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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I generally like women.. I date them, i have sex with them and i mostly like it.
    But sometimes, when i see a manly guy who has perfect, big cock, i want to shave, put on a little make-up and some cute sexy panties and maybe stockings.. And i want to kneel in front of him, pull his pants down, smile when hes half-hard beautiful cock jumps out. Then i want to look at it, touch it, kiss it, rub it against my face and adore it. Then i want to put it in my mouth, deep, pull it out again and then start sucking this perfect looking cock like there's no tomorrow.
    When im done sucking and his big, beautiful rock-hard cock is pointing at my face, i would get on the bed, on all fours and point my tight and saved little ass towards him.. Look over my shoulder, bite my lip and smile, shake my ass, giving him a signal that im waiting for him there, on all fours, like a cat during its breeding season, hungry for that godly cock. I want him to fuck me.. Hard.
    I discovered that side of me years ago when some dude jacked off to me talking dirty to him online on cam. His cock was beautiful, i loved watching him stroking it while i was telling him what i would do with it. After that i started watching different kind of porn i usually did. I jerked off to really feminine guys, wearing women clothes, getting fucked by some big-dicked fella. I often paused the video during close up scene so that i could take a good look at beautiful cock, fantasize about it.
    I don't tell my friends or family about my other side, i keep it a secret. Out there im still that guy who they have all known. But behind the closed doors, when im feeling horny, i love riding dildo and fantasize. I love taking care of my looks, keep myself feminine, completely shaved and clean, keep my body petite and my little ass soft and tight. Im quite short and thin, so that's a plus.
    I only really had sex with another man once, some months ago, with this guy i met online. I was getting tired of fantasizing, i wanted to try a real thing, to get fucked. So i searched for someone who might be up to it, and who lives far from my friends and family. Found this guy, in his forties, he had an average body but his cock.. Oh god, it was perfect, it was 7 to 8 inches long, thick but not too thick, straight as an arrow, it looked perfect. I knew i want it. So i talked to him, he was looking for a bottom to fuck, it was a perfect match. We set down some rules and we met at a cheap motel, relatively far from home. When i arrived, he wasn't there yet, i told him before we met up that i need to look feminine when i was going to do this. So i had a little time to prepare. I put on thight and short red shirt, "Slut" written on it. I put on some lacy soft-blue panties, black colored tight shorts on them, word "shorts" was fitting name for them. Then i pulled on striped red-black colored knee socks (which i personally find really hot). I put on some make-up, not too much but enough, a little bit of red lipstick. I did my hair, which is currently and then cut like one of those one side short and other side long haircuts, i saw it on a cute girl once and thought i could rock that haircut and it kinda keeps me more feminine without too much suspicions from friends and family, the long side reaches to my ear, other side is simply really short. So i combed it to one side and made it look perfect. After all was done i checked myself out, i looked hot, really girly.
    Then after a little wait he arrived, we drank some wine, changed a few words, mostly about him being amazed how good i look. After chitchat, the good part arrived, we got down to business. He sat on bed and popped out his glorious cock, it looked even better up close. After seeing his big male member, i turned all my attention on it, i got really horny. I played with it, kissed and sucked it, i loved it. After that he stood up and i crawled on the bed and pointed my ass up, he took me from behind and i was loving it, it wasn't as magical as i fantasized but it was awesome and it was real. I liked watching girly version of me getting fucked hard doggystyle from the mirror, my balls and half-hard cock bounching. At the and he pulled out and shot his load all over my back, and there was alot of it.
    After all was said and done, we didn't talk much, i cleaned up, changed and then went home. Told my dad that i was at friends place, he nodded and mumbled something, then i quickly sneaked past him to my room. Later as i was in my bed, staring at the white ceiling, i couldn't help but smirk a little, i enjoyed it.. Alot.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My father in law Brian couldn't have been more homophobic. Or at least that's what I thought before five weeks days ago. His daughter Alison and I have an understanding where sex is concerned. She has her play times with a female she's grown up with, and I occassionally visit a gay sauna to have my fun.
    About three months into our marriage, (We married last spring) Brian somehow found out about my liking for male male sex and from that point made my life a little awkward with his homophobic views. Never directly pointed at me, but saying things like "All gay men should ahve their balls chopped off". And "How can a man stick his cock up a shit hole".
    Well having put up with lots of stupid comments and snide inuendos, things changed dramatically five weeks ago. I was at my regular sauna waiting for a guy who I knew visited the sauna on that particular day. Unfortunately he didn't turn up. So not wanting to waste my trip, I decided to see if I'd get lucky in the main sauna where mostly older men had gay orgies.
    It's always dark inside and often gets very steamy in more ways than one. Having clicked with an older guy, a top, I was giving him a blow job as he sat on the benches, when I felt my arsehole being licked. It's one of my favourite things to have done to me, other than being fucked, so I immediately got right into the situation I was in, shoving my arse back onto the guys tongue. Maybe five minutes later as I was licking on the older guys balls, the man licking my arsehole asked me "Can I fuck you if I wear a condom". I was so fucking horny by then, all I managed to get out was "Huh huh" Before I took the older guys cock back into my mouth.
    I'd been fucked many times before, but the mans cock felt so much more thicker than I was used to, and it took some time for his cock to fully sliode up my arse. When he did bottom out up my rear, he really started to thrust into my arsehole, making me suck harder on the older mans cock. We all kind of got into a sexual rhythm and before long my cock was throbbing with an orgasm buliding inside me.
    The man fucking me understood what was happening and thrust deeper into my hole. It had the desired effect and as I felt the older mans cock begin to throb in my mouth, I ejacualted all over the floor in front of me, closely followed by the older man, who's cock erupted in my mouth. Gripping my hair and pulling it back, the guy pounding my arse, slammed hard into me one long last time and came filling the condom deep up my arsehole.
    As his cock slid out of my arse, I turned to see who it was and at the same time I began to swallow the older mans cum. To my and his utter shock, I turned to see my father in law Brian holding his huge cock. The surprise made me say "Fuck it's you". But I had cum still left in my mouth, which flew all over Brians hand and cock. Brian lloked as stunned as I was, but it didn't stop him from forcing his cum covered cock towards my face and then shoving it in my mouth. I was still too shocked, to not follow my natural bisexual instinct and sucked him off.
    Brian and I walked out of the place together. But not before we'd had a long long chat about his homophobia and where we went from that point onwards. It turned out Brian had been a closet bisexual man for many years, and to deflect any kind of suspicion onto himself, he completely went into a gay hating mode around family and friends.
    He doesn't anymore, especially over the last five weeks, when he's fucked me so hard and for so long up my shit hole, the very thing he said he couldn't understand any man doing.
    Alison will never find out from me about her father, and as far as he's concerned he hopes she'll never know. So my visits to her fathers house when she's not there, now have a different feel to them. Mostly feeling his cock deep inside my arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    At the age of seveteen I was at home suposidly minding the house, so a tv repair man could sort out our satalite service. My mom and dad were out shopping for a new car, so I was trusted with letting the guy in and making sure it got sorted. Because I knew my mom and dad would be out pretty much all day, I asked a girl round who was the local slut, if she'd let me fuck her. Half way through licking her pussy out and about to fuck her, the repair gay called by. I let him in, showed him what was wrong and went back to my fun.

    About ten or so minutes later as I was banging the girl from behind, I heard a uh uhh from my bedroom doorway. The repair guy was stood watching me fuck the girl. When he saw her, he yelled at me about knowing her and her father. She recognised him, lept up, grabbed her clothing and bolted past him, running down the stairs crying. I was left facing a guy who then said he should tell my parents, but mostly hers. I knew her parents would go ballistic, but more over, I knew mine would ground me, meaning I wouldn't be able to play in championship baseball game that weekend.

    Looking at the guy, I asked him if we could maybe keep it quiet. I was still naked and my cock was still fully erect. Looking at me knelt up on my bed he said "Maybe we could if I can have you sort me out". A minute later, our repair man was naked in front of me, sporting a huge rising hard on. He walked over to my bed, go on next to me and took hold of my dick. It was the first time a guy had touched me an it initially freaked me out, but he held my cock and began to stroke me.

    He gripped my right hand and put it to his erect cock. Opening my hand, I wrapped it around the thickness of his cock shaft, then began to copy what he was doing to me. Knelt facing one another we were wanking each other and it felt awsome. I was nearly cumming when he asked me if I'd ever been with a man before. Telling him he was the first, made his cock throb even more. That's when he asked me to fuck him. He didn't even wait for an answer before he spun around and presented his asshole to me. No condom and no lube, he told me to spit on his rear hole and to fuck him hard.

    I was sevnteen, full of testosterone and so fucking horny. So his asshole to me at the moment looked likea great place to shove my cock into. And that's precisely what I did. In one long thrust, my cock easilly penetrated his asshole and I began to fuck him as I'd fucked the girl earlier. The difference was fucking his asshole if anything was far tighter and much more horny. As I built up speed, he began to masturbate and before long he was moaning to each thrust of my cock. I was pounding his ass as if I'd always fucked men, but unlike my few attempts with girls, I didn't last too long and told him I needed to cum. He told me "Fill my ass with your cum boy, and keep going when you've emptied". I came in lots of powerful orgasmic thrusts and did as he asked. Keeping my cock inside him, still fucking his sloppy hole, I heard him grunt loudly and then felt him shuddering as he came all over my quilt.

    Taking my cock out of his asshole, he said "You've just got your parents an upgraded system boy". I had on just a pair of shorts as he left. He'd done as promissed and totally upgraded our satalite tv system. He also told me he wasn't going to say a thing to the girls parents, which in turn meant mine wouldn't get to find out. Not that he could have said anything with me fucking him. I did however take his companies card and his personal number. When ever my parents went out for a lengthy period, for the rest of that summer, I'd phone him and he'd call by. He taught me everything I now know about male male sex, and is still an occassional visitor to the home I now share with my fiance. Our tv service is fantastic and so is his tight forty eight year old asshole.

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    Gay Male / 24

    My older sisters husband Frank, has just left my apartment, leaving me an oral deposit which I adore. He calls by most mornings now before he goes to work. Sometimes he'll have me suck on his dick until he unloads down my throat, other times, if he's got time, he'll use my asshole as a cum dump. He fucks me so hard and so deep with his thick curved cock, I always cum myself without masturbating.
    It's funny I used to think he was such a hard straight man, when in fact he loves fucking me a whole lot more than my frigid sister. Can't wait until next week, as my sister will be staying over at a hotel for a works convention. Franks just told me he'll be staying the night. A whole night of his cock fucking me, Oh fuck yeah!!!

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    Gay Male / 55

    I've always had a thing for much older guys ever since my first encounter with one, I was sixteen and on holiday with my parents which was spent mostly wandering around boring sites of supposed interest, Then on one day I had some time to myself and I wandered along the local beach and up into the dunes nearby as I wandered into them deeper I saw a man sunbathing nude he was about fifty or so and gleaming with suntan oil, I was amazed as i'd not seen a naked man his age before he looked up and saw me staring and smiled warmly and asked if i liked what I saw I blushed and muttered an apology he chuckled saying it was OK to be curious and asked me to come closer, Dumbly I did my eyes were fascinated with his cock which he noticed as I got near him he whispered "touch it for me", As if in a daze I knelt down and touched it feels it's warmth and slickness from the oil it started to grow slowly in my hand when he took hold of my hand and wrapped my fingers around it and made me start to stroke it I loved how it felt as the skin slid in my palm, He reached over and started to undo my jeans I was too far gone and hard to stop him he reached inside and pulled my hard cock out the first person other than me to touch it, We wanked each other for what seemed like ages when he came grunting loudly as his cum shot over my hand his own hand got faster on my cock and I shot my load over him which he dipped his finger in a tasted it making loud smacking noises with his lips as he did, We met in the dunes quite a lot while I was there and he taught me a lot in including how to suck his cock which I loved, Sadly the holiday ended but I always remembered him as my first man, As I got older so did my men my present boyfriend is seventy years old and he is a great lover despite his age what he doesn't know is his eighty year old friend has made a pass at me recently and I'm really tempted to have some fun with him as he'll be my oldest man so far.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Most girlfriends don't like to play with their boyfriend's ass and I find that a lot of "curious" guys that want to explore are actually curious about someone else touching their highly sensitive ass.

    My fun is to meet "curious" or "straigh" guys on gay web sites and to invite them over my place for a few drinks. When I get them to bed, I've noticed that you just have to touch their ass and their cock gets really stiff.

    After a bit of foreplay, my fun is to put a pillow under their stomach to get their little hairy buns in the air and I slowly kiss my way down their backside to their ass. I get their hole really wet with saliva and I eat their ass out like if it was pussy !! I give their hole all worked up ad wet with my tongue and spend a good 20 minutes pleauring.


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I am a white man. I am sooo attracted to black men. Every fiber of my being wants to submit to them. I want to suck their magnificent cocks. Bow to them. Worship them. They are so strong. Complete alpha males. When I watch them fuck white women, I can't stop Thinking about being the girl. I the girls are so lucky to be with them. Everything about them demands respect. They are so good at fucking. I watch them in complete, and uter awe. I get so jealous of the girls who get them. They come so hard taking their massive black cocks inside them. I want them, I want to please them. Their asses are perfect. Their bodies so hard amd muscular. And their attitude just exudes manhood. Their cocks are so big and veiny. Their balls are so big and the nutsack is like old leather. They are amazing. God I hope one day I can suck a black cock and have th honor of one butt fucking my white ass, I LOVE black men! I am so glad that our white girls are starting to fuvk them more and more. They are our future. I will gladly serve them. I just wish I was a beautiful white girl. I would totally give my pussy. To them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Last month, I was in a supermarket with my girlfriend. I needed a pee desperately, so I headed off leaving her shopping. Stood having one of those pee's where you go ahhh! I suddenly realised to my right, there was an younger guy who was sat on the toilet seat, in a stall masturbating. He didn't try to hide what he was doing and totally out of character for me, I found myself staring at his cock as he slowly stroked himself. Another weird thing happened, I became erect after I'd stopped peeing. Without saying a word at first, he signalled with his index finger for me to join him. So with my cock swaying from one side to the other, I stepped into the stall with him.
    That's when he spoke saying "close and lock the door". No sooner than I had turned back around, he took hold of my cock and in one go swallowed half of my eight and a half inches.
    My girlfriend is good at giving head, but she pales into insignificance compared to his talents. Within seconds my whole body was shaking with the delights his mouth and tongue were giving me. Not anyone of my ex's or my girlfriend, could come anywhere close to the feelings he was making me have. And because his cock sucking was so good, I couldn't help but moan out loud. Probably three or four minutes of him sucking and licking on my cock and balls, I was ready to cum and let him know, but it didn't stop him from deep throating my cock even harder. Then in one massive orgasm, my cock exploaded in his mouth. Not one drop escaped his lips as he sucked on my cock head, milking me with his lips and tongue. When I was finally empty, he let my cock fall from his mouth, swallowed a little and said "If you take this, you can text me if you'd fancy a longer experience next time". He passed me a scrap of paper with a moblie number on it as he stood up to open the door.
    When the door opened, there was a older guy not too much older than myself, who was stood as if he was waiting to enter the stall I was vacating. Back with my girlfriend, she asked me why I'd been so long, so I made up an excuse telling her I'd gone back to the car because I'd forgotten my wallet.
    Later the same day, I waited until she'd gone to bed and text him. Telling him I had a girlfriend and I probably wouldn't want him to mention I'd had oral sex performed on me by him. His text back was simple and to the point "Secret safe, will be at (A place I knew) will show you and do lots more if you want to have fun, Lee".
    Three times in the last month I've met up with Lee at a local park. Each time he's sucked my cock so good, I've filled his mouth with my cum. And each time he's taken longer and longer with me, teasing me sexually with his tongue and mouth. The last time we were at the park, only a week ago, Lee asked me after I emptied my balls down his throat and just before I drove home, if I'd consider fucking him. Just before I typed this, I text him to tell him I'd bought some condoms and if we could meet up tonight. My girlfriend will going out with some of her friends later, so I think the park and Lee's arsehole sounds like a horny idea.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I discovered recently because of my suppleness, that I can suck my own cock if I put my legs over my head as I lie on my back. I can take about three inches of my eight inch cock into my mouth and give myself an amazing blow job. It feels really fantastic to give myself a good long sucking, and I always cum hard into my mouth. It's also given me an interest in seeing if I'd like to suck other mens cocks. I'll find out soon as I'm meeting an older guy (He's 43) who I've met locally from an online gay contact site. His cock is a lot thicker than mine, but around the same length. Hope I suck his cock as good as I can suck my own. I'm sure he'll teach me if I can't.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I was away traveling for work, driving around after hours, by myself, in a strange city looking for a distraction, feeling horny,as usual, for just about anyone up for it, when I noticed a dingy adult bookstore on a side street by the highway. There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. It didn't look promising. I went in and wandered around for a bit when I noticed a basement area with video booths.I started getting excited by this prospect, but when I went down there was only one occupied booth. I went into one of the adjoining booths looking for a glory hole. No such luck. What was there was one of those opaque windows that clears when the people in both booths press the on button. After putting in some money to start the video I pressed the on button and on the other side of the glass appeared a man who was busy jerking off. When he noticed me watching he turned in my direction and smiled lewdly. He was considerably older, in his 50's, fat, very hairy, kind of ethnic looking and his clothes were like grubby workman's clothes. He also had on a wedding ring, I noticed. I decided I wasn't into him so I left him there to shoot his wad and took a different booth and spent a while watching blow job videos and getting super horny for cock. So when my videos time ran out I cruised the other booths, but again the only occupied booth was the same one as before. So I went back to find out if it was still the same guy as before and it was- he still hadn't come. He looked glad to see me and showed me the pre-cum oozing from the tip of his fat, uncut cock. I knelt down on the other side of the glass to get a better look. He gestured for me to come over to him and in a moment of weakness I nodded my head and entered his unlocked booth. He asked me if I would suck and I said "sure" and knelt in front of his very hard penis and let him slip it into my mouth where he proceeded to thrust in and out, his hand holding the back of my head. His pre-cum saw salty and I could taste it as it continued flowing. Soon he got even harder and started panting and groaning audibly. I continued letting him gently fuck my mouth until I felt the first of several jets of semen enter my mouth. He just kept cumming and cumming so that I had to swallow two or three times to keep up. When he was finally done he smiled gratefully and whispered that I was a great cock sucker. On my way back to my hotel I reflected on how low I was willing to go and also how hot it was to suck off a stranger who rewards you with his massive orgasm. One I would never forget.

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