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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been wondering about being with a guy for a while. My wife does not realy like oral play, which has always been one of my favorite things. I chatted on-line with another married guy who had similar urges. We met at his apt during the day and we got naked on the bed and just touched each other and both of us came quick, and we were sort of embarased and I left quickly. About a year later, we chatted again and both expressed the same thought, we both wished we had done more. So we met again, and this time no hands were allowed. I laid on the bed and he strattled me with his hands on the backboard and it surprised me how much fun it seemed. He shot his load but just kept pumping for quite a while. Then he slid down and put his mouth over me and it was quite hot. The funny thing is that neither of us felt any guilt. It seemed to just be fun. There have not been follow up sessions.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am curious, but prefer to stay in a straight relationship.
    I masterbate everyday (whay guy doesnt?). I have been think-
    ing about buying a proper anal toy, not just the hard
    plastic useless ones that come in the cheap grab bags.
    ???Has anyone had an anal orgasm? Or should I just stick
    to using my fingers which wear out too soon??? I thought
    I was getting close a few times, but I want something
    softer to hit the spot.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was about 13 i got head from my guy friend...does that make me gay

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    Posted by Anonymous

    what are your best techiniques for giving a guy a blowjob? if you have any good stories please let me hear them. good first time stories/straight experimentation are always good to read.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I lovee sex and i even like watching gay sex it does the same for me with straight sex..and i know i love women does that make me gay?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In junior high I used to hang out a lot at my friends house because my house was boring and my friend's older brother was hot. He went to the high school in our area and played lots of sports. I knew back then that I liked both sexes but always went the 'staight' route because if anyone knew....

    His name was Adam. He was around 6' tall, slim but with decent muscles. Not an ounce of fat on him. His chest and belly were smooth and he had the right amount of hair on his legs. I remember all of us guys playing hoops or tackle football at their house and on purpose, I would grab or tackle him and cling onto him just a few more seconds than I needed to, if only to touch him.

    Then the day happened. I was over there, again, and Mike and I were playing video games in their den. Adam had taken a shower and came down stairs to grab some clothes out of the dryer which was next to their den. I noticed right away every bead of water still clinging to his body. His cute blonde hair messy from the water and his face was spotless of pimples or anything. His clothes weren't dry yet so he came over and sat down next to us to watch us. It was so exciting to me knowing that he was one little towel away from sitting next to me completely naked. Then like magic Mike's girlfriend called. He told Adam to play for him and he went upstairs and out to the backyard. We played for a little bit and he seemed to catch on that I was trying to catch views of his crotch. At one point he got up to turn the volume or change games or something and I was checking out his ass. He turned back quickly and noticed. He goes, "what are you a fag?" I said "no." He said "why you looking at my ass?" I responded that I wasn't and he was a fag and we went back and forth a little. Then the dryer buzzed. He went over to it and his clothes were dry. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye so he wouldn't catch me glaring at him again.

    He asks if it was his turn on the game and I said yes. He rips his towel off and tosses it at me. "Why didn't you say something?" "Sorry." He walks over completly naked and stands right next to me playing. I'm pretending to watch the game but it was hard. I was stealing quick glances at every chance. He had very little pubic hair but he wasn't cheated out in the cock department. After he loses he turns to me and goes, "I should make you blow me for making me lose," and grabs my head and shoves his crotch in face. I'm only slightly trying to push him away. He pumps his hips a couple of times and then laughs as he walks back to grab his clothes. I was sitting there shocked at what just happened. Yet I was turned on by it.

    Now I just totally watch him as he's at the dryer dressing. He pulls up his briefs and puts on a pair of jeans. He grabs some clothes out of the dryer and asks me if I could grab the rest and help him by bringing them up to his room. Gulp! Of course I wouldn't mind.

    He stops at the back door and waits for me. Then he points out that Mike is out by their pool still talking to his girlfiend. He mentions that Mike will be on that phone for a hour. We enter his room and he tells me to toss his clothes on the chair. He starts to fold his clothes and I'm just standing there not saying anything. Then out of nowhere I say, "I should have to give you a blowjob for making you lose."

    He looks up quickly and says "what?" I thought about it for a quick second and thinking his "what" didn't sound mad but more like 'say that again.' So I say it again. He asks if I was serious. I look down and slowly nod yes. He walks over to his window and Mike is still down by the pool on the phone. He walks over to his door, closes it and turns the lock.

    He tells me to take off my shirt. So I do. He unbuttons his jeans and pulls down on them. His briefs fall with the pants and he pulls them off. I'm watching his cock grow quickly as he's pulling on it and starts to make his way towards me. I wanted to say 'just kidding' but those words wouldn't come out. By the time he got over to me his cock was hard and quite large. Larger than mine for sure. Without saying anything I kneeled down in front of him. He flinched back at first when I wrapped my fingers around his cock. "You're hands are cold." We chuckle. I swallow that gulp in my throat. I'm just staring at this big cock in my hand right in front of me. As I'm pulling on his cock a big drop of precum oozes out and down my thumb. I rub it over the head of his cock, basically stalling for some reason. "What are you waiting for" he asks? I close my eyes, open my mouth, grabbed the back of his ass with my left hand and used my right hand to guide his cock in my mouth. I slowly close my lips around it and suck in slightly. Once his cock was in my mouth I reached around with my right and and grabbed the other ass cheek.

    His cock was going deeper and deeper in my mouth. A few times it touched the back of my throat and I almost gagged but didn't. I was going real slow almost trying to savor the event knowing this may be the only time. I was getting more and more confident at every stroke. He grabs one of my hands off his ass and puts my hand on his balls. So I'm pulling on his balls and blowing him. My own cock is so hard at this point that I stop and release it by pulling down my zipper and pulling it out of my boxers. He starts moaning. He pulls his cock out and slaps my face with it a couple of times and goes, "you want this big cock don't you" and I say "yes" and he puts it back in my mouth. He starts breathing harder and moving faster. I suck harder and harder. Just as I feel the first squirt hit the back of my throat, he pulls out of my mouth and starts cumming all over my face, neck and chest. He's jacking himself all over me. I'm kneeling there shocked that this is happening. Warm cum all over me. His breathing and his movements slow. I am so hot at this moment that even though I never blew anyone or had anyone cum on me I knew I wanted the first taste of cum from another guy to come from Adam. So I lean in and put his cock back in my mouth. He goes,"easy easy, it's sensitive." So I go slow. I can taste what cum is left as I taste his cock. I'm jacking my own cock at this point and he finally notices that my cock is out. "Nice dick" he tells me. When he said that I was blown away. A few more strokes and I was blowing my own load on his floor.

    He grabbed one of his clean shirts off the chair and told me to wipe myself down and clean up. He dressed and I cleaned myself of his cum and put my shirt on. He goes, "don't you want to go in the bathroom and clean up?" I told him I'd do it at home. I told him to tell Mike I had to leave. As I'm leaving he tells me that we definately have to play more games.

    I jump on my bike and start to ride home knowing that some of his cum is on me. As soon as I got home. I went to my room, laid naked on my bed and rubbed my chest for any remaining cum of his. I could smell him on me and I jerked off again all over my chest. I rubbed out cum together then hurried and showered.

    I tried a few other times to recreate that or any event with Adam but it never happened. I tried to flirt at times and he would laugh and chuckle but he never took me up on any other offers.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm Monica who posted my 1st time story and I'm also the one who the guy wrote about doing below, strange I post a story them someone else post a story about doing me, I hope you guys enjoyed reading about me as much as I enjoyed reading about what the guys thought of me, yes I'm a cock sucker and am very proud of it and nice that you all know of my talents, I love crossdressing and I love me even if some of you think I'm a slut. I will never give it up and well I've been very adventurios since I've been out I will post stories of my adventures out if you like to hear, it may be one of you I've been with.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One year ago today I walked in on my wife's gay brother and his longtime live in lover. They had been flirting with me at other times and that time I joined. So it's been a year today and for the last 12 months my wife has not had a clue why our own sex has been so much better since I fucking around with those two.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been friends with my neighbor tom for 10 years now. recently he has seemed a little flirtacious with me so i asked him if he was hitting on me. tom replied yes and i asked if he was gay. he said he was curious about my body so i asked if he would like a look, but that he could not touch.
    i took off all my clothes and tom stood there staring at me for a few minutes. since i had taken off my clothes, i asked him to take off his. but before he took his clothes off he leaned forward and starting touching my dick. even tho i told him he couldnt at first, it felt good to have him pumping me as he took off his clothes.
    soon enough, we were naked in my bed fucking like we have never fucked before. i never thought i would get sexually active with a close friend like tom. i liked it and we have had great sex since then multiple times

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Before the Superbowl a few of my friends got together for the game. It was me, Shawn, Eric and Phillip. Phillip is black. We are all married straight. We got together at Eric's house, our wive's went to our house. To make things interesting, and I was so sure that Kurt Warner could pull it out, I was the only idiot that went for Arizona. Now instead of money, we decided, since the wives were going to be around, the winner, if it was me, would get a blowjob from the other guys. Eric who had let us know he had sucked a few dicks in college said he would finish me off if I won.

    Boy! What an idiot! I won't get into the details, but I swallowed the last two loads. One was Phillip. The worst part is that one of these idiots talked and I had to blow Phillip again today with all the other fuckers and their wives watching.

    I am going to have to go through all of them again with their wives watching. Phillip's hot black Halle Berry look alike got me today. Tommorow Eric is going to get blown by me and his wife is going to get me back. Mywife may blow a couple of them tommorow. We are all going to be there and are all going to watch. I wish I could get video. We are going to get everyone. Even the guys are going to jump in.

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