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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    In November my future father on law Robert made me a proposition. One I've taken to fully comply with.

    I don't know yet how he found out, (Gonna have to find out how) but when my future mother in law and my fiancee went out shopping, leaving us alone, he told me he knew about my college gay sexapades.

    I was shocked Rob knew, but not as shocked at what he did and said next. Sitting me down next to him he put his left hand onto my lap, then ran it up and over my crotch saying "I know you've fucked older men in the past, so with my waiting blessing to your wedding, I want you to fuck me".

    By the tone in his voice, and what he was doing, I knew if I didn't have sex with Rob he was probably going to tell his daughter all about what I'd done in the past. I definitely didn't want her to know, given her views on homosexuality so I just said "when and where".

    We were upstairs and naked five minutes later with my father in law to be, sucking on my cock. If I thought he wasn't going to know what he was doing, I was wrong. He sucked my dick so good I was almost Cumming within a couple of minutes. Robs tongue was tracing up and down my cock shaft as his lips sucked in all eight inches of my manhood.

    I didn't get to cum in his mouth. No, Rob wanted fucking and he wanted my cock there and then. Climbing onto the bed, he presented his asshole to me looked to the bedside cabinet and told me the lube was in the draw. Smearing lube onto my cock and Robs rear hole, I put my cock to his asshole and slowly pushed in.

    It was evident this wasn't the first time he'd been fucked as my cock slid straight in, right upto my balls. And it was also evident, I was going to be allowed to fuck him as hard as I wanted. His only comment to me over the next ten minutes was "Fuck me real good boy". I gave Rob everything I had and boy did he take it.

    Doggie. Reverse cowboy and finally missionary as he told me to masturbate him, I fucked Rob for all I was worth. Sweating profusely I was hammering his ass when his cock erupted. Making sexual moans as I built upto my own orgasm. Rob told me to stay in him. I filled my future father in laws asshole seconds later. Reaching upto me, Rob pulled my head down and we kissed.

    My cock had only just slid out of his ass, when the front door opened. I grabbed my clothing and headed to the bathroom. Rob put on a bath robe and was downstairs with his wife and daughter when I emerged. His wink said everything was ok, and I knew then it wasn't going to be a one off fuck.

    I was right. Rob and I have had sex each week since then. Mostly when we visit and we grab brief moments (Mostly him sucking my cock). But also when he texts to say his wife and daughter are out shopping. I get to fuck Rob then and as usual we find new places for me to bury my cock up his wonderfully receptive ass. Fucking him over the hood of his car in the garage yesterday was amazing, especially as his wife and my fiancee were watching a movie on the other side of the wall.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I don't want to make this too long.

    During the summer between my freshman and sophomore year I had a job as bell man at a large hotel in town. I got the job because a friend of mine was working there and the tips were good. My shift was 3 to 11.

    There was this Mexican cook who worked the same shift, he was in his mid forties. He was a nasty man with a heavy beard. But since we worked the same shift he would talk to me when I went back into the kitchen for supper, or when we crossed paths. His name was Manuel.

    One day he told me had a stereo that he wanted to sell, if I knew any one that might want it. He gave me particulars, but I never asked anyone. After several days he asked me if I had found anyone, and after I said no, he offered to give it to me, so I accepted. We agreed that I would stop by his apartment after work and pick it up. So about 11:30 after we were done and clocked out, I followed him to his apartment. He lived quite far away, in the lower end of town in a garage apartment. The place was dark and I was scared to leave my car on the street. I sat in my car for several minutes, not knowing if I should leave my car to go get the stereo. But he came over to the window and told me to follow him.

    His apartment was like him, it was dingy and small, a smelled of cigarettes and beer. He lived alone, there was one bed and a kitchen chair and a small round table, a small sink and fridge. He took a beer out of the fridge and offered me one, and then went to the small bathroom and without closing the door he stood there and peed. I watched, I stood there and watched him pee. He looked back at me and played with his cock and asked me in Spanish "te gusta?", if I liked it.

    He zipped up and came out into the room and asked me again "queres verga?", do you want cock. I was standing there like a fool, with the uncapped beer in my hand, and he grabbed me by the crotch, and he whispered hard to me "te voy a dar verga, guero", I am going to give you cock, white boy. He went and sat of the bed and called me over, so he could kiss me. Like a moth to light I walked over slowly and when I was in front of him, he undid the belt of my pants and zipped me down and took out my cock and sucked it. I didn't even realize that my jeans were around my ankles. He pulled my underwear down and held me by my butt and sucked on my dick, I was so hard it hurt.

    He pulled me down on the bed, and I had to take off my shoes and pants and laid me on my back to suck me, his fingers were all around my balls, and then he started to finger my butt. I couldn't believe that I was there and this grubby Mexican was sucking me off and fingering me. But all I could do was lay back.

    He had pushed my shirt up and was tweaking my nipples when he laid a big hairy kiss on my lips. I have never had much of a beard, and his hairy face against mine felt both strange and exhilarating. I really started to get horny then, he was jacking me off while he kissed me and I was about to cum, when he stopped and put his hand on my chest and told me it was now my time.

    He got totally undressed, he had a large round belly, under which his dark brown cock was pocking out. He told me to suck him hard. While I sucked him, he reached down to finger me, all I could do was open my legs for his finger. He reached over to the small dresser and took out a tube of lube and told me to lay back and open my legs so he could lube me. His finger felt cold as he rubbed the lube on me, then all of a sudden his finger was hot as he finger fucked me. On my back, he pushed my legs up and stood in front of me and said again in Spanish 'esto te va gustar', you are going to like this, and he pushed in and slowly he fucked me. To say it hurt, I don't know, it felt like nothing I had ever experienced, I just could not get enough, his face was serious as he pushed further and ruther in, until I felt his balls against me, and he started to fuck in and out slowly. I looked down, I was totally limp, with my cock just flopping around bit by bit as he fucked me. I laid my head back and just closed my eyes, and felt him kiss me on the lips and I went into a trance.

    I spent the night with him, in those dirty messy sheets. It was a cold apartment, and I laid close to him, hearing mim snore. My head was full of regrets, and fear, and all other kind of mixed feelings. I got up to go to the bathroom, and gently wiped my butt. I wasn't sore, but I was tender, I was naked, and he was sleeping there naked, his limp cock just laying there. I noticed he wasn't circumcised like I was. My cock seemed so small compared to his. I fantasized about just going over there and sucking his cock while he slept, but all I did was walk over there and get in bed beside him and laid there until day light.

    He fucked me again many times that summer, and I sucked him off many times, I enjoyed sucking him off, there was just something about his cock that turned me on so bad. Dark brown cocks continue to be my downfall. I am not into the gay lifestyle, I am primarily heterosexual in my life. But my outside adventures continue to be having sex with a man. I am definitely the bottom, I have topped, but only for much younger guys, I much prefer to be the bottom to a more mature, Mexican or Latino man. I liked to be kissed, I am into men with lots of facial hair, and I can give a pretty good blowjob. I do swallow, but almost always with someone I don't know, swallowing cum from a one night stand helps me finish off the night. I like the taste in my mouth as I drive home, I just don't want to know their name. Fortunately I live in the San Diego area and there are lots of Latino's around here, I would never move.

    I remember Manuel, he was my first, and my best. You just can't replicate the experience. I hope one day I can do the same for nice young man.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Middle Eastern Cabbie

    The first of the month I was in NYC four days on business. My second night I had taken 2 business clients to a late dinner. Around 11pm they took a cab in one direction and I took the second because my hotel was in the opposite direction. As soon as I got in the cab a handsome and young looking middle eastern cabbie asked "where are you going?" I asked him if there were any adult book stores or adult theaters in a safe area? He replied: "There are books stores and theaters all over town. It all depends on what your looking for as to where we go." I told him, "I want to go to a safe someplace where I can get a blow job." He said, "do you want a women, man, or drag to blow you?" I said, "I've never had a women give me a blow job like a man and it's been months since a man has blown me." He told me where he was taking me and that it was safe as he called in the location and we drove off.

    For 15 minutes we talked about our wives and families and then he told me, "I'm like you, I prefer a man suck my cock." I could see his eyes in the rear view mirror and the sexual chemistry was thick. At the red light before the book store he said, "I am ready for a break, I'll suck you if you suck me?" I told him, "whip that dick out" and I leaned over the seat. As he passed the adult book store he turned off his meter and called in a lunch break. A few blocks away we were in an alley way behind a building where we sucked each other.

    He called back in, gave them my hotel location and off we went. I paid both tabs and gave him a tip. He told. "my sift ends at 6am." At 6:30am we were having breakfast in the hotel restaurant and spent the next hour in my room fucking. That night he took his break at my hotel and he was back the next morning. My departing flight was 11am so we had another couple of hours before I checked out. As I rode off in the hotel shuttle toward the airport he was heading down into the subway and like me we were both heading home to ours wives and kids.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My wife's dad and older brother operate a logging business about an hour north of town. My wife and her second brother operate a tree cutting and trimming business in town. My wife's 3rd brother is gay and he operate a restaurant a few blocks away. I work in upper management for and Advertising Agency and we had just landed a big account so my boss gave me and my team a bonus and 3 days off with pay. I was looking forward to relaxing at the house. During our 9 years of marriage my wife has volunteered me work with the tree trimming company to the point I am knowledgeable on many aspects of the business having done a lot of grunt work when they are in binds.

    As a favor for opening doors for their business, my brother-in-law had promised tree services to a local, and very influential man. This time it was dead-wooding his hardwood trees at his lake house 110 miles south of the city. My wife volunteered me to drive Randy, their best tree trimmer, there and assist pulling and chipping the brush. It's 8am and Randy and I are on the interstate. Randy was 29 and had worked for the business 9 years and I have know him since I became involved with my wife. This was the first time we had been together alone like this. Randy is 6'2', 230#, dark brown hair, brown eyes, with a pin stripped mustache and goatee. Not a spectacularly handsome man but a nice looking man, who has lived with his girl friend and her son for 6 years.

    Conversations began about the brother-in-law and it evolved around his running around on his wife. At that particular time he had 2 different girl friends and a wife. Then we talked about my wife and how all the crews loved her as she was so beautiful, nice and made them all feel very special. Randy surprised me by asking my "off-the-record" opinion of her gay brothers. I honestly told him I didn't care that he was gay and he and his partner were a very important part of our family. The conversation stopped and we talked about something else. Then, as we turned off the interstate for the last 50 miles Randy asked if I had ever been with my gay brother-in-law, or a man. Not sure where this was going, I told him I had not been with him and thought what people did sexually was personal, regardless of being gay, bi or straight and none of anyone's business.

    We reached the lake house and he began climbing trees dead wooding as I was pulling the brush into a stack behind the chipper. Around noon he came down from one of the trees and we chipped the stacked brush. We walked into the trees beside the lake and took a piss before eating lunch. I noticed Randy trying to get a look at my dick as I pissed and was getting the vibes he might be interested. We ate lunch and he asked if I knew my other brother-in-law was bi or not? I told him I had no reason to have knowledge of his sexual preferences. I asked him did he know?. Randy said he was in a local book store one Saturday at the register buying a dildo and strap-on when he turned and my brother-in-law, his boss, was standing behind him. With that comment he stood up, strapped back on his climbing spurs and headed back to the trees.

    We finished the job and stated back home before sex came up again. This time he said, my girlfriend has been fingering my ass for years and talked me into taking a vibrator. Then, a dildo and now she uses a strap-on to fuck my ass. I been wondering what a real dick might feel like and not sure how to approach your brother-in-law, my boss. I was in shock now...speechless as he continued and it became obvious to me that he had the hot's for his boss. Then he reached down his pants leg and pulled up to the top of his leg his hard cock. I could barely keep the truck in the road. Here I am on the interstate driving a truck load of wood chips, pulling a chipper and a worker is beside me playing picket pool with his hard cock fantasizing about his boss being the first real cock in his ass.

    I finally told him to go ahead and beat off as he could not go back into the shop with his dick sticking out like that but he declined my suggestion by continued to rub his cock. We stopped at rest stop for us to piss. I called my wife as he went in and hung up after he came out. I pissed and returned to the truck and as I crawled into the drivers seat he was sitting on the passenger side (bench seat) with his pants around his ankles and stroking a big ole 9 incher. I set there and watched speechless and he masturbated. My cock was hard now and he noticed it. Then he told me to join him. I had reservation until he stuck his middle finger in his mouth and ten shoved it into his ass which was now out at the end of the seat. I was rubbing mine through my pants and he was all smiles. He reached into his metal lunch box and pulled out a 7 inch vibrator, put it in his mouth and shoved it up his ass. He was moaning, his head was moving from side to side and he was telling me how wonderful it felt. My 7 incher was in my hand and he turned his ass toward me and laid down on the seat of that old truck and told me to work the vibrator in his ass. I pushed that vibrator in and our of his ass and he moaned like a Cheshire cat.

    Thank goodness we were parked on the upper end of the rest area so no one could look directly in the cab of the tree trimming truck with the company name on the side and two male workers in the cab fucking. He pushed my hand back causing the vibrator to come out of his ass. OMG I was so hot. He told me to take his ass and I had my cock in his ass before he could change his mind. It was hot, hairy, tight and he was hunching back to meet my thrust. this was not happening; I was not fucking macho, tree cutting, jock Randy's hairy, white ass at a rest stop at 6:30pm, I told him I was close and he pushed me out...and he flipped sucking my cock down this throat as I erupted a major white wash of his tonsils. when he come up his hand was full of cum as he shot into his hand as I shot in his mouth ...and he asked me if I wanted a taste. I licked his palm and pushed his hand to his mouth and he licked it clean.

    We zipped up and drove back to the shop sharing some personal, intimate experiences we have had with other men and women. We see each other periodically but have not had the opportunity for a repeat. However, he told me Christmas, when we had about 5 minutes to ourselves, that he and he and his girlfriend had a 3 sum with a guy that lives near them and she had multiple orgasms while he got fucked...and he was coming back Christmas night.

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    Gay Male / 19

    Last year on my birthday my best friend came over to my house. He was gay and had a crush on me. I always found it kinda sexy that he had a crush on me but i never thought i was gay. I let him in my house and it was almost midnight. I let him in and we started talking then after about an hour he kissed me like an animal.

    I didn't want him to stop so when he pulled away i started kissing him back, he pulled away and said "i thought you weren't gay" and i just whispered back "I'm not but its just something about you makes me think i am" and we just kissed for a few minutes before we went to my bedroom. Then he took his shirt off and i pulled his pants down and started to play with his cock until it got rock hard. I was wanking him until i started sucking his dick.

    I'd never even wanted to suck a dick until i was with him alone. When he cam i swallowed his entire load. He asked me if i wanted to fuck him or what next and i said no i want you to fuck me soon. So to wait till we could again he started to suck my dick (it felt better him sucking my dick than any girl who did) when i cam he started to fuck me (i had never been fucked before and it felt so great and didnt hurt at all) when he cam inside me i turned and said to him "i love you"

    He told me he loved me to and that whole night we fucked everyway we could. He's my boyfriend, we live together now and we fuck like that every single night. I'm not out my family still think I'm straight but he's family know i'm gay like they know he is. I just wanted to get that off my chest and to let people know about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Over the Christmas period my uncle Terry stayed over with my girlfriend and I.
    His boyfriend had found him in bed with another man two days earlier and had kicked him out. It was my girlfriend who asked him to stay. And it was my girlfriend who suggested we all get drunk and have sex. As she put it "I'd love to see you fucked for real".
    At first I thought it was the alcohol speaking. That was until she walked back into our lounge naked with the dildo she normally used up my arsehole, when we reversed our sexual roles in the bedroom.
    Uncle Terry was just as keen, as he too was naked within seconds of seeing her. I was TOLD to get naked by my girlfriend and to "See to" Terry's cock. It was a phrase she often used when she wanted me to perform oral sex on her very sweet tasting pussy.
    Kneeling down I took my uncle's flaccid cock into my mouth. The first real cock I'd ever sucked on. It was strange to feel the warmth of his dick in my mouth and to feel it grow to its full eight inches. As normally the cold hardness of the dildo was what I was used to.
    It was that very coldness I felt next, closely after my girlfriend had tongued my arsehole (God I love being anally tongued) She slowly slid the familiar synthetic sexual aid up my bum, and I soon became hungry to experience the cock which I was then greedily sucking on, up my arsehole.
    Removing Terrys cock from my mouth, I was about to ask my girlfriend if it time to let Terry fuck me.
    She'd pre empted my question by removing the dildo and walking to where Terry stood. Telling Terry to mount me she got on her back, spread her legs and said "See to me".
    My tongue had just entered between her labias and begun to lap away at her clit, when my uncles hot cock entered my already fucked arse.
    Receiving his thick stiff cock up my arse, was everything I thought it was ever going to be and much more. It was truly a phenomenal feeling and over the next twenty minutes, to make me cum, without having to touch my own cock.
    I wasn't the only one to cum, as my girlfriend orgasmed seconds after I did. She as ever though wasn't finished. With my cock dripping out the last remnants of my seed, my girlfriend shuffled over to me so her arsehole was alongside mine. Turning round she told Terry to cum up me, and to finger fuck her.
    From my position and because I was enjoying being fucked too much, I didn't get to see him finger fuck her pussy and arse, but I sure heard her moan just as loud and hornilly as I was.
    She came again as we'd begun to kiss side by side. Then in one huge thrust Terry buried his cock deep up inside my bowels, making his cock erupt up my arse.
    It was a sensation over the next three days I became very familiar with. My girlfriend wasn't present for most of the sex my uncle Terry and I had, as she being a nurse was working.
    The thought of my uncle or any man actually fucking me, wasn't a thought I'd considered. Over those special days spent with Terrys cock pounding my arsehole, I'd not now ever think of denying myself gay sex.
    Terrys has moved back in with his boyfriend. As for my girlfriend and I. I've already begun to suggest we find someone, a male someone our age to share our bed.
    Here's hoping she wants to see me being fucked again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    My sisters new husband. Amazingly her second husband (she's only 29) called by our home last week.
    Within ten minutes of him arriving I had my cock deep inside his arsehole. An arsehole I'd fucked since we were both in our early teens.
    It was me who introduced my sister to my brother in law, mainly so we could keep on fucking one another. It's an arrangement my wife or my sister know nothing about. And one we both hope to continue for as long as we're able to have sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    This happened about fourteen years ago or so, my mom worked as a nurse at the local hospital. When my mom and step dad were still married she worked days 7am to 3pm. It was a pretty normal life then we went on vacations as a family and everything was good, except my mom and step daddy always argued about everything. One day during the summer my dad just did not come home and his closet was cleaned out, my mom explained that daddy had move out of state and he would call me when he got settled.

    Life was different but nothing changed except my parents did not argue with each other.

    My mom started dating right away after my dad left it was always a different guys on the weekends, since I was old enough no baby sitter was needed and I would stay awake and watch tv, but as soon as I heard a car pull into the driveway I would jump in bed and pretend to be asleep. I could hear my mother open the bed room door and check on me then go back into the living room with her boy friend, I could hear laughter and clinking of glasses and things like that, eventually I would just fall asleep, sometimes early on the morning I would hear my mom's boy friends car pulling out of the driveway. Eventually she had a nice steady guy, After awhile she started to work nights at the hospital for the extra pay, on the weekends "Paul" would come over and spend Saturday and leave late afternoon on Sunday, he and I got along fine. We would watch tv together go out and watch the local baseball team and have something to eat after, I could see my mom really liked this guy and as far as I could see he was alright.

    Like I said my mom worked the late shift 11pm to 7:30am, sometime she had Paul stop in to make sure everything was cool at home, sometimes I would be up and he would have me brush my teeth and change in to my pajamas and sit on the couch together and watch a little tv before shooing me off to bed. Any way he came over one night and he has me brush my teeth and put my pajamas on but I wanted to stay up later because I was watching a cool movie, he was like it is already 11.30 and it time to get in bed. Please let me stay up and watxh a little more tv, okay as long as you do something for me, ok, I jump up and run to the frig to get a cold beer for him, he says thanks but he wanted something else for me to do. Like what, he had his hard cock sticking out of his fly as he motioned with his eyes, so I looked down to see his cock and boy it was a beautiful looking cock. With out even arguing I leaned over and put my mouth over the head and started to suck his big cock, he says that's a good boy and rest his hand on the back of my head, real gentle like and after a few minutes he tenses up and spews his cum into my mouth I could only swallow a little of it since most ran down his shaft over his balls. When I sat up and got a glass of water he stuffed his cock back into his levi's.

    When I sat down we didn't even speak about it and I ended up watching the rest of the movie and going to bed. Paul came by the very next night and had me brush my teeth and put my pajama's on and I sat on the couch right next to him, he put his arm around my shoulder as a father would with his son, I was so touched by that I actually started to rub his big bulge in his jeans, up and down, up and down, up and down. Paul held my hand away and un zips to free his man cock for me to suck again. I remember how nice and clean it smelled as I leaned over to take it in to my mouth, it was so hard and so big it was, my hand almost could not get around the stem part. This time I went just a little farther down his cock, I really liked sucking his cock, I really liked it when he put his hand on my head, it felt like my step Dad use to do. slipped my hand down between his legs and felt his nice big balls, just as I started to really feels them he got all tense and held his breath and then moaned a and shot a huge amount of cum and I was only able to swallow a little this time, I was hold his cock and sitting up and watched it spewing cum all over his balls and belly.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I am a closet bisexual male and because of my religion I kept this image of mine as a manly, built and adventurous 25 year old professional. It's not too long ago that I started exploring gay sex. I was 22 years old when I had my first gay sex encounter. I know a lot about gay sex even before that happened but I was just too scared to get caught at that time. I wanted to stop this gay sex but I just can't.

    It started out when I was 22, fresh from college, I worked out of town. It was then that I stared to explore. I met this guy, around 30. We were both on the same page and like to keep it top secret. It was on our 4th encounter that allowed him to penetrate my butt. I was very satisfied with oral sex and dry humping but I fell in love with him. Being in a relationship with a guy for the first time, I wanted to give him everything. I gave him my virgin ass. I don't regret it, it was then that I discovered that I love being the receiver. For the many times that he fucked me, not every single one those times that I regretted it. He was the best, I mean, he wasn't giving me just fuck, he was making love with me. I felt it. It wasn't just sex for the both of us and that's why I enjoyed every moment of it.

    There was this one time when he asked me if he could fuck me bareback, I thought for a while but knowing that he is safe, I obliged and it was the best sex I ever had. I was in extacy when I felt him exploded deep inside me. What I like about our sex is that the after sex there is always about cuddling and being extra romantic. It was always like that. However, a year ago, he worked overseas and long distance was too much to handle, at least for the both of us. Opportunity that comes along our way was too hard to resist. I met this girl, six months ago. She's beautiful and great. She's my ideal wife and because of the position that I am right now and my job, I want to keep her and I want to love her.

    However, he came back and he's asking me to see him and talk. I don't want to because I know I won't be able to resist him. The thing is, I don't know how I feel for him right now. I don't know If I am still in love with him or am I just missing the sex and intimacy we once shared.

    The girl I'm speaking of right is madly in love with me and she's too kind and too good to be cheated on. Sex with her was different from sex with him. It's a real different experience and for me it's not right to even compare.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I had been married for about a year. i had always known that I was bisexual since I was about 13 years old. i had to keep quiet about it for fear of being bullied.

    On that Saturday morning in a hot July I was shopping in a local shopping mall. I remember is was a particularly hot summer, and i put on my short tight light blue denim shorts and a tshirt. I noticed a group of young male very blonde foreign language students sitting on the ground outside of the supermarket. When i came of of the shop the six of so young men where still there.

    Two were now standing up chatting near the exit door. As I brushed pass them , one spoke to me.

    "Excuse me, do you know where is local park?" he asked is his clear German accent.

    I replied that I did and started to give him instructions.

    "Could you show us?" he asked.

    I had little to do that day, and the park was only a few minutes walk away.

    So i led the little gang of hot young men into the local park.

    Once there they say sat down o n the grass and offered me a beer. i thought it only polite to accept.

    An hour of so must have passed whilst we chatted about this and that. They too were wearing an array of tight shorts and tshirts.

    They then said that they were going to one of their host families houses, they were out all day, so they could drink cold beer and enjoy themselves!

    They invited me to come back too. i first i hesitated but when I realised it was one of the big posh houses near the park, my curiosity got the better of me.

    Once inside they sat around on the large sofas. A couple of them went off to shower. We chatted some more. Then they returned from the shower, both completely naked! Their friends said and seemed to think nothing of it, as they walked around casually drying themselves!

    I tried not to ogle their very fit shaven blonde young bodies! It was very difficult to not notice that their penises were a little aroused! They eventually sat down together opposite me. A couple of others then undressed, and set off to the shower, they too returned naked and unashamed. Finally the two I was talking with stripped off and left me, with the four naked teens.

    The others then approached me and sat in front of me on the floor.

    "I think you need to show too!" said the slender athletic young man who was nearest to me.

    I tried to make an excuse and say something, as he go up and pulled me to my feet.

    Another youth them took hold of the waistband of my tight shorts and started to maneuver them downwards. I made a vain attempt to wiggle away. i felt fingers around the back of by shorts, as another hand began helping! soon my bare bottom was exposed. Finally the final tug down released by now aching cock! It bounced over the top of he fabric and stood up proudly. no soon than it was released, it was taken quickly into the mouth of the nearest young man. within seconds i was on the floor being sucked or all I was worth, and was eager to return to favour.

    Before long I was bent over the back of the large sofa and taken in turn by all six of them, whilst I eagerly gobbled them off, one by one!

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