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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Three weeks ago I entered my fiancee's parents home to pick up a parcel she'd had delivered there. Her parents knew I was calling by to pick it up, but they weren't going to be there as they were away on holiday. Using our spare key we have for their home, I entered the house to hear moaning coming from the lounge. Walking into the lounge I saw Ryan, my fiancee's youngest brother. Ryan's nineteen and normally a quiet shy lad. When I saw Ryan lay naked on their couch naked tossing his cock and finger fucking his arse, his initial reaction was to jump. His secondary reaction was to ask me if I wanted to fuck him.
    There is no explanation to what I did next, other than finding him there naked and erect, wanking his cock and finger fucking his arsehole, a complete turn on. I became erect in my trousers and knew straight away I was going to do as he asked. Quickly taking off my trousers and boxers, I walked the ten feet to where he lay, offered him my cock and let him suck on my dick.
    My fiancee is good at giving head, but as I found out, she's no where near as good as her younger brother. Ryan had me close to cumming within minutes with his amazing tongue and mouth. I told him I wanted to cum, but Ryan had other ideas than having me cum in his mouth. Moving himself up and around, he knelt on the couch so his slim white tight looking arsehole was pointing at me. Not having any kind of lube, I spat onto his arse and my cock, put it to his rear opening and pushed in. His arse resisted at first, then after a few attempts his arse muscles relaxed enough and my cock slid right in. I wasn't the first to have fucked Ryan, that was certain, but he hadn't as I found out later been fucked in months.
    Feeling his tight arsehole envelope my dick was unbelievably good. I'd always wondered why gay men fuck each other. Over the next forty minutes as I fucked my fiancee's brother, I found out. I simply cannot remember being that turned on, that horny and that eager to fuck anyone. Ryan took my cock so well, and even asked me to fuck him harder. I fucked him knelt up, I fucked him as he lay on his back and his stomach. But we finished with me lay on the rug in front of the fire and Ryan mounting my cock, bouncing up and down until his small cock flopping everywhere spurted cum all over my chest.
    When I came inside him, Ryan cried. Not from fear or pain, but as he said, Love. He slipped off my cock when he settled from crying, took my cock back into his mouth and sucked on my dick and balls until I was hard again. Getting me to lie behind him so we were both on our left hand sides facing the fire, Ryan guided my cock back into his arse and asked me to fuck him slowly. Holding him as I would his sister, I kissed his neck as my cock slowly fucked his cum laden hole.
    Holding him tight as we ground together, Ryan began to talk to me, telling me in gasps how he'd imagined me fucking him many times. He cried again then, but as I went to wipe away the tears he said "Don't you dare, leave them to flow, I've earned them".
    I didn't know what he meant until he told me, his sister had once caught him wanking to gay porn and told his parents. He got grounded for a month and a belt or two from his dad. Kissing him again I told him I wouldn't tell. He laughed then asked me to fuck him for real.
    I fucked Ryan for another ten minutes staying in that one position. I came first this time adding to my first cum load up his bum. Ryan had been wanking himself and I felt rather saw him cum. His body shuddered against mine and then he relaxed into me. Turning slightly, we kissed for the first time. Ryan and I then chatted about him, his sexuality and us. I told him right there and then I wanted to fuck him again.
    Ryan and I have fucked on four more occasions. Each time we've had sex, I've found our lovemaking becoming more involved, more intimate. Kissing more, more oral sex both ways and like yesterday, I rimmed my future brother in laws arsehole and made him cum by tonguing his rear hole alone.
    Ryan knows I'm going to marry his sister, but he also knows as long as he wants it, I'm going to continue fucking him too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Business Trip In Atlanta I was staying in Atlanta for work. from the first day i was so horny, i wanted some cock to suck really bad, and started thinking about getting fucked in my ass. I was scanning craigslist, but wasn't getting a lot of responses to the ads i was replying too. I decided to put up my own add, and i added a picture i took in the hotel room. I used the mirror next to the bed to get a nice picture of my plump round ass sticking up in the air begging to be fucked. I got replies immediately, from all types of men. One guy sent a picture that made me so wet. He was a latino guy about 28 and said he had some time before he had to go to the airport to pick someone up.

    He came to my hotel room, where i answered the door in just a tshirt. He got undressed, and i could see a nice uncut 6 or 7 inch dick. He sat in the recliner and i got on my knees and took the head of his cock in my mouth . I licked all around the head, and he was instantly hard and raging. I asked if he wanted me to suck him off, he said no, he wanted to fuck me. I didnt tell him it was my first anal , so as soon as his condom was on, he shoved his cock up in my very tight man pussy. It hurt, really bad, and i told him to go slow. but he started thrusting in and out really hard and fast, which made me bleed a little. Seeing some blood, he got freaked out and left. I was still horny, and now disappointed too.

    I went back to check my email, and a few other guys left a message. One was a young black man about 30. I had to go to dinner with my people from work, but agreed to meet him after i returned. At dinner, my ass was still a little sore, but also getting wet thinking about the next cock that would soon be in there. Once I got back to my room, I got in the shower and washed and shaved all around my ass and hole. I just got out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel, when there was a knock at the Door. It was Andre, the guy I was expecting... I was still nervous. I opened the door, and we made some small talk as he got undressed. When he took his jeans off I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen in person, at least 9 inches, but not too thick. I sat on the edge of the bed, and he asked me what I wanted to do, I said nervously "whatever you want to do". Then he said "So you want to give me that white pussy?". I said "sure".

    He started kissing my neck and sucking on my nipple as he pushed me back on the bed. He climbed over me and his balls were hanging in front of my face. I started licking them, and sucking on in my mouth as he ran his hands all over my body. He rolled over on his back and I started sucking his cock.. It tasted so good, warm and thick in my mouth. i was getting so wet and ready for him . I didnt want to rush things though, so i asked if he wanted to take a shower with me. He agreed.

    In the shower he used the handheld shower head to soap me up all over and then rinsed me off. He had me turn around and hold on to the handicap bar so he could get a good look at my ass. I felt his cock rubbing against me, so I got on my knees in the shower and started sucking him again. He held my head on his cock and face fucked me for several minutes. Then we got out of the shower and dried off.

    we got on the bed and started kissing and i was jacking him off with my hand. He told me to "Get my ass up", and i got on my knees with my face down in the blankets.I could see in the mirror how he was getting behind me, putting the condom on and stroking his cock to get it real hard. I felt the tip of his dick push against the opening. But it wouldn't go in, he had to try a few times, but finally got the head to go in. I loved his cock head buried in my ass. He started to push in further, and I could feel a little pain, but it was a lot more pleasurable. A few minutes later he was past the internal sphincter, and he began pumping hard. He Fucked me so hard for like 20 minutes, and then I started to rub my own dick, and I came in seconds. He was still fucking me after I came, but i collapsed from my orgasm. He laid on top of me still fucking my ass hard and whispering in my ear "Good white pussy,good pussy ". Until eventually he came inside the condom in me. he collapsed on me and kissed my neck and ears, with his soft cock still in me. It felt so good, and i never wanted it out.

    He spent the night in my bed and in the middle of the night i got horny again, so i started rubbing his cock through the gym shorts he had put on. The lights were still off, so i went down under the covers and started sucking his cock again, and licking his balls. He started to cum and i put my mouth over his head and licked up every drop of cum.. It was delicious.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Although born a male and now aged 63 years young.
    And a part time straight crossdresser that as only been with women.
    I have for about 20 years wanted a shaved young male to have sex with me.
    Some Saturday nights I go for a late drive in UK Cornwall wearing a mini skirt or dress, with white panties.
    I keep hoping a gay young man or bi will see me and encourage me to have their cock deep inside of me.
    While I wear my mini dress or skirt and panties.
    The thought of having a male fuck me turns me on-And I keep hoping someone will see me and after a little foreplay,
    Get me to lay over the car front bonnet and then lift my mini skirt up and on pulling my panties to the side.
    Slip his hard cock inside of me.
    It would be my first time and looking for someone to use me after a little encouragement.
    I would love the male to wear white panties too as its a colour that I find a turn on.
    Even in the winter on windy nights after 10 pm I have parked my car in a layby and got out wearing mini skirt
    that rises easy with the winds blowing.
    Love to make my fantasy become a reality.
    And although older aged 63.
    I still think young.
    Tell me your fantasy if we met.
    I would also wear anything you might bring if you wanted.
    I have had gay friends before but at that time I was a little shy and only wanked one gay.
    Some of the places I go to between 10:30 pm on a Saturday night are:
    Newquay-going past Porth.
    Plymouth before Union Street where colleage is.
    Truro Park pass Radio Cornwall.
    Or any layby between St.Austell and Plymouth.
    UK Cornwall near par.
    Make my fantasy come true.
    Not my real name-email address
    Will check emails and reply soon as I can.
    I am fine with friends who are gay too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I know this may be hard for some of you to believe but My brother in law and myself are Ranchers in New Mexico. We both own large Ranches and run a lot of Cattle. He is married to my Sister and I am also married. He and I have know each others for many years and neither of the wives know about this and none of our friends know either. We spend a lot of time together helping each other on both Ranches and years age he and I started having oral sex with each other. We do it often and both swallow. We have sucked each other off in barns in the cattle pens in our pickups out in our equipment sheds even in our own houses if no one is around.
    He and I are often running around together all day long and we both enjoy laying in the hay naked in a long slow 69 and we have done this together for so long we know how to suck each other very good and hold off until we can both cum at the same time in a 69 and it is one of the hottest thing ever to have his hard thick cock in my mouth mine in his and both of us shooting our manly cum down each others throats at the same time. We have done this for so many years we learned a long time ago how to deep throat each others long stiff cocks with no problem at all. we are both 8" or a little over but fairly thick and both shoot very healthy loads.
    Both of us enjoy being naked in a hot 69 taking each other all the way to the nuts often and we both enjoy fingering each others ass when we get close to shooting a load because it makes us cum so much harder and with a big finger in your ass a hard cock balls deep stretching your throat with a huge warm load going down your throat is something you just have to experience for your self to understand.
    The first time we did this was years ago on a hot summer day after working cattle all day long. Both of us were pretty dirty and were drinking beer and had been for awhile when I told him I couldn`t stand it any longer and was going to strip off and wash off in the water tank the cows drank out of. He must have felt the same and before long we had a small ice chest on the edge of the concrete water tank naked drinking beer splashing around in the cool water. I know he noticed me and I noticed him and I just reached over and grabbed his young hard dick. We were about 25 then. It just happened and once he let me stroke it a little he just stood up in the water and laughed out loud and said "Well you went this far why don`t you suck it and if you do a good enough job I just might return the favor" I had his big dick in my mouth in no time and sucked him good until he busted his nut in my mouth and held my head down on his cock thrusting it in my mouth until his big nuts were empty.
    As soon as he took his dick out of my mouth he said "Damn man I hope I can do that good for you and he went down on me and swallowed my entire load. After several more beers he asked if I thought we should try it again to see if it wasn`t an accident so we did. I was even better and after 20 years we are still sucking each others manly very masculine dicks and swallowing big hot loads. About 6 months ago he confessed to me that my Sister wasn`t putting out enough and we talked over a few beers and knowing him like I do and wondering why after so many years we never tried anal sex I just told him "Well that sounds like a problem to me" and he agreed then I asked if I could help out in any way and he laughed and said `I`m open to suggestions" I told him I always wanted to but afraid he wouldn`t think to highly of me if I suggested it but then I asked him why we never tried anal sex.
    We talked a bit then I told him I had wanted it for a very long time just too afraid to mention it. I just told him out right if you want to I sure wouldn`t mind it if you fucked me right now. He thought I was kidding him but made sure he knew I was serious and he didn`t think long at all before he said when do you think we might do this. I told him when ever he was ready. We both agreed that now was the best time and since we were pretty close to the old farm house on my place we both drove over there and went inside and were both naked in a few seconds and we got started sucking each other a little and we both knew there was no way he was ever going to get that big dick in my tight ass without some help.
    All I had there was a little cooking oil in the cabinet and we used it on my ass then I watched him put it all over his big hard dick then right there in the floor by the old fire place in that musty old vacant house he fucked me in the ass dog style and it was no easy chore taking him in my ass at all and it took awhile but eventually he was balls deep in m my very tight muscular ass and told me it was so fucking tight he was going to cum pretty fast. I asked him what he wanted to do and then I just told him to cum in me if he wanted to and he grabbed my hips shoved it in me deep and emptied his huge balls deep in my asshole then fell on top of me in the floor forced my legs apart with his knees and started to fuck me again and he pounded me good as his cum made a huge slick mess on my nuts and in the crack of my ass and he fucked me a very long time then asked if he could cum in me again and I just squeezed his dick hard with my asshole and he knew what I wanted and he emptied his nuts deep in my asshole a second time and thrust it up my ass until it just got o limp to stay in my slick asshole and it came out and I felt a huge stream of warm cum rum out of me over my nuts as we just laid there trying to catch our breath and when he asked if I came I told him almost then he rolled me over and sucked me a few seconds until I came down his throat.
    Every day for the next week he wanted to fuck me so we fucked and we always sucked each others dicks then about once a week he would ask me if I wanted to fuck and I was always ready when he wanted to. Now at least once or twice a week we like to fuck and have done it all over both our Ranches in every position possible and any time he wants to get that big hard dick in my ass I let him and other than getting fucked hard and deep in the ass that I enjoy is when he cums up my ass. He fucks me sometimes at the tailgate of our trucks while we are naked drinking beer. We like to do it in the barn in the old musty smelling farm house that no one has lived in for years outdoors in the wide open or any where else when the urge strikes him. He really likes it when I ask him if he wants to fuck me and we both have Vaseline in or trucks these days.
    The best part about this is not one damn person knows and we have been doing this for over 20 years now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Anyone who knows me, will tell how you how much I love my wife. What they don't know is around eighteen months ago, only eight months after marrying her, any thought of receiving oral sex was gone. She told me she no longer enjoyed sucking cock, something I love having done to me. Yet she still wanted me to go down on her, something I also love doing, as well as fucking her.
    Frustrated and having endless discussions with her about it, I finally gave up. But not on fellatio. That's because I met a young guy who approached me in the park close to our home and offered to suck my cock. I wasn't there for sex, I was walking our dog. All the same the thought of having my cock sucked just seemed to good to miss.
    Following him for about five minutes, to an area of the park I'd not been in before, he asked me to tie up the dog and enter a thickly wooded area. I'll not lie, I was so nervous. Firstly because I didn't know him, secondly because I didn't know if he was genuine and lastly, my least concern I realize, was having another male suck my dick.
    No sooner than we'd walked into the wooded area, he dropped to his knees, undid his own trousers, taking his small cock out and asked for me to do the same. I literally shoved my already erect cock down his throat, not that he minded one bit. In a flurry of sexual tension and fast oral fucking, I hammered his mouth and throat. He for his part took every inch I could give him and greedily wanted more.
    It was like finding a sexual young male fellatist, who genuinely wanted cock to suck. And he was so damn good at it. But within just a couple of minutes I was ready to cum. Gripping his hair tight, I thrust hard into his mouth and felt my cock erupt in his mouth. Sucking ans swallowing at the same time, he enjoyed every drop of my seed.
    By the time I'd got myself together, he'd tossed off his tiny cock and was wiping his mouth with a tissue. Getting back to my dog, he asked me if I'd like to do it again. The next night just as the light was fading I took the dog for a walk. His cock sucking skills were even better than the day before, as we both relaxed in each others company.
    After the oral sex, which was fucking amazing, we swapped numbers.
    I met him over and over again for nearly three months, our liaisons getting better each time. Then walking alongside him to a new place we'd discovered, he asked me if I'd like too fuck him. It's funny, not once had I thought of fucking him. I was still having sex with my wife and didn't think I wanted that with him. But once he'd shown me the condoms and the lube, and he'd been sucking so expertly on my cock, I had him bend over a low branch.
    Putting the condom on, smearing my cock and his asshole with lube, I didn't hink of his pleasure at all. I buried everyone of my eight and half inches, up his tight white asshole in one long hard thrust. He moaned with pleasure even though his pleasure wasn't what I was fucking him for. I took that nineteen year old's asshole and fucked it, just like I knew he liked me fucking his mouth and throat.
    The cold weather has changed where we now meet. The park is too cold for the kind of sex we now have and too public. Instead we meet up at a motel close by to his parents home, or when my wife works her late shifts at the hospital, I spend hours giving and receiving all kinds of pleasure with him in our home. Usually we end our liaisons with him sucking on my cock, but by then I've normally fucked his asshole until he's cum.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Started back when I was a teenager. I started to experiment with anal penetration. First with just a finger or two then used other things and couldn`t do it enough. I talked a friend into performing anal sex on me. His cock went in fairly easy and I was able to take the whole length and he actually fucked me and in the heat of the moment he didn`t pull out and came inside of me. Later that same day I got him to fuck me again and it was even better than the first time with the same results he came inside of me again.
    I asked him constantly to fuck me but he didn`t always want to and after fucking me several times over the next several months he stopped and didn`t want to have much to do with me. I continued to please myself and hope that he would want to fuck me again someday but he never did. As I got older I was fortunate enough to have a fairly long cock and figured out that I could suck myself in the right position so I continued to work at it and stretch my body as time went by and was able to get about 3 or 4 inches of my cock in my mouth and was sucking my own cock at least once a day if not more.
    I always sucked myself off right up to the very last second then shot my cum on my chest and face. One day I got carried away and it was just too good to stop and allowed myself to cum in my mouth and once I swallowed the first time I swallowed every drop and couldn`t stop sucking myself off and swallowed every time and with something deep in my ass I always came very hard and it felt so good.
    When I was 18 I moved away from home and got my own place and started my first real job. It didn`t take me long to start going to adult toy stores and start my own personal collection of sex toys videos and magazines. I played in private a lot and watched porn of all types and watched videos where men that were well hung would stick their dicks in their ass and fuck themselves in the ass and cum in their own ass. I tried it and enjoyed it very much.
    As time passed I became very curious and the girlfriends I had knew nothing about my very private personal side at all. I watched a lot of gay and bisexual porn and one day bought a few swinger magazines. Back then we didn`t have a lot of computer web sites like we do today. I read the ads looked at the pictures and began writing to very select ads and got a few responses but never had the courage to follow thru for a long time. One day I got this interesting response from a nice looking masculine guy like myself who was also very curious. He lived about 100 miles away. We exchanged letters and a few photos and talked about what we were expecting out of this. He had ideas of being dominant over another man. I read his letters and it was pretty interesting and we exchanged phone numbers then started to talk over the phone and eventually even had phone sex a few times. He was very well hung and I really wanted to experience having his hard cock in my ass and told him that many times.
    He and I both had great expectations and were excited that we had some of the same ideas and fantasies so we decided to meet for drinks and I got a nice hotel room with a bar downstairs so we could drink together and talk to see if we wanted to really do this. That Saturday I got there got in my room settled in then went to the bar for a cold beer and had a few before he showed up. We drank and talked and once we agreed to do this he got his things from his truck and we went up to the room drank a couple more beers and started to undress. Once he and I were naked and talked more about what few limits each of us had I decided to let things take their course and just enjoy the experience so when he told me to get on my knees and suck his dick I did. It was pretty hot right off the bat and once he started to talk dirty to me and direct me on how to suck his big cock and I did as he asked me to do and he seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of making me gag on his cock and tried many times to shove it in my throat. He started telling me he was going to cum and I better swallow all of it and when he started to cum he got very excited and just as he was about to finish in my mouth he pulled my head to him and forced his cock down my throat and his balls were smashed against my chin and I was gagging like crazy trying to push myself away but he had his fingers locked behind my head gripping me very tight.
    He let go of my head just before I was about to choke to death and couldn`t breath. I fell back in the floor trying to catch my breath and he just stood there looking at me with juices from my throat dripping from the head of his dick and told me to clean him up. I did as soon as I could get to my knees. We took a break and sat naked at the table in my room and drank a couple of beers and talked about what we would do next and as agreed I told him I had brought a few toys with me and he wanted to watch me dildo my ass awhile then he use the toys on me before he fucked me. He watched me awhile shove a few dildos up my ass as he sat and drank his beer and directed me on what he wanted to watch me do and he stroked his cock then came over and told me to suck his dick then he got my biggest toy and told me to remove the one in my ass then get on my hands and knees so I did and he started to fuck my ass with the big rubber cock and squeeze my nuts talking dirty to me and told me to jack myself off and when I came he told me to eat my cum and shoved the huge dildo deep in to my asshole while I licked my cum off the sheets.
    He then took the rubber cock out of my ass and told me he was going to fuck me and shoved his big cock up my asshole and had his way with me for a very long time and he came hard deep in my asshole two times and put me in different positions as he pounded my cum filled asshole and to say the least I enjoyed it and it was a huge turn on for me so we agreed that he stay the night and after a shower together and me sucking him off on my knees again in the shower and getting choked again with his dick in my throat we went back to the bed where he told me to stick a dildo in my ass then we drifted off to sleep for a short time then he used and abused my ass and mouth until check out time then we talked about meeting again and went our separate ways never to meet again. It was a great experience and very enjoyable and I can still remember how he forced me face down on the bed shoved my legs wide apart and shoved his big hard cock in my ass then fucked me and pounded my ass hard using me like he wanted talking dirty to me and shooting his healthy loads up my ass. It was just a great experience for me and I got to act out one of my fantasies.

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    Straight Male / 45

    My first year in high school I made friends with this older senior. He was a Mexican guy but very friendly and we were around each other a lot. I was spending the weekend at his house and his Parents went to a party one day so he and I hung around the housed while they were gone and he kind of forced himself on me and took my pants down back in his bedroom and I let him suck my dick. It felt so good that I didn`t want him to stop and he asked me to cum for him and I did and he let me cum in his mouth and he didn`t spit it out either.
    Next thing I know he and I are both naked on his bed and his huge brown dick is rubbing on mine and he is on top of me very excited and his pre cum is all over me and he starts telling me he really wants to fuck me and I gat scared as hell but he has me all excited and tells me he fucks his little cousin all the time and he loves it. He tells me to stay on the bed while he leaves then comes right back with a jar of Vaseline and he tells me to turn over. He starts playing with my asshole and gets a finger up my ass with Vaseline on it then two fingers then ne tells me to reach back and spread my ass for him then he really fingers me good before he touches his big dick to my asshole the as he starts to push it in my ass he tells me to just relax. I scream out loud for him to take it out and big tears come to my eyes as he holds me down and slowly pushes it up my asshole telling me to just relax and take it.
    My asshole is stretched tightly around his long fat dick and as soon as I feel his huge hairy nuts on mine he starts to fuck me and tell me how hot and tight my ass is and how he likes fucking me. I`m yelling and screaming crying begging him to stop then he fucks me harder telling me he wants to shoot his cum in me and later he does then keeps fucking me and has his huge dick in me for ever. He kept pushing it up my ass telling me it felt good and his cum was leaking out of my ass and he just kept shoving his big brown dick up my ass then fucked me again. When he let me up I ran to the bathroom with cum running down my legs and he was laying on the bed laughing. My first anal experience was painful and not very enjoyable but by the time he finished fucking me that night it got much better and he fucked me for a few months then wouldn`t even talk to me.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Have a close friend that I have known for years. He and I are both married to very hot Ladies have a great sex life and kids. We go on weekend trips often to sporting events and a couple of weeks ago after a Major league Baseball game we went to this local bar had way too much to drink and later went back to the Hotel bar where we were staying and closed it down.
    We both showered and were in our gym shorts laying in our separate beds and we must have both been very horny because we kept talking about the sexy girls in the bars we had been to. We both shared our desires to fuck something our wish that we could have at least gotten a good blow job. we both agreed that a good blow job would be great and that's when the conversation got pretty hot. He asked if I ever sucked another guy and then I asked him the same thing. Neither of us wanted to answer the question then I asked him if he ever thought about it. He looked over at me and said "Hell no not until just now" then he asked if I ever thought about it and then I told him about me and a friend back in high school that used to suck each other off pretty often. The first thing he asked me was "Did you ever let him cum in your mouth" I said not at first but eventually we both got the hang of it and didn`t mind to swallow it.
    He said "Oh fuck that's hot! I have only thought about that and would do it some time if no one ever found out about it" I went on to tell him that back then I also let him fuck me in the ass all the time and liked that better than sucking his dick. We both had huge erection and I just asked him "Hey what do you say we try it with each other right now" He said "No shit Man! You really mean that!" Without a word I took off my shorts and laid there naked with my thick 8" cock laying on my belly hard as a rock. He jumped up took his shorts off and he was just as hard and as big as me and he was in my bed in a flash and our hands were around each others cocks stroking and that was all t took as we ended up in a 69 sucking on the head of each others dicks getting a good taste of each others pre cum and we both couldn`t wait to suck each others dicks and I told him he could cum in my mouth if he let me cum in his.
    He agreed in an instant and we went to work on each other but both of us were way too excited to hold out for very long and just as he started to cum in my mouth I came in his and we both got excited enough to start to swallow and that just made us even more excited and we hung on until both of us had swallowed each others huge warm loads and we couldn`t stop. we spent over and hour taking care of each other trying to suck each other off as best we could licking and sucking on each others nuts stroking and sucking and both of us had to gag several times trying to take too much dick in our mouths. we didn`t talk much and knew what we both wanted and continued to work on each other until we both swallowed a second warm load of cum.
    we drank a couple of beers naked talking about how we had just sucked each others dicks and neither of us could believe we swallowed not once but two times. we drank several beers talking and rubbing our cocks and one time I got a little of my pre cum on my finger and licked it off while he watched and before long we were both licking our pre cum off our fingers talking and drinking beer like we did it all the time. He started asking me about my buddy back in high school and then asked me if I was serious about him fucking me. I assured him it was the truth and that he not only fucked me all the time but I liked it when he came in my ass. He asked me if he had a big dick and I told him he was pretty big and always came very heavy when we fucked. As we talked we got pretty worked up and I asked if he might like to fuck me in the ass since it had been so long I really wouldn`t mind doing it again if he thought he might like to fuck my tight ass. He said I really want to but don`t know if I can or not.
    We talked about it and he said let me think about it. I expressed my huge desire to be fucked again and told him his big hard dick would feel great in my ass and told him I really wanted him to fuck me. I tried my best to get him to do it but he said he would think about it and let me know later. we enjoyed a very long hot 69 before going to sleep and I got woke up the next morning with him spooning me. He said I thought it over and think I want to see what it`s like to butt fuck another men if you won`t make me pull out.
    I had some hand lotion in my suit case and that's what I used to lube him up then on my hands and knees I let him stick his dick in me from behind and once his nuts were touching mine he started to moan and pump his big dick in and out of my ass and fuck me hard until I fell face down on the bed and he really pounded my ass good then shot my tight ass full of cum and kept pounding me util he came up m y ass again. When he pulled his limp dick out of my ass a huge stream of cum ran out of me on to the sheets and he really got off watchinmg his cum run out of my stretched out asshole.
    we stayed in that room for two days sucking each other off taking showers and his big dick fucking my hot ass and he loved it and really enjoyed shooting his big thick loads up my ass saying his wife would never take it up the ass. We find time fairly often to sneak off and give esach other some good head and he loves to shove hid long fat dick up my ass and pound me good and fill me up with his thick cum and he can always cum two times before he get soft. We are very good friends these days and it just gets better.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Stuck in a restaurant, and when I say stuck, I mean I'd come out without my wallet. The bill was over a hundred and eighty pounds and it was my treat for my wife, her sister and their mother. It would have been embarrassing to even think of asking the women, so walking over to the waiter, a young guy in his early twenties, I told him what I'd done. The answer he gave me pretty much gave me no other way out. He said "You can call back tomorrow, I'll credit the till. But first you have to leave your watch (I'll not say what it is, but it's a expensive one) and follow me into the gents in five minutes". He paused and just before I turned to sit back down, he added "Don't call back tomorrow and I'l sell the watch". He knew as well as I did the watch was worth far more than the bill. So I had a choice, follow him into the toilets or forfeit my watch, a watch my wife had bought me for my fortieth.
    The toilets were like all restaurant toilets, generic and boring. As I entered he was already waiting for me with his cock out, wanking it. Motioning for me to follow him into the cubicle, I let him enter first then walked in myself. Telling me to take out my cock, he was on his knees and had my semi erect dick in his mouth in seconds. I didn't want my cock to respond, In a way I wanted cum quickly and be done with it. But it didn't happen that way. Instead he performed the best head I'd ever gotten from anyone. It was so good, I held onto his head and began to fuck his mouth. Forcing my cock further and further down his throat with ease. My cock began to pulse as it does when I'm about to cum. He realised that and immediately stood up. Turning to face the toilet bowl, he gripped the seat and told me to get a "Cover" from hi s back pocket. Reaching in I took out the condom and as quickly as I could, I undid it and slid it over my aching cock.
    There was no ceremony or waiting to see if he was comfortable, not that I was worried about the women, it was because I genuinely wanted to fuck the young man. In one long forceful thrust, I entered his arsehole. He made lots of little moaning sounds as I started to fuck him which only added to the fact I was fucking a guys arse and loving it. Gripping his hips I pulled him onto me each time I thrust forwards making my cock drive deeper into his rear hole. It was geting better and better and I had a thought flash through my mind "What if someone walked in" But then I remembered we were the last people in the place. Renewing my pounding of his arse, he bucked backwards and yelped out he was cumming. I looked down to see his cock spurting cum all over the toilet seat and the floor. Maybe ten seconds later my cock exploded and I came too, filling the condom deep inside his arse.
    Holding onto him for a few seconds more, I slid out my cock and rested against the wall of the cubicle. He pulled up his underwear and trousers and thanked me for such a good fuck. I was about to turn to exit when he reached up, turned my head and kissed me. I didn't expect it and I didn't expect what I did next, I returned the kiss and it became passionate. Eventually breaking away, he asked me to call back the following afternoon around three.
    Back in with my family, I told them I'd paid the bill, leaving a tip (I smiled when I said that bit). Arriving home after dropping my sister and mother in law home, my wife wanted sex. So to placate her I went down on her and continually made her cum from tonguing her pussy and arsehole. The last time she came I had three two fingers fucking her pussy, a finger deep inside her arse and my tongue lapping at her clit. She didn't even mind I didn't fuck her, thankfully.
    The next day I called by the restaurant as agreed, three o'clock. It was empty except for the waiter (Who I learned was a half owner of the place) I paid him the money leaving a cash tip and took my watch back. When he invited me into his office for a drink, I followed. I walked out of the restaurant at five fifteen, after having a wonderful time sucking and fucking with him. I got to swallow my first load of cum that afternoon and it's something I've been doing with my restaurant friend for the last four months. My wife, and her mother even shared Christmas day with him at the restaurant, as I took them out for a Christmas meal. That was part of their present from me. I got mine in the toilets again, fucking my young restaurant owner for all I was worth. As well as my cum leaking out of his arsehole, I also left him with a very nice watch, not mine, but one not too different.
    It's funny, if it wasn't for me leaving my wallet at home that night, I'm sure I'd still be living a hetrosexual life. I'm so glad now I did leave it, as every time I fuck my beautiful young friend, I realise I was already a bisexual man.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have been giving a co worker blowjobs for the past 3 years. We are both happily married,very good friends and it started one night after a lot of drinking and some daring and the next thing we are naked with his cock in my more than willing mouth. After swallowing his load and a little breather, we ended up in a nice 69 with both of us feeding on cum. The following morning, I woke up to him sucking away on my dick and since his hard on was right in my face, I returned the favor. Anyway, we ended up sucking each other every chance we get. Now the weird part.
    After talking about it, we found out we both have been sucking cock for almost all of our lives. He had a cousin who had been his lover for almost 20 years and I told him about the different men (7) that I had been involved with over the past 30 years and even though we'd both been fucked more than a few times, we both enjoy giving head and swallowing cum more than fucking. But one night after an exceptionally great blowjob from him, he laid beside me and planted a nice wet French kiss on me, letting me taste my own jizz as our tongues twisted together then he continued to make out with me like a couple of teenagers. We kept kissing and hugging and, even when I tried to go down on his very stiff throbbing cock, he kept hold of me still kissing and sucking face. My own cock was starting to recover and then he rolled on top of me and started fucking my cock. I then reached down and guided his dick toward my ass and even wrapped my legs around him as his cockhead probed around my asshole. He never did fuck me but while still Frenching me, his cock erupted shooting his wad all over my asshole. We laid there still kissing then he raised up and after kissing me again, laid down on my chest and we both fell asleep.
    Since then, almost every time we get together, he likes to kiss like lovers, not that I'm complaining but it just seems a little strange to be kissing like lovers after all this time. Anyone else been through this?

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