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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    It is usually fairly difficult to find guys online. The endless e-mail, drop offs, and no-shows can get a bit old. Every once in a while you actually connect. I am a divorced bi-male, I have been enjoying safe sex with men and women since my separation. Sometimes it's easier to hook up with a guy than a nice available woman. I'm not looking to fall in love with a guy, but I do harbor a fetish which can make connecting even tougher. I like to wear women's lingerie and makeup when I have gay sex. I prefer my partner dressed as well, but I have been with straight guys.

    The other day I hooked up with a guy who said he liked wearing stockings and makeup. He actually showed up, in fact he was a little early. I had planned to meet him across from my apartment. Once I determined he appeared safe I climbed into his truck and directed him to a space behind my place.

    We got to my place and I immediately stripped down to my bra, panties, and hose. I stepped in to a pair of heels. He began to dress and I went into the bathroom to do my makeup. When I came out he had on heels,a lace garter, black seamed stockings, sexy lace panties but no bra, I found a black lace bra the complimented his outfit and he gladly put it on.

    He really liked how my make-up looked and asked if I would do his. I'm smart enough not to share make-up, but he had his own. He said he was terrible at applying it. After I finished he looked quite feminine, though no one would ever mistake us for women. We were two masculine guys wearing women's underwear.

    He was sporting a nice hard-on and I went right to my knees and started sucking, after just a few minutes he had me stop so he wouldn't cum so fast. He led me to my bed and laying back he began to suck my dick. He was a fucking cock sucking expert. It took about ten minutes before I blasted a hot load directly down his throat without warning. He gagged and pulled off, my last ropes of cum lashed across his face and chin.

    Neither of us had a condom so no anal, he had a bag of tricks though and produced two identical dildo's. I cleaned them both thoroughly with hot water, soap, and alcohol, and I handed them back to him. He applied lube to both and handing me one, he turned to expose his ass and I worked the dildo in. I was sucking his cock simultaneously as I pumped his ass with the big dildo. He exploded in my mouth this time and I swallowed every drop.

    I asked him to fuck my ass too, so I went to all fours and he positioned himself behind me. I was expecting him to insert the dildo. Instead I felt him nudge his bare cock around my anus. He was a married guy and very clean. I begged him to fuck me bareback and cum in my ass. He slowly inserted his big dick into me and though uncomfortable at first, combined with lots of lube and patience on his part he managed to bury his cock in my ass. He held himself deep in me for a few minutes and then he abruptly pulled it almost out of my ass and then buried it deep, holding it there. After a couple more similar penetrations he began to fuck me in earnest and moaned loudly as he buried a load of semen deep inside me. A first for me!

    He got up after that and said he had to go. I sat in a comfortable chair, smoking a joint with cum in my ass, down my throat, and all over my face. I watched him undress and carefully put his girlie things into his overnight bag. He mumbled thanks and something about doing it again and hurried out the door. I just smiled and sat there with an oncoming buzz the amazement at what had just happened. I had just had sex as a woman and I felt warm all over.

    We haven't spoken since, but I'm sure we will hook up again.

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    Gay Male / 18

    i have always been into guys but never had a chance to do more than fantasize until last weekend... i met an older guy named Karl outside a gay bar and he took me home. We smoked a joint and made out, then went into his Jacuzzi naked and i sucked my first cock. It was awesome!!! He was really big and i almost swallowed every inch. After a while we went into the bedroom and o sucked his cock some more then he buttfucked me.. it hurt at first but i wanted to take all of him up my ass and did...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I've never really thought of myself as gay, but I have been bi-curious since I was a teen. Occasionally over the years I would share handjobs with guys, but once I got near orgasm would start to think of females.

    Lately, I've been coming more attracted to men. I've been masturbating more to naked pics of guys and have been fantasizing about sucking cock, being sucked, doing frots with cute guys while kissing them, even some about anal sex (although that's not really my thing). I have licked guys' cocks and sucked their balls during mutual masturbation sessions, and have let other guys give me blowjobs.

    Beyond sex, I have no desire to be part of a "gay lifestyle" I'm in my 50's and married. My wife knows of my tendencies and knows I've played around masturbatorially with men. She does not know that homosexual lovemaking fantasies have taken over my masturbation sessions, and that I wish to act on them. I love to masturbate and do it a lot. I'd say now that more than 50% of my masturbation time is spent concentrating on guys.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I had gay sex with my thirty-two year old nephew. I travel a bit for business and ran into Bill at small hotel bar, one cold February night.

    I knew Bill was gay but I didn't refuse his invitation to join him in his room for a nightcap. He performed the best head I've ever had, and my wife gives one hell of a blow job. He produced a condom and invited me to bed. I was still hard (thank god for Viagra). I rolled on the condom as he lubed his ass and then my dick and then guided my cock into his ass. It felt wonderful to penetrate this young man and I gave him a good fucking.

    I awoke to cold hands and warm lips on my cock. Bill throated my cock and I blew hard streams of cum down his throat. I fucked him once more and then I had to leave early to get back to my room and get ready for a meeting.

    We have exchanged a few emails since and plan to synchronize another business trip in the very near future.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    In the period between Christmas and New Year I attended a series of meetings between my company and a prospective lucrative customer. I'd taken the place of a colleague as his wife had gone into labour and subsequently their child was born. The last meeting took place at a hotel set in a country estate. Nearing the end of the meeting our customer who I'll call Bill, asked my boss if I could leave them alone for a while. I did and took a stroll outside in the cold air. Walking back in a few minutes later only my boss was still sat there. He asked me to sit down and then said, and I remember what he said as if it was five minutes ago "Bill has gone to his room, he'd like you to follow. If you do and do as he asks and wants, you'll be ensuring many jobs will be still be there after the New Year, and as for yourself, you'll be getting promoted". As I was about to ask what Bill would want, my boss added "Bill enjoys younger men if you know what I mean". My boss walked out and left me to think about what he'd just said. I knew jobs were on the line if we didn't get the contract, I also knew I'd find it hard to have sex with another man. Thinking of my father as he walked into our home as I was about six, I remembered how dejected he was after losing his job. I also remembered the half uttered words of "I might aswell be dead".
    The slow rise of the lift upto the floor Bill was staying on was toture, as was waiting outside his room for the door to open. Walking in I asked for him wait a minute and text my boss "Do not fucking tell a living soul, EVER".
    I told Bill I wouldn't suck his cock, but his smile told me he wanted me to. All the same I did get undressed as Bill took off his bathrobe to reveal an already erect cock. Asking me to lay on the bed face down, I felt him get in between them and then felt the warmth of his breath of my arse cheeks. Moments later Bill was tonging my arsehole and I if I'm totally honest, began to enjoy the feelings his tongue was giving me. I tried as hard as I could not to get an erection but it didn't work and as Bill put a finger inside my arsehole I almost came. Not one word had been spoken since he asked me to lay down, so when he said "I'm going to fuck you now" I nearly jumped up and told him to fuckoff. The sound of him putting on a concom will live with me forever, as will the feeling of his cock pushing past my sphincter muscles. It hurt like holy hell and as I was about to cry out for him to stop, Bill said "The jobs are safe". That's what did it for me and I lay there excepting my anal fucking fate.
    Bill wasn't gentle with me, because he knew what was at stake, so my first ever anal fucking was painful all the way through to him filling the condom inside me. The second time and there was a second time was an hour afterwards in the shower. He'd asked me to suck him to hardness as he'd sucked my dick until I'd filled his mouth with my seed on the bed. The feeling of his fat cock on my tongue almost made me puke, but I carried on until his dick was fully erect. Rolling over I thought he wanted me on the bed. Moving us both over to the shower room I leant against the wall as the water flowed over us both. Then in one long easy movement Bill entered my arsehole for the second time. It was far less painful and my arsehole seemed to accept his cock with a willingness that surprised me. As Bill began to fuck me, holding me by my shoulders, I began to enjoy the feeling his dick was giving me. hearing me moan with pleasure was the cue Bill was waiting for and on hearing me he started to hammer into my rear hole. I took his thrusts with a new sense of longing and also a growing need for him to be deeper inside me. By the time Bill was fucking as he had on the bed earlier, I was practically begging him to thrust hsi cock into me harder and faster.
    There was no condom this time, and I felt every spurt of his cum shooting up inside of me as he banged away at my arsehole. Spent Bill leant against me abd asked in a shuddering voice if I'd stay over with him.
    Before I finally fell asleep I text my boss to let him know we'd gotten the contract and I'd make my own way back home. Bill fucked me twice more that night and I empted my load up a mans arse for the first time. The contract secured I congratulated myself for ensuring people kept their jobs and I also thanked myself for learning how to enjoy the full company of another man.
    I've taken my promotion and our lucrative contract has gotten even more lucrative, safe guarding many jobs. It has also meant I've met Bill outside of work and have begun to realise I now enjoy a hard cock fucking me just as much as I enjoy fucking my girlfriend.

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    Straight Male / 34

    If I didn't confess now, I never would, as what I've been doing started only a fortnight ago.
    I'm married and have been since I was 28. I love my wife and almost everything about our relationship. The one thing that ocassionally annoys me is her reluctance to give me blow jobs. She used to before we got married and was a very horny dirty girl. Now to why I'm here.
    I'd planned to play golf with a friend two weeks back, but he passed after feeling ill. I'd paid for the round so headed off to the course. Around half way through the round I needed to pee and spotted the half way refreshment/toilet block. Putting my clubs outside I nipped in and stood relieving myself. Only seconds after I'd started peeing, a guy who was a little older than me, walked in and stood right next to me, taking his cock out. He didn't start to pee, in fact I noticed all he was doing was stroking his cock. Looking left I saw his cock and saw how big it was. Looking at me he said "Do you like it".
    Every nerve in my body screamed to get away, but I didn't move as he added "If you like, I could give you one hell of blow job, then you can finish your round totally relaxed". It was weird that I didn't even think about it, but I didn't. I replied by saying "where ??".
    Stood in the cubicle with my trousers and boxers around my ankles, the stranger I'd just met was sat on the toilet seat still with his cock out. He was masturbating himself as he took all seven inches on my cock over his tongue and into his warm wet mouth. The feeling after so long was amazing, no mattwer that it was a guy. And if anything the strangness of what I was doing actually made it being a man sucking me off, all the more intense.
    Expertly he continued to suck in my hard and in long quick strokes, right down to my pubic area. I felt totally in his power as he made my cock throb with his attentions. He'd been sucking me for only around five minutes when I told him I was nearly there. Rather than pull away, he mumbled for me to thrust in harder. Holding his head in both hands, I did as he asked and began to fuck his mouth. When my cock exploaded it was by far the most awsome overpowering feeling I can remember having from anyone who'd blown my dick. Shot after shot of my cum erupted into his mouth and my older cock sucking friend took every single drop, straight down his very eager throat.
    With my balls emptied I was about to decline his inference to suck his cock as all my sexual tension had been released, but fortunately before I could tell him, someone walked in. When we walked out a few minutes later we both went our seperate ways. He did however ask me if I'd be playing again that week. I wasn't going to but two days later I played after finishing work early. Just as two days previously my friend was there waiting outside. I'd played really well upto that point and wasn't going to stop. I'm glad I did as I took in my first ever cock into my mouth. This time it was turn to start, knowing I would be getting one hell of an awsome blow job. I genuinely enjoyed sucking off a man for the first time in my life, one who was at least a couple of inches bigger and way thicker than my seven inches.
    It was similar pattern the following week only we were disturbed half way through my cock being swallowed.
    I'm now converted to having my sucked by a guy and don't see the harm, if I don't let it go any further than mutual cock sucking. I'm certainly looking to find other ways of meeting men, to enjoy as many cocks as I can from now on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    my first c. d. experience it started in squirt I had a hot chat with guy. he wonted to fuck a submissive c.d. . A fantasy of min so we arranged to meet at a adult theater. So I wet to send hand store an got short dress 3in heels makeup. got reedy went to meet him then he did not show. so all driest up an no one to fuck me. So I wet in a both with no door sat to watch movie. a latten man cam in the both an stood watching movie' I started to rob is ball with the toe of my heels so he sat next to me I put my sexy bare leg across his he stared o rob my leg it felt so good. Then he turned an kissed me. T hat was the first time I kissed a man. so I asked if he wonted to fuck me he said yes I got up bent over told hi to be ezey with me. I felt the hot tip of his dick on my hole it was so hot. Then wham he shoved it in. I did not even know how big his dick was. I was huge. I thought I would die it heart but I liked it. HE fucked me hard for 10 min or so then pulled his b.b dick out an cane on my ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    i am really 15 almost sixteen. i would call myself straight honestly i dont think i am. i love girls and i love their bodies. but just recently ive started liking guys too. ive started watching gay porn and it makes me get way harder than straight porn. i really want to have sex with a man but i have no idea how to go about it, i really want to fuck an older man like in his 30's how could i do this??
    ps please dont hate on me and say im stupid and im gross. this website is for these types of things. if you dont like it then go away.

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    Gay Male / 55

    One late night I was out cruseing around looking for something to get into. It was about 2:am and the bars had just closed. I road pass this gay bar and there were a bunch of sissys and shemales hanging around outside the front. You could tell they had just came from inside. I rode down a little further and saw a very shaply woman walking down the street in a skintight sexy white outfit. I pulled over to see if she wanted a ride. She said "yes".I could tell at this point she wasen"t a real woman but she had already turned me on too much with her big ass and shaply legs. Even then I was having visions of getting her in bed. She told me where she lived and it wasen't that far. And we arrived at her house in about five minutes. She asked me if I wanted to come visit for awhile. I said "of course"

    Once inside her place I took a seat on the couch and she sat very close to me. It was all I could do to keep my eyes off those big legs and that short mini-skirt. Soon I found myself losing the fight as my dick began to get harder and harder. She asked me "Why is your dick hard??" I said Oh just ignore that, it's always like that. Then she said "Take it out, I want to see it." I unzipped my pants and struggled to get it out. She began to help. Of course that just made it harder and bigger but eventually I managed to get it out. She stroked it a few times and I almost died from the wonderful feeling it gave me. Then she stopped and said "OK you can put it back now". Moments later she said "C'ome lets go to the basement, I have a cot set up down there."

    After we got downstairs and onto the cot we began to kiss and feel on each other like two savage wild people. Then we started to take our clothes off. She felt great naked and even better when she was on top of me. I could tell she had a big dick, about nine inches or so. Soon we began kissing again. It wasn't long before she whispered in my ear "Can I fuck you" I had been waiting for this moment as long as I could remember. To get fucked by a sissy was my dream come true. Even though I was only 24 years old, I had used many dildos to practice and get my hole ready for this momnet. And now it was here. I answered "Yes,yes you can fuck me". She reached over to a little table near the bed and got some sort of cream and began rubbing it between my legs and up my asshole. Soon she climbed back on top of me and with both of her hands raised both my legs onto her shoulders. I felt the tip of her huge dick as it found it's way to my asshole. at first she rubbed that giant cock up and down and rimmed my hole, then she began to push, ever so slowly at first. Then after a few smaller pentrations they became harder and harder. Since this was my first time I knew it was going to hurt so I just concentrated on being relaxed as much as possible. Once she got it halfway in she laid down on top of me and began fucking me like I was her woman or something. At this point I relaxed even more and felt her slip inside me even
    deeper. She was now fully inside me and fucking me so hard you could hear our hips slapping together as lf we were a man and woman.
    I didn't want her to think I was one of those booty calls that just laid there and not put any effoet into the sex so I began to move my hips. A little at first, then I really got into it. Evey time she thrust downward I would meet her halfway by thrusting upward. She began moaming and searching for my dick. Then she began kissing me harder and harder.
    It took her about two hours to cum that first time. (I made her cum twice.)

    I was 24 years old when that happened. And she was 24 too. WE kept having sex with each other until we were well into our 40's. After that first encounter we became very good friends. And we met up many, many times after that. We even became secret boyfriend and girlfriend. Even though I've had many real girlfriends, I have never ever had sex as good as the sex my sissy could give to me.

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    Gay Male / 49

    please excuse bad english....i most speak spanish/french and teacher say must challenge self to learn american language,hi i name michell'e and i find now these site of sex and like many of you to how you tell many a good story.i no come to america for to learn sex these i have plenty time in my lands o francia/puerto rico.these boy i know who mother say go take to janco rio he no mind to sex but he like someone be nice and no like many year ago who uncle rape to him.these boy soft hair i like and he kiss very tender but he very no no no when try boy to boy sex...since long time rape boy now like sex but remember bad uncle.i try no ever to him do sex with me when he cry about long time ago but sometime he come to say okay because i no uncle do these bad thing to him.these i hope you like when i say young boy is like the body like a woman when he enjoy the dick but he say all the time easy..easy,easy when it hurt to him.i hug to him and make promise to no push dick like uncle who make bad rape to him,now he move very nice after he come to trust me and i like to touch these boy hair and kiss the soft neck when i sex to him.the sun in the sky sometime like to watch and listen to boy talk with strange sounds when the boy move with me in sex...oooooohhhhh - these boy sing to mr.sunshine...the boy pussy small when the uncle rape to him many time but now these boy no run when sex with me or someone no uncle but dick too very big.i take these boy to like these sex and my joy very much happy when these boy dance and run free when we climb the long hill to the private rivers in janco's no like when i see these boy the first time so long ago hiding by the many trees to watch me swim and sleep by the rivers edge,sometime the boy come sit next to me to watch the sun up in the sky.i never break the silence when the boy come to me one day and say to me the truth of bad uncle,somehow i come to know that the boy feel shame from these uncle rape and try to tell the uncle no by rape but make go easy.these uncle no listen to boy and maybe like to see the boy suffer many times the pain of the uncle big dick.these go on with boy say to me story of the bad uncle for everyday because these how he make in the mind that he no like the rape but the only the sex.the first time i make the boy to boy sex with him by the river the big dick go to inside these young boy but he say...uncle no,no,no...i go away from the boy but soon he come to follow me everyday to want more the big dick but then i come to america and the boy go away to find the somebody for the boy to boy sex.these how what happen in janco rio a long time ago...

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