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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Twelve months ago I found a solution to two of my problems. One was finding someone/s who's daft enough as I am to play golf in all weathers. And the other wwas to find someone/s who have the same sexual libido as I have.

    My wife does like sex, but it seemed the moment she reached thirty five last year, her sex drive dropped off. And subsequently we now only have sex once or if I'm lucky twice a week.

    Out playing golf this time of year twelve months ago, I caught up with two younger guys on the eleventh fairway. I thought they'd both gone to have a pee as I waited on the tee to drive. But after ten minutes waiting, I decided to drive, my ball landing about forty yards past where I could one of their golf bags close to the bushes. About to walk past, I noticed movement in the bushes, so I walked over to tell them I was passing through. Getting right into the gap in bushes where I'd seen the movement, I saw one of the young men holding onto a small tree with his trousers and his underwear down by his ankles, whilst the other young man, also semi naked was fucking him from behind. They did't see me at first and I couldn't help but watch them fuck. It was so horny seeing the guy getting fucked, I instantly got a boner.

    I moved and stood on a twig which snapped and they turned around, but the young man didn't stop fucking his partner. Instead he smiled at me and winked. It was the cue for me to undo my trousers, and walk the ten yards to where they were having sex. Not knowing them, never having met either of them, or more importantly having never had any gay sex in my life, I didn't stop to think about what I was doing. I just walked up to the guy being fucked and told him to suck my dick. His friend grabbed his hair, pushed his down and said "Go on do as he said".

    It was such a weird feeling at first having a guy sucking on my cock, but the moment he began to deep throat me I forgot he was male and started to enjoy what he was doing for me. No more than a minute later the young man fucking his friend let out a big cry of joy and unloaded up his mates arse. Pulling out, he looked at me and said "He's all yours, fuck him". Once again I didn't stop to think. Pulling out of his mouth I moved around and just buried my cock into the young mans already creamed arsehole. It was so hot and so smooth with his friends cum lubing his hole, I knew it was ok to hammer into him, so I did just that. I fucked that young man for all I was worth. All my weeks pent up sexual frustration taken out up his eager arse. He was moaning so loudly I told him to shut up, but what I didn't figure on, is he was cumming. He shuddered with my cock banging away at his rear hole and came all over the ground beneath him. I followed his actions moments later and came adding my cum to his friends.

    We all cleaned up as best we could, dressed and then walked out into the fairway. I played the rest of my round with them and as we played we talked about meeting again to have sex. It should have taken place at one of their flats, but through work I couldn't make it. I did however meet them two weeks later on the same golf course and at the same place on the eleventh fairway. Again I fucked the younger of the two, but it was me alone who fucked him as his friend fucked his mouth to orgasm.

    Over the whole winter we met up at least once a week from then on. Meeting at different golf courses, to play and to have sex. I eventually got to fuck both of them, and it became a sort of game to find a perfect place to have a fuck. You would be surprised just how many courses we fucked on over the winter and on into the spring. Always choosing later tee times when we knew the golf course would be empty.

    Because the summer months are always busy on the courses, we switched to having sex in one of their flats, before or after playing golf, but it does take a lot of time out of the day. Now it's autumn going into winter, we've gone back to fucking outdoors and on the courses we know from last year, we'll have time to fuck on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Last night I came home to find my roommate and his friend having just finished having sex with a girl we all knew from work, nothing new but usually the girl they fuck is cleaned up. Not this time. They both obviously had busted their nut on her face and chest. Now I love fucking women and seeing them naked but last night I truly came to realize that I absolutely love the site of cum! She was wiping it of her chest, having missed some on her face and eating. Instant erection of course with my buddies come walking in, and they called me out on my boner and told me to smash her brains out, she looked at me seeing if I was up for it and it was on. I dropped my shorts and the cum that was in her hand she began to stroke me with *amazing*!!! My buddies and I began to enjoy her talents and I let loose on her stomach, so much of it. I don't what came over me, I went to lick it of her and she let out a sexy moan. My buddy whose dick was in her mouth blurted out, "I never knew you had a gay swing in you, good job" and I was overcome by my secret desires. I pulled his cock and began going to town. At this point the girl and I had become they play things for my roommate and his buddy. It was a very intense night and a revelation for me. I suck them both off and swolled them. Woke up today and my ass is sore from my roommate fucking it so hard. I looking forward to doing it again. If you haven't ever tried it guys, you should.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    It's rare for us to see our company boss/owner on site, even rarer to see her husband tagging along. But last month they both turned up to inspect the work we'd been doing. Whilst my boss walked about with the head foreman (Who's a homophobic tosser), checking the newly changed plans, her husband Rick asked me if I'd show him the extensive grounds that surrounded the proposed property.
    We'd been walking about ten minutes and had just entered a thick copse, when he turned to me and asked if I was Tom, the one who was well endowed.
    I'm not kidding I froze on the spot. Had I fucked his daughter or his son by some strange chance, or was he fishing for me to get myself in trouble. I asked him why he wanted to know and without stopping to check if anyone was around, he dropped his very expensive looking trousers and boxers and asked me if I liked what I saw. He'd shaved his arsehole, balls and from I could see the pubes around his cock.
    I was no stranger to fucking older men, as most of the guys I'd fucked since I was fifteen were older than me. Trying not to seem to eager to have him sucking on my cock, I told him I might be. Digging into his pocket he pulled out a condom and said "You prove you are, and show me you can fuck me to orgasm and I'll make things real good for you at work".
    I didn't need a second invitation. So I dropped my work trousers and underwear and let my cock flop forwards. Rick made a low whistling sound and grinned like a Cheshire cat.
    When flaccid, my cock is about seven and a half inches long. After Rick had been sucking on it for a few minutes, it had grown to its usual nine and half inches. Telling me we didn't have much time, I opened the condom wrapper and slid the condom over my pulsing dick. Rick got hold of a tree and pushed his arse up and out. Spitting on his arse and my cock, I stepped into him, put my cock head to his rear and pushed in. Immediately he groaned as if he was in total rapture. It was obvious I wasn't the first guy to have ever entered his rear hole, and knowing he could take my cock (Some men and women can't) I began to fuck his arsehole extremely hard and fast.
    Holding onto his hips when my cock bottomed out up his backside, I heard Rick's moaning and grunting changing. I'd heard that change in a man countless times, and I knew he was building up to his orgasm. Reaching around him and taking hold of his slim small cock, I began to masturbate him, stroking his cock to the same rhythm I was fucking him. Moments later he let out a loud screaming shout and dropped his load all over the leaf litter. Moving my hands up to his hair, I gripped it with both hands and forced his head back. Leaning into him, I kissed Rick hard probing his mouth with my tongue. He responded and groaned as I hammered his arse. Seconds later I came shuddering, filling the condom deep inside Ricks body.
    After cleaning ourselves up and talking about fucking again sometime, we exchanged mobile numbers, then Rick and I walked back to the main site. His wife was still asking question after question of the foreman, and he was nearly quaking as she wanted more and more specific answers. Finally not getting the answers she wanted, she strolled over to where Rick and I were stood and told Rick she'd seen and heard enough.
    The following day, I found out our head foreman had lost his job. I also found out it was him who had mis-read the plans in the first place costing my company thousands in replacement plans and work, hence the changes. Our new promoted head foreman, a guy who everyone respected and trusted, told me I was to be trained up as his right hand man. Orders I believe coming from my boss through her husband Rick.
    Rick text me a couple of days later. We met at a very nice hotel which also had a golf course. The golf being a way of disguising why we were really there. We did play nine holes (I won), but the hole I and Rick was really interested in was his arsehole. Entering the hotel room Rick had booked, we stripped had a shower together and then had sex for over an hour. I fucked him twice, after he'd sucked my cock back to life from cumming all over his face the first time.
    Ten days ago, Rick and I attended a private clinic to have some tests done. Two days later we got the results back, or Rick did for the both of us and text me to meet him at the hotel again.
    Fucking him bareback and cumming up his ever eager arsehole, was fucking amazing. As was swallowing my first ever load of cum after we'd sixty nined sucking his small but gorgeous cock.
    Only yesterday Rick's wife called by the training facility I was being taught at. I thought it was all over when I saw her. I couldn't have been more wrong. Pulling me to one side, my boss told me "keep up the good work here, and keep making my husband happy, and you'll be taking a far more major role in the company". That was all she said, but it wasn't the last communication. She passed me a slip of paper. As soon as she'd gone, I opened the folded paper and it read. "Tomorrow evening, our house 9 o'clock, bring your toothbrush".
    My boss was present, but she stayed downstairs in their massive home. As myself and her husband Rick, sucked and fucked all night long in a very comfortable and large guest bedroom.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My sexual encounters with men has been limited pretty much to times when I am travelling...I am bi, well probably you could say gay now, as my wife and I haven't fucked for 2 years, and my interest in the female body is at a zero...
    So gay I am then...but still married.
    I live in a small community and until a month ago there wasn't anyone around who knew I was gay...or bi...
    While in another country on the other side of the world I was invited by a business connection to a cocktail party. He was at the same conference and a friend was hosting a pool party. He told me dress was casual, and made a flippant remark that I should choose my underwear carefully..."you know what pool parties can turn into"...
    I didn't give it much thought until I came to dress for the party and was standing nude in my hotel room and wondered about his what should I wear? One of the thongs I had in my drawers or something more conservative...then I thought don't be ridiculous, if the party does turn into something interesting I may as well make a statement about my sexuality in case some hot young guy comes on the radar...being miles from home with people I don't know or will ever likely see again. How better to do that than wear a thong, which does actually look ok on my 41 year old but pretty muscled fit body. I choose the black one and put on a pair of baggy cargo shorts and a tight T...Not a bad look I thought.
    I got to the party when it was into about an hour so everyone had likely had a few drinks, but not a skin full.
    It took me about 10 seconds to notice that there were no women. Not one. In another 10 seconds the guy who had invited me came over and took me to meet the host. He was a stunning looking guy, as were most of the guys at the party. I was given a cocktail and we moved poolside.
    I froze as I saw who was standing on the other side of the pool, in very tight jeans and a bare torso deep in conversation with a very good looking guy. It was the owner of the restaurant we go to at home if not once a week, then once a fortnight for sure. He is in his early 30's, has a girlfriend, and I had felt a couple of times that he was looking pretty damn hot, but not bi. Before I had time to make a quick exit he turned and saw me. He tilted his head, looked pretty stunned at seeing me, touched his friend on the arm and left him to come over to see me.
    I was in a state of shock but figured I would try and play it straight. When he got to me he was all smiles and reached out to shake my hand and put one hand on my shoulder. He said he was freaked to see me there and asked what I was doing in town, how did I get to be at this party. I told him about the conference and that I had been invited by one of the delegates. Then I said to him that I was surprised to get her and find just guys. He smiled at me and said "hey, we are both grown ups, and you should stay and enjoy yourself like I plan to. Forget you know me and get amongst it" He then gave me a kiss on the cheek, patted my hip and returned to his friend.
    I was pretty shell shocked and for the first time was faced with being outed...if I stayed and played. Should I stay and be str8, stay and play, or go? I was about to go when I saw Dave unzip his jeans and slide them off to reveal his bare ass at the same time his friend did. Except his friend was in hot white bikini briefs which rose up on his buns. A few other guys got naked or down to briefs...there were a few thongs which really did my head in. I felt my cock stirring in my thong, and my Gaydar was tuning in big time. And so I stayed. My host gave me another cocktail and we started chatting
    A couple of guys joined us and by the time I had finished 4 cocktails was feeling pretty relaxed and very horny. I felt a hand slip down inside the back of my baggy cargo shorts and turned to see the guy who had invited me to the party. He was nude and semi erect and looked so fucking hot. I didn't move when he kissed me. Then he said "I can feel you decided on something nice to wear just like I told you" and played with the string in my ass crack.
    I looked around to see if Dave was looking. He was on his knees sucking his friends cock.
    So there I was, at a gay pool party, semi drunk, in the company of a person I was well known to, about to let my guard down. And I did. Andy removed my T, and unbuckled my shorts which feel to the ground. My thong bulged with my swelling cock and we kissed. Longer and harder this time. His erection pressed hard against me.
    The guests were all in states of undress or nude...paired off or in small clusters fondling caressing and kissing. Some were sucking a cock including Dave, and a few were fucking. Andy took me inside and up the stairs to one of the many bedrooms. We found an empty one after a few tries and made it quickly into bed. We kissed sucked and fucked for hours before heading nude to the pool. Dave was nowhere to be seen. We swam nude, and made out some more. Andy came into me for the third time. When we finished we lay nude on a large lounger and crashed. I woke with a screaming hangover under a cotton blanket, nude and alone. My clothes neatly stacked beside the lounger. A very good looking young guy brought me some Advil and a Bloody Mary which tasted like nectar. My host soon appeared wearing a sheer white sarong. He gave me a note from Dave with a phone number on it and an invitation to brunch.
    We met a few hours later. I was nervous as all hell, but wanted to face it. He stood and kissed me when I arrived. Not on the cheek this time. We sat, we talked and talked and talked. Then we went to my hotel and made love. Really made love. It wasn't a fuck. We made love.
    He is back home next week. God knows where-to from here.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Once you suck your first cock - you will be addicted !!!! The smell, the feel, the taste - making a guy cum is such a RUSH !!!

    I thought that I would try it once and scratch it off my bucket list but...helas !! Now I crave it !

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    Gay Male / 19

    I was always kind of shy in high school. I was not a nerd, I had friends like everybody but I just wasn't among the most popular kids, even if some of my closest friends were quite popular. Since I was always calm, I was very different from all the other excited kids and I was always in the back of the classroom.

    For the winter, we had to go to the local swimming pool every Friday. I enjoyed swimming, feeling free in the pool. But what I enjoyed the most was obviously the glimpses of cocks at the locker room ! I was one of the oldest kid in the class since I was one year older, so 15 years old, and the others often asked me to see my cock, but I always refused. I was too shy and preferred to change under my towel.

    There was one boy that caught my eyes since the beginning : Thomas. He was, like me, one year older than everyone and he was well-built, he was kind of the jock in class. He always jerked in front of everyone else just to show his big juicy cock, much more developed than the rest.
    He caught me watching him several times, and I always looked away, too scared he might say something in front of everyone else.

    Then, one day, I was designated to help the teacher to bring back all the equipment in a small room. Usually, only one person is designated but this day Thomas volunteered to help. I was surprised since we were not really friends, but I was glad that I could watch his bulge longer than usual.

    When we finished, we ended up being the two last students in the locker room. We could go back to our home on our own since we lived not very far.
    When I took my shower, Thomas placed himself just next to me and we chatted about the teacher, some mutual friends, nothing really interesting. I tried to avoid looking at his cock, but just looking at his smile gave me an erection.

    Just as I was going back to the locker room, he stopped me, put his hand on my shoulder and told me :
    -You know, I like you
    -...I like you too Thomas, you are a great guy...

    I got confused for 2-3 seconds, but got back to the locker room quickly.

    I was putting on my jeans, when he came back from the shower with his fully-erected dick. What a piece of meat ! It was 7 inches long, almost like mine, but much larger with much more hair. I gasped and looked at him confused. He just said : "You want to touch it, I know".

    I told him that I wasn't a fag and told him to back off, but he stayed still with a huge smile on his face.
    He started jerking in front of him, and quickly showed laughing my cock, growing in my wet underwear.
    Thomas put one of his foot on the bench and with his hand put my head just in front of his glorious cock.

    "Suck" he said. I couldn't resist. I started licking this piece of meat I've been dreaming about for several weeks as if I was going to die. He moaned, showing that I was giving him pleasure. I thought I was still dreaming, but no, I was sucking the "man" of my dream. He forced me to suck him deeper, which made me choke but I kept on sucking his penis.
    After two minutes, he told me to stop sucking and to let my tongue out. He came on my face, I tried to eat as much as possible his cum, as if its cum was delicious food.

    He thanked me, still confident and not ashamed, looked at my cock still in my boxer and said that I would have to take care of myself. He dressed up, leaving me still shocked of this unreal moment in the locker room.
    I finished dressing up and left the pool.

    The next day, Saturday, I got a message from Thomas, asking if I wanted to come at this house. He added that he was alone all the afternoon. I didn't waste any minute to answer him, and several hours later, he was fucking my virgin hole.

    We kept on seeing each other, even when he got a girlfriend. My parents got divorced and I had to change schools, but his cock still haunts me and I have been craving big dicks from manly guys forever since.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I am a 23 year old Jamaican who really like girls :)

    I've had experiences with them, but it wasn't until I started with Rushell that I knew I could feel like this.

    This girl is just 19. Smart, sexy and q pretty pussy under her clothes. I've never tasted another woman although I like when girls lick suck and touch me.

    I invited her over and she stayed with me for a few weeks since she was having problems with her bf. I remembered just hugging her before bed, but as I did and inhaled her fragrance I was wet myself so I kissed her neck n her back.

    She moaned! She didn't find it weird I guess cuz she moaned and I could tell there was a smile on her face. So I proceeded.

    As I did I realised she likes it. So I was all over her sweetness. I kissed her, I sucked on those breasts and of course I did eat her sweet pussy. She came all over me and that only made me want her more.

    We worked the same place so at work I couldn't wait until we were home. It was as if we were man n wife. All our friends at knew about us cuz she made it obvious shes in love. We didn't care though cuz all our colleagues are open minded, that's why we all sell timeshare.

    Anyways, things grew more intense as the days go by. I would fuck her every morning and night before and after work, and she loved that. Couple weeks later she told me she wanted us to be really serious, so I bought her an engagement ring. She now wears two rings. Mine and her bfs.

    Though he pressures her to leave Mr, she won't. We r so in love! Its crazy!

    Now her bf wants a baby. So am gonna b the second mom cuz I TLD he already that we r gonna b together for a long while.

    This is the first pussy I've err tasted and I have no regrets. I love my baby girl. She's my everything.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I don't know if any of you folks have been in the position I found myself in, but if you have, then you will know just how difficult it is to say no to someone who can stabilize your financial problems.

    I've always worked in the building trade and because of the slow down in the building industry in general, I was finding it increasingly difficult to find regular well paid work. My wife worked too, so it took a little pressure off of me, but as the man of the house, I still felt it was my responsibility to bring in a decent wage.

    Then my wife became pregnant and obviously had to leave work eventually. Out of the blue I got an offer from a company who I knew paid really good money for quality tradesman. I also knew if you kept your head down, worked hard, they would keep you pretty much in permanent work.

    Three months after starting with them and only a week before my wife was due, one of the bosses, a guy called Gary called me and asked me to go and see him. At the time I didn't think it was strange he wanted to see me at a hotel, after all we were doing some work on the place. Walking into the hotel room he was in, I instantly knew there was something amiss. Gary was dressed in a bath robe and I could see he was already erect underneath it. He didn't waist anytime with bullshit, Gary just came right out with what he wanted to say.

    He told me he had to let one of two guys go, myself or another guy I knew. But the person remaining would be put through two regulatory training programs, to help them qualify for certain aspects of specialized building regulations. I knew what he was saying would give that person a fantastic opportunity to cement their position in the company, and if in future they left, it would help them find work far more easily.

    The moment Gary stopped talking, he opened the bath robe and stroked his short fat cock. It didn't take a genius to understand what Gary wanted. Dropping to my knees in front of my boss, I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide his thick stubby cock over my tongue. To my utter surprise over the next ten minutes, I not only found that I was good at giving head, but that I actually enjoyed sucking on his cock. I even licked down his thick cock shaft and took his balls into my mouth before licking back up his cock and sucking back on his fat cock head. Seconds after I took his cock head back into my mouth, Gary gripped my hair, forced his cock deeper down my throat and spewed his cum in lots of pulsing thrusts. Keeping hold of my head, he had me stand and then leaned into me, kissing me hard forcing his tongue into my mouth. As we kissed I passed him his own cum and felt him swallow the lot.

    Moving us apart, he told me to sit on the bed and to drop my trousers. I did as he asked and over the next ten to fifteen minutes I was given an amazing blow job by my boss. When I came in his mouth, he didn't rise up to kiss me as he'd had me do. Instead I could feel him swirling my cum all over my cock, then he swallowed my cum as he'd done his own.

    Lay next to him totally sexed out, Gary put himself on his side, leaned on one elbow and spoke to me. He told me the position was mine, as the other guy had refused point blank to suck his cock. Then I did something I knew I didn't have to do. I pushed him back and went down on my boss again. I took my time and really got into sucking on his small fat cock. I don't know how long I was slurping away on his dick, but like the first time Gary got a hold of my hair when he was close to cumming, only this time he didn't pull me away, he forced me to swallow his watery cum.

    It's now become a twice weekly event. Sometimes it's at his office, sometimes it's at his and his wife's home. I've now completed and qualified from one of the training modules, and have just been told when the second one will start. Gary has stuck to his word about supporting me through my training. He's also become a very good friend to me and my family helping us out of debt.

    The oral sex we've been havung has given me a whole new perspective on life. And has shown me you can and will do anything to secure your families future. It's a future which will shortly include gay anal sex as Gary has asked me if I'd consider fucking him. I told him I'd think about it, but in truth I know when I see him next week at his home, I'll be sliding my cock past his sphincter muscles.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    A few weeks ago I was playing football with some friends and got into a hard tackle. The other guys studs on his boots raked across the top of my thigh, cutting it deeply.
    Using the towel I'd brought with me I stemmed the flow of blood, but knew I'd need stitches. One of my friends drove me over the hospital where I was placed on my own in a triage section.
    After a short wait, I was seen by a middle aged male nurse, who firstly helped me to remove my shorts and underwear. He then began to clean up my wound. As he did so, he couldn't help but brush against my cock and it responded in a way I didn't want it to, it became erect. He made some comment about it not being a problem and it happened all the time. But my cock just got harder and harder.
    It only softened slightly when he put five butterfly stitches across the wound. Then as he was preparing to finish off, his hand definitely rubbed along my cock on purpose. It became ultra hard again. He smiled at me, turned around to see the curtain was fully closed, and then asked me pointing to my cock, if I wanted him to take care of it.
    Before I could answer him, he'd opened his mouth and had taken half my cock over his tongue. I wasn't gay or had ever had any guy touch me in a sexual way, so I should have stopped him. But I didn't, not because I was too shy to say something, it was because he was so good at what he was doing to my cock.
    Putting my hands onto his head, I found myself raising up as he went down on me. I was fucking a guys mouth and it felt amazing. He sucked, licked and at one point gently bit onto my cock shaft. Then letting him know I was close to cumming, he clamped his mouth down hard onto my cock and sucked. My cock exploded in his mouth and I heard him gulping down my semen. He was till sucking hard on my cock when the final spurt left my dick.
    After passing me a robe to go home in, he wheeled me out to my friend, but before my friend wheeled me out to his car the male nurse passed me what looked like a folded over prescription and said "Just in case you need to clean the wound" As he passed me the prescription he winked.
    As my friend drove me home, I quickly had a look at the prescription, it read "Anytime you need looking after" and a mobile number. I've used that number on three separate occasions since. Twice I've met him in my car and had him give me such amazing blow jobs. And once a couple of days ago I went to see him at his flat. Fucking his arsehole after he'd given me such a wonderful deep throat, was a whole new sexual experience, but that confession will take too long to tell here right now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Getting a boner during my X-Rays.

    I'm a 6'2", 210#, former college athlete and a married, professional. I was 31 before I got married because I like to play the field ; had no problem being hit on by the ladies and the men. My wife was 3 months pregnant when we married and I want to make the best of it - for our kids (2 now) and us. I've only been unfaithful with one woman since the married, however, that's not the case with men - masculine, mostly bisexual men like me! I'm physically active at the gym and at home jogging 6 miles 3 days a week, and 8 to 10 miles 2 days a week. We live in a really nice community with our own elementary school. parks, lakes, and 2 designated walling/jogging trials.
    5 weeks ago I was jogging when a pain developed in my right knee. I slowed to a walk and as soon as I got home I iced it down. I stayed off a few days not experiencing anymore pain so I jogged again without issue. It was weeks later before the pain returned. Ice and no leg exercise for a week and I was out walking and jogging again. I did fine for several days, so I began the jogging again; going 10 miles. This time the pain returned in my right knee and hip, so I hobbled home. At this juncture I'm getting concerned even though the ice and over the counter pain relievers eased the pain, I was favoring my gate. I set it out a week without issue so Tuesday evening I started a slow walk advancing to a mid job. I was on my 4th lap when the pain in my knee brought me to an abrupt stop. I was intense pain which radiated down the back of my calf to my feet and up the back of my leg to my hip and groin. That is when I knew I was in trouble. I was hobbling home when someone and gave me a lift to my house and stayed there until I hopped up the steps to the front door. Ice, heating pads and pain relievers finally gave me some relief. I woke a few hours later to intense pain in my right hip, lower back, groin, testicles. I rolled out of bed quietly. When I went to stand the pain in my knee brought tears to my eyes. I grabbed the heating pad, spray on ointment, pain relievers and hobble to the quest room turning on the light seeing my knees was the swollen big time.
    My wife dropped the kids at school and I drive myself to our family physician hoping he could work me in with no appointment. He exams me leaving me in pain, laying on the exam table. He comes back in with some spray crap for my knee and told me I had a serious problem and I had a 3pm appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, suggesting my wife accompany me. My wife and I are in the exam room of an Orthopedic surgeon, we had never heard of, hoping for a miracle. In came a really nice older physician with a great bed side manner as he began mashing, pulling, twisting my right leg. I was in some pain sure enough and he knew it. He told me his X-Ray Tec would be in shortly to take a series of foot, knee and hip X-Rays. He suggested that my wife might be more comfortable in the lobby with the TV as this would take 30 plus minutes.
    The pain had subsided when the door opened and in come the most fuck gorgeous man (in mid 30's) pushing a wheel chair. He introduced himself as he helped me stand on one foot sitting me in the chair. That is when I knew he was several inches taller than me with eyes to color of the Caribbean. We get to X-Ray where he stands me up telling me I have to remove my loafers (I could not bend my knees to put on socks to tie my sneakers) and my shorts because of the zipper. He sets me on the X-Ray reaching down to remove my loafers laying a pair of green paper boxers on the wheel chair, and ask if I need help. I dropped my shorts and said I have to sit down if you can slip the shorts on my feet and pull them up to my knees. he said, if you do not have any metal on your underwear or golf short you do not need the shorts.
    I'm laying on my back on the X-Ray table as he stands at the foot adjusting my foot for a series of X-Rays. Now he moved to my knee where he is moving it an various positions as sharp stinging pains more to my feet, hip and groin. He turns me on my stomach, side and then on my back again where he puts my knee in an sitting position pulling it to my right side. I watched his hot body, in his light blue medical blues, walk behind the wall as I felt my cock twinge; not pain, but stimulation. He comes 2 more times adjusting the knee and my cock is getting harder by the minute. Now, I'm experiencing some tingling in my prostrate as I thought I've not gotten off in 3 days; I have a very strong sex drive.
    This time he rolls me on my back pulling up the bottom of my golf shirt and there is my hard cock sticking up to my left side in my tiny jockey shorts, and the head is sticking out under the band. I apologized but he laughed saying I was not the first man to get a boner on his X-Ray table. He said the pain radiating from my hip joint, which is close to the groin, can cause erectile simulation - even while in pain. I said that is good to know I thought I was a closet sadist. He said, you could be that too as he adjust the light over my right hip and abdomen. He came back, this time standing between my legs moving the X-Ray light right over my crotch and said, how about a shot of your boner for your wife? I said she sees it too much already - I have a strong libido. He said, your not alone. I was drooling as he moved the light back of my hip for another angle. I said, my wife tells me to give her a rest and take matters in hand. I bet yours is the same way. He said, I'm not married - hold still. Before he lays me on my stomach he placed some paper for me to lay my cock on while he got an X-Ray from the back. As he was walking back behind the wall he said, Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters are my best friends - hold still. As he was pulling me up to sit sideways on the X-Ray table I said, I've a number of buds who, like me, jack off every day. He said, and me too. Mr. XYZ.
    He slide on my loafers placing my feet inside my shorts. Now he pulled me to stand on my left leg holding the shorts with his hands (his back was to me) and said, can you pull them up or do you need help?. I whispered, since you've seen my hard dick and its head sticking out I guess were best friends now - help me all you want. He stood up pulling them up with his hand ribbing my hard cock ad he fastened my shorts reaching to zip them up. I said I need a second to go down before you take me back. He set my back on the X-ray table standing between my knees. I looked down at his crotch but could not detect anything and that is when he said, I wear boxers its down my right leg. That's when his baggy pants leg twitched so I reached for it. He backs up pushing me back as he puts his mouth over my shorts running it up and down on my cock. He said, we can finish this when your better, if you want my number? He set me in the wheel chair and I pulled his pants back and down exposing a really nice cock which I took in my mouth. He pulled it back flipping it with his fingers (a medical technique for hard cocks).
    I go for am MRI today as the doctor suspects torn meniscus but I definitely have a case of osteoarthritis in my ankle, knee and hip in addition to inflammation. That is the first time I ever got a boner while in pain. I'm not into the pain shit but was definitely into that Z-Ray Technician. I went to the bathroom and jacked off thinking about him - as soon as I got home and early his morning and I am boned again - pain free.

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