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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I was horny and wanted to get fucked, went on A4A and started to chat up with some people. I don't have a picture on my profile yet so I wasn't getting to many responses... a faceless profile with some body shots started to chat me up he wanted to play. he likes oral and to top, cool. Still working and him busy we agreed that later in the evening would be best to meet up. as time passed I though to myself, what the fuck am I doing randomly hooking up and was about to cancel and just relax for the night, but I though about what the guy had say about being horny and that he was going to have trouble not touching himself until we met, and I decided what the fuck? I wont be a flake on the guy. Knowing that faceless profiles are mostly closeted or fake account I didn't know what to expect. dude shows up looks like the dude is an outcast, is in his late 40s, not attractive at all, but what the fuck lets get on with it... we get inside to my room I get naked and he gets naked and to my surprise he has a fat 7.5" cock with a cock ring on. he puts that thing in me and I could feel being stretched, dude was awesome at fucking, had good movement and for the first time in my life I came while getting fucked in the ass without touching myself, awesome orgasm I ever had, exploded all over the guys stomach. I got fucked on my stomach, on my knees, and rode that cock. Wow I was amazed, dude had stamina and could fuck with that big cock. we fucked 2 times and he made me cum 2 while getting fucked. for the first time in a long time I enjoyed getting fucked and it felt great. the second time we fucked he was going in deep I can feel it deep in me with a bit of pain every time he bottomed out on me hole, I asked him to pull out and put some more lube on, but he was enjoying it to much and ignored me, I was on my stomach so he had me pinned me down and just kept going and I would feel every stroke, with light pain deep in me and all of the sudden it started to feel amazing, my ass made room for that big cock and I was loving it. Never Judge a book by the cover! lesson learned. I have seen big 9" fat cocks and other fat cocks but I did not ever let or consider myself let those guys ever fuck me... it's just to big and I know I wouldn't enjoy it, this guy had a fat cock, fatter than most 8" cocks I've seen around but still something I knew I can handle. 8" is the biggest I let fuck me, I know that around 7" is all my ass can handle and what feels the best. wow, anal man to man sex can be amazing. I don't understand what the hang up on it is with people.

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    Gay Male / 47

    My parents got divorced when I was in the fourth grade, which was the first grade of the boarding school. I was sent to a boys boarding school. The room I slept in had one other boy. All the boys on the floor used a bathroom/shower room at the end of the hall.

    On our floor there were boys from the fourth grade to the eighth grade. The boy who slept next to me was in the seventh grade and he liked to masturbate. He took me over and I had to make his bed and clean his area of the room. In the shower he had me dry his penis. To dry his penis he had a special towel. He would masturbate behind the education building and I would go with him while he whacked off. He would whack me off too, getting me to have an erection and when I was good and hard he would bend over and suck my penis. One day he had me suck his penis.

    One night after lights out he came over to my bed and put his hand under me and held my penis while I dry humped the bed. I slept on my cum that night. Other nights he would work his penis into an erection and he called me over to suck him. I loved sucking him, I liked the way his penis felt in my mouth. A couple of times he came and he caught me by surprise. I liked the taste of his cum, but I didn't know to keep his penis in my mouth when he came.

    One night, he was sucking me on my bed when the assistant headmaster opened the door. He saw us and pulled he door closed and stood outside and watched us. He would come by and stand with our door a little open and watch. We knew he was there and my roommate told me that he liked boys so if he ever asked me to suck him to go ahead.

    The following year I got another roommate and he was not willing to let me suck him. On this one night, it was long after lights out and the assistant headmaster came into the room. My new roommate was asleep and he sat on the side of my bed and put his hand under the covers and rubbed my butt. His middle finger slipped inside my butt crack and he fingered my hole through my underwear.

    The next day he told me that he needed help with some work and if I would help him. He had me come to his office and stand beside his desk and he played with my penis while I stood leaning on the desk with my legs a little open. When he told me I could leave he rubbed my butt and poked me with his finger. When he wanted to feel me he would ask me to come to his office.

    One afternoon I was in the boys' restroom during class and he walked in and stood beside me and pulled out his penis and peed. He held his penis for me, showing me, he asked me if I wanted to touch him. His penis was warm and it felt good in my hand. The next day in his office he opened his pants and let me reach down and play with his penis.

    Our visits lasted all year. On the day I was going home for the summer break he came to my room to help me pack. My roommate was already gone and he sucked my penis and he asked me if I wanted to suck his penis. He wasn't at all like my roommate from my first year. His penis was bigger and I would put my mouth all over the top of it but I couldn't get much of it into my mouth. He didn't care, he wasn't there for that. The door was locked, and he told me he wanted to make sure I thought about him during vacation.

    He lowered my pants and I too them off and he asked me to lie on the bed and he got on my back. He used some Vaseline and rubbed it on me and then he began to insert his penis in me. It didn't hurt, it felt good and he slowly pushed it in. After he was done and had pulled his penis out he sent me to the bathroom to wipe myself clean. My butt hole felt tender but touching it felt good.

    I didn't return to boarding school for the sixth grade, I went back to normal school. It wasn't until I went to boot camp that I slept with other boys again, and I was caught staring at a guy's penis. I got beat up, but I also got fucked and getting fucked was worth it. Somehow I was deployed to Germany and I was there for three years. During my term in Germany I fucked with this corporal that worked as a clerk in the personnel section.

    When I left the army I went to college and spent my career as an accountant working for various companies. I am retired now and I have a friend I met at the club. Like me he is a lifelong queer, we are both really more passive than active queers, but together we find it acceptable to take on the dominant role from time to time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Last school year I was paired up with another student for a project - his name was Hendrick - he was a tall German blonde boy - very polite and intriguing.

    We went to his tiny apartment to work on our project - after we were done we started drinking some beer and tequila shots - I had this feeling that he was trying to get me drunk.

    A couple hours into the night, I was drunk and naked and blonde boy was between my legs sucking on my big french cock - it was the first time in my life that I was sucked with such enthusiasm.

    I eventually got to taste his cock - I could smell him - it was mesmerizing - I sucked the best I could - he ended up pinning me down and he came on my face and in my mouth. I loved the salty musky smell of him - I was hooked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Eleven years ago I became homeless for a short period after a massive argument with my step dad. Holding my pride I just wouldn't go back home, even though after only a few days I was starving. Late one night I saw two guys getting Kebabs from a shop. After their purchase, one of them put his Kebab down outside on the bonnet of his car. Rushing past I grabbed his food and went to run off.
    I got about ten yards, before I was grabbed from behind and flung along the alley which separated the Kebab shop from another shop. Pushed and punched into the bins of the Kebab shop, I quickly had my trousers yanked down to my ankles and then had my boxers ripped off. Slapped on the back of my head, I was told I was going to get fucked and I very nearly feinted.
    When the first guys cock entered me, I tried to scream out as it hurt so much. But he covered my mouth and carried on fucking me. He'd not used any lube only spitting on his cock, so it took some time to finally get all of his cock up my arsehole. On and on he fucked me pressing me into the bin, yet the more he fucked me, the more my arse got used to his cock being inside it. Just as I'd begun to enjoy the feeling of his cock up my arse, he came deep inside of me.
    No sooner than he'd pulled out, and I'd tried to move, I got pushed back against the bin and had the second guys cock thrust up me. His cock was mush larger than his friends even though I couldn't see it, it was stretching my arsehole. Only my arsehole had gotten used to their cocks and I'd begun to really like the feeling of being fucked.
    Hearing behind me the first guy telling his friend he'd wait by the car, he second man took hold of my shoulders and started to thrust more slowly, but deeper inside of my body. Eventually he wrapped his around my chest and shoulder, hugging me as he fucked me. Whispering in my right ear he began to tell me how much he was enjoying fucking my hole. And it was then I turned my head to tell him to fuck me harder.
    He stopped for a second or two, looked at me and said "Knew you wanted it all along". Putting his lips to mine, he kissed me and then carried on fucking me. Totally voluntarily I kissed him back and felt a rush flow through me as I orgasmed spraying the bin with my cum. He heard my moans of desire as I came and fucked me harder. After a couple more minutes he slammed into me once more and came pumping his cum, adding his to his friends up my arsehole.
    When he pulled out, I thought he might hit me again, instead he told me to get dressed then passed me a twenty pound note. Telling me to buy some food, I watched as he walked back out of the dark alley to his car.
    I spent ten pounds on food and then walked around for a while. Sleeping in a park that night, I was going to spend the other ten pound on more food in the morning. About to exit the park I heard voice shouting "Hey you". Turning I saw the larger of the two men, the second guy to have fucked me the night before, walking towards me. Thinking I was in trouble again, I went to run, but he shouted over it was okay between us.
    We sat and talked for over two hours in that park. It turned out he'd felt really guilty about hitting then fucking me. I told him everything about why I was homeless and where I'd stayed over the weeks without anywhere to live. That afternoon I took a shower at his home and ate one of the best meals in my entire life. That night I shared his bed and we had sex with him fucking me missionary in a more loving way at first. It didn't work for me sexually, so as we swapped position with him slowly thrusting into from behind, I told him to fuck me as he had the night before. I stayed with him for over a fortnight and each time he fucked me, I had him fuck me roughly and without cause to my comfort. And each time I came so hard and so intensely.
    Eventually I worked out my problems with my step father, and moved back in. Every now and then for nearly a year I'd meet up with my fuck buddy for sex, but his work load changed and we regrettably stopped seeing each other.
    I'm now married and have a relatively successful career. Even so once a month I meet up with men I meet off a hook up site, or when working down south I'll book a gay escort. Making sure the man I'm with knows I want to be fucked hard and dominated. I know it's a bi product of my first gay sexual experience, but it's one I'm now glad I had.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Myself and a friend booked an escort when we were away on holiday recently. Only when the person turned up, it was a transsexual called Chrissy. My friend had fucked up with the booking, and we'd already paid a deposit. Not wanting to waste our money, we had Chrissy blow us both, then on the balcony of our room I fucked her tight arsehole. It has I have to own up to, to being one of the best fucks I've ever had. Cumming up her arse filling the condom I had on, my friend had already crashed out from our all night night out, so I took Chrissy indoors and carried on having sex with her. In total I fucked her three times cumming each time. And the last time she let me empty my balls down her throat. It was dawn when she left and I couldn't have been more exhausted, yet I was also so fucking amazed at how much I'd enjoyed fucking a transsexual. Since being back from holiday, I've already looked up some transsexual escorts, and I'm now seriously thinking of fucking more.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was 15 I fucked my boy cousin in his ass many times over a year or so, as my main sexual outlook. As it turns out I fucked his sister in her ass too. I took his cock in my mouth but he never came, I did cum in his mouth a couple of times and in his sisters mouth much more. I let an older boy jack me off a few times after school in the locker room. Then I got my girl cousin to give me a piece of pussy and never went back, until this weekend.

    The wife of too many years was out of town and I ended up staying the entire weekend with a guy who has a 9 inch pretty thick cock. I spent most of the weekend on my back or my hands and knees with that cock up my asshole. I sucked him twice and swallowed all his cum. He shot in me bareback 5 times over the weekend and sucked on my nipples teaching me what it's like to make love with another man. I want more, and he does also. He's agreed to keep seeing me but wants me to entertain him and 5 "or so" of his friends. He wants to turn me out like a whore. I think I may let him if he promises to keep fucking me himself.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I don't know why I did it the first time? The older boy asked me if I wanted to, I'd said no lot's of times. "Can I fuck your butt, do ya wanna let me fuck you, of all the boys in the neighborhood you got the cutest boy's butt can I be the first? Someone's gonna fuck it you know, eventually, why not me?"
    Finally I said yes, he'd been trying to get in my pants since I was seven and he was twelve, bribing me with candy to show my underpants. I was ten and didn't have a sexual feeling that I could think of other than getting excited at the occasional peek of a classmates panties that the girls innocently would show without knowing. "Fuck me" I guess so, maybe he'll leave me alone If I let him?
    I rode on his handlebars after school on a early spring Friday. Khaki shorts, loose kneesocks with a sweatshirt over my shirt made for a "cute preppie prettyboy look," he said so. White cotton boy's briefs and t-shirt could feel the breeze up my shorts and it felt good.
    There was no foreplay in his secret hidden spot in the woods. Shorts tossed on a fallen log I lay before him legs spread on my stomach, shoes, socks and underpants still on (for modesty) he quickly yanked um down in the back. He, with cock in fist, wetted with spit he mounted my fresh firm cheeks, talking me through my first penetration.
    All in boy balls deep I spasmed as he came. My love ring spasming uncontrollably as he emptied a second huge load of cum as both of us squealing in excitement. My boyish soprano voice squeaky squeal "What's happening, What's Happening!"
    I was different after, riding on his handlebars the mile and a half back. He peddled slowly with my freshpants filling, they felt steamy wet with thick boycum. I slipped my hand up my wind billowed shorts, felt my stiffy, my boypanties moist from sweat, pee and cum. I think I peed myself while he was fucking me, it was a weird, strange feeling getting fucked the first time. He asked me if I wanted to do it tomorrow too. I looked at him strangely and said " Why, I tried it didn't I?" It took a few weeks, LoL.

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    Gay Male / 48

    When I was going through high school I had a lot of relationship problems. I did not have a friend and spent most of my time at home. I got my driver's license at my mother's insistence so that I could help her with errands. I didn't get along with my father, he expected a lot of me, things I didn't like to do. For example, I hated fishing.

    I was upset that night, I asked my mom for her car, I told her I was going over to a 'friends' house. I made up a friend and what I was going over there to do as she kept asking me questions. I did not have a friend, it was all a lie, but I got permission to use the car. I went driving around, I drove over to the school, went around and around, discovering streets, it was dark and there was not a lot of traffic.

    I found my way to this park, it was dark, I couldn't read the sign of the name of the park. I saw a car hidden behind some trees, you had to be there to see it. I stopped and turned off the lights on the car and got out and went over to the car. In the car I could see two figures that were making out. I crept up and it was two men, they were making out and from time to time the driver would lean down and the passenger would throw his head back.

    I got hard, and I had trouble with my erection, and hidden in the dark I took out my penis and started to masturbate while I watched them make out. The door opened, and the light came on and they got out of the car and closed the door and they went around to the front of the car and passenger lowered his pants, the older man sucked his penis and then got behind the passenger and leaning over the hood of the car he fucked him. I masturbated and came, most of it landed on my pants. Even though I had cum I kept on whipping until I got another erection. When the fucking finished, the old man stood there and the passenger guy got on his knees and sucked his penis.

    I had stumbled upon a place where queers hung out. On that particular night there was only one car, but on other nights there were other cars, pickups and Cadillacs, men with ties and Mexican workers, I parked my mother's car two blocks away and would sneak up and watch and masturbate while I watched the action in the cars, and once in a while, like the first night, a cock sucking and fucking outside.

    In my dreams at home, when I masturbated again, I dreamt of being fucked. I used small objects and inserted them in my butt, and masturbated with a pen in my butt, it felt good. I had a teacher then, he taught social studies and history and health. He was a balding man, he drove a Pontiac, a Pontiac I had seen at the park. He was married, but I knew I had seen the car. And one night when I was out masturbating in the park I saw the Pontiac. I saw him. He was with a Mexican janitor from school. They were making out, the janitor was leaning down and by then I knew he was sucking him off, I saw when the janitor turned around and my teacher got behind him and the distinctive moves of fucking took place.

    If I wasn't masturbating in the dark in my hide out place, I was masturbating at home. I fixated myself on my teacher, I wondered what kind of penis he had, how it was going to feel when he fucked me. I knew the place he was going to fuck me. In my mind I practiced, I was going to go up to him and tell him I saw him in the park with the janitor and I wanted him to fuck me. I dreamt about it. But I never got up the nerve.

    What happened was that one night, I was discovered by this man while I was masturbating. He told me had seen me many times, he liked to watch me masturbate. He wanted to know if I wanted him to suck me off. He had me sit down and lay back on the ground and he bent over me and sucked me, he held my penis in his hand and slowly sucked me and drew my semen up and he let me cum in his mouth. He told me he liked it and if I would return the favor. His penis was hard when he took it out of his pants and I was overcome by hunger and sucked him, he slowed me down, keeping my head on his penis he talked me into sucking him right and asked me to finger his ass. He used his hand to stroke himself while I sucked on him and when he came he warned me and I had semen in my mouth, face and hair.

    I met him at the park, and we would watch the cars and I would suck him or he would suck me and one day he got behind me and I took it up the ass the for the first time. I was now totally initiated. At first he didn't tell me who he was or what he did, but after a while I found out that he worked at the bank, he was married and had two kids,. and he liked fucking boys and I was just what he wanted and he was just what I wanted.

    After graduation from college I moved to New York and worked for shipping company. For the first several years I hooked up with random men, in my forties I hooked up with the man I share my life with. I am not a boy of course, I am a full gay adult, who somehow navigated all the dangers and managed to survive without any long term damage. I was a bottom boy and I am a bottom man, I enjoy pleasing my partner and enjoy when he pleases me. I just need to be pleased by my partner, I need to feel him, to reminhd me of how good it felt that first time in the dark at the park.

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    Gay Male / 23

    I'm twenty-three and married to a really cute girl. She found it, my stash of pics, pictures of me as a cute little kid sucking and getting fucked by older boys. It was obvious that I liked it, my smoothly cute cherub's little boys body in cute underpants, variously colored and sometimes naked floating angelic like around various teenage hard bodies.
    All this before highschool! I entered highschool still cute and fresh looking. The pictures changed I was with men and boys now and way cuter. Looking smoother and fresher against a man's hard, hairy body, I looked so young and boyslutty, lol.
    I was fourteen, smoothly pink skin, my well shaped boycheeks barely covered in tight white underpants. He was black as night, naked with a cock like varnished ebony. It was such a contrast, me slight, white, rosey cheeked shy in white bikini underpants that were actually my sister's.
    The pics told a different story, various pictures of me sucking, him pulling my hair as his fist grabbed the seat of my underpants tearing um off in shreds. His face buried between my preppie pink quivering boycheeks. The next set of pictures were of me fresh and cute with a huge shiny black cock at various stages of penetration. Withdrawing cumming all over my pert fresh fucked boycheeks then penetrated again.
    My bride was in awe and so turned on. She went down on my still firmly fresh looking 23 year old ass then fingering it. Our love making was great. She's just told me about a gay couple from work that wants to meet me.
    I'm tight as a middle school virgin again, her finger feels big. I'm nervous!?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    A friend I had known since childhood would come to visit when he needed to talk. He was often upset by the way he was treated by his wife. Since his daughter's birth sex was almost non-existent. They had even moved to separate bedrooms. I had some porno books and videos and we would have some drinks and he would look at the books and we would watch some of the videos. Just to friends blowing of steam.

    They were not gay videos just women and men enjoying sex. I never thought of myself as gay. One night we were watching a video of a woman giving a blow job to a guy and I had been drinking quite a bit. I looked over and could see his hard on through his pants. I don't know why but I told him if he would take his dick out I could do better than the girl on the video could.

    He undid his belt, unzipped his pants and slid them down and I saw his hard dick and I "really" did want to suck it. He was sitting in a recliner next to my own. I got up from mine and went over and took off his shoes and socks and pulled off his pants. He moved his chair to the upright position and I knelt down on the floor between his legs.

    I reached up and started stroking his dick and squeezing his balls with the other hand while I looked at his beautiful cock. He wasn't as big as I was but he was hard as a rock. I moved up and started licking his dick while I held a ball in each hand pulling and squeezing them.

    He was circumcised and I took just the head of his dick in my mouth with my lips just below the head, I ran my tongued over the head, tip and the hole as I sucked. I could already taste the salty juices from him. He didn't say anything just moaning sounds. He reached down and put his hands on my head and pushed down. I started sliding his dick deeper into my mouth and throat.

    If I started to gag I would just swallow and slide up on his dick until it went away. After a short time I could slide his whole dick all the way in my throat. I would slide up and bite lightly on his dick just below the head. He said I should stop he was going to cum. I had tasted my own cum when masturbating and wanted to taste his. I wanted him to shoot in my mouth.

    As he started moaning I squeezed hard on his balls. I could not believe the amount of cum and how hot it was, I swallowed all I could but some ran out and down his balls. I licked them clean. His cum tasted different than my own and I liked it. Bitter yet sweet with a musky smell. I had cum in my pants myself without even touching my dick.

    He leaned back for awhile and then got up and dressed and said he needed to leave. After he left I masturbated and licked my cum from my hands. It tasted different from his. He called the next day and asked if I remembered the night before or if I was drunk. I told him I remembered but it probably would not have happened if I had not been drinking.

    But I told him I enjoyed it and if he ever needed to "talk" I was there for him. He needed to "talk" about once a week after that. He never performed oral sex on me. After a few weeks of "talking" he said he really missed and liked fucking. It was another night of drinking and I told him I had a way I could help with that too if he wanted. I had never had anal sex but I had experimented with dildos on myself. I offered myself to him.

    We put some lube on my ass and he plunged in hard not gentle. I think I know what "Being Fucked" means now. He was not concerned with what I wanted or felt he just pumped hard in my ass. I felt him cum and it ran from my ass and down my balls, I reached down and rubbed his cum over my own dick and came almost instantly.

    I told him whenever he needed me I would be there and he has needed me often. I have never had a man perform oral sex on me or ever taken a man's ass, other than orally pleasing a man's ass. I guess I am gay because I love this type of sex over all others. Women can fake it or lie. A man's body tells you if you made him happy.

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