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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    all my life from time to time I enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing c**. well this week has been no different. We have a sauna in our building met a new resident a week ago. he was a handsome older man bald head pudgy body and a beautiful tiny little cock. sitting in the sauna with him I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful cock everyone ask me nothing here you'd like I just got to happen you'll in front of him and took his little cock in my mouth in my mouth. he would grab the back of my head head down skok I could lick his balls he said he hasn't had such an attentive c********** for a long time and wanted to know if I could come to his house tonightbands a 10 p.m. date date was made.
    I precisely 10 p.m. I knocked on his door with anticipation I just heae its unlocked come in. I looked over and on the couch his legs were pulled all the way up to the shoulders bending at the knees his little cocktail stepping down as he was playing with his c** hole I got so excited that I got on my knees crawl towards him and wrap my lips around his a****** and suck for all I was worth. he told me I was such a good c********* he was going to enjoy using me to his advantage., he pulled my hair and drag me into the bedroom for me on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge start twisting and pinching my long hard fat nipples. all his cock so delicious in my mouth every once in awhile please cock out and asked me if I liked it and I told him from now on I will be your personal c********* I want your cock morning noon and night and I want to take all the sperm that you can see me and I would even love to drink your piss straight from the tap. cited statement, he drove me into the bathroom and place my head on top of the toilet told me to lick the seat it will piss droplets soon as I tasted is pissed I knew I was hooked on his piss. he pulled my head back and told me to open my mouth he just started pissing in my throat all over my face telling me this and he told me as soon as he was done teasing me he was going to take me back to bed and f*** my mouth until he shot his sperm down my throat..well that night I spent 7 hours with him with his cock in my mouth you taking this c** swallowing his piss each time he would piss in my mouth he would say that it's definitely a sign of a submissive cock s*** to face f****** face puss anytime I want. needless to say for the past week I have sucked his cock every day sometimes 3 or 4 times a day he's been pissing into a glass sitting on the side of his bed everytime I go over I have to begin by drinking a glass of his piss. is the nastiest most perverted man II have ever met,he's also informed me that he has friends better about his same size weight they're going to use my mouth whenever they want Saturday night he invited for guys over putting himself I was placed in the middle of the room my hands tied behind my back a blindfold on my eyes and I sucked o'clock after cock after cock the total not knowing whose cock was stuff down my throat was such an amazing feeling. I swallow c** over and over and over again until finally I was picked up by my hair taken into the bathtub they all circles and kissed me all I had that warm sweet sleepiness running down my throat my hair over my ears my tits my little cock my feet my toes I was in heaven was determined Saturday night that I was to be offered to any one of the men anytime for service and worshipof their cocks.I have even met the oldest one who's in his seventies down at the XXX theater where do you place me in the middle of the aisle and just f*** my mouth in front of everyone inject office c** all over my face and then turn around and say Come on his prime is ready who's next one after one on the men in the theatre all fat skinny young stood in line waiting to use my mouth for a c** dump I've never felt more sexier in my life and at the same time perverted.this is tuesday night required to meet all five guys for a night of total submission.

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    Gay Male / 50

    I had posted a ad on CL looking for a cock to suck and swallow or possibly a top. I got some replies and emailed back and forth a few times and one of the guys seemed to appeal to me more than the others so I agreed to meet in a natural place and see if we clicked. We met at a local Bk and we seemed to click and he was pretty good looking and early 40's. He was divorced for about a year and because of child support and other things he shared a house with a couple other guys but told me they would either be out or in their rooms sleeping. He asked if I was okay with going to his place.
    I told him it was not a problem. We got in our cars and I followed him to his place. when we got to his place and went inside it was a pretty nice place and we sat on the couch for a little bit chatting and he undid his pants and asked if I wanted his cock. Of course I did that's why I agreed to meet with him. I grabbed at his crotch area to pull his cock out and it was a nice thick 7 or 8 inches and I started jerking him then bent over to lick his head and he let out a low moan.
    I slid off the couch and dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. I was sucking him nice and slow and he was moaning. All of the sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew it couldn't be his because both his hands were on my head. I jerked off his cock and looked around to find a totally naked guy standing behind me with a hard on about the same size as the guy on the couch. He said you picked a good one this time and grabbed my hair and told me to suck him and pulled me towards him and I started sucking him. Then I heard another voice say let the party begin. Now I was nervous because what was suppose to be one guy turned into 3.
    I ended up sucking all 3 guys with them pulling my head towards their cocks after sucking one for a few minutes. Then one of them got up on the couch and laid with his legs open and I was moved to the end of the couch and bent over the arm rest and had me sucking the guy on the couch and then I felt the cold jell on my ass and knew what was coming. Next thing I felt the cock head at my hole and starting to enter me. He went slow at first little by little as I sucked harder and harder on the one on the couch. once he was all the way in he slowly started sliding in and out.
    I started to really moan as he felt good inside me. After a short period he started going faster and then was pounding my ass until he shot a load in my. He pulled out and I was again filled with another cock and he must have been a little thicker because it felt bigger and was steadily pumping me. The guy on the couch got up and the first guy had goon I guess to clean up and took his place on the couch and had me sucking his soft cock, which didn't stay soft long. The 2nd guy busted his nut in my and I'm not sure if the 2nd guy was even out of me before the 3rd was in me. I ended up sucking and getting fucked by all 3 at least 3 times that night and the one I followed to the house I think he fucked me 4 times.
    When it was done and over with I later found out He was told to find a bottom and bring him to the house so they all could use him and that the one I followed was actually the other two's bitch boi. When I left I was on shaky legs and could not walk very well but as I walked to my car I was smiling but both my mouth and ass were sore. I am hoping to get with them again in the near future.

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    Gay Male / 54

    I broke up with my last girlfriend 8 years ago and I also considered myself bi and when I had no girlfriend I would put a post on Craig's list looking to suck guys off and would get some replies but most never meet as anyone that has posted there or any hook up site knows. Well I did suck a few guys off and even dated a couple women from time to time over the course of a couple years. But as the years started going by I was looking for more men then women to the point where I lost interest in women. The last woman I had sex with was about 5 years ago and I had a hard time getting hard and yes I was very much attracted to her but just had a hard time getting it up. After a few dates I stopped seeing her telling her I had personal issues and needed to get them straightened out and didn't want to have a relationship until I got those worked out.
    The thing was that I had no problem with getting hard while sucking a cock or taking it up the ass and even cum without touching myself while getting fucked. I meet a guy that turned me into a complete bottom bitch and a cock whore and now I don't even think about women other then their clothes. Over a course of about a year this guy first got me to shave my body then wear panties and later bras and sexy lingerie when ever we got together. I don't dress completely but I do love playing the female role and for the past 3 years I no longer own any men's underwear and only wear panties 24/7 and most of my tops and jeans are women's. I have come to love being a bottom bitch and have no interest in topping a guy.
    Dan changed my life about 4 years ago after I met him and we played together. He is a total top and even thou he had sucked me off a few times he managed to but me in a cock cage and only he had the key so he could control when and where I would cum. I was his cock whore and cum slut anytime we were together. He taught me about a side I never knew I had. It started with the shaving of my body which I keep shaved smooth from head to toe to this day year round, then the panties which feel so much better then men's underwear and so many colors and styles and material to choose from. (my favorites are thongs and bikinis and I love lace trimming on my panties) I also wear bras that are made for men which don't have padding but cup what breast tissue I do have. I am 5'7 and 165 lbs and fairly fit and trying to keep my stomach flat and just enough muscle tone to look fit but not like a gym rat.
    Dan would use me any way he wanted whenever he wanted, he also taught me I like being humiliated to a point. We would be in a store or some place and would have me make sure when I bent over or reached up that my panties would show and he would make me do this in front of other men or women and made sure they seen them. He would have me give him blowjobs in public bathrooms and yes we were caught a few times and we would hurry out before we got in trouble. He had a convertible mustang that during the nice weather he would have me giving him road head with the top down going down the highway and passing trucks which a lot would blow their horns and we went by. Depending on his mood sometimes we would pull into a rest area after passing a few trucks and park to see if any of the trucks we passed would pull in.
    If they did he had me go back down on them as they passed the car then we would get out and head into the restroom and wait in there in one of the stalls. several times the driver would come in and we would come out of the stall together and seemed the driver would always ask the same question.. do you own the mustang convertible? and Dan would say yes. Then the driver would say something like road head is great isn't it. Dan would say yeah then point at me and say he always loves giving road head when we go somewhere and is always up for sucking cock. This would lead to me sucking off drivers in the stalls or behind the rest area.
    Other times if we were at a place where guys cruised looking for action he would make me wear thin white shorts and very colorful panties and we would walk the park or hiking trails and if a guy showed interest and started chatting with us Dan would make comments about me being a cock whore and pull out his cock and tell me to tell him what I like and I would tell him I love sucking cock then Dan would tell me to get on my knees which I would and would end up blowing the other guy or bending over for him and taking it in the ass. If we went to a gay bar or club he would have me go in the men's room to the last stall and wait then he would send guys in to get their cocks sucked and even fuck me once in a while providing they wore a condom. He has had me blow him in front of some women also.
    While we no longer see each other but he did turn me into a cum slut cock whore that loves fem clothing and playing the submissive role and I truly think my mind has been altered to the point I am here to please real men and have them use me for their total pleasure. I don't care if I cum because I am for their pleasure not mine and besides if I am getting fucked really good I cum without touching myself.
    Right now it is hard to find guys to use me because of the small town area I live in and being I am horny 24/7 I am going crazy and to the point where I am about to start asking guys if they want a blowjob as we pass by each other in the stores or on the sidewalks. Only thing stopping me is I am not into pain and don't want to get my lights punched out but it is driving me crazy not getting any cock and my dildos are fun but it gets old and the real thing is much better.

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    Gay Male / 53

    When I was in my teens myself and a couple friends would experiment with sex with each other and would suck and fuck each other over the course of middle and high school. Then as most do we started growing up and went our separate ways, we all got married and had kids. Not sure about the others but for me I stopped messing with guys and never thought about it again until after I got divorced and that took about 3 years before it would happen again. One night after going out to the bars and not having any luck with finding a woman I was walking by an adult book store and decided I would go in and check things out as I never been in one.
    I went in and was looking around at all the videos and magazines. I seen a guy come in and chatted with the counter person and paid some money and went in the back through a door way. I went to the counter and asked what was in the back. He told me video booths where you can watch some of the videos they were promoting for that month. I paid to go in the back and got 5 dollars in coins and headed in the back. It was fairly dark back there and as I walked around checking out the booths and I noticed a light at the top of each booth and it would be on if someone was in the booth watching videos. I found a booth and sat down and put some coins in the machine and started watching the clip. Some black guy was getting a blowjob from a white girl and I seen the channel button and started clicking through the channels and came across one where some guy was sucking another guy while he was getting fucked in the ass.
    I instantly started to get hard and as I was watching it I started rubbing myself and enjoying the show. The booths didn't have any doors on them but you hard a hard time seeing what was on the screen if you were standing in the doorway of the booth. I turned the volume so others wouldn't hear what I was watching. As guys would walk by I would stop rubbing myself being I never been in a store like this before. As I was watching the movie this one guy kept walking past and would stop from time to time and just stand there for a few seconds. Well about the 5th or 6th time he stopped he stepped into the doorway and was holding his cock in his hand.
    I looked at him and then his cock a couple times and he moved into the booth a little more and asked if I wanted to suck his cock. I asked where we could go and he said right here. I said I wasn't sure about that because there were signs on the booths stating only one person per booth. He told me this happens all the time. He was stroking his cock as we were chatting and I kept looking at his cock and he moved in a little closer and for some reason I reached and started jerking him then leaned into him so to put his cock in my mouth. Then the rush came and it brought back the memories of younger days and I was really starting to get into sucking him when I noticed there was another guy standing just off to the side watching us which got me even hotter and I pulled off his cock and said someone was watching us. He looked and said don't worry about him guys watch all the time and grabbed my head and started face fucking me.
    A short time later he pulled really hard on my head and blew a big load in my mouth and told me to swallow. I couldn't pull off his cock and ended up swallowing every bit of his load except the little bit that leaked out the side of my mouth. After he was done he left and I cleaned the cum off the sides of my mouth and got up and left. When I got home I thought about what I did and realized I liked it. So from then on if I was in between girlfriends I would head down to the book store and suck a few guys off. This went one for awhile and about 6 years ago after my last girlfriend I was getting horny but where I live now there are no book stores within 90 minutes of me so I started to check out gay sites and craigs list for any locals being I didn't want to drive 70 miles to the stores. What I found out was there are a lot of players on the sites and CL and maybe 1 out of ever 15 would actually meet for real time play.
    I had posted on CL for a local to suck on a regular bases and finally after a couple months I found a guy that actually wanted to meet which we did and it became a regular thing for about a year then he had to move out of state. I started dating again but noticed I wasn't really getting into fucking the women and struggled with getting hard and thought this can't be right being I was only 47 at the time. Well I hooked up with a guy or a quick one night stand and found I had no problem getting hard while sucking him off and when he fucked me he actually made me cum without even touching myself. Over the next couple days I thought about this and did a little experiment where I dated a couple women and played with a couple more guys and found out with the women I struggled and with the men I was rock hard like a teenager.
    After that I basically concentrated on only hooking up with men. Then about 4 years ago my life changed big time. I hooked up with this guy that was about 6'2 and 230 pounds and I am only 5'7 and 165 pounds so his size was quite bigger then mine. Anyways it became a regular thing and although he was only about 6 1/2 inches long he was on the thicker side but a very nice cock. Well as time passed I hooked up with a few other guys and topped a few but it got to the point I preferred to bottom instead and with this guy he was a total top and somewhat on the dominant side. I would suck and bottom for him once or twice a week and yeah he would suck me off from time to time but not to many times which didn't bother me.
    Then one day he comes over and tells me he wanted to see me shaved smooth from the neck down and we went into the shower and he shaved me, even my underarms. We had great sex that day and I don't think I ever felt him that hard before. He told me with being shaved I looked like I had a twiks body being I was thin but fit. Then one day he shows up and tells me he wanted to see me in panties which I tell him I don't have any and he pulls out a pair of pink silk panties and gives them to me. I take off my clothes and put them on and they were a little small but fit and he started rubbing my cock and said they looked great. He fucked me harder then I could ever remember him fucking me that day and made me cum so hard.
    Well that started something new and within a could get together he told me he only wanted to see me in panties and I needed to buy some. I did as told and picked up a couple different styles and pretty colors. Well now that is all I wear and he got rid of all my male underwear. That was about 4 years ago and even thou we don't see each other anymore I still only wear panties and love pleasing real men. I love playing the female role even thou I only wear panties and don't cross dress I feel like the female when with men and being most men are much bigger then me in body size and even cock size being I am only 5 1/2 and on the thinner side of average.
    If I could move to a bigger city I would but I live in a small town area and it is hard to find guys to hook up with. I now shave my whole body head to toe and wear panties 24/7 and I only want to please real men, having no interest in women for the past 3 years and only get hard when I have a cock in my mouth or ass. I am always horny and would suck cock any time or place and willing to be a real man's bitch boi and don't care who knows. I just love cock. So now at 53 I am proud of being a gay bitch boi.

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    Gay Male / 26

    I just want hard cock all the time. I am too afraid to tell people in real life, so I tell them to email me pics of the vainy cocks just so I can imagine it in my mouth. adamdekroon88@@g***l.**m

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Every weekend my wife visits her mother. Sometimes she'll phone and tell me she's staying overnight. When she does, I get on the internet and open up a site I've visited frequently this past year. It's a web site which advertises young gay and bisexual men, ones who adore older men like myself, fucking them.
    So far I've invited eight different young men round to suck all of eight inches hard. And after having a condom slid over my dick, I've fucked each and everyone of them until they're cumming all over themselves. I usually finish myself off by stroking my cock over their faces, or by cumming in their willing mouths.
    She visited and stayed over at her mothers last weekend again. For the first time, I had a young nineteen year old lad called Alex stay overnight with me. I've fucked Alex a number of times, and each time previously I've only enjoyed his company for a couple of hours. Last weekend we spent the whole night making wonderfully passionate love.
    By the time the sun was rising, so was my cock again and I had Alex ride my cock for fourth time from the time he arrived at our house.
    Before the beautiful young man walked out of the house, he told me he was in love with me. I responded by kissing him hard and long. Parting I replied by asking him to accompany me on a yearly trip I make with the company I own. Alex accepted my request, kissing me again. My wife stays at home nowadays as she hates the journey. So I'll be telling Alex I'm prepared to leave my wife as we make love in the hotel I normally use. If he accepts my proposal, I'll be renting a flat and changing my whole world.
    It's something I should have done a long time ago, and it's a realisation of the man I've decided to be. A proud gay man who loves a young man called Alex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I'm 36 and married to a beautiful woman with 2 great kids. I've been told numerous times by different people that no one suspect me of being bisexual. I have flexibility in my work schedule which provides me the luxury of hitting the many different adult book stores and adult theaters in our metro area. Even as a teenager I was attracted to men with salt and pepper hair and or grey hair, especially those who were professional, and that has not changed. On the other side of the city there's an adult theater in one of these old theaters with a balcony which has become a haven for gays and bisexuals. Not that I haven't been on the main floor, seen and participated in male sex (sex with a man and women a couple of times) but the balcony always seems to have someone stroking, sucking and fucking on the very back row.
    A year or so ago I was there one evening around 8pm and met this very really handsome man with grey hallow around his salt and pepper wavy hair. Like me he wears his wedding ring, sports a nice 7 1/2 incher with a mushroom head and a magnificent smile and deep voice. First time we hooked we set beside each other jacking the others cock, then we took turns sucking each other. We had a guy come sit beside me to join in, which was fine, but I wanted that man to myself and wanted to see him shoot his load into my hand. I wound up on my knees between them both sucking one the other. We started to attract several who were now standing in the aisle beside the grey headed man as he stood up, zipped up walked out. I finished the man I was sucking then I took off hoping to find him. Sure enough he was in the lobby sipping one soda. We both talked as we had a soda then we went back to the balcony level bathroom into a stall where he set on the toilet and I fucked his face with my 9 incher cuming inside the palm of my hand. We swapped places and he fucked my mouth shooting his load in my hand with my load. one of my things is mixing loads - in my mouth, hand or whatever.
    I've hooked with this 51 year old man many times at the same theater never knowing his name. Monday night we hooked and I fucked his ass (with condom) while another man sucked his cock. Then the man sucking his cock suited up for some ass and I sucked his cock. Another man came over standing to the side and the grey headed man sucked on his cock-and I got some too. Then a tall young black guy came over suited up and got some ass. Now I am boned again and I get some more. Now the grey headed man has a 3 more in line stoking as they are waiting their turns on his ass ore mouth.
    Finally the grey headed man knelt in the floor behind the last row of seats as he took on the last 3 in his ass. There must have been 8 to 10 men of all ages, races, sizes suiting up for a turn. We were all sucking and gangbang fucking that good looking married man with the grey hair. He and I have had some great times together and some 3 ways, 3 sums, small groups but Monday night was the best ever. When I saw the man from the ticket booth there with his ring finger hand jacking his cock awaiting a turn I knew that had to my a monumental sex act in the theatre. I know it will be one of my favorite of all uninhibited, gangbang sex orgies of my life and the man in the center was my kind of a man.
    My wife and I are animal lovers: 4 German Sheps, 2 parrots, salt water fish tank and 3 Maine Coon Cats. One of the cats has been sick and our vet has been treating her unsuccessfully for several weeks. Monday afternoon our vet told my wife our cat needed a Specialist and referred our cat to one. yesterday I dropped our cat at the new office on for a series of test. My wife met me there at 6PM for a consultation. We were in the exam room when the vet Tec brought in our cat telling us she has "bladder stones" and said the vet would be in shortly. Some 30 minutes later in walked - that handsome, grey headed man I help gang bang at the adult theater on Monday night and my cock twitched as we shook hands.

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    Gay Male / 54

    It started about 8 years ago, My friend of about 20 years wanted to come down to my camp to hunt for the upcoming deer season and he had just got divorced about 18 months prior. I never did anything with a guy before even thou from time to time I wondered what it would be like to suck another man off but never acted on it. I told him he was more then welcome to come down to hunt. Well he came down on Friday evening (hunting started Monday) We sat around drinking a few beers and got caught up with what we been doing and work and all the normal bs. It was about 7 and I suggested we head down to the local vets club for dinner and a few drinks. After dinner we were chatting some of the guys that only come down to camp for deer season and were having a pretty good time. About 11 pm we left to come back to my place and we continued to drink and bs and some how the conversation turned to sex and I had a few porn movies and asked if he wanted to watch one. He said yes and I put in a straight porn movie (at the time that's all I owned) anyways we were pretty drunk by this time and as we were watching it he told me it has been at least 6 months since he had sex and started rubbing himself. I didn't think anything of it and said it has been at least that long for me also.
    While we were watching the movie we both were rubbing ourselves and I decided to pull my pants down and started jerking. He seen what I did and followed suit. He kept saying he needed a blowjob and after about 20 minutes of us jerking he asked if I would be willing to suck him off. At first I thought he was kidding and said I don't think so. Well he kept bugging me and I finally made the comment " you suck me and I'll suck you" thinking he would decline. Well he pulled my punk card and said he was so fucking horny he would. Well I was somewhat shocked and then he moved off his chair and was on his knees in front of me. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it and then went down on me. I have to admit it felt good and I was enjoying it and he did suck me good and when I was about to cum I told him and he quit sucking and jerked me off until I dumped a load all over his hand.
    When I was done cumming he stood up and leaned in towards me and his cock was right in my face and I grabbed it and started playing with it and he started telling me suck his cock and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into him. I opened my mouth and started putting it in. It felt warm and hard/soft at the same time and I could taste his precum which wasn't bad. I started going up and down on him and he started throwing his hips into my face as he held the back of my neck. After a bit I noticed he wasn't holding my neck anymore and I was working his cock on my own and I started liking it. A few minutes later he grabs my neck again and thrust forward as hard as he could and without warning he start to cum in my mouth. I tried to pull away but by this time he had both hands holding my head and held me until he finished and then a little longer and I had no choice but to swallow.
    Afterwards he pulled away and went and sat back down. I said I never did that before and he said he didn't either and asked if I liked it. I said I wasn't sure and we ended the night and went to bed (separate rooms)The next morning I was waken by Steve trying to put his cock in my mouth again. I looked up and as I pulled away asked him what he was doing and he said he needed another blowjob and I told him It was a 1 time thing and he told me I said the night before that after he dumped his load down my throat that I told him anytime he wanted a blowjob again let me know. I don't remember saying that and he continued to try and get me to suck him and I finally gave in and sucked his cock again. When he was done cumming in my mouth again he told me to swallow like I did the night before. I did and it wasn't bad. He never did blow me again but over the course of that weekend I gave him probably 8 times and decided I was actually enjoying doing it.
    That was 8 years ago and over the course of that 8 years I started looking for guys that wanted head and gave numerous guys blowjobs. About 3 or 4 years ago I meet this guy that wanted a blowjob and when I went to meet him we met outside off a hiking trail that is not used much anymore. We met and walked down the path a little ways and I dropped to my knees to blow him and at only 5'6 and 145 pounds I am not very big and he was about 6'3 and about 250 pounds so he was much bigger then me. Now he wasn't big in the hung department maybe 6 inches and not real thick. Anyways I was sucking him and he was talking dirty and calling me cocksucker and faggot and such and was face fucking me. I guess he really got excited and grabbed me and pulled me up like a rag doll and turned me around and pushed me towards the tree and ordered me to drop my shorts because he wanted to fuck. I told him I never been fucked and just like to suck cock. He told me to shut up and do it. I was scared because of his size and did as he told me.
    He had me lean towards the tree and spit on his fingers and rubbed it in my ass crack then spit on his hand and I felt his cock head pushing against my hole and he told me to relax and it won't hurt so much. I felt his head pop inside me and he told me to try and push out and it will go in easier. I did and the next thing I know I could feel his balls against my legs. He waited a minute or so then started fucking me slow and after a few minutes the pain was going away and it started feeling good. He started going faster and as he did it felt better and better and I caught myself moaning and pushing back to meet his thrust. Then he said yeah you like cock in your ass don't you as he started really slamming into my ass.
    I was moaning and even reached back to spread my ass cheeks so he would go deeper. About 10 minutes and he exploded in my ass and my legs were shacking and he pulled out and I moaned in regret that he pulled out. He laughed and said yeah now you want it don't you. I did say it felt amazing. Well we met numerous times for about a year and he even introduced me to a friend of his and I would suck and fuck both of them. From that first time with both of them I became their submissive cock sucking sissy bottom which I will write about another day.

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    Gay Male / 18

    I'm the same twink who posted story #23802. Anyway, I just wanted to share some new stuff. I mentioned before how my guy is pretty dominant, and I enjoy being his submissive. I have a small, slender, and fit nearly feminine body, which he loves about me. He likes me to be the feminine role in the relationship and, honestly, I like being it and letting him take on the masculine role. I also mentioned he's pretty thick, like meaty with veins and everything. It's a great cock and I love it. Well a few days ago I was over at his place and he was sitting naked on his couch and I was on my knees in front of him giving him head. I've been working on relaxing my throat and trying to deepthroat him and I'd been pleasuring him orally for about 40 minutes by this point when I began tasting ample amounts of his precum pouring into my mouth. Obviously I've tasted his precum several times and know the difference between the taste of his cum and his precum. The precum is so much sweeter. I moaned with pleasure because I like knowing he was excited but I noticed it seemed like a lot of precum was coming out. I looked up at him and his head was back against the back of the couch, his eyes were closed, his right hand running through my hair, and he was moaning in pleasure quite a bit. I took him out a second and took a quick look just to make sure it wasn't actual cum and sure enough it was clear so I went right back to it.

    The precum seemed to slow down but about 5 or so minutes later it came again. I was thinking I must really be edging him but wasn't sure how he hadn't burst yet. I liked all around his shaft throughout the whole time, alternating between that and trying to deepthroat him. We were both giving our moans shortly after and then I felt some more leaking across my tongue, only this time I knew it was cum, only his cock didn't stiffen and enlarge nor did he change his breathing and didn't shoot out like normal at first. It just flowed out like the precum was doing and I swallowed it as it came out. And then maybe 30 seconds later he starts to say fuck but it quickly turns into a long moan and his hand on my head tightens and he holds it down as his hips raise a bit and I have about half his monster in my mouth and he just explodes into my throat. I do my best to swallow as much as I can and do a good job but I eventually manage to pull my head back and catch the rest in my mouth. After he was done and while I was licking him clean he tells me that was the best blowjob he's ever had.

    After a short while he's ready to go again and I resume my my position on my knees, still horny as hell, and suck him until he's hard again. Then he pulls me to my feet and I know what he wants so I straddle him on the couch and lower myself on his cock. He's leaning back as far as the recliner part on the couch will go and I slowly grind on him, his hands on my hips to control my movement and mine on his chest so I don't stroke myself off. It didn't take long until I knew I was going to cum and I was as hard as I could possibly be and fully engorged and he knew it was about to happen because he's just staring at my cock (he loves watching me cum hands free knowing it's all because of his cock in my ass) and I go "Oh baby you're making me cum" and then I start shooting all over him and me and I'm starting to speed my grind up because I'm orgasming and then he swells and starts cumming up in my ass. I'm looking in his eyes while cums completely enjoying every squirt and throb and then when he relaxes I collapse on his chest, his cock still throbbing in me and feeling my cum on his chest sticking to both of us now. I'm breathing hard and I hear him say "Baby?" and it dawns on me that that was the first time I ever said anything like that. Hell, we usually don't talk while cumming it's just moans and stuff. I'm nervous and resting my head on his chest by his neck and I just go "Mm hm" and he just goes "So I guess that makes you my girl." We just chuckled since we've been exclusive since we started. We kiss for a while before we go shower and I have to head home.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    A month ago I was a straight guy with a fiancee. Now I'm a bisexual man with a wife.
    This confession could have been put in two sections, this and "My Family". Because the man who took my oral and anal cherry, is my new father in law Jim (James). And our first sexual encounter actually happened at the wedding reception.
    I went to get changed at the same time Jim decided to, before heading back down to the celebrations downstairs. We decided to change in his hotel room, as my new wife was getting changed in the marital suite we were in.
    I couldn't help but look at Jims huge cock when he took off his trousers. He wore no underwear and it was obvious he was sexually aroused. Jim saw me looking and simply asked me if I liked cock. It was a qustion I'd never been asked and I definitely didn't think I'd hear it from the father of my wife.
    I'm going to make excuses about the amount of alcohol I'd drunk, because I hadn't touched a drop (Not wanting to waste my wedding night). I'm not going to say I'd had previous gay relations when younger, as I hadn't. All I can say, is Jim's erect cock, strangely looked beautiful to me. Still staring at his manhood I heard Jim say "You know I'm bisexual right, you can suck me if you want". He paused before he added "....... won't find out".
    As I've mentioned I'd not had any alcohol, so finding myself on my knees in front of Jim. Taking hold of his long heavily veined cock and opening my mouth, was done in what I believe, a purely natural way. Jim held my head gently at first, as I let inch by heavy inch slide over my tongue. The heat from his cock and his cocks girth took me by surprise. As did the feel of his cock. It was fully erect and hard, yet it also felt soft in my mouth.
    Trying not to gag, and to suck his cock the way his daughter sucks on mine, I began to give my father in law oral pleasure. Jim began to thrust into my mouth, as I became more accustomed to his length and girth. He started to pull me onto him and I in turn gripped his buttocks tightly, slipping a finger over his arsehole. As soon as my finger touched his rear hole, Jim fucked my mouth with real purpose.
    I'd not been sucking on his cock for more than five minutes, when Jim pulled my hair and began grunting loudly. I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and knew from my own experiances, he was close to orgasm. Not wanting to spoil his moment, I tried to deep throat him, letting him know it was ok to cum in my mouth.
    The explosion of hot cum hitting the back of my throat and flooding my mouth was for me, the best single sexual sensation of my life. I was instantly hooked on cum and more over Jim's cum. Jim cntinued to fuck my mouth as each and every drop flowed from his still hard dick. Not once did I take my mouth away and because of that, I had to swallow, I wanted to swallow his seed.
    Shaking from his orgasm, Jim pulled his cock from my mouth and jokingly said "Now you're definitely part of the family".
    I've been improving my status in the family, not only with his daughter, who I love. But also weekly with her father who's cock I'm becoming very familiar with.
    Jim has asked if he can fuck me sometime. I'm not sure if my arsehole could take his large cock, but in a few weeks from now, when my wife takes a two day trip away with her company, I'm going to fnd out. Jim's staying over and even if I can't take his cock anally (We'll give it a damn good go), I'm sure going to take it orally as many times as I can.

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