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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Horny as hell, at eighteen, nerdy in appearance, my Friday evenings were usually spent drinking beer and watching a movie with my middle-aged wimpy-looking landlord. This time, things being particularly bad, I kept encouraging him to drink, and we talked. I asked him if he'd ever tied anyone up, and he went white, and whispered no. So I asked if he'd ever fancied tying someone up, and his beetroot face gave away the answer. I told him that due to experiences in the orphanage, I was kind of addicted to bondage, and told him he needed to tie me up and make me suck his cock! Thought he was going to faint! Told him to come up to my room in five minutes, and left before he could say anything. Left my sweat-pants on, only, and got into my specially==made hooded leather strait-jacket, all except the straps, and waited. Sure enough a timid knock announced his presence, and he went OhmyGawd when he saw me. I told him to buckle the straps, and he did so, until I was quite helpless, anonymous, like a parcel, face buried tight and deep in the hood, which had a two-inch zipper across the mouth, and two tiny airholes over my nostrils. He asked shakily what now, and I said anything you want! Your game your rules, you have absolute power, total control! he mused out-loud, like yes, I do, don't I! Then I guess he spotted the enormous lump in my sweatpants, and pulled them down, made me step out of them. Muttered ohmyGawd several times, and took hold of me, carefully, tentatively. Having learned in the orphanage that feigned fear or reluctance guaranteed lengthy torture, I writhed and bucked and pretended to want him to stop. Please don't - I'll do anything! I kept saying, and now he wouldn't or couldn't stop as I writhed and mumbled muffled protests, while he laughed like a drain, and said that this was power, as he understood it, and he really liked it! His clumsy but enthusiastic caresses pulled me to my knees, and then suddenly the zipper was jerked open, and he was in my mouth! Told me I had asked for it, and he'd waited for this moment all his life! Much later he began to thrust in and out frantically, and hit the back of my throat suddenly, triggering a swallow reaction. He withdrew, sealed me back into silence, and left, saying he had a lot to think about, and don't go anywhere! I was savoring his new boldness and dominance, and was delighted when he finally returned, and said he was going to blackmail me into allowing him this activity, ANY time he wanted, and as often and for as long as he wanted. Produced a voice-recorder, and made me admit to having sex with his thirteen yr-old nephew against his will, then said his nasty greedy little nephew would back him up, for enough money! I knew I was had! But I didn't mind anyway - I wanted him to have such a hold over me, and use kit and abuse it, as he wished! He did! That was many years ago, and I still "rent" a room from him. The bondage is infinitely more severe these days, and Viagra plays a part now, but most things remain pretty much as always!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I was 19 years old when I realized that I have a sexual feeling with my cousin. He was 25 years old, average built latino, with a handsome unsmiley face. He has two lovely daughters. My family doesnt know that Im gay.

    We're not really close to each other, we dont talk to each other that much. Sometimes I saw him watching me, but everytime I caught him watching me he always turns his way. And I became very aware of his movements.

    One night, we had our longest eye to eye contact. And I felt something was going to happen. During a family reunion while everyone was sleeping, he came in to my room he just welcomed me with a very torrid kiss. I could smell alcohol in his breath so i assumed he's drunk. But I never fought back and I let him do me. I unbuttoned his polo and unzipped his pants. I remember he was wearing a black brief and under it was a 7 or 8 inches of a throbbing dick. He laid down and I sucked him deep. It smelled wonderful and it was so red, and so hard. It was my first time to do anal but i offered myself to him like a free bitch. We did doggie first and he spat some saliva on his dick and inserted it in my hole. I told him to slow down first but he didnt, I guess he was very excited and horny but I just let him pound me hard. The bed moved with him rhythmically. He was so strong, I really thought I'd bleed. He turned me around and we did missionary. We curled and kissed, sweaty bodies locked together. Till he moaned hard, and there was just a lot of kissing. He dressed after that and went to his room with his kids.

    We never talked about that the next day, like nothing happened. We did it sometimes at his house or at my place when we feel we need each other. We made a sort of language that when i meet his eyes in a crowded room, I surely know I will be swimming with his cum after.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Finally took the plunge so to speak. For years I've fantasised about fucking a young guy, but have never before now done anything about it.
    My wife took a three day trip with her sister to visit some places they'd been to as kids, so the day she left I accepted an offer from a neighbour who had been flirting with me for months. His name is Daniel, he's seventeen and he's an effeminate gay lad. His offer was, if I wanted to whenever I wanted to, I could fuck him and use him like a slut.

    Inviting Daniel into our home, I wasted no time in having him suck on my cock, fearing I might back out. One I'd got past the initial stage of having a male sucking on my dick, everything was up for grabs. Oral both ways, kissing, rimming both ways, finger fucking as I sucked on his cock and balls, and finally fucking him bareback in as many different positions as we could think of before I came deep inside his arsehole.
    In all we spent nearly three hours together, with us even taking a bath together and having sex afterwards. I was unable to have sex the following day, but Daniel spent another couple of hours with me outdoors, as we sucked and fucked when I took the dogs out for their walk. By the time I got back home, I dropped two loads of cum. One down down his throat and one up his super tight arse.

    In the fortnight we've been having sex, I've now fucked the young man eight separate times, with the last time only a few hours ago in our garage. I bent him over my work bench and fucked him as hard as I've ever fucked anyone. Only when he wanted to cum this time, I withdrew, knelt down and took my first ever cum load, swallowing it to savour his taste.

    Now that I've tasted my forbidden fruit, I'm going to carry on feasting on young male arse from now on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Jay and I meet up on average three to four times a week at the same place. After walking for about fifteen minutes or so, we find a spot where we know we'll not be disturbed. I'll secure the dog to a post or tree, and then I'll have Jay suck on my cock. Once I'm good and hard, I'll fuck him in any way I fancy that day.
    Jay's always up for having all eight inches of my cock up his sweet tight nineteen year old ass, and over the eleven months we've been having sex, I guess I've fucked him over a hundred and fifty times. He's such a cock slut, I never get tired of screwing his beautiful asshole.
    My wife who's older than me stopped wanting sex three years ago, so I began to seek out younger guys who wanted fucking. Unfortunately because of where we live, it wasn't that easy. Jay answered a very revealing add I placed on a well known web site, stating even though he had a girlfriend, he loved getting fucked by older men.
    We first met at a cafe and within minutes I had him sucking me off in the bathroom. Once he swallowed my cum whilst gently fingering my asshole, I knew he was someone I'd want to fuck. Arranging to meet up again, we decided to have some fum outdoors, with him joining me on my early evening dog walks. With Jay lean't up against a tree after he'd licked and sucked on my cock and balls, I donned a condom, lubed his asshole with my saliva and thrust into him.
    Straight away it was obvious I wasn't his first fuck, but later as he said, "We were meant to fuck together". It was such a really horny dirty fuck, I stayed hard after cumming deep inside him filling the condom. Withdrawing, I had Jay suck on my dick for a while. Then had him mount me after I'd unfurled another condom along my cock. Watching his little cock bob and sway as he fucked himself on my cock, was awesome. Filling the second condom eventually, as he sank down really hard onto my dick, I got him to move up and offer me his cock. Sucking on his nub of a cock for only a minute or so, Jay came in my mouth and that was that. I didn't swallow his load, but got him to swallow his own seed after kissing him.
    And so began an eleven month sexapade with a very cock hungry nineteen year old. We no longer fuck using condoms as we've both visited a clinic recently, and it feels so special to finally be able to cum deep inside his bowels, knowing when he's at home, some of me is still floating about inside his beautiful young body.
    I'm not sure how long it will all last. But one thing is for sure, I'm going to carry on fucking him or someone else, for as long as I can. Life's too short to miss out on having really horny fulfilling dirty sex.

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    Straight Male / 53

    About side weeks ago I had a huge argument with my wife and ended up staying at a mate's for a few weeks. One night we came home from the pub and sat talking the chat soon got around to sex, I told my mate that I missed my wife and the greatest sex ever. He said he knew how I felt and he was the same when he left his missus, I asked him what he did and he said he fucked men, I was a bit shocked but he said it was a pleasant surprise when he first did it and now he said he loves it, having men fuck his arse and mouth and playing with his fat cock he stood up and pulled his pants down and his shorts and showed me his fat cock and big saggy balls his cock was bald and looked so good. He told me to show him mine so. I did my cock was also bald and my balls ate nice and tight ,he took my cock and started to play with it wanking it and rubbing my balls soon got hard and he got down and put it in his mouth and sucked me off I felt my cock jerk and blasted my huge load in his mouth he took it all and swallowed the lot .he said I must have needed that to cum so hard and so soon, he got up and told me to play with his now huge fat cock it must have been about 14 inches, I took it and put the end in my mouth and sucked it and wanked it he said to put it all in and suck it I felt him push it in my mouth and almost chocked on it he started to fuck my mouth and held my head after a while my mouth started to ache but he made me carry on then he pulled out and sprayed his massive load in my mouth and all over my face. He tasted very salty I have never tasted cum and was not sure if it was all like that, later that night we sleept in the same bed after he fucked me in my ass and made it so sore . I let him wank me and also licked his ass out we fucked in the morning and my ass so sore I fucked him in the ass and let him empty it in my mouth which really turned me on. I'm back with the wife but still see my mate and we enjoy sex all the time.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I am single 30 years old male , have been Straight for all my adult life ,have very friendly relations with my neighbours, their cute looking son Sam who`s about 16 years old often comes to my house, we play games, talk general stuff and at times talk about sex too, one evening while we were playing video game Sam made a comment about him being gay. I was bit surprised but controlled my reactions.

    Later in the evening I got bit tipsy after couple of drinks, don’t know what got into me, I asked Sam if he give me my first taste of gay sex. I was kinda drunk so he agreed and started to take off the rest of my clothes. I stood there while he undressed me giving loads of attention to my cock which was by then bulging in my pants. He slowly put his hand on the base and as I could feel the heat of his breathe on the head he asked if I was sure. I said yeah go ahead and shoved his head down onto my cock. He definitely knew what he was doing. He sat there bobbing on my shaft for a few minutes.

    I told him lets go to my bedroom, he was stark naked and laid on his stomach. Being straight I didn`t have any lube in my house, all I had was moisturising cream, I put it on my cock and then in my haste shoved my cock in his ass. He moaned in pain and I pulled out scared that I hurt him when he said for me to just go slower. So I got back behind him and slowly put the head in first then my shaft just slipped in with no problem. Sam laughed and said he was ready for the ravage. After about 20 minutes of me fucking him he started to moan and shake.

    He kept shaking and clenching his ass which made me cum a little in his ass so I quickly pulled out but he backed up and shoved my dick back in and bounced up and down until I couldn't hold it in. I reached around and held him for support as I came in him. I spurted about 8 times in his ass; I thought I was done so I pulled out only to squirt twice more on his back. He laughed at my expression and said, not so bad now is it?

    I laughed and said nah it's actually tighter than the pussy but I think I'll stick to girls

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Recently have discovered how hot Mexicans really are. they have nice cocks and great bodies if they don't let themselves get fat. them Europeans fucking all them Indian women after murdering off most of the men created a uniquely sexy human being. first glance they look off a bit, but at a second glance they are beautiful people, and at a naked glance_ damn they are sexy. my new gay website to watch is bilatinmen. I first came across a video on Xtube of a sexy Mexican man called "Diez" getting sucked off, and could not take my eyes off how nice of an uncut cock he had, a great body, and a nice looking face... then I searched for the website and now seen plenty of Mexican uncut, brown, beautiful cock. There is a quiet sexiness to Mexicans. From the videos I've watched, they are obviously hot blooded Horney people. Some of the videos throw in some other latin men on there from other counties, which tend to be more black looking or white looking, which have nice cocks and are good looking too. But, there is a wild animal, sexy, horny, hot, those perfectly tan Mexican cocks have that the other lack. I might start to add a few Mexicans to my list of fuck buddies, its been mostly white American men... and enjoy my new discovery of how hot, sexy, and beautiful Mexicans are.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    i,am new to bi , wife dose'nt want sex anymore and i like black men with big cocks and i am submissive when sucking cock i love to read about it and jack off wishing it was happening to me

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I am a 48 year old married man. My marriage has become boring and mostly sexless. I have been fantasizing about sex with a man since I was a teenager.

    I've been looking at Craigslist m4m for some time, finally I got up the nerve to act on my fantasy. I answered an ad from an oral top looking for a fat ass to fuck. We exchanged emails, phone numbers and face picks, set up a meeting on a Thursday night at a hotel nearby.

    I rented the room, texted him the room number and waited. A knock came at the door, I opened it to fin a tall slim built man, I let him in. I had the room dim, in our email I told him I wanted to suck a cock to completion, and I especially wanted to take a load in my mouth, and swallow. I also wanted to be topped, no reciprocation needed.

    We wasted no time, I was in my underwear only, he unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor, I got on my knees and took hold of his semi erect cock, I held it for a minute, just touching it, looking at it and getting up my nerve to take it in my mouth when he placed his hands on my head and forced me toward his cock, I opened my mouth and felt his cock push into my mouth.

    He was now pretty hard and quite large, I licked and sucked on the head, it tasted salty and felt so good in my mouth, extremely soft yet hard at the same time. He abruptly pulled out, stepped back to the bed and sat down I quickly crawled over, took my place between his legs and resumed sucking his cock.

    I slowly got better taking more of him in my mouth, using my hand as an extension of my mouth and rocking my head around, I was slurping loudly, he was starting to moan in between heavy breathing, he put his hand on the back of my head and began guiding me, and telling me to keep sucking don't stop I felt him start to get really hard and I knew he was going to cum, I was so excired at the thought I was slurping fast as I sucked him, I kept moaning mmmmmm as I sucked him, I wanted him to know I was enjoying his cock and wanted him to cum in my mouth, he stayed Rick hard for what seemed an eternity, he could really hold back, finally he groaned, I felt him tense up and I got my first burst of hot, salty cum, it was thick, I had trouble swallowing fast enough as he keep spurring more in my mouth, by now he had both hands on my head as if I wanted to pull away.

    He came a lot, I swallowed as much as I could, but lots went down my chin and on my chest. I loved it though, and I knew that was my first taste of cum but definitely not my last.

    He laid back on the bed and caught his breath, I continued to lick him and milk his cock. I was prepared, there was condoms and lube on the night stand, I took at condom and handed him the lube, I started to lick his balls, my nose in his ass, I was really turned on and decide I wanted to rim him. So I moved closer, spread his ass cheeks and slid my tongue in. It was quite a rush and I rimmed him for about 5 minutes or so, I stuck my tongue as far in his ass as I could get it and licked his ass crack up and down, he loved it and was soon hard again.

    I laid with my ass towards him and started sucking and stroking him again, he lubed and fingered my ass, first one, then two, then three fingers. I have been fingering myself for years so this was not uncomfortable, in fact I enjoyed it. I put the condom on his cock, and said what I have wanted to say to a man for years, "fuck me!" I got on all fours, he got behind me, I heard the lube squeeze and I nervously but excitedly waited for him to take me, I felt the cold latex tip slide between my ass cheeks, the was resistance at my ass hole, he hentlybpushed and all of a sudden he popped in, I was relaxed and ready, but it still took my breath away. He was big in my mouth but he felt huge in my ass!! He slowly pushed deeper, he asked if I was ok, I said yes, he was big and I just needed to adjust. He began to pull back out slowly, then back in, each time a little deeper. It took some time but soon I could feel his hair against my ass cheeks and his thighs touch mine, I knew he was all in and it felt incredible by now. He told me to make some noise, he wanted to hear me moan more, I complied immediately. He had incredible staying power, he fucked me for a solid 20 minutes. By the time he came he was fucking me hard, his thighs slapped hard against my ass, the room echoed with the sound, I was also moaning loudly in total bliss. Anyone in the rooms next to us had no doubt someone was getting fucked! I felt him swell, I couldn't believe he could get bigger or harder but he did, he groaned, grabbed my waist tight, leaned over my back and pumped my hard, I felt like his orgasm drained him.

    He rolled off me and lay there out of breath, I took his condom off and took his cock in my mouth, I savored the taste of his cum and stroked my own rock hard cock, it took about ten seconds for me to cum all over the hotel bed. I sucked him til he was limp. He got dressed to leave, I said please tell me we can do this again, he said you bet!!

    I'm already planning the next time, I'm hooked now, just wish I hadn't waited so long!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I am a 48 year old married man. My marriage has become boring and mostly sexless. I have been fantasizing about sex with a man since I was a teenager.

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