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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I put bi because of this past weekend. After my divorce, she was cheating and found a rich guy to marry, I dove into work and other than 2 fucks with a second cousin right after we split, I'd not been laid. It's been over 18 months. At a party there were guys going in this room and coming out all night, I heard fucking going on and I asked. The guy said that the cumbucket was open, just go in, insert, fuck, cum and leave. When I got in there, the lights were off, but through the curtains I could see it was a small guy. His asshole was practically gaping open. I started to turn around and he said that he's squeeze it tight for me, not to even think about him being a guy if I was straight just use him as a hole for cum. I did. Not only that, I went back again, and at the end of the night I drove him home and fucked him in his own bed. He has called me three times in the last few days, he wants me to come over and fuck him more. He said he'd put on make up even, and style his long hair like a girl. I think I'm going to do it

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    Lesbian Female / 29

    As a young girl I was in love with Anne of Green Gables, not the show which I loved but with Anne. My grandmother got me the books which I read cover to cover, several times. At night I dreamed with Anne and transported myself back to her time. As I grew older my feelings grew with me, I felt that I was sleeping with Anne and I pulled my pillow closer, I could feel her against me and I would reach around and gently hold her breast in my hand. I kissed her, and would caress her and I got aroused and pretended to make love to her burying my head into my pillow. None of this went unnoticed by grandmother.

    I found this book, a small novel laying around and I started to read it, it was a novel about a young woman who falls in love with her best friend at school. I devoured the book, sitting in the living room reading it slowly and not wanting it to ever end. When I finished the book I put it beside my bed and I would read parts of it over and over again, their first kiss, her pulsing breast, her unsatisfied groin. The pillow tight between my legs as I read the passages over and over again.

    I accidently found this box of books in the closet of the guest room when my grandmother asked me to help her clean out the closet. A dozen or so novels, yellow pages, a secretary of a mean boss who finds her true love with the girl that lives on her street and is the only one who understands her, the waitress in her uniform who falls in love with the woman cop, and the book that turned my head around, the vivid description of making love, the kisses and the hands and her breasts and her friends hot mouth spreading her lips open and her tongue dashing in and out of her.

    I was getting on in years, I turned seventeen and went into my last year of high school and I joined the glee club and I found a friend. We did everything together and when we were at my grandmother's house we could sit close beside each other on the sofa, we could go into my room and lay on the bed and talk, we could accidently lay our head in each other's lap and have our face caressed, we were able to kiss and kiss and kiss, to hold hands, to lay together on the sofa tied in a knot, to find a breast and nipples, to find our hands deep into our pants, to take our panties off and make love and suck on her clitoris and push my tongue into her vagina. I couldn't stop once I got started, when she reached the point of having an orgasm and she kept pushing my face away from her I would slap her hands and go in deeper as she rocked on the bed pulling my hair. My grandmother never said anything, she was always nice to my friend, invited her to have dinner with us, took us to the mall, she slept over and my grandmother never said no when we showered together or sat in our panties on the bed and did our nails together.

    One day my grandmother came and told me that she had received a telephone call that my mother was going to be released from prison. I was happy but in a way I wasn't. My mother had been bad to me when I was living with her and my life had become better when I went to live with my grandmother. My mother looked bad, she was much older, her hair was gray, she had eyes that cut you off. She stayed a few days and went to live with a friend to find a job. I had very little to do with my mother. The day she left my grandmother suggested that I call my friend and ask her to come spend the night with me and we made love all night and we forgot to close the door.

    My grandmother took me to an art fair and she walked around and told me that there were many girls just like me, and she pointed to this girl and to that girl and to that woman and this woman over there and she said they were all just like me, they wanted a girl in their life just like my girlfriend and me. Don't stop loving her, she and I were going to go to college and we were going to grow up and maybe yes and maybe no but there was a big chance that we wouldn't be in love, but we always had to remain friends.

    We went to this booth where this girl was selling jewelry and the girl was wearing a tank top without a bra, her nipples hard against the fabric. She also didn't have her arm pits shaved and she wore jean shorts with hiking boots, she was pretty, her face was small and her hair was short and she had deep blue eyes and she said that if I wanted to I could touch and she pulled my hands and put them on her breasts. She kissed me on the lips and she told my grandmother that I was a very pretty girl and if I wanted to I could come see her in her shop. I didn't know that she was a girl that my grandmother knew and she had set me up. She became my first adult lover, it was no longer playing it was making love.

    I remained friends with my girlfriend from school, she eventually found someone and I went on to become the girlfriend of the girl at the fair. She was 23 when I met her and I was seventeen, and she loved to watch Anne of Green Gables.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Car parks, woodlands, fields, a train, outside a football stadium, their homes, my work place, in hospital, cottages (Toilets), also recently on a beach in Spain and lots more places over the past fourteen months, I've been fucking younger men who like all eight and half inches of my cock up their arseholes.
    Once my wife said she no longer wanted me fucking her, as she'd found Jesus, I found myself willing young men to take her place. And boy is it much much more fun.
    First of all it was at various car parks, as it was easy to drive up, meet them and fuck in the car, or outside. I love walking, so woodlands and fields were and are always great places to meet up, or have chance encounters for sex. And believe me you'd be surprised by just how many young guys enjoy being fucked outdoors.
    There's a young guy who lives three houses away, someone who I fuck on a fairly regular basis. His parents know he's gay, but they don't know I fuck him when our week day diaries match, often all over their home.
    The football stadium lad was someone who i met through another young man. He told his friend I'd fucked him the week before and he chanced a text message. I was working outside the stadium and he called by. On a scaffolding platform, I fucked him from behind as we overlooked those going about their day.
    There's a supplier who sends a young guy to deliver items at our work base. He's a real dirty little fucker and he loves nothing more than to suck my dick in the office I share with another boss. I'm yet to fuck him, but I'm working on it.
    In Spain it waas extremely easy to have sex. My wife wanted to visit all the holy places in the area we were in. I didn't. So as she spent her days in churches and other religious places, whilst I visited a beach area known for it's sand dune/beach gay hookup site. It was literally only five minutes from where we staying, so most days I found younger men to have fun with. It's the first time I'd fucked an older man in the sand dunes there, as others watched on and masturbated. It was an awesome holiday and one I hope to re book soon.
    Even when my wife had to spend time in a hospital late last year, I found myself bumping into a male nurse who I instantly knew would come across. After visiting time, I went to his desk and asked him if he could show me how he could look after my needs now. I found myself balls deep up his arsehole in an examination room five minutes later.
    I used to be shy when I first began to fuck other men, now I'm quite open with them. Not everyone I approach or suggest sex to, wants or gives me sex. But out of the guys I kind of know are gay or bisexual, I guess at least four to five out of ten are ready to allow me to fuck them. Or at least suck on my dick.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Okay, so disclaimer, Iâm currently writing this while boarding for my flight. This story just happened like 15 minutes ago.

    I got super horny while waiting for my delayed plane at the gate. I saw this man, who was considerably older than me. He was staring at me and he had a pretty big bulge. I noticed it and started to stare at it and him while licking my lips. I escalated it by biting my lip. He liked it and made a subtle humping motion. I fave him a Bj signal by pretending to hold an invisible dick and pushing my tongue against my cheek. He nodded.

    I got my stuff and went into the bathroom and found an empty stall. The man followed me into the bathroom and into the stall. As soon as he entered the stall, I dropped to my knees and whipped his cock out. I started sucking him hard. He came into my mouth a few minutes later. He was still hard so I blew him again, he came on my face this time. Whilst this was happening, another guy came in and watched us, since the stall door wasnât closed. He came close and asked if he could join. I said yes and the older guy who blew me smiled. I pulled my pants down and told the older guy to fill my ass. He did and the two men spitroaseted me and came in my two holes. We cleaned ourselves off after.
    Iâm walking into the plane with cum in my ass. The guy I started with is behind me in line. Hopefully I get to join the mile high club with him later!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Growing up I was a cocky little bastard. At the age of only thirteen I had a fight with three other dudes my age, and kicked the shit out of all of them. A year later I beat up a guy twice my age during a soccer game. Then for a long time it seemed, I'd get into fights with people who I knew before a punch was thrown, I'd easily beat them.

    At the age of nineteen, my mom had an argument with a neighbor of ours. Me being me, the hard little mother fucker who knew no one could beat him, went round to the guys home and challenged him. Calmly he tried to tell me, I shouldn't mess with him, but who was he. I was the hardest kid around and I'd sort him out. He got bored with my ranting and just closed his door. He was scared I figured, and I left it at that. But I was still annoyed for my mom and the following morning went back to his home. Knocking on his front door, there was no answer initially. Knocking again, the door opened and I was grabbed forcefully. He'd spun me around and had me in a head lock. Telling me quietly to fuck off, I struggled against him, but he was much much stronger than he looked. Kicking his shins, he adjusted himself and I found myself on his hallway floor. Jumping up, I threw a punch, I'd show him, I thought. Wrong thing to do.

    I came round in his kitchen. I was lay face down on something hard and I couldn't move my arms. When my senses finally picked out where I was and what I was feeling, I knew he was either putting something up my ass, or he was fucking me. He wasn't putting an item up my ass.

    Humiliated is the term I'd use. Humiliated and strangely enjoying the sensations of his cock fucking me. I didn't know right there and then, but he'd been fucking me slowly for nearly ten minutes. When I'd come round my body was used to his cock and he was fucking me for real. It was at that moment in my life, I knew I wasn't invincible and I also knew his cock felt awesome up my butt.

    There was no conversation, other than me backing onto his cock and wording "Yeh, that feels so good". I'm not sure now just how long he began to slam his cock into me. All I know is, I cried with the utter pleasure of him giving me himself. He pounded my ass and I loved every second of it. It was wrong, I knew that, yet it was wrong of me to attack someone in their own home. I also knew I didn't want him to stop.

    The feelings of elation grew, and then with an almighty surge of energy and sheer joy, my cock erupted beneath me and I came all over his kitchen table. He let out a cry of pleasure too, telling me he was ready to give me my redemption. The man who I'd gone round to smash, came up my asshole and I couldn't have been happier.

    His weight lifted from me and I found I was tethered or in any way held. I couldn't move my arms because I was gripping the sides of the table so much. He backed off, reached for a cigarette and offered me one. I refused, I didn't smoke, but he lit up. Only then did he speak, to tell me if I wanted to, I could release my anger in future by allowing him to fuck me.

    The very next day I spent the whole afternoon on his couch, in his bed and in his shower being fucked. I also learned I could suck cock extremely well.

    Since that sunny day when I was first fucked, I've not had one fight. I've not picked on anyone and I'm hopefully now a much more approachable human being. Don't get me wrong, I can still fight, but then again maybe/definitely not against someone like him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Changing my job in January of last year (2018), I trained up and then began my own routes as a delivery driver. The routes I have are in fairly rural areas, and those areas are very large. Lots of people depend on deliveries, as there isn't a lot of viable shops to service their needs. I also deliver items from internet suppliers and have grown to recognize certain items from their packaging and returns description. One such items are dildo's, and other sex toys.

    At first I found I'd be delivering them to lonely females, but once I began to distinguish another set of packaging, I also noticed just how many guys I'd be having sign for them.

    Delivering one to a man who was in his mid forties one afternoon (It was pissing down) I smiled as he signed for it and he asked me if I knew what it was. I told him straight away, it was dildo. To which he replied "I'd rather have the real thing".

    I t ws an obvious come on, and knowing I had only one more delivery a mile away, I told him if he waited twenty minutes, he could have the real thing.
    It had been nearly three years since I'd last fucked a guys arsehole, yet I didn't have any hang ups about fucking more. Girlfriends, work (Why I changed jobs) and an on off relationship with a married woman, all kept my cock happy when it needed a hole to fuck. So liking the look of the guy who was very athletic looking, I drove as quickly as I could and gave the items to the old lady a mile away.

    Literally as soon as I entered his home, he closed the door, knelt down and opened my work pants. My cock was in his mouth in seconds and I knew then I wasn't his first. Fucking his mouth as he sucked my dick in deep, I looked down and it was then I recognized him. Athletic and fit is precisely what a sports person should be.

    Once my dick began to throb in his mouth, I brought him up, asked him if he wanted there and then and followed him as he lead me further into his home. By the time we entered his kitchen, he was only wearing his trainers.
    His buff body and his fine chiseled looks, plus his erection bobbing in front of him, all told me he was going to be a great fuck. Looking into a cupboard, he passed me a condom from a box, then put a tube of hand cream next to himself as he lay face down over the kitchen table. Looking back at me, he said "Now for the real thing".

    The condom slid over my cock easily enough, it should I'd worn hundreds in my time. Coating my condom covered cock wit the hand cream, I asked him if he was ready. The only sound was "ugh huh".

    What a fuck, what an unbelievable fuck it was. Right from the first thrust up his tight arsehole, he wanted it badly. And knowing there was no come backs, I gave it to him. He and I ground into one another as he backed onto my cock. Fucking him for all I was worth, I listened as he cried out from the intensity od the sex.

    At one stage he mentioned we should change positions, but I was in charge and I was the one to say what would happen. Keeping him pinned down fucking him all the while, I leaned right over and told him to shut the fuck up. Biting his ear a little, I reached round and gripped his cock. Pumping into him still, I tossed his dick only a few times and then it erupted. He cried out, but I carried on fucking him and was stil fucking him as his house phone rang.
    The answer phone picked up the call. It was his wife wanting to know if they were going out that night, or should she pick something up from the shops before her long drive home.

    As the call ended, I came up his arsehole filling the condom deep inside of him. His words were "Were eating in I think, my arsehole will be sore".

    I left him to clean up, but not before he asked me if I'd visit again. Nearly every week I have a parcel of something to deliver to his home. His wife is never there and I now know her vehicle anyway. He is a wonderful fuck and we're way down the line of experimenting sexually with each other. But he's not the only male I now fuck within my routes.
    You'd be amazed by just how many men enjoy a cock up their arseholes, especially if its a young guy like me fucking

    E ighteen to nearly eighty, I've fucked a whole spectrum of clients who have me deliver them their parcels and my cock.

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    Gay Male / 53

    I am a maid and I work for a cleaning service. One of the houses that I am assigned to lives a man who works from home, he is a writer. Sometimes he is in his office and sometimes he is running errands and sometimes he is watching television. He touches me, he likes to feel me, to gently touch my private parts, to gently touch my rear end, to caress my face and touch my hair. He likes to kiss me on the lips.

    It is against the rules but I do it anyway, no one has paid attention to me like this in along time. I guess a gay man who works as a maid should know that a gay man is going to hit on him like that. He has shown me his penis and he has asked to look at mine. He has held my naked penis and I have held his naked penis in my hand. He has kissed me so many times. He calls me Johnny but my name is Andy, I call him Mr. Anderson and he tells me that he looks forward to seeing me and kissing my penis and letting me kiss his penis in return. It is so wrong, he is a seventy year old man and he can't get an erection, I have done everything I can think of but I have not succeeded, I wish I could and he wishes he could but I have to be satisfied with what with his kisses and his attention to my penis with his hands and mouth.

    He tells me of the old days when he could, if his stories are true I wish I had met him then. But all I can do is do my job, spend a few moments with him and pack my cleaning supplies and go on to the next house. He waves to me from his doorway and I wave back to him. I clean his house twice a month. Those are the days when I enjoy my job.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I need your advice!

    I swim for exercise. Every night the same guy follows me into the shower and stands next to me with a big erection.
    A few times I've let him touch my Dick. The other night he asked if I wanted to follow him to a family change room. I said yes. We sucked each other and played with our cocks. He fingered my ass while he jerked off and came all over the floor.

    Now I have to see him all the time I think he wants to fuck my ass. I've never done that before and I don't know if I should let him. When I see his hard cock I get so turned on.
    What should I do? Last few nights I've ignored him...

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    Gay Male / 37

    I live a private life, I am a DDS by profession, so my personal life is not out in the open. I took a trip as I do every year to some far off place, in this case the coast of Amalfi in Italy. My usual time is spent reading, walking around, just taking it slow. I don't tend to imbibe with the locals. That afternoon I was sitting and reading and enjoying a bottle of wine and man sat beside me and we started to talk. He was a local but had lived in Chicago for many years. Something about him invited me to keep the conversation alive.

    He was visiting relatives and he mentioned that he really missed something American, a McDonald's Big Mac. We laughed at how these things get to us and we said well let's go and we got up and walked several blocks to the McDonald's and had a Big Mac. He invited me to dinner, he said he knew of the best place in town for seafood, a quiet off the street little restaurant where he knew the cook. He came by to get me around 8 that night and we walked a mile or so and up into the alley ways and knocked on a door and a woman in her seventies met us and we walked in. We were at his mother's house.

    She served all sorts of antipasto, and wine of course and we drank slowly and ate slowly, a many course meal of pasta, and seafood and wine and more wine. Finally after midnight we walked back to my small hotel. When we got to the hotel he asked to see my room and well why not. He looked out the window at the street below and turned and asked me if I wanted company. He said something about how he could tell from my fingers they were so meticulously manicured. I told him I was a dentist and it was part of the trade, but he was close to me then with his hands on my sides and his big beer belly in between and he asked me again if I wanted company, this beefy man with too much too drink, hair on his chest and neck and back and arms pressing me with his belly and holding me with his hands, this man that I had just met that afternoon.

    But his presence overwhelmed me and rather than answer I just leaned forward to kiss, we kissed for a few minutes, he started with the buttons of my shirt, and then with belt and button of my pants, he took his shirt off exposing his large belly his chest covered in hair, his hand in my pants, no words just heavy breathing and he sat me on the small bed and lowered his pants for me to feed from his cock. I love cock I always have and somehow his cock that night was the piece de resistance, so much cock, a man of girth, with his large belly overhead, not worth trying I could never get that monster all in my mouth. But I tried, I was hungry by then, and I tried my blood boiling, my eyes glazed as I enjoyed this man, his large hot hands on my face while I sucked on his cock.

    I fell back on the bed and he pulled my pants off leaning forward to suck my cock, to run his fingers and hands around my balls and between my balls and my anus which he felt with care driving me further into a state of readiness, I didn't want to wait bu he made me wait, kissing my chest, sucking on my nipples, rubbing his cock against mine, there was no question that it was going to missionary so I spread my legs and let him come up and up and kiss me while he ground his cock into mine and reaching down and positioning his cock against my anus and pressing forward with all his weight, somehow swallowing him until he was completely in and he fucked. He fucked hard, and fast and hard and slow and hard and fast and hard and slow not wanting to cum, he leaned back on his hands and then leaned forward to kiss, and when he did he inserted himself so far in I don't think I could have taken it any more.

    He did cum and when he did it felt like he was going to die, he relaxed so much that his whole body fell on mine and took my breath away as his clock slowly slipped out. He was company for me that night but only for a while, after he had recovered and cleaned up he left the hotel and went back to his mother's house.

    It has been several months now, it was late last summer that I was there, when I work on my patients I look at my hands and think of that brute of a man and how he made my holiday to the Amalfi coast fill my memory. He is back in Chicago and I am back at work, we have touched base but between work and well I am just intimidated and we haven't been able to get together again. But the memory is clear.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Where I work in a very expensive and lucrative country hotel, there's a wealthy resident who's been living there for nearly six years. He's sixty eight now, yet with his fitness regime and lifestyle, he looks like he's in his late forties.

    For the past eleven months of my working life at the hotel, I've been his direct and personal concierge. In other words I make sure every aspect of his stay is taken very good care of. And in my case, that means his cock too.
    I'm married, yet have always enjoyed some anal play myself. My wife doesn't know that includes cock, although she does like to rim me herself during sex.

    Once I was chosen by x, he made it clear I was to be his fuck boy. And has also made sure I'm free when he wants his cock sucking or my asshole made ready for his thick cock.

    The hotel pay me extra to keep him happy, and he gives me envelopes each week to ensure my home life is supported. Last month he asked me if I wasn't with my wife, would I ever consider being solely his. He also said as he fucked me missionary, he'd fallen in love with me. My answer was to tell him, I'm happy at home, but you never know. I also answered as he came up my ass "I love you too".

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