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Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    One time I got dressed like a chick and picked up this older drunk guy that lived just down the street from me. We had a good time, and the next day I heard him telling one of the other neighbors that he got some tail last night, he'd die if he knew the tail he got was male.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Nothing happened in the garage but I just wanted to let you know that this is the same guy who confessed to those stories.

    Yesterday morning my friend Jacob called (the same guy who I've been doing "stuff" with) and told me to come over and shoot some pool and hang out. So I went over and we turned on some music and was having a great time playing pool in his basement. We were talking about a party that was happening that night (last night) at this girl's house whose parents are out of town. He said he was going later and I said I was going to be there.

    We played a few games and it was obvious he was starting to 'flirt' with me in that while I was sitting waiting on my turn, every time he was on the side of the table that I was sitting on in this chair, he would basically bend over to shoot and bascially was putting his ass in my face. He would take long to actually shoot and only when he was on that side. Then I thought maybe it was just me because his mom was upstairs and there is no door to the basement or anything.

    Then it was his turn to shoot and again he had to come over to my side to hit. He walks around the corner of the pool table and walked right up to where I was sitting. I looked up at him and he goes, "I'm so horny right now." I kinda just looked at him and he says "do you want to suck my cock?" At that point I didn't say anything. I quickly looked towards the stairs to the upstairs to see if his mom was in earshot of us because he didn't whisper it, he said it kind of loudly.

    He told me his mom wouldn't come down there, besides she was busy washing clothes and watching her soaps. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded yes. "Do it then," he says. So I loosen his belt and then unsnap his pants and pulled down on his zipper and to my surprise he wasn't wearing any underware!! And to add to my surprise, when I pulled his shorts down to the floor I noticed he also had shaved his pubic hairs! His cock was still soft so I pulled him inwards towards me, lifted his clean (he must have showered right before I came over because he smelled nice and clean) cock, took one more glance towards the stairs and put his cock in my mouth. I started slowly pull back and forth on it with my mouth and could feel it growing hard in my mouth. I glance up at him and he lifts his shirt up past his chest and starts rubbing over one of his nipples. He has a tight ass stomach with a few ripples of muscle and cute as hell pink nipples that also looked hardened. I took my mouth off his cock and leaned up and gave his belly button a few little kisses before he pulled back and pushed my head back onto his cock. He grabs the base of his cock with one hand and put his other hand on the back of my head and guided me back and forth a few times.

    As I'm blowing him I can't help but notice how hot his crotch looks with no hair. It made his cock look even bigger. It was awesome and frightening at the same time because I loved sucking on him but I kept thinking his mom would walk in on us. I wrapped two fingers around the base of his cock and I'm stroking him and sucking him. He starts moving faster and when I tasted the first taste of saltyness I stopped sucking and just stroked him. I stoked him for just a bit and I didn't think he was going to come yet so I started to bring his cock to my mouth again to suck it and that's when he started blowing his hot load all over my face. He made a couple of fists but never touch me or him while I'm stroking him as he's filling my face with cum. The head of his cock was HUGE and very purpleish. As the last of his cum was out I was so hot I put my mouth back on his cock and he kinda groaned so I went slow and soft and kept sucking him until his cock went soft and fell out of my mouth.

    He tells me to wait there and he pulled his shorts up and ran and got me a towel to wipe my face off. As I'm cleaning up my face he reaches down and fills my cock which is hard. He reaches down my basketball shorts and grabs it. Then he pulls down on my shorts and strokes me a few times then kneels down and quickly starts sucking me. Soon after I say "I'm cumming" and he grabs the towel out of my hand and strokes my cum into the towel. I finishe squeezing the rest of my cum out and then I pull up my shorts. I tell him I had to go, I really did, and he says' he'll see me at the party tonight and I leave.

    Later that night I arrive at the party and after about an hour or so I meet this very hot asian chick. Cute as fuck with a body to kill for. Nice tits. This chick and I hit it off and we go out back and are having a few drinks and shooting the shit. We go back in and are sitting on the couch when Jacob finally shows up and we make eye contact through the crowd and nod back to each other. He makes his way to the room we're sitting in when he sees that I'm sitting there with this asian chick Mia his attitude changes and he was kind of an ass. Mia gave me her number after begging for it. I told her I needed to find Jacob because I think he's pissed at me. I find him out back filling up from the keg. I ask him what is wrong and he says 'nothing' but his demeanor says different. He hardly talks to me and walks off. I go back and sit with Mia and then like 15 minutes later I see him leave.

    After about a half an hour I realize he must have left for good because I looked for him and someone said he left. I told Mia I'd call her later but I had to find Jacob. I end up going over to his house and sure enough his car is in the driveway. I go up to the door and ring the doorbell. He opens the door and says "what the hell are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the party with that ugly ass girl?"

    I said "dude she's pretty hot" and he says "whatever dude." I go "can I come in?" He shrugs his shoulders and lets me in. He starts walking down the hall towards his room and I follow him. I asked him why all the lights in the house are off and he says that his parents left for a BBQ and no one was home. We make small talk about the party and Mia and he is getting a bad attitude. I felt like leaving. I finally say "Jake what the fuck man. Why the attitude?" He goes, "what do you think?" I shrug my shoulders. He says, "you think that bitch...." I say, " I think that bitch what?" He just shakes his head.

    He says "fuck it dude you can take off 'cause I'm getting ready for bed." I'm like "Jake were you looking to hook with her or is there a jealousy thing going on or what the hell man." He's going "dude it's nothing I'm going to bed." I keep trying to find out what his problem is and he acts like I'm not even there. He starts getting ready for bed by undressing all the way down to his boxers. I'm like "dude just tell me what is up before I leave 'cause I don't want to leave if we're on bad terms or something." He says "you want to know what it is?" Yes. He pulls off his boxers and kicks them across his room. He's standing there butt ass naked and goes, "do you want that pussy or do you want this" and he points down to his cock.

    I stood silent for a minute. My head is going a million miles an hour. He calmly says "dude she is pretty cute so if you want to go back to the party then go. If not, I'll be laying here" and he lays back on his bed looking up at me. I'm just a horny fucking seventeen year old and my thought was, fuck he's naked here ready to go and if I go back I may not even get in her pants.

    I don't say a word. I just kick off my shoes and pull off my shirt. Then I drop my shorts and boxers and finally pull off my socks. I'm just standing there in his room also now fully fucking naked. He crawls off the bed and walks up to me. He goes, "dude I think I may be fucking falling for you man." He pulls me in and we have our foreheads on the other's shoulder and he wraps his arms around our heads. I reach up and put my hands on the side of his body and run them up and down and then I pull him in closer and I run my hands down to his ass and give a little squeeze. I could fill his hard cock and my hard cock fighting for air down there between us. He then says "I'll suck you all night, I'll let you fuck me in my ass, I'll do anything you want tonight. Just don't leave okay?"

    I look up at him and say "I want you. I want to be with you." He leans in and gives me a tiny kiss on my lips. Then again and the third time we fucking start making out like I've never done with a chick before. Just start kissing and rubbing and grabbing and squeezing and moaning while we're just standing there. Then he goes down on me and starts sucking me nice and slow. It was hot watching my thick white cock disappearing in and out of his mouth.

    He lays on the bed and I move into 69 and we start blowing each other. There is some occasional ball sucking and a few times out lips found the anus hole of each other. At this point I decide to take up his offer of fucking him. I get off of him and roll him over on his stomach and try to lift up his hips. I spit on my cock and spit on his ass. He reaches back and pulls open his little pucker hole and I'm rubbing spit on my cock with one hand and pushing a finger in his ass with the other. I lean up and in and put my cock to his ass and slowly start to work it in. It took a little time to get it all the way in. Then I start working it and working it and just seeing his plump little ass shaking with every thrust was H.O.T.

    I'm propped up over him watching me fuck my friend. Looking at how his mound of ass runs off to the small of his back and his moaning of "yeah yeah" was fucking awesome. I said "dude I'm going to pull out and cum all over your fucking back." He tells me no, to cum in his ass. When he said that I started filling his ass with everything I had and came what seemed like a gallon up inside him. After the pace calmed and I pulled out a little of my cum ran out his ass. What a sight.

    I was still fucking horny and asked told him he could fuck me if he wanted. He said that he was cool and that he just wanted me to be satfisfied tonight and that was payback from this morning. I said "dude at least let me suck you off" and he agreed. So I did. Afterwards I told him I was glad his parents didn't walk in and catch us. He says that it would be impossible because they are not even in town. They left this afternoon for the weekend. He tells me to sleep with him tonight. I call my house and say I'm staying at Jakes.

    Neither of us dressed. We cleaned up and ended up crawling back in bed under the covers. I moved in close to him and we ...ha ha...cuddled up and ended up falling asleep in each others fucking arms.

    Needless to say we both woke up this morning to hardons ended up giving each other a hand/blow job to get us off.

    I'm home now because I had to get a change of clothes and brush my teeth and figured what the hell, I'll post on here before I forget something. I'm heading back over to Jakes for the weekend. Big house, no parents and two horny fucking teens.

    I just tossed Mia's number away. If this is just a "phase" so be it. I'm going to have fun with it. My senior year is starting out great. I wish I could post our pics on here so you can see how good looking Jake is for you guys and to see what I look like. But for now, just my confessions.

    Jake just called, "dude c'mon get over here." Man what a weekend this is going to be.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    On the last night of school, I blew my roommate. We had been out drinking, and when we got back to the dorm, one thing lead to another, and I ended up with his fat dick in my mouth. I had never done that before. It sorta happened. We were in our boxers, getting ready to go to bed, and we started wrestling around. We both ended up with boners, his was a lot bigger than mine. Anyway,one thing led to another, and i blew him. After he came, he jerked me off, then we went to bed.
    The next day neither of us said much to each other other than goodbye, and we went home.
    I cant say I liked it, but on the other hand, I have been thinking about it a lot, and jerk off thinking about having more sex with him. He is the only guy Ive ever had a fantasy about, and its only been since the bj. I think thats weird, but cant get him off my mind.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my friend asked me the other day if I have ever been skinny dipping before, We are both guys and I said I am afraid to swim in the river at night I am afraid I will get bit by a snake or something can anybody tell me if it is safe to swim in the river at night because if it is my next post will be gooooood.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 22 year old college student at a northern university. Early in January I was home between semesters and enjoying the time off and seeing my old friends. G who is a friend of our family and someone I totally loved being with, called asking if I could come babysit for her while she and her husband went to a big dinner party. Being a little bored I was glad for a chance to go out. It was winter with lots of snow and people don't go out too much then. G and her hubby D left about 6 and I had a wonderful time with the girls, playing games, watching movies, and finally sending them off to bed about 10. G and D come back about 11, in the middle of a snowstorm. D was drunk, very drunk. G asked me to wait a few minutes until she could get D in bed.

    While I was waiting the news kept saying there was so much snow coming down that everyone should stay off the roads. G comes out and asks me if I would like to sleep there tonight since it is too dangerous to try and drive in the storm. I called mom and told her I would stay there tonight and she was glad I was not going to drive in that mess. G joins me and asks about a movie. Of course I was glad for something to watch. She picks out this movie called Better Than Chocolate, which should have hinted to me what she had in mind. There is the two of us sitting together under this quilt on the couch watching this chick movie about a lesbian relationship. After a while we are leaning against each other, munching some chips and laughing at the movie.

    When I was in high school I did do some stuff with another girl. In college the most stuff I did was kissing a few other girls. There was G and me sitting there having a great time when she looks at me, not saying a word. I look back and she asks me what I think of those two girls loving each other. I answered that it was OK with me. She says she thinks it is just so hot that two girls could love each other so much. There was this long silent pause, then she like leans over and gives me this soft kiss. Then we were kissing deeply and our hands doing some mutual rubbing. It was not too long before the two of us are in the guest bedroom and having great loving sex. Neither of us got much sleep that night. She did not leave me until it was almost dawn and she slipped back to her bedroom before D could wake up from his drunk. G did suggest that I take a shower before going home cause I smelled like pussy. Ha Ha. Also G stripped the bed and threw them in the washer. After some breakfast, I drove home with all sorts of thoughts running through my head. She called me later on my cell saying what we shared was something special and she had had feelings for me a long time ago.

    Before the next semester started, G and I managed to get together twice more. Then twice more during spring break. Now it is summer and we get together at least once a week.

    We keep our relationship a deep secret and I pray this is not just a bi tryst. G talks about how she loves being with me, which are my feelings about her. My feelings for her are stronger than any I have ever felt for anyone before. She says that she still has feelings for her husband and a lot of love for her daughters which would make it awkward for her to live with me. For now we keep things a secret and will have to be satisfied with what we have.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My best friend has a girlfriend but I have a huge crush on her. She tells me that she would never want to do anything with me though. We talk about masturbating and hearing her talk about what she does turns me on. She offers intimate details freely and asks me about mine. She knows I have a crush on her but still continues to do this. I'm not sure what it all means. Is she trying to make me jealous?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    So I had been spending time with my straight friend C and her lesbian roommate every weekend for a few months. We would go out to the club and dance and get trashed and have friends over and watch porn and eat pizza. her roommate and i had fooled around a bit but i didnt like her too much. one day the roommate was out and C and i were watching a movie and she was sliding her hand up and down my thigh and i almost had a heart attack. well C and her friend usually slept in the same bed because there was only one bedroom, and i come to find out that they had a 3some a few weeks before. so we are all laying in bed talking one night and i was rubbing on her thigh and one thing turned into another and they had me blindfolded and i could feel her fingers inside of me and i knew they were hers because she had LONG nails and she licked at my clit it was so hot. then she was laying down and her roommate was fucking her with a big dildo and i got on top of her and licked her nipples and played with her clit and i moved with her feeling the dildo pounding her again and again and she was holding on to me for dear life and then she came and it was fucking amazing and her roommate stood up and looked at me and was like "there now you fucked C." and i could tell she was really upset because she was jelous but it was so amazing.
    it sucked tho because then c's boyfriend called and she went over to his house and i felt kind of used but it was still way worth it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    First off, thank you for the compliment to my good writing skills; whomever wrote that. A few misspelled words here and there but I don't re-read or spell check my confessions. As far as the authenticity of my expierences, they are real and as acurate as I can remember them. That being said, there is yet another story to add to my crazy life this month. As you know my friend and I have started 'experimenting' with each other and it's been crazy yet fun. The lastest episode was yesterday. Here are the details:

    School let out early yesterday so a bunch of us were going to head out to grab a bite to eat. We started piling in cars so I'm looking for any car with room in it for me. One of our friends pulled up and they were full. My one friend, who I've been messing with, was in the passenger seat. When I mentioned I'm trying to find a ride he told me to just jump in the front seat with him. It wasn't a big car and we were both sqeezed in the front seat but it was too small for the both of us. So he tells me to just sit between him. So he spread his legs and I sat on what little seat there was between him. I tossed my backpack on my legs and my face was inches from the dashboard.

    We headed out towards Arbys. We're all talking and listening to some tunes and all was well. Then he reached under my backpack and his hand didn't stop until it reached my crotch. When he put his hand there I must have looked stunned because the guy driving was like, "what's wrong." I just shook it off and said that I was starving. Then I looked back at my friend and he was just sitting there smiling. He gave a few squeezes on my crotch and no one saw a thing. It was scary and thrilling at the same time. If anyone seen us, omg it would've been disaster.

    We ate and the guy driving started dropping us all off out our houses. We stopped at my house first and I got out. I asked my friend if he wanted to hang out and he said yeah so we both piled out and those guys sped off.

    It was mid-afternoon and I was the only one home. We went inside and ended up in my room. We started talking about summer and shit like that. It was obvious it was just small talk. He had just got a haircut the day before and I told him he looked good with short hair. He says that he would look good with this one shirt I had in my closet. I told him to try it on and if he liked it he could have it. He pulls his shirt off and tosses it on the floor. He trys on the shirt but decides it doesn't look as good on him as it does on me. He tells me to put it on. I tell him I don't really feel like it but he goes "c'mon man just put it on." I'm like "nah." Then he goes "," and he starts lifting my shirt up over my head.

    As the shirt gets caught up over my head I reach up to pull it off. At that point I feel both of his hands on each side of my ribs. I freeze. He leans in and plants a wet kiss on one of my nips. Then I remove my shirt as he begins to unbuckle my belt. I kick of my sandals as my pants drop to the floor. I step out of them as he reaches for my now hard cock still inside my boxers and begins to squeeze it. He pulls my boxers down to the top of my knees, licks his lips, closes his eyes and the next thing I feel is his warm wet mouth on my cock. My head is starting to spin.

    I had an instant of thinking "NO. STOP. THIS IS WRONG." But dammit it felt too good. He reaches up and starts tugging on my balls. I could've let him keep going and going until I came but that wouldn't have been cool. I told him, "take of your fucking jeans now." He stood up and dropped everything. I pulled him into me and we stood there with out chest on eachother's and our hands running up and down eachother's back and ass. At this point he kisses or sucks on my neck. I pull his head back and as we are looking at each other I pull him in towards me and we start kissing. THAT was awkward but awesome. I then kneel down and grab a hold of his cock. I pull it up to my face and I could see drips of cum or pre-cum oozing out the tiny hole on his purplish cock head. With only my tongue I lick the precum and swirl it around the head of his cock. Then I lick both sides of his cock and up and down each vein. He dick starts jumping or pulsating as I'm licking it and even more precum oozes out.

    He goes, "damn it dude fucking suck my cock." But I don't. I keep licking it. I know I'm teasing. Then he's like, "please dude suck me please." As his cock starts to disappear into my mouth he starts letting out this loud moan. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck." Knowing no one was home I didn't give a shit. I just start going to town sucking on his cock. I'm still kneeling on the floor when I stop sucking him and I turn him around. Without saying a word he leans over the bed and I crawl up between his legs. I run my hands over his ass cheeks, then spread them to see his pink little hole. This time I'm not drunk but I go for it. I flick all around his little hole with my tongue then I push the tip of my tongue in his hole. I kiss it a few times then back to licking. At this point I'm so horny for his hole that I blurt out, "dude I'm going to fuck this tight ass."

    He didn't say a word and he didn't move but I know he heard me. I grab the Jergens off my dresser and pump about three squirts in my hand. I then take a finger and begin to slide it inside of him. He never made a sound. I put one then two fingers in him for a minute or so. Then I get behind him and he says, "stop when I say stop."

    He flinches when I first put my cock head at his hole. Then I slowing start pushing forward. Then out. Then in. Then out. Then in even further until I was pubic hair to ass. As I start to slowly fuck him he starts moaning each time I push in. Then he says, "do you think we should use a condom?"

    Yes. But at this point I'm not stopping for that. I told him it would be cool. Then I start fucking. He starts moaning. His ass is slapping up against my thighs. I was impressed how well he was taking getting fucked. I could feel myself starting blow my wad but I just couldn't pull out. My cock felt great in his ass. At the moment of cumming I pull him back onto me as hard as I could and rammed my cock inside him as far as I could and he yells out "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as I fill his ass with cum. I continue to fuck him slower and slower as I drain my balls. He just laid there as my breathing slowed and then I slowly pulled out. I could see his little hole twitching and I see some of my cum ooze out. It was awesome.

    I rolled him over and he laid completely still as I started rubbing his cock which was now semi-erect and even limp. I rubbed it and sucked on it and his balls. Slowly his dick started to harden. I reached up and begin pinching one of his pink nipples as I sucked and stroked him. I felt his hand on the back of my head. When he started pushing my head down harder I knew he was about to blow his load. I pulled my mouth off and stroked him with my face close to see him blow. At first a little cum squirted out then out of nowhere, he blew a huge wad of cum up my nose and all over my face. It was warm and had a different smell. Then another huge wad on my face. I stopped when he started to soften.

    We cleaned up and he basically said he had to go. It was wierd when it was over. I stood there naked as he dressed. He says, "I'll stop by tomorrow maybe." After he finished dressing he walks over to me, puts his hand behind my neck, pulls me in and kisses me. Not another word was said. He left.

    Well it's tomorrow and I'm waiting for him to call or text me. Stay tuned.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    mr. f.m.,
    i have wanted to fuck you ever since freshman year. i dont only want to engage in sexual intercourse, i want to hold you, you hold me, kiss, talk, live life together. wouldnt that be sweet? to be partners in life. i know you know i want to. youve seen me blush, witnessed my refusals to stand-up, noticed the contant book hiding my crotch, youve heard me studder, caught me looking at you, and smiled at at my obvious attempts to avoid all confrontation in hallways and other classes. o! mr. m! how i want you!
    pretty soon, i'll graduate and will leave. two weeks and its over. should i talk to you? should i tell you how i feel? i wish i could, but i wont. i'll probably faint. i'll miss you. i'll miss every minute of highschool spent with or around you. i love you. maybe someday you'll divorce that bitch and i'll swoop in and take her place? no. i know who you are, and youre not who i wish you were. and i accept that. but i can always dream. again, i'll miss you.
    mr. p.r.r.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When we lived in the same community as some amish people dad always said they were straight as a string. I grew up real close to this one family, one of their boys was the same age as me, when we turned 16 we started doing lots of wierd things, playing with each others dicks, I sucked him off a few times, then one day in the field waiting for another wagon to be brought over, he pulled out his dick, told me to take my pants down, I did, he took his down, he stuck his finger in this one mares pussy, then stuck it in my ass, and fingered me. That was different, but I liked it, a few minutes later he fingered the mare again, then me, then he stuck his dick in my ass. It didn't last very long, and it didn't hurt, it just felt kind of weird, and I knew he'd shot his load. I let him do it a few times after that, then we quit, I never told anybody about it, but I've always wondered how many of the amish boys screw other boys before they get a girl friend.

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