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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I am married for many years, met a guy online about a year ago who is also married. He is a total sub, even with his wife, but she doesn't know that he's had 4 cocks up his asshole. She makes him wear white and pink cotton womens' panties with a panty shield in them. When they were younger, whenever she had her period he had to wear full sized kotex. We never got together because he wanted abuse, and some pain, and definitely to be feminized and forced to be fucked. I mentioned him sucking to get me hard and met with instant resistance. It turned out that he didn't like the idea of sucking cock. No, make that he didn't like the idea of being a cocksucker. After a year of not meeting up because he wouldn't suck me, he got back in touch and offered to suck as long at it was only for a little bit, and as soon as I got hard I had to pull out of his mouth. Ever the bargain master, I got him to agree to suck me 20 motions. Going down on my cock then back up with his mouth counted as 1.

    I told him it was the first thing he had to do and he agreed finally. I met him in a motel room, I walked in, he was dressed in stockings, panties, bra and a wig. He was wearing make up and I made him have his wife wax off any hair on his nipples and she took it on herself to wax his legs and arms. He was smooth, even on his pubic area. His wife thought it was all about his being sub to her but it was for me. I refused to suck on his fat boobs with hair on the nipples.

    In the room he had ropes tied around his wrists and ankles with plenty of room to tie to the 4 corners of the bed. In order to bear the humiliation he was blindfolded. I made him sit up on the edge of the bed as I got undressed, I bent over and made him insert a lubed finger in my ass and give me a prostate massage. That got me hard and I warned him I'd be leaking a bit as I stuck my cock in his mouth. He gagged, and tried to resist but a slap on his face got him back in line. For resisting we started all over again at #1. I insisted he give me the prostate massage at the same time, and he gagged again on my precum, trying to spit it and my cock out. I pulled out and told him it only started over again and he begged me to stop. I tied his arms around his fat belly, sucked his titties a while at the same time I was tying his ankles together. I inserted my cock again and he protested, I punched him in the stomach, forced him face up on the bed and got on top of him and was fucking his mouth like it was my personal pussy. I felt it going into his throat a bit amid his gasping and gagging. It only took me about 20 strokes or so to blast his throat with my sperm. I pulled out right away, closed his mouth with my hand, pinched his nose shut and made him swallow it all. I personally have tasted my own sperm and only one others, and hate the taste so it was pretty sadistic on my part. He swallowed and was actually crying as he laid there. "NOW, you're a cocksucker bitch" is what I told him.

    His reply was that I had r**ed him and I told him that he told me from the very beginning he wanted to be forced to be a woman and be treated like a woman and be fucked like a woman, and women . . . are cock suckers, just like him. He was very successful in business and I compared all his success to sucking my cock. Just because he sucked 1 cock he'll always be a cocksucker. I told him all this as I was tying his legs to the bed and he was protesting that he wanted to leave and was still crying a bit. Then I pulled down his panties and gave him my belt and he loved it, crying more, but loving it all the while. I let him go, kissed his cheeks, then pulled off his panties and pulled his bra under his fat laden tits, and with his wig and lipstick paraded him around the room with my finger in his asshole. I opened the dr**es and at least 3 people saw me as I bent him over the table and fucked his ass. They thought it was a guy fucking his fat wife of course, but it wasn't. I was buttfucking a fat assed sub guy. After he felt me shoot up his ass, he became resigned. He wanted me to use a rubber and I promised I wouldn't breed him for a few sessions until he agreed. All the while fucking him and beating him, sucking his tits, I kept calling him what he now was. . . cocksucker. I dumped another load up his fat ass and left the door open as I left with him in his stockings, pulled down bra, and panties hanging on one ankle and my cum up his bare ass. I got to the end of the hall and 3 young boys were walking down the hall, right as they paused in front of the opened door, I heard it shut. He must have shown them his used up, fat, whore cocksucking body to get up and shut it. They just started giggling and talking about the fat dude in the girls clothes.

    We've now met 10 times, he is a total cocksucking slave to me, and I breed him anytime I fuck him, including 3 times at his house in his and his wifes bed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    New to the whole thing, I was on a trip and I was in the bar of the Holiday Inn by the airport and a man sat beside me and he started chatting and the next thing I agreed that we could go down the road and get a bite to eat at this local steak house. The conversation was smooth, like me he traveled and from time to time he came through that particular town where he had a client that bought once in a while. We finished our dinner and he paid and we went back to the motel and he asked me to join him for a night cap, he had a bottle in his room.

    Up to that moment all was fine, I never suspected anything. In his room he went out to get some ice and when he came back he suggested we catch a show and he put on the adult channel of gay sex. When I questioned his choice he told me that I had to learn to let my hair down, when I told him I had never watched the adult channels he laughed again and said that we would have fun. On the screen were two guys, mid thirties, dressed in leather and one was sucking off the other one. When cock sucker got on his back on the bed and opened his legs and the other one got on top the camera focused on his cock spreading his ass open and fucking him. I was uncomfortable but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

    He chose another film, this one had two guys meet as bartender and waiter and the bartender grabbed the waiter in the bathroom and fucked him hard against the wall. The waiter sucked his cock and took his position over the urinal while he got fucked. I was turned on, sitting up in the only chair in the room and my new friend asked if I wouldn't be more comfortable on the bed. I got up to go to the bathroom when the second film was over and when I came out my friend was in his shorts and Tshirt and he put his arm around me and asked me to get undressed and come to the bed with him, with his arm around my shoulder telling me that everyone had a first time. He chose another film, this one was a Manager and a new employee and he told me he had seen it before and he always got off on it, he always got off on office fucks and to come and lay down with him and we would watch it together.

    His words, his tone, him laying on the bed in his shorts, he got up and came over to the chair and said it was time that I just follow him and come and lie down and he stood me up and started to take my shirt off. Without my shoes on he undid my pants and I was soon in my shorts and Tshirt and he was rubbing my chest and reaching down to grab my cock and he asked me if I wanted a kiss because he really felt like a kiss would break the ice. The short of it is that I did get on the bed with him and as the film played on the TV he kissed me and jerked me into an erection and sucked my cock. With very little trouble he worked by shorts off and he took off his Tshirt and shorts and sucked my cock while his hands went up under my shirt and he played with my nipples.

    Some kissing, and he had me hold his cock and helped me go down and suck him, we got in the sixtynine position, first side by side sucking cock and then he got over me sucking my cock thrusting his cock in my mouth from above. I came, I couldn't control it and he took it all in stride. He kept sucking my soft cock and told me to suck him hard. He got off and got beside me and told me that he wanted me to hold his cock his real hard in my hand and jerk him off. Well halfway through that he asked if I wanted to try and he got some stuff out of his bag and he got between my legs and he was in me and fucking in and out until he came. After about an hour I felt I needed to go to my own room.

    I find that watching gay sex on the TV when I am traveling helps me masturbate, I get in the mood and once or twice I have hooked up with a guy down in the bar. I don't stay at Holiday Inns anymore because there is hardly ever anyone in the bar, I stay downtown where there is more bar action. It's all about smiling and inviting a conversation and the gay sex on the TV helps to break the ice.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    This is my view, my recollection of what took place.
    We're out New Years eve, my wife and I. It's turns midnight, we kiss, then my wife gets a peck off a guy we know. I turn to my left and see this gorgeous young red head looking at me expectantly. Instead of a brief peck she tells me to meet her outside.
    Not really wanting to as my wife stood only feet away, I shrug my shoulders. It was then the landlord shouts he's having a lock in.
    My wife is already three sheets to the wind, but I'm reasonably ok.
    Half an hour later maybe, I see the Red head again and she's nodding her head to the pubs back door. This time I follow her and we end up outside. Immediately she kisses me passionately and I return the kiss. Then with my cock bursting in my trousers, she squats down, undoes my trousers and lowers my boxers.
    The blow job. What can I say, it's fucking amazing. Just the best ever and I'm soon fucking her face.
    Nearing my orgasm, she stands up, lifts her short skirt and tells me she's not on the pill, but I can fuck her arse.
    By then I'm too far gone sexually to refuse any hole, so I put my cock head to her rear opening and thrust in. Her arsehole isn't my first, as not only does my wife occasionally allow me to fuck her there, so did a few of my past girlfriends.
    Her arsehol feels simply wonderful around my cock and I grip her long red hair and really begin to fuck her arse. She's moaning like crazy telling me in a great fuck, then she cries out she's cumming. Not orgasmic, but cumming. I'm so into her fucking her by then I didn't notice then, the words she spoke.
    Around a minute later fucking her arse for all I'm worth, my cock let's go and I'm pumping every single drop up her tight white bum.
    We get ourselves together. I give her my number and take here. She tells me I'm the best fuck she's had in ages and says she'd love to have me visit her at her flat.
    Back inside my wife is crashed out with a guy (I didn't know him) trying to slide his fingers inside her knickers. I stop him, invite him outside and he bottles it. Finishing my drink I wake my wife up, say goodbye to the people we know and it's then a younger guy tells me I've been outside with Karen, or should he say Kyle.
    Thinking nothing of it, only that he knows I've probably been outside fucking a gorgeous red head, I ignore what he says and walk the mile or so to our home.
    New Years day I wake up well before my drunken wife, get myself a brew and look at my phone.
    There's a message from Karen. It's says she'd love to have me call round and attached are some pics.
    Karen's fully dressed in some pics, then gradually she's got less and less clothing on, until she's down to her knickers and bra. I scroll down to see Karen lay on her bed, no clothing on and sporting a very firm looking small cock.
    Now I should have been repulsed. I should have questioned what I'd done sexually with him. I didn't. What I did do, was become incredibly turned on and erect.
    The thought that I'd fucked Kyle's tight arsehole, and had him suck me off, only had me wanting more. Not even thinking it through I text back asking him if he could welcome me as Karen to his flat.
    Telling my wife I was going out for a walk, she turns over, tells me to shut the door and she's snoring as I walk downstairs.
    Karen's flat is immaculate. And it's very well decorated and expensively furnished. She's dressed in a tight black short dress and I'm so hard by the time we enter her lounge.
    Three hours I spent in her flat. Three hours in which I discovered many many things sexually about myself and three hours where I learned I'm a truly bisexual man who now adores fucking young cross dressed boys.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    "Happy New Year". That's what Chaz said after swallowing my cum, my second load in less than fifteen minutes.
    Chaz is my wife's son, my step son. His mother predictively was well passed pissed when he called me into his room at 11.40 pm.
    He'd sucked on my cock hurriedly knowing we didn't have long. Then when my cock was rock hard, he knelt up on his bed semi naked welcoming my my cock up his asshole, like he'd done many many times in 2018.
    Fucking him in a rush of powerful thrusts, I knew it was nearing midnight. She'd want us both there, so I fucked him harder and listened to Chaz's groans as he took all my cock deep inside his bowels. Seconds later I came up the seventeen year olds ass.
    My cock remained solid, Chaz hadn't cum yet and he'd wanted this for so long. I loved, adored having my cock sucked, but had never sucked a cock myself. On his bed with my cock still ragingly hard, he moved us around so his little cock was close to my face. As he sucked in my cock again, I instinctively took his hard on into my mouth.
    It felt really weird in my mouth, yet not unpleasant. Then my own cock with Chaz sucking on it like his life depended on it, began to pulse rapidly in his mouth. I knew I was close again and let his cock fall from my mouth. Telling him, he began he thrust back into my mouth and he started to fuck my face.
    In precise unison we orgasmed. I let his cum coat the whole of my mouth, as he gulped my load down his throat. Then as he withdrew, I finally tasted his seed swallowing his creamy sticky mess.
    As midnight struck, we were both downstairs without my wife suspecting anything. I kissed Chaz's mom full on the mouth making her taste her own sons cum. We sang Auld Lang Syne, then as his mom crashed out, I kissed Chaz with far more passion.
    In a few minutes from now, I'll add this account into my secret diary, adding it's our second new year having sex.
    It was New Year 2017 when I first fucked Chaz, and we both intend to stop anytime soon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Didn't do anything bi until two nights ago. Was at a party, dwindled down to just me and 3 other guys. One started walking around in just his shirt and his ballcap, nothing below. He had a small cock, and one of the other guys pulled out some Vaseline and the half naked guy bent over. Lubed up the other two fucked him and then I did. I've never had sloppy seconds or thirds in a girl, and this was my first time fucking a guy but it felt good. I liked it. He let me fuck him 3 times that night. I took him home the next morning, he'd been fucked multiple times by all three of us. Yesterday I went around in the afternoon and fucked him in his bed. He asked me to suck him, but I just jacked him off. He has a small cock but shoots more cum than I knew any 1 guy could shoot. He took some on his finger and swallowed it, took the next finger full and put it on my lips. I didn't swallow, it tasted horrible.

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    Gay Male / 38

    When I was a young guy I worked on a supply boat servicing the offshore oil industry. I was a lowly deck hand and the crew boss liked me and made me suck his cock. At first it was not easy to suck his cock but after a few times I sort of started to like it. When he fucked me I liked that too. I liked fucking, I can't tell you how much and of course I sucked his cock with desire. I didn't know it at the time but I fell in love with him.

    One day I got laid off and that was the end of my affair. I found myself looking for a job and I got a job working in a warehouse. There was an old guy there and I started to imagine what it would be like to suck his cock and one day I hinted it to him and I got fired. A friend from my crew boat days told me that there were jobs working crew boats for another company and I signed on. I lived in South Louisiana and on my days off I would go down to the bars, I was 21 by then, and I would offer to suck guys off. I didn't get turned down and usually we would go out to their pick up and I would suck them off there. I asked this one guy for twenty bucks and that is when I started to demand pay for play, I went professional. Mostly it was cock sucking but from time to time some old guy wanted to fuck and I charged a lot more for that and he was happy and I was happy.

    I moved to New Orleans and by then I was pretty good at coming on to guys and I worked the bars targeting tourist and convention men. I sucked a lot of cock and not much different to the beginning I had cases from time to time when the guy wanted to fuck. I always liked fucking especially from a man who likes to fuck. I made a good living, much more than I ever did working on the supply boats. I turned twenty four and decided to move to where the money was and went north to New York. I was a red neck Cajun and in New York I found lots of men who liked the red neck part and I sucked and fucked mostly visitors to the city and few wall street types. One of them wanted me full time, I became his boy toy and he put me up in an apartment he kept for fun and he would bring up other guys and have a free for all, he sent the other guys away and I slept with him. He is the second man I fell in love with, and he liked me a lot too.

    I found out the hard way that being a boy toy only lasts so long and there is another boy toy that comes along and one day I got a big check and he sent me on my way. I swore never to fall in love again.

    I worked Manhattan for a while, with the money he gave me and the money I made I saved enough to buy a nice place in New Orleans and moved back, older and wiser and went into a partnership with a man to open a bar for men who liked to be around men. It wasn't a dance club or anything offensive, it was a bar for men who wanted to be with other men but stay in the dark. Our business was selling them the alcohol and giving them a place to meet up. That is the business I am in right now, I find that I can introduce people, Joe hanging out at the bar by himself and Mr. Incognito sitting over at one of the tables, no money for the set up, just the alcohol and they get together and when Mr. Incognito is back in town he always comes to our bar.

    My partner is the really the money manager and I am the front and day to day manager. I run the place and when the place closes I go and get together with him. We are exclusive and keep a low profile, in his business it doesn't pay to be gay. He is a big man, seems that I gravitate to big men, he is a cop. Somehow it works and the bar makes money.

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    Gay Male / 48

    i like kneeling down in front of strangers and sucking their cocks.

    i like it when they slap me in the face with their hard dick

    i like it when they come in my mouth or shoot off over my face

    i really love it if i can suck more than one guy at the same time

    i like it if they call me names like 'cocksucker', 'slut', 'whore' or 'faggot' as i suck them off

    i spend virtually all of my spare time looking for men to do this with.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I remember really clearly the first time i ever had sex with a transexual.

    It was, big surprise, in Thailand. I was there as part of a group and had started to become a bit obsessed with the ladyboys we had seen hanging around in some of the areas we had been to.

    This night i had left our beach house to go to the only late night shop on this part of the island. i was pretty stoned and as i returned with a bag full of chips and cookies i spotted this girl walking in front of me.

    The road was quite dark with little street lighting. She had very long straight black hair and long slim legs almost totally uncovered by a very short, but not tight. skirt. She was wearing very tall heels. As she walked she held an unlit cigarette pointing straight out from the ends of her fingers by her side.

    As I said I had become obsessed with watching ladyboys, but with the group I was with had been unable to do or even say anything about it. Now I was on my own and could afford to give more than just furtive glances. I walked behind her almost in a trance (like i said, pretty stoned) just watching her hips sway as she walked. One of the things that had fascinated me about them was this walk. It was easy to spot as you could see it came from a lot of time watching and copying the way that women move, but it was always just a little bit too exaggerated, a little overstated. For some reason though this was what always got me excited. It seemed to be saying 'Look at what a sexy woman I am'. Not just the walk either. It was every movement, even down to the way she held that cigarette.

    I was so deep in thought that I almost bumped into her when she stopped and turned. 'You got light?' she asked, striking an almost comical sexy pose with the cigarette held to her mouth. If I'd had any doubts, this sing song impression of a girl voice, as much a cartoon as the walk, would have given her away.

    I held my lighter up to the cigarette, illuminating a very, very pretty face. A little make up, but certainly not overdone here, and she had looks that millions of girls would have swapped for without hesitation. I'm quite shy with girls but no hesitation here with an extremely corny 'You are very beautiful'. I could never have said that usually but it seemed the right approach. 'Thank you handsome man' she replied, liar obviously.

    A few short sentences later she asked me 'You wan go with me?' She already knew the answer though. I was only wearing beach shorts and she had noticed that just standing with her had had given me an erection. As she asked me she made the point by just softly pinching the end of my cock through my shorts as she looked me right in the eyes. I wouldn't have said no anyway, but this clinched it. i remember that my legs went weak and i actually felt a little sick, that hit of adrenaline feeling.

    We moved off the road into a side street and she backed into a little dark corner and sort of pulled me in. I was a little disappointed as I had wanted to go somewhere with her and watch her undress without worrying about people. She pulled me into her little corner though and started to kiss me and this knocked me sideways. Was i kissing a man? Different people have their own take on that but I know I wouldn't have been this excited by kissing an ordinary girl. She was a fantastic kisser, slow, unhurried, sexy and when I opened my eyes I was kissing a very beautiful girl. I was really loving this and didn't want to rush it so i asked her if she had somewhere to go. She hadn't but said if i wanted to hire a beach house for the night she knew somewhere we could go.

    A few minutes later we were in one of those built on stilts type wooden beach huts a frighteningly short distance away from my friends. Looking back I assume this was hers anyway and just extra money for her as I paid but we never saw anybody to give it to. Never mind. only a few dollars.
    I have never been with a prostitute anywhere else and don't know what it is like. I have always assumed it is very unfulfilling for both parties and that the hooker would put in minimum effort and push you out the door as soon as possible. I will always look back on this experience with a great deal of enjoyment. She was sexy, took her time, did everything more than once and even slowed me down several times. I loved kissing her. I loved the moment when I pretended to be surprised to find her lovely cock, and she immediately relaxed that i was into it and got an instant hard on as i stroked my hand over the little bulge in her panties. i loved sucking her cock, my first and it was such a good decision not to rush that. Most of all, I loved fucking her. I'd had a few drinks and smokes so i lasted ages and she seemed to get more and more into it. We were stood up with me fucking her from behind when i came in her. It was pretty obvious to her that it was near and she said 'slow' before craning her face round to give me long passionate kiss as I pumped it into her (don't worry I used her condom)

    Altoget her this was probably the best pure sex I have ever had in my life. Maybe she was trying to get a repeat or full week out of me, maybe she wanted to prove herself as sexy as other women, maybe she just even enjoys it. Who knows? There are lots of things about it that I remember well but most of all my head has two indelible full colour stills. One of her walking in front of me, long legs, hair flicking and one of my first proper look at her beautiful face illuminated by my cigarette lighter in the dark street. Unforgettable.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Warning This is a story about truth not jump hump suck so if you are not into truth then move along.
    It all started when my soon to be wife after living together for 4 years and planning to marry met another man and left without much explanation. We had moved into a house I bought with resigning bonus I had gotten while in the Army and had socked it away in the bank. She took what she wanted and said had no interest in the house.
    I was working at a factory day shift foreman and in no way could afford the house on my own. A guy I worked with was looking for a place closer to work so he moved in so I could keep the house and he was closer to work.
    I had known him from work but not really personally. We got along ok and things went well until one day I came home to find a nude man in the kitchen that I had never met. I was about to freak out on him when my room mate came running out and told me it was a friend. The next day we talked and I told him if he had people over it would be nice if they did not walk around nude. he told me he was gay and it was a friend with benefits. I am cool with people doing their thing but not crazy about finding strangers walking around nude. he said the guy was Jeff a buddy he had known for years.
    I had never had feelings or thoughts about other men so its something I did not understand but to each his own. That night in the tub Jeff standing in the kitchen kept popping into my head. I had taken a mental picture of him in my mind and for some reason kept thinking about what I saw. He was average guy not built not fat he was hairy but not like lie a fur jacket. His legs where muscled and the cutest feet. What the fuck why was I picturing him standing there? I smoked a joint to clear my head. That night I dreamed about Jeff in the dream he and I went to an amusement park and rode rollercoasters laughing as the coaster went up and down and in and out of dark tunnels. We ate cotton candy from the same stick. I woke up and remembered the dream as if it had been real.
    I had taken the next week off from work using up some vacation days to work on things around the house. I was fixing one of the gutters when I heard a smooth low voice say need a hand. I looked down from the ladder to see Jeff standing there smiling up at me. He grabbed the other ladder and helped me he spent the rest of the day helping me. He was real easy to talk with and don't take this wrong but not what I had come to know was gay acting. The guys I had ran into in the army were either very fem or always on the make to suck your cock. Hope that don't upset anyone but just how I looked at it at the time.
    Jeff and I spent most of that week working on my house and buddying around. At the end of the day we would set on the deck and drink some beers and chat about life. I asked if he liked gambling? he said he had not done much so I asked if he would like to go to the casino the next day after he got off work. We made planes for later that next day.
    Something about him made me want to be around him as much as I could. We went to casino and had a good time when it came time to head home my fucking car took a shit so we got a hotel room for the night as the garage could not get the parts until the next day. We got something to eat then headed to the room. I was feeling nervous not sure why at the time but in the back of my mind was almost hopping maybe something would happen maybe he would suck my cock I was thinking. We sat on our beds and talked I asked all sorts of questions about him and being gay. He was real cool about it and answered all my questions. After a while he asked if I had ever or ever even thought about being with another guy. I said no and he said oh then that answered his next question. It was a while with no talking and I could hear myself ask what question he wanted to ask. He smiled and said well I was going to ask if you.... Oh forget it its not important he said. I tried to get him to tell me but he would not. He changed the subject and soon we both feel asleep.
    The next day I drove him home and dropped him off at his apartment he said he would give me a ring and soon disappeared into his apartment complex, I drove off but my thoughts were on him his voice his smile his scent. What the fuck was going on with me? When I got home I felt wound up so smoked a joint to calm down. My room mate came in and said he wanted to talk. He asked what was up with Jeff and I? we are friends I said. I had not even thought that me being friends with him may be a problem with them. I said sorry if I stepped over a line He smirked and said well I just want to let you know Jeff is a special person not sure what your thoughts are but don't use him or abuse him. Before I could say anything he walked out of the room.
    Jeff did not call I waited but no call. I was feeling like a teenager waiting for a crush to call. I could not wait any longer I called him and asked what was up and why had he not called? he said he thought I may not want him to. I said why the hell would you think that? he said I was acting strange and he thought his being gay was the reason. I asked if he would meet so we could talk? we met up at a bar in town and found it to be crowded and loud. I suggested we take a walk in the park and talk. We walked and I told him what I had been feeling and thinking and that it was messing with my head. we sat on a bench and watched the swans on the pond. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It shocked me but I did not pull away I started to kiss back and put my hand around to his back and pulled him close. His warmth next to me and the scent of him he smelled of a musky spice. His lips on mine was electric. Then it hit me what I was doing and I pulled away dude I said I don't know if I can do this. Jeff looked hurt but said he understood. I drove him home and as he got out of the care I touched his hand and said I am sorry he smiled and said its all good and closed the door. As I pulled away an emptiness took over I felt alone and sad. Driving home his kiss was on my mind I had never felt that way kissing anyone else. my thoughts were a mess I was fighting with myself mentally telling myself it was not possible to have feelings for a man. Jeff did not call that week and I left it at that thinking it was better that way. I thought about him all day at work and picked up the phone many times to call him but did not.
    A few weeks went by and I was falling into a depression nothing felt right and I felt an emptiness I have never felt in my life. That weekend I went to the park and sat on the bench were he had kissed me. In my mind I hopped he would show up and I could put my arms around him and hold him tight to me. He never showed so I went home. my room mate came in from being out and saw me in the den. he popped his head in and said hi. I asked how his night was? He said it was fun. he started to walk away and turned and walked into the room. he stood there and said call him dumb ass he has been waiting by the phone. My eyes lit up and my heart jumped really I said. yes idiot and by the way that look in your eyes I have not seen in weeks. I looked down at my feet feeling embarrassed but excited he wanted me to call. I called the phone rang and rang no answer. I left a message plz call me I said I need to talk to you.
    Sunday morning I was woken by my phone it was Jeff the sound of his voice made me feel so warm inside. he asked if I was doing anything that day? I said no nothing but walking in the park. He asked if i could use some company? I said heck yes.
    I was sat on the bench where he first kissed me as I saw him walking the close he got the more I wanted to jump and run to him. he sat next to me I said I missed you he smiled. I said I don't know what is going on with me but all I know is a am miserable without you. He leaned in and we kissed ahhh there it was that electric feeling. I hugged him close to me and said in his ear I don't want to hurt you he pulled back looked in my eyes and said you wont. that is how I found my soul mate that is how I found out what true love is. We took it slow and did the old fashioned dating even with my constant urging for more he made me wait all we did was make out and some rubbing on each other in our clothing. We slept together twice but just cuddling the man was driving me insane but just being near him kept me happy. It was months until anything sexual happened. I was nervous as I had no clue what to do.
    The night we made love it just all fell into place we moved as one and it was amazing all my worrying about how what who where was all for nothing it was so natural like we had been making love to each other all our lives. Last week I asked Jeff to marry me he said yes and soon we will take each others names. I have chosen to take his last name and he mine as they are the same anyway funny we had the same last name. sorry if this is not all sexy and horny just my truth I am in love with Jeff and don't care who knows it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Never wanted to suck dick, until I was forced to do so at the age of fifteen. Now I cannot stop finding men who love to thrust their manhood's down my throat. I have what you might call a baby face, a cute appearance even at my age.
    The men who forced me, caught me trying to steal from their work bags on a building site. Instead of phoning the cops, they took me into a back room and took it in turns to feed me their cocks. I got better and better at it the more I was forced to swalow their dicks and before long I was no longer being forced. Each of the men came in my mouth and to save myself any potential beating, I swallowed their loads. Not only did they let me go, I revisited the next afternoon and the next and so on until eventually a foreman caught two of them face fucking me.
    They kept their jobs as far as I knew, but my time sucking off builders was over. For then.
    Parks, canal sides, public toilets, the woodlands near to my home and sometimes even at work. They are all places I now offer up my mouth for cock, and recently my rear hole to an older man who lets say I've always known.

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