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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My name's Jacob, I'm 29 and before a fortnight ago I was a straight guy, but secretly wanting to discover and explore my gay feelings.
    I got the very oportunity in a way I never envisaged. I don't see myself as someone who'd just have sex with anyone, so when it happened I was confused and shocked afterwards. Even so, it did happen and in a sordid way.
    I'd dropped my wife off at her sisters and was taking the three hour drive back home, so I could sort myself out for work the next day. Unfortunately or fortunately, depends how you look at it, my car started playing up. Pulling into a small town and up to a small garage still two hours away from home, I was told the car needed some parts which they'd have by the morning. Stuck with the knowledge I had to get to work the next day, I asked the older of the two mechanics if there was any way I could have it fixed that afternoon. Promising to pay the older mechanic over the odds, I had to wait when he said he'd see what they could do.
    About two hours later, and as it turned out forty minutes before my car was fixed. I needed the bathroom. Walking into the old dirty toilet, I was immediately followed by the older of the two mechanics working on my car. He stepped into a stall and as I peed, I thought I heard him peeing too. Turning around when I'd finished, he wasn't peeing at all, he was stroking his cock, a cock which was fully erect and a lot bigger than my own. All he said was "Your car COULD be fixed today, if you know what I mean".
    All my senses told me to turn around and walk out. All that was, except the one which said "Suck his cock, you know you want to". The stall door was closed, I was sat onto the closed toilet seat and his cock slid over my tongue as if I'd sucked on many mens cocks before. In fact I had in my head a thousand times. And a thousand times in my head, it was with a guy who was my age, physically fit and on a clean bed in some hotel room.
    Each and every time his cock slid over m tongue, I gained more and more confidence. I became whatever he wanted me to be andI started to enjoy what I was doing for him. His cock had become so hard, yet it felt soft in my mouth, it felt so right, so perfect I wanted it where I'd always a cock, up my asshole.
    Taking his cock out of my mouth, I stood up undid my trousers, moved him aside and turned around. Holding onto the coat hook on the stall door, I asked a guy I didn't know, someone I'd only met two hours before, to fuck me. There was a slight hessitation in him, but he didn't say anything. Spitting onto his cock and then onto my asshole, I felt him put his cock to my asshole and push in.
    Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that shot through me. In one go he'd somehow impaled me onto his huge cock. I stood there, half not being able to move and fully not being able to scream. The pain held my breath until eventually my asshole just accepted his cock. One second it was the most intence pain imaginable, the next it went to a growing feeling of total pleasure. When he moved easing his cock out and then back in again, my cock became the hardest it's ever been. It was so hard after a few minutes of him fucking me, it was hurting as it strained for release.
    He'd stood upto me by then, holding my chest as if my chest were breasts. Squeezing my nipples as he pumped his cock in and out of my asshole. All of a sudden there was a knock on the stall door. I was moved back, but had his cock still in my ass and the door was opened. Looking at me was his younger assistant. His cock was out and it was becoming erect.
    Pushing my back dwonwards I was forced to waist level, and to hold onto my knees. Opening my mouth I took in the younger guys cock and knew I was in for whatever they had in mind.
    As my mouth was fucked hard and fast, so was my asshole. They kind of got into some sort of sexual rhythm, one entering me as the other withdrew. And in that grotty toilet with the pair of them fucking my orifices, I was totally enjoying myself sexually being what it seemed to me, their cock slut.
    I came first. My cock just exploaded without warning and it felt devine. All the sexual pressure and my cock being amazingly hard, just let go in one big spurt of cum. The younger guy saw my cum spurting onto the dirty tiled floor and unleashed his cum into my mouth. He was closely followed by the older of the two who pulled out of my asshole, spun me like a top and came all over my face. When his cock stopped spurting cum, I instictively took it back into my mouth and sucked his cock until nothing was coming out. His younger fiend spoke for the first time since I'd gotten there. He said "Hey Hank, he sure is one fine cock sucker". They both laughed and then as if it was an every day event, they just walked out, leaving me to get myself together.
    I paid him the amount we'd agreed and drove out of the small town, full of the knowledge I'd been completely used and probably ripped off. It made no difference to me, because in that small town, in their grubby little bathroom, I truly was their cock slut and would be again tomorrow.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    This isn't bragging, nor is it me trying to escape my marriage vows. The reality is I'm not an overly handsome man and I don't have a figure like a body builder. My wife doesn't like sex anymore and I used to get sexually frustrated. The one thing I do have, well two actually. Is a very large thick cock and the ability to remain hard for a long long time. My cock is just shy of ten inches in length and has a six and quarter inch circumference.
    Because of my age and my less than flattering looks, most young women aren't interested in me, but after advertising on a gay contact site just showing my erect cock, lots and lots of younger men wanted to meet me, to either suck me off, or have me fuck them.
    It's just coming up to a year since I first fucked a young guy who was nineteen at the time. He was my first ever gay sexual partner and even though he was young, he taught me many many things about gay sex. I've since met over twenty young men, who have either sucked me off or I've fucked them until we've both cum.
    Sometimes at our home when my works her Saturday or Sunday shifts in our local pub. But other times, especially in the good weather, I've met guys outdoors and fucked them in a few beautiful places over looking the Peak District close to our home.
    My last venture outdoors was only the other day. It was a bright day when I met Jake, a twenty two year old guy who loves being fucked long and slow. But the weather soon turned nasty, so I slowly fucked him in my car as walkers were scurrying by to shelter under a large cliff overhang. I came all over his cute young face after removing the condom I had on. Some of it must have splashed onto the seat beacuse my wife mentioned it yesterday. I told her it was something which must have leaked out of the bag of rubbish I took to the tip. She smiled and told me to be more careful. As soon as she said it, I was thinking to myself "You're right, I'll make sure he swallows it next time".

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    Gay Male / 18

    well to start im actually 16m and im on here cos im secretly gay but i really like older guys. if anyone older than 30 is reading this hit me up in the comments. im keen for skype sex

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Well I'm 25 and married have been for a few years. Well I had to work this Sunday which sucks. I work retail. We are always slow on Sunday's so to pass the time I text a guy I have hooked up with a couple times in the past. He stopped by and we went to the backroom. I sat him in the chair back there and started sucking. 3 different times I had to stop to go up and help customers after having a dick in my mouth 10 seconds prior. Because we got interrupted so many times it took about 30 minutes, he'd get close then customer so then I go back to square one. Well I finally got him to cum. First time anyone has ever cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all. A minute after we finished I get another customer. I wonder if he could smell the cum on my breath?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    For all of my resolute promisses to myself, I wouldn't do it again now that I was married. I found myself in work and alone with a young guy who pretty much begged me to fuck him. I'd stayed back late to fix one of main machines which needed my immediate attention. Luke is a nineteen year old kid who just so happens to know one of the last young men I fucked before I got married. I had no idea he worked for the company I work for, as he works the late shift and in the offices.
    He found me working on the machinery and asked me if I was My ?. I told him I was and then he asked me straight out if I knew Gavin, a twenty three year old guy who used to go to a particular college. When I asked him why, he said "Because Gavin says you've got a big cock and you love fucking young guys with it". I knew Gavin, I knew he would likely tell people about us, as he loved to retell me after we'd fucked, what he liked us doing and what he'd like us to do next time we had sex. Even so, I tried to tell Luke I was married, but before I could the statement out, he'd dropped his trousers and was showing me his cute tight looking white butt.
    Luke is no more than five feet six inches tall, slim and very good looking. He's also a anal cock slut as I found out. Leaning against the machine I wass upposed to be fixing, luke looked round at me and told me "It's all yours". When i didn't move he said "Please Mr ? I need to be fucked". My cock was solid by then and bursting for release. I tried to look away, I tried not to give in to my promise, but his butt looked awsome and I was horny as hell.
    I didn't put a condom on (Didn't have any anyway) I didn't get Luke to suck my cock, although he wanted to. I feared someone would disturb us, so I spat on my cock and onto his asshole, put my bulbous cock head to his rear hole and thrust in.
    I buried all nine and half inches of my fat cock up his shit box in two long thrusts, and boy did Luke love it. I wasn't the first guy to have entered his fuck tube and I won't be the last. But at that time next to that piece of machinery, that nineteen year old kids asshole was all mine. There was no "getting used to my size" or "being gentle with his rear hole". He wanted it, I was fucking horny and for the next five to ten minutes in that one position, I fucked Lukes asshole deep and hard.
    He was moaning so loud, I had to reach forwards and cup my large oiley hand over his mouth. His tiffled grunts and the fact i was bending over him, pounding his asshole, started to bring me to orgasm. Before I could, Luke bit into my fingers, moaned a loud gutteral grunt and ejaculated all over the machinery's switches. Not one to be outdone, I gripped his hair, pulled his head back and pounded into him until my cum erupted up his well fucked ass.
    I let go of Luke and expected him to drop, but he didn't. Luke spun around, took hold of my softening cock and slipped it into his mouth. No one had ever sucked me after I'd fucked them, so it was a new experience for me. As was finger fucking my cum out of his asshole as we kissed, just before he left me to carry out the maintenance on the machinery.
    The next day, one of the operators asked me if I'd used some kind of lubricant on the switches. I'd forgotten all about Luke cumming on them and that's what the operator had found.
    Myself and Luke have an understanding now. I will fuck him, but it has to in work hours and it has to be on our breaks, which we sort out to the minute. We are going to meet outside of work, but only when my wife starts her new job and I get time to meet him, at his and his friends apartment.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have this tight-fitting full-length rubber-lined bag, with a small zipper over my mouth, and another one at my crotch. It can be padlocked round the neck, and tied at the waist and under my feet for complete helplessness. There are two small air holes right over my nostrils, which when the zipper is closed, or filled with a male organ, are my only link with the outside. What I want, as a "gay" virgin, is to be in the lengthy custody of several horny males, who just can't get enough fellatio, and who would enjoy intense orgasm-denial inflicted on me, as I was kept on the edge of coming without ever getting there, for hour after endless hour, until I was near insanity with need. I wonder how this would appeal to one or more gay guys, and would love to have comments on this! I could be talked into just about any arrangement, I suspect.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My name's Jason, I'm 31 years old, married to Chrissy and a father to two kids. We're a church going family, who also have family connections to the minister who runs our church.
    But in reality, it's all a lie. That's because I adore gay sex.
    In my gay world as I call it, I'm a totally versatile guy. That's someone who both enjoys fucking and being fucked. And everything else involved in male male sex. I adore sucking cock and having mine sucked. I love rimming a guy before I fuck him, and being rimmed before I'm fucked myself. Kissing a man really turns me on, especially if it's a passionate tongues full on kiss. But my over riding thing with gay sex, is that I adore being with men much older than myself.
    It started well before I got married and has followed my life since. And the person who took my anal virginity, was a guy I met in a public bathroom. I'd already sucked off and been sucked off by numerous older men by that stage. I'd even fucked a guy in high school (In the school itself), who was in his forties, but hadn't had any kind of anal stimulatiion myself, let alone been fucked.
    Meeting a man who I'd arranged to see in a local park, in the public toilets, was nerve wracking as I was only eighteen. He was in his early fifties and had approached me after knowing the guy in high school I'd fucked. We'd chatted briefly one lunch time outside a diner and I'd become totally turned on by the thought of having his cock inside my asshole. so I said yes when he asked to meet me the following day.
    The toilets were empty and he was already waiting for me as I entered. His cock was out as he stroked it in one of the stalls. I entered and closed the door behind me, then immediately went down on him. His cock wasn't the largest I'd ever sucked, but it was one of the thickest.
    There was no time for the usual niceities, so after sucking on his cock for a couple of minutes, he put a condom on himself and asked me to strip my shorts and boxers off. They were around my ankles in seconds and I was bent over the toilet bowl. The heat of his breath on my butt hole was amazing, and I still get goose bumps when I get tongued anally. He knew exactly what he was doing as he reached under me to masturbate my rock hard cock, as he stroked his own.
    Standing up behind me, he asked me if I was ok with him fucking me. I was too horny by then to care if his cock was thick, but I was soon to ask him to stop. It felt as if he was splitting me in two as his cock entered me. He paused when I asked him to stop, then without warning he pushed in some more. The moment his cock got past my sphincter muscles and my asshole relaxed, the pain began to subside. He stood still and allowed my asshole to be accustomed to his cock then slowly, ever so slowly, he began to gently fuck me.
    It still hurt, but I was adamant I wanted him to fuck me, so I turned to him and asked him to fuck me. Five minutes later, I was his anal slut and loving the feelings his cock was giving me. Every thrust of his thick cock inside my butt hole was sending shivers all over my body. And as he began to fuck me for real, my cock began to pulse with the usual feelings of an approaching orgasm. I'd not touched my cock, but within a minute of my older more experienced lover fucking me hard, I came all over the toilet seat in front of me.
    Gripping my hips, he pulled my asshole onto his cock as he forcefully fucked me for the next three or four minutes. Even though I'd cum I was loving each thrust, each pulse of energy that shot through my asshole as his cock passed by my prostate gland. Then in a huge powerful thrust, he came inside me, filling the condom.
    We kissed again when we'd dressed. that time it was a more caring kiss. A way of him telling me he'd enjoyed fucking my rear hole. A hole he went on to fuck many many times again over the next two years. We never again fucked in public as such, but mostly at his apartment when his wife was working away. Sometimes though we'd drive out to hills close to our city and have sex in the open air. It was those times I remember most, and it was there I first fucked his ass.
    My gay life is now completely seperate from my home life. I adore my family and wouldn't hurt them for anything or anyone. But I do still need my male male contact and in that respect, I've now meet up with a regular guy, whom I have sex with.
    He's from of our town and a family man too. He like me doesn't see our outside life style to be a threat to his family. And like me he is totally versatile. Sometimes he's the active dominant guy, fucking me for all he's worth. Other times I give him all eight inches of my cock and pound his forty seven year old ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Recently an older man, a neighbor named Phil who's fifty six, has had me sucking on his gorgeous cock. My wife obviously doesn't know about it, and I don't want her to either. I don't want to get into why, where and when. But I do want to ask other men who have been fucked, just how painful was their first experience. Phil has asked me if we can take our sexual relationship one step further, by me allowing him to fuck me with his eight inch cock. It's quite thick and has a large mushroom shaped head.
    I'm so tempted to have him fuck me, as it was my intention in the first place to have an older man fuck me. I'm hoping to hear back from men who can give me some advice, as it's not a matter of if, but when.
    Thanks Josh...

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    Straight Male / 23

    I got this girl from a club and think got hotter between the two us. She invited to a nearby motel so that we could fuck. However, she brought along another man from the club and she wanted to have threesome.

    We got down to our business, both of us taking turns to fucking her while the other gets her dick being suck. That was my first time seeing a guy with a hard on cock. A little bit awkward but I was more on the girl.

    Something happened along the way, while the other was fucking girl (she was on all fours) when he suddenly grab my cock and suck. I was stunned but he grabbed my butt and pushed his cock in him. Before I knew it, I already had this guy suck my dick and he was very good in doing it. He sucks probably better that girl I have been fucking.

    The night ended, the girl went home, left her number to the both us. He got my number. Now he's been texting me about how great my cock was. I am straight but I wanted to see that guy suck my dick again and I wanted to cum in his face and let him swallow it.

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    Lesbian Female / 45

    I am a 45 yo closet lesbian. I am married to a man and have three children of my own and two step children. I live in a very anti-gay society, especially for lesbians. Today there is some more acceptance of gay men, if you don't know them, but of lesbians there is no acceptance.

    I first participated in a lesbian relationship in high school with a teacher. I had a very hard crush on her and we were very active. She showed me most everything I know about lesbian love making. I went to college to an all girls school on the east coast of the united states. I met and became emotionally involved with a fellow classmate, she is an American. I invited her to come with me and spend part of the summer in my country. No one suspected that we were lesbians so I shared my room with me. I had a large bed and no one thought any different about us sharing a bed. Until one morning my mother came into the room and found us embraced and kissing.

    My friend was sent home that day. I was engaged that next week to my current husband. He was a widower at the time with two small children. My engagement was short and we had a small wedding. In delivering me to my husband my father washed his hands of me. He is dead now and never forgave me for being a lesbian.

    My husband took me to live at his house and for the next three years I delivered a child, one each year. After that I was to be a housewife and a mother to my children and my step children. We had separate bedrooms, and he had a lover who he kept on our farm. As custom dictated I never went to the farm, and his lover never came to town.

    From time to time my husband would come see me and I would have him in bed, but as I had my tubes tied after my third child I was safe from any further pregnancies. I can't say that intercourse bothered me, it really didn't. If he wanted to have intercourse, I was ok with that. What did bother me was when he wanted to kiss my mouth. For some reason having my mouth kissed and worse still having his tongue in my mouth, that really bothered me, but with his penis he could do whatever he wanted and I responded to him in any position he wanted to try. It is just that I was never romantic to him, something his lover always was. So over time we just settled down to being married and having a house and raising the children, we became more like a much older brother and a young sister than man and wife.

    When my oldest natural daughter was 15 I volunteered for a program with her at her school and there I met a young teacher from Puerto Rico. She was just like me, except 10 years younger. I recognized immediately that she was a lesbian, she did not display any interest in men what so ever. I befriended her and one afternoon when she was at my house for dinner, I took her up to my room and kissed her and told her I knew she was a lesbian and so was I and that I liked her from the day I first met her. She was very hesitant, but I was not and I took advantage of being alone with her and all my frustrations and desires came out and we were very reckless making love.

    Once the ice was broken, we have our meetings and our love encounters. We are very careful as we could not let anyone know about our affair. Our life is in a closet, although my husband knows about our being lesbians. He likes her and has become very attached to her.

    Fortunately for me my husband accepted me from the day he agreed to marry me, I was raised to be a good wife and manage a home and raise children, all of which were important to him. And that in my mid life I have found a sweet and beautiful woman who makes my life happy. Maybe one day my country may accept gay and lesbians, but as of today that is not the case. For our families and our children in particular we remain in the closet. It is not a bad life for us, but I can see where I am fortunate in having the resources to live well and maintain my lifestyle without exposing us to the criticism of society.

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