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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok, I'm like gay, and i'm like, an 18 year old guy, and i like to suck cock because im gay.

    I'm,like, a a manwhore and have been since my 18th birthday so it would be legal.

    Fucking guys up the ass is so choice, and if you have the means of doing so, I highly recommend doing so!

    Whenever girls come on to me it makes me sick like,like i wanna throw up or something.

    I'm a tall,like 6'0 white boy with green eyes and big pink lips 170 lbs and i like to get creampied!

    i like, love the taste of sperm because i am a gay ass faggot manwhore bitch ass cracker who loves to eat his own cum while i get fucked in the ass by my fuckbuddy.

    he's like, suck my dick, and i'm like, ok and i open wide so i can suck his hard, hot, throbbing cock

    i like, learned how to fuck myself in the ass because i tuck my cock into my ass. having a 7 inch penis rules, like!

    I also do yoga so i can suck my own faggot ass cock whenever i am lonely. i dont need to jerk off because i , like suck myself off, amd, like, fuck myself off.

    i'm like, gonna be a bitch ass gay manwhore until the day I die....i suck dick ;)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    So I am not outward, but I'm, well, you know. (see section title) A good friend, who parents are good friends with my parents, broke both his left rist and his right arm when falling down a bank. He had casts on both hands and had to have everything done for him. His parents worked 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., so they were unable to help him in the morning. My mother volunteered to go over each morning and get him up and dress him, but he objected. He is a real hottie, an athlete with a great body, and I decided to take advantage of that by suggesting he might feel comfortable with a peer. Actually I was a year older, he was a junior and I was a senior in high school. He agreed that it was much better than my mom, and I was given the job, and his parents said they'd pay me $40 a week for the three weeks he would be in casts.

    So the first day came, and I drove over to his house 45 minutes before school. I let myself in and went up to his room, he was laying in bed watching tv. He said "hey," and moved the cover aside and wobbled to sit on the side of the bed. He stood up and he was in long pajama pants and a wifebeater, dang! I helped him up as both arms were really unusable and he walked into the bathroom and called me to help him bruch his hair and teeth, and then to use the restroom. I was a little afraid that he would get the idea that I wanted to see him naked, so I lowered his pajamas without looking, and helped him down to the toilet. I just stood there while he shit, but couldn't see his junk because his shirt still covered it. When he was done, I helped him up and he turned so I could wipe him. My pleasure! I rubbed his beautiful ass over and over and then pulled up his pajamas from behind, still not seeing his junk.

    So then he goes back to the bedroom and tells me what he wants to wear. I find the shirt and jeans he wants and then he starts moving his arms so I can take his shirt off. I lift it off with much struggle as we had to temporarily take his sling off for dressing, and we couldn't let it just drop. I got it off and I could see the waisteband of his white Abercrobie boxer briefs! I took off his pajama pants and there he is, in only those tight boxer briefs, looking hotter than anything. I put the new short on and refit his sling. Now for the pants. As I kneel down in front of him, he says "arn't you gonna change my underpants?" He pointed to the underwear drawer, and my heart stopped a beat. Oh yeah, penis time!

    I opened the drawer to find a hot collection of underwear, abercrombie, joe boxer, tommy, and calvin kline. I grabed some white tommy boxer briefs and I went over to him, now sweating, and pulled down his boxer briefs. Dang! The perfect penis was defined. He was now getting a little embarrased, and I quickly helped him step into the underwear and pulled them up. They were briefs! I didn't know he wore tighty whities! They looked great on him. The jeans and shoes wrapped up the dressing and we drove to school.

    The next morning, when I took off his pajamas, he said that, if it was okay, he really needed a shower. Okay! I was about to take off his tighty whites from the day before, when he said to just leave them on. Nuts!

    I looked at my school outfit, and he suggests I wear his swim shorts, and tells me where they are. What the hell, I strip naked infront of him, and put on the shorts. We went into the bathroom and I started washing him, rubbing his pecks and six pack. His briefs get wet, and cling to his penis, giving a great outline. Finally he suggusts that I just take them off, and I do, taking the opportunity to tough him. I watch his crotch trying to act like I want to talk about another subject as I'm grossed out or something, which was totally untrue. I was getting quite hott! I got him talking about missing the basketball season and he didn't realize how MUCH I was touching him.

    So this went on for a few days, me showering him each morning and loving life. Then, one morning when I'm strokeing his junk, he gets hard. I look up at his face and he is embarrased, trying to change the subject.

    The next morning, when I come over, he is laying in bed, and it is obvious that he is hard again. He looks at me funny and tells me he is not gay, but he hasn't masterbated in a week, and he is ready to bust. He says he will pay me $10 to masterbate him. I hesitate, and he offers me 20. I gladfully accept, convincing him that it is only for the money. I suggest some porn, but he says he is ready, and after only seconds of stroking, he blows a big mess. I am disappointed, but prepare for the bathroom. He asks for another time, which I gladfully fulfill.

    Over the next two weeks, I give him a shower everyday, pick out his tight underwear, and masterbate him at least every other day. I made a boatload of dough, and will never have to buy porn from the memories!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I guess this is the right place for this, cause it was two guys doing the guy girl thing. Yesterday I was over at my other place cutting hay, and had gone home for lunch, as I was walking back to where my tractor was I saw a car parked in the middle of the field. A short way on I walked up on two guys getting it on. At first I thought it was a guy and a girl, They were both completely naked, I could tell the guy, the one on top anyway was big, and the one on the bottom was much smaller, and had her legs over the guys shoulders. I thought some little gal is getting her pussy reamed real good from the looks of things, then as I got closer something didn't look quite right, the one on the getting end was a guy also. The one on top was flat putting it to the other one, they were grunting and groaning, they didn't even know I was there, so I just stood and watched. The dude on top was hung, and he was taking full strokes and burying it to the hilt. It wasn't long till he started short stroking and then he rammed it to him several times hard then stopped, my thoughts were, damm he bred him, I could see the guy milking him, the dude on top gave a few short humps then pulled out, even at half mast his member was bigger than mine is hard. When he got off he saw me standing there, frist thing he said was, when little jimmy here gets horny he wants the dick now, there's no waiting around. He didn't seem a bit embarassed about it, the other guy did, he wouldn't look at me, he had a slight girls figure, but had a good size dick too, the big dude said we'll get out of here, don't mean any harm to anyone. I said you ain't bothered nothing, and from what I could see you did him a good job, should keep the fire out for a while anyway, the big dude just laughed, they were dressing as I walked off, didn't know or remember seeing either one. Not my thing, but it was interesting to watch.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I grew up in an all girls school, and to be honest I did have some lesbian feelings sometimes, our sleepovers were great and finished with me kissing one of my mates due to the drink and daft carry on. I wasn't until we left school we decided to have one last girly sleepover. It ended with bras and panties everywhere and a load of naked girls making out and fiondling it was great

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 19 and started cross dressing, I'm not hung like a stud, but my package is rather good size, where can I get something that will help make me look more female from the front?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few drinks after our prom me and sophie headed to hers we were very drunk and had to help each other undress we got down to our underwear and just looked at each other and kissed I am not a lesbian niether is she but it was great I took her red bra and french knickers off she took my bra off slided her hands into my thong rubbed her finger between my legs and took the thong off we fooled around I licked and licked til my tongue was sore and throat full we kissed again and she fingered me put her fingers in my mouth and i licked them clean, we sleep in the same bed that night and when we wok up naked next to other there was no awkwardness. ARE WE LESBIANS?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I knew for ages my mate freeballed, and I used to love it when he would walk by me in his sagging jeans I would get a good look at his peachy ass and top of his pubic mount. We started sharing a flat and he'd often walk round in the buff. One time I was lying on the sofa and I couldn't resist as he walked past I slapped ass. He was furious, he started shouting and stuff, I told him if he didn't like it then he should stop walking starkers, he jumped on top of me and said that we will see if how I liked it, he pulled my shorts and boxers down and slapped my ass, I rolled over so we were both facing each other naked, we fought a bit, and we fell off the sofa and he landed on top of me, I don't no why but we groped each other and played for hours with each other. First and Best experience

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I entered high school I dated some girls, that was ok, but then this buddy started telling and doing some things with me and one saturday night he fucked me, and I found out that I liked other guys more than girls. Now some years later I still like guys better, I guess that makes me gay. I live in a nice little neighborhood, work the midnight shift, tend my own yard, cross dress when I get the chance, and yeah there's one guy that comes around on a regular basis. A few months ago the place next door went up for sale, middle aged couple bought it, no kids, they were in and out a lot, never got a chance to go over and welcome them, just waved a few times as they were either comming or going. One saturday afternoon I was mowing the yard using a push mower, no shirt, and wearing my daisy duke type shorts. Noticed the neighbor picking around in his yard, I knew he was watching me, and when I started back I saw his reflection in my window, he was standing by the corner of the house, and was rubbing his crotch, I new then that he was either a married bi or gay. The next sunday evening him and her stopped by for a few minutes while out walking, he never took his eyes off me, they were both wearing sweats and before they left he had a good size bulge in the front of his. I knew he was interested, so was I, but I wanted him to make the first move. I didn't see much of him for the next two weeks, then saturday morning I was taking the blade off my mower to sharpen it when he walked over, he stood around and made small talk, commenting on my yard and such. Then he got around to what he really wanted to know, and I said I would, I asked if he was bi or gay, and he said I'm bi, but my wife doesn't know about it. He said he'd watched me from the first day and was just waiting for the chance to get to know me better, and today he had the chance and the time if I did. I was ready, but I strung him along for a while, sharpened my mower blade and put it back on first, and when I stood up and turned around he was standing there with his cock sticking straight out on his sweats, and it was looked to be rock hard. So in a few seconds my own sweats and skimmpy panties were on the floor, I was on my back on the work bench. He played around and fingered me for a while using spit for a lub. then he very slowly shoved his cock in all the way to his nuts, I wanted it, and he was more than willing to do it, but just then his cell phone rang. After a few yeah's and no I was just going to start the mower, he put it back in his shirt pocket and said shit, wife's almost home and needs something unloaded and put in the freezer. He pulled out, jerked off the comdom, jacked his dick about a dozen times and shot his load right between my legs, pulled up his sweats and jockeys and as he was walking out said, the next time I come over I'll finish that job. Well he did come over and finish it, but it wasn't untill this past sunday afternoon, I was in the yard, him and his wife walked out of the house each carring a suitcase, I heard her say, I'll call you early tomorrow morning before you head for work, then she drove off. I knew he'd be over before long, so I got ready for him, and to make a long story short, he more than finished the job he started that first time.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a Homo of course and I've been claiming Bi-sexual because i am convinced ilike girls I have had sex with girls and it was great some times it was better than guys... There are some guys that are better than girls....

    Well I have a crush on some High class Super stars. They are women of course and I don't know if i admire them for how dirty they are because of the fact that They are singing about what they would do to a guy, I am thinking what if i like this person only because i can relate to the song when i have sex.. . DOes that make sense, here lets put it this way
    I only like the female artist because she talks about doing dirty things with guys, and I admire and know exactly what they are talking about on how to have sex with guys.
    Is it because i really do think the girl is hot... and i want what she talks in her songs and it turns me on...

    Does this make any sense...

    So, what do you think is it choice A or choice B what do yout think....
    I wanna hear

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well, I am sitting in my Living room, and as I sit here my friend is Passed out on my couch, i've had past experiences in which i can just chill wit him and watch porn and we would jack off and not even pay any attention to each other, well one night i decided to try for me, and It was not the right time and he was very weirded out.
    His first reaction was outraged and then he hasn't came over and stayed the night for a long time, well now is my little chance to actually try something, but i know this time i am not gonna do it but when would be the best to try and how should i approach it? I kinda don't want anything to do with him, because he's straight and I just want to know if he's anygood or how far is he willing to go...
    He has a huge penis, I can't resist it sometimes I just wanna start touching him, well atleast see how big it is or feel it I ....

    Hope this doesn't make me seem like a pervert thanks...

    Anonymous Confesser

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