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This board is specifically for gay and lesbian stories. Gay-bashing will not be tolerated in this category. All other policies apply to this category as they would anywhere else, so please do not post anything in violation of those policies.

Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Straight Male / 30

    I have always considered myself as mostly straight. I am married very masculine and have worked out all my life and have been very muscular for many years. I have a very nice thick 8" cock my wife really enjoys. What no one knows is I have a lot of Bi thoughts that I have acted on in the past.
    In grade school I had a friend that I had oral sex with often. We sucked each other before we were old enough to cum. When I was older in Jr. High I had oral sex with a friend again and we came in each others mouth and eventually after doing it a few times we enjoyed swallow the cum and after almost begging him I got him to fuck me in the ass for the very first time. He came in my ass and after that we fucked a lot for over two years. A few years later in High school I had oral sex with this guy from school that really wasn`t a friend it just happened and we both swallowed the first time we sucked each other off.
    He and I would meet in the woods on the way home from school and suck each others dicks. One day I asked him to fuck me and he did. His dick was pretty big and not easy to take in the ass the first couple of times and he came a lot and always in my ass.
    At 26 years old I was out of town working and stopping at this little country bar every day after work. I got to know several of the locals and there was this one older Rancher that came in every day. Since I was from the country and grew up on a Ranch myself we had a lot in common so we drank together every day at that bar. He told me he was divorced and we shared our life experiences until one day he invited me out to his Ranch to cook out with his friends. I went and had a great time. There were couples and singles there and a lot of fun and drinking going on.
    It got late and every one left and I was helping him clean up and we were still drinking beer and sat down to talk. Both of us were a little drunk so like all men we started talking about sex and did for a long time. We figured out pretty quick neither of us hadn`t had any sex in quite awhile and then he asked if I ever tried Bi sex. I didn`t answer right away but finally said that I had. that started another conversation and we both talked openly and we couldn`t help but notice both of us rubbing our dicks thru our jeans as we talked. I knew he was very well hung because I could see his dick hard running down the inside of his leg and it looked very long and thick as hell.
    As we talked we shared our experiences and talked in detail and we had both had several experiences and he had sex with his wife`s brother several times years ago. When he started telling me how his ex brother in law used to help him on weekends around the ranch and how they would sneak around and suck each other off I started telling him about how I had sucked a few dicks too. Then he really got my attention when he started telling me how his ex brother in law liked to get fucked in the ass but he could never take his big dick to good. He started laughing and said how they used to have to go way back on the back of the Ranch because he got pretty loud when he fucked him in the ass.
    I knew I wanted him to fuck me that night if I could get him to do it so I started talking about how much I enjoyed taking it in the ass and I told him I had a couple of experiences with guys that had big dicks and I really liked taking a big warm load in my ass. Before he could say a word I just came right out and told him I wanted him to fuck me if he was up to it. He said let`s go cowboy if you think you can take it. I said show me the way. He got up and I followed him in to the house and he asked if we could shower first so we did. Once I saw him naked I couldn`t stop looking at his dick. Damn it was huge so I asked him how big it was. He laughed and said just over 10" and as you can see it`s pretty damn thick. Then he said Having second thoughts? I said no I `m looking forward to it.
    We went down on each other in the shower and I couldn`t get much of him in my mouth and never knew a man could produce so damn much pre cum. I swallowed it like it was beer and my asshole was tingling just thinking about getting him in my ass. I wanted his dick so bad and knew he was going to stretch my asshole good and get really deep I just hoped he could last awhile and I kept thinking about how big his load would be and how I wanted it in my ass. He was still dripping pre cum as we dried off and headed back to his spare bedroom and there was a big king size bed in there and we got on it. He made no bones about it he wanted to fuck and asked how I liked it. I said how ever you like it. He said lets start out with you face down first. I haven`t had a man this much younger than me and I am really wanting to fuck that nice tight young ass.
    He rolled me over and spread my legs then rubbed the head of his huge dick on my asshole then told me to spread my ass open for him so I did. He took control of things after that and had a huge glob of pre cum on my asshole then asked me if I was ready to get my ass fucked. I said sure fuck me And he started to enter me and right away I knew it was going to sting a little. The head was like a huge mushroom and once it was in my ass all I could do was pull at the sheets bite my bottom, lip and moan out loud as he stuffed it all the way up my ass then said wait a minute and let that pre cum grease you up a little inside then he told me how hot and tight my young asshole felt around his dick.
    He started to fuck me slow but that didn`t last very long before he was pounding my ass hard and making me yell and scream out really loud and it felt like he was pulling my asshole inside out each time pulled out leaving just the head in my ass. He said damn you took it all! My brother in law never could then he stated pounding my as hard and his dick was going up in my stomach. I came all over myself pretty quick and was still trying to cum but nothing was coming out of my dick. He stopped a second then without taking his dick out of my ass he rolled me over on my back and put my legs up over his shoulders then fucked the hell out of me looking me right in the eyes and his big balls slapping my ass hard. He must have fucked me for 20 minutes or so before he said you ready to take my load in your hot ass. I loked right at him and told him yes please cum in my ass! shoot your big hot load in me deep. His dick swelled up in my ass then he shoved it in me really hard then looked in my eyes as he started to cum in my stomach and thrust his big meat up my ass hard while he emptied his big nuts in my asshole.
    He came like a water hose in my ass then let my legs go and before I knew it he had me turned face down again and shoved his dick back up my ass and told me the scond time is always much better. He fucked me so hard for so ong I almost passed out and the room smelled like cum and his cum was all over both of us as he hammered my cum filled asshole and it took him forever to cum again but he made sure it all went as far up my ass as it would go. He grunted and groaned and shoved his dick up my ass for ever after he came telling me he wanted to make sure his nuts were drained good before he let me up.
    Never in my life had I ever been fucked like that and I had only dreamed of being fucked so good and when he took his dick out of me he held my ass cheeks open to watch his cum run out of my wide open asshole then he shoved his dick back in my ass several times and told me he wanted me to make sure my ass was full and he really liked fucking my young hot ass then told me to stay the night. I fell asleep with his cum still running out of my ass only to be woke up just before the sun came up with him on top of me shoving his dick up my ass again.
    His morning hard on lasted longer than his drunk hard on and he came in my ass two more times then rammed it in me quite a few times taking it all the way out then right back in all the way for awhile. He said lets shower cowboy and go check the cows. I stayed the rest of the weekend and begged him to fuck me some more and he did once bent ove the tailgate of his ranch truck out in the pasture under a big shade tree then once again in the bard bent over some sacks of feed.
    That night after a long hot shower I sucked his dick while he sat on the couch and tried my best to swallow his cum but It was way too much to swallow then I sat on his dick and fucked my ass for a very long time and after he came in my ass he stood me up spun me around and sucked my dick until I came and he swallowed my cum then sucked m,y nuts with two fingers deep in my ass. I left Monday morning and had been fucked so much my legs were weak my asshole was stretched and hurt just a little and cum leaked out of me for two days.
    He asked me back out to his house two weekends later and I got there as fast as I could. He fucked me even more than he did the time before and I sucked his dick quite a few times. We drove to the back of his ranch naked late that night and he fucked my ass in different positions in the back of his truck bent over the tailgate bent over the front seat leaning over the hood then dog style on the ground. He was always horny and stayed hard all the time and could cum more than anyone I ever knew.
    I stayed all weekend and left like I did before weak kneesa sore asshole and cum dripping out of my ass for days. My job was about over so I asked him at the bar one evening if I could spend my last weekend at the ranch and he said sure come on out. We had a great time and he fucked me a lot we sucked each other off and on Saturday night hre asked if it was OK if his buddy came by for a beer with us. I said sure and hoped he wouldn`t stay long so I could get my ass tore up some more. I didn`t have a clue what was going to happen but after we had a few beers He let me in on what was going to happen. He said his buddy was there to fuck me too and they had a special evening in store for me and he asked me to get naked in front of them and once I did the rest of the night was nothing but two very big hard dicks being shoved in me at both ends and a lot of thick cum shot in me and they took me out to the barn after we were all pretty drunk and we went in this small room full of saddles and different things and there was this small bed in the corner where his old ranch hand used to sleep. He laid down on his back and told me to come sit on his dick so I did. Once I had all of it up my ass he pulled me down until my ches was on his with his arms around me and we started fucking while his buddy watched and strokedchis big dick. Then nhe told me to just relax and that I would really enjoy it once I got used to it. His buddy got behind me and started trying to get his dick in my ass too. I was screaming and kicking trying to keep him from putting his dick in my ass but as I was screaming begging thenm to stop it went in my ass and it felt like it tore myasshole and it really hurt bad as I even had tears in my eyes and he started to fuck me. It hurt so bad I kept screaming but they never stopped and after awhile my asshole went numb and I just let them fuck me and cum in my ass.
    After they let me up they laughed and said man you took that pretty good. I don`t know many guiys that can take 19" of thick dick up their ass and you sure seemed to enjoy all that cum. They did that to me again that night and just kept fucking me and took me at both ends more than once and I swallowed so much cum my stomach hurt. I had to leave the next day but took all they wanted to give me and never got to go back but I sure would if I ever get anywhere close to that part of the country again. That old Rancher was hung and colud fuck like crazy and his buddy was pretty dsamn good too.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    There is no doubt in my mind, had Luke not walked up to me in the gym six months ago, myself and my wife would now be separated and seeking divorce. That's because it had been over a year, then, that my wife and I had had sex.
    I adore sex. I really enjoy the whole deal of having sexual fun with someone who's on the same sexual level as yourself. So after twelve months of frustration, having a nineteen year old walk upto me and say these very words "You've been watching me for some time now, isn't it about time we fucked".
    Luke was right, I had been eyeing him up. That's because as a young guy he was very feminine in his nature if not his muscular build. The defining thing that him talking to me, was him doing reverse leg curls, and me watching his tight buttocks flexing as he lifted the weights. All I could think about even though I'd never once thought about gay sex, was sliding my cock in between those beautiful looking buns.
    The only answer I had was "When and where".
    The drive over to his parents home only took ten minutes, but in those ten minutes in my head, I changed my mind eight or nine times. He'd told me they were away for the weekend, so I knew we had the house to ourselves, yet it wasn't being caught that had me doubting myself, it was the actuality of fucking a guys arsehole.
    Watching him undress and show me his little erect cock, and then he gorgeous looking arse, any doubts I was going to shove every inch of my eight inch cock up his rear hole was gone.
    The feeling of his lips on my cock was so pleasurable, I almost busted my nut within a minute. But the whole notion, sight and feeling of my bare cock (No condom) sliding up his tight arsehole was the best sexual moment of my life. He wanted it just as much as me and Luke let me know once my cock bottomed out up hsi arse. Looking back at me, Luke said "I want it hard you bastard, so give it to me". It's a phrase that has stuck in my mind since that first fuck, and every time we've fucked since then, I've made sure I hammer his rear fuck tube.
    I'm not saying here I was the perfect first time gay lover, but over the next three quarters of an hour we spent fucking, in many different positions, I had Luke's cock spraying it's cum all over my chest as he rode my throbbing dick. And had one of the most satisfying intense orgasms I've ever felt, when my balls emptied themselves up his arse as I pounded him from behind.
    The strange part for me in a way, wasn't fucking Luke, it was kissing and caressing him afterwards. We lay kissing and playing with one another for some time as we spoke small talk. One thing we did talk about was if we'd be seeing each other again.
    Not only have we been seeing each other every week since, Luke has recently invited a versatile friend of his, Nick, into our liaisons. He's a little younger than Luke, but not any less willing to have my cock deep up his arsehole. Indeed if anything Nick's even more of a slut than Luke, and has a much larger cock.
    Three days ago we all met up at a place I'd often fucked my wife outdoors in the past. Naked outside, we all spent the sunny afternoon sucking and fucking, until I couldn't produce another erection after cumming three times up their arseholes. It didn't however stop me from having my arsehole tongued before I took my very first anal from Nick. it wasn't what I was expecting, and I probably won't be letting him fuck me again, but it was a very sexy thing for Nick as he couldn't stop slamming his cock into me, even after he'd cum.
    So with hindsight, Luke's arsehole being exercised and me getting off on looking at it, plus his very forwards approach, has in my eyes saved our marriage. we might not have sex anymore, but my wife and I do get on and we often laugh together like teenagers.
    I live with my wife and enjoy that, but fuck two wonderful young men who adore nothing more than having me plow their juicy arseholes.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Eight weeks ago during a golf event held for one of our companies sponsors, I gave up my asshole to help our company not only retain a fabulous business deal, but also to improve it massively.
    The person who asked me to play in the final pairing, was my immediate boss. His exact words were "If Mr Farouq wants you to hang back, I suggest you do. I also suggest you help him out with his needs too. You won't regret it".
    Everyone else had played through the tenth a long time before we reached it. The whole course was booked by our sponsors, so I knew no one would be following us. I also knew when Mr Farouq hit his ball into the heavily wooded area to his right, it was a shot he meant. At fifty two, he'd had lots of coaching with his golf, and he was a really good golfer, so I knew his shot was played that way on purpose. By the time I'd walked over from my ball, to so call help him look for his, he was stood leaning against a tree with his semi erect cock out and he was stroking it.
    He didn't hardly say a word as my boss had already given me the heads up, so to speak. Looking at the tall, athletically built asian man, with a cock I now know measures seven and half inches, I had a choice. Walk away or.
    On my knees after he'd asked me to strip naked for him, I opened my mouth to have him thrust his cock straight down my throat. I knew then he was used to getting his own way and from that moment on, Mr Farouq literally fucked my face.
    I don't know where he got the lube or the condom from, probably his golf bag. But the moment his cock began to pulse in my mouth real hard, he had me stand up and turn around. Standing up to me and smearing a cold wet substance I later found out was lube, all over my asshole, he whispered "Can I fuck you".
    Thinking of my girlfriend, then my boss and finally the promised something I wouldn't regret being fucked for, I simply whispered back "Yeh".
    His cock felt like a huge hot iron sliding up my asshole. It hurt and it hurt real bad. But I gritted my teeth and let him push his rock hard cock further into my body. I'm not sure how long we struggled together, but it was definitely quite some time. Pulling his cock completely out, he smeared more lube on his dick and up my asshole. Then unlike the first time he entered me, he thrust hard and his cock slid all the way in.
    Again it hurt, but there was something else. That something was an underlying pleasure. Two, three, four, five more thrusts and my asshole gave way. The difference was unbelievable, as the feelings changed from pain to something I've never felt before. It was like someone tossing you off amazingly well, but up your ass.
    His thick cock spread my asshole and I became his. The more he fucked me, the more I wanted him deeper inside of me. And the more that feeling of sexual euphoria rose.
    I'm no gay expert, far from it. But if you haven't been fucked and willingly fucked with an open mind going into having sex without boundaries, you won't know when I say, my body, my entire body relaxed and I had an entire body orgasm before my cock erupted, spraying my cum all over the tree in front of me. Normally my cum just spurts a little. But with Mr Farouq pounding my ass still, my cum shot everywhere. He heard and saw me cum, then with a renewed effort he slammed into me a few more times and came deep inside me. What I didn't know is the condom had burst inside of me, and I felt his cum flood my bowels.
    Leaning onto me, he lifted my head up and back, then kissed me with his tongue seeking out mine. I kissed him back, more out of response than actually wanting to kiss him. Yet I found the whole experience of kissing him a turn on. Pulling away from me, he said "Now lick and suck my cock clean and we'll see about you seeing me again".
    I did as I was asked, lickng and sucking every drop of his cum from his cock, Cleaned up and dressed we walked back onto the fairway, after he'd played out and completed our rounds.
    My boss was waiting for us when we arrived back. Mr Farouq's score beat everyone's, yet it was me who ultimately went home with the prize. My boss and Mr Farouq had a lengthy chat when they separated from the entourage. Arriving back in the room we'd had our lunches in, my boss called me over.
    My promotion was sealed as was the large salary increase. A bonus also appeared in way of a gift from Mr Farouq. It was an expensive watch in a case, and beneath the watch, under the felt lining was a small note. I copied the phone number into my phone and accepted his warm handshake.
    My role in the company has completely changed. I'm now in charge of a department and doing very well at increasing it's output. I've also paid quite a few visits to a very expensive hotel in the countryside, which has a golf course attached. Mr Farouq and I have played golf each time I've visited him there. We've also spent the rest of the day, all work days, sucking and fucking in his hotel room (We've both had our health checked out privately and we're both clear, after he came up my asshole the first time). He's even spoken to my boss this past week, about me accompanying him to his native country on business. And my boss has already told him it would be more than fine.
    Full salary whilst I'm gone going into my bank account. Full expenses during the nine week trip and first class travel and accommodation all the way. Plus I get to have Mr farouq's cock giving the type of orgasm he drives my entire body to, when he fuck me so deeply.
    My boss was right. I won't and haven't regretted my choice one bit. I am going to tell my girlfriend shortly it's over, as it's not fair on her to string her along. We still get on great and we still have sex at the moment, which I will say is if anything getting better and better. Even so I'm going to end our relationship and concentrate on being the best fuck I can be for Mr Farouq.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Yesterday I went out with a few mates for a nice chilled day in the sun. While we were there the urge to pee came over me. I told my mates that I just needed the loo and would be right back. I headed off over to a cafe that has a set of public toilets behind them.

    The layout was 2 rows of urinals, one set of 8 to the left and a smaller set of 5 to the right. There are also a row of 6 cubicles and a disabled cubicle. 4 of the stalls were occupied at the time and also there were 4 people spread out among the urinals.

    I turned to my left and headed into the middle section of the urinals as there were two older men either side. I pulled out my cock and let the stream flow. While I was pissing I noticed the guy to my right kept looking around the room and the guy to my left kept glancing over at me.

    I thought nothing of it and after a few moments 3 of the gents had left the urinals leaving just me and the gent to my left hand side. I turned my head towards him and noticed him stroking his cock. I was taken aback instantly. This guy must have been about 60-65 years old but had an amazing looking 6 incher. It was a sight to behold and I couldn't stop looking.

    My cock twitched in my hand as I watched him slowly stroke that beautiful piece of meat. As I am a leftie the gent moved around me to my right hand side to check me out a little better. Blood raced from any part of my body straight to my dick and it went hard in an instant. I reached over and gave his cock a few strokes and noticed my fingers weren't even able to touch, his cock was so thick. After I checked the coast was clear I bent over to swallow up that sexy prick letting his balls rest upon my chin. I felt the pre-cum on the back of my tongue let him have a few thrusts down my throat.

    After he pulled out I stood back up and he moved into the disabled toilet. I really wanted to go with him but realized I have been away from my mates too long so I had to leave.

    If you are the gent from this story I am so sorry I left you with blue balls and would love to make it up to you

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    When you're nineteen years old, living rough on the streets in a big city. You're freezing cold and wet and you haven't eaten in three days. Then as it begins to rain hard again and a guy who's in his fifties tells you, you can stay at his place if you allow him to fuck you, you have but two choices. Face another night in the cold and wet, fearing every shadow, or you get into the car and accept your arsehole is going to get fucked.
    I chose the second option.
    The man was called Ian. He's a weekday businessman who lives in the city Monday to Friday. Weekends he goes home to wife and kids. But that's his bag and I frankly didn't care. I'm no fighter, no hard man who exists to challenge others, so the streets were a very daunting pace for me. But then at that time in my life, I thought I had no other choice.
    We ate first, then we showered and when I say we, I've never been so lovingly cleaned and cared for. Ian washed every part of my body taking time to wash my cock, balls and arsehole. Only when I became erect did the sex begin. His mouth on my cock as the water hot sprayed over us was so special. I'd not had any human contact other than being beaten, for about a year. So even though it was gay contact, I needed it, I needed his closeness.
    Cumming after not too much of his amazing oral machinations, once he'd swallowed my cum, he asked me if he could fuck me from behind. I only nodded as he stood behind me. My arsehole was soaped up. So stood with my right legs raised on the plinth which held the shower toiletries, Ians cock slowly entered my arsehole. It was painful, it was uncomfortable, and it felt like a massive marrow was being thrust up my arse, but within a few minutes my arsehole relaxed and without too much more time wasted, Ian really began to fuck me.
    The sense of ones self is truly tested when you're homeless, so to have a man lovingly give himself sexually is a big thing for me. Ian was that man, he took his time fucking me, making me his nights lover and we didn't stop fucking most of the night. His cum was still dripping from my arsehole when we climbed into bed, as he'd climaxed deep up my arse telling me he was going to seed my body.
    Following him into his bedroom, he held me close and I could feel his still erect cock pressing into my stomach. Kissing for the first time, we got into bed and the nights fun began. By dawn, I'd taken three of of his cum loads, all of them deep up my arse or down my throat after he taught me over an hours period how to suck cock. And by dawn I was his to do as he wished.
    I slept most of the next day, and awoke only an hour before he got back in from work. We ate and then we fucked, and we fucked and we fucked. By midnight I was sexually exhausted, but Ian hadn't taken his little pill for nothing. In the shower again, I was bummed as he called it, and for the first time I had an anal orgasm. That anal orgasm changed everything for me. I became the rampant needy one and thirsted after yet another orgasm like I'd just had.
    Ian had to take the day off work, mainly because by the time the sun rose, I was mounting his cock chasing my anal buzz.
    Eight glorious months I stayed with Ian, eight months in which I loved another man in every way possible. Then a family member tracked me down and with deep regret I left. We did meet up a few times afterwards, but each occasion got longer apart and eventually we stopped seeing each other.
    I'm living in my own house now and have a business myself. I also have a fiancee and haven't indulged in gay sex since. But I cannot say for definite, that I won't ever feel the need for male sexual contact again.
    Thanks Ian, thank you so very very much.

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    Gay Male / 54

    It had been nearly six months since I had enjoyed a man. My wife hasn't been doing the travel she normally does so I have had to be content with just watching our gorgeous pool boy do his work and then go and masturbate. She and I don't have sex any more...I can't get hard for her, so I was thrilled last week to have to go away on an overnight business trip. Hope springs eternal!! I packed and made sure to put a couple of condoms and some lube in my toilet bag, along with a couple of Viagra. I arrived in the town I was having my meeting and checked into the resort my wife had selected for me. I then got into my swimmers, put on a robe, and went to the pool.
    I noticed a couple of guys by the bar on loungers. I made my way over to order a beer and when I got closer realised they were both extremely attractive, with what seemed like a big age difference. One looked about 30 and the other about 50 or so. Almost a son and his dad sort of gap. I got my beer and was deciding where to lay down when the older guy said hi and started to chat. They were both tanned and well toned and wore quite brief bikini style swimmers. Turned out that they were on holiday...not just any holiday, but their honeymoon. I congratulated them and suggested I should leave the love birds in peace and find a lounger. They insisted I joined them and said that they had been a couple for 10 years and rather openly added that they had enjoyed good company before their wedding and certainly weren't going to change that now. So I took off my robe and lay down on a lounger next to them.
    We chatted and drank a couple of beers. The older guy, Richard, then shared a confession that his younger lover had kept him very sexually active but that they had spiced things up a bit by providing him with additional company in bed from time to time.
    I didn't know quite what to wasn't a direct invitation at all, and anyway I was as old as Richard and I mentally assumed they would have added a young stud to the mix. I didn't say anything. I was lost for words. My mind was racing and actually my cock was stirring in my swimmers. I had casually pulled a towel over my groin area to hide what was becoming a fully fledged erection.
    Richard stood up and walked into the pool. Jack moved onto his lounger next to me. The he quite simply said that loved older guys, which I guess was obvious having just married one, and that he found me really attractive. He then asked if he had read my comments and body language right and was I gay. My cock then became fully erect and the towel did little to hide it. Jack smiled and laughed a bit and said he guessed he was right then. So just as simply I answered yes I was gay, although married, and that my obvious physical state rather reflected that I found both of them absolutely gorgeous. His reply as he stood to join Richard in the pool was "yum".
    I followed, erect and smiling. We got pretty close in the pool and there was a bit of play...touching and pushing in a fun way. Then Jack slid his hand inside the back of my swimmers and down my trench, giving my anus a little prod and rub. I looked around the pool a little nervously. Apart from the barman, who was busy washing glasses, we were alone. I then felt his finger enter me. I gasped a little and rubbed my left breast, leaving my other hand to find Jacks very large full bulge. Richard came close and just said "I think we should go to bed".
    I wanted a Viagra, in spite of my full erection for the moment, so we agreed to meet in their room a little later on. On arriving at their room I was greeted by a nude and erect Jack. Nude and equally erect on the bed was Richard, masturbating. Jack took my robe off and fell to his knees, taking my cock into his mouth as he smiled up at me. I played with his hair moving his head in time with my hips. He sucked my cock and fingered my anus while Richard continued his solo sexual gratification. Eventually we were all on the huge big squashy bed, licking, caressing, kissing and sucking. Jack gasped as Richard entered him...Jack on his knees. I knelt in front of him and guided my cock into his wanting mouth. Richard came quickly. Exploding inside Jacks beautiful tight muscled ass. With some repositioning, Jack found my anus and lubed me and his shaft...then, with me on my back, legs apart and back, on the edge of the bed and him standing, he entered first anal penetration for was sheer heaven. He fucked me deep and hard for a good twenty minutes before groaning as he erupted inside me. We collapsed on the cum and sweat drenched bed.
    We were apart from then on only long enough for me to have my meeting the following morning. I extended my stay a day and returned home with an anus that had been filled maybe a dozen times and a penis that had ejaculated more cum in those two wonderful days than it had for months. Quite the best honeymoon I had ever been on.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    If you were able to ask anyone from my family, friends or colleagues, they'd all tell I'm a happily married straight guy. And looking at my six foot two muscular frame, and the relationship I have with my wife of three years, which is very romantic, you'd think they'd all be right.
    When in fact since the age of fifteen, I've been taking older mens cocks up my asshole as often as I can secretly do so.
    The first man to fuck me was a guy who I'd sucked off numerous times, in a park close to where my parents used to live. We met as I sought out dudes my own age, but found him having his cock sucked by some other older guy. Waving me over, he asked me if I was any better than the man sucking on his dick. Apparently after only a couple of minutes, my first ever cock, I was.
    That first time I sucked him to completion, making sure I did what I'd heard many times previously, to swallow a guys load if you were to be considered a true cock sucker. The following afternoon I sucked him off again, but then had him suck my dick until I spurted my load all over his face.
    We carried meeting at least two to three times a week, then one evening as I was licking his balls, he asked me if I'd like to try anal sex. Stood up leaning against a tree, I had the guy slide his condom covered cock, up my lubed up rear hole. It wasn't enjoyable at all at first, and I very nearly had him pull out. But he told me it would get much easier and probably if I relaxed, begin to feel nice.
    He was right. After a few minutes of his cock slowly fucking me, the feeling of pain and discomfort changed to one of what I can only describe as unbelievable pleasure. Any of my orgasms I'd had when I'd masturbated, didn't come close to the feelings his cock began to give me, and I was soon begging him to fuck me harder and deeper. Then like someone pressing the right button inside my asshole and cock, my dick erupted and I came all over the tree in front of me. A few more thrusts of his cock up my ass and he too came, filling the condom inside my asshole.
    That was it for me, I was hooked. Each time we met from then on, we'd fuck. Unfortunately around eight months later, a couple of months after my sixteenth birthday, his wife found out from someone who'd witnessed us having sex and that was that. My family never discovered about my liaisons, as his wife got the wrong name for the person her husband was fucking.
    The onset of the internet helped me meet other men after that (Other than the park). I was the one looking for sex and I sought out married older men, as I guessed they too would want to keep everything secret. Talking with and then finally meeting Charlie was awesome. He fitted everything I desired in male male sex. He was larger than me and had a beer belly on him. Something I still to this day find alluring. Charlie also had a really big cock to go with his biker goatee beard looks. His wife worked irregular hours, which gave us plenty of times when I could walk the four blocks to his home. At fifty six, he was a real life sex machine. He loved nothing more than fucking me into sexual oblivion, and we had sex usually twice a week over an eighteen month period.
    By then I was reaching eighteen years of age, had a steady girlfriend and a job. Our wonderful sexual times together only stopped because Charlie and his wife moved to be closer to their daughter and grand kids. I missed him and for a while he'd send me messages, but our long distance affair ended not long afterwards.
    From the age of eighteen up to around ten months ago, I only met and had sex with three other men. Mainly because of the discovery of pussy, work and family. Meeting my wife nearly five years ago ended any attempt to engage with older men, and three years ago we got married.
    Then out of the blue ten months ago, Charlie and I met at a gym I attend four times a week. He'd slimmed down somewhat, but still looked burly, if that's the right description. He and his wife, and latterly his daughters family had moved back into the area. It had been so long I doubted the spark would still be there between us, and his age being sixty two might have been a problem (You know getting it up). But half an hour after meeting again, I was in his truck down a old dirt road, taking his wonderful cock, bareback up my asshole.
    It was such a wonderful fuck, such a fantastic feeling to have his cock plowing my asshole, I made sure when he came, I had Charlie remove his dick from my ass and I swallowed his entire load. Moving out of the truck, I sucked him back to his full nine inches and then had him fuck me again, as I leaned over the hood of his truck.
    From that time to now, we've made sure we've kept to our secret meetings. We don't fuck outdoors anymore, not unless it's nice weather and we're especially horny. That's because we meet at a motel where Charlie knows the owner. Most weeks we meet up once or twice a week to have sex and I never get bored of the way he fucks me. Which is more often than not hard and fast.
    I'm still true in every other way to my wife and we do live a good life together. It's just that I cannot now live without having someone like Charlie to fuck me to those powerful amazing orgasms I get from anal sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Three days a week I visit Mathew for sex. He's always ready for me and has been now for over nine months. Usually when I arrive at his place he's naked erect and wearing his sub outfit. He knows I like to be sucked first, so normally he's waiting on his knees in his hallway as I arrive. My cock is invariably hard or very nearly erect, and I have Mathew suck on my cock until I can feel my cum rising.
    Moving us into this bedroom, Mathew takes one of three positions I enjoy fucking him in. Putting on a condom he's put on his bedside cabinet, I move over to his sweet tight arse and plunge in, knowing he's already lubed up.
    Mathew adores my cock, and why shouldn't he, my wife used to before she got all religious and wanted only vanilla sex, if I was lucky. I'm no Addonis, yet I do have an attribute most men would love to have, and that's a large thick cock. Stretching his arsehole with each stroke of my manhood, I have the young twenty year old begging me to fuck him harder, and believe you me, I never disappoint him.
    Ten to twenty minutes after arriving at his home (Normally between seven thirty and eight am) I'm spurting my load all over his face, or his arse, or increasingly now over his erect cock. If I cum smothering his cock (I do produce a huge load of cum), I'll suck my own seed off of his dick, giving him a blow job. Which usually after not very long, has him cumming too. Mixing both cum loads in my mouth, we'll kiss and I'll feed the hot sticky load to him.
    Cleaning myself up, I'l kiss him goodbye and travel onto work.
    Just recently Mathew has asked me if I could visit more often, or maybe stay longer. Later this month, and early next month, I've booked some time off. On those days we've arranged for me to stay the whole day with him. Can't wait to destroy that young mans mouth and arsehole all day long.
    Fuck I'm even horny now, just thinking of tonguing and fucking his cute tight white fuck hole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have a cousin, Dave who is the same age as myself. As most teenage boys, he confronted me that he had seen me and his brother naked and watched as I sucked off his brother then continued to watch as his brother sucked me. At first, I didn't know what to say but Dave then told me he would like to try it with me. We spent most of the night sucking each others cocks and swallowing each others cum. We continued to do this every chance we got and I even let him fuck me, taking my ass cherry. It hurt like hell so it was only a one time thing. As everyone knows, you grow and either go gay, bi or straight and slowly, you drift apart, which we did. I went closet bi, getting married but continued to suck a few guys as I got older and had no idea what Dave was doing as he first joined the Air Force then moved out of state.
    Three years ago, thanks to social media, Dave and I became friends on a popular website. We shared photos and stuff then he said his job was sending him close to where I now live for training and maybe we could hook up. I was ecstatic and said he should spend the time at my place and we could catch up on all the times we have been apart. And to my delight he agreed.
    When he arrived, we did the usual introducing to the family. The wife made a nice meal and we chit chatted until the wee hours of the morning then went to sleep. Even though we were alone for a few hours, neither one of us mentioned anything about what we used to do to each other. I figured maybe he moved past all that and let it go at that until 2 nights later. My wife said she was going to spend a couple of days with her sister as she sensed Dave was a little stressed and seemed he needed some relative time. That evening as Dave and I chatted and had a few drinks, he asked if I remembered how we used to act. I'll admit my cock twitched as I admitted I did and told him straight out that I had always continued to have a "special friend" or 2 and even had one today. He was quiet for a moment then said after he retired from the service, he had a few friends himself. Again we were quiet until I asked if he would mind showing me his cock to which he replied only if I would mind showing him mine. We didn't say anything as we both stood and went to the guestroom where we undressed each other and I took his sweet cock into my mouth. He always had a bend to the left and as I sucked him, I loved the way it felt sliding down my throat after all those years. He suggested we 69 and before long, we were both swallowing cum and eating ass like we never stopped. As we recovered, we kissed a few times and told each other about men we had sucked and fucked over the years. I told him about my current suck buddy and he shared that he was servicing 3 guys from the Air Force and had been doing one of them for several years. A little while later, I asked him if he would like to fuck me as I had let a few others do me and could take a good fucking every now and then. It felt great to have him fuck me as he stroked my cock and slowly screwed my ass until he came. We sucked each other several more times on his visit and spent the last day naked sucking cock several times.
    We still keep in touch. We have both shared several pictures of our lovers cocks and a few where we are having sex with them. Last summer, I spent a week at his place and had the pleasure of being in a 3 way with one of his suck buddies. I guess we will always love sucking and fucking guys.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    An overweight drunken wife, who hasn't wanted sex for months, but did because she was drunk. Or a young nineteen year old slim lad, who desperately wanted me to fuck him.
    The choice was made once my wife sucked my cock hard, belched, farted and said she no longer wanted fucking. I text Aaron and our neighbor was round at our rear patio doors literally two minutes later.
    My cock already being hard, I let him in and instantly had him go down on me in our kitchen. It wasn't the first time he'd sucked my cock, as I'd had him blow me at a barbecue we'd had three weeks before.
    On that occasion I'd been drinking and accepted his offer when he cornered me coming out of our bathroom. He was so good then, I came within five minutes and he swallowed the lot. Yet his insistence that I fuck him the following day, to me then didn't feel right. After all I was a straight married guy.
    Aaron's mouth worked it's wonders, and I was soon desperate to be getting off. It was him turning around removing his shorts and boxers and showing me his super cute tight white asshole that did it. That and my throbbing cock. Using hand cream I got from the medicine cupboard, I smeared his youthful rear hole and my cock, and just thrust into his ass.
    It was I have to say, the singular best fuck up to then, that I'd ever had. We fucked with him leaning over our breakfast bar, my cock hammering his wonderful fuckhole. We fucked with me sitting on a stool and Aaron bouncing up and down taking every inch of my cock deep up his asshole, as his small erect cock swayed all over the place. We fucked as I had him lay flat on our kitchen work surface, pounding him as I tossed off his slim member. And lastly I had Aaron lean over the very sofa my wife was sound asleep on. Fucking him from behind as his face was only inches from my wife's.
    Busting my nut up his asshole, as he came all over the arm of the sofa, was immense and so fucking horny. That I found myself at his request, licking and sucking out my own cum from his ass and then feeding him it as we kissed.
    When my stirred Aaron and I were sat across from her. She asked why Aaron was there so I told her he was watching a movie with me. She got up said goodnight and took herself off to bed.
    I got Aaron to give me a very long slow blow job, before I once again fucked him on our sofa. This time fucking him missionary very slowly, but also very deep. I came up him a second time, and for a second time I sucked out my cum from his rear hole and shared it with him.
    Aaron has just turned twenty. He's been visiting our home now for eight months. Probably three a week, more if we can make it. Every time we end up fucking, even if it's a quickie in my garden workshop. My wife no longer says she wants sex and I'm happy she doesn't. Because it means I have the energy and spunk to feed my young gay lover.

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