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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Eleven years ago myself and my arts teacher got caught in his classroom having sex. He was fucking me from behind over his desk (not for the first time I might add) after I'd sucked on hid huge cock for a long time. It was the secretary of the school who caught us and she informed the head. My teacher was sacked and I was expelled.
    He moved away soon afterwards and we didn't see each other again. Not until two weeks ago.
    I was out shopping with my wife and young daughter when I heard someone calling my name. Turning round I came face to face with my old arts teacher. And if anything he looked even more of a hunk than he did when I was eighteen.
    His silver hair and beard framed his handsome face and his muscular body showed through his t shirt. We said hello and I introduced him to my family. It was obvious he still liked me in that way and we agreed to catch up soon. As we said our goodbyes, he asked for my mobile number. I can never remember it, so my wife told him it.
    Two days later I got a text from him saying he'd love to finish off the fuck we were having in school. That same afternoon I drove over to his flat and spent three amazing hours reintroducing myself to gay sex. We had such a great time, I ended up with two cum loads deep up my arse, and one all over my face.
    We've had sex five more times since, and I'm now seriously thinking of making a decision in my life. I've hidden my gay past and gay feelings to anyone and everyone who knows me. My family think I was expelled from school for violence, as I've never told them the truth. And it's the truth I now think I need to disclose to everyone, even if it means some people get hurt. Ten years was a long time not being the person I so desperately wanted to be. So meeting my old school teacher has in many ways only brought out my true real self, and I think it won't be put back in any closet from now on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Before I went into prison I was 100% straight. Absolutely no man was going to try anything with me. I'm a big guy, six feet three and through my last job and hitting the weights, I've also built me a damn fine muscular body. It helped with my door work, but alas it was performing my duties on a door, I got a little out of hand.
    No matter what anyone tells you, time inside is either productive or it's total bullshit and wasted time. I spent my eighteen months being productive, studying and getting incredibly fit. However I did after a few months begin to suffer with my sexual needs. Wanking is ok, but it doesn't fully scratch that itch. I knew of some guys who had bitches and used them daily. They on the outside were married men, straight men, but inside they needed that little extra to get them through the day. I resisted even though some of their sluts were offered to me, and I might have succeeded in making through my sentence had it not been for Jack.
    Cutting this bit short, I ended up having my cellie moved (Drugs, dickhead) and two days later had a newbie placed in with me. He was young, vulnerable and not at all what you'd think of as a criminal. He was also and I say this with hindsight, a very good looking young man. Straight away the men who were interested, started to move in on him. He was beaten for refusing to suck the dick of one guy, and I had sort the guy out. Which cost me three months on my sentence, but I couldn't be seen to be weak. Another attempt to get him to have sex, only ended up with me warning off the the two men who'd wanted to fuck him. Then one of my training buddies inside told me, if I didn't take him myself as a bitch, I'd probably be fighting every other day.
    That same night after lights out, I'd just turned over when I heard Jack say "You'd better get this over quickly as I'm not sure I can take this any longer". Apparently the same guy who I trained with, had spoken to Jack and told him, he needed to make himself my fuck piece.
    Getting off my bunk I went to his bed and spoke to him for over quarter of an hour. We were both reluctant to enter into something sexual together, so we planned on telling everyone he was now my bitch. Unfortunately in prison it isn't as easy as that. Not wanting to go into it too much, I had to be seen/known to be fucking Jack.
    The following night he got onto my bed naked and slipped his hands into my shorts. There was no kissing that first time. Only Jack stimulating me with his hands, then removing my shorts he went down on me. For someone who'd not sucked cock before, Jack was instantly very good at it. My dick became rock hard and I must own up to wanting to fuck him by the time my cock was twitching and pulsating so hard.
    Spitting on his arsehole, and then using cream he had for a cut eye, I eased my cock up his arse from behind. It took an age for it to bottom out, but then I do have an eight and half inch cock. Throughout our first fuck, Jack felt pain and was uncomfortable, but the prowlers as I called them, also heard his moans and groans as my cock pounded deeper and deeper into his body. By the time I was ready to cum I was actually enjoying being inside his arsehole. Cumming up him made everyone know he was mine and it also instantly stopped further attempts by other men to fuck him.
    For me that was going to be that. But the next night Jack entered my bed again naked. Only when he sucked on my cock, I spun him around and took his much smaller cock into my mouth. I wanted him to feel at least a little bit turned on when I fucked him, so I gave him as good a blow job as he was giving me. It was Jack again who took the lead. Getting me to lay back he used the cream again and mounted my cock. It was a much more sexual time the second time, as I got into watching his face and seeing his cock bounce as he fucked himself on my dick. Then like a rubber band giving way, his arsehole opened up and my cock slid right in. At the same time he moaned out loud, but it was a moan of complete and utter joy. We fucked one another for over an hour with Jack taking two loads of my cum deep inside his bowels. The second time I fucked him, he was lay on his back and I fucked him missionary. Driving my cock into him, he reached up and pulled me down to him. We kissed and for me it sealed everything. It also proved to me, I was going to protect him as I was fully prepared to make him my prison lover.
    Jack and I fucked almost every night from then on. I found that I was eager to be inside his rear hole and often wanted to fuck him in other places, other than our cell. But that was too much and you had to show the other side of yourself beyond the cell door door.
    After five months Jack left prison and I got on with my time. He kpt in touch by writing and I found writing to him a way of making myself horny. I did take another younger lad under my wing, but he was much more cock sure of himself. And within a month was fighting his own battles and not relying on my cock to get him some piece.
    Time done and on the out. My wife picked me up and I soon merged back into my home life again. Yet there was something missing and that something was Jacks mouth, cock and arsehole, plus he himself.
    It wasn't hard to track him down as I had letters from prison. I had to hide them as they were all very sexually explicit. Arranging to meet up with him at a hotel, we spent a whole afternoon sucking and fucking, and I did something I'd never done inside. After cumming up his sweet tight arse, I actually licked and sucked my cum out and fed it to him by kissing him hard.
    Our lives have moved on, yet we still find time to have sex. I've told him I'll never leave my wife or betray her with another woman, but I doubt from now on, I'll ever stop fucking younger men.
    Jack has proved one thing to me. Never say never.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    In September I went on holiday with my girlfriend to Spain. After a few days she got sick and stayed in bed. Telling me I should go out to at least get some food, I ventured over to a bar and got chatting to three English lads. We began playing pool and drinking beer, and before long I felt myself becoming really dizzy.
    I wasn't sure how the hell I got back to our apartment, as I didn't remember anything. What I did know, is my arsehole was sore. I didn't tell my girlfriend about my strange feeling arsehole, as she seemed a lot brighter. All she said is she heard voices and then I entered the apartment seemingly drunk.
    Two days later lay by the pool instead of going along to the beach, one of the lads I'd seen a couple of nights earlier came over and apologised. When I asked him why he'd apologised, he said "You don't remember do you". At that point he moved us away from where my girlfriend was flat out asleep and took me into the toilets by the pool.
    Getting his phone out, he first said "The first part wasn't taken on my phone".
    The video started outside close to the bar I'd met them in. I was on my knees down an alley and all three lads were offering me their cocks to suck. Laughing at me and the situation, I was fed one cock at a time and it definitely looked like I was enjoying giving them head. After only a few minutes, I was lifted up and the screen went blank. It reopened in what looked like an apartment, and once again I was sucking cock. It lasted a lot longer as all three lads stuffed their hard dicks down my throat. Then the mood changed as I was completely stripped and had what I now know to be lube smeared all over my arsehole. Still sucking one lads cock, I saw another get behind me and ram his dick hard up my arse.
    I watched myself jump and groan, but I was held down and the lad fucking me really began to thrust up my rear. Fucking me incredibly hard, he didn't last long and his cock was soon replaced by the another of their group. Again I was fucked in the doggy position whilst sucking on the biggest of the three's cocks. Another load filled my arse and I went to move. The lad who was in the toilets with me entered the frame and he had me lay on my back. Watching myself accept his large fat cock, I then became totally surprised as I saw myself begin to toss myself off.
    On and on and on and on he fucked me as his mates filmed us having sex. without warning I saw my cock explode and then saw the lad stood next to me in the poolside toilet, cum deep inside my arse.
    Pulling out of me, the camera flickered and then went blank. I thought that was going to be the end of the video, but it came back on and I saw myself fully dressed outside of our apartment. And I wasn't stood up. Instead i was on my knees taking the cock of the lad who was showing me the video into my mouth. I greedily sucked on his cock and gave him a blow job for well over five minutes, before he came in my mouth. He said goodnight and I loudly told him the same, the video cut out.
    Stood facing the lad I asked him if there were other copies of the video and if so, what were thay going to do with them. Fearing I might end up on the internet. He told me he had the only copy now and he wanted me to see I had enjoyed them fucking me, he said fearing I might just remember something. When I asked him why he feared me recallng what we'd done, he said "Because my friend gave you something in your drink".
    They'd spiked my drink and then fucked me. Yet and I honestly mean this, I totally enjoyed watching myself getting fucked. And truth be known, I had a boner as I stood next to him in the toilets. I did however tell him to destroy the video, but not before I had him copy it to me.
    Asking what was I going to do, I dropped down felt his cock through his shorts and kissed it through the material.
    My girlfriend was fully awake by the time I got back to the pool. She asked me where I'd been, so I told her I'd had a funny stomach. I didn't mention the only thing wrong with my stomach, if indeed anything was wrong, was it contained a young guys cum load as I'd swallowed my first knowing male orgasm.
    Unfortunately I didn't see the lads there again, but I did wank a couple of times watching the video, before I wiped it off my phone.
    Nothing happened after that for a few weeks, then out of the blue and again I don't remember telling them anything, I got a visit from the lad who's cock I'd sucked in the poolside toilets. I'd apparently told him where I work. He's a delivery driver and was delivering to a firm next to the one I work at.
    The delivery driver and I have been having gay sex every time he's been over this side of the Pennines. Which so far means he's fucked me five times and I've sucked him off twice giving him a quickie during my lunch breaks. My girlfriend obviously doesn't know about my new found love of being fucked and I somehow think I'm not going to tell her either. Fucking her is wonderful, but being fucked to me right now in my life is just as amazing, and I think from now on I'm going to continue enjoying a hard cock fucking my arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    When my wife turned me down sexually yet again during a holiday over to Greece recently, I decided to go back down to the pool bar which was still open. Chatting away to the young barman as I was the only one left in the bar, he asked me why my wife wasn't with me. I told him she had another head ache. Smiling at me, he said "You can always fuck someone like me".
    I'm not sure why I didn't just walk out because before Yannis I hadn't had any form of gay sex. But I didn't walk out. Instead I sat on my bar stool and allowed him to pull my shorts down. Taking hold of my rapidly rising cock, he opened his mouth and began to give me what I can only describe as the best blow job I'd ever received. It was so good I was nearly ready for cumming within five minutes. Which if you knew me, you'd know it was a total unknown as it normally takes me ages to cum.
    Holding his head I pulled him up and asked him if what he said was true. Smiling at me again, he stripped of naked, moved me off the bar stool and bent himself over it. Telling me to use some hand cream he said was at the end of the bar, I smeared his arsehole with it and my cock and slid my dick into my first ever mans rear hole.
    I can't remember now just how long I lasted but we stayed in that one position during our whole fuck. He began to toss himself off as I thrust into him time and again. Then telling him I was on the verge of cumming, he shouted out in Greek and and came all over the bar stool. Seconds later I was about to pull out and cum all over his back, when he told me to cum inside of him. Pumping my cock a few more times, it exploded up his arse and I slumped onto his back.
    I was totally drained in more ays than one and I leaned back against the bar. Yannis moved around sank down and took my cock back into his eager mouth. This time I did last as he sucked and sucked on my dick. It must have been at least twenty odd minutes later when I felt my second orgasm rising. Telling Yannis, he just carried on sucking and I eventually came forcing my cock as far as he could take it, down his throat.
    Back in our room, my wife asked me if I was drunk after waking up. I told her I'd taken a walk as well as having a drink so no I was sober. Al she said was "Good, now you won't snore".
    We stayed another three days after that and each night I honestly tried to have sex with my wife. She did suck me off once, but that was on the last night. The other two nights I ended up fucking a young Greek guy in a bar and had the sexual time of my life. I was even a little annoyed she wanted to suck my dick that last night, but it didn't stop me from going down later to fuck Yannis one last time.
    May next year, I've already booked to go back. Only I've booked knowing my wife might not be able to stay the first three nights (Ten night stay). It's a special week for her that week and I'm not normally involved. She knows about the booking but so far hasn't said anything about me flying out before her. Indeed my wife mentioned only last night that I should make sure I had enough money to cover myself for the first three nights. It's not money I need to cover myself with, it's Yannis's cute (Now) nineteen year old arse.
    Maybe before then, I might just try and find a young guy to have fun with here.

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    Straight Male / 27

    My best friend, Pat, is probably addicted to sex. He, as I am. is straight but his older brother, Gary, is gay, and slim. When I visit, he embarrasses Pat with comments of what he would do to me, etc. Patrick continues to try to get him to shut up. Recently, Gary told my friend that he could suck and fuck me at the same time if he could be allowed to try. They argued about it then Pat asked me if I would allow him to try so he could win a bet they made. He would split $100 with me.

    My curiosity got the best of me and I allowed it. Gary put me into a fetal position on my back, sucked my cock until it was fully erect then proceeded to fuck my asshole while sucking me until I came in his mouth. Pat lost the bet and I was amazed. That was my first (and last) such experience.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Just got back from spending nine weeks at a cousins Spanish villa. It's at an urbanization called San Fulgencio. Not oo far from their is a beach called Dunes de la Marina where I walked my cousins dog each evening. It was him who pointed it out to me last time myself and my wife were there.

    Because my wife broke her ankle on a week before we flew out, she didn't accompany me on the dog walks, which gave me the opportunity to walk through the dunes and along the gay appointed/recognised beach.
    On my first walk I came across two younger men sucking each other off. taking turns to swallow each others dicks. Not speaking Spanish I didn't know what they were saying when they spoke to me, but I fully understood when one of them signaled for me to have my cock sucked. After all it was why I'd walked that way.

    Tying the dog to a tree, I walked over dropped my shorts and had both young men suck on my cock alternatively. I'm a well endowed man (8.5 inches) and love sex. Only my wife who's nearly fifty has gone right off sex. Last time we were there, I very nearly had a guy suck me off then, but bottled out. This time knowing we were going to be at the villa for over two months, I made my mind up, I was at least going to try out having my cock sucked by a guy.
    Once both young men had sucked on my dick for about five to ten minutes, I was handed a condom and the youngest looking lad bent himself over the low branch of a tree. Not having to be asked twice, I watched as the other young lad smothered his friends arsehole with lube as I unrolled condom along my cock. Stepping upto him, I put my cock head to his arse opening and thrust in. It had been a long long time since I'd fucked anyone, and I went hell for leather holding his hips to support myself and him. Unfortunately I only lasted around four or five minutes before I busted my nut up his rear hole.

    Sliding my cock out, I dropped the condom to the floor, pulled up my shorts and was walking with the dog a few minutes later. But not before I'd given my mobile number to the lads. About half past nine that night I got a text saying in broken English "Tomos evening, on my own, love fuck again. Same place".
    Seeing my wife downing yet another whisky, I text back "Sure see you there".
    Sure enough he was there on his own and moving a little away for where we'd fucked the night before, I had him suck on my dick for a much longer time. Putting on a condom, I fucked that young man standing up, him mounting me then began fucking him doggy style as two men walked right upto us. As I fucked his tight young arse, the two older men tossed themselves off and came within minutes. Watching their cum flying everywhere had my cock pulsing and I soon ejaculated up his arsehole filling the condom. What I hadn't noticed in all my pleasure, is he'd cum without touching his little cock, all over the sandy floor.

    Pretty much the rest of our stay there, except the last week, I walked the dog alone and had sex. Either a blow job, or fucking my young Spanish lad. In all I had sex with six different men. Three older, one around my age and two younger lads.

    Right at the end of our stay I managed to meet up with the young lad on his own again and fucked him as he stood against a tree. It was then I learned he'd only just turned seventeen that week.
    My wife who's non the wiser and I have already booked to visit again next year. Only it will be in May and then again in mid October. From now until then I'm sure I'm going to find young guys at home to fuck, because fucking my young Spanish friend had taught me one thing. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself.
    Onwards and up any young arsehole I can find to fuck from now on.

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    1 / 26

    <a href==>liami nuntytybriny Lydayemasia</a>
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    Teexskame hergy skamix

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I just let my high school history teacher fuck my ass! Didn’t know he was hung!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I have sucked cock for as long as I can remember. I love women and am married but whenever a guy offers me his cock to suck, I'm on my knees and sucking away. Don't get me wrong, I don't "whore" around. I only do guys I'm very familiar with, close friends and co workers. Why I'm writing is a guy I work with. We hooked up one evening after a long day. We had been flirting at work several months and that night, he offered his cock and I sucked him off, starting both of us sucking each other off whenever we got the chance, sometimes 3 to 4 times a week.
    As luck would have it, we were sent to a training seminar for a week in another state and had adjoining rooms. Needless to say, we both knew we'd be sucking cock and sharing the same bed every night. On the first night, we showered together, sucking each other's cocks then going in his bed for a night of 69ing, In the morning, I woke him by licking and sucking his cock, balls and asshole until he woke then copied the favor. We ended up swallowing sperm for breakfast then he surprised me. As we were hugging after the sex, he said he like having a boyfriend and knew I liked having him for one. At first it kind of shocked me but I guess he was right, we were, and still are, boyfriends. We had sex every night that week and even ended up ass fucking each other a few times. I don't think of us as a couple when we are apart but as soon as we're naked with each other, I know I'm his boytoy if not his boyfriend and he is mine.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I put "bi" on this posting but I have to qualify it. It's debatable. What happened is that at a meeting in an upscale hotel, I took a pee-call and went to the men's room. I had one too many beers and was really throwing out a big stream. Some kid, younger than my son, went to the urinal next to mine although there was a room filled with available urinals. I noticed him looking at me urinate. He said, "Wow, some stream. That's quite an instrument you have there...truly mouth watering."

    Not ever had I had even a hint of gay desire but for some reason I found myself inside a locked cubicle being sucked off by this kid. Holding my cock with both hands, he flicked his tongue all over it and gulped it down his throat, as I felt it was. He fucked the large, heart-shaped head on my cock with his lips, bobbing his head fast, moving on to lick and suck on my balls, hungrily. I could not believe how he was able to swallow most of my cock since it's large when erect. He swallowed my pulsating shots with gusto and we started meeting in the toilet at set times. I was suddenly, badly hooked on this kid's business.

    In a week or so, he asked if he could invite his lover to join us. When I found out he was the same age, I said, "bring him." Then, two kids, sucked away together, taking turns deep-throating me while I held their heads. They now come in for sessions two or three times a week. Once, I almost, inadvertently told my wife of many years about it, but bit my, tongue. I don't know where this is going but it would not be honest to list as "straight" any more. I'm now imagining sucking them both off, and more.

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