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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    One night my friend stayed the night and we decided to share my bed... I own a queen Size bed so we can could lay on my bed and have have enough room between us that we could fit some one between us and still have enough room...
    Well as the night went on my friend was sleeping... and his body was facing up and His head was turned the opposite way from me... Well i've always had an Idea that my friend had a huge penis, so I decided to see if he really had a huge penis.. so I started to touch his thigh... I felt his leg ( oh mind you that we both decided to sleep in boxers and no shirt... and we had two different blankets) and I smoothly ran my hand from the back of his thigh up towards the bottom of his boxers..It was very hard to do so because i was doing all this on top of the Blanket... as i felt the bottom of his boxers I was thinking okay it's now or never that i see if he has a big penis... So I start to run my pointer and middle finger up his leg to the [point where i was sure his penis was... and I felt a lump just resting there...

    he stops snoring and kinda movies his arm down... I panic... I take my hand off his crotch and back into my blanket... my heart is beeting like crazy I start to think what if he knows that i am touching his crothc OH MY GOD he's gonna freak out.. My friend is anti homo and he knows i am and he has a girlfriend... so what would happened...

    So I figure out... okay i start hearing him snore again so I put my whole palm ontop of where it was before and I feel the lump agian i am positive that it's his penis.. So i use my Pointer and middle finger to move the penis back and forth between my finger tips... as I am doing this I am getting the biggest WOODY in the world... and i start to touch my self with my left hand.... I start to put move the lump around more and more with more intense feeling...

    as seconds go by he starts to get a hard on and he's still snoring... So i place my whole right hand over his hard on... It turns out that from the bottom of my palm his penis extends from there and past my finger tips....and then he moves his hand over his penis and turns around....

    I am so turned on by it and it's crazy on how much pre cum i had when all this was done....

    The next day I check the measurement of my palm and my hand is the lenght of Nine inches... So my friend has a hug penis...

    and my friend still doens't know....
    So have other people done this... before...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 16 and my bro is 17. He has come out to me but our parents don't know. We suspect they know but I think they are blinded by what might be. I had suspisions he was gay but it wasn't until I walked in his room in the middle of the night once (because I heard wierd noises) and caught him in bed with one of his friends naked and laying on top of each other. They threated to kill me if I told and I told them I was cool with it as long as it doesn't involve me. I love my bro. He is so cool and I don't care what he does. Hey just more pussy for the rest of us.

    Well curiousity got the best of me one day. I decided to secretly video tape one of his escapades so I put the video camera in a basket of clothes and put them on his dresser facing the bed. So my parents and I go to sleep. It was a Friday or Saturday. Anyway I waited up until I heard him downstairs. I ran to his room and hit play, making sure to hide the red light 'on' light.

    He went to his room and it was quiet for a few minutes. I thought damn not this time. Then I heard whispers and some stumbling around. I was just praying they didn't find my camera, for one, and two I actually could get something on tape.

    The next morning I ran to his room and quietly opened his door. He was crashed still. I looked in the basket and sure enough it was just like I had it. I started walking over to it when he woke up. When he asked what I was doing I told him Mom needed his dirty clothes 'cause she's doing laundry. He rolled over and I grabbed the basket and left.

    I plugged the power in because the battery ran out and when it charged I rewinded the tape, closed my door and plugged the recorder into my T.V. I turned the sound low and turned on some music.

    The screen is blue then somewhat dark and fuzzy then it brightens up as he turns his bedroom light on. He moves out of the picture for a minute then I see another guy. It's obvious he let him in through his bedroom window. They're out of view for a few mintues then I see two naked dudes climbing on the bed. I couldn't tell who it was at first with my brother. They're doing some heavy petting and what not. Don't get me wrong I wasn't doing this for incestual reasons just for laughs and curiousity. I'm getting a feet to head view because the camera in the basket is on his dresser at the bottom of his bed. Then as this guy who is on top of my brother moves into the 69 position I can see his face as clear as day. It's my best friend Kyle. My jaw about hits the ground. I was in shock, I was pissed off, I was.....jealous?

    This little eight minute video was nothing more than a couple of blow jobs and then Kyle climbs back out the window and my brother putting on his boxers and then the camera goes dark as he turns the lights off and then its a couple of hours of snooring and darkness as the tape runs out.

    I'm confused what to do now. Looking back I can't really see where Kyle and my bro every were friends or hung out. I told Kyle about my bro so that's how he knew my bro was gay or bi or whatever but Kyle? I guess I just want Kyle to tell me he is gay and why my brother?

    I thought about having Kyle over and just put the tape on and see what he does. But that wouldn't be cool at all. To him or my bro. And shit if my bro found out I taped him he would kick my little white ass all the way to China.

    I watched the tape a couple more times and now I'm starting to have these feelings towards Kyle. In a good way meaning that I want to have sex with him. He's hot, his body is hot and he looks like he gives good head. It took this to make me realize I'm probably bi (I still like the ladys) and I want to have mad sex with my best friend Kyle. I just don't know how to do it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay so my friend and I were surfing the web one night and we decided to put our profiles up on this web site (won't mention it here but it's a popular one with teens).

    We filled out all the stuff and answered all the questions and what not and then it asked to upload pictures. Well I had some of me on my computer but he didn't have any. So I said let me run home and get my digital camera and I'll take some of you to upload and then I'll upload them tomorrow and we can update your page then. So I ran home (not far) got my camera and came back to his house.

    I started taking the usual snapshots of him. I told him to take some shirtless pics so we can upload. So he took his shirt off and I took a couple of pics like that. He has an average body but no hair on his chest and barly any on his abs. The pictures were great because he's slim and has the pinkest little nipples.

    He suggested he get his shoes and socks off and take some with just his jeans on. So he's laying on his bed trying to be all sexy and I'm taking the pictures.

    Here is where I need to point out that I started to get turned on by this but I never considered myself gay or even bi. I could tell he was getting into too.

    Then I, somewhat, jokingly said "dude do some semi-nude ones." He gave me a wierd look for a second and then "shit yeah but don't get my face in them." He took off his jeans and spread out on his bed in just his boxer briefs. I took some of the outlining of his soft dick and then he rolled over and I took an ass shot. I started directing him on what to do like 'reach inside and grab yourself' and 'pull them down just a little in the back so I can get a little butt crack' and stuff like that.

    He rolled over and said get one of this..and I looked down and he had gotten hard inside his briefs. His dick stretched across the front of his underware. It looked huge in there. I said move it up a little like this (and i reached over and moved his dick up). That was my way of feeling him out (no pun intended) to see how he felt about me touching him there. He didn't seem to mind. Then he said "do what you want to me to get some good pictures." So I told him to pretend he was asleep by closing his eyes and I pulled his briefs down just enough to expose his brown pubic hairs. He laid there as I moved his dick from one side to the other and took more pictures.

    I'm bulging in my own pants by now. I said let's get some nudes 'just to see what they look like' and he agreed as long as we deleted them after we looked at them. So I pulled down and off his briefs. He yanked on his dick a couple of times as it sprang free. I did notice how he wiped off the little bit of juices that had formed on the head.

    I got ass shots, ball shots, spread leg shots and everything. He said "get some close ups" so I leaned in and with one hand held my camera and with the other I was holding the base of his dick so I could get a close up of his enormous head on that shaft. After the very first 'click' I realized what was happening. I laid the camera on the bed and moved my mouth over his cock.

    I didn't start sucking or moving. I somehow waited for him to either get up and beat the shit out of me or enjoy the ride I guess. He reached down and pushed down on the back of my head and my mouth slid down his shaft. It was on. I started sucking slowing. I crawled up between his legs and continued. At one point I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed and looked like I was doing a great job. I reach up and rubbed his chest.

    After a few more seconds he said "I'm getting a picture of this" and then 'click.' He had taken a picture of me sucking him off. I wanted to jump up and say 'hell no' but I couldn't stop sucking that warm cock of his. I was in a daze. He took about four or five pictures. Then he leaned back and I could feel him starting to tense up so I stopped sucking and started fisting his cock as fast as I could. Then the smell hit me as he started to cum all over the place. The coolest thing was that right afterwards there wasn't any silence or awkwardness. He just jumped up, wiped off, got dressed and said "let's see what we created."

    Wh en we got back to my house to upload the pictures (I managed to change my pants and undies since I came in them while blowing him) we went to my room and locked the door. We deleted all the nude pics and the bj pics and uploaded the other ones. He made me show him the camera and how the other pics were deleted.

    My confession (I bet you were waiting for it huh) is that after he left, I went to my recycle bin on my comp and the pics I had deleted were there. I put them on a disc and I have it hidden in a secret place. I jack off to them all the time. He doesn't know. Oh I'll never share them with anyone or anything. It's for my own private collection. Is that wrong?

    Braden and I still get together for a photo op from time to time. However we never put the disc in the camera. We take fake/blank pics of us doing various stages of sexual things to ourselves and each other.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I just watched Gia.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i cant say i am gay nor bisexual but i went crazy one day a friend of mine is gay(lez) and i made out with her talk about a scary past

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't know what that photo just above is; do you?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day some friends and I were Drinking and having fun you know all the normal things people do to have fun... Well as time flew by my friend (lets call him Duce) Duce has drinking I guess he wanted to show off... We all decided to drink... It was on of those nights well I was the most sober one of them all... My friend Duce became so drunk he started to say all these Weird and different things... he kept saying all this stuff to my other friends(girls) about how hot they were and what not... Then He wanted to go out and get some food... During all this everyone was laughing at his Slured words and enability to walk straight he kept wanting to go outside... and so we(duce and I) went outside... as this occured... he couldn't walk down the stairs... He ended up stumbbling down and FINally after god knows how many tries we got to the bottom... we walked down a block.... JUST so he can sit at the sheltered bus stop(mind you time was around 2 in the morning duce wanted to head to McDonalds) well as we sat he told me about how horny he was....
    WHAM>>> >>>>
    He then said You're gay right...? as I answered he said man I want to F*ck you up the ass really hard... I want to do you in the back room of Mickey D's ...(mcdonalds) and all this weird stuff... I Get freaked out...
    As I get to thinking I thought... well I might as well just do it so I can get laid....(mind you this is what I haven't told people when I told them this part of the story) So I said so you would let me suck you off then right...? he was so drunk he dind't know what that ment.... so he said sure then I Thought well I might as well touch him.... SO i made the....
    Seconds later I was touching his swin suit area.... NOT KNOWING what I was touching he giggled and said "that feels good" "do it some more I like that" so i continued....
    i started feeling him up more and more... "I like that... DO it more... I like it when you touch my balls..." duce was saying....
    I liked it.. I did it more... I felt him up more and more he started to get a hard on then the moment came...

    should I jack him off or shouldn't I????

    Then it hit me WHY NOT HE'S NOT GONNA REMEMBER.... then it was clearly obvious .... that WE WERE OUTSIDE.... AT A BUS STOP..... then... well We got up and went back upstairs to my apartment...

    THanks for reading this tell me what you think.... and if this has ever happend to you...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have only ever been with men, never even considered or entertained the thought of other women- that was up until about a year or so ago. I was stuck in a relationship I didn't want to be in and at some houseparty we had I kissed a girl, no big deal at all, everybody does it these days apparantly (oh it was because the guys wanted us to) I usually don't conform to such things but I thought what the hell.

    Since then I have been bi curious wanting to satisfy my curiousity with a woman, if only once to see whether I could go through with it and secondly if I enjoy it. I confess I fantasize about trying it with a friend, I really don't know what to think anymore.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am a straight guy but have always had a fantacy of being gang fucked & forced to suck cock while other guys watch! i fuck myself in the ass with all type of toys but have been craving the real thing!!when i jack off i always eat my own cum & have been wondering if another mans is as good as my own!!i go to rest stops & watch the action while i jack off wildly but stop just short of joining the fun!!i am thinking of going to a glory hole place i heard of for my first real experience,i am craving to taste a cock & feel dick in my ass and lots of it!!i have been getting totaly naked in public rest rooms while i jack off hoping to get caught & forced to have sex with some guy who will treat my like a slut and take me to a club,while still naked,and force me to have sex with every one there!!if my little secrect were found i i would ruined in my town but i am to the point of not caring!! so what do you all sugjest i do??i have been married for 25 years & am bored to death!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Im male and SO turned on by men. I masterbate to pictures of men and fantasize all the time.

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