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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My wife's twenty year old nephew Andy, came to live with us recently after the death of his mother. His father, if Andy can remember him, left when Andy was only three, so his mother brought him up on her own. Because of where they lived, he couldn't remain there, so nine months ago he came to live with us.
    Straight away Andy and I got on great. I knew or had guessed he was at least bisexual, if not gay from his mannerisms and how he approached life. But I was straight and married to a good looking woman who enjoys sex occasionally (Less frequently nowadays).
    Even so the day (Four months back) he walked into our bedroom naked and erect, asking me if I'd fuck him, I found myself unable to resist sliding my cock down his throat and then up his beautiful young ass. His aunt was out with her sister at a fair they sell produce at (Cakes, pies and pastries), and I'd just taken a shower after fixing one of my motor cycles. Andy's a slight guy. Five feet six, skinny with a small thin cock. Yet looking at him stood in front of me naked asking me to fuck him, I found myself fully erect in seconds and bizarrely so full of lust for him, I had my cock down his throat in no time. Pushing him down as I rose from getting dressed, I removed my own boxers and out sprang my cock. To see the delight on his face was awesome, as was feeling my cock sliding over his tongue. Andy might only be twenty, but from the way he sucked on my cock that day, I guessed he'd sucked on many a mans cock.
    They say women suck cock to please their man, but men suck cock to please themselves and their man. And having Andy suck on mine, it sure felt and looked like he was getting just as much enjoyment out of the sexual act as I was. Yet at the back of my mind, I knew from what he'd said as he'd walked in the room, and other things that had been said over the few months he'd lived with us, I wanted to have my cock deep up his asshole.
    Moving him back and getting him to release my cock, I picked him up and literally threw him onto the bed. His response was to say "Wow, yeh fuck me". I'd never been that rough with my wife or any female, but that sunny afternoon, I got a hold of Andy and had him kneel up at the edge of the bed. Putting my cock to his asshole, I spat on it and his ass and pushed in hard. Hearing him moan with pain and joy at the same time only encouraged me to fuck Andy as roughly as I wanted to, so for the first time in my life, I spent the next ten minutes hammering the shit out of a young man and thoroughly enjoyed every second of seeing my cock disappear up his extremely eager ass.
    Cumming deep inside him from an orgasm I didn't even feel rise up, almost took my breath away. I'd lost all sense of propriety with Andy and saw him as my fuck toy. I saw him as a total release to a hunger to dominate him and also to proove to myself, I'd go through with it. I'm not saying here Andy didn't enjoy it, because from his reaction and Andy's cries of ecstasy, he did. What I do know is I fucked him, I absolutely fucked my wife's nephew so hard that afternoon, for me.
    Sweating and sexually worn out, I lay next to Andy and smiled at his little comments about me being a "Daddy" for him sexually. But Andy wasn't finished, and slid down to take my cock back into his mouth. Licking and sucking on my dick, he took his time covering every inch of my cock and balls with his tongue and lips. Then pushing my legs up a little as I lay on my back, he did something no one had ever done to me. Andy tongued my asshole. It felt awesome and soon had my cock rising again. Slowly tossing me off and still tonguing my ass, I became ultra erect.
    Stopping quickly he moved up, climbed on top and sank down impaling himself on my dick. I went to begin fucking him again, but it was Andy's turn to take charge. Pushing me down and shushing me, he slowly, very slowly began to fuck himself on my cock. Looking directly into my eyes, Andy screwed my cock with his asshole and spent an age slowly sliding up and down my cock shaft. Every time he sank all the way down, he sighed with joy and and every time he lifted up, he took an eternity to get to the tip of my cock. This went on for some time and it became possibly the best time I've ever had sexually with anyone. It was so intense, so real and intimate I found myself reaching for his face. Andy lowered himself down my cock again then leaned forwards. We kissed as if we were long term lovers, and Andy forced my cock deep inside of himself. Still kissing he began to pump his ass onto my dick and then with our mouths and tongues whirling around each others, he came as my cock bottomed out up his ass.
    His cum pumped out between us, yet we carried on kissing. With my cock still deep inside him, I flipped us over and lay on top of Andy. Kissing him passionately we spread his semen all over ourselves and only broke apart to smile at one another. Showering together, once I'd gotten a text from my wife to say she was on her way home, and for me to put the meat in the oven, we washed each other and promised one another we'd have more fun.
    And so it has been the case since that wonderful afternoon with Andy. We've had sex as often as home life will alllow. It's not always a long session, indeed we more often than not have hard quick fucks, where I'll take my enjoyment from his mouth or asshole and if we have time, Andy will use me to get off in different ways.
    Yesterday morning was a perfect example of a quick fuck. Out in the back yard, he sucked on my dick, then bent over a low wall I've built. I fucked him as he pushed back onto me and knowing my wife was taking a shower, I made damn sure he came too by reaching around and tossing him off. We were sat back in the kitchen just about to have our cereal when she walked in, but not before I'd had him lick and suck my cock clean of my cum and his ass cream.
    Andy's education will take at least another four years, and he has no plans on moving out in that time. It'll be four years of sometimes snatched fucks and sucks, but when my wife's not here, we'll be taking our sweet time, and I'll be screwing that young man as hard as he can take my cock.

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    Straight Male / 54

    I am a man that loves sex with other men. The funny thing is, I'm not gay. I have always lived my life as a heterosexual male. I love sex with women as well, just not as much as I do with men. There is a certain instant lust about having sex with a man that really gets me off. I've never cheated on my wives or girlfriends with anyone, woman or man. However, when I'm in between relationships, I always pursue sex with other men. I cruz in gay sections of towns. I visit gay clubs and I even enjoy a glory hole or two at various adult book stores.
    I have never felt an emotional connection to a man. Not even the few I have seen on a semi-regular basis. I've only been able to connect emotionally with women.
    The gay sex thing started for me at a frightfully young age. I was just a kid. I had a friend who I would sleep over with. After his parents went to sleep he would have me do things to him. Things like lick his balls, suck his cock and lick his ass. He never reciprocated. It was all for his pleasure. I didn't mind. I kind of enjoyed doing things to him that gave him pleasure. He was a couple of years older than me, but we were so young I don't know were he got these ideas from. I really started enjoying spending the night at his house.
    After he moved away I never had any gay experiences again until I was in my teens. I was at my buddies house and he asked me if I ever jacked off. I told him yes I did. He said "good I love beating off, let's do it." Before I had a chance to tell him I wasn't sure, he had his trousers down to his ankles and started stroking himself. As he stoked, his cock must have grown to 8 inches or more. As I watched him stroke his huge cock I felt myself getting hard. I soon pulled my pants off and joined him. He was stroking with his eyes closed, but I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock while I stroked. I kept thinking how much I'd like to suck it for him. It didn't take long before we both exploded. We never did it again and we never talked about.
    Even though I didn't suck his cock that day, after seeing his man sized cock, I was hooked on the idea of sucking a man's cock.
    I didn't really have real sex with a man until I was in my twenties. I was house sitting for a lady friend of mine. I went to the garage to find some tool. While i was looking around I noticed the corner of a piece of paper sticking out from the rafters. When I pulled on it several posters fell out. They were all posters of men in various stages of dress. A few were completely naked, but they all had their cocks out. Some were soft and some were full fledged boners. All of them were huge. I spread them out on the floor and started jacking off. I blew my load all over the garage floor. When I finished I put them back were I found them. But that day in that garage I made a promise to myself. I was going to have sex with a man.
    It was about three years later. I went to an adult book store while I was in Vegas. They had locks on the video booth doors as well as paper towel dispensers in the booth. I was watching some straight porn and pulled my dick out to rub one off. As I was at full erection and still stroking I could hear the guy in the booth next to me. He was moaning and I could hear that he was watching gay sex. You know how it is when lust takes over. You get brave. I tapped on the wall and put my hand through the hole. All of a sudden I have this big dick in my hand. It was thrilling. I got to me knees and pulled his cock through and started sucking it. It took me right back to my sleep overs at my friends house. I was pleasuring another man and I could tell by his reaction he was liking it. It wasn't long before he leaned against the wall and blew his load all over my mouth. I didn't swallow it, but I did let it sit on my lips for a minute or so before wiping it off. With that experience I was off and running. For the next few years I had a some men take me home. A couple of them taught me how to get fucked and enjoy it. I liked being able to please other men.
    I still do when I get the chance. Although I have to admit they're getting fewer and farther in between.

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    Straight Male / 24

    Still Can't believe this happened to me...

    So I'm a 25 year old mixed race South African guy , I've been dating an Egyptian Girl for 6months now , she's in SA studying engineering at the University of Cape Town... Anyway she was given a bursary to study here buy in her final year she failed one subject and had to pay the final years bursary fee because of it...

    Her family came down for the holidays and they knew nothing about the bursary story , she got the courage to tell her father (Ebrahim , or Ebra for short) about it and he was less than impressed to say the least...

    Anyway her father said he would help her out but she refused , this led her father to me , asking if I would take the money from him and help his daughter... he would even give extra for my help... Being broke myself I jumped at the opportunity.

    Ebra arranged me to meet him at their hotel while his wife and daughter were out shopping and doing girl things ,the usual... took them hours...

    I got to the Hotel and there her father was watching football(soccer) with these two other men who I later found out was his brothers (Adamra and Emhad)... Getting in the room I could feel this huge tension , I don't know what it was... The brothers were just quiet the whole time.

    Ebra gave me the money , I said thanks and walked to the door... when Ebra said "Wait sit ,have a beer" I declined ,then things got heavy... he said "You better sit down boy , what did you think , just because you with my daughter the money was free" I didn't know whAt he meant , until Adamra and Emhad stood up , threw me down on the ground and held me down, these were two men 6foot plus Egyptian bears... really built like big rugby players...

    Ebra got up , grabbed some rope , tied me up , and dragged me to another room I guess was one of the brothers rooms down the hall... I could do nothing , if I screamed they would hurt me...

    As soon as we got in the room , they striped me naked and tied me to the bed frame , I was never this scared ever... this is when Ebra got up and unzipped his pants... Fuck ,I'm 8inches long but Ebra a 52 year old guy , he was at least 10 inches long , not even erect yet with so much veins on it , looked like a perfect cock and the brothers were no different...

    Then it dawned on me what was about to happen , I started to scream but then Emhad stuck is limp dick in my mouth and it was disgusting, until his dick got hard in my mouth , I actually wanted to suck it more and more with each stroke...

    Then I felt a dick in the other side of my face and it was Ebra , while Adamra was busy slapping my ass with his had dick, felt amazing really...

    Still I tried to struggle , this is when Ebra decided to push his whole dick in my mouth and make me shut up and gag on his cock, tears and spit were rolling down my face as his cock was plowing my throat...

    I was so scared , I just gave in, next thing I knew , someone was licking my asshole and sucking my dick... I couldn't tell who was doing what , Ebra was fucking my face and all in my face was pubes...

    The one licking my ass stuck a finger to my hole and just rammed it in, the pain was awful, but I could do nothing , ebra was fucking my mouth when I shot my loud in someone's mouth... I was drained and had no energy , they must have known because Ebra moved to my ass while Adamra stuck his dick in my mouth ...

    Ebra was fingering my hole when I felt him stretch open my ass and put his dick to my asshole, with one strong thrust He pushed his whole dick in my ass bareback I literally cried and screamed from the pain... But Ebra just kept on fucking me, and now both brothers were by my head sticking their dicks in my throat...

    The pain was there for 5 min but felt like hours, then suddenly I screamed but this time I screamed from pleasure I don't know what came over me , I just took both their dick I in my mouth , and Ebra fucking me felt amazing , I guess he felt I was enjoying it this is when Ebra started really going to town on my asshole was making sounds of air bubbles I really don't know I just couldn't get enough , after about 10 more minutes Ebra Fucked me so hard and just blew a massive load in my ass , I could feel it in around my asshole , immediately he switched with Adamra and then Emhad , this went on got hours

    they all Fucked my ass bareback and cummed in my ass manh times , my jaw was aching , my ass was so loose , when I left ,I felt cum dripping from my hole ... I've never been used like this ever and it was great... I really advise ever man to have sex with another at least once or many more times... changed my life and ass it's been 3 weeks since this happend and they've been fucking me every Friday for 3 weeks at a motel near Town... I've evened blown my load from just getting Fucked... Amazing

    The family is leaving next week and my ass will be without dick for awhile... im really going to miss every one, especially the three brothers... Till my next dicking enjoy guys

    This is really a true story , Fuck I still can't believe it tho

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    Straight Male / 42

    Loads of childhood/young gay encounters between friend on this site. That never happened for me or any of my friends (to my knowledge) through school or college. I was always a bit curious being full of puberty and hormones but at my school any homosexual thoughts/words/actions made you a social pariah. Also I am pretty much heterosexual so I was more interested in women and they consumed my waking thoughts.

    As I got into my 20s the gay/bi curiousity pretty much disappeared. Until I got a flight from London to Belfast and met a handsome, charming airline steward. I worked in the travel industry too so we were just chatting and laughing on the flight when he offered me a lift to my hotel.

    I honestly never thought anything would happen. He dropped me off and said he would join me for a drink at the end of the night. We had a couple of whiskys and he had a load of miniatures from the plane so took them to my room.

    Was not awkward at all. We kissed, wanked and blew each other. He complimented me on my oral technique and gave me a couple of pointers. To be honest I was not 'getting it' from him (or the gay thing?) but we finished each other off well. We showered together and I thought we might go again but he had to leave. It was a shock but not an unpleasant thing for me, however it did not light any sparks either.

    Never thought about gay sex or men for another twenty years. Was married for ten years but sadly separated from my wife over a year ago. Not long after the separation I got drunk/high with a younger male friend of mine (early 20s) and suddenly we we were all over each other. I got really into it. Deep throated him, put him over my knee and spanked him. Fingered his arse and let him rim me.

    It has not happened since (six months) but I want him and fantasise about it. Have no interest in other men and unsure about this. I want to fuck his mouth and arse, yet watching gay porn does nothing for me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Most weekdays we'd meet up either at lunch times, just after all the office staff have gone home, or more frequently nowadays, I like to book into a hotel I know the owner of. Scott's just turned eighteen, but we've been having sex for the past ten months.

    I basically caught him wanking whilst watching gay porn on his mobile in a side office. Scott should have been taking my reports down to my secretary, but on the way to the gents I heard moaning in a little used small office.

    Walking in on him, Scott tried to make out he was adjusting himself. The porn on his phone gave him away. He pleaded with me not to fire him, he pleaded with me not to tell his mum. But then given my cock was achingly hard in my trousers, and that I really wasn't going to tell my sister her son was tossing himself off at my company offices, I closed the door behind me and smiled at Scott.

    Hearing him gasp when I dropped my trousers, and then my boxers as my cock sprang forward, made me smile again. Scott was and is by no means the first young guy I've had sex with. Indeed throughout my sexual life I've fucked five times the amount of guys, than I have women. Even my wife knows I still fuck twinks from time to time, but deals with it because I provide her with a good life.

    His mother, my sister would be a different prospect though, but I didn't tell Scott. Taking his head in my hands I pushed him down and had him open his mouth. The young man might have been inexperienced, but boy right from the word go, he could sure suck cock. That sunny afternoon I fucked and fucked his mouth, until I made him take my cum, forcing him to swallow.

    When I allowed him to rise up, it was his turn to have a huge smile on his face, before he told me I was his first blow job, who knew. Asking him to stop back, we waited until everyone had gone, then I offered him a lift home. Driving and chatting I told him he still had a job, but would only be working directly for me. The summer job I'd promised my sister I'd give him, turned out to be a perfect introduction for us both.

    The following week I was extremely busy, and in some ways had put Scott out of my mind. He was around, and I occasionally saw him, but I was so preoccupied to even contemplate sex with him. Friday came along and I finally got ahead of the deals I'd been working on. Scott popped into my office with a coffee, telling me my secretary had gone home felling ill. Putting the coffee down, he moved in front of me, got between my knees and dropped down so he was half under my desk. Taking out my cock, he began to lick and suck on my hardening dick. I hadn't realised just how stressed I'd been, but with Scott's mouth working wonders on my cock, I found myself relaxing. Then in a first for me, I came within a couple of minutes. It was like the pressure cooker being released as the young man took every drop of my cum down his throat.

    And so it was for a couple of months. I'd sometimes have him suck me off at work, and sometimes giving him a lift home, I'd have him suck me off in my Jag. And it was in my car I finally got to see him naked. We'd driven to a place we still fuck at, and Scott without saying anything stripped naked. I saw his small thin cock for the first time and wondered why I'd not seen his cock before. Too busy at work I guessed.

    Having him suck me, he moved around as my cock began to pulse. Releasing my cock, the then seventeen year old, my seventeen year old nephew no less, asked me if I'd fuck him. Where I'd parked was too open as I'd figured on just having my cock sucked, so and it seems bizarre now, I drove us with me being semi naked and Scott being totally naked to a much more private spot.

    Fully erect again after Scott had sucked on my cock some more, I asked him if he was serious about me fucking him. Digging through the small bag he always had with him, he produced a tube of anal lube. He'd obviously been expecting us to get to this stage. I didn't have a condom, but then before I could say anything Scott told me he wanted his first time to be with me and to be bareback.

    As I've mentioned before I've fucked many young men, but had never once fucked a virgin. With Scott turning around on the back seat of my car. Pointing his super cute arsehole at me, I lost any inhibitions.(and I had a few about fucking my sisters youngest). Using his lube, I smeared my cock and his fuck hole. Putting left hand on his sweet looking buttock, I guided my cock with my right hand to his rear hole.
    It took a few minutes for my cock to fully penetrate him. Scott made lots of groaning sounds and at one point I thought he was going to ask me to stop. Instead, turning his head back towards me, my nephew said "Please fuck me".

    Having never been fucked myself, I don't and didn't know how much it took for Scott to get through those initial moments. What I do know, is after a few more hard thrusts up his gorgeous arsehole, he was backing onto me and saying "Oh fuck yeh, screw me".

    It was such a beautiful moment, such a point of sexual memory for me, I can see and hear in my mind Scott's arsehole enveloping my rock hard seven inches, and during those first thrusts I knew I'd be fucking Scott more than just the once.

    As he grunted out his growing joy, I lost myself deep inside his body. We both synced with each other, almost as though we'd been fucking for years. His arsehole fully relaxed which allowed me to do something I thoroughly enjoy, and that's to power fuck young men. I love nothing better than to hear a young man moan with delight, but also with some pressure from the way I fucked them. And in my car on that Friday evening, I screwed my nephew as hard as I'd ever fucked anyone. And that beautiful boy took it all.

    If you've never fucked a horny willing young man before, you'll not understand just how beautiful it is to watch his arsehole flexing by thrusting into him. Seeing his rear hole take my cock, hard, really had every nerve ending in my cock fire. I was on form as they say. I really could have carried on fucking Scott all night, but my phone rang. I knew the ring tone and knew it was Scott's mum phoning me.

    Ignoring it, I began to pull Scott onto me and was close myself with renewed urgency to cum, when Scott's screech filled the car. He shook beneath me and I knew he'd just cum. Reaching around I took hold of his dripping softening cock and squeezed a little. Getting the last drops of his cum onto the palm of my hand, I brought it to my mouth and licked it all in. The taste of his semen, plus the feeling of his arsehole contracting around my cock, had mine exploding up her beautiful young bottom.

    Staying lay across his back for a few seconds, he moved sideways, turned his head and kissed me. Usually and before Scott, I was not a kisser. My function, my joy with fucking a young guy, was to absolutely dominate him. To screw the living daylights out of his arsehole. There was no softness in the kind of sex I had, the gay sex I adored. Yet kissing Scott back, really kissing him felt and was right, it was perfect.

    We were still kissing when a guy walked past with his dog. I thought he might give us a disdainful look, instead he smiled and was zipping himself up. Had he been watching, I'll never know.

    Our sexual times together grew from then on. I'd find myself wanting his mouth or arsehole most days at work, but with an increased workload fairly recently we had to have an alternative. Knowing and working with a client for quite some time, strangely gave us that avenue. I was out with my wife passing a bar I knew was frequented by gay men. Walking out kissing another man just so happened to be a particular hotel owner. Our eyes met but neither acknowledged the other. That night I made a booking through him, and the following afternoon I was fucking Scott to my heart's and cocks content in a very plush hotel room.

    Fucking your nephew isn't probably the done thing. But you try and stop us from fucking another. Believe me, Scott's getting just as much from our relationship, as I am. And the much happier for it.

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    When I was twelve I started riding a racing bike. I didn't ride it for the exercise, I rode it because I liked the feeling of the hard long saddle up against my lady parts. I figured out that if I lifted the seat up, and I bent down to hold the handle bars I could stimulate my clit. The bicycle was not the only thing I 'rode'. I wanted something to insert, and I used my little brother's toy baseball bat. I could insert the small end inside of me and pull it in and out. I could get several inches of the bat inside my vagina.

    We had a large German shepherd. I touched his penis. I would hold his sheath and masturbate it and get him to release his penis. I kissed it once.

    I was fifteen, I masturbated almost every day. The house next door had a swimming pool that was being put in, and on that Saturday I went to talk to this man what was hooking up the pumps. He was alone and I showed him that I didn't have anything on underneath my skirt. He told me that what I was doing was wrong and stupid, but he stared at my pussy. I opened my legs and asked him if he liked to fuck girls, because I had heard that some construction guys were really queers. I had to grab his penis in his pants, I told him I wanted to suck him. We went inside the house and in one of the bedrooms I sucked his penis and I got on the bed for him to fuck me. I lost my virginity once and for all, really lost it, not with things I found around the house.

    He was really nervous afterwards but I assured him I would never tell. I just wanted to get fucked and I wanted to suck a penis, although I called it a dick that day.

    My next fuck was with a stocker at the supermarket. After that I got fucked by one of the waiters at the Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. I sucked dick and I fucked. The word gets around.

    My father caught me at the lake house, I was there with a guy I had met at the mall. He was 28 and worked for the cell phone company, I was sixteen but I couldn't drive yet. Things were really bad. In the end my father did not press charges, he pretty much scared him into stay away from me.

    I was sent to a Catholic all girl's school for the tenth grade on. No boys, so I got it on with one of the girls. She wasn't too interested on doing it, but she didn't have a choice. If I was a boy I'm sure it would have been accused of r**e. She was my girlfriend whether she wanted to be or not. I had no interest in boys once I got with her, all I cared about was having her be my girlfriend and against her will she learned how to have sex with me and do the sixty nine thing, which is so good. We had some very gay sessions. One thing, unlike my earlier experiences with the boys, I had orgasms with her.

    By the twelfth grade I was in love with her, and I was very possessive. I was scared that she would go for a boy, she threatened to. I pretty much made her wear a pad every day, in case some boy put his hand down there he would think she was on her period. She was 'my' girlfriend. It wasn't until we were in college and a lot more mature that I understood that she was truly my girlfriend and always had been and she was never going to go for a boy. But in high school I didn't know that.

    She has never had sex with a boy.

    Around 26 we started talking about the future. It was scary. We had degrees but we were into traveling and not getting serious. Somehow the idea of having a kid came up, and since I was the one that had been with a guy before, it fell on me to have the kid. We used a donor. We grew up fast with the baby. She took to being very motherly. We decided that she should have a baby too, and we were able to use the same donor. By the time we turned 30 we were totally housebroken, with two kids and jobs and a mortgage.

    The memories of being twelve had fallen away, until she reminded me of them (I told her everything, no surprises in case she ever heard anything), and we decided to sit down and write about it. No, I don't have a bike and who knows whatever happened to that baseball bat. I haven't had sex with a guy since I met her. I saw her that first day in the tenth grade and I never looked at anyone else. She says she was scared of me, they way I looked at her.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Today is my 65th birthday...I booked a young gay stud for a massage to treat myself...his 8 inch prime meat was deep inside me for 45 minutes before ejaculating...wonderful

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    Straight Male / 34

    I was 22 years old and in my senior year of college. I was due to get married in six months and had been with my girlfriend (now wife) for two years.

    She left to do a semester in France and I was beyond lonely. Most guys would go get banged by a couple of girls, but I was always faithful to my girlfriend.

    I decided to get a hotel at the next large city over for a couple of nights to go hiking. I met a guy on a trail, I didn't think he was gay at first and we hiked together and then he had a very small gay-pride flag in the corner of his SUV when we got back to the parking lot off the trail. I asked if the SUV was his and he said it was. Asking him to me, was unnecessary.

    Before you laugh, I am not bi, not gay, but did wonder what it would be like...just once. He asked if I was from the area, I said no...I mentioned I was traveling and it turned out he lived right down from the hotel where I was staying. He told me that I hoped I would enjoy my stay and started to get in his SUV...I said, "Hey...uh, I'm kind of here by myself if you are not busy you wouldn't mind getting a drink around 6 with me would you? I have a strict rule not to drink alone and I would really like a beer."

    He smiled and said sure...we exchanged numbers and agreed on a place. He left and I sat in my car for what was probably an hour thinking...what in the hell have I just done?

    We met and I was so nervous...we had a great talk and after several drinks he said, "I have a pool at my house why don't you come over and we can swim. I have extra trunks". I knew that accepting this invitation was more than swimming, reluctantly I agreed and we left.

    After being in the water and having wine for about two hours, we were sitting close and I could tell he was still trying to assess if I was gay or a straight guy that was beyond naive as to what was going to happen. He reached over me for a towel and I looked at him...he ventured closer and I locked in a stare and he kissed me. Almost instantly his hand went into my trunks and he grabbed my hard cock more expertly than my girlfriend ever had.

    We made out for awhile he stopped, got out and said, "Let's go upstairs". I hesitated and he said, "It's up to you...". I proceeded.

    We soon got naked and he gave me the best cock sucking of my life...He pushed my head down to his cock and he could feel me push secret was suddenly out, he pulled me back by the hair "You've never done this before have you?"

    I sighed.." If it freaks you out, I'll go...I probably should have said something on the trail".

    He said, "Do you want to keep going or stop? I'm not much for bullshitting around, so yes or no?"

    I nodded. He smiled and said, "Then open your mouth like a good little straight boy". I did and felt a cock in my mouth at the same time. I was both disgusted and pleasured by it at the same time. He said, "This is what your girl feels like...remember, no teeth...suck it like you tell her too" He deep throated and gagged me.

    He pulled out and said, "Get on the bed, all fours". I complied. He opened the drawer to grab a condom, "I'll go's going to hurt, not going to lie..pain goes away in a little big but this is a grin and bear it type thing...I'm not much for fanfare, either you have a high pain tolerance or you don't. If I feel this isn't going to work fairly quickly we are done, ok?" I nodded.

    He spent the next several minutes getting my ass lubed up and rimmed it...I finally relaxed..he inserted a finger and said, "This is going to hurt like a bitch...but you're gonna like it". He used a lube that had a numbing sensation. Finally he positioned himself behind me...his cock suddenly felt way was it going to fit!

    He slowly, painfully, got the head in...asking me to keep breathing through it. I was sure I couldn't take any more. The pain did go away as he inched more inside. He said, "It hurts less if I can get it all inside". I told him I wasn't sure if I could take it, it was hurting each time he inched it in. He asked me if I wanted him to take it out and I said no. He started bouncing his cock just a little and the second he felt me relaxed, I felt the full shaft enter so deep it felt like it was coming out of my throat. He pulled my hair back hard when I screamed, "How did that first fuck feel? How does having a cock buried in your ass feel? Are you going to be my fag boy tonight? Huh?" Tears were almost in my eyes..."Yes, I'm a fag, it hurts...omg, it hurts". "Just breathe through it" he said.

    I was determined I was going to finish this. I faced forward, braced myself and bravely said, "Fuck me..fuck me now". I loudly grunt/screamed every time his full 9" entered my virgin asshole, but I told him to keep fucking me. There are no words to describe this sensation. Every straight guy needs to try it AT LEAST ONCE TIME. "Jesus Christ it hurts...omg, it hurts so bad". I kept screaming.

    He speeded up and was pounding me for all it was tears were real and flowing. "Hurry, please hurts." He squirted more lube which helped some. He pulled my hair back and said "Would you keep pounding your girl's pussy or hold out? Huh? Which would you do? You are going to expect her to spread her legs and service you the way her pussy is supposed wanted to get fucked, you are getting fucked...say thank you, say thank you for fucking your virgin ass".

    "Thank you! Thank you for virgin ass. Please cum..." His thrusts got so fast and hard I was getting ready to tell him I HAD TO STOP and then I heard his grunts getting loud as I braced myself to take a little more pounding and then He was unloading, pulling my hair back hard each time. After he was done, he flipped me over like a piece of meat and covered my dick with lube and expertly jacked me off in under three minutes.

    I slept about two hours and got up, didn't awake him and went back to my hotel in the middle of the night. I was hurting so bad but no regrets over getting my ass fucked by a hot guy.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I just finished letting six guys take turns fucking me in my first ever gangbang. I'm sore but very satisfied. Ever since my first fuck at 13 I always felt empty after getting fucked and wanted more cock. They kept fucking, finishing, then the next guy would be in me. I was fucked in a much older friends house this afternoon. The guys ranged in age from what they said was 18 but I think younger, to 53. All but the youngest one and my 52 year old friend were married, to women!
    My friend took pictures the whole time, and at the end, I didn't realize that he was keeping the loaded condoms but he (I know he is safe) fucked me bareback, came in my butt and on the outside, then took all the used condoms and stuck them so they were hanging out of my ass, with the cum filling them as they hung out of me. I saw the picture, and it was only then that I realized I'd gotten fucked 11 times. Well 13 because he fucked me first and last and didn't use a rubber.
    The picture was totally me, a total, gangbanged cockslut boy. He says he's going to take out my face and post on the web.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I had cruised Craigslist for a long time with pretty good success, looking for men to do oral and anal with. One day I found a picture of a man looking for a blow job. He was nude with a hard on, the face was blurred, but I immediately recognized the background in his living room.

    Through emails, I arranged for him to be naked and blindfolded when I arrived. I went to his house and went inside. He was as I had requested, sitting in an easy chair, with a hard cock sticking up in the air.

    I didn't say a word, just walked over and stroked his cock, then got undressed. I went to my knees, and started making love to his cock with my mouth. He had a nice six incher, so was a nice size to suck, and I am able to easily deep throat a cock of that size. I also sucked mis balls into my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue.

    When I would feel him getting close to cumming, I would stop, and put my cock in his mouth. He was very good at sucking cock, obviously experienced.

    When I would get close to cumming, I would pull out of his mouth, and go back down on his cock. We did the switch about a half dozen times, when he begged me to make him cum. I put my cock back in his mouth, and let him suck me until my semen squirted from my cock. He swallowed every bit, licking my cock and balls up and down.

    I then went back down on him, and concentrated on giving the very best blow job I could. He was getting harder, and I knew he was ready to cum. I told him to take off his blindfold then. I kept my head down on his cock so he couldn't see my face. I pumped up and down on his cock, until he gave me a nice large load of his cum.

    I then looked up to his face, and that was the first he knew that he had sucked and swallowed his son in law's cock, and had received a blow job from me.

    This began a long relationship with me, up to the time of his death. I found he liked fucking me, so I would generally trade blow jobs two or three times a week, and he would fuck me at least every two weeks. I liked the idea of taking the cock and cum in my ass that had made my wife. When I told him that, I think he enjoyed fucking me more than ever.

    Our wives never knew we were doing this, of course. They were never suspicious about us spending a lot of time together. A perfect situation for a couple of cock sluts.

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