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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Over the last five months I've been fucking my brother in law who's in his late thirties. His older sister and I stopped having sex a couple of years ago, and believe me, no matter what hole I'm now fucking, it's such a sexual relief to be fucking someone again.
    I have a high libido, even at my age and enjoy sex immensely. So to have sex so completely taken away from me, was very difficult. Speaking to Thomas six months back when I wanted to cheat on my wife, he asked me to think about what I was doing. He then out of the blue said "Besides you could always fuck me if you wanted".
    Nothing happened for some time as I thought about everything he'd said. Then at his thirty eighth birthday party, he asked me again, if I'd consider fucking him.
    With his sister downstairs with the rest of the family and friends, I had Thomas firstly suck my cock in his bathroom, then having him bend over the bath tub, I buried my ragingly hard cock up his super cute asshole. It was absolutely fucking awesome to see to my cock slamming into his asshole and within a few minutes I watched him cum all over the white bath tub. Turning his head to me, Thomas asked me to cum inside him. And cum inside him I did, like I'd never cum in anyone ever before. I just kept on cumming up his rear fuckhole until my balls were drained and I could not have been more sexually satiated.
    From that day onwards we've fucked at every opportunity and Ben's appetite for my cock, plus my desire to screw him hard over and over again, has only grown over the past few months. We meet at his place and when his sister works on her night shifts. I love those nights now, and can't wait to have him mounting my cock, taking ebery inch up his beautifully tight ass.
    Doubters might say we shouldn't be having sex like we are, what with his sister being married to me. But then we'd both say, she's not giving me what I need and Thomas so desperately wants my cock deep inside his asshole time and again.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Lately from the raised elevation of our bedroom, in comparison to the house to the rear of our property. I've been watching almost daily (early evening) before my wife gets home from work, two older gay men having sex in their bedroom.
    They know for sure I now know, that I can see them. And that I've watched them suck and fuck together. There is a definite "bottom" and "top" in their relationship, and I've become extremely turned on of late watching the bottom getting fucked extremely hard. So much so this past fortnight I've begun to masturbate as I watch them fuck.
    They've both watched me cum to their sexual exploits, and I've seen them both smiling and gesturing to me to kind of intimate them having me join them.
    A few days ago as the younger looking of the two was mounting his lovers cock, I found myself using my wife's rounded ended handle on her hair brush, to slide up my arse as I wanked my cock. I came like never before and was shaking from my climax, when I looked up to see them both stood at their window clapping to me, as if to say "Go on fuck yourself". I was embarrassed, but also incredibly turned on from them viewing me, as I'd done with them many a time recently.
    Yesterday out shopping with my wife, as she was trying on a dress in a department store, I saw both men walking over to me. Before I had chance to say anything, the younger of the two (The one usually being fucked) said "If you'd like to call round, he'd love to replace that hairbrush handle with his cock, and I'd love to suck you when he does".
    Just about to answer them my wife walked out of the changing area. Telling them I wasn't sure about who serviced the drains in our area, they both smiled, and I added "But I'll call by tomorrow and see if I can't resolve their issue".(I work for the local council) Thanking me they walked away.
    Later on as we got home from shopping, there was a brief note stuck in the letter box. It said "Home throughout the day, please call by if you're free and we'll make sure you're looked after Tim & Jake". It was myself who took hold of the note, but my wife did question what it was. I told her I'd be calling by our neighbours to resolve their problem. My wife responded by telling me she's going out with her sister all day anyway.
    Now all I have to decide, is if I'm going to take this one step further, and experience gay sex with two older men who obviously want me to be involved with them both sexually. My cock and arsehole are both twitching now as I type this, making me incredibly turned on just thinking of having sex with both men.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    It felt odd to list myself a Bi-sexual Male. But there is no denying it now. I closed a big deal with a new client and we went out to dinner to celebrate. After a great meal and way too much wine I found myself in his hotel room.
    Though we are both married, he had been overtly seducing me all evening and I had offered little resistance. When we got back to his room he was in total control and in quick order we were both naked and I was on my knees stroking his nice big dick. This was the moment, a hard cock staring me in the face, and as I took him into my mouth I had an overwhelming sensation of guilt and fear of now and forever being a cocksucker. I took to it naturally and after sucking his cock and licking his balls he began to fuck my face. He held my head with both hands as I gagged and spurted when his load exploded in my throat. He pulled out and wiped his sloppy cock all over my face as I gasped for breath. He then pushed me back on the bed and gave me a slow sensual blowjob all the time working my asshole with his fingers. When he had me close with his mouth he drove a couple fingers deep in my butt and I exploded in his mouth. He looked me in the eye and opened his mouth full of my cum. Rolling me over he painted my asshole with my own cum. I was scared to death. It didn't hurt as much as I thought. It was more uncomfortable than painful. He worked my ass for some time before he came for a second time deep inside me. We both fell asleep and in the morning he wanted to fuck me again but my ass was sore. I blew him before I left. As I made my walk of shame through the lobby I felt like a gay slut.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Once or twice a week for the past eighteen months, I've visited my father in laws Dave's house, to have him fuck me until weve both cum hard. And it's something his daughter knows all about.
    Before we married nearly two years ago, she already knew I'd had sexual relations with older men growing up. She also suspected not long before we began to date, I'd had a brief affair with a married man. And that married could have been her father.
    She's never pressed the issue, but she does kind of arrange our times together. Making sure she's either shopping with, or out eating with her mother, giving me and her father time to fuck at least once a week.
    Dave's libido is simply amazing, and far outreaches my wife's mothers sex drive. So when we do get together, it usually is extremely rough and passionate sex. His cock isn't the largest by any stretch of who I've been fucked by in the past, yet Dave's ultra high sex drive and his ability to power fuck me for sometimes over an hour, always has me craving his thick seven inch cock.
    Recently my wife did ask me if I preferred her father to her. I fucked her all night that night, and had her orgasming all over my face as I had her pussy fuck my mouth. The following morning Dave fucked me in his truck, before he dropped me off at work. A fantastic twelve hours I will never forget.
    The arrangement definitely works for us, and probably not for most. But then we're not like most married couples, or extended families.

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    Straight Male / 22

    So it finally happened,,,,,,,I now know what it's like to feel like a it all started a few weeks ago my craigslist search looking for a guy to experiment with worked and well I tried bottoming for the first time ever by choice, well the other nights I don't know what brought me to do this but I emailed the guy again, nervous non the less determined to do this 1 more time, I would try gay sex 1 more time before I decided if I liked this or not, not thinking or caring I agreed to do this again with him, it wasn't until I got the "here"message I realized "what am I doing??? " I coulda ignored and made an excuse but there I am trembling, confused terrified shaking so bad I can't zip my coat, I go to his vehicle as we drive quietly not a word said get there and go right inside, there we are face to face no words were exchanged I figured "just shut up get on your knees no backing down now, his flaccid dick in my face dangling I stick my tounge out and feel his hands grip my head jamming his soft penis in my mouth slowly getting harder moving my head or thrusting his cock in my mouth till its rock solid he raised me up to the bed and put me on my back, when I see him start to put my dick in his mouth I start to cry realizing this is happening, when he scoots me back further, and pulls out a cup with what I thought was vasoline but turned out to be cocoa butter, lubing himself and the outside of my but hole, he lifts my body and had my legs over his shoulders,there I am looking him in the face and I had to close my eyes I didn't want him to know I was crying, there I felt it my ass was getting pierced I whimpered ""the more he tried I finally gave up when he was balls deep and realized he wasn't gonna stop, there I am in missionary position on my back in my head hoping this would end soon, I was overwhelmed in shame, I was embarrassed, and felt humiliated that I couldn't stop what was happening he eventually dropped my legs off and on going at what pace he desire, when I felt a twitch and the words that came out of my mouth I'm still in disbelief I said "pull out not in me I'll do anything I'll swallow" I opened my eyes and I seen the creepiest scariest grim ever as he kept pumping I heard "you ready for cum" I whispered "no " when I felt him crawl on my chest there it was in my face again straight from my ass with out warning the tip was in my mouth as he let out this mighty grunt and slammed his hands against the wall he let out a huge amount of cum filling my mouth I had no other choice I already agreed hw climbed off and as I tried to get outta the bed he pressed on my body forcing me to lay down he said "you have to finish, I wanna see you cum knowing you took it like a nice little girl" I didn't wanna fight it so I started to masterbate while crying I finally busted which seemed to really get him off he drove me home silent, the whole ride there and hours after I layed there in regret be cuz now I knew what it's like to be a bitch

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    Gay Male / 28

    I've got two straight coworkers who'd I suck off and let fuck me in a heartbeat. Ones an older 40-50 ish maintenance guy and the other a mid 20s jock type with a rugby build. I get along with both of them really well but I can't stop thinking about them using me purely to get off, it would be rough sweaty sex, the best kind, they come over, sit on the couch, have me between their legs sucking their cock and balls, then push me on the bed and fuck me as hard as they want then leave, noone needs to know.

    I've dropped hints about getting with straight guys before and I can almost see them start to think about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I'd been craving a cock in my mouth since I was 15, my stories on here. Me and my mates used to go to his house Every weekend to get stoned ever since he picked a couple of us up hitching one night, it was about 6 months later, all my mates had crashed out he said there's a spare bed in the back room, stripped to my briefs & I was sleeping in seconds, sometime during the night I woke as someone was stroking my hardening cock then gave me The Best blow job I've ever had, It was him. He whispered in my ear do you want to suck my cock now, No I said & rolled over, that was it. Within a month after putting it on a mate who crashed at my house alot I think I wore him out just asking him he eventually let me suck his cock, whenever he felt horny I would get on my knees for him & drain his balls, he never offered to do me & I never asked it lasted a couple of years before we drifted apart. Then I started work as a storehand, the boss was way out there gay, he started taking me to the other stores trying to educate me on window dressing, one day he put his hand on my lap while driving & talking my cock got hard instantly, I slid closer to him until finally his hand was resting on the bulge in my jeans oooh he said look out someone's excited, he gave my cock a little rub & squeeze then put his hand back on the steering wheel & kept talking as if nothing happened, WTF. After work that day he said I'm going to a friend's for dinner do you want to go or i can drop you at the station. I'll go I said, cool he replied. We got to his friend Malcolms house about 6 he was full-blown gay as well, Hiii guys cum in, Phil introduced us he said why don't you take a seat love I'll get us all drink, they went off to the kitchen whispering, Phil bought a drink in to me and said ill be back soon, they went down the hall & closed a door. After about 10 minutes I got up snuck down the hallway to listen, I could hear alota moaning then someone cum real hard. I ran back to the lounge they both came out his friend had a short open night shirt on, & his Big Cock just swinging as he walked, Phil had his shirt unbuttoned and briefs, I was in the middle of both of them. Phil said sorry we were so long, I stuttered a bit nervously that's ok you had a bit of fun then hey, Malcolm's Cock looked Fucken huge must've been at least 8# & magnificent, I just wanted to touch it when Phil said go on, & elbowed me, Malcolm then said it's ok, if you want to touch my Cock, go ahead, if you don't that's ok too. Phil told me you got hard when he touched your Cock so you must like it then, yeah. He grabbed my hand and placed it on top of his Big Cock, it was like my hand just melted then slid down grabbed hold of that big hard pole & just started doing what felt natural, I was stroking that big hard cock as if it was mine then Phil plAced his hand on my lap again felt My hard Cock said why don't you take off your pants, I was up completely naked and sitting back down in less than 1 minute, Mal got up as Phil dropped in My lap sucking my 18 year old Cock, stepped up to me lifting one leg up on the lounge and shoved his beautiful Big Cock in my face, I didn't need Any more encouragement I wrapped hand around his hot hard meat again and just slid my lips over his bulging knob and leaned forward taking about 6# of him before I gagged and stopped, he just said woooo take it easy lad we got all night, take your time son, Phil was devouring my 6# cock like a pro, I wanted to show them that I knew how to suck cock and just took a big breath and slid his meat back in my mouth again I Did gag a few more times but I eventually got his whole Cock in my mouth and throat. Ok Mal said you've done this before I presume, I pulled back until his knob was resting on my tongue kissed his dribbling cockhead smiled and said it's been a while but yes I've done it before and like then I love having a hard Cock in my mouth as I worked his saliva soaked Cock with my hand he smiled held my head and leaned in until his knob slid down my throat, Oh yeah, I was home again. I soon realised that it was he that was moaning before because he took about 15 minutes until finally I felt his shaft swell in my mouth, I knew it was time for my reward he dumped a reasonable amount of his salty seed in my mouth considering he'd already cum, I swallowed it All, it still tasted yummy as I relaxed I now felt Phil sucking my Cock, I was so excited to be sucking a cock again I had actually forgotten I was being sucked as well. Mal stepped back his knob fell from my mouth, I tried to reach for it but he kept backing away, like Oliver I said more please, Phil jumped up releasing my Cock, I said yes Phil I've been dying to see your cock and wanting to suck you off for sooo long, I just didn't know how to approach you. All you had to do was ask me he said, I know you act like a tough guy, but I knew there was something about you and when I touched your leg in the car I knew for sure. Enough talking show me your Cock, Now, he unzipped and pulled out his whopper about the same as Mal's I reckoned. l got up off the lounge straight onto my knees. Hungry for more salty liquid, I grabbed Phil's Cock & sucked it for I don't know-how long I was edging him cause I wanted it to last 4ever I made a real pig of myself that night, all my gay desires had come flooding back, I used to fantasize about being Fucked and now they both took turns making that cum true, I had 2 really BiG Cocks Fucking me As I had always wanted slowly using lots of lube, it felt Better than I had Imagined or have read about it since, Phil took me in the bathroom and gave me a douche, that felt Hot alone I reckoned then said are you sure you want this, I've wanted it for ages I replied, he stretched a condom over his Big pole Then he marched me into Mal's bedroom and they took turns inside me, OMG it was Fucken Awesome, it started of me sucking Mal again as he lay on the end of the bed while Phil lubed me up gently popping a finger inside me then took my virginity at last from behind after 5 minutes slowly entering me and getting me used to having my hole stretched open with Cock, I was pushing back onto his Big hard Cock wanting him deep inside me. I remember feeling like a Slut, Fuck me Fuck me I said then took mal deep in my throat, I felt kinda proud when Phil started moaning Real load as his Big Hard Cock swelled inside me I wished I could have felt his sperm splash inside me or dribbling out of my arse but because he came inside me with that goddam condom on I didn't get that feeling, I didn't want took at his cock as he pulled it outa my arse in case it turned me off, I just said go and wash it please and cum back, then I rode Malcoms Big lubed up Cock without the condom on, I was on top stretched open and started to feel a bit sore but I was in control, riding him like a cowboy Slut, then I saw Phil in the bathroom slipping off the condom, I yelled out quick cum here he knew whAt I wanted & stood on the bed over Mal s head slid his cum dripping Cock in my mouth he held my head Fucked my mouth as I rested sitting with Mals Big Cock buried deep inside me. I licked, sucked & swallowed until his cock was sperm free then went back to riding the big pole beneath me until he also came inside me, this time I felt gooie sperm inside me, that's when I felt like the complete whore I kept bouncing on that big pole slishing and a sloshing until he fell soft from my abused sore hole. I still feel that cock in my arse sometimes, what a turn on. I never went back to work there again. Phil called a few times and actually came to my house one day but I didn't want to talk about it, although I Loved every second of having those Cocks in my mouth and inside me, & the taste of sperm that day I felt dirty and bad that I had turned again, I Loved girls but was very very confused.
    Mal, Phil I miss you guys I know you'd be like 65 -70 now. I would really love a repeat performance. I know now I'm Bi. & that's ok. I LOVE COCK

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    In college just a few years ago I worked as a male stripper for survival money, I was attracted to cock but with no experience. On one of my gigs I was asked to strip from a marine's uniform at a teenage girl's birthday party. I was glad for the job and showed up on time, hobnobbing around. Music I brought was supposed to be played then I would surprise everyone with my strip.

    I did not count the number of people but was told her entire family was there. When I stripped down to a jock strap I noticed one of the younger guys had his erect cock out of his pants. Another boy took it, played with it and then went down, swallowing it whole. The music continued and people, also a few women, began go disrobe. Soon everyone was naked and I removed my jock strap. A very good looking dude came up to me and went down on me, giving me an instant erection. He sucked on my cock like a pro, telling me he was the girl's dad. I noticed her looking on, smiling. In a way, the whole scenario had an unreality to it but I had been sucked off previously an all women's gig.

    The man said, "fuck me, man." He handed me a condom and I had my first male piece of ass. I've done a few since then but enjoy a man's blow job best. At an all male gig 14 guys took turns on my cock. The 14th swallowed my load and drained what he could, sucking me like a vacuum cleaner while a second guy, behind me, fucked my asshole with his tongue while I shot my load.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I was recently asked by a friend what I like to do for fun? I lied through my teeth and told him I liked doing anything in the outdoors. Obviously I let him believe that I liked to hike maybe hunt or go fishing, which was a total lie.

    What I love to do for fun is to have men over that are "hung" and milk their enormous cocks!

    I have a milking stool in which the guy inserts his semi flaccid cock and balls through the hole in the board that stands vertical to the stool he is sitting on. I take elastic hair bands and wrap them around the flesh at the top of his sack until his balls are engorged.

    By the time I'm done most of the guys are already getting hard and their massive cocks are almost pointing upwards and against the board. That's when I grab the large bottle of lubricant and pour a thick coating of oil all over the erect cock.

    I slowly begin to stroke them, taking my time until their cocks are hard as steel in my slippery hands. How I love to see these grown men squirm and plead with me to make them cum but I make them wait as long as possible.

    I want it all to last, just allow their thick cum to slowly dribble out a little at a time and coating their big cocks with their own cum mixed with the oil. I love the feel of their hard cocks pulsating in my hand or hands as I'm milking them.

    I have a OTR truck driver that stops by once a week as he comes back into town from his run out of state. He is married and his cock is almost eleven inches. He likes to be tied down and blind folded while I'm milking him. He is the only guy I will milk and suck his cock, I think I do it because he is blindfolded?

    Once his cock starts to pulsate in my hands I will use my mouth on him, to feel that massive cock throb in my mouth makes me hard almost instantly! When I have the taste of his pre cum I take my mouth away and use my slick hands on his big cock. I wrap both hands around his cock and jerk him like that with a tight grip.

    He starts to moan loudly and I feel his cock throbbing as my hands slide up and down, the pre cum starts to flow. I get so hot watching his pre cum streaming out of the tip of his engorged cock and running down the thick shaft.

    He's going to cum and I already know when he cums he's going to erupt like a volcano. His cum will shoot up into the air like a geyser and splatter all over his chest and onto the towels I have put down.

    When we are done and he leaves I strip down and lube up my cock that's aching for release and begin to jerk off thinking about what I have just done, my own release is as intense as I could ever have.

    Another guy wants me to jerk off all over his cock once he has cum and I do willingly. Once again my own release is as intense as I could ever hope for.

    I have been doing this for about a year now and I have many men that come to me for milking.


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I hesitated putting bisexual in the description but I am now I guess. Although I'm not sure, I still haven't had any sex with a girl yet. I don't like it and I feel very bad about it, but last night I let my mom and dads neighbor fuck me. He is 45 years old, very muscular with coal-black hair. I am blonde, only 5ft. 9in, and very slightly built. It just happened, his wife had been gone, we were having a beer watching some porn and he was talking about not getting laid for over a week. He reached over and started putting his hand up my shorts and when he realized I didn't have any underpants on, he just starting pulling my clothes off, then his and grabbed my hand and took me to his bedroom. He made me reach into his wifes nightstand and bring out some KY jelly. I knew what it was for and before he lubed me he pushed me down to his crotch to suck his cock. I was very long but not too thick, and he taught me how use my throat on it. Before he shot off, he pulled away and took a few minutes to calm down as he lubed up my asshole. He then lubed up the head of his cock and I was on my side and he spooned into me and he went very slow but steady and in less than two minutes I had his entire cock inside my body. I pumped slowly at first, then I felt him grow harder, and he started pumping me faster. I asked him to slow down and he just kept going. He finished and I could feel his cum splatter my insides, he pushed in deep and held his cock in me, pulling my hips to him. After a few little spasms he was going soft and he pulled it out of me. I immediately had to go to the toilet. I couldn't believe the amount of his cum that spilled out of me. He must cum 4 times as much as I do and he's a lot older than me.

    "Go get me another beer baby, grab one for yourself if you want" he instructed. I, just like his little fuck bitch did it. I'm guessing I was treated like he treats his wife. I get fucked, then I serve him. I didn't know what to do after we drank the beers and I asked if he wanted me to go now. He said he wasn't finished yet, he hadn't fucked his hot wife for over a week and had 2 more weeks before he had her pussy, ass and mouth available to him. I stayed not really knowing what to do, say, or whether to run away or what. He told me to go grab a washcloth and towel, and soak the washcloth in warm water and when I came back he had me clean his cock. This got him hard again, and he pushed my mouth to his cock. I must say I actually liked sucking it, it was softer than I imagined and felt really good. I've tasted my own cum when I've jacked off but didn't like it. I had no choice with his, he pulled my head down and shot all of it into my mouth. I was convinced that this was his second load and it was still 3 to 4 times more than I shoot in my first, and I'm only 18. Right after he came and I still had his cum in my mouth, my dad called his phone. I heard the neighbor talking to him and basically gave an excuse that we were working on some things together and it would be better if I stayed there because we were going to work late, and get up early and start it all over again. He came into the bedroom his cock swinging in front of him with that trimmed hair growing up his lower belly, and announced that we now had all night to play.

    I let him fuck me again, then we slept together and I woke up about 2:30 in the morning with his cock pumping in and out of my ass again. After I went to the toilet again and got rid of the load I got to sleep. In the morning he was in my crotch and sucked my cock. That was the first time another person had made me cum. The time I sucked him and the next time he fucked me I jacked off myself. I spilled into his mouth, he swallowed, then pushed me down to his cock to suck him. When he was hard, he pulled out of my mouth and fucked me missionary with my legs up around his back and butt. It continued throughout the day today, and he even showed me some really sexy nude pictures of his hot, hot wife. He loved showing me the pictures of their vacation when she let over 15 guys fuck her, and her pussy was a mess.

    I've had about 18 hours of sex now, and didn't intend on any. I certainly never thought my first sex would be gay sex. I want to fuck a woman very badly, and I'm trying to talk him into letting me fuck his wife when she gets back. I just don't know if he's saying it just to keep fucking me for 2 more weeks or what. I know I can't spend the night again, at least not until the weekend, so I'll get some rest from a cock in my mouth or up my ass.

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