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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 25

    When I was 15 years old, I went to visit my cousins, but when I got there, my aunt told me that they were out and that only she and my uncle were left in the house. She then told me she was going to the store to get some groceries and that I could wait for my cousins inside the house. I told her thanks and went inside. Then when she drove of, I realized that I was home alone with my uncle. Now, my uncle isn't good looking in the clean-cut way, more like good looking in the disheveled and at times dirty way, since he was a car mechanic. When I got the room my aunt and uncle slept in, the first thing I saw were his feet. His feet were size 13 and delicious to look at. Whenever he'd visit my dad at our house, I would always pray that my uncle was in flip flops. Anyway, I slowly walked into the room and peeped at my uncle to see if he was awake or asleep. Luckily, he was asleep on his stomach. I then gently poked him on the shoulder to see if he would wake up. After 3 to 5 pokes, I knew he was in a deep sleep. Seeing this as my chance, I then went and knelt at the foot of the bed and just stared at his bare feet. Then, I pressed my face against his feet and took a big whiff. After smelling his feet, I sucked on each of his toes one by one until all ten toes were dripping with saliva. I continued sucking his toes with different techniques, first by trying to fit all 5 toes of 1 foot in my mouth, and when I couldn't, I ended up sucking on 4 toes of each foot, then sucked on his 2 big toes at the same time. After sucking his toes, I then started licking his feet. I licked for about 10 minutes, then I stopped and left the room to check whether or not my aunt or cousins were back. When all was clear, I went back to the room and knelt again at his feet. I looked to see whether or not he was awake. He was softly snoring. After checking to make sure he was still asleep, I removed my shorts and underwear, and pressed my cock against his soles. The feeling of finally getting to rub my cock against his rough soles is something I would never forget. The way my cock slid up and down his feet were too much for me, and I felt like cumming, but I didn't want to stop and end it so soon. So I gathered enough strength left in me, and slowly rubbed my cock all over his feet. First the left foot, then the right foot, then in-between both feet, then in-between his big toes, then in-between his other toes. Then I lay down at his feet and worshiped one foot while humping the other one. I was so horny at this point that I couldn't resist the thought, so I sucked one big toe to lube it up, then slowly inserted said toe into my ass. I was on the verge of cumming, but wanted this to last, so I rode his big toe while rubbing my cock on the other foot. Then I came so hard that I saw white. When I was finally able to collect my thoughts, I brought his foot up and licked the cum off, then I went to the bathroom to get hand-towel ti wipe the saliva off. When I was putting on my underwear and shorts, I thought I was gonna be able to get away with what just happened, but when I was about to close the door, I looked up and saw that my uncle's eyes were open and he was staring right at me! I froze right then and there, but then he smiled and winked at me, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep! I couldn't believe what just happened! I had to pinch myself a few times just to convince myself that it wasn't a dream. And that memorable incident wasn't the last time I got to play with my uncle ;)

    P.S. My uncle is not related to me by blood. He is the husband of my mom's sister.

    P.P.S. Our numerous "play times" never went beyond his feet. Ergo, I never once played with his "crown jewels" :)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    So. Relationships-wise it's always girlfriends, but I've known from being a kid that I'm attracted by men. When I was 17 and at sixth form college I had a girlfriend and it was going ok. What I would get though is some pretty strong urges for some men. I don't mean, get horny, jerk off, forget about it. This would be three or four weeks of thinking about men. Usually older men, thirties, forties.
    Thursdays i just had one half hour lesson and lately i'd taken to skipping it and going to the local pool. Well, that wasn't quite true. I'd actually started going to the pool two towns away. Why? To look at men. This was before the internet (you teenagers will never know how lucky you are), and i went to this pool as it had an open, shared male changing area. My local was all cubicles. I had this idea that i could check out some guys and then jerk off later. Wow, the effort we had to go to back then.
    So, this day I go to the pool. I spend half an hour doing laps and then get out. There's a line of shower heads on the way to the changing area and I stopped under there before I got changed. Left my speedos on as like many teenagers i had a thing about my cock being too small (unfortunately I was right). While i was under the shower i looked to my right and there's a guy soaping himself up. He obviously hasn't got any cock hang ups as his is hanging out there proudly. He's about forty, gym body, dark hair on head, chest and stomach, then (as i make quick, furtive, darting glance checks) going down to quite a hairy groin area, water flattening it down and running off the end of his (lovely) cock. How I didn't get an instant hard on i will never know. As I keep checking him out secretly, he starts to soap up his cock and he seems to be lingering on it a bit too long. Is he getting a bit of a semi? I think he...oh shit he's caught me looking at him. eyes straight ahead now, finish shower in 0.5 seconds. Get out of there as fast as possible and back out on the street.
    But here's the thing. As soon as i'm out of there i start to think. The more i think about it, the more I'm entertaining the idea that the lingering cock wash was for me to watch. Am i being stupid? Or was high-tailing it out of there the stupid thing that i'd done. The next few days it's my constant jerk off fantasy and it goes further in my mind than it had in the showers and that's for sure.
    So, following Thursday where do I go. College? Don't think so. Local pool, maybe not. Same pool as last week, hell yes. And for some reason I'm careful that I get there at exactly the same time as the previous Thursday. Before I go, i'm certain i'm in for some fun. A week of jerking off has built these fantasies into the absolute certainty that this guy has been thinking about me all week and can't wait to try his luck again. As i get on the bus, I realise that this is what i've been doing to myself and I'm sort of laughing about my own naivety.
    Back in the pool and guess what? He ain't there. What a fucking prick i am. I get into the laps and then as I stop for a breather I see him. I think i'm going to have a heart attack I'm so nervous as I stand at the edge trying to compose myself. After all, if he was here at this time last week, why wouldn't he be here again. doesn't mean anything. For christs sake don't stare at him again. He's probably married with two kids and likely to complain. After a bit I have a word with myself and decide to get out and go back to get changed. Still, i linger longer than necessary in the showers and after a couple of minutes, hang on who's this? There's six shower heads but he comes straight to the one next to me. Now that's not man etiquette. You should always pee or shower as far away as possible from the other guy in case he gets the wrong idea and assumes you are a dirty faggot. Everyone knows that, right?
    He does his soaping up trick again and this time I am sure it's for me as he is definitely looking at me for longer each time. With a sudden surge of bravado I turn away from him so I'm facing the other way and roll my speedos off. I take some soap and start to do the same as him. Only, Mr. hang up that I am, I haven't got the nerve to turn and face him as i rub soap into my cock and balls. So, i reach behind and start to soap my lower back and buttocks. I'm thinking to myself that i probably look pretty good. I'm young, slim, quite sporty and...this is when i have a revelation...and I'm in a public shower area preening myself next to a guy i have probably got entirely the wrong idea about. Again I lose my bottle and i'm out of there double quick and into the changing area. Heart pumping fit to burst out of my chest and feeling sick to my stomach. Fortunately there's only two other guys in there so nobody to notice how flustered I am. So, the place being virtually empty and all, this is why it seems weird when the guy suddenly appears, puts his basket down on the bench right next to me, and starts to towel himself dry. At first he doesn't say anything, doesn't even seem to notice i'm there until he asks, right out of the blue 'Had a good swim today then?'
    I know I answered him but i'd be lying if I said i can remember what it was. Same with the next couple of conversational gambits. I must have looked like the most stupid, awkward adolescent it was possible to meet. Gradually though, we get a fairly normal conversation going and then he asks me what I'm doing for the rest of the day, then before I can answer he asks if i fancy getting a coffee in the cafe upstairs and i (fucking adventurous), say ok.
    now at the risk of repeating a whole load of shit about how scared I was, I have to say that i was finding it hard to concentrate on talking to him because my mind was racing with what ifs. Like for instance if somebody saw me having a coffee with this guy they wouldn't just completely fail to notice us, or assume he was my dad or uncle or something. No, they would just automatically brand me as, and publicly humiliate me as, a queer. What if he was a serial killer or a fag hater (take me home then beat the shit out of me - 'I saw you looking at my cock you fucking homo').
    In the end we started talking about bands and he found a good pretext to invite me to his house to check out his collection (come back and look at my puppies little boy).
    So after worrying about being seen getting into his car and again about being seen getting out and going into his house there we were, in his bedroom listening to music. He's lying on the bed talking and i'm staring intently at his collection facing the other way when i get ' Hey, come over here a minute', then 'that's it come on sit on the bed for a minute with me'
    when I've looked back at the next bit I think he was really clever. Nobody had overtly said why we were here and no irrevocable line had yet been crossed. He could obviously see I was shitting myself and I think if he'd have got his cock out or said 'Suck my fucking dick' i might have lost it. Instead he just said quietly 'Take your t shirt off' and I did it. It wasn't sex, but once done there was obviously only one reason for him to ask and for me to have done it. Now some sort of line had been crossed, small but significant. He moved a little closer to me and then took me completely by surprise. All my jerk off fantasies about men had been sex. Jerking off, cock sucking, fucking etc. but what did he do? He just leaned in and started to kiss me. I had never even contemplated kissing a man, not once (again, no internet vids to watch). So while my brain tried to compute this, I didn't respond. Felt like for forever but was probably about a second, Then i joined in. I'm a good kisser, everybody comments on it and we were away..
    After about thirty seconds i decided this was fucking awesome. Like kissing a girl but much hornier. Why? Because you're not allowed to kiss men. It's wrong. Taboo. More exciting. I had now assumed a role that has become second nature to me. He was very much in control. I was on my back on the bed. He was slowly tonguing away and I was lying back, returning it and and loving it. Feeling like I was a sure thing. A slut. Raging hard on (a man is kissing me and I love it. I had been right after all, i am very,very gay). All the fear had gone and now i wanted to show him i was up for it. In no time I was feeling his dick go hard in my mouth and I was borrowing something my girlfriend always did that i liked a lot, I was sucking him slowly and deliberately with my eyes open, looking straight into his while I did it. I think he liked it. He stood up to close the curtains and I did something I'd often thought about. Before he got back to the bed i was up and then on my knees in front of him sucking his cock. This is how i'd always pictured myself. On my knees, sucking dick. I had time now to think about the experience and live it a bit. I licked along the length of it and then his balls, again stolen technique. He moved back onto the bed and then took me in his mouth as well and we carried on for a while before he asked 'Do you want me to cum in your mouth?' Even the idea of a man asking me this was exciting and it gave me thrill and I said yes. 'I don;t want to cum in your mouth' he said and pulled his dick out, lightly slapping it in my face as he did. I liked it.
    He was sat with his back against the headboard now and he pulled me in next to him. He started to kiss me again slowly and I was really into it. He pulled away a second and slid his finger into my mouth. 'Make it wet. you probably want to make it really wet' . Excitement again, cos it was obvious what this meant.
    He was kissing me again with his tongue flicking into my mouth. I was waiting for it and then it was there, the first exploratory finger slipping into my untouched ass. Again, i think the internet generation may find it hard to believe but i hadn't watched endless videos of people dildo-ing themselves so hadn't tried this. By now I was absolutely his, so i wanted to be good and I was opening my legs for him to better get at my little hole. I must have been incredibly tight. i remember him asking me if i had to be anywhere soon and when i said i didn't he laughed and said something about it being a good job because this might take a while. He got two in there and i was thinking this might not be much fun when it got to the real thing. Then he flipped me over and surprised me again when he started to lick my ass and into the hole. Yeeeeeeessssss sir. Whoa! What the fuck, yeah. I like that. I was by now face buried in the bed, knees down, ass in the air, and after a while he shifted round so that he was on his knees behind me, manipulating my hips to get me into the right position to be fucked for the first time. Sometimes, if I'm just about to be fucked now, and I'm in this position I get a flashback to how i felt at that moment. It was an incredible mix. Somewhere way at the back there was a bit of a nagging 'don't do this, you'll be a queer' but to be honest, i've never really thought it was bad or wrong, even though I'm not in everybody's face to advertise it. I was mainly mixed up between totally ravingly horny for this man's (rock hard) cock. I was frantic for it to happen and for it to happen this instant. Now. Although it was obviously going to be in the next couple of minutes most of my being was just in purgatory, impatient to be being fucked. Give it to me, Stick it in now. Shove it in. At the same time I know i was scared about how much it was going to hurt. It was quite a big one after all (one of the sexiest parts for me had been while we were kissing and i'd looked down to see both cocks, fully hard and pressing against each other. His had dwarfed mine but instead of getting my usual small cock shame i'd just been really excited to see the two different sizes, stiff and rubbing against each other, hot!).
    He had his cock at my back door now and he leaned over my back and brought his mouth up to my ear. 'Are you sure you really want this?' he asked softly. Crafty fucker though. Hadn't asked until he'd put some hot breath into my ear and licked it around a little. This had me so fucking horny i could just barely whisper 'yes'. Even if he hadn't heard me there could have been no mistake. I was pressing my ass back onto him trying in frantic desperation to push my hole onto his cock. I felt something cold as he rubbed some baby oil around and lubed it up good with his finger.
    Now I am a safe sex person and always use a condom. This is the only exception i've ever had with somebody who wasn't a long term, fully certified GF, and although it was obviously really stupid, I'm really glad it worked out this way. He pushed the end of his cock to match up to my hole. If you've done it, you know. If not, why are you still reading and hard luck because i won't adequately describe it. He strained against the tightened, nervous, contracting ring of muscle and worried and teased it with the head of his dick. He pushed forcefully but wasn't willing to do any damage, so despite quite a time of nudging and withdrawing of whispered 'just relax now' and extra lubing it was just a world of pain whenever we got even close to the breakthrough point. I was starting to feel embarrassed and childish and was contemplating how we could recover the situation when the miracle happened. i just shifted my position slightly and as i did...WHAM! in it shot and I'm here to tell you that it hurt like fuck. I know I cried out in pain and then whimpered, my fingers white knuckle gripping for grim life on the corner of the mattress. Immediately his mouth was at my ear again, 'Whoa, keep still now. Nearly there, just keep still a minute or two and relax. it'll be ok in a minute or so'. Yeah right and i believed that. i was in real pain now and as though it was determined to do the worst possible thing my ring muscle had tightened up completely and it was agony. I wasn't going to argue though, as the idea of him pulling it out again seemed terrifying. ok just keep still then. just do what the man says. the moment had changed for me and i was no longer revelling in a wonderful experience. No, i was helpless. doubled over, with this strong, grown man's full weight pinning me down. he'd got me exactly where he wanted me. Nobody knew i was there and he could just do whatever he liked. Everything seemed to have got very real. All i could see was the sheets on the bed immediately in front of my eyes. Beads of sweat had sprung out on my forehead and there was just the weight of him and the pain of this thing, intruding into me. Really deep. He kept whispering though. and the tone was calming and he was right, after a while the pain was subsiding. In a few minutes he did something i hadn't believed could be possible. He started to rock a little. Only tiny movements inside but he was doing it and it wasn't hell. I had recovered a bit and i was thinking 'Right then. I can get through this'. Then slowly, over about ten minutes, with gentle whispering and encouragement, slow movements and a slight relaxation it actually started to slide a little - it still hurt though. I could put up with this 'til he came and then it would be over. But then it really started to slip in and out, still gently. and this changed it. Over the course of the next ten to fifteen movements we went from nudge to push to thrust, and the next thing I knew I was a Believer. I was getting why it is that men the world over don't just allow but crave penetration. This was great. I found that sometimes it just hit the spot and it was lovely. This was real sex. He was really into it now and he was telling me how sexy I was and telling me I loved cock. I felt beautifully slutty as I started to buck and press back against it searching for the right spot. Incredibly, he was really banging it in now and I was straining to push hard back into it. How could such an incredible transformation occur in just a few minutes. Give it to me harder. Then just as I started to rub my cock and realise how amazing it would be to come while he was fucking me it was his turn to shout out and it was 'Fuck. I'm cumming. Oh fuck I'm cumming.'
    I know i've purple prosed this out a bit but it is essentially true to the best of my recollection, although it was my top jerk off fantasy for so long I'm sure my memory plays a few tricks between real and imagined. Not many though. I'm sure it's pretty close.
    One of the things i love about this and some of the other sex i've had with men is the anonymity. I met him again a couple of weeks after. (no easier to start I'm afraid, although I did make sure I came during our first fuck) and then once more about six months later. Never got his name and he never got mine. No doubt though i was very lucky in landing him as a first partner. Nowadays the men I go for are always a bit older, a bit stronger, bigger and more assertive then me (proper little bottom slut) and i sometimes wonder whether i went after my type and was lucky or if it was this encounter that sealed my fate as a submissive lover of stronger men afterwards. One thing is for sure though. I can still be pretty tight round the back for a big cock and even if it hurts, my favourite part of sex is the moment when the pain gives way to pleasure and the pace of the thrusts increases. I guess i just love being fucked.

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    Straight Male / 23

    So here it goes....I've posted all my confessions on here....well it's about josh, the first dick I've sucked the guy I tried for so many years and well o doubt anyone reading will remember me but, here it goes......
    So josh was always busy and by now I've tried oral and anal with a guy, which he was one of the first guys I ever sucked anyhow, we stopped playing games and I agreed to go to his house, he picked me up and we chatted like old pals it was kinda nice when we got to his house though he started using drugs which I hated finally I told him I was tired of waiting lets do this, it turned me off but he turned the lights off and started the shower we undressed and climbed in he never wanted to kiss so I didn't know what to do but put dick to dick and stroke them we awkwardly felt each other up and finally got out, I sucked him shortly when he asked me to suck mine and I had to stop him it was time finally I asked him are you ready can you do this he said yes so, well he opened a condom I was sucking his dick to stay hard he lubed up as I did and bam on my hands and knees josh finally was in my ass fucking me, sadly to say without him or me touching myself I came, so I asked him to stop I sucked his dick and planned to till he came and it wasn't long till he came for gosh knows how long but it went for almost a minute I drained every bit, we drove home akwardly silent till next it goes he came and got me and we drove to his house quietly we got straight to it again lights off shower on I stepped in with him I tried docking him, it didn't work so I started sucking his dick and well I took the chance to finger him.....out of the blue I heard him say "I wanna try your big fucking cock" so I asked him to bend over here he was willing to take this so I struggled to get in and when I did, he backed out immediatly I went half dick in before he freaked out, this is the wierd part, so we went past that when he got behind me and pinned me against the wall.....he penetrated me bare back and I heard a whisper "can I cum in you"I freaked out and told him to tell me when he's cumming so I can swallow it, he agreed at least but it's been ducked up ever since then

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I'm a closet bisexual male. I am athletic and like sports a lot. I have a friend and like me, he is secretly bisexual. We have been intimate for a year now. I don't remember how we both find out about each other, it just happened. We were texting, then it became too often and started calling for hours on the phone every day until we confess our secrets and the magic happens. So this is just one our many experiences together.

    Afte r our Christmas party in our company, most of the boys decided to have a few more drinks. Past midnight, we were all tired. His apartment was just nearby so me and two other co-workers of ours decided to stay for the night. We all slept on the floor after laying down the mattress. After turning off the lights, it was pitch dark and you could barely see anything. I slowly rub his cock, then he positioned his butt so that it would touch my dick. I pulled his shorts down and rubbed my dick onto his ass. We would kiss silently but passionately. Our two friends were just right beside him sleeping with no idea what’s going on the other side.

    After kissing, he gave a go signal, slowly and silently I put a lotion on my dick and onto his ass. I fingered him while we both kissed. Then, I slowly inserted my cock into his ass. I fucked him slowly and silently. It was gentle but very intense. It was silent but full of adventure as our two friends were just sleeping right beside us. Every time one of them would move on to our direction, I would stop but still had my cock inside his ass. I never take it out. When they moved back away from our position, I would continue fucking. It took us almost 2 hours of foreplay, kissing, hugging, cuddling and fucking silently and gently in the dark with our straight friends sleeping beside us with no idea what’s going on. I came so hard in his ass and I jacked him off until he came in my hands.

    We woke up the next morning and our friends have no idea what happened that night. For the both of us, it was fantastic. Before I head back to my own apartment, he texted me that he wants to fuck me, he wanted to get even. I went back to his apartment that night and we had sex once again. This time, he was the one fucking me and it was even more intense. I slept in his apartment that night with the two of us sleeping naked in each other’s hands

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    Gay Male / 40

    When I was in high school, i would sleep over my best friends house almost every weekend. I knew I was gay, but I wasn't sure about by friend. He would always talk about women and he had tons of straight porn and we would watch it all the time. I was a virgin and was curious, and wanted to get him horny enough to have sex with me.

    He would always make comments about how big his cock was - I was really curious to see it, and how it compares to the guys in porn we watched. Finally, I had the urge so bad to have sex with him, he made the comment about how big his cock was. I asked him if he would show me his cock, and surprisingly he agreed to show me!

    When he pulled down his pants, he was not completely hard, but it was big! I couldn't believe how big it was, compared to the grown men in the porn, and we were only 15. I was barely done with puberty and his cock was larger than any I had seen. He was so much bigger than me.

    I asked if I could touch him, and he was okay with it. As I felt his cock, he got fully hard, and I was so turned on. I began to lick him and suck him like I saw the women do in the porn we watched. My fantasy was to get fucked like the women I saw in porn, knowing that some guys would fuck women in the ass, and maybe he would fuck me.

    I was relieved that he let me continue, and he asked if I would bend over and let him fuck me. I couldn't believe he asked - the whole time I was blowing him I was thinking of ways to get him to want to fuck me.

    I bent over on my hands and knees and he tried to fuck me, but I couldn't take it inside. I had fingered myself before, but never had something as big as his cock up inside me, but I knew It could be done since We saw it in porn all the time. He went into his moms room (she wasn't home) and got baby oil. He lubed up with the baby oil and we tried again. He very slowly pushed into me, and after about 5 minutes, he was all the way up inside me. At first the pain was so intense, and it seemed impossible to take him.

    I had no idea how far inside me he was until he tapped against my buns, and I knew then he was all in. I didn't realize then that the pain was only while he first stretched me open, but there was no pain at all afterwards. He slowly started fucking me while watching the porn he had on, and he came inside me after a few minutes.

    We kept doing it for a few years, almost every weekend. Our parents never knew, and we did it in his bedroom after his mom would go to sleep. We were having sex until he moved to the next town over and found a girlfriend.

    He was the first guy to fuck me and I've lost contact with him before we graduated high school. I wonder if he was BI, gay, or just did me to get off. I enjoyed getting him off all those times, and was so glad to have made the move to ask to see his cock back then. Looking back, I realize I took advantage of an opportunity to explore a fantasy that most are too shy or scared to try.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Three weeks ago I attended a Christmas night out with my brother in law Simon. He's my eldest sisters husband and we were out with his colleagues from work. After a meal and then drinking in lots of pubs, we were invited back to a party. The party was great, and I at one stage was making out with a really attractive girl. Then the next thing I remember now was being put into a taxi.
    Before we went out I knew I'd be staying at my sisters and Simon's home, as my sister was staying at my parents home overnight. Nothing of what happened when we got back to their home comes to mind at all. What I can tell you, is that I woke up in Simon's and my sisters bed and I was having a long thick cock pushed into my mouth.
    Moving away quickly, I saw Simon smiling at me holding his cock and then heard him say "Good morning, you slept well, how about some more fun". The look I gave him must have made him think, as he said "Don't you remember us last night and what we did". The fact was I didn't.
    Without me answering, Simon got hold of a camera by the side of the bed, which was connected to a lap top and switched it on. Straight away on the lap top an image appeared and it was of us two lay naked on the bed. From the outset of the video which then played for over half an hour, not only was a willing participant in having sex with my brother in law, but I kind of lead some of what we did together.
    Like after sucking on his cock for some time and seemingly enjoying doing so, it was me literally begging him to slide his cock up my arsehole. Lay on my back I dragged him on top of me and kissed Simon hard. There was some movement you couldn't see, and then Simon rose up and began to thrust into my arse. It sounded as though I wasn't enjoying it at first, as my moans were of pain. Yet the more he fucked me, the more those moans changed to one's of pleasure. Eventually you could hear me telling him to fuck me harder. And from the video I was watching as Simon began to stroke my cock, I was very much involved in having him pound my arse.
    After he'd been fucking for about ten minutes in that position, Simon spun us around and I saw myself climbing up onto his body as he lay on his back. Then slowly I guided his cock to my rear opening and sank down. Just as I watched myself begin to fuck my brother in law, Simon took my cock into his mouth. Watching the video and then down at Simon sucking away on my cock, I couldn't help but become hard and before long I was watching my arse taking his cock, as his mouth was sucking my cock deep down his throat.
    Simon suddenly stopped sucking after a few minutes, and had me kneel up right in front of the lap top on his bedside table. On screen we'd just changed position again, the same position I was now in on the bed in reality. On screen Simon thrust his cock into me from behind. In reality I felt his cock slide up my arsehole and couldn't have been more turned on. Almost copying what was happening as we both watched me being fucked, Simon kept to the same rhythm.
    Having never had any form of gay sex before, I saw myself turning my head to Simon and asking him to cum up me. Doing the same thing right there and then, I'd only just told him to do as he was on the lap top, when my orgasm built. Before I knew it, my balls had tightened and I was cumming all over the sheets beneath me. Simon made some comment about me being a cock whore and then I felt his cock erupt up my arsehole.
    Waiting for him to pull out, the video stopped, but not before I saw him spin me over. I was spun around again and then had my sisters husband go down on me. Only he wasn't sucking on my cock, he was licking and sucking away on my arsehole, licking up all his own cum from my well fucked arse.
    No more than a few minutes passed before he rose up, climbed up my body and put his lips to mine. Kissing me, I opened my mouth and received a mouthful of my own cum.
    Kissing and playing with one another's cocks, We eventually parted and Simon asked me if my memory of the previous night had come back. Kissing him again, I told him it didn't need to as I'd obviously decided to do it all again anyway. He smiled moved me down and had me take his slippery cock into my mouth.
    We stayed in bed for another twenty minutes or so. I'd sucked him hard, when he grabbed my hand and tugged me along to their bathroom. Simon and my sister have a walk in shower room. As the hot water washed over us both, my brother in law entered me again only without the camera's perspective, I had to rely on feeling him, rather than being able to watch him fuck me too. And in doing so I can tell you, I couldn't have been a more willing partner to a man who before then, I didn't know I wanted to have sex with.
    For the third time in less than twelve hours, Simon came up my arsehole, fucking me hard from behind until I felt his cock explode up my rear.
    Sat having breakfast, I finally realised I didn't have an hangover. Sat talking as we ate Simon wanted to know if I'd ever want to have more fun again. I told him maybe we shouldn't, as he was married to my sister. His only response was to say "Why do you think she stayed over at your mum and dad's last night".
    Over this last three weeks I've tried as subtley as I can, to enquire with my sister if she knows Simon and I had sex. So far she hasn't said she does, but then she changes the subject (Not that I directly ask) straight away.
    My mum nad dad will hosting us all over the Christmas period, and Simon has already text this last week to say, he's looking forward to seeing me again. He's also text saying "Football game Boxing day, you're invited. Or we could just go back to mine and fuck". I know my sister will be at my parents home again, so their place will be free. But even though I really want to feel his cock deep up my arse again, I don't think I should be cheating on my sister with her husaband. But then again if Simon is correct and being truthful (Which I suspect he is) my sister already knows and accepts he's been fucking me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Once a month myself and another company manager, tell our respective wive's when we're out playing golf. We do play the round of golf, but never as a twosome, always as a threesome. That's because if anyone cares to ask, they'll be a booking for golf and witnesses to say we've played, and a client of the company joined us. The fact is once we've played our round, the third person involved, who's been booked through a gay escort agency, will join us in a hotel room we've booked under the company expenses name.
    Once in the room, we'll strip and have an hours of fun with the young man we've booked. It's sometimes a guy we like and have fucked before, but other times it's a newbie, one who'll be taking both our cocks down his throat and deep up his usually cute whits asshole.
    Myself and the other manager never get involved with each other, which keeps us cool at work (The reason why shortly), but we make damn sure the hired sex gets everything we can throw at him. Watching each other suck and fuck with the escort, and even double fucking him sometimes (Depends on the escort) we have a fun time until we're both fully fucked out.
    The reason we book under the companies name for the hotel, is our companies owner, a very wealthy businessman, once used to entertain young gay men at the same hotel, as a kind of monthly bonus to himself. He didn't play golf, but it was his idea for us to find and fuck a young guy once a month to keep us keen at work. And to be honest, it sure as hell does that.
    He (The company owner) like us never saw it as cheating on our wives, as he'd/we'd never fuck other women. But it's amazing fun and great sex all the same.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Yesterday morning I would have definitely considered myself as a straight man. Following what happened ion the afternoon, I would now put myself forward as a bisexual man.
    The reason for that, was visiting my doctors for an injury I'd sustained playing rugby.
    Waiting to see a doctor, I was asked to wait in an area only used when the surgery is really busy. It's apart from the other building and has it's own self contained waiting area and consultant room.
    I'd not long sat down when a young guy came and sat near to me. Hearing him say something, I asked him to repeat himself and the young man told me the doctor we were to see was running late. I was just about to say something, when he asked me if I needed some relief from my injury. Shrugging my shoulders I asked him what he meant.
    Sliding off his seat, he put his hand on my cock bulge (I always wear jogging bottoms or shorts) and began to rub my cock. looking up at me he said "I'm a really fantastic cock sucker". I was about to tell him I wasn't gay, but my cock told him otherwise, as I'd become incredibly hard. Looping my bottoms and boxers over my dick, he freed my cock and was sucking on it in seconds.
    Even now typing this, I'm not sure why I didn't stop him, as I easily could have. But I didn't. I let him give me what I can only describe as one of, if not the best best blow jobs I've ever had. After about five to ten minutes of him so expertly sucking and licking on my cock and balls, I was ready to cum. It was then the doctors door opened up and out peered a female doctor.
    There was no hiding what we were doing, but all she said was "Is it Mr *******". I answered her whilst trying to stuff my fully erect cock back into my clothing. Twenty minutes later after a very embarrassing time with the doctor, where she among treating my injury, asked me if my pre treatment outside had helped with my recovery, I walked back into the waiting area. The young man was still waiting there and stood up as I walked passed. Smiling at me he told he lived with his mum close by, and then said "I'll only be five minutes in there, if you like you can fuck me back at our house, my mum's out working".
    Again I'm not sure right now, as to why I sat in my car and waited, but when he walked out the doctors surgery, I let him join me in my car. Their home literally was only minutes away and I was sat in their lounge havuing my cock sucked again only ten minutes after leaving the car park.
    My cock was so covered in his spit and I'd almost cum twice, when he asked me if I'd fuck him. I'm not kidding the way I felt, I wold have fucked my grandmother right then. Taking the condom he offered me, I watched him walk over to a cupboard and remove a small tube of what I later learned was anal lube. Rerurning to where he'd just sucked on my cock so wonderfully, he took every scrap of clothing off and knelt down, spreading himself across a glass coffee table. His small frame (Little cock too) and his tight looking arsehole, to me right the and there looked extremely fuckable.
    Turning is head, he smiled at me again and told me in no uncertain terms to "Fuck me hard, I love it hard".
    If yesterday morning, someone would have said I'd be screwing a young lad for all I was worth, and really enjoying doing so, I would have told them they were mad. The fact is, for about twenty minutes in two different positions, I fucked that young mans arsehole so hard, I was sweating so much.
    Firstly I fucked him "Doggy style" as he held onto the coffee table. And believe me watching my cock slide up another males arsehole for the first time was amazing. Screwing him like he'd asked, I plunged my cock into his arse over and over again, making sure I slid every inch of my cock all the way in, so my pubes stroked his butt cheeks. then when I'd been fucking him and having him scream with delight for some time, he told me to lay on my back on the rug near to the fire. With my cock pointing directly up towards the ceiling, he mounted my cock and began to stroke his own.
    Up and down bouncing on my dick and he just loved every second of it, as did I. Then as I began to thrust upwards as he sank down, he made a really loudd moaning sound and his cock exploded. His cum flew up and landed all over my stomach and chest. And some even hit my chin. The whole scene was too much for me and not much after he'd cum, I orgasmed up his arsehole.
    He climbed off my cock and lay next to me. Telling me I was a great fuck, he asked if I'd be interested in becoming his "Fuck buddy" When I asked what that all meant, he told me he was essentially straight and had a girlfriend, but that he also every so often enjoyed having someone fuck him. He went on to say he liked older guys and also "Beefy or burly" guys fucking him.
    Tomorrow night when my wife visits her mother, I've got a young man calling round. I'm going fuck him as hard as I can and have him suck my cock clean afterwards. I've even arranged for him to visit our rugby game on Boxing day. I can't play with my injury, but since my wife doesn't want to attend and will be at her sisters, I'll take him on a drive afterwards and see if he likes fucking outdoors.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I'm not gay but I guess this was a gay act. I was at a strip club last month and went into the bathroom to take a piss. Well there was an older black man pissing beside me. He had an enormous cock and even though I'm not gay, I couldn't stop looking over. He noticed and started laughing, saying its ok, he gets that all the time. I apologized but again he said there was nothing wrong with me having a look. He then invited me into a stall to jerk off. I said no it's ok but he took me by the hand with his stiffening cock still out and led me into a stall. I was kind of breathless and didn't know how to react, so I went. I'm not a very big guy, at only 5'9 and this man was big and stocky. The stall was disgusting, with piss and used condoms all over the floor. He closed the door and started jerking his very large cock. I started to jerk my average sized dick, which I always thought was a pretty good size at 5.5 inches until I stood next to this guy. His dick must have been twice my size and three times as thick. He also had a massive set of ball, that looked ridiculously big. I was in a suit and tie, coming from work, and felt really out of place.

    Next thing I know he says, it's ok you can take a closer look if you want and he took my trembling hand and placed it on his cock. He then made a jerking motion holding my hand. I kept jerking his cock but couldn't get my hand all the way around, because of thickness.

    He then put a hand on each of my shoulders and slowly started to push me to my knees. I knelt down in that gross pissy stall. He then grabbed his cock and eased it into my mouth. I could only get a few inches in and started to gag. He started laughing and told me to rest back against the side of the stall. He then put his hands on the top of the stall wall and started to slowly fuck my mouth. So here I was, kneeling in piss in a suit, with an older black man fucking my mouth in a bathroom stall. After a few minutes he started cumming and it caught me by surprise. The first few big, very thick squirts went down my throat and I pulled his cock quickly out of my mouth. He then grabbed the back of my head and jerked the rest of his cum on my face. He came a lot and there was cum all over my face, in my mouth and on my suit.

    He then silently zipped up his fly and left. My head was spinning and I got cleaned up and left straight away. I never mentioned this to anyone, especially not my girlfriend.

    I've seen this guy a few more times at the same place. He waits until I go to the bathroom and I blow him in a stall. I keep telling myself I'm not going to do it again but always do. I can't stop.

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    Gay Male / 22

    Whenever I jack-off ( I fuck myself hard with a dildo machine, rub my balls and rub my cock slowly until I cum multiple times) I cum on myself and lay there with the cum on me. I let it dry on my stomach, face, neck, and chest (I always shoot a ton of cum). I then walk around my house naked, cum-drenched, until I feel like putting clothes on. (I live alone in an apartment, so this works out fine)

    One day, my neighbor (gay) heard all of the sound of my machine and my moans, so he came to check on me, and found me laying there cum-drenched. He got so turned on by my naked, cum-drenched body and my 9" cock that was dripping with cum that he opened his pants and started jacking off. He came on me, and I just took it. He then went and got his friend, and the two started fucking me. They came in me and one me multiple times. I became their cumdump, cum whore, sex slave, you name it. I still am theirs. They fuck me everyday. I take the place of masturbation for them. They even let me cum, but they deny me of cumming on myself. They make me eat my own cum and keep their cum on me. I don't mind it, as long as I get fucked, I get to cum, and I get to keep cum on myself.

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