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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 25

    6 months ago a friend and I got pretty drunk together and some how we began talking about sex. That was pretty normal but this time we talked about sex with each other. I guess we were both curious enough that we didn't mind too much talking about it and the more we talked the hornier we got so we agreed to at least suck on each others dicks a little just to see how it felt to get sucked by another man.

    We both took off our clothes and since we couldn't figure out who would suck who first we tried a 69 laying face to face on our sides on his bed. Once we held each others dick in our hand we both started to lick on each others dick then suck on the head and slowly took in as much as we both could take without gagging. It was pretty casual and we were both very relaxed so we just kept sucking each other and both got a pretty good taste of each others pre cum and that just seemed to make things more exciting.

    I know I thought about it and wondered what I would do when he came. we were both really getting in to it so I decided to at least let him cum a little in my mouth just to see what it would be like. I didn't have to wait very long at all and just as he started to cum in my mouth it excited me enough that I started to cum also. I guess he wanted to be fair and like me he let me cum in his mouth and we both took it all in our mouth then started to try to swallow it and it wasn`t bad at all and we sucked each other until we couldn't take it any longer.

    We laid there talking playing with each others dicks awhile and both agreed that we really should do it often and we started to get hard again and that's when he really caught me off guard and started to tell me about how he fucked a guy in the ass several years ago not once but several times and he really liked doing it. He described it in great detail and had me all excited telling me how it felt and how this guy liked it as much as he did if not more.
    He went on to tell me how often they did it and all the places they did it in and positions they tried. He told me the guy always wanted him to cum in his ass and he liked that part too. Then he really shocked me when he asked if I wanted to try it. He had me all worked up and excited just listening to his story and I was really thinking about doing it at least to just see how it would feel. I knew my finger always felt good in my ass when I jacked off so I told him I wanted to try it but he had to take it easy on me.

    He went and got some Vaseline then asked me to put it in my ass which I did while he was watching me stroking his hard dick. He then coated his dick with it then we both wanted to do it with me face down in his bed so I rolled over and spread my legs and found myself very excited to feel him penetrate me. The second he got on top of me rubbing his dick on my ass I knew I was going to enjoy it if I could take his long fat dick in my ass.

    He touched the head to my asshole with his hand around his dick and told me to just relax. He started to push slowly and I felt my asshole begin to open up to accept him in my ass and then it began to sting pretty bad so I asked him to go slow. He was gentle and pushed until it slipped past my tight opening. Right away pre cum started leaking out of my dick as it went deeper and deeper up my tight ass. The last couple of inches were uncomfortable for me and difficult to take but soon his nuts were firmly pressed to mine and he kept moving his hips to thrust his hard dick in to me and asked me if I was OK.

    He left it all the way in my ass a little while then slowly eased it out until the head was pulling on my asshole then slowly shoved it back in then repeated that several times as I came all over myself. My asshole squeezed his dick several times as he began to moan and swell up deep inside of my ass. He grabbed me real tight then asked me what he should do when he was ready to cum. He kept shoving his dick up my ass pretty hard staying as deep as he could go and it felt so good I told him to cum in my ass and in a few seconds I found out what it felt like to have a man cum balls deep in my ass. It was wild as hell and felt like nothing I had ever felt in my life and I knew I would be wanting it to happen again very soon.

    We were both too excited to stop and he laid on top of me for awhile humping on my ass and getting harder by the minute and I had already asked him a couple of times to fuck me again if he could. Once he was hard as a rock he started to pull out slowly and I felt a huge amount of cum being pulled out of my ass running across my nuts and on the sheets all around my nuts as he started to fuck me good. It seemed like forever this time and he fucked me fast slow hard and stopped several times so he wouldn't cum. I came once again just before he emptied his nuts deep in my ass the second time and he really shot a lot of cum in me that time. He laid on top of me as his dick got soft and eventually slipped out of my ass and I felt a stream of cum leaking out of my ass and there was a huge mess between my legs and all over my ass and as I laid there in my own cum I couldn't wait to be fucked again and it was so much better than I ever imagined it could be.

    Some how I seemed to like having all that cum on me and between my legs and I just laid there letting it run out of my ass and it felt good. We both took a shower after that and never put any clothes on and as we sat around talking drinking beer I had to keep a wash cloth in the crack of my ass to catch his cum that continued to drip out of my ass. It got late and we went to bed and fell asleep pretty fast. I got up to go piss some time in the night and couldn't stop thinking about him fucking me. When I got back in bed I couldn't stand it and went down under the covers to suck his dick and he woke up shortly after that and I asked if he wanted to fuck me again. This time he put me on m y back and had my legs up over his shoulders and I looked between my legs as he shoved his dick up my ass and quite a few times while he was fucking me I looked down between my legs to watch his big hard dick go in and out of my ass. He fucked me hard and deep for a very long time and I was looking right at him when he came deep in my ass.

    I slept with a towel between my legs that night and not long after we woke up I was sitting on his dick with my back to him bouncing up and down on his long hard dick playing with his nuts and mine stroking my dick until we both came. I forced my ass down hard on his dick when he came and enjoyed ever minute of it. I still had two days before I had to go back to my job so I stayed there and we fucked like crazy right up until I had to leave and we are still getting together often to fuck. No one knows and we plan to keep it that way because neither of us want a divorce.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I have a workmate that trades blowjobs with me and has for years but that is not my confession. We are both happily married but love having a cock to suck off and occasionally to fuck. My confession is that at least once a month, I am his dirty cocksucker. It all started about 3 years ago when we had driven back from an all day job on a hot July day. I had been horny all day even though we had even sucked each other off the previous night in a motel room. We were the only ones in the shop and after we finished unloading equipment, I simply pushed him against the wall, dropped to my knees and started undoing his pants. He never wears underwear so as his pants fell, his sweaty cock and shaved balls were now exposed. As I stroked his cock and balls, Daryl said it felt great but that he wasn't "clean" and the smell of his manliness was really strong. I looked up at him and said I didn't care as I leaned forward and licked the head of his cock before going halfway down his dick.

    He was right. His cock was filthy and gritty and tasted salty and dirty and I was loving it. I continued sucking his cock taking more and more into my mouth and couldn't believe how turned on I was by his disgusting filthy crotch. Daryl was starting to relax as his cock was now fully hard and throbbing, releasing his tasty pre cum which I was lapping up. I then started licking then sucked each of his fat balls, rewarded with more salty sweat and gritty filth and I still relished it. Daryl was now moaning as I took his cock back in my mouth to suck him off. His cock was now throbbing as he pulled my head toward his cock and started to face fuck me. I could still taste sweat as he grunted and unloaded cum into my waiting mouth which I happily swallowed as always. Normally, he would let me suck his cock until it was limp then would return the favor and suck me off and fed on my seed but he pulled up and grabbed my cock and jacked me off telling me to cum on his face which I did.

    After giving him his facial, I watched as Daryl wiped up and slurped my cum into his mouth then stood and held me as I kissed and licked his sweaty neck and face, tasting my own cum while he still stroked me cock and balls, squeezing out the last drops. We both simply got dressed with cum on us then as we got in my truck to run him home, I asked if he liked that. All he did was smile and say he guessed I was nothing but a dirty cocksucker.
    Since then, at least once a month we get together when he hasn't bathed and he lets me wash his sweat covered cock and balls with my mouth and rewards me with his cum. I guess sometimes I am a dirty cocksucking fag!

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    My first experience with pussy was in college. Now I am a girl, so pussy really wasn't what I had looked for.

    I got a new roommate, she was pretty, like magazine pretty and all of her was all natural. She wasn't particularly inhibited and I saw her naked a lot. As a matter of fact, I became less inhibited and started to get naked around her. What I notice first were those tits. I found myself always admiring her tits, naked tits of course, but her tits, no matter what she was wearing. At the time I was just a looker I had not really focused on the fact that I was getting possessive with her and I those were 'my' tits.

    It was late morning on Sunday, and neither one of us had showered. I was sitting on my bed topless and she pushed her bottoms down and her panties and for a few seconds, I had the most perfect view of her pussy. Her pussy wasn't particularly bushy, partly naturally like that, but she trimmed too. Her pussy lips were full, normally her pussy was smaller, but that morning her lips were full and they were right there, right in front of me.

    I fell of the bed on my knees and grabbed her hips and buried my face into her pussy. My mouth was as wide open as I could get it and my tongue pushed hard inside of her. She lost her balance and as I followed her on my knees she fell back on her bed and I was on her and eating her out, she was screaming at me and I was screaming at her to open her legs and give me her pussy.

    It didn't end well. She finally got me to let go and pushed me away and she yelled at me and told me that what I had done was sick. I apologized, I told her I didn't know what had taken over me and that to please forgive me.

    But now her pussy was mine, there was absolutely no way that any guy was ever going to fuck her pussy, I would rather a thousand times let another girl eat her, but no guys. I swore that to myself. I broke up every guy that came close to her, either by talking her out of him, or by scaring him away.

    The months passed and we returned to normal, I got to admire her naked and she just didn't care. One evening, after we went to bed I was masturbating with my hand. I guess I was making too much noise and she asked me to quit, that it was disgusting that I was always playing with myself. I answered her as matter of fact as I could, I didn't need to masturbate if she would give me her pussy. I sat up and looked at her and told her she knew that I liked her and I wanted her pussy more than anything and it was crewel on her part to show me her tits and her pussy every day and not give me her pussy.

    I got out of bed and took my nightgown off and my panties and stood in front of her naked and asked her if she didn't want my pussy. That my pussy needed to get eaten too and I got on her bed and straddled her face and told her to open her mouth and eat me. After a few minutes and grinding my pussy into her face, I turned around and pushed off her panties and went to eating her pussy while she ate me.

    I was determined to make her have an orgasm, so I got off of her and went around and came up to her pussy from below and ate her, with my hands I tried to grab her tits, but when I did I lost my position, so I went back to grabbing on to her legs and eating her, I pushed my tongue into to her vagina as far as it would go, and then almost as an afterthought, I got on her clitoris and exposed it with my fingers and nibbled on it and sucked as hard as I could and she went into her orgasm.

    Pussy is important, sucking, eating, fingering, caressing, nuzzling your girlfriend's pussy is important. I keep her pussy happy and she makes me happy. When she gets in the mood, and she eats me out I especially like it, I like having her eat my pussy.

    She doesn't like to admit that she is a pussy eating girl and that she gives her pussy to a girl. If a guy hits on her she tells him pretty quick she is taken. She only admits to me that she is a lesbian in whispers, I tell her out loud we are queer, lesbian queer, pussy eating lesbian queers and that I am going to put a tattoo on her back that says she eats pussy (not really).

    I do make her tell me that she is a lesbian and that she is my girlfriend, but she says it in whispers.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I'm feeling horny, I think I'll cum on my toy then deep throat it today.

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    Straight Male / 45

    We are in our mid 40`s. Both masculine straight acting married men and we have a very private secret that no one but us even knows about. we have sex often together and have been doing it since the 5th grade. We got an early start and liked playing with each other ever chance we got. Eventually we tried oral sex humping on each other rubbing our dicks together and humping each others ass.
    The first time either of us came was in each others mouths unexpectedly. It wasn`t bad at all and eventually it just felt good to swallow the cum and we couldn`t suck each other enough. In the 7th grade I talked him in to trying to fuck me and told him I really wanted to see how it felt and wanted to shoot his cum inside of me so I could see how it felt. We had to find a place to do this and after thinking about it we decided to go a ways from where we lived to a place we were not allowed to go and check out this old vacant boarded up house.
    Once we got inside we looked in every room then decided to get in one of the back rooms where there was just a little light coming thru a window and we took off our clothes and with me on my hands and knees he got behind me and eventually worked his hard dick in to my tight asshole and got it all the way up my ass.
    I told him it felt good and to try fucking me but he said he couldn`t as he was about to cum. I told him to go ahead and cum in me and he did. I couldn`t believe how good it felt. Right away I started moving my ass around and pushing back on his dick asking him to fuck me. It felt much better with his cum in my ass and he fucked me a good long while before he came inside oe me again.
    After that first day he fucked me all the time and I was always willing to take him in my ass and loved being fucked and having him cum in my ass.
    Fast forward to present day and he stills fucks me about twice a week if possible and we can get away from the wives. He is very well hung and shoots huge loads up my ass and we both still enjoy it very much.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    As a twentysomething girl I agreed to room with another girl I met at work. She and I had been lunch friends and we talked about things that were important to us. In particular about getting married and having a family. She told me she went to the Methodist Church and I went to the Catholic Church. We agreed on most points of view and we didn't date aggressively and didn't to pick up joints. We were compatible.

    After we moved in it became apparent that she and I differed in one big thing, she was messy and I am a neat freak. Her room was a mess, dirty clothes all over the floor and she never changed her sheets. The bathroom was a mess, hair, makeup, etc. were everywhere, she didn't clean the shower or the toilet. The kitchen and the fridge were a mess. She was so filthy and it bothered me. I complained and she told me if it bothered me to clean up, if I wanted to change her bed to do it, wash her clothes, do it. It was up to me, she wasn't going to do it.

    She paid her rent and her utilities and I paid my rent and utilities and I kept house, keeping up with her was a lot of work, she changed clothes as soon as she got home from work and left her dirty work clothes on the floor. Her dirty underwear was the most disgusting, she would leave her panties with dirty pads on the bathroom floor, her stained pants, she didn't know how to use a pad and tampon, her sheets during her period were blood stained and I had to wash them every day. I bought a pad to cover the mattress, but it was already stained.

    When she dressed she looked beautiful, she spent money on clothes, which I washed and ironed, and I spent money on underwear for her because the ones she had were so filthy nothing could clean them. If I wanted her to have descent underwear, I had to put the pad on correctly before she got dressed and help her with her tampon. She became totally dependent on me, and I treated her like teen, washed her hair for her and combed her at night, I would help her get on her pjs and would tuck her into bed, I started cooking for her and watching what she ate.

    I became her mommy and she became a four year old.

    And that is how we lived, I made sure she was dressed correctly for work every day, and went to our jobs. She was intelligent and she did a great job at work, but when she came home she was a little girl who needed her mommy.

    One morning while getting her dressed for work she asked me if I had ever had a guy stick his peepee in me. She said peepee not penis or dick or cock, peepee. I said no, I didn't do that, that if I ever got married I supposed that would happen, but no, I had never had a peepee inside of me.

    She told me of when she was growing up her brother would put his peepee in her. They bathed together and she would wash his peepee and it would get hard and then she would kiss him and she would bend over and hold on to the faucet for the tub and he would get behind her and put his peepee in her. I asked, like stick it in, all the way in? She said yes, I asked in her bottom or her vagina? And she said her vagina. I asked her if it went in without a problem, I didn't think she would be lubricated. She said at first he would push it in but after a little while it always went in without a problem. She showed me how she bent over so he could do it.

    After that I took care of her even more, until she started to want to sleep with me. Sleeping with me was a problem, because she would wrap herself around me and wouldn't let sleep. I wasn't used to sleeping together, but I learned. She learned to sleep on her side and I would spoon her. When I held her, I held her tight, but I couldn't help my hands getting on her breasts, which I started to caress and she would ask me to do it some more. While I hugged her and caressed her breasts I would get very wet and I felt guilty, but she slept with me now and I would hold on to her and rub my crotch up against her back while I held her by her breasts and I reached orgasm.

    I started to wipe her when she went to the bathroom, I spent a lot of time wiping her and she would lay her head on my shoulder and hold my hand up tight against her. It was during one of these moments that I kissed her on the mouth and told her she was my baby.

    Things went down hill after that, I ate her out until I just couldn't feel my jaw any more, her pussy was always really clean because I cleaned her and her clothes always smelled good because I washed them and ironed them, her hair was so soft and her breasts were so tempting that I spent lots of time holding her by her breasts or if she was lying down, I would put her on her back and kiss and suck her nipples. She was my baby now and she offered herself to me, like she offered herself to her brother, I didn't have a peepee to put in her, but I had a mouth and tongue and fingers and hands and knees and my whole face to push up into her.

    I didn't need a peepee inside of me, I had a tongue to put inside of her. Mommy's can take care of their little girls.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    The very notion of another guy kissing me, playing with my cock, feeding me his to suck and finally fucking me, was a total non entity to me growing up. Yet with a man who's old enough to be my father, I find myself unable to resist his body, his cock and his sheer animal size.
    We met at a sports event and I just knew the moment we met, I'd end up having sex with him. I was like him naked and about to take a shower. His six foot four muscular frame and his long thick cock hanging down, had my cock rock hard without me knowing why. He saw me getting an erection and instantly smiled at me. Not saying a single word he stepped over the two paces towards me and holding my neck, he kissed me. I didn't resist, I didn't pull back, in fact I found myself responding to his kiss. His huge right hand took hold of my cock and began to stroke it back and forth. Copying him I did the same, but I used both hands on his enormous cock.
    It was him who pulled away, and he spoke to me for the first time. He asked me if I was gay. I showed him my wedding band and again he smiled. He then asked me if I'd had sex with a man before. Shaking my head his smile turned into a massive grin. Pulling me back to him, we kissed again until I felt him pulling my ass cheeks apart.
    Sounds of other men entering the showers stopped us in our tracks, but it didn't stop him from tugging me by my cock back to his changing cubicle. Joining him inside, he took some hand cream, smeared onto my asshole and then asked me if I "wanted it". Looking down at his now fully erect cock, I felt myself gulp at the size of it. But it didn't stop me from muttering "Ugh huh".
    There had never been a time in my adult life up to that point, when I wasn't in charge. Pushing hard against the cubicle wall, I felt it's coldness and then felt a searing pain shoot up my ass, as his cock entered me. I 'm not sure, but I honestly think I lost consciousness for a split second. That's because when he began to fuck me, I found I'd taken almost all his cock up my ass.
    When his cock pulled out to the tip and then thrust back into me, I heard myself telling him to fuck me. It was coming from my mouth, but I kind of felt it wasn't me saying it. Whether it was my own words or his breath on my ear, as he began to kiss my ear, my neck and my face, I don't know. But as oon as we began to move in sync I found the pain was diminishing and I began to enjoy the feeling his cock was giving my asshole.
    Then the realization of the fact I had a strangers cock fucking my asshole without a condom, dawned on me. I was about to say something, too late I know, but as I went to speak, I orgasmed. It was totally out of the blue and it was so amazingly strong. I later found out his cock pounding my asshole that first time, sort of hid my usual climactic build up.
    It couldn't have been more than a minute later when he grunted a few times, pulled out his cock and had me kneel down in front of him. Quite naturally I opened my mouth and let him slide his cock over my tongue. My first time giving a blow job didn't last long as he came all over my tongue and face.
    I was back in the shower two minutes later washing off his seed. He'd stayed in the cubicle, but I joined him again soon afterwards. Holding me to him, we kissed again but with less urgency, yet with much more tongues involved. I found myself giving him all of me and knowing if he wanted to fuck me again and again, I'd let him.
    Walking out of the sports complex with him, we swapped numbers and I promised him I'd see him again. Back at home with my wife, I couldn't stop feeling guilty, but I also couldn't stop thinking about how good his cock had felt fucking my asshole. Turning my phone on, I quickly text him and let him know I'd meet him the next day.
    Andy and I have been meeting up probably once a week for the past eleven months. I've come to adore having his large cock deep up my ass, and for his part Andy exclusively only fucks me now. He tells me I should move in with him into his expensive apartment, but I don't think I'm quite ready just yet to live my life as a full on gay man.
    Having said that, it's only a matter of time I think, and I never ever in my whole life thought I'd be saying that to myself.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I keep my pastime to myself, indulging only when I am out of town.

    I got an assignment that took me to Mexico several times, I am a quality control inspector, so I travel quite a bit.

    The guy who received me was a German who was at the assembly plant on behalf of the home office and we got down to business. He was all business, not a joke not a moment of fun. I did notice during one moment when we both excused ourselves to go the restroom that he was definitely what I liked.

    We stayed at this motel/hotel close to the plant and found ourselves having breakfast the next morning and he had to lower his guard and talk. I ventured out and asked him if he had plans for dinner, if he new a place that was descent perhaps I could join him, as I was new to the area. He went on about eating in his room and he didn't go out to eat. I responded, without thinking, and I said the only men who stayed in the room watched porn and masturbated and that masturbating alone was a drag.

    After work he walked up to me, never making reference to our earlier conversation, and said he heard that this small restaurant within walking distance from our motel/hotel had a descent meal. So we went.

    All I wanted was to suck his cock. I did everything I could to broach the subject, I even asked him if he liked to watch porn of guys sucking cock. Quiet, no response, I put my hand on his leg and told him outright that I wanted to suck his cock. That I was very good at it, and had been sucking cock for a very long time and I was sure that getting his cock sucked was far better than masturbating.

    He was uncomfortable, but I pressed my position and when we got to our rooms I asked him to come in. If he didn't like it he could leave. I fell to my knees and rubbed my nose and face up against his pants, I was hungry, I managed to get his cock out and had it in my mouth and sucked hard on it, I got him hard, I undid his pants so that his cock to be free and sucked. His cock was so good, he was big enough and he was hard, for a man his age, he was hard.

    I got off my knees and sat on the bed so I could suck him better and played with his balls and handled his cock with my hand, always sucking on him. I told him to kick his shoes and pants off, I got undressed and helped him out of his shirt and sucked his nipples, and went back to his cock. He was totally passive, he was a masturbator but he had no experience doing what he always wanted. I told him to suck me, which he did but without enthusiasm, I told him to finger me, I love that when I am sucking cock, I wanted to be fingered, to feel his finger all the way up to his knuckle, I love getting fucked and fingering and cock sucking first gets me ready for his cock.

    I gave him my ass and told him to fuck me, he couldn't or he wouldn't and I told him not to leave me like that, I got my lube out and lubed myself and his cock and pulled him down on top of me and grabbed his cock and positioned it so all he had to do was thrust. I had to order him to fuck me, but once he started there was no holding back, he wanted to fuck and he got off in a wild ejaculation.

    I helped him clean up, and suggested a shower for us, but he showered alone and wanted to leave. I let him out the door but told him that from now on we were getting naked together and I expected him to fuck me, to go to his room and watch his porn, but now he new what it was like to get his cock sucked and to fuck a man's ass.

    The next night we had pizza delivered and we sucked cock and fucked.

    This old German went home a changed man, and I went home fully satisfied with myself. Bringing him out into the world, a 57 year old man getting his first cock sucking.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have been into extreme rubber bondage all my adult life, consequently my encounters with females have been few and far between, as most of them have no interest whatsoever! I soon learned that the main possibilities lay in the gay community, where quite a large section is into this, and similar activities. I lucked onto several Vietnam-era army-surplus bodybags, at a surplus store, brand-new, obviously, and made of thin strong canvas, heavily rubberized on the inside. I laboriously adapted them, trimming them down to a snug but not cramp-inducing fit, and installing two zippers, one over my mouth, and the other at my crotch. This allows access to my mouth, and also allows my 'goodies' to be pulled all the way outside, and the zipper snugged tight round the roots, keeping me exposed and vulnerable. Cord, belt or chain can then be secured round my neck, and waist, leaving me utterly and totally helpless and unable to resist anything. Gradually I began meeting males, usually a good bit older than me, who liked the arrangement, and put it to good use, regularly and constantly. Absent any options, I learned how to please orally, often repeatedly, as there were a few couples, and even a group who took me on. I was also introduced to the delights of cbt, orgasm delay and denial, milking, and sadistic masturbation. All good stuff, and combined with the lengthy periods of confinement in the hot slippery rubber, I have been pretty contented with my lot! Right now, for various reasons, I am alone, with no 'users/abusers' on the horizon. The only possibility, is a widow in her seventies, who is still sexually mega-active, God bless her, and is realistic enough to know that her only access to younger males is with someone like me, strange as she may consider me. She says she would be quite happy "riding a rubber bag with a cock" lazily and lengthily. Sounds good, but I am a little concerned about being that helpless with someone who might keel over for good at some stage, leaving me mummified for hell knows how long! Maybe I can tape a single-edged razor-blade to the inside, or to me, just in case! Haven't quite made up my mind yet - still hoping for things as before, instead! Decisions decisions!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    My balls are just now relaxing after unloading up his gorgeous tight asshole. He's about to take a shower shortly, and as soon as I type this, I think I'll join him to have him suck my cock back to life, before I fuck his beautiful cum laden fuck hole again.
    He's waving at me right now to join him. His little cock is spent from having me suck him dry earlier. And he knows from past experience, I'm going to fuck him twice as long and far more aggressively the second time around.
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