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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 44

    My friend John had moved away. I was left only with a picture of his huge wet cock on my phone that he had sent me to help me jack off one night. I had left my phone on the counter to answer the door and found my old friend Tony waiting for me at the side door. He was a hopeless pain the ass of a friend. But I secretly loved the dumb shit. So I let him in and we drank several drinks in a very short time. I was lonely and had been looking at John's dick every few seconds while Tony and I sucked down the beers and I listened to his tales of being a hell raiser. I asked him if he wanted a couple of shots of booze and went to go get them. Tony saw my phone and was looking at it went I returned with the drinks. He wasn't just sneaking a peak either. He was starring at the big wet juicy dick on the screen for a while. I even got close enough to see it again myself as he closed the phone.

    "Man, that must have been some bitch you were fucking with when you took that." he said to me. I smiled and said.
    "What makes you think it was a bitch?" Then I saw Tony look down see the outline of my cock in my shorts. Again, I was walking around without underwear when he showed up at my door. My cock twitched when I saw him looking at it. I sat down next to him at the basement table. This was the only room we could smoke in the entire house. I watched him take his shots and noticed a little slur in his next sentence.

    "I guess I just assumed you were talking to a bitch when you sent that picture of your dick to her, that's all." I laughed and said.
    "Yea, well I'd be proud of that if that were my dick. But it's not. It's an old friend of mine." Tony looked confused. Then his face got all serious looking.
    "Yea, now I think your getting it." I put my hand on his leg and noticed that he wasn't wearing any underwear either. Just those same ugly sweat pants that show the outline to his generous bulge. I had my hand one inch from it. I saw the fucker move and start to increase in size. I gripped his leg like I was squeezing his cock several times.
    "After having a kid with a woman outside my relationship, I stopped having sex with anybody. So my friend and I got together and started the old man's club. Just two married old men having a little fun without strings attached. And well, that's his big dick that he sent me after I saw him last time. And I kept it because I will never see that monster again after he moved away."

    Tony looked deep into my eyes and said. "What did you guys do together?" I smiled and said.
    "I sucked his big cock until he came and then I shot my load and nobody got knocked up and nobody got into trouble. It was just two guys helping each other out. I doubt I would ever do it again. Besides, I was on the shit. And you know how I get on the shit. I can't help myself. I loose all control and judgement."

    I could see he was interested, so I showed him my phone again. This time I went to a picture of my cock and said.
    "See, that ones me. I have a nice thick cock, but John had a fucking monster." Tony looked at my cock intently. Then he looked some more. He uttered one word. "Nice."

    "I'm glad you like it." I looked down at his dick again. He was hard for sure.
    "Can I see yours?" I said looking down. He reached for his phone on the table and I stopped him.
    "No, I mean yours." I moved my hand to his leg and squeezed right next to his nice fucking bulge.
    "I really want to see it. I would love to help you out too bro." His eyes got big and stood up fast. I thought he was going to bail. But he must have been feeling good, because he dropped his sweats all the way down to the floor and his big cock sprang to life and bounced right near my face. I put out my cig and took a drink of water and got my mouth nice and wet. I looked up at his eyes and looked down at mine. I licked my lips and reached out and spit into my hand. I stroked his dick until it was shining from my saliva. I tugged it hard and then pulled it down and let it flip back up. I then slapped his cock side to side really hard and told him that he had a very nice hot fucking cock. He had a huge set of balls on him too.

    I toyed with his cock for a while. I couldn't help it. I wanted to enjoy this shit. I then started sucking the fuck out of him. He made a lot of noises and moan like crazy. His balls tensed up on me quickly.
    "Oh fuck dude. your going to make me cum." I pulled back and started jacking his pole rapidly.
    "Let it go Tony. Just let it fly. I want to taste your fucking cum you big dicked fucker. Shoot it at me!" He grunted loud as hell and cum started shooting in all directions. I kept tugging and got a few tastes of flying sperm and a nice splash on my face. I kept looking up at my friend as he stopped shaking and I smiled at him.
    I pulled his sweats back up and I let him go away without complaining. It is a guy thing to run away after you shoot your load. I used to do the same thing. I suppose he wanted to pretend that shit didn't just happen. But it did. I know because I took a picture of his cock with my flip phone while I was tugging his big wet penis. I got a great angle of it with his face up above. I saved it next to John's picture. Too bad I can't have them both over. I think I am going to grab some lube and go back downstairs and think about that one for a while on my knees. Have a good night everyone. Try not to get in any trouble.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I have been with a woman for over half my life. And I have to say that our sex life is not that good. We work different shifts and I am alone most of the time. I met another man in the area who was younger then me. He was nearly thirty and had just moved here with his family. We met by chance when I was outside my house smoking and he walked by and asked for a smoke. Before I knew it, he had sat down next to me. He offered to share his bottle of booze with me, but I wasn't drinking. I was actually just outside to smoke before I went in the house to jack off before bed. I had been watching porn in the house and still had it on the TV when I came outside. I just had some soft silky shorts on me with nothing underneath. I had a half hard dick when John ( Not his real name ) came walking up. I made some small talk with him and shared my smoke, but I really wanted him to go. John wasn't much to look at and he seemed to be a little weird to me. He was even a little impolite and was slurring a bit. Not a good first impression.

    After a second or third smoke, he asked me if he could use my bathroom. I allowed him in and headed in after him. I had forgotten about the TV being paused and walked right by the living room to show him the bathroom. After I did, I went into my room and did some drugs. I won't say what and I am not proud that I did it. I had a problem with that stuff for years, but I figured my night was ruined and it didn't matter now anyway. I did it and knew that I wasn't going to be able to get myself off now, even if John left and went home. By the time I opened up my door and came back out, John had helped himself into the living room and was watching my porn. I have a thing for watching cumshots. So he was now aware that I was watching huge dicks explode just before he stopped by. I sat down on the opisite end of my "L" shaped sofa. That was when he hit me with it.

    "Wow man. You ever fuck around guys before?" John asked like he wasn't even a little scared about my answer. I was quiet for a few seconds trying to think of something to say. I could hardly even think with the sounds of men shooting their big loads in front of us. Hot women covered in sperm. And me, nearly drooling over the hot dicks on the screen. It was hard to act like I wasn't totally turned on by this.

    "No. I guess I never have. But I used to think about it. I used to think about it a lot. In fact I think I am what they call BI Curious." I couldn't even look at him after saying it. In fact, the spit in my mouth vanished and I got up to get a beer and offer John one. As I left the room I looked back at him and say he was rubbing his dick through his short. I decided to have a shot of boozed in the kitchen while I compossed myself.

    "I have." John said from the other room.
    "Really?" I answered back.
    "Yea, really. Say man, you don't mind if I make myself at home do you?" I walked into the room with our beers in hand just in time to see John drop his shorts all the way to the floor. I was about to speak when I looked up and seen his cock. After that I couldn't even get a sound out. I just stopped and starred at him as he sat back down. I had to take several deep breaths to compose myself. I couldn't believe it. I watched his big dick become fully hard and was shocked at how huge he was. He had an amazing cock. Just then I saw him looking into my eyes which were focused on his prick. He shook it like he waving a steak in front of a hungry dog. I think he knew I was drooling over it. Finally I made a sound.

    "Oh my God John. Your fucking huge." I paused again and say him smile and look back at the TV.
    "Thanks buddy. I am really fucking horny. I hope you don't mind."
    "I don't think I've ever seen a cock that big before man. You could be a porn star." Finally I sat down and set the beers down. I sat on the far end of the sofa again, but I never looked back at the TV. I just watched him jacking off. I was so turned on.

    "Your fucking amazing John." He looked at me again and smiled.
    "You can touch it if you want to. Or you can just jerk off with me if you like. I'm cool with whatever you want to do."

    Of course, I knew that I had a shrucken cock from doing my shit. I wasn't about to take my dick out right now. I regreted doing it to. I was feeling like I was going to explode inside. But I could not get it up no matter what happened for at least eight hours or so. I motioned to him to come over to me and he sat right next to me. I reached over and grabbed his big tool and squeezed it. He had to be all of ten inches long. I tugged it a few times before John asked me to suck his big cock. I didn't wait for him to ask me twice. I knew this was likely the last chance in my life to try this. I went down into his lap in a hurry and took him all the way down.

    "Oh, fuck man. Yea, that's it. You got a hot mouth buddy. Taste that dick. " He let me go on my own for a few seconds. I took him into my throat and gagged a little and then spit out his cock and covered it in my spit. I took him back down again, all the way. He grabbed my head and push me down on it. I didn't even gag a little. He moaned. I felt his hips bounce like he was fucking my head. Then he let me up and came up for air.

    "Dude. You like fucking my face? I think you should stand up and cock slap the shit out of me with that donkey dick." He took off his shirt and stood up in front of me. I got on the floor in front of him and started getting his cock so wet it was running off of it. Giant gobs of drool running onto the floor. He slapped me across the face with it. I moaned like I was having an orgasm.

    "Do it man. Fuck my face. Treat me like I'm your slut." He shoved his dick back into my mouth and pumped it hard. The sounds of sucking filled the air. I wrapped my lips at the base of his cock and tightened my grip. I felt him tensing up. Several times I thought he was about to cum, but he just kept right on fucking my hole.

    "Take you dick out dude. I want to see it." I couldn't tell him no. I just did what I was told. I took my shirt off and then quickly removed my shorts. He pushed up close to my naked body and did something I am not comfortable with at all. He kissed me. We were making out. Him standing there with a giant hard cock and me standing there with a soft little thing. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it into mine. I loved the way he felt to me. I started getting hard and he pulled me closer to him. He dry humped me, cock to cock until I was standing straight up and fully hard. Almost six inches and showing nearly no balls. I was so tense. So nervous. And yet so fucking horny. He pushed me back down again and I took him back into my mouth. I reached down and started tugging my cock fast and hard. He pulled out and slapped with his his horse dick again.

    "Do it man! Shoot your fucking cum on the floor if you want me to fuck your slut hole." I looked up at him and moaned.

    "Slap me John. I am going to cum so hard. Your so fucking hot!" I kept going as fast as I could. I just starred at that dick until I couldn't take it anymore and I started shooting it out. One after another, I couldn't count how many times I shot. They just kept coming and coming. Hitting the floor almost five feet away from me. Some on his legs and some on up on his cock. I moaned like a whore and started shaking when I was spent. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. And John was more than impressed. He shoved his huge manhood back in my watering mouth and started pumping me hard.

    "That's it. Take it. Tighten those lips down and suck like the whore you are. Make me fucking cum." He teased up and started grunting.
    "Here I cum man!" He pulled out of my mouth and started tugging it fast. He gripped down and I looked up as the first shot went over my head and missed me. Then he moved closer and I opened my mouth wide. He shot down my throat two more times. He paused for a second and then started tugging it again.

    "Oh shit. More!" I opened up again as the next two shots hit my face. I tried to put the cock back in my mouth, but he wouldn't let me. Instead he slapped his messy cum with his big cock and tried to catch his breath. I savored the taste and cleaned the wasted cum off of my face and licked it all up. I watched him get dressed and before long the night had ended.

    To this day, I still can hardly believe I let that happen. I felt ashamed for a while. And then I thought to myself that it was just a one time thing. Every once in a while, when I am alone, I get on my knees and remember what an amazing experience that was. I think I am going to go and do that now. I have to let it out somehow. I just wish he still lived here. I miss having a friend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Well my wife was out of town and I was cruising craigslist. I ran across an add and this black man wanted a blowjob. I couldn't help myself! His cock was so big, needless to say I sucked him for hours and them got the fucking of a lifetime! He was clean and now I'm his horny slut and my wife loves it! I'll never be able to tell a black man no after this! Wow!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    The sudden death of a woman who worked for my parents company resulted in a Homicide Detective coning into the office to question her co workers and me (I was acting manager while my parents were on vacation). She had worked for my parents for 9 years, was single and made the mistake of taking a stranger home she met while clubbing. Two detectives came for the first few visits as we all wanted to do anything to assist.
    I'm bi (with a girlfriend) but I definitely felt a chemistry between me and one of the detectives. He is a handsome man, with a magnetic, charismatic personality, beautiful smile and brown eyes that pierce your very being. The two came several times talking to employees and then I didn't see him for several weeks. One day he appeared at the reception desk alone asking to talk to me. Now my parents were back, but he asked for me so they brought him back to my office. It was to update me on the case and they had a suspect, but had not questioned him yet. That is when he invited me to lunch, which came as a shock. I agreed and out the door we went in his unmarked vehicle.
    We drove 20 minutes to his favorite restaurant where the food is good and L.E.O. get discounts. He walked to the back of the restaurant to a booth as he was speaking to different employees and patrons.
    The waiter was a very gay acting as he and the detective talked like old friends while he took our order. When he brought the order back the detective told him, roll your tongue back in your mouth my friend has a wife like me. The waiter blinked his eyes. tilted his head and said, double same. The detective said he is always hitting on him and the other L.E.O. who come to eat - its all in good fun, he said. The detective shocked me when he said he has been with the force 26 years and had 2 kids in college. Said he was retiring at 30 years and moving to Florida. That is when he said he was divorced and would never marry again.
    When the waiter came to bring the check he leaned down and whispered, if you ever let a real gay man touch your dick you'd curse yourself for all the good times you've missed out on. We split the tab at the register and left. On the way back he talked to the office to check in for the first few minutes. Then he said, the reason I don't let out gays suck my dick is they would broadcast it on social media. I said, I agree. He said when he was a undercover cop he had to cruise bathrooms and bust gay men and it really bothered him. I asked, what did he mean (played dumb). He went into details of how some public bathrooms are cruise spots and mostly for married men who do not want to go to gay clubs or bathhouses.
    When they made the arrest he called to tell me but this time invited me for a drink after work. We met a hotel bar for s drink and he knew everyone there too. Finally he said, lets get out of here so we can talk and invited me to his condo a few miles away. I had called my girlfriend to tell her I was meeting the detective so she has gone to her parents and I knew she would not be home until 9 or 10. At his condo he popped a pizza in the oven, gave me a beer and went to change clothes. He came back barefooted, with loose knit cotton shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt.
    He set in a chair across from me with his left leg up and over the side which caused the shorts to drop down giving me a good look at his upper leg, which was covered in thick black hair.
    We set across from each other at the glass top table eating pizza and his legs were spread wide but the shorts were half way down his legs. After the 2nd beer he put his hand on his dick and pulled. Then he commented about the look on my face at the restaurant when the gay waiter was flirting with him and when he told him I was married. He asked, you haven't been around gay men have you? I said, I have some gay friends and I grew up with a guy who is gay, but no one knows about him. He said, that's the best kind-of-a gay budding - one who can suck your dick behind closed door and no one ever know. I said, your right. Then he asked, did he ever blow you? I said, yes. He said, I've never had a female suck me as good as a man. I was getting comfortable enough that I held up my beer can and said, lets toast that fact. We did and he asked if I wanted to watch some porn. I said, what kind. He said, bi and gay - if that's okay.
    Sitting beside each other watching gay porn he reached for my hand and placed it on his dick which was semi hard. I touched it, then I pulled his shorts leg up and grabbed the head pulling it out of the leg. He laid his head back and I was on his dick like white on rice. He took me by the hand to his bedroom where he undressed me while we swapped tongues. I was laid on my back as he sucked my cock all the way as his nose buried itself in my thick blond pubs. For the next 2 hours I experienced the most erotic, intense, love making and gay sex of my entire life. He gave me a tongue bath before he rimmed me ass - I mean he sucked my toes, nose and elbow - I was on fire and squiring like a worm on hot concrete. I was so hot when he got his finger in my ass while he licked around it I screamed FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARD and FUCK ME NOWWW !
    He reached in the night stand and pulled out some lube and a condom. He greased me ass and was now fucking me with two fingers and I was rolling my head from side to side talking nasty, kinky shit. I looked up as he and asked how long since I had been fucked. I said several years but I want it NOW. He said, I've not fucked a man in 4 months and used a rubber. But I am fucking your raw - I'm going to load you with my cum and then I want you to sit on me face and let me suck it out. He pushed my legs to my chest, I held them while he put his cock head to my ass and began to push the head in. It hurt so bad ! I told him to stop, which he did. He was sucking my tongue down his throat while I adjusted to his dick and when I knew it was okay I said, RAM IT TO YOUR PUBS. When he did my entire body quivered as I took the rest of his 9 incher in my hot jock-ass-pussy.
    He pushed my hands up back/flat on the bed with his fingers between my fingers and held they there for leverage while he fucked my ass like a porn star and I blew all over both of our bellies without touching myself. When I blew so did he and I felt every squirt soak my insides. When he finally pulled out that fuck fart was loud and he hit my ass and said, when there's a fuck fart you were opened up good - I love it. He laid beside as I straddled his face and let him suck his cum out of my ass. The more me licked and sucked my ass the harder his dick got again so I bent down and sucked it in my mouth. He licked my cum sticky belly and I licked his too before we did a 69 and this time swallowed each others loads.
    We've been active with each other at least once a week for some time and went on a 3 day fishing trip together out of town and never dropped a hook in the ocean. We slept spoon and fork, woke during the night to suck and fuck each other. I 've fuck his hairy ass many times and we have done some kinky things. I've told my girl friend I'm no longer interested in a long term relationship that marriage and kids are not on my radar. She is moving out this weekend and I am looking forward to some more hot sessions that can last hours or all night. We both have very strong sex drives - one of the days we were suppose to be fishing we both got off 11 times each.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I took a bet from a friend, that I wouldn't suck off an older guy who'd approached us earlier thinking we were "cruising for sex". We'd been in the park only ten minutes when he walked over and asked my friend if he was willing to blow him for ten pounds. My friend told him where to go, so the guy offered him twenty, then forty. But my friend still said no. I asked him would he do it for any money once we'd walked away, and my friend said no. He immediately turned the question and asked me what I'd have sucked him for. Not considering what I was saying, I told him forty.
    Tracing our steps we found the guy about to leave the park, and my mate shouted over. He quickly walked back and brought out the forty pounds. Looking at my friend, he said where. Turning to me my friend said "Over there, but he'll suck you off".
    His cock wasn't that big at all, and once I'd gotten used to his taste and the feel of his dick sliding over my tongue, I secretly began to enjoy giving him head. My friend stood watch as I sucked him off behind an old brick building. and in no time he was cumming in my mouth. Pushing another tenner under my nose, he said "Swallow it". So I did.
    Walking back to my mate, he asked me if I'd done it, I didn't get to reply as the guy said "He's one damn good cock sucker". Smiling he tightened his belt and just walked away.
    The fifty quid was mine and so was the ten pound my friend owed me for the bet. But it wasn't the money that I was bothered too much about, it was how much I'd enjoyed sucking off a guy who looked old enough to be my dad, if not older.
    The very next day I went back to the park, but on my own, telling my friend I'd been sick all night after sucking off the guy. He'd laughed so much he was crying when I ended the call.
    Sure enough the guy was there sat on a bench. He smiled when I walked over, but quickly said "I haven't got too much money with me today". Smiling back I said "It's ok I'll suck your dick for free".
    Walking back over to the old brick building, I took my time licking up and down his cock shaft and then licked and sucked on his hairy balls. He was moaning much louder than the previous day and when I sucked in his purple cock head, he began to fuck my mouth as he held my head. Because he was thrusting at the same time I was sucking hard on his dick, his cock was going further and further down my throat. And just as I was sucking down hard on his cock thinking he was going to cum, I felt two hands feeling up my arse. They obviously weren't his as he was still holding my head.
    Removing his cock from my mouth I turned around to see a younger guy, but still older than me. He smiled at me and asked me if he could join in. "You seem to already have" was my reply. Before I could say anything else I had my mouth filled with cock again.
    The feeling of my jogging bottoms being lowered was unnerving, as was the warmth of the other mans mouth and tongue on my arsehole. But it was also so horny my cock became extremely hard and began to throb. I had one man fucking my mouth and one guy licking and tonguing my arsehole, and only the day before I was straight.
    In a period of five to ten seconds, my cock exploded without me touching it, and the guy who was fucking my mouth came, gushing his cum down my throat for a second time in two days. Making me stay where I wa the man behind me tonguing my arse, really started to toos himself off and then had me spin around. Facing up to the larger man, he gripped my hair, yanked my head back and spurted his cum all over my face. Finished he pushed me over and called me a "Queer bastard". Funny I thought it was him that had been licking my arsehole without knowing me.
    Back at home I ran over and over in my head what I'd just done and had done to me. Getting out my cock, I tossed myself off and knew it wouldn't be the last time. All this began two years ago this week. In the time between then and now I've become a very frequent visitor to the park and have blown over twenty different men. Every one older than myself.
    I haven't been fucked yet, but only five days ago I met a guy in his late twenties (Not at the park) who I find extremely attractive. He and his cock are so perfect, I actually took him back to my parents home knowing they were out. We did just about everything without actually fucking, but this weekend I'm going to allow him to take my anal cherry.
    My mum and dad will be going to visit my mums sister, leaving me alone until Sunday night. I've already invited him round by text on Saturday afternoon, letting him know I'd like him to be the first one to fuck me. He text back "see you Saturday".
    Now I can't wait to see if I'd enjoy being fucked, just as much as I enjoy sucking cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Stuck inn the pouring rain on my way back from Glastonbury, I thumbed a lift from a truck driver. He told me he was going almost all the way to my home town, but would drop me off at my front door if I wanted, but only if I'd blow him along the way.
    I'd never had any type of gay sex before, but I had been curious for some time, why, how and what it felt like to have sex with a man. He wasn't bad looking, not bad looking at all. And he didn't force the issue either. About to drive off, I told him to wait and climbed up into his cab.
    We'd been driving about half an hour when he asked me to bend over and undo his trousers. A little nervously and not really knowing what I was doing I undid his trousers to see he wasn't wearing any underwear. Reaching into his trousers, pulled out his growing cock and was surprised at just how hard and soft it felt all at the same time.
    Taking hold of the back of my head, he pushed my head down as he still drove on up the road. Loking at his dick I very nearly pulled away, but it was howling down outside and I really didn't want to miss out on getting a three hundred mile lift for nothing.
    Opening my mouth, I let his cock slide over my tongue and recognised in myself, I was now a cock sucker. Sucking in his fat cock, I began to suck on it as my girlfriend did to me. I surpried myself at just how easy I found it to take in nearly all of his rock hard cock. And before long I was enjoying sucking on his dick just as much as he was enjoying me blowing him.
    Asking me to stop he pulled over at a small lay by. Then pushing my head back down, I eagerly accepted his cock back into my mouth. Licking and sucking on his full length, I soon had him moaning loudly and felt his cock pulsing in my mouth. i knew from my own orgasms he was close to cumming, so I tried to pull away. He was having none of it, holding me tightly, he came in my mouth and pumped every last drop out before he released me. Having no choice I swallowed his cum and found once again I actually enjoyed the experience.
    We drove on a couple of minutes later, but after another hour he asked me if I'd consider having him fuck me. I said no, but something told me I shouldn't refuse. He got all arsey about it, and I guessed he might just drop me off. then without warning me he pulled off the road and into a transport cafe. But instead of getting out near the cafe, he drove over to a unlit area and asked me again.
    I'd sucked his cock hard and he'd moved the curtain back to reveal his sleeping quarters. Aknowledging what I was about to let him do, he told me we'd eat afterwards in the cafe and he'd buy the meal. Sucking on his cock had weirdly gotten me ultra horny. So the decision I made to allow him to fuck me wasn't that hard in the end.
    Getting naked alongside him, we climbed onto his bunk and he began to smear lube he'd fished out of a side hole. Unwrapping a condom he asked me to lay on my side. Then getting up behind me and moving his cock up to my arsehole, he pushed in.
    The pain was there, I won't deny it, but it didn't last long. And before very long, as he slowly fucked me from behind, my arsehole relaxed and I began to enjoy the feelings his cock was giving me. Then like a sexual light going on, my own cock became incredibly hard and began leaking pre cum. He noticed as he'd begun to stroke my cock, and seeing I was enjoying him fucking me, he really began to thrust into me. The more he did, the more I enjoyed it and the more my cock ached to cum.
    Then in one huge pulse of feeling, my cock let go and I came all over the cab wall in front of me. He renewed his thrusting once I'd settled down from my orgasm, and before long he too ejaculated up my arse filling the condom. He hugged me then as if I was his long time lover, and that too was a first. And I couldn't have been happier.
    We did eat, but we also had another hour after the meal sucking one another in a sixty nine. And then I took his cock again up my arsehole. It was a much slower, more relaxed fuck and I if anything enjoyed it more. His cock drove deeper into me that time and I could feel it inside my stomach. The orgasm I had the second time, was far in a way the horniest, as not only was he fucking me missionary, we were also kissing hard. When he came for the third time that day, he came all over my face and neck.
    I was asleep when we reached the end of my road. He woke me and asked if I'd consider seeing him again. kissing him, I arranged to meet him the following day. That was two days ago. We met at a cafe before he took me twenty miles to his home. Spending part of the afternoon with him in his and his wife's bed, I had him fuck me for over an hour and half, before he drove me back to the shopping centre where the cafe he met me in was. Meeting my girlfriend there, we went for a meal, but I couldn't stop thinking of my truck driver fuck buddy. She noticed I wasn't paying too much attention, but I told her it was because I was still tired from Glastonbury. In actual fact I was well and truly fucked from having my arsehole fucked by a very horny married truck driver.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    All I remember about the party was having an argument with my wife. We'd been arguing for a few days on and off, mostly about her spending. For months I'd tried to let her know we needed to keep things tight, especially as we were about to buy a house. Overhearing her tell someone she'd spent nearly a thousand pounds on a four day break for her, her mum and and her little sister, just made me flip.
    She'd walked out in a huff, not understanding that she was spending more money than we had coming in. I was given one drink after another by Jason my wife's oldest brother. He'd always been good with me, and he definitely understood where I was coming from. Telling me his mum and my wife had planned the break behind my back. He also said he'd try and make me feel better. I didn't quite get his line of thought during the party, but then like I've said, I don't really remember much after the argument.
    What I do know is I woke up the following morning having my arsehole tongued. I wasn't in my and my wife's bed and I also strangely knew straight away, it was a males mouth kissing my arse. The voice I heard say "Oh good you're awake" was Jason's oice and it was he who was tonguing my rear hole. Jumping up, I asked him what was going on, only to be told "Don't you remember last night, us and you being so fucking horny".
    That was it, I didn't remember anything.
    Moving up the bed, Jason kissed me and said "Loved having you here last night, hope you like the video". Nothing, absolutely nothing came back to me at all. Not until he mentioned something about me having an arguemt with his sister.
    I lay there naked looking up at the ceiling, then was brought back to my thoughts as Jason took my cock into his mouth.
    It was a seminal moment in my life. I should I suppose, have askedhim, made him stop. But I didn't and as such he carried on until my cock was aching with lust. He then suddenly stopped moved up the bed again and asked me quietly "Can I fuck you again".
    My reaction must have unnerved him a little as I jumped up, showing him and me just how hard my cock had become. He sat up took hold of his mobile and messed with it for a few seconds. Handing me the phone he said "Watch it".
    In my brother in laws bed, I spent the next twenty five minutes watching myself suck Jasons cock, and seemingly enjoy doing it. Then I watched him place a condom over his dick, move me around so I was side on to his phone filming us, and stared unbelieving as Jason slowly pushed his cock up my arsehole.
    There was lots of "Stop man it hurts" but said in a slurred voice. But Jason just carried on slowly fucking me. After a couple of minutes there was a definite grumble from me, and then I heard myself say "Oh yeh man, that feels fucking amazing.... God yeh fuck me like that".
    Over the next fifteen or so minutes i was fucked doggy style, missionary and finally Jason spooned me. As he fucked me from behind, I saw him reach around an begin to toss me off. It was me who arched my back and looked backwards to kiss him. He returned the kiss as he continued to wank me and fuck my arse. There a jump from me and I could just see cum spurting from my erect cock. Maybe a minute later with Jason and I still kissing, he made some grunting noises and thrust hard up my arse.
    We relaxed into each other, as I turned around. His cock was still covered by the condom but full. Next I removed the condom for him, lowered my head and sucked in his dick. He lay back and held my head until eventually he couldn't handle me sucking his sensative cock.
    The last thing the video showed was us kissing again, and then me telling Jason I loved his cock deep up my arse.
    I was totally shocked at what I'd just seen, but also incredibly turned on. Jason saw that in me and asked me to lay on my stomach. In the dull morning light my brother in law entered my arsehole again, but without a condom. We stayed in his bed sucking and fucking all morning long. My hangover had gone, replaced by a longing to be fucked over and over again.
    The party was in April. My wife, her mother and her sister all went on their break. I stopped moaning and smiled as they drove away. That same afternoon I called by my brother in laws place, and didn't reemerge for two days. Two days of amazing gay sex which has bonded us in more ways than one.
    Jason and I now arrange time, afternoons and whole days when we can be together. We use the fact he's my wife's eldest brother and tell everyone we're just good mates. But in fact we've become intense lovers and our sex together just keeps on getting better and ever more sordid.
    It's not been too long between us, but I already know I'm falling for him in a big way, especially when he told me last week "I love you" as he was fucking me missionary on my and my wife's bed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Road work is being carried out outside our home right now as I type this. It's been going on now for over a fortnight. And it's given me the opportunity to indulge in something I've not done since I was fifteen.
    At the age of fifteen I met a slightly older guy called Dominic, who attended a swimming gala I was at. Straight away we got friendly and before afternoon had finished, not only had I sucked his cock, I'd also had him fuck me in the showers adjacent to the pool area.
    I thought that it would be a one off, as I definitely didn't see myself as gay. But we arranged to meet the following week at a local country park. The sex we had in the park was far more involved than the week before, as we had more time and believe it or not total privacy. And the reason for the total privacy, was the driving rain. We both sucked one another's cocks, before getting naked in an open field which was behind the large country estates house, and allowing him once again to fuck me.
    The relative cold and wetness didn't bother me one bit as my fellow teenager fucked my arsehole until I shot my load all over the grass under my stomach. He didn't waste too much time after I'd cum, by filling my arse with his hot sticky spunk.
    Although we did meet up twice more, we didn't get to fuck, as I only managed to suck him off in a car park.
    I didn't see Dominic again until two weeks ago. It was raining really hard and I noticed a worker outside our home sheltering from the rain. Offering him a place to stand in our hallway to see out the pouring rain, I was shocked when he said hello, naming me and asking me how I was. It took a few seconds for me to recognise who it was, but when I did Dominic moved out his hand to my cock bulge, stepped up to me and we kissed. We'd never kissed the first time we had sex, so to feel another mans tongue enter my mouth was new to me. What wasn't new was the feeling I got from having my cock played with through my shorts. Breaking off the kiss, Dominic said hello again and I replied by saying it with a shallow breath.
    Looking out at the rain, he said "I've probably got ten minutes".
    I was on my knees seconds later sucking in a much larger cock than I remembered. Dominic began to hold my head as he fucked my mouth and as he forced his cock deeper down my throat, he asked me if I still took it up the arse. Removing his dick from my mouth, I told him his was the last cock to fuck me. Smiling at me, Dominic asked me if I'd like it to the next.
    On the first step of our stairs, I knelt up naked and waited for Dominic's cock to enter my arsehole. He'd removed all his clothing except his large work boots and safety helmet. Feeling his dick slide up my arsehole, brought back all those early memories of his cock fucking me and the total feeling of need overwhelmed me. Telling him to pound my arse, the workman I knew as a teenager, fucked me fast and hard until he came inside my bowels. Spinning over, I got Dominic to suck my cock. Then no more than two to three minutes later, he was swallowing my load down his throat.
    The following day he returned, but for his lunch. Only his lunch was taken on our bed. We'd showered together where I'd sucked his cock hard. Then dragged him into our bedroom. With my legs over his shoulders, Dominic fucked me in that one position, pounding my arsehole and making me cum without having to touch myself at all. Like the day before, Dominic filled my back passage with his beautiful sticky cum, but unlike the day before, he didn't leave our home until he licked and sucked every drop out, feeding it to me as we shared a very passionate kiss.
    It's been a whole fortnight of rediscovery regarding my sexuality and gay sex. Dominic has fucked me, or had me suck his dick almost every day this past two weeks. I've even altered my schedule at work to accommodate him and his gorgeous cock. What we're doing is technically cheating as I'm married, but once his work on our road is finished then I doubt I'm going to carry on having gay sex in future. But then again if he continues to work in our area, I might just find time to have his ever so wonderful cock fuck my arsehole again and again and again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    All my adult life I've been secretly bisexual, and only the death of my wife two years ago has allowed me to fully indulge in my love of cock and ass. And with someone who in a million years I wouldn't have dreamed of fucking. In the town I live in gay men aren't looked on kindly, so I decided to confess on here to somehow release my pent up frustrations.
    The reason I say it's with someone who I wouldn't have thought to have sex with, is because that someone is forty two years younger than me and part of my family. Indeed Luke is my very beautiful grandson. Before anyone gets all precious about me taking advantage of him, believe me when I say, it was and still is Luke who drives our relationship.
    It was Luke who discovered his grandfather masturbating to gay porn eight months ago. And it was he who told me that day he wanted to experience what my cock would feel like sliding over his tongue and deep up his ass. You see what no one other than my wife and a young college student I spent time having amazing sex with aged nineteen, before knew, is I'm a very well endowed man.
    At ten and half inches long and about six inches in circumference, Luke looked at me with total lust on his face. I tried to cover up, but was nearly at the point or orgasm when I noticed him watching me. Luke made no attempt to hide his fascination for my cock and told me immediately he wanted sex.
    Going through the denials and trying to get him to see we couldn't as were are family, Luke crossed the twenty feet between us, got hold of my aching cock and began to stroke it. As I've already said, I was close to orgasm, so it was too much longer that I came with Luke tossing me off. As soon as he felt my cock pulsing he lowered his head and took my full load over his tongue and face.
    It had been well over two years since anyone had touched me sexually, so to have someone I love dearly give me sexual release was so special. But Luke wasn't finished. Looking up at me, Luke took my cock into his mouth and began to suck in my still very hard cock. Again I tried to tell him it was wrong, but his oral manipulation of my dick only drove me to hold his head and begin to fuck his mouth. Before I knew it I was sexually engaged fully with my grandson, and loving it.
    Getting totally naked together after briefly stopping his amazing blow job, we sixty nined and I had my first cock in my mouth in over forty five years. On and on our oral love making went and I was soon in that zone again. Wanting to bury my cock up a receptive hole, as I'd done countless times to Luke's grandmother. Letting Luke know how I felt, he challenged me to fuck him to orgasm.
    My grandson knelt up on the floor and positioned himself spread eagled over the coffee table. Using some hair conditioner I quickly got from the bathroom, I looked at Luke still waiting for me to fuck him and wondered if i could go through with it. It was his words again that had me drive my cock up his rear hole, when he said "Look granddad, I want your cock so badly, so please fuck me". Smearing his asshole with the hair conditioner, I thrust my cock into him and experienced a purely thrilling sexual moment.
    It had been so long, so many wasted days, months and years of denial. Telling myself I was a married man with a family to care for, to seek out men for sex. All those years challenging myself to stay straight, when I knew deep down I was at the very least bisexual. So with Lukes love and his obvious want of my sex, I fucked him like I'd never fucked anyone. In an half hour long sexual session I gave Luke what he said he longed for, and much much more. And did my granddson take every inch of my dick. It was clear I wasn't the first to have fucked him, yet his ass felt so tight on my cock. Every position change we kissed, and kissed passionately. Every time I drove my cock deep into his bowels, I heard the joy in his asshole acceptance, expressed in his sexual moans. We were one, a complete whole and in every way we were perfect together.
    With Luke mounting my cock, fucking himself on my dick, he came all over my stomach and hairy chest. I quickly followed suit and rammed my cock hard into his as, as my cum flew from my cock. Leaning over Luke kissed me hard, then broke away to tell me he loved me and wanted to carry on our secret lust for one another.
    Lay next to him I promised him I would think about it. It's a promise I've kept, and we're still having amazing passionate sex together to this day. Made a whole lot easier now he's moved in with his confident, lover and granddad.
    And to hell with what the world might think.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I am a married man and have a very close male friend that I have suck sessions with. It started one night after too many drinks, too much teasing and the next thing I was on my knees sucking his 7" cock and at balls until he unloaded in my mouth and I swallowed it down. We spent the rest of the night naked and trying all the nice, nasty man to man sucking we could think of and still do to this day 16 years later. But here is what I am confessing.
    Ever since I have been 12 years old, I have sucked other guys cocks. It started with cousins then close friends, a few strangers and even a few friend's dads. (Yeah, I know I was m****ted but I wanted it)! But I had never sucked more than one cock at a time. Fast forward and my present suck buddy. We have shared all the fantasies we know and have tried just about all of them, B & D, S & M, Watersports, spanking etc. and I told him how I have always wanted to suck at least 2 cocks at the same time.
    One night at a bonfire at his place, it was getting a little chilly and the women had all gone in so it was only he, I and a couple of guys he worked with when Jay, my suck buddy, reached over and placed my hand on his hard cock to let me know he was horny. I wanted to suck him off but with the other guys there didn't make a move until Jay told me to look over to see Earl and Dave had their pants down and were stroking each other's dicks. Jay then stood and dropped his pants revealing his sweet cock and balls to me which I leaned toward and started to suck. As I gave Jay head, Earl and Dave came over, minus their pants and found myself being offered 3 nice meaty cocks to suck. ay placed my hands on both of their dicks and told me to enjoy myself. Needless to say, I ended up draining 3 men's cocks that night and enjoyed being a man slut for them. Since then, we have got together with either or both of them for several other cock draining sessions. Thank you Jay for making my fantasy cum true.

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