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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My wife of five months has gone out shopping again (She loves spending money). I'm at home with her brother Mike. it's nearly half time in the football and already I've sucked his cock hard. During the half time break I'm going to take Mike up to our walk in shower and allow him to fuck me senseless. He will literally fuck the shit out of me, as he has on many occasions since I met his sister. It's Mike I would have liked to have married but, in the town I live in, gay sexuality isn't a thing you advertise. So whenever we get the time and place to have sex, we suck and fuck as much as we can. I'm really looking forward to getting wet with Mike and having his cum flowing out of my wqell fucked arsehole.
    Half time, here goes :) x

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    Straight Male / 53

    I am straight by all rights...I can't stand the thought of kissing a man...nor would I want to fuck a man...or have my dock sucked...but I have always been obsessed with the thought of letting an older man take me somewhere private for a night and giving him control of my asshole..
    A certain type of man....married..A man that wants dirty I ended up in a cheap motel with a traveling businessman...I gave myself an enema and put on a slutty skirt...I licked the head of his cock....finally sealing my lips over the head...after my mouth was full I spit it out on the head and sat on it...then he flipped me over and hooked his elbows behind my knees...I got what I'd waited for...he plowed my ass...filled it with cum....I plugged myself.. Sucked him hard the end of the nite I lay in front of a mirror..I unplugged my hole...I was finally let a man turn my asshole into a sloppy c**t

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    Gay Male / 23

    I just gave my boss head in the garage of our job for a pay raise. While the doors were open and the kitchen crew could see us... No shame in my game... Cock slut for life. He even told me I was better than his wife. He is 55

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I need some advice... I have s girlfriend who I love dearly but I cheat with every guy I can get. I've cheated with over 20 guys since I've been with her. I've even fucked her dad and brother. I don't feel bad. Should I tell her or just stay and continue to do what I'm doing?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I am a bi male with a girlfriend who knows I'm bi. What she doesn't know is that every day at work I've been fucking my gay boss. On breaks and lunch I can't get enough of him. In the bathroom, in his office even in his car we fuck anywhere we get a chance. I'm addicted and I don't feel bad

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    IM A 16 year old male and i want to be able to feel a cock slide into my ass but i have no way of making it happen. BUT the problem is im a closet bisexual. So it mkkes it really difficult anyone have any ideas?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I was invited to a bonfire by a very close friend of mine. I always liked Ron and really enjoyed hanging out with him. We had worked together for a couple of years and, after seeing him taking a shower after work, I started fantasizing about how nice it would be to suck his cock and lick his balls but always figured that that was all it would ever be. Anyway, the night of the bonfire, I got there around 7 pm and there were several other people from work and a few that I learned later were friends of his wife. Ron and his hot wife greeted me and thanked me for coming then after handing me a beer, I started chatting with a few people and just enjoying the evening not realizing how much I was drinking and around midnight, most everyone had left and just Ron, his wife and I were the only ones left sitting there enjoying the fire. I got up and told them I'd better get going when Ron offered me another beer saying the fire would probably burn a few hours longer. His wife said she was going to bed as she was quite drunk and needed to sleep as she toddled of to the house. Ron and I sat there still drinking as we both watched her enter the house. Ron said he'd better go check and make sure she made it to bed and asked me to not leave as he'd be right back. As I sat there feeling really buzzed and soon Ron came back and handed me another beer as he sat beside me and we talked as the fire slowly faded. Because of the alcohol and the fact that I had the hots for him I felt my cock getting hard as we sat there then Ron told me I would be staying in their guest room as he wasn't going to let me try to drive home in the state I was in. I knew I was too drunk to drive so I agreed then he said he'd show me to the room.
    Once we were in the house, Ron showed me the guest room and told me if I wanted to take a shower, where it was and told me he'd check on his wife then be back for another beer if I felt like it. I said that would be cool and stripped then got in the shower hoping my hard on would go away but as I showered, I kept thinking about Ron's cock and all I did was get harder. After the shower, I hurried and pulled on my underwear then noticed that Ron was still sitting on the bed drinking a beer and smiled as he handed me one and asked if I was feeling better. I said I was and after taking a few drinks and talking about this and that, Ron got up saying he needed to take a piss and I noticed he had quite a tent showing his sweatpants. I admit that had my mouth watering but still wasn't ready to make a move seeing as how we were in his house with his wife asleep in the other room when he came out and sat beside me and asked if I was ready for another beer. I said sure and as he handed it to me I leaned back on the pillows allowing him to see that he wasn't the only one that was hard when Ron put his hand on my thigh and said "So, how about a blowjob?" I didn't wait and got on my knees then pulled his sweats down to let his cock free as I took his cock into my willing mouth loving the taste and feel of it after wanting it for so long. I pushed Ron's legs apart to let me have better access as I loved up that hard hot dick of his, sucking, licking and slurping as he stroked my head and said "yes,yes,yes" as I used all my cocksucking skills on his cock and balls. I licked and sucked his fat balls, pushed his legs up and licked his taint and ass then licked and sucked his cock before going back and sucking to make him cum. Ron was bucking his prick into my mouth and soon gripped my head and held it as he exploded into my willing swallowing mouth feeding me the cum I love to eat!
    As I came back to reality, Ron was pumping his now fading cock in and out of my mouth and trying to catch his breath as I squeezed his dick trying to get out every drop of cum when he pulled on my head and pulled me up towards his face then French kissed me and told me that I gave damn good head as he reached down and stroked my dick making me cum all over his stomach. Ron kept stroking me until I was finished cumming then kissed me again and said he'd better get in with his wife before she started looking for him. I stroked his still half hard cock and told him thanks as he left my room.
    The next morning, I was awaked by Ron crawling in bed with me and feeling his hand wrapping around my morning wood as he rubbed his hard cock against my thigh. "morning, how about a bj?" I didn't even answer, I just slid down and started sucking that wonderful cock of his again and, again, I was rewarded with a nice load of his sperm which I swished around my cock sucking mouth and his cock before swallowing it down. I was still licking away on that peter when Ron pulled me up and kissed me again then asked if I would like a blowjob. I laid back and relaxed as Ron sucked me off than told me to roll over and get on all fours so he could eat my ass. A few minutes later, we were back into a hot 69 which finished with us both cumming in the other's mouth.
    A coupe years later, Ron finally told me the first night we did anything gay, he was really asking if I wanted him to give me a blow job but he was glad I sucked him off. I still get on my knees anytime he wants me to and love it when he sucks me off. Maybe someday, I can get him to fuck me in the asshole!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    At the age of twenty two, I with my then girlfriend went through a period of sexual discovery. We had threesomes with four different women, one older and three younger. We also had a threesome with an older guy, and it was with the older guy I discovered my curiosity about gay sex. As he was fucking my girlfriends pussy, I got up close from behind. His cock slipped out of her pussy and by simple natural sexual fascination, I took his cock into my mouth for a few seconds sucking on it. He didn't seem to mind and my girlfriend was non the wiser when he slipped his cock back into her. Later on when she'd gone to bed totally fucked, literally, and just before he went home, I offered to blow him. Even though he'd cum all over my girlfriends face, he still had enough to fill my mouth some ten minutes later from my attempts to give him head.
    I knew then I wanted to go the whole hog, I wanted to be fucked. But I didn't want anyone I knew to do it. Thinking it through, I came up with an idea. Putting a request on a well known site, I advertised for a top to enter the motel room I'd rent, I'd suck him blind folded and then let him fuck me in any postion he wanted. All whilst being blind folded.
    Nothing worked for a few days, until I uploaded some pictures of myself naked and ready to take a cock up my asshole.
    A few guys answered the ad, but one stood out. He was called Roy, forty four years old, married but secretly bisexual, and he was a black guy.
    He told me he'd done some time and inside he'd had a white bitch. Someone to keep him and his cock warm at night. So we arranged the day he'd visit me. Just as planned Roy arrived on time and let himself into the motel room. I was already naked except for the blind fold and sat on the bed waiting patiently. His voice was deep and very commanding so when he told me to drop to my knees and open my mouth, I did so with a little nervousness.
    His cock was bigger than the last guys cock I'd sucked at home and a lot thicker too. But the moment caught me and I soon found myself and surprising myself, sucking on his cock greedily. Roy controlled me though, holding my head forcing his meat down my throat, something I soon learned to do. Only a few minutes later Roy told me to kneel up on the bed and stick my asshole out. I heard him undressing then heard him putting on a condom. The lube I'd left next to the bed was eased all over my butt hole and then I felt his hard thick cock enter my ass.
    It wasn't like anything I'd ever experienced in my life up to then, as it hurt like nothing else. Once his cock head popped in and his shaft began to enter me slowly, the feeling began to change, almost as though I was having the most delicious poo.
    Steadily Roy started to fuck me. Slowly at first, then building up to a hard rhythmic thrusting. My asshole was taking his cock so well I began to back onto him, and that only encouraged Roy to fuck me harder. His hands pressed onto the small of my back as he climbed onto the bed with me, fucking me from a higher point. And that had my cock surging with pleasure. Hearing Roy say he was about to cum also had my cock pulsing without having touched it once. Seconds before Roy's cock exploded up my ass, mine erupted all over the bed beneath me.
    Pulling out of my asshole, Roy slid the condom off and then dribbled every drop over my still blind folded face. Before he walked out, he said "Same time next week if you like". I removed the blind fold to see the door closing and to see a small envelope on the side table. It contained a small piece of paper with a phone number on it and fifty bucks.
    The following week and for the next eight months, Roy visited me each Friday to fuck the shit out of my asshole. After a couple more occasions, he had me take off the blind fold, saying he trusted me enough to let me see who was fucking me.
    He wasn't a handsome man, but he was a huge muscular guy. That afternoon following the cock sucking I lovingly gave him, Roy had me mount him for the very first time. We ended up fucking for over an hour and a half. With me sucking his cock back to it's full nine inches twice.
    Roy broke off our arrangement, when he told me him and his wife were moving away to try and save their marriage. It was the end of my sexual fascination with Roy's or anyone else's cock. As I met not long afterwards, the girl who eventually became my wife.
    Eleven years on and I'm living in a new town with my wife. We've just spoken about having kids, but she's still reluctant as she wants to persue her career further. One thing I haven't spoken to her about, is the fifty five year old divorced black guy who's only just moved in across the street from us. His name is Roy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I'm a secret bisexual guy. I've had a few man on man experiences but not for about a year now. I'm desperate to feel a guy slide his cock slowly in my ass again. I have a fantasy that will remain as one because I'm only ever interested in safe fun.but I dream of being a total cum dump. Just me on all fours taking as many guys bareback till they cum in me.

    I want to feel the guys push as deep into me as they can and fill me with their cum. Then the next one straight in me again till the cum. I would be sucking cock at the same time so before they fuck my ass they can fuck my mouth. I would have it all filmed so it can be posted on the net so other guys can get off watching the action......

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    Straight Male / 38

    This has been playing on my mind for the past eight years. Now Nigel, my wife's brother is close to death, I'm wondering if I should tell her about Nigel and I, or risk waiting for him to mention something.
    It's been a secret of ours since the night before I married his sister. He stayed over at my flat to get ready for the big day. I knew he was gay, but our friendship had only ever been that, just friends.
    Lots of beer and wine later and not going over how we got the the point of sex, I allowed Nigel to give me a blow job. He was by far the best ever person to suck my cock, and I do mean ever. I was so hard and so horny, that I actually asked him if I could fuck him. There wasn't any hesitation in either of us as as Nigel produced a condom.
    Once he stripped totally naked and presented his tight looking arsehole to me, I took no time to slip my cock hard into his arse. I'd never fucked a guy before, but I had fucked Nigel's sister plenty of times up her rear passage. So I just gave him what I did for my future wife. Except Nigel wanted it much harder and faster.
    In a twenty minute period, I fucked him in three different positions. Doggie at first, then him mounting my cock and then finally I fucked him as he lay on his back. His cock was rigid throughout and fucking him missionary as he masturbated made his cock pulse angrily, until in long spasms of sheer joy, he came all over himself. Telling him I was about to cum, Nigel asked me to cum in his mouth. Withdrawing from his arsehole, pulling off the condom, I slid up his body and put my cock head to him lips. He opened his mouth and eagerly accepted my dick.
    I flooded his mouth with my semen as he sucked me in. It was so horny, I just kept on cumming until my balls were drained. Strangely I remained erect and over the next half an hour or so, I had Nigel either sucking on my cock or gently fucking him as I spooned him. We fell asleep together with my cock finally slipping out of his arse.
    The following morning, my wedding day, Nigel had me fuck him in the shower. It wasn't like the night before as I was sober. What it was though, was viciously passionate. It was hard sex, brutal sex and I used his arse to get me off. Again I came inside him, only that time I had no condom.
    Nothing ever happened between us after that morning, and Nigel like me had kept his own council. But now I fear he might let his sister know what happened between us the night before we got married. His battle against cancer has beaten him almost, I just hope he doesn't allow his end to finish my marriage.

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