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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was attending a Birthday party out of town and by 12:30am, I was back in my hotel room and a bit bored. I had a shower and was in my bed jerking off - then I realize that I could post to look for a hook up on Craigslist. I don't do this often but I was soooo horny.

    The challenge is that my friends were staying on the same floor and I had to sneak someone in - it was daring and a bit scary which made it more fun !!!

    I started chatting with this young guy who was looking for oral and within 10 minutes, I heard the "bing" of the elevator and he was standing outside of my room in the hallway - I could see him through my peep hole. So I let him in - the room was somewhat dark with only dim lighting.

    This guy was really nice, the type of body that I like (average with some muscle and hockey player's ass), he had body hair at the right place, a nice cut cock that was hard as a pole for hours and an amazing round ass with a hairy hole !

    It was so unexpected that he felt amazing !!! We fucked around all night and he finally left at 4:30am !!

    I love the INTERNET !!! it connects people with similar needs !!

    I went from fantasizing about cock to actual cock in my mouth within 15 minutes ! His smell was amazing and I fell asleep exhausted and pleased.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Around eighteen months back my wife and I went through some rough times together. She was going through her menopause which pretty much meant no sex. I might be fifty one now, but I have very healthy appetite for sex. Before my wife's menopausal on goings, we'd have sex of some description at least once a day, so to go from having sex that often to non was extremely difficult for me. I began to masturbate daily and often wondered about having sex with other women. Indeed at the place I work, there is a thirty two year old lady who I know is dying for me to get between her long slender legs, but I didn't want the rigmarole of having another relationship going on the side.
    By pure coincidence in December last year, I got an injury at work which meant I had to have stitches put in my arm. At the doctors a couple of weeks later I was waiting to see a nurse who would be taking out my stitches. Sat there bored I noticed a young guy who kept on glancing across at me. Ten minutes later as his name, Ryan was called out, he smiled at me as he limped off to see the doctor. A couple of minutes afterwards I was called in to see the nurse.
    Exiting after my treatment, I walked to my car and noticed the young guy stood close to the parking lot. He smiled at me again and limped over. Having not said a word to each other prior to him talking, Ryan said "Hey I'm struggling with my ankle, if you give me a lift I'll give you a blow job".
    It's funny looking back now, but I didn't even give it a thought, I just said "Ok where".
    Ryan directed me right past our house and on towards the country lanes which are only a mile or so away from where I live. Taking me to a small farm track and on to a siding in the road, he asked me to pull over. Undoing his seat belt, he leaned over looked up at me and said "You're going to enjoy this". As he said it, he opened my trousers and slowly pulled out my hardening cock.
    I'd never thought about being with another male, let alone actually having one about to give me a blow job. But it had been so long since I'd had sex, I just let him get on with it. And boy was Ryan right about me enjoying it. Ryan's just had his eighteenth birthday, but as a seventeen year old then, he sure knew how to suck cock. In fact way better than any woman I've ever had blow me, including my wife.
    Taking my cock head into his mouth in one go, I felt his tongue roam all over my cock shaft. And for the first time in my life, my whole eight inch cock disappeared down his throat. When I opened my eyes to watch him sucking away on my dick, I saw he was loving what he was doing and it gave me the impetus to grip his hair and to fuck his mouth. Which made Ryan if anything even more horny to suck me off. Maybe because it had been so long since I'd had another person other than my right hand pleasure me, I didn't last too long and I let Ryan know I was about to cum. Saying "Ugh huh" with a mouthful of cock, I knew he was going to try and swallow my load, and that's precisely what he did. Every spurt of my cum flew down his throat and Ryan took the lot.
    Wiping his mouth as he sat up, he asked me if I'd like to suck him. Before I could answer, he pulled down the track suit bottoms he had on, showing me he had no underwear on and it also showed me he had a very small dick. Again not thinking about what I was doing, I bent over, took his little cock into my mouth and began to suck and lick it. No mre than a minute later I was like Ryan before me, swallowing a surprisingly large amount of cum down my throat.
    Dropping him off close to where he lived with his parents, we swapped mobile numbers. Ryan said he'd like to see me again, but didn't want anything serious as he had a girlfriend. Before he got out of my car he also added he loved being fucked.
    Leaving me with that thought, I drove home and said hello to my wife as she hugged me.
    The following week at work I got a text from Ryan, it said something like "Hi, feeling horny, love to have our cock fucking me, pick me up and you can fuck me in your car". I text back and told him it would have to be after I finished. Telling my wife over the phone I was stopping back a little, I drove over to near Ryan's home, picked him up and drove over to what was and has become our regular sex spot.
    Ryan stripped naked for me, handed me a tube of lube and a condom. Then after sucking on my cock for about five minutes, I lay the seats back, got him to turn over and coated his backside with the lube. Putting on the condom, I took my work jeans completely off and got on top of my seventeen year old young man. Aas my cock entered its first male arse, Ryan looked back at me and said "Fuck me daddy".
    I pounded that young mans arsehole for all I was worth. There was no finesse about how I fucked him. Just raw long awaited fucking and wow did Ryan take it so good. He even began to buck back onto me as I thrust into his arsehole. It was one of the best spontaneous fucks I'd had, and it was with a young man who definitely knew he wanted fucking.
    Turning his head back towards me as I continued to fuck him hard, Ryan asked me to kiss him. It's weird there I was fucking his arsehole, but the thought of kissing him didn't appeal to me. Nevertheless I leaned over and put my lips to his. It felt strange to be kissing another male, but it didn't for long as we began to kiss passionately. Stooping for a few seconds, i asked Ryan to ride me. So getting up I had him climb on top of me as I lay on the seat. Watching his youthful body slamming up and down, and feeling his tight little arsehole squeezing my cock, I was on the verge of cumming. Ryan then leaned over and we began to kiss again, but it was kissing with animal lust. I could n't hold on too much longer and busted my nut up his arse.
    Sliding my cock out with the condom nearly coming off, I tossed it outside. Ryan quickly opened the door and picked it back up. Only when he said we shouldn't leave any signs of us being there, did I realise just what we'd been doing in the relative open.
    Bagging the condom I got rid of it at home. But not before I had Ryan's cock in my mouth before we left the farm track lay by.
    From December to now I've continued to meet up with Ryan. He's turned eighteen now and often has me fuck him at the usual spot. But recently he's been visiting my home. My wife has gone back to work full time, which because of my shift work, I get time during the week to myself. Ryan's college time gives him enough days where we're both free and we fuck as much as time and circumstances allow. It's never been a relationship as such, as we both see it as a good fuck, but we have become reasonably close.
    As for my wife and me, we both enjoy each others company and now get on fantastically well, but in the eighteen months since her menopause we've not had any form of sex at all. Then only last week and probably the reason I'm confessing, she asked me if I'm having my friend around the following day, as she might be home early. When I didn't answer she added "If he is calling round, make sure he leaves before lunch time". She left it at that, kissed me and went to make the tea.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    We owed just over three thousand pounds to a money lender, money we'd loaned to get married. The money lender, a guy called Ross, isn't someone you want to let down, so when I got made redundant last September, I paid him some of the debt away with my redundancy money, but it still left me owing him around eighteen hundred. And with not having a job it became increasing hard to get the money to pay him our monthly amount.
    Visiting him at his usual haunt, I was bricking myself. His reputation, plus his cohorts abilities isn't conducive to a happy feeling. Asking him for some more time and lower payments didn't endear me to him either, and at one stage I thought I was going to be taken out back for a little persuader. Thankfully when he asked/told me to join him in another room, it wasn't to be filled in. However I was filled in in another way.
    Ross's huge friend closed the door behind him as he exited the room, at the rear of the pub. Then I was told to undress. At first I stalled, but once Ross moved a chair and sat behind a massive old desk, showing me a very large meat clever, I did as I was told.
    Down to my underpants he smiled at me, told me he liked men like me, slim guys who know when to be submissive and then rose to take off his trousers and shirt. Telling me to take off my underwear, he then moved me to the desk, got me to bend over it and that's when I felt his hot breath on my arsehole.
    From being a straight married man, to a guy who was bizarrely enjoying the tonguing I was receiving, I just reconciled myself to what ever he wanted from me. The tonguing lasted about five minutes and I was fully expecting my arse to be spread by his cock. But Ross pulled me up, spun me around and then pushed me downwards. On my way down I caught sight of his manhood. It was drooping down. Not because it wasn't hard, it was because it was so fucking big. I knew black or mixed race as Ross is, have somewhat larger cocks, but being straight I'd not ever seen one in the flesh.
    Staring down at me, Ross said "Well go on then, fucking suck it boy". It wasn't a request and I knew it. Taking hold of his huge cock, I hesitated just a second and received a hard slap across my face. The door opened then and Ross's massive friend peered in. Ross turned, told him everything was ok and he closed the door again.
    Opening my mouth I let Ross slide his mammoth cock over my tongue and tried my best to give him what my wife loved doing for me. And utterly beyond my comprehension, not only did I find I could take his cock extremely well, I also realised I began to enjoy sucking on his massive cock.
    Ross got the message I was enjoying it and began to fuck my face. Slowly at first then gripping my head tightly, he soon began to thrust into my mouth hard. I gagged a little at first, but as my mouth and throat got used to his size, I got into deep throating the man who at any time could have had me taken apart.
    The noises coming from Ross told after he'd been fucking my mouth and throat for some minutes, he was ready to cum. And at one point as his cock pulsed so much in my mouth, I thought he was gong to. Except Ross didn't want his sperm down my throat.
    Taking his cock out of my mouth again. He lifted me up roughly, dragged me over to the desk again and pushed me over it. Again I felt his hot breath on my arsehole, and his hot tongue probing at my hole. Only this time as I'd thought he would the first time, he didn't have me turn around when he stopped. Cold slippery substance was smeared all over my rear hole and then I heard him tearing a packet open. I knew what it was and readied myself for pain. Pain I'd heard of and seen with some of ex girlfriends when I'd fucked their arseholes.
    The sensation of Ross's large cock penetrating me was something else. If you haven't been anally fucked, then you'll not understand just how different the pain is. It's pure pain and absolute pleasure all at the same time. Or it was for me.
    The moment my arse let his cock enter me fully, the pain dwindled to almost nothing, and the pleasure kicked in big style.
    Ross changed then from a guy who just wanted his thrill from a younger, non violent person, to one of a lover. He leaned over me, kissed my right ear and told me he was going to fuck me to orgasm. As he carried on kissing e gently, he began to thrust into my arsehole with longer and ever harder thrusts. Leaning back off me he said and I will never forget those words "You'll be my slut for some time now, so enjoy every single thrust of my cock".
    And enjoy is exactly what I did.
    I couldn't have not enjoyed it. The sheer pleasure his cock was giving me as it drove deeper and deeper into my bowels, was so unbelievably good, I found myself encouraging him to fuck me harder. My voice telling him to give it to me harder, spurred my loan shark on to hammer my arsehole and his much stronger thrusts only drove me to greater feelings of passion.
    Then in a series of huge pulses flowing through my body, my cock erupted without warning and I came all over Ross's old desk. He noticed me shuddering beneath him and told me I was his bitch, his cock slut and his new boy.
    Holding onto my shoulders, I felt Ross grip them tightly and then telling me he was going to do it, I felt his cock slam into me one more time as his cock exploded filling the condom so deep inside my arsehole.
    Ross collapsed on top of me. He lay on top for some minutes breathing heavily, then he rose took off the condom and told me to turn around. Passing me the condom he said "Swallow it all". Putting the open part of the condom to my lips, I opened my mouth and tipped the condom upwards making his semen flow into my mouth. Once I'd sucked it all in, I opened my mouth to show him I had it all, and then swallowed the lot. His words were "Fuck man you are one dirty little fucker".
    Five minutes later I was sat next to his desk fully clothed with a beer in my hand. His man mountain of a friend was sat opposite me as Ross laid out my terms of payment. He told me my/our financial debt was paid off, but my personal debt wasn't. He went onto tell me, he would text me when his needs wanted sorting. I was to repay him sexually as many times as he wanted to fuck me, where ever he wanted to fuck me and maybe with other men who wanted some fun (Never happened as he wanted me all to himself). Sitting their with not an inkling of choice, I just nodded and gave him my mobile number.
    The very next afternoon as I was sat outside an office waiting for a job interview, I got a text telling me to visit him at the pub. As Ross put it "I'm fucking horny and my cock needs draining".
    An hour and half later I was facing Ross after mounting his cock. He was sat in his chair behind the desk as I bounced up and down on his cock until we both orgasmed all over Ross's stomach. Ross had pulled out of my arsehole, removed the condom and spurted his cum all over his already coated stomach. Kneeling down on the floor, I put my mouth to his stomach, then licked and sucked up every single drop.
    My/our payments were paid off at the beginning of March this year, after having sex with Ross over forty times since September last year. And I thought that was that. But Ross text me to see if I wanted, that's right I had a choice, to stay over with him in North wales. Other than money and fucking younger men, his other passion is the outdoors. Telling my wife I was working away, I booked some leave from the new job (The one I was waiting for the interview) and had two amazing days outdoors being fucked at every opportunity.
    Ross's approach to me has changed immensely and with each new sexual encounter we have, our sex only gets better and better. He's told me I have nothing to pay him back for and if I wanted to, I could end our liaisons. But to tell you the truth I would miss being fucked by his huge cock so much, I'm not going to stop having him inside of me.

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    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 16 me and two buddies were at my Parents house while they were out of town for a few days. We got very drunk on Friday night and of course all we talked about was sex at that age. The drunker we got the more we talked about our favorite subject and we all got pretty horny.
    One of them said we should jack off together and we all laughed but got more serious about it after another beer or two. We were all rubbing our crotches and wanting to get off so after a couple more beers we all wanted to jack off to get some relief so we went out on the back patio in the dark and stood there jacking off and we all shot a big load in the grass and were so drunk we all started laughing holding our dicks in our hands when we started to dare each other to put our hands on each others dicks. We ended up touching and stroking each other for a few minutes until we were all very hard again and we went back in the house and I suggested we all get naked and just have a little fun. Since we had the house to ourselves and it was so private they eventually agreed so we all took our clothes off and continued to drink beer naked and talk stroking ourselves and each other.
    We all admitted that it was fun and felt good and some how the subject came up about blow jobs. None of us had ever given one or gotten one but we knew we wanted one and there were a few hints from all of us that we should try it but no one wanted to be the first to suck a dick. At least not in front of any one but we were very drunk and desperate and started talking about blowing each other and we all got a big hard on and Bill said we should at least try it. We talked a bit more and were convinced that since no one would ever know about it we should try it just for the hell of it.
    It took awhile for us to talk ourselves in to sucking a dick and since none of us would go first we figured out a way to all do it at the same time after we all got on my bed. we laid in a circle on our sides and just stroked each other a little until we got brave enough to put a dick in our mouths but eventually we all had our lips around a hard dick trying to give each other a blow job and it was fun and we all talked a bit and took time to laugh about it but later on it got very quiet except for a little moaning and slurping sounds.
    We all came pretty quick but we all knew when to back away to keep from getting any cum in our mouths but we all had some cum on us some where. we all went to wash up awhile later then back to drinking beer still naked talking about the blow jobs we had just enjoyed. It was much easier to talk about after we actually did it and we all agreed that not only did it feel pretty damn good but it wasn`t bad at all. Later on we all admitted that we might do it again and the more we talked about it the more we thought hell! Why not and Steve said he wanted to do it again.
    Bill and I told him he could suck our dicks when ever he wanted to and not long after that he got on his knees in the Kitchen floor. Bill and I took the hint and stepped up close in front of him and drank our beer while he sucked on both our hard dicks. He really sucked us good and tried his best and it felt very good to Bill and I. We were both getting very close and Bill dared Steve to let us at lesast cum in his mouth and we didn`t think he would do it but he did. First Bill came in his mouth and he spit it out then let me cum in his mouth and he spit it out again then went to wash his mouth out.
    We couldn`t believe he actually did it but it felt great to cum in his mouth. When he got back we just had to talk about it and he said it wasn`t bad at all then we all admitted to eating our own cum some times. We drank more beer and there was some touching and a little humping going on at times and Steve came up behind me and grabbed me then started humping his dick on my ass. I thought it felt pretty good so I didn`t tell him to stop and with Bill watching and cheering him on he started humping me really good and got me bent over the kitchen table and humped me long enough that he shot his cum up my back and all over my ass. Bill said it was his turn so as soon as Steve backed off Bill started to hump on my ass and with cum in the crack of my ass it made his dick very slick and it fet good.
    Bill humped my ass awhile and several times the head of his dick poked my asshole and he even did it on pourpose a few times and tried to put his dick in my ass. I guess he thought it was OK since I didn`t say anything then Steve said "Let him stick it in your ass! Bill said I wished he would! Steve kept going on about it and Bill really wanted to and between the two of them they talked me in to at least trying it and Steve got around beside me and watched as Bill held his dick to my slick asshole and started to push. It slipped off my tight slick hol;e a few times but eventually I felt my asshole start to open up as the head started to enter me.
    Damn what a feeling when the head slipped past my tight opening and it started to sting a little. I had to tell him to stop a minute but as soon as I felt like I could take a little more I told him to stick it in me a little more and in a few seconds his dick was all the way up my ass and he couldn`t wait to fuck me. He had to go very slow but it felt damn good and Steve was watching Bill`s hard dick go in and out of my asshole and they were both talking to me and Bill started going faster. None of us even talked about it but I didn`t think he would but pretty soon I found out how wrong I was when he shoved it up my ass really hard and grunted as his cum shot up my ass.
    It was too late then and I just stood there bent over the table letting him cum in my ass and Steve couldn`t believe it and was stroking his big hard dick begging me for his turn. I was starting to really enjoy it so when Bill took his dick out of my ass Steve quickly took his place and stuck his slightly bigger dick in me and he started to fuck me hard but was too excited to last very long at all and he shot a big warm load deep in to my ass. There was a little of Bill`s warm cum on my nuts and when Steve pulled out there was a lot of cum dripping off my nuts and I started to cum and shot my load on the floor.
    I went to shower after that and couldn`t believe I just let my two best friends fuck my ass but what I really couldn`t believe is I let both of them cum inside of me. I liked it and even liked the way it felt as their cum leaked out of my ass in the shower. By the time I was out of the shower I wanted them to fuck me some more. I was anxious to get out of the shower and tell them I liked it and was willing to do it some more. After they both took a shower we drank a couple of beers talking about how they both had fucked me in the ass and how hot and tight my asshole was but they both enjoyed shooting their cum in my ass.
    We all decided to go to bed and I was laying between both of them really wanting them to fuck me again before we fell asleep. Neither of them asked me so Iasked them and that's all it took to get things started. I let them both fuck me again laying face down on my bed with them on top of me. They fucked me good for a very long time and came inside of me again. I slept with a towel between my legs to cath the cum dripping out of my ass that night.
    They both woke up with a hard on so I let them fuck me again then went to the shower. After we all had a good hot shower they both fucked me several times that day in just about every room in our house and we tried out every position we could think of and they both stuck their hard dicks in me countless times that day. We drank a lot and late that night after a long hot shower we were on my bed and Bill was fucking me from behind when I asked steve if he wanted me to suck his dick.
    Of course he did and was on his knees in front of me in a few seconds and as I sucked his hard dick Bill fucked my asshole. It felt so good I talked myself in to letting both of them cum in me and once Steve saw Bill cum in my ass he started to cum and I just swallowed every drop. I was out of control and the feel of a hard dick deep in my ass shooting cum in me with cum shooting in my mouth at the same time I just had to swallow and both of them kept their dicks in me for a very long time. We did that two more times that night and it was my favorite thing to do after that. It was always good to get fucked and suck a hard dick at the same time and swallow a warm load while taking one up the ass at the same time.
    By then end of that weekend we knew how to please each other and just enjoy some great sex between three really good friends. After that first wild ass weekend I let them fuck me all the time and the longer we did it the wilder the sex got. After months of them fucking me we figured out a way to get both their dicks in my ass at the same time. It hurt like hell the first few times we did it but it felt so good to have both of them cum in my ass together.
    One of them would lay on his back while I sat on his dick then put my chest on his while the other one was behind me with his dick up my ass. Both of them fucking me and shooting their cum up my ass felt very good. In our mid 20`s after we were all married we still snuck around to have fun together but eventually we all drifted apart as life goes on but I will never forget all the great sex the three of us had back then.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Coming up to a year ago, I was caught by a guard on a train, having not paid my fare. It wasn't cheap either and I knew I was in trouble because it wasn't my first time not paying and being caught.
    I tried to reason with him, but he just kept on saying at the next stop you're off and the railway police will be there. Really shitting myself, I asked him if there was any way I could pay him to not report me. With a huge grin on his face he said "Maybe if you sucked my dick or let me fuck you". He said it in such a way, that he thought I'd definitely say no. And normally I would have. But I genuinely knew I'd be in serious trouble. So I looked up at him and said "Ok where".
    The look on his face still stays with me. He motioned for me to follow him and he took right to the rear of the train. I knew we had about half an hour before my stop and so did he. Entering a small cupboard type room, full of supplies for the buffet car, he moved some stuff, dropped his trousers and said "Well get on with it then".
    Dropping to me knees I took the second cock I'd ever sucked into my mouth. (The first being a bet with some mates, I lost when I was twelve) Hs cock felt and tasted so much different to my first cock and it was also much larger. Even so I kind of enjoye having it sliding over my tongue. It wasn't sliding over my tongue for long though. For as soon as his cock became rock hard, he stood me up, spun me around and told me to drop my jogging bottoms. Lowering them, I heard him drop down and then felt his hot breath on my arsehole. Moving my arse cheeks apart he put his mouth to my hole and stuck his tongue right up my bum.
    It felt weird at first, but the more he did it, the more my own cock became hard. Reaching around me, he gripped my cock and began to toss me off. I was just o the brink of cumming when he stood up, pressed himself onto me and in one go, slid his dick up my arse. I tried to say something but nothing came out. I was in pain, but he just carried on entering me. Turning a little I told him it hurt, and saw him smile. Pulling completely out, I thought it was over, but he just slammed his cock straight up my arsehole again. It hurt again ,but as soon as his cock sank all the way in, my arsehole kind of gave way to his dick. And from then on it only got pleasurable.
    He began to fuck me for real, ramming his cock into me hard and without any thought for me. But by then it didn't matter. I was loving what he was doing to me and found myself backing onto him. He felt me doing that and fucked me even harder. I was just going to tell him how good he was making me feel, when my cock began to throb and i came all over the boxes in front of me. Pulling out of my arsehole, I heard him grunt loudly and then felt his cum spurt all over my arse.
    Telling me to pull up my joggin bottoms, he got himself sorted and we both walked out of the small room.
    Reaching my stop, he opened the door for me and passed me a card. It has his phone number on it and a email address.
    I contacted him about a week later and caught a train he was on the following day. During that journey, we sucked and fucked almost the whole way. I got off and waited in a city I didn't know and waited for him to text me. Around two hours later he text me and we traveled back to my home town. Again he fucked me on the train and afterwards we arranged to meet again. I've been meeting my forty six year old married train guard every week since. We don't fuck on the trains much these days as we usually fuck at his home. His wife works shifts which gives us enough time to have sex, and from what I can gather, he only gets sex with me nowadays anyway.
    My girlfriend knows nothing of my weekly visits to his home, neither does she or anyone else for that matter, know I love being fucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I'll try and be as brief as I can
    As a seventeen year old I took a holiday with some friends to a Greek island. At the time I was going through a tough time with my sexuality. I'd months before had a three way suck session with two older men (In their 20's) in a park, who I'd met from the internet. I let both of them suck me and then I'd sucked one of them as the other licked and tongued my arsehole. Even though It was all over in no more than twenty minutes, I felt so uncomfortable and afterwards I hated myself for doing it.
    In Greece I got pissed off going out and getting hammered every night. So after five nights out and five days of horrible hangovers, I decided I'd stay in as they all went out again.
    Sat by the lit pool drinking a soft drink, I was approached by a guy called Yannis who ran the hotels bar. Yannis was in his mid thirties then and had a fantastic physique on him from years of body building. He asked me why I ws alone and when I told him why, he responded by telling me he got his kicks not from alcohol, but from real good sex.
    As Yannis said it, he touched my shoulder and I knew right then he fancied me. But unlike the two men I'd had sex with back home, I felt totally relaxed with Yannis. He smiled at me, helped me up and without asking lead me along a corridor to his apartment close to the hotel.
    Inside I was introduced to a woman who turned out to be Yannis's wife. She said something in Greek to Yannis and then said to me "He always does like the cute ones". When I turned to Yannis as his wife walked away, he said "My wife knows and accepts I like sex with guys".
    It didn't occur to me then, she might might like to watch him with males. Walking on through and up one level of his apartment, we ended up in a really large bedroom. As Yannis moved over to the immense bed, he took off his clothing, revealing his taught muscualr body and a very big flaccid cock. Motioning with his hand, he asked me to join him.
    There was no nerves at all as I undressed in front of him. Nor did I stop him when he pressed my head down to his groin as he sat on the edge of the bed. Looking at his rising cock, I opened my mouth and let him slide his gorgeous cock over my waiting tongue.
    It didn't feel like it had in that park and I didn't feel like a boy out of my depth. Yannis took his time sliding his cock over my tongue and I soon found I was enjoying giving him pleasure. Stopping me, he lifted me up and around, then flipped me onto the bed. Getting us into a sixty nine position, we both took each others cocks into our mouths. It was then I heard Yannis's wife say in English "That looks beautiful". Stopping what I was doing I looked around to see her perched on a chair with her legs over the sides, Playing with herself.
    Lick, suck, touching, sucking some more for over quarter of an hour. And then Yannis moved me so my arsehole was right up close to his face. Feeling him pull my arse cheeks apart, I felt his hot tongue on my hole and couldn't help but say "Oh fuck yeh" when his tongue entered my arsehole. If having my cock sucked so expertly was amazing, then having him tongue my arsehole so wonderfully as I watched his wife frigging her clit, was simply mind blowingly awesome.
    With my arsehole suitably wet, he asked me quietly if he could fuck me. Saying yes as my cock was straining for release, I watched his wife rise, walk over to a large bedside cupboard and get a box of condoms out and a large tube of lube.
    Yannis asked me to kneel up and face away from him. As he began to slide a condom over his extremely large cock, his wife squeezed out some lubricant from the tube and smothered it all over my arse. Moving around, she asked me if I liked pussy. I wasn't given a choice as I felt Yannis cock slide so relatively easily up my arsehole. That's because as he slid his cock into me, she positioned herself below me and practically shoved my face into her, my first ever drippingly wet pussy.
    There is no words to really describe the feelings flowing through me at that time. Only a sense of total wonderment and fulfillment. Any doubts I'd had with the two men in the park, simply had no bearing on what I was experiencing with Yanis and his very pretty wife. Yannis cock was plunging into me time and again and my arsehole had quickly allowed him to enter me fully. There was some initial pain, but non as I heard of from other people or the net.
    I'd begun to lick her pussy as Yannis continued to fuck me with abandon, and it all became a blur of extreme pleasure to me. My balls began to twitch and not having the ability to say anything, as my face was covered by a gorgeously wet c**t, I came all over the bed beneath me. Yannis felt me cumming and shouted out to his wife and probably to me in Greek, he was going to cum. Moments later I felt his cock explode and felt the condom fill inside my body.
    Knowing we'd both cum, my face was grabbed and forced even further into her pussy and with my tongue working overtime, she let out a huge low moaning sound and came.
    An hour and half later, after having showered and eaten with Yannis and his wife, I sat watching my friends walk/stumble back into hotel, as I sat on our balcony going over the wonderful memories of the sex I'd just had.
    It was sex I experienced with Yannis twice more before left to go home. Each time his wife was present in their home, but she didn't join in with us. Not that she wasn't interested, it's because she had a female friend over from the mainland. Someone she took to bed on her own.
    Now some twelve years later I've booked to go back to the same island. I know Yannis and his beautiful wife are still at the hotel, as they now part own it. However when I go this time, I'm going as a married man. I have had male male sex back in the UK, since meeting and having sex with Yannis, but not since I got married a year and half ago.
    It will be a new deal for my wife if she discovers I've had sex with a man before. Yet I honestly don't know if I could resist having Yannis fuck me again and again. Time and our holiday together will see if she's as broad minded as she's been sexually in our marriage so far. After all, I watched her having sex with a long term female friend, when they were both drunk last Christmas........

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Thinking of retiring early, I asked my financial adviser if he could call by. Instead he sent Chris, a junior clerk because he himself was ill.
    Chris is nineteen, slim and tiny in what I now know to be in every way. He is however extremely astute.
    Waiting until my wife left to go shopping for yet another new hand bag with her best friend, myself and Chris got down to some serious number crunching.
    After about three quarters of an hour, Chris asked me if I enjoyed giving massages. When I asked him why, he responded by telling me, and I kid you not, he thought I'd give a great arsehole massage.
    When he saw my face, he added "You've got a hard on, why not use it".
    I'd like to explain something here. As a seventeen year old kid, I once had a guy a lot older than me give me some advice about earning lots of money, and strangely during that advice I got a boner. That older man persuaded me back then it would be good for me if I let him suck me off. He did so and that was the first and last time I had any form of sex with a guy.
    That was until I met Chris. It was like deja vu. Chris put his hand onto my cock bulge, looked directly into my eyes and said "When was the last time you got to fuck someone who really wanted fucking". What Chris didn't know, myself and my wife hadn't had any sex in over six years.
    It took no more than a few strokes of his hands on my straining hard cock to tell him to follow me. In our bungalow bedroom, I watched a nineteen year old lad strip and saw for the first time a guy with a really small fully erect cock. Chris's cock is about, and this isn't bullshit, three inches fully erect.
    But it wasn't his cock Chris was interested in having sexed. Turning around for me, Chris held his arsehole open and asked me if I'd like to fuck him.
    Undressing myself, I enjoyed his reaction to my cock springing forwards out of my underwear. Moving over to my wife's side of the bed, I grabbed a tube of hand cream and got onto the bed with Chris. Smearing it liberally all over his rear hole, I didn't waist any time in putting my cock head to his arse opening and pushing in. I thought to myself, If I stop, I'll never be able to fuck him. So without thinking to much, I thrust as hard as I dare and entered another males backside for the very first time. And I can inform everyone now, It felt absolutely fucking fantastic.
    No sooner than my cock had delved into his arse, as far as I dared at first, Chris looked around and said "Don't be afraid, I love it rough".
    Bingo, green light, full steam ahead, power to your cock. Every part of me switched from a man who had to masturbate for six years, to one who had been given the express permission to fuck him as hard as I wanted. So I did.
    I'm not too sure (I'll have to ask him) if Chris got as much enjoyment as I did during those first sexual times we spent together. It didn;t last long. No more than ten minutes I guess. But in those ten minutes changing position once, I took six years of sexual frustration out on his beautifully cute tight arsehole.
    I screwed that young man so hard and so fast, I was totally knackered by the time I'd heard him cum, and then climaxed myself, sending my sperm deep into his arsehole.
    Lay side by side, Chris asked me if I was ok. Turning to him I asked him if he was gay. A huge smile crossed his face and looking down at his even smaller flaccid cock, he said "Only when I'm being fucked". We both laughed, but our laughter was cut short by the sounds of my wife's friends car pulling up on our drive.
    Only just getting sorted out, my wife walked in as casual as you like, picked up her purse she'd forgotten from the coffee table, and told me she and her friend were having tea out.
    Chris and I cleared up the paperwork. I signed off on a few things and then I lead Chris back to bed. I got my first ever taste of cock, as Chris sucked mine back to life. And then I fucked him slowly spooning him, as my first cum load lubed his arsehole for me. It was also my first ever male kiss when Chris turned his head towards me.
    There wasn't any time limit on how long I fucked him, I just did. And so with my cock slowly fucking Chris's gorgeous bottom, I found myself telling him in his ear, I'd love to fuck him again and again.
    Our retirement plans have become complicated, or so my wife thinks, as Chris visits once a week. It's always when she's off out somewhere or other so we can have sex in relative safety and comfort. What my wife doesn't know, is I also see and fuck Chris during the week at his small flat, when she attends her council meetings.
    Retirement has been a whole bundle of sexual fun so far. And long may it last.

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    Straight Male / 22

    So one day I was hanging with a great friend of mine and my girlfriend my girlfriend had to leave to go home so she can get up in the morning so after a while my friend came up to me and said "You know I like you right" and me being a blond I said "Yeah we wouldn't be friends if we didn't like each other" he soon cornered me on the couch and started to kiss my neck. Me being the shy one all I could do was close my eyes and whimper and whine as I never was treated like how I was told how to treat girls. He soon started to rub me and grabbed my crotch before soon unzipping his pants as I was getting turned on. He soon said to take off my pants and I did so before he wanted me on the floor between his legs giving him a blow job after a while he was about to cum he grabbed my hair and yanked me away before telling me to spit on it I did so before he turned me around and soon he grabbed me by my hips and slowly made me sit down on his lap on his throbbing slick cock. I struggled a bit but him being more stronger I couldn't do much but take it he started off slow before my body got use to it and he made me sit even more on his cock. He then helped me bounce on his cock and eventually he had to cum and held me so tightly I couldn't get away. I felt his cum inside my ass making me like it some more he then reached in his bag where he had brought his Xbox 360 in and pulled out a plug as soon as he pulled out he plugged me up for later we went on doing this for 3 days that now if he is at my house we will play video games and fuck at the same time after the first climax he will plug me up and pull it out when we was ready to fuck and game again.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I have been in a good relationship with a great girl for 2 years now, the sex life is amazing she is always in the mood to fuck and suck my dick whenever. Ever since i was young I had always fantasized about what it would be like to be with another man. well last night my curiosity got the better of me and i went on craigslist and found a guy who was keen.

    We met in a secluded spot and I got in his car and went straight to work on blowing his beautiful 6 inch cock. I sucked it hard and i could tell i was doing a good job by the sounds he was making. He especially liked it when i went all the way down and deep throated him telling me i was great at it. The whole time I was sucking him his hands were wandering around my body and ended up on my ass. he squeezed it and slapped it which really got me going and looked like he enjoyed it too. the whole time he was caressing my ass i was hoping he would slip a finger in my hole as nothing had ever been there before. unfortunately he never did and moaned loudly as he sent streams of his cum in to my mouth which i happily swallowed. He went soft but i kept sucking, trying to get as much of his seed out as i could before i kissed his tip and went on my way after agreeing to meet again

    The experience was amazing for me, thoroughly enjoyed being the mans cum dumpster. I think next time i will bring a condom and have him break my ass cherry

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I met this boy in middle school I seen him naked in the shower and looked at his cock it was very big and nice and he had an ass like a girl and I always wanted to fuck him
    Like me and my other friend Scott used to Scott was ok he had a big cock about 10 inches and thick but he wouldn't cum in my mouth or my ass and he wouldn't let me cum in him but tim was different I wanted him bad. From the time I first met him I asked him once if I could fuck him he said yes but we never did he was to scared of getting cought I would like to suck a young boys cock and swallow his hot cum and let him fuck me and cum inside of me and I want to do the same to him if any one would like to please email me michael197029@@g***l.**m please just younger gay boys

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