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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 41

    My son is 21...he was born when I was young and his mother and I grew apart rather than closer and div after 5 years. I met a guy about a year later and there just seemed to be a natural connection. I haven't slept with a woman since that time. I have always supported my son financially and have accumulated a very large portfolio of property. For his 21st birthday I gave him a condo. He has had a few girlfriends over his growing up years but when I invited him over to get his present...he wondered if I had moved as we met at the condo...he arrived with a really lovely guy. He introduced him as his new partner.
    I was surprised but not shocked of course being gay myself. The announcement did however change the dynamic...three gay men enjoying champagne celebrating a new home for them. It was a really lovely moment. From there after quite a few drinks my sons partner said he had to go and do some family stuff with his parents and left us alone.
    When he left my son came back into the room and kissed me...a full warm loving kiss on the mouth. Now I was shocked.
    He told me how much he loved me and how grateful he was for all the love and support I had given him. Then he asked me to take him to bed.
    I felt pretty overwhelmed by the whole scene but looking at him, as he undressed in front of me to reveal and beautiful fully developed and hot body I just knew I wanted him.
    We spent the night in bed and made love.
    We have agreed that was a oncer and he and his partner have moved into the condo and we enjoy a lot of time together...without any sex...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    The only woman I fuck is my wife. I do meet up with two other guys who do as I; we crossdress, make up and look convincingly like women. During that time we all fuck each other and suck each other. We are all tops and all bottoms. In our cases, we don't get with other guys, we just have sex when we are crossdressed. The rest of the time it's our wives only. I want to fuck my wife while I'm dressed as a woman but I know she'd freak out and leave me not to mention, tell everyone in the neighborhood, family, and church about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was 15 I came out as gay to my parents. A minute later I was homeless. They gave me exactly 60 seconds to pack up only what I could put in a trash bag and only what was in my bedroom. I didn't get to take any money, my birth certificate or social security card which the burned in front of me when I was packing. I also wasn't allowed to take my cell phone or any other electronics. They told me I was no longer their son and not to ever attempt to contact them again and if they ever saw me within a mile they would call the police and have me jailed. I never bothered to ask them what for. I was too busy trying to gather up what I could. They were busy calling me an abomination and telling me I was Satan's spawn and was going to burn in the lake of fire for eternity and so on.

    I was out the door and homeless just about sixty seconds after I came out. I had one friend, a girl I once went on a date with, who I thought might be sympathetic to my cause and more importantly hoped her parents might take pity on me though I barely knew them. When I got to her house her Dad was standing at the end of the driveway and told me my Dad had called him and warned him I might seek shelter. He said that faggots were not welcome and suggested I move to either New York or San Francisco or Las Vegas where "my kind" was welcome. All Three were over a thousand miles away from my Midwestern former home.

    I kept walking. There was one more place I thought to try. A boy I suspected might be gay who had been teased by other kids at school for being too effeminate might be sympathetic. He lived at the other end of town and it was already ten at night. I only had a vague idea of which house he lived in but I walked there anyways. I was really lucky. I walked down the street I thought he lived on and there he was also walking down the same street but in the opposite direction. I told him what happened. He came out to me but told me that his parents were NOT cool with his being gay and only tolerated him living at home and told him that as soon as he graduated in 3 years he would have to move out. He was also forbidden from having any gay friends visit. But he did help me out. He gave me his old cell phone which was only a month deactivated so I didn't need to get a new sim card. He then gave me $500 cash, some food and a back pack to carry my stuff in. He told me of a place he had heard of where gay teens that had been kicked out can crash. He wasn't sure of the address but the crash house was in another city and I'd have to take a bus there. So I did. I was so grateful that I forgot myself and kissed him on the cheek. He kissed me back but this time on the mouth. I wanted him so badly but I had to move on. He was expected home which was the next block over. He gave me his phone number but warned me to only call in emergencies and only late at night.

    I spent the night at the bus station avoiding the cops by hiding behind bushes when they drove by. Then early the next morning I took the next bus to the city where the crash house was. An older guy in his twenties had rented this house in a run down neighborhood. It had four bedrooms. He let gay teens stay with him but they had to suck him off or give him some money or drugs. I had no drugs and not much money so I sucked him off. turns out it wasn't too bad. He had a nice cock.

    Most of the boys there turned tricks to survive. A couple of them took me under their wing and taught me the ropes. Before long I was turning about ten tricks a day for $20 a pop. After expenses I was able to save up about $1000 a week. In three months I had nearly $13k.

    I just turned 16 when I decided to try my luck in another state. So I took a bus there and found another crash house. This one the guy wanted to collect rent with his cock up my ass. He had a small cock so it wasn't actually that bad. Sure he was old and fat but he didn't smell like a sewer, he didn't smoke or drink or do drugs. He just liked to fuck teenage boys in the ass. Plus he really liked eating out my ass and honestly that was kind of enjoyable as long as I wasn't looking at him. He even sprang for food and let me have internet access.

    I found out that I could get a replacement birth certificate so I sent away for one then went into a social security office and was surprised when they replaced my social security card without any hassle. With those two things and some mail I got a photo I.D. In that state if you were 16 you could quit school. So I was able to get a job without permission of the school like I needed where I lived before.

    I didn't really need a job. I was able to place ads on the internet for escort services and with my looks, I was skinny, long hair, average uncut cock and girly face and looked like a twelve year old with pubic hair. So I was very popular. Of course in my ads I claimed to be 18 and nobody questioned it. But for an apartment I needed to prove a legal source of income. I lied about my age on the application and since I had pay stubs the landlord didn't question my age. Utilities were included so that made it easier.

    I only kept my two jobs for a little while, first getting rid of the part time job then quitting the full time job to concentrate on turning tricks. I found I could charge $300 for a 2 hour appointment and that was considered dirt cheap. I found I could drive a scooter without registering it or needing a driver's license so I bought one. I could do outcalls but I didn't want to do incalls because I didn't want my landlord to know I was turning tricks. I did an average of two to three appointments a day and was able to put away about $12k a month for the next two years or so. When I got to 18 I noticed I was in less demand and was only turning about 5 tricks a week instead of about 15-20. I still turned tricks but I wanted to do something else.

    So I enrolled in a G.E.D. program and earned my G.E.D. and then put myself through college. I actually had my G.E.D. two weeks before I turned 18. I had enough money for a new car, college and nice things. I was still earning about $1200 a week turning tricks.

    Then one day I got a call for an outcall appointment and when I got there it was my Art professor. He is really cute having only been teaching a couple of years he was still in his 20's. I had jerked off imagining him fucking me before so it was a pleasure to accept a three hour appointment from him for $750. He couldn't afford to make more than one appointment every couple of months so I gave him the cute professor discount. We've been getting together weekly ever since and yes he gave me an A in Drawing 101, 155 and 215.

    I still turn tricks today. I love the anonymous sex. I do screen my appointments and only make them with reasonably attractive men. i'm still attractive enough that I can be choosy.

    Today I have a job as a staff artist for a publishing company and I paint and draw and show my work and sell it and make almost as much money from that as I do working as a staff artist.

    I have not spoken to my parents since that day. Through third parties I found out that they never mention me and pretend I never existed. They told the congregation at the church they belong to that I died and that it hurts too much for my name to be mentioned. The boy who helped me out that first day was kicked out of his house a year later. When I found out I helped him out by giving him a place to live. We fucked for a while but he eventually moved on. I don't know what happened to him. The girl I first sought help from graduated from school. She kept my secret that I was still alive. She apologized for not being able to help me but I told her I understood.

    I have no idea what my parents told my grandparents. They are not on social media and so I have no way of knowing even if they are still alive and I never had their address or phone numbers. I'm not even sure of their names as I only knew them as grandma and grandpa.

    I had one aunt who did respond to my attempt to contact her a couple of years ago. She said that my parents told her I had run away from home and was in prison. She didn't believe me when I told her what happened but she told me it was my own fault for deciding to turn gay. I never got a chance to ask her about my grandparents.

    The first crash house I sought refuge at was raided by the cops. The guy went to prison for multiple counts of human trafficking and having sex with a minor and for drugs. The guy who ran the second crash house moved away and I never heard from him again.

    Currently I have two young gorgeous gay boys living with me. I have taken them under my wing and while we are affectionate we don't have sex. one is 15 and the other is 16. Their hyper religious parents kicked them out and disowned them the way my parents did. I have insisted they go to school and not turn tricks even though I still do. I do it for fun. I don't want them to think they have to turn tricks to survive. I feed, clothe, shelter them and provide for their needs. They have been lovers for a few months now and I don't mind. It means they only use one of my bedrooms. While it is still a while off, they have both told me that they have a really big thank-you surprise for me when they turn 18.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    It's crazy now I think back, just how many chances I had over the years to fuck fit cute young guys. Yet turned them down because of my religious upbringing and my own desire to be straight.
    I knew I wasn't straight, and I also knew with the size of cock I have, I probably could have fucked close to five hundred guys by now. As it is over the last four and half years, I've traveled all over the world with my job, and fucked close to three hundred young guys.
    Most of them are hotel employee's, or young men I pick up in bars and clubs attached to the hotels. You'd be surprised by just how many young gay and bisexual men work in the hotel and catering industry. It also helps I guess, I know, that the hotels I work in and around, service flight crews.
    I am ruggedly good looking and I do have a very good body, which I take great efforts to keep fit, athletic and muscular looking. I'm scrupulously clean and always always play safe.
    It also helps my new wife is extremely broad minded about my outside gay liaisons, as I am about hers. I just wish I had left my old religious and stupid socially acceptable ideas earlier. As believe me, knowing what I do now, many many more young men would have taken everyone of my nine and half inches up their cute tight arseholes.
    Knock Knock, there goes the hotel door... Hi Serge x

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Well let me start off by saying, Iâm a closet cock sucker and have been one since the age of 13 when I was introduced to sex with men! It started off with getting my cock sucked on by an old man in the park!
    Now hereâs how it started off! I was at Delaware Park fishing. I ran out of bait so I went to the back of the park where there was a big leaf pile that the city had dumped there and was digging for worms. While digging I had to take a pee, there wasnât a restroom around so I walked into the bushes to pee. Didnât want anyone to catch me peeing and get in trouble for peeing outside public. I walked down the path till found a spot, looked around and took my dick out and started to pee. As I was pissing I heard a voice! You know youâre not supposed to be peeing outside like that! Now as you can guess, it scared the crap out of me and I pissed on myself! He then said he was going to call a cop and tell him what I was doing! But he said he wouldnât if I would let him get a better look at what I was doing. Being a dumb scared kid and not wanting to get in trouble, I said ok!
    He came closer so he could see better and then said, you peed on your shorts and then reached over and felt them. He said I should take them off so they could dry! (Again Dumb kid) I took my shorts and underwear off and he said to hang them on the bushes to dry! As I turned to hang them up on the bushes to dry he came up behind me and reached around me and started playing with my cock and balls, saying they were wet too! As he played with me, he pulled me towards him and I could feel a big lump in his pants! He then turned me around and got on his knees, took my cock in his mouth as he grabbed my ass and pulled me in tight! Then started sucking my dick like a mad man! It felt so good! It was the first time I had ever had someone touching me no less sucking my dick! First time sex other than me jerking myself off! It felt so so Good! I just closed my eyes and the next thing I knew was I had shot my load and he had left with me standing there with my dick hanging out! It was great, I looked around and grabbed my stuff and put them back on and went back to getting worms! But doing nothing but thinking about the great feeling I just had!
    I thought about it all that night as I played with myself and wanting that feeling again! I went to the park fishing the next day but thatâs not what I was looking there for! I went back to the spot in the bushes and waited to see if the guy would show up again! After about a half an hour I saw him coming down the pathway! I made sure he saw me and went back into the bushes farther and took my shorts and underwear off! He walked in, looked at me and smiled! Then as he walked towards me, he unzipped his pants and took his dick out! It was so big and looked different than mine. (I know now it was because he had a uncut cock) He played with it and he was getting even bigger! He got to where I was and got on his knees, took my already hard cock in his hand and then into his mouth! He started sucking and sliding his mouth up and down my dick as he played with himself! He started to moan as I closed my eyes as that great feeling came over me again and I shook as I shot my load! The next thing I remember is standing there with my cock hanging out for anyone to see and he was gone again.
    The rest of the day and night all I could think about was that fantastic feeling, wanting and needing more! That all that night again I played with myself and wanting that feeling again! I went back to the park saying I was going fishing again the next day but you know thatâs not what I was looking for! I went back to the bushes and waited to see if he would show up again! After about an hour or so, there he was coming down the pathway! I made sure he saw me and went back into the bushes farther and took my shorts and underwear off and waited with my hard dick standing out! He walked in, looked at me and smiled! Then as he walked towards me as he unzipped his pants and took his dick out!
    I know this is getting long but this is where my life changed and I became the cock sucker Iâm today! As he walked up to me, he said that it was time I learned how to give a man pleasure! He started to play with his dick and told me to put my hand on his dick and play with it. Now his dick looked different from mine, I learned that was because he was uncut! He had me slide his foreskin back and forth, as I did that his dick head would pop out! It was big and purple and cover with pre-cum! He told me to kneel down in front of him and to stick my tongue out. As I did he put his dick on my tongue and slid his foreskin over his dick head and my tongue and told me to lick around his dick head! As I did that I could taste his pre-cum and it didnât taste bad at all! Then he told me to put my lips up to his dick and suck in, I did as he told me and as I did. His dick head slid out from under his foreskin and into my mouth! I had to open my mouth wide to let his dick head into my mouth! He then put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it towards him and pushing his dick head deep into my mouth! I had never had a feeling like that before! It was hard but yet not, it was soft but not! He didnât get much of his dick in my mouth because he was quite large! Thinking back at it Iâm guessing around 8 ½ inches and as thick as a red bull can!
    As he started to pump his dick in my mouth, he said I was a natural at sucking dick! He then pulled his dick out of my mouth saying that was enough for today and told me to stand up so he could suck on my dick! He took me in his mouth and sucked me off! ! I just closed my eyes and the next thing I knew was I had shot my load but this time when I opened my eyes he was still there and said, be here tomorrow and weâll continue the lesson! , he was already!
    The next day when I got to the place in the bushes, he was already there and with his cock out waiting for me! He told me to me to strip, get on my knees and do what he showed me yesterday! I did what I did the day before and he said he had a surprise for me! He had me suck him as he pumped my mouth then had me stand up as he shot his load all over my cock and balls! Then got down and licked me clean then sucked me off! Then said, tomorrow!
    The next day when I got to the place in the bushes, he was already there and with his cock out waiting for me! He told me to me to strip, get on my knees and do what he showed me yesterday! I did what I did the day before and he said he had a surprise for me! He had me suck him as he pumped my mouth but this time he didnât stop! He put his hand on the back of my head and said! Take it like a man as he filled my mouth with his man cum! He had his hand on my head and all I could do was swallow what I could of his cum so as not to gag on all of his cum but sum still came out of my mouth and ran all over my chin! It tasted salty and felt slimy! He said not bad for my first time and I was going to make a very good cock sucker!
    Over the summer we got together just about every day to play and suck! He even brought other guys with him for me to suck on! It was great! I never realized how many different dicks sizes, shapes there are out there!
    Over the years I have suck on so many cock and in so many different places! I even sucked off a guy in a port o potty!
    I wish I could thank that old man for showing and starting me off as a cock sucker!
    Iâm a closet cock sucker in Buffalo NY and will be till I canât find a cock to suck on! Young or Old if it needs sucking, Iâll suck it!

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    Gay Male / 49

    anyone who is in need of a hunky gay man should beep me up on hangout jackie4bc@@g***l.**m

    got a dick of over 8 inches ...

    could serve as both bottom and top

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I was helping my 18 year old stepson clean his room out last weekend. I opened a box and found a collection of lace underwear...all designed with a pouch to take a penis and ball sac. Some of the panties were crusted in dried cum.
    I immediately got an erection and had to leave before he saw I had found the box and that I had boned...I took one of the lace thongs and went and masturbated while sucking on the crusted pouch. I know he is into lace, as I am...where to from here???

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I am married, two kids, with a wife that is sexually adventurous and has the bikini body a teenage girl would kill for, not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous. I have had a couple of affairs and always felt terrible, but I travel for long periods of time for work. I had my first sex with another boy when we were both 15. I guess that is where I got my affinity for anal sex, giving it, it's been too painful to receive for me. So in traveling sometimes I've taken a femme guy, or CD or sometimes a tranny as sex partner.

    On a long assignment that had gone on for 3 weeks, and I have 6 more to go, I ended up frequenting a bar trying to find someone whose ass and mouth I could fuck for relief. I am not really attracted to men per se and I guess that's why I prefer CD's or trannys so I can pretend to fuck a "girl". This time was different. About a week ago, for some unexplained reason I went home with a man, not a femme man. I quicklyrelized that I was going to be the bottom in the sex that night, and not wanting it I started trying to back out but he was having none of it. I actually felt threatened if I were to leave. Naked, I allowed him to lube me, kiss me, suck on the nipples of my hairless chest, massage my "tits" and then fuck me. It was painful, once he got it in all the way he stopped for a few moments. I gripped with my ass muscles and when I relaxed he started fucking me. I just resolved to get fucked and get out of there, then realizing that he didn't put on the condom. I was being bareback fucked by a gay man. He swore he wouldn't cum in me right up until he shuddered and shot the last spurt of his sperm into my now wide open ass.

    "Go get me a beer baby" was what he said when he pulled his cock out of me, giving me a hard smack on one of my ass cheeks. I walked and got him a beer and with a warm wash cloth in the other hand I sashayed back into the bedroom and washed his cock clean for him, affecting a definite feminine air. I got fucked twice that night, and then once more about 6 in the morning before I had to leave and get changed for work. He told me to meet him at the same bar that night at 7. I did it. I've never been the bottom in a homosexual relationship before, but I am now, and fully expect to be for the next several weeks before I go back home and fuck my wife again. It's been quite fulfilling really, when I'm with him or in the bar now, well anywhere except at work, I am quite effeminate. He likes it that way, and he shaved my pubic hair so it's straight up like my wife does with her pussy hair (I showed him pictures of her naked) and he wrote in magic marker "Property of Tom" on my ass. He rewrites it daily so it's dark and won't fade. In just the past week I've blown him 5 times to completion and gotten beautifully fucked 15 times. He did show me a test from the week before he fucked me, he's clean. So I don't mind going to work with a load of his sperm in me every morning.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Last Saturday afternoon as my wife was playing golf with her stuffy well off friends, I was being spit roasted by two well endowed older men. It's something we've been doing for nearly a year, ever since John discovered some old pictures of me having gay sex on my broken lap top. I'd taken it to him for him to try and fix, as he's a tech guy. And later that day I got text.

    Meeting him at a place one of the pictures was taken of me sucking a guy off, he showed me what he'd discovered. I thought my marriage was over, as John is my wife's father. I was wrong, it was the start of my submission to his sexual desires.

    I sucked off my father in law that afternoon in his car, and agreed to meet him at his home that Saturday. The rest they say, is the history of him and his best friend Mick fucking my mouth and asshole since last November.
    Strange I thought at the time, as I was just going to dump the lap top too. It was John who persuaded me to let him have a look. I now know one of the men who I let film fucking me in a motel, was someone John used to fuck in his college days. And someone who'd sent the film to my email on my lap top.

    Life has a funny way of working out, and a wonderful way of leading you to the sex you truly desire. This isn't my saying, it's John's.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Back when HIV and AIDS wasn't around I had suck me off, or fucked bareback one or two young gay escorts a week. In all I estimate I've fucked well over five hundred different young men, with my eight and half inch ever horny cock.
    Everyone of the young men took my spunk deep up their arseholes, and everyone of them wanted me to invite them round again. I've never been married, but I have had and still have much younger women stay with me for sex, but I much prefer fucking a guys tight young asshole. Yet recently I've been fucking just one guy and he's not what you'd call young at forty one. He's married, has kids, is as fit as a butchers dog and ex military. He's also a very prominent person in our community and someone who has blown me away with just how much he loves me fucking him. Indeed for the first time in my life I'm actually making love to another man and not just fucking him. I already knew he and his wife weren't getting along too well (If at all), but last month he asked me if we should move away together. If he wasn't so well known in our part of the world I'd say yes in a heart beat. But as it is, I'm at a loss as whether to leave all behind so to speak and start a life with a man who floats my boat in every way possible.

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