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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Knowing it and not caring has made me realize the world can go fuck itself. What I'm talking about is the amazing sex I'm having with my uncle. We both know it's not appropriate, right or society approved to have sex together, but then my uncle fucks me in such a way, I crave his cock when he's not inside me. He's so dominant when he fucks me, and has such a large cock, he has me cumming like a high pressure shower. And every drop of his sweet tasting cum gets swallowed one way or another by myself. Either him pumping it down my throat after he's face fucked me, or the way I now adore to receive it, and that's him cumming deep up my asshole, then having him lick and suck it out before feeding it to me as we kiss.
    Eighteen months now I've been his fuck slut, calling by his apartment at least twice a week when he's working. A lot more when he's got time off. My parents think we're just close as uncle and nephew, as I'm straight acting and he's married. But my uncles wife works away an awful lot, leaving us loads of time for him to dominate my ass, and for me to receive load after load of his precious cum up my ever eager asshole.
    Signed... One lucky nephew.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Sex in many ways, is a simple affair. Slide an erect penis into one of three holes and thrust. But as we all know there are many many different sized penis's and many different "Holes" people and sex wise to fuck (And tongue).
    One such hole, a man's asshole I just didn't get. I grew up not involved in any way shape or form with gay sex. My upbringing was purely hetrosexual, so like everyone of my friends and family, I followed the conventional route of fucking as many girls pussy's as I could. I also enjoyed fucking their mouths and screwing, if they let me, their assholes. But having sex with a guy was a definite no no.
    That was until I met my now father in law, Henry. He and my wife's mother are now divorced. Mainly due to Henry's predilection to liking young men's assholes, as I've recently found out. It was actually at our wedding I finally met in person my wife's father. Before that he'd been living half way across the country. At the reception he and my wife's mother couldn't have been more cordial. They really do like each other, it's just that Henry discovered men's ass's and began to fuck as many as he could. So it wasn't too much of a surprise later on in the evening to find her sucking him off outside.
    They were both embarrassed somewhat, but my new mother in law was beside herself. Leaving me with Henry outside with his fully erect cock still on show, she apologized and scuttled off back inside the venue. Henry however wasn't in the least bit bothered I was staring at his very large cock. Letting it sway as he approached me, he offered me his hand and thanked me for looking after his "Angel". Then not breaking sentence, he said "Why don't you finish off what your wife's mother started".
    You tell me why I found myself on my haunches sucking in my first ever cock, because I still don't know. I also don't know why when Henry asked, we moved over to behind an old brick built shed, and I let him with lots of effort, slide his cock up my asshole. It wasn't pleasant and it wasn't what I'd walked outside for. Yet there I was bending over taking a mans cock, a man I'd only just met in person and he was screwing my rear hole.
    Just when I began to come to my senses, so to speak, the pain and discomfort changed to what I can only describe as, pure and unadulterated pleasure. It was singularly the best feeling I'd ever had sexually. My whole body was alive with a sensation I can only put into words as, an orgasm throughout my whole body. From my toes, right on up through my ass and cock, to my head, which was in a sexual turmoil.
    I'd just married his daughter, and yet there I was out back of a venue I'd booked, having my asshole fucked by my newly acquired father in law. And it was awesome. I remember now begging him to fuck me harder, begging him to slide that monster cock deeper into me. And that's precisely what Henry did. Fucking me with longer more powerful thrusts, and within a couple of minutes my cock which i'd not touched exploded, sending my cum flying everywhere. Telling me he was nearing his own orgasm, I turned to him and told him to cum inside me. Seconds later I felt his hot sticky cum spurting into my bowels and filling my insides up.
    Henry pulled out, slapped my ass and said "Welcome to the family boy".
    I've been welcomed by Henry every week since. He's moved back over to our town, getting a job back at his old company. For a while he lived with my mother in law, but took an apartment shortly afterwards when he could. He no longer seeks out other young men to fuck, as he says he has one now whenever he's horny. And that young man is me.
    I love his daughter and have a very active sexual relationship with her. I'm dominant in that respect and really love to fuck my wife. But when I'm with Henry, he takes control and screws me any way he wants. And at this point in my life, I wouldn't have it any other way.
    He knew hey!!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Married, bored of once a month, if I'm lucky, vanilla sex. So I decided after being told one evening two months ago, she wasn't in the mood, to go out and see if I could maybe pick up a slag to fuck.
    Instead, and he approached me, I met a young guy called Alex, who stood next to me in a pub I like to frequent. He was quite forward in his approach, as he asked me looking at my cock whilst I was peeing, if I'd like to join him in his works van, and fuck him.
    The pub I go in is a busy place with a fairly liberal landlord, so it wasn't too much of a surprise if I'm honest, but I was really on the scope for a young female slut to fuck. You see I have a reputation, and it's warranted I suppose, for having a large cock. So to have a young guy proposition me, wasn't the first time. It was however the first time I'd actually gotten hard from a guy asking me to fuck him. And it was the first time in my life I actually was attracted to a male.
    Alex is twenty years old. A fit attractive athletic guy who himself attracts lots of girls his age because of his looks and his cheeky manner. His needs sexually though, include having older men like myself, fucking him. Hence him following me into the pub toilet to proposition me.
    Still with my cock out and erect, I simply said "OK". Following him out of the pub into the large unlit rear car park, I got into his father's builders van. No sooner than my arse touched the seat, Alex had my cock out and had wrapped his mouth around it. We hadn't spoken on the way to his van, so I wasn't ready in a way for his amazing oral skills. Alex is by a distance, the best cock sucker I've ever been with. My dick was being given THE best head of my entire life, and I was loving it.
    Unfortunately, no sooner than I'd really begun to get into fucking his handsome face, he stopped. But my disappointment was only temporary, as Alex quickly removed his work trousers and boxers and asked me to join him in the back of the van.
    Moving over and psst the seats, we climbed around building equipment and moved right next to the rear doors where an old piece of carpet was laid to protect the vans floor. Alex immediately got onto all fours, looked back at me and "I'm already lubed up, just slide that big fucker into my arse". Tossing me a condom, I opened it, slid it over my cock and only then thought about what I was about to do.
    I was a straight married man, in a builders van, in a pub car park, about to fuck a young albeit handsome guy. Before I could think too long about it and maybe bottle out, Alex said "Come on man I need fucking, fuck me with that thing". His needy voice and his increasingly good looking tight arsehole made up my mind, and seconds later I was squatting over him, sliding every inch of my cock up his hot tight arsehole.
    Once up his bum, I didn't stop. Holding onto his shoulders, I literally rammed that young man's arsehole for all I was worth. It had been sk long since I'd had that kind of fuck, I really went for it. And didn't Alex just love me fucking him, as he turned his head to tell me "I knew you be great fuck".
    It wasn't a long fuck, maybe ten minutes, but on that time I fucked him in two positions. Firstly from above and behind. Then after a few minutes, I spun him over, pushed his legs up and back then re-entered him as Alex pleaded with me to make him cum.
    Now looking at one another, I slammed my cock into his arse over and over again. Alex began to moan loudly as his orgasm built, then all of a sudden his cock let go without him or I even touching it. It was so amazing to watch another man cum, especially as it was me fucking him that caused his orgasm, I found myself unsnlevto hold off any longer. I came so hard, I fell forwards so our faces were next to each other. And as I filled the condom deep up his arse, Alex kissed me, and I returned the kiss.
    With my balls drained, we carried on kissing until we heard voices outside the van. Withdrawing from his wonderful rear hole, he slid the condom off my dick, then tilted it up over his open mouth, and drank down every drop shih flowed from the condom.
    We dressed when he'd swallowed my cum, then sat in his van telling each other what we'd like to do from then on. Alex told me he had a girlfriend, but from an early age knew he liked guys too. He also told me it was his uncle who first fucked him, and wanted to know if I'd like to have fun again.
    We met the very next day. I booked a room in my friends hotel and spent the whole afternoon sucking and fucking with Alex.
    Two months on, Alex and I meet at least twice a week for sex. We don't meet at the hotel anymore as my friends sister, who lives in the hotel, is also a colleague of my wife. Instead we find outdoor places to fuck. There is nothing better in my opinion, than to have a horny naked guy in the outdoors, sucking on your cock, then fucking him for as long or in any position you'd like, with the fresh air and beautiful surroundings where we often fuck.
    My wife might only want fucking occasionally, but if it wasn't for her lack of sexual need, I wouldn't probably have met Alex, and would not not now know just how fantastic it is to fuck a young eager guys willing arsehole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    From the time I saw my very first Porn Movie I have been in love with bdsm play. I actually prefer women but my fetish for bdsm has taken me into another direction. I am happily married and enjoy straight sex with my wife, I have to enjoy it because my wife refuses to do those things I like so much. I love bondage and cbt, giving and receiving. My wife would never do anything like that, she finds it degrading in all aspects.

    I prowl the Craigslist pages looking for anyone that may enjoy the same things I like. Most of my replies are from other men and a few years ago I realized I would have to step outside my self to find the pleasure I wanted.

    His name is Frank, a retired man of 60yo. Frank is single and like me he wants things that no woman would do for him either. Frank is a rather large guy, over six foot and heavy. What he does have is a rather fat cock, uncircumcised it hangs between his legs like a thick meat roll.

    After a few emails Frank told me he wanted to meet at a nearby park with various hiking trials. We met during the week when the park was basically empty. He described his vehicle and it would be parked by the trial I was to take to meet him for the first time.

    I had no idea how far I would have to walk, the trail sign it was a two mile loop. I was about halfway I think when I heard a sound off to the side. There was a rather large grove of thick bushes and what appeared to be some smoke wafting in the slight breeze. After a brief look I could see a bit of movement behind.

    I made my way slowly through the brush and came around to see Frank standing there naked with a cigarette in his hand. He saw me and took a drag and sort of looked away, as if he had no concern of being seen.

    Suddenly I noticed something else. Frank had a vacuum pump around his cock, the black hose hung from the end of the large plastic tube. His cock was about halfway and his cock appeared to be stuffed inside the large tube.

    I walked over and looked at Frank, neither of us spoke the first time we met. Frank stood there and smoked his cigarette as I decided on what I was going to do. I took another few steps and reached down and picked up the rubber bulb at the end of the back hose. With Frank looking away I squeezed the bulb a few times, Frank's fat cock was drawn deeper into the plastic tube.

    A few more squeezes and Frank groaned softly as the tip of his engorged cock was almost at the end of the plastic tube now. I stepped closer and took the plastic tube and wiggled it just a bit, Frank groaned again. His fat cock was turning a dark purplish red, I released the valve to reduce the pressure, Frank said not to do that! That was the only thing Frank would say during our first encounter.

    I squeezed the bulb and his cock once again filled the entire chamber. Then I suddenly noticed that Frank was wearing a ball stretcher made out of shiny steel, his balls were pushed tightly out of the other side. I put my hand around them and squeezed, Frank groaned a bit louder.

    Frank stood with his hands on his hips as I pumped his cock and squeezed his balls, I could see he was enjoying every moment and that's when I noticed I was starting to get hard. His engorged cock within the tube was dark red in color, his shaven balls seemed to glisten in the sunlight.

    Suddenly I heard Frank groan and he pushed my hands away. He bent slightly and took the bulb and twisted the valve, his cock barely deflated inside the tube this time. I watched as he twisted the cylinder and pulled his fat cock out. Frank's cock was big for sure, the pump made it even larger to the eye. He wasn't circumcised and from my view all I could see was a gaping hole at the end.

    Frank's big hand wrapped around his cock and he began jerking off with me standing there watching everything. Soon he spread his legs and thrust his hips back and forth a few times before the first drops of cum dripped out of the hole. Then I caught a glimpse of the head of his cock and a thick wad of cum shot out almost instantly. Frank groaned loudly, his head lulled back slightly as the remaining squirts of cum hit the ground below.

    Frank rubbed the dripping cum around his fat cock and breathed deeply, enjoying the remaining moments of that pleasure you feel after you cum. Then he looked at me and smiled and waved me on.

    We now meet at Frank's house and share all our fetishes together. I had never used a pump before and after trying it I have one of my own now. We pump each other and I also have my own ball stretcher as well. We are into Electro-Stim and drive each other crazy with that as well. We control each other, adjusting the current as we see fit on each others cocks.

    Frank is also into urethral penetration which I'm not so sure about just yet. He has me insert a metal rod deep into his cock and jerk him off slowly. I have to say watching his cum spill out around the probe gets me pretty worked up and I end up jerking off all over his dripping cock. Maybe one day I will get the nerve to try that too.CARDENA LEMERAY

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I get so horny thinking about big black clocks that I can't stand it. My fantasy is it starts in a bar. I'm at bar and the bar tender makes me a drink and tells me those guys playing pool paid for it. Before I get the first drank here's a second one. I'm starting to feel the Buzz now.
    The biggest black dude comes an sits beside an ask if I'll play a game of pool. So I agree and we head back to the pool table. On the way he pats my ass. I ignore it cause I'm not for sure if it was an accident or not. So it my shot I'm getting to hit the cue ball and his black buddy walks up behind me and pats my ass when I turn around he lip locks me sticking his tongue throat. By now I'm really buzzing. And three black dudes are handsing me all over. I'm starting to get dizzy that's when they help out of the bar and into on if their houses. The stripped my clothes all off and put a pair of kinky panties on me and a half shirt. That's when all three black dudes got naked. Shortly after that I was placed in the middle of them on the couch. One forced me over by the back of my head and pushed my mouth over his big black cock. As he forced me to start sucking his cock I felt my panties getting pulled down and ripped off. Then I was taking big black cock from both ends. The third black dude had video recorder filming it. As the cock in my mouth started pulsating the forced my mouth down making me deep thrusting as he came in my mouth leaving no choice but to swallow every drop. Then the black dude that was fucking my ass blew his wad. Then they switch places and still they all got to use my holes. After they finished with they informed me that I was their bitch now and that I would make myself available any time they decided that they wanted my white ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Ive been getting fucked by my best friend for the past few months almost everyday, most days more then once. It started with a suck mine and I'll suck yours while watching porn except he'd never suck mine. Then it just became us jerking to porn until he would stop and just kind of look at me and id lean over and swallow his cock taking his load then id jerk into a wad of paper towels

    The first time he took my ass I was spending the night. we had smoked a ton of pot and had been edging to porn when he told me to lay down on my stomach so he doesn't have to see my dick. he squirted like half a bottle of lotion on my bare ass and began to rub my hole. it didn't feel bad just kind of awkward as he pressed his finger in me but then it was his dick.

    I could feel his head sliding up my crack and pressing into me and then horrible pain. he didn't slowly put it in like his finger he slid it in hard. I kicked and screamed out but it just made him run it further up my ass. he had me pinned solid his dick inside me and his full weight on top of me. I stopped struggling half way through and just took it as he kept thrusting inside me until he finished with a loud grunt and rolled off me

    my ass was bloody and there was shit everywhere. i wrapped up in a blanket and ran to the bathroom to shower everything off. his dad asked me later that night if I was ok and that if I need to talk to him he's there. I told him everything was fine

    Months later and here I am Ive been getting fucked on the reg by him he even stole a pair of his older sisters panties for me to wear to hide my dick. Ive discovered lube is a million times better then lotion and a few times ive even cum just by him fucking me. He has a gf now but we still do our thing when shes not around

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    Straight Male / 36

    I'm married and have a lovely and pretty sexy looking wife. Never been with a guy or had any inclination to be with a guy. I have a very high sex drive and when my wife goes out of town on business for a few days I rely on my favorite Porn site to get me through until my wife gets home.

    One night I decided to look at some other Porn sites besides just a men and women straight fucking. Love the girl/girl action for sure. Milf's, etc. Then I decided to check out the bdsm video's. Those were pretty hot, role play, etc. Which led me to another segment I never heard of before.

    They call it Sounding or urethral stimulation. Obviously it was guys just shoving these metal probes into their cocks, some even masturbated with these probes inside their cock. Honestly I had this weird sensation come over me, like I wasn't turned off watching these video's.

    I began to look more and more at them each time my wife was away. Then I stumbled into a Site called cock docking. Two guys shoving their hard cocks into each other foreskin and cumming that way. I wasn't turned off watching those either, and one night I realized I was rock hard watching these video's.

    Then recently I stumbled on "milking video's." Some guy takes video's of men with big cocks, some are restrained. He oils up these big cocks and he slowly masturbates these guys until they explode. This guy has quite the video collection of many men he does this with, some are there many times to be milked.

    I still have no desire to be with another guy but these are the only video's I watch now. All of the girl/girl action I could care less about. Men/women video's, forget it! I can even just watch a guy jerk off, seeing his hot load erupt makes me hard................

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    Gay Male / 31

    I was seven and he was nine when I sucked his penis for the first time. I liked it from the first time I did it. He would let me suck his penis if I did things for him. I was eleven when this Danish man, who was a friend of my family, took his bathing suit off in front of me and I saw my first real adult penis. He didn't cover up, he stood in front of me and I was sitting on the bench in the changing room and his penis was a foot away from me. I wanted to suck him so bad, but I just looked.

    I would go down to the shopping center, and hang out. There was a public restroom with a urinal trough and I would follow men who went into the restroom. Mostly they covered their penises when they pissed, but sometimes they didn't. I always let my penis out and didn't put my hand over it. One day this old man let me look at his penis and he smiled at me and I smiled back. He reached down and took my penis in his hand and squeezed it. We went into the commode stall and he sat on the commode and sucked my penis. When he left he told me to stay there and count to one hundred before I left.

    In the ninth grade I sucked this senior. He was a strange guy but he liked to get his penis sucked and I sucked him whenever he asked. He also rubbed his penis against me but never penetrated me. But I wanted him to. I started to put things up my butt, small things like pens, but I really liked it and when I sucked him I wanted him to fuck me. I met this man through him, he worked as a delivery truck driver. He fucked me. That was the best day of my life.

    I find a man via a web site and meet up with him. I enjoy it. I am out there , the internet makes it easier to meet up with someone, usually I meet up with men who are in hotels and traveling. Most if not all are married, they just like to get together and enjoy themselves. I fit in with the business hotel crowd, I look the part and can pass myself off as a guest.

    Sitting on a bed in room, opening up a man's pants and taking out his penis for the first time and putting it in my mouth, and closing my eyes and enjoying every second of it. I just love it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Never before a month ago had I wanted to or had sex with another male. After nearly a year without sex, other than masturbation, I had a neighbor of ours, Corey, a twenty year old offer me his asshole to fuck.
    It was at his parents barbecue when Corey asked me if I enjoyed guys. Not understanding at first, he told me he liked older men. Men he said, who knew how to fuck him hard. I'm not joking I was rock hard in seconds. Never had I thought about fucking dudes, so to have my dick straining as it was, took me by surprise. But it also told me, I would.
    In a side room off their kitchen. I first had Corey sucking on my cock (It was awesome after so long) Then when my dick was pulsing so strongly, he rose up, dragged his shorts down and pleaded, begged me to fuck him.
    Even though I was horny as fuck, it was still weird to see my cock slide inside another man's asshole. I at first sort of looked at it as if it wasn't me fucking him. But once Corey started to ask me to bury my cock up his harder, I soon switched into full on fuck mode. Gripping his hips tightly, I pulled Corey's asshole onto my cock as I drove my dick deeper into his body. It was such a thrill, I couldn't stop myself from calling him a male slut.
    Nevertheless I only lasted a few minutes before I felt my balls tighten, and thrusting hard once more my cock exploded up his asshole. Corey took everything I had, then had me pull out. Sinking down as he furiously began to masturbate himself, he licked band sucked any remaining cum off my cock. Still with dick in his mouth, he shook a few times, then came himself all over the floor.
    We sorted ourselves out with me asking him if we could have some more fun sometime. Corey stepped upto me, kissed me hard, then told me I could fuck him anytime I wanted.
    Overvthis past month Corey and I have fucked on nine occasions. With my wife when used to have sex, it was a long loving form of sex. With Corey, it's hard fast, but still passionate sex. He loves me nothing more than to have me drill his asshole hard. And since we've begun to experience different positions and placesvto fuck, I love nothing more than to give him exactly what he wants. My hard thick cock fucking his tight white ass.

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    Gay Male / 35

    I have been infatuated with Cock since I was old enough to masturbate. I had sex with girls but in the back of my mind all I really wanted was a big fat cock to play with. When I was old enough to be on my own and have my own place I began to troll Craigslist M4M or M4T. I wasn't looking for sex, I have never fucked a guy or ever let a guy fuck me. All I want is to play with a big beautiful Cock.

    Most responses I got back were guys or Trannies looking for sex, some were okay just having a blow job. Most of them didn't catch on to what I wanted until "Daddy Bear" responded late one night.

    He is a long haul truck driver. A big man over six feet tall and 250 lbs easily. When he undressed the first time and saw his massive cock hanging between his legs I could barely contain myself, even my own cock got hard just thinking about what I was going to do to his big fat cock.

    Daddy Bear sat down and I lubed his cock up thoroughly and began to work his fat cock. It was only a few minutes that I had in my two hands this massive cock that glistened with oil. My cock ached inside my Jeans and it was all I could do to refrain myself from masturbating.

    I worked Daddy Bear up with my hands all over his slick dick. Squeeze that massive cock and then gently slide my hands up and down his thick shaft. I tugged his balls and Daddy Bear loved that, gave me the idea he liked that too.

    I tried to hold off making Daddy Bear cum, his precum flowed out of the hole as I massaged that thick vein the length of his shaft. Daddy Bear groaned and squirmed as his fat cock was throbbing in my hand. OMG I had only dreamed of having that sensation in my hand until that moment.

    I felt badly but my own greed took over and I began to fist his slick fat cock faster. Daddy Bear jerked and squirmed as I knew he was close to cumming. The head of his fat cock was now drenched in oil and precum.

    Losing control I grasped his fat cock at the base and squeezed it hard, Daddy Bear groaned and his body jerked. Suddenly a thick solid stream of cum shot into the air and landed on his chest and my arm and on the floor. I jerked his cock faster, more cum shot out. Daddy Bear screaming "Fuck yeah" at the top of his lungs.

    I milked the last drops of cum out of Daddy Bear's fat cock. He sat in the chair breathing hard as I continued to slide my hand up and down his thick shaft. Soon the post cum feeling kicked in and he swatted my hand away.

    I have others like Daddy Bear now that come to me. Some are into CBT as well, I enjoy tying their cocks and balls up as I milk them too. The rush is seeing those veins protrude with their big cocks drenched in oil.

    Black Daddy is my newest favorite with a horse cock that just makes me drool whenever I milk him. I make sure to take my sweet time just to have the feeling of his massive cock in both hands. I can use up almost an entire bottle of oil on his huge cock and big balls. Black Daddy doesn't cum, he erupts! The thick glob of cum that explodes from his big cock goes everywhere and I fucking love it and I guess he does too.


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