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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    October of last year (2018) my wife and I had a huge bust up over finances and sex. She moved out for nearly a fortnight, and during that time I invited a few mates around to watch the football. On the sixth day she was at her parents home, two of my mates turned up, one with his young nephew Jamie. Throughout the game I caught Jamie eyeing me up and asked my friend quietly in the kitchen if his nephew was gay or something. His response was to tell me Jamie was bisexual and obviously liked me. When I asked him what he meant, he said "Fuck him, he'll enjoy it and you'll get your rocks off". Telling him I wasn't gay, he replied "Neither am I, but I fuck him every now and then". (If his girlfriend was away).
    At the end of the match (Our team won for once) my friends said they were going, but Jamie was staying if I wanted him to. Literally the minute they walked out, Jamie who's now nineteen (Birthday last month) removed his shorts and t shirt to show me he was naked underneath. Sprawling out on my couch face down, he told me he didn't do kissing and he only sucked a guys cock, if he liked the look of it. But he would love me to fuck him, as he was as he put it "Horny enough to receive a horses cock".
    My dick was rock hard within seconds and without getting too much into how I felt or what went through my mind, I removed my jogging bottoms and boxers, used some hand cream all over his arsehole and slid my cock up his backside. It had been nearly three weeks since I'd last had sex with my wife, and having a huge libido it didn't take me long to forget it was young male I was fucking.
    I went hell for leather, fucking Jamie as if he wasn't a young boy, but just a sex thing. He moaned and groaned, told me I was a sexual animal and then blew his load all over the couch beneath him. I fucked him for no more than five to ten minutes and then busted my nut up his arsehole, with Jamie screaming out for me to cum up his bum.
    Withdrawing my dick, it was still rock hard and throbbing from the orgasm. Jamie spun around gripped hold of it and said "Should have sucked this one first". With that he opened his mouth and sucked in my cock.
    Over the next hour or two I learned all about the enjoyment of gay sex. I had Jamie sucking on my cock, licking my balls and licking my arsehole. I too learned not only could I suck his dick, but also how much I enjoyed the sensation of having cock in my mouth.
    Taking him up to our bedroom, I fucked him again and again, and again until I'd cum in him three times. Doggy, spoons, cowboy, reverse cowboy, other strange positions he taught me and liked. And then missionary before my cock erupted up him for the third time. And during the time I was fucking him missionary, Jamie reached up, pulled me down and kissed me. He didn't do kissing he said, but there we were kissing passionately as I pumped my cock deep up his arse.
    Once I'd drained my balls up him the last time, we lay there together with his head on my chest. He told me his uncle had fucked him very occasionally over the past year, but he hadn't for some time, as his uncle now had a girlfriend. Jamie doesn't think of himself as purely gay, but loving the best of both worlds if he likes a girl to have sex with.
    Finishing off our long bed chatter, I invited him to have a shower with me. We spent an age in there washing each other and kissing, a lot.
    Jamie visited my home more than half a dozen times in the remaining time my wife was at her parents home. Each time our sex got more and more involved, with me learning Jamie liked to be fucked rough. I met his demands and then some, fucking him sometimes until he was urging me to slow down or ease off. But I'd found my mark with gay sex and loved dominating him.
    When my wife finally came back home, that sexual need I had to fuck her hard and without cause to consider her feelings, stopped. We began to make love in a more controlled and loving way. And so it has been since then with my wife. However I still fuck Jamie as much as we can spare the time to have sex. He still visits my home as my wife works funny hours for the NHS.
    As for his uncle, he doesn't mention the fact I'm fucking his nephew, but every now and then tells me not to hurt him. Deep down he knows I wouldn't and only says it to remind me he's looking out for him. The fact is, me and Jamie know it's only sex between us, and extremely good sex it is too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Both of them act as if they're straight and love to fuck girls. But I know different when they're with me. They're both teenage golfers, both seventeen years old (One's eighteen next week) and both take free adhoc lessons with me twice a week or so. It's under a plan to encourage new young members into the golf club. Each lesson they have, we always finish off with me either feeding them my cock to suck, or if it's quiet enough and we've gotten time, I'll fuck them.
    They do know about one another having sex with me and often they practice together, but I'm yet to fuck them at the same time. I'm not the club pro, but I once was a scratch golfer and might I say, a better putter than lots of pro's on tour. Pity the other parts of my game no longer match my desire for young gay/bisexual guys, who adore my large thick cock.
    I never approach them for sex and I never make it part of the deal that they get the free lessons. It's become relatively easy for me to pick out those who are gay or bi curious. And since I've decided that fucking a guys asshole, is just the same as fucking my wife's pussy and asshole (When we had sex) then I make it known to them if they fancy eight and bit inches of pure man meat to suck on or take up their cute backsides, I'll accommodate them.
    In the eighteen months I've been helping out, I've fucked five different guys and had another three suck me off fairly regularly. There is an older member who seeks out my ass fucking skills too. He's fifty one and was the person who caught me fucking Adrian, a young golfer last year in the changing room. Since then I travel over to his apartment about once week and fuck him silly, until we're both worn out.
    Yet its the young bucks who I enjoy boning the most. And the two young men who I'm fucking most at the moment just cannot get enough of my cock. Now all I have to do, is get them together sexually and lets see where that will lead.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was about 17 working on a large sheep farm in N S W Australia .The boss had a son away at boarding school .I was told he would be home for the school holidays and he would be working with me.First day together he kept asking me about wanking and told me what he like to do when he wanked.Second day his dad sent us to repair a fence at the far side of the farm,Jay and I had the job done and he suggested we get naked and wank ,So I was good for that well into wanking he asked if Id ever fucked a boy,I hadnt he asked if Id fuck him he said at school most boys fucked eachother .He layed over the ute bonnet and I did as he asked spat on his hole and my cock and slowly slid it up him,I didnt last long and shot my load up him .He asked if he could fuck me I was hesitant but layed over the bonnet and took his cock up me it didnt hurt as he was 13 at the time .After that we fucked every chance we had some nights he would sneak out to my hut and I let him fuck my as long as he could stay hard.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I put bi but I've never had sex until today. I like girls, always have, I get horny and jack off over girls. I let a 40 something married man fuck me about an hour ago. After some work he had some porn on, he let me have a couple of drinks. The porn made me horny, he pulled out his cock. Eventually I undid my pants and did the same. I sucked him, he got hard I let him pull my pants all the way off and my shirt up over my head. He took me to the bedroom, laid me on the bed, rubbed lotion on his cock and fucked me. It hurt, but he went very slow. I let him do it again even though I wanted to get out of there as soon as he was done. That first time I jacked myself off and shot all over my belly, I thought he was going to do the same but he came inside me. About 30 minutes later he said the Viagra was still working and once again I was on my back on the bed with my legs locked around his back. That time he fucked me for about 45 minutes before he again, shot up my butt. I came home went to the bathroom and pooped it all out but I'm still passing gas and feel loose back there. Thank heaven no one will look at me back there and know what happened. I feel like total shit now, how can I fuck a girl ever and not think that this guy fucked me, that I WAS the girl for him?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Early last week, I did something I thought I would never do in my lifetime. I fucked a seventeen year old kid and loved every second of it.
    He's a new part time employee who just so happens to be gay, enjoys wearing women's clothing and loves cock up his tight white asshole.
    I basically caught him trying on some panties in a side office and instead of reprimanding him, I got a boner. He saw it in my trousers, made a reference to him being a great cock sucker and before I knew it, he was on his knees sucking in my cock and I was in blow job heaven.
    He was I have to say right now, the single best cock sucker I've ever had blow on my dick. And it didn't stop at him giving my fellatio. Once my dick was hard and straining from the excellent blow job, I couldn't resist his puckered rear hole when he offered it to me.
    I spat on his asshole a few times, put my leaking cock to his hole and thrust in. No more than a minute later, I was going full pelt, fucking him from behind as I pulled him and his ass onto my cock.
    He made all kinds of moaning noises as I fucked him, and he even turned his head to tell me to fuck him harder. I did as he asked and before I knew it, he was shaking violently as his tiny cock spewed out jets of cum. It took only seconds after that for my own orgasm to rise. And pulling him right onto my dick, I came up his asshole.
    Like it had never happened, he got himself together, told me it was a fantastic fuck and walked out. I was left feeling totally drained, yet also feeling amazingly thrilled at having fucked my first male ass.
    And it hasn't stopped there. The following day, he cornered me as I was going for my lunch and asked me if I wanted to repeat the experience. In my car by the side of the lake near to the road which takes me home, I fucked him again and again, phoning into work to let them know Alex was helping me with some supplies.
    In total I've fucked Alex five times now. The last time only a few hours ago when he arrived at work. He got in early as I'd text him to do so. He's still full of my semen, that I fucked into him over the office chair I fucked him in.
    Lunch time has been and gone and my cock is getting all edgy for his ass again. Time I think to see if he'll accompany me to get some more supplies.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I just cheated on my wife for the first time. Iâve known I am bi for a while but havenât told a soul. It became too much to suppress so I started chatting.

    I eventually talked to a local guy who asked me to suck his cock. My heart instantly started racing. I quickly said yes and was both excited and terrified.

    We met at a local park. Once I identified him, he walked ahead of me on a local trail. Eventually he left the trail and I followed. When he stopped, he pulled down his pants to reveal an absolutely stunning cock. It was at least four inches soft and had precum on it already. I just stared at it and he reassured me it would be ok. I dropped me to my knees and stared at the tip a second.

    Then I went for.

    It. Was. Amazing.

    I knew instantly I would want more. First I tried to see how much I could take and got his entire soft cock in my mouth. His moaning made me so horny. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth which turned me on even more. I sucked at his slit to get the precum and then ran my tongue all over. I wanted his cum so bad.

    After a minute, he was rock hard and he tasted so good. I could only get 3/4 or so in my mouth at that point but it seemed like a lot. I started to suck up and down hard and fast.

    Then I took my mouth off a second to ask how I was doing. He told me I almost had the load before I stopped. So I got right back on it and had his load in 30 seconds. Iâve never felt as exhilarated as when he came in my mouth. It tasted so good.

    Then he stood up and told me that he would walk a few minutes behind me. I need to suck his cock again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    This is a true story and it happened to me approximately 18 months ago. I live in a regional city in Queensland, Australia and have a friend Daniel that I only catch up with occasionally.I don't know how old he is but I would guess about mid 50's. We originally met on an online "personals" site in about 2016.He emailed me saying that he felt tense and stressed and asked if I could cum over and give him a massage. Anticipating the future I swallowed the last Viagra that my doctor had given to me as a free sample. So over I went and knowing full well it would end in a bit of hanky panky. When I arrived we had a couple of minutes of friendly banter and then onto his bed for his massage. We both stripped off and he provided a spray bottle of body oil.

    He laid face up on his queen sized bed and I commenced work on his lower legs from the toes to the knees. His eyes were closed but from the smile on his face I could see he was enjoying this. Next step was to liberally apply the oil to the upper legs while using a little more pressure and longer strokes.I was teasing him by pushing my fingers into the edges of his trimmed pubes and accidentally brushing his ball sack with the sides of my hands, I could tell he was enjoying this by his low moans and hips gently shifting about. Being this close to his gorgeous cock was too much for me so I sucked his half erect cock into my mouth and pushed my lips against pubic bone. Oh man I loved doing that. I didn't want him or me to get too carried away this soon so after a minute or two I released that beautiful hard penis from my mouth and commenced stroking his chest. By now both of our cocks were standing defiantly erect, I am not sure how long his cock is but I would guess about six and a half inches long, wonderfully thick and with a magnificent upturn on the shaft. My cock is barely five inches when throbbing hard and average thickness. His small nipples were already hard as granite and as I licked them he was holding my face against them. Before I knew it he was french kissing me passionately and that is something I really like doing, I don't know how long we kissed for but it was exciting, animalistic and passionate all at the same time. Needless to say my dick was throbbing and harder than it had been for a long time.

    I rolled him onto his belly and then sprayed the oil all over the back of him. Excitedly I rubbed and stroked the back of his legs from the heels to his arse crack, quite a few times I let my fingers glide in-between the folds of the bum cheeks and caress and finger his anus. He certainly didn't mind this at all because he spread his legs wide apart to give me greater access and of course the lovely soft noises he was making were just driving me crazy with absolute total lust. As I was fondling and squeezing his bum I could not stop myself from pushing my mouth against his arse and licking and driving my tongue into his arsehole, normally that is something I might not do but I was just so switched on that I had no inhibitions or moral compass and surprisingly he tasted sort of slightly sweet. Frankly I just loved doing it and he loved me doing it to him.

    I had to force myself away from his bum so that I could give his back and shoulders a half-way proper massage for about 15 minutes and then finish, although I did make brief and frequent returns to his bum.
    By now his body language was clear, he was naked, face down, legs apart and arse slightly raised. No words were needed from either of us, I climbed between his parted thighs and rubbed my erection betwixt his bum cheeks from the bottom of his spine to his ball bag. A couple of times I couldn't stop myself from again attacking his lovely anus with my tongue but the time was ripe for fucking.

    He moved into doggie position, head down and arse raised, almost as if it were a reflex. I knelt behind him and rested the tip of my knob against his hole, he passed the bottle of oil to me and I gave all the moving parts a generous spray and worked some extra oil into his hole. Gently I eased my cock into his yielding arsehole it was so important not to rush as it was only the second time that he had been a bottom, I had claimed his anal cherry a few months before. I remained semi motionless while he backed up on me and that way we had a fantastic fuck with him setting the speed and power of thrusts and we continued like this for several minutes until it got uncomfortable for him.

    Next thing we did was that I sucked his cock again this time with my bum up near his shoulder, while I did this he slipped a couple of fingers into my anus and rubbed my prostate. It was so good that I was unable to continue with his cock in my mouth and I just had to give myself over to my own pleasure. He fingered my arse for what I guess was about 10 minutes, I don't think I have ever experienced so much sustained pleasure as I did then. I could hear myself making noises that I had no control over and I was sort of shaking and trembling with what I could only guess was a whole of body prostate orgasm, like I said I have never had anything so fulfilling like this happen to me before. Eventually one of my thighs started to cramp up and I had to break away from the pleasure and stand up, but the prostate orgasm continued for at least another two or three minutes after that. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks HAH!

    He was still laying spreadeagled on his bed and that beautiful thick cock was at attention waiting for me to relieve it. Like a greedy starving man I swallowed his cock and sucked it hard back and forth only stopping briefly when it triggered my gag reflex. He didn't need to tell me when he was about to cum as I was cradling his large firm balls in my hand and could feel them rise high in his scrotum. I swallowed every single spurt of his cum and didn't let a single drop go to waste. While he continued to lay there catching his breath I knelt next to him and began wanking furiously as he gave me verbal encouragement until I shot my gooey load over his belly and chest then rubbed its stickiness into his skin. After this we simply laid together recovering and talking for several minutes, I felt like I was riding on a cloud. It was one of the best fuck sessions I can ever remember having.

    Only names and anything that could identify anyone have been changed in order to protect the guilty. My name is George Ransome, I am a married 64yo bisexual man and I hope you enjoyed my confession. If I get a few positive comments I will post another true story.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    So today for lunch i met a guy at taco bel in bathroom he had a beautiful fat cock. I wanted it so bad. I looked at him and said straight out you have a really nice cock. He says thank you. I asked him if i could have desert before my lunch.

    I think he was a little shocked by my forwardness. But i had to ask. I enjoy being a cum dumpster. I crave cum and get as much as i can,

    I became a cum whore 2 yrs ago. I always wonderd what it would be like for another mans cock in my mouth.
    And since the first time i can not get enough hot goo to swallow.

    Needless to say the new guy was happy to feed me his load in parking lot of tacobel. I dove down on his meat like an animal, hungry for cock i sucked him and stroked his hard meat.
    I get excited as i suck a cock. I feel my cum ozze from my own dick.

    I also love feeling it get hard in my mouth.

    Took me about 8 min to get him to explode. He had a nice big thick hot load. I enjoyed every drop

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Being precocious and attractive as a kid older boys were attracted to me in a natural boy/boy way. I found their touchy feely boisterously exciting and totally submitted to an exceptionally cute older boy without much resistance. He fucked me and taught me how to suck him. Of course he had to brag about it to his friends that all had to get some of my fresh adolescent ass.

    I went through my prepubescent years submitting to other boys and liked it. Hitting puberty I even started to be attracted to girls and of course the boys too. It was bound to happen, cute and trusting I was r**ed by a group of street kids, black, brown, yellow and white.
    I got the United nations of a fucking in the park near grandma's house. I weathered it well and even hung out with a few of my rapists afterwards whenever I stayed at grandma's.

    With wide eyed wonderment I was barely thirteen when I was bedded by a man in his twenties. It was exceptionally good too. I had a girlfriend and dated boys and even a few men too. It's a bit unsettling because for some reason boys like me all had their own share of date r**es. It was like just cuddling wasn't good enough? I was forced to suck a cop's dick when being caught out after curfew, even though I would of done it if asked, one of my adolescent fantasies, lol. Became the reluctant bottom boy bitch to two store dicks (pun intended) that caught me stealing panties and threatened to tell on me. I was too naive at thirteen to realize that they would of let me go if I said I'd tell on them. I had an affair with my Male nurse when I was hospitalized when I was fifteen and my first boss who literally seduced me. That was so cool and fun! I'm 23 now and married to a beauty of a girl whose totally understanding of me and my occasional man friend. Being a bi kid had its difficult times for sure, especially the bullies who made things worse. Two of them were actually attracted to me and dealt with their insecurities by making my life difficult, at least till I went to bed with them at sleepovers. My wonderful times are countless. Especially seducing a man into seducing me when I was full of life and beauty when I was a boisterous precocious 14 year old. That was my crowning achievement!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    One of my days last week.

    Kissed my wife goodbye as she lay snuggled up in bed. I'd just fucked her having woken up with a woody. Showered dressed and drove the fifteen minutes into work. As son as I got there, my boss calls me in and tells me we're going out to buy some supplies. Knowing exactly what that means, I make sure I pick the tissues from my desk draw.
    He drives us to a favorite place of his and within minutes I've got his super fat cock in my mouth. There's not that much room in the car, so we move outside and he has me strip naked. Back to sucking on his gorgeous dick, he tells me he's been thinking of fucking my arsehole all weekend. His cock is throbbing like crazy in my mouth and I know he wants my rear hole.
    I don't wait for his say so. Instead I stand up, lean over the boot of his car and spread my arse cheeks. Looking back, he grins at me, steps up and spits on my hole. Wiping more saliva on his cock, he presses it to my arsehole and pushes in. As his cock bottoms out up my arse, we both hear and see an older guy walking over with two dogs in tow. My boss goes to pull out, but we both then see he's got his cock out and is slowly stroking his erection. Sliding his cock all the way back in, it makes me groan and the older man then tells us, he'd love to be next. Not knowing him from Adam, I tell him I'll suck him and we maneuver around so I can invite his cock into my mouth. His cock is only small, but it's so fucking hard and pulsing. My boss then goes at it like a jack hammer and within only a minute or so, I feel the familiar urge and my cock erupts for the second time in less than two hours.
    Just as my cock and orgasm subside, the stranger cums and I have a choice to make. I spat (Well, I didn't know him).
    My boss carries on fucking me, then yells out he's cumming. I brace myself against the corner of the car and feel what is always a torrent of cum, enter my body. My boss is a massive cummer and his cock pumps load after load deep inside my bowels. With one more powerful thrust sending me hard into the car, he empties his balls and sighs telling me I'm the best fuck he's ever had.
    Grabbing the tissues, I clean myself up and we both say goodbye to the stranger.
    Back at work I get on with my day, occasionally having to nip to the toilet over the first hour, as my bosses cum leaks out of my arsehole. Lunch time I see there a note on my computer asking me if everyone has gone to lunch. I tell him yes and his next message is "Get in here, my balls are full". On his very thick newly laid office carpet, I kneel down and take in his cock that is already rock solid. Sucking his cock and licking around his huge mushroom shaped head, I hear him moaning. It's then he tells me to do it. Releasing his cock, I lick my two middle fingers, suck his cock back into my mouth and slide the fingers into his arsehole. He instantly begins to fuck my mouth faster and harder, holding my head and within only seconds cums in buckets down my throat.
    Making sure I swallow the lot and not allowing any to escape, I lick and suck his cock clean before I stand up. He gets sorted and we walk over to the bistro where he buys me lunch.
    One of the orders has defaulted, so I'm tasked with sorting out the mess when I get from lunch. It needs one of the drivers to go over the load with me and he's not happy. It takes us nearly two hours to get everything recovered and by the time we've finished it's to late to deliver. Asking him if he'd get in early the following day, his response was "Blow me and I'll think about it". I tell him I'm married and watch his smile broaden. Opening his work trousers I see he's not wearing underwear and his cock looks really big. I contemplate telling him I'm his supervisor and he should be more appropriate. But before I say anything, he tells me "The boss is fucking you, isn't he". I must have looked shocked as he then tells me "It's ok, no one else knows and I've wanted to fuck you for ages".
    In his large van with what little space is left, I knelt down, took hold of the biggest cock I've ever sucked on and open my mouth. It took an eterity for him to cum, but I wasn't complaining as his cock is beautiful. I licked sucked and played with his cock and balls, until eventually he bucked hard into my mouth and came without warning me. I had no choice but to swallow, not wanting cum on my clothing. And his cum tasted amazing. When he pulled out, he told me I could suck cock really good and then told me "Next time I'm going to fuck you".
    My wife cooked us our evening meal and told me her and Kate, a neighbour of ours, had had a great afternoon. I knew precisely what she was talking about as I could smell the sex when I got in. Her and Kate have been lovers long before I was on the scene. So hearing my wife had been tonguing her best friends pussy all afternoon, only added to what was an extremely sexually weird day to remember.
    It's a day I've never even close to before, and one that I probably won't again. Yet I have now taken the drivers gorgeous cock up my arsehole on two occasions this week already. He and his cock are going to be regular fuck partners for me going forwards. And as he said the second time he slipped his cock into me in the gents for a quickie "You're my slut from now on". It was said as he knows as I do, my boss will be moving roles soon. Which means no more picking up office supplies from the countryside.

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