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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My wife Terrie tried to stop me from going down on her last night. She knew as I knew her pussy would probably still have the remnants of her latest lovers cum in it. But that's precisely why I wanted to lick and suck on her labias and clit, I wanted to taste him.
    She'd been out all day, but it was when I saw her car outside the motel rooms when I was returning from a client call out, I knew she'd be fucking another man yet again. Also knowing her very well, I knew she'd want him to cum up her pussy or asshole.
    Her pussy tasted just as I thought and I devoured her and her lovers juices, making her cum all over face. I didn't even fuck her, as earlier I'd paid my own visit to a lover, someone I've been seeing for over six months. His name's Martin and he's much older than me at 51.
    We'd spent the morning in his apartment having sex. We're both true versatile bisexual men, as he like me enjoys being fucked, just as much as we adore fucking one another. My true passion sexually with men though is feeling and tasting their seed sliding down my waiting eager throat.
    Hence the reason I genuinely don't mind Terrie fucking other men. After all, I do!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Last week I attended the funeral of a man I truely love and adore above all others I've ever met. He was my step father and my secret lover for over twenty seven years. It was me who seduced him all those years back, as I wanted to sexually experiment with gay sex, and with a man who I knew to have a large cock. I'd seen my mom and him fucking on many ocassions as they never closed their bedroom door, so I knew his dick was huge. Probably seeing his cock slide up my moms asshole, was the catalist to me wanting it up mine.
    One morning after she went to work, I climbed into bed with him and before he woke up properly, I was sucking on his awsome cock. That was the start, even though he stopped me the first time. The following week he didn't and I got him to gently fuck my ass for the first time too. From then on when we were alone I'd either suck him off to completion swallowing his salty cum, or have him fuck me mercilessly making me cum from his fucking my asshole alone, depending on the time we had.
    When I married my wife, We'd make time and meet at various motels. Always having the most wonderful intimate sex. And I always left with his cum deep inside my ass.
    I'm going to miss my step father dearly, in more ways than my wife and mother will ever know.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I am straight and all but sometimes I take adderral and get outrageously horny.
    Today, after I had jacked off 2 times I got onto Craig's list to see if there were any women around to fool around with. There weren't. So I decided to check out the men seeking men section.

    After looking through and emailing people for a few minutes this guy emailed me back who had a hotel right near my house.

    We exchanged emails and I drove to his hotel, went to his room, and this is what happened next...

    I walked into his room to find porn on with the man and the woman hairy as fuck. The guy takes my shirt off and starts rubbing my nipples and licking them and licking me all over. I then sit on the bed and he starts licking my dick up and down and then swallows it. He sucks me for a while, and then starts rimming my ass. I can feel his tongue so far inside me while my feet were straight up in the air. He begins to finger my ass and it hurts a little but it feels good. I tell him that he can fuck me (I am an ass virgin so this is my first time). He spreads my ass and lubes me up and as soon as he gets the tip in it hurts like a bitch! He tells me to just take it and I try to relax but his dick is stretching my hole so hard, i pussied out and told him that I was gonna fuck him instead. I bent him over the bed and inserted my 19 year old dick into this 48 year olds ass. I fucked him real good for a while. I could feel my tip rubbing against the smooth inside of his ass hole. I ended up cumming right in his ass.

    True story. Just happened 2 hours ago.

    Also, my ass hole is throbbing, but it feels good in a way ;)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I have finally reached my dream come true. Over the years, I have sucked cock in theaters, gloryholes and truck stops. There was one gentleman in particular who I used to really love sucking. Four months ago during a feeding sessions that he asked that I be his personal cock sucker. His wife still works like mine and the two of us are retired. So, I am at his beckon call 7 days a week.
    He is 5'5 and weighs in a soft plump 225 lbs. He has a sweet shaved 3 1/2" cock. His cum is sweet and thick.
    I suck and swallow Hus cock and cum almost every day and sometimes 3-5 times daily. He treats me like a cum slut faggot who's only
    purpose is to be a cum dump. At times he invites friends of his to come over and demands that I drink their cum and piss, sometimes 4 men all at once. I carry a picture of my face covered in cum in my wallet and at times he calls me and has me look at the
    picture to remind myself what a queer cocksucker I have become.
    I am addicted to his cum AND piss.
    He just called and needs to be drained.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    As a seventeen year old kid with my hormones going beserk, and knowing I had a reasonably large cock, I was always looking for someone to fuck. It would take me too long to list all the people I've had sex with, both men and women, but this confession will be about my first ever gay/bisexual fuck.
    My friends and I had been playing football close to a hospital near to where I lived. On the way home passing by the doctors quarters, we all came across a ground floor flat that had its curtains open. Knelt up behind a very fit looking naked young woman was an older guy probably around 40 ish and he was banging the much younger woman for all he was worth.
    We all stood and watched for about a minute before they noticed us. The guy pulled out of her pussy, got up and strode over the the window smiling with his cock swaying to and thro, then closed the curtains. We all walked off, but my cock was twitching and I decided I'd hang back.
    I waited until my friends had gone and went around to the front of the housing block and fortunately the door was unlocked. Entering in my mudded football gear I knocked on what I knew to be the room which we'd seen the couple having sex. About thirty seconds later just as I was about to leave, the guy opened the door and asked what I wanted. Always the ever cocky lad I just answered him by saying "Well I'd like to have some of what we've just watched you having". I could see the disbelief on his face, but I also saw a quick glint of sexual need in his smile. So I was a little put down when he closed the door. I was walking out when he opened it again, this time his smile came with a nod and him saying "Come on in if you think you can add something to the mix". It's a phrase I've often used since then.
    Entering the small flat the girl (I guessed, no more than a year or two older than me at the time) was sat naked on a chair smoking a joint and playing with her pussy. She smiled as I entered and asked the older guy if I was going to be her dessert. He answered by telling her "Yes and no, he's going to fuck you, but he's also going to fuck me too".
    The football kit was off in no time and it was my turn to smile as they took in the length and girth of my rising cock. (I'm around nine and half inches fully erect and about seven inches in circumference) The girl was on it straight away, as she literally dived out of the chair to begin sucking on my cock. The older guy who I later found out was a senior paediatrician, walked over to me, put his hand on my arse as he put his lips to mine. It was my first male male kiss and it seemed completely normal.
    The doctor told the girl to kneel up on the small bed that was in the corner of the room. Once she did, he asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was up her c**t fucking her hard in seconds. She was moaning out loud how much bigger I was than the doctor, when I felt his tongue slide upto my arsehole. It was such an awsome feeling I nearly came straight away as I continued to fuck the girl.
    The doctor asked me if I wanted to cum a little while afterwards as the girl came, shaking all over my dick. Turning round to see him dive back into my arsehole with his tongue I said yes. He pulled me off her got her lay down and drove his cock straight up her pussy. Looking back he said "What are you waiting for, it's time for you to fuck me". I did not miss a beat, I didn't think about the fact I was about to fuck a guy for the first time, I spat onto his arsehole, put my cock to his rear hole and tried to push in.
    His arse was much tighter than her pussy, and with him banging away at her pussy, it took me some time to enter his rear fuck hole. When I did he screamed out loud and I sighed, as his arsehole felt so good around my swollen cock. In a kind of unison we all fucked one another. I'd wanted to cum earlier but having my cock up his arsehole and him fucking her, I wanted to last longer. So I reached beneath me, held onto the base of my cock and squoze my ball sac. I fucked him just as hard as I'd fucked the young girl, slamming my cock into him as hard as he could take it. And as my thrusts lengthened it made him ejaculate up her arse only a few minutes later. It was her who told me to fuck him harder until I came up his arse, and it was her breathless words that brought me off not long after he'd cum up her.
    It felt as if my orgasm built from from my toes, as I strained to bury my cock deeper up his arsehole. The doctor spoke for the first time being fucked, and told me to give him my seed. Seconds later I filled his back tube with my cum.
    lying on the bed all together ten minutes later, the doctor asked me if I lived local. As he was about to take on a new short term role at the hospital, one which would mean he'd get more time off. Looking at the girl she said "Don't look at me, I was just visiting my mum, he's all yours".
    Over that summer I did visit my doctor friend on many ocassions. Each time I fucked him long and hard. I also learned how to take a mans cock down my throat for the first time, something I became quite fond of doing. Weirdly I saw the girl when I was out with my parents shopping only a few days aftrwards. We arranged to meet up and started a loose relationship, it's an open relationship that has lasted until today.
    The doctor moved on as winter approached and my male experiences sort of dwindled for some time as I built the relationship with the girl who became my wife. She's a very open minded individual and knows every now and then I have sex with men. She doesn't join in too much anymore, but every so often we do have an all nighter which involves both men and women.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    We only married six months ago, but already my pre existing sexual perversion has taken hold and has lead to where I am today. That perversion was to use ordinary everyday items to fuck my asshole with.

    I genuinely didn't think I was attracted to men, and only thought I wanted the sexual satisfaction that anal stimulation gave me. The first time I did it was with a cucumber at the age of 17, I remember cumming so hard I was shaking violently. After that I'd use all sorts of things to get myself off.

    Meeting my wife at the age of 25 stopped my urges as our sex life was amazing. After marrying her six months ago she and I were having sex on our return from our honeymoon. I was fucking her in the missionary position when she reached behind and slipped two fingers up my butt. When I came deep inside her pussy, I came like I had before I met her and it kick started my anal urges again.

    I'd find time when she ws at work to anally pleasure myself. A couple of months in I ordered a dildo on line and started to use that to have longer and longer sessions fucking myself. It was during one of those sessions I was disturbed by a guy selling items out of bag going door to door. He saw the large bulge in my bath robe after I'd answered the door and the rest they say is history.

    He basically asked if I was horny. I could hardly deny it, so when he asked me if I liked sex with guys I didn't hesitate, I invited him in. The man who's name I didn't get had his cock out within seconds and I was on my knees sucking on my first ever cock in seconds too. He was horny, I was desperate by that stage and it seemed totally normal to offer him my asshole to fuck. Now inside our bedroom, condom on, the one I'd taken from the bedside draw, he bent me over the end of the bed and thrust his cock into me in one go.

    Nothing, not one thing I'd used before, prepared me for how much I was going to adore having his cock being thrust deep inside my butt. It felt totally fucking awesome and I told him so. It only made him begin to fuck me harder, which in turn made me want it more. As his thrusts began to get deeper inside my body, my orgasm began to build and his cock started to throb.

    I came first, my cock erupting all over the quilt on the bed. He was literally shouting at me that he wanted to unload up my butt, I told him too and even with him wearing a condom, I could feel his hot cum shoot from the huge head of his dick filling the end of the rubber.

    I knelt down removed the condom from his cock and took his shrinking cock into my mouth. The taste of the condom and his cum mixed in my mouth, and it's a taste I now love.

    Five minutes later he was gone, minus his cum load and a few items he sold me. I've had two other experiences since then, but neither matched that first fucking I received for real. I don't know if I'll ever stop wanting to have my asshole filled from now on. I still love fucking my wife and everything else we do sexually, but I also have my secret need to be fucked too.

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    Straight Male / 22

    So this is the other then me and the guys I messsed with know about my gay activity, I have posted all my stories on here from my first the first cock I sucked in jr high to the last guy who busted in my ass, either way lately my mind has been on this one experience and I think about or fantasize how much different things coulda since you don't know who I am the story was when I met a guy on mocospace, it was a snowy day In January I found out my dad had Internet on his phone, and at the time I had been bothering my buddy josh to experiment with me and he kept flaking despite getting his first blowjob from me and his being the first legit dick I put in my mouth, ok back to this time,well I got on this chatroom since I couldn't post a pic I just put "20yr old male looking to experiment with dl guy please PPP my anal cherry" well I was really 17 and well IMMEDIATLY a23 yr old Latino guy hit me up and well I think I came across as not new to this and rather more a gay slut to him I was calling him daddy and telling him how I'd be willing to do anything once,at one point I told him I wanted to be his bitch I got so low as to ask if he wanted to cum in my ass not knowing how badly it'd hurt to loose my anal virginity, so we planned to meet and well I flaked the first time that day I txt him outta guilt and made up a lame excuse and he sent me a dick pic and eventually I agreed that morning is go over and get it over with, the day came and here I was nervous feeling more horrible then ever about this but here I am walking to the bus stop knowing today's the day I cross the line and have sex with another guy,this bus ride took forever finally I get there and I have to walk to this guys place and I get more nervous each step to there when I notice he's walking to the curb to meet me, basketball shorts and a t shirt completely dl, so we go in he offers me cool aide and I'm to shy to notices his advances, he asked me to sit next to him. This is where I wish i woulda, looked him in the eyes and shared a make out session, instead I ignored that advance and started trying to talk about something else. So here he is noticing my nervousness and tells me relax get comfortable,now a days I wish I would have relaxed on him gotten close for a bit. I jumped the gun and just said so where will we do this, I think his intentions were the front room but he said anywhere and I asked where his room was, so what happened was we went in his room and I sat away from him as he lay back he says come here and I don't wanna turn around and I here "come on come pull my dick out" so I did and sucked him hard he slapped me till I asked him to stop me was making me work his dick with his mouth till I said fuck my ass lets do this, I bent over pants down well he got a condom on when I felt his hands grip my hips there it was he jammed his cock far up my ass and I freaked out and couldn't do it, so he wiped his cock off of the lube,and said fuck it lets see you on your knees, so I got down and proceeded to suck his dick till he came, I swallowed I got shy and left,,,,, so lately I've been fantasizing about him and this situation, well what I wish woulda went down was go in except his advances and curled up do some rubbing kissing,it'd of been better to undress slowly and progress naturally. Then rushed I really wanted to get as nasty as I told him I'd be and wanted to fuck him like we talked about fuck I regret not going with stuff naturally I wanted to suck him and look him in the eyes hands on my back till I was ready to spread em and get fucked I wanted his cum on my face and in my throat I wish I wouldn't of ran off and stayed around to get used a 2nd time that day

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    Gay Male / 18

    hey i am a 17 year old male. i have been considering making an account on an online sex webcam site called chaturbate. I realize i am only seventeen and you are meant to be 18 before you do that. but i was wondering what are the real possibilities of me getting caught as long as i don't say my real age on the website. i look older than my age. is this a safe thing to do or could i get caught.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I'm naked as I write this and I'm horny. My back passage is lubricated with baby oil as my lover strokes my buttocks and pushes his finger into my anus, readying me for a bout of anal intercourse. I've sucked him to full hardness and now he is pressing his erect penis against my boy pussy. Stretching my pouting anal slit wide as he enters my willing body. I'm such a gay whore. I fuck for free and love the sensation of my partner achieving orgasm and Cumming deep in my ass. Is your penis hard as you read this?? Do you want to buttfuck my fag ass?? Come over to my place and my tight rubber hole will grip your shaft as you fuck my anal hole.

    I love pulling a train, and I am your ever-willing gayboy fucktoy. Come over and bring a friend. I promise to suck your cock and bend over so you can mount me and push your swollen manhood into my soft white ass. Fuck me. Use me as your pleasure object. Satisfy your sexual needs and leave me with a semen-filled ass. My crush has just finished and he is watching his sperm dribble out of my ass. He tells me he's going to rent my anus out and teach me to be a 5 dollar fucktoy. Tell me how you would like to satisfy yourself in my oiled cummy anal c**t...

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    Lesbian Female / 46

    At junior high I went to an all girls school, religious based. I was sent there so that I would not get in trouble with a boy. My mother was over preocupied with me getting knocked up. She shouldn't have had to worry, I don't really like boys and although I did it out of peer pressure I did not like getting fucked. I was seven or eight when I first started liking girls, at ten I was madly in love with my neighbor, she was the perfect cheer leader, sixteen and had an athletic body. Also, she was my sister's friend and I got to see her pretty naked several times, when she would come over to swim in our pool. I dreamed of her and I dreamed of making out with her, I didn't quite know how we were supposed to make out, but I dreamt of long kisses and boob touching and kissing. It was also at this age that I first inserted my hair brush in my vagina, following my sister's lead.

    I got my first chance at an all kissing session with a new girl at school, she was from Colombia, pretty like you can't believe, she had more boys in love with her than any of us could count, but she was queer just like me. She had experience, and once she got a hold of me, we were off to the races. We made out, we got naked together, we kissed each other every where, including our vaginas and of course our boobs, she love sucking boobs and I loved having my boobs sucked, so there was perfect symetry. And I loved inserting things in my vagina, and she had her mother's dildo, a long hard rubber dildo in the shape of a penis, which she worked in and out of me. It was only later, when I was older at school and started to get fucked by boys that I realized that the dildo was oversized.

    My Colombian girl friend, Carmen, and I stayed a couple for all of high school and on past college until we settled down for an honest to goodness household. But at school being queer was a no-no, and we allowed our selves to get dated and we allowed our selves to get fucked by boys. We would then compare stories, while we made out with each other. There was something that raised my sexual energy, getting fucked by a boy and then getting with Carmen to do it all over again (by then I knew what to do).

    One day in the eleventh grade I got very scared, I missed my period and I was sure I was pregnant. Carmen and I counted the days, and nothing, two months went by and nothing, on the third month I had a real bad case of morning sickness, and that is when we admitted to ourselves that I was probably pregnant. I was. This would be my first child. Curious as it was, once I found out I was pregnant I was ok with it. Being pregnant, other than for those several weeks in my third month, was not hard, and child birth was relatively easy. After the baby was born, that is when we, Carmen and I, came out to my parents about being queer. But at least we had our baby.

    In college we tried to get Carmen pregnant. Of course we were not about to tell the boy, he was just the fool we were using. But Carmen had trouble getting pregnant and we were unsuccessful, so I became pregnant again. The boy was told and all, and we said we did not want his 'support', but he gives it anyway. That and the support from my first child, allowed us to move into our first apartment. We played house. With two small kids, that is all we could do, was played house, we had no money and we had no time for fun.

    When Carmen was 27 we decided that we should try again to get her pregnant. This time we went to a doctor, who told us there was nothing wrong with Carmen, it must have been the boy. He also suggested that we should not involve a guy unless he was 100% in favor of it (our doctor is our family doctor and he knows both of the father's of my kids). We thought about donor sperm, but yuck, the very idea was a total turn off. So we went to the fathe of my second child and he did us the favor and got Carmen pregnant. For sure he was not shooting blancks.

    I don't know when we decided that we wanted some male attention in our lives, but we started talking about it when we were in our early thirties, and concluded that as disgusting as it was, having a man fuck you was a whole lot better than using a dildo, so we decided to go that route and see how we liked it. I went to my standby dad, and said to him that I wanted him to go ahead and fuck me regularly, like every day for a while, to see if I liked that, but not a week, we wanted to get past that week, the idea was to go for six months or more until it was my regular routine. This is how I came to have my third child, at his request, and how I came to have regular sex with him.

    As for Carmen, we did the same, she found a boy friend, a guy she liked well enough and started to have sex with him, but after a couple of months she said no more, once in a while was an escape, but every day was not something she wanted. She felt she was already my girlfriend, and she really didn't want the burden of a second relationship. So our bottom line, is that our kids' dad became our number one go to man, and I became his go to woman. By then, he had long ago confessed his love for me, so accepting him as the man was not hard, plus and this is a big plus, he was a full time dad.

    I am sure that we are both conventional and unconventional, I would guess that although I am queer, Carmen is my soul mate and rally my wife, if we can call it that, but she shares me with dad. Still to this day, among the best sexual play, is right after Steve has taken his turn and I follow up with Carmen. There is just something magical about having been first with Steve and he relaeses me directly to her. She can make me orgasm right then, and just die in her arms.

    We are a queer household, my kids have two moms, but they also have a dad, we live a queer lifestyle, but we also live with a man. I am sorry about some queers who think that I am not really queer, but really I am, I am just the wife in the middle.

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