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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was 16 we did not have a lot of money we lived in a trailer with two bedrooms and the living room area was walled off to make another bed room. I slept in the living room slash bedroom with my two older brothers. The other room in back was Moms and the middle room my 2 sisters. I slept in the top bunk bed and my brothers in the other bunk that was a bit larger not sure what they call that type bed but we called them bunks. One night I woke to the sound of slurping. I looked over the edge of bed to see my brother sucking my other brothers cock. I got hard and started to play with myself. I heard my brother tell the other are you ready and then sort of a gagging sound and more slurping. My oldest brother threw his head back and moaned and that's when he saw me our eyes locked and he smiled at me. I jumped back and covered my head with the covers. The next day my brothers acted like nothing happened. I started to wonder how long this had been going on?
    The whole day at school I could not get that pic out of my head of my brother face down all the way on my oldest brothers cock. my oldest brother had a large cock or looked large to me as it went in and out of other brothers mouth. I was amazed he was able to take it all. I guess I had for a long time had a boy crush on my oldest brother. he was tall med build but solid he worked out in the yard with weights and had toned arms chest and a six pack. I had noticed he was growing hair on chest and mid section that would glisten in the sun with sweat when he worked out. I had not really thought about it but often would stare at him while he pumped the weights. He wore a pair of old sweets he had cut off and his bulge was very visible. I wondered what it looked like but not sure why he always came to our room dressed from his shower. Unlike my other brother who was nude all the time in our room always flopping his cock in my face. he often said suck me bitch I would tell him to fuck off and go back to what I was doing. he was an ass and we did not get along well at all. My eldest brother was more like the Dad I had never known as I am the youngest of the kids and he had passed away when I was young and I have no memories of him.
    A few weeks latter after hearing almost every night the slurping in the bottom bunk and me peeking to see as much as I could. A part of me felt jealous of my brother sucking on eldest like that. I came home from school to find eldest brother on the bunk stroking his cock. As I walked in the room our eyes locked and he motioned me over. I crawled onto the bed next to him and watched. After a while he took my hand and put it on his dick it felt so warm in my hand he had put some sort of lube on it and it was slippery. He showed me to work it with my hand. I jerked him until he came shot all over huge globs on my arm his hairy belly and chest he bucked and jolted as I jerked. Once he was done he got up off the bed and walked out not saying a word. I looked out to see him lifting weights again. I stood in the window and watched him and jerked off shooting all over the window of our room.
    Weeks passed and I was in the fort we built in a tree in the woods of the trailer park. I heard voices and put my dick away I was jerking to some nudie mags. I could hear my eldest brother and two of his friends as the climbed the later. My brother saying I have not been back here in ages. The trap door popped open and the guys climbed in. They sat around and lit a joint. My brother passed it to me and I took a drag. after a bit the guys all unzipped and took their cocks out. My brother told me to come to him and I did. He took his hand and put it on the back of my neck and forced me down to his cock. I opened
    my mouth and tasted his cock head. it tasted of sweat and smelled like soap after a shower. He guided me onto his cock and I tried to take as much as I could. J heard him say in a low voice easy buddy take your time you will get better at it. So there I was sucking him in front of his friends. hey one said can I get some of that. My brother pulled me off of his cock and with his hand grasping my hair pulled me to his friends cock. He looked right in my face and said suck him. I did as he said and sucked his friend who was not as big. I sucked and felt him put his hand on my head and force me down just as he came in my mouth. It was sour and gagged me I tried to pull off but he had me in a tight grip and fucking in and out of my mouth saying oh fuck yes suck it bitch suck it. He pushed me down one last time and shot the last blob. He did not let me up for a bit and tears were running out of my eyes. Then my brother said now him. I crawled over to his other friend who had been jerking his cock. He was larger and thinker than the other guy. I put my mouth on his head and licked it. he tasted better than the other guy he was dripping pre cum. I went down on him and sucked until his body jerked and he pushed his cock deep in my mouth. I ate his cum and it was sweet I like the taste. I turned ready to suck my brother but he had put his cock away and zipped up. The guys got up and left chatting as they climbed down the tree. I was left there with the taste of cum on my tongue and a bit embarrassed by what I had just done.
    When I got back to the trailer I saw my brother working out he called me over and told me to be in the fort everyday after school. So next day after school I was there hoping I would get to suck his cock. Nope he brought more of his friends and I sucked them off and they left. This was an everyday thing all that summer and the next school year. I had sucked all his friends off many times but never him. I had to hear my other brother suck him every night god I wanted him so bad.
    I was now a year older my other brother had moved out so it was just me and older brother in our room. One night I climbed down and got into his bed. He pulled the covers back and there it was the prize I had wanted. I licked and sucked and licked his balls his belly I took his whole cock in my throat I had become very good at it. He would make me stop when he got to close so I sucked him for hours it seemed. I could taste him as he leaked some pre cum I wanted his cum so fucking bad. After a long time my jaw hurting he grabbed my head with both hands and forced me down on him as he let go of the candy I wanted so bad. He tasted amazing like the cream from a long john doughnut mmm fuck I loved it. I fell asleep with his dick head in my mouth. I was awoken by his morning wood and I took care of that for him.
    I spent a lot of time in his crotch doing everything I could to give him pleasure. My graduation night I came home after getting my diploma and that night my brother took my anus virginity I would have done anything he asked. I was sucking on him he grabbed me flipped me on my back lubed my hole and slipped his cock in me with his hand over my mouth to stifle the scream from the pain. I don't know how people that right it just went in and felt good but sorry it fucking hurt like hell. He was easy with me but he was big I could feel it as my ass took him all the way in. He held it there for a bit and jiggled it inside me. It took a long time for me to relax. It fucking hurt but I liked it for some reason. It did not start to feel good until he came in me his cum lubed me I guess. He feel on top of me and fell asleep inside me. I could smell booze on his breath as he lay on me and in me sleeping. He never went down or got soft it stayed hard in me. I just started to slip off to sleep and I felt him start to stir soon h was fucking me hard and deep and my whole body was on fire I wanted him I was grinding against him as he plunged deep in me I wanted ever inch of him. His breath on my neck and his sweat dripping on my hot body his hair was drenched and he fucked me for a long time saying in a husky voice 2nd time takes me a while are you ok. I said yes don't stop and with that he pulled my ass up and went to town the bed was making noise I just knew someone would hear but I did not care. my ass was getting a bit sore and then he let out a loud yell his teeth gritted his face turned wild as he plunged in and out of me my cock lurch and I started to cum like I had never before I shot all over each of us it was dripping from his chin. He grunted said fuck that's one hot hole and then I could feel him fill me cooling my raw insides. He pumped hard a few more times pushing all the way in me and held it there. Once again he fell upon me sweaty sticky from my cum he whispered in my ear happy graduation buddy and he fell asleep. After some time I felt his cock slip out of me and he rolled over. I got up put on a towel and walked to the bathroom. My tight ass hurt but also felt so good. I was leaking from his cum it was running down my leg. I got in shower and once in let the rest go I was amazed at how much cum he had pumped into me. After shower I climbed back in the bed with him and he held me kissing my neck and spooning me with his cock laid in my ass crack. I sort of hoped for more but knew my ass could not handle it. I woke up next morning hearing him working with his weight in the yard. I went out he stopped and said sorry buddy I got a little drunk last night sorry if I hurt you. I said you did not hurt me I wanted it. He smiled and he and I worked out together. He only fucked me once more it was the night of my wedding bachelor party his gift to me. He and I are married now with kids but now and then he shoots me one of those remember those times smiles. I am in open relationship with wife as long as we are honest and come home after and have had a few fun times together. I wish I could get my brother my wife and I all together I would love to share him with her I think she would like it.
    So it was a few days before school was out and I sat

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I graduated from High school and was on my way to University I had never gone far from our little farm on my own. It was a big step for me and I was not sure what the world held for me. Got to the dorm and took some time to find my room in all the hustle and bustle. People coming and going hauling things in and out parents saying good bye. I had come alone as Mom and Pops could not get away from the farm but said they would come up and visit on the weekend soon.
    I found my room and my room mate was not there but his side of room was already set up nice and neat nothing out of place. I am a bit of a slob so was wondering how this was going to go with someone who seemed to be a neat nick. I started putting my things away and went down to car to pick up some more. On my way back chatted up a cute girl and she gave me her number. later that night I gave her a call and my room mate had still not shown his face. The girl was very nice we went out for coffee and talked. Things moved fast as we ended up back in my room fucking the hell out of each other. Just as I was about to explode the door opened and in stepped a slim kid almost girl pretty as I call it. he cleared his throat to warn us he was there and just then I came all over the girls back as I pulled out. She grabbed her things and left. I lay on my bed nude as my cock went down the smell of sex was heavy in the room. The man child AKA roommate walked over put out his hand and said I am Stan. I gave him my name shook his hand and as I did saw him looking at my now soft cock laying there on my leg in full view. I threw a shit over myself and said I was sorry. he said oh no need... but we should have some room rules for such matters. he talked funny very upper crust you could tell he was a brain. So here was the farm boy jock and the nerdy brain sharing a room.
    The next morning I awoke still nude and as I opened my eyes I caught Stan sitting in his computer chair just starring at me. I could see he was erect in his shorts. He hurriedly spun around in his chair and acted like he was working at computer. Something about tis kid was drawing me to him. I had never looked at guys in a sexual way but his slim body and shyness made me get a feeling in my groin. I quickly blew it out of my mind got up put on my robe and asked where are the showers. He spun back around and said we have one in our room. I laughed and said I thought that was a closet. I put my hand on his shoulder and said thanks buddy. The feel of his shirtless milky white skin sent electric pulses threw me WTF was going on with me. I heard him say under his breath you have warm hands. I dismissed it and took my shower.
    First day was just getting to know classes teachers etc. It was a long day so I went back to the room and flopped on my bed. I noticed my side of room was clean and tidy. he had cleaned my area for me. I dropped off for a nap and when I woke there he was in his chair looking at me again. I smiled and said hey thanks for cleaning up my mess. he said no problem roomies do things for each other. We chatted for a while he was actually a pretty cool guy but very shy. I called the cute girl but never got a hold of her so stayed in that night and read some of my text books. Stan worked at his computer then went to take a shower. When he came back I was getting ready to hit the bed for some sleep. As Stan walked it I was slipping off my pants. I turned and said I sleep naked hope you don't mind. I saw a sparkle in his eyes and he said no not at all its your room too you should feel free to be yourself. I climbed in the bed and went out like a light. I woke up about 2 in morning hard as a rock and started to jerk on my cock. I heard a small voice say need any help? I looked over and Stan had propped himself up on one arm looking right at me. I did not have time to say yes or no before he was on my bed and taking my swollen cock in his mouth. I just lay back and let it happen. He knew what he was doing and fuck could this boy suck a cock. I have never before or since felt a cock sucking like that. He sucked and sucked and ate ever drop of my cum licked me clean pulled up the covers and went back to his bed. I whispered as I feel asleep thanks buddy. He said anytime. I awoke the next morning to Stan sucking my morning wood he drained me then got up and took off to his classes. I was running late and jumped up and got ready getting to first class late.
    When I got back to room at end of day Stan had cleaned my side of room and was asleep on his bed waking when I closed the door. he said how was you day? I said it was ok but started great and smiled at him. He blushed I told him he did not need to clean my area. He sort of dropped his head and said I would do anything for you then looked at me with those doe eyes of his. I lost my fucking mind and lunged at him kissing him hard and pulling him to me tearing at his clothing and stripping off my own. I held him and before I knew it I was deep in his ass pounding him deep and hard. He moaned and squirmed under me. I wanted him so bad I just took him. I said are you OK? he smiled and said OH I am fanfuckingtastic. So I went on pounding on that tight hole of his until my swollen cock burst inside him he held me tight and we fell asleep me still inside him.
    After that all I could think about was being inside him or him on my cock sucking.That whole year at school my cock was taken care of everyday and many times a day. it was going great until one night while fucking him I said God I love you he pushed me off and left the room. I did not know what to do and why did I say that I guess in some ways I did but mostly loved the sex. Things got strange after that and he was not around much. One day I came back from classes and his things where gone. he left a note that said I love you too but I can not be in love with you be happy and live life Stan That was it he was gone. I called his phone and and got this number is no longer in service. Asked around and found out he had left school transferred is all the info I got. I wish I could find him again and let him know just how much he meant to me in those days of being away from home. Stan if you are out there I never forgot you and wish things had ended better would love to see you again. <3

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    Gay Male / 52

    In the fourth grade I went to this two week summer camp. The rooms were for two boys, dorms in a local college. The boy that I shared a room with was a sixth grader and he got on me from the beginning, belittling me and making me clean up his side of the room. One night he got up and came over to my bed and he put his penis on my face, found my mouth and told me to open my mouth and I sucked my first penis. Once his penis was in my mouth I sucked him. . I got what must have been my first real erection, his penis was also erect, hard little penis and he kept calling me a sissy while I sucked his penis. He pulled his penis out of my mouth and sat on his bed. I got up and went over to his bed to keep sucking his penis.

    He could see I liked it and told me to lay down on my bed and he got on my back and started poking my butt with his hard penis. I ejaculated into my sheets. I didn't know that I wanted him to penetrate me, but that is what I wanted, we just didn't know how to get there. I sucked his penis the remaining days and lay on my stomach and he tried to fuck me. It was only a two week camp so it was over pretty quick and everyone went home.

    I met this boy in the eleventh grade and he invited me to his house. He had a collection of comic books and he showed me some magazines his father had hidden. Mostly Playboy's and Hustlers, but there were also some foreign language magazines that showed men's cocks. Hard cocks. Those were the magazines I liked to look at. My friend was careful about getting the magazines out and putting them back after we looked at them. He knew I liked the foreign language magazines and he gave those to me to look at and he liked Hustler, but liked the Playboy centerfolds as well.

    One of those days, we ended up in the bathroom together to take a piss. He had his cock out and he pissed in the sink while I pissed in the toilet. The urge to suck his cock overtook me and I had him stand in front of me while I sat on the toilet and I sucked his cock. He got an erection and I held his cock with my hand and sucked him and he ejaculated. It was my first real blowjob. We laughed and cleaned up and from then on it was a ritual of going to the bathroom for a blowjob. I had huge urges for him to fuck me, but we stuck with the blowjobs.

    I took a job at the bank as a file clerk the summer I graduated from HS. I was going to go on to college to study business and my Dad got me the job. At the bank things were pretty quiet, but this guy who was a bookkeeper and my supervisor always worked late, after the bank had closed to the public. He was gay, a real gay man. And he saw something in me, and we were working late one night and he kissed me. I didn't resist, he kissed me again and grabbed my cock with his hand and I sucked his cock in his office and he was pretty horny to fuck and he taught me how to fuck. He had lube and he used it and he fucked me bent over the work table in his office. Of all my experiences to date that was the best. I really liked that. I became his boy for the rest of the summer, and when I was in town while going to college. He lived alone in a small house and I went there when I had the opportunity. Of course I was too young to know that he had a reputation and by association I had developed a reputation too.

    In college I got along with this classmate who was studying Biology. He would go on to become a doctor. I sucked him in the lab. He was my first real Alpha, well maybe my first was the boy at summer camp, but now the roles were well defined. I had trouble with my feelings for my lover at home and him. In the end I wasn't able to break it off with my lover at home and the short affair at college burned out. But I got a taste of it.

    I stayed with my lover at home for a very long time, until well into my late twenties. Through him I met the man who owned the local barber shop and the man who ran the local mall. Through him I got into the small but well established gay community in my home town. There were others, but they were deep closeted men, and you didn't meet them except by referral. There was a party scene, where the men got together and invited young men who worked as waiters or retail clothing, college age from other towns. Everyone wore masks, but they didn't really do the job, hard to suck cock with a mask on. But it was pretend anonymity and the parties were very raunchy and open, there were men like me who sucked and got fucked, and there were men who only did the fucking. In the vernacular of the town, we were the queers, they were men who just liked to spice things up.

    It is good to go back in time and remember those days, before AIDS, before fear, before the large scale changes. Of course growing up, not being married, moving to San Francisco, owning an art gallery, hanging out with only certain types of friends, pretty much labeled you. I escaped the scourge, many of us escaped the scourge, bot not all of our friends. By the time the scourge came I was in a long term relationship with my friend, no whips or chains, no late night parties with wild young men, we were partners in the business as well and we had a business to run which made us a very good living. We were business straight and being wild gay wasn't good for business. It wasn't our style.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My name is Sharon and I was brought up in south London and went to a pretty crappy girls high school. Our suburb of London was bit rough and we seem to learn very little due to the general anarchy and teachers who had given up years ago.
    After a couple of years there my friend Tricia and I started to bunk off school on occasional afternoons. No one seemed to notice or care. The first time we did it was in the winter which was a mistake, as we got soaking wet, walking around endlessly on Mitcham Common. The next time we played truant we had a bit more of a plan.We decided to ride on the trains. Most stations had no staff and no one ever checked your ticket. If we did get challenged we would just say we had lost our ticket. About once a month we would bunk off and ride the trains and visit different towns, we kept dry and had fun!
    One one day we did get into trouble but not from railway staff, the police or the school authorities.
    We were traveling in a suburban train coach which had no corridor, we sat opposite in the small compartment chatting as we pulled into a station in Wimbledon.
    The door opened and in came four older girls from a local school, resplendent in their perfect navy blue uniforms, which contrasted with our rather tatty grey ones. There hair was cut in the latest styles and they had a discreet about of makeup on.
    They slammed the door behind them, and talked loudly in their posh accents. Initially they ignored us, and we kept quiet. One of them then addressed us asking why we werenât in school. Honestly I replied that we were bunking off! They all took a deep breath! âHow naughty!â Exclaimed the blonde one. I added if they too were doing the same? The auburn haired teenager said they werr permitted to be off, as they were taking their A levels.
    They then got up and sat either side of us. Another blonde girl with a bob hairstyle then started asking us about boyfriends. She jumped right in with the have you âdone it yet? Question. We quickly said we hadnât.
    âMaybe they are Lezzies?â She continued. They all laughed. We said nothing.
    âThey do look a bit like lezzies!â Said the one with auburn hair. At this point the forth girl, who looked very Mediterranean in her appearance spoke. âWell Iâm the expert in that, according to what you all say!â They all giggled and the blonde girl reminded them how she had eagerly snoozed them all at a sleepover when playing a dares game.
    âLetâs see if this cute one is up for it?â She said looking directly at my friend next to her. She then cupped her face with her hands and kissed her on the lips! Tricia did not move and was frozen in fear to the seat. The blonde next to me was them egged on by the others to do he same to me! I too was grabbed hold of and kissed on the lips for fit seemed like ages.
    The Mediterranean girl intruded herself as Maria, then told us to kiss! I was then manhandled to the
    Other seat. Maria shouted at us and the others joined in, threatening us. One girl gave ne a Chinese burn, and I knew they meant business.
    We reluctantly kissed, as Maria instructed us. She told us to open our mouths and push tongues indeed each otherâs mouths! We obeyed.
    We stupidly thought that would be it, but that was not the end.
    Next they pulled us apart and began pulling at our clothing, whilst insulting us and our school.
    We tried to fight back but they were older and stronger. It was not long before they had pulled off our jumpers and skirts. Next our blouses were almost ripped away, leaving us in just our sensible white bra and knickers. Then they cruelly pulled at our bras and they too were removed. Lastly our knichers were games down and off.
    Wearing just our white socks and black shoes wee were ordered to stand, so they could get a god look at our naked bodies.
    They then told us that we must obey them orbour clothing would be thrown out of the window!
    We wee then made tm touch eac others bodies, first of all I was to feel and squeeze Triciaâs breasts and she had to do the same to me. We were then made to kiss and suck each others brests. All the girls then bared third chestsâ pulling up Thor shirts and bras. We then has to do the same to them!
    Were were then orders my Maria to sit with our legs window open. She then knelt in the floor and touched me gently. Her friends looked on in amazement as she then bagan licking me!
    Next it was Triciaâs turn. Then we weee bade to do it to each other, before being skied to get dressed.
    We stopped playing truant!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Eight weeks ago I was a straight but gay curious guy. I'd not long gotten married yet I still wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy. Anyway, watching porn, gay porn and tugging on my cock in the home the in laws had helped us buy, I turned round to see Mike my father in law looking at me like I was an alien.
    He screamed at me about watching gay porn and how I should be ashamed of myself. He also mentioned his daughter over and over, my wedding vows and how he thought me being a Christian and all, I should be confessing the following day to the local priest. His rant went on for about ten minutes, and in that time I hadn't put my cock away. Not because I was too scared to move, but because I could definitely see in Mike's shorts, a growing bulge.
    When he finally quietened down a little, I took the opportunity to try and get myself out of a potential bad situation. Telling him he'd gotten a stiffy watching me, and saying he probably wanted to join me, it was my turn to see him go bright red. I'd hit the right button and he just sank from then on. It had all been bravado to cover up his gay leanings and to try and take the upper hand. Telling him to move closer, I unbuttoned his shorts, lowered them and saw my father in law wasn't wearing any underwear. His cock was rock solid and it was already leaking pre cum. Having never done it in my life, I took hold of his cock, opened my mouth and sucked it in.
    Mike immediately held my head and began to fuck my mouth, at the same time moaning with pleasure. He kept on telling me it had been so so long since he'd had his cock sucked, and I was amazing at it. Feeling his cock pulse strongly in my mouth I knew he was ready to cum, but knowing had him, knowing it was now or never, I stopped soun around and presented my asshole to him. Turning to face him a little, I told Mike to fuck me and said it in such a way, he'd better or it might be me saying something to our respective wives.
    Spitting on my rear hole, I told him it wasn't good enough. So I had him shuffle at first, until he took off his shorts, then to get some of my wife's, his daughters hand cream. Rubbing it all over his cock and my asshole, my father in law put his cock head to my hole and pushed in. It wasn't what I'd expected from literature and watching porn. i expect it to hurt, to have me biting my lip. Instead it felt uncomfortable, then after only a few thrusts of his cock, it began to feel awesome.
    My moaning to him, was like a green light. And Mike probably sensed he could fuck me as much and hard as he wanted to. Gripping my hair and yanking me back onto his cock as his pounded into me, I was his bitch as he now calls me.
    All the bullshit earlier about religious views and being his daughters husband went out of the window, as Mike buried his cock deep inside of my asshole. He even told me at one point, he'd wanted to fuck me ever since he'd first met me.
    After a couple more minutes, he leaned right over me and kissed the back of my neck. His kiss plus his cock fucking me so hard, made my cock pulsate and I came all over the couch beneath me. Mike saw and heard me cumming, said I was his from then on and his cock exploded up my ass.
    Mike was still emptying his bals up my asshole when my phone went. It was my wife's ring tone texting me. Once I'd pulled off his cock, I was going to check it, but Mike had other ideas. Getting me to sit on the floor, he forced his cock into my mouth and told me to lick and suck it clean.
    Sat next to him as he drank the tea I made for him (Mike's from the UK) I checked the message from his daughter. It read "Dad's calling by later. He said he's going to talk to you about going scuba diving with him. Oh yeh, were out at Kelly's later, love you xxx".
    I've still got the text. Mike and I did go scuba diving and we did stay over for two nights. Both nights Mike fucked me pretty much all night long. And we missed the second afternoons dive, mainly because he was fucking me on the beach. The morning we drove back home, he had us pull over and then we walked into the scrub land. Both totally naked after climbing up onto a hgh ridge, I sucked on my father in laws cock and then mounted his dick looking out over the valley below us. That was the first time he sucked and swallowed my cum straight from my cock.
    We now have sex as much as our lives allow. There's no hard and fast rules between us and we both respect each others relationships. But believe me, when we get the chance to Mike and I fuck like rabbit's.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Steph caught me with gay porn and her filthy underwear and made me beg for hard boys all over me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Most weekdays Greg calls by our home and expects my asshole to be ready for him. He never stays long and wants me naked, lubed and kneeling up when he texts he coming over. His cock is invariably rock hard by the time he reaches the bedroom, and within seconds of him entering, he's usually driving his long thick cock up my asshole. Gripping my hips, he fucks me SO hard and so deep, I'll normally cum within five minutes. As he tells me I'm his bitch, he'll grind right into my hole and then his cock will explode spurting his hot liquid far into my bowels. Pulling out, he'll tell me if he might be round the following day. I'll hear him getting himself sorted out and listen as he drives away from our home. It's something that has been happening for the last eight months or so, ever since he caught me tossing myself off to gay porn. He'd called by to see his daughter, but discovered his son on law masturbating to gay sex and saying "I wish that was my ass". From that day to this, my father in law Greg has been fucking me whenever he wants, and I love it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Eighteen months back I split from my wife for about nine weeks. During that time I was getting hornier and hornierthe weeks went by. One of the reasons we'd split up, was because of my high sex drive. So without my wife's mouth, pussy and asshole to fuck, I was left with my right hand. The thing is in my earlier life I'd had some fun with guys, mostly with them sucking me off, and thinking along those lines I had an idea one day.
    Having a delivery of motor cycle parts arriving, I waited in and got ever more horny as the hours went by. Then thinking about something I'd heard of only weeks before, I decided to answer the door not only naked, but fully erect and see where it lead, if at all.
    It was close to midday when the parcel arrived. By then I'd been slowly tossing myself off, getting myself extremely worked up and erect. When the door bell rang I had the driver go around to the back door. Removing the towel I'd had on, I stroked my cock a few times and opened the door. The look on his face was two fold. First of all it was shock, then that changed to open lust as he licked his lips. Taking the parcel from him and signing his device, it was he who asked me if I wanted anything else. Looking at him and chancing his reaction, I said "You could always suck me off". Just as he moved to step forward reaching for my cock, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked to see my neighbor appear near to the low fence. Just in time, I ducked back in and said goodbye to the driver.
    Frustrated, I whacked one off in the kitchen, but it wasn't what I wanted and I felt cheated.
    Two days later after a text argument with my wife, I decided to order out some food. I already had the wine, so I sat and waited for the Chinese food. As I sat, I thought about the parcel delivery and decided I'd try it one more time. Phoning the Chinese restaurant and asking them to tell the guy to delver to the rear door, I stripped off, tugged on my cock until it was fully erect and resolved to stand just inside when he came.
    This time I had the door open already, and invited the young oriental lad in. Wearing a towel, I let it fall and turned. The glowing smile on his face and the look of "I want your cock", couldn't have been more clear to me. Leaning against the kitchen work surface, I told him to put the food down and if he wanted to, to collect his tip. When I said it, I shook my cock in his direction and winked at him.
    He couldn't have been any faster as he sank down, took hold of my cock and instantly sucked in half of my erection. It had been nearly a fortnight since I'd had sex, so to feel him sucking away greedily on my dick, only made me want to fuck his face. Holding his head tightly, I began to thrust into his mouth making him gag a little, but he himself became more forceful, sucking harder on my cock head. Hearing him groaning plus the fact I'd not had actual sex with someone for a while, I felt that all too familiar feeling of my orgasm rising.
    Then my cock exploded, something the like of which it hadn't since back in the day when two young guys in particular had sucked me off. I didn't let go of his head forcing him to swallow my cum, but it didn't feel as though he wanted to let me go anyway.
    With my balls drained, he let my cock go and stood up. Telling me he'd not sucked cock for months, I let him know he was an amazing cock sucker. Smiling at me he said "I take it up the ass better".
    The following night I ordered just a starter. Only I ordered late knowing the young oriental guy who delivered, would be able to have lots more time.
    He arrived with a small papaer bag of food and immediately began to undress in my kitchen. My dick was already rock hard with the anticipation of possibly fucking him, so when he stripped off, it began to ache with desire. Again like the night before he sucked on my cock, but and we both knew this, I wanted to fuck him.
    Getting him to stand up, I pushed him over the kitchen table and using both hands spread his ass cheeks. Staring at his star, I buried my face between his buns and tongued his eighteen year old asshole. He squirmed and writhed about, telling how great it felt. Then when I felt him shiver with joy, I knew he was ready.
    Greasing up his rear hole with hand cream, my wife's hand cream, I slid on the condoms, one's I'd only bought a few hours earlier and put my cock head to his asshole. He looked back at me and in his sweet accent, told me "Please fuck me".
    My cock slid relatively easily into his ass, and I knew then I wasn't his first. He backed onto me and we began that sexual dance everyone does when getting to know one another's sexual needs. After a only a couple of minutes, we sank into a wonderful rhythm and I seriously began to fuck him for real. The whole atmosphere and tempo changed as we both desired harder and more forceful fucking. He was screaming out how good it felt to be fucked and I was just about let him know his ashole felt awesome, when my phone rang.
    Knowing the ring tome, I answered it but not before I shushed my young lover. Still with my dick buried deep up his ass, I said hello to my wife. We had a five minute conversation about her responsiblity to my needs and mine to hers.
    We also spoke about needing a break and agreed to at least another six weeks apart, all the time I was slowly fucking my oriental boy. His little moans as I spoke to my wife had me cringing sometimes, but she didn't say anything. Then as soon as she put the phone down, I thrust into his ass and fucked him as hard as I've ever fucked anyone, male or female. He took every single thrust with enthusiasm and then some.
    After a couple more minutes of fucking him from behind, I withdrew, walked us into the lounge and had him lay on his back, on our huge couch. Putting his legs up to my chest, I re entered him and leaned over. Having never done this before to any guy, I kissed him and felt him kiss me back passionately. In and out, sliding my cock deep into his asshole, we held each other kissing and fucked. He made a few sudden movements, moaned and then I felt his cock pulsate between us as he came. His shot sticky cum spewed out between us, but we carried on kissing. Then like a geyser erupting, jmy orgasm tore through me and I came filling what I thought was the condom.
    Pulling out I soon realized the condom had torn, and my cum was now swimming in his stomach. We both didn't say much, but I knew he might be worried. Telling him how sorry I was, I also told him we'd get tested if he wanted, but I knew I was fine.
    We did both get tested, which in a way has helped us. We didn't have sex until the results were back, but since then we've fucked an awful lot. Each time without the need for condoms. I eventually got back with my wife, but it became more of a platonic relationship between us. We still enjoy each others company, but we seldom have sex.
    She has recently told me she knows about me fucking a young Chinese guy (He's not Chinese, but is oriental) and has accepted our relationship is to that end, is pretty much finished. My wife has also told me she has a friend, a female friend who she enjoys time with (Who knew).
    In many ways I wish I'd have known about my wife long before now, but I guess like many many couples, we tended to keep things hidden from each other. In a few weeks time I won't need to be keeping anything secret from my wife, as I'll be going on a trip with my young lover. The reason I won't need to hide anything, is my wife actually booked the trip for us, choosing a king sized bed for us, knowing we'd be fucking.

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    Gay Male / 40

    I have been with many men over the years. Pretty much bare naked sex, blow jobs, and numerous jerk buddies. I met Sheila online a few weeks ago, and no Sheila is not a female, she goes by the name Sissy Sheila.

    We met at her home, a rather large partially secluded home at the end of a winding road. I was greeted at the door by a guy dressed in a pink fluffy skirt of sorts, white stockings and pink boots. Full makeup, wig, even his voice sounded rather fem.

    I had fucked a Tranny or two in my time, the sex was great, never a CD or a Sissy. Sheila took me to her very large bedroom upstairs, she walked amazingly well in her high heel pink boots. Sheila opened the door to what appeared to be a very large master bedroom. The walls were painted pink with white trim.

    If you didn't know better, anyone would have thought it belonged to a young girl. Stuffed animals scattered about in chairs and everything decorated any young girl would love to have in their bedroom.

    Sheila took me to her closet, not just a closet, it was almost another bedroom in size. There was no way to count the frilly outfits that hung on hangers, several dressers that contained her frilly panties and under garments. On the floor was rows of high heels, sexy sandals, and boots, the favorite colors being white and pink.

    Sheila seemed to get excited showing off her collection of sissy wear to me, she came close to me, I could smell her perfume as she took my hand and guided it under her billowy pink dress. I felt the softness of her satin panties and felt the hardness of a raging erection tucked inside of them.

    Sheila took me by the hand and led me out of the closet and back to her large king size bed, sitting me down on the edge. She dropped to her knees and began to rub my cock through my jeans. I actually didn't realize it but I was already semi hard. Sheila looked up at me, her eyes darkened with the mascara and eyeliner. Her red lips looked wet and inviting, Sheila unzipped my jeans and pulled out my growing cock.

    Sheila smiled up at me, caressed my cock with her white gloved hands, and took my hard cock and slid it between her warm red lips. I groaned loudly, her eyes looking up at me as I let her take my cock into her mouth.

    She sucked and licked my cock perfectly, she seemed to know exactly what spot to hit and when to do it. Sheila cupped my balls and squeezed just enough to make me moan with pleasure once more. I looked down at Sheila and felt the tingle of pleasure rising deep in my loins.

    I was getting close to that point of being ready to fuck but Sheila had something else in mind first. She pulled away and stood up quickly in her heels, turning around and walking over to a corner in the large bedroom.

    There behind a big chair was a doll that I hadn't noticed among the stuffed animals in the bedroom. Sheila brought the doll to the bed and laid it down. Looking at the doll made me chuckle, the doll was dressed in the same manner as Sheila was. A fluffy pink skirt with white stockings, the face was something from a Japanese cartoon, with large cartoon eyes staring blankly.

    Sheila knelt onto the bed with the doll and lifted her frilly skirt. Sheila's cock was big and dripping precum already. She spread the dolls flimsy legs apart and pulled the doll closer. Sheila stroked her cock a few times with her white gloved hand and ever so gently lifted the dolls dress and exposed the pussy of the doll. She pushed her big cock into the doll slowly, her eyes closed for a moment as she enjoyed the pleasure of entering the doll.

    I watched her fuck the sex doll slowly, pulling her cock out every so often to admire the wetness of her own cock. She inserted her cock again and began to thrust with more urgency now. Her hips began to thrust deeper and her pace quickened. Sheila began to moan and call the doll a naughty whore.

    I admit to anyone reading this that I was so fucking turned on for reasons I have no idea why? I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my jeans as fast as I could. I don't know if Sheila saw me, I didn't care! I climbed on the bed behind Sheila, we both knew why I was the there anyway. I lifted her large frilly pink skirt and saw her white satin panties covering her ass. I pulled them to the side and knelt up quickly.

    Sheila said something, no idea what, again I didn't care. I was there to fuck and that's what I was going to do. I pushed the head of my cock into Sheila's pink hole. she cried out as I slowly drove it all the way into her shapely ass. Sheila was tight but she wasn't a virgin by any means, her asshole stretched easily around my cock and I fucked her like it was my last day.

    Thinking about Sheila fucking that doll and me fucking Sheila at the same time just sent me off the fucking edge. The urge to cum arrived way too soon for me, Sheila begging me to fuck her sissy ass and give her all my cum was too much for me to hold back.

    I slammed my cock into Sheila's ass, she collapsed on the doll underneath her. I called Sheila a sissy cock slut and a few other things as I blasted my load of cum deep into her asshole. She screamed like a girl, I kept pumping my load into her ass until every drop was inside of her hole.

    I collapsed on top of Sheila, too spent to even pull out of her ass. She lay under me thanking me over and over again for satisfying her sissy desires. I managed to pull my spent cock out of Sheila's ass, my cock dripping with cum. I knelt up behind her, Sheila knelt up quickly and pulled her dripping cock out of the sex doll.

    It was so fucking bizarre and I realized I was into it. Sheila lay on the bed with her sex doll and I could see her cum dripping out of the hole. She looked up at me and smiled as I walked around the bed. I knelt by her head and turned her mouth towards me, Sheila knew what I wanted, she cleaned my cock beautifully!

    I have been back to Sheila's many times now, as fucked up as it is, I like fucking a sissy slut more than I could ever imagine. The sex doll is something I never imagined, but Sheila talked me into fucking it a few times as well. It's so fucking weird and I enjoy doing the doll very much also.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    It's easy to tell when Georges wife away. He's texting me and seeing if my wife has gone to work. George is Fifty one, yet has the body and sexual drive of a twenty year old. He's so fit, I guess he'd give most men a run for their money. And he says it's his physical shape that gives him a massive sexual appetite.
    We couldn't be more of an opposite as I'm not a sporty guy and my looks aren't what you'd call handsome. Yet George goes crazy for me and my mouth, but especially my slim tight asshole.
    We got together sexually when he realized the guy who he was trying to get to suck on his dick in the park, was in fact his neighbor. I had a hoodie on, so he wasn't able to fully see my face. I was there cruising for guys to suck off, or if they had a condom and lube, maybe to fuck me. I've always enjoyed cock as well as pussy, but in the town we live in, it's best to keep that to yourself.
    Once he did know who I was, he invited me back to his home telling me his wife was away. That afternoon I sucked on his beautiful cock, then let him slide his eight inches up my asshole in his shower. It was an amazing afternoon and we resolved for him to fuck me whenever we got the opportunity.
    Two rapid fire promotions later, and his wife travels to another city at least once a week, staying over each time. My wife works late shifts at the local hospital, and I work from home. Which allows George and I to fuck an awful lot these days. With the use of personal phones, it's become easy to arrange timings. And we often only contact each other minutes before I'm then sucking away on his delicious cock. We mostly fuck in my home, as my house has a converted basement with a huge bed and an en suite shower room. But we also love to fuck outdoors, something George has gotten me into, as he sometimes likes to fuck me in front of like minded strangers.
    Neither of us wants to split up from our respective wives, and we see no reason to stop fucking either. As we see it, we'd only fuck other guys anyway. And to us as we're only having sex with one another and we're both clean, then why should we give up a fantastic sexual relationship.
    After all having your father and mother in law living right next door, can have it's benefits.

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