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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Hy my name is ronish.i am bisexual.i know it a year ago when i got seduced lookin at gay are the characters.milan-my goes my story.
    Once milan and me were watching cricket late was 10.30 pm at that when our game was over he stayed at my was nearly 12 mid night when the game was completed so we went to sleep.we got to bed.
    We were sleeping in my sis room alice.when we got into bed we saw her bra and panty and we both got seduced.we went into bed and milan turn off the lights.then i told him-''good night milan''.so he replied me-''good night''.we both didnt got sleep so just slept..but we were not asleep.soon he kept his leg on mine.i mistakely touched his thighs.he moaned softly because we were both seduced my our sis bra and panty.'ahhhhhh' he i said-''your thighs are of like my white and creamy thighs''.i was a bit fat and he said-'' ur boobs are too like my sis.huge and soft boobs'',''lets fuck each other''-i said.slowly i opened his pants and panty feeling his thighs.soon he too did it.then he massaged my huge boobs.we started tongue kissing each felt so good.then milan started sucking my god it felt so good.i moaned 'ahhhhhhhhhh'.i too sucked his nipples.then he licked my balls.'ahhhhhhhhhhhh milan it felt so good plz continue'' i said..i too sucked his penis he said''faster ronish faster'' i fasted my speed to suck his penis and balls'' then i massage his sexy ass and boobs..he then sucked my boobs and penis and balls too..i then fucked his ass.he said-''its hurting but feeling so good'' i fasted my fucking speed..after then he fucked my first for 5-10 minutes it hurted but after that it felt so good.after then we fucked each other mouth and slept naked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Submissive bottom, hairless with attractive rear seeking to be fucked anally. My back passage is elastic and tight. I am eager to suck cock and swallow cum. Looking for one, two or even three tops to run a train on my ass. I want to feel my anal hole filled with hot semen. This faggot will suck cock and satisfy your sexual needs. Two lovely holes for you to fill with your swollen cock.

    This whore will be your gay fucktoy. Willing anus ready for you to fuck all night and then lend me to your friends.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Out with some friends recently I was given a bet by two of the guys. The bet was to lick and suck another mans cock and balls until he came. If I performed the task I'd win one of my friends pair of concert tickets (I really wanted to go). If not I'd pay him five times the cost of them. At first I backed off the bet, and only said yes later on when my friend with the tickets and I were the only ones left out drinking.

    The older guy I was supposed to have blown had gone, so we headed off to a bar/club we knew was a gay venue. After only ten minutes my friend had another guy willing to have his cock sucked, so I headed off to a quiet area outside the bar with him and my friend. When he took his cock out I nearly cried off again, but half cut I sank to my knees and closed my eyes. The feeling of his flaccid cock sliding over my tongue was at first very strange, but also wierdly satisfying. In only a couple of minutes his dick was rock hard and I was in all truth enjoying what I was doing. So much so my friend was telling me he was getting a hard on watching us. I didn't have too long to wait, to feel the guy tense up and I knew when his cum filled my mouth, the tickets were mine. What I didn't expect was how much I'd gotten into sucking on this strangers cock.

    Walking away from the bar down the side alley, my friend said to me I was always going to going to the concert as he'd bought one for me. When I asked why he'd made me suck some guys cock, he stopped walking turned and lowered his trousers. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock was far bigger than the guys I'd not long sucked. He said and I will never forget for as long as I live " Always wanted to have your lips around this". I had no idea he was gay or bisexual at least. He'd wanted to see if I'd suck another guys cock, so I wouldn't be offended or lose his friendship, if he asked me to suck his. And in that alley I did suck my friends thick uncircumsized cock, but I took my time and made sure as he was thrusting his hips and fucking my mouth, I had my cock out and was masturbating.

    I came first all over the floor in front of me and between his his legs. When my friend unloaded his massive amount of cum in my mouth, he asked me to swallow it. I've been swallowing his seed ever since, and exploring other ways of extracting his wonderful semen from his large thick cock, using another more pleasurable hole he's taught me to love being thrust into.

    Unfortunately for the time being our sexual relationship will remain between us, as there are complications. But soon we might be informing all about my/our new sexually expressed life.

    Thanks Luke for showing me another side of myself and my sexuality x

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    Gay Male / 50

    Well my first experience with a man I was 35 I was already into gay porn and I would sneak into gay bars on the down low. That's where I met Marcus he was so attractive we had a few drinks and danced I was so nervous more afraid.I hid my secret for years. And I knew it was time to be me. So we went to his place he was a lot younger than me we went inside owe sat in the living room. He kissed me and I got so into it we were making out for a long time. I decided to go for it I unzipped his pants and this semi hard cock was so big I starting sucking his cock he could tell I was new to this but I did my best we went to his room and we both ripped our clothes off he lasted on top of me it was so hot he went down on me n an he could suck a cock I let him fuck me doggy style I have a thing getting it from behind I fucked loved it he was so good in bed. He was my first and my bf for a few years he made me realize I was always gay and not to be ashamed of my sexuality. He moved to new York after our break up im living with my partner we love each other I came out when I was 39 it was for the best it was to hard to hide my sexuality

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    Gay Male / 26

    Before I got high speed internet at home I used to go to my cousins and spend the weekend and play xbox with him online. One weekend I set up a meet with a 58 year old guy and when his mom my aunt left for work I stripped put her leopard skin vibrator in my ass and put on her tiny red g string and waited for him to show up. When he pulled up I crawled out to his truck and lead him back into her apartment I sucked him off in her living room while my cousin was upstairs asleep with her vibe in my ass and swallowed his load. After that he had me jack off and eat my cum out of my hand then we went upstairs to the bathroom and he pissed all over me. For the whole time she lived there after that that is what my Saturday mornings where like when she had to work. I swallowed so much of his cum and piss I should be considered a toilet.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I am looking to make contact with guys that like pumping cock with there hands or mouths. If you are serious and in to this then email me: donassis2000gmail

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I've always knew I liked sucking cock, though didn't get to do it very often. I've always been with girls and would need to hook up with guys behind their backs. I decided to tell my current girl that I was bi. I've been with her for 10 years but only told her about it 5 years ago. Surprisingly she was ok with it and after talking, she was even going to allow me to act on it. I guess it kinda turns her on.

    So fast forward to 2 months ago when I meet this HOT 19 year old with an amazing 8" cut cock. He was looking for a regular guy to suck him, I was looking for a regular guy to suck and I like younger 18+ year old guys. I'm 36.

    I was never big on swallowing, I had done it before and wasn't crazy about it. But the first time this kid and I met, we had to do it my car and with me not wanting to make a mess, I swallowed. The first time I swallowed with him, it was actually ok and didn't taste bad. I was surprised that the 2nd time was the same. Long story, short. I actually look forward now to sucking his cock and swallowing. I think it's turned me into a cum loving cock sucker.

    Since then I hook up with him every chance I get, as much as 5 days a week and no less than 2 days a week for quick blow job and cum swallowing. I can still taste his cum in my mouth from an hour ago.

    I want to tell my girl so bad about this, but not sure what she'd think about me sucking cock more than I have sex with her and about me swallowing every drip, every chance I get.

    So thats why I'm here... to tell someone!!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    A few years ago I was out bar hopping and I ended up getting smashed. At this time in my life I was bi and very much in closet. My last stop at a bar was a well known gay bar and I met a man in there who I was doing shots with. He told me that he had a custom van outside that we could use later on if I liked. At that time it was a no. But after a few more shots and beers he managed to get me to go out to it. We started out just playing and sucking each other then he rolled me on my stomach and got on me. I felt him push in me and it hurt some but I was enjoying it. But I was so drunk and it was over before I knew it. We layed other next to each other and I felt myself passing out. I woke up with I think 4 more different men in the van and one was on top of me pushing his dick in me. I felt like I was being rapped. It was scary but was asked if I was having fun. Drunk as I was I went along with it. I can barely remember it all but it was nice. The next day I woke and had made it home. But as the night before went through my mind I felt afraid to go out. I don't remember who all he'd fucked me. Don't really remember how many. Knew there was 4 while out in that van I had had had more shots. So how many more had took me I'm not sure. My ass felt puffy and sore. How did I even get home. It was all a blank after a point. All I knew was there had been 4 men that had fucked me and took advantage of me. I'm still in the closet but think of that night often. When I'm out in clubs or even stores I feel there is someone looking at me saying that he had my ass. But being used like that makes me feel like a slut and I like it. I have found that with a good dick in me I can cum from the g-spot being it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I am a 20 year old straight male, my girlfriend is almost 18 and super gorgeous. Some would say she's out of my league. We have been dating for almost 2 years now and we have been happier than i could have imagined. We have had a pretty good sex life in my opinion up until about a month ago. We were fooling around and she seemed to be getting frustrated. When i asked her what was wrong she said nothing, and that she didn't want to hurt my feelings. However, i persisted. She told me she loved our sex life and that she thought my penis was fine size, but she likes a little bit bigger than i have. I didn't really know how to handle that, it kind of shook me in a weird way but i acted as if i wasn't offened or hurt and we just went to bed awkwardly. The next few days were pretty much typical and we didn't really mention what had been talked about until the end of the week. She had me over for dinner and explained to me that she wanted to try having sex with other people. She wants big cock, and i admittedly am on the smaller side. I was very reluctant at first but she convinced me to allow it if i watched. We planned for her and her friend to come over to my place next weekend and we'd go from there. All week i was dreading this. I was scared, upset, humiliated. I was realizing i couldn't satisfy her. She wanted more than i could give and it made me feel so horrible. Finally the day arrived and i was actually feeling better about what was going to happen since i had all week to ponder it. I asked her to just have a real talk with me and she admitted, she thinks my cock is small. She loves me and even loves the sex we have, but she wants a guy with a big cock. At this point i was ok with it. At around dinner time her friend showed up. He was a lot better looking than myself and had a confidence i've never had. He wasted to time getting to business and after greetings and pleasantries he pulled her down onto the couch and started aggressively making out with her and touching her. I didn't know what to do. She seemed to be enjoying herself so i just kept quiet. Eventually the kissing graduated into her feeling his cock over his pants and i could already see he was pretty big. He quickly took off his pants and exposed his giant throbbing cock and the look on her face was priceless. She began to suck it lick and stroke and she was loving every minute of it. Honestly so was i, i loved watching her please another man. It turned me on in a way i cannot explain. She was loving every bit of it. She then leaned over and asked me to come to her and suck it with her. I don't know what possessed me to do so but i immediately went to my knees and began to suck his cock. I could barely fit it in my mouth and he was forcing my head down and making me gag. My girlfriend was so excited by this. She was taunting me saying that i could never be a man like him. That he was going to fuck me like a bitch the way i fuck her and that i had to take it.. That was where i was no longer ok with what was going on. I didn't want that at all and she was bent on forcing me into it. After going back and forth she rose her voice and told me that my small cock is not enough for her and that if i wanted to keep her i had to let him fuck me. So i bent over and prepared myself. I could feel him poking at my hole and i felt hot and nervous. He lubed up himself and then they both licked my ass and lubed it up. She looked me in the eyes, gave me a kiss, and said she loved me as he grabbed my hips, pulled my ass towards him and put his big cock in my ass. He wasted no time at all and started pounding away and all i could do was let out girly little whimpers. In all honesty, it felt so good. I was feeling pure ecstasy as he thrust in and out of me harshly and grabbed my ass and spanked me in front of my taunting girlfriend. He was laughing now as he pushed me down on the bed and drove into me harder and harder. He then nonchalantly pulled out and busted his nut on my ass. My girlfriend licked it off me and that was it. We awkwardly said goodbyes and that was it. Since then, we have resumed our normal lives and things have been nice. She loved watching me take a cock and be her bitch and i really liked it. I have come to the conclusion that this is the role i have been given and i accept it. My girlfriend turned me into a bi bitch.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    A couple of years ago I told one of my neighbors I'd always been curious about gay sex, and that I'd once almost allowed a guy to suck me off. He and his partner (Mick and Jason) have been together apparently since they were in their early thirties. Mick who is the top in their relationship, full of muscles and built like the proverbial barn door, is now 47, Jason is 42, slim and can be very effiminate.
    When I told the guys about my gay sexual curiosity, I was round at their house with my wife. They were holding a party for Jasons 40th. I was a little drunk and was just shooting my mouth off really, trying to engraciate myself with them.
    Three months ago I was out at the gym I attend when I bumped into Mick. He told me he and Jason had been split up for a short while and it had given him the oportunity to get back into some serious workouts. I watched as he curled some weights, then as he bench pressed. It was as he was bench pressing, I couldn't help but notice his cock hanging out the bottom of his shorts on his left leg. When he looked up and saw me looking at his cock, he smiled a very broad knowing smile. Sitting up he said "Still curious I see". I'd been caught out, but unlike any other time I didn't get deffensive, I actually felt my own cock rising and told Mick in a dumb sounding way "Yeah".
    In a very matter of fact way Mick replied "Well if you fancy seeing what it's like to suck on one, follow me down to the changing rooms". Mick got up and walked away without looking back. Like a lost puppy I just followed.
    He was stood inside his changing boothe when I got down the changing area. A towel was wrapped around his waist and he was holding the swing door open. I didn't bother to walk over to my own changing locker, instead I walked over to Micks and he let me slide by him and into his cubicle.
    Putting his hands onto my shoulders, he pushed me down until I was sat on the small bench seat. Then in one quick movement he unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor. The size of his cock made me gasp, not only because it was so long and so thick, but also because I knew as a married straight guy, I was deffinately going to try and suck his cock into my mouth.
    Like any new experience I suppose, you don't often get it right first time and it was no different for me. I couldn't get my mouth around the full girth of Micks cock, until he told me to relax and let his cock slide in naturally. Once I'd relaxed and put his cock head onto my tongue first, I soon began to envelop his meaty fat cock with my lips and mouth. It felt very weird at first. His cock was hard, yet felt silky soft in my mouth and I was beginning to take more and more in as my confidence grew.
    The harder and more of his cock I sucked into my mouth, the louder and deeper his moans became until he was holding my head and litterally fucking my mouth. It was my first ever gay episode and it was totally awsome.
    When Mick asked me to slide a finger into his ass, I stopped sucking on him, when he asked again but added "It makes me cum a whole lot harder". I let his cock slip from my mouth, then I licked my my middle finger on my right hand and took his swollen cock back into my mouth. At the same time I reached between his legs, slid my finger up his butt crack and felt him squirm a little as I placed my finger over his asshole. Letting his cock slide further over my tongue as I sucked harder, I pushed my finger inside his ass. Straight away I felt his cock harden even more in my mouth and I knew it had had the desired effect. Sucking on his dick for a fewm more wonderful minutes, as if I'd always been sucking mens cocks, I knew he was about to cum.
    I was right, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Holding my head tightly, Mick forced his cock deeper into my mouth so I was nearly deep throating him, then with one big final thrust I felt his cock expload in my mouth and down my throat.
    I gagged, but Mick held my head even firmer until his cum was fully drained from his dick. Letting my head go I didn't do what he probably thought I might and let his cock fall out. I held his super soft balls and milked them, still sucking as hard as I could. It was something my wife had done for me many times and I knew I loved the feeling. Releasing his cock I stood up so we were face to face, Mick put his hands behind my head and leaned in. We kissed like lovers in their first passionate embrace, Mick tasting himself on my tongue.
    Stood in the gyms showers I was about to let Mick give me what I'd just given him, but some guys walked in and I was left feeling very sexually frustarted. I needn't have fretted. My wife was still at work and Mick reaching home first, was waiting for me inside his front door. In viting me in, I was naked and allowing a guy to blow me for the first time in less than two minutes.
    Over a period of a three weeks I learned what it was, to enjoy gay sex and nearly everything that goes with being a submissive partner, but that's another confession for another time, possibly.
    Mick and Jason are back together, but it doesn't stop Mick calling by some days to off load his fulll heavy balls, when Jasons away for a few days and my wifes at work.

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