He was gasping for breath a little as well. I noticed that his sides were red where my thighs had been squeezing. I felt bad and asked if he was okay...he said he was fine and just needed some time to recover from the lengthy scissors hold.

    He rolled to the side and I rolled with him. He continued to massage my cock through my shorts for a few minutes and then asked, "Ready?" I was as ready as I would ever be. He proceeded to draw my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, then off completely. My cock was hard, but not as hard as it could have been. This was the first time I had tried anything like this, so I was very nervous. Tony asked me to relax and proceeded to caress my bare cock. This caused it to throb and become harder. I was laying on my side and he was laying on his, facing me while he continued to work my cock and lightly caress my balls. When he saw that I was at full attention, he got up and asked me to wait a moment. He disappeared and for a second I felt really awkward, laying half-naked on the floor of my buddy's condo in the middle of having my cock stroked. However, that quickly faded. My friend had returned with some sort of hand lotion in a jar; not Vaseline, but something like it. He dipped his fingertips in and proceeded to coat my throbbing cock with the slick lotion. This felt much better and allowed his hand to easily slide over the head and down my shaft. He had good, strong hands and knew exactly what to do. I have heard women (who have been with other women) remark that women know exactly what they want, because they are women themselves. A woman knows exactly how to lick another woman's pussy, because she has a pussy herself. This was no exception...he knew exactly what would feel good on my cock. He worked the length of my shaft from top to bottom, while at the same time offering a gentler caress to my balls. Sometimes that hand would drift to my inner thighs...he continued to ask me to flex my thighs for him, remarking that they turned him on. As I relaxed further, I found myself moaning aloud with pleasure. I thought I would be self-conscious, but I wasn't. This was one of the best (if not the best) handjobs I had ever gotten, and I was going to moan my pleasure for him to hear. He continued to stroke, gaining momentum. My cock had gotten very vascular and thicker near the head, just as it does when I am about to cum. I finally did cum, and as I did, he continued to work my hard shaft, allowing me to complete my orgasm as I moaned with intense pleasure. He made sure he stroked until every last orgasmic pulsation was through, then asked how he did. I was sweaty, exhausted and shaking, but managed a hoarse, "great." I apologized for soling the carpet, but he did not seem to care. I noticed the bulge in his shorts and offered to return the favor, but for some reason, declined. He said he wanted to take it slow and wasn't sure where this would lead. But he said he was glad we both got this sort of unwritten thing out of our systems and said we could finally move on from here, to wherever we feel that can comfortably take us. For now, I am just glad for the could not have gone better!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was growing up I was always the one left out. But when I was about 16 my mate invited me and a few other girls for a sleepover. Anyway there was vodka, rum and others, I got very drunk and upset I can't remember what. We were playing strip poker at the time and I was too drunk to know what hand I had so was stripped down to my lace thong. So anyway I was upset and had to be calmed down by my mates older sister, I don't know why but looking into her eyes I had the urge to kiss her so I did. She undressed and lowered my thong and we fooled around. I went to my friends more often especially when she was out just to be her older sister, she ended up teaching me everything I know today

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years back my buddy and I were driving back from a long road trip. The ride was going to take about ten hours, so we agreed to share the driving. At one point were were in stop-and-go traffic heading through Virginia, I think. The weather was rainy and the going was slow so I thought it was a good time to take a short nap before it was time for me to take the wheel. I proceeded to kick off my flip-flops and climb through the front seat area to the back to lie down. I didn't bother to ask my buddy to pull over given that we weren't driving too fast. Just as I am climbing through, he had to brake hard and stop short for traffic. I had to brace myself from flying backward and my right leg just sort of involuntarily shot down to keep me from falling further. Unfortunately, my buddy drove a Chevy Blazer that has an oversize center console. I say unfortunately because my foot, my bare foot, got wedged between the seat and that console. It was wedged in pretty tight because my leg had shot downward so hard to keep me from going backward into the dashboard or worse, through the windshield. For the life of me, I could not free my foot. I couldn't stand straight up because I'm in a car, so here I am, halfway between the front and back seats with my foot stuck so I can't go any further. My toes were sort of pointed downward and my sole was facing out, towards the front of the car. My buddy asked why I was standing there doing nothing when I told him my foot was stuck and I couldn't get it out. He asked if I needed help, which I did, so I just asked him to reach over and pull up on my ankle, thinking that this would give me the extra force I would need to free my foot. Instead, my buddy laughs in this sort of sinister way and-starts tickling the sole of my foot! I start laughing like crazy and if it isn't bad enough that I have no leverage to work my foot free, the tickling is making it impossible through all the laughter. The tickling is weakening me because it is all I can think about. I cannot twist my foot out of the way because it is firmly wedged between the seat and console. He kept this up for awhile, and I could not help but feel that this was some sort of erotic torture for him. He kept saying things like, "you can't get free...I'm the master," and "work those sexy thigh muscles, pull that foot with your strong leg." Incidentally, I do have muscular legs, but I never thought he was admiring them when we had hung out in the past, before this happened. Eventually he stopped the tickling, saying he was disappointed in my efforts and said he would free my sorry foot, which he then helped to do. As I sat in the back seat, exhausted after what must have been a solid five to ten minutes of tickling on my foot, I wondered what sexual satisfaction my buddy could have gotten out of this. When we would hang out one-on-one again, I wondered if he was so turned on by this experience that he would try to tickle me again. Or was he just bored by the trip and needed some excitement? I still wonder, because we never spoke of the incident again.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i let 6 guys fuck me in the ass

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well kind of late to be confessing this but I will and what has happened since. For the longest time, I have gone online and chatted on gay sites. Never looking to hook up or anything but just enjoyed the chat. It was a fun fantasy. Some of the guys I got to know online pretty well.

    I used to own a business and some of the guys I chatted with knew what city I lived in. I have a unique tattoo and I had posted it as an avatar on the gay site I chatted on. Well one day as I am closing up (I had an auto repair shop) a car with engine trouble comes in. I look at the engine compartment the guy looks at my tattoo and says my username.

    Up until that moment I had never even thought about doing anything sexual with a guy. But right then I found myself hoping the guy would would make a move.

    I told him that I wuld not be able to get parts until monday (it was saturday) and pulled his car into my bay and started closing up. Once I had everything except my front door closed he he asked me if I was horny.

    I thought, "A lot of things can happen depending on my answer."

    He grabbed my dick through the front of my pants. He rubbed it a bit and then pulled it out. After a coupe of minutes he stopped, pulled his dick out and put my hand on it. It felt strange, but it also felt good to have it there. He pushed my head down a bit and I thought why not.

    It did not take him long before he pushed back on my head a little bit and said, "okay. I am going to come so you better quit."

    For some reason I did not want to stop. I wanted to see what it would be like to have him cum. I did not know how it would be, but I wanted to see. When he came, I kept going. His humping and groaning just made me want even more of it. I swallowed without even realizing it.

    I can't stop now. I still bang my share of women. Hell, preffer them to anything else, but sometimes, I just want a dick in my mouth. And the cum is the best part. Have not lost a single drop yet.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A couple weeks ago my older sister came home with her first boyfriend ever. Me and my other family members gathered around in our living room as he was introduced. I cant remember much of what was said on a count of being hypnotized by my sister's boyfriend. He was so hott! His Ben Affleck chisled face, his slender, muscular body got a hold of me...and frankly...i did not want to let go! My gaydar was telling me that this man was not straight. i could sense in his voice and his movements that he was gay! Several days ago i was at home watching t.v when i hear the doorbell ring. i answered it and there he was...the hott supermodel was in my house with me alone. He asked for my sister but she wasnt there. he decieded to stay with me and watch some t.v. for some time now my gaydar had been telling me that delfino was gay...and i wanted him so i put my suspicions to the test. I knowlingly asked him if he worked out..he said yes..i asked him if he had a six pack...he said yes...i asked him to let me see...he took of his shirt so quickly i was shocked...i got an instant boner!...i went up to him and touched his six pack...up and down my hand went over his washboard abs!!!!! i was trembling...i finished and looked at breathing stopped and so did his and it was so quiet for a couple of seconds i imagined i could hear his heart beating....he took his hands behind my head and leaned towards me and kissed me...we were lip-locked for what seemed like several hours...he took off my shirt and kissed my body....he unbuckled my pants with his mouth and kissed me again...we got onto my couch and had our way with each other! can hardly stand to look into my sister's eyes but i didnt wasnt her eyes i wanted to get lost into!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Summer was over and i was really devastated that i went through it without a summer romance! I set off for my first day my junior year and I left home with all these preconcieved notions that it was going to be a horrible day. I entered my first period class and i said hi to my usual friends. The tables were all full, there was one left and i knew it was going to be a sucky day because i already had to start the day alone! But then suddenley in came in gorgeous guy, his clothes were fitted perfectley with his body. I was lost in the many curves of his body! His tight shirt let me see his rippling physique! I was lost in his amazing smile and his chisled face. I could instantly tell he was one my type..a gay! My gaydar ringed and ringed, telling me that this was someone i should go after. I was mesmerizied, but i had to distract myself because i got a hard one and i couldnt start the day with those inhibitions. But then as my boner died, i remembered that there was only one seat left, the one next to me. All of sudden my penis came back to life in a matter of seconds, i was studdened! He putt his bookbag down on the table and sat next to me. He said amazing Hi he let out! His voice was deep and extremeley calming...i wanted to touch feel what he felt like! I was trembling...i was shocked....really shocked because i looked over to him and he picked up his phone, it was ringing softly, and he said..."my girlfriend."

    i was could my gaydar have done this to me....i was enamored with him and i knew i could never touch him or caress him or kiss him....i excused myself to go to the neighboring bathroom and cried a little into my shirt!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I love to masturbate. When I get an urge I pull it out and start wanking. It doesnt matter where I am. I've masturbated at my churh's bathroom, my grandparent's retirement home's bathroom, my kitchen, my room, my closet, my dog's house, in my car, in a river, in an orchard, on a name it...i've done it there. My most pleasureable moment had to be when I was driving home after work. I suddenley got the urge to let out my liquid! It was nighttime and there were plenty of cars on the road but i didnt care.i pulled over and started to masturbate. I had a hard one in no time. All thanks to the number of people who saw me doing it while they drove past me. I let out my cum and squirted some on the road and then ate the rest that was still lingering on my throbbing dick! Try this out! It is hott! At nighttime!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This might seem strange to some,but im a bi-sexual guy thats in love with a guy i never met on a interactive website.
    It all began when i got told about this great website, which was only new at the time. Anyway long story short i started to chat to this guy from turkey, he seemed so different to what i believed turkish men were like,for example he was better at english than me, and he was even a better speller.
    I used the site everyday i was even late to work most days, waiting on him to log on (there's a different time limit to where i live)One day we were talking to our group of frinds online all i ws thinking that day was how i was starting to get feelings for him, but i didn't know how he would react.
    I got hints like if he was asked what girls he liked he would say (i hate girls)but he could have been joking. So not long ago i started to think mabey i had a chance, so with that the next day it was only me and him alone, i was so close to telling him how i felt but to my horror he said he was going on holidays around Turkey for THREE weeks. I felt gutted, i really didn't want him to leave so soon, Anyway on the night before he left i told him i'd miss him and if he'd miss me, he said "No" I thought great he's gonna find some girls, But to my supprise he said "of course i will" at that point i was so relived i said "me too". He's gone now only another week left till he gets back, i miss him like mad but as they say "absents makes the heart grow fonder" It's true in my case. Anywho i'll keep you all informed as to how i will tell him i love him next week. Bye for now.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 40, and have always considered myself as straight. I enjoy porn, and regulary go to strip clubs. A new one opened up a few months ago with a store & movie booths. I decided, what the hell, and got into a booth and started watching the film. After a few minutes, a dick was sticking thru a hole in the wall from the other side. I thought, "What the fuck?!" I sat there looking at it, and I don't know what came over me.I took it in my hand,and lowered my mouth on it. I had never ever even thought of doing anything with another man before.
    Anyway, I started licking it like an ice cream cone in August. I must admit, it tasted good. The more I licked and sucked, the more he thrusted. After a minute, I tasted something a little salty. I took my mouth off just as he came. It went all over my face. I took out my handkerchief and cleaned my face off, thinking about what just happened.
    I still love women, but occaissonly I go to the booth for cock.

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