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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was 16 I never knew about same sex stuff. My arousal came solely from girls and Playboy. It wasn't until I was seduced by a guy in my class that gay sex existed, and that after that first experience I would develop a lust that would stay with me.
    Totally innocent and ignorant to gay or lesbian sex, this guy, who would become a sexual partner for 8 years, invited me to his house on a school weeknight, telling me his parents were away and that we could get stoned and drink some beer. This sounded fine to me and I thought nothing of any ulterior motive as I drove to his house after dinner, wearing only blue jean cutoffs and a t shirt. I hadn't worn underwear for years as I found them unnecessary, uncomfortable and restricting. Part of me also was liked that my cook was readily available for masturbating, as I frequently did as a typical teenager.
    He met me at the door and we went to the family room, he sat on a chair and me on the sofa, smoked a joint, drank some beer, and soon I was pleasantly buzzed and relaxed.
    We watched tv and after a bit, I needed to lay down as my back was sore and I was semi wasted.
    I laid down on the floor on my stomach and watched tv, he asked if I was ok, told him my back was sore.
    Before I knew it, he was kneeling next to me and began to rub my back.
    I felt weird having a guy touch me, but the back rub did feel good, and he told me to relax.
    His hands worked up my back, in the process bunching up my t shirt so my back was bare, exposed.
    He rubbed my shoulders and said that the t shirt was in the way and pulled it over my head.
    I offered no resistance but felt odd laying there with my t shirt off.
    His hands returned to my now bare skin and he continued the back rub.
    I still had no notion that any of this was sexual.
    It wasn't until his hands went down my back and his fingers just slightly went under the top edge of my cutoffs.
    I felt an odd arousal, yet laid there not considering that it was sexual. After all, I had no idea of same sex stuff.
    His fingers went a bit deeper inside my cutoffs until his fingers actually touched my ass cheeks.
    He then began to move his hands to my sides and I realized that I was getting aroused.
    My cock was getting hard.
    It was called confusing and arousing at the same time, yet I remain frozen to moving. I didn't know what was happening and the arousal was pleasant.
    He became bolder and his hands went to my sides, and then under me, his fingers still inside my cutoffs.
    I became a bit panicked as now I was totally hard and his touch was obviously sexual.
    I thought about getting up and stopping what was happening, but my cock was over ruling my brain.
    He then moved his fingers to the button and zipper on my cutoffs, and to my shock I lifted my hips as he unbuttoned and unzipped me.
    His fingers were so close to my cock I thought my secret was going to become known, as if he didn't know that he made my cock hard.
    He then said we need to et these off, and he pulled off my cutoffs.
    When he had totally removed them and I lay there totally naked on my stomach, did I realize that I had let's a guy touch and strip me. And that I was liking this, my cock was throbbing.
    His hands began to touch my calves and he moved upwards to my thighs, then pressing them and apart and his fingers teasing nearer my crotch, coming close to touching my balls, his fingers lightly tracing my ass crack.
    I wasn't freaking but thought I needed to stop this but knew if I got up it would be obvious that I was aroused and liked what was happening.
    His hands went up my back and then he gently touched my ass and his hands moved to my sides.
    I think I was almost gasping at this point.
    He moved to my side and he pulled me into my side, revealing my swollen cock.
    I had now succumbed and wondered what he would do next.
    His hands went across my stomach, teasing, but not touching my cock that was fully revealed and giving away my arouaal.
    I reached the point where I needed to have him touch my cock, I wanted him too, I wanted to cum.
    I moved my body so that his hands touched my cock and he lightly touched me, I wanted more.
    He knew I was ready, I didn't know for what, and he held my cock and told me we should go the bedroom.
    Never letting go, we got up and he led me down the hall to his parents bedroom and told me to lay down.
    I was totally compliant and laid down on my back, my hard cock yearning for touch, all the while wondering what was going to happen next.
    He moved to the foot of the bed and began to strip, I could see the bulge in his pants and I was both scared and excited as to what he was going to do next.
    Once he was naked, I saw for the first time another guy's hard cock. It was bigger than mine, about 8", cut and very hard.
    He got on his knees and straddled me, the bare skin of his legs touching mine.
    I could only look down and stare at his cock, and it soon grazed my leg.
    I thought this was totally wrong, but once again my lust kept me from moving.
    As he moved up he spread my legs so that his cock now touched my inner thigh and then grazed my balls until his cock brushed mine. I looked on in amazement and really liked how it felt, smooth, hard and warm.
    For the first time I occurred to me that he was going to put that big cock in my ass.
    It scared me, but I was so hot that I decided I was willing.
    He got up to get some lube and knelt over me, first getting me all slippery, then his cock, until he then rubbed our cocks together.
    That feeling and sight would be one that I would replicate many times in the future, though I didn't know that then.
    The head of his cock grazed my balls and he moved my legs further apart, I willingly complied.
    But rather than fucking me, he slowly moved his hard cock against mine.
    My eyes were fixated on the sight and I lost any inhibition.
    I realized that I was reaching the point of wasn't something that I was sure I wanted to do as it would be a vindication of my pleasure.
    I couldn't stop the feeling and my cock spasmed, shooting cum onto my chest and stomach, jerking and pulsing.
    He then let go as my orgasm was subsiding, splattering his cum on my stomach and cock.
    Once my lust subsided, I felt very guilty and got up and went to the bathroom, mortified that this had happened.
    I saw myself in the bathroom mirror, cum all over my cock, stomach and chest.
    He came in behind me and I saw his still hard cock, slick with lube and cum.
    He told me I should stay, but I was disgusted with myself.
    I wiped off the cum and went to the family room, dressed and left quickly...thinking if I left, this never happened.
    I got home and thought for sure that it would be obvious that I had been with a guy, he had made me cum.
    No one found out, but over the next 2 days the experience was all I could think of, and to my surprise instead of looking at Girls and Playboy, I instead relived my first gay experience and had mind blowing orgasms.
    On the third day, my lust was too much. I asked him at school if I could come over, he said yes, his parents were again gone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    So I am straight.... or at least was until about a few days ago I had sex with a guy. I have a girlfriend but things were stale so I went to the bar. While there a guy and his wife had invited me to their house eventually leading up to us tag teaming his wife. After a couple of hours of sex his wife decided to go take a shower. Figuring we were done I started getting dressed until I felt a hand on my ass. I turn around and the guy stood naked in front of me where we locked eyes. I don't know what came over me but I went in and kissed him. After making out a minute he asked what I wanted so I just laid back. He then spread me open and fucked me. Immediately I freaked out that a dick was in me but trying to get up he kissed me again, so I just laid there and took it. He pounded my ass for almost 15 minutes til he came in me. Then he said it was my turn, so he bent over and I fucked him in the ass. Being so horny from getting fucked so hard I came almost instantly. His wife still in the shower I get dressed to leave. As i Head to the door the man comes up to me said "Thank you" kissed me then asked "Please don't tell my wife what we did."

    Now just days later I'm so horny. My girlfriend have had sex a couple times since then but its just not the same. I love her but I want to feel a hard dick that leaves warm wet cum in my ass

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I was 18 the first the I suppose sucked another man's cock, I had been having gay urges for years but was too scared to act on them. I read a lot of gay magazines and rented gay porn. I finally decided to act on it. There was a gay porn theatre in downtown Boston that advertised in the local paper that had ads for escorts in it.
    I took the subway downtown and headed for the theater I walked by a few times before I got the nerve to go in. Much to my surprise it was an older couple selling the tickets I later found out they owned the place. I bought my ticket and headed in, I walked into the dark theatre. I could see shadows of men with Thier fist pumping up and down. I found an empty row and sat down , I looked up and right on the screen larger than life was a guy getting fucked up the ass.
    After a few minutes an older guy sat next to me and told me to come to the restroom and he would blow me. I followed him into a stall he sat on the toilet I pulled my cock out and he started sucking, after a few minutes he stood up and pushed me down on the toilet and stuck his cock in my mouth. He stated salty I kept sucking until I felt him getting ready to cum he wanted me to swallow but I was afriad to. So he shot his load all over my belly I jerked myself off, he left I sat there confused while our loads mixed together on my belly. I looked up and there was about 8 guys looking at me that just got a show.
    I though I lost my taste for cock but it would come back a few years later

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    So far it's been a very simple arrangement. He'll already be waiting in his workplace toilets when I arrive. It's always the fifth stall, the end one which has room for wheelchair access. His jogging bottoms and boxers will be already hung on the toilet door and his arsehole will be lubed. I'll arrive just after six, which is half an hour after my finishing time at work, and I'll enter the stall with him. Some days he'll suck on my dick for while until I'm good and hard. Other days like today, I was already straining to fuck him. So dropping my trousers, I had him face the toilet bowl and raise up his arse to me. Seconds later rolling on the condom he'd brought with him, I put my cock head to his rear hole and thrust in. Like nearly every time we've fucked at the train station toilets, it's a quick fast and hard fuck. There's no finesse to how I fuck him, it's just banging away from the word go. Even if other men enter I don't stop, as I know they don't give a shit who's having sex. Indeed some of them might be wishing it was them who was screwing him, but he's all mine. Once my orgasm had built up as I pounded his arsehole, I let him know and he had me pull out. Dragging the condom off my cock as he turned, he dropped down and let me slide my cock over his tongue. Wrapping his lips around my cock, he sucked in my dick and I unloaded in his mouth. Swallowing all of my seed he stood up and smiled at me. Looking down at the young nineteen year old lad, I said thank you to my nephew and left the stall still dressing myself. Five minutes after exiting the toilets, I was was walking into my home and kissing my wife good evening. Tomorrow will be a little different as my wife will be working when I finish, so instead of the toilets, my nephew will be spending time in our bed with me. I sure hope he's ready for a damn good fucking.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Even now as a married pensioner, I still cruise a park relatively close to where we live live, for sex. And have been doing for over twenty years.
    Most days when I do hook up with another guy, it's pretty much always someone younger than me who wants my cock (I'm well endowed) to suck to completion. But every now and then (quite a lot recently) I'll meet a younger man, or someone around my age who wants me to suck them, and who then wants to fuck me.
    I was always a top, and loved having guys suck me off, or if I met the right guy, someone to fuck. And with my increasing years I just learned to accept I'd probably not get as much sex as I desire. Yet the opposite is now happening. Not only that, but also I'm finding men who find my erection a real turn on, as it flops about when they fuck me.
    This past few months I've met a young guy, who's twenty eight years old. A slim geeky computer type of guy, who absolutely cannot get enough of my asshole. Sometimes when we'd fucked in my car or at a place just outside of the park, we'd have sex almost immediately again, after I've sucked his extremely large cock to its full size. And very recently (Around a month back) he's begun to book a motel room near to his place of work, where we meet during his lunch hour for sex.
    Because we're in an enclosed environment and on a bed, he really fucks me hard, always making me cum this way without even touching myself. Last week I asked him why he found me so attractive and why he fucks me the way he does (Not that I was complaining) He replied very matter of factly "Because my uncle and I used to fuck when I was younger. He's dead now". It seems he likes older men and also loves to fuck them hard.
    I might be nearing seventy, but as far as I'm concerned my sex life has only just begun for real. And long may it last, I say.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I was getting the roof of my house replaced. There were 6 guys doing the work and whenever they needed to urinate instead of using the bathroom inside they would go behind this bush I had for some privacy. The bush was a few feet from a basement window and being that I spend a lot of time in my basement I pretty well saw each of them pull their cocks out to pee. I am not gay but seeing their cocks was a bit arousing. Once they were done the actual roof the following day they had one of the guys, who I guess was about 25, comeback to clean up the debris that was still on the ground. It was a very hot day and the guy was wearing only a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Soon the t-shirt was off and he was working only in his shorts. I could see he was really sweating and he asked about using the garden hose to wash away some of the dirt. I had seen his a cock on previous days but I was about to get a surprise today. He went behind the bush and I figured he was going to pee but he stripped down fully and hosed himself off with the garden hose. It was very arousing to watch him do this. He would them put on his shorts and do some more work. He would do this about every 15-20 minutes. I don't think he knew I was watching him do this and I was quite enjoying this regular show. After him doing this for about an hour or so I wanted to confront him just to see how he would react. I waited until just as he stripped naked and came out with a bottle of water for him. He apologized being naked and I told him it was not a problem as it was a very hot and that I do the same thing regularly, adding it was a very private yard and he could even work naked if he wanted. He took the water but after hosing himself down he put his shorts back on. I wanted to see him working naked but didn't think it would happen unless I could convince him somehow. I decided to check up on him a few minutes later and did so by going out there naked. I think he was shocked and surprised but didn't say anything. I saw him go and hose himself off again but this time he didn't put his shorts back on. He was working naked now just as I was hoping so I went out to check on him again. There we were both naked talking and he said he was going to be done shortly. I could see he was getting aroused as his cock was becoming erect. I thought about making a move on him but found it more arousing to just see him naked as opposed to getting sexual with him. Also, I had never done it with another man and was not gay. I went back inside and from the basement window I see him go behind the bush and grab his cock. I was expecting him to pee but he began stroking himself. I watched as he stroked himself until he was cumming. That gave me one hell of a hard-on. I almost immediately went back outside naked and he had put all his clothes on by this point. He saw the state of my cock and just smiled. He told me he was done and was leaving. As soon as he stepped away I went behind the bush and began stroking myself. Less than a minute later he had returned to grab his car keys that he forgot when he first left. I had my cock in my hand stroking it and was facing him. I didn't stop and just continued what I was doing and he just stood there and watched me. Before long I was cumming and he witnessed the whole thing. Once I was done his only words were, "I better be going", and he left.
    I had never cum in front of anyone before, let alone another guy, but I did find it to be such a turn-on. I know I said I am not gay but if he had grabbed my cock or tried anything sexual with me that day I don't think I would have stopped him. If he asked me to do anything sexual to him I would have most likely done everything he asked.

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    Gay Male / 51

    I was 20, tall and slender with long dark hair and a plump protuberant ass. My cock was kinda big at over 7" and thicker than average. Roger was a big man. Taller than me at 6'5" barrel chested, short black hair and muscular. He said he played a year with the Jets and knew Joe Namath. He showed me the inside of the hi rise apartment. It had a great view of NYC but way to much for me.

    I bended forward on the rail taking in the big window view. Before I knew it Roger had pulled down my pants spread my soft plump cheeks c and was eating my ass! I moaned as his fat wet tongue rapidly flicked my asshole. My big tumescent cock bounced in front of me. I started to jack my cock but after a minute or so he stopped and I felt his fat fingers invade and lube my butthole with a thick heavy grease. Then I felt his enormous stormtrooper cock helmut press into my anus. It was huge and not to be denied. I howled from the sharp, hot pain when it penetrated my ass! My tormented asshole was obscenely distended as his massive meat jammed nearly a foot into my ass. My hot cock was bobbing and swinging in front of me with long lines of pre cum dropping off it to the floor.

    Roger was fucking my ass with firm deep thrusts. I groaned loud with every one. But my anal agony half turned to ecstasy and even my pain became pleasure. Big stud Roger hammered my ass harder. I started to moan and breathe hard as Roger grinded his huge club headed boner deep in my ass. Something started to throb inside me and my balls tingled with electric pleasure. My big cock jumped and jolted then geysered out gouts of steaming jizz that splattered all over the big picture
    window. Roger's colossal cock erupted deep in my ass filling it with his scalding hot splooge!

    Roger bought me pricey lunch at a good restaurant,after. But so much of his splooge spilled out of my gapey asshole I almost was stuck to the chair! He let me change at his place. He had a good selection of pants in my size. Two guys stopped by. They came in the room just as I got out of my pants. They dropped theirs. Both had freakishly big cocks! They were hot for my fat, round butt! Lenny bended me over the bureau, dropped a huge gob of spit in my crack and shoved his thick beer can dong in my ass.
    His cock was about 7 inches and he hammered it in my ass fast and hard! His spit mixed with Roger's splooge made a really slick lube. He worked my ass good and made my turgid cock pop another big load!

    Rick's big gnarly Cuban cock was
    almost as big as Roger's and it hurt my asshole when he rammed it in too fast. Good thing Lenny fucked me first or I would've really howled! Rick really tore up my already sore ass. Piston pounding my hard plundered asshole for almost ten minutes till he finally jizzed in my ass heavy and forced out one more ejaculation from my half
    hard cock. Lenny was hard again so I sucked off his fat cock before I went to take a shower.

    Roger came in naked and jumped in the shower. He said his 2 pals really liked me. Especially my plump, fleshy ass! He fingered my Bunghole with soapy fingers making me OOOHH!! OUWWW!! Cause it was so sore, raw and swollen! He laughed and patted my smooth, wet ass. "Next time,then" He played with my balls and groped my soft buttcheeks with his powerful hand while he jerked off my cock with the slick,liquid Faberge bath soap. His firm hand pulled out one last load.and he laughed when mixed splooge from all 3 guys spilled out of my swollen butthole!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Although I'd been straight all my life, I have always harbored a bi-sexual curiosity. I'd never acted on that curiosity because I really didn't know where or how to find someone to explore that side of mu sexuality with. The internet changed all that. On line I could meet like minded people anonymously, and I did.
    About fifteen years ago I met a guy on line who agreed to take on a newbie and introduce me to giving and receiving oral sex. He was a trucker who had a sleeper compartment in the cab of his truck. We agreed to meet at a truck stop a few miles from where I was living. I was incredibly nervous and excited as I drove to meet him and experience my first man to man sexual experience.
    We got into his truck and proceeded to get naked. It was so surreal as I touched his cock and fondled his balls. It was incredible to see and feel his cock harden by my touch. He said he wanted to suck me off first. He got down between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. I couldn't believe it was actually happening as I watched him suck my cock. He commented how it was easier to suck a small cock than I larger one as I am pretty average sized. In just a few minutes I was getting ready to cum and told him so. He said to go ahead and went right back to sucking. I shot a huge load into his mouth which was incredible as my wife would never let me cum in her mouth. He swallowed it all down and kept my cock in his mouth as it deflated.
    Then came my moment of truth. I got down between his legs and looked at his erection which was considerably larger than mine. I just started sucking his cock and although I'd never sucked a cock before it seemed so exciting and natural. I must have done alright because a few minutes later I could feel him start to thrust and his cock started twitching. The next thing I knew I could feel his hot spurts of cum in my mouth. It didn't taste bad at all and I swallowed it all down. I kept his cock in my mouth until it got soft. He complemented me on a job well done!
    Although I never got together with him again I've been with a few other guys. I have learned I really enjoy sucking cock. I have even bottomed for a couple of guy and that was some of the best sex I've ever had (but that's another story). I still enjoy fucking my wife but getting together with another man is special, too. I guess I am truly a bi-sexual.

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    Gay Male / 20

    Kirby was a hot muscular college jock who just moved in to the attached duplex with his sister and mom and dad. I'm a senior in hs and remember him when he played football there. He's rugged looking with lots of tatts. black hair and a muscular bubblebut and a big cock. I jerked off a few times watching him get all sweaty working out in the backyard in nothing but tight little shorts. I'm a tall nice looking if somewhat feminine festured ginger. Slender but with a plump, babyfat ass and a nice 7" cock.His sister Salli is in my class and I suppose she's considered a hot brunette. She's teased and come on to me but I gave her the cold shoulder csuse I'm so hot for Kirby. I think she may be a little suspicious about that now cause now she kinda ignores me back or smirks at me.

    I made my move after Kirby had his hot sweaty workout and his parents were out. I was hot and horny cause I hadn't jerked off but just watched him. I went in the side door to his garage just when he pulled off his his little tight pants and started to stroke his cock. He was going to jerk off before he took his shower! I just stood and watched for a moment. He pulled out a hidden stash of magazine porn and spread open a foldout of a big titty slut with her legs spread wide. His cock got hard real fast. It must've been at least 8" and thick! And he had big hairy boulder balls that hung low! My own cock was tenting my shorts and oozing pre cum! Ha was standing with the mag layout spread on a workdesk. His hard muscular legs and ass made him look like a Roman gladiator! I took a chance and made a move. I pulled off my t shirt and walked closer as he pulled and tugged his cock. "Hi, Kirby!" He turned and smiled. He didn't seem to mind and kept pulling his prick. It was impressive and he liked showing off." Hi, Stu. Don't mind me. Join me if you want."

    I dropped my shorts and he laughed when my cock sprung straight out. "I can do you one better if you want." I dropped to my knees and took his silky smooth cock in my hand. He was surprised but didn't stop me. I licked the big red/purple mushroom head and took it in my mouth and sucked on it a little. He moaned and turned directly in front of me. I lifted his cock and licked his musky ,sweaty balls then I took each one in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it like it was a big round piece of hard candy! He moaned loud and kinda swooned a little and his cock got rock hard and curved upward dripping sticky pre cum on my face. I took the big mushroom head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. Then I took his whole cock in my mouth and worked my hot wet lips and mouth up and down the shaft. Soon his big cock jolted and jumped in my mouth and spurted a huge load that mostly went straight down my throat before I could taste it. My hands were around him gripping his tight muscular ass and I knew I had to cum bad!

    He was grinning when he helped me up and said"Lets hit the showers!" He squeezed my plump ass and my tumescent dripping cock bobbed up and down as we walked in the garages small bathroom. He soaped me up and stroked my cock a little. Then I felt his hard cock against my soft buttcheek as he fingered and lubed my asshole with the slick liquid bodywash. Then I felt his big purple headed boner press between my plump cheeks and push into my soapy slick anus! His big cock slid in easy and almost without pain and buried itself balls deep in my ass. I bended forward and leaned against the shower wall. He gripped my hips and started to fuck me slow and deep. After he loosened me up a little he started pounding my slick ass faster and harder. I jerked my my cock and it started to throb. My knees almost buckled when my hot cock erupted and spurted out copious clouts of hot cream that quickly washed away under the warm shower. I felt Jakes big boner jump and throb deep upy ass as it filled me with his hot, steamy jizz!

    We heard a car pull up outside. We both wrapped a towel around ourselves and Jake walked out to close and lock the guestroom door. I was close behind him. Before he reached it his
    hot sister Sherry, was at the door looking at us. She looked surprised at first then she smiled at Jake and turned and smirked at me. But her smirk then changed into slight knowing smile. Then she nodded her head slightly and turned without saying a word and went back in the gsrage opening another door to the kitchen. Jake patted my well fucked ass and smiled " Nothing to worry about."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Shit! We very nearly got caught.
    My wife's son's (My stepson) friend called round on the pretense of visiting his mate, knowing my wife had gone out shopping, and my stepson was out playing golf. Fifteen minutes after he'd arrived, and after he'd sucked my cock hard, I was balls deep up his gorgeously tight arsehole.
    Fucking him in our lounge from behind as hard as I wanted, I'd just watched him cum all over the coffee table he was sprawled over, when we both heard my wife's car pull up.
    By the time she'd walked in, we were both dressed, just, and I'd placed my morning paper over where my young cock slut had just unloaded.
    My wife picked up her purse she'd forgotten and asked why he'd called by. I answered telling her he'd forgotten my stepson was playing golf, so I was going to rope him into helping fix the back gate. She smiled, kissed me and told me she'd be back in a couple of hours.
    The only back anything I attended to over the next couple of hours, was my stepsons best friends backside. As I fucked him twice. First having him swallow my load after resuming our fuck over the coffee table. Then a little while later, fucking him all over our home, before finally cumming up his arse as we shared a shower.
    My wife even cooked us both a wonderful meal when she got in, asking her son's friend if he'd eaten. I was dying to say "Yeah, my cock and my cum".

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