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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I went to college far from home. At that time it was more common to hitch hike around, not like today. There was a bulleting board at the student center where you could get rides in return for gas, etc. but it wasn't like when you needed a rides someone was going your way. We all knew the rules of hitching rides.

    I was headed home for Thanksgiving in my sophomore year. Nine hours away, I got a ride at school for the first three hours, and at the city where I would be dropped off there was a large truck stop where you could always get a ride going west. I had my sign, you used a sign with the name of your city, and you walked around the diner with your sign to see if there was a trucker headed your way. It was lunch time so there were a lot of truckers and this one guy said he was headed in my direction and asked if I had eaten and offered for me to sit down and eat before we left. He was a nice guy, he said he had been driving for about 12 years after he got out of the army. He showed me a picture of his girlfriend.

    We got in his truck, it was a large cross country tractor trailer with a sleeper and we got on the highway. He was a good driver and I dozed off, I woke up to him grabbing my penis, he woke me up saying you got a nice boner there. He led onto my penis and he told me he always liked a nice boner, sucking on one like a lollipop only better. He asked me if I was circumcised because he really liked a circumcised penis. He wasn't but always wish he had been. All this time he was holding on to my penis even though I had lost my erection. I had my hands on his hand, but I wasn't able to get him to let go. He told me to relax and just enjoy the ride because it wasn't often a boy like me got a treat like this.

    I started to get an erection again, I couldn't help it and he asked me to unzip my pants so he could get a look at my pipi. Somehow because it all happened I got my pants unzipped and my unbuttoned and he had my naked erect penis in his hand and he just played with it while he drove. We came upon this rest stop and he let go of me and told me we were getting in the back and he was going to go to town.

    Once in the back of he cab he sucked on my penis for a long time, long hard sucks. He got my pants off and he got his pants down, he had an erection, it looked like huge and he said he had to fuck and he hoped I would enjoy it. It hurt, hurt really bad, he kept telling me to relax because he was going to shove it up my ass whether I relaxed or not, he fucked lots of guys like me in the army and he wasn't going to be denied. I don't know when it went in, it was just in and he shoved it in further and further and it felt better and better and at some point I could feel he was leaning completely into me and he was pulling in and out and it felt so good I kept asking him to do it some more.

    He pulled out of me and told me to lay on my back and he got on me and lifted my legs and this time he just shoved it in without a problem and I could look at his face and his eyes and he kept telling me I was born queer and he liked boys like me. The he breathed deep and he let himself go. I couldn't believe I didn't have an erection, my penis just lay there and his penis was big and wet and red. I guess I didn't know at right then that he had blood on his penis. He used his hanker shift from his pants to clean himself off but he asked me to lay there with my naked penis because he liked looking at a pretty penis. After a few minutes he sucked me again and helped me get off. He leaned over me and told me he always sealed it with a kiss and he kissed my mouth. He told me I was a beautiful queer and he liked fucking me.

    My secret has stayed a secret. Along the way I have always found a man who likes to fuck. With today's internet it is easier, Craigslist always works, either to answer a listing or putting my own listing there and I set up a meet at various parts of town and if I don't like what I see I move on, but a lot of times I like what I see and we got a cheap motel or sometimes guys have apartments and I go there. I really enjoy kissing, lots of kissing and body contact, I love to give head, but I am a confirmed bottom and I want to get fucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I've been blessed with a big dick. In truth it's actually not that huge... 9 inches... but I am what you call a shower. Soft or hard my dick is always the same size. As an adult it's not that big of a deal but when I was a kid it had a big impact on my life. My dick was already seriously big by the time I was 13 and started to get me a lot of attention.

    So I grew up in Brooklyn in the hood with my mother and grandmother. They were light skinned Puerto Rican's while my father, who I never knew, was black. I guess he's where I got it from. Even though I lived in a rough neighborhood I actually lived a pretty sheltered life. My mother got me into the gifted school and wouldn't let me out of her sight. But my grandmother died when I was 13 and my mom worked so I was more on my own.

    It was over the summer before I went into high school. I guess I had just turned 14. There was a community pool that had just reopened and I went down there one afternoon. I didn't know a lot of kids because I went to school in the city so I was on my own. I went in the water which was teeming with kids. I noticed kids looking at me and whispering. The thing was I was also kind of chubby. Not fat but I still had a lot of baby fat which I was insecure about. I was so stupid I thought they were laughing pointing at that.

    I noticed in particular these two boys looking at me and whispering to each other. They were around my age. One was black and the other PR. I tried to ignore them but then they swam up to me. They asked my name and we talked a little but the whole time they were grinning at me.

    I swam off and got out to go pee. When I did I noticed them following me. I went in and stood at a urinal and they came up on either side of me. I looked up and they were both smiling and looking at my dick. The black one told me I had a huge dick. Then the PR one asked me if I wanted a lollipop. I was so niave I was like what? The black one laughed and whispered my ear did I want my dick sucked. I didn't know what to say. I thought they were tricking me or something but the black kid told me they were for real. I was a horny
    kid and I felt excited but I was also scared.

    But I followed them out of the park and a few blocks over to a projec. I kept thinking how stupid I was and how they were going to beat me up or rob me. It was the Hispanic kids place. His name was Julio. The black kid was Tamal. We went in this apartment and there was an old lady watching TV. She didn't even acknowledge us. We went into a small bedroom. My heart was pounding. Julio was grinning. He told me to take off my clothes so I did. They were both grinned and laughing at my dick. Then they both got naked. They were both hard. It wasn't like they were small or anything. Seeing them naked made me horny and my dick started to grow.

    Julio wasted no time. He sat on the bed and started to suck my dick. I couldn't believe my eyes. He was laughing about how big I was. Tamal was stroking himself and watching. I was super horny by now. I was enjoying looking at them. Tamal had a really nice body. Especially his round bubble butt. Julio was skinny but with a pretty face. Then Tamal said it was his turn. It was like they were fighting over it. He could really suck dick. I was past my initial nervousness and was really enjoying it now. Julio started to suck Tamal's dick. This brought me over the edge and I started to cum. Tamal kept sucking and took it all.

    I sat on the bed breathless. But then Julio comes in front of me and sticks his dick in my face. I told myself I was doing it because I didn't want to make them angry but the truth was I wanted to. I tried sucking both their dicks and liked it. They finished each other off in a 69. It was a pretty interesting first time. Not the last time. Not the last time with Julio and Tamal. And not the last time I had a great sexual experience just because of the size of my dick.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    So this really is a confession. I've never told anybody this.

    I live in a small town. Have most of my life. I got a girl knocked up when I was 21 and have a daughter. She's amazing and we are really close and she's lived mostly with me growing up. She had a friend named Timmy. Heis parents own the town hardware store. He's a sweet kid but a little messed up. He's got a real bad stutter and had learning issues. He's not dumb or anything but he could never make school work. He also got into a fair amount of trouble. Not because he was a bad kid but more because he didn't always make the best decisions.

    Anyway, for some reason we always got along. My daughter told me how much Timmy liked me and how relaxed he was around me. If we ran into each other we'd always talk and his stutter was barely there. Even his mom commented on how much Timmmy liked me and looked up to me. Knowing this my daughter and I would sometimes invite him over for dinner or a BBQ and if I saw him at a game or something I'd go out of my way to hang out with him.

    Well a little over a year ago my daughter and Timmy graduated high school. My daughter went away to a good college but Timmy went to work at the hardware store and tried taking classes at the local community college. I didn't see him much until I ran into him at the store. We talked a long time and I guess I could tell he missed hanging out. I'd had a plan to clean out my basement that weekend and I asked if I could hire him to help me. He said sure thing but refused to be paid.

    Well that Saturday he showed up righ when I asked him. It was a nasty job. There was tons of dirty junk and it was really hot and humid. It was going to be a multiple day job and I told him we could do it over two weekends. After about 4 hours we are are both dirty and sweaty loading junk into my truck. We drove it to the dump and then on the way home I bought some sandwiches. We took a break in the kitchen and I offered him a beer. We hadn't talked much while we were working he suddenly started to open up. I don't even remember all of it but he was talking about his plans and fears and how he wanted to leave the town but was afraid. He talked about how tough things were between him and his dad which already kind of suspected. He just kept talking and getting more emotional and stuttering like crazy. I felt bad for him and went over and put my arm around his shoulder and tried to soothe him. As soon as I did the through his arms around me and hugged me tight and buried his face in my neck. I just held him a long time and he didn't let go. He wasn't wearing a shirt and I stoked his back gently. I swear I had nothing planned but he started to stroke my back. I started to get this feeling. It was a feeling I hadn't really gotten since I was a teen myself. I had been pretty much straight my whole adult life but back in my teens and early 20s I had had quite a bit of gay sex. I. Ever took it all that serious and just thought it was fun.

    I guess there was just something in me that knew. I held him closer and hugged me back. I caressed the back of his head gently as he laid it on my shoulder. But then my other hand strayed down to his round meaty butt. I caressed it gently through his shorts. I was getting hard and when I pressed up against him I knew he was too. I slid my hand inside his shorts and stroked his bare ass cheeks.

    Well I led him into my bedroom. He was blushing beet red and looking nervous. I sat next to him on the edge of the bed. He just sat there stiffly with his arms at his side. I asked him if he had ever done anything before. He said he'd never done anything with anyone before which was kind of what I'd expected.

    I started to unbutton his shorts and freed his cock. What a great cock he has. Just about perfect. I hadn't sucked a dick in almost 15 years but boy it's something you don't forget. I began to lick up and down his shaft. I pulled his shorts of all the way. He balls were sweaty and ripe and delicious. I licked them all over. He was just sitting there looking amazed as I gave him one hell of a blowjob. And when he came I drank it all down.

    Well as soon as it was over I regretted it. He pulled up his shorts and awkwardly said he had to go and then scurried off. I was pretty scared it could get around town or he might freak out. He was 18 and all but still I did t need that.

    Well the funny thing is the next Saturday he showed up right on time. I guess we were both a little awkward but we got to work. Like last time I bought lunch and we ate it in the kitchen. But was we did unnoticed a bulge growing in his shorts. He gave me a goofy smile. I went over and grabbed him. This time I kissed him right on the mouth. He was pretty awkward but he kissed me back.

    We went to my bedroom and laid on my bed and made out. I took of his clothes. Man he has a beautiful body. I kissed my way down his chest and belly and started to kiss and tease his rock hard dick. Then I felt his hand on me. So I got naked. He laughed and touched my large thick cock. He leaned over me and stated to kiss and lick it. I gave him some tips and soon he was sucking me like a champ. And when I came to took a big blast accidentally to the face but he just smiled as my cum dribbled off his face.

    Well for the next 6 months he came over 3-4 times a week. Eventually I was fucking his beautiful ass. We also spent a lot of time talking. Eventually he joined the Air Force. From what he told me recently he's doing great and has a girlfriend. And one thing he always does is thank me.

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    Straight Male / 21

    College Student in Foreign Country

    I was 19, young for a graduate degree candidate, and even younger to be in a foreign country and all alone. I was so desperate I took refuge talking with this older married man. Against all my being, I got into his car as he said he would drive me around and show me the city. It was getting dark and he was very amiable, didn't make any move on me or anything. I had been with two girlfriends back home, one for 6 months and the other for 18 months till I left the country. I was fucking them and enjoying it all. The second girl would let me cum in her mouth and fuck her in the ass too. They guy ended up parking at a public park with an overlook of the city. As we were talking he brought out a flask of whiskey and we drank. He asked me to get a piece of paper from the glovebox and as I looked in there were nude pictures of a woman, and some of him fucking the woman. They were his wife, he invited me to take them out and look at them.

    A couple of pictures appealed to me, as he was fucking his wife in the ass, and I loved fucking my girlfriend in the ass. He asked if I liked anal sex and I replied that I did. As we talked about his wife and her body and all the kinky things he's made her do, he reached over and touched my leg, and moved his hand up to my cock. I did nothing, then he took my hand and placed it on his cock which was out of his pants now. I thought I could just give him a hand job so I started, then he pushed my head down and I sucked him. I don't know why but I did. He kept talking about the kinky shit his wife would do for him in between moans and telling me how good my mouth felt. He pulled down my pants and was playing with my ass and cock. I was on auto pilot, but he did say I could fuck his wife that week if I wanted. He told me to stop and he got out of the car, and opened my door with his pants off, and his cock waving in the breeze. I got out and he took me to the front of the car and bent me over. He got behind me and rubbed his cock all over my ass, and inside my ass cheeks, then when he had enough precum (and there was a lot) he entered my ass. He fucked me bent over the hood of the car overlooking the city outside where anyone passing could see.

    In silence, we drove back, I felt uneasy with his very large load of cum up my butt, I knew it was leaking and I knew I voluntarily let a man fuck me, after I sucked his cock. At my house he pulled to the curb, then pulled out my cock and gave me a handjob, I shot in his hand and he took it all in his mouth. Head down I got out of the car. I never intended to see him again, though I actually missed his holding me, being close with someone though I didn't want it to be a guy. Then I realized I really felt empty and wanted to be filled again. I had his number, and waited for a week before I called him again. He took me to a parking garage and fucked me in the backseat of his car. The next few afternoons and evenings he came to my little place and fucked me there. Eventually; he invited me to his house for dinner. His wife made dinner and was very nice and proper. After a couple of brandies he took me by the hand and led me to their bedroom where he fucked me. I started going over to their house quite a lot, and she was always great to me, and always sat in the living room watching television when he took me by the hand to fuck me in their bed. I finally asked him and though she wouldn't let me fuck her, she did start sitting naked and watch us while he fucked me and I jacked off watching her naked body.

    After 2 years, I'm back home and have a girlfriend again, fuck her between her big tits, her mouth, her ass, her pussy and sometimes make her get naked in parks and get fucked bent over the hood of my car, or in the backseat in a parking garage. I do miss getting fucked, I feel empty back there sometimes, but my girl will do anything I want, so I'm going to ask her to fuck me with a strapon.

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    Gay Male / 21

    I am in my final year of university. I live in terrible private halls run by people who are desperate for people to move in but refuse to improve the crapy conditions. There is one positive about the place though, and that is I have managed to hook up with five of the other guys living here and really began to explore my sexual interests.

    Be fore I had moved in I had slept with a few other guys. The first being a guy I was really into in school. Unfortunately he came from a mormon family and left the country after school to do the mormon training thing and I never heard from him again. After that I hooked up with a guy in ny first year of university and another in my second. The first was a curious classmate who ignored me afterwards and the other was a guy I had met through online dating but within a month I found out he was kind of a jerk and broke it off.

    The experiences left me unsure about being with a guy for a while because it was always crappy afterwards. In my third year I met a fresher who I hit it off with. We have the same shared kitchen and cook at similar times. He had a lot more sexual experience than me and was an openly slutty dude. He really helped me get back into sex. For the last few months we have become good friends and occasionally hooked up.

    The second guy was someone else he had hooked up with. He was a pretty nerdy guy like myself and a little chubby and hairy. The other guy said he was a lot of fun but not his type and recomended I get to know him, at least for the similar interests. He was bisexual and in his third year at the university too. We hit it off pretty well and began screwing too. He exclusively topped, unlike the other guy who would switch positions. He made me realise I was into body hair on guys and loved a scruffy looking guy. He ended up getting a girlfriend so we stopped screwing around are just friends now.

    The third guy was a Brazillian student who was getting over a break up. I knew him through mutual friends on my course and didn't realise he lived in the same building until we bumped onto each other in the laundromat. He was kind of shy and embarassed that someone was doing laundry at the same time because he was only wearing a dressing gown. He relaxed a bit and we spent both of our washes just chatting. He had told me he had tried a hook up through grindr but apparently the guy reeked of B.O. when he arrived so he coildn't go through with it but wanted to so he could try sex with someone other than his ex. After a bit I ended up giving him a blowjob but after a couple minutes suggested we finish in one of out rooms. I wound topping him and sucked him off to help him finish. He was very grateful for me helping him through it.

    The fourth guy arrived a couple months ago because he was a nursing student doing work experience in the town hospital. He moved into the room next to mine and I had heard him having sex with guys he had met online. During Easter break almost everyone in the building went home. I didn't for the first week because of an assignment and he had to stay for his nursing. One day he came into the kitchen naked bevause he thought I had left too. He apologised but didn't cover hinself or anything. He had a very laud back personality which I found attractive, as well as him being physically hot too. We ended up fucking a few times that week and have done a couple times since.

    The fifth guy only moved in a couple weeks ago. He is much older, whilst the others were 19, 21, 21 and 24, he is 41. He is really tall and quite toned. He has moved in to teach at the uni and goes to his proper home at weekends. He is a father of two that he sees on the weekends but is divorced after he came out a couple years ago. He kind if seduced me. I knew what he was doing but I found it hot how he treated me and the fact that he was going out of his way to get with me. I ended up spending an evening with him after he came into the kitchen from a long day. He's insanely good in bed and helped me explore a few more sudes of my sexuslity. He says he is up for it again if I'd like as well. I also found out that he has been with the first guy too, who was similarly turned on by his charms.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    After moving into a house together and having not long gotten married, money was tight at first. My wife's car, then mine were due for their MOT tests. My wife's car passed easily, but around a fortnight later mine failed and needed work done on it. I needed the car for work, so I had to have the work done. At the same time we received a solicitors bill for work he'd done on the conveyancing of our new home. Phoning thr garage to ask the owner if their was anything we could work out for the cost of repairs, he told me to call down after the garage was shut and he'd try to work something out.
    The only people left at the garage when I arrived was the owner, a guy called Phil and a young apprentice who was working extras hours to learn his trade. Phil asked me to go into his office and I heard him telling the apprentice he should go home. Five minutes later he walked in with what turned out to be the cost of my cars repairs, on a piece of headed paper. The cost was more than I'd thought it would be, and I knew until the end of the month I wouldn't have the money. Looking down at where I sat, I watched Phil undo the bottom of his overalls and whip out his dick. In a very calm but serious voice he said "Suck me off and the entire bill is paid".
    I am and wasn't a prude, not in any way. But I'd not even thought about gay sex before. So standing up I was about to say no. Fate, chance, or just luck, call what you will, but I got a text right then from my wife. Reading it, more to distract the situation, it said "Just been told my hours are being cut". There was more to the text but that's of no importance here. Sitting back down and looking directly at Phil's growing and impressively thick cock, I looked up at him and asked him if he really meant all of the bill. His nod signaled me bending towards him, opening my mouth and taking the first cock I'd ever sucked into my mouth.
    It felt totally different to what I expected. By then it was rock hard, but it also felt velvety soft too, and it tasted to me, wonderful. I began to suck his dick as far as I could into my mouth and copied in some ways what my wife did for me. The more I sucked on his cock, the more I got into giving Phil pleasure and the more he responded by fucking my mouth, holding my head at the same time. It became very quickly a two way thing, as we both realised I wasn't bad at all at sucking cock. Phil's reaction to my oral attempts, was to tell me I was natural born cock sucker. And his words only spurred me on even more to make sure that bill wasn't coming back at me. Taking hold of the bottom of his cock shaft, I helped myself by controlling the depth he was forcefully fucking my throat. I knew the moment I decided to suck on his cock, I was going to swallow his cum. So after about ten minutes of learning my way around giving him a blow job, I felt his cock pulsing hard in my mouth and knew he was close to climax.
    Phil's loud moans began to be closer together and he told me was about to "Shoot". When his cock did explode in my mouth I was ready, but not ready for the amount of semen that pumped from his cock. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but some did leak out of the sides of my mouth. Fully drained he slid his dick out of my mouth and sat back on the desk next to him. He watched me slurp up the rest of his cum from my hand, as I wiped it off my chin and his smile told me I'd done Ok.
    Taking hold of the piece of paper, he drew a line through most of the list and told me "That sections paid for, tomorrow same time for the rest".
    I did call back the next day, but Phil had someone there. I had to wait for over half an hour before his client went. Instead of walking into his office, Phil told me to join him in the clients car. He told me the guy had been a tosser, telling him he'd missed some work he'd wanted doing, but it wasn't on the original quote. As Phil sat in the drivers seat, I opened his overalls and took out his already rising cock. It was so amazing to suck on his cock again. I'd found myself wanting to give him pleasure again, all night and all throughout the day before I'd gotten to his garage. So having him fuck my face the second time had my cock raging for release. letting his cock fall from my mouth, I quickly took off my shorts and boxers and then continued to suck on his dick as I tossed myself off.
    Knowing Phil produced a large amount of cum, I readied myself for it when he came. But it was myself who ejaculated first, cumming all over the leather seat of the passenger seat. Phil's cock erupted in my mouth about a minute later and that time I swallowed (Proudly) every single drop. Wiping up my own mess, we walked into Phil's office. Taking the paper he tore it in two and said "Paid in full".
    Over this past eighteen months, I've had our cars serviced, MOT'd and had all the work necessary done to our cars at Phil's garage. Phil's even done work which has enabled us to drive better vehicles without a direct cost to us. And in doing so we've recently moved onto not just oral sex. My forty nine year mechanic has recently entered my arsehole with his beautiful cock. Six and half inches of thick pure man meat fucked me, and I loved every second of it.
    We're not lovers in the true sense, as we don't want for each other, other than sex. But I have found myself longing to be fucked by Phil of late, or is it I just long to be fucked. Who knows. What I do know is, I won't stop sucking his gorgeous dick and having him fuck me, for as long as he wants to.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    The best thing about living in a large city is the wide selection of everything offered. We have a mostly gay movie house where young people of all kinds go, mostly to meet and have sex in the semi-dark, while some old gay or lesbian movie plays out for only a few who are alone and watching. Since I wear glasses an have dark hair, friends call me Clark Kent but I'm a long throw from the man of steel, that is, unless you focus on my cock. I was not gifted with a Godzilla monster cock but it's a thick, rugged eye-catcher when fully erect, as I've noticed. Mostly, it looks like a thick spear and in this movie house, it was discovered by two twinks.

    Recalling the first time, I went to the movie house anticipating a mundane meeting but this kid in a ball cap came up and sat next to me. I could not tell his age but he looked like he was in his early teens. It was clear that he did not shave yet, even in the almost darkened theater. He reached over and started to rub my crotch so I unzipped and let my cock out of my pants. I could hear the kid's breath deepen and speed up. He encircled my balls with his thumb and index finger and pulled down on them, causing my cock to rise higher and harder. Then, he started to lick the head. His tongue was very strong for a kid like that and then he drove my cock deep into his throat, not quite going where he wanted to go but tried a few times until I felt he had thrust my cock balls deep in.

    He took off his ball cap and started fucking my cock with his mouth, fast. Soon, I began to cum and he sucked hard and swallowed it as it pulsed out. I had to shush him a bit because he was gulping and moaning loudly as he swallowed, making a noise about it. After he licked off the final moisture, he whispered, "Next Wednesday" and quickly left.

    A week later, we met again and once more, the little kid amazed me with his cock-loving suck-machine. It went for a month and the fifth Wednesday, the kid came but with a friend who looked even younger. They sat with me in the middle and shared my cock. I sat back with my eyes closed, my arms spread out on the backs of their chairs. They sucked me off separately, together, and one after the other in various unscheduled sequences.

    A couple of lesbians, hearing the sucking sounds, turned around in their seats and watched the scenario, tongue sucking each other between glances. When I was about to cum, I moaned and the younger kid forced the other away with his mouth and took me in totally. I imagined these twinks practicing on each other because they were masterful cocksuckers for their age, which I did not know but guessed, as quite young. What made me cum this time, I had noticed both kids had their cocks out and were hard so I reach down and jerked them off a bit, playing my finger tips on their little hard cocks while they traded sucking me off. The entire scene, with the lesbians taking glances and becoming more excited for each other, the kids sharing and using my thick cock, sucking with earnest power, caused me to shoot off a multi-pulsating cum mostly into the wildly sucking young twink.

    The sucking meetings went on for half a year or so then the older twink announced they were moving and I realized that these kids were brothers. I told them, "I'll miss you kids," and the younger one said, "You sure will."
    He was right. I returned to the movie house and had some fairly good blow jobs but nothing like the two twinks,
    nothing close. They truly loved on my cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    Growing up, there was a guy who lived alone across the street from my parents home. Because of my geeky looks back then and not getting any sex from girls, I agreed to visiting his place one afternoon when he asked me if I fuck guys. My hormones were on overdrive at the time and believe me I'd have fucked your gran, and my own if I'd had the chance. So once he'd sucked on my dick for some considerable time, he offered me his asshole to fuck.
    It was a seminal moment for me, losing my virginity to a guy. I still didn't think of myself as gay, as I desperately wanted to fuck a girl. It's just that I didn't get the chance to. What I did know is I had a cock which was a lot larger than most guys around. At that age, I was sixteen, my cock measured nine and bit inches and it's fairly thick too. The neighbor who had me fuck him that day, couldn't wait for me to return as I'd fucked him to what he said was his best ever orgasm. I was screwing him as he lay on his back when he came and his cock literally exploded with semen flying everywhere. I was lost in my own little sexual world, actually fucking someone to care about his pleasure, but all the same, apparently I was a great fuck.
    Most days after that first time, if I wasn't busy chasing girls, which I always seemed to be, I was round at his house fucking him. Only when he let a girl who he knew, who was nineteen at the time, know about my large cock, did I get my first piece of pussy. She wasn't the best looking girl, but she did have a stunning body and a beautiful tight pussy. With him watching, I fucked her on his couch and then watched him lick her out after I'd cum inside of her.
    Pussy or asshole. It was pussy for some time after that. Not really dating, I'd meet up with the girl when we were free from school stuff and fuck at various places. She didn't want to go back to the guys house again, as she eventually told me he was her uncle. But I did continue to fuck him occasionally.
    Eventually I got myself a serious girlfriend and I stopped going round to his house. But after a while I missed fucking a guys asshole and found myself involved with a guy at college for a couple of years. He was in total denial about his sexuality and banned me from telling anyone I was fucking him most weekends. He was on the football team and a complete opposite to my studious ways. His asshole took some awesome pounding over those two years, and I figured I'd always be bisexual and not to deny myself the pleasure of both sexes.
    It's strange now thinking back, but my first ever time sucking cock, only took place after I'd gotten married. I was by then thirty one, and loving life as a married man. Yet there was something missing in my life and that was a guys way of fucking. Hard, emotionless and downright dirty sex. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed sex with my wife, but I needed that itch scratching and found a man who fulfilled my growing need for gay sex.
    And he lives right next door.
    Mick is a guy who knows what he likes, but takes life in a very casual way. At a barbecue he was having eighteen months after we'd moved in, Mick asked me if enjoyed the pleasure of a mans company. When I asked him what the hell he was talking about, trying to sound all married and straight in front of my wife, it was her who said "Your bisexual aren't you". I not joking here, I had absolutely no idea my wife knew about my sexual past. And I had no inkling they'd spoken about me prior to the barbecue. It turns out my wife not only knew the guy who I'd fucked at college, she'd dated him at the time. He'd told her during a drunken night out about us, and they'd split up (Not that I knew).
    Long story very short, she wanted to meet the guy all the years later, when given the chance to, who'd fucked her boyfriend, but had kept it to herself once we'd become involved. (Women can be so sneaky).
    Micks reaction to my wife's statement was to ask me if I liked older men. Looking at my wife who was smiling, and nodding, I could answer honestly. I told them both I did.
    It was in Micks home I first tasted cock. My wife was at work and it was she who'd told me to satisfy my itch. We'd spoken for weeks about my male sexual urges and her easy approach to me fucking another man, possibly Mick. So it was no surprise really when THEY arranged for me to spend an afternoon with him. Having him suck on my dick as I took in his small cock into my mouth at the same time, brought back all the memories of the guys I'd fucked, and my love for my wife grew. Things quickly moved on from oral sex, to Mick wanting me to fuck him. With Mick on his back perched on the arm of his sofa, I entered my neighbors asshole for the first time and marveled at just how much I'd missed fucking a guy. That whole afternoon we fucked and I came inside him twice, having once orgasmed over his face the first time. On his couch, stood up as he leant against the wall, fucking him in various positions on his bed and finally fucking Mick in the shower, as we kissed for the first time. Leaving him sat on his sofa, I told Mick I'd see if my wife thought it to be a one off.
    All these years later, I'm still fucking Mick a couple of times a week, and I'm still maried to most amazing beautiful wife out there.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I've been working this job for about 9 months now and there's this guy in the copy room who keeps checking me out. I never took it as anything until last week he made a pass at me. It was just the 2 of us in the room when he shut the door and came at me. Without saying a word he reached out and kissed me. I pushed him back at first because I'm not really into dudes. I went away and stayed at my desk the rest of the day. After work I was on my way to the car when he came back to me, this time just to talk. After about 10 minutes he invited me to a bar that night. I don't know why but I went.
    We met up at a bar that's right up the road from where I stay. We hung out and just talked for a while until I decided it was time to go around 11:30. Again not thinking we walked and talked all the way to my place. Once we got their he asked to come use the bathroom, so I let him. I got myself a glass of tea and when I turned around he was right there. We locked eyes then without thinking about it, we started making out.
    Kissing and feeling up each other he started to undress me. Nervous I stopped him because I had never done this before but I kept wanting to do this, so I let him continue. Kissing my body as he goes down he started sucking my dick. At this point I was powerless to stop and all I wanted was this great feeling. We made our way to the bedroom where he started to undress. He threw me on the bed, sat on my dick, then went to town. With my dick so deep in his ass I knew I wanted to feel what he's feeling. So I pushed him off then rolled back with my ass in the air. He went in for one more kiss then I WAS PENETRATED. He was my first guy. All I could do was grab onto the sheets as hard as I could as he pounded away at my ass. 30 straight minutes of hardcore pounding in my ass and I was paralyzed in sweet pleasure. Eventually he went in for one more kiss as he came in me which made me cum. Once we came we just laid there and made out for a few minutes until he finally got up and left.
    Now a whole week later we've made out numerous times and fucked one other time. Idk where it will lead but I'm gonna have my fun while it lasts.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    At the age of fifteen I deep throated a cock for the first time. It was a farmers cock who I was doing some summer work for. My brother had worked for Tony a few years before, and it was he who had a word with Tony to get me the work.
    The one overiding thing that got me the work and extra money, was my brothers recommendation of me being able to suck cock. That's because since I was twelve I'd been blowing my older brothers dick most nights. He caught me watching him masturbate one night and things kind of went from there. Before long I was spending most nights before we went to sleep, in his bed and sucking on his dick, swallowing everything he pumped into my mouth. By the time I was fifteen, I sought him out to have my cock fun, but by then he'd begun to date a girl, who I must admit was stunning, and things just kind of stopped.
    Tony took me on, and straight away told me I'd have to earn the extra money orally. What I didn't know then, was just how big the farmers cock was. My brothers cock measures a little over six inches, and I never once could deep throat him. The farmers cock, I later found out was close on nine inches and much thicker.
    Right from day one, he wanted me to suck on his dick, but his wife was always around. Yet I had seen his cock that day as we both went to pee by the side of the barn. It was then I held his quickly thickening cock, but his wife shouted out and we both emerged from the barn side.
    Two days later Tony and I got our first opportunity. It was down by a small brook which ran past the border of his farm. We'd been supporting the bank on his side, to prevent erosion and possible danger to his sheep. Again it was needing a pee, and I took the chance to hold his beautiful cock as he pissed on the ground beneath him. By the time he'd finished, his cock was rising and I was already half naked. Dropping to my knees in the open air of his field, I let Tony slide his cock over my tongue and on down my throat. I'm not sure even to this day (Maybe someone can tell me) why I was able to take Tony's much larger cock down my throat, but I did. And I did it easily.
    Fucking my face as if his life depended on it, I knew it wasn't going to be a long drawn out blow job and within a few strokes he'd cum in my mouth. Letting him see it swilling around, I then closed my mouth and swallowed his salty semen.
    We sat there for next half an hour discussing why I liked cock that much, and why he cheated on his wife with younger men. I told him about my brother and I, to which he said he knew already. (Should have known) Then he told me his wife no longer enjoyed sex. He needed to release his sexual desires, but didn't want another woman in his life. Having a young guy suck on his dick, or having an arsehole to fuck, was his solution.
    the mention of him fucking someone, had my cock pulsing, I'd not cum yet and wanted to. So bending over and taking his cock back into my mouth, I began to suck on Tony's dick again. He tried to stop me at first, but I sucked him in further and eventually back down my throat. He gave up shoving me off and lay back letting me enjoy his gorgeous cock. Once it was fully erect and pulsing in my mouth, I released it and asked him if he'd teach me all about anal sex. He'd just turned me over and was licking at my arsehole when we heard his wife's quad bike coming over the ridge. We'd just about got ourselves together, when she appeared round the bend in the brook.
    I ate with them that evening, in the knowledge Tony was prepared to fuck me and also in the knowledge, I'd deep throated a cock for the first time.
    It was a week later when we had another chance to have sex. (Rain). I'd turned sixteen two days before and told Tony I expected a present from him. Knowing his wife was out all day at the farmers market selling some of their produce, Tony invited me to join him, either to his bed, or to the hay barn. I chose the hay barn. His cock was even more awesome the second time of sucking on it. We'd both relaxed and Tony and I had sixty nined. Naked and totally chilled out with one another, I asked my forty seven year old farmer if he'd fuck me, if he'd take my anal cherry.
    Bent over a hay bail, with Tony's saliva sliding all around my buttocks, arsehole and cock, he got in behind me, put his cock head to my rear and slowly, ever so slowly slid his large thick cock up my bum.
    If I had to describe how it felt that day. I'd say it was like the sweetest pain you could experience. It hurt, but in a way that had my cock throbbing with lust. I found myself willing him to bury his cock all the way into my body. That feeling of giving yourself completely to someone, was overwhelming and I told him to fuck me harder. Hearing me saying what I did, Tony began to thrust into me deeper and deeper. And as he did the feeling changed from initial pain to a feeling I still get goose bumps from. It's like having mini orgasms flowing through your anus and on up your cock. I was so enraptured by him fucking me, I let him know I was his to do as he wished, I let a much older man know I'd be his cock slut.
    Every single inch of his dick penetrated me. Every inch slid inside my body making me cry out for him to fuck me to orgasm. I knew I could cum that way, I don't know how I knew, I just did. And with his cock pounding into me, I began to back onto him, making him power fuck me. In a mind blowing series of powerful thrusts, my cock began to pulse hard and I knew I was nearly there. Telling Tony to screw me, my cock exploded and I found myself shouting out about how amazing it felt. Tony gripped my hair, pulled my head back and then unleashed the mother of all ejaculations up my arsehole. On and on he came, flooding my insides and I genuinely thought he'd never stop cumming.
    Then shouting out about how fucking beautiful he found me, he pulled out and spun me around. Shoving me down, he offered me his cock and I eagerly took it back into my mnouth. Sucking and licking on it to remove his cum and some of my anal cream, I found a new taste I loved. A taste over the rest of that summer, I came to know very well.
    Then one morning as I called round to collect my earnings, his wife answered the door. She told me Tony was out by the barn. As I turned to go, she told me to stay. Telling me she'd be paying me, I followed her inside. Sat at their kitchen table I accepted my usual pay, but knew it was short of what Tony paid me for the "extra's". Holding another envelope, she asked me if I'd earned any extra pay. When I asked her what she meant, Tony's wife quite calmly asked me if I'd had her husband fuck me. Not wanting to drop Tony in it, I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. That's when I discovered just how much they loved one another. Moving to sit next to me, she put her hand on mine and said "My husband and I don't have sex because I no longer want any. It doesn't mean he shouldn't". Pausing she asked me again if I'd earned the extra cash. Nodding my head she said "Good, now go and excite my husband, he's waiting for you".
    The next time I saw her, about an hour later, I had her husbands semen leaking out of my arsehole and had been well and truly fucked. Her smile was one of acknowledgment, one of acceptance and one I now know, as one of pure love.
    Over the rest of that summer, Tony and I sex most days. Not always anal sex and not always Tony cumming, as he began to enjoy sucking me off. Nearing the end of the summer I lost my virginity. It was with an eighteen year old slut, who'd gotten herself merry on cider. With my older brother and one of his friends watching, I fucked her outside in a park. She was kneeling on a kids slide as I fucked her from behind. And as much as I enjoyed cumming all over her cute tight arsehole, it wasn't to me then, anywhere near as good as orgasming with Tony fucking me.
    Fourteen years on and every now and then I visit a farm close to where I used to live. Sadly I only see Tony's wife, as Tony passed away two years ago. We chat about old times and laugh about our initial sneaky fucks. She's told me Tony related everything to her about us and our sex together, not long before he died. And it's her memories of what Tony's told her, that's filled in some gaps for me.
    I'm soon to be a married man, having met and fallen in love with, THE most wonderful of women. But I had to tell my little story of how a man changed my perception of life and sexual fun. The reason I call my soon to be wife, wonderful, is she knows all about my sexual past and accepts me for who I am. She also accepts that I also have an occasional boyfriend, who visits when he's on leave from the Navy. Whether that lasts once we're married who knows. What I do know is I've become a much better person having known Tony and his amazing wife.

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