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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 26

    Before I go further with this confession, I'd like to say I still considered myself as straight until last month, and I will qualify this later.

    A little over eight months ago I was given the opportunity to move forward and upwards in the company I work for, and accept promotion. Talking it over with my wife, she knew every fourth week I'd have to fly out and deliver a monthly account of my work. I could have given the same report via modern means, but our company hold very high standards and some of those are old fashioned. What my wife didn't then know, is what follows.

    When I was offered the new role, I was told it was to be given under the proviso I knew I'd have to perform certain tasks/acts for one of the controlling owners. He was the one I'd report to each month, and he expected my full cooperation.

    Knowing all too well what it all entailed, I accepted the offer without telling my wife. Each month I fly out of our hometown airport and meet Sean the owner at a very expensive hotel. I do deliver my report in what we use as an office in his hotel suite, then over the next few hours we have sex. Or should I say, he has sex.

    Sucking on his cock frequently, is just a prelude to him dominating me entirely. His cock is I would say having not seen that many erect cocks, a large and extremely thick cock. Much bigger than my own. Sean likes me to gag on his cock which I do a lot. I don't I will say right now, enjoy sucking on his dick, but I do like the fact he tells me I'm "The best god damn cock sucker" he's ever met.

    From the moment his cock becomes fully erect, I get myself ready to receive his mammoth penis up my asshole. Sean might be fifty four now, but for an older man he can sure last for a hell of a long time. And that's why he now tells me, I'm his "Fuck boy" for as long as I want to climb the companies ladder. Not too many young men he's fucked can and have lasted taking his cock, the way Sean loves to fuck. It's almost as he see's the sex as a way of staying fit.
    He's very much into dominating young men and absolutely power fucks me each time we get together.

    My asshole was a mess the first time we fucked, and it took a couple of weeks for it to get back to some kind of normality. Yet when I flew out the next time, I knew I'd do anything he wanted over how ever long he wanted to fuck me. Even so as the first few months went by, I still thought of myself as straight, as to me it was purely work. Sean would destroy my man pussy and I would give up any position he wanted me in. I even one afternoon accepted he and a high ranking client of the company, would be fucking me. They took turns to fuck me the whole afternoon with Sean showing the younger man, just how to force fuck my asshole, over and over and over again.

    Things changed two months ago.

    Taking my usual flight out, I received a phone call as I landed. It was Sean asking me to meet him at another hotel. When I walked into the very plush hotel room, I was met by the sight of five naked men, and all of them appeared to have what looked to me, relatively large cocks. Sean walked over also naked and said "Take the phone call in the other room first, before you say yes or no".

    Pic king up the hotel rooms phone, I heard my wife's voice saying hello. Over the next five minutes I sat and listened to my wife explaining she'd known all along how I cemented the new job, and why I flew out every month. She even told me her and Sean had met to discuss how my asshole would be sore that first time. I was quiet throughout her explanation, then she said this "Accept his offer now and we're set up for life. I think you should".

    Right up until that very point, I thought of myself as a straight guy. Someone just trying to get on and support his wife and hopefully his future kids. The moment my wife let on she knew all along I'd been receiving a mans cock up my asshole, my perception of who and what I was changed.

    It was my wife who told me next, that she'd see me on Saturday and not the Friday night as usual. That was IF I accepted the new offer, position and much higher salary (Plus bonuses). Putting the phone down, I turned to see Sean smiling at me. Telling me to take my time, he shut the door and left me to think.

    Swallowing Ken's cum was the last of a very long sequence of semen entering my body. Six men in total, including Sean had had me suck on their cocks, then had fucked me bareback. Sean had vouched for each of the men, making them take tests for the first of what he and they called their "Monthly fuckdowns". Everyone of them is married with kids and everyone is a wealthy businessman. Sean is by some way the youngest of them, and it was still he who fucked me the most. I stayed over on the Friday too, just so Sean and I could have a night to ourselves, just as my wife knew I would. As he fucked me slowly on the bed spooning me and jacking off my cock, my boss told me I had the new role, and then told me to look at the bureau in the corner. He thrust into me, just as my eys caught sight of an envelope.

    My wife was totally correct. We are now set up for life in real terms, if I continue to fly out to meet up with Sean. Only I now fly out twice a month. Once to entertain the "Monthly Fuckdown". The other time is to stay with Sean alone in the first hotel. Although I do enjoy being fucked (Still don't like to suck cock ???) by all of the businessmen. I mostly enjoy being with Sean alone, and his massive appetite for screwing my asshole mercilessly. Just ask my wife, she'd tell and probably encourage you to fuck me too, if you were going to pay.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    By the time I reached fifteen, we were already giving each other oral sex. He caught me whacking one off and walked over to my bed. Moving my hands away, he lowered his head and sucked in my cock. I didn't resist and I certainly didn't tell him to stop. It felt amazing and my dick became ultra hard and began throbbing like never before.
    Gay sex had never entered my head, yet I lay there letting him suck me off and enjoyed every single second of his awesome oral attentions. Telling him I was about to cum, he carried on sucking and I blew my load into his mouth. Not once taking his mouth off my cock, he swallowed my seed and eventually rose up.

    His face was flushed as he rose and only then did I see he'd released his own much larger cock. Poking it in my direction, I did as he had and copied what he'd done to me. I felt every single vein which rolled along his long thick cock shaft and every time I sucked down his cock, he thrust into my mouth. Soon I was taking every inch of his dick and later found out, all eight inches of his awesome cock were being sucked on. Bucking harder and harder into my face, he too came, telling me to swallow his load.

    I did as he asked and loved the taste and feel of his hot sticky semen in my mouth and down my throat. When the last of his cum slipped down my throat, he withdrew, smiled down at me and said "From now on, we give each other relief whenever we're horny. Okay?". I nodded, smiled back up at him and watched him walk from my bedroom.
    Later that same day, he cornered me outside. Mom and dad were going through some kitchen magazines, so when he dropped his shorts showing me his cock was fully erect, I instantly went down on him.

    Sucking on his gorgeous cock, he took hold of my head and began to fuck my face. It was like before, but with much more force and lots more urgency. It took him longer to cum, but when he did, his cock erupted and found myself gagging on the amount of cum. Even so I swallowed as much as I could, then used my fingers to mop up the semen which had flowed onto my cheeks and chin.

    Lifting me up, he asked me if I'd like to make it a regular thing between us. As he felt my rising cock through my shorts, he smiled and said "I guess so".

    Over the next few weeks whenever either of us were horny, which back then was pretty much all the time, we'd give one another a blow job. Then one Sunday evening with our parents going out for meal, he suggested I should let him fuck me. By the time our parents had driven off the drive, I was horny as hell. Leading me into the bathroom he started the shower and we both stripped naked. Sucking on his cock under the warm spray, he soon became erect and I was ready for whatever he wanted from me.

    Rising up, I faced the shower head and felt him fumbling around behind me. He used hair conditioner on my asshole and then I felt my asshole spread as his cock entered me. Yes there was pain and yes it felt ultra uncomfortable, but by then I fully wanted my older brother to fuck me. I wanted to please him and I wanted him to know he was then, and still is now my hero.

    Gritting my teeth, I held off from shouting out as the pain grew, but then like a flash of pure ecstasy, my asshole relaxed and the pain changed to total and utter joy. I turned my head, told him I loved him, and let him kiss me as he drove his cock so deep into my bowels.

    We stood and fucked like that, kissing and enjoying one anothers bodies for over quarter of an hour. My asshole accepted my brothers cock completely and I soon found muyself backing onto him. Wanting him to be as one with my body. My cock was by then throbbing with lust and without even touching it, or sensing I was close, it erupted and I came as hard and as strong as I'd ever done. It was amazing, simply the best feeling ever. And then like it was meant to be that way, my brothers cock exploded up my ass and I heard him shout out his pleasure of cumming inside of me.

    Spinning me around, we kissed again, only it was completely even in our lust for each other. He put his hands onto my butt cheeks and pulled them apart and I felt his cum leaking out of my rear hole. Inserting a finger up my ass as we kissed, I knew right then and there, I'd want him to fuck me again and again.

    And so we did. I was sixteen then, he was eighteen. Full of sexual energy and need, and full of love for each other. My big brother became my lover, my best friend and in every way my sexual teacher. Every second we had together we sought out new ways to pleasure ourselves and each other. We even fucked on family vacations, with one occasion having a couple watch us. They knew we were siblings, yet still got it on themselves. Throughout the following years my brother and I were gay lovers in every sense of the word, yet secret to the point of no one has ever known or even guessed we fuck. He's always been the top, and I've always enjoyed having his thick veiny eight inches up my ass.

    My brother like myself is married now. We both love our respective wives, yet even now when it's possible to do so, we fuck as much as we can. I've never had another mans cock, and as far as I know, my brother has only ever fucked me.

    We're careful never to mix our relationship, and only fuck now when it's totally safe to do so. Having said that, he did fuck me at his barbecue last week. His wife was outside retelling all our family and friends she was pregnant, as he fucked me in the bathroom celebrating their good news.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Anyone here love feeling horny to the point where you don't want to cum because you don't want to lose the feeling? I always hated cumming and crashing hard into reality, but eventually even I have a breaking point. A friend and I will try to keep each other horny. More so from him because he typically breaks long before I do. He thinks it's hilarious, but will do anything to drive my horny mind up the wall. But yeah, I love being aroused more than orgasms especially if I share the experience with a friend.

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    Gay Male / 28

    Found on adult confessions

    Two years ago I lived in NYC with my college buddy Izzy. We were both animation majors, and bonded through comic book club. I eventually came to Queens for work, and he was joining the National Guard, so we ending up getting a place together.

    Izzy was a funny guy. Almost as tall as me (Iâm 6â2), super buff nerdy black guy but has no game. He canât talk to girls, and at 25 was still a virgin. Heâs not exactly handsome, but he has some really nice features. Heâs got an amazing body. Mouth watering. Amazing pecs. A fat ass. And a huge cock. Iâll get more into that later.

    Izzy knew I was gay, but was comfortable around me. Walking around shirtless, or just a towel all the time. It was great. Occasionally Iâd tease him, and heâd be super humble. He wasnât homophobic or anything. Fairly open minded guy. I tried my best to be respectful though.

    One night I was in bed fairly early (was leaving for a flight in the morning) and Izzy had come home from the gym. He went and took a shower. The lights were off, and I was under the covers. He probably thought I was asleep. I tried to sleep, but it was too hot in our place. Oh, we shared a one bedroom. His bed was directly across from mine. After 30 minutes, he comes out of the shower and walks in front of his bed. Dripping wet, with a white towel on. He stands in front of his bed, turns around, and assumes Iâm asleep. He turns back around, and takes off his towel. My boner grew even bigger. I couldnât believe it. Even though it was dark, the light from the window was shining on him, so I got a fairly clear view. He was breathtaking. Drops of water fell down his smooth back all the way down to his bubbly ass. Izzy had the built of a Greek god. I wanted to worship him. He proceeded to dry off with his towel. Then he went and walked over to his dresser. His fat, 9 inch cock flapping around the entire time. It was beautiful. Long, thick, with a nice fat head. He slipped on some boxers and flopped in bed. I thought my cock was gonna explode.

    I kept that little story to myself. I left for a week after that. The entire time I couldnât stop thinking about his body. When I came back, it was hard keeping control. I wanted him so bad. I started to sneak pictures of him. When heâd wash or dishes, or stand around shirtless. I needed the spank material. Iâd also snap photos of him sleeping. He moves around a lot in his sleep, so heâs usually just laid out in his underwear, barely covered by his blanket. One morning he had the biggest boner. I wanted it so bad.

    About a month later, we had some friends over for drinks. We all got fairly drunk, but everyone ended up going to their own places by the end of the night. Izzy failed to hook up with our female friend Chelsea, again. It was still early in the night, about 11 pm, and we were watching the Sopranos. It was the summer, so Izzy was sitting there in just shorts. He was sweaty, I was just staring at drops of sweat hanging over his little brown nipples.

    âYou wanted to fuck her?â
    âMan, I try. I donât know. I just freeze upâ

    I laughed, I teased him a bit for being a 25 year old virgin.

    âI think any girl who wouldnât sleep with you is crazy. Youâre so hotâ

    Izzy laughed, and thanked me. I looked at him, and started giggling. I couldnât help it. He looked at me crazy. I licked my lips and stared at him.

    âI want to suck your cockâ

    Izzy let out a loud laugh. He got red in the face. He didnât know how to reply.

    â I donât want anything else from you. Just let me suck your cock. Iâm good.â

    Iz zy got redder and redder.

    âI get it dude. Iâm just horny, and youâre hot. Thereâs no feelings here. I just want you to cum in my mouthâ

    We were silent. Izzy blushed and laughed. He looked over at me, let out another laugh, and pointed to his crotch. I got up like a good boy, and got on my knees in front of him. I started by rubbing his cock through his shorts. It wasnât even hard and it was huge. I slowly took his shorts off. God. It was beautiful. Long, dark, with a bright pink head. Circumcised with a faint scar. He trimmed his pubes down. He didnât have a lot of hair, except for a small patch of pubes. They were very nappy. It was new to me. His balls were huge and long. I picked up his cock and started to jerk it. I started to lick it. I opened wide and put his huge member in my mouth. It tasted sweaty and salty. Like a real man. I started to suck him, moaning as I did it. He started to run his fingers through my hair. Did it remind him of a woman?

    I was deep throating the best I could. Fuck, it was huge. Gigantic. I let out whimpers. I would occasionally look up, he moaned, looking up at the ceiling as he rubbed my shoulder. I told him to stand up. He did, and he proceeded to face fuck me. I gagged. My eyes started to water. I grabbed on his bubbly fat ass as I continued to suck and slurp. I stopped for a minute to catch my breath. âYou good?â he asked. I smirked and went back in again.

    I thought about his beautiful body. I thought about how badly I wanted his giant black cock in me. I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me. Hurt me. Hit me. Izzy started to breath harder. I was pleasuring him so well. He started to get more and more aggressive, pulling my hair and shoving my face into his cock. I loved it. Iâd take my mouth off of it, then slap it against my face. It felt so good having that thick piece of meat hitting me.

    âFuck .. fuckâ he yelled, as he came in my mouth. A huge thick load shot right down my throat. It was salty and bitter. I took his cock out of my mouth, and it kept on shooting out cum. I went and put it back in my mouth. I didnât want to miss a spec of his nectar. I made sure to lick up his cock clean. A little bit of cum got on his chest. I licked it off. It was so bitter. Fuck. It was so hot.

    Things were a bit awkward, but we laughed it off and went to bed. Afterwards, we acted like nothing else happened. We kind of went without talking for a little bit. Eventually we set something up, and we made a bit of an arrangement. I offered to be his personal toilet. Every once in awhile, Iâd service him and eat his cum. He loved it. I loved it. I tried to get him into other things, but he was too shy. We tried to do anal once, but it didnât work. I had him fuck me while he had porn on, but it wasnât working out. It sucks, he felt good in me. He couldnât get into it. That night we ended up jerking off together. When he was ready to cum, Iâd come over and let him shoot once my mouth.

    At least once he let me eat his ass. He wasnât too into it, but wanted to try it. His hole was clean and smooth, so I dug it. A couple of times he pissed on me. Weâd usually do that in the bathroom. Heâd piss all over my face and then Iâd blow him afterwards. Was a bit shocked he was into that. Weird guy.

    Eventually he moved out of NY and back home to Chicago. I think about him a lot.

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    Straight Male / 38

    There were a couple of guys I befriended. It was about 4 months after starting to hang out with them I found out they were gay. We were over at one of their houses and they suggested watching some porn. We began watching some porn and it was guy on guy action and mostly more than just 2 guys. One of them suggested we have a threesome but I declined telling them I wasn't gay. They proceeded to start having sex with each other in front of me. They were naked and doing some sexual acts to each other. I wasn't disgusted by what they were doing but a little intrigued seeing two guys do if for real in front of me. I even began to get a little aroused. They took a little break with each other and came over to me and began to undress me. I don't know what came over me but I made no attempt to stop them. Soon I was naked and the two of them began to do sexual things to me. I let them have there way with me and even reciprocated a few times. I had their dicks in my mouth sucking them off and even let them finger my asshole. After it was all done I began to realized that I just had my first sexual experience with another man. I never expected in my lifetime for it to happen and began to worry how my wife would react if she ever found out. I never told my wife but there have been a few more threesome with us and each time seems to be better than the last. The guys have mentioned that it appeared I wasn't as straight as I thought I was.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    My wife has just run herself a bath. Only twenty minutes before myself and Andrew her son, were in the shower fucking. I was so horny when his mom left for her golf lesson, I had the nineteen year old suck me off, then, I fucked him on his bed, at the top of the stairs and then in the shower. I came up his cute asshole twice, fianlly having him lick and suck my cock clean in the shower. We'd literally only just gotten dried when his mom drove up the driveway. If he's up for it a little later when his mom takes her afternoon nap, I'm going to fuck him again, only I'm fuck him in my garage workshop. I just love bending him over my work bench and stuffing his gorgeous ass full of my man meat.

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    Gay Male / 50

    I took a job for the summer in the local moving business. Just about every job was helping people move in and out of apartments. I moved this one man, he was an older guy. His place he was moving out of was immaculate. Every box was packed and labeled. His furniture was good stuff. He was well kept and he wore nice clothes. I commented to my coworker and observed that he was alone. My coworker observed that the guy was queer. This was 1978.

    We moved him into his new apartment, I asked him if he needed help unpacking the boxes. I offered to do it for free. Each box was so neatly packed, he had lots of dishes and knickknacks which he had me put on the shelves in just the right place. We talked a lot, he told me about his life and I told him I was trying to get back into college. When we were getting the kitchen stuff put away he put his arm on my shoulder and told me he felt I needed a kiss.

    It was my first kiss like that. He kissed me several times telling me what a nice guy I was. His hand had fallen down and he was holding my crotch while he kissed me. He asked me to go back to the bedroom and help him make the bed. After the bed was made, he gently turned it down and asked me to lay down so he could undress me. He took my shirt off first, running his hands all over my chest, leaning over and kissing me again and again. He undid my belt and my pants and unzipped them. I had a raging erection by then. He pulled my pants off and put his hand over my boxers holding my erection down.

    He sat on the side of the bed and asked me what kind of a present I had for him. He was holding my erection in his hand while he talked. He lowered my boxers just enough for him to uncover my penis and he put his mouth on me and started to suck and lick and kiss and pushed my boxers off and he took my erection almost completely in his mouth. He laid me naked and looked at me while he got undressed. He dropped his shorts and his erection bounced out. He stood there, beside the bed with his erection staring at me. He took off his glasses and leaned over me grabbing my penis in his hand and taking my hand to grab his penis.

    We spent a lot of time just kissing, sucking and masturbating each other. He got some stuff from his bathroom, and helped me get ready for him. He was gentle but firm, and he fucked me on my hands and knees. After he was done he went to the bathroom and came back with a hot towel and washed me before laying down beside me. On my side he massaged me until he got me to cum all over him.

    He worked as a manager for retail furniture store. He kept me in a job all the way through college. I spent a lot of time at his place. We would go out to these dark restaurants and dark bars. At this one bar, we could dance. He introduced me to his friends, but he made sure I understood that I was not going to cheat on him. Over time I met some of the other people in his network. Some of them had young boyfriends like me, and others played the field.

    I got through college and moved on. I played safe, and from time to time I would go see him. He got older really fast. When I met him he was already 60. He was always well dressed and he kept his place in show room condition, something I could never do. But one day he was 70 and he passed away soon afterwards.

    Anyway, I was thinking about him. He passes away a long time ago, and I am 60 now and have a boyfriend that hangs around. I wonder if one day he will think of me the way I think of the man that helped me be queer.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    So I've pretty much been Bisexual all my life. Ever since I could get an erection men have turned me in as well as women.

    I remember finding porn as a kid and being equally in awe of the gorgeous women and the huge cocks.

    Once I discovered internet porn I looked up gay porn. It aroused me a lot as well. I wasn't sure what gay guys did together but as soon as I saw anal I was turned on. And eventually friend anal masturbation.

    Anyway I was pretty much always equally into both genders until recently. The past few years I've been more and more into guys.

    I guess I've grown to love dick more than pussy. I've been with more men and fantasize about men more.

    I also have to admit I'm much better at pleasing men. I'm not much of a top so needless to say I'm mediocre with women.

    I'm pretty sure I've turned entirely gay because I no longer look at hot women and want to fuck them but I want to be them.

    I've bought a few female outfits and love wearing them around the house. I'm always horny and wanting cock.

    I spend hours online sex chatting with men and also have several regulars who fuck me.

    I'm basically always bored and horny so if any tops want to email or chat through other ways let me know. My email is richardparker429@@@@@@@@g***l.** mm

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I got introduced to sucking cocks and getting my ass fucked last weekend in front of my older woman friend. She and I have had sex since I was 15. She watched me have sex with one of her gay friends, an older man. She made me up, and got me dressed in sexy undies to do it. They guy called me again yesterday, and I went to his house, I got fucked 3 times, sucking his cock hard each time. Today he had two more guys over and I let them all fuck me multiple times. I've only had cock since Sunday and now here it is only Tuesday afternoon and I've had 4 guys fuck me already.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Married but frequently sexually frustrated, that's me in a nut shell. Or it was, until I began to fuck very eager and willing young men. One such occasion happened only recently when visiting a pal of mine in hospital.
    On the way in to his ward, I had eye to eye contact with a young male nurse. The look we gave each other was "That" look. The one you give when you want sex. His backward glance and me turning around all said "Lets fuck".
    He called into my friends private room after about twenty minutes, apparently to see if he was okay, but slipped me a piece of paper. It read "Toilets, ten minutes, far end of the ward". Excusing myself saying I had to get back home and I'd be back tomorrow, I walked down the ward and into the gents. He was already waiting and immediately entered one of the three stalls.
    Dropping his trousers and boxers, leaning onto the toilet bowl and then smearing what looked like hand cream all over his arsehole, he then passed me a condom. Whipping out my already fully erect cock, I donned the sheath quickly and placed the tip of my cock to his fuckhole.
    We both knew we didn't have long, so I drove my cock straight into his arse and instantly began to fuck him. He made all kinds of low moaning and grunting sounds, as I gripped his hips and pounded his arsehole, pulling him onto my cock.
    Within four to five minutes he shook like a leaf and I saw his cum sprt out all over the toilet seat. Seeing him cum added to my lust and I too began to shake as my orgasm rose. Then like an explosion, my cock pulsed and my semen flew into the condom deep up his shit box. Collapsing onto his back, I pumped a few more times until my balls were empty, then withdrew.
    A few minutes later cleaned up, I walked back out of the ward and drove home.
    The following evening I waited until everyone had gone, then followed the young male nurse into a side room. We took our time the second evening, as I had him suck me off first. Then I fucked him on the bed firstly in the missionary position, before screwing him doggy style, cumming up his delicious tight white bum.
    Walking out, a senior nurse looked hard at me, but didn't say anything. However the young male nurse mentioned the next night, we'd better not risk fucking in the hospital again.
    Not a chance. I fucked him again up against a filing cabinet in an office, this time without a condom. You should have seen the cum stain on the back of his trousers as I left.
    He gave me his mobile number before I went home, telling me he was clean and safe. I've since met him quite a few times for amazingly hard and rough sex. Fucking him once at home on our bed, then in the shower. He's just as horny for sex as I am, only I now get to empty my balls up his fuck hole each time, without having to use a Johny.

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