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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Gay Male / 30

    I will be honest. I spent some time overseas. I was working for a home products company in a Marketing and Sales capacity. It was my first assignment overseas. I met him through the company, we became friends and he invited me out to his lake house for the weekend. He picked me up and we drove through the countryside for about an hour, the lake is a volcanic lake in an old crater so the views are fantastic.

    He has a pool, so we changed into our swim trunks, although for me the water was too cold to swim. An hour later two other guys showed up and the caretaker man set up lunch and drinks. The caretaker brought out as appetizers, served on a small plate, two for each. The branded American pill. The three men took theirs and insisted on me taking both pills. That is when my host stood up and came around to me and kissed me on the mouth, with his hand reaching down to my pants. We were there to have fun.

    I, well all I could do was go along. I took the pills, he assured me that it made the fun last longer. He kissed me again, only this time his kiss lasted longer, he told me that American boys were always special, it reminded him of his university days at Penn State. I was 28, not a boy, but to him I was a boy. The other two men, well in that context one was a man and the other was boy, about 25, were holding hands.

    I had hooked up before, like a short hook up, but now I was at this lake house, and this man serving us, and these other men, talking about this party and that one and I should have been there. After lunch, it was time for some nude massage, everyone got nude, we caught some sun, and the caretaker gave our host a complete massage and then the other man got a massage while I spoke with the other boy. He came from a well to do family, he had studied banking in England and he spoke excellent English. I asked him often these affairs came together, he said that once in a while, when they could get together, not always at the lake, sometimes in an apartment that they maintained.

    The caretaker was massaging the man's penis, with oils and he was totally erect, the man worked in silence, massaging him, but not getting him to the point where he would come. The other boy and I watched, while my friend, was on the towel catching the afternoon sun. We saw the caretaker gently wash all of the oils off, and my sidekick, got up and went over and took his penis in his mouth and sucked him long and hard and let the caretaker know that he was ok to suck.

    I noticed that the other boy had gotten an erection, and he was proud of it, showed it to me. He came over, still erect, he said it was the effect of the pills, he liked having an erection, it felt good. He asked me if I wanted to suck him, to get the party started. Under the eyes of the two men, I sucked him, my first Latino boy. His erection was rock solid, hard, I got the start of an erection, which I was encouraged to continue. The caretaker came over with some oils and started to manage me while I spent some more time on my sidekick.

    After he gave me a long very good massage of my penis, and he got me into a full erection, he washed me off like he did the other man and we went into the house where the men asked for blow jobs. My man was very hard and he would stop me from time to time to kiss me. We stood for a while in a long kiss with our hands on our erections. He laid me on this couch and sucked me for a while. He liked to kiss and embrace and let our erections battle it out below, until the time came where he wanted more.

    The caretaker came over with some lubes, he lubed up his boss, and his boss lubed me up, and we went to town, he was as hard as I had been exposed to before, harder and he gave it his all. The other two were likewise engaged, fucking over by the window. Ejaculation came late, after a long time, the effect of the pills, in spite of the time I still maintained a decent erection and used my hand to release the energy I felt shoot through me.

    We relaxed afterwards, the caretaker came over to massage me again, gently but firmly using his fingers until he got me to go over the edge. He bent over to lick it all up. We didn't dress, stayed in the nude, while the men went down to the pool to swim the other boy and I talked. The caretaker he told me had been his boss' boy, and now he took care of things for him. He told me that we were the boys because we enjoyed getting fucked, he said that we were both gay as far as the men were concerned. What was different in his country, was that since the men did the fucking they were just perverts, but not gay.

    We laughed, we had sex again later in the evening, the effect of the pills did not wear off. We drove back to the city well after dark, after a dinner served by the caretaker. My introduction into the scene, I stayed busy and I was marked property so other than a quick turn with my sidekick the other boy, I was reserved for only one man, and my host. That is their way, one man does not take another man's boy away. It was really good being a boy while I was there, really good.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Early last month I went for a job interview, and was held back along with another candidate. He went back into the interviewers office before me, but was out within two minutes.
    Being called in I saw the interviewer, an older man called Rick was unfastening his trousers. Looking at me, he said "I'll make this simple. You let me suck on your cock, then I bend right over here, and you fuck me. You do this, not only is the job yours, I'll add £££Â&po und;£Â&poun d; to your salary".
    I gave it all of a second to think about what he'd said, and opened my trousers. Allowing him to wrap his wet mouth around my cock, before I fucked him bareback over his own desk.
    There are two reasons I did this. Not only for the money, but I'd applied for over twenty jobs since I'd become unemployed, and jobs in the area I live in are so hard to get and hold. The second part was, the interviewer just so happens to be the father of my girlfriend.
    I'd tried so hard not to go to him for a job, because of pride and that I thought he was a bit of a knob. I buried my pride when my girlfriend said something like (I can't remember exactly) "My dad's got a job lined up for you, you just have to prove you're the right MAN for the job, and give him everything he asks you for".
    After I'd fucked him, and it was an awesome fuck, and cum deep inside his arsehole. He cleaned himself and his cum stained desk up (He'd cum all over it). He then told me the job was mine and that ***** was waiting outside to pick me up. I hadn't arranged for his daughter to pick me up, nor did I mention I'd be finished by that time. Yet she was there, so I walked out and sat in her car to what seemed like a knowing smile.
    She kissed me hard, then said "The jobs yours then, knew you had it in you". Within an hour I was balls deep up her arsehole, as she lay herself over the arm of the sofa. And I swear it was if she was reenacting what I'd done with her dad.
    I'm still employed by my girlfriends father, and some week days I service his arsehole after everyone else has gone home. I'm pretty sure not only does she know about it, but in some ways I think she's watched us fuck. I don't know how, but every time I fuck him in a different position, she has me fuck her in a similar way later that day, and always up her tight arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I don't let anyone know I'm bi. I love girls and women, always have. But my first sex was in another boys butt and I love anal ever since. I can't stay with a girl who doesn't let me have anal sex with her, I've had the fun of popping a few virgin backsides. I was 15 and the other boy was 14. He moved in, didn't know anyone at school or the neighborhood so he hung around me. It was late summer when he moved in and we were in his room changing and both were naked. No one was home so we had his door open, and we were talking about how his mom would fuck very loudly and bring guys home. We went into her room and sniffed her dirty panties in the hamper, and going through her dresser and nightstand drawers we found sex toys, lube, and some pictures of her naked. Some were posed pictures and we could see his dad in the mirror taking the pics in 2 of them. His dad died before they moved to our town. There were pictures of her fucking what we assumed was her husband and others that he had taken of her getting fucked by others. She sucked, fucked and buttfucked even showing her pussy leaking a LOT of cum, I'm guessing from a gangbang, it was a mess.

    We were both horny as shit, and with a pic of her getting buttfucked, I squirted out some lube and rubbed it on my cock, then some on his. We both liked the slick feel. Smelling her pussy from the panties, and seeing a thick cock up her butt, I rubbed more on my cock then pushed him down on her bed. I got on top of him and he was protesting but I put my hand over his mouth and got my cock inside of him. I was pretty slow, trying not to hurt him but he was moving around and trying to wiggle off my cock. I started pumping him and in about 5 minutes or so I started going like a boy possessed and was really fucking him fast and then I shot my load up his butt. He quieted down as I kept my cock in his ass for at least another 5 minutes if not more. He moaned when I took it out. Looking at his butthole it was opened up about the size of a quarter and I couldn't see my cum in him. Since it was my first time, I'm guessing it went pretty far up his backside, my 8 inches plus a few more from the force with which I was shooting. He just laid there occasionally moaning. I'd made him take a fuck up his ass while we both looked at the pics of his mom getting it up her ass and sniffing her dirty panties.

    I asked him if it hurt too much and he got up going to her bathroom and said "Not too much". I could hear him shitting out my sperm with the bathroom door open. We went back to his room, changed and when outside. The next day I just pulled his pants down, then he went to the bathroom and got some Vaseline, he didn't want to use too much of his moms lube. He came in all lubed up had a glob on his finger and massaged it around my cock. He bent over with his hands on his bed and I walked up behind him to his ass and inserted my cock. This time I fucked him for about 10 to 15 minutes before I shot my load. Once again, he went to the bathroom and left the door open while shitting out my sperm.

    I fucked him and got blowjobs from him until about a year ago when he went away to college. After a year of his ass and mouth I got a fat girl to blow me, and eventually fucked her. She too was an anal virgin. I fucked girls and my friend. In the past year I've had a steady girl that I fuck as well as 2 others as occasional fucks. I still go out and get a thin guy and fuck them whenever I can. I love anal, I love it in both women and mens asses. I don't know if it was the fact it was my first sex that keeps me going to other guys, or if it was the excitement of sort of forcing myself on him, he certainly didn't ask for it, nor want it. Either way I get excited fucking both sexes. My old friend is coming back to visit his mom in a couple of weeks, I'm going to fuck him in his moms bed.

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    Lesbian Female / 37

    I was traveling through the Frankfurt airport and all of a sudden this young college girl started going bonkers, in the booth next to mine. She had lost her passport and she was freaking out. I went over to her and offered to help, if nothing else to help her calm down. I had to grab her and hug her against me until she settled down. I sat beside her with my arm around her shoulders and we went step by step of what and where she had been. I walked back with her, to the women's restroom, down the hall to the gate where she had landed, we looked every where. I kept my arm around her shoulders, she was traveling alone.

    We went to security and reported the passport lost. We went to the airline and they told us that without the passport she would not be allowed to board the plane. I got on the phone to my company and had them research what to do. They suggested that she go to the consulate and get a temporary passport to get home. I had my flight rebooked for two days later and took her with me. Only when we were in the hotel room did it cross my mind to have her call her folks and let them know what happened. I spoke to her parents, told them who I was and that I would stay with her and help her get back home.

    We had managed to retrieve her luggage. She wore a band tshirt to sleep in. Once ready for bed I offered to hold her for a while and let her sleep with me if she wanted. Against my nightgown, without the burden of heavy clothes and underwear I could feel her small breasts against me. I held her and kissed her gently. In bed I pulled her up close to me and kissed her forehead, nose and cheeks. I wanted to kiss her mouth so bad. I held her butt with my hand and pulled her close to me, between my breasts.

    She slept under me, I had her share my pillow, I kept her so close I could feel the crack in her ass, I rubbed her thighs, I wanted to reach for her breasts and pinch her nipples. It was all I could do not to open her legs and go down on her. I had never been with a girl like that before, even when I was that age.

    In the morning I got undressed in front of her, I wanted her to see my breasts, I showered with the door open, and dried my feet on the bed before I put on my panties. I sat naked in front of her. I could feel her eyes, I took her hands and brought her close to me and helped her out of the shirt she slept in. Her perky little breasts, with her small brown nipples. I slipped her out of her underwear, and hugged her when she was naked and sent her to take a shower.

    When she came out, I stood in my pants but topless so she would see my breasts, wanting to bring her into me and hug her against my naked skin. We ate breakfast, my office had made an appointment so we went down to the consulate and got her an emergency passport to travel. We used the rest of the day to sightsee.

    That night I held her close and this time I kissed her sweet mouth, I told her to let me, and I kissed her. It felt so good. I lay in the bed with nothing but my panties on, and let her snuggle up in my breasts. I kissed her and used her hands to touch my breasts, I slipped my hand up under her nightshirt and played with her nipples. I took her shirt off and kissed and sucked her breasts, I played with her pussy and her butt. I took my panties off and took hers off and I ate her pussy. It was barbaric, but she went along. I managed to give myself an orgasm while I kissed her and ate her. I got an orgasm out of her with my hand and fingers.

    On the plane I used my miles to get her up into business class with me. When we arrived back in the states I walked her to her flight and held her one last time with a kiss on her forehead and asked her if she was going to be ok. That she knew that she always would have a room if she needed to come see me. I was only a flight away. Maybe for her next trip she would come to Chicago and we could be friends again.

    I hadn't planned on laying over, I can still feel her between my breasts when I pull my pillow up close. I know that she is not a young girl, she is a young college woman, she had no problem, she said she was fluid. I am not fluid, I need he sweet mouth, her small breasts and her skinny butt, I need to get down on her again and just show her why being fluid is stupid.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    You would probably be surprised by how many so called married truck drivers, have fucked me over the last two and half years. My parents, so myself included, live only ten minutes walk away from a huge overnight truck stop.
    A friend of mine who knew I'd sucked cock before, told me he was fucked the night before by a Truckie up against the truck stops fence. He was telling me because at the time, I hadn't lost my anal virginity. Although I had fucked a few girls by then, and I'd professed to liking older men and their cocks.
    The very next night I walked the ten minutes over the truck stop. And was almost immediately propositioned by a beefy truck driver. He asked me if I "gave it out" and if I wanted to, he'd fuck me in his truck. I didn't answer him immediately but went into the large cafe and got myself a drink. All the time I was thinking, "It's now or never". Walking back out I went straight to his truck, knocked on the door and was helped up into his cab. Within seconds he whipped out his already erect fat cock and pushed me down to begin sucking on his dick. Reaching around, he undid my jeans and slid them down. Using saliva, he inserted a finger up my arsehole and made me jump. Not from pain but from a wonderful feeling his digit instantly gave me. After a few minutes, he moved us into the rar of the cab and ionto his bunk. Telling me to strip off, he in turn took off all his clothing. Spinning me over and spitting onto my arsehole, he got behind and on top of me, and thrust hard up my rear.
    The feeling was pure heaven. I was instantly taken by having his cock so deep up my arsehole. Yes it hurt a little and I also couldn't move much. But it was for me an amazing feeling and I told him to give it to me. The northern sounding truck driver fucked me for about five minutes, before he shot his load up my bum.
    Getting me to kneel up in front of him with his cum leaking out of my arsehole, he took my cock into his mouth and sucked me dry, swallowing every drop of my spunk. Fifteen minutes after first meeting him, I was climbing out of his truck and about to walk out of the truck stop. I got about fifty yards before a French sounding guy asked me if I wanted some fun. This time I didn't hesitate and entered his truck. There was no fore play as he dropped his trousers and forced my mouth onto his long thin cock. I'd sucked on his dick for a minute with him removing my jeans and boxers, before he moved me over and had me mount his cock. We didn't move into the back of the truck, so as he fucked me, pumping his cock upwards, I saw two other men watching us have sex. They began to stroke their cock after taking them out and I watched as my French lover came up my arsehole.
    Again it was quick and without any kind of loving gentleness. Yet I loved it, and I also loved being by the side of his truck sucking off two men who'd just watched me being fucked.
    I walked home that night, with two men's cum swishing inside of my arsehole and two men's cum sticking to my teeth.
    I was hooked, that was it for me. I knew I'd taken a chance not having them wear condoms and told myself from then on, every guy who fucked me would have to wear one.
    I spoke to my friend, who arranged for me to visit a clinic he'd used. And within a week I had the all clear.
    Once I got the all clear, I decided to visit the truck stop again, Only with a box of condoms and some wipes in my small shoulder bag. A bag I still have and use to this day.
    That night I sucked off a Croation truck driver in the toilets of the cafe, and had another french driver fuck me in his truck. He came in record time and I swear I was only in his cab for about five minutes, tops.
    And so my sexual obsession with "Truckies" began. Most if not all of them have been married frustrated men. Amd most of them see me as a hole to stick their often smallish cocks into.
    In all, and I've kept a kind of account of who, when and how many. Over sixty different men have fucked me in their trucks or outdoors at the truck stop, and I've sucked off well over a hundred different other men.
    Mostly British (All four countries + southern Ireland too), French, German, Polish (Lots), Croation, Czech, Spanish, Italian (Only one), Canadian, American (Attending a truck convention), Turkish, Swedish (His cock was huge) and a few others, who's nationalities I didn't pick up on as they fucked me.
    The Polish in my view are the dirtiest fuckers and love to fuck me hard and fast. The British are more reserved, but I've had so many good fucks with the English, Welsh, Irish and Scots. The Swedish guy I still have fun with when he's around. And I've put on a show with him away from the truck stop.
    I'm not there as much as you might think nowadays, from the amount of men I've had some form of sex with. In the early days I was literally sucking off one man after another, often draining five to ten men's cocks a week. In one night I had sex with eight men, sucking off six and having two fuck me at the rear of the stop behind their trucks.
    Am I a slut, yes I am/was to some degree. Do I still enjoy being fucked. Oh fuck yeh I do. Am I now involved with a guy permanently. Yes I am in some ways. He's a wonderful Czech guy who's just turned thirty five, and we never have sex in his truck when he's in England. In the past six months I've been over to visit him eight times at his home near Prague. Each time I stay for a couple of days, and we have sex the like of which I'd never enjoyed before. We make love and it's absolutely amazing.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Returned home last night from a business trip. Wife greeted me at the airport and I was quick to kiss her heck I was tempted to have sex with her in the parking lot! By the time we got home the kids were a sleep and her mom was there watching them. As soon as she took of I went to shower and ended up having sex with my wife.

    Now letâs back this story up a few days. Thursday I was in the hotel bar and talking to this guy that was also on a business trip. Pretty decent guy. What I didnât know at the time was he was looking for sex. After a few drinks I had a good buzz and he followed me back to my room. I somewhat agreed to try out getting a blowjob from him.

    But I ended up on the bed laying on my stomach as this guy had his big cock in my ass fucking me. It actually felt amazing and it didnt hurt at all. And when I say big cock Iâm talking like a 8â and thick one. I was impressed he was that big. Iâm only 6â and have a very hairy cock. This resulted in me getting an ass full of cum that night

    Talking to him after sex, he likes to hook up with other guys on business trips when heâs on one too. He likes straight married guys as he knows most are virgins and they are std free.

    Not sure if I have gay anal again but Iâm not opposed to it like I was at one time. My ass did feel a bit weird the day after sex. Laying in bed that night with my briefs on and an ass full of cum also made me realize how my wife feels after anal

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    Straight Female / 31

    I travel a lot on business and I was away from home for a week and a bit lonely. I met this girl at the hotel bar and she was really nice. There was something about her that turned me on. After a few rounds of drinks, I ended up in her room.

    She started kissing me and it was very sensual - I went along with it and within a few minutes, we were both naked and she was going down on me.

    It was amazing !

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I was flying to Canada on business and the flight attendant was a young twenty-something guy with a terrific ass ! I mean the way his blue uniform pants wrapped around his buns was intoxicating. His pants seemed a bit too tight but hell did they every hug his amazing bubble ass. I watched him go up and down the aisle during the entire flight.

    I got to my hotel near the airport and it was a bit late. I thought I would check online if I could find someone nearby as I was horny from watching ass boy all day - to my amazement, there was a guy in an just next door - he was looking for oral so after exchanging a few emails I hurried over to his room.

    The guy opened the door in his boxer shorts - the room was dark except for the TV was on - to my surprise, I saw the flight attendant's uniform on the back of the chair - yes, it was sweet ass himself.

    I not only sucked him off but I pulled him over on the bed, put a pillow under his stomach - ass in the air and I devoured his ass for a good 45 minutes. Fuck that was delicious and HOT !


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Previous posts:



    Good morning readers,

    It's been a while since I've posted as life just gets busy, but I want to share my experience from this past Saturday night where I finally took a real cock in the ass.

    It was late Saturday night around 11:00PM when a guy I'd sucked off a few weeks ago emails me and says, "come over and let me use those fat lips". I wasn't doing anything and was horny so of course I responded that I could be right over. I reached his neighborhood and started walking up to his place. He opened the door and told me to be quiet do to his roommates sleeping.

    He led me upstairs to a matress and told me, "get on your knees and suck me off". I hungrily agreed and quickly had his 7 inch thick Latino cock in my mouth. I was deepthroating the entire cock and he grabbed my skull and started pounding my face. I made sure not to gag or cough since we had to be quiet. After five minutes of being facefucked he took his cock out and slapped me with it and I was beyond horny and was lusting for more.

    Now I've had strapon before from GF's and loved it every time but never surrendered to a real man. For me that would be the ultimate submission, allowing a man to fuck my ass. Just typing those characters have me hard right now.

    So there I was, on my knees, looking up at this man and his large cock. I decided to just ask him, "do you wanna fuck me?" Although it was dark I could see his eyes widen and he
    grinned. "Take your clothes off and lean over the table". I obeyed and so there I was, naked, leaned over, ass waiting to be fucked... Like a slut.

    He went downstairs to get a condom and lube and I was overcome with anticipation and lust. I was finally about to cross the threshold from cocksucker to a full-blown bottom boy. I was ready.

    He comes back up and he lubs up my ass and begins fingering me. The ultimate humiliation, allowing a man to finger your ass. I was pushing back on his finger and he laughed calling me a bitch. I was in my subspace now and he put me on my knees and told me to get him rock hard before he fucks me. I started sucking his big cock and rubbing his thighs, he slaps them away and starts brutally fucking my face for a few minutes. At this point his cock is HARD.

    He pulls me up, bends me over the table, suits up, and says (I will always remember this) "Daddy's cock is about to destroy you". I was nervous, horny, and absolutely where I wanted to be. I feel his cock pressing against my ass and he starts to push through and the head pops in. He quickly shoves the rest of his cock in and I just feel pain. He starts thrusting hard causing me to whimper and force his cock out of me. I'm panting and begging for him to be gentle to start and he tells me, "shut up and take it". For some reason that really turned me on and I leaned back over and spread my ass for Daddy.

    He applies more lube to my pussy hole and easily shoves all 7 inches of his fat cock inside of me. He gradually builds to an intense fucking and I'm moaning into my t-shirt and he's pushing my head down and whispering in my ear, "you love Daddy's cock don't you?" and "take this dick you slut". I'm completely helpless as Daddy is taking away the last remnants of my manhood. I'm pushing back against his cock and realized that this is what I am... A cocksucking bottom boy. I completely lose myself in this and start really enjoying this moment. He then goes balls deep and I feel his cock swell inside of me as me cums into the condom deep in my ass.

    I slump down to the floor and clean his cock off like a good bitch. He laughs at me again, slaps me, and tells me to get out. Used and tossed... Like a cheap whore. It's around 12:30 AM as I reach home and I immediately masturbate to this experience and have a massive orgasm and drift off to sleep.


    I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Every word is true. I'm gonna be seeing Daddy again this week. I can't wait ;-)

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    A few years ago at a dinner party with friends we made aware that their son then sixteen had come out to them. Distraught and angry his father to this day does not acknowledge his homosexuality. He loves his son and they work together in the family business, but his gay life is not ever discussed.
    Fast forward six years and I run into young Jerry at the airport. Turns out we are both attending separate conferences in Las Vegas. I was in first class so I invited him to join me and used some of my miles to upgrade his seat. We had a few drinks and Jerry began to soften his protective shell. I point-blankly told him I had no problem with his sexual orientation and we got on well the remainder of the flight.
    He accepted my offer of a ride to his hotel and we jumped into the back of the limo. I immediately turned on the privacy screen and pulled out my cock. His eyes went wide. Just semi-erect it looks like a beer can. He was all over it, giving me a mind-numbing blowjob and swallowing a massive pent-up load. We went straight to my hotel and I had the bellman take his bags to my suite. I had a massage lined up after the flight so I told him to go up to the room and dress for dinner.
    About an hour later I got to the suite and was pleasantly surprised when Jerry greeted me in a tight red mini-dress, spiked heals, and full makeup. He was nervous that I wouldn't approve. To the contrary I assured him. I would prefer that he dress as woman. Other than his time at the conference Jerry was en femme. I convinced him to stay through the weekend with me. My cock was in his mouth or very cute ass most of the time.
    We both agreed that what happened in Vegas should stay in Vegas...but my wife is taking the kids to her mom's beach house for a month...a month is a long time.

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