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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm bi female and I find straight acting gay men getting kissing arousing, I've no idea why I just do, gues I must be repressed in some weird way.....

    My girlfriends completely gay and she says that men don't arouse her at all.

    I know that quite a few straight guys like the idea of girls getting together and some straight girls get off on gay porn.

    So I just wanted to go round the full circle and ask if gay men found the thought of gay girls, or even straight couples arousing?

    I know there are no general rules and this stuffs personal preference mainly. sexuality's fluid and it's most likely no one's completely gay or straight so this questions probably logically flawed, but i was just looking for some independent opinions :)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a confession. I am a 36 year old divorced female with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and two wonderful children. A woman who attends our church is black. She is in her late 50's, tall, heavyset, with breasts that I can only describe as being huge. We have had a few conversations but nothing for any length of time.

    My confession is that I am drawn to her in a romantic way. Although I am slender, I have big calves that are very muscular and I have noticed her staring at them during Sunday services. My thoughts involve us having a candlelit dinner, walking on the beach at dusk, and strolling through a flower-filled park, maybe even holding hands.

    My sexual fantasies are extremely vivid. I've masturbated thinking about her stripping in front of me and watching her huge, low-hanging tits drop from her bra. Or I've dreamed of her rubbing my legs in the car and telling me how sexy they are.

    My most erotic fantasy involves me walking into the church basement and seeing her sitting in a chair completely nude with her heavy legs spread wide. I nervously kneel in front of her and start kissing her as she locks her legs behind mine. I am so curious to know what it would be like to have oral sex with her both as the giver and receiver. I've wondered if she's had similar thoughts about me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    How would you like for me to take out my false teeth and suck your dick with my gums?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I finished PE, after PE we have to get changed (obviously) and then we get a good 45 mins in which to do nothing. There were about 15 of us getting changed, but because the changing rooms were full, we had to go get changed on the main stage (in the Hall where we do games). Once we had all got changed, a few of us couldn't be bothered to go outside, so just sat around.

    Me and a close freind (who we will call Dan, to keep it a secret) stayed on the stage. The curtains were drawn and there was noone in the hall. Dan went behind some curtains into a small corner of the stage and found a chair... I joined him.

    I sat down on his lap, not intending for anything to happen but for us to have a laugh and a joke etc. Instead, he seemed to enjoy me sitting on his lap. I could feel something poking into my lower back and realised that either he was prodding me with his finger or was erect. I turned around and looked at him. He said nothing, but I could tell that he was enjoying himself. I moved around on his lap a little, placing my buttocks either side of his erection. At this point we were both fully clothed.

    Now I became hard and Dan put his arm around me and placed his hand on my bulge. I turned around and looked at him. He knew that I liked it and I knew that he did too. I reached below my groin and into his crotch to find his "package". I touched it, he squirmed. I took a hint and got up off his lap. I stood there, with the profile of my hardon fully visible to him and said something along the lines of "Well, want to go on top?" in hushed tones.

    He got up and I sat on the chair. I adjusted myself so my cock was as near to him as possible and he sat on it. It wasn't as good as when he had his hand on mine. So I decided to make another attempt to feel his. It went well, I rested my hand on his groin and he put his hand on mine.

    We continued like this for a good 5 mins, but no clothes were removed or anything. Then we got bored and found somewhere else to sit (alone). I reached over and put my hand on his and rubbed it through his trousers. We talked, and said that it did not mean anything...

    However, when I got home, I wanted to do it again, and more. I spoke to him on IM and he said that he might be up for it again... I find myself masturbating to the thought of him. Yet I still like girls... Am I becoming gay? If so, What do I do??

    I'd like to point out that that really happened, and that some of it had to be left out for confidentiality. Dan is NOT his real name

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I would love to here some gay stories if anyone has any good ones, also would love to have hot chat with someone that real makes me hot and horny

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok, so I have a seven and a half inch long uncut dick. It's wider at the base and tapers at the head. The head is pink and kinda pointy with a mushroom shape. I gotta big piss slit and my shaft is really veiny.
    So out with it. You don't have to lie 'cause it's anonomous. Just describe your dick in detail and what kinda dick you like. I'm not too picky myself but I like my dicks to be atleast seven inches long and have big heads. Cut or uncut I like 'em all. So spill it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey, I wrote snowblowing snowboarder. Anyway, I work at a gym(yikes,I know). It's just one hottie after another coming in and workin' out. Sometimes it's high school boys, sometimes it's workin' men. They come in and pump iron, sweat and look generally manly. I'm still not out, and I like it that way. It keeps the awkward factor out of the picture and is great for catchin' some guys off guard.

    Now I get a membership to the club and consider myself somewhat good lookin' but I'm by no means drool material. I weigh 165 at 6 ft tall(desperatly trying to put on weight). One night, I'm at the gym, goin' through my normal routine. Answering phones, cleaning equipment, taking reservations, that kind of thing.

    Now I've been here long enough to know most all the regular members by name, but tonight a new guy walks in. He's kinda short but ripped(tight shirt). He checks in and introduces himself and we chat for a second and I think nothin of it. He's a new member so I'm really nice, and tell him we close in about an hour.

    I go about my duties for the next 45 minutes and eventually start my closing rounds. It's a big gym so a few rounds are required to account for everybody. Closin' time finally rolls around and most everybody has already left. I turn everything off systematically leaving the mens locker room for last. When I finally get there I find out someone's in there. Low and behold our new guy is in the men's spa. Looks like he's half asleep, so I walk up to him kinda quietly. He's not wearin' anything cause it's in the men's locker room, and he's is hot!

    Bigger pecs and nice round arms. That's all I could see distinctly above the bubbling water, but it was enough to make me start to bone. I finally spoke up and said "Excuse me sir, but the club is closed." His eyes flutter open and he smiles kinda doughy eyed. "Really?" he asks,"I must of lost track a time. Everyone else gone?". "Yup, I even locked the doors."I said.

    I don't know if he took that as a come on or if he could see my bulge or what, but it is was kinda dark back by the spa and I couldn't really see very well, but next thing I know he asks "Wanna come in and sit for a while?"
    I wanna say 'Fuck yeah!' but instead I say "I'm not really supposed to." He just smiles and says "I won't tell. Everybody else is gone right?"
    I manage to shrug and say OK before I start strippin'. I notice he watches as I get out my clothes. Not very shy I guess. Anyway, I get down to my boxers and hesitate. He smiles again and says "Bashful?" Then he stands up from the water showing his very stiff dick. It's not very long but kinda thick and has a very ball like head. I let my boxers fall to the ground and step into the spa. The water is really hot and almost kills my boner as I sit down. He sit's down across from and our feet touch.
    It's kinda quiet for a minute and then he asks "like workin at the gym?" I say yeah. "like guys?" he asks. Yeah I say kinda laughin' now. He stands once again and moves foreward. He leans over me to grab a water bottle from behind me. His cock is practically right in my face. It's maybe seven inches but beefy none the less. Instead of sittin' across from me he now sits down next to me. He takes a drink from his water bottle and sets it back down. One of his nice round arms goes under the water. A few seconds later I feel his hand on my junk. He gropes me and jerks my cock a few times, pulling my foreskin up over my head.
    He then leans in and starts kissing me his other arm around my shoulders. I lean into his arms and start to fiddle with his nipples. Pretty soon he's pumpin' my cock pretty good. Then he stands up and pulls me up with him. Then he sits me down on the edge of the spa so I'm mostly out of the water. He wastes no time and goes down on my junk, first just licking and pulling at my balls. Then he really started to go to town and I blew after about five or ten minutes. He swallowed most of it but some landed on his big chest.
    He sets down again across from me and I went over to him. I sat down on his lap facing him and began to kiss him and rub my cum all over his chest. I could feel his dick pokin' my ass under the water. I don't usually go for barebackin' but he started to push his dick up my ass and I wasn't about to stop him. Wasn't my first up the ass but it was my first without lube. Since it was thick it fuckin' killed me at first but the heat of the water kinda dulled the pain. Atleast he started slow. He started fuckin' me faster as I rubbed his hard nipples and we kissed.
    He started to cum in me but then pulled out and cum shot up between us and floated on the water. We sat and made out for a while longer and then got out and dried off. We talked a little as we got dressed and then I let him out of the club. We smile at eachother whenever he comes in now, but no repeats yet, though he does check me out in the weight room mirrors...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    during a 3some with my ex girl, i let the other guy suck my dick, but i didnt come or go back for seconds...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 19 at the time and hadn't been with too many guys yet(and not too many since). Anyway, I was enjoying a long day of snowboarding at a lodge in North Lake Tahoe when I took a nasty spill in the terrain park. It was right around noon when I came off the kicker and lost my ballance and landed on my knee bad. So, I made my way down to the lodge to sit for a while and see if the pain would subside.

    Found a nice seat by the outdoor fire pit and just sat for a while when a skier stops next to the pit and starts to remove his skies. He finally gets to taking off his cap and scarf and he's a real hottie. Tall dark and tanned. To my surpise he sits down in a seat right next to me thats kinda facing me. He smiles and asks how my day is goin' and we make polite conversation. I figure he's 23 or 24.

    Eventually, he asks if I'm here with my girlfriend and I say no. By now he's really settin' off my gaydar and I start gettin' a little wet in my pants. He smiles and askes if I want to go to the upper deck and I say "why not". Of course, nobody is up there so we sit and talk a little more and he finally just asks if I like guys. I say sure. He asks if I been with guys. I say a few times and somehow we get on the subject of cock sizes and he says he's gettin' hard.

    He smiles when I say I was hard a while ago. He wants to know if I want trade BJs in the bathroom. And I jump at the chance. So we head down to the lowwer bathroom that gets less trafick. He walks in to the back handicap stall and I followed a few minutes later. When I enter he has his back against the wall and I immediatly drop to my knees. Right about then I remember I hurt my knees but my hearts pounding so hard I don't even care.

    I unzip his ski pants and dig in to dig out his throbbing tool. It was atleast eight inches and sprung out in my face. He has a purple mushroom head. I start deep throating him right off the bat. He doesn't touch me but strokes his thighs while I work at his beautiful piece a meat. Eventually he starts to spasm and cums in my mouth. I greedily choke it down while he holds back moans.

    When I stand up he says I have cum on my chin. I reach for my chin but leans foreward to lick it before I could wipe it. These leads to a lip lock during which I reach up his shirt to feel his nipples(I'm a nipple guy). Under his shirt he's ripped and kinda hairy. The lip lock ends and he looks in my eyes and smiles.

    Then he gets down on his knees. He unzips me and pulls down my pants and boxers down below my ass. My seven inches bobs in front of his face dripping precum. He puts a hand on each ass cheek and goes to work. Oh My God. He's fuckin' crazy. I take a while to cum but he had me goin in five minutes. He starts to hit the back of his head on the wall as I thrust his mouth, so I put my hand on the back of his head. I blow a few days worth a cum down his throat and I'm spent. He stands(smiling) and we kiss again. We grind our cocks together for a second or two and then decide to leave before we draw attention to the stall.

    We trade e-mail addresses and go our seperate ways. Whew, just typpin' it made me hot...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was on my way home from school for vacation last month. i was on the highway and listening to the playboy channel on sirius. my dick was getting stiff so i adjusted it and started rubbing it through my jeans. after a minute i noticed a semi pacing me right next to my car. the driver was watching me rub my dick. i got really turned on, so i unzipped and pulled my cock out and started jacking off. the driver kept pacing me and watching me. then he pulled ahead of me and put his turn signal on towrd the rest stop. we both pulled in and parked. i followed him into the bathroom and he told me to pull my cock out. he started stroking my cock and then got on his knees and sucked me off. i came really quick and he swallowed my cum. then he gave me five bucks and left.

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