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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 46

    I realized I was gay about 10 years ago after having numerous gay sex over the course of about 40 years off and on and in between girlfriends. After my last hetro relationship broke apart I went back to having sex with men which was mostly giving oral and sometimes bottoming ( as I have never topped ) and come to find I truly loved pleasing men. A little about my appearance I am 5'7 and never been a big guy and rarely ever got over 165lbs, I keep myself active and in pretty good shape and I am also not a big fan of having hair on my body so I keep it shaved pretty much head to toe. I also am not hung at only about 5 1/2" and on the thin side of average.
    I live in a small town area and off the beaten path, so finding men to hook up with is not that easy and far and few in between. I guess most are afraid to actually meet for fear they may know me and then their secret would be out but I personally would not put someone out that does not want to be so their secret would be safe with me as for real I am not really out myself. Anyways about a year ago I was checking out men's underwear online and decided it was time to get away from boxer briefs and I haven't worn whitey tighties in years so I was seeing what was new and checking out Mensuas dot com and came across some Daniel Alexander Brazilian cut bikini underwear and I liked the style and material (85% polyamide/15% spandex) so I ordered a few pair and once I got them and tried them on I fell in love with this style as the shape to my ass like bikini's shape a women's ass.
    I didn't think about it and when I was taking my dog for a walk one day we got out to the main road (which don't really have much traffic) I never gave it a thought but I was wearing a pair of purple Brazilian bikini's under a pair of some Russell basketball shorts that were white along with a purplish colored t shirt (as I always match my underwear with my shirts) Anyways I guess the back of my t shirt was kind of caught in the back of the waistband and as I was walking the dog a pickup drove by and slowed down a little and as he drove by he was looking at me but kept going.
    About 5 minutes later the truck was coming back from the other direction and slowed down and I figured he was looking for some place and was stopping to ask me where it was (not uncommon) He stopped and we said our HI's and me being on the other side of the road I started walking towards the truck and when I got to the door he said he liked my purple panties. I was a little off because I wasn't expecting that but after I collected my composer I said they weren't panties but men's Brazilian cut bikini underwear but I was unaware that they showed through my shorts until I looked behind me the best I could and noticed the color difference.
    I asked him if he needed help with something and as I got to the right next to the door I noticed he had his cock out and was stroking it. He said yeah I need help with this and looked down at his cock. He wasn't hung but was a nice 6 1/2 or 7 and a little on the thick side. I smiled and said nice cock. We talked a few minutes and I told him to turn around as there was a logging road just a bit down the road. As I walked he drove off to find a place to turn around and came to the logging road about the time I got there.
    My dog went off into the woods a bit the guy got out of his truck and put the tailgate down and he pulled his pants and underwear down then sat on the tailgate. I got between his legs and started playing with his cock which became rock hard my now. I played and licked and kissed it and was enjoying worshipping his cock and he shifted around a bit so I could kiss and lick his balls for a while. Then he started getting a little demanding telling to suck his cock. I do enjoy men taking charge and I started sucking him and playing with his balls and about 5 minutes later He said swallow that cum and with that he grabbed my head and held me (which he didn't have to because I love swallowing) and then he let loose with 4 or 5 sprits that filled my mouth and even though I was swallowing as fast as I could some still came out the sides of my mouth.
    When he was done shooting he pulled out and rubbed his cock like he was using his finger to get the cum that was on the sides of my mouth then stuck his cock back in my mouth and told me to suck and lick his cock clean. Once we were done he got up pulled his pants up and closed his tailgate and said WOW! you really do love sucking cock, that was a great blowjob and he thanked me got in his truck and headed out.
    I never would have thought this would ever happen but I am glad it did and now any time I know I am walking the dog out on the main road I wear an eye catching color of my Brazilian's and my white shorts but it has been a couple months since that happened and it hasn't happened again and as close as I ever got was twice I had vehicles honk their horn going by but that has been it. I do love my new style underwear which I now have ever color DA makes as well as Cover male but my favorite are my Daniel Alexander's

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I love sex a lot. All my life I been curious about gay sex but never acted on it. I love watching gay sex on the net. My first porn movie I ever saw was deep throat. There's one part in the movie that stuck in my mind. It was her standing getting fucked from behind and another guy licking her clit when the other guys dick slip out hit the other guys face. I all so got turned on with Linda Lovelace sucking big cock. Even all the other porn movies I watched the cocks turned me on. After deep throat I tried self sucking my self all the time. I would end up cumming in my mouth. Then one day after trying for months and streaching I was finely able to stick my tongue out and lick my cock head but still not in my mouth. Years went by I never sucked one yet. That changed 3 weeks ago. There was a married guy that I been chatting with in a tranny chat room for a year in a half.
    The older I got the more I wanted gay sex. I even gotten into cross dressing, panties, bras, stockings, and heels. I use big dildo's on my hungary hole dreaming about it. I made movie clips for him using toys on my self while dressed. He sent me pics and his 7 in uncut cock looked so good my mouth would water. We talked about meeting and did for coffee but still nothing happen.
    We met one early Saturday morning at a indusrial park and we parked way in the back. At his request I wore pink nylon bikini panties under my shorts. He has a 4 door big Titan pick-up the back seat is so big with the front seats all the way up. I was so

    nervous my heart was pounding. He reached over took my shirt off started sucking my male tits. As he was doing that I slide my shorts off sitting in panties only. He rubbed my cock in them as I undid his pants pulling them down. He was wearing no under wear. I grabbed his growing qcock stroking it. He is uncut 7 ins of pure pleasure. He grabbed the back of my head pulling me to his mouth and surprised me sticking his tongue in my mouth. I didn't even think about kissing but was enjoying it. His cock was now hard and big. I thought to my self now or never slide to the floor. I stuck my tongue out licking the tip. I pulled the skin back licking the head tasting his man hood. I slid my mouth down over the shaft sucking and licking him. I was getting into it and wanted his cum. He had other ideas pulling me off it said he didn't want to cum and bent over pulling my panties down under my nut and went dowj sucking me. I was so excited I started cumming in his mouth.
    I said sorry as he swallowed all my cum. He said it was tasty get on the floor lets fuck. On my knees he got behind me reaching between the front seats in the compartment pulled out lube. He pulled my panties to one side gave my cheeks a few spanks and said beg for it. I did just that telling him to fuck me hard and deep. I fely cold lube then his cock at my hole pushing it in me. I told him as he slide in me how big he is and I love being his bitch and love that he is the first to fuck me. He was all the way in his big balls on mine. He started to pound me. I told him to cum in me make me his. He did just that to filling me up. After he stop shooting he was kissing my neck. His cock slipped out with cum running out. I felt so relaxed and had a after glow.
    We since repeated it and I finely having gay sex I dreamed about all these years. I confession I am now a cocksucker bottom and glade I finely did it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Minutes after we'd finished I felt a little guilty. But during our hour long session at the motel we'd just had, I couldn't get enough of his mouth around my cock and feel his tight young asshole taking every inch of my cock.
    My wife was as usual playing golf with her snobby friends (I hate golf). So I took the opportunity to text Alex a young guy I'd met through work. We first met when I got stuck in his small town during a snow blizzard two years ago. He was seventeen then and on the prowl for as he's said, a "fuck daddy".
    I walked into his moms B&B, and immediately became fascinated by the very handsome young man, who clearly saw me as a sexual challenge. It was Alex who booked me in as his mom was caught out too halfway back from her sisters. She turned back and drove down the mountain and that's where she was when I walked into her establishment.
    Showing me my room, I phoned my wife, or tried to, and had Alex ask me if I needed anything else. I was about to say I was fine, when he said "I could suck you off if you like".
    You tell me how you get from being a married straight man, to having a young seventeen year old sucking away greedily on your dick, even before you've put your bag away. I'm still even now, not sure how and why I ended up spunking my load down his throat, but I did and it felt totally awesome. Alex excused himself, closed the door behind him and I sat on the bed trying to register with myself what I'd just done. Later on he knocked on the door and told me his mom would staying down the mountain for the night, and if I wanted, he'd offer me some company.
    His warm wet mouth felt just as good the second time, and I knew from the condoms he'd brought with him, it wasn't just his mouth he wanted fucking. Being new to the whole gay scene I really didn't know what to expect or do. So once I'd become fully erect, I told Alex to show me what he wanted. He immediately knelt on the bed, smeared his asshole with some hair conditioner and told me to fuck him. I didn't know it then, but like me, Alex was a male anal virgin.
    After rolling the condom down my cock, I put it to his asshole and very slowly eased it up his rear hole. We took our time, as we had lots of it, and eventually his ass gave way and my cock buried itself up his amazing ass. From one position to another, once we became used to one another's sexual wants and rhythms we went for it. In total I think we fucked for over an hour, with Alex sucking on my cock half way through, because he wanted to taste himself.
    With his legs on my shoulders and me tossing him off, I filled the condom deep up his ass and then watched his cum flying out of his small cock, landing all over his stomach. Alex slept with with me that night and I found myself sliding up his ass in the early hours of the morning. My dick was ragingly hard and I didn't bother to wear a condom. Spooning the young man I fucked and kissed him until I came spurting my load up his asshole.
    His mom arrived a little before nine and made me and Alex breakfast. I phoned home then work, to let them know I'd be back in the city by ten o'clock. My wife couldn't have cared less I was stuck overnight, as her golf society was having it's annual get together. As for work, I got the day off for spending the night stuck on their behalf in a snow blizzard.
    Three days later I got a text from Alex asking me if I'd call by. His mom was out attending a town planning meeting (She's the chairperson). Alex was charged with looking after the place and I was only half an hour away in a different town. Completing my work as quickly as I could, I drove over to Alex's moms B&B, then spent the afternoon fucking that young man all over their home.
    Alex is now twenty and we've been fucking for nearly three years. The reason I felt guilty at the motel last week, was because I couldn't spent too much time with Alex at first. He'd driven down to meet me to have some fun, and I'd promised him we'd have all day to fuck. But work had been in touch and I had to leave him for a while. The guilt went when I got back to the motel and we continued fucking for the rest of the afternoon. And the best part about last week, was Alex telling me he's moving down close to where we live to attend his new college course. He'll literally be five minutes walking distance away from our home. Which means when my wife plays golf (Usually three to four times a week) I'll be able to have as much fun as I like with Alex at our home.

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    Straight Male / 24

    It was a few of us at the end of a party. It was 8 of us in total (2 guys, 6 women). The women tried encouraging me and the other guy to show a little bit. We were both drunk and had snorted a little coke so we were a little out of it but not too much. After a few more drinks and a little more coke we took our shirts off and were flexing our pecs and biceps for the women. With the women cheering and encouraging us further the other guy took his pants off and I decided to follow. I took my pants off too and even took my socks off which he did too now. We were literally in just our underwear in front of these women. We snorted a little more coke and next I found myself naked and the other guy sucking me off in front of everyone. His underwear were still on. He finally stopped after he made me cum. The women were cheering louder now and I guess being that I felt embarrassed by what the women saw happen I pulled his underwear off and began sucking him. Not exactly the best way to get back at him but being drunk and high made sense at the time. I wasn't gay but now had done this in front of everyone who may now think I was. Once I made him cum the women cheered even louder. They must have enjoyed us getting naked and going as far as we did in front of them. Soon after, we got dressed and left.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I just sucked off 14 cocks and swallowed every drop of cum

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    Straight Male / 26

    Three days back I was round at my friend Kyle's home. We've been friends since we were both in school together. Having had lots of alcohol during the evening, I must have crashed out on his sofa. Because waking up much later on I found not only was I semi naked, but I was receiving the best blow job anyone had ever given me.
    Kyle was on his knees naked front of me, licking and sucking on my cock and balls, whilst stroking his own much smaller dick. I didn't let on at first I was awake and just allowed him to carry on giving me an awesome blow job. We both obviously knew about each others girlfriends, but it didn't matter as Kyle worked wonders with his tongue and mouth on my ever hardening cock.
    Then just before I desperately needed to bust my nut, I could no longer hide I was awake and gripped his hair. Forcing him to take me deeper down his throat, I came so hard, filling his mouth with my hot sticky cum. Kyle gulped a couple of times, sucked along the length of my dick as if to extract every morsel of my seed, then slowly released my cock. Not saying a word, he got up, took himself off to bed and I presume went to sleep.
    The following morning we acted as if nothing had happened. That was until after breakfast and I was ready to leave. Kyle thanked me for calling by, then promptly dropped to his knees. I stood there in his hallway as my best friend for the second time in less than eight hours gave me some of the best head ever. Again I came down his throat and watched him swallow the lot. He was still on his kness smiling as I left his apartment.
    Later that day he thanked me helping him fulfill a fantasy he'd apparently had for years. His text also asked me two things. If I was staying again next week, and if so would I consider fucking him.
    I've put myself down as straight, and other than those two blow jobs, I have been. But over the last few hours I've seriously thought about what he's asked of me, and I must say I've become horny beach time I think about fucking his tight asshole.
    Maybe, just maybe it's time to see what all the fuss is about, fucking a cute guys asshole ?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    In the last week I've had two of the most amazing sexual experiences.
    The first was as I was walking my dog through part of the countryside close to our home, I came across two young guys engaging in oral sex. Time to turn around and walk away, you might think. Well I didn't. Instead I stood there watching, became erect and longed to have my cock sucked just as much as one of the young men were having theirs sucked.
    Not sure how long I was stood there watching, becoming ever more turned on, but eventually they noticed my, or rather my dog who barked. They didn't try to hide what they'd been doing or indeed stop what they were doing. Instead the young man who had been sucking his friends cock asked me if "I'd like to be blown".
    A couple of minutes later, with the dog tied up next to a tree, I was stood leant against another tree having my cock sucked by both young men, who took turns to pleasure me. Again I'm not sure how long it all lasted, maybe ten minutes, but eventually I spunked my load all over both of these faces. Fifteen minutes after that, and taking the youngests mobile number, I was walking myself and my dog up our garden path, being greeted by my wife.
    Two days later I received a text message from the youngest guy. It said "Meet today, same spot, bring condoms".
    I arrived early with condoms, a tube of lube and some wet wipes. Only the youngest guy turned up. There wasn't much conversation before he had my cock out and was sucking on it, and I didn't waste too much time having him suck me either. We both knew why we were there, so tearing off the wrapper of a condom, rolling it down all eight inches of my dick, then smearing lots of lube all over his cute tight looking arsehole, I simply thrust into beautiful arse as he leaned forwards onto a tree. I was going to start slow, but the young man turned his head around and said "Give it to me hard, it's the only way I can cum being fucked".
    So basically I did.
    Once his arsehole fully accepted my cock, I went for it. I fucked that young man like I'd not been able to have sex with my wife in years. I used him completely as a fuck tool. A whole to get myself off, but not before he'd cum, spurting his seed all over the tree in front if him from his small slim, yet very erect cock.
    Moments later with my hands gripping his tussled hair, I came too, filling the condom inside his sweet tight arse. Pulling out I knew whatsit wanted, and he didn't dissapoint. Squatting down he slurped and sucked am along my cock, filling his mouth with my cum. Once my dick was clean he rose up and kissed me. It was unexpected, but all the same I returned the kiss and tasted myself for the very first time in my life.
    My wife had our evening meal ready when I got back, and just as I tucked into it, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my young friend. It reads "Thanks for the fun, love to fuck again soon, text me".
    I text him later that night. We're meeting up later today, but at a friends place, who's house I'm looking after as he's away on business for a month. They'll be no rushing or keeping an eye out for dog walkers like myself. It'll be myself and my young fuck friend taking our time doing things sexually only a wet ago, I never in my life thought I'd ever do.
    Now I simply cannot wait to bury my cock up his young gorgeous arsehole again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Have to share! Just got back from my first real gay sex. I call myself straight because I'm only interested in relationships with women, but find a lot of pleasure from that magical anal spot. I've had several girls please me with their fingers, but I knew I wanted to try more.

    Turned tinder on men just for shits and giggles. Ended up matching with this guy and talking about sex. He convinces me to come over so he can take my ass. I'm not even attracted to men besides their cocks, but this guy was handsome. Tall, muscular. His cock was beautiful. 7.5 inches cut, stands straight up, and thick. I'm a good 6", but man I looked tiny next to that thing. Hand wrapped all the way around. I've sucked two cocks before but man his was way more fun to suck. Couldn't get it all in my mouth. He also gave me an amazing blow job. I was so nervous was though so was having trouble getting hard.

    Without much more play he was close to cumming, so he wanted my ass. I can't believe a condom fit on him. He put a ton of lube on and I lubed up my virgin ass. I bent over, doggy style, arching my back and offered my whole. He had to push pretty hard, but it popped in. My ass felt soooo full. No stinging pain but so much pressure. He pushed more and got his cock balls deep in my ass. He reached around grabbed my hard cock and thruster about 3 times before I cummed all over his bed sheets below us. While coming down from my orgasm he grabbed my hips and fucked me, hurt pretty bad but I tried to fuck back. Within a dozen thrusts he cummed deep in my ass.

    So short but so sweet. Now back to women.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    It so happened that my brother's girlfriend was to come over at our place and stay for the weekend. Whenever dad is out of station bro calls his girl over since she lives here alone. When I had a boyfriend I did the same too, but now I'm single and its boring. So brother went out for some work and said he'll be home in 2-3 hours. His girlfriend (let's call her Sarah here) came over earlier than expected. So I told her he wasn't home yet so maybe we can have some fun. Sarah and I were good friends already, she's an year elder to me. Sarah changed into this sexy underwear and a crop top and came to my room so we could, you know, sort of Netflix and chill.
    We were sort of watching something and this lesbian thing came up and she asked me if I ever made out with women. I didn't and neither did she so we thought of trying something. We put on some lesbian porn on the laptop and put some romantic soft music and started making out. It was hottttt! She was wet in no time. We licked each other and did every other thing like fingering, pussy rubbing against each other and then the door bell rang. So brother came and gosh we dressed and went down. Sarah became more close to me since that day. We make out often now, and I think bro has a hint about it but doesn't mind. Yayyyy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    my confession is from my childhood and is something i have only ever told one person before.When i was 11 and just entered high school/ secondary education i was in the care of the local authority, i was very feminine looking small and afraid of violence just the threat of violance used to make me shake,Well one day i played truant and went to the local park, this park had a bad reputation especially at night when the police would almost daily arrest someone in there.I didnt think anything of that after all it was daytime.
    While i was playing on the park i needed the toilet so i went to the public ones, they were only small and pretty much out of the way, so i was having a piss at the urinals when this old guy came in he must of been about 50 years old and big, so big he blocked the light out when he stood at the door. Something about him made me wary and i started to shake he just looked at me and laughed, he asked me how oold i was and i didnt answer so he grabbed me by my arms and shook me shouting in my face, i started to cry and hung my head, he laughed and asked me again how old was i so i told him i was 11, he literally moaned when he found out how young i was.He started to ask me more questions like my name and what i was doing there, then he asked about my parents did they know i was playing truant, all this time i was stood there with my school pants round my ankles being a child and terrified i told him i was in a care home and thats when he laughed and pushed me to my knees.
    Grabbing me by the hair he unzipped himself and pulled his cock out, he was hard already he tried to shove it in my mouth but i kept my mouth closed, so all he could do was rub it over my face.When he got bored with this and after leaving a trail of pre cum over my face he raised his hand to hit me, as i said violence scared me so when he went to hit me i opened my mouth which he immediatly filled with his cock chocking me with it he just grabbed my head and used my mouth making me gag and retch, then he held still and told me to suck him or he would hammer me untill i was unconcious, so i tried to suck him, i was not very good at it as i had never seen any one having oral sex.Well he got pissed off at this and pulled me up telling me to strip off quickly.I undressed quickly till i was naked and shaking, he grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced me over the sink till i was bent over with my arse up.I had no idea what he planned i had never heard of anal sex before, he started to play with my cock which was limp and didnt get hard so he started to slap my arse, he said he would stop when i begged him to use my mouth again, im not ashamed to say that after about 3 slaps i was begging him to do it, he wasnt happy and carried on wanting me to phrase it right he told me what i should say and what language i should use.So there i was 11 years old naked and bent over in a public toilet while some old man spanked me, i started to beg him to " shove his cock down my throat and fuck my mouth till he came" i was crying very hard by now and it just turned him on more.
    He pushed me to my knees again and shoved his cock back in my mouth warning me about my teeth, then he fucked my mouth holding my head still has he did so,he was moaning and calling me a dirty little cocksucker saying he was going to shoot in my mouth and i better not spill any or he would take my clothes with him and i would spend the day in there naked, after about 5 minutes he grabbed my head and held me still pulling his cock almost out untill only the head was in my mouth he came, i tried to swallow it all but it just overflowed running past my lips and over my chin, when he had finished he started to shout at me because i hadnt swallowed it all he slapped me and told me i was to stay naked untill he came back later in the afternoon, he gathered my clothes up and grabbbed me by the troat he slapped me 4/5 times and told me to get on my knees and stay like that untill he came back, he told me to service anyone who came in and thank them afterwards, he took my stuff with him and said if i wasnt on my knees when he came back he would use his belt on me.
    I stayed on my knees naked and crying to scared to move in case he came back, it was nearly an hour before i saw anyone again. I had just stopped crying when the truant officer walked in, seems that this park was well known for truants and he checked it daily,he told me to stand up but i said i couldnt i had been told not to, he asked me why and i said the truth, i was very stupid at that age and told him i was told to stay on my knees and sevice anyone who wanted it, he laughed and unzipped, i started to cry again which made him laugh, he walked up to me and said " open slut" so i opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in, his cock was much smaller than the first one and didnt gag me as much, he fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes and then came in my face.He zzipped up and told me to leave the cum on my face and next time he saw me he was gonna fuck me.I knelt there with tears streaming down my face mixing with his cum.
    I was there all day and 1 other guy came in he didnt use me he just pissed in my face and called me a faggot queer boy.I was there on my knees when the old guy came back ( lets call him steve ) well Steve laughed and asked me if i had moved i said no i hadent, he asked if anyone found me and i said yes and told him what happened, he pulled his cock out again and said i could get dressed when i made him cum but i had to beg for it, i begged and begged for him to fuck my mouth and let me swallow his cum.He fucked my mouth again untill he came this time i was a bit more ready and managed to swallow it all.He gave me my clothes back and when i had got cleaned up and dressed he told me he wanted me to be there the next day early or else he would wait outside the care home and i would suffer.
    I am ashamed to say it but next day i was there early, i waited outside for him to arrive i was scared and shaking like a leaf,while i was there i saw two guys leave the female toilets laughing, they looked at me and grinned saying i was lucky they were drained or i would be their fuck toy for the day.Has they wre laughing at me he walked up and started to talk to them i didnt hear what was said but he laughed when they were talking.They walked up to me and grabbed my cock through my trousers saying they would see me soon.
    After they left he walked up to me and slapped me hard knocking me over, i lay there crying and he told me to stand up or else, i got to my feet and he raised his hand asking me what i wanted, i knew what to say so i begged him to fuck my mouth, he laughed and told me to follow him. We went into the females toilets and he laughed and laughed when he moved i saw what he was laughing at, bent over the sink was a young girl in school uniform, her skirt was up over her waist and her knickers were round one ankle, she was crying and clearly had just been fucked, thhere was cum running down her legs, he grabbed me and told me to clean her up making me get down behind her and clean the cum off her legs.Then he made me lie down on the floor and made her squat over my mouth letting the cum pour out of her c**t into me mouth.He told use both to strip and he made me put her clothes on but left her naked.Having told her to stay bent over the sink he took me with him dressed in her school uniform with her knickers on me, he took me to his car and told me to get in, has i was getting in he ran his hands over my arse and cock and siad he was going to enjoy this.He took me to this house it was in the rich part of town and quite big i was told to be a good slut and if i was asked what i was there for i was to tell them i was there has their fucktoy.
    I was taken into the garage where i saw a bed and cameras all over the place i was told to sit on the bed and wait.I sat for a few minutes while he went inside and when he came back he wasnt alone, he came back with 5 other men and i knew that i was going to be used.I was told to stand and show them my knickers which i did then they started the cameras, thiis was no lovey dovey sex this was violent r**e i was bbeaten and made to suck them all off swallowing each time then they made me get on the bed on my hands and knees.Steve came up behind me and puled the knickers off i felt cool stuff on my asshole then immense pain, the pain was that bad i passed out, that didnt stop him he fucked my ass and when i came to he shoved the knickers in my mouth.Because i had been unconcious it saved me from serious damage has my asshole had relaxed letting him get his cock all the way up me..He fucked me hard whilst i screamed into the knickers gagging me, after about 10 minutes he grunted and drove his cock deep inside my ass and emptied his balls up me.
    The others then took turns in fucking me up the arse each time it got easier untill eventually they had drained them selves in my arse or mouth all captured on camera.i was left on that bed crying and with cum poring out of my arse for about an hour when he came back and dragged me to my feet, he put me in the back of his car and drove us back to the park,when we got back to the toilets i could hear the girl whos clothes i was wearing being fucked moaning and begging for them to do it harder, we went in and she was bent over with a young lad pounding her from behind he looked up when we entered and looked at me in girls clothes and then at steve then back to me.Steve told him he could fuck my ass if he wanted and the lad said yes, i was bent over next to her and he rammed his cock up me he fucked my ass hard making me jerk forward untill he groaned and came in me, he sorted himself out thanked steve and left.Steve asked her how many people had used her and she said 7 she was covered in cum it was running like a river from her pussy steve made me kneel behind her and clean her up using my tongue only.After i cleaned her steve made her suck my cock i did get hard and had a dry orgasm,this was a friday and i didnt leave the care home all weekend, giving my arse time to recover.
    For the next week i went to school but i was bullied and beaten up twice, so the next monday found me back in the park again i cannot explain why i did what i did but i went to the toilets and waited for him to turn up, while i was stood outside a woman turned up and went into the womens toilet,10 mins later she came out wearing only stockings and suspenders and looked at me she walked over to me i suppose my stance and demeanour told her she could do what she wanted because she walked up to me and kicked me in the balls, i fell to the floor in absolute agony, she started to kick me and slap me untill i was begging her to stop, she said why should she and i said i would do anything she wantd if she would stop, she said ok but if i hesitate or refuse i would get another beating and she wouldnt stop.I promised i wouldnt hesitae or refuse and she said i had 30 seconds to get stripped or i was gonna get kicked in the balls again, i was stripping before she finished and was stood outside naked in 25 seconds.She said i had to prove myself and to lie down on my back with my mouth open i lay down and she squatted above me she told me to drink and not close my mouth or else, she then started to piss in my mouth i didnt close my mouth or move i drank what i could untill she had finished.She stood up and told me to follow her into the toilets, when we entered i saw the same girl ( her name was lucy i later found out ) she was on the floor legs wide open fucking hherself with a dildo, there were a couple of other sex toys lying around including a strapon which she put on and then bent me ovr the sibnks and fucked my ass, she was fucking me for about 15 miinutes before she stopped and told lucy to get me hard, lucy sucked my cock and i got hard theen she told lucy to bend over and fuck herself with the dildo, i was told to shove my cock up her ass, this was the first time i did anything like that so it was a bit hit and miss so she made e lie down and told lucy to ride me she didnt hesitate ( i later found out that this had been happening to her since she was 8 yrs old) she rode me while julie played with herself when i came( no sperm just feeling) she made lucy put the strapon around her waist and fuck me, this went on for about 20 min during which i licked julie untill she came, wasnt me who made her cum i was just a tongue on her c**t.She got herself together and put her stuff away, she asked me about myself age name where i lived and said she would be seeing me soon.She left and we were sat there naked neither of us attempted to get dressed we just sat there and talked.We were still talking when 2 guys walked in lucy just got on her knees and opened her mouth, so i did the same she took one cock and i took the other when they had enough of us sucking we were bent over side by side and fucked i was fucked in the ass and she was fucked in her pussy, when they came they zipped up and walked out , to this day i cannot explainn why i did what i did but after they left i got on my knees behind her and licked her clean.
    She said that her parents made her go ther 3/4 times a week and stay till they collected her, she said that she would often be left there for 24 hours and had even been taken away for a few days by a gang who filmed her being gang banged.
    I fell in love with lucy that day and we are still together today, anyway i told her i would be there anytime she wanted and she asked me to be there the next day to help her, i said i would we sat there untill i had to go.
    Next day i was there early and went to check if she was there she wasnt yet so i waited around, i had been there about 25 minutes when she turned up with her father she had her skirt round her waist and no underwear, he walked over to me and shoved his cock in my mouth,i sucked him till he came and swallowed his cum.He told lucy he would be back for her in the morning and left her she got undressed and stood by the doors of the toilets naked so i did, we both got fucked a couple of times that day and i stayed with her over night.You wouldnt believe the sort of people who wre into that sort of thing back thenn but i have been fucked by police officers, social workers and every other type of profession there is.I went to them toilets for about 8 months 2/3 times a wek some days i would get fucked by 1/2 people other times 4/5 i would stand outside naked untill someone wanted me then i would do what they wanted fuck my mouth or ass many times both me and lucy would be fucked together and i would always clean her up with my tongue.During that time we were taken to a wharehouse and kept for 2 weeks being filmed being fucked i made filmes where i got " r**ed " by a group of 6 men 2 black they had the biggest cocks i had ever seen and loved to pound me and lucy together.Then one day out of the blue i was moved to another care facility in Wales ( this place is now infamous for the abuse we suffered there ) i was 12 when i arrived and 15 when i left, i was strpped on entry and 3 members of staff fucked me i was then given the clothes i would be wearing nice little schoolgirl outfit with white panties, for 3 years i was fucked daily rented out to politicians police doctors social workers tv personalities, i wore the schoolgirl uniform everyday i was inside the care home we were just fuck toys for anyone who wanted us, i would lie awake at night hearing the new ones scream has they were r**ed girls were the worst if a new girl came in they would bring in all the staff and she would be r**ed in the tv room and we were all made to take part, we r**ed each other on command because if you disobeyed them they would put you out inn the kennnel where you were used by all the local perves, i went there twice once when i was 14 and refused to r**e a young 10 year old girl and i was fucked bu 23 men in 24 hours i was put in hospital that time but no one cared when i recovered they made me take my turn on the young girl any way.The second time was 6 months later when i refused to suck off the dog of a famous politcian and his evil bitch wife.It was at that point i realized how bad things were i was chaned in the kennel and used by so many men i lost count i was there for 3 days no food only cum inside my stomach.I was asked if i would do as i was told i said yes,2 days later i was back at his house with my mouth round their dogs cock while his evil bitch wife fucked me with a strapon.
    I got a letter off lucy saying she was in a care home now cause someone had found out, they used her against me there are a lot of things i did that when thought about bring on deep depression but even though the police know all this because of their own involvment they treated it with kid gloves and said we were not to blame, we were once made to r**e another laads mother infront of him 6 14 year old lads me being one r**ed her for 2 days she never said a word and i saw her a few times after that when making films,oh yes there are a few films out there of me.She would have sex with young boys and make r**e films with young girls i think she thought she was protectin him but she wasnt he still got abused.It was a common sight to see one of the kids being fucked when we walked about the home visitors would often walk in the tv room choose someone and do them there and then in front of everybody, one or two of the other kids actually enjoyed the situation, i remember at least 4 lads and 2 girls who activly took part in the abuse i even spent one night with one 14 year old fucking my mouth while a 16 year old fucked me, they loved it.This is only a fraction of my confession part two to follow.

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